Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1864, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1864 Page 9
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SUPPLEMENT TO THE HERALD. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, APRIL 26, 1864. Start, beio? informed by tbe afffilavtl of Wat H PtcheUe, M fc*d, to open court, that be purchased at the publication office oT said newspaper, on tbe lblh day of April, a certain copy of Mid newspaper, which la to his affidavit annexed, nod which affidavit and paper are sow on Oio or tbla Court, for ibe beoeBt and Information of whomsoever it may concern And the said Court *aud Justice thereof holding tbe aaaae as aforesaid, being furu>er informed that the affidavit made in open court of _ KawajrC J. Knight, tb.>t one Horace (ireeiey io the editor of auld newspaper, and tbe an Id luat named affidavit, b?m4 on Ale In ibla Court, and tho a ild Court inspecting nt<| copy of ittid u6\fip>HW,i >od finding ibcrcio.M ibo Allied ropori of procotwMng* jo?i referred lo aloreaakl, the l< Mowing, to wll, la worusasd llguroi as follows: iTbe article In tbe Trio*** on Judge Barnard la here copied j? ?ronoTiDCPH tbe aunc, as an alleged report, to bo, as aforesaid accused, greatly inaccurate aud not a rail and lair ??port of what did then in said Court transpire on the sub feet matter reiarred to ibereiu, because that tbe Court, n. jHrto, and wilbin ita own knowledge, avers lb .t the following is a lull report of what the said .luatice said, to ?wit:?The District Attorney haying Hinted in open court (hat ibis would not be a?ase for Stbc Justice) bad taken tbe responsibi lily of observii-g to he Judge tUut this was not a case for a capital conviction. and that be would bo a competent juror. And tbe said Court, after having been duly Informed by tbe affidavit of said Knight, as before appears, arid duly noti lied said Horace Gieeleyof said accusation, dM, by or der* lor blm to allow cause true, jiersonally upon him served, afford him an opportunity of being board in his defence, against aoy proposed proceedings for a criminal appears. by due entries made at this term from the minutes, bnt, the sa d Horace* ireeiey not having availed &msotf of tbe said opportunity. therefore, now, Ihe Oourt, treating tbo said entries on the minutes as due notice to slid Horace Greeley of its intention lo proceed against bim for a criminal contempt, it is now ordered by tbo Court er qffiria, and of Its own motloa, tbe I'istrict At torney of the county appearing aa amOntcnrurof >ald Oourt, that an attachment forthwith lasue against Horace fir?elcy under the seal of this Oourt, because that the Court now ad)ndges that there is probable cause to attach said Borneo (Jreeley to answer for a contempt, and to tbe end that by due service thereof and due ?aecutiOB thereof tbo said Horace tireelev be arrested by tbe Sheriff or the county, and brought before tbe Court on tbe twenty-eighth day of April, one thousand eight hundred and si^ty-fonr. at oleven A. M.. to answer the misconduct hereinafter alleged against blm, acd for an alloged criminal contempt on the minutes of this Court as afore-aid, if answer be have, and as for a criminal contempt; and it Is directed by the Court that on making said arrest tbe Sheriff of tbe county of New York serve upon said Horaoe (Jreeley a duly certified copy of tbe affidavit of Mr. H. Picketts aforesaid, on tile, and also a copy of the affidavit or Fdward ,1. Knight aforesaid, on file, and exhibiting to said Horace (ireeley the originals therool, and also a copy or ibis tbe roregoing entry on tbe minutes of tbe said Oourt of Oyer and Terminer, now made by direction or the Justice aforesaid. now holding said Court, and In open court, upon tno said Horace Greeley. GEOHOK <>. BA NAKli, Justice. ilr. Williams?I suppose your Honor would have no ob jection to lake ball ror Mr. Greeley to morrow. I ran ar range it so that he can meet tbe Sheriff here at eleven ?'clock, when llie attachment can be served and he can ?*?? ball in the amount set down by tbe Court. Mr. Hall?I have ^objections, your Honor Mr. Gree ley can give bail then as well as at any other time, I sup pose. Jndce Barnard?Well, let tbe defendant be here, and I will take bail in his own recognizance. Mr. WKliams?We sball be on hand, your Honor, abont a quarter before elevon o'clock, if tbat is a convenient hour. Judge Barnard?Be It so, then. rnOCEEPTNOR BKPOKK JITDOE MARTIN. BrrKKMK COfRT? tlWMI. TKHM. ? Amu 25.?In tbo matter of Hie (ireeley contempt case, Mr Williams mnde an applie-tion for a writ of probioi tion, returnable at Ibe silling or the general term on Monday next. The .apnlic.alion was based npou the Affidavit or John C Sbien. Tbe counsel argued at somo lencth, with the view 04 Inking the o so out o( Juct>fc Barnard's hands aud a|>. pealing to the general term. .'uil, e Marvin too* the papers, and said be would ,rcn dor bis decision at an early day. IMPORTANT FROM TEXAS. Ilalentstof a Ociertcr from the Rebels? The Conitltlon of Affairs I'herc-Mutl nles In tlia Rebel Army?A Rebellion Within a Rebellion?Rebel Prepara tion! to Receive Their Steel-Clads from Kurope, ?tec. Mr. A. D. Peterson, who left Velasco, Texas, at tbe ?oath of tbo B-azot. on the 5th inst , furnishes tbe fol lowing account of bow be etoaped from tbe rebe} army, hn experience in it, and the condition of thiugs geoerally to Ute rebel lines in Texas. Mr. Peterson Is originally from Grand Rapids, State of Michigan, but was a residen t af Texas when the rebellion first commenoed. He was conscripted by tbe first rebel conscription, in tbe summer or 1862. After beln? conscripted be wss seat to tbe mouth or tbe Brazos, wbere he remained up Id tbe Mb inst.. except three months last summer, when be was absent from there from May lo August, In Leninism, engaged in tbe campaign a.alnst Ranks. He was present, bowevlt, in no battle, and considers It a Streak or good luck tbat be was never compelled to Ore see bullet against tbe army and flag of bis country. From tbe time tbat Mr. Peterson first entered tbe rebel camp of tbe Thirteenth Texas infantry, m wblch rerlmsnt be served during his expe rience in tbe rebel army, tbe rebels were short of clothing, crffee and other necessary articles that bad to be brought from abroad. They bave since gradually ran out of everything except ammuntttoa and arses, and at present tbey are dependent entirely upon crra bread and beef ror subsistence. There Is very little too, coliee or flour, and tbe army have received but very little or these ror tbe last six months. Corn meal IS 910 a bushel; flour. (2 a jound; coffee, #20 a pound; sugar, fl a pound; butter, (3 a pound eggs.$4 a dozen. A common pair of calf boots cost 1150 lo 9176, and everything else in propottlon. Tbe whole army In Texas Is dissatisfied, and would gladly give np tbe war on any conditions if possible. Remarks are now made by tbe soldiers coo "toyolng the tfrny, Ibe r>q(fdera<iy sod Its leaders, for which they would have been hong a year ago if tbey to dated to express tbemeelves. There are many Northern men in the army, and these are tbe moat dissatisfied; bet ibe discontent Is universal, to the extent o"cur In fbrmart's experience, among cflioers and men. The great saatorlty of the people share tbe sentiments of tbe army regarding ibe ooofederacy and its leaders. The higher officers pretend to believe In Ihe ultimste sttccoes of Ibe rebellion ; bat the men and subal terns bave long despaired of establishing the Bouthern confederacy. Among tbe troupe station.*! at nalve*toi? {wo serine riots occurred. Tbo flret of tbese roocufrcd io Joty ol last year, and was on account or tbe abort supply or rations. Tbe troops turned tbeir guns on the tttWQ. the commander of lbs post, Colonel Cook, S*Dl ?'wvrd (torn the town that tb^r would be stayed Into sub mission. To ibis tbe men replied that tbey would apply to the blockade runners. Onion el Cook then came [0 terms and supplied all that was demanded, and thus tbe ?latisy was quelled. Tbe second revolt of the treops In daiseston occurred about three moalbs ago. Tbe troots tamed out at Galveston In a body, demanded more and better rations, took Ihe rations tbat had been Issued lo them that morning and buried them In tbe public square. (Vdone I t ook i galn acreded lo their dem?utfs, in compli ance with an order from General Mngruder, who was then at Houston. The Itepartment of Texas, comprising that Stale, Art ronaaad New Mexico, is under the commaod of General Magroder. The forces m the whole department, consist tag "of Stale lroo;.s, b vs. old men and all thatculd be mustered, owsi*! o< twenty thons.ind men. In Texas the ma a lioriy or the troops are at Penham, near the cen tro or the Htate, where th?y arereadv f'>r a m ovement to wards Ked river. What this force Is numerically, and its exact distribution. Mr. Petersen does not exactly hnow: but it cannot exceed ten thousand men. The coast tor e, rrom Hahme as far <v-st a* there Is any tore*. mUhi be set down at two tbotxan i five hun dred. The balance or tbe whole force In tbe depart ment Is scattered throughout Its entlretcxtent. Halves ton is now ptstir well rortined Tbo mouth of the Bra soe Is lortiflfd by two batteries?nne of si* guns and one ef three. The heaviest guns are thirty two pounders, and the lightest twelve pounders, ihey are all smooth b-ree. These batteries are on opposite banks of HN Braiuts, nod immediately at tbe mouth. 1h<- lor' e there la four hundred men, and Colonel Casey,of the Thirteenth fttns Is in command. Otr informant does not know oi aoy other fortiiied post .long ibe coast, tienerals .-laugh ter nd t ee ate both at Hoitst n with Mauruder, Men have fre?,ueMly gone home to see their ramilies aud Have been put to hard lalmr *l?en tliey werw caught. The deaertlons are very numerous. Kirteen lefi with our Informant on the Mb, .and sometime' as many as tlfty oj ?Ivly In a day About two thousand or the*e deserters have taken a position Hi Ibe .lurnigau thick-t, near ths Ked rivor and es+iros ib-:m?elves Jeu-rmlned not to be fnrctl to lake m> arms ngain for the roniederacy. This rendesvon^ haa been est bll?hed for eight m- nthe. and Is now quite tormldsbte. They have a regular organization, and are constantly receiving aeceaoion* of force, eons sting of discantoi.ted rebels and desnerad<.?a of all kind*. Th"*e men bave no arttl.ery. but are all wen arme I aa Intantry all the men capanio or bearing arms ate is the rung*. Tb< re are no man st tbelr bomes ex cert tho aged and crippled The men allowed to be ex enipt for superintending plantations who over twenty hnada on Ihem llnd thotr places supplied by cripples and them* Ives placed In the army, Mr. Peterson and twe others ??e.n|ied in a blockade runner a beat. Theblo. kade rttii- er was the steiuner Aliee, which arrived nt Brazos with a eargo or arm* and meretinndise. from Hn tMM. ttL^at M*WMtiiS NfcU, ili? <Uli?l twU ,V rua mi Mf?rtl timee, but eould net, and had to retara. Kho is loaded with col too. This la the only blockade running iimimt that ban over been in ibe Bra m since Dm blockade was eetabliehed. Huboonera run ?n and oat frequently, and there are ten (here now, laden with cotton and biding tbeir lima and . bunco to run ibe blockade. Two ma out ibe night of the 4th Inat. After gelling iuto the boat, Mr. Peterson and bis compaukuaa puHed out to I be blockading steamer Penobscot, wbicb waa three allies out from Ibe river. 11 waa two A. J* oo tbe (ib when they pulled off in the boat, and in half an bour afterwards they were on board tbe Penob aaot. rejoiced to be ooce more under tbo protecting rolds of tbe stars and Stripe*. On board tbe Pooohscot. Captain Ben bum and all tbo officers and men treated tbe refugees with so much kindness that tbey, through Mr. Peterson, desire thus to return htm ibelr sincere thanks, tiur in lorn.ant made another attempt to escape about six weeks previous to ibe tftiie lie left, but was obliged to returu on of itie hoavy sea running. Tbe prospects lor crops in Texas thia year are vary peor. I'p w> the fib last tbar* bad been no rain to do anv pood to tbe growing cro|ie. lorn, that ought to be waiai bigb, WHS only peeping above the ground, and fields that had been very forward- were bittea off by tbe (real and de stroyed. letters (rom ibe wheat growing part of tbe Hate say it will be impossible to aanke more than balf a crop this year. Reccutly tbe rebels have established a signal corpa all along tbe Texas chaat, in ex|>eciaiion of tbe arrival of tbe fleet of iron or sieel clad blockade runnera from Furopo. These signals uro while and red lights, and were sent from Richmond. Tbey are kapt burning every ntgbt Tne rebels are building two or three pontoon bridges at Columbia, in the Brazos river, for tbe purpose of retreat ing if tbey sbon Id be driven from tbe coaat. The only communication between Texas aud the rest of tbe con federacy la by Individuala?mail camera?and occasion al adventurers. Tbere la no regular mall communica tion. About a year ago Ibe re be la were building a ram at Buffalo bayou, near Houston; bat tbe enterprise baa aince been Abandoned. # NEWS FROM KEY WEST. On* Key West Cerrrapondrnct. Kiev West, Fla., April 18,1864. Cflored Troop* for tart lf?ycrt?lke Nita Capture* a I'ru^-l'eutU Cvndemntd? Otneral Bank*' RtcttU Vic tory?Tht Machine Shop Men and the Herald Corra jiomlent, <tc. The United Slates schooner Ariel, tender to tbe flagship San Jacinto, arrived hero on Saturdiy, from Charlotte's Harbor, Florida, bringing Information tbat Fort Meyera, situated on a small island in tbe barbor, under command or Captain Crane, wa8 in danger or an attack by ibe re bels. General Woodbury lost do time in detaillug a force for tbe reller of the small garrison. Yesterday tbrea com panies of tbe Second United States colored regiment were sent to reinforcc Fort Meyers. Tbey were taken on the transport Btoamer Hussar, which took tbo United Ftates ?cbooners Ariel and Two Sisters In tow. Tbe Hussar bad ;ust returned from Tortugas, whither she bad conveyed forty prisoners rrom New Orloans. The detachment of troops sent (o Fort Meyers will be under tbe command of Captain Crane. On the llth instant tbe United States ttenmer Nlta fell In with and captured a schooner, near the month of Ho mossasel river, on the Florida coaat. She proved to be tbe Three Brothers, from Havana bound to Bayport, witb nn assorted cargo. No colora or papars were found on board Ibe master and crew of tbe schooner contrived lo t sca|te to tbo shore. Tho Three Brolhars waa brought into p. rt by ibe Nita yesterday. Judge Hoynton, who presides over the Prize Court. b?s been ur well for some time, during which no court has been held. On Wednesday laat, however, he opened court whrn he pronounced dccreoi of condensation in tbe following cases:? -V.* AV?. w0p ''ancfck? 273?Stoop Garibaldi. ^ ?<i-?Chr. Susan. Koe,nlch- 274?Sloop Carolina. ?2~~2??r. William. 278-fchooaer Eliza. SS-E?hr M,nni? 278?Str. Nan Nan's cargo 260? Boat Stanley. 280-Sloop Marv 2fll?Schr. Caroline. 281?Sloop Maria ^-Str Mayflower. 282-67 tales cotton. LA"r* 883??chr. Leal tad. 2^4?Sloop Hannah. 285?Sehr. Mnda. 273~?ltop^'ydla 280?Sloop Florida and cargo Tba nows of General Banks' victory over tbe rabela in "Western Louisiana, brought by tbe Daniel Webster this morning, baa brightened every loyal face on thia laland. Tbere are people on tho Webster, however, who persist tbat General Banka baa met witb a defeat. Thia is, of oourae, tbo work of the secession it is of Now Orleans, who, on obtaining news of a battle, alwaya apraad a re port tbat tbe Union troops bare been worsted. I take it for granted that tbe Herald will receive full particulars of the affair from its active correspondents in tbe field; bat, aa it la barely possible that their despatches may not have rcacbed New Orleana in lime for tbe Webster, I may aa well slate tbat all rumora of defeat on the part of the Lnlon army are untrue. My autboriiy is tbe New Orisons Times of tbe 16tb, the morning on which the Wcbeter left. Only one stray copy rcachcd the cap tain, just before be left, and be decltnee lo part with it. It la also poealbie that the Hsmam* may not receive a copy, as the malls for tbo North cloae at the New Orleans Poet office tho evening before a vOasel loaves. I beg to state, therefore, at tbe risk of bains su!?rerogat<>ry, that tbe tbrea daya' retreat or the Union army waa merely a strategic movement to draw tbe rebel army into a trap. It was completely successful. Tbe rebels were drawn right Into tbe mldsi of a coogeriea of conoealed batteries, by which, aided by a terrific dis charge of musketry, tbey were repulsed with fearful slaughter. More 1 am unable to say, as 1 could not ob. tain i?*ses?ionof tbe paper, and only heard a portion of tba report read. Rut-perhaps it la unneceesary forme to say even so much. I have been Inlornrd ibat tbo workmen lo the govern ment machine shop in Ibis place have signed a sort of ??rounu Robin" againat your c</respondent, for attribut tog ibe d?atd of three of their fellow workmen to intem perance, ftsd that In the same document tbey represent themselves as passably temperate men N i fijivTfiA yn,",?n ?h? moral character of the machine shop men. or of any other man or sat of men. At tbe same time, I would not be doing my doty were I to suffer re ports to go abroad condemnatory of tbe health of this p.aee. whlob I know to be good, and, by a culpable silence, shut It off irum Intercourse with the rest of the world. Neither can I permit men who fall sick through their own Imprudence to attribute their III health to tbe ? n"r, ?llfr#,r "rickea deserters from obligations voluntarily entered Into lo cau,e a decree ?*???? t0 to promulgated against a whole com m..nlty. A report has been Industriously circulated In Havana tbat tbe deaths from yellow fever at Key West w?*fi * di!7' WbT? " ,h" nte' w? "hould hnve been all uaed up long ago. in New Orloans, too. similar rtV?.r" ?r* m circulation Is It too much say that It ia likely these injurious siatemanta originated In the ?hi?lTthin "iT /*?? Yorlc by lh* TT1?,, !rMn ?h? ">? mat JlZSLlSZlh*4 JP& ,b0y ,mv' r??,he<, ,h?lr pro wit dimensions lliro.igh the operation of the well known >tw of exaggeration!* Aa a matter of abstract ethics it is do eoocern of mine whether the machine shop men de mean themselves as disciples of Father M.ithew or whether they swill a^vctfiV-nte, which tbev miscoi) whig. 4fey. sad roll in the gutter all day and all higKi; but it does concern me, abd everjbody on thia island, that we shall not bava our locomotion impeded, and be shut bd here m a slate of Isolation from ibe rest if the world T' :FrrT.^ l;,r'''\f" * Police IntelllgeMce. Owws Orraio* oi Ay Aosd Wn*?.-At a lata hour on Sunday night Catbarioe Riley, aa Irish worn in forty eight yeara of age, while pasaing through Tenth aveoue, dor, Thlrty-secood street, was met by William Dontie and several other ruffians, who, sfter knocking her down, dragged bar ioto a stable, where the whole gang brutally outraged her person and left her insensible. An hour or two subs*iuenliy officer Woodruff, of tbe Twentieth prec nct. In patrolling bie post at tbat point heard noisee laeuiag from tbe stable, aad en entering it d scovered the woman Riley la a borrlMe cnod moo. and Jlill nearly Insensible. r?o searching shout tho premises Dor.ohne wis found secreted there, and arrested aa tbe w .man Intimated thai lie waa one of ih.> men who bad assaulted her Both the pris-ner and victim ware taken lo tbe ?tatlon honse, wbe>-c aba so tar recovered as to ha able to go to court yettenftv mnraing and m?ke a e m r].ii?.t against Donoh c. who-n aba fnllv identified aa one of her nssn.lanls. ibe pns uer was taken berore Justice I?dwith and committed lor irltl. In default of $1 000 ball Vlg roua efforts are being mads by Captain Waliing ned officer lrvlrg, of tbe fwenrteih precinct, to srrest the re mamder of ibe pirtles engaged In tho outrage UxaiOrs-art L ATrsMit at Rsromsy -,At a late hour on r?u' day nigbt a gang of burglara made an attempt to enter the store ol Mea<rt. W. H. ,% L. C. Tbaeoe, 31 Church street, by forcing off an Iron bar which aecured the wood shutiers. Tbe burglars, being surprised by officer Jacobs, ?if tbe Third precinct, made thoir cscajie without reourlnt any plunder. Csptala Greer, of the iV.^d ward, has re" C"ivcd inf'rms'lon which letds bim strongly to saspect who the burglars are, and be Is searching for them, ( ornnrr'i Inqnreta. Fat*i. F>lu? Coroner Collin yesterday held an Inquest la One Hundred and Tenth street, near Foartb avenue, on the body of Charles B?ar, a little boy tlx and a half '?*r* "r age.wbose death was tho result of a compound rricture of the skull, and other injuries received by fall inr from the fourth itory window of his parents' refl aeuce to tbe pavement, on Friday morning last. The Iiiry rendered a verdict of accidental death St nvmv Iiaowwisri or 4 (k)inma.?The remains of aa unkWtn man. apparently about thirty yesra of age, were round floating in the dock at pier 19 Fast rlvsr. Deceased ,oeh*-' 10 fcolghl, with dark L00T1?? ; M"1 whtakers He had on a gray ?*? *Od pants, With ws^kMn he'w.r.r iv1- Th* hfl'1 toen several weeks In the water, (lomner Oollla held an iaqsest. and . - -- 1WU1 be wae .we tw?. Board ml Cuassellmen. NO BALARIKS FOB TBI MBMBKH8 Of THB BOARD? B.KCE: VIKO DEPOT ON THR BATTKHY FOR BICR AND WOI'KDkD BCLD1KRP? COMUffrONDKNCB KTWBRN MAJOR OKNKRAL 111* AND MAYOR OUNTHBR, *T0. The rounciimen met al two o'clock yesterday, Presi ded lUyea is (be efcair. Considerable excitement was manifested among tbe member* In consequence of tba appropriation for tbetr faluriea having been stricken out of tba tax levy by tba State Legislature. Tfcey stigmatixo tba Citireca' Associa tion at> being composed of disappointed politicians, who would bo only too well pleased to bava a slice off tba tax levy if tbey bad tbe chance. Considerable Joking wm indulged in about selling tbe warrants for their stlaries; but the majority of tho members finally settled down with the assertion that It would be ail right, if not this year, at any rate n?xl. . \ KSOKtVW! IKCOT MIR itltK AKD Wor*WtTI HOLP'SSS. 1 Tre following communication* wore received from tlM Mayor in refeienco to the establishment of a receiving depot on the lluttery for sick and wounded soldiers pre vioua to tbetr transfer to the hospitals:? Mayor's Ofh<h, Nkw York, April 36,1864 To TITK HONORAHl S TUX COMMON COOTM'IL;? (itiTi km*n?1 bare tbe honor herewith to traneoM U? following correspondence between General John A. Dix and myself In reference to granting certain hospital privileges on the Battery. Yon will perceive by my re ply to General Dii that I have promptly.givenmy assent, and respectfully recommend tbat your honorable body grant tbe prlTiioge requested by tbe federal authorities. C. GOUFRKY Gl'NTHKR, Mayor. Hkadqcabtsrs, DKPMmiBNT of rni East, 1 Nkw York City, April 22, 1864. I His Honor C. Godfmt Gi'smsa, Mayor of tbs city of New York ? i Sir?it Is indispensable to tbe comfort of sick and I wounded soldiers that we should have three buildings on the Battery lor their reception and transfer to tbe bos* pltals Tbey will not, In most cases, remain over one nlfffcl toe buildings are only designed to be temporary, and will be placed near tbe water, east of Castle Garden and south or the treesand walks, so as not to interfere wltb tbe us* of tbe Buttery grounds by the public. Feeling assured that the object will meet yoor appro bation, 1 respectfully ask your permission to uso tbe por tion of the water front of the Battery referred to, for the purpose of making proper temporary provision tor our soldiers who have become disabled by disease and wounds lu the country s service. 1 am, very res;ectfully, your obedient servant, JOHN A. 1>IX, Ma or General. Nsw York, April 23,1864. M?for General Jobs A Dm? .Sir?In answer to yours or yesterday I have to state that I can see uo objection to your erecting on tbe Battery temporary buildings for tbe sick aud wounded soldiers that may shortly arrive, and that, so far as authority is vented in me, you bave permission to erect the same on the ground designated In your note. My action in this matter, together with your request, I shall transmit to the Common Council at its first meeting, and bave no doubt that the same will meet with their cordial appro bation. I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant, C. GODFREY Gl'NTHKR, Mayor. Referred to tbe Committee od National Affairs, with Instructions to report at tbe next meeting of the Board. The Alleged Scuttling of the Ship Sen* ?tor* UNITED STATES CIKC01T COURT. Before Judge Hall. AIUNDONUE^r OF TI1B CF1ARGK AC.lI.f8T CAPTAIN CL'RXINCBAM. Ai hil 25.?The I'HiUd States apainst Gtorne IF. Cun n.nchan).?At the opening of tbe Court to>day Mr. Noyes, counsel for tbe defendant, Intim ited that himself ai.d associate?Mr. Gcery?were prepared to go on with tbe cute aj:;un-t Captain Cunningham. Tbe court?Mr. Smith, are you prepared to go on with tbe trial? Ibe District Attorney?In this case, If your Honor please, it Is just to myself and to the government to say tbat tbe evidence taken in the caso, and which prosonted a prima facie case to the government, was certainly, on Its face, strong and sufficient. But one oT our prlnciptl witnesses?Thompson, the mate?has teen greatly discredited?perhaps fatally discredited?by bin plea or guilty to a rbarpe of burglary in Maine with Intent te commit murder. Another of tho witnesses in the oase is liable to a charge of making contradictory (statements; tor he has contradicted tho points in tbe protest signed by him In tbe first instance, with relation to tbe loss of tbe ship, by his si bsequent testimony beiore tbe Grnnd Jury. Under these circumstances I am very mugh tempted to vk the Court to enter a nolle pros in tbe case. But I desire that It should lay over for two days. Mr. Brady, as sociated with me, la familiar wltb all the facts, and he is unfortunately detained in Washington, and may be till Wednesday next, wbeu I expect him bere. Kveo then It Is prooable I will axk your Honor to eater a nolle pros. Mr. Noyes? We commenced, your Honor, tbe week be fore last, the trial or one or tbose cases on a policy of the owners of tbe ship witb tbe Sun Mutual Insurance Com pany That trial lasted seven days, Mr. Brady being for the dvfence. and tbe jury gave a verdict for plaintiff in about eight minutes, notwithstanding alt tbe evidence in the case. It is proper to say, however, tbat the wit nesses adverted to by the District Attorney were not cillcd; but another set of witnesses were called, who, In my judgment, and in the jsdgmnnt oT tbe jury, were fatally discredited. Since then Mr Brady baa left town; but be can be eatlly communicated with, aud 1 think to morrow morning would bo sufficient to tele graph to him and ascertain bis views upon the sub ect. In that case we would have no objection to let tbe mattor t-tund over till to morrow. The Court?From tbe statement of the District At tor. ncy there is little reason to suppose tbat tbe exse will be tried at ail, and It is desirable tbat witnesses should not be unnecessarily detained. IHsti let Attorney?We will telegraph Immediately. and In the meantime will your Honor let it stand over till to morrow r the Court nssented, and made an order accordingly. OOtUITI AUD Al'RISTS. Artificial human ever made to order aud Inserted bvDrs F BATCH and P GOUUELMANN (formerly employed by Bo,ssau?au. of Paris). IM Broadway, New York. ?*r ? meoicAis. Advice to the afflicted -madamb DM KARD'S Female Pills are the only medicine ladles can depend on with safety and certainty Can be sent bv n ail. N. B ? Ladlo* who desire to avail themselves ol ?ta am? Despard a valuable, certain aud sate mode or treatment, can <10so at one Interview. Residence 101 B.ith avenue, OPPO ?lie Bighth street. Ladle* takes during confinement, with the best medical atteodanoe. Ofliee hours from # A. M. to 6 P. M. Dr. oobbbtt, no. ? centre htrket. between Clumbers and Reade streets, ean be consulted with confidence on diaeaaea of a private character. A practice ot M yeara, three of which have been In tbe hospitals of New Tork and London enables him to treat with sticceaancrv, as and general dCbtlitv. Tbe victims of I'tipoalllon can call "O him Willi the certainty of being ladlcaliv cured or no charge N B.?See Dr. r,'a diplomat In hlsoftloe. aa member ol the New York University Medical College and College of Bur geons. London. DR. URIKDLE. FKMALB PHYSICIAN AND AC couoher. Fo. d Ainliy place, throe doors from Amity stieet, mak'* It M< special practice to ireat all female demplulnts, from whatever cau*e produced, la sure to give relief to the most an ilom patient in twenty-four lioura, lief not rooms ror ladles requlmtg nuralng. ,*[*?." 'ywrr"* * * * A"0 Sai-BRIBWC'DPRAC " eaan'ed ^ guarantee a eur? In encases ny sale remedies, iiin Without ehnnie of diet or restriilioo from tmkl.tsa. Dr. Watson's booa, the "Cause and Cure,'' lllusirated throiiKlioiii by auaiomlcal platea. Ac., contains vaiuabe Information for *11011 as are snlTeilng fiom either d'Sesse or debility, or who con torn pi'te marriage. Prise $1 Sold by Miller A Co.. Cost oihce. \li\i Broadway, and by the author, t>.TO Broadway, nest block absve tbe Metro Hotel. 7 A M. to 9 P. M DR RALPH-AITHOR OF THR PRIVATE TRKA tlae Ac.. No xi Amliy street. Those whoapplv in llie esrlv stage of dipease will be surprised at the eaae and rapiditv of tbe cure. Tbose however, who have suffered long Will best appreciate his services. Dr. rowERe. eo libpenard btrbet. treats all diseases of females with uuparalleied su ceaa I ron hies, from whatever au<s. aiicceesfully removed. His Pe riodical Drops W per bottle. DR. WARD'S BrROiriO and prbventitr cures the worst c.ises without mrrcury or chsaie o diet. Dr. W.ird's M?gical Invigorailng P:'la.B2 perpacka-e, aro a sura cure when manhood has been Impaired. Hundreds are ruined beyond erdrmption Id this lite > y not caiiiui on Dr. lIl'NTRKat first; he haa tor thlity team conltne.1 his attention to disease* ot a I oertsln cla?s, m *iilcl. ue hss cured no less than fifty tl on sand ca?e?. Ill*remedies aie mild, and there I* nntnier luptlonto buaine** or chsnse 0f diet. Dr. Hunter is in eoii*"<nl ait?ndnaee from 8 In the morning until 9 at a-uhi, at bi\ old Dice. No. .t t?lvl?ioii *U, New York oitv. since 1MI. Oharx"* moderate and a cure guaranteed. SeparaM 10 ins. so tl al the pn'leat *Oes no ? ne iiut the Docior htu.self. Hi* wonder fa I medlcaldtsoovery, known aa Dr Huaier's Red Drop* cure* i-erain diseases when regulsr treatisest and all other remedies full; c in-a without dM iing or faiilc lion in the habits of the patient; cures without'bi dls: listing and nil kenlns ellccl* of oMi.-r lerr.cdies: cures In n> w rates In le'i than a;? hours; Hires artthout the dreadful can ait>-nt ri ei-ta "t metciry, and possesses the peculiarly va'11 e propertv or snnih'si ns Ibe rank mid | ol* o is taint that the blood >e sure to al>*orl', 1 nlesa bis remedy Is a*?d. This is wbat he claims ror li. and whst bo other will Stv nv pllsli. It isone d-dii.r a vlsl. with a medHil work on "Ho man Frsitty, Nervous, Debility, Early tadlserttioa*" and eonsiil'ation gratia Vf AI'AME OH1NDLS, FBMALR PBTSICtAll, NO 6 lYI Amity place, three doors rrom Atnltv "ireet. can be salted on ail dlseasi * 01 f"mates Iter mudlcint s are *sle and certain C-uiveutenl roms ror ladles who des;re care and medloal attendance during (oaAaetnant. MRS w. B. maxwkj,l. _ 1 em alb rnrsiciAN. NO HUMBUG WITH MRDICINR Indies eal. Advtee gratia No. ? (ircer.e street, second doerfrem Casnl. Mrs. m. o. brown, metaphtbicalfhtsicia*. Professor on the Rye, Bar. Throst and icatr, win be si her mama Id-Bond street, for *ome time after 1st el May. Meianhyllcal Dlscovesy ror Deafneaa, Me.. Shattered oonstiti'tions rtihtorrd bt that guaranteed rsmedv. Dr. POWBR*' Rsieece of t.ffe, o.i. cu wO .1 it: uow in lwis if a o** ?? e n??m??ir rale than aav nttie* smtirtsa WWAIIClAt. ^ flONTlNEMTAL HANK. NEW YOHK, APRIL 10* MM.? At a meeting of the H.?td of Direeioreof ike OooiIbob tal Bank. held on the 2uth day ..I April, I .Sot me following '"S?."1r***>lutions were unanimously adopted ? Whereas. *tnte the lam meeting of this Beorrt. the Provl ?; <io" has rcmonil by death our ?Mwmi| fneuJ and fel ow director, Kilalia K. Morgan, That while we aba re in the general grief whteh Ibis evtut haa caused id the commercial < ooimunlu of which Caul at ii Moiganwas an active and honor it member, tie loss la a aiuircc of peculiar regret to the members of this Foard, his associates in the management of Ibia institution, ?f which he has been a director from Ite organuanon. to whose ueifaie he bus greatly contributed aud ? hiuh by kit death is deprived of one of Its uiost efficient supporters. Urnoivrd Th.-.t in retrospect or the life aud character of our ilecaAn d fr eiiil, we recall with pleasure the atarllng uuatitiaa by ?hleh he acquired his well earned social and busmen. reputation, and hy winch he endeared himself U> all who knew him?hie frank nod genial '-earinc. hn sense of justice, his maoly independence and freedom from prejudice, hi* practical wisdom arnl hi* warm and cencroiis ?empathies which to ell private relation* road.-him a Arm and coi Kiant friend, and In the present cr aia of rnir national affaire manifested themselves in a ain< ere and de voted patriotism. Resolved, Tkat. aian eyp-esMon of the symrnthy of ihla Board with the family of the deceased in their bereavement, a copy of theae resolutions, attested hy Uie President and Cashier, be communicated to them, and that the* be nnh ? Mabed In the dally journals. ^ p A' true copy from the minute*. ' _ ? ... V. A.TlURDOCK, President. O. P. Tmrsow. Cashier. INTEREST ON CITY RTOCK8 ? TiIB INTEREST OM Bonds and Stoclc* of the city and oonnly of Sew York, due Mar J, 1MI. will be paid on Monday Mat 2, by Daniel Devlin. Esq.. Chamberlain of the the Broadway Bank. The transfer book* will be eloacd Tuesday, the 12tb Inst, at three o'clock P. >1 MATTHEW T BRENNAN, Comptroller. niPAKTMBNT or Piranck, Comptbollkk'c OrricvJCrr* or N?w Yoga, April 1. lfifil ' INTERNATIONAL X F 1RB INSURANCB COMPANY OF NEW YOBK. Ofllce, 1 IS Broadway. CASH CAPITAL, ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Tbc International Fire Inanrance Company, having a cosh capita: of |10iO'<10. all paid In and securely Invested, la now prepared to Insure every kind of property. Including ships in port and their cargoes, agalnat toea er damage by Oie, on the moat favorable terms. WILLIAM E. WARREN. PreeldenL HAMILTON BRUCB. Vice President O'fMi W. Batai.b. Secretary. Mining stocks-as well as all other kinds of securities bought and sold at all the Stock Hoard* in New Yo k. Boston, Philtuielphla. Ac., or otherwise on commission, by ALBERT H. N1COLAT, No. 02 William sL Mining property and oil wells-wanted. Owner* of atich property can find purchaser* or be a? V?mpauie' by ?m'y?ns to LYMAN C DAYTON, 39 Wall street (Jauncey court) NBW YORK FLOATING DRY DOCK COMPANY, 2M South street. April ?\ :8M?The Directors have this day declared a niarterly dividend of four (4) per cent, pava b e on the 2d day of May neit H. V. MASON, Secretary. Notice.-the annual meeting of the stock holder* of the Trevorton Conl Co tit a .y will be held at the Continental Hotel, in the city .if Philadelphia, on Toe* day. the 3d of May neit, at 12 o'clock M Bv order. F. L. JOHNSON, Secretary. NOTICE.-AN BLECTTON FOR A PRESIDENT AND si* iMrector* for the Trevorton Coal Company, for the ensuing year, will be he!d at the Continental Hotel, In the city of Philadelphia. on Tuesday, the 3d or May nail. Poll open from 12); to l>i o'clock P. M. Bv order. F. L JOHhSON. Secretary. OFFICE OP THE UNITED STATE8 WAREHOUSE Company, 33 Whitehall street. At a meeting of the Bosrd of Trustee*, held this dav a dividend of five per cent on the capital stock wns declared Payable on and nfter Mon.'av. Mai 2. The transfer books will he closed until Tnesduv. Mav Ji IRA KETCH AM, Secretary pro teal. Nkw Yong. April 11), 1?(M. OPT'ICE OF MARIPOSA COMPANY. NO 31 WALL atnet ? Notice .* hereby g'ven that the Transfer Hooka i or the Manpoaa < oit.puuv will be c!n?etl on ami after Satur nay next, the 3t*h mat., and t r.til the 10th .ay of May neil at lOo'elo: k of said day. By order of the Poar '. JOHN Wait, gee etary. hHW 1 ORB. April 2P. 18f4 ' OTOOK BPECULATOBS, OR INTENDING STOCK L7 speculators, desiring apeclal Information and facilities for operating Oil do well l? oommunicate with Clititie, Madiaon square Ho?t ofllce. rpo THE STOCKHOLDERS OF T?B MARIPOSA COM Notice is hereby K'ven that a meeting of the stockholder* or the Msri|x?* Companv will be held at the oflioe ol the saidcompany. No 31 Walt street. In the e.ltr of New York, on tha 9th day of Mav next at noon, for the purpose of de* elding upon th?i increase and lurrea>lng the amount of the capital stock of said company ry an addition ef twenty tnousand share* to the one hundred thouaanu shares, ab readv issued, making with *nch Inereiise a total capital of one bundoed and twenty thousaad shares, at the per value or one hundred dollar* a share* amounting altogether to twelve million* of dollar*. In order that the Boating debt of the company mav be paid, and the m ning and otlier re nouSy developed'*'* mM mor? and By order of the Board of Trustee* JAMES HOY, MORRIS KKTCnD*. . OBOROB OPDYKB, _ *** Toa?. April 11.1St4. Majority ol the Trusfee. THB PARK BANK -NEW YORK. APRIL 16, 1064. AN elsjtlon for ffteeo Director* .if tbia bank for the easu ingyesr. and three In*pector* for the nest ensuing election. will be held at the banking house. No. .'I Beekman street on Monday. May 2, from 12 to 1 o'clock. By order of the Board J. L. WORTH, Cashier. TO STOCK BROKERS -WANTED, A YOUNG ManTa member of the Brokers'Board, ti make a permanent *nW*m?n' w'th an established stock house in this cit* PoMofliceVew York*DCM ,tU' ^rtlcu *"? hos B.5S* f,,|7^8CR;?B,Rg. T.??T"B ""ITSD WINDSOR I Guld Mine of Colomdol will please go to Mesar*. Oeorce i^lL*'w)"?,r"'t- and recene their certiti cayw. the book* having already been eloaed for tke last seven TUANTBD?A MEMBER OF THE MINING STOCK BX U.Z.A Board, to make arrKnpemenu witk an eatab liahed sUx'k bou*e to conduct Im butiDfMiai Ihe Board, jid dress, with references, boi S,M4 Hew York Post office. &1 () Oflft T?. BOND AND MORTGAGE-* y1"'""" at six per cent, on first class Near York or o1? pr#'H!r,y' J- M. D., boi KM Herald .S5/5 toloan-atTix per cbntTnte <?'?"J.UUU lest, for ten years or less, on bond and mortgage on real eatate in thi* city or Brooklyn. Apply in the oti c* of the Peop.e a Fire Insorau. e Company. J<?IIN F. CONHEY. <4 Vtail street. SIS 000 WAWTgP-0?t BOND AND MORTGAGH 'PXU#"/" /v on property in the Iow#?r nArt #?f i>.? #>1*? worth ?? 000. Apply to JAMBS kT SMITH^No 28 Chlm wrf it fft. )0 000 TO LO*M ?* "bond and mokt cOUlJ.UHU gage at 6 per cent, for a term of years, on New fork eltv property In sum* to eutt applicanu. .>OS MASON, Bo. Pioe atreet, room* 10 and II, ASTROLOGY. ~~ ~ 4 B. MAURICE ORBAT AND RBAL ASTROLOGER a\? His skill by thousands baa been tried, And thousands more be will meet. For in Astrologer Maurice you ran confide At No. 120 Blrecker street. Ti e advloe of this real Astrologer. A B. MAURICB. la based wholly on scientific principles and wa* never known J?J"Ta* hind of fate has msrke<l out the pstk of ea< b Individual and tke planets are hourlv pointing out the des tioj'of rruanklnd. Prof Maurice bas a profound know, edge of the rclra or the Science of the stars and can bent the world lo the above science In regard t>? tailing all that relate* to the happiness or misery of .res whole ife: and wltk several secrets that no living mor tal ever knew before, be wt't bring suoeess out of alipost any undortakiM. Id causing speedy li ar r aces t>e never falia. He deacribeg the Intended husband c* wife ld>J '?5 rtrr tTaf f6? Win mifry, ini Show* a likenesa rs t r?^taitig ??* true eompieH<ji or tb* mtf b< ea, lie de scribes jour frien ls, points livu cac:i ;?i, Itj.l wiff,; )6ti o? All lnlure danger: good luck and irosie lir |i/,,r?h Tork nil onioe b"t 6 ?'3 1?. W 15,1 in return the outline* of vour whole lile. All hunts until 7 In the evening OToc B.eec et str*et, mat Wooeter. Ladlea Miceots. (.ems $1 A ?E,<rEH A8TKOLOOI8T IS NOT TO BE FOUND 8ut** lll*n Ur D and Mrs S D BROlGllTOlf. They succeed in girinc satiaraetl .n wuen all others rail Thai can be consulted on a.l affairs of hu nan life, suck aa eonrfshli., mairlage. travelling removals, lawsnlta. oktalnlhg situation', welfare of al.sent friend* Ac.; sicknesa if the alck party a ill i*cover or die of the piesem sltkneea; if reoover. the time tliey will be^lu to auiead; what ran of tie body Is affected, ana what treat P"?.' medicines are best adapted to the sick persons Lactes fl" ''aia; gentlemen fl. 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Pke brings tovether those long separa'ed ai d'hows a cormrt nkeneas of future husband or as?ent l rr^s^'n,1a!i'r>?T?- ff?' ^ Twenty Seventh ,tre. i and Mrenth avenues. Name on the UQor. K?i'f tliO hftffrtiifiil hell. ( ?5??^Nt?ENT (;LiIRVOY a NT. lil Twentieth Street, t>etwee-i Seventh an.' "7eui<'ti ,itl2^. ?'??>J*' la. lK>th medical and t si ues?; detects itisaa?es. p.-esert es remedies and gives luval usble ad' ue an mntters or life. *"? >ut?i }r*JWOM PARIS, NIBOB W Ml.e I,e Jtpr'n ?. t a fsr fsmed sdviser uf the ilreat f VT.l at P ,1m'^t"P00 ?" concerning U.e future *t HiurnuBi a M tueturi. Madame rat is the best ci-aibvoyant aud Astro ojiist In this city. She tells vour verv th0"gMs gives 'nek number* and causes *p*?dv nisrrtapa No a 0 Seventh avsntte, near Twenty seventh strset. Indies, ttc ; gent emen Ma. , TO MISS WELLINOTON ? " If your for tune yon -vould know. To Bis* Wellington you should go: SJie never fsl's to tell you true What Fortnna hss in storo foy you, Uusl anda, intempsrate or untrue. She will restore faithful lo yoti For 'ore, good tuck In hitalne**. she A ta'tsmsn for life will guarantee. Call If you can. if not. you'd better Consult her immediately by letter Th.s beautiful lad*, girted and lmi? IMM" MILITARY AND NAVAL.. Arsw recruits will receive $4ss casu in band over other bounties, for cavalry, artillery (llgkt or h-evy), inlanlrj or signal corps. Liberal premium to >|eiil*. Apply at 300 Broadway, ia lbs truak imra. r. nOULDlNQ. Am GOOD. SOUND MAN Can secure $429 Bounty, AmI Belief Tiekct for his family. Without any deduction, Al N and 8d Pulton street. A1 RTILLRRY, ART11.LKKT, ARTILLERY.-VOLUN i wAi?t?<l for lienv* trtlikry r* elm* ma, d>tng garrisondut? In the ikintly of Baltimore ami Washington. $t7ft. AviAr to Captain JAMES WELLS, 102 Centra Mr eat, corner of Walker. All hoys under is, enlisted without tub concent of parents. by art of ronsriss mo* be .11s charged Advice gratia. W EXTON BENJAMIN A IIOOEBS. Counse lors til Law, 134 Pulton street CI ABU, CASH, CAflll. ) BOUNTY. BOUNTY, BOUNTY. Auy branch of the service. Roller Tickets for families. At IM and SB Pulton itrxt. /"lAVALRy KOR TEXAfi.-TBN G00O MEN WANTED \ 1 for Tweniv lifth cavalry, no * In camp at Saratoga. Alao fifty men for the Seeond. Third Pllih, Sixth and Eighth regiments of artlllorm Also twcntf-ilve men for nne of the beet remncnta of Infantry. Highest bounties cash down. Belief tick, la for families. Apply at i2H Broadway. TTEADQUARTBRS. COMPANY I, TWENTY-PI PTH IA New York cavalry.?I want four non oommiasloned ?Ulcers, one teamster ami a few privates. for my own com suand, camped at Saratoga, bound for Texas. Don't enlist in heary artillery and be thrown into Infantry All bounties paid. Good man for above positions. Arplj before S P. M, at DO Centre street, near Psarl, to Captain H E NBY LOUIS. IMPORTANT TO SOLDIER8.?SOLDIERS DIHCIIABG ed by reaaoa of wound* received la battle ran obtain their $100 by applying to ns. Pensions prize monev. bar* pay aud all government accounts collected by CL A RUB A ELLIOTT, & Broadway and 51 Pine street. IMPORTANT TO SOLDIERS DISCHARGED POR wounds.?The $100 bounty Is now paid. Apply with dis charge. Communications hv mall promptly answered and blanks sent. HOMES. BROWN A CO.. No. 2 Par* place MABfNK CORrS-ANY GOOD MAN WHO WaNTS to go into the navy aad receive the lushest raah bounty, without any deduction, should apply at the I'alerson House, 76 Cortlandt straeL NEW YORK COUNTY VOLUNTEER,COMM/TTBB. Okkii'* N?w Btm.nixos, 1 s Coanaa Chamskrh Stiikkt ink RnoinwiT, I Km ranee on Broadway. J 10 POO T0LUNTEBR8 WANTED. The following are (he pecuniary Induoements offered:? COUNTY BOUNTY wish down 9?l0 (ffl UNITED STATES BOUNTY, additional 100 W Total .$4 0 00 Applications to be made personally at tbe oftice of the committee Any person bringing a recruit for the army to this oOioa win receive a premium of tiO. 0. GODFREY QUNTHBR. Mayor MATTHEW T BREVNAN. Comptroller. OKISON BLUNT. Snp?rvlsor KLI.) AII I- PURDY. Supervisor. Willi am R strwart. Supeivisor. % WILLIAM M TWRED.?ui?t vltor. GEO ROE OPDYKE, Aitiillaiy Member. County Committee, ORISON BLUNT, Chairman. New York, April!, 1864. Recruits, attention. LOOK AT THE INDUCEMENT. Cash $430, Bounty, and Relief Tickets tor your families. Headquarters, 84 and N> Pulton street. ITNITED STATES NAVY J AND MARINE CORPS. NEW YORK COUNTY VOLUNTFER COMMITTEE, OPHCK. NEW BUILDINGS, CORNER ciiaMPEKS STREET AND BROADWAY. PIVK THOUSAND RECRUITS WANTED POR THE NAVY AND MARINE CORPS. COUNTY BOUNTY OP $200 AND #100, CASH DOWN FOR BAILORS, AND ?300 POR MAB1NBB AND PBJZB MONET. Tbe United Stales authorities having. In order le flu np the Navy aad Marlae corps, authorized the raising of re emit* for that branch or the service, and guaranteed that recruits for the Novy and Mai ne corps shall te counted < n the quota of the places where they alert to be credited, the same as if they were lacrulls for the armv, the County Volunteer Committee have resolved to pay recruits for the Navy and Murine corps the following bounty, cash down, upon aeing duly mustered Into the service ? When enlisting for one Tear In the navy *100 When enlisting for more than oae jear in the r.avy . 2 0 When enlisting for marine corps ANY PERSON BRINGING A RECRUIT POR'tHR Navy or marine corps to this oppice will r* CEIVB A OOUN1Y I-RBM1U M OK ire PAY OP TBB UNITED BTATBS MARINE CORPS. ?i . ? . . ? GB1DB. ' "'.o* Orderly Sergeant $20 no per month. All other Sergeauts. each 17 no d0 Corporals ij Drummers aad Pifsrs 12 00 do PeiwafAs i. m .Z. 7^1. "w* Pr vatee la karraeks at Nary Yard 13 10 do. Privates at sea U M da ,"jj ?^l'fary seamen who will be Shipped for JhUr , nnJ'in"^1t>0" 10 *b0re ^'UOt/ Of 1. months pay In a<lvance, and three months'sa> tra pay as government bounty. The rstes of wages are as follows: > irst rlasa flreaaen ?,10 per nonth. Second do IS do L'oalpaasen |g Seamen jg d0. Ordinary seamen M do. Laodsuten. 12 do 10 do: Boys win n.ii tie taken unless the; are 18 learn of see, stout in good health, and not below 4 feet 8 Inches in height, ia an cases the consent of tbe parents oi guardians must be Hist obtainee. The coutitf bounty and the three months' advance pay will be paid to all rrcrulle. irrespective of class: and half monthly p?y r*a be left at linnie. by application to the paymasters of the vessels to which tbe recruits may be as aigcen. A:i needful informailon can be obtained by applying al tbe Naval Tent In the Part; and (persons can be collated and sworn in at either of the following rendc/vout, which are the only enes anthorlied by the Navy Debarment in in?^ riiy. A" Ulna fniisted and receiving tbe bounties afora New Yc rk cr*d"'d 10 ?* quota of the city and county of CAPTAIN OSCAB BULLUS. U S. N.. CAPTAIN EDWARD THOMSON? U. ltr??t' LI BUT. COM'O J. MoLEOD MURIMf^'u!?*!!., ACTING MA STB B JOHN W. GOIN.^U.'s'W CAPT. A. N BRBVOORT, U. S.^Mu^oe Cornel WALI./CB, LIcuL, United Suites Marine""7' C. GODf BKY OUKTi/eR,'Mayor** MaTTIIBW T. BRKNVAN Comptroiler ORISON BLUNT, Supernenr. WILLIAM M TWBBO. Supervisor. WILLI AM B. STEWART. Supervlaor. BLIJaB P PUBDY, Supervisor CIBOBOB OPDYKE. Atillllary Member. County PoiunM-er Committee. I Htf Twt, AprB a. im0*'8** I UN1TBD STATES NAVAL RBNDRSVOOS HEAD quarters established 1*7, No. 9 Cherry street, Bear Fnnklia tuuar? ft,tVO KBCRU1T8 WAITED. 5T1I RKOIMBNT HEA^Y artillbrt -PORTS OP Baltimore?No heavy knapsacks?No long marcliee.? 1 will accept some geod men for tti is favonte veteran regl. ?i en*, kiwars In comf< rlak4e barracks: highest cnah boun ties; relief lor families; every man rrrtala to go to this retnmeaii ~,'U9, auihonied: beware of street Sharpers or brolerT Tijlf ~ ?-?- *' COMB8> ommwliBt Of Co. B, AO Llspenard street. ?* ,, <S> | / in CASH.-$400 CASH -ANY BRANCn OP ?iUU vice Relief tickeu to faiulilaa Call at Tatersoa House. 7ft Cort.andl street. (Kiinfl CASn DOWN -NOW IS THE TIMB TO GET ipiUU vhe largest hountiea. Re.ief tickets to fainillee. Call st Paterson House, lb Cortlandt sir eet BOUNTY?St2S BOUNTY.?CHOICB OP RR glmenta. Relief tickets for laniiloa. Call at l'aiersoa Hose, 7ft Cortlandt street. $550 A>D ALL OTHER BOUNTIES. JlAw IdW Ticket to fatu .iea. Apply at tbe Wjomlng Houac. J,i3 Greenwich street. CABn ?OUNTT. $426. ARTILLERY. " CATALRT OR B ^ . INFANTRY Relief Tickeu for your famlliea ? any deduction, st 84 aad *<6 Pulton street rQABB IN HAND, WITS STATE AND Untied Stiles fcountle*. for teo a' ?d men: cbo e of resi.nefits. Ac.. aleoMigoo.i men f?r the navy. Apply at ibe Armv and Navy Agency, M West street, earner of Crdar strett IfWtn CA"ALRY HOUSES WANTBD-PROM POUR .UU'' teen and a balf to sniff u blih. from ve to mtie years e:d, sound I', all partlrtlars. full nested and brulle wise, (o i>e <le ivertd al the corernment sta'de. in Y r?, subject to insertion by United Suites oilkara. I Cash will be i aid for sa:d torses cn ineir sccrpian'-e bv the t'n ied Slates co emment Inqnlre of STKf'HEN L. OOODELL at Hulls Head H<te^ comer of Twenty fourth sir. el and Third s tn ie. NAVAL PHIZR MO ft ICY. AtC. A SEAMAN S rROTBCTU'B.PRIZE CLAIM AGENCY Is now established at 1*17 York s'rtet B'O 'Klfn fanbe prolec'ion of s< B'nen In l olietliw their fCte Monejt All g^verrnicnt cliim? ad usted sn| set:ied Ase its to teifed thrombout the State and In the ttkvf. who will bej><ld ilb'-ra ly fl .??? will be blalned for all who were at'he ra?| I ire of New Orleans and the M'?sls?tiipl river {'IB ere and Seamen are re'tues'eil ?to send lu ikelr claims lirme diately MOLLOY A KNO*SARD. Na\v lijokers, I?7 York ?tieet Proeklya, and VS OI iver ureel *ew York AHOY'-l'RIZR MONEY NOW BEING PAID POR rapt.ires irnde by m t' S. vesee's at seamaa's Bank sndPR./S of K|,^rAnD bIHSRLL. Licensed U. 8 Claim Apentand late Purser U S. Navy. 771 Broadway, corner t'tiauinera at. New tort. All prize monry NOW PAYABLR CAN BB ?'B rA IN KO AT ONCt i.Tln?to IALOKV A WILL*PP. I"S York straet. Brooklyn MSNYDBR. .'R . . Late of ike United Slates Treasurv Department ARMT and NAV1 \nhNcV and I'Riy.R MoNKY OPKICB Jy Naaaau s?,eet. opposite the Poet o,T-e. Ne v Yoik Oil .era' Par A<coonts rushed in advance. I ^ ^?n.^?a vt t'e>, J,i, ?vU;slcd . ?hippiao. STBAM WBEELY TO LIVERPOOL. TOUCHING AT qooenatowa (Cork harbor) rt.o Liverpool New York and Philadelphia Steamship couiiiaay tntao.l at-h 1(8 their full powered, Clyde built. Inn sf-amship* aa fol l0olvf or BALTIMORE. SATURDAY, APRIL 3s. EDINBURGH. MA tu RDA y, may 1. CITT OF WA&hinoton. BATl' RI>A Y, MAY 14 ?n<l n<rj guomedlog Saturday, at noun, from plor 44. north BATR8 OK pa8hagr. rtoor. HraM la cold, or it* oqutra'em in currency. First cabia ?80 i?lf-ia?-? ?*> firal Cabin to London ?5 to looiloa 14 firm Cabin lo 1'arla 9fl kl erase to Par l a 40 Flrat Cabin u? Hamburg .. pi steerage to Hamburg ... s/ raimflgf-i i al?u forwarded to Havre. hrrmto. Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ac., ul equally low rale*. From liverpool ?r viiitn?n? ? ?fir?l '?wo. 176. $*5 an?k f|i?. dietra ? ?<">. Those wild w-h lo aend for their frenda ran buy tickets here at llieae rma*. Th* aa steamer* have superior a"??toinodatl<hta for pasaon gera are built iri water tight l-on aeetiona. and carry patent nro annlhllatoni egporlmiced anrgeone are a it*" baa toeseb wramrr. . ? For further nwnrirailon apply In ll-erpool to wimjall inmaN Agent. 3j Water atreet; In oimkow to ALB*. MAL COLM. No. * St. rnooh square; in giiwiii own It 0. A W. p. rkymoi'h A CO.; lu Loudon to I.IVKS A MAORT. ?1 King William street. In Pan* la julhd DhCOUE. 48 rme Nairn Dame dea Vlctnlre*. Place de la Bonrao; In Fhllaagt phi* to JOHN O. DALR. Ill Walnut street, or at the com. pany'a oflkea. _ JOHN o. DALE. Agent, 16 Bret! way. N. T. i/o ft LIVERPOOL Dill HOT ? CI'MARD stkamsii1p I* sidon, Captain martvii will nail on Wednesday. April 27. Cabin passage %!*} Uold or Ita equivalent. For freight orcabiu paaaageapply to k. ci;nard. No 4 Bowling <Ireen fflapscott'h 1 emigration AND fork ION EXCHANGE. Other No. South alrcet. New York. TA PSCOTTB favorite line of Liverpool packet* Mil every three day*. x Una of London packet* mil erary ten day* Parties wiaumg lo aeud for their lri<<n.i* or remit money lo the Oid Country can do *o at the lowest rate by apply lD* W TAPBCOTT brothbr8 A CO. . No m South alroet THE i<ondow AND NKW YORK htkamship COM rany will despatch semimonthly their new and flrsl claaa kritiah iron steainahlp* CEL'.A, nKLLONA. ATY l.ASTA. IOWA. INDIANA aud m ANHATTAN. each afwo ton* burthen, between lx>ndon ?ad New York calling m Havre on the vovace from London. Rate* of pay able lo I'nlted State* currenflv:? New Yorg firai Cabin. $hi; bern ml Cabin. $,vi Steerage, From lni> don or Havre. Flrat Cabin $1u??. For pa<?*?te apply to ciiah A. WUITNRY, at 2i Hroad < av k?r freleiil apply at M South direct Advance* ma><r on metrchaa'!l*e wui (igneil lo the London :i/cnt?. iiowland a ASI'in WALL. agenuu STKAM FROM ARD TO qubbnstowb AND LITER Pool. CUNARD LINE From New York, $t>8 enrrency; to New Yerk, $33, gold or aoup-alent in currency BIDON sail* weiim-Hdav. April 27. NATIONAL 8TRAM nayioation COMPANT. From New York, cabin, f ico and $ha: kteerago. ?.46. I'niaiilr in currency. PENNSYLVANIA on Saturday. Mar 7. Kor |ia-<mke apply to WILLIAMS A OUION.w Brondway. THE NORTH okrman LLOYD'S sthamsiiii HBEMKN, 0. Merer a.immander carrying tlie Unit*!' rlalex mail, will sail from the Bremen pier, loot of tbndl ?treat, Hoboken on SATURDAY, May 7. at 13 o'clock M., ron bhkmkn, VIA boctiiampton, taking pft?*?ni.'in m LONDON, iiavkb. southampton AND ItRF.MRN at the foll-m'tng rales, payable ill gold or Ita equivalent to currency ? For the nrat cabin, $i0s; accond cabin. %* 'l m), ateeiaga. *The)BRt!wbn will be followed by (he hanfl V, May 21. kor freight or tiaasafin apjp'y ;o uklllli'hs A CO., 1i8 Bioa.l rtreefc Tiib hamkuro ambrica.v ncker company-? IliON .VAIL s i'fc tm-tiju'f Fioin * im.i 3 ? |i..:i. Kro n New voi k 8AXON1A.... April 2. 1 ?: \?-m 'hv is ? iia V* A hi A April 111. i -t May ii, 'sfifc cjkrxania April "0 :? i Mav tki'ion ia May 17, imil ju:.fl ii. i? 41 hamlma..., Muv .V. I i.i June !?.<< borlflhia jine ii. i t .lily u. i.** From llamburf pjor fml of fi.ii.' -Hert. iloltfl.rA, uklflg jmceniiefa for llamh III. iluvr." i.ou l III au.| sniitl...a< jjv.f* ai iho following ra'c*.?l-irnt .abin, >1 s: wroni'.i laliln,. %62 ao; *>erage, $j7 mi, pnyub e in cold or Ita anulv*.anl. For freight apply to ki'NIIARDT A CO., 45 Bwl.ante place For pawasa apply to C. B. RICHARD k BOAS. ra 1m Broadway. ifor california VIA PANAMA. ^ ^ .. _ " ,A,?r?t ela** ataamer will leave New York on the 3d, ITU* and <tf each month, except when thena data* fall on <na day. *vhen the day of depertara will boon tba mandag fal For ireigi,? ?* rannafr innlf at th? only afllca, na, ft bu*(. togOiean. pm?^" D. B. allkm, AgeaC. Ir?or NEW ORLEANS VIA HAVANA. To nail on SATURDAY, April 3u. at 3 o'clock P M. Tba United State* mall nidewlieel kteamahlp bvkn1no htart. William r. Hell, oommander. will aall u abOTe, froui pier 47 North rlvar, fool of houatca ?tract. For froiglit or pawage apply to JAMES A. RATNOR. 161 hmadway. N. B.? Tba MORNING STAR will follow and call on 8*4. urday, May ii, 1MC4. 17iob HAVANA VIA NASSAU. S. P. r The Hlitla* and North American Royal Mall Btcmrrt Packet Comi>aay'* now meamcr cokrlca. Captain Lo me> ?, will tail for tho above porta, from the Company** wharf, at Jeraav City, on SATURDAY MARCH m, and on SATURDAY, AFBIL ? puurt money to naamii f4s pawage money to Havana u> . , pavabio In gold or It* equivalent No rrolght received on day before tailing For freight or |**Mge apply to _ B. CUNARD, No 4 Bowilag Oreon> B>0r NBW ORLEANS DIRECT?THR NBW unitbd Stale* mail iteamahlp UEORUR CROMWKLL Cap uln l ost, will leave pier No. V North river on Saturday. May 7, at 3 P. M. pa?*a?e. with uaiurpaaaed vrouiacda Uona. $00 No bllia of ladlnR algned on day of mklllsg. ap ply to H. B CROMWELL a CO.. m Weal iir.rt Ohn BOARD TRANSPORT RANilKR. _ luarr .N K"*ps. April 23. iw4. We. the obcera of the blglily nlntb regiment. New York: Slate Volunteer* (dlokinaon ifu*rd?). b?-g lo convey to- Cap tain Nathan hai u and for hi* ?ub .r llnat. *, our appret a tlon of lit* and Iholr kind conduct towards ouraelvew and tho men under our command while in iran?'t from Folly i*landr b. C.. to Foi tro** Moor<>?. Cai ulv Rack'* cool de.ilo ra lion during th* eovere tlorm on the i8th and lotti mat war rant* orery oonttdenco being placad In hie abuluea, and hita kind nod gentlemanly conduct calli for our lilgiiert erteoro. i rank Surghard, First Lieutenant and Acting Adjutant; Jam#* H*sley, Captain; Jame* Allan, Assistant buruevn, A C Hooir.e, Captain; wm. H. Harri*. First ltommumt; Frank. W Freman. Flmt Lieutenant; w t eddy Fir?t lteuien ant; John B. Ruaaell Second Lieutenant; W. Deble, setondi lleutonaot. Oeo. if. BiiMwIn, Second Llcutonant, Thomaa Oroe<ly, booond hoiltenanl; w. Itua?n?iir>', seconal Lieu tenant. f. L. ENGLAND, lt. Col. commanulng. travrllerh' (HIDE. Hudson river railroad-trains for alba ny, Troy, the North aad We*t. leare rhambrr* meet at rand in A. M. aad .113. Sand id 4.1 P. M., and on sutulaya tl i 22 P M , from Thirtieth street. VTBW TORE, If arlb M and alrant RAILROAD.? 1^1 For Albany. Troy. North end WM, wave twetity ?Irth itreot depot at 10 A. m. and 4:23 P. it. Sunday trait* It 4 23 P. M. FOR HARTFORD DIRECT. The slearner* CITY OF HARTFORD and oranitb. STATE leave pier 14 Baet river dally, at IP. M. .for fur ther particular* Inqulr* of Saztoa A Seabury. uj soeun ?ireet D. A. villi). Agent. Harlem river-pleasant and cheap ex >'u'lion 10 High Bridge. tuo llarlem and Spuyteu Duyvll Navigation Company * steamer T1GKR will reoomw unal tripi ? " J? -? "" ^ Third avenue i kibgabr<>!(? *lth Third tfiuudmn a . T . boat* Tlmo ubleg on board or at the o >6 YtUiHtf u D. irslbe. amintaatsu rtntaadenl. avenue ?nd 9SH5 ?h if lis venue Mr. *nd Now f A expreisb8. Bi RNIIAM'b FDKN IT l' RE expiiksit. blrnham B Furnltere Einre**. Bumham's Furniture Eipr> r?. lift Waal Sloven th atreet. betwoen Fifth and sltlh avenoe* ? fr.rnitaro si,.red. All klud* of furniture boted and *h p ped Furniture of famllioo mo rod in oily or to oountry. mm arts. P>r SALE-COINS, MRDALS. bngr4vinos, BT? ? ins*. Drawings. r>y all th* old nth*t r*; the largeet col lection ever olfeied for sale. S. W. OOt'LDSON, 718 Broadway, third floor loam offkf.1. A^ht 77 ?MONF.Y LIRRRALLV A l>'hd AT Tl ? ON diamonds WATCIISB, jkwblrt, Ao iiohsrs, iiahnrss, WAGONS. Ac. ai SO, AT 77 pawnbrokbr.s' Tlt'kbtrt WANTKD AT 77 Of dlamoimis, Watches, Jewelry, Ao , ? nd 90 per cent moie paid than ran he obtained at any othfa piaco io the city, at j7 B eecker (treot At .v.-i'awnbroebbs' tickkts wanted, t w.ll iay i'd per i-ont uiore than any oilier person in thin city lor tuket* for Diamond*. Welches. Jewelry, oana, i'w tola fttlko, Ac.. Ao, at M Chatham atreet rnoru No t. Over lb a hat Moro. At ouc?monrv libbrallt advanced on dia muada Wap bee Jewelry. hl|\er rkte. uui i'leinie. Ac. alao Pa?abroa*r*' tic i ta v anted or li.muonda, W .tehea .leweire, tlune, 1'la lot* ae.. for whu-h I will t*r 7ft per com moro than ean he ofctsined at any oilier pia?o iu uie dir. ocv Hroodway, orner of llonttoa .troet, np *i*ir?. ro- iu ft. \QTABCBB MAO! otrwatciirs dtamobdm irw elry. Dry and l'ers.>n*l l'r..|Oriy of everv ? ? ? npti'.n or llommo bought ami <oM, b. .1 A jacrs'ilr Broker and Commission Morrl.anl, 111 ilrand it eet, too loor* wast uf Broadway. At henry hyman's. ms broadway. corner or Boud tireet room No. 5. up alair*. nia pay *** b fit e*t ca*h i nee lor Diamonds, ?clnr Watche* and sit ver m'aro, or advance* made on tn? aam*. aad ai*o on p .1 tios t^i Broadway. . At mi nassau strrrt. room no. 3, the rtion ?at rrtco* are paid for jixeaer aet dlamoadat Wamhoo ?nd Jawelry of *very dcaeilpliou, 1:1* moot mooi* tdvaicea made uu ? on*i nmer'* of the above ar'ic ea, ny A. honioman, Diamond Broker Pawnbrorsra ti KRTS Pt'uch 4?bd OF C' otil ma. A*.-A largo lot of Clothing Tor *?{? Coata, (tt b.aek freeo t oata 43; O-e'ixmls. ??; coMnner* Pant*. 13; S*tin*t Fanta. $->; v'ea;*, SI. . tiio LBV IB. it? Bramiit thfll Tiir llliillrst oaah PSICR PAID FOR CA.mrl h.ilr Shawls, old f tr cai_o? line Im ea old t*. Id au.l si'rc.' v ' 'l is j&ju'sii ' * jlrpadway, '.nj?j ^he ,sf? tat ?

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