Newspaper of The New York Herald, 4 Mayıs 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 4 Mayıs 1864 Page 3
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w MWAWOM WAWBO^llUMi. WA?TrS^ ^ITTATf^"! As SkT*?tTks*S flTlTSo objection to take care of growing ohildien. can cut end ill children s drwwi, al-o operst?aon Wbei ler A Wll aea s *ewlng machine; gc<*l cliy rcfereuce. Call for two *'j * ** I# lj^ap sfc^keLouiijlour, front room, Brooklyn WANTRD-A SITUATION, BT *1 REPPKt -TABLE H>ri. as wallet :tu4 ou .uil>ei tuaM, best <:iu reterenoe ^ivvii from h< r last place Call for l*? daya at 83 Weal ANTBO-A SITUATION, UV A GU?PRTBNT WO mail, urgck In wllllug tOk'li't Wltll the W.4 Iilll? and Irui.iug, or would uo tu waahinu ?f a mall family , >? .1 |<s..l uaaer, understand* paairy: la oeal bud obilcuig. i'he Vet (If .-fty reierenti given Call al .65 We stfrttmt. tor two ds)a WANTKD-BY TWO RESPKCTA BLE G1RI.S. S1TUA lion*, one as iirst rate cook, the other aa chambermaid ami waitrea? Best city icference. Ccuuuy preiuireU Call for two daya at 224 Kant 2tUh ut. WANTED-BY A COMPETENT TOUNrt GIRL A 1I111..U011 aa iiinae nod ohimb rioaid: la an etsellenl seair.atti-ia anil cau 1 one well reuoiuincnded. Call tor two data 1. 1 -II 7lb av. ANTED-BY A RKSCKt'TABLK YOUNG OIRL A situation as chambermaid ami p'aio ??er. oraschil Aran1 * hiii aa. no on <-cl*ou tu LI-** <-ou*iU*y. Can bo *een <?t IS Colombia at, beiueeo Stale and Attn nil* Boutn BrnorTTi. 7 A fl 1 K O - H Y A YOUNG CTRL, A SITUATION AS -J 1 haiubei ii, aid ami waiter; or to do bomiowork in a ?maii 1 :i 1 1 1 ii y Cu l v. Iuj >>?ricu aL, between Bond and w full/ I rouilyn. W W Hd?l, Brook ly f ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE v.inii ? -1r1 us chambermaid or waiter In a Boarding house 01 1 oiei Cxn give hvo yeata r*f?rcu<*. rrom tier laat place would like <>' |iiod home Cau be aecu ut 30 Oieeu ?leliav . ienr._ In.iiiirH for Julia llaya. WANTED^-# SITUATION, BY A RESPfeOTARl.U woman. 10 t?ke charue of an tnlanl or two ^iowii abliilrpji.,. >'<iu iio plan. ?? .iug 4nd make herself generally aeefitft no object on to the country. Good oily references. Cau 1 e su eo lor iwo uajs at 341 CU> av., near Jlbt m,, setoud tour'Jt room. Wanibd-a "aiTyxmoN, by a respectable gtrl. to dor"chainl erwoi k and sewing or Wonlfl do boiiaev. oik far a smalt faniily. Call at 1H3 Went 33d al. WANTED-SITUATIONS. BY TWO RESl'HC TABLE young girls, id a private lanuly ; one aa chambermaid aod waitress. or chaiub -'rniald and reamstrogis; the otter aa laund'i itaa. Beit city reftrcncea. Call at 8U3 4th uv. WANTUO-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABtiB young girl to cook, waHh and- lion, or do general fciiUReuork. Hi jd city re.eicnce fiuu. ln?r last place. Ca.l ?t 1 is Bni er ut. near Bond Brookl< n, lu the rear. Wasted? a situation, by a protectant girjl, vY aa nur n nnd "eamn'rass. or wotild go out acving by 11 e d..y or we* k. ln>iuiie at .10 rt eat lUih at., second boor, fioul fu'uu, (a: day.i. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECT A BLE yonng woman, as w*itre^s; one who p.'rtectly uudor at?nd-< her bimne s n all |ta nranchet. H*s the MH of city nfereuie. Cau be seen at 22* Weal ICth at, lu tuc rear. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A BITUA uoi<|u* l.rsl daaa iaundrex ; thoroughly understanda her ; te-t or reference. Call at 113 East 2Sth t., lop boor, front room. ANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO RE8PECTABLR young women? one to do general hou enork in a apiall ran.ilv or cliambcrwork anawaitlng; the other to do abamhi rwnrk ami aewing; city reference. Apply at No. 0 Ct.urol. -fL, South Brooklyn. a UT ANTED ? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE wv young girl, as nur-e and to do chamber*' rk; no ob jection logo m the country lor the summer months good olty lelere uce from her last place. Call at 211 West J6ih St., between dth and Uih avs. WANTI'D-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL. WIIO CAN give tbf best ollv referoncea, a xituutiou aseliamber ?said R''d ??dmstress or as faitrest. In a private family. Call at lio Sth av. VlTANl KD-A SI f U ATIOK, BY A rROTESTANT GIRL, iv as ? hanilwr ald aftil BffcmslreMl; has six years <ity rel'?: en -c. Can bo f?-ou at 441 o?l a>e., coiner of Wit, ovet th ; ?rocery stoje. Yl/ANTED-A 81 1 ij AVION AS CUAMBEltMAID BY ? 1 a ????mp< tout youna woman ; is an excellent washer aud ironar. Am .y at No. 8 East Hth at. WANTKD? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a situation as chambermaid and to iumlst in wanhing and ironing; three years' cltjr refereucea, A^tly at 3dC bih Me , U|> stiilia. ? ANTED? BT A PEOTESTaNT YOL^O WOMAN, A situation to do ehsmberwork and sewins. or to take eve of cU.ldrcn. Out. at 171 Smith at,, llro. klyn. T1 / ANTED-A SITUATION^ BY A T OU.VO WOMAN. TO f ? ci ok. wash ami Iron; would (In sei.eral housework; la a food baker; in a small puvutu fam.'ly. Has tin- est of city rolerences. C m he seen fur tnu days at 0 1 Hudson st. W ANTED-A BITUATIDN, BY A RESPECTABl-R \ouni; girl, as chamtwrmtld and watlreaH. has loo, 1 oltv from her lai-t place. Apply lor two uaya at MK> 3d av., between i8ih aud Iwh sts, 'ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT . * girl, a sltua'ilon as cook, washer aud Irnuer: or would 4o general housework, in a small private family Has good city reference. Can be seen lor two days at ?14 West 17th at TLTANTI D-A SITUATION. BY A PROTE8TANT TV young woman, 10 m ora by the dav or week; can do allklodsot embroidery and work on Grover ji Baiter's machine. Address for two days M., Herald 9lT.ce. ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A TOUNO PROTEST ant girl, to do cbambcrwork and waiting, in a -mad llv. fall 1, l .VJ Patihc: t . Brooklyn w w w TXTANTEt'? HY A RESPECT VBLE OIRL, A 8ITUA vf tlnn to go to Cailforula: Is willing !o -top with tbeui In C'?lif<ru:a to pay up her pis age; ib a good waahcr und Iroarr: ha lived here for ten yeara. Call for two days at 101 Greenwleti at., in the store. WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, a situation as nurve, or chambei tuai . and earn* ?tress. In elty or couciry. Good reference-. Ca 1 for iwe lay, at :2BEaat I3ih -L TUTANTED-SITUATIONS. by THRER respectablb TV protectant girla. One as child's nurse and aeamstreMi; oM aa senmatreaa, who can makechudren a clothes aud who ?a willinK to go to the oounlry for the summer, ooe to do general housework In a sma.1 lautlly. Can be seen tot one lay at 40 Jane ?L et ncrse.-wantrd, a situation as wet n?r?e hy a respectable woman, hsvlng lost her t wn baby two weens old. Can he aeen for two days at East )4tfc at., third floor, baek room, W anted-by two rebpectablb youmq women aiiuaiious , one aa chambermaid and seamstress or te mind children, the other as chambermaid and waitress; have no ^hjectlen to c? a short diatanee in the country, r^nn produce ?t?c bestelty refereuoe 1/ re<iulred. Ca.l at 9u Weat Jjtb at., for two daya w WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOONO PROTES lanl Ctrl, a 3 U.aunl en.:?U and waitress, or to take care of children. Aj-pJy at S7 Cth av , tlilrd Boor, back room. WANTBD-A SIXl'AXION. BY A RF.srECTABLB ymirig girl, as rnambernin.d or waitress, or to uaw 2s the washing; cit> reference. Can ba seen lor two oayi at 37 6th s? , near 2d av, WANTED? A SITL'ATIOH AS BHIVPING OI.BHK, OR an ?tore carman, by a young man from the eoi iilr ; ? III mnke himself natful in elthfr eaj>afity ; waces to ho d? vUad upon ai ter trUU A idresn J. O. 6. , 2*3 W eat 12m it. WANTKD.? A RESPECTABLE WIDOW WOMAN oda:a ber u ltima to take care of a house during the fartlly's ansi'D e In the nimaitr or longer. The *e?t of re ft?r?meei given as to dMuracter. Ac. Apply to Mrs Mctfurt, ?4 West 33d tL WANrBP-BY A WELL B BOOM MENDED TOUNG woman, a llliwtioi as child tiitr?e and chsmhcrmaid. Inquire for two rtav? fix h'f rre?ot employer's, nov.thea t rorset of 04 >a too and Ure> a av?., Brooklyn. WANTLP? A SITUATION. BY A HEAD COOK, OH an order mat e. In-r in the city or eouulr> ; ?0<m1 reference fall at 1 51 Wctt 20tU it., aeconJ i.oor, la the raar. BT NURSES RITCATION WANTED? BV A BE Iftretab e wnmaa. Ca.l at M9 lat art, 11- ANTRO-Bf A F.BcrECTABI-K WOMAV ?T a eltiiHiloti as firm e!a ? laundress; can ftnte ami polish: i ? oli e lx>ti to go a short dutauce In the country; hat :be best of reference C-l: for two days at 3C4 Cth av. WANTED- A SI n axiom, to do GENERA L HOl'SE. Vv work. private family preferred: reference her laitempio)< F Can at7VMth at . n-'ftrid av. g . _ ralir work hu t *a:t!ng; n* objection to no to tbc cointry for tWsutTTtrefWftnt'i* WrfrttJ rerermice. Call M or lit. drMO fin ,twc dftya *71 -4 av.. tK'.>ve?n 3t*t ami 3-d sia. WANTED? HY A BBRPRffrABIB OrRL, A SITl'A tjaii ?s i Jjauutoennaid in wmvosa. or aa ( baiiibermaid ?mat to .>?si*i with t lie wash r.g a .d Inntngi bus gno.l city ret?feti<?e tfom her lam. rtace. Cstt at tft Union ?^imr*. W" ASTED-A Sm'ATION, BY A YOt'NG OIRL, AR rnm| eteot thsmbermanl. B.-n <jtw referrneoa. Call at Ml oil at., aear J2d at., in the millinery siurc. TIT ANTED? BT A COMPETENT OIRL. A SITUATION *? si u r? urn! aani uess .ir to do luh*. ('iiaoiborwou i boat of Pity leferen e. Call at 537 Wast 2: th t. "YV: A.NTnD ? A MTI ATICN AS COOK. FT ON1? WHO %? nrd?r tan Is '?? t tiamugkla . n I ?t? Imwrheaa b ? lirst e'Hss t Ouig or private faintly, m cuy or ?avii.ii> it u n( West 1j?i*?V a t lie rear. WaNIKD-A mit'AT.ON, BT A f.HPIEt TABLE io>.o^ K<olch *Tt, to Uc U> lo-teR.rk of A snail far.i'lf ftitd cty tfi-atier Call at .18 Wfit 10th >t, .n Uj? rear. ANTET -BY A REPPECTABt.e YOrNO 01RU A sitnai o* aa nnrte and "isa asiress, or to .to Ii^ht up WA^TFD? BY A YM'NO W<l*AN A HTTP ATION ; TP a giMMl eoais, -wasbot anal . 0.1J iei?M'Uve. t'sll at 'i'' ll' su.r tt , n li e i en ei.t. 4 WAN tBU-A HITll ATION, A.S ( HAMRVRM II) AN? floe m jur a r ?nrM tf< ? i liatnherwrii an>l 1 'a n a> ?* it p. ea 11 tren.t", beat of ??'? twonjaet am to the <MUilr> tall Uiat ? noil ait. 0.1. at iA? .i a\ ? , bct? < ei? 3l.tb kR<<3tst nl ' , lo its fanry siane. WANI RD-A SITUATION. I?* A KfcSIM I'fAltl.B V >iwk iimi. as cook, abal tai asaist wtui the wn-liing anal Irotimc Soo<l refer. t.e# ??*il a? 574 <lreenWMi it. \k: AN Tf.D? A WTl'AUOK. BY A RKHrKOrABLK "t \oiibk wnlp in 1. ?to rti .mhrrwork ai d 1 a.n se#lii? w tat? <*ia- nt I'M .tra n ? > c nlajaeilMB to the rountry for Mti einiiiier, ?*Ur rt leremo Call (or t <ra alayi at ber present #n.f 1. ?er.'. weri :Ut st. WAfiTKD-A Hl'l VI Al ION. ?v A It KSl'tiCTA HLB fl V ?? eh^aiiteriaiiald iipd isnttress, has eight years' city leleia iwes uail at I. W?*t J'?tb st. UrAfrr.P A PITl* AXIOM BT A BESPRtTABI.H roun0 atomtrti a? tirsi r!?s? ivmk; ?a? the ba-st .>r rtiy rafereii' e Horn *heri; ?' " baa H?td the ia?t loar jcaia Call ?4 v** E?sl l*th M thtM Bo<r, from ro?,n? WANTI D-BY A VOlfBal J.AOY. A SITUATION Aft ropy III <'an ?i?e the be- 1 or lafereti!* n'ld Is a (r'rfxl, I>la1n ami laptal atr-ier. Afldtesa ropy 1st, llaralil vtxe WANThD- A SITI'ATIO* A# I--IBPT CLARK COOK haa gpwt rit) reTerefiie t'an be ?a^i; at <JS B.i?i ICtfi at. tainsia i?i ami *<l a*a. -tt'ANTRP HT A liKHI'KcTABI.R VOI'Ntl GIRL, A ?V iituatiott s.i mirat and a^atnllrcW) ean MR#theeiia ttMSa'luiffta ?! a Ual > * lit) ? lljea tlua In 4iv%*aL 44 ? K>vl ? t. y a?to,, 11 c, ruin It 1 las) t laoA i in Itttdaysatlftl Ean ?<ali si itvuinona wiirrBD*raN4i**?i WW ANTED ? A SITU AVIUM. B* A BE*P?.CTA,BLE girl ttrnoceueral UhutuwurK in it small "amity Can be ? ua roc two day * at 278 West 37U? at.. noai >W?^ ~\Kf ANTED A SITUATION, HT A RBWBCTABtB TT >ni ug gifi u chambermaid and or to do o ataberwnrk unit plaia sewing. ha? yooA rt)ler??< JJ from a< r last ?> Wee. (Jail at %/ 7Ui av ,*-kw?eu Aim <M"1 ?l* air. HELP WAHTBD-rKBUJ1!"' AN AMERICAN OB BNtlLlSH SBRVaHT WANTED.? A wi mac lodo the work for a small family; place \ttr nc.tnnnt and wag?o good. No other need appl?. Call at the ?tun;. -W Diiaiie at. ___ __ _ A Li CAPABLE MIDDLE AQBD WOMAN W ANTED? IN ?" a ramtly of three persona: she mint be a pood plain cook ami vary ao?t and orderly wMl. her woik Alao a <jjcrmai> ^iil aa seamstress and iTrainhermald. Apply at 157 W eat 3?lU m , between #lb and 7m at*. ANHR3B WANTED? TO TAKE CHABGS OK AN tnfaul one year old. Apply at S49 Canal St., iu the stone, between the bourn of V A. M. and 3 P. M. AT TUB LAKllE 8FKV A NTS' OFFICE. .ITS SIXTH AV , want'1. 1 tb in day, twelvogood srrvanta and six lately landed, f?r *?ce!K>fi? -liuatlon* in city or eomtry Eng. pioyers su.tcd wilb civil and capable help at moderate aala rios. German. French, Irian, Wrigllab, Scotch and eolored. AHT **8. W HTTFIELD'Si (FORMERLY OF THE Cliurcli Home), 4th air. bciw^eii _8i.h and 29lh at'., arc Wiiole i !hi day, Proiestant ami Catholic cook#, to wa h and iron: alao ladles' maids. nurse-, euiall glr s, servants of Mi work an<l girls lately landed. A NURSE WANTBD-AT 1?5 EAST 45TH ST. * OOOD M i I.LIN KK AND TB1M MKR WANTED? TO iv m a all cut d.suuce Irani the city- Apply 10 B. K Betk i?an. 377 Btoadway. A NEAT, Qt'TET OTRL WaNTEP-TO T>0 THE GENE ral housework ot a small faintly , wages $6; re ereu<-e required. Call for two days, from 10 to 3, at 93 West 26lh st., ?.ooud tloor. AHMABTTJDYOlRL WANTED-AS WAITRESS AND parlor maid In a private boarding houae. Apply at Ifi living place, corner of 15th at. CIOOKS TO WASH and TROW. OESHRAi. HOl'SE / workers, small girls ami gnis lately lauded wanted, lur ti.od ?ttuiitmns In both cltr and ountry Apply at the large Iniployinent Hi. use 1 38.11 Ui at. corner 'ith av. T\Bl?dSMAKBRS IVANTEB^NO. A BOND STREET, X' Non" but thu e thoroughly competent f>?ed ftPP'j DRESSMAKERS WANTED? KI RSI CLASS HANDS. Also good plain aeweis, to work on akin*. Apply at 113 Clinton place. DRESSMAKERS-SEVERAL GOOD DRESSMAKERS are wAnted In a first ela*s establishment. None hut tb i se Shu >iudcr-tand the business need apply at 48 Union place, corner Hcveuteenth street. HOr?EKEEPER WANTBD.-A TOTTVO WTDOW l'RE fcrted, wl' Itout encumbrance; mum be willitig to work ati'i taxe fi l! chsrue ' f a snail house. A person with good re.f i?qg? i*u fir I a CtfUQlortalde home and moderate corn petisaiion hy addres* eg, with full particulars, Home, box 'J1 1 Herald nine, for two daya Laundress and chamrkrmaid wantbd-a willing girl; wage $3. Apply at ^48 West 61th MILLINERS WANTKD? AT 22 BUSECKBK ST. TR1MVER WANTED- A FTRST CLASS HAND; FBST wave- paid. Awdy immediately to Mi s Pcariun, at the new store. 015 Eighth av. WANTED?IN A SMALL PRIVATE PAM1LT, TWO Oerman nirls. one to docooking, wanlilng and iron. lo?'. and tiie other at chamhermaul, and to atsisi in ivahnin^ anil ironing, none but such as ire Inily competent neod in quire; good wages given and reference required. Apply at 41 Blrccker st. / ANTBD? A OOOD PLAIN COOK, WASHF.R AND lronar. O le with fir t rate city relerenee. n.a/ a pp*y Creenw ch t between .lane and Horatio sts. X\f ANTEn? A SEAMSTRESS, WHO CAN WORK ON If A Wilson s uiaciiinn, App.j at in Leung ton aVe. AKTBD-A WELL RKCOM MENDED HALK prown girl. Apply at 12?i Wee U5tn si tVANTED-A NF?T A^'P TITiY CTRL, DESTROI S " ? of a good bo-r,o one who Is n Rood p!Vr. i>eamslress an 1 w.ilin*: to do :Ue chatulwrworlc sn<l v.-aablns of a small fitirriy anu tun f\:misli g od reference, wages iSicr month. A| plj at 46 t,?feei.*1ch :??. V\T ANTED? A OfRL FOR GENERAL nnUSEWOKK ; TT n. urn be a pood ? '.ulie/ no 1 ironar and plain conk. Aiui an up staus girl; r.vist tie ncc'isiomed to childi cn ; good refeferc" icq^:rcil. Apply "at !i(i Ma- dongal St., fro-u 9 A. JI to z r. M VI/ ANTED? 4 CTRL lfl TO 1(1 TEARS OK AOE, TO DO TT , )*bi wo-k. App'y at No. (i Lewis j la e, 2d at., be tween Sou to luih nn.i 1 i ? b, W lliamstuij. TT|7 ANTED? A FIRST t'LAHS COOK. WHO UNDER ' TT stands hi-r l?islne>? thorougblr; must lea good l a<er of hrea t l iicult nnd tnsiry, nober and well recommended ? one wi ling t'? i o in the 'onntrv during the summer mout!.? .preferred. Call al 19*> We*l 14th at . between It) o clock a.M ami 2 I'. M. W'ANTEH-A 11IIY GIRL. T ROM 14 TO 18 FOB housework 'or a small f.unlly. in (art of ho 71' Dean h; . Brooklyn, I'rote'tar.t [preferred: c'ty refcrenco rennlred. TJP" ANTED? A TROTESTaNT ritAMRERMAID AND TT aeainstreaa and io ass It in the nursery ; she must ha well renumuieiided and Iho o tghlr utulerataud her bu-ines . Apply at 17 Knst S7tb rt., between Madtsnn and 5th avs., bv lore 1 o Llotk. WANTED-TWO COMPETENT PERSONS; ONE TO cook, waab and iron, the other io do the charrbor worlt and w-alt'nc: either coK red or tJermati, with good reference. Apply for tluee days at 2ii H ost 47tli st. WANTRD-BT A PRIVATB FAMILY, A OIRL. TO do general housework. References required. Call ui No 7 Chariton sL. aftci 9 o'clact. 11 'ANTED? A NEAT, CAPABLE OI?L, TO DO THE IT housework or a an tail private faimlr . ahe must be a nood ? astier and ironer. an J have city reference. Appiy for tbr?c days at 20t l ast 55th st, near 2d av. 1*7 ANTED? A SMART OIRL, TO DO GENERAL TT houew.irk: l'rotestant preferred. Apply at 7* West 12th st . from 6 to 12 o dock WANTBD-A CLEAN, TTUY WOMAN, TO DO OBNE ral housework; mast lea goo-i washer anil Ironer an 1 understand plain cooking. A|p!y. with city recoui mendailrm, al 47J 2d ?r,. between 2yt!i and 3CHh ?!?<. WANTI.D-A TOCNO RESPECTABLE WOMAN. FOR an OiUce, at 186 Hrr?l?aT. room No. 9. ANTED-AN OPERATOR on WHEELER a WILSON M lady to i WA a{R? w tT ANTLD-AN OPERATOR ON WHEELER A WILSON TT sewing machine aloacapaod 'lee* e maker, and a lady ioaiu;iiu toa k'rtoch store. A i ply toii6,'i tiiitli arcuu' , WANTI.D-A SMART. ACTIVE OIBL, AS COOK wanher and Irone'' Coo.l wage*. Apply at 155 Ea t 1 9th ' t . bet vei a fl abd 7 P. M WANTED-A LaIiY OF REVINEMEST, TO TAKE charge of a ?mall boarding house on Rrooklyn lletghta None need apply i<ut flr>t c!a->s housekeepers. Address U M S , Brook ?n Post ofPee. W'A NTED-A FIRST rLASK FITTER AN D OPBRA Tt tor oo Singer s -ewiug ninelvne. Abo a young girl t ? a??lst in general housework, at 01 Basi 31"t it., near Lennrf Inrton av. WANTED? IN A FAMILY OF FIVE, AS CHAMBER ma:d anl wolre " and to a s with the wr.s iina an ! Ironing, a plrl who hap go..d city pelerenoe ? l? willing and obliging nr.4 not afraid of work. Apply at 139 We t Jitb ? t. fro in 10 A. M to 4 P. M. WANTl D-A OIRL. TO CCOK AND TO ASSIST IN natlilng. None need apply but thase fulls competent, with good city referen es. Apply at 131 rthioh at, Brooklyn, to ii*y, frou. i<> to 2 o'clock. WlNTIO-LN A PRIVATB KAMIL.T. TWO OOOD rotund gir'a, to do fituorui iNtlimrtl tin at be (.ocxl plain coons. wu:?ri an<l iroatrt, an t cone well recom iiii i. Jo, t Appljr at 151 Kurt tOtb It., fur two .lay*. t\' ANTBD-^OWPRtBNT NURSE. TO TARK < AKB ?' of a vaunt; baby .beat of* required A fP'-jT between 4 and fl (fr.taHk >n the afternoon, at Oramorcy I'ark Hoaaa, ftt'imy f?i>. room MA WANTIiD? TWO TRUSTY OIRL8 OJ.K TO DO boiiai work; the other *? m.rae chambcr -aid and to i'o ) <aln V h n?. B .11. m "t he nil.'ln^ aud ob i?iu?. A pple at lit Frequent ?t.. BPdOttljrii. WARTBD-A GOOD SEAMRTKHB*. WHO I'NDK K lit! it operating on Wi lier A Wliaooa M-.wini; ti.tciuns. Apply at 74 Watt tfiih at. tt7Akttl)Vt| A PRIVATE FAXfLT. A WOMAW TO Tf fr?*b ?n1 Iron; j<)ko. a t;lr' to late care of fibiMfft. App'y ?t iti Wf?l >Hb ?U, between 7lh nod Mh ava _________ fl/ARTED-AH ANRR1CA2* OR OHHMAN MU TT ib to tAkemtreuf tw<i children a?a to new, mutt nut. olievt to Ro in J' ? country for a few niouiba. APPji Uter 1 1 A- H a: 206 We?t2?'h Mrcel WANTED-A RK>TRCTAnLS JOVMI PERSON, AS nurae far "lie eblld: .mm n?ort apply nnle^a hn< mg one jrem rc'ty inference: nr? objcctlna M Rreneh cr Oer Una, Api J at 4 > Bun J It . l<et*eeii ll and 1 o'etix ? ll! ANTED- A ro. ><i WOMAN, WEf.f. VERSED IN l" bl|?lni ??. to rccMve l? UrK (n>r r-t.ler? a m : 'el!; sl.c m i?t >T'?k Preach ml k?RUw>. ArP'y N<*. ti \v . ?? llth^at. WANTED-A <iOOD COOR. WASUKR \ND liiOJIKR, lot a nma . p?n rU) faintly: umn tie a ca i abl<- woman mil ba -e ?<? ! trftrnv.". Apt "y between the bo..r? of 'j ami ll A. M. nt W Heat Jitu at. WANTKD? \ HOOD COOK W A " n K R AND 1RON1R; a en n r?e ?n 1 Apply, with city r-?rer ro e?. at 2# Jane* ??. i nf AKtPD? A (JrftL. Af NI'IIMC AND CHAMBER. I T? it. a i!. >>oue qee.l api'l? without reliable i lly re'e rercc tffl) fratn 0 to It ut80 Kant.Vth ?t. Wantrd-a lady ro i.rarn rriE art or co lor'tif photTfrai'ba Alter two weeka of laatiiietlon, | (i| one tiour. n pt?o I ntnatloo will l>e Rlvun. or ati" can can tinea D .? emp oy. Call at W ^^0Jfl0aBRRa ANTEP ? A n|Rt. TO COOR. WASlt AND fROlt, VV anil t In inkine care ef t?,r> child ei> muat iin dcMahd Her kuatneaa Apply *t l? E? t WHh at WANTRD-A PAI.R8WOMAN MTI.I.lNRliB AND A?*. pn'Dti -e , at Wme. Hitliar a titer Mem, iatt itroadnay, oear Anntv ANitO-A FtmT CLARH TRRNfll DRRSR. maker, lor cotla nBt emnl?w1W?Bt will bfRUeu Apply at ro m S'W Kit th Aeeniir H?t? , frotn 10 to 12 A. N ANTRD-OOOD DUKsaM AKKhi. ATPLV AT 39 4tb ae , oppoalte lith ?l. WANTRD- AN RNP.MSII, BOOTCH OR ORRMAN Btrl. a> eh?mb. mwld. Ac. Muat ha?Ci?ol reference. Applj at .18 *?ea t Attn It WANTRD-RO* 4 RAMILT OP TMRRR PRRRONH. A ?? Hermao girl, fur hon r*.>rlt: ehe muat l?? ARooil plain eook, washer aiM ironer. Oooil wagn- Reference* re qu red Apply at tip We>i 341A at, near .'III nr. AJP TRD? TOR A4"4X) RTRlPI'rtRK API'lit AT Jtt Dunne at H. 8. E??I?JNST?R W w w \\7 ^NPRO-A (II nil Aft tV A I rUKHN AND TO ASRIHt t? eritli warblna aud irouius: inumbnc ?t>.id . .t? r#f? reh" Appf Alter <> nV|w, al ?TR AtJ- a* th.| v,? f ?1b . . Bratdwu u'chwk. 1 . ~ J .jr. . .u .< . WANTED-AN *\ PBKi ENCBD UIRK TO CO?*. w?mi and Iron ; in*?t wake good bread aud |?UI <* understand ail kind* 01 plain cooking mint ?out ? , must w a good washer ?xt iruut r None u?wl apply who cannot wi*r to tier last employer. Apply ?( 139 Lafayette a*.. Br?o*iyW WANTED? a VOTING GIRL FROM IB TO 17. TO lake care of a cnild, ao>l willing to go a abort diatane* !? the country. Apply at 76 Kant 13ih at. w w ANTED-GOOD DIIESHM AKERS AND ONE TO learn dree awaking, at 28 Bl seeker at. ANTED? TWO OOOD MILLINERS. AT 180 tPBIMO at Oa<l all this wee* KANTED-A OIRL TO TAKE CARE OK CHILDREN, ? mint Be well recommended. Apply at the Merchanta" liaoge Hi tel. 130 Chaoitara at. WANTRD - TlJtST CI.ABH MEDALLION CAP makere embroideries, cloak bauds and mantilla trim m<-ra None bat those aeenstomad to the werk. a ad slid thoroughly understand their t uslnowt, need apply to l4>rd A Taylor, corner Grand aad Cbrystie sis. WANTED-A WOMAN, AS OOOD PLAIN COOK AMD to assist in general bouaework; must have good rcfa ranees; llberul wage* to a satisfactory person. Apply tbla dfy i Wcducsd*) ), at 75 We?t47th ?t, WANTBD-AN EX PEKI KNOBD SALESWOMAN, IN A lave and embioldnry tuore Apply to Widerinanoe A Bra, No. 162 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, N. Y. WAN run? SEVERAL DBK88MAKEB8; ALSO AP )" entices, at No. 208 V est 3Mh street, between 7th and bib at en una. WANTED? TEN PIRHT CLASS OPERATORS ON Wheoler A Si llauu - mwhc machine None but e?pe rieuwd persons nc da|tply at t. Warren st. \\r ANTSD-A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOI'SEWORK ?* lu a family without children. Apply at 141 West 15th st. rrrANTRD-AN amkrican woman, aroct fobty v? year of t< l.nuekeeper for a family of two per ?on*, in i cliy one i uudriui miles Irom New York, to a Miltabl" per. on goo.1 w me* will he paid. Addles W 0.. box 5,4J'' f>ew Ytra Post olDce. TKTANTED? A FIRHT BATE COOK, WASHER AND Yt ir< ?er: one who thoroughly understand* her luiltness and ia u . mg iu go in the country tor the hiiuiiner none other Di.'d npiily. call at 223 East 10th bet weeu the houiaol ill an i 2 o cl'*.K. A THK 1'KAORA. ABTRONO. HEALTH V LAD. AOED IS YBAR9, in learn not m isspc. Uti le trade; plumb, ug pie* ferred Ad'l r? s B. M,, room 10, 128 West Btb GOOD MECHANIC WANTED? ONE ACVl'8. lomed to latao work, making tools and drnwing up sheet bras.-. Apply to O. W. Thompson A Co.. 52 Greene rt. CUTTERS WANTED-NONE BDT EXPERIENCED CUT teri need apply stu and 16 Veiey at. Great demand for me. hanics and l .borerb AT ST. LUl'ia. The following are the wages ? Bricklayers por day from $3 fiO to $4 00 Stock or p rested brlckluyers can earn from 6 00 to ti no Brick mnnlders. per month.. ; 6ft 00 SV nvcutterv, p.r day .1 Oti Carpenlorii from $2 "5 to 3 00 Li.?ior?ri from 2 00 to 2 60 Ereeset! bricklaye.'H and stook and common bricklayers can linrt'li.ite en.vloyatnnl, or < an have a start in bual ne>? for themselves by contracting for the laying of a mil lion bricks in aaventl dwellings, by applying to Walsh A Sim'h, architects. Si Louis, Mo. Wa advise a!l c!a*scs to come, and come <)iuckly. OLSK PAINTBRS -FOI R GOOD HOI SB PAINT wanted, at 74 Wext 1't It n , this day. W. P. LAI DEB. H Lithographic printers wanted-two good unci lot crayon and color. ; steady work for t he ea soil. Ap- !y to Ch.iv ITurt. 'HI I'll ton t. PAINTFHS? WANTEI> TWENTY PA'VTBRS; FTBA dy work; wages >2 7S. Api'ly to Bean.aa Jom , 120 3d av. EJAINTl-'lS WANTKD? STEADY ?(iRK TO A 1TW t'ocil in'u A | ply ai paint H oi 73 \V.klkcr si., oral i b No. i'ti Broad tt.. between W -11 and El 1.,'iij.' place. JAMES WEI.LS. PattpRn maker wanted? on ltght machine put eins. one ivIi j oau I'uo.a.i his own tools. Apply to J. O. W! it 'Oinh, 8iJ l' !m It PtrMBERS WANTED? TWO GOOD ONES. APPLY to M. J. I'ttnti, tu K^urthat. TO IRON MASTERS.? WANTED, A SITUATION, BY a furnace builder; uaderstands the Bofsemer A Clay pi i cms la the convernton of Iron. No bogus nickel mining, (?R.elliUt; aud pal' nt winped fti!nac? company need apply. Address V*. G.. SI. David's Hall, 03 Canal M. rpO PRINTERS.? WA^ TED, A YOUMO MAN AS J. pte*sT>an: also oue t<> learn the bu lne a. Apply to W. Bvana A Son. OT3 Pearl i-t. I'O ARTISTS. ? AN OPPORTUNITY NOW OFFERS TO a Ui>t class water <x>lurisi to take a l'; posiliou at n r:, ar\ of tr>0 per week Apply immediately to Oil A ItLP.S 11 WILLlAMauN. 245 Eultou street. Brooklyn. TO I'I10TOGRAPUERK.~WANTED. a PRINTER. AT 807 ith av. VEST, PANTALOON AND JaCRF.T MAKERS WANT ad at 496 Canal at WANTED? A K1R8T CLAFS GARMENT CCTTEn who understands mllltari worK. ami an come well recommended. Address box 281% Washington, !> Wanted? a vegetable gardkni .r and'n diass. man and wife, or otherwise; boll: uiust under, utanil their business thoronghlv l'lie man must tnllj in Jer-taiii! Uie care of bor*ea. J'hry will be mi'iireo to cume well recommended from tnclr latt places. J'roiei-tanis pre ferrsd. Apply Irvu JJ in a I'. M., at Mo. 1*0 MaVden lane, up staus. _______ ANTBD-A OABDENEB. THOROUGHLY DNDBB standing the mui.agotnent of a grcenuouaoj his chief occupat.on will t>e feitoii n a large Catholic cemetery. Ad diess, Stat'nu' terms. Bev. T. V llendrlokeo, Waterhury, Coun. A clever man will hare a permanent situation and good wages. w UrAKTKn? flOOD rOWf'H LOOM TAPE WEAVERS Oood i/Kv kil l sternly cmploj rnruW A | i>ly at lb'2 West 29th it , between 7ih and f-'h avs. 'ANTED-A PRACTICAL LAPIDABY, AT M. FOSB A Co.'*, ID Cor tin nil t m. TAKTED-AT HI'<;HI R? PAINT STORK, 7? DIVI aion it., tfn Louse paititi r*. Apply to-dar. 'ANTBD-TWO OR TH HUB PilkiTEIlS AT 18-H \Vr?t 4:;<1 ?t , tills ntnrnlng; food * at ??? given. H/ANTRD-A OOOP JOB COM rOBITOR. A COMI'E Vl ;cn- workman will bnd a-cady employ raon l anil fuiJ t\ r.fps nt 111 John *t. WAN1EU-A SITUATION TO BUN AND K1RE A stationary rnilne. by n \onns man ol temperate habit* an : ul u \erai ).ar? e?l>"rii uce; hat eoplueer' ecr ;.!i<-a'e, with three vrari' reference. Call on or aildrena Michael B Huort, 188 Better m , (or two days. TIT ANTKD-TWO HOOD BLACKSMITHS; CARIU AiiP. IT preferred; to steady, competent workmen con?nnt employment will be gi\eo. Apply 10 B. Brown, No j claj -U li; AN TIC I)- A SITUATION, AS OARDENEn, BY AN YY unmarr;ril n.on; nnWisMBd- hts BA- 1 1 ess perfectly ; no ob Oct i oo io ibr. i eumry. fall on or ad In ss J. H, W Washington at > lor two da.> a, h?'t wren 12 an-! 4. ANTi?r?-A GOOD BAlt-ft, FOR A RESTAURANT. 2uj IV. too si. IITATOIIMASKB WANTED -A FIRST RATE WORK II man *n n1 tain * permanent ? uatkn by applj nij, t> L Jacobs, ??i7 hroudvar. ANTFT)? AT M. M. VAN DYKE'S HOTEL A PE cvud cirtab Nouc b it tbo?? experienced need apply 1*. ASTBD-TWO FRED BOYB, ACCUSTOMED TO ? Ruflgf ? pr"*'' A sntinu ?r>iii . who and' rt, snds ii.ak. Int: rrad\ luom :hieu f. out erranJ bo>* tvnaMiOutsin p. i mnnt-nt ?ituat'fm? nnd iood w#?m, by applying in ihe o cc, f- i>uau? >t WANTRD-A CU JTKR IN a CLOAK AND MANTILLA esu!> bhmi-n: A| i>.y in A M A 11. Oavien, No. OUb Broadwav. ip Htsira SITI \TIOWS WAKTKD-H\tRN. AN ENRRiJRTIC VOI'NO OERMAN, WHO^HAi travelled a voar in Knrop? aa agent Tor an Ainer' aa niannfa.-lnmiK establishment. is desirous or obuii.tng a ?>tn a r:i as saioiminn or asslauni saluatnan. iir trartin. at'mt, ? t'.i mi Amortean whole ale dry fond* or clclh ImjKirtlnr t Jottlnor house: aaisry not en nniclt an object as a ?Unntlnn in a in #t ilas hou-e. the aiieentwr imrerrnaad* Bni and i lenrta to perfi-Mloa and ' an rl?e first <? ks* city ief??r Aililr^*". .* wtero an in'iu . iew ?? , M. W.. box >MJ 111- raid u mm. t TO! MO OEHMAN FDH PoUff TIME TW Tl ?P A caatry. /Iimillar ?Uh M?<s ftni b and bun, > ,4,1. " *???, isile?lf ii to ohia n a i Herk nitnrr m tile h" enhern *'? ?'k ? "(imil !*? o* u?>f iLnn I ,r *piy bintof city ICfOTWH' fglvcn At! re ? O. V , tin, !i| w \> N B.\'^>'PKMtli OK tHB ? ? ?IV WOtl.DLlhR T? t""t .. espa, t tow alt a'iont i aupp ir( mIs fan ? i. der mii4s wt i< nu and ^?-it Kngii*i. and .i?fia .n. I .. $? oC Ur? trhtstnan. Addr 0 ' or, Ix'i . -t) Be aid oH r ? I{ I' S P I ? 'T \ HI , K I ROThHT 4NT M \ N WANTS A t\ ilt ai ii saroarbnihii; lias Ike bxFlol refrrnnr* t un b ' seen at Mr. Fatat I rety ktabie, 7< We I i-'^d jL couatry ^rlerrsd. PIT! ATION WANTED? BT A FoE*R AND BTR ?DT man; can delve ami deilrrr cuOila or would work In a ?t re; ran write a plain band' would like a perirmnmt alius .on; is * nil rtcnaitiiau<lc4 Arid J. M.. bus Fust o Bre. for two days Arroyo WAN WANTS A SlTI^Afloll Afi PORTKE ' in a bouti . epetks Kiencb and Kutihah fail ji I no ? elberry at , rear inml'nif. Brat iloor, for two days. A; A Aoentleman of exoELlrnt ABII.UIFR AS ineeban cat larenior. bim> liavlaf lean eiportenrr m th? ?aMi and ji weir* buslnee-^ wl-lies aniploymrnt for eiuht i nuiw porslaT In thin rlty. For paitkiaian sddre?s N Albert \ iirgason, Iir At m -t. Nt Ihonklyu. HOOK KEEPER.? WANTED. BY A TO UNO MAN <>r I ) r<pnrkenoe aa 1 i immI liable, a poaltion In a rsllroail oiliee or ?a bmikkef 'or or a.-l lanu n >o4 icferem-e civcn. A rTl> In. or addn ss for iwo da?a Harris, Dey Btrrrt llo'i*. nAETUN DEE. ?WANTED, A RITtTATION FY A steady, sober yaoag man. apeaka Herman aii'4Rn? B*h Apply at the A Uant hi lloto), -oruri ftf Nrw Bowery and Oliver si. / VIAOHMAN -WANTB A aiTHATION AN COACHMAN, V ' a stable man tt rears of am; he is boiB honen and aoboi . no* no ?b|0< ima to poluc a ohort .iKtatir* in me country. Call at fV nth eve SITUATION W ANTED? BY AN BAPERIBNtKD Ii hookkoener. beet of rerovdnnea fnralabed. Address r f l>-rk, bOt 2^161 Foat oiliee. TONANKRKSOnMKKiMlANTB -WANTKD A BIYI' A Hon a* nl-BI nr rrirate w'AtuBtnkn by a ersponeib'e Man, w lib fn in a ,e ? it<m'ea i Addteae H , bos liril Herald Otllre IT- ant:-.o-.'a siri'ATTn'N is< RouKkeeppr r.n ?f oi?i:esi in, by a ?itiiii In <b who .i?acr t. nds i nf Hah. ilntnsn And Kri rrh, ran i duf relnble > mj icivr. #!>? * Adorr?e ?"b full ram*. V t. Iioi IIU II rinld o'Uco. V AVION 8 WiNTHD-MAI.Ba. WANTED- A SITUATION BY A BBSFBOtAHLB ^tuMiUnt )<>uu? man, aa luacbuiau >?> * J>ri,?l0 faintly; ha* the ben or refer, tier tmm hfa la I employer, la wall a*|ierieai?<i and uu ue olio* tioa to u??- couuiry. Gall for two da>? at ma Mtii it., Mar IPth av WANTED ? l?Y A YOUNti MAN lh Tlill OK AOK, tn a banking mum. it iMuatiou in ? Hurt Ur'i oflico, no salary a?j ccled if a gocil chance >? offered to laara tha Susinean ; beat ul reference imui last employers. Address I. 1) 0 , hoi Ihi) llaruld oILce WANTBD-B* A KK8PECTABLB HAN AND 1118 wtia. Haaliah, with high recommendations without encumbrance. situation* a* janitor and housekeeper. would have ?? objection tn a respectable position In A first rlaaa betel as head waiter ami wife at housekeeper. or In a lirat c|M? private family. Address C. W Williams, Union squat* font oflim WANTED? A MITIJATION, NT A YOUNG NAN; IS willing to do an> tiling; ran give uoeieeptlonalile refer - eaoea, Address M. L P., Herald elbue. WANTED? A H ITU ATI ON FOR A MIDDLE AOBD Merman, of ttla*ai<?l education aotlve business habits, sseaktnganl writing ike English and French languages. de aires apositlon where ho. aervloea could be made available t'kn ftro good aity rsfereaoea. Addrcaa C. 8., boi 4,10a Foal ?llice. TITANTED? 81 f CATIONS, BY A MAN AMD WIFE, TT without eeeumbrance: the man as groom, the woman ak general servant iht; wlah lUnation* together In tba country Address I*. Donoboe, King a liver; ?table, Oat ft., between Madiou and 4 Ui u?t>, ITASIEU-A SITUATION AS BOOKKEEPER OR f? u**l tant, by a young man who Is a competent and pra ileal bookkeepei . beat my reference given. AdU?a?n B. B. boi 4 ,'JTJ Poat o flier. WANTKD? A SITUATION AS CLERK OR ABKI8TANT bookkeeper, by a joung man who baa been all yaara Sn a general >tore. Address liwln. Herald ollice. TV"ANTBD? BMPLOTMRHT IN A MERCANTILE 11 house of busine**, ? hero tlie advnrtiser could turn to ao> onui bin knowledge til tba Di'imisb language. Address D. K A . Herald olllco. WANTED-BY A YOl'NG MAN AND WOMAN, A situation In the country; man 10 lake curt ol and drive hft?sr?; woman to do housework; beta competent. Addreaa Wm. Tratb, Herald olllre Wanted- by a man and bis wipe, lately lan lt d. situations with a farmer. Apply for two days a*.l 17 West at., to H Moak. WANTKD-A SITOA 1'ION, BY A SOBER. INDI'BTRI oun youiiK man. ro take tare ol a horse and work in a garden, t'al: at URi We?t 3t!lh si., between tMh and 9lb ays. WANTED-BY A OBNTLBMAV fTAvm 3 A THO rau ;h knowk diif o. double entry oookm eiiiug. a "'i u ali'in as licokkeepar with n good Orm ; the Weal preferred. Addieas Bijokkcpei', 3:>4 ljuwery, 6?<lAn -WANTED Br a YOUNO MAN. A SITCA for. a? -:<ilt baa a flight knowledge ot drr koou. L j?ine i ; m .i.- j all liMid. will loan bucinployar i-'OO. Addrc--. H. 0., Herald oillcc. HELP WANTED? MALB8> Agents can make $hio a month by engaging In the aale of our ORIiAT NOVELTY PRIZE PACKET AND SPLENDID 8TEEI, ENOKaVINO!*. We od'er the greaieat chance 10 make money ever known, and present ercr* aueni wi'h a splendid gold or allver watch fi-ee. Only $15 capital reuuired. Full particulars iu cirou lar mailed free. Q. 8. II A8KINS A CO , S6 Hcekman Mrcet hew York. Tbe oldeai and only original Priia Packugt bouac In the Uniied States. Agents -$is clear per day-one hcndreb of our extra larne aim Priif parkatrcn. with 100 proa enta or je\*e!r? and lar^e l>i;:8 Sole agency for a town ol county, and a Ixiautifu wateh aa a present for the agent Sent anywhere on receipt of $15; cau be 10 Id In a fen hours, enormous proilif, rlrculnra free. s kickaedsaco (tig OiiglnaU), KM Wam w it ,N. 1 Agents make two dollar* from twi nty cents. Call at my otlloe and 1 will prove U; or ten sample* sent free by niiill for iu ? n*v cent* that will retail foi two dollars, by R. L. WOI.OOTT. 1*0 Chatiium aiiuare, N. Y. Agents, oanvashrbs vno all out of km ployment, wanted to soil our n wem, boat and most rapidly ""llltig nriielea *5 rer da heina made. No hu lib ..'. ArUi'le* >.n?old returned Call on or address RICE A Co Man> 'acturers. '17 Park row room 21. tteviiov ?wasted no STorr yoi'Ng men, .or a IJshint ? <>? age io Davis' M una ami ttuilann !'.?> . Voyage foi m oi.Uis. will pay a m . rum $S"0lo $,VM lor the trip. On il i furniabed Oo-'k. arjw nt' r cooi?r and blacksmith wanted. RA.vDALI. I COI'firNEY, Comer of Chainbma and W ?->t stierw up atalra. Agents and BirsiNKS.-' men. with from $100 ro $ 1 ,' K Hi, will be furniabed per its from coinmandauis of ' orpx d'annee to aoll our popu a^, g1 "ds in the various e unman is. Address or call upon Loula Philip A Co., No. 2 Mi.rrav street, New York. A HOT WANTED-IN THE APPRENTICES' Li braiy, 472 Broadway, about 15 years of age, who wrliea a good baud, ia acquainted with book* and lives with bis parents Apply between 10 and 12 A. M. A BOY WANTBD-FOR BRRANDB INQUIRE A* 8l:i Broadway. 6 CANTRELL. A * HO? WANTED-TO GO OF ERRANDS, ONE WHO J\ iioard* wlili hi* parents preferred. Apply at 157 Vtb ?l., west of Bruadway. ________ A HOt WAN TED-IN A LAW OFEICE. TO WRITE ?11 ! do errands. Address, la handwrf'lng of applicant, box 1,630 hew York Posi ollice. AN ACTIVE BUSINESS MAN WANTED-A8 nr'.LI " eter or country agent. Apply at 27 Bcekman at , third floor. ? BOY WASTED? IN A LAWYER S OFFICB, wno \ r> s !? n ? Itli liftn parent* and can write a cood band. Ai i l? net-* een snd 10 o'clock to day, lo Jama* M Bbee h it it, N" r ? N tmkii slreo!. AYulNti MAN WANTED-TO DKIVB A BREAD wagon and take care of horsci. Apply ai 90 6th av. A r RAYMOND'S NEW METROPOLITAN INSTITUTE, lil PMH<r . a few doors east of Broadway <j'ist re BARTENDER wantkd-onb who thoroughly understand! his bo-mees. to attend Id a wholesale and retail liquor store Apply to D Do i herty, 40 Wa?hnigton ?t. , corner of Motrin, belweru 9 and JO o'clock. Boy wanibd-in a merchandise brokir-s oflioe, 15 sr IB sear* of aso who resides with bis pa rents. Ail Jiesn, in handwriting, bos I 126 host oil ice. BOY W ANTED ? IN A WHOLESALE AND RETAIL grocery store; a German preferred. Apply at bCO Broadway. Boy wantkd-at the whitney hocsb. none need applv except thooe who have had experience to waxing in a restaurant Hoy. thirteen to sixtken ybaus or aue named, in an other. ; oue who reside with his parent^ preferred <in:l '?n come weil recommended. Address, in own haadwi itinii, J. B., box 120 lleraU o lice. BOV WANTED? IN A WHOLESALE DRY GOODS store, "alary-one hundred dollar* the first year. Ad dress bill 7&1 I*o-t ollice. OY8 WANTED.? MI'ST BE STOl'T AND ACTIVE Apply at 10 Na-sau si. Boys wanted in a hardware store -two st <ilt, active bova about It! yeirs of ago who resido Willi their pure uts. M..s' come wed r", otntn, nded und be able In read and write wall. Address ho* I 2'iJ Pout odiee. Boy waiiitit?-a smart, active boy in \ wholesale clothing house. Address box 2,'43 Pi st ottii'e. RCG CLERK WANTED? A YOI'NG MAN. WHO understands t e central retail bnKin- hk, may apply at ill i! store. 4 R Can.'il at , lor ihrec da; a K I'll < LKUK W ANTED? I. M M EDI ATE LY. APPLY to ,f. I? Rice. :?)| I' tiit. ? IV , Brooklyn. RIG CLERK Wanted.? ONE KCLLY COMPETENT ipplyaK ,!i! h v near Win ?.t.. after ll P. B 1) the D I)' ply .it or addre a for throe days Druggist ?>>" URMICIISTR? WANTED, A COMPETENT CLERK. TO i.:d an ei ierons. xalaiy liberal, sititutn n permanent, Appll ut on to be made a! P. A. While's wholesale driu,' 4t r i- .riier of Iran k fort and Hold st-., from 12 M. to 2 P v . for two days, w.lh proper credentials nltV GOODS SALESMEN WANTED.? LIBERAL S\L sry will lie paid to first class bands; eitf reference in <||| red Apply lo O Jones A Co.. IN 8th x?., m ar IStii -L l/.M K.RIEN' KD 81 LK AND DKI.KS GOODS SALES J1i mn wnnted Apelf, in the ratali department. lo Lord A Tayior, 441 to 4117 Broadway. I^AIi.MliK WANTED-A SINGLE MAN, WBO TNDKR J1 ?(. n.l? farming In a I Its branche \ rspab'*. orrr?ns?.rn a ?oiai farm. Hatcroaoo ro pilred. Apply to H. W trooa, 7I?1 h !i av fce'wrt.n (KM and (Wd ?ta. I'M.M HANOS WANTED? TO GO A SHORT DIS { taiiu o t*>? *>t?n y ?aH?' ? prf tncath and f< ti i 'y ?' CAfcEliNTER'S large Empjoyraet t llouw i ii, i >t. i*i Mi. ar Also m?ii lately landed wanted. I i ! ? iOD BtlV8 WaNTRD-T? DRAW BR SUES | \,i? t|c<<T r.vei t.pply to John A. Ki .?ig. (. at n it ti.' tru ii -u>io. I *R' ? ROYS ? It MEN WA\rP.D? POK RTRRFT ad I i ..- i ( wink A l ' l ? V at B ''Brt 1I< l!n Proao ? i > et ?*vti thr it. .1 4 ai\d J, to day or ft.' ? rrw. p '? K.'t wAM.t^-iit a hardware "Torr a | 11. *\- *< lie* iv?n, Wltb i|.>o<l fell roll o? ao?l , ip ri*d and write wen. Addrraa hoi l .B Pnm oitlre (^tTI'.VTIONS WANT ED? FOR TTTOHOrollf T <'(>M O p< tent oonehnieo. waltar-, gardener . farm hand-, groom pt'rler^, errant , Ac AI on efnl boy>, men lately iat>df i and l"*IP of o*?ry de erlplloti Apply at CAHPEN TfcK R iarge O nploy inent houso, 138 llth ft., corner of 8th av?. Smart vnuNO mar wantrd-to attend bar Apply to D'iniel r. ymnli^k, 47 Prince "I OIllPPlN'l CLERK, ENTRY CLERK BOOKKEEPER, O barkeeper ? Wsntod, a yontig man to go to California, cl't k lor ? sieamer. dry goods salesmen, hardware ailos rosn droit ? erg, hotel elorg, portor, eopvUt. tescher 'or a primie school, eaurasacra, nuraes. Uarclllnc agent. Other Situations alw.iys ,>p?n. Iilnnsed by the Mayor Mel oantile Age my, UtiC Broadway. Oiiyini/?l IHSg, MONGOMKUY A CO T I1E (IRI:AT AMERICAN TEA COMPANY ARB IN nsnt >1 help. Maud 57 T? ey M. (ilWOSAI-EfMl N WANTED-TO 1KND A CLOTIIINO I giore, In tlie city of Wajhington Good references ro , ij i re. I Inq lira at Na. ? Oatbsnns slip, New Y?rk, fortwodiij"- _ \\j AITKR8.-A r^W OOO? WAITERS ARK WANT \V ed. aliHIDey si Wanted immrdiatelt-wen wno Wirii to en^Kge la a laguimaio linslaeas, in whh-k they can make f:S etory day by a small Investment of 0100 to Ca'l at MK) Broadway . room Not, 4, op stairs. ^ _ HOWARD TILDBN. WLb A!*TED? A WA1TBR, ONE WHO t'NDRRSIANDS aia business and ean ?ma wall rwnosnasandod Apply from in to 12 o eh**, *t 424 Oth a*., sulo door on3 >th st. WaNI lil) -A I" HINT CI.A88 IIOBIERY AND (1ER18 farnlshtnii yoods salesman No otkera need apply to C la? hft,'?U l???auwa| , _ *N lED? BEAMKN, I'lHRME.N LA.NDhMKN. penteis a ii oWeksiitHlis, srea si i * n t he rstoirt W'ttill g *oyn*er. Flie m. imt i o , ?* Vr Appl* to II. ,'AJ^ii.--, * ? est j.-snii ?nti??r ,,| A.itsi,,. uw si lira. HiiiP wahtbd^maum. WANTED? A MAN WHO UNDBRXTA NDS CARVING. ? aMtug uu utftio mitl upwuiug oyaiatra. Ut I'ual A Miiiard, Li.trrey llouae, Jerv y (Mty. _____ W INTRO ? A DM A HT ACTIVE HALKHMAN ; ONI well acquainted wlih the hooi skirt bualneaa. Apply at Osborne A Cbaeaaan s. No M Wiltar il 1VANTK0-MKN FOR TUB I'NITKD STATES NAVT. v ? to amp loi uue or two years Bounty paid uf |3W. aud ?At advance wages Choice of etsainalups. Seame n,, landsmen and oral pasaera. Prim money extra. Navy o.lica oOiuar of CkamlmrH and WaK alrorU. up ataira HANDaLL a I'OI lll'NtV agents. The nbuve lor ships tt. H. tluyler Niagara and tlettyabarf WANTED TO- DA Y? YOl'NO MEN WISHING TO OO to aaa, for voyagea to all parta t the world. In schooners, brigs, ship* aud st< aiders w ves I aid. from $20 to $45 per n ontli o ilfit fnuud Shipp ng iil' *? n ' 8, KaN DA Ll. A cou KTNEY, corner ot Chamber an I Weslsta, up stairs. WANTED- A MAN TO OO A FEW Mil. EH IN THE Country, one wbo well uudeistands tie care and management of horaea and l? aaalat 'hi- Hardener Apply at 43 Kaobangepia e, betweou (be bom a oi I and o'clock. WANTBD-A STRICTLY TEM PER ATE MAN TO ? oik in a stable auil drive wr loualiy. Wage? $10 per week. Inquire at 121 Amity 'tree l WANTED- A tlOOD STABLEMAN; A MARKIKU MAN Without en-umbrancr uiii 1 1?> t perfect v ober, In du triO'H n an, who lliorougiii, understand- tfce care and manage iiikol of hor e . To uch a ip>d a luoiI and nent ntnailnn will he given Addre? XX, Herald office. givlM full name ami ud-li# a and whom la- 1 employed Will oe required to re Ida un the prcini uu. WAN TED? TWO OR TIIRRE IN I>II8 I Rlol'H YOUNO men who bavo lytd ao. no experience in hanJIiug the brush or painting nn ids -a, ehlna or m nriow shauea. Ac. Apply to Uo< per s Uel> uci , lid Duane at., N Y. TV* ANTBD? A ROT TO TAKK CHAROB OP AN VT o Nee aod run crsuuis, will i.aie aonsiderable writing to do, salary small Address, In handwriting of applicant, C. W.. station II, New York Poat ollirn. WANTED- A HOY TO ATTEND PAR: ONE AC quaiuted with the bualuesa preferred. Apply to O'Donohne, 73 CanaJ It. WANTBD-A ( I.KHK IN A OROCBRY STORK: ONE who understand* the busiiics-i Address. with real name and reference, U. L. AS., bo* ."SJ Herald office. WAN IED-A SMART MAN. TO DRIVE A IIORSB AND cart. Apply to J. W. Price, at Harper A Brothers, 327 Pearl at WANTED -AN ACTIVE HOY. WHO CAN WRITE A good hand, to make hlinaelf generally naol nl : must romewe.l recommended Apply In bnaemcnt olllce, 2U7 Broadway. WANTED-BY AN I M f'ORTI NO AND JOMM 1(1 i|iio? house, a porter who thoroughly understands bii bualreaF, mixing, bott.ii g. Ac . Ac., ftml wbwe relercnuei are auexccptlonable. Addie * ('oguae, Herald office. WANTED? MKN AND HOYS TO WORK ON A FAUM and In a market garden, near New fork. Apply to Oouverneur Morris, Morit ama, near Uarlem llrl>)ve. WANTBD-A TOrNO MAN AS WAITKR IN A DININO Saloon i alao on* to asalat at uoon. Apply at 1M Oraud at. ? WANTBD-A MARRIBD MAN AS A COACHMAN. WHO 1 tlioiou :hly caii.ib e In ibe manaueuient and rare of hor^ca. ana Ix a earefxil driver ; willing to make himself utif. lnl . no oti lectioa to a tolorud man, with good reliable re wmmrn lii'ion-. Apply at M Union aquare, earner of 4th av. and 17th hi. WANTED-AN ACTIVE, STOUT AND INTELLIGENT i>oy ;d a cotnuilHSion hmiae. 10 carry out ain.ill pack a^rti auti to of rrrmuls. muat have good reference, one who reaole with hla paicnta preferred: aalary $1.W. Addreaa, in haudwrttlng of applioant. box :>,&><> I on ollico. l\r ANTED-A THA CLTRIf AT BALDWIN'S. S46 3D * ar , oorner .7tb ^t. Apply be uvoen 9 and 10 o'clock TV ANTED-A SALESMAN, AN EX1 tRIEN'i'El) HAND '? lor a real! boo1 and ?lu> hio.u (ine well re om rm nrtcd from last employer. Call nt '5 Cort'andt at , up eia rs. New Yoi W, Lf wi ?u U aim I o clock ia*anted-a pkw i.\BnniN(i men, pucticai, ' * fariuera. tvh? nnderaiand d iving a team of oxen, to io io V w England; gouil wages paul lor thoroughly iir: ~a jii le men. no nlbera wanred. Innillre at HENDERSON S. ?ni at., i out ecu ibe nun l ol 10 and 11 o'clock, triisit..jr Wclneadayl. fjyANTRD?A UKOOM TO TAKE CHARGE OF TUB "? stu! Ion Jupiter, thin nea^on , he ran t thoroutl. y ui .leratai d ?'.ch nuaineHM, and give good recominenrlalbmp. Inquire at 111 101U at. , two doors west of li road way. tir ANTED-A MAN, WHO IS HANDY WITH THE " hammer and saw; one who has worked attLecar penter'a tiade preferrel. Call at 16u West HouatoniL, ekrly tbia morolng, ready to go to work. iy ANTED- A OBNTS' Ft'RNISttljlO GOODS RATES ? T mun. Id a Broadway atore A young man. bavinir a knowledge of the b1 aln??H, Inuuatrhiui ami obliging, with brat olaaa references, mavaddiess Furnishing <iooa?, box 180 Herald office. WANTED? A COMPETENT YOl'NO MAN AS 8ALES inan in a retail dry grocery down town. Address G o cer A Co.. Herald olllce. w w ANTED? A BOY IN A LAWYER 8 OFFICE. AP piy at 79 Naasau at. J T. WILLIAMS AITER8 WANTED-AT NOB. I AND 3 FERRY plnre, Bouth Brooklyn, opposite Hamilton av. ferry. WANTED? A GOOD FIREMAN, FOR A REST A U rant 260 Fulton at. WANTED? AN 1NDU8TRIOCS SINGLE MAN, TO aaabt la gardening and farm ng. Apply at 13 Washing ton place. WANTKD-THHEE BELL BOYS, AT FRENCH'S Hotel. fl^ANTBD? A SMART AND ACTIVB BOT, TO Rt'N T Y oo enauda ; and alao a girl of 16 or 17, to do ibe work of a ail, Ml) family. Apply at Madame I Mines', 3?# Canal su WANTED? A YODWO MAN. TO WORK IN A OHRmT cat eatAldlahment In II boken Muat be well r< com mended. Apply Lj letter to 77 Nasaaa sl, car* of Longman ANTED-A YOl'NO MAN, AN ASSISTANT BOOK keeper Address box 4,712 Poat ofhee. w V\' ANTED? A PAKCBL BOT. A ROUT SIXTEEN ?v ve.irs old Mun l.afe rood recommendaliona. At ply at Lord A Tuyloi's, 47 and 4" Catharine at. W ANTED- A BOY. ABOl'T 18 OB 19. WITH 80ME knowledge of waiting lo a lestaurant. Apply at 714 Broadway, after 10 o clock. WANTBO-TWO 8ALBSMBN IN TUB DRY OOODS tin ine a. at Providence R. I.; Iri h preferred. A p. ply at Hweenv 's Hotel, room Na 4, fraui 8 to <J o'clock A. M TV* ANTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. A FIRST CLASS IT wauer. one Wh<> eaa bring Co<mI rlly leference-. Ap ply between 9 A.M. and 12 M. at M Mb a ?r . i brner < f 10th -t |AT ANTED? A YOI1N1I MAN TO WORK IN A FIRST f? class temperance cro<'ery alore; b-t n.uat have good city re'> lence, Ac Apply to fhos. Wneeu A Sou, 161 1st av. corner of 10th at \\" jV N r R D? A N lNDi'STRIOl S. SOBER 8INOLB If n an to work on a tnnn nl PeemkM. N Y Apply, In pel aou , LvL V\ ecn 1U and 4, at room 22, No ll> Pine at O. W KUTELLE. WANTBD-A SMART MAN AS BAftlUUVU Ml -;T nnderatHnd his bnaineaa .md have ,i good character. M iat brine recommendation* Call at 418 Broadway, cirnrr ? 'anal at., in the restaiuauL 1(1(1 AtlP.NTS WANTED -A BARE (THANI E l-OR H"/ a tike ii. en, no u>nipetulon , ci utiol of a city or e, net? ??lv-n ?o ? neb acrnt Call upon or addreaa K. U Sha!' r A Co.. 78 Cedar at., room S. MEN TiNTFU-rfiB I MtkNCH ADVBUTllEJUtfSTa, *B IKIIVK PFMMR DRSTRBRUT PRRVHRK L A _ piar? ilr lemine dr < baifn <lan( :n< bonnn f?aiiil<\ ei rn mumn ttm|>a pour ilounor ifaa to a* au moaviaiir t t a la ilam* *'11 ?<t MrMHIrn; nn prefWrrnlt de* {Wl aoifWt np*ca. lDi|uir? for Mr*. Maracua'1, &U Urovo *t. UNE Fl I.I.R Al.I.BX ANDR t PROTK<?TANTH> DB*IRB una place < omM fan. m? ii? cu.tmbre im pour ?>uir *OiD" it* (;r*ni'? #nmnt- , ei.V p.irlr blon If FrancaJ*. App'.j ut nr ariilrpw IW M a*.. bttwe*a 14th ami l.tli it*. la the fane j "tore. TTNR JRUWB MMOMHUA tttWAIII di:mi:k I J rait emit r lUi'o i if famlil" cumine (u ifimutc i> |fini<!? enr.mtii a r|ii i rll* ifonm rait <!e* !*oomi de KraBC.ur H'.rire *i> < initial" ? A. U llna'd off. |T!?R PI LI. R PRA A I *K fifth ' RP! ?R PMCf* V. <iau? niM! ix ni.o (amillf, ? it |o r I'.injh r( ri'p.i? rr ?i U iuT iP i o mi ?* ft" "?>'? i'o .i r 'itner n. tiifuut, o * ? i ;* r lain in r ?III# KM* ? ? ?!??"< ? Af trr? lie in> rr ana a M V a . ilfnwd 1 Aica. HitJMHttt*. Bill 1 A Kl> 'iA?M.bJ AT 111 FULTON sTRSPT ? L. IM'.rRl'H ? '1 g Arhn-ri ? ? f ? rt>'?T. ? fcrtwr T.iti!?> . fi r ir?i m. ??y l<i?t. uy wow: tli .New wuh n ? pHttlil <?? ?! ion*, "ii pI ar> n- iteut i?dlf tL" l ?f" <*?i ittven <4 L' OK PU I B-TWO fefl HARP lAHhW. PTU, ?i B. r '?"b b?<?. Apply al thfifflra of ti e La i |t Ho no, Mroail?* y. VJOTtOR TO RO OM PROPRTRTOR? -A I" nifiit'iiu ol tbe bill aril 00 ui proni mt >r? 01 lint all] nr.d Brooklyn win halrt at t Amor ifniiln. room #?. tM? a t ttrao-in. at tlmr o.l.iofc, to mltrl mrnim 'or lia rtdtiolWn or the :#< on bi Hard tab. ta. A rail iitlond?D<* n PArltaulaMf ragaMMriti J. i BRK^EH ^nii'wiiv PMHT1ITH?. \ SKT OF'il i> niRKE HOUM.-M [IHK jf\ ?nifj?f?if|ion or no )+f. ?t 199 Sft?n fcreilti*. Th# < h??p *??1 an?l Kttou|ic*t if ev?i ?; ?do ;?:??, ?M?. oVvfrfMrnMl, to wire ? fuBldd yoniliriif ?pp?i%ninn<i to ftie f%TA A? Une e>'M ?rnl f!?llna *fia of T'rth a* oan bf made nUacr Willi of wttlioni p* No rfM|Hiroi1. Klnn e?t<l fiiuli!" tnm i"d '? 'b* MtfafftabMr, from flv? to M'?n dollar* rano - . Cb?>ap iri>lcht?d MWII (rta of Tri'th, Aon nllron* o* ??)? p??, al ISUHinii vonnc, b*l??*o Kilt?"i?tfc aad MliMemn ?IrfXU Artificial tbbtu at rhbijced pRioBfi. Wh?i!o tin*, ?#. $7 ?*. ?IKand $M. <uparlor In hoa'ity. itlirnUml* ???? Ii"'l ulniem lo all olhai*. TtatA IUI?it, Oil ronta to f I. tlDr WIIITK'S. Fourth MtMl mrw a nnbor). CO Ala. ^ ^ ? KmI 'L005?t SoUMtAkN, ? 8TOVK KU(? AND riinm. ?. ?l r?v>n?'i? and ilrli*?r-d at fSmfrnnthn SYrd. anil $'J fto"? ba>K? for xutnj bo m.K by DW1UIIT HKiiwn v.i and *1 llorailo ?twL X, H ? Htoraa* for ? 'nal aatl Oil. rioAU.->KRT KKI) AM AND WHfTB ABU ?TOT? l? I m ami Fniaata C'XII. (crcap 'ami l.:ll?rra?l II' *11* l?it of tlio f al f l Ja p?r ton. UlllliAd ftlflKPM. ? 'uinri rliirt) a?<oud " ?<it ..1..1 Irntl n-unc. B ^11 PKR rO.V-RKI) HiNIi *V?II?K Mil GO A I >J)i) i)u ?? ii'iiiod nail Jell'. ?' Ht. r n 1 i : 11 mild, Mi '*!>? lint, SJf ?l Anilv .1 ?? VI avi Inj phi ? nf.ii si^lli ivrnme, #4.' Bo?rrrj , ? 'ii"M .? .tlt,'i an 44. frail ulri-M. a. l'H(< Al?v> I i.U ?i"ui CLOTH live. A T Wn,!'"r\7A,T tVKNUK HI4R okuure to uim ' ,, IT* ' ** "?u *?"???? ' I'M uaure to <4U ti ? ii< f; agam U?*t I li4n- r* ??'v?a a Iat ? ofder Iron. IWoralaaad ibTvs i ^ aim Ca ico, Delaine, MukIib. 4, . tieatleman t fo?i? tin ti ti to **)' ??u, ir ... $. 10 t7 A< U ' ? l'\Jn"wmrn rto?i't fer?e| tha ni'lit Biimbrr. M llARi'lv* -w.-nih avenue. near Twenty tilth tree:. By callln ' on or a.ldre*" Ing me yo? will be dealt w I ill hnnw > "1 tars will be a' t< mind to from Brooklyn. New isrsev. Huw> .en, Hlataii Island, Ac. Ladlea punctually attainted to liy Mis Marcka. Attention for cie hbvknih avp.n, k~~ c uau KM U'<e* tli? opportunity 10 anumiuoe to I cuauaia" t turn lift haa advanced .v per rant on tha uaua! pri e? mi c ? t oU Wearing ippari I, (1rprl% Furi.ilure. Jewiury, 1.1* mm. da An l?we have a great demand for these article ? latliea and grallemen baring anf of Iba seine 'o dispose of cannul fail lo njcena the highest pr ces by culling on i- ad ?lre?atnf P Harris, I IK Seventh av niie. hecraan T*entl*th and Twenty-first alreets Ladies waited on by Mrs K liar rli al lhair nam residences ATTKNTIOJf ? AT 212 SEVENTH AVKVUB. H. ROSBV Hhlut. Uu; California and SVcstr.o itanc y s'lre. re calved large orders to pur Itaae f75. '?? "forth of Cast Off Clothing Thase ordera muat l>e fn . I. Had in a varjr aim t tin a Ladles and gentlemen, 1 wisli rou would take parti cular notice an I look over tour wardrob e, and #ee 11 mu have ?n? clothing ton do not nral Kr>r your eat faction I Will m?nM0b aoinc of the f>rti?a 811k dretsc*. Irotn fd. to $.V>; eon's trcin to $i1, pant*. fr ni $1 to ?7 aleit, woollen and umtlln ?lre-r.e?. carpa'a I urnlture. ewdry, Ac . by railing or addressln.! H RoHF,\ RBR't, Tf'i Havan'n sv? line I. a. lies attendi d to br Mm ftoae bars. In and out of Racily gllKBR I'L\t'E.-AT M SIXTH AVB1IUK I^AOIbS .\ and ^ft'nrtrn-an will rtnd ' a fa rand h'">"?t dealer, B. Iff MTZ, (O whom hav can dt^!>o--e ol their v -isr 'id' ('lotll iiig, ?'ar|ict?, Krrnttji " and Jewelry, at 80 pet cout jnore tliliii by nther "tea' -ra In fha c||v I prnijtl<e (o [mv 'ha Ml lo* in;' prices ?Willi Or^saaa. frnm t? >ir>' ^?m'% $4 t? 3W I' nil 1^2 to $7. ANo f'?r Woollen, |i>? hoic ar. I ^Iom. Mn Uivuc:* Uj? hliilmt ni/ili prtaa wd oa pud A ei4l or a not. by . cat will be piincliiiilly attan led 'o T.:?.li?w attend pd to by Mm. Mini*. Remember the original It Mint* an I ibc t^umbar. iH't Si xth art nue. uaar lligh eo.-nib *tf<*?t. All orili ia ,rom llrookljn and Jeraey Oily punctua ly atV u.!?J A A A T Mi HbVI'.NTH A V EN UK. CORNER Of TWfcMT. /?, ?l?'h itre. t, E. tlAItT will a iv the liluhnat pri??? for ladies' and gentlarnet>> <'?*? OtT C ihtns, < ariie'?, Fufni tora, A?" , by ?uinti>g or addrcaaiutt a note, Ladles attended toby Mrs. Hurl. ATTKNTIOff-WANTKn, A LOT Ol rtst OIT Ololhlng. for the Western uouket. The !n? .? ,t nnali prlcea will ba given for flitk an I W ol'an I)r??ncK CiMta Paula, Furniture, ilarna'a *e. A uo'e liv im<i will be ?ittaiuled 10 by Mr. 01 Mta A It R A t! A vf ?. V-'S foventh avaaue, betwaan Tvvei.'.yMth aud Twen'y aiJth atree'a, caat aide Ludlaa attended to bv Mr*. Abr.. am*. T TfTF Of jD WKLL K.VQW N STORI .75 KKVRNTIT avenue, If you inuu to w nil r your ad?aiita?e b? aelllng your fast Off Ctotliing. Furniture and Carpet < then give me a trial, wlitcn wili be UMi>la'.r? y to your aatia ac tion Pleaa* call ou or nddreaa a no'# toll. HtKT. tli Savon th avanua, betwaan T?euty ae**nth and Turentv eiglitb atr.'eta, l.adina attanded to at tUalr own raaldeno* by vfra Hurt. ATIKMTION ? AT TUB NRf 8 TORS. 114 TIIIRO A VB nne, ladiea aud gentlemen are guaranteed to l*coiT? tha litgli at price* for each urilcla of Caat Off Waarln* Ap purel Furniture, Cariiat*. Ac., for the Southern an 1 west ern market* Please remember and try O. MIHH. 114 Third avenue soar Fourteenth ??reel Brooklrn ortlara aU'ndtii to. Ladfai attanll.'d by M ra. Mlah AORKAT DBMANP rou Cl.OTriING -I-ADIE3 and gentleman having any Oast Off Clothing, Furniture, Carpet* and .fetvalry, will receive the hlBhea! p lca? by cad Ing on or uddreitairig A. IIAIIRIH, 6.M Third a*enua lie tweeu Tlilrty eighth and Thirty ninth atrueta. L. id Ira at tended to by Mr*, Ifarrla. \TTF.NTION? AT 218 BKVEVTIf AVBNL'R TiADrES and gentlamenean receive ilia hlglieat price lor their Wearing Apparai, Furniture Onriiata, Ac., for tha fouUieitt ami Western market*. Plerue remember tli* p a-e 31, S. .1 RAUBHAUM. SaTanili menua. All ordart promptly at tended lo. Lad lea attended by Mra II, \T NO. 137 SIXTH AVJ- NI'K ? t.A HIPS AND (18NTI.F. ruen, 11 you wish to r? omre il.? i.l,:'.e?? pi re for your Ca?t Oil Cloth m:. Ca.peu. i'nin turn. Ac., the l est you can do ta to call on or send a n >'o 10 P. M I NT^, i t 1117 Huth ave mio, tw door* from Tenth atreet. l.ul.e. a Irnded b. Mra Mint Tn.e, you ? I 1 bt ilea' t tviih I" your rvtlifactlon and l.eiioQt . 1 . I I tIB QU STAMP, , ,t ,-KVKNI'U A V I'.N I K, HE J\ tw- n Nineteenth and Twtntlelh atreela, Ladies and gentlemen will receive the higlust petua lor their ou*t o ft Clothing, cnrjieta. Furniture, Ac., by calling on or addres*. Ing B. MILLh.U. who la willing to |>av the full valua lor each article. Ludies atteade<l by Mn HI ler. LA JlOB AMOUNT OF LADIES' AND OKNTf.K ni"n'e Caat Off Olothiog. CarpeU, Ac., waut' d? lot which we guarantee to |>ay the blshext prleae Pleaaec.iil onoraddreaa a note to M. KONINsKV ;'M Seventh av a. nua. Order* Irorn till* and adjoining citlce promptly at tended to by Mr. and Mr*. KOMI N.skV ATTRNTION.-fcADIKS AND OP.STLB MBN, IF VOO want to diapoKC of jour Ca*t Olf Wmrl ng Apparel Car P"ta. Furniture. A'^. as I want thatn fur tha t alif'i rnla m ir ket, call on raendnnnte bv pnai to fl COliN, i'40 ffcveii h avenue. Ladina attended to by Mr* Oo'.n. ATTKNTION.-WB ARB IN WANT OF A LAROB aupplr of ladiei' and gentlemen's Wearing Apuarel. The higbc*! price will be given by calling on or a?tdr***lng A. H ARRISON Ht.i Seventh avunue, between Tnlrty fifth and Thirty aUth Htraeia. ATTHRNBW STORR, M CARMINE BTRBHT. LA dins anil g' litlcmen ean receive 00 per cant mora for Caat Off Clothing. Furniture. Car, ata. Ac , by 0*1 Ing on or addressing 11. h A HT, at U>e above number. Ladiea attend ed to by Mra Ha> t. At sm bowrry-ii. rosuntti al, havtno a great deaire to purchaae a large quantity of cant olf WearTag Avrare' Furniture, Car|>el* lewalry, Ae. , by eall inn on or aaareaMng him ladiea aud gentlemep can obtain the utmost vaiue far each article Ladle* attended to by Mra. Rosenthal. Please remember, and try 3M Bowery, nth poalle Oraat Jonee atreet. At tiib NKBT BTORK? .110 nintti askhvp. ladh s and gentlemen can receive ai per cent mon tor Can Off clothing, FtirnUni*, Cnrpeta. Ac, by ca llnf on or a<i dressing LB WIS M ASEK, at the above number. Ladiea at tanded lo by Mra. Maaer. f^rttLAF Aim FAHTTtOXABLB ClrOTfTlNG. I Busliietii'uata,., $t to $lt Black Frock Coat*, line /. B to l* Uauimert fanu j to 1 Aa'luel Pant* ... . . 2 to 3 No. 4-7 Uioome streaL Store will ciuae al 8 P. M. T,AUIP^P0lLt0rI0UR INTEREST ?FROM SI0 TO I J pai I for Silk ftreasea The hlgfieat cash price na'd rm Kc 1 1 1 1 e ui e n s. 0 1 o 1 b in g _ Call ou or ad lreaa a note In the oB< e of L CASH BRRO, 48 Bast Twelfth street near Broad* way uadiet attended to by Mrs. a nroaa Thb AMERICAN KNaMELLFD HBTAJ/tlC COLLAR CO., AMF.RICAN BNAMRI.rF O STBRL COLLAR CO., manufai tuie the beat amole known In n atal lor geotla met-'* collars They nre the l'ghte?t tmat ditrible, be*4 enamelii d. and 111 oat e egan*. collar in themsrkei. Tber ar* instantly clean ol with a doth ami water and ro 11 mend ihem*enea ?a|M-c ial,y to the irave.llng p ildio. and military an I na?al gentlemen. Brotiomi ta cannot fal ta appreciate their The tiado suppliru. A tamp'e collar sent, prepaid by n ail, up. n enclosing ll e n.ea 'ire of jo 1- ne. k, witii on" jsdlar for a Turn Over. ' or eeventy live centa lor a ? i'b ii r," to C. U. WELLTNO. 94 J'inc atieet, New Torlt. (illHtUn wimT11 OK C LOT II IB O WABIKD.-I will pay the rlgheat prlcj fer easi off cloth I n L-. I'arpela ami Furniture. Call, or addiaaa. tl B. Kill 1?H HO Seventh aieiitie, between Tiiirty-thlril and Thir'y-lonrth atreet. |yidle? attended liy Mra Strauaa. AKW A TIONB. Ail OK, HONTAINIXO AN ACCOUNT OF THH nav eniof I'Jn-. Fi tula. Stricture. au<l tbirty other unpormnt ill ?*n e .'win Hn -ont on receipt #f ? throb <-ent Ui Hip, or on ?t>p!ir?iiiio to tlhXKV DANIEL*). M. !>., Operaiing ?o?l ? .1. ?. t o<; Surgbou, 691 l.t ad? aj . N. V a JMIY.SIOLOOIOA1, VIKW OP BW J\ laluln : nearly 3<l0 pace* and UO fine piste* and en ?favnig* if ihe imsKiiny of ttie human ortana In a *tala of libailn a ml diauaae. Willi a treat an on ?ariy error*. iu <1? plorablfi ?on**(|ii?iir?< npon 'hn mind an.f I -oiy, wltii tfio aatlmr'* )>lan of treatment? thb onfy rational and ?uore*afnl mo a ii ?. id, a* ?ho*D Uj ti e report or e?;>e* tieatr.l A tru fhftil btfrlbbr In the marrle I find th i?e contmnplailn * marri ??? who would know Ihe r pliyalcal condition. Sent !r> ? of po* a e io any a ddrim on receipt of 13 oaatAla ?lamp* or ro*nl eurreney. Addrr?a Dr. Lft emit. Si ?ald*a lane, Albany. N. V 'PIIB OOSI'BL OK HLAVKRY-ALL TK WHO WlBW I hi rrmi of tlie hHH,-. on whlcti ill* doclrtitb I' Uuilt. bur clia a I'rlmer of treedorn. Ma'l d to any *<ldro 1 <>i r? Mtiit of prt<v 1.1 ant?, T W. .?>'!, rubllaher. 98 Xa?i*u ?tr ?t. New York. WHY KVKRY M AS SHOULD M ARRY.-WHY F.VERT vi man alio i >1 "urty, All nav n.arry. To know, 'Itlnmrmleil >urri*re 'Mild* and Modtrv Ad' -i??e. ? h r Will. Ran. M. k). ?*U |iti Sent pverywl.era In Willi vu? vbl jc, for J5 ce?tt?. A'li!rr-? 12 While 1 true I. X. Y liOAB OPKIC?l. ? At (*o_ vomit likrrally adv anckd on dia a hOr. Waliiht * J''W' ry. Sll er I'latb <i?na, Plato!*, Ai An ranntrbker*' Ttr ei? ?uii.*d of Dlbiroud*, Ait:*.' .i?w?f v, Otin*, riatol*. Me., for Wile* I will 75 i>i 4 1 ?u< n an II an im/i be rhujri d al any om#r pit. ? e in tti'- ' li> f*) Btoailwar. ci rn'r of llojfton ptr< el, up elaira, ro .tn u. At 1' 1 r Y rtYMtifM iroadway, r 'Mvr* or Bonn *1 ai rwm ,N". A u|> aw r* ?i ? 1 ar ?hr huri* ???l .. l?i ? f?f l?' ?Oo ia, ?>t wr tinaot; W?t'bM?n4 Stl rrr R'nrr i - ai'-aj tt mide "n lha aame; an<i al?o no r...jtoa 664 Hramiwat. _ ? t rr~M ohkv i,?|iKiui-r,Y aia ajo bd at ti A 0> J?IAJMONI>^ WAXOUM. JKWKbtl, Ac. riOIiPE*. lfAffNU^s, WAOOMS, k\ 4 Lao. <Jmn paitsbRokeks ii. Kiim w\xn:D at 7; Of IJ omniid* w?UB??, .'nw?lry, Ar , ??<& HO (mt ? *?! mmi? i ?W than can bo o ta ???.! at any jther pi.iit in the fly, at 77 bie? t kar etn at. Al CA N AriSAI 8 1 KbKT, ROOM Nil. 3. THH ll.'OH Mt prieM a-? pail ,r '.win or art Dla noti la. Na'rarg ? i d Je n ry ?>f ? i ?r? d?? r ii'l^n Al?n >h? itlW Ittmrt ail'aiKHa int. ? im lunavn. out of tua abora ailiuioa, by /V HON Hi* AN, nlanonil HpIit. AT ] AWXBROK BRb' TICKETS WANTKO. I will pay SO f? 'r tent n ore 'hr n Any othrr rer?nn In tf a H ly lor tieketa f?r I>l.iin(in>t>, iii'.da*. Jewelry, tiuna. Pn toie. Silk*, Av,, Ac., a i M> Cbaihaia ittroet, ruvm .No. 3, over tin bat aiore. Tiik iuo?ir"t cash rrttcE paid por c avei. flair Bbawl*. nl>l P ir >'ai f>? dne Lh old Oold *o<l silver, by I.0C1S ANKlCii, iis Br oa lwa>, >in>iar tka S?# Ton iidtiT LKUAIi NOrU Kl. BM'ANT TO API ORUBK OP f fi HfOII COt'RT "f t'tiMoer* mado in the .natt'-r . f il?e aaMe of ti latar Dreamer, lat" or Cmbet co'irt. m the ? ity of Lrtiudno, mer chant, deeeaaad. Mil la a canea litany Dreaalai and otbera a^alnat lAi/anne Dreaaler an * another. fha crrdltor* oi lb'- aald tiustav UraMler, late of Cwiti e?ijrt afore>'*ld. and of St^eetnam In the ronntT of Sttrrf* . Kit ilaad. mfrrbant, ? Im <11 .1 In ..r the montb of Pt cemlw-r, laiC. am by tholr anil tof*, on or be ore the m- dnit d?y of May. IHM In fci >? in ?n l | rove rlieir ?t im*. a: 'k* < 'h iiiib^ra nr lh? Ytr-n flhancl or. "*tr.l > ? ->tii.ut, to. '1 OldHiiun- I m 'Iln a Inn, Hldtl. Ku^ia id, nr In d fa-. U thet-rof they will tie pawliyHtrti} Ate nde.l fr m ? ia hen. 1 1 of 'lib >aiii order miliar . Ihe nmlli '*? y "f Ha* I* ?. *? m?e o'el'*-* In Irlb aflCiPi-.- i at ?h aid i liHfnbi!i if ?? lutrd fot uanriii^ itn i an i ml n ? i 'ltd icon I hi- Malm* Jl.i'Oil line t? rnfi At'i Jij 01 i'?h l'ii| \Ll RPl? II \, t'blef Ci^ri. ff .1 \V A Will n:, n kla? ?"-e?i , ee.imkla I-"'1"* I'l in in 4??iii-it ii?

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