Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1864, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1864 Page 5
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?ffiSfealatloasfor pnmtk|MUMtM? the wster, wfll p l&U> aflbot oa the 1st of September. It to sppltosbls bothtothsaary tad mereaatile saariae. The mm IMwa !??? beea adopt* by England ud France, and perhaps 'l>f other nations, aod kiTi thus beoome international. uwrnon itoum nomi to rMmiirBi. A oew prtaelplo baa beea adopted by a raeaat law, -toasasif , aathertmlag the Puetaaaatar Oonarai to refund to vPoetmaeUra the sums of which thof may have been 'fobbed by the regular rebel foroaa or rebel guerUlaa. AMOtramuHT or rn 000a* of claim. The United States Court 0 f Ctalma haa adjourned till Ooiober, having disposed of all the oaaee ready lor trial. | HOOTIRT OF STOLEN MONIT. The tea tbneaand dollars atolen from Major Van Valk ?oh org, at Aaaapotls, 00 the 13th nit. , waa recovered to ?lght. It waa found In an old shoe, where the thief , ?Burna, had hid It Burna la la the Old GapltoL thirty-eighth congress. Fran saaaioN. laaata. Waaauforoa, May $, 1M*. raa aut arraomasm bill. Mr. f? ?nsa. (rap.) of Me,, reported froaa the Ftnanoe Thimmltloo the Army Appropriation bill, aa amended by the Houee, aad aaked that the Senate non ooocur aad re queat a onmantlrr of oonfareooe. Adopted. t aaiA em ooa l lands add tow* rsopsaw. 1 Mr. HAatAW, (rep. ) of Iowa, reported from the Oom ga Ittat oa Public Laada the bill for the diapoeal of ooal laade aad of towa property la public domalna, which tMrorldaa for the eurvey and sale of ooal lands at auction, at Me mlnlmam price of twenty dollars per acre, and for She eurvey of plots for a I lee la to woe, In lots of not more baa four thousand tiro Hundred feat, at the minimum prtoe of ten dollars per lot. Qcoaua or thi sxnatk. Mr. Baaaiua, (rep.) of Oblo, called up the following raeeluUoa:? That a quorum of the Senate Khali hereafter oonl't of a ' majority er the Senator.- duly qualified. Mr HnaaiiAM said the House bad decided that a majority of those chosen constituted a quorum, and we should pass a similar rule, ft was never Intended that Ihls govern ment should ha broken up either by open secession or for want of a quorum. We had yesterday an example of the ?vll eflbot of the present role when, at Ave o'clock, just aa aa Important bill was about to paas, the Senate found ttaetf without a quorum. Mr. Foaraa, (rep.) of Conn , opposed the resolution, as ' there would be more difficulty In And log a quorum then thaa now. The more the responsibility waa divided the leea It was felt. Mr. Davis, (opp.) or Sy. , considered this the most Im portent subject ever presented to the Senste, and he boped, In order to allow It to be fully dlscuaaed, that It would be made the special order for to-morrow at twelve ' aod a quarter o'olook ? axra>irai<. thk panrrnra or txxTsncrrs. Mr. Airrmnrr, (rep. > of R. I., Introduced a bill to expo* dtte and regulate the printing of public documents, which was referred to the Committee on Printing, f It requires the accompanying documents 0 the Depart neat reports to go to the government Committee on Printing, to bo edited, and portions selected desirable for popular distribution, and lsaued, with the reports and President's message, In one volume. It also provides for the aale of extra documents at coat. PAVINU WISCONSIN ?oa LARD. The Joint resolution to pay the State of Wlaconaln five per oeat of the land sales within her borders came up. Mr. F?iiisa addreaeed the Senate in oppoettioa thereto until the close of the morning hour. turn twsnit riv* million bill passko. The Sooate thee resumed the consideration of the bill appropriating twenty five millions of dollars for the pay ? of the one hundred d >ys volunteers. Mr. Hals, (rep.) or N. H., la deference to the feelings of his frisads, the chairman of the Committee of Fi nance and of Military a flairs, who, with him, seem to oonaider the measure unwise and yet necoasary in the present emergency, would waive bis objections and par hapa vote for the bill. The bill waa then passed ? ayes 23, says 14, as follows:? . Tbas? Maeera. Anthony, Clark, Collamer, Conaees, Do? llttle, reaaeoden. Foot, Foster. Crimea Hale, Harlan. Howard, Howe. Lane of Ind.. Lane of Kenoaa. Morgan, Morrill. Ramsey, Sherman, Sumner, Tan Winkle, WiUey and Wilton? U. Savs? Kenan Buekalsw, Csrifle, Chandler. Darin, Hard log Bsederaon, Johnson. Neaanith, Pouieror, Powell, Kiddie, dprague, Wade and Wilkiaaon? 14. nvKMAv or miutast jovnra. Mr, Wilson, (rep.) of Maaa , called up the report of tbe Commit lee of Conference od tbe bill to create a bureau of military justioe, and moved tta adoption ? proposing, aa it doss, that the Senate recede from 11a amendmenta limit laa the pay of the Judge Advocate General to four thou aaad dollars per aanum, with the rank or brigadier gene ral, aad the pay of two aaa latent Judge advocatae to three thousead dollars per aanum, with tbe rank of e^looel. Attar eoaoe debate tbe queatloo waa taken oa the mo tloa to agraa, aad resulted? yeas 18, nays 10, or within two of a quorum After eoaie delay In fruit leea efforts to get a quorum Mr, Qaous, (rap. ) of Iowa, moved to adjourn. Rajeoted? yeaa 10, nays 33. Mr. Doouma, (rap.) of Wle., moved that the Sorgeant at- Arms be directed to request tbe attandaaoo of Sena Mr. &)iuan, (rep.) or VI, objected. It bad never base the custom, and there was no use to send out to brtag in abosat senators while tboee bare were la the nseaatima leaving. Seaas Oaaatsr eaggsstid that tbe doors be locked. Mr. SaaaxAB, at a quarter past two o'clock, moved to adJoara, whtoh was carried, yaas IT, aaye 15. Adjoerued. Hmm Ot Brprmatttlvw. Vumaiox, May 8, 1884. or cm An or m pat or klmm Mr. Suaaaox, (rap.) of Ohio, from tbe Committee on Military Aflhlrt, reported a bill providing that on ud after Me 1st of May next tbe pay of privates In arms shall be taoriaaid from thirteen to sixteen dollars a month, and of nou-oommissioned officers ae follows corporals, lit; sergeants, $20: orderly sergeants, ?14, sergeant majors per month; elerlu to paymasters, (1,100 per annnm, he. Mr. aomwc* moved the p rev Ions question, and was about to explain the biH, when Mr. <>>i, (opp.) of Ohio, asked his colleague to with draw the demand, so ns to allow him to atneod ihe bill by I ocrnising tbe pay of private soldiers to 918 per month and of non-commissioned officers to 930. Even this would hardly he enough to keep pace with tbe in creaee In prion of tbe necessaries of life for the famtlloe of tbe soldiers His (Mr. Cox's) friends on his side of the House offered this In good faith. Mr. SomaNK declined to comply, having been Instructed by his committee to urge the present bill. Mr. Da whom, (opp.)ot Pa., appealed to Mr. tcbecck. He was ehalrmaa of tbe democratic caucus and desired to oflbr that which that oauoua had agreed to offer (or the soldiers. Mr. Mm replied if the democratic caucus were more nunaerouo than tbe Union caucus they could vote down tbe motion tor tbe previous question. Mr. Scbsnck proceeded to explain Ike bill. Both tbe Senate and Hooae having acted upon the preposition to equalixe the pay of whUe ead colored soldiers, tbe C ommittee on Mili tary A tfetrs hnd principally conQned thisnsilrss to the bsorsaslngnf pay. la tbe oourao of bin remarks be said * was picpsssd to assend a totmar inw so tbnt officers msy have leave of aboeaoe tor canoes ether than sick ?ess or wcuads, without deduction of pny sad allowance, aad that the Cbasaoe shnU not exoood thirty days In nay ?ne year. The ration ef 1881 Is restored, mat lag a radaotisn of oae dollar and thirty-nine osats a moath. This look away nothing esosattnl to tbe Midler's ooaitort and sabsistence, sad gavs him supplies ?;aal to nay ssldlsr m the world and twice as much ss thons of JeC Davis, la the aggregate the government will save ooaffideraMe, while the soldier Is paid Qve or six Mass ss sMCh la osah sa the deduct tea in the iaerenee of unanimously, there being 135 yean. tub iitt airaoraunov siix. Mr. Bisii, (rap ) of Pa , reported from the Usauatt* tee oa W?ys sad Means Mm Ssaate amead meets ta the Navy Appropriation bill, aad the Bonce oononrrad In thane eppraprtattag nevea million two handrad P dollars 'or the ssmplslien of sixteen screw steam sloopo, M^hUIIsbs tor tbs purcheee aad repair aad uhsitsi of viissls tor blockading purposes. Tbe fleaate struck ont thn approprintlon of one hundred aad thirty - Ave thousaad doflnra for the parohaeo of laed adjoining thn Charleston* Navy Tard, and on the nmeadassnt ths Oeaamtttee sa Waft sad Menus rtooimeaded a aoa-ooa Mr. Bouua, fopp.) ef Ind., Bared a rednotlna of the apprnprtatiea df sfitly thnssnat dollars, showing that US wee the value of the property leal autuusn Mr. Maw explained the circaaistaaoaa upder whlsh this subject came before tbe Committee oa Ways and appropriation w*s recommended by all the | tas yard, by AdmiM oommao duals who bad been nt Ufa yard, by Admiral! Smith, uf the Bnreau of Tarda and Docks, and by Sucre- n tary Wei lea, whs all eooalder the pnrahnss of this prop erty an. meary lor govera asset usss. Mr. fine, (rep.) ef Mass. , showed that ths oelurgemsnt af ths Oharlsstswn Navy Tard bad bsssaii osossnary bp ths Isrgs Increase of the nnvr. Tbe debate wes ooni noud, those who opposed the ap> propntaltou regarding It sa a apooalatftn Tne Rouse ooneurred In the Sonata's amsndmsat by a vote of M to 98. The Hease thsa concurred In the Senate's amendment provtdtag that no money appropriated for the Naval Academy shall he applied in the support of aay midship man who ahail not bursal tor be appointed In atrial ooe fuemlty with law. Ths Hease aext ooneldored tbe Senate amendment pro viding that the Naval Academy sball be returned and qp-eetabltshed at Annapolla before the cmmeacemeot of the next noudemtc fear. The amendment was ooacunwd Mr. n,m (rep ) of K. I.,eaid that on the breshlng out of the rsb^'loo the academy irae-ramovet to Newport bp tbe Secretary of tbe Navy The eame authority which removed It can r?aU>relt The academic year win oo?n I maao* in September, 1888, and If an oooaatoa should oc-' car tor lie removal before that time It would doubt Issa be dons. Barides tbe Naval Academy property at Annapo- I lis wee oooupiad by the War Depaa-vmaat, which had do o lined to surreoder It. Mr. Srarta* said that Newport was a large and fashion able plsoe, sad, with all Its vlcee, was no Ot plnoe for u 1 voungssna. It is alwsya better to have aemtaarkaa of learning In small villages, where there are but few temp i tattoos to vioo Anon polls la a small vlllnge and J net about Ihe right also By returntag to Annapolis the govern ment will eava seventy- Ova or a hundred thodtnnd dol lars a year. ? unoowrrsniTioii or rax nanst. stavss. Tbe House reeumed the oonsi<lerati?n of tbe bill guar a? tee log a republican form of government to the Rut so u..l.fOftod 'W ..rethrown hr th? i I III , mpiuiilM^tor ? n, that the ??**?? P??y ?m ototiMd PTn^nnTT Sfi!liTSL,A;Uut 1,0 pwr* to <?woe states irtuful record Um that made kf Ik* luilf >h. Seoooruto party during tbe iaat towT.iJSr^^r -Sh l?""*?r*t?<, an<W ? democratic admloiatre ??n,'.T!i5. ? P*troaage ??* oaaeeot, atiaiulaled ud eo<oura?ed by the pronlM of the awl of Northera *"< ?"w kept olive ut Um bone th*4 UM mmm party wMl omm to ito ? ttsta^T the course of the democrats km wae do4a? more (oT7?l rabelliua iban our defeeta oa the battle Held, while the democrat, hold Preeldent F.itioolo to a MrtS aooounl ?d ohargo him with vlolaUoaa of the oeostitoUoo the* have no oom plain ta to utter agalaat the rebel* who L??? ooostltutloa at defiance. They want to readar himm^ erlaaa to pooloh traitors. Id oot,ri..a,on mTTLk." f.T. JJ^avery muat com with t.,a ,?at etraggto!? TO*y Kurt's? x z^z isasrija.' ^srsass, ??.??t hl?^op#^!L.*,Jh* y?n?*z?i people in rh??.H^ m,?ii, n "**" 7lth "* tttigffl isP^ifpif both the North Jn^th^ftI..ihW7 p<,*<,erul "* rwiSSrS ii?Zl.?0.7 ? i.'K.XirKS'iT!?' ... thi bill -aiSS" B ?"*?!" ""? " - ine tteuao then took a recess till T P. M. rvbnino amsiow. i*? km ,BOOHSlRn<Jr,o?r of ma RBDcf, HTAran * SmS tB.whManbSt>2^,!!r,t^ ^Xnial^Ll0** tbo Place of jja-jfi a89^;"^ ?EL5 be*n^wide?taor e*ll0r.llehed B,,'"*or. would hare P ? of % so-called coofpii apmpv ?* * -? ?SsgSg?f^ provide In tbo fund/meotal l?wraS ^J^nl."iTKr,K,'n as jA-awaSSS-S == ? s^&JsEwff -assta tSuranssSiSSi^11^ "S.T5S S2TW??? ffinssr"* victory would bave bom ??l?**i^ f?at Dot ??? President had not Ll^b^r^u- ? *r,njr " lb* W ^ cl"*> tOTlmory. Our t^T^SgiSSSP ????&C OM*M m,.lu?S ptanTTtbo?^^^^ which went baTd^loh^d aW??.te ,C'T" *?**' higher autboritT to wblch be w^W annT., ^ W*SJ who woro quick to detoct . he P*?I,te, would listen to counsel, ^bo^h^h!/ . , ?TIU 1,1,00 ' for a time, the doceotiea ??w\L ?iy ho misled would reidw So military aorvioee hadl bosn Lm Li.^J whOM> ?nl,loaM? Ignominy and disgrace He ? b*y '"g^'i'tude.^dad^i.TratlonVo^ir ^ 'Cta or funy ?^"^lKh(?^d)^N b?d oaro of tbo Sele^TcommiUos (M? ?^lrm? certain oa what UcU he ^ Maryland) , to ae SUto government. h? ' U,,t ,b* man bad declared that overthrown. The gentle ?Mumption, and the oit.omo of rSffy ihe TwIHUp V conotltutioo, la all ita element* nr ,'.. , ? oofedorate ?n improvement oa o?r ropuWloanlsm, was cleerlv doQnod tbe poworT^f ftfsut People ot tbo Southern states LJti, Ths liberty to day than we hai? r~.lT ?o oyed more '? roepoct to oqr owa ? n^Ussa*?te^!^ 15* pugnant 'toV^rty'. "T?!l!Si "^.atsSr^'K tezrszL. ?rssfa.srjrs afiSSLs. r il'li'.', ,b'.,,Tf^ srsss ^ ^ nT*^ 00 tb" ctt' thM ?? *honld foda ral gor o -mnen t ' hi ft r1'^ ? ?Pf^h ? "? g**et (W moot ing^le pr*l 1 m, and tboro declared himself to be a war demo Bia (Mr. Woo.1 s) participation la that meMln. was con flood to an advocacvor miai?.^l ""f.kow^ver, todefend tbe ooorae be was for malatalning tbe TTn ion Intact He ?? <"? o????S5V2iA5 j~s?' ir'Sd-ffi.^'i'T-Vi^; stood by my aide, he spoke ai tb? !Tn ;rtr^r a vffzrssz z fS-'iS l^e rlgbta of two aovorelga Hutaa.' as to General pledged himself that If ho oould not nra** i-^L ?_ n.y?' ^5i r ?" "" >? <arssas bo (Mr. Wood) woqi? VoSJahS u!t replied to the other cbargw orifr SjmS^ma ? ly tbaj i imfHK-atlog bir\T7h uw llew^^^l2pw42L PMty !? power, -be said, had nimi ZrwZfjSZ JS! proteoses, and bad commlttedthe^^lJ.Zr.^" agal at tho I n loo and oooawtatl^ ll?2T!L?,i25!" I rated by ds^otiam. Hkerty over perpo ?r" wSS.'Sm'SI' rSn"S*J2^i^T 2 ^L"sL?L".r- t?. .w < ^uygaajr -??. 21!?~ SI 'iSaZfjrsi fin'*; rtet Md sod it loo boiliog^ha* *? work. Ho tbJL advocated u? am "J tboofll || VM DOt (Kmdy What hm ifMirai t? ' or the flooth have am ? ^ Pwyte coMwaw la at W^miad a? u>iUu??itZ? ? 2? too?? to tbo Uoloa for all Umo. and if bj oS^i j^' IJiJi 7-i? *L . Oamrtot the Dnitad luiee ^2 declared thai thM revolted Statea have only as alien saoaisa lavadiog tho laad aad^blTS!^! or* ootoaiy traitor., hut pufciTc aaaiaMa ^Lae^ut2 ?? overthrowp, aad It la the doty of iWiaT^S governmootalSr thetn whoa ooooooot taUTT- . oar daty to aiako ooaqaaal by all esoaaa kaowa 'to modLl warfare aad within tho limMa of iZZy u eedwe ?* Boaae, at a quarter to sktia o'slock, a^oornod. Disaster tm tfee Brltlik Brig Htllto. Poitun, Ms.. Map ?, ISM. The Brit tab brig Nellie, Caput o Lewie, from Tark'e lo lande for Portland, with eleven Ihnnmnd at(M bnnitrU aad fbrtf -eight boahela of aaM, M oomlng Mo thla part throvgh WtXtebeed paaaage, wast aahora oa Spindle lodge aod will probably ba a tout loaa. A alaanieblp want to bar aaaiataaaa with a lifeboat and took the eap tola off, the aft* baring Ml before. Wreckera are em ployed to aara m nrneh aa poaalbta ?k U4a. I-oaa of Uo Brig Blliaboth, m? Baagar. New RiTn, May I, 1M4. Iba Brig Elisabeth, of Bangor, la dee with ooal aad bound to Beaton, waat aahora oo Shark's Rear, off Brnd ford, oo Moodaf night Bar crew were taken rroaa the rigging, where they had remained dor twelve boura, br a boat'a era* from rolrbaren Tba brig waa alaaea yeara old, aad waa ralued at 117,000. ftbe will probably prove a total Lot A Beldlar Shot while Attempting ft* Deoert. Naw Rim, Map I, IMA. Prlrale Jamaa McCarthy , a recruit of tba Twelfth Ooe neoMrnt Telnetoera, wa* abol deid at balf-paet nine o'atook tbte evening, while attempting to deaart (ran the Oonacrlpt (Saaip at Urapor iae Point. Ooort Calendar- Title Day. Brnmra cm m? Ciarw ? Part 1 opana at eleven A. M.-Noo. 9M. 470*. 901, 1223. 11A1.13M, 1307 , 303, 1*09. 1811, 1813, 1816/ tail. 681, 520. 1243, MJT. 1493,373, Sit. Part Opponent ten A. M. . at T3 Unane atreet. -Noo. 1US. 1434, IMS, M. 000, 1804, 1M4. ISM. 1M4, 0M, 000, ISA, MA, 9M, 004, Ml, 0M. 15M, 1120,1249. Summon Cottar? Tout Taaa ?Part 1.? Net. MIS, 3M0, 3001. MM. 3707 . MM , AIM, 3137, 3*43, 1003, 3301 , 3?87, 8808, MBS. 8M1. Part 9-Nea 8419, 3020. 1832. SIM, 10T0, 2099, Mlft, 8809*, 38M, 0930, 9900, MM. 34M, ?M, Ctmwnm Puuo Omiar Taui Tana ?Part 1.? Woo. AM, AM. AM, AM. AM. Sf7, UO. MO, Ml, Mt, MS, 644, AM, SM, MS. port t-iihwoM tin MesMi.Mh toot BftilrMd IccldcM la KtaUekr om muih iitua uw fvmr-ii0iif woukmb Uwmua, May t. 1W. *? tm* kmet ?? Hash ? We, Hifi i oUsnk last w? ft ?*k tk? Thirty-seventh Ohio lofaatry, mU with a sad accident. At midnight, two miteo Ik It Mfoof Ifeofordsvtile, th* ult of th? rear CM brska, ??4 on checking up the Mnrii car* of the train undsr went a ooooasstoa . breaking their piatfortas (M '?? the mr Mr down aa embankment. killtaa HUM ?m wounding twenty eight, wrmd Hnrdi, Mr? o# whom have slaoo died. A kttkmu had several rtt? broken Tk? wounded wore lake* to Mun ford* viae. ?word for HeClellu. TO TU IDtTOB OP THH HSBAI'D Hurt lum, Saw Tobk Habbob, Mir 1, ISM. Pie* os tod eaoloeed two dollars, aa a slight token sf da teem tor a brave aad aobte general who baa been eheavs ratlf persecuted. A dark otoud new overshadows bin, but Ike light iti all shins? aad th? true light to enlighten and enliven the Union League. The an net of liberty sha* drop ob HoOtriiaa'a brow the wreath of rioterf, aad ?tamp on Amertoane the eeal of omuipoteeoe. D. BOWMAN, J. RILKT, Ninety-third Mew York Votaaioors. to t? iMroa or vni nuu. Bbi n Ooowtr Home, Baaoma, Ph., I Mar 9, 1964 I Enclosed yon will find two doliara, to be devotod to ?*the people's fund" for a sword to bo wora bjr oar MM oblettaln, fleaeral MoOMIaa. We regret that we bare Ml the ability to gtre mere, aa his diattaculebed ssrvioo to oar oouotry'* cause deserves. Bat we hare oarer (Md any oooaoctloa with govoraaseal contract*. 0. $. K. and Q r. & *0 THB EDITOR OP TBI HBBAI.D. Enclosed I send ooa dollar to add to the amount nhlsh you are receiving frost soma of the friends of ?' Little Mao," for the purchase of a sword for him. It was to me aad others quite oertaia that whoever was toobtatetbe sword at the Fair, General MoCleltaa was not the maa; and I have not a ahadow of doubt that cer tain persons were appointed and furnished with money from Rome one who may be round within a hundred ml lee of Washington to Insure this result. The trhole thing was so transparent that be who would not see it must bare cloeed bis eyos But It will not lesson tbe number of ?? Little Mac's" frleids, nor Insure "Abe's" victory or inoreaee his popularity. It is ol tbe same eloth which forbid the soldier* of tbe Potomao contributing too oenta each, Home mouths since, for tbe purpoee of procur ing eome teetimonial lor their favorite General, which was oaa of the "smalleet potatoes" of a vary small heap. General MoCleUan'* friends do not expect any favor to he shown him rrom such a source, but they rest satlsflod that the next eloottnn will tHI the story. A VOLUNTEER IN THR WAR OF 1814, And loyal to the oouotry and constitution. TO THI EDITOR OP THK UKBALD. Curr or tub Thibo Maw York Battbbt, ) Nbab Brandt Station, April 30, 1804 J Rnclosed please And flrty-rour dollars, contributed by Bfty four members of this battery (one dollar eeob) , to aid In purchasing a sword for our old commander, Major General George H. McClellan ; and it Is with cheer fnt feelings we forward the Bame to vou , believing there are loyal soldiers in tbe army aa well aa loyal citizens in New York. We are, sir, yours, respectfully, FIFTY-FOlIR MEMBERS. Of the Third New York Independent Battery, formerly Mott's. Sword for General Geary. TO THB EDITOR OP THE HURAI.D. MarS, 1864 Rnolosed please And one dollar, second subscrtoAm for a sword for our worthy General, John W. Geary, aad hope his friends will oat forget tbe brave, hut silent. O. B. W. , Veteran. City Intelligence. Srookino Casualty ok ths Third Avnnhs Railroad? A Labobiito Mar So* Ovsb Aim IirHTAimv Rii.lsi>.? A shocking casualty occurred oo the Third Atmm Rail road last evening, by which ao unknown laboring man was toataotly killed. The details regarding the affair are exceedingly meagre, and there are several versions to It. one or which la that the man took peaaageoo oar No. 106. of the Third avenue line, to reUiro home. It being about half-pan six in the evening: that be was riding on the forward 'plst'orm or the car and had ao alterca tion with the driver. What the altaroaiion aroec from is oot stated; but the story was circu lated that the driver, becoming exasoerated with him, threw bim or pushed blm off the oar. which ran over aad Instantly killed bim The aOkir occurred at the corner or Twenty fourth street and Third svenoe, and created great excitement, a large crowd gathering and making serious threats againat the conductors and drivers, whom they ssid bad no respect for laboring men. and abused them when they could. The polioeof the Rlirhtoenth precinet were on hand and took charge of the body, which was removed to the Bellevue Hospital dead house. The driver was arreeted and taken to the station house, where he gave his name as John Forsyth. Deoeeaed wis about forty years of age, bad dark brown hair, and wan dreeaed In a brown sack, gray knit jacket, brown Ko*suth bat and heavy shoes An investigation will be made into the aflhlr to day by the Coroner, at the Eighteenth precinct station bouse. Msnrnro or ths MmoAtmLS Libsast Assooiatioii.? Pur suant to a call Issued by tbs Joint Boards of the Clinton j Rail and Mercantile Library Associations, a meeting was held last evening In the leotureroooe to devise means for rxwlog rands to pay off a mortgage of $00,000 acainst the buildings, so ss the interest on thst amount may be annually devoted to tbe purchase of ttooks for the use of the library. William R. Tv>dge, Esq.. of tbe Arm of Phelps, Dodge k Co., occupied the chair, sod stated the nbiect of tbe meeting, after which a motion was adopt ed, directing tbe Board of Directors of the I.lbrary Asso ciation. in coojun<-tion with tbe cbsl^man or the meeting, to appoint a committee of sWty members to solicit sub scriptions, and also to report at the next annual meeting the names or the gentlemen composing said oommiitee The members are sanguine of being able to raise tbe necessary amount in tbe course of a few months. A Womas Commit* Strict ds ? A young German woman named Augusta Ziegar, residing at No. 101 Cedar street, committed suicide about eight o'clock last evening, at her residence, by cuttisg her throat witbarasor. No reason has been assigned for tbe commission of tbe deed The Coroner nas been notified and will hold an inquest on tbe body this morning. Deceased was tweutysovtn years of axe. Air I or f'soerwr.? Hie summer promises to be free from one grsit affliction which was extensively Celt during tbs Isst two summers? namely, a scarcity ef that Inestimable artlole, Ice The supply which has been gathered together is said to be immense nearly doui>le the amount, in fart, that used to be coosnmed in flush seasons. Tbe prices have fallen in proportion to this abundaot increase of supply, so much so, Indeed, that everybody will be able to parohase tbe delightful re fr Iterator for domestic as well ss Insurious nass. Tte Ice companies Intend to sell to families at ths rate of half ? oenl per poind. Police Intelltgenre. A ?AB?. vo tss sorros or nts ssoaio. Nsw Toas. War t. 1*64. The attention of the pa bile is reepeotfuilr directed to the decision of his Bono- Judge Dow ling In tbe matter of the share* preferred against me by Hanlta. flreen A Ce. It will be observed that afar a long and tedious examine Hon tbe complainant* Hailed to substantiate thetr ebarae. whereupon tbe sees was promptly dismissed. Tory re?pect fully, OHOAR O. BRRNaBD. Wfcjr is Phhlss St Men's ?? 1ft* lit Bloom lag Osrsus" like one of Phelaa's great billiard enrmasT Be eanss It goes to every ball. Why u Pbaloa A Ben's "Wight Bloom lag Cereus" aheap St a dollar f Bssauss ft Is worth more than a hundred BOMfciA* Rlfhly Important to Wossdot Sol diers.? All soldiers who have been discharged by reason of wounds waived In any battle, and who have not received the BUM bounty, eaa receive the same at onee by applying airassrrciixr "?*' -* ,a J out? B. PBTITT A COM PANT ?arrsr, Eddy * Oe.-Rssafors. tsrnciv. Bstsa Class MM? May S, ISM. 14, ID, **. 1ft, M. 57. M, 44. 13. 70, 19, 34. ? _ Ensroosr. Ocass IB-Mart IMA. 10, 49, M, 14, 36 , 44, 19. 34. 77. 1. 37, 38. 6. S. Hlmmons 4k Os.? Rsnsfon. Iiiut Bxtba Class 111? May t l*M M, 3ft, 16. 13, 7. 11. 45, M. 33. I, 33, 39. Class lltaMw i mm. 83 , 33 , 70, 17, 36. 44 , 48 , 3ft, 16. 46. 19. 30. 37. VrBBM, Bills M Oo?Rsesgais. Lissast Bxtba Oiass SB? Msg J. IML M, S3, 36. 54. 4, ?7. 19, 66. 70. 53. 63. 7 Class SB? May 1 IMi 50, 40, 33, ?1, 67, 16. 17, 4?. 36 . 36. 75. 48 , 62 Prlaoo Csohed la All Ugslliod Cotto rtosand iaformatioe givee. OAM.AOHRR * BKHJAMIM. Brokers. M0 Cheetost street, Philadelphia. Prises Co shed In All li*|*l lotteries. Information given or sent. JR. C LAV TO!* k OO. , 10 Wall Street. K. T. Reysl Havana Lotlery.? forty Per seat premium paid for pri*e?; loformatlon furnished: the higbeot rates paid for Doubloons and all kinds of Held sod Bgver. TAYLOR ? CO.. Bankers M Wall strest, R. V lottery Tickets Cashed.? Information given. JOSEPH BATBH. II Wall street, nws Ro I. A Boantlfnl Conyileklon.? L.alrd's Bloom of Tooth wrpa^ex everything for prwervlni end beaollfv tag tbe complex ion and ?kAn. AO Bieadwsy. aud druggl l? every whore A Bad Breath.? How Many Lovers It hes asperated bow many friends for e^er parted. To effect a radical core use tbe BALM UP A THOI'SaND PLOWKH8 as b dentriAoe night and morales It also heeutiBee the completion Prloo 80 oeata. for eale by all druggists. Ask Por the Vlnalgrodo Totlotto of the Boeteto Rygteeiqae of Raw Tork? greet cosmetic aad mot lory? aad lake ao other Depot, IB Cham bore street. Afnoi, Povere, nnd nil ComplalatB of the ehaoge of weather, saa be sreveutod and cured by the nre, as i habitual beverage, of BTBIh rKUD'p WtBNC'H TOON At; BiTTRBB (TO Mmmb street, comer ef JDts. hew tecki, whteh is tbs only imported Huter- know* tops One tem Home, aad ?aaellgasd aa the 0rta*p* ktmmM. All I lltlBPlllB ~ MAILS FOR EUROPE. TNe Ami Rlu? Bipedltloa? 2Ut?mmU ofUr Union Arny-UlMt UUIIlg obm fr?? Cite iUk?l State*? Important Hewe tonne Kille*! C?k?, Oentrnl hA >??U Amor ton. It. Donlngo, Ac., te. TlMnuii *<o*b Aoetretaekui, ChpUlh OMk, wtt tear* thto part to da? for Liverpool. The nulls for Europa w?J ckiM w MM oMf at half paet eteeea o'otook ihm mornia?. the New Tom Hbbalu? Kdttloa tor Europe? wW be ready at half-?Mt tea o'otuok, eat will oootala *ddilioaal partlcatoM of tha Red River EtpeMUi, and of tha Bat Uea lately fought In IxmiihUo* . I be Laieet Peepil?hee reta il re le tbe neoremeoU of the Ualon Army In all portion* of the ooeatrf , I Ale aad lutereaUaf laleltigeaee hrea tha Rebel Staiee, the Lateat New* (rem Mac toe, Cab*, Cen tral aad South Aaoerlca and at. Doattflo; Renew* of tbe Haw York Market* aad Report* of a I m portent and in tereellnt aooarreace* of the week. Sofia ooptea, la w rapper* , read? for ? lll*g, AvaoeaU. A. ? e o e e a e*eeeaae a a a e a a a eaeeeea e RBNOfAL. DINAR ? ANNUS * 00. ?atr rrnotbo rsoiT m nnoaowat to * rAic kovr. OPPOHITR TUt~ UTOI BOMB Jobber* *ud lame bayera of Nrdletae*. Perfutaerr, A*., Vdl eoaeult their interest by ei*aunmg our lameoae etook. eniape**rt eintoairaty af thto oi*** of good* ~ UNNA8 BARtfKS * 00 H. R.? The iBlUel "8." to omitted fro** oar Nff**t*r* from Kef 1. 1964. e e * e e e a As tile W??tk?rc*ck indicate* every hang" or wind, -o OKNIN'H COSMOPOLITAN HAT BTOBB Indicates FVt.RY CIIANOB OP FASHION In evary department of the rorewn and doaneatio HAT TRADB. It It the determination of the proprietor that everything which <M4 the light, either tu tha plain or fancy depart ment of the btixtne a. on either Ida of tbe mlar, shall be found in hl? e?tablnhment Henoa the vnriety of hi* atook N one ol lt? moat marked and ati iking feature a. To day there are on hand over ONB Hl/NDKBD HTYt?K8? nest week a hundred and twenty ; for it la one of the rulen of tbe atom that nothing new in the line wluuh may make Its ap pearanoe in any quarter ahall he unrepresented In tha alock. Men of fashion, meu or business profea-ional man, aportimen and traveller- will tlnd tha a-taorlment of gPKINO RTYIjKS FOR ORNTMtMKN the mo t conioua In the city . and of Faucy Hat- fur ohlldrea. Infants ana yourg ladle* the alock h la sumptuous and varied hevend all prece dent UKMIM. 61) Broadway. A Radical Cure for Hernia or Hnplor*. WHITB 8 PATFNT I-RVBR TRUSS la so constructed an to i>oeltivelycure this dangerous dlseare. No pressure la ma<le on the bark or xpermstlo oord; action la Inward ?nd upward, light, clean and eaay. The power can be made strong or weak at pleaatire. as required It dif fers entirely In principle from all truaaealn use, and la made to eure. and not simply hold and injure. Pamphleta free Hold only by OKKOOHf A CO., 600 Broadway Adrtreaa to Bmok(ri.?Pollftk df Bon, Moerahaum man u fact urers. M7 Broome street, near I ha Bowery, sell goods at wholesale and retail Pipes out to order, repaired, boiled and mouuled. Alarming OaMi of Headaeha, Tooth ache NeuralKia and Catarrh are cured by nelag WOLCOTT'S luatant Palo Annlhllator. Bold everywhere. Aromatle SchledaM Bchn?ppi>?Th? oheapeat Imported liquor aold In this coaalry. For aale by all drugglsta and grooers. A. Holmes* Photographt, 599 Broad way. Particular alteotloa to out door work, views, Aa. Braadreth'a Pills P >r one hundred and thirteen yeara hare held their repu tation high for e llloaey. mildness and ahsoluls aertaloty of operation. Tliey are tbe beet remedy for COLDS. BHBOMATIC ATTACKS, PMVKRB and disorders arising fiom obetruoted perspiration, ao oom moo in this climate. They are uafirallad as a Family Medl oine. In Dyapepela. Loaa oT Appetite. Babltual Coativenaae, Rheumatic Pains In the Head. In affections of the Kidneys, and aa a General Purlfter ei the Blood, they hare not their eitual among all tbe mediolnea of the day. Principal office. tM Canal atreet. Bold aleo at Mo 4 Union eqaara and by dealer*. Batehelor's Hair Dyf? The Best la tha world Harmlsea. ml labia, Instaotaeeoua, Tbe ooly pea fret dye. gold by all drugglata PaoteryM Barclay street. Braallllam Pabbls Spectacle! Bad Bye Prcocrrera. to strengthen and Improve lha et?bl of old and young, by day and night, without pain or fallen e. Highly reeommeuded by the medical tenuity. Kill HONS, Occnllata' Opttoiao. SWK Broadway, opposite Bond street Brllllaat aad Powarfal Day asd Right Double Perspective Olaasea. for the Aet<l. sea, op?ra and toortrt'a tike? compact portable and sllleient. A splendid aaaortmentat 8EMMONB' Occallsts' Optician 8 6BH Broadway, under Uafarge House. Boots, Nit ore aad Oaltars Made and Imported before tbe late advance In prloes, 2ft per oent le-s than pr? cnt prices at B. KUKRIS A SON'S, 81 Na-aan street, and O'M Broadway. Cemetery Kinbelllshmeats, Bonqnet Vases. Ivy Cross" Mauaoleums, single Orare Kneloeurea, wrough-t and real iron Raiting of everr dea. notion OH ASB A t.'O . Kit Broadway, opposite St. Nicholas Hotel Crlstadaro's Hair Djra, Preservative and Wig Depot wholesale and retail? Mo. ? Astor House. The dye applied by akilfat artlata. I'orna, Bunions, Inferud Halls, Eh* larged Joints and all dlaeaaea or the Feet cured without pain or Inconvenience to Uie patient by Dr. RA0HARI8. Bur geon Chiropodist. 769 Broadway Deafaess, Impaired light, NOISES IN TUB HBAD. CATARRHAL AKFBCTIONS IM THB THROAT. OHBOMIO CATARRH. OATABRH OP TBB~TTtf PANIC MOOOO* MBMBBANB, OBBTRUTICONB OF THB BUHTAOHIAM TUBB OUBBO. I 'ROSS BTB BTBAIOHTBNBO IN ONB BIMITTB. And evory dlaeaee of the Bye aad Bar reentries eitner ni'-dical er aurgical aid aUaaSed to bv Dr. TON RISEN R F. RO. at bto eooaaitlng room a, U< Broadway, near Twelfth Dr. Marshall's Catarrh Baa IT Caros Ca tarrh. Dr. Narah all's Catarrh Saaffcuree Cold In tbe Head; Dr. Marahall** Catarrh Snuff t-urea Drowslneaa. Dr. Mar ?hall's Catarrh Saaff enrea Headache Dr. MarahaU'S tJa ? urrh Snnff cures Bora Byee; Dr. Marshall ? Catarrh Snuff cores Dea'aesa. tt opens aad purine out all obstructions strengthens the glands sod gives a healthy aattaa to the parts affected. Hid by all dnijprtat* Dyspepsia Tablets.? Ash far Welllaff's Dyapepala tablets Nor aale By all druggists at SO oeats per l>0*. Distilled Dew far tha fthsn and Cea pie ?t m la tba heat artMie knows. Bsld by droggleta De pot 7ld Broadway. Dr. Marshall's Catarrh Ban If.? Dr. Mar* shall * Snuff cores eaid la tha bead. Dr Marshall's Catarrh ?nan mires drowsseeoe Dr Marshall's Oatarrh Ssnff cures besdsebe Dr Marshall's Catarrh Snnff cures sore eyca. Dr M.rabaU's Catarrh Snuff etirea deal neea It opans and purres ait all ohstrwotiaae arongtheaa lbs (leads and slvta a healthy action to tha parte affected. Msi ?-?iy%S2 ? Dyspepsia guroeaafiilty treated hr Dr LOWS Hours from 11 Is A at IJ Brevoort place. Tsatk st reel, near Broadway Oosrasl'f Pesdre Babtlls V proofs Hair rrom low foreheads or any part of tbe body. Warranted, at bit new dep.*. iU Broadway. Grower A Baker's Hlghsst PrMSlna Blaat'C Stitch Sewlag Mechloea. 4M Broadway. Health aad atreasth. Dr LAltOLBT'S Moot and Herb Bitters care Jausdlca. Dyapapeis. Haadacha t'ostlvanesa. Loss of Appetite, Im pn roiea ot the Blood, Hnmora nod Bowel Cemplaiala Prlcea 15 m and 7ft cents a bottle tlBO. C. OOODW1M A CO . Whoteeale Agents, M Banovor atreet, Bootes. If Tan Want Ta Knew, Aa., ltead NFPtCtlj COMMON SRMSF. a carious hook foreurloua psopl- and s goo.1 book Tor evory one prioe $1 M To be bail at sli news depots t'onteoia tabiea mailed free. Ad dress Dr. M B. FOOT!. I. tM) Broadway, N. T. I.arties. Atlentlaa.? Klutlaa, any Wld'h ft cents per yard French Fluting Uompany, W7 Hioadear. between Twenty-tret aad Twea*y second ste. Millions af Battles Of Mra. WMIsIiOWB SOOTH I MO BTMDP are aeld and o ed with never failing aaawoo It ta aa aid aad well tried remedy, aad has stead the teM af year* It retteee* the child from pale, raffalates the atan?neb aad bowels, curea wind colle. ftena Mia gtima. and, Vqr giving rvst and health lo the child, comforta the moth?v 2S3bJSaij?* ^rVw!T*ri' ?r"P?l*na. Oalttd lUtM LO-IO B?ad* YHeee iwn tn im< u4h tfc* eat *r 0? gr? of March 8. IW, wklcfc prorideo thai all boada I? U mlar U>l? act Ml be BXBMPT FROM TAXATION bjr ar aoder ??? Mat* or maaiUpal authority gubeortptlone to the** bond* or* reotired la (J oiled Maiea note* ar aotoa of l?. Mooal Imu Tkor oro TOHB KBDBBMBD Uf OOIW, at (ho pieaauro of th* iHonaott, at mr period not laaa thaa lea oor more thaa foit y yean fwa Mr data, aol aatO thai* redemptloa fl?B PrITobnT IMVBKK4T WILL BB PAID IB OOIM, oa bond* of sat onr on* hnadred dollar* aaaaaUr. aad an all oUor ^da oamt-aaaaaBy. Th* inter aot lo payable oa tb* Owt day* "* t March aad H*pteu?ber la OMt roar Regiatemd Boada ara recorded oa the book* of Uia United Stat** Traaauror. aad oaa bo Irhaafemd oa|f oa th* owner* order. Coupon Boada ar* payabl* I* keanr. aad or* mora oonreaiaat for ooomorolai uaaa. flnbaorlhere to thta loan trill bar* tba option of baring their Boada draw Interest from March I, bf paying tba ao eruad intercut la oota-(ar la Ualted Statea aotoa, or tba aotaa of Wattonel Banka, addlag llfljr pet eeat for preanlum,) ar reeatro then drawing Internet from lb* data of aubaorlp tloa aad d*po*K. Aa tboaa Bottd* are *<*mpt frona man lei pal or Stale taia tloa Ibalr value la laoraaaed fraaa oaa I* three oar rant per aaaata. aocordlay to tba rale of tai lane* la rarlon? parte of th* ooaatry. At U>? oreaent rata of premium oa (old ther pa y ore* eight poroeal loleraat I* eurroacf, and an of equal oaa re olenoe aa a permanent ar temporary ioreetment. It la beuered that no aon<>rltlea offer a* gnat Indnoeaaeoti to leudera aa the rariona d*aori|>tloii* of (Jalted Stale* Boada la all other forma of IndebtodaM* the faith ar ability of private pirtlea ar atorfe oompaalee. ar ae pa rate eommuaillaa only, la pledged for payment, while for the debt* of the United Hiaie* lb* whole property of the ooua try I* boUea to aecun the pa?ment of both prinelani and Internal la oola. Three Boada may be eobaoiibed far lo auui* from $80 *p la any magnitude, on the name lerme. and an tha* autde 0'ioally arailable to the amalieat lender and tha largeet oapl tallai They oaa be e*or*rtod into money at any moment, and the holder will ham the benefit af the Intereet. Thejfaot that all dtillea on Imo irt* are payable In apeete furniabea a fund for like payment of lotereat oa all gornrn meat boada largely la eioeea of the wan la of the Treaaury for thla purpoae. Instruction* to lb* Natlooai Bank* aetln* aa loan agent* were oot I Mined from tba Uultad Btat** Treaaury nam Marsh M. but la th* Brat three wee an of April tbe anbanrlp tlooa bar* averaged more than TBB MILLIONS A WBBK. Bubaonptlona will bo received by the Traaauror Of the United State* at Waablngton. and tha AaalaUnt Treaaurera at New York Boalo* and Philadelphia, aad the Pint Rational Bank of Mow York. No. I Wall atreot. Heoond National Bank of Mew York, Twoaty-tklrd atroet aad Broadway. Pourth National Bank of New York, Pine at reel Bi?th Rational Bank of New York. Blatk araau* aad Broadway. Tenth National Bank of Now York. MM Broadway New York National Kichange Bank. IM (iieeuwloh street. Klrat National Bank of Jeney City, N. I. Plrat Natlooai Bank of Philadelphia. Plrat National Bank of Waahmaton, and by all National Bank* whioh an deooaltarte* af publio money. All retpeotabie banka aud tianker* throughout tha eotintry will furnlah further Information on application, aad afford every faollltr to aubaortbora. Odd fellows' flail. ?Hi r manna A L?tk* wood bavtag purcha-ed from thu lata proprietors (Messr*. Dor-li A Brow n > Odd yellows' Halt Reelaurant and llUliard Saloon, will own the nine initio public on Wnto? (l?f oven log, May 4 Tne former patrons of thl? eetabllxbmen t and (tin triand* of ibe present proprietor ? are Invited to be pre sent on the oocaalon. IIEKM ABCB B LOOK WOOD Prof. Ala*. C. Barry'a Ir tcoph eroug or Medicated Compound, for preeerv'og, reatorlaj Aad beauti fying tba hair, eradioatiug eoorf and dandruff, preveatlag bald nee* and gia f baira. curiae diaeaae.* of the akia. flan da and ne'iaclee (auch aa aaJt rheum, pimplea rbilblalna, oat, ehmpm. rheumatiem, awelllnga aora throat, te, giving la ctam relief la ea aaa of cuta. bruiaea apraina, bursa, ataldt Be. Trice ?1 watt Bold >>y all drugglata throughout tba world. Principal ulUce J7t Pearl atieet N. t. Oaten of Beaatjr-Whlta Vlrfla Wai I of Antillee beanliflea, wbltena. aod'preaerrea the oom pin ion, making II aoft. lair, dalioate amootb and Iraaaparent; I It mree chapi<ed lianda aad ll|>e Ilia romnoMd or pure whit* wax. hence lia extraordinary quail tie* for pn-aei ving and beauufy tn* tba aklo Manufactured only by HUNT I OO . Ill Hoiith He?enlti atraet Phtladol pliia, aold at 716 Bnadway. and all d> agitata. Krmenibar.? The ladlvlrtnal W ho Wag told by a aatlrloal l?o* that hta hat waa sleep*, a* It waa evi dently in want o( a nap. wa not >ue of Bnot'a patron a. Knox ifahtioa aa light and elegant a the* appear. are ax ceadingly durable, and a* a rule tliejr arc only laid aside when the alrle changra If you want a handsome bat, yea ran obtain It at KNOX'S, tit Broadway, corner of tulloa atraet. ftprtngt l)yrrrna(i-|lti to ?17; Ragllah Walking Coata $l( to |KI, Pancy Caaalmere Panta and Vaata. Order work aa ueual. OLABKH. Ill and II' WHlram at. To Adrtrlliari. We liara oo rn plated arrange menu which enable ua to oou .raot for Advertialag la tba leading oawapapara of tba Uanvlaa. both Kadi ah and Prennb, on 'be naoat a1*an tageoua itrag ? m. pTtrfkiiurr.L * co. Bewapaper Adrertlalng Ageata, Sf Park row, New Tort. Tagl-Par . nippiag Cotton, Wool, Dai, fay. Hope Hogg. Br, at VICTOR B MA DOE 8 8, IIS Chamber a street. Benorgl. WHXKLKK B WIBBOWB HUrfiaat Premium Lee h SUtrh ?tewing Marhtnae removed ta 833 Broadway, batweaa Boa a toe aad Bleecker ?traata. Trail*), Rlaatle Itoeklag*, Br.-Hgrife A CO. 'B Radical Ottra Truaa aSaa only at Bn t Veeey etreet, Lady attendant _ WalckH aad Jgwalrr Of ALL OBBCBIPTIOBB Par aalaby OBOBOK O. ALLRN. 4l?Braa4?ay. Oaa door batow Oaaal etreet. loraerty II BaB atraet. SHIPPING NEWS. I www reaa? *wig aaf 4 Ml | norm aiaaa aora > M ? Hi I ama rtna era T IV Port Of Itw Tark, Hop 3, (Mi, mjuitmo. Rteainabrp Aua raiaataa (Br). CaoB. Q iaena'.awa aad Ltr arpool-B Cunara. #tram?h>p saiadia (Br). Jaaleeon Klngetoa, la. Aa? A Boom B Co Mean snip Nlaaiialppl. Keanedy Baw Orlaaaa? D 8 Quar termeaw?r Miiip Lli/le Flomana (Br). Draper, Liverpool -Will lame B 1] mnn ?Mp * ni'fima (Br >. Heatbarlngton. MMarle Canada? .7 W Rlwelt A ' o. Kark liar ?at Baon. Haflao. Pbl'adelpb a-Walab B Car ver Mr.g Chun lx> rata, 8?>lt, Aaptawall-B P Honk A Ca Bug La Pa*orlta (Dutch). Uuaak. Curaca-J Poulke'a 8'iiia Brig Btartlad Pawa (Br). Shaw, Jaomal-Hratt Bon A On. Brig lirorga Oawaaa (Br?, Palna Ba?ba.loa-H tfow. brldgra'g Baaa. Brig Dawa of Day (Br). Haloaa. Cardanaa? C P PUber B Co. Brl# Ulaallret (Br). Bowera. B' J >'i na MP ? 1 M Begna ?rW Hoaa She lie, Hea fort-Miiei le? A neauford r Baal O Mllla. Ulebaa. Herlin-A C rtareoe Bckr ? A BlUcatl Detlroot Baltimore? Boll Bedel' Brbr O L I<o* at I. Pbiladalpbla? Banner. Bmltb A C"? B?br Ba*aa. Ba??r. Bangor?.! W McKee Bohr W H Bailer ? Bosioa-W B Brown a Co. Bteamaa Artisan Etrh Baltimore AKKIVKP U ? auppl* ale, me r Union llarrla. tram the (forth Allan Mc Blockadinu Squadron and M houra from fortreaa Mou re*, with ?UU Hbia naral atmee ta tba Na*al Miorekerpar Bteamahtp Sootia liBr), J?dklna Llrarpoal. April It II AM. ?ta yueeaeuiwn Mib, at 113 I'M with mtlae aaa raa aamei a lo K ChimH tp-l ts let 47 40 Ian S7 M. nesee t bark Woailland and a Busalan baak No *11 bocad W . no I dale, lal 17 II. ion III. 'poke ahlp Maid of 'be lata, bound W . I let 17 ua. km W vs. shi p ( anatauUua, bouad W May 1. paaa I ad ?lea'"?hnia Bt fleorge and Olympna. bo?in t W Btaaaal la Bdiaburg (Br), BoakaD Uaerpaal, Aprl' It aac Uuei aatowa I'th with adaa ao>l 7?* paasaaaara to to John it Dale Anchored at t^uaraaitne Rleamehlp Olvapua 'Br) MeMlrkan LI*' rpool Aprl' B). ! ?la Queeiiatowa 'llat with ?ndae and 4/7 aieeraae laaeeagara i lo B Cunaril T!A nit, I VI I'M ra>M ateamabip l it* at Manelieatei . rd a eamiLhlv Oeela. Mb *te?mehi|? Perala. all iiound B. 18th exehaayl atgaala with abla Btr Waller DontL Bteamahlp (leorge Oomwell, Poat. New OtWaoa aad BW Paaa. ApribBS at 4 I'M. will) adae aal paaaangera. to U B Cromwell A Oo TbOaaiaahipa Cahawba aal led arnne day for Key Weat aad Baw Tnrk , and Jdantanaaa the lay put otiafor New Taak MBult, 4 Pn at Ihe 8 W Paaa. paaard Irark Haion villa, la taw.bwtind up, lVth, 9 B) AMaB Car r> afort I Uhl, al' haaged amala with bnga Alloa Praaklla, aad Para^go. both bound W. BMBBll OaBaWka (U n traaaport). Mb. Baw Orle^aa April 19 alB A. aud th? bar S SO PM, via Be* W?at, t) lartenaaater April JO. *? ai're Jt of Cape Plar"?v aoakv Wl? rimoi, <B n&mwrt, f w Baf fart. ^ ^ AtMfMhiy UMIn v% a?t*r t n 1 1 1 IHlwllI I AbarsML JtJkJL Oao BuUM Xy' *"? Orlaaaa. 14 dark. Uk haMaai, Mr "* "J1" * ? '<*?. RBI. Oxtiraa Uri^ .?!? . """ 4i'ril 11 irtwi aba pat 1a ?r water! wuh indae.i o m >*Ur Iter* ladaatna rBr?,nl, Il.ickra, 0*41)*, M ju# VMM. g1?*. -ST*-., to.Ualway. Oaaajo A Taller IfaJ ha* 9 W'boi flfmtmc Wi? oatirf ptfwmt. Hark iMwmta (of Lit-?ri??il 1. Beau. Ma Jaauro It taa with ooflea. la ia* Pairiak A l'o Bark Hflphida (of Sundnrleml > Header***, Caid tare. wit* an gar a*d aaoteaaaa. to Johu Jackaoa. Hark Uavta Nlakata of B>iekai?.it), Mlokiiia. ilaaua. IM dark, with tot HIP Soak *<:? ?Brig Helena 1 Horwj, Hmtth, OJeaaa rta 0.m*tautmoiMe M dara. with wool. I* Hilt it Co Brig Victoria iMarw). Lwhaaji Tarragoaa Hi l? Ml Ivtaa OS. witb wlaa, te l*PtMi"l>. Melackn A Won. It Rrt? Nile tat Barmadwt. W bitter Mavagaaa, PH. IK Ita aupr, to (>??/ raaaiatoo Brtg (kxrtra (of Wiariaor. MB), Tuao. (lraad Turk, TI. N dara. with aaik to MoCotl k Prilte March t loutward pa* | aare). lat M M Ion M 43. fail in with the wrack of (be aahr Hiiaao ><wra. af nbarrfflald. lumbar ladaa. waterlooed a*f aokultlate atrippad; aa laartaa bar aat Ara la tba huli.M Inat, It aiilaa MoT Baraecai. tail la wtth a raaaai'a a#ar, with aaila and rtaala ( atlaehed Br?? Parilla (oTUrarpootl. Orabaw, Oardaaaa, II daw* with aunr. to maater Aj>rt? W, X) inilea 8 ol HaMaraa, U ?a with iwraraJ baJea and a <|aantity of tooaa aotWo. ay#? ranilr not lorn? la tba water. ? K'ii U.l< WMhinftM, , CornwaWa HW-r Behr HAH Small, Co!e, HAulae MB Brhr Wm H Mlleball. Malta, MM Hear A J l???r, Hbule* MM Behr I. R Darla. Blahap. Port M*ra?, Bcbr D W Haadera. Hmall. Newbar* Behr (ten Banka, Rrder. Hog (aland1. ? dara HcKr B P Maine*. Huaon. Cape Bearr. I da fa. Hchr Barali Read. Heart, Virginia. 4 Ara. Behr M H Tihbtla. Ptunamer. TMala. I dark Hchr. I I. White. Darla. Hampton Roauta, 4daik Bohr H 1* Smmona. Hand, I daM. Behr T J Titll, Cooper. Baltimore, 6 day*. Hchr A K Smorke, J.iiea, Baltimore, S ten Behr R Coraatiua Marahall. RalUiaora. HdafM Hrtir Rorkarar, Ward. Marrtead. 4 dara Hchr Bouaitary, Itluat. Marhlaa Hohr H?n?w, Jordan. Rltawortb ??hr Kata Wilox. Mcfaddea. Lubfi S'-hr Harah Matilda, L?tm H' lir I'aran. Olark, Marhtaa Hchr AmMlran fhiaf I'rraav, RnrklaaA, Hchr lanac 0 UwK, Hpaxr. Rockland. Hchr Angallnr llli. Rockland. Behr Itaf (Main. Vnalcm. Rockland Behr l( H llo<lKd<>n. Hall, Raakland. H. hr Hilaa Wrl|ht. Adama. Raokiaad. Behr I'allaa, Pandtctaa, Rorklaad Bclir loatlna. Portland. Ma. HclirHarrlnt Binlth. KaHf. Partlaad Hchr n?ro. Kennr, Salem. Hchr B II At wood, Boaloa for PhlladetehhL Bcbr Ken j Kacliah, Baker Raataa. Hchr Smith Tattm Prorluoalowa far FUkMplilk Hchr Stranger, Haad wlrh Rtaamer Oaorxe r Onrtlna (TT B traaanort), MumRaM Mewbera, NO, April .W. 10 PM, with paaaeniaca. to Of Quartarmaalar. Steamer (lauarai l.rna (UK a apart). Mil. 10 hoiira, to 0 B Qi arWw maater BMUm. One ahlp , Wlod at aaa^t W. RIimIImmu. Pur *er Win O Rampatead. af ateamekla 0*0 Qnnnit from NnwOrli-ioi. kuturtkuki for the prompt MtW af papere. Barr Acadia*. from Philadelphia for Rmn, pat lata Plymouth. Kng. llat ult, iMkr A ff?mr Brio, outward bound, la aaliere on Pair a Ran Broad Sound. Sc?? l W Muraa, Roll, hear* at Netr Orleans, re porta hnring experienced rtirr henry weather and a oonllaaoA atorm for too deya. In which ha loat am all boot, aaila ati received other damage. Sana l> N Biohabim. 99 tone. of Haaoock, Ha. aow Radford, baa been purchased by Sandwich partlee. * I to *e emplored In tho Meeting oiiainnao, and will from New Bedford, under command of Oast Saara, of * wioh Bpokoa, ?a. Sleamahlp Peril*. Lett, from NTorfc for Liverpool, A| U no lat. Ao Shin KMen Stewart, I.roaa. from Uwrpool for r Oh IT. lat 19 97 S loo M ?t W. Ship Addiaon, Brown, from Oallao for Antwerp, ?arch Ut I N. Ion 25 20. Ship Adler (Buai. from Bremen far NYork. no data, An. Baik Helreaa. Clark, from NTork for Ccooatadt. April^ of Pair lata. Barn Paladin, from Baltimore for Buenoa Arm, April 9fc tat 82 N. Ion M. Hchr Alice Bradford, freeman, from NTorfc for April 91, no lat, Ac. #ortiga Ports. Aktwbrf, April 19? Arr Rllen. Rlokmere, NTork; North America, Collier. Oallao; Tlgreee, Qllonriet. do: m?. Sehoaroeg. NTork : 21d. .lennle Kaatmaa KeNr. On __ Sid from PltisMng 19th. Japara, Swenaea, NYork; list Mary Ann. Langlia. Boaton. tWHTimmn, April II? Arr Pyreaeo, Oweoe, Mew fortl Zid, Kllro Kraoda. Walk Inn, do. AROROitaAH. April 2n? did Preeto, Soott, NTork. Atr ti. March S ? Ala r^arroace Brown, Plaree. hlomlfel IStS, Herbert, Crocker. do. Brocitrriiiatb* April 21? Arr Araatedo Snow. _ Oallao. Sid ztitb. Patriarch Samhlrl. Lion. NTorfc. MararKHATKN Anrll IK? Arr Perdlaaad R Baltimore. Sid IRth, Jupiter. Ruck en*. NTorfc; Bdeafdb Haibcratadt. do; 19th . Thereae, Hohorit, do; Ohrmolt frtlf rich a. Baltimore. Rar*ibn. March 7? Arr R M Slomen, Haneen, Akrak Bomrat. March 17? Arr R Bheppard, Somer*. Moot Sid 12th. T K lemon. Rainey. NYork; 17th. Mlnerra, do: 19th. Inoonatent. Culllton. do Borpraui. April 19? Bid Pheall. Ohrietlaneen. NTorfc. _ Bathiirit. March IB? Arr Hanover. I-ow, NTork. 9Mt Bmilr. Stock. do Sid March 1, South Boaton, bane. Nfwfc Ctaoirr. April 17? Sid M L Praok. Haekell. NYork; ttE Mary Dundee, Marten, do; Bnooh Talbot, Merrymaa, MB Janeiro Caicutta, March 12? Arr J Bradleo. Nlohola. Boatoo: IMk National Ragle. Mathew*, Rio Janeiro. Bid ISth. JeaM I'offln. (!oMn Bombay ; lMh. Moonlight, French. Boetoa. Car* Coabt, Peb 22? In port bark Co?tarelll, Mor*nL ffcA leeward; arhr B Parkin*. Deris, from BoaUAk rla DliuWl and Blmlna arr 21 at, Dan., April 22? Arr Torktowa. Drirsr, Loodan (and dM for NYork). Oit Cotm. P?k*Ma port bark D Oodfrar. Prtooe. im Rrl* Courier (Br). Carrtogtoo, from NYork, waa alao oa feft coaat. tiiRRAr TAR. April <1? Arr brig Paullaa (Pros). Broekkv* sen. Cette rand aid for New York). Sid Ata, harks ?roc?a?* Nichols. Pord < from L'oata). Boeloa; 9th, Volunteer, ham from Maaaliia). NYork. Arr at do ISth. anlp John Patten. Rmmona. Cardiff Ikf Tape flood FTope? put In lr> land one cf the ersw, sick itt smallpox; 14th. bark Argean. Llndaer Meaatna for MTeffe Sid 19th. berk Warm ffelletl, 01 Mm (from Mow Tortift Malta. Wind W ISth I4tb and Idth Paaaed by do IHh. Young fnrk. Hardin*, from Maaalaa fa* Mton; flth. Rllia. Patlaqtall. do for Philadelphia. Oi acoow. April Sid ifnlted Kingdom (a), Quebec mmS Mantraal _ w_ . , . Rid from the Clyde 9lat, Melroee. Cooalna, NTork; Aaa^ Sped den. Saa Pranolaco ^ Hri-toit. April 19? Arr Deal. Knlper, : NTork. H anat'RO. April ?Arr al Cuiharen ISth. Oold'n State. tano, Caltno; I9th. Jnhn Bertram. Johanneetl. NYork : M, u ieen of the Uak. Harriet Boeton. Bid 19th. Oonau, do bfch, NYork. _ _ _ I.iTKaroot- April 2S? Arr City at Cork (a). NYork. S'd 21 at. Victoria, Mounee Baltimore; Oamoat Q an an, nutcblnaon. NYork; Olrnipua f?). MoMtckan, do (and 'aM from yneenatown 2?4|i; W m Ta'^eott. Bell; llem'aohera. Oeorie: rtnnanar1el M< Alpine and tidy Mannerlof. Ddt lard NYork. Ttianarora Ounlevr Philadelphia (not Of outta); 2*d P P Sage Slerena NYork taet before) Cld 2lat. Cohoura. Olhaon. Philadelphia; tranhoe, Blrtf, Boeton : 72o, Don O'llrntta. Johnaon. do Catherine. Ink llama Baltimore; City or New York Salter, and AualraMik Tonaa' do , Knt out 20tn. Proi;te??. WnoJward. Uooffhlr Jenklna, asA Britiah Lion. Mann. NYork; ilat P.tta. Morpan. PhM? delphla; Qerirnde. Coaflon. San Kranolaoa; lid, WeoA intnatcr r??, Olorer. NTork Ln-fhoa April 21? Old Rhine, Moore. NYork (onAaM fka Urareaend 23d I. LoRooMoanar, April 20? Aid Ttlla?e Bella. UtMa, PLUaAed pba. Louob Port.*, April 23? Arr North AmerV-on (a), PM9> land. l.MTB. April 20? Arr Carol toe Tucker. Mlnot. Callao Maorira April 2 ? Sid Rioelalor, NYork. MaRkBiu.RR. April 20? Aid Meteor. Street. SYerk Mi uit Peb 19? Arr bark Hrrolaa. Tripp. Homtmy to leoA for Zauxltiar. Mouijiaiji. March 7? Arr Naplee Strout, Bomlmy. Sid Id, Ool Ledvard, W*lla, Bombay: SUi, Sparkl of Ware. Imery, 1 1 nl ted Kingdom MaiAKA April ft? Cld bark* luoa (Br). Ore**. BYorfct (lairler I'm*), Mohr. Boaton. M irA-:urr April 92? In port bark Ooldoo Pleeee for Mom York ;d?. hrlg L W 8 waa. for do do. N'vwtarri.R April 19? Rnt ool. Marine*, feenaa, for Mom Turk ; Wk Anna Kimball. Moree, Boatoo. Trnety Wtlghk New Orieaa* Pireorrn. April 21? Pot la leaky, Aaadloo. Wyatt. fkam PhUadelpha for Rarra. P < in no, April 8-4 a port bark Baco Merer. Seorioa, MP Beeton Idg. yi'?aafroWR, April 2S? Arr fit* of Maeeheetor (el. Fol crow NTorfc rand eld for Lirerwool): tkh. Afrtea tel. Bom toe and llallfet Sahooo* March I? Arr Chrletophor Mall, Preemao, Mo draa 9th. Aurora, Diet. Melhoame; 10th. Mary Ooodell. ?* Ollrery, Rarre Aid 7th, Imperial, Mutehlnga, April M? Arr America (a) Weeeele. NTorfc (and proceeded for Bremen). AM 2 1 at, BAaraiia (a). Taaho, "stJonn. NB. May S-Old ahlpa M B Ladwlg Llrorpoel; ? O Diimm. Poaarth Boada. Aaioritaa Porta. BOSTON. Mar 2? Arr atearoahlp Buropa (Br). Bookie*. T.lrerpool, ria Queeoctowa and flail fax . aoamer Norm aft, Baker. Philadelphia; bark Charlaa Brewer Orant, BHa? oort hrlg Plrm fBr). Whit*. Aerlnem- brig R?ra -. Par.oMk Phlladeiphl: aehr Anaa Leonard (Br). Wavnott. MaaaanlBat er.bre Joba M Adam Peareoa. aad Alonrnaar. Watim H W OodTrep Rleh, OeorRetown, DC; Aid. Ireland; B ? J on ei Piali ; J r Baiter. Htetaoo , J Clarfc. ft nil : LSturto. rant Price: J II Mnora. Stoop; Botlrar. Waters: M A Maaaot ArrttM Paany Keatiag Porter; Clara. Cornea. Mary U Tnr? bell. Handy: J H Nlronp. Corwm, J N Baker. NkAeraoar Jnamti Porter. IrellaTDavld H Bhwr, Mar K LBfdea Htnitn and Mnr* P*tteraon Oodfrer. Philadelphia, Trr pbenia. Nickereen, Rll'ahellipori Rllr*helh ftmr. Bakor. and Kale. Trefethea, NTork. Cld ehlp Sao Carina (Cfcflf. Chadwlak. Talperaele; herfc Kim Bird (Br?. Tor*. New Rlrer; bark KdVard Rrerelt. Harding; Baltimore, ,brif*? Shorard. Coo*. Turk"* I?laed?.aad a. market. Jokoof^ ri*ka, Pbladelphia; Bay Stite. j> ^rfc . *eh re Ml Kn?rY Mr Div, and 8n ri own, Fbvb, Wrtf?te rjjf ail Prtari Red Wlog. Woed. Pbliadelphla ?d-Wlnd NW to K ahip Virginia hark Hai fa*; and from the Road*. *fcfc? Annawae Maanri. *ad hark Swallow .t,i? Arr aieamwip I?eMolay. Sew Orleoao brig* J D Um coin. Ue?*ne: J Mrlntlre. Clenlnetoe. AO Tltromb, Naa nix Ok Milwaukee, Tur?* laUnd*; erhra PA Heath, tard? nee. Miadora, Manaaailla Alma, .lerarale. Saner M Ilia, B9 "'TO ORL.KANS. April 7?-Arr bark C*li*eta. MleVAa, Boatoa brig Tempeet. Wll?>n. do. **br?i (leo B Lorlag. Pea, my. Ruatan lalaad. Col Waelngton, I.'."*'"* Ilith ? Arr eteamahip Morain* llama* *hip* * Albert fknrham. BoMen, Cltr Of RrooMvn. Watt*. NT H hark* Iddo Klmhnll. Jotinaon, na? ilreenlead. Thompeon Philadelphia; TfaadM, Blllnt^ ton Old ateamahip Mauoraa. fce eegaog. NTorfc rla Ha. ranaiand aid), *hlp fandiiMji. Uneken. SYork brtga ?? ien?ii? Ita ), Lararello, ilpnoa Rrelyu iNnn. Otnn and W J King. Doane, Phil*leU.lna Bi toru* WDime. do, Rnaaiaa, Toothaker Cardenaa, achr* I! O KaigM. Hrwee. Haeaaa. Caaiiian Pa trldge rar tena* . .. . Towed to aeaSNh. hark Bd??n, hrtaa Two Rrothera. aaA Blianheth a hr Hear Trarem. Pt>KT ROVAt., April 21 --Arr ?kri ?Ii r. 4 >aek*onrtlle; Kate Merrill We-ke. PhWaArlpbta,_r*l. ?? ? Da?l*. Bi*hi>p, Pernandlnas 9<lh Snrk Ao o i* n I'rlm. PMIad< labia, brig rhidle* caner d^. Tlit* m_pr-aa aee. Collloa. Ntork; R W Titll. H?^i Phlla4;lohia. ??o^ Moore Allen An; 2Mb akeamer B L (!?a??. trim achr. I W McKee, Mover*. Jaak*oariao,_MH? ^MaamS* Admiral Dtipeait Carpenter , Akeaaadrta >?'* t" M Ht, PhllaARlphia : R*et<**a J"???h i Pr?. Prrelva). Vioenon . aloop Ra?al;ew. MaawojOI Y. . rid ad a*r* Cent ml Am-wj ItiiMlpe. W?raa? ^''tV*' Joa W A ka Da one rortreaa Monnje_ YMMtlk Bfcltc^ do Bldoaa C Tiler coaorer. Thoe Hol'v>'?h* J?. J (1 Baiteeek Kiglve Pliilaoeiphia, 9?d bark Bl'ae WhM? Vam/yr, PhiUdelphi* e lir*-)uiin Pondy * Star. Halt, an t B B Wheat on Adama. kgwy S Pairia Biebou NTnrk, M.ri ?(! Smth SnWb^Ph^ie. P' .i. IMnina Oat" ? laeaeenai le Mill tr*^. " t'.o.Mith Weaur rtiiiamao. Bank a. ,u NTork, M.ri <_ sm " M7|Tnr*ei W?i. kkee. Joawia JoaMdJhW1^ rra Star CriMrell, M Bciab*rt.2^tt,klU>Mt. _jk*. a*d A nna_ Oardaer, K utK pbia; llrdFan?e^?maa Foll^ l.lvil ^ Alloa. R"ee Socen. Portrep r^r?Mi.tina Vth. hrlf Matron. Tajior **" . ?fe- SSttMM STOh'fe,"* Nmme a B*W

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