Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 28, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 28, 1864 Page 1
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.'J yi.'il'H.1. ? : ".V. ,v ? .1. <: t f ' ? " WW YORK, THURSDAY, APRIL 2* 1864.-WH* SUPPLEMENT. THREE CENTS. IMPORTANT FROM EUROPE. Arrival ef lb* City tf BilttMN Mi Brim at Mew farlu Maximilian Aooepts the Crown of Mexico. Speech of the New Emperor to the Mexican Deputation. His Diplomatic and Household Appointments. THE DANISH WAR. Doppel Disabled bat SHU Defended. OIBIBALDI'S RECEPTION 111 LONDON VN General Received by the People, KeeeiYtd by lord Falmcnton aid Feted by the Dueheti of Sntherland. Lard Clarendon on a Mission to Napoleon, As., Ae.. As. Vba steamship City of Baltimore, Capt. Ml rehouse, whx-b leu Liverpool ut three o'etoek oo the iftiraon of Mm IStb and Queenfitown on the 14lb of April, arrived M this port yesterday afterooon The steamship Bremen, Captain Meyer, which sailed aader the Russian flag from Southampton en the 13tb of April, reached this port last night The news is fear days later. The 1'eunsy Ivan in look oat news summaries from l.lter poo) to the forenoon of tb. i2lh Inst. Intelllireoeo baa been received of Ibe total lo?a of the American ship Asterla, Captain Hard, mi Raker's Ia'and. The city of New York remains (April 18) to the same position o i Daunt's rock. Another offcrt to float her was Si be made on the 14tt> instant. A rnrilamenury return shows that the nam her of rifles MS markets exported from Liverpool to federal porta la IM1 waa 16,148, while in 1802 It amounted to 1M.083. n la understood that the British Admiralty have ds ?Med ob constructing by oeotr^ct, flve bow screw troop stipe after the design of the Himalaya. the Mkitoorg ?cKmms, noticing the departure of (he ?tonmship Ratal Andrew from the Clyde for Portland, ?SJO: Of the fear hundred pssosncere only one hnadred and lewl; were emigrants from Seotiaad, eae hnadred aad IflJl". having arrived at Urea Dock from Liverpool, ?ad about on honored aad hfty from Londonderry, per Mat sk rn tug's steamer. Those from Liverpool ware prln dpally foreMners, with a alight miitnro of Irkhnnd b? (Ml, while Umbo from Londonderry wore nimeot oatireiy Irish. A largo nnmbor of the lorelgnera. so well so the Irish, oipresosd tbeir totontlen of Joining the federal army en arriving at New York. The large arrival of em igrants from Liverpool and Ireland le quite a new fea ture?'specially from the former plane-in oar emigre |}eo, tb ta bo lag the sooond occasion within the last fort Blgbt that emigrants bnve arrived from Liverpool to pro aood to Now York per Clyde steamers. ??? %> the London Timet of the 12th of April eeys:? During tbe tail feir daya twelve ships have irrlT?4 la tbe Meroey from Bomb*y, w*b (0,811 hales of cotton, one Ship, tbe Bmn Family, carrying tbe anpreoed^ated MBktr of 10,MI baise. Prom Singapore four ships ktn brought 31,368 bales, and from Hong Kong two vessels 9,713 bales, be log a total of eighteen ships and 8#,yM bates of cotina. Twelve Teasels, ladea with erttna, ran through the blockade, had arrived at Liverpool, from Matamores, Nassau and Bermuda, daring two daja from the Sth of April. The atalle from Calcutta to March 10, Hong Kong March 1, sad Melbourne February 25, are received. The aammsrcialaewa has boon anticipated, and, politically, there la nothing of importance. The new Japaneae am Wear to Europe, ooousting of thirty Ave persona, had arrived at Hong Kong. One of the crew of tbe American ship North Atlantic, that was burnt st Calcutta, baa bean committed for ?rial en charge of wilfully eetliag fire to the ship. The telegraph cable was laid from Bombay to the head Of Um Persian Gulf The Melbourne, Australia, oorreapondont of tbe Loo ?on rim**, writing en thogftth of February, says:? Mr. and Mrs. Charles Knan returned from Sydney a law daya baon, and they eye now in BaU*rat, shoot to sammsnse an engsaanient at the theatre of that place. , jar. Moan hna only jnet reooverod from n severe ltlusas la Sydney; and Mr. Barry Mulllvan followed suit with a severe lllneaa in Melbourne, ;whlch for a time?as per paragraph?eoepenied the "world renowned Impersona tions" Of that eminent tragealaa. The Arable arrived at Queeoetowa at twenty minntea past eight o'clock en the evening of the 12th, end was off Liverpool when Vbe City of Baltimore loft. The Edloburg arrived at Qneeualowa April 14. The steamship Ransi arrived at Southampton April 14. The Went India mail steamer had arrived at aeuthamp tm with $2,001,006 la specie. She took to Bngland very ?siursging accounts relative to oottoa eultlvatloo Mi <Qs|>gmls and Jamatco The United Stales frigate James Iowa was at Macao at THE MEXICAN CE0WN. Mmalaatllan'o Acceptance ef the Throne Mietpilen at the Meiicaa Daputatlea al Mirawaar? i ondtr ef the Crown and Speech af the New Knapcror? Solemn CeaBrmatlen of the Act?Dlpicas*tie asd Heneeheid Appolmtmemto? Maxt? matllam Tahaa licit, ?c. PanCB ANNOONOOMKNT OF THK ACCfrTANCK. (From tha Parle M allear, April 10 j Thlo day, the 10th <>r April, at ten oclocs A M., the Arehduhe Maximilian received at hie palnoe ef Mtramar Mm Meaicnn doiiatatwe charged te utler him tbe crown. M. Oatierrea do Kstrada, prea deot o< the depatatioa, ad dreasid to hie Imperial and royal llighnwia a apcech, pre osntlag to Dim the vi.te of the populations. The replied by a solemn acceptance. Tbe preetdeot of (be deputation thanked hla Me|esty, oadpUeodetblereet the homage of the fidelity of the MtXMM lilHHI, The Mexican tag wao immediately hoisted upon the oaetie. and saluted with Iweaiy-onc guns. A To Doom was cba. ted. To morrow (the 11th of April) ot four o'clock the Em poror aad haaproee of Mexico aah for tbeir now States. TMB nbxicam ruowaasioN to via AM a a. [From tha optetone Natlenale .* Parle. April 12 l Tour csrrlagse, belonging to his imperial highness, pre ceded by outriders, went to cntivey the deputation from the hotel whore they had lodged a the ex pease of the Archduke, ibe sopoiatmn w?e oesaposod of M. (tailor rea da Katrada, the president; I o'.oasfcVSlanausi. do loot., ox-Minister, M. Aguimr, sxttuugf d'Aflhirv; General MUI; M. Rheedoa, banker: a3 MTbkda, morohaM A a amber of emioeai Ueiicaaa^mdng where M. Arraagolt, CX Minister of FleM?, M? Murphy, lormerly M+xloae ftavey at London: OaMnol Fhtlo. M Oeiierror <io Rstrsds, Jr with several geoerola, <oloneiB, and other eflcoro, noaompenled the deputation. All were la fall uoirorm, as were also (he "moors -of the household of the /roMUike, alda decamp aad tbe cbam horlalne. aaCBPTIOH OP TMB ngPTTTATION AND TIKOCO 9r TH0 ChOWN. The depatatloo, after bslag received by Count Kacby, who Hied the function* of Grand Mnatsr of the haose held ot hie imperial lligbacee, were Introduced into the grand drawing room, laio which Ibe Archduke Maximil ian, wearing lbs uniform of an Austrian Vice Admiral, immediately afterward* entered. The Frranh and Baigiaa Mlolitera la Austria wore preeent al the solemnity. M. Outlier rea do letrsda Iheo delivered a speecl. in the deputattaa to MIh Ihsawelne ?? ?????? ?***?'?: Mill HKlMH; Ifetf M (DM H lb* MM Of tha kMrWrS|MrMUMWNlNtk?NM?r tfeonota bioe which M conferred the erowa oa hiss Is henceforth mIM kf Mw wUmMIc adbsoioa of the HMHt ?ibrllfor iktMMlr;; IMHMlaw ecctasMiWa of U? ?lli>lM of M?SWO, Of Ik* muaWipe) MlkwHlM, n< of I ha nnm miimHn, haa Innh atruly aa ttoaal vote. MAXIMILIAN'S MTIT. Tbs fOtlOWtog to OB MMt MMMtoltoB of the fhU ipweb Of KM Archduke Maximiilaa ol Austria to niif to the Sspaialmo. Hto Imperial HIQim epofee to Rpaaieh:? Mature aiulMtlM of the eels of aMaHot you tow eome to toy before ate aflbrda me the aasuraace that tba reeohiltoa of tha Mexican aoiablaa which brought you tha flrat tltoa to Mirsssar M|cooflrined by |A< immentt majority ?{ your tumnatrioO, and that I n>r with good right consider myself Ma tUti of tbo Mextoaa paopla. lhe Irn condition oxpresssd to my reply of Oo tobor 9 la therefore fulfilled. Tbo gusranteee wbtoh tbo future em, > ire requlree to bo able te oonaecrato Itself to peace lo iho flrst of Ha mteatono? Una aatabl lab moot upon firm baaaa af tha todependeoeeaad welfare of tha country? are now aooarad, thaoka to tho atsgasaimHy of Iho Em par or of tho Fnheh. who. throughout tho pregraes of tho aagottottoae, baa ahewa btoMOlf eeaatontiy anlaaated by a aptrit of loyalty end food will, of whtoh 1 shall ever preserve the reaiembraace. Tbo ancuat hood of my family, a poo hto port, hao give* hto oeaeaal to aay tokkag poaaeartea of the throne offered to too. 1 am thua enabled to fulfil tho eveataal prom loo I fa to you an aiaoiha ago, aad I now aoiemnly dec lore l hot, with tho old of tho Almighty. I aooapt tho erowa at tho baa da of tbo Mexican nation whtoh leader* it to bo. Foltowiag tka (rodWona of tkat new continent, te full *T trtntfk and fnturt, Wax mo hao need fear right of ee'eetlog a gevernasent la harmony *Mh bar wiehea aad her requires* sals. Bhe boa pieced her eoafldoaes to a deaoaadant of tho* Moose of Hnpobarg which throe oeaiurloo ago plaatod a rhrtottoa SMoarAy span her soil. Tbia eooMoooe touches mo, aad I win not betray K. I accept the power of orgaaishtloa which tbo aatloa of which yoa are tho orgaae oeafors opoa ase. aad I shall to nay oaaa retato it only go leag as may be aeoaaaary to totredaoe aattled order loto Max loo, and to eatabHeh wtoe aad liberal toeM tiittooB. As 1 stntad to yoa. gowtlsmee, to ay address of Iho M Ostobor, I shall haStea to nlaoo the maaarchy under Iho safeguard of ooaetHatloaal laws aa snoa aa the sooatry shall bs completely pacified. Tha streagtfe of the executive power lo, to my optowo, oaenrod by tha precision equally with tho welt defined establishesmt of ito limits; H la tbarefero my Intent km. to oarrytog oa say government, to fix such boundaries aa aay gaaraatae ito atabitlty. I firmly hope we aball prove that well re gulated liberty to perfectly compatible with the relga of order. 1 aboil know how to respect the one and to cauoo reaped to ho shown to the other. I shall hold high tha flag of independence, tha. symbol of future greotneos, with Ibesame vigor lash tho asalstaaeeef all West erns who lore their country to aid me la accomplishing my epieadid but difficult task. Union will make m strong, will procure for us peace and prosperity. My government will never forget the gratitude It owes to the iilustrioua prince wbooo generous support hao brought about the regeneratioB of our beautiful ooanlry. Upon tbo way to my new country It Is my intention to visit Roma, to receive from tho bande of the Ro|f rather tboea benedictions ao precious to sll sovereigns, and which art doubly important (a ate, aa called upon to found a new empire. SOLEMN RATIFICATION OP TBI ACT?REJOICINGS IN THE NEW COURT. As soon aa the Archduke bad uttered tho laat word, the deputation and all the Mexicans preseot socialised their new sovereign by crying out three times "God save tbo Emperor Maximilian I." "God save tho Empress Char lotto." At tbo same instant salutes of artillery, fired from tbo basting of the castle, announced to the public tbo accession of tbo Archduke Maximilian to tbo tbroao of Mexloo, and wore Immediately followed by other sal lieo from tho port and town of Trleeto. Then W. Gut or rrx do Estrada, as president of the deputation, returned thanks to bl* Majesty for h's definitive acceptance of Ibe Mexican erown. He said ?fire, this complete and absolute acceptation on tbo part of voar Majesty is the prelude of our happi ness: it is the consecration of the salvation of Mexico, of its approaching regeneration, of its fnt- re greatness. Every year, oa this day, our children will'?"or upthar.ka giviuga to Heaven la gratitude for ouf miraculous deliv erance Aa for ne, aire, thee remains a laat doty 10 per form, aad that la to lay at your feet our love, our grati tade, aad the homage of onr fidelity. ?m aari^c ibe*e words tbo president or lbs depuutloa heat bis feaee sad lisaed tbo hand of the sew so vers inn, aeo<>rde?a to Rpaatsh custom, aa a mark of homage. Ills mmph aa fallow ad by all the Mexicans present. * pruoae verbal af the acceptance of the erowa of Mex ico baviaa baaa drawa ap, tbo Emperor Maximiilaa first a'Tited hw signature lo It, after which the ssombera of the depawtwa did tba same, aad lastly the actable Weal eaaa. That cereasony having beea accomplished, the deputa tion prooeeded into the apartmaata of the Princess Char lotto, whom they aleo proclaimed, aad rendered homage to bar in the same manner. While theee things were taklngptoce atMlramar, tba newa of the proclamation of Ibe Emperor of Mexloo had already retched Trieste, aad tha bishop had a solemn To Deam of tbaaksglvlng celebrated to the Cathedral of Baa Gins to, at wbtoh all the authorities of the towa wars pre sent. Falutes from the battertoe were fired at the same time. Oa the aaase day M. Velasques da faee, minister with out portfolio, aad General Woll, chief or tho military bonaebotd, took poessssios of their respective poaia aaar the persoa of the Emperor. la the evening there wsa to be a graad dinner at WIra mar, when tba new Emperor was to appear for tbo flrat time In the uniform or a Mexican Ilea ten aat geaeral, mounted oa the model of the Freneb army. ni* Majesty Maximilian I. will alao wear the Insignia of the Order of the Virgin of la Guadalupe aad ef the Na tional Order of Mexico. A graad repreoealatloa aad a full drese ball are to he glveo at the theatre at Ttleste by the municipality. MAXIMILIAN'S ArWHWTMWXTP. TIM Fmper>>r Maximilian kM (April IS) Mlt tlM fol lowing appelntmanta ? Ml tils tor of (ho Hoooehotd?M. Valaaqaet. Adjutant Qeneral and Private Secretary?Count WolL Councillor of SUio?M. Seborgeob-cbner. Maeter of the Ceremontea?Marqule Cor to. Ambaeaador ot Bruaoolo?M. Araajuez. Amhaaaider ot Rome?M Aguliar CopUlo ol the Body Guard?Count Bombellen. Governor of tbo Palace? Naval Captain Radonetc. Cooeul General la Vienna?Navel Captain Horifold. TBI IMrHOR or ACBTSIA SATHP11D?HI BETS OUT ?<m MIRAMAlt TO BfOlf TUB ROYAL FA?TMt. (Vlonaa (April 12) oerreependence of I/oedoo Timoa 1 At Bra r'cloek yeeterday afternoon tbo Emperor loft tbla city for Trieete. Hie Majeaty waa ar com pan led by hie youngeat brother (tbo Arrhdulce Louie Victor), tba Archduke Leopold, tba Minister* Count Rechberg and M. ?on Hchmerliog, Count Croonorllla (tba J"nt Adjutant General), Count Knefatein (tbo Lord Mrnbil), M. ron Carolyt (tba Hungarian Vtco Chancellor), M ron Mica rente (ibe CroMtaa rbanroilor). aad Raroo Gerlarer. the representative of Oooat Nadaedy, tba Chancellor of tba Grand Principality of Traneyivaala Tba Jtm4 Pit (a aoppietneni to the official Wientr fHtunf) lalla ua that tbo Emperor baa gcee to Trlaata ??to afllr bla eignatnre to ? Moat* At* (public act), which tba acceptance of tba Imperial crown of Me*tco by bla imperial blgbneae tba Arebdoke rordl aad Maxim lllaa baa rendered eeceeeary." When hi* Majeety loft ba eaM that ba expected to ba In Vienna ' again airly In tba moraine of Monday (la-morrow). but ba will bardly ba abla to gat back aa aaoa, aa It baa boaa anowieg heavily far tba laat four and twenty haura. Tba Emparor calculated an being at Trlaata early tbla more leg, aad on axaautlng tbo aboremeatloaed daad at ton o'ekwk; but M la rory paaaiblo mat bejtaa not yot roaabad hla dedication, aa tba paraage aerSkb tba Karat la difficult wbaoarar there m much anow In tbamountaiaa. Tunera, April ?, IMA. Ibe Emperor of Auatrla will return to Vienna ahorfly a'tor the Mgaature or tba document accepting tba arawa of Max loo. MAXIM1J.UK TAKRN Bid. IfnuMAB, April ll, IMA Iba Emparor Maximilian la confined to hn bed In con eeooenee ar a allgbt attack of rarer Tba day of bla Meteeiye departure far Mai loo la there fore ancartaln. Ambaaaadora bare baas aaot to Vleaaa, nana and Par la. A telegram of tba 12th from Mlramar aanouncea tbat tba health or tba Emperor Maximilian waa rapidly Im proving. and (bat ba and tba Empraaa would probably qall Mlramar, ?n rmile for Mexico, on tba Utb of April. Napaltan Ab?nt la Get Oat ef the Dlffi. emit*. [from Ia Franca of Pnria, April f.1 We be I lore we are enabled l? aeaart that iba Erancb army of occupation will bo gradaatty withdrawn from Max lea. The riaaataa ef th? Bmplrt. Lorooa, April Id, IMA. The Improvement of one par cent yeatarday In Meateaa bonda waa caused chiefly by caicuiatleoa aa to tba raloa or tbo old debt relatively to that of tba taw, which la t? be Introduced almost immediately, and wblcb, It la aald, will hire every poe?lble aupport tbat Iba rranob govern meat bare tba power to accord to it. ItrKteh Opinion of lk? Kneptre. [From tba I.ondon Ttaiee, April 13.) Aa empira of Mexico Ilea now been added to tba 9?tlee ar the world. Tba new aoveraija took bla departure yea terday Tor iba ee-U of bla govTmmiat, and with bla ar> rival will oomaMnoa one of fA* mort r*mmkotk eeytrftweofc in U* AiaCni'v a' our ewn Matt. /I vewMAe men *1!)\ re Ot* -r nuiniinmry irr<4*nf? * rki$ wwnimM tnn'. fine of the great Power* of iba Old World baa oc cupied with an armod roroa, and la gpita of raaoluta epfo altfon. iA? toiitUr* and copilot nf aa Amtricon Sou, haa troaaformod ita government from a republic ta a I meuerchy, haa Introduced a prince from on* of Um reign tog bouaaa of ICarope, aad caailnuaa ita I aid to tba aew aorareign during tba infancy of Ma rule, proceedingo like tbaaa raqulra no nlltrbk apology, but wo remain aa wo bare avar bean. entirely of nplatoa that the apology la aufflcWnt.aad tbat the ooaduet of I Frame, white perfectly jaatlAable m thnayea of Kumpa, < la ealeuUtnd to promote tba >nteraata of Moxiaa and ta baaoflt tba elviiiaad world e e e e e o The policy of Franca, therefore, la tbla mattar tf ht* tiJljNt fit tit qui of Atrepe. Extraardiaary It oar lately may ha, but euob la tha oaaa. Never before wie tbara aucb an tnataaoo of a Btata provlag leoapeWe of aelf organ ir a tlM. falling into hopoleoa anarchy,and becoming a nuteancn to tbo oomaaoawealth ef aatlaaa. Ifevar before wen a Urate aa marked out by common cooaeat. for annexation or Intervention aa looaaabM of poll neat indepondenaa. Thia waa Ml tha Indgmoal of Europe merely; H waa| the eoeetaaloaef the American iMrnmrnm r*milfw km IAn ft't ?dtrM in UU UniUd M th* (Mm *t AM* Aft'ei tem Mt'iCa ned. The tolerant of FrtMt blflrf IB these proceedings (? a different ^miwo, M M riliill M? Manor* ea bet to suppsss that what Ma hM 4wi had bean but Mum for Mr own gain. A Frea*h states bm described Ikw approbation of England la this ?mmMr aa '?aareaatic," but ha was entirely mta taken. We ka?? never lwgulsed oar nliatU of Ik* policy of Praaoe. Wo have uM without affoctatt? or reeervc that, aooordmg to oar views of such saet Ion, bor bargain waa a bad ?so. Nobody eoutd cen vine* oar Hoaao of Commoas that tbo patronage of a transatlantic ? no pi re waa a food return lor aa expendi ture of milMoas aad tbo sacrifice of many lives. Bat w* Mr >)w thai, aa aoob things have boon usually regarded In rraaoo, tbo Mexican expedition has boon aot am eoaily, while it haa been far mora pradnetlv* thaa athova which have booa aadortakoo or advocated. JVaoce km mttuallg moeeafcd in mfabtithinf ntw rmrtr* Mwa MX Atlmntw, aad la bringtof a renownod aad *palsat eoaa ; try wHhla the pal* of civilization once more. If th*? | periment to permanently sueceeaful?aad we do aot aeo why success aboald bo doubted?she will have Joatly | aarnod, aot oaly tbo tbaaha of ifc* Mexicans, hoi Um 1 gratitude of tbo world. THE DAHI8H WAR. The folk)wtog telegrams ahow the oourse of oveata at the eieyt of Dappel:? OoraiMm, April 11,1864. . A violent Are waa uninterruptedly kept ap by the ena? my uatll seven A. M. yesterday. Twenty of oar men war* wooadod. OiuiMoia a, April 11, IM4. The Danish battorkeo have bean silenced; several heavy of ardaasos have been dismounted, and much of ^?ftr pan of the ialrenohmoaia, from No. 1 to No. t, has booa ikot away. The Duppet wiadmtH. which served the Daaee both aa a powder magnate* aad obeervalory, haa booa destroyed. Tfeo Prussiaa tro*p* la Jutland have advanced north ward. Tbey drove tbo Daaee out of haws after a short engn#em*at, and tabeeqoestlp advanced by way ?r Has fiaasaaaa, April 11. ISM Tba Am from the Dappel haatlona was to day very feeble-, three af them war* quite stleat. The Oaasa ar* preparing to evacuate the tatroaotameata. Hanbo ao, April 19, ISM. The tswMkil to-day pabllahsa tbo following tola (ram:? The CMuferamco. Tba conform** had not assembled la Loadon. Russia wIM be represented at the oonfereaca by Oouat Bernttorf, tba Ambaeaador la London,aad Heir voa Rollan, former Mlnlatcr Plenipotentiary at Copenhagen. I-a A?im states thai thw Prince do la Tear d'Aavergne will bo tbo only plenipotentiary of franco at the confer so ce. In the House of Commons on the 12th Inst. Mr. Herd man gava notice of his latoatlon to offer the following reenlntlotiB;? Thst this House, animated with loyslty for ber Majes ty's person and respect for her prerogative. Is anxious to give effect to any engagements by which her Majesty may bind the oonntry In the exereise of her prerogative, by advice of her responsible ministers. Ttnt, while It Is tbo dnty of ber Majesty's ministers to advise her M^irsty In the exercise of her prerogative. it Is no less tbe duty of this House to watch over tbo acts of ber ministers Tnat this House regrota the violation of their engage ments by some of the parties to tbe treaty of 1?62, and that in the conference which Is about to meet tbe ques tions supposed to bo settled by tbe treaty of 1862 are to be reopened. That her Majesty be requested not to give her as*ent to any engagements entered into at the conference until suoh engagements have been made knowo to Par liament. The Latsit News. CoisxBAiivir, April 11?ft A. M. This morning the enemy attempted an aseanlt upon No. 8 Past Ion. which totally failed. A weaker attack on our left wing likewise'failed. Tbe Minister of War has received the following report of the aff.iir from tbe Commander in-Chief:? Early this morning the enemy aUacke t both wings of our position. Being met by a cannonade from oar bat teries and approaches he retreated. Comh?ha<;*!?. April 19?1140 A. M. Yesterday tbe bombardment of Dappel was continued. It was kt least quite as violent as on tbe previous day. Shells wsre principally thrown Into our positi a. We h?v? sixty three wonoded, saost of them slightly. Tbs bombardment of Duppel continues vigorously. Aa nnsuccesslul sttempt bss been made to assault the place. GWiT?ngram, April IS?12:30 P. M. firing has began from tbe Duppel batteries aa the third parallel. GARIBALDI Df LONDON. firsad Civic aad Pejutar RscaptUa ?# tfea 6aaaral-Hla Replies tm the Ad? drcsaei-Maiilnl Baderaed by tbs Pep* mlmaa?Tita Llbarater tm Oommeil with Lord PalmarMea. 4m. rai raoFLa's rvtatovr. rrrem the 1/nxkm Times, April 13 ) Yesterday Geaera) Garibaldi was welcomed by lb* people late London. It was aaoet napbaiioalir a people's welcome, aad waa a'vwn wilt ?ook aa eanMSSaaaa www good will as has seldom been equalled, aad probably never exoe led. oven in ear now somewbit long bletery of demonstrations la favor of distinguished visitors from all quarters of lb* glob*, un tbs occasion of th* entry of tb* Priaoeas of Wales the number of spectators aaay have bee* greater, because the route was longer; but this ai'de tb* oaly difference, for It would hav* been impos slbls to hsve had a crowd more d*as* along th* Mr*ets kt which It did assemble. th* Moimoif commit rn. On tb* platform st Nin* Rims gtatioa, to reeeive th* General, wars Sir Robert Cllfto*, M. P., Cokmo) ftykss, M.P., Mr. W. Ewarl, M P., Mr. Ayr ton, M P.. Mr. I^cke, M P., Mr. W. Pun lop. M. P.. Mr. W. K Forster, M. P., Mr. Onltford Onslow, M. P., tbe Hon. Arthur Rla nnird. M P., Mr. Aldcrmea Mocchi, Mr. f>cott, the City Chamberlain, Mr. George Moors, Mr. Montegue Cham bers, Q. C., Mr. Richardson sad a number of the Conrt of Commea Council. irruium op tii sinuu. Is lb* midat of a tampornry qulat the General appaared at tba entranca to tha atatlon, walking batwaaa bla two aon?, KiocMtl and Manottl. and a parfact tumult af an thoalaam broka oat that can alwaya bo ramaiabarad, bat BOTtr doxerlbod. Tbo about* war* daafaalag, and for oftco Iboabrll trobla of tbo ladtaa' roiraa coo 14 bo di? tluruahed cbsarlng aad chearing heartily. Tba tianaral vara tba uniform la which bo baa alwaya appaarad tn public la tbia country?tbat wbicb bo woro aa lander <M tba MontavWIeaa Italian lagioa?a plain fray eapola and (JaribaMI bat aad rod tonic Hie reat lo tba lala of Wight baa mada a coa* idarabla improromont la tba bract aad, hardy vigor of bia aapoct. aa oonaparod with tba tlrad and traval worn look ba wora wban ba landed al Southampton Hla lamanaaa. howayar, aaamad aa parmanaat aa wbaa ba liapad from tba Rlpoa, aad with aat tba aid af bla atlck It waa oxidant tbat walking would ba a alow aad moat laborloaa aflbrt. Aa ha adraatad ap tba platform ta wbara ba waa to ra oafra tba addia?aca, ladlaa aemetimaa ofltorad tbalr baada to him ovar tba barrlara. aad tbaa bla ardinarlly aad ax praaa Ion af caantananoa at oaaa cbaagad.aa with tba atoat wtnatag aoartaay ba tarn ad la praaa tbalr baada ,aad alwaya bad for oacb fair partlaan a ward or twa of lag Hab to tbaak tbam rar tba boaor Ibay did him. aw irwernw incident. ; lltMa cblM waa pat forward to praaaat bla* with a bouquat, bat ba aaaraaly lookad at tba ffawara, aa with tba moat parfactly natural aad fatbarly maanar ba toot tha ablld 1a bla anna, klaaad It, pattad ita curia, aad tried aa wall m ba waa abia to apeak to It In Kngiiah. Littla aa tbla teetdaot waa. It waa ao iiaaxpactad. and. abora all, aa parfaetl y alaapia and aat oral, tbat It did mora tbaa allcit appiaoaa?It laamed to eatablwb familiar and do maatia ralatloa batwaao KarlbkMi aad all tba ladlaa praaant. for tba raat af tba way dowa tba ptaMarm ba taamed bewildarad by tba latanaa an'bualaam of bia wal come, but oaca on tba dala, aa la apaak. ba tarnad witb tba almpla dignity tbat la aatoral to blm. and with hla o?lm. malaacboly I nab, ramainad ta racaiya tba ad diaaaaa. Till CfTT Al??a|?a. Tha flrat pretanted and raad to blm waa frowi tba t Ity It aald:? Fraa Fng'and waleomaa with afffccttaoata and baart'all raapact tha grant apoatla of liberty, tha harrnc aad cbiaalrnua aoldtar wboaa award la naaar drawn but ta a fiat caoaa. tba conquarar of a kingd-m, that ba mtgbt daltvar Ita paoplafrom oppraaaloa; poar htmaclf, whila making othara rich tba aalf damtad. aalfdanrmg citiaaa, loyiag tha rlfbta and walfara or bia own country aad of tba wbola human raca battar thaa hi* own life tba truly goad, para baartad, and nprlgbt man. wboaa prWata wortb la only aurpaaaad by bla public alrtuaa aad mara tbaa fcpartaa aad Rowtaa magnanimity. ? a a ?illUlPl'l MPLT. THitiag tba daliravy of tbla addraaa tba cbaara wara load aad loog at tba larmtaatiae of aarb emphatic aea taa??; aad tba Raoapttan t'nmmlMaa, or tba c?mmltiae chargad with tba arraaa> mania. ctaaad la ao much araund him, tbat la tba raat of IM yiattara ba waa bidden aimoat altogether, aad aathlag ha tbaa aald caaM bara baan audible If a spaca bad aat barn claarad around blm. Wbaa tbla waa daaa aad atlanaa raatorad, ba aald a lowly, but with macb ampbaaia and ayidaat faaling:?I am vary happy ta ba apabiad to-day ta bora to glya my tbaaka to tbla a*bla nation tar tla gaaarona aympatby for tba casta af mi mantra and tha cauaa af all mankind. l ong ago I wtaoaa wall for tbia day to ooma. aad I am vary happy ta day ta ax praaa ta yaa all my gratitada. TBI APDIIMS OP TU WORKINOMCV. Wbaa tha cbaara which tbaaa raw worda aioltad, bad diad away tha addraaa from tha work logman waa raid. Thay aald:? I u.rwra nkt Obi*'?Tn Iba oama af Br K a in'a gona an?i daugbtara af tall wa bid you wak?ma to tbla matrapnlia. Wa ban jroa aa Iba raprmantatlra of a ragaoarated aad ?a(tad Italy, and for tba leva wa baar ta that haautifuriand and Manobla paopia, aa loaf appraaaad, fcc , kc. for your noWa deeds wa tnank, love and waTcoma yon; aad in tha oama, tba aaarad oama af tbat llbarty for which you hava fougat, biad aad woa fbr tba oppraaaad paopiaa, wa giva joa a piaca?tba Oral place In aur haarta. and whlia doing ao wa cannot forget that ibara ara many who bara baan igaoclalad with yoa la yoar glorloua aaterprlaaa who ara alaa daaarrlng of oar admiration and aaiaam? aapacially tba lllaitrtoua Joaeph Hartal, who baa Ana ao muab far Italy, fraadom and bnaraaily. Almoat ail tba paaaagaa la Una addraaa oallad forth laad abaara, aapacially tbat wbtah applied to Maatiai, which wara watcamad with marked enthua'iaam, though almaat chiefly, If not anttraly, by tba Itallaa* who wara Ta raply ta thla (JanavvJ (UaiajtDi aald:?I Ilka ta ara worklagaoaa parilcularlr. lam vary gralaful.aad wttl iftf aiwiltft Ik? fexMr to betoag la Tto; Wu U cut m ik* knttw M ?> of Wf> pari of tbe world. *N ITALIAN I A DV MAIFS ? T1ha sheering which hailed this eimols answer >u, If anaetble. even greater thaa belore. amid which, and u ft mitMI ??*? by tbe enthusiasm aad Impulse of the ea lUhan 1*4? suddenly wKrMIld Garibaldi, ?I^^HcmioI at the rut demon. BtraUsa whleh J* have hers witaeesed today, coming from the heart af the moot powerful nation la the world. This MlUk ha* proved hereeir to be the friend of our ceuatry, aad I am overpowered with joy at wltoeselog this aiavlageoane the more ao aa 1 am a countrywoman of the hero we an heartily greet. ] wlah to raise my voice to the KbftHah people to thank them for the honora heaped ?poa General Garibaldi for his defenoe of Italian liberty agataet despotum. General, may at lasl yoar mMs example kindle all hearta to rapport yon, and enable yoa to eatabllah that civilization In Iuly whleh will anlte all hamaaMy nke a happy family. M need aeareety be said how totally this Impromptu address tank the audience by aurprhse, nor with what ei gatnsss they ilate ed to the abort but m?et earnest ex herUttna, whleh was delivered with a lores and empha? its to whleh It la dtMcult by a mere report of the spnksa words to (Ire adequate expression Probably at another tlms eueh aa Innovation on the eetabllsbed usages or pub lie speaking la Eogtaad would have beea bnt coldly re eelvsd, but hers It was welcomed as thoroughly apropos <a anch enthusiasm. THROOfln tbi cky.^^H Almost precisely similar were lbs caussa which led to lbs breakdown df the Prinoe of Wales' procession into New York, aad, Hke bis rays I blfhoeas, Garibaldi did net rsaah hla haven tdl dark bad almost concealed him from view, though, ?Ilk* his royal highness alee, ha was aslssassd with eae af the mosty hsarty receptions which M Is In Uw power ef a people to ofer, aad which only a ?real aad frsa people caa ever acoord to Iboee whom It loves to hmor Aa each ef tha societies passed tho Gene raj's carriage they stopped, took off the'r bats and' ifcaarHI him; and thla process, which always lasted soms few mlnntea. gave ample epportaattlss to the crowd to All ay tbo gaps thue made la the ranks of ths prooeasioa. The snccsss af thla vast demonatrallen must be ascribed satlrsly to tho people, who had it to tbomsslves from 1^4 |0 6Dd, m hcim or irrnuui#'! iakqdit?visir op tub atmiL to i.oao palms rstoii and di PARroaa poo (wwici. [Prom tho London Time*, April 13.1 The public snthurtasm about General Garibaldi baa la ao degree abated. At all the places bs was expected to visit ysslsrday srowds hadlaasembled, aad wherever be appeared ha waa greeted with tumultuous sheers. The fatigue and excitement of Monday do not seem to havs affected him Injuriously, awl during the day his tlms waa fully occupied in receiving and paying visits. Throughout tbe whole morning the courtyard at the back of Stafford House was thronged with visitors waiting snslously, either ia tbe hope of catching a glimpse of the General nt noma of tbe windows, or at least of aeelog him In the event of bis I saving tbe mansion to pay visits. Ths great patlasce ef tbe crowd did not go unrewarded, for at middsy, when the ysrd was densely packed. It became Generally known that Garibaldi would leave the bouse at Hir past twelve ?a a visit to tbe villa < f tbe Dowager Puchoss of Sutherland at Chiswlck. Precisely at that time one of ths Duke's carriages drove into the yard, and In s few moments the Geaorsl atepped into the carriage, followed by the Duke of Sutherland and another gentle man. The obeering when Garibaldi appeared waa Im mense, and was continued till ths party had driven from tbe yard. I Before going to Chl<iwick be paid a visit to I.ord Pal mere ton, and remained with him about a quarter of an hour. TUB MCKPflOM ANO KNTKRTAINtf^NT. The Duke and ;>u<hees of Sutherland, I he Duke and Duchess or Argyll and ramiiy, T,ord tiranvllls, lady Caroline Lascel es and family, the Ducbess fDowa. er) of Norfolk, !,ord and T.ndy Wantyre and daughters hsd a<*emb!ed al Ohisweck House at an early hour. Shortly before two o'clock the Karl and Countes* resell, tbe Karl and Countess of Clnrsodon. and other personages invited to luncheon began to congregate. .?t tW'atv minutes alter two oMock Garibaldi arrived in an upon barouche, nccorunanied by tbe Duke of Sutb erland and General Fber. On alighting at the villa the band of tbe Keooad Life Guards played the "Garibaldi Hymn. " t he Duke of Sutherland, after assisting tbe Geoeral to alight, Introduced him to the Duke of Argyll, and be was then conducted to ine vestibule where tbe Dowager Ducbesa aad the Dticbess of Sutherland, tbe Ducbesa of Argyll. Lady Blantyre. and Lidy Co stance Grcsvenor had met to welcome bim In the centre saloon all the company bad congregated, and gave the Genoral a hearty greeting. At a quarter to three o'clock tbe Duchess Dowager aad her gussts descended to tbe summer din ng rnom to luncheon, the General sal at tbe bead of a table la the principal room, supported on tbe right by lbs Dnobeae Dowager, and on tbe left by tho Dticbess of Argyll. Al ths same table, oovers being laid for twenty, were ths Duke aad Duchess of Sutherland, the Duke of Argvll, K rl Gran vllle, Vlsoountsss Palme's**, Um Barl aad Couatess of Sbaftssbary, the Karl aad Ooasrsa Busssll, tbe Earl aad Countess or Clarendon, tbe ChaaoeDor of tho Exchequer and Mrs. Gladstone, and Lady Contuses Crosvsoor. kc Shortly after tbe luncheon was over ths General, bis bostsss, and her guests walked throng* the pleasure grounds. At tbe solicitation of the Ducheea Dowa*er i teunl Oaribaldi slanted a cedar tctdrut deodatv) on ths Iswn, In rroat ?f Uie bow*, to awaiaiirm bis visit Al a quarter after Ave o'clock General Garibaldi took i leave or the Dowager Pacbeea, cordially tbuaklng her for I the hoapltality he bad received. I After taking leave of tbe Duc*e?a of Argyll aad Lady I Constance Grosvenor the General took bis seat beside tbe I Ducbesa of Sutherland in an open haroncbo, the Doke of I Sutherland and Geoeral Kber occupying tbe other seats. I Tas military band played tbe "Garibaldi Hymn" as tbe I carriage loft the g*tes. I OABMALM VISITS BAM. RCB*KI.1~, I Lonnos, April 18,1M4. I At bsir post tea o'clock yesterday morning Gnrlbaldl I paid a v l?lt to Pari Russell, and at one o'clock left town I for tbe Woolwich Arssaal, to Inspect tbe works to-day. I Groat Brltala. In tbe Honsoof Commons, on ths 12th of April, Mr. Griffiths asksd whether lbs Sultaa had recsntly ordered the Pacba of Egypt to dlsoontinus tbe supply of forcsd labor on tbs works of the 8 ie/ Canal. I/ml Pa! inert ion raid that lb* Julian bad rfvec an order (bat the forced labor tbould bo discontinued In Kgypt, aa it bad long bora la all otber parte or tbo Otto nua empire; but aa exlensloa of time bad since been, grunted. It was vary much to be regretted, for tbo sake of important iatareeta la Kranee aa watt af4?l'ttf land, ibit between 30.000 and <0,0C0 lahai era, who nftgbt bei usefully employed la cnltlvafiot Vatnw, sboold aosffce; occupied la digging a ceaal IHtolcJt. ? eandy deserf iod making two bar bora In deepjnaMLaotT shallow water. Mr. Msguire asked w bather J?a*aa-tbe intention of tbo Board of trade to taka impi>din?a maaaurse to remove* raiiitl'i rock, na wblob raa >CHy of Now York waa wrecked, by blowing It tip, or to place a lifchlhouae with a log bell and signal Run there Mr. M Glbeon replied that there waa no Intention to take any stepa Immediate!r; far areat difference or opin io prevailed with raapect to piectog a liKbublp I here An improvement waa about to bo effected in tbo light at Roche'a Point, which would Indicate tbe jMaitloa or [taunt'* rock te a vassal approaching Cork harbor, la reply to a further qaewion from Mr. Magnire, Mr. Olbeon said that a private aurvey waa, be believed, heiag made to ascertain the poaalbility of blowing up I'aunt's rock It was betweea tour aad Ira alia* dtaunt from fork barber. Lord R. Cecil moved that, la th* opinion of this House, the mutilation af Ike report! of ber Maeaty'* toapectora of s< hool? and tbe esclnaton from tbem or statements and opiahAs adveraa to tbe educational views entertain ed by tbe c ommittee o? Cornell, wbilo metier favorable to lham ia admitted, are violation* of tbe underalanding under which tbe appointment of tbe inspector* waa ortal tally sanctioned by Parliament, and lend entirely to de stroy the value of their reports. Mr. Iowa denied that be had mutilated, garbled or suppress*.! tbe reporta of the inapectotrs. Tbe motion waa nrrled by 101 to 9S?a m?J >rlty or eight agaiaat tbe government, which waa received wit b loud cheers from the opposition. rbe LooOoo "?far of the l?th laaiant says I/>rd Pal meratoo has oflbred the pNce vacate<l by Mr. Htana eld to Mr. Baxter, M. P. for Moatrnoe. Mr. Raxter baa aot been able to an apt li, owing to the presaura or private busiaeaa and the at* to of hie health. Hie re are rumor* thai Mr. f enwi-k, M. P. ror Sunderland, hit beea "fib-ed the appointment. ? "i4/". ? Pra aee, Tbe I.nndoa TTrraH stales that Lord Clarendon's ptla sinn to Parle ia fer the purpoae of restoring more amicable relatives between Ifeglaad and Prance, mdjliepelljlc the Irritation recently manifested by the ftnpM-er > ' Lm tmnrf of Parle,af April It, state* tint tbe Pfcperor will reoeive Pari nareadea la a private aAdteac* ai'twe O'clock to-morrow. ? The /-oy asaerta tbat Earl Clsesndon i yrarney baa for its oblect to eedaavar to establish a pdrfdrt under steadies betweea the Fagllsh a ad Preu^h governments on tbe lianwh queetta*. ? Ibe f'ass atatee tbat Oerlbatyl h ? been invited to vl*lt Brueaels. . ? ; Plato, April 1ft?3-80 P. M I he Hours* baa ban very tirm. Rentes closed st Mf 60c , or t<c blgber tbaa yeeterdar. >HI?> M*>, April 12,11*4. The Ministry have stated la Ibo Cortes ibat they will enersetwaiy carry oa the war until ib? siibnueSioe ?< 81. Domingo t* obtaiaad. \ Orrsfs, Ih? ministry hsd MMM but subsequently withdrew, tb*lr resignation. niaiurbtnbee had taken plaoe between the Catholic* aad tb* ?;rs*h* in Bjrla; hat tbey were aot af a poliimtl character. Cemmerrlai lat?iMt?n?s, Tin LOFDCN MONtT MARtCT. [From tbe Manchester Mrardian (City Article), April 18,1 Tbe English funds bava again beea inactive, bat steady throughout the day <l*h>, tbe oaly transactions in ?>n sois being at #1* a 01 ?<, and ?? ?< a rj for tb* *tb or May There has been a full df?oeon? demand at tbe beak to day. and advances have bsea ia Increased request In the Stock Exchange, owfcsg to the preparations for the half monthly *ettl*menl. la the ahare market this setUement will bs heavy, elwsat beyond preoadeat, aad already el Irnordfasry rat** have baaa pskl for carrying ever trans action* t* beak share* Na geld was taken ta ike baak ta day. Tb* foreign Ocbaage* (hi* afternoon w?re without ma lerial alteration. It U* i?r?kp MfMI Uvu m m (WItHI Mark, to eoaeequenoe of Dm reported detay la Ik* Mi^tfUIWl of the Arrhduke Mamuiiiao, c*om4 kr an ?tu<* ?f fcree. The correct aeea of iim reiorl, tomnr, IHt entlrelv relied upon, u tlie temptation to ??HfwMN Uvwm atatemente is great on l be part of operators for a fall. The elating prion ?u I 48X, being oao> quarter lower I ben tbet of yeeterdav. Railway s looks mo misceliaaoouo sksren have boon Heady. Coaeols? Money, VIX a 01W; do. ace>uni. 81K a M; do. new three*, 8a 88V. Exchequer MlW, T S die.; Indian loan, 10;'i a 106 V. Consols after official boon cloeed 01X a 82. London, April 14,1844. Open teg prices?Console. for mooey, oijt<a91V; *" account, #1J? * W; new three*, 80 a 80^. The London Timet at the 14th tout says the demand for discount at the bank and In the open market was mode rate yesterday. Prices on the I'arta Bourse showed a fsr ther rlee of ^ per cent on the 14th of April. LIVERPOOL COTTON liurr. Ijvsrpool, April IS?P. M. The sales of the past three days, including to-day the 18th, add ap 40,000 hales, of which 18,000 were take* for export and speculation. Prloes generally have advanced ><d. a Xd per lb. stnoo the departure of the Australasian. TBADB AT MANCnBTI* The Improvement la Uverpool, and I he more favorable 1 Ojirams from the Rvt, produced but slight effect in Msschester Ad advance was demanded; but it checked business, and the sales were small. LIVERPOOL BRIADSTUFPI MAHIIT. Meiers. Richardson, Speoce k Co., Gordon, Bruce k Co snd others report:? Floor neglected and Irregilar. Wheat la vary limltsd demand and partially a shade saater; whiter red, 8s. a 8s. f-d. psr eentsL Oorn dull and In some instances Od. lower; mixed, 38s. a Ms. Od. per 480 lbs. LITIRPOOt. PROVISIONS If A It KIT. Messrs. Wakefield, Nash k Co , Blglsnd Athya k Co and otbsrs report:?Hoof quiet snd drooping, pork sail at Ms. a 87s. 8d for Easier*. Bacon vary dull, hot prloes snchanged. Lard inactivs. Batter doll sad Is. a as. lower Tallow quiet st lata rates. LfTIRPOOL PRODUCI MARKKT. Ashes quiet; sales of pots at 84s. 8d. a 88s. sx quay. Bngar qatst but stsady. Coflfee?Noe?les Rice inactive Linseed oil still advancing. 41s 8d. a 43s. in town caska. Rosin snd spirits Of turpentine quiet and unaltered He trolsam firmer; small salss of reOned st Is. lid.; crude ?18. LONDON MABBBTR. Breetstnffs generally unchanged. Sigar dnll and easier. Coffee quiet, sad Ceylon Is Tower. T< a activs at full terms. Rice qivlet but staady. Tallow dull: Y. C. 41*. Linseed oil, 40s. 8d. Spirits of turpsntlns, 83s. 8d. for French. Petroleum, 2s. for refined. TUB LATI8T MARKIT8. Livkri-ool, April 14,1M4. Cotton, Sales to dny of 8,000 bales, including 1,080 to speculstors and exporters. The market Is tlrm and na cbangsd. Bresdsluflk dull and stsady. Provisions dull and unchanged. Fugar easier Petroleum Arm at Is. lid. for refined. I/>NtioN, April 14,1884. Consols, for money, 01?(! a V Illinois Central Railroad shares, 18 a 13 dixcoiiDt. Erie sbtree, 88 a 70. Non-Arrival of the Aroblo. Halifax, April 37?2:80 P. M. There are as yot no signs of the steamship Arabia, now due at this port, with Liverpool dates of the 10th and Queenstown of the 17th Instant. Weather beautiful, with a strung southeast wind blowlog. THE ARMY OF THE CUMBERLAND. Picket! Captured?Murder of Some of Oar Wouiutod by the Rebels, ?Cc. Ov< in.vati, April 27, 18?4. A special despafoh from Chattmooga ravs that on the 28d the rebels attacked o>ir pickets near Nlckajack G ?>>, killing Ave, wounding ?even and capturing nineteen Some of our men were killed after survendering. and several of the wounded wete cruelly butchered as they lay on the Held. CHARLESTON HARBOR. An Attempt to Blow Vp the Frl|tts Wabash, Off Charleston. mi. Oscar a. bawtir'i dispatch. Hilton Ritn, 8 C., April 22,1804. On Monday light lest, ths 18th Inst., the Charleston rebels mads a bold but unsuccessful attempt to destr?y the noble frigate Wabath, at her anchorage off Charles lea bar. where sbs was doing off shore blockade Mrvloe. The torpedo steamer was precisely like the "David" that blew np the Booiateolc sad irtod Ike saase game oa Ike fTIgsto New Troa*Ides. It Is described as a sort of ?agar akaped stonier, wltk s torpedo attacked to a pro jection from tke bow, and revealing bat JMMe of the bull above water. One or two of the same sert bar* been frequently ebeerved Inside the harbor, cruising about during the light. When the machine wee discovered by the watch en the rrlgate she W4 a hundred yards from the Wabash, approaching continuously and silently. It waa instantly balled; but no response was elicited. A second hall fol lowed, and th' entire watch waa on the alert, wben no anewer was returned from the mysterious craft. A third ball was followed by a dlecharge of musketry trotn the ship; but the black mass moved straight on towards tke frigate. The btitle-roll waa beaten, sal the grew were Instantly at thetr guns, which wsrecast loo*e and directed against Ihe stranger in the twinkling of sn eye. la another moirgnt tke roar of a division of broadside guns was beard, aad wben the smoke cleared awny no trarsa of the rebel "Psvld" were to be Reel, although a dozen night g'asees carefully swept the surface of thesei about the ship and towarda the bar. What her fate waa cannot of course be stated with ccrlainty; but U la Ike oplalon of all on board the Wabnah that she was at risk and tank by -Ibe shot from the frigate. She may have escaped the Bra and returned In gafety to the city, when -e abe cam<\ perbape t?> try the experiment once anain. - Tbe Wabmb is aochorad between three and four mllea from the bar and about ten miles from the city. To reads her the torpedo boat paaaad by Tort Sumter, by toe Monitors on picket off1 Fort Moultrie, past the inside blockading squadron, and through tbe outside blockaders, before danger of discovery and probxh'e destruction was parted. In aptte of all those dancers t he ??David" went out, and was only discovered and destroyed aa abe approached the object ef her nsiaalon These facta exhibit pretty clearly the intense hatred which animates Ike rebeia when they look,.upon tbe Wabash, which gave them sock ft sound tbraaliing at Port Royal, under U>? brave lhipont and It may be reaujly Imagined that their desire Id destroy ber and gat bar out of sight la quite m strong aa tlielr h it red. Bat she atlil floats, with a splen- j did K>t o' ottcers and a floe veteran crew, with aa un j equalled b ?iipfj" aod with ber tremendous powers hitact, and ever rea:j to be need eg .In-1 all comers, foreign or truitors, la spite or tbe rebeia' detiliih ugeault? and bold attempta tc bide ber from their slgbt. 1 bo Wfcbash arrived tkla afteroooa ai tbla port, prepa ratory la going North. crrnr* toarano *?n.r its. Tbe affair between tbe Wabeak ?ad the torpedo bott ia aot tbe only one 1 caa chronicle. Tbe rebeia *?? to be particilarly active In tliia, tbelr favor la, but peculiar mode o; warfare Not a month ego the Mempk*. lytag la Ma Kdiato.blcckailng, waa visited eaa eight or two torpedo boats, which bad been seat dowa from' barieataa to blow her op. and her cooeort aa well. Tkey ware dis covered about the *blp, butting lata ker stl<? aud tinder ber stern, but without creating saapicloa Kmally, after vainly trying to explode tbelr Infernal mat blaea, they backed "IT and atarted up tha river. A boat waa lowered and teat after them, as tbay were sappoeed to M oaiy caaooa or scmerhlng of tbe kind. but they were net over take* Tbelr true rbaraater wae I baa inspected; bat tbe suspdao waa not confirmed until some IIma aflerwsrda . A general order from Qpmmpd re Kawaa baa put every pttfjor tha laltows, and "caught nappjtig. %t pta our tag the tum kwttera at no dMt* J gftrlnf Jjdra havftkiade ?erloua in* i of da. on tha oarW w" htlt that oojiatttiifsa tha < t n oiia'MorMa Jafaad. Tver* ga*ld ?eam? b> y?a?h awiyr a greater Ira* Or gaad. and V repi.iij bag tha pr >&a* rT>o oa 4tT|aJf the part fix yiyntha that It la aot ftafa ta any th\t toolbar S'ic<-e< or revere g?M, aiiru aa those t?t so \ meatly tora alodg' tna ct*sf T* make aa irrt t betwHa-lfaf^.WagWr ft d oi^gg; Indeed waab away bath I tb'm I** W#eMt has i c*.!ed to far aa to reveal Jfta remains'* a attmSer Cnioa and rebel ?rtd|an? hurled about W.gfler and Gregg, lbe retnalnd havd be?n rvlnterred la a place where they * III not araia tWd atufbed by tbe elements, unlet a tbe entire Iftiaod should b<- swept away, **V4L atirr^s. Tbe Monitor Nah >nt, IJeiitsnBO* rorominder 3. J 0> to wall, sailed frem here tr ester day In t?'w of the Paul Jone*. Commander Duncan, lor liar sta't-ra on tbe insM- block* sde of rh.rrest n. she win relieve the ?ar>garooo, which will come here for repairs. Tbe Mom'or fat.kill, Cofnmattder If,R Harriadtt. now rdpawii.f ?t Siat i n creek, will be finished l? ten da* a, and proceed to (hftrlrttoa. ihe gwttxdl Tocaliontaa. Commandor 'orea, touched hai a yesterday for oval, ?<w ??" Wftatarb Oulf squadron, at New iirleaM. raa?oxiL. rom? >ader Aaron K. Iluglie* hss lieeti detached from lbe t'lroer ne and ordered North l.lautenant Cimmaa der .lufet II. KUFsall baa been ordered to a?suma cost mand ( aptaln llu?hea baa iarrorme<1 gallaat ? I he equadroe, and hla departure will ba ragretied by a boat oi rreadi. Tha Frtarh Taaasla Ordered <>?t ef th? Jaatsa Rlvar. Tbe slaajner Creybound baa ?eaa sent up the Jasnee river to City Polal to oeder dowa tha vwo fraach steam era and twe aaltlag vsaaala there anar tebecoo Tha vea M*a would cvasa beak la Ramytoa Roadf without any MI LIT A It Y AFFAIRS. ?cat* Treepe te Osrriioa tk? M*tb?r r?m-Th? r?M(li Arlliury VrAerM Oat, A*. II will b?NN by Ik* subjoined official orders that lb? Fi.ortb regiment artillery, National Guard HUto of Now York, baa been orders* to laka charge of Ik* defence* of Naw York harbor:? SPECIAL OKDBRH?NO. 117. finnuui. Ukadoiurtsss, 8r<m or Naw T?m,i AujCTAirr (InMiL'a Orvwa, > ALKifT, April 96, IW4 J Major General Char lee W. saodford, oomm?ad?ag First division of tbo Natloual Guard of Iba SUM af Naw York, will detail one regiment of bla command, VlM erd*r? lo report to Ifsjor General John A. Dtx, oommaadlo* Deport meal of tbe bat, lor thirty daya' duty la Iba dafaaaaa or Naw York barbor. By order of tba Commander la-Cblsr. J. n. ATUNKHOUMt, Acting Assistant Adjutant Qsnsral. flPKCIAI. ORDER*?NO. 8. HiiiMgoimM. Tim Divnioo, N. ft. f) N. Y.,\ \iw Yoaa. April M, 1M4 / Pursuant to Special Orders No. 107, from general headquarters. tba Fourth resrlment National Ooard. aodar the command of Colonel Teller,, la hereby detallndfsr thirty daya* doty in tba deieaceasf tka barbor of Raw York. Colonel Tailor will report for ordara to Major Cenerai John A. Dlx, commanding the Pepartment of the Kasl By order of Major General CUA4. W. BAN 0*0 AO. Am HAMKTOif. A. 0. c. ORDKH8?MO. S. Hsadqcartsm, Fourth RaaiMiarr N. G R. N. Y ,1 N*w Yoaa. April 27, IMi f Pursuant lo Order* N >. 107, from general head quarters, and dlvlalnn Rpsclal Ordara No. 8. tbo regiment ki hereby ordered to aaaambla, la ffctlgoa dress, with knapsacka picked aod one day'a oooked rations, at lb* dtvialoo armory. *omer of Wan and Wblto streets,o* Wadneaday neat, (be 4th day of Kay, at alneo'clock A. M., lo depart for thirty daya' duty la tbo defences of tbo barbor of Now York. Tke command la alao ordered to asaeaable, In olllaene' dreaa, at tbe same place, on Friday box I, tbo 2Mb I net, at four o'clock P. If. Cbarlee H Lelaad baa boon appointed adjut nt of Ik* regiment, tIco ''eck, resigned. H? will bo obeyed a*a respected ereordmgly. Adjutant Thomas B. Peck, who baa lone aad faithfully performed bie duly as aa efficient officer of Iba command, retires rr<>m R with the regret and tbe best withes of lb* a,.tire command. The commandant, especially, baa great reasons to acknowledge the valuable services of Adjutant Peek, and tho promptness with which ha has always per formed bla duty aa a soldier. Iiy order of DANIEL W. TELLER, Ooloool Cram R. Lh-aito, Adjutant J am us R. pkot. Fergesnt Major. Tbe Fourth numbers six hundred aod thirty moo, aod la officered as follows:? Colonel?Dnnlel W. Toller LituUnanl Colonel?John J Die til. Major?Vscant rnpfufu?Compnny A, vacant: Company B, John Kelm, Company C. William Schilling; Company D. Hoary lluys. Company K. Francis J. Ilawkes. Company V, Richard O'firsdv ; Company (3, Richard Rayoor ? Company H. John I,evesrts: Company I, William Benson. The tat ter two aro cavalry companies. General P>x will designate the statioo they are to gar rison by speoiul order to-day. Volnn tecr Ing. Rep-irls have been industriously circulated by brokers, runners aod tbe like, who aro entitling men from this city to other tonus and Stales, Ibat tho Pupervisore' com mittee no longer pay the bounty to volunteers. This is entirely false and doing tbo city great Injustice, lb* authorities of which are doing so much and laboring so assiduously towards tilling our quota. Tbo whole bounty la paid?(300?to every man who volunleert? pant Into his own band, and to no one e'se. Tbe party bringing blm Into tho headquarters of the committee, corner of Broadway and the Park, gets $30 for doing so. Beside ibo?e Mr. Blunt continues to pay tho bounty to volunteers for tbe navy. The quota ! or both Is rapidly Ailing up. and all who desire to volunteer should do so at onco If tliey desire to srearo tbe county bounty. If a draft should be resorted to all bounties will of course c*ase. In ease of a draft, then those w< old bo compelled to go for thirteen dollars per month who new by volunteering can have three hundred dollars cash I* band, besides tho Stale and government bounties of three or four hundred dollars more, making six er se\eo hun dred dollars In all. Po come forward nt once, become m good UnloR so:dior, and got your money TUB RICHMOND COUNTY QUOTA. Richmond county completed her quota of volnate&rs under tbe recent call for two hundred thousand men on Friday lust. ?he b is thus placed herself lo sdvsace of all the (.Iber counties composing tbo t'Sl let Cougres stonal districts of this Plate. Notjooly Id this instance, but lu all previous calls of tbo Presldeat for ln?pn, aba baa beoo tbo Aral to furnish her quota. VolanMsrIag at tbo West Very Brisk. Cr?<3>j?An, April 27, MM. Volunteering In Indiana lo response lo tbo oall for twenty thousand ooe hundred daya moo ia progressing favorably. ^w? fr?n? tbe Interior of Oht? indicates that tbo No tional Guard turned out ia largo fares on Mooday THE ARMY OF THE POTOMAC. Goner* I Meade's Ad Areas to Che Tr**p* Whose Tarns *f tervlre la tbest t* ?iplro. W>smi?.ron, a pi II 27,184M. Aa tba time la approaching when somo of lbe regiments belonging to tbe Army of the Potoinso are ti be dis charged trom tho military scrvico of tbo I'nlled states, by reason of tbe expiration of Ike term lor which they were mustered into said servlio, Major General lioad* ha* announced to aitib t'oope the War Department baa dw-ided that tho term of eorvice of each regiment ia to be computed rrom tbe date of ita muater to to trie ear vice o'ibe United States, without reference to the of enrolment or any service rendered to a Mala Tbo Commanding General will, however, at a'I lime* be g lid to receive and forward, for the consideration of the proper authorlt'ee, any respect/el commualcation touch lag the terra of service of the refrtweut.wben mch term appears to he Involved In douhl. Tbe vomtaaading (.'en eral, In making ihla announcement expreeeea tbe hope that the r<*gimenta to he dieoharged will cheerfully arqnl eece In tho decleido of I ho government with regard, to their term of aervioe and that no orgaai/ctl bod lee or In dividual* niter having bora* as uaanJIIad repotatM>a daring elf tbe aveatful aeeaae which have marked their ooeeaottnn with the Army ?' tbe-t'otouiac, will tolMr the honorithM feme they hare wea fey their goitaairy aad good conduct to h? tarn la bed ia I he clnalng houre ef their aervtee by acta ef leeehnrdlMliee. wbxb, If ventured' ut-on by aay, win he promptly suppressed, and oa ealy terminal* in the apaady puatshmeat of the offfendlag partiea. , ' ' ' ' TNI SHENANDOAH VALLEY. Mr. Theadare c. Wllata'a Oeapatth, Mianaserad, April J6,1M4 A farce of refeala la reported to fea eoaceatratlag a? rr at Peyal. H >w large tha force la we do aot know. There ia en me ladkeatl>a that UN (area referred to will commence oflbaMve operatioaa a* the lowering of I fea nheasadoeh river. TfeH river le aow greatly vwalien If the weather doea aot aeon materially rhaage It will aot fee fordafele for anme time to coma ffea Petora >c river h alao exceedingly high. If aay ef the mountain ?tree me are atasoet raging. To what the rebeia have heretofore had on our front baa been added anew e mmand, tiaifermeu la blacker very dark brown. Captain I'eriwg, ef the Flrtl New York I mo la cavalry, la the odirer who wae taken prtaaaer ia the late oavelry 1 ghlrmi-h bet>md Ktraaborg. ? lapiaa J. li McllenaM, late Depot t'ornmleary at Cum berlxnd, liaa been made oolea?l of the Huth weet Yir riM< cuvalry II" baa been ia tbe aervteo slave the roe , m?fieement ef the w/?r an l n thae piomoted nor merit. K, 4'aptam 17. H. M?eai k baa baeo relieved aa clwef eom .mfaearr of th? iv?i*riment of Weal Virginia by Captain oaimbury. The toaat that ? an ho aald of t'apwia Hoeark j% that t>e did ble duty wall, and raoeed the speculators to hate blm worse th in they did banging, hut not were* thin many at them need It. 1 be weather'.s tolarahly fair. Heavy a ho wen enmn dnring the uigbta. The made are aat In partlcalarly Kwl condition. lUa flelde bag la to ahew tha greea above tha eirth. Ihmn *? Ia<t*?i Rju.?Oa Saturday ibe 90th will take place, at Irving Hall,a very epleadid matinee, ooa aUting of a vocal aad metramantal concert, gives fey Slgmw VU/roienl, hi aM ef h* poor compatriota, actually ?uliertng Irom utter wai>t and seed. Although Slgnor Manoiaal re.?ram*nds himself to tee 'heritable feettagr of oar rititms, alwsyg ready far help aad geaeraea on every occasion, the aimple invltattoa el tueb an appra elxhle artl?t ehould, m oor optniea, fee ?utile ieet to at tract a crowded houee, eapecially ae thle will fee thjonty ecca?ioa to bear at a meiiaee coecert meet of tfeeeo favorite art lata who have volunteered ffer thle cbarllabte under taking ?f Slfaor Mara <leat. A spleadht yregraonme ef twelve ptecee will fee preweted.aad executed by artteia tenh aa Brlgnoll, Orlelaal, Knlier, liaaaeleal, Rallies Herrmann, Maretiek MUle and el here. Tlekele at one dollar. We expect that the pafeile will gird ? ??* ef their spprscletloe of that popular leaor flgaor Mae ? art

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