Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 27, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 27, 1864 Page 3
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SMIIST CUTTERS WARTBQ,-OR% OB WB1TI ? shlrte.?ut by knife; the other ea wooltaa shiria. AP M. Pum. U Warrea St ____ fpo KRoRATERS.-LBTTBBKBB ADO OBBABRBT** A tog. a?er? .m silverware, Ac., eta aaaai with a Mud) 5o^<)?dw?"d *#0J WM8* ^ W1'1*! to Tl**?y 1Oa, r^s SILK HANDS-WANTED, A COMPETENT MAR* take charge J the w lading. elaaataf ami doubling ?Srtmeow, A iao. a roan to take charge or Ike finishing department. Also, ?m to take charge of the ajiaalngde PftriroenL Rone but s?as?lsat parties a?4 apply, aad M ?uch liberal salaries will be paid. Apply to Thoe. R. 0*1 e A Ott, Paterson, N. JT r^m PIANO MAKRRS -WANTED, A STRINGBR. BUST ? nn.len.tand roush nnlng; highest waaes paid. Ap Mat 2*3 Weal 28th at. bet?rtea 9tb KHn a*. rH HARNRRS MAKKRA.?WANTED. A BARD OR BRW ? worn and jobbing. Good wages given. Call at 2M> let at, Williamsburg. PLUBBERH.?WANTED, TWO PIRRT I ? ptiiintx-rv who thoroughly nnderniaad the buat all lla braaehea. To euoh good wages and steady we be given. Nana o:hers aeed apply to ftnoM A B Wa ft Hw^U D...WI.. ' mo PLUBBBRfl.?WANTED. TWO BIRflT CUM ? ~ " i business In " work wiM - - ?? jBagvata. Bpk g Myrtle av.. Riooklya. TO DRUGGISTS.?WANTED. A SITUATION, IBA wholesale or retail dm* store, by ? joaof maa who hue had an" year's experienne; salarv not an much nf an oo (??I a* a permanent situation. where ha cm leans the busi ness. Uneicejitons'ile refers* eea. Addreaa Student, ear* af Cuchrao A Piper, SI Wall at mo PAPER W AREHOITBBB.?WANTED, RT A TOURO J man. ri vt* ?f aire, we'l educated and conversant with the Knelwh and Urrm?n lsnfrusgea. a situation lb a Skpar war!i"i?f. wh?ie he ean be ?aernl and acquire a ?rough knowledge el" the hualMM Good reference to re gard to character Address M. W.. box IN Herald o(Uoe. 'J mo H/r R?. ANTED. IN A RETAIL STORE, A 1 tv i I- 'i r? r-la finishing and curling. QmI ?np?' i-T'taiii eu? JoymenL Addreaa Hatter, box 9K Benl > ?mt?. ) pknh -wanted an assistant at br. MotvlmV 9). Ctli ??,. corner 29th nt T.'O CARRIAGE STITCHERS WANTED.?A PPL T TO 0. >. Dunenbuf y. 58 Laufens at. 1* OOI.LRN WKA1ER W AN TKD.?WANTED TBME ? It diet ly. a man to tnke clui'se ?f a ratine! weave room. In a null or three 1*1 at Steady employment and liberal ?ttfi will be given. None need apply unteae Ihev can cone well recommended. An>ly to Jaa. Wfilerhouae, 6i 1'ine at. ?TO-ANTED?TEN OR FIPTEEN IKON KENCfl MOOLD TT era to go to Ooanecticnt: thoec dealrlne permaneut ... . 0|||r ^ WALTER WHEELER. ANTED?MIX FIRST KATE FEATHER CURLBRS. ply al once at 3X7 froa<lway. up ittaira. WANTED?A WATCHMAKER. TO 00 TO THE Army nf the Potomac. Call on or addreaa 308 Broad at.. Bewar g, N. J. TIT ANTED?A PRACTICAL ENOINBRR, TO RUN AM l>or?e power Oorllai engine. Onlv a ?O'njx'lent mau BMir Iwonlre at Btelnway A Son'a flauo faotory, SSd aL, cor ?ar or 4lh av. ANTED-TWO GOOD CARPENTERS. APPLT AT ITS Madison av.. in the carpenter's chop. w "TJTAKTED?IIOOP SKIRT TAPE WEAVERS; ALSO A vt foreman to work ululita; steady work and good wages given. A pi ly at No. 13 Frankfort at. In the rear. WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT ENGLISHMAN, A ftltuatlon ae waiter rn a private family: noob:e"tlon to the country. Ke'ercnco* clven. Applv at the Protestant Baaplov ment Agency. VIA 4th av., near 12th at. HEIP WAKTED?FEMALS>8< AT OHRISTOPHER'S SKLECT AOKNCY. 10 TILLART street, Rnrnkljn. g'xteen years esUbiiiilied, ?yow<KJ with ladl.-K every rt'iy. Itftv aervants wanted immediate! ? eooka. chambermaids and glrln for bnnsework In smalVfaml Hs? P aces without waltlotf five minutes. Wages $8 and ANPRSE WANTED-AT NO. 4?< WEST FORTT FIFTH atreet; ohe mnat bo a tldv. Intelligent woman, fond nf ?blldren. and " Hltng to aaaist in the chamberwofk. Apply from 8 to tl A. M. A GOOD MILLINER AND TRIMMER WANTED?TO go a short distance from the city. Apply to B. F. B< ek Btn, 377 Broadway. A WRT NCRSB WANTED?APPLT FOR TWO DAYS J\ at 122 Qrocne sL, near frlncc. APROTKSTANT first class coox. also a waiter and a laily'a tua'd, who can cut ait! Aland dress hair, and a ni.r?e who ran dress hair wanted, fnr private nmllles going into the country for the itimmer. All aer vubm and girls la'elv landed eon find immediate smnlov saent at Mra. WIIITFIKLD'R. formerly of the Church Bout*. 397 1th av.. between 28th aad 29th sis. Orders promptly attended to. COOK WANTED?A COLORED WOMAN; ONE WHO Isa good plain cook. Apply at 194 Washington sL, ? *lyn. pOOK WANTED -A FIRST RATE PLAIN OOOK, KJ wither and Ironer In a small |)iivats family. Be-(city rsfmoces required. Apply at 10 West 37th at., from 9 to 11 pOOK-W ANTED. I* A PRIVATE FABILY. A STB ADY, V u?eful woman, aa nook; one who understands her mess thoroughly, Is a rood baker, nod can furnlah good reference. None other need apply, at 29 Lafayette *, between the houra of 9 and II A. M. OLOAK ARB MANTILLA MAKERS.?GOOD CLOAK |^an4 mantilla handa wanted, at George Brodie's 30) G" Dwl IRL WANTED.?4 SMART GIRL, TO OO ERRANDS and clean workroom*. Apply at Ooorge Brpdle'a, 3M> elRLS WANTED?TOR EXCELLENT SITUATIONS to ?Uj and country, u oooka. chambermaid*. wait KM. HnBdwim. *fatn*tr*a*e*. nun**, bouae worker*; Mao small girls Md girls lately landed. Apply at CAR PENTER'S Large Employment House, 188 llth at, corner IU ev. ? OLD EMBROIDERERS WANTED? TOR OFFICERS' strap*. Apply at IBS Weat 90th at. NEBS?WANTED. A FIRST CLA88 MILLINER _ trimmer.; the hlgheat wage* wlU bo given. Alv> apprentice*; paid white learning. Apply at 120 8th av. G| RXILLI ML and RfU.UK M. af. ERS AND TRUtMEES WANTED-AT 214 6TH SURSE WANTED ?A 8TEADT, WELL RECOM mended, middle aged woman. American, Ettgllah. eh or Oerraan. will hear or a very dealrable place in the ry, near New York, on eppllcatMa to 91 East ISth at., en the houra of 9 and 11 A. M. UB8E WANTED?A COMPETENT NURSE. WITH good dlr referenee, to take care of a child IS month* and to *ew. Apply at 80 We*i 43d at. from 9 to 1 o'clock. S, _ _ - ?ae:" - . . ?r U on Wheeler* Wllaon'* aowlng machine*, to make fine AM UUnming* in the store. Call at 607 Broadway. N. T. SALESWOMAN WANTRD-FOR MILLINERY GOODS; ahe mmt he '1 rat claaa; no other need apply at 180 6th av. Mao an errand girl. W SEWERS WANTED.? APPLT TO F. H. AMI don, 6*9 Broadway. WET NURSE WANTKD?TO TAKE CHARGE OF AN infant eight month* old; the applicant mnat be healthy, thorough lv experienced aaa nurae, and have a breaetof milk not la** tnan two nor mote than (even month* old. Faaucba pen on. well recommended, liberal wage* and a food home will be given. Apply for particular* to Mr* Hope. Matron of Lying lo-Aayluro, 86 Martou at, N. T. ANTED?A COLORED WOMAN TO DO GENERAL houaework. App'y >u 1M Waalilngton at., Brooklyn. WANTKD-TO COOK, WA8H AND IRON. A NEAT and tidy woman, having a daughter from II to 14 year* aid. None need apply, unleaaahecan being reference, at 164 West 23d at. w WMANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK; I good ceok, washer and Irner. for a HMO family. Apply thl* Week, between 9 and 12 o'clock, with good refe w ANTKD?A GOOD COOK. RAKER, WA8HER AND Ironer; a competent peraon for a large family Apply m IBS Bowcr?, In the eiobange office, from 12 to X WANTED?ONE OR TWO APPRENTICES, FOR dressmaking; good newer* taken for a short time and iMtrocieit in all its branches. Apply at 87tb at., four door* *vo?t of tth sr. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?SEVERAL GOOD DRR8S maker*. Applr ?tJ4S 4th ar^ "XtTANTEI>?1N A SMALL FAMILT, A WOMAN A8 TT good plain cook, washer and Ironer. City reference required. Apply at 92 Baai 39th at. WANTSD-TWO GIRLS TO DO ORMBRAb HOUSE wore; must be good plain eooka and good WMbera and teener*. with good oily reference*. Apply at 163 or 106 Bast Stat st. usar 2d a*. TXTANTED-A OOOD. HAND FOR LACE AND MB , TT dal'lon ? work, at 187 Mb nr. ? 1 WANTBD?A GIEL TO DO THE HOUSEWORK OF A amaII family; mart be a good waaher and Ironor; moat aome well r* ommrnded; a Pr>teaUnt prefonred. Apply j>r two .lay* at 16 Dean jt. Brooklyn. WANTED-A SMART, WILLING GIRL, TO DO MOST ?f the houaework. plain cooking and washing and Ironing of a email private family. To a thoroughly oompe Ml girt good wage* will be given. Mono other* need apply 1 uVeat Md at. ha?Knt door. WANTED?StX EXPERIENCED GIRLS, TO MAKI up lace good a at Lake k MeCreerj '*. :i Mercer it. 1IT ANTED?A PROTEST ANT GIRL, TO ASSIST IN TV taking earn of four children and do chamber work; *h* y* n*?t and deanly, truthful, honeat, obliging a ad "f children. Addreaa T . ho* I.7VB N T. Poet office flying name and addreaa, eo that an Interview mar be had 55! * advertising, who llvea Juet out of the olty. OR "IRTT TO MAKE ZL *hlrta on Wheeler * Wilson'* machine*; SZSFJtn JStSfcr ** from 10 U" ' W A wTfkD^Aat?m2J *OR GENR RAL HOUSE. feggl wlth'gnod referenee, im'l^M TCUMRtSSi w* t l**oer;ettt reference required. Call at IM Weet ItoaaUaaL ttf ANTED?AS COOK IN A SMALL PBITaTR FAMI. WANTED-TOR A FIRST CLASS RESTAURANT. AT Snrato.a Spring*, for the aeaaon, three good looting. hot girl* u waiter*; one good woman aa rook forwent!; f?P* *M also one woman aa baker and paiHj eoofc and oiherwlae aaalat In the kitchen. All the nbo*w mtiKt (y flrat elaaa at their wi#k and come well reeena r^.,^V.>nr.T,'?HBtTPh*' " ^ WjTANTED?FOR TilE COUNTRY, A OOOK AND A . . w*>ir**6 (Catholic), both to aeatat with the waehlng svnnswsr ?*' -3 Vr ApfO M wmi |ud II t'?W A. M. at 27 W??? turn. WMAhTKD-A TOUNO wn?AH. A?. w*ITBHM IN A HI. St?inM wfclai ^S?S5S buainrst *nd *?u com* well reeemwedei, ?l ? Bleacher near WHllM to ? emailprivate f^TTr-^Twed* e'oto.k. ?Id rnmtmSStobrtSi >J??hh? to ?h* ehep or to take the ?trk ..uu AIm* Urn bwldftrt And Wdotti on J^nan"**** At>pH to?edtotoly at i? Pearl at., third lloar. __________________ WMANTED-1* A 8MALL PRIVATE FAMILY, TWO ? Cennsa gtr M one far plain o*oklnf ilHlliil Ml h-onlng nil one for (?hatnberwnrk and to until to washln* and iMnlnc: g<*?l referenda* required ud good w??<* will bo paid. ?t H Bteecfcer street. TKfAmiD?IHMBDIATKL.T, TWO WRIT OtAM jUIr VY Mocra and a Irtmmr, il lit Clinton plaee (8th it.) ?I17ANTE-0-BXPRBIBMCSD DRESS MAE BBS AT BO. VY ? Clinton piac*. UTANTBD-A WAITRESS. 0HAMBERMA1D COOK, TT )anniti*s?. nnraennd sesmitr?si for a (Irst elaae rri ??to familv who pay good WMC'S. Apply at No. 7 West II th at., between Broadway andunlveralty pia a, from 10 to 4 ??clock. WANTED-FOB A GENTLEMAN'S FAMILY, A short distance from iha city, ?wo man servants, oae ?r Inside and tho other outside war It: English, Scotch or North of Ireland preferred. Apply at 378 ftth av^ YJLTANTBD-TWO PROTESTANT SERVANTS, TO OO A VT short di-tance Into the eountw: one aa chambermaid and lauiwlress, Ibe other aa rood plain eook. Apply at 21 Bant 4 lit at., between 10 and II o'clock A. M. WANTRD-A GOOD COOK. WARHBR AND IRONER; one willing to make haraalf generally <UMfnl. Apply, with leference. at 172 Wert 11th at. ITTANTBD?A FROTR8TANT GIRL. FOR GENERAL TT housework! mnst corw well reoommended. (torman or Scotch. Ar i,. at til halt irih at. WANTED PT.ijP B.'TB 8H1BT MAKER. APPLY at 1(>8 ? at lb* ft, between 2d and N ave?., Imme diately. fTTANTRP? t G!PL?OB GENP.BAL HOUSEWORK YT In a fan*' i o.' thr*e; mnat have city reference and be neat and capable._ Vr.l; at 141 Wait Forty.fourth street. WANTED?A OCjIiOHBD WOMAN, A8 COOK. WARH TT er ami imnrr; "-?? who thoroughly understands her business. Call at 27 VI est Mth at, in the forenoon. UTABTBD-A PROTBST.tNT WGMAN, as nurse TV and aenmitreaa; willing to llw to tha eountry. Call before 1* o'clock at 84 West 14th it. Wanted?a feotrstant woman. /? cook, waaber and Ironer: MtMtHn(|mM e'U rtlsrenees. Call st ?77 West 2l?t st, between 9th and 10th ???., before 12 o'clock. _____ WANTED?A COOK. WARRBR AND I'iONBR; MUST TV be an experienced person. fit ? reference required. Apply from 10 A> M. until 2 P. M. at 19 Wen' *> h it. 117ANTED?A LADT COIjORIRT, TO OOObT OF THB VT city, to keep book a and waive cmtomera; apeelmena and ret'erenca required; good aalnry. Apply at G. Eonlga Iwrg'a, 713 Erandwuy. WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, TWO GIRLS; A ftrit rate caak and a good chambermaid anrt |nvin<lrMa: mint unileraland their bualneaa thoruuguly, Apply at No. 50 7th av, JXT ANTED-A GOOD COOK. TO ARSI8T IN WASHING TV and Ironing. Apply, with aatlifactory reoommenda ttona, at 11 Kait 28th it. WANTED?A PRKNCH OR SWISS NURSE. TO ONB who speaka Ki-enoh oorrectlr, nod who can come well roeomm?ndftd a good salary wi'l he given. Apply before 12 o'clock M. t) M ri. Edward Cooper, No. 9 Lexington ay. J ANTED?A GIRL TO ATTEND A BAKERY: MUST have good city references. Anply at 132 ay O. w WANTF.D?A YOUNO WOMAN TO DO COOKING, wan! ilng and Ironing for a small family; mnat under atnnd lier business ?ud be willing to work. Apply at S2 Eaat Z7thist. corner of 4th nr. w ANTED-TO OO INTO TIIB COUNTRT, TWO OOL oreil women: nne aa first ela^s cook; the other as laundrexa. Apply ?t the Everett Houae, room 82, bofora 1 o'clock, during this week. WANTED?A GOOn SERVANT. TO DO CH/tMREB \rork. waahlng and Ironing None wanted without good city references. Apply from 7 to 10 o'clock A, M., at 110 West 21st st, between tith and 7th ava. WANT)- D-A GOOD PROTESTANT GIBU FOR GENE ral housework In a private family; a good washer and ironer. Good reference required, Apply at 133 Eaat Slat ?t. WANTED?A GIRL TO DO GENERAL IIOUSBWORK; it muet be a good cook, washer and ironer. Call for three days at 11 Bctnune st. WANTBD-BY A SMALL FAMILY OF ADULTS. A servant for general household work. Must bring good referencea. Call at 327 Weat 12th at. WANTED-A WOMAN WHO IS A THOROUGH WASH er and Ironer and can do plain family cooking. Apply at 188 10th ave., one door from 22d st, after 8 o'clock. ANTED?A GOOD MILLINER. AFPLY AT 18T4TH ?t. w TITAN TED?A LADT TO LEARN THB ABT OF TT coloring photographs. After two weeks' Instruction of one hour per day. work will be given out. Ivorytypea, Drawing ana Painting taught, at 713 Broadway, r<>om 19. L G. K0NIG8BBBG. XMTANTED?A PROTECTANT CHAMBERMAID AND TV waitress and to asslrt In the cam of two tittle bora Apply thla day, between in and 12 o'clock, at 31 Weat &th at C Ity reference required. WANTED?TWO RBSPBOTABLK. WELL REOOM mended girls, as ulmto.i.n for an Embroidery ?tore. Mme. H. FREbE, 737 Kiwdnr. TX7ANTRD-A FIRST CLASS DRBSSMAKEB; FRENCH m preferred. Apply u room 388 Fifth Avenue Hotel, from hi In 13 o clock la the morntag. en mantilla; hands wanted?to work on ?/u the be?t silk garments; none need apply except enmpe tent band*, to whom steady irork will be Riven end 98 per week. Apply to Oeorge Carey, SOI and 308Can*l at help W ARTED?9IALES. Agents can make $euo a month bt bnoaoino In the sals of mir <;RKAT NOVELTY PRIZE PACKET and splendid sterl ENORAVINOS. We oiler the greatest chance to make mooey ever known, and present everv agent with aaplendld gold orellver watch free. Onlv $15 capital required. Full particular* In circu lar mailed free. G. 8. HASKINS A CO . Sfl Reek man street, hew York. The oldest and only original f rfze Package house in the Uolted States. Agents wanted?in all parts, to sell j. Haven's patent Mosquito Shield or Guard. It doa*t ad eel the breathing, sleeping, alght. or Injure the face. Univentally acknowledged to bo juat the arti'le for the army, navy, ami traveller* In the cars or stage*. to keep the du*t out; visitors of watering places, bee ?be*. Sen lug, hiving bees. Ac. J. HAVEN A CO.. sole manufacturers, So Warren street, op atalra. Send stamp fur circular. Bust aeas men can make this psy well. Sample sent free on re ceipt of $115. Agents.?$is clbab per dat-one hundred of our extra large sine Prise packages, with HW pres ents of Jewoiry and large Mil*. Sola agency for a town or county, and a beautiful watch as a present for the agent. Sent anr where on reoelpt of $15: oaa be sold in a few hours; enormous profits; circulars free. 8 HICKAJtPS k CO. (the Orlglaals). KB Nassau at. ,N. T AHLL YOUNQ MEN WISHING SITUATIONS IN ANT kind of business, call at the Mer. aatlle Employment Agency, 398 Broadway. Wanted, to- day. a young man to go to Panama, a ciefk fur a commission house, hotel dork, can vasaer. bookkeeper..dry goods olerk. potior, salesman. Ira velllng agent, tea #et k. grocery olerk. engineer, gardener, timekeeper, Ac. other aituations always open. See list of vaoanclos. Licensed by the Major. MONOOMBRT * CO. A TTENTION -WANTED TO DAT. SB TO UNO MBM A for an expedition to South Amerlaa and Case of Oood Hope. Cood wage* paid and outfit furnished RANDALL A COURTNEY, corner of Chamber* and West sis , up stairs. A N ASSISTANT BOOKKEEPER WANTED?IN A A, domestic commlaslou house. Address box t,tIS Now fork Post offlce. AH DRY GOODS CLERK. BOOKKEEl'BR ASSISTANT ? bookkeeper, entry clerk, rcoelvlng clerk, barkeepor, porter, expressman, shipping clerk, outdoor salesman, eta* (loner* olerk. and hotel dors wanted, athe Merchants' and Clerk*' Registry, 151 Fultoa si Situations open. Assistant bookkeeper and office clerk wanted?Also general clori. travelling salesman, pro duce salesman, wholesale dry good* and grocery clerks, ca tty and shlpplag clerks, collector, grocery clerks, atsaassr and stoasr.boat clerks, two eon doctors, tight porter, bar tender* aad porters. Other vacancies open and received 7pp>y * w An active man, of BUSINESS habits, want. st third Ow ?r ??m"lrT aE"L Apply at 27 Beekaaaa A BOY WANTED-T0 OPEN OYSTERS, AT Na Ml Sd tv., between Kth and m> sta. ' 991 A WAITER MAN-protbrtant, A FIRST CLASS m?n. with best of city refbreoeee; no others Mod apply at 4W West *Sd St. ?DOT WANTED.?A WILL1NO. AGTCVB BOY, AfBODT Pl? years old. la aa upholster? store Apply at M T>OY WANTED?ONE WHO IS SMART AMD ACTIVE I) aad can brlag good reference* swajjes $S a week. A p. ply to tho Aassrtoaa Waterproof Cloth Co., Mo. tBarolay Street. BHioT WANTBD-BT AN IMPORTING HOUSE; HE ? most live with his parents; age about IS years. Apply at M Leonard st, up stairs, festwesa 10 aad II. SHOT WANTED?IN A STOCK BOMMISEIOR HOUSE: | 5 0mYm!0>Boe ' N*V A<WrM*' at<kt,M ***< C O , BHOY wantbd-IN A CLOTH HOUSE; ON* WHO ? resides with his parents; salary tret year, $140. Apply tUN Chambers St., up stair*. n?T wanted?IN tbi STATIONERY BUSINESS, JP Apply st ft Oedar St. T>OT WANTED?TO WORK AT 8IGN PAINTING) P on* who has had oxsorleBce aad has a Mats for ths oostneee Inqutro at 77 Masssu st. ROT .WANTED?IN A BEOKBB'S OFFICR: A SMART. Mnsteosao well isssmsiisdsd. SKa/ftSgS HILT WA*T?U?*AJU*? BOQUMrU Wi*rRO-W A. _ ?ss xsxxTxxrTi Tttarsg. n*s?.?" ^satsii ? ? Apply at ftM HmtaMrt. ta*uo cmr* ihz'trs^misSssriL. jl / ymiBi wwi "" waMg^fflsaflsaHt ll Q?of|? A. H?*ra'?, 116 BroM??y. ?. wrewMOKD jJW 5AWE^VffgSS si JS?5SIi Vnum. fts Iwmni.the' yftKff..^Sgjg r? miidiuU, Imttrf. ineuranoe. e*peAe?and raiiroau ??" UM United A ANDREWS. of flirt borne. tn'?wrr Mrtteator; wni^*^ ^ ollica. ? GBNBBAL BNORaVBB .WAWTHP.-fO* part1cc lare Inquire at 206 Braadww, room No ?. TTOTEL BBBPRR WaHTBD-TO 0HARO1 Of ply to Wm. W. Qoddard,114 8<ate rte, potion. _ ft'KVK?ar% '4ffiE2f"oV""I^S oiflca. ? in a etore down tow. Addreee Stationery, ner?m ?????*>. Wanted immbhiatklt-mkn who wtah to enr*K? t?a WtiwAto-bwrtay^ln *bl to MOOt m?l<e ?2fl ?terT dar by a email ly?*i??"?* **w 10 ^ Call ?t C09 Broadway. worn Na. i. "^o^- JRD TILDBN. w 'Sffcl" BWBTSS S3,"a W flfc ford'*, ll2Bth at. - ? Albany et.. op etalra m jam bo. tw puSn iJS!d WT'ly. Call at the nrooMyn o^Mon UB^ it-.J^rOour (owrtM Foot oHioe). tble day ^Wed n#^&y)( from -1o 4 o cIqok P. M. . .. en ivrrn?aT DRY OOODB BALBSMAN. TNQOIBB W Aif" bn RoSr?l JESSI5? QM W,W dmtAPd? i?>.c 52??l y-'? {ft"? ??*<*?**?. ^yANTBD-A DRUG OLBRK. APPLY AT MS 1st TTTiNTRD-A MAN WHO ITNDRR8TABD3 SBLBCTg W " ??i '??< 'ob^co for c,,t,,ng* App" at No. 95 Broad ?t., Newark, N. J. . nf a vpKn OK A PLACB OF BIX ACRK^. TN the nr ANTED?A GOOD MAN, TO OA*TABS ?ACKJ!J*' Ws?N. J , for ord^n for photocrM>hta ? ?>? of re ?wienc^s. Ac. Al?o one for Tmrr\ town end WM Bint. K- ? ? > ^"S^uS-onfhS H^;onr.ver Thoje peer, the above pla.-ee preferred. Addreea 1 no?ogr?pn?r. station I* reel onlce. WANTBD-A YOONO MAN. 13 OR 19 YEARS OW. who nndemtand* working a J, ^Ke mnke hi* own forme ready. Apply a? 44 1 Alton et., in me Printing offlce. WANTED?A BOT. RESIDING WITH HIP PARRNTS. in the Ninth" ward, toJearn the drug buunAM. Apply to B. QnacklnbnKh A Son, 703 Greenwich et. TAT ANTEP?A MAW TO REPAIR PITRNITT RR- TO A W (food hand i?o<l pay. Aleo a etout b .y to attend store. Inquire for thre? day* at 181 let are. ; ANTF.D-IN A PIRST CLASS OROOBRT. A YOUNO men, who le acquainted with the hu.tne?and uwler sUnds taking care of horee*. Apply at 66t Mh are. tTTANTED?A TOUNO MAN. AB PARMB^R.V*P".?1 W a amall farm, about flft* mllee 'up the No> th ri"^r, a . _ a ___ ..a Via url/f> without 0ht|df6D? WOlllcl b6 ffH* rj^,^lf?t.^ ^?l ^"^?>rt' kind trMtment Rg^d wlge*. Apply to T. P. Cnvmtnge, M Ubertv rt_ TIT ANTED-A COACHMAN. ONE W1LLTNOTO WORK W In a garden. Apply before 10 A. M. or 6 P. M? at 160 Weil 25th *t nTiNTcn-WBN' FOR THB ONITBD 8TATEB NAYY. WA?K?.J!,*y vumn. ?i?rSg?lta7"?Si landxmen. eonka. ?ie?nrd? and .waiters ?"g" from $l?i to SD?'ca?h dow; JWI T" "A COURT KKY, coriiff of Chamber* and wort ?irooi* W^If^Tbe painting &&. Tl"?" SVS?.^! near 331 eu ? ?tIT ANTED?AN EXPERIENCED DRY GOODS BALB8 W man, noae oth?A"^%T.' 87 and N Catharine et ?rANTED?A SMART. ACTIVE MAN WHO UNDER Vr stamU the l?thlne ?uslnesa. Apply In the morning, at U B'wdway (Taylor's Saloon). [\rANTED?TWO YOUNG MEN WHO UNDBBSTAND I? the retail drr geoda business,, to go to Prorldenoe. R. L Ni tires <f Jreland preferred. Apply at Bweeny'a Hotel, Qhatbam at. from 7 to 10 A. M. E. DAVIS. WASTED?IN A FISH AND PBOVIBION HOUPF. A man to asll cooda In Lohl|h and the ad joining conn tt?? Pennsylvania. One who haa acquaintance In aald section of oouutrr may addreaa W. A Co , Herald office. WANTED?A BOOKKEEPER; ONE WHO UNDER aland* hla bualneaa. a good Judge of money and la willing to make hlmaelf uaefu). Addreaa Integrity, Herald otUoe. TIT ANTED?A MAN ON A FARM. IN THE VICINITY V* of tho city: ? reaper table Omttle man, who umler atanda Hie raro of cowa milk and bolter; meat rime well recommended. Call tbla dav at Mr. Bridcemaa'a ared (lore, one door from the corner of 18th at and Broadway, between 11 and 11A.M. TITANTED?A GOOD OBOOM AND WAGON WASHER; >T ateady employment and good wagea, at 85 Waahlng ton at.. Hobeken. WANTED?FOR A FIRST CLARK RTF. AM BOAT. A ?T competent clerk. On* who tea good judge of money may addreaa, with refer* oeee, steamboat. bos 111 Herald Ifim. WANTED?A BniPPINO CLERK. ONE AOCUB tomed to tho work nay addreaa, with referencca, (alary wanted, 4c.. hoi (Sftl Poat ofliee. N. T. llfANTED?A CANVASSER TO PROCURB ADVER Tf tteementa (or tho "French Directory and Bnalneo* Guide." To a proper porton ettraordtnary inducementsarc offered. Apply to tho publlahor, A. P. Mauge, No. ? Cham bora at, Mow fork. WU ANTED?A TOUNO MAN WHO THOROUGHLT nnderatanda the wholoaale millinery and atraw goods trad*, to n Loulartlle, Ky. Addreaa, with references, box I.4A3 Poet off oe. WANTBD-A TOUNO MAN. TO ACT AN OBNBRAL TV a?ai*tant In a flrat ataaa oyater and dlnlna aaloon. Oao having S10U In eaah can meet with a good situation by applying to-day, after 12 o'olock, at 171 Bpnng at WM ANTED?A STOUT. WILL BEHAVED BOV, TO maka lilmaeir generally oeefut la theetore; < aa living In Brooklyn with hl&arenta preferred. Apply to Win W H im, atatloner, prludr, and lithographer, 83 t edar at. WANTED-A TOUNO MAN, II OR 17 TBARS OF age to aeeompaay a gentleman about flatting Europe Nona eioept iboaa of the la required age need aaawar. Ad dreaa for two daya o. O., Herald ofliae WANTED?AN RNTBT CLSRE; MUST BE A RAPID and legible penman, aad qnloc and correct at dgurea. None but single men need aaawar. Address, wRh refer enoea. Ac, box 1.24S foat oflloe. 117 ANTED?IN A LAW OPTICS, A FaITHFUT. EOT. " Addreaa. In your own hand, H. A K , Herald odieo. WANTBD-A YOqNG MAN, ABOLBRK IN A RETAIL dry gooda business. Inquire at IM Myrtle a?., eomer of Prla.a at.. Brooklyn WANTBD-A BOY tO OPBM OTNTEBS AND WAIT ?a tablea Call at Daffy's dlntng aaloon. tSI aad 141 8th a*. TO ANTED-A FIRST GLASS COACHMAN. IN A pst YT rale family: mnat nnderetand hla boaiaeaa aad bring good city reference from hla laat employer. Oeed wages will be paid. Oall at the Herald oflee on Thuraday, the 5th inat, at B o'olock A. M. \KTANTED?THE SERVICER OF SEVERAL YOI'NG VI gentlemen, who hare some acquaintance with rtofe yoang men. The object la one rery creditable, and a llbaral eompanaation will be paM. Apolloaata will call at XX) Bread way, room No. 4. second atnry. WANTED? AOBNTU ald CANVABRERR TO SELL three new arWelea, aeliln* rapidly, aeeded universalw i waranted to glre aatiafaotloa, |S to $A per day msde. nad goode unsold may be returned. Call on or addreaa Rlee A Co., ?7 Park row, Inreator'a depot. WANTED-A fbrson ACQUAINTED WITH THB wine aad llqeor bualaeea. to act aa porter In a whole ?ale ?4ere, where tie work la light; muai be etrletlr hone*, Be. Addreaa, In the handwriting of the applicant BenedM, Herald otlee. for two daya. wantis-a first class salbsman in a Tf wholeeaie oleth houaa. One well acquainted with the olothhur trade era bear if a permaaent poaitton by addrese lag A.I., hoi >.144 Poet oUtee. ; wanted-A BOY TO ATTBND BAR. AFPLT AT M VTftk ar. Noae need apply aaleaa -reoom* ended aad wadantaadlag the baeiaoea. 07ANTBD-A MAN TO WORK IN A LIYBRT STA. TTTle: eae acquainted with the bnatneee; tfagieau H?siibi ApHratWlOaaaJa4reet,near BiaadWM , WAMTntK.liAL.ICB. 100 .?"? ''"anck w>* Jpwr.t* fhen to ???>, ?? J ".P*!!"0"- Control-.r % cti -nr ?War -t O.j.. 78 ..!li. N. Tl. i?? ?>**?'? N.??u " ^*r:."C'!^,u'r;r*!*'> 1.000 ftffiL*AJTgftrfSg- ?)NK. TWO Mi) tISH to $*l?, nlHr for f.JmJ 1 y'*lc* ??'? Bounty Si? rtaL $10 hand m. n?. ?l, i . rt ' rl 8 "i""* ? w?>rtb nil plag DXoe. 170 Cl,.,th*,,i .Maido.njTbe'r; "r r"n,",r ** **'P' ^ SITUATION W\lVTEl)-|||ALnih A TT*^2ZAZ?Znl"*lTK? A "AMD AMD Annie Nalao*, .. Can bring fc<x?4 rvfen*i 06. A *n^r?*8y&,T5F> GKXTLKilAN WHO !?.. 4m?im taiiMU. ** !** moral cWftt-utr. bnokliit or K?nkk.. wn oh ml ti ^ kiiowMiiuA of Y b c!: n BrSiuw?'y0 '"*** brokerage bualneaa!^ AU *rew[ a.*r? A^HmthSl0jP.??D! HAVINO A MIGHT. INTRO with li?oil^iriaif> m ?/ * '*' wUh.M ?rtm?Uon for him Mw. l.T?cJ?T.l' gLtltn' ?""U,n* CftU 00 "r *MN* A BOOKKKRpkr AND AOOOUNT good mrrcftatlle hoUMs^rham n*"?'"?1 (f ,he ???* of ""m# would bo ? V - ' "heri 'onataut atti nt on and fldolltr giipss A<1drf" Wm h la employer. I?,ulr? at^Ud?"?,?''i obeU,e'" ?? A .yHO KNOWg THE CITIB8 OF N8V ply to J. HarnaU iM MulbaiTT M i ,loc*ry wa*on AP A n ?* d ED"f,? "Sl^wehYn^p^A DWITH btulneaa, and who ran rlvafl^ da?^2fc?'' *n? indoor *jME? dre?a J. IC., Herald affioe' r>*? Efface gl ran. Ad A SITUATION WAVTnn at a iS-SftSP ?ither as partner or dark ? h? ?.?? ?. ir. I. f?lE Income, s? ?mail wagoa the flrat y?ar?- ?? ILim "ll>or ??. for A TOITNO GENTLEMAN, CNDERETABDIRa ofr ?l.b(mittlh ud.Frunfh' ?r iSSri# "?n 'n ? whoje?i ? or retail hutine**. ft?*t of city reference gy,n. Add?. B. E., HerffiSff * A w?n1*KbyEarw??,8n f?iP "E^ABD'B SITUATION ?d reference,. ApEl,*" r a^lr^om^'ir ""I T"1! corner of Broome at. and Bowery! w<wU:hesler House. A 888PRCTABLR MARRIED MAN WIRflEH A btttt >2 cr." 'fe r !PS=-?? CITOA-nOJf WANTBD-BT A TOCNO MAN wn/, CITUATION WAXTED-EY A YOPMo ma wD? l^5S^ Pl^BsSss 2,NOI'B ^~AB to the country O. .T MtV III? th* e\tTj "? O'Leary'a ^ddlarr^Vk ?&ff/.Jfflgyfr . ? ha* bars aocuatomed to t'oldint and reim!?kir '*!? * ,t"r? i B??t raftr?cea. Add^ ,ood^ S ?StAo^hm.IAwNaTte? L?>5^^H.OUaHLT OWE Wge ^ii^iQj meat ||oull<t |13 ijm, jft.7<^n^/5h ?^T*R'B T?mVo'wfi'o ^'*6L?*^ir^5T^H?^A: OKkTlr. u<rt hlSi1**? l,n<J#r"tan'tlnf the b?Sni^u^nWt,nr "?? and h??lnf a near by trade, would like >a >I?i ? branrhaa for ?orne bouva alreadr entahlt.fciJJ 1 ?? ,'omn'ia*1oB of a factory and loflii?n<? trad J fM iia?ru10,{i, ^k" charge T?kno w^fhe^^tlan'tnVde'rhrritaaMr >fTLE M AN WHO "?II for a flr?t rlan, ho iM on ?7r^ Jr "T" 10 bu? or ^pecuhje raf^re^ Idd^T?;^"']^ ^^t WAwlTa,^"Tah.AwuJahi|J:T*"J*B *AN AND HIE eVuml.rauoft *lf"?tlona L iMltoJ^d W?*V?"? ?: ^fsar^u' ^k.?55Sw nss \\TANTED?BY A HARDWARE CLRRK, WHO HAS vv had considerable eiper.ence in Ihs hardware trade, a situation In either a wholesale or retail house. Address w. C-, Herald office. WANTED?BT A TOUNG MAN. A SITUATION IN A VT bookstore as a*?istant or In any other cnpacity. Ad dress W. X.. boa 14'. llerald ofUoe. TITANTBD?BT AN EXPERIENCED ENGLISH BUT. TT ler an 1 valet, ? situation In that rapse ty; no oh;ection lo no to ?ny ii'^arter ot the globe. and having been brought up in the ariuv, fully understands the management of horees and military accoutrements. Address T. Z., cars of Mr. Smith, 83 Cedar ?t. WAWTED-A SITUATION A8 COACHMAN, BT A TT single man, of sood habits, who is honest. InduitrUvm, sober, understands his buslnsss in all its Terms and is a care'ut driver; can bring the beet of reference; no objection to the country. Aditreas A. C., Herald oibce, stating where >n Intervlesf B||f bf had. WANTED?A SITUATION AS COACHMAN: HAS TV the best of referenoe; disengaged bf the family going to Europe. Call at No. 6 West 19th at WANTED?A SITUATION. IV ROMS WHOLESALE bails down town, as salesman or general clerk. Q*nd refert'Dj-s given in relation to charactsr and business capa rltr. A Hi ? addressed to Etoeisior, Herald e01<e, wl:l m<et with prompt attention. WANTKD?A SITUATION AS COACHMAN. IN A pr.vate faintly, by an intell gent young German. Ad dress w.. boa IM elEee. Wanted?rt a sober stbadt man. m tears or age, a situation ae p Tter in a hotel or grocer' store; also understands the care and management of horses: can make himself generally useful and is not afraid of any work. The advertiser will give live (toilers to any ene whe will uroeure a situation as above. Also ran And security tf required Addreee D L. C., Herald oStca. WANTED-A SITUATION TO ATTEND AND TAEB rare of horsea, by a ?teadr, sober man. Call on Jas. Gill. 97 Frankfort St. WANTKD-BT A TOUMO MAM, WHO CAN WRITR a ga?1 hand and Is not si raid of hard wo-k, a sltua saa. tuwkbk:/s w.mxi gt., In ths stable. WiKtlD-i SITUATION, AS SHIPPING OR OCT TT deor rlark, by ene who has had several ;ears expa nence In both the above poellions. City references givea. Address box 1M Post oSoe. WANTED-BY a MAM. OP BUSINESS EXPERIRMCR. an ergsiament of trust. In Siiy large manufoeturlng buslneas. Best reference. Address S. P., 01 Greenwich*!. WANTED-A SITUATION. Bf A MARRIRD MAN, ss ceachmaa or atrdener, or would take rare af a small farm a sbert dietanee from the oil/ Apply at my present employer's, Bj West 18th st. PRINCH AOV BRTllBMIfle ON DEMAND! UMI PEMMB BE CMAMBRK SA rkaat Wen roKTbe at caudre. S'adreeeer au 71 Baat Hd St, <ie 9 a H hautas da matin. UNE KILLE ALLEMANDR (PROTESTANTE), QUI aerie franrata desire una place comine fern me de ehambre. B'adrtsser au llSSdav., In the fancy store, ha tween lgthaud 17th ?e UN PRANCAIB (WAITER) CONNAKAANT Par. faliemaat aoa asrviee desire tr?>tver une ptsre <isas nne famtlle prlvse four la villa ou ln| auipagoe. II est muni de bonne recommendations. S adreoser au 238 6me av. UNR PILLB PBANGAIBB DES1RB SE PLACER POUR solgeer del safest* et pour ooudre. S'adreeser au 10 West 34 th st muAMoi A SPLENDID STOCK OF BILLIARD TABLRS PGR j!V sals rhseplor caA, consisting *f roe*weed, oak and walnut, with Decker's patent OusMnns; ev*r>thing war ranted strlotiy fits* stosa. Also Pour Poeket Tables and Trimming. L DECK BR, Ml Fulton street. DOR 8 A LB?ON B OP PHBLAN'S FIRST CLASS BIL T Hard Tablea. Apply at LTNCH'S, oppoettc Pulton firry, Brooklyn. rR SALE-TWO BILLIARD TABLRS, WITH MA MLR tope, in good erder lnqulre at ITS Sprlna street, base ?eat. ONLY. TBUB JllMA* FOUR POCBBT laadard Tabte, can awl? be bought at W H. wRIF | p y '.yftss, ^7 b' 101 M??CKt.l.AgyP*? ( .... a ttkntion, comi'ant. CLAKK'H lawful UlinillMl. j&zzrz nrr^rcf-v?sr ?" .-jot I?al~d and paetrald to auy addiea* ??? r*r'l'J y Addrc** A C. Clark. Poet o**t ?Irawaf U*. Albany W. T. a PHVUlt'lAN. WIKHIS'i 10 1*TKOUU?-K A *** A d aeorert, dealre* 10 m?'t with w(l ,,? h 1?** ebr??lr>edrMden to l? found, ao.l ? ????? freeot . Harp- Atl die.?*e? of ir iii' n??o<? chu "M *<? blood ruriicutarly, de*lred. Addre*. Phymc.Un, ho* Herald <>nice. , T BOOKHINDKH3 KVIU.M V.I l?RKW AN r?: j\ fur ht*avy work. AddreMd Harper k Hi others, ?**? peorl *treel* New *"rk. 1 - lll'TOnhW A N t> PACKRKS' ICE IIOITSR P'{"T"?: ll live I.Aiigiif la ?till In e?let I..''. "'?' J" . '"' ,r';' botcher* hav* been proHMod from i !,J*!." frin.'emem of patent* for ice boo*#* All persona doolrouo of protection from *ald units nuut join at once. C1ABH PAID FOR RAUB AND <>LI> MKTAl.S-WHITK J rac? 1 Or.., colored ?nd woolleo* per lb ; noee* *n * newspaper*, 7c : old copper and pewt?r 2M peeik. mro** 22o . lead He per lb. At So. 15 New Bowery. Owner ??f Roote f eH ttreet. . "TjlOOBOMY 18 WKAMH."?FRANKLIN. Tfl R Ki Kreatcet of modern philo*f>pher*. r?mnm? thai a Mgni caved >. a penny eurneil " laatead of iH?iro.vl?| Tour waale paper, pies*rTr It and receive it* ??iulv*. -nt In eaah. which we wllley for old new?pe-ei. o* err ..ea clntioo whOtoAT torn: old parophiela of all kind*, old cir cular*. handbill. il<-*?U, cartU, '^aloc '<"?? anl old tcnip oanor. I? all It* ?orietl<?. In quanlltlett uri-e or amall A l*<?. olTwrltlng paper and whool hmili*. old blank Ixy ? led ger* Ac. of any atvl-. It inatUr. not how ni'ieh ih ' ? ? U written KMBR80M. MAi' a ;; . One door w?'*t of Nauf ?i +\ ?? ?. I KINO, rOMMINSlONBR OF DF m FO *l/j . the Staiea and 'farrlloHaa. *o. .HM H *? ? '? building), room 17. Pawporia obtalnod ?' n <? ' In 4-1 hour a. Sf*n1yh lagal doeumanta V<*P <1 ' ? WROM 7X TO_?CE*T8 PI* rOUSO ?? K '?? P Rooks Mowspapert Pamphlets ami l ' _ . blchaat oaah prloe paid for all kl?d?of Ra?a. ??;? f. K. VTAL, KBR. 'Jt Hprucc atroet viTQHTNa tackle AND PISCIOULTURb. ?Mfl. F R \MRBOTTOM. ?on of the w-!l known nn I Cacl?:nltiirl*t. Mr. Robert Rumabrntom. of t Bn* nd will ahortly be oi>en lo engHReui?nt?_ For IiwrMMMT p>"tl'tnlaira addwaa J. R ? Herald ofiw e. Sew York. . KK,v^T-sro:ss.x^sv;:iri-? and examine before pnrchaalng ?l?*irhero. HB. DANBIOER'8 VERMIN RXTERMIMAIC RS? . <K Bro?dway. ?_ ]rUVKN8B PRICKS PAID K<)R OI?l> BOOKS. [ i ono stun *rd Book*, half calf, at hair 4 lOliAo Works on Chcmlatry, Ocnlouy. MIdIdc, Steam, no. to'ooo Photoaraphlo Albums, at O'tr price. 10()(i00 Work* on History, Education, Ac., al your price. N10 MI0 Rnuravlos*. Scrap Print*. Ac-, at any Pr'c? _ LEOGAT BROTHRRS. 119 Wa?aan atreat. npar Be. kman. ? 4N090APK OABDKNINO. ?LAtlNfl 9^^, I/oro nd. and DruwlH. of Plana will l>e done In.?laatfl ful manner by C Oanl^ner Onlera ? eelved and punctually attended to at Dairld l>larKc? a li ..i.hllahment, 6M Broadway, four doora below Bleeckcr at Li?TTPR WRITING.?All AOOOMPU8HED KNOIWH ladr would be happv to corre.pond for any ladv who doe. n't m?ttairiuX of letter wrltln?. All oo.umunkj,< tlTma *tiIcily confidential. Term, moderate. Add-ewJ. B? H?rald oflioe. __ ?f iNHOOD AMD THE VIOOR OF TOITTH RKSTORRD ?S^iS'SxS Sy.,aml^3"l"Lir?SS New York, one door wort of ? _ MivTRT S _A FINK 8BLECTION OF M AR ""r aelf. New HYtilKNIC ESTAHMBBMENT N<|.10WP.8T & vonoa| culture, ?d CM* tt.* Vr.mmcrl? cure. ^lnar c., Thl. ay.tem I* approved and praet eea oy ?no pbyalolana In Buropa and America. OTORAOK FOR FURMTI'RB. PIANOS. TRXTWK?. ' between Prlace and Uo lalon atreeta. Sr0E ?B FOR FURNITURE o haboer | ST8 Sixth avenue, near Twcntytblrd '?treel Umbrella at moderate prlo -a Wholeaaie^ana reuii. STREET DIRT WANTRD-POR FlhLINO. ATORRKN pot a t flu|?r Hue. OPBOIAL NOTIOf.?THR ORKATBST WANT OF TUB S nubile la BMwu^ahea by the lo?rodactlo? ofCochran . Monitor Waahlng Machine and Wrla^OomW??d. %**? and g-ntlemea are Inrited to call at u*?fui ?a*% auiM (a ma the orartlc^l workiili* of the nioit ' ,i machine eyer offered to the public. Ladlea are i*ABv?niflnt to brltil eomo of their finemlaeea to aee thorn waahod clean In one minute, without th^eart nibMng or In mrv la an* way Heavr garment* can be waalMtd equally ?' iali m the 7flne.t fat-"- Tompetiaon la fchallenged ?Mm <?v#rv quarter State find rountr rights for falo on ^onVbleT.eqrmV HOWARD T1LDEN C?F? Broad war. ^ STBAM BNOINB AND BOILRR W*NTED?^A ?-tOO Engine. .>r about SO hor*e power, wltb Boiler and ean neetloa. completa; all of m. dern (Otialructleri an.l In perfert order. Addre*. T. W R . bo* 6.480 New Tor* raw" ?? STB AM BOILER WANTED?ATEH J"!!;1*,," der Roller. In food order. Cell ot 447 Broome oireet. m I printing oflftco- ? miPh METAL AND OLD LFAD ^*N*FP.^52 1 will bo oaid for a few hundred weight ofTypolloiai 9Mdold Lead ApplyjkUbo deik of thit ^co. . npoVpAPRR box"makers and iwoKFnynBBs. 1 Wanted to purohaae, a medium ?Jf"' Ji?nj2?2,a p~Il Box Macklne; alao an Iron ? rew Binder. Boars rreaa. Addreaa bo* I.7J0 Poat office. w HEN WILL ST. DOM IK GO ARRIVE? IMPORTANT FROM ST. DOMING01 ST. dominocThab ARRIVED 1 AND TUB roBuc~KF.~Krnoir TENDERED HAS BKEN ACCEPTED. THE CELEBRATED Z XX AND XXX a RtTRIA KILLS COFFEE, uff universally <iMd. (MM ObttklMd of III respectablo groosrs At Uia mill*. 100 FULTON STREET AND 43 DET STREET, Thl? ooffeo to Mipii*! frwn ??? HT HOMINOO COFFEE a?1 other healthy Ingredients, and froc from All deleterious substances. and U sffered to th? trade at 17c . ttr and 27c. per pound la bulk, or Ic. sdrano# In I lb. tin Ml wrappers. _ MPBIA MILLS COFFEE. ANTED?A MEW OB OOOD ABOARD HAND ROLE, man's (arm mill. Addrcaa W. Zinsser, 197 William *u w WAKTED-A SECOND BAND BOOKCASE. FOR A doctor a oiroe. Address, stating pr.ce, which muat tx moderate, A. D B . Ma<Wvn square t'oet olBce WANTED?A SMALL SECOND HAND SCREW TUT ting Lath*, ant over an foot bed. Address. stating prtco H A. H.. HA.CItorry si rest. 71 CENT* PER FOOND PAID FOR OLD BOOKS. ? newspapers, pamphlet*. Ac Call iwfore von sell else, where MANARAN A MILLAR, wholosalo paper ware kouao. IS (prude street. flSB ARTS. BV>R RALE?COINS, MEDALS. ENORAVINOB, BTCH Inga, Drawings. by all thn old mssters; the largest col lootloa orar ?(f?rcd for sale. B. W. OOULDBON, TIB Broadway, third floor ? BKW FVBLICATIOHB. OSPEL OF BLAVERT-A PRIMES OF FREEDOM. proclaiming LH?rty to all Procore a copy and re?<v t-e nad of alt Wikaollcro aad near* dealers. Ma lad to any addraaa for U cents. T. W. RTKoNO. PuMlahar, 1?9 Na-mm street. TF VOC WANT TO KROW aITttTfToK KTERf 1 thing relating u? |M human a?atnm dint, air, marrtag*, Sc.. Ac., read revised and enlargededition of MEDICAL COMMON SKNSS. Among the many ?ut?jccta treated lit thla work ara the following.?Consumption, Rronrhlita, Aalbma. Ca tarrh, Scrotu.a. Rhsumslttni, Dyspepsia, Plica Lhsr and Phtloooph* of Digestion Cnnallpatlon, Diseases of the Fa main Organs (Jeneratlno, Ruptaca. Salt P. Mum. Cancer. Para)val*, Diseass* of the Heart. Neiirslgls, How to Re eoTCr'theS ght and Throw A side Sjpectael'e, the Curious Mar riage Cuat?ms of the World, Fhllot^jihy of Slnpements, PhTloootihr of Childmarking, a Chapter for the Married, and a Ihoo an i of *a'ne to married and aiftfK never written before, making altonetlier acurtona hook for curious people, and a good hook for averr one; 4tX> pages: M Illustration". By S B. P<>oia. M. D . No. ktW Br id way New Vurk. To be had of all new? amenta Contents taMe? aeni free br mail to all applicants, or the book forwarde<l > r mall, pae'age paid, on receipt of ft flu Address R. TOPSET. 121 Nassau afreet. *? fork. ATRIMOST.-Wllt EVERY MAN SI|Ol*LI? MABKT. .. Why ever* womsn should marry All m?y marry. ? o know, ra?d llluatratf* Marriage 0<Hde snd Mcll.-a A 1 ?leer, by f?i. Rarl. M. D, ?<n pagefc Mattedeverywhc-, Jn coaled eavslope, for 89 cents. Addresa 12 n street, low Tora. j in AAAOOPIB9 SOLD IN ONE WERK. 1U.UUU THE NATIONAL ALMANAC AND ANNI aL RECORD FOR Mtt, containing roreat. rotlxbie and ample ataUatli* relating to the t'nlteJ statea, oa? k aeparate State, and all foreign conn II l? an Bner'liip.-dla of > aeful and lnterf?llug In form a tlnn and la indlapauanblgtoall who read or think iJmo. (WW |?gt'a. Priee. In paper. $1 16\ In tntia'.ln, 91 80. Bent Tree by mall. Canranoera an l uanii Wknted. Addreas OKOKHK W. CHILDB. Publisher. Km and M) Chestnut ?tr?M. Pl.ll* V phla For salt by bookse lors and now* aginis orerywhe. t NttllC4U a ROPR*N??. rt lit. OK BdMUH. WHO l? A OOOBF A rt ud* r. an t h?* ha I ?*?.?.??? ??*? ccie'iee In ? 11 e? innate. fe?rn. a ? ?..?Mm in ? ...u.. . a Kenan Catholic church pre Addr*.* Hoprano. tl-raM ??'. ce. 4 ril?1 CLAW BOPRaN<?, OF MUCH " X f F HI V Wf If. j\ vv II uccepft an en;ag'ni -nt lit th 'C f ***/ ? '. ptt|iih >1 her r'-?Ue.ic?. Addratii bnl 2.WS P i 0?c-. Amjkokirirknt octatk k<.*r.wi,r ?) fi ano f.irie mid" to or ' f'1" ' <* '""tit owner. t>a??|i ln?Br.?vni?.eiit?. four r.>?in.l <? r .. r?. ele~a .1 <?? l W? and ?.?. om 0; ?t i >- "?!" f r ??*??? ;l J ? " n.^M-Uh *.K)?de onat|Htr?t?IUbee-.dfnr? ?? *<* ere. J , .... ? ,|r ft. it <? <??*- i inon" W ,1 > ?? ?t a ?<"l'?re at III We.t Twet..third atr-el. ii. tr HIH'i avenne. Avomrt I.APY acciibtomed TO TPAr.HtHU TUP , i . .in., .Ainfi v:?r *nclea. 1 laV.? ft f'W . "".I?WVuinS V r-na ?w ner ?! arV? Ad CSi far -J wrek M K. Willi....... Hmadwatr ? "? 7Z1- r., .an SKVFH OCTAVK ROUr VCKlD ?rn^:?-? and !?!??, rich ..n't powerful tone, *?- Apply ?t In AI Inn (.treat. A vr.x PKm. Tw???y eighth at*?t. a~r orovf?mt*nta third av?*nuo. ?'f>or. _. ? f v kkiimiknual II PtABOfORffB New Tnrw New ao<l ercond baud Piano. lor ?e!e and t? a HAMI.IN'M CABINET OBOANB?W>* M tnmtlkc. ehnreUee and aehojrta. Ri,Vr?nori*.1 r.V mo .. nol nl , in'?Mlon u? Kr.-atv fupert.r *arn??"J ??? x;?* ai'verlW'' 'I'll"' different Inxtrninenta ?? r?htn-t Organ* 11,.I in otl.ei a to repr.i?nnt to purchaaere IW ^."H'rt lrna and "thnr r^e.l ... ip.n? ar? tl.e ai^nie ihlns. Tlili ia n"i iriy. The eveel'ennaa of nnr t'ah'rol Orratia, wlileh havn Ihem '1 elr M-h reputation. ar<- t'.e reanH i?..? mere^i.r lup.-rtorliy of ?hHr wo.k' ltl|> hut a'ao n ^Inrjtn . ? ? ^ ?? ? Uer.m;mv $0* ttfUnTto r^th^wo^ SmMThA*T(.N^^/rTOr0 v - 0*ly wareruoma In New York No. 'masoN BrotHBRH. iTrraTrT a N'^mTviiina-rn n t a IK s T"0 tonbb kor M?ag'ayA f?'jjk.r!?JL"SSu Ml>^arr'.'"i^mailedr" lJnion r.!lfctlon-M popn'ar dnela rloUn and piano; 80FRBfrRKirK BLUMB^JDS Bowery. O mnw w PirivKBtNO. PBK8BVT OROANIBT of Bt IVIer'a Proleklani Kpl50"P?l chnre''. wlahnale .UBase In aoiitia Pri.tnatant churofc from Moy n.?l Addr.? T. Plekerlni. ?7X Mil ar. ? (StSSuc ohiTroh. Kefcrencea ?lv?i Ad'ttea* H., athtion K. Thir l mmmm - , ? ,.no BAI R?A OIIDim OBOAB (WOT A rlala, and ha? *"f*1 lono. in au h a* iho BUecker htreela. MukIc. Mu?lc Bo?i". . , rt'l'iir. M?<*ond bmnd II nslral IiwtriimMiW. ?t IT"iVw Pla???? and Pi?no? and Mi'lo'loona. 4 If purcha-el ..inthl y pntrmwala"rn?elrid for Ihn ?me. p^^'^^oiJw.SS: pft,rHORACB WATr.RS.'A?m,t. No. 4<? Broadway. N. T. ?TiNnW..llTKS-OF F.VFRY VARiETV OF fTIJ? YJIANpK'R ? , , f (|1P y^mt niot^Hft ^ and work Blent'ker gtreela. ?? * ful lone, han,,e a^flut?1 le^. Iro I^Twan^halree, nea. Third avenue. piTNIHT AND VOC7nAd Xn Vina we *. r la a 'ir?l rata arcom-anTlat. and ?n aing wei., an Interview may bn had. ? C.harle-atreat _ __?__ ? CIBOIBO OIRt, W ANTIITV?W ABTF.fVA UTTtJT S.?^4rl ^?rw?.ir??.ts:ityw "KS aalarv. anrt ho connertert mi* the papular n?ualc*l compony In tha country, abp t Varlck atreet. ^ _? - _ 1* BTKI' OTIOH. Tllbntoww '"r5aXa,,r'M*U* i* U emplnrrd [n the va. ioua departments. f>-T drmlan u draai M. t. Hofford. A. M., Prealdenft. i _ doLBBAR'B COMKKKCIAI. AOAr>!:*y. irwr A Briuidwav. f;i'i.llemeii or linva ean hava prlrnf' in r?nlH b..alnea< Wrltlne. practical Book't#aplng. Arllhme n"? ?b.uln?. affair. In onn month than In yv*arn nt ordin#rr . A" T TOWNHKND'H COMMF.RCIAI- ACA'iKMY. Bowerr. I*low llouaton .?r?*t Ihorrvwli ln?tr?< tl/>n la (Iran, da* and oronlnic. I? Hookkeepiotf. WrlUlU. ArlUmo tic Aleehra. fieometrr, Readlne, Spelling Ojama ar. Ac. Rooma f'.r lailie' aiwl for |>r?rata inatr.Ktlon. Rueh atudent aeparatelv taught. Ten 1. a-ona In Writing for fl. Satlafae tUin guarmnlee.l to all __i._ A LAP* OK CUWIVATIOli, BBFINKMKNT AN? A -reat MfVrlenre In " e n anapelhetrt of ehlMmn Ing at. Mlm live r.un I . .IS! Inl I ???. .? n ll.e wll re ??fv* ' ' ????r.V ;r tr-e-Vn :.nd maternal .-are a le i . .... .. u ten vea.". Addreaa l'receptr??a .are of Kev A Mofilaahan. ? Uadtoon ftrWt. ? flPRCIAL NOTICB-COMWVITirS IVSTITJ'TH.? A Pupil. enelnc thl? n ontli V l^a IT* half the re;?1ar charge.. IntlrueHon In Penm>o?h_r. Hook keeping. Arithmetic. *? 75" Brof?dw?v, coiner of Ki^Mh ?trf*t. theological ktodknt. phbparko to tkacii anytlilntf tMight In c llece* and mart.-, rt.-a rea a ailnt. tlnn an (ntor In a prlraia fair.!!j; would a??t o ?.?at to ro \n thf* country or to ItjivM. 0oo<i refertnea *?ron. AddrM Tiilor, box 12 Herald _ T.L bookkerpino WP.TTINO. ABITHBFTIC r. Al rlira Oeotn'^trr. Grammar. 8->a}1ln*. A.- ar- jai'Shl mVlVaS rooena. at n Bower, and WT^Itan "'re'tBrcK^ vn Cot I'AIME. the well Wn?wn lejehwof wrltlnfc taone of the l^at Instructor* In the State.?H.'iviwirt Merrur* A A LADY. EXPRKTF.VCRD IK TRACIIINO. WI.HIRR t? f We leaaona In F.n?>i?b. Krenoh ami Mn?l' aa eqiiirn I?nt for Board, In a prtrala family; testimonial* and reler etioea un?*eeptl?nnbln. Addroaa for Hire* .lira tl I'. R., Iff V?al Forty *eouod itrack FRKNCIf AND ORRMAN LAROH AOER-!MU>F H ThLLF.BIR'i. NIP Kroadwar, oorner nf Twelfth *tre?l. will receive appttcatlona for private loaaona In French and 0'rmaii oonvar?all. >n, aa alao la I-atln and I'Ang'ala ana a trance ra. hatabliahed iline fai. Military ACADEMY. tabrytowh. B. Y.-POB Pfi.-Orf **" apply to neueral M UNMON I LOCKWOOD. rPO LADIF8 OF NEGLRCTED FDDCATrOB.-AB FRO 1 llah Is'lr. who h?? deroted fceraoir. wltft great aweraaa, for many yeara to tba above, haa a row hour* to devote to mtiale. French. enmpoaltlnn. teller writing, Ac. Tartaa mo dfrtlr. Ad lreea A. O., Herald ofDoa. TTTAKTt'D?BY A TODMO WIDOW LADY, AH |W VV ?a?ein*ni aa rwnwi and la enprrlntend the hmat. hold or a widower's fa-i.tfy; ehe teache* Kngllali branotva. French. Ocrmaa innate and drawing: can ctra tba beat oI reference. Addreaa Mra. B. W.. Raw York Po?t etlleo. WHAKTID-H A (lERMAR LADY. A RRRROAGB meut aa rovernaaa la a pr Tata family; aba tear bat the Engllali braachea thoroughly, French, which, aha apeaba fluently, flennan, mu?lo and drawing. Can (Ho brat of ro ferencoa. Children a04 under eluht preferred. Ro ohlec Uo* to leave the eltv. Addreaa Mra. H. IT. D . Po?l offloe. TUB LECTVRI IBABOI. DR. CORDOVA WILL LF.CTURE AT IRVIlfO HALL on t'rldaj evening. April 30, al 8 a'oinak. Subject-. "Mra. Smflh a 8uri>r1*e Partr " Tl.kct? SO conl*, can bo procured at the principal roiialo atoraa ao I at tba Ball on tba ereulag of tba lecture. HMOR. TBOMA* W. CLSRKR. It D . WILL, AT TBI ep-clal mo neat af the member* ot the Rar and Alumni of the Law School i f the t'olrerelty, repeat hi* 'aat lecture at the I aire rally, tbla evening, at H o'clock. Hnbiect?"The Difflcultlea of the Law aa It la. and the Dlflicultlea of t'odl I ati ii eonaidered and com mated ' IMPORTAKT LRCTt RBB DAILY. FOR GRRTLRMR* only, at the New Yark Mnaetim of Anatomy. Mm It road way Partiea unanla to attend ibeaa lecturea can have tbem forwarded on receipt af ten eenla by addreaalag Secretary Of Re? Vork Muaeum of Anatomv. ?* AW LKCTCRK.-.U'DOK fLRRKB AT Til ? J ipectal requeat of mamN-raof the Bar, will repeat hto lecture On "The Oltncnltle* of tho Law aa It Row la1' at the Vnlreiaity Law MhrtWr. thla (Wednooday) avenlag, at 9 o'clnck The pablli- larltrd. WATCHER, JKWULRY, AC. AT **?. WAMIILR. DIAMOND*. JEWELRY, HILVRR riate, tluna. Ptatola, Ae., bouabt?I will nay M par cent a.or? than can tie obtained at any other plane la tho tltjr N B ? Alao Pa? nbmkera' Ticket* wanted for tho ? mire arttc ea. at the Mine rate. ?? Rroadway. coraor of llm?tm aireet, up ataira n oin t. ~k T *7 HI.KK' KKK UTRKRT foU CAR OBTAIN 110 p,T e.-at mo~e tor DUmonda, Watchea, Jewelrr, Hltaer Plate, (Vena. I'tatula. Dtv iluixla, Ae N. B.?Alao Pawn broker*' H keta bu'iglil fur the above arttalea. Diamobdb. "in OLD HOLD AND PILVRR. MAHOKIM, OLD GOLD ARP MLTRR. Peraonawho wlab toaelt Otara n )? old Ool I. M 'it. or any kind of oi l laablonei! Jew -iry, ku t" LOl'ltf ARRICH, I*J Broadway, A poaltivt t*e i.e i*\t? y> per com m"?e tkan any other peraou K<-Uhli>hed in ft-w York e-neetheal jpininratlon nf tho kti ? M tin VaM Buren Mukenomio lake?7i.t Bioa Iway, nu er tje Vork Hotel DtAMtlXI) JKWfttRT POl'fjBT AT I Tf ITVtfT thIiio. alal'aa emit: o?e,'a I'alr !tha>vla A 'arjlO wh'te ttrII iaiit '?> - ; al iliu :t . II ?ir? 9 tlllOaadt ti ll ? W. PLl'i'H, f? . in I Rrnkor, Ml ?r atway. ?\TtrATfN*" MWk< itv ff or ALL DKH< KlI'TfORR. OI'.O. ? . Al LKR. door belww C-Au.?t Airtei, furmtrty II W?ll

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