Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1864, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1864 Page 6
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HOI' IKS, KOUX*, AC , TO LET. FARTVEWT* TO LRT-4ft*PAlM J08T OOMPLKT J\ *,i !? iwi i ? ? lr, ? l cooveoieucea. $24 1 pri jm la ?k<- ho'i?? ki.d de?-i-%??'.e for g?iite?l family. AtP'J Is the mo nm?. on the rrcniwi, 214 Went Thlrty-sulh IUmi ?fii of seventh avsu le A tlrOKB rLOOl TO LET? TO A VRRY 8**LL r?V' ctAblc ft mlly. w r.tvul children, lo.a.rn 41 31*3 fe l Full} second street. All EI.KGaNTLY Pl'RN ISH KI> PARLOR AND BF.U iOOm >' to s'ng e gent euien with >ut board. in Ifie Ifit cits*- private residence. 15S Weil Fojirteenthj^treet. AH At K PARL. K AND HEPROOM-ALSO A Rl ??ep bin Ko in. to hi. iurui?hi-d or unfurnished to ?ent'emen, At "0 VVrst Twentieth strset. oppos le the Tlieo w* cal Seniles' J. APR1 V ATB FAMILY. HAVING AN I'KOt'CPl'IHD Boom un second t'aor, connecting w th Aallirootu. gas, ?lose*. At ? . l-l II. ? alio it board to one or iwo gentle nsci Ca! bo ? ? 5 ?od 8 P- H. H 13 Tnrlcfc piai - AFFW FURSISHKD OR IKKORHiSHKB ROOM I In let, A, verv low rent without B.?H or Wdv* house has ell uiodera |mwo>'?>netil? nr 1 veryi.on *en>ut 'o railroad* and su*'*. u-lg hborbOodAnd IncMUX Oral > Ate. Ajplr at 213 fortieth *ire?t. near Tfclrd at? no. * moat PI Fi.ANT Fl/OOB AND TWO A v.rVflt r Fr oi I Rmkih on the third l?#or. to lot. At 18 Sin b -tr ?; t uet-eea Fifth and Sinh aeenuen. with first cl?s* Ilcsid i r F h m i Gorman styles. A ()?rm?n fa?, nf (ha highest ir?jvc.*Ui!ii> keeps tbe house. Refer news e?chAn<ed. ___ APRIVtTB FAMILY WITHOUT CH1LDRRN. DE I , h! u It located, between Fourteenth And Fifteenth ?lr '<?!?, a* No' *7 Sev nth avenue. desire lo (At A few band eomel) Furniaked Roo is to geotlsmen without Board, pa ?oltr or se; arawly. ltelerences eichanged. ANEATLT FURNISHED THRKK 8 TORY AND ATTIC House in rent? On Brooklyn Heighta, In flick* *trrel, near Pierx jwnKstieel Will not be let a? A boarding house. Inquire of T. DELAND A CO.. W Beaver And 141 Pearl etrret N. Y. A ROOM TO LET? FCRNWHSD. TO A SINGLE A teriiloniAu. wlib nit board. In a prlTAte family, At A6 But Nine'oenth street. A COUNTRY RBR'DENCE TO LET, AT MORRIS. town, N J . roiniMlng of a larse modern Houee. partly with (A?. wner. At . nine acrei of lAnd, laid out mlih avenue* and walk*, and aliAded with ehoiee ornamrutnl tree* a i:r?Al Abundaii>-? c( trult. garden mAde, and ice Men tilled. Location near drpot. 8. EDDY, No. 8 Pine alr?et. AT 418 THIRD AVENTE? HOUSE HK WKRT FOR tleih ?trp?t; rent S^HV Al?n two Rafmon't, lw" Pai lor* on* or t?vo Rooms on tb rd ilo r. furnished or unfur ?iai.ed. Ap|>Iy to JOHN I'K lTRKTl H. A COUNTRY RSSIOKNCK TO LET-AT NRtV DORP, State n I ImO'I, w I Hi I is tie hour of New York, bT th* ?tAlrn I* and ferry and railroud; a lure, commodious House, with all err ? of g o iiid attached, rnntilnln1.' all va rieile of fruit, had? trc -a, garden, aiabl ? An. The loca tion! first c. as*, w tbln t'iree in mules' walk of the dep t. And orev "ok* tbe end. e lower bay For further Informa tion in , nire af I>. WAKt>KLL, No. S Bowling Oreen, from II U 2 o clock. AT NRW BRIO II TON? TO RBNT, IN HAMILTON Tark *ert'ri?l new Home*, r- ady for occn; aucr Va? IS ernlaliilng caa nnd All modern conveniences ^1K) tect apart; b?ai.nlu''T suiiAtci, within leu miuute-' wnlk of terry. T. BOND, 132 UrOAdwsy. ALAPT WISBK8 TO LET A WV RNIflH RD PARLOR Floor through, together or ?"p?rale with ci.nvenieni'S far hon e roping if d-?ire.l -. or would accnmmodAte a lAdy with Hoard. Apply At M West Ttilrtielb stieet, fourth door west at N in th arc n ue. ACOI'NTRT HOUSE? C.ARDBN, WFLL STOCKED, stab'e cow, ,t<i, at Tarrviown. three uulea from depot will be let low for the summer or j ear. Apply At MUSHTON'S. No. Ill Astor House. A HALL BEDROOM TO LhT-FO RNIiBH KD. W1TU out board, to sing.e geutleinen. At 378 Fourth street. A SECOND FLOOR OF THREE ELEQANT BOOMS TO let. at G1 Bleecker street; would be let for offiae.i, mlt lioery dreesmakinc or other li-^ht business. Apply on the premise* to BDtlAR A LAWRENCE. ACOTTAOE-PARTLY FURNISHED. TO LIT. ON the Hu<l-on ; eight rooms, kiti h) n attA^hed . small gar Ben, great deal of shade, with n ten minutes or depot. Possession immediately. Rent by the year t3uo. or for tbe maimer months $230 8. EMBBRSON, 421 Eighth Avenue A PRETTY COTTAGE TO RENT? WITH AN ACRE of Gr und. within a few minutes of High Bri"ge; double bouse, hull lu the centre, in good order; immediate ?criipancr, carriage bouse, Ac. ; plenty o! fruit, gropes, ber rtex. good ramlsn spot; a pr.itty place. Rent f4&>, or would ?ell far V7.P00. T? iti? made easv J Ats. R. BUW AR1/S, ^'77 West Twentv-thlrd street "JJROADWAY.-TO LET OR LEASE. THE FINE STORB Jj No. l.l?7 BiOAdivay. one door from tbe St. ,Ia ? ea IInW. sgool l<s itlon foranv retail business. For particu lars apply to Lewis MAY. S'M Broadway. CLUBROOMS, MILLIMBRB* SHOWROOMS OFFICB8, SiudloJ ?nd Lo Iguig Ruo ns. lurn'Alied or uufurnirfhed. oeporste, o In turlt*. Apply to K. Bennett, on tbe premises, 7<J f roadway, corner M iu d street. DBPAU PLACE, NO 4 -TO LET, FRONT AND BACK Parlors, wit'.i private bath and water cloeet. also eioseis adjoining, furnished, without board. Apply as kkm Farm house to rent? containino parlor. dining room kitchen and five bedrooms with Urge Harden, well supp led ulth fruit Rent $'iw The gurdi n is planted with potatoes and vegetable* w 'rth half ti e rent, eor further particulars apply to WILLIAM TAYLOR Tay I'V ille. Fort Lee. N. J. Steamboat Ibomas E. Huise loaves foot of Spring street dally, at 111 and .*> o'clock. FURNISHED COTTAOE TO RENT? FOR THE SUM mer or longer In llasilng* en the Hudson. AiiV. Vo ticket ngent, depot, or Address bo* No. 1 Uarting; To^t ?ibee. FUBNI8HED HOl'Si: TO LET-ON WASHINGTON avenue between Fulton And Atlantic Avenue-, Brook lya i lots and a good -table. Apply to A .D. WILLIAMS, ? WaII street, N. T rUBNlSHKIl ROOMS TO LET-O.V FIRST FLOOR, consisting of Parior three Bedrooms and Kitchen with everything fit for housekeeping. Apply at 371 Bleecker atreet. Furnished rooms to lkt.-two pleasant large Room*. h.ind?e ne!y furnished and 'w ? i u? l?r ?men, n a rr.o?t de IraMe lo'-atioo te rent separately I" gen I lletren only. Reference requl ed Apply at 7d3 Biondwav. I LU'RMfHfD ROOMS TO LBT-AT 127 WEST FORTY V second street FUBNUHI-D H0U8B TO LET-AT BERC.EN POINT N. J a I st' rv House >' It h Eilension a >w minutes ? s k from tbe lnnlinj Sie.mboats go from per No. 2 North r ver in 33 mm tea. Apply at 10 South atreet. FURNISHbD ROOMS TO RENT? TO Ol NTH MEN onl? al 48 We. -t Twenty. fourth street, w ithout b 'Ard; or would take s couple of gentlemen And their w^ves, with out children, with Board JAMES R EDWARDS 277 West Twenty-th; rd st IOKTfi TO LBT? TWO I rifrS TO I.BT CHP.AP J 25*70 loqolrt 0-1 th? prrmtae", outbeaat corner of Airly (ourtb a.rert ami Second avenue OFFICES TO LET? AT 80 CEDAR STREET. Between BroteiT and the Tost o!l.i-e, on firat floor; light, and of apaclo n d.mcusl out, arranged to ault for baak ?ra aui co.-npauiea PART or A HOC8K WANTBD-flY A SMALI. FAW- I t'y ; loca'.loti wee ililf betw-en 1 weatieth and Fiftieth aireeu. goo a uei jl.b irbood rent not to $."?<> per annum teat o( re.rreuco. AdJresa Jcka Forgie, Ho otreet. Room b to bekt Kt a r union sqcare.? TnF. en tire ReconH IT1nu< we'i rutniahad in a tlr-t r'aaa pri , r-ie Bent $ 0 a week. Addrra A H. CcMltMk, I' n 10 1. -quart Poet o t ce. Rabk ck akce for a ro ardtno nor-1', -to lrt, o??r I'a ""i t" rt ? r. Hearing II <i ?e ;? ? b 52 It- m*. ?tit * u i? ? - Ki m i.'i to '> i mei'ianic- e-r i 1 el br,;a o?i"- ?iil b; permanent btardera. Add 'Ma H t> t 5 1 7 i hew 'i ork |V?a' ift-M, s IBaM FOWEE.-TO LET. A FF.M. LIOHTED BASK in- ni. with iteaJr Me. ti. at 103 VVe t Tiilr". STEADY rtfam po?kr to lm ? room on eeooad flaoi 7 ft?-S we'! lighted ate*"i l><M-twaf No. 499 Water ilreet. between i'.ke asd Riu e inn B'O LKl-iX HDD801C CITT. N 3 BEBQBN HILL). A a I) >'ib;e flouae ?*a'. le A'.d tar'iage iio ?e and alt Iota Apply at 53 ttpr ic? flrect up i airj. fHi LKT? A STORE A\f> BA^KMEM 05 CANAL ? teei, sear Broalwav. ?m < ?. without .-TB*M COW Kit tn* to flfte-c? hor* In<i'ilre Mt-e Bnftaeai*a offlot, Ml Walker ?i'fp. TO Lht? A T CORNWALL. OR THE HCDBON FOR il ? snti.m>r n i.tbe. te a family wl'ho.t cbili-rcti k Vg-.tlf-ti t 't ?g<\ com ? inin ! I i -.a han.'gjme y turaataed e'egeei i . 'ewiio-l Plaao. A ; tine >t? l. p>ntr ?I a' kite ? . 1 ? klb i.en gnr l'n. For partruUia ad 4r.a? M a. fclam Cotawui Oro j mantjr New Yotk ?f<0 I F.T -^IIB lURfct *I>RY Alh ATTIC BR! k \ 1 Hoiitn to ! >urtli aireet, ooftier n: Wo ?".er ?tn ?t I pndtatbi ?'?miftnii ra-a-lr itro nit. Apt> ? an I tie pre j tnlaaa. n in tti? raipealar't ? .oil. of Mr GlL'oBRT. No 1.0 ! Men er atraei ** IIO LET-HaLI' OF A FCRRfSMED IIO0SK IS B AST II. nti-ltiir-1 tn-?t. belnee i Ltliu, oi . j J . .lid i> . <? nti-? AdJft-aa If. WT.. nation F 'pr> iet-at wihtk ri ajmp" at thb drpo*. a^o'it of an ac**f Laa I ?!< la ganle with Hot. ae, U"M anil out I Wl.l t?e !??( c' etji t ? |f?' .1 Ifnaii' AppO to J MO. Ofct?. OOTniLi B<1BK, IlCeaUr n.. S. T. TO Mt-RCMMBR RBSIDFACB 05 TIIR FRA al. ? e . f rotOied: itrf plraaantlf ait<t?t*' pes' ?he ? monti. nf Ve ? lior ? <n harbor 1' ian a oitarti'r of a at'le I firm the Oceaa loiM, an'j rear'r o; p -lie the Peij- ' t ? II ?a?e no liner b?th>n.' hoal'na or f?' in ? nn teeoaat. Vpr particular* In intra of j Alkf M La'I I M ER. N it. V au l II KaM?u*treet, l>?aeineut. LET? TWO FIRE rf?Pt'RV!FREI> FRONT ROUM8 b Bi. CaKL?NF R 110 Secobd aeanuc, I'O I.RT-THRBI. 8 fORY BtHRMBNT, AND PfH-fEt.. 1 iar brown -lone ipntit Ho ? Vi K?? E gi teentti atreet batwe>-ii liTmi pUetai'l I'oi.rth areane. eaatalblnc all the tu I i?ri? |pi| I?ten<*tit4; will r -nteil with or wttliant t'iP .. r "? *nl parltalAra ai ply to ALLEN A Bt.oW^, '.fi Broa'ltraT rf>0 I.RT-in *'?Ei;ia tt'A a FL'RfTP'HRO HO'*?K. I 'r ? li. ) (urdeti planted ; rherf **, -urrarie gr? ? r in alt ataoa tor <ha an in nn'ha I rr>! "ill" I 3 in I drea* M il 1 i' -at T ' ' FT? AT T A |t ?? v 1 1 ? w ? \ MfRNTPHFO !U "R. ! "i I. - awr 'raau l tr fr t ' p tta^aiint. *i??n b," ? e 2 III *a| 4,1 M> t- t , )Rt? yit i y a rret oi alalia. 'TIO f ET? AT LORU BRAM.M 1 f*f> ttTORRf lV]tn A ? b- 1. a-ta i*i- i?4. . te . < g ? t ? ? ?> ? Jta^ea l?? Vhi al iH aaearnl nil Ma-ilTr-' . .,lt? :? fnran u.-ri.a ioa-' tit. 1; Ire I . M , '' 1 <' F. HEI*r? t i' !h- ?.-? ni A <:?|''MRV RBHtbSNOB. AT SlMI ht?.| ? uc new ' f t' .? r 1 . er I jr h lrt nil.'ra. t1 e >- M Imt't, ".lit r?e arter nr an a< er w land, w lib a laaaa taa-eti of fratl tree*, only >b in nn'ea w-n* frnm tl<e l i.j A? J.'yA* '12?5 il': '*< '?"? Ainy ta MivUAUp tAiajuta MOl *K?. H?mit BNOLISH FUUB BTORt JIASEMBNT ntf le f tJrt.iilxe'5 th'ouahoit, for twelve be FrV^tv seventh aoa roru?ih ?u?'kti and Mi I**?* ^"VJen " ,aul avenue. At house contains all tha kUt-ing * hert ?o lnurv;ewc*a be had. n?o let-with ?team powbr, basembnt and 1 Fnsl and SaeMkJ F.oors at 141 film k:reat, near C.rand. moLEr-l* A VERY FASHIONABLE PART OF THH I city (In Llvlnttstoa t Iso- 1. a first class ll"iise. wi'.ba 1 ihe in" en iapnrFn<nU I'ari of the Furniture, such aa n irrora. a m? af the r a | cts for tale. A lease can he h?d f?r ? iem ol af>?i?l je-rs Possession gl>?non ths l?th of July ueiL Address box S.01T Post office. T^O LBT-A PrBNIBHBD COUNTRY RKSIDKNCK , P'ermont, half a mile trom depot, en high ?ri n- ^ fl|)# viow of Hudson rtver. Large dwelling. 1H rooms ?tril IC# ho is*. Ac , with fourtaan acres of 'ani 0'?"' nitan.t of fruit! G. A. KlttBAM 80 r.i?fl,re.t TO LBT-TO A GENTLEMAN AND LADY, WITH servant o? Ihrne or four adults. I>,wer Part of a fine house, la a quiet neighborhood, w.rt aide be'ow Twelfth street , par tor a, base weal/. six kadrooma. ADAMS A CO., ?tB Broadway. rLBT-PABT OP TBS PIWB HOUSE JSO^WEST Nlae'eenth street-. haa all modern improvements. For particulars apply en. Cue premise*. or at 81 Park row. In the Jewehr store, fr?? 10 A M to 3 P. M. rno LET? PCRN18HED, A VBBT ATTRACTIVE RBRI 1 <1eo<?, *e*t|rturuUv located on the shore at Cll'ton, 8 atea Island, ?rttt one and a half acre of ground, carriage bouse, li-o houaa, <*. ; location unexceptionable ; view unsurpassed. Permit* af A. JOURNEAY, Pa. 8 Pine street. TO LfT-IN TUB INTERIOR OP 8TATEN ISLAND. A verv comfortable Rome, with earriags hm? stable, lee horiee (fitted), garden, and three to five acres of Land; abundance af fruit Immediate possession. Permits of A. JOTUNlAT, No. 8 Pine street rLF.T? FURNI8HBD, TUB HANDSOME TH REB story b'gh stooo first e'aae house. M7 Second avenue, between Thlrtv "lith and Thlrtv seventh streets; poa ession Immedta'e: rent $ IK) ;*r month. Apply an the premisea or to J. A. PAGE. 290 Broadw ay. TO LET? A SECOND PLOOR, BEAUTI FOLLY FUR. nlshed to a ladv and gei.tlemsii , or two -ingle gentlo men. without board, the houee has all mo 'ero Improve me tits. Inquire at 164 West Twenty sixth street. TO LET-TO A FAMILY WITHOUT CHILDBEN, A small Hon e at North Hohoken. New Jersey rent $8 a month. Apply to J D. D. ROSSET. on the premises. Cars every 15 minute* from the ferry. TO LBT-A COUNTRY RESIDENCE. AT TARRY, town, with 12 or 24 acres of land. plenty of fruit; beau tlf nt location; fine view of the river. Apply to J. R. BIB LEY, 33 Pine street, room No. 8. TO LET? ON 8TATBN ISLAND. A COMPLETELY furnished Cottage, en Rlcbae nd road, opp site Kmlih's for four or five months; rent $90 par month. Apply at K3 Ann street, second floor. TO LET-A NBAT HOUSE AND LARGE GARDEN; delightful location, twenty minutes' walk from ferry; four car routes near; fbi Flffenth street, 8011th Brooklyn. ANo Furni bed Cottage on Staten Island. TO LKT-THB RAHEMENT. IN FRONT HOUSE NO. 24 C tv Hall p'aoe. Haa been occupied- as a paper and rag store for the leul sis years. Inquire on the premises. TO LF.T-A LAROB PIVB STORY BRICK BCILDINO, No. 101 Franklin street, suitable for lig'fit manufactur ing purp-wea. Apply to J. 8TBVIN, No C West street. TO LET AT HABLEM? A TKREE STORY AND BASE ment brick House, with all the modern Improvements, with a brick stable attached, on lUth street, between Sitth and Seventh avenues; rent $tS.VI. Annly to RaNDELLA PORTER. Third arcane, between 12Ath and 126th streeu. TO LET IN NEWARK, N. J.-IN BOOTH BP.OAD ?treet, a Furnished Heme, containing eleven room', with conservatory. euMe and ontbulldlntr*: a half acre of f round attached, well planted with vegetables, flowera, rult trees. Ac Possession given at onee to a reliable tenant Address A. O.. box S.19 Post office, Newark, N. J. TO LET OR FOB BALB-A HOOSE AND LOT. WITH ground attached, en Statan Island, a few minutes' walk from the ferry. Apply at 83 Nassau street room No. 2, third flo?r. TO BENT-HANDSOME FRONT PARLOR AND BED roam; also Bedroom on second story; detlglitfiil loca tion, near Stnyvesant Park; etrictlv private family; refer ences given and required. Apply at 78 East Sixteenth street, one J or east of Third avenue. TO RENT-FOR THB SUMMER MONTHS. A LABOE furnished House; barn and stables on the premises, lo ck ted In the beautiful valley of the Housatenla river. In the town of Slockbrldee, Berkshire county. Masa. Address E. P. Psrker, box 8.3S4 Post o:lioe. New York. TO RRNT? FOR THE SCMMBR MONTHS, A FOR nlshal double House, at Greenwich, foun.. |>I< a-sntly situsted. .0 mi'ee from New York ard wlthla a few minutes' walk of N<*w York and New Haven Ra'lroad de. ?l>or. For further particulars apply to 8. G. WHITE. 103 William street N. T. TO RBNT? FOB FOUR MONTHS. FOR $4.10. A FIRST e ass Hou^e. ro- tainlna eleven rooms we'l fnrriislied, with goal cellar. 500 feet from Onltad States Hotel, on Ma tilda street Saratoga Sprintta. A<ldres? Mr*. Jalin Marston TO A FIRST CLASS DBNTI8T.? WILL BE RENTED, to a first class dentist, Ro >ms exi rassly suited to the business, having been nc-npled for rears by a first class deuilst. 13 Bo?l street; best location In the city. COUNTRY BOAHD. APRIYATR FRFH H FAMILY, WITHOUT CHIL dren residing within forlv fir# minute* nf the clt?, by cars ? boat, can accommodate a small family. without children, with newly furnlehed Roimaamrt first c ass Board. Room for caring* an4 t?o horaea. Be>t of raferencea 4ntW4ll^lML Address M. M , Herald oflice. DOARI?- AT T0NKER8: H0U8E FRONTING THK D Hudson Rouble and since R wins, lighted with gas Hood shade, good bent n? and bathing; fri trains ai d four boat* dai y. No children taken. Apply 14 JAMBS YOU M.AN8. Venkere Board at harlem.? to let. t* a privatk family, a fl"H of Rnome, with Bonrd, to a small familv or a party of gentlemen. Address M. C.. slat. 'in L (Ilarlem ) Post ' ' lice. ? Board in fordham? two families or sevb ral -ingle gent emen can be accom mod* ed with p ea aant Board, st a rxn ortable country *ei.t, within a lew irinotes walk of tlie depot. T!ie horse rsrs to Fordharn pass bi the door Apply on the premises on fordham iff. n e. In the br ck building opposite Mr. Lort'.lfcrd'a country scat. Board at wpm haven, conn. -a rbw noi'SR, newly furnished throughout. will he open t&r ihe re ception ?f gue t June 1 : Is situate. 1 near the walet at Pa* In Rock a hort distance from New Haven. Term? moderate for i o id a-rommodallone. Addre a Jerome Rewte.. West Haven. Conn . or apply cn (.be premise*. Children not ta en Board wanted? in thb oouhtrv, bt a lady, two chililren and nurse: children Ave >ears and >li months old. farm ho',sc preferred. Ad rest. stating full particulars and lowest terms. F L Martin. 8; Mald-n I.<ae. C1ITY AND COUNTRY COMRIKED ? * STRICTLY J private faml'v. living at Yorkvil e, near Ra?t river will let two or t nee Room* on eecond floor furnished or unfur nial ed. with or without Board toapsrty.d gen>men o? a gentleman and w ife; no other boirdere; no oh a tl >n ta children; a un la c of fruit, flowars Ac Address York vl le. box 16 1 Hera. J aTicc for threa daj-s. References re quired. /"COUNTRY BOARD W ANTED? IN A FARM HOl'SE, V/ for a latnl y consisting ot fot.r adn'l* and two children ; muat ba ew of a<ees- by ra 1 or boat and n d over threi- or four h< urs nde i rom N . w v ork. Address J. 0. Harii??n. ?66 West e reet New York. c 10CNTRY BOARD PLEASANT AND DELIGHTFUL ROOMS can lie obta ne 1 at LE ROY HOl'SE, NEW ltOCHELLE. poUMTRY BOARD-IN ROCKLAND COPNTT, H. Y. V ; l or further ln.'?ruiallon Inquire of Stephen I'eli. -X Ma lane pot'NTRT BOAHD At WHITE PLAINS -ONE HOt'R " b. iu f i n f-"<v York on tna Harem Rallr ad In quire of < l> ?- C. Dl'SKKBERY. White Plains N. Y. / lO' NT.I V POA'lD Fur THREE 1 ERS0N3 WANTED, ' 7 In a prl.' lie residence r a farm hou e. w! ere no other b'nr.>r? wll! be taken, or woull hire ? c nn for ably furnish r I < oltace : e itier to be very near ihe water. Address, (tat i r terms lo atlon A , box (.114 Post oVoe. (^OCNTRT BOARD WANTED? WITHIN ONE HOUR'S J imi of New Torn, Irorn se ond week la June for ;!ie fason, for a gent eman. wife, young gentleman and Ia1?\ t i t i hud en and nurse. Am; e srr*ii?rao',.i::o ?* and tool board re mired. Farm km if prr'erred Address avaiiDi particulars S. B. C , bi? 4 976 haw York Post oTire /lOt'Ji'THr BO/RD WANTED-BY A OFNTI.EMAN and *..'<? o? a farm preferred an I somei-.he e n"tr tliv Hudaon rlw r. above Newburn wheia there are no oih? r bo.rl. rs taken AJ iresa fjr on? wee< J. A. I:., l>Oi 4,'J."i? New Yoi k iVi oHlce. nOCKTIT BOARD ? A FEW FAMILIES CAV BF. AO \J cotnn.o'atel with food Board In n private fnmtiy. at New HocVei e frlt!iln twfinlBUtoa' f?:l of tlie depot Am. i>'e gre ud- fj Tf|i!able*, Ac. Inquire In J ?Ioi:?e^ ltor% al tlie <ie| c lepol. 0UN1RY BOARD WA VTP.D? FOR A OFNTLKM A V, w .ir up <1 ? liter, fvUliio a coup ? of bourn ride bt I* V.?r r< . ' ' *tree' Plenty of liult an.l vegctab'ea t Adire-t. with full pn ti ulara box 4. ''> >3 N. /"?0T STP.V BOARD W A ' TED? FOR THE 8UMMKR. BY a a .e.'ileinao, * ife and six children. fage? fro u one to thir'Oen veats a lioem pr? e wi I be paid for good ace m modat'oiis. a .'.diess with full |*rt:ntliira as to lo atl'.n, >'C 'in" "latl ins at,. I terms box 1.174 Po?l oTce. N Y. /10UNVRY 110 A ". D AT TAYLORVILLE (FORT LP E>. " J N .1 ? t'even or eight geLt',<men raa he |r omiundaied * lib Bosrd. or g?n' em a and th> li w'ves, wltbO'it ehlld'en. T h.' location l? b'^ nit it ' a-.d kea t'.y ; i.enl* of Iresh milk and bit tier. Kveryihlog Is rslael On the (arm. I'orfnnier partlcuUra at>p v I . o- all m WM I A Y I,()lt. Fort I^ee, S J Hieam'i'ia Tho ,,ss I. Itolse '.ta c* foai of street dally al 10 A M nail 5 I' M. /"UM'NTRY BOARD WANfKD? IN A rARM ROt'HR, \J near Ne* Jers?-y Ra 'ri?ad oreierre I. for a gentl?man. ?t f *. two I It e girls (One three, onesereni aad servant Willi a Hoem fo' another la ly. Address T. II. E.. llttald ol.ce jl In< sJ ne s i, I terms. / " I V rR\ R'lARD AT TaHHYT'iWN IN. A fit " j fa'ul'y. House p'easantlv altuated. ^ "Itin ten i> n' wa'k of ihe depjf. gno I bostl ig ami b-ifiing A . ,'ot one week, A M F.. t4iryto?n Koa o (I.e. f B'?aRO WANTRO-sWITHIS < ? " i) i e - or ; ir a g?:i i*tDan( wile, thria cuildrt n a n rs- A n?ss M , box MO Post ?Aco N. Y HARLFM.- HOARD AND A 0000 Si/.KD ROOM ? ?i ''d 'v a i ngle gei Uemv. A Idicsa, (lalmg le ma, A ?!.. b"s 1 741 New York i'osi eP re qtatrh ibland ?OFNTLRMRN andtiibir wives, i~ Or sing e i,e|'i 'tueo, ran II nil good accommodation In a ?? - i -asatl summer a'id winlei resident e of tiietnian w \r la It For l a tlcuers call at or address William The er. Front atreet. (.d'MMKR BOAHD-AT EI.iXABETH. M. J., FOR FAM ? II rs an ' gem ? men five tnlnntee' walk from tbe depot Ad Ires. I t.i |R7 Her.ild olllce. THK PIRKMBIV. *< TIVB AND EXRMPT MBMHRRS OF FULTON Kngini l oinpany. No ifl ate re-|ieetfiilly rejue'ted to ? 1 b'e at 'he Hu b Iflid llofel, eorner of Ilnane and ?I re air ell. on 'I needs v t' e ?? -fh Insl., al I e'elock P. M , ' annnil Be funeral of our late brother member, Wll'lnm itm. By order. FKltH ff*i*. rirfmn, 1 A. j4K,tVU.t/, Hnl MKI, moo*' ^ A 8MALI. * RS- 5 ' Ajra*L'S*-gftd wsstsa^! ?"?* *.1., M IV ; V.k '?? streets pt eterrad , ?rnM .awetii street ua<l Second avenue. Ad -reae, sut ?g rrak ^ Wl tMt Paat o9^. Arjr.T'^N'-? WANTED? SUITABLE FOR HOU!*? .t7t? in? I ., for a small family of adults. AU?'|' *"! J? convenances, tirmi, Ac. AdJiess Comiort. "**" Jt't. _ IT1 jlMSHED OR PARTIALLY FURNISHED MODERN J House wanted, desirably lo. at"'d ; where the i ?r iee 4' aid lonrd ? iili advertiser preferred, Highest ie:?renoe given. Address W tiling, Herald ofl.oe. for two du ) * W'ANTRD-TO RENT THE LOWER PART of A ho i?e, or > imt'l House In tb? upper part of the city I A 'dres- House, Herald oiliee. _ \17ANTF.D-BY A MAN, WIFB AND LITTLE OtRL vv (S fears old), three Booms, with wa'er. on ?r<onJ floor, wilt) ii private faintly, in the Ninth w*rd Bent mo derate. Address H. 8. W., Sunday Mercury office \ttanted-part op a house for thrkk per TV aims la a good neighborhood, by the 1st of J must he near a stage route or rare; the west aide preferred. Best of referenee given. Add, ess bos 184 Herald ?"'<* for throe days. WANTED? IN A STRIuTLY RESPECTABLE PA mliy, for three adult* only, by June I. an unfurnished Upper Floor. with wster. situated ou Third, Sixth or Highth avenue and not shore Fortieth street: or If on a cross street must be In a genteel neighborhood, and within a fe? doors of the rara Rent not over 911 monthly. Address Eastman, Herald office. WANXRD-BY TWO QENTLEMBN, TWO NICELY furnlahed Rooms, with modern Improvement* with out Boird: one to be used as a Parlor; rent about fi" per week; location near the Plfth Avenue Hotel. Refereu-es exchanged. Addreaa box 5,005 Poet otllce. WANTBD-A SMALL STORE. IN A GOOD LOO A Hon. suited for a first class fruit store. Address T. B. O., 80 Bldrtdge street. nr ANTRD-BT A SMALL FAMILY. TIB WHOLE OR ?* part et a small Ho<iae; In the Blghth or Nliitn ward preferred. Address, staling rent, T. R. S.. Herald e Vice. M WANTRD-A PLEASANT COUNTRY HOMK. WITH from four to ten acreee, or no oh iectlon If m re land: good slied house de?lrable: water v|i-w preferred; one or t?o hours from Wall street. Location must be In New York or Weou-heater county. Addreaa Country Reeideuoe, bos 4,0i>8 New York Post office. WANTED TO RENT? IMMEDIATELY, BT A SMALL family, a thia* story Brick House: location between Fourth and Twent* eighth streets. Fourth and Slith avi*. nuee Address, with full particular*, L. C , Broadway Post office. HOTELS, Atlantic hotel, Chatham square. corner New Bowery and Oliver street. ? T>> let. 10 1 fpl-ndU Rooms, per day, weak or mouth. Pay n's spring beds. Hoase ojen all night. __ Bath hotel, new utrkcht, l. t.. is now be Ing thoroughly repaired, repainted and refurnished, and ?#11 be open Mar 15 for the reception et guests. Ai'ces eible by Greenwood. Rath and Coney Island Railroad hour ly from 7 A. M. to 7 P. M. For terms call on or addreaa OHO. SUIKLD8. KEYPORT PAVILION. KF.YPORT, N. J.. WILL BE open on the 1st of June for the reception of boarders. Splendid bathing. fi>hlng, Ac Two steamers ply daily to Mew York Por further partleulara applr to It J Bolll mora 223 Fulton street, or to Mr. Jonea, 141 Fulton street, New York, or to the undersigned. OBOROB J. KIRBEE, Proprietor. MORRIBANIA HOTEL. MORRI8ANI A, N. Y.-NOW open. Three or four families can be ac?onmodnted with cood Rooms, on reasonable terms. House lit w ith .'as. Accessible by railroad and steamboat; boat" !e<rs Peck flip: trains leave corner Twentr sixth street and Pourth avenue, at 8:15, 10.30, 4,5, 6, 6:45 and 8:10: fare 12 cents. C. 8TKINOKR Neptune housk. NEW ROCHBLLB. will ba open on the flrst day of June. W. J FISH PAVILION HOTEL. ROCKAWAY, L I ?TUB UN dersigned baring leased this favorite hotel, it will be opened for the ensuins summer on the 1st of June, Parties In town desiring to engage Rooms or Cottages, either with or without Beard will flnd Mr. W. at the office of E. II. Ludlow A Co., Mo. 8 Pine street, on Wednesday, from 12 to 2 P. M. WALBRIDQB A CO. fllHB LA TOURRTTB nOT'SE. BEROEN POINT. N. J? A will npen for the season the latter part of Mar. Roomi may now be secured for the summer. Regular communi cation bv steamboat* from pier No. 2 M. B. . and by railroad from Jersey City. VYF.SLK V W. HILL, Proprietor. ITNION SQUARE HOTEL. ? J Corner Union s.iuare and Fifteenth street. NEW YORK. ANDREW .1. DAM. Proprietor. The undersigned having leased ihe property, corner of Union (juare end Fifteenth str< et consisting of five Cue large famtlv translons. connected, has fitted the aame as a He'el for the accommodation of permanent and transient boardera. Parilea desirous of obtaining fine rooms, in suits or slnsly handsomely as well aa comfortably furnished, with a table as good as the market ran supplr anj s'tua'ed In one a' the n'ost pleasant locations In the city will find this House all that ran be rearenah'v deslr, d Connected with the Hotel Is a first class Rnxlaurant. to accommodate thoie who may wish their me*la at other than the regular hours. ANDREW J. DAM. UMION HAM.. SARATOGA SPRINGS, WILL OPE* for the rereptlo i of Kueiit* on the 1st dav of Judo. C. 11. PAYNE A Mm. 0 K PUTNAM', Proprietor*. COPARTNERSHIP. A PARTNER WANTF.D-WITH $V*? TO $5.uu0, !N A oafe btt*lne??: wi'l be iNiitfd act'nit anr l?t>. Four t m? l)i* amo int will be eleared within four liiontha Ap I plr to FORD A CO.. IMJ Front street. 1 XTOTII'E.? THE FIRM OF HENRT H. LEEDS * CO.. f la ha* been changed to llenrr II. Leeda A AMner, and I wilt h? oontinued under that name bv the mhi partle* HENKT II. LP.KDS. , ALLKN P. MINER Tber bare remoTod their place of bu*iaea? fro n No 23 Na?**u *treet i which I* being taken down). ti the erac'O'i* Biirble?tore No. #3 Libertv *treet, a few door* weat of Hrnadwar \?herether hare trade ample accommodation* for the ?nle of e'ery de-ctlplloo of Merchandise, a* well a* the fine arta. Partner wanted? with from $i,otm to $2,000. in Ibe produce and provision biuineaa. Addreaa, with real name. B H . boi I.H Herald otllce WH E partnership heretofore existing be 1 uveen Pan lei V Horton and Frederic!! W. Teller unler the firm of HO' toa A Teller, Is hereby dl**o'Ted bv mutual ceu ?? ul D KSIF.L P. HOKfON. Mat 5. 1*4 FHKDK. W. TELLER. AOAA ?A PARTNFU WANTED IN A FIRST CLASS. pl?a?.tut. Ifnitimaf- and mon-y ntakmr bu?lne a. A rood man will find tbia a aafe and rare opportunity. es exchanged. J. 0. MILTON A CO.. 201 Broadway. TO $l.ftk>.? PARTNER WANTED, IN AN E8 . 5p?)lMr tab ished bualieaa In thiaeltv; wilt pay from 1 $ .10 to $300 per wee'i Reference* cvrhanjed. Apply to FRANK KINO. 93 Weal atreet. corner Cedar. !t Ci-na ?P. ARE CHANCE.? WANTED, A PARTNER O I " ?' '? $7i*> to tak* tbe p ace of on* retiring In a maiufacti ring l">laeaa; pava 7,*> per rent; no monej re ;iured In tbe bu?laeaa. Ad HIM hoi 175 Herald olflce. a?Q/U\ TO $100'. -WANTED A PARTNER. FOR TRB vO"" a-'le and man factti'e of a Patent In great do . ni?B? and good profit* Addre*? G s. boi ISO Herald office, i Matiag wbere an interview 'an i>e bad Q1 HOM ?WANTED A PARTNER, TO INCREASE Ol.'MHF, h nezar fic'ory: an excel en t btxlne** can be . done; f>ill part'* will be given at an Interview: a good , ?iie?tnan preferred. Apply at the factory, 141 Di . talon at. So nn/k to $5,000,? a businkks man wanted. O.'/Uv' with the a'ove ainot.nt to take an actiTt In tel <--t in a litcratlto i manufai b'ia nea*. con re red with tne timbrel * trad- and altendy e?tabll*hod. A<1 treat or apply to O HARRIS. No 27 Naasau atieet, baae meat. &{Z lion -AN ACTIVE YOI'N 1 MAN. OF THOR ?p<7.t/UU. ough education aud btt?lno?* eiporieure. and with the a bore amount of readv meiv*\- dclre* to enter into a proStnble Iiii? ne.? connection with nme party ai re* It eMabliahe 1. Piiexcepllotiahle reference* glren and reti red. State re*i name an 1 character if bullae**. Ad dreaa A. R L , N Y Pott offff. (trut -A GENTLEMAN POS8EKSIN0 CON F. *lderal>!e fnanctal and general b<i*lnea* expe Irnre I* dei'rou* i.f taking an intereit lu a mannUo t< b .?lre-a in N?w V.irk or rirlnlt . I i * h!cb he wouH In e?t $*wt/HHi. or n.ote if **tl*faruirr attd neoee**fr. Ad Ire-i A p' ? at Hi h*t I T RI.h . b i 'ii * o(ltce 24 Spruce it. , V? ATCIIE9, JEWELRY, *C. Al'STRlWAX I?f4M0ED BRIL IANm tU" ~i fnif ?? i? vart-?? ?f ttjle. Jftti !>* ubt?in#d al the on',? aiti'ncy iu It ? f'niie T State*. 131 Broadwjj, be ween Qran l and Howard atrrete. . Cal' an't "Hatnlne t'leni CALIFORNIA DlAMONLiS 1 1 . 1 :?t i0t.? of AI PTRAIIAN IIRlLLIANTd, ?et In tine II aril col a1, the *atie rrlc"* ti tbe Oid 8:)le CaMfornla .lewelry F of *a'.e by J cm l. m hoL6M0* v D??mon1 iftn Broid^tr, btlow Grand ?ir?et. Be noi decti??d >?? r Aihih\m.%n brilmam rfl. JT ?"? W ATCH; ? I)IAM<lNDS JFWKLRT. SILVER Plate, tlun? P.-t . % , bi i?ht ? I will imt 7? p?r flit mor- lh?n can b? .. H'ned at an v other place I* 'be city N H ? AI*o Pa ?< nbr-ikers" Tlrget* wanted for Ibe >huTe artlr e? ?t th? ?mne t?tr (f)0 Hroad?ay. oontr of ttouatoa etieet up *t*tr? i?elnl - AT 7" BLEECCES ."TKM-T T'tr CAN OBTAIN ?i per rent mT? f it D amonin Wat, he?. Jewelry. Eilee r Plate (. 1M? l ine *. I?r. <lnod? A" K. B.? Alto P?wb broger*' Tlrket* bo ignt fur the abore artlclea. Dtamondh. OLD OOl.D AND lllLVRIt DIAMONDS. OI.D " '<tl> aNW filLTER. Penea* who wtab tow, , t1 , jold. ?' *er, 9T *ut kndcifoll laahlot.ed (, j nt'lB ANR!!)!!,?*! l.oa:w?y. a i-o*ih>- i * i .? ? >i i*r centmoretban ao.1 <,( r i ? re on 8-1 1 <1 ? >rw fork * ace the ad eit airai.i u if 'he ia,? : n v4, Buren Makeooiuie t?v -.a Broadway, un n t t- e New V >.* Ile'ei IF vou want a ; that yoP can take out of jrotif J Xket * ie? wUa time of ?ia? M i?. tf -*ou have any regard for yo.- l wo rer-.mmend you logo to the OHI'MNAL lACOHd, iJi Broad'*, ?y. NEWilTLR CALIFORNIA DIAMOND*: A ?PLKN dld Meant |oM. richly ehaMit and etiomerod NillialfO King for $'? ORIGINAL JaC.iBM 407 Broadway. New nttle-new rtvi.e California dia n tinda, i alifornia Dtamonda, now ready. 001110" <lag>* ?tone Pino, IA eir*t gold netting*. $9, Solitaire Ring*. $4; Soltt<lr* Eur Kn?b? $4 W. 11 c*ral ?elllng?. war ran led. Uali *nfl ?i?e ih^m | f you nav? aiiv r?*i ird for r^'ir ti *r ?-oid ?ir?fli?r oih?*r %i fibttWUl jprlo#?. Ot .gloat L. JAl.OBS, 4 17 B oadway H?tabll*bed IMA WK KKCOMMKM) llloStTHAT IIAVB AMT REOARD f"r their p ? ket to look out for oug ?o? ?lr,e raltfnt nia Dhirnrn 1.? Se eral t ?rtie* hay* beoa Ukon la with tlieni alread i If you want to buy ono at ? fal? prlc*. <*il on the ORIOINAI* JACOBS. 4?7 Broadway^ WATCHES AND JRWELRT OF ALL DUCEtPTIORE For *ale by flEO C. ALLEN. 4M Proadway. ?vvr *wtvw Waaal *?m?, l9r$?*r'/ 11 W?U nwoaim A SPLENDID PIANO FOR $?!3 ? G- A H BlRMOBI ' maniifaetu'er*. 3t8 BUecker street; 17 m?i pri ? m all warranted for uve years; without sxcrp'iois the ' Piano mad*. Tuslouooials from mu-t dlaUuguisiied m. 4 GOOD SOPRANO, ALTO AND RAS8 WANTBD? i\ K*r ? qu*r(gl In an Episcopal church. Addraas T. P., box ISO II er?!d of ee i A OOOD TKNOR ACQUAINTED WITH TUB EPI8 coial Kifkn. ol'bu in imtti'DMui In * quartet choir to this ctiy. Addnjea Tanor, boi A, Herald oils e. ? MAGNIFICENT 7'i OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO A t<>. t" f'rsa'e- Properly Of l*ar.iU4..v' ~ order b? city makers; h?- k* improvements, ? ?*r ?tr litis b"" fni' in n frame: cost ?7u0. for ?:<3 '. Psrlur Suite, cost $4* for $226. Also. Chamber and Dining *?cm Put uiliir? at * eacriflce. Inquire at 113 Waal Twenty -third street, near Sixth avenue. AOKRAT BARGAIN IN PIANC8 ?FOB 8ALB. TWO xren octave Plaaefortes, made by one of the greaieat pianomakers in this city. The planoa will be sold at a great sacrltioe, aa the ownar baa no uas for tham. ha being about to leave for Europe. Both are ot ro-eweol. with rich uin'ildings In -intra before in A M. or betweoa 12 aud 2 P M.. at Bo. 7 (Carroll place) Bteecker street. BARGAINS? $100 UM* THAN FIRST COST.-TWO magnificent rosewood 7 octave Pianoforte*, ahort lima u>ed; nearly ne?v: haa round comers, modern Improve tnenis. splendid tone, 1c.; also handsome round corner Pianoforte. Iron plate. Ac ; $1U0. Apply ftl 368 Bowery, near Fourth street. BRiDIDlI't NBW RALLYING BONO FOR TUB summer campaign? "A Sound Among the Forcat Trees.1' Just published Prtoe 23 cents. VM. B. HRAlJltl'RY, 423 an l *27 Broome street. W. A. BOND A PP.. 647 Broadway. /1HAMHBR8 A GAMLBR'S PIANOS.? IN TONS AND VJ quality excellent. In price moderate; the beat and the cheapest. Dealer* and purchaser* ara invitod to call at our factory, 108 Baat Twenty fifth atreet JL'ST PUBLISHED? "IIYMN FOB MAY," 36 CENTS; "Think of Voar Head In the Morning. ' eomle. 26 cents; "Working Women'a Son*." 30 cents, and 'Norali McRhane" (newlv revised). SO cento. In arder to socur* the genuine copy of this fine song you will that the words "Original edition'' are printed oa the top of the title page. Composed by C. HORN. Publiahed at DALY'S. 419 Orand atreet. Mason a hamlin'b cabinet organs? fob families, churches and schools. Recuse I >ed bv tho musical profession as greatly stiperier to harmoniums, ma lodeoosaul all other small ontnns. [Sea our Illustrated catalogue for eipllclt testimony to their superiority from a malnltv of the moat eminent organism lu America.) Prices lo $500 each CAUTION TO PL'ROH AHKR8- The great reputation of onr Cabinet Organs and the aitenslra demand for thera hare Induced dealers. In some ease*, to advertise aulte dITerent Inatruments as Caldiiet Organs, and In ntbers to represent to purchasers that harmoniums and other reed organs ara the same thing. This is not truo. The ejcellencles of onr Cabinet Organs, whlch'hsve given them their huh reputai'on. are the result not merely of iha superiority of their wo. amanshlp. but also in large measure of esaantlal differences of conatructlon, which being patent ed. eannot ba used by nthar makers. From these arise their better quality and volume of tone snd capacity for evnron rion. Every Cabinet Organ has upon Ha name board. In full, tho words "MASON k HAMLIN CABIN KT ORGAN." Only warerooma In New York No, 7 Mercer street. MASON BROTHERS. NBW MU8IC.--ORNBRAL GRANT'S GRAND March." with ? beautiful vignette of the hero, and a list of the battles he baa won. Music by Jos. Ra:f. Prlco 40c. HORACB WATERS, No. 481 Broadway, Publisher. PIRSSON'S PIANOFORTES. -JAMBS PIRSSON RE spectfnlly Informs the public that he has ro established himself In tho l'lano business, and Invites attention to his fine stock of I'ianofortea. at bis warerooma. 478 Broadway. PIANOFORTE8 OF EVBRY VARIETY OF 8TYLB AND pattern, warranted of the best material and workman ship, unstirpssscd in strength delicacy of tone and elssticlty of touch Apply at the manufactory of JAMES VAN HI PKR'fl, 178 Wooater street, between Houston and Bleecker streets. PIANOFORTE FOB 8ALR? AT A REAL BARGAIN, IF removed this day; price $12:.; haa brilliant and power ful tone. fine rosewood < as? iron frame, rood ('over and Stool, Ac. Also a fine Melodeon which cost $126 will be ?old for $M. Apply at 129X Twentieth atreet. near Third av. QIONORA ELIZA VALBNTINI PARAVALLT, PRO O fessr of Singing and Piano, haa just returned from Ila'y. She teaches and can be aeen at No, 66 Eighteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, every day from 12 till 6 o'clock. SOPRANO SINGER WANTBD? ONE WHO CAN SING plain church music, to sing In a double quartet choir. In a ft at cla-a up town church: one having a - trong. powerful voice, snd who would be wi ling to sing the first quarter gratuitously, in view of being paid after that time a small salary. Any one answering this will please state particu lars, If aoqualnted with church music, and wk l church they have been singing in. Addreaa T. Day, box 130 Hsrald oflice. fl.O LIT-$? A MONTH. A NEW SEVRN OCTAVB I rosewood Piano, with overstrung has*. Also one Melo deon. $1 a month, at G. P. BENJAMIN'S music roo.ns, cor ner Eighth avenue and Forty. fourth street. WANTBD? A LADT. FROM 18 TO S6 AS A BESI deut governess' one well qualified to toach a young lady English. Frenc't. mus e. *c. ;_w II be o'dl^ d to lenve the city; one with the above qualiflcat'ons ran find a delightful home and good a?!e.?y; beat reference required as to capa bility and character. Addreaa for one week M. A. B., Union sou* re Post office. ANTKD? A. GOOD PIANO PLAYKB. INQUIRE AT 142 Mercer at., between the hours of 2 and 6 P. M. w lArt AND SECOND HAND PIANOS. MELO _LU" I deons. Alexandre and Cabinet Organs la let and rent allowed if pui chased. Monthly payment* received for the same. Second band Pianos at great bargains for cash; Sriee from $A> to $200. New seven oc;ave Pianos at $223. 230, $276, $300. and up to $7.0. 10,000 abeeta of mu*ic. a little soiled, at lc. iter pate. HORACE WATERS, 481 Broadway. IK 8TRICTIOH . AT NO. 280 BOWBRY, NEAR HOUSTON STREET (Towns"nd's Comtne'cial Academy ?Thorough In Mructlon given, day und evenlu;. In Hookkeep ng. Writing. Arithmetic. Algetira. R?adln?. Spoiling and Grammar with Analysts Rooms for ladies and for private Instruction. Mo classes. BatlsrHi tion gnamnteed. AT MANCHA'S, 413 CANAL STRRRT. STUDENTS RE cclve thorou h instruction in Hook kKeoing and Ar to mette, for $3 per qnarter; Writing, I2 1ess ine. ft. Bea ting. Spelling. Ac., tmglit prlvatelv ladlvld<ml Inatri.ctlon given. Separate apartments for ladles. Open day and even log. ACCOrNTS. nOOKKBEPINO. AO.? MR DOI.BF.AR. 6CT) Boulway. i;lve* private lesion* end prepare* gen. tlemea pra< ilrally for hean bookkeepers, in any bualne?a. Mr D. tlM rfnin.e> Hi flTue-*. cr imping or trembling. tad makes elegant. rapid taurines* penmen ACCOUNTS. AC.? INSTRUCTION IN PENMANSHIP, Beokk"?pii g and bun lies* affair*. at Oo'daintth * In stlliite No. 75ti Broadway. corner o! Biihlh street: twenty ye*r* estaMUhed Pupil* t*u<ht individually Separate room* for ladle*. Circulars on application. OLIVRK B. GOLDSMITH. AT PAINE'S. bookkeeping, writing. ARITII metlc, Ac., are taught day anil evening Young men or boye. whose dlrtlileoce ha* prevented proxrea* in larje classes, cmn aecure etrict'.v private rnoma at fi J Bowerv. and !N3 Fmton etreet, K"ookUn. Governor Kin* *sy? Colonel Paine'* p'.aft of Instruction ia systematic and expeditious. (TOLLElrlATE AND ENGINEERING ISSTITUTB. NO. J 18 Coi par Union New York. ? Hpt-rial Individual Instruction given in Mathematics. Naval. Oe I Military and Mechanical Engineering. Drafting. A'' Sli.d'nta reoeire 1 At any time. Call for circular* or addreaa the principal. | Major J. O. FOX. C. B. INSTITUTION FOR THE DEAF AND DUMB ? AN EX hlbltl n of the pupil* will be held at the <"oop?r Instt 1 tme, on W<'dne*day, M*v II at 4 o clo k P M. Addrrise* ? ill ba made by distlmttilshed speaker* Ticket* of admia alon l&ceuia; mav be bad at the door. TSACHER WANTCD-H* A PRIVATE FAMILY FOR three litt e girl* a abort distance Irom the cltv; muat be thorough Id KngHsh, French, mu*le and drawing; salary 1 $15 pe- month Addreaa J. M D . box 4.M0 Post on ee. WAKTKD? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, FOR TWO month*, probably for the mmmer a lady. .10 or U year* of age. as g rernes* for two children; ahe must be able to tea- h the English branches a'id drawing: a para" n q iallfled *s a h"tisekeeper preferred; salary at the rate of tit" P?r annum. Undoubted testlm'>?la'? as to cha>acier re (nlred. Addrei*. with particular*. Merchant, boi ltd Herald office. PERSONAL.. AI.KITEK ADPRESSED AS THB LAST AT 8TA t on C on We !ne?dsy. Mr be*t regard* to the family. And m ch lore to tbe fair, pretty little ulere AH B R. "DROWN WaTSON.-INFOKMATION WANTED OF X> Bio < n Watarn. format iy of the cltv of L n to* lerrr 'n Irian. l, wiio e.nUrated front thence to New \ ork about the year 169V He wa o. Igtnully a b*> er, an 1 Afterwar i? heeane a allor If lie b- living l e can hear of something great'v to hi* a 'fMit?ge on aiip'ytng el h?rte Forest Rei<?, of ?ald citv ol Londonderry. Solicitor, or to tbe un 'e sl,n d. If he be itead. aim on b e remuneration would ?>?? ilveu fur Satisfactory O'-uI'M,. e of t ie t'inn i?n p'ace of his death . JOHN OKAY, IS Fulton street, New York. Dalto AfSit .%?, I-W / 'II AKi.KS FRANCIS WBsTBRN A SOLICITOR WHO left Loi.don In Hrp'ember, IrtM. wh*. || ta boiieied can)" to Ne? V ik. I* informed that hi* three bro'liera ai^t Ms' e1Je?! *t*W/ Ai# Jea'T iiiil fie' Ti' FlfltteSeJ In 4 uflFnunf nete ? t t'.i hts pan nts at Hath. Should he desire immedleW Erlioular* of hi* lumlly ha can apply to Charles Edward*, q . CounaeJor, 4'l Pine street. N. \ . If Mr Western l?e '.ead. ant partlo?ilar* a ) ul him will be thaukfully receive! by Mr. Edward*. ARTR DE Vim TF.? MONDAY. 9TH MAY, 9 30 A. M. Euro, a I tb May, S 30 P M. f'OR ADOPTION? A LOVELY F&MaLB INFANT, two days al'l. of highly rcipectabie parentage Inquire at M> II tidsnn Mrret GO WEST TO DE1ROIT, 8TOPP1NO ALONO TUB wav. ALMA. Tf MISS LOUISA BATES WILL SBND HER ADDREHS 1 to J II C., boi 1,2 !> New York Po*t eiDoe, ahe may bear of *i>ni*thlnf to her advantage MArn-Tocn? recbivrd today, i worrird I'-c* . ??? my l*a<. waa unnoticed, but learneil the cau*e and w?s lotitent. If n 111 answer aa usual: If not, M. nday ? II *T?wer lie nf good cheer; If* t*o bad ; but I thluk of you ev-r In b"pe. Tblae on y EDITH. rpo ?ilsi OBOHOEANNA A FMIKENCB.? I 8fcNT TO 1 yu i, l i cau ?' your sixtcr l auny, by A>l*ni*? (-litres, tbe *um of SIVHl; alao three letters. E. A. I LOIIK.Ni K 11HB HFir< OF THE LATR OEOH'tB RAMMET Of ilueiios Ayre* will ,dua*e oal'. on M?a*r* Nath D. .ar III* ? 8on 1*0 P?*rl atreet. c TAKK NOTtOB.-Tim UNDERSIOIED DRSIRKS benr ><f 'he whereit> > t< jf Charles I.ewi* u> ei _ u aged abo tip i ears, and who ba* not h*en h?*r nianyrran. s <i iln* notlre meti hla eie. and write ma, b% vr f 1 b^nr ? to hfs ftflrn* L W']J |>*rs>ins trlend y to ? p<?or uniian boyell p'es ..An one Inaerticri. J N. PIT. KilE. Terre Ha it - 4, IndlABV TAER NOTTP" -THM UNDBRMONRT) Cwa.uBt mn tear oft e-shereahc ts ol IHimtnh k P.,.', 'HI.P TO 4" er 4"* i e*rs llaan<>t been hear I fro Agettlvml Should Ihi# mitie* m< et nla ?ye. and be me, he win l e*r o' *? m^'l.lng o h.s ? *' ,l" ?! ?* 1 olJ he*"l 'rnu Dmnlnlek foil ? 1 leaid ? The as'. 1 Rlfirn N E A f I4H Ihorar 1 "III* waa de*'i. ii atreet , New lark TIT ANTRH? I nfohm A IT'IN nif ,n,_ - YY dauuhtera ol Henry Hah of Llelrlm. Ireland, who , a , .?>'>. lfPruwIiear.-D eoun.y ago. Addreaa M Lloyd, 71 J *otne ye .ra i Oilrt ?irMrl. W 'Va* re^a ?TBRBT, P. T -If TOtT HAfB her knew your if^itre write and let Ch * jro* mp. iWM? o?*!?o" ron A MAW WANTING BU ii Thf idvf rU?w, ?(? scoo<uit of lone cuntlii ed 111 bMlth, wlihci! U> 'liliw 6 of hli lumbsr busing tod plan lng and mouMin* mill nonnertml The bu-tneac la eat&bliah ed. la now ravin:: hand o-rely and will bear the cl-e-st In apeclion. Th a la ia opportunity to get Into a v?od bus ne*a which la scldmn offered Termc liberal. Apply oo tha pre mine-, R co-id a eniie, Fifty-third and Flftj fourth atreela. to THKODOBK T At' LOB. cireeia, ATK* HOBSB POWER F.NOIH* ~ Boiler taokitUeLIc COMPLRTB, .1 Ml Mower,. N. T .or .1 ? 5^*.^ A N OLD ESTABLISHED RXPRRsa ROl'TR FOR A sa'e, consisting of thr?*e Homii three Wagons and Har ess. The owner xrariia to go la the country I'ua be seen at 79 West Forty first atraet. between Seventh and Eighth avenues, before 9 A. M., and between I ami 2 t* II. J. BRINRWORTH._ A FIRST CLASS MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS Store for sale with Stock. Flxturea and Good Will ; do ing a good buciuess; e.-tahllshed euht years. Apply at 175 Sixth avenue, between Twelfth ana T:>li toenth atreeta. ATMOSPHERIC TRIP 1IAMMIR FOR SALE.? Hughe* D.ilent Aimoapherlc Hammer te etrlke with an lmpa< t of 10 pounds to 24,(10# poumla For further par tleulara Inquire of D. A. MORRIS. Bockaway, N. J. AGROCRRT AND PRODUCE STORE FOR SALE? In ago* d biicine** location; dess a good business; will be aold at a low Brio*. Thla la a good ehanoe for a man with a amall capital. Also a lirat class Baker? for aale. W. H. MITCHELL 17 Cedar street A' RARB CHANCE.? A BARROOM FOR SALK? Lo cated down town, sear Broa'lwav ; does s large busl I neaa; will be aold at ? bargain. Alao bakeries. Milk Routee. Restaurants, Meat Markets, Drug Stores, LI"iior Stoiea. I W. U. MITCHELL. 77 Cedar street ALB YAITLT AND SAMPLB ROOM FOR SALB-IN one of the beat locationa In the city, at a very low rent; owner engaged la other business and cannot attend to It. Addre>-a W. Cooper, It John atreet. A BROADWAY rHOTOGBAPH GALLERY FOR SALB cheap.? Large aky light, long lease, low rant: exten live Printing facilities. Instruments. Furniture, Fixture*, Specimens Ac. Lowest price $350. Location unaurpaaaed. Apply at HOLMES', 609 Broadway. Bakery for sale? the oood will and fix ? turea of one of the bent Rakerie* on the eaateni ude of the city, now baking S7to SO barrela per week, nil oaah oyer the counter- everything complete and In good order. App'y at the bakery, 386 Cherry, oorner of Se.mmel atr et, or at 2U4 Spring atreet JOHN FROST. Bab. tables, ice cbeam, oyster and fruit Stands.? The prlyileg-a. separately or together, to let, In one of the beat groves, convenient to the city, for the sea aon. Apply to FQKD A CO., 159 Front atreet. Drug store fob salb.-applt to g. h. nasti, crner Flrat avenue and Eighth atreet. Will be aold at a bargain. Alao a drug clerk wanted. Apply ac above. DBUG STORE FOB SALE-YERY CHEAP. ON AO count of 111 health of the proprietor; thla ic a One op portunity for a man with a amall Mjital. Call at 106 Sev enth avenue and aee for youreelf. DRl'O store fob sale-sitdatbd on thb Eighth avenue, doing a good bual neaa. Moot be aold, aa the owner'a practice preclude* hire from giving it ant at tention. Apply at Dr. BUCHANAN'S *38 Weal Eighteenth ?treat. Fob salb-the fixtures and good will of an Bating Saloon and Reataurant. opposite the Second Avenita Railroad depot. Will be aold i heap for caah It baa three year*' lease, end 'a a goad e-and for a man to maka money. The rea-on for gelling la oo account of sick nea?. Rent 99>ayear. It 1? fitted up in good atvle with everything complete. Inquire of P. HASTINGS, opposite Second Avenue Railroad depot, Sixty -third atraet and Sec ond avenue. 1IH)B SALB ?THE SUBSCRIBER OFFERS FOB SALB X1 a caah paying remunerative buitnese, weH established, and secured by patent right In Brooklrn: connected I' a engine, horse-, carriagea. atable. and every arrange ment fitted complete, without regard to expense. Will be cold low If applied for Immediately. For further particular* Inquire on tne premise*. 85 Bergen street, Brooklyn. FOB SALB? thb stock and fixtubes of thb ntovc atore. 195 Court street, between Butler and Dcug lacc atreet*, Brooklyn. FOB SALB-THE STOCK. FIXTURB8 AND LKASB ot a Fancy Goods Store, newly stocked and doing good buslneaa: c od reason given foraellin -. Apply at 133 Ninth avenue, between Ntneteen'.h and Twentieth atieeta. CPOR SALE? ONE OF HAYS A WHIT-TAKER'S CUTTINO r Presses and three Piere'eg Presses. Die*. Drill Lathca and other Tool- n?ed in the noaoiifao uie of spectacle* In a Hire at 215 South Ninth street, Williamsburg, L I., of J. I. BI FFIIII. For sale-thb sloop accommodation, lting between Perrv and Charles atreeta. North river; ton nage forty tona Custom House measurement li^ht draught of water' and carrtea a full load on deck. Apply on board for t? o dava. For sale-a first class photograph gal lerv, altuated about aixty mile* from New York, doing a cash bu-lness of from flV) to $2?0 per week. For partlcu ler* address E. C. C.. Herald Ol oe, for one week. None but a oaah ciictomer need apply. For sale-a large liquor storb. at 247 Tenth avenue, corner of Twenty sixth atreet. tAklng in from S'U> 10 $10 per day; three jeara' leaae; rent cheap. Apply for three days. For sale-a small light draft sidewhbbl 8t??mb.>at suitable for a short passenger route. Ap ply te WALKS A CROCKER, 87 Wall street. Fob salb-a second hand range roilbr, n gallons, of as or mal^e. Apply at >3 Na?**u at. For sale-fifteen six light chandeliers, some of whleh are in paira and some single Also an aasoited lot of 20 Kerosene Lamp*, %I1 of ifhlqj wll| be told at very low prices, if applied for at onee, at 141 Elm street, near Grand. For salf? t restaurant and bar, no. i State street, corner Whitehall. Apply on the premlsea. ITtOR SALE-ONB of thk best shadrs and r Thnp House- In the cltv. hai n : a all year* 'eafe to run; ? p'en i ilv filled up an I doing a thriving business; ha* been kei>t bv the pre*en- pron-'etor for the last four J?* a; i a- ted with solely on aeemuit i f h<* having another ptsee In Rroai Wav. ? In. -h re mrea his w hole attentb n Apply to J. Mc LACtiLlN, Billiard aa oon, 2 >i kr wdway. FOR PALE? SO FRET of TWELVE l.nrtl AND 40 feet of eight ineh double leather and other Belling: lot of Shaft. ng. Pullers and Hangers; one Fare or Chiick Lathe. Applvat93 (Vcene atreet, in the foundry oUc*. F^OR SaLK.-THR GOODWILL FIXTL'RKS AND MA ehlnery of the Union Segar Bex Factory for sale chean. Th'a i? a g .od chance for a maa of ino ierat? eapitxl ; sella all that twelve hand* can maVe ror ca-h I will secure nv customer* to my *ucce**or. Reason for wiling. I am en gazed in ihc ae^ar manutacturin; bu ine<* and canni t at tend to betb Apply te W. W. 5) Marlon street. For sale-vert cheap, the lease and ?cr. nimre of a flrat elm houae, now occupied b? a pbvai. elan, who la giving up practice. The Knrnltiire in nearlr new. The home ha? *11 the modern improvement*. and li In perfect order. l'?rt or the w ho e of the Furniture. Car ret*. A. .. will be gold. Kent or be tee only #7u0. Apply at 12 Orand ? treet, near Canuou at reel. JI?OR SALE CHEAP? THE"l1Ta*E. STOCK AND T\X mreaof a l,l.| uor Store. Apply at the atore 6i Weat Eighteenth atreet. near the corner of SUtb avenue FOR SALE CHEAP? A LIOPOR AND BILLIARD Bah an with a tienr Store front, on the Third avenue. Inquire On the pi Third avenue. C~ 1 EOCEKY St, KB FOR SALE?WITH STOCK AND r Fixture*. d due ? fO 'd buifn-K n a leading tho-oujh tare. The proprl?tor own? Ihe bull ling. an t being deofrri'ie of going Into oihei b ain"**, will lea <e the *tore to a goo I tenant at a moderate rent, or he wi.l -flapoae of one ha f to a* art active man' * ho ran ramf well recommended. 4"nr farther particular* Inquire of J S SMITH on the prem tea, Ceu ral avenue, Hullrr I l'oint. Tiie galea average $|i>i per day. IRON SAFES FOR SAl<E? TO CLOSE AH ESTATE, AT iff! p'-reeat le?* than manufacturer'* price*: al?<> one pound* Falrbank'a ec*!e. and lar?'* double door Sefea Her rluc. Lrilea, Valentine and butler* make lo atoie HI Maiden lane. IIQdoa BTORE3-TWO OF THE BK<T I' AW i AND J we I known eornera In the a'ty are now offered for ?*'e In coooe-meoco of the eli-kne*? of the owner rtita i? a ehanee hardly ever offered a? both are splendid p are*. Ap ply lo BKflSON k DAWES. 1 4A Chamber* *t:eei. MAt HiXKKV FOR SALE.-ONF. gTftAM SNOIITft. || ln< h ct'lnder, M In#h itrike and two llorl ontn: Tubt'ar Bo l?r?. I f?-et long. 4! Inche- diameter 4 > 2-tnc'i tt;ber,wlth all the Pipea. Conne, llon?, Orate, Para Furnace. Front Pump Heater and Seam tlaige. Can he teen at R. W, Stiver ! carriage ahop. In Tlilrt- -flmt atreet. near Third areime Apply to WM. SMITH, 134 \Ve*t 1 wenty tevtnth >tr>-et V> H OTOORAPIIIC S ror-K Rl'SINhSS FOR SAI. E - A The bu'lne** In growing and onlr n.-ed" a llllle oapl. tal. Thl* la a rare for an energetic man. Apply at v:td 1 1 ran 1 ? treet. corner of Bowery. QTOrK of HARDWARE VOE I ALB 0? EZOIIAVM O for B 'nd? and Vortirag*! or unencumbered R?v>l R-. tale, amount about $15.0 0. being the rock of a jobber; a large par' malleable lion well Meorted. Apply at 1>4 Cham ber* treet, up aiaira. SINflERS SEWING" MACHINE. NO. 2, FOR Sa7.E or to let, In 300 ! order Appeal 1 19^ Dlvlaloa ?ireet. cnTM"):T."cAs. sikelmfe for O $1WI: Herring'* luteal ilyle, whlok henow tell* for I*", laquiie of tenant. IR7 Broadway, room No. 7. Tr?t floor ?bore, or Mr. S F. MOBSMAN, corner of Fifty fifth gtri'et and xiitb avenue. TOBA<CO~-FOR STLe, ONE OF ROGERS' COTTINfi Machine-, in c omplete order C*n be run by hand or ?team power. Apply at 2?7 an J tfi W at?i atreel. {Jill A -HiR BALE. ~ COHMrVsiON BUSINESS, down town - fifteen veara' tandlae; doing a l? is" and arortahle hu lnea?: hair inierea* only will he ?o'd fo ft'". ? chance aehUtn oiiered for bu?lneka. Cat: at lit fl: !'l EC'S ' "" "V 50.000 VOR SALE A. V. CHAPMAK. " Ne. U Cortland t ? I reel POLITICAL. f'ttl/l-NW ASSOCIATION OF THE flfTH WARD ? ( J 1 - STn anr. r a . 1 fro-r. the Central 0<m>mttue, a ?^etme w?. held at U.e Me, an Hie Hotel, J Duaae atreet. ^?ettng ?vaa nem 1 ? w Mart The following na ne t gen lein'-n wart eleciel oAkere of the a??oclatlon: ? .tohnll Welah. Preeidaot, Mi-ha?i innarJ, | Vlee i?r?t|denU John" ifew..t freartrr r. Oa'm^on It'waa'raMired foai ? PtMU meelinj of the ?? W' of "?* \:t' "Vewnttle Dotal. on Wedne^ey eve i uy Kay II. at w,? nant ID ***r? will h<* >n hau l to ad^iethe nieeilng. JOHN II. M KltMll. Piealdout. Joita Toon, Jf . . Senrtiary. "i'fnlOE I" KKIl' OlVEN TO THE IIOBEST i\ T/.ter* of the Seventh ward, kn iwn a* the N-mt Voile pit- eoMit* deti'iera-y , that there Will bi a apoglaj meet ina of tMwarl ofeuilraitdn on Tiie*day evening May 10. ..I , . o cloak (i 44 Ka*i Itioadwav. NICllAED O'ORADT, rrealdeot. TMtRBKC* T. Tetrr, e"r'#",rr i /rni ward dv.mochatio ID I N ION CH'B. The rognlar meeting of ihl* club will bo bold THIS EVP VIN'i. at M l'lke., No It Eitroy piaoo (Hleocker atreet 1, at i "'dock Ubo. II, rrtU'ltnt. U va* Wait. 4cUbj s^rju f. MMOBLLAIMOI. *' J . w , i ?~>'~mjQ?_IJ. ?- >v- ?%??!?? ' i lUuri OF LO ? ? . fV VilCIRiTB TH1 OPPO ^ Mreet.0%, and ll lyv?. tt?bls u a mmii<> ?i\/vi? yZ'ijl* ?*?<"??? *"*??? Ma. ra. bo I S.7S0 Hew Yor? "* **^4. Bend Map for ptrlieultri, itnnolil HUMAN 1TBH MADE TO fiblCR AN" A Inserted by Dr. P. BAD OH A r. GOPOKLM AN '< (formerly employed by Bolseouaeau. of FarU), 6W Broa ? ? way, New York. CASH PAID FOR RAGS ANO OLD MKTAL8 Will % Rag*. lOceuti; Collars anil Woollen 3 cent* per po v 1; Bonks and New>ip?|i3rs. 7 cents per p-'tind; "old Bra * ?? cents per pwiM; Old Copper and Peaier. 18 era li per pound, and old Lea l, S cents per pound, at 18 Kew Kow<v . , corner Roosevelt street. "IjICONOMY IS WEALTH." ? franklin, t b "i greatest of modern philosophers. remarx* that . penny saved Is ? penny earned " ln?tead of de?Uo)-|n ( your waste paper, pieserve it and receive its equivalent < i cash, whloli we wilt pay for old aewspei ere o! everr d* . erintieo. whole or torn: old pa uph eis of alt kinds, old rl - curnrs. bsndhills tickets, cards. oelal02'Ss, and old scrap, paner. In all Its varieties, In quantities large or sin?l A I- o ?Id writing paper and school books old blank bonks, led Cre, tu of aav style. It matters not how mueh they ma., ? written on or mutilated. STOCK WBLL k BMBRSON *9 Aaa street, One door west of Naaaau street. GAB FIXTORBS.? STKPHKM BHILRIN. 707 BROAD way. above Fourth street, has ou hand a splendid as ?ortment of the newest styles. which he offers at ver* low rate*. Pa? tie* la want af such articles would do well 10 call and examine before purchasing elsewhere. C1RBBNWOOD CEMKTERY.? FOR BALK, TWO PLOTS, T eucl ie< d la granite post and Iroa rati. Apply to A. BOY BR. 298 Broadway, IMMENSE PRlCBB PAID FOB OLD BOOKS -1 OOC Photographic Albums en hand cheap; 100,000 Scientific and Miscellaneous Works at half priea. LKGOAT BROTHERS. 119 Naasau s'reet. aear Beekman. Land warrants wantbd ? addrebh (stating number and Bnyer, box 184 Herald oOlee. T andsoapb gakdemino? grotnds Prom small XJ est aUe to any extent planned, laid out, graded, drain ad, planted and ornamented with taate. on the most lm' proved principles. at moat reasonable terms. The under signed for many yeare has studied, and practical iv carried out, horticulture In all Its branches. In all parts of Europe? especially In England? where he has gained high reputation In the leading horticulture establishments. The eiecutioc of hie work in this country will corroborate the testimony he Is possessed of, and vouch for h i retlne Ittasles and abili ties. Address Charles Gruneberg, Landscape Architect, Aa torla. Long Island, N. T. THE BEST ?election In the city. Weet Castleton Slate Company, 274 Canal street, three doors eaat of Broadway. Removed from 411 IS road way. Marble mantels.-tse best place in thb cltv to purchase cheap and well finished Mantels is at A KLABER'S Mantel Manufactory, 109 East Eighteenth street, near Third avenue, Naw York. Cut thla out, VfARRLR MANTELS -A PINE SELECTION OF MAR ItL ble Mante's on hand, and offered ehea|>er than any where else, at 8. KLABER'S Marble Yard, &4 First avenueu near Third street, New York. Call and ei&mlne for your self. Manhood and thb vigor of youth restored In four weeks by Dr. RICORD'S Essence of Life. This wonderful agent will restore mahood to the most shat tered constitutions, wheiher arising from exoesses, self abtiee. the ejects of climate or natural causes The time required lo cure the moet inveterate raae ie fnnr week*. Failure ie Impossible. Dr. Rto?rd'a Es'enoe of Life Is sold in cases with instructions for use, for $3, or four quantities In one for $9. Sent carefully packed, on reoelpt of remit tance by his accredited agent. Circular sent free on receipt of four stamps. PHILIP ROLAND, No. 447 Broome street. New York, one door west of Broadway. PORTABLE STEAM BNOINB WAMTED. TEN HOR8E Power.? A second hand one will answer. If In geod or der. Address, stating terms and where engine can be seen, box S4 IPost office. PLANTS. PLANTS? VBRBBNA? ROSB8, PETUNIAS, standard Rosas and all other Plants for sale, and sod, monld snd manure Punished, aad ? ar 1ms laid otU and plant ed, by contract or otherwlee. by W. FITZP A TRICK Florist, cornor o! Twenty-ninth street snd Broadway. K. B.? Plants packed and sent to any part of the country. Shade trebb. orapb vines, stardard roses. Verbenas, Geraniums Petunias snd all other Plants for sale, and gardens laid out, bi W. FITZPATRICK, Florist, Twenty ninth street aad Broadway. TTPk METAL AND OLD LEAD WANTED.? CA8H will be paid for after hundred weight of Type Metal and eld Lend. Apply at the desk ef this onlee. TO PRINTERS? WANTED, A HOB BUPBR ROTAH or medium cylinder Press. In perfect order. Address , staling lowest caxh price, John W. Amerman, 47 Cedar TTTANTED TO PURCHASB-A SECOND BAND SODA vt Fountain and 8oda Counter, In good erder. Price must be reasonable. Address, stating where to be seen and price of either. O. B? Herald otftce. WANTED-A SIXTY MORSB BNOINB. NEW OR second hand, with or without boilers Will par cash. Addres< box J.8WJ Poet oflloe. New York, or box 4,106 Pool office. Bo ton, with fall partlcnlara. IPECIALBOTICKfc _ ^ J Anniversary meeti no -tammany society^ht Columbian Order. Brother*, the annual meeting ?f the Institution will be held In the Ootincll Chamber of thw Great Wigwam, en Thuraday, May 11. IW4. at hair aa hour after the aettlng of the sua, whea the Sachems elect will h* Installed. General and pua. tuel attendanoe la reqnes ted By order of ELIZAS F. PURDY, Grand "mi nlasi Cunt C. Cttiti, Amsl ij, j. Maviiattak, SeasAa of HleAotu', Fifth Moon, Tear of Dis covery .172, of Independence the 87th, and of the lastl t tutiQp the 7?<h. A N ADJOURNED MEBTIRO OP THB RHAREHOLD rt. ers of the Fourth National Rank ef the city of New York ? III be held at the Bank. Noe. 17 and 29 Pine street, on Tuesday, May 1'). lMt. at 3 o'clock P. M. Business of importance will come before the meeting for final action. The shareholder* of the beak are therefore especially requested to be present. WALDO HUTOHIMS, Chairman Wm. H. Armstrong, Secretary. * "UiVy *iSHon.' rnim>iur; ?t<tii<l la ?ha nm? piaoe a? 3 ? clock. Department or pcblic charttibs and cor recllon.? New Tork, May 9 1S6#. ? Al * meeting of lbs runmliilonrri (if Public Charities and Correction. held at their office tlila 'lay? present. Commissioners Draper. Bell, N Icholson. Orotiell? the lollowlog resolutions ware unaul mouslv adotnel: ? Whereas, It hai pleased ths Almighty to take from tha circle of enrthly associations an officer of Bellovue Ifospi. tal. In the peison of Mr. John King, late engineer of that institution; I* Ltherefore Resolved. That <re d?enly svmoatblro with hla widow and hla child In this early pa ration. Mr. King wai born In Bellevue Hospital, of which hla mother van for mnny Tear* principal matron. He waa alwava cheerful, alwava com pani nahle. r<-gardlesa ef future dependence. he waa gener oua and aocal ; hla henrt heat Id unlaon with the cause of suffering humanity whenever and wherever It a?ugbt bia aid and aympatby. To hla memory tl.e Oommlasloners cor? dlally extend their warmeat recognition nf hla paat useful ness while they unite with hla family in the laet offices of official and pereonal respect. Resolved. That a ropv of tae foregoing preamble and reaolutlon be rngrr.Sked and transmitted to the widow of the deceased and published lu Ibe papers of this cUy Isaac Bcll, Secretary. S. DRAPER, rresldeoi EMMBT MUTUAL B. B. SOCTBTT ?THB MEMBERS of this sonet. are requested to meet at their roor a, 527 Third avenue, oo Wedneedsv. iho 1 1th instant, at ones lock P M., to pa. the laat tribute of respect to their late Brother member, Philip Item*. Br order of THOMAS UICKEY. President. Enwaao Boraait, Secretary. F| AREWF.Ll, MISSIONARY M FKTINO.-EHV J. I* Ph llip- will del ver his farewell ml?e|.>nary lecture on Wednea im ev?nln.{, May ll.atTU oc'ock In the Kree Will Bspti t c.iin h, Twentv el :hth ?treet, near Rroadwar. A? the close a collection will be taken up !?> purchase a printing press tor Mr 1'h'l Ips to take to India ? ith him. The ire cordially Invited. Seaie free. HEALTH OFFICER'S DEPARTMENT, QUARANTINE, btsten 1-iand Mas P. I"*! ?An* pilot or ciptaln or any vessel arriving In this port, s ibjsct to vlattstion by tha health olicer, wli? shall neglect or refuse to de-aln his ves sel at varanltnc unit released by the health eflicrr will b? puniahed aicoid nil to law. JOHN KWiNBURN. Health OO cer of lbs port of New Tork. NOTICE-THE KPB TUPBRS OF NEW YORK, BrookUn tnd Williamsburg are respectfully Invited i? attend a myelin?, en Tnesdae, May 10 at National Hall, Noa JM and 2 1* West Forty fosrth streei, between llghili and Nlntb avsnuea la ooDSequsncs of the demand for high er wages. THE COMMITTEE NBW YORK, MAT 9, l*4.-NOTI? E TO THE 'LONG, short in *n la geoer.-il.? At a meeting nf a committee of ten men tiom ea h rlv<r, he'd al S7 Ki.-. seven street. com. uo eii nf tlie following: ? fc.gsr Mclra'h, Daniel Snllvsn, Paniel Ha'.erlv Ji-hn (Sloan, John Eager. Thomas Coscy. Pat'k M' Caally, V'.irria Marts. .lohn Gannon. Denis Riley. Jamc, K- rin', .la ea Kenard. Com. last rlv<-r; Micha<-I Hlgana, James llonol.oe, Josi pli A'^more. Cha- Corvell, .Taa Srbiian Rich CI. man, EJwd. Pteedman, .lohn Wolf, John Ollfov. Tl' i Co":hlln. .Tohti Hlagnan, Jamea Neagle, Com of North rlicr. It waa unanlmonsly r'snired that w#i demand thirty ihrsa C-Qla p< r hour from the preaent data ROOER Mi O RATH. Chairman. JoslPI Ammokk. bee ret. ry. PLUMBERS' M AM MKETINil ? THRRE Will. RE A siiei- al ine'tlng of the .'miraeymen Flumhers' Protect" Ivo Bo - ety held at iho Union Atacmbly Rooms. 218 tlrsna street, .in T"e? lav evenm*. May 10, at TH oVIook. to tska Into conaMerailon an ? Itaiw sf wages. There will be a mass meet i * of the trade In r. aeral, at the eame plaoe, al 8 hT M. By nrder of ta,|,iilM||f PIANOFORTE MAKERS' UNION.? A SPECIAL MKKT lag of delegates will he beld al Turner Hat: on Wed- j needay evening. May II. at 7^4 o iHock. It Is hoped that iho Bngllsh siwaklng portion of the trade will be represented bs a delegate from each shop, as business of Importance t* them will be considered. T. O'BRIEN, Secretary. TnE PAYMASTER OF THE UNITED STATES 8TKAMT aloop Mohican will par off th? eraw, al the Navy Taid. on Wednesday, the I Ith last., at IDA H. rE UNITED STATES TELEGRAPH COMPANY IV now In itiereaaful operatlnn, and has nper.ed tba fol lowing oilicea/or the lecei-llon of b islneas ? principal orrt< 8 n Nassau street. ... snaorH nrnrss, PT NICHOLAS IIOTM,. in Oenle's bat store, adjelnlng. A NOR 2rt William streat. I'l.HIIC STOCK KXCIIANOE, eornar o7 William anrt B aver eli eets C ? > , ; N HXCHANWB OSriCt. II Pearl street D'reit roinrnunMatlon is had at all hours v?i|h Alb'nfV Ryr cuse t'll'-a, 'tocheatcr, hnffalo, Oswego. Clevs'aoa, 'i tiled e, Chicago. Milwaukre. Plitaburg, the ml wells of Pcna? avhonla an I Intdficdiata po'nu TUB INI>I.I KM?rsT l.lNR OF TRI.EORAFH. In con neclion wlib ih? Cnlte.i fist a, reaches ail important polnta In the Eastern Hiat?s. snd ao'iia>vnrd as far as Washington. Mcaaagca are received at all ii the shove named effli es and trangniltl i 'ii :i.| -tespatoh to a?ai? part oft the t nlted fitatss snd Br'i'jh Pro* In^ -a .1 _ m _ NATHAN RANDALL, Presl lent. || S C. H*t. Secretary. ? TO TAIWIRS -NOTICB ? THE D1FPIOUI.TT F.*l?r# It. 4 for ilie last throe * eeka wllh the hands and J Walson, Fifili a<ou ia. Naw York, audcurner rf Kicks an? Mi.iitiaiie 'Irseis. Urooklyn, haa I een amMkb't ae'lled. Bf or lsr of lbs CF.NTRAL COMMITTKB. TO WORKWOMEN S ASSOCIATIONS. TBMI'ER ANQH Sm leties. Ac ?To let a tins airy Hall, for weak evet?. lug and Snndar on second iloor nl building W Bowa*g? ??*r HaUdf ?>rsas taaly at ? Movers

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