Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 30, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 30, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. a tinav. April 20-8 f. M The moos market. ugh not an m <t<-d to day oj*ned w.ib a more buoyant u>n>- *n>1 prcm tor the moor t) >-f tdtarea improved on* to .hire cent. Compared wlih the ante* at the ftrrt bo .rd veii.-rd >y, Saw York Central advanced Jt^.Kri* Kamo.d 1 Hudaoe Klrer 4. Read ing IX, Mich.gsi f. mrel 2 Michigan Southern t>. Illinois Centra: I, (lata1 'lid and Ritu>hurg 2V,, Galena end Chicago 2, Cblcng nrt R rk Island 1, Rlitabnrg and Fort Wayne 2^,ihic.,.o and Northweatern SSiVnm bait and t?al 3, and Q.mksilver Mining 8. Erie preferred declined i*. Harlem lUnr" d 11. P-?ci6i-Mail k.andtan tea Company 1. The following table com eree the quotation* for the laadlni railroad f hares * ? Hie IRai meeting of fbe Hoard j of Brokers to-day with lb.-1?ices obialued on-lndny of UM week ? April 21 iS'rttl^::=-;= ???? ?SI< Brie prore. red }?? J^'a Hudson Riror. Harleui Reading 181 146 210 22U 1 0 1ST Michigan Central 140 142 alloiii*"' Southern ?? HtfW OOJj fllloola (antral I28f} 120 Mllwauke* aad Prairie du t TO ?0 Cleveland and Pttuner* 114)f 112s' (falaaa and ilatoago 128 120 Oeretand aad Tntedo 149 <>148 Chicagoand Rook island 11*4 116 Pittsburg and Fort Wayne 114 H7>J Alton and Torre Haute OB 60 Chicago and Northweataru 66 68 T'aolOe Mail m S2T Cumberland Ooal 71 77 Canton company 60 46 Quicksilver Mining 70 71 The following were toe qoMattoen to-day for govern mtol occuritlea;? Five twenty coupon bends 111V Five twenty reglaiered bonds 100 Coupon 6's .g 1801... U8? Hag la ered 6'a of 1881 114 One year ourreney rertifie11- a 08 S Haven and three tentba lr.-u.ury not.* Ill Ooupou 6'a of 1866 . 188 Gold opened et 17ns "? which It rose to 181 'aa and afterwards dangled between 78 -nd 170. Tbe market waa weak and tbe salea siuai.. Sterling exchange was <Jul>, the quotatloue being 197 a 198. Tneie was no second m-eiinc of tbe Stock Exchange today, tbe board haviug ad urned over to allow the member* an opportunity to attend tbe funeral of Mr. George ltatnsford, who was a member. Tbenuaorialtransaetl. nl at tbe Sub*treesnry to day were as follows ? Amount on band $37,446,292 Receipts lrum customs 1,187,100 From other sources 060,084 Tola'. $392170.270 PaymeuU 2,388,160 Balance $30,881,120 h ibacriptlona to 10 40 loan 48,100 Tbe ten forty loan is now beteg absorbed et tbe rate o! about a million of doll re a day. Ita success thus far has been greater than attended th-< disposal of the Ave twenty bonds when they ..ere firm pot on tbe market, end it la anticipated, when monetary atlbln become a little more sottied. that tbe new loan will command, as it deserves, the direct aiteottoo of all persona who ere soak ing safe and profitable investments for their capita'. It la reportnd that the *:x:. Aeeuee Railroad Company will be compelled to paaa it? usual dividend, owlag to the adveace of wages and supplies. 130.626 83.810 The Horism Rsilroad stook --corwer" has vsry D6arly reaches m culminating putck Tbere are a lew aborts left on the list, whose time will expire about the 6th or 6th of May, after which Uariess will probably drop to lbs neighborhood of par. An attempt was made some time ago by a legislative clique to produce a* corner" oa Barlam itock, which was readily seconded by a number of outsiders, to whom the movement and plan of opera tleas were reoerouaiy Imported. The tdaa was to be en ooeraged that the Legislature would confirm the grant wMoh the oompany obtained from the Corporation of this olty to layja track in Bread way. and daring the pendency of the question the knowing "nee were to sell the stock short at any price they could obtain for tt> and when toey bad succeeded la getting out aa mmoh aa Utey do sired the committee in charge of the matter were to re port adversely oa the application, which It wis the oalcc. union v ould have the efieel d tending down the price far below the figure which roted while the shorts were making (heir contrsete. and by that means thsy antici pated tt??y would be able to deliver the stock wbes the time expired at probably one half the price they eold as. But Commodore Vauderbllt, who Is lbs principal owner in the company, when the plan was disclosed, used his immense wealth to product a counter "corner," and the quota!loss of the pest tan days are the beet evidence of his success. Instead of the stock depreciating, be has caused it to ran up to 335, and the combination find themselves minus shout thrao millions of dollars Amoog tne principal losers are Cbauucey Vlb hard 'upertntendeot o' the New Tork Central road, lianiei raw, Jerome * Kraatus Corning, Jr , and Therm* *-?d. Tne members of tho legislature and (nstuiu It-use othcers who wera in the ring have beeu rnuei effectually cleaned out, although tbalr leases are not a, urge loiividualiy as thorn wbeae names are above *"nTe ...oremenw of Torelgn dry goods at this port during tne wock eo.tog April 27 may be seen in the following IA^?, r*f for eonrumption. t'atkagtt. wfXu, Man iiavluree of wool. 1,234 $4*6.21" Manuiai lures of cotton 891 irT'Jr| Mao tenures Of Silk 83$ 834.173 Manutaetnres of flax Miscellaneous - .3^34 $1,134 ?73 I Wi'lidmiHll. ... Maoum turns of wool 894 Manii'acturee of cotton 883 ?4.02? Manui enures of silk 131 134.236 Manuiacturea of flax 881 113,082 ^ 10,110 lots' 1.788 $$?$.?? Mvtiii'dbluree of wool 846 Manufactures of couon 44 13.8W Man ifn turasof silk T ? tlaoutacturss of flax 1?6 si.we Miscellaneous 48 li.txr Tomi $186,484 The total earnings of lbs Marietta and Cincinnati Rail -and during ths third weok la April oompare with ths rsoeipts for the same time last year aa follows:-? Third week in April, $1?.**? Sams urns ta I"" Toe earnings or the Milwaukee and Prairie da Chlee iteiiroad during the weak ending April SI wars as fol lows ? Tnird week la April, 1864 bame ? me in 1868 19,366 Increase 812,3#4 Tan following wera the quotations for American seen, rltlsa la I-uodon oa the 13th a( April - Maryland 6 par coat ? ? 71 United Mates 0 par oant, 1881 Ma 86 HO. io. 6 por oout, 1874 88 a 80 Virginia $ per caul a 48 Ho. ? [>er oout .......... 11 a Ai.aoiir fc ?.. w , N.T. sac ,let mfg., '80. 7 p c. 78 a 8o I a>., Pennsylvania, 1877, 7 par tent 76 a 77 kr.e sharer. $IU0 pall paid) ?7 a 00 Uu ,7 p<r cent, preferonoe ? a ot> Do do., 1st mot tgage, 1867 03 a 68 Do. do.. 3d mortgage, IV*# 0d a 68 Do do., Sd mortgage 1?83. 60 a 66 DO. de , |.n mortgage 68 a 68 Da. do., bth mortgage 66 a 70 Ditaots iantral 6 par cant, 60 a 86 Ijo do., 7 per asat. 1875 66 a 63 Do. do, $100 shares (800 paid) 16 a 16 Do. d?.,$iuo aharaa (all paid) 73 a 74 Marietta and i uiclnuatl Kallroud bonds 73 a 76 Michigan central 8 por coot,ouorertlbte I8?t>... 06 a 70 l> >. n uking luud, let mortgage do . '82,8 p. C. 70 a *6 ?li tugan h. and N. tod. akg fund. '85, 7 p c... 60 a 65 Mew York.iantral6 percent, sinking Iund, 1888. 63 n 64 Du 7 lerunt, 1844 84a 67 Do. T por aent, sinking fund, 1888 68 a 73 IW 7 tor cant convertible bonds, 1878 73 a 78 Do ,$100?tia oe 76 a 78 Panama Mailr?od 1st mortgage, 7 per oant, 1846.100 a lofl Do.,3d mortgage,7 per cent 1873. 103 a 106 Pennsylvania Kit hoods, let m'irt.,con ,6p. o.. 60 a 46 -? Do.. 3d mortgage, convertible, n per ceaL.... 84 a 80 Du.. 864 thorns 48 a 40 PnuadeipMeaadHanding,$60shares 88 s 88 ?task Kxrbaage. PaiDST. April 14?V) SO A. M. MUU0 V ? 4 s 6 Jifi ri IW .. J$D aba Erie MB pref... 106.4 I0?I0 0 86 a sxti'a > u hlii ?? Hudson Hl*er KB 148 ?hi do IDS 440 do fox du mu ]<J0 OS b6 140 46CW6 W ifl's I jr ceri . t.sij ion Harlem KR 330 1SUW 1 n?te?7J KOAA III III de.... aSU 211 mwKrnturky 6. .... 105 Reading MR 137 SUM Uisol. oar inn 1?U f?w go ISAM Sing's,'Mi l?V ?J 601 do .1.3 137 , ?_ M Kin Ml'h Ooa Kit I4J alula ? a 51 100 UK**. AM Igtd.. 140 ?a laal'ar RR M 60 d? ljp 03'if fc. 0k Ml do 13SU DM0 Calif or eia 7'? IIP U Panama MH ,..... 245 it ago Ohio A kiMieii 63U SO Mich Me A II I RR . emu 40 tb leu So PV., DBS do... 564 I'd d> MC f.m ??? y. mire tu tdO d?, h IBS' llai'eea lai n.lge IIS I"' til Pan full stock.. iM D?? Ml a Ms on m?. 1W8 6yy 411 Vga ft* stria - ioowiMteCw?(?. **',c\?\*k'rimbr*" !*** KsSwS-ifi5 fi joVr U' A ATlUute:*. or ? 5.J1 do . ... ? JMj ***} *** A J/^nti ?** 104 6J (Hf? r?? A OnUE 164 hi.?ioii ???? "? iSciaiAOhiaBt ?>% IMSllMAPdut Mt lu 115 HO ? T?I hk ' ui 10 ?>P 41 *.?''Me 4m 111 I ' "'C'etJ * Tol HR ... W iue4in ai 89 171*1 40.. ??..... WH !?? II" Ul no ??? ?~ Uf fc, , u , m i iu 7(1 6-0 wM?t lb* 1-tD.hdi 7?% ?' OhMbsein 1BB. IdB llit< I ,1)? Ml. oi henubl.o, MJ 10* do... 11 SStluli H* .... IIJ ?W{ 5" }"j SRnoe Bk. 105 IU? 4* ?4% l .i C?i>ton Cu ... blo 47 80 do 114,, v. do............. 44 100 do I?4*i !CPelA Ilirl ( ?nolCo M? SO ChtB irAQuinKB. 140 4?i Ci.nib tool pr?f.... 77 Ml do JJJ loo do mo rrv iso do .. ....... i*% ??? do bio 77% 10' Mil A 1'r du On KB 86 !(*? Am Ooal Co 101 100 do 88 200 ivuickailrer klg 7t I 0 Tot A Wml> Bit ... J'% two do 70V 80 Tol A Wet. BR pref 81 MO d.. T>'% l'?? Pitta. FtWAOhl KB 117 38 KJ do 70% ?l do .... 117)6 641 BucksConntr Mod I?* 100 do kl|J HJ? 1141 But M?r 10 Co bio 81 141 do blO U7 ?W ood't* II11 Mm Co 16 1W Cblc?go 1SWKI ?>? UoldMtiCoColonido 4 3!Ul do olO PH It*! Onlral 4 m T Co . 56 400 do 6_ MO Poeirio Moll HnCo. 287 20 do 88, 340 K T Ceointl KB... 1? 101 do WO 6<% 100 do 136% 300 do ... ...bSil 48 ?? 1S5W ? 380 Brie KB - 114% IdO Cht A M W KR prrf 77 114% ? " a*) do 114% 90n ? hloago t Alton BR 82 Sit do 114% H? Chi A Alton RR |>rof 97 MO do hi 6 115 80 do.... 94 bit 115 ? - ?? 200 Erie KK pro 107 SO MarAC'oUKlst mpf 78 do Iu6% CITY COlRAlBRnAL RBPORT. J r dit, April 29?8 P. M. Asms ?Receipts, 79 bhli. Small salsa at $9 ? fit for pots and pearls. BmAiwrcrra.?Receipts, 10 093 bbl*. flour. 60 bbls and 884 bag! oorn mca', '286 bushel* w heat, 166 bushels o..U, 8,992 bushels barlejr. The depression In the market for flour continued and a further decline of 10c. a 16c. was established without leading (to increased business. The sales conprisod 6.600 bhls. State and Wostarhtl,200 bbla Southern and 800 bbls. Canadian. Rye flour wan flan bat qniet, with 100 bbls. sold. Corn meal was In good request, wttb sales of 600 bbls. at $6 60 for Rrandywlne to arrive and $6 30 on tbe spot, and $0 for Jersey. We quote:? Superfine State ana Western flour $7 20 a T 40 Extra State 7 40a T66 Choice State 7 60 a 7 80 Common to medium Western 7 60 a 7 90 f.ooddo rlr>tce do 7 96 a *-8 90 Kxtnrot. Louis 8 80 a 11 00 Common to good Southern 7 75 u 6 16 Good to enoice extra do. 8 20 a 11 oo Common Cntn-dian 7 60 a 7 73 Good to obotoo extra do 7 80 a 9 00 Rye flour, pui erflne 6 06 a 6 76 (brn meal, bom , 6 00 a 6 40 Corn meal, puncheons 29 60 a 80 00 ?The market for wheat continued inactive and prions wore nominally lower, in sympathy with the downward movement or flour. The business partook wholly of a re tail character, including 1,600 bunhela red Jersey at SI 80; Chicago spring and amber Milwaukee may be quoted nominally at $1 70 a $1 74. Rye waa scarce and held above tbe views of buyers; f 1 60 a ft 65 waa oflered and $1 60 asked. Oats were dull end prices drooping. The day 'a sales were baaed upon 35c. a 87 %c. In barley tbere was but little movement: soles 8,000 bushels Canada East at $1 46. Corn was dull and prices favored tbe buyer: sales 23,000 bushels, at $1 US a $139% for old Western mixed. Rkwwax.?1,000 lbs. sold nt 68c a 68%c., closing q niel. Beans firm, with sales of 1,200 bbla. at $2 66 a $2 76 for medium* and $2 90 a $3 for marrow. CbnoM?Tbe demand was moderate, bat holders were Arm The supply is moderate. The sales were about 1,200 bales at 63c. a 83 %c. twymiddllng. Coma.?Tbe market was quiet, but very firm. Prices were nominal. The sales w ere confined to small lots. ( oal.?Tin sale* were 1,000 tons Liverpool gas cannel, to arrive, at $13 50. Corrm.?150,000 lbs. ?old at 44c. for lake, and 43c. for Baltimore. Drxwoons were quiet but firm, with sales of 100 tons at $28 60 for Jamaica, and $46 for Honduras. Ebb.?1,600 quintals dry cod sold at $T 12 a $7 23. Purer.?In raisins tbere was quite a movement, com prising 18.000 boxes, at $4 87 a $6 oeairy f^oodi at 78* 6d.: per tieutrsl AD (on? 1(lir, KKteMSSA S&.rSjJKSJs^?,? ?Uea^?tl6?,.1i? AMwen"r|S1r0|ii^ifS) ^s16^0^ good* it 2ts W , 309 bbl?. petroleum at 6s. fid. A Rnr.ah bark from Philadelphia to aX"J Norwegian brig banc* to Antwern ??.>. IVIilah bar* Ulremlcbl lo Belfast. d^ts*Jtw2?a B^ltUh IXVUr*"10 ** e**?r5H&SSS GKKAsc. ? lao,000 lbs lam sold at 12o a ltKe Ilwm quiet, with sates of a.000 Buenos Avres at ?"> and 6,000 Rio Grande on private terms * ?"C " atr??SVSSST C0^flne<, t# 110bt>* hifb?r'~I,(>00 MlBl" ,oW ? 16,*'c-. bow bald at1?y~Ab0nl 1,000 t0M' ch!aBjP Glengarnock, sold 'b irood demand Tor all descriptions. with an advance In oak of lc. per potiutl. We quote beniuJ-iT Buenos Ay i ea, Ac t all weights, 34c. a 30c ? Orinoco ^ofiHo30'Th340,lt 8l,u*l,tert ?" weights, from'dSc theMook was 3' W0r#anly *,Ua' 10 l"? ???*?? ?0d 13^"IWMmaSpanlih and German sold at 12>;C a ' At$lX4^i^ith SUlea0- *#? bW* c?mr"> dockland, J Moiuw was more actfve and prices ruled h!"lier We note sales of 1.600 bbls , at 9.0c. a $1 lo tor hen Orleans but mostly 1'ortoRlco <.n private terms. eWi,? Oils.-:i,300 bbls. sperm sold,chi.-flr alfl r,5 and jaa do. whale at $1 12afl 14: new sold at $: 16 ,"Da2'<M) ^LMxaLwasflrmat $2 60 for mate, OMU aalea *00 Paovistose.?Receipts, 137 bbls pork, 05 r,aeka?* beef, 1,039 do. cut meata and 259 do. lard. p{??im?m Here, on tbe whole, in limited demand, and the tran^ac t.ons sere on a moderate scale though at about rJ?2.' day r prices. The domand for pork waa pretty active bow ever, mortty for apeculatlon, but in paft to flu contract now maturing and ab->nt to mat .re Vbe mkTTSS heavier than for some time. Beef was steady without change in pncea Hasf bame were quiet but SnuK wasquiot for waat of stock ; but holder, were flrm ito? meats were lo good demand at full prices J ard i? moderate demand, and prices K the 'n Butter sold at Mo. a SOc tor state w*" ern was notnins). Cheese eold st 10c' ?T The sales were about 3,AO0 bbls. on the ami Iff. 25 for old mesa, fr?60 a $27V for new dS.', J pnMTorWeeUrn'7 t Si'/hiL0*' 1,rln,e i'.side i? d?or ?T JZ %>? ?27; mess.,or May. on prtvito torms i %Jir'Z* June, $28 60 , 450 bbls. beef at $18 ? $lfl tor C.'J^n nieee. $19 a $20 25 for extra do., and ?0 a $12 far &>?.!?,? STlK.'WV'1" WcBterB <*??????? t-'i bi shoulders and lligo. a"l5 "! torlbwna'aiJd 'coo ?i ''fTR0LBt,* ?R?c?lpt?. none. Crude was dull a-.d ee ?3? nb!T. tsir. w^Brrrly o",'r?, on tb8 ?p? ?sT?; ~S? i arijfis', Oil ana lo. a 2c. higher, under a Urge sne^ati? ^ rfrj- ms'nT" ^LX^SSS'^ZXft'S1 E. "S2?ft sSSr5-' 6 I*, " r*y* bess hawked about tor fa month at SSSS&s^sas for torw?d de'iv.^ Beui'n. was stoSymVl^c* #SC' Bb**.?IjOOO buanela round sold at $1 en Tis?600 slabs straits sold at 63c. a 5dc ?'Z?'Ul!?r2?w."M ? "??'? "? .-ft* HW*! ??!"f??it, iwhm r.u. ,f ,1,,^. tr^l 9JZT M p. t. about 7.50 fi-Ht iba fliSS'^t tS? St #V. a 7Ho.. 800 bay?-taMt.T? "is. pulled Chilean Maatlaa at 34c mbTIm^JPzA b,1? W "is* rr.-Receipts 1 M7ThL r^^ ,*48c ? **' bellied by the action of ti?a iio^!!'?#lS? ">Mk94 was us. regard totSm.ljgrJBjMn^?g?yb?y?? w4ib clona of 'change we did sot hear ?L*? ?? b "? iransuctloo. $1 lo was bid and 81 f. f , tvtajUU 600 bbls. wars reported sold at $1 u. ? Mksd, and FAMILT HARK1T KBV1BW The snorts of speculator, to drag 0p tba prl.s of' buite. to a figure ruinously ax per. give to ooasumers have raced Jnst la Iba same maoner as tbe comblsstloo or tbe siasa owners to charge ten cede Instead of six oents for each paaaeagar have proved a miserable abortion Frea twanty tight cents butter was run up to sixty cento ne pound, and has fallen again to thirty four and thirty au Moto per pound for best qnsllty. This result was brought ?bout by tbe determination of pnopi# m middling olraum obliged even te tell at lower rates than J? rise in prices, lbs tr22*E!? !?"!? "* V1' markets during tbe week . Lh! W|?M iwdi u?,Brd ^^b^SlKSf The follow log is tbs IM of prices^- Mahsngsi. jfe '??, S'TKTS.'S,: oornsd heef, 12c. S 14s. ??M-. treehpork, Mo.; I'oci.rav swd (laws ?Turlssyt. 80c a 34c ^?.sxyrra-,'?i K"i 'JTSTpjaft* rapsna l'biaK,u?bs.$4 |Wi-Bo?eu Rnauh Mi'nT as ? aL^T^ doren; wild v ** Mbgau bank M I sVlT^-^^" P"i tit*** * ?ftkdtraMs, B1. broad bllM.TM ft |1 per pair: ?Mswm.W^o ft r?0. per pair, rssfttlftg ptga.gJaft Kim.?Kroat ftah. Bo per lb yellftw prvch, Iftft a IBc i?rch, 10c. ft tic., auanaft.So. ? tftc . emails. ibo. ft 1 Be per lb.. cod. Be ? 10c. li ml dock. 8c.; aturgeoo. tOc.; oarp*. lio. fttSu.; wbue wiles. Bo. ft 10c.. Nov* .-cotia m?h ??, fl ik^b o |l 21 8iin()i?ra, t'ie.iluig. Bo ft ibc . au<o>ioo|ia.lKc a 1-c., bailout. IBo.fttte ;aa?m ?i tiout, 20c. ? ttc ; white flab, IBc. ft Wc. par lb.; Nor Hi river abail, 2fto. ft BOc. par piece , a ickera, Bo. par lb.; urn o--da Bo. a XOc. aka'o. 6c. a Be.; black Bab, 10c.. pollock, lOo.; flounders, Be a lOo , aeia. lBo.; barring, no a Bo. pick erdl, lao.; |Mka, lac. lakebasa, 18o.. atrmed b-*s, 20c. a *6o ; lampftriiiee, 12 t?o.. ooogoaa, lio a lie ; oathah, too-ftltft. ?? ? M ac?LL4ir?rtc v?Butter, 84?. ? SBc. per lb.; cheese, IBc ft 21a.; aaapie sugar, tic. a tac per lb. The Taarf. FASHION FUCkHUKI OKOUNDB?TftOTTIMO. Fubsy, April SO.?Puree tlOO, Bella beats, bant three la five, In ha mesa. K. Of la entered b. g. Stone wall Jacksen 1 1 Owner entered b g. General Grant t die T. Cregaa entered a. m. lady Collins dis. J F. Nod me entered g. g. rieanuro Boy dr. U. Weed entered b. g. Cam. Ueaham dr. O. Maoe entered br. m. Lady Lambert dr. H. Woodruffentered b.g. dblpTimber............ dr. B. MoLsughlin entered g. g. Ham dr. J. Lnrait^atered a. m. lady Wiathrop dr. IK Pflrar entered br. m. Oanette dr II. F Jones enter .Ml br. m. The TbomaaMare dr. Mr. Brake entered b. m. Irish Maid dr P. 11 el ma entered b. g. Doeetioks dr Tune, 8 84K?2:39^. Of the thirteen entries Tor the above purse but three cam* to the post at the appointed time, Tin?b. g. Stone, wall Jackson, b. g. General Grant, and s. m. Lady Collins, the others keeping away either from the (ear of showing too much speed, or not baring spend enough to show? their owners being undoubtedly aware that low in the thir ties would he required to best Stone noli Jtokson In this race General Grant, however, put In an appearanoe, notwithstanding that he had been distanced In two trots previously, but showed very little Improvement on bis former performances. Another driver should be given the horse, or soother horse should be given the driver, before they appear again In public, as the patrons of the Fashion Course have had quite enough of the annoying and rela tione movements of both horse aud driver already this season, and, as they are announced In half a dozen other engageiffente, a change of some kind would be desirable be ore the next meeting. The mare iftdy Collins also made a very poor race; but that was more the re suit of want or work than from any vicleusuees of dtspoeition. Hhe showed considerable speed, but had not the necessary steadiness that good training assures She la entered in several purses, and there is no doubt tbat sbe will give a good account of herself before tba ?e.ison is over. Tba batting en the above race was de cidedly ir favor of Stonewall Jackson, as the (Allowing pool sale will show:?In an unlimited pool, ths first sold, Jackson brought lorty dollars, Lady Collins live dollars, and Geoeral Giant three dollars. There was not n great deal of money wagered for the number ef financiers present, and they murmured considerably at the shabby sort of sport they were forced to witness. The weather was most delicious, however, and| those who are not addicted to speculation, hut who ride to the Fashion tor the sake of toe ride, certainly had occasion to re joica; for a more lovely afternoon was never enjoyed by man or beaut. A great deal of time ru wasted after the horses came on the track in scoring, stopping, sponging, 4c., and it required seven attempts before they got the word. When they did, Htonewall Jackson took tht lead, Lftdy Collins second, with Genera1 Grunt brloqlog up the rear, on a pace. Jack son went nicely around the lower turn about two lengths ahead of Lady Collins; but iust betoie he reached the quarter pole be broke up, and the marc passed that [otnl half e length ahead of him. He socb recovered, however, and, makings dash, passed the more as If she were standing still. Hhe soon afterwards broke up, and Jack'tHi led her to the hah mile pole over forty yards?time, 1:17. Grant was thou at least one hundred and fifty yards behind, but now be Mruck a trot, end, going at a very rapid rate, soon overhauled the mure, passiug her at tba three quarter pule, and dosing so well that when the distance fia~ fell he was ell safe. Mot so with the mare, sne had only reached the two mile dit tance pole when the flag waa dropped. Time of heat, ?*?>?. In the second heat Jackson took the lead at tha start, end soou quit ths compuny of General Grant for the remainder of tlie race, going to the quarter pole in ferty second?, to tbe half mile to 1J0, dl'tendog the General and making the heat in 2:36 ff. City A Rvin at m Otmoa Hon*.?Tbe pioapect of tha mw tariff, which Imposes an aztra duty oa aH imported merchandise, going Into operation shortly eauead a great rush of merchants to the Custom House yeeterJay (or tUe purpose of redeeming good* frcm tbe bonded ware bouse. Two clerks were employed all day with the carbler In receiving tl<? gold payment* tad giving out the necessary papers to tbe may of applicant*. Sals or m E-attiw tun t.trs Conn sou ut Ha**.? I be estate ot tbe late Comptroller Haws, oosteting of a large amount of real estate, *ji sold at public auction yesterday, and realized nearly rerenty.fre tboitard dollars a house and lot ou Iexlcgtoe avenue, between Thlrty-sevtntb and Tbirtj eighth .lrnt>, brought f2S, 660. A N*w Bom on Hroahwat?A new bote! it to be opened on Broadway about the ^middle or neit August. It will consist of one new building end two old one namriy, tbe Albemarle au<t Worth House, situated on the corner* or Tweoly-rourdi ud Twenty Sttb Street* and Broadway. The new buiiiling t? already a'moat com pitted, and is a fine white marble structure, lis stories high. The three will be connected together in rush a manrer aa really to transform item into but one build ing. The Worth Home will be altored extensively, la* teruaUy and tllatntolT, with balcouies and an addlt.oaa, atory, with a French chateau roof, simitar to that of the Albemarle Hot*!. The new hotel will contain two hun dred rooms, with all tho omforta and convenience* ot the best modem hole's. It will be conducted on tna Ameri can and European plant combined?a system which is becoming popular In this country. VI 11 .son's Nnw Bfiuiwo in Ftitos 9nmi.*?.t splendid new building has been erected at the ncrthenet comer of Fulton and Gold etroets. on the eit* of WiUon'e bakery and the Union Spioo Mill*, which, It will be remembered, were destroyed by tire. The structure is quite as orn.i meut to the ukt-rashioued and slow-changing vicinity. It Is Gre stories high, of s-did brick, and built in s very substantial manner Tbe front ou 1'ultun ttreet is con rave, or eemi lunar, while that <<n t,old street is straight. Tbe iaterior arrangements pr-iiMe to be or. a scale cm mensnrnie with the imposing cbr>ractor u. tbe exterior. Tbe rooms will be large, high -nd suitable for the carry tug on of almost any kind of business. When finished, we ere Informed. Mr VTiHou intend* to occupy a part ot It for his old business of biking, act tbe rest will be let out. Fa* is Witfi Ti'iitir rot mb Sxitscr.>Sherlty after three o'clock yr-zterdoy ai'tsrnoon a Gre occurred la the brown atone Loglisb ha**ment bocte Ho. 357 YVeat Ihirty. fourth street, owevj by Robert B Ooff, and occupied at the time by John Eraser. The flra. it resm<-, commenced In a dark room use; s? a kind of store ro >m oa the (op fioor,cau?od, as alleged, by a small bov piaylng with matcher. The firs spread to iLa roof and, before extin guished by the firemen, burnt off the greater r'irticc of tb) roof, together with two worn* tad damaging other rooms on the mm* gto*?. Tko damage dice to the but Mlog will amount to aiio'it $5,<A>. it.sured for gd.ooc Id tha Mechani a' and Tradera' Inauranca Company. Mr. Fraser hae sustained a damage by water and fire to his furniture to tbe anxxint of about $?u0; insured for 11,500 in the Market Insurants Company. The adioioing house. Ko. OAS, ownwl and occupied by Hubert H. doff, was dam aged by water about If00; ui?nr?o for $6,000 ut the t'oter Cooper Imuran.# Company cm aouae, astd $2,600 on furniture in the filobe Company. On the alarm uf fire being aeat to tbe Twentieth prectcct police tfergeant Jsmee, in command, h rrled to the premitee, and took actlva meaeuree to put out tbe fire, and bad ka beenaupplled with a f?w buukets of water bathlaksbe won Id hava succeeded but the supply of wafer oaaaed. and then the dsaet amok* impelled hint to rslflai. Tb* ?ee, however, did good aervirs under Sergeant Jamen, icsveyins property from the premlaan on fire. Ibis flra Illustrates sne of tns tncldacts.wbicb occur oa tbe ap proach of the 1st of May. It ?~m* that a Br. Cheat hod .purohaaad the hoeae No. 957. and had his furniture raady packed ta mora la. Mr. Fraer, tna prevent occupant, was ready packed to move out tb# flra baa caused the sudden removal of Mr. Freer. and Mr Chase wiii ksrs hut a dilapidated house to mote into. ?woWyn Clay Iwtalltgemc*. AinrrAL Mnriiu or rra ?lo-my* Yacar Cum.?It tbe annual meeting of the Brooklyn Tacht Club, which wan beid at their rooms, Ho. ? Court aimed, an Wadaaaday evening. I he foil owing efflcert were eteoted for the ensu ing year ?Caanmodere. o. I. Htight; Tien Csmmodore, II. if. Whiting; Prssldeat, p. w. ostraader; rwcrotary, W. T. two, Jrj AMistatt Rerrotary, W. M- Rtogwead; Treasurer, E. S. Underbill Measurer, .7. M. Sawyer, and a full board of trustee^. Ths regatta will take pMca oa the 23d of June, frcm the ..lot bouaa at tha foot of Court ?treat KftsAonoTWAWi B;<n Watst?Tn Rjt-ss Mat Ri?to.? At ten o'clock hurt evening in* water wab finer foot deep in tb* storse on tbe qney ??nsiderebl* property has been moved to prevent it from being carried offer other* wise destroyed. Tb* river com mned to rtot rapidly. It la seldom. If ever, Buck ? rt*e of watar ban been know* to take toaoe la eonaeqotnee or a spring (MM -ihrny AUM and dryuA, April 2V MAAAJAQEt AND DCATH9. . ^ Married. Bo*b?On Thursday, AprH 91, by tb* Rdv Lawrenceir.MUW, LnovAanc.flora m SagAa tt.eldm (laughter of B. Warren fieeden, all to Sodskiya. I' Mast An FUw, alt of Broofcl? Baoiit?Maokat ? la Brwkly tog, April tl, by the Rev. j. o.i ttesMrersfiK: London papers please copy. Catslt?on.nsuT.?Oa ivfdav, April M, ad TrlnUf M. I chorcb, by Rev Aifmd Oookmaa, Sanosa It Oas-t I Klaa M. A. c.ii.Btnr, sell of this city. Omesnnorois-MoCnmrT -On Tbnmdsy, April 3d, I Trtotly ehurr.h. Naw Rochalla, by tka lev. Dv. Margai ?misted bv tbe Rev J. H msosbsry, of Chrtod ehnrrt R.w.rk,fto?t A. Cmmaauconm Maom. daughter ( D. A. MrOrwly, of New ?>chehe. DmsAn?Tvfius ?In ysntkam, M. T.. on Thavsdat April 2d. st the rssld?eoAsf tha bride's tl Rev. James Bolton, Mr. J anas lino* as to Mies %ssli V* laaidh girth ?f BWrdham. M. T. fttuKHta - Obamt?On Wedeeedtf. April 27,by the Rav. K. A. Mulled 1, J AlOM J. OtLMOeS to KuBA J. OeABT, daugh ter Pi C-alberiue Ue?ry. all of (Ills 01 y. Mlchiseo and Cti otnoett papers pioaao oopy. IIoms-Hmxoox?lo Meet Now fork, U I., oo Wednes day, April 27. by the Hot Mr. Muun, III AS HaaMS.^of Hope. Homo, form riy aideutouaet la Tweoty first Maine r quuieere, 10 Waa Liuo M. Hiuaooa, of Meet Now York No cords. Hawbo* -Mo'wttws.?Oe Thursday evening, April 28, by Rot John A Kooke, Axuexw J. Ha noon l? Soluia A. IIOlNTOMl.tlOttl of this city. Fairfield county papers oloooo copy. KoNNonv?Hamwk.?On Thursday, A prim, et Si Paul's ~ ' rap, (at ohurch, by Iho Roy. Henry a Rldgway, CutRiaa 1? Km Noi>r co MlooLikasK .daughter of Jobs D. Harper,Mh<? oil o ib'B oity. MoiT?Raiunbao ?On Wednesday, April 27, by Ibo Rev Ur. Duffy, or toe church of St. John ?bo Baptist, Mr. Raupml D. tlorr to Mrs. Sanaa M. Kaiukbau, oil o( tola city. No cords I'oNMjpros?Manor ? Oo Thursday, April 28, by too Rev. N. H. Setae nek, of Baltimore, Euuirwo H. Pshdubam, of Cincinnati, to OoaMsuA, only daughter of too lata Bon Wos. L Maroy. Rovsyom?Rim.?On Monday, July 27,1888, by Roy M. J. lloCaffory, Osoaao D. Royhton, of Baltimore. to Ada Cathbrini, daughter ol Rembord Kirs, or ths city. Thomas?Holmbb.?On Thursday, Aprl 28, at tho resi dence of the bride's father, bv toe Roy. Joho If Krrbs, D. D , William A. Thomas, formerly or Ueaufort, North Carolina, to Loot Cukoslia, eldest daughter of MadUea Holmes, of thieotty. Timpocn?Whtttaaa-R.?On Thursday, April 28, At St Paul's eburen, by tho Roy. T. Stafford Drowse, Taoaas FrSNOH T1MP8ON to MARaABaT ICLMAMOB Wojttaub, all of Brooklyn. No oards. Died. Athaito.?At Orange, N. J., on Thursday a lent, AniU 28, Rswin R. Ai.orich, reoently of Brooklyn, in the 38th year of bis ago. The friends and relatives are Inylled to attsnd tho funeral,from tho Clinton aveoue Congregational oburota, R: ooklyn, on Monday afternoon, at one o'clock. ANoeeeox.?In Jersey City, oo Friday morning, April 2', Janb, relict ol Andrew Anderson, aged ft years. iho rolotiyoa and frlends of tho family ore respectfully luvitcd lo attend the funeral, from tho residence of her son In-low, David Scott, 101 Grand street, Jersey City, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'olock. ItAihh? At Vonkers, N. Y.,on Friday, April W. Mrs rsRMwa O. A. Baku*, widow of Rev. Robert Belrd, D P, lu the dOth year of her age Tho fbnerol will take place on Monday afternoon, at half psot two o'clock, at the First Presbyterian church, V oo leers Tbe friends of the family are Invited to attend. A train leaves ths Hudson River Rollroodfdepot, In Chora hero street, at one o'clock, end rotors log loom Yonkero st o quarter before five to the afternoon. Br' LOKi.?On Thursday, April 28, of typhoid pneumo nia Alocis J. Bklloxi, In tbe 8Mb year of bis age. He wasnorn t& Genoa, Italy, and had bees o resided of this city for tbe p st fifty years. Notice of too ruuernl hereafter. Coif'iv ?on Friday, April 20, Mart Ann ash a, only daughter of John end Mary Conley, egad ? years, 11 months end 27 daye. Tbe friends of the family are respectfully Invited to at tend tbe funeral, from No. 63 Sheriff street, on Sunday a.leruoou, ol two o'clock Coax Ou Friday. April 20,at the residence of hereon in-low, themes Clesbam, Mrs. Mabt Coax, Isle of Athen rv, county (Isiwsy, Ireland. Due notice will be given la to morrow's papers of tho funeral. Caub ?On Thursday, April 28, Alicia, wife of Thomas Carr and daughter of tbe iota Edward Dillon, of Hestta tlsld, ,n tho county Roscommon. Ireland Tbe funeral wlil toko piece this (Saturday) afternoon, at ha if post one o'clock, from the residence of her hus band. 284 Mulberry street. Dublin papers please oopy. Euuudm.?Oi. Friday, April 28, Saitoh. Eldwoos, aged 61 years, 11 months and 7 days. Hta frisnds and relatives are requested to attend the funeral, from his late residence, 363 Seventh avenue, on Sunday, at twelve o'clock. Ma y Fwancm.?Cm WedneNUy evening, April 27, Mrs Axx rtANCi.-, wife of A"e Frsaets, Sr. Tbe fnnerat will take place tale (Saturday) morning, at ten o'clock, Train 7.ion church, corner ol Bleecker eud West Tenth streets. Farlay.?On Thursday, .April 28, CiTiiARrxs Kaxlst, sged 60 years, a native of the county Cavan, parish of Codufi, Ireland. Ths tnends and relative* of tbe family, alio tbone of her son Inlaw, are respectfully Invited to attend bar funeral, from tbe residence of her son in-law, John Thompson.2 .2 avenue B, earner of Fifteenth street, on fundtr titernoua, et two o'clock. Hixi.?At New Rocheiit. on 1'ridAy, April 28, Mrs. Pkkhe Hixi, In tbe 74tb year of her age. The funeral will take idace from her late residence, In New Rocbolle, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock. IIhio'ke.?Tn Ibookyo.on Ihureday, April 28, of dig ease of the heart. Dr. J. Hioaaja. aged 32 years. I The relatives end Monde of the family are requested to I attend the Itinera!, from tats lata reridence, 195 Smith ?treat, Brooklyn, on Sunday afiernooa, at two o'clock, I Hrtt ?In Brooklyn, on Friday, April 29, Javw 8. ? Ilrni, in the Uth year of Uta w. The relative# and Mends oT the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, oa Sunday afternoon, at t half-past two o'clock, frotu hie late residence. Si Jorale '< mnt at reel. .1 acoks ?On Friday morning. April 29, at his residence, So. 92 West Warren street, Brooklyn, Mr. 1-aiu.s Jacobs, aged 64 years. The rem.)ins will be removed this (Saturday) afternoon, at three o'clock, to Hlngham, Mens.. for intermeat. jrt.T? In Jersey City.'K. J., on Friday morning, April 29, Rosasnah jillt, aged 17 yeara, 2 months and 25 days. The relatlv*? and friends <.f the family are respectfully Invited to atlonii the (uneral, fc"ui the residence of her parents. 221 Jer.-ey avenue, on Sunday afternoon, at half past one o'clock. K'stih.?At No. 44 Union s.pi .re, on Friday, April 29, C. i Kkith, aged 22 rear# aud 8 daye. ib' rnoerat mtvImi will b? l>el<l at Ch-ist church, utr of 1'ifth avenue and itiirty fiftb street, on Sunday afterci iu, at two o'clock. The relatives and irtendi are re-ju*Hte<l to atteud. without further invitation. Kim:.?Ou Friday evcuiu-.', Anril 21', fll'TN ShTMOV, dau.'ht -r of Feter V. and Ultra A King, tu tbe 10lb year of iKr age. The relative? and friends of the family art respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from Grace church,ou Monday morning, at half pa^t nine o cluck. Maka.? On Thursday, April 24. after a short illnete, Kam Mara, daughter or William and Kllra Mara, a^-ed 3 year4 mouths and 25 davs. Thefuueral will take place frcia the residence of her parents, 4*5 Mghtb avenue, thia (Saturday) one o'clock. McKi wAiS.? On Vtlday morning, April 29, after a short, and severe lllue?v, isotch* A. Gamhis wife of tu. B. McKlvntin. Iler runeral wd hike place from her Iste reeldeuce, CCa Water ureet, this (Saturday) a'teruoon, at half-paet one o'clock Prince R?iwirrt Island papers p.ease copy. Mcgctr*.?Of consumption, oi If,dry, April 2?, MicSakl MuKvoy, a^ed *2 jeave The 'rtends of Uie family irejre?'ully Invited to at tend the fnnderal, <n Hcodaj a:lornooe, from the rest donee of bis eon I -aw, Patrick -railh No. 8 avenuo P. MCJcatvaJt ?<>n Knday April 30, of Inflammation of the lunge, Ti:e*?s tfajCraaaa, a native of county Terman. nagb, Ireland, iu tbe 39tb year of hi* aye fll? relative? and friends ere reaper,fully Invited to at tend tbe funeral from his tale residence. No. 191 West Fourth etreet, on Sunday afferr.o two o'clock. NftTJ* ?"? Thursday. April 2", I'otm A , relict of Robert G. Nellie, aged 63 years and 9 month?. The relative? and friends of tfce family are respect Filly invited to attend tbe funeral, *rom her late resi dence, 20 ? Wert Twenty-?e*enth street, this (Saturday) morning, at halt past ten o'clock, without further invi tation. Her remains will be taken to fyrraer Hills for In termer.'. Port f'.'aine pajer ('esse c?py. PRm-w.?ia Brooklyn, on Tnunday eveeiag, SprttSI. lfrs. RiJii pwt. y, to tbe TOtb year of her age The funeral services will be held at the r**lden- e of hereon it-law. Charles Ke!vey,?j Congress street, this (Bnt irday) afiertk/oe, et two o'clock. Toe friends aau relatives are respectfully lavtted to attend ? ycivsiv.?On rridey, April 29. A?rv Qr vYAS, daughter of Mary (pitanan. a native or Fal icynrdo, county Fiigp, Ireland, aged 22 year*. rhe relative# aid fr?ecdt are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from her rate real 'et-e, No. ]?a Fast Twenty ninth street, on Sunday ailerooor, at two o'clock. Ho was ?on Friday mrnrg. April 2?, after a abort itlonen, Jam*? B. Rowan, late Commander ts tbe Fttited States Surf, aged 61 yaa'S. Tbe relative# and friend* of tbe fsmilv, ales tbe teem? hereof A<eciaLodge327,F. A. M, are reepvcttally In vited te et'.eed tbe funeral, from Trlcity church, this (Saturday) eTercoon, et twe o'clock. Rmit?In Jersey nty,on, April 29, ef oon sompttrv. Kt-wasp I>. Ittn.v, late Cfelef of Rolicc. aged 32 peer?, 10 mentis end 29 Save. Tbn raletlven end friends of tbe ramily are reepect/ully lavtted to attend tbe funeral, from *?. Mary s church, Frlv street, on Sunday afteenocn. at twe o'clock Rajw/m.?On IhttraJay. April 28, Haws. daughter ef WiUtnm and Lou'tt FUUyen, aged 1 year, 3 woe tbe end A days. The friends sad relatives ef the tan '.y are ragaratad to attend tbe funeral, frcm 8-30 Third avecre, corner of Twenty elite (trees, cn Sundey at ten oon, at two n'etccii ?w?-Ot Thursday, April ?, Tiumae Oajo*t rVxn, ag?J ? yearn. I me the tad T dayn. The roiativen and friend* of the ramlly are rnepect.'o'ly Invited te attend the funeral, frem the reetdeece of her grandfather. William Smith, Jr, No. 278 Went Nine* teenth etreet, on foeday efternocn, at one o'clock, with out further tnvNettoa. Bar remake will be taken in Greenwood for interment. Beacons.?<>e Friday, April 9, Fa*?, t Aba conn, In the 88th year of htnagn. ' The runeral will take ploee on Mcrday halt peat twe o'clock, from bto leto roofdencs, T7f Brand way. The relative# and friends of the family are re neetfally Invited te (? 8 c yd am?tin Friday, April S9, after a Severe and aeta ta! inaoaa, Ann M. 2, wife ef Chartm Soy dam, la the ?let year ef bee ago. The relative# and friends of the family are rnnpeofrully molted to attend her ftoeml, from the reridenee of her biwbaai, Ne. 4 Sooth ftsth etreet, Wtammaborr en ?nhdey afternoon, at twe h'eloek. ?on Bamnu.-on Friday, Apr A 0, r*wuKMt Vuti mtima van Imuu, aged 68 ymae, ? months and 21 jli retailves and, rriendt of the decseeH are respect fully tcritod to attend tbe taaernl, en Sunday afternoon, at fwoe'clook, rrnm 1?? West Broadway, corner or Talk Street, without further invitation. . ?an Noevnaso.?In Brooklyn, en Thuredey, April 28, BsunT. Tan Neman, of pneumonia, aged 80 yeare. fonoral will take place from Ike houeo effete rather-la law, Mr. Henry R. Kummnl, la Cimton avenue, fifth hones northeeet ef Myrtle avenno, thle (Ntiirdey) after noon. at five o'clock. The relatives and frienWi of the family, and thone of his rather, Mr. Samuel Van Nuetrand, are Invited to attend wtthoat farther notice. Remains to be Interred at Horanataad. WiLLiAMeov.?On Friday, April as, In tbe foil faith of n blamed imoMrtality, tl??? am Aawn., wife of Doew D. Williamson. The Irieode of the ramlly ore Invited to attend Urn funeral, from her late reeri*eee, No, 134 Fm Twenty, fiwivth etreet, en flnndey afternoon, as twae'eiock, with Mil fiirlhir iotin. Wunen.?0n frldny, AorU M, of dlntherU. las Mat. ?M??l daughter of Charles and Lacy Jaaa Wilsoa, a??d d aud 9 month*. funeral will take place on Buadhy afternoon, at bal ixuti two o'olock, from the residence of uer parent*, 81 south Eighth alreet, Willi insburg. Wutiut.?On Thursday. April 28. of consumption Da ami ft., eoo of .'ohu K. and Joan WUalpley, aged a# yr*' a, 8 month* and U day*. the funeral will t ke place from the residence of hlo parents, 662 Broome alreet, oa Sunder alterixx u, at one o'oltck. the rolatlrea aud irteada of the family are la riled to attend. hirUATKMB WMTED-FKIH&LK2. AEUMB8R OR WBLL RBCOMMBNDBD OBKMAM female* waut allua isit* a* o<>oCa ehambermatda and lauadreaaee, uuraea, *lrla for general housework, Ao., at Mr* LOWK'd German Inalltute, 17 Slaulou at. urar the Bawery. Audi op rbfinkmrmt. dksirohs op mak tug the tour of Europe, would like to make arrange' uieula with a stylish ladjr of imaliloo K uog. for companion ship. Addreaa with all partloulara Madame Anae'. Wash tagiea, (>. B . Poatoftoe A SITUATION WANTRD-BY ? RESPECTABLE girl, Pi oeok, waah ana iron It a good plain oook and ???? MO ?>?> good cly i el err nee Call at 147 S.'d at., between Sd aud Lexington ara. drat door, book ream. Ami-cation wantbd-ab good oook, wabh er aud Irouer; If a good baker; willing to go In the ooualry, good referenoe. OaU at 247 Weal Sdthat.. ha tween Bth ana 9th are A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOCNO WOMAN, aa nurae and le do plain aewlng Call at 177 Mary at., Brooklyn. A LADY. BREAKING UP HOUSEKEEPING, IB DB olroue of fladiog a p'aoe for her cook, who laQratelaaa: understands Bugllah oooalngln all It* branohea; haa no ob jections to the country Apply till Monday at 29 Weat 16tb at. Ayobng woman wishes a situation as laitv'a meld and aeaaatreas, or a* aeamitreaa alone: la willing to travel If deal rod Refer a to her present employer lea be aeon at OS Weat 23d at., between Jib and loth ave A SITUATION WANTED?BY A BK8PB0TABLB young Proieatant woman, aa waltreaa, lb a private family; haa the beat of oity referenoe. Can be seen at 90 '9eat I7th at ^ RESPECTABLE WELSH LADY WISHES A SITU . .? atlon aa bouaekeeper or oook in a private family t ? seen for two days at 23 Catharine at | OBRMAB OIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN A BR -1 apeotnhie private family aa oook. is willing to assist in t ie washIng and Ironing or housework of a small family. Call at No. i Delancer at, near Bowery, ITOUSBKBBPRB.-A MIDDLB AORD WIDOW LADT, JH from New England, having the beat of olty referenoea f - ai to character-and eapacity. would like the situation of housekeeper In a gentleman'* family, or would take the en tire care of a house during the summer, la the abaanoe of the family. Call on or addreaa Mra. Evan*, 197 Weal 30th at., between 8th and 9th ave*. SITUATION WANTED?BY A VERY ACTIVE ENER getlc woman (English), either hs housekeeper or as sistant; is both competent and willing toasalit in any part; haa flllod the above position over 10 years wills two families la this olty. Apply this day at 89 West 19th at-, near 8th nr. SITUATION WANTRD-BY A RKSPRCTABLB MAE rled woman as wet nurse. OaU at 308 West I9th st, lor two days. SITUATION WANTRD-BT AN EXPERIENCED OOOK; understands all kinds of soups, poultry and game, and Is a most excellent baker Best referenoe from her last'1 plaoe. Can be seen at 289 1st av.. between 17th and I8th ata. Situations wanted-por competent pibst cass cooks, chsmbermalda. waitresses, laundresses seam stresses. nurses, cooks to wash and iron: bouseworkers, small girls and gfrta lately landed: a'ao male help, at Em ployment House, 138 llth at., corner of Sth ave. WET NURSE.?WANTED, BY A RR8PECT A RLE Yv yoitng married woman, parfratly healthy (English), who has lost her child, one to wet nurae, milk four dnya old. Apply at lit Varlck sU WANTED?A SITUATION AS PLAIN OOOK, WASH er and Iruner or laundress, by a capable, honest girl, with best of reference. Apply for three days at 247 East Broadway. nrANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SfTl ATION IN V* a respectable family, as seamstress , has a Wheeler A Wilson sewing machine of her own Oood city referenoe given. Inquire at 112 Henry st, la ths rear. TIT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE YT Piotestant woman, aa nurse for an elderly i>eraon. or would take charge of a house dnvlag the absence of the fa mily in summer; is willing to go for a good home; baa good ~ " at 178 I" " " - city reference. Call at 178 West l?th at., la the rear. w ANTED?BY A OIRL. A SITUATION AS CHAM barmaid and wallet. Can be seen at her last place, 224 4Ui at., near Broadway, bat ween f and 4 o'clock, tor two days. WANTED?GENTLEMEN'S AND LADIES' WASHING; will be dene quick and weat, In little tnae; also a girl ?r two wanted to board, at IN !4th St., room 97 WANTRD-A SITUATION, BY A BBSPl young woman, te A* geierai houMWOrk. morulas at 27 Koodnako sr.. Brooklyn. BBSPBCTABI.E lli * THB TRADKI. ;al dbntiht wj as taken to learn, who l rlenoe. Apply at l*?i Broad at., Newark. A MECHANICAL DBNTIHT WANTBD?IMMBDI ately.aloo one taken to learn, who tu bad eome expo i. A? " A CARPENTER. OP MIDDLK AOR. WANTS A SITU, lion a* foremen to eome reepenable builder; t* well qualified, b arlagf oonduoted tbe biietaeee himealf. Hoe no objection to to In tbe country. Addreeo J. C.. box 162 Herald oHee, rURPBNTBRS WANTED-TWO GOOD NRN WILL get $S a day nod paid erery Satarday. Call at 160 Went tet.. on Peter Heron ogh. CARPBNTBR8.?WANTRD, TWENTY CABPHNTERB. at liberal wage*. Apply to Mr. Derery, at Hamilton pork. New Brighton, states (eland CARPUKTKR WANTRD?A TOl'NO MAN WHO HAB learned tbe carpenter or Joiner'* trade, under Inetrue tloue at tbe millwright e trad*. An Amerlran, who hae a ebeet of louie and eom# knowledge of machinery or me thau'cel drawing, will meet with a good opening and eteady employment. Addioee, id bandwrtting of applicant. Mill wright, bog UO Herald ndlce. CARPENTERS.?WANTBD, FIRST CLASH MEN, capable of earning flret ??laes wager, at eteedr ebop work. Apply after 10 A. M. to-day to Mead A Woodward, Archi tect and Bt.lldera, 37 Pork row, N. Y. CARPENTER WANTRD.?APPLY TO WM. M. PUD nam, 167 Canal at., up etalri. /10OPERS WANTRD.?TEN COOPERS WANTBD AT \J Packing Yard root or iia'.tic at., South Brooklyn. Apply on (lie pie-rdwe Immediately. PABDUB A WARD. GARDENER WANTED?ONE WELL ACQUAINTED wita kitchen and faai-y gardening; a tingle man pre ferred. Addrcea, etaling reterencea and wage*, D, box S.U1I roit auk*. Gardener wanted?an experienced man. who t'wroughly andertland* bin profewlon. to teka the entire chart* of tbe piece, grapery, greenhonee, I'rult. Ac Apply to J E'icbanaa, Sorlat, No. 9 Weet 17th at. PLUMBERS AND OAR FITTERS WANTBD IMMB. dtalely; needy employment win be glren to good work men. Apply io t'liedeeyne A Brother, Yonkere, N. Y. PHOTOGRAPHERS?WANTED, A FIRST CLASS PHO lograpber. Poellively no otber* need apply. Steady employment guaranteed. Addreer box ilS Herald ofllee. TO DENTIsTS.?WANTED AN ASSISTANT AT DR. Jlerelin'e. 28! Ctb nr.. corner 28ik et. rUVRRS AND SCOURERS.?I WART A MAN TO flnleb "? tbe cylinder, aad one to occur and pre** cj?t?, pantf, veal*. Ac To e'.eody men wbo thoroughly un d*r**end their bueiaeee (end none of here n-ea apply) good waaee and ateady employment will be given. Addreea W. H. wbettly, Dyer, Weoegelown. D. C. TO TAILORS AND MANUFACTURERS OF CLOTR. tug ?t?' good bund; wanted on ??:*, lent* end eerta, at 2i Sir !*< a-. RONNE0ORK A CO. TO ENGRAVERS.-WANTRD IMMEDIATELY. TWO flret cUu* go to New Britain. Coan. For , par'iculai* apply To Cherchill. Dane A Co . iw Broadway, up eialra TO EOOKBINDRRR?WANTRD, TWO OOOD TOR icrwarder* aad oaa pood finiaher. Aleo one girl far aewtug: h)?k*. Inquire tg tbe book etort 60S Mb nr., be twee "JHb aad Hat eta WANTED-TWO wood TURNBRR AND ONB PCMF maker, whe utderatead making wooden wall bumca. App'y to J Balkan Haneon. lJPte at., near 3d nr., Harlem. WANYED-A MECHANICAL DBAUOHTRHAN. WHO it qualified to get U auBtr.etetsd theereiti If. Addrere l<o> J,?l? Peat i* qualified to gat up now mock faery; aloe eeaanpteal ar.atend Ibo erection of a man ufacwry la tkia ttcIbI WANTED?A OOOD PRACTICAL HATTER. TO CCBL cloth he'*; ilea good cloth bat InMhwe. Apply w Rctkachild A Raub. Ml Broadway, fourth floor. WANTED-A* THE SION FAINTING? One ahopiuaa. to pniat aad worg around ebop. ?oe bqp. to gild and fill lb Oao acpreatieo boy. minora trade Ore o#*e boy. to auoqd oflao and raa eirttda Apply at A Orabaa e. P7 D .axe afreet, between 10 end 11 o'oiock. KANTED-A* BXPRRIRRCHD CUTTER. FOR CUR tua work; m i*t bam good reference. Apply at 60S icon *k, enter of King. _ 1X7ANTSD-THB TRAYS OF A JRWRLLBRA TRAY A ? ton?46vP&teOee!' w 111 Addreea H. ^A^'T^D-rfro riNB brass wirb drawbrs, YI7ANTBO-A PIANO TUNflR. AT HAINHS BROW TT factory, corner list ok. and M or. Bitber fee Os* or rough tuilnp YX7ANTID?TtN OOOPRRS. APPLY AT C PARK BR'8 TT iMpeoiiaa, Ibot of Degraw ok, Brooklyn. TXT A NTS D IMMBD1ATRLT-AN ARCRITECf rRAL BiMdk *riliVcH AbVRRTIIEMKSTt. AN DKMANDB dams unr PBNSIOR UNK damb U Pt a am tea qui aalt blaa *? lengne, pour eurretller qnel suoe doaintmllm et li-nr eaeelgaer 1? rianealr; una qtil no pari* an# bten pen d'anglal* et qui na aera par anduoeue do m pomooa omeTpreY me S'edrtotor au ft Weet ttme mo. root ?' ptaoor, la mart eon nail pa W,: temaat lo mreiroeo hu .io, at la famine net famine da ahambee elmlt partaltemenl aan ira ai ihi ii pr? ? 'fir ?"lea aa joiinea anlneta. ountna nb ?<Una d alter a a lampegi.e, Milrmsi?;r ?? k help WANTwn-. fkmalk*. itL 8BRVANT8 AMD OIKLS l.AtbLf LANDRD CAN A find Immediate emp a roent hrrrral Proir* wl cooks, laund hwi eamnatressea to ant tn l lit nurse nl 1& girls for rencral housework. wanted aii-4v rata lainiliee. at Mra. WUIlfiKLDS < formerly Church Home) $97 Kourtk aveane, bet wean wuh Areata. A girl wanted?to do thr ORNKHaL bourr. worx for two in a famlli; rafarom-a requliod. Ce'l A MO Baat llkh A, corner of ar. 0. S300E WANTED?A HUHT RATB PI. AIM COOK, J washer and Ironer, la a arnall privaie fam'y. lad ty references required. Apply at IS West Sfth A from i to 11 A. M. ThRRSSMAERRS WANTRD-NONR RUT THR BUI i ' haada arad apply; to those a po o J salary and constant work. Apply at I$1 West Md at., aear 6th ar. J^RBSSMAEBRS WANTED?AT Bit 6TH AVI. EXTRRIRNGBD DRK88MAK KRH WANTKD IMMR dlatoly, alao appieulloes. at Sd Blreoker at. G IRLS AND BOTH WANTSD-TO 11 AI L TWIN! AMI ahoe thread bv n ach nery and to attend fra-nea far winding flax yarn. T ? those aootiatomrd to the bualaow ? 73 good wares and a end emnloym.-nt will be given. Apply l 586 and 5S6 Beecker at co ner of Hammond, lourth floor. Alao. an err?ad boy wautod. Apply at >6 Bookman A Girl wantbd-to cook, wash and iron for a amall family One who can come wall reeointnendod may apply at ouoe at W Seat Mth at. M ACHINR OI'BRATOB WANTED-FOR F.ITHRR A Wieeer A Wilson or Ororer A Baker mach a*i good hand will meet with staady work and beat of pay., ooj aoonalomad to mak og oollara preferred. Ap^y ak Broadway. rpwo rouNo ladies wantbd-to attbmd thi J faacy store o' Anolph Klag. Qood refarenooa requw aL Apply at MS Bowery. TX7AMTRD-A GIRL TO DO OBNBRAL HOUSEWORK, TT waah!og and Ironing and plain rooking. Otty rent renoa required Apply at 106 baat 90tb at. w ANT Bit?A WIT NUBflB. TO TAKI A BART TC her borne Cell at 226 Sullivan at., room IS. WANTBD-A SB ART, TIDT, WILLING GIRL. M do goarrnl houiework; good oook waaher and Iroaov. and Oral rata baker, with fcooAcity written raforenoe. CaJf at dO Hammoad at. TXTANTBD-A PROTB8TANT WOMAN. AT TAREV TT town, on the Hndaon river. 26 mtlea from Now York, to do the cooking, washing end Iron'ng o'' a private lanllvl ahe must bo a good baker of baead, willing to milk a eew and aoeuatomed to early rising; a competent perron, wad recommended, will receive utlrfactm-y wagea. Apply thl _ -atiMChi raoralng, at the office, between 9 aad i9o clock, ber*at. flTANTED?A OIBL FOB GBNF.BAL HOUURWORK. TV neat and capable; muat be a good plnln oook. washed and Ironer. Apply fur three dare at 71 Baat ?th at. WAXTBD-A WOMAN AS FIRST CLASS CHAMBER maid and to do plain aewing Apply from 9k to 11 A M. aad frem 7 to 8 P.M. at 76 6th nr. TITANTED-A WOMAN WHO IS A GOOD PLAtl TT co >k and excellent laundreaa. Also one to do general rldPa bonaewurkMraahlog and Ironing. Call at 22 Fast 35th at, en Saturday. Wagea $$ per month. WANT8D?A NBAT, TIDT PROTECTANT GIRL, TO da genenl homework in a amall private family. A? ply at 219 West 51th at., near 6th ar. TXT ANT ED?A GIRL FOR OBNERAL HOUSEWORK; TT must come well reoomtneaded. Apply at 172 Baat 36 th St., near 2d ar. WANTRD-AT 44 5TH AYR.. A GOOD COOK AJIB baker; ana willing to asstet in the wMbinaand gate the country for the summer. Call from 10 tu IS e'etoed A. M. WANTED?A GOOD COOK; ONR WHO UNDBB atanda her bualuaaa and who wilt do the washing in a small family. Apply betweaa ths hours of 9 and U A. M.. WANTRD-A NBAT. TIDT GIRL, A8 CHAMBER maid and waitress, withjmod elty referenoe. Appm between 9 aad 11 o'clock at 38 West 24th at. T]|f ANTBD?IN A8MALLPRIVATB FAMILT, A FIRST TT elan operator on Or.irer A ltaker'a aewing machinal . ac, aad ao others aecd apply. Apply Immediately at S46dth i door a sat of Broadway. TXTaNTBD?IMMEDIATELY. A BR8PROTABLB OlRLt TT miiatbx a plain c ?k. good waaher and ironer. aad who would like to go loto the country during the sum mar i a German girl preferred. Inquire at 90 Baat 334 at. WANTBD-A PROTESTANT WOMAN. TO DO OBNR ral housework In a amall family; muat coma wall aw commanded. Apply at US Baat 13th at., this morning. TXTANTBD?A GOOD PLAIN COOK. WASHER ABM TT Doner Call at 61 Raekmaa street, np autre, between 10 aad II o'cleok A. M. Good roffrancos required. WHANTBD-A LADT TO ACT AS SALESWOMAN IN a raun fancy goods sure; also ona to work ea sw I broideries; good wagas and ateady ample/meat wUt M given Apply to 8. BUS 882 ^ Broalwey.^^^^^^^^H Or ANTBD-A GIRL, BRWUR 14 AND If. TO TINS TV children; American preferred. Wage* 94. Apply al IS Ferry at. W ANTBD?'A OOOD COOK. TO DOCOOEINO OXLTl n ProtMlut woali preferred. Beet city refeiaaai na to ohereeter end trustworthiness required. Cell el Ml WANTED-AN EXFBBIBNOBD COON. A OOOf washer end lroner. Apply at 64 Weal 18th A, to Iweea the heure of to end X o'clock. |l,r ANTED?A MIDDLE AO ED WOMAN, TO DO V? houeowork for a email family and aaalat In taking earn or a becy. Apply thie day at 54 Friace ec, near Myrtle ar., Brooklyn. Reference required. Yy ANTED?TEN FIRST CLASS MILLINERS. IP quire at Mr*. Adamaon'a Millinery, 10 New Onaiabexe et., corner of William at. ^ ANTBD?FIRST CLA8S_ MILLINERS AND MAN. tilla maker*. Apply at W. Jackson's, Ml Bread way. TNTANTED?A TIDT GIRL, TO COOK, WASH ABB FT Iron; must be able le make good bread and ptaa Refcrenoe required. Call to day, before M o'clock, at Dp. Wont a ill Amity at. WANTBD-FOUR FIRST CLABI TRIMMRR8. At Ledtvlth A L'oed'e millinery. 378 Fulton at.. Brooklyn, TT7 ANTED?FIRST CLASS OPBRATOR8 AND BAST TV ore. te icake bosoms, collare and euffb for custom ?birta; thoae who can run a cordar an Wheeler A Nf on'a machines. Apply at ITS Broadway. WANTED-A NURSE; ENGLISH OB AMERICAN FB? TT (erred; city refareneae required. Apply at Ml Madh ?on ar. betwean 9 aad 12 o'clock. WANTED IMMEDIATBLT?TO TARB CHARGE OF A lads- and child, n neat, well recommended German. Scotch, Weleh or Amerloan meld oerrannt; one who undem standi sewing.nod wilt travel tf necessary. Call with reTem encea at room 37 Nadleon Siuare Hotel, corner of 2lee ah and Broadway, at 13 M. Saturday. WAXTED-A GIRL. WITH RBPBRBMC& TO COOtf, wash and iron. Apply nt 113 3<1 nr. TIT ANTBD-A NEAT, TIDT GIRL, TO DO GBNBBAS TV housework; must be a good cook and la end was. wttA city reference Apply In Leifngtan nee., eeeond door abort tub at., from S toll r. M. WANTBD-A COMFF.TBNT GIBL AB LAUNDRBsl and chambarmald in n nrlrate 'amlly; must be wtlltad and bare city reterenre. Apply after 9 o clock A. M. at m Mat Mtk at., near 3d ar. UTANTBD?TWO GOOD ORIMAN GIRLS, TO DO TWm _TV entire work if n mill family. CaU at 43 StuyraarnS ?t,, from 4 to e r. M. rrANTED? FIRST CLASS MEDALLIONCAFMARBML TT embroiderers and cloak haoda Nane but the bag! need apply to Lord A Taylor, corner ot Grand and ChryatS et recta. WANTBD-A GERMAN COON. WITH GOOD BBFBM. encea Call at or addreaa err Broadway, bolnw (thai NITVATIONB WANTKD?MALIfl. A PROTESTANT SINOLBMAN WANTS A SITU A. tioa no ooaohmaa: ho Dally uaderataada kle buatnoaran ovmj moaner: good refaraaee given. Addreaa C., boa Mi oflk*. A? TOCNO MAN WI8BBS TO OBTAIN A SITUATION with an aucUoneer, or in any bualnaM that required an act ire persen. Addreaa O. B., Chatham square Peat MTUATDWnj^NTE^B^^RHPKCTABLyir In a wkoleaalo Hethlag establishment, aa a or In the trimming deparimaat. aad siring out In work, or aa a iflaaiaea la a Brat class retails* He RaebMn la ihtebranch of haataaae forW y A SITUATION ON A FARM WANTED?BT A MVB SreUw5Tr" ***? ******* ???** ApptyMljM A N BXPBRIBNCBD TOUNO MAM WANTS A STTUAe AHII BXPBRIBNCBD SOOKRBRPBB, HAVING AIM ? soma knowledge of railroad eocenate, dulrae a Mte% - I or rail' Srees ua >oaie knowledge of railroad aocenate, dulrae a gag o a wholesale house, maaafaetuiiaf establishieeea way oMoe. Will go to any part of U>? oa.atry. ?? until noon Tuesday Railroader. Herald oOas. AM O-lMPBTRNT BOOCrEBPIR AND OTRRrSPO* ? eat or I repels tor la lagUah, French and Spaa' at present ereupted down tnrn, offers to de-ale a few be i< between ? A. f. and 10 F. M.) dally or weekly te H net wanUag a permanent alert dedleated te tiefl tare. Ah oardbnbb wants a ritttation-a Mabribm ? men. thoroughly undrreiende hie busl^^^^H^re ion: thoroughly understands his buatnoM; can tang of farm if required. Apply for three days, batwaS ire of U and 4, to J. S., No. S Battery plain HABffBNDlB.?A SITUATION W ANTBD. BT A ?D 10UM,.bortender ta a good hotel or i Address Will, boa ATM Foal eSea. OI1TATION WANTBD.-A TOUNO MAN, IS TBABfte O old. war a,I icatod end ?ltb a Ami ret* kaowlwm^^^H double antry bookkeeping, deelreo-s eltuetien la aeui^^^^H double entry bookkeeping. d soiree-* altueiien te?eee>e W at, N. T. ' ClTUATlUN WANTBP-AS BARB^ABB CiJ^kT" ?L* 'zaLTMir'."4 tvwsm? is Duena SITUATIONS WANTBD?FOB THOBOUGHLT OO*. O patent coach awn, waiters, gardenar* farm henga Urea Bmpteymeat House, 138 IIH et., corner of Sth ar. TO FRODUOB DBALKBB? ANT PARTI WAjmm to reaure e buyer In the beet dairy nertion of it La# rente county eaa do so by add re est eg. with refereaos, %, Pet SOT Herald ofle* FHOLMTBRBB WANTID-IMMBDIATBLT. ?T I'atbarlee et. A good workmen will Sad Heady aa* A u pleymant. * ANT KM A HITUATION. BY AN KDUOATBD AH0 ? respectable colored young man as aasiatnat beokkeaa. ?rilgbt purler; would here no objection to go Butte sag ^ n w or planter; refbeaoe given Address for three day* r FM M* a DPrtt OL. near Freaklla aenew

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