Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 29, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 29, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. TufMfAT, AprH 38?6 P. M. lb* etoek market opened weak again ibis morning, and lower prtoea Ml upon nearly ever/ share on the lif-l. Com pared with yesterday's I ale* at ihr first board. New York t Wit raj dech 2% p-r cent, Erie R.ilroad IK, Erie pre ferred 1, Hudson River 3^, liar.em 4 Headings'*, ??'hi gan Central 2, Michigan Southern 3, Illinois Central 3, Cleveland and Pittsburg Svg, G* ena and Chicago d.Cleve land and Toledo Chicago and Rock Island 1, Pittsburg and Fort Wayne S<<, Chtcafo and Northwestern 4 Cum beriaa 1 Coal ?, Canton Company S, Quicksilver Mining 8, and Maripoaa 2 V Pacific Mull advanced 4 per cent. Tbe closing quotation* were as follows:?Krio Railroad 114Vi Reading 136, F-rie preferred 107, Michigan Southern W, Illinois Central 128'*, Cleveland and Pittsburg 111 V. Cleveland and Toledo 148, Chicago and Northwestern ftfl, Pittsburg and Jort Wayne 116, and Cum r<eri*nd Coal 7""*? I Tbs bhare market has not yet recovered from the ef fecti of the panic, as the transactions at the past few I day* stronglr indicate. It was firmiy believed at the close of I aft week, and the good ffceflng that prevailed added strength to the supposition that tbo tempest had passed off, being satisfied with the destruction it pro duced on the previous Monday, and thai the street would eoon resume Its wonted lively ap ?ar?nce. But the hopes 01 brokers aad specuiati rs i.ave been sadly disappointed. The markot to ay ebbed as low as it was driven under the influence of the panic, and the prospect for Improve ?Met does not now seem as promising as it appeared on Tuesday of last week. Tbe cause of this to pome extent may be traoed to tbe United States Congress, whore a num ber of bills are now pending wblcb are calculated to affect in a greater or less decree the business operations or tboae who are bent apon digging fortunes In tbe vicini ty or Wall street, wbo are usually denominated brokers, ?lock jobbers, speculators and gamblera, with a sprink ling of outsiders, whose business it is to furnish tbe mo ney, and who change positions to make room for a more plethoric set with every turn of the tide. These laws which are now being acted on by the national legislature ?ire a dead weight upon the Mllway and miscellaneous stocks?not mors by the fear which they create in regard ? to their operation, ir passed in the shape they now pre w nt, than from the uncertainty which hangs around them, cod the danger that they may be made more oppressive fcy additional tinkering. It will bo a great relief to the ?took market when Congress disjiosne of ail such mev '??roe as bear directly or indireotly on Unsocial transac tions. GoK oi?ned this morning at 17Rt?, sold down to 77'*, thee up again to 79*f. and cloned finally at 179>? The Assistant Treasurer reports to-day as follows:? Amount on hand $37,896.835 Receipts from customs H.M) ooo from other sources 1,121. 286 Total $39,867,621 Payments - 2,421,3.9 Balance $37,446,292 Subscriptions to 10 40 loan 107,450 The condition of the banks of the three principal com mercial cities of the Union may be seen In the following table'giving the aggregates or their last weekly state ments ? Loon'. Specif Firevlatinn. Depnrtfu. V. York. April23.$1%.2.^ 723 24.068.205 0,679.947 16t.97S.lM Phil* April 15 .. SV 570.587 4,095.475 2,258,886 S7.8'.>3,2:t7 Boa M, April 25.. 72,536,U06 tM.M< ln.48-i.17C .81810,(129 Total $8kUW5.H66 S5.)I?.?."J I.\:i7l.?i9 iWi.aifiM Last week 3IJ.65,\929 32.652,713 16,411,046 2JU.U35.487 Pecrease io loans $2,162,063 Increase Id specie,. 2.603,300 Itocrease in circulation 69,537 Decrease in deposits 8,834,059 There are thirteen banks In the State of Minnesota* the statements of which oo the 1st of April footed up aa fol <?w? ? . ~ . - - Securities, market value $503,037 Circulation 413.261 tioans and discounts 384,3*1 Deposits 404.812 ?Some of the Institutions whose reports are Included in the above aggregates are of the "wildcat" order, one of which is (be La Crosse and La Crescent Bank, which has * registered circulation amounting to $27,900, and secu rities the pir a# paper value of wbieh is $49,000, Imt their real wort#being, as the State Auditor assorts, only 119,000. The bonds and share* of the Milwaukee and St. Tsui Railway have been recently unanimously placed upon the official lint of the Brokers' Board. TtiU is one of the most rerontly te irgaSiized railroads, every movement having been bused ut>c^i decisions of the f-upretne Court of the Cnited State' and other federal courts. The company is ? ooosolidaiiou o( and successor to the late Lt Crosse nod Milwaukee Raiiroad?except the eastern division? the Milwaukee aid Western, the Watertown, the Milwau kee and lioriron. and the Ripon and Wolf River railnads, \wo hundred aud seventy-sis mile- Io all, extending from Milwaukee, via Columbus, to La Crosse, witb brandies to Berlin and to the fox river, and Ircitu Watertowa loSuo ?frairie, twelve miles irom 'Madison, the capital of the {Kate. The comi any owes no floating debt, and bis apon it but one mortgage <K $4,000 000, bearing seven per ccnt later est and having thirty years to run. The following is the financial condition of the road.? First and only mortgage $4,900,000 Income bonds 2S9 138 f*rei?rred stock 2,4U>,000 Common stock.. 1,000.000 TOU! $8,289,138 ??Or about thirty thousand dollars per mile. The earnings of the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad firing tbe week ending April 21 compare with the re ceipt* during tbe same time last year as follows ? ?Week ending April21,1864 ..$40,488 8arae time In 1803 22.U11 Increase,.. $18.14? Tbe (.al^na and Cbicaco Union RaHroad earnings during ?the week eudiag April 22 were as follows:? Week ending April 22,1664 ...? Y47.162 Sane lime last year 32.lid Increase 115,044 The shipments or geld from Han Franclecu between the 1st of January and the 26th of March amounted ft tbe foMe-wias sum ? Jaw isry 1 to Mar-b 26 SIR.OOVW Sao i* time in 1863 12.436.3U8 fjxotttthlt year fa,'72.M>i Coif m m - San Francisco circular of April 1 refers tu tnunc al matters In that city as follows ? 1 here in plenty of capital in the market for pood hnrl Des |*nei. and a conMtlerablc mnoont lor iriri;.-tment in ?ucb o: our sec irities a* are doomed entirely safe. Tbe current rale ia 1 a 2 per cent per ranotb in bank, ai d outdoors 2 a 4 i*r cent, witb I arte applications. For regular busines* purposes no great atr?uot Is wanted, al though there l? still complaint of small remittances ir< m the Interior. Tbe receipt? of tre isure siune our report of tbe 20tb u l bare retried about fl,.160,900, of which $20(1,000 wus available on last sMauef nay, aid tbe fcrmicb Mint ha* taken over ?100,000 more. Exebattre Sn tbe Atlantic cities is ruling day at .* i per cent pre iium on gold for currency bins; but the rate for to-mor row i* determined. H r com payaMOt & a ? per c<-nt ?rotnmtn ts.detnade4, an t lor telegraphic tranalers C',i a 1 per coot premium. Rankers' sterling at sisfy days is Beid at 4?d at?"-,d. C>mroer< al sterling Is scare, and erortb 4tw. a 49 '?d. Franc* 6.00. Legal tenders fell off to ?1 a 61 yt. bet have mllicd agaui oMer tbe late favorable tateiliceoce from tbe Kaat, and are now beid at 62 X a 03, with a moro active inquiry. H6? 1881. rag. 115 w? U H r.'s 6 Va, rag ItWU ww ua t * b are, aoe m v KM? da 11H? ?9000 Ill iSWu U* ft *, iwd.eoe . 144 tu? Ua 4 s 1 year eer *7V 7W* do ftJJ aaoo w iMOtiTr a 7 s-io OAA. Mix gout Tennrnneet'B tO M 4100 ile M M* Ml??>url 6's Tft'f too do 70 t#Wl Okie A Miu cert If ft4 |n?? do M H |?0l M 1<XXI0 4e .........blO 66K li??i l iff.N ? AE 1st in 109 J*00 Brie 6(h mlc b la lift rM HI hW?n lolim IU7H ?am oii.fnw mi bda 1(4 SBChi a NVT Id m.. ?ft bauoo lUKUx BHIirtm V-X lSwg Tel A Wab Ul Ul.. Vt AkJOUCbl ARUM* ... U! aunu I'ltiK.HWAl bil?i IJ^H frM *l??(* ?lo'la*1Jl m lis* CM A All "Is * M*'<Wl?tmO 4tr 101 . *>?> BrOregor W l.lrn ?l . ?*? Amerna* fold ... ITJS jh>ia?sCaa">o* ompany 44*% So de.. & r Itoek Bicbaag*. Tatrasnav. April 2-8?10 SO A. M. 2U> sh* y-iicknii* Ms Co ?; S0.if?ci(lc Mail hSCo.. 2:0 10 <10 ?<> 1* T Central RR... I cm no JOnErir KK ?? do **' do AO Erie KK pref 5' do Mi Hudson River RR 00 < do 9M do I'<) do.... bS IM 201 Hiri?m RR ...... 2*1 )m rt" *30 213 ??) Reading KK I? D"<| ilo 2i Slsth Avenue KR 1(V Mich ' en RK 1 on Ml' b ?o A H I RK tw 130 ISSJi 181 i IIS* in? # X* i* IS8H 10' Mlrb Ko A N I a 110 lit Osn RK uriTp 135-S I2U 140 lH I2S )27'4 127', ir^ ?d* M Qearti Hill MgCe.. 46 r 46' ? V | m j|*rlpou iitnlng Ce Si si* ?VEKrf -^.r?:-6 g 2 g iai QmMtutWm i*|i|j 5 * A* i 9UU du 1(11 do >100 do ?" do bin 12- : 1715 III Cen cun bd *e. 121 ?? Cieve a Fitts RR... 110 **> do ........ ... l(f?S 6"' do IhhJ lACl^e i'oIAI InKR 166 liKMial'o* A Chi KR. 123 4l?C.e<o 4 Toi-do UK 148 ?IQChieneo A R 1 RR H i 100 do lt?i< no do ns'% 100 do.... )U M do.... blO lM>t 101 Chi. Bur A <4 KR. 11? 6? 4o 198 ?i MIU I' da C KR.HI0 d? 4?*> Tel A Wabash t ref. 80 ton Pitta. Ft WACblKR IIS lllO do *10 IM t u de *10 IU ?n do .... .... U4>4 101 Alt A T llaule RR . 66 1UU Alt A T H KK pref HS WKlCbieago AM W KR 06 St do ttk IflO Ckleano A N W pref 77 lot de tf.H 100 de JtH IN S 76 IKWD Nil#. _ ? Halt r?it Two ?'Ciow, f ? rwx? r? re. 1 it ear.. m "*!?" 1 ?f1"-KB-ri ?fj AK>i Missouri ... ?]! !5 BMitMlii""' 1ST 15 <M 01<M l*im*r MX BH i'0 i Arncrii ?o golu .. 18 1 >W do &icmfcciiiw;:: j??*? *? '/?'?'?'???? ??? do blO 71? ?UU do ... M Tacit! Mail MOo.. 227 1U? do _? }J! 2m 4. --Tf 6 4?Olere A Puu BR... 1U am W T Cen Biv blO U?>, H? J}? *^10 do ............ Ui i do............. p- i ?S trie Bit "?;* J?0Me *RkIHR 114*] ? if I dii 1 4 4 lW) do .ft.nW 114-4 i i, d?: IMS a*) Pitta, HI WAChi BB 117 IS)Hud Kir BR 139 20d AH A lor H BB.... 61 100 do IHi*1. ISU do 68 ItW 1WV SW Ohio 1NW BB..... 5->V? SUU do IB) 100 Chic A N W pret. . 71 Bales at the Public Hoard. Half-past Thrkb o'Cion P. M, $10100 Ohio k Miaacar. 5-i 2 0 Mich t-oA N I o t It It 99 ^rKMO do 55S SOil l'l?r IP KB, nrdlT 1II\ HiikHI American gold .. MUS 2<0ClnvATol IIK .0 US 10>i aha Krla BB lU'J lOu Otic A N W BB.... 58 100 Una BB t<referred. 107 4U0 P. KfW A Chic BB 110 2 0 Harlem BB 215 100 do aoO K',' 2 ti Kea.iing BB 136W 40u do 11?. Vfc 400 do IS5? 100 Tol A Wab pref ... 7* J<?U UUnol* On BB.... )'>H 200 Cum Coal Company 75 V tSOJ do 128'4 300 do UK CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. Tuuksiut, April 28?6 P. U. Asn**.?Receipts, 48 bbla. Market steady, with sales ?f 36 bbla. pots st $9; pearls sre nominally $11. ^liuunsTrm ?Receipts, 13,292 bbls. flour, 429 bblp. sod 1,166 bags corn meal, 2,722 bushels wheat, 710 do. corn, 210 do oats, 90 do. barley sod 107 do rys. The flour market was extremely dull and depressed, and a de cline of 10c. s 16c was established, all through tbe list. The receipts were a little larger, and jwith liberal supplies know n to be on the way, holders were free sellers at the reduction. Sales of 0,600 bbls. State and Western, 1,200 do. Southern, and 600 do. Canadian. Rye fluur continued dull, with small sales within our range. Corn metl was in good request, with sales of 1.000 bbls. at $6 30 afloat, for Hraudywine, and ?6 I or Jersey; also 60 punchoous Urandywme st $30. Wo quote:? Superfine State and Western flour (7 SO a 7 60 Extra 7 65 a 7 6ft Choice State 7 70 a 7 90 Common to medium Western 7 7-3 a 8 00 G od to choice do 8 06 a y 00 Extra St Louis 8 60 a ? 2ft Coniiiou to p.Kid southern 7 86 a 8 20 (iood 10 clioir.e extra do 8 25 a 11 00 Common Canadian 7 70 a 7 86 Go >d to choice extra do 7 90 a 0 00 Rye i;our, Riiperllue 6 00 a 6 76 Corn meat, bbls 6 Oua 6 30 C-oro meal, puncheons.' 29 60 a 30 00 ? ine wheat market continued inactive, and to eflect sales f any considerable extent a concession of 2c. a 3c. would liave been necessary. Wo have onir to nolo sale* of 7,000 bushels choice while Michigan within the rant? of $'i a 03, and one or two small parcels rod on terms not transpired. Rye continued scarce and firm, with wal.'S oi 2,000 bushels at $1 65 a $1 &8%. Barley was also sparingly offered, and extreme prices were demanded; sales 3,000 bushels Canada llsst at (I 60, delivered. In malt nothing transpired. Oats wore dull at 86c. a 83c for the whole ranee. Corn wag less Orm than yesterday; sales 35,000 busiieis at $1 ol) ail 40 for old Western mixed in store. M>kkm cootinued very quiet at previous rates, without gales to note. Cottoh was Arm at 83c. a 83>?c. for middling uplands. Sales, SOO bales. Kkk chits were firm but quiet. To Liverpool, per Ame rican, 75 tons bacon, 4c., 6*. a 7s. 6d.,30 tons wood, 10s.; per neutral. 50 hlids. tallow, 12s 6d., and per steamer, 4'W bales cotton, ;.,d. To London, per American, 1,000 bbl8. flour, Is. 4.'id. To Glasgow, per neutral, 25 tons bcivy foods, bark-,&c., 15s. To Bremen, iver neutral, 100 hhiis. t> b icco and tobacco stems, 20s. a 27s. 6d., lower rate by British vessel; 200 bales do , 45c. and 130 bbls. on, ]5s. To Antwerp, per neutral, 1,000 bb:s. petroleum, 5s. Gd. To Havre, per neutral, 1,200 green salted bides and 100 tee. lard, 60f.- A I'.rit'sU bark was chartered frcm St. John, N. B , to Greenock, timber, 20s. per load, and a Bremen bxrlc, 243 tons, from Marseilles to Now York, $2,000; a British ship and bark from St. George to Bristol chainel, I eals, about 60s. lieu* were dm, with salee of 75 bales at 20c. a 30c. as to quality. Moi.asses' Dm, with sales or 100 bbls. new crop New Orleans at 96o. a #1 10 and 65 do. old crop ut 75c. At | auction 260 bbls. brought poc a 92>fc., four months. I l'iMvi.-ins8.?Receipts 373 bbls. pork, 123 pack ices beef, 949 do. cut meats, aud 662 do. lard. The movement in provisions was still less active to day, and prices of n-'arly all kinds had a downward tendency, though ne ac tive decline was quoted, l'ork was in moderate demand, and tDe sales were very fair,mostly on the prices which were a sbado lower. et;>eclilly for old mess. Beef was nu?ct and unchanged. Beef hams were quiet, but held firm. Bacon was in limited demand, with but little offering. Cut menta were In moderate request, aud prices were the same. lard was a shide easier. Butter and cheese were unchanged. Pork?The sales were on the spot 2,700 bbls. at *26 for old mess. $27 26 a $27 50 lor now mess, $24 lor prime new and $27 a CO for thin moss, [or tuture deli very ; 2,oij0 boto. new ine^s, buyer's option for Juno, at $28 60. and 1,72V do for .Inly, seller's option, at $24 50. B?rf?500 bins. i(tfl5 a $13 for plain mess und $19 a 120 2R for extra da Cutmojts?300 paokages at 11 !jc a 12c. tor shoulders Mid 15 >4c ? 14JiC lor b uns Ilacon? 50 boxes at 13,';c. for lovg ribbed. L'ird?3,000 bbls. aud tierces at 14c u 143;c. tor No. l,14}?c a 14%c. lor fur to prime steam .snd kettles} rendered and 15c. lur fmcy. r? The nrsrket retmtoed ab ut the same. ' Pric?.s were still irrecukir, and crate was simply nomi nal. 1'bere was t lair inquiry for ?eilncd for oxp >rt. but t/io sales were restricted bv the bh'9 prices demanded by the holders, which, b wrvor, wore below the rat-s cur reut a law iUys "go, when ih"ro were sales ol 10,' l0 bbls. for shipment in one dav- Jho salsa were 1.500 bbis credo at ;7c a 3?a . mostly at 3Sc. for all May; 2,600 do r^'jned at ^5c a 6?c. lor light straw to w hite, and 67c. for while, and about 4,600 freo at H4o. a iJf>c. ou the sp>t and 67c. a 68c. lor lorwvd delivery. lienzine was ti. minaily unchanged SrcAK was quiet | with salef*- of 150 V,4?ds. Cuba musco vsdo at 16?,c a 17>?c , and 230,bojies Havana oo private * whisht.?Receipts 912 bnls. Mtrleeft less Orm. Sales 3,500 bbis. at Si 29 a $1 30 for State and Western. Meeting of tike Union laHitoln Alio clntton*. RESOUTTIO* IS FAVOR OF A HOM-POSTPONEJiKKT OF NOMINATION FOB PKKSIDKXT. Tbe Untoa Lincoln Association held ? meeting at Hope CImpel Isn evening. Mr. H. 8. Smith pixsidrd, and Mr. (.Its-; acted as secretary. Tbo attendauoe was slim aod the pr< coed inns were conDned to lie sdepMon of tbe fol low :?e resolution:? Kesoived, Tbat tbe (Kit end and object which all liberty loving citizens have in view?lbs soeedy nod complete subjugation ot tlie rebellion?omi be best ad vanced by tbe -election, at tbe carlle?l possible day, of tne candidate of tbe Union i>arty for tbe next l'rem dentjal election, and that we tlu.relore apptove tbe declsl n ot tbe National T nl'u Commute* to hold the loo.*nikio on tbe 7tii or June next, as previously or dsn a. C'lfjr Intrlligrnre. Fist is ffwr SniR?.r?Dx^TKrcnox or a Frm Stort Ecild no?Loss LsTiVATno At Twtarr Thoi^.sd Dollars.? IhM alsrin of tire for tbd Klshtb district about ten o'clock ea Wcdn^ay til^ht was csu?ed by tbe burning of a live story brick bulldlog, No. 80 West street, oorner of Car Iw.e street. Ibc Are was first seen to tnrstouton tbe third Eoor, occupied by William llartlll, iraas fo indar aud manufacturer of b'jt hinges. From this story the IWmcs thread rapiily to the fourth floor, oocupled by Kd? ward 1). Crowley, sailmntcer. Tbe Ofth rioor was unoc cupied. The nrst lloor wan also unoccupied. I'he ?ecoud story was occupied l>v Coorge <;ert?er, as a sailors' bosrd ii b bouse. llo estimates his loss at about jaw, being un insured. Mr. nartill's lOhs is estimated a;about f'J.OOO; said to be insured. Mr. Crowley's losa is estimated at ?bout $ I ,?QV; partly Insured. Tbe harument was occupied by Henry Funke as a dance bouae. I^>se ostimat-d at about |KHK no Insurance. Tbe loss on the banding is estimated at about f 15,000; covered by insurance. The adjoining building, No. M Went street, took Ore on tbe roof, and wan damaged about |300; Injured. Tbe Urst aod second i.oors o? this build ing ere occ ipled by J. L. Slebein, ship shandler. Tbe damage to stock by water will amount to about $1,600; fully covered by insurance. On tbe ;btrd floor tbe stock or T fc w. roterson, rigtrers.was damaged by witter to tbo amount of about $100. Tbe re* of the tbird lloor ts occupied by Henry Gellen, eblppainter; stock slightly damaged by water. No. 11 Carlisle street, a three story building, occupied by A. Nel**1 as a boar ling house His property sustained some dimage by water Tne origin of tbe Are Is at present unknown. Captain lielme and a irood force of police war* at the premises, and rendered excellent ?ervloe. Porcvirt I* ??* Ofn Ai*.?Tbe popgun stands which are to be seen in all tbe squares of tbs city. are becom ing a very dangerous nuisance, which, needs to be abated by tbe authorities. It bus come to that pass that one must be constantly on tbe ,*lcrt parsing through tbe streets lest fomr- III directed dart from the barrel of a popgun catches bim In tbe neck, eye, or some other as* posed t art of the body- These darts are kept wh.zring tbp ugb the air almost from dayllgbt until sunset and they are so small as scarcely to be noticed, except by people of vary sharp sight. Crowds may be seen gather ed around tbe targets, watching the skill of tbe various marksmen, anxious to display their proflcieary in tbe one of tbe |opgun. Should one of the darts vary from tbe straigtn line it would be almost certain to strike some of tbe btstandera and Indict sertoua Imury. It la to be b?pe<i, therefore, that tbe police will abolish the popguns. Ibey may be pleasure te some, but they also may be next to death to others. Tint Watch harms or New York.?At a meeting of tbe Watchmakai# Association of New York, held on the 20th instant, tbe following gentlemen were elected aa Its offl cera:?President, Mr. F. Hauser, hecording Secretary, Mr. C. Gern. Assistant Treasurer, Mr. C. Hoffmann. Tbe meeting decided upon the formation of two employment ofTioes, wbere, for tbe small amount of one dollar, to pay for advertising and correspondence expenses, watcb ii. ik ts can procure situations and employers workmen. Members of tbe associstion to be sopplied free of charge. Thi Jiaa llassas Pcoiusnc Cosruvirr.?Last even ing there was nolle a gathering of the Hng fancy en tbe occasion of a complimentary pugilistic tourney to James H?enan, tbe brother of the lien Is la Day. TIM former ! was tbe constant companion of hla brother during hia praparatioM tar Mi ewweater with Dm Ktof. Jim Is Iiiiomii mi adept m4 a actiotl?c profta-or of I be u<> be art of self iterance, and 10 bis oust la*t evening with 1'rofo.ssor Whitney be abowedi care'ui training. Tbe able in >uner in which lie aoquitted himself drew lorlb the applause of a eomt any well qualified t<> judge ?f what Hie mau la oaiuibla of. He bids fair U> enUr the lisle one of tbeee da7a wUn a capable man. Personal lute 1 licence. Vloe President Htiiiubai Hamlin, wife and aim arrived M the Aster House about ten o'clack yeoterdav men inc, accrtnpaoifd by 8 nator Morrill and wtle.o Maine. They left Ibis city at Uve o'clock Uo>t ove: lig lor Portland, Me. During (be recent raid of General Buford's rebel dlvi lion In the roar of Col u tabus, Colonel Lawrence, ef the rbirtylourth Newtfersey, was in oommud of tbeipost of Columbus, and t'?tha demand of aurrender, his reply to Caianin H'me, one of the bearers of the flag of truce, was tint be would never surrender as long as tn> hud a man left. and bo would die flint himself. Tbo coi eluding words o: bif d-apveh were:?"Surrender in out of thequc.siiou." He then prepared for the attack, which was never made. SITUATIONS WANTKO-KltJIA!,E?, A situation WANTKO?BY A RE*PKCTA"BLB woman, to cook, waah mid Iron; no objection to go lu the couniry. t all at 13b Weal S3d aL A situation WANTKO?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. TO do general housework; city reference. Call for two days at ll>i Macdougal at. A SITUATION WANTED?A8 COOK OB TO DO bouaework; prclors a steady place to high wages. Oall at #8 Chrisoplier at. AIiAOT, BREaKINO UP HOUSEKEEPING. 18 DE arouaof Hinting a plaoe for a I rotestant girl. a? uiitui and aeunistr-aa; she bus no objection* to ko a abort datum e in the oouniry Call at or addreaa tor two days Ne. 29 M est 1Mb at A GIRL wants a situation to do housework or plain cooklug; no objection to no a mmn alliance In the country; beit cur reference from last place. Ajipiy at lil 41 Ht at., near 3d av? llrst lloor. front room. A situation WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WO man. a* chambermaid and waitr km or to .10 plain sewing. Go >d city rei'errnce, Call at 68 Varlck aL A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A BESI'BCTABLE young jjtrl to >'.0 chamoerW'irk and in washin :. or wo'u.d do geuetal hmiaework in a family. Beat city reference. Apply for two day* at 218 West &>tb at. A situation WANTBD-BY A RESPEf'TABLE girl, as chambermaid and waitreaa. Call at la8 Lexiug ton av. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A GIRL. A8 NURSE and to do plain sewing. Cliy relcreuce. Call at 16O 4ill SU A competent SEAMSTRESS WISHES A SITUA tlon 111 u private tumi y. Can cnt and tit iRd fa' and children * dresaca and understands *41 family aewlnc; no (ejection to >ee 10 young clill iren; tlie beat of city rclerenoe. Call ut 120 2 Hi at.. near 7tb uve. A NEAT. TtDT GIRL" WJSHI 8 A situation AS children'* nur.-e and seamstress. or chambermaid and to take *.aro of children; would do me wm-k 01 a small family boarding; ha* the bent of oity rrierenc . Can be aeen lor twodaja at 210 7th ave., near 2itl> at., aecond floor. ATOtfNO OIRL WANT8 A SITUATION TO DO lioutiework in a small lamily; besi city lefernce from laat place. Call at 315, corner 3Uih sL and ith av. A WELSH PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A SITUA tlon as ohambermaid and to assist with washing and Ironing. Can be aeen at her present euip oyer'*, 42 hint iith St / A SITUATION WANTED-AS FIRST CLASS ShAX stress and to take the charge of one child; baa six years' reference. Ca 1 at 85 West il'iu at. AYOUNO WOMAN WISHES A situation AS seamstress and chambermaid or Waitress; under stands all kind." of family aewlnc bv hand orinachlup; wood city reference; 110 objection* to the country. Cuillorlw? days at 35..iln ar , in the store. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNG GIRL. AS chnmbernia d. or to take care of children. Apply lor two daya at 25* 6th av., between liith and 17tn sis. In the store. A STEADY YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A situation ax cook: U a good br*ad, btacnit and cake maker; will assist in waalung II required; city reference given. Apply at 24 Sachet at., In the cotlagc, near Van Brunt, South Brooklyn. A situation WANTED?BY A RESPr CTABLE WO man, us cook; city referrnae. Call at 214 neat .oili au. ARR8PECTABLK WOXAN, WITH A LITTLK BO?, would ail the wurk of a small family; would like te go a short instance in the c uairy ; good referenrea. Apply at 201 Weat 26th aL, third floor, back room. A situation WANTED?BY A MBBPECTABLB woman, aarook, washer and lrener; city referauoca Call at 1W West 2sth sL A NICE. TIDT OIBL WOULD LIKK A situation in aY'lrate family aa nurse Mc)ple4n aeamatresa. Call at 183 East 27tb st, n< ar 1st av. A YOI'NG GIRL WISHKS A WTUATIO? TO DO __ chumtH'fwork ami to take care of children; noobjec lion to ;o in the country. Cau be seen at 315 7th ove. A61TUATION WANTED?BY A BlinCfABLI wrl. a? laundress or a* good plain cook, washer and troner ; has the beat of city reference. Can be aee*at6u9 7-th ttvtv, corner of 41st fi. Ak&spectablb young WOMAN wishes a situnt.on t<> do chamber" ork and wm?ng; citj refer crvnti Call at 289 Court at, Brooklyn. A NUMBER OF ?IU RECOMMENDED GERMAN feinnte* wnut *UuatinuH us cnoca elm!.-iiermat'ta and lauOdresec* nuraes, kIiIh tor ifetieral li aisev.ork. Ac., at Mrs LOWE'S German Institute, 17 Htantoo e!., uear the liomry. A TRUSTWORTHY YOUNG WOVAIf WISRK8 A CUT Jm tutlnii to Uik? care 1/ ctMnM aeMM* MvlianM work * m f+mUr jT'*'*# <???? nma<rf for tfw *iimiT!fr prf ? tertwa. of iltr reference from her 1**1 cisii oyer Can Ic seca for two day* at horpreaeni employer e, iO Went 22d it. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL as chambermaid and p'atn Hewer; brat of city ruiV r-itice. Apply at No. b 1 Writ Uitli at. AYB,T?RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A-8ITUA tin- hrat cIkss coo*. Can be seen at Uor prosert en.pjoyer *, 40 Willow at., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOU NO WOMAN. TO do LUvntMTirork and help wntli the washing and iron* Inc. or wjntd do housework in a small fomilr; ia willing to go to the "onotry lor the summer. Call at IS# Woei lltb et. A SITUATION WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. . by two sister*; one as first claas waitreea. the other sol chambermaid and to do p ?ln sowing: willing to-go ia the' country lor the summer inonlna; the best city reference: Can be seen tor two iloys at 23." htb or.. near IJMi at. A YOUNG OIRL WISHE8 A SITUATION To flO T9 i.uropx aa n'irse and seamstre**-. will give satisfactory reference. Call lor two da>s at HI East lytn at A SITUATION WANTED?AS COOK. BY A< WOMAN of many years e>j,e:ienr.e in the city; can gire satis factory reitretice. Apply at 13 Grove at.. New York. ALADT OF REFINEMENT, DESIROUS OF MAR InK tbe toar of Europe, would like t" make arrance. rnents ? itb a stylish Isily of position K .ing, forcninpanioo ship. A<tdr-?* with a.l partlculara, Madame Ausei. Wash ington, D. 1' , Fust oilkre. ArorN-i oiRL wishes a situation as cham hernia a aixl waitress, or to Mslst in thewashlne aiwi Ironing; best of city rclereuce. Call at 141 East 4lst sw? seoond floor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A VOt'NQ OIRL. LB niira ? and seamstress, or to do chsmberwork and wee ing. Call at Sir West 2jtli st. A GOOD STEADY OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO do teneral boas* work In a small family, citv rei jr tnce. Apply at Ml 2d ar., third floor, Iront. a SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS?CAJf WORIC OJf J\ the rirtliine; best of city reference. Call at 113 Vest l&ih st. for t *0 d ay a. A MIDDLE AGED LADY WANTS A HTUATlON AS housekeeper, in a agnail family, where she would make herself ceu* rally useful os fetid of ahildrca), or would "Ake car*-of an lavaiid; can give respectable reference. Uu.1 at |i? 4th ar. RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOm7a" WISHES- A a tuatS.n In the countrv as chai>V*rm*|.i and .ilaln * would have no oh lection to make herself ueoesaliy ill; go>d city references. Call at Ixi JuKivm st. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG GIRL. TO cook, wash and lion. Call at houos le>t?r C, olwreh K., betweea < ourt si ami Hamllum av. Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as rtrnelsss c .ok: p?rfe.-tly un'lnistM?ds her p'lslness; all kind* of iiam? ami ?iuye, br>?d anu|w?? ry; oltv letef.-ncrt. ' all at lib hast 3.'C.*t., betucea 4tb aoa Lcxlngto i a**., lor two divy* ASlTUATIflN WANTF.D-BT a respectable B'rt. ** go<Hl plain coek and noed washer a?i ironer; has g'joi city reference. Call at liCrWes* .'3d *t i RBS1?;:< TABLE GIRL WANTS A ItTCAttMIS A A small prirste family, as cook, waaber and Iruuer; city rnference. '.'all at 127 West 33d st. a RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHKI A SIT A ua ion a* seamstress in a. pirate :amliy o.- to do ll. ht chamherwor* and s"wine. orSsould take oar?nf chl4ilren and d<> sewtaig . I* willing and obliging* has no objection to th? ountry. Good city relert?i?. Apply at 117 East 2Ath ? . ? for two days. A YOUNG PROTESTANT GIRL WISHK3 A SITUA tlon to do ehsmhcrwnrk an<l waiting, or would do light heaseuork Apply at IS ktale st So itb Brooklyn. ATOt'NO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION TO take a "'fa baby frioi It* Infancy; or to take core of ginwlnc children snd sew; left her last 1'ace an acoouit of the tuirii? r.M.ii to Europo, tho best oi au reference. Coll Ot 204 Bast li'th (i. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE I'lrl, ** 1'.ok, washer and Ironer, In a 1 "*| ??ctnbl? fami ly; aood city reference: Bronkly, preforred; wM.lnii to do general housework. Call lor two days as Margaret Wbeian. eorii?r of D'?n -t an '. Flstlmehar. AN INGUSH OIRL DESIRES A SITUATION AS wsltresa In a Hotel; *he thorouKbly jniJcr*tand* her Insiness; no objection to the eoomry. Oail at Na I Union 00 r?, UtlnnUy pwit ATOUNG OIRL. LATELY LANDED. WANTS A situation as child's nurae or to do llgbt chamfeerwork. .Call at 74 We*t 47th at. on Sa'unlay. * ?amn??ra ARRSPECTABLK WOMAN WI8IIBF A SITUATION to -i" chamberwork and waiting, city reference. Oail at 224 Ba*t 9th it. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE J\ girl, a*ctisrah?rmald and waitress; baa no objection In aaM*t in washing or ironing; ha* the best of cttr refor en.-e Con be *een at MR 7th ave , rorn?t of 4Iat at. ABRSI'ECTABLF. YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A 8ITU otion I* niir*e;l* caps Me of taking care of on hlfant from Itsblrih. Beat of city reference, t an bo mo for two days at ??? West 1Mb st. A PROTESTANT OIBL WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and momatrea* .or easts! 10 taking earn wwiZTtU*.*0 OwtnTj SITUATIONS W&NTRD-rEBALII. A SITU ATION WANTRD-Bf AN AMERICAN GI*L <6 vi-ar* .if a e. a* ehamber"'ald| or waitress a? email trlvaie family. Oiin be wan where la still llvmi at (1 rta?h ngm . place- "V.iuld sot have anv obja uana to take ea e of cl'iklren. Ca i be seen for two days. ? Ay RST CLA*8 I.AITNOKBR^ WANTS A SITUATION; wou H rliMH be work aud fin" washing. Beet ot city refenre given. IJilAit KM liltto at. A FIRST CLASS BRAMBTRBSB DESIRES AN RN. gageaMnt or the diiv lo a prvate family: la a pood operator nu U-rover A Baker's m&cbiuea. Andreas for two da) ah. K., Kruadway I'oei ollloe. A SITUATION WANTI D-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS cl a n"er'"aid an.I waitress or to tain care of children ; wClln.: u> uo to the rouniry Good refereuce. Call at BV4 2d av., near 33d at., for two daya. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WANTS A situation as wet nurse In a reapeotable fam Iv: liaa l.r her cia n baby; beat^of city reference. Call for two dan at-B ' fcarit 2J<t at. ABITUATION WARTKD-BT A RESPECTARLE yonng girl, to take careof children and do pbt'ti new Ine. or lo aasiat with ebnmberwnrt and waiting: b''?t ef reference. Call at 551 7tb av., betweeu :t2d aud 33d at*. VTOTICE TO FAMILIES GOING AHROAIX?AN AMER i\ Iran woman ami ber husband, without enc unbtance, would Ilk* fo mr.-t with a family who would like to have then bo.ise taken earn or for the dimmer or longer; reler ei ice ftirn abed. Add real N. (1, bot 2J9 Herald olioe. CJITUATIONB WANT ID?IN THE COUNTRY, uT A JT* man and wile; the man lo art aa coachman hla wifnas nur?' and seaniatr-aa. or aa laumlreaa; beet of refereuce. Address >1. W., box 212 Herald oihce. SITUATION WANTKD-TO DO CHAMBERWORK AND wait eg; cltv references. Call at 3d Baai 13th st, be tween 5to aud titb ava. SITUATION WANTED?BT A YOUNO GIHL. TO DO O sonarno k rui- a small family: good City referenre. Call at t>8 Middagli at, Brooklyn. tJITCIATIONS WANTRD-FOB OOMPETBNT FIRST ^ class rook a, cha-nbermaida, waltr?esus, Isnnd'e.sses, aeam?tres?ea,, nurse*. oooka, to wash and iron housework? em, ?-ma! Rirla and?irls lately landed. Alio male help, at BniplO)ment House, 13d 1 llh(at., corner of 6th ur. SITUATION WANTED-TO DO CTIAMBRRWORK AND nkaiat with the waiting; uo objeition to tba country; b-kt of 1 eferenoea. Call at HO Woat 25ib at oiTI'aTION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOONG O girl, hi nurse and seamstress; no objection to travel; best ot reference. Call for two .lays at 42 vilnton plare. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, O a<cook washer and ironer; good city reference. Call at 413 "tU ave. second flo"Or. SITUATIONS WANTED?BY TWO REBPBCTAHLR young women, sisters: one n a firit rate cook and au eice'l'-nl washer and Ironer, the other to do ohumbrrwo. k am: waiting or won d assist with the washing and iriinln'-'. Best city references from their laat place. Can be horn for two 'lavs at 225 West 20th at., corner of 7U> top floor TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS WANT SITUATIONS; noe aa chambermaid and nurse: the other aa chamfer, maid and aeamstress Goo I city references. Call for two days at 42 Henry at., room No. 9. WAN I ED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A SITUATION aa chambermaid and ?aRress. or aa cook nod to ns slat in washing ami ironing, in a private family. Can be seen for two daya at the bouse of her fate employer, 58 West 45th st WANTED-A SITUATION AB PLAIN COOK. WASH er and Ironer or laundress, by a capablc, honest girl, wifh best of reference. Apply for three daya at 217 East Broadway. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOETNO GIRL. AB eliaml erraa'd and waitress; nb objection to assist in washing and ironing; reference if required, fail at 280 East Houston at., fourth floor, back room. WANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO RKSPECTARL.E girla; one to cook, waah and iron and the other to do cbamberwork and sewfne. Can be aeen for tiro daya with present ejnph.yer, al 33 7tb are., corner of 13th rt. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yoiiug girl as chambermaid and to do i lain'sewing; aatii-faciory information given. Apply at 162 a dan tie at., Brook lyn. WANTED?BY TWO" CAPABLE OIRLS, SITUATIONS: oueaae amber and parlor fftri the other a*cook or laundress, tfiev are first rite in their work, and ran give the beat reference* Apply for two d?y?M 159 West 8Mb sV, the new number. WANTED? BT A RESTRCTAK&B MARRIED Wo man a baby to wet nnrae at her oavn home. Doctor * refcrcnoe given U required. Ca4f at 309 Weat lVth at., aeoocd' flo#r, baok room, of Mrs. ifttuimlll. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RK8FECTABM! young woman, to do general Nmaework in a small family; baa the best of city reference. CaV. <or two days?t 189 west 25th st., in-the rear, aecond flour WANTED?A 8IWATION MS COOK AND TO AS9I?T? In washing. Heat city reference. CM1 for two days at 114 2 if a v.. corner of 7-tfaat. WAHTBD-BY A RBSPEOTABtrR YOUNG WOMAN, a situation to- do ehambernork st?<l watting; hai a' thorough knowledge of her imalneia. Best city reference froui h j? laat place. Call at 71 Bast 23d'at. WAKTBD?A SITUATION, Br A RESPECTABLE w-misn, as good coot and first rate washer and Ironer; a'mj. by a-voung girl. a situation an chiimbernaeld and *"am sirens; oser two years'best city nsfereuoe from their last pla 8 C&U at 171? 7tli av., near Sia at. WANTND-A SITUATION, BT A- vont girl, who U wiling and obHging. Ut do chamber work and waiting or toMo plain se? ing and' aasmt in the care of rlaldren; the best c? refercnoe ;!?en, Call for two day* ut 173 Smith at., near Warren, Brooklyn.' WANTJID?BY A Y.OUNO WOMAN, A- SITUATION IN a res>er^?Me family, tm hcMiiAtrevs-. Wheeler .? Wilson sewing M achine of her own. Uoitd city reference given. Inqt:?re at 112 Henry at, in the rear: WANTBil?BT A RKSI'OTABLK WOMAP, A 81TUA tmn is pootl plain roo*c.< washer and Iro-ner; ta an ekoel. lent lauiKtaras. Can be seen at licr present employer's. No. V Boyl au, for two d^jra. . . XtTANTBD?BY A RKSPRTTABIJl OfKL. A SITUA YT tion !o tlopen^ral housework. ("an bo-t.een and re somtnended a', ber present place, 101 Weal 3Utft at., for one day only. WANTKD?BY TWO BFal'aCTAItl.R YOUIXi GIRLS, Hiiua'io?r.4? do K'-nrral house vork; are goc-i cook*. and woit'd not ooioet to go a little vrafi la the count;-;; Inuuire at 101 East atiftl.. near 3d av? WANTED?BY A BKSPKCTABLK AMERICAN LADT, a aimaiorna houaekeepnr or to takecareoi hii Invalid, being fully eorr?peteot tn Ull either aitimilon The heat 01 re ferences glvet 'Mi I required. Call at VUO Weal 514st WANTED-B* A FIRST CliABS COOK, A SITUA tton In a countrv hotelortorge boarding the beat nf ctit reierer.eea given. Can b*?een at 128 Bar.* 22d at WANTED-V SITUATION. BT A BESTSCTABLB woman, aa laundress or- onamhermai l; Ijmj of city reference In ,vHre at 492 3d bv.. between 30th ai.d 3oth ata. WANTED?A. SITUATION; BT A RBSPRCTABLE to d? chambet work aod waliln: tn a private fa mily. Call at 379 Mulberry at.. In the rear, lor two day a. Qond clt" refer-mee WANTED?HY A THOROUO^fLT COMPKTE.1T OIRL. a sltuataa aa cook, waiter r and Imner; good refe renoea from bovlaai place. 0*11 at 49U lOtn ar , corner of il?n at. TirANTED?-V SITUATION BT A PRKNPff GIRL, AS VI nune a.jd seamstress Call at 180 Mulberry at, near Broome. i WANTED-A-SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND to assist with washing. or Halting. City reference. Call at S3 l'nlrera:tr plare, in the store. WANTKD?BY A BKSPKCTABLE CIRL. A* SITUA. tlnn to no to California: la willing to stop with them In Calllorma to p.iy -jp nerpaasage- la n rood wr.shcr and Ironer has ll.wd here tea yeara. Call at :i7u liodaon at., se cond floor. WANTKD?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO OIRL. TO do ehatt.bcrwork or wiling. or to take care of chil dren or to do plain sewing, t'.est of citv reli re..oe can be given. Call !< r two days at 80 West 2Alh at. TJI/ANTKD-A SITUATION. BY A PROTP.STANT WO VT muti; can do general housework. Call at 211 Weit loth street. UM^TE^A SITUATION, BT A H10HI V RESPRC T? table young girl aa i-l.ambermuld and waitress In a Clivale family; la eipnrle iaed in the above r*r>ac:tv. and a* lived Isur tears in her last plant; la wiH.ih; to live In New York. C*n be seen for two daya at 2(1 Clinton st, near Degraw, Mouth Brook>n. WANTXD-A SITUATION AS OENKRAL HOUSE keeper or to do j.lala cooking, washln* And Ironing; wlshea to take a little bov with her. all yna.n old; beat or re erencaifiven. Apply .*#r two days to Margaret Soott, 147 Thompson st., rear, third floor. WANTRD-A SITUATION AS NURSE, BY A RK apertshie young woaian; Is a good r<om sewer; lias the beat ef city relcreni-e. Call at 115 West I jth St., rear. WANTED-A pRQlVIOI AS Maasyislta AND wait teas by a enmpetent latraan, who thoroughly un derauada tlio linsiaeas la all It* brnnclma; nn glv> the best of city reference* Call at Or addresa 79 West 2Hth St., be tween 6tb and 7th ava. WANTKD-A SITUATION AS COOK. BY A RKSPEOT able Amer'.oan woman. In a private family; n> obieo tlon to a boarding house Apply to Mra. Uorn, No. 72 Stan* ton St. WANTKD-A BITUATION,- BY A RESPECTABLE woman, naoook and to assist with washing. ?r to go with a family toCalliornia. Can be a<en at IH8 Bast ^Ist at. WANt'eD-RJTUATTONS, BT TWO RESPECTABLE girls, one as chambermaid aod to assist with plain ?awing: the otl sr as waitress or nurse, would like to get in same house. H<*st ?f reference. Can be aeen for two da\ e at ill 9th at , aeai .'J av. _______ WANTBD-BY a TOUNO OIRL. A SITUATION AS obumbermkld and laundress or < namt<erinaid and wai tress. Leave* har present employer on account of breaking un housekeeping and baa tbe best of reference. Call at 3S West 9th at. WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A SITUA tlon aa rook: Is a eoo4 plain cook and laundress. Can baaeen far two daya at her present plane, M Ksstlltb st. W" " AlilED?A~~ ?ITUATION, BT A MSPloTAllLE jntng woman, aa rknmbermsld and seaniatress; no obje loan to-ha rminiry. Cily rafereme. Call at 53d Broome ?t., in the fancr star*. T\'ANTED-BT A U (EXPECTABLE PROTESTANT VI msn and wife, to take eare or a gentleman's housa fer tbe semtner seae-iu In New York. Cut for ena week at 130 3d ? v. Best oltY reference _ HBLP MFAHTEP-MlMH,~ AOENTH CAN MAKE tsoo A MOUTH BY EVOAOINC In tbeaaleof our UBKAT NOVELTY PRIZE PACKET AND BPLKNDiD HTEKL KNOPAVINOS. We offer the greatest chance to snake money ever known, and present ever? agent with a splendid gold or silver wstcb ?t. Only Sl> capital reotilred. Full particulars In etna mailed free. <1. B. HAWKINS k CO.. M Reekman atreet. Hew York. Tbe oldest and oalf original Prlta Paekaga house la the United Ktates. AORNTS ?$18 OLBAR PEE DAY-ONE HUNDRED of our aitra large site Prise parkagea, with UI0 prea ants of Jawatrv and large Mia Sole agenojr for a town or ?aunty. aa? ? beaaUfui wateh M l prMMt far tba agent Bent anywhere an receipt of |l?. osa baaat4 las raw H1LP WAITlD-mLII. A ROOKKEKPBB WANTED?IN A WHOLESACl A fancy goods boow; one acquainted with tbe business Uneiocpt oUkUIr ? efe'-enoea and a mode rata salary. Ad dress. with references and terms, Janes, box 3,188 Post otLoa. A ROT WANTED?TO ATTEND A 8BOAB BTORK and raakfl himself useful: mutt come well recommend ed: no evening or Sundav work. Apply at tt Na?sau st, in ibe aegar alure, al ter 10 o'clock A. M. BOY WANTED?18 OB I# YEARS OF AGE. STOOT AND aet va Apoiv to Asbe, Da> ton A Co., sign, aoene and fresco anleta, 169 aud ltil Mercer at. BOY WANTED?IN A PRODUCE COMMISSION house, an acuve. intelligent lad. from 16 to 17 ymri of age who can come well reo.oomended. Compensation small at lirai. Addroaa.'ln own band wrl ins, box 3.39J Poat oUioe, New York ? BOYS WANTED-TO PACK BISCUIT. APPLY AT 77 Mott at. OY WANTED?IN A MERCHANDISE BROKER'S 1 office. Address Y. Z , Herald office. < C1ANVASB1BS WANTED?FOB THE JERSEY CITY J Directory. Nona but Rood writers noed spulv this day and to-morro.v. between fie hours of 10 and 8 o'c.ook, at No. I Exchange place, Jersey City, top lloor. /10ACHMAN WANTED-A COLORED MAN (-MAR \J rletf); must itoroii hiy understand tbe care of bom a. a pood dilvar and willing to make himself generally useiul. Apply at 171 Broadway, room 16, between 11 and I o'clock. CASH BOY WANTED-AT DRY GOODS STORE 141 Atlantic at.. Brooklyn. COACHMAN WANTED?FOR A PRIVATE FAMILY; most be accustomed to driving in the elty, and compe tent to drive four in band. To one who can,come well re commended the fenst of wages will be given. Apply at 79 Bleerker stroet. CLERK FOR AN INSURANCE OFFICB WANTED. - Also two assistant bookkeepers, three ynun : men in wholesale groceries. slilpplngTand entry clerks several olDoa clerks, copyist, retail grocery andHry roods salesman hard ware salesmen captalo'aolcrk for steamship, night porter, hotel clerk, express clerk. t ? o conductors and barheepcra. Other situations open for rcspeetable young roan. Apply at the Merchants' Oleiks' Agency, 80 Nassau at DBUO CLERK WANTED?THOBOUGHLT ACQUAINT ed with the dispensing business; one of clt? experience preferred. Address Drug Clerk, box 120 Herald office. Drug clerk wanted.-wanted. a man to take rW-'c of a lirst olass drug store. To a person fully competent a good salarv will be paid. For particulars apply to Messrs Fraser A Lee. 20 Beekman st. BUG CLERK WANTED.-APPLY AT TADMAN A Co.'a, 61 Bleecxer at. D Drug clerk wantbd-a gebman ob ameri c*n. fully competent. Apply at or address for three days, after 6 I'. M.. VJ7 SJ av , near GSth st RRAND HOY WANTED-BY tbbdwell a jarman. 120 Fulton st. Hotel keeper wantbd-to take charge of a waurlne place lt> Vermont. A married man pre ferred, provided his wife be capable and willing to act aa housekecoer. Satisfactory roeammsndatione inquired. Ap ply to Wm. W. tioddard, 114 State St., Bo?.or. i E M AP VARNI3HKR WANTED. ENSIGN A BK1DGM AN. 166 William st NOTICR.-ME!? SEEKING EMPLOYMENT CALL AT Mercantile Employment Agency. 26fi Rro-tdwav Want ed to-day, a travelling agent, dry goods clerk, time keeper, tally man, grocery di rk, nurs?s. liotel clerk, bookkeeper, and o drug clerk and porter. Other a'tuations always open. Licensed by the Mayor. Organized 1859 WONGOMERY A CO. Salesman wantbd-a clothing salesman. Apply to David Olooe, 152 Fulton sit. rpo Slott HANDS.?WANTED, A COMPETENT MAN' 1 to t?!te chaw of the winding, cleaning and doubling departments. Also, a mat. to take charge of the finishing department. Also, one to take charge of the spinning de partment. None but competent parties need apply, and to such liberal salaries will be (aid. Apply to'Chos. N. Dale A Co., Patersan, N. J. WANTEta-FOR THB Hr'AVT AND ARMY, SHORT and lung whaling voyas** and steamsbipa. lar.damen, seamen, coopers, cooks and carpenters, Ac.. ,tc The highest bounty paid. Apply on.y to the agent 87 West st., corner of Albany St., up'stairs H. JAMES. WANTBD-A MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS SBLKCTJ ing and*,ihaklnc out leaf tobacco for cut ring. Apply at No. 86 Broad at. Newark, N. YITANTED?a FIR8T CLASS SALESMAN IN A VT wholesale o)o?h house. One 'veil a-mmlntrd with the elothlng trade c*? hear or a permanent position by address ing A. B . box 2.11ft Post ortlce. ft/ ANTKD-MKW FOR THB UNITED STATES' NAVY. YV Firemen. etrsl passers, aoamjn, ordinary seamen, landsmen, cooks, lrewards and waiters, llountles range from (100 to $100 cash down Call en RAlDADL A COURT NBY. corner of Cbannbers and West st.-^ets. WANTED-A Fr?8T CLASS CLOAK AND SHAWL salesman, good reference. Apply to Joseph Bicker ten & C<\, Baltimore. Md. . f*7ANTBD-A SINGLE MAN TO GO A SHOB1.DIS TT unce inrtho couaWy. to take care of a horse, cow and vegetable and fruit narden and make himself generally useful; mast come weft recommended. Apply to S. Eddy, Itvi 8 Pine at, between il aud 12. WANTED?A YOUN3 MAN. FEOM 16 TO 1? YEARS of age, recently from England or Ireland, to do genr mlTvork mi a small place. Apply at 501 Washington St., CrcrSfS to 4 o'clock, on Saturday, the ."loth lust. WANTKD-A GOOD DRY GOODS 8ALF.SMAN; MUST ei, me we1' recommended. Call at R. Stead man's, 163 and 445Greenwich st. WANTED-A BOY, IV A WHOLESALE JOHBING house, to run of errands and make himself useful In; must write a gojd hand. Address Importer. He rald DM lee. WAI.VBD IMMRDIAT3iY?AN ORDER COOK, AT Allertan'a Hotel, ftth nv. and 44t!i st ; onn who thor* oughl.* .snderKtands his btis:n??s; a singte man preferred. WAVnn-tK A MMH 4SD PROVISION nOUSB, A mw to sell goods In I shich and the adjoining coun ties. Pennsylvania. One who hus acguaintaneo In said sec tion of country may address \7. & Co., Heraid office. WAN1F.P-A SMART HOT, 15 TO JO TEARS OLD. TO hlmnlr(inrnllr ese'ul In * tie?a oftlre; mn*t under'tarjd K reach mid Kng'Hh. wr.te * good band, and route well recommended. A[ My at 92 Walker sl WANTBD-TO-DAT. 23 ?BN FOB A VOTAOK TO the Tape de Verde and Canary Islanda, and Out of Afrlra. Carpenter. blacksmith, cooper and Oo. k wanted; rood wage* paid and ouiflt furnished Ai>i>ly to KAN DALL A COURTNEY, corner of Cbambera and Weat eta.. upstairs. Voyage for six month*. WANTED?A YOUNO MATT AS PRIVATE SECRKTA ry tt ? jtn lfniai jmnij > California. Address, en closing reim-rnoeund one dollar to pa* for adverting. W. Nenton. Hud'i Aiin, 'aasslr county. N. J. Uneuccaaalul applicant* will hare tneir money returned. WANTED - AT M. M. VANDYKE'S HOTRL, 38 Oathirlna altp, two good waiters and a imall boy, to trs'te blmseir generally uaeful. WANTS II?A TIDT YOUKdMAN OR BOY. TO OPEN oysters aad make hlm*e;f Generally uaorul. Apply for thiec daya at 170 Fulton at, Brooklyn WANTKI>-A OOMPKTF.NV WaITKR. IN A SMALL family: mum bring cod city recommendations and he willing,to accompany the family Into the country during the Hummer month*. Apply at 39 lUtli at., between &th and 6th eve. I ?ora 9 to 10 o'clock A. M., or betw een 7 and 8* o'clock P. M. |\fANTED-AT THK MANSION HOU8B. BROOKLTN, VT Hit hill boys. capable of waiting on table. TJirASfTET)?A MAN. QUICK AN? CORRECT AT TT Qginn. Addreaa In handwriting. R. P. A Co., 113 Broad ?1. at' stairs WANTED?A YOUNO MAN. WHO THOROUGHLY under lands tlie retail itailonerv business: one who la familiar with the card bustnei* preferred. Apply to John Oempsey, MO liroadway. up sla! v. TU ASTP.i;-AT TI1R SION PA IN TI NO? f ? One almpman ta mint and work around shop. One boy, to ,;lld and nil in One a prei.tire l>o? to learn trade One ofllae boy. toatteud oltiue and run errands. Apply at Hojar JrOi aham's. 97 Duane atrcet, between 10 and 12 o'clock. "II*"ANTBD?AN ENEROBTIC YOU.NO MAN. IN A T? wholesale uentlerom'* furnls'ilag store Addrenafor two days, ate.ting salary eiperted M. II. C., Hera'd oilioe. WANYED-A YOUNO MAN WHO HAS HAD ONE ?ear's experience In the drug business, and wishes to learn tne business. Apply at 507 3d bt.. corner 181 h at. WANTED?A BOY IN A LAWYER S OFPICB; ONE itT'.og la Brooklyn preferred. Addreaa C. k H., Herald otto*. WANTKD?A RESPECTABLE OENTLBMAN CAPA ble of taking the position of secretary In a newly organised mining ??ompany la thia Slate; salary not to e? cee.l $i.c00 per annam: referenraa required. Apply to John C. Morgan, at the Rochester copper and Load Mining Otmpnlf, 3d Pine at. WANTED-A LAD TO ATTEND IN AN OrFICE. Apply between'the hours of 9 and 3 o'clock, at A. T. ConU'.n. *3 New at. WANTED-A YOt'NO MAN TO TAKE CARE OP horses and make himself genern!t?- uaeful. City re f -reae# required. Apply at No. 2M Orand at., trom 8 to 10 o'clock tli la mom lag. WANTKD?A OOOD. 8MART, INTELLIGENT BOY TO learn a nod artistic trade; age about litteen 'ear*. Mn*t hare the l?st of reference and must reside with hie parent*. Apply toL. T. Boland, heraldic ohaier, 143 Pul ton at. WANTED-A P1R8T BATE SALESMAN, AT 191 Grand at. WANTKD-FOR A FIRST CLASS DRUG HOU8K, AN order clerk, who can psok. Addreaa. with name and reference. Urn s boi I JO Hi)raid olAce. WANTF.D?A GERMAN OR SCOTCH MANu^\s PLAIN gardener, who can aim make bltaaelf useful aa a far mer; good wave* and home; n-ar inertly; work for a year. Call between 10 and II at 6tl Nassau *1, room No. i. WxNTKIwrWO YOUNO MEN WHO UNDERSTAND the retail crocery business Muat come well recom mended. JOHN KELLY, corner 1Mb et. and^??t_a?a:_ WANTED-A WAITER. ALSO A WOMAN COOK. AP plf at B05 East Houaton si _ WANTED-A BOY TO ATTEND BAB AND MAKE himself generally useful. Good reference. None other need appl*. Apply at 1,3?> Broadway, corner ofMth at. WANTED?POR A OENTLEMAN'S FAMILY, A abort distance from the eliy. two men serrante; one for Inside aad the otbor ouUlde work. English, Sctlah or North of Ireland preferred. Apply at 37* "th a*. T' OUNO MAN WANTBD-TO ASSIST IN A OARDKN, goerrande. Ac., and he generally useful. In Jersey City; ?(Ork light; situation permanent; wagea at present about $12 per month and hoarded. Inquire la the tegar store, oorner Oortlandt aad Green wloh eta. 3 00ACnMIN TO AS8NT IN PLAIN OABDBNING wanted?to go a abort dletanco In the country: wages $18 to $21 per month and fonnA Apply at the large Employ a*ent H.mee, 138 1Kb el. eoraor of Wi at. THO AGBNTB WANTBD-A BARE CHANOB FOR 1UU actue young men. Areatai making from 8Alo$IB per day. Gall oa or addreaa J L Lawreace A (Jo, PalMI ^ AmaM,IM bb^UT lUaasv mimMtjW MM*. ' Hiu WAaneD-HALM. lAft iOMII WABTBD.?A 11IB OU1MOB fOft Jl'U active iuq; no competition; -enatrol of a oouatv ilv> a to oach agent Call Is pereou or address N. M. Bhaftf ; Co., 7#10edar it?? room N<?. S 1 mm MEN WANTED?FOR ONE. two AJfO J.UUU three jeart. in the United Statea navy. Bounty % I 36 to $390; relief for fatnlliea. and prize mnuti worth aft tbe rest till band rniney paid to re run or runner at aUp. pingollice. 170 Ubutbain at cold number). SITUATIONS WANTKD?MAIsBS. Abituation wantkd-by a Yorma marribd man either a* indoor or outdoor salesman or coll?e tor; has eleven yesn'experience in tbe mercantile trada( li a good penninn Best relerencet given. Add rets Hslaa ?nan, box 12o tlerald i.Uice. AN EXCKLt.ENT PENMAN. WELL EDI'CATBD, DR. ?ire* miHa*>la employment at moderate aalary. Addreaa Y. Z., llerald o.uce. Abituation wanted-bt a youno ma*, n years of age. speaking English and Garmtn. at aae ?> taut bookkeeper, entry rt'-rk or caibler. In any buslnesas hanking preferred, beat city referencea. Addrett W. 1>. B>. llerald olllce. A YOUNO MAN. 22 TEARS OF AOB. WELL EDO cated. and eonvertant with the Buglliih and Oerraaa languages. wants a ttiustion In a paper warehouse. ?Imn ne can lie useful anrt.aequlre a thorough knowl'dge of the buttiest; gooo reference In regard to character. Addreaa M. N. W., box 170 Herald office. AS OOACHMAN AND OROOM.-A S1NGLB YOUNB man wania a iHuatlon at coachman and groom; tho roughly understand.', his business; baa bo objection to cola the coun'ry. Can give the beat of referenoe as to honeetf' and capaulMty. Call on or addicts P. McCormick, 19S KaM l.'ith at., second floor, trout room. Abituation wanted?as coaohmab. rt a aintle-msn who can give nnexceptiocabla 11 fmmiiiea Apply at W Wall at. An experienced young man. with good RB farence. wishes a situation, In a livery or private atMa to take rare of and train lieraes: or aa coachman or grooaq apeakt German. Adilrett box 20ft Herald otlloe. A protectant single man WANTS a MTV* tioo as coachman; he fully understand* hit butlnett ta every manner; good reference given. Addrati C-. boa W Herald olflce. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, AMKBt oan, '23 years of age. aa apprentice with a practical den tist; best of reference at to character. Addreaa for 10 data O. H.. 456 8? ar. SITUATION WANTED-BT A YOUNO MAN WHO ai?>akt onlv Spanish and ban the best of referenoaa< would like to And a good situation In tome Bpanish houte: has received a good education. Addrest B. P. O.. HeraM tllice. SITUATIONS WANTED-POR THOROUGHLY COM* i > petent coachmen. waiters, gardeners. f;irm linndA crooms, porters, servants, Ac. Also uaeful boys, men Intel* landed, and help of ereiy description. Apply at CAKPKM rEK'S large Hmploymeut House. Dtillth St., cor n?r tith ar. THE ADVERTISER, A MIDDLE AGED MAN, OF AO live business ha'ilta, wliot'1 present engagement liases* Sired, drtiresjt position where his nerviest. with sterling ta i rity and undoubted reference*, could be made availably, Address.!. H A., care E. lianker.,69 Wail at. TO STATIONERS AND FANCY GOODS DEALERS.-* A middle aged man who Is well acquainted wltb the sta tionery and fancy geods dealcis all over the r mntry, doslraa a sitatwn as aatet.maa or travelling age at, Addrett Travel 1er. Herald odiee WANTED-BT A YOUNO MAN. A BITUATION AS llglit porter, or at anv business down town where ha ran procure steady emp oyment: Is u<>t afrvid to work and writes a plain hand; reference from last employer. Ad dress for three daya, aUtlug terms, Ac., Dan Journey, ITT Atlantic ?L, Brooklya. WANTED-BY A HARDWARE CLERK. who Hlf bad considerable experience in tbe hardware ( situation In either a wholesale or retail houte. Addrett' C., Herald oilice. AN ted-A situation. 5V A RESPRCT ABLfll yoiinu man. at an nsststanl bookke<'per or entry e'erhj hat had five years'experience; can giro the best of reft*, ernes. Address Enterprise, Elizabeth. N. J., tot 98. W ANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN. * SITUATION AB bart"nder or light porter in a flrst class hmiae; tha bett of reference and tecurlty if required. Addrett P. m. D., H>7 4th st. w ANTED?A SITUATION AS COACHMAN. BT 4 man who fid'r understand! the btslnen ln> i respect; la a good ana careful driver and a man of tempa rate hablta. First clast reference. Addrett C. C., bos IB Herald odlct. WANTED?BY" A YOUNG man, RECENTLY A? rived from Europe, a situation at detlgner.of arehlta# tnral drawings, in a builder or architect'! ofllce. where fee cs? make himtclf generally useful: It thoroughly to iuaintea with tha art ?f building, and speaka French, German aai Englnh. Beit referenoe giren. Addrett F. W., HeraM olDce. niANTRD?RT A MAN OF BUSINESS ExVeRIBNCB, Vf a situation of trua! In any large manufacturing^* rommission hou?e. Bett referenoea. Addrett &, f.,cM of J. Ball.SW Canal it THE TRADES. Assistant photographer wanted ?a who iiDdfriimdii working in the dark room ut M take good *mbrotv|>ea. Alio u man1 for Sundays. ApM lor three days at Pendleton's, Mo. 6 Chatham square. (1ARPENTRR8.-WANTED, TWENTY CARPBNTRRE, J at liberal wagea. Apply to Mr. Derery, at Ham litem par':. Nfw Brighton, Staieu Island. COOPERS WANTED -TEN COOPER8 WANTED. AV parking vard footof Hal tic at. Booth Brooklyn. Apftf on tile premlHes Immediately. PURDUE A W A HO. CtOKSET CUTTER WANTRD-WHO CAN AWO A? > mat In tliamaniijjemeut of manufnctrrlng. A Wlgr lent man will oe well paid. Addreaa E. k If., box 2,M Poet olioe. CIUTTRB WANTRD-ON LADIES' LINEN COLLAR* / and cuffs; one allied wtih tl'O knife oa other linen af co:ton work, ran bo instructed. Apply to M. A. Kursbeedl, u:l Bi-ade street. ___ CtOACH PAINTE* WAN+ED-TO OO A FEW MILES ) In iheoountn . pleasant location; one that understands the business ran have a good s.tuatlon; American preferred, ('all hi M. B. Vttl mine's store, 'MS liowery, from 10 to & Middle aged preferred. Draughtsman.-an experienced man de sires a position as draughtsman; understands detail, finely finished mid perspective drawing. Address W. f~, bo* 130 HeraM ottoe. /.I OLD GUTTERS WANTED. |jr OKO XOK 8NBDBCOR. No. 10 Walker ak Gardener wanted?one well acquaint wit.i kitchen and fancr gardening: a single man j ferred. Adureaa. stating.references and wagss, D, koi 3 JEWELLERS WANTED?A. GOOD PLAIN RIM maker; also faocv chala makers. Apply to Baldwta, Seiton k Co., 170 Broadway. PLUMBER WANTBD-TO GO TO NRW HAVEN. Aft ply to Haydon, Gore k Co., 84 Beekman st. PAINTERS WANTED.?A PEW OOOD HOUU paioters wanted.-Apply at 580 rtth av None but Iks beat workmen need ?p^ly. Call before 9 o'clock. I painters wanted. ^Appl; at 2S0dthav None but i"eiock. JOHN BVMB. PAINTERS ?FIRST CLASS WORKMEN WANTED, A* paiaMshnp 71 and 7S Walker st. SOAP MAKER-SITUATION WANTED, BT OMH who I* competent to take charge of the manufacture at either staple or fane? soaps. Address boa ISO Herald otllaa.y IX OOOD CARPENTERS WANTED -WADES * ? per day. Apply to E. Bootes, No. 7 Morns st. 8 T TIO ENtJRAVERS.?I.ETTERERS AND ornamental engravers on silverware it.. ran inert with a steady encasement and good wanes by applying to TilTany k Col? 66?i Broadway. O DENTISTS ?WANTED AN ASSISTANT AT D*. Margin's, 2S1 Pth as., corner 2Sth st TO DYERS AND SCOUREKS-I WANT A MAN TO on the cylinder and one to scour and preaa cent*, pants, vent*, Ac To stra.Iy men who thoroughly ua dirs'an.l UtHr business (and none others nren spply) good w?k?i ami aftdy employment will I* given. Address W. H. Wheatly. Dyer, Georgetown. D. O. TO ORNAMENTAL AND LETTER KNGRAVBK8.? Wanted, three or four good workmen: heat ws>;ea h the rlty given; also two boys to learn the tra'le; must bare* taste for drawing. Inquire of George Corbell, engraver, at Ball, Black A Co s.. Broadway, N. Y. TO TAILORS AND MANUFACTURERS OK CLOTH mg ? I good bands wanted on coats, pants and realah at It l;ardar St. BONNUBOBN * CO. mo MACIIISISTS.-WANTED, A FEW OOOD FINISH X ers. at the Are engine manufactory, 127 and 129 Wast Iftth at TO bookbinders.?WANTBD, TWO OOOD JO* forwarders and one good finisher. Also one girl fW sewing books. Inquire in the book store BUS Mil as., k* tween 30th and SJsi sis. TO TAILORR ?A GOOD TAILOB WANTED. WHO U*. derstands cutting, to take charge of a custom business sli miles irom the city. Apply at Lewis A Co.'a, War ren St. TO COOPERS.?A RESPECTABLE EOT. WHIO RE sldes with hla parents, wants a situation In ? gsot shop to learn the trade of cooper. Call at No. I Carroll at* near 11 amnion av., Bluaklja. Tinsmiths wanted-those accustomed anlderinn light work. Apply to Wlluiot k Klssam. Mae nufadn. irfg t o., ?7 Front St.. Hreoklyn. r STEAM AND OAS FITTERS-WANTED, TWO good, era. Ileal steam and gas Oilers To good work mom the highest wages and steady employment will i>e gives* Call lor three I*.s at 100 Union St.. South Bro-.klvn TO PHOTOGRAPHERS.?A situation WANTED. BV a prlnlft- and toner. Addraaa till Sunday night B. u. El Herald office. VARNISH MAKER WANTBD-A OOOD. RELIABLE, practical man, who understands the business in all lis branches. Address, witb reference, boi 4.1 JO Post oilica. Wire WORKER WANTED.-OOOD pat and stbZ dy employment gisen. Apolv to Mr Bartlett. at Baria's Hotel, corner Canal and Centre sis., from 1J to I to day. ?, WANTBD-A practical KNOINRER, TO run AM horaa power Corliss engine. Only asompelent mas way Inq'itre at Stein way k Son'a piano factory, 63d st., ooe? nerofllhar. ' \MTANTED?A practical PRINTER.IWITH SMAL& ?W r.i'ans. to lake an equal interest In an olllea in thm tipper part or near the city; one without encumbrance prs. ferred. Address Zylograpn, auiion G I'oat oDlee, N. v. WASTKD-A TINSMITH ANDSHBBTIRON WORKBE: one accustomed to light braaswork prefeiTed. JPUOMAS HARRISON, 260 Weal at WANTBD-TWO OR THREE good cabinet maker*, to work on billiard tablta. Apply la W. 1. Rharp. UH Faltoa st. for three daye. WANTED?A mechanical draughtsman. WHO Is qualified lo gel up new machinery ; also competent to aupeitntend the ereetlon of a manufactory la Mils slcinl* W^HANTKH?A man, who PITLLT UNDP.RHTANDB running menldlng machines; one who is theroughlv competent anil In every way capable of taking firtl charga ef a set of men. may obtain a permanent sliustlon ami goo? I

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