Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL ANO COMMERCIAL. Monday, April 45?? p. M. Tbv stock market was strong this morning, nod tbs railway list gave t.-kea of a complete restoration or cqp. fldeoce. The business at the board was sot large. but Uiore is evlimtly a disposition oo the part df the public t > take advantage of the comparatively low pricea and to purchase in antic ;<*tion of a grylusl rise. They will probably not be disappointed, unless a sudden and serious panic, like that of last weok, should again seise the mar ket, aod temporarily run down price*, lu such a case lhair safety would depend entirely upon their power to ItoM. We have -frequently stated that the time for a permanent roartidn tia< not yet arrived, and that no bettor opportunity than the present ever presented iUelf for stock speculation. While the volume of currency remains in its present enlarged state stocks are certain to rise above their real value, and those who purchase whei the market is down will reap a reward, if they posset* sufficient moral ooura^e to sell out at the proper time. Compared with the sales at the first board on Saturday , New York Outral rose 21*, Erie Rail road 2*;. Hudson River S. Harlem 7 (having sold at the first board today at 227), Heading 2, Milwaukee ?nd I'rairle du < hien 4 V. Illin'is Central 3. Galena and Chi cago 1 1'ittsburg 5, Alton and Terre Haute 6, Chicago and Northwestern 2, Cumberland Coal 4M. Canton Com pany 8. ?vd Quicksilver Mining 4lJ. Cleveland and Pitts, burg declined 2 per cent, Cleveland aud Toledo 1, Chicago and Kock's and X. and Mariposa 1 The market continued active in the afleruoonrand a fur ttier advance on most of Hie sharea took place. The fol lowing were the closin: quotations ?Erie Railroad 11?\ , Hudson Kiver 148, Rea.liug 143'i, Erie pre.erred lo'Jyt, Mtchuau So itlicrn 103*^, Illinois Central Michi Kan Central 146*?, Chudfro and Nor thwestern ?2>?. C'leve Itn.laud Toledo U>2S> Rock Island 119*^, Fort Wayne 1-**;, Cleveland and Pittsburg 117^, and Alton aud Terre Ha ito 7&X The crowd in the gold exchange to-day worked itself into a slight fever over the North Carolina news and our recent reverse at Plymouth. Gold opensd In the morning at 178}< aud ran along up until it roachcd 1 sa>,'. Money ruled easy, and, with the return in# cooflri.-nct to the st >ck market, will in a few days become as plenty as borrowers could desire. The legal rale of interest which is now obtained will no doulit soon be lessened. The following table shows the totals of tbc bank state ment at the commencement of the present year with those !>' th? Ave past weeks ? Lojnt. Spcf. Circulation. Orpnsi's. Jan. 2 .$1 "4.714 4?5 25 l?l,flnf> 8 103 ,.">31 140^0,S5? Mar 2'i. 199,372.439 20.423.404 5.S14.135 1?S,315.fJO-4 April 2.. 213,90S 131 19.527.8?!> 5,79.'>,99S 171,151.297 April J?4^33,192 20 J24.2S7 5,R04,511 170,513,020 April 16 108,7(0.809 .687,679 6.779.860 l?s.--.0.790 April 21 1 ?,2<G.723 24.0d8,203 6,670,447 161 1)78,166 It \? i ti ? seen t'.iat the loans have :alien off lea-? than two and ? h V millions <>t dollars, which Is considerably f>el :w whit was anticipated would be the aggregate amount of contraction. The deposits have decreased ..ver sis millions and a quarter, a portion or which has none directly itao the ten-forty lean, and otU*rw1fe, by the purch .so of coin, bills of exchange and t'OW cerlillcnies, nto the ha:;d- oi ttr?government. The specie department s'i iws woli. the increase during the week beuw over tUree ni.ili' ii otic huodrel and eighty thousand dollars I he i ireul.Jti. u has fallen oil nearly one liurtdrutl thou -4U i. II;" A it ml Ire.ts' ter makes Ibe following statement of tli ? day V transactions:? * Amount ??n bind $40.093 ,?sti tt*'0eiptH frvui customs 217.000 from othci eourcoa 1,273,475 Total $42,484,163 Payme-jts 3,027,979 Haliuce $08,45rt,J84 S'thsc Iptions to 10 4') loan ... 40,150 The < bicuo and N'orthwostern Railroad Company h is declare ! a dividend of 1'? i>er cent ou its preferred stock, payable Tune I. This divdeod is at the rate (IT seven per cent per annum, from March 1 to June 1, and is raide for 4he purpose of ndjuslmg the dividend up to the 1st of June ttio sa d stock having been Issued in exchange lor second mortgage liouds and accrued luterest tbceon to 1st of M*rch last. Dividends herealter will "be payable semi, Pecember and .lune 1. The fallowing national hanks have been authorized s nee Hie publication of our last reiort ? /VV.m Lora:>nn. Capital. Fi^bth New York $2*0,000 <<v5.o?irt Froeport, III... 60,000 I'l-Bt. M unt Pleasant, I'a 50 000 Nmtti 'New York . .. 500,000 Kirst Granville, ('his 60,060 first T...l?es Moines, lowu .'.0.000 l irsU Marquette. Mich 5o 000 Kir?t Knoxvilie, Tenu 100 000 1 Irst Me cer, i'a no,000 first Amherst. Jla#s 61.000 I'lrrt U'estport, Coun 200.000 f irst ? me vllle, N. J 100 000 First Ht:d*on,.V Y . 200.000 first..Middletown, Conn 100.000. Total cyttal $1,811.000 j Previo .s * reportel 51,083,200 j Whole amount $52,894,200 I -flo aw Si or It Eacnange. Monoav. April 25?10 S' P. M S.2SWI' S6*. C5.eo"r I? . *>o sb* Harlam RR COT 3M*lt'8G'a 5-1.'* o"? 1UU 4>> 0 I! S fi's. 5 2 "? r.'g 1(1 0 U H o a. I >r certf* 14 Ml) d> is.- ... lOOo II! cou'.i laa. 79 i'* flukl North Carolina t?# 2 !*M0 vt?s vurl C'a rywi do 71 K |.->HOlMo . a.i? to Pa r>K M f. ?? Ct 1' iro a , "0 ?j:u o Ohio A MiMierua ?o fMI s) do -r" &nno ?o wo M* ij >?w <i'< ?'&*i 11*.) I >11 -J m ? f b 12 1 2tl 0 Har.e.n '.' I mlae. 10'H 4 twCbi * N W l?t ? 9J ??? d ' j" #H> 1 , If. ?i To A W lat m ?? 105 I 10't d '"J* 50 M 1 ' Wat. ikl m.. 92 r,'I r:-v? .i t?i * f i> H7 ' O'Pi u. Ft w*c i?t 1IWJ VJ i d* ??? 20il l Mia* A Mo I ?.... 7" .>>>? do %' 20 CW dt 73 5>u Chic V Alton latin 1U9 5 (?> do 4i 11 Airai ;cnn g">ld . lOJa m Canton l o . 40 Pel A II '<1 CanalCo 230 145', 99 101 IP'', 10 II wo 3m irno son lii? Penii Ci?*i Co.. V ynicktilver M? ?"io. I'01 df. I jvcmi'i c-at Co... 5.?l pl lot ? a rfl in ioe do IV, do ?10 .?jifin Mjro . ;? i !??.;? e Iron M om 1 'J LatUlth A Hum ('0*1. 2 0 Mm..', h M : >'< ?. 20' tj'ivt' Hi : VgiVi. . l ulni'- n tl"it*'i Coal. I ft 2*t N Vl utKH . l.W* 740 d'? 2'e R.( II 1I7S' i iiJ U7f, 1 9 in iin d> 10' do *75 I rlf Kit |iref. I -0 do <U0 Ht'doii Kit RK do 2.'5 do "27 Jin ,10 *10 '210 9?\ 120' Reading RR 112 8> O do hi 14.'', 70' do 141 'i Jit do 141 rOi do 14*)', 10 do blO 141', M M?cl U?n Cent RR. 113 ?.v) do 4 ?' Mint ^1H1 RR 00 do HiM do la do I'O do blO 1 >2 I it do 102 0 111 Cent KR irrip n4 do 114 do 1 '4*4 .10 m do .... 134 ; do .>..blO 111 1 m IllCentRK l ulUUici .1t*J k Pitta RR l i1; ?it) do ... 11TJJ 7" do Mi 200 do bM IH 300 do ?0 117% 2- 0 (Jul A Chic RR l'? I7i_ loo do..: is;'? r>r" 41m d'i irt2 <00 Clave A Tol RR* . 1? :>?? d< MM Chic A Rk I RR.... .11 do b5 120 SO Mil IPiuC RR 7*S 100 do 10) Chic. Bur k 9 RR ?0 do 50 do I?-' tol A W*ha?h RR I4.V' Pltt*.PtW.t Oh R? 125 -Oil do 1-'4S 5 0 do K4 100 do Mo 125 10 1 d- blO 12 i <0" Alton A T Haute RK 74 5 OCuicano A N W RR- 6>> <00 do 60 11*1 do. bill *o 2fOChicas? A N W pref S2 2 V) do M .'^1 do ?|:> "{ .Wi himiio A Alton RR M V1H 7)i| 7.1 74 74 S J4S, 70 14'4 17 3-1 11 152 1UI 74 142', 14",< 141 75 1(MV utt flu J) 1 ffl m :43 I4> J 144; d bS '4.'i do b? I46S b? 99 ~ M . 11 A St .To?eph RR 1 0 IVnlurila RR . xo in ? *tee A Mlaeo'irt RR M |iai do S7 ?vi W E< ONP n ?ahp W' W-As l>n !???(,? 1 1 r ? ?r ) 4 9"*i "jl?W T^nn 8'?. *90 10 ? MImoiiH f?. 7P< 4 ml do ....... 72 5ii4MOhn< * Mi?ror. 6 4i>??t At?< r ?? sold 1H-Mj ?'j?> ?h? r?nt<>ii C 1 52 1 <J 45 ?'PTe( 7* |i*> d'. .... ...1 |ni do I'M. do I U do ?J'i Quick*.lvar Hi Co 5? do tit' d 1 4 0 d-. .... 10) N V Central RR da. M 101 no Rrlc RR ?^.ai da an da,...,. ViMRr.e ItR p-af I'?i do fO Pan.dc Mar ?? Co 'r 0 Hiiiwn K.?er KR l'<0 liarlem RR 00 d > I <K) Rptdlng RR .... 40< d II") da 4'?| Mich tleoual Kli l ?' moh d A M I RR 4<)i 6* . Oft do TV* Rl| 74 7^ ... 7^>< 75ti iviH ... I? S ::: Ka kj \ 2# M LbS fn I4*<< HOI 111 Cent RR metip.. 155 ?. 0 do I 5M ftflO do 13't jn do........ .blO 1 :*u0 Cler?- A PIJi* RK . 11-< m.4) do 11" 'ii' do...... II*1; '*0 do 118", ' V1 Utlf im A Ctll RR IS I I'm d.. J*2?. 400 Cle?? A Tol "do ItR 162', t' 1 hi k K*rk 1 Hit 120 !rt do 121 HO do 121', 10' do W"U ?'41 Chl. B ir A t) RK 14 ' 1* dv 141U 2?' Mil k Pr du C RR.. 74 2<? A W RR ?> do ?? mi 2'*' Pltla, Ft WAChl RR 12^ 7^ in ?io 147 I <4 105 1 >s d K> d# -i<l dn do. . . 7 0 JTlUtn A T HantuRR j'1 do If*1 Alton A T ? . JfiO do 25" CM A M W RR. . .*1 de 100 dn I'X'fhl A N W pref.... I'B da. 127 I I.A I 128S 129 78 I?* W! m 62 '2V? 6! -1 It* Hi* lea al Ihc P?l>llc Boai4. Rii^ ftir Tw 11 o'l'ioi k P. ft .1*1 ihi C er A Inl KR 1I9K !?*>? (O., life, in ? 111 A Rk 1* RR... 1(79 . .0' do IMS J 0 Ohiea^ii A .1W KK. |l? !??l dr> 142', I N Plttn PW A Uh KR 144*4 M 144 , 10 ? Tit li A Alton RR. l.Kl ''ll 4**0 ("nnit). riand Coal I >< i;ul k?li?'rM''o bid IV do $!>?*?? (?hinAVl?* cer I WehnKr.i) KK IDJ ilo ........ I HO Krla 1 refarre ' 151 iludtna *??? Kit JO I do ?M KR frM da.......... |U0 I4iih 1 >a HR IH *! i. b <0 A 14 la RK 10* ??4 4<> >1>* a? in f>n pr ... . >^'r4a?A #lVi?*R e? 4 iftti M. liS l"5H 1-1 |>K i* p1 7'-W '414 Maw Ytrk OUr BMlu, IpHI S3, IW*. B<inkt Lotm. Spec%t. OimUafn. Dtpcnf America $11,303,344 American t* 10-,#4'4??a AUltttio 1,176,462 iluUfc. 4 Drop's. ?.W?.l" JM.&I Broadway SJ m' Bull ! Head d* 6.242.W9 1,220,816 Oufraoa' 1.17M22 KM? Chatham 1,612,600 81.956 CbsmSS 4.3M960 1,902,667 Commerce 18.W7.0W l.??*? Oorn KWbange.. 3,780.188 272.002 214,406 212,MM 29,208 6,383 11 139. 537 34,842 7,0oi.?I 11T.1M *68.717 49,340 148,333 133.466 10.043 27,784 1,70ft 94,078 01,791 24,417 452,940 96,340 37,no 822,414 Continental 3,412,063 Comtn >nwoillb.. 3,061,118 pry Ijpck ?83?,U Kttat mvar 681,940 Fulton 2,292.400 (irwowxb 064,881 Grocers' 940^53 Hanover 2,672,921 Irving .. 1.282,084 Import. & Trad.. 4.233,740 IeatherManul's 3,043.007 Manhattan 0,836,061 Merchants' 7,168.604 1,914.800 Mechanics' .... 5,106,761 690,271 Mei chants' K*.. 2.400,700 Mecb.fc Traders* 1,711,242 Mercantile...... 3,419,030 Mi fleet 2.399,069 Mauuf. & Merch. 1,691 252 Mecb. Dkg. Asa'o 1,802,180 Manna 1,055 981 Metropolitan.... 9,981,668 1,077,098 653.069 Natinoal 2,303.414 453,849 23.102 Nassau 2.484,976 182.464 New York 6,032,801 1,252,309 North America.. 3,573,344 90.450 North River.... 1.233,135 N. Y. County... 832,458 Ocean,.-. 2,092,452 1.716JW7 6471,121 619.999 3,629.630 1,044,833 1,440.204 6,868,321 9,120.000 3,107,039 2,640,980 2,999.666 687,287 016,861 $,372,627 640,320 803,748 1,026,071 1,013,790 146,730 81,389 113.886 47JH 84.997 0,417 120,672 100,604 66.016 100,2*8 288,108 168,280 8,168,804 813,808 44,583 2,990,632 "m 65,503 167,391 86,894 28,040 213.810 6.204 78.008 2430 201,230 140.041 393,958 208.064 00,189 160.660 145.202 6,891.921 7,839,121 4,443.427 1,620,371 1,400,460 8,188,060 1.802.024 1,087.448 18,172 1,786,243 228,114 1400,608 ??? 0,689,627 1,888,068 2.145.331 6.963 70,126 131.491 52,579 877,236 Oriental Park pacific l'beuix People's Republic Seventh Ward. State St. Nicholas... Sh e* Leather. 3.801,300 Tradesmen's.... 2,787,103 I'utoa 6,207,730 46,587 22.178 .100,047 187,944 111 2-20 82.734 101,508 10,'J10,690 1,163 800 808 901 9,178,734 1,570,098 114,688 99,769 1,407,344 0,277,893 2,192,117 1,187,410 918,483 1,610,760 826,9*6 4,325.780 1,103.571 1,133.119 92.000 4,473.721 1,700,757 0,486,081 1,002.462 270,123 319,0;18 682,685 121.388 224,410 127.K07 722.440 20,740 17,660 88,568 30.540 ?'1,000 7!* .959 015,827 349 360 27.072 4,234.245 1.132.032 3,018.704 1.638.301 6,750,717 1,095,162 3,109,330 1.801.040 0,058 ,K38 Total $196,280,72324,868,0036,079,947 155,978,10C Thk Bubisbks at rni Clkabinc. Horss. Clearings inr week on-litif; April 10. 1864. .$646,693,143 01 ClearluKS for week ending April 23, 1804 672.442.s4n 4.'! llalaiiccs for week ending April 16, 1804.. 21,010,129 24 lialauces Tor week ending April 23, 1864 26,872.488 39 5 75 7 (15 8 26 8 30 9 50 C?1 V CONMHROIAL REPORT. Mobdat, April 25?0 P. M. AsiReceipts, 28 bbls. Market Arm, with small sales at $' a $11 for pots and pearls. RRKAWtTPre.? Receipts, 20,491 bbls. flour, 841 bbl?. and 1,010 bags corn meal, 13,272 bttshols wheat. 0,300 do corn, 8,138 do. oats, 173 do. rye, and 1,263 do. barley malt. TUe flour market waa 5c a 15c. better, in sym pathy with the rise In gold, with a fair trade demand at tho improvement. The arrivals wero moderate, and the low and modi urn grades or State and Western extras are scarce, with very little oflerlog. The sales were 10,000 bhls. State and Western, 900 do. Southern and 000 do. Canadian. Rye flour was firm, but quiet. Com meal was sold to the extent of 300 bbls. at very mil prices. We quote:? Superfine State 3nn Western flour $5 65 a l''xtra State 7 80 a Cfto ice State 8 00 a Common to medium Western 7 96 a i.ood loch tire do 8 35 a Kxtrn St. Louis 8 86 a 11 60 Common to good Soutbam 8 30 a 8 45 Good to choice extra do "8 60 a 11 26 Common Canadian 7 95 a 8 05 (food to choice extra do 8 10 a 9 50 Rye flour, superfine 0 00 a 0 75 Corn meal, hois 6 00 a 6 40 Corn mail, puncheous 30 00 a ? ?Wheat was more sought after for export, Hhe high rates of exchange, In connection witb the extreme low ratoa, ailOrdlmr, in tho opinion of one party at least, a margin for protit and prices were lc. a Cc. better. The stook is much reduced and tho quality generally poor. The sales comprised 40,000 bushel*, iucluiliug amber West ern at $1 92&c. a $1 95, winter ed western at $1 80 a $1 85, red Slate and Jersey at $1 85 a.$l 90. No. 1 Mil waukee club at $1 78. Chicago spring at $1 77 and $1 80 (or amber spring Rye wag lirro, witb small sales at $t 50 Itarley and barley malt were Inactive and prices nominal. The corn market was firmer, with sales of 45,000 bushels, at $1 34>t a $136t{ for old Western mixed, in store, and $1 37>f for new yollow .'ersey and Southern. Oits were firmer, the range bolng 87c a 89c. Co , kb.?Tho market tor Rio was firm at 44c. a 46c , but there was nothing domir. cotton firm, with sales of 2,100 l>ale3 at 82c a 83c. for middling uplands. KHBKiUTe were ratber better to Ore-it Britain hy neu trals. with rattier mnre doing. liuitaat-ut'-nls to Liverpool per American tlag, 50 tons heavy goods, 2s. 6d.: ver neu tral, 40,000 hiifhelB wheat, 2d.,"in bulk. 150 boxes bacon and 200 tierces lard. 10s. , 10 tons cioverseed, 6c.; and per steaftier, 200 bales cotton. 3 16d. To Ixnidnn, per Amertcau, 40 tons sperm oil at 20s. and 150 tons oil cake, 15s. lo Glasgow, t?r Ameri.-no, 75 packages bacon rind Inrd, 10*., i?rneutral, 150 tierces lard. 60 boxes bacon anil 800 bags hark, 15s. A British bark was chartered with 5,000 bbls. petroleum to Cork, for orders, to.a |>ori on the C?ntinont, 6s. (id.; a Kreinon ship from Shed Inc. tc Liverpool, deals, 70s.: a ship from Quebec to Bristol Channel, Kls., or if to Loudon, 90*.; a bark, 416 tons, to < adiz, $2 000, gold: a brig, 296 tons, to Madeira, at a round sum. a Prussian bark, next month, to Cork for orders wheat, 5s. Cd per <juarter. Hoc* were dull, with sales of about 100 bales at 2*c. a 13cf., as to quality. M L isjKf< was very quiet, with tittle or nothing doing. Provisions.?Receipts, 1.087 bbls. i*>rk, 670 pktjs. out moan and 433 do. lard 1'he movement in tbc hog pro duct continued to day, m??1 another rise In prices was re ported. for pork the demand fa-r and, with the ad. vance in gold, a further advance in prices of 25c. a 50c. a bbl. was established without much difficulty, the Beer w&3 id moderate aemauu, ai uncnaug<>a prices. nee: bams were quiet, but firm Bu.on was in limited do mnnd,but full prices prevailed. Cut nv-aU wore in I moderate request, but tbe sales were at very full prices I lard was in good demand, and another ud vance was es tiblitfhed? there having been sale* as blgb as> 15c. for new ! rime. Butter and cheese were without cnunge iD prices. The ?*les were oo tlio spot ?l*ork?3,400 bbls. at $2fi Tor ??Id mess, *27 50 ami! W.'i Tor new do , (124 Tor prime lew, |23 50 for soWr and musty nice, and $27 for thin 3ie?<8. For future delivery?.-),000 bbls. new mess for Ittnt, buyer's option, at $28 iiO. 600 l?b s one your old, or same rn nib, buyer's option, at $27 *6; 1,000 'lo. new .neg?, seller's option for June at $2* 37 V,. and about r 5,000 b'uls various descriptions, for May, on private terms. Reef?600 bbK at $l'> a f H tor plain mess, and $19 a $20 25 for extra do. < ut meats?500 packages at 10},c a 10?,'c. for ?hou'd*r!>. fa ted, ll\c. al2i,c. for d ? in pick!e, and 15c al6'4'c. fur Warns Ricou?f>00 boxes at 14 '?c. for Cumberland cut 15Vjc. for short clear, j and 15'i'c. for iouk cut hams. Lard? 4,000, bbls aud } tierces at 14a. ? 1 4,'<c. for No. 1, 14>,c. a 15;,'c. Tor I fair lo prime steam md ketiled re deied. and 15?c. for ' choice also 600 tierces. selWs option, for June, at 15Sfc. | Pkthoi?rj|?Rocelnte, a.773 1'b s. Ihe market tor crude and retired fb ml and free) was very irregular. I rude wis dull and n'tnlnal ai :*'c. a 38c ; bond, ?otd to a limited extent u from 56c. to 58c. 1-ree sola at 65e i 68c., but tbe m rkot was entirely nominal ! Bttysrs held o!i under the beHef that price* would so n i be lower, and this belief was 'btr.d by the sellers though not admitted. The sale* (mostly on :-'amr \ .lay* evening) were 2,600 bb!?. crude at 37c. a ?i8c Tbe contracts held by the Philadelphia!)! were nearly all filled, and tbe representative in this mar ket was literally fpattered with oil. Tbe ond is not yet. Oil if cominr more freely, prices are gdng down are even now lower than those "aid 'or tome of the oil bought up a few days ago?ai d tbe New York dealers may have the beat ol the tmrgaia after all Tbe sales of reused id b iod were 7.t>00 t his (mostly Saturday even ing), at 67c. a 5?c , 2.200 do. free at Wc. a 67 ',c. a 68c., ou the spot and for all April. Bcu/ine was fiiet. Scoaa was moderately active, with 'ales of 1,200 bhds , cbiei.'y Cuha muscov 'do. at 15 ',c. ? 16c. Tallow tlrm, with sales of IPX) o00 pounds at lS'ic. ? 13'ic. lor Western and oily. Wiii-K?T/?Roceipts. iibi#. M irket onset tied: sales 3,000 bbls at fl '.'3 a $1 26, closing witk no (toilers below tbe outside figure. Males of Heal Estate. By Tletsr^. A II Mailer, I" R. Wllk ns fcCo. Hon*e and lot Mo. 1<>9 East Twenty-third street. . $5 530 House and lot No. 201 Ka?t Twenty third street 3.990 Ho me an" lot N i 201 Jj I.a*t Twenty third sireet 3 911 H use->nd lot No 2")3 ast Twenty-third street.... 3,ftHO Kour lots weet ?lde Fir?t avenue, each 26x100. each 660 Biri'ATio.m wARTBO-rBnAbEa. ASITfATION WANTBP-BV A TOUNO OIRL AS p aln .-ook, tvnaher ond irener; no ob ??< hud to a nice Elaee In tiin country. t an at 133 Weat 33d at. third floor, i. k room, from 9 to d o i.oc*. Acomprtbkt touko won ah wishes a SITCA lion as laundress in a ?mail prlvata :amll>- or aaebam b#rn? d and to do the fine washing. H'Cfreuce given. Ap ply at St7 9th gr., between 30 tb and list sts. YOl .HO <JIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS SHAM >?r.i aid and waitress. Is a Mod plain sewer Can bs sn?? for two -lavs at her present i> a< e. wher? she has lived two years. 01 Columbia*, BiooMrn Hclgbta. Arksi-bctable WOMAN WAStS A SITUATION as cook and to aasisf in the waabiag and ironing; no nb ject.oa to go a ahort distance In tbe country; has tae beat of etty reference ApP'J North Moore at. A RESPECTABLE TOCNO OIRL WANTS A S1TUA. tloo io rto chamberwork aad waiting, of cbamberiterk and fine waahtng. Best city Yefeiencea. Call at 181 Weat Slut ?l. 4 COMPKtBNT NCTRSE DESIRES A situation; J\ can take entire ckante of an lafaat. Noobieetion to tbe co'iiitry Call from I to 6 P. M., at her present employ, er'e, 3i West I5th at. _______ ABESPBCTAB1.E GIRL WISHES A SITUATION; IS a flrat rate eook; la willing to aselat with tbe washing and ironing. Good elty reference ean be given. OallatM West Slat St.. betweea 9ih and loth area AtOUNCI (URL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM bermald aud waltreie aad to aeaiat with the waahlng and truotns. baa good reference. Call at iff Bast 17th at. AVUU.VQ WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS lady'a maid and aeamatreoei endereUnda dreae making in ail Ha brancbee, and ail klads ef faaaUf Mwiog; can | r? tb<- tx<ai rity reference, (jail at No. 3 last ?tb st, near Ma av A SITUATION WANTRO?TO OOOB. WABB AND Iron In a amall family; bee1, eltf reference froia last pia-? where she lived Mve fears. Hart ?> ??V ttaaS Mth el ?iw Iwr. SITUATIONS WMTID-WWWI.^ ! * SITUATION WANTED?BT A BtfPBCTABLE WO A mia m coak ? uudaralanrts it It (U H? ikhhm4, would out* with lb* w??hlng fOod eliy references C?'l ?i 111 WmHH at.betwaen BtlMMUMfrAMa. Abbipeotabub married wo*a* dembbb a sitae ties to dohauMwoHt. l*? *han ?h? can km her child (a l*M? l J-, her. Apply to her preaent essRjf**, lived four tM u nurse Itl Beee<we. ?wm ll^Wtwww 10 and S o'clock, or it hit bouts, aroauo k* botwoom J'JJJ and l*Xh sts., Harlem, at any hoar; or address S. at th? former piaoa. Ma objection* to the oouatry. A NUMBER OF WELL BMOMMUWM WMAJj femalas wsat sllusttoas aa ooeks. ^ambermalds -anil laundresses nurses. (trie for saaaral housework, Ac., at lira LOWE'S Carman lustltuU, 17 8 tan too at. near the Bowery. . ARE8PECTABLB BABBIBO WO*AII ? WANTS A situation aa wet nurse. |0all at the oorner of Undi rhiU a*, and Dean at, Brooklyn. COMPETENT MARRIED WOMAN, HAVIBO BO children, wanta to tat a ?bJ'|aof a prlrato houita. The ban of reference ?* Utb dreaa Mra. Catharine ritopatrick. 8M Jd a*., betwssn ooio and I7th ata.. for two daya. j A MIDDLE AOKD WOMAB WABT8 A BIT 0 ATI ON aa cook, waaher and ironer: no ob loetlon to ?? a distance In the country undf lata^da ni^andbuUerBest city or country referoncea. Cain bo ?e*ii for two day . until engaged, at 167 Mulberry at., flrat floor. t | "a HTTUATION WANTED?BY A TOUNO WOMAN, A aa chambermaid and laundresa or to <,???n'rV.? work Iria auiall family. City reference. Call at 11# Weal 19th at. __ ARKKPECTABLB OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS chambermaid and waitress; la willing to aaalat In wash Ins and iionin"-. hai good city reference. Call for two day at 42 Weal 13th at. __ a SITUATION WANTBD-BY A BEWKCTABLE WO f\ man aa nurKt. who (| CSDHblO Of ttkiQfl! LI charge of'an Infant from It* birth and do plaln?ewins, ha* Si, viers' cttv reference. <>11 at 139. Sd a* and 32d at., acc ond floor, back room, for two daya. a SITUATION WANTED?RY A YOU NO WOMAN A a? chambermaid snd seamstress. or as chamhermaM and laundress, Csn give ten yaum reference from family. Call at 194 Bast 21st at. \ OOOlTcOOK WANTS A SITUATION IN K PRT A rate family good city reference. Call at 19-1 Vest 21th at . between *tli and 9th avs. a SITUATION W All TED?BY A REsPPrnTA Bl.Fj A woman, as flrat rate cook: l?tli at oooktu ? Beat city reference. Pan be seen at 7S WW. "Tin at. T~RF8PRCTARLB TOUNO WOM AN Wisitrs A 8IT0 A atloaaa wet nurse Osod city reforenen. Call for three days at 541 Columbia South Brooklyn. A BRSPKCTABLiTwOMAN. WITH OOOD CITY BE A ferenre. wishes ibe waahingof gentlemen washing Ca'l at 1GI Lauren* *t.. third fl>or. front, roou 12. SITUATION WANTED?B* A BB8PRCTABLE r\ vonng man, to attend In a grocery: kllllng ta mako l._ ?[? useful. Best city reference. Al>pl* 191 two days at the grocery store. 245 7th ar.. corner of 16th *t _ a RFSPEf'TABLE VOUNfl QIRL WANTS A SITUA A tt'<n as chambermaid and pUlu ?r ?? waiter; has good city reference. Call at 21H West 16th at a GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID A and waitr**?; she thoroughly ^ ' Can be aeon at her present employer west 34tn ? SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNd, EXPE ^ , ) 'cnoerl man. a "Wk in a ^oot and ah'>? store^? fnruiih th.'1 best of cli references. Apply to or a<1dre-u ? rpspeptable oiri- wishes a situation as A cook or assist In the washing and troolntj. or aa cook In a small private famllr and >lo wa-hlng and Ironing' eIt re ference. Call for two days at #1 Oold St., between Tront an York ata., Brooklyn. A Chats' H el It or, 17i nt ulberry 9t 4 SITUATION WANTED?BT A YOUNO WOMAN A a? cl*mbet ma'd and waitress; nve years'lelerence Call at 2'.il Ka?t 14th vt. A PBOTKSTANT <"!!BI. WISHES A SITUATION AS A nurse ?u<1 semi stress, to go to rtiecmmtrv lor_tl.e stnn^ mer. Can he feen for two days at 177 East S3lh St.. fitsi floor, bart room. A t i[)Y OF.'TININO HOUSEKEEPING. IS DF.Sl rovis ot obtaining situations for three firat class girls cook,'aundreaa and waitress. Apply this day Colum bin st.. Brookivn Heights. a VRFNTH r.ADY. who UNnERSTANDS CUTTINO A and ailing first class ladlea' cloaka and mantillas. wt?h ^ to And an establtahment where shecan take eotire charge. AddreM C. lT. bog >00 Herald ofllee. AttFSPFCTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUA lion aschamheriuaid and waitress or to assist with children. No objection to go in the country; eUr reference. Caa be seen for two data at 6t>2 hth ave.. near -Mh at. A BE3PECTARLE WOM AN WISHES A SITU VTfON A us chambermaid and plain sewiogi or to do hon*ewoi k in a small family; no objection to CO lu the country, t an he aeen for twodaya at 547 Greenwich at. one door from Charlton. A BhSFKCTABIiE PROTESTANT WOMAN DK8IRKS n situation as nnrse: is capable of taking charac of an Infant from It* birth, and is a good P'*'" V?th ?t Been for two (lays at her present employer s. 3t west utn st. a YOUNO OIRIj WANTS A SITUAtToB AB NUBSE A and plain -ewer, or as chambermaid and waiter ;nors ln? preferred: no obiection to ko In the countrj for the summer. Can produce good city reference. Call at 35,? OreenWich a*. T YOUBO- WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS A rook, or to coo*, wash and iron. In ? hmall private ta mily. Call in the store No. 87 Atlantic at., Brooklyn^ a SITIIATIOV WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN. TO A c?. walb and" iron, in a -matt ml. ate family. Hood city reference. Call for two daya at 102 West 19th st. A YOITNO LADY WOViD LIKE A 8IT0AT10N. TO A attend a bakery or fancy atnre. Call at NoL5 Iorsytlijtt a PROTRSTANT WOMAN' WISHES A SITUATION A as cook; has no objection to aaslst In washing and ironluii. Call for two days at W West 41?t 1. , a re,oK ?A VOUNO VOMM WIBHFS A STt17as A a^on; understands cooking fo all Its branches: f-rench cookmg of aft Vimia and makes superior pas^ry. No ob econtogo with a family to the '"?^tryfnrfhc summer month* Mas the best city reference, t all at liw west 25th si. ~l rfsPBCTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN A a private -in.llv aa ,-hamberrnald and w*ltr??s. .las ?od city rtferenoc from her last place. CHI at 13. W st 20ih st. ? A~ RESPF.CTABlJ?' VOUNO WOMAN WISHES A Biinatinn ?.? fir^t c'asft coolc. or 'o swint in the wnihinSi ^ot ??y'^efir?ice*"Cbe seen for two days at the residence "f hrr ins1 employer. H-t Madison ar. a soon OIRL WISHES a SITUATION JN^A \ sini'l private family to do general hoimwort . .1 a "ood 1.1,. n ook. washer snd ronen is willing and obliging. AYOCNO GIRL WISHES A situation AS NUBSE anil do plain sewlnc; h*a tlx vearaf reference from her ^aa' employer. <"an lie aeen at 170 But SM *t Ainnoiuu tooim mm. wishes a situa timi us cha.nbermaid and waitreea; hat the be?t of city reference. <"?11 *t JU7 Writ ?t. A situation wanted-ry a respectable wo man, a? cook >va*her and ir mer n? obiectlnn to the country . good reference, (' ill at "2<i7 7th av,. onr door lrom the corner of 27th St. Aprotestast oirl wishes a situation as cook and to aa?i?t with the washing and ImalnE; the eo'intrj preferred. roil at 2>l felt tttb at., between sth and 9th nva. A situation wantkd-ry a* touno woman. a* plain cook, tvather and troaer. or to dochamb fwnrk ao ! line wailun^: rlty reference. Call at l&> Eau Wth at. ihlrd door, front. A SITUATION WANTF.D-BY A RESPECTABLE yoiinc wnman. an competent wa'teia: lias the beat city reference from her laat place: no nbievtlun to go a ahort dlatance In the ronntrv. Can '-e Been at 336 <ih av . between 29th and 2Wh at* A RESECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION io take car-- of children; la perfectly compe'ent to taka charge of an In "ant; can give good city reference. Cao He seen for oue d;vy at 8S'| Weat IStb at, between 6th and 7th avt A MIDDLE A<;EI> WOMAN WANT* A SITUATION u nurse; can take care of a 1 aby from Ita birth or gniwln ? cblldn n. ran wi^h for a haiT If required; hat lived in the :lral fain lira in that cat a<-ity, and la a good aewer. ran prodik* sauafactory teetlmonlalt Call at 254 Bowery, in the millinery alore. A RESPECTABLE YOUN0 OIRL DBSIRE8 A SITU hi'.on n aome private famiy. xi sea:patreae: can cut and fit perfectly. Apnly tor twa daya at *22 West 29th at A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO dorbamb el-work and plain sewing; referonce given. Mill at 27! (iold it, Bt'Oklyn. AYOCNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION TO DO lh? housework of a small family hai no objection to g? a ahort dtannce In lb* eouutry Can be aeen at 411 2d a*., between XM and 24lb ?*V top :lo r. AN ENOLISII WO* tN WOULD LIKE T'? ENOAOE a< li'dy a maid or -lnld * n irsa ?itb a oarty going to San Franc sco; recommendation will be given from nor laa: place. Applf to Mra: B Morila, No. t Amity at AYOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM bermatd. Oall for two or three daya at ll'l 9tb ae. A YOUNO AMERICAN OIRL WISHES A SITUATION A aa mtree, or to d'j waiting or nbamberwork, no objec tion to ga to ihe country. flood ciiy reference. Can lie aetn at 17V 7th av. APBOTESTANT OIRL WaNIH a SITUATION A? cbambcrniai 1 and waitress WonM make heraelf *en. erally uaefiA: city reference Call at (567 2d ave., near Mth street ? _*? A SITUATION WASTED?AS CHAMBERMAID; would no? object to aseiat with children Can lie aeen In her preaant elmation, where ab? ba* livid the laat eight year*, at *? Weat 27th at. ? a RESPECTABLE OIRL Wants A 8ITUATIOII AB A cl-anabermaid and waitreat. Brat of reference given. Call at *M EM luth at. AM SITUATION WANTRD-BY A TOUNO WOMAN lately f rum Loo dm. at nurae; would hava no objec tion to make hereon generally uaeful. ran be iMn for three daya at l?3 Baat I7tk at. aemtid lioor. AM rtWTESTANT TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A BITt'A tloa aa miree aod chambermaid; the b?at ef elty refer enea. ' an be teen at III We? Nib at, between ftb and 8th ava. , AM RESPECT BLB TOUNO OIRL DESIRES A SITUA uwt aa good plain cook, waaher and iroaer: la alao a ?I bread '^?r; go>d elty reference. Call for two daya at y*h tt- between Sth and 9th ava. Am *RSPECTABLE OIEL WISHES A BITPATION TO do general heuaewoi# or np atalra' work. Oall al I* Baat 2Mb tt. A <JOOB'S SITUATION WANTED?BT A BESPECTA A. bio woman; city reference. Oall ror two daya at 141 Baat Met at. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A RKSPBCTABLB M. y on eg .toman, aagood cook; would aaolet with waefe Md Ironing, no obie< no* to ae la ibe country; atlr ref ?e* mm flail For two aaye at I !W Rraaiiear. SITUATIONS w4itbo-rahilbs. Akb6pecttabl1 welsh LAOT WIBHBS A B1TU iu <n u housekeeper or in take cut of * baby. Can be mm for two day a at li Catharine at. Abrspsctablb AMBMOAN GIKL wibhkfi A. tftuatim is a private family to take oar* of ?klldre* and aew or te do chamberwerk Oall at Ml ttklfer., uear 26th?t. Abkspbctablb PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A aituatloa u chambermaid or trai trees; good city i* erenoe Call at m Irving place. Ah girl wishes a situation as cook. WASHES ? and ironer. in a private family; haa good city reference. dan be seen at 771 psgiac at. tyooklye. Ah SITUATION WANTED-BT a RESPECTABLE ? person, as nurae and seamstress; no objection to the oountry; olty reference. Apply at 10 Amity place. Am respectable youno oirl wants a bitua ? tian u nurae or seametreas; Can do all kinds of braid ? ing or embroidery; hm bo objection to go In the country for the auoimer aoaaon; can get good reference' from her last plan' Oall at ut East 21st at, between 2d and 3d ava A YOUNO OIRL WANT8 A SITUATION AB CHAM bermaid or seamstress ?can eut and at children's dresses. do *11 kinds of family Hawing and aew on wheeler a Wilson's machine hsa city reference from her last place. Call at 118 Bast 32d at. near 4th sr. ABE8PECTABLB WOMAN WANTS WA8HINO AND Ironing. Call at 132 West 17th at., top floor, room is, Has good reference. A GOOD OERMAN girii WANTS A SITUATION IN a small Americas family. Call at 392 2d ay., room 7. Abk8pbctable WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION ss first class rook. Goo.t city reference Call at 232 West 25th St., third lloor A YOUNG AND HEALTHY WOMAN WANTS .A child to wet nurse at her own residence. Apply at 160 Esit 37th at. a YOUNO GIRL. LATELY LANDED. WfSHBS A SI rt t nation In a respectable family, to do light housework. Call for three days at 150 Eaat 46th at. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED?by AN American lady in a small family; is competent t?ke the entire charge and is willing tn assist in the household duties References exchanged. Call on or address House keeper, 42 riinton place. Monthly nursb of experience desires a situation to attend a lady or an Invalid. Call at or ait.lrcss for three days, 29 Morton street. SITUATION WANTED?to DO chamber WORK AND ^ waiting, or to take eare of children and do plain aew. tag; city reference*. Call at 220 Wost 'Vilh at. lJituation wantfd-by a respectable oikl. n hs chamtermald and waltrees. Beat refercocc from her lust place. Can be seen at 1151 Wesl 28th at. Situations wantkd-by two girls; one as first c'ass lai'ndress; the other as nurae and seamstress. tt:i?e the h -St of city reference from their last places. Can he seen for two days at 84 West 171 h Rt. situations wantbd-by two respbctabi.e girls; one to take care of children, the other as plain cook. washer and ironer; bo'h have the beat citr reference. Apply at 100 east 13th st . near 2d av. Situation wanted-by a respectable mar. rled woman, as wet nurse lias lost her first baby. Pall Tor two days at ips West 2'ith si., in the rear, , SITUATION WANTED?to COOK WASH AND IRON, is in a small family; city refereucmt Call at 123 West ttitli street. SITUATION WANTRO-BY A YOUNG OIRL AS i. rcanistrcss; can o|>erate on Orover a Baker'a machine. Apply at 2s7 West 25th st. SITUATIONS WANTED?ry TWO YOUNO WOMF.N (Maters), together or separate, as chambermaid and waitress In a small private family; best ol reference: wattes no object Call for tliree Ma s at 218 Thompson street, between blocker and Amity. SITUATION WANTED?by A YOUNO GIRL. IN A !>mall respectable family; good reference. Apply at 269 Hudson st. SITUATION WANTED?a8 NURSF. TO AOCOMI'ANY a family go ng to England, bv ? respectable woman on 1>" ?<eri fnr three 'tats at ber present employer's. 11 west 21st St., betweou 9 and 12 A. M. (J1TI ATlnNS WANTED-BY THE 2D OK may, BY o two slstei ? (German), to do /?ener?l housework. In a small prlt'aie i'amllr ? one is a good ook. washer anil ironer Apply at xt2av a. Qrat Moor, back room, after v o'clock. - SITUATIONS wanted?BY TWO RESPECTABLE girls; one as waftr'-ss: the other as chambermaid and wsl'rnss. Can lie neti lor t wo days at IS2 7tli.iv. between 2t*t'i snd2lst sts. SITUATIONS WANTED?by TWO respectable girts; one as (list cltisi cook; the other at clumber maid an1! waitress cau be seen at their oreeqpt employ er's. s4 West 24th st. {SITUATION WANTED?by A touno OIRL, TO assist in chamber vnrk and take care of children; would go to thecountiy. Can give three veers' reference Trotn last "tace Can be seen at 459 <i!h av , In the corset More situations WANTED-BY TWO rfspkctablk yo't'ig girls; one ss c?nk and to assist In the washing and ironing: the other as rhatnbermaul and waitress and to no plain sewing, and to assist in washing and Ironing: the bcit of city references given. Can be seen at 525 6th av.. In the rear. ' SITUATION wantbd-by a rrspectable wo. o man who is fully competent to take care of an Inrnnt tro-n Its birth or children; ha* no objection to city or country: would travel If desired. Can be seen at her present place, 4'i Bast 31st st. TWO resectable girls WISH . SITU ATION3? one as chambermaid and waitress, the oth?r as seam ! stress md nurse. Wan be s en for two days at 121 Atlantic j St., hrooklvn second floor, front room. TWO respectable young GIRLS WISH SITUA lions?one as chambermaid ?o'' waitress th ? other as j cook: can give good city reference Call at 2'w West list *t. TWO respkctablr GIRLS WANT SITUATIONS? one or so'id plstn cook, washer house virkt the other as chambermaid anl waitress; hull ha>o'ha !>est of city roferenee. t'all al 191 West 2cth sf., bnsemcnt. TWO rbflpbctablr otm.s dbstrb SITUATIONS In one family: one as good plain co>ik. washer and iron er: the other as chambermaid ati 1 to assist in the was'ning and irmnng, would go separate; citv rclereaee. Call al 113 West 10th at TWO GERMAN GIRLS WANT SITUATIONS-ONE AS first class cook, the otb,;r to take csre of children and sew. Call at 70 1st av . top floor, ba"k room. tt7anted?by A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN s? a situation ns seamstress. oj to a?lst In chamtwirwork , or to take care of arteritisehihren: can work on Grrver . Baker's sewing machine. Can be s*n at ber present plsee, 28 To cpktns plsco, between Harrison and Degrsw stj . Broolvn. fer three daya WANTED?ry A RESI'F.t'taw,E YOI'no WOMAN, :> ^uiatlnn ss cook, washer and ironer: Understands all kinds o! plain cookmz.atvl Is an exnellent laundress; has good city tercren<e Call at 28"> blteckef st. l,vantkd?a situation, BY A respectable yv young women, as chambermaid nnd laundress is an cure lent washer snd ironer; he-t of city references Can be seen for two davs at 288 Bleeeker st WANTED?BY A YOUNfl WOMAN. A SITUATION A9 chambermaid ml to naalat with the waahlng aud ironlnjj City rereivneea Cull at 42 Went 28th nt. WANTED?BY A WOMAN. A SITUATION TO COOK. v. aa' and Iron; city reference*. Tall at ~1 Weil 15th af.. In the rear. WANTED-BY A WIDOW LADY. A SITUATION. IN cither ctty or conulrr, .n houseknener In a hot?l <r 6rlvato family; Best of refereu eg Address Mrs. B Q. L.. leral 1 oflCoe WA3ITKD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRt, A? ?*? aituation with a fa nlly eolr.j to California, to take tare of children. Can be aeen at her present employer's, 2ty Weit I2tb at., fr?1 II to S o'clock. Y1TANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE v* girl. as go?l cook, w.mherand Irouer; baa the beat at dtv reference. Call at 120 Weat 87th at. WANTKD?BY A MOST RE8PBCTABLE YOUMO Proliant gir . a situation a* chambermaid and to da plain aewing; la wl'.linit and oi'llctng would have no o'j ;n tiona to (" a ?l..>rt dla!anr? In the country, baa go- d city re. ferenoa. Call lor no ,|U; a at 138 Weat 18th at., between 7tb ami 8ih a*? __________ WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIBD WO a aitnaiion aa wetnnree; haa a freah breaat of milk: good city referenoc. Call at 173 Forsyth at, i.rst floor back room. WANTF.D-A PLACE IN THE COUNTRY. AS DAIRT maid or to do housework. Apply at 92 Weat Hat at., In the rear WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNO?WOMAN. a alt'iatlon aa < hamherinaid and ta aaalat with the waahlnq nnd ironlne. Haa good references call at 157 Weat 2' th st TIT ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE ft glr , as nurse and e-'a tislress. nnderatanda halrdreaa tog Rerera to Inst en,plover, where ahe can he seen for two days at 1M West 44th at., between 6ih and 7th avea WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A RES I'ECTABLB Protestant girl, aa chambermaid or waitreas; no ob jectlon tota^e rare of children. Can be eeeo atlTSVarick ! at., for two da>e. ? | TtJANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE vv Proteatant girl, aa chambermaid and plain aewer, or io tatta} with the washing and ironing. City reference Call I *' " Waal yth at WANTED-BT A RBSFBCTABLB TOUNO OIRL. A alt'iatlon aa rook In a small private family. Call tbla day at 247 Weat 1.1th at.. In the rear. WANTED-A ITTUATTON, BY A PRO TESTA NT \oimn woman, jn?t arrived from the old country, to do obamberwork an.' plain aewlngor to take care or children; a comfortable home preferred. Can be seeti till engaged, at SM 7th ay., between fad and S3d sts WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNO OIRL, A Tv el' nation aa eeamatreaa: nndcratanda all klnda of line and plain family aewing. braiding and embroidery: no ob jection to aaalat at chamberwork or in the ear* of rhl dren; beet city-reference. Apply for two daya at .29 Waal 24tb it., corner of 7th av. ? Wanted?by two respectable girls. sis. tere, altuatlona; one aa cook, waaher and ironer; la an eieallent t'laln < <>ok; oan tnake good blsetilt; tbe other aa waiter and chambermaid; both have lived with tbe best of families; can give the boat olty references. Can t?e seen fur two daya at 49 East Slat at. ANTED-BT A TOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION AS chambermaid and waltreae In a private family ; beat ef city iefertnof given. Call al 91 Atlantic at.. Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A BEIPECTABLB VT young girl, to eook, waab and Iron, or aa chambermaid and waltreee or ta do general housework; beet of oity ref. eranse from her last place. Call at 390 Union at., between Court a?d CilnlMt, Brooklyn, TUTANTBD?BY A TOUNO WOMAN. A SITUATION YY as ahaaiheprnaid and waltreee. haa good oUy reference. Call at 113K 7th a*., drat Boor, front roam ______ WANTBD-BT A RBSPEOTABLB TOUNO WOMAN, a aituntkm In a private family to do oaamberwork aad waiting, or general housework in a email family. reftra to her preient employer Oao he Me for twa daya In CllntO'1 av. ' ?ee? ??-' seven doers I Kim rial.- -? S.M., lf? TITANTED- A SITUATION il HOUSEKBBPBB 81 ff New England lady ;ons well qualified; bo object to going In the oouotry. for application or refereuss if MTiATIONS WAWTKD-FK MALES. Waitress and ohambb?maid-a bbbpbct able atui experienced giH wants employment aa above, has beeu eight rear* in her preseut place. Apply fur tiro days at 14 9th St.. near 6th ar. to 6 Howell, 48 Part' place. Mew York. " ~ >|,piy TIT A NT ED.?A SITUATION AB BE AMSTRBSS m wanted, by a respectable colored womaa; Am a Singer's (letter A) machine. Hi understands all klnda of tatnily sawing; can gtve the beat of city reference. Call for one week at SIS Sullivan at; bo objection! to travel with a lady. ' ' ? TXTANTBD?A SITU ATI OB, BT A YOUNO GIRL, AS TV lady'a maid to one or more young ladies; no objections to travel: can come well recommended. Apply, between I and 9 A. M or 8 and 10 P. M., at m Canal St. TXTAMTBU?A SITUATION, BT A TOUKO QIRL, TO TT do afcamberwoik aad sewing, or as waitress; has tea years' stty reference- Call at 1W what, near Id av. OTABTBD-A SITUATION, BT A BBSPBCTABLB TT yaung womanJas good cook; has lived with one fami ly seven years; has no objection to go In the oountry. Caa -be seen for two days at her last place, B) Bast SSd at WANTED?A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID, waiireel or nurse; best city referenees given; noob &ar raTno'sf!''th* Munlry> Iaauir? for two days at 76 tATANTBD-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE TT young womsn, as cook, washer and Ironer. or to do general housework for a small family; the best of city refer once. Call at 366 3d av. WANTED-BT A COMPBTENT YOUNO WOMAN. A situation as seamstress and chamhermaid; can do all kinds of f amily sewing and Is a good trimmer. Cau be seen for two days at IIS West 17th at., near 7th av Haa the best Of city reference. WANTBD-A PLACE, BT A RESPECTABLE PRO testant girl, aa nurse or to assist In llgbt chamber work. Call for three days at 165 East 15th at. ANTED?A 8ITUATIQN, BT AN ENGLISH PRO teatant nurse. Can be seen at 46 Bast 2 >th st. w X\TANTED?BT A COMPETENT PROTESTANT WO VV man. a situation to take charge ot children and to do pla'n sewing; noob action to do light cbamberwork: cool reference clven from her last place In tlie city. Apply at 119 WestMth st, near 7th av. ' WANTBD-A SITUATION AS NURSE; YOUNO AND experienced; cm rome well recommended. Apply at 107 Baat 11th at., topJIoor, front room, for two days. 1XTANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO OIRL. AS ?T chambermaid and waitress, or as waitress; best city reference. Call at 10'J Lexington av.. between .10t!i and SI tit sts. WANTED?BT A R ESP ROTABLE YOUNO OIRL from the country, a situation as companion for a'l Invalid Udy. can dress hair >ind do fan-y worK of all dn scrlpnons; to he tr -ated as oue of tiio family Wo ild bn e* pected in lieu of a lar?e ompensatiou. Addie* for two days 8. b, Herald ofllce. WANTET1-BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN, A situation in a private family as nttrre and seamstress, or to do cbvulierworlr; is a neat plain sewer: iu willing to make herself generally useful; has good oily relercace. Caa lie seen at 217 West ICtU st. WANTbD-A SITUATION. BY A RKSPBCTABI.B girl, as chami ermalil and seamstress or t. mind a child and sow; can cut and lit children's dresser Can be seen for two days at t>4 Si. Mark's place, t'onrtn lloor. WANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE V >ung Rlrl as nurse and to do p'aln sewln?; is wi! I:ig and obli({ink'. tvst of city referenec can bo Ha I. Apply at WANTED-BY A respectable PROTESTANT girl. a Hltna'.inn as chambermaid and waitress in a private faulty; lire I five years in her last place Call at 263 Spring St., in the Store. WANTED?BY A respectable YOUNO OIRL A situation as ohamliertnaid and to assist w<th eliildreu. Has four years' recommendation Apply at 85? West 10th St., between 8lh and ','th ?vh XKT ANtRD?BY AN \M ERIC AN protestant OIRL. TT a situatr-n an o'nmbernaid cnl to da plain sewins:. or would take care rf ctiillren; has no obj c,: on to <;<> !tt the cottntrv tor the summer. Cm tie see i lor oil'or two days at '.'S i Wi st Stk st.. between 9tii and loth aves fir ANTED? A SITUATION AS COOK AND HAS NO TT objection to assist In washing, in the city or ash"it distance ftvthe country; brat of city rcfereuce. Apnly at S4 Trinity plaoe, tlrat floor. WANTED-A SITUATION AS COOK. AND TO AS. slst with the washing and ironing flood references. Call at I4f Went 17th st. In tho store. WANtKII-BY A YOUNO OIRL. A SITUATION AS cltamliermaid and plain sewer. Call at 219 Fulton St., Brooklyn. HK1 P WASTED?PEMALE8. AT mrs. WHITFIELD'S (FORMERLY OK THE Church Home), 3:>* 4th ayenuo. between 2Sth and 2:Mh Kts, are wants I ml< day several Piot"sMnt lirst class cw'ii, |and rooks to wash, waitresses, adies maids to dress lia'r seamstresses to cut and tit. nurses. Mud K" !* f"r sum mer houses, willing to go into the country fir the .u miner. Also Protestant and Catholic servants, and ?>irls lately landed, for the city and country. ALL employers WANTI50 COMPETENT 8ER vtints, city or country, and all recommended servants waotlne eood situations, sneli as oooks. Rhambennaids. waltiesses, tr >ses, laun Iresses, searrstrcsses. ^irls for housework and tlmse lately landed, at 149 Oraud street. AT CARPENTER'S LAROE employment HOUSE, 138 llth st., corner of fith av ? Kam|ll*s. ttosrdlng liiinses :ind hotels can hnd every description of Protestant and Catholic male and female help. With the b st of ree un roendatmns, tor city or country. AGfRL WANTED?TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK, in a private family of onlv two parsons; must lie a plain rook and a ?ood washer and Ironer: ho'ise lias all modern Impr e-emenls. Apply at 2X> Liviu.ston St., Brook lyn. betwecT II and I o'elock. An BXPEBIENOKD CAP MAKERffBMALE) want ed, io do the general jobbing of ihe store, tituatljn permanent. Apply at .'>11 Broa.hvav AOIUL WANTED?KOIt GENERAL HOUSEWORK; must be a E"od wnslier and Ironer. Apply for two days at 4M 28th St., lie:ween 'I and 10 A. M. A GOOD MILLINER WANTED -APPLY AT NO 78J Broadway, up stairs A WET OR DRY NUHSE WANTRD-TO TAKE AT her own home a tine healthy boy. four weeks old; one who will oare 1.>r it prtperly will be pnid from 510 to $12 per mouth. Address immediately A. B. A , Sta'.lou O Post so ITlce. flOOK WAJTTBD-^A COLORSD WoIaRi ONE WHO \J is a c >od plain coo'.;. Apply at lilt ashing ion St., Brooklyu. , tt-rrand girls wanted Ci AT MMR BENEDICT'S * DRKMMaKINO ESTABLISHMENT. 12 Witverley place, near Broadway. Eight or ten good dressmakers wanted? " immediately, at Ss S I st. lOLD EMBROIDERERS Wanted?FOH OFFICERS' * s;r.t| ?. Apply at 15.1 West Wth st. HOUSEKEEPER WANTED?IN A WIDOWER'S FAM ily; widow lady preferred; mmt tie neat and tldv ind be willing to do li.'lit wor'-: jood ref rence ?iven anil re quired. Address, stating fall particulars, for two daj s, A. G HOUSEKRErRB WANTED IN THE COUNTRY?A. | wld o\v lady liarln? a ton or a voting married lady without e ucumb anee, whose hmUn l will accept a mod* rste salary. Addrexe, tflvlng lull particulars, Manufacturer, j 1 buz 1U7 Herald n lie. I MILLINERS-W VNTEr*. A FIRST ('LASS MILLINER | and trimmo.-; ilio htgliest n-ani's will le given Alto ??.me apprentice*, pulil while leariilnn. Apply at 120 Gth av. I^URSK WANTED -A 8TEADV, WELL RECOM- i il turn da'. middle ased woman. American, English. Heotrli or Oermati. will b<*ar 01 a *tnt desirabl* \ lacefn the conntrv. nea New York, on application to Wl East I2tb at., between the hours of -i an 111 A. M. SALESWOMAN WANTKD-FOR MlLl.i NERY GOODS; ii she Mint be first class, on other nred applv at 120 Oth av. Also an errand ?1rl. CTRAW SEWERS WASTED.?APPLY TO F. H. AMI O don, t'I'.l Broadway. ^ TO EMPLOYER* IN rirT AND 00' NTRT-HOTELS, firat cla-a '?oardln.- houses and summer resort* i so private families, wUI pleas" iwtlct that tin y ran be supplied, at t;-? shortest posnble nntlct. with DrSt^ass aousekeepers, comneteut family seamstresses and nurse*. ladles maids nod travelling ? ompiwion*, fully comment and with the best of references l'roL*?Unl*, English. Frejic;i and Her man and who hare no objection to travel to a*y part of En rojie or California . alio a large number of flri.1 class rook* and p'aln cooks, wisher* and irooera; competent laundress I es aia ? chatnl ermal.!s, waitresses and itipart girls lor gene mi hoiftework. all with cood references; no ol> ectlun to the | country: will be found willing and obliging; of alLnalirma I and pr< fes?lon.3. Employers <%n b? ?ell supplied bjHavor ing 'is with a call, at Mrs. WESLEY 8 Select Employment Office. HI East St., between JJ and tin ars. Also, colored help <<n band. II'ET NL'RSE WANTKD-TO TAKE CHARGE OF AN If Infant eight montl.s old; the applicant m ist be hca thy. thormighlr esperl^ieeii as a nurse, and have a breast of milk not less than two n< r ove than <even months old. To such a person, well recommended, flberal wanes an 1 a good home will Ni siren. Apply for particulara to Mrs. Hope. Matron of Lying In Asylum, Marion it, N, y WET NCRSE Wanted.-ACOMPETKNT WKT NUMB wauted, to take charge of an intant six months o:d. Must have excellent reference*. Apply Tuesday mot uing, bet vecn 10 and 13 e clock, ?t 43 Wes' s*ih st. ?nTAITER WANTED.?A WOMAN ACCUSTOMED TO VT wait on tahte, is wanted In a prn-ate tamlly; she must bring geod recommsudiiilooA. Apply at 33 Washington r'*c- , WANTED-A NEAT, TIDY OIRL TO MIVD ONE child; At us* understand liow to sow. and hi Ing good city referenoe Apply at 331 Mb av., between 36th and Xtb sts. WANTED-A CHAMBERMAID, WAITRESS OOOK. H Isundress. nurse, and seamstress, for a first C'ssi nri. rate family, who pay good wsfes. Applv at No 7 West Uth St., between Broadway and I nirerslty place, from 10 to 4. ! 1ITA*TED-A OIRL TO COOI, WASH AND IRON, TV by a private family. Apply at No. 7 Murray Hill Park (4th mi.), between 34th and aftth St*., from 9 till 1. WANTBD-A MKBPECTABLB PROTESTANT OIRL, TV to do general housework; must be* good washer and Ironer. C^llat 804 Huds n St. TIT ANTED?IN A FAMILY OP TWO PERSONS, OCOD ? pying half of a house, a woman for general house work; must be a food plain oook. Apply at I3SK Allen St., between 11 and 1 o'clock this day. ? WANTBD-A RBALTHT OIRIj. ABOUT 14 OR IS years old, to take care of children and make herself generally useful; must come well recommended, and be willing to (o in th? country. Inquire at 14 Weat 47th *t, near Wh ar WANTED-A FIRST Ot*ASS SALESWOMAN; WAORS TV no object. Apply to Madame Isaacs, 366 Canal si, opposite Wooeter. WANTED-A COLORED WOMAN TO DO ORNBRAL ' houaesrort. Apply atl#4 Waali ingtonst,, Brooklyn. TTf ANTED?EX PBBIKNCED RANDS. ? PACK I ? nranker*. at hekeee MS r?s?t ?_ ****** w' . -yTsag&.'Kaam tfgssv W"S?Z\ .K?Sa,iart?l5fewi'?il?! Ml IX p M. M W Waahta?l?l tort??' aJS22. * "? TrrAKTBD-A BESPBCTABLB OIBL AS WAtTBKM . ??* who ?n JMm olty reference tad undereiAeli her buaiueea: will be required to aaalat * Uuie ?n"" waabing. Apply at 53 Weat 26U> M. between 10 end 11 a. BL ?feSTA rCSffilwif- ",r~ 1 *? ???. W^aTS?"^^000.00?*' WA9HBB AND IBORBB. SIM ?t. be wMQ ? Ml 11 o'olock A M. el ?T Wm. WA"?.5D.7* ?W| rOR OBMBBAL HOOSEWOBB . with city reference; rouit be a good oook weaker a ad Ironer Apply *t 192 Weal 11th alT uuer "" WABTBD?A OIBL. FOB GBNSRAL HOU8EVOBK W e good weaker end irooer. willing and oblltfug; g?5d reference required; ? German or colored nreferredT warn moderate. Pall et 16 JoreUmon aL?B?kfy? <1, ^ TB7ANTBD-THRKE 0IRL8 OB BOYS, rOB SBuAl " pasting, et M7 Beet Houston et WANTED-A OIBL. TO DO OBNEBAL HOU8B work; mutt be e good plain cook aud lirat data washes and ironer. olty reference required. Apply at U? Weat UU ?11 rrom y to 11. WANTRD-AT 191 WE8T- JOTII ST.. A OIBL. WITB &^^SSSSTT* u>0*?k'bak#'WMh and "??? OTANTBD-BYALADT BOARDING IN TH8 OOITB fis^^OTK'jussarssvai^af ^w^^bsas.vsa'.jri* TITANTED?TWO OIRLS; ONE AS OOOK AND To a\?[at !n,^B*?hln?aah',1<!' th" to dochamberwork end ?one "IS"1 *IJp,jr *>ut those fully oompa tent to ml the situations. Must have good elty reference*. Apply from 10 to 2 this day at 191 Union at.. Brooklyn WA^i-57A-.TOI{JW "OMAN. AS WAITRESS IN A '"dies' and gentlemen's restaurant. Also a good order oook. None need apply but those who understand their at i!e^r*tml'neCOme W* recommended, at 2W Blee-ker iy ANTED?A BB8PEOTABLB WOMAN. TO WBt YY nurse a liabr at her own house. Apply at 4s Marion el WANTED-A RESPECTABLE GIRL TO DO ORNE ri housework In a small family; one who la a coed moods? wa*M#4or*7* Mouth. Call at 111 Haw TirANTED-A OOOD PROTESTANT OOOK LAUN H.. iiieM an2 W*!T?M\ ,?j)pllr 0B Wedeeaday and Ttiure day, between 9 an! 12, at 423 5th ar.. one door b.'low 41at at WANTKD?TWO SERVANTS: ONE AS COOK WASH . " *,?d 'ro"er- ibe other aachambermaid and walneae, i ^ I*"! y: Pr-'leatants preferred Best city references required. Inquire at S!> West Ifltti si on Wed S'clo-k *n4 Vhursjay thla week, between l(> and l? W,ANTfn:A OOOD OOOK FOR A PRIVATE i,? ?In ? ' 1a chambermaid and aeamstress; b >th must IVT J TTi??*n ed- Apply at 17 East 37th at., between * aJiayu and 5tU avd., before 1 o'clock. lTr ANTED?A FIltST CLASS COOK.TO ASSIST WITH fl.iw * good 'kuadreee and chambermaid, who c?n do Hue (luting: none need apply who cannot gWo hTi .Th.'.r^"^ ?5lL?r?m 9 '0 o'clock at IS West I (it ii ?t.. between 5th and 6th ava. WANTED-TWO OIRLS, IN A FA MILT OP POtTR *j persons; one aa good cook, wrasuer and Ir.iner; th? other as chambermaid and waitress ?i?t good p!a!u aewer C'tJr1??!p?nce ,e,'ulre<1- Apply at 69 7tli ?r? between I5tb ana lotii mi. WANTED?VH) GOOD HANDS. TO MAKE FINE AND *? common whltp alilrts: 80 bands to make linen Ijosmua and c.illatH. cither to bring tlielr macliines lo tlie slim) or to t 'ke tiio work oul. Also some brnidera an I binders on fancy flanuel sUltts. Apply immediately at 5">5 1'eai I at., tiurd nnor. UMMRD-AOIBU 13 TO 15 YEARS QP AOE. TO '' ? do ''S'ii liouaowoik; German prcfeired. Annly at No. 6 Lenm place. 2d at,, between South llhh and Uth. WU l.ainsburK. WANTI D-M GOOD MILLINERS, AT"*2 WALKER at. Good wages paid. ANTED.?AN INDUSTRIOUS WOMAN WHO WANTS .7 * Per">",?">l place to do the work for a rery small fa mlly mav apply at I3i West SZd St., near 8th ar. \hf ANTBD?IMMEDlATKIiY, A RESPECTABLE OIBL. * to Ko into the country during summer: must be? plain tt?? dear L?>? In^t **^' ir0Qcr- lufjuire at Bast 35tb rrfANTKD-A PIR8T RATE SALESWOMAN. IN TBB I* new cloak store near the St. Nicholas. One who bas been In the cloak business before: none others nead aDDtr COHEN A MYERS. iWBrnaJway.' WANTED-A PROTESTANT WOMAN TO COOK. wash and iron for a small lamlly, with good cltv mfn reicea. Apply at No_l Weat 14th at. * y * Wantkd-in A SMALL PRIVATE PAMILT, TWO ?v 'i^rnna jlr a; one for plain cooking, wash In a and ironiug and one for chamberwork and to assist In wash ins and ironing good reference* required and good wages will be pal I Inquire at 41 Bleecker etreet. ^ WANTED-A SALESWOMAN; ONB WHO HAS HAD n i 71 e*perieno? in the millinery trade preforreA APP" "nU1Cllm,#,? WANTKD?a first class o-krator om wheel . ' . er.7 "llson s machine: one accustomed to eloak ant dressmaking; preferred: ?teadv einnlormen' an I good wa f,o?. Apply for thrae days to Mrs. Barrett .15 Bond at. y^ANTKO-THREE PLAIN SBWERS, WHO OAR 4?2 r dreisnukliig. Also one who understandi *1"1 .(!?l*hln? Apply Immediately at ?i 4Ui ar., ne.^"f 28th at. Come prepared to work. V^TANTBD?IMMF.DIATELT, TWO FIRST CLASS MIL, ne!t ?"seJ*pa"id Ulma"'M 117 c"?t0" PUco (8th W A-oEtDr^ 8M*?T- T">Y GIRLJTO DO DP STAIR* work and mako herself useful tali at JO i Weat ISib WAJS^S'S!?Ug5,,J??affi5? isi WTANTflD?A FIRST CLASS OOOK; ONB WHO UN iT5. 1rter#Un('* cooking in all Ita brandies Also a comne a>?Ut w!i'hr(i'I,? Also a first c ast chambermaid, willing u son av walling. Apply immediately at 1J2 Madt WAh!Ih.?7A H0li3KKEEPER WHO UNDERSTANDS ,.?*r.,i a?n'1'* willing to make herself generalli Greene at 1,01 "?ea 11?nd 2 o'clock, to Mrs. Howard, 9i 50 theb?J'.Mk^.? A1D8 WANTED-TO WORK ON tmnt ff^miente; none need apply except compe week Annf? |V f?1*1 work Will be gltren and $S pel week. ApplytoGeorge Carey. 304 and 30# Canal at THBJ TRADES A MAN. WITH A OOOD RNOWLSDOR ni go iin lerTnstrucyo'i'^as b^"Tferan'l ,17? ,"oder?te Address DraugkumJ PinViiJ ?^ tf> ? vreeland, corner of C^>n-'res?and chant Jeiwy r'iiy"' ?FC""' L' " *e,?. ??? EPLAX IIAOKLSKS WANTED?TO OO IB THE r country; tiro married m>>n (with ramllles. In whlcfc there ara spinners or twisiars): also two (Ingle men; steady work auJ (jiod wages ?l>eo. English or Scotch preferred. Inquire between m and S P. M. for two days, or address J. Symtnors, 101 William at., upstairs, R. Y. First clams carpenters wartrd-for shop work Applv early this (Tuesdar) nioruiag at 116 Per ry ei. to Mea l A Woodward, b lilJera. General engraver w arte d.?good vaoer siren Kor particulars call at the office in Frenoh'n HoteC or at room 100. R. L. TARBOX. LITilOORAPHIC PRINTERS WANTED?AT KNDI coit A Co'a., 59 Beekinan?. _____ ' Photographic operator and prtntee want'l ?Those who understand the business will And a pernnn?ni.sltnation by addressing W. K., Herald offloe. PLUMBElfc ?WANTRD. TWO GOOD JOORNRYMRR; alao a bor, who l:aa been lorne time at the trade. Ap ply to J. McEvvan, M Eaat 13th aj _________ PLUMBER -WANTED A QOOD ORE. APPLY TO M* J. Dunn. "6 Fourth avenue. . ? TO HATTERS-WANTED. A PRACTICAL HATTER. with some meana, to join the adrertiaer la the mana ftetnre and aale of fancy hata the comma aeaaon; baa ? lan;e aliop completely fitted up. and all the facilities for car rung ?n the business u> any eiteot. Address Hats, boa IN Herald ofluse. rpO SILK HANDS ?WANTED, A COMPETENT MAR' l to tike charge of the winding, cleaning and doubling lepartmeuts, Alao. a man to take charge or the nnlahiug dnparvurnt Also, one to take charge or the spinning de partmrnt Rone but competent parties need apply, and to euoh liberal i?.ariea will be paid. Apply to Thos R. Dale ft Co., I'alsrson, N^J. _ TO PHOTOGRAPHERS-WARTBD IMMEDIATELY. An et|>erienced operator who understands all parts of the bn?inees; would like to hear of a situation with Home first da?? srtfit Address Chas. E. Llbby, care of Our nay A Sod. Vfl Broadway. TO PHOTOORAPHBRS.-A PRINTER ARD TONER, who thoroughly inderstaad* his business, wlahes a sit uation in a first clase gallsij. Address lor two daye A. T. W., Herald oOlce, rpO PHOTOURAPH BR#?WANTED, A FIRST CLAM X operator, at Baroalow's. 74 Bowery. To a competent hand, steady employment, good waces, and no Sunday work. JKWEI.LERS -WANTRD. ONE GOOD HARD <Mcr ring maker; also one rood general jeweller. Ap ply at Pratt, Lombard A Co.'a, II John St., or to Wo. H. Pockham. 12 Dutch sl VHARNISH MAKBit WANTED-A GOOD. RRLlABLIt. I prirtical man. who understands the buatneas in all Its branches^ Address, fith refsrenoe. be* tlR I'mi e?ee. WMOOLLEN WEAVER WAITED.?WARTBlT ?MR ? dlately, a man ti tale ebarge of a aatlnet wears room. In a mill of three ems. Steady employment and liberal wanes will be given. Rone need apply unleei they can oem* well rocoanaaeiHtsd. Apply to Jsa. Watertouae, M Pine el. WANTRD-A WATcriMARER, A GOOD WORKMAN. Vf to go to Clnotnnatl. Apply to OMft * Fallows, ll Maiden lane. . TIT ANTED?TRR OR PIPTEER IROR BENOH MO OLO VT era to go lo Connection t; those deelrtog peraanent ampio>mont preferred. ^al. at 55 wSfa iTlfARtED-l JOB COMPOSITOR', TO ORE WH? W thoroughly uadarstaads his hnalMaa* Mrssaaent sitn

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