Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1864 Page 1
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' * i*s; EW 'JULS. WHOLE NO. 10,083, NORTH CAROLINA. Tke Surrender of Plpwath to the Rebels. General W?ia?lli ind 2,500 Men Taken Prisoners. coiposrooi or his comaid. The Details of tlie Previous Contest. OUR LOSS 160 KILLED. The Negrees Brutally Murdered In Cold Bleed* TBE REBEL LOSS 1,500 RILLED. Description of the Rebel Ram ^Albemarle, fct?t lM.| kl< Kr< WililAM H. Stirrer's Despatch. Foktrks Monrob, April 24,1804. P1TMOD1B BORRINOKRID ts tbe startling atd painful announcement J *m com pelted to make to you In my despatch today, wbicb event look everybody by surprise, as it wan thought ibat General Wessells could bold out for ? few days at least, until reinforcements, which were al ready on the way, coulcfteaob him. But tho rebel ram which had destroyed the Southfleld kept our transports from asceodlng the Roanoke river, and consequently tbe beleaguered garrison at Plymouth was compelled to fight as long as human enduranoe cound etand It, and aitber be annihilated or surrender at discretion. This tews reached me this morning by tbe arrival of tho steamer Currituck from Roanoke Island, and through a meet reliable source. TBB MISt ATTACH was made?n the fortifications of Plymouth on tbe 17tb test, bat repulsed, as also another made on Fort Gray. Tha momentary repulse lcept tho enemy at bay, and laatad for Bearly tweatyXour hours. On Tuesday morn* teg the rabel ram made her appearanoe, to co-operats with tbe iaad frrcee. and succeeded not only in sinking tbe Boutbfleld, but In killing Captain Flntier. They drove oar naval vessels from the river, and consequently this support failed General Wessells In tbe most trying hear of bis campaign. TBB SBCOKD 4TTJCV whs made by tbe enemy oo all of our forts surrounding the town almost simultaneously, and in every assault be waa driven baek with terrific slaughter. Bat the rebels i determined, and renewed attaeks were made aod I, each one still attended with Ibe most dreadful carnage. From this time until half past ten o'clock on Wednesday morning tbe flghtlog was almost uninter rupted. Ob Tuesday orders were Issued for TBS BVAQC4TION OS tOBT WBBSBLIS, better known ae tbe Eighty fifth regiment redoubt, Situated a Btaort distance from Mill creek. Captain Cfcaptn, the commandant of tbe fort, had been filled, and. although tbe stock of ammunition aa band was growing "small by degrees and beautifully lass," stui tbe bsrolc little band kept np aa Incessant firing oo tha enemy, every shot tell ing wHb fearful effect. Upon tha reception of Tb. order tha survivors of tba^lrrlson awaited tbe coming of Bight, and under Its protect; og shade silently withdrew to tbe town, having first, however 4 disabled tha guns of tbe tort. tbb tiro* roBcts eowcssnuTtD, ah tbe evacuation of Fort Weenelle, in Forts Williams, Comfort and-a redoubt facing tbe Roanoke river, below Mill creek, and kept up the fight tnceasantly. Tbe forces ef General Weestlls, thus being massed and able to handle their artillery more effectively, kept up a regular steady and tailing fire on ibe rebels. Tbe enemy used thirty pocudcr Parrott guns and otber artillery of about similar eallbre. tCOT WTl L1AVS WORMED. , Al bine o'clock on tbe 20th toil, a moat lmpetuoua aaeault nu made by tbe rebel* on Fort Williams. Our brers boy* nobly stood by their fun* and repulsed every attempt of the enemy to enter tbe fortification. In splsn dld order did tbe rebel column advanoe to tbe assault. General Wssaells allowed btm time to come witbln easy range of bia cum, and tben gave tbe order to fire. Every discharge mowed down tbe rebel troope by platoons. Still tbe gape were laatantly filled up and tbe attack reaewsd la t bis manner tbe enemy repel red several severe shocks,^ aad, after a laat aad still more impetuous charge, which* likewise resulted disastrously to bim, be withdrew, evi dently to jpepeir damsgs aad make ready for another attack. Giroui wsanau* carrm-ateo at half-pest tee en the morning of tbe 20tb Inst (Wed aeeday), aa boar and a half after tbe rep a lee at Fort Williams. At the boar above mentioned tbe Cnioo flag was bailed down oa Forte Williams sad Comfort aa wall aa on the Mill crsek redoubt. Tbe rebels bad been beavily reinforced d crlng Tuesdsy atgbt, and tbe over whelming foroea baried against our weak end elraady aba tie red column waa loo mucb to endure^nd, being eat or ammunition aad cat off from a further supply, Genera! Weeeelia could do ao leea tbao eurrender, or bare all h a command annihilated. The garrison of Fort Gray no 4oabt rougbt nobly to tbe laat, but, being out off from tbe ?sala oommaod, Without bape of deliverance, bad to suc cumb aleo. W? have no advices fram tbls post; bntsom snoo sense tsacbse oa tbat tbe fort could not bold out very long. ras ami coir** consisted of oo less than five brigades of troops, each brigade anreberlag about tbree thousand men Three were under tbe cbief com man <1 or Major Genera) Hoke, aasialed by Oenerale Ransom and Barton. Tbe majority of these troope were from tbe far Routb, as the North Carolinians are not trusted very far while fighting on their own son. cos LOflSV ?re estimated at about one bundrwt in killed and wounded. Captain Cbapia waa killed at Foto Wesse'ils.aod Csftain Horace 1. Hodgse, Depot Quarter master, wbiia 'n tba act ?f commuateeMag with tba gaaboat Miami, ia a canoe wbicb be carrted In a wagon from Plymouth to Geoeeby ?creek, la order to elude tbe rebel >r?o-clad, waa upset ?no drowned. Tbe leas of tbw ABoer will be severely felt and regretted by ail who knew bim. ] bare been ?aabie to learn tbe names of otbere wbe loat tbatr |it?s ta tbe aavara battlee before Ptymsuia. rwo citnane ascaren from Plymouth after tbe rebels bad taken possesion* aha town. Tbeir name* are Wm. Atkinson and ? Mttcbsl, loy^) men, who carried oa busiasaa there. They packed tbeir trunks :n a wagon rand, after getlia? clear ?f the town, tbay took to tbe swamp, aad 4?rlng tbe night they maaaged to obuttb a row boat, moved up 11 stmt to tba seovth of Ike river, where they were picked op by one of tba Cnloo guaboata patrolling tbe Sound. Befyc leaving Plymouth tbeae geotismen mat Gap tail Aware, of a Georgia regiment, a son of milk sod weler ??ear, wbe era* very fierce en Union people. Tbey oeo weed with bim for geese time, Wbe> a sry waa raiaed v*l?ai a Taakse Monitor aad several transports with troote ?ere wring, whereupon tbe rebel eaptato stedadgted, M?^' in tbe coafusica Atkinson aad Mltehsi msde tbeir aeon'" rrom (tl* ?>wn. f wt nrun town* at'f f'tjtilhe I'lghteet doubt, immensely noavy Whes W IS coasiVM *ver} 10*1 ?T ~ ?"e? 1 itlmU (m An* U mfcuMrti* ?Hfe greot aiMgfeMr, MnM po?rt?? hvoatode ?Iter nirflfr mm Um rM rwk( freas Um Miami ud 8ouUile?d, Um cmmHMw among the rebel troop* Mai MM Men anorfeue, A ratal Burgeon waa beard la say that "tba a?iaad Yankees bad tilled aad wwoM one Utira of UMir wbole forca, aad be bo pad thai no mercy would be iMvn Um cureed Yankeee." Tba guoboat Whitehead went on a racoooolaaaace an Wa*aee4ay a aborl dieUace abova Plymouth, and Um officers aad craw otxenrad about three hundred rabal troope engaged Id burying Um dead. From a steeple oo tba town church, overlooking a large tract of jand, it ?la found that tba told of Asa Johnson (about sixty acres) was completely filled with dead and dying rebeis Tbe entire rebel force could not bare been abort of front ?tt?ao to twenty thousand men, of wbosa one-third are unfit for future service. TUB tOBl PILLOW MA^KU H EJUrTBD. My informant alto acquainted me witb tbe fact tbat al1 tba nagroeo found after tbe surrender were stripped of tbsir clothing aad brutally murdered in cold blood. H must be understood tbat General Wessella bad no colored troops *at Plymouth, Bare a few recruits for Nortb Carolina regi menM, and tbe poof, unfortunate blacks tbue butchered were merely laborers for tba government. Tbe negroes ware formed into lme, in a nude state, and fired at by (be brutal soldiery, purporting to represent southern cbtval ry. Nature revolts at tbese facta; and tbe plaa appar ently adopted by tbe rebels for tbe future disposition of negroes in emancipation from, and not for,life. TUB SITUATION OF PLYMOUTH in en tbe Roanoke river, wblcb forms an angle above Its mouth, from tbe Albemarle Sound, of ninety degrees, as will be seen from tbe following MAP or PLYMOUTH AND VICINITY. advance of tbe rebels on Sunday, tbe Soutbfleld and Miami, having obtained tbe range, did good execution, di rected by signals. TUB SKDKI. RAM ILBKMAfcLB, wbicb is tbe name of tbis rebel monster, it quite a for midable craft, built oo tbe plan of tbe Merrtmac. Captain James SpottiswooUe Coke, late a lieutenant in tbe 1'nited Ftates Navy, commands ber. and baB a craw of sixty men. Ber dimensions are as follows-?Length, 162 feet; breadth of beam, 40 feet; depth of bold, 12 feet. Sbe ia built of sixteen-iacb timber, and is said to have a plating of six-inch iron. Others, however, assert tbat ber coat of mail Is T rail, laid and fastened crosswise. Her engine is a low pressure, English built, witb two screws Sbe is pierced Ibr six guns, viz: one porthole al the stern and stem, and four on tbe starboard and port sides. Ber armament consists of only two twenty pounder Whit worth guns, revolving on a swivel, w hich can be 0red out of three portholes. Tbe sccom paaying cut is a fac rimi/rof the rebel ram, drawn by a gentleman who aaw ber while engaged In the act of sinking the Souibfleld. tbb nmiY ?is supposed to be moving on Little Washington; and, al though we are well .prepared there for an attack, hot and bloody work will toon ensue. Tbe motive of the rebels, as stated by some of tbeir officers, for making tbe onslaught on Plymouth and other posts in Nortb Carolina Is to drive tbe Union forces out of tbe Ftate, and transfer tbe theatre of war fiom Virginia to North Carolina; also to check tbe movement umotj^tbe dis affected towards resisting tbe Jeff. Tavia tyranny. This, therefore, may be aaid to be the earnest commencement of a vigorous ?[-ricg campaign. Mr. George H. Hart's Despatches. Exawamxr?, Pwriorr or North Caho^m, \ Niwbrn, April 20, 1 #04. J onwino or Hoeruntt?I'mos nc*rm drive* is. Since my last despatch 1 have been enabled to obtain full particulars of the condition o( affaire at Plymouth On Suuday, at ba!r prtt three o'clock in tbe afternoon, tbe pickets were driven :nr?ot without much skirmish ing, and remising n Lieutenant Rustell, of tbe Twelfth New York cavalry, being severely wounded and one pri vate killed. Tbe United States steamer Ceres, Acting Master Foster commanding, *i? at once detpatcbed up tbe Roanoke river to communicate with tbe Whitehead Acting Eosign Barrett commanding, wbo was stationed below Byner'e Kerry, watcbing for tbe rebel ram, known for tome time pift to b?ve beeo built, and for tbiw pur pose. In anticipation of a visit from this ram, obstructions bad been placed in tbe rivor, opposite Hyner's Ferry. ihoioikkkt witb rut mi*. As tbe Ceres passed Fort Gray, a strong fortification two and a half miles above Plymouth, tbe enemy opened on ber from a battery of six gune, tbe Ceres at once re sponding witb ber tmill Parrott riflee The casualtiis on baard tbe Ceres In this affair were two men ki.lcd and ail or seven wounded, Including offi cers, none of whom were serio.sly hurt. By tbia affair tbe position of tbe enemy was disclosed to Captain Frown, the commandant of Fort Gray, who thereupon open^ Ore from a hundred-pounder Parrott and two smooth t> rs of less calibre. Tbe firing ef both per* tiee becar&e brisk, tbe rebel practice being excellent, and one of their shots carried away tbs flagstaff of lbs fori, but which was almost instantly re eleraied to tbe top of a tree. This artillery duel lasted until eight or nine o'clock In the night, tbe caeeaitlss in tbe tort betog up to that time aligbt. while their fire must have done good execution on tbe enemy. Tbe garrieon at tbe fort were in excellent spirits, and oocaietsfl of a ccmrany of the fl?cond Matse* chusetts heavy artillery, under tbe command of Captain Fiske, atd a detachment of the Eighty fifth New York, the whole under the command of Captain Brown, of the Figbty fifth. On Monday morning, about daybreak, tbe eoeirv, under cover of their guns, attempt ed tbe assault of the fort, but were repulsed with heavy loss. vbt Kotmmrn mcrnav irro acne*. A host this time tbe army guntfeat Bombshstl, un der tbe command of Acting Fotign Stokeo, of tbe nary, moved up to communicate with tbe fort. Wbeo within range of their gum tfee enemy opened on ber, and sue* reeded to etrik<og her some eght or ten times, wounding ens man asd damaging her bull to snch an extent tbat, oq reaching tbe dock of tbs towo. tbe eonk. witb her colors dying from her nut. During tbe ntgbt of eon day Central WeeeelM deepaft hed the transports Maasasoit and DeWitt Ctlrto?, with toe women atd children, whom be had canted to leave tbe town, to be forwarded to Roanoke Island. This was done as a precautionary mea wre, ?n anticipation of the rebele roak t>g a demacd to that pcrport, and to prevent firing them the time to xiut as advantageous disposition of their forces and ths General took prompt action towards mas'eg a despe* me reswears. nn?* si:>?6?rinnw r*o* Ttt r?*TS /it ornnoat? 411 throngu the day, Monday, our men ik rmtehed brtskly ??** vbe robeis, who bad taken possession^ tbe wc&ie in front of tbe lt>wo, and eatandlng aroooa on botb s'des Tbs enemy durlnf tbia time were also en gaged 'i feinng tress and erecting lines of fortifications is plain slew of our troops it Intervale Ferts W?. Ilsttl, Weese.'i and Gray opened tre and she'led ths woods, sod further upibe river a water baltery?Bet Wry Worih?kept up so tocessant firs, directed princi pally agatnst a battery orectM by the robe's, and bear ing cspec ally or, rort Wsaeell*. In tbs even eg, at about sis o'njook. (lie naen y made a ff>|tnd and vigirorsas JU. < tsrwf .tr "fS.- 41 tt-tg 'rotters tbe gufl THE REBEL RAM ALBEMARLE. Vbe liM lam which Compelled the far render ?f Plymouth. CHIMNEY OL?_ $&QpOfi.ViMWCaia QMS? V1 *>/LOTHOW ' /52f??t LQMG, +5 FEET IWCC4 "1* r??T DRAUGHT /mwmax boats Miami and Soutbfleld, wblcb, antler the dirco tion of Captain Klueeer, bad been coonecteo together by chains and spare to work as one boat, were cut apart and look their positions respectively behiod tbeCiuiom Houee and a picket station on the river, and commenced to shell the rebels. simultaneously all the Forts and gunboats opened on the febele, and were by tbem briskly responded lo by up wards ot twenty guns, but tbo Intensity of our Ore was sucb that tbe enemy's batteries were silenced for the eight. Purtog ibis engagement tbo gunboats did excel lent execution and rapid firing 'I he Soutbfleld tbrew upwards of two nundrod shell, and tbe Miami above thirty, and, alibougb tbe enemy's range wi.s generally good, received no damage. TDK RAM r*88ts TBI OBSTROCTIOSS. During tbe nigbt tbe gunboat Whitehead came down and repotted that tbe robe! ram had suc ceeded lo passing tbe obstructions placed across tne river to prevent Its progress, and was lying close to tbe rebel battery above Fort Gray. Lieutenant Com mander Flusrer, or the Miami, tad In charge of the squadron, immediately ordered tbe SoutbQeid to be se cured to bis boat as before. But bis orders bad only been partially executed before it was announced that tbe ram was coming down tbe r.lver, firing, but not relumed by our butteries at Grey and Worth, Captain Flusser then ordered tbe two boats, partially united, to bo ad vanced at full speed against tbe rebel ram, now but ? few yards distant. But owing to time not being afforded to Captain Fl'isser for tbe execution of his plane, the boats were not in a condition to cope with tbe ram end its vast ly superior advantages. Hence the conflict was but brief, and after the concussion tbe Soutbfleld was so much dis abled as to slnu almost Immediately. The Miami sub secjuently fired some seven or eight solid shot, which tad not the slightest cflect, but glanced oil tbe impenetrable sides ofthe ram. MmiD FirssBk's dbatd. )t is cow my painful task to be compelled to record the death of tbe gallant and able Csptain Flusser. His loss Is universally deplored, and it will be diir.cult to replace him. Captain French, of the Soutblleld, then assumed command, and tbe Miami alone, unable to offer resistance, steamed down tbe river. A list of casualties, comprising all that aro at present known, I append but it is feared, in addition, that seve ral of tbe Soutbfleld?names unknown?are drowned. Had tbe plan or Captain Flusser been consummated, It is believed that the rem would bsve b cb destroyed or captured. It was bis intention to connect two boats firmly to gether, by means or chains and spars, and seek tbe en counter by advancing tte rem, aiming to strike ber between both vessels and rorce her against the shore. At tbe same time a torpedo was to De so arranged as to catt it Into ber smoke stack but, owing to ciroumstauccs beyond hrs eentrol, the arrangements were not esecutcd. *b* tAsriims. l ieutenant Commander Cbar'es W. Flusser, oT tbe Miami, killed. His remains are now mi mutt for Norfolk Acting Ensign Thomas G. Bargs, aligbXy wounded in foot. Acting Third Assistant Engineer D. Harrington, both arms and race wounded slightly. Isaac Anderson, seaman, severely though not danger ously wounded, and some one or two others, all slightly, and probably produced by tbe tensecond shell that caused tbe deatb of Captain Flusser. Nswraim, April 20, ISM. nBTaimo* o? tb? axrti r*m. Tbe terrible ram which has been, and is expected to be further, the cause of so much distraction in tbis district is described as follows-.? , In shape she resembles tbe destroyed ram Merrimac, end, like ber, carries an mstmment or destruction at ber prow, which renders ber so pecMlisrly dangerous in con flicts with wooden vessels. She Is built of hesvy iron plate, brought partly from Wilmington and partly from Atlanta^ Georgia, and is of rather clumsy movement. She possesses one aperture at ber fore part for tbe use of a heavy gun; but her main purpose is to desiroy by concussion. She is accompanied by a form id i ble water battery, securely protected by cotton balee, behind which artillery and small arms can be securely used. Tbe name or ttis satellite Is the " Cotton Plsnt " Tbe building of this rim hss long been watched by Maior (ietieral I'eck, who has hs-l almost daily infor matlon regarding ber for many months ps??ed. By means of spies sent to Wilmington, and wbo travelled to whero , she was building on tbe samstrsin that conveyed 250,000 pounds of plats iron, by mesne of deserters an * prisoners amounting in the aggregate to upwards of five hundred he has had positive knowledge of ber progress in building. He haa likewise offered lo direct an exi?dltion and destroy ber, but his offer wss refused by superior authority. Ibe wood work of this same ram, whilst m progress of building, was Ored and supposed to have been Se 1 stroved by General Totter, in an eiredition undertaken ! for that purpose; yst still It exists, and to our fArful cost. It M understood thst the rsbeis havs likewise two others, I one at Kinston and one at Goidsboro. At the latter pO'nt they are known to bave organized a ccmiicto nsval brigade. Frcm tb's, m connection with the bear* rorce now ?enacijig?sup posed to number acme sxteefT or seven teen thousand men and some th.rty-six pieces of srtil lery?It is evident that tbe rebels design to compel the Cnict evacuation of North Carolina. Nswfi*!*, April 21. If C4. General Wessells, ocmmaodlng the town of Plymouth, and bis whoie ocinmand of upwards of two thousand officer* and men, surrendered yesterday at one e'c'ock T M. Tbe oommand consisted of tbe ftHowtng ? Eighty Ortb Vew York Infantry reg'menl. One Hundred and first Pennsylvania Infantry regiment. Ons H undred and Third Pennsylvania Infantry regiment. S'xteenih Connect 'eel inranlry regiment. Two ccmpan ss or lbs Massachusetts hssvy srttllsrr. Two companies of tbe Second North Carolina Volun teers Two rompsntes of tbe Twelfth New York cavalry. The enemy gained llksw se upwards of thirty pieces of ail ctllbree, Including one two buadred and one one hundred poui.der larrotts. about three hundred dorses and a large amount of eemtn ssery stores. Cenerftl Perk's Official Announcement off tH? lurtndir. OSKtHSL OSl'SRS? NO. 06. RtinorAttvws os m Arsv 4*r) rinsier os Notts Caantins. > NswrsRS^N. C , April 21, 1M* J With feelings of its deepest sorrow tbe Commending Gensral anncacces tbe fall 1 Fiyaoutb, N. 0., end tbe capture of its gallant commander, Br gad sr OensrVi Bm W Wessslls ard b? commat d. This res i.t, bo?svs4 was net obtained nntli after tbs most gallant and deter mined resistance had been made, five times tbe enemy ?termed tbe iiess ot tbe general, an<i as masy limes were they bandsoms'y reported with greet slaugbtsr, and but for tb? powsrful assisunoe of the rebel Ires-clad ran, and lbs flosttng sbarpsbooter battery, tbe Cotton Pisnl, Plymouth woo id stlil havs been s our tiasds. \ For tbslr neble defence the gaiiani General Weeseils and b's brers band have and deeerve tbe warmest thanks of the whole country while sll w'li sympstkise with thens lb thslr misfortune Tc the officers and men of the oat y the ( otnirisndli g Genera! tenders Ms thanks for tbstr nearly eo operation with tbo army, and the bravery, determination and ectiryt ^ na/ked tbslr v UK sssaqM fenmtv With sorrow be reccrds tbe death of tfco cob e tailor and gallant patriot, Lieutenant Commander C. W. Fiusser, I'm led Stales Navy, who. >n the beat of battle, fed dead on tbe deck of bis sbip, With tbc Uvfkti of b e cue id his baud Tbe Commanding fieneral believes that ibe?e msfor times will tend uct to diBceurage, bat to nerve tbe Army ol Norlb Carolina to equal deed* of bravery and galtDtry hereafter. l?otil further orders the beadqnarlere of tbo fcnb die trict or tbe Albemarle will be at Koanoke Island. The command devolves upon Colonel f>. W. War drop, of tbo Ninety-ninth New York mfaniry. Py command of Major General JOHN G PECK. J A. Jum-ok, Assistant Adjutant General. Tlic Prrm Despatches. N?jmVbn N. C., April 22,1PC4. Tbe battle, which had been going on night and day at Plymouth from Sunday, tbe 17tn, to tbe 20th mm. re suited in the capture of the city by tbe enemy oo Wed nesday nooo, including General Wessells and Die forces? one thousand five hundred men. Tbe enemy ?blamed possession of the towu at eight o'clock in tbe moron g Geo. Weeeeils and bis troops rctirod mtoFort Williams, and held out until nooo, repn's np tbe enemy in fevec desperate as-auiis. Tbo enemy's 'os? is e>akd to be one tb: usard seven hundred, while our loss wr.a Plight. Gen. WesBebs, who gamed such distinction in tbe seven dnye'figbt be'ore Richmond, liaa msde in( this eiepe n rn^gt heroic ret.slance witb ii.s little baud of veterans Several weeks since he tailed for five thousand men etal ing in tbe most solemn manner tbat it would be 'mpotsl blc to hold tbe city wlib a less number. Geo Perk wno bas piven Gen Wessells all tbe n&Kitlacce in t * rower, in iho same solemn manner, time and ugaio, called ler reinforcements. H is reported that tlio enemy lave left Plymouth. and arc now moving on Washington, and a to en this c'y Tbe rebel ram at Kmsion. on tbe Neose has, it ib a?eor talned, moved towards Ncwbern, and ta expected to mike tbo ittack in a day or two. 'More gunboats and reinforce ment* are immediately required here and at Wasbir.gien. Tw<> companies belonging to tbe Second North Carolina (I'rion) Volunteers were among tbo captured at I ly moutb, tbe moet of wbom were taken out and shot by tbe enemy after our force* bad surrendered All tbe regroes found in uui'orm were also shot. Tbe funeral of Commander F useer takes place here to morrow. Tbe rebel ram at Plymouth which tamo down tbe Roanoke 1b expected to not In concert with the other rams Id tbe attack on Washington and Ncwbern. Fbe carries tbrec small guns and one stxty-four-poucdcr With tbe aid of a few gunboats these rams could be readily run down, at their seagoing qualities are bad. Under tbe cover of night the ram at Plymouth R. r.k two of our gunboats, but it Ib cot expocicd she would at tack any respectable number of gunboats In tbe day time. Much discussion is going on hero over the removal by Ibe Secretary of War of Lieutenant Colonel C B. Foster, o 'nimandiog the Second North < arolioa Union Volun teers. Tbe Newbern Times -peiks of bis success In r?. crafting loyal whites, pays a blgb tribute to bit services, expresses tbe popular sympathy for blm, and says his removal wm brought ataout by private intrigue outside of military circles. Tbe Times exonerates General Butler from all blams, and claims tbat be coincides with tbe views expressed Tbe charge tbat Colonel Foster's ap pomtment was improperly obtained is sbown to bo erro neous from olfclai documents in bis possesion. Fobtrbm Movboc, April 24,1&04. Captain Weaiberbee, of tbe Twacty-ibird Massacbo setts regiment, bas just arrived from lloaoo*e island Be mukes the following report ? fJenerai We*sel!s surrendered to the enemy on Wednea day. tbe 2?tb mst , when the rebels took possesion of Plymouth, N C , after four days' hard fighting. Oar loss is one hundred and fifty killed and twenty Ave hundred captured Ibe rebel loec :s fifteen hundred killed Reported Jlnrder of the Colored Vnlon Troops at Plymouth, IV. C. BaitimoHr, April*25, 1M4, Ibere are reports on tbe street here this morning, pur porting to have been brougbt by a colore a sui ler. that the colored I'uiod troops at Plymouth, N C , were murdered after tbe surrender of tbe place to tbe rebels. There ate no mems or verifying thissutem nt. and tbe rumor is probably without foundation Funeral of Captain Flusser. Arxt aid District or Nt urn C*S' usi. A mast Ar jrr*!rr UiXlSAL'S Orrrt. Nswmsk.N C , April 22, 1864. Si*?To morrow, at twelve o clock M , tbeiuneral ol Lieutenant Commander C. W. Flcsser, lolled Slates Navv, will lake place fmro tbe Naval Hospital. The fa ne ai cervices will be beid at tbe church on Polices street. As a tr.buls to Ibe memory of this noble man. It Is oj. ported tbat every ottcer of the army whose duties w,.I permit will be preseut on tbe occastoo. 1 am, sir, very respectfully, year obcdleot servant, J. A. JUWON. Capta c and Acting Adjutant Gen l. United butes Vote. Io Mr. Evisos, care of Captr.n Bradley. REBEL NEWS FROM NORTH CAROLINA. How (he Opponents el Vases arc Pan lihed ta Leo's Aruiy?daarret Between Jeff* Davis and Governor-Vanee. Nswukilv, April 22, lfe04 Orverncr Vance, who it a candidate for re-elect on, bat been to Lee i army on as electioneer log tear. ? A cor respondeat of tbe Iredell ?rprtu from Lee's army lays ?"We have resolved to suspend any of our met who vote for Foiden by tbe thumbs," over which tfce Raleigh Prcgrui is very Indignant, and prsdlcla the defeat of Vance hy the people if be encourages It. On tbe 22d idsL Vance addressed tbe cilltetis cf Fay etteviile, N C. James M. I each, a peace man. haa been elected to the rebtl Congress from the Seventh Congressional district of this State, by a large majority. Governor Vanoe and Jeff. Davit art baviag a persona, quarrel over tbe Mockade running steamer Advance, which btloegt lo Ibe State of North CaroAa, and maket regular mpe between Wilsamgloa and Nassau. Davis In a su Ibat these North Carolina steamers shall oarry ptrt ef ibe<r cargoet at gcvernmenl prices, and tell them at tbe same rats Vanes Informs Par's Ibat ae these steam ers belong to the Stats of North Carolina, and chief a Mortb' arcima port, and bring clothing aad supplies to bsr trcei'S hs (Mr Pavis) can have so voice ib ibe matter Vance ssyi Ibest ttsamers have not cslf enabled blm te elotbe. arm and equip lbs Uocpt ol tblt Sit is aa wall ta ihrie af the cohftdtraey. but have a to tnab.ed btm is disebargt tbe indabiadneM ef Norlb Carolina, b as idea addstg ? turp'at of several srilllosa to id* Fists Trsa sury ? TsrrlBe Bolter Rsptosion at Pfelladel* pit I a* PiuiMin i April 2A, IS?4. By Its exi fc?ioa Ibis m^lhg af t boiler at Oornsiius It Rater s eeiabl s^ent, on lbs comer of Elgblb aod Cserry strssit, tbraa men vers Killed aod several wounded. -** a portion of Ibe bo<ler was tbrewa fourteen hundred r?et,and fen upon lb* roof of a avail buildmg abovt lleveotb tlreel. billing Joba Per is*, obo wss loediag a wagon in fTPBt AoCluer piece was thrown .nto Market atreel, billing a Dorsoand injuring Lewta Robinson, of ( ariialo. A cbimnoy, Dvt etones bi?n, was throws down bv Ibe t*} osiop x ' .. IMPOST ANT MILITARY HEWS. I'd* ninth Army Corp* to Mot*. ?jircclah?no. 3. or Tin Nirts Aem Cora, \ Amuroua, Mil , April 19, J8M. J Tbis am.> ou (be eve or a movement, do appli cations fur leaves of abeecce or furloughs tor any length ef time will be grunted, excepting only 40 tbe ca?es where there la evidcowc ihai tbe reasons are of tbe most argent character No cotce w 11 be taken of any otbera. By commtmd of Major General R0IN8U4. Lawia fintmpNo, AsaisUuit Adiutaot General. Review of tbe Ninth Araiy Cor pa by the President. W/HHiNorcN, April 26 1664. * The xfattry or tbe Ninth array ccrps pa?sed In *eview before tLe President tbis afternoon Mr Lincoln, at tended by General Burnslde and a number of dm t oguitbed officers, civilians and occupied the eastern portco 0; W .Hard's Hotel, nod received a march tig solute from tbe troop? so tfiey 1 ns;ed. Tbe windows of me hctei ao<t ibe adjacent coasi,? were crowded w.ih atber and tbe ftreelft were throned w.tb lookers on upon the |.'i?itrt spe.UH.lo cf an army passing in review through <he streets of Waabirgtoo. It niir n It : ipt and tcu! t>t>rr ng affair. ' As tbe battle toru tauntrs of the vaHO':? veteran regiments were advanced n tbe mart) they were greeted with loud> from tbe iiastmbied thousands. Tbe troops mnribea wot, and notivi'.tMandmg tbeir bivouac In a dreocf1 ng ra.n ^tcrtn last 1 'ght they looked well, their brou eu feature coiii.i or-tig tbe h,story of tbnr battle* inscribed apt 0 tbeir regimental colore. It was a grand a.^hi. noa w ii le fODfi remombeied. The Preatdent'a Order Aiilgnlng General Binlr to the Command of the Sevtn t?enth Corps. WaStiiNOiov, April ?6,1804. On Halurdhy tbo Pre? dent ass,good Major General Bislr to tbe 1 iiflamacid of tbe seventeenth (Mcl-berson's) uriny > >:rpf now u the I>rparluieut of t'be M:sbi eippl. "Ibe loOow ng oider bae been issued on tbe subject ? niiNEPAt ow>KR8?no. 178. Waa 1 ?iainijk.v*, Adjctini Gsmirai.'s Orncs, 1 WiisinsaTON, Aprn 23, lt"'4. j I. Major Gpoernl K P. Blair Jr., is apsigi.od to tbe COmniHi.d ul the Sevfuteuth army corps II. v aptam J. W Vtxander, ot tbe Tblrd rntlrncnt felted St.-uos cavalry ? isbtgncd a*\sslsuuit adjutant geoeisi of 1 10 i'cvcr.ieerth array corps, with tbe rank of lieutenant -?Vpe! under tbe teuib section of tbe act ap proved Ju'y 17,1862. By ore'er o! tt-e riit-SU'ENI OK Hiii UNWED cIAIF.4 E. I) Town'uni'. ASiiftaot Adjutant Genera). General H'a'r >'t ibe city Co - ucilny evening to join bit; circiu.11 .d> \ FreaU Army for Fiontitf U<fcnte? One Hundred Thousand Militia of the Korthtwdt Called Unt for Garrison i;u?y, &c. WjiwiivGtON, April 25,1*64. On fc'atar?'f*y Governors lewis, of Wisconsin, Yates, Ofliiibbia; Stone, of iowa, Morten,0( lndi-na; Brough, of Ohio, and tib/r, or Michigan, tendered tLe Pre seidert or tbe foiled Slates ooe hundred Kioutjrd troops, to servo one hundred days, to be cictbed, armed aud equipped by the On"od plates goveyirnent, tbo men to be raited Witt s ilie lim is of tbe several Nonbweetern Mates named Tbe proposition was accepted by the TrcSiCent, and (Be Secretary 01 ^t ar was sntsequsclly inslrtcted to toceite tbese troops. Jour or b*a of tte al-ove oamed Governors issued tbeir Stale one 10 tbis c iy, acd reit tbem forward on Saturday. ? Tbe Oret preposition made by the Northwestern Gov ernors wne ibat tbe Pret'deni issue bis j rociamalion tor one hundred tbousaca t i montbs' men, but owing to 1 diff.cultics tt nt cotjJd not be Immediately overcome, they agreed tomaae tbe preposition mentioned. It is beKeved hy the gentlemen who have tendered tbis new auxiliary force t&'t tbey ? 11 be able to raise It in twenty five days. This new army will garriton all the posts acd forts on tbe frontier and ,'n real active opera tions. thus enabling tbe veterans now doing part garri sion duty to join our armies In tbe lieid. Tbe number of militia accepted by government for eae hundred days' fervice la nocb larger than baa beea bitberto slated. Tbe tenders of aucb troepe np to this lime amoobl to nearly bs!f a million of men. The whole people and the Acrernors of tbe icyal States appear to be awake and to have accepted tbo advice of tbe H*MU> to come forward now and crusb Ibe rebellion and finish tbe war at & single blow. A bill will be introduced into tbe ifcnste ic m< rr?w appropriating $20,000,000 to pay for ibe services or tLe mii'tia called out in tse West ern States for iemp< rary terv:ce. Tbe Indian* /lltlltla. Ctocimun, April 21, 280$. It is reported ifcut Geverm r Morton will uke ccmmacd in |<rno o' lit lediati* militia. The Ohio .Ulllila. Cwnwiun, April 25 U64. A geeera order. No It. issued frrm the Adjuiknt Gene ral ? office dated Coiumbu* thi 2Mb declares toai every tot mi tr of the National Guard mutt report in person, or by sebft t-jte. when cai ed into active service, or be ^rested as a deecrter Nillttif Mi.vtmeiita la >lasaa< hua*ft*. Fioer. *, Arm 2f, 1864. All tbe rompaoiee or heavy arn.'iery ih tbe?tate have 6een ordered to Washin^t^n. A sulfc ent Dumber of Martacbus?us militia art!I uke ti.cir places in tbe ftrts. Drpartats of the First New llainpslilre Cavalry* Bosio*. April 25,18M. Els hundred men of tie First New Hampshire cavalry !efl bere today for Wasb.pgtoo. Tbey go without arms or btrtea. N?w Jeraef Called On for an Artillery Heglmont. Tawm*, Apr 1 28,1*64. Governor Parker baa received instructions from (be War Pepsrttueui to rs >se < ee regiment of twelve batteries )l heavy art .l?ry bj tfce lOtb cf May. Mimor'uii of Geaerale? ? CiKcnmaf). April 25.1804. (.eterais C.orden r,n.nger, K ernao end Sickiee are tn tbieety. riie loart Martial of Captain Daanlitg, Tatntwi, N. J., April 25,1904. A court martial, by order of tie Srtretsry of War, as. se id bled bnrethis morning to try tb? charge* against Certain *u. R. Puauiug, Assistant Quartermaster Geo* rai, for a'i?ged improper inspection el terser Tbe fol iewmg officers o< tbe court ?Cclcneis Titos,Twen ty seeood New Tork Volunteers; J. L. Cberoberiln, T?eatisU Maine Volucteere, and ?. 8 Beech, Flftb Micbi gao Voluntsere: L.eutenant Colonels H. H. Barnbam, giity-eeveotb Fennsyivenla Volunteers, J. 1. Thompson, One Hundred and Peveetb Pennsylvania Volunteers; G. Msllory. Thirteenth Pennsylvania Vtiunleers. Judge Ad vet sit, George n nesting' City Intelligence. IinrwT;*?T F as *i iie r?as?Aaatst or a Bet on Srertr:oi? "? Feirco vss grai^w ois Fist?On Friday afternoon, Apr ? 22, a fire occ^r-ed n lbs Qcb stab'es In tin park. Brr*d*?y end N nety second street, ewned by Mr Coira ' The be Idicge were worlb about fl .200. Tbey were totsMy das'reyed ar.d so ii.sursare A boy. a bent fifteen tears of age. n?a#<t Ibcmaa Lse, was si.s peeled by Cap'*:o P?gan of sstt eg firs to ea<d prsmsee. Accordingly tbe tx>y w?e arresteo ?tid Firs Marshal Ba ker was called to iDvert'gate )t. Tbs evdeecesbewsd tbat tbe sccneed bad obi awed two mat Lee fr. n boys et play id lbe v'cln ty, acd ttsn wul towards the stable" and in a sbert t.tee tbe sia bias wore dis. vced on 8?e 7te erased, when queelloned by officer B'nesrfl. ststed that be wae down tows at worn and *m not tiouud by tbe states at all. fbeee fans ?to?siaer wi.Luthsi circumstances, tending |n sb"w toe boy a g Jilt Jii?r?a ? ei:y ye*terday be d blm to na?t in feofl to eoswsr the charge Mr. Thoiuaa Mo imiey. of Mltetyee?entb street and Rroadwer, gave tbe required security, ai t tbe bey ?u liberated (roa eus Tsra fccsrttoTs Steer? lao* Fnri?i>i?T Fiaa?Lsi r? jp srsisna? He toisl smount of treursnce, It seems. Is $?3,600, in the follow ng ,nsnrsnr# compame* ?Glebe,' if ,000 Msrti ante , IU.50O, Manbsttan.llO,000 Brevoort, |2 'ion i .m Hiver, |r,0<?0. Jersey City, |5.000 Williams hum ? ity. ?.'? 0O(? Adriatic, $5,000 Hi. N ch. las <W. ,<H*0 et*r < Mopar |ft 00C Ureatw it li TOO Bui^.' s e9?M" <? ftv fin.. INTERESTING FROM VIRGINIA. ? *?* ?cT?uth of Ih? a?k?i? ??<?? Uaatral Lee?Alarm la Kleh ni0?4, dkc. Wisni-wrro*, April 29,1104. Information from (be rebel linos as late aa Friday morning last are to ibe sflbcl (bat Lee waa doI, m lu been reported, moving toward* Ibe Shenandoah valley, but waa at that time io bis old position on tbs Rapidan. Such movements of hie cavalry as were going oo seemed to be io tbe oature of reconoolasaacss lo ascertain Grant'a purposes, and tbe faot of Grant baring sent out un usually large picket forces seeius to bf>e mystiOed tbe snemy on varaius occasion*. Idea's army waa preparing tor a sudden move, but woe seemingly disposed 'to wait for Grant to open and develop ble name. Tbe raovemeut or our gunboats up tbe Rappahannock bad raited nn alarm In Kichmoud tbat Burnsltlo waa of feeling a landing ib re, and a new alarm bad been raised ami ng the rebels o' a movement by tl?e Union troops up the eoutli side of tbe James river. Tfie rebels are di vided between tho tear that ii^y be invested In Rich mond should be fall back there, and the fear that be may be outUanked by (Irani should be remain in hit present position. > Two week* ago I.oe's forces nmonnted to forty thousand men. and It Is believed now that with the reinforcements be bns bern able lo bring up that they do not am unt to 3vcr eighty Ave thousand. Oar Williamsburg Correspondent e. Willmm*b< im, Vs., April 23, 1864. RBRIL IHRPARATiOM* ON Tfia fl.Vi.VM'IJ?COtriIUI ASDS. Tbe contrabands are again commencing a begira frcm tbe swamps or tbe Cblckabomlny to witbin the Union lines at Williamsburg, far sometime tbere bad been but few arrivals of (his description at our outpost*, and tbe appearance of ibis advance guard of colored re'ugees Is an almost Infallible Indication of movements on tbe part of tbe enemy. From all the reports so far received, tbe rebel* are evidently mas<ln^ troops In all the strong position* to resist an expected advance up tbe peninsula. Tbe Richmond authorities are evidently completely puzzled as to tbo designs of General Grant, and informa tion is bcinjr constantly received of tbo marching and countermarching of troops. cfnkiiii. MTznrnn has mado bis appearance iu tho neighborhood of ( buries City Court Monte, with a cavalry force variously esti mated at from three thousand live hundred to s:x thou ?and. Tift grower part of this force is composed or re enllsted veterans, who have latoly returned from recruit ing lurlougb. Many of them have eervod under Asbby and Jackson Colonel Kobblns also commands a force In this iimnedlate neighbor!) <od rajH'vn city corat itouss is garrisoned by I'lckolt'* old Infantry division, under command of General H/ev, and a regiment of heavy ar tillery. A loVce, composed principally of heavy artillery, is stationed at Biomley'sStation.on the York river, where they are reported lo be engaged In throwing up earth works. Troop are nfco concentrating on all tbo inter mediate points between tbe York and James rivers. Tbe contrabands state that great excitement prevails among tb.< scattered Inhabitants ? f tbls region, a Yankee advnoco being momentarily exported. Tbe Hccent Kxpedltlon lip Ibe Rappt* hannock. OFFICIAL KKrOttT OF COMMANDER FOX?WHAT TBI F.XPKDI^JO* ACCOMPLISHED, ETC. Tbe Navy Department baa received a communication, dated April 22, from Commander Fox, commanding tbe Potomac (lotilla, io relation to a recent expedition up Ibe Happabannoclc. Re rays ? Having learned from various sources that the rebel government bad established a ferry at Clrcua Point, a lew miles below Rappahannock, on the Rappahannock river, and was busily engaged in collecting boats at tome point on the river Tor the purpose of attacking blockading vessels, l proceeded thltber with a portion of tbe flotilla oo tho lblh inst., where I remained until even ing, aud visited all tho (ernes from Circus Point to Wind mill Point, with tbe following result ?Two terries broken ap, seven large lighters, sacb capable of carrying a bun lrcd4!o . three pontoon beats, twqpty-two large skiflts and canoes, Iwo hundred white oak beams and knees, largo enough (or tbe construct Ion of a sloop-of-war, Ac. ; twenty two large boats, Okie of wbicb la capable of carrying imall arms; a large amouat or bacon aud wheat, and a large lot of smaller articles, wbtcb were brougbt off at Bobler'a Point, ?d tbe south side of Rappahannock Landing onr men were oppoee i by"ia force of rebel cavalry, said to b^flve hun dred. wbicb waa kept at nay by li>e Ore or Ibe Kureka, in Rarioti's creek Flgbt of our seamen chased six of lbs rsbel cavalry Tbe reools made an attack oo tbe Eureka on tbe afternoon of the 21st instant, and were splendidly tbraafced Commodore Parker says tbat he bas It from reliable authority that tbe rtbs s have placed torpedoes In tbe Rappahannock and all tbe brancbee of tbe Chesapeake. Be speaks in high terms of the Eureka Thi Fair. Tbe Fourteenth Ureal and lalow equara bulldlnga yea teriiay preaenied tcmewhat or a disagreeable contraat witb tbe briiliaat appearanco wb.cb existed for iba paat thrae wecka Kearly ail iba ataoda were facial. On Wedneaday evenmy next ail tba artiriea remaining on band, witb tbe exception of the macbloery department, are to be accttcned off At eleven o'clock to day tba ma chinery departmeni auction will take piace, when a largo amount la expected to lie realized, tbe entire receipt* oi tbe Fair c. ntot yet be aicartaioed, and probably will not be tor a da; or two. The Bl?tr?|)ullt*n Police Bill llgaed by Ooveruor Seymour. Aidant, April 3S, 1104. Governor ?eyraour baa ilgned tbe Metropolitan Polica bill. Tbe/Bcverner lt? alao tigned Benedet'e School bin nod Iba New York City and County Tu Laviei bliia. Sbafcapera teltbratlon at liallfai. HaLitai, N I , April 36, 18M. Tbe Pbakapere celebration to day waa a decided aua ceea. Tba city waa aauy decorated witb flag* and tna procetaioo waa eery one Tba day waa ciaar aod bright. Tba Late General Tot ten. GENERAL ORDIRS?NO. 179. Wait rariuaawT, ADjrii*TGM?Biii'a Omca, 1 wiiamotc*, April 31 1864. / Another, and among tbe laet. or tba haroea of our "Sec ond War of Independence," la gooe HreveLMajor General Jocepb Gilbert lottao, Cblaf or Engineer* of tba Called Plate* Army. departed th* life on tbe ttd Intunt, la tbia city, in biaaeventy atath year. General Tctten waa bora Aagaet 33, 1188, In New Haven, Connecticut, and graduated at tbeMiMtary Aca> demy In 1808, from which ba waa promoted to iba Corpa of Kniilneera, and, witb a brief Interval,from 1804 to 1808, coLilnued lu arm of acrvtce, paw log benorebly through every grado until be becttae, in 1889, Cbief Kn gmaar or tba Army. Tba Senate, baiore ti/daelb, unani mouily ccntlrm?d bia nomination by the President to ba 'M^jorGeneral by brevet, fer loog, fatibfal and eminent aervlcea " General Totlen'a military career, of more than baif a century, baa been one of continued uaefulaea* aod dietin goisbed eervice* In 1813 be waa cailed to tba Bald to aa auree tba arduou* acd raspootibie poewoo of Chief Engi neer of tbe army on tbe Niagara frontier, where ba look a cooepicooue part In ibe attacic en Qaeanetown Height*, and the following year in tba capture of fort George, l'p per Canada, and repuiae of the Britlah flotilla on Lake Ontario. In 1813-U be became Chief Engineer of tM force* aucoeaafoliy commanded by Oeoerala Wilklaaea, Izard and Macomb; waa la Iba attack on La Cola Mill, Lower Canada, and tbe battle of Plattaborg la tbw brief war Ginarai Totten woa tbe reepect aod admiration ef bia brother offlccra, and the marked approbation of Ibe rovernmeai, wbtch conferred upon bim two brevew for bia mentor nua aod dlatlngaKbad aervtaea. Oa tba return of peace hla btgb profe?eional ebutilae wera eal'ed id t acilvity en tbe Board of Entmoer* wnicb projected oar mended lloa of lake defen' e* aal ee*<-oaat (orti Acatlona. Tbeae worki, meat "f which wera planned by b maelf, ara tbe cBdurit.g moDuraotua to bia mtmcry 1o tba war witb Me*'CoGer?ral-fC(.iir:mmooaJ few early companiac In armatoaid b'.m in the nege or Vera Crat, where, for bia "g.llaot and mertfnrou* jooducl," Genenl Tot tea waa breveted a brigadier general lor the paat twenty an year* bi-ba? Been at tba head of the Kngineer Depart meat, amoio itermg witb untiring davetion, ipotleaa intagny an I signal ability tba varied dutlea, tbe Cnaocial reap<n ?ib.|ii:e? *nd the pro'aecocai iabora of that an* of ter vice, to eaaeaital to our national defenca. In aiditioo to General Totiaot multiplied rallltarr avo cattcob, he waa aa active member of tbe Ligtitbruea Bo*r<t from Ite organization in 1953: a Kogant of the 8u iniooian Inetitutioa (rom ita aaubliahraent by Coo* grtea ia lt<6, a corporator of tbe National Academy <t Sciencea, ereated id 1M8, one of tbe Herbtr <v>?m eaioo em ror tba cilia* of Sew York aod Boatcn, aad a member of maay scientific aaaociatloa*. MsHogutbad for arbaally of manner, genial ao?ial i)u*i It lea and that great moral excellence wbtob adorri Iba Cbrtatlan aoldier and geatleman, be baa lalt hebied aa aiaited rapotatloa, worthy (be ?mai*tio? ef bia brother offlrara, aad wbicb b a aarvlviag ehildraa a<?y well retard aa a pricelaea'e#acr. . _ ... , Aa a tribute to hi* memory tha offirem of Ibe U'rpg or lagineera andjlllitory Academy will wear Ibe pr ? bribed b?dfe or m< urnlog ror tbwly dajl. aad tba alter ibarereptlpo of tbia order at iba Military MMtn y half bour gune will bo tired there n'Tii fiiar ee to auu*?tt ?nd the nation?? flag be dia^laj '<!I at helf-iMal Mv order of tba SiStHKTAHY OF WAR F. D. Towwaim. A*abHM" M afpi f.enrral.

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