Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Mono at, May 9?0 TV V. Tbe report* I* relation to the great battles to Virginia, all tending to ehow that tbe I'mon force* under General Grant Lave achieved a great and glorious ? Ictory over the rebels, did not seem to have the c<n\ tiding force upon slock J bbera and gold gambler* to-day that iliey produce among the more sanguine portion of tli > c m no unity. It wai not pene-ally expected, that the an DouDoemeut of our suceees would be the means of rau? log a panic ettber in I he gold or stock markets: b t it was conceded that prioes would teud downward a; d tn netary allatr* would for a time be unsettled; hut It aoems that the reverse !><w been the c-tse. 8tos4oi ope ed .comparatively strong this Ciorolag, and when the board mat tbe leu.lcncy was deci.ledly up ward. Compared with tbe highest quotations of the first b 'aril on Saturday, New York Central advanced X '4 , Erie Ballroad-liii Hudaen River 3J?, Heading 21?, Michigan Centra IK, Michigan Southern 3", , Illinois Central 2 '>4, Cleveland aud Pittsbur* 4>?. Galena aud Chicago 3^, Cleveland and Toledo fc. Gbioago aud Rock Island 8, Cumberland IS'. Canton Company 3. Quicksilver Mining V. ?ud Mariposa 3. Delaware aad Hudson de cuned 5 j>er cent. Tbe market becirtre nnsettled in the afternoon, and the advance of tbe morning was tost. The following were tbe closing quotation*: ? New York Central l-'8t?, Erie Railroad 103 fcr a preferred 106Jtf? Hudson River Harlem 235, Reading 1-6*4, Mchl gan Central 132\, Michlgau Southern 88>f, Pittsburg aud Fort Wayne 100, Alton and Terre Haute 68, Illinois Central 122, Cleveland and l'ittsburg 10J\. Galena and Chicago 114^, Cleveland aud Toledo 146)1, Chicago and Rock Island 107 X, Chicago and Northwestern 62, Cum beriand Coal 04, and Quicksilver Mining 63 >v Tbe following officers wero this morning elected by the New York Stock Exchange for the ensuiug year:? Win. Seymour, Jr., President, M. A. Wheelock, First Vice Pre sident W. J. Graham, Second Vice President ; G.H. firod h ad. Secretary; J. W. Mu tiro, Assi-Unt Secroiary W. A Smith, Treasurer. E. A. Sbipmaa, Rollkeeper. Committee on Securities? A. Campbell, W. H Neilson, J. W. Under bill. C R Marvin, R L.Oittlng. The gold market lb suborning was not influenced ty tbe reports fronj the battle ground In Virginia, the s|.ecu lutors n t feeling disposed to place any rohauce in the various statements. Gold opened at 170, and went up to 171V In the afternoon, however, when tbe ruru ra b"pan to be backed up by official despatches, the premium grad tally drooped until It louche 1 63 J?. Tbe gold ex tb tage was In a high atate of excitement all day. Tbe follow lag table shows the totals of the bauk state ment at tbe commoncemont of the present year, with those or tbe seven past weeks ? Lnant. Specie. Circulation. Dtp * i's. Jan 2. $174 7 14 4*6 25 DM, 935 fi 103,331 140 260,9.' >6 Mar 2? 199,372,439 20 42&.5<H 6,814.131 l?i 3t5.904 April 2 . 203,003 131 19.627 fl?5 5,795,993 171.151.297 April 9 904.333,192 80 924,237 5,<W4.ill 170 513.0J0 April 16. 198 .703 .099 2l.MT.970 5 "TO.oiO 163,3.*>0.790 April 23. 196,286,723 24,868,203 5,?73,!147 161 078,164 April 30 194,157,495 24,087.343 6,<V2ti.97N 164.578,919 May 7. I92.8sl.246 23,032,028 6.594 832 168,662.197 ?Compared with tbe statement of the previous week, the following differences appear:? Decrease in loans. fl,27?.249 Do reuse in specie 1 ,005 ,31b Itecrease in olrculatton 32,146 Increase in depoeits 3,983,278 Tne following national banks wore authorized from April 30 to May 9:? ffome. Location. Capital. First Salem, Mass $200,000 Boston National Bank. Boston , M is< 7o0,000 Fi-st Mount Carroll, III 50.000 First Bay (Ity , Micb 50.000 First Marshal. town. Iowa 50,000 First Aurora N. Y 62,000 Jtoveuth Philadelphia. Pa 125,000 Seoood Baltimore Md 350 .OoO First (anion, III 60.000 First Easton. Mas* 100,000 Secpoi.j^,, J^aiiO'etW. lnd 130 000 Total TGot.OOCi Capital of banks before reported 53,604,200 Wb >le amount *56,611,200 Number of banks organized 417 ?1 he National Currency law requires thit one third ' f tbe paid in capital of each as* >cuti jn shall be dei>ostted tn I'nitod Mates bonds with the Treasurer at Washington, aud on that amount they are entitled to receive ninety per oeat oT circulating notes. If the banks already or ganised have no m re than doubled the amount which the law requires them to depoalt with tbe Treasurer? say two thirds of their paid In capital? their aggregate circu lation does not now exceed thirty-three and a half millions of dollars whtoh is spread orer twenty Ave states or tbe Union. We see nothing in this amount to caoas any sud den alarm . The Sub- Treasurer reports to-day as follows ? i Amount on hand (32,537.893 I Receipts frpsa customs ot .wwo I From other e -urowa. . ll,8S0,41fi I Balanee ..$31, 0^9,402 Subscriptions U< ten-forty oao 62.S00 The April earnings ot the Milwaukee and Prairie du Ohlea Railroad 1 uj? e as follows will! the receipts for the same period Ust year ? April, 1814 $140,417 April, 18o3.- b3,176 Iporease \ . $52,241 JJie earnings of tbe above road for four months ending April 90, were $446,622, against $276,864 daring tbe same time last year? showing an Increase of $170,118, or 65J< per cent At this rate tbe road will earn ibis year nearly two millions of dollars, wblch would leave $300,000 for the common stock , or fully eleven per csat. The lollowtog figures show the (row earnings of tbe Chicago aaB North weatern Railroad durtng tbe month of April:? Passengers -f?4.T4? Mail $2,337 Freight % 104,019 Miscellaneous 1,430 Total $174,687 Same time Isst yw 103 .449 Increase $71,138 Tbe earnings of the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad during the month or AprM, oompared with tbe reoeipts for the s<i4ae time last year, ware as follows: ? April, 1864 $79,211 April, R63 64.306 lo crease $8,910 The morecaeots ef oottea la New Orleans slnoe the 1st Of September last may be seed in the followliig table ? Haiti. Stock on hand September 1, 1943 1641 Arrived sluoe that date 100,112 Total 101,773 Exported 91,598 Balaeoe on hand 10, ISO Albert H. Ktoolay sold to-day two beadred shares Nsw York and Erie Railroad (hypothecated) at 109. ?V M ? l** *"? m y m si. eo<ii iu 14' <0 1 8 6 * t M ? rsf 106 80> <10 106* l-t V) U8 8 ?. 5 Wi.tNf II* r*UI< in T&Tri'YWttii in <> do iui l > 00 <lo *rjr I ?J 00 01 ?'? 1 jo Of oe? W B'?0 4' 1WI 4<>?' Tooo??a<-? 6'a, '*) TtMOMIoiourt 70 (V? W H'lCm'toPacE* 7? llOOOhlo k Mioooor . ta n?>o ?o Biu * MOO do ... M ft ?? Ohio A Mly pro. W 1UW) N T Octroi ft., MB tut) NT CoalHtf ? ? V 110 *?0 krl? 4th ml* b<H. 117 WJO ii dwti \,<u :akt i ? IU? M OB 8 K^old 177 1 <?> N<'8 ? OTt l>tmf b irtH !<*?' Mlh Mold nlfo 106 ?? * * T n 2d m or. 1.VJ0 Alt A T H IB'?>ibO H ruou ib nf so uoi a h coBBi co ai ? do . .... 113 ?Mloo ? MoUni gr 61 <1o W?u 1?>W0 do. m 0 Amrrx-oii 170\ 8*000 do .77..... 171 ll??W do 8 ?b* Pk of Amorv-at . IS8' 8 Runt n* Ooain>Orro IU * 4 tn Itaak ? to?k Kirkinit. 'AT. MOT OkO M I COB HH Mopdat, 8-10 80 A. M. RH. ... Maw 180 do Si} *00 _ do ISO VW Brio KB IWjJ blO I08\ M" do. 100 do !>M Hud Kir RB 138 ' I0U do I38? I'D do lff$ 800 do . 139 80 do M0 |SfV 80) do. blO ISO SW do ... , *? Booding BB i? 800 do 11 Brio BE prerenwA >?Mleh roa BB. ...... Ii* do....... 800 Mloh Bo A M 1 BB . 880 <V? 4m. W !SS \% 13SW ?1 ?>U MM do 90 fon Kioto Ho A N 1 fuar IJS ?00 111 Coo KB Or rip. .. 114 (CP do I24U }'? do ....!>.. .(10 114* ,"n -lo blii I J' 10' do b!0 114 SQ 1U Con full atuok .. 1 imu ?>? do iu *W Clot* A ritu RR |i| >0 d'l ft 10 do *v do. W0 <)o....... IOOWto ColArinRR l?H> i nun ha K<q I?* iff* 2& 'iaa*'"L * Chi BR lis 89U < aatuo Co.. 180 do IU Pons $<>? O '.'....'. 41*1 Ooaval Coal Co.... SO) Cuaib CbbI prof. ... I'? do ...V. MO Qulok* tot M* ., eo do.. *hM IVOopoko I roa IT Bos Martfiaa Ha Co So dO 9 f ( tninu KH ? S! W w 10 S" ISO Bock I KB. . B.ryV? ' i'S* I A *l'; RB.. wu "lo ... II* dOiCloo* A t? KR hao 147' 800 0* j?| llO do ) 44;' BWObtA iockl RB. 100 do ? 0 do dMteftdo _ WCfelcBoo AHW KR M do his >? do *>' do 100 Cblnago A NW pr?f 800 MIm AllMoourl RR 8W AO blO ?<#>< tl ??cond board. ?alt rtrr Two o'Oi/tm p M 1 08 ra. 8 W. oo? 108 mn A, Road.n. R?". ,, l"8*< Ml Mloh Ooa BR IS ? do....... ..... i iMlrh Bo A it 1 BB.. ^ I80P 108 M8 18888 0 ? e*. TTobt (W HH RW 18000 Antflcin fold 111 R ? ?artPMfl !?^j , |fflib?Wn KolO) 2* f? M* IIIp 100 do. ????? <>H*? HOT ? I'dnmli Poll pr?' *4 *?_. <'? ? ? * ?|I0.N * (Voir*. KH ... I2?k? 300 Cleve A Pill* KK 1 ?\ A "? rt?> liHS ??' *n 10fl* ' an Krle KK pref. 106JJ 200 Ual A Cblo KB 114^ jiiO do I "S 10> do...... 11*% 0., d, 108'* 2(M Jk Tol HR..? Jt6? i;, J,;;; nm , 100 cuie a r i rr. ... i?r , ) ?*> Hud#ouKlv*r KK 1* *209 do !f!IH 4V> do V** do... 107*% T, i jo IM'l lOOChle. Uur.tQRRed 127 ?i Hirlm KR 3<la 2tt ?<? Clilc A N W HK bJO 5! ' Kead.u* KK 127 3>> do ._. 51 i M> do 126'f 60 Chic 4 N W pr*f . .. 74 <Vew York City Banki, May 7, 1S6J. litnki. L"an>. Sffrif. Oirculat'n. D*txui>$. America 111.17a, 776 2,810.03* 6,297 11.83S.S74 Amerloan Ex. . .10, 456.4W 1,608.933 85.681 7.880 207 A (Untie 1 0S9 .-257 72.250 11S.370 R*1 9?>6 Promlwnv 5,312.016 472.098 47.2.'>6 6,"2i..i43 Hutch. A Prov.. 2, '29 .409 112.030 280.i>64 1,680.983 Bull's Head 840.108 22 008 150,867 R65.940 Cltv il.28T.189 701.364 ? 4,2>4.?36 Chemical 4,785,864 1,806 0*5 27,784 6.182.4<:0 C?tnmeroe 18,598.430 1,059,366 1,70a 9.886 715 Chatham 1,778,215 58,272 10 5M 1.587 441 Citizens' 1 208.412 100,399 121605 1,082,872 Corn Exchange 8. 388.081 260.993 182.521 3,188 939 Continental .... 3 607.368 186,048 27,784 2.882.631 Common wealth . 2,871. 0.12 76,2:<3 145,610 2,092.826 Dry I OO It 224,838 61791 30 106 402.862 la*t River 617.148 21,971 113,442 632 381 Fulton 2,^97 253 443.866 40.912 2,652.061 1.rwnwlc h 681,020 103.7*8 84.219 550.207 <> racers' 1,014,318 84 *10 0.107 942,026 Han ivor 2.475.247 120.937 109.976 1,708.440 Irving 1,249.078 56.:>6<S 99.821 1,089,049 Imp. ft Trader*' 8.791.590 105 184 186.082 3, 179.596 leather Manuf* 2.302.128 261 687 43,350 2,400 248 Manhattan 5,759 724 822.961 55.364 5.856 894 Merchant*' G, 005.485 1,607,646 158.103 7,227.608 Mechanic*' 4.917.103 548.048 104 701 4 501.478 Merchant*' Ex . 2.400.792 201.228 27,275 1.638,118 Mech * Trad... 1,755,187 137,019 212.061 1,420.879 Mercantile 3,379.576 408,?00 5.204 3 428,141 Metropolitan... 9,463.855 1,079 008 54 8. *08 7,192.032 Market. . . . .. 2.368.220 207 182 75,288 1.748.022 Marine 1.774.27* 185.028 191,359 1.713,282 MJCb.Pkir.AWn 1,047.639 151.731 17,742 1,641.677 Manuf A- Morch. 1.001,806 84,007 2,263 1,158.075 N V County... 7R4.54S 21.247 100 482 808,024 North It i ver.... 1.243,200 45,;!04 46.219 1,129 527 Now York 6 50 < 408 1,322259 74.748 7.230.3<8 Nafona' 2.577. r21 485.733 22.677 l.CO.>,798 North America. 8 675.407 102 310 132.0-n 2.798.101 Nassau 2.327.134 101,009 6.9.13 2,163 s08 Ocein 2,130.296 183.3.16 111 CO! 1,613,220 Oriental R.31.11T 82.38,8 101.405 807.1.15 Paelflc 1,070,034 115 438 99.903 1,712 242 Peonlo* 1.1 '*0.822 89.57 8 17.061 1.1(16.040 park 10,073.194 1.0 4.978 392 6 >4 9.777.577 '?h nix 4.420.875 1,123.832 26,133 4 704.133 Republic 4. '.76.165 201,130 81.054 3 170-04 Seventh Ward 1, *01.906 3411.628 30.005 1,827,518 Slate 6.112..M8 637.245 48, lU 5,7 5,107 St Nicho'as ... 1 .813 .204 117,253 79.117 1.431.352 Shoe & feather. 8.458,160 204.502 610,000 8,104 828 Trad?smens 2.720.138 134.368 340,409 1,085,379 Union 5,447,900 411.009 26,226 4.641,069 Total $ ! 92 ,881 ,246 23 ,082 ,028 5 ,504 .832 168 ,562 ,197 Bnsmxss at thk Pi.haihwg Horsr.. Clearing* for week en tins \prl! 30 $440,587,420 Clearings for wo n cDdiDg Ma. 7 411,052 013 Balance* for wmlt ending April 30 .... 18,110,409 Balance* for week ending May 7 17,892,834 CITY RBf OltT. Mospat, May 9 ? 6 P. M Ashes. ? Receipts. Iu7 bbla. Market Inactive and prices nominally $9 60 for pot* and $11 50 for pearls. BttKAi'STurro. ? Receipt*. 20,617 bbla. floor, 290 bb!?. and 489 bag* corn m?al, 64,540 bushels oats sad 870 do. rys. With increased receipt* and decline In gold prices or flour again declined 10c. a 25c. , with but a limited do mand at the redact! n The export movement was st a stand , and the local trade operated only for the pressing exigencies of the time. Bale* 5 ,000 bbls. State and West ern, COO do. Southern and 800 do. Canadian. Rys flour was dull and nominally unchanged. Corn meal was sold to tbs extent of 2~>0 bbls. . at $6 25 s $A 30 for Jersey and $6 60 ior Rrandywine. We quote:? Superfine State ana Western flour 96 50 a 6 70 Extra Stats 6 85 a 7 00 Choice Slat* 7 05 s 7 15 Common to medium Western 6 90 a 7 26 Good to choice do 7 SO a 8 26 Extra St. Loots 7 50 s 10 50 Common to good Southern 7 40 a 7 50 Good to choice extra do 7 * 10 60 Common Can?ilian 6 90 s 7 10 Gool Jo cbolce extra do 7 15 a 8 40 Rye flour SOTtjcfln* 6 00 a 7 00 Corn meal. boi?... 6 25 a 6 79 Corn meal, puncheon* an ui i Hi no ? ' Th<> wheat market was entirely Inactive; but in order to effect sales a concession of 4c a 5c. would have been nccessary. Not a single trai section of sny magnitude transpired, and no fresh supplies were received. The quantity In transit for this maiket, however, is large, and receivers were offcrlnir to sell for forward delivery at a considurtible reduction from present a^klnjr rate*. Rye was dull . and the nominal asking price* were $1 60 a (1 Corn was scarce and previou* pricoa wore bus tamed. The *ale* com prised 21,000 bushels old Western mixed at Si 89. in store No sample* of new wore of. fored. Oats , unde- heavy receipts, were fultly 2c. a 3c. lower, with an active Ivminess at the concession, the sales reaching 100,000 b'i?hels, chiefly on government account, closing at s?i,c. a 90i tor tho'who'e range? the latier price la certificates. In barley and barley malt there was no movement of Importance, and quotation* were entirely nominal. L'orio* ? riio exciting new* bad the effect to check operation* iu this staple MiJdlii.g uplands were quoted nominally at S2c a 83c Con* * n a* inactive and entirely nominal The stock I* light, and bel l tirmiy. while buyers contend for e con cession. Kor Rio a y a 43c. was oCered, an 1 45c a 46c. was asked Kksu.ii is. ? The strike of stevedores act! iocgsboremeo interfered with business, and nothing of moment w is done for (ireat Bruno. The Loadon steamer took 100 boxe? bi>", on. 100 bile* f.:rs and 100 ton* measurement ?oods at 26s. A British packet, for I.iverpoal, too'* a sro.U quantity of priivtsioc* at 12?. 6d. s 15s., and a KuMian vessel, for Bremen, 50 hhds. tobacco at 22* fid. A British bark wa* chartered for Havre, with 2.500 bl>!*. petroleum at 6s. Od. s foreign vessel, from Philadelphia to Cork, for orders, petroleum st ?s.; a l*rus*Mn birk, hence to M"Ot*vldeo and iiuenos Avrss, lumber, at $11 to the former and $12 to the latter, and two British orig*, hence to Havana. 50c. and 80c per bbl. Molsvs* ?There was nothing doing In this art icls. Cuba musoortdo, would not have brougUt over 80c., if a* much. In large qo*ntitis* 'sis continued dull. Small sales Hn*ee4 at $1 63 a $1 65. Psovmom.? Receipts, 854 bbls. pork, 432 packages beef, 744 do. cat meat* and 1,145 do. lard Trovlsions, ' In sympathy with everything else rtried doll and beavy, and pri'-es favored tb? purchaser alt through. Kor pork the demand wa* very moderate, both ror lots on the spot and to arrive, and prion* were generally lower, though 1,000 bbls. new raee* sold for June st $30, which was considered a good price. Beef was dull and heavy, though we do not geots any decline. Beet bams were quiet. Raeon was Suit, and prices nominal. Cut meats were la limited demand, and price* ruled in favor of the buyer. Ijard was doll, heavy and lower, tkongh only a small bsslness was done st tbs decline. Butter SBd cheese were unchanged. The sa'es were ? Pork? 1,600 bbls at $26 M s$26 76 for old mess. $28 50 ror new do., $24 76 for nsw prime, and $27 02^ for prime mees; else 1,000 bbls. new mess, for June de livery, buyer's eption , at $80 1 ,000 do. , same delivery , $30 60, end 500 do., for July, on private terms. B eel? Sale* 2M> bbl*. at $0 50 a $18 for anstry mes* $6 a $7 for country prime, $16 a $ls 76 for repacked mets, and $19 ?$W fer extra do. Small parcels cut meats at 11 i.e. a 12c. for sboalders. and 16 ',c a lf>c for bams. Lard? 250tlerces, In 13Hc. s 14W. Butter? 28c s35c. for Ohio, and 66c. a 38c. for Stale. Cbeeee? 16c a lac. for common to strictly prime frmoim * ? BSQSlptS, 86$ bbl* The matket wa* dull and nominal, for both crude *nd refined, the former at about Saturday's price*, snd the latter at a further de cline of lc a 2c a gallon. Crude was freely otferea at 37c , bat 36c woald have bought any amount. The sales were 1,000 bbti crude on tbe spot at 84c , and 2,500 do. (dblefly Saturday eveaing , for June, at 50c, buyer'* option, 1,600 do reBned st 66c s 66c on tbe spot, snd 67 ^c , for June 70 do free, on the spot, 60c a 66c. tbo latter ror prime white. Benzine was dull and nominal at 35c. a 96c for refined. Ric* wa* daii and drooping, with lege, a ll>?c. quoted nominally for Rangoon ?nd Araneenia. Scoaa w?* Inactive and no *ala* of Importaac* trans pired Porto Rico sod Cub* muscovsdo were quoted nominally at 16c. a 18c. Taixow was very dull, and nominally Jfc. a Sc. lower. We gnote good to prime at 13t<c a 13^0. Wai**st.? Receipt* 644 bbla. Market Irregular aad h%ber Sale* 2,600 bbl*., part on Saturday evening, at $1 25 a $1 30, c losing at $1 2fl a $1 27^^ ?Ute. ?ITCAtFohib ATOPRO UIRi, WISHES A SITUATION AS SRAM atraoo. WouuJ be wllljnt (.1 Mill In chamberwprk ; baa good I city nfmoM (Ml MM Weal l*h ?t . between ? h and flth ar?. ABTTOATIOR WAVTRD-ttr A RRHPRCTARLR young woman M wet afcrae, uan ?i?r good reference. Call ?' BBU Jth are M*M> Mth aad S7th at a ???<*? ATOURO WOMAN *I?BM A SITUATION TO DO generai hoeaewerk; la a Brat rata conk aad an etoaileat w??hrr and I r <>???? rtftriDW froaa k or ltet plaa* Call at 638 Waahlngtoa at A respectable oirl wishes a situation. aa waltreaa or chambermaid avid aaaaaatreaa : no obieo tlon to tka country; reference giro*. Call for two day? at 13 Ualreralt/ i>aoa. ARtTVATtOR WANTED? ST AR BXPEBIEMCED young artrl, a< chambermaid and food waabor and irmo. or to take aar? of children and ?w; la witling to make haraalf naaful. would go to tka country. kaa tka beet city rafarooaf Col at or a44ia?e 1M Va?IWk at, bat weea B road way and Ttk ALm STTPATION WANTED? RT A TODNtJ WOMAR, AJ chaM barmaid and Waliraaa or to aaairt to waabtng and Ironing; ibo boat oitr rrferenoe loan Ire At bar preaant employer'a. MBaat ?ih at . between 4th and Leilngtoa ara. ALADT WTSBRS TO BBCI7BE A PEBMAHBUT BIT. nation In a go"d, reliable family, for A girl of It, who I* bonaat capable and faithful; can Bo eh am bar work, wait Inc. or ?aelat in Boaaral bouoawork and tka aora of ekiUlren. Vail TtioaBay and WedDoeday at M Waot I7tk at ATOUNO WOMAR WISHES A SITUATION TO DO ?enoral houaawort la a prlrato fatally; tba boat of city refaraoee from bor laat place. Call at 111 Baal BSB at, aatnnd Uoor, front room. 4 LADT WIBRES a EITUJflOR TO DOIIOUSf. A wort or aa houaekeever aiwt; la Mra. WUaon. ? Monroe ?t, Orat Boor, in tM raw A ERBPErTARLB WOMAR WISHES A SITIATIOR U\ la a anal family, la a good plat a cook, w taker e*4 trooor nadorourida balking and poetry; IMM aa ?kteeUoae w ?a in tke country ; boat Of rtty reference flreo fro* bar laat ?iace Aoolr for two Baeg at H AUMtaa Brwfcl/k. Am Yomm law. in RSDUCfl? ?lsfurwsTANcits and almo t a itnnnr In the eltv. desire. to mMI with ?on? one who will provide her with the comfort* of a bomr aud consider bar aa one of the family ; ?he i? wlHtag le a-t a- companion and make her?e!r generally useful. or woul I take entire rharje ai.d Instruct t*o or three children In a widower's family; wowia like to bs con?idere 1 as a daughter to aoaia agerl per on who needs aome oaa to dicer and make home p1ea*ar,t. Anyone who la willing to comply wiib either of (ha above will plesse address Eveline Derinot station P. New York. f >r one week. A YOUNO OERMAN I, ART WHO UNDRRSTANDR IK. Preach and English. wishes to aooompanv a family to Europe Address II. A. Oassebeer. Esq , 57 4th are.. New Yoik. A SITUATION WANTED-AS WAITRESS OR OBAM hermald- no obiectlens to the country for the nmmer month* three soars refereuoe given. Caa be seen for two days at S*!"Weilt 42J at A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO do chamberwork or sewing, or w.iul&mtnd children ; noohiecil.n to the country. Apply at her preaent employ er s M West tth at. a AOIKL WI8HES A SITUATION AS STEWARDESS. Oood reference Call at Slo Mott at., near Bleecker. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE Pr te tail girl, to do chamberwork and walling, or regular waiting, In a prlva'e famllt; ha- three years' good citv reference. Call at 113 Past 21th st. for two dava. A SITUATION WANTED? BT A PROTESTANT WO. man a* first class cook. Reference. Call at 216 West Houston St. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as chambermaid: no objection to the conn try. Cull for two daya at 201 West 20th st. A SITUATION WANTP.D-BY A NEAT. TTDY GIRT, as chambermaid and waitress In a private family; best pit? refereaoe. Call for two days at 15 10th av , corner of 14th st. A SITUATION WANTRD-BY a VHRt TRl'ST worthy person. who is eanaWe of taking the entire management ol an infant or o'di-r children . ia a neat plain sewer; is kind mi l atent've to children; best two ? ears reference frum last place. Call at 415 6th av., between i6t'i and 2uth sts, A SITUATION WANTED-BT A R ESPF.RT A BLR yoang w ou>an, to cook. wash and Iron. Can be s?en. with the be?t of city reforenoe, at 275 7th av.. between 27th nnd 98th ?ts. A SITUATION WANTEO-BY A VRRY COMPETENT yung unman. as ladv's maid or thorough sesmstreas; Is a beautiful fine *?irer; understands all kinds of cutting and fitting, rhildren'acl -thine and * great deal about dr"S-t traklnc: the verv heat of oity references oan be given. Calt at II Weal ldth at. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG GIRL. AS chambermaid snd wiltrea* In a private faml'v. or ?? waitress alone; no objection to go to the country for 'he aunr??'er months; '>e?t o' city reference from hor last p'ace. Call for two dava at 174 Kth si , between 7th and "Vh %<e* A RESPECT ABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHRS A SITU. _r% a ion a* ?ea-n*tress to wait on a lady or take earn of a child* Cjn opera' ? on Willcoi'a sewing machine hss the t> ? ;t dtv reference: to go la the country preferred. Can bo soen at fifi West Hth st. A situation WAVTrn? by a respectable young woman, to d> general housework. Apply at 41 Main st Brocklyn second :'o ir, front room. A GERMAN OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AB OOOK A washer and Ironer in a small private family. Oali at 57 Grand st. New York. A SITUATION WANTED? BT A YOUNG OIRL. lately landed to do the housework of a small family Can be seen at 411 2d av . between 2*1 and 24th sts , tou floor. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO MARRIED WOMAN want* a bsby to *|'. nurse, having toother own: none but respe.v able fami'les need applv. Call for two days at 21] East I7tli st . third I'oor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A VERT RPSPEOTA T\ hie looking young English girl, aa chambermaid or waitress; ha- good eltv refereaoe. Can be seen at room No. 9 ISC Clinton plaee, 9th st A SITUATION WANTED-BT A TOUNO WOMAN. AS rhsmhermald and waitress. In a private family. lias the beet of olty reference. Call at 391 We4 14th -t COMPETENT wifcow WISHES A SITUATION A 8 housekeeper or chambermaid and seamstress, or to take eare of a baby; Is kind and obliging Call at 90 Mala st.. Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WISRRS A SITIX a'lon as chamberoiatd, no oh ectlon is the country. Bast of city reference. Call at 165 North 6th St., Williams burg. ,fc. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION aa mire and seam-trea? ; no objection to the country; would like to travel. Call at I'M 7th ave., near 24th st. A TOUNO GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM ii. WrriiAM and waitress hss the best of cltr referenc-i from her laat employer Call for two days at 212 East I Ith et , room I '. A LADY'S MAID WIRUE* A STTTTATrON; ?*Bf* ?!??? mining and fltiing ladies' dresses snd hairdress lag. Call at 3196th are., near 44th st si., near the A COMPETENT WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO take chsrse a' the sloremom or linen room in a hotel willing to work falthf"|lv for her emp'over; l>e-t of refe renee Call for two days at 45 Si av., near 10th at. from 10 to X A situation wantkd-as ciiambbrmaip and wntrn a. b? a Proteatant young iroro?n. Apply at 37 Weet ?-'th et., flrat floor rear. _____ A RR8PRCT\BT.R TOUNO WOVftN A a!tuatloa aa chambermaid and- WV.'.tP?a or to do fine washing and chamber* ork . haa ijnod city reference. Can be Been fir two d.iye at 74 DuflMd at , Brooklyn ARH8rROTABt,K PROTEST VNT OIRL WISHER A alfiatlon aa chambermaid and aeamatreae no ob:*c dona to lb# country ; good city reference If required. Call at 24* Weet llUh at. Atottno woman wish rs a rituation as an ?jporten el nurse U fond an 1 kind to chl'dren; a good -limn ?mr ha* two veare' reference fro n her pre i-ent emplnver. where abe ran be ae>-n until stilted. Apply at 4ii W?-t 39th et. between 5th and 8th avea. A SITUATION WANTKD-BT A PROTFSTANT OIRL. a* rhambermeid or waltresa; hat no objection to go ia the country Apply at 47a #th are PROTBRTANT OIRL WISHES A RITUATION AS __ rook an.l to in waiting. Apply at her preaent employer ?, 28 w ee*. JQtli at. ^ A RRSPEl'TABI.R WOMAN DRSIRf.R A SITUATION Id a reap caMe family, a? Infant'* riiira* or to nln-n l, ?n >ip chi dren: city reference. Oall for two days at No. A ArnmrH woman wirhfr a riti.* atton as nura* an I aeametreM; Slat en laland preferred or any ?hort distant* from the elty. Addreaa 134 7tb are , between Bd and nd >va. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A RITUATION a- cook . can bake and cook In all lt< branch"!; haa the beat of city reference; will aealat In the waaliing and Iron In*, If reTulred. Pan be area at M 30th at , between Broad way and 5th a* Arfrpp.ctablf marrtrd woman wishes a babv to wet nurae at ber own reeldence Call for twe day- at 112 corner of 2Mh at. and 7th are . firet floor. ARR8PECTABLB TOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITUA tten aa chambermaid. Can be aeen for two day* At til Rett Slth at. A RESPECTABLE TOCMO WOMAN WISHES A BT tiiatlon aa chambermaid an l waltresa. or a* nurae, to Bto the country for the Bummer; good city reference. Can aeon for two defeat 124 Weat 34th at., flrat floor, back room, near 7th are. ARBBPECTABLE TOUNO OIRL WIRHER A RITUA t'on to travel with ? lad* to California. la willlav to a low for her own fare. Call for one week at ISO We?t 20th atraet. A RESPECTABLE OIBL WANTS A SITUATION AB chambcrmal I and waitrea-, or a* chambermaid and to aeslat in the washing and Ironing; city relerencaa. Tall at 20? Woo* let at , between Bieecker and Amity eta.. In the rear. Alary wisher a situation for a most ex client cook; la in every way rompetenl Call at ber ?at eop'.over'a 87 Kaat 23d ?t. AriRBT RITE WASHER AND IRON PR WIR1IEB to set tome wiahing from gentlemen or ladles. Beat of reference. 990 id ar? third floor r ioia No. 9. A SITUATION WABTBD-BT A SCOTC.I WOMAN, ?? f?p*: would aaetst ?-ith the washing. un leratanda * ,h0,t dl,Unrt *? A SITUATION WABTBD-BT A TOUNO WOMAN. TO take rare of a child and aew; good referenda, Call at fi# Weat SOth at., for two daya. A RESPECTABLE OOOD OIRL W1RIIBB A SITU atton a* *?*> I plain cook, waaher and Imner; baa the beat of cltf refer> ace. Call at I* Weet S0?h at ABBRPECTABLB OIE'- WISHER TO DO OP.N oral bouaework la a email private fainllv good Mr refer enoe Call for twe daya at 1ST Smith a*.. Brooli/a. A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN WANTB A situation ?o do aaoeral houeework beet of refariaea If required. Oall at BTP At)a?tle at, Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTBO? AS COOK; IS A GOOD A waaher and Irooari hae ne obieeii >? to the en no try. Can be eaeo for two daya, at 87 Madfeon av., rear bulldla* AVOUNO WOMAN W1SHBB A SITUATIOK AB chambermaid aad waltreaa, no nbiertiun* to the coua try ; gn?d city reference Caa be Men at wo Waal loth at, front room A SITUATION WANTBD-BT A rOMPETBNT ABP eiparlenoed good eook and baker ; !? an eieeCeal latMI aa Call at 491 ?th av., near 41?t at. A TOUNO WOMAN WIRBKS A SITUATION At ..JTSZttt KWXT"""" ? "-v-*" A BBSPBCTABbB WOMAB WISHBS A SPPt'ATIOM A aa la u ad reaa ia a private family, Beet atty refereaea. Call at IIS Weetl'th al A BITUATIOB WANTBD-BT T~BBRPBCTABUI A youac woman la * flret rate nurae; oan da liatilekaaa berwork , beet city refereneea. laqulre at Ul Baa t Juth at APBOTBStABT OIBL WISHBB A BITUATIOB AS neree aad plain >ewer. or would do ohamborwork and waHltta, *o objection ta the c. ^uy, or to travel with a lady ; tie beat of atty refeteace. Call it 43# Mb ae? batweea loth and 17 W) eta. ABBBPBCTABLB OBRMAB WOMAB WIBBBB A eituatoHi ae iret cla.a oak aad I* willtaa la aaalat la tb? waeblwf and Ironing Oall at 116 RMagtoa at, oomer at Beeai. leoea Ne A A TOO MO WOMAN WANTB A SITUATION fK A eaaall family to do general hetieework. baa ao etojeutiea ?ITOATinm WAKTID ? rBHALM. An eduOatbd am e 810*11 i,ady dksireb a po -Ition ?- m?tn>n of an instil ntlon . *aliafactory refe rence Ad irea? H H.. Urooklyn Post oflloe. 4 S NURSE? BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN OF MU^H A eiperieuce in the car* of cb'Mren . Is capable nt taking entire cliarge at a young infant. Can be seen at 18 Jones at A SITUATION W ANTP.H ? A8 CHILDRRN 8 NURSK . hi a respectable cuiored girl, who can fiirntib i he beat of el?y reference. Apply at Ml 8th eve. lor He rah Peteraon A situation wantkd-by a yopno oiru ab nirae or ohantbarauUd in a anall private family: city reference ran t>e given. Apply at 135 West 19th st., botwaon 7th and Sth aves., for two daye. 1 SITUATION WANTKD? BY A COMTRTRNT PRR A >?n. at nnrae ana ipamftMl! can take charge of a baby fram It* Mrlli ; send referenoaa. Apply J at ISA Id a?*., between 12th and 13th *1*. , . I a SITUATION WANTRD? BY A RESPECTABLE \ woman, in a saisll. plain, private family; isagood ixtnk, washer and ironer. A oomfortab'e home more an ohiect Mian high wages. Call at No. 9 ?ith St., In Ihe rear, fhe country preferred. Can give the beat of city reference. ? h ambrioan woman wants a situation as J\ housekeeper and seamstress can opeiaU on a ma ?hine If re mired. Call at 181 Raat 17th at. a SITUATION WANTRD-BT A YOUNO WOMAN, AS J\ wa item; good city treference given Apply at 387 oth ave, in th* candy atire. for two day a. A respectable woman wishes a SITUATION as firm cla' a rook in a private family i best of refe rence Apply at 112 Weat IRth at. a GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS COOK AND TO f\ a-st?t In the washing and Ironing Best of elty refer ence. Can be aeeu for two da\s at 12.1 7lh av. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUA t\ Hon to take care of children an l do plala sewing; would n~4*st with the chamber work or waiting. Can be seen for two days at 35 West 13th at. A SITUATION WANTRD-BY A RESPECT ARCH cirl aacook, Aral rate washer and Ironer; no obicction to go in the couutry. Qood reference. CaU at 141 7th ay., near SOth at. * SITUATION W ANTED? BY A YOUNO WOMAN. ;\ to do rhamberwork and as-lst in the w*?hlng and Ironing or to do housework In a small family ; no objeotion io co s short distance In the country for the summer Heat ot reference. Can he seen for two da?s at 225 21st St., sec ond lloor. front room. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AH laundress or chambermaid and waitress; can give satis factory reference. Call at 1!<7 Hester st. 4 YOUNO OIRI- WANTS A SITUATION A8 REAM j\ stress: understands dremmakln!: w ould bavc no ob e~ tion to ntiond on grown chlli'r?n; we'l lecon.mentsMl. Call f..r two days at 3R4 West 26th St.. bftWOC? 9lh a-.d 10th uvs. A YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO DO j\ crnenil h uisework n a su-sll family ; is a good cook, washer snd Ironer. CaU nt 21 Ludlow St.. room No. 9 A SITUATION WANTKD? BY A RRSPRCT A BI.E young woman, as cook, washer and Ironer; understands all kind" of family baking; !>e?t city references; no objec tion to go In the country for the summer month*. Call at 1 Ifi 7th av . between 8th and 9th sta. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITU A tion in a private family as chambermaid nnd waitress, or ascliamliermald and to do sewing; the best of city refe rence can be given. Tall at 386 7th ave, between S-'d and S:sd sis., in the shoe store. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS laundress; city oroouutry; beat of city rcterenee. CaU at 216 West lGlh at. A YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM liermaM and waitress: no ol>>ection to do general house work; chy reference. Apply *1805 2d a v., between 28th and 29th at*. A8ITUATION WANTRD-BT A RR8'"KCTABLB Wo man; la a first rate washer and ironer; good reference from last place. Csn lie seen for two day* at 77 West 25th St., between 6tb and 7th ave*. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WI8HRS A SITUATION TO do chamherwork and lend a baby. City refeieooe. In quire at 282 West 16th *t. A RESPECTABLE TOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITU A tion as nnr^e and seamitreea; can cut and fit children'* clothing. Beat of city reference Call for two days at No *25 6th an . A TOUNO LADY WAMTS A SITUATION AS COOK, waaher and Ironer in a small private family. Bed city reference. Call at 525 6th a* A*ROT*8TANT YOUNO WOMAN IS DESIROUS Of obtaining a situation In the capacity of chambermaid and waitress, or as chambermaid and plain ?ewer; would like to go in Ihe country. Boat city reference from last place. Call for two days at 1*T? Basfioth st.. near 3d av. A RESPEfTAnr.K OIRL W A NTS A SITUATION AS __ cook; no objection to assM to wsshing: run give good referene<\ ( an bo seen for two days If not hired at 423 1st av. . between i'th ami 26th sts. ARRHiRCTABLR TOUNO GIRL WANTS A SITU atton, In ft steady family, ? ? chambermaid and to assist In washing or Ironing; will be foind a pleasing parson: no objection to go In th? OT'jgl" dnjdn* the summer months; best of city ri ferc-nce. Apply &l 5fl E#?t A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WIBHE8 A BABY TO wot nurse at her own house Can be highly recom mended for honesty an! kindness and clean iiwnmo datlona Call for two (lars at 3<)7 Monroe St., lu the rear building, dm 11' or . ARERrF.<TARLB OIRL, LATELY LANDED. WANTS a situation to do work for a small family In the city : Is a io <a hand at shirt making, and a I pla'n sewing- Is capable af attending to children's lessons in reading and writing. Call at 110 West llt'i 't , bet wren 8th an 1 7th avs AVei'Nll FRENCH OIRL. SPKAKINO NO ENGLISH, 17 yearO Cf age. Just arrived from rrenoe want > a si tuation k? lady's ounipanion. or lo loach French to children. Can be eoen until engaged, at ISO Rowery, ?{a>v Vork. A OOOK.-AN Jiv'JLtaH WOMAN. WHO THOR ?ty. iUDHilT'understands her business, want* a situation as C-*>k. Apply at her pres-nt employer's, 107 Kaat lflth st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WO* AN. as chambermaid and ta lake care of children; noob lection lo the country f >r the summ-r Best city reference from her laat place. Apt ly at 1^ 7th av. AS EXI'ERIENOF.D SB AM8TRESS.? A SITUATION wanted. In a private famll*. in cliy or country b a respectable woman, who understand* all kinds of family aewing. misses' and boys' clothing. cutting and Suing em broidery. Ac : or would engage as housekeeper In a private family or hotel C?t? re eri n es Call at 411 C h ar. APROTEUTANT WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS seamstress and ho' sekeencr . can cut and flt children's clothing and do fancy needlework and embroidery SaHs fno'nry city referen ea lo quire at IS! Yartck st , oter the bakery, for two da\ a A RESECTABLE WOMAN, who HAS BERN AC customed to washing In private families, would like lo take In some at her own re Idenee. rit* reference Call on Mrs. McRlmy. ITU West Mlh *t.. near -lh av.. in the rear. ArROTKSTANT TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A RITU. a'lon s seaautlre a and to do light otiamberwnrk. or wrald take csre or rrown clitldren, has good city reference. Call at M West 27th st A SITUATION WANTED JT A RK8PBCTABLB younij woman lo do general Wusewort | Is a ?0"d plain enok and first rate wa-hei and Itoner, the best of city refer ?oca from her laat vlace. Call at I4f Harrison st Br >oklyn. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS good cook, wa iter and Ironer; good city refereuoe if required Can be ?eea for two days at 8$) 3d av., between 14 th and S?th et?. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RESPECTASLB girl, to rook, wash andiron; the best of oily refer ence. Can be seen for two days, at 100 Amity St.. Brooklyn, third floor, back room ? ARESI'Rt'TABLR OIRL WANTS A SITI'ATION IN a >matl private family, as good plain cook, washer and Irooer. Has ti e best of city reference Call at 244 Weet 8*1 st. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE yo- n 4 w-nmaa. a* wet aurae; ml<k one month old. ran be >eeo for two days at KM'avenue B. ARlTl'ATION WANTED? AS NURSE, BY AN RNO lls'i Prote tant woman, fully competent to take the en tire chatge of an Infant or young children. Can give the ht?l ret testimonials as to character aad capability from ber late employers. **tth whom >he lived many years. Can be sr. n at 1*4 West 8Mb si, bet ? een fltti and 7th svs. ARliSl'ICTABLR YOl'NO WOMAN WISHF.S A SIT as' ion as g ?t pla n ooek, washer aad l*oner; would do (?Bera-I h<"isework In a small private farailv ; no objec tions to go a abo. t d stance In the country. Has good city reference. Can lie ?een at 17V East Wth st, between 1st 'and Id are . second floor, back room. ? SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNO AMERICAN girl. 17 years of sge. fo take rare of children and do plain sewing. Call for two days st a Montgomery si, ow ner of Monroe A SITUATION WANTED? BY A fOUNtf WOMAN, AS chans l>et maid and waitress; has good city relereuce. Call at MS.'t 7th av., first floor front room A SITUATION WANTED-BT A SCOTCH WOMAN. J\ as Or t class cook, three yeere'cltv reference. Apply for two days at 97 Bast 11th st . between 1st and 3d are , top Boor, kaek room. A YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS flrstelass waitress; la willing to do chamberwork and waiting; hai no objection to go in the sountry; has the beet er city reference freri her last place. Call at 400 7th sr., ?etweea 56th aad ?^h su SITUATION WANTED-BY A WOMAN. AS, COOK aad tossstat ta washing and IroBlog; good reftreaoeg. I at 14S West 17th st. A YOUNO OIRL WISHER A SITUATION TO DO general housework In a small family; Is a Mod plate eeek, waaher and Ironer; best references; no objection to city or eo i a try. Can be seea for twe day at 78 Broome st. YOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS COOK aad to do lbs washing la a email private family; best city reference Call f>r two days at M Weet 17th aC, Orel geor. war Sth av. a SITUATION W ANTED-Bf A YOUNO WOMAM, AS A ehamiarmald aad waitress; good dty reference. Ap ply at 8* Weet Md st . aear 7U av. SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOtTNO WOMAN, AS chambermaid and waNrwat baa Ike beet of city refer* eaee. Caa he seen at ltt West S7ih at., ry>m X Asiyuation wantrd-by an avbrioan wo. man, as koasekeeoer. orohlid'a aurae or seamstreea; gai7^"d, ; ^ of ^ A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RRSPICTABLI WO A msa, ss fret alase lauadrees; country preferred Can at her preeeai . empicfer's, M Weet wh st. Me will give her the beat of refereneee a COMPETENT YOUNO WOMAN WIBHBS A SITUA J\ tloo aa waltreas or chambermaid and waltresa, the eotitry jpiefiwd; good cky refereenc from her laat p ace Call at m Weet ISth at, between Hk and 7th are. A COMPETENT YOUNO WOMAN WISKBR A BITUa Uoa aa chambermaid and seamstress or nurse Md aeamstrees ; ao objectloe In the soealrr Can be ?een for toe Isyiatm West ISth si, between dih and 7th are^ A RBSPBCTABLM YOUNO* OIRL WISHRB \ ItrtA uSia; <^ii ?rruTioii . Aprowstawt won a* wisbbb a situation as charn barmaid and wailreaaor to do sewing. Apply U 06 Went lSih at.. uear Alb av. A GERM AN GIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN A BE a|>?ctab e email Auiencau fauil'y. Call At 82 ot. Hirk'a place. flret fleor A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE girl. a* good p. hiii c k washer aud ironer; la a g"od nt'litr ami iroocr. has good city reft- rauoe. Call a t 117 82d at., between 3d au^l Lf Huston ?>ea., first floor, back tooai AW AMERICAN OIRL W18HES A SITUATION A8 nur e Mid seamatre-s; h il the beet af city reference. Call at 6th ar? . betwtcn 3oth aud StilU nts.. lirni H <??< . A SITUATION WANTF.D? BY A COMPBTKNT FIB son, ai chambermaid and waltiesa, or aeamstrps>'; haa food city reference Can bn ><?u lor two days at 127 Weat 20th at., l>etween 7ib and 8th avea. A SITUATION WANTED-AS seamstress AND TO asalst to tbe care of children, or waiting on a lady and Itgnt ehembenrork; uo objection to going a abort distance In tbe country . haa goo. I cftjr references Can l>e aeon for two daye at 217 Went 26th at., butweeu Htk And 9th ava. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A 8IT nation in a email family; la a good plain c<>ok and an excellent washer and ironer, or would do tbe light house work In a small, private family : haa the best city refereno#. Can be seen for two days at 73 Cauai St., corner of Allen. A I'ROTBSTANT NURSE l>HSIK&h A SITUATION TO take charge of an Infant; heal of reference#. Apply at II Kant 23d at., where ska baa tlrad for over four yeara. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RRBPBCTABLB young womim. lately landed, to do general houaewo k: no ob le -ilon .to k> a ahort distance Into t lie country. Call for two daya at 410 Weat 16th at., betwcou tflh and IQtli ava. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL IS DESIR on?of a situation an chambermaid and seamstreaa; or would take rare of children and do sewing; haa the beat of city reference. Call at M 9th avenue, between 16th and 16th ata , thlid floor, back room. ARESPEtifAPLE MIDDLE AGED WOMAN WANTS a sltuatlm aa nurae; ha- been aecuatomed to the care of children f"r manv years; no objection to i;o Into tbe country for the summer; can give the very best i?t oity re ference Can be seen for one da; at 115 West 15th at. AYOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM bermald and nurae; willing to sew or as?lst in washing; oountrv preferred good reference. Call at 17 Sulllvau St., in the ba.-emcnt. aflei 9 o'clo le SITUATION WANTED? BY A SMART OIRL, AS A good cook, washer and ironer. no obcctlon to go a aliort d s ane in the countrv. Can be aeon for t*o or three days at "U Wyc'.off at., top lloor, Brjok'yn. SITUAIIIVN wantkd-by a young lady, as saleswoman oroopvlat; understands bojkkeeplng. Beat of rcfereneea. Ad lre?a (or two days M. D.. 4?M ?th ar. Situations wanted? b* two respectable tlrls. to to to the country; one a* cook waaher and ironer. the othi'r aa chambermaid and waitress. or plain s?wlng and embroidery : the beat of reference froat their last employer. Call at A) Washington St., Brooklyn. QITUATION3 W A NTF. I) ? BY TWO TO UNO WOMEN; kj one ax cook, washer and Ironer; the other as chamber maid and watt re as; hare the beat of cltv reference; no ob jection to the country. lie seen at 310 We-t 2Gtu at. SITUATION WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE OIRL. aacook. washer and Ironer in a private family; no ob jectlon to going a abort il:atanci In the eountr' for the aummer. Can be seen for two days at 127 Court St., Brooklyn. SITUATION WhNTED? TO DO GENERAL HOUSE ti work; good city reference-. C?U at 70 Atlantic at., Brooklyn. : - - ' ' ' SITUATION WANTED-TO DO OENERAL llOUSB work; is a good washer and ironer; city references. Call at 125 Greenwich are. SITUATION WANTED? TO COOK WASH AND IRON; or would do housetvorlt. Caii be seen at 167 Kaat 11th at. QITUATION WANTED-TO COOK WASH AND IRON. O or to do i.eoeral housework; oity references. Call at 78 Eist Warren at.. Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED-TO DO OENERAL HOUSE work In a private family; fire yeara reforencea. Call at 100 Mott at. third a >or. SITUATION WANTED? BY A SCOTCH WOMAN. AS cook and to asaist with tbe waablng; would go with a family to tbe country for tbe summer. Can be seeu at 241 West 12th at. CITUATIONIWANTED-BY A RESPECT A BLE YOHNO O girl, ai ch tmberinald or waltrea*; good city reference. Callat 110 West 13th at SITUATION WANTRD-aB CHAMBERMAID AND seam t-^as, In a private family: eity ref ere noes Callat 683 East 2?tb at. SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE TOONO O woman as seamstress: can cut and fit chll Iran's clothes and do anv kind of embroidery; beat of city references. Can be seen for two days at 3> 6th -t 4JITUATION3 WANT8D-BV TWO YOUNO OIRLS; O one to cook, wash and Iroty the other to do chamber work and waiting or to aaaiat In the washing and ironiu^; . beat of city reference" can be given from their last places. -?T two da^* ,l 00 41?t at, between ilb and Madla-jn ava, SltCATlO* WANTBD? BY TWO BESPBOTABLB young gl-Ta one ai J1."" !a,;n^rC". th# other a? cnambermaid and wil'.J^aa. or lo piind chllareh ; beat city reference Can be aeen at 30] West 26th st. QITUATION8 WANTBD? FOR COMPETENT FIRST O class cioka. chambermaida. waltressea; laundresses, seamstresses. nurs*s nooks lo wash and Iron bouaework er-. small girts and glr'a lately Unded; also ina> help, at tue Employment llou e. I3J 1 1 tb street, coi tier of 6th ar. SITUATION WANTEfi? BY A YOUNG OIRL, AB O cbamborrnald and waitress or;* ifgiuCS .STi' e nee Call at tH id av,, 0.>rner ,V>th at wrsrr ,BW <r'o%Vb ^ <" r?'erenc?. Ca* X'v'j ^ TWO YOUN'l WOMEN WKH BITT'ATIONS: ONE AB chambermvd and waitress, and ibe rther as chember maid and to assist irt wsl'lng aid lo p'am aee-ln:r, good city reieren es. Cal! at lit West 15th st., between 6th and 7th ars. TWOSIsTKRS rOKRMAN G1BL8) WANT SITUATIONS; one i:nder?iands ?ny branch of hO'isework. the olher would do light houaework and take care of children Apply fur two days at 163 Plh ar., between 21 at and 22d sts WET NirRSK'S SITUATION WASTED? BT A RE spectable married woman. Call ai 61 Cherry at. ; phy. sician s reference furnished. VV BT NURSE. ? A SITUATION WANTF.D. BY A RE - " a pee table married woman. Call at 246 East Uta st. third 3oor. front. AdiU2T "n?^eho.r! 'v^^Agy i^^ij"{r88. AdJn*. i Preferred ; l>*??of rife'l^"-"' ! tw*? ?c?mi ?z?~ ,Mt pwcciir:th^^ $ WANTKD-BT A KF8PECTABLB OIRL, A 8ITUA lloni to UK* charge of a ba'-v and do piila sewinir. or I to do general housework in a email private family Oood ; reference. Can ba seen for two <lay< at 29 Summit it.. South Brooklyn. WASTED? A SITUATION. BT * A BE8PRCTARLK young woman, at ?ood oook. washer and Ironer. or would do general housework. Haa good cllv referent Ca l at W Bank at., between 4th and Hieecker. Id the base mast. WANTED? BY A BRSPBCTABLB PR OTE3TANT girl. a alt -ailon a* chain bermaid or eook, in a email rainlly. Oood city refers noes If re-inired. Ari"y at 130 Ea t WANTBD-A SITUATION, BT A TOUNO OIRL, TO do housework In a (mail private family: la a good waaher an.] Ironer and plain cook; good re.'erenoe can be given. Call at S7S 3d av. In the rear, for two dsya. fVANTED-BT A TOl'NO AMERICA* OIRL, A SIT " ration to do charaberwork aod walling In a amtll private family: food city reference can t>e given Call at S75 3d av? In Ik* rear, for two daya. WANTBD-BT A BBSPBCTABLB TOUNO WOMAN, a altuatlon ai rook : on* who under-tanda her btiil. nee* in all I to branches j the bo*t Of city refersnoe can be given. Call at 1'* 9t Mark's glace WANTBD-BT A RESPECTABLE TOUBO WOMAN. ? situation aa Orel rale took. wo?M be willing to u alat In the wash tag. aan give Hy?t class eity referene*. Can be teen for two dara at 431 West Iftih at. WANTBD-A SITUATION. BT A BBSI'ECTAHLB vv young woman, aa waltre-a; perfectly tinder*tan>ta her btialne-a in nil Ita branches; ha? the beat of city reference. Can be aeen for two da) a at IDS Kaat llth al, Oral floor, front room. - WANTED? A SITUATION A8 CHAMBERMAID Oil ?earn* rape; understands allklada of family sewing; good reference Call at 130 WW I>th at. WANTBD-A BITOATION. BT A BBSPBCTABLB young woman, aa first class rook; understands her bu> alneM In all ita branch**; beat ef city reference Call at IIS Weal lath at WANTBD-A SITUATION, BT A BBSPBCTABLB v Y girl, aa cook In a small private family , la a flret rat* waaher and Ironer, can give beat of ally referene* Call at j4?Weet 26th .C WAXTID -BI A BS8PEOTABLB TO VRO WOMAN. ? filiation to do general housework in a email prl VU* family ._Call at ITS Weet 311 1 Wabtbd-bituation?,~bt two respkctablb girls; on* a* nook, washer and Ironer; the oth*r a* chambermaid and waluese or to take oar* of ehildren; ?rood eity reference. Call for two lariat IW Wot 30th it., Oral floor. WANTBD? A SITUATION. ?T A PROTBSTABT OIRL, Tf to d . chamberwork and plain aawmg. or ?* travel with a family. City referent) from bar laat plao% where ?he lived aeven yearn ban m seen for two day* at 140 Baat Md si. * WANTBD-BT AN AMBBNUN ?1BL. A BITUATTOB ? as nurse. Cail.?tkke beeeeefherperent* the Oral briok kon*e in Bei-gib it. fro?n VanderbiU av? Brooklyn. Ooodnliy references given. a,jrZS-w.iftjggt' ' WMANTBD-BT a HBALTBT PBOITS8TANT WOMAN, I a aitnatlea aa wet no roe. Call ft in Untea court. Whabtbd-bt a mbspbotablb TOUMi? MI&V ? lately landed, a *itoat?oo to u?ke earn of Wit dren aud do light chamberwork. Oall al ill Deaiaai.. Brooklyn WMH ANTBD? BT A TOUNO WOMAB, A StTl'ATION IN ? a good, steady IMflft M *??V ?ash and Iron; ta a first rate enok. ma?* eioolleal bread and D?stry , Is fully oompetaat aa-i oaliglag : <* *?? reference from bar teat pleo* call a* f Waat 3Hk it, top neor WANTBD-A BITOATlflW, BT A COMPRTBNT WO? 1 TT man. aalret alaaa yoek In a private family. Oaa I dune the heat of ?ty tef?renrea frmn he. last plane r,B ttrfflfTiS ' Wh*>4toth I ?IfVATIMl TTlHTUfcTT rgWHM situation, bt a bbspsotabls youo? woman n good oook, wuher and ironer. or ta de general housework la a email family. ma boat of all# reference can be given. Cm I at 31 Amity at. between Hiok* and Co'uinbla ata.. South Brooklyn. WANTED-BT A BESPBOTABMI WOMAN. A BABT In wr: nnrw at hr own reeMenee. b??et reference* glr>Q. Apply at 81 Weal 2dth it , between Gib and 7th art T\rANTKD-**r A BEBPEOTABLB YOUNO OIRL, A 'I situation ischambBrmald and to do plain sewing or general housework la a email private family < AU for two days at 270 H?M l'tta - 1 jigftT < floor. froat room. WANTED ? A WIDOW LADY AND HElt DAUGHTER di-eire to take chariie of a house >1 -? "w the aba tice of tbe family in mnmer 0*il at or adilrees M . K. No 1.271 Broadway, near :tJd at. In infra In the Ire cream sal>on. WASTED? A SITUATION. A3 NI'KSB, TO ATTBNB a baby, bv aa exaerlenoe I |>*raon; she releis to her last plane. yvhere she wan nngaged for over 11 Mara. Apply for two days al '.'81 Hudson avenue, Brooklyn WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECT* B LB rounu (jlrl. to do chamWrwork and waiting, or to take rar* of children. Beat citjr reference. Call at 80 Weat 2Mb at ^ WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE bMTsG WOMAN A . situation as nurse and to d? plain aewliw or assist Is chamberwork. ran be seen for two day tat 515 Columbia at., near Hamilton ave., Brooklyn. A^i'TED? BY A COMPETENT TtftJNO WOMAN. A T* uf iatlon at nurae and aeamatreaa or w >uld do cbam )>erworlc and w.iitlng; can oome well reoommended. Call for two days at 211 7th av. WANTED? BY AN EXPERIENCED OIRL. A HITUA tion as aooij, in a private family, la willing toasalat In waahlng and ironing; a home more an obleot than him wage-: country no objection. Call for three iaysat 161 lltb at., near av. A. TtTANTBD? A SITUATION. B^ a YOUNO WOMAN. If la a private family, as chambermaid and seamstrtfaa, or as waitress. Has good reference Oan be seen at 216 East 12th st.. second floor, back rootn. ty ANTED? A FEW GEBTLBMRN'S WA3HINO BY A '? woman capable of washlog and Ironltis Call at I At West 28Ui st.. top door, back room Oood reference given WANTED? BY A RRSPBCTABLE YOUNQ OIRL, A situation as nurse and seamstrcs; run he highly re commend" 1 Call at the corner of Boerum and Bergen ata. , Brooklyn. WANTED? BY AN TNTF.LMOBNT AMERICAN WO v? man, of ?ome eiperience, a T lace either to take ra a of children (not In arms) and to do plain sewing or where tho family is small to do light upper work in connection with sewin-'i la com potent to I!!' a housekeerer's situation or to take charge of a furnished house for the summer: haa n lie sewing macUlna which can go with hT if agreeable; wages not ao much of an object as a good home Pnr re ferences and application apply to Mr. David D. Kgan 41W Canal st.. or at lt> Leroy pLaoe, corner of lireeae aod Bleecker sta. . t >p floir. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN A SITU at on as first rate waitress or chambermaid; tin for atands wash in; ami ironing . lias lived In first class fanul es, ran give best o: city referenoe; no objection to go Into tha oo uiry can be s?iei? for two day* at !21 West 20th at. riTANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH OIRL A u aliuat on to do chamberwork and aawing; city refer ence from her last place. Call at 427 I si av., between 25tk and 2<<tb ata.. up one pa r of stairs. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLB girl, to take rare of childran and do plain vewlng; haa the beat o city ref erence. Cai. at 311 4th av. fWT ANTED?BY A TOUMfl OIRL, A SITUATION TO vv taka c ire of chl'dr*n and do sewing; haa the best of references. Call at 90 Weat 23th at. WANTBD? A SITUATION. BT A BKSP ROTABLE youn* woman, to do chainberwork and wa'liag. or to take cat of children. Can be seen at 238 Weat 10th at., be* tween 7th and Sth av-". ________ WANTED? A BlttTATION. BT A RESPECTABLE* girl, as wa'treaa. Has the beat of reference. Can be aaen at her present emp'ojrer'a, 23 Weat KRh at. No objeo tlona to go to the oountry. WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE OIRL. A 8ITUA ? tloa sa waitreas or chambermaid, In a respectable. Private family: has good cltr refsrenoa Apply at 112 8th av., between I9tb and 16th eta. W "aBTBD? A SITUATION TO DO ?OUBBWOBK OB cooking Best rererence. Apply at 228 B at IStb at., between lat and 2d a*'., for two daya. ? ?, WANTED? A SITUATION AS SATjESWOM AN, OR TO uke the entire charge of millinery. No objection te going In the countrr. Referenoes given If required. Ad drees for two daya Bra J. W Colwell, IIS City SL< flouae' WANTin-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECT A B LB TT woman, ascbambermald and to aailat In the waahlng and Ironing. Call at M Christopher el., second floor, front. WANTBD-A SITUATION. BT A TO UNO WOMAlf, as chambermaid and waitress. Beat ally reference. Call ai No. 4 Horatio at. WANTBD-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE woman, to do the c >oklng. waahlng and ironing of a good family; has no ohjac'lon to the country: good refer* ence given. Call at 84 Baal Baltic at. South Brooklyn, for two daya WANTED? WASHINO AND IBOHIBO, BT A RB? TT apeotahle woman ^at 387 2d ave. AN?Wt)? A S!TVAT,ny RT ? YOUNO LADY TO W teach <h*i Rngll-6 fifttnlieir eTlherln i Brlfute famllf" or school, no ob cctions to go a ahort distance la the coua. try. Addreas H. A. B , Wilson ecbool* 117 ar A. -I i A 1 ?? ?. ? ? WANTED-BT A LADY WHO HAS MUCH SPARE time and who writes a good -han l. a situation aacapy ? 1st or correspondent. A'Siil'IM'&.-AJL, Post office \ZT ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE II young girl, as rham'.iermald and plain aawer. Call for two days at 211 Canal at. _________ WANTED? SITUATIONS. BT TWO BESPECTABLS young .Iris rooualnai to do the entire work of a nnttee. Have the best . f city reference, eight years, from their last place Call at 173 3!st St.. near 8U> ave., first Door, back room WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO OIRL. AS Charobe-matd en I wai'.resa can give good cltj refo rence. Call at 67 33d -t , corner of Broadway, for two daya. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLI Protestant young girl, as chain bermald and seamstress; has no ob eotlon to take care of children, good city rrfe rencee given Apply at liki Thompson st WANTED? SITUATIONS. BT TWO OIRLS, ONR Afl chamher rald and scamsfre?s, the oiher to lake cam of chlidrtn. Call at 224 Kaat 18th at., i>etween lat and 2d ava. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to cook, waah and iron ; good city reference Call at 28?7th ar. WANTBD-A SITUATION BT A RESPKOTABLB girl to rook, waah and Iron; haa the beet e f etty r nf ere noe CAI at 229 7th av., uear 25th st TIT ANTED? A SITUATION. BT A BRSPBCTASLB S* ? girl to cook wash and Iron; heat of city rererencoe rcn. Call at 09 Court at, one door from Atlantic, Brook n, upper floor. I XXl ANTED ? A " SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLB ?? woman aalsuwdresa; la capable of lainng the anllrc eli arm; has the best of references fram berlaat ?la?*i so objections ta the ceuntry. Apply for two daya at 4S0 4th aT WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN K situation ; Is a g od plain cook, n-asher and Ironer. baa best of city references. Can be aecn at 93 Weat 19th at, be tween Ath and 7th ava., third lleor, feout room. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A TOUNO OIBL, AS chambermaid and waitress or to do cbamberwork and plain aewlng Can be seen for tW? daya at 101 Kaat Uth M. WANTED-BY A RBSPF.CTaBLE OIRL. A SITUA. tlon as nuiae and seamstress: haa no objection to tha oountry. Call at 425 Ath av. WANTED-A SlfVATION AS CHAMBERMAID AS* TT plain sewer, -mr to aaslst In the laundry: haa no ob jection to wait oo a small private family ; oily reference Call for two days at 177 Eeet 12th at WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN, a situation aa flrat class rook; underatanda her bust* nesa In all ita branches, haa Bo objection ta lUMlet la wash tag and Ironing; the beat of city reference from her laat place. Call at 154 Weat 27th St.. second floor, front room. WANTED-BT A TOt'BO LAB*. A SITUATION AS housekeeper. Addresa M. B.. llernld office. \\T ABHtNO AND IBONINO DONE? BT|MRS. WOLP. f T 164 East 7th at . room 11 : THE TRADE*. ~ ATOtTWO MAW WHO 8PBAK8 ORRRAR CAM AO attire, on ra?y Urtna, * thormigbtknowledgn of dea liftrr fn (boor? and practice, at 239 6th ar. Bust be dmI tad gentlemanly A hardener- a orrmar, who unorrstandb . Jk.?'"* perfectly, waate a Mtu?tlon. Apply at HtQla 0 HotM. A PRACTICAL JOB BIRDIR Wautbo- at trb Mercantile Ageney, to repair and reblad roaord beakat liberal wage* to a aompetent man DB8IORBR-A FIRST CLASH CA1.IOO DESIGNS* l? wanted. Apply to J. C H ?*? A Co , 9? Worth at Gas fitter ard plumber wantkd-stbadt work aad good w?^e?; alao ga? pit*. Iwatf ptp?, bra?ii an t KOffMr bought and aotd. Apply ta W. 0. beeetar, 1.S7S Broadway, oomar 84th at. 8AR0BNRR WARTRD? ORB WHO . tTRDRRRTARD? *#wct?bke. grapery and flowerx To a aurii ma? a permanent plana Call betweea fa and nna e'clnek to day and to morrow to Clark A Rogart. IS Warraa ac, upetatre. DAPKR MAKERS WARTBD.? POUDRIRIER MA Errtirss :&??:? f Mo-ely. Wllaiiagton, Dal Or7rTTR?.-WART?D. AT JOHW W. ANRRMANS I printing offier, 47 Cadar at . a rr*po?Ubia end lutein grnt bar to lrarn the prkaUog buelneiw. Aiao a boy who baa eome knowledge of tha builnaaa, tf ha own com wall man? a*i ad. T>LTJMBRR WANTBDwONR WM OAR DO OAS Ft* X_ ttag. A jtoady job. Apply la J. Be neon, at Chadrayaa A Bra. 'a, Tonkara. R. T. 8ILTRB PLATBR1-WAN.TED. TWO GOOD WORK ??a at earriaga wark. aid aaa a tar. at t47 Qraad at. th* rear. CAW ORIRDKR WaKTID -APM.T TO 0 . A W. O. P Rklutdeoa, 1? Rallrogi ?*, Newark. S. X. or taJofca Saau. IW H ??ter ak /Raw fork. rDRAOOHTBMER.-WAJMEl*. TWO ARCHIT80 tarai draugbtaman. t? go to Philadelphia. Aiilyka Iwaea 11 aad a o'clock to day (Tueedai), at tha Meaahaota* Hotel, room ldfc ?? Adaiaoa Huttoa. rpTPBC ALTERS WAIfTBP? AT BRUCB'8 B1W TOR* '>?* *e>indry. 18 Obambere at rpflRKl OAS FITTERS W ANTED ? IN.Q0IR1 AT Ml I. WJk a?., be* wean Slat and Md a'a. rrWRBRARD RBPAIRBR.-WAWTB-J, a OOMPRTBIIt \ tuner and rwpeirar of planoa and .it her mnaleal Inatrw jSjJw" ^IvrSSl.'r.TKSt W*KS^S5. wamnuBcmft

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