Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 3, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 3, 1864 Page 2
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financial and commercial. Muanai, May I-? P M. 11m sloe* market oixaned dull la day. There was very lltilr biiaiMM doing, nwd prises wwre down om to tour |Msr cent Tbe dwpewiMon MM U tnta bold eff imtU afler ibe result of the approaching contest is Yirgteta is announced. The public do not at em too toed, even with the present comparatively low prices, to invest in stocks, because, with the MJurwy, there Moms to be a settled coavtettea that the ArMVof the Iftimso, under its present sagacious aud lauuinitable leader, will soou makes page ol history thai will glorify the name a( our Northern soldiere. In a low day* m?re we will probibly be iu p.?-sesslon of the di'sir*l ' :urormailoo, after which tlieie will be ? raturo oT sUrring limes in (he share market. Cum* parol w.ih Saturday's sales, New Vork Central sold at the mum, but was of before ths clone of Uie call Krie Railroad declined fcirle preferred 1, Hudson Riv r 1 leading 1 ){, Milwaukee and Prairie du Cbleu 1, Michigan t?Kiiral 2, Michigan Southern 2>,, Illinois t'an. tral IV* isv?4aad aud Pitiabarg I % , Galena aud Chicago 1 . ? l <ve and m.d Toledo ?4 ( bicjgo aud Rock Island 2, Pittsburg and lort Hayue \ chicigo and Northwestern 2;, . Cumberland Coal ktf, mi J Mariposa 2. Harltm ai* vanred fl per ooat, Can toe Company l,and Quicksilver timing 'J. The market was still weaker in the afternoon New York Central cloeed at the secotid meeting ot the Broken' Board at ltt.^.Erie 112. Erie preferred 100 % , Hndeoe River tltt, Reading 1S.V Michigan Central litSK, Michigan Southern 91 K, Illinois Central lM, Cleveland and I'tits. burg l<H. Wakens and Chicago 111, Chicago ar.d Rock island 110, Milwaukee and Prairie du Chleu 60, Toledo and Wsbaab 09, Pittsburg and Fort Wayne, ex dividend, 109 V Chicago and Northwestern 51 . Pacific Mail 224, Qutckotlver Mining 71, and Canton company 44 it'. Oolt r>(H>i'ed weak in the morning at 1TS<?, and de dined to 177 ??, the highest point tojobod during the day being Km opening figure. t he speculator* be jib to tremble over the prvs|?ct of ?e early victory by General Grant in Virginia, and, simultaneous with it, no doubt, tbn success of General -herman in the Southwest, which two eveuls thsy, as well as the whplc Northern pe. pie antKti;?te will viriually crush the rebsilion and out down lite premium no gold to tweuty or thirty per cent. a railing off in the demand for gold for duties has also had the oflbct of rcduulag I be rate ot premium. The following table shows the totals of the bank state ment at ibe Gominem-emeiit(ot the present year, with Utoee ol m* six i<aat woeicn:? Loan). Chviitation. Dtposi't. Jan. 2 .$114,714,466 25.161, 906 6,103, Ji3l 140.250,856 Mar. 2'.. 1UW^72,439 2U. 426,504 6,814.134 169,316 904 April 2.. 20;;,9W; 131 19.527.605 5,7to,998 171.151.297 April 9.. 204.383, 192 20 924,287 5.804.611 170,613,020 April 16. 198.702.690 21.687,670 5 779,w?0 16H. IW.790 Apr|f2.1 196,880 728 24.H?i8,aOJ 6,679,947 161 978,1#6 April W 194,1, .7, 496 24.097.343 6,626,978 104.578,919 ? Ibe bank statement does not poesexs sny feature calcu lated oittier Tor rejoicing or to cause the least alarm. Ibe loan and discount line has lessened in amount to the extent <d $2.129 .12* , while the deposits have increased g2,WK) 7 r,:t The specie has decreased (790,890, and lbs circulation has (alien off $52,969 1 hi .in mm of the new national bank issuM which wss In cirou ation on the 15th ult. was as follows: ? fives.... $7,012,200 Above tens $541,000 teas 8,307 ,000 Total $15,860,200 Iteau Richmond, in his speecn accepting the Presidency of the New York Central Railroad Company, said that la dcieg so be would inform the stockholders that be had i no family which It was necessary to he looked after and established in places, und that as long as he retained the power the supplies for tbe roed should be psrebased from j ihoee who would turnish the cheapest. The Assistant Treasuer in this city reports as follows ? I Asaouut eu hand $36,103,249 Kaoetvnif for customs 33.000 Freoa other sources 628,174 Tola' $34,660,423 Paym?nl? 2,622,923 $34, 136,500 Ibe subscriptions to tbe ten-forty loan si the 8ub Treasarjr in this city smounted today to $184,700. It lue been asserted that the new loan would probably be withdrawn from tbe market ; but tbe statement had no ionodatiou It is Increasing in popularity , and will proba bly be taken faster than lbs government necessities re. quire, and he absorbed much sooner than was antici pated The recent CongreMlonal enactment adding fitty per cent to 'be customs duties will probably be tbe means of causing all railroad companies that o on template extend tug their roads or laying doable tracks to pease aotll the operation ol tbe law expirM by its own limitation. Tbe <l>ity oa too rafls was very heavy under the Tariff act, and now that one half is sdded to the amount, it wonid lie folly m any company to proceed to import rails under the present onerous rates of duty. A committee in tbe Massachusetts Legislature has re ported against tbe proposed consolidation of tbe Boston ind Wor renter and Western railroad companies The toiiowiug table shows tbe Dumber of mining coin psntes whtrb have their headquarters in tbe cltv of I'oatoo ? A f/mfar. I*ke3u|*r *>r cupper 62 iUoad? < <>|>|?r 41 ( opper miui s ciscw Uere 15 mines 40 a mine* 10 l1umb*?omiMS 3 Aiutosoey 2 ??o unaon * 7 Mllterai Und companies 8 < <i*l niKM ;u> M wc?t*ii?.us c >n?|i?oii'? forming. . 60 total 283 16,210,000 ? Itie ,>er value of i be above amount of stock will are rage probably about twenty five dollars, wbkcb will call [<ri oafutai amouatmg in tbe aggregate to $406,000,000. A ni'?iW of tbe merchants of Cbtcigo refute to be ROferaea by tbe action of tbe Board or Trade In tbit city In relation to ibe iiarticular description of currency to be dealt in. They bare decided to take all bill* tbat are redeemed at par in New York ana Boeton. A sale of two thoasaod one hundred bale* of nary prize crttnn ton* pice at Cairo on tbe?6tb ult , which yielded abeut Tlie prices ranged between 71c. aod 73 . ?oich :? 10 a 12 per cent nnder Uie market price. Tbe reason given ta Ibat the cotton wae wet, whirb caused it t? wetgb heavier. Tbe ft>l*>wiBg is s statement of business at lb* United Mates Auay (NRoe at New Tork for tbe month ending April M. 1864 ? l>ef?o?'U of gntd? i. hm (8.0OII Keteign bullion 6.000 l>MWt Mates bvtMoe $106 000 liMvea i if silver , Including purchases? Wenwre owtaa . .(8,Mu r?(Mgn i>?iiihia v^ioo l mted *4etae balnea (contained in gold). 2 ">"0 UaiiM tsaial bullion (old oowM 260 tailed Mates MHn ( Waeboe) 1.2J0 22,000 tot?i deooeii* naysbie in bars. |80 000 Total Oepiett* payable ? o?o* 48,000 . . total tMHOOO i.old bam stamped W 207 InMiM l?U.S Hint. , Pbll., for ? otoege . .. Tt?e ro i-.wiug * tbe monthly report of tbe receipts and diftburvraenvi of tbe Uaited Steles Ants tan t Treasurer at New Tefk - Apeti i , ism, by balaoce ? fit, 144, 421 Raceii** during tbe month ? (*et *n? $14,(i.?3,578 !>???? H. #4 7,853 latmnal iM't'S 1,764.306 iv*a?r?r* 2f>, IMtent <*m 7,002 Mniroi ie?>us 18,100, o** l*>?t 'Nitre itepartiaeut 114,060 67,706,631 Total |7'.?, 940,058 debits Ireafturr dralt* t*> ?t i Mt< ? do 276,780 ? 85,840,279 HaJance SO, H64 114,100,674 Hatatee, < i dtshorsiog oflicert . .?H.. 476,163 Kw>|itr during Uie mooUi .... 37, 2*7, Ml 63.764 ,0b6 Payment* 86,476,048 IWw. ?11.278,006 Ktiauea, t/r. . interest aocount*. . |3, 7*3,003 A telii#o 8,180,000 i!,tit,m F?yn.o>t? 6,l86,7:tl 17,687^81 Keoe pta for en* >mft m April, 1164 14. 6.', 8, 6 73 ltfXM|M> 'or rest '(ns in April, 1863 8,60"4,H17 lm;< ???<? n tprll, 1SA4 810,766,768 liaianee Cr . b'llli >n and eijiense account for Atm? f ' m>' frm I'tfin r?nU?<l during ibe month .. 837,317 t mt> turn r>? J ?l triug (be ? nth . . M W 10,, 6*6 Total H84,<?*0 I'ay ? Ifl -Oili . $4!? 010 I'lraM nieMI'M* WJM ? - ? - (36.368 Hweaee ..I* ?' to**... i * <>*? K.oe b*rs. A?ay OlftM v - ? ? ? -J'iS (ImuMV. " ><mi. Ana*# OOoe aitt^ls Bullion at Mint for ooinaje l8'%# ? 40, 156 .Ml Total ? - ? ........ Iiftt temporary Imi to bi reim burned . .. Due depoeitors i*o.3Te55t H.1MTW 61.013 Baiaice ISlMM .tuMMl* ??m Block BiehaM*. Mom da r. Miy WO W A $6000 II HCi, 81, cou . 11RV, 100 aha Hudeoo RuRK 6000 U 8 ?'?, 6 20 a. ret 106", S>l0 do l2amgM a ts ?.*& ? 4000 lTS' 5T?."^8r?oO >? ?' 'do L.." 23800T* ti7.S0. O A Apl 110 100 do . .. .. 10000 it* KebAAug 110V 200 do 10000 U S 6'a. 1 yr cer. . 96W 8* 70 Tt 80 9? as MH St 90 12000 do 100(10 Missouri 6'a WOO do '*>00 Mo <?'* in lo PUR lOOiO W ieroua n 6'a .... I (M X) Ohio A Miaa etr . #?0 do m ? do J moo OhioAX >aa prf oer 2080 Erie Sd not 118 6000 K *,e 4lh ml*. tQOORoB.MVAK laim 110 1000HgjM^H^aBH| m. IS7 136k I SB m nt 9U 2*7 TM vn ii& 134 MSJa re-. Chi RR iMff *75 fen Michigan On RK 1S9 100 do .. l is lift* WO Mich Co A N I RR 10O do. KM do 'JO Sixth Aveutie KB 200 Reading RR do do. do. 10O tat ra a f b 128 TOO d in pref 94 t 0 ,W AC Utm 1I6U ion AChTd m K*l 200 I* 100 400 m 177 ^Metropolitan Bk. IIS anion Company 46 ??> do 4? 500 Mai iirfM.1 M( Co 18 son do six loo Central coal Co...s tit! loo Cntnb Co?l pref 75 X 100 do 7.1 100 df 74X 200 Uitii-knilvei MftCo. 71 2i)0 do .77!r 71. *s son do 7PH 4oo do 72 30 Mmn.'ama Co 65 300 Hneta Conniy I .cad l\' 45 i Conakc Iron Mitu-n 12 100 fjn'artr Hill Min Co 14 900 do 12 H0 Pacific Mall 88 Co ?-'fi 100 do :2ft do. do.. . do. do d* ... do do 04' . 94 o:c.; 92X w ill1 <>r 50 0 NT Central RR. W?? MIX .00 do ?0 Ho 196 ?HOtl Pitts Ki Joo 111 CentralRR in TOO do 124 9tt do iMVi ??(?? <10 125 10# do 125'; '.tOtt do 12f>R SOOCier .? I'll 'a RR lilt log do i<w{; 100 rial A Chic kit" M? <10.. . IiO Olet A Tolndo RR 100 Clitc A R I RK . . TKt do 400 do 8 Chic. Bur A Qv RR 4: So do 138 |k!> do . IS* 1 1 HI .lo blO 'S7 100 do ?. ISS 14 Mil A Pd l!h RK. 62 130 <lo I?t 100 Toledo A Wab KR IWWT% 121'. 1? M7 1 12 lll? 1 1 1 ' : do. 2?0 1W <lo. . aw <io 10) Erie KR 50 do. -0 ' do . .r>00 do 40o do 200 <1 W A C RK 114 70 tWx 1SS* . . !33'J IXC 4 USX bIS 11V, .... us-1, .... IIS'4 100 Brie TSR proferred i0?? 100 J<1 11I5 1IH>( ?KCONO l?<>AKl?. IlAi.r risr Two o'C<ooc SO0 do. US 30" do I12? IPO do V .llSX 100 Alton A T H uref . . 75 21 W Chtr A N W KR . 100 'lo .. .blO 54 20 ? <lo MX 5i da 5S'? SO Okie A Alt RR. ... * KK) Mar A Ciu i m pref. "o $l2iW PS JO ,i . i.n et. H>5'? 4(*M Tr no 7 1 l!i OA A 110 50 Dl-iiii ? s. MX b lO 57 IdOO Mawxiri ?? 74X 4'??i QUio A Mi?? cei V2 ?:IM do . 50 loot* do 51 7i<WAme r.oan joltf. . 17.i 50 alis Caotrm 0o. 44X 30 dO 44 2U0 do. ^ 1",;, 200 U?!fk stfvpr Mn'?< o 71 25 PandcMail SS Co . JJ4 50 Cliw ito A K W RB 61 70 1 do 56X 100 Chi A S W RR hi cf 70 400 NjT I'mtral RB 132 50o do 132'. ioo lo. b( i six aooKrkRR . lr.' so do linr loo do U1-. 100 Mill ACl.ic<go RR HI 100 do. 120V 100 do !?0X ?00 do.. I*??T *00 do lao .Walis Eric RR p cf. !()<"?' 100 Jo 10".' I0O iiud?'ii River KR.. IIS loo ?SJ'. 1*2 ir is; . IS2 135* i <11 Mg 130 do no I do r?i Rcad'DU Hit 500 .!? .'lOO do ..... lUlMiCb <' UK rvo Mil n SI f> I BR 700 do t>0o do ...i. 30 Mi4b h A W I. sRa 2i?i III P'U scrip. . alO IU4 SOU L do 121 2 >l d<? *10 ir-.X 50n do 12S\ . 500 do... 12SX 100 i ie-clmd A 1'itla IU8 10o Chi. Bur A Quia RR 135 100 Mil A Vrdo Chieo.. 60 500 Toledo A Witb RK . . W lOo IMtta l'tWAC et di* 1(W' . 100 do I0S>'? 100 . 109 SOOCiii A RocW I RK .110 Na?v Terft City Banki, Am-H :??. IMS*. Bank*. hnami. .Vi't'. fittttWn. Mrmn't. America , $12.'?x-.T7? 2,4^8.613 Ajhh 10,921,514 Atlantic.. I, IDA ./too 12.750 118.913 83<t,':?| Amerlcau R*.. .10,493 ,<n|7 I fty 140 .ItUMK Broad war 5,:.98,4.18 Mt.145 AO, 410 Dutek. k Dn*.. 2*75 561 114,470 2*4.488 Bull'* Head T94.687 lilf.OO.'' 149,:!!>7 (."halbatn 1.468,515 62,'J64 10 581 Ciiemioil 4,4?5rt?S 1,806,202 27.784 Citizens' l.lti?,r>41 100.404 1331,020 City 4.7?,789 1,024,230 ? Cora Kxchanue.. 3.4?? 9ft! 272 -.09 186,137 Commerce 18,775,660 1.760.489 1,706 Commonweal it), g ,859 299 94.571 Cootineutal ^,r.77/,m Dry iv)?k :i27.a4T KafI Klver 69AJ60ti KuHon 2,424,185 Greenwich 6T.r'?T4 Orooera' 947,241 Hanover 2.5.V>,t>2tt Irvinff 1.261.54a Imp. k Traders'." 4 046,235 I/wtlier Manor.. Manhattan Ma' Wet Marine Mtnuf. .li Mercb. Mercantile. ... Mecbaoica 7,016.000 6.656.506 1, 670. 87:; 804,879 1 ,505.348 5,869 031 1 .051 041 ,591 2.H06.79.'! M16.874 2,7.'<0,13S 3,301,28.-$ 661 ,238 029,078 2 40: t,223 606.809 909,788 2,62m. OSS 6,;?8.1C0 i^02,:<17 1,701 267 1,581,220 3.312.38S 4,1>-2J.217 MerchanU' 7.081 768 1.601,412 Merchant* Kicb 2,444 915 201.230 Metr<T>ollUn ... 9.176. 769 1,066.160 656 926 Mech A Traders' 1.732 164 139,722 213.626 Merti.Bxg Aas'n. 1.617 644 161 500 Nassau 2,: 05 601 182,006 Nation ii 2^h7 912 427 177 New Yorli 6,186 761 1.388 0-29 N. Y fount*... 777,976 21.487 North American 3.514.740 102 till 147,410 ???018 ?,568 61 790 30,527 23.787 114,18.". 444 .833 46,761 105 013 34,740 85 ,086 6 317 128,986 106 319 1,732,810 66,272 100,060 1.037.TS3 173,289 43 ,'*68 36,409 77 162 207,296 1.990 6.2*4 li.'.'jur 169,424 27.638 261 .071 WA.367 827 .076 21 <i 17'l 145 .'(92 62.77tl 3*9.934 5<1.JS? North River. Oceaa 'irieutai... Parlt Pacilic ? People i . Phenix . I'eptibiie. . Seventh Ward.. 1,216 ?8I? 2 .064 94 . ? 814.94:; 45,537 184.372 83.000 9.874.558 1,108.482 1,524,544 115,771 1,143#19 M4M 4 422,124 1.187,754 4 ,'.32. -52 277.98H 1,807, 1?S Shoe A- Uathor. 3 846 .'.10 Hlate 6/iH3.IWI St K!ohola?.... 1.620,021 Tradeenieu'a. . . 2.677,721 I'tuou 5,160. 816 U26. I ?3 263.065 581.126 lis. 046 17,964 6,943 2 2.8M 76,605 100,783 13U?00 49,171 111 , '.'j4 102.026 39" ,954 100,379 17.^9 26.128 S2,r>;o 30.273 614,675 49.0'Ji 9 168 133.146 347.667 639.478 211. r, 4a 3,193 804 2.032.699 6.715,937 1,781 .92* 1 ,700,275 1.007 265 3,362,026 * H;4 .f>4 7 7,017,416 1.597,612 6 979.936 1,384.164 f ,638 ,007 2,287 340 1,358.761 6.610 300 81 5. 469 tiTMJKfl 1 176,786 1.616.500 7? 1,269 9.323,200 1.519.111 1,172,405 4. 198 ,0?5 3,533,821 1.691,683 1,226X8 544T.?7 1,170,714 1,892,468 5.467.191 Tota. $184,157 ,496 J4,0M7,3436.i;jfi,l>7K 1G4>78,*19 Br*t**-? AT m CUUMMI Hoi-mi < learmgF for the *fk ending April 23 '?"?.! 442 MO Clearing* lor the week eodiag April .To 44fi,.M?Tl4,2li Balance* tor the week ending April tfi tO.H7'.:,48H Balances for the week ending April :ill 18.1A4.401' CITY COMMKHC1KI. KKPURT, Mmr.MkT, May 2?8 f M. A?hk? ?Receipts, 7 bh*. Market n<irinielr doll, at $0 for I on and $ II Tor ,?earU Raaaixu^ta.? Receipt*, 11.. 140 Wbla flour, 74? do corn ONI, T.MO hmbela wheal, 77 d ? ooro. 1 .850 d ?. oat*, 3.992 do. b*rl?y. and 8ir> do birle.v mall The flour market w?< again very dull, and witb taoreaaiti; receipt* and lower rales of gold, a further decline of lOt. wj* aetabUaiied, mainly oo Stale and Western brand*, though Canadian and ?>ittbern ware alio aomewbat lower and depreneed, Freight engagement* were made for 4 000 or ?.000 able. to lirorpool aad l-ondoe ; but, >n MmM with moet of the trade, we fatl to diwover any margin for profit on etporta In tbat direction, a late Phtpraent ta Uraat HriUia, it m aaid. reetnfd la a kiaa of TOe. per bbl , notwithstanding the 'a?<.nW? rate* of freight and e*ehaege. The aalet tomprtee ft ?09 bbl*. Rale and Waal era. 400 do < anadiaa and 700 do. South ern. R?e flour te aaarre and Armor, with omallealo* at |fia|T Cora meal w dim but <|<, wilb 150 bhl* aoid. We quota ? RuperHne State ?no Waatero Hour $7 06 a T 25 Intrastate 7 a;, a T sr. Ctioiee Stale 7 40 a T 05 Ikmaoo to medium ffeaiera 1 M a 7 ti (.and to ctHMca do 7 00 a 0 00 KatraSt. l/raia II lo a II 00 Common to good m.utbern 7 70 a 8 00 Good to choice etira do t iii a II 00 Common Canadian . . 7 40 a 7 00 fiond to cbotc?* extra do. T 06 a '* 00 Rye flour ?ui>erOne . A 00 a T 00 Corn meal, boia n 15 a ? 60 Cora mm.iI. [ma. a* mm M?a?iM ?The demand for w .? moderate, aod with proa peclive laore.iaad receipt*. orfce* were drooping and nominally loarer. Sale* or 7/IUQ b<iahela amber Michigan al fl M, ioMire.2jOOOdo amber Jemojf al |l Wall HO V, and 2,20$ do. amher apring tad winter red w?tiern at I*. 78 af 1 80. other kinds were entiroir nominal lobar lay and herley malt wo did not bear / a ?ingio tranaac ti m Rye waa acarce and nominally Arm at |i to a |t M Corn waa a shadodaarer, owing to a reduced tup ply and fair local damand. lales of V) .'*>0 bu*be a at |1 9v a |l for old Waatarn m lied in star*. i>*t* were In batter request on government account, nt 45 Sr. a 88c. for the range. 'otto* waa quiet but Arm al II He for middling at lea aboat 1,000 hates Con as? There wan nothing doing in Rl*>. Tn other descriptions we beer of salaa of 100 bag* .A itomlngo at m?Kc. Htock In *ew Tor* May 1, 1804 -Rio, 82, l? hags. Maracalbo, 7,060 do : ?t Domingo, 7,000, La guajrra, 1,134 do,; Java. 1..T05 do. aod 6,ooo nuts , Oo*ta Rica, V77 baga; Jamaica. 428 dn Fanxirra were dull, but without decided change. Rn gagi-meoU to Utrerpool, per American flag, at M . 600 bxs. bacm, 5? ; 100 ton* weight, 6a. a 7? od. , per neutral, 250 tons mahogany. ITa. fid. , AO torn tallow, he , lb M., and, par ateamer 100 bale* omtOh, %4. To Loadoa,par American, 2,000 bbl*. flour, 18. Od. ; 150 tone oilcake and previa km.*, 15* To Olaafow, per Amerloaa, 900 bag* tioo'g, 2oa. To Havre, 800 ttemee lord and 100 n*e(c? a*bea, f?or To Kremen, 840 tteree* lard, th 04. . and loo bbl* ?hoe peg*, ?*. 04. To Cadlf. 00 hhl* roefa, |l W. A Rtetuen ???p b?* ice io f>tdl*, wltn privilege o *eoon4 ]wt. fnll r.irtb tobiMO, 8te ? another, M* here, from Philadelphia t?> fo*% fhrordef*, full carfo patroleuni, la. Rereral ?cbo<iner^ and brig* 00 government amnl|4 l#r loo Famt. ?foreign generally are N8d rery flrmlr, and gaoerali* at ingber |irto*a. Rue. h ratilM are *amng at |4 55 a |4 82 and layer* at |4 00 a |6, and Zaat* ear 1 rani* 81 like 8 800. Of dnaaeatlo, 100 hMo. State 4fla4 aside* *oid, t* arrive, at 10 He f<or? wan* la wir demand, wttha?8 aaMMal ?haM8 la prion*. Sa ea aiMMt loe baiee at fTo a 88c , m UqaaMtf. MaiAaaa waa 4 ell wither 8M?80 laaota, M?l8V ' >*> W*j?rn. at r?k. ?VI , uHsd 4 146 bhda. , ?ffwtofOBr 3.irr PorfoiRir-O. 1.469, New Orl?Nt, Ms. Tout T .834 hhd* .sssc^MUfeefe# rfgas wart miwd mm to day , but m a general thing the ho* "**** ' ?&? fpwulatiee mown W ?Wk vu cqnl|M4d Tftaorad tkx *wur A good biwineas was done bolh in lota oa the spot and for future dciivaty. there ware um foe July u bi?b u ftttar w* aaeee- Hoef wa* sftewty Reef hams *cro fc^jM^n^coiiwMaull, bat with a very limit ed J? Smjj MDeot.^jJnTwtfe dull ami bwra, aritb t oheeee we*e wartime"^ Thft aalaa M Aha ape* war* ?Pork? 3,000 bi.'a ni 99T44 ft l? mTor otr*l?M, >28 60 ? $28 7 h ?'* new mean, $94 64 ^ (or prime new. aid 427 60 fur prune Weatarti meaa.for future deft very ; 660 bhts new mess for June, etippoeed at 430 2,040 do. for July, bu> er*' uptton, al #40; atap jo*? Stturdv. MW prime IIIIW, buy era' optioe, for liar at ttt l* .Reef? .00 i.b^ * $lf. .< $IS for plain mm, and HO a $20 25 lor nxtr i dn Cm meal a ? 300 pack.wea al lie. Tor gjtpuUlera. aud r>e. iv li ij'r for lifting. I *rd? 1 .500 bbis ?t 13' ju. ft 14? (or Nu 1, 14 Vc. ? 14 V'1 for fair to prima steam and krltle rendered. and 14\c lor very chotoe Hie following stable shows the slock of ix*rlc and beef ut the fjackieg yard* o t New fork aod Rrooklva <m? the 1st tu t roKK. Total !*%.t 1%u !><>? (ft'nlitirt OMoBttfen. M'mk. hut r?f ?lear 1 .2X9 1 ,?78 *' Mwh 6106S 5S.7H1 W.494 Thui mess ? I I '? 1,839 I '? 1 Prima mess 24,044 22.142 14 4'" Flank . - ... 7? 71 '?? Prime- . ' : X4*t 4.14* 4 ? '? Rom a. ?6 218 Refuse meaa , . . . 604 am 4,546 lw. priiao in-M 884 1,607 Kolufca prime I 99 164 572 Other Iff use l|N 1,943 .T.041 ITmospected 9.509 19,420 28.019 Main'. 43.194 101,139 in-i.W-i a*ar. City mess. ? 3 Repacked mew. 13.75T ll.!?';4 14 W Repacked rhtrago do, 11,107 13,664 1T.71M) Rui'Oftd beef 406 544 lflr' Refute % I.234 1 ,4tt0 I 38d other ioThm.. 394 511 1,27* Tierces prima mea* 7,0:il 8.119 ?2 Country mrsa v 4,934 6,0f>5 9.1!>7 Country prhne 932 454 Htid nuainspe<'te<l tiorres 3,278 fi,04 4 739 Maina|>e<'t?xi tibia 7 82:1 16,W)7 2rt,10H Totala v f 40,902 66.414 72,9it ? 10,000 of the above mesa and primo ovo pork h b9ld by i.ovQrMneot I'm-eni.RiiM.? Receipt*, *?ue. Tbure liaa bmo ao act'/? movement io crude to day, but th? market wan very ir regular and prices tnuk a very wtd* range Tt'-- m mvat win purely niiecti'Mivo , and wax started wlilta Rpocillo obiert, which, ia |>art, {ailed. The market for refined f bou.l and Tree) war compare lively qinnl.and prices weie about the name an on 8atnrdav. The sale* were aiioat 11 .000 bbla of crude about 3 000 bbU. 1111 the 1 s|?ot st 37o. a 38c., and the balance Tor all Mav and June? | naoRtly for Hay? ai from 37c. to 44c a llo. , buyers' option, also 2 000 bbls in Philadelphia mx. ijc Tore On<?d the aalen were about 3,600 bblft. al 54c. n 5Hc on the spot, and 59r. a ftOc fur ail May and June. Io frc* the salefi wero aliout 4,040 bbls. at (13c. a 46c. on the B|<ot, and from 67c to <Wc. a 6i? '?ir. for forward deliveries. Ren/tue *ftf ipuet, and we learned of no sales SoAf. - 000 boxes cft^liie sold at 21c. giM'io* ? lou cueti iiutnieito sold at private terms Sihiar was very dull, with anlesnf 01 ly 300 hhds Ci'ba at 15 '4c. a 18c. stock in New York Mav I:? Cub*. 92.T04 hhds. ; porto Rico, 2 HOI hhds. Ni?w i?rlein?, 1 ,563 lihds fnglish inland, 81 hhds. Total. 27,149 hhda. Boxes, 11,122; bags 75 531 melado, 12'' hhds 1oaai?o. ? Themarkel we* dull, without transactions to note Relow we give a statement of the <>tock ot American for the month of April at the New York T<> bacco Inspection, and alao the stock of H|ieouib toba<*co AMftRI'1*W TOHAOO Va.4 T>'*1 Kt 7V.C. Okie. JM. stock on band April 1, *64 16,134 9 19 5 15 1*) Received since 2,504 ? ? ? 2,505 Total 17,634 2 14 5 17,665 Delivered aioce ?,7S8 l 6 ? 3,744 .clock oa hand May 1 . 64. . . 13.D01 Stock on band May 1 . '63. . . 2U.6W SPAJIISH TORAOfO. ffimai. M* Sl.tckoo hand April I, '64... S.791 Received since 3,524 Total 19,316 !talivercd aince 5,119 stock on band May 9. '44 7,l?w 921 906 1IM Slock on hand May 1, '65 ... . 1,976 91 1,581 ? Wriskbt.? Receipts, 890 bltla Market unaottled, and 5c better at the close. Hale* 4,000 bbla., at |l 16 a $1 20? closing at the Utter pr ice. THE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN. r raaivni vunvrnuun in If * f I ? nfl , riie Pt'ew Malum (the Wa-hiugton orgsu of Ctooeral Kremont) of tbe i*l<l ult. cddUioii in announcement to tb? elle t i hat tbe friend* of (ieneral Kremont are to bold a convention In Cleveland au tbe '.'1st of Ifajr. II call* upon the Fremont meo to hold township conventions, Ac , jnd advises every one - al once to give up all idea of taking uart in tbe Baltimore convention. " Tbe St. (x>nit Wmltcii' /?? l?ar?n (fiat the Cleveland Convention will be called to meet on the lPtb of May , auil -am ? We should hare preferred a romewbat later 'lay. As It is. our party mint act witb great enemy aud apced. Ttia .Vein Nlutn recommends that Iho nlatform to be adopted ity this i on vent ion should be coaflned to three or four re joint ion* aa the following ? I ho immediate abolition of alavert hr constitutional amendment Tbe upholding of tbe Monroe loctrne. The m.imteuaui-o of tbe libettiflH guaranteed by the oonxtilution and tbe election of a President who is pus eessetl of the ue< e-Mary enerev , aln ity and devotion, to carry out tbe details of tbe policy. lUe^a'e. to be sure, tho cb>ef points of the radical p'at'orni. but one and an indiipcnmlilt |>oint has bead | oi,.tcco intihiv omitted w? mean tbe one term priu i cn?ie. As for the re?t. w? are also in favor of sbort ?iud concise plat forma Our security : est - not so much in a platform, tbe execution of winch nobody ran con trol, as in the perinusl character of o ir candidate Call for m I' it ion t'oaremioa In Ken- . tacky. A* the Union d"!i? )crsti<- party >.% marie up or loyal men from the Bull, l!reckuirili^ and ,'ouglas parlies, nud hid it* origin ?lncc th? list national convention*. and as It ba i uever, by iui> authoritative convention, identified t-eU with sillier ot tb<s national |>artie* of tbe free states ami <liTer* from hotti tn Nome important idea*, we do not recngnUe the rixtit of the maiority of Hit i ('antral Committee to Qx the xt r iu of ibe party with ? a.ther oati<>na' party <>f t be free Stale*. or iri either of | th'-ir convention*, but beiiev* ih.t ttiUjproemiocatly be long* l? the i>arty in their oouventioo. And as by a ret-etii act if ih? T egi*la|iire Kentucky ' aoidiera, who would be lega1 voter* if at borne, are al ' laead jo vole in tbe PrwMeMW net-roe which firag j them the nuDf to l>e rei>roeenteil in 'h. -late Convention, Therefore,** member* >?' the t'nion party, who still adhere to tbe great central idea of ? ro-totation of tbe Union and aiipr<>macy o f the I nite-l Stat** constitution tu t lawa over the rebel Mate*, and for tbe moM aflteient mean* and vlgoron* prosecution of ihe war until tbe rebel, inn ta *>i*>d'ied. we *ugK?*t a M'ca Hate Coo veotion be liMd at 1/mfcnnTie oe the MM day of May, I KM, and that the Cmon men who at ill adhere to IbU riprerae i.tee of main taining tbe government, In Ifeetr anveral < otinltce, and tbe w.ldiera or Kentecky. In their var ion* regiment* and com pan lea. bold primary meetings and a;<netnt delegates to aaM tVnveotl n. nud Uiat they In ani-h primary a* aero title* Indicate whether Uwv deaire the detagalea of tbe sum to rcproeent them in tbe :tam n-.raiu; C >aveation, lo i>e held at Cbtoafo, July 4. or in tbe t n?>tt Uneven rtae, (e be held at Rain more. June T. (Signed by hundreds of BOf.'?e?tt ona! I'BM M.) tlKtrtN VfATR ?oNVftMVIOT. We, tbe under* igned, Stale Ceoir*l foeeoiiuee. *W were appointed by the Kentucky delegation to tbe Mhi*w State MnaL ijiation Convention. held at I/>aUtrill*, Kj.. on the 2S't aud 23d ot Feltr oary iMt.aller mature ihoafhl and deliberation, and In deference to tbe opinions^* BU/ of the unc 'uditional Hoy a men of Kentucky ?have thought It beat, for the harmony aod xnty of aeMW an*wg all true I'nKin men in tbe State, to i?oMuone tbe Oaui^ tkm which wai catte* te nu-et al LMriaviilb, Ky . <mi the 4th of May aetl, snM! the 2&th of natd aaenib. ant we call apon til emancipationist* in the lute |? eo -ope rate with an onronditlonal T'nion men ta aeodiag dele gatea to wild Convent ton We will act with bo party *k* I* not In favor of sending delegate* to tbe National Union Oonventon. to be h?id at Baltimore on tbe Ttt* of Jnne veil JnHM lOMI'KlhM C A. PRRSrOK, thu*. r. OAi.vnti. it. niMMiNtis. (J hO. l? HI.AKkV, 0 r. HKYIaANI>. I.. N. lit Mm 117., J AMR* tfPSRD, ITKRY ti LAYTuM. Aina ?g, IVU. ? C'oattminai. Tbe MeeeaeliuecUa Repobiicao lute ONfMtlM DM in H-Miton no (bo III 16 of M.iy Tbe v?rm<m? Republican atatn iwireutlou will mNl oa the I7th of Mat. 1li? Ui-tourt Republican State IVmi ILiHloa bM been p?tpoee>l t> tbe |4tb of May Prfm<iai, We bays a list of teentr eeren pineri that ba*e de decUred their prefer?nr? f ir General Fremont M their candidate for tbe Presidency | Krnm the Pertlend Advertiser, Rci? 1 Matt Of tbe deeperete adhering '?m-e helderf rw??pa port eipre** tbe oplntea that the till of popular ?emi nent K to favor of ibe reelection of rreaioont Lincoln Thie aey be eo. If popaiar fteeilment be limited to tbe *l?io titration psrtv. Itat we are <>t uptnkoa thai if Jetoo 0. Frewoot ba a candidate for Uie PreeidMlf. the latter will net pat one electoral vote In tlie what* <)?!?? Pv* th'ia predict lea Id your pom teai pipe aad moke tt? * A Weablngten letter to tbe OhMt JMfWMtt wy? ? Fremont u ai work vrnh hi* polutee, and la MMf an Immense buaiaeaa in conenMefi* the wpfweitlon li hl? party to l.iocoin. lie will pubiiib a letter, ?? it ?? riMerid, etatkij that be to a <*nit>4?ie tui tbe rundown of ttM dap of U? Mo v ember eleetioa. Tbe (uim rnuriQ hope* that tbe fremoot turiy #111 defeat the Llocilnitee In tbe election of delegate to tbe Baltimore convention In State, tf tbla should not be tbe oeae tbe K ansae Xnhmg aayi, tbat <lel?fatea wni be eeat to tbe cioeolaod OonreatMM, where wieeenree will probably be takra wbmb Mint faro* the IMHmore Oo? TWtm to dr?e iMooln. tbe Wt+li MmmrUm, pabinMd at ?pria?*e?d, Mo, wbwwaaw if M?mI M a *?* Mrewa Je? I r*Midon4 Bnl Vice I'rfpient . under the raoV I iWty . HJl>fMi| frMernH^?. .. ' * dir. Limola. f From tba Naafeurunrt Henta rreaahtican) ] The number of republican |W[Mr.-< advocating a noet jHMiowoH'f t>w^ lt*^oixy to ii?y>a.ig? owli tat t-? I or iTMul^ftt *i>4 f ice fnetiitobi iKiMr^kil : An the IV aton m?|lerg t?ke that direction. vfcls indTr*^* a rail lit I luooln stock. If the couvoution in postponed be Mill l>Ot W WllHli . tiMNMM <4MMKM?for hUli , alt* if tbe convention is not p<.-*t|ioiiod bis elooilon will depend jq two thing*? micces* i?ctie ?dunMtt?*M?o mc.Muiva.ia Onauce aud wiy ttj|| iiuaNorifiber, and tbn ?ui'port of tbe QcrtnaosJ n fi to? UM iltaof Swtn>Mn frepafcltcan) } A pack of sharta, tnihgry, vllrfcuous and incorrigible, have fastened ufion tbo public treasury aud depleted it at tbf rate of minions monthly ; that the patronage of tbe rtxleral govorumeut baa been t>o*to?ed upou tboae with w hona the ?lix tor#, iffiUli'watf An ej?rcne>.ot cboicr. would have absolutely rufused ail uutil high placid of trust are beid by known and convicted i-ormo r*uu, tod I9|n drive'fMl liorae* and live in freestone House*. pocc&asM ?Mtb Cm tod States gn-eobarki, who night to be pegging shoes in State prison.* lbs Washington correspondent of tbe Chicago Time* wnl?h ? Strange as i) may appear. although moat ill of ib# Mates aiipear to t>? mutnietiug for I.iferoln, the lead mg republican* doubt bit> uouiiuauou flioy say it will lie like tba llaltimone Convention of 1944. that threw overboard Van liureii and nominated l'olk, although moet of tbe delegate* were instructed for Vfco fiuren The rerlaloty (brat 1 Im i4n a renonnnation will product) a [ornud.ibla split in thi party , which no other mau would lie likely to do, they are confidant will iud>ic? the convent Iton to cist him aside for another. It appears Unit tbe iletn Karats have carried Sftringileld, Illinois, Mr l.incolu a own home, by a rouging ma lortly . His telegraph kept sh?ty about it ? |io# strange ? D-. r?,t fro- fttsm. ('Imrlra fraacll Mainii. tbe New Haven J un:<ti auggeata for the IVeaidancy the name of Charles f Adams, our pruaent m ntster to i.reat Br.taln. It fwys <\Ve foar he is too honest ai.d ? bio h ^talesman to bo I 'resident, hut wo really *U< ild like to hare bis name canvassed by the scheming poltti nans. " I'rcd. Donglai (Hlark Naa). Kltiur Wright, one oi the Insurance (*xnmissi<>aers of Massachusetts, avows bts preference. to a published let ter, lor Fred. Douglas, as a Ifaat'lential candidate He adds ? ?'! have often patted for a blnck tuau when 1 have be<?n known only by my writing*, aud consider it rather iioinpnmentary to my moral character aud intellectual calibre." SOUTH CAROLINA. Imptrtant Military Change* in the Department tf the Seutb. REWARD OP BRAVERY. Mfidals of Honor Awarded to Distinguished Privates and Non-Commissioned Offi cers Serving Before I hartriton, ft*.. &e., *?. Mr. Galen H. Uibomc'* Despatch. H.i, To* Ucau, tt. C .April 21 18<U (IHAtMSH AM INO OOMNANIUMU OVflOUS The topic most talked about 10 tba Department of the South is the change of commandors. General Cillmorebas beeu relieved from dutv here, aud ia succeeded by Briga dier General John P. Hatch, who will assume command in a day or two. Brigadier Geoeral Win Birney, of tne colored troops, takes General Hatch's place in Florida (?eneral Terry is succeeded In tbe command of the northern district by General Scblmmeianing. Colonel W. W. H. Davis. Oae Qundro<t and FourthJPennsylvsnls Vol unteers. relieves Colonel J. B. Ilowell, in command or tbe Hilton Head district. Colonel H. M. Hoyt, Fifty-second Pennsylvania Volunteers. takes oommand of tbe post of Hilton Head, vice Colo#" I Redfleid Duryee, of the Sixth Connectieui. mi nm nvim na'Vao'iusktts ott rat aibrt Tbe l'ifty-fourth Massachusetts ( colored > regiment made an important capture on Friday evening of last week. A lorce of sixteen rebels, white making a night reeonnois 4 Mice in Vinoeot's creek, on Morris Island, waa delected ?nd captured, without tbe loss of a man on onr side. The afflsir has given tbe Fifty -fourth an enviable reputation. noNoriMii The following promotions have occured In tbe Depart ' meat of tbe South during the past week, Con niilmoro by authority of the President of the United Mates, hav iug U sued the oommtwious to the officers of colored troope ? Sergeant Robert Rliiott, Tbtrd 1th. -le Island heavy ar tillery, to besecoud lieutenant in the sauie reuiineui. Sern ean I Major William Dioxavin, third Rhode Island heavy artil'ery, to be second lieutenant m the same regl ment. Private Joseph W Dlckipsoa, Thirty ninth Illiro j Volunteers to be a captain in tbe T.\eutyflrst ('mud State* r. >lored troop* QuarterraaUer Sergeant Adrianua Janseo. Flirt New York Volunteer Engineers, to be a flrat lieutenant In the Twenty -first t'nlted State* colored troops Private Henrv M. Jono?, fo. M. ! irst Coiled States ertlilery, to be a second lieutenant lu the Iweatv nrst United States c 'lor d troops Setgeant Henry VT. (Tas?, ??ae Hundied aud Fifteenth New York Volunteors. t<> be a Srst lieutemnt in the Thirty-fourth United states colored troops. Peter Meagher, civilian, to be a seeond lieuteoaal in ibetweniy-flrst United states c>lore<i troops. First Lieutenant Abraham W. Jackson, Thirty- third United ^tites colored troopa .to b? a captA n in tbe same reximent, vice Randolph, resigned. .second Lieutenant Henry A Hearli. Thirty third United Stat a colored troops, to be a (lr<?t licutenaut in the same regitueot, vice Jackson, promoted. Benood I.ienteoa >t Knoeh W K>bltfn.?, Thirty third ? United States colored troops, to bo a first lieutenant in tbe >.ame regiment, vice Beach, promoted. Sc?ond Lieutenant kobo. i W. Perry, Thirty fourth t lilted State j colored troops to be adjutant of the sim? regiment , vice f dismissed. s?ri,e:iiit Richard (lowers. i o K, First New York Vo lunteer Futfineors, to be a brat lieuteoant iu tbe Twenty Brat Cnited States colored troops, to (III an original vaciucy. Secoi'd Lieutenant C harles S. Allen, Twenty first Cnited Siaie- > olored troops. to be a first lieuteoaut in tbe same renltnenl. to All an original vacancy Second Lieutenant James s. I lougiiu, Twenty-Oral Cnited sta'e* colored troops. to U? ? first lieutenant' in tbe same regiment, to 'ill an original vacancy. ?MKMMitwa Tbe following arc the rwtUuatioti> ui tbe deiMrtment l >r j the week ending April 27 .?Maw Richard Butt, Kew York Volunteer l ugineers Cbptaiu Wllltnas Met onnoll, i Ninety seventh Pennsylvania Volunteers Assistant s?tr geonC. K Hriggs, Twenty fourth MaHeaclineett* Volun tee re. ?m?m hosiua? r.Arii'BB or a kmhrl usmaaeav aao in-tanr wan. Hy the steamer Delaware, this moment in from lack eoavllle, I am informed of aflainfin Florida up t? yester day morning On Ux- 24th instant. Major f or of she Seventy 01 th Otiio mounted infantry, captured a rebel lleateoant anil tlttneii man. who wore endeavoring toeap turo our vtoetteo upon tbe King's road. Tbe rebels wore toiled hy tbe Maior, who, seeing their Intentions, inietlv dap l?we t a ortipa ?y on either side of the rosd, and. get tmg ia their rear . cut tbe? off aad brought tbeaa in with MMR ntt kr*?v i.aavtsn rvmint Truetwortbyy informatioa la to tba efloet that one divtatoo of tbe rebel troopa In Florida oss been sent to Gaaaral foe. end that nearly tbe wbote Florida force la to be withdrawn. rat vsN*a saair roues nsix.a tbe Tenth army corps have adopted a dtstiaatlva badge Similar to thoee introduced lata tbe army by (ieoeral K ear a y 1be design eonaiata of on outline repreeenta. lien of a square fort with bastions, the asslortsk of the badge being of colored flannel? rod. white and blue? to represent the division* The corps baa won distinction m tbe indnotiw <4 torts Pulaski and Sumter, and the capture of Fnrta Wagner and Gregg, and I he badge ia therefore vary appropriate Kin *t.? of aovos. I en lose yon a list trf the enlisted men m tne Daaait ment of the rtnutb to nbom have been awarded "modal* at honor" for "gallant and meritorious cwduct' In tbe Mi.rrts laland campaign of isst summer The medals are Rot iuite ready Tir delivery, but will be ia tbe bands of lirr owners in tbe coorae of tbe coming fhrtnight. Iliey n r4 made of bron/e, by Bail. BMtck * Co. , of Saw York, and art elegantly executed. Three per cent of each regiment, battery or detachment that served In tba treocbeawfro entitled to the dtstftMino; but several regiments, dfe nmg that all their members bad equally earned tbe honor, declined to furnish tbs namss or any of thatr members as candidates The list la complete, with tbe atceptloo of tbe Tetrtb lOonectlcut Volun tears ? If/nth ?Color Sergeant Thomas It. Holt, Co. K (tergesnt David I. Trstry . Co. C: CXilor Cornoral Bliss BrockWay,f>> H ''o?porifs Ira W Bail?r,Oo. A Clark Blake. Co B. Orlando Ra w telle, Oo D; V. B. Bryant, to. H; Charlea F Pmlth, Co I, privates George w. smith. Co. A, Frederick l-aine, Co. B. lowls U. CbasS, Oo. C. Charles M Harding, O). Ji, Robert H. Tripp, Co. K, Har land C. Bbrrowi, h> F. Juiin Ryau.Co. G, J li Kite patrlck, Oo K m istefans William A. Kloman, On. F; Cal vin H. (leaves, ?o F. Mtfwffk Jfite'.-ferfemt George Payne, Ch. G: private Bradley i. Kimball, oo F, dead. Ultra new hampthire. ? First Sergeant K. jbael J. Con ndiy.Oe. C. 9ergeaat Osvld W PerklM, Co. I>. Sergeant Joauto A. Newmsn, 0?. F, dead. Corporal ja?. M. Chase, Co. B; Oorpontl Joan Brooks, Co H; Corporal GeorceH. DBTla, CO. 1. privates flamuoi 0. Brelsford, CO. A, Cyrus (;ormra.Co i, Frederick Hiiuiwa/.on B. George Allen, Co. C; Charlea P. Randall Co. D, Ames M. Dickey. Co K, A. J. Pattlngtli. 0?. It; Jtmn t Fmeu, Co. t, Charles 0. smith, Co. F, Bonjamia D. Burgees, Oo G. David A. rvM, CO. tf. Almoed R White, Co. I, James Caaeldy, Co!\; HuabAackfm.Cb.K. " tmirtk Ntvi Zlamptkt r>. ? Hergeauts Air ah Wentworth, Co A, HtejMion J. Wsatwortb, Os. r. (relam p. Htiae . boor, On. a, Hanaa P. pfasootl. Oo t. Oorporata Jaaah B, JosMph L Winn, 00. ? Miohaai OoaJey . Oo, 0. (km ? <***. <* Wfi (? (t olrfct.m 0 ^(^ardsin Co ?'?Hp IC f,m-?n"*otr HuotJCTc^rJohn Gardu*. OB^3o??< Nolau.O> 0. JauiM K. Oolomy.Oo B. George Wilding , l ( -... jr_. W...? li B??U*?4 0*m ? fv, ? (?corset-' tWnoo.O" B. Alooro t) Dudley, ri^irrvV perki?. co r. ??><?* ****<. ^feSv^liTcbiL. oriMU. 00 H. I '; a?^.;o.o. Robert Miller, Co. C ??"??? '^Teri A nL ' ^ K' ^ H ? Morrill, Co. H, John i Shirr^w. <)o K ; private* Ales. Knodell , Oo A; *' George M. Barnard, Co. B; Charles H. Cbasley.Co^B. A. j Cobb, Co G ; J. J.Ford, Co O; John Noouau, Co . " tvw. OoC Sergednt Robt. .l.FlmmonB, killed lu Ibe battle of 1 Otu tee, February ao. 1864. Corporal Henry T Paalo.t?. l' private Oeortre W ilaon, Co. A , discnaiged TkirA HMt hi an* ArUller First Sergeaut TbomM Cretan , Co M. Sergeants John T. Newrotnb , Co. D Gen V. Ha7en , fin. M. Prlvatos Samuel F. M Bi?hoe Co ^ mxTn iur *s&wss Sergeant Henry Carroll, 8crg?*uU Michael Maaooo , Geo r. SassLns, Jaeoh Gray. . rwn. .S .?/* /We? .rsl SergoanU JoMpfc i MlUer Ctor Norwaii.ProvostyCo. I?; Win Berkley, <*> K jSerteanls Hiram L. Grant. Co A; Vrederlc Sinby , j?r ? <*? ^ Horaco H<bbie, Co. D; Lur*rn Baldwin, Co. K. Julius A ?&?? * wr?arciV r-^ sb ?x?. G William Rehstook, 00. H; trod eric Baatly, Co H , A. f'ochrnne, Co. G. Privates 1 ^ jlhn B.derma"'. Pond. Co. A; I'd par H. Parsons. Co^B. J*a Btdemao, Co. F. I^ander I'armelee. Co. G ; John - T Itufu* Aggett.Co. 1 Jsmes A. Howard, Co. K, FJHUa T. *tft& o?"-s---ea?srr asit ss& jr to G. Corporal Rut us Tllbe, Co. K. Privates wa M Jarmon Oo. K: Richard MctJee, Co. K. . . Hirt* tTwitsd State t ArtiUery?frte anf Gualavus Sehmldt, James W. F^X and lance 3erge?ot Robert W Parkin-ion, all of Light Battery B. X* lfe? YMk VolynU* i am Wcvxtwarl. Co. F; fcre?l H. Lui?!6f 1 "irr lerrv Poller and .lohn Isaac White, Co. G. ^rRcant Ann ii?' Clark Co. A, reported dead. Corporal Wm. I.. (r?n, rn A Prinie W*n J. Wilson, Co A. Servant Ibeo Oore iiaodeTtllt) Co K , k.Ued Corporal Joh??. BrooWa, Corporals G W. V.edenburd, Co. A. Jamca H. WvcWoCT. Co F, l?. B. Ramsey, Co fc.; John *. n nan iel vateeJamee Brady. Co. A: John *?n > Mi-Cariy , On B. Jo&n Smith, Co. C: Thomas " lammSoear Co D Win. H. Chapman, Co k: Albert M. &?&?? S. Ackerly. Co. K; Melville R. {"sSSVh co. K (on?ori?ls Wm. Gage, Co. C; 1 V^hback' I?;vatesM wardG Gib goo' , Co. A. Wm. W. Crosby, Co B Wm Olmstead . Co. B ; Frank H. Hasted. Co. 0: (_a?par ^lielbecic . Co D. CaMtdy, C^. E; F.dward E^. tridge, Co. G. Hear/ Berghegger, to. G, Frank Casey, flurdr'd J" ' Porty-Uurtli Srw Fo r'-;7 F?' 8a??!f1 (harlea A Bennet.Co. l>: .!oboC. Melo. Co. O. (orporal JmST A.'h?S?C?L K. I'r'.T.tes John McCombe Co A. i'eter fl Rosa, O. B; Itaniel K. Sprague, fo. C. Ale* I.iddle. Co. K; Jacob Lambrechl. C?. J"-- ^raft^ ^ Co V Peter A. Van Bureu, C<?. H; ( barles v ^rau. vo II Jamea H. Bowen, Co. I; Jamea MoKen/ie, Co. I, Jgeao? jlrtia F. Carroll. Co G ^^^JhonnsJ. Crosse Co. B August Hummel . Co. * , George H. Craw ?ord Co I Corporals Frederick Sovfort, C o. A; George McDonald. Co. B; Kred. Ross, Co. C; Joseph 7<andli, Co. K. Privates Gottlieb /urcher, Oo A; C. !? eld mil. Co.1 I D. Harcmaker < o. I?. George Miller, Co. I': ^ChrlsllM Rent*, Co. F, Grot Golbard, Co. H; Wolff August, Co. H. kHv Si-cond Pen n*>jl oanio. ?Sergeant* lrwm F. FjJ^h. Co A K'lward W. Smith, Co. 1 ; ' (? A: John C. Eraley, Co. B. Wm. ^ RlshjMUgh. Co. B.Jobn A. Smith. Co. 0; Wm. L. W?1^.0o.D. Alden W Fleming. Co. r. Stephen a Hall. Co. F. Micnao ilnver.Oo. G: Wm. Johnrton . Co. O J*?!?* H ^UaSV^H H. Wm. 8. Hopkins, Co. H; Wm. Scott, Co. H. lra? M. V%slr^v-^w<li Prnntylvania. ? Fergeant Andrew J. Walt, Co. A (iorporals Martin C.ales.Co. C; Philip l}*77.A.r\< ? t- John l afTerty, Co. F; Solomoo a MUler. C'o. H. Wm ii fa1Bur co. it private* h. F. Baoncil, (o. B . ( utriw* D (irolT Co. D: Win. Oourson, Co. Gj Mwood Miller, Co. 8srge?t Jsmos WoWoo, fa H Corporals 1 rank Condon, Oo. ? W J>>wner, Co F Thos J. While, Co. F; privates John Guthrie, Oo B. S. Van.legrilt, Co. D; H. B. Patten, Co. G: Win. A. ''X;( "ihn.drrt >tnd Ab.irrt Pr*nJt*l>v?ia -u?TK*n*? John J. w igton . Co. A; l.eviA. Roseuburgor. Co. A Wm sn awbri-ige, Co. H . corporals k*an Stovrr, Co. *? J??oi Gaddas.Oe <? : John P. Honsum. Co. H B ret pri rates Wm. Keeler, Co < : Jacob S Albwbark. ( o. t Theodore G. llarglns. < o. K; Aarou_ lerre^ II. ( [ oj w tu ivagin.Co. I , AH red Ia*tbnm:Co F. .-enecaBoal Co. I .'osepb V. Howell, Co K* TimotbT Covrley, Co. G . Charien Williams. Co. A. Tu eMv-1' ':k Oh* . ? Sergeant l ater iri tuarl. to. k. Cor Thomas Howell, Co. f; privies (,e Co. \ c.irwood I'. B: James B. Hentliorne, Co 0 Hi ma* Loug. Co. V. <Hir?r C. l.ongmore, Co. 0: John Gi H. Hsojamin Barlow, (o I. . Thifi Far' Aiiiilry, Battery Worportls lhej J. H'ehster, lawrence R ley. _ ,s.r/v I ' ?cv?ior Sergeant Jame? N. Gray. Co. ?i .-ergeant Wm F. W ilaon, Co. V, <VP"nk Miller Co. I? .:obn 1. HadSSll.Co. K: Hi Mclnturf, Co. 1 prifates lhoinaa P. Ssrlev.Co. A- John McCauley . C > A 'ohn'oo t. Dyer. Co. B Wm J. Williams. C?. B. Noah V. uarne^.c o. f: lliomss Hardy, co. C : Asbary G. Tay or. to. K. Jtrfm Palmer. Co. F; Ben). A. Humphrey, <o H, lhf?ni?s -baw. t o. K. ? ? Striv-^nonih Oh ie.? sergeant Mater ' mil Pampane. t ol .r Sergeant Samuel Mclwnald: Kirst Sergeants Chas. ?.. Mir.or. Co. G M. Hol'oway , Co H Sergeants Ismc G. Rldeout . Co. 11 Andrew J. Howmwn Co C l/>wH He?>en than Co. K. Cornorats 1 unta H. Brower, Oo. D; Jere miah Kusatferd, Co. F. Private" James Petersoo, Co A. C M. Furenms.c o. K: Frederick Hartman Co_H I "hio ? Pri ates John (jueiler.'T) t wm. H.'p.niter, Co. B: Andrew Jackson. < o D. ,iscim<t Soxti Carolina Votuntem.--f?Tt??i* Nosh I ewia (>). A : Joshua Jore?. Co A Sancho P.?Ue, <>_C\ \brabsm Jackson. Co. C John <;reen, Co. D; James l^uard, Co. F: RoOin River. 0> G. Corporals Th?mM Darling Co. B John Christopher, CO. 1) Ja< k Mi'lfi'e ton. Co F F/t ward Brown. Co. H. Privates Allenl Bein, i . R Peniaroin Washington, Co. F, Cl?ari"s I neas. Co G Moses Simmons, Co H. 7*it.| t'm'-rf mat" Ont'/rvd Trt^fn ?^erneicts it Fred Hootk. ?o C: George I'lnnoman, to. i?, Samuel Heaverly. Co. F Collins AOen. Co. O; ? hsrw-s Parsons, Co. k: Henry ^ H j | an w On. K. COrporat Green Steward. Co_ H. privates MHf"rd Brummell. Oo. ( dinton rhomas. Co. F , iCnUTh Moor^. O,. V Wm. Franklin. Co. ^ Jamea 0. Week*. Co. ?. l?avld Kamaay, Co. H: C . W. BralT, Co. t John M Wiison, CX*. F ; Wm. Roberts, Oo. B; Richard Adam*, CV>. A . Kdward S^nsll, Jr. The Decline la the Prh-? of Butter, and the Cava. The butter market yesterday ?u somewhat firmer, with a good supply oa hasd , and bolder* were eipectiog ? alight advance oa tbe quotations of the previous d?y, wnich ranged, according to quality, from thirty to thirty ? five cents, in tbe wholesale market. and froas thtrty-flve to fortv?>ve eaata at retail. Specalalor* war* rathor deepoadent at tbe prospect of a itill greater dkcfltfe to pricoa when the new graaa butter reaches tbe market, wbtnti wilt bo about tbe I5tb or May : aad . lo tbe mean time, targe quantities of tbe butter now oa band are being shipped to England by large dealers, wbo hope loeave themselves by tbe difference In tb* rata of exchange be tween Umdna and New York, i*ome of the knowing ones, bowoyer bare little faith In the wlsdifti of such in entot prtae. aa tbe butter now in market is unfit ror ship ping, md nasi raaltre but a mere nominal price when hrongot into competition wltb the native prodvctirtia of England, Ireland and Gotland f ameers from ths bnlter growing regions report that the .enent rates hate bad tbo moot beoeitetel StVct upon n -gelation , aad dairy farms promise to bo more predne lire tbai a?a*on taan to any prevl<ms year aineo 1H00, and ap?<'ui?tors declare? verv reluctantly, however ? that price* muoi c<itao down; though they try by ovary' pnombie .lev me to keep them op to tbe btgbeot igoro. Tbe retool decline m.iy be attributed to thifantthat Hie preaent ?nii?iy la a pertehnbie article, which can not be kept on iiand more tbaa alow waaha. aod. the stock of old butter having been entirety eiheeeted, they were compiled either to eel I at a reduced U?me or eeert floe tbe alock on baod. It will be remembered bat la the latter part of lieoembor butter weal op three rente in one day , md before tbe ond of March it reached tbo eoormous price of Ufty oeote par pound These rates were kept, up until tho early part of tbe preeent month, aod until iwople in moderate olncomstancse bed todlapenao with the use of the article altoaet bar. By tbis means ibe demand was not equal to tbo supply, and tbo speculators were compelled either to redeee tkelr prioee or have the laiiafartioa of eeeing Um Immenae amok whteb tbey bad accumulated in tbe market pariah on their hand* They thought they bad the coaanmrra completely under tbeir thumb, but tlioy have learned lo their saorttfioatioo an l chagrin that they will be tbe greatest loeera, and tbH the public will bare very little sympathy for their m t fortimaa Urise butter will ao?a be in the market, and eonis of tbe beet informed retail dealers assert that prioee will not be much If earthing Ml axeeee of laat year. The qiteatloa now la will those monopolists taks advaataae . of Mm market aad bay up ibis new supply <* baiter, whlob will keep until next spring, and again put up tbe price to the at* mm. dardf There is aageedrsaaoa to otmpoee that the saase spirit of apeoulatloB which prompted them to operate npoa tbe market tbe pam seneon will l?e ahaadoaed es a<?on as an opportunity prsssata iteolf end bow can tbe imblio protect tbi? slveet This is a question wbicb should eagsgo the atteotma of oar legiaiaters Rome law aaouUl be eaectod by watch Wis prodnoer aad coa earner oonM be brought taastbsi wtthoat the ageacy of thsee mMdiasaee, wba defraud both OaMl aeeae seek ka Is paassA kJMb* lagteJature, tba people wWi oow ttaue to be Beeoed by tbeoo estortieoiala, who are doing asera tn impair tbe credit ef th^goverameat lhaa Ml the ilW8 FMM HONDURAS Omr B?Ul( Oorrnpondcacc, Bsuza, British Honduras, March S6, Ih?4 Operation^ of the Me* (Town* mr?lmrmvi fJnty y tm poi U?tke Brifnk ScKoonmr ftMiam frlasi Impritan, ?-wi of the Crtw (9 Indians? Tkeir Nartoiv Ktcapr from Mnt Scrce? JSoM and Wiu Proeetdxnpi Or Captain? De ttrucHm of AUthilnMmt-VoMititonkeiAkmi it^e*. rfc.,Jc. " Our now Governor, of wbuae arrl? al 1 inform*! you la my last, Um gone to work in good eiraoat. Him Brat ant w? t? veto UKI new Ceutrai Ot arrh bill, recently |<wal by tbe fcgislatlve Assembly; next lo iD orm Mr. Speaker that h?, not QOt a, dSlegftlloe o| m irotMrs. va* to feflug down to biOi at tbe Government, all bids wlueb were passed by the House, tad seme otbor reforms of abuses whicb bare gradually crept into uae, which are oootrary to tbe apirtt if bot tbe letter of Ibe law. Tbtipo reforms are not altogether palatable lo Mr. Speaker, bat (hey show that ins tfecelieeoy is a Htriet disciplinarian, and, although it may not be pleasant to some, It says, In offect, favors to noae, and hope* are e* terUiued that be will he a gopd uud popular governor There ban oeen en additional duty of one per ceal re ported to tbo House by the Finance Coinuiittoe cm all isi portalioos, including freight and charges, brought into this colony, after tbe first day of April nest. The funds rawed by ibis act are to be set apart to pay the lo teres*, and to eventually redeem the prinoipal , of tbe loio ef on hundreJ and fifty thousand dollars to wUSao tbe streets, f ig a oanal , and improve tbe south aide of this tow*, which wss burnt down in Maroh, 1S6S. By this art some twenty to twenty-five tbnussod d hi lars will be ooUected annually; and. as the act is to be Continued in fores unti) 1W0. It will raise a sum far mora than the loan nad the Interest thereon. The stock is at six per cent iuteiest, and to be all redeemed oa or before 1890. ?" ?;JV ? Tbe British schooner Indian, Celeste master, of Nassau, from Mstamoros, with a load of cotton, cams into this harbor jll us morning. She left Matasnoroa is Jaauary last for Havana; got Into a norther and was seriously damsged , run before it la a sinking condition and was beached near Campeacby at night. Nest morning sha was fired into by tbe blockaders, who supposod Dor to be an RagiiiA schooner with powder sad ammunition for the Carapeacbiaos. After learning their mistake, they as sisted te repair the damage done by their shots, and sbe started to return to Ma tamo roe, having u> sell a part of her cargo or cotton to pay for repsirs. She was again met by a norther, then a second, upon which s third took her, by which sbe wss driven dewn past Cocaanel, on the reef at Ascension Ray, over which sho drove iota smooth water and grounded. Tbe captain took bis boat and want on shore for assistance, when bo was taken by the Indians, and, with his crew, made prisoner, talceo into the woods, stripped asked and tied , preparatory to being cut to pieces. The captain, by coaxing and persuasion, money, provisions snd clothing, Induced a portion of tbe Indians to take him on board, when he plied them with spirits, and finally induced them to go on shore for his crew. He filled their boat with. the articles he luui give* them, and oa shore they went Next morntntf they brought off tbe orew, they themselves being fully armed with muskets snd cutlasses, and fourteen In number. Meanwhile tbe wind had changed from north to south, whicb blew the vessel off the beak Into deep water, when the captain let go anchor and waited for bis crew and tboir captors to come oo board, which they soon d^d. and then commenced a general plunder. As a matter of course they got pretty well drunk, sad when tfley had the boat drawn up to go on a bore, after two at them had get into the boat, and when the others were bandiog tbo articles, which they bad al ready tied up in buudies, into the )>oat, and wor? forcinc tbe crew to take then oa shoro, tbo rapt alf> pushed three or Uiam into the sea. This Mt inspired tbe crew with courage, and they soon despatched tbe whole of the Indians with their own cutlasses and pi'obed them into tbe aea, whore the sharks in a few minutes devoured every on* of them. The crew that dressed themelvea, got the vessel under weigh and beat her down to tlria port. Laat night. while near hire, la heavy weather, she was again put on the reef, weat over, and came from the main reef inside to this port, where sbe now lies in an almost sinking condition. Her captain, besidss his own disaster, reports having seen three sratt ashore in Aseeoatoa Bay-mae* taiga setMooer and two smaller craft. He also reports that there are a great number of Indiana oo the Kays, who. as be passed, showed decided ad vleleat heetlllty to hies. 8 ITl ATIOIVS WARTBO^rCMALBR. AS COOK -A TOCNO WOMAN WISHES A MTU* tioa. D qderataa da eooktkg in all tta branches, ftianeM eeotins. Ac., and makr* aupeflor pes <rf. No objection to so to the country for tbe summer months. City referee oa Can be aeeu at her present osaployer'a. Wo. IT Weat 34th at. AN AMERICAN WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AM mo* tor on* child and to do cijpa sewiac. Oak at M L*fc!tf tt.. between Washington and west, for three Jaja. A COMPETENT PftStfl WANTS A SITUATION AH rook : understand* rooking in all Ita branches; haa good eity referenda. Call till engaged at 31 West Itth st A YOU NO GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO OP autre wnrfc and plain sewta* or woeld lake charge of children Call at her last employer'*. 195 Weat Md *t. A SITUATION AS FIRST CLASS L4UNDRERS WANT. ed. by a young girl ; good eily reference. Call e> 101 till ?t., between lit mud 2d an. A TIDY. RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS a alinaiion In a respectable family tn take vare of ctiil. dri-n an I do plain sewing or llcbt cbamberwork. Apply at <13 Went akin it ., for two days. A RESPECTABLE YOCNO WOMAN WISHES A SITO tion a* rook: would be willing to aselat with the wash i is and ireatne; has three veara* eity referenee Call at Ct W ?j; 12lh at., (01 two da} i. A SITUATION WANTED? ST AN AMSHIOAM WO jV nian. aanurae: la capable of taMn# care of an infant from tta birth and can brlns It np on tue bottle: tioobjee tio* to the oeuutry; sood reference give*. Call at >1 West lXth at. AVOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS LA dy < m .M nnd aeamatrrsn, or xramatreas alone, refers to h-r ptesent #inpioyer. Call at 436 Weet Od at , between ?>:i and lOtll avt. ARE8IM.CTAHLE TOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SIT. uat.en iu a small family ; is a good plain rook and a* nire'lrnt wailier snd tronrr, or would do tlsbt bouaawork In a ?mall family. Best of city reference Siren. Can be aeen at^Si) M<-edow. between 1st and 2d ate., Hobokea. N.J. AYOING WOMAN WISH MS A SITUATION AS 'a mlr??? lo dn line waahlug; or as <bamb?imaidi wiMie< lo ?o In tbe cmntry for the sinnu-r Uood eltv re f'-ieiue Call at 111 Weil 16th et. AN EXPRRI^NOSU WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION w'ooJcu'k. underatanda sood siibsuuiiai ooekas; or pa 'o*l lauinl'e e. nn obirrtlons o ha <"0 intry. Can lx> >ec i for twn d?rs ai Si Eaat Baltic at., a few dooisTroae I'ojri, Hrookl)n A SITUATION' AS CHAMBERMAID AMD WAITRBSS m noted . Is capable of taklns rharse of a baby .city ref erence. Call for I *e daya at 108 Bast Warren at , MrMlya. \ SITUATION WANTED-BY AN 1NTBLLIGBMT an l trustwnrttrv Vonng woman, who is very capable at i akjn^ entire cbante <if aa luraai or older rkildrra; is ki*<l torh'idren, faltbfnl and coneclentioua In all hrrdutiee; baa thr im>si of refereai* from her laat plaee (over tw* years). Call at 416 Stb av.. between 29th and Stlh ate. A SITUATION WANTBD-?BT A TOUNG WOMAN, MB chambermaid and waitress or as nurss. ha* no ohiee tion toge in thr eottairy for the snmmrr; best ef rafstroee ( ooa Uer laat place. CaU at er ed drees ISaoevrtst, bslaSa* Faciftr and Dean, Brooklyn. Ahm kespectablb woman wishes to good* bt the day. or to take in wnahing. Call at SPt M av., Scot floor front, beak ream A FIRST CLASS LAUNDRESS WANTS A SITUATION; nth Sitting; best city centre ae* Apply at US Weat A BRiKECTA UiE WOMAN WIS BBS A RTT0ATIOW /V ?? Hum u4 ecameueeei to very kled itd feed mt * RRIPRCTAALR 01 RL WIARRR A ItttTAnOK TO fx 'ake Nra of chlldrea Ml do flam eewlng. !?? Oblee lio:i in irav?i. (I nod rity reference. Caa to hn fer IM day! at I IS Amity at., m the rear , , ,, A SITUATION AS KDMI AND ttAHIfllM WAR*. ed. by a very capable woman ; ?im BM aa ntuoo sa oh ;c. ae a Home Call at 886 7th ar.. ft. the akoa elere. A!tR?PRCTARI.R COLORED OIRt. WANTS A BITtTA n.m ae rhlld'a ojiree, aad do plain eewin# Oell far two laya at 101 Wcat SKh at ATOURO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AM . rliMSrrn'e nmee.eBd ptaia eowar. or aa rhaaabenaaM tr raiiren la a email realty . (load refareeoe Call at ISO Kae 1Mb <>l A1 HI MI.-WAITU. ST A TBUBTWORTHT. BR perienoed. careful and well recemaaeoded foe eg woman. * ellnatlon aa child a nana and plain aaamalradS: B willing end obliging ; noebjectieoe to tba conMrr fer ?? t>immer nioaili*. the beet of oily reference, fnr character and aa (tab) It it from bar laet place where aha lived over three year* Call at ar addveee No. S (Sd et.. thrae door* aaM af 5ih a? ASH .Alio!* WANTKD-HY A R E8PB0TA VLB younj woman, at nuree and teamatreee: l* a flretdUaa ?iwrai it on Wheeler A Wilaoa ? maehlao; haa no oblee lion to go to the country. Call for two day* at I7? 10th to. between Will and ?*h tta. AVOUNit WOMAN W1HHKH A MITUATION Af ehambcrmiM and waltreea, or would take care of thildrr n *n I do plain eewlng; would have no ebjnrtlone te r> to the cot n try for the enminer. Call far twoiiayael Old ?? hav t?et*een Hth and ISth eta. ArROTMTART OfBL WISHRS A SITUATION? TO take oaro of cnlMree and aaw ar da chamberwir* aad Jew , bat the bem af elty refeienee Call at in Beat Mb at. A HITIJA1 ION WANTBD-RT A RKSPBCTABT? J\ yenaggirl to do cbemberwork aad waiting or aaeha*> hcrmald and to autat lathe waAlng and Ironing lite the ? beat of city reference*. _Oall for two dart at Wl fih ar ABSRPBCTARI.B GIRIi. ABOUT OOINO TO BUROT& wmM like I* auOetfake Ike charge of a family of ohil Iren, or one <>t more ladle* reqtilrla? her eefrvtoaai " anemiomH to tea t revet, aad u a good nnrae, ' 8aliafaot?ry re ereaeee A*M reee 9 . . bm 1 n Herald e^Roe. A TOUMU WOMAN WISHBB A MfUAflON TO BO A chamber*, irk and waiting. Call at TT Watt Wth et > Aral floor, front room ' ? ' '' *' A MlTIUTION WANTRP? BT A TOUNO QfRU ? J\ prteate Mir. aa ehetnherteatd a? I walbreee. erae orjRtfcSr' AtUraflUlbl OfRL WARM A AltOAIIOR TO oook, waah aad I roe la a *?eli faa?ili,.qf Mjey dreaa, goad ml# refer^noea. QM b* aaM raBS?"t WBR4?"">

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