Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1864, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1864 Page 7
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A1 BALES A* arCTIOW. LVAN c. BAKER 4 CO AUCTIONEKRS ALBhRT HAYWOOD. ACCTIONEKB. AUCTION NOTIO/. TUB LARGEST ANU HICH i-.ST ASSORTMENT OK liOUBKIfOLD FUKS1TUKK. rilMUa?. STATUARY. Bltl>N/.KS. RAKE AND < OSrtiY WORKS OF ART, Ac, - ofTeted at a Mttlon tbt* season. Til Id DAY 1 1 UKSDAV). MAY 10. at the elegant mansion II West Siueetuh street, between Filth ami 811th avenues. FW.'-: COMMEFOJNU AT U O'CLOCK PRECISELY. Viie .1 ntioneer won rt r?ll the particular attention of his fueii.) < ?ii t tin- punlic 10 thU wile , the catalogue comprising ~ ' ? ,!i assortment of Furniture Pianoforte, 1'aiiuiiiga, i it" ii e: i Minora. Ac. The house was f >riii*he.t )e?s than ?e e moutUg 11140, ami la In eacell at Older. Catalogue* at tlii> li<> i? Sale peremptory. The House auil Lot for Hale. l:i i'i re of the aueUuae- r. lira.. ng Kooma ? upo.b Sulla Furniture, coverod with bro, atel of rlche t description; elenant sets Window Cur ta ik to match the nut.; K latere* plate tla door*. Kn cui^ti tires, secretary and Bool: as , Centre Ta lea, tatuary marble <ip* : Brmi e and Ormolu Ctienlelti-rs, Cabinets to mi itch, ormolu au<l Dresden Cirna ' iruament*. Marlile Stat uary. Br?uze Figure , Oil I'alutiu^s l.y emlueut artist-, j F eneh in* F.ngrartn** ? MA iMFIUENT OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, ri. liost Instrument oTeted at auction this season, (ully guaranteed by the maker.-: Stool, Brocade Cover. Muse stand Bo k , Ac ; llmstaud. Chairs to match, oak Bullet, Extension Table. Chair*. Sofas, Cut and Fn Srave 1 C.Hsaivere, China Dinner Seta, imported from Paris lor pr.-senTowner; silver Dluner and Tea Service, t asters, Si-ouiv Forks Urn, Cake Baskets. Oyaier Dish, Tureen, Tali e Cutlery, Linen, roaewood and waluut Dronsiug Bu reaus, B Misleads. Armolre s Olaoe, en suite; Hair an I Spring Wat'.re>M?s? 24 pair Linen Shoet*. 24 pair Pillow Cases, 12 pair Frneh Blanket* Towels, Counterpanes. Marseilles Oiillts, French Toilet Sets mahogany Sofas, Bedsteads, Cnaiis. Hookers, Ac. Also Furniture of Servants' Apart ments Par ties wishing to attend this sale tak- Fifth or Sixt . avenue cars or states, from Astor, 8t Nicholas or Me tropoi tun Hotel, tearing at SUleeuth s reet, ? few door* from li<<use V. D.? Every article must be removod iiutue 1 lately alter the tale, A J. L. SMITH, AUCTIONEER, WILL BELL THIS Ji ? day. at ll o'clock, at 17 Stuyycsaut pluce (Ninth street) Wween Second am', Third avenues one I'lano of epleii.lld tone and finish; cost &6V); three Parlor Suits, ro-ie vuod and nuih gany Bedroom Suits. Rockers, Looking Classes, mahogany and maple Chair*, Tables. Brussels and I uarsin Carpets, and everything that belongs to a tint class bouse. ; A UCTION NOTICE -D. D CAULKINS A CO.. AUG J\ TIONEERS.? POSITIVE AND UN RB3ERVKD SALE OK ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. THIS DAT (TDESDAYJ, May 10, at 10k o'clock precisely, til th.- superb and co tly Furniture, Paintings. Statuary and Works o:' Art, rosewood Drawing Room Suits, elegint 'even octave 1'iano orte, Mlt-rors. Velvet Carpets, Ac. contained In the residence No. 218 West Fourteenth street, between Eighth aud Ninth avi The auoliouner calls the s|ieclal attention of the publ.c to this sale, a a being the largest and richest assortment ot Household Fnrulturo oflered at auc li in this season. The Furnittire was all *iade for the pre sent oa tier and I, lu complete order. 'Ihe whole will be I?eremptorlly and absolutely sold without r -nerve. DRAWING ROOM FURNITURE ?on*l -Is of carvel romwooi Etageres. marble tors and French plate doots an I back: Lady'- Work Table inlaid with in tber oi pearl; rosewood Centre Tables, statuary marble top; full suits of Drawing Room Purnlluie? elegant Tete-a tete Sofas, two Arm, two Reception and eight oval back <!iiiir carved rosevMiod fianies and uovern I in three color "Vases, richly decorated; Parian marble Statuettes of tho Season , artistic Bron/.es, representing nl.'ht and morniug, J'andoia. Painting, l'oetry, Mtt ic, Crusaders. Ac ; Antique Lava \ sses, tr-'in Herculaneum and Pomueli: ebony Card Table Velvet Carpots, Rng<, Turkish Easy Chairs, bton/.e Clock, runs one month; Oil Paintings, by Roussesu, Intnan, iiuntiiM'on. Cole, l.egrande and other eminent artist* MAGNIFICENT SEVt.N OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, carved legs una case, four round comers finished all round, lu aid with pearl ; Music Rack, rosewood Stool, covered In brocade embroidered Cloth Cover. Book* and Music, Hall rosewoo-1 llatstand, Oilcloth, Btair Carpet. Ac. Chambers, ?oeeond story? Richly carved rosewood Bedstead*. Bureaus an I Commodes to match; Wardrobe*, Dre -sing and Toilet Table*, Shaving Stand*. Bookstand, Couch. Arm Chairs, Curtains, Shade*. Cornice* Hair Mattresae*, Beds and Bed ding. decorated China ToHet Seta, Mirror*. Dining Room Furniture of every kind. Tea Set*. Silverware, Ivory Table Cutlery, Dining Table, Ac. Mo postponement. A OCTION NOTICE. ?POSITIVE AND PEREMPTORY A SALR OF MAON1F1CRNT HOUSEHOLD FL'RNI 9'|'RK. SUPERB ROSEWOOD PARLOR SCIT8. RICH CARPK1S. PA1NTINM8, BRONZES ELKO ANT PIANO """ I K. SILVEfL CUT 0LA8S. FRENCH CHINA. Ac. II E ENTIRE CONTENTS OT THE HOUSE .FORI I THE C08T 0^'E.R TO BR SOLD WITHOUT RESERVE. (Tue*day) afternoon, at > o'olock. at No IBS West Iwenty first street between Seventh and Eighth avenue*, ?will be sold the largest assortment of elegant Furniture and jiostiy Works ot Art offerea at publie auction thie season. Walnut Bulla, in green rep*; Centre and Pier Tables Turkish Lounge*, with Armchairs to match; superb ?even octave rlaao'orte, mable top Music Cabinet. Stool tand embroidered Cover; over 900 yard* rich Tapestry Carpet; "elegant rosewood Ktagerea, style Loui* XIV.; four superb Sron/e iChandellers, costly Bronzes. Mantel Vases and rare tParioi- Ornament*. Lace Curtain*, Shadea, collection of large ?nd valuable Painting*. BLEEPING ROOMS, DININO BOOM AND HALL. Rosewood Bedstead*. Dressing Bureaus, Spring and Hair ^Mattresses, walnut Suits. In greea reps; Cottage and other ?Chairs, Beds. Bedding Sofa*. Sofa Bedsteads, Oval Mirror*, ?Clocks, China, Cut Olaaa Stiver, Table Cutlery, Oilcloths, rosewood Hall Furniture. Ac Sale rain or aliine. HBNRY B. WESTCOTT, Auctioneer. ?A UCTION NOTICE,? E. ROTH. AUCTIONBEB. l-fi. SPECIAL AND PEREMPTORY SALE OF ELiiOANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, MAONIflOENT PARLOR FUBNItURB. PUBLIC wsaw NO. 119 WEST IMHTH STREET, stxin Avenui't, >j?i5 aftiiriiSlftiBif At 11 o'clock prfelsely. The aaie - utnyria, ? t';? n^ntenta of the houae, and most of A i was made to order for the i?woiii owner uj onlftfci*t?d city milkers, and u<nd bnt seven months. The whole Will be ?oi<t peremptorily, rain o< shine, oilermg extra indnoemMts to purchaser*. PAULOH AND DRAWING BOOM FUBMITUBB. Three lieautifut solid rosewood and black waiaut Parlo r Puit*. covered la rich French aatin brocatel and reps; Turkl-h Easy Chair, and Lounges, to mateh ; roe* wood Centre and Pier Table . Etageres. Corner and Book Stand - . 31 day Bron/eCl"ek. rich China and Parian V? e?, Patlor Ornan.ents, elegant Broeatel anl I.aoe Curtain*, a fine col lection or Oil Paintings, Engraviogi. large Mirrors and Va'oN* KIO'ENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, STOOL AND COVEB ; COST ?t!W; an elegant Instrument, with round corner* beautifully carved le^- and case, with all modern improvements, over ftmng bass, full iron plate, French action, lull 'even oc tave; ro ewood and mahogany Bedeteada, Buresus. Wash, aitands, Sofas, Chairs Rockers. Mirror-, Clock . Tah'e , Bed jL-iunges, spring ami Hair Mattresses Beds. Blanket'. Tea Table-. Ki tension Table, (.la-*, China and Silver Ware, Table Cutlery, Ac. Sale pa-ltive. Depot-it required. "AUCTION NOTICE. -WILLIAM IRVING. AUCTION _i\ per.? Wagons Barnes*. Dog Oart. Rockaway*. Ac. <3SOOul> A COOKE will a*U on Wedne*dav, May 11, at 12 C clock, at tholr sale room I? Dey -treet. near Broadway, a rge as* rtment of Wagon*, new and aocond hand:? ? Seven Shitting lop Bnggie*. * tisle ^e*t No Top Wagon*. Sii two seat Tep Wagrm*. _ __ One *?* seat Coarh. four Flano Bot Wsgoea Turee cut wider Coupe Rockaway*. ? ' hi. No Top Road Wagoaa. <> Kngli h two. wheel Dog Cart. -* ' Rookaways, Oertnantowns and Double and Single Harne-a, Ac, I ? a UCTION ROTTCE -CBOOKBRY A1*D QLAS8W ARE. A WM w SHIRLEY, Auctioneer.? On Tue*day. May |0, at In o'clock at 28 Pearl atreet. ?T 1>. BMRCRY. Jr., ? lar e, r noire atock for oil; und oountrf dealor-, of all hind* or White Uranlte. Comm?n War*. Yellow and Rook. Sale* f ?*? fo KHh (iood- well repacked for ahli menl. Catalogue* ??t v at the ?tore" Ttieadair morning. Notice? The whole >>i i idl i>k i* now eocupled for our auction and commission t>udne*a Dt'TION BALK OK CROCKBRY aKD OLAHS -HEN _ KY O EYANfc, Auctioneer, wlU ?*il la lot* to ault f*t*iler?. on Tuesday, May 10, at 10 o'clock. a well aa?<>rt?d Stock of White Oraa lie Dinner Tea and Toilet Wire, all kind* Of Common Ware, Olaaa, Fancy and Bilrer P'ated Ware. Ae., ma. 8a!i- poem** an<l good* will be oarofnll* repacked tor ?hipping counter merchant* would do well to give their Attention to tkl* eale. A UCTJON WOTIOB-BOOTR AMD RHOSS. A WM M. ROLL! NOR H BAD At'C flONBBB. M? J. T. WIHTB1IOU8B Saleero >m 2ft Uortland atreet. will aoii oa Wadnaaday, Mar II, At 10V4 o'cl ock A. v.. about 1 .00 case* prim* quality Boot*. Mho -a. Brogan*. < latter* Balmoral*. Ac direct from mann faciurer-; ?lao the balanoe of a retail atook of Bhoaa. Oata iogues ready on morning of aale. a UCTIOR NOTICB? LIQUORS, WIRES. 8BOARS A liar Fliture* Ac. OK RARD. BETTS A CO.. will aell. ?n Tuoadar. May 10, at IIK C'c'eek . at 98 Wall atrcet. the 'iitiirca i nd Block in Trad* contained In the ab >ve premi (aea. con online In part at Ll'iimm, Win**, Begars, Bar and Mar Km i urea, largo Mirror, Mi 1 90; Chair*. Table*, Stove*, JFipe. Ac. a UCTION KOTICB.? A SlTPERIOR ROSEWOOD SEC?. j\ reiarr Hod, I'lytnuloo r patent, to ba Bold, oa Wedue* tflay at II. LEEDS A MINI- B S, 93 Liberty ?tre?t. UOTIOR SALE OF H0MJM AND WAOONS-IN Brookltm, br Otll.R A MURPHY ?This day. at 11 O'clock, at '?>? Fulton aired, oue pair of matched Horao* #nrl four seat Rockaway. need by ft sutler, two light WMOOS, on* Doe or'* Ulg ooe Biprca* Wa.-on, fou? Horeta, four act* at II ? r nea* . Ac. Wetneaday, at I OH o'clock, at M9 Fulton street, Ooo i Pii.nlture and Carpeta? Mahogany Sofaa, t'halra ?abl.e, mahoitany cottage and Iron Bclsteada, ralnled <f'h*mber Suit, KitanOon Table* oak Chalra, Hal Stand*, fnahnganv llureau* a*d Waahatanda, Feather Bade anl Mat lreaeea, Ji> Bruaael* aad Ingrain Carpet*. H okcaae, Kitchen Furniture, Ao OOLB A MURPHY, Auctloneera. Tv w IVES A CO, AUCTIORBBRS-rURNITURB J f, Ha'ernoma. Mfi Broadway? Will *?4I at auction, on 1ir?dnM'ia;,M*y 11, l?C4.*t 11 o'clock, second hand Kurnltnro ?>n y coii al-tlng lo part of Bodataada, Bureau*, Mattrea'ee, , Bol-tera. Pillow*, Com ortera. Blanket*, CoOkaaaa*. Eta *arcs. lahlea, Ooralce* Parlor and Library Sulla, Btten I Riol kinn Be ?te?da, Lamp-, Ac. Do*l<r- inrlted. (in Saturday, May 14, at II o'eloek. Carpet. PI* r and Mm t?i Mu ror*. Cornlo**, alao Br* roaawood Piano*, 7\ W. TTKS. AUCTION BE R.?D. W. IVRH A CO . 99 AJ. Libert t *ir?*L, will aell at auction oa Friday, at o?* ?eio*k. Hnr***. Carriage* aad Uara***. Parti*uiar? in Thuriday a Herald. kANIFl, H BURDBTT, AUi TIONBBR -BRITISH " *t*amer Weetmorelaad ? BURDRTT JONER A CO ,111 eel on w*dn*?lay. March II, ail a'doek. wlthla their J*le*rm,m. It? Wail airajt, ?taainer Wealmarxlaiid . l*nKtii Tto w oreadl Mfeei bea n engine. 41 Inch cylinder aad H iet iT^ae. draft i [fleet : In parfe?t order for aea Ltoa at A t ntlc d k. Brooklyn wh*re she mar be eiamined. For further portleulM'* apply to WHITNRY A BATBaWAT, 6J Riiuth alreet. 17 BOTH. AUCTIORRBB. WILL BRLL THIS (TUB*. Jpj. day) aftornoon May 10. at 3 o clook, all Iks tltaaal flo.i- h . d Furniture. Carpets, Ac . at the oloptat ra*ldeno* ill OhktM plaee. Eighth ?treet a few doore from Hiith ar*. hue. near .letTvrana Market ennMMInf of macnlBoant Parlor furniture, in aulu. novarod tn rleh Freneh tatla bmeaurt, ttlk rape and halrolethi marble toa Table*. PWf Mirror, ffler Table l.aoe Curtain-, bronce eight day Clock*, Partaa Wl?r Table I^too Curtain-, bronie eight day Clocka, Parian Sad China \ ases. Raay Chair*. Turklah Loungea *ol(d biaok tralnot Kitenalon Tabe. Dining Cbalr*. rich Cut (ilaa*. Calna and Hilrer Ware, trory Table Cutl*rr, fln* Painting*. C*ina and Ntlrer Ware I5RRI I *L^DW 4RD irnv <cnir ? - ? ?*""l"^at fiV wJjfS^^TH Bff . and War., tttTVcSE'' I low A BD B0HRR0K, ? A OCTIO NRR R- R LB< J A N T H apnn of bar Hnr*** Ry BOWARD SOHBNOR. oa fhuraSar, May II, at I o'eloek, al | hi* ?la*room. to Liberty Ur*et an *l*g*nt span of long tall bay Mara*. 7 and S rear* lid fln* *tyl* and aatton; line saddle hor**?. can trot Inaida If ? minutes tn?*th*r. Alao Douhlo Harness, mad* by rralnor Al*" * top Wagon city mad*: BlankaU, Robe. Ac. N* pr* party of a |*ntT*aian gone to Europe. To b? *old BALKS AT AVCTtOW. TTIXKWTOR'B 8ALB.? FOB BUB. TH ^"^'"^Tne'r^f Pj Distillery -m l Liquor 8l'>r? ?t ihe ? 1 >' ( , the ^(e Columbia and Irrtng street* Bro ?klyn. "*n f the"pre J?u.? Mc(ii'? t0(!?tl.e, w tb J^"?ed ?Hti "" miin the Future, and t'te 1AP"*r* ? thlTaio *k on hand tf diaitliary; one llm Ung g * kL?, curried on ?l tb,? desired. A pro'naO' 'e hunlne ?* I ha . )!in ^ r?ntinued *?aMt?timent by it. late "J* ""'J? 0?D0rtnnltv for making without interruption. Thle ?i a ?'^V$?nV?e?. or to OvTK? nioi ev. For particular. 'Il'IfJ , ! or c,i Carroll street M.UKK Kiecutor at No. ? btt!Ui"l with Ha? The dl-tU'rry c 'inf>ri?c? * flue Hire T ? a cellars. A ?<> How Wagouaaa? ltarueai. . ? wrtA'^r* ?i HofaH mahogany. <-01?r;d ,'n i?Me. i Wardrobe. 2 * vW'iM * *????.. ^ aud 8 Mirror., gilt frame* W forjjlo ??????? i,arahal. ~T.Tr oa. iTat PUBMC AU< TIOB? OX THURSDAY. F? M?tV, 1K64, ?t 1 o'clock V M ou the f ' i?.? town of Icaradale, Weatehepter county, the containing aim .1 ?4<> irrc of cliot'-e L.nd. In PMWa i I from twelve to lifty a.reso?clr ou aome ot which uare I I ?' n Htthsea Outliilldlnss. 'ftiH trmot *?? eel* ^,V*ltV. ?aba r ber with reference to ita Uesira; Illy for 1 Ilia alt", a- well as tor Its product iveneea as a farm. ?ut . wh h he ha* made Impro e.neau, and arran^wl tlie plQis m ioUi d visions a? will give to each parcel aconroandlngvWw without interfering with 'he others. 1 he " ?lj ridue of table land from three to P>ur nunarou r.ef abovethe level of tide water, command ing ?V tensive view. of Long ,,lfcI,'| !J[,m dlatmnt ffhuinaiM of the palisades. the , Hnd-on. about one and a quarter mile* east of th* gcarsdalj S l*rl"m Kailro id The whole tract l. v^uei at he minimum price of per acre and each pi rt el w Ml be put up at iin ii[>ael pnoe coritwondiBf with tl" ? l*^ h coniuared with the whole, and aold ou bid* an-ve nuc ? ? iima. Fifty per cent of tne purclia^ mmiej to ^niain on bond and mortgage for five years at six pet* djjj? . ' the puieliBxcrs do nit wl*h to build or '"'P'? vl, j,,in,in'il tear. Uie nnbacrlber will allow alx |>er cent on two hnn. ^Ire dollar* per acr<> lor a r.riilt ural pni po^a l onverans j w be at the 8carad?1e mstion 011 the day or n e to lA 8 '4 A M. train frouv I WittW alxlh atreel M.) to convey persous wi the "r,n't*fL ' Ti l.nake of ? an. pie time to examlnn the property and par * . rn to luncheon at 12 M. l>o for# the aale. aud afurwarde return ?> the city by the 4 or ft P. M. train. *or explanAtWna. maP?. and a description of the property, app'j to A. FINDLAi. 31 Pine street, N. Y. PCOLTON, Al'OTIONKBR.? HOUHKHOIjD FUrNI , turn. Oarpew, Krern-h plate Mlrrort.roi^ood aodma hosanv Furniture, marble top da, Ac.. Ae.? On Th 1111 ?1 T. Mnv 12 at ink o . lo-k at IDS Fifth avenue, corner or mix teenth atreet, tne entire irurnitiireof ,he.|^,^-^'<1^1vVral eiiDied a" a cl'ib liousc. It will Oflmpr ae iu |>ar? several verv larce French plat?> Tier and Manier.Mirrora, \ elvet an 1 Ta^itw OaVwU. Oil" loth a, Cunalna, and Oomicee: roae wood innho any and black walnut 1 ^ Tabh? Firnlture; marble top nroaslng Bureaus nnd Ceut e Tauwa, Hair MaitresR'a. elegant Hall 'ind Ha atanda, tOKether llli every article in me house, gale peremptory, at 10,$ A. M. L~ool.tow. aoctionkbr -kxtha r . of llouaehold Furnltuie, rich t,?rpcts and Curtain French Plate Mirror. Parloi Sull. Ac. Ac. K. OOLTON allot ion'room ^7-2 1* Bn'id'Vyopp' .?lle ?the \ r p^tV tU ? i nana maa ttcrtsw-,-; jfiod Basement and Kitchen Qooda. W B.-Sale w 11 ahaolute and gooda mutt be removed thU day ana 10 morrow. (~\ BORGK COOK. AUCTIONEER.-LAROR STOCK OF Ir t:Hl)inet Furniture at Auction.? ORO. t OOK will thla day. at 1 1 o'clock, at atore 141 Broad way a la ge .t c of aurwrlor made Cabinet Furniture. embrucinK evi ? v rarle t, ol rra iwooil, black walnut and mahogany ^Parlor B iW i n brocatel. rep. and hair cloth. r?MiJ?ol and ^ai . k , ? ?alnut Bookraa und Tablet, rosewood and black wain vit cnai.-ner and Dining Suit*, elejant mirror ^"t Wardrobe. Turkish Couches and Raay Chalra. RUgeree, BulTeU, Biten-lon Din log Tah'e<. Centre and Side Table*. Ac. boied for ttoods purchaaed at this sale can be careruliy ooiea i?r shipping on the HENB* H. LEKUB, AOCTIOSBER.? IiAROB AS^ eortnent of Furniture.? HENRY H. 1>KKU? ? 11 t v k 11 will sell at auction on Tuesday. May 10, a' 10)i o'clock, at the Apollo Building. * * roa d w ay. near 5^ * ?treflt a larne a.wirtment of Household Furniture, Ac , be longing to the well known Apollo Building, conrtsl Cba?r? In Settee., covered with rtlk ' coo ft order, a large number of Table? and **orse . J . ties of Coooa MMtlng Carpet., Oilcloths, raluable Chande of whlchgare v?ry l.?e and eniuble for ahotel or aaloon; BrackeU. Haircloth Sofa, and Chatre. Ti able large and .mail Mirrors. Curtain.. China and Olaas. large P.moh Bowl., Knive. and Forks. 8pooris. Ice Creamy Bau oera. Tin and Copper Hollars. Range, As., Snadss, music Stands snd other articles In catalogue. Hkmry h lbeds. auctioneer.? HORSES, 40. HKPfRY H LKED8 k M1MBK will aell at auction. ruAsdav M ?y 10 at 12 o'clock in front of our store, 93 ?siSswwafiTSi SSd^'ind^w^rraAcdTtYeV Sre"" go^d lf? ?|n^?or d..uble har nes.. and arc Kentneky bree 1. Sold only for waut of u e. HBNRY n. LRBDS, *^TCTIONERB. FORPIQN OOUl'IL A CO.'. enure collection or FUKBiun OOUPIL k gfflsftaraoar.ias ?aotVonb'to t'lifii^a e , a o d painter, O. X, ."^?;'STOI1!BXTB PRIBOlt. Al?>. for the ?eoon d Um e J irtorT thl? oonntry, one of thoee marvel. 01 ar?. aj sooleur. RTANI?A*D BRABKR. . .. Van Mnyden. Beranpir. p- i- xhom. C""'ou Caille. Buureee. ^^'"i-^v^.rnsi.', ' Pe Rraekeleer. rler. I'emmen., ITI.eo. Fj*r?. vey David. Marbon. ar J? ? French and fortjOT 'Choola. _ a - gpnOOL ?n b. ityrt; S> SSiSlVSak JSS ture by John ^andeilyn-^^^p^j, ? assiiiii.JVssflMi ?*m,. m iu. ?wi??ij~i s^ssss day and evening until the n'ghti of ea e. HRNRY D. MINER. Al'OTIONRRR? SALB8RO0M ST j Nh*Mu atreel, oppoalte the P?*t oilloe. ? M INE R A BOMERVILLR will *c<l ?t auction, no W?-dne*<l*y, May II, i at 10W o'rlnrk 74 Libert r atreet. (he content* of a Rcatatt : rant, romprlnlnf French tvnle Bar Mirror, blach walnut top I Counter, marb ? to;i Lunch Counter. black watnnt Df??*. Har Clock Hlove an<t Pipe, Rat'inv*. Segar Hove*, copper i Bar Drainer*. RoiU<a. Tumblpra, Liquor Pump, An. i J JENKINS ACCTIONBBB WILL BELL ATAUC ? ti n on Thur?taT, Mar 12 at II o'clock at 1,401 liroad. ???, Horse*. Carriage*, Wa-on*. Harncaa. >dn?le and don hie; Doctor and Runu? Wngon*. 1 light Coach, Wood'a l.ulld. Al*o6Horae*. JOSEPH IIB'IBMAN wiidnkbdat, My 11, At t o'clock P M , at ilie corner of .I*T and Johnann *treet*. Hp>ok>n ro*ewo9d I'arlor *nd Chamber Furniture of the ?at manufacture, ?vin >'*ma?k Window and Bed Curtain*, large *lie Mantel and Piei OI?*a. with rornl-e* and Table to match . Kt.ig?ri\ oak Lib *rv nnd Hall Furniture, ro*? wood French Kscrttolre, Cottage Platm, larae mahogany ll-ilel and Kxtcn?lon Table, valuatile Oil Painting*, Ai< ininner and Medal Ion and Ingrain Carpet*, Ac., Ac. Cata logue* on Tuesday at the aa ocroom. MMottHIP WtLKINB. AUCTIONEER. |H Superb llou e.'iol I Furniture. P'cycl and Woreeater'* Flanofoi t- elenant real Mena Hr>n'e*. Line Engravings, Hlivct Plate fine French china Cut (its**, Wilton, Velvet *nd Brii-?el* Carneia, Ac.? R If LCDLOW A CO. will se'l *1 am lion on Tmeday. M?r W 1164. at 11 o'clock, al the re aidenne Mo. 17 Wc*? Nlne'een'h street, near fifth areniu>, all the elegaut Furniture Ac., contained In aaid home oon alatln ? In pail of elegant rosewood Parlor Bulla, In crimson ?ailn; richly carved roe wood Centre, Pier and Pane/ Ta ' MMMMM|||rlihl. 8 airing Pianoforte. _ Pianoforte, round corner^ octave, Worceoier, maker; Piano Stool*. Muelc Rack, fine rneewood Card Tab e*. rich crlmaon Satin Curtain*, lined with elift; lino carved Mahogany Ri tenelon Ta ble, elegant nerved mahogany Buffet. Dining Chalra, In leather; due Rep* and I^iee Curtalna, very richly caived mahogany French Relateada. Armolreoa Qiao*. Wnrdr .be* Library Bookcase*. Drea Inn Bureaus, Waahitand* two ele gant mahogany patent aelf lock lac C?bln*t Secretaries, made in Pari*: elegant roeewood Secretary, Dressing Ta llica, lalalJ Work Table*, fine walnut and uiabogan? L 'unna and Ea-r Chair*. In moquet and delaine: enam- l ed Red room Bulla, Pa 111 Mac a. potent Spring Bed*, cured Hair Mattrc*?e?. HnUter and Pillows. B'anket<, Ac ; very cl-gant French China Deo ert. Tea and Code* Hot. painted wlih t'ower* and orllt. worth 1440; a'so rich China, heavy cut Ola?o War*. Silver Plated ware, line Doeaert and Table Cul'ery. elegant Wilton. Velvet and HruseeW Carpet*. Oil cloth", Ac ; together wlUt an aaaortmant of Kitchen rural. lure, with which the *aW will conusance. Bit I'KRB REAL BRONZKB AND CLOCKS. Bene Hron*e Figaro* and Oroupo. Card Receiver*, Coupe*, ^Vteo a' number of voir eholco I.lno Rngraflnga, aflei Londoeor, Wlnlerhaller, Muller. Robert, Ac. The Furniture Ac., will be on eihlbitlon on Monday, 9th lu*t , bT permit, which, with caialegne, may bo had at Iho ofttoo of the auctioneer _ ? _ F. H. LDBLOV A OO., Ko. 3 Pino atreol. DOtjrOHTT, AOCTIONRBB.? PKKKMPTORT BALB of Household Pu rait or* renorod for convenience of I iSALKS JIT AVrTIOn. ! T^JOREIS WlMCINS AHOriOtiKKR. VALUABLE pjtOPFRTY N0BTHKA8T cons k:; or BKOaDWaV AWD KORTT HKCOND trrjUEKT E H. LUDLOW A CO Will sell at auction on Th<ir?d i?. May 12. Hit at 12 o'clock, at the F.tehange Salesroom 111 B nnlwar, (Trinity Ilui ding), New Tort llr ?? tivay and Forty second street. ? ! i? > valuable Lote. Willi Hie :t two siorv l>Hrlt Si >res on the n ? the lit corner or Ur ud vav an 1 Forty *e ond ?tr.- ? , bcln ; tilt feet S inches ou Broadway. 6" ft>et I iucli"? on F nj - sf m.d otreet, IM) fuel St . inches north a <1? anil 101) feet 4 hiehes e ist side West Forty-second stieeL? The valuable I. "I on the north aide, 62 feet l"t-; inches cant of Br vIwav belli.- fvet frout and rear by lnOleet i in ea In depth, more or less, A portion mav remain on mortgage if dcsrrcd. Maps, Ac-, at the ollice ol the auctioneers, No 3 Fwo struel. N. V. PAW VBHOKRU'S S\T.E-TlirS P\Y. AT DH O'CLOCK, at HELL .? INURAIIAM S salesrooms, ftt New Rower?, three hundred lota verv superior Pledged floods; ail kinds of Clothing. Silk, Ac ; Dri'Maea. Bedding. Pier* Hoods, ,vc , worth notice. By M. Meerbach. i'M Grand street PAWNBROKKRH SALE Of WATCHES AND JEW. elry for John J. Lew, bv ,1 A MRS AGAR auc tioneer, 61 New Bowery. Is postponed until lo-morrow (Wednesday), May II, at 101J o'clock precisely. Rkhmd waltbrs, shekiff'h ai-ctionbhr. will ne'l this dav. at 10 Vj o'clock. At 97 Paul Broadwaf, ? quantity of Boardinc House Corn lure consisting of Bed. stead* Mattresses. Bedding. Bureaus WashStalilS Tables, Chairs, Crockery, Qlasstvare, Stove* and other Furnlt ire. R FARMER. AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL THIS DA V, ? at 2 o'clock at <11 Canal street. Unreins lied leads. Sofa Beds, Chairs. Tabic, Wa^bstand-. Wardrobe* new and second hand Velvet, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets; Oilc'oth-, Matt'ng, Bens and Bedding. Mattresses, Looking (J.aas 's. Cutlery, Plated Ware. Ice Hoxe-i. SA ,T BOQART. AUCTIONERKB-WILL iru ? on Tuesday Mav to, Hi 11 o clock, at I7'i avenue It. corner of Eleventh afreet, the Stock and Fixtures of the rec, tlfyin* dl'til'ery and liquor store. two large Kosctver*. two Tuba Pan*. Healer English Heir Pumps and Copper Measures. Ltnuors? Bourb in. Solrlls. Blackberry Wine Rum. Port Winn. .Empty Demijohn*. Ic >, Box. liar Couuter Railing, (Store and Pipe, eight day Cloc*f"Ar. SA J. BOO AKT AUCTIONEERS? OFFICE COR ? ner of Frankfort and North William streets? will cell on Wednesday; Msy II. at JO1; o'clock, at thu come of Forty-fourth -ti?et and Fifth areu ie. Household Furniture, cona's'ing of I line rosewood cased Piano, round cornered, full T ooave j earl keys. overstrung bass, city make, cost $<!V0. A'B' Pier Mirrors, Velvet Carpet . Lace Certains, Parlor Suits, In p'u-li; Velvet Stair Carpets mahogany Kedslea ls, Hair M sitres e-. marble ton Cenire Table', mar ble top Ore sing Rtireaus. ltrii'S?l" and Three-ply Carpets. Bedsteads. I ti era in Carp-ls Oilcloths Also a supe rior lot of Crockery. Plated Ware, I>esk, Safe, Ac. SHERMAN A CO.. AUCTIONEERS. SELL THIS ? day (Tuesday), May lit, nt II o'clock. In front of t'e store 1.1' Bowery? Vortgnge ale of Coa hes. Barouches, Wagons, top nn 1 no top Buggies, twelve eairla.'C and cart Horses, one fa?t Horse, one bay Horse, 17 hands high; also Harness. ,tn. Male (Visiuve JOHN W. .lOlINfiOK, Attorney for Mortgagee. SHERMAN ft CO., AUCTIONEERS, SKLL THIS . (lav (Tuesday >, May 10, at If)1 , o'clock, at 13 Bo very? The Stock and Fixtures of a first clnss family groce<-y and ll'iuor store, vU. Klne Liquors In i ssks cases, and demi johns; Brandies, Oln, Bonrbi n and other Whiskeys: Port, Sherry an 1 t;larct Wines; cham|>HL'ni>s line Sesars, Coun ters, Glass Chios. Iron Safe anil a'l other Futures. QALE IN PBILADSt'PHI A. D M. THOMAS A SONS. AUCTIONEERS. EXTENSIVE SALE OF FI'RNITITRE AT ST. LOUIS HOTEL. ON MONDAY MORNING, May 16. at lOn'olock. by catalogue, the entire Fnrnltnre of the St l.o' ls Hotel. Cnestnut street, between Third and Fourth Greets, comprising the Parlor anil Dining Room Furniture and t#e Furniture of lro Chambers, Pre Hair Matt res e? Bed and Table Linen. Ac. A'so the 0:lice and Bar Furniture, Fireproof Safe. Oas Chandelier-, Ac. Trade salesrooms. 498 Broadway, new yoke, (JEO. A. LEAV1TT. Auctioneer By J. E. COOLEY. WEDNESDAY, MAY 11. and following days at 7 o'clock P M. ta'h day We bet; lo announce that on the above day we shall commence the sale CHOICE PRIYATB LIBRARY of W. ELLIOTT WOODWARD. E*|.. of Koibirry. Maas , comprising msny fine sad scarce American and English Books. In elejsat bindings: also rich In Illustrated Books, Pickering's Publications, Local American History, Crimi nal Trials, Ac., Aa. For particulars see catalogue and hooka on exhibition. _ 8A1LES OF REAI. ESTATE. A FARM OF THIRTY ONE ACRES. EIOHT OF which am wood. miles from Summit depot, partly by stage route, and in from New York; house, barn, apple orchard ; a variety of othc- fruit and grapes; stock and farming utensils; for $3,S"0 Inquire of B. ALL QUAIER. HI Third street, room No. S. A stone^i'iverTwl'thi?*' *'OR SALE? OV TnF ??rr r DENBKROH.^Tw^^ ImulreS^^a^HAR A GOOD INVESTMENT ? B9S WELL LOtTATED AND excellent Building Lots iu the village of .lamaica, L. I , very cheap. Terms easy, with money furnished fer In, - proving. Maps of the property (with accurate drawings of four valuable dwelling' to be given the purcliasi rs as the sale progreces) furnished by applying to CHADWICK A CO . 71 William street. A COUNTRY PLACE AT PASSAIC. N. J -TWO seres In lawn and garden ; new hou c SSxTi; Ice house, filled; garden now being made. This Is a beautiful place and will be sold at a bargain if applied for Immedia'niy. D. D. ORKELL. 78 Cedar -trcet. A NUMBER OK FfRBT CLASH TITRI'E AN"? POITR storv high stoop and tavmnit Houses, ump nr j lit stable*, between Fourth and Flftv fourth siren's, $3,900 lo SIOJ.OOO; Immediate possession If desle-l. W. P. SKYMOUR. 171 Broadway. AT FLUSHING. L. J.-BO MINUTE8 FROM JAMES ellp. 2A minutes from Thirty-fourth street, oomrmtni e*t'on hourlr? A first class modern Residence, .IS rooms, besides closets. watnr bath gat, Ac. ; ootbtrfMltig-* et>tnp!?te ; all In perfect order. with three-quarters or two acres highly cultivai -d garden-toad; grounds well laid out; L-real abun dance 01 choice fruit, lineshade shrubbery. lawdf Ac. for aale cheap. Apply to W. P. SEYMOUR. 1/1 Br >adway. A valuable property for investment, Paying upward! of 10 per rent Fire good thrre story, high aloop and bkeetnent Br'e't Houses. including acorner House, aV lot ti respectabie'lainl Ilea, at $4.*i |*r annum each, and situated in an itnexce ? tionsble neighborhood la the city of Brooklyn. Fur lull particulars apply to JOHN 8NARB, Rtuyresant Institute. 659 Broadway A COUNTRY HOU8B AMD FOUR ACRB8 OK LARD i\ with abindance of fruit, situated at Mount Vernon, Westchester county, for aale at $1.2 O. Apply toJOli.N SNARE, Btuyvesant Institute. 6B'.> Broadway. ClOUNTR* RESIDENCE FOR SALE CO BAP? AT I Pleasantrllle. one hour from New Tork bv Harlem Re r road A largo double house 22 rooma), I acre of ?nod land, laid out and "rnamented- bcintlful shade trees plenty of fruit of all varieties, a never falling sprint: of cellent water, stable, carriage house, Ac . on Mie premises; very desirable resldcn-e. situated on elevated ground, very hcilthy part of the oountry. The nbovn property ?ll be ?old as It stands. The house is fm-nlshed throughout. In cluding piano; horse, carriage. harness. Ac. The whole will be Kohl for $7,01)0. Pojeesslon immediate. 8 EMRKHSIIN, 1*1 Eighth arenue OUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE? WITHIN HALF amlleofcais and steamboats, at Tarrytown. on the Httdaon ; three acres of nice land, laid out Is garden and lawn, stocked with chol . e fruits, slir bberr, Ac. House three stories and basement, with two wings Vi rooms,. A never failing spring of eiccllent wster supplies all the house, bain. stable, carriage house and f >unt*in on ihe lawn. Views of the Hudson and neighborhood cannot be surpsssed. Possession Immediate. Price $1S i?"K 8. BMBl'.RSuN, 421 Eighth avenue. Cihkap FARMINO lands for r K I.K ? SE V BR A L I small Farms, well Improved. Also a Tannery, doing a Kt>d business, with the st xik an I fiitures for sale, within ? miles of the city. For particulars Inquire at CHAS. LUXTON'S Lanl 0 -lice corner of Palisade atenne and Warren street. Hudson '"it* New Je <ey. rlOl'NTRT 8F.AT OK Til E LATE J K PAULDINO, AT I Hyde Fkrk, for sale; one of the most beautiful oo the Hi dsoi ilver; about 4<'a,r'-?. large mansion house, two (mtAfc-et and spacious smtbulldlogs. For fnr'her particulars apply to J. ORBEN PR ARSON, No. 4 Wall street, or lo J N. Paulding, No. SO Broadway. OR81RARLR PROPERTY FOR SALB IN JERSBY City.? A two and a ha'f storr Cottage, containing res and water, situate 1 st 2>i Yors street Also the Vacant L -t 220 York street, 23il <U For fuller partlcu'ars apply at 2.V Yotk atreet. or address F. A. Hamoenn, corner of Broome and Mott streets, fARM FOR RALB? THE PROPERTY OF THE LATB Stephen Weart. located at South Jamai'-a. L I* two miles from the village and four miles from John I. snedt Iter's, on the old llocn* way road; contains about KS screa, well fenced snd under ?tceltent eultlratlon The improve ments consist of a line family mansion, two tnrge l>arn?, stables, sheds, cube, smoke houee, Icehouse and all other necessary outb'iM I uga. Price $12. una Terms? Half cash ; balance on Mortgage at A percent For further particulars apply to JOSEPH MASON, No 5t< Pine street, room* id and ll. ________________ Fll ARM HOtSB, BARN AND BUILDING SITE FOR sale on the Best river. 4^ miles from Harlem bridge. The land lies on the water, In ike sh j>e of a half clrie. boarded with fore-t trees *ae land deacende from the cen tre to the circumference, forming a beautiful building site. With line view of the river and College Point On the pre. tnl-ee are a farm house snd barn. The laad oonststa of over #0 acrss. divided Into meadow and farn land Apply to B H. LUDLOW A CO.. frtHW l? to S oeloO. at No i Pine at PB ARM WARTBD ? ON BIfHBR BIDS OF LONO Island, worth from $4 H00 to J'.isW, within forty or fifty miles of Brooklyn. Address for one week bos 77 Post Brooklyn, stating terms aad location. rR 8 ALE? A FIRfT CLAM COUNTRY 8F, AT, AT Irvlngton, N. J.. wHh thlrtf-sli acres of land, coren-d with f?un; imi rovemenu good , situation nno^na.'cd . hcrse care from the gate to Market street depot, Newark, e ghtcen timee dally. Address Jersey. l>oi I, W* Post offlce. OK 8ALB-A LOT ON FORTY-NINTH 8TREKT. _ near 8i sth avenue, lot 7ftili?' # feet, with ? t?o story brick Build Ins. sultsble for a -tahie Apvly at the oKoe of JONRS A StiS, corner of Rroedway aad Forty third atreoi. Also two arst alass Houses, and pn?ea*:on given. For ralr-at new Momu, k or a milb rrom the depot, a bandeome C"uatrr Keaidence, with It acres uf line laad with fruit in abundancv> of choice varletlea; the honae Is larn*. pleasantly situ sled, snd flnelv shaded; there Is a inod !<?rn. with carriage hottaa. stable. wno4hmiae Ac. Ap|>lf to P. C. BI'LKLBY. 43 Walt street, Jauneey court. OB RALB? TUB VBRY PF.SI R AHLR LOT SOUTH oorner of Fifth avenue an 1 Eighty stith street front ing lh? Park, 28 feet 4 Inches by ln9 feet. Thin lot Is lm moved aad well rented. Apply to DIB A CURT1S8, SOI Sixth avenue. OB BA LB? IN MOTT HAVEN, A TWO STORY AND baeeaiea t frame House, in perfect order with taolern Improvnennta. nine rooms nine garden with varieties of fruit and Rower-, line gtape arbor, with c.iolce kinds of gripes, for f'l, 700. term* essy. Apply to THOMAS ROB JOHN, on the premleee, or SI Murray street. New York. F F V Ij'OR 8AL1-OR TO RRNT FOR TUB YBAB (OR BUM F mer oa'y. With Fnrnlturel. a healthy and very pleasant Country Raatdenoe at Ruceoennky, New Jersey, oae m.le from Dntkeerlile depot, on the Morris atrt Eesec Railroad. The Noiiee eontalna ten rooess. There la a barn, ferriage kouse aad aeceessry o uh tlldinga. with Mod garden and about eeveo acres of land, all lit jierfectemW: fruit, Be.; r beautiful trout stream on tUA pieinisee. Appl* lo ft R Dlt'KENSON, No I Park pia ??, Newark, M'S? JUUa DICKINSON, on the ptealees. or H FRM> A oft.. 9? ntiff stree. New f tjrltj ?AI.ES of REAL E4TATK. Fj*OR saLb?ik) h kht twkn rr mkvknth s r h e h t ? urtli aide betv**u Klgtktll ml Ninth * three story low "'nut, .nek Hon e 'I ? r >n I ? ?. '>(1 feet deep. Apply I i T'lOMAH M Fit A N KLI N 61 William st 1pi)R SALE-A PITTY OOTTAO!' " RO'lVIH. hTA ble. twei t> miauki rid* fi tin I ? r. v - -vent h street , w th the ?lty every n ' ' *????? minute* Ih ad4 n . In. beaut f il frail sno -.e trees and shrub* Anplr M C MO,'RB_W Hi oat w ay. IjlOKvfl VLK? 1> THlKTYFOIfRTlf STREET. AN ENO 1 lish J>??einen! brj.v.i ?'.mr front llo wel billl * ikI In goid Jfilpr ; halls pafnte I ihr >i jli.uil, i ? II n ;s (???ami i'm'Iv frescoed, wood ork L-talnel, \t k rr of house "? 4viH lot 16.rt?sK?. four ?' r en .tnd lias ?nt Possession given linoi". diately Ail lntKH a K. \v., b>* l,*?. Post o'ti. e N It ? TIi -? Furniture may bo purchase I with the lifjn if desired For 8Ar.K-!> hkkkm ah street, a five story brick buildl"?. Willi l<>t .'HxI'SI A very !le-i**b'e pl-ce of prope rti for business purpose's A'pjily to IIKNKV M BAILEY. Mfi Broome street, ot;e tloor fVo m Bowery FOR SALE? I'ASII OR ON EASY 'I'lSHMK. A VKKV ni< e three slory Ir.iine Iloise in iVrnt ilohnksn. Paler ?on ? venue. I ui"i:? on the premfH** to PBuUOX. p ? ' ntm FIOR SALE? VILLA SITES, FROM 4 VI S ACHES each, ileitg'.tfully located on the j*i shore cm the south si le in gtticu Island, noa# KIMngvtlle Ka .ion I dflpot, within one hour ol Nev\ York by railroad tod boat: uniitr pMKed facilities lor b<> itlng liaibiim s h 1 n yalcMll^ Ac. Apply to A. JOURNI-..VY No 8 flue stieei. fnOR HALE- IS.OOft ACRES OAK LANDS IN INDIANA. 1 clos* to fin*- water communication. in smailnr lots. a bargain Alao, I'ln* Lauds and Saw MI.Ih iu Canal v. fa' f>eloW value. Hiid payable In Untied State* currency. A.-*ply at 31 flna street, In ih? ha somen*. rR SALE? IN BROOKLYN, TWO THREE STORY brick Uou ex, iu central. iirst class neighborhoods; each rentled to a good tenant and |i?ym; eleven peroral net on pnrthaa* monev I'oinrvilnn immediately if de aire. I. Inquire of S C. MOUN I', 118 It road w ay. room No. I. POR SALS? NEW ROUSE KILLED IN Willi BRICK, ten rooms, two acres of land, n?r inn planted and m fineoriler: nrw fence, barn and hennery! a" ready to move Into and enjoy ; nine miles, 3f> minuter, fiom New Yor< via Erie Railway : ten tr.ilut e ich wav dally C BLAKISTON, 2 '3 Washington treet. IpOR SALE? A LOT OF LAND QN NRW 8TUEFT, MX P 75 fflet, only 75 led from the new Board, Apply to E. II. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pin* atre*t._ IfOR SALE? A FARM. IN SULLIVAN rorNTV THREE 1 boura front New York, oon'uinin? I Ki acre^; bou e and barn, p'entv of fruit and good water, would exchange for a ^niall II ou e. Apply at 84 Hammond street, tin atatra. for three day ?. 1 - MoDONALD. TilOR SALE? AN ELKO ANT COUNTRY SEAT. AT P Klatiandi, L. T . ; Hi k acre* Land Bain a d Stable; three-quarters of an hour's drlfe f-oin Fulton lerry; price SUCODO Furniture if desired. Address II., box 1,0U Mew Toik Po-t olT.ce. |i!OR SALE? Oil WILL E3CCIIANOB FOR A FARM OR P Western lands, unencu nbere I w.ovlh $2 ',00U Itro iklyu Lots and a beautifully locate | rountrT s?at, within ten miles of the City Hall, with Kurnllnre, Ac. Addruss B, bo* 2*7 Brooklyn Post olUce. FARM FOR 8ALK-ON STATEN TSLAND, 100 AO RES. about 3H miles from VanderM't Landing, a', t'.ie low Srlce of $7.N?/l; so' l to clo?e an estate. Permits of A OUR NEAT, No. 6 Pine street. For sale? on rasy terms, ftyr houses, on rear of lots, sltua'e l on Thirty first street, north side, one hundred fe I from Tentli avemie ; a line opportunity for Inve tmertt to build In front. A;iply to or ad lre-i W. C. 7'.' Fourth avenue. L^OR SALE? THE PROPERTY 111 AND 133 BAST I* E'eventh aireet. between arenue A and First aT?nue; 25klUil (e*t;lnow rentin-: for fcl.350 per annum. Price $11, tOO. Apuly to JOHN MoCLAVM. 4i'Plne street. For bale? the qren/eback mansion house and ait handsomely -hadM Lots of Oro nd on the northwest corner nf Third avenue and Seventy-fifth treet. In a rapidly Improving -.ectlon of the city. Price S2i>.iH?. Terms easy. Apply to W.J. STEWARD. 157 South street, or 204 Broadway. For sale cheap-on the Hudson, a country Residence, at Mi'ton, Ulster countv. N Y. Has a splen did river view if twe've miles, and within Qve minute-' walk of landing; about four acrea nf land, with choice varie ties of fruit and berries; outbulldfovs all in good order. The stosmer Mary Powell stop* morning and evening at the landing. For fnrtter particulars inquire nf S C. JONES, 8tS Broad -treat, or R. D. PERKINS, on the premises. For sale or to let-furnished or unfue nlshod? a h mdsotne Cottage, with Stables, live acre* of land. Ilower and vegetable garden, at Collage Point, oo the Flushing bay. Ancommodstion by railroad and sieamer. Call at 4 William street, room 19. orat 58 Clinton place. For sale oh to let? thr lono island mar ket corner of Fulton and Carl tou avenue*. Brooklyn Also a large Hall, amiable for billiards or manufacturing purpo os. For sale or to let-two and a half miles fro n Sand's Point landluc a new two story Ooth'c House, half an acre of land, Ao. Inquir* of F. M. BAX TER, 3oi West street. For salr or bxciianoe-rake opportunity? two beautiful Farms; one of I > acres; new bin dings; another of 7" a -res. with old established hotel. Xi mile* from New York. Address A K. Jayne. It Wail street, room SI. IIOR SALE OR EXCHANGE? FOR A HOUSE AND Lot in Brooklyn, worth about $4. icm, a small Fannin Summit, N. J. Said farm Is situated on the Morris and Enset Railroad, ten minute ' wslk from depot, and en lsts of a good unc and a half story House. Darn and H acres of land, with plenty of fruit trees, grai e vines Ac. There Is also on the place a cider mill, two cows, one calf, ten sheep and lambs, poultry, Ac l'rlce for the whole Jt'KO. Apply to tne owner, 71) and 81 Duan* street, second itorv. Full SALE OR EXCHANGE? SKVEBAL FritST CLASS Grocery and Llqti"r Stor*-*; one In Division afreet. on* In Twenty fourth atreet one in Monro* itml. one in Centre aiiact. "lie in Niuetlcth atreet one In Seventeenth atraat. a n<] other-. Apply to P. UAFFNBY * (JO, 2 J I'bamliorx street, room No. A. FOU RALE AT A BARGAIN? NEAR PASS ? 10. N J.. a be.tutifttl furoKhnd Country Seat; n?? double iwo ?tory house. with all the mortem Improvement*; two acre In waiden nnd lawn; abundant* of i-hok* Irult; only ten minute-' walk from the depot; half an hour b> railroad fro ii New T ri, will eel1, wiih ?r without Furniture Tor price and term-, apply to J A. fcpN VON, 8.1 Nassau airaei, FIRST CLASS HOUSES FOR SALE-NO S9 EAST Thlrti-th 'treet a'id No 23 Ei?m Thirty flrai atreet Also for ?n> nrtorenl No. 12* We<t Fo:tv-"fth atreet Apply to .1.11 i . I.I.N I'SVORTU. No. II Broad atreel House and i.ot for sale cheap-in the town ot Westeheater. :< mtlea from Harleru bridge and mile* irom Wllllamsbrtdce; bona* 2% ato.y. lot l&l feet Irnnt. plenty of fruit. Ac.: will be aohl for$2,i!tf0 If applied lor Immediate!? ; one half of purohaae monejr maf remain r>n U >ii.l und mortgage. Adlrew J. I' Banjcrr Yonkera, N Y. nOOSR FOR SALE? IN OREBNWrCH. CONN., with five to alx acre* of Land Hotae has bathroom , stat'onary w.i httibj. hat aud cold ?ater. and every conven ience (or a laipe family. narns como" dlons and in perfect order Lawn covered with fruit and chade lrec?, and bar In ? a pleasant unter front, with bathiwr and boat bum The premise, are In a remarkably li'-aHhy location, within ten m'n tes' wal'< of all tralna oa the New York and New Haven Ra lroad. m l have CToellent achoils In the vie oitv. Appiy on the premlae*. or to S S TIFFANY. 2^ Park place HOMFRTEAD FOR SALE OH TO LET.-THK HOME, ?tend f> rmTly owned and occupied br Jr.dce En-erson and recent y bv Wm. P Froat, Esq., situated on Vaad<-rbllt avenue, Rtaten Island, will lie so d at a bargain or let to a re?pectable tenant for on* or rooro years at a low rate, )l? mil's from Vanderbilt Landing Apply to VAN WIMKLK A HI NANS, auctioneer*, 132 Broadway, where description cm be found. CTtTKN island.-for salf. for onr.third ii ie ? than its value. In conaetuence of laving no ti ne to attend to It, a I'arin of thirty arret, comfortable cottage of s,<\cn reoina good water, and plenty <>f fruit; eleven mllee from New TO'k. and Ave minutes" walk from railroad s'a tl n. I'r w $1^ per acre; only H.fl'oiuih rei'tlri-d. Apply to N OKH :>2 John street No agents. Til R TWO TI1RBB STORY H0USR9 St AND Si (T atreet Broki* n. very cheap. Terms ea?v. A. P. BATES. 8J Nassau atreet. New Vork Twenty cottages for sale-at ?m tl ' .fl Also ten e''X?nt Dwellings, with fo :r to eight )?t etch, a f>i to AVWi Alao 7iU Lot at ?l.V> to |W'. annate ! a- the lerinlnl of three city reilroadi. CHARLES R. MILLER, Atlantic av.. East New York. fU7 ANTED ro B*'Y VERY CHEAP-A SMALL. BEAT Vy Counfy lla iae. with a few acres of land, In Waat ehe?te- cov i; tv ; a'lOut $??' each. Immediate possession ivart.d A ! Irea# R. S., elation D, Attor place. Or boi 2.?1S Pet ofTce All /w\f 1 -THE TBREE 8 TORT AND BASEMINT brlok House 57 President street, Brooklyn. Id go>xl order Rants for IMI. Caah. $1,230. * A P. BATHS. 11 Nassau atreet New York -r'NR MODERN TWO AND A HALF ?5 | a'orv Besideno*. 18 room?, food ou'.btitld Ings atxt k*a 'lener'a houae, 2" acres excellent laa I. well fruited ?" I'd Ar '? dealiabl* location, high (round, near ficuot 13 utiles la New .leraev. C,po W. P. REYMOCR. 171 Broadway. VI' IIN 1TVRI. An fxtraordinabt oppobtubtty FOR IIOCSB. k..,~ ? _ All the elegant Houaehold Furniture of a nrirate rs 'tills at their realden-e, 119 W-st Kigbth street, (?e i n Fifth an I Sixth avenues, will be aoi f atagrn<t ?*crl' ce for '-a-h. Thr> e magnificent Parlor Hutu covered tnrtc'i I roraiel and French repe; Parlor Carpels. Lace Car Slav Mirrors. Hrim'e Olock. Ktateie, marH- toi. Tablee, ?aSruom and Dining R"OB Fitrnlture, Ac. The furalture will be anld in 1 >t? to aiilt piirthesera. Bron 'ea. Cs'pets Hookeaee, Mirrors Otn t\g Boons and Chamber T unlture en s>iite, in un *even month*. A"~LL KINKS OF FURNITURE, LOOKING GLASSES i Bedding Ac., below rilling prices, warranted and de |iv?re I free, st 11 W. SNEDEN'S, MS Bowery between Htant n and Houston street* Furnlt'ire In Suits. Eiten atnn Tab ea cheap. cniRNtTf ItB WANTED-TN EXOtl AN'iB FOR A |i all'Hai unc or two seat Bug*y or Carriage alao liar nes?. sadlie, V Apply to or aTdresg M r, JABKS. Iu7 Broad stree^N F-OB SALH-EI-EOANT FLRBITUBK (BOSBWOOD and ?stin broi-ade green and ehtwlf. Betler'a make), one So' s. one Correr Sofa one Armchair and fo-ir Chale? . price ?**?; cat MW. Addraa* Furniture, kMlUO Post ofHce. f|r OK SALt-AT A SACRIFICE, A LOT OF VALUABLE Fuin tii?. consisting of Ml yard* of Crowley A B,>n'? best Brussels Carpeting two large Par 'or Mirror* Ml Brackets afire I'lano. Tiroeatal Bult of I'arlar Farnlture, marblc t p T blc* Ac. Apply at Mt Oraad etreet. near Cau. t10fl *' **** ' XnTFI?-A SECOND H?HDPtY?rrON PARtOR Itedst- ad. Artdreas but ?.Bn Pool oAee, with prk-e for .. \J(tFD? A FRBNOlt OFFICE DESK, HBCOBD hand ooe W? k* ;<eelt and Jrawora by one and thfaama luck. Aildrw*. elating prtoo. W ?., boi l?0 llor th?**t"? i nWre Till LECTORR BCABOit . IMPORtABT LRCTl RRM DAILY. ^ tnsty. at fl.n New Fork Mueeum of Vnatamf'JttV"1? way I at 'tea nnable to a'tea I tbeee lect.ii j" lroa<r forwerdeil on rrjnlpt of ten cents ^ ?hem 04 New Vork Mumuoi of A??toi%p Weoremrf -- ? - ^N? *. BOARUIlia AH 0 MWflrti1' s w W\ V' p IT <1 YOHH HTKKBT JKKSBf iUTI, OtITo. ,KM ? i uituil*** vrrfiSt* 'ra*n tV? farrlwa, e?v?i. with or vrUlrflUt Botnl Iftpftrtfli*** A T 174 175 AND IJRKf ft WICSR dTft R ft?, ?fX BMhi wont of Hrondwar p!?niitii)tly Kiimi. 3 fkcelifiit H ? i f from $? Jt!?> t???i F i "**4 actof^ I Irea .f?-t from fltoT IMbu *r at M tf ; At ifci rc tsr fourths* rn ? r r r k r, 'UT )sii k I'ii* a<m Wov ?( M n |wr> v-r? ?{?#? far*** R ">m ? ooMimunicniiitK wiiti ??nob other. ua-!or floor, can b" had, with Hotel tinnier at U';? oViooK Keferm ?* ihavtgfecl, 4T fHR HtMRDIN'O AOI!< Y 61 HLKKCKRtt 2\ ->tre"l? ? H >w? i l t fum. -.*?> I tu +)???? of th<* ? ? cntl* ni?fi ttip lty ? I2tii st . \?.-n r ?>t!? a/. l<Hh 15th, 17th | lit i. 2. h / >t !!-**. lJth 2.vf u ? tU llfli <HH. Hf, m. 1-ti 'a, Uii. ?n aii ;ue, 4i!d 431 at* . A#?io4ifln a v. : KJX) A K A LANVRhNOB. * I KW . \ . L8 y K Ch M HA K ? ?? 1 V ? I H t /A ilng'** Ro<'tna at t '? f>i;r w ^elc . AUo a tt?r* U ? ?m- lor two at $ t. Kooio for our* at $4 per wt*ek l.*?\ art* muvdat ?d at $5*0 par w fit Ul M<!Sr*rjr sfftet. near TJCYARD ron. CAMtMKri ? THR ifOTKti IN rORYJKTtl I > cornpi of ijixlli a ?inue 'i ?? 11 1 ? a < Kpxi tv nr i*?i k unvl'itl benn iti ,rou$hl| nkorivl Hid R int' ? r irnNh" ), in now ot>eii forth . ec-i>lioa of toa-drr* 'lab t> 4a!|i>t? Boartj? (n rhookt, ty a fhort room Hour t > Kit. will, Board, to k u?n?!iMU:i ah ! M f(\ or two n ail" !i? *i *.tei iii?m !u ur ;>? >?i? f imlij, \i 31 VVIIIonglit^ ?trfct. cu-ner o' Jay. BOAKa-JM'.SIUArtl.B R <OM.S V/l .Mf ?IIUT i'LA ; 51" Hoard fct dImkU U 'ailo ijen or gou'-lrriiii a'i i ttnT wivfs, at t94 I'Otv t ?rMir, n? ir Twen'y-fo'i :> <tr,- ? Bo\rd WANrm?-ri?R two ladirs ont: i.aimk K'mwii ), Id ii unset, private fwnl!jr for I'rtMn Uiri?- 'otn week*. AJdra i llomf, Ucr?id o'lioe; ntaauK- ?rtm. v Brooklyn ifo^nn? w.tii one or rwo hand 8nm?ljr fiirn' ihi<<l Uoom? Toe buu c m i)l*aH*iuly ?liuatad m-ar th? CHjr 11*11. n"d h?? thr> mufrn Imjiroro menu. For particnlari ai>ply it !J i Laiiri Bin; i ait eel. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LKT-YFIPH OB WITHOUT Board, at .'0 llenrjr *t. foURNISHBD ROOMS ON' SECOND FLOOR TO LET? P with the modern nnnroveiuenta, with or wliliout Board, at 29 Clinton pif?o (Eighth street). O LHASA NT FURNISHED ROIV-; )>P SECOND I lloor to let. Willi Board. Inquire at W&Hiitngtou street. Broo . !vn TO r.KT-WITIt BOARD. AT 7J IRVI V , PL A ?E v: v ,< Klitn'eenth street, sereral dc*lrab!e Room.-t comfort*' y f >1 m i?U>- 1 suitable for geullemen an J thefr wl'.re?; )r etnjlc gentlemen. TWO VOUNU LADIES, ENUAGED DURING THE day, wi.-h Board iu a plain private f am 1 y, on or betwee-n Twentf -lo'irth and Fourteenth streets, near Slith aven ie. , Call on or address M. J., Si1? Olh av Reference exchaUbOd. TURKE T1IIR1? FLOOR FURNISHED ROO'M TO let. to alnule gentlemen only. Terms $f> per week :t? advanc". Apply at 4*) West Houston street. ?fJTANTBD? BOARD, UV AN AMERICAN VIE 1 " v? lady, in a private family. Address Mrs J W rire of Power-' Hotel. cly stating term* and location Rati rencs given an I required I ft I PRINCE STREET? NEAR BROADWAY. FUR 1 *7+ tnsheil Rooms lor trentleuien only, with or without board. Also tn'o find Payors, unfurnished; gas an bath ICO PRINCE STREET, ST CLAIB HOUSB -SUB Iu') gently furni ,hed Rooms, with Bedrooms attached, wilii all h? convent oicee lor housekeeping oomp.ete Iu clmlln'; s is an l Crotou water, to let to respectable familie# or single gentlemen. ? DllY WOODS. AT TUB SIXTH AVENUE CHEAP STORE We still continue to sell at old prlcee Ladiee. ca 1 and secure your Trimmings. Ac., before they adva ire We have a large stock of Hosiery. Undergar munis, Gloves. Mttts, Bibbons, Velvet*. Embroideries. Lures, Edgings. Tel's, Lln'ngs, Muslins, Buttons, Braids, Oluip*. Blushes, Combs Ac. 8TRAW GOODS. STRAW OOODS. uidie*, we have received from auction about fifty eases of the greatest bargains ever offered In Straw Oool* Fine Neapolitans, ts. ; other Straws. 2e . 3s. and *?. each. Bonnet Frames, an styles, at very low prices Bonnet and Trim, mlng Ribbons, all widths and colors. Velvets, black and colored, all widths, at low price*. In small Wares. Trim* tnlngs, Ac., we keep an immense assortment at the very lowest prices 13,000 yard* excellent Paper Mnslin. luc fard; 9,01)0 do-en Clark's Cotton. He spool good ar'.lcle; ranch Working Cotton, So. ekoin: Hooks and Byes, 2c card; best Needles made,' 6c. : boat Pins, Sc. paper Dress Lining*. Paper Muslins Buckrams. . WaUt Linings cheap. Milliners and dressmakers supplied cheap. RONALDSON A MBA RES. corner Siith aventie and Nineteenth street. CLOTHING. Attention -at 223 seventh avenue. near Twenty fifth street. Ladies and gentlemen. I have the pleasure to announce again that I have received a largo order from Ca Ifornia aiul the Western markets to pay the highest price ? tor ladles' and gentlomen 's Wearing Apparel, Carpet*. Furniture. Jewelry, A<\, b> paying 50 per cent more than any other dealer In the city We guarantee to nay for ladies' Sl k Dresses from $5 to $40; Wool en, from tl to $10. also Calico, Delaine, Moslin. .to. Gentlemen s Coals, from $5 to $20.. Pants, from $1 to $7, Ac. Ladies and gentlemen don't forg -t the right number M. MARCUS. ti'i Suventh avenue, near Tweniy-flfth street By > allln? on or addressing me jr >u will be dealt with honestly. Orders will be a' tended to from Brooklyn New Jersey, Holioken, Stateu Island, A':. Ladles punctually attended to by Mrs. Merck s ABURBR PLACE. -AT 2? SIXTH AVENUE LADIES and gentlemen will And the fair nn l bnnest dealer, B. M INTZ, to whom tney can dispose of their Cast Off Cloth lug. Carpets, Furniture and Jewelry, at 50 per cent more than by other dealers In the citv I promise to pay the f I lowing prloes ? Silk Drestes. from $S to $45: < oats, $ I to $M;Pauts $1 to il. Also lor Woollen. Delaine and Mil* 'In Dresses the highest cash prlee wilt b i paid A csil or a note by poet will be pnnoluallv attanded 'o Ladles attend ed tony Mrs. Mints Meaiember the original H. Mini/ and the uouiber. :M3 Sixth avenue. near Eighteenth street. Or dersfrom Brooklyn and Jersey City punctually attended to. ATTKNTION.-AJ?IJ?BVa?TH ATBMDB. H. ROSEN BKKG. the Calironua and Western agency store re ceived large orders to pnrnhase $73 '*)" '?nrlh or Cast Off Clothing These orders muet be fut tilled In a very iksrt time Ladies and gentlemen, I wish you would take parti cular notice and look over Tour wardrobes, aad see If you have any clothing yon do not need. For your eat I Taction I will m?ntion aome of the price*. Silk dresses front $4, to $50; coats from $^ t" $25 pant*, .fr-m $3 'o $7 also, woollen and miisliu dresses, oarpets furniture lewelry, Ac . by calling or ad-lroesing H RoSENBER'l, 21 Z Seven ill ave nue. La, lie* atteuded to by Mr* Rose berg, In and out of the city. ' _ _ ATTENTION.? AT 2t! SEVENTB AVKNUE NEAR Twenty fifth street. Ladies and gen lemen, I ante the plea* ire to announce again tnat 1 have received a latge order frotn Can'unna and the Western markets to pay the highest p ices for Indie*' anJ gen: emeu's Weailug Apparel, Carpels. Furniture. Jewelry Ac. bypsylng 50 per cent more than any other dealer In the city. We guarantee to pay for ladles Silk' D'ess"* from f5 to $|0 Woollen troio $1 to $10; also Ca ico. Delaine. Musiin, Ac. Gentlemen * Coats, from $5 to $'.'0; Pant*. Ir m $2 to $7, Ac Ladie* and nentlemeu, don't forget the right number. M. BaEi KS 222 Seventh avenue. nearTwentv-flftb *tre?t Br calling on or address Ini; me you wit! be dealt with honesty. Orders will be at tended to from Brooklyn. New Jersey, finnoken, Stalen Island. lc Ladies punctually attended to by Mrs Marcus. Attention for ir# sevknth avbnvb ? f har RTS takes the opportunlt; to announce to lus cuslumera tnat ha lias advan<-oj :'?l per cent on the -nual prices on east off Wearing Apparel. Carpets. FurnltMre. Jewelry. I>ia monds Ae A a we have a great demsnd for '.hes' article*, ladiee and gentleman having any of the same to dUpoae of csnnot fslt to reocxe the highest prioaa Iry calling on or ad dreistng F Harris, I>1 Seventh avenue, between Twentieth and Twnty i ret str?ets Ladiee waited on by Mr* F Har rl* at their own reeidenoee. ATTBMTroS.-AT THE NEW 8Ti?B. tit THIRD AVI nne, ltdlee and gentlemen are guaranteed to receive the high st prices for esoh article of Cast Off Wearing Ap porel Furniture, Carpet*. Ac., for the Southern and West srn markets. Please remember and trv <J. M18H, lit Thir l arenoe. near Fourteenth street Brooklyn orders attended t& Ladles attended by Mra. Mlsli AT NO. 1S7 SIXTH AVEN t'K -LADIES AND GBNTLB men, tf you wish tu receive the hlglieet prk-e for your Cast Off Clothing. Carpete, Furniture, Ac the best vou can do ie to call on or eend a note to K MINT/., at 1.17 fllith ave n'ie, t*r? door* fr jm Tent'.i street. Ladles attended by Mre Mint*. Tr ie. yon will be dea't with to yonr *ati*fai ?ion and benefit. AT S5S BOWEBV -H ROHBNTn.Vt, nAVJNO A great desire to purchaae a large -iiiantuy of cast off Wearing Anparcl Furniture. Carpets Jewel-y, Ac. . by ? all lug on or adireeslng him ladles and gentlemen can ootafn the utmost vatue lor each article. Ladies attended to by Mrs Bosenthal. Please remember, and try 353 Bowery, op pn*>te Great J nes e*reet Aoreat dbmand for clotrino -i,adtes and gentlemen hating any Cad Off Clothing. Furniture, Carpolaand Jewelry, will rwlr? th? Mghe?t prirea hj call ing on or addreaatng A. H ARRIS. Ml Thlr ? ifra if. be tween Thirty euhtii mid Thirty nintti atreota. Ladiee at MM to bjr Mr*, IlA'rln. AT M f?M K.NTH AVBNUR, CORNER OF TWKNTY atith <wi E IT ART will o>jr the Mgbeat pnee? for la lies *11.1 gmliemett'a Ca*t Off Clothing, < *M>eta. Fnrnt tire. Ar . St railing r *ddre*alng a note, Ladle* attend*! to L?jr Mr* liar'. Attrition -a urbat demand kor clothivi for the Weatern market. The highcat oa.h priooa ? til be gtren fur Mk Preeoe*, f!.?ta. NnU. al^o rari*?a and ?e?elry, !>y oozing on or odlre*?ng H HART. J75 ReTenth arnou* between T*?nty aeTenth aod Twenty elghtu atresia. La.ll.Mi attended toby Mra. Hart At tiir ne* rtore-mo ?< i wth aninur. iadii s and gentlemen ran receive an pbr toot more for Cant off < , 1 o t l tur K 1 1 r n H ? i r ?, ' ?, by ca lln* "n or ad drawing ItRWIfl MAHRK, at tif above q umber L*a I Id at tended to by Mra. Maaar. AOHR4T DIM AND FOR CLOIIHNO COR TUB Weat'rn market ?The M*tae?t r??;i nrtreo will be given for Silk Preate* Coata and I'anU. alao c*rpen ?r.l .le*r| ry. by oal ing on or addreaaing M ABRAHAMS ?3S Hereoth ?venue, be'ween Twanty ftrth and Twenty aiilb afreet*. I, ad tea attended by Mra Abraham* AT 1'4 8RVRNT U AVRN0R. HErWBFW NINR teenth and T wen net h at root* -Lad to* aod gentlemen will roaolre the htgiioat , aali urloe for tlieir Oaat OT Cloth ing. t'trpeia, Furniture Ae . br railing on or addre**l'ig K MfLl.KK who ia willing to pav the ftetl ralne f>ro?<:b ar ticle. Ladiea attended to by Mra. Millar. i TTRNTION.-bAHIBS AND tlBNTLBMBN. IF fOf iV want to di?poe" of your ' aal Off Wearing Apparel. Car pete. Furniture, lkr a? I wao*. them for ? li? <'allroru!? markot. by railing or lendinc a note by tmat to H COHN, 240 Sotentb aren le Ladiea attended to by Mra. Cuhn. ATTRNTION ?A OREAT DEMAND FOR I.ADlhH and gentlemen a tba-t Off Clothing. Firaiture, Jewelry, Ac Call ?t the new a?oee. ?lu Ninth a-eour. LKWm MA fll'R l.adl-a wll! I* attended by Mra. Mater. Cftl or ad lre*? a nrtle, which will he punctually amended to 4 T TflK NKW tV.iRK, M CARMINE *TREWT f, A J\ die* and ?e?H?mnn oon reoei to SO |?w oeul mora for Ca*t Off Uotiila*, Furniture Carpet*. Ac , by caring oti or addreaalng II RAR1, ai the aboTO unraber l.adlea a'ten 1 e J to by Mra Ha. I TCAi>llRRR>i TAYfl THB HMIUI FBI OB FOR J, ladlea' and gantlemen a Caat Off Clotlimg l'artif,* watted np"n t>? addrai-IM t Oa hberg. 4H K* t Tweinh at eot, ?*-ar RinaUway Ladlea walwd upoa by M a 0. ?i a nr^n worth of oLoTHrvo antiio.?t wi..j?y the hlghe-t prloe for ooat ny ' loth lag Car not* and Fnrollnrt Call on or addr<<aa H. B ?TRaUIM. ?? ?ereo?b arenua. between Thirty -third and fh riy fourth aUeeia Ladlaa altenda I by Mra. Rlrau**. RMTAtRAITTF. THR UNOF.RSlOtBfl. FORMRBI.T WfTfl THE l.ATR Oeorg" W Rrowno. aolldta the patioaage of hl< frl?nda at 1*' w?l?' gtr?et \?\1 || Ml'lUAtU TAU<J ART A BUT > |-~ >1 f. \th. Irtiko ii am, * 1 I AI.LOVW ORJUT Wr,Rlf 0P ART TIIK rtTK .t !CI| P I ' i ?iv ?ill oi?a ?? the >it MUM DA V RVhN , y',? <r T!i Mf K I'H ."II I, NTS Pamil/ ticket* a>lmi im< * ? |, hMVJO rMSTROCriOM? By o;.'R !tr v ,N , Ilfrthotl. whi b e.n >?? ^nl.?;n. I ? wIikv'1 fh# pupJUoMI p!?y at ? <hl any t<i?r . ?,*o tnant* ?" 'toiling, rapid' r HftKLtY A flRJTUKR. *>1 Thou, on ,, N *ru?ft UNmMa> at rnr Ni. ?* V.IRIf M HIM V OK \H \T i \| y 614 HKOAUWaV : >\ rnoi. 1 JICAL WONDERS [ tilt *1 m _____ BROAf>v<rXY W MO* A M j < ?M f. w ? OP W^DIRI Ti* P." MURK ONLf *f th? *2v? VORtt MU-??*r'* H" AN \TOMf. H Um-MHWAY For Ai.iMiruiriiH nml Older AdTf/(Uf mftitf* Sec Ninth n*? Tenth Pn^n. X THE Tl K?V F\8HrO* P"{?Aflt'<lR O ROTTED FR >TTINU. WKDNI'SO . M A 7 11 H64 *t J VCV OCJT P M P'ir<? -.f #10" Mile llwi'*, th r??? <?? *>? to ? t;n> J. 1' No.line nuineTK. g- Pleasure Bo/ II W i'?d name* if in Mi kuii I VV. Melt ihpri* n."? i?T({ f,i ' <? Mirk n. W oitr'iT utrnw b j. ?i iii Tlwber T f'rrgan niim<"? a m I,aU Vila*. U1, M I,aiichllti e. Sim J. Lovntt D?M? *? in l i t W "iihrop I) Pilfer name* hr i* 1 ! i ? r *? *?* II. P .rotmi nain?? In rn. i >,? Thoma* Marc, i)w .ii>r namos La ly T >arpV In* Un.'ir name* br. g. (l. i'.-ra1 Ore-it JO.lKl'II CKOGHBROK. K :n*?ar Ir?A8M 0!* PLEASORK OUfiTTJCD. ' TROItllfO Tlll if DAT MAT I.', JtV I rrnRR O'CLOCK P M Mitch for #!"?> P I'., two mil >s xad repeat to wigtra* ,f Loft, nam** b c D'^nrtf. H Cnok- aatuea b. g. ? ? JOSEPH -SOCIIP.RON. Manntor TTNION COtfRSH. f- T ? TROVTTNO?OM Ttlt/ItSD AT, I M y IJ at 1 ?'olonk P M Swi'H'^tak i of Mils ?!i 1 r<"p"?t. In liarni-gs C. Biriliutl i-titp-* ?t g HI 'I '? Mar k'ati;D Y?aranr? "nicra i m 3iclli,.f. II Parrar ??. f. I i ii ri H. Moora AH ln> nbovi' horns are fr./m Jtriay Oil/. Llar? leave South feri v at 1 I' M. 8IIAW .% vrniTE. Proiirlainra D'urov co", lono rar.AND -trotti vo-om t'ri'lav M?? 1 1, at three o'clo< k, P M P'ir?n and <? ikn of }I7^; mite heato; best th tee in five tnw igoo* B. Wortdnlfetiterii It. ? D xler I> rfifer enter* b. ill Irlah M.iiil. Owner entera g. m. La ly E'ln Tliomai <'r*(au ?o 'Tl n. m. Ltitly f'ollln*. Mr. Doty outer* Bay Mare Car* leave Sooth iVrrr at etie o'rlork S 1 1 A W A WflltE. Proprietor*. BTAbLIONI. JUPITER. TBOTTTNO STtf.MON, WH.L 9TAVD AT Sn?ililter' . nor Uaion riMtna, iM( f>hn(l at VAith* season, la sdvanoe. .Inciter I* the lire of Lady Km ma. Major An lereou. ? ' 1 1 pi ' ?r Jr , the Pear *11 Colt. Ac. SPOftTU U. DOdS FOIt H ?LB .?ONE HANDSOME NEWFOUND laml Dot, good watch dog, haudso us Bull Terrlef*. ?pit* Do;*, 11 pur of haadsome Italian Orevhouod*. th* irettleat M l smallest In the country ; ?malt Black ami Tan Pup* one six month* old. not exie'dlog two pounds; alio a iiftir ef lll.ick ami Tan Dog*, good ratters; one Mndaorn* Hi* vfouti Hun 1 Pup, Scotch and Skje Terriers, wall br*4 aud good ratters: fair trial given JOHN ORAT. 11 Roosevelt street, flr-t II? r. Francis butler, no 3 peck slip, hah all tub choice breeds for Hale and Htook. Butler's Infallible Mange cure and flee Exterminator. 75 ceuts per bottle. Butler'* new Work. $1. Dog* boarded, traiued, Ao. Medi cines for all diseases. PANCT FOWLS AND PIUBOWS FOB BALK? A NO fre-th Eg,* for hatching. from all the choleest breed* of fowls? Black Spanish Orar Dorkings. Oold and Silver Klark aa I White Polanla; S>a Bright. Africa* and Rvrral damn Bantams, White and Black Leghornai Cochlnl < 'tuna and Bramah I'ntra Fowls? for (Mia by H. JOHNSON, ID North William street. Fob salb? a labor Newfoundland doo rw quire In the grocery stare, oorner of Slereath areata* anl Twenty third street. ENOB SALB - a SAILBOAT. SEVENTEEN FEET LONO. 1 Inquire of T F WK.AVKIl No. A White street, N T. g I[*OR SVLE? POINTERS AND SETTERS, SOME WELL 1 brok 'nj a fair trial given. T*o rocker Span Ml*. almt and dng tlve Pup* nf the u na stock; Newfoundland sa<i St. Bernard Doits. Pup of the um? stock. Bull Terrier*, Hootch in I Skve Terrier* I'.ng'.Mh black and tan Terriers. tw* Italian Hounds, slut and doj. Pupsof the same st ick. tlv* months old large Foih tunds. Beagle Hounds, Iwo Ian* French Pood!"* Pointer an 1 Setter Pups, and Dogs of Ml reeds. H. QARDNEB IS L* ran* *treet. near Canal. I HAVE THE SMALLEST BLACK AND TAN TUB. rler D ig. 2' , lb< w?lght. full gro wn . a'so !h? smallest Italian Dog, full grown. As 1 M ? ftnd the prettiest and tiureat breed In the city. I chai'.onae t ie world Call al 85 Cherry street JAMES DUNN. JOHN BDBECK HAS REMOVED IMS BIRD BUdl new tu 45 East Twenty-fifth utreet, between Fourth and Lexington av.-nues. and oiier-i for aa 'e all kiut of RlrdA Seed*. C i.oa Ac also on* pair of pure?t breed H'aok and Tan Terrle , srris'l si/e, one jnlr Ital an Oreyhouuds. small ai/eand fiae-t breed, oue Match Terrier 2>Og, about sis 1 pounds, tc. Prices rca -onablu QPORTIN0 -FOB HAL?L ",yge Lblg* ?V"*< HT A r.PH A (BLOOP) FOR SALE? WITH SAILS, I Ac . oufl .03 24 tons, length, 42 f*et 'mam. ltf' et A* ply to CMARLES D BL'KR.'LL. SlWullatreet. HDR81B, 4 VKKIAOE*, *C. A ORAT HOR IK. FIVE TEARS OLD A BLAOIt Mare. ? brown Mare and a very flue Colt ail warrant**, wl I he soli] very low. together or separate Can be seen at Tarvytown Apply at Bunhtou's, Aa'ar Houer Alight waoon, a two skat oabriaob, louhle and single Harness can be se-n ?t Seymour** stable'. Sixth avenue and Forty thlrl street. Apply at RUSH TON S 10 A.t ir II iuae. A BARGAIN -OMR TBOTTTRO WAQON (170 POUNDS), rn?'l" bv tiie i?* mil'r, an>l Open Wagon bith n??: loulile w t of light Harnee an t t-vo vc .nd hap 1 tell or tl<ht llurnea all of whi-h will I* sold cheap Call la UM rlotlilnu etore. 477 Petri (treat A BAT IIORHK FOR H A LE ?81' ITA BI.R FOB A hack or fanntn ; iirl '? 140 alao a good ilr:k Cotoh, price $ltJ0. A only a: Ill Kaa'. Broa Wvay F P. M , at S3 ita*" wr,\ 'sv, at ijh ForeytA "? anj from t :o | f ,' >* halr? a ladv s saddle n >rsb th? lineal a*dl l? horse id the elly, a ha? we- ranted ionl _ bay. ion,( tall, aound aad kind . ha? been 'iaad br ? roiinglady; warranted. alao, l?o Wagons. App'y at W pOR SALE-A B KAl'TlPCL LITTLB RADDLE PORT, nU it Broadway FnOi BALE CHEAF-A . ofcoSB Tf-fAM (BAY AND 1 white), eound an I kind, can trot In about 1 Id together; alao a BaoU' Iie. beet HI* n.eka.lii cm-client order. a pi *r befjre It M at private Uab e, 114 weal Fifteenth ?tr"et FOR "4ALB-A HIT MARK. IV, If ANI>S, SIX YKaHH oi l, aoiin-1 md kind. A very itjr i.h aaddle mare .ih# la a perfect picture Price #t.r*l To he lit ;in W(l| Tweuty SltU at reel, between K.glith an t Mti'k aven-iea F^OR RAL"! Oil RAP- A 9 THR OWNS - LI' ATM TUB 1 city one pair of bay Horeee Carriage an <1 Uarneaa. Inijuiri Imme-i 'iU!'jr at Si New etre-'t. MIUTART ADD 5IAVAL. A FEW POIIT.ON-i IN A VETEfcXN RROIMRRT, . alao In a new r*g<ni*:il now or^anl'lug. Incamua# Knilii New York M be flll.-l. HoU.Mi.en crvp*.?le to Uil tb? position* ?! M AiOT, C'apu n, Adj ilau'.. 0 i arter inaatar A?ei*lat>t H. rsaon Virat an 1 ft.'con 1 Lie .teoanU. may ap ply to Oapl. R COMBS. 5>i Liapenar I at. _____ JOIN TUB NAVY? AVOID TllB DBAPT-OEf iH? goo?1 pay ?tid big bounlie* WmwI, NV men, for *h?rt and long whaling i* th# South App if i7 W??t tittm, oowtr of Al uny, twfor* ea???laf H. JAMES. Aftt^nt. CTII HEAVY ARTILLERY? TORTS <>? RAl.rriloRB 0 and rlctnltr ; MlgMTuI loMII Fifth Re* York Vet eran Volunteere, ailing a* plJVOjl ?|?rd at A leSMtdrM, near Waablngton l*itfi New V rk Vo. i nicer, now oijm_ 1 <ti4. ?B<NMnpsd tb* ylt tc# r?f !I#W Tork [ wini rm:r tU ' for th? regtraeaU, *i*\ mt* (H...I J. drummer .? J flfcr^^ ^ ^ "if AVAL PM I/K. MONK Y. 4?C. All pri/.b mobky ROW PAYABLE CAN BE OBTAIN Kl> At ONCB WILLABa |sH York ?ueet Bruoklya. D R SOTO.? THE OFFICERS AND CREW OF THIB re?e*l can obtalo their pri/? m?n?y for all eaptareaak one*, t>r applying to WALDEN A W1 1.LAIID. No 18? York ? tre? i , Brooklyn. tfRITKU HTATFH ABHT ABB MATY OFFTCB, RO tT B'eerker alreet ?H? Bounty to woanded aoi tier* rtwnk Pay. Bo iaty and PriM Mooot eolleeteil, Peneiooa ?rtAh>r*l MEDItAL. _ Advii-b to married ladib8.-m adam* kbb TBLL. Female t'hyalrlaa land Profenaor of Rit*tferf, oaa be m? lilted a? Kauai at IW Ctiambera al r*?\. B'it ??? Interview will ba neoeaeary Ro charge for ad*ii e. Her la fallible medlctnea cau alao be ?bielaed al lt;-a Libartr ?treat, or tajr mail; price fA. La.llea who deaire luaiil an? the '?aat medical attendanre during ronflaemeni ca \ be aa o mmo-Uled. Her French Pli a No 1, price II a boi. or Ho. 2, wtilch a?e four degraea alrongtr than No 1, aod (M never fall, ata aafe and healthy; price ?-> a bo* fan b? ie?l hy mall, with Nil dire?tiona R R -Madame Re??e . dwiaa? It her duv laoantion la.|l?a auelnel iiailatora ?f ha' adver iiaameaiak who not only rob theai of their oieaoa, but their health. , ft WBBT. HORIBVY TONIC-YHB^OWaT n. an 4 Oea Da WERT'* MONTHLY TON 10?tH B URI m?lc regulator Relief oertain la all la f bwans Odloe 17 D iana ?treet, Iwtween Oliatham lie atCWta. fvir COB?BPr7 ?0.? CBNTBB STRBBT BBTWBRN 1/ Cham'wa and Ilea le atreen, can be aaninljtj, confllen... on dlee%?aa of a private aha racier *P"' ' 5T? Ihirtf f?t?r rfrn, thf^# '>f wh??h have ,!?,! \*\ai ? York an t U.n.lon. enablea mm to treat ? 1 "V *' and general deh.lll y The vlrllm * ^of Irn^ i* ' htm with the oenamty of be,o? ,, ? n R _gee Dr C a diploma lo hla of the New York Unueram Mel a 0 UP call on him no charge member of College of Burgeon* Lvadx*.

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