Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1864, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1864 Page 8
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THE (HEX AH GO DISASTER. Oo*f>?lt?B Of th? iBTUtlfkttOa AMI Ckargt ?l lk? Unmi, At li i wUpMm IBM (few mmW Mm tfinatar ? Wud IK I'tMM BUM iwtMl UtaMl**, ?kMfe lw u* mill IM MMUn af Odnmt Norra u4 a jor j tor two waafca vac dually oomIimM yaalertiaj Tba jurj ware MM taflfcw *1 tan aeloofc A. M , wfcaa ib?y war* a* >anl ky Uva Ooreoar w roitowa H> wDich alt (ba ?adln? kda ? bvougbt (or lb tf live ? ara dMtooUy w tMk ?object ?tales I EH C? MnjMn or rn .Ion*? The k? b?? tmpeaed op?" <* i doty of in vaatigai mg the can??s w h produced the "lof tweoty eight of our foiow oti-ena. ?bower? ? ? ins eternity without mil Buffering from wh.cb appalled us alt *hi? ininf"1 d.uj 'l ittoaaa item lu lb*- anjoymei t of t< aiib, elated witb pruepec.i of au booombk. in ihe cawae or oouiilry , tbeae unfortunate victims of mm _ shameful incapacity, were suiPlei '? "",r0*edK' mm by I tie band of tbe enemy *"? b* '*?**? which they fc.(l ? ngbt 10 expect cot'd ?ot K-vtr . built by the g< veremeoi without limitation ?f expense, and man?ged by a "'Jf? number of persons, vbvM dole doty It wis 10 guard aga.nsl any arcicent which bumao akin ?'<>?'<? *? lb*c?ua?of tba. tsrrtble calamity mwM, upon ooe view of the caae t>e Inhere' I tu l hi' oipaaiaatlon of tbe machinery itself, and tberel. re ?ouM ex*l in a great number or ether vessels befc'i giuf u the I'n led States juat lilte tbe Chenango, ant, as jd toweligaliou into that cause must of necessity Mtiulre tbe ku wledge of scientific men. I thought it my dul> to ask ihe ; id ol engineers of well "kuuwn ability u> examine tbe boiler and to give ua tbe benefit of their buowludge aad opinion aod you nave beard tb<- teatlmo ay of Home of them. Tbe tails wbicb have been proved before na wllh-ul dispute or o- nirodlclloti are aa fol low a ?Tbe Navy Department of the I'nited K la tee reclam ing acme thirty aide wheel ligbi diaught gunboats. pre pared the plana far the entires and boilers of tbeae vd ? H?, awl calked upon contracture to build their machinery aeeord or to thoee plane, ander the super intendeooe of It* United states engineers. Among oibera. Mr. (jnlntard msderiv b lo build two aeta of tbeae onxtnee and bolters, ef whieh tbe machinery of Um ttienango was ooe The Material out of which these bolters were made waa or tared according to specification , and tbe evidence of the gentlemen who furnished the iron, aa well as of those who have leeted samples of it slnoe tbe explosion or it, ?hews, without, contradiction, that it was of the ben qeallty. Tbe boilers were taxied according to onutract, wHb a cold water prcsaure. and endured sixty lo sixty live pounds lo the square inch without yielding. 1 be brace# were than exmntned and fo tod to be perfect , and the boilers wai e accepted by tbe I'm ted state# Inspector aa aat a aotory ami Jiccording to contract The engine qsa* then run for ninety el* houre at the deck, in order to comply wltb the contract, and tbe whole ma ?htoe waa accepted by the government aod deli vered out of tbe hand* of the contractor The ship tben went into commission. and waa proceeding to sea ?? bar flrst voyage in tbe charge of a young man by tbe name of Cahtll, a aec nd assistant engineer in tbe United States Navy, acting ua cbiei engineer on thaocoasioo. Tbe veaaei proeaeded d<<wo the bay, and when below Governor 'a laiand Captain Pillebrown visited tbe eogioe room and found twenty-atx and a halt |?unda freasure of steam on tbe boilers, aa Indicated on the |?oye. Mr. CMiill then told the capt-iiu tbe fires ware burning well, and that there wax no need to use the %tewera. Tbt onptain wnt on deck and did not retnrn to ?fea engine room until tbe venal waa in tbe narrows, arben he again went below. Up to tbif time tbe speed of ?he veaael waa between eight anil nine knots an bour. Ibe caf'taln had a aouveroalion wilb Mr. Cahill at tbe end ?f the cylinder? a long d>aiance from tflfe botiara-and Mr Oahlll told him the engine wai ruuulng well 1be aei tMD tben said thai tba veaael bad about eleven ml lea aioie to go. and be went on deck, leaving Mr. Cabill by Ua desk at the cvliuoer and of tba eD^ine and aa be stepped on deck tbe boiler exploded, scald tug thlrtytvo ?aeo.ofwbom twcmy-eigbi have since died from 'be affarta of tba injuries theo received Tbe question now be te us is, what was tbe cause of tbe rupturev It appears t boilers are ruptured from two causae? odc of which la fee gradual accumulation of pressure, until tbe reacting power of tbe boiler is overcome in its weakeal part and h gtvaa way, wbicb ia called a "buret' or -bursting;" ftad the other ia tbe Inaiantaneoua generation of an aaoieiout pressure on the boiler, from causes which attend low water, anil which la called an '?explosiou.'' tbe flrat bramb of tbe iuqniry ia whether tba boiler karat from weikneta ol material, or a defect lu Its con *roct ion. when carrying tba preaaura of steam which it M Intended to bear. Wa have tba means of knowing eaartly how much pressure waa on the boilers Im mediately befoie the explosion. Tbe pressure was thirty ?ear an<l a half pounds to the inch, as shown by tbe indi cator card endorsed by tor. rabill himself; bp that It waa Made certain that if the boiler did burst from weakness, tl yielded to a pressure a little more than one half it had Wadarad from tbe hydraulic j rose, and Ova pounds leaa than it bad borne from the steam when running at tba tack for ntnety-8lx hours, and wbna forty pounds to tho Inch had been carried. It la also proved by Mr. Pel.uce. tbe ahtef engineer of tbe Navy Yard, that he measured lite ?Jety valve Immediately after tbe accident, and found that it would blow off ateam at thirty-nine and a hair pounds so that the boiler was protected by that means M?inai tbe poralbilitjr of a steam pressure equal to that which already had been used with safety. The ideation la, tben, whether It If possible for a boiler to burst under a pressure of (team to day five pounds lass tban it ?d 4ured under ateam yesterday, and tweaty five pounda " m than it endured from cold water kaat week. On ibia abjact we have the opinion of Mr. Maxon, the United tea boiler maker, who swore tbat ha would consider i boiler perfectly safe to carry forty pounds after' It had i tested at sixty pounds of cold water, and It appears . the statue law, under which all passenger steamers a run, permMa tba boilers to carry forty-five pounds to a inch after a cold water presaura of sixty, and tt tbe expe'lence of many years has shown it te be rfactly safe. On tbe contrary, Mr. DeLuce and Mr rail, United States engineers, and Mr. Rowland, ex ?a the optnlno tbat a boiler Is quite likely to burM er a much lees pressure than li had been tested with eotd water and Mr. HowJand fixed tbe amount aa low as Crteeo pooods to tbs inch in this caaa, and tbe<e wit ?aaaes are ef opinion tbat the cold water test is of no K Ileal valoe. It Is not suggested that there is any r means known of Insuring the safety of the boiler except this cold water teat: and If tbeae Isolated oplniona. Kiupportcd by any instance of the kind, are well nded, It la obvious that no one can be properly ?barged wltb the cr>nat*)uencee of an explocinn. since no beman akiil < an make sure in advance that tbe required Strei ,'tfc existed and It is equally obvious tbat ail tbe thousands of bo'lers nrw running, and relying upon the ?afety of Ibis test, are instruments of destruction, acting ?pen some capriciotis impulse impossible to be foreseen , ??d likely to scatter death around them at any moment Fortunately, however, experience provad tbat hollars ao lasted are safe against any less pressure. No witness has denied tbat this boiler was tested to sixty pounds, ?o witness has said tbat it was not atrong snougo te bear sixty pounds when built and delivered, and tbe only suggestion which has been made Cd this is merely a suggestion ? is. either that some of brace- had been rem >ved by tbe engineers and not replaced wb?rebv tbe strength waa dlminiabed, or tbat fe testing tbe braoes might have t>een reduced in ?trangib. so at- to burst at th rty-flve or lorty five pounds te the Inch Tbe first suggestion is met tiy tbe proof tbat ellthe braces were In place, and were act ua'ly carried away by tbe expkwnon, and tbe aecnnd one by tbe proof tttat after the test tbe braces were examined aod found ail rfgbt. and conclusive y by the proof tbat forty pounda ?f ate-im were carried on the bother after tUia teat, wbicb war much more than tbe pressure immediately before tbe explosion You are, therefore, left without any proof, either deduced from tbe well known ca cuiatlona baaed on the ascertained strength or iron or from anv asperience in regard to the testing of boilers, from which ?a intar that the boiler did burst at the low pressure of ?teem which was beirg carried. Yon will then consider wbetbrr the builer was bwrft by gradually accumulating ?poo it a pressure greater that it had chown itself ca pable of bearing: or whether it was exploded by tbo*a causes whith do (instantly produce explosions in boilers, aed which when they are called Into actloa overcome all resistance and derastate m proportion to the strength of tbe boiler which has in vain strugg'ed tc restrain tbelr destructive force It Is not a part of our dutv to sj ecu tale upon the bert way of bracing or recuring boilers, If we find no proof thai the bracing in this partiealar caaa was too weak v endure tbe load it was designed to bear, fba evidence sh"ws that a great variety of opinions upon tba beet methods of bracing exist anvng men equally ex Cienced :n the business, aod as there Is no standard id by law or un versa! custom , it mult at last coma back lo tbe simple ouestion in each case, whether tbe aaetbud of bracing uaed in that case waa sufficient for tba 'perpoae intended, aod if It be sufficient it m of no conse. queuce that some other constructor would have used aa?te o'ber method. No boiler would probably ever be ballt IT tbe different views of all men about tbe best way < f c ustruct ng it had first to be rec onciled. The ?pec;(kaiiocs und r which these bo lers were built par ticuur y prov lies ter the mannar to wbicb their braces ?hall be aecured to tbe roof of lie boilers; but It laaree to Uie suieiinlendence and control of the Untied -?utee engineer to cJierge, aod tba discretion of the bciler ?aker. bow they sbal be secured ai their lower ends, en t?je< I however, u lis > cond ti'-n thai Kiev ahali beat e -to a land a water pressure of sixty pounda. In this oas? ? appears tbat the s|Mctti< ation * complied with ?o fir ea It i reacrihes the era- 1 number of po nts of sep|?rl everhoad and thit the man cr of secinng the low?i ? d? or uie b-ac> - w.-ir the same #J> had been uaed on about eiKbt-er i tbers of these h>iler? wllb entire succees, *c.d such aa waf- approved fcy ihr 1 nited ktataa Inspector! ?ed accept^ by ihe deparim ni. au4 tbat it was suf iBcletii le eucivire the test required by ttw contract It Is proved m ,,Tt praoes <oulfl have fcaen put 'B, and atal ihe hr>iiar<y>tiid have Peeo made t< endure two or atree hundred po ind* t'< ttir m-h.ifsacb bad been tba requisition of tt?e ?(acih< anof, hut if it ?ad beeti u>e aatatt.'y now s< dreadful would have l-eet 'ntvnmfie'l ia bonror. and we aTi'mld pr babiy have fca o no on* 'tvatg lo tell u< Uie lor wb?. evpiosKiu do cccu', l&eit d-struc.tivc (orce is it) puportlon to the strei gth af tt? bo,ler which restrained tbe pressuta until it e>Kiii?aiate<l to Ux b< raimg |?<int In the absenoe. thei. , ? l any evidence that the boiler was I'M. weak to b.>?r the i rest- ii? it w is dat iguad to oarry . yo-, win next inquire wbeiher ihe p e sure war gradually aocutti Hated *poi It at >\e ?t>t >t waa able to eodnre Tb? ?e*'im<;iiy is coo - aiaaive *.#>ere rertaiaty were not mora thar. thirty five potted* of re immediately before ue explcsnoa as proved by tlx n?! ???atir. d . r cr?, end If W err had bean * H the safety valve wouid ti*,e blown ?!f tr,e rteaau J'THvurv riane vary slowly a beo an eugiw is running, a-'id in th* sbc,rl ' im t>?'wcrr, c.ererocrs Maud snd tl. Narrows with ihe engine wor . ,Lf t wo. id seem in, Masibie t?ot a bursting pressure r. oWMi have t>wv raised fro* a*i, |?>uri?s of SK-aan and if il were i^ i^.tiie it wa*e?' warn???*f < n? f.nt by the pai|re ar-iae.'ly hy bkw?e offal hi safety vaive bc'ow 40 founds and |? hy I tow mg out ifc< uirrc. r? g? ai ai*v> M) penuds jione of which events r,<, ucie.i y. ai.> <hen brought t> I be i.fiv o'ler ? >|4MHM on. and t>a; ,s Uuit the bolter .esr'oded ir th<- ueua way in si ch ?<n dee I ? do Mu 'f, aiid In ronsM,iM-tie of I .w water J ?nn'l firit'fut to recapitulate ti,e sneiitiflt test moo ? arfcicb yen tia"^ ? ? ard tr regard in the pre. sa reai.r?r m WbiCh It* s..ter /toes e >1 le an rxplo?.<,|, r .ciop. ???led by aU thai r '?? n Ilia ? i?r w l< w it. s l>oii?-r a aaaat loui.e 'r ef hrtf >r am ren)a"d ia fhi ct'aw which ?aa been br< ughl mu* i"nl cl with n i a irfa< e? Mgbly ix .?e<1 and ihai <0 Ibaf si. ia il is ? a. ed a per fceatcd statin and a >a i?uMii> ua?*d?'' u? and Uiatsunb a aonditicn of tbe wntcr and s t >? ..Xx . is a'weyarcnini to ?MMbtaeUl Ml Sai'kMaii tl iS ?u> Im ae t< kw> e l|a( vkI# will a? scfe .es mjm* k* ?? tr*a ?Mbe.Msee'rtBa.ty rVnrMW 04 >h* pr.-ssss by wMab Mm rvswM ? pro :;s iV em??i.uK? >*m mm ? ??p?ww>ii ul >MDliOvdtfC ( Ifl IM Ik# tBBffWBfS ?! T?wl*in. ?ad *M Itf w>rk ? dos?r????mi befsre k?" vLtwa Mte Msae ?? ???)?, Hmtm M? tKM Mtbe terrtfle ?** wbMb t? has ism a part Mm Mas at tree which npos all t?m caleulaliaii wore caoabM of bearing ?*?> (mm tbe urMi Itat srttaary (iiikiiiw <x stsam <*miM W|M6 ?pe* Umm Do ws g?4 these circssMtaecss here* Tbe bolMr exploded wiibiu tea eeteods after CaptaM Vlllebrown awd tbe chief engineer otcxxJ by the goafs ?< llM end of tbe cylto der not aotletag My unusual pressure, and when tbe wrrj mod oral* speed of Mm mmI (between eight and nine knots an hour) gavs evidence ?f a very ??Mil aaaosnt of power IB action tipoo tbe e?||tM itxetf The blower* were not runnmg on Mm flree, and tbe cbxtf engineer, who was in b position where be on 4 not obaorve tbe Indications of tbe water usage on tbe boilora, said that Mm engine was working wry woil ( p to this time tbe oagMe bad beoa ran partly throttle*! off. and tbe (tee in, wbtcb waa at twenty aim and a bait pounds pressure at Governor's Island , bad ruo up to tbiriy-four pouude and abalfattbs Narrows, Under these eircusMtanoee It is admitted by Mr. Bewail, tbe United Stafs engtcoer, and otbsrwise proved, that tbe engineer must have done oae of three things ? either allowed the prsasors to exceed tbe limit allowed, or opened tbe furnace do rs, or opsoed tbe throttle valve ao aa to atlll further increase sp>ed, and which be did would seem to ba free from doubt in the the mature of things. Tbe evidence ta, and it seems to be a mailer of cowmou knowledge, that expKwious from low water occur wbsn tbe throttle v&ive ie opened, ao an to Increase the demand for ateam upon tbe boiler, and so i*r at leant ts diminish the pressure and appa rently the chance-) of an explosion, and all agree that under tli?*e the water which yet rernaiu in tbe better* rhoa koto the superheated ntmosphere above it. aud m thrown upon tbe healed plates. wbi<h either by the dueet action ot tbe fire or by deriving iheir heat from the superheated steam itself, have acquired an csccwni temperature above that wti.cb aatur tied ft 'am itself poasesass, at.d which are, therefor*, able to yield some of their surplus beat to tho hue' v divided wator which rises m tbe shape of foaaa. as m ;wual In inset! of eaplsstons, the men who either lonoce tly or carelessly produced them ao longer bear wiln-- a in eartb, and ws must Infer their probable conduct from the circimstancee ts wDtch they ware known to be plated, and the induce ments which operated upon them Iu this cane (be sa fine bud been abut off to a certain extent in order to gam steam, and of course Mr. Cablll could have had no other obtect in accumulating pressure except to ut<e it wbeo accumulated, and ao to And out tbe capacity of his ftigroe wbeo lie powers were to be leeied for tbe Gist time In openiag tbe valve, if he did it, Mr Cab lit would have been diminishing the pressure on bis boilers, and if the water bad been at Its proper height the opera tion would have been entirely safe. He bimrtelf did not kr where the water Was in the boilers, aa he bad b< eb oi nverf ing with the captain for some time, and, as it ap pears, taking indicator cards from tbe engiDe at a clr.ce where he could not posa.bly bave known tho condition of the water in the boilers, aa Mr Lawton has told us; ard be bad a riuht perhaps to infer that tbe boilers were ua they should be. iod more particularly so ho had not fecn tbcui opcrato on the trial at tbe dcc?, Md m?gbt nottsy known their tendency to throw out their water with great^rapklily. This brings us ito the e..L- I'iorat on of the probability that * in trie boilers. There bsa been no w liner's ^.ora ? qualified, from his own knowledge, to give any testi mony as to the exact condition of the water gauge* at the time of the accident, and we must look to s lanital e? .donee in tbtg regard alio. Of that we we furnished with a great abundance, and of a roost con elusive character. This boiler and engine were used at the dock for Dinety ?ix hours, Uur,|Jf *kich ti tatw next extraordinary result* were exhibited. Tbc *at" worked out of the boilers into the engine and t? overboard , bo freely that sometimes over a third of the cylinder would be filled with water, and the momentum ol the machine would fe suddenly arreted, as Is proved by Mr. Mason, who had charge of the trial. On one oc casion the quantity which suddenly came oyer from the boiler to the cylinder wa? so great that the piston was driven up the riston rod about the sixteenth of an inch by compressing the water between the cylinder bid 2nd ptsUn." proved by *r Riggin. who as_ siHied on the trlil. The danger of an explosion from low water at the dock was so great that the last w tness re fused to open the throttle valvs when requested to do so bv the United States engineers on board, who re presented that the contract required the run wide 01*0. The witness said that he considered his own safety endangered, and should act on his own judgment. Mr. Bell, who took indicator diagrams at tunes during the trial, from the engine, says that the water worked out of the bollors so as to bo heard striking 10 tbo cylinder frequently when he war on board Al though the oogines are arranged with a fresh water or ''surlace condenser," whose office it is to keep the boilers supplied with fresh water, the water became salt very soon and had to be blown out. as If the engine I bad " ? 'surface condenser." Tbis was the condition of the Chenango when she was delivered Into the charge ol a eeoood Militant engineer, witl) ninistantf, who, il ftp* Dears had not witnessed these operations, in order to so to 'sea on duty. There is no dulerence of opinion among the engineers who have boon exam mod on the subiect that a boiler in that condition was unsafe, and required extraordinary skill to avert an accident : and the question Is whether that extraordinary skill was em ployed upon them. The young men in charge are not pretendidto have possessed anything more than ordl narv skill in their business , as their rank shows. In ad ditlon to these probabilities, thus established, there are other facts which cannot be concealed or deceive others in recard to this matter. Tbe mercury gauge which was fitted and idjusted with the tell-tals set at zero, and from which do mercury could be expelled until tbe pressure exceeded forty -eight pounds to tbe square inch, waslound br Mr powers, ibe heller Inspector of tho city of Brook )vn and by Mr. Plckeraon, tbe witnesses who examined it In the presence of tbe Jury, to have lost about five inches of mercury so that the ted tale stood about two and a half inches above the aero on tbe sca'e; while at the same time the water which is generally Is the small pipe con necting tbe gauge with the boiler had been aJi blown out, ind waa found on the atmospheric end of the r^rcury and in the tube above it. There is nc way in which this mer cury oouid have been expelled from this tube unless by a pressure of steam more than forty-eight pounds high, unless between the time of the explosion and tbe ttoe of Ibe examination in our presence this gauge had been taken down, some of tbe mercury poured out, and some dirty water poured into It; which possibility 18 ?eJal' ^ by tbe testimony of Mr Sullivan, who swore that noth i eg had been touched until it was examined incur trescnte. The hair felt which covered the top of boiler Where it was ruptured was black snd shriveled by excessive heat, a sample of which is produced bsfce us. while the wood in trmie diate contact with it shows no scorching, an>l the witness told ns that steam whlcb is supet heated by soctact with hot iron will shrivel up animal fibers, like hair or leather, while it would not yet be hot enongh to set fire to wood, but that saturated steam ?>r steam no hotter thanth. water out of which it is made, would only be 1W Fab. hot at the pressure of forty pounds, and therefore Dot hot enough to burn hair. This is said to prove to a detnoL stratior. that the steam must have been superheated to a hlch doeree and it is admitted that unless the wales was km enect could have been produced. It is also m evidence before you that the lead covering, wh.cb was laid apon the outside of the boiler and outwde of lbs felt, was melted by the test of lbs ste;.m: and spec mens hiv'e bn<-c shows you which were taken from tbe ShZet taad immediately at tbe edge of the rupture ?nd which bear evidence of having been subjected to a melting heat. Sleam at fiOO >ah. will melt lead and H Is said by witnesses thsi it is common in eases of explosions, and in cases where low water has not been followed by explosion, to find lead and solder triellpd by the hot steam. It is to be remarked that this boiler lias been the subject of an official exami nation and report bv engineers of the Ported States Navy , and baa been inspected hy great numbers of persons. Including Mr Martin ( whose arrangement of It >s charged as the cause of the explosion), yet to w itness has at tempted to explain bow the lead could have be?n melted ( unless, indeed, the suggest ion of Chief Engineer Sews!!, that the teerinj; of tbe 'nocl < rented friction enough to melt iteelf, m*v be consider*** an explanation) or the felt charred, unless by superheated ftesm; and Mr Martin himself remarked that the only evidence of low water which he had seen was in the fact of burnt felt, of which be had picked up a ssraple and then had It in bis pocket. It Is apparent that toe F*ig Sneer corps of ibe navy, as wel1 as tbe persons wbose plaaa are invelved, have a deep interest In assigning some other cause than low watar since if it were low, It must have been to either from carelessness of engineers or from inherent defects in tbe organization which baffled the ordinary skill of socb persons as had tbe machine In charge, jret no attempt has been made to explain away the melted lead, or to reooncile its presence with tbe fart that there was eoongb water IB the boiler. And aa this is the ordinary cause of explosion, it would teem consequent if the true one hero? particularly since nn evidence of anv eort bw been produced to substi tute any other cause, and we are left to tbe mere suggestion witbowi ronf . that possibly the brs<es might have been taken out by Mr. ( abili and not replaced, or pr?sibly the csd water test, which experience her shewn to be infallible, has in tbiscaee provso a stsre. linfor tui.ateiy there are other facia wniob point out very clearly tbe existence of an organic disease in these ves sels, retiring the utmost vigilance to guard ?gainst? the pretence of whieb is abundantly provsd A number ol these vessels are jnst now coming out, and it s< hap pened thai <>n Saturday , the ltjtb . tbe day after this s? plus ion, the Pawtuxet, having been run for ninety six Hours at the dock, was taken out on atrial trip from .Provi dence. lathee urseot the run II beesme necessary tnsbul of! the stesir from tbe ? ngme from some eiuse, and thus the 'act s ppeared that the water which had seemed to be abundant la the gauges was low Mr Haker an expert suced engineer, wfa% set up Sod ran the engine on ber ofcHly-Slx hours' trial, at once had the (ires drawn from the furnaces ss a measure et ssfety the necessity of wbiok, onder the circu?s?anoee, Mr. eewell admitted te you when on the stand aud it was found that the sir.*.-. pumpi'?iuired twenty two minutes to rsaupply ibe boiler with the water found wanliiiK. sJihou/h the gauges had rivsn ao warning of its absenc- Hut Pr Mr Hiker this Lccidsnt would bavs ba?i Ha counterpart and se conv tared of the danger of tb? marhiue waa Mr Maker that be refi#ed to cotM to New York Id the vease ir.le?s he had the control given him, and be baa toid ae these facte, and sworn |c the danger 0? the t henango. tl_e ? xper-enced engineers who ran the ingtoe at the Jock, have t/)ld us thai ihey oonsideted their livef in dsrger from the Itabtkt* to low water an?i so ronvia?e.t were ihey of It that ti ev refused to open wde tha torcUie valve, though tU T nlted ?tat<s eugiueers wlw wes? present Misi'led that the oontract required tW sngins to he rue wide ffien Mr "tn'lh. the 1 engineer wh* ereete?i and rsn tbe engine of tho Meta ...met another of the s^me < lass, h?s proved here that It, ? ws'er oouid sfilf is kept in her b>iles* by so setting Da. yaives tl,al they wostid not fully 0|*n when li e en guar worked, and Uial when itiosn \alves were or-iei*d b? Mr eewell to beset ao s* to?nen wider and the vea 11 was run frsm tbe an-ip to lbs Nuvy Yard, tl.o wat'r worked so that tbe valves fcad to be put back to their m g;r,al position, whnh was do?* by himself si the Navy ?, ?ro .Mer ? 'd?rs from Ute f hirt nig lu?er of the ship i he drawings si these engine b<**" prndnoid b? for# t?f t ha mMitirtfi'fiM! llift otilwi !*?? vacant snare whleh e? tried in Ihese cy1 nderg between M e valves wbeii i key are elided, sed Ibe pWten wiieti ?t t! i aslrents end of Uie ef i'Bd? r nearest. Ilili'litril rtlv#, and it e|>| ?ars that lb. ?e sparer aie krial iaOC|ib lo hold nteretUan I .ttio pnnnrfh af waSer at a re von tin* bei me ib?? will Is iiikt sr a* b v?sai Itle mctf Ti of tW i istoa ? W'WmiHi crMir ?M mpD lbs ^ *** "[*** ??*? , wfcwfc an placed >b sect 21 *? u* 4MVWIMU Klkteu S!T wL ? ? Oaeseeat of tbe toM MMr la tbe oylm tul ^ ' tba? IHi MM Utaa t*? 1<MU> If' wosliet iimi mm ?m fna lit |*u<r *?* **?? ???? M*r act lag relief valvee -- a? toaOy kr ku< to pirnl tbe .to.! .C7.S17~." ? ft****** ? .,l*? ?ra 'Wirt 10 Mta lbs ordinary ' *** '*?* ?* k?*s tbey draw ? T.Ti. i11*" ***?? quarters or a ion of water at a EfT.1 ""V ,H.f Wy ."?? 10 "?? fcow "?? *>?<?? might '.J? Sf tb"1' wat?r ?? *?y few minutes and the ??W^o Of ao ordioary mat! be eluded. Tbe eoal earned bjr In Utetkaogc oil ber trial his bMD Droved J"J *e aaaoetil of steam which I bat coal produced kaa boon measured on ike Indicator diagrams which ?" .lb? bjr ?* ?? proved that ? ^ f0r? ,J' * ' ll?os?j boilers only evaporate i run .??J? I?0' P0?n<ta ol water to tbe pound of u al, r? ?. !L , dKl up the beat by carry rug il ??from the boiler id bot water, tbey would evaporalo "7* * ?*?*?* pooude of water into steam aod H ? teeltocd ic beret and the calculations show upon tbe id diaalor 4 tag rum* themselves. that these endues mini have been working out of tbe boilers, in water, ou au average during tbe sinety-sii boure of tbe trial, aboul ?la limss as much hot water as steam Of the accuracy of iech calrulatk)B baaed upon comparing the weight of ooal burned with the cubic feet or steam used by lite nngioe, you are perhaps better judgee than 1 am: but it * to be remarked tba I tbono oalciilHdoui bave beeii < o trouble for several d ?ys cftalieiiffiug oootradictiou and that U?ey are uol disputed. It is runner proved (.no J!?*1/.? con* "Arable number of feea* vessels, exactly like the nienango, have been recently built and Iried a d tbat they are now awaiting orders for sea; yet do wit nees ban appeared before us to say that any of tbe other* of thoao vessels have operated differently frcru tho?? wbooe performance baa boon proved. attfcnngb there in no Hat or proof when tbooo boilers ari> arranged wllb a bleb sti hiii s pace above tbe snds of the tube* and a sieniu chimney, thoy do not work out thvlr watw II won.d bavo L>e<o much more instructive n us if ike engine* rs wbo have run ao many of there low roofed boil** fcud neen produced, mataad ol iho-e wboae only eiperMmee n;in been wRb bollere not table to that dikicuit? We are informed hy Mr Sowell that a aaperheatmg apparatus baa been applied to one of ihete noublo enders, lulled the Eulaw.aiid it appears that a larper number of auch applianoec are being mnnufactorod by order of tbe Navy Department, to be combined wlb tbeae boilers In naval vessels, while at tbe same tine a publication bad been g?ven in evidence, issued k> IMS, under tbo authority of the Navy Department, in whu.D this proposition is made "Tbe advantageous use of super healed steam appears to be con fined to tbe c&se of bad boilers, ? ? ? ? and wblcb prime badly,' ami this proposition is followed by tho declaration thai "Thore are losuperable objections to the use of superheated steam, even with bad boilers, * ? ? ? particularly on account of its danger, and tbe complicated system of valves, thereby entailed, for proviaion must be made Tor shutting off at a moment's notice, and resorting to the use of saturated steam." It would seem, therefore, that when tbe department resorts to the use of an apparatus pronounced dangerous, there oould have been no lees urgent reason for it than the one that Is suggested In tbe book, which to to convert the water which Is "primed," or worked over from tbe boil er mto steam on its passage to tbe engine, and this of course admits tbe presence of a large amount of water between the boiler and tbe engine. Tbe Secretary of the Navy waa kind enough, in answer to my application to promise me that Mr. laherwood, tbe Engineer-in Chief of tho Navy, should attend us and give u* the benefit of his knowledgo aod experience in our efforts to reach tbe causo of this melancholy disaster and in reply to my subprrna Mr. tsberwoud himself sent me a loiegi-am fixing last Thursday as the day when we might expeoi him. On that day be was iu New York as be had prom ised, but unfortunately be found ttw pressure of bis onerous duties elsewhere too great to perloit him to afford us the time for an examination. Tbislthemore regrol, as Mr. Isberwood might have aaeiaractorily ex punned to us the very urgent reasons which inunt have controlled him in aeloclinp this species of boiler, which by tbeir height are more liable to be struck by' ghot in action than if the tubes which are used to aid in the production of steam were placed behind or on one aide of the furnace, as is usual, instead of on tbe top of the furnnce, as in this case and ! was tbe more desirous of receiving that explanation after having heard read the report or tbe Board of eminent engineer* who were called by the Secretary of the Navy in January, 1803. to pro nounce their opinion on these double-ender boilers, then to be constructed and whose report has bacn produced before u??in wbiob they say that "on the whole we are compet ed to consider the type of boiler u?ed in these steamers, as inferior to the horwonlai tubular boiler which is generally used by other Dations. and by ibia country in tbe mercantile murine.'' But aa Mr. Isher wood haa been deprived of the opportunity of giving iw (his information by the preesuro of hm duties elsewhere 1 am unable to give you any assistance in solving this dif | ficulty Witn these remarks upon the testimony, I propose to submit the further consideration of thia sad case to your judgment. Tbe effect of this investigation cannot fail to be very important in any aspect it may assume. Tbe whole country i*. Interested in knowing tbe true reason of this explosion. The victims of tbe disaster exceed In num ber those who have perished from any explosion which I enn now recall to memory; and according to tho opinion of both scientific and practical men, a repetition of it may be expected at any time to occur, g< long as the combination which existed in the Chenango la used, Mr. Dlckerson wrote a letter to Hon. Winter Iiavis. warnma him or tbe danger when a trial trip was to be made on one of tbt-se vofsela. Mr. naker narrowly escaped des- ' truction by explosion on another one, the very day after tkls accident, and be rcruaed to go on lbs vessel unless w itb entire control, ana the practical men wbo ran this engine at the dock absolutely refused to incur the risk which would be encountered id opening tbe boiler freely to the engine. I'nder those otrcamsUccea, w? would be false to our doty eitbty as citiiens or officers of tbe la*> "e, ?hratk from placing tbe responaibiii'y where It belongs. You must guard your minds from belog loduced by any other considerations (ban I the testimony itself: and you have no right to I find any verdict except one based u|?n esiab Imbed facts and acordlor to established natural laws. [ ir we sh uld listen to other reasons than these, we might give any number of explanations which imagination could suggest. We find from tho published staiemeuls that the Board or United states Engineers, which was convened by order of the Secretary of the Navy to give tbeir opinion on the causo of the calamity, reported that a defective vein in tbe sheet of boiler Iron caused the accident, and I wished Mr. Iaherwood's Judgment on that if we could have had it; yet no witness here has suggested that ex. planatioc as possibly true, any more than that board sug. gsstcd weakened braces tbe cau?e. And some have gooe so far as to propose tbe possibility tbat r<ml means bad been resorted to such as the use of gunpowder. Ra we all know tbat borers constantly do explode iron' low water, nnd that there are but few otfier cans.-s for ex plosions known to the wcrld than those which depend upon low water. It is nol very surprising, perhaps, tbat among the great numbers of vesxeis used by the United States aad placed In the haticis of y. nog men who hare had but little experience, and who are < mi loy ed when there is a scarcity or engineers, on account of the great demand for the services of s:;ch men sud denly made by the navy, tbat an explosion sboild occur at some time and if the machinery were of tbe ordinary kind the accident would excite no unusual Interest Bui wb?n tVpccurs on machinery peculiar m its vonstrusiion w.d which had been coodemnod as inferior by an official fcoard of tile most "mlcent engineers in the country and when M appears that those peculiarities have so exhibited their dangerous qualities as to alarm prlfct'cal and scIsl tiflc men and to induce tliem to foretell ;u. accident of tb'? kind; and wben we find these peculiar ttfe* ^xiptios on a great number of other ve??. l* wst now ooming into dps, upon wblcb tbo lives of our fellow citi7eos are to be enim. I'd, then it if of serious con*e<|oerce and demands of t)? to raise a voice of warning in time to prevent any more such torrt^rs as we have win.essed fiur brave meD, who are willing to expose tbeir bososss to the ens my s snot, ought not to b? subjected to tne ohaaocs of a berrible d*atb at the hand* of their own frieDdf*. and io their own Posting homes. :i i? rt ie to vou, gentlemen, that I ihiuld ref'r to the treatment which you have rccsivsd at the handa of the Police Commissioners. 1 believe all of you are Ui payers, and most of you are large properiv i wners You "*rs commanded in the name of tbe people of lbs Ptate of New York to Investigate this case and you obeyed, for o^er two weeks, night and day, you hare given your valuable services w the people without a murmur. You had a right to expect that every at; s lanes thai could be rendered by ibs^olice would he given but the Com mi* - th^?iT^TO?r *"d '"**<1 'be law under which tbe y hold office. Jn the name of comw ssnse, u"d to pay policetn?D for If they are at libert) to refuse to assist in such cases as this' TV' .**' ?? l"'* ?object Is so plain that 1 am astonished themselves to disregard It. t , ~ criminal process issuing out of any frr'"! or J0" <?* of tbe peaos, in the city of Brooklyn, shall be. erved hy ? member of the po.ies farce, and not mnerwse. This, you laroeive, prevents ail other officers from serving iucb processes, but tliefsct is, ibis office or ouroner has for yrars been so disgraced tbat neany all resiect for ?! has ceased, and t as a hnrlesoua. I wmb tbem to understand in w ih-t st ions as I sm in lbs office a must be respected and its autbonty obeyed ?i delivery of the < oroner s charge the jury ra tired ?*? deliberate, aod ooos timed a portion of tbo after nooii and Uie entire evening JBt? ten o'clock In diineci lrg and discussing the ni??? of svidesce elicited during the mqui?lti<.n They are determined to consider the matter with del Iteration and are thus prepared to devote tw?. or three evening* n < re-< r . ntil tiiey fully agree .)jy*i s verdict. ' Base Ilali. or?K;>i? pay Of tug cxu.g a?c ooinaM ci.t'BS aT noBtiltKN. Testarday a targe turnout of n, IT,?n t .,ra of the above associatHina met on their ree. ertive Kronoda si Hob'ken to ( lay the inaugural gum. ol thn seasun. Tbe Ksgles were nnmerous Is ailenrtarre seiw t?(] ao(| piuyed rtsite a llrely game ar,,., l(? term to it ion of j.'ay the memt.ers and trieoda sdj- ..r.isd t?, , so. .able enterum ? J"1' 'he occasion wIluj a good time was a Si? , ?PP^Prlat. spee. has made lh7s club ranks m.mJ- HT .""f ,h"r r,'! e.gLty to ninety riid *" affluent ciriumslaufss. "J1 _P'*' ' h* **m* f"' ?h? ?>sr, ise thereof I He , ;ol hams fn . <7,.!T . 2!'. " lar*' h|" B"*ertbeless luduiged m atfTr i i h .. Ibnrsdajr next the fsim ua it ? i"r?W|'i^ H '<>miue"r>. ? tfc?ir new ground. Mm <a|)itoii(ir Mfid'ord, I \ lr.J*J?f ,U1!.F.V ( h ??'" their C|*n ^ ?? Mobok.,, V r.ket- p u-fed J ten o clock UANCimrji ArAninqiai. BHOOKW RANI INU Al AIIPMT. All BROOM ft W ?>PfcN All, I IIK tKA H K1IW.H BVKRV WRDNKRDAT PVBMNII _J>CHlBO ?AV AMI JUH? INftURANCB. S- I P.rlAt, HOT |( V ??I'd I KfiKH ConTirwPLATTMfl t!? ?iirlUK ?hn? li?f? <U"I alr??il? lnl?r?l?<1 It !"? in?iir?n,?, ?n?M it" ??? I ,l? <'o?rm?im "?l# with lh? ?d??T Itwr ?n<l Alilain inl rmm hi.hl* lirporW"* to IMM. Idcticn A. AMlMWI. I?'t r tK\ PmI u((k?. ^ * RRWHrAPi Ml. W A* VK?*. P- * HA'/- A ros **V? fif ?> th? Df> '? llfr? I fr<v n l??. 1. |*l, ?P ?? 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Cordes A Co . ami the business will hereafter be carried on by tii'm at the said store 4.19 Greenwich atreet Dated April 28. 1M4. F. O I) KLIP.M. HERMANN MBYER. N1 _ ter and Wl.llam Lummla huve an Intereat In our bual nesa from this date. We have removed our offline to No. ht Wall aireet. opposite Hanover. WM A 'No O HlllKN. XT OTIPE ? MR. JULES RILLIET, BY MUTUAL AGREE jM mat, has retired from our Brra. Nvw Vniti, Mity I, I H64. A. C. ROSBIRB A CO. X7 OTICE? THB OOPARWBR.BIP HERETOFORB JN eiisttng nader the firm of G. R DOWNING A CO.. wherein Oeotjie R. Downing, George R. Dewn ng. Jr., and Theodore B. Downing were the partners waa thla day 4la> solved The business will be nettled by Gearge R Downing, who la authorised to a*rn >n liquidation. G R DOWNING, G R DOWNING. JR. Nxw Toax, May S.*if64. T. B. DOWNING ARTNER W ANTED? $Tb0O? IN A PROFITABLE eash luslness that will psv wall, and < an be much ex tended Evert sat'sfactioa given. J E. IRELAND A CO. No. 1 Tryon row, comer Centre at THE UNDERSIGNED HAVE THIS DAY FORMED A copartnership under the firm ol Mills, Enlckerbacker A Co., for tbe transact on of a stock commission bualneaa, at No. K Wllllan. street. JOSEPH O. MILLS. HENRY K N ICR ERB ACKER. CHAB F. CURRIB. New Tosx. April ?. ISM rp H R i ARTNBRiBIP < i f t i LE UNDERBID N id. if 4 . 1 der the nnme of Green A IWgraw, espired by Its own limitation on tbe I:tt -lay of Atril instsnl. Tbe bualness will be losed nr JOHN DKGRtW. Nxw Y"*b April 13, H-..4 J W. GRKbN ?\irANTKD-A PARTNER, WtTH TWENTY THOUSAND vt di liars to mve?i in 'he best ?? aim agency bustnesa In the city of Wsslilngton, 'one eaiabHshed Aodres? Claim Agency, I'ost office box wU. Washington, D. C W" ABTND-A PAPTMprs. WITH 84 IM T- iii ?> m'ist he thoroughlv acquainted with the hisak hook and stationerv bo?in??*. * i rs.-tirai bookbinder preferred. Addieee with name. I, P L. . HeraM office tii find wanted ? ^ to liquor dkai.kbs and tt.UUU otheiK ?An excellent opportunltv is ottered to gllV one having th ? amount to invest In the 'nsnufa< tnre snd sale of a new and very baneflclal Tonte Stimulant, new being prepared by the advertiser, whe bring an army officer has nnosual o||ortunnies for its lairoductlea into the various department* Fitenslve salee Isrgs are fits and qtllek returns Aildrs*s si ence C. McHweeny, aisli'ler, J42 Water street, N. T. (WinnoR more IK rbqui rkd ?a partner J.v'"' want? . In a cash, pratitsbie iuan .. factor ng business Pot particulars apply t? W A W 11 ITU. 14 Weoa ter xtreeL -*Aiinui A I ARTNllR. WITH %?<t4 easn, lo 'eke shsre w'th the aalvertlaer in a first cats European enterprise, in * hlch'e profits oen positively be teallred wtthlk twelve months. The high est references glvsn as proof the* this is genuine Addreaf J. W..20SI Mark a pla. e from II till S. ______ <S1 I) (WW i ro ?"* ?08# W ANT??)? WITH AN~ACTIYB " boeiaeea man lo join the advi rllscr, who hae ? tplendld and pr fltshle sf Ipning butlneae well extal'Mshed Adilreas bo? 6 Ml Pott oflii-e, New Toik THB L^TUHR RKAIOW. IMPORTANT LSGTURKM DAILY. FOIL (tRNTLBPRP enl*. *' ttio N?? Y?rli Muar i,m of Anatomy, ilfl Prmu t v??jr Partita ivn?<>;? lo ?.fr<irl 111*.* |?rl |rea mi h#vo th?m On of Mil renin b? a<l<iriM??inK P?arotaiK of K*w Vork Ifiiatiim Of AnAiflTir I 1KB ABU. fi"lNr nJW.-OVBB TWO HCtlDRRU fisn oit, I1 r?lnl?i r#N?l???ntlf framed, Mrtal*. lo n<t pnroMatm No,w ru aihlkitlV* *' lb# Amrrt on Art (tailor y irrlai-M hxit ??? llio a?<< nil" ' nl <71 arliata). li. I Hio..rt??? mi.iaia W1SHA11"! TAR CORDIAL. jQ*. WIUAITI D& WMHABVI NUB nun TAB OOBDIAL vox curb consumption. ??MMdH lit iiHiuii stars af the kwia fhmlly iMnmkw IIiiiii. Ml the beat pbysleiaae for many TMlf km 4eepelred of ? turt, or i remedy (hat woald heal Ike 1mm !>*( for more iui two hundred yeara the whole ?adlnai world hu keen Impressed tbat there wee ft myete H? >i?? and eOeiepcr ?? Ut? Pine Tree Tu to heel the Imp; therefore they have recommended the nee of Tar Water, which in man* n? ? had a good effect; hat how to combine tie medical properties ao asioneal theriunga, has ever bee* a ajrien until It wae discovered by Dr, LQ.C, WI1BART, of Philadelphia, Pa., the proprietor of Wlsh art'e Pine Tree Tar Oerdlal. and haa bora pot la bottles, patented by the United Stales government We My to the aflteted that Dr. Wlabart's Pine Tree Tar Cordial will produce the 1NTTOOBATION OF TBB DIGB8TIVB OR OANB.THB BTRRNOTHKNINO OF TUB DBBIUTATRD 8TBTBM.TBB PURIFICATION AND ENRICHMENT OF TBS BLOOD, which must expel from the ayelea (be cor ruption which scrofula breeds. While thli la effected by the powerful alterative (changing from dlseaae to health) pre pertlesof the Tar Cordial, lta healing and renovating princi ple le alee acting upon the irritated surfcees of the tangs and ft real, penetrating te eaeb dlmaaed part, relieving the pal a, Mk*Mf latawntlen and restoring a healthfal tendency . iellhla twolold power, the healing and the strengthening, eentlane to act la eon junction with nature's eonetant reoo perattve tendency, and the oaUeut 1* eared. If be baa no! too ?oil delayed a reeort to the mean* of cure. F1BB TRBB TaF~COBDIAL IB AH INFALLIBLE CUBB FOB SORB THROAT AND BRBAST. Dr. Wlabart's Pine Tree Tar Oordlal la a great aad effect Ml remedy for BUHD AND HLREDINO PI LBS. BUND AND BLBBDINQ PI LBS. BUND AND BLBEDINO PILES. Tboneande have been cured of the above olaeaee whan al hepe of aver receiving relief waa gone. INFLAMMATION OF TBB LUN08. INFLAMMATION OF TUB LUNOS. INFLAMMATION OF THB LUNOS. There is not a medicine discovered that haa eo much power Undissolve tbe thick muoous that dope up the wind paaaagee ?f the lunga aa the Pine Tree Tar Cordial, which subdues tha fever and Inflammation that destroy the power and vitality of the lungs and consign the patient to tbe grave. Wa say to all whose lungs are affeeted, use Dr. Wlshart's Fine Tree Tar Oordtal with great confluence, as It has restored thou sands of eases to health that werehopeleialy given up to dla. COLDS AND OOUOnS COLDS irD OOUQH8 are speedily cured by toe nse of ih. Wlsbart's Fine Tree TarOordlal: It does lis work at once, and tbe patient la cured before other medicine* would have bad time to bare any beneficial effect DR. WI8HABT 8 FIHB TRBB TAB OOBDlAfc DR. WISH ART'S PINE TRBB TAR CORDIAL DB. WISH ART'S PINB TBBB TAB CORDIAL DR. WISH ARTS FlSBTRBB TAB COBDIAL II A OBBAT REMKDT FOR SCROFULA. IS A OBBAT RBMBDT FOR SCBOFULA. IB A OBBAT RBMBDT FOB SCROFULA IB A OBBAT BBMBDT FOB SCROFULA. Tha ItM Tree Tar Cordial will purlfr the blood and clean ee It of all ecrof ulou? matter that to constantly breed ing eortl* Internal and eiteraaL Baltrheum, eore lege ana an skin dlaeaeee are eepeoially eared by Dr. Wish art's Fine Tim Tar Cordial; It le good to be applied Internal and external la the above eaaee. aa It hae great power to beat where it comee la contact with the human tleoh. riRl TREK TAB CORDIAL PIUS TREE TAB CORDIAL le a great remedy far rbronic croup and dlptberla, which to oeadlng thoneande and thoneaade of children to a pre ma tare grave. II ean be enred by Dr. Wlshart'e Fine Tree Tar Cordial. ? Ont of ten tbooiend eaaee where it baa been tried la the peal twe yeare, It baa never mieeed a eaeo where II wae taken la Una. All famlltee should have It an hand, aa It gtvea Inetant relief In croup and dlpthena. AHTHMA AND OOUOH. ASTHMA "aND COUGH. ASTHMA AND COCGH. ASTHMA AND COCOH. The Fine Tree Tar Cordial gtvee Inetantaneoue relief la Mae* of aathma anl hooping oough. It often mires hoopla* before II rues half ite eo?rae. ?? It acta at once npon the phlegm and muca> and aipela them from the throat, and toe enlferer la relieved In ce*e *>f aathma uae Dr. Wlehart'e Drape pel a Pllla with the Cordial, aa ther have never bMi known to rail to cure that dieeaae. I ask all to read the following eertlftcatee. They are from torn and women of uoqueatlonabte wortb and reputation Da. Wi wia*t ? ~ Due Bin? I had a very dreadfal cough and eore throat for one year, and my whole aysiem waa feat giving w*y, and I waa proal rated on my bed With but little ko|?e of re covering. My disease haffled the pfnrer-ef all medicines, and In a ehort time I muat have gone to my grave; but, thank Ood, my daughter In law would net reef until eke went, to vour atore. I*o. 10 North Second atreet, and related my laae to yen, purchased one bottle of your Pine Tree Tar Cordial, and I commenced to <iee It, and In one week I waa muoh better; and after ualng three bottlee I am perfectly well a wonder to all my friend*, for tbey all prnnouaoed me paat eure. Publish my caae f von think proper. RKBF.dCA Hamilton. Na 1,S?1 Wylle street, Philadelphia. Mr. Ward eaya:? Dr. Wmhabt:? Sir? I haa bronchi lie. Inflammation of the luage. ehort neaa of breath and palpitation of the heart In their woret forma I had been treated by eeveral of thp moat eminent phyalclaaa In Philadelphia; but they oontd not atop the rat Id courae of my dtaeaac. and I had deepalred or ever being stored lo health. I waa truly on the verse of the grave. Tatir Pine Tree Tar Cordial wae highly recom mended to me by a friend. I tried Ir, and am thankfnl to aay that, after ualng four large and one email boUlea I wae reaiored to perfect health. Ton can give reference to my bouee No MM North Beoond atreet, or at my office of Re eelver of Tatea, from 9 a. M. to 1 P. M.. corner of Cheat nut and Blilh alreeta. JOHN WARD, Reed the following from Plica ? Da VimuRT:a Dear Hir? I take pleaeure In Informing you through thle eouree that your Pino Tree Tar Cordial, which wae recom mended for nit daughter by Dr. J. A. Hall, of this dir. haa cured her of a cough of more than five months' standing .1 bad thought her berond eure, and had empleved the beet ef mod leal aid without any benefit. I ean chMrfully recom mend It lo the public as a safe and aare remedy for all thbee afmiliwty afflicted, ae I know or many other eaaee bealdea that of my daughter that It has entirely cured of long stand ins eoogha. Toura respectfully, ? JOHN V. PARKER, Daguerrean Artist, 1M Oeneeee street, VUea. ? ? ? ? I have used Dr. Wlahart's Pine Tree Tar Cor dial In my family, snd can cordially recommend It aa a valu able and safe medicine for eolde, cougtie and to thoee pre dlapoaed to consumption Dr. U. A. FOSTER. IflO Oeneeee street. The above are a few among the thousands which this freat rameoy be* saved from an untimely grave. We have thoneande of letter* from phvalolane and drng glsts. who have preecrtbed and sold the Tar Cordial, eaylng that they ha\e never need or eold a medicine wblok gave eur.b universal satlefaciion. The PINE TRP.R TAR CORDIAL will eure Cough*. Bora Throat and Kiea*t R ranch HI*. A*tbnsa. Ilo'plng Cough, Diptheria. and la aleo an eicellent remedy for dlaeaeee of the kldi?*ya and female complaints hewarb of ooontehfbitb. BEWARE -OP COUBTFRFBITR. BKWARB OK l OUBTBRFEITB. BBWARB OF COUSTEBFBlTa. BRWARB OF COCBTBRFKITB. The genuine hae the name of the proprietor and a a tree blewa la the bottle. All others are spnriona Imitation* Price Fifty Con la and Or* poller per bottle. Prepared only by the proprietor. DR. U Q C. WISH ART No 10 Berth Second etreet, I'hlladeiphla Pa ?old by <rng*1ete every* here; at wboleeale by all Belfale end Few Ycvb wboleeale druggflc. BEW TORKAOWCT AT ? RLMBOLD R DRU<? AND CHI KICAL WaRB HCH'HR, BBLMBOLD'R ftMW ANO < II I MlCAL WARS \ HoiKp BO MM BRtTToWAl, R t P?X MX F?r."n?AT, R T NEWS FROM EUROPE.' The Scotia tad Edlntary k New York. TWO DAYS LATERE ? 4 f, , k i Oor Mm, Parii, Berlin and Zi? rich French Opinion of tbe Congressional Ddclaration Against the Mexican Empire. ? The Convention Between France and Mexioo. The Mexican Loan at a Discount it Londoo bot Taken Ba?erly In Parii. GARIBALDI'S FAREWELL TO ENGLAND*. Visit of the Prinoe of Wale* to the General. American Entertainment te Garibaldi and His Opinien ef the War* Agitation of the Working men of ? England. THE FALL OF DUPPEL. Visit of the King of Prussia to the Seat of War, and the Emperor of Austria Expected in the Duehiei. Sailing of tbe Austrian Fleet from Gibraltar. THE GUNBOAT KEABSARGE ASHORE fc??| ftrCo TIM Canard steamship Scotia, Captain Judklns, wbtcW ?ailed from Liverpool at tea o'clock on Use morning of tbe 28d and from Qaeenatown on the evening of the 24 It* of April, arrived at this port at an early boor yoeterdajj morning. * i Bar newa la two days later than tbe report of the Bel-1 gian, published in the H*a*u> yesterday morning. u Tbe Inman ateamahlp Edlnburg, Captain Rotkell, wbicQ^ left Liverpool at noon on Monday, tbe 1Mb, and Queenp town on tbe 10th April, arrived at tbla port yesterday evening Tbe report* of tbe rebel steamer Florida and the Unite* State* sailing ship lit. I/mta being at Madeira en tbe Stfcj of April are erroneous, being merely another aooount at their former vlalt. London polities are unimportant. A Cabinet council was held In London April M. Mr. Wyndham, of Felbrlgg Hall, waa abjudicate* ?( bankrupt on his own petition. Commissioner Oonldburn gave Judgment la tbe of Mr. L. C. Pearson, shipowner. Tbe Ooauntse came to tbe ooncinsloa that tbe bankrupt baa been gull Of raah and hazardous speculation, and traded on Octltlo capital. On tbeee grounds be should suspend tbe of dlecbarge for slitb months, with protection. Tbe rumored amalgamation of the Union Bank tf London with tbe bank of Meesrs. Norriee h Co. la control dieted. If Tbe Britlab Postmaster General had renewed for seveA-! years the postal contract with tbe PactOo Steam Navlgtr ' tlon Company of Liverpool for tbe oonreyaaoe of malls between the various South American porta and thi^ Isthmus of Pant ma. Tbe demonstrations In England In honor of tbe tefrj centenary o( Fbakspere were In full awing. In Liverpool they bad gone off with great eclat. Tbe Interdiction el the English Sk&kspere banquet at Par la waa withdraw!* ob tbe 23d of April. Tbe oourt or Inquiry Into tbe lose or tbe steamer Bo* hem Ian la eonoluded Captain Borland's, oertlfloat* suspended for twelve months, for want of ?nOcleol ea?4( tlon and not sounding. A letter from Havre statee that the Waablngton, the flnt er tbe great steamers of UO hone power, built at Greenock for tbe General Transatlantic Company, bad en? tared the docks of that port. Tbe Paris Tempt bad received a second warning. Tbe Paris Bourse was heavy on tbe 23d of April, an<P rentes declined , cloeing at 07 26. , Count Forgacb, tbo Hungarian Aullc Chancellor, UO resign* i at the request of the Minister President. A Parle telegram says that a conference had been bel& at Constantinople apropos of tbe Danublan principalities, Bulgaria waa reported to be In arms. ? Tbe Prat of Vienna eta lea that tbe Pope la about 14 mark bia satisfaction towards tbo Abbe Louis Lacteal Bonaparte by making blm cardinal. Still more Importaa^ views are said to be attached to tbe peraea of Price? Loclen, going so far aa to designate blm aa tbe probabltf suooeeeor of tbe Pope, aa that oomblnatloa weald guana* tee to tbe Holy See the protection of France lor the d?g fence of Ita temporal Interesta. * Tbe Alexandria (Egypt) correspondent of the Loaded Tim writing on ibe 12th of A)>rll, says:?. We have to lament the loss, after a long lllnesa. of UTj Thayer, tbe American Consul General, who, by bla Integ* rlty and hlghmlndedneas, bad gained the respect of alj nationalities, and by tbe high qualities of bla mind andr tbe affability of bla manners had won the esteem nntt affection of those who enloyed his Intimacy. He died oil tbe morning of the 10th, and bis funeral took pf yesterday. Tbe submarine telegraphic cable between Speila an Cape Corsica has ceased to work. It ronaleta of alt con* ductors, four of which at the end of 1*63 failed to trann mil tbe electrlo current; but the remaining twoconllnu serviceable until now. This cable wae submerged IMS, and la the oldeet of all the long submarine ones. A letter from Monza, In tbe /?mNir>fo of Mllaa say* Ibe cotton spinning snllle of Peregallo, belonging M. Fi m'gilll, a few d.iys since received a large number of ball of ootton fmm Persia. On opening the first, which froi Its extraordinary weight bad attracted notice, there wi found In it the body of a woman in Persian costume at In good preserve Hon. The fact was, of ooure*, at on announced to the authorities. The Africa, from Boston, and Becla, from New Tor passed tape Clear April 24. Tbe North American was off Londonderry on tl>e lag of tbe 2<1d of April. Tbe March malls from the various ptaosa on the w< coast of Afr'ca are receded . but tbe newa la devoid of terest. The Fllola, with the India malls, pasaed Bunt .1 I o'clock P. M- April 29. Oar Leaden Correspondeaee. Lo*i>oi?, ApiH 10, 1M4? enriWdi and A* TsspU tU 014 fogy ' r*i J?int Stock BUdtad* Running >.v>mpa?y in Trv*t (*J nu VtUUd XtntM PrtM Oturlt?Fnglamdl Dm'otii fdfwrSrd Outbreak (U F?<c<, 4(., ; The oontlneatal despots bars learned that there are M few live man In England; ana iBey turned oat to moil erJj of tfcrtr class tbla week. | The live men are the millions who welcome Oarthaidfl and tbe dead alive are the torles who waat to gel ?IV IITPFLWIMWIT OUDKV

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