Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 7, 1864, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 7, 1864 Page 5
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MEWS F3GM WMHINBTOIk The Draft Ordered in New York and Other States. .Action of the Senate on the National Bank Bill. Letter from Secretary Chase on Bank Taxation. I Debate la the lUue en Military la terfercaee la Elections, *?? *??. WA8BINOTOH, May 0, 1864. ENFORCEMENT OF THE DRAFT. la addition to thoae States heretofore announced a draft ^as been ordered in the dcOcient diatrlcta of Vermont, Mew Hampshire, Pennsylvania and New York. REBEL CAVALRY ON TBI rOTOKAO. The Primrose, or the Potomac flotilla, which arrived bare to day, reports that a lew days ago a party of rebel - cavalry were aeen near Matthias Point, wnen the Prim rose and Tonzer opened oo ibem with shell, causing them to take ehelter behind the walls or an old bul'dlng, whonce they were driven, oue of our shells knocking the vail down. THK TAIUFK BILL. The House Committee or Ways and Means will take up <the Tariff bill ou Moud ly, and will perfect It as rapidly as possible, aa It Is Uosired to obtain action upon It at an ^oarly day. THE NATIONAL BANE BILL. The Bank bill still hangs tire In the Senate, the friends of the Sute banks Qgbtiug hard against those fcaturee ?Inimical to State banks, while the question of allowlug these banks to be subjected to local taxation creates much dissension. The Secretary of the Treasury is very anxious that the right ot taxutloo of those Institutions -?hall be reserved to the nationalj(overoment, while It is doubtful whether tho bill can pass the House with this provision in it. f DBMJR1PTION8 TO TllE GOVERNMENT LOAN. The subscriptions to the ten forty loan to day amounted ?to $1,06? ,000. IHK MISSOURI CONTESTED ELECTION CASKS. i The House was engaged all day upon the cod tee led elec tion caso of Bruce vs. f.oau. The debate was very lame ??l first, but Um speecb of Mr. Da was, of Massachusetts, gave rise to quite a scene. His denunciation of military Interference in elections, arguing that where such Interference bad prevented loyal voters from going to the polls the election should be treated by the Bouse as Invalid, and that no man should be permitted to bold a seat In the House whose election was due to military interference with the elective franchise, called up Henry Winter Davis and other members repre ?eotlng the border States, and for a time the proceedings were very spicy. Mr. Davis declared that tb? question wrhlob had arisen was whether the slave States had any representatives u|oa thai floor, ana be desired to speak upon that himself. The debate went over antil Monday, when it bds fair to ooeepy the time of the House an day, ?od pei Imps for a day or two longer, and to be very Mveiy and Interesting. The Committee on Elections have reported against JraaikBlalr'a right to his seat, and in favor of Knox, the CMUnMt. it would seem, from present appearances, ttat Blair <? to he left out In the cold, holding neither his commission as major general nor blsse-t in Congress. nroko SCffraob in Washington. Hie Inevitable African came up in the Senate to day, on the bill regulating suffrage In the District of Columbia, tho word "white" having been omlttod from the quallQ cation. No action was t*krn on the bill, and It is likely to create a protracted debate if a vote upon it should bo tests ted upon. , THE FLORIDA MASSACRE. lnconteatlble evidence has just been reoelved that General Truman Seymour acted en express and peremptory orders from General Qlllmore in bis advance ti poo Luke City, during which the massacre of Olustec to<>k place Seymour left Jacksonville with the troops onlbeStbof February, and marched to Baldwin, nine teen miles distant. Oa the day lollowing he was j lned ?by General Qlllmore, who only remained a day and then returned to Jacksonville. On the morning or tho 11th, 4n reply to an order from General Gillmore thithe "should bold the whole line to Lake City 4a his advance," General Seymour sent in reply the follow log protest "It Is In violation of the rules of Strategy to attempt to bold the line to Luke City Our liaeot supplies cannot possibly be kept open." On the Jilft of February Gen. Gillmore started from Jackson ville to Hilton Head, then well knowing that Gen Fey gnour was marching to meet lbs enemy. Why here turned to tbe fortifiMlious of Hlluw Head is not known ; but doubtless he hRd business. At Hilton Head General Clllmore received positive Information that the enemy were la force of three to one between Baldwin and Lake City. He then eeut General Turner to recall Seymour'e column; but the vessel was detained by a storm, and the orders did not reach .Seym ur In time. ?TOFF AO K OF PAT OF FROVOST MARSHALS. ? HeevF atoppegee have been made against the pay of certain provost marshals and surgeons for Improper en lUtaeeiits of recruit*, declared by boards of e gammers emit lor the military service ef tne totted Statee. TOR ATT WITH MR If YORK INDIANS. Mr. MMc, Chief Clerk ef the InCHea Bureau, left Wean leg urn today for Western Maw Tar k, to make a treaty ?with the Indiana in that section? -lbout a thousand of ClMMle RBirMKNTR RT TBI SANITARY COMMISSION. The United Statee Sanitary Commission chartered a Steamer at Baltimore yesterday, and loaded her with tbe following, among other stores, acd despntchod her to 1J ?np too Roads:? Four and a half torn of hoepltal cloth, leg and bedding, twenty two and a half tons of hospital food, one ton of hospital dressings, thirty tons of loe, two t ns of miscellaneous stores, la charge of an I us pec lor nod eleven relief agents. These preparations ars In ad dition to those already mads In the Army ot tho Potomac ? T>y the Commission to provide a complete organisation for battle field relief, adapted to the wanta of tbe eorpa. TBR NATT TARD FOR IROM-CLADt. The Howe* Naval ? ommittee this moralng decided, by a vote of five to four, In favor of New London as the site for tbo new navy yard ror Iron rlads. (IIVINO AWAT TBR TORLIC I. AMDS. The Hecate Committees have begun to report the bills (ranting land to railroads. Including that giving a largs bonus ef land to the Mississippi and Missouri road j There will be little or no oppoeilion made to these bills In ?fbe senate. TBMFORARY TREASURY AFFOWTMRNT. Pending tbe Investigations under tbe direction of the ^Secretary of the Troesury, and by tbe Ceagreeslooal Trea sury Department Investigating Committee, Uftpson A Klsley, Esq., Sufwrvielng Special Agent of tbe Second .Agency, has been directed to take the everslght of tbe operations of the printing division Of the National Our rency Bureau. Mr. Clark meanwhile continues in charge <ol tbe work. A mayai. en art. a iw Mimiwo. Nations fssra are entertained for tbe sa'ety of Chap i Tale Nathaniel Froat, Called statee Navy, who, la April laat, w** ordered by tbe Na*y Deperunent to tbe Eaat Gulf Blockading aqwadron Us h^l address waa Boston, ?Msss. DBATB OF SriUlROM JAMSS W. FITV.P ATStOB. Jamss W. FMspatrtek, of hew York , aasbtaat surgeon <?t tbs Hsrswood Hospital, died to-day. IBOlfT.RIBHTH 00*a?KM. FIRST ?BMON. Be si site. WAsmweroir, May fl, 1964 oosf sssitios or nemos aosirrs. .Mr. Foot. (rep. )oi Vt., from tbe Committee on Pensions, 'reported bash tbe bill la relatioa to tbs oompeasatloo of grvercment pension agents, with amendments. ISPOBTAWT TO rillSISSS 1 Mr. Oowis, (rep. ) of Fa. , frem tbs Oemmittee on Pt tenta, est led up tbe bill to amend the act of March 8, 1SSS, to promote tbe sssfui arts. It A (ends the time wltbla ?Mob paten teea who lure neglected It may | a/, tfef OaaJ balance fees to secure their pateats for sli months from stad after ths passage of the aat ' lbs Mil was SMBSd. ma rum o* was* were* mr. On motion of Mr. [Hxow, (rep. ) of Coon., the bill to VMBd section At* of an act entitled "An act to continue, alter and emend the charter of the city of Washington.' approved May 17, IBM, and further to preserve the purl t y of electious and guard agetDBt the abuse of the elective franchise by a registration of eleoiora for the oity of Washington, D C.. was taken up. He said th<t as the tune for tbe municipal election In this city was near at band It ww Important that the bill should be acted on at once. Ho submit ted an amend men t as a new sectloa, providing that If the Hoard of regtetratioa, or any one or mare of them, shall neg'ect or refuse to penorm the duties required of them tho Su preme Court ot the district, on being informed of the fact, shall appoint some other person or persons to per form all tbe duties and things required by tne aot. and said sets and things so done shall be valid tbe same as if done by said Hoard. Tbe amei dment was adopted. Mr. Cow a* moved to Insert tho word "white" before ??male clueens" In designating those who aro to bo voters. Mr. at'MNKR, (rep ) of Mass.? 1 hope not. I hope not. Mr President, Mr. Cow in thought this amendment very proper, espe daily w^n we wero making an experiment, which now tremblecPta the balance, In behalf of a superior rao<?. It was a great nils take to suppose the right to vote was an Inherent right, as many seemed to do. It was a m re conventional right, and existed only where agreed upon. It was on the basis of white men that the expe riment of a republican government was set up In Ihts country. Our whito women were not given tbe right to vote, and It will hardly bo claimed that rude, semi clvillicd, barbarous, uneducated negroee, who have Just emerged from a degrading state of servitude, as U tbe ease with the larger number in tbis city, ar > more oapable of exercising th?t function than the Intelligent while women; and then there are minors? say from sixteen to twenty-one years of age? who are eeriaialy more generally intelligent and capable or e\erclnlng the a'ectlye franchise than these negroes, who are not allowed to exercise polltloal power as a olass; and It U not lo be doubted. that these colored men would vote, or be' led to vote as such here, if given the power to do so. " Mr. Bcxmsb eater tmR'tlMi "tfolored voters In Boston did not do so. Mr. CowAif said they were too few in number there, In comparison with tlie other electors, to be of any weight in elections, aud therefore there was no motive ror class action; but even In Boston negroes cannot vote unless they can read and write; so that If these neirrnes were transplanted to Itoston they would not generally be vo ters. In Pennsylvania negroes had formerly voted ; but the moment they became nnmeroua enough, by reason of the accession of fugitives from tbe border slave States, to be felt and appreciated in the communltx, the people of tlia State almost unanimously decided to exclude them from tho privileges of the eleotfve franchise. He thought bis amendment should certainly prevail. Mr. Dooum-a, (rep.) or Wis., moved to postpone all prior orders, so as to consider two or three Indian bills. Mr. Dixon bopod that would not bo done. Ho had al ready said that this bill was important in view ot the oomiuif election. Mr. IKioutilr said lie knew these Indian bills were more Important. Mr. Wii.lkt, (rep.)*of W. Va., hoped the bill would be postponed. There was no necessity for action on it. Tbe motion to postpone whs rejected ? yeas 14, n?ys21. Mr. Willky then addressed the Senate at some length lo oi>(iositlon to tbe btll till the close or tbe morning hour, when TIM NATIONAL BANK BILL came up in order. Mr. Shickman* (rep.) of Ohio, called for the reading ol a letter from Secretary (base, dated the 2d Inst., ad dressed to Mr. Kessenden. chairman of the Senate Finance v Committee, and which had been referred to in ibo course ] of debate yesterday. Tho letter was read, as follows.: ? J Pm? Nothing butTmV d?D *!ay a? 1864 sustaining, bye vory.L,?^' m? A* Importance of upon wnich the ? 7 SSS&^'iS? J?*110 credit, ?oppress the toanrreeti .n m,7?. . the ??v?rona?oi to addnwa you thin tetter upon * h i?H ^ ' 006 !"? t0 "a'tLf? ?'?* ??o?ideratioo. WhlCl1 tofla atmAr undo? Se^eTX^t' ?ealS"a bftkiD* ?Jr"'em- DO* ?ct of tho last session ? K amendment to the li contains "w provtelonl X *, ??mplei? bill iu Itsejf, that act, among wnlcb that in y embraced In and distribution of taxatioo raav '^f4100 *. lh? ?"?ro si 55? srsr IS 'fsswass try I rest'octluliy submit th^Tthi^ . .. , of ,he 00011 cf properly should be placed in th? V r rte"or,Pti"n Imported g'oods before th^ Jtrr fntn^ C,t;|0ry wUh tioB.aod be subjected to excln ? w. !!!?, *on,cra' consump the present moment tbe diftim, i 1 taxM^ At reliance of the government Tot ^0rm ,ho RC>,e on the public debt. If to P*J the liiterea* l*ld by tho. national ban lei sb^be^i'J UxM ,0 portant addition Will be m*.iY?? . v ? * 100,1 Im mere fact that til u"^lr? "r?MVD,r? The moderate rstos of Interest necessary loans at .ass m S fr i '&T A K orVbe I'ublTo" b'rdeni^'f am^niy ^ ^ deeply Imnrftwd oil m? .k il the oonrlction. m re when afficiegited In one WJ" """""'bute tbo general pMcrSl? uSi^nTtam^ ?'! up?n tho nation and tho Statoa .mi *...!!!!. dulr|buted botween rations, that prompts me to ?."dJess t"h^I.0n!r,p*'.C,,rpo It will not be understood. of course that tii* srwajTSSJsffffi tSSF? &znLJSMjrzss sa,^x-SlS' pers-nal property and credits of tho banking motiliMM Bwsas-jsass sr.aSaSS yojrt * fX<"aslv# n",0Ml taxation. -SiiSS RSJSBEbSi Ch*,rm" AMKSL Jmbltorfeb* ?PP"?d 10 ** wm'Dl * t*e interest and ' e_^d^"e',ree.K-th^- ?monnt of taxes Impeded bv tbe I amendment of tbe Heritor from lUniiiir.I i___ STT.Hr **u r*-4 h* the rtSXTSSSJ? Jri I/"" "** por#,y " n*t'"n?l tax. be should Vote iSfb^" 10 WM M/ ??>barrmasment to ^Mr. Sumner's amendment was r^scted?yeaa U, nays ?? 1 cl^Ie ^ead*Mfo?K^rs ? ??** maVes the thl^Ve'^" Tcfrl^'** J*! nJ? ?l"?wMby ?ted. and no ^r^tt^'ZLZ bMk * * RUte a different rite is iff i tod f^rK!, k/J?_ l*Z*M under Rule laws, the r?te? ?oimiilV.t. ?f '"uoorsanUed aawielattona ergaaUed In an, f#r Tbe amendment was adopted nam<kl in the West xnd at tbe Kast as avaltahli?! r?hl the redemption or tbe circulating n< in n or i^SIJi der this act, retaining slm^y^ew Y^!^ V ? d Ilostoa a* tbe ixduu of redemntinn Jki il debate, w.^s nd 'plad. redemption, which, after Tbo thirty second paction was then , S'-v1 Instliutlonln either u?tbe''?mes Mmed at^whlJh'C *? oaluk* shall be redeemed at . r.To? d aconJt JoT cae4luf "lie tourth of oaa par cent Mr llwhw*,, moved to ameni the twent* ?rm. i ... I t oa by strlklnc out tbe limit of fwo wo 000 tor^JiStS" tlon imtes u dor the act. tnd Inaortm. .hi/ r^L*' ?mount now authorized to he issuad by the aimni^.??2 w banks airca-ly created undor tb.Tct ? Cu?Ptrollar mm.t' *l'.d lb*i h* <,**'r"d ti offbr an amend ment which W'Mikt restrain this ovor sum ^ 7-^. mcney. iho total amount ot oor circulation In Mrw^r^i ".bar pa;er dollar untesa H other raper monay now in circulation Tn ,nllmitad l.rua of this oew nl^nal on^wV,^ the Mste bank currency Is still tn etriLiIiill!! ww preposterous. He thonaht hia ^ wonld serve Mr. Henderson s purpose, n rm?d. s^?.1t no bsnk shall issue any new note after Ihe nasaaire or !hi ac except n iiional notes n t redeemable In^ddU^Ue? coin on demand, and also that every bsnk aha I lrJdu? T^'in" ?h 'U rlrrul#,,"n 10 ??>? emoun t of* 'ah c? pi? tal pn id in and ? per cent added thereto, on the omo,,. . secured by pledge ?f United Males blocks, on petialiv of " Mr r?jh on 1,11 "V (rep,) ar Me,, supported his amm<t. ment st considerable length . ronteodin^r that It would hare tbe effect to prevent tbe Inflation ofp?per ourr^, lie contend.*! that u waa not the state hanks wbioii "* praaent lot'.atmn of the eurraaoy. bat tkt enormous amount of gnvrmmant lasuM, and lt waa no iT'^T l,h* *?" ?*r* at th4 m^mont ana%4e to redeem tbelr notes la eoln on demand, tbat they wettld PJ,2l'?en 'r,,m ?*'*tnnc?,and an issue of no bitter ohar actar bo lubfUIOted. He cited tbe case of tbe Hsnk of mi mUZZ* ^ Yofk' wh,uh Du^",'h two S B 10 ,u ?,Mllt?.,h?d? circulation of only rtatnnr*? i/m upd*r ,h"' bl11- *hlle pretending to com owW.oSJ iS*' U W,,, ft? ?"ow?<, M"1 toducad to lasue The Senate then adjourned. Ho?aa of Rr presrntmtlrea. WasawoToa, Msy A, ISM. *w>* awmtw) iojktio!< rasa, Mr. Dawai, (rap.) o t Maae , from the Oomnlttaa on Kleotiooa, reported two resolutions, which lie over for the present? one declaring that f. P. nialr is not, and *'* K|M)*> JM cootesunt, la, entlMed to a n. ? t." n.. n ran. solved that when the House adjourn today II he until Monday. Tin CAN or IPIIU. LOAN AND MIUOB. Mr. Samson, (opp ) of N Y., called up ibe resolution of tbe Committee no Elections declaring tlial neither Mr. Loan, tbe Bitting member, nor Mr. Bruce, the contestant, 18 entitled to a seat as the Reprwaenlative of the Seventh Congressional district of Missouri. Mr Oassdn. lu supporting tho resolution, said that tbe majority of the committee had, after a review of all tbe testlmouy, oomo t> tbe conclusion that there was Inter ference in tbe election by a portion or the armed militia of Missouri, and to such so extent directed against tbe contestant as to render the election a nullity, and there fore they had concluded to refer both gentlemen back to the |>eople, in order that there might be u Cull and fair expression of tbeir pre ereuces. Mr. Ufhon, (rep.) of Mich., a member of tbe Committee 011 Klrctlous, made a speech sustaining the vl^ws of the minority, namely, that Mr. Loan Is entitled to retaio his seat. Ho maintained from the testimony thbt tbore was nothing to ah >w that In the districts especially named there was anything to work pre|udlce to tbe contestants. Mr. SjUTiikKs, (rep ) of Del., of the minority of the com mittee, argued, from the evidence, that, with one or two exceptions, tbe election was conducted with fairness, and that tbe inferior officers manifested no other desire than to secure a fair exprcBalon of the public will. He claimed that Mr. Loan was entitled to retain his seat. Mr. Dawks, (rep.) of Mass., sp^ke or the duty Of keep ing troasen away rrcm the ballot box, as through this, owing to our peculiar Institutions, tbe government might bo injured In lta vital part. Tbe Executive should not only keep treason away, hut give Instructions against dictating and controlling more or lees tbe result o( any election The House owed it to themselves to accept tlie condition of things now exhibited, and see that no par lies came here unleaa with the free voice of the people, and to acoept the fact si shown by tbe testimony in this case that there had been valid election. He could net see how any Massachusetts man could reconcile tt to hla conscience to give a voto here In' tho affirmative of tba position occupied by the minority of the committee. Mr. Kijot, (rep.) or Mass., was at a loss to know why bis colleague bad directed this remark to him. But be would say he had earefully rend the testimony, and had come to the conclusion or voting ror the sitting member. Mr Davis, (rep) or Ml, wished to know what the judgment of the people or Massachusetts had to do with the decision of tbe question here. Mr Dawks said be had uttered no such sentiment. Mr. Ha vis repeated that be understood the gentleman as asking how sny Massachusetts man could justify such a vote to his cnsiituonts? Mr. Dawks could not understand why soldiers should control tbe polls, when In Massachusetts thov were free, and town meetings were opened with prayer. He could not understand why men should have to approach the ballot box through flies of bayonets, or at their points but he could understand how the gentlemen from Dela ware and Maryland might view the matter from a dif ferent sinnd i?otnt. Mr. Davis asked for tbe evidence of such electl na In thiwe Stute . Mr. Sxithkrs aaid tho gentleman from M?ssacliusetts nad attributed to him remarks for which he was sure the gentleman, on reflection, would feol sorry : and he had spoken of the Delaware election In no complimentary terms. He wished to know whether the gentleman alluded to him. Mr Dawks replied that in all frankness tbe relations between him and the gentleman bad always been friendly, and should continue so. The gentleman had no right to take any remarks he bad uttered in an offensive sense*' Mr. PmTmtRH? With thii explanation 1 am perfectly satisfied. Mr. Da was, resuming, said he had alluded to Dolaware and Maryland without designing any ol'otice His friend fr<>m Maryland could not be expected to see the same way as others on this question. If entire peace prevailed In Maryland, and ir no persons were cooped up tbero to be voters at elections, he must not assume that in Mas sachusetts and Vermont no peace prevailed, that elec tlons were not froe, and that voters were cooped up. His friends from Delaware and Maryland must be charitable, and excuse him if he could not come to tbe samo conclu sion. I Mr. Svrrnms denied that he had Impugned the voting 1 In Massachusetts. Mr. Wualkt, (rap.) of W. Va.,aatd the geolleman had oppoaed tha admission to aeata or meat berg aouth or Ma son and Dixon's lino Was tbnt the policy? If so ho had better join the gentlemen from Ohio and Maryland, Mr. I,ong nnd Mr. Harris. Did the gentleman want to have himself placed on the McClellan ticket for Vice Pre sident? Mr. Dawks replied, if he could not succeed by more votes than the gentleman represented in the last Con gress it was not desirable to have him on any ticket. As *.o being opposod to members being admitted from south of Mason and Dixon's line, be had only to say that he bad exerted bit full power to hare the two mom bors fr m Louisiana admitted to the last Congress, and also the two members from Tennessee, because they were the free choice of their res poet ire districts by a sufficient number of votes. Mr. Whaikt, resuming, spoke of the loyalty of his mountain district. He said there were four thousand soldiers from his district at Vickeburg and elsewhere, who bad oo opportunity to vote Tor him. With these vol unteers at home he believed be could get almost as large a voto as tbe gentleman from Massachusetts . nnd not a musket should be used to Influence the election. He (Mr. Whiiey) had a roputaiion Tor bravery, having been in the wars. The gentleman from Massachusetts had talents, but no tosto for gunpowder. (Laughter ) I am, bo adde<l, onlv a -mountaineer. I have no pretensions to ta'.euts, and am only a soldier, (laughter.) Tbe specch that you have made will ret like a aliowor bath to the border State* men When Massnchusetts men undertake to exclude loyal men from their seats, It is tlmn for tbe poople to take the subject into serious consideration. Tbe debate for the day here terminated An under standing has been arrived at, by unanimous consent, that the sitting members shall speak on the subject. PRINT! NO TtIB It SPORT Off TtlX TORT PILLOW MASSACSR. Mr. Haldwiw, (ren.) of llaae. , from lb* Committee en PrJntlDf, reported In favor of printing forty thousand copies of the report and evidence concerning tbe Fort Pillow massacre. Asreod to. The Hou.-e adjourned until Monday. The Report ef the Agricultural Depart* meat. WaaniiKiTOx, May 6, 1804. Tbe following is a synopsis of tbe bi-monthly report ror March and April of tbe Agrioaltural Department:? This report will be issued this week. The leading ar ticle shows the character of tbe plans adopted In Great Britain, Prussia and the United States to estimate and report speedily the amount and eondlilon of tbe crops. Tbe table meet interesting to farmers and provision dealers Is the one that exhibits tbe amount of farm stock In January last, compared with the amount In 18.19. As retorned In tbe census of 1880, It is as]foliows in the loyal Stites:? IT/th rs Mult*. CatO' <f Oxtn. 1859 4,199.141 801,909 7.941.148 1804 4,049.14'J 289.84T T,tMI?.48? Cnwr. Sh'rn. limit. 1859 6,786 940 15,104,272 17,0RO.01!> 1834 0,006,743 S1,S4?^?1 10,148,712 This table exhibits an actual deorsase of horses, mules and hogt, a very small increase or cattle; a larger la create of oows, but still far below tbe usual increase, and a very great increase of sheep. Tbe report points eat tbe strong Movements that farmers have to Increase all kinds of stock that are thus rapidly failing off. Tbe nuiubnr of sheep will be increased by the lambs or this spriin* to nearly thirty millions, or double what it wa In 1H59. The decrease lo bogs Is 011,323. Tills Is sn important faet to provision dealers end farmers; for it > bow* that but few bogs, if any , were kept over on account of the loss of the cora crop, ae baa generally beee believed. Tbe condUloo or hog raising from 1840 to this time Is exam ined. nnd the opinion given that, even if there hsd been ? god corn crop, there would hove been a decrease in the number or hops pecked. Tbe number of fattening cuttle Is reported te be thirty per cent less than last year in Pennsylvania, Ohio, lu dlana and Michigan, twenty five per cent less in New York, Iowa and Illinois, snd twenty per ceat leas in Mis souri and Wisconsin. Tbe general decrease Is nsnrly thirty per cent. 1 be condition of nesrly all slock la below tbe usual spring sverags, especially of bogs; but sheep are In ex oelleat order, having received more than ordinary stten Hon. Hence the yield of wool per bead will be as much as usual. Ibe condition of wheat and other crone sown last rail Is represented as indicating a largely decreased product rrom the orop of Inst year, but it Is Imped that they bave Improved from tho recent rains and since tbe return oT tbe correspondence wss sset in, which was on the 1st or April. The dryness or February and March retarded tbe usual grom lb tn these months. Tt Is believed that the production of maple sugar and niolnsses will be unusually large, as tbs preparations Kin greater than neual. Iiecs are reported as having suffbrod much during the winter. The usual amount of statistics, showing tbe trade in agricultural products, are given, and the meteoro logical pert of tbe report, prepared st tbe Smithsonian Institute, is very full, and completely exhibits tbe pbeoo mlna attending tbe remarkable cold storms of tbe past winter. Tbe ralna bave been heavy and general, retarding much Ibe putting la of spring wheat snd other crops: hut whether the amoiint put in will be materially Kssened In consequence cannot now he known. IiaulHtlen of Puroled Prisoners at Annapolis. Haltivoss, May 6, 1804. Tn-dsy General Wsttsoe and Messrs. Wade, Harding, Goocb, Julian and Ode! I, the Congressional Committee oo the Conduct of the War, visited the hospitals in Anoapo lis for the purpose of examining the returned aoldiers fr< m Richmond as to their treatment by ths rebels Several ware examined and aonOrnt tbs reports already pabMfeed ot the* inhuman sod cruel treatment. Tbe com ?lues returned to this oily to-slgbt and examined some Midlers In the hospitals here on the same subject. Pbo tofrspbs of some ot ths halT-sterved heroes ars lo be tkten to accompany tbe report when printed. Ovation to Kaeaaelisuetta Solders. Boston, May 0,1804. A portion of tbe Independent battalion of Maasecbu eetts cavalry, who won a glorious record In the recent campaign in Florida and other battle Balds of ths South arrived home to-day on a brief furlough. A warm wei cons was given to them. Lannrhlaf ef the Steam Battery Cblmo. Rostov, May 0, 1804. Tbe I readied stsam battery chimo was successfully launched from Adams' shipyard, In South Roeton, at elsvsn o'eteck lest nlgbt, tbe tide being favorable at that hour. The Chlmo la tbe first of tweaty-two bat tense ordered by the government on new models. Sbs le lor t?0 \eavy guns, and whoa laden wil' WMMll draw only eta and a half toot of water. T?* terjr In tk? Board mC Oownell uaen. TB1T CONCUR WITB TBI BOARD Of ALDKRMIM. Tne Counciimen met at two o'clock yesterday, Prodi deal Hayes id IDs chair. After acting on gome routine papers, the regular order of business was. ou motion of Mr. Baoskty, suspended, ^or tbe purpose of taking up the tax levy. Mr. Hagorty further moved that as each section was read li should be adopted. Ths different aections of tbe tax levy, aa adopted by tbe Board of Aldortnon, were then read. On r earning tbe appropriations for tbe Iuebriate Asylum aad Fire Alarm Telegraph, Mr. Biunoon offered a resolution tbat the Bum Of ten thousand dollars ahould be Inserted for oonstrueting and finishing tbo Fourth avenue parlu over the railroad tunnel, and staled that tbe parka had been partially con structed and would go to destruction unless speedl y fin ished, and the city would lose tbe money which bad already been oxpenaod on them. Tbe resolution was lost. Mr. Opdykb offured an amendment tbat the several amounts Inserted in tbe lax levy for tbe payment of tbe salaries of the attaches in tbe different departments of tbe olty government be reduced ten per cent Mr. HKANnoa opposed the adoption of tbe amendment, on tbe ground that many parties last year suoceeded In having their salaries raised and others railed to do so, and It seemed to him that tbe amendmeut. as proposed by Mr. Opdyke, was tbe wrong way to get at tbe subject ? Mr. Opptkr was glad to be able to obviate tbe onftr ob jection which Mr. Rrandon entertained to bis amendment, by stating tbat tbe appropriation would leave a large balance which could be used to lnorease tbe salaries ot those who did not get their salaries raised last year, and tbus'tqaallze the different salaries. Mr. Gross thought It would be well for tbe gentleman to withdraw his amendment and offer It when the tax levy had been adopted Mr. OroTKR consented to withdraw It, with tbe under standing that the amendment , or something like it, should be adopted at some future time. Mr. Jaqdks offered two amendments, that tbe repairs and repaving of tbe stretts and other work should be done by contract, which were loet. Tbe question on tho adoption of tbe tax levy was then put, and Mr Jaques made a lengthy speoeh on the rea sons which compelled him to vote in tho negative. He believed tho whole of the appropriations were extra vagantly high, and thought that a reduction of ten per ccnt should bo made on evory item in tbe tax levy. Tbe tax levy, as adopted hy the Hoard of Aldermen, was then concurred In by a vote of twenty in tbe afllr mntive and two in the negative. The Board theu adjourned until Monday next, at two o'clock. City Intelligence. Th? Tboublk Hki WKK5I TBI Hi VAL Tax CoMMi.?>ro<ciiU. ? Tho dispute concerning the right to tbe control o( the office of the Commissioners or Taxes has not changed very materially since our last remarks on the subject. Wil liamson and Brown remained in possession of tbo office yesterday. The books were locked up, and tbe other symbols of authority wero kept safely by the two old and contumacious CommiBSionors. Among outside par ties having an interest In tbe dispute there exists quite a high degree of excitement. The general reeling among experienced men who are po~ ted about city matters and law In general enema to be In favor of Comptroller Hren nan's action, and the reasons given are certainly very strong und difficult to overcome. In the first place they claim ib;it the general provision of tbe Revised Statutes resisting public officers clothes tbe Comptroller with ample power to msko the appointments. We give the Bnbstsnce of that provision yesterday, but publish It in full now Tor tbe benefit of such as may desire further information on tbe subject. Tbe provision Is found In sectl'>n ?>, article 1. title A, chapter 6, pirt 1 of the Revised (Statutes. It is as follows:? "All assistants , deputies and other subor dinate officers, of every description, whose appointment Is not or shall not be specially provided for, shall be ap pointed by the body, board or officer to which or to whom they shall be respectively subordinate." The only question which here rises Is whether tho Tact of the Comp troller's predecessor having tbe power or appointing tbe Commissioners renders those officials bis subordinates ipto facto. Some good lawyers are said to bold the nega tive side of this question, claiming tbat the Commis sioners are not tbo subordinates of tbe Comptroller, but rather o: tbe Governor. If anybody, therefore, possesses tbe power of appointing it should, they assert, bo Gov ernor t'eymour. and not Comptroller Rrennan. Tbe old commissioners havo another difficulty to contond against. There Is a statutory provision to tbe effect tbat every commission composed of three persons can never act officially unless all of them are present tad concur. As llr. Alleu refuses to side with Itls old associates, tbe question is, how can tbey get along without him? Nkw Law Committee. ? Messrs. Oakey Hall, O'Gorman and Smith have been appointed a taw committee by tbo Supreme Court, to examine law stadents ambitious of the degree of counsellor. Aiukican Geographical and Statistical Socnrrr.? ' This society , which has been chartered only ten years, Is in a nourishing condition, and has at present nearly four bun dred members and a library of books relating to geogru I by and stat istics (watering over ten thousand volumes, and a lar#o number of mais and charts. The aui.uul election of officers was held at the rooms of the society , Clinton Hall, on Thursday evening, and the following gen tlemen were elected officers for the ensuing year: ? t 'resident ? Hon. Charles P. Dnly. Vict rreridents ? .Incopti P. lljoupsoo, D.D. ; Archibald Russell. George fotMio. Hoc r ding Secretary ? VV 111 lam Coventry H. VVaddell Fi>r< iyn UorrtJ-pondtng Secretary? Frauds A. Stout. Harnett ic Corresponding Secretary ? Cyrus W. Field. Tr anirer ? Hon. Frederick A. Conkling. Librarian? Henry V. Poor. Ciiuncillnrt ? Henry K 1'ierrepont. William T. Blodgott, Henry Clews. I,evl F. Morton, W. W. Evans. Tub Nkw Brooki.tjc Febrt llorsF.?.?-ihc beautiful new ferry houses at tbe foot of Whitehall street arc very nearly completed, and promise to be tbe finest structures of tbe kind in tbe elty. Tbey will b^bullt of Iron, In tbe most substantial style, 1 nd with a view to affording pas sengers every accommodation. Mr. John Kellum is the architect, and he 1ms combined In bis plans the beauties or both the Romanesque and Renaissance style* of archi tecture. Th.' rront covers a space of two hundred feet, while the main structure will run out about oue hundred aud fifty feet. In tbe centre there will be two towers soveuty feet high, and on tbe floor four spacious waiting rooms will bo titled up for tbe accommodation of passen gers. It Is expected that tbe finishing touch will have been given to the building in the oourse of about six weeks. The total cost will not fall short of sixty thousand dollars. A New Mixsthfl Hall i* ths Pow? ?t. ? Mr M. C. Camp, bell, one of ibefoldost professors of negro minstrelsy in the country, has commenced ihe erection of anew min strel ball in the Bowery. The intention is to erect a first class establishment which will via with tbe most popular on Broadway. The T?r.', UNION OOCB1B. LOM0 IS HMD? MOTH Nil. Fsibat. May 8? ?urse and slake, 1176, mils beats, best three In are, In bars as I. R Woodruff entered br.g. Inter Ill T. ( rngan entered s m. lady Coliina 2 * 3 ll. t'fller entered b. V. Irish Maid dr. owner entered g. m Lady Klia dr J Itoty entered Bay Mara........... dr. tivb. Quarter Mt It. Ha' f Milt. Milt. First heat 89 X 1.1* 2 34* -e. n l heat 38>* 1:1? 3 3>l Third heat 40 1 10 3 ;<TH Availing tbemselvee ef the lovely weather of yesterday afternoon, the "sports," old and young, were out In full feather to witness tbe performances of tbe nags entered for tbe purse and stake at tbe Union Oourse. Besides tbe new celebrity, Dexter, there was a great deaira to see Mr Doty's mare, as gossip bad rated her very high among tbe flyers. Her owner did not bring her to the post, however, excusing himself on tbe ground that tka mare bad not had sufficient work to endure a bruising race. I*dy Hla and Irish Msld were also kept away from prudsntial reasons. Lady Cnllms, however, was there, her owner being determined to trot bor idfevery purse for which she Is entared, win or lose. She Is a very fast mare, and, although lame both before and behind, she trots very Fast and steadily until, the pain beoomiug too Intense to hear, she breaks Into a run, seeking relief In that way, but, unfortunate ly, stays up too long for suoctss when this occurs. When tbe two horses came on tbe trsck some of the financiers mads an attempt to Invsst, as they said, to pay ex penses. 1 hay mads nil kinds ef offers on Pexter, all wanting to lay their "bonea" en lilm. A few, bowever, nere induced, by great persuasion, to take one hundred to ten, and It was at thla very long odds that ail was done during the race. Between heats Commodore Vaoderbitt came on tbe track, having his famous team. Poet boy ?mil Pl"iighboy in biu?d Me drove tbem a few times ?round the oourse and several times up and down la rrnnl of the stand. We measured them a half mile In 1:30. Man stid beast appeared la fine condition, and drew forth the admiration and well wishes or tbe spectators. Ibe trick was in capital order for fast time, and tba w sat her meet favorable for\ tn t. y,ri' UeoL? Lady Collins won the pols and took the lead with the word, maintaining it to tbe ouarter pole In thirty sire snd a half seconds. The gelding closed a trifle d?wn tbe bsokntrotrb , but, approaching tbe half mile pole, the mare shook him off end passed that point nn opon length clear of him, in 1 18. On tho lower turn I tester went up snd shut out the deyllght between tbem, and they oanM lag* ot MM tho home etretob. Now both et them pot tbetr best ftm far earn <ot, and each struggled hard for U?0 Sort, the mere ooettoued to toed up to tbo drswgete, hot nor > sinenses began to abow itself, and la a few strides afterwards It wao apparent that shS beg ?n to falter, and Drxtar got oven with her. Bbeetrnggled so. however, until within flfty yards ef iho stand, when she broke up, sod TVitor oame la a winner by a couple of lengths. making tbe bent In 9A4>f. Heccmi Mco'.-The hones were started nicely, and went together about half wa> around ihe upper turn, wboo lis ter tir. ke up. The marc drew away from bim, and *ent to the charter pole ahcut two lengths ahead, to thirty ? night antt a balf seconds. The colt trotted steadily down the bsnkstrotch. b?it could not ovortnks tbo mare, who passed the balf mile pole* length In frost, In 1:18 t-he soon afterwards fell to ple<ws, and before she could bo gathsrsd np Into trotting shape Doatsr waa Hi ty yards a*ay from her. lis c.'tns homo leisure!/, winning by about half a dozen lengths. In 3 30. Whan tbe mars crossed ths score she seemed very lame la ber off fore lag iMrd TTtaL? Tbe mare thla time broke up soon arter the word was given, >n<l Dfllter loft ber and went on to m.k. mm ?r ,S- mjm.r n. **??<? ">? qoerter pele In ?De ? "? in 1 10 mid lAuio ii a forty seconds, (he bair mile poi?. " ' W,r?.^h*f?rn^leXtIf"J?tSL% 0??0?>kH after A match for plajr or pay, will v. oomm rjn no"0 over tbe above court* between tit*. ' ? Katlilog Maid. Sword tor MoClell??> 'i Tim I.saoer. Maf 6, I St1 '? J. (2 IUm?*tt, Mbij. I 0u'lo?? to you a communication from Colonel flstd' mell, c >mmanding Sixty smth New York Volunteers, In relation to the sword (or Major General Model an. Die amount subscribed In tbe regtmnnt was eighty ttiree dollars, which 1 n?nd herewith. Mny I request (he publication of Colonel Ilammell's note? Tours, truly , JOHN CLANCY. nmi>gtURT*R?, Hi*tt ?ixth lUomsvr N. Y. V., 1 Nun (* krm aniva Kort>, Vs. , April 38, 18?4. / Mr r>?AB Mir ? Tbe men of till* command are unsnlranua thai the amount subscribed and forwarded shall no to w?rd tbe new "Dollar Subscription Sword" you si eak <>f. 1*1eHx<> use this substantial indication of our love for "Little Mao," and our appreciation of his abilities, as you may deem best. Accept our sincere thanss for your klndnees. Yours, 4c., JNO. 8. HAMMR1X, I.lent.Ool. Coradj SixtysUth N. Y. Vet, Tola. Mr. Joum Clanut. TO THB ID'TOIt OF THR nKRU.P. Naw Yoas, May S, ISM. The moat Injured and worst ur.ed man or these times la, to every honest man who la not a despicable aboli tionist, G B. McClellan. I ancloae one dollar Jor that sword, which would, If used, sweep that rebeHlon from mere existence and make U a matter of perfect la*iK?ifl canoe. A KRKNCH CANADIAN, to th* iditok or thi ttebat.d. Yoarroww. Va. , May 8, 18A4. Sim? Enoloaed please And three dollara, one dollar or which I wish you to plaee in tbe fund for tbe aword for "Little Mac," a aoldier's mite to help present to a noble soldier a aword worthy of a brave abler whom any army m*ght wish to serve under on any Held, and be certain of victory. H. M. KIRBY, Company 0, 130ih New York regiment. THE WEEKLY HERALD. The Best and Chtapeit Niwipaptr In the Country. The ffnm.T ITifiur.n, for the pressnt week, roady tbla (Saturday) morning, will contain : ? Additional accounts, from our Special War Correspon dent, of the advance of the Red River Erpedition, with details of the late (iattlea (end of the lost) on both sides; The latest reliable accounts of the advance of Gen. Grant'* Army in Virginia, with the patriotic and Inspiring Ad dress or Oen. Meade to the Army of the Polomso; The latest News from the Union Army In all portions of the country. The latest N'ewa from the Rebol Statog, Late and Important Intelligence from Europe: Mternry, Artis tic and Sclentlflc reading; Important reading fnr Farmer*; Poetry. Two excellent Stories; Facetl;e: Valuable rep< rts of the Money, Commercial, Dry Good*, Cattle, Horse and Family Markets; Full report of the recent Contest in Uie Prizo Ring between Poonoy Harris and Patsey Marley, and accounts of all important events of the past week. Tsrmb? Single subscription, $2; Three copies, >6; Five copies, $4; Ten copies, $15. 81ngle copies five oonti each. Response of the Spirit of SHaksnsre to a medium who Inquired what he thought of PHALON'8 Night Blooming CereusT "Can such things be and overcome ui like ? summer cloud. Without our apodal wonderl" Why am the (lowers Irom which PnALON'8 Eilrart "Nl?ht Blooming Cerens" Is manufactured like strong minted ladles who ko to evening nartles in mssoullne attire? Because they are Bloomera after dark. iMPnre Breath -Among all the Disa greeable consequences that follow fast the decay <>f the teeth, an impure breath must be the moat uoplesaant asd mortlfylnc to Its possessor, as It Is ths most inmeuaable and offensive la society. How often Its pnaaeuor eiperlenees a dlntsnt ooldness shown eren from the best of friends, or pertiaps the on* most fondly cherished, from thl? source. You sre Ignorant of the cause yourself, the s ihject is so delicate? your most Intfmste friend will not mention It. Why not remove this one great barrier to your hnaltb. beauty and haprt less. at once, by using thst Justlr popular Den trifles. Hraiant 80Z0D0NT,thn moat convenient, piea ?ant and eflleaeloua gem for the toilet th* world hss ever prod nee dt Sold br drngotats everywhere and by HALL A RTTCgEL. Proprietors, *18 (ireenwlcli street, Mew York, at 75 oautsper bottle. Ufarrsy, Bddy 4c Co? Hasaftri. Ksstvcst. Kits* Olsbs 515? Mav S, I SSL 19, 66, SI. ?<?, 25, 70. IS, n2, r,!?, 17. 26, 3, 14. Kbntuckv, Oliss 81*? Mav n, 1S5L 32, 59, 13, 55. 70, 60, 10. 77, 45, 44, 14, 52, 19. Z. K. Simmons At Oe?Mansgcr*. S water Rkta* Cuss 217? May s. IWli. 61, 50, 18, 20, 7.'?, 11. 69, 12, 63, 26, 46, 6, 19. Class 21s? Mar #. lfWi. 13, 44, 75, 3, 21, 8, 14, 34, 23, 48, 77, 51, 62. Prance, RHts Jit Co.? Managers. Liassnr. Bxrss Class fit? Mar H Hit 9S, 43, 9, 58, 35. 50. 53. 5. 60. 46, 75, 95, 63. Class 62- Key 6. mi. 46, 38, 19, 66, 23, 69, 37, 40, 15, 67, 55, 47, 49. Prices Cashed la All Localised lotte ries end Information given. O ALL AO (IRK A 1IKNJAMIX, Brokers, 90 Chestnut siraet, Philadelphia. Royal Havana Lottery.? forty Per cent premium paid for prison; Infoimatl n furnished; the hUhsat rales paU for Oeubhmna and all kmtfa of Oold and Stiver. TAILOR A ft).. Bankers, l? Wall etreet, M. Y. Prises Cashed In All Legal Lotteries. Information given or sent. J. R CLAYTON k CO. . 10 Wsll etreet, N. Y. Lottery Tickets Cashed.? Information given. JOSEPH BATBS. broker, U Wall St., room Ife. 1. A ? e * a e REMOVAL. drmas earnee ft CO MATE REMOVED PRO* Wt BROADWAY TO 11 PAflK BOW. OPPOSITE TH!t~ A8TOE HOUSE. Jobbar* and large buyers of Modietsee, Perfumery, kt~, wltl eonault their tntarest by etatnlulng enr Immense stock, fotnpossd ecolusirsly ef this etaaa of goods. PR mas barnes * CO.# M. ? ? Ths Initial ?"&" Is omitted from ear elgnatsrs from May I, ISM. A ? e ? ? ? a a MO REACTION. "IN HOC VINCES " ROMAINE'S CRIMEAN BITTRRs is eemposeJ very largely of csliiava. with s number of other rare medical plants, chieflv products of ths tropics of *?ia and America, It Is the onl? ethllsrsnt tonlr or berersge In the world fot. lowed by n ? stupefying reaction, hence, fir e.svs'es *o<*. the debilitated and aedentsrv It lift* no equal. It hss the pleasant bitter (??te of pure callaava hark with an trade" n ablv eiqulsire llsvar suited to the moat rafnad palate We refer to testimonials published dally In thla column as to the echpe of Ita medical po? -rs W. CHILTON A CO.. Msrbie store, tt Walsor street, New York. A Bsanllfnl Com pie* Ion? Laird's Bloom of Touts aurpsaees everything for nnvervlng and beautl^r. ing i lie compleilsa add ?kln. 4*1 Broadway. and druggy t< everywhere. Address to Smokers. ?Pol I ak dt Eon, Meershsum manufacturer*. 357 Br <om* ?treet, near the Bowery, sell goodaat wholesale and retail. Pipea suite order repaired, boiled and mounted. Alarming Cases off Ifeadarhe, Tooth ache. WeuralsiaJin.l CsUrrh sre cured bv ? s'ag WOLCOTT 8 Instant I'sln Annthllator. Hold everywhere. Aromatic Schiedam Schnapps? The eheapeat importe l liquor sold In this oesntry. for sa'.s by all druggists and grocers. A Radical tare for Hernia or Maptnre. WHITE S PATF.R? LRVRR TtUSi la ao eonsirucied as !e positively enra this i!sngerou? dlseare No pressure Is made on the bank or spermatic cord ; action is Inward and upward, light, elean and ?*?v The p,>-ver can lie made strong or weak at pleasure sa reuoired it dtf fere entirely in prinrtole from all tniaae* in itan, snd is made toeure. and not stmplv hold endiniure. Pamphlets free. Hold only by ORkdORT A CO.. 6W Broadway A Thousand Refrigerators, from 14 50. B. D. BASflFORD. Cocper Institute Building. A Quod Ksfrlgerator Cnnnot he too highly nrlred. Call and ?ee WILSON'S PATENT AIR CIUCULATINO. before purohaalng elsewhere, fur eale osly by WILSON k ORANT. W Broadway. A Bad Breaih.? HO*r Many Levers It hss aena rated? how manv friends for ever parted. To elect a radl<Ul cue use the BALM OF A THOUSAND fLOWERS aa a jjiwilSca night snd morntni(. It also heaatiflae tee esaip sslon. Price Weenie. For sale by all dniggiste. A Perfect llnlr Dye? miller's. Oalsr M esnts psr bos; try It. 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O flies And Cesater Ballings, off,] wire ssd eeet leo* nAiE A 00 , BM Breedway 1 opp^lt' St. Nleholas H*tet BrailllUK PebfcU Rpr?M?lM Rf? ^ ?Ireiigliian and In, [>ro*? tha iUh( of o(4 aad JOung, Df dajr tDii ukgai *tlhout mIq or f&tiflftt. Highly fcomm^d9;\ by lh# wvHcmI r% cu^? or 'SttfJoA: OcoulUU Optician, 60U){ Bro*4?af, oppo?tu? Boui RrlllUnt and Powerful |>*T mm* n i?hi Dy "hi. Parauectt** Ola..-, fnr the b- ?* Occuliata' Optiolan Broadway under t*rj> HaMa. L>r??va'? BroackUl Trochee, Adverting la anot.l,ar ooliimn, ere highly recommended for ..afip, apcakera an'1 other* for the rollef of oolda in ! ikt voice. Tltaic e.r"'lU,r '? *tr?n? l ? allowed by CDncrpjt^r, sler gyinea u4 ??nk"er?. "ho tnem. Among th? 4*?U cuiea to thalr raeriie ir^?b??r?? tirttare from Unary Bueober, N. P. Willie, B* H. Ohapla aad otk-ra neaco ? New Tora Erealn. * Poet. ?i5?leJl*,0r'* ',a,r lV*-TI>? Brat an' ?'Vn.<7,?,ro'l" , "*lr ^ P?. PniarfajNi Thady^C ggrr.^^^""01 a ,nv'ri '?* Walla, *? or laoontimienoe u, "?? Fee ' STl'' "IthourtWrfa g*on CMr'o^S, rwfrofljffr "y ?f- ^3,JAK|a- C Daea flo? Or tap i *r Rarn (ftJ of the efVota Of f,,,,n wl *lJfce?eeea? ?ny Wa.h op pr-,,.,^^1 !St*rl ?pfl|lc ?<?fcaa? rt or to any hair d v? in ?!T!1 i ^ t, Hi far mpe D"P"t No t Dey au?!at. jr. "5*rt "'Mil. *an. ^ ?fntrTfE,|7h![\*,'J"'''y*rr Oh.*mfaC. M?dlclnaa dupeii ed wiin oare eB,r e1*'l,h etreeC* Fara Chapa, tliafra, Plmploe, Krwp?1*o?aa aaltrliaum. fleali worm a. Ac . enreri by OO*JRa0D'8 lUiha Medlsatad Soap, at bla new depot, 463 Broadway. Cumberland flanre fa JoatPy Popular, ? and of tha hlghaat lntrloato ralae of any In cat. Cailar Camphor la Cheap, Rcllabtf, durable. fragrant. Motha. miller* and al! In?*?a l"r?irthl?r tin on h their sklne c:mn<>tevat In Its denae .-epora: M by ilru;afl?tn. t"wn nod country. 1IAKHIX A CHAPMAN, aaanufarturpw. Boetoa. Davlil'a Spring Style at Qaalf*m?if* Hull. 290,'* Broadway, near Buane afreet. Deafneaa, Impaired Sight, ?* NOISKB IN TUB II BAD, J? CATARRHAL AKKKCT10N8 IN TUB i THROAT. CHRONIC CATARRH, CATARRH OP THR?TYM PANTO IWOOTTB * MKMMRANK, OHKf RWT1CON8 OP TUB KUBTACHIAN TUBE t, ci/red. CROSS ETE STRATOnTttMKO IN ONE *l*Vtn. "fc And ?<rary disuse or the Rye aad Ear renn.rlng eltftaa * ? medical or auricuial aid attended to l>y Dr. VO> RIHBB- t, BERG, at hi* conaultlnii rootna, 616 Broadway, aw Twelfth atraet. Dlattllcd D?w nrnntlflm the CowplaS* Ion and rendera tha akin elear. aoft and amoolh. All dilK> ?lata and 718 Broadway. Dyapapata Tablrla?Aik for Wel|1?('? Oyapapala Tablet* Por aale try all (fnigglata at EOceKh Ar boi. , Deafneaa. Catarrh, ami tail Diarawral the Bar. Throat aad Air- Passage* Micc<Ki>fully irewtkl' Mf DBS. I.KiHTHILIj. ?? St. Mart', place. Dr. Hunter'* Office la at !*<*. 3 Dirlila* atruet. New York city, lie Ima no other office. EaUbliabad 1S54. Klgbt rooma and a urlvala entrance. He enrea chroalo eriiptlnna and apoti on tha "kla. ulcnra of all klnde Ma moat polaonoua Impnrfty of the hlondi flaflrla. all dli ? pertaining t? the urinary organa. rhenm'atfim, ke.. Wurk ea Hnmnu Prilltr, Nervona Oelilllty, Early Indlaeretli PnnanllallAn Mtla llnnn I., f mm V A U IKlll J il'nli Conan nation gratia. Honra In. from if A. H. atftli'ti a' Ktioa. blMh Drnnksitneas Cnrrd.-To tlht* whj have frlaadx who have aaqnlred eueh an aopeitte for Intaaf* eating liquor* that lhev have either becoi?e or ace fart %a coming confirmed drunkards ?a would say. a remedy kit been 3l*covered which never fat!* to conqm-r all dealr* fa# strong drink. For par iloulara call on or addra**. <m ?tamp, L. D. CRESWBLL. J8i Fourth street, Maw York. Dfflnnf* Fir* and Hnrglar Proof Suftl. atao Sideboard and Varlnr Rate*. for etlrer plate. *<? . at Wt Murray atreet. oorner of College place. R B. riTalTI. Pamllr Albmna. A new and beautiful article, one Ineh equare, eon t ate tag eighteen picture*. For aala by QROBOB O. ALI.BN. ) 415 Br.iad way, one door below Canal lira at. > Orov?r A Baber'a III|hrat Prmtvil Elastic Stitch Sewing Machine*. 495 Broadway. Goniand'i PotMlrc Kubtll* tJ proof a HaA from low forehead* or any part of the body. Warranted, ail hi* new depot, 4M Broadway. Gl?i? Letter* far Window* and eiteealvelr adopted by first else* store* througaont Rnma* anil Am<-rlci ?? the moat lasting and attraeUra. uepot, for Fulton street, Bew Ttrk. Or* Tonr Clothing aaf Mcotf'*, (Iran Ifa 'alt. 142 Fulton atreet, near Broadway. If you eraut lalr Jlalt. . , dreaat-d elogantly, at a email etpenae. If Yon Want To Know, Ate., (t*atf MRDICAL COMMON SRB9F. a carton* book for cnrtoat Knpl*. end a lined book lor everv one priee f 1 80. To B* d at nli new* denote Content* table* mailed fi*ee. Ao? draaa Dr. K B. FOOTB, 1,180 Broadway. W. Y. Kant'i I. n teat Style.? Knox, the Hatter, of No 112 Broadway corner of Pnttoa atreet, ha* ]u*t ta. tri'dured a Hal which a* a * pact men of good taste aa4 heautr af ineterlat, ha< n?ver been aioelled. The*tvl*fc original, and ha* tbl* advantage over every other- that N aeein* to become ev*rv wearer; and tbla I* a great fat la eeeompltah, and prove* the genius of the dealgnar. Leghorn llata.? Dealer* Wlto are Dae ft rou* of ?ubmlttlnit to their endorser* aome-of the floeat quality of the*e nut Keihl^nebl* Hal* for Ladle*. Mtaaea, Hot* and tnrant* should lo*? no tlm* In calling upoa tha Mndeniitned. who ha* jual imioried aome of Ih* flneal fah rtc* of the*e goad* ever Intro lured InuvWew Yorfc. THOMAS REYNOLDS, MS Canal *treeV Itlendum1* New "Sample Boom," Ufa. Tl> Chamber* atreet. next to Delmonloo'e Hotel, now. Fine Wine*. Ac. Million* of Bottle* Of Mr*. WIItBLOW'l BOOrHINO 8YBDP are sold aa* J ? *ed with never falling aaneeaa. It U aa old and well trie# ' rented j, and haa stood the ta t of year*. II relieve* tfco child from pain, regulate* the >to?nacb wtad colic, anftena the gum*, end, by (tvteg r**t and I to the child, comfort* the mother. Parchment Tag* for Ihlpntag Calea, Spool*. Ac., ai manufacturer's. YICTOtt K. MaUuBIA US Cham ban atreet N. T. a t ana of Beauty? Whit* Virgin Wa% of Antfttea. beautifies. whitena, and preaervea the oomple*. ton, n.aklng It aoft. fair, delicate eroooth and Intnapareai; It euraa chapped hand* and llpa remove* pimoiea A*. f* composer! or pnre white nat. hen"* Ua extraordinary qnalk tie* for pre?en Ing and beautifying the *fcJn Baau/aiiujatf only bv Ht'ItT A CO.. 133 Smith Seventh atreet. FhtlaHT plila; antd at 715 nr adway, and all dragglata. Pewnval. WRKRLCR A WTLBON'S fTtgheat Premium ?*k fltl|*fc S?w|ng Machine* removed to f.JS Broadway, botweea Kong ?on and Rleecker itreeta. Rtdgcwood Smoking Ca*f. FOR RAI.B AT HBOAR RTORBB and at efEce 4J9 Broadway. Spring Ovrrroat*, IU to |lt| Rngll Walking foe a >10'oJ?u Saek?. $13 to gilt Or?W aa uaiial. C I. ARK K. 112 and 114 Wlibam urw , Ta Adr*rtl*?rt, We have completed arrangenieaU which *nabt* a* ? , tract for Adv*rtl*ln? In the leading newapeper* afgi# Canada*, both Engltih and rrenoh, on ih* taew adrta tageou* terma __ ^ n M. FKTTBVOILL * I'O. Bewapaper Ad?ertlal?g A / ?n.^ * ST Park row. St* w Tar|> The flomei Nhmarln* Faeaf Train. gL the tovt*lbte chain of Are. ? Anitty aVreei. ' V Traaar*, Rlaatlr Btocklnya. 4 ir SfarJL , A ( '() ftadical Cure Tru*e office oajy at Ml* j y(MV - ~ k Lady ailendani f / Tk? Pleatvr* He?ort* *f * Veateheete* ' County,? The cafa of the Harleji Brl Jgf M maan a ?A Pordham horee railway h-ave Harle? n , .Iridge everv a ? nii*nie* for Met eae, Morriaante. Ti em ml an t Ford ? - cele' raied for thetc many attractive, n| ^aaur* reao r * !Tl health lavlgorailag air. Takey*<ir wtr#, and nhlldn *J!!? ran andeajevthe bean ilea af U>? eof ntry aad a *[Lm i the famous oollege greoada aC BL ')okra'*|Co:iage, stPerX hem Watches anil Jiwelry , . OP AtX rBlCBtPTIOBS Par eel* by tsBOBOK C. ABLRB, 419 BrMd--T Oee dear bMnw Caaal elreai. formerly ( , We UavaAa*o*Ut*dwllh a iMr.CRarle* MBTBN, th% acaredlted agent ot the ' j(rmM aawsgapera tbrongho at tli* Called State*, and y > Spared to contrast for ad rertletng la them ea ^he rae^,.?*^jlrm( P?w advertisers liar* aa adequate l?s off the relit* of tltsaa newspaper* as ad**fti*leg m ediunu^. There are e m* 10 of then la all. May pnMi <hed la eecMea* wbee* pnpula* Uoaa art largely German, thr'.rty, able to perckeea sad only to be reached throngh qynaaa pnntlabed m their al?l* tongue Pull partleuISM furnlahed on appiioatloo a b. pbttbb(J7ll a co.. , ? '' r Ferk ft*, <? ? B*w TccB.

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