Newspaper of The New York Herald, 9 Mayıs 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 9 Mayıs 1864 Page 1
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m Mj.rr 1 I r ' " r P f I 7 A< r ' ? *r'|{ ' | VC - - lu iiu i J j - . i i . l ? i OlI'I i* 1 ? - .u. ? - - i i v a ' ' . ^ - THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,097. NEW YORK, MONDAY, MAY 9, 18<j4.-WITH SUPPLEMENT. PRICE THREE CENTS. VICTORY! Splendid Success of General Grant Official Despatches from the Secretary of War. Tho Rebels Retiring Before Oar Forces. OUR LOSSES HEAVY. Six to Eight Thousand Wounded. OeMr&l Alex. IUy? and General Alt*. 8. Webb Rilled. fltnerals Hancock, Getty, Oregg, . Wadswortb, Bartlett, Carroll and Owen and Colonel Hays Reported Woirnded. Important from the James River. VIM Clan boat Oommodore Jones Blown Vp by a Torpedo. Severe Fighting Between Pe tersburg and Richmond. Tko Rebel Generals Jones and Jenkins Killed. Senator Hunter and General Pickett Dangerously Wounded. The Reported Evaonatlon of Petersburg. Capture of a Rebel Camp by Colonel Wtst'i Command on tbe Chieka hominy. Our Forces In Fall Fossesslon of Fort Powhatan. The Railroads Between Petersburg and Richmond Held by Gen. Heckman. . Capture of Fort Walthall by 6eneral Gra bam'i Maval Brigade, fte* Ac.. fta THE OFFICIAL DESPATCHES. Secretary RUaton to General Oil. WimmaTON, May ?? 9 A. M. Si General Join A. Pa, New York ? We hay* no official reports from tbe front; bat the Medloal Director baa notified tba Surgeon General that ?v wounded ware being sent to Washington, and will ?amber from alx to eight thousand tba Chief Quartermaster of the Army of Uta Potomac tea made requlcltloo far seven days' grain, and for rail toad eocstruetlon trains, and states that tbe onemy Is reported to ba retiring. Tbls Indicates General Grant's advance, aad affords an Inference of material rnccoss on aar part. Ibe enemy's strength has alwsys been most felt la bis fcat blows, and hla effbrt having failed, and our forces Ml only having maintained their ground, bat preparing (? advance, lead to the bopa of full and complete suooess ; Mr when either party falls back disorganization by ?traggHDf aad deeertkm, commence, and the enemy 's loss fe killed and woandeil most weaken him more than we ?re weakened. Nothing later than my last night's despatch has been received Trom General Butler. A despatch from General Sherman , dated at five o'clock f. M. yesterday, states tbat General Thomas bad occupied funnel Hill, where be espoctod a battle, and that the enemy bad taken poettlon at Bustard Roost Tsse, north ef Daltoo. Skirmishing bad taken place, but no real flgbllng. Nothing later from Gooaral Banks Tea may give such publicity to the information trans mitted to yoa as yeu deem proper, It Is designed to glvo accurate official statements of what Is knowa to the Department In thl/ great erlels, and to withhold nothing from tbe pi-blle. EDWIN U. STANTON, Sccretar/ of TVar 9c*r*?ary SUaim'i Becoail IHiptUh. Wjmamaom, Hi; 1?6 P. M. Mfcjcr Genera) Jorm A. Du, New York: ? ? We are yet without an y official despatches from Uie Army of lb* Potomac, except those referred to thla ssorn Ki? from the Medical Director aid Chief Quartermaster, and nothing additional baa been received by tbe Depart ment from any other source. It la believed that no Ughtiug took place yesterday. A part or the wounded arrived In ambulances this morning at Rappahaanook Station, and are oa tbe way In by railroad. The Department will probably receive des patches by that train, which will arrive to night. A despatch from General Butler, Just received, and which left bun yesterday, states that a demonstration hao been made by his forcos on tbe railroad between Pe tersburg and Rlchmond"and had succeeded in destroying a portion or It so as to break the connection ; that there bad been some severe fighting, bat that he had succeeded. He beard rrom a rebel deserter that Hunter was danger ously wounded, Pickett also, and Jooee and Jeokios were killed. Netting further bas been beard from General Sherman. EDWIN H STANTON, Secretary of War ADDITIONAL DETAILS. First Dispatch. WjRiunuTon, Itay 8, 1664. The atily ofTii rul information from the Army of tbe Po tomac i? derived from aeepatenes of tbe Medical Director and Cbier Quartermaster to th9W respective bureaus. The wounded, numbering from six thousand to eight thousand, have been sent from the battle field to Rappa hannock Station, thence to be forwarded to Washington. A portion of them have arrived at Rappahannock Station. Tbe Chief Quartermaster bas made a requisition for gram for the animals. J'hU imperii an advance by General ?trwnt. General Ingalis says:? "We have (ought two days Tbe enemy are said to be retiring. " There seems to be no doubt tbat, although nothing de cisive has yet occurred, tbe enemy has been foiled in his confident expectation of driving General Grant back be fore bis operations could be fully developed, and that lee Hat If en compelled to give via v. The tactics or the enemy have uniformly been to strike biB heaviest blow at the ontset, and to this their success bas always beeo owing. This bas now railed. The casualties reported are ?General Hays killed, and Generals Getty, Owens and Gregg and Colonel Hayes wounded. General Hancock is reported to have recolved a slight wound while rallying his men to resist A. P. Hill's onset. Two of General Buroside s staff aro repcrted to have bean killed while carrying despatches. ? Second Despateh. Washington ? May ?, 1004. There seems to be no doubt of the death of General Bays, of l'lttsbuig, Pa. Ho held the position which bore the brunt or A. P. Rill's attack, and fell at tbe head of bis sommand inst at tbe moment that the support that bad been ordered forurard /eached him. Were we at liberty to mention facts within our knowl edge we think we oould demonstrate that Lee has real occasion to dread tbe strategy or oar military operations, ss well as the vigor with which they are pressed. We believe that Jeff. Davis finds to day in reality what has sometimes been talked about, that "It thunders all round." The line v of attack by Lee in tbe fighting of Thursday and Friday, nearly at right angles with Grant's line of advaase and rrom the direction of Orange Court Bouse, Indicates tbat Lee made the latter point his base and headquarters. The forced march of a day and night by Bnrnslde from Manassas, by -vhlcb he got bia troops to Grant's support on Thursday Slight, la said to have even surpoased hut brilliant forced marches In Fast Tennessee, by wbioh ho surprised tbe enemy there. Probably Lee has by thla time bad occasion to feel thslr presence with Grant. General Webb waa killed In tbe battle of Friday. Third Despatch. WAfOTiBOTO*, May 8, 1861. Tbe first official information from the battle field of tbe Army of the Potomac was received at tbe War Depart ment this morning. Nothing has boen beard directly from General Grant, aad such details ss are given are gathered from tbe dor patches of the Medical Director and Chief Quartermaster of the Army of tbe rotomac.and Attestant Secretary of War Dana, who Is stationed at the telegraphic poet nearest to the battle field. It sppears tbat oa Thursday General Lee sent forward Loogstreet's corps to attempt to prevent General Gram's selection of a position for his army. An effort was mado to get between the right wing or Grant's army? oom posed or Sedgwick's corps? and the fords of the Kapldan. It waa unsuccessful. Then the rebel troopo of Longstreet were massed and hurled agalntt tbe corps <1 Sedgwick. Tbe position or tbe Union army at this particular time was as follows ? Gnneral Hancock, witb tbe Second oorps, hsd advanced some distance from tbe river and had passed Parker's Store, In the direction of .Shady Grove church. General Warren, with the Kirth corps, followed next, and held tbe position alonr the mad run ning wool oL Wilderness Village, while General Kedg wick's Sixtb cbrpe occupied the ground between General Warren and tbe river. As the trnope were faced towards the west, it will be seen that General Warren held the oentre, with General Hancock on the left and General Sedgwick on tho right. To get between the army aud the river tbe attack had to be on tbe right wing. The rebels then sttempted to broak tho centre by hurling a heavy body of trope on General Warren; but orders were given for onr troopo to attack first, and Go noral Hancock was ordered to move to bia support. The rebels, apparently understanding tbo manennvre, tried to prevent this Junction by precipitating a heavy force under A. P. Hill between the Second and Fifth corps. Fortunately a division of tbo Second oorps was ready to meet the sttaok, and s determined fight took place. Two other divisions, attocned to tbe samo com mand, also came sp. and tbe rrbels were not only foiled, but oompletely repulsed. The fight was principally an Infantry one, in conscqueuce of the biokeu nature of the ground. On tbe following day (Friday) the attack was renewed by Longstreet on tbe right, wbile the rebel troops under A P. Hill were bulled In like manner against tbe left wlag of Grant's army, composed of Hancock's oorps. Warren's corps, tbs oentre, wss also so gaged in repelling these areaa Its sf tbe enemy. Tbe fight continued, with hardly any Inlsrmisslon, for two days; 6u< yttlerday morning Lee, having failed cemplrUly in Au of/jtri, with drew from IA? engagement , leaving our Jrmy of Uie I'oto mae in postestien of lAi ground and of a large number of the rebel killed and uxiund-iU It has not been ascertained definitely whether Loe's army havo retired behind their defensive works at Mine ruo or moved to a position nearer to Richmond and tbo railroad. Ample supplies of hospital stores are on their way from this olty for tbe relief of tbe wounded, many of wbom have already boen brought to Rappahannock Station, and trains of hospital oars, well provided with comforts for the wounded, havs been sent out to bring them In. Ihe result is regarded at ths Wsr Depai tment as a do oiiled success for General Grant, which, if followed up, ? III give to him a complete victory. Grant's loss In klltsd and wounded In the two dava' battle is estimated by the Medical Director at eight thou sand. The loss of the enemy 'S supposed to be greater. Accommodations havs beeu provided for the transpor tation of ten thousand wounded, Including tbose of both sides. Fourth Despatch. Washiwotow, Msy 8, 1864. Since morning nothing of an official nature has bsen received rrom the front, it hao been stated that on Fri day General Grant not only repelled tbo stuck of Lee, but, bringing Into tbe engagement tho masses or the Army of the I'otomso, compelled him to retiro, leaving upon the field hie tilled snd wounded. It Is also ststed that lee's army la rstrssting rapidly , h..t ir eood order, nod that our Arm/ of t?a Potomac ia punning as rapidly h pow Iblo. This faet la alleged m tbe rMMD ?* by nothing has Ikm beard directly I rom Ueoeral Graat. Those whe know blui, however, know thai II la doI his habit lo eommnuicate anything until ? definite rornilt baa been attained, aod tbe military autb> r It lea are satisfied Qui such a result baa not yet boen reached. In tbe War Deparlaaeot, at tbe White House aid at the headquarters of General Grant her*, all are cbeerfnl and hopeful of a brilliant victory. It is believed Ibat tbe combinations on foot win prevent tho escape of Lee's army fr*? Virginia, and bring upon II a d extrous and Irrevocable defeat, as well as place In our po~sc*?loo the rebel oapital. All pesalble arrangements for tbe comfort and speedy removal lo tbe hospitals of tho wounded mou o( both sides have beon made by the Medical Dopartmont here. Twelve hospital trains have gone out lo bring them In It Is expected thnt they will begin to arrive between mid night aod morning. Transports (It tod up as hospital bonis Uavo also been sent lo Fredericksburg. Information has been received thai among the w minimi are General Wads worth, knocked from bis borso by a ppeni ball; General tlait.ett, slightly, an J General LV.rroll, severely. Klftb \V ahii i no ion t May fl ? Midnight The govornuiont up lo ton o'clock to-night 1 ad not re ceived any particulars of Friday's eogftgemont. This is the report of those who made snortai Inquiry . I'hro# thousand or our woundod, whoso injuries are slight, are to be cared for where they now are, while Uio others aro to bo brought to Washington. It was feared lo Alexandria today that some liyury bad been isflicted on the raUroad by Mosby's guerillas Tha train Is not yet in. Ml Ok UvtpaUb. Washington, Muy 8, 1*64 At a late hour to-ulght it was reported that a tologram bad been received giving very favorable news of the bat "* of Friday. Rrvripapcr Arronnts. (From t^e National Republican, May b? P. M.l W? are glad to bo ablo to stalo that tbo rontilt of the fighting on Thursday and Friday in all the most sau guine friends of tho guvm-nraout cm desoe. The dawn ol day on Saturday exhibited no evldcooo of 'he prose oo of tho enemy, Goucral viraul, with gnat promptaos.s, took advantage of the t act , and ord 'red a for word move ment. It m propor to Bay tiero that, in consequutice of such movement, oothuti{ iu'.H been hoard directly from Gcuural tiranl. He has mo e important duties to perform. It is believed by tbo^o who havo the boat nieana or ktiowlbg, that I.oe is lias'euii'g to the works of Kii.imond, not only to xavo th? remnant or bis own army, but to res cue, if possible, too ro'iei c tpilul from falling into tUo bunds 01 that dread id cbMiitaiu, Genoral Butlor. lUcre is littlo doubt thai Lao will h;ivo to mukogood time to pro vent such a disaster to Davis' rebel dominion. There aro mauy koimu to tbo government, all ol a cbeerinl tendency, which It is not proper to st/ito at this timo. For Instauoe, It would not bo proper to state wbat wa know about the operations on ibe Psoiusula, up the James rlvor, fcc , but at the same time, In general terms. It is not improper ror ua to slate that everything is progressing successfully. We are in possession of information tint the rebel au thorities at Richmond, seeing the rate which awaits them, have taken measures to remove every thiug of valuo from the city. The ten thousand wounded men upon the field, mentioned In our last extra to-day, some of wliloh at this writiiiK have probably reached Rappabannock Station, Includes the wounded on both sides, lhe list of killed and wounded has not yet reached the city, and prub'bly will not before tomorrow or next day, as the time of every one Is employed In rendering relief to the unfortunate. Further details i-e mo mentarily expected of the two days' battles; but it la doubtful If anything is received nntil the retreat and pur suit terminates. I It !e sufficient to say that all the despatches from the advancing armies under Generals Sherman, Hooker, Scbo field and Wasbburoe are aa encouraging as could be asked for. gksteh of Osasral Ale*?n?ler Hay*. Brigadier Genera) Alexander Hays waa born lo Pittsburg, Pa., about tbo year 18'^a, and entered the United States Military Academy at West l'oini during the year 1840. He graduated o* the SOth of Juue, 1844. standing No. 20 In bis class. He was a classmate with bis corps com minder. Gen. Bancock.and also with Gen. Pleasanton On the 1st of July. 1844, he waa appointed a brovct sec. ond lieutenant of the Fourth United States Infantry, and on I be lttlli of Juue, 164C, he waa fully comm-.sii.ued a second lieutennut of the Eighth infantry. He lougUt during the Mexican war, aud was brevotted from May ?, 1846 flrat lieutenant for gallantry, &c., at the battles of Roaaca da la Palme and Palo Alto. He was also Acting AsstsUnt Adjutant General to Brigadier General l.nne, and became dlstirgn if ned In a conflict near Atlixco and In the battle of Sequaltfplan. On the the 12th of April, 1848, he resigned bis connection with the United Stales Army, and became engaged ss an iron manufacturer In Venango cjunty. Pa. When the rebellion broke out Mr. Haya raised a rogl meat of throe years voluutoers, and waa commissioned Colonel or the Sixty-third Pennsylvania Inrantry. His promptitude also gained for him the appointment of cap tain in one of the new United States reglmens-the Sis teen lb regular Infantry? to date from May 14, 1801. His regiment waa attached to the Army of the Potomir, and oo the Peninsula formed a portion of the First brigade. Kearny's Third division, Third army corp#. under Uen.< ral Heltitzelman. lie fought bravoly at Seven Pine* and Fair Oaks, and was nominated fer a brevet of maior "f tbo United Stales Army . to date from May 31, 1802. He also distinguished himself during the seven davs' contests , and was nominated for a brevet of lieutenant colonel, from June 30, 1862, Tor the battles of Glendale and Malvrn Hill. He took part In the Maryland campaign, and w as I appointed a brigadier general of volunteers en Septem ber 28, 1862. He participated In the Fredericksburg battle, and waa woundad during the battle of Chancellor *? villa, while In command of the Secobd brigade of tho Third dlvlson, Second army corps. At the hattb of Gettysburg ha was in command of the Third d.vlsloo of bis corps, and after the woundiag of Genoral Hancock wa< temporarily in command of the corps. When Genoral W irren waa appointed corps commanaer. Genersl flays returned to the Third division, and led It through the battles of Auburn, October 18; Brlstoe Station, October 14, and tbe afTklr at Mine run. November, 185.1 When the Army of the Potomac wa? reorganised for the pre* ant campaign General Hays waa placed In command of tha Second brigade. Blrney's Third division, Second corps, under General Ilanoock. Hkrtrh of Bsnaral Webb. Brigadier General Alexander Stoart Webb was the son of General James Wateon Webb, now United States Minister to the Court of Braill, and was about thirty years or age when he waa killed. Ha was born and edu 1 oated in this city, and during the year 1861 entered the United Statea Military Academy at West Point as a cadet. Ha graduated with ratr honors on June 30, 18. V., and tbenejlday entered tha United States Army ae a brevet aecond lieutenant of the Fourth artillery. On the 30th of October, ls?6, be waa transferred to the Second artillery, with his full raak. Daring tbe year 1857 be was appointed an acting assistant professor of matbe matles at Weel Point, and be!d that position at the out break of the rebellion. On tha 28th ef April, 1881, be waa promoted to a first lieutenancy In his regiment, and took part In the battle of Bull run, July, 1841. 1 At the extra session of Congress of 18?1 be was promoted to a captaincy In tbe Eleventh Unlied Slates Infantry, and wis eiteehod to the Army of tbe Potomao. He fought during tbe whole of the Peninsular campaign, and after tha orgsoliatlon of Fits John Porter's corps was attached to tbe regular dlvMnn. Be waa nominated ror a brevet of major from May 4, 1862, for distinguished servlcas at Yorktown, and for another of lieutenant colonel from May 27, for service ai BaooverOourt House. He toek an active part In me Maryland campaign, the contest at Fredericksburg and the Ohancellorsvllle campaign. At tha battle of Getlys. burg, July 1863, he oommanded the aaoond brigade of General Harrow's division of thsSaoond corps, and was shortly sftsr placed 1a eotnmand of tha division, which be commanded at the bailies of Auburn, October IS, sod Brtstow Utatton, October 14, 18?. He abo participated In IM Mint mo turoptlgn of No?enib*r, 186S. Whim General Meade's army was reargaalsed frf prsaeal campaign General Webb was placed Id of 1*0 First brltfudo, Secoad division (Gen tiibbou), o( U?o Second sorpe , under Gon H moock. DBPOETAST FROM J41ES &ITCB. Success of Major Gtncral BiitU;9o Operation*, llli| Ac* Tbe United States transport Arago t ipum Henry A Gadsden, lelt Portion Monroe ut eight o'clock A. M. ou MMnr'day, cont* igned 10 <Junrterma*ter Vao Vliet, U. S. A. Htm arrived ut thin port yesterday afternoon at hal pant o:i? (.'clock. Wo are indebted to < spurn Gods deu tiiul I'arw Fred, w Kly lor special favors. The United States transport Western Metropolis, also from \ Fortress M< :iroo, ari l v d ut tins |>orl veslcrday afternoon, after malm g a ploiulul run. Puresf M P. Young, Of tho VMten Metropolis, will please accept our thanks) Tor favors rendered Sir. Wm. II. 8tlni'r'? Dcupatcbei. City Point, Va. , bay 0 ? 12 H. rrikH'kt'Bli 11V AOTTATFP. A wcoon?''?- ;iui,>i soul out by Major General Butler ' ascertained tbe fact that the city or Petersburg was evacuated Inst nl/ht by llio rohels. j This ate;) -nas apparently necessary totne enemy to allow tlioir u-uo:w to roach Richmond before our forcoe cu'. them J. A division of General Butler's command w. e imincc.i?'cly despatched to Petersburg to take p?m | session at: d intrench themselves. It In prubiblo tliut tbe evacuation of thin rebel strong | hold was al'O causi d by the rep d approach of our oav airy under Gonei al Kaut/.. I he iros oiada ha?e advanced beyond City Point several tulles, and will probably cotae u an author somewhere tbont Akia's lAiuliiu> Thne fa.yiot a single shot has lieeii fired by the rein-Is. Bmrmi'Da Ucsprso, Jams? llitit 1 May T-e A U J OSM3UI BPTLFk. A portion of our command has advanced into the co.iu try, and we exoecl to hear irom them al any moment I lhn lu'iher operations of tho army aro necessarily a | secret lor the presunt. Maior Geuuriil Hutler ? onn of the hardest of workers. ObBUintly , by day and by night, I ho m.ty no seen umnng tho troops, either directing their ' di embarkation or atioumng u> locating thou, or the Sbor" wrst's of?r*tion?? * mm cinr cai-u'kbi asi IXCKTROYKP We hive had a communication this morning /ron> Colonel ' M. Wint, whom the Commanding (ierieral men tu ned id h,s despatch to Lieutenant General Grant a* bavin;; tailed on up expedition, in command of eighteen bundled cavalry , frotn Williamsburg. On 'ho .r>th iti-tant Colon ol West In charge of tlie First and Second (colored) cavalry remu.eius, commanded by C'olouolH Gerard and Cole, le t Williamsburg for the Pemasula Alter a sharp trot tuo brigade crossed tbe Chickthoiniuy at Jones' Ford. J,i? ulcnant Colonel N. P. Pond, of the Second cavalry, di+niounled companion B and D, Captain Dollard and l ie tenarit Smi'h, and dot loved them as skirmishers, those f v o companies nished into tbe camp of tbe Korty-sixth Virginia eavnlrv, burned the camp, and, after killing si me thirty rebels. captured thirty -five horses. inunrt or tb* nrw: sunt is. The an.mals were m< ni.ted by Colonel Pond's soldiers, and the llylng rebels were pursued soine leu miles on a cUarg". Being witbln a few miles of Klehmond. and tbe pursued rebels having reached another nunp, Colore! Pond deemoU it advisable to return, which movement tie accomplished in good order On reaching tbe main column Colonel 1' >nd was highly complimented by Colonel West for his skill and bravery. This dash demonstrates clearly that colored treops will fUbl whi n re* | nlred to do so, and on this occasion they have sbown themselves worthy of tbe confidence plaoed la Umb by the Commanding General. Colons! West has ?til) more hazardous duties to perform In connection with General Hutler 'a campaign, and will harass tbe enemy not a little. From General Kaut?.'* column we have na yet received no tidings, but expect to bear of bis movements some time dnrlag the day. thf aviccATiO* or nrnuisBmn It I* most positive now that the city ol Petersburg has b'en evacuated. A treraeudous fire is racing in that vi cinity, and the only solution that we can give Is that the rebels set Are to the extensive mills and lactones located there. As General Butler has tapped the Petersburg and Richmond Railroad, It Is not Impossible that the eueiny have al?o destroyed the rolling utock of that road, to pre vent lis falling Into our bands. By to morrow we are In bopos or receiving authentic Information. CrrY Poixr, May 7, 1HC4. oki. moRMAN'ii anvANiT? tub raii koads takfjd amo hkli>. our forces have advanced eight miles from this place. At about seven o'clock last night heavy firing was heard upon our extreme left. From retai ned messengers wo l-aru that nrigfirt lor General C. A. Hoekman's dlvUion, which had been despatched by the Commanding Gonoral to tap the Petersburg and RicbmonJ and Petersburg ind WeMou railroads, had taken full |<o*se-ision ol tbe e roads, un 'er great opposition from the enemy. Cener?l Meek [ man now holds the same with bis galUot troops nCTKR?l?PHO. renfl' ting rimer* reach n* from Peterrbiirg Tbo only communication we bave thus far bad with thai city is tbr ugh neprosa. Several of them who hsve coin* wi'bln our l.ues state that the city in only ttef'ihlrd by tht llomt | tiviiri, wi hn i/jert calleil out at toon at *ur arln in- -e was htnrtl of. Tbe darkeys say that tbe militia intend to fliht tho "Yankees." The railroad communication being cut off, tweuty thousand rebels could not resist our ad vanre on that fated town. From the h?ari>iuurters ol tbe figli-eenth array corp? tbe steeples of Petersburg Me plain iy visible. ou* row no*. Our army Is judiciously distributed al'.rg tbe m^st strategic points, and In a day or two we may have a bru'ti with the enemy. The tro ps are in fine condition and spirits, and ae the Commanding General rode by the n, is they bivouacked, be was most enthusiastically Cheered by them all along bM route. CAirrnr. or fort wai.triu.. Brlx*J'Sr General C. K. Graham with tils fleet of gun boats, rasdea reconnol?-sanoe up the Appomatox river and captured a rebel fort, known by tbe name of Walthall, situated between eight and nine miles from Petersburg, A larthcr advanoe of a few miles disclosed the existence of s li igc earths&k mounting several heavy guns. nmsoNAu I.ieuiensnt W. n. Bladonheuser, of the Third Pennsyl vania heavy artillery, comxandlng the army gnnboat 0. L. Br 'WKter, waa to-day promoted to a captaincy in the First I nil d Ptatan Volunteer* for gailantry and bravery ?hile advancing up tbe James river. At Pwau's Point, where we surprised a rebel signs] sUtlon.CapUIn Bladen heuser captured Imirteen signal dags. At tbe landing of Bermuda Hundred bis boat was the flrst to land, and with his boat's crew pursued Ui? rebels stationed tbere quite a distance into tbe Interior. Kverytlnng is qnlet thus far, and wo apprehend no at tack froin the enemy. I send tb.s by a private mes senger. Fo?r?w? Morsels, Way T? l ttf P. M. Trr noLUSioH * rrn asp sissimi or Yns rassv. 1 have Just srrived bore from Clly Point I lenrn that last evening about nine n'ciofH, while the steamer Cum bria was leaving these Roods, she collided with tbe propel lor l-snoy.Jnst commg past tbe guard sbip Young Bover, Having nn board some two hundred troops, taken on board al Yorktown. The Fanny was struek on the port side abaft the boiler, slnkliy her in eight minutes. CftptMl Ira B. Btufiey, commanding the guard sbip . Young Rover, Immediately tired a rocket, as also a gun, >? a signal of distress, to slarm tbe licet, snd also sent several of his small boats lo ths rsscue of tbe passsngsrs on lhn til fated ship. Csptals t). B. Horn, Acting Master of Transportation, with 0' minetidable teal dospatched a nombnr of oraft lo the asslsisnce of the damaged vessels, among them the City of Bath and Flias 0. I'etrcs, Captain Tbos. Brlggs. Tbe hny was alive with small and othsr baats for some i time, and it Is believed that all but one or two havo been saved. Two sink snon o r ths Tblrl*?U> flew Hampabire ' Volunteers, on the Fanny, were badly Injured by lb* concussion, mil ?ro now lying it the pest hospital In b critical condition and are supposed 10 be badly burnt la* ternally. Tho oaptaln of tbe Cumbria does net think that ha la to De blamed for I be accident. Mr. D. H. Uahoa'a Despatches. Tlttt l,?S8 OF Till mrNBOAT COMIWDORB JOWW. Jinin Rivra, May 7, 1804. Tbe United State* gunboat Commodora Jones, Acting Volunteer Lleuteuant Wade, wan totally destroyed at about one o'clock I1 M. yesterday, on the James river, about aevea miles btlow fort Darling, near Turkey Bend. It appears that she wan Bent up In company with several ?mall oraft to clear the river of torpedoes and obstruc tions. Wlille la the performance of tbat duty, suddenly, and without any warning, a huge ?<yar shaped torpedo exploded directly under her, about amidships, tilling 'iur completely out of tbo water. The explosion wax no power ful tbat It literally tore her to pieces. I/oiitonant Wads and Acting Kosigu O. w. Adams were blown ovorho ?rd, but were subsequently paved by clinging to ploo-w of tho wrtck. The former officer. on gaining a foothold, dis covered a rebel ou shore, and taking dellborate aim with bis pistol , the rebel was Instantly nli?t dead. ROW PHK WAB DHmiOYBB. A detachment was sent on nhoro from one of the gun* biuktH immediately , which found on the dead rebel a letter clearly showing that this ninn wait employed by tbo relet governnKul to work the torpodoes In tbat district. The torpedo was fired by a galvanic battery, which was rouud on shore Tho Paymaster of the Commodore Jones, Mr. E T. Chap man, was instantly killed, and about fifty of the crew killed or wounded The killed and wounded wore put on hoard of the gunboat Mount Washington, and sent down the river as quickly as possible OKVi RlPriOli or tbh vus-xBt, ? HKR ornotns. Tbo Commodore Jones is oue of the ferry boata pur chased whon tbo war broke out. and has been of good service since she was put In commission. Ibe following In a list of her officers ? Ar'ii ly Voiun'cer lAeulttiant I'ommantimg ? Thomas Y. Wade. | Atixwj Kntign? George W. Adams Acting Mtnlrr't Main- Charlen P. l.uscomb, Edward L. ' Deane. Prince M. Nye. Acting Affiant Paymaster? K. T. chapman. Activg .Vecmui Auittani Hnttmetr ? Timothy McCarthy AiOng 7/iini Auts'ant Rnglntcrt ? Jamea H. McKen-.le, Malrombe Klnclair, Isiiah I.. fiawtelle We begin to Unit a preat many torpudocs along the river, uud may btve some difficulty in removing all of them but wo b<(vi< a new plan nevlsed which we think will belc tut to gut rid ot them with ea?c and celerity Nor K>ut , May 7-2 P. M. amuvai or nre m?ai> and wottnobd at horvolit. Tito despatch bout Mount Washington has just arrlvod at Norfolk, from Admiral Loe's llotiila, with ovor fifty of the crew of tbe gunboat Com. Jones, whieh was blown up by torpedoes at Turkey Bend. Ono of the rebels, who tired the Internal machine, wan shot, and two wero cap tured Nearly all bands or tho Com. Jonon were either killed or wounded. The oaptuln was bad >? injured. THE REHKL IRON-CLAPS. Jamsh Rivsh, May 7, 1NM. The rebel iron clods came dowa from ab >vo Fort liar, ling yesterday (Friday). Their advance was discovered by our picket vossels. And immediately reported, and the iron clads were despatched to engage them or drive them back. 1 am of tbe opinion tbat they will not make much of a fight; but, in event of certain operations not yet propor to divulge, they will sink them at the obstructions at Fort Darling, and their orews run away from them. Oue of tbe doubieender gunboat* ran into oue of <mr Iron clads *nd stove ber bow In very badly. I have not time to learn particulars. The entire force of gunboats, exoept tba disabled one, have gone up the river to endeavor to prevent the rebels from throwing up earthworks, and obatructlug tbe river. L't<erythino u working splendidly. tOKT POWHATAN HELD AND BTKONOI.T RIINPORCKP. Fobt Powbataw, Jambs I Una, May 7?4 A. M. Everything Is very quiet at tbis point. Our forces here occupy a very strong position, and have been reinforced. We are able to bold out in eveat of an attack against four times our numbor. Oar artillery is la position. Tbe scouts who have Just come In report a few straggling rebel cavalry hovering around. We soon expect to bear of our cavalry In their rear. Tb? Richmond and Peteriharf Railroad Cat. Wabiiinoto*, May 8, 1AM Intelligence has been received that Butler's column boa ?uceeded, after sharp fighting, In destroying a portion of the South Side Railroad, between Richmond and Peters burg. SPECULATIONS OF THE REBELS. What Is to He the Kate of Rlrhmonft and l??-e'a Army. I Richmond currenpnndonce o f the Mobile Register.) Richmond, April 7, An Impression prevails 1* town that the women and children ?re to be ordered into I ho country. In Mother lor in, the rumor I*, that tlni'ra I Hmgu hit taid that. in rap- l.rr't army hat to fa1 1 hack ht will d-yl eU thr rity of it * nrpliu population ami prrpart far a tiept ? ? very tin neoespary thing for tieneral llriigg to sny since It follows as a matter ol course that a siege would. of itself, drive away all who were not obliged to remain llerr.e I do not believe (General Brng .? mad* any auch remark. A mort truttworthy rttmnr u that Charlnihmtt' will be m><an d n"l if l.te u rump-Uni to rdirr. In that event, the I7nlver?tty would, aa h matter of course. be horned ny the I'liemr. wboso vandal tiates would be regaled beyond measure by the oonll tgralion ot that honored pile, In wbtrh so mu< h treixon h i* been taught, and from which ?<> many gallant otllcerc and pri vate?? unlives of the van ous Southern .-tales? b ive been sent to tbe Held. It would be a groat pity to I'.ss the University , JurI when Governor Sm th had quieted the diftlcultirf an. I dissensions of years by appointing a new Hoard of Visitors who are in harmony with the professors Ihere are now ooly thir ty tlve or lorty students at the 1 nlv-oretty, and they are more la<l*. n< t witbin the conscript age. Of cour-e. the ?Hilary aud leos o: the ptofeewrs by no mentis suflice to Hupport th' nt. but I >r Maupin bin widely decided not to close the lustltntl< n so long as tbere Is a single student In atton.luiice. Once shut, there it no telling when ibe doors or tha 1 niversity would o;?u ogam or under what auspices- -s.'V nothing of tbe tint 'named buildings going to rack Mid ruin. Much to our toy , the long bidden sun came forth to-day, and put a now face on nature, aud a brwbter light In lira eyes of men. A wsek or two of daya like this would dry tbe road* sufficiently tor <ir ant to put in execution hia cherished purpose of man l uvering I, oe o il of Virginia. I'.ut tbe raius tru not uver yet it rleared olT warm, and the spring must ninke amends for the exceeding dryness i,l the | act winter. Active operatl >ns on the line of tbe llapidnti will hardly begin before the first .it May, even if tbe mads permit, Tor t.rant will not l>e able, with all bla energy aad diligence, to get Ins men together and well in hand before mat tune. I.e? Is ipiietiy ?* atcbing bla game. What that game Is will be dmeloecd tbe moment Iturn side's Annapolis expedition lan<ia. The 1- redenckaborg crre*p< odeiit of the Hzaminrr thinks llurmida will dia embtrk at L'rb ma, near tbe mouth of tbe Rappahannock river, and march them* upon Richmond, effecting a Junction on the l<ne of the CbicahonlDy, with a force coming op from Williamsburg and Fortress Monroe. But Orbaua would be an ill cbneon point; for be would bive two rivers to cross before he cornea wltbln striking 'tis tance of Richmond. Tort Royal, twenty mil.-"* below I Krednlcksburg, would serve hir pur ih*o much better, lor there be would be immediately npon I <????* fla k uud rear, and force him either to retire fmm the stron.-'y fortified line of the Rnptdan or to divide his army. What pteee have we to play agaJust Bornsldef There C? Pirkr't, commanding at I'ettribuig, ami he trncntl, uiho fxrr V may be, rommanding the forret between Ifildon and It ilmington, fmf tht two titii tft art no' *t<ong enot utk to bt regartUd u< any' hm</ nvrre that />'>/?"?. I^?rgstre?t, I think, Is tbe knight on which relie? to chsck Burn, side'* movement, on bis Hunk. In my opinion. Long st- eel it rot going into Kentucky, but iiheld in rtadmetl to apvear in Ihe Wallef, jwt at wVn hrCI'l Um wot btfirt Hith'mond and Mr I) ? rU lay at ?r*lmckt turg, rra 'v '? tn htm. But longstr?et will not attempt to repeat Jffli krnu's Valley campaign. Ills atm will be rather to take a i ositlon on (irant'* !lank and rear , ana a gnus to Miirnride a position at Fort Royal. The attention than will be. wh" will tight or fall bar* flrst, and Orant will attempt to force a solution. by sending \V star (Bnl ler'? m in I rWay) up the peninsula? hoping thus to give 1 ee an additional reason for dividing or retreating. Rut I ee will do neither the one the other. fn*"id of dil uting he utll tenrrtitraU. Me will not even spare riekett and fllngman to attend to Wist ir, advancing up tbe I'etilosu la I he rortPlcstlons around Itichmond lielng romploted and connected by telegraph, he will enlrnat tno de ence of therapltsl to Oeneral Hr igg. at the bend of th? local forces and reserves, while Picket I and others coolront B<trn?ide at I'orl Hoyal or elsewhere; (or, dw ooverlng the natursl strength of the coustry sround Port Royal, Burnsldo may movs up the north fesnk of the Rappahannock snd unite with (Irani s left win*, extended towards Staliord fVmrt House. Rrin'oreed by Bnrnalde snd all the tr<>opa whleh can (stSHlbiv be spared from the di fences at Washington, will flrant, falling la bis elTVirt to msnrenvre lee ont of Virginia, sml even out nf urange county, eseny to carry bv storm the forttned line nf the R.i .Man, as he did the much stronger positions of look nt Mountain and *!??!< nary Ridge? will ho, think yon, aitempuhh feo'd task while I engstreot hnngs on his right llank and rear* lie may, fur bis luck bas given him c niltl?ur? aud iimo ( pro set. Some "big thing" moat be done before the 7th ?f June, lb# tlinn Ilied for I he meeting of the Republican, OioiMliw M CbManu. Mormntr, (Irani know the wtittt to and asunti upon Ik t. unfamiharitD of Ltt't army with IK* purtlv tUAnitm ai'i'wit wkick it ka * (Utumrd, aa an satire army, on but two occasions- at Fredericksburg and on the third day of the second battle of Macasaaa. 11 hharpeburg It waa not aa entire army, but * remnant of leaa than forty thousand, worn and waa ted with fa tigue and bangsr. I'd lees 1 .on* street abouid take position to near to La* a a to be able to fall upon Grast'a rear the moment b* offered or pretended to ofTsr battle ? in wb)?h event be would be In danger of being turned upon by Grant and wbmped before lee could cross tbe Kapidaa In the face of two or three hundred pieces of cannon, wall sup ported hy Infantry? Grant could afford to run the risk of any dsmngs he might do after [?e waa detested. II would be ?imy to depose of Longstreet after Itet. But suppose I cm is not defoatod, and i. rani's columns, shat tered and torn by futile assmlis, ars compelled to re eross the Knpldan and make thoir way aa best they SM to the IntrsncDmosi* at Arlington, wblis l ee's troops (limbed with victory, prsss like bloodbounds ou their rear, and T/>n;<<trret falls like a thunderbolt on their tla-ik. Sliftfiou. thatf Ak! t< mikei th* li&trl iwk* witk h"P* We havo beou so often and so bitterly disappoint ed In Just Hiicb hopes. And yet the llnie ought to come? It must come ? wheu our lolls and sufferings shsll he re quited by one truly grind and decisive vetory. Why should not thm v , lory cjine this year? When could It come more propitiously? In tneso speculations ? the folly or merit of which be long to myself, aid not to any military or tinmikilary inns, for 1 have conversed with tiuua ? I have lei t out of tbe .10 connt the ar isles lu N'orlhern Georgia. That Is another part of tbe chessboard , or rather another board of Itself; but as the Yankees have bronchi their heat nlayer here. It Is evident tlial the great game is to be hers. The la*, poran/ occupation nf Ri.n Tennrjue, aftir lAmu'tr&t' t departure, u a matter of Unit \i*r?>rtrtnre compared wuli Ik, 4- feat of Gram. As for any Hank movement out of i Tennesson upon Johnston, that Is not much to be dreaded, I I think. The man who succeeds in flanking ioe Johnston will have to get up early in the morning very esrly in dued? mach earlier than Thorn is, or Mcl'hersnn. or Hher man,or any other Yankee mm has ever done or ever will do. \or do I forget that there Is a little soldier, with as large a military nead as any in the land, who can emerge (win tlio awam|ia of Honda, where be was when last beat d from, In plenty of time to administer a com pound cathirliroill lo atly (lank movement In Northern Georgia. T am ifflpsrntlttOQs enough to believe that it Is fated that the heroes ot lbs Urst Manassas sball corns to* getlier ugsiu. LATEST REBEL ACCOUNT8. Ilm First News ??? Or ant's Onward Movtment ss Rsrelvrd in Richmond. [From the Richmond Whig, May 4.] The War lispurtment was m receipt of no Informatics from the Rapl'lun Inst nigbt beyond that contained in Uis , Associated I'ress Integrant in the telegraphic column ( The only additiou il news from the Peninsula Is that ths number of Hie enemy landed at Went Point up to ynstsr day w.ih four thousand. They wore landing os both sides of the river and hud thrown out pickets. Their main body is si Gloucester Point. Severs! vessels came up to West Point Moudav night. It was rumored lust night that a skirmish had occurred at .laincs t'liy ; but tbe rspoft tieeds A Yankee scouting parly, about twenty In number, ap peared Kalmoutb on Monday. IThc War Ncwi-Uraiil'i Armj moving. 'I'll* Orr?i II ittlr at llanil, <t< . Ilrom the llishmond Fxaminer, May 4.) A despatch from Orange 'ouri House reports <;r?nt's nriny to have struck taum and to Imve commenced mor In*. The ni>?<-lal deapitch of our army correspondent shows concliiHlvaly that Ibo sutborltles at Washington h iv? been pushing Grant to make ?? forward movement, ?nd this whole ruovoruout i? probably mad* mw? in obt d'tnc to oriifrn from k^mh/u irte'i han tti any ktrf** h* man k irt or the cap:ur ? or /iicnmimti. The War Department was laat uluht without any In telligence from ? ur army, yet private advices, from trustworthy sources, nay that our men were never in honor pplru* :iad condition, or belter prepared for the struggle. He'ore many days more- even before the set tiof of to-d.iy 's nun- we may hoHr that the great battle baa begun; and when we recollect that It ta Lee 'a army or veterans ? men who have tao<-d battle on a doceo flnlds?we ran bave no doubt* of ibe result. There wita no nowa laat night, either from North Caro lina or the Weal. Tit* YanUee Army Moving. Oranub Court Horsa, May 2, 1M4. Noouta report that the enemy have struck their tenta In Cumepper, and that the Yankee army is moving. There are no demonstration* as yet on our front. It la reported th?t the enemy la moving by both flanks A heavy wind sterm passed over thto place tbto even ing, npeeiilug a train of oara In IU course, and wound ing the mail agent. PMi)UtMiKani:au,lfay 8. 1894. Burnslde's whole oorpe, excepting the negro brigade, hit pissed to the front, creasing the river at Kappabaa nock Station yesterday. The negro brigade of bis com mand has been placed on guard over the Orange aad Alexandria Kallruad. from Munaexaa Junction to Alexaa drla. relieving the white troope who have heretofore per formed that out jr. Those white troope have also gone t* the front. The Yankees H'e swiftly perfecting Ute pre liminaries of battle, and the struggle oannot be deferred many day*. Their cavalry made reoonnolsaaooos to Faimosth laat night ani the night preceding, and their vldettaa oa the h la fiord bills were distant spectatora of toe toeraament which came oft' here on yesterday. A review of Major oeneral Fits. Lee's division of cav alry Is announced to take place at Mansfield to morrow. THE EFFECT OF THE NEWS. The War flfowa In Town. The city waa etlrred up yeaterday to a manner which has not N?n witnessed her* for moot Da. The war neara throw every body into the bigheet excitement, aad Ibe ranat agroeablo kind of exults ment, becauee II waa occa sioned by reported victorlea Rant and Weal for the arms of Ibe Union Krnm Meade, Butler aod Burniide in Vlr Klnla, and Hberman out We*t, the Intelligence waa ftvor able, If not of so definite a character aa might be deal red, aad the people bailed It In every pari of the city aa the forerunner of aure victory. Kxtraa war* tamed from tbia offloe, and were aoon circu lated through the tboroughrarei , lanea aad alley a all over town. Kvery railroad car waa vtelted by a newa boy with bla bundle of papera, which aoid like ligMniag at pricea that paid the enterprlalng veudera handaomely for their trouble. Ibe atreeta reeounaed with Ibe crlee of extra*, and even the ferry boa la war* not without vlailafrom the newaboya, who leave no place and no claaa of persons uncalled upon when occaalona Ilka ym terday happen. The II ebjlb office waa beeteged by crowda ef people who deaired to learn Iba vary la teat advicae from tbo oreno of uprratlona. The telegraph too alow for tbeae people, aad expreaatona of diaaatiafactlon on account of the meagre datalla wore not unfrequent. What would not have bean glvea by aotne to learn the full partlcalara of tbe great battles which have already occurred? What a world of auapenae and agony would have been ended atnoag thouaaada la tbla city wbe have frlenda, brothera, fat here and boa banda In tbe army and navy? Excitement among auch waa natural enough, but there were other* wboee totereat ?prang from another aourca ? euch aa curloalty, aelMater rat and even batting. It la believed tbat tbooaanda of dollara ware ataked opoai the openlag of the campaign, particularly aa to where it would begin ? whether In Vlr. gtnlaor the South weet Our reporter beard ef ane heavy bet that tbe great, decisive blow would be to Georgia. The excitement and crowda down town par tic ularly were kept up till a late hour last evening. Kffrct of the War Nawa la Waablagtaa. Wanniworoa, May I, 1M4. Tbe movement ef waneral Butler baa thua far beea emi nently aucoeaafal. Nothing baa yet been beard from tbe CO operating column under General Scbodold. it la noticable that there h le*? etritemont In Waah Ingtoa to day than baa beea man. reeled always after the treat battle* of the trmy of tbo Potomac. Ibe wbola community at>pea*a to be fllled with confidence In tbe ultimatiArid o- mplete tuccesa of Grant, which hae not been impaired by the new* thui far received, altb ugh by;m?uy the reault la regarded aa ailll doubtful. Ttoe Kir lltmcnt In Kattlmore. R^r miiiH*, M*f H, 1*114. There la official newa here of ? (real victory o ?ar l#e*a army , alter two daya' nonet'int *n l beavy nailing Unn icoount ai<eaka of tbe rebel defeat a* a roa?. Tbe ox( ilomont in the city la uub timied. Halletiae ar? poeted on Mia newapaper oB?cw, In tbe princi|??l b<'iala and club roatna: theao are all aarroundrd by croaria Near tbe 4treet bulletin*, ao Inteuee ia tha ai ciument, eo anger and anlmued the p?>|4a, tba atreeta are blocked, and police are In attendance to keep order. I cannot dtacnaor ft ?ece*?i>n aympaibuar to eight. Hancock a oorpa bora tba brunt of an oniet froaa I.aa a mala army, bat maintained it* peaitloo till relief aame, and the enemy waa driven back. There la ? rumor that I*ee ha* left many oaaeoe aftrf tan tboaaand o t hie w>en.le<i In oar Mod*. r>iinceeeea la tbe Weal aod no tba ivninanlft are lihewiM aleo reported fhnugh th-ise are great aucceaeee, the poputnc* ncarrelr notice them, all llwir attention betng ftbaorhed In tfrant'a Immediate ami groateat (ticcaa* Iba I CONTINUED ON EJOHTH TAGE.

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