Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 28, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 28, 1864 Page 4
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r'.*/ \'qitk herald. J???1 <*OKDt?N BURBTft union amb raonointML a. w. oommb or poltom an* mama* w. Vwtwsaaa MIX 118 AMUSBMKNTi THIS BrBNlNd. RKUVR OARDBN. BroaAwar.?Oomna Boooaa. WAIXaOK'B THBATRB Broadway.?BetaOALa ?1HTKR OARDBN. ItroeSwar -BoBCaaass. OLVMI'IO THBaTBB. BrtrfwV.-C? Wire?Lor* INI4. BKW BOWBBV THBATBK. Bo?rery-Js* ?? los *o??u AhMi-Omiiuu Baawt BOfBir THEATIK l?tW-P?r M CuWO'l OaT? Kmvh _______ RAKtf I'MS MI'PBl M ?[OA<?w?r0lAr? Two ???!?! AlMKOi. Wear la It. Aa.. at lU bows. Co?;o'? <. ITt-it S aaS 7* p. *? MTAJ^TS-StlNBrRM* Muckuiea Bait. ?Tt Brand. ? h -mn ?rnM Bonsa, Daaou, Jtciujtsusaa. M.-I1W Aaa IM ijaaaaJACBSf WOOIfg MIMBTRBL U ALU M? Broadway.?Braiorua (?rw 1 ??(? U-ratUAiiwiwuiutouuMu. ?AU>H (MABOMQ0B. M? Broadway.?Romii Bum AHBRIOAM THBATRB. Ma. tU Broutwv.-BALLira. Ptmmnia, Bnuatm Bo.?Dot Joan. ??Wf? CH1APBU m pwiwr-fc.ll.-IHMW on Einnaa or Umtmh. Atiinan aad Bmli|. , ??* TORS MOBBUM Of AKATOMT. 0)8 Broadway. IvMoama m? Lmiimi, fraa ? A. M. liil 10 P. M. BOOLRT* OPERA HODSR, Brooklyn.-Kraiortia Pokca, Bmim, hum Aa WITH SUPPLEMENT. ??w Tark, Thartdaf, April U. 1IM. THB SITUATION. IkM to Biking poeiitre to report from tho Arnjr of Ua Panne to-day Time aad patienoa alone will pat ua la pssssssloa of tba areata traasplrtng. Our deapatcbaa from Martina t>urg, Va. , state (bit tho ?abate are concentrating la some foroo at Pront Royal, a?l It waa bettered that they contemplated aa attack aa ?aaa aa tba rtrers faU to a point which would reader dhem rordaMa. At pressnt they art bear!!/ flooded. Tba deapatobea recei red from Obattanoofa 70atarda/ ?'ale that oar pickets were attacked b7 tho rebate 00 Saturday test aear Nlcluyaok Qip, and that fire of oar troepa wore killed, aorea wounded and nlaateoa taken prtaooora. Tho naorenaent towards garrisoning tba defenoes of the barker of Mew York baa commenced by the order of ?eo, 9nadferd to the Fourth artillery, Mew York National Qttard, to tura out for thirty days' duty on the 4th of May. Tba fort to which this regiment is to be assigned la not yet wade known. Oar newa from Cbarleatoa harbor a bows tbst tba robots keep persistently attempting to blow up oar res sols with 1 heir "se^v-sbsped" torpedo boats Thar made an unaucctssful effort 00 ibe Wabash frigate 00 tho 181 b tost , but waa discovered Id lime to eare that ree ael The guns of the frigate were brought to bear on the mysterious machine, bat sbe seems either to bare been sank or to bare escaped the beery Ore, and glided off into oaetr. EUBOPSAH NEWS. Tbe ilMnixh pi Bresson ud City of Baltimore, from Sootbamptoo ud Qjeenstowa m the 1Mb and 14tb of April, respectively, reached this port yesterday Tbe ?awn it four days later. Maximilian accepted the crown from the Mexican de potaliou at Miramar am the 10th of April. Tbo lormnlMr WKModuiM with peal poap. The new Emperor made n speech to reply to the deputation, slating that ho waa ooorlnoed that the M '.-one was voted bjr a great majority of tho Moncdti people. After this bo waa addro?ad aa fcmperor nnd tho Arcbdncbeaa aa Emprees. Tho Mexi can lac waa hoiaUd at tbo Ctotle of Miramar and sainted with tweoty-ooe guns. Tho Emperor oommtasloeod ministers to tho courts of Rome, Vinson nnd Paris, nod mnds quits a number of appoiat noils do.- Ihj staff and household. On th? 11th of April Maxlmfftsn wss seised with n low fsrer; so that his dopnr* turn wis sgsio dsisyed. It was thought he would sot out on the 14th Isslnnt for Rome, where ho goes to raneiva the benediction of tho Pope, of wbich bs, aa ho tlatss htm?oir. ntai da in (rent need. Toe Arobtfushens, btt wl's, ?Her some very dIBuJk" negotiation in Vienna, nnd aftor renouncing bor right to tbo tbrono of Austria and bar" tooosae lr.?m tbe Stsln, brought tbo Emperor Francis Joseph to Mir- mar to s gn the treat imperial Sum pnpor of Mexico Tho limpross boa turned author, sod issued, privately ">-oureoirs ,de Voyage a bord do Is ran tasks," nod "t'n Hirer dans I'lalede Madsre." fhippel wss still besiegod and rigorously bombarded by the Onrmaas. Its fortified works worn almost ?itnncnd, but still tbs garrison derended the ruins with vigor. Tho Danes mads a rigorous sortie on tho Frus oaoa, but worn repulsed Tbo Oonfernncs had not yet n* embtsd m Loodoo. Tbs English House of Commonn ??pressed some doubts of tbs prudeoce of psrmitting tbs English delegate in lbs Conference to pledgs tbs nation to noy smot course of policy on tbo I>a Do-German qu at loo without the consent of tbo Pnrliassont. Garibaldi bad ontorod London, be b?d n popular re <sj?tI m of tbo most enthusiastic description. Tho crowd 4n the street* was about equal to that which receive* tho Priooo and Priooeas of Wales. Mazzioi was on do-soJ by tho working men in their addroaa to Can ha Uli Tho Onooral bad prlrato aud Mooes with l/trd Cnlmerston nnd Rsri Russell. He was afterwards nntertiiuo I st a banquet given by the Duke and Duchess of Sutherland, Tho oily fetn in bis honor warn to con Clone some d<ys. Lord tlareoaon bad gooo on a private mission to Paris. It Is said that bo was to endeavor to allay an "Irritation" whioh had sprung up lo Napoleon's mind towards Eog tsod sinoe tbe Mazzinl Stansfeld erptte. Twelve veanols, from Mstnmoroa, Naasiu and Bermuda, laden for tbe most part wilb cotton from tbs rnbnl States, reached Liverpool in two days. TbnOty of New York remained fast on Dnnnt'a rock. Cnnnots opened lo London on tbo ltth at 01S ? for moony, and 91 \ s M forneoonnt. Tbo Liverpool notton ms'ket wss firm and unchanged on tbe litb of April Broadstuda were dull aod stand y, an J provlainna dull nsd unchanged on tbnsnms day. COIOllM. In lbs Senst* yesterday n petition from wivsn, dangh tors nnd staters of soldiers to the army, ssk log for an tocmann of the pny of tboir buolmnds, fathers and brothers, was prsnsnlad. A bill mnking soldiers' ra gman Ike snms aa they ware at tbo eomrarnormssl of the wir, nnd giving noo-oommiaBionod officers nnd prlvntsa two dollars mors eaoh par saonik, wns reported by lbs Military Oomm>ttee The House bills lo provsnt and Vuniak frauds by changing the names of vies lis, fixing roles far tho i revsotion of oollisions on ths wator, pro vidiag lor the ooilection of boa pit l does oo vesoeis sold ?r tmnoforrod ta foreign ports, sad rsgstaling tho moa n?nnwt of tkn Innnsgo of sblpo, wore pnssod. Tbo I "actio Railroad Mil wns mnds tbo special order for Moo -dnpnnrt. tbe oansldarstion of the Notioonl Bank bill ?n rsaomsd, the qnosUos being oo tbo Senate 1"inane? Committee'o ass daisnt to tbs lis ens bill levying n tax na tbo sotos In r I mutation of a bank, on ths average a-oow I f us dopoilta, aad m tbe average a mo mt u< its c ?vital h yond the am >u it a? I' r. ipitai at ?ck IhvnetsJ lit tfMti d fltatrn '*nds. Mr. f ? oy idlfad an mnai l.'?st Striki' g o il tlie prorl ? lo it.e roue auieiwlnie. I a 4 i * Kit r ' P ot'drd tint n 'fro* in tbi? <ol eb< I b afoi'M I as cxemptl >g Hie ct *t a >t rief m esi 41.1 no b-) l>d I 0 aiu ??li.t torreOd lu lliiit d b? d< ns i? i' ?< He ca|??ial or ?a ?? in i<y tor its ?iro i 4 liai u"trs fro u being Bilbj cl d lu tbo aams rsts ?{ hi* e sod in ..inu ml a aa i? unpoard ??p><u . ih-r |a>rs<M al prc-ps ly ia u.a t tr, cnj or \>an >n ah<cb 'ho n-a<?t.itioa is to .tod." A'te' so uo 4'be e, nnh ut I rln. on thv prupuood aose-idm r>t lire Se it owe t 1st ? tUNI re a fc'Hie, c > .firm ?4 a u .iul??r o: ap,, Utimeuir, m d ilwn w Joiroed. In tba II Mfd nf Re,*ssootailvei a ) *M r?oiail tt. ai |.ro,4W'iHg twent)?3toi minion* (f d-li re for ilie uo. ni lenro, t??t,fcr. ,uf toe ni ilin loroot Ji at ca lai n t or <? repo I'd an I adnpie<l, the entire b'teiifis ncc n?yii g a no. if ibr?~> minutea. A l? H mciOi?inf tlie |>s* <a in \ Sl??t >.s ?f c ii-wmM. noVin o x- d loir d illary p r day ^i,i|> p,f M 'TV r< n> iii e? of tbe eoaol o* up lif ociuk Si ni.lit ana dorote 1 lu 10 0 III # ttw YaxMN I lane vmi adopted Om important am.odmset, striking Ml tM proviso permitting mXK, otaomboM, ferry u4 krldfi oaeapeaies t* ?? (ki ??"??> of laxstioe to ???f rtui ?f far*, wm nm< ta by a very deoided vote. tbi bill wis act oomptetad urMa Um Bomo adjourned. M1SCXLLAVX0US HXWS. Ipielhgsoc* baa reached Um city of Um arrival of the Itxilao frigate Re Gataatuoeee at Tercetro, om of iba Western biudi, ia lUrtjr eight days from Naw York. I Mm. however, lost Mr maeta. aM Mr pM, baeldoa o4Mr I beary arUataa, bad bulwarks ood avarythbf ao deck a waft away by tM aaa, Ml loat do Uraa. Bermuda pa para la April 90 have Mm reooivad. Tba sloimor Atlanta, supposed to M another blockade rua mt, Md arrived from England. TM EugMte Md Haaaa bad laft for Fhglaad. Tha regular monthly aale of twenty-five thousand Iom of ooal by Um 8or anion Company took pitta yesterday, Md Iba price* realised vara tea to forty-Bra oeata In ad van* of thow obtained at tiMaale last a?nth. I aaoslltig of tm porters of wines and liquors was bald ysetarda/ to take action rat it We to tM tax oa those arttotas, Ml saere aapeolally with regard to Um additional forty oeata tax m all aUoka oa shipboard or Imported . prior to the Tth or March. A oommlUos was appointed, oocatoUag of Missis. Bags, Wellington, Beeober, Lteuum Md MoOraoksn, to look'after Um In teres is of the liquor dealer*. TM ruUre ae<a4on yeotorday of Coroner Norris and tbe jury sag god ia lnrestl^atlng into tha causes of the Chenango boiler explooton wu taken up la bearing the tes timony of Mr. El ward N. Dtokeraoo, whloh was or a very Interacting character. He went into a minute detail of the appearance of tbe exploded boiler and its surround ings immediately after the occurrence of tbe dlMster,aad explained the IMory o: expleeioM generally. His opinion Is expressed In rery decided terms tnat tM mschloery with which tM douMe-ender gunboats nre sup piled, and particularly the Martin boiler, are entirely nnsuited to thai olaea of vesssls; Md this opinion, M states, Ms been fully supported by tM report of a board of naval engineers appointed by tbe Nary Department apeoially to Investigate lbs subject. Mr Dickers on *s examination was not oooctaded y ester day. Ml will M resumed at three o'clock thte afternoon. TM Surrogate yeotorday delivered a decision admitting to probata the last will of Wlttlam H. Merchant, deceased. TM opposition to this will was baaed oa the allegation Ihal It wm a forgery; Ml tM Surrogate ooMlders tbe evidence of the two subooribtaj witoesses as to Its axe. cution by Mr. Merc bant to bo unobsken, sod a too holds that tM handwriting Is apparently tM same as that of tbe former will made by him. The psper now admitted to probate ti dated tM day before Mr. Merchant's death, aod leaves his entire property (valued at over 1100,000) to bis twe Bister*. The former will, whloh was proved and reoorded before this one was found, loft all his property to two Isdles not related to Mr. Merchant. Tbe matter boo excited much interact in the legal profeeekM. It will pro bably go up on appeal to the Supreme Court. A Ave story brick building. No. 80 West street, was burned last night. II was unoccupied on the first floor. The second floor was occupied by George Glrbrl as a sailors' boarding house, and the third floor by William Hartlll, brass founder, and Edward D. Crowley, sail maker. fbs adjoining building was slightly damaged. The t> tal loss is estimated at a little over $20,000 The Court of Common Plea*, general term, affirmed tbe judgment of tbe lower court yesterday In Um case of E V. Haughwout aad C. L Tiffany against tbe Mayor. Tbe plaintiff*, as officers of tM Broadway Association, sued the city for $7,720, for serf ices performed In clean ing Broadway, durlog tM years 1817 and 1868, and now, after several years'litigation, their claim bas been de olared legal, and will probably be settled without any further difficulty. tbe Block market continued weak yesterday, and prices again fall oft Owing to tbe unsettled state of financial affair*, there were very few purchasers on tbe market, and business waif in consequence confined wttbin a small compass. Gold was inactive, tbe bigbeat quota tioa being 193 and tbe lowest 177. Money continued plenty at seven per cent. Government securities were quiet at format rataa. Ibe markets war* unsettled yesterday, sad about all kinds of Imparted goods were nominal. Holders were Arm, an4 generally refused to sell except at prices which buyers wev'd net pay. Owing to this fact tbe tranasc tlooa wara unusually limited. Cotton was eteady. Pe troleum was Irregular. Groceries were Irregular. On 'Change tbe prlooipal feature was the large advance in com, resulting (Tom a speculative movement on Phila delphia aocounl. Large ealea were effected at an lm provsment of 4c. a Ac. Flour waa dull, and 6c. a 10c. low er. Wheat was Inactive and nominally 1c. off Oats ware daU and drooping. Perk closed tamely at Tuesday's prices, and previa loos generally were dull. Tbe advaooe la wbtokejr on Tuesday evening was sustained, tbe cor real price for prises Western being ft 3JL Freights worn dull ana unchanged. After business was concluded tbe produce brokers, agreeably to a call for the purpose, held a meeting to pretest against tbe voersus tax Im posed on the aalea of thka class of bnalness msiTby Mr. Morrill's Tex bill, now before the Rouse A committee was appointed to wait upon all clissis of eommerolal brokers, with a view of securing untied action In framing a memorial to Congress against tbe enactment of these previsions. Tbs subject is to recelvs farther st ten tioa a tbe eame hour sod place to-day. Tit* IsapsadlaV Itragfie la Virginia The Valvsrsal Ceafldtnw lm General Graab We may not bear Tor several day* to come, bat we may bear at any moment, that the most tremendous and decisive or all the battles of tbe war has been commenced in tbat awful graveyard of Union and rebel armies, the blood stained hills and plains of Old Vir ginia. From sources spparently well informed we learn tbat tbe army of General Lee, within tbe last thirty days, has been swelled from forty Ave thousand to ninety thousand men, and that they are nearly all veterans. ' What the forces of General Grant are, In the aggre gate, we cannot conjecture; but we are assured tbat they are amply sufficient for tbe work before them, and that their active and vigilant leader is thoroughly prepared to receive the enemy while perfecting his arrangements for a movement upon his works. We are gratified to state tbat nothing ap pears to be known of General Grant's plans and combinations by any individual except himself. The rebel journals at R cbmond, for the tint time during tbe war, are sorely pus sled to comprehend the real designs of tbe directing mind of tbe Union armies. Tbe Er I aminer shrewdly suspects that the ostentatious movements of "the Yankees" along the Rap pahannock and on the James river peninsula, and tbs grand parading of Burnside's corps, may, after all, be intended as deceptions to in duce Jeff. Davis to uncover Atlanta, and then to pounce upon It from Chattanooga, while Grant Is amusing Lee with the appearances of an overwhelming descent upon Richmond. | Tbe rebel leaders may well entertain their fears of Atlanta, In weakening Joe Johnston to strengthen Lee; but they know that if tbey loee Richmond now all U lost. Tbe prestige of General Lee and his veteran army has become the la*t Lope a d the last re liance of Jeff. Darts and We follower*. la tbo present exhausted condition of the rebellious Ht*tr?, w'tb m! I their nW< -bod'ed n.en lu t o fed, si tl wllb *11 their s.nnty materia'* of su'tsis'cncr sit'jwjt to forced eofttributloi s. the mortal ifl'?ct of the tie of Lee w ll l?e a speedy Collapse of lie rehellio". On tho oil er I an I. ?i t e a victory over General Gra? t, in V r,;iri-i. msy reviv* t!e milking fortunes of Day s, nothing flw w.ll wive him beyond tiic summer's cmn'a'gn. Hence we <'aun>it doubt that le hus e olved tsu'e lis confederacy at on the dtfleace of Uuliti out, a. d t! ft' his struggle to n n nta ii it w ill I e l':e nrnt dejpo | rite and esn0iKusi> of al! t e str.irfg'e* o' I c US'. W.' ae entirety 'aliened that tb!? '? the esti mate mI c'i General Gtert t.a* made o' t. * V.iginia c ni iai.n; le dix*? no' u il? tr.?u y'sstiiT^t'i at?l Herd ?p?ra'senergy la collecting all (Mr available forces, u4 Ibai be hM Ml* Ms dispositions fb' a successful ooollot with lb UrgMl tnaj tel Davit tu ?aster in Yirfiaie withoat absolutely abandon - iai bia base of aapplwi lo Georgia. Witb aa easy confidence, therefore, in the ftnal result ef thia Virginia oampalgn, a eeatdeeoe which we could not entertain while the Anny of the Potomac wai aubjeot to the Manipulations of the old blundering Washington Directory? with that unqualified and unquestioning oon fldenoe whioh Is felt by the public at large, in the complete auooess of General Grant, we await the issue of this grand impending struggle. The lUtalUas Betweea Baflsai and Vraace. By the arrival of the City of Baltimore we bare four days later news from Eu rope. The Danes and Germans continue their lighting, with hut little ohangs la their re lative positions, as at last accounts.. Ia the British House of Parliament both the ministe rial party and the opposition aeem Imbued with an intense desire to propitiate the Emperor Napoleon, to whom Lord Olarendoa has been sent ss an envoy of peaoe. This nobleman, who has always been a persoaal Mead of the Em peror, has undertaken to allay the irritation he evinces in regard to the Stansfeld affair?thia member of the Cabinet baing charged with aiding and abetting Manini In his alleged con spiracies against the life of Napoleon. Apropos of this alf<tirt an attempt is being made by the Derbyites to overthrow the Palmerstoa minis try; and as they foroed Stansfeld to retire they hope that the whole ministry will have to fol low his example. He withdrew because the journals in the Interest af the conservatives in sisted that he should make his defenoe as a pri vate member of Parliament, and not as a person connected with the government. Some of the London Journals ascribe the projeoted party movement to French Intrigue. There Is great foundation for this charge, as It is well known that the Emperor Napoleon has for months past fhvored the Derby party, who promise to work in concert with France should they ob tain power. In such an event, it is believed by those most Interested that In the affairs of Europe, and also those of this continent, Napoleon would be backed by tbe influence of England; but those who thus let their desires run away with their judgment will find out that, onoe In power, the Derby party will become as cautious- as their opponents. They will then be anxious to retain their lead in affairs, and will not jeopar dize their interests out of gratitude to France. The rebels will find Derby quite as lukewarm as Palmerston, although at present he promises much. Prince Hal, when but a prince, was hail fellow well met with Falstaff; when king, he ignored the "unctuous knight." Speaking of kings, we may notice the fact that the popu larity of Queen Victoria is on the wane in Eng. land. Tbe people are complaining of ber neglect, and it is even asserted that murmurs have assailed her Majesty in the streets. This would betoken the advent of the Prince of Walea.|<rtbe throne, as the Queen will be ad vised to resign if she loses her hold upon tbe people. 1U? asserted J^hat tbe Prince favors Lord Derby. ... ' - ^ A Sword for General McClkllan.?Thp j recent sword contest at the Metropolitan Fair still excites considerable interest, and it seems mpoesible to get it out of the heads of the people that the arrangements by which the vote was decided against General MoClellan were unfair. In consequence of this many ef the ad mirers of that soldier desire to present bin with a sword anjrbow, aad we hare received a number of contributions towards a fund for that purpose. If any responsible parties would take this matter in hand and initiate It proper ly an immense sum oould be accumulated in a very short time, and a sword might be pre sented to the hero of Antletam worthy the winner of such a battle, and the balance would be sufficient to found a Soldiers1 Home. Par ticular care ought to be taken that the right kind of persons should have charge of the movement, that it might thus be made a proper and high-toned expression of the admiration of a large portion of the American people for one of the country's heroes. The Emperor Maximilian.?Maximilian baa finally accepted the throne of Mexico, and at last accounts was merely withheld from im mediate departure by illness. The new mo narch has made several sppointmenta in his .household, and assumed, as far as possible, the dignity of bis position. The Mexican flag was raised over his castle at Miramar and saluted with twenty-one guns. It was on the 10th of April, at ten o'clock in the morning, that the Archduke received the Mexican deputation who came to offer him tbe crown. He replied by a. solemn acoeptance, and received tbe thanks of tbe president of tbe deputation, wba placed al his feet tbe homage and fidelity of the Mexieaa people. Napoleon's scheme thus far has com menced successfully. It remaios for his Ma jesty to learn that a good beginning frequently makes a bad ending. Th? Rbdcctiox in the Staoc Fares.?The following notice tells its own story:? STAOS VOTICR. Tbe far* on I be following stag* lines will be reduced to the old price of ill cools ?a and trier Monday, May 2 ? Broadway end H:ih avenue line. Broadway, Twenty third street and Ninth avenue line. Broadway and 8?tb avenue line. Ne? Yorfe < onsondated Stage Company Uses. Madleoa avenue lice. Public opinion and tbe city railroads have thus proved to be t?o strong for the stage com panies. In the general rise of pricea it seems at first as if tbe lot of the stage proprietors were a hard one. Horses, feed, labor, all are immensely high; but fsres must remain the same. However ut\just this msj seem, it is cer tain that the people will not pay more fian six cents for an omnibus ride, a-td as the compa nies have retiir..e3 to the ..|J prloe it eenms probable that they c >a aTor l to carry a pas s 'tiger for that T ejr m ist, therefor*, live on in t!.e hope of belter tinio?, a.kl make up t'jo r minds not to get rich so 'n?t '?a.?t far ;?>?-( l*||?a. to iU' hb.ioa t r iU4 na. ai*. AMI ?'*. t**d. the err I ?e ? flft* cent* I* m? eurplit* e>.rnU?< tor a? ??? k * I. ton I m I b , uu ?? u rt i e to ? a'd* a * wo d frr tl?e 1 t*\? p ie>a> I kii'? i.Ht the abedi'yrtss and c n.r?< ii.f? imi m' cli um? n t?r tti? inea ? IJ'iM M -C. ?i.u thai ae ??u e nut ,n die Ceotiari >at' ?? >4 R. It. W til THS iWriiH i r TlIK HI HI S. N?? y<ms, Ai r.i tl. I*e4 r?*'n ed i i fit d two d ?r<, for a e??wd i?r tleui?e i . I.e . Oil k, if in tw I nil !ii,iaii4 kokiv Ht>H4?>< uri'trr. T?e Maiyiami t imatiia iiiaal csavsa* tlOII. r.Mnmnsit, Iprll !t lt<tt. Th" ?? 'orr -nti ?> r?m.i/?il l.y nia r-en??~o ?I Ilea i It. iiolbtla i.n tihii CriMiifiii tie rui l?m| i''? niiai.ifii hi uMno' hi. i n i ii nuiiiMire n-edeiaa* s <MI ' I ? to. in iWen -4 Itio .iutn mr?l< r eoted le Uie i.ercn mnh*?an<? inketi ilo'ir ???<?, and it is e*>t ) *t Ll ait wUsitur tLc> mil <K m or ??*. ? NEWS raOM WAMMMTM. The Tax Bill Boarly OtmpliUd by the Houm. Twenty-firo Millions Yote4 by Um Howe for tko Militia Troop. Interesting Letter from Beere tary Stanton. Actio? if the M a the ffalleaal Bank Bill, ?rMMM, April tT, 1S*4. BOHfiiT awum ok a tint ro rnuMtriu. Tb. Beorotary of iki ItrtMorf Ml Vnkk|toi last Bl(bt tar Philadelphia. The intelligence of kla going bit praiauil qaite a Butter ton H m trpn beaded that b. had f*ot to How York eflbrt M playing "Mw" to Wall dreet. Tvim>rin millions irnwmm* roi m militia?Lirm or rmt moutabt or was. The rapidity with which the Mil npwM by the Mili tary CflllM this iftaraooi, appropriating tweelyflvs million* or dollar* tar Ike par,mM|, *q nipping and transportation of tb* volunteer* eaUed oat by Iba Praot deat tar on* hundred day*, pan* Ik* Homo, onder a guapa?Ina or Ik* rulaa, ?aa a oonolustv* *vld*noo Ikal a largo maJerHy war* art lad ad of Ik* wladom aad expe diency of tko meaaur*. Tkaro was rary littlo appoaltloa mantf**t*d, and that waa oompl*l*Iy overwhelmed by iha propoodaraaoo or **ntlm**t la Ma favor. Tba following let tar accompanied Iba Joint waoh Moo:? Va Dvimmr, April M, ISM. 8m?Tb* Governor* *r Okie. Indlaaa, 111 toots, Iowa and Wisconsin bare tendered to I bo Preoideat, on tko 13d iqat, a largo number of volunteer* from tbetr respective State*, for anrvio* daring tba praaaal oampalg*. Tbey are expected to aamber rrom eighty to one hundred thousand men, their time oT aervioe ooe hundred day* rrom the master la. II la believed tbey oen render ua great service. Tbey are te be paid no bounty, M., are not to dlmlnlah or delay the draft lor throe year*' moo In State* where tba quota or Ike pending draft I* not filled up. The quota la Sited ap IB Indiana, lUlnoHi, Iowa and Wisconsin, and laaa than two thousand ara due from Ohio. The excess of the** troop* I* not provided for In the aalimale* heretofore submitted. It la, therefore, eetlmatod that tweetj Are millions oT dol lars will moot the oost of one hundred thousand of these extra volunteers. I raapectfally recommend a apeeiai appropriation for that purpoee, and aubmlt a Joint resolu tion to that effect. The Impending operation* reader It expedient that there eboald be early action by Congress upon tb* proposition, no that, If sanctioned, all noadful provision may be made In due aeason. I bar* the honor to be, Vary respectfully, \our obedient servant, EL)WIN II. STANTON. TBI TAX BILL. The HoaM devotod both aeasiona to-day to the conaid ?ration of tho Tax bill, and (it wan nearly com pleted In committee to-night. It would bare been Ozuabad but for tbo filibustering of Mr. Stsvons, tho ebatrmaa of ths Committoa of Ways and IImds, to prsvsnt thn striking out of tbo proviso authorizing rallroada, steamboat, ferry and bridge companies, ta add the amount of I be tax to (be rates of fare imposed upon tbslr passengers. Notwithstanding the efforts of Mr. Stereos and one or two otbere, (Be proviso was stricken oat, and the tax increased to two aad half par cent. The bill baa been rery much altered during its discussion in Committee of the Whole, orer Are hundred amendments baring been made to it. As It bow stands it is believed that, with any ordinary efforts to prevent the perpetration of frauds, It will preduoe froaa three hundred to three hundred and flfty millions of dol lars of revenue. Until this sveniag there has been no attempt to filibuster during Its oooetdoration, and much surprise was manifested that filibustering should come from lending members of the committee who reported H. Tbo representatives of California, and other gold prodnc tag States, suoosodsd la getting stricken out tbo proviso that tho royalty on tho product Ion of the precious metals should bo paid in kind; but thin was oflfcet by an inoreaao of the tax from three to five per com. Tbo Mil will bo completed aad pnsssd la tbo House to-morrow, and ordi nary business, which has boon almost sosponded since lis mtradneslen, will he prooeeaod with na rapidly an pose! bin. TBI NATIONAL BANS BILL IN THB 9BNATB. lbs dulnens of tho National Dank dissuasion In tho Senate was rnlinvnd to day by Mr. Chaodler electrifying tbonn present with the nssnrnnnn that bn hnd not "const! tutkon on tho brain," sad by qnotaUona from Milton by Mr. Snmner. Mr. Johnnoo quietly rebnknd tbo former, nnd Mr Fssssnden expossa tho innpprnprlatensss of Mr. 8oannr*s argument lo n cnnnlss speech, the force of which seemed to give thn Maaaacbuantts Senator saach offence. Falling to maintain bla ponition bn whined about pors n> alltiea, which npon being ehnllengnd bn fnllnd to point out. Tbo lmpreeekm upon thona prsseat seem no to bn that Mr. Sumnar's forte In tbnt of prsssntlng nbotltloo petitions, ?imil CKAWPOBD ON BIS WAT N TBB PltONT. General Crawford hsn arrived hnm na his way to tba front to rsnume command of thn Third division of tho Fifth corps, having sufltc.sntly recovered from his wnnnds te ennble bias to tnkn thn field. Onnnrsl Craw ford wns examined te day by tbo Committee on thn Con duct of the War la mint Ion te tba nparattonn npon tbo left at the battle of Gettysburg, la wWcb his dlvlstoa born a conspicuous part. ATTOlNTlUXTfl OONy:BBXD BT TBB BBNATS. The following nonfirmntlons were msds by the Seoele today >? to an aarasDrxa gbkxjum or voLtwmas. Colonel Edward M. McCook , fecund Indiana Volunteers. Colonel Hiram Bornham,^lxih Maine. OntMnel Lewis A. Oraut, fifth Vermont. Colonnl Kdwnrd Hatch, Sesond Iowa. to m aasvar buoawxs ukxbkal i kitbd STAT* abut. Colonel Pylvanua Thayer, for long nnd rnithfal services. ova. *rrm<muurr. J. C. hod field, to bn rsneivnr of public moneys at Hamboldt, Ksnsss. WISCONSIN BBQIMBNTS BN BOUTB FOB TSOINIA. Three nsw rsglments bsvs been orgsnlssd by Wiscon sin , and ars sa row's for tbo front. The Thirty-sixth and Thirty seventh hnvn boon enstgnod to Barbsids's corps, sad the Thirty-eighth to the Seoood army corpa. NBW OBLBANS TItOOM OBDBBBO TO WASBINOTON. Thn Veterna Rseervss organized at Mew Or I anna have bean ordered te Waahlngtoo HBSTITVTION. Tba Secretary cf tbn Treasury hss received through Major General Dtx two hundred doilnra tMamitted te that Onnnral by some unknown pnrsoa wbJ*acknnwledgea It to be due the United States. - BUBBCBimON TO TBB OOTBBNBBNT LOAN. The subscriptions to tbn tea-forty loan teday amounted to |m?,oo?. A ROLDIBB BBOT BT OVrBILLAS. A private la the One Hundred nad Twelith Psnneylva ala rngimnot, oa picket duty ncrons tbn Patoaas, at Kort Ethan Allea, aear the Chain Bridge, was shot Isst night by guerlllee. BBNTBNCB BOBPBNDBP. Tbo santenne of desth to Jamea Gray, of the Fifteenlh Mew York Engineers, has been suspended by ths Prssl dent ACCIDENTAL OBaTN.'tia Tick a, nf tba Tbirtan th New Tck cavalry, anoidaut .lly ab lb man f y -O'erday T LL< INI T1I? OSMADt OaNAI.a. tf?a State Dei artment baa been offiomllr Informed of ths pasaa?e of an nrd-w by thi Government Council of Caned> providing taat from nad after lie l?th day of April Irstant IM full ta lag artlc'.ea. he-l?ig paid lull telle through the ?H. I.twreooe Cniai. be passed fro * lh.-mi?h tUi vVo.lnl Caan'. ant if t>ll< sba'l ns.e tmen prevl-melr i-n t tnereo-i thrrigh tat Chimbit iNnat. aa?h t??. >? shall he re <m1 d at tbn ?mm nt Monme, ?If? Iro i of al* km la, etll <an< tba fnUwt.ig, baring paid full tol.a mrw igli the We lan.l lima', sbsli be p?. sod wtrm?b ?!>.? St. l.?wreao* aad I'bamb y cana.a, via.?a*bent. II > ir and a -rn. MURTT-KIOHIII COIOIIMI, rm?r sanatoN. Be mm a. Ws>ni*o rtv. A->rl* 87. 1*44 pwTirav r>n a* tvcwuie or a lihsn.' mi, Mr. t nans. (rep.) n l><vt, irsaetred p tin ma of ifa* ? vea *<u?ti>era and alel?m nf nulUlera uf l ? ?rniv, am ' tlnj'nrth i hat the p y ?f ilie ' In h ads, f.ihtr. a d h'ntbprs la tPelt-Huair, and priylng as lncrea?c ?. tnelr e ?mpanaattxo. t ma* t**n Bunr. . Mr. liAB.BV.frd^Jtr^lr L'.r&dB** a VI makl g wm rttm i it to IN 0?WH ? *5*** t?I. at the AlNlfetHMMMI hk| certain rulM wl i hr preventing oolltaieos m the viur. s MM to regulate tlM IU4 TMMi I or skips Hi VSOOeiB of tbs D(IM StalM. ibill I* provide far the collection Of ho* ?eio or the United Slates sold or tread fsrred ia foreign porta. All of which wore pneeed. _ ??? unon Am fat Mr. WB?aa, (rop ) af Mass., reported. frooo iko Military Oeaamittee, o biH ooaoeraing the aubaistoace aad pay of ?J* orav, wktota ssakee tko ratloa Mm mm mM?m? T* * lh# M Pkfl to tko MB oeoemla. stoned oOoon aad privates (wo dollars por moatk, that belag eomothiag mere taaa theeoet betwoea the proooot rattea and Ika oU one. li will fire twenty.foer dollars a pear ta tne privates, ta lien or Ika oosspeay fund, which la of assail beoedt to ika private eokUer. Tko ooaelderatioo af ika Mil to provide a national ourroaoT,eeoured ky tko pledge of tko UaitedBtatcd heads, to., came up a* tka apootal order. tkop lading lassllsa was aa tka tlsenon Committee sMadasoat iapwtag ft lacpf MM por oast on tka olraa iailee,a*uarter aa tka depaaMa, aad a qaarter aa tka oaMtaibeyeed tkat wklok (o la PdKQd Btatao bonds. prw vtdlartbat Btaiee, maaioipellliee aad oaaaMao eaay toy tko akft'oo of a koak MM by iudtvldaals or corporation* III IUM M tlfctr BrifftUMIML Mr. Poanmr, (rop.) of Kaaaao. moved to otrlko Ml tko Srtaata the Ooaoio t wliiicaismeadmsai "Tkal aeth la tklo aot shall ka tsasliaid to prevent tka market * of skaroo IP hay or tka paid, asooclstloaa, bold by any porsoo or body oorporato, from being Included la 10* valunttoo of tko ponwaal property of aaek person or oorporatloa la Iko ooneoomeet of all Uxss impoood by under Mala authority Mr Mate or otkor par. ? ao; bat aot at greater rata* tkaa ia aaeesesd upon other moneyed aapltal la tka kaoda af Individu al citizeoa of eaoh States; aad all tka remedies provided by State tawa for tka ooilectioo of aook taxaa shall bo applicable Ihsrsta," aid loasrt la Ilea thereof, "Provided that oothtag lathie aot akall be ooastrued aa exempting the oepual aloak of aa aaaoclalion keyoad the aaseoat Inveated to United Stateo bonds aad deposits dopoaltad with the Treaaarer of tka United States aa part ef lu capital, or aa aoourlty for Ha circulating notes, froai being aubjoot la the sasss rale of Plate and municipal taxation aa ta kapeeed npoa ether poraoaai property la tko stale, or city or Iowa la whleh Iko aoeocialtoa la f Mr. Poaaaov explained tkat Ika edhoter the amend aat weald be la allow Statea to tax all capital, except that pat late Ualtad Stataa boo da aa tka capital of their hanks Heaald tkia was la kueplng wttk the existing law. Mr. Bowa, (rep.) of Wie., supported iko aasandmeot, art lag that Ike Stales aad ao right to tax government bonds. Mr. CoLLaasa. (rep ) of VI, argued that by the terms of the United Statea loaaa Ike boada were not to bo Used by the general government, bat there waa ao pledge as to Slate taxation. The tax upon the shareholders waa not a tax apoo toe atock of a bank He did not, howaver, see how iko MUtee oould got along wilk oaa lax alter another pat apoo them and monopolized to the general ?overs men I. Thin waa not the principle upon whtrn the government sot out. The only exception In behalf of the govern meal waa In regard to duties oo Import*, not as a revenue measure, but for the sake of uniformity, aa the different States would have laid dlflare nt dutiee. The sou roes of taxation should be"lo common. To paaa this idmonl would bo eoqueeterlag that amouat of capital solely for government purpooeo. It waa a question with blm whether so great aa amount onnld be withdrawn from State taxation without serioao disturb nee. Mr. Caamtua, (rop.) or Mich., supported Mr. romoroy's amendment, nrguwg that the committee's proposition would kill the bill He had authority for ssying that we were not eellmg more tbaa half enough of tbe tea- orties to meet the daily expensso or the government. What could be s greater inducement for toveetmeot in tbem tbaa to aay they should not be taxed? There were many eternally laterpooing constitutional objections to men surea which were necessary to sustain lbs government Ha f r one wss not afflioted with (ho prevalent disease of "constitution on the brain." Mr. Jobixii, (opp.) of Md., said that however be might wish to preserve the government of tbe United State*, he wished aloo to preeerve tboae of the Stales. Tbe latter bad the power of taxati n, and in the formation of the constitution there wss no concessions of that power eavo aa indicated by the Senator from Vermont. He did not know what Mr. Chandler meant by his beiag free from thedweaaeof lhe"Umetitatioo on the brain." If ho was entirely free from it, be bad relieved himself from his OblUattoos assumed here; but if he only saoaut that ho would give a liberal eewo tract ton to the conetitulloo, they probably Ihgreed ia optakoo that tbe war waa not at an end, and ita rasa Ha were ia tbe womb of time. No owe oould tell what waa to be the extant of tbe public debt. Hoocpcoed the amendment of Mr. Pomeroy, be caaoo be believed M was Impolitic at thle time. Ihe Stale goveramoote, as weH aa the aatlowal government, were to be preserved with their reputation tmtarnitbed Mr. Suana, (rep.) of Mane., cited Ike decialooa of CMor Justice Marshall In the case or McCaUougb, In Maryland, declaring a Stat* tax on the United Statea Bank void. Mr. KvwBMDtff, frep.) of Me , replied that that case bad > tbe preeewt knl no application In I Tbe farther consideration sf the subject waa sssde tbe special order for to morrow. to a TxaaiT bt or nvADA. On mutton of Mr. Wurn*, (rep.) of Mhm , thePro eldanl waa roqueetod to cemasuaicato any Information tn bai peeoeoeioa In reference to the Territory of Nevwdn ma ravw sautiuB nu Oa-asotioo of Mr. How*a?, (roo.)of Mloh , the Paolflo Knllrond bill was made the official order for next Mq. day. Iko Senate then wont intneaeeotHreeaa.on,aad short ly after adjourned. U*M? af lUprtltaUtlT*!, Wamraioir, April ST, UN m UTIMM TAX box. Tt* Bmw weot M? OomMn of lk? Whole aa Ik* Internal lu Mil. Aa iftkadnwl waa mad* raqairtag *ommerclel broker* u> pay Iwaetjr-flTe dollar* for e*eh lleaoaa, without regard to lb* aaaawai of tk*lr lr*n**sll*a*. Mr. MoaaitL, (rap.) of VI., om bebalf of Ik* Com mlttaa *? Waya aad Metaa, mo red aa aa ameodment thai o? brown or muscovado aagara, not abor* aumber twelve, Dutch ataadard la on lor. produced directly from lb* eacar ?***, aad aot from aorgbum or Impb**, other then Ik*** produced by Ik* nliw, a datjr of two eaat* per pound *b*H b* tmpooad. Mr. Moaaiu. explained that ia* duty la bow two naU a pound, aad lb* Coa*mlilee oo Way* aad M*aa*. o* reooo alderattoa, bad com* to lb* cenchialoo tbat lb* rat* abould b* preserved, taalcad of piaciag M at on* oeat, a* origi nally r*pori*d. Mr Ramdali., (opp.) of Pa ,opp*eed tb* amendment. Rather (baa locreeee lb* tax oa augar I bore abould be a reduction. ??. Tb* ainandiBMt waa adopted by 60 against 4T. The bill waa further amended a" aa lo provide Ibat on all clarified or ratlned augara, above Dumber twelve, produced directly from tb* can*, there shall b* a duty of three cents, and oa ratlned or curlflod abor* Dumber eighteen four ceati a pound. Various amendments to lb* Stamp Duly section war* mad*, Incladlag tb* lollowtng:? Ipcr?lag tb* duty on bill* of aala of v*aaola, aa fol lowa.?Wb*r* tb* coaakl*rattoa doe* not exceed $600 tc fifty c*au ov*r $Soo aad not exceedtnc $1,000, oae do!* lar, exceeding $1,000, aad for *v*ry additional 91,000 or fractional part tb*r*of, fifty cent*. Oonvayancea of real aatat*, where tb* consideration do** not exceed $600. fifty oeata; aad for erery add I ttooal $600 or tractlpnal part thereof, fitly oeata. On bonds aad mortgage* and oa, raal **iate, lba same duties aa oa enaveyaacea. Paaaag* lick*la to foreign porta, *xo*pt to porta of Br Utah North Aiaerio*, where the prlc* doaa not exc**d $30, fifty cents; over $30 aad not exceeding $60, on* dol lar, and over $60 and lor *v*ry additional or fractional part thereof, on* dollar Aa amend men i waa adopted la relation la " warakoua* 'receipts," providing a* follows:? For fl ty barrels of dear stored la a public or privet* warebous* or yard, a duly of fire cents shall b* charged; foro ver fiftj barrala and aot exceeding a hundred b ir r*ls, a daty of ten oenta, aad for e?ery additional hundred barrel* or fractional part thereof, t*n caata. Kvery fifty buab*l* of wheat ara to b* charged la Ik* sam* proportion aa the ahoy* On fiity barrel* of beef, pork or preeerved meala, a duty *f t*a eenta la to b* chargad, oa over fifty barrala aad not exceed id* oaa hundred barrel*, twenty c*nta, and on every addtiioeal hundred barrala or fractional nftft th?r*"f Uo Mllli ua fifty tier oaa of be*f, baoon 0r preserved m*ata, fifty Mats; oa oxer fifty tiercea and nol *zc**ding oaa hun dred tierce*, oaa dollar, aad on each additional hundred Heroaa or fractional part tb*r*ef, fifty c*al*. oa moti<a of Mr. Kaaaoa, (rap.) of Jowa, a proylao waa added m lbe ?drawback ace'lon," a* follows ? There ahall be aa allowance ee drawlark oa reflaad ell. whea **p*rt*d, of oaa d I >r aad ihirlr aaat< oa a barrel at forty aatleae kf kt?? as laired that tbia nam al for oil manu fantared lor exporteitoa won id a* e?uat to Ik* tax or dollar l Oo i waa ad pl?d pr-vlding l mad* fur aay aoMuat o>al*a?-d or doe irea thaa lea d'4lar*. A tax *1 fire par e**i*i* ad ?a?i*a waa ptaaad oa ice. Mr. ntriM, (rap )*T Ka., aaeved t* atrik* *nl lb* di rect tax seel aa I'r Uommili oppnred the emet.ameat, earing ll??t II wculd n ?-"B?,<t <>red tan "w* waal twwey ?' Tl?ta di. re>'.| lax w * *a? ended tor lao years, oaa o| ?liM b 1 a't *ady expired if wa b-va a las. aa a lien rm fb-iI*' rttnrj, ii will ea >b * tbe goewnuM**! b? out. rce wl. t m fa sittel*. ry the *oaa*?"lt' aw a I wa. it la rl* I trial perl e* ia ratal rtaid* ?booid i aj ib* tax ?* wall< a '"'jte'lTuma (r*p.)*f Jaw*, advca'ed airkin*-ml t? ? dl-f*' tax aeott n.. Me 'Id Wl 0..wplata * ???*?* t,? dl *ct tat, but ila iBaiB.llty. wn?ch bore u?faniy upou Ui* <m|: ta<a f , Mr. M BBU reiltad tk.l U wa* a a?a*tii?lll ial. J-i I *nir'r|i?"V**rb|..) ?< ekowej Ikal Ibe genii - mm from Iowa I Mr Wil-a) b*l ao reawa. b. o mpia.a 0 >he in J'ta' I* "? 'axatfio. aa Khodn le'a d and t llo tl pa* lour IM*r* '*a tt?aat? *< h*wa d??* a, Mr H. taaa.f'W 1 "* lad..?Ow d ttie oll< aing,ehl'h Mr Meraaa .?*>*!???*?? ? aok??iiau or bia own m**>|. " that tb- an? baa<l*ed aed B''-*t*entti aei-tii^i .>f the a-t l? rt.w.rte mfma ie-?-ati ? ao.t | a tae Inter- ?t ?>* >Ka cuuie d to a i> ? ? J'*l? 'b ? "a " i" allw% *?r. Jl >t. ?a d i at t lie 11 wilt icciiva ? I'ptMidod the fr.t| eti a of tl.e direct lax l?r ie? rea-*, or uh'lt mil 1, i v'A. and i w?wid be a b - a n<a i*ph ? ? re|e ?l II. 1 Mppilt XX1 a I p* atMia, I* tae legutmaie ot^ewt of I x ("hi I Mr. M 'a? "'a rmertdtrent eaaa r e1 la a new e ti?n wa* a Med in the bt I. a* ra iuwa ? " Tbat where a t Ul or dtMj ia f?p???d lag IN I"* tor *<|>oriaiH<a wn*>a n e?u?i w in w w ? r a barrel, already lM|? *d aa orade peir*l*nm. mutton >if Mr. Ik*ti>b, (r*i?. j V M. T., aa amaad I wa* ad pt*d. or-Ytdinx lbet i>? a>i->w?a*a akaH be *S5Jifi9 C85U!? th*MMtax MaMcul,#M**iyl M Ml* Mr PM04.1H IteMHlUMktnrwA ? ? OB mum ? Mr. Mimii * Wordered ikMtkiM [i* Autoar ooaaldarM Ik* *v#*lbf. mjtnjm rvtm wjm ?*? mum. I Mr. Oumu, (r*p.) of Ohio, 'ruea the Committee sa , Military Aitkin, raportad ft Jotat resolution appropriating MlflMM of dollars to mf <? *rs?ia*. ?)*!? Ipteg. clothing, nMiMN, traaeportaMM u4 Mr ef vnun t?li?>nn, for ? torn of service srf mi Im Um CM feOMirid Iftfft Mr. lninwM, (opp.) of N. T., Mid that ho kM M otjeotiM to It* puMftHwu propoaad, previdM ? inM tax iu Imposed to par that amouat. Mr. Buon, (opp.) ef V. Y., moved to rolbr th? mala tioa to Um Oommltto* on War* aad beam. Othor fMUowM a?trod to (Hmom the proyooltW la Committee of tho Whole oa tho Ma to of lb* Uotoa. Tito rwlatli*. hoMw, wm rialtiid by aimoet <mm ?lam* oooaeat, aad wm pa?d, lb* Bww refaelng to tak* tho queftloa by ;?m ud My*. Mr. BaooaaxoUlmed ?Whail tw*oty-lv* million* at dollar* voted la thrae mtaalm, lb* Boum bar* look a recaa* till urn P. M. rrnmo bmiow. bcwim or pat or imraorou or ousioim . Mr. Twmm, from lb* Commit te* oa Way* aod Msms. raportod tbo Senate bill aatboricleg lb* Seerelary of Km TrMMT/ I# loorMM ih# oonptuftlkM of lBip#oiifi of ftal?i Ml tom*a*dtoar dollars per day, whtch p*is*d tm mmt *4* au, Tbo Boa**, la Committee of lb* Whole, rWMtoi Ika BMaMiratlM of tb* Iaiaraal Tm bllL Mr. hMW, (Mf>>of Obto. (Mm tho Oommltto* *f Way* aad Mmm, prspns*d a oaaibor of amoodiiwali tor the better and mora speedy execution of the penalty *ao> th>? *t tho bill, whtob were adopted. . Oa motion of Mr. KAa*o?,lbe atstaaath **otlo?*f lb* Sob-Trea#tiry apt of IMC wm adopted a* applicableto *? MBo*n of internal t*vmu* ototrged with the oustodp *C paMlo utouoia. tm amendment wu adoptod (mpeaiag a duty of MM aad a half par oeot ad valorem a* tow mm amount ot tbo a*lM of sugar reSoera. Includta* all tbo product df tbatr manufactories or rattaertea. Oa motion at Mr. Moestxx, Br* par Mat *4 raMM ru isapsaad oa quicksilver produced toa tba or a. Om of tbo oImm* wm amMtod ao that a data of Iff par om! be bapaaad w gold or stiver prodaoad froaa qaarto ab**, fr*a* hod* of river*. free* tb* *artb, wM mr otb*r war or a*nnar, nrovtded all *u*b datia* | b* payable to ootn or bullloa. Mr. Bun. (rep.) of CaJ., moved M aMMdaaent, thai ao duljr shall be coKeoted oa say amonad aadar (ML thl* principle wm ad*pl*4 a* to other*, ud why *b*old It aot b* extended to miners? Mr. 8ia>aa* *atd tbaa* minor* bad haM apottad br to dulgooco, ud a*w they ? bowed It tbruugb Mr repra wmtatlve. They gathered tbatr net*I* oa laad betongtog to the govarnmMt, wbtafc mw merely **k*d MM** tor# mall royalty. Mr. Hlgbr'* MMtoart wm re acted. Mr. Wallao*, delegate from Idaho, moved to *trlk* out tb* above prortM reielrlng pay moat toooto. Ba Mid It wm la effeot a repudiation of ibe Tba prortoo wm atrtohaa oat. Tb* proviso r*la! log to the *ale* *f gold aad sliver ML Hob, be., wm altered *o m to read a* follows:? Any aaraoa. Arm or eoeepawy, aet betas lleeaaed ?tow leers, nrha shall eell or offer to eel!, any ?oW or atlverbad lioa. aterttog esobaaga, naeaeeeat aioaey, pramiaoary MM stocks, b aa in or ether eeeurttiM aot bnnn Mm et tbo thae aad their own property actuatly m bead, ebalt be Itablrto addition teal! other peaaltleeprovided la eueh neaea. to par dfty per e*Mt la addtUoa la the raaee ef daty of oae-Aftb-ef Me par eeM en aaleo>or eoatraetaler Mia*. Mr. Itonu **td the iatoMtoa or the pmviM wm Mb operate oa the gold gambler* l> Hew York. Mr. Botmrau, fsep.) of Msss., BMaoces*fally muM to strike oat the above provlno. Ibe commOtee, by a tote of tbly abe agalMt twMtr* four, struck oM the proviso tbme alt rabroad. steamboal,. ferry boat aaal bridge oorporattoa*' shall have tbo right to add the duty av t ?* Impoeed to tholr rales ef faro wbeaew their liability tb*r*to majr comnaeaa*? any llmliatloaa which bay ezM by law or by agreeasettt with My p*r *on or comiwny, which may ba*? paid or bo liable to pay *ach far*, t* tb* oontrary notwHbetaodlog. Thee* eompanle* are new repaired to pay a dely of two aad a half per cent oa their gros* raoalpt*. Tbo commtttM roee without dwpoaiag ef the bill, aad at tweoly mloutea before eleveo o'oio*k lb* Homo ad? twtnel SAFETY OF THE RE QALANTUOMO. Her Arrival After Thlrtjr^tgkt Dajre M Ttmlra la at Di*ahltd Tbe Italian liaaof-baMlo-sblp Bb MNt*no bM a* Infill 1mm bttrl from, iM It la grata y hag to be iblt to state that aha U safe,. together with bar aatira crew, wMeb numbered about roar huedred souls. Slgoor Anfora da Dclgnaoo, tbe Italia* Caaaal General to tbla city, baa receive* a letter from Ckptaaa tools. oeaa no seder of tbe Re OtbaNoo^ anoouaelag the aafb arvt vnl of bis vessel at Terceto-ai, ooeof the Jtsoroe, ar Weatera IikMh. Oiiptf in laoli it if i that Mi I mUMi fearfat damage rrem tbe atom* wbicb pravnUed aborttf after bar departure from tbia port. Bar onato war* aM carried ewajr, bar bulwarks amaabed, aMI everything aa deck whirled into tbe aea. All Mr gaaa bad to be throws erarbaard, beaadaa other heavy artIclea, to aoabto bar to weather tb? stern* itortaoetely not a aing ia lire wae leak The offloera tart Marty aM their tiotblafi aal ware aan|iaUedleatoM|aaM hantolpi untU their antral at Taseelra, which wae thirty tight day* after their dapartere Nat tbia pert. Captain laola endearored to return to New York, bet, after a veto adbrt, wae obliged to aiba IW Teroslra. rapt ate >eele farther atataa that he hailed aa America* chip while hit vessel wae to distress, aM aaked for ae alataaoe, which was refuaed Tha ralr. Ml f ode reaanlatag at the Unlan aqnare beiMlag ware auctioned a* yaatarday. Thai a warn bet a few srtMsa remaining, and tbaae brenght rather tadtflbreat prices. FroaaOuaeeldorf, Sweden eo4 otoer pUcee gooda have arrived within tbe past few days, wtbb are ratber late la tha market, bat which win now be ancttm ed off. The Treaaarer aaeoaecaa that M wM beaeeae waaka before tbe entire rroelpto of the ralr are reedy tor peblt cation. Today thsaectiowsaisn wiilbeooatlauedat tha Feurteeath street building. The Valen OeaUral Llnaeia Oaapatga ?lab. OI.B ABB TO BB BBHOM1K4TBD AT At.L RAZABM. Tbe Central Untoa Lineal a campaign dab held a meet ing Inat eveamg at the elab reoma, oornar of Dap ad way and Twenty-third street, for tbe pnrpeae of erglBg afas tbe republican party end the oonatry at large tbe nncon slty of renominating Mr. Lincoln at tbe Convmtlee to be bold on tne Ttb of June Beet. The? took strong graved ?inat n postponement of the <'onventioo, nad In n praam ton resolution which was adopted, they assarted that "tbe re <eoos sssigned for said postponement were puerile, and, Ib tbe* judgment, dictated by n desire w> obtain more time to defeat the win of tbe loyal people of the country?i. ?. tbe friends of Mr. Lincoln?who consider tbe rmomlnatlon of that Individual certain If the Conven tion will be bold nt the tlm? desUneted." Mr. Charlea C. Spencer, tbe obalrmaa of tbe organization, introduced aa tbe speaker of tbe evening ex-OorarBor Noble, of Wlxooa son, who made a long speech la Invor of the ronomina tlon of Mr. Llaoola, la which be denounocd tbe friend* of Mr. Chase, who sre In fnvor of postponing tbe Convention, aa little better than copperheads, sJtbo igb he declared his willingness to vote for nod sup port tremont, If that gentlemen should be fortunate enough to get the nomination. He pitched lalo tha dam* orats in tbe mast furious style, declnrlug thai aa sooasa a prominent member of tbst party declared bis fealty to the administration, he was immndlstoly "read o t of the party;" and cited ns examples Daniel 8. IMckinoon. Judge Holt, Andrew Johdbba, of Tenneeaee, and others After tbe cnnclnsloe of Mr. Noble's speech, the (lleo Club aang two o impaign songs, dedicated to tbe pratae of Mr. Lincoln, which wero reoelved with vociieroua ap plause, after which tbe meet eg adjourned, wlin the aa nonncement by tbe President that ha was about to pro ceed to Washington to reenre spenkers wbOi would electrify them wltb their eloquent oul glee ef their fsvorite candidate during tbe Interval bo!wee*now ead the flnal struggle In Movomber. City laetolllgnaaeo. Tbshmobial to Jxnss Honxx.?This evsnlng the friaaids of Jsmes Heeaan, toe brother of tbe Benlaln Bey, who baa reoeotly returned from England, purpoee giving blm a teetlmonlnl benegt nt tbe CHy Assembly Rooms. The programme of tbe evening's entertainaseat ooaaprteaa gymnnstlcs. feoclng,eperrlag and Indlsa dub sesrolam by the beat prefe*n?aei talent In tbolr rmpeotlve da port mania la tbe elty, nil of whom have voluntarily tea tiered their eervloeeao tbe oooasloo. An tntereatbag raa tnre ef tbe nflblr will be tbe display of scientific sparr la* wHh the glavm, between iWasear Whitney and Mr. Heeaea blmeeif. A KBir Stocb Kiraxiroa.?The erect I a of a aa* Stock CBobange has been oamssonced on Wall, Use sod Broad streets. It will be In I he sbi|? af t s letter T. wltb elegant mirnla frwits on Wa l nad ilpml streets, and a brick frotit <a New street, ua rroel ?ire t it wdl be lour ai?r:*a In i?igbt, wltb a dep'H nf seventy two f?f. fi>? drat et<>'y n?.in, which *'11 ho tor IliO ? ?i?a btx,rd," wi.i he one n nlrrd at 4 lUty leet fc.fg by Iraty-fMir alia, witb aieiileg tee t> l*ii f. et iu height. tin - h ? sc.: Htd Uonr in lite New street nli g th re wl.i bd ?line sin> I > is r ?n, a'x by dfty-eig t reet, lor lhe most n,? o* ibo regular b?e<d? Mr Job* Kallum H tb s<chitc.t ? M<<rrBLt COAL Saw.?lbs regtiar nr.-otbly mi's of Scrantot. coil tock plnce yraM'f a> nt.d tbe prl .eg reel IiM* wer* bUher. at will be roen b> the following reprt of tbe eole?:?Urate, Uv tme et ii 10: ou. h.mio t. rs *1 |1 10. s orn *.T< n laM fr?*tlnu ?*; Mtop, \ t> ft t<>ns et M: ata*nii>o<t|4,000 tors tr >m I to g.t iv gratn, 4,0ti0 toi.s .r im f? oft i?T;C .e*'n t.ln ra $1 g: t?I% Ceasrt Cnlenalnr?Tlats D>y. HO"BnfB Co1 Br?C nrviT.?Pert 1 -Adjo?ira?.l *l<ho?i| dnv. I'ait a?Vne. M M1.l9.ltl*. lit*. 1M?. 1*3*. l?t4.?T9'<. ivm, U7i, UW, us#, |?4.1JMt, IWO. 11> J, |f.??. IMS. 1*4)0. Part S?\' s. I4.W. IfT1. S??. Ii'?\, 14 4 !?*?'?. ie-M??5. lAIT.UO, IA91, IAN, 1(4)*. 1 |W. IT01.17OS. | M5 I TOT, 11V9. Btf ramn n cer?Tkim Tk?s.?|*nrt 1 -vo-. S4tl.IT??. 4ftT?. 40 A. 4104 4107. 4100,4111, 4113. 41 IK. 4> IT. 41IV*. 4?*1, 41'Jt. 414-1. Pert ?-Nm, :t ut4. UIIJ HI ? . ??.??. wu#,??:,??w, nn, aM*,

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