Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 27, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 27, 1864 Page 2
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ru./.. ^IAL AN'O COMMERCIAL. Iknltl, April M?4 P. It liie H ck niirkM exhibited ai^&s of vtakMsi this "? I re-w od alt ?Ueos,>ts to give it a bu*jrut * ?. H irUni tLiilru.iJ, h iwever., * u put up to 23i , which W an kiIt laoaar eight t<er cant, and at lb* ume lima II ?raa a?'lu r>r 214, s.'IIt thirty days. Coia|iared with the V ile* at the ttrst board yesterday, New Vor* '"eatral ad v lie ?<! % Kr* Itaiiroad IJ, Hudson River V. Harlem 8, Keidiug 1, Michigan Coatral It, Michigan Southern 14f> Itiavls ('antral I, Chicago aud Rock Island 1)*, Chicago Attoa 1. Cumberland loel 6'f. eauloo-C?m|>any ?, suid QaMcsilver Mining 1*. Milwaukee and I'rairia du Oii?o declined 1 %, Ileveiaud and I'UUburg 1, Galena and Ob oa*o 1 ClevoUr.d and Iol?do 8, Alt>m and ferre Haute ?4, and Maripoa* Mining 8. The quotations with which the rorrg ttag c <mv>arisons ara m*4a were nearly all tboae o: toe ?M?nmC sales, from which moat of (be abaraa ma ? te-Mllj declined b. for j tha close of tba call. Than' w? a disposition to buy in tba afternoon, and tba m rknt bec-iase more Arm. Tba following war* the cloa tng <ja lanons:?.New York Cuatral lSttf, Erie 116X. Hwtsaa Hirer 139 S'. Heading ISO*, which to 3* town fr- in Ihr fl at board; Miohlgaa Southern 103, Michigan Central Illinois Central 131)*, Clevelandand Pltta bu.g 11S\, tori Wi/m 120, i btcago and Northwestern M?. Catena and Chioago 1ST, Toledo aad Wabafh Tl, Cam beriaad Coal 77, Canton Company 40, a>4 Quicksilver Mluiog 14\. "? .;?td oi eiMsl thto morning at 184,and was ranup to 186, from which point U aettlod down to 17?V- Babaaqpgntly U took a- other upward turn, ana reached 1M#, and dor l?4f tbo remainder of tbo day U ?la I ted the frasltona ba? *wean 181 and 1H2. Thoro waa eooakdorablo excitement, ?ud a grait many tinal! lota ware aotd. I he Aaairiant Treasurer reporta to-day aa follows:? Amount on band |39,464,184 Bte.f>i|>U from cunt "tut 783 000 TWal from other souroea 1,6X3,300 THal $41,701,644 Pay moo ta SJ09.784 Valance fS8.Ml,780 Sjuhtciptl' na lo 10 40 loan 140,000 Ibo leii-ti rty Ave per oent loan to gradually gaining In pofa'ar favor, and the indtaatlona are tbat It will be ab #ort-ed m ch sooner than tha roverumont anticipate* rbe>interwt. like tint on tbo aeron thirty Treaaury notea, (a payable In coin, and at tba preaent premium on (old to equal to ulae far cent In currency. It to beyood question the beat aad aa'est medium for permanent investment which to at present of.orlag. Like the five-twenties, the toooda will no doubt command a premium alter tba loan tons lieen all taken. ?&e bllla now before Congress, baring referenoe to tbo buxiueas of a lock brokers and speculators in gold and foreign pscbunge, contain tbo following provisions:?. 1?Muxes "It unlawful to ouUr Into auy contract 'or the giurchakK or aale of any gold or ailvar coin or bullion or toieign exchange to be delivered at any tima subsequent 4 > (be making of such contract. rVnalty one thousand ?d liars and thiee months' Imprisonment. z?I'rarenta tba jxiymeut of any aom, either Oxed or ? utingrnt, in de unit of the delivery of any coin or bul lion <r foreign oxcb.inge. ?ame i>cnalty. 3?Koouiren the imniediata manual delivery of all ooin, bullion or exchange which may be acid, and tha prompt piyment la lull of the agreed price thereof by the man ual delivery of the amount la United States notes or ontl ual curaenoy?no oertiOed checks or State bank lafueo to be i.sed in |>.?ymeut. For any violation ol this aii|>ulatioo the penalty is ulso to be one thousand-dollars ?nd three months' Imprisonment. 4?No person to make aay contract whatever for tba ai'.e,-loan or delivery ot any coin, bullion or foreign ax change o( which he or they m .King such contract shall not at tba tirnq or miking it be the owner and In actual posdcaaiou. Ivnalty similar to the ubove. 5?No peraou aball make sa :b contract at any other p'ace than the ordinary pltco of buMnet* of either the purchaser or seller. l*oiialty one thousand dollars and tbioe months' imprisonm-nt. The Intention of this pro vision la to atop the salos of c tin at the brokers' boards and tobreik up the gold exchange; but tba object will ?'?t be attained, for the simple reason that tbe gald-roitn Is the "ordiu.vry place of builaess" of all who spaoutata In g 'Id. 0?au contracts mate contrary 10 im aoove pro ?iaiotis aro, In addition to the i>en iltiea, declared abso iuteijr Toiil. 1?All sales of gold and silr?r coin, bullion, starling sxobaoge, not**, ato-lw, beud* or other xecurltloa to be taxed ooe-flftb (twj rail!*) of one per csji, or two dol lars on a th >usaod, on tbe amount of the sales, and the jam* o|*>a all oootracts for snob sales. <S?An/ person or company who shall sell or oflfcr to ?eil gold or eilt-er c .In, bullion, sterling exchange, uncur rent money. promissory not**, stocks, bonds or other se xurities without a liceoae,shall paj fltjr per cent tnaddl tion to the foregoing lata. The asgrepate rain* of the exports of produce and oerchaodlw, exclusive of specie, from the port of New Tertt during the past week was $2,?53,?74. TW following oomparatir* statement shows the are raj* condition of tb* leading lt*ms of the Philadelphia banks for the past and previous week:? Latt Week. Tkil Week. Loins f?^a.'.,S39 39,670,567 Specie 4.0M.3KT 4,098,475 Legal leader 13,T 14.026 14,038.023 I??*.its 88,174X46 87,383.237 Circulation.... 3,320,5m The imports.*! Boston for the two weeks eoding April 82 wer?$2>6'J,13?. The exports for the weekending April 32 were $34*,094, against $213,467 for the oorne pondiug week In 1863. ?took Bsehang*. Tvbsdat. April *?10 30 A.M. $6*0 V 6 4'a, 1*47 128 10* aha Hod River BR. 114* VM0 V * 6 a, 81. roK.. llt'i IftOO barl-m Ut....a90 312 800*0 86a, '81. eon.. 11*55 3"0 do..... 23ft 23nuo a* ... . lift l'?0 Reeding BR. 142 1?*? V 8 6 *. 6 Wi.ou It*** >0 do 142* KUi 1' S ft'*.. ?46. eon . IM 16U0 do 143 l?Oo a 8 6* 1 jroer'a ?HV 200 do..... Ui\ imm do .... ?0 Mich Ob BR...... 147 luO ? Taaa 6*a. '90 OU foo do bl? 147 Si*) Mfa-nn 72* ?<* do ..146* ?060 Mo 6'a. laa l 1' RR M\ 200 do 14.'i 6000 do M* 000 Blob Bo A M I KN.. J(M\ ISO O Ohio A Mia* cer.. ? ISO do 106 ?SUI d ? A6 101 do ...blO 10ft* 309 0 do 67 114 raoama RR 240 2ft 00 H T Ot 4'a. *87.. 110 ftu 18 Ceatral full elk. 130 HVO III Central bda... 119 100 do.... iffl ?m do 120 400 Chle, Bar A Q KR.. 141 lUOiChic A k WUlm ID 80 140* 38HI H A St .1* RKIsm 100 1100 III Oen BB scrip.. 13i :?00 T?i A Wab 2d m . 91U 3<>0 do 610 136* SlMOO J'itl. Ft HAC 3d m I"> 100 do bin? llXWi American fid... IM* 20U d< 16 aba Hk of Coin with IftJ 2U) Clave i in Canto* Company .. 61* 600 III) do 61* 600 de 61 200 do llftV UV 4 re"A Pitta ML*.* MS do 116* do 116 SO) d* b30 62 *M do 8 0 do M>* ?<0 do lift to IMA 11 ud Canal Co 238 800 Oaleoa and Cbl RR 132 161 P*aa coal Co 220 160 de 131V 3>iO Oentral Oool Co.... 70 200 de 1*1* 401 do 71 lOOClere A Toledo RR. 161 !?* in 71* BOCblcA R 1 RR..M6 120* ??0 Qoitkailvrr M( Co.. 7ft 100 do Wi? 8) ? do 76* 100 do 120 do 75* 20U do 119* ?<0 do. b30 77* 200 do 119V M 0 Ceaab 0*al pref.... 80 I B do blO 119* 10J 6* ??* 200 . do lit 401 do,,..... 81 BOO do U8* 100 Quart! Rill Mg Co.. 18 ?<M do 118 ?w A*...... 16* 2ft MU A Pr du C RR . 72* Fo Xaripoaa M* Co.... 86 60 do ...... ... 7l IIO 5*...7. 8ft* 600 Plt,PtWACblRRblO 126* S<i i. u anii a> 128 wuhMit^omi: i8 ioo s*m?8 1UO P**ilo Mail 8d Co.. 828 400 0* 194), 129 M t Coot RR 139 800 do 124 IMV 100 do 123 KOKrteRR blO llfS 600 __ 60* do 11* ?JO Tol A Wabaab RR 55 6*..1m*?,U| u .M6 1 11$ 180 H A 8^J***itB pr*f 6ft 118* 100 Alton A T Haut*BJI fl 3*o d* i!!!!i.'Vbie iisM wi owo4**#'W. von do 117* *? d* 89 868 do 11fl| fee d* 88* MBittB8(nf. M fioCbtoAB# BBvMf 88 18 HnA**a Blr BB..., lift* ??_ do K? t?6 ?*. bK) 148* lOOCble A Alt** BB... 98 "S 2 ?U gdhl.A ASWref M 2. J+v:~::x wl t?Meo^-# . % s ?wles MA tha Pnbllc Beard. HiLV>i iifTnnn e'CutCI f M. ^HM8 OMe A Miaa *ar. 84 2V aha IUtaot* < *? BB 181 tm%eB*T UMtirMBB i"sl Swc^ve^r uaKB.Vi d 1*8 oailrte BB lit 1?>oa*eaACbi KM.. l/T I.* do.... ... 1U.* lOOChioaaoA B W BB. '* 16 lladaoa Rirer RR 13 * I ?> nttaTVlw\CUIBR. I'8H ;oeBeadtas BM. l'? ; left d* .... ISO tm Ae bi6 14*66 Toledo A Wab R l. 71 ??mm d*.....- I>^ 7<0Mar.rttaACIn 1st or 74* 10* Canioa Companv . M? do...j* blO I'M 800Cumberland Coal.. 1<? Mtuhlgaa Oat BB. 142* C1TT (OMHBRC1AL REPORT. Tissmt, April 86-6 P. M. i.?Receipts, 86 hMs., market quiet and at daBABMrvra. ?Rec Ipts, 7,801 bbM. floor, 164 bbls. and T66 bags eam meal, 868 boaheMcofM, $,110 do oat*,4,000 d? bortap, and TOO de. malt. Th* flour market ?p?o*d Miioral. hot tin?it dull nod wo>k a.'tar th* reactioe in cold, ele?ing Utn.-ir and a trifle offoa Undo broods. The ormaud wa* limited to the Immediate wants of the trade, o< d the astse fo*t 8j000 bbM. Stat* and Ws*tora, 800 d (. Iffidtsa atd tJOO di.. fou' ern. la corn msai there w m.#e oortMMl, with saiee ot 1.000 bbln it $? or 4* i*) .MNVaM4l? W..?d;win*. ftr? $*?r was ?rm to* with saagft Hhi at (Ml frtcar SnnerAoe State aad WMttn bar H Hi I Tl E?r::r::r^:r:r! S*J: Ommoo 10 medium Wsnters IMl IN (tod toctx**4o mi T M* ? M Extra St $ 78 a 11 60 C. nimoo to food foul here I Ml 8 45 Good to oboioe eilrm do 8 60 ? 11 25 Common < aaadiau T 95 a 806 Good to choice extra do .....810* 960 Rye flour, superfine.... . 8 00? 6 76 Corn meal, bbla 8 00* 8 SO Corn meai, pnnoheons 90 60 a 90 00 ?The wheat market ended quiet, and quotations war* mainly nominal. At the cl<es It waa difnoult to ontaia yesterday'? prices, notwithstanding the meagre supply. Tbe aalee comprised 16,000 bos bell, la loU. Including white Western, at $1 96 a ft, white Canadian'! 1 96 and amber Western and Jersey $1 90. ' Rye waa duH and nominally held at (1 60 Nothing of moment doing ia barley or barley malt. Oata ware dull, and tho market oioned heavily at 86c. a 89o. for the whole range Corn was id good request ?nd tbe market without decided change. Sties 75,000 bosbele, at $1 34*0. a $1 34* 'w old Westers mixed and $1 ST X tor new yellow. . UaaswAx.?Further aalee of 1,100 lbe. were reported at 68c. a 60c. Cannt aa 4,000 boxea adamantine were eeld en prtmte terma. Cairo* was active and prieea were higher. The galea were 2.200 bales, at 83o a Me for middling. Coma waa quiet, but Tory firm tor all kinds. I Coal.?Foreign waa quite entire: snlea of 1.600 tona 1 Liverpool gas coking and cannel on private terma. I>suaa ware higher: salee 780 kegs bl-carb soda at ?Xe a 8J?c. 1M caaka bleaching powder, T\e.; 60 tons aoda ash, 4 Vc. a 6c.; 16 tans caustic aoda, 10j<c.. and 60 do. aal a>da, 3*?c D\swoods.?300 tona St. Domingo logwood eoM at $88 80k Pskiohts were a trifle firmer. To Liverpool, par Ameri can, 60 tons oil cake at 2s. 6d , 100 tona heavy goods at 2s. 6d. a 6s.v per neutral, 700 a 800 tierces lard and 60 b?xes bacoa at 12s Od , and per steamer, 300 balea cotton at S-lOd , and 100 i?o|u?ea butter at 90a. To London, per American, 1,600 bbls oil cake and 1,600 do. flour at la. 6d., 50 tierces beef at Si. fid., SO casks bog skins. 100 boxes bacon and 800 green salted bides at 16a. To Glas gow, par American. 60 Ueroee beer at h., and per neutral, 60 tons provisions at 16a. To Antwerp 160 paokagea lard and tallow at 93s Ad. a 25s. To Bremen, per central, 600 tierces lard at 15a. a 22s. Od (lower rats by Bremen veesei), aad 160 hbds. tobacco at 37s. Od. A ship (Brit ish) was chartered from Montreal to Liverpool at Oe. per quarter lor wheat and 8a per bbL for floor; two Bremen a hi pa (tons Sited lac to Liverpool, deals, 70e.; n Bamberg brig, heuoe |p London, about 1,400 bbla. petroleum, 3a. lOd. par bbl ; n bark from Philadelphia to Now Orleans, ooal, $10; a achooner, 137 tana, to n Windward Island and back, $1,160; another, 118 tona, same voyage and rate * G ansa.?There were (alee of 100 pkga. at 12c. Hon.?110 balea common to prime sold at from 16c. n 38c. Hinxs were active, with Bales of 30,000 Buenos Ayroe at 32c., and 4,000 Rio Grande, to arrive, at 30j?c., which pricee are >,o. n lc. i?r lb. higher Hxmp Sales ot 1,600 bales Manila were made on Mon day evening at 10c. a lS.^c?now held firm at higher prices. Lkathkr ?The market waa quiet for all descriptions, dealers being uoable to All their orders In consequenoe or tbe scarcity of deeirable stock. In pricee there baa been no material change. We quote Buenos Ayree, Rio Grande and California, all weight*, at 33Xc. a 35 X?. and Orono 00 at 33c. a 34 ^c. The receipts were very light. Lina.?Sales of 5,0004>bls. Rockland, at $1 40 for com mon and $1 80 ror lump. Moutum was quiet, with small sales at previous rales. On.*.?There were sales of 2,000 bbls. whale, part for export, at $110; 760 do. sperm at $166, 300 do. winter lard attl 17 a $1 20. Pi aster Pasia higher; sales 260 tons white Nova Scotia ?t $4 60 a $5, cash. Provision.*.? Receipts, 122 bbls. pork, 648 packages cut meats, ami 385 do. Hrd. Tbe big rise In gold canned some considerable activity to prevail In tbe provisions' cornel 01 the Exchange at tbe opening of tbe market, whet higher priccs were demanded; Hut tbe subsequent fall Is cold unsettled th<- market, and all kind* closed dull al y teiii y's prices. For pork tbe demand at the com'; msncemo it of buoiness was active, and the first silst were at full prices: but tbe demand altcrwards abatod. nnd prices settled down to yesterday's standard Beef was staady, with a moderate demand at yesterday's figures. Beef hams were quiet, but firmer. Bacoa was stc.idy, Jwith a moderate Inquiry, but little was done; there was no change In prices. Cut meats were In fair demand, and prieea flrmeiw lard .was Arm nt tbe opening, but besvy at the close. Butter eold at 20c. a 38c for State and 20c. a 24c. for Wostern. Chee-e was sold at 16c. a 18c. The sales of tHirk were 3,250 bbls., at $25 76 a $26 for old mess, $27 37>? a $27 50 for new do., and $'43 60 a $24 for old and new prime?of wbicb 1,000 bbls. new mess for July at $29 26. buver's option: 400 bbls beef at $16 a $18 for Western and $19 a $20 26 fbr extra do.: 100 bbls. West ern beer hauM at $30.600 packages cut meats at II l{c. a 12c. for sbouldors and 153<c a 15*jc. for hams; and 2,000 bbls. and tierces lard, chiefly at 14c a 16c., but In olodlt g choice at 16?{c. a 16)?c , and 1,000 do. for May at 15 Xc., sellers' option. Pktroij?! *.?Receipts none. The mj-ket ruled quiet for crude and refined?bond aad free?and but a small business waa dore. Crude waa entirely nominal at 40c. asked, but 38c. would be accepted. Refined was Irregu lar Tbe Bales were2,800 hhds. In hand, at 67c. a 68c. on tbe spot, and Mc. a 5W ^c. ror next month, buyer's optioa; 3,000 do free, at 66c. a 67Xa on the spot, and 68c. a 60c. tor next mootft, buyer's option of time. Benzine wsa quiet; Sales lOo hbds., 60a03gravlty,al$Ttfc. a 38c. KICK.?2,260 DSfS KSDffOOD BON SI 10C. ? 10 SC. 8c<mb ?u Armor. There were sslss of about 1,000 lb*, ?t Ifljfe. a 18^c. for New Orisant; 18c. a ITc. for Cubs atMond?,?nd 17c a ITjfo. for Porto It loo. Bo jr.?730 boxes Cut He sold oo private terms. T*i.?The market era* steady, not befog affile tad bf the tariff agitation, sales of about 1,300 packages at pre vious prices. ft*.?Sob# 8,000 boxea charcoal changed bauds at fit all? 60,closing firm. Tallow Ott 9eles of 1,000 lbs. at lie. Torai < o.?TCa aota sales of 800 hhds. Kan tacky at torn ?Xc a 33c., and 360 bales Havana, ta bond, oa private terms. Wtuuamre.?Tbsra has ban aJargo movement, oom prising 60.000 lbs. Arctic, at frte $148>* a 91 M?; now bald arm ttUMaflU. Wntuv?Receipts 508 bbts. Market firmer, with sales of 3,600 bbls.,at $1 36 all 38 for Stats and Western, closing with Be sellers below tl ST. After 'Change the raariret became excited, aad sale* were made as high as tl 83?holders gensrslly refusing to name a prloe, though s >me dealers otTered to sell at $1 86. lalsi ef Kea| Istsf*. Bjr A. J. Bleeoker, Soa k Co. 3 Iota a. a cor. Uth av. aad 100th St., each $116 1 gore ea WUUam aad Chambers streets 1,300 1 core oa Chambers etreet, opooaite, 3.3x3.3 10? 4 tola a. a. 106th St., weet ef M av., each 108 8 Iota a. a. 108th st , 6M feet wost of 3d av., each... 310 4 lots a. a. Mih st., Bet. 4th aad tax. are., each 1,160 1 lot o. w. cor Blaomlagdale road.and 1084 st 1,976 T lots on Btoomlagdala road, adloinlog. each 1,000 to 1,636 ft lots oa Uth av , a e. cot. 103d st ,adjoins, each. 730 1 lot oa 108d st, a. s.,119 4M w. of Bloom ?dale r?ad T10 0 lots adjoining, each * 606 to 030 ? lots on 104th st.,s. s.,east ef 11th a?.,each..810 to 030 By E. B. Ludlow k Oo. Oonotry seat of the late Isaac Newtoa, maosloo and i acres, at Fort Las. $18,000 SITUATIONS WAltTED-FKMALRS. A SITUATION WASTED?BV A BBSFBCTABLB OIBL: XV is a rood washer asd ironer; ell/ reference Call at IV Weet 83d st. A BITUATIOS WASTED? BT A PIRST CLASS COOK: J\ aoed reference. Can ha ae?a for twe days at Of Weet llth st. between 8?h aad 4th avas. A BBSPROTABLE TODNO OIBL WISHES A 8 IT DA. tloa as good plain cook, or to da general heusswork In a small private family; bas the best of eitv reference from her last place. Call for two days st 111 Smith st. Brooklyn. A8ITUATIOS WANTRD-BT a BBSPBOTABLB young woman, as chsmVFrmald aad waitress; elty reference Osll at? Weet ?ta St A SITUATION WASTED?AS CHAMBERMAID ASD waitress, or to do waltlag aloes: no objections to ths country; elty reference given. Call at 198 Amity at , near 4>h av. A8ITDAT10S WASTBD-BT AS AMMIOAS OIBL. la do eKamberwark aad sewing and lake ears of chil dren; no objections to colas to the souatry . rood city rafsr. eace Call la the thread aad aeedle stare, 388 7th av. * AM COOK ASD SEAMSTRESS WISH SITUATIONS TO getaer; have no objection to re a abort dtstanoe la tba onustry, sea give the best elty reference*. Call at 88 West 1Mb ?t AM TOUSO won AS WIHHES A BITUATIOS AS CHAM, bermald and waiter in a private family; would hare ao^sb^retiea to assist la the washing. Call at 848 Wiftt A BITUATIOS WAHTBO?BT A TOUSO WOSAS. TO I\ da ny stairs work sad Isks ears of ehlldraa, or waald fy^BjiTTi') atr" f*mu'? ?w* r*f,r*?a*' at A BBIPECTABLB OIBL ^SHBB A SITtLATlOS AS A auree aad seaaistrsss. or to do ehamherweiB, twe ease at eblldrae end sew: would go to the eoaatry for tba wait intha Naa the b?st of rMr refereoss from her last plans Ona be saea at 1*7 West 38th st. third Sasr. A SITUATION WArfrttD-si A TOUSO OIBL. AS Weet mSTm"1**1* Bane; elty ratareaea. CBU stMS A'tlBji#KCTABLS fOBSO OIBL LATBL1 LaMDKD. ? wishes a sitns'Ua la a email family to degenoral house work ('ail al MOSth av.. between JMI> sad 30th st* am MTUaTIOS WASTBD-BT A BBSPEiTABLB wnnet. as snoh. wssBer aad Ireeer. Oood city refer I Call a* Iff Weet MU st BBSPBCTABLB TOUSO OIBL WI8HBS A OOOD sBnaUea for asasrai housswsrk. Also s yousg girt as ithsro aid, In a>>ardlng house Beet ret ere ace. Apply AM filTUATlOOi WABTBD?BTA FIBBT CLASS COOB. ? Caa ha esen at her present smploysr s. 801 (Ha s?. T atrg?i**BLK TOUSO OIBL WISHES A SITUA A tlaa sa psad plain sank, wssber sad Irsnsr. Best of ?ty refareaee. Call at let Wast 18th st A A BITUATIOS WASTBD-BT A BBSPBCTABLB OIBL A as ehamssrasald and waftresa Boot ef city reference* from her last plaea Oall at IM 7th av.l AM BITUATIOS WASTBD-BY a BBSPBCTABLB young womaa. as esaa or to do gaaeral bouirsork In s small fanlly: M a rood enh -r aad Iransi, sad nndrretsnrfs her business tbofsnghlv IIss goad reference. Prefe-v living ep town Caa he saea waere she le staying, I6H West 4tth st. ______________________ A MS BN0L1SH OIBL WASTS A SfTUATlOS AS wsltress In s Aral elsss boerdlns liense: thoioiiirlly nn<? si ? nds her buetaeea. Apply at Sa I Union Court, Unlvereltt pla-e tllKL WANT8 A HITI'ATION-TO IH> ORM RAL hotxewoAt in a ?n>s1l prlrste famll*: ^al'*L| |xl? reuccs"*** Vau at 4:u ^ i* ?iTtAnoaa win AonvrKTBMT wokmb Mstm ?a situation, r*" take enUre cliarce of M kful He ebJecUoai U ???" 'ro? lUIP.H.,?tar preoswi employ ?rt, M Weet 16th at ARP.BPRCTABI.B MARRIED WOIAI DBSIRRS A ?UnMton to d? hiw?i>??rt. ta a small private family, Wber* ?he ni burr b.-r i-UIM (a little girl sis year* old with \ /Pf*1* '? *"r treoeai caaptoysr. with ?kM she fcM freed fnjw "?r? u xurM 1*1 Broadway re"m JJ. M*Mn !*5^Uj, -oek. <*?* "l? houae, mdm A. botareea llflth aad l?h ??.. Harlem. at ear hour; or addrea* J. T.. at the former p?ace. Mo ah ieotteao to the ooaatry. ABOMBRR or WFM. BBCOMMBBDBO ORRMAK female. want situations aa onaha chambermaids and c,r,? f#r general h.maework. Ac. at Mw LOWE'S German laatltute, IT BUatoa at. acer the A BITTIATIOM WANTBD-BY A TOVKO WOMAN. *m w*ur-: "? ^ "r-* AREBPECTABLR WOMAM W AKTS WARBINO ABO Ironinr. Call at IM West 27th at. top floor, roeaa Id. Has rood referenoe. A touno and hbaltht woman wants a child to wet ourse at her owa realdeaoa. Apply at ltd Kaat 37th at. AlADT WISHER TO PBOCUBB A SITUATION FOR aa asealrat Protestaat ??man, to to to Europe with a fhmlly. etther to take oara of children or to wait upon a lady. Apply at ?t tth aw. APROTKSTANT VOUNO WOMAN WI8BBS A SITU ailon a* chambermaid aad aaametrese ar aa auraa and ?eaatatre**. Oood refereaee. Oall rorTwo day* at IBS lltta at, corner ar. A. BBSPBOTABLR mirse aad to da piala *ew. AM SITUATION WANTED?RT A ? yoaacPratoatoatj^rt. aa mraa >?!? or aa chambermaid; aa ebieetlea ta the oeua\ry. Good! iwyw* Oaa bo aeoa at 1ST AHN AMERICAN OIRI, WISHES^^^^^^^^B from drear fo* ano irwlt J.'O., W AH SITUATION WANTED?RT A BBSPBOTARLB ? ?ow| woman, to da ran oral hnaeewcrk ta a sma'l pri vate family; la lately landed from tbo aM oaaatry. Caa be aeen for one day at *31 Waat SHk at, fa Ike store. MBRICAB OIBL WISHES A BIYVAYIOM AB Ala aaraa; caa take an lira tkaip of an lafaat birth; aa objection to the oouatry. Call oa or ad A| RRBPRCTARLK OIRL WISHES TO IH> HOITSB WM work la a era* Iprirato family; read city rsfereaoe Call for two days at llf Smith at.. Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTRD-BY Alf BXOBLLBNT leuadreaa awd chambermaid. Apply Mil Friday at lit BMt ar.. or to L. W. Thomas, Ma. 7 College ptaco. A SITUATION WANTBIK-BT A BBSPBCTABLB young rnu. aa trreom; la alao a* exeeUeol laalda ?r y ? rrffroncas highly respectable. Oaa be eeea at Mr. CaayMfa. 80 4th ar. AB COOK AMD TO WASB AND IBON. IM A PRI rate family la the olty or onuntrr. by a Boat glr:. with good reterenoe. Call at M weot Washington place. ARBSPEOTARLB OIRt WANTS A BPTUATION TO miad children, or to do chamberwerk. ar to aaaiat with the wa?hlnf. Haa the heat ot etty: reference Can be mob for twe day* at SO West Waahlactea place. I rat Seer, front room. No. 7. ARBSPROTABLB OTRL WT8HRB A BTTVATTOM AB eeod ooAk, waaher aad Ironer. In a prirate family. Oood diy reterener Call at 17? Weet Md at ABITD?TIO? WANTRB?BT A PROTRBTAMT lOONfl woman, aa ehamhermald and waitreaa. or aa reanlar waltreaa; ha* the beat of cltr rctrrraoe from her laat pla-e far either caparttr; an'obiectloa la to a abort dliunr-e Is the country, CaM for two d*ya at 8SS Sth ar., near SGth at., firat floor, b.iek room. A8ITITATION WANTED-BT A TOtTNG WOMAN. AB Ant "'nee waltreea, with the ^te*t nf oitr r?f'r?nec. Can he aeet> th!* dar at her last place, IM Weet 22d at., be tween 6th and 7th ara. A SITUATION WANTRD-BT A RRRPRCTARIiE OIRL. to eook. waati and Iron: is a good plain rook, and an excellent waaher aid Ironer. ITaajpxad oitr reference Oall for two daye at Htidion at., third door from Horatle. ARESI'ErTABI.E WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION *a flrat rate waitress or rhambermxld; Is ? (nod washer and Ironer: baa lived in flrat olasa Mamlliea, Oaa give l<est of city reference: nn oh .ecilon to co In the eountry. Can be seen at 221 West 20th St., for two dava. AYOrNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS ORAM bermsid and lo do fine washing: has the best of refe rence from ber lest place. Can be aeen at M West 18th st, near 6th are. A SITUATION WAMTBD-BT A TOUNO PRO tesiant <v<iir>an as laundress; can do tip linen an<! f ne wa?hin<T in the neateat manner: has no objection to go In the 'onnlry far the summer months. Call at 334 1st ar? for two daya. A COMPETENT SRAMBTRRSS AND LADY'R MAID wanls a mluatlnn: understands cutting and flttinc ladies' and chlldrea'* dreaaes; city referenra. Call at 77 West IPth at. ABTTUATION WANTBD-BT A RBSPBCTARIjB young man, to attend la a prooer*; wllllnr toraake hlmaelf ten#:allv useful: haat clt* reference. Aop'r for two daya at tha grocery store, 243 7th ar.. oorner of 20th st AfcOMPRTBNT TOUNO WOMAN WISHES ASITUA tlon as onok, la a first class family; understands soups, meals, g ime and desserts: la a co<>d baker of bread aad pastry; (rood reference from her last place. Caa be seen lor two days at 77 10th ar., third floor. A TOUNO WOMAN WIRHEs' A SITUATION AR ehamltermald aad waitress; good city reference Call at 74 Weet JOth at., between 6tl? and 7th ara.. In the rear. ARESPECTABLB PROTBHTANT TOUNO OIRfj wlabel a Mtttatlon as nttrae, and would Mk-> to travel with a lady 0*11 for three days at 9? Wyckoff *?? third flsor, South Brooklyn, ? .? -* v %, ARBRPBCTARLB OIRIi WANTS a SITUATION TO doohanabcrworkandaewlng. or would toad children; no ob eel Ion to the eoiiatT for the summer. Call at her pmDloBBr'i. BO Wmmt 4th at. A SITUATION W aktrd-BY a ORRYAN oibc,. as eo.ik: nnrteratanda knfllab: good refereacee a'ren frera bar late plaoe; imnrlttn famll* preferred. 0*11 foe two daya at 87 baa124th el. up twe at air*. Aprotrstant oirl WISHES A situation AS chambermaid aad plain aewer, or would uk? c*re of a babr. Oao be wca at bar preaant employer'a, SI Weat 23d al Am 8ithation wantbd?by A TOUNO WOMAN, AS ? c'.xmbrrtnaid and waltreae; city rafetance gWen. Call at 196 Weat 8*1 at. Aht carpenter'S larob bmplotmert bottsb, ? 1m lltb at, a raer of mb ar ? Pamlllea. beerdla* hnuaea ami hetela ean Had every deaerlptioa af Proteataat aad oatbolm male aad famala help, with the beat of recom amitdattnwa, pretty or country Am wi8i1b8 TO P*ROOURN A situation FOR ? a retina woman aa Infant'* mine; on* whom abe ean recammend. Call far two day* at 285^f eat 24th at.. between 9th aad Wtb?ra. ^ 1 Abbspbfvablb TOUNO OIRL wtstlbs A 81tju atioa ta 4a Hght ebambartror* aad eflwlng, or would take eaia of cblldfen and eew; haa ao objection to ao in the country; good city referrace Call far two daya at 117 Eaal 28th at ..tflrd Soar. back room. AS oooe.-W ANTED. A 8ituation as COOK BT A reapeetable rnunc woman wba ean rome well leaoaa mended. Call at *47 Monroe at. a brbpbctablr WOMAR. who RAS LOST hk? A own baby. * anti a baby to wet nurae in bar own baaao. Call at 625 Sfi a*. A SITUATION WANTRD-BT A respectable yr ung wr^nan. to do cooking and aaelat with tba ^aab lag aad Iroaia.': la a llrat rata cook and aa excellent waaber aad Irooer. Baa tba beat city reference. Can be aaaa at 437 7th are. A situation WANTBD?bt A youno WOMAN, aa aeamatre** and ta attend growing children. A paly at her present employer'*, *6 Weat 11th at., for two dara A situation WANTRD-BT A RBSPBCTABLB young woman. to take earn of children and do plain aawing Oaad city reference from her laatplaeo. Call for two dara at 191 Weat l?th at., teeond floor, front room. A RBSPBCTABLB WOMAN WISBBS A SITUATION aa cook: la a llrat rata wa*ber and Ironer. CRy refer enee; aa ebiectlooa to ao a abort diatanoo la tba ooaatry. Call at m Atlantic at.. South Brooklyn. A brspbctablr OIRL WISHES A situation TO A do general bouaework In a amall private family; good d ty referencee. Apply at 431 7th are. An AMERICAN WOMAN WANTS A situation ab aeamatreea; abe underatanda h?r buelneee perfectly; baa no objartlona to goto the country, or would trarel with a family: abe can produce good eitytrefereaea. Call at S70 m ar., oaa door iroin 23d at ARESPRi.'tablb OIBL wishes a SITUATION AS cook, aad to da the washing and iroalng af a amall ra apeetable family; good city reiereoce. Call at dSCIark A tocno WOMAN WISHBS A situation AB J\ aeamatreaa w> work by tba day or weak; undarataada dreaamaklng. Call at 171 Weat 20th at.. batwaM fth aad (mb am, lop floor. A TOUNO OIBL WISHBS A SITUATION AS ORAM barmaid aad waltreaaicaa do plain aawlag; tba boat of rafereaee. Call at 144 Seat 2latat, Sratfloor, froat room. Ah TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A situation as cham ? bormald: le wilting to make heraelf federally naeful, good rafaraaea from aer la.t placa. raa be eeen for two daya at SSS blcia el. corner af Amity, tblrd Boor. South Bruaklya. __ Jm RBSPBCTABLB TOCNO OIRL dbbtbbb A 8ITU it ten aa plala aeam*trea<. aad wo* Id lake eareef oaa ?lid; undarataada machine aewiag andean aire beat eltf rafaraaea. oafl far twe daye at us Beat bu at. eooaad Spot, fraat room. . AJJEawifc?ww*a? Ah tour* womav "wisurs a situation as ? afcaaabenaald. aad See waaber end Iraner; felly eom sSSSSfff*" ^ ???? A mm SITUATION WANTRD-BT A rbspbctablb ? pereeo. wb? t? " i capable of tablag charge afaa la faat; klad aad eoaao.ntioii* la all her datlaa aad rery traatwnrthy. Two tnt't' rery ?aflafactory refarmiaa fha jtaptaia. Call at 4lt etb ar. batwaew Stab aad ?th (Ra. A bbspbc1abli WOMAB WISHES A sfltuatiob A aa aieeltaat cook, aad llrat ma waaber aad lraair. Beat eltr raferaaee from kat ptaaa. Oaa ba aaa* far twa daya at m Dawning at Ah OIBL WANTS A SITUATION AS OOOE-OB TO do ?i general houaaarort. Call at 4fls hudeea ar., braaklyw. Ah BRSPBCTABLB TOUNO woman wiswbb a mtb ? alien aa nurae aad aaamettaaa. ar i>fliarailiar4a wait an a lady; 1* a neat eewer, will lag aadaaraeabte aad haa goad etty rafaraaea. Apply at SIS Weat ida w. A situation WANTRO-Bf a ibspbotablh otw^ A aa ch?nib'rmaH and to da Ran waahlag, a* aa ek am bar maid oair in a (Irat alaaa prlrata family . Seal of nfmatt A?di?*< 140 7tb ar.. batwaea AHb aad Slat aaa., third flw. froat room. . Am SITUATION WAR f rd?bt a TOUNO OlR'l* AS ? ehariitiarmaid an 1 acamitreaa. good elty referaaea ohs at SB 7th ar. -jt 1 " rnotbftfamt ml?f. f ipjttn a frr'iat ? ?- ii <w aad ??? 1? * *>+.>" * m'x ?"> t>c inVATIOfff WARTXD-9MHft AH SITUATION WANTKD?KT A ?BSP?CrTABLB ? riMMbM dri. u ?o?k. UxmIM ra tk* troata:; with joai ottr nfrnm. OuV seen for ?*? ?I S? We?hlagt?n n.. Men4 Door. fwl room. N. T. AHI NI'RSB and PLAIN SRWRB, OB CHAMRBB. H maid u4 viitr*u, wo. Id Mel* I* t?R?|Mllrri ku frnir year*' r-f'ir?w from h--r lat place. Call at M K>>( 1Mb at., mm M m , fhr Iw day. Ah situation wanted?rt a rehpeotarlr ? MMM, aa omc waaSrr and Irooec, ta a email family; la a good baker. Pali ai *W gth nee. AH IX ENPLOTBRB WART I MO OOMPRTBNT 8BB ? rsnte. city or oonatry. mid all roeoataMaded aerranta wantli'i SO"d altnatlona. aoeh u ooeka. rhanoeroiaida, waitresses. names. luiadrfiwi, ManitmaM, girla for hoaeeworh, aad thooe lately laxted, at IIP Orpad at AH SITUATION WARTBD?RT A COM PRTBRT IRAK. ? atreea; la rrporteneee la all kinds of family eewta.< and eiittln* and Ottlejr; U wlUiag to uka the charge a< esuekUd; has drat elaaa reftreaoa. Call at R Baat HUi at. AH SITUATION WANTRD-AB LABNDBBB8; THR ? baat of city refereaee Oaa beeeea at bar preoeat em ployer's. 170 Id aw., eoraor t*d at. RITUATION WAFTBD? RT A MBL AB CHAM bermald aad waMreaa. OaU at Fit Weal SSd at AH FIRST CLASS LAVHDRBBS WANTS A STTtfATION; ? would da chamberwark aad flae weak lag; Beat City T^orearegtrea. OaH at lt? Waat IStb at. - AH SITUATION WANTED-BT a SRAMSTRRM; UN ? dr rat a a da cutting aad OtUaf ladlea' aad children's dresses. ah>rt makia*. aad.aH klada*t piataaewlae. OaU at l? Baat Sit St. ? ^ Ah bbspbctablb touno oi rl. latrlt arbttbd ? from tha ofatcauatrv, wishes a aitaatton to make bar ^flgoaeralijr aaoful.orte take care efchildren. Oalf at IIS Waat WU 1. fret Snwmsat. AM RRSPBCTARLB TOUNO WOMAN WISHBS A SIT 17 ? atloa la a prlrate family, la 4a chamberwork aad mM. lag: la aat long leaded, aad baa refereaee ir required. Call for two da ye alW Bat IWh at.. Mrnrafid tw> BifOm OIBIi WANTS A SITUATION TO PO ^Hcfcamberwark aad aewlag: place. Caliell74 0thare,aearUlhel.^^^^^^^^^^l A AH brsfbotariab TOUNt/ GIBL WISHES A SITU ? atloa to do rtiamharwork aad mind children or hoaae work la a amall prlrate family; baa tba beat of city refe reace. Oaa be aoea at IB Orsoawleh ar AH PROTR8TANT OIRli, Id TRANS OP aob. WISHBS ? a ttaallna aa ahUd'a a area aad la da pMa sewing. Apply at 1?? Rat Md at waahar aad Ironer; Baa ?Mf re rare a aa. Oaa be aeea alM Amity at. AH SITUATION WANTBD-BT A BB8PBCTABKB ? wqmaa aa plain enefc. waaher and Iraaer: a*obJaetlM to the eouatry; city refereaee. OaB at I7? Wrat ?Kh at. AH RE8PR0TABLR PBOTBSTANT OIBL WISBEB K ? altuaUoa aa ehambormatd and waltreaa. Call at 90*H Waoater at . between Amity aad Bteocter. from 10 to t. Ah situ ATION wantbd-bt a rrs P ROTA Bf.B I young girl, aa aurae and plain sewer: or aa nurse aad tn do chamberwork. Call at 6M M ar., between SUh aad 8Mb lit Ah toono otrl who undbbrtanmi hbr rttsi I neaa perfaetlr, wlibra a altuatioa a* waltreaa: or would do llfht cbamherwerk. or take care of ana ohlld; baa good-reference. OaU far two daya atZUM ar.. between Mth aad 1Kb ate. AM OOMPBTRNTBRAMSTRRSS?who DNDBR3TANI>fl all klnda of family aeerlnc. and operating Wbej!er A Wllaoa a aad Urarer * Raker'a aewing machine* perfect'r, wlthti A altuatioa a* aeamstten; would aaalat with the rhamberwork; good cltr refrrenoe flren fall at ITT Clinton at.. Brooklyn; or addreaa M. L. O., Nadlaon a^aare Poet olBea. AH TOUNO OlRL WIBHK8 A situation to do cham) erwork and waiting, flood city reference. Ca'l at 180 Bat I2th at., between 1st aad 2d ara., first door, front A situation WANTED-BT A BBSPPCTARI.B In a email prlrate family, a* cook; la a good baker; no objertl <na to the aounrry; haa good city reference from her last i>l?ea. wber>* ahe haa llred for one year. Call at MO Weal 33d ?t., betweeu 0th and 10th ara. ACOMPBTRNT ORRSSMAKRR WISRBS A FKW more enragementa br the day Addreaa Maria, droaa maker, k'adlaon aquare Pot olltre. lor two day? AVOUNOWOMAM.Or OOOD RXPRRIRROR. WI8HRS a ail nation as chambermaid and laundrraa: does Frenrh flutlnc and bow plaiting. The be?t of city reference glren Candie aeen for two days nt >8 Wet ISth at. first fioor, front room. AGBRMAH OIRL WANTS a 81TWATIBN AR Nl"R8B and aaamstreas. Oood city referanco. Call 1442 4lh areaua. ALADT DKCMKINO BOURBKBRPTNO 18 DBSIR O ii of obtaining * mtuarlon for* good ntrt aa chamber maid and waitress. App> at 110 Baat 13th at. ALADT OIVIKfl CP HOU8BKRBPINO WIRIIRR TO obtain a aituatlon for her eook. who haa llred with her nearly two years: Is a good waaher aad Iroaer. Can be aeon for two daya at MS Lexington ar. A SITUATION WANTBD-RT A RF8PKCTARLR young woman, to do ceneral houaework; can glre good reference. Call at 70 Wet i'th at ARBSPBCTABLR MABRI8D WOMAN WISRRR A altii At Ion aa wet nurae: 1? airong and healthy , with a full breaat of mtlk. Apply at 145 1st ar . third fi >or. bank room. A RESPECTABLE ORRMAN flIRL WANTS A SITUA ti>n aieonk, In an AtavU-an prlrate famll*:?hela wilting tOA?slit In washing anil Ironing. Call at 125 7th ar , corner l>th at. A~RKiT*KrTAflLlt TtStWio woMA* {tirb^r Isifif. A at I on as Oral elaaa oeok: le willing to aaal?t with the washing, and underalanda her hiirfneva In all Ita braorhe'. Ra* the heat of elty reference from herlaa' plaoe. Call at I4S Bat 18th at. ABITU1TION WANTBD-BT A RERPBCTARL* WO man. aa eook: Is an excellent baker: la ehiigtnr; no objection tn go in the country; good re* e Can bo seen not I autted at 105 20th at. COOK.?A TOUNO WOMAN WISnBR A 8ITUA tion as good oook tn a reapTtabla private family; la willing to asait wlih the trashing and Ironing If required: baa (a?? city reference from her lat pla e. Caa be wti at ?t Wed 32d t. A8 A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIBL WISHES A ?t(u> lion i? cook or to 4? reaeral a on aa work in a mil pi Irate family: can do ohamborwork; la ? (and ruber and troncr. Can be aean for two dajra at ISi Sd ar. Inquire in the etore. A SITUATION WANTRD?by A YOUNO WOMAN. AN laundreaa or to took, waah aad Iron. cam ba mob for twe daya at sm Weet 34th at. A. bbapbctarlb woman wishes washing at bar owa houae; no objection to to nut to work br Ibo day flood city ref?i*n?i apply at 219 raat ITth at. APROTBSTANT TOUNO WOMAN WISHBS a SITU atlin aa chambermaid or waltrcee; to a good aewer. Apply at iiqdih ar AYOUNO WOMAN WISHBS A SITUATION to do chamberwork and watting or (daln oawtng. Bast city rtrermoc. Apply at *80 ?th ar.. room no. 8. Abbspbctablb youno woman wishes a ?hnatioa to take eara of ck lldreo and do ckamlicrwork; aitj reference. Call at ?l 3d ar . betwaoa ?d aad ?uh ato A situation wanted-by a nespbctarle yonng woman, u chambanaaid; food reference. Call mm pactncat., Brook:>n. Ayocno WOMAN WISHBS A SITUATION ab Bttrao and aeamatreaa; oaa out aad fit. Can ba aoaa at her laat place, m Waal &m at. AYOUNO WOMAN WISHB8 A SITUATION TO DO general bonaework la a ronpeetable famllr: good <itr mfereneee. Oaa ba eeeo at its Waat ssth at, betwaoa mb and loth area. ATODNO oirl WISHBS A slfuation ab CHAM. hormam or waltreea. ; Boat of rtt; reference glraa. Caa ba aeea at n Waat 13th at A SITUATION WANTF" 3y A bfftpkctablb toon* woman, tn do *inr wa'hlot and ironing, or do ahaniberwark aad am*- > ? waaklag and ironing. Caa aire four ylara' eltv a. Apply at 1u Weat 1Mb at. ASITrATION WAK -uy A YOUNO WOMAN, AS nnrae and aeama re?? or chambern-a'd; can operate on Wheeler A wl'am'a aawlng machine; will go to the e nintry: ii baa Aral claaa clir reference Call at ar addreaa U6 Weat || s-i'h (t, tlrat floor, for twa dau. A TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION IN A prlnte family, aa wet i a area. Praah'breaat af mllft. at 212 ITth al AYOUNO OIRL, LATBLT LANDED. DBSIBBB A eituatl?a la a private family, to take eare or eklldraa. do plala aawlag aad embroidery; baa ao objeetloa la tbe oonntry. Call at im sth ar. A YOUNO OIBL. LATELY LANDED, WANTS A BIT a uatton to da gaaarat bouaawark or Cham barwork. Call at m Canaan ft. Ah lady or education and bbbpobsibilitt wtabea a paaitiaa aa naaiaaa aad imanpir la a ackool or etaewhere i If not raqulrod bow, would aot object to make aa adnata eat far the fall: ar waatd ga aa cooapa plan kBd^htmaofc^eegar^ tn ^prlrato fttnasy; raferanaea ttry Arbspkotable TOENB WOMAM WANTS A sit. uatloa aa ehaaiberaaatd aad wawnaa or to do peaeial boiieework. la a.aaaall private SaaaUy; baa laiav laadod. cailalsdoruaa. \ . A SWART, WEI OIRL WANTS A SITU AT! OB T?d? Am eebpbotable OIBL WANTS A biteatiovji Srat etaaa aabwfa ar ta do jfaalireirt aadftaa Am rbspbctabvt TOfM emms WISBbs.A BIT i amwaamaak la a prtrata family: waaldba wtlwaa to Aaa dftl^aa ma^iaae aa^mdaanak imbd imtslbbmi bsslwis i An erspbotablb widow woman wisebbbome MIDDLE AO ED protbbtane WOMAN wisebs SvSSf oall at w Malt at. j " ? ealaaaaaa^f 9taawa A blwatiem wdlhteb-EY AN RNCMalBH WOMAN. aGSmEffSas!SBSS^ /10PTIBT.-A I?Af?T? CAPABLE OP wbit!no BOTH i a rwe aadBn- hand daaire* eakrwi/?enl aa a eourtat) would prefer that wblob ran br dnar at homo. art ft re ?* Cap]let, rata of t. ? m ha? rit (tew *a?k Pih., ?*re raook'^siteatloe wav/ed-ey \nb\rr?l? N?' .1 ; 'in^dfaiam-f*alt dlutta at paat>>, t ail a'. *' knf-aa ?#< mlb ?. TYOISBKBKPBBS SITUATION fJOUSBERBPEB'S SITUATION VAITBD-IT AM O Americaa (MM, ia a widower* a henaatield ar la a fh ?lily; aha would n.ake hetaelf pimllf Mftd iMnai *or two daya ?. 1., gLaroy at flTUBSB.-A SITUATION VaNTBD. BT A STBADT, IV /"?r*ofbt* Proteataat woman, ?W Mlirrtiiii the cm* ?f^fclt.lraa af >?/ aga. Apply at 0 Waal SIM at SITUATION WANTBD-BY A STBADT YOUNG WO O mas. k ? mil at* family, M ?iHrwi ar ehambarmald. Oaa baaeea for two days M bar preaeal employer'* Mo. IT WaMNU A QIYUATIOM WAMTBD?AS BOOK. BT A BBBPBOTA O Ma womaa; uarferatanda har bualoeaa: no abjection *? aaalat with Ike waablag ia a nul private famlftr: oltjr rtrfr reaca. Call atNOTIh ar., mmM at, third Ibor, froo* Q1TUATIOM WAMTBD?BT A BHFMTABU OIHh O aa chambermaid aad la 4a laa waablag ui Inwlaf; beat eity refereaeea glraa. OaH al 111 Weat 1Mb at * (SITUATION WAMTBD-AS GOOD PLAIN OOOM. I irl wwber and Ironer. In ? ettj houae. A lady wlahea la I rnomamead a vary reliable person. Apply (M IS M l r. I M. al a Bast ?Tth at I Shtuation WAMTBD?TO DO OHAMBBBWOBK AMD I ? walllag or ebaotberwork and ptala eawtac. Oily lefbc- I MMfNa bar preaeat eauplajrara. Call al 968 Bleu at, I Sanlh Brooklyn. I SITUATIONS WAMTBD-BT TWO BBSPBOTABLB I O ?rls.lwith dtr referanssss; oaa aa waltreaa, the other aa I chambermaid aad aaalat la waiting. Oaa ba aeaa far Iwa I dagra at 3d Matt at ' I QITUATIONB WAMTBD-BT TWO BBIPIOTABU O. girta; oaa aa lint elaaa aoak, the otber aa drat alaaa waUraea; city refareacsa. OaB at 44 Weal 1Mb at, between 6Ui aad Ctb area. I (SITUATION WAMTBD-BT A PBOTBBTANT WOMAM. I 0 aa Brat elaaa laandraaa; doaa Preach duties; baa llred la I the beat af private faaaBlaa. OaH at B Unlreralty place. I SKKifiSni; or to do chamberworfc aad la? washing: beat refereoae I C>st iHiPet f#r >W* **'* " tMr praaeai employer's, ?* I SHITUATION WANTBD-BT A RESPECTABLE TO(TM? I ? woinaa, aa good cook, waaber and Ironer; la a geod ba- I 9BROAtioinvum-n inoiaitu i*rotbat. I ? not ?frl<; one a* chambermaid and waitress, Ike other aa cfclldrwa'n nnrae aad aae'et la tba cbamberwork. Oatl ab W Tib are. Caa ba aean far Iwa days. I THWO RBtmOTAHl OIRI4 WISH SITUATIONS? I ? On* M lauadress and tba otber a* cook ar ohamber- I maid. The brat of reference* can ba ciraa. Oaa he aeea I for two daya at W4 SM at. ooraar of fat ar.. Aral lifht of I etaira. I TWO %BNSPKCTABLR TOUNO QIRLS WISH I 1 aituatlnaa; one aa cbambormald aad to aaalat la the ? washing: ibe other la da plala eoaktac, waah'ag aad Iron- I Ins. or la da geaeral houaawork; bare on objection! to make I Ibemitetrea cenerxlW uaefuL and would prefer Ibe eountrr: I bare good city referencea. Can he aeen for two daya at 108 I West 18tb at, In the rear, betwaea tth and 7th ara. I THWO resprctarlr YOUNG QIRLS WISH RIYU- I ? atlona; one aa chambermaid o- waitress the other aa I aook. washer and Iroaer. Caa gtre ao?d city refcrrnoe. Call I at Z8fi 7th are., betwaea 18th and 29th al*. I w BT NCRSR'R SITUATION WANTRD-BT A RB apeclabla widow wostan. Call at Mt Baal 9tb at.. Oral WAMTBD?A situation TO COOK. WASH AMD Iron, and do general hotiaeworfc. Oood refrrenoe. Call at 19* Weat nth at WANTRD-BT A TOUNO OIRL. A SITUATION TO do ceoeral house rork In a amall private family. Call at ISO Weat 13th at. aecond door, front roam. YXTANTRD? A situation. B* A RRSPRCTARLR *T womaa, lately arrived from. Ireland; la km excellent waaher and ironer; underatanda milk, and butter; n ? objec tion to the country. Call at ITS Weat Slat at., near 8th ar. WANTHD?A SITUATION, (Y A RRSPRCTARI.B woman, aa cook and !?? k?? s? in wa?blnc and Ironing; la aa axeellent baker; aeven fan' ? ?? erenoe from h?r laat place. Call al ITS Weat SIHb at, between Tth and 8th ara . II rat floor. IITANTED?BT A RBSPBCTABLB YOUNO WOMAM. ?' a situation aa chambarmald aad wal'reta, or wonld lake care af rhlidren; eau da plain aewlas. and ia a good embroiderer; la willing to ga Intha country for the anmmer; haa good roferene* from her laat plaea. rail at or addreaa far two daya ICS Waahlnftaa at. aaeond floor, front room. TTTANTBD?BY A RBSPRCTARLB TOUNO WOMAN, TT a situation aa p'ala cook, waaber and irnnar; baa vti yeara' city reference from her laat plaoe. Call for two dajra at IT! Waal Slat at trustworthy Ironer; haa cood Brooklyn. TIT ANTED?A situation, RT A 1 TV girl, a*_faod plain cook, waaher and reference, dan be aaea at 170 Smith at., Mi WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUMO QIBL. AS nuraa or chambermaid; good raferenoa. Call at 10f Man roe at. WANTtD-A situation. BY A NEAT, TIDY OIRL. lo do ;i-naral hauaawork; la a good waaber an d ironer and plala cook; good city reference. Call at SIS West SOtb at., thlid door, front room. WANTKD-HY A RRSI'ECTABLB MIDDLK AOKD Ragltali p?raon, a a ttiallon a* honerkrep^r. ar lo al Uadaa Inralld lady; ha* had much experience; cin be wall WANTED?A situation. BT A RKmI'RCTABLB yanng ?lrl. aa nuree aadMo do plala aewlag; good dty raferenon. Call at 8S Baat iMakt. WANTED?BT A WIDOW LADT, A SITUATION. IN either city or eouatrr. aa hotiaekeeper In a hot?l or prirale family; beat of reference*. Addreaa Mra. B. O. L.. Herald ofOea. Wanted?a situation, bt a touno oirl, as ladjr'a maid to aoe or more young ladlaa; no objeetlana to travel; can come well recommended. .Apply, between S and ? A. M. or 8 and U P. M . at 999 Canal at WANTED?BY A STEADY. RESPECTABtB WOMAN. YY a aRuatloa na cook; underatanda hrr hualneaa In all Ita rarloua branci e*. care aad maaagaaa 1 af a dairy. If re, quired, haa ao objection to go in the <-oantl7; best of city WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE OIRU LATHLT i. l ' ? dHoOtldB la ? amall prirate rum fir In lb* oapodty of genorol houaonawt. Call at W Weal lfth it. W*?T1074 WWATIOW. BT A RB8PB0TA Rt<B jtrl. to do general hooae ?of>. Call at MS Baal Mth at. WANTED-BT A RB8PBOTA8t.ll TOOMO WOMAN aattnatloa aa cook; la willing to aaaiat In the wa>bl?g: Kit ait h ? from her laat employer. Call at IN WANTBD-BT A BBSPBOTABf/B PROTESTANT roang woman, a aituallon aa cook. waaher and Irooer; do objection to do general hotiaoirork la a amall private family; rttyrefereoce. Call for twrr<1*ye at MS 3d ml. WAMTBD-A SITUATION, BT A rOPNO HAN, A8 ?lark in a toot and abne atore For reference, In quire ot ar addreaa Cbarlae Hoalkar, 170 Mulberry aL VAT ANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RKSPBOTANLB TT voting woman, aa cole. waaher an<t Irtmer. nr todo general fconaewor* far a email family. The bnl of city re ference. Call at JM id ar. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BT A BBUPBOTABLB girl, to do general hottaework In a amall prlrata family, or etaambrrwnrk. Apply at ber praacat employ era for two daya, 1*0 Wert 1Mb at. WANTED?BT A PROTESTANT WOMAN, RMPLOT most, waehlng and Iron lag ar going ant hf tha day'a work. Can he aoan all tha week at 344 Weat 1Mb at JJLTANTKD?BT A RRSPRCTARUI WOMAN. A BITUA. * V tion aa nurae; oaa Uke chorae of a baby from lu birth; baa good elty reference. Con ha aeen for twadara ot WANTED-BT A TOUNO OIRIi, A SITUATION AB chambermaid and to toko Are Of cbiidreo#oird aew; aaa do ai! kmtlg nf needlework Coa be aeon for two doya at IK Beat Wth at. WANTED?BT A BBBPBCTABIiB TOUNO WOMAN, o ottootlnn o* cook aod to aaolat In the waahlng and Ironing; good oily reference from Her leal piece. Oka be aeeo for two doya ot 133 Beat Nib at XVANTRD?A SITUATION. BV A MIPDLB AOBD TT woaoo. oeebld'e onrae or to -do mratberwsek end eewiog. Collet n let a*. WHANTBD-BT A BBBPECTABLB WOMAN, A fUCB I ae Are* eleee eook; and jell loo; boot rtty ref 1 Beat .t<t ai ^? ?So meeta. amip? peelrr Call for two da?* ot l? WHANTK|>-A SITUATION. BT A BF.BI?R4 TAKLB ? yo.iog girl, oa waltraao, or ebambereaeld awl todo IpUIn aewjirr:-no4ereUtoSo oltby perfectly; ooo f???>o* rii^refe.enerfro? ber loat eaaptopero Ap?*y ei Ti? twt BE/ANTBK-A MTV A TION M OOOC. BT A WOMAN 2Ly?am??Hrss?#ie Ntk aL ssaim^m W*Mno~k jjftJ?"n ?IM I WWnD-M A RH*i?ftCTABUK OIBfc, A 81 TV A I fT liooto r>?o Ooi?T.?rnle; la willing to work her poo 1 to go Ttw oor too wbo might want bar; la o good ewaher ?od ? wJLS ?Tn<?11 fOewroo doya at fi ' U/A*Tr-A iltCATION. B* A RB?rBOT\ni.R TT orototn, ita i.iel > l?ao rook lo OlMls ?>renrti ??. i li.n bett mi eili raff r-'iirt. No obie Hon lo e?al*t Ip *aah 1 |..? lift 1 V Neat IH%M^ rBOTMTART UwZS 3Baa.nggsfeaCT5s address U4 West ITU al WANTBD?A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND M nM la waiting; Is * good plain sewer. OUy re jww, C?H at II Union Mart, Unirermltjr pUee, m, WANTED-BT A RRBPBCTA8IB GIRL. A SITU A. UN m coak, matter uH Iroaar. Hu the haste city reference Call far two daye a* 90 7th ar.. aecaa* Doer, back leoae. WANTBD-A SITUATION. FT A PBOTE8TANN 70"at weman aa chambermaid' and seamstress. la m respectable agOala family. Oood dtr reference can bw gree^CeU Far Hro days ^ BO Mk ?R, between 19th aa# WABTKD?A SITUATION. BT A Rf'.NPEOTABLa >ounf Mnair ta Bo chamber work sad assist with lk? washing; kai ao objeotlon to ia go lbs country for the aua ?Mr Oaa giro the-best of aHj refereaoe. Bill a* 171 Waal Mil at. aaar M ar. iD?BT A RESPECTABLE OIRt, A B1TT7A i aa wailreee and chambermaid. Hainirt refer ? last pUca. Oall for two days at 87 West 38th st, fBTABTBB-BT A REBPRfTTABL* TO I'NO WOMAN. TT a eitaattoa as cook. washer aad irener; Is aa eMPllent baker; no nkjMllM to do haueew.irk In a small' private family Baa Ihr knt of city reference Call for tw> dan at MB Bast SJd at. >???? Iwi?|ln aad M ?n lor two day* TXTANTRD-A SITUATION, BT A BBSPEOTANlJi TV jwoai irtrl. to saak. wsMtaaf Iron ia a smatl pitMM family, flood city reference from last plao*; aa objaciMa to ge-a short distance la the oeaatry. Oall at ASS 3d M^ lh twees J7lh aad 38th sts., tret door, front room. WH ANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE PBOTRBTAIPf Str*. a situation as aurse snd'seamstress. Good refer* ww. OH at M Baads St. Broehl? a Warn AN TBI)?A SITUATION; BT A MI DDL* AOBD* Araerioan ehtld'a aamat eaa take the eeer of aa lataat from its birth, ar oidhr children; csa do plaw sewing-. weald prefer going M Ike spsshri Rood elty refer mim pwu. Oall at or alldraw for two days M If est MM at. drat Bear. back room. WANTRD? A SITUATION. BT A TOUBO WO ? man. as chambermaid and waitress; ha? no objec tion la go lathe country for the sninmer; has the l>?st off city reference from her last place. Oall for two daya at W Tth ar . aeoopd lloor. WH ANTRD?BT A OOMPRTBNT PBRSOX. A SITU A lion as laundress; has the beat of rafereaoe: ao objee Ilea to New Tork. Can be seen for twodaye at M Atlaatls st. Brooklyn, la tha crockery stare. WANTRO?BT A OBNTBHL TOUBO LADT. A BITO tlon aa saleswoman la a Aral' etauw millinery or oinafc sad mantilla eotebltabmeai. Speaks Prettefe aad Bagtieh. Address L B , statloa D. Bible Houss. Wmm ANTED?A 8ITUATT0B AB WET NUR8B. BT A, respesUbla yo> n< woman with a full breast af aatBL Call fsr two days st M City Baihplaee, secoo# floor. iy**TBD-BT A RESPECTABLE TOUNO OIRL. A " aRuatiea as ebamberasald and waitress or to an eh, wash sad iron la a email fatally. OaM at 217 feast 13th d., rear room No. 8. ANTRD?A SITUATION AB CHAMBERMAID. BT A r'rl; has no objection to lake care of rbildrea; had i from ber last p ace. Call at Ull Court ah. w cood refci Brooklyn. W ANTKO?A SITUATION WANTED AB HOURB. keeper ( St.. Brookha. keeper or seaastresa. Apply for two days at IU'a| WANTIID-Bt A TOUNO OIRL, A SITUATION AS Yv ctiamhermaM an<1 waltin? ?Rlrl in a prirate family I beat of refereoee from last employer. Call for two days' al B< West Washington place. flfANTBD-BT A BBBPBCTABLB OlltU A PLAOB AS YT chambermaid and wnltreaa; good mreronoe. Inquire at 140 Smith at. coraer of Bei^eo. Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION. BT AN RXPBRIRNOBB ?V cook; haa good city reference from bor iaat place. Call for thiee days at 83 West 19th st WANTRD-A SITUATION TO DO OKNBRAt HOT7BR. work, by a girt who can gire good reference fro-n hot Iaat employer a. where nan she be seen for two daya; haa aa object loo to go In the country for the summer. Apply at Ml Bast 33d st. WANTRD-A SITUATION AS LAUNDRESS. APPLT al her preeeat employer's, 50 Columbia st, Brooklya Height* WANTRD-A SITUATION. RT A RESPRCTABIJI young tvontaa, at ebamhermald aad waitress. Caa be ?een at her last place, 181 Hicks st, Brooklyn, for two days. WANTRD?A RBBPECTARLR 01RL TO DO TIIS rookins and general housework of a small family| German or FooU-h preferred; elty reference required. Apply at Ms '' esi 32d st, between 8th aad 1Nh ars, frao I A. u. antll t P. IK. WANTBD-A SITUATION. BT A RKBPEOTABLB young airi, lo do c1ia'tit>erwork and plain sewlag; M wiping and obliging- hss no on e.-t'oa m go a short distaaef In theconntrr; good cily re'civno* can be glrea. Apply M U13d ar.. between S7th aad 3dth sts., first Soar, front reaha. IVANTED-A SITUATION. BT A BKSPRCTABLB " voong woman, to do general hoasawork; good relto ence glrea. Call at 191 Adams et WANTBD-A SITUATION. BT A RRSPROTABtJB yeuag girl, as first class waitress, or ohambermaM and waitress la a prlrrte fasnity: host city reference frasa listplaoe. Call for two days at 173 31st st, t>ip floor, ftaai rasa; hi at of reference Csa be seen for two dajrs at >79 Tth are., between 33d aad 31th sts. (1/ANTED?a SITUATION. BT A RBSPBUTABLB TT young girl, la do housework for a small family; fMl city rafereaoa. Call at 98 East Baltic at.. Brooklyn UTANTED?A SITUATION At WET NUBSB: TOUB# TT and si perls need Inquire at I0T IM llih st, tag floor. Ira? room. CKTANTB0-A SITUATION AS CflABBBBBAID A*V TT lauadress, by a perwa karlni the best or dty ma KM; no obiectioa ta takingenraW chlldrea Cell far MM days at Mt Id are., between ?7th add 98th sts. WANTED?A*SITUATION AS OOOD PLAIN OOOB aad good washer and Irenar. Basist rsfsreace B am quired. Apply ?111 Wtat >0tb at WANTBD-A SITUATION. BT A SMART OfRL. TO da eSambarwnrk. or as aura*. Cowd city rtfariaea Call for two days at 19> 6th ar . room No. 7. . TED-A SITUATION. BT A RBSPBOTABLf young w*tnan, to taka the entire charpe Of MM kitchen: is a first rata waahar and troner, a good plain M?h an etce'wnt baker and a neat seamstress. Oood ettr iefer> ence. Oaa be see* far two dayrat 66 Matt st. la the Mad honsa. first flaor. nrjkXTiA-n * toown wowaw. a bitvatiow a* TT nurM.or family a<-?matr*aa, I* fully competent t<> Ukte* eilhar of th* abo?e arfciatloai Haa ma beat of eltf rtlt* once*. Coll atJW JSt? at., bfiwup WilMtoa aod M ara. flTANTBD?A BITITATtOB. Br A RR8PROTABUB TT r?un| womaa. aw rook, waahar and Ironer, or to <? ?moral hounownt In a mull private tfcmlljr. OH bo aooa hriM 4i;i *1117 Vint IJlk al. s I tttakte i_bt a roimo wokak a muATTOB AB TT aurao and plala lower nr aa chamVrrmald and plata arwer; hao rafarvaooa. CkllMlaBrVialUlkal., aaa* WnaMofloa. WJbNTBD?BY A fOUlW WOMaB. A SITUATIOIf Afl UdT'a maid: la a |tnl aoametraar and faehinnahll hairdrraaar haa no objrctton to lake chart* of ono rhllA, Call al JW #lh ar., ooraor np ITU ft, la Ifce dry gaoda aiota, WANTBB?A MTUATIft*. BT A> VRflPBCTABLB woman, a* aurao and aeam?tr*e*| aa <>bJeclloato a ahnrt Mtaea la Ike country. Cfclt fortecJaja at IM Waal 18th at. TXTANTRD-A SITU ATIOTT. BT A WBB PBCTABLB TT raanr airl. aannok. waahar aad Ironer; baa (rood ahy refer? mo Call at 174 Kaat at, batw?? tat and 2d am. WANTKD?BT A BBSPBOTABLB OIU, A ilTUA. t:?0 to laka oar* of children and d? Habt charnkot? work or plain tearing; pood eMr rrfarenea/ CWI at US Bar. liiion al., Brooklyn. , WARTBD-A MTUATIOVk BT A BBRPBCTABU girl, to do fMnai uaawarmk la a mi*D nrlrat* IM It; la Ii?n*d plain not, wanhor and Irene*. Haa good rttf wiforaiioo. Call at 119 Wararlay plaaa. aaooad Boor, baaft , room, **er tka iraowy? WARTBD?RT A RRtPBOTABLX BMTHO WOBAW. a aRnaUon ta a private ftaally aa nnsaoaad aeamatra*% or ta do-ehamberwork; la a neat pUla aawor: la wlltlna ta ?Mka fcwnwlf genraallj aaaHak' Oood eMr referenoe. Cm be aeon at 8} Raat IM at., bakwaaa L*?lag*aa and Mm. *K(\ WILL BB OITBB TO ABT ONB PROCOBIM ?r. )\J h>r tko adeartloer a MalWiag ofolaaa to k**? el*am Moat ho to conrenteaoa for living aa tba premlee* BiM ?oocloaa. AddraaoCareful,Boroklodtao, farthrooCapa. __ __ _ THBTKADIlk A OARDBRRB ARDPABMBR WARTBD TO 1ABB J A BtTBATIOB WARTBD?A* OMMBBWBB, BT VBAB. A Maaaaat aaaaaaaUwaaat M aainpotaat to take oar* af t gentleman plaaa; WMrelwaaea. Call at or ?Jr-M II Wr?M*B*t,kla Mail oa|iwMl*i.? W? haa tttBeraM ! *?*?, for eae w**k. J ztrs&z wsjrtx'i. ' ftOOPBBB WABTBO?TB? QBOPBBI WABTBD, A? V Sfrsac'.tasJiy **? /1ABPBBTBBB WAWTBO-PODB OOOD l|?kNDH; AL8(K ,y |* hakorl dwtaaa* In MaaawMHry. Appr I flaapl* A Darmaad, >l?Bto*>Utk at. f ABBBBTBM WAIHIUB.?A PEW ?OOD HANBB JU waaiod'laaiaitlaialy. Aprr M Ua (hafTm Woat H*a? PAt ^^BTKPBBW m. BBAPP. BuMaa. ItfIBB CABPBIWW WAHTB1-4T, tR4BKUBg to ?Jdwj[?aJ \^ ^ DLOMBRR WABTBIfr?FOR JRW HATRB. APPLf 1 r MM Borkmaa at BATOBB, OBBO A OO. J J>noTO(TRAPHRR.?OrBBaTDKS ob THOIR WtBll- 9 HMt ta l?ara lk? art caa abtala iaod aliaatMM, at I. ONITTbhBR > H. rrlnrliitfU In want af a?*ai?tanra froa M M oharB* A'a* aorarai kaa Chatagrapk OaUarlaa far aola. ? al 7is Itrnadwar. 1 W"'?AP HAKRH -qiTIIATIOM W*?TRD, BT ONB f wh* >a rotniwornt to lak? eh?r?o ol the ?n*n!?ri('t>?r? iyf ?Ithar ataulf or (ano? *??a^*, Addrwa bo? ((eralA alio*.

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