Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 7, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 7, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Fhidat, M?v 0-4 P. U The beara etormed Um stock market to-daj , and, a ded by tbe anpertor gooeralaiiip of Ulyssee S. Cruel, they suce. eded during lbs day la fore eg down prices su everaye of nearly flvs per cent. The bum o>u >4 not muiltr sufficient courage to nt'-ei th<*ir antagonists, and tbe coneequenco wm ttiat Hie ?'ab rt*" bad tbe entire field to tbemat-ives, and ope rated wiiti mt let or hindrance, as tlielr inclination prompted tbem to do. Compared wita the WiW at tbe first board yesterday, New York Ceotral declined I l*r cent, Krte luilriud l|f, Hudson River IS', Re .din* 1 \ , Milwaukee and Prairie du Ota'en 2, lucblgun Central 1H. Michigan Sou ili era 2, Illinois Ceotrsl >?. Cleve aud ud Pittsburg 6, G ileua and Chicago 8>?. Cleveland aud Toledo eold the same, Chicago and R'ik JsUnd went downS, Pittsburg ai.J Fort Wa.i ne 4, Alton and Terre Haute 7, Cbioago and NWIIM""* Toledo and Wubwb and Can toe Company 1. Harlem Railroad advanced 3 p or coat, I'aciAc i?'' ?*? *0<i Cumberland Coal 2. Tbere wai> a /uriber beavy decline in the alter noon. Kev? York ( eutra: clo fd at 128, Erie Railroad 107, Erie pre err' <? 106. Hudson River 181JK, Reading 125, Mlchl g?n Ootral 129*, Illinois Central 120^, Cleveland and Pitta burg loox, (iilena and Chicago 111*. Cleveland and Toledo 14 Chicago aad Rock la laud 104, Milwaukee and l'rilrie du Cbien 68, Pittsburg and Fort Wayne 102 X, ttiohl^an Southern 88, Chicago and Northwestern 48 (Quicksilver Mining 66 >i, Cumberland Coal 08, aad Can too Company 84 X Tbe t olio wing table comparea the qnoihttont for the leading railroad ah area at the Brat meeting of tbe Board or Brokers to day with tbe prices obtained on Friday of fcM weak.? April &? Jfav6. Kner York Central ISO 131 trie 114 ^ low Erie preferred I0ii \ 108 ^ Hudson River.... I4t? jaa Harlem wo 230 137 120 M itiigan 142 li3*j klicbU'to 88 Il.'iuoui (Neutral 12t> 128 Milwaukee and Prairie du Cbien 06 00 C evelaoU and PltlKburg 1 1 ->? 103 G'llem and iTilo-igo 125 !"''>* C evclanu and Tmodo 14* 14f? Chicago and Kock bland ...415 itw Pittsburg and tort Wayri6 117t? 10ft Alton and Terr* Maine lift f.l Chicago *ud Nm in western. 68 61 Toedo W abash ? 61* ^ J acltic Mall 227 22 V Cumberland Coal ... 77 04 Vonupylvuui ? coal Gom)>any ? 20& Delaware aud Hudson t aual ? 227 Canton 1 40 .'15 VJuickmlvor Hiding 71 06 The following were the quotations to day for govern men soouritie? ? l ive twenty coup?n bonds 106 Kive iweiuy registered bonds lud Coupon 6 V f 1MI i Registered 6's of 1881 113 One year currency certllicates Heron and tbrc.' luutbs lroaeury notes 1M?*? Couiion 6's of 1865 108 Exchange was extremely dull. Sterling bills were quoted at 1M _ Tbe loan market continues to move easy. and tbe abun tlance of capital offering keeps the rate of mterc.-t at six |?r cent. Gold opened In tbe morning at 176?*, and went down ti 174V- aq attempt was made in tbe afternooo tj rally tbe market by a clique of speculators. Ad extra was Issued from one of tbe stock jobbing journals, nnnouuciug tbe dereat or General Burnside by tbe rebel General * treat, at Thoroughfare Gap, in Virginia, on Monday last, but. as letters and reports direct from Oeaeral Burnside 's army as lite as Wertueeday afternooo bad been reocived, tbe bogus Dews bad not the leas: effect, -ind jjold fell tin ned lately after the announcement hair per cent. | The u anaactv>ns at tbe office of tbe Assndaut Treasurer to day foot up as follows. ? Amount on ban.'* $30.5fifl .Pft Receipts from customs 2?0.00<? From titer source* 8.434 '.'63 Total |3? .271,608 raymerAs fl.590,810 Balance $32,681.6^8 f-ab.<criptior.s to ton-fprty loin Gj,9!.0 Tbere are one hundred and forty-nine of the new national banks which have been made depositories of the government. These institutions are authorized to receive subscription- to tbe lon'orty loin, and Uuvo the Bam* pjwtr 10 deliver the bonds that it doicgatod to tbe Bub Treasuries. Nearly all tbe other national bat.ks also receive subscriptions; but the government does not hold Itself responsib o to tbe subscribers tor the certain de livery of the bonds, it is sa'est, therefore, for the pab. lie to negotiate through toe regularly autb'-rtxed agen ties. Tbe loan has now become a fixed fact, and nil tbe ridtcu I'-us rumor* about Its being withdrawn, or tbe chances of a change In lb* rate of interest, are limply copperhead inventions. The moveaienu of foreign dry goods at lb I* port d'irinc tbe week ending May 4 may be *een in the following labia ? Knt-rtd for cctumjiiion, Vackngtt. Manufactures of wool 6M $284,877 Manufactures of rotton 271 M),4*l Manufactures oi auk 467 215,344 Manniartuie? of flax 800 2u2 954 Miscellaneous 4, .'>33 03.102 Total 6,726 $876,753 Hi'Viravali. Maou'acture* of wool ASS $58'i S<1 Manufacture* of c 'turn 2SS 85 l.;8 Manu'ai turc-J of silk 60 77.101 Uanuiacturee of flax 364 WO .722 Mi*co.laneous 4* 1?,*21 ToUl 1,433 $521328 Warehoused. Minu'acturM of wool 100 $43,188 Mannfactrre* of cotton 03 l?,88d Manufacture of atUt 29 20.560 Manutucttirea o* flai 41 lti.134 Miscellaneous. 10 1,848 Total -JM $101 ,374 An aucti n ral* of eom* of the asset* of tha broken Back of I aunav'vsnia took place la Philadelphia oa Thursday. Pr tni?m>ry note* to tb? amount of twe hoo fired tho'j?anc dollar* w- re knocked down for about on* thousand Poat" note* draws for ose thousand dollar* only br x rhl 8ve cents. Among the nsms* on tbe va t wo* rate* both as payers and ?ndor*era wer* a few l>rcatraetit i>olit!<!iaj5 who bars heretofore fgaret rather extei *l\aly, *'.d imte a number of ad I ton and pror-rie toraof . ??*, jp.-rs which are now dofuncl. Orardrafl* stma ting 10 atghty thousand d"''ars war* sold for ab'>ut oa- ntibJr'd del ai* r-oaie >4 lb* clan o. individual* m-otiooed abovo w*re alio ratr.ed a* beinr sm ng th< ss *1 b*i overdrawn their aocounta in lue b.nk and then aitoaau in* t<> alip their memories. We ?u> sot wonder the t >*titutt' n fal.ed. Tbe esrnmgs 4 lUe Chicago and Alton Railroad during , Vie wee* riding A -ru 36 compare aa fo.luws with tne recei|>t* for tba same time last year.? V?ak-*ndr.? Apr 1M, 18?4 $41,838 t-aui time on Uptt 27 o.;8 I nc ease |14,v00 Tl.? rnilowH 1 abawa tba racial! 4a of uia Morrta t anil for the pn sent loaaxi and fat tba asm* period ta*t jear ? fu-<xirt? lo April 30, 1964 *60*07 Kec*>pt* to May 2, ai.ww tocrtaae $;8,t*?6 *J atocl* Kirkaags. Pan sr. Mar 8? lo SO A. * $Mr<n?r$?r.,M.ref . Ill ;?) sbs * T Ceat KR. . (*??> Vh t'a, *81. xou . . Ill to ? do.. iff) fs a. i .vl' s re* I08W |(l Eria kit ]? 70v da.... .. laj'i auu iohu ?u> da us; sa 1 do la*: "Sti ?*? L'6 4 a. 1 1 >? *. oou I06l< (Q fa h?(i UW*'_ do .108 ?0 bid lOfc III II rw ? a. S - l?u jyj 1A0 Kris HR per. lugu TO virasas 7S-U<*AA I6VV U)0 do.."... i7? 6a. ....... iar+ WSl lladaon Kirrr RR,. 6a..r^b * Aug 110 >?? do u riro I A 6 a i t ar ear 10 d? i. 1?5 VWvhia8a, UMt. ... IK 10* do % ?m leoa 6 * 1 JO 18 6f? do I3 ji" _l'tt> N#fta t'arp laa ft if ion lfar>m Rt. f.vjJ Mb' If aaonn fa ... pi So do . v* 1 i <a do n\ mo dn i? 7 o ataidos-a <eiH muak %i *6 Lmaa lelaa V*V of. 1.. . Pa KK rt 43 Rea*la? KM |!?U i?li'arata f a..... i.u lOuu do. S tn da. .... its bv d?..? 6ft*J0 O .0 6 Miss : ?r 9U 8u0 di |J8v. 6ww6 4a ?*?< t>? do bis M6W do .. Ml* IKW do 1? ton* trta l*t iwia? t'ds. Ilu to Micblaaa ? ec, RR . 1 Ulia >ViMI 106 80 do. l.J A OB (I.u 6 h W lat in M 80. > do 1SJW SOW I'm*. Ft* #1*b'lat 116 100 do ........ .. Ui* t>?? r tis.nWAt'ai.Bi I0?X 6tW Mick Bo a N I HI . 87 I0U8 d>>. .. Ilo f-?j do . ....... 88 IWiaMmtMalt . m MW fll Oea RR aerie. . . If) ?? . AlAOWIa i/hl?4 100 HO 60 .... I22K IO 00 amer |i?u gnl I 178? l(# do ltt> 6M86 do 178)2 ?6 do 1IJ ^Jtosiiiisr its fW.Vp?t. la* 6 do Ill too 6* |(jag Ml Mw.-aaalf Hank. 114 4O0 do iu : In fk *Nata R T ,eid|IO M 60 . . 101 '< 16 Mairaraiitaa Oa*. .. U6 !?>? Oalaaa A Chi Kit.. ||8U ivuutsi^ It in do Ii >1 !f 6* 106 Jo., slu ilw !9 da !Mi< WSO? A loi?do RH fw I Aa m rjl- _ JWCkl A Kork laid RR 1* Dai ? Mud f 'aaa , rte itl loft do lot tmmm <)awl 10,.. M t? 6a 1)4: 60 Ctt. iTir A V y RR 13 < SKff&V T ??' J,".'.!' * i." ?/ 4Jo6$i 9t?;. S 18 ' ~~dV.7,7 WPCopake Iron Mines U >? do ??* ? >?? *" X-"" 'iS* 55 % lOChi*^ KK W 10 MtaoSU Mg ('o . 8 WlOhUNW KK Fr?f 71 lui fuilc Mail ?? Co. ,UM do...... *>? 7J I n do tii IW XirlCm l*t prrr. 66 2il br*w v-rk Cell RK 131 Ul liau.vsulo KK prof t'l im do ?H.? Km (0 & 2?;: * iso'l iw 4? w SECOND B ARB. HiLr.rAvT Two o'Ci-ocs P II ? mi U SB's. '81. rcg.. IIS* IOii aba Mich U>-u KK. . I.-0V 1U <?> l' S b a, kO'?. ft loo 1>> do I2'.'H 1 10 U n So. b .0 n.oou HiaV luj A'touA i ilaoie k.r<-f ',*! ;<?.J Tr ii 7 3 JO, O * A 10 V 40 liliuoiitCi uHKai np 1- U IfcMI V 8 -a. I yr oer.. W) , a? do I-OK liul do WtL lxiAllon tlerllatttrKR 64 'j 11000 Mn-nuri 0 ? 70 6n Cle?t-l?'ilt K*t 11/2 1 ii i Uino 4 Miaa rer. 4V 400 do IU i life 0 Auiertuui gold... 174 luo do.... KhiW 10 00 do 174 'J -'00 do UK-X 10 ahaCauton Co.... 34>? 200 GaleuaiCiji agoRR 1U .'?HI Cumb Coal pief. .. . 6 ; 100 ao 11 1)4 60 Qk?llvr r Mln Co. . . 16 Kin Cieve A TolRK. .? 0 I4ti liv do 100 do 030 144 4. ON * Crnlral KK.... lav So, I do .... UAV 1 00 do 8.W Chicago * KkihI KK 104 6> do IW4 S*U MiUfid.iCbnnKR M 400 I'.'S tlHJ I'itU 1 1 W A.I u.HK ku 1 1U0 Erie KR 107 10 1 do lOJ'i liMKriaRH |T.f . ., Iti.i V) d" 10 V; 1 ?* iludt n Kiver KR . l.;2 200 Mich 00 All I KR . Ni* 1?M do M0 do . Hi UW do i:uj? 10 > Chicago A N V RR 4? 1*? Read ng RR 125 100 do. i M 160 Mich Ceulral RR.. . 1j0 cm oonMBBcuL report. t'llMT, May 0?0 P M. Asni?? Receipts, 44 bbla. Market dull, at $9 and $11 for poll and pour La. I'KCADKum Receipt*, 18,148 bbla. Hour, 124 bbls. and 1,186 bag* corn Meal, 6,650 buaheli wheat, 869 do. rye, 8,427 do. barley, 047 do. malt and 8.COO do. oata Tbe flour market was dull and lOo a 15a. lower. In eympatby with the decline ia gold. The proa perl of Increased re ceipts also exerted au unfavorable luQueooe, and it waa difficult to realize at the close, even at the decline. Bales 6.000 bbu State and Western, BOO do. Southern and 400 do. Canadian. Rye flour was dull, but without change In price. Corn meal was i-carce and Qrm. with sales ot 250 bbls., at $6 25 a (6 30 for Jersey and $0 75 lor Brandy, wine. We quote: ? S'lperllne Slate ana Western flour $6 80 a 7 00 Extra State 7 15 a 7 ?0 Chinee Stale 7 35 a 7 40 Common to medium Western 7 V> a 7 40 f.o<.d to choice do 7 75 a 8 76 KxtraSt. l<ouis 7 l>0 n 10 75 Common to good Snu'brrn 7 65 a 7 90 ?ood to ttioii-e extra do 7 05 a 10 75 Common Can?d;an 7 !45 a 7 45 Coot] 10 choice extra do 7 50 a 8 6 ' Rye flour, t<ii|?rflue 6 00 a 7 IK) . Corn meal, bois 0 *J5 a 6 75 Corn me*i, puncheons 30 00 a 30 60 I ?The whi*ut market was depr< sst'd, luuotive, ai d nomi nal y 2c n ac loner, owing to tlio pros relive lar*>' arri v* Is ami decline to gold. the only sale transpired was 1.600 bushels amber Michigan at $t 62 and, 14,000 bu><b eis No 1 CbiCiigo. to ainvo. nl $l 66 which is uo cri tenon of the market. I'ricea were altogether nominal. Oats counted in mine request, and prices were deci. iledly higher, sees at Use. e 9ic. ?latter price in cerltti cic3, n hu b is to about etc. Corn was ac tree aud (irmly bold with sales or ys ,ooo bushels at $1 i>9. cur rency, and 91 41 in coruiicaies, for old Western mixed, and ft 40 >, for soulhein ye low and white, i.yo mus scarcely so Ann, sales of 3 0u0 bushels Norther n at 91 66. Rai ley was quiet and nuintuui 3,000 bushels barley mail brought $i CO. Bka.vs tirm but quiet; sales 200 bbia. at 92 C5 a 92 70 Tor medium, and ;$2 CO a $3 lor marrow. 1Vk-w a i ? l,0f>0 lb-, gold at 58c Cor ikk ?A cargo of 2,160 b gs Rio sold at 46c. ('<mw ? The maket was >:ui u.d prio -a deciiued lc. a 2c. a pound. lhe salts were 1 ,000 baiea at Me a 86c. for middling. t urn. ?4 .000 boxes herring sold at 46c for scaled and 36c. for No. 1. FRir;ais were entremelv dull Engagements to Liver pool. per steamer, 167 baies cotton at ?*?!. , 400 bbxes bacon, pari at 16s., and 100 ranks bams at 20*. To l.on dim, |ier American ilag, 100 pkgs brandy at 2ua. aud 4.0 tierces lard at l.'.s., and, per steamer, 200 bales bops at ?i? I . 600 bales furs and 10 tons whalebone at 25s To Havre 360 tierces lard at 60f. To Marseilles *00 tierces lard and 30 tout measurement goods at !>i>t To firemen r.OO bbls. shoe i o^s at 2*. A British schooner. 11U tons, was chartered to Hj<anish Main at $1100, payable iifgnid. A iiritith bug. 108 tons, to sa ne port and b >ck, $1 480. half gold. Bark Albion, rebuilt lasl.y ear, has been for fin 000 ? ("HRA'K firmer, witb sales of 60, 12c. n 12>jc Hint* were quiet w ith sales of 3,000 California at 32c. , Fix mi nths. and 200 Vera Crux on private terms. Homkt ?We heard of sales of 100 trs. Cuba at about fl 16. Hkm> was quiet on the spot, but 2.000 bales Manila so d, to arrive, on private terms, but understood at lti^c. Ho h ?The market was qoioi, with sales of 90 baled ut irom 12c. a 2bc . according to I.atus Qrm: t-alee 400 000 at 9 ISO. 1 k \iiikk. ? There c ntmued a good demand for all description*, nod priws have advanced lc. per pound We quote bemiock llueros Avrea U 06n a 37c , Otoinn:u at 32 ^c a 36c. . and oak slaughter, 'ill weights, at 4wc. a 69c., its to quality . Re-eii'li? small Lr v nr.R. ? Eastern spruce was in gocd demand, with sales or 200.000 feet at $11 a $22 26. Mot ahsss was dull and nominal, at 96c. a 91 06 for New Orleans. On. Ms*t was firm 200 ham State sold at $2.10 cash. Privisovs? Receipts , 1 :i34 bbls. J*>rk, 367 package! b -ei 1.353 da out meats and 1.366 do. lard. Provisions wer i again mixed. The market for |?>rk opened buoyant ?n firm, b it closed dull and hetvv for lots on the spot nod firm for future deliveries. The demand was lair, and consiuei able s <les were is n*ummated both for Immediate and ' rward dHireriet1. I'eef w?s quiet and unchanged. Keei hmis were quiet. Bacon continued dull. Tb< re is but little stock to operste with, and there was no dh< o sill >u to o erats in forward deliveries. Cot meats con tinued in moderate demand, and there wns n > change i ?< prices worthy of note. lArd was dull, heavy and lower. Bolter was scarce; sales were made ai 28c. a 32c. for Mate. There is no old in market. Cheese was steady, lhe sites were 3,700 bbls. at 927 a |27 12 f. r old mess, $2* 76 a f it for new do . and 924 87 a $26 . 26 for prime. < n the spot . snd about 10, COO lots, for fur- i t ere delivery including 2,0?i0 bbls. uew mess for June, 930 60.1,500 do do. do ,930 26 . 600 do. from lithJune to 15th July. 930 76 2 .000 do. lor July, $31. buyers option; 1,900 do do for Jone, $30. seller's option; 2. ?00 do. prime mess, for May, 928, and 1 600 do. do. on i private term? 600 do. beef at |16 a 918 for repacked I Western mess, and 91? a 920 26 for extra do; MH) bxes bmton at 14 -fc. ror short ribbed and 15c. for short ciear ; :,0 i package cot meats at 11 *jc for sb"uidet*, and 16 i?c. for hams , 1.100 do lard at 13 %C a 14^c lor old and new. I>m*r?ijtri?. ? Uecelpts, 1.338 bbls. The market for b >th crude and retlned was dull aod nominal to day, and the latter was 2c. a 8c. lower, with no buyers at the re duction. The bogus 20,000 bbls. sale of crude, for May and tone, no longer exerted say Influence, and there was ii I mo* t nothing done There were some - calls ' report- ; ed, but even these were not In much vogue. The sales were confined to A00 bbls crude at 39c. a 30 Sc . on the ! spot; 760 do refloed. in bond, at 67^c. a 68 He , and 1 .too do. free at ft4c a 65". The market ^t the cl se was romtnai at 3?< . a 37c. for crude, snd 67c. a 68c for re- | fined, in bond, though choice lota were held at 59c a 60c. R"<a._400 bags sold at 11c a llJie., and 800 do. kn bo 'd at 8c 8< oa? was quiet, with sales at 19c. a 20c. for New Orleans, and 819 boxes Havana, fa b<4iil, on private terms Tahow ? 1*^6,000 lbs. sold at 13?*'c a 14', 'c. for city at. 4 Western. Tne was quiet as'e? of flo bhds Keotacky n| *?. a 2 .C. , 240 bales Havana ai 76c. a 96c., 82 cases seed leal at 16c. a 4%/C. Tva ? lhe market was rather heavy, but more active Tb- nalt-e were l.'jxu f kte. oo prirat- terms Ti> ? We heard <>. sales ol 1 OuC aiabs btraiU, part at 63 *gC. t smoim? 2j600 boxes adamantine aatd oa private to' ins. W ii ALtuto ' The market was quiet. The last sa*eef comprisiag about :W ooo ibe Arctic, were at 91 60 a 91 6i. W?oi ? Iheie baa bjen ratber leas doing in ibis article the nre?e?.i week. Ibe sales repotted sum up aoo ba i-s liousk u at lc a 5 -c., and thoul 70 btiec iambs' on t>rl< vale terms; 120 bales Cnrdova and 20,000 lbs Mexican, aieo private, and l'J6 balsa Meatizs at 36c. a 37e. W>u-sc>'.? Keceipta, 1.14-t hula. Maikel dull and lower; aalot ) aoo bbis. at 91 20 a il 22 lor Buto aud Western. FAMILY MARKET REVIEW. I The but i ft apauuiatoca Lr.vo attempted another rite Is the prtoe "f tiiat Indiapeaenble article.' At Washington market yeateruay the rendera demanded eo locretaeof ?ix cent* per pound for tbe beet quality of oew butter, and nucoceaed !? making quite an exteoalve Mate at that price. Uii week It wee <>017 34 ceo la per pound, while ye?terday * ?ai up u? 42 ceute per pound. Poultry bas aiao taken a rise, while a?b baa fallen and Beat remalaa at preUy much tlie ?*we flgure Wk m?.- Irime beef. a 2&c. per pound, porterhouse KteaX.. .''?Oe.: ? rlmo, 21>c .cbuck rnanu, 14c a l*c .round, Ito a l*c.; ordinary pleree 10c. a 14c., m<tto<i,13r. a 17c. Iwiib, He. a 14e. ; eeal, 19c. a 22c , lre?b poik, 10c.: sorned beef, 13c. a 14e I Pcm'ltut aud ua?fc? Turkeys, 82c. a 36e. per lb.j ? Boru county rowia, 24< . a xbe , do. cblriten*, 3oc a 82c ; t me duok*. 3.r?c. ; prime ??*?e, 1 He aaOc perib.; broU ln^ cB>ckeim. ri per pair capona, 36c.. a 40c. par lb.; alip ! e^peua. awo. a 36c ; I'liiUdeplbia aqeaba, (4 per do/en, 1 KoKii"b snipe $4 u$4 to per doren wild pigeons, $2 1 0 ' p< r dozen mallard*, ft a pair, canvasa back ducki,|i 60 a $'4 i>er pair red Iteade, 91. Kiwi.? hela arc aeliief al 12c. a 15c. alb.; haddock, fc>. ; atripud banc, I60. a lite . perch, 10c. a 13c.; c dflsb, 8r ; flounJere, 8< ealrooa trout, Mc. ; halibut, |6c. , fre*b ?bad, 26c. a Tic. each; freeb mackerel, 8*0. a 80c. eacU; porfles. 10c. a lb. ; .obetefi, 60. a lb . oy*ter*,T6c. a (I 60 a liui.dr. d , pickled oyaters, 82 a hundred; son clama, 40c. a $1 a hundred bard clama, 750. a hundred. Fat ,t.? Orargea are telling at 400. t 80a a doraa: Ha T?n*? 73p. a tf 88 a doreo. Lamona, 20a a 40o. Cook ing applet. Me. a peck , labia apple*, 80c. ? 81 a pack. \b.itabijui. ? (v>inmon point* *?, 60c. a peck. 1fh!tt cabba^ea, 26c. a 30c each laranl,w,8c. a bunch. Obi at, ?1 60 a peck. Turn 1 pa, 80o. a pack. Carrote, 8c. a bunch. ar?ley, 10c. a bunch. New eolont. 10c a buuch Fiv di?bet,4c a 6a. a bunch. Oya'tr plants, toe. a 8S1. each. Aaparagos, M>c. a 00c a banh. Knubarb, 10c. a bunch. M a> 11 L>f?oia ? ITlme new Htate butter le telling at 40.- a 42c. a pound, prims eld , 80c. a 36o. ; cooking, 26c. Beet ordinary rbecee, 20c. . Kngltrh dairy, Me. Eggs at 12 and 18 for 26c. Mapia eugar, 86c. a Mo. per pound. I SIT |i ATMMII WAWTBD-PEJIALB8. T ptVwT 67irgiL Tnff6ifiTtyrtt ohR*** I J\ frma m weal atieetfooa ae eneke. ebamtermeiaa a?e I *Qwrrt ' A a WBT MVIWE-ilTPAtlUII ,WANTKD. BT A J1*; | A *p?TiibD ?mibBn. Ilea good ell/ refareaoe. 0?U at ?? I liuoiew at. , la the rear, on iae aeoead dear, jnrCATJon wahted-peiiales. A 'I8*.* PEMALB COOK, ALSO A BOY nr~iTr._ ? rMUl"ul' Wanted. At the Newark Hot * uooa relerem* reyuirrd Apply hi the Mewir. H?lei. op puaiu iuc HMkei m. depet. Not* .ri, N. J. A okrman ladt, who undkrstands mrxivB ry. noe aewiug and drnaamakiug mm >t* h an wishes to go n ,i br the da > to wo it in biguiy re*u?> t4ftt0 r?_'"e? Ai pin at 12.) Ea?t SUh SL AFB8HCH COOK WISHES TO P1ND A SITUATION III i a private tauilly. Apply to J. B.,1 Uulll ir, W urand ?i., ri. i A *OUNO LADY WIKBRft A SITUATION TO ASSIST SZ * . * lhe manage!. ent of brr tiou?e.<oId, or *#?? (1 take entire charge of a liuu e In ihe ab euce ? I the faintly ; Brat cau reltreucea. Adureaa Julia, boa lift* lleiaJil ?flk?t ATOUNO LADY. WHO has HAH BXPRK1 bNi'H IN house eep Hi; and teichtug wiion to o urn n <* I <>n in a lamilv as h iu?ekeener or housekeeper anil h>ht ucra, either together or aeparale; refer* um? e?ciiangeu. *>' dire W , bo* ISO Herald oiiice. Am enulibh widow lady, op resi'kgtabili* ty, a ultra to obta d a a<l'iatl"ii a> hoiiM keeper ?rh in hi r duller would not be of a titmili a Hiaracti i ; she na? a daugbu-ra out fourteen yea told, whom abe would desire tu have with bar. Addr. u or apply at VS Canal'si. for tbiee iUk A RESPECTABLE OIBL WANTS a SITUATION AS oook, wa ber and ironnr lu a reapectable tainiiy. Good reference. Call at 18 Newark ar? Jersey City. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN tbr country, as cook in a a. ..ail Drivaie lawil) : bu fire yearn' re. errnces. Call at #71 t tb a r. A nkw England lady ok exprbiencb is or ? Inula of obtaining a -Ituatlnn as liouaekeep r In ?n re gentee laml y, o a ooiupantoe And to Ink* charge of ?? " va 'd lady. ei ber la cliy or country, Please a ureas L. P , boi ill Herald oftiue. A YOUNO GERMAN WOMAN WANT8 A SITUATION a* mute; la willing to do plain ewing. nr asilst la chamberwork ; do objection to ao to tba couatry tor the summer months. Apply at tf.West l.Vh at A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RRHIM C I A liLK ? O man as cook In a private lamrlt ; one who thorn (lily iioderM* ids ber bumneaa and all kirn a ol lia li g lias the tws ilc j re I (? mice. VII 1.0 lu the country fur the summer it required. Call at Tib Went 23th at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A HKSPECTAilLh U KL to do chamber < ork and aaMat in the wahUlug a <1 Ironing City reference. Call at Uo ureenwicn av. CIOOK AND LAUNDRESS. -MTUATION WANTED. At J cook aud to aaaist in waahuiy and Ironing. Ckd lie ae*n at her pres. 01 enij lover'a, No Si l^ondon Terrace. v\ est 23d at., this day and Monday. SITUATION WANTED.? A GERMAN TOUNO LADY OP H 'od is 11I7 and well biotfeht up wiahe a aiti anon in some nice tamny. where she could mate her-ell fim- r* .> iiM>-fiil, or would like to ?" In the couutrv or travel with a ilckly or ei-ci iy Isdy. Address L>. L.. Uolxiken i'o QITIUTT0N9 WANTED? FOR THOROUGHLY COM k> peunt coai-hmeu, waiter , (.arUeueri, Urn b n s groouiB porters, servants. Ac ? a! o 11 elnl ov mnu a e y la 11 -d huiI li"lp of every desc lpll .B, App y ai li.e lar.e Employment liouae lH . 1 lb si , coruer of i>tb a*. V\' ANTED? A SITUATION AS GOOD TOOK AND vv iaunJreas; is a good baker. C*il At All tflli av., near 41 it ai 117 AN I'ED? BY A OOMPKTKNT PERSON. A SITl'A TV tl"n as clmmber uid and aeamsiress orci 1 ber maid and >v auiesi; winhra 10 U" in the ciiunti'V 5 ti e H niaon rl .er pre erred. t:an be seen to-day or Monday, it u >t engaged. a?Ail 6th av. WANTED-BV A C0MIET":NT WOMAN. A FEW LA diea or KCnOmeii's waah ug; 1 aa lived aa laun 'rea in Nome 01 the la-si la .ilies >n ti<ia cliy; undent** a a. I kindu of line washing aad tinting; faun. tea' wa-hlug d. ne careluliy. Ca.i at l'2 Weat '<7th at., reload Hour, bac? room. 1*'ANTBD-A .SITUATION, TO WAIT ON A LA OK Vv tatecaieot ^riwn cliiMreu; aiao a lioj p a.o eam. stress. Uood reference. Apply at e-t iwo St. WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN. AKITLA tinn aa chilil'a nurse; en niwu-nt tu lake chance of an Infant imtn its b rtb; wou.d like to to Yon ?era. near Wb f Mouotaios, N. 11.. or to Europe. Can lurniah ^ooic'tiie. leience. Can be seen for t*o days at 2ti 6th av.. between loth and luh sis., Id tbe rear. WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN, a Fltuannn aa aeanisns s or to take care of rbildrea. Address or call for Marv Blue, Ulraid Houao. room I4J \A ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A R K8PECTA HLB ii voung German girl, aa aeamstre ?: liable to do all kind* of family -ewlng; ha no oh e t'..n to ta*ecare or growing children. Call at 186 Went Ma ?L. one door weal of 8th av. WT ANTED? BT A YOUNG WOMAN. A SITUATION; V* is .> Rood cook and ? -ood wasnrr sud irooer; city ref erence. Gail at 25 Healer at. basement. ANTED? BT A RR8PBCTARLB MARRIKD WO ?? man, a smiat on to mate ber-elf K<""erally uxef il, either id a etore, or house, where she could have her uuie girl, lire yearNo age. with her; wages low. Apply to Mrs. Andrew*, Greenwich street. Mew York. THE TKADGI. A CARPENTER, a PRACTICAL MECHANIC WANTS a situatlou aa lon-uiuo le some builder, or to take charge of buildings about beta;; e acted Beat referenced given an lo capabi.ltv. Addie ? II I'., box. 132 Hi- a .1 oil.. e. Al'RACTICAL ENUINBRR WHO HARHADMO.H em ei leuce In detuning and eiectini: Hour, saw and i-pintilng mil la, Ac., and i.a.ieri-ianits perteetlv liim to men anie streams ?n<l constiuct water w eels of any kin I. secte for an engagement. Apply to J. liana, ztw V* e.i . ih at. RKWEKT MEN W AST BD-BN KROKTIG. CAPABLE ii en I referred; to audi He civ work and good ?a?es will be pa'd. Apply lo Smltn A Bioiher, itu V* est i?in at, between 7iu aud Hth area. B tlOOI'BRS WANTED.? A FEW COOPERS WANT / ed, at packing yard loot of bslrc at . Mr oa'yn. Aiwy Oil the ptvntlses. I'AI.Im t M WAUL). DESIGNER? A FIRST (1AM CALICO OKMlUKBR la wanted. App .y to J. C How e a Co.. A'.' Worth at B FOREMAN WANTED? IN AN OVAL AND PIER frame manu sctory ; must ?e acquainted wlib the manufacture of walnut and p: e pared ?ur<, and <c cuat .med to the charge of wormnen lo a reliable and skillul man good wa<es and constant rmp'ocienl will >>e giv-n. on application to Joaeoli K Paul Bay Mate Mou ding Mauuiact'.ry, 441 Treuvut at., liostno. Gilders. -bot wanted, who understands la> lug gold; steady em|>in> m at sn ?o it ?a:> i Ap ply lo day, between lo and )2- ai !2 StiU'i toy 2&-<r. Hand , pressman wanted-one wh ? has been a c lomcd to co or wor? aud set up forma. t> a fir t c a*> workman, wbo la a steady. reliable ,hmi. a iTat claas sunatlou with go<>d wage, la o tared. Ap ly at the Uni .ti Card Mauulactory. 177 and 1*9 Grand at., ^>ear Centre. JOB PRINTERS WANTRD? IMMEDIATELY, AT THE prlstlng e tabllabment of E. t). Bpoouer A Son, St Court at , Brooklyn. LANDROAPEC.ARDKNINO-C.ROI NDS PROMKMAI.L aat ana to aoy extent plann< d, laid rut, graded, dron ed. planted and ornamented with taate. on the moat Im proved i.rlnrlplee. at moat reaaonable teruia. 1 he under signed lor many years baa stud.ed. and piaiilcally ca> r ed ea>. horticulture to all Ita brancbea In all pans of Kurone? especially lu Eng and? where ne haa caia?d high repnialoa In the lea ilng berticuUiira e-tah lahineuta I he exec lion of hi* work IB ihii country will eorreb?rat* the teattmony he la puaaeaeed of, aud vouch lor ha renne kaataa and abllf Ilea Ad'ireaa Charlea Oruneberg. Landscape Architect, Aa tort a. Long Island, M. T. Paper makers waNted -pocdrinipb ha chine tender- and fin> her. wanted, at Jrarop A Moor* m lis. near W limlngloa. Delaware. Address U. N. Mo ely. Wilmington. Del. Paper hanwrr* wanted-at thomap faybs. 207 Broadway. Moae but first elaai workman need ?ppiy. Paper hangers wanted-to work bt tub pmc*. or by the day. Inquire of Gullle a Ailea, No. 8 West 27th at , between Preadway and 6tb ar. PL l MRER WANTED.? EXTRA WAOBS OIVBM TO A first ciasa workman. Apply at fli Fulton ar , Brooklyn. Photoorapbir wantbd-an operator, at J' he's gallery. MO B'.wery. To a good hand steady em p torment Also a boy wanted. Ap;dj between It and 1 o'clock or after I P. M. DOWBR LOOM weavbbm WANTBD-OR TA PBS, X Oo->d wages and permanent work, lii'imie at ISt West 2*tk ac, for two days. TO MACHINISTS AND ENGINEERS ?A TOONO MAI*, aged JO \t sr., wants a ?Huatlon p> !e?ni meehantcal en. glnenrmg; will *o le aay part of the .- tales. Addreaa H. II. ll , station A. Spring -L r HARNESS MAKERS ?TWO STITCHERS WAMTED by K. V. Baker, agent, 3d ar and Ujib ak. Harlem. rMACHINIKTS OR CTTTTIWO DIE MAKER! POll hoop skirt si i<l?? and tlpa ?A good workasaa oaa tad steady employment and good wagea: one who hae worked al the bueinaes prafeired. Inquire at 47 Greene i THRKB OB POUR OOOD BOOK COMPOSITORS wanted, at John A. Oray A Green ,, it, and 18 jMob *L There pattmrn makers wanted -good work men al turning or mtiug may syply tg W. A. Cole. $t Aan et. foartb floor TACKBRE AMD RIVRTtRH WANTBH-OM EMAP' aanka A| al , comer Pi 1 sanka Apriy immediately t* B Robinson, 124 Wooater W A m^.1' * "R,r RAT. wo? TT7ANTBD-EBTKMAL BANDS, ACCl'STOMBD to ff run tlrcMarelockingfri.mM ala.. a sai?iinleodeati la good workers steaoy erni.ior m" t and libera. ?a#se will be paid la can. Apply te Aiidiew > ru u fa 34 Ohnr uroh si. WAM.F.D-TWO TOCNO Mk!?. TO LEARR A LfOHT trsnufact.irtag hutiaaas. A; yly at 221 Wait Wtk Sn between mh and #th area _ 117 AMTBD ? A MAM ACCUSTOMED TO BVMMIMO A TV nap aiding ?aciilne. one used to picture frame ??aid ing pieferred. Tea steady good man. liberal <aaeee will ?? given. Apply at 2? Wcs? /CiS sc. betwees Mk and lib are IV AMTBD? A MACHINIST WHO CMDBBCTaMDM " running an engine . al>o a tin* of twa inrh Shafting. B?w ar seroni baad. Apply at 1.4 and M WealTweety ?ret street. '? WAMTBD-TWO GOOD COACM PAIMTCBS. TO OO a short distance In tne country: aleo a earrtage trtas mer, accustwm d to Jobtiug. Apply al I1U Br -d way. _ WANTED IMMED1ATELT? rOUB OH PITB OOOB woel sorters, for a mill la the country- Apply * Jo* Biplay A Soo, Ho. I Pine si. WAMTBD-A FIHHT CLASH SHIRT CUTTER . OOOB wsges will ba paid none need apply aaie?a thorou#fc* ly compateal M. A si. ST It Mm ERG KB fad Broadway. Bret laft. WANTED-TWO PLUM SFRS, TO OO BaSTi OOOD wagea aad steady *?. -.lor meat ID OSBh M 00 . 88 Wktte street. WANTED IMMP.DI ATELT? AM ARCRITECTUEAlf draughtsman d(>plyatJ. M. Dudlog Arei.Heei tra| WarU, i?u gl, try ??. U the trades. WANTED? * COMPETENT HAN WHO THOROUGH l? un.ier?t*ods th? undertaking bu ines*. Apply at 11 P . Inceal. letween *and 1.' A. M . and 6 ?ud 9 P. M. 6?OOI> UOUsB PAINTKKB WANTKD-ON MONDAY m uulux. hi VV P. Lauder ?. 71 Weal 1 HU at SITUATIONS WANTED? MA 1jE?. A81TITAT10N WANTED ? AS TK ATE LI I <Q R *LE3 nmii, b) one who .'%? a ?o<>il trad** la fancy k' o 1 N aoit nrtinim Salary niddixli', or will ae I on cumuli ?ion. B (I ol|ielerencaa ^lv*a Addrraa V> . u , but 1U ileia.d oillee A MIDDLE AUKD HAN. KNKRJETIC, CORRECT ?n i b uent of large experience id business d-nire-a Situation Can anil go tH? HI nr'T* or transact nnv kind of bUMnraa a* It ahould bp doue. Addrenn U . Herald o.:i> ?. Avoono harried man-a pbnnbvlvanian? of | ? ition anu intluence. and well acquainted through out (ha: Mat*, with twelve n-ar-' experience aa too kee|mr aii > htef r.lerk. wiahe* a iMiatiloti ?? bookkeep-r or oaahiar ? nil ? Kiibaunt &l buk osmi nn id w Yo k city, l est re f ri* ii e? in I eui)*ylvun>s and Nrn Ymk and any amouul of ae c r ty. Addre?w Actlre, boi IS 8 tleiald dice A FRENCHMAN WISHES) A SITUATION IN A PRI tata fauil.y, as coachman. t!oo? relcreuoe given. in quire or U. B Thuillier, M tirand ?t. A situation %antkd-bt a young han or 19. e? an aaalatant lu the dark room ift a photograph lery. Addifnk a. J. Lawrence, Newark. N. J. the beat of re erenoes given. A DRV OOOD8 SALESMAN. OK TEN TEARS BXPB rien ? In the old > omitrr, having a g-aeral knowledge o cr.- jr department ol t ad? ? (baa not done bnkiaeaa ia tint city ) ? ?ould therefore acoem of a auiall salary. Ad* diesa J. 11. I1., Madlsou square i'oat on oe /COPYING OB WRITING OK AN? BIND WANTED? V ' R> a oiidk man whose rrrninfi am uiwoopied. hurt rl i? re:*reaoe it required. Address Frank Marsh. box Itt Herald oiTice. SITUATION WANTED ?THE ADVERTISES. HAVING iJ tad ( tutt d<>al of experience ui varloa braochesof b ?ii.rii. I drairouH of obtaining a aitu?tion a- bookkeeper o meek la a hotel, where, Irom fata general knowledge, ha feelaonn In o. hl? srrvic< a w?uUl bi- valouble Aahraoeaki and ? ine Bpaai h latig ihkc would Imve m> ob ,ecti?n to n<> an trmellmtf drrk or a, cm or ant mrrrantlli- iiwat t i' .:>a. Part - Rico or e aewliere, ' eing wi-ll acquainted w th thr produce mark eta id thnae Plat-pa. The i??t refer e >cea can be Klven. Addie.-aT M K., Mniald SITUATION WANTKD? BY . AN BXPER1EN0BD l ' bookkenper; beat of reiarencea furn.aued. Addreaa Clerk, boi 2.267 Poet oillce. rpWO nCNTLEVRN. OK BUSINESS HABITS, WISH I to enter lilt ' all en k-minent to travel In the crniair) ; one In id* dry good* an I the o I er lu t?r < utlery trade Ad iiif-a lor dr. go>da h. T . and tor cutlery U P.. Herald OlllO'l Wj ANTRD-BY A MAN, WIVIi AND child, lately It lau ed, aliuatlons with a tariuer. Apply at 117 Meat SI , to a Met-k. W'ANTi D.? RESPECTABLE EMPLOYMENT WANT *? ed. b. a voting m*n. either in t e cl'v or conn rv ; com; ctiiMtion n t an iiiuch an object aa ateudy occupation. Andres# In^rahain Hera'd odlce. \V ANTI D? A SITUATION AS TKAVHLUNO SAI.KS *' man, to ?' il by shiiipp, on cniimn ? nn. Addreaa, staila^ place of bu lueaa, Krank, box 130 Herald olllce. \\f ANT ED? A SITUATION AS PORTER, BY A MAN ?? of exi?neaca; a grocery t-toiv preferred; or would ,o In the eo ntry to do gene? I ? ork alx tit a fientlcman acouu trv re-idence. Good relerence. Addresa John Smith, box 3,57 . Poat llT ANTED? BY A YOl'NO MAN. A RITOATION IN A " ? inc and llijnor ktnrc; mi .ernt ada tU* bu-ibraa a ad ch ii keep bo, ka. Kor relerence, o., addiesa L , Herald oiliue. n'ASTKD-HY A YOUNO MARRII.D MAN. A SITUA ' ? tion a a ? oilect ir or ii :bt |?>rter In a wtmlenalr or re tall i!ry ot atorc. would oe willing to m<4?e h ttiM'lf Lenerally tiaeiul; can w rite a to erahly good Land, and kuowa tn ? cl'> well Addreaa H., il3 Mulberry at., near Canal room No 6. WANTED-AS COACHMAN AND OROOM. A SITUA t on, by a r'enp cub r young man who undc at*u<li hla Htiaiiiraa tkormichlv; lots the beat re ercn.-r an isa go d ami carcfu: tfrlvtr. Ua.l at or addreaa 1M Eaat 13th at., a-'cond lloor front room. XII 1 ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A YOl'NO MAN. AS vv Ii lit p ter In a toie, or would take a fldwuoa aa roar.hnian with a entlcnian in :ne country. Uu 1 on or a i* die Km, lli bih av . third lionr. stating where an Inter >i w ii ay i>e had. Oood reference. w ANTBD-A SITUATION, BT A TOUNO HAN FROH vv iteiotitilr> between 19 and JO years ot ?ee In some wbolfMil* b 'ii-c; wnnld make hnnaelf genera ly useful; wli ri he can n am th'- buatneaa. Auuiea. for three days O, t> box 20 Herald olllce HELP WANTED-FEMALR9. AGENTS W ANTED? IjADI B8 OK GZNTI EM EN. TO trsrel with a li lit and ronvenlent article. My agents ar no?' making ruin $& U> >21 per day: h|<?>I k>um ht letter must contain ilnrty rem* lor tn orn atlon and sample. Apply la H. II. VV Ipple. 7? Mum si., New Vork. ASKaM~TRK88 WANTED? WHO CHBKR8TAND3 ?adieu h?t dressing; wages $10 per month. Address bii* l.tiitf N. V. P?lt oil.ce. A TTKNTION -WANTED. TWO WOMEN, BETWEEN th<> sgea ot '?l ana 30. to do light work In ?n otlice. Widows of r.oldl?r>, Without enoatnhranoe and not afraid of wii'k win bf i reifi r>-d. >\ a?-'? ft |*t week. Cal. with leference, at t.icharus A Co.'*. vT William et. up stair v (VidK W VKTKD ?ONE WHO CAN BIIINO GOOD J city lefereuios may applv ai ts Willow Hi., Brooklyn. (M)OKS, TO WA8H AND IRON; LAUNDRK8SE8, > ti isewnrkTS. mull girls anil girl* lately Isnded wan'* eil. thisda.a d ext Monday. Inr guod situation <. Apply, at the U'^e Employment 11 inse, 1 3d 1 1 lb ->U. comer ol tfili av. L Oi( (' WOMAN WANTI'D-IN A FIRST CLASS DRESS f n ating ^IflOlmumiMit. Only thus* ?h are tli nuglily oimi>rl m and >|>'.< ? em-h ??! ; fplv. AI o ? ( nail girl, to wh i on the door ai l rnako herself useful. Apply at No. 6 Hrm Klivpntb ktrrrc. C1IIILS WANTI- O.-HEVRRAL OOOD GIRLS, TO I work im photo.' nipho pr nting, cutting and mounting. AppyaiN'-w liavrn l.alroad dupol. corner Elm and Kraac Im sta., up stair*. LAl'ND IKSS WANTED-A OOOD S1IIRT IROltBK. AT t'ni n Adam*'. i37 Broadnar. I AUNDRKSS WANTED -ONE who 18 COMPETENT I J to taKe chtrrfe n a laundry aud to do her work willingly. Api?> ?t IS West 23d at. NURSE AND SEAMRTRIBS -WANTED. A PROTE8 unt glr with good city recommendations. who can S?w well i,nl I- wilting to attend on growing children and S UM in ct ? no l>? r work. Apply before i| o clock at a Wash lugton tilace. SALESWOMEN WAMTRD? A FEW SMART OIRLS TO lea n the business, at Slewsrt's mll.loery goods flora, 162 Bowery. rpO MILLINERS.? WANTED. TWO COMPETENT X hands. Apply te B. I. Cooseher. 22V ?k ar. ANTED? A OOOD 8TEADT NCRSE, WHO CAR take care of four children To the right kind (oae who has aiwav a attended 10 thi.dren and < an ^ -oms sewing) $ 0 or more wul be paid luquire at 342 rt-fP at WANTED? A PROTESTANT WOMAN. TO COOK, was ? mil iron. Apply from ? to 10 o clock A. M. at l&o Bfeat 47th at. Wanted? t woman, to cook, wash and iron. weil recommeaded, at 7ft Montague piece, coraer of Henry at.. Brooslyn. TI/ANTED-A FIRST RATE COOK, WARHEB AND VV ironer: one who thoroughly uinlsrstauos her but-1 nexe and is willing to go In the country for the summer months Nous other aced apply. Call at >31 Baal luth st between the hours of 9 and 12. Wanted? a wet nitres, to take a baby two weeks old to heard and nurta. Addrees, atatrag ptlce expected and wacre to be seen. Baby, Herald odlce. w WANTED? TWO OOOD BONNET AND HAT prmsers. to go te Philadelphia; liberal wages will be paid. Aiiply to Korman, Tlbbals A Hubbard, 423 Broadway, corner of Canal street. WANTED-A RESPECTABLE. CAPABLE OIRL. AI chain 'lermald ?nd waltie*. in a private family. Ap lr. with re>erence ai 38 University place, between loth and 'tbsts. for three days. XXi OMAN WANTED-TO DO OENERAL TlOlflH Vv work, who is a We to cook, wash snd iron: small fsml ly. Apply at .32 Greene sL. near 4th. Also, a Oral class lanndia-*. Apply to Mr Benaett. 769 Broadway. WANTED?A FIB8T CLASS DRESSMAKER; ONE who can run a sewing machine None but an Ameri can need uppljr. Call at Slst st, first house weat af 3d a*. WANTRD-A NEAT AND TIDT GERMAN GTRu TO cock. ?a<h and iron la a email family. To eae ? he can give the best of city lefareaoes good wsges wl I be paid and ai o a good home. Address, with name aad reference, A. B . bos 10u Herald otke. WANTED-A PROTBSTART NURSE AND SEAM atreee ( Amerieaa m Irtea), teaota tbeoouatry a short dtatani-e from m? n: a per on who an eretande cutting and making chl dren a elotbes and Is accu-tomad tethecareof ? young child. App y at 17 kaat 37 th su, this day, May 7, between II aad 12 e' clock "TBT ANTED? IMMEDI ATELT, A RESPECTABLE GIRL, VV to go into the countrv dnrlng the summer: nmii l* a plain oaok aad sood n aaher aad Ironer. Inquli s at M Bsal Isa st., near Leiiagtua a?. TiriNTEn-B SERVANT OIRL, TO DO GENERAL VT heusewerh. Call between ? A. M aad UlL.uM Vest JBdst. WANTED-A CIEU TO DO ORNEBAb HOUSBWOBK: must be s good cook, washer and Irener, willlagaad obliging, wages f I per mynih. Call at Mo. 4 Second place, Breoklyn. WANTED-A WOMAN, TO TAKB CHARGE AMD DO Uie work of a small family . a middle sgad person wanting a heme preferred. Call at 84 West Md st WANTBD-TWO RELIABLE GIRLS, PROTECTANTS; one as oook, washer and ironer, the other as chamber wald and waltrewi. to go to Stratford. Cena. Good wages wtli he given to tuese who can bring lead city reference. A^'plj at 80 Lslght st op Moaday, April ?. at I r, M ' ANTED? A VOVNO LADT, tO LBAlR fROTO krapbr'in alMis brancbea; one who is desirous gMirsc .... Mel as H as a profhealoa. She must be enerselle, ef ladylike Biaaaere aad geod addrsea Apply at the gauery, IM Sroad wy. WANTED -A RRLIABLE NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS: on? who perfectly nadrrstamis her business aad san take full Charge oi two funng ehSdree-, teeoshaose food ?ages will be peld. Apply at ike WashM?ioa Hotel. Me. I Riosdway. Wanted-two touno g bum an girls, with good refsrensse; oae ta coek sad wash ; the ether te 4c ehsniberwoik and wsttiag. Apply tale (Saturday) afler noon, frrnn I till ? o'slook. at 3D Waal fed si WANTRD-A Nt'ESB: ONE WHO ft CAPABLE OP taking rare ef aa talent and willing to ae general housework la s small tamliy Beat of refereaees required. Apply at II Welt 4lh M.. ec'-ned Mock Iraki Broadway, sa Saturdav, between I" aad I o noek. ^ U/ ANTED? A WOMAN, TO P'd THE CBAMEEBWOEB V af ? ???" h* -"-ilrah e person wy flnJ a sued |U? by applying at af 0 Mb/ #t Uiar |? ? fo# Mree VJ a?^ted-aTirst OLASS CBOE. FOB A pahilt ? V hot* I Hp tewa: oae whe fully understaads pastry and Iplltes, also good plain ia^. A t>p'y at 7*4 eta a? , betweeu |vd aad 48d sia ? '^*>JSSjLyAlltTED-.rBi|git ?*M?HaMM. ATno 14/ ANTED? A HW OOOn 1>RE8*M AKKR8; ALSO A *T liti ? girl. about 14 mn old. u> go of urrauda. Aoply at Madame Duliia a 3'JO siuu av WANTBD-A GERMAN PROTESTANT GIRL. AS MiiMlrtuilia lady's irakl; ?l liuii aiao t<? la- ? aiane care of lia.t growu chll rvn. T? ?oh giving cntiie ?ati fac tion ti.e twai ?a??a an<l a pnroimani home are offered In a gaol nnau'e family, aNOrttbliuU fl n n tbecliy. Addieas, atatlug qualiiicatioua. Ac., bos 410 New York fo t oJioe. "11/ ANTED? A GIRL. TO DO TIIB GENERAL HOlSB V? nriltl a prnr?li- la 1 1 y : mu?t be a tOoil wushei and Ironer, co .ne well rocomiueuded. uo<l ne wilinu logo la li>s country lor tbe auiuuier. Apply at Wo. 6 Bai row at. WANTED-TWO SMART GIRLS; ONE AS DOWN stairs girl, to ooqlt, waab and iron; tlie other aa guoi cliamhei ma d and to a. alst la Ihe cade of children. Ca.i at At We?i 41st ?t., corner of 7th av. WANTKD-A QOOO SEAMSTRESS. BY TUB DAY OR week, miiat cume well iccouiniended. Call tbU day at 118 Eaat Sltli -t WANTBD-A OIRL TO COOK. WASH AND IRON, and make hetself generally usefnt la a family when there are aeveral cmidren : bem city referenoes required; wage, $8. Apply ai >19 Ennt :i-U it., between id and 3d ava \vantbd-an experienced COOK. WHO THOR it ougbly understands her business and can come wall recommended trnm her tan e ..plover. Apply At 38 Weat 37th at. between lha hours of 12 and 2. WaNTKD-A lady TO LEARN TUB ART OF, O?. lor In* plidteurapha. Attar twe u efka ef instruction* of one hour a tNMMf situation will be given, or ahe can con tinue in nay employ. Call at 713 Broaowa^^^^^^^ f ANTED? A NEAT, TIDY OLRL. TO DO ORNBRAL h luanwork: at oat ba a good wn her and Ironw. Call at tiC West 4ah St. titantkd-a hmar*. intelligent American m girl to attend on allele la* v an I taka futl charge of a chid. h > e yearn old: must be a good seamstress. Apply at tUA Greenwich eC . w~ w w ANTED? FOR A SMALL FAMILY. A GOOD, GEN eral house servant. Call at 312 Oanal at. ANTKO-A FIRST CLASS t'OOK: ONE WHO TAN do a 1 kinda of coking and pastry and would be wl L tag and obliging; good ferersnce teqnlieJ. . Apply at 119 Waveney place. Wanted-in a private family. a THOROUGH chambermaid and waitn sa; one who underatanda wn.-hing and ironing preferred; n ne need apply witho t city reierenoea. 0?li from ? a. M. till 12 M. at 141 Eaat Itrth aL 6 BOND 8TBKKT -WANTl'D. GOOD DRE8BM A KK R3. who niW.-rainnd all pari- o tne trade; and liberal wages will be ftl* en Alao. apprentices t> anted. HELP "W AKTED? AIALKS. Agents can makb ?aoo a month by engaging in the sale of < ?ttr uRi a r NOVELTY PRIZE I'ACKET AND 8PLKND1D MTKKL hNORAVINGS. We n I'ar the greatest chance to make money ever known, and pn-aent every stent wiili a splendid umil or silver watch tree, Onl? $l-> capliaLreiiuircd. Full particulars m circu lar mailed fr-e. G. H. B ASklNS A t,U , St! Beak man afreet. Now York, Tbe nltest and only orljiual Prize PaoJcago liouaa In the United States. AGENTS.? $IS CLEAR Pi-B DAY-ONE HUNDRED ut wir extra large mzr Prtzb packages, with lim pres ents ol jeweiry und large bills Sole agency for a town or county, and a beautiful watch av a present for the event. Beat an v where on receipt of $! 5; can be sold in a few hoirs, eimrninus protlu; circulars free. SRIVKAKUS & CO. (tha OiigluaU), Ida Nassau at. ,N. X AOHNTS MAKE TWO DOLLARS FROM TWENTY cent* Call at my otfre and 1 will prove It; or ten samp'rt sent free by mull fur t? , ntv cents tliat will retail for two dollars, by H. L. tVOLCOTT, ltO Chatham square. N, Y. A PERSON HAVING A SCIENTIFIC EDUCATION A and only one versed In neoioKy aud mmanilogy, Ae. can find employment at ouce by addressing J. 8., boi 3,547 Po t o.l>oe. ABOT WANTED-IN a DROO STORE. AGED BB tweenl .aod |6 years. One wall recummended can addre a Kua' ton s. 1U Aator House. N ASSISTANT BOOKKKKRKB, HOTEL CLERK, bardnare aaleaanan, drug clerk, clerk fora steambnat. boy. Id: travelling agent, yooag man to go to California, dry oo i? salesman, gardener. Other aituationa alwajs open. ' Broad ?ay. HON GUM KEY A CO. AN ACTIVE. RELIABLB BUSINESS MAV WANTED.? Tii a man of the rlgnt stamp a desirable situation Is olfered in a genteel respectable bnntness. Apply, between II a. M and 4 P M., to J. C. Peck A Co., 63 Fultun St., room No. 1. AN ACTIFK BOY WANTRD -ABOUT FIFTEEN jcara o age in a rro, <ery store; one who hat some knowledge of the buainewi peter led; good references re" quired Apply to Griffin A Titua, Ni>. 9 Barclay sl, N. Y. A BOY WANTED-IN A DRUG STORE; ONE WHO la willing to make htm sell usefu.; reference required. Apply at I (.4 Bowery. Boy wanted-to lkarn a trade; must re side with hi* paren s come w?ll recommended. Apply to L. L. Boland, heraldu chaier, 143 Fulton st oy wanted? to learn the boat building. Inquire at 3'J3 West sL Boy wantkd.-onb who writes a good hand, resides with his parents and ran Kive good references. Apply at No. 7 Pine streut, room No. I, between 9 and 1U A. M. A' B B OY WANTED? IN A RETAIL GEOCEBY STORE. Apply ai 190 i til av.. corner of J3d St. CLERKS WANTED -ENTRY CLERK IN A SMALL mauufactoiy ; one who Laa had experience aa an >-utiy clerk; aa an $ m Also a young man 16 or 17 tears or age, quirk at iigiire* and correct; aalary $3UU Address H. B.. box 1.122 fust utile". (M.tltKS AND Bl'SINKSS MEN WANTKD-FOR J bnnka. inaurance. ex p eaa anil other of cea throughout the oountrv. M'rr' ?nn and other manager* can bear coni denually) of tne right man for any racauoy. All Ut-VH An.ericau Mercantile Union, 713 Broadway. / ioACIIMaB WANTED.? a 8INCLK MAN TO OO IN VV to the country: good reference* required. Apply at 78 Otb ar. , Irani 10 to 11 A. M. Coachman wantrd-in a private family; one Mho iboro>u'by naderetaatla bla bualneaa. muat b<- a good driver, and one aco.atoi ed to the city and well recouitnt-ndcj f .r boneaty and ao: rlcty. Apply at 84 Vtb at., between lu A. M. and I I-. M , to day. I VJAI^UHAN VAKTRD.? A S1NULB MAN, WHO C N \j derttandt Ma 'wnluost, in a country place, on Ibe North nee-. foriiT?or?t? month* He muat be civil anl obi.g ng, neat >n dreaa anu;etaon and willing to aa-dat the g.rdeeer If required Apply, ?ith refereoaea. at M W J law at., Brooklyn, altar ? P. M, . * DRUO OLRRK WANTED? ONR WHO HAM A FAIR knowledge of u.e letailand prearri) tioa bualneaa. Ai ry fnr two daya to F. A. Penney. 20 Fuiton a* , corner Ja* at, Brooklyn. * ' Drco clerk WANTED.? APPLY AT THE YORK vtiie Medioal Hail, between Slat and 8M ???., M a?. for three day*. Drug clerk wanted? a tocno man. who has aorne knowledge .f lia bualneaa. Apply at tbe atcre, B7S Id ar., between Slat aad 32d ma. BT OOOD8 ENTRY HLKKl WANTBD - BUST BE fully competent. Ad dreaa b*s 2.14* Poet office. Expbbibnobd 8 albsm a n wantrd-in the hat More 661 Broadway. Apply after V P. M. (fARM HANDS WANTED-TO (IO A SHORT DISTANCE r in tbe reuatry; w?.e< $13 to $21 per month. and found. ' 'at tbe large Employment Huum-, 13a 1 lib at, corner Atoo men lately landed wanted. Waiters wanted-four first class waiters. for a elub huuae. Inquire at U Colon place, between I3th and Itith ta. WANTBD IMMEDIATELY? MEN WHO WISH TO engage In a egitimate huftl?< aa, iii which tbey can make $*3 every day by ? tniali tnreati.ienl of $A)l to 9300. Call at 800 Broadway, roots No. 4, dp ataira. HOWARD T1LDBN. D Anslj i of Otb i WANTBD-TWO SMART PBOLRR* TO SELL A RT1 Octal Rower, ta milliner*: term* liberal. Addre>? 163 Mot! at , between Orand and Broome. WANThD? TUilKE OR FoUR O >00 8TABI.I. MBN, at the Abingdon Stable*. 08 and 70 Bank at , near Bleeoker at 117 ANTED- YOUNO MEN, FOB MERCHANT TOT. YY agea In abipa, ateamere, brlca an i arhoeoera. on reyagea <<f from two to twe.v month*. V or age* to a 1 parte H the world. KANDALi, A COURTNEY, Corner of Chamber* ua.l Woat atresia. tip ataira. WANTED- A OOMPBTl NT DRT GOODS SALESMAN, at McElhlnney A Stewart a. rj2 Kulloo at.. Brooklyn. WANTBD-A BOY, FROM 10 TO If YE AR8 OF AOE, to lead imp hou ? of ao evening thiee evealaga In title week. Salary fz pei week. AOitreaa bOJ B,6H I'oai ofloe. WANTED- A SCIENTIFIC, ENEROET1C MAN. TO Introduce a new paten! to be applied tn railroad oara Aey competrnc |etM VOtl rec mmeoded with or wub< nt capital, WIN ilnd tbla a good <banor to make money, Kor further particular* aidriee 0 U J. . feoi ?7 I'oai oflice, Eaaei, Conn N B ?A practical railroad man preferred. WANTED-AT DR. LBATnK'S. 190 CHATHAM atreet (o'.d No.) en Inlel'lgeot man, to auiat to a medicine atora App y before lu A. M. XtT ANTED? A SMART TOIITB; ONE WHO IS QfHCK Y? at figure* and ran write a good band. Mult bare good referenda. Apply Hit* morning after I o'clock, at tbe Tier aid OIL 00. WANTBD? A PERSON BYERY WA 4 COMPETENT to take cbnrge of the Indoor and general bualneaa of a retail grovory etore. AddreM O. M? box 110 Herald of tee. \\J ANTBD-A boy, I# TO ao YEARS old, to assist "T in attending bar and to makoabimaelf ueefHi Inquire at Bnfi'i Ferry HotetrNew Jereey. Take tbe boat at foot of Hpnng ?t WANTBD-A MAM. WHO UNDERSTANDS BOIL1VO m>>laaaee in as open pan; alao an eiperleaoed pan man losotoaaeMb'wriascllf. Applf at Co^roea Sugar Be Stl W aali Ingtoa at WANTED? A WAITBB WHO PNDBBfTANDB Btl hiiMiMMind trm fcvtnfl Aft* tint rtwmnttdfttiM for bualneaa and eaa mn(1 l3 0.clwA M finery. Sti Waelilngton WANTED-A WAI bualneaa and eaa fennaety and eobrlotf. I ft SrfeMtway, eeooad i fir A NT KD- AN OPPMJB BOf Ml A COMIIII W f^ Addriaa bo. Ml? FwtlStt noM op WANIhD? A FIRST CLASS RETAIL DRY OOODS aa teaman, afaa oao Oeraaaa ealeentaa, at IdS Grand at. W llliamgbu r% WANTED? A SALESMAN, TO BELL A POPULAR brand o, (round oetfae In thia clip, on commiaaion. Ad dreea a. B., Mert^d.oflca 11/ ANTBD-tA TOUNO MAN ABOUT 17 YEARS OP YY age vo fiiiter good* and wark abmit the atare He cc" iahrvaw sgfc.'.efstf j?? ? Addreaenpoetal. Ha oSoe will be i \ur ANTED? .? % OFKIOR BOY. ONE WHO IS PMAP*. ff artl\'a lad Intelligent an i eaa rein* well Iweta*" . "V mar ?? Hauoejf A to, HILT WilTI^IUUU. W~ ANTKD-A 8TBADT, 8UBBR VAN, TO DRIVE A tutraa Mil Mrt. to ma mho Will a<*U st?ady work u? good pay will be given. Call f*om aer.-u u> 9 clock titniui or Buuday si 679 2d mr . between SIM Hilkm at& Wantbd-a MAN WIIO VMMBBTAXDB VB IB. table gardening. can milk and d<> geueral farm work, to go a abort dlsuiica from the oily. Apply at AcJ Bowcrj. WANTBD-IX A PANCY GOODS J OB HI Nil BQUdM. an active eiperitinced yoi/U; uiau t?i take onargs of ?lock. Apply to S. f . Jnknaou A 00.. 3 At Broadway \1'ANTKI?? A TOUNG UKNTLEMAN OK GOOD AD ?? (lruaa 10 iriivol fur the purpose ni obtaining inl'orina tlou for a weekl* journal, coiluot bilia and cmivaii for sub. wribera. He. urttjr requited. Address N. B. O., box M H.-rald office. W ANTKD-A YOVNQ MAN. FROM I# TO IS YB ABB o* aige, ? ho writea a g hkI banil and I- wllliou to insto himself lie 11 t rail* oaeluL Address Diligence, stating aalary expected Herald ollice. W ANTKD-A MAM WHO THOROUGHLY UNDUE stands lc.tlier baa mad on. Noue but npeilencod hands need apj>ly at 166 Chambers airoet, third Hour WANTKD-IN A WUpLESALB HOSIERY 8 I'ORB, A ainart, active, int-lngeut boy. about lgyra>a old; oM who wUl make himself generally useful Apply to K. B. U., 13 Park place. WANTBD-AN P.N TRY CLKKK. ONLY SUCH A* are uloa and correct at Qgures. and ae uaiomed la entering dry goods, need ap^lj to Lake A McCreery, 471 Broadway. WANTBD-IB A LAW OFFICE. A CLERK. WHO IS a good (*>p ? 1st AddrMa. stating salary expected aad what expei teuce had. box 4,ti84 Fust oUieo, Now York. WANTED? TWO (! BUM AN BALK8MBN'. IN A ORABD street diy gooda store. Address llerrman. Herald 0IU00. TXTAKTltD? BY BKBNHK1MBR BROTHERS. TWO TT good ollice knys. Onl. boy a who hare boen eoapi<4red In tho on 00 of a whole ale dry gooda or clotn hou-e. 0*4 oan bring good reference* need apply. Wage* $3 per week. WANTED-BY BERN II RIM KB HROTIIERS. A GOOD entry clerk, who hds boon omp.oved In thla capaeMp In a wholesale clotn or dry foods liouae In thla city, aad fm quiok and correct at figures. tidlary $U per week. WANTED? IM A LAW OFFICE. A CI.ERK WIIO HAM bad some experience In practloe and who writes* good hand. Alao an Amerioau boy 14 yearn old. Apply to A. W Uriawold A Dickinson, U2 Wall at. ANTED? A BOOKKEEPER FOR A MANUPaOTUE. Ing establishment la the city; a permanent situation for an able and triable mun; no obierthina to a respectable middle axed gentleman. Address, aiating salary expected and references, B. O. D., Broadway Poet office. w ANTED? A BOY, AT M MAIDEN LANE. C. DIBTRICH. yen AGENTS W A NT KI>? BUSINESS HIGHLY BE OiJU ape tub e aud a Ming buaineaa men. and pare to brat data agents from (6 to $12 p. 1 day. Tb h ? quiok at Ggurea preferred. Apply at 212 Broadway, corner K niton itrcut, room No. 6. BPKCIAJU ROTICE8. A SPECIAL MUB TINQ OP TUB OILDBR8' PBO teetlve Union will be held at No. 10 Stantou street, oa Saturday, at S P. M. By order. W. H. QRiyPlta, President. AT A REGULAR MONTHLY MP.BTIMO OF THR BOSB llora' Hii er ' A ociation, hold at 112 ha?t TweatP* third otieet Tliurjday e\ eatoj. May ft, the following rra >lu tion waa paa ed:? That we pay the jo>.rney mau lioinoauoero as fol ovs:? Klreiuen $2 SO per da;, and lioormen 92 2ft pa* day. fly order of tho Association. C1AUTION TO THE PDBLIC.? THE RK 18 NO ONB IN J or out of the city? neither will tliere be during tho year? ^ collecting for the H >me for the Orphans of Volunleera, tormcrly lo.aied at No. 18 Wcat Klfty-f>>urtb street. bhou<4 aur persons represent themselves authori/cil by me. I wlah to bare them arrested and Imprisoned. Other papers p ooa* copy. ILUZ1B BELL, President. &. O. Bkbrh, Secretary. N. WatKS, Treasurer. r^ABRIAQR TRIMMERS, TARE NOTICE ? MBMBKBB \ 1 of the Carriage Trimmers Society are notiaed to do man d of their e ?>plo>ers $2 10 per day immediately, and report the result to the Executive Commltee without del?f. By order of tbe society. V. B. REON, 1'refident U. H. McMcllea, (secretary . CITT INSPKCTOR'S DEPARTMENT, NEW YOKE, April 30, ? The undersignml. City Inspector, call* theatienion of ferry uiultri. railroad e indue org, boat captains, and all othera connect-d with transporiatloa from tbis city, to their liability to a tine of $?U for carrying out of ihe city the body or any deceased person without tbe written permlMlon or Utia Department. whether i .eb oo oeaMeii person sha'l have died within the city, or whether the body shall have arrived in the city merely In trans.tto some other place. Any vlolmlon of the city ordinances In this renpect will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. FRANCIS I. i. BOOLK. Otty Inspector. TT ON I WELL. THK OENTLRMRN'S DRESS HATTER. ?. haa removed hit buaineae to 178 Broadway, where ho repeotfuiiv solicits tbe call* 01 his friends, cuetomer* and the puldic genera ly. A line assort me at or all art clea or bead gear. which are well calculated to meet the wlt-hee of ? first class trade. B. F. STORM llntter, 178 Broadway, Howard Hotel. New tork typographical ohior. ro a? tiib Regular Montnlv Meeting will be held In the ne-.v Rooms or the Union. In the Mere r Hoi.-e, corner of Hroeme aM Merosr >treeta. this (Saturday) evening, May 7, at 8 o'clock. R. A. HOLMES, President. W. B. CoDomoTow, Recording Secretary. ___ NOTIOK -WK. TI1E LONasnOREMKM OP THK CITT of New Vors, do hereby notify the stevedores eod shipowners of New York, that on and arter Monday. May I, we will demand 17 ornte per hour. Bv order ? t a meeting held at the loot of Koo.evelt street. Apni 29, 18M. PATRICK MANNING, C.ialrmaa. Jon ir Eager. Secretary. __________ NOTICB.-THE BOSS MASONS AMD BOSS PLAS tereis of the city or New York are hcrebv notified the! o i and alter Monday. May 9. the !aborlug men employed Of them will dem tad two dollar* per dav By order of tb? So ciety. WM. SUEEHAR, PresldenL JIMS Suva no*. Secretary. ' - Notice to rbmrrrs op jacksor lodob ro. k A. 1*. A , >0 attend the funeral of our late broilier ?Ceorqe Stevenson, from h.s late residence No 2'..ti Wees Thirty first a r.-et, at one o'clock on Sunday afternoon. Rib Inst. The Order In general are invited to attend. By order. Joan Busma, a 8. JOHN LOWKY. W. M. PAINTER8.? NOTICR IS HRRBBY QIVKR THAT THE iournev men Painters of New York demand $3 per day on and arter May 9. By order of the Soctsty J. T. Boltun. Secretary. J. T. FiSHBR President. SPECIAL NOTICE -OR AND AFTER MONDAY MAT 9. Bricklayers of New York demand >3 per day. A meeting nn Monday night at Conatltntlon HalL CHRISTOPHER CAPPER. President. Jon* Bciwsi.l, Secretary rpHB RETAIL SHOP DRALRRB ARR IE X laeor or ear!/ ;K>*tng. will me-t for consultation at room Ne l< Cooper Institute, on Monday evenlnt. May V. at I o clock. The underl ined would respectfully rcQueet all storekeepers In the trade to attend. ROflERT IRWIN, NKLSON RA M M IS. J. H. NICHOLSON A CO., R Mi'OUIKR. JOHN BROMBERO, And many other* rrto THB BOSS MASONS OP KBW YORK -AT A 1 meeting ol the New tork Benevolent Hc*\ety of Opeia* I've k.asuos. beid May ft. ths I'resMem la Cie tk?tr tt was anlmou- y resolved. tbst on and alter May I*. the wages will be t* per day. Nrii meeting. Thursday areolae gar 11. at hall-past seven o'clock All member* are reque lea tm attend. WM. SPEAEIROi President. J as. Oohsitts, Secretary. THE UNITED STATES TKLPGRAPH COMPANY IE now in successful operation, and baa opeuad the fal low mi: o' <*s for the reception of btialness ? PRINCIPAL OFFiCE 38 NASSAU STREET. f?<*rn orrtrra, ST. NICHOLAS HOTKL. In Gen o s hat store, ad Joining. OILI'IN 8 R.XCHaNOR. 2? William street. PUBLIC STOCK EXCUANOE. comet of William a*4 Braver streets COhR EXcilANuB orncE. SI Pearl street Direct communication l? had at all hours with A'h" BY, Syrssuae, Utlca. HOchesier. b ,.la>o, Oswego. Cle- elaad, Toledo. Cbieavi Milwaukee, Pittsburg, the oil wells of .'tna ayhania. and intermediate points Til K INDKI'KNDKNT LINK 0? TELEGRAPH. In raa aection wltb the I'nlted Sulca, reacbosa l tirpuiant nop.ts In 'be Rasiem Mutes, and aouihw.inl aa far as Washington, U 'ssagrs are received at ail of the nh<>re named u.ncea and IRiiriitlled wuh premirt'iess and d??raish to every part ef the Called Statee and British rrovin es. NATHAN Randall, Preetdeat 8 C. II at, Secretary. DRY QOOPWs i^, thi am l-.VL',Thm'"nUorPl'aria Lace C0RTAIR8. J59 BEOADWAT. 0. L. A J. R- EELTT. tmpurMra> N EW SKIRT FOR |Mii. A new snd i real Invention tal H?M?P 8KIRT4. The ? Duplet EliipUo'' (or double) Ni?el Snrtng, J.J. A J*t>. WICST. "1 Chambers street. Rot Yerth are the owaefs of tbe patent and 'he exclusive maoufh^ Hirers of this. J. W. BRaDLKY'S Patented "Duplet Elliptic" steel Bprlag SKI RT This Intention conrls's of duple* for tvenl elliptic steel spr'nrs. ingeMenely ??rai led tlshtly aed tirml* tnrether, s<Ue in edge, making the tongheat. at net ela?"e. teklole im durable aptlag aver used, eaabling the wearer, in c?asa> uucneeef Its ?re*i e astlrity aid deilW?n -ws. to place a ad foU thsskl t Wbea In u-e asea?'ly and wuh Ihe same eoa *en>eace sa a t<lk or maslm dreae It entirely o*wtetes ami silences ihr oelv eh 'ee* lens t? hoop "klrta -?l?. theannny. a nee to the wearer ee well ae the nnKim, eapeeteNy in crow*, ed essembli?e carriages railroad rare, chitrah pows. or la any or#eded plsca, fr <m the di t cut v of oonteartlag tneeg and oociinylnga sm il ??a.?. Thl" enttreiv re<r> rc? t'ie dif. Acuity While glrla? the aklrt tbe usitM f nil end svmmetrtaal form, and ie the lirtitest. most st\ I >sb aad grscuful appear anos fir tbe street onera promenade or h.xine drees. A ledv having enjoyed the pleasure '?Am fort, and great oew venlenca of wearing the Dopleg Rllletic Spring rikirt for a single day, will never afterwards illingty disoenae with ih? nse of than*. Tbev are the host quality in ererr part, and hf far the lightest, most durable oot .fortsMe snd eoonom'eal shirt make. Mmheala srlll be supp led as abnee aad la dles in meet first class retail stores la this city aad through out the different Statea. Inquire far tha_ . DCPLRX RLLIPTIO BPRlRO SKIRT. UPLRX KLIjirriC SPRING SEIRT.-TBE MCM# popular aad fietlble In nse. A. T. STEWART A CO., Broadway aad ToatV street. 1J H. MACT. SCR BP EI Rtl At D OCR BP BIRO OLOVES. pr'ce's, RM ind 308 81tth wrehna, two door* below FourVsatb streak Eheal frenoh flutin?-kxbcu^sd IR A SUPE ? rtor manner h* the Aareovapor 6empaay. the onl , ee. tabllahmrnt In this eountrv ?sl'^g tbls process all labrtea, howevir Ml are flatad In p %t,rsr1or maandr. witbanl ^^^^or. the lltur "^Lamg for any deelred tia.sH 476H Broadway, np yf *? * tiAD mr FOE EWBLLISOS. >s6 ttwAf.

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