Newspaper of The New York Herald, 30 Nisan 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 30 Nisan 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW VORE HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,088. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, APRIL 30, 1864.-W1TH SUPPLEMENT. PRICE THREE CENTS. F national business college. HERE AMD HOW TO EDUCATE ooiTsohb. WHERE AND HOW TO EDUCATE OUR SONS. WHERE AND HOW TO EDUCATE OUR HONS. WHKRB AND ~HuW TO EDUCATE Ol'R**RO.N8. WHERE AND HOW TO BD.'OCATB 0UR~80N8. WHERE AND HOW TO EDUCATE OCR_ h?NS? PRACTICAL POP o'laR EDUCATION PRACTICAL POPULAR EDUCATION PRACTICAL rOPULAR EDUCATION PRACTICAL POPULAR EDUCATION PRACTICAL POPULAR KDUCATI.ON PRACTICAL POPULAR EDUCATION PRACTICAL POPULAR EDUCATION PRACTICAL POPULAR EDUCATION POR YOUNO MEN AND BOYR FOR YOUNO MEN ANIk BOTE. FOR YOUNO Ten ANJ> BOTE POR YOUNO MEN AJND BOYS. FOR YOUNO MEN AND BOYS. FOR YOUNO ~MEN AND BOYS. FOR YOUNO ~MEf.? AND BOYS FOR YOUNU "man AND BOYS [From the New YAirk Independent.] !? the beautiful city of P oughkeepsle, N. Y..on the Rad on river, has grown up ang institution of learning that has quired such widespread, reputation, and whose merits are well established, that Jt deserves more than ordinary no ce. We refer, of eon rse, to Eastman National Business ollege-a report of v Aids, prepared by Oeorge W. Bungay, *V. of the New Yc rk Tribune, oecupt-e an entire page or ur paper this wee x. Tbo lutluence this institution Is ex rting upon tbe u: ,tl<m, and Hie growing favor of practical icful education, ( which is not to be overlooked, will eause Is report to be .read by young men, parents, and educators general. Id point of f soccers this College may be elaaaed among te first in ^tble country, if not really first, as it enjoys a gular at' aodance in all the departments of more than stive B andred students, representing every loyal State o tbe ' Onion. And notwi hstondlng the large patron je, so eh u the government and superior man.vzement f the /entire College, and such 1e the discipline and good rder /that prevail at all limes in the study departments nd ,'in tbe boarding house, as to units* general remark 1 f commendation from citizens and patrons. Tbo Mt success of this Institution may be attributed entirely ' 4ta _udci"iis management nnd tlie energy and ability ef the President, I'rofesaor Kaslman. In introducing and carrying but a great principle of aotnal bualnera training, combin ing theory and practice. Tbia novel and pre eminent mode ef Insrueiion In entirety arlginnl with him. and la claimed by him and the many friends of the College in pot seta merits otrer every other system ever devised for developing the business oapaciiy of young men, nnd preparing them for active life We have had onr leaders In every other department of ed ucation. and it tsgraufylng to know that we hare one ia commercial science H la dear it every refecting minJ that our general eye lems of education hove been wonting In that practical character which Ota a man fur the active duties ef every day business life, and It baa been unfortunate that this metier )aa remalued so long neglected. To effect this much needed reform no man has worked so effectually at Professor (fast nan through the greet Business College he represents. He has instructed hundreds of young men every year with great success, repudiating, as far as wisdom dictated, old systems, and constantly improving upon the new me thods until be has brought out a system of practical inetru. i which will work a revolution In this department of ednca inn. As might he expected. Imitatois of his system of Actual Busln as Training are springing up lo soma of the elites but Ihe various forms an J blanks used in giving Instruction are rrll secured to him by law. through copyrights mat they can never meet with but indifferent success: snd in no plaoe mild II l>e introduced snd cairled out so perfectly at here, tinder tbe supervision of ita author. The iustituiloa Is patronized very largely by our snoot ^.nlncnl merchants, and not a few of the leading bust ? bouses here are ndebled to It for valuable assistants 10 ihe capacity of accountants, boo'.krct* rs or salts men Two ponng men from ihls office, who have yust received their diplomas there, will enter upon respond We duties lu business hons?a this week, and thus put in practice at once the valuable information they have aotulrori during the r course "f stud, there. Having wsuhod thetr progresa, wears enabled to end< rse the Institution under etandiegly, end commend its superior sdvantages to parents vho have sons to educate. The terms are reasonable, and the a'xdent em enter upon a couise of study any day In tbe The'reader will have a fair idrA of thla Institution If be ?an picture to himself Wall street, with Its bsi Is snd In aorunse offices. Its exchanges sod tommereial houses, end dhe Hoard of Brokers, the Commercial En hangs, tbe mar beta the eelegraphs, Irana'crred-to Ihe beautiful banks of the JlaJaon. and alive with ' ouag men Instead ol thouglit meo-ef nldd'tiUe. and eider tnco sliil riper In aspe rkwee. EUIJli IL'HRirr (Learned Blacksmith) pswekbe InatlMition sud tb? practical mo le of Instruction to SmUowihc emphatic endorsement. which alone would be ghnwmt guswe'T of ll? mcrit< ? New Butr.?!tr, Connecticut 11 E>rix_t*. F.eo ?My S.r?I have fell a great *e >n the character and meets ef your admirable l,0 iy Bu>li?o?s. At each vttii my impression of its happy ,t?l.i? tbwln !h< wants of the pipt.-n: day wa. rcnglhwnc.l nil dee| tmed. Indeed, no Inailtiitlon could b* more Amerl l?more ^ i*i>era?t#?tellc of the Improvement of the ago lie i recti' *? ednsntien Impelled Is so simple, varied snd lillierlsn, t *?* B*-r man who takes a fair end honest dvsntage of * '""mho dHmMer any dcpnrtoieetef business l.teh he may l)"ooee for "ft. whether he beewmee a mer bant, banker n Mtoufnot'-tr'-r or farmer To gain thus In e pw munlhs what \ "euld cm* years of business lite to ac d^? without sueb BsMruttlun. ls a privilege which should omniend your mat Uatdon ui uc palronsge of the whek luslneM oommunlty. A ?onld ujngratnlate you on the high bars ier of your coHfV. aud uu the success which has r wued your trffimls ta this Important department ef edu ,tn>n 1 ank ?'?<! f?"r ?Pbnr? et labor is In inch a central, tece-udble ami pleasant locality as Poughkeepsle-a city finch Is so adholrably adapted far an InMUutlon of this tied. frlading you the lark-**1 ?"nrfW'1 ?? ro'we, BLIUU BURRirr. All AdCttsery Informst'ei? msy I e fonnd in Mr. Hunger's tfrorl lift this Piper, or any further particular* .fcsiied miy m had lo fieulsrs end pimnhieis by addressing frolrtnr ', Ihe p*f?i le?l. fotigbkneos'e H ft. Him 7R0M WASHINGTON. Exciting Discussion in the House of Representatives. More Charges Against Secre tary Chase. Gross Immorality and Debauchery in the Treasury Department. Important Action of the Senate on the Bank Bill. The led Elver Disaster Attributed to Cotton, Speculation, Washington, April 29,18M. TBI NATIONAL BANK BILL IN TBS SENATE. The discussion in tho Senate to-day on tbe National Bank question Justifies tbe belief tbat tbe proposition subjecting tbe capital of such banks not invested in government bonds to State taxation will be adopted. Senators Fcsseudeo, Clark and Jonoson ably advocated tbe measure, and bave modi Bod to u very great degroo tbe views of tbo opposition. Tbe manifestations of a dis position to abrogate tbe rights of ibe several States were exposed and rebuked in a spirited manner, evidently to tbe gratiUcution of a majority of tbe Svnato. TUB HUMORS REGARDING SECRETARY CHASE'S BE TIIIEUKNT FROM TUB CABINET, Rumors have been rife here to-day, and were probably also circulated in New York, that the Secretary of tbe Treasury is about to retire from Ibo Cabinet, on account of tbe charges preferred against him by tbe friends of Mr. Lincoln, who regard Chase as a rival candidate for tbe ltaltimnro nomination Mr. Cbnse is stilj absent; but it has been ascertained tbat be has no Inten tion of resigning bis portfolio, at least not until all tbose charges bave been investigated. So mo of tbe allegations made sbow great stupidity on tbe part of tbelr authors, and otbers may yet recoil on tbo heads of those by whom tbey are supposed to bave been originated. DUPLICATED GREENBACKS. The statement tbat several thousands of dollars or greenbacks are held in Now York bearing duplicate nuiu bers, is set st rest by tbe fact tbat each number Is placed upon four separate notes, but each series is designated by s different letter on tbe face of tbe notes. TUB OVKKI8SU.C OF KRAGIIONAL CURRENCY. Tbe charge of an overissue of fractional currency may bo true; but if so it is not of those printed in tbe Treas ury Department, where tbosystcmof cheeks and balances precludes tbo outgoing of a single shoot without discovery . SUBSCRIPTIONS TO T1IK GOVERNMENT LOAN. Tba subscriptions to tbe ten-forty (nan reported at tbe Treasury to-day wore eight hundred and Ally three thou sand dollars. THE DISCUSSIONS IN THE HOUSE OF nEPRESBXTA T1VKS. Tbe members of the House to-day availed themselves of the opportunity afforded hy tbe termination of tbeir labors on the Tax bill to deliver e number of speeches which have been accumulating during tbe ten days devoted to that measure. The Blair liquor case was up, and seme two h mrs were devoted to It. It has now been Anally disposed of, as H is hoped, and tbe Missouri quarrel next comes up In the contested election cases. Tbe scene in tbo Il>use this afternoon while Mr. Brooks, of New Y ik, was attempting to make bis speech against Secretary Clia o was most exciting and disgrace ful Certain republican members appear to e nslder themselves tbe special representatives and defenders of tbe fecretary against all comers. Any allusions un favcratle to that officer calls tbem up, astd Instead of attempting to investigate, reply to or refute tbe statements and charges made, they content them selves with vnciforouMy and persistently calling lite speaker to order, and striving to prevent tbe cxpretetoo <>f charges ag.iinst Crave charges o, fraud and corruptl n b ive been repeatedly made against Secretary t h.iao and tbe officers sod agents of tbe Tree eury \ c.artuient during tbe session. To day Mr. Brooks reiterated these obartret, end ele<> repented other charges which h ive been current here for some time of gross im morality and rteaeuchery existing in that department?go grrrs that he said tbey were unfit to be detailed while ladies were In the "silence. A most disorderly and exciting eecne ensued, member* on hoih sid e springing to tbeir feet and vociferously calling "OrderI order."' Mr Sehcnck end Mr. Brooks at oue time appeared likely to have a personal conn let, addressing oftcn?lvo person alities to each other, and shaking their Oste at ono an other in an angry and excited manner. Mr. Brook* per alsted hi proceeding with his remarks, after tbey bid been decided repeatedly, both by tbe r^re ker end the H use, not to be in order. But tbe trtends of Secretary Cbes* are doing him tnoro la.ury thin bis enemies could by the course which they have taken, which, to say the least, has had tbo appoar anco of a desire to shield him and tbe de|*rt*ient from an investigation, well as to the peo ple, that a lull sr.d thorough Invest (jetton should bo bad, aod au impartial report made in regard to ell tbe al leged corrupt, Immoral and frauduluet practices. Mr. Garfield's resolution, offered Just before tbe House took a recess this afternoon, but to which Mr. Ancona objected, covered tbe whole ground, and, had ft boaa.ofiered oarlier in tbe session, and before the disgraceful scene of to day, wnald have relieved the majority of the House from tbe imputation which must now rest upon them, of barIng CO'-ceiled this when it could no longer be refused wltbont appearing to be a confession of the truth of at least a portion of the rhargee. The whole affair sprung out of a resolution iotrndecod by Mr. Dawes, of Massachusetts, callieg for the docu ments alluded to by tbe rreeklent In his reply yesterday to the resolution of Inquiry in regard to tba restoration ta Blair of bis commission as Major General in the military eervlce. Mr. Ptcvens to day staled that be last aigM voted for tbe Tax bill. Ills name was not read or raeordad, and ha made eo attempt to correct tbe omission, If It waa an omission, eitbsr al tbe time or boll! after tbe journal had been read and agreed to tbla morning. Kvery man In tbe reporters' gallery ooncurs in the statement that, aa stated In tbis correspondence last evening, sad aa appears by the reeord, be did not vote upon It. His remark to day In reply to Mr. Voorbees, that the bill bad bees se man gled that be almost wished ha bad been a lot"foro se that be might vote against It, shows that If be voted at all It waa in such an talrnlioually inaudible manner aa to ren der it for all practicable purposes no vote at all. Mr. Blow was innocently reported at not heiag present. Re was present, and votod (or tbo bill. The discussion of Winter IHvia" bill on tbe reoonetrue Hon of tbe rebel States occupied a portion of the after noon and tbe whole of tbe evening session to day. The ?ubelltuto presontcd by Mr. Stevens to-night folly ex plains his position on this vexed quest loo, and It le hardly too much to tay that he ia almost wltbont a follower in tbe extreme doctrine which lie proclaims. A number of speeotaos are yet to be made upon tbe bill. but e vote will probably be retched next early week. ins QUARREL OF TfIB MISSOURI COffORRSBMBN. Tbe everlasting Missouri quarrel wee up In tbe House again to-day, Mr. McClurg, of Missouri, replying to Mr. Blair's speech of last Saturday oo the repert Of tb* Be Uut committee in hie liquor ease, lila speech waa an ettqiapt to show that, notwithstanding tbe report of the ctmmKte* aod tbe evidence gives before It, ifcvlr must still Ha wider suspicion of complicity in lb* fraud, and IscidentaKy defending Mr. Chase and tbe Treasury agonta against the cbargea made against them by Blair, fhb repert and as Idenc* are to be primed. end It la hoped that tbie le the met that will be beard or tbe metier is Hengrees. Hft'BBARR ft Till FAT OF TUB ARMY. The bill reported by Mr- febenrk, from tbe Committee on Military Allaire, to day,tied < n wbieb early aolion will be taken. in<v*>sae iha nay ef /wivataa in the fsif to eixteefi dollar*, corpora! 1 oightewa dollar* * month, and wo*, com missioned officer* proportionately. The ration*, paper exeepted, are reduced to the old ration of 1841. Colored ueldiers are put on the same footing, as to pay, ration* and clothing, an white aoldiere. TBI NAVY YARD FOR 1RON-OLAM. The nous* Naval Committee had the matter of the Wew navy yard for trqp-cUds under consideration again to day, and discussed it fer some time, but were unable to come to any conclusion upon It. league Island lias disposed of, and New London will probably be finally agree 1 upon, although there Is still a good deal of opposition to It. RBNIOMATION OP CAPTAIN BBNKARD. Captain James Benkard, ef General Augur's stair, has resigned, in consequence of the reccot death of bis rather, in New York. No officer was more esteemed in the army, and his toes to the service Is n source of much regret. NAVAI. ORDCHS. Commodore Wtlllsm Smith has been ordered to the command or tho Lancaster. Commodore Glendy has been ordered to the command oT the I'ensaoola Naval station. Commodore Thatcher ho* been ordered to command the eloresbip New Hampshire. RETURN OP ADMIRAL DAHLGRRN TO CHARLB6T0N HARBOR. She steamer Harvest Moon bos left Washington Navy Yard with Admiral Dablgren on board tor Charleston. TlilHTY-KlGHTH CONGRESS. FIRST 8B88ION. Senate. Washington, April 20, 1864. IMPORTANT INTERNAL IMPROVEMENT IN THE NORTHWEST. Mr. Urimw. (rep.) of Iown, presented the memorial of AI an son rend eld, Clerk In the Treasury Iepartraent, praying for the construction or reservoirs lor supplying tho Tpper Mississippi with a medium stage or wator for navigation throughout the dry summer months, and a canal from the head of Lake Superior to the Red river or the North, via Paudy Lake, a distance of rrrty mile*; thence via Crow Wing, l oaf river and Ottertail l ake to Breckinridge?a total ill.-lance of two hundred and forty mtlee?thus opening navigation by tbo Red river and Saskatcbewan for two thousand miles to the base of the K cky Mountuios, and furnishing an outlet to tbe Hud son's Ray region. This would require an Improvement forty-three miles less than tl e Fox and Wisconsin river canal route, and eighty miles Shorter than tbe Illinois and Mississippi Canal. INDIAN AFFAIRS. Mr. Ramsay, (rep.) of Minn., Introduced a bill far tbe benotll and better management of tbe Indians, by which the t'lesident is authorized to locale tbetn upon new re servations, Congress retaining tho power to vacate such reservations, when tbe I'refiidcnt can locate them again and sell their lands. THE TARIFF ON WOOL. Mr. PooinTi-K, (rep.) of Wi*., presented a memorial from citizens of Wisconsin, asking tor an increase of ten per cent on foreign wool. Referred to tbe Committee on Finances. IMPROVEMENT OF THE LOOKS OF THE ERIE CANAL Mr. Doolittui also presented the resolution ot the Legis lature of Wise msiu asking for the Improvement or the lucks on tbe Eric Canal. Referred to tbo Committee on Commerce. RKIMSl'REBMKNT OK RllODK ISLAND'S WAR EXI KNDITCRBS. Mr. FrsAuCK. (rep.) of R. I., introduced the resolutions of the I egis'alure or Rhode Island asking far reimburse raent by the government of moDcy paid by that State to officers nnd men mustered iuto tbo service. Referred to the Military Committee IN RKAHK OF MAIL FACII1T1KS IN IOWA. Mr. Harlan, (rey.) of lown, introduced tbe resolutions of the Iowa Legislature, asking for an increase of mail facilities la that .-tale. Referred. rRISTIJO Tim HErORT OF tor INVE TH1ATION INTO COTTON CVBCtll-AlIONS AND I BAUPO? TTl* HEP ItlTER niSASTBB. Mr. Henukhmi-j, (rep.) of Mo., offered e Jolut resolu tion to provide for lUe printing or the report of the com mission, of which Major General Irwin McDowell was Pre-1 lout, to examine into cotton speculations and frauds oa the part of officers in the West. A m Allocation by Mr. Gbines, requesting the Secretary Ol War to transmit the report, was accepted. Ou motion of Mr. I jink, (rep. J of Kansaa, the words "if not incompatible with the public Interests1' were added. An amendment of Mr. Grimes, requesting -all informs tlon touching the subject or touching the persons sup. posed to be Implicated in the report, was adopted. Mr. Wilson, (rep ) of Mass., and Mr. Ffshendicn, (rep.) of Mo., and others thought the reeolatton bad best wot be adopted now. Mr. llkMDKMWS said that information on the subject was desired now. ns It would bear on tbe bills pending before this b?dy, and this was tbe only authentic way to obtain it. One was the bill concerning uegroea freed during tbe war. There was a east deal In the report of the commission bearing on lb at subject. Another was the bill reported front the Commerce 'nmmMteo, putting H ID the iwwor or tbe Hooretery of the Treasury ?e par chsso nil the products of the Southern States. He bad read letters the Inst tbrce days fr >nt tbe Red river say In.' Mint our detest there was on noconnt of speculation, lbe cmvairy In udvanrc on that occasion, numbering three thuu-nnd men, had two hundred and sixty live wagons, which bec.imn entangled and confused tbe whole action and brought on disaster. Mr. Wilson wanted to know If tbe Senator charged that the lied rivor expedition was undertaken for the more purporo of gathering cotton? Mr. Hknokkson shmI no such thing, Il? merely wished to know what this brigade of cavalry wanted with two hundred and sixty live wagons, unless it was to gather up the products or ihe conn'ry' He had merely sutod licit tins extraordluary number ?t wagons were, as charged by the newspapers, for tbe purpose of gathering cotton. Mr. Gonness, (rep ) of Cel.. stnti-d, on what be consid ered the highest authority, Hist these wagons were pa't of the regular traiu of the army; and, whatever might have boon the defect < f gene-nlship which brought them there, tbe statement that they were intended to bring in c< tton was uot correct. Mr. Hen kSson made no charges himself, but It was ainguiar that tbe disaster bad followed the statements uml predictions of tbe new-paper writers. He read a letter from Grand I core, dated lour -days before tbe tint. tie, alleging a conflicl of authority betwecu General Ranks and Admiral Porter,und slating that the latter was seu lug cotton on land as a naval nri/.e, and predicting dWaa ter These prediction*-the resulis seemed to , unltrin. lie lioped the stat< raents were Incorreet, and he bo|>ei| there had tieen no disagreement between Admiral I'orler and Genaral Ranks. II not. It should be mads known. Mr t'oNNhss denounced the statement read as a er el and a base siander on Admiral Porter, which bo bad cue highest authority for denying. Mr. lltNOEN-oov was glad the .Senator could so author! tatlvely deny tbe statement. lie was a personal acquaint ance ef ihe Admiral, nod had a high opiol?u ?l him. lint these statements were having a had effect upon the pub Uc. and, ir untrue, should be refuted. The resolution as amended wsa then adopted. HR<NIH MINIS. Mr. NnsMitM called uj> the Senalcbill to establish bramb mints at t arson City, Nevada and Dallas City, Oregon. An amendment striking out (arson city waa adopted, and the bill pasted. THE NATIONAL BANK BILL. TTie National < urrency bill came iip lu order, the ques tion being ?n tbe Finance Committee's amendment to the forty tret cert loo, as proposed to he amended by Mr. I'omieroy, hy the iitscrtion ol a provision exempting from State taxation that portion of the capita] Invested In or based on I'nlted Slates bonds. Mr.(lame, (rep.) of N. H.. made an earnest speech against the amendment of Mr. Roaeeroy, aa being calcu lated to Interfere with the State basking lawn, and array the hanks of the Mates against the natioi al currency. Mr. Lane, (rep.) of Kansas, said. except m Urn praneet emergency, he would soont the Idea of a Lotted Stales barking law a? a duty he owed to bis nouatry and bia constituency. He was now i nly Induced to support the ine-isure tic nape his friends thought it a MMMI men sure in ttiopn times of war, and because be would do everything lo support bis country. Mr. Cowan, (rep.) of Pa., lavored Flats taxatloM upon these banks. Mr. JoiinpO.*, (npp.) of ltd., aald a thousand dollars la gold will purchase eighteen hundred dollars In currency, and that amount can be invested la t'niled -uuies bunds, bearing an Interest of six |?r cent, with lbe principal payable in geld Ihe hank can loan Ibis eighteen hun dred dollars oat to il? customers, and while It will re ceive on# hundred and eight dollars interest, the repre sentative of that eighteen hundred dollars la In the bask la bonds, bearing Interest during tbe whole period la which the loans are going on The rate on the original Invest ment will than l e over twenty per cent, or two hundred nod eight dollars per annum. These bnnks are also au tborlced in tbla bill, within proper limits, to loan oa their deposits to their full amount, receiving six per cent, and the aggregate amount of Interest la to be added to the eighteen hundred dollars of bonds. Thin being the floan. elal operation of the bill, all the Stale capital will Inevi tably oome Into tbene banns. H was s grant mistake to suppose that Ihe credit of the government depends alone upon our ability to meet our natlooal obligations. It la aa much Involved in tbe ability of tbe Mates to moot them. If we are unable to meet our Plate obligations, It will he certain to produce an Inability on tbe part of the government to meat Its obligations. The amendment of Mr. Tomeroy waa rejected by a vote Of 88 to 11, aa follows . Trap?Messrs. Chandler, Cannes*. Harding. Howard, i-aae of Ind.; Toraeroy, Ramsay, Sherman, Srreguf, Sumner. Wilkinson?II. Navp?Meiers, ?urkalew, Carlile. Clark. Ohtlaieer. Cowan. Davis, Dlien. Kestenrten, Foots, F< ster. Grimes, Raaflatka, Henderson. Hendricks, Howe Johnson, ban# of Kansas MoRoiuall. Morgan. Morrill, Neerallh, I'owell. Riddle .Sou Kyek, van Winkle, Willey, Wilton-J*. Mr. Hew-Aan, (rep.) fit Mlcb.,offered an ameodmsni to tbe amendment of the committee, providing that Ihe taxes imposed on tbe market valoe of sbarsa by State an thority, for State or other purposes, shall be in the State where tbe ban* la situated: Tbe aaeadsMRt was rejected by b rote of 87 to 11, as follows:? Ys-as?Msesra Chandler. Connesa, Harlan, Dendileke, JtoWtMi Merrill, FjOnicroy, Kaniaay. Sherman. Sunnier, h Iklneon-II. K.its?Messrs. Anthosr, Ruokalew. Clark, Cowsti, Colla mrf, Dlion, Do. utile, Fe?,enden, Feolc, FlmU r, tlrlr e? Halo, llendSrsoe. Howe, Johnson, l,an* of lnd.. Lime of i'miuvMorgan, Nevi.lth Rowel! ttul.1 * sins fen Hyok, Van Winkle, Willey, Wilton-it. Tbe RenaM *bon a* fl vn n'rkmk. sdloumed I How?e of KtprtltDU(lvtl< Waaiiinutun, April i9, 1064. TBI CMIOn AGAINST GENERAL BLAIR Mr. Hmby, (rap.) of C?l., or the select committee on the charges against Mr. Blair, of Missouri, moved that the evidence be printed. Mr. MoClcrc, (rep.) of M?\, reminded the House that When the report was made lie waived bin remarks in order that the Tax bill might be acted on He regretted that the military member (Mr. Blair) was not now pro neat. This military member had the audacity to attack the four radical members from Missouri in a clandestine manner, and mado persona) .illusions against them that he (Mr. Blair) never uttered, in bis printed s|ieivh. The Speak kk reminded the gentleman from Missouri (Mr. MeClurg) tbat his remarks were not in oider. Mr. flrenwe, (rep.) of pa., said tbat Mr. Blair bad boen allowed to go on in his cwu way, and Mr. MeClurg should have the urne prlviiw The speaker replied that that was by tbc consent of the House. On motion of Mr. Ptraeni. Mr. MeClurg bad permission to proceed. Mr. McCtd ?? denied that he had made a direct charge against the military member (Mr. Blair) of altiginr specu lation. Tbc latter (Mr. Hi iir) could not control bis vindic tive character, and Riid tbat Mr Powers was a Treasury agent, which was not the (art: nor was Mr. Honnor uTrea sury agent until some woeks after (be liquor trans ic tlon I'e (Mr. MeClurg) was a great admirer or Secretary Chase, whom he compared 1 to an Moo-clad, plated with six iecMiron," and the individual (Mr. Blair) pursuing h.m "to a ei Oerguiirr.>i tiring paper wuds from a popgun, and tbesentiuel not aroused from bis plumber.'' Mr. Cu4Y,(rep.) or Ky of ibo select committee,re nvlndeO the gentlem in i Mr. Mc' lurg) tbat there wug nothing kp the evidence to show tbat Mr. Blair was en. gaged M a liquor speculation. Mr. M<#b'm; s<id that he referred to the evidence itself, and Um House <k>u;d draw tbeir own conciusjous. The military member iml ibo eigbt officers of bisslaif who Signed theoriginul order were cognizant of tbo lac' that it bnd been atten d, lhey woro not only morally, but legally, bound by the act of the forger (Michael Pow ers), who wee the agent. He repeated, they milled the act, and it would not do now to repudiatothc net of their own agent. Ho was silislied tbat Ibo public would come to a similar conrloau n. Ho quoted rrora uud exumiucd the evidence in euppoit ol ins position Mr. Higbv obtained the ltoor, but yielded it. INCKRAFR OK TilK PAY OK R0LH1KHS. Mr. Schmhck, (rep.) of Ohio, wbn, from the Military Committee, reported the Senate bill to legalize and in crease the pay of soldiers, gavo notice that be would eall it up at an early day. MR. MAIIHis' VOIR ON THE TAX HILL. Mr. Harris, (npp.) of Md., asked leave to record bis vole on tbe Intern.,1 Tax bill. Mr. objected to tbe gentleman from Maryland (Mr. Uurrisi doing so. MM. S1RVEK8' TOTE ON THE TAX BILL Mr. Tooriikes, ("pp.) of Ind., said there wmld be no objcctleo to tbo getiileman from Pennsylvania (Mr. Ste vens) recording Ins own name Mr. Strvknh replied tbat he did vote, whether his name was on the rec ird or not. P it was not on tbe record Me did not care anything about it. Mr. Dawson (opp.) of Pa., hoped that his colleague (Mr. Sleveus) would be permitted to record hit name. l'ho Pprmckk s od that tbe numc of the gentleman from Pennsylvania (Mr. Steven-) whh not ou the record. Mr. !+nt\ **B repeuicd thai no bad voted, whether it was tiiere or not. Mr. Voorhkks?I weald ask whether you did not vote for tbe bill witb reluctance'/ Mr SmtvRNS?The bill was so mangled tbat I almost wisbcJ I was a "loci loco," thai I might vote against It. TUP I'AKK OF KM. HI.AIK AI4A1M. Mr. Hioirv, tlio ( i airmm o. tbe Select rommllteo on Mr Blair's case, bo, cd the discussion would now come to an end. lie, and doubtless the liouso, bod become disgusted with tin- Missouri controversy. Ilo would not now speak but for tbo fact tbat Mr. Blair had made tlio bareinced assertion that Powers, who forged or altered the hpior order, was a Treasury agent. Mr. Uigby maintained that tbe charge of criminality against tlio Treasury ofttcera * as not sustained by the facte. Mr. i lay, (rep.) of Ky., a member of the Select Com mittee, said Mr liinlr was completely exonerated from the charge against him; but he did not agree with tho geulleinnn (.Mr. I igby) as to tlio Treasury otBcers Ho couciudod by sat lug that Powers was tbe lorger, and Bounor furnished him with work. 1110 rep rt a11? I evidence were ordered to be primed Mr. Dawk-, (rep > of UiW.. ollercd a resolution calling ?pon tbe Presldci t tu communicate t? Hie Mouse copies ol all letter*, times, telegrams, orders and other docu ments which .ne inferred to in bis message of yesterday which bare connection with tbe answer to the resolution asking whether F. P. Mlair holds any appointment or com mission in'tbe military service Mr. Hnowv. (rep.) of W. Va., move<l to lay tbe resolu tion on the table. Negatived, 39 against 84 IMORMATION M A.' BCD AS TO TIIK MONSV T'RISTIVO Bi'RSA';?A imsiai R vtnoAK and nohmi>t Bi er. Mr. Hiiooks, (opp.) of S. Y , ottered an amendment, whiob was read lor information, vis:?"That the I're-I dant communicate to tbe House as anon as |*Hniblo all vnucliers or -irpodti- ua in bis possession, or In possession of the treasury Dep. rttnent, respecting tbe fitting up or a bursa i in the Tiensury l'ei>aitmont building for print ing money, bonds or other obllgatleus of the United States." Mr. Dawks had no objection. Mr Rtbvbvs thoagbt It ought to be acted upon tepa ratal/ from -too ?ui|acl before tbe House. Mr. Dbooks asked btan wbother a# would eaable biea to do soy Mr Stsve.\s replied be would agree to asking general consent. Mr. & hsnck. (rrp) of (ihio, emphatically objected. The proposition bad nothing to do with the pending reso. lution. Mr. HKooM?xpre?sid big surprise at tbe sensitiveness of geuilemeu on tbo oibcr side to his making a lew re marks in support or ins amendment calling on tho Presi dent for nformution Under our rorrn of government we are entitled to luiormatlon froui the Faec'illve which is unt delr tuent n to tin public Interests. Tbe tnlormalieu called lor try toe rcnult tion of tbe gentleman from Mas. a a cburetts (tlr. I'awes) h not detrimental to the public in'erests. b it likely to be m public good. We bare not only the right to know what ;s going on In the Executive Department, but a right to know what is going on Ij the otbsr departments of tbe government In December or J.-unary list, after tbo close of tbe holidays, he (Mr. Hr--cks) submitted si mo allegation- o>-nuectod witb the rrcs-nry I'epartmon', which were disregarded by gen tlemeii on the- thor'ide. They ha-l ma le no nan of tha lostirnooy submitted, and at lb s he bad expressed his Surprise. Mr.Otpwei., (rep.) of Md., objected to tbo ucntieman from New York (Mr. Drooks) proce- ding with his ro marks. Mr. Rhooi.s rrm-irked that gentlemen might as woll allow tnm to ,-riK.eiMi now as at .my other time. He < Mr. Bi.-okn) would go b. lore the totgli court of the news paper pre*-il tbo re. nblicaus would not allow bun to a|M-nk bcio ol tbe plui denng aud stent lug of the public treasure. Did the g>ntlrman from Maryland (Mr. Cres well) make a point of order on th ilr Mr. raustu. replied that be would make tbe point of public m--r?la. The remarks of the gentlemiui Irom Me ? York (Mr. Brooke) were not applieible to the sub | je-1 pending. line Sckakw cald that the gentleman from Nsw Tork < (Mr. Iiro-iks) was not in order. Mr. Bw-oks remarked ihat the greater part er to-day hal been occupied in dircnssing whether a certain quantity of liquor had been purchased and paid for by somebody's money. Tbe broade t Ittitude In dcbaie had been allowed respecting a member or the cabinet, and yet, when be approached another memlier of the Cabinet the gentleman Irom Maryland (Mr. ? reswell) objected as a mutter of public m- rals Ton years ago, while a member of the B"ii"e. be (Mr. Drooksi endeavored to ssie bis whig friends from injury In eobneciien with tbe Ualpbin fraud, and in relation to which the whigs were attacked by tbe democrats. But now a general clamor was raised by the republicans at the very moment he approached the anblect oi the treasury, several gentlemen oa tbe republican site had called him to order, becauee bo wished the public, to understand what was done with the public Hevcrai i ont'emeo on tbe republican side here called Mr. Br-oki to order. TbesrriKSR said that tbe gawUetnan from New York (Mr. Iirooks) was not In order, adding that the Chair would ennnnoe to administer tbe rales impart tally. Mr. Plumas oflcred another resolution, preceded by s preamble, railing for tbe appoiatment of u rommittie t? examine Into and report on the condition of the treasury Department, and espe cially as to too bureau wherein are printed notes, bond? and other obligations of tbe United States, with |mwer to employ experts, nod tbat tbe committee suggest or rec< mmrnd such changes for facilitating business and for the protection of the public Interests as may be necessary Mr. OAitrisi.p, (rep.) of ublo, moved tbe following as s Substitute ? That the fomn litee on tbe Conriuetof tbe War In-pilre Into the subject, and that the Hon. Jasses Brooks lie sum moned to give leatin-oay as to any or all frauds of which he K"r Bro"?ai hai knowledge In oonacciloa with the Treasury p -runout. Mr Bbaiokssaid that ho wetlj sccapt of tbe substitute of the gentleman from oblo (Mr. (larfleld.j Mr. remarked?.fat us decide one queatlcn before we take up auoiber. Mr Brooks repeatrd mat be did not object to tbe resolution of tbe geut-emao from Oblo (Mr. Garfield), and be would now abandon tbe floor If be was permitted to publish bis spee- b in the Globe of to morrow. He asked this permission of the llosw. Hr.ciipaiu snd olbers oa tbe republican side ob Jeciod Mr. Cox, (opp.) of Oblo, snd Mr. Johbsob, (opp.) of I'a , and other* on the oppobMtat Side of the House, fobdly called for ordtf. Mr Daww s.tld ihst ths gentleman from Pennsylvania (Mr. Stevens), ha-l charged that he (Mr. Dawes), bad oi ened ths fl wl gates ol tiacuaeteu He (Mr. Dawes >, did uol know win I IN feillftiia (Mr. ktomt), meant by bis remark, lie (Mr. Dawes), bad found by export eu<e Ibat It did more bun to oevor up tbe fault* of friends than to glvo tho target* liberty to those who de sired to investigate. If ? an brought a groundless shsrge give blm If you Ho not lie Dawes), was not _ ll>e geutlemnn from Pennsylvania (Mr. lit si ami ) Mr. Hsooss lesumsd bis remarks, but mi agaia inter ruide-1 by Mr. t'reswell. Mr. Bimiors?I do not yield the floor. Mr. Cox snd Mr. J-jiissow, of Pa., and other* called Mr. i reswell to order. Much -infusion new prevailed all ovor I be fluioi Mr. Hr-v>* , after tlie no|*s end disorder bad somewhat subsided. ?sM;~M lls-i e of pub'k- money had been ?acrt P t in ti e UnrtAU o.' I t nUng. and iwu< li evil produced V, the ttw.' err-on tar .. .-aaury Bno-lng into a h-?i*e Ct '-Js-es and hacchsnaw. ff tbspsHwri.a www cleared igsie. ii a man brought a groundless rope enough and be would bang himself, will bang you. (Uugbtdr.) Me (Mr. I to be governed in blalU of eoMuct by aam Pannsw InanU /Md? eta a ' ho Hint 'anguage could be uttered not flt for fern lie earn, be Mr Broolu) could show thai every word he Bald was m<>re tbeu true. Mr. Hroomall, (rep.) of Pa., asked ? Are such remark* In orderf The Si-ear eb?The remarks of the from Vow York (Mr. Brooks) do not apply to the pending resolu tion. Mr. Hri'omali?I ask that the rules be enroreed Mr. Millkr. (opp ) of Pa., wished lo know whether It was not in order to tell the truth' I he ^tkakkr replied that tb? gentleman might toll the truth about s'unelhlog in California or eisewhere, but ?till it wuuld not be applicable to tbe subject before the House. Mr. Johnson, of Pn., said that tho chair could not judge better tbun any other member as to the approprialeuoss of the remarks. Mr. Dsn .mai l?I ask whether It wmild bo in order for hio to a-k that tbo geutlaiuau from Now York (Mr. Brooks) take Iiib sc.a Tho SrKAKKJt directed Mr. Brooks to tako his scat Mr. Stiles. (opp ) of Pa , said ? mv colleague (Mr. Proomall) object to the gealleuriu from New York (Mr. Brooks) telling the truth' The tfi'KAKKK--'The gentleman from New York (Mr. Brooks) must take his seel unless be appeals from the decision of the Ch nr. Mr. Ithnohs su d ho had too mm h respect for the Chair to appeal, lie (Mr. Brooks) ha l mudo his remarks In good | ilth and for the public good. Mr. Si hence sa d.?There must bo sonio deference paid to the order of the Speaker? The remainder of ibn sentence was lost In vociferations for "Ori'.or." "Order," "Order." I bo Speaker said ibat those who so loudly called to order were themselves out of order. Mr. M< hfni'k?I ask that the member (Mr. Brooks) b? re |U red to luke his seat. Messrs. Sliikvck, Cox and Johnson, of Pennsylvania, and others, on both sides, were all talking at the same time, while the Speaker was bammcrlug with bis gavel lo enforce order, Mr. Mcuexck, on one side of tho hall, and Mr Brooks,on the otimr, indulged in a hurried and brief colloquy, but, owing to tbo confusion, its purport whs m l hoard in the llcporicr's (,'ul.cry, further than Mr. Brooks said to Mr. h'cliouck ?' I his is not Baltimore, but the Capitol of the United .-'taies " Mr. Schenck's reply was not hoard Tho -ikaklk diroded Messrs. Schenck and Brooks to take thulr -ett?. saying this was the second timo he bad so ordered. On motion or Mr., (opp.) of Pa., Mr. Brooks was allowed P> proceed in order?yeas S4, nays ill). Mr Brooks apologized to the Chair, saying he did not take bis seat when Arsi requested becuuso he did not boar the request, owing to tbe confusion. Mr. Bkaman, irep )af Mich , called Mr. UrookB to order. Mr. Biiooks said he should not straggle much furtber. lie theti began to iend from n piper In his band:?The question to be decided Is whether we shall cull on tho Executive for information, and whether a resolution shall lie passed, so Hint the House may be Informed of the character of Spenocr M. Clark, w ho has charge of tbe printing of tho public money Tbo Speaker agaiu reminded tbe gentleman that be was not in order. Mr. Brooks?I will contend no further, but teke my scut. Mr Pawls apologised to Mr. Slovens and tbo House for tbe language he had applied to tliut gentleman. No man had moro eor fldoute iu the Secretary of the Treasu ry than he himself. Too Speaker reminded the gentleman that the subject of the secretary of tbo Treasury was not before tbe House. TtfR HI.AIR i ASS ONCE MORE Mr Pawes' resolution, calling for information relative to Mr. Blair, wa* agreod to. HBeONSTIiriTON OK TIIE RRI'EL STATES. The House took up tho bill relative to providing a re publican form of government for Stales subverted or overthrown by tbe rebellion. Mr. Siwofikid, <rep.) of l'a., mule a speech showing that slavery ha been an eiomoiit of discord in our repub. lican system, hus produced the proeent contingency of affairs, and ought therefore to be removed. INVK-iriOATK>N INTO THE .ALLEGATIONS AGAINST THE rRBA-U BY bRPAOmtrr. Mr. Garfisld ollored a pre unble, quoting a remark heretofore made by F. P. Blair to tbo e.icct ? that - tary Chase is making use ot the iucnme from abaudancd plantations to carry out tho programme of tho I'omeroy secret circular, and was against tbe administration that gave him place: that nobody b dlcvvs be hue retired aa a candidate tor the Presidency, although tie said ao in a letter, but is working under ground and usiog his public po?itl"n to promoto his own political re. heme*, inns running the Pomeroy machine." The preamble further quotes from the Now York irorld nuil the ConAiltUimal Onion, which papers have contained articles charging frauds In the irjctwnal currency, &c.; end aa Hon. James Pranks has to-day repeated the substance ot these articles, therefore, Rr?o re l. That a committee of live be appointed by the S|h> k?r of die. House to Invest gale the troth of the allega bona Above quoted , and ot any other allegatioo* affecting the Integrity ot the Treasury Department, ami that they have power to aend Tor person* au l papeia Mr. a miivi, (opp ) of l'a , objected to the introduction of I be rcHoiutum, nod t hero: ore It could not bo onler tatned. general content being required by tlie rules, 'the House took a recess till seven o'clock. KVKNINO session. RK'O.vftTUWTION or TIIK URI EL STATFS. Mr. Sietess, (rep.) of Pa., offered a substitute for the bill to provide for a republican government for the States ?rerlliriwi or subverted bjr is? roholllon, declaring (bat the Cmfbdorato Slates, by waging an unjust war, have no right to claim exemption from the extreme rigors and rights of war tb it unoc of the States which have seceded, with the couscnt of u majority of their citizens, can be tolerated and oumtdere I as within the l'uion,so as to b>> al!"wc 1 a representation in rongrc-s, or take part In tbo political government; ihnt they cununt pur liclpale lu our aineuilnienls to the constitution, ai.d when amcudinuuts thereto arc i repose l they can be adopted by av./ieof two thirds ot the iion-sccediuK Stutes. when ever the federal torcos conquer tbo seceding St .te?, they r,iu|l bo regarded u i se|Ktr:itn territories, ;ind be repre wntrd in i he Jlaose o Representatives the sumo as other Territories. Mr. Pawsox, (opp.) of l'a., replied to tbo speech here tof<>re delivered by Mr. Moorhead, lug colle igoe. lie was sorry that he could nut regard it as an argument The democratic party bad acted with a m igiixuiniily <f pur imse never ctpiulled by any other Ion. They en dcavored to nvnrt n cull war. the greatest of ull natiouitl ra! .mi'ios, snd opposed the movement of both the nbol'tii'ui.ts ami secessionists, but when hostilities broke out the democrats freely gave th ir blood and treasure 11 defence of the country, tic in'.lntnined the democratic party was thn true iriend of tho soldiers, and have sti uggled with unite'] effort to Increase their pay and supply tlicir physic d wauls and c inforls, us well us those 01 their wives and children In their ah ence /.s oil en as ho (Mr. lhr.< son), as chairman o. the > emucratlc caucus, lad offered em h propositi t-s. I hey bad as o'toii been v I' d out ol order or dcieatcd by the gentleman (Mr. Moorliead) and his friends Mr. Jfoosnran, frcp.) oi Pa., briefly replied It was true that he and bis colleague were formerly politically connected, but. since llioy bud parted company, he was sorry t ? s iy his code gue. wli le our |>oiitioai fabric was bogluulug to fall. Ins aasociales among prominent men who aro dow active lu rebellion. Lie k .cw his colleague Wiia a kind hearted tiiau. and had bo;?s of bis political salvation Mr. Williams, (rep ) of Ta., In tho course of his re marks, said wo have troatc 1 the seceded States as a gov ernment dc facto, and put thcra under the law of tho I'uloii as alien encmi s This has her uno a public war, as hotwpen two different nations Those Slate--sre iio longer in the f'nlon, excepting for correction, and Ihov mnwt be reconstructed under the oonqucriug power. Ills'ory has presented nopsrslh lto this rebellloo. so wick ed.nlroci us and causeless. Ha tflpprtSSM has hoc imo impossible without removing the cause or strife, snd by freeing tne slaves and arming them ..gainst the authors of the war. There must ho a complete exorcism of the bell born and bell-decciving spirit whit b brought In this violence. He spoke of Massachusetts blood being shed in the streets of Baltimore. Mr. Kelly Interrupted his collessrue, ssylng that Peon sylvnnla blood was flrst shed In that city, and bis col league could therefore claim that honor. Mr. Siaotux, (opp.) of l'a , had permission to say to bis colleague that the flr-t blood shed w?< that of a negro, who was in the very Orst company which passed through Bsliimore. Mr KrtLV. (rep.) of Ta , replied lhat t!in n??ro's namo was Nicholas Biddlc. a cotutliueiit o' our colloague. Mr. Wiluam* concluded Ills remarks by expressing hie hopes as to the future and the establishment of oar Union on a firm and enduring basis?a great republic, one and Indivisible Mr Bxu>wix,(opp.)of Mich., sail the preepe-t ro .y woll appal the stoutest heart. The administration which does not dire to bare Its acts discussed is unworthy tbs sup port or frsemcn. If It had devoted Itself wholly to the restoration of the Union the happy result or penes would long ago have been realized. 1 tie Union the republicans ravor is not the Union of Washington and Adams, but one or their own devhlng. He charged tho party in power with violations of tho constitution Wc should abandon ail plans of reconstruction and return t> tbo original poll cy. If we do not this we will have but just commenced. The House, at ten o'clock, adjourned. NEWS FROM THE SOUTHWEST. C.iRO, April 2t, IM4. The Memphis papers of the 29 b contain nothing of pecisl Interest. Cotton had advanced one cent, but , here was little doing, boldors walling for hotter prices Icrcipts sod slock are light. A reception w s given U IhsTlii Iy flrst Illinois vote ate at (arboudale yesterday, followed by a dinner a ,d 1 all,preparatory lo their return to ti e fleld. During the afternoon a .me sold.ors of the regiment, ?ho had an old grudge against Colonel Osbjrue, onlorc I Store where tho Colonel was silting. and struck hhn on >? bed with a weight, breaking his sku'l and inflicting Bortal wound The murderer had ant been arrested i last aocounla. Hears. Wads and Oooch leave for the K?st to morrow ranting. *' lhe steaner Korsylb brought up four b ind.od hales of >tlon for SI. I.ouls The JtoB fVunmlltee on the Otnduct of the War are hero, ivestlgallns lh? Pillow massacre. It Is thought ley wld exooorste fleuersl llilriOut. as It Is generally weeded thit the lorce at his command was Inadsunate i deal vtvowuBiv with tor rest ? NEWS FROM THE GULF. Arrival of Ike Supply Steamer Admiral from a Visit to tire Gulf Stations?Her Work During a Thirty Hays' Cruise War Vessels at Pcasacola, Key West und off Mobile, clie, Tbe United Slates steamer Admiral (five g mi), Acting lieutenant William II. Falun, com maud or, arrive 1 el tbis port yeslerd iy afternoon from lbs naval stations is ths Gulf of Mexico and along the Allautie coast, where she acted to the capacity of s supply steamer to the squadrons under command of Admin!* Furragul and Uefclgres. Tbe followiug is a list of tno oincora of tbe Admiral:? Acting Volunteer find. Omnmandinc?Win. B Faton. Aclitip Master and tr cn/iae t* jilts r? I. N. Meyer. AiiM'ani .S irflri#?S. R. Form m. Ac my Assistant fay n er?II. I.e Roy Jones. Actum Master?I'. .1 Hurgou-i.*?Acting First Ass'slant. F. M. Farrer Act ing 'Second Assistants, Geo. s. Tyler, O S. French Acting Tbmt Assistant-!, I.. P. Koeh, S. K. Yea ton. Acting hlnsiyns?II. O ikluy, K. Fendlobury, 'I RabiCon, E. \V. Snare. Acting Master's Mates?T. J. l'ray, J. W. PenB0, J. R. Atkins. .Wait A gen'?B. B. Ciolt Co p 'atit'l Clerl?W. N Piwett. Paymaster's Clerk?James Collins. Tbe Admiral silled from Mew York oo tbe 2Tlb ot March, with the m vis, 'resb supplies and - >mc seventy offlcora for Admiral Farra^iil'a squadron. Iter passage to Key Woel was exceedingly boisterous, having encoun terod a suooeaeluo of very heavy gales. Sbe supplied the Western fleet at Feueacola, oT Mobile, Ship Island, New Orleans, Sabino Pubs. Galveston. San Luis Puna, Velaaco and Matagorda Buy. 1 be Admiral a Lopped at all thoso places on bcr return. The health of tbe fleet was good. OlT Sabine I'u-s she fell in with tbe Admiral tem|>orarily flying liia flag on the Tennessee, on a tour of Inspection of big squadron. She le't tn Peimcnla harbor, the Hartford, Richmond, Oneida, Kennebec and Fort Royal. At Key Wi-at the Admiral in d the United States supply steamer Union, which vessel arrived there on the 23d Inst Tbo health of Key Weal was good. Tbe Admiral left there on the afternoon of the 24th inst. ihe naval vet. as la In port wcro the Sun Jacinto, Admiral Bailey'a flag ship; De Soto, Clvde, Fort Henry, Proteus, Stars and Stripes, Honduras und the Union. On Monday, the 2;')lh Inst., ofT Indian river, coast of Florida, the Admiral bourded tbe steamship Ci rcle, for New Orleans, all well. Iho Admirul report* the following vessels as constitut ing tbe Western Gulf blockading squadron, oil' Mohilo, ou the 19th of April, via:?Or si pee, Oneida, Seminole, Metucoinet.Schngo, octornra, i'lnoia, Komndieo, Ilnnka, Penguin?the whole under the divisional Hug of Captain W. M. Walker. The Admiral has made the rouud trip in thirty two dava, which, considering the heavy weather ah# expe rienced. and three days detention In Pens*.Ufa and oil Mo bile on account oi the gules of wind, aud two trips up tr New Orleaus, makes it the usteel trip yet made by any supply steamer. Ktw< from Key West. OUR KBY WKST COIlllEHPONDJtN'CF. Kky Wkst, Fia , April 22, 180*. Brutal Proclamation of General Beauregard?h'elet Cur rtney?Significant Commentary on the I'roJanation? Career of the Commentator?The Garrison at Port Mey ers?Skirmishes with the tickets?H'Ciuiting in Florida for the Cnion, tic. Tbe arrival ot the United States steamer Honduras, from tbe Gulf coast or Florida, baa put your correspond ent tn possession of a valuable document. How he ob tiiucd it is of no con-o iuence. All that 18 Decessary la that It is of national irajiorUiicc, and must be or interest to the million readers of the flRR>Ln. It runs thus ? Hkapqi Aurmiy, ty tiik Fisu>,1 Nkui Bai.pwi.v, Flo., March 4, lhrtd. j Whereas, by reprm-cntalluus made to these headquar ters, It appears that m the district ol tbe couutry south of the Wlthlaruuchee river on the west, and of tne head waters of tbe Ft. Johns river on tbe east, embraced In the Fourth and Filth Umimiuxary districts of Morula, there are a number of pufsons diwrtors from the army of the Confederate Stales, and others liable to military service, who ovnde, by concealment, and sometimes by I be constituted military authorities, tho duty which they owe to their country, tt lias been further represented that many of these persona have families ao eutlrely de |iendet)t oa them tor Hopjmrt that much suffering might result by oomiKilllng theui at proecut to military service In localities remote from tbeir homes, and thai many are willing to do such service to the confederacy as they may and remain In proximity to tboir families. By rc iton of these considerations a general amnesty au<l par don Is hereby proclaimed to all such persons In raid dis triots, excepting only those who have, in ronjunctloB with the enemy, taken up arms against toe Confederate Stales, or taken the itie of auy citizen or olllcer or aoldier of tha ConfeJeiate states. on condition, however, that within forty days after the publication of this pro clamation thoee id the f ourth Commlsaary district shall report to Major A. O. Murnner, (Jotnioiosary .Surgeont and Commissary for that district, aud lliive in the Fifth di.-lrict to Captain Jamet McKay, Commter ary Spent tor the Filth district of Florida: uud uuon cnmlilion, lurther, that all surplus beef cal'ie owned by xucb person" shall be furnished the Confederate government nt aohedule prices. Those resident of mid district* who report within the tlmo specitled will be cm' ioyed by tbe stid Mas>r A. O. Sumner and Captain .'auies McKay, Commissary Agent, as detailed men, in gitbering cattle, fl-hing. kc.. for the government, fnr wtotcb ihev will receive the etsni easa tion allowed by law to duiaiietl mm. Such at do not bo lot g to any organization will be allowed, until further orders, to join comr onto* r,?e local defence, from which theywillhedi they so alert,e ?? the raid Com missary and Cutnimasary Agent. To ail who re I use, or lull, without a satisfactory reason therefor, to avail themselves of this pro InmailuQ, tils announced that theCooimandiug lieneral will at au early day visit upoo them the most condign punishment. by the adoption of such measure* at will effectually rid tbe Country of their presence O. 1 BKAl'KEG ARB, General Commanding. So much for tbe text. Now for the commentary, which shows how the country is to be rid of the presence of the contumacious rebels to rebel rule. It is contained in lb* following letter from Captain Jamet McKay, Commissary Agent for the Fifth d! trict of Florida, to bit friend Mr. Ilug.m ? Mr, (UcAIti ? lisas 8m?I have just returned home, aud ! am glad 1# say we have bent rue enemy back to Jacksout ;l'e. and they allow of being badly whipped by our men. rbia la encouraging I enclose you a proclamation of ilenarat l!oa>ire(urd, whp h 1 g"t bim to give after considerable troub'e. If the men lying out now do n >1 come In and report themselves immediately be will (I nienn Beauregard) li tve their families remorod from their places, and themselves, when captured, hung. As it now la they can report thorns Ives to me and he em ployed by me in cattle driving or flsbiog, and remain in tho Stato near their homo* lhls is to all iwrsong, and particularly those with families I w ish yoo to obtain all year old bands, and have cattle pena built at whatever points you may think necessary for commencing the hunting this year. Let me hear from ym, or through Mr Gtilett. how you are getting aiong with the work. Yours, truly, JAMK5 M'KAY. Hanoi 12.1984. Ttio proclamation is significant, as it shows that tbe de fection of the people, In at lea-1 two districts of Florida, Is ao groat to tbe rebel c.iaso as to coll forth such a docu ment And what a light does Captain McKay's very friendly letter to Mr. flagun throw on tbe tort of "con dign punishment" intended lor delinquents?hanging f Wtlkoe, the celebrated Fogltsh radical, was wool to say that hangiog was iba worst usa you can make of a man. Hat Wilkes Itvod in Florida iu the prevent day be might, lerhajs. be brought to think that a still worse use would tin to be compelled to light on tbe side of tbe rebels. WPkee wis just radical enough to take tbnt view el tbe question, and there muy be man in Florida who are like minded with John Wilkes. It is rsally ro rrshing to read tho proclsmall n. Horn kind to forgive tho poor devils their devotion to lb# Union on the fasy terms of giving up tftolr cattle and fallings to lie rebel government si schedule prices?that i* to iwy. at urn cents to the dollar. That o nelderation to "allow ' them to ".oin c mjanles for local defence," iu preference to being ralmia "I their owo cattle tor the use <? rci>?l soldiers, or fishermen to supply rebel wants Iroui the deep! Mow put to liai.g Umss and to ? bsvo their families removed from tbeir place*. and their property taken," If they rebelltoti-ly dlseesl to ail ' Mr Jamea McKay is i>rctty well known hero. He ar rived at Key West ai.d represented himself as a lute gave He man. Major French, who ?Mnmaadsd tho p ?t, him permiaelon to r> to llamiu to pur. has# horoee. went iu a steamer belonging to himself nailed the gaivor. While m Havana the t'nlied States Consul there wrote to the admiral com ma tiding tier# mat tbe -tnivor was loaded with arm? and nmnltl us "f war. The conae prance wae, ? sua bee I was sent alter the Kalvof. f be was eaptured, sod Mr. Mcaay wiih her. He was sent North, but after wards rsturneI to Key West, where he took tbv oath of jilegianoe to the l tided Plate*. Me then went to ram pa, whore, as we Bud, he jouMd Hie rebel army, aud is *? . xpeaoot of (ci.oral I .MUio.srd'a bauzing prosimatioo. t ni ws from Fort Meyrs, f hsrlotte's llarbor, is more cheering then previous hdurmvtloii. Caputs ? raue boa fought iba robeis sjvsrai liatoe, and in every tbirmtsb he has been victorious, driving the enemy in, sad de jiroyhig their parks, f rovi-iour and forigo. Me raptured tweuty six horses and one contraband, and rtoruiied thirty six ineu right und r tbs notos of Hie r> bes, oa the 16th instant. This and t>; her nice Jobs of tbe k nd were mniuly performed hy Acting Voluoteer Lieutenant Ris k well, commanding the United states schooner item of the T ho United -dates gunboat Troteus, Qnnmsnder fhit feldt, arrived hero on Tuesday to join the l??t hug blockading squadron. . The tTaied States sunply sleamor 1 mm arrived yew torduy aflernoou Iroin New York, Fbe brought out sixty coal hot firm, ?i\ty l?nd?nion and sixty boys, but not nee seaman tor tho several \easois of the vqusdror. ? alto brought out Captain Ibeodcre ?*. Green wseom.. ??e er of tbe aaeshin Nan .laeiet.s

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