Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1864, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1864 Page 7
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^ ^ JIALM k^^v&rton, ^ Tl*A? 0. B A K K R A 00.. AUOTIONKBRS A aIJURT UAIWOOX). AUCT10NEEB. ItOXIflOlNT HOUSEHOLD Pt'BNITUBE. PIANOFORTR, DRAWfNO It KMI FURNITURE EN HU1TK. I BROCADE AND LAOK CURTAINS, VELVST AND BBUtSSRI.* CAKPRTd. OIL PAIBTTirOS. _ BRONZES, MARBLE STATUARf. r??PSHl t( AND SEVRES CHINA VABE3. *?<t ?M?r i?ro and co.tly worts of art and arUota of virtu, AT PUBLIC AUCTION. .. _ k *o MORROW (MONDAY), apbil *. At eh* gii-pgi residence. 48 West Buleeaili s eel. between Fifth andBUth mnue*. Sale eon menotag at il o clock. Taeenetieeeer would call the particular attention of bit ft cadi and Uio public to t le atle. the tcatalogus compi itiug the largest aud richeet ??-ortment of Household Furniture, *o.. offVied at auction thin teuton. B*le (vrfinptory. Ora?riu( mmii ?Superb Suits of Furniture, eoreredfwith hrsOatnt or riobest deeeriptlon; elegant seta Window Cm itut to matolt lUa auita. Ktigeret. plaie (lata doori, Bncotg attrot, .tecretarr aad Boekoase. Centre Taoie, statuary, maruls top. bronze and ormutu Chandeliers, Cabinets to match. ornwio aad Dresden Chin* Oruarm<nts, ir?H ?ta<uss-?, weiiee Figures, Oil Palatini* by mninset artiste, Ffoanh fitiio Engravings. M AO N f rKBN T 8 S VBN OCTAVE BOSBWOOD PIANOFORTE. Richest instrument otrorsd at aucilon this season, full/ ?uaranteed by Ua tuukert. with StooL brocade Co< er, Music ?aai Books, Ac.; Hataiaad. Ohalrs ta match; oat Buffet. Bitentiou Table, Cti..lrs. Sofa. Cut a*d Engraved (llwt Ware China Dinner Sets. Imported from Parts for present Wtah 4ti?er Dinner aud Tea Snrvtas. Uaaiars, Spooni, Porta, Urn, Oake Basket*. Oyster Dlah, Tureen, Tab e Cut >ory, Uae?, lafewoad aud walnut Dressing Bureaus Bed auai|L AcaMi>*-a Ola^. ea eulis; Hair aad Spring Mat' itSSH. tffia.SLinSn SheeU. 14 pairs P.llow Cases 12 ?airs ri ll i Blanlratt Towels. Couatarpanae, Marseilles YiUla. Fraarli Tallst Seta, mahogany Sofas, Bedstead*, l French Toilet Seta, mahogany Sofas, Bedstead s ffstitiS Ac. Also Furniture of servantt' apar i rattle* ?t*hlng to attend ihlt sa'.e will take the ('If: I ocBtktb arwaue cuts or stages from thn Astor. Bt. Nieho as I m M^tioMtitaa Hotels, leafing at Sixteenth street, a few Jeers from tiia iiouae 1 i. BbSROKBB, ALCTIOHEHR ill Hsouetot'o tale ?William and Chambers streets aad IMth street, iiuder the dlteotlon ef ASA L. HHIPMAN, "syls iKKKKK. 80N A CO. will Mil at suction en Tiiewe/. April M, at 12 o clock. at the Exchange taleiroom, tlOs WlU^AM and CHAMBERS 8TRERT8?I Gores, sire ?[ (ere,at the jnaoiion or WUliam aad Chambers straet* 2.V iiout br 1.2 in depth. On MRS HTBBEt?t Lota on the south tide, commencing ?tt'feat west ef Third atnie; slae t9iltt.ll etch On una aVRBfaT?a Lou on the seuth aide, eemmeaolag MS feet west ef Third avenue; alae UittM.ll each. AVUO. ON NINBtV THIRD STREET?The Houae aad CtOteu Prespect Hill, noitb side Ninety third atreet. 325 feet east ef renrth avenue: Lot 20tl60 House 20iiii, ;hrc* atnrp and hnamnent. Philadelphia brioic. stone trimmings, all the modern improvements, gas. Croton, bath, water dos ?te. a' atioaary waaiittiba, m.orbla nutctelt, grates, hell*, speauog tube*, marble trash basins. Ao. Al?0 ON NINETY FOUBTU flTREET, on the line of Lesiogtnn avenue?4 Lola on the south side, commencing ?30feet eaat ef Fourth avenue; atze >1.3 etch by I00.9H, These Lota lie on the grade, and hare en* of ihe most com manding news ea the island *be ground Is nth soil, and t>*Utvad t* oo free from root It haa hereiolore boon u**d tot gardea purpoaoa. _ For m?i>s,'.etuis, Ac., apply to the auclluMtra, 77 C?dar I ?fltroet I J BLSBOKBR, AUCTIONEER.?PARTITION SALS of va'uabie Property at Fordham ?By order ef the I Bupreuin uourt will be aold at public auction, by A. J. I ?BLBEOKEK. auctieueer, on the premiaet, on Thursday.! ?April 81 inn., at Uo'clock, under Uie direction of Phllo T.I ?tprii M Inst., at U o'clock, oader Mie direction of Phllo T. nBnggtoa, rereree. The ab >v* lands ar* aeb?raUx known as * part of tiie farm or the tote Tbemai Btstford. debated, balag inrrr teveaty acres. Adjoining the Harlem Rail road ml i''?rdham, and rnantag along the westerly sldn of itald road toward Tremont, oonstttmg of woods, moadowe ?nd orchaids. laid out in plota of from two 10 eight acres. Will alt., b.. sold, a tiumbei ot Building Lola, near the rail road <**?* Wilt aUet be aold, the lark* stone Maaatoa far* mart/ occupied by U^? Mm Mrs. BatafOrd. For maps and furthei iiartieutiu> apply tothe auctioneer, 77 Cedar street, ?nd w fTTrftO T. RuOdlJM, NoTfc Basau street. At BLfcg. EER, AUCTIONEER. t PR It KM PTORY SALE or VAMIABLR LOT? ON BLOOM IN DALE ROAD. Ble-enih areutie and lindaad irAth streets A. i. MLBRt-KbR, SOB k OOt will soil at auction, on Tuesday, April 2S, at the Bxehange Salesroom, No. til Broadwat ? ON bHOaDWAV. (BLOOM TROD ALB BOAD)?Bicbt 5,ot? os ihe treat side, comprising the entire front between 1<i3d ami lOllii streeU, being ab?ut 28 feet front saoh, and from <0 io I ? feot la depth. Voit "1.1 /HMili AVEBUR.?Elfhl TiOl* on the east side, ?elat th? whole front from 103d to tttth atreei^^BH^^H ner fi>tt. ?ft lliiOO: inside Iota. ItsluO In depth. ON l.HD HTBRKT.?Ten Lots ea the north side, oom men ieg 11844 west of Broadway ; site of each lot 23xJs bleofe. OMlOii'U STREET.?Elsht lots on south tide, commenc fa? W iVi ?ea'. of Btoomingda e road; aire of each Z61U bloat. Maps. A >. at iuctloneer's offioo, 77 Cedar street. At 8LEECKP.R. Al'OTIONRER. , IIANOSO.VE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. A. I. RLKftCEER. SON A tlo.. will tell it auction. Prlday, aprfl t*. ai II o c.?ck. at Second sveune (old numbir (It). allUte r-nroiti re In said house, belnnitlng to a Qrst tlaas f?'n>ir civing up lioutrkeeplng. consisting or PARIiOR AND BEDROOM FUBH1TURB. Rose wood and Mahogany Bets, Brussels and Ingrain Car P-ts. Ae . An uatal^gues previous to day or sale at ofiue 77 JoSar sUeet Ai. ftl.RP.OKRR AUCTIONEER. . riff PKItK C'OPNTRT 8BAT AT NEWBCEO. A.J. Ki.i;B(KSK. SON A GO. will sollst auction, ea tVed-tomier. Mar 18, at It o'clock. at tbe Exchange Sales room. Ill Buaaway a nsualfoeot Country Scat at Ne?' '! ? iJA county, N. Y. Tat warn, particular*, Ac., tpp'.r to tu# auctioneers. 77 Cedar (tract. AO. Tt'ClLE, AUCTIONEER. OFFICE r 190 BROADWAY. f.irSRf STABLE. Ac.-ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OF ?THE ?T<HiK or HOR3R8. CARRIAGES. BRETTS. ?LKlOHd. I1ARNKH4. Ad.. OK TUB LATE DANIEL W. NOftKIS AT NO. ? MAST HOUSTON STREET, NEAR Kioti>-.nv A O TUTTLB trill tell on Tueeday, April M. at 11 o'clock, at the a*>ofe stable, to close the estate. nilbout reeer**. the tal'r* at'ok, conAistlttK of 8 Carriage. J Barouches. 3 Brett', I too and no top 7 Sleighs (Inoitidlng ?n? fotir borae Slot**), 'JO Heroes. 34 sets Donate and Slu^la llamt.i, Wolf, Kaw ami other Robes. Jilaaikeia. Balls, Whips. Ao. ALSO -Doe Colt, sited by tba celebrated Beppo a t?Bo?Oaioa Fnrulttue??!*: Osaka. Cloatta, Ac. T**M8-< m? anda liepoaltof tan per ocnt raqulted from -ill JXjri'bo*?n A~WttAB H MULM5R.-P. R. WILKINS A CO. WILL antl at auoMon, on Tlmredh/, April 2H. 1881 Rt 12 o'cloctt, ?it th* F?cliaoit? wi'it.wm, 111 Broadwny (Trinity BulM be>.~TUiriy-mot i atrret?l'he fourstory brlok|Hnti?e and i^it. irtlh Store. No. I'i'Uk.*si Tbirtya.uU atreet, SOfect. ??<?? orThl.d avenue; house has gas aud Croton water. I he lot m?) by 8* f at 0 to^bei. with ajo^ou eaat elrfe, 19 i fee. 1l7t'i st. eet?The three utotr Philadelphia br.<-k ifuuse ?n>l Lot an tie north side or 117th street, 22Mt(t west of aiease A Tba home i? 25 by 4# fe?t: has gss an t naibla nun tela. 'lb* gas Hi I tiros will ha sold with tba ?ousa |!7 It street baa water pipes laid. Lot n by 10U0. ?t too "ftiie of lie auitl.seers, 6j, Pine street, N. T. A JOtlRNKAV. Al'CTIOSEER?OFFICE NO S PINK ? .Ur OF RtCH^ANDjCOSTLT UOUSEIIOLD A JOWRNIs Air will tell, ea Wednooday. April 27. at V, ? tut A M . at Ihe residenoa 10 Weal Forty .seventh slfet, atar Kit it* .<reii lie, A lartf- tad rarieit assortment of first alasa Housenoid F irnM'ir-. mile by the beet foreign and home rusnuac liirera, e obi-aclng tbe names of Roui, Butch lags, Bt.oog and others ttUHKWOOD PIANOFORTE, ELROANTLY CARVED; SILVER PLATI.D WARE. SUPERB TtPEfiTRY AND SATIN DKLAINB OURTAIKS, ilKAVY FRENCH PLATE MIRRORS. FIRST i'I,ASS OIL PAINTINGS. BRONZES. AC.. AC., a on nittrto tworment of costly Parlor, Library, Dialog an-t uhamber >uraltare, la rosewood, walnut and oak. Ostaiog >eu now raady al tbe of the auctloaaer, No S Pma atrft. A^HIOIIOM MITM-E.-NBILRON A N1CHOM, ADC H iiom eii, will aeh on Monday, April IS, at lU.'i o'clock, M ibe p i*ats resideacs No. ?1 East Mln^taanth street, bt> v?e'? Trr'agptsce ?nd TM.d STeaue.all tba Furniture ta aald feoaee constating nt Ve'.ret and Brntsals Carpets, ale ?hhi Freneti pt?te Pie* Olsssas. Laee Window Curtaina, fla< ?it Patnttata. in rich gtlt frames; Marble Maaiel Clock, retewixM Sola aaJ Teta a-Tete. la ortaiaon ppuaNl ?nacM* top Ocat re Tablaa, Sofa Tablea. antique SaSjIab oak Broataee Partaa S.atnattfs, Ceaebet, Lwiagcs tad Diraas. la aniM aatt^ha panwras; floe Pfl|a?t> Card TaWa Cbl sfM Escritoire ALIO Bwl aui i itl'Sr Tea Sal, Enirea. Forka. Spooas, Ac.; Use ?<! W?re do, Ao ; T'lozkery and toe glassware. Es taas'on Tables Ac Also a'I tba Chamber Furn't.ire, con. ?I atlas la part or pure Curled SairKttrassee. Feat Mr Be.'.a. Bi'siT" s* i Pit ows. Btaakela ?nd OavaiUAa, Prencb tssbo Viity aed uottac* BadateiAs Waahsusd, aae old STarWe -?? Waaustaad, With BeAatsad atta lea avis a Ai xeafouuiHand Dog: all the Eltcbea FuraUure aad w,U tb, ;?^nicn0U9, , rn m TOi uur**,qntre A0GKON NOTICB -!*tILBOW 1 N1CH0L8 ^tlLL A, arJ.TS&*ra2i55M^^to ?t II o'a o. ?. aU iba Furniture conuined la sa? bojaa, coa s aiit,^ 01 rat! Velvet and Sruasala Carpets, bioeatei and SlBttVmtlliA ? lcndldiarg^. with rich franca, Man- 1 tai and War lila-ssc. ciegsuil caned roa?wo?d rswr Sulu In rleit atitt bnw-airil rl?lih fi ar?ed marble loaCtntre Tables, i slitMatearea oetarn rarred roe*wood Pllno, with pear! kefs: i-at Hronaea and PaMsa RUttioetla. atafaaUy flaished i -eWK..i huaei^ and linalo OablMt. Alaa Preach |ali.e.t< |Miie c ti?4 Hair Mattreeaea, Feather Bed? I'tl {Tiars aad Solitem. IMofior wl h a good asaor m"at of ma- I Ungear ????'??* Chamber anil otKer F .rui'..ire; lotrthtr Wl'h J t*? *? Shan tteftSlia, wlib which the sale wlgtotr.l ta^o ? NEILSON A NICHOLS, Anetlonears, I office I r; Peat 1 strati, Hanorar aq-tare I - .,r* "li'i, i' ? 'I *UO*n>f< MOTK P-BEILBOW A OTOnpTiiWlLL JV aat* it" Weditosiia*. April lJ, at l*t Street ta*1 w?"en Second and Third a?eaaea, at !?H_n all tae FuraUureaonlalaad tnaaid .)| Si .-tela Carpets, Mirrors, rich r.>ae w?odFflat Sua. instiogxar ha rSith Sofa snd Cbalrs. Parlaa Croat < H.wKi^vti sn'? Secretary; an aseortmsnl af Cham r HedMaad*. BMraaH, Wash stands, Ac., ?'? letb't with all tba Etteliea Furniture, with whleh the ot i mnateace KUUIttll I WCiOLI, Axeumaere, Office 11.1 Pe>rl etaeel, Baaettr squsre. A Ocflo^ _NaTTH^JYS AND SHOEP. J* ~ wW^^A", aio 't i.t>"i oaass Be<ne awl Shook Oa?W?"*? ?* m ii istxit of eale. ' ? ? - u o troN tortcb ? J\ aPRi lAti AND ATTEACTITB BALE ' ^Al/VB. WILL BB KOLU A? ABOVB, aad ihaiM II ?1ir aitaaHon of buyers la nxjuasSed. ^ X. It, Tioil flALB-OJf WRDNBSDAT. APRIL r. 1904, A all MtV at 80S Beat Blare nth stret*. one ?r. " i>??n Borne and Boiler, three Raw Heachee. and laldi s ?- ,^,7w.aftiB?. Belting. Cart, Wagon Aa, Ac fir, kEt "aa'.v #0?11.r;i* atvsatl'* of ottf *?? oouatry ra |Tr,J? iXlor oUS. SB4 ***? *tt PWkad far skip At aiWWW. AJOMBMKAr. AUCTIONEER, OKPIOB NO * PfNH ? MrNi SALE or flUI OLA88~HOU88BOL0 rORMITOBB A .'Ot'lllJir will mH au Tu9* ley, April *? ?* M o'clock A. M. M the rw1g"TT Mo. K&?^s3a*fi5?Braf4i? ouiM. BKK FURBITCRB. ^ coaaialiof in mH at ruaawood Suite ia pluaU aatlrep*. el-ony and silt mar Me top C?utr? TaMaa. Vol rot aad Bta*aeU Oar Civ noetly Maatel Ornament* oak B?'?n*ioa Dining Ta roan wool aad blaok walnut (m all* marble lO|t breeding Bureau*. Rodaiaaoo. aeary Kraub plate Pier aad Oral Mirror*, 041 I'aiuitaaa. Laoo (urtalaa. Part** Vim, Btagere*. Ac. A?>. ^ Catalogue* now ready at tbe odlaa of I ha a jctl?jeer Mo 8 Piae etreot AJOURNKAV. AUCTIONBRB. 0FP10K NO. ? PINS . ai.aat ? Sale o( Aret olem Houaoaold Furniture, Ac At.lOllKNBAY will aell. oa Ttmradav April M, at 10 o'clock A. M., al the re*id*aoe No 1*7 Webt Fifteenth etreet. a full iiianm' i' of drat ciaaa * PARLOR. DINIBO BOOB AMD CHAMBER KUBNI TURK. <->n*l*tlng la part of aulta of auperbir oarred rooeweed ma ditlleaback. Pailor Furaiture, io crm?>a aalin bruoatol: elegant reeewood Italian marble. tap Ceatre Table*, bear/ Krrnrh plate Pioo Mirror* KLEOANT BOSBWOOU (IRAND PIANOFORTE. MADB HIT RBABt), Of PARIS. Siiooi b Mantel Vateo elegantly ca'ved rosewood Etagere, Oil Palntinge, l'arlan Medallion*, elegantly carvod oiahogaar Preach plate double Mirror Drfnu Table. Retateada. m?r bie top Utvaainx Bureau*. llalr Mattreaee. Bedding, ataho C*n? Pillar BiieitoiiHi Dlaiag Table Preach China Bervlcee. Cut Ola** Warn, Ac. Catalogue* now read.* at Ike oittoe at ? ae wooer. No. It Ptae atreet AJ0URNBAY, AU0TIOMKBB ?* . . OFFICE NO. 8 PIMK 8TUBBT. SALB OP VALUABLE 8TATKN INLAND PROPEBTT. A. JOIUNEA* will anil on Friday. April ?. al tke El chance Salesroom Ill Br>adwav, N t? llouae aad Let 9U Willow avaoue. Clifton. Mtatea Island Mapa ana further pamcutara at ttaa oOlco of the auotioa oota, Mo I Plae atme*. DIB W. tVES A OO . AUCTIONEERS?SALC3R00MS . CM Broadway, will aell at auolioo,, un Thuradar, April 28 at IJo'cIock. I ormolu (Ann (U) Chandelier. Im nnted by Tiffany A Co.; I glUSult. 1 tilt marble top Table, 2 glli Chaiia, I Maatel aud t Pier Mlrrora. D~^W. IVES A AUCTI0N BE E8?8ALBS ROOMS . StABroadwav, will *ell at auction, an Friday. April 29 tat 12o'clock, 8 roeewoed Sola*. I Aim Chair. I ebouy Suit. * plrcaa: lOoak Ohalra In Mu*llu; alao 1 black walnut hotel oouuur. UH?f Baoka Ao W. IVES A CO.. AUCTIONEERS?8ALESBOOME . ?M Vroadwar. will aali at mction. oa Salarday. April IU1 at lit a'?lock. iroa t>ualtura. Be<l?taa4a. Hal Sundf, Umbrella stand* Spittoon*, fire Seta. Blower Standi, cradle*. S?ttaea,_Ckaira. Ac. TV W IVES A OO,. AUCTIONBERS-8ALE8BOOM8 JJ. en Broad way ?Se4?ta?'l-, Bur. aua. WaabaUnda, Vommoi'cK. Bookca?fta, Hall Htand*. AnnOir**. R4**?"** l'arto* Library. Oimua K?>m Suita. Palnitaaa. Bngravlnie, Parian*. ('lima and Ola** Bi'o?/oa. Bir#a, SkelU. Ac., at private *a!e. ** "w. irB8. Al'CTIONEEB -O w. I?K8 a CO.. IBS. . 167 an'l KM Broadway. wilt p? tbeir iwaonal alteo tlon io aaleaof Ho'ieeiiold ro'-nUnre at reHaeaOM. Or will reatoro Utoatthei' of Ibair apaolo'i* *tor?*. DW. IVK3 A 60 AI'OTIOMBKRS WILL 8EfJ? AT . aaclton, oa WeSaoaday. April *T. a* ?cn o'cliy* at 14 Fifth acetrtta. rn?a?l:ure. CariiOla. B?i<W In*. Ofldotli. ( rook ery and ui*s?, Cl ick, Curtain*. Kiwiioo Uteaiil*. Jtc. TT'DWA RD srlfRXqiC, AUcTIOJKF KR^-8ALB8BOO* Ji 80 Liberty atreM. HauJaomA "oiiwhol^ux'utitje, at 4S Writ Sereatcentli atrrei by EDWARD JWirrftlR. oa . Monday. Aprlus. A 10*foV!oAt. aTT liaodaome Uouap hul l Kuruiitire cootaUMMl Iwthoabore bouae. coaalatlna la 'Parlor rtt?nl?ira? ?fc'*eh?t; TMewiivl rfiAYc top Centre Table*. Kuaeiea Pter-Olaaeee. Lace ami Brooatel Curtaina. roaawood Scdateid* and Bureaua. ^laCk. *J#jMt da., Briia. Ml* anil iup<ain Carpp'*, Cnrleil rtair Mallrc??*v DTsittg Boom rnniitwr*. < i*okety Oiw? Waro. ??, -Ao Alao. the Kitchen Uletuila. wiib wffioli tue aale will oommeuoe. TJI'DWARD PETTrMOKR. AUCtlOhil-.ER. SO WALL. Pj ctrent. ?*:?* r,.?il?y ApiiiSi at Ink o-clock. conieatj Blliiard Baloow Ml Broadway, ooaaatia* or tar el re * pie a did bod R1LL[AB0 taBi.k, r i Balla Cue*. Ac . complete; l.5?? yanla PnfMsh OlMct'i*. 75 Chaira, marbm top Tallica. Centre Table*. caaltluoedBot* : tee*. Wardiobe*. !'?? Saf". larae Sperry * Raau.ator. ip^n did illrrora. ? feat br?H: olejaSt Bar rooper '<?od: 1Bar Piituras. auanlity 6ne lil'i'.ior-a marble top Waaaetana, Hal Rack. Wire S.xeeu*. Qu ri?U*aa, Pi|<a, Piumbiuc Work, Street Lamp, Ac. ia'e Peroaaptory. Without reaerre. Fcoltos. auction ebb. WILL SBLL. ON MOB a day, April 15. at H>K o'clork. at 6JI SevenlU arennO. near Forty tilth atraot. the entire Parnlture of a four atorr brown ittooa Houae. cootalaintt a larno rarte y of ro*ewo<lA. tiikhoaaav and blaok walnut Kuraitttro. Carpate. Mlrrora, elecaat oarrotl 1-octava niaewood Ptauo, beat i '?f maker. In E'ioa order; roaewooA Pari >r Su.t*. tn erhuaon brecalel, tea piece*, loaotfooit aud maho?an? Freueh oai-v*4 Bi-datrada ?nd B'naaua. brat Uaii MaUreaaaa. t'.b.aa (llaaa *n* Kitc.ian Tare. Ac., with which tbe *alxwri commen-.-a Hal*peraaap lory, and the ^oola to be rouiotoU tbe aane lay. OOT.TON. AU? TIONKER -BLKUANT MOUSf a bo'.d FuruK'ire. Vel?ot. Tapeatry W.ltoa aii l other t;ai tat*. Mirrwre. Lacr Cur Latum rjaewood and mnhngany Parlor V- rnUare. Itedioam and Ba?eme:it Furnitur#, Ac,. Ac. Oa Thurada*. April at I0M o clock, at No. ?8 Wool Thir'l aittb tlievl. liaiwean 8e?coU aad Blahtb arenuaa, all tbe rl?*h Furuit.iie. of every description, made by Meeka A Belter, of tbla cRr. and will comprian ia part of aif|>orb Parlor Fatalluro, ia carve l roeawoml ana brocnlol. made by Belter, in aatln damaak;- very rUtli Centra aud tarred TaWee. BuBTeiaMd Bjokca*e*. in loanwood Vet vet, Witlon ?nd oilier Ca i>?t*: rlcii ormolu *o l i>ron/e Ciooka, Lou4I?#b. ??rjr rxli rowwood BuMiui, wrfw B?d* etnada. Hair MaUre?v*. Snnn^ Pail'.aoao*. together with all the Se4' 'oun and B?*en?ont tioi?ta CataloKaeo ready oa Weiipriday I'. M.. at the atore, 7M Broadway, aad at tbe bouae early TUumlay moriiiu* 170R "SAXB-AT AUCTION. TBE VAI.UABLR PRO J1 pertv attuated nB th? n.iHhaaat eoruei Of tlrat and South Eighth jrv^WtiilUMfcuis. oMjg* "JJ fpiTlrt. w?n be* aoiii on Moo Jay, A yi 11 %l k* '?'y i "8 Ml'LLBB. at t'.ie Metchaat* Bie.iaase Saleerooia, K?. lit Broadway. New Tork. Henry b. herts. ib.. auctioneer. HOI'SETIOLD PlIBMlTRK i) A Itltl AOB. AC. Oa Mon ay. Atifll -1. at I0X o'oto<*, at 1.12 W'aai Thirty fo. rth *ireot na* With aeontte, eomrrtilng eieeant roeowood Parlor Siitl* 10 ertrnwo-aofl aoid biocatel; iob^wixkICentre Table*. BedateaJ*. Btiroaue, fioh luedallon Velvet and Bmaeel* Carpel*. French plato pier Mi'rora. oak K*tea*le? 1'abiee. Oouolie*. Chalre. ooe JiraPi?>f F'ate Sale. Ac., * at li o'ciook. in ffoat ol bo-tie. One fom aeal tamily Bockawav. Mty made, m l U rery r?? Order. CalaU>g'ie* at *al? Hm' BNBY D MINRK. AWTION RBR-8AUP8BOOM 57 Naa*an atreet. oppootba the Po*l 'iffloe ?-Riie of elegaut Bo-UK* old mn.11.10 Fr,arb iva.e JJ'-ror*, e*r?e4ro?e ?.?#d o ltv? riano. k* i Mlnln * lUllR ? 1L1.E will aell al aocti.-n, We.lueaday. April 17. at IOt. o clock at 'be private r-aMent 13 Madtaon arentte be twe?n Tbtrty-ttisi and Th rtvaeeond atreet* elegant HO "M ho A Furniture, the proper'v of a geatMMP. doclintof hoii*e. k omaf, ail of which waa made to order hy|A Ron* and 1. W. Southai k ot ttite city, and ba* been In oae but a abort ''"pat tor*?Rieiaat Bugllah Voire! Carpel*, rleltlr framed Pier aud Mantel Mirror*, oai v*d roseeood 8ult Iti Bfiirod Satin B.oci'la. Saiin Rr.?ail?QatttltK to matek. itnM and wa<:d?<1: 'toh Loco Curtain*, earred ro*owood aeren octave Pl/taft. toll round r jrner*. lot* iod back, made br-Carinan A Fanrlier 'ate Willi Noan* A Clark; n???wood t>Otre Table, f.VkBA b"v-Bn*iuh 'ilr me'* Ca-TJt* earvM blaok vral ror. eirvad W*rtr walnut Bookea** de . Library Tab^O. elo ?ant Mack aiarWe aad bronao rio?-a. ?en wo d Stcreoonoro, with IW lllnmiaated aad (taee View*; coil SJSO: H?iTM?c'e Bafo, .to. "n'NINrt BOOM?Bagllib ilra?ao:* Oarpeti. eareoA oak maa^ia lea ?nBOt wtib (life (la** mirror- eerred eak r?.va Wllana'* bondolr Bewiag Baohtne, l^fo'l mahogAar ?a*e; best rarlod Hair Maitreaoae. Foathae HM* KOItlen aad PU low*; !* isofstt'f. 'balls ?Eng lih OUololko earvf l Wark waljj n Hat St"a4?. T*rSt?oS Srn?*ole dtaC i.'kroot* end Roda. Vo*ti. bale ('urtalSa Ae . aloo ihioa barroio of rary flno pure oa Uo Ooapo Wiae, one b.rret of loeat f>?> V PloiKj?o?'ber red Cldet Vinegar. Ac., toteikar whb a ?oaerat ?*00rtn?mt of KItalicn Utauaila. with which ' *e eale will eomntsacO. Catalogue* oaa be iiad at o?i ?H1'* HENRV D. MINER Atft TIONKfg-SAMMBOOM 87 ^rrBSoVCrt.^'MI NBB A SOmSrV?"; tTlSSi^M??Vo to fttMl Hau??holtl r.iriiltur#. frych pr?N>HerUg. Mirror*. Ae., a* ?!io??."i ' ai-pelr correg roee .And Mult In ctT6l meewooa Ctnira Tibtt. Ifiicia ?ZnJ"^!L*M\<XK?i2 fgured oilk rop* tiiioodelle?*, m.botany Hktoaaiy TaWf, laieet; maliogaiv sera and Cbaire Crocwry, Oiaaewhfo, i Ao. Bngltah Br.i***to Carpet*, inabertoy Bodateade, ~ma 1 rcaiiaartChalra. enamelled fotiogo Suit, car led Half Mat I frt.?5o Vwlhir Bed* Soietev* aad PHlowa. rooowooS Hal kmnd. Oilelo'ln ?oiv?t St*1' ';?'i?e'r A'- Aieo K?*hen I Cteootto. whP"i tbo , ay E" vi miller, auctiuneeb. orricB m pinh eT Sreet, wPl *11 *n Wedne.d.y April _27. ? 102 Liorfll ?lrf?t. iitf. of rosswsoo, Miu g*iy,1 ?'ti"?r* RoaMt io Pjave. Ac . Ao . W riote fh? Pf?rta?toi? ? AadwJ. ? ii bvuwir. Ch<lttaai A?':twaConMittos. :eiarf Moouourr. aDOTTourr* ?ai<rbkooii r* Nmm alr??'. AiKri4t ?f HaMaoma Ha iMh vt firaitiira. , Medallioa V#!?at Carpau. UU i'aiatluca, MarWa atai.iarr. Txi*ni 8'tia, Ac M. L)OU<lHTV ?UI Mil ?? AprU * 10fc ? tiuck. at177 Wfil Tnoatf Habih ?trarl. ?'W Kl|;h\1i ? u*. lio-iMho't t< rntl'tra, "7 ? M ??I?M Oarp?*a, tlmoi Oil Palttlmaa 'no;'? Ht*tti??t<a, "0'wnti?? Aoiel," QITFMBtiM, ' R?*tri*a ran*." oriaiaal f*ur afiar OpMa, f?rlor SutlS. Aafaa. If a l*laa ait rtaatra Dlunar and T* Mi, <miawtia au?<*rj>iaia<t *?'?> OmHfif. walnut an* luauoxao/ marhl' top Diki u MiMM. Wa*|?atao?, R?4 ???ad*, rfur MattrwUaa, r#l(V Bada marVa top CMtra Tablaa, roaaw?*1 Kiaa^h <?crftafT, flaaraaada i#ra, *?.. M together with a f?i?ra' aaawlniaat of Ba?<"i\?m aai Kj?r*??^raro<tifra. (%i?lafit*a o?w raadr N IWnrCT nantnou) mm... - onooW-Srjrf taw ?. .. ?H o't'ock at Si Waat Taw'f i.ira ?tr*?L n*ai flMU a?ann?. on-una? of walnut Pm lot Hmi, r?i?ral la pluah; I'lar <?ia??, fraaoii ? tar CWaha, warWe lop TaMaa Bruaaala and Intrata Catix^a, OrMa?n| BM-?a->a, \Va?>i??Mrfa, MAMaada Aair Ma<<r?aaaa. Bola?-? ? fit i.iwa, ?la?*ati, C<>??in?fi?ra, TrJct Hr'a. Wrilna Raoai Wan*. TaMaa, Pitaar and T~? q?. otaaawar-i ?r ?? miliar ?i* a ihnH aaa.antaa' af l"r?a? f-tflUltf*. ?a* %M? '?'> !'? ?*.< * * I Jl**?? ? ** u pmo*. jtAOKKH WILfffKS. A'loriONURK ii wiue.?/.? 11 mOfeW * tX> ? tuuwbkk'KniT0KK 40 at II n-oi?fc .. - ,. TUBSIUT. April M. CiM>.|.'L?..y ^1 r?*l alroet n??r SUth are 1%. ?*--*St>IIK MOBBBHOLD PVBN1TUBM . "i*.of slabocaMr ?rt?_ ?. ? tajrawot flowered satin; rosewood nooeptiea Ohslr, (limit Table. marble top; roeewooA BU *?!?. Ha* Frenoh plate Pter 'f*- *"*y* i*'>rta'aa. Cornioea, Window tthaAee, b,r0"y ??<? flit Chani. ilore. l>inin? Chain, oh oak. Mateo * ?? Table, uall Chair, frfu 'li Hedeieeds llair HiUrMHi fiT^o** rui'w* Bl,r*4LU- W?sbausds, Olasawsre, Orosk A. mir WtDNfMDAr. APRIL r. AUOX a oJook. at Mo. 3 tmvecsitf place. n?ar i>a?*rtlf yR?4NI?oi'.8JSn2k2 "oaniWRB. suprbr'bron. oil*,* ? Olfl0|tRK!N<> ? rL,M^ n.T? OHUbUm AND FRRMOH y"ina. out KEAL^BUffcOH AMU AK PI a? *?*R4>?W WflOBRMfWO r.iAK*?jP.T? ?'??QAM UK1UUKN AND rUHOH gflNj. OUT 0LA&8. KKA1. MINSTER CARPKf 8 AC . AO. Iks furniture, 4o . <w this li >uos was mostly mads to order ????** for tl.? pre-eot o? Dor ' ^ ?fw Tk?i Bronte* w.? gotten up rrora at urinal d relent. ail 55. ffv*' medete of whlob wsrs im metneioiy As ma^Tif li*!*" ?.K!?5i?* nitgbt be mala. Also Carrara riTJrAbMj#a^" *" aaukf *<^. will he oa eili.l.Ulea oa T.esder. the m>? ??P*'2^*" ".S"51' 4?s#rlpUre calaluguos. MAT Broadway 08 0 ^,'8 ,lw"??we. No 3I'lrt* street, .. , t THI/RSDaF, A:??!(, tt, ?I II O o ook, at 70 Weal Rlnvmiln alW. between Fifth aad nuot, Ihl Mlin ?topii| ffiiiwooil. ?alnal and mahogany Furai tlfTSia f??P Boom furniture ooa ??'<? house! elegant Pier aud Msnlel Mltrors 6nw&eo2wu.*e bUr' PUuoforU: Aubu4*?? ??< At 6s; o'clock, at (he stable in the rear of 111 Firi'll AVENUE. R0R9B8. OA^BUo'eB0^ a'mSSs^ BlJIli!If, JO.. At .... - AUCTION. I Pklr floe lane Carriage Home* -.-I*"?'* P*'r 'H"I? roulet. for either aaddln ot har ?eM. boiai aocueutwed U. botu. kiai tu e?err ??r 1 elefaol eloae panaelled Coaoh. with dettohad fioat aad chewed tlepa. Wo#d Bitihen, mikN-i, 1 flpgwil BiroMflfc*. Almoftt new. Wood Rroili?ni, maXan. makrro W* Barouohe la good order. Mloot- A Sir rotu. . ' '*n,<I?1m9 BkM jeUr, aJapted fo? largo o imali hinoa Miner * Sl?rrns, makers maker *eo*<'r a:t>i?h'K??J erder, Ootiid, of Aibatr, keti"^ Kkrnrat. >a<ldl?a, Rdd>*k, Blan .. - - . - , . PRIDAT. APRff, ay ,, At II o clock, at tho realdenon IK ronrRi ?trwt, netr ?feit ..... _ Tenth atroet. All the etft*ao? Purnlla*? conUiuel io ui>l httuee; ?ni>?rlor tei?.r&r^tJk15""' W*k,"; I,,er r"v<t -4 VfORBIS WILKIN8. AII Tf ION ERR ~ ?klenr ?ainah!e OOUMTBT BEAT at fORT I.BR. WITH RIVKR PROMT, i?.n la hSP*t9.y A CO. will aellol auction, ou liewtar. April M. 1W4, at ISocloek. at tbe Rxchange Salesroom. Ill Broadvair (Trlnliy bti.ldlna). Maw toik. by orderof the ti eeutora or iiaac Nowtoa, deceased. rOBT LEE?The large frame Direlllni! How aud about i? ^SrSL?. with ?*>O il fillt feet or water front, irhiah must ere loos posaess great ralue for lla water nrlnleM. ??^ order. On tho premises are a lai-gc bsra cjtchhoiiae, alable. green houa?. i^sbouse Ao, iu etcolleal S Js?A iSpwF 41 ,U9 ?AWjf & 1 - - ^t _ JOHM U HBWITl. * ... KMC"tors of Jbaic Newtoa, leteased. ^fORBIB VTI1.KIIIS. AOOTIORKRR oa F^l.EighteenUiolreoi, aiauouon. ah iU^, ou T<,??daJ, It, IMi, at 1. o nock, At tbe Eiohanne salesroom, ifl Br aJtraT ? ~ /? ? ??? . Eakt ft'io?iT*r?rw Bi??kr.-The bandsor^e three storr hlghsioop brtck Ho uiaand Ix>t Isa Kast Hlgbl>?tntbali?#l, P?',tA botWOAn Ptrsiaad Seoond arenuea, b> feeti lojtopd Ofijfr. Aod contains all tbo courenteuce*. HiJ(??fc k6"lhe ???? w. W. BCHRHKBIlRa. eiecutor aud guardikn of L. *f. Morris, decea'.od Morris wii.kims, auotionekr Properly on First avenue. Tweoir.tblrd. Ptince and ? ? Thompson si itela. Sd1*4, *h ,W*'T?^o elo"*. ?"'be Ktch%ng?a^?^u IMbWiK, uude< Ua 1st Arm. ami?B3rd ST.-.The three ratuahlc Lots, south?eit corner of 1st ?ve snd JM it., tog-ther. LetL Pbiwcb a*o Tiiour-n.o sr* -Valuable church I'rope tr. OOHlUwest corasr; lot ?3a70 feel, with allay way aA^oiatoi on Thompson at., lo ir feet wide. 4 Mapa. Ac, at No. 3 riot street. Torus at sale PAWNBROKER'S 8ALE?0V FRIDAT. APRIL 20? A .ti. MOBI'IICEB. 16 Kast Bf?ad?ra<-, of inti B0l-.PI*28e*,,00S!u,tin?^Jf Dre**e*- Uude.ciotlilug. Rftus. sals, Shawls. Cloaks. Uhcots, Hpirads. Coals l'anis. Boo-s "?""?ro"s to meulioo By* He.' oi IIBNRV HcALl'.ENAN. lie.' Biglitb avenue. "DAWMBBOBEB'S 8ALR-OM TUE8UAV. APRIL 28 jf: , 7 JOIIN MORTIMBR, 15 Knit Hroalway, ol a splen d.d lot of Pledees. consisting Tm? MedK' aud *Mh?r PrSfS*- UkJantJiotbiag, Remaauta. Bhawla.Xiieita. Shreis Bpresds. Coats PanlsTrests, Boats. Shoes and a large lot of other geoda imell north* tbe aUentioo of dealers and honsr' ewet?" " ?f ABBAUAM OWOUA1AN. 31 Centie PAWNBBOEBB R BALK-TO MORROIT, APRIL M I MORTIMBR, 16 Kaal Broad war. of a largo* Li5 . frosaea. Skirts, a large lot of Merino ?n<T Delaine Remnants. Shirts. Diawets aad a iartr mw?iftsyr"10 ueu"au'3y ?raw pAWNBBOBEBB* BALB ?ON WKONI'ROAV. APRlT, *7. J AM KB AUAR will se t stgt Now Howerv, a largo Asanrtment of men a and wnmtn * waarlng a:n>arol?Ooats, l.VJ*' V?!t': Unut9' "boc?. Hbeets. yuilts, ltUiikots aud i,KSPt><y*i1??J,,imer,l,,,ome"Uo? ? J oraar of M ALONE * KBLLY, 80# Kecoud arenns PAWNBROKER'S SALE.?ON MO.VOAt. Al'RII. 2i X\ .IAMBS AGAR will soal at *1 Now Bottery, al 10'.' ? Clock, mens aad woman s wearing apparel of arery d e ?crlidlon?Brocbe, Crape and Stella AUawis. aud other artl ess too auaaerow* to moainn. P. uA.sLr. tj iM>uUoa street. KT. RaXRLL. At/CTrOlHRBrt , W1MMS. Liuiiom ANO 8KOARA. . .. TfiUR^AV. Ai'Ril. 38, . , *iJI o'sloidt. at Ma. 66 Llben* sh eet, The stock of Wines, Minors. Ac., soniaiuod tu said sisre. comprising a chore and desirable assottmenl of Inc aoods partwulaifv suitable lor prirate buyers a< wrl! as the tra lr. tuioug wblcli may be meutloned: ' BOl'f Lfe.H Brand*, Old. Rrtmr Poit, alien* an I Msderla Wii.M riiaiupanie, Irish and 8< oltb wiiiske*. t|le cs<tbi%tod' Hygienic Wlilskey of 1M1. BJUsis. Claret, Ao. . _ ? PACKAOBS Ft. Rsirn. iiiu, Jamaica Rurr, B.Sndv Aptde Wblsker, ^'tS?:i?l.h,WbrJ?^'e^efrir lua M',C"a w"" 880 4k 68 Cbolro brands of Imported aod dooiestia Serai? in w^ola had pari botes. * ALSO f After the sale of f.lnuorsV The SheWin:*, Counters. Ooors sod Rsshei Q'a's f? .ors Sample Case, Desk. Tin Urns and Covers. ? Ae . Ar.. Ac. The attention or buyers is esperiall* lorlted to this sa.e In which psrtles 1<<siimg really flue LI<|uor? w.U jni oa as ?orimout worthy their notice. WUITTKMORB A HAZEL!.. AuCiloocers. St I.'bsrty s<-set. Richard Walters. siiBRipr s arotioni rr ? solletts out Hoar is'ssof Purwiuro. all k1u4s of Htorcs and Men baud tss from parties breaking up liuiisekoepiog. Tsnrsarrrcable. Money advanced on Putoltuie, Mor?hai7 diss, Boraoa, Wragono. and all kipds or properly roc?i*e<t oi Mle or storage. Apply at suctiou states ii aud IT Kaat ?roadway. 'I*eotlrs stock of Ltquors frswi a wbolosal* rtea'cr. *n ? A large lot fine Brandies, pipe Om, puncbuons snd barrels Rutn^Hourboa and other Whtskies, Applejack. Wlnos, Bit O HERMAN A COj - AUCTfONBRBS?WTLt SBLL O. T??s4ay April Mk at 1#* S'slosk at CbTtham SffiTS.J^rSVn ilU,*"'l,r* &f??MSAf ? Orst e'ass jjrrsrs, Bar aMM fmuiW Ctm?doi'imsh*??iist^iIJ! 8?s&s?sara!r~'???? 8W*I 0?.j. A<0TlONgiK??wifA BKLL ? WwMMiyi April ?i it IllfViofk it sts VnM/Itriv a ?!K*y Billiard fslsta, **s>~T?e eortre foraltere aft'la ?<?44 order; s^o flrrsmt tisss IHHard Tables. Bar Cotmie" -7"- . AOCTIONEBB -TA* W!\riB A IX,-, . .T^1 ?* 00 Tuostfsr. April 79. at W'< o'Sloek, all Uhe furniture cnalslnetl In the foar slor* brown stone house. 7t West Thirty Mgth sttsst, near BKth brown suae hoitao, 71 West Thirty sltth sitsst, near BKth s*e?tte, coiMlstlng of Parlor Built, MMaMisn and Tapestry Osrpets, elegant rosewood PlsnOjMlrrois.*C??atoss!Lsce Clirtsias, Chsmbor Psnitliirs. Chins Otksswars scd Kitchen Uistisiis. wftfc whlsh tbo sa's w|M eonmeneo The Kitraitaro oaa bo aeoa hy uonoH am lbs M??da* prerloitt to salo. Catalogues now roady at onr nm?o It Pins slrset A J BOOART. ArimOBEERiT #IT.L BRLL *0N . tussdar. April tfl, at 11 o'clock, at the peltate residence Prince street, sisgsat ij ueehold Psrmilurs, coaslsUng sf rSoowood Parlor Baitua grooa vol? figured Damiik Cnrtaina, Laco C.nKs" rooM*?Md VokcJUs. wlflhp'a" glass, Bronre Clock, Preach plate Mirrors, rosewood Psrtor fin it. laertmsoo *SI*ott rseowesil P.lsgero mtrfhr ffost Chios Vases, l^e EngTavlner glk China Ornaments, r^ee 'yq* g"1'1* rorflrs ram, ?s? cb%?d*liers V( ret Stair Carpota, rooewooS Hhtsisad, o*?l Mirrors, flne OH raln'logs, ruiewyo l Bedtlesds. pme Hair Mattrrtsos. PtH lasosa, rranch Pillows, raoewooi marble iop Drsssin<r ?u mnfc Ore jroof fjl rtgr Ba(y. fate 11; sewing M^hmc. Vei vst BrtiaAiaad lagrsla Csn^lt msrble top ItsiVitandt, CJH'IM iulls. LeuofS (A hafroWfl, Rssemsiil rurnltt?+ HK-MiMlMon d.u'i Tab'sWtA ^VcMig Room Chairs carved oak Buffet, with marb.A tin. CoirCie* la rtps, Rrgj SH A I BOOART, AUOTIONBKBd-WILL 6M.L Oh . WedasMar, AprlllT. st lOX o'clock, at the anetleii r?7j*? t Nsrlli Wllilam slissl, a large qusoiUy of House hold Fsmiti rs KB?PursSasoisat Tsmnsaar liall are Isqnestsd io call fur llislr Monday borers i o'clock. SM RORTOTOK. ATJCnONtER. IIOBORBN and"HIID ? ssn C1l? ?On Moaday. April a*, auction sals oi tbs Fare Iters In bouse M Eight s'reei. Hobohoat a largo sad ?Isgaat assort me at. A So ?? Tuesday. April It, sJSthm sale of Furniture of hoses fBD W aablngion st east, Wlbltss; s Urge and Olsgaat saoortmcsil. Also on Wsdnosda*. Apr I ?7, suctlos salo of Wagoaa B iggies. Ktpress Wag' sa, ( stis Unrest. Ao Ac., st the waso.i favtorr fuel rr >k* hill hslow the Wsisr i t?rs. UnJ?va C?t> Also oa th irs AAA. Apill W, large sals of Furnlt'ne. st 'So resideuce IM iohaeuaa street. Mobokon. Also on Fridsy. Aarli ??, la gs (aloof Fnraltttre at the oeuotry residence or . f oh a Jail B*t., Borgaa, Wood atoauo, bask of Wash laatnn *l;ia?e. HultSn (Tlty. Also Wagons, hugglet, Hsrnsss, Osr. es Onslia Ac.j As. 4aloo about X? lays Trees oa tbe gronele. CORANTOV COAL AT AITCTlON -OrriOB OF TUB ?77 Pelawsrs, Latkiwanna A Western Railroad Company, Btw fork, April 11. IBM -This eoatpaay win t?lJ tbtlr flflosii'b regular month!* auo'loa nn Weluesdey. the iTth Asy or April, IMA, at It o'? Kk soon at tboolt^ >f thr company. No M Wlllism street, st which time'.boy sBl offer, by 8IMRON DRAPBB, A irti >oeer, Iwsalr Its'hou sand loss of frash miaed + raoMu Coat, smtirarles all the iimifl tjtna, aaA Ae.flstabls at their depot. Rllaabethport N. J , faring tbs nsnath of Hay aeii lie sate WMI bo post. {?fa. BeobTet pet ua will bo ooM to tbe higty at bi lAet, n? E'A*Jorm trbate'tr heisg ua>le fW eiinouat of or oa behalf of U? oomtaej fAetern.a aad uosji ioos will be MLtt *T ACOTIOf.^^^ o aiiwonkrb ^mo8. *toim 0? k?<?ee. Mi?*ie ?/(xi?e, ?o?r Coatee at>eet. H?im (My Mraaok enlne, I* Wnib,H ab*knn qtaors Homme harn rm, ao . at attotiom - k> J08BPH MiHiUlRK. MdilMWr. oflloe IMTkmlaee aue. wall sail on Tbur?da>. April At, at lOVfc ?'?look. ?t Ue depot of the Red Bui fiae ot auaea. Beatk aeaaua aed Tbirly-HfUi atroet. alt >be Btoek of *tld eaipauir. n.aa.etiag of ibvul tusutr 9u|m, etura WIimI*. iMiti, mo, 4 a. IXTILLiAMtiRURO AUOTIOH.-O W BELrtlir. AlK" Y* tieMK will Mil el I'UjUo eootiOn om Taoedey. Aur.i ?H, cefuiaeuomc al halt peat laa ?V* fc, Ikf llouaekold ailure ooe telnet In the three eiory brown at >00 fiant. Ilouae ailnaUxl oa the aoitbeaal ooruer of Redlord a<eoue aad Rom eireel ooaitatin' In part of toaewood Parlor Fur niture. Pier Olaaa OarpiHa. Kureaua, KilcUea Purnitare. Au.. A- . Teruia uaaU.'lu bauhabUi auuu>. tir U.I.I AMttUUKO AUCTION BOTICfc -I.. I?N I. YT A K'lioutwi. o.loe 0irnar of Clraurt aed 1'euivl? at.?eU, wl.l Mil on Hoa lar, Iba 2Mb iaa?a?t at h?u<n l"t Booth Fourth atreet. Rrua*ele and Ingram Oarpc.ta, mahogany Kofae, Ohelm eel Tabloe. Itedateada an J keldleg. tiooainp Olaaaee, Crockery. Olaaaware. te nn BIMI.UIMl I.O'M. ?f1 R00 IIBKON A WOOD. AUG "U tianaara. will * tl at i.ubilo e.ioUea. ou TucMtaif. April *0. at Fo'cloclt I* M . 011 the greiud ninety ileairablo Hitldin,; LoU, ailuate 1 ai 8k rwoOt. Baft"* B<itakUL Hew Jcraoy. TmnLou ara on tba woatera browtff Barge* mil. overlooking ttia llackeua?nk and Paaaalo rirere ilia city of Neaark aud the utrrotmllus oouuiry a. far aa tho aieoaa raaot., and are the moat deilrakW that bate beau offered at anctlon thli eookon foi partlc.ilari1 ta<|ulra Of Ua auoUoaeere, S3 Montgomery atreet. .'eraey OU/. " JTORIAUt. AMmORiKT rOR 8AUR.-A BRBTA0RANT Connected with a hotel. with a I??aae of the aaina for four rajra I'roai dale, la for aal '. tbe aaid leaae airing aiclu aire urirUasa U aorre all meala aat ta tfie Imhim by lbs CieaU, and a Ian all refreahmenta and ll'iuora. Tba aonae doUiz a luerattre bualnaaa. Tbe tcaaoa wbr tba p??ty wiatuAt dlapOMof tba reaunraalla bM-?ua?ka*a ateiit <0 lea^nkne eltv of New York. The Urma will ba moderate Apply leCHA.ftI,KS JONIM. Ba<.. JJol matlfce Bowery lUKet between 11 and * o-et*ok M f -Na^r-kejaae will he allowed. Pieaac apply tbla day or Monday. Ai.arqk or ME?r and SKnoMii nAwn Trot*. liUuketa. Rubber Horna Corera, naw Woollen ftor.ka. Koldlera' Coata aad l'anta. Halt. Ilareraarka. Oaa. teena, An. Alto a lot of WD rrau?? tank Rot? 1 apei\ Oat at IW W'tiHau atreet. :? 0 " ? HARK fffANCR -FOR RAT.K Ol* TO JT.KT A Tkorooghly furnlaked. a Dialnj. OyaUr aad Ortak ag fla'oon. will n? ao:d or let oa rcry ea?J Urip? UaH ?>???* ( and ara R pica nan. 648 Broadway. RARE CHANHB TO DISPOSR OfOBBIuHuCfC^. A obhlof driif hoMM, Mmplnrtf ntw ntnng ? good bt'ialaaan for ?aie. It lu?a t>4ll)?a*''*'r"^* city aud co nlry; aiock contlantfr adraacln?. leCiUjn ii^a naixkborlafr city. tbi?a ?? fear hatira rida feaea Blew rkrkj auob a d?*uiv toatup luto a perioaucut i>aj*?A i?i'?iuoa<ia anldom offered: sal l?factor.r reaaoaa t^reo ni eein.ij Aa draaabo* l.atW New Yor* Voat oillca. ? ?" ? nRiro HTORr-n*?Dso>i(Bt.T rrtrurt Bteood iveutM, for ?ale. uow dotag * Hill *??'???J neu. ten yeara eilabliaheJ. Tbl* U a cbanw aaldain ?Ul with for any nerann who w^? ? go Into biiW^ fl>X?; teioii ei?y. AP4^I to JOUN KiSirttBlUiU 4UI Ulriarraiio . ^ an l 8i Naa?aii atreet. T i ROR STOCK OF CAST IRONDRAlk PIPB A f6r ?*la, from two to elghi mch?<i to ?A?*o. mberf iMtiofit ol ?U1 hiuidft. Apply to A. BBADT, 99 iitccue street. . ? .* ^ ^ i /iTnAL BOATi KOR SAL^-NKW AND 8fcOOlM? \l blind must be aold Clieap far oi?b. l?n?ua or A. *. Buck. Ha. 7 South uteaat. Naw Tofk. ,,n. f^OR BAI.K-A 3MAI.U UOHT DBAKT,.RjpffWU3jjjj IT' . auamboiit, aailabia for a abort paaiewpet nHt a. Aw r ?o *Al.i:S A ?.:RO?!RKB,#7 Wall ?i.e-i. ,. C?0? AAI.B-tWO PIBR 01.?8?R8 <>NK DO. Jp 12'li:t4. two p^aiekbow Oaara, 111 feetiaAbioad, 12 incbea biRb. A too all artHea in tl.o ?^t?!ll8?'liV^S' aeM Atao two baadaowo Connter<? wJkwjWft Auv'f at IV Umou aquare, between all aad etftbt I. ?. For balk?tab si.oop ?oni* cock llica. t'an be aoen by calling aa tka a*aar. JAMBS BfRD. 211 Rs?' Thhty tUird atreet. XjlOft UUt-A ftJIIOOS KB, OABRYINO t0jl Jb draw lug 5 feet of water l^ed . U ln gooa 01 der Koi ^urlliet- ptruoutarj laqulrt 9f U biRWAHr, For hals-k lot oir thbkb i^oh iron 8Ha*t ln? one Fac? l^ihe. a lot of amall Drop Dies two alore lour wheal Trucka, and await?oi ?heel siaal. i I'or at!* vevy In^uiro ^ I/O It SALB?A I>AR?B 8IZB PBOTOURAPH AI'PA r rat"*. In g"o-l or Jar Alaoall ^etaao (uipetti-u^ for iaklut photogrtpha. lainlre at IW batiraaa *tra*t. eor oe,r ol ITea'-kor. KjtOB SALK-AN RNVKLOI-K I'll I'TINf* I?BRM. * I-,I??^. Wi,lSM^W^JKO.dway. YilOiL HALE-T1I* LKA8K. KURKITURK AN1) QOOD J* jr.II oVthe too* eatabltied I1"? ai' a *re?t ?a -rl ifmn9 itrtai uemr Bro*d**r- al ? ^'ff1 im an t'?? rrout Ir.t'jr reilring from ln?*riaaa. t oi iMfcrVaopl/la rtlOMAa (IK A. 1W ?raa.l ?t , ba??w?ot V^Olt SAI.R-THK BARFUKNT Ilir.MAKI) sai.ook r Ctti Broadway, with ?U marlila Tableanj' without the tablea, alao Kutiirei aud lia? *??"-'.I'J*"* '*r"*! a6 *"* '**' {ea?? a (.ply to PI t BROS t il White elceai. FOK HALE?a 8HIP8 LOM? BOAT; WOl'LU anawer tor a tnarkai bnat Wl'l be ?otd ul,r*P'>? ? <" plyia? at o"oe 'o BOY t> A HI,N IM Pearl aueet I i.?OR SAI.e-AN OLD EBTABLTR1IED TEA AN*I> OOr. r fee Hioie; all the aiock, tliturea. An. Apply on the ' ^rrnjia^a, corner of 8h9rl^l and kau'ud a<rect4 t F""oa saTkTan old bstabububd kib#t claw rfoap and Candle Kactory, familiar to moat all n>* 1 gioeerr boiisea in the cty, both fn ttie whnteaaia a* ' * * In H a retail lral<". I he location la unettrpaaaa*. Addraat ? AC lio* ISI Heialit oH'-a. w.lh n*al aaaie aud leaideuca. and pauiciilara onaecait wtta l? will be giroa. No agruU ee<*rt apply. ? I/0R BAUI-A OBOCKRr AND M0WJR ^TORP Oue >t tha beat lotationj In llie hiuth Hard, ifatiafau. tow re*?on?sln-n for aelllng la(nlre on the iitemi*M.. b? ? foiel o'eiui'i; A. M. or alter ?> P. M., at No. I lloiatlo > reel. aotrih aide of Jj'kaoo an'iaie li^OR 8ALR?A LAROE PLATKOflM 8CALB, T BT II fMt; ji iu gcH?d orUcr nod hlfcS bfljfil ?ut iitt.c use '. Ap ply to A. BOHWAIm7w? Weat .Jri) Ml b lira KOIt SAI.ft?rRICIJ ? 1 fOY. 31 ATiONI'.R* AVO u0 )?( Htorp "en e?iaWi?lied orer inrenty ?*atj?ml .luiu* Btatr-te iw. Jnoae Katiafaoiory i-ea?.?ii <i?en lor aei! Sx Acp'y a'. "Wl Sptlng at.'cet 01 Jui ILi'laon atr^c . riOR 9AI.R?-A 8PLKNB1I> "OAL ltr8INK8M TO r tfethe w'lb the I'cal (Ca'a a. Hlorea on the fraot wall reute i An opportunity aetdom ole.'d for ai.j.'utatl'in a.ij b.4laei t combtnad. Adfli-eaa caal Bii?ln???. 8ia>ik e iM?e, wilii teal uatm. L--OR RAfiB?TUB OLD *'*T*RU*WE0 Lf JOl R r S Lie. z;t VI i ai lwenir-1 fib a'.r-el Mtlalatiry iea^oua for ?elRo|, >.heap (ore*ah. tioR SaLK-WALNOT kTOP COUNTKR. WAl.Nlll r I leak, aii t?et loa<. with ra> iug. k'Wing Mackiut-a. ?freral ittait*. Apply at lit Brj>uie ati??t, botweea 1 aud J o'clo<k. _ ? C.OR ? , I f -1T A BAROtIN FJVr FLiWANT QA-S iJ Kill urea alao lit morablk eact.ena ol Hlielv tog; aleo tn? eirsaut W*(oa. at l? OUambeca ?lr?ei. Ural .oft. J~10R SAf.R ? ALE BBEWERT, WITH tr.f. ftt Fl*. t, r?4 naw running aad m gaad oider; a ?oo.t flh^ne* toenaaue in the Imaioaaaa?'l inak'jjnioney al oikc ?o Mimil'.N A. PIEKlB A OO .JT Na-?aM atr-et_ F*"ok"8A_LE-A LOT or SflELVINOH ANO C0UMKR8. amUbier.Tr?cl*ih.u? ar diy goo.ia imtaeM; wli be a>i<d a> a haraain if applied foi iu?o??iia'el?- f?<l"ira al .?l Krsadway j.> atalfa. rOR SAI E-A LARUE 81XRU AWNIB0, TIIAT HA? l??.en m 'J?e 5:tt a ?bOit lime Appj tot KNOK. 5f'* ttiaadway. - ? _ F" .|R SALK-TWO ?8AHTT"0r. Counter l.<pe aad au exea.leat l?r?e 0?ce De?k, at U A>"iiii: > ? . ? ? rivi* baI.K -BLAOK BTALNOT ?OP KkCOND BAND F^V u Vr, ali .lo Ut. Lefia, with ,UJ oiimkannireei, aaar freadway. iBV'tr?"' J' BAIuBT, VIJeHn atree'. _________ _ Fmb 111 R i ilEAP-A COUNTER, WITH AX JTALM* aiaible ?!a'> efkt feat ling, two te-t vyf," n ha. w.d. Apr!" etraat. aatweea Deg aw aad "a" ?? *'< ''ree'4. 8o"tk Brooklyn. ?v>R BALK OR tO CHABTBR?A H?B CANAl. h i',.. if tka'?r*e*l ?l<c a* good a* aaw. Hrpaitiri ?a ai &BBtt?AV?* TW 8o?t8 alreai np ri ta. -i aii ^?TbVan DROO ?;T0B* FOB RALB-SfX TBABk (j -e"?: I'?t ?Tgi foiir ,Km gareu.U a>enue. Applf to Br. S. ILAfMMCRBK _ *T01b"l I'OR 8al?B.-?TBB LBABBi. OOOD WILL *NO H K.rauo.eif aa aid aewbtiaaad Haul, wati keowa ea fi-ftet street Honae, la thlecliy; eoadoot* I en fie Euro i^a&o aBddW?Fr*?UkuW?aaa: la?HoaUdia<M | f?l?rDirtof ibetity. aad ooavaa.aat u thi i*.ii?a<U U'l LftlXV VirWuTTawftrgart. Ald.e.i Cl *? Hei ill Naarjferk Peat adtafc n ? I TTA8DWAR* -FOB RBl?8, TN RROOKt.TN ASOLO bo I Mi Herald 0*1*. I OOP StirT MAtHlNBB FOB 8AUB-lfjl BRAtg i?a Ma hlnet wlih taklaa and Atlnre" AufJ to * ?mW corner af Tweaty afvh rraat aaa r*T.t .?a_ u rOB 8ALB?TO Cf.OBF AN B8TA1* 1 iweety ?'? f" <**k toaa ibaa aiaaufacKtrae'e rr<o"l ?ie" e?? ?'?' A?*? Bala A?>piy at !to. i I liber'.; w ae^ ? ,A( ..n aTORB K )R 8AA,B?LBA88, RTOOlC, ANO , f te o'f eetabtlthed LH'to-. Wore Amf f waer Tw"f ??*?<? avreat and Thlf? a?Wi'?e ?^reea fla* wTTmk8 nuBPRoor lArc fob ?alb-at m L B^?r W W * 1 | o'clock. _ .. ? ' - ? .?? ?. ? I ITWBBT -rOB KALB-STBaM BNOtNBB ANO t^iiarf H >i . m 4rr\?b?4iJot all #!???. %Uoti?oroi Ilf V.'.U .1 t a_la'Ke a*.. Imeat of Tauka -if miner of p-ymooth. Broaklfn attiaorORTE MASUrAOTBBIBO BBTABLIkl??B1T p? 4"J3??3,',S"iu.ud [T7'IC,,!kkiV; a't^A inn I V bM Uaiylacalad~llo?"3a?* VnS u i*Ml &tt?S? fJSEWSS 0^~r. _\i)K*N ? ? acai >iar? Vtnlllli;UHI ? I iMtg Vuliiu^' m, U 0 OraAK. KTATIONP.BY ARI> "W? \vnrvw-v kJ earn, Siet rain chant# for a man with a ?1**? now doing a good otak b ulueaa Apply ?! iM Kut Ttxili atroat . J*tYSI.iriMcB AND UKAffBM BOB BAI.B?MtOIIM ij formatted, amoty f *>t laag by about twelra WW MP B'iital>la foe a dry g > ida. hardware, grooei y or laaoy atwra. m l will I* eold la length* to ami purcnaaare. at ta oao M. Aw.Hy IB tbe iffloe M Liberty atroet. OfBAM KROtNK. UolI.Hts, 8TKAM HBATBBR. AKU O a lame Wt of Pipa aad Pltunga far aaie At<*t * a **:oon. ?U? Eighth aranuo. mvjbacco maniifactohrrii. attrntior I For Hal*, a Outtiag Maobinr. Rogera* patent; oaa ha umJ bi liao J or ateam ?owar At>piy *1 ."Of and an W alor atreflt WATBR ROUTE I'OR HALR?IPTTft 0ORHB. CAR* and llaiarea all la gaod working ?iM?r. bow pa?Wt? $M per NMk. The owner oaunot attend to A r?tea for all tax) Apply for uit*e daya at ttt 1'iaa auaet, ooatiai alio#. iioi'hk*, nooiu. die.. w*mo, Apart or a iforaiT Wartbd-bt a quint* man and wife; Ninth war* preferredj would fmnUh their una arartinaiila and board ?fth the other aenupaoia If Mreaabla AJdreaa. alriuK localiou. number of room* aad tonaa. B P * . boi f* Poet etBea, ??_*? HO OA S3 WASTRD.i?TWO SMALL OOUBBa. OR om good nxed limine. auttaMe ft* two familiea, In a go-id neighborhood. oea?<?Bienl to ear rouU Mood 'aaenta mar boned by itldnwal J II. Weataia Ualal? Ho ? O-fit audi at. rat ' OOOKS WABTF.D?FOB A FIRST OKABB IhBKTIBT, K w""" Twrnlf.^atraate. aatyera.. biouk from Broadway Addreaa fUaaotna. Beralda?*. UTATRN ISLAM) -SMALL O ( oilace warned. with aardeu aud eiiaUe, "?LJ<?iV from lao-iiug. A<ldro?i M.^U.t JW* ^ MlFvti?'. 0'iruei' of TwfOtr third a tree t aad Broadway. W/tVTRO?TO RliNT. IRIihOLATRI'V. AKJIK1,0**' Dixked Han*, wHh mortem liUD-oretn^nti. in a iw ai?e<-iaiile imluii aanrliK* botow Thlrtf famth ?ireal, rral uM to ?iw*il >'.?? B1 **?? !""? Yart-'VTnrt girxn. Addiria f. H. BUIRTOH, baa t.iM New tart roel ofllre. ? - ? - TA/ ANVKO? PART OP A ROITHK, BT A 8*AT<r. P^ W mil/, eliher loweror upper jrttef It inual be hatweeo Sulh and Teulh aronuea, and i?at aeora turueth atiuet; iUe balanca at the not be oaija pied b? mom iMa one |?ir?te fwlty: bc^ot refaienaea glrea and required. Addrafi W., b0? tW Uerald a Wee WHBANTF.D-RT A ORMTI.EMAN AND WIPB. TRR IIiat 4?i aeoonii floor, unfurntH iod, e a houea where the* eou'd bare the pri.lirce of Ijoti^rriilefc. releieaeoe ?Ireu and rrqinrrd *-1dr<MM for tlifoa dafm term* audUxation W. !>.. b >t S OW Poet ollloe. ^ W\NTRO?TO BP NT BT A PAKflif OP ?Mtulta a InrnUhed Hon?e. ? wItU ?hrubbery. one hour'a ride frflw> Ottp.BAlT B*T *ark, aea ?intr a drpni Addrra*. with leroit and part^ular*. A. ?. Lawt?n. B<<>o*i?o, 1-. 1. ? ; yj 1 " ' WliiBANTPO-A ,N(t!Kl.*f FORJMHHFO HP.t'ONO OR third eniTf* Hoot, wlUnmt beArd. by a party of_Hwr Cranua (adultai. b? ill* .Yd May; leeati? _ mth aeraboi. Thirty embi'j afreet. w*et alfc of_tha c?y In4 OiifMBlMt lo UruidKif. A?1<1r?M 10* <*?< weim. ?. ?? H. Qolfrey ? Union *|iur? l*o?t ortice# 6j!rtwr HIRER AOOI.TS (WU'UOIIT IU W arK.iu), Pari ol, Wre room a. raa^ ae? jo r? fc.-.'d $:'(W referencck nulianjed. Addraea, w h fn I pkita Uiuii K. A U . Hora'd ofltoe _ . , yen.?, and Infant, In a <vH?* fttmllf. where ?"?? f~r,, -una be en-oved- tttrmanaiiet be maderate: refrieheee nihai^t Kit ^uKbU partloalara, U. B. O.. Be.??4 ?mce - ? . - - Wm antSD-BV A SMALT- PAMIf.T. WrTIf NO OH IL; drea. part of a H oa^a. behwr T?w\h etraei and eail of ferniJwtf, Add/ftti B. tt, ^? ra Id etflee. ^ WAN'TBO?B* a ilNUbB OEXiLKBAN. AN Pnralalied Hnom with g?K, h^th ?ji.I tin. ?UUn? i era a. Ac. J O., tteva.d eUtoa. Raformret e? inanced . . . 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Al U< * liNOV .It R?a.]waf, i-orori afriiltoa alraat. TO l.lll - HRrtf. iBCONO AND PAST Of Tdlf I-. i?n ol iirlidinii No II Otaik atiaat, batwaew Hn an I ?Aiimf *??*+ a ?fii ailaoiad for aojr lleht man'if a tu< lioauicaa A up1/ io A. lOtlRBBA^. W? I flM tti'lR. rifO RKIT-TlinRB KtlRNIRIfRl> ROOM1' ON KIMBT 1 Km. aiitH Kai>aitianf anil Hila f>i ho*ikMtan|>in(, aNW tlir.-B ?? ?* ir?oiaa on fiird lioir, ?i.ita'oi? for in aal' yin Ap|..y a'. Vti SutH aveaiia. IIOR9RH. OIRRU0I9, ?0. ^ A-M>R iAf.K. THKHK Of TIIK BhHT HOBmBB Clf . Iti uiir. u aa l i/ -ara old, 16 kauda hidh. aouud aa4 ki l l alan > if 4?ai ffnra^a. from II t4> l? banda hldB. 1*1 Ilia I ro III AM IO tl?). jla-i xnaia anl d?<ib;a Harneaa, Idp and no >1,1 Wi^.d. Apply *1 '<i< *foaatm atraai Aurruiau hi.ack hor.<b fob AAf.B -m (trbV liandamkb; would aiaka ? ai><?itdid otlHt ar diMtoiV Idtiaa Apply al piirate aiabln, Na. ft Baal Twanty icrtad afraa'. .TJ KlJjn *>-.1 ' ? >. 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P.ifhtk 1 IT)' HALR-A1 A IIRRAT SAORiriCK-A 0BN1 JD 'iia i inn iW' r< nnaii, ' onai?ii'i( at a bat flora frk, t > I. biada bl(b wi!l trot In 2 id. witiiat b" tab ? >?> 1 '< ai Wainii, tliraa qua'tai aeai. naan 1 in tlir-? I*im? nada Itir Dm. alao a aal ot fnti Ma ma a I' loaat in.1 '..-tl avar aiada la ibid <*iM iaaa tiaad'in llnaa ttnlaa a to liku Roba tba Iwal tkAA OBB ja f'A'iud 8 >itviin4Hi'i>r fk(a wkola Toruout aadA 14 4.1 <1 I lit I I'lln M W?? lanor laavaa f<K RuiM^ Ckll ?' !< ? IS ? a itr-f, ' rou t to II A. H kat 4 ?? r. M _______ H?.j* An.; ftun aaodi.b HOR4B*. two torn . llm.ino ?-i 111 <an * nan tuay ara caatia aad ?m >Aika and fln>t oiaat Maok To >? aacu at Caailaf'a llrar* afBb>. I AT ri'.n ???, ? 00k Til two loara (r'xa OliaiaM C'|R dAO-THRh R HART OR TRIfOK RDMM I' w i nolo ? tn iaa aud < ad. Na Ml araaoa B. iit >IW BUi*?'i 1 ?'?! laT .o tuao'a. la|oi*e ia tka ?~ l'J'1 >t? $" -il on Fot m,t-t hi.a? a hawk !, car laov t to 'o 'ha pola 1 'an !>a eeaa far a tarn dart ki B'UP ?dm ? bjuti >0 ja Hlo.nuia(da a raa I Saraaff d^hia at. V.i\rR;>-l-ilK THB KBBP.YA ROMS R ARM Bay I'd .fai.j i 1 ? u lua'-irrd) bt a iaanaa<i?lla. mm did 1 j?j .?W3 fHi^att, wba w mid war it bar UtUd aa# idbp vid^ti we.1 ?diiaaa(: t? 138 Bdr DHIWAtt |IW4 SaA ? aaa lliird a i4 ft' 1U1 faa .aa ircoiAi. ncrrioftfT' * ^ N^orl' K -I t>0 (IERCBT rotBio ANf rkAMU t?i" ai ; i? o a iyl?dy anyfklofl In nay oaatd. aa I ?? aa' V an/aaaiala lat tba aawn. *1 W AllULB. M Boat Patty SraAatrdBk WRLf'iiMK TO TIIK 04U.AKT BBTCRTV RtBT* IH1IMKN*. M t B R T?. flit uaiKMit tf ">a Amartaaa Prowataai Aaan dlad araftoa. ?fact iot tad nifid at (BT Wawary fkmntotm Ilk li. on ran-aday a.aa-ng. 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