Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1864 Page 3
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Ho we mmiTt or tl?? resolution, ' ^/tahlifor the present F' < -? if*' ?s N JJ t ( I ? *f?? *i K _?} ?<|V4C~* * ?lTtATIONS VV?NTED-FC? ALBS. ABUMHKB OKWFLL RBCOMMBNDED UERMiN ?saaaisa ?hi siluaUooa m umu, akainlHtruiatAa, u4 Mveaaea: nuwn, 'trig for general hotmowork, Ac , at Mr* LOW It '8 Otrman Institute 17 Staalon at. near tbe Bowery. AN BNOL1BH WIDOW LADY, 0* RESPECTABILI ty. wishes to obtain ii situation an louwt??i?r where her duties would n?.t hoof a namVttal ?fcararu-r , sha has a daughter ai'tiui fourteen yea' s oid. whom sue would desire so hn? with tier Addrese ur apply at M Canal at. for three 4? ?s AW AMERICAN LADY. WHO HAS HAD EX PERI eiioe in ton Harping and teaching, wlMie* to > otain a situation in a family *? housekeeper, companion or gov r araa; rvtvreacci tn hinH Addraai or call at 37 Weal 3??h *1 ATOOBO OERMAN LAD* WHO UNDBR8TAND8 French and English. wishes to accompany a family to Europe. AddiesaU. A. tasaabeer. Esq ,57 4th ???.. New A a COOK -BY A HKSI'KC TAHLK WOMAN. AS FIRST eiaxacook. The heal of city reference Apply for two days at *K fcaat tlst ak . A RBBPECTABLB tilRL W18IIR8 A SITUATION AS A. plain cook, washer and ironer. or to no general house work in a small private family. Can be *?ta at 90 Broome at. on Monday. A SITUATION WAN ran? BY A young ?'Rl"1J0 do ehuniberwork ?iid take care of a baby , la Willi ng and oO Ikiiih . ^ood rcfeiences given Call lor two days ut IM Wet --yth at , in the rear, between 7th and hth av*. aVooob -wantkd. by a COMPKTBNT WOMAN. A a allualiou aa cook in all Its branches. undersiamla ?as trie a which, jelliea and ?ime, and is witling to assist lu w a all I iik eieollent city reference; has no objection to go a abort dlatanee in the country. Call for two days at HO East 29 tb at., third floor, front room. ABBSPBCTABLK YOUNO OIKL WISHES A K1TUA tiou as chambermaid ami waitress, mi obieetion to as Mat In waablng and lioutng if required: the best of city ref orests from ber iaat place. Can be aeen for two days at 212 Weal 2 1st at ARB8PKCTABLE YOUNO (IIRL WISHES A SlTUA twin aa nurse and ^am strews; understand* hue rewiiiB and embroidery , reiereni e can bo given. Can be aeen at 40 Bast S2il at. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE voung woman, to do (ehamberwork and waiting; bus ?o objection to aaal-t wltl' the washing; reference can Lo given. Can be aeen at 2tU Bast fltn aL, second lloor, back room A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN a small private fatni'y to cook, wash and iron; best of eitv refeienee where she lived five years. Call at 214 West Stith ?!.. top lloor. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNO OIRL. AS chambermaid or waitress, or chambermaid and tbe care of growing cbiMien ; lias the best ol city reference from lier laat place. Call at 182 7th av., between 22d and 83d sts Actuation wanted? by a young woman. to lake care of children and do plain Hewing; no oh ee tlon to tbe country; would be willing to travel with a tamiiy ; has the beat ot city reference. Can be seen lot two days at 429 fit h av., In tie bakery. A SWART YOUNO OIRL WISHES A 81TUATTON TO take care of children and do plain sewing; ia willing lo make herself generally useful; no objection to thecoun. try; ha- good city references. Can be seen for two days at 1M 7 tli av., near 21sl at, A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION A3, ciiambcrniaid and s amntress; city reference. CnlM Monday at 270 West 28th st. A8ITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS COOK ; understands making all kinds of soups, pastry and game tn all tneir branches; baa the beat of city reference from his last place. Can be aeen for two days at No. 4 Union court, between 11th and 12th ats , In University place, Will go In the oountry for the summer. A 8 COOK? A YOUNO WOMAN WtSHBS A 8ITUA lion. understands cooking in all Its branches; French cooking of all kinds and makes superior pastry. No objec tion to go with a family to the country for tbe summer mon'hs. Has the best of city reference. Call at2U8West Km at. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A PROTB8TANT OIRL, as chambermaid and to aasiat in the care of children; ?an give good city reference. Call at 1,271 Broadway, du tween :n t and 3Jd ats. A RESPECTABLE OIRL W 18 HE 8 A SITUATION AS cook, and to asslat with waahlng. In a small private faratly; abe fully underetands her bnslneas and can give good city reference. Call at 474 3d av., two stairs up, A DRESSMAKER. WHO UNDERSTANDS HER bu inea thoroughly, wants a situation aa *eam*trcHs in n family; beat reference. Address for two days A. B., Mailt ?on s<iusre Po?t office A SITUATION WANTEO-BT A NEAT YOCNO woman, as chambermaid and waitress, In n private family, understands all kinds of tamity sewing on (Iruwr A Baker's sewing machine.- three years' olty reference from laat place Call for two duys at 113 West S'Jth st. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A BE9PECTABLE steady woman, aa brat claaa cook in a boarding house; nnrterstanda all ktaria of meat and pastry, game and ova tera; tbe best of reference. Can be seen until suited at 09 West I9tb at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, as ehsanU rmaid and waitres-; best of city reference. CftU at 184 7th av. A81TUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as cook, waaber and ironer; beat of city refe rence. Call at 184 7tb av. A SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED J\. eook. In a amall family; beat or reference. Call at 86 West 201b st.. near 6th av. A SITUATION WANTBD-AS WAITRE88 OR CHaM b?rraal<|- no ob ?'Hons to the cotintrv for the summer months three years' reference given. Can be aeen for two days at 302 Wsat 43d at. A YOUNO WOMAN WI8BB8 A SITUATION. TO DO chamberwork. fine washing and ironing; firat claaa city reference given. Can be aeen for two daya at 194 Ba-t 13m street. Actuation wanted-bt a most respecta ble Protestant girl, aa chambermaid ami wsltre ?; ??n)d a,, as i' inn cook, washer and Ironer. In a ?mall fami ly. Call at 19 44th sL.|near Sth it,; good references A RESPECTABLE TOUNO OIP.L WISHES A SITUA Hon. si chambermaid and assist In the ?a-hlnu ; makes herself obliging; best rttjr reference*. Call at 23 Kur?) th ?i rear building, room 4, for two day*. A RESPECTABLE TO UNO MARRIED MAN WANTS a "Itiutlon, aa coachman and gardender; cltv prefer red: be t or reference from hU lait employer. Apply al3U3 Sd a* . corner store A SITUATION WANTED-BY A TOl'NO WOMAN, in do chamberwork and waiting, or would aaalst wuh Its waahlog and lr- n lug . no objection to go into the coun ti? , baa the best of city references. Can be seen at US West IS at., rear house, between 6th end *th ate. A FIRST CI>ASS LAUNDRESS WANTS A SITUA ?Ion, would do cbumherwork and fiue washing; city refeience; Apply at 131 H West 27th at. A SITUATION WANTED? BT A RF8PBCTABLE young woman, as chambermaid and waitrea-. or nnrw and s*aniurcs*. is willing to go lo the country for the sum mer meatus ; cltr reference from'ber last piece. Call lor two days at 14i> West 18th st. ARRSPKCTABLB ntRL WISHES A SITUATION AS plain cook, wasber and troner; no ob,eciion to do houaework In a smail family , has the beat of Stiff reference frcm her est employer. Cat; at MS 2d av. corner of ;t<ih si A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A WOMAN. A8 FIRST ela-a eo<>k Hrs the beat of city references. Call at 183 7th av . between 22d and 13d "U. A RESPECTABLE TO UNO WOMAN WISHES A sltuatloa as cook and te asstat with the washing snd Ironing would go to the country with a family for tne sum mer. llse the best of citj reference. Can be seen for two day* at 270 3d a*. AVBRY BBSPECTARLB WOMAN WOULD LIKE A situation as wet nuree In a first claaa family, Apily for two days at 683 3d a*. , between 46th and 47tb sts., east aide. A COMPETENT WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS cook In a first rlaaa family; understands soups, meats, game and deseerts; Is a good baker of bread and pastry. Oood reference from her last place. Callat 78 West iuth st. A SITUATION WsNTEP-BY A RBSI'BCTABLB WO. man as phin cook and to do washlDg and Ironing, or would do the work of a small family. References given. Call at 173 33d aL, between 7th and 8th a vs. A SITUATION WASTED? BY A YOUNU WtllLAN. AS ebambermald and waitress, or as ours* tH seam ?tress. Call at 8S West 3?ih at. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE joeng girt, a* chambermaid and waitress. i'al) at No, I? Union ooait, Ualraretty place, near 12th at. ^ A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A COMPKTKNT AND etcerleneod good cook and baker; is an eicellent laun ire**; ha* the best of city reference for character and capa bility. Callat 128 27th at , betweea 7th and Sth are., Brat floor. A TOUNO LADY, A DRESSM AKER, WISHES WORK in tamlllea bj the day or week. Call at 13 Orchard sv, comer Canal st AYOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUA tlON IN A private family, as chambermaid and snamstroaa, or ernuld travel with a l idr for the -smnier hae the best at rltf reference. Call at M7 3d a*., between 30th and 40th ate , second floor, back room. AREVPECTARLE ?IKL DEMRRP A SITUATION ? I N clljf or country, aa down stairs eervent; nonobjection to do chamberwork and washing or waltlag; understands her h'lainese la all Its branches; good references. 'J ml at 371 6th nr. A TENT INTKLLIOBNT TOUNO WOMAN WISHER A sltuatloa as nurse and seamstress; is capable of attend '.21 rn !?ni' hM food city reference*. Call at ill West 18th st., lathe rear. AYOUNO, |BSPBCTABLH OIBL WISHES A SITUA lion. In ? Baall. nrlvale family, as general house ser "asffer aud Ironer . is ry.l2? M T*|L" ?2*!lL t???nuiy U.efnl ; has the best of r?ftrMo?i from h#r lut ?Imi o?U MMDOold at third rear. between WlllougW et-and Mynto ?.Broiwn A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A NICE, TIDY AND respe. table girl, aa chambermaid and nuree; Is a^nrf rleln sewer, has no objectl u to do whiting, Best of eu? reference from her last employer. Call at lot Bank *l second fl or, bsek room. "? AYOUNO WOMAN WANfl A SITUATION AS NURHB and seamstress ; Is a good plain sewer; can embroMeri I' kind and attentive to children. Das good cilff reference Call st I3U 34th SL, near 3d a*. a FIRST CLASS SEAMSTRESS WANTS A PLACB; would lake tare of a child. Apply for two days at uj Weal I4th at. A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITU, atioa aachll iren's narsepla capable of taking churge of a young baby; has lived over seven years In one family s would have no objectl n to do light chamberwork. Call at za West 111 si st , between Nth and tth ava, a OIBL WANTS A SITUATION IN A SMALL PAM1 Ji ly. call at 110 We?t 18th su. between Ct ti and 7th ava. IV SITUATION WANfND-TO COOE. WASH AND J\ iron, rsa good Haiti cook end etcellent wee her and Iroaer Call at Vtt West Mth St. A ? FIRST CLASS COOK AND LAUNDRESS-. WOULD J\ arcfer a rei m.\nenl ?l|i a.lvu W D ta U war t. CaU at 48T CLiuBiUI %? M BirvATiuaa wihtcd Arbspbctablb yoxnta won am wiwie a rttuattoa m lanadrea*. DioiilBji llu lb? beM of dlj refvtiM. Ciil a4 4l0 7l? ?v . Vtwefo iftiD *b<) tbd> ata. Atouno barbied woman * * "J* .,A* LT'I^wi* aa wet aur*?. (Ita be seen for twe day* at A*> Wert sad rt, between Mb u4HU?a. A SITUATION WANTBD-B* A BBM?BCTAWLB vwiii voaia, i" cbtnibfrmuld ?rt Wftlir** Or oh* iffn forivro diyi ill 4 1U 7th iv 86th and 3(th its , top toor. A SITUATION WANTED? IN A GENTEEL FAMILY. aum and eeaiaetree* or la do ehamberwbrfc and wattle#, la willing and obliging Call at CT7 West 25th ?t _ a SITUATION WANTBD-A8 WKT NURSE. BY A A hrsllhy woman. Call at 118 Bart <2d rt. UOOD OIHL WANTED ? TO DO Oil AM BE KWORE and wait on private tables. Only those willing and obliging nfd apply; good reference required. Apuiy at 111) Wavorley place between 9 and III o'clock. A8ITUATIOM WANTED? BY A BESPBCTABLB young girl, to cook, waab and Iron in a small private family : good city reference. Call at 192 7th ay., a few doore from <?d et. AOIKL WISHER A SITUATION ?18 A GOOD PLAIN cook and au aicellent washer and troner. or would do bonne work in a small private family - Is wllllni; and obliging; whh four years in bar last place Call at 77 West 19th ?t. A RESPECTABLB Olli WISHBS A SITUATION AH A good cook, washer and ironer; good city reference. I all at 472 Atlantic -t . Brooklyn, second lloor. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION as nurse and pla n seamstrcaa; can take entire charge of an Infant from its birth ; best city references. Apply at 21'J East 23d si., io the etore. A SITUATION WANTED-AS FIRST CLASS COOK; beat cilv reference, no objection to the country. Can be wen for two .lay- at 86 Oth av., aecond floor. A SITUATION WANTED-BYA RESPECTABLE GIRL, to do general bou-ework; beat city referenoe. CoJl at 95 West latb t. T A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS CIIAM hermaid and laundreas <Ioe-i all kind* of line washing. box putting. Fiench (luting, and Is a thorough chambermaid; the be t or etty refereuue given. Can be seen at 3* West 13tii it, fir^t tloor. front room. A LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS OPERATOR ON gaiters and lace work. Address E. II.. Herald oihce A SITUATION WABTBD-BY A KKSI'i-.CTABLR young woman, an chambermaid and waitrens. or to da fine washing; good city reference. Call at l?8 West 39th at A WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS; understands ratling and fitting children's dresses and Que sewing; no objection to assist witb clinmberw rk , inis good city reference. Can be *een for two days at 141 7th tve. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO do chainlierwork and plain sewing, or to assist in wash Ing and iionlnii In a small family : wishes to go to the coun try during Lbs summer. Can be seeu for two day* at 220 West ?t. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT SEAM. ?V stress, who under lands all kinds uf family sewiugand cuttlnp: ha- a knowledce of hair dressing; Is willing to as aist with chfl<iren , lias unexceptionable city reference. Call st 3 li East 1Mb it A SITUATION WANTRD? BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to c >ok, waxh and iron in a p-ivate family ; 1 :ty reference Call for two day* at 187 West 19th st. ABBSPECTABI.B MARRIED WOMAN WISHES A situation sa wet nurse; has a fresh, healthy breast of milk. Apply at 88 Mulberry at.. fifth lloor. front room. MONTHLT NCRSE OF EXPERIENCE dbsires a situation to aitnuii a ladv or au iuvalid. Call at ur ad dress for three days 29 Morton st. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN LADY. IN a hotel, dun house, or institution: understands the management of servauts and has the best of reference-. Ai plv immediately at Carpenter * Large Employment House 138 11th st ," oornerrtth av. SITUATIONS WANTED? FOR THOROUGHLY COM petent femnlc help of all nations: such us first claa* rooka. chamber uaids, ivalticwes, laundresses. seam* sires es. nurses, cooks, to w ish and iron , small girl' and girls lately lan<leit. Apply at the Large Employment Houee. r? 11th at, coroer SUay. SITUATION WANTRD? BY A RESPECTABLE CO. lored woman as laundress or uhumbei maid; city refe rences. Call at 212 Sullivan st. CITUATION WANTED? AS TOOK. BY A GERMAN ^ wmman who possesses a thorough knowledge o! tier business, reference can be given. Apply at 197 Elm at., room No 6. CITUATION W ANTED ? AS GOOD PLAIN COOK; IS O willini! to assist in washing and ironinc: best of rlty reference. Call at lit Weat 16th at., between 6th and 7th CITUATION WANTED? I O girls, in one house- one as cook, washer and ironer; the other as chambermaid and waitress; would do plain sewing. Best of city reference. Apply for two day* at Mre. Ang lim s. 373 'Id av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A PROTE8TANT GIRL TO do general housework. Inquire at her last place, No. 172 West 38th at . aeeond floor SITUATION WaNTBD-FOR A LITTLB GIRL. TO mind a baby oi to do light work . Call for two days at 94 W< it2Uth at. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS COOK, with be-t of city reference*; has no objection to the country. Call at 1 19 Beat 19tb at. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, to do dairy work ; best of references Can be seen at 3 S 6th ay. Situations wanted? by two rbbpbctablb young women sisters; one as a first rate cook and ex cellent waaher and ironer: the other as chambermaid and waltreee. or would assist in waihingand ironing: can give the lie at nf city reference from last place. Call for two day* at 126 West 2<tb st , between 8th and 9th ava. Situation wanted -by a respectable young woman as chambermaid and aeamatreaa or nurse aad seamstress; baa no objection to the country : beat city re ference- ran be seen for two day? at 141 East 38th at. Situations wa?tbd-bv two girls in a pri* vale family; one to cook, waab and iron; the other to do up atalrs work and (? assist In the washing and Ironing; have seven years' referenc Irom their laat employer. Call at 382 6th av , between 23d and :4th st* , for two day*, Situations wanted? by TWO respectable yonng girls, In a i rlrate family; one a chambermaid and waltreaa or chambermaid and aewing: the other as nur^e and plain ?ewer or would do chatnberwork; four vears' city reference. Call at 383 7th av., corner 34th ?t., first floor. \ SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE J\. young woman; la a good plain cook, an excellent washer anil ironer. Can be seen at her last place for two day*. No. 7 Eaat 12th st : call at the baaement door. ARPPPECTABI.B YOTOO WOMAN WISHES A situation to do the ceneral housework oi a small pri vatefamiv; is n good plain cook, and a go d washer and Ironer; 'he best of city reference. Call for two da>a at 332 Weat 36th at. . between 8tb and 9th av* TO FIRST CLASS EMPLOYERS IN CITY AND COI N try.? Situation wanted tor an Engliah Prmestant lady, aa housekeei-er, in a tirst class hotel: la fully competent; has filled 'he ahnve situation f"r the p?st fifteen years; she la domnatioaied. and will ?ork for the interest of her em ployers. she is a person of undoubted ehsraeter and re ei>e<"abi!ltv Apply immediately; can be aeen for three daft at HI East 13th at., between 3d and 4tb av*. TO BMPLOTBB* IN OITY AND COUNTRY HOTELS first el*** boarding hou*es. watering places and summer reaorta ?Situations wanted for a large number of respecta ble and competent girl*. first class cooks: alao. good plain cooks, w a- hers and Ironers; nurses and se.imalretMia. chambermaid* and waltresaes; alao, laundresses, and aiiiart tirla for general botiaewi>rk. all with good reference; will be found willing and ob'lgmg and no objection to the ennntry Employers will please notice that they can be aupplied immediately with mat class girls of all nations and rrireeilona at MRS WESLEY'S aeieel cmj loynicnt ofllce, II Ea't 13th st., between 3d and 4th av?. WASHING WANTBD-BY A COMPETENT LAUND ress ; she would take a lady and gentleman'* waahlng; doe* (lining and muslin*, besi of re I ere nee given. Call lor one week on M;* <'aln 217 ffe-i 25th It, In the store. WASTED-BY A FIRST RATE LAUNDRESS. WITH excellent city reference*, the waahlng nf families, or gentlemen's wa-hrns. Apply for two day* at ?4A 4th at, room No. 9. te Mr- (.ireen. WANTED-BY A MIDDLE AGED AMERICAN PRO* Ustant woman, a lituation to go in the country as eeok or to lake car* of milk and butter. Apply at 281 Mott st. In the Wore. ^ Wanted? a situation, bt a protkstant wo man. a* firit class onok; understand* all It* hranchee; best city and country reference*. Can be *een until suited at H9 6th ace. Wanted- a situation, by t youno woman, as wet nuree. Apply at 167 Bast 12th rt., between l*t and 2d avs. Can be seen for two day*. WANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A BBSPBCTABLB woman, to An the cooking, waahlng and ironing of a good famih . has no ohiodion to the country; good refer ence given. Call al 28 East Baltic rt.. South Brooklyn, for two (lay* _ WANTBD-BY A BBSPBCTABLB PROTESTANT Wo man. a situation a* chambermaid and iaundre** or a* chambermaid and waltreaa, with good city reference*. At ply at or audrea* lAi . 7th ay. WANTBD-BT a ' OMPETBNT WOMAN, a SITl'A t Ion a* chambermaid and aeamatreas: would be wlU . InitAdn light waiting In a amall family; baa the best nf city reference. Can he aeen till wilted at 311 Irt a?? aecond floor, oa<-k roam. ^ UTANTED-BT A M.IDDLB AGRD WIDOW LADT. A f f situation aa hOurekMper In ?m? reapectable family. Address Mra M M. D , Herald oBee^j ?tantbd-a SITUATION AS PORTBR OR IN ANY TT capaeity whare he may be uaefnl, by a middle aged man; understand* bookkeeping; active and willing; good reference*. Addre** W., Herald ofll -e. WANTBD-A SITUATION. BT A RR8PBCTABLB ?T younf woman aa good eook, waaher and lrnn*r, or to de general housework in a email family; the best of elty reference eon be gueu. Call at 31 Amity rt.. between Hicks and Co u Bible st*. South Brooklyn. TLtANTEJV-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLB ?? young woman, as chambermaid and walirees; ha* tho best of oily rafsrenoe fwn her lart place. Call at IN M ate , between 16th and 17th it*. WANTED a FIRST CbAM SITUATION AS IN fant * nuree, by a -teady young woman, fully com. ?etent to take charge of a hahy frm a month; ean be well recommended from her last employer*. Cam be *e*n at MO West 17th st., far two days. XXT AMTBD? BY A RKSPBCTABLR WOMAN. A S1TITA. , . vv '*??? ?* <*ok and toae*ia> with the waahlng and iron. Ingt Call a? >?s Wart I7tb al. la the etore 11T ANTED?NT A rorwo WOMAN, A SITUATION AS Yf aeamstreMMdebsiaberniaid. In a ?snertable family; t* willing to make herself gJoerafly uejftil Ca I at her present employer's, 1IH J?r?l8ttion street. Bronklyn. WANTBD-BY A COMPETENT PUHMON, A SITUA tlen as ?e*m*tre*e: undersUnds all kind* of familr ?awing and shirimakin*. baa M ahterttnaa to?sale? m iv?l>t eliami er?t. rk or in ihc car* of ehildica lias , ny ef?r?D<jfl IjsllatV' a<Wr> sa for l?o .ik,s lis vy.i.Ctl m SlTt ATIOSg WAHTgQ-r?MA?i*l TOANTBD-BY A HIGHLY BFaPECTABLB PK0TE8; ? tout (IH, > altnation with i family going to BWhwl ?r I Itkaji Before to a lady with whom aha Dead al* yaara an eurae and aroold en either in that aaparttT or to on Ml favalkl or eldariy lady.' Pleaae rail at or addroee tor two daya J L,tl Howe's confectionary, WW Broadway. WANTBD-BY A RBRPECTABLB PROTECTANT young woman, a siiualien to do rhuinbarwerk and waiting In a privata family ; la willing to imam in washing; no objection to tba country far ike aummir. (too bo moo at bar preaent employer's, Ma 1 Llviugslon place, Coat 1Mb at. WANTRD-A SITUATION BT A RRKPBCTA RLE woman an coot and to assist In tbe washing aod Jfo% in*. Apply at 18 Tltlary at, Brooklyn. WANTBD-ET A BBSPBCTABLR WOMAN A SITU aliou aa excellent cook ao>l Aral rata earlier and Iron er. in a fir* I rata privata family, or aa housekeeper: has tbe beat of eit? reference for three and a tut If veara fall at h?r present employer's. 20ft Went 18th at., two door* from 7th ar. WANTRD-A SITUATION AS OH AMBERM tID. I* A private family, by a respectable young girl. Call at 607 7th ay . eoruer of 41*1 *t. WANTKD? A 81TUATION, BY A RBHPEOTABLR young man, a* coachman and groom; lias no obleetien to go to the country ; beat of reference given, i.'.ill al 473 7th av., eorner 39th *i, top floor, back room. WANTRD-A SITUATION, BY A RRSPSOYABUi woman, to do general housework. Can be aeen al her laat employer'*. 94 Divialftu at. WANTRP-A SITUATION. BY A RBSPHCTABLK girl, to do huuae work, cooking. washing hihI ironing for a private family. Citv reierenco given. Call al 112 East 22<l at., aecond floor, front. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RTF! AO Y , RK8PRC table young woman. ?- chambermaid, or would take enre of ohildren or do some plain or faney wulne: ran he hii-hly recommended. Can be aeen for iwo dav* at '111 Ea>t 32(1 at. , between 1st and 2d avea., Aral door, front room. WANTRD? EMPLOYMENT KY THB DAY OB WKPK, bv it competent dressmaker, who la capable of cuttim: and flttinir ladlea' dreams; Ik well experienced in all branches of family sowing. Inquire at 476 Broome at. WANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A CAPABLE YOUNG woman, who la a competent wattre?e, or would do rhamberwork and line washlne: nooinectton to go in the country for the Hummer: ha* the boat of citv reterenre*. call for two daya al 137 Weal 30th al, between 7tli and 8th av*. IITANTED? A 8ITUATION IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, vv aa chambermaid anil seamstress. The heat of re ference a can be given. Call at or addreaa 328 lot av. TUB TRADK1. PR1NTRR AND TON BR W ANTBD? AT 122 8TB AV., immediately. Call early at Iluul'a gallery. A BOY IN A PRINTINO OFFICE. W1TII A KNOW, ledge of the huxinem. Apply to Keecb. printer, 23 Ann at reel. A AYOWNO man WHO SPKAKS HERMAN CAN AC outre, on easy terms, a lliormichlknnw ledre of ilen tiatry in theory and practice, at 239 Gtli av. Dual be neat aud Aentlamanly /lOOI'BRS WANTBD.? A FKW COOPERS WANT " J ?>*, at packing yard foot of Balt'c at . Brooklyn. Apply ou tbe premise*. PARDl'E A WAUL). C1ARPENTPR8.? A FRW HOOD MEN WANTED, AT J G. S. Mlller'a ahop, 107 Slh at., near 2d av. COMPOSITORS WANTED.? APPLY TO MES8ANGER, oflice SI Liberty >-t., room No. 4. c D ERIGNP.R? A FIRST CLASS CALICO DESIGNER ia wanted. Apply to J. C. Howe A Co., 09 Worth Si ?MACHINISTS WANTED? TWO HOOD WORKMEN 1VI steady employment on machinery like that used for cotton. ELLIOT ARMS CO., 494 Broadway. Paper makers wanted.? poudrinier ma. chine tender-i and flni-her'' wanted, at .l??*iu> t Moore'" ni l!*, near Wilmington, Delaware. Address II. N. Mo ely, Wilmington. Del. T^ATTERN MAKRRS ?TWO OR THREW C.OOD HANDS 1 wanted at24'< Canal si., fifth floor Highest wages Also a young man who has worked at the trade. TYPBCASTERS WANTKD-AT BRUCE'S NEW YORK type foundry, 13 Chamber* at. TO CLOTHIER8.-A TAILOR, WHO HAS A HOOD Idea of cnttlnif by rule. \vi-.hcs to gel a -leadv p'ace ,?a cutter or bnabolmen. to make himself 'laeftil in the business. Please address V>7 1st av., between 32d and 33d ata. TO PRINTBR8? WANTRD. TWO GOOD BOOK COM poaltura, at 644 Broadway. Apply early thia mornine. TI7"ANTED? TWO PATTERN MAKERS; STEADT vv work aod good wagci. Apply to J. Murray, 229 Cen tre at w w WANTED IMMBDIATRLT? FOUB OR FIVE GOOD wool eortern, for a mill iu tbe country. Apply to Jos Ripley A Son, No. 6 Pine at. WANTEP-A SITI'ATTON, BY AN ELECTRO PLATRR. burnisher and gilder on ateel. and all other metal*; la competent to take chartse of a almp Rererencea given If required. Add res* Plater, box 117 Herald nfllce. Wanted-two oood brass FINIRHPRS, to make steam cock~ and vaivea: alao a boy to learn the trade: one who ha* *nme knowledge of the btialnea* prefer red Inquire of Fell* Campbell. 79 John t. WANTED-BY WM. MEYER A CO . 3H ROBINSON *t. a number of flrat claau clothing cutter^. Apply iui mediately. WANTED? A GOOD CARVER; ONB TB AT UNDER If standa his b':?ine-a preferred. Apply at tbe Com mercial Exchange, 23 Coenliea aiip. TTTTANTED-THREE OOOD LETTKRBRR on glass. IT Apply Imniediabdy to M. J. Quintan, 137 William ?t. U7 ANTBD? SIX PAINTERS, AT W. V. BLOOR'S 364 Tf Atlantic atreet. Brooklyn. Wanted? two or turps oood iiohse paint era thia morning. Higbeat wagea paid. Apply to Matteraon A - teele, corner of Howard at. and Broadway. ANTRD-A SECOND HAND, WHO CAN MOULD, split and high round bread. Apply at 132 av C. WANTRD? FIVE PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINTERS (MALB and female i. immedlalely, at 173 South al. Both new and experienced lianda ANTF.D-A HAND To WORK IN A 1'IE BAKERY Inquire at 102 Eaat 13th *L _______ WANTED-A TRIMMRR IN THE MILLINERY BU8I nea . to go a abort diatanre in the country; the hlch e*| wage* paid to a ti r*t rate hand. No other* need apply. Apply at So Houston at , between the hour* of 10 ?nd 11 A. M., on Monday, May 9. ________ 2P1.1 MBERS AND 2 GAB FITTEBS WANTED IM mediately Also a plumber'* boy. Apply to Kteper A Co. No. 2 Bible House. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALES. A SITUATION W ANTED? BY A VOI'NG M \S OF 19. ax an a*sisl*nt In the dark room of a photograph gal lery. Address A. J. Lawrence, Newark. N. J. Tbe best of teference* given. A YOUNG MA* WI8BRB A SITI'ATION AS ASSIST ant ho"kkeeper or entry clerk, in a hank, shipping or wholesale hou e Beat of reference* gi''">- Addrcsa Fos ter, box 148 Herald office. , _ ?? A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOCBG MAN IN A Jr giocery store. Can keep lior ks In slnrla entrT. ha* had some experience. Address Woilh, .17 Butlar at.. South Brooklyn. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED-BV A RE ?pectable single man; long experienced In thl* city. Can be aeen at Miner A Rtevena'. No 40f> Broadway. A SITUATION WANTED-AS I K a v EXiLISG 8ALB8 man. by one who i* well acquainted with the Weatern trade; will *e 1 on comml-aion; beat of reference*. Andres* W O . box 112 Herald office AVOUNO MAN WISHES TO EMPLOT FOUR RVRN inga in tbe week copying manuacripta or other paper*; is a good, pi*'" a"'1 T'ltk writer. Good references. Ad dress II. B.. Earle'a Hotel. Canal et. As 8 COAPHMAM.? WANTED, A SITUATION. BV A L respectalde Protestant German; Is ma rled; no IncnmhraMe. fully i.nderaunda hi* buslne**; can be high!* recommended f i om hi* present employer. Call on or M dresa C 8 . IS6 Grove al, Jersey City. Groom wishes a sitcation-to tare charge of fast bor-ea. Can ba aeen at the addlery, 744 Broad] way. fmm Monday to Wednesday, from 12 to 3 o'clock. Best reference* given GlTUATfOB WANTED-HT Alt EXPERIENCED O bookkeeper; beat of reforenoes furnished. Address Clerk, box 2.267 Post office. SITCATIOS WANTED? IN A CLOTBIHO OB PIR ?liking atore, by a Spaniard who naa had experience la both the above lines of bualneaa. and can Influence coo ?Ulerable trade. Addrem Clerk, box 148 Herald ofltoe SITUATION WANTHD-BY A YOUNG MAN. AGED 2?1, to drive a wagon, truck or alng'e boran oarriaae; no objection to the conntrv for the summer. Call on or addreaa .Taa Faulkner, 178 Ea*l 12th tt? from 8 to II A. M. or 4 to 8 P^M. SITUATION WANTBD-BV A YOUNO MAS. IN A wholesale or retail dry good* or frneerjr (tore, aa clerk oramlatant bookkeeper, aneaka German er Bngllsn, and la willing to make himaelf generally useful. Beat of reference given DiivcttoP S.,box8. Herald office. CITU/WTIflNti WANTED- FOB THOROUGHLY COM- ' ?3 potent coachmen, w altera, gardeners, farm bond*, nooma, porter*, aervanta. Ac, ; also useful boya, men lately CanAod. and kelp of every desrrlpuoo. Apply M the large Employ n?< nt House IS* I lib >t. eornerSih av. SITUATION WANTED-BT A PROTESTANT YOUNG* man to take can of boree? and work on a farm. Cai I at 321 Spring SITUATION WANTED-AS PORTER IN A WHOLE aole hoi>e<k by a young man who Is no; afraid to work: ha* had aeveral years' eiperience a* eurh doivn town; can give the beat of city reference If wqelred. Address J. J. N., box ill Herald office. ^ C1TUATION WANTBD-BT A 8TOUT TOUKtl M4N, O aged 18 (American), to go a short distance In the ceuo ?? to take care of a borae and to do Ugfet work. Inquire at Tottage p ace. _____ _ ___ TO BUILDERS < ARl'ENIERS AND OTHERS ? Wanted hjr a young man, wbo understand* estimating quantities drawing * <ntract*. bookkeeping, Ao , a iltuatien in a :ike oapaeityt trill atnily his employer* interest Ad dress for one week W. R.. boi I4ti Herald office. "\17aKtbo-a bituation AH DBT GOODS SALES VV mtu In the Southwest, by a young man who has a thorough knowledge of the kualnein and new holds an im Snrtant position in a Broadway atore. Addre-a lor three ays W. II B., box 1U8 Herald office. WANTRD-BY A YOUNG MABR1BD MAM, WHO has a few leHmre ho'iTe (tonng the evenings i a band aoM penman ) writing, or would accept of a situation in any bank Insurance oompany or wholesale ho ise to act In ai tind any oarpaHtv . best Sew Yora city reference given Ad dreaa for one week S. B. W , Herald office. THE riRKMES. ' " fpH* ACTIVB AND BXBMl'T MEMBERS OF FULTON J J RTtgine Company. So If, are rfrpertfnlfy reque?led to ' a?eesa?ie at Ike Hi tin Ward Botol, corner of Dnane and * Ventre str-ela, on Tueadav, the l> tl? insu, at I e *'"*1 P M., I ? attend taofmeyal of one iiio hy?tber i> emb*e, Will am I eeee. By enler I'PIIKH WEIB. Foreman. I O A t >**i Li .?>< tetary i _ hiw WAirmk.nAiiSi. AQENT8 CAN MAKE **0 A MONTH 1Y ENGAGING id the sale of uur ?-^*^.r-40VK^*? PRfitB I'ACKBT _ AMD fPLRRDID STB SI. ENGRAVINGS. We ofler the grtatmt shauce to make luuuey ever known, ?ad pre MB t evert agent with ? splendid sold nr uhfr watch free. Onlrglft eapitai required. Full i>;n th ulars in uircu lar mailed free. (J. g. IIARKINH A CO . :? Heck man stieel. hew York The and only I'rue Package bouse in the United Suu-s. Auknth SELL QUICK. GIVE entire. SATISEAC tlon, make enormous proi (a and receive ahea itfful gold or stiver lever watch free, as a i resent. by selling our treat, and wonderful, eura lar(,? *|j? Prl/.e Packsgea. each containing several dollar* worth i>f good and uaefnl aril cles? lb? great novelty of the .me. One hundred are auld in a few boura. Everybody wants them. $IA per day made eaay. County righia given free Agents wauted in every lorn e. village anil eamp. Onr great new Hreulara. contain ing Oltra premium inducements. seat free. R. RICK A ROB A CO.. Itn Nassau stieet. original, largest and oldest Prize Package iiuuse in the world. AT THE M " K<' A NTI LP. AGENCY, M A BROADWAY, wanted ibis dav. a young mini ax travelling agent, liberal salary sad all expenses paid; assistant bookkeeper, hotel clerk, entry clerk, chipping clerk, drug clerk, drv good* salesman a cashier for a travelling oompaoy, al<ght porter and tea and roflee saieautan, bartender, land ateward. coa bman. photograph salesman, gardener. waiter a young man in a billiard saloon. librarian, young man in a hreker'a oilice; other situations always open. Owing to the Increasing deman I forj help merchants mu-t please aend In their order* before S o clock P M. MONOOMEKV A CO. AGENTS MAKE TWO DOLLARS FROM TWENTY nentH. Call at mv o'llce anil I will prove It; or ten aamplcH aent free by mail for twentv rente that will retail for two dollar*, by K. L. WOLCOTT, 170 Chatham square, N. V, A CLERK W ANTED? FOR TIIK HI-TAIL TKA ANI> enflee trade; those willing to make themselves gener a'ly uwef ill may apply to John Ilulmead, IU0 Bowery, lOrner of Spring st. A FEW WAITEBMEN W tNTED ? SUCH ONLY WHO are accuatomed to Hie sen ire of a first i laas lamea' aa loon and re lauranl. Apply ut fl<>4 Broadway. A YOUNG MAN, WIIO CO I' LP MAKE HIMSELF useful In the outdoor df payment of a ati ok and specie commission house, ran hoar of a i 0< d situation hv a ldre'a nig W R Herald ofllce. A liberal Hilary will be paid to a person welJ*onvoraint with the business. Alaror ni'mbee or VOUNG OR AGED mrn, exnoriomeil or not. wanted a* nurses; eood places, long job and looiI pay. In milit ary lioapital-i near the city Apply on Monday morning at 14 Gth av., near Amity *t All men \ni> boys out ok bmflovmrmi wanted at Hie Metropolitan Inatltute. ill Bleecker at. (removed from l in Uiand at.); a coachman, a good gar dener; aNo waifeis, porters, uiechnuica. and men| to drive wagon a. J ^ WAITER WANIED-AT 645 BROADWAY. At oncb-a man, who is well iostkd in pa|?r hot culling Alao One to line a'raw hoardv. wbo la quick. Apply to Water* A Son, IX) Fulton at . tirat tloor. A CARVER WANTED? AT ORBRLRY'8 DlNTNO 8A looo. 15 flreenv. U h av? oppollle Jeffcrann Market. A BOY WANTBD? TO ATTEND BAR. CALL AT 554 Greenwich H . corner of Cbarltnn. OY WANTED VOU AN OFFICE, ABOt'T 14 YKARN _i old; inuai have good teferencea. Apply Brier 11 ??'clock at 18 Plntt at., up itafra. BOY WANTED-FROM It, TO 18 YBARS OF A(iF. TO make bimaclf generally uaeful In the clothing manu factory, aouthweat corner of Pth av and. 'Villi at., eotrance on 34th at Apply with reference before ten o'clock. B B OY WANTED? AT 240 PEARL 8TREET. Boy w\ntf.d-in a druo store, to attend root beer aoda water oounter, nn'l to make himself generally uaeful. Apply at Jay a, No, 7 Greenwich ave. C1ANVASSEKS WANTED? IN A W1IOLESA1-K HOP9B ) In this rliy;thoao nrqfialnted with the pi-oeery trade In and near Hie city preferred. Itiquire at 48 Cortluudt St. N. Y. CANVASSERS WANTED? BY A WHOLESALE BOOlt in thl- city; tl.oae aequul nted with the grocery trade in and near the c iy preferred Inquire at 48 Cortland! at ("1ASH BOYS WANTED ?RESI'Ft TABLE YOl'I'HS, J from 10 to It ynaraold. who reaide with their parent* tboae who would like to learn the dry g >o>la hUHlneaa. Ap ply to Peyton & Johnston, 274 Bowery. DRCO CLERK WANTED.-ONH FI LLYCOMI'ETENT. with goo ! rel'eri'ncc, mav appl v at or a'lrtresa for tbrec days Drupgiat. ">i7 3d av , near 5Rih at , after 6 P. M. DRI'O CLERK WANTED- ONK WHO IS H'LI.Y retnpetent; a German, nndrrstundmg English well, would be treated with, ca.ory (Li a week. Addic I. Di .g gi-t. Herald ofll'-e. Drug clerk wantbd-must speak german ami be acquainted with a t rat clasa prea<'rlpllon and retail huaineu. Apply at Spaogenbrrg A ISltt't. 883 Broad way. Dentistry.? a yoi'ng man, of good address. will he taught the ah ve by an ejperie' ced de.nila' atni will give him g'iod salary aa an ui aa c >mpetenL Applleaots will give their age. proreaainn an l teferencea. Addreas Den tistrv. In the Pout min e i.'J 7 llioidway. FOREMAN WANTED ? A FIRST CLASS MAN. FOR A F rlotlilnc, Juat belna fi rmed. A man capable of getting up patlerna aud e*|ierienoed. may apply througn lio* 2.182 I'oat odlce, with reference. Comi ensatlon liberal. A first class aa-natant b?okk?ei>er also wanted. HOSPITAL MEN ATTENDANTS WANTBD? $16 PER nmnth anil found; an excellent opportunity to get employment and a good home. Applv any day this week at the Large Employment House, 138 I lib at , corner I'.tU av PEVTON A JOHNSTON, 274 BOWERY. HAVE Va canrlea for several first class salesmen In the dreas goo Is. ailk and shawl departments Alao throe German salesmen. Apply on Monday rnormug. rtf A ITP K WANTED -ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS HIS TV business can apply at 6JU Uraod at. WTANTRD-A YOI'NG MAN OF GOOD ADDRESS. v? from 18 to 21) year- of age. aa entry clerk an d aasi t ant bookkeeper; mu?t be a quick and good penman and eor. reel at figures Salary first vear WuO. Apply to E D. Baasf rd. Cooper Iustitute, Astor place. WANTBD-A CLERK A RARR CH ANCE IS OFFER edtoenewhols fully compnlent to auperintend ifae sale of photograph and uter- oaropes. Salary from t2."> lo $30. w. tu ltorrasing udvantagea. Address, stating former position. K. L..boi 128 Herald ofllce. Strict diacretion ad hered to. t*7 ANTED? A MAN, WHO UNDEESTANDS BOILING vv in' laaaes in an open pan ; alao an experienced pan man lo go to a ne glil wring city. Apply at Congresa Sugar Re f.ncry, 315 Wa?hin?loo st. t\r ANTE D? A SALESMAN, TO SI'LL A POPI'LAR vv brand o ground coffee in this city, on commission. Ad dreaa A. H , lleiald < flica v*.tanted-a waiter who understands his TV business and can bring first class recommendation f'T honeaty and sobriety. Apply between It) and 12 o'clock at 1ft Broadway, second -torv. WASTED? AN ENTRY CLERK. WHO WRITES A good hand and is willing lo inako himself generally uaeful in and out of doors shipping goods, Ac Address Importer, hot 2,027 Post ufTics. AV' ANTED? A YOl'NU MAN (AMERICAN). NOT OVER vv 2-i years ol age. who writes wen, aa a receiving and delivery clerk, also an experienced and reliable purler, lully scq'ialnted with the wholeaale boot and shoe businnss A| ply lo Charles C. M arren 22 Corliandl st WANTKD? A FINE COPYIST IN A LAWYER'S OP t re. Address John Jones Herald Office, giving aped mens or writing and wages required. WANT1 D? A PERSON TO ACT AS PORTER IN A wholesale wine aiul liquor sto^e wliera the work Is light; must have a knowledgenf tha business and be 'trlrtly hone-t. Adilieas, with reference, f< r two days. Benedict Herald t](T ANTED? A STRONG. SOBRR, ABLE-RODfED tf man. lo run a caloric engine and make hluiself gea erslly uaeful; one who is well acquainted with the bilea soi> t-Dgme preferred Apply at Id Aan st., up stairs. WANTED? TO I' NO MBN FOR MERCHANT VOY vv ages, in ships, ateamers, brigs and schooners, on voy sgesof from tao to twelve months. Voyages to a 1 parts of the world. RANDALL A COl'KTNKY. Corner of Chambers snd West ?ta, up stairs. ll' ANTED? TO-DAT. TBW MRU. FOB AN BXPEDI vV lion to porta In South America and the Coast of Africa, the vovage for six to fourteen months. Good wages ps>d and outfit furnished. Anttly to RANDALL A COURTNEY, corner of Chambers and West sts , up stairs. 11rANTED?MBN FOB THE UNITBD STATES NaVT, vf to ship for ene or two years. Bounty paid at $300. aad RM advance wages. Choice of steam'hlps Seamen, firemen. landsmen and coal i*seere Prise money extra. Navy ofllce corner fi h.mbe e And Weat sta.. up stalra RANDALL A COIKTN'EY. Agents. The above for an I pa R. R. Cuyler, Niagara aud Getiyshurg. WANTED-2 PORTRRR AND AN EXPRESSM AN AP ply after t P. M.. to Lord A Tayler, uratid aad Uhrys lie su. ________ TANTED-A BOY IN A LAWYER'S OFFICE, ply to J. F Malcolm. No. 9 Chambers street w WANTFD-^N INDUSTRIOUS TOUNO MAN. WHO baa had experience la oorklng and la wiiiiag to make himself generally useful. Apply at &5 Walker st TCASTED-A SMALL BOY. FROM 12 TO U TKaHS ff old. in a fanctat^raj be<t at refersnee required Ap ply from " t.. 10 A. M. and A to 7 T. M. to H Harris, 8.3 WANTRD-A GOOD MAN. TO TARB CARE OP hoises Oall early at stsblse 17 Jay at WANTED' --'EVERAL EJtPRRIENi RD t ARPRT I aa'eaiaen. Also upholsterers and paper hangers, at |?CAtbariB? st_ M. COUBN. WAhTED-A COMFBTRNT DBNT1ST. AS ASSIST ant Mall appHcaata will atate age. how long dentists. In what brar -h they eiaet, aad tfee wagea required Alee a t ?v tr make hlm-ell useful, aad leant If smart, at Traierra }! rothere, IW Bowery. WHBANTI * TOUNO MAN. AS WAITER: ONB WHO under- lands ihs businese. Apply at Swaeay's Hotel, from ? to 10 A. M _ _ At* AN fMD-TWO SMAKT LABR, 17 OR IS YBARS OP ? age. > k" ?P'?k German aad English well. Those en. (iiatoeseg to wait'ng on tablet la a restaurant wll' find go d situations bv apptjriaa U? aon i ag, at 9 e'ciock, at 418 Broadway, , ora. r Canal s C Ur antso-in a grocrrt store, an intelli gent young ass. who Is aot afraid df work, used to the t,.. inesa an l of p'.eaaing address, with good refersaca. Ap I j at 144 7tk av .corlfcr IQtb at WANTKD-A SALESMAN, IK A FCRNITURE STORR; one ? ho understands (ha business and can eoase well r?eom mended -.none other aaed app y. Oall, from 9 to ll s'ojocfc, at 2M lib av., be i wee a SSth aad Mth sU IITANTRD-TWO COMPETENT FURNITURE SALE ft Vf men, who understand their buslnese Iboroughly. Ap ply at the ceraer of 3Mb st aad Mb a* , to H. O. Parrell. Wanted-two MEN. WHO^AEB WELL ACQUAINT mi with this city and Rrooklyn, to drive aa etprsea. App'f st W V rsyth at . corner Grand iir < s IF.!'? AN ACTIVE INTELLIGENT SINGLE MaN, yV is s st'irsi must be free fross the oea of tobaceaor la triR'ai ngdrmlt. Apply at Ju2 Grand at. ooraer *l?rl(. WANTSD-TWO SMART BOTS, AS WAITERS, AT M lliwfcwk's. Na. JipWham a^ HELP WAirrBD-HAL.ES. T17ANTRD-IB A HOUSE FURNISHING HTORR. A " bey, timn HuHitanM Apply a? IRl Fulian ? l . Brooklyn. WANTED-A TOURO MAR. WHO DNDRR8TARDS aeroli WW la* CM help to Mi packing tMN ami make himself generally uaMul in a pianoforte manufactory, Ap*|y at Mfi Mth *t . bMvm (lib and mth a?a. WANTED am ACTIVE (MM MAN, ABOUT 1? OK W years or age, to act aa light porter Inquire al Uia cloth house. 173 Broadway. IITANTBD-A man. TO MAKR HIMSELF GENERAL Yf It useful, Id a hoop skirt establishment. Addreas, with reference. A M . Ileialu onice. WAKTED-A HOV, ABOUT 111. To WAIT IR A ML lianlaaloon. Apply I* Cainp A J syncs, IS William at, wkh reference. WANTKD- A FIRST CLASS BOORKRPER IN A NEW iieponlng and lobbing houae ; a German pref. rred: mine need apply ihiVhh competent lo (III ' li" aitm.t on and run I urn i?b uneaeeptiotiabla referenoea. Addreas bo* 4.SH9 Foal offi. ?? WANTED -IN A <1 ROCK H V HTORR, A TOIlRO MAS to deliver orders; must come wall recommended Ap >lv i<> Macy A Co., 190 Sib av. 7 FARM HANDS AND S LABORKltS WANTFD-TO (o a abort distance in the country: waree $16 to $23 per mouth ami lound Also wanted. every dav ihl- week, English Scotch. American, Iriah and German "farm work era. gardeneis. useful men. An. Appl? at the Large Em ploy incut House, 138 1 Itb at. . corner 8th a?. fr/\ LABORERS W ANTED? TO <iO A SHORT DIS i/W lance in the country; wages $1 41) per day. Board $2 75 per Week. 1 nqulre of George Young, 475 Kaat Houston at., trunk 7 to 1U o'clock A. M. 1 Art AGENTS WANTED? A RARE rn ANCE FOR J.UI" act I re men. No competition, Control of a oil v or connfy given to each a?ent Call on or address, with atamp for circular, N M HIIAFIJK A CO., 78 Cedar Htreet, room No. 3. IlKf.P fTAKTED- 1TOMALE8. ALL RESPECTABLE FBMALER OUT OF EMPLOY, ment are wanted immediately at RAYMOND 8 New Metropolitan Institute. 01 Hleecker at, a few doors Mat of Broadway Removed from 149 Grand st I'rofaagad cooks, chambermaids. waitresses. nurses, seamstresses, house keepers, laundre se? twenty lor housework, and thoae lalo y landed. \LL PROTESTANT AND CATHOLIC COOES, CIIAM hermalds waitress'", laundresses, nurses, seamatrest ea, ladies' maids who can dress hair, small eiris and t'lrls liitely landed can find good mutations, In city or couutry. at MRS W HITFIELD'S {formerly of (lie Church Home), 307 ?in av., between ttth and 29th sis. A1 WANTKD-TWO TOUNO LADIES TO WORK AT ? 1 luh 1 work. In an office wages $4 par week. Call, with relVrem en ;il lllc harda A Co a, !I7 William it., live door* north of Maiden Ian*, up stairs. Thoae who have worked at hoop skirls preferred A 1,1, GOOD SERVANTS WANTING EXCELLENT \ situation- should apply 1 iikiiketl ? a ely at IlLNDIiR BON'S Servant ' Olllee, No. (1 Court t re. t Brooklyn. Fifty erven wanted ditilv : cooks, chain be ruialds and seam ?lie?scK ; all Tor excellent famine-, bolfr In city and country A ('II AM I: K K MAID. AND FINK WASHER AND r\ Iron, r wiiiited? one accustomed to fill such a .situation may applr, with re'eronee, nt 102 Chamhera st. Bedell has removed the business of tub Sertnnts' In- Unite from .')07 and 300 to '11? and 31.1 4lh u. . wlmie lie ? 111 continue to supply private families and liolela frst class servant"! for city and country /"IOOK WANTED-IN A FRIVAT8 FAMILY; ONB ' who um1ArftHB la lier business anil Is willini.' to go In the country for the summer months, may anily, with city reference ?t Willow St., Brooklyn. TkRESSMAKKRS WANTED.? NONE BUT THE BEST I t hand* nc .1 apply; to such y>?'d waves will lie paid and conmant work also a reapectable Utile l'tI to le.irn the liusl no as. Culi for two days al the pn.ate 'loor, 107 tth av., u?a: 12*.)i at. Dressmakers, ac.-wanted, a thoroughly competent foiewoman, to take olisry of the work room mu?t he furnished with reliable reference Also a fe* Kood dreaamakera and an erruml boy. Apply Immedi ately at 703 Broadway. I VKES.SMAKER W ANTED -M 1ST HE THOROUGHLY I" competent AI?o one lo do plain work. Apply iinute iliaielv to Madame Htal. KM 9tli at., corner of Broadway. 0 IIERS MA KB It. 4 WaNTEH-AT Hit 6TH AV.. CORNER of .ttilh ? t. . also two or three apprentices, paid while learning. TTIO RE WOMAN WaNTED-IR A SHIRT MANUFAC r tory. where oply first class custom work i* made. To? ?T?r. aetlvn woman a desirnble situation iaoflered. Ad drean Forewoman, Heral<l (^IltLB WANTED-T0 work OS spangling pres X sea; to rood hanfla permanent empleytDenl all the year. Applv at J. W H in. I ley a akirt man, ifaciory, entrance HI R-ad. at. /^IRLS-IF YOU WANT THE BEST S1TL' ATION8 FOR "Tanv branch of housework yon tike. In first class famllle-. Hotels or I'oatdiuv h uisea, witli good wages and oomforlalilc hotm-s. In city or country, eall Ttnme llatelv at the Large Kmploynif nt llonse, 13H lltn St., corner of 6lh av. OOI) HANDS WANTED-FOR FINE SEWING, ON ladies' linen. Apply at if* Amity at 1 want this week mo servants-cooks, I rhanitierinsM*, W.ittresaes, nursea and glfls f"T house work, for the iery beat families In city and oountry, 50 su perior situations are readv Ihle nv rnintf at try office with o.ii waiting waires ft< anil $10. Apply ear'y to Mr CHRIS TOIMIEK, lu 'Hilary at.. Brooklyn. No eharga un eat suited. G N IRSE WANTED.-A protestart woman to take charge of four children between three and eight year* old: to a competent person the best wages will be giv en Apply at No. 8 F.asl 2<.ilti st, from 9 to II A. M. SALESWOMEN WANTED? TWO EXPERIENCED ? > good bands, scoiislomeil to ribbons, laces, embroideries, dress trimmings and fancy eooils. Liberal aalary and per manent situations. Address, staling experience, salarr, Ac., Ribbons and Laces, Herald o Hoe, QALFSWOMKN WANTKD-FIGHT GOOD SALES > 1 women, for the inilllncry, straw roods and embroidery departments; only those who understand the business need apply to Win. Kinrey 221 and 2X3 8th av. CFRVtNTS ? THE OFKICR IN llTH ST. AND ?TH k* av la removed to 1.2HB Bruadway. between 33d and 31th st< A large nun: her of good, capable -servants on hand lor city and ooiintr>? on k 1 la intirraaes, chambermaids, Ac. SBR\ ANTS WANTED IN BROOK LY R.-W ANTED tin day. for -peclat tiluanoiis in gentlem'-n'a familiea, seicral professed cooks, itood plain cooka, BUMS. ??im atreases, chainheriuabla. waitresses and girls (or housework in small families Kvellent situations and the highest v sit'-s without waitnK one moment. Apply to Mt MAN MMi. 15 Court St.. Brooklyn, opp. site the city Hall TWO OIRLS WANTED? ONE TO DO GRRF.RAL ho iaework and one g out IA years old to take care of a child; must ootne well lecommeiided. Apply at ?'lti Wast SIM st. TWO (1IRI.S W\RTED-TO takr care or chil dien; cnll Monday. None but thoaa who are km l to chllnren and can give gootl references need apply at 21 Ab ingdun -n'late. TO OSTRICH FEATHER HANDS.? W VN TP.D. A PER son capable of managing a workronn In the above busi ness as forewoman Al?o good curlers, sewer- and fancy han :?. Apply, be ? cen 12 and 1 o'clock. 10 A. l'olaad, No. 5^ Ll-penard kt Tobacco packers warted-girls. to whom good waves will be paid. Apply at >07 and 2U9 Water st. WET Nl'RSE -WANTED. AT 10 EAST 26TJI ST. A wet nurse. Call oetween the hours 01 10 ana 12 o'clock Monday WAVTRD? ORB OOOD SHIRT IRONER; ALSO A lanuly ironer. Apply at Florence Laundry, 17 Walker it WANTED? A GIRL TO WAIT OR A BAR; MUST BE amiable, of genteel tnannerafaod p'easing disposition, I" wait on gentleman, one who has some knowledge ef the business preferred. Apply at 4u Flatbush av., Brooklyn, for thicedaya , ? t. ?. . WANTBD-A GOOD GIRL IN A LAMP 8TORR; ONB wbo undc 1 stands setting up lampe. Apply to B A. Still A Co , 43 Cortlandl st. ARTED-A COMPETENT SALESMAN. AT JAMES Dillon's furniture and carpel) stora, 306 West Stih st w WANTBD-A RE8PECTABLR GIRL. AS SEAM stre ? an operator on Wheeler A Wfncm't sawttlg machine pre'erred Apply from II to 2 o'clock at 1( Hudaon terrace. Hoboken. The ferriage will bt 1 aid ?d st, near Leiington av. '"'Oer. Inimre at 9) Bait WANTED? MANTILLA MAKEB8. NONB BUT THE beat hands need apply lo A. M. A E. Davlee. Ro. SOS Broadway. WANTED? IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, A smart, active girl, as 000k, waahe rand Ironer; alao In the satne family, a smart active girl, a* chambermaid and nurae. Apply all. IS Broadway. WANTED?A NURSE FOE A CHILD, AND A8 SBAM stress, <0 go lnu> the oountry for the summer. None need apply eioept tboaa wbo eao come well recommended, and are wi lsg to do that? own and child's washing. Apply at 'J West iSih at WANTED- A GOOD COOK. WASHER AND IRON8R. f v to go a sl.ort dlnano* in t.e couutry. Apply Muuday morning, at 12B Henry st.. Brooklyn W ARTED-A WOMAR, TO COO*. WASH ANDTROR; Protestant preferred , good reference required. Apply after 9? ciort A. M. at lit East 17th it T|rANTED-TWO RELIABLE GIRLS. PROTESTANTS ; vv one as cook washer and froner ihe other aa chamber maid aod waltreas, to g? lo Strllford, t'osn. Good wagea wtllbegtesm to thoae who ran bring *ood eMy reference. Apply at Su Lalght si. 00 Monday, April 9, al 4 P. M WANTED- A CHAMBERMAID, WAITRESS, COOK, lanndreaa. nurse and seamstreee; also a girl 10 do general homework for three in lamily Apply al No. 7 Went 1 1th at, between Broadway and OnlvenMy place, from ? to 8 o clock. \RTANTRD? IN BROOKLYN. A YOUNG WOMAN FOR TT general taoii?ewerk. 10 a ?mall private tamtl*, must have reooir.niendaitonsi, Ac. , wages $7. Apply at MS Atlau tic it., above Powars. TIT ANTED? TWO RELIABLE GIRL8, PROTESTANTS, vf one aa cook, waeher and ironee, Ihe other aa obam hermald sud waltre's. to go to Stratford, Conn. ; good wages will be glv?a to ihoee who <mm brfng ei?d city reference. Apply al 10 Lalght st, o? Monday, Ray 8, at 8 P M. WEHANTRD-A OOOD GIRL TO DO PLAIN COOKINO, washing aod ir..aina for a auiall family | good refer ence ia?iolred. Apply at No. ? Ransoa place, Brooklyn, third door abo?e Fort Oreene place. UT ANTKD-A PRUTB8TANT OIHU fO COOE, WARR and iron. a genileman'i 'ami y of four psrsans on* hour's ride from Nc? Yerk, fwo aervanis si Ld, 'be Jlghcat wages given Apply, WMh references, to Bi>, C8HIRTO FlfBR 10 ril'ary st , Brooklyn. Vf/ANTFD K SSAAtl, FAMILY, A (IFRMaN OR vv Sen tell cook good wa-her IroRer and bread baker ; good reuulnd. Ativ r at OS Wtll Ivih it, wj I HKtP WAITKD.rEmi.KI, J? LRAH" *'?*? styles or coloring pfcoi?j^r*ph?, c itrui. rj? via;ia4 IrorvtvLctf h!* torleal lAnd?-a,.e and Mower ^ a cl^ for b?y?; everything found, no 1 the an of makm* wabtbd-in a mball. private fam'ilt. a Tf good plain ? o?k. baker, ?iab-r and Iruner AprlV st Ml LeilngtoiiAV. mi Monday morning, froiu y u, u n?l? bat thou*) with gootWeference nerd apply -?afi-s W'ANTBD IMMEDIATELY? A NICE ' 1FRM AN fllRf, with good rufi-ruocea, one who understands washing and Ironing, In a German family; highest *mi ? and best of treatment Call At ZJU Weal Slat st, bei?e?u 8th an 1 ?th avs. ^ WANTED? 8P* NOLBRS FOR WILLCOX'S PATENT Machine; liberal wage* paid and ?ieady employment given Apply at 373 Broadway. up -talr ft/ANTED? A FIRST l'HH9 TOOK. A CM AM BP. R TT maid. A plain laundreas. and aa aaatatanl houee keener Good city references r*i|i)M Apply to dAj at 79 Madi -<>u avenue. W\ntkd-a conn to no in ttjv country, near Youkcra; she must be a ge<? I plain cook. And A good washer and ironer, obliging And tidy ; reference will ba re'l'ilred frmn her last piece. Three ill family. Apply al No 7 Madison av.. next to the oburcb. this day (Monday). fr- >t?? Id to 2 o'clock. W ANTKD-A riorin COOK, WASHER AND IRONER; will have to a lat with the washing; none need apply unle s they have uood refir nci'i. Call at 29 Wa*t 26th St., from 10 to 1 o clock on Monday. WANTED? A GOOD 'HAM BKRM A I P, IN A SM AIX faniilv: best of reference required. Apply At No. 7 Man on place, Brooklyn third d?< r aboi e Port Green place, WANTED? FOR A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY. A BE *pe< tabic ylrl to rook, raun b? u go d waaber ami Irnner. and well recom"iended. Call at 122 Went 12th at., between H and 11 o'clock. WANTED? A FEW GOOD DKP.H8M A K K RS. ALSO an errand girl. Apply at I.18S Broadway, Kccond door below 2 J lb ?t. \V-ANTBD-A FIRST CLASS LADY'S W A ITINO MAID. v V One wtio la a llr -t rale hairdresser and -ewer, and ''an give cood reference, may apply at No. 103 Weil 30th mL, be Iween 6th av. and Br adway. WANTED? 8KVERAL FIRST CLASH DltP.SSM AK KRS ; none olhera need apply; ateadv work and good ware*. Alao some girl for f An ey work And A few Apprentice". Call ul Mnn\ Menager'-. 196ib a*. ANTED-A COOK, A CHAMBERMAID AND A ? ? laundrese. fora respectable famllv. Aho a nice boy nntl a niAn. to be generally useful. Apply at 373 tith av. WANTED? A TIIOBOVSM COOK AND GOOD BAKKR. to agHlnt In llic waablnu and Ironing and go Into tbo roonlrv Tor II. a aum'tior. Call at 91 Montague ?!., Brooklyn, I ram B till 2 o'clock, tq day. WANTF.D? A SMART. NEAT, BXPBRIENCBD MIL t' T teneral houkoaork; tood whwoh: will be treated kindly nnd not required to lake the reaponalbllltv; nonn need applv without the >ery beat of reference*. Call at 170 Went :19th at WANTED? IN A RESPECTABLE PRIVATE FAMILY, it tldv. indu trloua girl, aa cl itmherinald and lanndrnaa: f ra auitable leraon the altiiatlon la a doalrable one; irauea S7 per month Apply at '.'2 Montague at., Brooklyn, beforn two o'clock. Wanted? female genera r, srbvant. applt .it fourth holme on CliUton street, between 3d and 4th p'aees South Brooklyn. W ANTKD-A OIRL TO UO THE HOITSFWORK OW A an all family- in u.-t be willing and obliging; waffta f 7 per mouth. Inquire al OHU liudaon at. WANTED? AN EXPERIENCED OPERATOR ON Wheeler A Wllfon'a aewltig machine; on<? thoroughly annuAinted wttb atlti hinif and llntuhlng gentlumcn'a shirts Applv at 93 tlroabv at Imtnedlalely Wvmi h-a "it':!., ro cook, wash and ikon, lu n private family , al o a aramstresx and Ireasmaker. Apply at Stfl Ureetiwlch St., near Beach. \\T ANTED? TWO FEMALE SERVANTS; ONR TO ACT ?Y as chit "hermald; the other for general housework; II# very beat recommendAtlons exacted. Aliply at 703 li roadway. IV ANTED? A OIRL IN A SM ALL FA M I LV~'TO"DO *? general houamvork ; one that undrraianda plain cook ing" alao, a good w.ialier and Ironer. Call al 1S3 West 'Ifitb h i., new number M>, bet naen 7th and Hth a?ea ; reference required. WANTED- f FTY WAITER GIRLS, FOR A SALOON; alao. two banender* and one cook. Call lor two days at tilfi Broadway, between 12 and 4 o'clock. WANTED? AN E X P 8 RTE N CKD l ' < )0 K Tw~ id T H OR oughiy under Ian la h> r bualncaa an. I can come well re<ommended bv her 'a-t employer. Ajiply at 29 Bond at., between tha hours of 9 and ?. WANTED -A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A situation ah clmmbcruiatd and wallros*. oraa ohambar mald and >o a>alat lo the washing and Ironing; good city ref erence can be given Apply at 204 Wooiter at., reAr. between Amity and Bleecker ats. WANTBD-A COMPETENT TOUNO WSMAN, TO DO llie down atalra work of a small private lamlly; on? who haa lived as rook, waaber and Ironer preferred; goo<l refereucea re<iiured. Apply at 18 Wast 23d at., bAsemcnt door. rAVTBD? A LADY" TO LEARN THE ART OF coloring Photographs; after two waek" la?tructlon of one hour, work wtll be glren out, or situation will b? given. CaII At 713 BroAdway, room 19. G. KON1G8HBBQ W' ? PKCtAlj IfOTTCBS. A N AtMOOBNED MEBTtNG OF THE SH AREHOLD t\ era of the ?'ourth Na'tonal Bank of the city of Haw York will be held at 'he Bank. Noa. 27 and 29 Pine atreet. on Tuesday, May III. IHH4, at 3 o'clock P. M. Bnsln'sa of Imt ortanee will eome before the meeting for action. The shareholders of the bank are therefor* especially requested to be present. ' WALDO HUTCUIM, Chairman. W*. H. WWmm Secretary. A8PBCTAL MEKTl Nn OF THE SOCIETY OK THK New York luflrmar* for Women and Rblldren will bo held at the Inalltut on. 126 Second avenue on Tuniday even Ing, May 10. at ? a'clock. M. TKIMBLK, Beo retary. HOUBB CABPBXTBBS. TO TJIB FBONT.? A PUBLIO meeting of the honae oarpentera of the city of New York will be held on W' daeaday evening, the 11th Inat, at Continental flail, corner of Eighth Avenneand Thirty fourth street. Every carpenter la requested to be present, aa unKe4 action will accomplish our object. B B ? Thla meeting la called bjr tho demand of man* butchers, bakera, trocars, landlords, coal dealer*. Ac. By order of MANY CARPBBTER8. NATIONAL BANKHl PT I. A W ? PKKKON8 DBSIRINO the passage of the bill now before the Houee of Repre. ?entatlves can leaia ?omethlng of Its position and the likeli hood of tta berotning a law by applying to one who has just returned from Washington, at Noa. 37 and 38, rear bulldlag, third floor of 3d Wall street. N'OTICE to thr lonoshorbmbb in general.? They are remieated not to work on and after Monday, Mav 9 until further notice. Bv order of a committee ap pointed Marti, 1M4. PA f K. MANNING, Cbatrmaa. J o ii v Eaosr Sei retary. t:<>M*tTTK?? John Ganr. ?n, Daniel Hagerty, Denis Blley, 0"o M'-''Arthy. John (Jleuson. Notice to the clothing ccttkbs.-tue cut ters of tbe Arms of Strang A Sahlefn. 14 and IA Vcsey gtreet. and Stleh A Krl d>ander, Fulton street, are atll) to m strike. We reoueat All eutters not to Applv to these flrma for work until tbe dlfllcultv la aatlafactorily arransed A meeting or the Hoard or Officers and the Committee on Strikes will be held this evening at R o'clock, at 1S2 Hester street, and All the dei"gAtea ana cut tent on a air ke ara In vited to atieud. by order of the socieiv. JACOB DANTOJt. Berretarr. NOTIOE.-ITR SKIN rLESHERS. Tim undoralgne 1 employer* arc paying lb* price* which yon dem ?n'i ? A. Boweky. p. Runw. J. nnitinger, J. Lvrlar, B. Helrer. R. Barbanellr. H. Kelly, C Roclm. A Kotgleaen, Kaeaer k Ne*orlt/, T Kavre J Kavre. M. CONNOR, Prcaldcnt K. Scaug, Secretary. ,, NOTICB.-THB FUR Tl'PKRS Of NBW VORK. Brooklm and Wllllern?hurg up' rr?j>ertfuI1y invited to atteod a meet! a*. on Tueaday. May I0. at National Hall, Noa 2t4 and 22A W??l Forty fourth atreet, between Eighth and Ninth avenue*. la oonaetuence of the demand for hlab irwiid, TUB COMMITTEE NOTICE.-A MEETfNO Or THB CLOTHIITO CLERKS' and Cutter"' Karl* Cloalug Aiwrlauoa will ba held thia (Vonday) evening, at ^O'clock, at wm !to 24, Cooper Tn ?niuie. Important coamltiaea will report aad actloo will be taken thereon. A large attendance la earneall/requeeted. J. M. II AUNEI>, Seeratary. UR CCSTOMKRH ARB RRSPECTPULLY INFORMED _ tbat our office will be cloaed on every Saturday at .1 ?'clock P. M , during the month* of May. Jtiae, July and A'lgnat. P1ea*e aend your orilera early oa Saturday mor n ton. The Biabop IRitta Paroha Company. SAMI'BL C. B I R UO General Agent, 201 Broadway. PAINTERB.-NOTICE IS HEBBBTGIYEE THAT THB journeymen Painter* of New York demand (3 per day ?a and after May 9 By order of tha Sortety J. T. Boi.ton, Secretary. J. T. FI8HRR. PreaUlent. 0 PLUMBERS MASH MKETINO .THERE WILL BE A X a pedal meeting of tha Journeymen Plumber*' Protect fve Society held at tha Union Aaaembly Hoema, 21S Oread atreet on Ttteeday ev-ntag May 10. at Tti o' cloak, to Uka into conaideration an ndvaooe ef wagea. There will be a ma** meeting of the trade In general, at the aame plaae, at Wr.M. By order of tbe Frealden,. CJPBCtAt NOTICE ?OH AND APTEE MONDAY. MAT r> 8. Bricklayer* ef New York demand W par day. A meetlnc on Monday night al Conalltutlon Hall. CiiRistophbB oaPI'BB. Pratdeat Jom Svnwmr, Secretary. THB RETAIL SHOE DKALRRS WHO ARB IV favor rt early cieeln* wilt naet for consultation al room No is Cooper inaUtuie, on Monday evening. May 9, at 9 o nU*"k. The uodereigned would raapactl ully reuueat all Itotekeepar* Id the trade to attend. ROHBBT IRWIN. NELSON RAM MIS, J. H. NICHOLSON * CO., n met JOHN HROMRKRO. And irmny other*. THE t'NITEO STATES TELBOBAPH COMPANY IS aow In ?'ioi?*afiit operation. ami ha* opened the fal low ing o'l <-ea for the reception of buaioe** . principal orrtcB 2g nashau street. ST. JJ'^HOLas HoIkl. in Oaala'abatatera. adjeinlng. *WUIIam *treet PUBLIC STOCK EXCHANGE, eoraer of Willie* aad Beaver "treat* OOHN EXCHANGE OPP1CE. 81 Pearl Mrea< Direct communication I* bad at all hoara with Ait* of, Syracuse, Utloa. Koetieitar. Buffalo, Oawego. Cleveland, Toledo, Chloagn, Mflwaukea, Plttiburg, the oil weliaof 1'enn grl'anla. anil lnt?rmerllnta polnta Ttiib INOKPBNDBNT LINB of TBLBOBAPH. In con Sertion with tba L'aitad BUlea, raa<-n?* ail important vamta m the Baainrn Statea, and *outhnr*rd a* far aa Waablag'on. B-aaagreaivraaatved at allofttieatviT* named nlOeaa and tranam'ttad wub promptnet* and l*?i>atch to erery part of tba I'oltad Statea aad Britiah PmTiaco*. NATHAN Randall, Pr?aldent f. 0. Hat, Saeratary. fFBE HEOVLAR MEBTfNO OF TUB TRTOH ITHIOW 1 will be bald oa ^ ' ' ' " *~ room No ? Clinton 1 wendanla of tb* Trron family i_ . v- - . tend, aabnilneM of'lBipartanre will be fraught before thw meeting. IRA J. SEEKS, s?tr?un Tol*, May 8, 1*14. I'O I.ADIEB IN BI'St^BS-'-A DBKSSMAKBE, I'A* ?er aauern <le?ignef op ma. hltta operate, or aay anil* able bti-ltit>Bf* can *hare a ntnre with a !ady. Apply peraou? ajy cr by letter lor ta/Ue i>f ad lreat, al 14 CUnlcu W*<*e ?evond Geo.. I MEETINO or TI1B TBign ubiii* I Wedne.Uay, June 1. 11*4, at 10 A M , i? Hull. Eighth Ktrnet. New York. Alt do rron ramTly are reei? ctfui'y invited to at ?

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