Newspaper of The New York Herald, 4 Mayıs 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 4 Mayıs 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. UTfujnAV,. May 3?6 l*. M C '?> ar od with tLe U ,;oc.-t c isli g.i!e- at the Or.-t tueet n*4 >4 tlMtimiMtlul Uukit: t Jet 01 J >* , New Yoik ( antral Rail! '.id Miilwd tlii* tn M iiiii)- 3\, Hie 2\,\ U :J*ou Hi ei 4?;, HitWl'l, Kma.'U. 5. Miiw..i.kt*e "mi I rani* On < tne-i 6 Vhrh. ?'??n < ?a" al 4, Micliwmi nutberu 4Sr III nm* Centra I, l\? v. p.d and Pittsburg 2, i>a!eu* aod ("Itt'sg" < teveinmt unit :?i? lo 1 ?4 . t litciif* and Hook !al nd 8 Pittsburg and n>rt Wayoe4,-< inca^o and North western 2 !o ? and W r.h .sh , I antic Mall 4, CuiuIkji 4 uil Coal :Ht t ant u omn-oy 8, Quicksilver iliuoj: 4. Aud ilaripo?a 2 In iLe attern >on the market became quile buoyant, aud fri -?? nearly recovered tbe decline of the morning The cu>n,u< quotations were as follows ? New ^ or^ ( entra! 182 '4 Erie Rairoad l;r10 pre erred 107 4, IludsOu Huer 138, ill) *<?? 227, Heading 1"' Michigan loalrol Michigan Southern 92'j ? Mium* ( ''ntral 126, Clev? lau 1 and Prttsbirg 108 ?(. ilereland and T<!edo 14T. Cbi ca/oaud Kock .'p. 'od III. Chicago and Northwestern 6a, Pacific Mill 22 ?. p',nt u i"'H.>any 35*?, Cumberland Coal So, and suiek*ilver Aiming 69. Th ? xiork market exhibited evident sljnn to day of a s > <iy recovery ii om the lethargic stale into which it M*a recently forced by the temporary panic which was inaugurated by Secretary Chase and fostored by the ra,>ac<ous hear*. Ever ftcco that atal Monday when the panic was at its height confusion hag reigned In ihu vicinity o; Wall street, and we might say within the monetary circles throughout tbe country; and the tpeou Uiort in this ricintty have been operating, like an army tint bad lost ita cotutii icdiug o Ulcer, with an uncontrolled and r cki"?? <yril Bui, a* tluae ultimately brings all m i iters rlubl, we shall expect soon to soe a retui n of mere -ft m>i steadily me reusing prices, which a plethoric money market an* large additions to the railroad tralUc of the country cannot fail to accom plish. Tue government Is now spending, accord ing to the report of Hon Tliaddeus . Stevens. Ch lit man of tbe Committee ot W iys and Means in the United states House of Representatives. two million^ of dollars a day over aud above the amount received from ail its s >u' cos of revenue; and this sum must be supplied by a continued issue of Treasury notes, however much Mr. ( h.ise may feel inclined to reduce the circulation The ex|ien-oe of tbe couutry must be met, and we can soe no nay by which its rmmedlate wants can be sup plied except by issuing the balance of tbe (merest bear lug legal tenders and paying out tbe greenbacks, which operation would soon be sensibly felt In the stock mar ket, and prices would again reach their former standard. The dividend day on most of the leading railways is ap preach I .g, and, owing to tbe greatly increased receipts of ?11 of them, it is expected that extra dividends will be de clared by some, in which ca-e they would be about the ? mm pr ductive property in tbe country. Gold opened io tbe morning ai 1 77 S'. but in tbe oourse of tbe duy advanced two and three- quarters per cent. Tbe ma-kei, however, was inactive. Ihc \Rstitant treasurer in this city reports to day as follows ? Amount on band $34,139, l>00 Receipts trom customs ... 86,01)0 l>r>m other sources 157,102 Total $;:4 ,378,602 fay mints 3,352,038 Balance $31,026,994 Subscriptions to ten-fotty loan 62,200 Ihe tota. value of the exports of produce and mer. ctiandtso exclusive of specie, from tbe port of New York during the past week was $2,544,066. The lollowing national bauks were authorized between the 22d aud tbe 29 ih of April:? Nont. Location. Capital. first Washington, Iowa. $o(i,ooo First Woods town , N, J.. so ,000 First Berlin, Wis 90,000 National Mechanics & Tra ders' Portsmouth, N. II. 150,000 First Fort Chester, N. Y. 100,000 Firat Ashland, Pa 60,u00 rraod.m Natioual Ba^k Brandon, Vi 100.000 Ftret Lansing, Iowa 50 000 hreoman's National Bank. Aigusta, Me. .'. ... 100,000 Total $710,000 Previously organized 52,8d4,200 Aggregate capital (53,604,200 Vfholo number of banks authorized 406 The lollowing comparative statement shows tbe aver age cocditiou of tue leadiug items of the Philadelphia batiks fbr tbe post and previous week: ? Latl Wre\. This Weel . T.oane. $3?,570 667 83.770,433 Specie 4 005.475 3,972,349 Legal tender 14,029,922 14,32~>,5U leposlts 87,3?3,2:t7 37.768.i3o Circulation 2.253,388 2,241 ,S8i ?lite indications of the abuve exhibit favor tbe cooclu slon that the banks are getting a utile over tbe excite- J m "til 01 tbe pact week or two, and are very general y ex tending their leading /ten.*. Ibe retui ns of the Dan*, of Englsnd for tbe week end .ug April 20 c imfiare as follows with tbe statement of tbe previous week ? Ajwii 13 April 20. l'ubdc dep sit? J?, Ufa .922 6.787, :;u9 tuber deposits 13,586 .029 13.3?4,0"9 Government securities 11,922 217 11022,267 otb?r f>ec'/rtti<? ?0,2W,038 20 476,912 Noton iu eircuiHtian 21 ,2i?. ,220 21, 181, '175 -pecle aod bullion 13,090.400 12,743,302 there was a demand in ?rgl md for bullion of all sorts >n the 2-d uU., and a fair supply in tbe market for ordi nary wants, but sovereigns continued to be drawn from the bunk to some extont for export. Tbe cotton market in Memphis, on tlie 27th till , was ver> active, and tbe stock on hand was nearly cleared out at edvsaced pr c-s. The receipts during the pre vtoos twenty four hours amounted to three hundred aod thirty throe bales. The following were the ^notitions ? Ordinary u> g od ordinary 68c. a Goc I.ow middling 62c a 63c. M Jdlnm to strict middllug 60c. a C7c. boid ranidlit g 68c a 69c Middling fair ? a 72c. Tbe foreign exports of the port of Baltimore during last week amounted in valu? to $282.4f>7. Tbe following is a comparative statemont of tbe re ct-ipts aud ex|?ndlturos of t?ie Long Island Railroad during the years ending on the Slit of March lo 1903 and 1804 ? 1983. 1984 TaiMAnmra $186,852 280 376 Freight* 108,138 143. >46 Mails 8,225 8,219 Tn4al $303,213 412.440 104,876 142,931 Ket earning*...." $139,388 20$, 500 The Tebigh Coal and Navigation Oomp'oy have decided that full certiOcates of stock In tbe capital of the com pan y shall be forthwith issued to tbe bolder! of tbe ecrtp nertiftoatee, aooOr ltng te tbe number of sbaree in tbe fatten' certiorates speclOod, and that uotll the neceesary exchange of certi&eates can be effected tbe preaeot bold era of Mud acnp oert idea tee be entltlod now and here, after to all tbe rights and privPegee of stookh->iders ot tbe company. t?toc? BMusai*. TcitDA*. Mi j S-IOS) AM *M?)l! lis >'0 ?fta fcrw ft* Ill m i 08 8 ?. 6 ar?.wn ? 1 #M H? _ 40 111 ion d<> . w ?W< AO WW wow a> ...... ov? I VMM ???. ., ...rt H? . aosu* 4u ?3)UI ft CM.. J 86 IO00 lT H 5 ?. 74 e-.u i d S.VH?Tr o. 7 J 10.0* A HO 1 ft In.. .FA Aug 110 g:*?9 0 8 6 h, I ir oor.. ??'< *00 <10 i*J. *?*) Mtw"uri 6V ' H lt>v ito ?> ? JOOO1 OUl'i A MI?o '??r ? 1 <XM> d? * 40 11 Krlc 4th mm bj? 2!>>i llarlotn 11 m 111 ( ?u bd< HMO I'hic A I? W lal di liM) M il.? P<) C lum IK MOMiui M'ilni<l?t 0* hOmOion -Arm. 4il. m V'i I ijw Ainni R?n (old lf7'? SOW do 32 ibi Bk OqmMroi . In Atlantic Hunk...,, %>< Cuidii Coiup?M) AUO 1 ? .... 1M) Qmok?ilr#r Mg Co 200 d . SOU In-.... aw do to* 400 Comb Oo?l pref .. *W d.. 1<W dJ ano do 100 fit do. 1 Hi Co|*lir Iron Mine* |(>| M*Hp ??? M Inlug < '? fr?> M IAm?rtmu Uo*l Co Ul Am Irnnail Co. r*otf> M BS Co.blS 2 J do a 1 If T Centr?l RH I V) g do ..189'* s 1I.'<H 10. 4 13" ttt in no , no ? as #7 ?7 , fc ?i)\i 8C ?4 Ms d" m MS 11 SI K ijo 51 do DOS W 4m. flpuftrlo Kullroo I ... I1D I 6::ee: in IMIi IlD IF JM9b )W Erie RH prof. |0>| .so .10 . ioe'; 16 0 Hudson Rlrw KK l.'tt .0 Iif? 200 do (10 132)4 <H>' Han-m RR i.'.i *W do ... 225 5 0 do,... 224 ?? Sutb Av4M4 HR.. 120 II Loii liluil IK... -'4 UijO tUadlug KB 129 ?Jaw do J24'? 5?) do I-M 2-?i Mich A N I RR . Hgi; Mo d? vo SO 1 do. WW I ?> Mtcl. g.i. C*?l RK 134 lOo to IM 6 0 Micb Ho A N I guar. I.1<) 1 00 do Ml W? Oo H|W loo IHlnoi- Cent fall -k 4 ?i IlliDOi C?ni RH rj 129 ?'?' -'O U4 ?"# do IMK 710 Clf?H?ndAPit'-R* HH "'J do IiifW frJO dn I07C ?OI?? tol A Cin RR l? A Cblc RR I A) y ?o ....-is 119 l'*i do ....#119 % lliUClc A ToleJo KR US'; WO do 14A)j JJOCb h R i' k I ?ld RR. 110 1/00 .lo I<H?S 9"' do I01)J| fc" it blU 110 20'Th BurMutMvRR 138 l> M i*rrdii Uhi?n RR M 110 loT ?l M tlV vi ?* 41 4) w 90 ?0 M* W?l ?<h KK f> WII4, FHV*CU RK liw do I ?? Ubi kg.; ? KW Rli. KM do 200 do f>() Cblrkvo k AIioij KR do .UVi XW?, I ?? em I'ns do l(? 4a i(x> Tr m>,7 J im?A4 <? l?'| VH8A I rroer .. nq 2ikl M?r A Oln M pri-f 1-0 Mim A Mltaour. KR KW do ... Jo 1 do ?JO do Ill OND K)ARD. IIiit rut Tiro o'Crtx* !? IiW ?b? lludwio Rnor loO do ?W B?rl?in KR. |"\ .. IM itr 30 HO |0?? Mkaaodft f+ " l? Ihwi Obi * MS ?* <lo ???? * y n ?? (i.j f>| ,{J I Jt) .... /i^k Ai #rtCH?i CO^I 179V ,H(|) Mtch (-**11 RK .. I ^ u o r I?? 3J# Ptt - I t w A Ohi 10 Um *h* Oaiiio? (.Jo. 37 vO i do.. 11VH mii d.i i* M>) Micli An A It I KR . 9* laf ju ........ ay: iuo jo wji HO C.trob Coal pief ... ?!?' SO l OS .... .. IKI d? .. blU Wii; 1*1 Midi flu * N I ti'inr |!Sft <01 do <.('? -Wi III Ceu UK scup U7 511 io . bio e; too oa t?i; jiki ijuicLi.iI. er M '*C.o <i.< 50 <0 .. I to toil l'? i.i. Ma i ii8 Ce MS 3uO da bio l.'T liki N V (Vutra! UK I.U AI'ClereA flit. UK KM SOI <H? MS* ROO <10 DDK I . kr c l??l 112 A? iCie.-e A Tot KK,... 117 ?i?l do. 112*4 -Yt'ChiAKI RR III :wi Krie KK |>ref 107 ?? Cm, Bttr ? Q RR 138 j) ilo M7<4 tul'iMoJk W RH.... CJH tm llu laou River KR 134 100 Alton A T 11 pre! 7S do 116 SO Chi A N W KK 5-'K l"0 <10 . UdS *?? So . ... f>3 AW do Ut,* 300 do .. btO CITY CONMBKCUL REPORT. Tnsanr. May 3?8 P M Astta* ?Receipts, 50 bbto Market atetdy. with galea or 40 bbls. , at $9 for pots and $11 (or pearls. RRRaneruKr*.? Recoipts, 12,033 bbls. flour, 1T? bhls aud 1,331 bags corn meal, 75 bushels corn and 81ft do. rye. The flour market was Sc. a ISO. lower and dull, with Bale* of 11.000 bbla Slate and Western. 1.100 do Hoot Hern and 800 do. Canadian, dosing a shade tinner wiUi Um rise to goid, and uu sellers at our inside prtcofc. Oi rye tlour 1(0 bbls sold, and of corn meal 300 do. at rull prioes. We quote ? S?l>erttas state and Western flour $6 90 a T IB Katrs Stale 7 IS a 7 30 Cbowe State T35a T60 Common lo medium Western T 20 a 7 60 Oood to ebotcs do 7 SO a 8 74 Kxlra St. Louis 8 00 a 10 75 Common to good Southora T 66 ? 7 90 Oood to ehoice extra do T 96 a 11 00 Common Cauadtau 7 26 a 7 60 Oo->d to choice extra do 7 56 a 8 75 Kye Hour, superfine 6 00 a #76 | Ooru meal, bbis ti 00 a 7 00 Corurueal, puncheons 30 16 a 30 60 I ? WlWet whs loaoitve aod nominally lc. a 2c. lower. Sales 4 000 bushels while Michigan at $1 95 1,000 do. amocr .Jersey at $1 80 aiid a am. ill parcel amber Westoru at (1 83. Kye was firm, with sales of 1,000 bushels prime North river at$i i8 Barley and barley malt in active and nominal, sales of the latter were raported to ari ive wubin two weeks at 91 00 Oats were in good re quest, with sales of 100,000 bushels, chiefly ou govern went account, equal to 88c. for prima Western. The rauge for Canadian. State and Western was 85 He* a 38c. Ooru was steady with, sales or 20,000 bushols at $1 3H *-W a $139 for old Western mixed and $1 40 for Southern yellow. < orraa w as quiet but firm, with small sales Rio at 4?c a 47o., ax to quality. Cargoes were quoted 46 )ic. a 40c. Stock tn New York, 3*2,320 bags. Carton was 2c. higher, under an active export demand. The aalos were about 3,000 bales, at 83c. a 80c. for mid dlmg Copi-iw Oita.? 600 tons sold on private terms fiauoa were tirm, with a good dim and 1.000 ba^s bi car b. soda sold at 8*0. a 8\c. . fc>0 cask* bleaching powder, 8 He.; 25 tons caustic soda at 11c., 60 do. sal soda, 3>4c , and 76 de. soda ash. 4 *,o faaioHis ?eie quiet but firm, io Liverpool, per Ame r can flag, 100 tms oil cake at os. ; per ueutrai, 50 bhds. tallow at 12s t>d. ; per steamer, 500 boxes bacon aod 1,000 tlcrces lard at 15s.. 2'X) bales otton and 60 bales hops at ?.d , 900 boxes ch e?o at 20s To London, per American vessel, 800 small tierces beer atfc. 9d., 100 bales hog ha,r at U'L.aad per steamer, 100 cacks bains at 25s. To Glasgow 50 boxes bacon aod 100 tierces a d a 12s (id To Lmdouderry, per neutral, 2.200 bbls. flour at Is 9<l. To Antwerp 1,000 libls. flour at 2s. 3d , 50 tons ashee, lard, 4c , 22a Od. To Rot. terdim 250 bbls flour at 2s. 3J. a foreign bark to Glas go* , petroleum, at 4a. Od. ; a British brig to Hayle, Kncland (Cornwall), 2,100 bbls. Mour at abi ut Is. 9d., Oldeuberg brig Hercules, from B ltimore to Capo Town, C. G. H ?4;>0. British bark Stieiltetd, lience to Fame port, on p. t a Hamburg bark to River Hate, lumlier, $12 another to shan^haa, coal, ?1 10s. ; a brig from Cieufue^os to New York, sugar, 4Sc. , aod molasses, on deck, at $3 50 one heme to St. Thoons at ?0c j?er libl Kish ? Herring were active, with sales of 15,000 boxe?. at 45c. for scaled aod 35c. for >o. 1. Fkcit. ? We notesales of 300 alquiresParanuUatl4Kc , and 200 bbls. dried apples at 10*{c , cash How. ? no bales sold at from 12c. to 28c. , according to quality. Hums were active, with sales of 30.000 dry California at 32c , law 3 iwr cent, aod 5.000 wet salted do. at I t>C , do. . '.u1* ,w** flrm6f- 600 ,0D? ^ Jtch pig sold at $80 but at Ibe close higher pticeo were demanded. Lkaihsk. ? Thero was a good demand for all descrip tions, and prices of hemiork have advanced about le per pound. We quote Buenos Ay res, Ac , all weights, at u4}i n 38c. Orinoc), Sic. , 33c a 35c The stock was lUbt and the receipts small * Laiiu ?200,000 s >ld at $1 76, cadh I ABU OiL.-lOO bbls. sold at $1 15 a SI 10. also 20,000 bbls winter, $1 20. Link.? Rockland was la good demand, with sales of 2,000 bbls. common at $1 40, and 400 bbls. lump at $1 80. OiSD . ' M. Lisas wat quiet 250 bbls New Orleans sold, at auction, nt 85c. a 9 >c , and amall sales, private, at $1 a $1 10, ibe latter for choice. Paov usionra. ? Koi'oi pu , iuo bbls. porr, oo packages beef, MQ do cut meats and 475 do. lard. Provisions were again mixeu. some article's being in active request and tirm wbiio others were dull ai d heavy. The specula tion in pork continued to he the only noteworthy feature. Under a good demand lor immediate and future deli veries, full prices were realized, yet the extreme rata* quoted yesterday were soarcelv obtainab.e to day. Beer was steady, without change in puces BenT bams were q net but firm Racoo was quiet, without change lo puces. Ctlt me its were in moderatv request, but with oont nued mnill receipts prioea were maintained J#rd waa in m xJcrale demand, at about josterd.iy'g uncos H utter waa firmer, aod unlet were mads at 2*:. a 32c. for Siate aod 2 ic. a 28c foriWeatero C lieex* S"IJ at Ific. a 18c. 1 he sife* or p rk wore WO bbls. , chiefly mess. on the spot, at yesterday '? prioes 600 do old m<?s. dollverahje first hail oi Juue, at $28 ilo, 500 do. do., from the middle or May to the middle of June. $24. and 2,000 do new do for July, reiiorted at $30 50 a $.11 Rneinesn was much restricted by the buh iirices asaod, as buyers would uot give so much 560 bb.s bee: , at $15 a $18 fr Weatern mm $L< a $2) 25 for extra d .. ; .iuo pk gs. cut meata at from 1 1 vjc. to 12c for shoulders, and 15c. a IMfc. for hams 1,750 do lard at froui 14c to I4?,c. al4Vc ror o d aad new ? the Htter an extreme rate.'m. ? i ei-e pis 2.0S4 bbis lbe activity la crude oil noticed yesterday waa trau.slerre.i to reflned to day, and with a very active demand for export and ?;>eciiia tto i the market was greatly excited aid prices weut up 2c. a 3c. par galloo. Hie business oo the spot was lair but for forward dolivery an imiuonse busio ss was d >ue compriaioa ruily 25,000 a .10,000 bbls beie anl tn l'hi's delphia The immediate cause ot the excitement wat, tht* , news from Eurojia, where reined oil Ins greatly appre ciated. Krae was quiet, lbe sil-a were 5,000 bbls. crude at:iHc a 38vtc. ou the spot. 19c. a 40c for all tb s mouth, buyers' option. In refined In tiond the ;ai-i , were 25,000 a 30 000 bbls at 58c. a 60c. ou the | spot, and 59c. a Wu a 81c. a 62< a i.Sc for May, .lune. Ju'y and August, buyers' and miters' option, of which 5 .'.'00 bbls io Philadelphia at 59c a rtOo tor all May ana | June In frae the sales were abmit 3,0)0 bMs , at rtic a 66c. , on the spot, and 6*<c. a 69c for forward deliveries. H-o/ na wss nominal. Calls to the extont of at least *,000 a 10 .iKM) bbls. ware reported, which ara, of course, excluded from the ab >ve report. Ri<?? The market was firm, with sales of 350 bags Rangoon at 11c. a 11 He.. 2.500 buahela Para at $2 75 and 700 l)igi> Rangooo, to bond, on privite terms. SouaH waa quiet, bit lira 2so bhda soul at 17^0. for Cuba muaeivado Ts*.? lbe market waa quiet but vary firm. There were salea or ooi.r about 1,500 chests and cair chaste, all oo private terms Holders demand higher prioea as a g?aeral thing Tauxiw.? >150,000 lbs. W'oetern sold, chiefly at 12'ic Toiurt'o waa ftrm 20) bhds. Ksntucky sold at rrom S He. lo 30c. , as io quality Wiimnsr. ? Receipts .96 bbla Market firmer, wltb sales of 2.000 bbla. at $1 to a $1 13. The Bvealag EiprtM Can. NR. CL4KK CBiUM TUB MWU BR 'TUBRS WITB ivnurtm tub boobs. oocat of com on plim. flofore Judge Brad? . Mat t.?Stepkm Clark m. Jam t and graihu Brooks ? Tbe trial of this caw having boon sat down for to <1*7, the counsel for tl>? defendants appeared la court and stated tbat during Ike sittiag of the general term laat month tbe trial was set down for the second Moods/ la June, and asked a poetpooeaseot Ull that time Mr. Craa urged U>? speed? trial of the cats, and stated tbat It bad been postpoeed loo often R very ?>arteay bed been nbowa the defendants, but through tbsir counsel they kept staffing tbe caae off from term to term, until finally ibe matter would be lost sight a f. Mr. Smytb said tbat oo tbe argument before the gene ral term Mr. Cram's partner, Mr. Robtaaoe, offered oo obiecti'*) to eettiog the owe down for Jaee. Mr Cram thought tbe general term bad ao right to postpone tbe matter until June. Tbe case was on the calendar for to day, and it 'Might to bare been tried lis bsid in bis hand tbe affidavit if bis client, wherein he states tbat oo examining tbe book* of tbe Kerning Kxprtu establishment, In accordance with tho order 01 tbe Court, be disoovefed tbat the ledger bad been mutilated, ao tbat It was impoaslble to arrive at tbe truth Why those alterat loos and erasures occurred be would tears It for tbe Court to later. It oerlamiy meant no good mteotioa towards his clieat, and deatandsd tbe atteutiou of bis Honor. Judge Brady? I will take tbe papers Mr Cram, aad read tbem over. In regsrd to tbe poitp >nemeei. Mr. R>jbins<? certainly did admit that be was willing every ludiiigeme should he granted tbe dofsodant on account of bis official position sa a member of Congress, whtcb ran tiered it difficult for bin to be In attendance Ceroaeta' ia^ariis. TDK DOT IRS BTBIBT CALAMITY? tlWMTftlATtON BE* KOBE CO BON BR RANMIT. Coroner Raoney commenced aa Investigation at the Blsth "Ward station bouse yesterday afternoon , with tbe view of aace. taioing the oauasa which resulted In tbe rosisaeboiy calamity at No 1 Doyers street early on Monday morning. A large number of wltoesses were summoned te appear and give their evidence In tbe case hut only two were sworn Joba Sullivan, who oocopted the apartments In which the Are broke out, temlfled at great length; but ha aeemoa to be utterly Ignorant a a to the origin of tbe Are, and nothing was elicited from Mr. lulllvaa throwing tbs least light as the matter. Mr. Sullivaa, however, is to ha further eiamned, and In the mean time be rematoa lo the Honee of Datealtoo. Mancy Sullivan, a girl fourteen years of age, d fighter of tbe previous w Knees, Uetifled" lo being aw.ikeond at three la the morning, while her lather sod mother wsre dowa stairs, engaged la emptying water fr ?m lbs tube used by Sulilvsa lo bk haahMBB *a<? our nor and leather draaaar On being asrahsaad ibe wit oe?a foood the room filled with amsMe, aad a grs was 4ls ?overed oalf a few feet back of VftMf (T* Ma I*" o.-otners were artuaei from tbeir ?l??*>ers, *?d tMBSfwd >n their night ruthta. ThM whim, it*' her kue? uoihinx > Ike ortnui of Uotl'o N? xtMr ? iteeesaa were *worn,?ed Cor?uer luonev ad KturrxMi the further mviligatun UU e levee o'tlook Uim morning Kiro Marshal Maker tt> rend'-ring valuable ?? sisiauoe to tbe.i'orooer in lureishing testimony, eiainm tug witmasog He. Coroner lollio yesterday he'd as inquest at the Wt'w, V oik iium>itai oa tue UuUy o( Win lieuunig, tbe husband and aUier 9; iba unfortunate family w*v> lost tbeir Uvea by being bui ood to death in tbeir apartments Ho 1 Defrere snoot Mr. Honuiog , it will be remembered. Tell from a UjikJ hiorf aiadaw and fatally injured himsoi' It" jury luuud 'tuai decea^od o.mie to bm doatblrom injuria? oaused by mi aooueuiai <aii (raaa a third story window ? bile 1 ndoavoriog to oacnpa from tbe Ore on tbe OWher of (Uuhrno future aod layers street, oa the morning 01 May 3. lUfM V Fatal Raii.road Aooimwt.? Ob Monday evening the horses attached to ? freight. car betoagtiig to tba llari <?> HailroaJ ComtMny , while passing ep I'ourth avenue, oear I ourteeotb street, rau against ana Knocked down a lad fllteee fears of sge, named Jams* McCufcre, wb<> w:ta attempting to oroas tbe track. Before be oouid escape ibe e?r wheel pissed over him. causing almost luMitut death. OUlcer Carroll, of tbe Hlteentb precinct, arrested Junes Beotis, tbe driver, aod took bim to tbe ?wtioa bouse THE FULLBRTON CONTEMPT CASE. Th? A(|?ramt M the Habru Corp*** 0?M BeToco Ja?|g? OMTla-IaUti?l>n| Pr?c??din((-Orekt BicitiMtal Amto* (he Ltwyen, Ac. SUPKRIOR OOURT? 8PI0IAL TIM Before Judge Garvin M&r 3.? The argumeat in the Fuller loo ooatempi owe Una morning attracted general attentioe among (lie lawyers. Ttao proceedtnes ware quite Interesting, and oreated oo little excitement to the legal fraternity. Mr. futlertoa was present. In accordance with the writ of habeas oorpue, and was defended by as -Judge Dean, tiie Surrogate was absent, but was represented by Mr Van Loon, ex-Judge Smith and others * Mr. Tan Loon commenced the argument, aad addressed the Court at some lengtn in defence of the Surrogate's coai se of action, which he characterized as perfectly legal, and In strict accordance with the Revised Statutes. The statute gave the Surrogate the power to commit for contempt, and the Court had no power to rejudgo the proceeding*. The counsel here quoted from the Revised statute* the clause under which the commitment waa made out, and argued that, upon the face of the paper, the Court could do nothing but remand the prisoner back to the custody of tbe Sheriff. If, as the ^entioman's petition states, be was arrested for worda S|H>ken outside tlie court, why there may oe a dofect m the proceedings, but he cannot pro cure a remedy under this writ. The matter must be remedied by a writ of error. Mr. Dean? You admit, then, there may be a defect in the proceedings' Mr. Van loon? I admit cor deny nothiug. Upon the .ace of this commitment ? and you cannd go behind it? a contempt o^ oourt has been committed, andthero is no | other course for his Honor to pursue but to remand tbe | pr wooer back to the custody of the Sheriff Mr. l>eau? I am glad to see thai the officer who issued 1 tbi:, warrant has appeared by counsel who can always he found in the Surrogate's oflico, no matter what case comes up there. The argumeut of tbe coua ! sol has no more relation to lha question b?r>ie I the Court than it has to tbe settlement of the Dimab-Holstein difficulty? (laiigbloi)? and no lawyer who has beard tbe argument would come to any other conclusion. For a member of the bar to appear bolore a court aud say something a little out of the way, and after be left the court room to t>e picked up in the Park and thrown into prison, is somethiug that we do not often hoar of. To be arrested lor s >metbing that you know no long about, and thrown tmo prison without any cbjoce being atlorded you for explanation or exeunt-, is certaioly an illegal assumption of power wbich cannot be passed over lightly I have notbicg to 3sy in regard to tbe merits of the controversy between my client aud the Surrogate; but it is in reference to the lurisdictioa of a court which arrests a member of the bar for something said in court, alter be has left tbe court room and Is totally unaware of the proceedings, tbati would speak. He should have been arrested in the preaenca of the Court, or when the court was in ses-lou, so tbat he might have an opportunity to purge himself Any other process is condemning a man before be is heard, and ts certainly illegal. At the tima of the alleged contempt, the Surrogate should have said. "Mr. Fuller ton. you ara guilty of a contempt, and unless you can purge yourself I will commit y -u on the spot.'' If bis rights as a citi/en were to be upheld, it wan the duty of tbe court to order him under arrast at the tim ?, so that be might hare a bearing, and not to take him Into custody arter he bad left the court roam, and was a stranger to at! t ha proceedings. Why we have bad no such case as this since the time ot Jeffrys According to Cowan's -treatise, tbe Surrogate can ooly commit a man whoa be ts in court. In this case 1 assort that lha order was made out in advance, tor some words alleged to have been altered by my client about "breaking up ibis establishment,'' which be denies ever having used. Mr. V'nllerloo? Yea; it was probab'y made out three weeks ago. Mr. lieao? Let us examine this warrant. Here is tba filling up ia one handwriting aud tbe inaei lion of my client's name In another, showing to my mind thai tba thing waa oontemplaied, mat as my client says, about three weeks ago. aud all without his knowledge. 1 say tbat lierc was a commitment prepnred in sdvauce f< r somebody, and tba nsme of William l-ullertoo Inserted. (Tbe counsel here quoted several authorities to show tbat the defendant ought to have been anesled at tba liroe.j It was not pretended lH?t tnere was sny record of conviction ; nothing but this slip or paper, signed (J ideon J. Tucker. Ibis is not the regular process. They should bsve confo me-l witb courts of record, aud tba proceedings should have been done in tbe namo of the " people or tbe Stale of New York," and not la tba name of Gideuu J. Tucker. 1 don't believe that the "people1' are represented by Gideon J Tucker alone, aud I believe tbe statute means something whan It says tbe process must be done in tba name of tbe ?' people." Now, if it please your Honor, 1 want to come down to tba form of this paper, and 1 think I will show you tbat tbe gentleman who pr> pared li are entirely innocent of commou law or &litu'e I bentn by saying thai tha Mirrogato's Court is not a court o; record. Tbe statute preterites what are courts of record page 26<>, 3rd Revised Statutesi, and tbe Surro gate's Court is not included in the list. Instead <'f b' inz under that head, we Mod it |in tbe list of courts of " limned jurisdiction. At pags 361 It will be lonnd under tbe head ot --courts or peculiar and spec ai jurisdiction,' showing oonclustveiy that it is u>t included in the list of ?? courts of record" lay ton on surrogate and tba itevL-ed Statutes settles that point be y-nd dis;xite Ttiay might as well have committed tha pet'.ti m r under the vagrant act as to do what they did. Indeed, I ihtok ihis will be the last oommiynenl ol the k^nd ever made by the Surrogate Mr. Van Loon ? Tbat ts not argument, your Honor. Mr liean? Weil, 1 suppose that alter ibis the Surrogate will know how far bis jurisdiction extends. The defen dant here states tbat tne proceedings wera all taken in bis absence, tbat be oommitied no contempt . and ia Ille gally deprived of liberty for saying s raetbmg, he knows not wbat, and be comes before your Honor aud wants to koow whether tbe issuing of ibis proceas wsa sutho rized by any judgment. In the l'assmore Wil liamson cane, wbich bas become historical, it was dacided tbat you eonid go behind the commitment, and accertaiti ail the tacts connected with the case, but in Ibis oa.-e it is denied tost your Honor can entertain any argu ment accept upon tbe matter of mars lurisdic ion. I bopa that in this matter your Honor win be guided by Ihst historical case, and weigh sli the fa* ts connected witb the sileged contempt so thst my client, wbo bas ever been be id in tbe highest aataem by the United Slates ss well as by tba civil courts, may bars full sad ample jus lice dona him , and ibat la rendering your dam-too you will satisfy tba oourt wbt h issues this prooaaajtoat tbsrs is yet such a ibtng as parsooai liberty. (Applause.) Mr. Van Loon? I sbumd bavs supposed tbat my learned frteod would have been the last parson la tbe world to talk about parsooai liberty. Ha baa not attempted to answer tba points 1 have raised on tba lagai propoaitioaa, but baa take occasion to arraign all wbo ars in tba babit of try log cases in the urrogate's Court Hs has baaa trying ma and trying tba pereoosi character of tba Surrogate. He oaa try me from now until eternity, and he will sever hurt ma. I suppose that every lawyer in tbia room is aware of the act ibsl Paasmors Williamson was re manded back to tall because he won Id sot purge btmsetf of toe ooolompt imputed to him, and rimsiasif la prison seversi mootbs, until the court, In its ciomeaef , let him out That is my recollection of toe oaea. Toe nrocess by which Mr. Fullsrtoa was committed charges bim with baring committed contempt it charges It IS tbe lan guage of lha statute, and it is even stronger than tba statate itself Mr. bean? Wtail statute' Mr. Van Loon ? The eiatute under which lbs office waa crested. If, tnatssd of reading Cowan's Irealtae, tba gentleman bad read itlackstooe, I think be would bavs disooveied under wbat statute the Surrogate gal his authority to oomrait for ooatempi of court. Now, oa toe lace of the papers, if there is soy Irregularity , 1 wlH ga ss far sa lbs gentleman will in seeing that Mr. Fuller - ton Is fully vindicated, but this must be el tba proper time and in tba proper place. They ere asfclqg this court to ga Into the c mtroversy on a writ which only produces tbe body or tba prisoner Tbe practice baa bean for t be oourt to look to the authority sod nothing slsa. If toe Surrogate bss oo jurisdiction, then I am wrong, but If he bas astbortty to commit for contempt of oanrt, then tbe learned argument of tbe gentleman amounts to vary little If tha defendant commuted contempt of oourt aad thea ran out of court before any proceedings oouid be Insti tute! aualost htm. there n aotnmg irregular to ssadteg a commitment altar him In this caaa tba commitment ssys on Its rsce that be was guilty of ooo tempt, aad tba language of tbe statute is use.] m making out tba paper Mr. Mean? I aty it is not m the iangnags of the statute Mr. Van I/hhi? I say it is eveo stronger tbaa tba laa gu-tgs of the ststuis. I merely submit tbat this procsss on its face shows that tbs contempt baa baaa committed, lb other words, tbs oommttmsot Is ralld oo Ma face, aad being so, your Honor must rsmand i be 'pr looser back to lha custody of lha Sheriff. It tatf be tbat tba Surrogate committed some irregularity If be did. Wtoy, ao ooa will dispute their right to obtain radran by taeaaa of a writ of error. Mr. Dean? I did not loteod to reply to tba ismartji <* tbs gsatlsman on tbs otbsr side bat at tba oloae of bia argument be intimated that ws might abtola redrsaa 1/ meeos of s writ of error. Did aay one afar baar of a writ of error ia the prallmiaary stags of aoaaa Mba tbta. tba thing is ridiculous Tbs oonaaal etoaad bia remarks by disclaiming any intention to try tbe personal abaraolsr of tba Surrogate, and said ha woe id be tha last paraoo lb tba world to bring Mr T sober 'a poraooal ifbarsntar lata Oa oaaa Jndge Garvin? I will look t?r tba pa pars, aad reader my deciatoa to morrow In tba meantime I weald sug gest tbs propriety of Mr rultartoa hdtag allowed to go at large upon bis parole. Mr Vso l/rno? We bars oo objection to tbat oonraa Mr. Vuliertoo? | waat it dtaUootlr aa*??toad. fW Honor, tbat I do not ?to for lata faro* J?dse Harris (ariaSsIf MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Marrietl. A 11*1* -Hii i fcT. ?At >\ eat I arum, Wetftofco<lor comity, oa W^duosday , A|H'M by the liev I*. V*i WyW, flavin A. Ai'wii* to (Jnoiu.KrrA A Ituucrr, daughter <Jf Cbarlos Hiliet, tjt.| , all of tbe above jiiace I'mujhh-Dwbi* ? On Moodiy. May 1, ?t tHe of the Im ido, i>y tbe He* ltr (iailaudat, Jaa. R KnulisU, o( I'i.iiartatimia, to Mmm 1- OoiuiiK. o( Uiut cay. Utr -K's*.- On Suuday , May 1, by tbe Key. 0> . Oela honluttiei. Mr. I rmis kick Auoi'Hi 1 1 act* . of Deurna k, to Mia. Viw.imia Kikz, ot New York Ttxiraday avautorf, April 28, ?I lt>e reaidrooa of ?b? brute'a parent*, by tbo Itev. 3 MauNM, Mr. J MrNaLi.v to Mue M. A. Wbumw, all of liiouktyo, lu |i. 1'iMMoa? Pkkov ? On MouJay . May 2, at the cburcb of tbe Keaurwttoa, by tbo I lav. K 0 flaw, Mr. Wilijah TiaPfon to Miaa Juuar G. . elileal daugbtor of Edtrard R I'ercy , all or ibia city. No carda Died. Ai.i'hm.? At Nowburg. Orange county, ou Monday even ion, May 2. Mask Am, wi(o 01 Chariots Aldeu, in Ibe 5(dh year n( Iter <M. The r? all van and friends of the family am respectfully invited to auoud tb* funeral, from hoc late reddened, Carpenter avoauo, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Ulacckukh ?On Tuesday, Hay 3 Ruutr OoiutL Blaok mum, sited 10 month*. The frienua of ibo family are invited to attend the funeral, lroiu ibe residence of bit* parent* No. 30 Oraen wicb avenue, this (U eduexday ) afternoon, at two o'clcok Tho remains will be taken to Grveuwoi d Cometory. Ojrmu.i ? Ou Tuesday morning. May 3, or congestion of tb? lung*, Ahilu 1*. Van Bo.sKtRii, wife ol Kdwaid H. Cornell, axed u0 yearn, 7 mouths and 17 day* And wbeu l be ui rn came, dim and sad, And ftilll, with early showers. Her quiet eyelid* closed, *bo bad Auutbor morn tban our* Tbsfrieudsof tho family, and tlio members of Wash ington Chapter, No. 2, 0. 0. A , are invited to Mteud ibe funeral, from her late residence, No. 160 Grand street, this (Wednesday) afternoon, M two o'clock. Carkou. ?On Monday, May 3, Patrior Cabu >;t., native of Donougbmore. county (>orR, Iroin I. aged 46 years. The friends aad relatives of the family are respectfully Invited to aliend the luneral from his late rea d'n C'.', corner of Islington avenue and Forty-third street , this (Wednesday) afternoon at two o'olockt Hi* remains will be Interred in I a. vary Cetnetary CouiUTBr. ? suddenly, on Monday. May 2, of apoplexy, Mrs. K i.u.At'BiH i oui.imiT, relict of Captain Win. Cougbtry, In the 85th year or ber age. Her remaios will be taken to Albany for if ter merit. Dkkw.? un Monday night. May 2, ufier a short illness, Haiihiet L., wife < f Stephen M Drew. Tbe remains will be taken to Coeymaos, Albany county, for ibterment Dour. if* in r ? At the residence of her uncle. No. 423 Past Tenth street. Miss Caibarinb Dooohrrtv, aged 13 years and 0 months Tbe relatives and friends or the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from tbe above number, tbis (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock, and tfieoce to C alvary Cemetery Monday, May J, Maori S Fltnn, aged 46 year* Hi* friends and those of tbo family are Invited to at tend the funeral, this (Wednesday) morning, at ton o'clock, from bis late residence, 346 Second aveotie. His remains will be taken to Calvary Cemetery. Irish | apors please copy. Fi.kmikc.? On Tuesday, May 3, after a severe Illness of Inflammation of tbe lungs, Mary Fucbino. tbe beloved wife o John Fleming, aged 48 years and 4 months, a na tive of Killaruey, county Kerry, Ireland. Tbe friends and ac luaintancos of the familj are respect fully invited to attend tbe funeral rrom her late residence, 38 Triuity place, on Tin rsi'ay art ernoon, at two o'clock, whence ber remains will be conveyed to Calvary Ceme tarry for tntermont. (.Ki>\?r.? At Nyack, MAitGARsr Ann, only daughter of Isaac P. and Catharine Smith and wife of Robert Gedney. 1 1 tends are invited to atteud the luneral, from tbe resi deuce of her father, Nyack, tbis (Wednesday) afternoon, at four o'clock. tioss.? On Ti.esday, May 3. Patrick, youngest son or James and ( atberine goss, aged 1 yoarand 13 days. The fr lends or the family ure respectfully invited to atteud the ruoeral, this (Wednesday) aftorooon, at two o'clock, without further notice. Jackson.- On Tuesday morning, May 3, Wilma* H. Jai k.-on, in the 28tb year of his "go The friends of tho amily are respectfully requeued to attend tbe funeral, from bis late residence. 380 Kast lenth street, this (Wednesday) afternoou. Halifax, N. S., papers please copy ,jonf.s ? On Monday, May 2, Mart /on**, wife of John Jose*. llie friends and relatives of the family and bor brother In law, Michael Koliord, are respectfully Invited to at tend the funeral, from her late residence, 49 Varick stre'i, this ( Wednesday) morning, at nine o'clock. The remain* will he taken toHrircetou, N J. Lb. KBr>. ? On luesday mot Ding, May 3, Rgbkri B. Lrf irri*, in tbe 51st year of his age. I he relatives sod friends aie respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from bis late rasideoce. lied lord. I?og Island, ou Thursday atteruoon, at two o'clock. Morris ?On Tuesday morning, May 3, of consumption, after a long and painful Illness, Mrs. Thomas Morris, maiden name abns Whiitakkk, for mealy of Ratbkeal, countv I.imerick, Ireland, eged 40 year*. The 'uneral will leave No 317 Hi kg street, Brooklyn, tor Calvary umietery, tbi* (Wednesday) afternoon, at three o'clock. II i'i i. in ? (hi Tuesday, May 3. tbe beloved son of Thomas and Bridget Mullin, aged 2 years, II month* and 25 days. Ti>* relatives and friends of tbe family are respectfully Invited to attend tbe funeral, from tbe residence of tbe parents. 109 Cedar street, tbis (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Mi-RpeT. ? Ou Monday. May 2. Ann Mi rpht, the beloved wife or tbo late Kdward .Murphy. Her friends aud ao iu ununi e? aud those o tbe family are reei?ctfuHy invited to attend i tie foueril , from tier late residence, c. ruer of 128th street aud Third avonue, tins (Wedne'd iyl afternoon, at two o'clock precisely. Mcrmiv.? On Tuesday morning, May 3, after a short tllneha. .Io-bpb, son oi Clement and liar/ Murphy, aged 17 >ears. 1 montb and 26 days The relat.vas and friends or tbe family are respectfully requested to attend tbe funeral, on Thursday a'ternoon, at two o'clock, from tbe residence ol hi* parents, No. 132 Cannon sueet. Morris ? On Monday, May 2. at bis late residence, 30 John street, Brooklvn, Thomas Morrh, a native of cou. ty Roscommon, Casile Ray, parish or Clune Twittered, Ire Und ag> d fi'.i years. Ills remains will bo taken to the Church of tbe Assump tion, corner of York and Jay streets, Brooklyn, this (Wednesday) morning, at nine o'clock, where there will be a solemn requiem mass oilered lor bis pool Ilis friend* and ac inaintances aro respectfully invited t > at teud the 1 1 neral Moo MR On Tuesday, May 3, lUvio Moons, agel 63 years. The relative* anl friends of the ramllv, and those of his sons. John sod liavid Moore, .re reaiwctrnlly invited to attend tbe luneral, lr<m tlie residence of bis s >n in law, t hriMian B. Woodrud, No. 30 Noitb Moore street, on Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock. Musi.- On Monday. May 2, Jobn Bernard Mens, son of Anthony Mubs, aged 11 months and 15 days. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral at tbe residence of bis lather, corner of Flushing and h'ont avenues, Uroiklvn, ibis (Wednesday) morning , at ten o'clock, without further tot it e MrGi'tBf. ? On Monday. May 2. Jamw M"f5tin*. tbe be loved s?o o: Kdward and Bridget McGuire, aged 15 years Tbe iriends and acquaintauces of the family are invited to attend tbe funeral, this (Wednesday) afternoon . at two o'clock, from tbe residence of bit parents. No. 246 Kant Thirteenth street. oikksrm. ? <)n Tuesisy, May 3, Josanxa, Infant daughter or John and tbe late I.ouwa uterjoti, ?gcd 2 m ntas and 19 days. The ir.euits of the ramiiy are r<spectfuily iavited to at tend IDs funeral, this ( Wednesday) afternoon, at two o chick, froai tbe resideno* of her father, 106 Birelay street, without any further Invitation. Her remains will be tiken by tbe three o clock boat to Keyport, N J., for interment. O Num.. ?On Tuesday, May 3, accidentally killed, Frtrr O'n'bili., Qretnan on Ibe steaoier Champion, aged Tbe friends of tbe family are respectfully Invlt d to atteod tbe funeral, from bis late residence, No. 17 Weal meet, on Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock. Pbcb.? At Greenwich, foan., on Tueeday, May S, Isaac PncR.aon of William I'eck, aged 18 year*. Ibe fnaeral will take place on Thursday afternoon, at half past two o'clock. pRrrr ? On Tuesday morning. May 3, Oborob Washinu ion, inrant son of George W. and Qraora B. Patty, aged 1 year, 3 montb* and 3 day* Ibe friend* sod relative* of the family are raapactfnliy iavited to attend tb* luneral. fretn tbe residence of bis grandfather. William U. Ball, 23A Broome street, on lharsday afternoon, at two o'clock. Kaynor ? on Tuesday, May a, Captain Richard Ratitor, la tbe 4'<tb year of bis sge. Tbe relative* aud friends of the (sally, also the mem bers of Company G, veteran corps, Fourth artillery, are reepectfnlly invited to attend tbe funarai, on Tbursdny afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of Pevid Kilgore, c roer of Broadway and Grove streets, Brook lyn, K. D., without iorther invitation. Stanton ?suddenly, on tkiMay, April 24, of InOamma tion of tbe lungs, Martba Babi ook, wife of Thomas P. Stanton, aged 67 ;a?n. San?oR(> ? On Monday, May 2. Mart Abb Sabioso, dangbtar of Cornelius Van atid Sophia KliMbetb Hantord, aged la years aad 12 days Tbe relatives aad friends of tbe family are raapectfully invited to attend the (uneral Berviree, from her late rest deacs, No. 132 smiolk street, tbis (Wednesday) aitar noon, st two o'clock Albany paper* plessa copy. gABits? On Monday, May 2, Mart, beloved wife of Mm Hands, in tbn doth year of ber age. The friends and a<i?aietanoesof tbe family are respect fully lovtied to at load tbe funeral, from ner late resi dence, 186 Wtvurley place, on Tbnrsdsy art ernoon, at oae o'clock. Tbs remaios will be interred in WeenawkM Cemetery . Tract ?Ob Tuesday, May 3, Wibuah o., boo of John M and Helen Tracy, aged 2 fears, 7 months and 22 daya. The relatives and mends of tbe fsmily are respectfully Invited to attend tbe runaral, from the residence of his parents, 739 Second avenue, on' Thursday afternoon, at two o'olock. Ton RosnraBRO.? On Tuesday, May 3, of consumption, Captain Alrbrt Von Ro bmbbbo, FHty eighth regiment Naw York Volunteer*, In tb* tttb year of fits age. Hia funeral will take place, this (Wednesday} after noon, at two o'clock, from his lata raaldeoca, Ne. 3? tat Twenty eltth street Wobtkab.? At Hopewell, Dutches* co?sty,eo Tseaday, May 3, Dana Wotrsu, M. 0. Funeral at Oopawell church, on Thursday aftarnooa, at twe o'clock. Carriage* will ba at Flabklli village to meet tbe 3 16 P. M. train on Wednesday, and tbe 7 A. M. train on Tksrsdav Wbmwt ? Oi Tusadsy, Msy S, aftar a short lllnesa, of oonaumptlon, amobbw Watun, In tb* 34th ysar of hi* sge _ lleutivs*, rrt*Dd* aad a*q**tntano** are reapeotfnNy invltad to atteed MM funeral ? ale* tbe officers sad mem bera of the Naw Terk lodwe Ne. a, A. P. A. . oa Th*r*dav afteraoon, at twe o'olaeh, frees Mb lata r**M*aoa, No 4TT Oberry a treat Tbe remain* wMI N takoa to Orsaa?**i for f siti'atiwis wakted-fshalks. A MTUATION VAKTfeb-RY AN INTELLIGKNT S\ and Iriihl worthy young ??ni?o, who Is **ry eMMbie of 'laltn<(enli<c ( lint* rtl au miaul or olderi'iindi-etfTi* kiud I to uUiMmu. I ait ill itl and caaacK-uilous in alt *i< r dutie- has tbe best of reference Iroui her last iilaec /over tiro years! Call at 41 r? 61I1 ar.. between 2Mb aud 2?".ih alt A irUMCEB or WELL recommended oerman XI remalea want situations as cooks. chambermaids. ami laoudrcaseo; niiraea. girls (01 general Itousovt ork. Ac , tit ?it LUWK'H German lustituie, 17 Slautou it, neat tbe Bowery. A respectable girl wants a situation ah chambermaid aud aeaiiiaire**. good city ref*. ouiw. . Call for two day* at 491 Cib air., ut-ar 3 Jlh at. A SITUATION WANTKB-BY A RBarBOTABLR woman to do geaeral housework Of a auial family. Call at 34 U revue at.arat Utaad. A SITUATION WANTEP-UY A PROTKSFANT WO man, a* first cU>4 cook . understands ail its biaucbca, besi city and oouotry reference. Cau be ?eeu uuU1 suited at blWe*t 1Mb at ___ A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECT ABLE I'tite-ianl girl, to do chaiubet work aad wsittug or re gular waning. tu a p l ate family. Uaa three years' oity reference Call at III East 31st at. A8ITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. IN a prttale family, a* chambermaid; Is willing to make lieraelf generally useful iteat of city reference Iro n tier l.iat place. Uaa be iteou at Sub 'J6U> at., coruer of IJtb are . tu tbe atore. A SITUATION WANTED -BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, aa plain cook, washer aud Ironer Call ai 207 W eat axii ii A VEST RKftPECTABLF OIRL WANTS A SITUATION a* a cnambormaid ; wiHing to ssslai in waabiugand iron ing o< wilt no gcnetal housework tu a small private family Tbe beat of citj references given. Call at MM StttU at., be tweeu 9th and lOfb ava. A YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUATION IN A nice private family; la a good plain cook washer and Ironer, and chambermaid and aenmslrea*; baa no objection to assiat in w. tailing, i' required: the beat oi city rei< reuce Call lor two days at 330 1st av. belweeu 19th andSitliala, second iiooi, Uout. Uaa uo object ioa to tbe couutry lot tbo au .nui en 4? rfwSsttK-?? A JSSSS^SS: AYODNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO DO ch:tiiiberwork aud waiting. In a hoarding hoise or bo lei City references Call at 329 Greenwich at A MARRIED WOMAN WOULD LIKE A SITUATION tu lake care of a bouse lor a family going to Europe or in the country. Reference from her present employer, at 8ii East 27th at . where ahe can be aceu. A RESECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WANT8 A SITIIA tion as chamber > aid in a private family; can do plain ?ewln ? if necessary. flood relerences. Oall at 260 Bait 18; h St . near 1st av , first floor, baek room A SITUATION WANTED? BT A YOU NO OIRL TO cook wash and iron, or would do liotsowork in a auiall family. Call at 8'J Gth av., n ar loth at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN as chambermaid and seamstress. or a* waitress Can be seen lor two daya at ber present employer'*, 1V> Eul 1Mb at ARE8PKCTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WANTS A sanation aa wet nuise in a respectable family, has a fresh breast of milk. Can be aeeu for two day* at 1JC East Llth St.. In the rear, first lloor. AOKRMAN PROTESTANT UIRL. WISHES A OTVUA tion as nurae and seamstress Call for two days al M4X 8th St., belweeu lis: aud 4M st*. A YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS NURSE aud seamstress No ob ection to go auy distance in the country; ijood city reference* can be given Cau be seen for t" o days at her present employer'*, 184 West 21*1 it A .SITUATION WANTED-BY A RB8PKCTABL li young woman, as chambermaid and walfeas in a ?mail private family, or to take care of children and do plain ?owing ; good city reference from her last place la willing to go to the couutry lor tbe summer months. Oall at No. 116 West lSih st. place, for two day*. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young girl. lo do general housework iu a small private family. Good city reference. Can bo seen lot two days al 93 Butler at , Brooklyn A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO OIRL, AS chambermtid aud waitress; has the best cltj reference, has tie objeciou to go a abort distance la the couutry Can be seen at 42 Weat .10th al. AS COOK -A WOMAN OF" LONQ EXPERIENCE wishes a situation in a private family as first c as* cook. Recommendation for capability and honesty can be had. Can be seen al 408 titb av.. between 24th and 25tb *ts King the bell. A LADY. ABOUT TO BREAK UP HOUSEKEEPING, wtitici to pro -lire a situation for ber cook, wlio is bolh an excellent cook and superior laundreu. Inquire at 101 lleary at.. Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE GERM AN GIRL WISHES TO TEA vel w tli a iamlly to Europe, speaks Kngllsb well add is somewhat ao lualntod with the Kr. ueh lancuane Uuei ceptionable rctetenees given. Apply at 1U8 Cannon *1. *e oond lloor A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE yo' ng girl, as chamb^rmsid and waitress; beat o: citr refereti'-es given: no objection io go iu the country. Can be seen for two daya at 409 West '{5th St. AYOL'MG til l<L WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM lieimaid and lo do plain sewing, aud Is willing to assist In the washing and ironing; good city reference T;om ber last place Call for two day* at 435 East 16th st.. lit *t lloor. back room A YOUNO WOMAN WI8HES A SITUATION AS nurae and seamstress. i> a good plain aewer andean embroider; la capable ui hear ng the children s lessons if re quired; has good city reference. Call at 149 West 24tn st s I'ROTBfiTANT WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS - V cook, in a private family. t!all at 226 West Konst >u ?t. In tbe store AKBSPECTABLB GIRL wants A SITUATION TO Uo clianiberwork ana *?i*l with lue washing and irou I lug. best city te;cience froiu her laal place Call at 135 West ?.St ' i st A SITUATION WANTED-BY a ElBiT CLASS waitreai; uo ob ectinn to go a abort distance in the oountri. Apply at 940 wM Mil it , for two tav? A HTVAtlOl WANTED? BY A YOI Nd WOMAS AS VV c ..amberm* d anJ laundiesa. ai? irars ruiereuc* I rum last place. Cat! at iS Will st , So'it'i Bro okiyo. foi two Jay*. A SITUATION WANTBD-AS CII AMBKRM \ [ D A ND ?ailre?a oraacliemte maid and ta assist wuli t 10 waahinx a ii 1 ironing. Ully re;ereoie given, ('an *>e ?????<? Kt Mil Hf-i Mtk st , Uetw?e;i 0i b an. i lOlb art . to. tw jiiav ? A PROTESTANT WOMAN. AN K X I'K RIKNCE D SBAM sire a, wishes to mak-- arrangement* with a fiw '.al*<*s b. the tay or week ; understands ait kluds of eutttaj and lilting; will ftirnt-h her own towing inacbtn i II re ? u i r l- I Can ba ?.t en ai 1 1>> Heit Htti at AIIKRMAS COO*. WHO UMJI.KSTAN US libit bnaioeaa an I al o a chambermaid and waitress wi h situation t ij iher; no objc tion to tha country. llaiei;o>i rafetvncc a Can be >-eco at 17 Sunt >n at.. near the bowery. ATORM OIRL WISIIBs A SITUATION \S NURSE and saanintre--; ran do all kinl- or euibioidery ari l biaid.utc linen and tiannel, .>e-i of reference from her la i place, ran be MM ai III haat 21 at It. Ink 'i wr, ftwl room AIIU'ATION WANTRD-BY A COM rKTKMT PBR a hi, as tlrs< late laundress in a pri 'ate familr or woiMit hare no objection to do funeral hou *work; good referenoa If re iirred. Can be soen for two day* if nat engaged a'. 137 We t 27th it., tirt Mar room Na. 3. AHI SPF.I TABLF. UIRL WISHKB A SITUATION TO do general housework in a ma.l private family Cal< for two da> a at I0U Orange t , Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE AND 11BALTI1Y YOUNO WOMAN wants a ituatl'n aa wet nurse In tone reaper-able American family. in tbl - ' Ity Apn y for two daya, belwean IDA. M and 3 P. M.. at 107 West 47t? at. A SITUATION WANTRD-BY AN KXf'gkiBNOBD woman, aa chtldien'a nurse ant aeamstrca b ?t of city reference; no ob ection lo tbeoouatry Cao be aeen at 1OT Ka t Mih at , near Sd av. A YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO COOK, wash and tra'i. Call at 291 Weat 17th at., belareen yta ?ad 10th ava APROTfcSTAXT OIKL WANTS A SITUATION TO do cbaoiberwork or general hotnewora, baa ?oo I nity reference Can be aaea for two day* at 177 Vartck at A PERSON WISHES A 811 CATION AS CHAMBER mald and wall reaa. beat or references Call at bar present employer a, 6o West Warren at.. Brooklyn ARESPECTABLB YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITU atioa aa good plain aook, waaiiar and ironar Beai of eity reference given. Call at at? Weal 36tb at RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS oook. waaharand Ironer; la a good baker or bread; or would do general house* org for ft small family. lloM cry reieieno*. I'a l. lor two >laya, at 131 Smith at., between Dean aid Ber.;eu. Brook'yn A SITUATION WANTED BT A RR8PEOTABLB young woman as aea-nstreas In a prtrate faqnt'y; ran rat and at indtea' and rkildran'a dresses ha* reference Can be aeen at IU9 Seventh a*., fai two dava. AN AMI- Mi AN PBOTESTANT WOMAN WISHRS A A atiuatlcin ?a in ant a nnrae, iafitily roni|?etent of taking oar* of an in.ant from its b rtb ta a neat aewer , til" t est <M rai*r?nre given; no objeotiaa to lha country. Call at 31 West TweKth at A A SITUATION IS WANTED BY A riWHT CLASS O >OK In a prlrata family; beet of crtty reference; raa refer to li e family abe bred with nine yaara. Apply at 417 East T?nlb tl , for two data SITUATION WANTED-BY A TOUNO WOMAN, AS Infant a nnrae ; oan Uke entire ear* of from birth ; or aa aeamatres< ; understands all kinds of family aer Inf . go >'l referent* given Call at 21S Weal Siitoentii ?i T "RAT T,nv (,,nL A situation as A chambermaid and ta take oar* of children; i-aneitnl lent aewer; would aaalst with lb* washing and Ironing, or would do lha work of a a ma II family boarling. Ti.oliest oity reference Can b* a**a at 117 W*al ?Ui at., noar 7th av., for two day*. A BBSPBOTASLB 01 RL WAWT8 A SITUATION AS chambermaid aad plain aewer. or to da ehamberwork and aaalat In tbe washing and lrenlaa; good elty inference. Call at 4M Sd ave. . between NRn and Slat a la., top Ueor WOMAN WIBHB8 A BlfUATION AS BUES8. eiif referenoa. Can ba saen at <1 1 ?d aye. a BBSPBOTABLB OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS A nnrae, ta g* to Boropaibaa nln* yeara' referaueM. Call tm two day* at HI Weat SSib it. T BBS PBOT A B I>B OUU. WISHES A SITUATION IN J\. the oquntry as dkambermatd aad to aailat in flna waah lng. In a in?ata fatnfty. Has nia* years' r*f*renc*a. Oall for twe da>s at 141 W*?t ?th a. A TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO DO A ywral honeework In a small famUy. Oall at 1117 ASITOATIOB WANrED-BY A BBSPROTASLB girt, as oook or to do general honagwork la a amaii pnraka nmllr. fire yeara1 refnrenoe froai bar laal am HM*r. tMiW(n4Maatf?Hi|r?. UHMMfM*?at sirr ATipnaiw^ir tkd- kemales. A I'EOTEVTANT lrtMA? WISHES A SITUATION AS A cbhmbrriiaMl . mm f o<v1 Ht*rr, or ** tegular wailrcaa Apply aAGO WW Ittiii al.. near Gib are ABFSPI CTAHLB' TOUNO WOMAN. WHO Itf NOT long ovn Ironi I1 nglaud, wishes ? situation a* nur-e or waitieas. Can be ceu at 186 Ka?t JJ i , h?iwe?u lat And -J KTf., top Boor, front, room No. i A SITUATION WANTBO-BY A CAPABLE l-RO tesiaut girl, lo do the general work ?r a soist family Cau .bo seer. M Hit Weat ftth at., betweso SUi *aJ JUi svs.. Iioin Wlill 1 o clock A SITUATION At INFANT'S NURSB WANTKU-Bf a Protectant woman, of lou>; eiperience Id ihnt cnpe city, la aco'istoined to bnug thaw up t>r band, and ta muck aWacbad to children. Best te llraooials as to cliaracloi And rapacity Cau bo Men Ull Bulled at 333 Weal Ulli at . neat 9th av A OOOD COOK WISHES A SITUATION IN A FBI rate family. Tba beat of oitv reference- Call at IN Wast Utb at., between 7th ao&Stib aira A SITUATION WANTBD-UY AN AMBR1CAN OIRL. to lake care o( chl dreu; la wilting and obliging Call al 122 Weat tuib at. A GERMAN WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS nurse. no objection to go lo tba country tor the ausa nor Apply at 48 weal 1Mb at. A SITUATION WANTEB-A8 BURSE AND 8BAM atreaa. Seven yea re' reference. Call at 1*6 Eaat A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECT A BLB young girl, aa uurne aud seamstress oi would go a? chambermaid , uo objection to the country. Beat city refe reuro Cau bo seen al li4 36th at., weat of Broadway, toy lloor AKIKHT CLASS COOK WISHKS A SITUATION, lu a small private family, has excellent relereuoe ftbts hor la.t-enip oyer. Cau be eeon at 212 Weal 2*th <4 , ooruat oi fib ave A SITUATION WANTBD? BY A RESPBCTABBB u oinan, lo take care of children ; good rofereuce Call ?l 419 Hold at., Brook fo. A SITUATION WANTED? II If A 'TOUNO WOMAN, aa plain cook, waaher and I rone r. or to do general housework, lo a amali private family; be 4 of city refereuoe Call at -Jo Wu*t iWtlist. A SITUATION WANTBD-BT A TOUNO WOMAN, a* chambermaid and lauodreaa, city refoieuce. Call at No. 4 Ba>t 1Mb at. A SITUATION WANTKO-BV A VOUNO WOMAN, AB chambermaid and trailer Hood reference 0*11 at KB East 9'!i at , second lloor. back room A SITUATION WANTED? BT A RRSPKCTABLB young girl. aa chambermaid and lo assist iu washing auJ irouiug. City relereuce. Call at 336 9tli av A TOUNO WOMAN WISHBS A SITUATION TO DO oooking. washing and Ironing In a small private family, or would be wllliug lo assist id the washing and Ironing. Goad city reference Call al 16 Deau si, Brooklyn. for twa days. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A PROTESTANT OBK man girt as cook. uasheraud Ironer: willing to vwist lu the housework Call m All Weat iioth ?t., in the iear A SITUATION WANTBD? BT A TOUNO WOMAN. AS chambermaid and lauudre ;h; Is a Ural c aaa laundress, bent city references; no objection to go a abort di -l.iaoe la tlie country Can be aecu al 16 Ka-f 2.ith at. RES I'BCT ABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION __ lu a nuall 1 ami ly ; is a good p am cook, wa her aal Ironer , under lands baking aud pantry ; best city tel orenoe Apply at 73 Canal al . corner of Allen. A A SITUATION AS COOK WANTED-BY A RESPEOTA ble woman in A private family; Is a tlrst rate baker ol bread and bl cult; beat city references. Caa l>? ?eeu at M We>t -M;:i St.. betweeu 6th and 7lh ara., for two daya A SITUATION WANTED-BT A YOUNO CURL. AB cbamiieruiMd, or to do general housework in a small private family; elty referenoe. Call at No. 6 Lawrence ?t. BrooKivu. for two days. A TOUNO OIRL WISHBS A SITUATION AS NURSB aud seamstress , has good city refereuoe. Call al or address TU Sth av., between 18th aod 19th sts AYOUNO OIRL WANT8 A SITUATION AH OHAB b*ruia:d and waitress Caa be seen al her pneseul employer'*, 121 Lesinglon av AYOUNO WIDOW LADT, WIIO IS MOST RKSPBOT ably oxinected. would llko to get mime euiploynieul by winch she could earn a ooatforlable support, would like writiug or would accept any position in which sbo would picas- an 1 make so ne money. A <11 rest, lor tea days, Mia. J. N. K , boa S.3W New York foal ollice. ARESPKCTABLB TOUNO WOMAN WISHBS A SITU atlou ia \ private family aa cbamberuisid aud seam all ess. or aa chambermaid and nurae, ba.4 the best of cllr reierance from her last place. Can lie aaen for two daya at 2-7 7th av A TOUNO WOMAN' WANTS A SITUATION AS OOOK and to waali and iron. Has the beat o( relereuoe 0*11 al I W West SUth aL, io toe rear. SITUATION WANTBD-AS CHAMBERMAID AND to d ) sewing or l ike cure of children Best city refa reuse Can be seen for Iwo dsys at K J Bast 19th al. A WELCH PROTESTANT OIRL WISHES A BITUA lion to ooos, wa?h and iron ia a small private family, ii j objec'lou to go to the < ountry. City reference Call for twa days at No 6 Hosier St.. rear building. A ARBSPfcCTABLB TOUNO GIRL WISHES A SITUA lion to do cliamberwork aod aewtnf-Vr can asaist ia the w isbiag and ironing. City reference. Call at 294 7th av . corner of THh at ArSUTE&TlNT WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AB coo< and would a?alat with the waihing aud ironlag; oounlry preferred . Call at 'Ml Weat ittku at.. In tbe roar. A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SIT uatioui* oook; undei Hands ber bualns a in all Ita branches Can be aecn for two daya at ut Bergen ci? Brooklyn A COMPETENT SALESWOMAN WISHKS A SITUA lion in a fancy l ire; either city or country. 0%u pro. cue good c.ty reference. Call at or addro<a Baieawouiaa, 966 Uiee.kai at in the fancy store. AKIRST CLASS WAITRESS WANTS a SITUATION; has uo objecuou to a Country Lotol; she thoroughly nnicrstands her business Apyly at No. ? Union Oourv Uuiveralty p ace ARESfRCTABLB YOUNO WOMAN WISHBS A BIT uati' n a? Ur t clas< laun trass. Cam g:va good city reference Call al 119 West 15th si. ATOUNU WOMAN DESIRES A SITUATION TO A* lead stoie In a confectionery or lancy bakery; Is aa quaintel with the bu~ineas; laleren.*-) given. If raqaired . Ad lieis or call on M. M. U. No. i Stautou at., No. SStantoa place. NX- * A TOUNO WIDOW LADT IS DESIROUS OP OOINO 10 i'al;foniis with a fstnily iu the capacity of compan ion or lady's maid would have no obji-ctioa to take cl.srge of c.n.dien aa whole or pail compensation for liar uastaf* and '.lie pi iteclloa aJoided her. Addieaa Mrs. 0. Smi't. Iftli at Brioklyn. A OIRL WISHRS A SITUATION. -18 A OOOD PLAIN cok and au aicelleut waaher and Ironer. or wo-i d Jo Iki .?6 <-,,rk m a a.-uall private family: ia willing audo'iligiug. M/a? four > u ? in her last plaoa. Call al 77 Heat !9vb at A IlKSPfci TABI-E YOUNO WOMAN WtSHBS A SIT J\ uallon is llrat rale cook, sad lo aasial with Iba washing ai.d iromnr. Is a first rate ba er. Best illy reference lixm har last p'.aoe. Call at 92 Wast SSd at A SITUATION WANTKD-BT A BR.hPKCTABLN young girl, as chambermaid and waitreaa; baa the best ol city refereova from her last place. Can beaeeaa <2i^tUav. C1ALIP0RNIA-A TOUNO WOMAN, DESIROUS Of / h >1 n( :o Calif rn a, w mid accept of aay situation wltfc a family g-< ng la very fond of children, and understands the care of them ; would eipeet to remain with tha family ? autflcieui time t ? pay for paasage. A note addraaeed to B A lam. Post ofTioe. Williamsburg, will meet with proaapt al teu'lyn DIMAHM WANTKD-BY TBB DAT. BY A com;i*tent person; reference clven; call at the ooraer ol 22J al and 3d av.. entrance en 2Jd at, over the grocery HOUSEKEBi'BR-A MIDDLB AOBD ENGLISH PBB souwtuiaa aituattou as housekeeper: underatande the cars of children . or would take eharge of ah invalid ; m obv-ctun to any of the States, can give good rerereaoa Oail at SWij Br ume at., near tbe Bowery, from IB to 4 URSE AND SBAMSTNESB. -SITUATION WANTBD. _ . by a Protestant girl, commpeteot lo act aa aurse ana s-ams.reaa Apply at ber present emplayar'a, 91 Sth sr.. between IGtb and I7lh sta. SITUATION WANTBD-AS COOK, WASHBB IRONBB or ia<tn trees; good dty reiereaoe gtvea. Call hi 77 Co? corl at . Brooklym. SITUATION WANTBD? TO DO HOUSBWOBK. BT O a young wonun. ao objections lo lbs oountry, goad references Call M M Harrleon si. OITUATION WANTBD TO COOK, WASH. AND IRON ; O beet o f references. Call at 13# we?H44h et SITUATION WANTED-BT A GERMAN PBOTBSTANT person, aa nurse or shambermaid. alao to da plain eew Ing. in a gen eel lamily . Beet references. Addreee er ceil at /81 Gth av . between 17tb and 18lh ala. N SITUATION WANTBD? IO COOK, WAMI AND IRON; D or to do general bouaework la a small private family. Call at 6t Weat Hit at. ?ITtTATfO?S WANTED-BT TWO BF.8PB<"TABt.? yo-iog gir:?; oo? a? nrit rata rook. waaher *nd itkipt s otU*r a* chambarroaid and ?allra-a. Hara the bfilof (HiJ OulMN>mt 41 Waat .'?th at. betWeaa Ctb an J 7th ara. No objaction to city or country Situations wantbd-fob tiiorouohlt oompb tool tt-niaif lielu of all aatlona, auuh m flrat daiw cook*, chamber ma I la. waitreaaea, lanndraaaet. aaMMtr?aaa% nurae* cook* t? waab and Iron, tmall girl* ao.l girUiitrU landed. Apply at tb? larga Employment Uouaa 134 llth at, oorosr 6th a*. Alan mala help. QlttJATION WANTED? BT A OOOD PLAIN OOOt. O wa.har and Irooer; city refarenoea Ctii ii IM Emu 12th at OITtTATION WANTRD-TO COOB, WASH AND O Iron, or at Unndre?a, oiljr rafnience* Cm at tat 7th I'l . flr?t floor SITUATION WANTBD-BT A GOOD COOK AND TO aaatit In t*i? washing and Ironing, city rafcrancoa Cai ' at Ml 7th ar S| ITUATfON WANTBO-BT A BBSPBCTABI..R AMR rlfvin vomtn to ooofc. waah and iron for a am*tl family C*n b e a??n fir on* Jay at 87 Gannon at., ihlrl fl.ior QITUATION8 WANTED? BT TITO KBSPROTA Bt,N O ?lrl?. In oat honan On* aa chambermaid and waltie** lbs other ?? c.k>Il waabar and Ironar, giod olty refer?niw? Call at 8-VJJtha*. MTUATT0N8 WANTBD--BT TWO PBOTB9TANT OIRU-i Oonatocook waah and Iron ; the mbar a? onamiwrm *11 a?amatr?a? Cull at 38 Main at a Brooklyn No oi>jwc<:.>ti tr> tba anuntry. Situations wantkd-bv two bmpsoi abi.b yj'ioi women; on* aa good plain co-ik, wa liar a? l Ironar, the other a* ohamhgrmaid and ?aitn;?t, wtvill pre far ilvlntr iof?th?r; wou'dgn In tha roitntry for the nmmer moath-. mod fity rafarencea from ttiair laat piaeei Oall a< lift Waat ?4th at , fourth Boor SITUATION WANTRD-TO OOOK, WArtH AND IKON O Oood mtf refarenoea Call at Silt Eaat 1ln<l at WANTRO-A RITUAVOB, IT A BB?PBCTaBUB young woman, to da general ttoiieeenjrh. Baaio'V r*fmwa r'" mm ?' ? w'- ? ^

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