Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1864, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1864 Page 5
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End opening a letter addrsssed to it. &uA , have bow mi down far trial in Um criminal lueeday next tHIRTT'BlOHTH OOROBBM. riKST IM8IOM. Statu. WADHWotoit, A^rU 15,1904. wrjaa vmrmmuL to Af wmmos. 'f&ofiaa Phbwt presented a boatajP from the Proal Eent, submitting to ita consideration the expediency of sthorUing Surgoon Solomon Sharp to accept a piece of lata from bar Majesty's Secretary of State for Foreign (Affairs, Car his attention and services to Lien tenant Oar Sola and sab-Lieutenant Ded worth, of tha British ahlp reyhound, at tha hospital in Norfolk, Va. in outna or wna AQiwr ran cvmo statss. > Mr. Sonna, (rep.) of Maaa., introduced a bill for tha CI I uat meat of olaima of allaaa against tha United Statea ooe the eommenoament of the praaont rebellion, which bras referi ed to the Committee on Foreign Relations. It ftrovtdis for the appointment of three commissioner*, One of whom shall be learoed In tbe law, to examine and ?report upon the claims arising from damage to persons or ?property of ailana by civil, military or naval author! ?iea of the United States, during the rebellion, in oiaea which cannot bo decided by existing tribunate eiaae olaima are excluded from consideration If tbey e not presented to tbe Seeretary or State within one year from the time that they may hare ariseu pr coma to the knowledgeol tbe claimant, to be valued. Tha olatan w?t must not have filed his intention to become Qitlsea of the Uuited Ma tea, nor at any time exercised he right of voting, nor at any time given aid or comtort ?the rebellion. j mrocram to railroad compakiss. * Mr. Roman introduced the following joint resolution to facilitate i>oetal and military communication among the Jtoreral states:? 1 Whereas,^the constitution of the United Slates confers aipoa Ooaiiress, la expresa terms, the power to regulate ? bommeree among tbe several States, to establish post roads aod raUe and equip armies, therefore. I Resolved. That every railroad company In tbe United Statea ftrhose road la operated by steam, its successors and assigns, be and ts hereby authorized to carrv upon aod over the road, toounectlous, boats, bridges and ferries, all freight, property. Dial's, passengers, troop* ami government supplied, on ibf>lr way from any State to another State, ana to receive comi*n < nation tuerefor. ? Referred to the Military Committee. alivkatioh to tun capitol. A letter ftom the Secretary of the Treasury was re ceived, stating tbnt the proposed alteration to the south *ii*!. while remedying an architectural delect and giving additional roum, would effect a saving of $18,308 by tho fuse of the granite for the north wing. ORGANIZATION OP MO.TTAS.I TXBKTORV. ' The subject of the disagreeing votes w tbe two houses ?n the bill to provide a territorial government for Men tana oame up. ' Mr. Doourrut, (rep.) of Wis.,addressed the Senate. He referred to the fact tljat tbe bill had first boon reported by a member of the House devotedly attached to free dom, and passed in that, body without any such provi sion, and was then reported from the committee here, at the bead of which was Mr. Wade, in tbe same torm in wbiob it passed the House. and ut the moment of its pas fage the Senator from Minnesota introduced bis amend ments. #le thought the gentieman had thus raised an ipsoe unnecessarily, which, ir persisted in, ?ould raise a contest that would come into tbe nsuiug campaign and do. mischief. When it hud boon stated that there wore no negroes or persons of African descent In tbe Territory, the Senator from Min nesota had mentioned ono there who waa worth fl ty thousand dollars. It happened that one person or Afri can doscout bad gone there early and discovered a gold nine, and that person happened to be in tbe gallery trben the Senator adverted to the fact; so tbat there was not one colored pereon in the Territory. Ibere are, how tver, Indians and persons of indisu descent there, and it i a question if tbey would not, under the amendment, be entitled to exercise the right of suffrage. In this con neotion, Mr. Doolittle said designing politicians could use ?nob persons for voters to carry their corrupt ends, using thus not only Indians who hsd adopted a civilized life, bpt the wild Indians. This bad once occurred in Wis fionsin, and wby not in Montanar By tbe use of plenty of whiskey and tobacco this bad neen done? ?tripping tbo wild Indian of bis blanket, and putting tbe Coat aod pantaloons on him lor the moment. [At tbls moment, there being much excitement on acoount of tbe passage of a lirge body of trco ? through tbe city, tbe Senate, en motion of Mr. Simwkr, took a recess of lialf an hour.} Mr. said be deprecalcd tho making of an Issue of this kind now, as it was a mare abstractly n, and it was attraction Wbteb bad excited the religious world aod croat.-d bloody war?; an abstraction ol Mr. Calhoun b id brought OB our great troubles. He pointed also to the fact thai tbe constitutions of Ohio. Indiana, Illinois and tether Western (ree Slates prohibited necro suffrage, and |be people ot some of them iiad by overwhelming majorities decided to make no alteration on tbat subject. amd >n New Work, where negroes bad the suffrage on a property quali fication or two buudred and Ufty dollars, propositions bad been submitted to tbe people to remove the restric tions, but tbey were rejected by Urge majorities. He could well understand how it wus in tbe New Knglsnd States, wbore-there were a few colored persons, who, from ttioir association with tbe well educated people there, would be fit sub e<ts lor the right of suffrage. The JState ot West Virginia, whose constitution has just been Mopted, restricts the right of voting to white citizens, and in Wisconsin tbe people nsvo twice voted against it, and yet that State is not behind any in its anti slavery Idnas. Tbe question wus whether we shall now raise tbe ?bait hare iKV-sed upon ibn question lor Itseif. ibe time m?r ooiiio when the States ruay properly enact liws timt poreoos of African descent. who have shown themselves *o bo goo<l soldiers, may have tbe riebt of suffrage. Of all things tbe most unwise that we can enter upon is, that a U>agreB8, composed mainij^t members who come from tbe states whose constituent deny tbe right of ne ?re suffrage, should ask us to extend iliut' right In tbe errltnnes aod tbe District of Columbia. We bad Issues eniugh in considering whether our constitutional govern ment C'Hild be malo'atnod, and whether the union o.' Cheee states 'bouid be preserved or broken. Jbese Issues were largo enough, broad enough, sod demanded all oar thoughts and our time- -all our energies and aII our mo ney. We were engaged In a war which bad do l arallel In bumac history, lhis whole couotry, from Maine to lbs Rb t.raode, roe >uuiled with tbe tramp ot armed le giotis, and evon now > ne of our army corps wn.s march lug tbroi gti the city to engage m a contest tbe most bloody ib<* world bad ever seen. Ho were pouring out. our b.<vi?l ind treasures like water. We were mortgunng the euhstMco of ages to uomo after Vs to win ibis victory. Our country was bleeding at every point Kvery household :wjre the drapery of mourning. Urlcf sat a visitor at every OMMide and filled tbe unwelcome cbairs nt every family altar. He proceeded:?v'ir, ibere are some of us that bavo t?un coraj>elloa to look into the graves of our o*aobiiiiren wbo have .alien vi> tuns to tbis unboly strlie, y't, sir, it we can only succeed in making this such an tseue of arma as to crush tbe military power or tliis con aplracy tu; sacrifice of our cherished household treotuies will n<>l bein ruin. lu this struggle we should seek to do notloag but that wbkb gives force to our armies?but that which raises money to support them. When peace was pr cimmcd be would have no objection to adept meagn'ei for Hie promotion of negro sun rage. Iu Cod * Bime. let us suppress the rebellion; and. though tbis may give freedom to the negroes. let ut postpone action ou tbis other issue, which can only serve go wertkea the eueit,i?s or the loyal people in (his greet struggle He would have the Northern people speak but one sentiment, and that should be "Crusb tbe rebellion ; put down tbis ?piracy.' He would preier to hsve a united Xortb p.tber (baa have H ngland and France join us against tbe t?outb ?rn confederacy. We bad eieingpts of discord eoo>wb ar Min i us; and our true policy wss to allay, rather than encourage tbe elements of strife, especially as we were ? n tbe ere of an exclt-n^ I'resldentia^iaiiipstgn Mr. Wtuuasoa, (rep.) of Minn.,said bis imposition to ?trike out "white male citizens," and Intert "citizen or the United flutes," seemed to create tbe impresfion io tbe mind or the senstor that it would reLd tbe {.ovoro moot to twain. He tbougbt it a greet deal better to let tbe balance of tbe soldiers, who were marching through bur streets in defence of toeir country, bave a -rote iu Montana tbsn to let trsitors rote itere. He dM not believe ibis - question would ftistrect t?e public mind, unless ibe Senator end thus" who scted wub Mm stirred it up. Su. b ?peecbes as U>e Senator bad made to-day bad that ef lect. Ho heiisred tbe war had been protracted three years j) consequence of tbe (tar of our leaders that they would distract tbe sentiment of lie North. It was two yeara before we dared to atk Leproes to fight tor ee. He would use Uw Btcnt arms sad brave Hearts of tbeie ?liisck men. The MMMttN rejected ibe rroten to adhere to lis amcBdment, and agreed te a re?,i-en for a committee of cce ference. rsivxie mi.i? r>ssrt> Two or three private bills jawed, and the Senate ad jouraed ______ Hewee mt Reprstenlatlvti. WatMiNUto*, April 'it, 1M4. ma roHDmo* or Tin wiSMRe/oti imihsss Oa wotion of Mr Hrwutin, (rep.) oi Iowa, tbe Com mittee on Indian AOhirs were instructed to inquire into (be truth or tbe statemont that tbe Winnebago Indiana ?re Io a starring condition, and to report what leglslstion, K any, is oe<essary to relieve their present destitute and deplorable condition TH* mcRIUSK or THF TARP-'K. Mr Mosrim, (rep ) of Vt., said be propwed to modify the >olat reeolutioa be introduced last Monday to Increase (he tariff, and ssked that the subject be considered this wveatng. ibte was sgreed to. The arrangement Is that tbe reeohitlon msy tor some time be discussed in live tainute speeches. TH* OMR Hi NORSK IHlMAR BOl XtV. Nr. Kwntoa, (rep.) of N. Y., offered a resolutloo, which *ec adopted, Instructing the Committee on Military Af fairn to report a bill giving tbe bounty or one hundred dotiara to any aon commissioned officer, private, must ?iso or artiAoer who aball have been honorably dis charged iu consequence of wo.iads received or in uries in Abe service and in tbe line of his duty, and a pro ram ?hare of said oouity of ooo hundred dollars to sny volun teers lor the proportloaste term ot service exoeedmg three months, as Is 0"w provided by law for those eerv log two year*. [Nors.?This resolution Is preceded by a preamble hav ing referedoe ?o two years NesaYork volunteers, tbe proposition being deeigned to mcerlbeir rsse.) tot srssnr i tmsiiMwrr os Mr. fiaarrRLa, (rep.) of Ohio, introduced a bill pro vldlng for the more speedy punishment or guerillsa. it ?atborixes commanding generals in tbe Held to carry into eaecutioo sentences agninst gtierillas and persons guilty of robbery, arson, burglary, rape snd violation c~f the laws snd customs of war, and spies, mutineers snd mtir> Crers The bill was referred to the Committee on Mill ry Alfsirs. 4 ms IWtMtaat, TAX SIM.. ' Section nlnetr seren, impoeing a tax upon tbe salse of ?oods, stocks, ?c., being under consideration, Mr. Furas, (rep.) of N. Y., offered tbe rollowlng sub j^tltete for tbe rates propoeed by the oommlitee ? (Tpoa all sale* ef geld end silver, hwMlon and cola, sterling gwBisas, tremlesaq aaygfc stocks, bond* si other etfun ... ?w*h of eae per Mil eu the amount of the salss ?hTli to < kTrew4- *a<1 upon *U SOatfaetl for aueb Mia*. Mr Fiaon arruw* (kat oowatry has oaed of m* aua;'that aaay artfe!1* aiuLM^^r tbe lax upon utocka au% l>0*4* *** .T!y?!l -HV.' that persons who deal v? Tr' Su! Uu amount proposed, anK?<1l,?'^f J* *5* ijjjj? no a thousand. U ii waa dlalntSs .**7 ,ty*T lata la stocks experienced a h sails* 10 financial troubles aroaa from Uu UUMMJuamttr iM ?took board*. Should Ulaglltaaata aataa be art of the country la the and would b* greatly lha ?* ^c*w' there would ba a* opposition la Ma amendment. at, if adopted. Ike government waold raoslra ssvtral saMods ^Mr'Souo*. (rep.) oT ??., opposed tM amendment,' aayioic .t was - uWux, and ha flm?M the amendment reported by the committee doubling the rates aaorlginal 17 reported waa as aauoh aa tbo basiaeaa woultf boar. Mr KaaKAi, (opp ? of N. V.. aaid ho waa eurprtaad at his ooileacue (Mr atebblns), who had heretofore a* elo qoentlydepicted tbo effects of speculation upon the finances of the country, and bad propoaod ao low a tax upon these operations, end which was totally inadequate. He thought this busiaesa woald boor a much higher rate of taxation. Mr. A W. Oi.ark, (reV'Jof N- T..sald be bad examined the account of stock salca id Now York for last Saturday, aad they amounted to 515.000,000, and that, with -.the aales lu oilier cities, would1 yioidr a revenue, at the pro posed tax of bis colleague; of $15,000 per day to the government. Mr. Kakiwwortu, (rep) of ill., aaid wo were told that if we flx the tax, too lilfrta, ttte brokers would evade it and cheat the government out of any revenue from it. We did not bear their argument applied to other taxes He contended that we should make the law so strong and so well guardrd that Uiey oould not dodge it or cheat the government. TOa argument waa not a good one He agreed with the gentleman from New York who oSbred the amendment, and waa in favor of impoaiog the tax of ono-tenth of one per cent upon these operations. Mr. K as son, (rep.) of Iowa, wished. la the absooce of the member from Now York (Mr. BtebWna), who origi nated tbia tax, to present two or three facts to the com mittee. He regretted that Imputations should be cast upon tho motives of the Rontleman. He wfcS as patriotic and sincere as auy member. Mr. Kirnan disavowed any intention of casting' insputa tions upou his colleague. He only expressed bis surprise tbat he should favor so low a tax on their sales. Mr Onau., (Opp.) of N. Y., defended his coltesgue, and said ba thought the gentleman did bis coiioague-au injus tice. He was in favor or tbe amendment of Ula col league (Mr. Frank) Mr. I'leagjuroo Wood, (opp.) of NT. Y., was very sure tbat there was no class to be aflected by tbls bTtl who could better boar It than tbe brokers of New 'fork. Their operations had become more extensive, and their profits from Ibis war greater than those or any other class or people. He charged that the financial difficulties bad been caused more by stock gamblers of New Yorle than by anything else, except the impolicy of the Sedre tary or the Treasury , Mr. Rasd-all, (opp.) or Pa., moved to amend tbo amendment or the gentlomau from New York (Mr. I rank) by making tbe tax one-fifth of one per com. Tbey were able-, and gentlemen said willing to bear it. Mr. Randalls amehdment wag agreed to, aad Mr. Frank's amendment as amended adopted. All premiums awarded as tokens or merit by any agri cultural society, corporation or association (or any pur pose whatever, are-exempt from tax. .On-motion or Mr. Snnuexs, (rep ) of Pa., the committee baviug risen ror that purpose, tbe House took a recess from half past one to Uwlf-past two, in order to enable members to witness tbo grand reviow or a large body of tro- i>s. On the re?S8embling of tbe House tbe consideration or the Internal Tax hill was resumed. Amendments were mada so as to read that tbe tax en all sw ine slaughtered Tor saJe should be ten cents per bead; on all sheep and lambs slaughtered lor sale, Ave cents per head; provided, tbat all cattle not exoeeding five in number, andall calvas, aw roe, sheep and lambs, not exoeeding twenty in number, slaughtered by any per son for bis or tier own consumption, shall be exempt from duty. Insurance companies are t? pay one apd a half per centum on their gross-reosipts of premiums or assess ments for insurance. The tax on lotteries was increased to Ave per centum on the gross amount of receipts. Mr. I'miiT.KTON, (opp.) of Ohio, offered a proviso to ex empt from taxation lotteries, rallies or gift enterprises by Sanitary fairs or religious associations for the relier of our soldiers, or some other charitable use; a permit to be obtained from the collector of tbe district where tbe lot tery. rattle or gift onteepri.;o takes place. This proviso was adopted. Mr Prick, (rep.) or I .wa. would increase the taxes on theatre*. operas, citruses and muBeumat rrom one to Ave per centum on tbe gross receipts. Such places, he said, could better bear such a tax .than bridge and telegraph companies, which arc taxed five per centum. Mr. Morrili. Baid there was a vast difference between phces of amusement and telegraph' and bridge compa nies. The receipts of tbe latter were mainly profits, while out or tbe receipts or places of amusement ninety, five per ceutum had to be paid lor expenses. Tbe object is revenue, end not to c'ose such places. Mr. Snrnu, (rep.) of Iowa* moved tbat the tax be in Teased from one to two per centura on theatres and circuses, and this was agreed to. The committee here rose. VIKUINIA CO.NTttTSD SI.B0T1OIV. Mr. Dawks, (rep.) of Mass., trom the Committee on (elections, reported a resolution tbHt Mr. Chandler is not entitled to a seat from tbe Second Congressional district of Virginia. The consideration of the resolution was postponed, when the House, at half-past tour o'clock took a recess till seven e'clocli. ^ EVENING RKSttOM. * Wasminuto:*, April 2a, 1864. imoRMATioa wannxii about gknkkai. fii.air Mr. Si ?rears, (rep.) of Pa., asked leave to offer a reso lution tbat, as a general order or tbe War Department as signs Major General Blair to tbe command of tbe Seven teeutb army corps, tbe Presideut be requested, if uot in consistent with the public interest, to Inform them whether F. P. Blair is a major general; and, if so, wben be was appointed; and whether said K. P. Blair resigned bis commission or major goneral before bo took bis seat in Cotigr^fs, and what action was taken on such resig i nciii mx's RsroRt RK;4:tmN0 ftucd* wthkmiw tokk O'TTOM ilorfB. Mr Krr?am>o Woon, 'opp.) of N. Y , offered a r?s>lu i ti'>o Hint tlie Secretary of War be requested to furnish (be Hou*e, if not incompatible wilb tbo public Interest*, the rei<nrt of tienerai nix concerning tmuduletit transactions iu the New York Cunt' in House. Mr I'oiikroy, (rep.) of N. V.. obteeffd to both resolu tions We did Dot require resolutionc but actiuu. IMi KK4HB OF IKK TARIFF OH IMPORTS Mr. Morrii.l. (rep.) or Vt., offered a joint resolution raising tbe duties on imports, to tnk? place from and alter its ^as^ane, and to continue untit.fuiy 1,1"?4. Mr. Ka-sox, (rep.; or Iowa, offered a proviso tbat print ing pi|<er uns! /.ed and used lor books and new*pl|>erg ex oluaively shall be exempt from tbe operation of the reso. lution Hi' said bi= objet was that additional burthens atould not be imi osed on the dtllcsifta of intellectual light Wid -knowledge The amendment ?a? agreed to. Mr. Stkvr** offered a substitute for tbo resolution, pro posing for sixty days alter the passage of the resolution to add fifty per cent to the tariff uow imposed on goods, w ires and' nni chaudise. The House proceeded first to perfect Mr. Morrill'* reso lution. Mr. Kkrwahtmi Wo<>t> offered an amendment providing that nothing in tbe resolutions should be construed to in clude goods wares and mercbaodlae to hooded ware house or on tbe way from pUce of importation. He said tbls was most extraordinary legislation Heretofore bills 01 tbls character were- prepared with great caution and deliberated upon with great care Hut here was a reso lution proposing in one general sweeping provision an enormous increase in tbe whole tariff. If it be said thai the cocdition of tbe public finances required this increase, be *<,u!<i cauticn tlie government agatust a policy which might become prohibitory. But if they were determined to adopt this measure, be demanded that good* in bond and in tbe ooutse of imputation be exempt Iron its ulceration. He submitted tbat the tohiBllanti and Im porters culd not stand this kind of legillation. Mr. Ki names, (opp.) of Wia., said tbe gentleman bad changed his views smoe tbe whiskey question wae be fore tbe House. On tbat occasion tbe gentleman bad re marked tbat everybody should be prepared for taxea. Although be alwaya gave consideration and respect lo what tbe gentleman advanced, be could explain bia po nuons. He knew tbe gentleman discriminated largely against the West, and looked to bis own countrymen. 11 teemed to him tbat the importers sbonld be aa well pre pared to pay duties aa tbe manufacturers of whiskey or anything else tor toe ruhllc market. Mr. Wood said therewaaa m?rted distinction between (be two ewes. A merchant sends forth an order for a cargo to Kurope. Tbe goofes are received under tbe inme law and regulation* aa whan tbe order waa given. This did not apply to whiskey Mr. RtrmiwjB said when the farmer planted hlsoorn and sent it to market, be did so oo ibe faith of tbe gov ernment. He granted tbat they might sometimes be mis taken in relation to tbe present administration, wbicb did make some pledgee at tbe beginning, but bad not fulfilled tbem. Mr.-lA*n C Ai lrji, (opp.) of 111., could not support the resolution. Jt violated a sound principle of leglala lion,and if we adopted tbe principle of changing the tariff every year, or every ilk or three montbe, It would unsettle the whole trade of tbe country. Mr K ai sfi aia< u, (opp. )^f N Y., raid be could not aee tbe difference between the T?hl?key dealer and tbe im porter. lb* distillers nad notice of a tat, and tbey worked nigbt and day to meet tbe requirement. And with what degree of consistency could tbe House impose duties on Imported articles which might not arrive here for two or three months' He thought goods In tnmaltu should be exempt as long ai liquor* on bafed wete not taxed. Mr. Wood'a amendment waa reacted. Mr. Cox, (opp.) of Ohio, offered in amendment, locreaa In* the tax on wool easting lorty centa a pound seven per cent, and over forty cents ten per csnt. He contended ibat wool would bear an increase over tbe preeeot ratea. I ebate folmwed on tbe inbjart of wooj. participated in by .Messrs. Pawn, Khr, Morrii.i., of Vt , Moorhbjd, and Sir.*M0R*tt;. thought tbe diacnwlon hid already p?) cecded a considerable length, and be dcured tbe queetloo should be taken. Mr FkHisAXfo Woon said fhey had met tbla resolution in ibe most liberal spirit, and di*cUF*ion should ba allow ed a* I' ug as gentlemen s|*>We directly to tbe question. Mr. Monmn. replied that he would aoon radeavor to re ch a vote. > The House adopted in amendment assessing a duty or eight ami eleven cen'.a oo wuol uader and over forty centi per pound. * Mr. Hoi xas. (opp ) of Ind . offered an amendment, which waa agreed to, that instead of from too to flftv cents per gallon on all description! of wines aod accord ing to value, tbere shall he fifty per rani Imposed on all wlnea, ale and porter, In addition to tbe tariff now au thorized by Ww. MK ftrvrm explained hli luhstltnte. The object ?a< to put fifty par cent on the present rates of doty oa every tblng, ao aa to keep oat importation*. Tbersaoluttw wet ; * op*r?# Mill a tariff bill 1* JoiHw*mi weec *? oknilhl^i *** b#6? " lot ?o* be a*ow?4 two aellltoaa of mm, and three of *??**??+* oT M|?rti expected by Me THjm. ^ or gtM, u imM tot of might bo l^ooSSLISr n?. **?*? *"1 *?? dM to hear it, on* thmirtt we itMU 1 I T clt6" lb# u *" i "* ?aNt,i"t#' **4 ? u7s;lioB 10 ! ?< rklurwa *iMoo kwas oT Niuoro, i fjjysviSyiSii^sis nsxss ?.& 1 ^rirr r.T- ?Th# ^n* ?^?oiutk* ^ M 3wg.~ 'Z?J!??"0l ^JP^nUUr^ to the pMiat of this nutaiinH <n '"*7 day* from dutiSTxrJiiu ?*??? * and iu??lundSa aod arttolea Imported ^ grass???S CHRflKAL ILAIK'H 8TAT(IR ??<>ti<Hi ?f Iff. Davb, (rep.) of Mm a rMoltftion sascaaa n?as5^ig undnr any such appointment U 1,0w ?otil* WPOTBWIO* OK Tin nOV?NVHtMT'8 mTfRWm w tfKM Mr K Waifi0^ BP 'te-f,B"lutlon tawetoTore offered by L??S,kr"l"^'Dr "* PreoHont to toko aurji ssras^trs's r:,sssa wasa: sssssst zssssvsr? lbsIWM.I?MUJiiianatakk. Vna,? avl M. fKOF*OllOir Of TH? NOKTiUMTMUr HOIINDAKT or^L f,(^, iu0.p,) of,Ma-'IM0,re<l lhatlb? Joint resolutions or tbe I^K.^Uturo of Mitao; inking for ihi urotacLion at the norlbe?Hfcern boundary of that State be referral in m. select committee of seven. * Wr8j t0 * Agreed to. Yens, 64; nays jtf. Iho Mousu tbou adjourned. THE CHENANGO DISASTER Comtl.mat ton of the CorMrer'. larertl. Cation. TboCoroodr's inmMtlgatioo into tH? caweo or tho dl?. aster 00 (lie Uiiitod-Sutes steamer Obenaogo ?? ooo tinuM yesterday afternoon. Tbo rolling orideuce was talceu ? Cyrua H. Hawkins sworo-Resida at m First street, New York am a machinist, put the cyphering gang* up in tbe Chenango and tM Ascutooy; thlrgauge now e* d n precisely like tbe One on tbo Chenango (Witness, in connection with Mr. Maaort Her* demon atraied the manner i? Hie gedge v*?fH|ed with Morcury.) Witness resumed-Mr. Mason fllled tbscyphsrioc gauge ia?lb? Cboaango; I was present at tbe tlmtf. oo-waaMr f.*UBe waa propw'y fll'otf( wt that the tell, tbo- trial trip; noUceTtb?t' theworko/wate? SS r?"?>%>& KrS?r*?AS,SK^; I woald ko to work cho valve lor the purpose or rel'leVtn^ it, narver studied engineering this was tbo flrst toTu ? waseroron. have been in the boiler" id n<* ol,wrvi the number of guys; 1 am positive tbe gauge was lu ^r feet working order on the trial trip k * U ^ K "mod recalled?Placed the cyphering' cane# on board (be ship and filled It with mercury It was 1111 art72 overflowing and in perfect working order'. rt .. ?f"2 I)e Luce ? worn?Am cbiof engineer in o<? United Stales Navy Yard; have two inSn- V.rdf m!i!C H[er9.i'>'c^e<' up io the engine room of the rbo' nango direcMy after the accident; they amount to si? I^T rlrr(?.S8if^rt.l uy '.h? gaui;0 "'ese are probably the last cards tb?y took: tboy sbow that the encine m* lomi' K Kdi.(apt",n Flllobrowu handed the c?rd? tome, have bad experience witb the Martin luniu- it ^/"?kW8? e '{roolflyn n'De months and bad cbaraw mm ml"'? / <,'*l,te?n months; the boilers nevur gavo me any trouble whatever; tbo morninu t>ie theTauae^Th^J0 th* VaId' afl,r ,h0 *c< Ident found ttw gauge at thirty nine and a half pounds per suuaro examic?^ tbe cyphering gauge; d? taobod tbe pipes to clear it of water- nuiiod tha down to its greatest limit to allow it to go baok ? arts? pei forming this opcrali n several times it wo point; therowaa no*erenryon< WUi^to'tkka iTdn'***1 ^.r, as I didVoV wt b to take It down; a portion of tbe ashes had b*on. hnH? Th ^ re. 1 **w '1| snd placed a^a nst tbo port Ir 1 h?H h. ?8a '"r,c, ordor? net to touch anything oul of the^gaugef ^ W"7 ' WO"M haV<5 S?tt JSESSrtSl- j"r3r wen' d0,rn tt?howod two inrhes?how cun yon aocount Tor thia' A a m^dleTwUbT9 Uad beea ?a b01rd at"1 "ive ?y ortnlon there bad been an une.iual ??h?r. r?^i 6 ^races of ,he b0?8r. ouo gave wav and tbe ?ro"ow*'1 ol cowrsa. saw tbe iuslde of ilia boilar was taking notes while 1 bier Engineer Karron and anotner w?ro examining It; boilers aro usually ?U,rt S n<,COWr-v ,0 bcar ,ho "train; the hoilors of tbe Hrooklya are not as low as those or the Cbenantru at tb?Mme?!mor',m Cb"I,ou,r' *h< work#a 00*?ter O,n"Jer-0- V this boiler bad stood sixty pounds hydraulic procure ind hren prouounced ner'ect and occopted by tnegovernment, would you thmk that it would ocplode with a less amount of steam* A. It would ' 10 happen; some ?f tbo pins migbt have l>een strained or imrtly ^roken, and under tbe preuure thai a stnam iioller H i* ml*he have beau nopnraiad ? (bora I* no evidence of low water In tbe boiler except m tbe archos f, 8|MS '? a ?o,,<1 tost, and I have bad considers' ble exporieuco at sea. a water ga*iKu, nssuining that it is perfectly adjintod, will, I think, indicate, f"anun? or pro^Kly clean ''"aal"' of wa,,r Hi? boiler if it is kept To the jury?A brace put in connection with an elistic bir brings the strain almost entirely upon tbe rieid .hi'.*.: " lb? s,,rin|f " "?? forward areh 01 the < heoango boilor wai very hot. Warren K. Hill snorn-Rcside at tJroenpolnt. am an engineer and dr*n?iMsman, in the tmpiov of the i on tmental iron Works Examine.! tbe Injured boilor on the 4?th lost., (br my own gratillcaiion, went inside- ex amined the stays; there were sixty-four; the b.iller is generally braced as sbown in the dnithng tho roof brjees are half moon shaped, attached to tiie T iron which Is three and a half inches square bv half an incl?' the half-moon braces are one and an eighth inch at tached lo .1 bar one inch and three-quarters by three eighths of sn Inch, running to tbe tube boxes, to winch ihoy are fwtenod by two three <piarter inch rivets at dif. rercnt sngles, somewhere about an angle of ten degree* the number of braces coming to the tube boxes are sixty-four, tbero sre ono hundred and sixty vi.iare fe?t on the top of tbe boiler to b? stTyed making twentv three thousand and fortv suuHro inebes or threo hundred and sixty inches to eicb brace, bringing a preasure of il ,fioo (wuads u> ench brsce. we generally brsce boilers of this k.nd every hum or ton inihes, making one hundred inches to each brace ? do not know why the boiler was braird 00 the top ?verv three hundred and sixty inch#*, while and all holler's ~ k-.-AMn... h.? mlro.l ln..|i?j r uin.iM Innk upon it as ft very strange piece of boiler making, au olsstic T rail would help strengthen the boiler. Wm. Brora I <jr sworn?Am engineer of ineKultou rcn Works: have had experience with ibe Martin boilers wan oo tbe ships Niagara and Brooklyn about six days each; also on the Oneidn and Iroquois have never hul any cause 10 complain of their working: suppose the boii?rs of tbe ships I Lave named wore ilka the boilers on tbe fbeoago tbe drawing shown is abent tbe same as the others; have noticed I bete bolters foam, but act more so tban otber boilers; a ma,only ot new boilera are liable to toam tbe water gauge would not indicate the true amount of water in tbe boiler it It was foeroiog. 'bar* would ba morn or lasa fluctuating in tbe g*uge during roaming I was one of a board of engineers who sat in judgment laat winter on Ibe boilers, sngioes and coadCDser* of these gunboats, it waa called by tha secretary of tbe Navy; lb* board was composed of nine members, Ave of whom reported favora bly ; there waa a minority report; tbe report was only based upon economical "fleets aa to iba consumption of fuel, ic.; lb* Martin boiler can be mada aa strong in every way aa lb* horizontal tubular boiler for marine service, my confl'lcnc* iu them has aot baen shaken by the recent disaster Oae ot tbe jurymen ob ectsd to tke line of svldencs of tbia witness, as having a isiida^y to prolong thn Inves tlcatl- n unnecessarily Wliat^i?y wanted to kuow was the cans* of ibe explosion. and be apprehended that the mil.da of the jury were pr?uy well settled en that point already. Tbe Corener stated thai, aa he waa not familiar wttb lectin entities In regard to tbe science of steam and tbe manufacture of boilers, be bad permit)ed others 10 make suggestions snd ask questions through him, but that hereafter be should leeve li to tbe jury exclusively, to ustber with himself, to conduct the ex.miuation of wit nreeee. Augustus E. Baker sworn?Reside In Trorldence, R. have bad ehargeof tbe constru< lion and running ofth* engine of the double ender rawtnxet. she waa built fHwu plans and spec Heal ions furnished by tbe government tbe drawing shown la tbe same as tbe one tbe I'swiuxei's boilers were built on, I bad charge of the Pawtniel on ner ninetv-alx hours' trial aba burned about fifteen tons of coal aa hour: sbe averaged six and three-quarters revo lutions a minute; tbe diagram shown la tbe one tak<>a oa that occasion. during the trial we bad a great d*sl ot foaming of the boil*r?: we bad to 01 en tbe relief valves very often to !e| tbe water out of tbe cylinder which cam* over, we bad to feed salt water to make up for tbe loea; I do not consider II safe to rnn tbe boilers with tb* engine, aa they will foam In spite of all you can do; tbe vessel was tried a we** ago last Saturday i down the river, we carried about eighteen to twenty pound* of steam on tb* trip; tbe throttle was about three-eigbtb* nj-en wlasa we bnd twenty two pounds ot stsam on going b?ek w* threw lbs throttle wide epen a report was sant (rem tbe foremen that the start" ard boiler waa foaming; I examined tbe boiler and found it was foaming very Daftly; we were then neer the ?nd of our trip; I ordered the flr*tn*n to draw theflrca at once; was twenty two minutes in geltAg water up to the flr st gauge ; I do net consider the boilers ae safe aa any other boiler with ordinary care; do not consider tbem as sere aa tbe common lobular boiler ; I do sot think mii ran brace the lint surface la tbe Merlin boiler as wellss you c&a In otber boilers, aa yon cannot put in bracss enough to bold tbem , tbe water gauge dote not sbew tbo amount of wster while a bolter Is foaming ; think any engineer would be liable to mlatako snd not kDOiy where tbe water waa during foaming ; an engineer coufd tell. If there was plenty of light and tbe boiler w*s no* foaming, at a distance of fifteen feet, how ?Mb wafer be bad; in but opinion tbe cauie of the * g plot** haa been from Vke overheating of the cm Wl rrohee, which woe Id oauee an increase of stsem prcjun instantaneously, I bass say opinion oa the \oatim <nr o ( (brmer wltflOWMi tie Q^er Upturn of ty a>?a^p,n?w KSS^JS th# t ooiamoo &?&^>S?m??'s3 *?*??*? Stains* or M'tttm or iw#7tV fee* if u^T?2!!t; K^j!^-V"fw,ss?sr^si' us? sn a > *N?JiIf I had mm bad fun o^' *1^3~ r wKSMvsr.a w "JJJJJJ!****U0 idlers fW over a ported of eight l^J^VL "T*? hMb*d?#Waoloff. bar* never w^tB^roMr Ifry.**"4 l"" '???? ***?Uor dangerous *17 pro?m attatlloa; know sooMthisf aboat Uia staying " f *?** P*^a grsetidttal ar atieatm to '.<>?"?*?< aaraatr, Mnui tto dnwmST ZZ?i? .?Kaoi',>' u"'k' ?wdtod (a brand 2?fL^n',# ""f "* AsonWo/'n bHHn Vara dtaSr^ i-- to (ho?r ? uta Cbeoaugo; liar* aavar waTTJ? "f ?* M?# **>??, or (firing able/ *"?i*naf during her trial, waa S( i2? ri!! 9n?^ "M boilers ware la charge , , i?". ??*loaar? TurmAad by tlie Korean ibaoecaM?^ ?^Ur lb? M8h,?*<5* <"*??* aK>. obtained *2stv^?.? <lur""r "* *"?' ?f tnT ' * ??*wal marking of tbe engine *m V Mow" *"* mm* ?*???? by mtSiir^'fSLr - 'J??*?'"4" -Orktrt lbs relief valve* wertad J??2f*^er *"*: dur"|ff **? tbo angina ItrT.I*rfII? ?'. T m"oh ? *B1 uiiaJMelo aay; Iba ptaioo strucfcdlstmctfy; did ant cooaldar (bis dangerous ss ft>ng watar ?heTai7?" enou*h ??' fr** *?>a cylinder of KJJf'fdw i??r?'t the #?t?r lo jmm ?*, ?m% w?Tw8 ?7 <rm" ,IK!t <* '?? ?*? Adjouruod uutii thro# o'clock this afttrnoo*. A HmUmn?? Ueionfftngr totn. fSvrth Are ?w? Uallraad Ooutpasy. W6?l:' **"' H w"' 66 'w?mlwn?! *r? alludod >rl??Uy to tb? in&UeotkM to tbe wants of t<be travelling public practised' by the Manager* of tbe Fourth'Avenue lUflroad Company in not supplying sufltciant stcemaoda. tioiw at tbo Thirty second street station. The advice thou given seems aot to bare baeo aoiad upon tmonry tbiart thereabouts rnmaiiM in pretty macb tba bioM coo ditioa now as tbaa Tho iirootors flitter thenxielvii, doubtlem, that the publio ocwreuiouco is a part or ut? r bumuaar: which la odly to be looked aftor wMm ii SET JET'S* *???? tui* ^ m* S-S , Z? 11,0 ??wrtli Avvoiie Oorapaur uir*.)' of mtiJ ,'i'^ 'H *bnndM<|r erldaocad by thwr uiter dicrward of tbo public aocommodatHio m othar reapectK. At tbe oornar of Thirty second stroaf ana l ourtb aveouff there uonimeo??i what m uaeil by trie skdt0^.or,8bor '????' s??? ?S h2ok ? norfinlfllr i ,up to lb Htreet arvi" ? iw0 ^ 10 '?p*"iet?n avouue Tlw " ? iaf surfouadlof gmninta can be nharac tari. ed as notlnug else than au utter niim>io>e Tba mf.?i rh bl<,<,#" u,yi?,' a covarmg of the dirtiest {^?iof lheauifiTn 0n t,hcoMt s,lh,0( tbeawooue, in . .. st.i(ila or car house, is ixirfeetly irmiuRH.ibln andlmtrVU"^0r U nttod ^^^-"iTbbth and nitb. A |>oot of stagnant water i? allowed to stand In tba yard aaar lhifty-rourth streot, and the odors emanating liom i. are admtrlbly eatculatod to add a baavy percentage to the weekly mortality Htativticx ??i?i m bVi "t" ?C,ty '""(fector. Vuiieu tolegrai.b ^ ? ??? r bollerrf. tenders aud dilt|>Kl*iel oars Oil ?l? the re>-t of this spot, which itfsuppoaud to be bold hr an Incorporated compuny for tti?r putiliu bunnitt. If this is a sireciincu of the reg.inl which' the- Kourtb Avenue Oompuuy huve lor the welfare of the i>eop*H the fower F^T/r/'T0* 10 lfcatn' th0 twUor Tba <-"n>mon Oounul a lew days ago pa?aed a resolution authorizing tba company to oxtend tbon- trasks up the we?* Bido * the nreoii* to the top nf ihe blll nl Thirty lourtb street and down (hat noo Hiroot tn the Knfrt rlvor Before the company aro Dermltted t? run ' ibetr cars on tbia e*'en sion some guaranioo it 7/MI Iw kopt uv better oider i PftTU ?i. ,beir rout" shonid tw letn.-ioded anu insisted upou by tbe antboritios. Tte? General JohnHeii and tbe Ucbet Army mt Tenn?a?*e. ^respondent or tbe Mobile AdbenUtr and Rrau/er thus writes from Iiaiton, lioor^ltv. .rL:lm''tt?y.10. bo ab,e u 8ay thal ?be ooihttttoo of our army is splendid in every roipect. H is well fed woli clad, in excellent health, and la high aud ho|>eful sp'lrtta ^??WlLrOI# 'I'1" bl8t'"r il hi,s no barefoot soldier. Would you believe that at Cbickauwaga tien. Rr*g< loRt the service or Tour tho' s tnd otherwise etllcient men be cause I hey were barerootr Credit it or not. ch? statement is true. And yet Hi. es were withUi reach of ordluarv juarlermastpriil energy. The saoe happened again at M'8slou>jry Kidge, where man sorely needed, aud where the barelooted men, bad they been nl?od a >d pres ent, niiiiht have turned the fortune of that serf dav Hut now every soldier has shoea. nut I R?rlnus|y doubt whether tbnro is anv general In tho oon^'^rala army who fully appreolates tbe nnlitarf i.Hue or shoes, (^ertainiy the i^nartsriaasters do not. a soldier, to be efficient, must not only have-shue*. but *ood sbo?s; well Biting, broad bottomed ivnd pliant Lpou this depends bis capacity for ntarohing amt to move with cmsiancy mid colority in battle Tbero is a <iu.iiiit slid wise old military mavim ? Ho.aemau, look to thy bor*e: foot man, look to tby feet." t.eneral obnatou ia un<|ueaii<iiiably & grdbt captain in kbo scieiKM of war. In ulnety .'ays'be lias uotranstorm ?<1 this army that 1 can flml no word t ? express the ex tent oi the transformation, but tho word regeneration It m a regenerated army. He found it ninety days a?o disheartened, desj airing, and on the verge of dissolution. By Judtcous measures he has restorod conftdeui'e re-es tablished discipline and oxallod tho hvarts of hm nrmv The ?rmj ot Tennossee, the m at illatarrsd and successlusi of alt our artuies, has seen its worst days let us hope that it will have --no moro rat rants and no more deroats." | have a Arm faith now in tho future of the army of Tennessee aud its great'captain, let bim but be unfettered, and furnished with adulate meuus J??ro .Vh St WU"- u!^.'8 Ver> fort""at? >" having such thorough soldiers as Hood, and Uardeo and t<t?wart aud W ..h"rUei' lY 'i'rM b" uo,"mn? *n<J execute nln orders, sib* The 'VUli'". ,'L "lems* ??' "'?? 'bat defeat is Imios i * h*'? *Dd hlgb '"'eU'lfenoe Hsrlee is tlways I p otnpt, rendy, |wr eel and succssful. fbe. aim stoic Mewart, silent, stern, poised, unp<'rt!irbiiblener t fails' "J1** errs and never dallies. He is ever at tho right nlaee. at the opportune moment. Ci.iburuois not morel v though be Is altocsther, a lion in battlu, but be ii n the K?uris to 'ride upon the whirlwind aud direct the storm" itf the mighty conflict. With these genernls there will he blunders, no "lust opportuuities uo disobedience of oi ders. ? uo General Johnston has two modes of sto|)pin? de.orters f>ne is by litMsral furloughs, allowing all to go home by turns, and the other is by the inexorable d-sim of deith to deserters, he has amto'ince i in general orders that ne will graut no pardons, and tbe doome.1 must die The court martial have at last come to -fiscover the oe. ffessity of pun;sblng deserters with desth and tew now ?senne There are upwards of a dozen soldiers now iwalting exe>*utiou of the death ueuaily for desertion some are to haiffe, some to be shot. ^sertiou. What tieneral Johnston will do *r not do Is a secret ?"Jm?.h\L "t'n hl" 0?n He "tV9#? <o mn h as a w:nk or a nod upon which to hanir a cou. jeeture \ e are sow very closc oeighbors lo the Yankees Ibey run car* to Ringgold, we run cars to Tunnel ||||| Tbe two points are seven miles a()aH. T he Yaukees are In force at K,nk'gold Half a Jays march byrtthJr would jump up the other. A Soldier Abet. Itosrtw, April 25. 1<W4. Simeon Beverly, of tbe Twelfth Maine regiment was Jhot dead last night at. Beacb street barracks by the iie itenaut of tbe uuard. II Is allegrfi that ho assaulted the officer. Beverly had served ,a the rsnks siuce the organi/at ion of the regiment. Hentcnc* of Oretn, the Mantertr. f/OWTcif., Mim., April 39, ISfll. Kdwtrd W. arena, who murdered Frank Converse, t j| |. er of tli? Maiden Baoic, wi to-day sentenced to be b lDf mere *u an immense crowd ia and aroutxi tbe r Anrt Ho ise to near end know tlm settoace Uraan reoei< lt with apparent caitnoe-w. * Dtkoll'i taf 8i(a?t Tram pet # BNOLIBB KRPORT O* A DKFf'.CT IN THB 'NST' irvrMT ; From.t&s I/mdon TeVgrapb. March II . Toww-H ibe sod of laat year curtain eaperp WAra Dixie M 1 iDgeaoMri ?lib lnlmll'a u.g signal I u?llwt tty order ot me Trinity IImm sulboritie*. whicb r?wii7t?'rt in tbe purchase of tbe apfMt atus for ?600 Id jvbruai t rrt tnu year tbs purchase <n a large tblriy-tw? to h . * a. for ?960 war. sanc?to?-*l, tbo instrument I J#(n- in import for ?M in tUe/O'ilf ;K^l .wr,?c. At u a In omelaiiy ?ckDowle?.ed, ? from tbe tr! ?i? ?t,>rh have ahead? baaa made, that the efltotive po of (h<1 tru#|. I*1 )f dimintabed when r ?.?, ,rern tbe line of laeaua or mouth, so much that wherses it "?* dutlfotlJ heard at a of t ?0 Mlrt ; wbrn tbe 1 Unity House ?lwra?r ? m |0 lh# f,T#r>b|, position, :t WMMurr to appro*- a w(lbl0 th(rd a mile wuen the sesael waa at right f engine to the axle of tbe trumpet. Tbts la a iwitui defect* for white the jrompet ?l?hHa?t? dir, out ,7^ mi^tTa heird distinctly by IJJ*'"? T5" till *1 might approach it ?n either ?#a, si.d!ron ashore In th , btabta of tba c?e>t wiUiout mvlyipg any we f0)0(( But pr >bsb;y this detect could ber /* ralgtrt*e poemble to eon tme that rev*,, tn an arc, M a? to throw ts whole or maxim* m Wflrj lb# bcriton F:*kA*n?f'n Tburads ^ srsn nij llr. Leeds will dla* pose of a tamable oollect M of |'rTOch and Uermao paint ing! at the old I'aaaeldO' ^ oaliery. A small statuette, by Birtolio>, formerly la ?, gallery of Joeepti Bonaparte, la alto Ui Ibe catalogue. JaUadar-ThU Day. MtI" -l*art i-No? 3T81, 3T*3, 34tS. 404?, 12- ' <oia ' !?? J ??T. ????? *??1. Wi, 40W, mI 1M2 107? **??Noa. naa, 33T0. 3384, v.?, 81?0, m, im, io,c 17Jgi aw#i 3a9ji m 83Mi ^ ^ rJlbi^w' 1 ,lu *??? !? Wai or Paper la Tii* O ??n r i perfume that ibould ethale from info??nll f i fow?"I Just so is It possible to mln.ic in whi. h mi *'|n* Bloomlo* Osrsvs, aa eitract La n.t I. -T. frMraace of the roee to shame tluard h^mn il ?ttailoaa. In the battles n| the genuine Is are ioid by :r,ww'u^ hhU,a * ??* 'P* T?'* ? flattsrlaf Tale, bat Waver Ihr ' '? dtflas a prrparation for ths tallsi sa i? r? delightful preparation, Sotodoot. Bo ooei aad refresh ! 4'y agreeable to the mouth and teeth, harden* aad inrigo. Ate* Hie gnn?a: alreaa pure and health? toae to the breath, rteaaeea, hrautiliee and preserves th* teeth and arreetede oar- Kola hr Idr"/i';'e?nd taocy goods dealers every where, and by n*Ll> ? RUt!ICBI?, proprietor*. IIB Oreenwich arret. New Pork, 76 casta per bottle. A Baaatlfai CeapleilM.-Ulrt'a B loo as of Tonth ???rpames everythina far preeervlag an9 beaml iu' P""'P ** ^ **'? aad dru# HOTICE TO ADVBKTT?B?3 Tbt pablio will ind (t U Urtif k(i?%aP<*?* !? Mad is (heir hdvertlaenieaU before oiae o'Mook It the evening Ail biumeod boUom. u? be wkollf tuefui ud vnlunble, ihMM be clewlf Ml properly arranged nnd oUeniAed Airertinere. bp baring their notice* in oar office before aiae o'olock, onn fto??aipUaft this denlrnMe ebjeo*. ? KAILS FOB 8QTA0PB. The Union Vie tor r It UaWte*-*** Itebol itlMk O.? lOTimtati la Virginia lb? Jlanth wsot?-Nesra (rm Hnlc*, CaMT, 4ba., **? The Cunard 01*11 Ofenmohlp Asia, Onpi Kooeio. will leave Beaton oo Wednesday (or Liverpool H>e ??lie for Europe trill ohne ?n Idle citf ist r^Mrter past ooe nnd si half past Are o'clock this *UW?<*eo, to ge by railroad The New York Hshai.'?? Kditioo for be putilMbod at eleven o'clock this morning It n1N Ulo ? full and detailed repert, from our speoial eorro sp-udoot, or the (brae days' akbting Mi victory ?* ?he Union forces la Lonisiaoa. Particulars of tba Attack of the Kebele oe Plymouth, N 0.. TUa (Atoet Nowa (ronaV*be Army of the Potomac. Reports the M*>n?menis of Vth? Armies In MM Month meet, The latest News front Hex \<* 0!i?ba,St. Domingo, fee., and aooou'Jt.of ud Mbor luieie. H Mg events of the past week. tfwgle copies, m wrapiiers, read)*Toi*, Ave owls t Kmrrmy, B4dv ? On?Maaagtr*. KsNTunxr. Bktsa Class w:t? April 21. IW. ft, 2H. 22, 44, 6'?, 71. ?i?. 15, (!7, 3?. 00. 11. ksKTOOCV, Class *H? April ?$. MM. 25, Iff. 71. 14, l<>, 7, 40. 3, 35. T.. 38. 54, 41, 5f. Z. Stmmone A C?? Ma?a#?r?. Bitks Clibj IW?April 2#;M81 38. SO. 72, 52. 30. 67. 6(1, 12, 42, 61, Tl, 41.* MB?April 26. 18M. 21. 30, 3, 65, 45, 23, SC. 69, 41, 27. 74 , St, 15.34. frtner, Kilts A <:?.-Maa?g?ri. fjiaa?uw. Bktra Ouu II?April tt. MM. 14. 52. .17, 50, 73. S3, 3?. 34. 71. V, 46. #> Class 42? *pril 2?. MM. . . 10. C3, 33, 48! 20. 28, 32, 69, 15. 7, *?. M, 71. ?). Hrlzca Caaltetf In All I^>?*U*etI Jinlfe rtee and lofoimstinn given. GAM<AiJHKK A It'SMJAKtw, Brokers. 310 Uhoatiiul atreel. Pbrtudeiplii*. Lollirr Tirkrln (laahrd. isfiirmall#'* $tven. JOSEPH Broker II Wat' at.. rinnMo' k Attention. ? ? ? . * * * ? ? a * " w ? ? OiniHV, Ind., March V test.' .t Mjmsb.1. Rim. LtrAvrrr* (!o>?sikk ? ? Knrlox'd la an extract frotinBicl???ood Whig. c?>' Trimr vour papnr. "recoiuinei.dluij (Ae (Wftmneilt to oal iran'*' , the mmlvatlon ol tlia imUaoviTaHrk. Tor tl?e ?? ?l ta aol diem," Ac. Il?r<'b? ha rig j y tala. Now Mr.Bdtter. we ah know tin* Hiory by heart, bin tlargreat trouble >a w? caa't help reading U When we ttitoa wo bare g"t soma B<H>d' new i fiom iTlrhniond, It turna not callaojm bar* every tune It i? ceiling to l>e a nerfe^i eyvaore. kriVt you Uiirllns *our iw**!r Peop e rail von notluug b it ?. T. I.SC0?X . or I'lautMieo Bitter*. 11m roam Diak." innat ba a cana. If | you oould salad hiai out bare to deliver ? lacune hi- would draw oartain At nr<t ?.? thought be wa? a b<g buinl iK. but h* hsa g"t everybody up lie;* to toning his blttera?in*>i woweo. doi'org. rfergvii'ea' mid ?U Chlldven ire aairt lo- I cry f?.r it?but I baven'i heard tueni 'Rie .loke is 'ay , drink It all. but don't ?? the oallnova I e?pect they ?J l | tind It In the next bottle I'd like lo kn?w where the S. r X corneal .1. Now. Mr Bdltor saw u* mveieaomelhiog ohif in your paper juat for a ranty, aud "wj5* TAUOMILK ANrk' WtMTKKUKBBN If we *oly knew the fo e?8Hi? fjlowd, we abould i*r taiolv aenA blm a oa?e of Plantation IHi ei'* B?lden '?r^? wua hot educated in a laboratory, asd doeH iwu uoders?a? the nolutioo oi ruot* and herbs. Th* oali^aya i* time?in every bottle. That a what * the niatler. Becaoao the Plantation Blltera etfect J?oh woodarfrit and swdosn enrea, tba phtalaaiin tiyto Ult in. right aiu? loft Tbat ?, rtslit; pii'J-h in "Truih crnohed to earth w.'l riaS agalr. \V> ran Mind auch eruahlug We chalteoge IheworldJ* ailord the-mi me reller in ? aJMSi >f <ly?iiipai^ <-oostlpat t?, nervinii atlactlona. loaa of acpetiie, wi^aaerw. . of the hei*rt. liver ,oomplal??. pain i?w lbar syss. teiin breah. deapouillug spltit" *?>?*? '? 5?'1k?,~L tlon Hitter*. The he?uly oi it lei Ibar?, to lake, .ml produce an inaiuemai#' neoetxial They are oompoasd of the cl^nieei roouj ?ud . lion, camomile, wlnlernrecai anlae af*ender eorlandi prance peel, ca*earllla hark, clow bud*, '-aliwya *??" all preserved in pe. fecily pure t o* fore ihe great advance in pr*ce. Ike T. IH?h?X. '? o awn but lamoatlmroitam '''"?.'?J' " N. B.-Tbe Plantation B rise.are uaria-?lat -d to merchants. clercyuiec....nd f ^.^^e iljlj They Hdd atrnnclh to iV ?y*le?> and hrnUaacy ?o the ml j*j They are told by all reapeittb^'leaj'^,, t ?0 Art KvoMlwar. YorJc A Partner WUh CuplUli IN A FIRST CfiASS HOWIa. nour oo . Broffci* way opnirtUi u'?? Wortb Monument wd t? wMch \* U, he ndde.1 the bidtdiiw known ?a the Worth Hoaae. and altel ed ekie.tsirelr. brth Vr"e7i. na'.lY with ba ?or ilfa an<t sn adAUl?>o*> **o<ry. wnn .? r ? ? chaisau roof aind.ia, to tha* of A ^''"VV^i.;^U|o''riu a il to make the whole blocs. J7""?' d irnf* ? au Twenty fifth *tf.>e? ayimnslrlt*!. Thase '> ^d'ngs. -s completed, wilt contaiu about ? .v??l eupplied witb | parlor* and aullsat roo ?* J" P \ the cuoifurta ? bd ronvrnlenees of the w be? hotel* leiiarrlll ??* of cost Thl* " aun WMi ?ated to be kepi on tb.- Asneri<*n ami k' r0^" ' ? : ,tie. olned, t" havi a ?paciou?and coovsoieoi reaiaj rani lor use oi the kn* .t* ot the hotel, and a.I*., a I eiteoilve r alaurant for tho '? ,B*'J* J'rf If be complfH I .bout tb^ mjdcH(? of ,? u BBAU. AlbeS iarle Hotel, or ?? hla refereoo*. O l?. ?lw ARD. Ka.j.. U 11 Weal Kom laeirlk ^reel. A Tos I c. ? ? t "tfb fl??c fT| i ? r> rrr, BOMAItfK'H CB1MK VM HinKIW k I have aJ waya ref laed toaell a'" "f -h- nomtv.;.orfs kiio?ra i. ionic b? tier* I ?ue>e ll.em b- keu-rallji uidromi* .*...1 of .nh?ierl#?s 4i '?? <roin arareful trist .f the I B 1MRAN HirrEltS ?0ked 1?? the oertlbeatea of [>r". Chil ..n an<> i?ohle. ol He.- T.?? I a"" ?o hsajtutiom n re. on' irienllisK 'hem to nilif' leuda J'1.'1 . jfl uher bit tera 'n*snar-- ?rltb iheae tu dolicato and reflnsO lavorar t^e.l l?at .pialuiea of a tnnir and aBerativs chara. er. T# einTi #* inala In United State* lioapitala and pi ? ? ately. ite.ta.ia beyond ^.btr)tRM,K . ,OXZK!t% A ?ent T*004.' 01 th W.oea No TS Wan en iitrest. b. ? . A?J dr< ,m lo Untoktri.-I'ollsk Son. Meep 4ha,, Jn r.oi..I?r? X".7 Broome atreat. n??ar ma Hin^ery, .ell 1 jrd? ,r. 1 ipslr??] , |o HBIOsrrs.-roiiaa ? \ oian<ifactiiiera V.? Br >ome Ureav n?r tba gt^tdi at wnoleaale and re.Ail. PipelStt o I ed. boiled and moualad /t 1 'erfrcl H??r I? r-Mlller s. only SO est its ? fm b.i*. Try it So d '>y all dru'tgls'a. OeP^l M ust at. A lloaseliold Card. 1 " rt only all the la?hloii? in bat* wni._i may be' ? ml *l? iwhors.^biu 0" Ifo w l,J k k K B L? B. ?r . comprised mm. .1^ The fashion* lor the ?pring mow com|.late' al thi- satAh 1 iabu.ent iflw.ide s mois e*tsn? vs vanem of Ires* and un Areas Hata for geiiile'iien than 'S presented bf any otber as soriinent in theronutry. Tha "position of IV?.NT>i. L\1UK9 MIS^KS, t'HIL?KKSS A!?0 INFANTS hat* MP attend* not only the "landsrl stv e?of Kurppe for the ui' *ent sod appioarhing *ea*ou. b'it manmeiabls uniq. e abnes suited ?o sB ih.Rifi|W ()|P r4iTB and adspied to all piipp'ssa It la behr?ed that an mother can make tbs tour of tbe Hors with ber fsinll* wlci-o-'t Ondini! for each member or It a fabr.o 'or tba liesU wLI'-s will strike ber ss bsoomtng and suKsb^ ^ Di Ullnnt and Poworrsil Day ?4 *??l?l Perspective Otas*o?. f<?r tha M. ?ss. oj,?ra auj tourist's 11 *e?compact, portabls and *1*'tjgn *oS?,|7i?to optician M?H Broadwsy. unds^Lafarge Brilliant and Powerfsti llay ana Nl||l?l Doub'e P.-iapeeUva Ulasaes. for ths flail ?'a> "t*'a>?"' touTldta' ?iM5 compact. p<?rlab^6 aod efliclaiit A ii|?l a?h?r men' at 8KMJ?ON8\ OcuUit t Ojitlclao. Broad* ( way, uuUar Laf.trga II ouaa. Branlitaa Psbblr ?prf?rUs and Pyi Preservers, to streigtb*n an? intprsvo ths ?'gh o. oM atwl young, by dsf sad nisht wtihoui pam ,^0%" '^L' rocommaaded by ml medioal fae-iiw iRMMOKB. Ocu list's Oplictsn. *** Broadwsf, oppoilt.- Bond Brown e Bronchial Trochee am Wtde'jr known as an sstsblislted rsmedy for Co ighs, Odds, Brea chin*. Hosreanam end oihsr ii-oublee of the Three1, snd Lungs. Thslr good repuistion asd sitsnstve J as bat brought cut imiiatlons and stm?inr prapnrsuons rspre?sn'aa to be ths tnnie, which sre generally injurious. Obtain on'y Brown's Bronchi^ Trochssi Carton da Vieltn, ? for fl.?noMsroMlon war,anted. Proof shown PfClfkb Itf Chatham at. CrletadoroT"llVir"" Dr., ^ and Wi? Depot, wholeaais and rstali?Bs < Aster "Ouss. Ths djs appiiod by skifui srusta. ^ c*arss. Bunions, |n*#rttd Malle, En* Urged Join to snd sli dlw?ass of IbaCrSl ^l0 or insonvsnlsnos lo the psi'eot by Dr. XAOIIAKib. our geon tlhlrepodist. 790 Sroadway. Cloth and Farnhmenl l_a?e, "*??" ping Cotton. Wool. fta*. he , at TICTOIt B MAlOBBi, 11A 1 'liimbsri 111 SAL. Oftmni. Impaired llaM, koikes in tub nrto. catarrhal ArrnoTtOirt (M YBB throat, chrobic~oatarrh. ' catarrh or THB~ttb-pa5ic HCCOl79 ""^wks 0F "? ourbd. CROSS btb STRAtOBTBRBO ib onb MfBUTR. And e??r? dlMiM of iha Rf-* and Bar rMiilrtai attnar Kllaal or Mimical atd lUUndc.l (a Dr TON h (3BV ro, al b>a ooaauitlng rooraa. *1< Broadway aaar ilftb MraaL . Dr. Bknhall'i Catarrh RaaB la tki ..?r' < Offllf# la Na. I DIvUim Jll**** v#r* 3Hf tie ku u ? ?U?#r ?? a KiUMut.'< I*.' B,?? ??< a or.? ale ?airau'-e He rarw flfcraate -lp, ,p',u m lh? ?*??? ?!'?? of ?B totib Ut? ?? a'rtl? ?r ifc? blvid, lU'. ila air li*wm ??r'eiatag u the inttrf H.??i?aUaia. Ar W -rt as H" '<>"? 0' <tbty. I art/ In 0#^i illft i hi frtu# f|?tm (a, ft>nm 14 M uftU4 4 y*iOlk ?aar?a4'4 ??t Sufetiu nrrnai? Hair flrsiTiSyataass** *? W*?*'*' ?' "? Hallar.-Jj h? a (tr?at Meat Waal af but lototiaru hii ... *?i t<?Mi I aia *a- >a? aatore' Be* tbti J*H it?W il^VH0* 1, J()'l? * i. Ma* Mo Bow raadc fer a oomptet* aa? r?i? if h? c>?rictaT at* roruwtt rbyaeaawey. i*ar?, ,^r rfcrai <rfn*T and Pw?h?l<H/ la aaia* n>nn'w 11 .wak." ror ?? 2K.f .*!i Mr be i??4. roWUIa * lr*M?ar, New Tart. Orarer * Bakar'a lit g lie at Praatla* Btaetlo Bt.t<*i4ewte? Machlaac MKtnad<raf New t'^k Haff'i nutratlia lf.*tr lUilaraltvt, norm uair BMrroR' UOtT'H ?AIB BBBTOKATi/B M01TTB *41* HBMTORATfVir llOlfrS U MR RKSrORATtre T*a etaaiard piaparaOM lor Ika bai.-, wetrahud m aB naaea (a rea*oc?* faded aorf fra\ btlr jnd arhmkrra to lb -W OBKHNAL OOLOR Alt* TO BNT^RBf.T OVKKOOMB II KAr>A< )lIt NRItTOUSNMB, ANI? OTIIRB' BaD RF Kh'y'T;* OP PRRPARATION# CONTAINING B'/LPHUR. rill.I* is OP I.RAO, AO W? aai.i/ tha Hiawatha at HT raoinH. thui enabling Iba aubl.e (o delermte * whether .tie meraoriooa ar it >t. WK WARRANT TO IMUNU OP THB ORKilMAb COLOR IN KtlillT AI'PI.l-ATION* <f( WARRANT rilK HAW ATI! A tO COW TACK NOTHING liij.inoua to Mm hair or altla. but 10 be in tbo bigheat degree Ixiuuli lal la hoili IIOTT'H IMPERIAL COLORING QBRAM HOVTB rMPRKIAI. COMARINO URBAN Aa aarivalled drran.ig lor whlgkmA Bold bvaryaiiere mmkph iv?rr * on?. 19 I'utroraitf plaor oerner KlgUib airMt. f)B* Tar*. "H?r Hajrarr" Vliani|iai(iir.-TfU> Raf< > at Wiaa of Rn<i*n t na?<a <?f lb.* ain'iu.ia Wta* tm < oala. at ?**uof oaae W U WARO. H I Broad aUA^t' M t. fl'rnla or Rnrtaraa < or?d hjr Or. ? AltMll'H it hlitKl 0..r? TruM.?Tliia tr.u? h?a n?c?i?s? tha a;>iir..*?i .?f iii.? tiiuat rnunsal ?i.rcaoo* al lhi? ro'mtr/ and ?>(' KurDii" HUaini|>la and ran.if a'lj'.O^ aad lbs prpa mii.hi .i*o ?m> gradiiated \ty 'lie pa!iont II will Aupiiort tba j>! >?t ci>iii|.i.c*ir,l .-ane or rm?t.iie witboit .aronrrnli'iica !? tlia v?Mri'r W.? aim no baud Mart .'a ANioininal 4<ib . luMara tin;; KU^tic rtlorkitigt, Kttfterap*. H^vou'dur Rraoaw, ^ Baudagai, Jr.-, M \R.-iri nROTHRRII ?u.urr o( Bioailwaj and Aan Hire.-!, nn.lL? Ramia'l M.iiaum. Oimo fi-oui TAW Ull If I. (Vorjr Jewrirr-WhoiMalu and ftttall, at W 'RLLtNU'B, ?fj (Voire ttraet, alga orUij-Toiilea lm pb?n t. (ai^TUiK to Naldleri Dtarharged for wnuo.i'a ?'n* two bouotr ? now paid. Appt?*r<tb ti? diarKi* OixniniiiilaatiOD* bv mall prompt I r anaacral aa* blaoaa ? <aot BOMBS. BROWN A V%, No. % Par^ulHM. Ja|MMttr?, Tortala but Karmlnit Italr Ri>aloratl^? of <be Boc etn Hriten4>t"? of H?w Tarf Ktfir rmiia anil M imr botl'e 8al l Oy al. drttgffliU D HOtlig Cuamb.tra wrset. KIlia rtalba lamantif, aad PrtrtHU ihmr appi'Mi.:* for lior 2ii mooUa a<ilja?|Meat. CoUar Oaal' plior MOlicai.- reiiaali< kd<< duralila, to ??? aotbnig of It* fracraiirr. A.- Dr..ajlaU liara it. H ABK1B A UH APM AN, inauufaoturerat .B^mtao .Waf l*?iral?ar of "Ii? Bon Tab."?Thh Ivantlfi..' Prunrlt- .lonL<nal la n'pl.rta wltf* Bpnng DreaoMC l.'ioakian.l ?nb'trr.ptio-i ona yrar. montblf, fl, tinula copy, arith Cirar full aUed p?tlara*meenw S. * rAVIOIt. W H.avlw'4. ti T., iuj|>art?i\ aatl lo Ix had jf iora.lajl'trs ereTa'hwrt Plmplen, Mrrrblei, Tan, BrBpllaag, Mlcr. Sa!ir-r .ni AVIownaa*. Flfi.At Woriaa Be., firad bt * aOllRA'D'il Ita' *a *?"Hna:ed Soau.- at In* aaw dapot, tfB : Broadway Prof. Aid. O, Barrjr'i TvlrofribetOM or ?H.l??aied Conipon W. for pr*aer?1 n*. ra?t/irhag oad liaaaH fying tha liair. era bc?' aourf ?i4<dandr.itr, prar?aUaa balinra-i and 2>ay tia<n<.''"ring dlieam* of ibwakia. glaoda ami aanaulce U.i' h aa ??lt iftriim, ptiaytra, ebHMatna. Bat. ( rheumatism, eaaMlluga. aore ll.raat. Be, giving i*. ifaot rrllrf in caaaa af o<ita? brulaaa. Jbratna, bntao, aealda, kr. hrlce V>nrnU. BWd i-jf all dr..g,t>t? thaioAaut (to trerW. Frlocliai oH'iatil Pearl atreet. Iti T". PsIentWIrr WladttwGairdi, A* , forint-rly made by the lain Dim of Ufu'rhinaon A Wkoknrxharii. now iniuiBf mit red ateloeHnlr byOOAHK* t-?> K.'4 Broadway. GyfaMite-CM. Nlrbolaa Hotel. Stimulate V?w tlrer, Hifalntr Your oowe'a. cl^aoaa four Mvtan.ah p.irif/ yowr*blood. rare yaur jannillre. build uo rear ar^ta-a by the ia?- of l>r Laoc rev< Hoot *11.1 Horb B?t?r? OKOKHH C OOODWIN 1 CO B.mlo.1. Agenta Sold Of ?M <lrn*gl??, l*rloe aoly IS. v>a.?? I cenle par instate Swnrd ( nn?c?l-Snrv?H'd l? **?!??? l\~.*l ay Turllit Hni.p *kBR?TTAt< ^OOfT"B, ? BteeRkav Mr^et, corner of Croaey stree*.. Truatea, KiaaMr Rtovkl????. 4?t.~.Mars* A ('/> -rt Ra li.-al Cure Tran <>a)atonly ?l Wo? rvesaw a?reat. L.rir aiten.lant lint tod State* lO-lf) Bonrte. ? tliem* are leaned1 iimler the ae* of (,'o??a?eiia ef * .Warcti H. lit*. whieb j?r*?"leB "?al alt ixtoito lee nod "? dec llmwttlii l lie E * h .'4 IT KROM. I\4X*CKIN brer under any State or mmtleV?alauthority. B>ibNO?lpOeue te tbeee fonn<tp *r? iMeire I ti> Jailed AiaAea- :?<?<** or no'M of Na lintfel Huuaa They ??* T<) HK liHlM- *3?Kl> lit UOIN. M tbqf pli-ae-ire of the (?^rnnn-ul M M?y p?rtod <Mt teea thaa lifi nur n?rt! thisi fo-.-tjr jteeia fmm ite^lr datei ??'1 nelil tKelr redemption FUtt PBiTcitK'f WTKRKsrt WIM. BB jf AID CM COIN, on wuJii >>( not tor ion h'uuir^l ilolitfl, > annua!!*, ati'l on at; other boutta aeen-iuii-ieOy The inter est I* peydile un l'iee.-<t day* *f Marub a?eiA.<e0*e?iit>or le earb ?w. Ke?ieteieil B.nJa.a.w re.-oici?d on the beefct of Ifie (/nlletf^ JitlM Tf>'?inri'i mid cue tm tranafeiyed eaily on tbeowaer'e wler Coupon <* tfcte are payable t? 'rarer. a j f \<* mart convenient for mnmtrMI nana. IWtariiher* :<k I tin I >a'i will liar* the of?i<vi or bktiaf then Boml* Iraw Inteieat from Ma7>U I, liy paving the ao nrne I IntTOet la coin?(or in United Stale* not*<v or the note* or Nalinaa Baukt, ad<ltn( lifty per cam f.x- prem or receive them liawiuj lilnrit from the tale of ? Hon tiiil Je 'On' A* llie* :< i i ln aiAeiotupt frotn tnitaieipel or -Kate tata tlon then til ie i? iscieeied frem one >e ,lir?e oer cent ja* annum, ao-ardtnj to the .a?e of tea lertee la ya:|otia pacta of tbe oo'intr*. At l'ie preieat reteoI pee'iimm >n gold lUey pa/ ort< eight !>*? real mterral in enrteucy, *??' are ol e inal near* nleii<'4 u a permanent or temporary in???imeu'. i II ta ?'i??eJth*i so a?""iitl'>e offer ?o *re<l iiiduretneal*. to lender* at the <1eaeru>Uona of Ceiled B'atea B'io la In ail otliat fojiuaot jaileote laeaa the failh ec. ability of ptlteie pertlee or rok unmpeolee. or* emu rii ?ulr m p.e l|?? lor payment. while fe. ike J-b'i of the United Hta:ee tbe who!* property of I be <">?*. i try la bol .eu te aer <re th* )?>rn*ntof botii prlieloa. .aol In'treat 'n coin. ' T!.?*? Bnada may b* aubc r bed far la tuuit f#o?i $M mp e acy matKltnde. on Ida aan.? t?nnt, and art tb'ia made t . a y ara,la?:e ?? :ke air a ??i lender aad '.be lary?ai oa?a Tba< aa be ueovental lute money at any nwaeet, uid ;bt fc'il>tei wi'l have the beoefi of tbc ute eat. The Tact alt flntlea >n inrr< rte art )?fabt? 'u tpeea* furoial ee a f'lnd ot Ike petu ent of fot? att ? a ?J gorere ment fcopia ar?? y In ttreea 0 h? wan aef th?Tre*tiry tor tkl* p'ltpoae tnetr i.-t'on* to he Natter ? >aaaa act<oi m ioen agante eere eel laetied fr?m the United Kta ta Tfcee-iry i*MI Marvh H b?it t? 'ha flrat ??ira? ami of Art.t. he mbtertp '.loot bare *??r?je t m >t? then 1KB BILLION* A WSFK, 9<ib'rr<pt'Ona will be received hy tbe f?**?wir?i of Ike Ufti'td Statea at Waah a?t ?? and the Acialenl TraaanreM at New Tetk. Boatoo and rhiJarf?li~4U? and by the riiat Bationa1 Baek of Stw Tort. No. t ^fell ttieet Cectmd Ma-iooal Bank or New Tork. tSeea'y lMrd ureal anil Broadway. >'? nth National^ if New Tor*, P ne atree', ?Uth Nation*1 Hunk of New Ve.*, 4ltib area -0 Beoedvay. Tenia NatioOil Baik of Now V..rk. to? Bioedwey New Tork Ba ioeai B?ch?o?o Bartlu Mt 'Iteeawrh ati^M. Flral Kaitoaal Bank of PkHadolpU* Flrtt Na'loonl Bank of Waahioeieia. and by ail National Bank* whkb ere Ittw a? >?^Cf ?.,v>e Di >nay All retfeeiabi* hanka and bankeia tkr country will f'tre ab fnr'Heo lafermattoa <m ap' ??, a;ioa and aiTet d e?er? facility to aubecrthora. Vlnalfrr ill Toilette, favarel >? Coetnet* le of the 9. etet?e Hyeloeh^ie of New To- a anperce leaail other onatiieiloe A'> ceuiaaed |l BnM Ifr 114 .,,?.??? De pot 11} <'ham*ere at root Wl?i, Toeptei, Hair Owe, f?a'r Oyalng Kr?irroV?^??bsrAv'~-" *? Wheeler 4k Wllee?% aiaHeat Pr?ml>a Leok SllWk Se^taa ?aehioe% ? 4 iwo^lway Watctvka a?4 Jew t\rr * Pa Alette ?* kVt" P'?*,,l,rTlCM,a

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