Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 6, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 6, 1864 Page 3
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?b?t of fHUI'lH. MonoM Of orrKJBHs? tm basso* ?maoaob Ml NTH ? (MAT TBLIUHAr.HIO HTIIfW!!, OTO. Tie racular mui BMMg of IW Chamber of Own ?seree was held yesterday afternoon at ??e o'clock. Mr. A. A. low oeeupied the chair. The minute* Of the last saeefang being read Md ap proved, tbe following M? me inters were elected:? David Van Nostrsnd, C. S Lai.(.'deii , W H. O?bora, H. J. Swtfl, 0, Q if. Krnuk , I .ad wig Marks n? inrinuni imuvh. Mr. '.Vim**- row um) called I lie attention of Um Cbim bei to the valuable service rendered by Capuuo Nlehott, til the Wis and Anna, in tbe matter of recapturing Uie Cheea|??ake Tbn gentleman offered resolutions compll ?Miliary to Captain Nichols, and to Messrs. Cunard for a sooply of coal 10 tbe Ella and Anna, at Halifax, on her voyage in search of the Chesapeake. These reeoluiions ware unanimously adopted h ? hkoh (mMiAiiiinnnf. Tbe Secretary tbeo read a lengthy report furnished by Admiral Bates. John 1? Totten and Prof Pates, relative to tbe proposed alterations of tbe Jsrsey Vials. This report argued strongly against tbe proposition, and want to chow that such alterations would materially sttroaeh upon New York harbor. The report was received, after some remark* from Messrs. Blunt and lathrop A UKtWI Or RICHARD 00 HI'S* rRBSBMTKD. A lengthy epiotie was read by the Secretary from Mr. William Cailen Bryant, acting lor Morris Ketcbum. Keq , donating to the < hamber a larKe likeness of Richard CObden Tbe portrait wm purcbased at the Metropolitan Fair for one thousand dollars. Mr. CowniN stated that the portrait had been sxecuUnl by an Italian artist, who had married a New Rnglaud wife, ana who was a true Union man. A resolution of thanks was unaulmously carried tor tbe donation. AN 1MMRNSK TKUMtUPR SNTKRlKlfK. The following preamble and resolutions were proposed by Mr Rraomand unanimously adopted ? Whereas. the Chamber of Commerce ol Mew York have reoelvod satisfactory information, first? That the government or Russia bas undertaken to establish and maintain a Hue or telegraphic communi eat i on from Moscow to tbe l'aolflo Ocean, at tbe mouth of the Amour river, a distance of six hundred miles, of which tbe four hundred unites from Moscow to Irkutz. iu Mictern Siberia, aro already finished and in operation, with proposed branches leading into < bioa, India aud Persia Stcond? That the Russian government, on tbe 23d of May list, in a spirit of wise liberality, and after due con fesenre between tbe Ministers of Russia and the United States, duly granted to Mr. Perry Mcdonough Collins, a citizen or tbe United States or America, tbe exclusive right ror thirty three years to extend aid maintain Mid telegraph line from the mouth or tbe Amour river along or near tbe Pacific Ocean, northeastward ly, up to and across Retiring Straits, and theofe southeastward!? through tbe American territories of Russia to the northern line of British America, a dis tance in all of about four thousand five hundred miles. Third ? That tbe British government, on the Oth of Feb ruary last, in pursuance or a policy alike enlightened, granted to said Collins tbe further right to extend and maintaio said t elegraphic line through the British terri tories on tbe Pacific, to the Northern frontier uf tbe United States, a distance of about five hue J red miles. Fourth ? rhat tbe said Collins, encouraged and support ed by such grants, has now applied to Congress for per mission to extend and maintain said telegraphic lino tbrongh tbe territories and the public lands of tbe United States, so as to connect the whole telegraphic system of ?arope and Asia with the telegraphic system ol the United States, by means of whicb great continental con Jmctlons the Old World and the New. with all their do pendencies, will be united by one safe and unbroken ehain of intercourse, enabling every civilised nation to communicate daily wiib all tbe capital cities of tbe globe. Now, therefore, the Chamber of Commerce or New York, in view of the incalculable advantages or such a world embracing lino of communication, not only to tbe Siliee and States or tbe American continent, but to tbe whole family of man, do respectfully, but earnestly, eomm' nd tbe application of Mr Collins to tbe speedy and fevorab e consideration and support of Congress, subject saly to such proper conditions as are required for tbe security and protection of tbe government and of toe people ol the United Stales. Resolved, lhat copies of the preceding resolution be duly authenticated by the President and Secretary , and transmitted to both Bouses of Congress. * tbi suction or owvsrs. Tbe Chamber then went Into ballot to elect officers ror tbe ensuing year, with tbe following result ? President ? Abiel A. Low. Pirst Via President? W illiam E. Dodge. Htcotui Vict President? Jonathan Slurges. Treasurer ? Kdward C. Bogert. Mzocuti ee Committee? Charles B. Marshall, Chairman; Simeon B Chittenden, Denning Doer, James Gallatin, Hltbard W. Weston, Walters. Grilttlb, Nathaniel L. Mc Cready, Augustus C. Richards, Henry A. Smytbe, Benja min R. Wintbrop. lhairmanof the Committt* on Arbitration ? Walter 6. Griffith. Committee on Mtrcem'iU Library? Chun. A. Davis, Chairman, William Barton, Henry K. Bogert, Chas. H. Marshall, John K. Myers. Trusters uf the Institution for the Sat tngs of Merchants' CUrks? Moses H. Grlnnel), Benjamin R. Wintbrop, A. Oracle King. JUmter uf tk* Committee of Arbitration? Alexander W. Bradford Otmmitsumer of Pilot*? Ezra Nye. /ftq*cf?r* of Sailors' HoaMi*) Houses (lb pursuance of Ike new law)? Mr George M. Clearman. CAITA'* MORGAN'S HEATH. Captain Maiisiiau. proposed the following. resolutions relative to lbs death of Captain Morgan, a late member at tbe Chamber:? Whereas, It has pleased Divine Providence to remove from us by death E. E. Morgan, an officer of this Cham, tof Resolved. That in tbe death or Captain Morgan this Chamber has lost a valuable officer, who has tor ten years discharged his very responsible duties wltb great Mellty. Resolvsd, Thai lbs Chamber tender Its sincere sym pathy to his afllicted family. Mr. Bipni made a few remarks eulogistic of Captain Morgan, when tbe reeolullons were adopted. Tbe Chamber then adjourned. ( otoatM' Inqnrsts. Tn VoYtn Sisnr Calamity ? Coi?< ltoiok or ma lygi'iu ncs? Coroner Raoney yesterday concluded (be inves tigation which he commenced some day* ago io relation to the calamity that occurred corner Of I>>yer street and Chatham square early last Monday morning, resulting In lbs death of a whole family. After hearing a: I the tes timony, the jury found "that Mary liennmg and her three children, William, Marin and thsrlos, came to tbeir deaths by buriv ? ut as to the origin of the Are the Jury are unable to say; but we recommend that the wb' le matter be further investigated the Fire Marshal, and also ask to haw John Sullivan detained in custody far a farther examine tlon on suspicion of arson." In compliance with there commendation of the Jury, Coroner Kinney required ?elllvan to give hall in tho sum 01 $2,000 for bis future appearanoe if required. John Rourke, of No 64 Frame Un street, and Walter Shea, residing at 155 Henry street, entered Into the requisite bonds, and Sullivan was dis charged The suspected man is about forty-five years of age- *nrt * osove "< Ireland. He pleaded not guilty m his formal examination before the Coroner. Buione or a I *o*sn j.? Coroner Wlldey yesterday held an Inquest at No. 107 West Thirteenth street on the Wdy of Bridget llynes, an Irish girl, eighteen years of age, who committed suicide by taking a dose of arsenic, which she swallowed for the purpose of Self destruction. She appeared to be in good health xnd spirits, and ?? real cause has been assigned for tbc act. She had received Intelligence that n dear friend waa about to salt ror California, and It Is surmised that tfes sudden announcement caused her much sorrow, and while to n depressed state ef mind she purchased and ?wallowed the fatal powder During her stolen use she wae very uncommunicative, snd It was net till after death that the real reuse of her lllnces transpired. Deputy Coroner Booton made n poet mortem examine ?loo ef the body, and found unmistakable traces of arsenic la the stomach. The poison was sufficient to aanee death. Deceased wae a domestic. marriages and deaths. Married. tiuresiw? Dnaur ? On Wednesday, May 4, at the re sided re of the bride's father, by the Rev. Edward O. Flags, Lieutenant Wtujan Haiom Biudnuw, V. 8. A., to Mi*V Anns* I'msv. No cards. Cnawronn? Gunns.? On Thnrsday, May A, by the Rev. ?. Draper, at the reotdenoe of the bride's perenta, Mr. Jon* W. cnawroan to Jsn.iis h. Gkdmy, all of White plains. Dasa? Tsanur.m? At South Chatham, on Thursday, May 6, by the Rev. William Moore, William F. Dana, of New York, to Loot**, daughter of Jamee Trap hag en, Eaq , of the former place. fiURMis? Dmsumtvn.? On Wednesday, May 4, at It. Lucae Oermnn Lutheran church, by the Rev. W. Dreee. Mr. tlsanan K ijhimax, <>( New York, te Miss M ?nia A. Diw*?ssvb, of NewOrieens. New Or Ion ns papers pit-see copy. tinanaM? Siiuvaa.? On Thursday, May 6, at the Tbir ty fourth street Reformed Dutch church, by tho Hey Peter iHryksr, Mr THoMas L. Graham to Miss Emma Atucsra Muu.rvaM, all of this city. No cards. Rowowr? IIunmmsm ?On Tneeday, April 10, by the Sev. Mr. rochlinger, a. M. Rowointto Miss R. Hhsnhijul ftmm? HAFrnnt.? On Saturday , April 30, by the Rev. tee Lmpioer, < aptatn Thomas Sin in, of Prltlsb ship Mal ta, to Ka*my Diuejr, second daughter of Captain Hsory Rabcor.k , of Brooklyn, Loog Island. English papers please copy Watshhuhy? I'aimss ?At Rye, Westchester county, M. Y., on Wednexday, May 4, by Rev < has. W. Haird, jo?f B. Wahriii av. of Nsw York, to Fmus A., second daughter of .fohn Palmer , Esq. , of the forraor plai:e. Wiukw -Class ? On ,-unday evening, May 1, by the Kev Charles K. Kelsey, pastor of Wlllett street M. E. oticrrb, Oscar A* W iijxh to husAisni J. Clans at the residence o' the pas'or. All of this city. Birth. ffx.Ai. ? On tiK*?i?y May 3, ihr wtfo of Jnhn I'oyai, It , ?lii?*t daughter of M(i C. T?\)?r, Ftq., of Kyr, Itr-Wir couRty , N. Y . , of a son Died. l?:on.? Oil May F,iiw?Rt' Ijnvtni Anwrt, ag*<i ?<? years ? native of Nbinocue, Kings county, lr? lan'l Tr.e rrUktlvM ard frtrnd* arc respectfully lnrlt?l to attend the Mineral, ob Saturday afternoon, at two o'ckxlt, (n mhlalHta riviV.nco. Ag Main ?treet, Prmiigyn. HIS re ,,ah)? will taken to Oreenwond for tuterment. H*?ao? ? In i rooklvn, on Wednesday, May 4. Rrmaitn H? wox a n.itlvenf Kapboe, county Portugal, Ireland, in Uie Win far of hi* age. The I'tlitirw and fnecda of tb? family ara nwjxwi fully lantrd t. attand the luneral, from b>a tela reaMsnoe. N( tft'> Va ?y street, Ibia (Friday ) Kternoon, a( tbrw s'cio h lUrnu ?In firoohlyn, ?n Wcdneadav , May 4, our dear Utile i1 1 glifr P?'U!M B*nm. after a abort but M' arc llhio*" Iho ' rliiud* ami rvlnllvwiot th( family ara reHpectfulty ?? i :aj u iuei>U tUc luiwrul on *\?daT afternwo. at twe fridge aed Kasde (treat. .. _ UtarvB ?Ob Wednesday, Riy 4, A**. wWo? ?' iaha Ckruik, ia the Wlh year ot bar age lfc? rtim.fu and friends, also thoae of b*r *>?. AJe* um?r oaruib, *M ?*Med M Mm* ?be f??r*, frern ber lale realdence. No 721 Waabmgtoa lW*?, UM afternoon , ii two o'clock , wtlloiK farther mIIm sss^r<!SS5riv-?-.?,iiw?. 11*1 CiuntHx, im4 M yeert. TIM fHbnda of IM family are invited to attend the fane ral fro? bis late residence, Tnckahoe, Westchester coun ty *N. Y. . this (Fr?d?y) afterneon.attwo o'clock. ItovLa.? At tar tale resident*), No. IT Weet street, Bo nobji fiorut, ? native of county Kerry, parish of ( ast is land, Ireland, in the 3Mfa your of her age. Her remains will be taken to St. Peter'* cherch, Bar clay street, where there will bo a solemn requiem atasa offered I'or the repose of ber soul. Her friends and ac Quaioinnces, and vhcee of ber brothers. Mdward, Jamca, Patrick and Michael Hogan.are respectfully Invited to atteod tho funeral, on Saturday afternoon, at one o'clock. KranHMMn ? On Thursday, Hay 6, after a long and severe illness, .Imam, a native of kkiglaud, aged 6*2 years. The friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Saturday morning, at ten o'clock, from his late residence, No. 173 West Twenty-eighth atieet. Liverpool, Wigan, Bolton and Manchester (Cog ) i*i?ra please copy hi dkiiiuk ?On Thursday, May 6, Ijoi'isa .Janr, daughter of James and Aoue Kldridge, aged A years , 9 m Gths asd II days. Klie is not dead, tbe ohild of our affect I. u. But gone unto that school Where she no longer needs our poor }irofeciion. And Thrist himself doth rule. In that dim cloister's still' ess iind eicluslon. By guardian angels led. Free from temptations, free trom this pollution, She lives, whom we call uead. 1 he relatives and friends of the family are respectfully ?nvitod to attend th? funeral, from tbo residence of her psrentu, No 17 Fast Thirtieth street, tbls (Friday > after u(? n, at two o clock. ? On Thursday, May fi Aiica.db Makia."!, only and If loved daughter of Joseph C. und Isabella legs*, aged i> mouths. The friends and relatives of the family are respeot'ully invited to attend the funeral, on Saturday afternoon, at two o'clock, trom the residence of ber parents, No. 103 North Sixth street. Williamsburg. KiTMUTBtrK. ? On Woduesduy, tlav 4, after a short and severe illness, Mart Fit/ Patrick. wife of Terence Fltr.pat rick, a nauve of the parish of Ptnldal an, county Car an, Ireland, aged f>2 years. The relatives and friend* of the family are respectfully Invited to attend tbe funoral, from her late residence, : ft!4 Kast Eighteenth street, ttiis (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock No carriages are required. Fukmak ? On Thursday, May 6, at the res 'donee of his sons-in-law, l>r. J. 1'. Mann and Mr. C. K. Adams, IIohrrt Kukman, aged 67 years. His remains will be taken to bis late heme, in Syra cuse. on Saturday, for Interment. Fkliowh? On Thursday, May 6, Jacob Laytoji Frmovps, Id the 20tn year of bis age. Tbe funeral services will take place at the Re'ormed Putch charcb. West Twenty -first street, near -ixth ave nue, this (Friday morning, at nine o'clock. Tbe friends oi the rarmly and members or the congregation are in vited to be presont. Kilmer. ? At Nashville. Tenn , on Tuesday, April 19, Wm H.. eldest son of William and tbe late Klizabctb Fuller, need 31 years and 9 months. ? On Thursday evening, May 6, Maky, wife Of Willi wi Gallagher. Notice of funeral in to morrow's papers Goiumr.? Suddenly, at Yonkors, Arohjhald T. Oot'Bi.nt, aged fit ycrs. The funeral will take place from his late residence, on Warburton avenue, Yonkers, thin (Friday) aiiernoon, at air-part two o clock The friends of the family are re spectfully invited to attend. Hptcbins^n.? ^ f'n Wednesday, May 4. Jrr 11 L. Crow lkt, wire of Win. H. HuUbinson, iu the 21st year of her age Thus m recorded ihe death of .1 beautiful and gifted young woman? a general favorite among her acquaint aticef. Khe wore the bridal wreath still fresh upon her brow, having been married ? o the 21st ult. Her death wig caused by a brief and painful attack of Inflammatory rheumatism. Her funeral, with solemn mass ofreiniem, wlU take place, at St. .Stephen's church, Twenty-eighth street, this (Friday) mnrninit, at ten o'clock, thofrtonds of the ramlly and the teachers of public, school No 18, Nineteenth ward, where she was a teacher in the primary de; artment, and the teachers of St. Stephen's Sunday scliriol, in which she was the deputy superintendent or the female department, are respectfully inviied to at tend the funeral Hjk.**. ? on Wednesday evening, May 4, Mrs. ivt Baoah, in her 78th year. The relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend the tuneral, from her late residence, 32 IJominiek Street, on Saturday morning, at half-past nine o'clock, to 8t. Joseph's church, wtxre a solemn high requiem mafs will be said for th<- roposc of her soul, anu iron thence to 6t. Patrick's cathedral for interment. Hotmkh.? On Wednesday evening, May 4, BER*iHi. II. HorKBH, aged 53 years The relatives and friends of the family are respect ully Invited to attend the funcra1 . on Sauday afternoon, at two o'clock, from his late residence, 2+S West Thirty sixth Street, near Ninth avenue. Horn ? On Wednesday , May 4, tJsokt.i Hons, a native of Scotland, aped 71 years, 8 months and 10 days. The relatives and friends of the family are reaper itrmly invtted to attend the funeral, from his late residence, 001 ner of First and North Ninth streets, Brooklyn, K. L)' ? On Tuesday, May 3, of paralysis 04 the lungs Mo>w Ixgudc, son of the late Capt. M s*s lnglee, of llior, Chester, Mass. , aged S3 years Hi* remains will be taken t? iliuimcuuieita for inter ment Hoston papers please copy. KaNNRrH ? At Columbia, 8. C., 00 Sunday, April 10, Emua, wife of James C. Kenneth. Llotd ? On Thursday morning, May 6, after a long and painful Illness, Coneral John in the 60th year of his age. The relatives and frieuds of the (amity sre respectfully invited to attend the Mineral, without further notice, on Pun day afternoon, at two o'clock, from his late residence, No. 114 Weal Forty second direct Iasb.? On Wednesday evening, May 4, Ipa, eldest dangbier of Oeorge H. and Kli/abeUi II. Laah, a^eo 7 yearn, ? months and 21 day*. The relatives and Iriends o. the Family are respectfully Invito! to attend the fuDeral. from the resilience or her grandmother, No. 727 fireenwloh street, ibis (Friday) afternoon, at one o'clock Reading (Pa ) papers please copy. Lsavt ? Id Hrooklyn, on Wednesday, May 4, after a Ion* and severe illness, which she bore with rhristtan fortitude, Mai* knki i a , tbe be'oved wir* of Tbomta l.e.ivy, aged 42 yearn. Tbe friends aDd relatives or the family are res|tec tfnlly in v ted to atiend the funeral, from tbe corner or Hushing and Clermont avenues, this (Friday) alteration, at lialf pa*t two o'clock M of rsi i ?On Thursday, May 6. A.RN*, wife of John H. Mori ell Notice of funeral will be given In Saturday's paper. McRsar. ? Suddenly, on Thursday morning, May 6, Mart McK ir> st , wife of .Tames McBean, a native of Greenock, Scotland, ageu 63 years. The friends and relatives of the family arc respectfully Invited to attend tbe funeral, fmm ber lale residence, No. Pearl street, this (Friday; aitsrn< oo, at three o'clock. Moi.unt ?On Wednesday, May 4, of diptlierla, U annus C., eon of Hermann W. and Kllse Mol'er, eged 7 years, 2 months and 13 days. McConn ? OB Thursday morula*, May 6, alter a linger ing Illness, Carours Maudrurk in-/., daughter of the late Moses Randolph, of Monmo ith. New Jersey , and wife of John McCord. o| Una city. In the 41st year of her age. Tbo relatives and friends of the family, also tbe mem ber* of tbe Metropolitan I'ollcs, are rcapectlully Invited to attend tbe runeral, from her late rosldcnce, 20 Amity place, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock. Nr?>ub ?On Wednesday, May 4, Kii?Kr.n? W. Nun our, a native of r-ngland, aged M years. The friends nud relatives of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from bta late residence, No. 13 Jaaaaa at reel. Hrooklyn. 0' Dor sntT.? tm Thursday , May ft, Rohrrt 0'Doinn.i, sod of Robert and Bridget O'Ponnoll, aged 1 year, 1 sooth and ft day*. The funeral will take place from 197 Seventh avenue, thin (Friday) afternoon, at three o'clock. New Haven papers please copy. PaBCmxs ? On Wednesday , May 4, Miria Pari bur, aged 10 year*. The relatives and friends of tbe fannily are requested to attend the funeral, from tbe residence of Chas. McOuok, Rye, Westchester oounty, N. V., tbia (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock. The trains on the New Haven Railroad leaving New York at half peat eleven A. M., will be In time for tbe funeral flan Francleoo papers pleaae copy, KoMiRRa.? un Wedneaday, May 4, after a abort illness, J our Rohocrs, In tbe 40th year of his age. Tbe relaUvsa and rrienda of bis family are respectfully Invited to attend tbe funeral, from the reeidence of bia ?other, 430 First avenue, tbia (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock Haas.- At Havana, Cuba, on Thursday, April 28, Wb. UAH Saar, late of thM city, R?ed 20 veers. Rmur.? OB Thursday, May ft, of diseas* contracted while in tbe Army of tbe Potomac, l.ieutenant Hrrrv K i ajar, of company K , He con d regiment New York 8tate Miliila and Klghty eocnnd regiment New York Yolunteers, aged 28 rears, V mooihs ami 21 daya. The relatives and irionds ??r tbe family are respectfully lev i u>d m attend tbe funeral, ou Saturday afternoon, at one o'clock, from tbe Church of the immaculate. Seventh street, Jersey nty. fftaoRso*.? Ai Factory v ills, Staten Island, on Thurs day, May h, after a short and severe Illness, Fan. M Bimorsor, aged 62 years. t iur grief is too deep to be comforted now, lor tbe joy tmm our dwelling baa fled; The deepest of mourning encircle* our brow, Our husband snd father Is dead. Tbe friends of the family are invited to attend tbe funeral , I rem Trinity Methodist Fptscopal church, lao toryvlile, this (Friday) afternoon, at three o'clock. Foat leaves loot of Whitehall street at half past one P. M. Srsdroor. on Thursday morning, May ft, Oborus gwsiwris, m the IMft year or his age. the relatives and friends are respectlully Invited to attend the rnueral, from tbe residence of bis father In law, William valieau. M0 West Twelfth street, on fun day afternoon , at wi o clock. Sim* rr - -After a Short Illness. I fur ^ . daughter of William K and Catherine Mmtnins, in lbs 12th year of her ige. Tlio i r Von o s of tha familv nre respectfully invited to attend ttio lunerai. ? n Hatnrdny afternoon, at two o'clock, rrom the r- aulmi ce or her parents, 127 Fourth street, WiinamMiiarg, I,. I lATU>*.- At (.recnvllle, N. J. , on Wednesday, Msy 4, H*R<fAR,wlte or fohn Twylor.aged :$4 years , 0 months aud 17 days I he relatives ai d friends or the ramiiy ars respectfully Invited to attend thernnerii, from her late residence, al ur*eii?i;ie, ,\. ,f.,tbls (Krliiayi afternoon, at two o'clock. Carriages *il| ho Iriw tltlngat Taylor's Hotel Mrhmige place, .lersev i ?ty, until quarter past ono o'clis'k. Whria*.? Ob Thursday, May ft. of lili'thana OaOTBL. i. (ant won oi Patrick aud limine! M. Wlieian, m :ed I your, 7 mrnths mid 27 days Tlie friercTs ot the family ate invited to attend the fa Bornl ri m the residence of bis i?areute, 2P7 *at t troet, tins (Friday) afternoon at tw> o'rioek w.ibont (triusr tollce. SITUATIONS WARTBD-rRMALBB. Ahomhbb of will recommended obbra* r?in?,.? want situation* a? rook* chambermaids. and la u imI ' ,u ii rwi m , Kirl? for feueral homework, ??, ?* *r? LOW *'8 tH-rmso lustitute, 17 fllantoo at, n?*r tbo 1?MR. SITUATION WANTBD- BY A RKSPBttt'ABLB GBR man girl, lu a < onfeeiiouery or bakery. 0w? ??o three days at Mr Braodent org'*, Mi (th av. ___ RESPECTABLE fOfRO WOMAN WISHES A HIT nation In a private family aa chambermaid; I* willing ' -? Can b? aeen al 1M Weal 3TU> at. to make iterself useful. eornor 10th ?v. , J YOU Nit WOMAN WANTS A 8ITBAT10N AH CHAM bormaiti and KamMKbi; understands cutting out aud doiug all kinds of tauitly sewing, n a good operator ou Wheeler A fitain'i machine, haa a yood Idea of d>eso making Good city rvlerentie. Can be uto for two days al 80 West 3Mb at A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOIWO WOMAN, J\. as plain took, washer and I rimer. or to do general housework. In a Km, ill private family. Be?t illy referencM. Call at 190 Went 2f>ih ?t, for two daya. _ A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A LADY. FOB A MOST competent girl, to Uke ..aie of wowing children or do light woik as lady's uiaid. Apply to Mrs. T. O. Doremuo, 64 Ea?i 2lst si. A SITUATION WANTBD? BY A RESPEt T v BLB WO /? man. a? ttrvt class cook; city reference. Call at 33ft Bast I Gin st A GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO CHAMBER work ami waiting or chamberwork an I i,ur dug, in a an, all taiuil). Call ?t 18 Dean st, near 8m lib. 8 COOK. -WANTHD. A SITUATION AS OOOK, IN A i restaurant or private family ; understands French and Bug'isb. Address 12 Thompson St., room No. 2. AYOUNG U1KL WleSHKS X SITUATION AS CHAM berm..idand waitress. Best reference Call lor two days at 7tl> av., between 32d and 33d St. * A1 A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE Rlrl, ax cook and to nsstst In the wasti.nrr; Ik s good baker; or wn iid do the w.?rk or a small latnily. Best elty reference. Cull at 173 33d st . between 7lti aud Kill avs. A MIDDLE AGED ENGLISH LADY WISHBS TO lake a situation as firm class eook or housekeeper. No abjection to {.0 U> the I'ounlry. Apply at 649 Greenwich it, between King and Charlton. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM bermaid and waitress. Has good reference. Can be seeu for two days at 17M 31st st. . near 8th av. A SITUATION WAN TED-BY A RBS"ECTABLE girl, to <1o chamberwork and waiting, or tako care of children and do plain tewing. The bent of ciiv reference given from her last plaoe. Can be seen at 21* West 43d St., between Hlh and dlh avs., second Moor, buck room. i EKSPBCTABLB YOWHO WOMAN. WHO IB A J\ good conk and a good washer and Irnner. wishes a situation in a autall private family. Call at or address Ad veitiser, t>71 2d av.. between 30th and 37th its., for two days. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AB CHAM bermaid and sewer, or to do hou ework and mind children; would go in lha country for the summer, or travel with a lady. Has be best of reference from her last placo. Call at 417 Cth av., between 2flth and 28th its. A FIRST CLASS FEMALE COtlK. Af.SO A BOY waiter, in restaurant, wanted, al the Newark Hotel. Good reference required. Apply al the Newark Hotel, op posite the Market si. depot, Newark, N. J. Al-ROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS cbamhermald and to do plain wwti?, or won't) take care of a baby; hta three years' re: erenre from her last place, call at 198 av. A. over the fancy store A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and to assist with tlie tine washinu; five years reference. Call for two days at 141 \Vc,| 29th > t. A SITUATION WANTED-AS TRAVEM.IVG SALES man. by one who has s good trade In fancy g< o is and notions. Sai.iry mod'-rate, or will sell on conuni -Mon. Best of|references given. Address W. 0 . box 112 Herald ollice. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A GIRL, AS CHAM bermaid and uaitreaa; good reference. Call at 203 West 26th st. ?A YOCNtl GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO J\ cooking, washing and ironing in a ^mall family; ctiy reference. Apply at;il Warien st., Brooklyn. ARB8PBCTABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS a situation aw cook. tva?her and ironer: Is willing to do housework. Call al 2ul West 26ih st . rear. AOOMl'RTBNT LAUN0BBS8 WANTS TO GET SOME washing to du at her own house; gentleoi'-n's pre ferred. Be t o! city referencs. Call at 2i7 7th ave., third floor, back room. ARESrBCTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITU atlon to do chamberwork and plain aew ing; good city reference. Call at 272 Uick St., Urooklyn. APROFI-HSED COOK WANTS A SITUATION.? CITY reference Call at 224 t>ih av., in the more. A SITUATION W ANTED? BY A YOUNG GIRL, TO cook, wash antl iron, or would do hi.usownrk In a small fam-ly. Can be seen till engaged, at 100 Waverlcy place, in the rear. s RF.SI KCTABLB YOUNG GIRL WISHES A BITUA A lion as f'nambermaui and waitress- ; nil! do chamber work and sewing. Call at 303 West 91fi ft ho'istwork In a private family. Call at 72 Bank st. A k BKSPBCTABLB YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITCA. A tion as chambermaid aud waitress, vr.w ould do house work i or a small private family; has one year and oignt month-' reference. Can be teen until employed al -&i If est 47th -l. A YOIJNG LiOV WJRMgg A BITUATION KM,BSWO mao In a 'an cy staro: has some knowledge of the t i - ,i " ? Call for one week at 4(58 6th ave. A SITUATION fAMItD-IT A BBS PECT ABLE WO man as wattresa, nr cnambcrmsid and waitreu; good elty Reference* C?Ii at 1k> West 15th #t. A SITUATION WANTEO-BY A PKOTESTANT WO man. a*- cook ; is a good cook and wl>l assist with wash lag and ironing. Apply at 2211 West 2.1th St. A YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM bermald and to ilo sewing or to take care of children; beat i lly releren< e. ' an be teen for two days m t.tWnt 24th at A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU ation in a private family, aa lauodreat and cnamper maid, go?d re fere neea given. Can be (eeii for two days at her last iiiaee, 130 East ffli at. ARKSI'ECT.ABLK TOl' no woman wants a situ atlon as ibaml>erinaid anil waitress; understand! her baainev thoroughly, go?.d city reference. Apply for two days at \J6 Baal l(<tti at . corner 3U av. \ SITUATION WaNTED-BY A RFSPECTABLE Wo J\ mar. an first t'asa coo*; city reference. Call a: S? WrU 19th fit. A German girl w imi km a hi rr ation to go a aliorl distance ill the rountrv with a (ma ! family, lb quire 1'or two days at .'7 Columbia at A SITUATION WANTED? IT RF.SI'PCTAHI,K young woman, to do chain' n *rt and wat inr. Kent cltv reference, '"an Ixt seen for ?? da' al 191 tA ??i I th cl between Vth and flh a>s. A VERY RESPECTABLE TOO NO WOMAN 18 OB ?irons V obtain a tuuaUon .ia ? batiberiTiaid and nur?e, or would like to take oare of children ? rorl.ieo they are of h first eiaa? family. Can be ?oen fur one day, from 10 to I; ?'clock, at ll'.l East 2Utb (I, comer of Sd av. A RESPECTABLE GIRL wishes a SITUATION AV cook, or to do hnsieework, In a small family , ia a food plain cook, and excellent washer anl iron' r no ouje< lion to fo a abort diatan<e In the country. Good c!kv rfeierrc rotn )n>?t place. Call at the corner or Hicks and Aunty Mr , South Bi'volilyn. In tbe brW house. A MIDDLE AGED PROTESTANT WOMAN WX9IIE8 a situation id a amall family, a* plain nook ; in a snnd washer and ironer. Steady place preferred, full at 1.6 Vowtw at \ SITUATION WANTED-BY A RPSPEC TABLE Jk. giil. to do general hoti-ework In a private family, t- a good p ain >ook and an eicella?t wa-ber and ironer. BeM cllr raieience Call fo* two days at No. 9 Mb at , ue..r ??DM J. A SITUATION WANTBD-BT A REHPEcTaBLB voting woman, aa Drat claa( laundress, thoroughly imderatanda her bii'innaa. Can be seen lor tiro <l*ys at her present employer's, where aba will get tbe bed of refer enre. 36 We?t ?th at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A BBSPBCTAFLB girl, to do general heueework. City references. Call at 173 West 4 Uib St. MJI ,k A SITUATION WANTED-BT A YOUNG PROTEST ant woman, to do housework In a (mall private fami ly . wage a not so macb of m object aa a good borne. Apply at 231 7th a* . second floor. A SITUATION WANTBD-BT A YOUNO WOMAN, to >!o general houe work , has good reference, isa goad washer and Ironer. Call for two dart at S?4 Madison aireet. A PROTESTANT AMERICAN WOMAN WISHES A altiiatlon In a snail private family aa ebambcitnaid and to do pla n sewing. Apply for two daya at her present employer's, 127 West 38th at., where unexceptionable refer enees can be given A1O0NG WIDOW WOULD OIYE HER BERVH'P.S for a home f.,r herself and Uttla girl; k a good ? cam atrest Call at IMSd ar. ARI'BPECTABLK OIRL WISBES A SITUATION TO do chaaiberwor* and waiting or take care ol a ? hUd or do houaework in a amall prteate family, Call for two day( at 14S hast 33d at. A YOUNO GIRL WISH BS A SITUATION A8 RBaM stres< In a private lamlly; wonld be willing tea si t In cbamberwork, baa good city reference. Cell at 81 Wer-t mb at., near Mb av. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPEOTABLK girl, aa ebamberinaid aad seamstrosa, tn a prirate 'am il?; would have no objection to an la the country. Call at JW O. ami aft a WOMAN WANTS A FAMILY'S WASHING AND i\ ironing, aha has worked Tor two families, who kave tone to housekeeping; ran give goad eily reference. Call at 14 West 16th at , in tUe rear. A GERMAN I. ADV. Wllo UNDERSTANDS Ml l.l.l N E ry. One tewing and dresaioaklng in ati it* branches, wiahee to gn out by the day to work in highly respectable families A; ply at IS.) Bast 2Mb (t. ARI API CTAHLB PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN wlahea a altiiatlon aa India* maid an I seamstress or nnree and aeamstteee Brat of city reference. Oao be seen for two days at .121 ?tb ar. AN ACTIVS YOUNG WOMAN, WHO THOROUGHLY u arte; stand both Engll?h and American first c.a s cooking, deslree a aitnatlon in a ft rat elaas family; nob mc t ion to i be country ; good raferencea Can be seen fnr two day( at 23ti Weet l?tl. at., between 7th and 8th ?ra AR1 SPBCTABLE OIKf, WISHES A tlTVATIOR A* ehambermald aad laundresa; do objection to the coun try; Is well recommended. Can be aeen for two days at M>l Weet Slat at . near IHh ar., top Oeor. freal room A SITUATION WANTBD-RY A YOUNG G1RU TO cook, waeh and iron In a small private f amily ; oitv laferenee. Call at 140 West 3Mh ?t, between 6th aad 7 tb ave. \ SITUATION WARTKP-BY A YOUNO WOMAN AS f\ "bnnn ermalil *11 I walliess, has no ob jectlon to /?> to the i-Oni uy Has the ' est of cllr reference i >il at lli KmI 2Vth st . tnu ilou. I rook. SITVAT10WS WAHTD-fBMALM. pOLORID HELP '-SITUATIONS WANTKD BY A V > Anit class .?o? I mu ) . om lunt sud one oon hmau. Apply lo Tilua, ??7 Tbon>? sou ak, uue dour from Wasblug tM nirtdt OroamL * fJWKBK hBl'KR.? A MIDDUt AGED WIDOW fl would lake caie of a geullnniBo's house for the sum toier would oouk and wash for Ihe gentlemen tf reuuired; can give ysare' city reference if re<iuire<l.| AddreesHonee ko per station F, 3d av , lor una week. SITUATIONS WANTED? BY TWO RESPECTABLE young women Out aa good plain co<>k. saeellent wasber and doner; iho other, a Protestant girl, to do cham berwork and waiting, no objection to assist In the washing and iromuK. Can give the heat of city iMiercnoo from their last place and aie not Afraid ot work. Call for two day* at 115 East 13th (t, corner of 3d av SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNG LADY, AS mounter or trimmer lo a photograph gallery. Address II. O., atatiou G, Now Vork Pout oOfoO. OITU ATI ON# WANTBD-BY TWO RESPECTABLE O young women; art) sisters; one la a hrat rate cook and oioellcol waaher and ironer; the otker lo do chamberwork and watting, or would assist io the washing and ironing. They cau give the best of city re.ereuoea from their laat place 0*u be seen for two days at 22* 7th av., entrance on 5Mb at. SITUATION WANTED-BV A RESPECTABLE GIRL, to do general housework. Until oily referenoe aa to capability, Ac. Apply at 144 West 36th at. CrruAiiosH wantkd-hy two respectable O gli Is . one aa cook, washer and ironer ; the other a* chain bonnaid and waitress City reference. Tall at 00 Wed Washington place, in the rear. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RES PFCTA BLE YOU NO lady, an plain cook, washer and ironer tn an American family. Address :21 Cherry at., third floor, between 10 aud 12 o'clock. Can be seen for two days. SITPATIriH WANTED? POR THOROUOHI.Y COM peient lcn.alo help of all nations; such as t! r?t class cook". chambermaids. waitresses, laundresses seamstresses, nnraea. rook a to wssh and Iron. small girl* and girls lately landed At p v at the laige cmplovuicut huu?e, 138 lllh I., corner of 6th ave. AImo, male help. Situations wantfd? by two respectable glil*, one as good plain eook, haa no objection to assist In washing ami ironing, the other aa eh.imbennnldl and aeumiitreaa'. would prefer to live together. Have the bent of city reference, ran be sren at V5 West 19lb at, TWO PROTESTANT YOUNG GIRLS W1B11 8ITUA lions; one an seamstress or lady'" maid and the other as nurae or lo tako care of children. Call at -2<i We-t;W>th at TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS ARE DESIROUS OF situations; one aa chambermaid anil waitress the other as cook and first class laundress. City references. Call for two ilays at 423 Stb av. WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA Hob as laundress, hi n hotel or boarding house; would have no objection to a private family; can do polishing and French (luting. Inquire for two days at 211 Molt St., third floor, middle room. ' . . ' TITANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RB8PECTABLE WO ?Y mau, as good cook; la an excellent washer and Ironer. Also, by a young girl, to do chamberwork and sewing Very best city reference. Call at 391 2d av., near 23d St., for two days. . WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, aa Waiter and chambermaid; best city reference liven from her last place. Call for two days at 83 West WANTKD-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS "" nurse and chambermaid; can do plain sewing; no oh jectlon to live in the country. Has live years' reference from her last placc. Call at 144 West 31st St. WANTED-BY A YOUNG lLADY OF If, A 8ITUA tion as copy 1st, assistant tear ier In English branches, or eli ruin a fancy store; unexceptionable reference given. Address N. M., box 2,437 l'ost oliice. WASTED? BT A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE PERSON, a situation as nurae: is fully competent to take the entire charge of a baby from its birth ; best of city reference from her last place. Can be seen for two days at 232, corner of i.r>tb st. and titb av. WANTED? 8 ITU ATI ONS. HY TWO SISTERS, IN ONE Yv house, one as plain cook, washer and ironer and the other as chambermaid; good reference from their lam place. Ca!! at M'.'S 2d ave . between 22d and 23d sis. XS7 ANTED? BY A RE.SI'RUT ABLE YOUNO WOMAN. V* a situation to take charge of children or do no stairs work; Is not long in the country. Inquire at .'12 We st 2iith street. IV ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE LADT. A CHILD ?' to dry nurse. Call at 164 East 1 1 tb -t., room No. H, second floor. WANTED.? A MIDDLB AtlKD LADY DESIRES A I oil'ion as housekeeper, to assist in sewing, or as com panion to a lady. Apply at 85 3d av. WANTPD-BY A NEW ENGLAND LADY, A SITUA- ; i 'on as housekeeper, or to take charge of a lamtiy of I children; or would take care of 'he house of a family going away for the summer. Address Mrs. M., station G. TIf ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A MIDDLE AG ED V* woman, as cook or houaekeei>er; has no objee'lon to a slst with the washing, is a competent servant and under stands housekeeping In all its branches. Can be seen for two day - at I t# West 13th st \y ANTED?BY A I'IIOTKsTANT YOUNG WOMAN, TV of good experience, a situation as nurse una s-ani stress Hon go .d eity reiereuoes. Can be seen at 4U2 fith av., bi tween 24th and ?5th its. WANTfD? BY A COMPETENT SALESWOMAN, A situation in a fancy store. Good city reference givea. Cad at or adOre-a Saleswoman, 323 Bleecker st , In the fancy store. WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, A PLACE IN A family to mind ohlldren and do any kind of sewing Call a> <f< North Moore St., fron< basement. TtTAWTJBl>? A ISITDATIOW, IN A rKlVATK FAMILY, yy by a reepeeiable girl, to do chamberwork and floe washing. Can be seen at her present employer s. where she has been for the last three years, 327 2a av., corner of mil ku w WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE COLORED <>IRL. A idtnatlon with a Inly wholnlenda travelllnii, referen>* out be given if required. Addresa Irene Mouuirord, station A. Spi ing direct. ' WANI ED-A HITUATI ON, BY A FBOTESTANT 0 1 R L, to do general homework in a email private family ; be t ?f reference given. Call at 111 9th ave., in the rear, third Hour. ANTKD-A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND waltrea-. Apply at 10 Union court, Unh ersliy place. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLK voung woman, aa chamb-ruiald ami waitrea* or to <lu general houeework In a -mall private family; be t of refer ence can t>e given. Call for two day* at 40 Henry it., Brook lyn. VJITANTED-A SITUATION AH NURSE AND 8B*M vv ttrem, bv a re-pe. table girl, who can cut and fit chil dren r clothe* and operate on a aewinit machine. Call f'. r two <!:?>?? at No. S Pa< iflc pi* e. Weal 2itth at., between ( th and 7tli an W ANTFD-A situation, by a RESPBOTAHIK VV girl, a* cbambermal'l and plain ramatrea , gooit refer encr Apply at 92 Weal 22d at. W ANTED-* ritc \TIO\, BV A HWHWAMT WQ. TV man. aa flrat alaaa cook; thoroughly nniler tandu her b-jalneaa. umleratanda cooking aoupa, meat*, game and jellies ; unilar-fanda boning fowl and all kind oideaaerts; la a tir i late bak"r Beht of elty reference from her la-i place. Call at 838 Eaat I Oth at., third Boor, front room. \k " A N I E D ? B Y A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. KAMI ? * lira wa hlnca at h> r hou-e 111 VM 30ih at., near <lh av. or will go out to work by the day. ?II' ANTBD? 8Y a RErtPBI TABLE WOMAN, A HOUSE Vf to Hike are of for the auu.mer. The h?M ol citj refe rence* Call at 111 We*t .Wtb at., near 7th av. Wanted? the washing of gentlemen and famillea, by a lone woman. Reference given. 203 Weat 2#th at \1,'ANTED-A 8ITUATION A8 NURRB; CAB CARE A M baby from Ita blrtb; will aailit In cbamberwerk; beat city reference. Call at <11 3d av., near Xid at., fir*! floor. W'ASTBD-BY A YOUNG WOMAN A SITCATtON \? to do cbamberwork, or ehambeiwork and waiting. Cnl lor two dava at 101 '."6th at., between 6th and 7th ava. WANTKD? A SITI;aTION. BY A PROTESTANT WO man, ft* Aral claaa cook In a private family: heath* bed of reference. Call for two daya at 33C W?k IIh atoo at., in th* a'ore. ?\\'ANTBD-BY A MIDDLE AGED WOMaN, A SITU. If atlon aa cutter in a ahlrt atore. or any similar bu?? ; la perfectly eompefeot to the taak , no rbjeetloB t* any other city. Addrea* J. O. A., boi 231 Herald *i.ic*. r* ANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A BESPBCTABI E vv yonng w?ma*, aa waitreaa, one who perfe tly under atanda her bnalnee* In all lu branclie*; baa (he heal of city re 'cence. Call at 80 Weat 17th at. aaeaad floor, back room. Can be a*en for two da ye. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY AN EXPERIENCED cook, waaberaod Irooer: beat of city refetenca: no oh ertlon to go to tli* country. Call for two daya at 173 Kaal 22'i at. ^I'aNTEP-BT a RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN >> with a freah brea-t of milk, a baby to wet a?ir?e at her own houae, abe having lo t her own baiay. four day old. Inq'itre (or Bridget McKoon, for two day?, 44ib at., between SO and 3d ava. near 8d av. VI* ANTED? BY A OIRL. A SITUATION TO DO GEN V? eral homework: good elty reference. Call at 149 Faat {gth at , Itrat floor, back room. \i;ANTKD? A SITUATION, BY A RRBPI'.C TABLE T ? young girl, aa good plain rook, flrat rate wa-her and Ironrr, or chambermaid and waitrea*; beat olty reference can be gtrea Call fot two daya at .111 heat 10th at , oetween ava A and B MTVATIONR W\STl,ll-,HAI,K'. ? KESFEOTABLB PROTESTANT MAN WANTS A J\ ailnatlon aa coachmen In a private family ; cp iniry pre ferred Beat reference from bfe U*t empi> ver. Inquire at Fa^an ? livery etable*. lOfl Weat 12d at. A situation Wantkd-by a young man. is vearaefege. In a wholeaale ronimimlon. ahlppmg or broki rage baeiueee; write* a good hand and la correct al flgnrea; ceo fnraleh th* beat of rrferene** Addceaa O. K. Herald office A MIDDLE A08D MAN. RNBROET1C, CORRECT ami honeat. of large e?per1*uc* In bnainea*. dealrea a aitnntlon Oaa sell good a at auction or transact ani kind of bunlnea* aa I'. ahould be don*. Addreea H.. Bera.d owe* AYOONG MAN ok liberal EDUCATION AND good nddr*i? dealre* a alerkahlp on an oceaa or a North n erateamer; heat of refa??ne*e aa t* chara ter aod ability (Iveii Addreaa bo* 103 Poat ofuce, Jcraey l,'lty. AS POETKROR TE AM8TBR? A SITUATION WANTED, bv a atom, active man, 3* rear* of ate, therouidiU ac, nualated with all Ui? (kijpp:ni| route*. Tbr*e yeara' o< ?t rr Terence. Addreaa t. H-, noi IV6 Herald office, for two daya . MAW AND WIPE. WHO HAYR WORKFlt IN *0 t\ teia for 1.1 yean, want *tti<*)k>na a* meat an t pa?trv rooka, mum be in one houae. Apply*! Mr Shine'e Ufi Vande water atrect. An hxi krirncbd booKREepkb, who may dis v*> a of a few honra dally, will take i harf?of *cta of boot;* in 'i< ii ??* not wantinx a permanent elei < for it or make ir i-m j i. i * in KomH'Ii ''ranch or Spanlah Refer* u> tiia rtuii- : . i" Addrene K A H lleiatd ? ill* o. SITUATIONS WJUfTKO? MALES. ATOUNO MRRKIED MAN- A PB WNHTL* a N I A N? of p?-ltiou And lnftn??ee, and well acquainted ihrougk ?iOl Umi Sl?t?, with Iprsiro year-' ouporleaco M bot< keoper ?At chiAi'?l?rk. wiohe* a Doaltlon w bMtkMp?r?<MkMr with ? autotaatlM buamM Orsn in Mew Verkafty. Bam re fcrticM in I'aunsy Wanla and M? York. And any Amount of ae< .rily Addreaa Aoime, box ISO Herald Office AMON HAN, 16 THARS OF AOS. WlflHE* A situation in a wholesale koa.-o. aa aiisiatant bookkoe|>er. office or ntry elerk, or some position where he will have a chance for promotion will make hlroaelf uaeful in either ea rilty, auU can fuNit-h ?tWlaetery references Addreaa 0. fierce, boi 2S f I' oil office As coachman.? a situation wanted, ht a respectable yo<m, man, In a private family; good ref. arenoe can bo given Addreaa Coachman. at the wnMenee of hta present employer, SI West 34th at., between 5th And 6th avs. Bart ni>kk-a situation as bartk.ndkk wauteJ. by a youug man, who undorstands the busi ness and will give -iitisfacfory reference Addre?a boa b,71'4 I'o^t oilice. Situations wanted-koh thoroughly com patent ooarbmen, waiters, gardener". farm hands, Broom*, porters, servant-, ,to. , a!?o, uuful boy*. men lately Hided and help ol every description. Apply at CAKI'KN TKJt'S large employment house lirt lltb at, corner of 6th ?re. SITUATION WANTBD-AR ASSISTANT HOOKKBlsPF.R or bookkeeper, by a young man, who ha* lllle.d that position fur y -mrn ami who undereiauda the <1ntle*< ui both cashier and bookkeeper. ileal relereuce furnished. Addreaa II. T B., Newark. N. J. SITUATION W vNTRD-? BY AN EXPBRtENOBD bookkeeper; beat of references fitrulahed. AJJn:?? Clerk, boa 12.2t>7 foot oilice. WANTED- A BITUATION. BY A BO* 1ft VEAHH Ol If ag' , In ? wholesale he so. Good reference a- ta lionnstv and ability can be given. Aditresa J, B., No. V Bioud at WANTED-A SITUATION KOB A MIDDLK AGHD German. of classical education, active bualneas habit*, ?peaking and writing the bngliHh ami French language*, de aires a po*ltlou where his services eould be made available an give good city references. Address C. 8., box 4,106 1'oat o if Ice. WANTED.? A GENTLEMAN WHO 18 NOW A TRA vdling agent desirea to nrcFtann>- his position with some competent young m m holding a elerkahlp here. Applv be tweeu in and 12 at 101 Broadway, loom No. 7. WANTED-HT A YOUNG MAN. WITH OOOD RB Ier?nces, a situation In a wlinlafale buslneas, wrliea a good hand. Addreaa luix 1,483 Poht Office. WANTKD. ? RKSI'KCTARLE EMPLOYMENT WANT Kit, by a young man, either In the city or country; lint an much an object aa atuady occupation. Address Ingraham Herald oilice. WANTED?A SITUATION, AS CLERK IN HOTEL, store, ??f>l?taiit barkeeper, light porter, or In any nther capacity where hi* ?ervlee? may be useful, by a young mau who ha- ? nod reference. Addreaa for two days J. B Curtis, Herald nllice. WANTI.D? A SITUATION AS TRAVELLING SALBS man, to sell by samp'*, on romml-slon. Addreaa, staling place of bu*lness, Frank, box 130 Heiald office. ~\\r ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A VOf'Nd MAN. VV about 20; not afraid to work. Apply to Mr. Bell. 3d av., third houae from 62d sL WANUCD-A SITrATION, AS LAND STEWARD and gardener, by a man of practical experience, single, axed to, who underxtandH the abnre meuticued in all I'a varloim braochca, which his testimonials will pice Ad (irons P. H . Itil Ludlow streat. WANTED-A Siri'ATION AS roRTER, BY A MAN VV of exporloDcei a gro?'-cry "tore preferred; or would go In the country to do general ? ork about a gentleman's conn try reaidcm-e. Good referen-e. AdJreaa .lohn Smith, box 3,I>7u Fo?t oilice. fo/in -wantbd. by a youno man, a hitda tion ntj cleik. has a flight knowledge of dry food' i iiHlnei k . write a un hand; wiil )omd hlsrmployer 2M. Addre-- II. C., Herald office. HFI.P WANTED-NALES. A (IK NTS CAN M Ah H $fiUt> A MONTH BY ENGAGING hi the wile of <>ur OR; AT novelty PRIZE PACKET AND SI'LKNUID STEEL ENGRAVINGS. Wn offor the greatest <:haiice to make money ever known, and present every agmii with a Kj .'eiidid gold or silver witch frae. Ouiy $13 capital required. Full particulars io circo lar mr.lcd free. O. S. HAKKINH -k CO , M Hfntmiin street, Jitw Vork. The oidAst and only original I'ri/e Package house io tue United Maun. AGENTS. -$19 clear per pay-one hundred of our extra laruo ftlzr Prire pat ka^e*, with 100 pres enui of jewelry ami large bills Sole agency for a town or county. and a beautiful watch a* * present for the agent. Rent anywhere on receipt of $15; <?n bo sold in a few bourn . euortnon* profit*; circulars free. H. KtCkAftO* A CO. (the Originam). HB Nassau at. ,N T AOENTH MAKE TWO DOI LAKF FROM TWENT* rent*, ("all at my oilVce and 1 will prove If, or ten samples ?entfi?c bymnll for twi-nt? cents 'bat will retail for two dollar*, by R. L. WOLCOTf, I7U ChaiUxm square, N. V. A QKNTS AMD BHSINB8S MEN. WITH VKOM $300 TO 1\ $1 ,irK), will be fv.ruished per nit" from unmandauts of-orps d'armee to sell ? > ur popular guids m the various | ? l?. Addrasx or <-all upon Louis Philip A Co., No. 2 Mnriny ?ti ?ct, New York. Agents canvassers. and all opt or em ployment, wauled to sell our n-<wnni, belt and moM raj itily selling articles. (5 per da. ><elnu made. No huiibnu. Articles unsold returned. Ca.! or or address RIUB * Co.. Manufacturers. 37 Park row room 21. AT THE MERCANTILE AGENCY. 30fi BROADWAY Want'd. to day. clerk for a sreatner, iiihd to go to Call 1 J'ornia, barkeeper, boiesy clerk, a-sistant bookkeei er, travelling agent, boi?l >lerS, dry goods clerk. hardware clerk, porter, coach mat', nostier, gardener. Ac. Other altuatl- ne open. See list of va<wncles. MONGOMER Y A CO. A SMART BOT WANTED IN AN OFFICE. ONE wbo resides witb bis parents preferred ; wages $2 per week. Aoply, between 3 and 4 o'clock, at 300 Broadway, room II. Agents wanted -unemployed bookkeepers and others accustomed to th?- use of flg'ires can make iiom $4 to $12 a day by selling Kowler a Pntenl Adding Ma chin*. Demand tart:* Apply at 212 Broadway, room No. A YOUNG MAN WaNTB?-TO WAIT OH A LUN< H counter. Api 'y ' L. W. Parker. 4?t 61k ava. AN ACTIVE BUSINESS MAN WANTED-AS deliv. erer or country agent Apply ?t 27 Beekmai^ St., third IMV. AYOl'NO MAN W ANTES? IN A FAMILY GROCERY, must umlerstand ke -ping books. Apply this day at I* Fried lander's. 220 8th av. BOY WANTED? IN A WHOLESALE BOOKSTORE, one wbo Is Intelligent, resides with his pareats, and de sire* to u-arn the business; salary Urst year $100. Addresn bos 2,277 Post ofllce. ov WAXTRD-FROM 14 TO |6 YEARS OLD, TO work in a luuch room. Apply at No. 6 John si. Boy wantrd-one haying a knowledge of the crockery business. Apply toy Morton, .'31 Green wich St., after 10 A M. A B Boy wanted- an intelligent, lad, about 13. In a private house, to run errands and taa*e hlmseir useful; a good borne and fair wages given Inquire at oi Amity st. Dry goods salesmen wanted -apply to w. O. Campbell, 17b 3d av. Best of city references re quired. Devo cli'rk.? wanted, a young man, with some knowledge of the business, to aet as pilnor clerk. Apply to William M Ilile?, 199 6th ay., totoer of lSttk St. DEUOCLERK.-WANTBD. A BOY. ASOI T Id VEABH of age; one who ba? la J some esperieore preferred. Must eoine well recommcniled. W. F. MUCH MOMS, Astoria L I. Drug clerk wanted? one who has a fair knowledge of the retail and prescription business Ap ply for two days to F. A. Penney, 2ft Ptillon av , oorner Jay st, Brooklyn. 1VKCO CLERK.? WANTED IMMEDIATELY. A SB J f cond claas clerk, competent to aet as assistant a^othe cary la a dlspeuaarv Apply to Dr. Clark, Xorfhwaatern Dispensary HI MB nr., nils $ A M to 4 r. M. bad Waiter wantkh in a private family t an eip?.r!en ed waiter, with good city reference?. Ad dress A., bo i Ibd I'eet ofBee. Hotel clprk wanted -oee of expfbience, who can furni-h ihe beat of elty references. None others need iddress boi New York Peel oOce. rrics bot Wanted.? applt on second floob, between V and 10 A. M . 537 Pear! si. H O Waiters w*> ted-focb first < labs waitere, for a club h"*i?e. Inquire at >3 Colon place, betweaa 1Mb aod lMkjkML Wanted immedi atbly-men who wihh to engage in a iagitimate business, to which (bay can msks $26 every day by a small investment of $300 to $900. Call at 009 Broadway, roam He 4, up stairs. HOWABD Til, DEN. WANTED-MEN AND EOT8 TO WOEK OM A FARM snd in a market garden, near New York. Apply to Oeuverneur Morris, Morrl an 'a, near Harlem Bridge. WANTED-TEN TOUNO EBB. OF BXPBaiB.tCB. in a retail dry goods buaJeeea, io Oil vacancies in a flrv t class Western bouse occasioned by the sallltta order, salaries liberal. Beet references required. Call at $1 Fraab lin St., New York. ? WANTED-A PIRSf CLASS SALESMAN; ALSO A yonng mar, about IK years of age, acquainted with Ihe Ory goods bo-loess Apply to B T. Ilardy, J.?l Pottery^ WANTED-LANDAMEN FIREMEN, 8BAMRN. CAR peniere iuid blacksmith" for ste*m? alsa, for short whaling voyages, tbe Behest bount ns paid. Apply only at W West hi corner ef A.lauy, up stairs * H JAMES Agerl WAFTED-A BOY. IN A DRY GOODS STORR, TO go errands and make himself generally ssefol. Ap ply early el Jol 8th ?v. WANTBD-A I.AI> 1? OR IS YKABS OF aiIB. TO attend In a shoe store; one acquainted wlib 'he huel U(S? preferred. Art T ^ W .??!?> 427 H eon si WANTBD-AN ENOLWI COACHMAN. 'INK WIIO undristands l.!s b.isin?s? perfectly and can c< me well recommended; will have the oare of a pair of horses and be required t? mak? bimself usef ul In ths bouse as well ae the dabje Apply at Wood Brothers', 096 Broadway. 11/ ANTED-AN HONEUT AND INDCFTKIOl'M BOT. YT An i? at <M3 Broadway, VL*ANTF.D-AN ACTIVE BOT, WITH GOOD KKFBR yy ence for the Unrdwireand house fnrnlxhlng businaaa |o be generahr useful. Apply et 1,134 Broadway. * WANTED-A OBNTNKL BOV is TO IT tears of age, to make bnaseif g?nerallt aseful and oar rr Ileal bund es._ Apply to Uecrge W. Wh fe S Co., M Warren st earner of College piece W" ANTBi7- AN INDUSTRIOCS ROY, IK OR t YEARS o' as#i mnsl understand norking aad iusk? himself ssnor^Hy us-.rul. Apply at 54 Walker at, ANTKH-A YOUNG Man, WHO HAS IIAD 3(>ME etj erlen-e In pttMIn up patent mcdlelces Ajily after J C loik, atM,John NTRD TWO .' " ro SEf l, ARI'I IhIh' <.-v- . Hbarel Addrese l<8 Moll st , . ?? w vv and ?*ry correct >1 tuuvee and a lwi M pay'iiH? r'( clerk. Add r?>a rnnmrr, hui 214 Herald otftoc. anted? a boy to wokk IN A 4ITORE AI'PLB ?I M Maiden lane, after 8 o'clock. BKL.P W MTIDblAUI. W V>" HOARD a BTRAMBf 'J - *' ** n th'a ?Mk,t young man l >t<M aad al li? Iran and a gnoit pre man. a* pati ter* ?l?rk. AdOre*. iieamer but ju llerald oUtee. w WANTED-A STf.l'T Bf)T. TO WORK IH A TKB TT (tore. Apply al 4ft? flth at WASTED? IV A LAW OWCI, A BOY ABOUT 1A j ear* . Id Appy to C. A -la1 kson, Zi Chamber* sl[ 1JLT ANTBD? A YOU WO M AH, ABOUT RldllTEEN OB vf nineteen year 01 age, to work in ? grocery ?u>r* Apt ply ?? 81 lOlh at WANTED? A STEADY YOUNG MAN, TO ATTEND TT bar; muet be well reonm mended a* to boneety ao4 ?obrlety Apply at Ocftan IIhum, 34 We*t Warrea at., 8ouU| Brooklyn. WANTED? TWO POBTKKS WHO UNDBRHTAND the uare of horMH and driving. Apply to B li Ha a. ford, Cooper Institute. Wanted- a TO UNO maw in a hpbcib brokers office; mmt he 'jiilrk, accurate and a good accountant} one familiar with coin preferred. Addreux Wall alraet. boa 1,827 Post olllce, with reference. , WANTKD-A FRENCH OR SWISS WAITBR MAW* tor a private family , one who thoroughly understands hit bourne**. Apply at So ti Livingston place, tttuyvesnul *iu*rc before U A M or al ?er 7 P. M. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN, Id OR 17 YBAB8 OP AO?, to keep honk ? time, and b'iy go"d* for a Ikdlee fur nlahlng good* bo>iae; one who French only need ap ply at No (i 1 1th at., tn jar Broadway. WAITED? A WAITBB; one wiro i ndrrsta NOB ltl< liualn'i-a. None otlieri need apply at Waver!67 Restaurant, HVJ llroalwav. corner or 4th et w ' ANTED ? A OO0D FARM BR, WITH A NMALfc family, tn ro into Pennsylvania on a farm of IftO acrefc Applieani mum have a lew hundred dollar* to pat In It' ok, Ac. : exec lent term* utren to the right man for one to lt?? Jrear* Apply to A. HntcUlua, St1 , nue a'., room 7, from 11 I" 3 o'clock. vv RANTED? A FIRST CLAHH PENMAN. AS CORRK8 / on lent and private secretary. None but acorn. gentlemen, of Hue address. need apply Addreaa M, IP . HlalioO U. , T|7 ANTED? TO UNO MEN, FOR ME BCD ANT VdT. ft ages In "hip*, iteimrri, brig* au I schooner* od voyage* . if fr oui two to twelve months. Voyage* to a l parte ot the world. ItANDILL A COURTNEY, Corner of Chambers aul Went atreeta, up xtaira. Wanted today-fob the ship black baolb. CapMIn Stone, 15 men, on a voyage to Hall o ? Bay and Dat i? Strait*. Voyage or all mnntht. Wu lake K-oea band* willing In help. RANDALL A COUBTNEY, Corner ot Chamber* and West atreetf, up stair*. WANTED? FIRST CLASH WAITBR8 FOR THI PA 71 I on. New Brighton, Stutan I aland. None need apriM but those who are well recommended for sobriety and cBw racier. ANTED? TWn DRY GOODS CLERKS, WITH C1T* reference. Call belore 111 o'clock at 4.1'J Orand at. w WANTED? IN A WHOLESALE If aRDWARE HTORBJ ax bookkeeper an activn ,tod lote.ligeni youn.' ruau. who l?a<iulck mid cortect penman and .vi ountani. aal willing to itiiike hlui.ielf Kenrtallv uaefiil. Addrnaa. In owm1 hand wrhing, stating age, qualiiiralicn*. reference and com* penxatloii.yiardwarr), boi ^(J.'i Heral 1 ofllce. T\* ANTED? A SMART YOUNG M\N. TO ATTBND M ?' Iniioh noiuuor; one who nuuerktaiula carving. Apply at 118 Hr ailnray, he ween A and 10 A. M , to day. WA N IK I)? TWO OR TRBBB FIrt?r CLARA SAL8B men, al Wm. Neely * Ivnlly boot and aboe atore. HB Bowery, -ortier of Greai Jono* *t. W A N'l" D? A YOUNG MAN. A3 SALESMAN IN THB I? plioiogr.iph and carte de vialto hu?:ne*ai (iood wages giren to i>ne who undtM aland* 1 . Applv at 17t> Broadwayf in the haicriient. WANTKD-A MAN COMPETENT TO TAKE CHAROB of a lioree, a cow and a amall garden apot. In the upper par: of tbe city A good heme may be bad on application In 43 I'lue it. necood floor, front. WANTED? IN AN INRCKANCK OFFICE, AN INIBZ^ 1lf;ect boy. about 16 year* of age: mu-l ro-ide with hi parent an I comn well recommended. A dilre**, in ay? pUdMt'a own hand writing, bo* IH9 Herald orliee. _ WANTED-A YOf.'NG MAN AS BA RTBNDBR. ANI? una who understand* opening oyntera. Apply ak I'en'.rHl Park Hotel, 7th ar. and uVtii *t. Il'ANTBD-AN EXPERIENCED DRUG CLERIC; A f f man without a family, (mart and actl**. Apply t? F. Hale. C| Am at. WANTED? A BOY IN A LAW OKFTCB; ONE WOO reside* '.vi tli hn parent*. Addrca*. Id handwriting of applicant. B. A K.. Herald olllce. WANTRD-BK VIRAL BOYB FOR BOTTLING. CALL at tfii Libcrij at. ^ _ WANTRn? TWO OR TIIREB STOUT ERRAND BOYS. Liber*! wa:e* paid lu tlrit claaa bora Alio, two or three good feeders uu Buggies' prrasea Apply early at tfi Diano it. _ WANTED-A CLBBK IN A I.AW OFFICE. ADDRESS B. W.. bot 12V Herald otft. e, with terma and a epecl oco of handwriting. _ Wanted-a yoijno man in a down town sta lioneiy atore, who unde.ra'and* tbe bualneaa iniUt abta to take and OH oiders for printing, lithography, blank booh binding, *o. A>Mrc**. dating r>*al name, where last enir plowed and aalary expected, Barclay, Herald olBta. WANTKD-A WAITER, AT J. I' ZOLLVBR'B DIN lot mloon. 3A9 Knlton at., Brooklyn, L. I. "11/ ANTED? A FORTBB IN A RETAIL CRT OOODB TV atore. Apply I* H. B. Clapp 4 Co., 47 and W C iua* nne ?>. II/AMTBD? A GOOD, STRONG BOY, TO GO lit MM TV country, to drive a wagon; one that understand* tb? care of bor*ea, and la not afraid te wort. Inquire at 30 While corner of Church. WANTED? A YOUNG MAN. IN A CLOTHING BTORff on Broadway; one who ta willing to make h Inn-elf generally i?eluL Nona need addreaa unleaa they well uRj deretand the business Addreaa.|with real nama, A. H.. IT nlon ?i .are I'oat oBlee. IIT ANTED? THREE OR TOUR GOOD STABLE MEN. VV at the Abingdon N tables, 63 and 70 Bank at . near Bleeeker it WANTED? FIVE DRY OOODH SALESMEN. THONS . who ara acquainted with the city retail trade, and who can funnah yood referenoe, Will be liberally dealt with, fa for a lew day* at SUV Grand ?t. . WTHI or Allen. ANTED-A WAITER; A GERMAN PRBPBRRBD'. Apply at B Wall at. flf ANTED-A YOUNG MAN TO WAIT OR TABUM TV and make himself ^eneral'r ttsefuL Applj at O'lear Internal >aal, 1S'.< York at.. Brooklyn. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN. ABOUT 8BVBNTI <s OB eighteen year* of ace. In a wholesale Mare. ?, > . i bn able to make out bill* and not afraid to work; one Irom the country preferred: aalary first year from $23u to $3?'. Ad dreu Window Olaaa. llera'd odloe, WANTED-A WAITER BOY. FOR ABALOON; GGO& wagea to a good boy. Inquire of J. 8. Blebbine, Corf laadl Btreet Hotel. ____________ _ ?fir ANTED-A BOY 1* A RKBTAli RANT, AT ltft VT Greenwich st. Call day. WANTED-FOR A GROCERY. A YOUNG MAN WITH name exper'enoe, wbo would lake care of a borae *o? Bake himself otherwise useful. A ?crmsnent sltaailuo and goo I wave to one araa . l Addtaae, giving n?m^ and reference. itat'ng where aa Interview may be b?d^ Herbert Willie m*, Herald office. f ANTBD? AT FKRNCH'B BOTEL. A MAN COOK; one wHh good reference*. Apply immediately, TIT ANTED? AN ACTIVE YOUNQ MAN, IN A WIIOLB VV sale and retail grocery atore; mud understand hie b iainO'S ami have good reference*. Apply to J. Ca?lo. corner Mprlng aad Woodier ? ? WANTED-A MAN TO WORK IM A LIVKRY BTABLK and tu do exra driving; good wage* given, AudIt at 271 Canal at., near Broadway. w w *1 fft PBR MONTH. -A SMALL FORTUNE FOB fllu'i SO rent*. A chanee to make money by all per> aom, w hether now la or Ottt ef builneea. No capital I ? re quired aad but very little aipenie incurred. It reaniree n? travel I ng or peddling, but gleeayeu the eomfoda or a bome with a chaaoe to make from flW to t?W per month. Thla la no recipt- of any kind, or agenrr, but eometblng ent.reiw new, and worthy of all pore, ni who dealre a peratMent an? genteel occupation The whole right and full taatmetlena la thi? buiineta. aad alao t? very vai iahle and choice Rrr pee, which eoit from tl to eaeh. All the above will be lent, b* return mall, toaay addreee, far to ceata Thu le poeU lively no bumbng. Addreaa M. M. Sanborn. Iltaahopet N J. 7 i\i\ MEN WANTED? FOB ONB YEAR, IN TBB I UU Called State* Nauy. Caak bountlea nrom fl^ le tarn Belief for famtliei, advanse, and a fortune la prira money. One year In the Navy avoid* the draft 910 band money paid to recruiter ruaner, at the aid Shipping otiee, 170 Chatham atreat? eld a umber. BILLIARDS. fOR BALB-A FINK STOCK or NEW AND SXCOND handlablei with the improved eombtaaUau cuahlon. Call and eiamlne, or aead your ordera by man to W B. OHIFF1TII. 116 I lion Street. #1 C\(\ WILL BUT A GOOD BILLIARD TABLB OF vlO" Hharp'i manufacture, la perfect order. Anp t>er?>n wlnhlng a good aud eheap table can appljuat r.* eorner of Concord atreet and Hudaoa avenue. Mreoklva. lISsw opricBS. AT 77.-MONEY LIBERALLY ADVAHOWO AT 77 OB DIaMONDM WATCUIS. JKWELRT. Ac. SORKaa. HARNKBB, WAGONS, ALfO. AT 77 FAWNBROKHR8' TICKETS WANTED AT TT Of Dlamooue Wab-bee, Jewelry. Ac , and 00 per cent more pud than can be ei iained at aay ether place la Ibe city, at 77 Sieecker atreet. AT OOf-MONBY LIBBRALLY ADVANCED ON DIA monda. Watt he* Jewelry. Blher flat*. Uaaa, Fletola, Ac. Alao rawahretera' Ticketa wanted of Dlamonde, Wotebea. Jewelrt. Gun*, PI*'.ol*. At, ror which I will pap 7A per rent mere than can be obtained at any other plaoe la the rltv. SOp Broadway, corner of Mo tion atreet, up ataira, room 5. AT flKNRT n YMaN'8 BROADWAY, CORNER OF Bond atreat, room Ro, ?, ap *ta ra, will par the h ah eat ca*h price for Diamond* <etorun*et, Walcnae an l t>n vet Ware, or adrancea made aa the aame; aad alaona Flaaee ?0B Broadway. AT S? NASSAU STREET. BOOM NO. 1. THR HIGH eatpricaeare paid l it looee or eel Dlemonda. Matches aad Jewelry of every deecrlptlon Alaa, the moat liberal adrancea made en ronamameala ef (he above article*, br A. Ho* MM as, Diamond Broker. AT M.-FAWNBBOKBRfl' 1ICKKT8 WANTED, t will pay 00 per eaii'. more lb*n any other p?r?<'i< In i?'? ally for tirketa for Diamond*. Watehei, Jewel rv. t)i?na, F la tola, SilkA Ae., Aa., at S0 Chatham atreet mem Ro K the hat gtore. m Advances made on waTchkj*. of Jowelrr Dry Go. id-, an I r*r-ona. proporty o/ ova f deacrlpttoa JOSferil A. JACK BOB, Bi" ??"l ' ommia. al>>u merrhan t,> 1 1 1 Grand "Irect. two ileor*we*t of Broad w??y. O flics hours from 9AM Ullll 4 Si P. ?* ^ ^ HE BIGBBSr CASH I'BICE PAID FOR CAMBL ;tairgh?? I I ? . r ?, ? 1?e La 'Oa, old Uatd aad sitvfr, by LOU I' aNSH'H >" o?.iwa? under the New Tin k II vial T

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