Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 11, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 11, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. TewiiAt May 10 ? 6 P. M. Tbr Heck market opened strong, with a disp gltion to be a 'live, ttu m Thing. and with an upwaid len<1en y. Nearlj tne onlire I si improved over tbr clo-ing prices of ?st ?"\et'mg. I>ut tt)i- quoutioui> at (tie I: r 1 meeting Of t tit board on Moads> were not fol'y reacted. Compared with tin' l>e?t eatly cash s <!e* vest": d i> , New York i en irai di\". i.n! 1 per cent 1" le Ruilroid Uudeoo Kiver 2, Ke idit'i: 3| Vicbi;:nn Southern li.mois lei tril^, Calm a n I C'lungo ' mMnlMtlu , and < aii | ton Com any K. Erie preferred %n4 Cleveland and I'ltlfburg go'd the same. Michigan Contra! advanced 2 CUtc ;fo and Rock inland 2, MlasBsippi and Miisuttri 1, Cumberland CV>al l*, yuicksllver lltniUj.- 14, uu,i Mart in .aa 1. Tbe stock m irkrt continue) strong in the afternoon, and the tendency was to advance. Now \ ork lentral clot.'d at 130 S, Frtc liailroad, IOCS Brie preferred, 107; llndsoa River, 108'i Kea Uun, 129; Illinois Central, 124*?; Cleve land and Pittsburg, 108. Miclug ?u Central, 139? no ad vance of six per rent since yesterday ; Michigan Southern j 91 tin eu? and Chicago, lit.!, , Chlcag ? and Hock 8l nd, I 110'. 1-ort Wayn?, 112; Alton and Terre Haute, 64 < hica Ko and Northwestern, 64 ; Pacific Mail, 227; Cumber I. ud C.<al. 61 '* Can i<>u Company, 38, and Quicksilver Mining, TO. The gold market was unumnlly active to day, and a very large aggregate amount w is so>d. The premium was not down to as low a figure as it wu anticipated by many it would be, in view of the numerous despatches coatlrmlug the announcement of the great victory which the I nlon army has achieved tu Virginia, and the aimobt certain gucccss which awaits our fori os in Georgii 1 hose who are burtbened with gold tcign to d"Ubt the accuracy 01 the various reports, official and otherwise, which have been published in rol itlon to our udvanci g armies, for the simple reason that tbny desire to unload themselves betore the premium dropi to n |ioiut whuh would be likely to damage their ilnaiie;al status, and they are sullicltutly fortilled with persuasive powers and n flueuco to win unwary vi tims over lo the wcreuuioiu tside. The bulls in the gold market hive a decided d vantage over the bear* in this reflect, and in us the | premium is ke?>l up TUe selling price at the opening j wa- ltlB fr in ? lin h, afte^reoodiug a qu trl< r, it rose lo ' 109, uud continued on the ndj.i< ent fractions to that figure j during ilie Jay. The rep rt ol the Asaibtant Treasurer to day shows ibo following lot ils.? Amount on band 731.909 401 l eieipU trom customs 66,000 From olbsr sources 700,390 Total f.;2.T35,791 Payments I,i>u3,039 Hr.lanco $30. '-*32, '62 8ui scTiptions lo ten-rorty loan IB ',360 Ibo following comparative statement snows the aver > r rmditl ii of the leading items of the Philadelphia bank* (or the past and previous wees: ? Lilt Wtek. This ?V<' . loans $:59.770.436 40,0^2,920 hpecie 3 97 J 319 3.971.300 Jjega; tender 14,325,511 14 46'J,339 Deposits 37,75s 836 88.212,708 C ircuutiou 2,-41, S?6 2,236.647 ? There has been an Increase of $311,434 of loans; $133,128 ol legal leudor notes, and $183,872 of deposits. The spc. le and the circulation both decreased slightly. Tbe aggregate value of the exports of produce and mer chandise, exclusive ol specie, rrom the port of New York, J .rtng tbr j**t week was $3,900,520. The money market in B-JSton on Monday was without any perceptible alteration, either as regards supply or demand, or rates of interest. Borrowers on good se v urity found no difficulty In obtaining their requirements at sis per cetit. The foreign exports from the port of Baltimore during tl'e past week amounted in value to $167,209. The earnings of tbe Atlantic and Great Western Rail way during the month of April amounted to $197,267. i be lecetpts of tbe road thus far during tbe year have been as follows: ? Pastengm, Mail*, <I-c. Frriohl. Tntal. .rami ary $38,616 l?H,tws 5907,298 i'ebruary 6U.ls9 lis, *62 li'JO 041 March. . 60,518 166,216 226 733 ?\pril ^,9^2 133,*J76 197,267 Total 647,026 BIOvk Kxrhanst. TOBanAT. Mav 10 ? 10. SO A. M. #1NK? C8 6'e5-tO a reg um>4 300 aha H nda. B KivRK ISC1* ISiO*) U K6 tWi,cou 11)6 HW do ?I6 l?>| 140>i0 fio ...... WWg 100 Harlem RK s20 2S6 1 MO' {J 6 b's, 1 yr cer . . #HS, 5 Sixth Avenue RK 120 IV?lO do 88'? 2H do 115 ;**?> loduoa war loan t?J ??*? Read'ng RK 124 10UO Virginia 6'a 51 2t>l do b2U l2-\tf Ohio k Mlsa cer 51?^ 'MX) rio IH1, S5000 do M SOo do b3 uy flw?' Uud?on lat mi.e. Hi l-DO do. i s * i 2t*?>0 All A TH'.Mnipref 9S 100 do I21-, M ill A T H tWM *3 2W Mich Central RK. . I 3d J SOOuC hie J > IV IM m 91 loo Mich So A S 1 BR. W) f IO O I'ttia.Kl w ACI m 114 3<?) d ;OV Pitta KtW'ic Mm l<7)i 60 do 9U'? ,v*?i do 9" EOiMlcl. BoANlgstk 134 1 00 Chi. ,t Alt lat in i"9 200111 Cee KKacripslO 1.4 1000 Mil A hi P lat ui 100 150 do 124 >.4 *10 aha Bock - Co Lea l l'? lt? do slu 124*4 200 Wvoni Val toal t o. 60 10 CiPTe A Pitts RR 10tr\ CfciCopnke Iron Mines 10 1 1 ? 0 do 107 )i4Uuar:r Hill MgCe 12)tf 200 do c irin\ SOU do 12 100 Gal A Chi RK 115 4 200 Aahhuron Cos! Co. .0 20>' do 116 2o0 Maripona Mining Co 36 flilO Clere A To KU ... 1WJ; 1<>. It. 35 |O0 Cbi A HI RK Il? 15000 Ameri an g id lf>^>4 so do 10^4 liuui do c It*1; 25 do 110 1 ?U> do 1?8 a 2'0 do l0',i\ 1.1 Bank of Stat? ? Y 110 (00 do at')l>M? *1 Market Bauk llO 500 do .. ilOlOBjJ lo? >H>nitiaiiy iJ'K 1(V C.BAt.'yRR ex-div 121 300 uu ck? l*ar Mlt Co t?H SO d 1 - I.I do 7" 2H) Pltt-,FtW A ChlRK lO-U 1 ? Cuinb C a. prsf.blrt 64Ji 2 0 do lo9 ?>? do m 100 do I'X'W '.SO N T tVntrai Kl. 129 1J0 do 110* 44 4? 129X 100 Alt A T gH BB 6 400 Erie RB Itr< 60 All * T Hau prer 7'? 400 do .blO I ? SO Cbl A > W RR 6.1 400 do 1 ""t 50 do ... 51 *4 do bS 108'i da 58), 2?l do lt??I 200 do b3 64 SoRrleRRpref 1(<7 50 CM ft N W pref . . . 7S &*? Hudson River RR 137 20J Miaa k Mia-oori RK 41 SiW do alO 137 SECOND BOARD. Ilat.r-rAT Two o'Ci/vb P. M. t7ixm I'B C'a. -*1. r-g. . ll 'S 4.0 >ha R?a.lio< Kl. .. 12V'. S AO 1'H 6 a 81. eou 114 120 i do 12i? .15000 U 8 6 ? S 20'?. oou lOt'i |o?tl do Ii30 l ? 1SO0 do 10 .', S00 111 Cen Rli acrip .. 124 ' j SOOI Tr 7 S 10 n.OAAp 110', 4 0 do .. 12<'? 10.4) I'M 6 a I inrnr. iHSt l'?Q Cier.- A Pitta KB I0> 100*) Ohki A *<i - c?r 52 '4 ion Michigan t >n ICR I3X 1.VOO Atnerle?ti gold !?>" 100 do .... ... 1 tPJ^' loo abaCauvJoCotnpujr 37 H M) do 11'.' 1?? do S- 1 '?! Ml 80 A B Ind KK '.0 lOOCumb Coal Co pref. <4'i I'ai Oalana A Chi RR II" 100 Pac Mm 88 Co 22 . 301 do 117* 200 QtnekM re- M< Co 6? 1 ?) Chicago 4 RkUlKR 111 1 ?W do 70 10j do 1I11V ISO N V '"entrai KK ... U'Ji loo 110)2 2iO Erie K li ltfo\ 4^?l Htta Ft * iCh RR 112 361 do .. 1W>, IOi Alton A T HaoteRK 64 101 Brie RRnref .. .107 30 Chicago A .N W KR 64 101) Hudaon Riv RR ..137 200 Jo 54^ IOH do 1J6T< 6'Chi A N W BR pref 7C riTT comnkhciaij ntcponr. TfWDAT, May 10-fl P. M. A4nir .?Receipts SI bbls. Market lokctltre and quota (look nnmioally |0 '># for pou and 111 50 for (maria. Hwu:*Trrw ?Rw*lpts 10,154 bblk flour, 30 bbis ?nd B7f> ba.'a corn ma il. 32 one buah? s v? Ij.-at, 61, 148 4a ?*u b tM dc. rye. 4.128 do. barley, and 21,800 d >. unit Tbe deeima In Krtld and lncr?aaiDi{ rareiou fr.ra the We^t li>d a depro^jiif ..(Tort on tU>- Dour rmrket. and a fur thar dec me waa aiibmitt?d f>. witb a alight m? "<?*?? >f b ia|tH?? at the doc.ioa. The aalca we e hOo bVa M<tt mu I Wome n, 1 500 do goutlMrn, and l,t>00 di. < ana.ll n. K' 0 floor wa a dull atkl drooping, ?ltb ?ui 1 1 galea with n oor ranko ('ore tne*i ?u in better r?<iu?at and the market ruled atMdy, kk'.ea 1,000 bbla , at |<i 90 a 16 94 for Bran Jf win. uid $6 for Jersey , also .too punches* at $31 We quote ? 8 iferfltie -tate and Wa?t?rrj flour f? 60 a 6 ' 0 !? lira Male flHOa 6 (K) 1 "boice stats ?... 9 #5 a 7 10 <V>mmoci to meditim Western 6 ??a 7 IS <? -od to cboioe do 7 25 a 8 26 Kitra St I/?til0 T '.0 0 10 00 < nmn ? to go<>d Southern 7 2ft 0 7 70 <tood to elioioe eitra 4o 7 75 a 8 60 O'inmoe 1 -aoartiab 6 Hfi a 7 00 <? to oboice eitra do 7 05 0 7 ^0 Kye flour, super due 6 00 0 II l,i Corn meal , bbls 9 25 0 6 60 ??r? tonal, puncheon* 30 60 a 31 00 ?The wheat market oonttnued dull and 4"preaae<l. atid prioea were nominally lower. Tbere were sellers, to 0r rlre witbio I tie next let. dtys, 0t a derlios of rully 6c. 0 Be. from current asking rite* The only cales we heard of were .'1,800 bis he I* wbile <>et*see 01 |1 72. tot ?wing samples fl 50 a ft 6" was bid; but tueee offers met with no regponse. The first tow of the aw m srrsred lasi eveolng, bringing B2. iO0 iMisneia wheat and tbe supplies now on the way Are lar*e By- wae more plenty, and nominally lower we quote II 44 a |l 4(1. Orirn was well held, with ?ale? ?f 16.000 buttie s, o4 Western mlied, In store, at (1 W ?)ila were Ines art I re end lowur . we qui. is lh? rauge at Bfl'.c a He. , wlib POc. piyeb.a In ceriiflcates Barley ?ud barley mil were Inaotlre. ar.4 prices favored tbe b yer. it???wa* ? l 000 Ibg. gold at Mr , and there were re j> -led aalee tie Monday nlfbt of 10,000 Ibi. at tbe gams price. Casoun. -8.400 botes parrafflns sold at 81c. , end 2,500 do adamant me on prlvete terms 1; area dull , about U0 bales gold at 82c a 830. for aai44lii>c0 ttsnai W00 quiet 0od nominal, without aelaa of mt.meni Oaooa 100 MM soda aab ? id at <st '?V 1 ,004 I be wbmog a* 1 \c. , 160 k0(a nitrate ends, chiefly at B4>c , 404 kefs bi oarb ande,8>^o : Tl tons Cbma clay Bk, to arrive, at $44. 14 do aal soda, 8'?c , lOti tasks eai hlbg powder, 0140 Irtaworin#.? 100 t.itis (it I>om ngo logwood sold at |3?. Ksai .ars ooottouad inactire. and retes were mainly ?obIuaJ. To l.i?erpool 6c ? Oe was Mkod tor vkeat, U Bit M- for flour, utf 10a. ?16e <*r he ivy joods. TO U" don. (vr sieBmer , 470 feose* h coo were taken at 30". , l,5^u bbU. li^ur, 1b. ?4 'J6# otiwi lur? aud 10 lib. is U> b'co). 2>?. 10 KwM*rd?n>, WKI bta^s Hour hi "Js iid. To Gms.ow ,*r m-iinw. 'J00 lib ? hour, 1b 21. a Is 4d. Two vessels were taken li-r ()prk Btiil ? murlM, wiib pel, oleum, ul 6il , i lo |* riw lo Gieni Itritaiu. ur On. i l" Km* < oulm*%t, an i lour or live bib *11 foreign ves I sel* lo |*>i is < n Ibe 'onuoeoi. between Havre and 11. m : buiv, wiili peti oleum at 6* ?d. A Norwegian brig to H nif. | eiroieiim, f>s. 6a 'two schooners to liusUia, one ? hiiii coal trom Kthr.ab lip it ?l 60, and ilie oilier hence, wnb t rick. *2 16. To Uasgow, 9,600 bushes f wheat . In bulk at nlwiut Ml. Kk lit. ? Ill" 'ii a i win w a <|'itel. Tbe auction sale of Sicily run msuilodas Oil ws:~ 2.00j boxes uiauges at I from 4?>c. o $2 2>. ami 1,4(32 do. le.mms. (4 60 a $4 10 i;?Mi'ih9t. ? to ball* s Id ui l'J^o. ou Hie spot , and 150 ito.,l art ive, mi 12t4c liors were Hu oi , 60 bales sold wl 30c a 20c. Ukmi- was quiet, bill generally held firm at 17c. for M .nila. Mui.ih>ks ? The market was dull sod heavy, and prices we e iiennnally a trifle lower Pkovi 4i>*s,? Receipts 2 346 bbls. p'irk, 636 packages beef. 771 d . cut meals, and 14!> do lard. The hog pro duels iu r rain u with evoryitii g else in tbe merchan dise ntie, were dull I -lay , lhe urmy uews lakiug up all of the attention of the dealer, and a sm ill business was done, lhe demand u>r pork was I'ulit nod Ibu tranaac | tioiis were limited , both iu l.?is i n I IM nM Il4 foe for w rd delivery, while we: e even lower limn on M unlay Heef was in ll;:ht demand, bill there was no i cbanite in quotations. Heel h-uns were quiet and normal. I liucou wnb dull, l'liere is no Mock of out) Sequence lo operate with. ( ul meals were dull; b'U we do not quote i any decline m pric-s lard was dull, he ivy a id a irillo off. Butter an.: ctwe e wore slexdv the (ormer sold at -7c. a :,2c. nod llio lalier at 16c. a l*o l'he sales were:? 2,000 hbls new rai'>8. buyer .1 iiiio, at $31' f>0 a 76 1,600 old do. on the spot at 76. l!oet? Sales 300 bbls mess, a i $16 a $16 and $1W a ,?20 -6 lor extra do. Lard ? -ale- 600 bbls at 12\c. a 14c. I*ktkoi.i:i -4. ? r.eoeii'tM none, liie market wa dull and ni' lor b lh crude and reilned. itiore was very little d"ne, tho rates being confined to about 1.000 bins. | crude, ou .bo s ol, at 3tk; , nl w men it was ireely offered i 1. loo do. relmed, in b?.nd. at 66c. f?r prime light straw to 1 wnlte, and 760 do . fre", ai 63c. a t'.4c. Uen/me was | 'in i?t; saies ot 1,000 bbls. relinod, GO a 63 gravity, : 3 c. Rick was quiet, s ile? 100 bags Rangoon at 11 >;c. , and ! 10 > do., In band, at 8c. i .si ki?.- ? Ibe in irkct was very quiet. ;md we heard or sales of ony h'.iO bag# Calcutta, in B,)St'>u,al (4 lb. st iiAR ? tho market was very du l and prices wore en tirn y onmlnaJ. ? >nly small pates were reported at prices wIjicii were no criterion to tbe market. Tin. ? lhe mnrket was quiet, and we heard of no move UleOl. Toiucco was dull; 75 bbds. Kentucky sold at from 10c a 2sc T* ww was dull and lower; sales 60,000 lbs. at ISc. a 13', c \Vn skit.? Receipts, 9ri7 bbls. The market was with out iiecided change, with sales or 1,600 bbls. a< fl 26 a f 1 27 for filate and Western. The I'm i f. FA9E1I0S PLKASCItB ? KOUN I>? TROTTING. Monday, May 9 ?Match $5o0, mile boats, best three Id five, to wagons. Mr. Hamilton nsm?i g. g. Blily 1 10 1 Mr, A. Ullott name.l b. ft Sam. .....2 2 0 2 TIMS. tiru quarter. Balf mile. Milt first heat 44 1:27 2 61 Second boat 44 1:20 2:514 Third hout 44 ** 1:27 2:66 Fourth beat 42li 1:25 2 62 The above was a match race between Harlem and Westchester county, and tbo trot created quite an excite ment among the horse fanclcrs on botn sides of the Har lem river. Tbe partisans or the horses backed their uplnlocs pretty stoutly, although tbe nag belonging on ibis side or tbe bridge was tbe favorite before the star at one hundred to lorty. Tbe race was very closely contested throughout, the grey being handled by John ( rooks, while John Lovett directed tbe movements of the bay gelding. Tbe track was In very excellent condi tion during the first two beits; but alter that a severe rain storm rendered the course sticky and heavy. The horses bad tour boats, tbe third being ?d?>ad h*at. There was not a largo attendance, as the iiorsej were unknown, except In lb* localities named above Firtt fUat ?Tbe bay gelding won tbe pole, and with a good start the horse# weot side and side about half way around the upper ''urn, when botn broke up, and tbe bay, being tb , best breaker, took a lead of two lengths, which be held to tbe quarter pole, passing there in forty five pecoods. He kept the gap open down the buok-itrelcn to tbe half mile pole. Time, 1:27 The gray tbnn nude a gallant dash after tbe bay, and soon cellared him but here again they both broke up, w*b tbe ssme result as tbe previous one, tbe bay gain, iug a c?uple of lengths, which lie carried on to tbe borne stretch Ibegray was now nicely settled, and from tne three quarter pole to tbo stand he trotted verv steadily ?nd just last enough to beat the bay balf n length over the score, alter as pretty a contest aa was ever * i messed Time, 2:61. Second Ifrat.? One hundred to forty current on tbe grav gelding Tbe bay hod a Itillo tbe liest of the start . but be soon aftorward* broke up, and the gray led to the quarter pole a length ui forty-iour seconds. Tbe bay broke uo again on tbe backstretcb. and ibe gray passed tbo half mile pole three lengths in frsut In 126. Going from tbcie to the three quarter pole, tbe gray left his feet, and the bay lod on to the homestretch hall a lei.gtu. A most exciting wrestle then took place, until near tbe judges' >tand , when the Westchester pot broke up. and Harem beat him over tbe score s couple of lentrtbs in Third /feat ? Kour to one now offered on tbe gray. The rain having fallen ror iwentv minutes, the track wis iii a very siipj cry condition, and both drivers were wet to Hie skiu before tbe word was given. Tbo gray took tbo lead, but, breaking before be gut around tbo up)?r turn, iho biy ,ed to tij<- quarter i<oie iii ee leugtbx m lorty-foer and a ball' sec <nds Tbe bay abut up t tril'e o' tiio gap in tbe bockstretrh but Weftcbester led to tbe half mile ?ole an open length in 1 27 The gray broke twice roliu; to tbe three quarter pole, and th.> bay came on Uie home stretch two lengths in front, lieu even ?ere now ottered in his winning tbe beat: hut. alter a tm si capital contest, ihe horses lauded on tbe score so levei that ihe judges srere com' elied to decide a de id belt Time, 2 .'?S. Fourth J feat. ? The W estcbaatar run wore now willing U> iDve-t further on tDeir favorite, asking two to one, at which rate tbov got as much as they wanted. Ihe borseii had a good start. Tbe hay broke up on the upper turn, aud tbe *ruy led a couple of length* to the quarter I ole lu lorty two aud a half second*. The bav broicu up xgain on tbe l>a< k tretcb, but was only a length behind ai tbe bait mle pole, lime 1 25. Soon afterwards the gray broke i.p, and the bay went in front, and mis two lengths ahead of tbe gray when he came on tbe homo sir ten a very spirited content then set In. which lasied to within a short distance of tbe score, when the bay broke up, and the gray won tbe heat and money by two lengtba lime, 2 f>2. A trot for a purse will take place this afternoon at tbe above course, ruile heats, beat throe to live, to wagons Eleven bor?es are entered. At the Onion i ourse. on Thursday afternoon, a sweep stakes for which b. g. Blue Morgan, s. m Stella and b. g. John B. Moore sre entered will be decided. 1 >n the Union , l> xter, .risb Maid, Lady Ella, I.idy Collins and Mr. Doty's bay mare are announced to trot. Theatrical. KIRLO'S OAKDBS. Mr. and Mrs Biroey Wi llams revived two well known and popular plcces Monday night, before a large s idlenc ?. Tbeee pieces wore An Hour in Seville and Ire. nl as I Was. Ibey are excellent pieces in their Wiy, and are always sure to draw. An H >ur In Seville I* the most wonderful of protean plays, for tt rea ly baa a plot. Mrs. Williams I- both the hero and tbe heroine ? er rather she is tbe balf a doseo heroes and tbe half a doxen heroines ? of tbe comedy, and her rapid changes of dress, manner, accent, language, walk and everything else are certainly very surprising. Tbe labor necessary to play such a pr-> tean part, to sing In such dllTerent tongues, and to dance such diilicult daucee, would suihee for a year's routine '4 ordinary characters. during her periorinance the ap plsnse was frequent and deserved lu Ireland as It Was. which they have played about eight huudred times in tti sc'imtry and Europe, Mr, and Mrs Williams were as ateuesetal ?s ever, ihe "Olv way to appreciate their e.v ? el!eo? e in this touching domestic drama is to go and see them act. WALl.ACB'fl THE A I KB. Vol withstanding tbe heavy ram sod tbe great excite ment ovor the glor ous victory, a large audience as tetnhled here Monday nl. hi to see tbe performance of Sheridan Knnwies' play of the Wife, In which Miss Jane roomiis sustained the part of Mariana. Mtse Coombs ij much more at borne in plays of ibis character than In tbe co nedies that are so much in vo,;ue at tliia theatre II r peculiar strength as an a< lre?s Is seen vary much greater advantage in piece* that deal with pistmn tbeo In those that deal with manners. t?bc has tbs fru fa- -re that can flash aud sparkle in a scene tbat stirs tbe heart , but ia altogether lost In Sheridan's obso. iete pictures of society, aud sm mered under tbe load of boucicault s mi< roscupic jokes. Her performan. a uf the Wile was admirable? full of force, yet always within the modesty ?f nature? and elicited the frequent applause of an ajiprec alive audience TBI OLTMriC. Mrs. Sedley Brown, a favorite little ac trees, takes her benefit this evening. Mrs. Wood appears in Ihe Actress by Dsy light Mr. Charles W heat lelgb, who Is going to f all furnla, plays In tbe Debutante, and Mrs. Brown will act Kan In tbo Good lor Nothing. This is a atrong bill, and ought to secure a crowded bouae, la spite of tbe popular Intereet in tbo great military drama now going oo In Virginia, with General Grant as tbs star. ? word for McClellan. TO THB EDITOR Of TBS BBBALD. Maw York, May 7, ISM Please accept the eoctoeed dollar towards tbe purchase ef a sword for "Little Mac." It was sent to me from Nash vile. Tana., by John Hart, for Mis purpose of patting a vnis tn tbe book al the Sanitary Fair, bat arrived toe law. J. M. TO MB BDITOB OF TUB RIBALD. With tfcla I band yoa one dollar, being my aarpluaearn logs for oae month I wish ! oould aoad a larger amount Tkis is to aid In buylif a suitable sword for "Little Mac," who, m my opinion, would have sndsd this war kmg ago It us bad not beea Interfered with by those in power, who. whUe professing love of oouatry , are doing an they osn to destroy it A UKffUlNI USiUNlBT MARRIAGES ^AND DEATHS. M iirMriii Bl'CMK <i.i ? Pav?. ? At KruBWMiri .of.Hw.-vi* in i .?<??111:11 v. on 'Ihuraiuy, April 14, ?i tbc residence of Um> t>< id", by Wulioii W. Mur by , G'Haul i.t-rrrul o' ilie lii't d M it' n, auo alierw irds at tb? Krc i:h buret. Lv the I!*v J. 0 F1 od, I nglhb i haplaiti, D t 1 .k. 1: .1 1'i.hNui., of Ne?r York la Ua?v k. JUvin, d mgbUsr of Ug lie 1. .-'lUnau, 01 Sun I- rune California. c Bkowit Mart k ? At Newark, N. .'. on Suffd 'jr. May fc. at ? lie nsenleuoe of H A liaiuPrii^ei, l>n., bj B"'? Or. Kysb.WM. I 1 lhon lino* k lo Makiha I-lokkju k *Iak 1 t>, both of thin city. Hjuim*? (iti?vifc,._On f uodav, May 8, at Trtntty rhurcb. I<v the Ker. Kraoou Virion, I>. J)., Or.ou k >V. Hirimos to almi M. Gkatm, botli of AMntmyrUl, Vt. No.uds. Wiiuienr (Vt.) .lotirnal plsaae copy. Corn 1 r ? I'attkkso.v. ? In, on Tuesday, May 10, by tbe Kov. |ir. l.lttloj >hn, recti* of Holy Trinity ch irch, l>r. Wm. K. C?k?hik, U. 8. A , to Autm C . <iaugbt?r of Colouel Alexander 1'aiterson, of Key Wei-t, lis. No cords. .Norfolk (Va ), Newport and PrOTidcnce pApers please cory. Mk?k*ii? I'ah^ins. ? At Morrtetowo, New Jrrger, on Tuesday, May by the P.ov. It. N. Merrltt, as?si*li>il hy the Hev. 8. H. llodRoa. 01 G race church. N'uwark. Hami'ki. Mskkkr. l -q , of Newark, to Miss Lucrktia Pabm>\r,oI Ibe lormer place. Died. aspiu.*- ? Suddenly, on Sunday . May 8. Emilv Ciibtios, wi e ol Also ; i V. As, *11. in Hto ft2d yfar or tier age. The relatives and irieuds of the launly are reeiectluny in v tied 1 1 attend ilia funeral, this (Wediesday) sfterU'Kio, hi two o'clock, front her into resident*, .">67 South lourttt street, Jen?ey I'lty. without further inviutlou. ; kij ? .-lie f noti<lK of Waltkk f). Bkii.. ar? respectfully requested to attend his fnnural. tine ( Wednesday! a ter noon, iit one o'clock, from his late residence, No (?> Ktintbeth sireoi. ? _ ? Hkxsiimt ? -Hidden!}' . on Monday evening. Vniy t u'iiatn John F. BhKKiuoi ,nged 42 yeirs, 7 months ana J d i y s ' I he friends or the family are respectfully invited to ' utteipi Hi- 'unoral, frtmi bis late re-idenoo,at I'orl Morris, , ibis vvediii-sduv) afternoon, at lour o'clock. IIom.k _ua Tuesday morning, 10. ntone o cl ck. Tkrkm'k Boylr. lormerty of OrglsBS, couuty l<ong ;<?ra, | Ireland, aund ;>ft year." , ? ? ! Tue Cuueral will leave his iat<* residence, f'67 Broome i sir, et. oerncr of Vnrick. at ton o'clock > n rhursdiv moin I tag far St Joseph's churcli Si\th uvooue, and tticnce to t u varv ' eincti'i y. all'T a iL-nuem m tsa Cowilv. ? At Aiin.inoiis. Ud.,ou Monday, Miy 9, Ron.-or J Cowsv, aged 30 years. ,??n_ ?llic r.-iatue.- and irlends of tno family are rospectmiu Invited to attend the funeral. this (Wednesday) after noon, ui iro o'clock. irom i lie residence oi his lath''' in law, John Murpliv, No. 61 West 1 weuiy-nintb stieet, near Slxih avenue. Cumjpkv.? On Tuesday, May 10, of asthma, Jamk.;Cas siiuy, in the 29ih year of his aye. I tie relaiive* and friend* of ? lie family are rcupecifu ly Invited to attend the fuueral, from tho residcneo of hi* aunt, 73 Goerck street, this (Wednesday) altcrnoon, at BIX O'ClOCk. _ . t'voiJtiiAN.? on Monday, May 9, U. A. Ccolaiun, aged 47 years . . , r?i I h i friends ol tlie rauiily and also tlio me-iibers of niu tnond l.odue No. 140, ol I. 0. of O. K., are ro-pcct'ully in viteti U> ui lend the luneral. Irom Ills late residence, lo8 Third avenuo. ? ? Chapman. ? On Tuesday. May lo, Mrs. Ann M. Crura an, relict of John Chapman, Kmi., lormerly of Hudson, Co lumbia county, N. Y. Uelaiive* a'sii friends are respectfully invited to at tend tlo funeral, at No. 2S\>eat Tweirth Street, this (Wednesday) a'teruoon, at half-past two o'clock. I bo remmns will be taken to Clavarack, N. Y.,for mtermont. Ukbart.? At Mariners' Harbor Siaien Island, John Pkhart, a ted 74 years, 2 months and 20 days. The relative* ?iid irlends of the family are respectfully In v led to attend tbe funeral, from his late residence. Ma r ners' Harbor, on Thuisday aliernoon. at two o'clock. Boat loaves New Yoik from pier iVO. 2 North river, at quarter to one o'clock ? M. Dickson ? On Tuesday, May 10, Sami-el Dicksok, in tho 6lst year of his age loe relatives aud friends or the family are resp-rt ully requested t > attend tbe funeral, irom bis lute re-.d<-noe, i No. 17 Minetta street, this (Wednesday; a<*-.?ioon, at two o clock, without further iuvitation. Kduar ? On Slonday, May 9. altar a short and severe Illness. William Edoab, In ULe 69tb year of his age. Tbe relatives and ;ri?nds of tbe family aro respectfully invited to attend tbe luneral, from bis late residence. Bio. i 118 Columbia street, this (Wednesday) aliernoon, at one o'clock. Jersey City papers please copy. Euan. suddenly , of disease of tbe heatl, on Monday, May 9, Hiou Koaw. a native of Kings county , Ireland, in the 58tb year or bis age. .. Tbe relative* and friends of tbe family are r?i?cUuily invited to attend tbe funeral, this (Wednesday ) altcrnoon, at two o'clock, irom bis late residence. No. 119 East Twenty-tilth street, without further invitation. Hl? re mains will be taken to Calvary Cemetery. Cray.? At Fairfax Station, Va.. on Tuesday, April 2fi, of neuralgia ol the heart. Owk.m Wtnnk I.rat, Hospital Steward Siity-nlntnyeglment, (Corcoran I?i;ion). former lv or tbe Sixty-ninth regiment, Irish Brlgsdo, in the 44tb year of bis age. _ . Tbe fin eral will take place from tbe residence or bis family, No. '292 Kivin^ten street, tbu (Wednesday) alier noon . ut two o'clock. The friends ol tbe ramny are in vited t? attend. .j . Hardivo.? On Monday, May 9, Sarah A*n, wife of John The teialive snd friends of the 'amily are Invited to atiend the funerO services, at her late roFideuce, 620 Hfin street, this lay (Wednesday), at twelve o clock. Her romains will bo takau to Glcu Cove, I/ing Island, tor '"nAjm,?1? (>n Friday, May fl, Joski-b, Infant son of Henry F. and Ellie M Hamill, aged IS dtys. HKAtv*? "n Mrdiklrn, on Tuesday, May 10, Mi?r Jans, the beloved wifs of Ibomas Healy, aged 30 years. 1 he relatives and friend* of the family are requested to attend tbe funeral, from her late residence. No. IBS iulton i venue, tnu (Wednesday) afternoon . at hair past two *tU - rrr> ?The remains of the late Robert W Biistni aav i arrived from l'aris. Tuueral perviees will beheld n the l'reshvteriau church, in hattli avenuo, corner of Smeteenth street, tn.s (Wednos.lay* artemoon at rour >'c!ock. His irieuds, and those or his'.atber, J M. Hal neil are respectfully Invited to attend. Kk >>(rv _im Monday morning, May 9, arter a short but severe illness. Mrs. an* KrNNUT, in tbe <50th year or The relatives and friends of the family are respect fully Invited t^atiendtbef moral, ibis (Wednesday) nooa, at two o c.ock.trom her late residence, 34W Weit Twenty -ulnth street. ft. l/)Uis papers please copy. KN..WKR.? In Brooicivn , K. P . on Monday arternoon. May 9, CiiARLn A Knowkr. youngest son of Captain S?. Kii 'Wer, aged 26 years The i r lends and relatives or tbe 'amily, also tbe mem bers ot tbe Fourteenth Regiment Veteran focl- ty, are re snectlully invited to attend tbe luneral, ibis (Wednesday) morning, at ten o'clock, from tbe cuurcb, corner ot south Third and Fourth sir- ets. Krxr? <ta l'ue* lay. May 10, after ? 'ons and palnrul Illness. Mrs. Atisuss Ksrr. Her irieuds aud tiio^e of tbe family are resi?ectfully in vited to attend tbe funeral, from tbe residence of her s?n in law, W. A Swan, corner of Ninety-secrud street and Fourth avenue, on Thursday a'ternoon, at two o'clock, without furtbT invitation Lord? i m Monday. May 9, Fr?i>krick M'-Cikliun, youngest sou ol George W. snd Marietta 1*. l>>rd, aged 2 years and 8 tnooths. rbe frieuds and relatives sre invited to attend tbe fn neral this ( Vednesdav) afternoon, at three o'clock, from the of Mr?. ohn A Ryerson, <11 ton place, Ber g'-n Hill, N. J-t witrie t uriher invititioo. Moniia llo, I'oughke -psieand Boston pat?ers please cor>y. Mam st> ? .-uu.,euiy (Struck by l>'btningj, on Monday, M?v 0, John N. MaN'.ki^. aged SS years. Tbu relatives and Iriends of the family and the mem bers of German Pilsrim l.odge No. 179, t ? and A. M., are res|>ect:u!ly invited to sitend the luneral, tr^m bis late residence, corner of Fourth avenue and I>ean street, Brooklyn this (Wednesday) afiernoon, at two o'clock. Mi lv kron ? At roughkeepsie. on M-nday. May 9. 3*kas K . wife of the f'.ev t.eorge McF/ kron snd daugh ter ol 8 B. st?ne. of Uiis city, aged 30 years Funeral* will be held at the hirst Reformed Pitch church. 1'oughkeepsle. this (Wednesday) alter rooo. at three o'clock, tr rleuds will leave New York by tbe ten A. M. train. MUR1..S ? t?i M"tnUy night. May 9. st hair past nine o'clock, after a short illness. McBrios, step daughter or James M Masiers, aged 20 years, 2 m mths aud 2>'t days. The frieuds and relatives of tbe family are reipeotfully ins ioU io mi lend the funeral, tr in tne resldeuce of her parents, Vo. 452 West Iw-rtyllth street on Ihursdsv aitsrnoon, at hal osst one o without further noine. Her remains *111 be lake u to ureenwood Ceme tery f r interment. Ayrshire iSc tiard> papers pleass copy. M 1 isa l?V. ? 1? Br>okiyn, of consumption, Bsrnaso Me o! Charles snd Miiry McCleary, of tbe parish ' racle. count? Perry, Ireland, a^od JS years. Hie iriends and sci|ualntances sre resj>ectfully invited to attend the funeral, from his late rnmdence. No. 1#1 Water strict, at half pa?t two o clock, ibis (Wednesday) afternoon. Ca'lfornls snd Colersln p'es*e copv. McOovrnx. ? On Tuesday , May 10. ot consumptloa, Ptti ut MJioviR*. In the 27tn rear ol his age. Ibe relatives and friends are r?*iweti?lly invited to at tend the funeral, this (Wednealay) aliernioo. at two o'clock, from the residence of his brother, John McOov ern. No. 10 Watts street. Season - Hoddenly , on Monday. May W, Hknrv %'*??*. a native or Mtlliown. county Antrim, Ireland, in tbe 4"th year oT his age The friends and reUttves are reap<<-tfu]|v invited to at tend the funeral, rrom Ui* late re*ni?uoe. No. 2S3 fctnllb street, South Brooklyn, st two o c ock IrHh p?|iers please copy. Ki'pdsn.? *?n Monday, May 9, after a long snd tsdlous lllni-ss, Maroarkt RrniiKS. aged 44 years. The luneral will taae place from ber late resldeooe, near Ca'vary < emetery . 1 ong Island, ?t two o'clock. Rta*.? ?? Tiieaday, May 10, Jaam FSAirnit Rtas, Coutujest eon ot Thomas Kran of Kilkenny, Ireland, aod lary Mimoa. of ' anita lan, eotaity i<eiirim, Ireland, afed 6 years, 1 month and 10 days Ibe irlends aud relatives of his patents ar? invited to attend tbe rnneral from their residence. Ho. HI West Twenty fourth street, this (Wedneeday) afternoon, at two o'clock Ksaav ? Suddenly. on Monday. May#, Rbii-st. tbe beloved sea of I'blllp and Bridget itetley, native or tbe parish of I*rab, oounty ' avao, Ireland, aged .f* years. The rnends and relatlvse, and the members of the 8t Vincent of Paul Conference of Pt. Gabriel's eburcb.are requested te stteed tbe funeral, this (Wedneeday) alter i noon, at two o 'ol nek , from his late residence, 1M West Thirty first street Mase will bs offered for the repoee of J bis soul, at etgbi o'clock in tbe morning, at Bt. Gabriel's eh u rob 1 s*rra ? At (?l?no, III., os Friday, May H. Awsie Ki-wa ' 9irrn, wife of Arthur M -smith, and youngest daughter ; Of William I. Sweet, of this city, formerly of Boston. ' Tbe relatives end friends of the family are reepeotfully lav i ted to attend Uie funeral, whio* will take pleoe en Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock, from tbe reeldenoo of ber father, Washington avenoe, tAfeyette, N. Y. Boo too papers please copy _ WimAMW' ? o# Vi?4 M- Wi Jof R yaaugest ana of Jane Williamson, agatf IS yM?, 8 mootba and .*9 d.iye. 'Ihu i rn'iniK an J relative- of tbe family are respectfully invited In uuu>d Mi.' luncrul, truiu Mr RkotMar raaliieOM 73 Charlton iuivl, tn Hie rear, tins (Ned' e-ilay | after n .on, at <hree <> 'cjK.ii. Wimer. ? At Newburg. N T., 03 Iiiday, May 6. Jam,* A. Warhko.-, win ? ? in* lau' Caia.iu K.bait War drop, a^ud yeais, 0 mouths auU 3 aaya. ' SHIPP I N ca" NEWS. tUi.iiC roi nam TORS -rrnii DAT m n 4 4'.' | anon ear* eve 11 32 run t.tTa 7 ii5 I kick witiu morn ? ? Port or Jfrw York, May 10, 180ft. CLtiARED. Ship E 0 Scranton, Wil.lains. Liverpool? Lawrence, Giles | * Co. 1 ark Anna (Br), Rrduian. Shanghai? J C .Tewe^t A Co Biri Glacier (Br), Fisher, Valparaiso and Callao? Fabbrl A <:Uuuiiom\. Bark V i< turla (Brem), Kartln. Liverpool via Shedlao. Bark Palermo, MeOarty, Cctte? Moore A Henry. Mirk Sciiamtl. Crosby. i:a?li- ? lla. tii r Jt De Vertu. Bark Sarah Flagg (l>r), Wood, lainploo? Miller A llough Ion. Bark New York. Hooper. Cow Bay ? J Borlaud A Co. ! Hark Wilhelm (llano), Halir, Shcdias? Kuger Broa ! Hark Gyrene (Br), K.?y. Buctoucbe, Nli -H J A C A De won. Brill John Butler (Br). Knowlea, Matatnoroa. Brig Snow Bird (Br), W inner, Havana? T A R Webater. Brig Sharon ( Brj. Smith Clenfuegos ? J F Whlinev A Co. Brig T H A Pitt (Br), McDonald, Hamilton, Bermuda? Ml Uti>-toii A Co. Brig W i.recuoiigb (Br), Campbell. Halifax? D R Dewolf. Schr Maria (Br) Crnwell. Hi Johns, PK? Brett. Son A Co. Sour l-.?)ii nor (lii). Alonry, Turks Islands? W A Albury. SclirRc KUieell. Hunan Chlucoteagurf? A C Havi ng Schr Mury A Adeline. Dewey, t'lilncotcatfue? A C tlavena. SchrK Pian, Bauer. Fonrca* Monroe? L Kenny. Schr Warren. Huniinond. Foitfeas Monroe ? L Kenny. Schr Fanny. Usvu. Ki >nre?a Monroe? L Kenny. Schr Moderator, Letta. Fortress Monroe? B ?' Wheeler A Co. Schr Willow, Small. Machine ? J Frye A Co. Srhr J D Or n, Would. Gloucester? J A Sietaon. Schr Hero Keuny. in? K W Hopes tCo. Schr 1m la Prance*. Rich. Wclltleet? Crowell A Paine. Sclir M It Carlisle Sheldon, Bristol ? L Kennv Slonn Vleiorine, Chiiker Hartford ? T C Lyman Steamer Octorura. McLsuziilin. Baltimore. AKltlVKD SteaashlD Admiral Dtiponi (U S transport). Carpenter, Hil ton ll' Hil * lit t'ortrefu Monroe. to U S Quartermaster. 7th l u>l lui ;)4 20. Ion 7o H, was boarileu truui U S aleauier 2ve ri'iie Com Hi well, er il.~ini!. SicniiiKhir Potomac Klemmxt. Portlaad, with mdaeann pas^eauers, lo 11 B C'rosiwell Jt Co. j.aiK AiexaOaer 11 t'tai;, Cueuto, Palermo, 74d;iva. with trim I o order. Hark Kin u Morrison (of New Haven), McCarty, Ponce. 1ft da.?. w ith mola-Bi'K Ui I) 'I'rowlirldce. Hark ^ivinliow i llr), Xelvay, Havana, 14 day-H. with augar. to Brett, Sou ,)( C i. H.irk Luiglno 1 lal ). LaVanav, Sa^u^, 11 da>H, with augar to P I. I'e tree A t o HrifT Ueo WuabiiiRVon ( Hal). Coopola, Leghorn. 7 ! da>K. with inarDle. to Kabi Icoiti Br. ? )>riit Nuova Kosiilla iltall, t'eorrao Palermo, 74 days, with frill; and 10 rnasengers to K Bei tb<md A- ('o. Bri . Clio (o; HallfxX). Stanley, Batliurst. WCA, April 1^, Willi hidea, to Brett. Son A Co. P.rij Ideal (Br), Bi 'iiigie, ttio Janeiro, 62 daya. with coffee, to Ueo F l'ulley. Brit; Ar^o ( Ham). Siorm. Rln.lanelro, 7ft day*, via Ber inndaT day a, witn coilee, to J L Phlppo A Co Brl?' M . i y (Br), V.iirtlu, Rio Uraude, March 9. with wool, lo milliter. liru Jo^ephlna (Port), Law'eace, Klo Grande, 53 da*s. In In liallaot lo Hai;emeyer A Co Hrig Onda (ot St Andrews. NB), Morgan, Para. April 1". with rutiber, cotion, Ac, to II K Corning. Son A Co 8th iu>i. off CMni-utraeue. paa eu a i?rui. ateamer, hound S. Bru Alniata (Br), Aoiiiua. Port au prince, lb days, with logwood, to WIIkiio <t tlanunsnii Brig Maple Valley (Br>. Wayeott, Havana, 14 days, with au^ar, to Miller ,t lloiiuhton. Brii: Allandale (Hri. MeBurnie, Cienfaegos, 18 days, with mo. liases, lo A Suuthers A Co. Brig Killing Sun, Smith, J..nesport Ill le^omia (Hull, llelkamp, Rio Grande, 80 days with tilde* t" Youngs A Co. April 26, lat ?'! W2.V !C? 5 :ii. apoke bark Wiiterloo, ot Sunder and. from l'orto Cabello for Falmouth. K. Schr Fanny Gi?e>j , nr"), Cnar!ton. Cornwallla. N8, 10 daya, with po"?Urt*a. to D R Dewolf. tlth mat. "ff Hart la laud during a mi all. wan run iuto by steamer Comino lore, ca "/in? away nbboom and al attached, bad sails lilown *. ? ay and sustained other damage by tbe vlol.mce of the ainall. Sebr Alice T (Br), Thompson. St John, NB, with lumber, to rnaater. 9th Inst, off Saud.s Point, durinii a h-avy miuail, was atriiet by lightning wnlch ahivered botn tOfimasta. had sa ls, aplit, Ac. Sehr .Tulla Davla, St John, NB. 8 days. 7th inat, apoke U S b irk tiem of the Sea, tor Boston SrbrJ W S. immell (Br). , St John. NB. Nehr.lolin Snow (Br). Cole. Shulee Schr K stie<|den. White, Newbern. 4 day*. D Davidson, Ketrhum. Virginia. Schr Liu! ? Myra, Ster'lnt, Virginia. Mir P D Pitta Coraon, Vlrctn'a Schr Fair Wind GoodweJI. Baltimore far Providence. Bclir Quiekitep. Miller, Maryland Schr tJeriruue, Hughes. KlUabethport for New Haven. Si hrAbaco rendlelon. B insoe 1j daya, Schr S T King. Clendeunin^, Ca ala. 8< hr Cberit i. Bailey Gardiner. Srhr Mury Shield*, B ake, Gardiner. Scor Slak", lOKalla, Mnehias, Sebr.Fiihn Adams Hatch Rackl ind. Schr Uertreile llort' n, Jamleson, Rockland. Si:lir Cora, Belly, Ulo icester. Mchr Jaue, lll^glns, Porumouth. Schr Cabot, 1'blnnev, Bostou. Si hr T H Thompson. Kelly, Baiton for Philadelphia. Srhr tJtii'.e, l^wls, Boston. Schr A 1'aiicom A tl Wbeaton. Christy, Wareham Schr J Good?|>eed, Dart. Knaex. S. nr Roanoke, Biaolea, Taunton. Schr M C Durkee, Sabins, Fall Klver. Schr Ij?dv Lake. KUison, Prt>vidence. Schr Minnesota. Smith, Providence for Philadelphia. Sc'ir Wm Pcnn. Pblllinv Newport. Schr h B Kir, Ktokea. Hartford. 8chr Wide World, Hooker. New London. Steamer I'.anger. Baker. Kortre-a Monroe. Steamer Fannv Caitwallailer. Pleraon. Baltlmera Steamer Artlaan, Kirk. Baltimor Sieainer Sea Gull. Kenney. 1'rorulenre. BELOW. Bark Sin ton (Br). Cresawell, from Foochow Jan 23, naaa od Anjler Keti (t, Bark Uuango, from Matanzaa for Boston. Bark Kuropa. Oue oark aud one brig, unknown. 8A1LKD. 9th? Steamers Continental. Geo C Collins, Edwardo Fes s?r; slupa Miranda. Ar tic: barks Ocean Home, Clementina, N Bovnton; brji Merlin: schra John Northrup. Racer, Win Smith. W in H Rutan. II Cole, L Clara. Wm A Crocker. John Walker, A L Brown, Ida A Jayne, F Merwin. Hind at sunset 8. very light. Kllircllanroiia. Snip Tarui'i*. Hovt, which arrived at Gibraltar April 16 from Sumatra, reoorts April 6 at .VS <1 X. Ion l? HI VV, >?* a (tup on lire and tiurnt nearly to the water's edge: judged ber to be American bmK, 01 sbout lOO tuna A berm brig was hove to about 5 mile* from Ucr, and U was soppaaed had taken off the burning veaaet'a crcw. Hmr PirrKM ll. Leach, hence at Gibraltar. on ber paaaage out, March 3(3, ioat overboard Wm Arrowainitb, ae?man Bark Da?k Dcrixx (Br), Harvey, from Liverpool for Baltimore, la ashore near Cap* Henri. Aaaiatanie i.aa beau ami t rom Baltimore. Him Zk mb (Kr). irom Bonleaui, at Baltimore 10th loat had both topmnata carried away In a agnail on the 3d Lai'NCRKU ? At Kranktort Mllla, lie. 4th Inat, from the yard of W A K Treat, bark Warren, about 7UU tuns. bunt by Master Wm H Brown, owned by Webater Ireat. by Albert Treat, and by Capl Henry Averlll. who muimanda her. a: East Ma ll ai, Slli Inst from the yard of P H J Talbot k Co a bug oi ?4 tona built by Maaier Jatae? Small, and In i*nd>d Co the Cuba trade, under the command of CaptJe roma Talbot. At Myatlc Cth inat, from the yard of Max on. Flah A Co. a acre* steamer of about I KM tona, not yet named, built lor C a| t John i'. WtUiania and otbara. Whalemen. Baric Black Eagle. White, aid from New Bedforu rtn mat for >n a Bay. Bar a Martha 2d. Daly, NB, arr at Honolulu March 16, wuh J ?l ap thi? eriuae. Bark Catharine. Phllllpa, ML. arr at Honolulu March I!), from Coast o. Calilornta. with JIM wh Ship ( a. itornla. Cleave, and. NB arr at Lahaina March: 16, fro 1 1 the Coast, with I'JO wh between seasons. Whip Vineyard. Caswell. KiUartown. arr at Lahalna March 17, I mm a cruiae. with 40 ap the seaaon Bark t'amll.a Thema*. NB. .rrat Lahalna March 17. from Man ueaaa. with I.TU wh laat cruiae. Ship C llowiand. Iloman, NB. waa at Kawaihan prev to Mai h 2i>. with 12U *p. Ship Hunter, To' ay. NB. 6 months out. waaal 8t Helena Mar> h -H. ? tth 173 S|> 8 wh and SSH) lbs bone. Hpaken, Ar, Rhlp Ar/iUa (Br), from Liverpool for Philadelphia. May 9 <Vr Barnegat Bara Monevnlck. from Boston for Wa.hiugtn. May ft, lat 8H 21. Ion 71 if> BrlgUoanio (Br. Of Hydney), from lor Boston, May 8. otT Cape Mav. Foreign Porta. Accks March It? In |airt hark Coaiara II, Morant, bound down thee .a*t HanitK t. MCA, April IS? In port arhr Hauover, Low, NYork 3 day* Haiiia A prll 2? In port bark Jenny (Brem). Bpllle from Baltimore, wv. K'.mi-a Wt;A. March 15? In port bark D Oodfrey (late John Pflnce. dereafad) fo*leewa'd. Fatai.? Thn uate in yesterday's paper should have read March i not Aprl 31 ilmuatri. April It?In port ahlp PepperoU, Leach, from NYork fur Ma a^illea. disg part cargo ba k Argean. Llndaoy, Irom Mussina for N Vora, cr ilalnn in the Straits . a?'hr Bie. tro i B-). I'nnrtle. from Messina far NYork wtndbonnd Sd 17th. ship Tarij'im, Hoyt, Marseilles. Wind Weat 17th. 1Mb an-i P th P?it?. Ap'tl 1'.'? In port brig Bertha Relnstoff (Bran), for NVork ao on , sohr Kn ha uress (Bri. for do do. Posck. April Z 4? 1 n port brig B>iii and. Francis, for NYork 4 'lay* Pi. at a? I'atHi K. April 2.1? In perl bark Klleo August*, for Mlitaoane s days; brig Baaver, from NYork arr 20th. It in i> N A.i lit March II? In |>ort brigs L<tu*. Johnson for NVnrk l.aik, R ili<M-k. for Barbados, Mary McBea. for Cork for or lem. 8i?kk? La?>Nk. March 21? In port bark Africa Upton, fm Bo-toa arr Mth; brig Ann Rll/ab-th Powara. from do, unc Mas AMihiAa. April 16- In port achra Rilly, M arte*, from Bslflmore. dlsg. Pocahontas, Bhanka, Irom Cora Island? both 'or leeward A mrrlran Porta. BOSTON. Mar 7. PM-Arr bark Yo ing Turk Harding, Meaaina; hri*. L M Johnson (Br), Bills, Mataniaa. Oeorte Marrta Btowere Vatati/as; Tonag Republic Ltbhv.Oarde uas. Cld brigs C B Aden. (Jravea Bellas. Hon; Rt Agneo (Br). iTisble. and W A Black (Br), MaVes, Oonalvaa: aobra Mary A Rich. Hardy. PhlladelpktO: J ?' Brooka. Begme NYork 8th ? Arr -hit< Hportsmaa Thomionn pensscola bark Mo dena. Hurd Meaaina: achrC T Young Hume. Cardenas Mb? Arr steamship Haioa, Matthawa I'hiiadelph a. hark Cadloa ( Bri. O lover l.'lenfuagoa; brigs Llaa (fr), Mouaaar. Eocbaila; Helena (Dsn . Rtruva. Buenoa Ayras via Mantavl ijeo; sohrs Henry Perklna, Davla. B mlna WCA; Relndear. Irwla, Philadelphia M Hall, do: D L ftturgla. Mortis. M York. Bl bark Bootland. iloioas. New Orleans; brig P M 1 inker raard. Damarara. a< hra Wm Bntman, Bmart, Port Royal; O M Adams, Plsk. Wastimgton: Whlta Baa. Jonaa Alaiaa drla Rid steamers DaMolay. JafTeraon; bark Holland. Itnh? Art bark The Prince, Maun /as; brig Rnceo, Mar aalllaa. ssbr K J (Ion Below, bark Brnblem from Oeorga town. I>0; brig Julia K Arey, fro* Washington; aahr Mag ''baLIIMOKB. May 7a8? Arr brig 0 Bopklaa, Hamor. Aracibo. schr M Wrigh Ingt .n. Bauer. NYork. Cld bark iMottand, atnallay, Boatoa anhra Oaorgtana (Br), Navies. Nassau; Algoma. Hays*. I'ortamouth, MBt X tlaoor Rob bins; H (frant. Howard and White foam. MllUkan, Boaton. Md ahtps Caatida, Adolphtna; bark Marylaad- brig Praooaa Arr ahlp John Rldney Rnathard Cardiff: bark Ma nltoa (Bel. Plllsbarp, benca for Trinidad, havtubaan oa shore, bng Chowau (Bri. Ixwig Baals, a<hrs Rnglnaar, phtllipa, Turka Isianda. trt* ulairaaa. Patral. Clave!!, Nan Andreas. R A Rlliot. IMlroot, MYon. Old brig Poinsett, t'ouslua. Boatoa.achr Sir Calln Oampball ( Br), Larender, hnh^Arr brig '.?no (Kn, Montagus. Bordaaut; arhr W Qapea 'an Name. New York Below, bark Delaware (Br), ?taad. from Damarara. Cld brig Aurora (Br ). Barker, Car RATII. Mav 6-Arr aohrs William. Plataher. and Dunkirk, Bisbea. I'hiladflpfcla (aad totmr paaaed ?p). Bid 7lh. brig I P Bweit, Cbadimtirae. Naaaau _ _ BfcYKBLT. Ku t? Art achrs A B Omqob, Hal ay, Pauo* dalpbla , 6th,8ar*taaa. Adam* do. Bid 8th. achr A 8 Can noo Hairy, Philadelphia BRISTOL. Mar 7? 8ld brig Condora. Rddy. Matauua. blQHTOH Mar 7? Arr achrs R 9 t)?'an. Deau. and Taa NellsOu, Kurt. Philadelphia; S .llie W Ponder. Philips. Eli rabethport: Rtk, J Gotham. Smlih. do; 9th, Cbaa Lorerlng JwUSh (to K ASTPORT. M'rll W ? ("Id brig Irene. Look, NOrleana FALL HIVER, Vlay 7? Air achr Jarnna Cortisol Smith El./ebm oort SM KT'ira Silas Wriglit, Seaman, and N au t c. Williams, Klizabetbport 7th ? Arr ?'^ri J H Karl ett. Rookhlll, Georgetown IK!; Lal*yetle. Fov, Philadelphia fiT Seae iiiuei : 8th, Sarah Ell salieih haw ^ urk . Sid 7th. schr ? Trade Wind OoTHM, aa t Gle-iwood Bmles Philadelphia; M K Welle, Suow, NYork; Lady Adam* Ha twin, do 0LO(ICE8TfcK, May 5? Arr achrs William H Rowe, llaw<a, Philadelphia: nth, KII '? Jane, l'oane New York , Marie Giliatrl.-.k. Saco for Baltimore; J Tinker McDonald, Pllladatnlila; Empire stale, smith. Near York, i HOIiMkS' HOLE. May ft, PM? Arr brlL' NaCil Stevens, Barlier, Boston for I'lillude'.iihla; i-ebr* Montroae, liorter, Elt/alethport for Beverly; Clam, Corson . Win 0 Burtlett, Connelly; Rmlwin;. Wood; A'theii, Goifrer; Geor.e I'd ?Hrd. Weeks; M A Shropshire, McElwee, Kll'ji N?al. JJ carer: J Clark, Scull ; i; a Bearsa. - , and Knuht, William, Boston for Phllmtelphia; Jonathan Coup, Lewis, ?.? . r NYork; Co. nee j, Given, Cobb. Portland, for WaMhlntton. DC; Chai-lrs Moore. Ingersoll. and S B Duller, Kohi ri on, Lynn lor I'hlladelpia; F'? Cheeseman. Nan tiicket fordo; James Tllden. Davl , Calais for do; 8 T Kin*. Oleudenlu do for New York ; Harriet Kanisntfca Are*. Vi mi. ba> en fordo; Milton. Raymond. and VI 8 Barnes Soule, OlourntHiirlordo. 81dach*Beni Franklin. Julia K Gun H^e, John A dam a Marr Lomee, Adrian, Siak, 8 A Mount, J Paine, and Francis Edwan's < th ? Arr schr* July the Panrth, Shaw. Bostoi. for Port 21' i. .V. Jamaa Martin, Hardin", do for Wash ngton, D*' " A Stetson Robinson. and Wil1 urn 8 Loiul. ? do for Philadelphia. Ida L Howard MoDulIle. Portland fordo; Canerna. French, Hucksptii. f,.r < ie-'Ctzctoym. DC ; Charleston. Phi I brook, Franklort for Fort Delaware; Q llortoo, . Rockland for N York ; Cherub, llailev. Gardiner for do; Meli.rd Hopkins, Bangor fordo: Jenuv J.tnd, Col?, S!>olr?*, NR, fordo: Northern I.lnht, Ireland. Philadelphia for Boston; Black Diamon I. Youm; do for Danreraport; Ceneiul Tavlor, Jones. NVork for Boston; Flying Dracon. Oanleis. Boston for U ontetowni, DC: Mary Patterson, Qnrifra : BK Sharp. Yerrlll; Ad, Ireland: Jo seph Pi rler, Burroughs: Christopher Loeser. Laws; I, Stnr tevant. 1 1 i<rh : White tinuatl, ant Krpreaa, l-Illtott. do I r I'hl'adelphla; 1" Bo ice, Koice, do fordo; J 11 Scatnmell, (Br) Ht John. B, forNYork. .'til? A't hrit: I'roteua, Creech, Matnn/na for Portland; Krlira Voonl'iilit, Shnte, Ceorgeioivn. DC for Boetou; Michi gan. F.vmdei* Phllailelohla for do; J C Kiij|?r, Soenfor, Boaton for Philadelphia; O'vin Ware. Turner Bancor for do: Marv Shield* Wall. Gardiner for NVork. Shi schr* Northern Lutht. Black Diamond, Qen Taylor, America, Moonli lit and Michigan. PM ? Arr arnra Savon, Taple*, Choptank for Boaton; A Laurence, Stanley Qeor^rtown for do: .1 WilllauiNon. Jr. Winsmo e, Phllaoeluhia for do- Dainou, I'ltrher, New York fordo; Mare* ret Ann (Br), Wbelpley. do for St John. Nit; M'irjjaret, Stahl, Balllmore for Bath; Oov Bnrton, I'hllidel ph la for Boitton : C C Smith. Tttgieranll, do for Lv?n; Eliza beth, Turner, Klirnhetht>ort for Gardiner. Returned, achr* Northern Liijhl, Mooullcht. <?lh? Arr orlca Vinrentu*. Ho.l^ilon, Philadelphia for New buryport: Sea lllrd <Hrt. (lu-ire, ffrw York for St John N H ; H'- .r? K S"ainau. Seaman, and J B AiiHtlr,. Duvia. Philadel phia forUo-tm; f- A May. r,:ike', do for 8 >lem; ,Tul'< tte, I'm brook, New at!e for Krinkioit: Id*. Baker, Portland f'.r rinla lelrhia; Ellen Merr.uiau llatulUou, l'oi tluud for N York. ?.tin? Iii port *chr? OlralTe. retig; Union, ldg. All the above h*ve proceeded tor destination* IPSWICH. Mav (i? Arr schr llortensla, Splller. Elizabeth port. MYSTiC. May 7? Arr whr Surprise, Barker, N York. Sid wlir Itiichi I B ui, Moore, NYork. N ANTUCICKT? Arr (ith, ?i-iir Jesse B Al'en. Case, Phila delphia. Sid fttl schr Fly. Chee<ten?n Phl'adeij.hla. N K W RU RY PORT, Mav 'l? *rr*ohr* Amelia, Tobm. Mava cue/; L-ichlai. Haskell, Elizahi'thport; White 8e.a^ I^ee, New York. " NKW BEDFORD? Arr fitli. achr Henrietta, Wakelield, Kli7abethport 81 1 7th, dchrs Thom is II Smith. Brlgto, New York: 8 McDonald. York, and F l> Derk?r, Chase, do: La marline. Uurney (from Wareham), and D8 Ive*. Cohb (from Wureham). do; Amazr?n. Hawkins; James and Lacy, Ch*-w\ and Catharine Thomas. Preston, do. Rth? Arr achr C?rthaH"na, Kelly, I'hilauelphla. Old 9th, schr J Trum*n, Keeee. Fortune It>laiid. WT. NEWPORT May 7. H AM? Arr sc'ir* .fame* A Brown, Collins, Remedies- Jaber I, Snow, Mayhew, WeHtlcet tor NYork: Martha Maria, Norwood, .Terser Cily for L v n o ; Hiram B Bishop, Aina/een. NYorlc for Portsmouth. Nil; Israel L Snow. Acborn, do for llan^-ir; Ll/.zie, Olorer, do tor Daorer*. Sid B> bark Tho'nai Kliltrn, Morre'l. Provl d?nce for Phlladelnhla: hriu II ndson, Ort'Hn, .Macbiasfor do: schr* E M Smith. Child*; Mary Stewart. Hogan, and henry Ca*tolT, Alhro, NYork; Palo Alto, Ell/abeih David son. Oeo J Jones. 8?a lower, T^ehana i. Brier. Clinton. Nor man, John Snow. Mlnerrn. Rotanmi Burlev, Abaco, and Trimmer: sloops VY D Manaum, and Mount H"p?. Also sid ot'hrs Thos Potter, Rackett, and D O Floyd, Rack ett. Philadelphia. NEW HAVT- N. May 7 a K? Arr schr* Annie Bell, Bow doln. Ponce: Neptune. Rod?n, Trenton; Rclipae. Sammls, Port Rweo Cid brig* LAW Armstrong. Bonus. Mayague/.; I sola, and Caledont/i. NYork. 9th? Arrsclirs Sarah Jane. R??ers. ElDabethport: Read ing Railroad No 41, Adams: Myrtle. Eleport; sloops Frances Ann. Davis; T Ransom, R North. H Drew. PHILADELPHIA. Mav 7. PM-Arr bark Sea Bagle. Howes. PortSpniu: brig Aurale. Clark. N-'w Orleans: sahr O W Cart-enter. Rdmouda, Hm'on. Cld bark Sherwood, Bailey. NYork; brtg Protepe (Br). Remolds, Havana- nchr* Ilelle (Br), Wood. St John. NB; W W M a rev. Barrett; Julia & Martha, Bennett; Monterct, Cmkltn, and J P>ial*dell. flarcltou. Saiem; V Sharp, Sharp. J Burlev William"; M Steelniao. Steelman : J Maifidld, \Iav: J Collin*. Erickson. and C E Klmer. Howell, Boston : M<rr Anna, Olbbs, Coha? set: Sophia Ann, Smith, Roxbiirv; S T Chartre, Kmith. and A Magee Smith, Lynn; Cha* A Stetson. Stevens. Province town; J 8 Weldln, Wilkes. Danrersport: H Roath. We'dln. and Sowameet. Loper, Providence; R'iode Island, Curtis, Pawtucket; O P Taylor. Roaa, Norwich; S F arow;i, Fiaher, New llaven iHh? Arr brlcs Amllcars (Neap), Paltitro. Me r.!na: Monl ca. PhlMps. 8agua; Alice Lea. Herrmg. Wiinuugton, r.e Olendale, Cook, Boston ; J \V Woodrcif, Raton, do; * hrs New Zealand. Forham. Cslals: 8 8e --v. C.irro'l, New Lon don. Cld bark* Annie A Ll/r.ic t Ham). Jen*,., . HkMi; Kii llote. Panno. Boston: brig* Victor (Ham), flein. Pi-rnamb't oo. Flora (Br), Rear*. Trinidad: Ma McLeort, <"o<>k. New Orleans; J W Woodruff". Eaion, Konton ; *cbr* John Strong. Lake, and J Sattertl: walte, I^ne. do; Ulllow, Kmerv. Rock land; D 8 Merahon, Allen, Salem; (? L, Lorrll. Boaion; Yen dovi. Bray. New Bedford; C Newklrk. Weaver, and Qaorse Kale*. Nlekerson. Providence Ka.-lo-l J.ine Roath. M"r?ich. E A Anderson, Cranmer. New llaren s Seiaey, Carroll. Bridgefort; R M Demlll, Demill, Port Koval. 10th? Arr stearnshijia Normsn, Bak. r. 'Ronton ; Contlnen tal. Sumner, NVork. barks ? Sterrett, Gregory, and James 8 Hewitt, Lake. New Orb-ana PORTLAND. May H-Arr achra H Bager Webber; E F Lewis Wallace, and Tennens-e. Wo..*ler, Philadelphia; N T.<rboi. Vlnello. do for Pembroke; F Re-d, Friend. Ht John for Philadelphia: Tahmlroo, (Jrar. Banuor fordo Cld selira L F Smith. Cobb: A T rrell Hlggins, and J F Carver. Rum rin Wsahlagton; Ned Hutnpter Tnorndlke, and M II Be-d Nlekerson, Philadelphia: Florida, Kelly. NVork. 7th? Arr schr Jenny Lind, tll^rer. Kocklan 1 for N York Cld tiark Ionic. Hutcbinson. Cardenas; brig Ortolan. Oood Ing. do: s.:lir~ Queen of the West, Maahlngton via Dainarl* cotta; 8 L Stevens, Stndley Baltimore Lith? Arr steamship Chesapeake Wllletts. NYork. 10th? Cld brig Sarah ("rosby, i.'rosby. Havana. PORTSMOUTH Mat 6? Arr ehr* Trident. Snow. Balti more- Ladv SulTolk. Fri-I>ee Philadelphia; 8 Taylor LorJ, and El Dorado. Yo'ing. N ) ork PPOYIDBNCE. May 7? At. steamera S a dull, Kenner. NVork. Winchester. Baker, snd W urior. Mott, do: achrs Danl Wedster. Perrv. Philadelphia; Heroine. Chamidln. do; E?|.e lite. Beebe, do for Pawtnekett B'ehard/,s\v, S'ork, Newloir: N Y, for I'awlu -k.-t, and .1 oun Metier Bradlntr\, Haveritraw; aid. si hrs Robert J Mercer. Vomers. Phi.ajet ph a; Antelope .lonoa >Vork:* MIH<: Marv A Mer. fill; Pa?hlon Dana: J W Lindsey. 1, -?la and J I' Wa lace, Allen, do: Ida Knaup Have- straw; Christopher Co ttmbua, Be -on. do; Lady Lake. Titlotana Blisatothport: sloo-.s Wm 8 Mount. Davis; W arreu. Cummins, and Suffolk, F. stet NYork: aiao sld. schrs Minnesota. Smith. Philadelphia; Lady of the Ocean, Cha nberiaiu. do; Z birattoo, Terrell. NYork; Serene Skinner do _ May 8? AIT, steamer Kln^tlsbnr, Nve, NYorkt nchss Starr Kins. Wiley, Craney Island. Va; Adelaide, Crowall. I'hlla delpbla and t'harle* Cooi?r, Totirfe it n -lout 'or Pa-.\ tnc ket; aid. a hrs Ullber. (ireene. tt eav er. Philadelphia ? KU Townsend L?>*|s. and Copy, Wheeler. NVork. Wl?? Ait schr R H F?-lier, Ravhert. Rsg llarbor. Sid brig nenry I^eeds. Si, nth. Philadelphia; slo->p W H Sowen. Bro therton. NYork. PAWTUCKET, May 9? Arr achrs Expedite, Bee be, Phlla deiphia: C Cooper, Tourgee, R ?ndont. ROCK LAN D. May ?? Arr achr Bengal, Gott, New York for Buck-port. Sid 4lli, scbra A Powers. Bu> ock. snd Ssrab A Mary. Hall, NYork. ith. Ml Hope, Spa dlnp; Jenny Liud, Graves; Marietta. Gray, and Empress, Emeiy. do SALRM. May <? Arr brig C Rogers. Yeaton. Elirabethport; schrs Delaware, Wilson; Bay Bute. Messerrr, Rollins, l'resoott; Franklin, Allen; Pesce, Keni. and N H Hall. Wall. do. Old achr Galena. Illg^s, Cayenne. Sid actir K 8 Miller, Doughty, Philadelphia. 7th? Art *<'hr* E J Laughton, lllgglns, and Sarah Louisa. Freeman, Tsnjler; Wart, Merntt. Elirab?:hpori ; B Bng llah, Baker NTork; 8th, Fred Ree,l. Friend. St John, NB, for I'hi a lelphla. SOMftRSET. May S^Arr schr Argus, Crowley, Elizabeth port. MTt ATIOX9 WANTED? r KM A LRU. A SITUATION WtNTKD? ItY a RESPECTABLE young girl, aa chambermaid; no objection to the coun try C*ll -or two dar? at art Writ 2Uth at. A SITUATION WANTED- BY a VERY TRUST worthy person, who la capable of taking the entire management ot an Intant or e'der < hlldren , is a neat pin In la kind and attentive to children; bfit t?o ;mr<' reicrenne from laat place. Call at4D6th av., between '.'St'i and Jutb ata. AS BXPREIBRCRD UK AMS1 KK8H.-A SITUATION I wanted, in a prteate l?nnl?, in liy or country. bv a I respectable woman. ?ho underhiauda all kinda ot family I ?ewintj. miaaea' an l ho*a' ctotblnf, Cutting arid fitting em I broidery, Ac., or would engage aa honwkceiwr In a private . family or hotel. Cuy reftrrnce*. ('all at 41.1 (Sib av. AinrlOfAlU OOOO I1IKL WISHES A SITU atlon a? good | la ii ook. ? a-hnr and Ironer, h?? u * I beat of city reference. Call at 1,1ft Weal .HKh t. Arespki tabi.k toi mo woman wishes asiti i atlon a* ? U?'"i?'rioal<r?n<l waltreaa nn I to .to wwing, I the be?l ot city reieiciioe A pply lor two d?>a at ik.i at ATOONO OIKL WISHES A SITUATION AS rl %M SI?m In a private I'amii); can do ail a.iria of . 4iai r I aewlng and op-rate on Wheeler ,t Wl'aoa ? - nt (Ba | chine. Call on or addreaa K. (J., corner JHtb at ami Mar AVKKY NESI'&l'TABI.E YOUNOWOMAN WI'FttS i a situation aa chambermaid ?nd wait eaa. i<aa .ml city refereu<c. Oan be aeen at IS6 Weel Uth H. in i ie ieer AKIKST CUSS OKRMAN PROTESTANT t:o<<K w lahea a altuatlnn tn a private lannlt . under atauita oooking In all Ita branrhea. ran i rodw the" treat o eftv re ference Can be aeen el 1M Weal j|d at., between tttb anl 7(h ava " A MIDDLE AdBO WOMAN VISIIK* A KITITA I ION M nur-e;e?n lake charge of a Iraby Irom Ita birth or grown children , la a neat -ewer and can waab for a baby If required. Haa good referencee. Call at iS? Bowery, mil llnery atnre A SITUATION wantbd-bya yocno woman. *o 00'rk waali and Ireo . no objection to the country. Call tl 126 Weat Mia at. ATOtniO MAN PBS1RB8 TO BR KNPLOTBD AT A photographic eetabllahmant , be baa been for aome time working tn the printing pari# Addreaa Photograph, boi llu Herald olSee. A RUBBER (rl- WILL RECOMMENDED HERMAN lemalee want alt nation a aa oooka. ohambermaida and la indteaaee nr.faee. girl a for Mnertl houaewnrk, Ac , at Mr- LOWR S Oerman InatliuOa, 17 Suatoa at.. Bear the Bowery. __ A situation wantbd-bt a RESPECTABLE TO'tng wo nam. *t wHtreee or ohamhermA W and wmii reea; city reference oan be men; would prefer going to Brooklyn Call al W M et. fctw*e? tei aad M aeo end awry, from room. Re. II om the doer. TOURO OIBI*. LATRLT LANDED, WISHES A eituauen in ? good familj ee ehlld a nurea or to d* a ltfle heaaewor*. la g^o<inamrad aad obliging. _ Apply at the corner ot M wr. en i Wth ?? . eeoond floor, front reom. for two df. A BITOATIOR WANTED? BT, A TODNO WOMAN, AB ebamhermald and weltreae; keel aily reference. Apply at ?0 Daenon at., eeoond flow. a WIDOW LADT AND DAUOFTTBB OT TBB A blib eat reapecuhllltjr deal re to take nkarpt nt A hoaae for a family lea?t?t the elw. fjr ihe etimoaer. Addreaa for two itaye M.. bai Ul Herald omoe. ARRHPROTABLK TOURO PROTBRTANT OIBI. PR etree a altuatloa to do plain aewlpg and Itffht ehMnber SITUATIONS W&HTBO-FENALRH. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHbV TO GO OUT "bY~Th5 dav to <P> plain sewing in a private family. nn objection to go a short dim* ute in the o unary Call at ?3 Wycsolf *u A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANT* A SITU aUon aa cook, washer and ironer, in a reap?, table I*, uitlj Apply at Ul W'e?i 2uth at , beiwccn 7ib and bih ?v?. A EES PEi TABLE, WliU HDGOaTKD YOU No Wo. li an. wbo Is a good earn in ># wi lien to obtain a situation to traoli ouu or two children an J aaw iqr them; or would engage us lady's maid: Iikh no olne lion t>tha country for tue summer uioutb ; cau lie Wall re cmuiueudnd. Call for two day* at 48 West 2*1 b ?(., corner of ?>t ti av. A SITUATION WANTKU-BY A YOl'NO WOMAN AH chambermaid and seamstress; good city reference lor ye are. ai i*> at M>: .v? u ..u at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNU WOMAN TO do k< ueral housework; good city reference. Apply al 2nl 2Uu St., between 8th and 9th avs. APROTKSTANT l.lKli WANT8 A SITUATION AS cook, and to in tbe washing and ironing. Call al 8KJ West 1th at. A respectable girl wants a SITUATION as cook, washer and lioner; is an ejoellent laundress; no objection to yo a short distance li< tbe country; cltv refe rences. Call al the brow n stone house, corner of Auilty and Hicks tils., bouih Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTKD? AH COOK; IB A UOOD wa.-hor and ironer; has no objection to the country. Can be seen for two days, at 237 Madison sU, roar bull ing. AYOUNO GIRL, W1TII (JOOD CITY REFBBRRCW. wants a situation as chambermaid and Main tress, or take eurool growing up children. Call for two days at 17 East 11 St. A FIRST CLASS LAUNDRESS WANTS A SITUATION; would do cbamberwork and <!ui> washing; une,cep tlomble city reference given. Apply at 12I>? West 27 tb at. A SITUATION WANTBD-KY A COMPETENT YOUNG woman, as neamst ess; understands citUug nod titling Indies and child reu'a dresses; Is a coui|?tent operator om Wheeler & Wilson 'e -uwin ?; machine; city reference. Call at 342 2il ave., between 21st and 22d sts A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RHSPKCTABLB young girl, as nurse and plain seamstress; ba three yearn' and half i'ity reference. Can be M*eu for two day - at 222 1st av., between 13lb aud 14th sts. * 8 COOK.? SITUATION WANTED, I5Y A FIRST CLASS /\ French cook, wbo can apeak but very liulu English; she wlsb<-e n Hltuatlnu where she would bsvu M utu-ud io iht cooking onlv ; the best city reference given. Apply to Mr. Bourdon, 3(b West U'tb St.. neat lOib av. A GIRIi WHO CAN DO CHAMKEWORK THOROUGH Iv aud a.eo tu>aiat iniwasbing and ironing, cau be seen at 212 Wist -Gilt St.. to-dav. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AB children's nurse and t<> do lljht chiimherwnrk . three years cii> reti reneas. Cull at 114 West llllh sL, in llic rear, between Cth aud 7tb avs. ? N EXPRRIKNCKD COOK WISHES A BIT U ATI OK /* In a private family. Good cltv rcfeicace. Call at 137 Weal let ii st., betweeu 7tb aud Ptb avs. ASITUAIION WaNIHI-AS CM AM BERM AI l> AND to aHsii.i with the washing and Iron inn. or as chamber maid aud Tbe boti ol islerence Can be seen (or two duya at M West th st. A WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS GOOD FLAIS cook, waaiier aud irouer; understands baking ?nd milk nnd l>otter. Prefers the country. Call for two days at 41 blli St., between <si and 2d uvs. A SITUATION WANTKD? BY A YOUNG GIRL TO f\ lake care of chi dren aud assist In cbamberwork Cm be seen at 81' Greenwich av. \ RKSPP.CTABLK GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO -,'V do uencral housework Good reference. Call at (MM 3d av., between S^th and SQth its. ARKSPRCTABLB OERttAN PROTESTANT GIRL wishe? a situation hi a respectable family to do gen eral luiuscwark. Best ol references given. Inquire to-day at 18 3d av. * SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS J\ pia'n cook. ? a-hur and uoner. or to do general hoHsa work In n small family. H.-st cltv references. Call at 16 Mt netta .ail'. A COMPETENT fllRL WI8HE8 A SITUATION TO cook wash and Iron. In a small private faintly. She esn l>e seen at the residence of bar present employer. 11# East SOtb st., between Lei melon and 4th avs., Wednesday and Thursday of this week, after lt> o'clock A. M A SCOTCH WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION IN THE cii in r} , has one child ; wages not ao mm b an object aa a comfortable home. Inquira at 16 Hamilton st, second door, back room. A FAITHFUL. CAPABLE AND TRUSTWORTHY WO man wishes a a tuation as seamstress and to take ear* of children. Call at 62 Weat 18th at., west aide 6th av. ARE8PBCTABLB PROTfcSTANT YOUNG WOMAN wishes a situation a- chambermaid aud waltreas and da plain sewing; lia? the best city reference, no objections to the countrv. Ca I at 187 Court su. opposite West Baltic at. Brooklyn, for two daas. A SITUATION WANTED? AS FIRST CLASS COOK, by a Woman of experience. In a lirst clans family, hotel or boar nig bouse; understands cooking in all its br?neh?a| the best citv reference given. Apply for two days at 37 lAh (t , between Mb and 6th ava . lirst floor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED BY A YOUNO GIRL TO A mind a habv and assist with the waiting; has the boM city reference from her last place. Can be -eea lor two d^ys al 109 West 25th st., near 7th ar. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A 8ITUA tlon as chaml erinaid so I line washer; willing to go ta (he country - good referende. t'all at 101 Houston st , seooaa Bow, btok rr~m. No. 10 ARESI'KCTABLE UIKL W1BHBS A SITUATION AS c<ismb?rmald and waitress IB the country, bas nlaa rears reference. Csu be seen lor two days at 141 Waal 2Vlh si., between 7th and 8th ava. A RESPECTABLE GIRL. LATBLY LANDKD. wishe? a Mtnation to do housework lor a small lamlly In the elly ; Is a cood liand at sliiit making and all Plata -ewinc; Is espable of attending to children s le?sons in read ncand writ ng Call for two days at 110 Weal 18tb st.. bo (ween 6ib am 7th avs. A SITUATION WANTED? TO CWJK. WASH AND lion; has lived lour vears nnd a hsll in ber last situa tion. < an lie seen till suited al 87 West 2tlh St. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A KRSPPCTA MLB voting woman, as nook, washer and ironer under | stands all kinds of family baking; city reference; noo eo lion to go in the ooumry. Call at 116 7th ave , beiwecu IStk i and Win ? t. A SITUATION WANTKD? BY A RKSPKCTABLS yoong womsn. as cook, washer and uoner. u;ider s snds sil kinds of family bsking: the best of eitr relereaoa given where siie has lived the last fourteen years. Cali at 1 i'i 7th ave. ARESrRCTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATIOS as first i ste cook ; good city reference; willi.g to assist with the wushlng. Call at k3 West 19th st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMANl , \ Is au evi>erieneed cook ; t?e*t of city refereoca. Can M seen tor two days at 208 Ea t lTtli at. m A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL WANTS A S1TUA tion aa chambermaid and waitress In a small privala fainilv or to take oaie of children and do p ain sewing. CaU for one day only at 33 l'ark ar., near East3oib st. AKESI'ECTAKLE YOUNO WOMAN WISIIKS A 8IT uation as chaniliermald and waltreas; bas good oily rcf. erence from her last place. Call at 201 Weat I(lth st, Aral lloor, back rooui. A SITUATION W ANTP.D? BY A NEAT, TIDT OIRI^ as chambermaid and waltreas In a private family; boat <!lty teferenoe. Call for two days at 90 comer west 14th at. and 10th av.. A SITUATION W ANTED? BY A YOPNfl WOMAN. AS chambermaid and waltreae; goo* city reference. Ap ply at 1J6 Went old at , near 7 th av. ASITl'ATION AS SKAMNTRKR8 t> A NTKD? I1T A youog h on. to, it a tfooU dreat and n u I ? t maker, aad understand* all kind* of family aewlnt;. Tan be aeeu foe two .lay* at lier preaent em player a, W Madlaon ar. * PROTF.8TA.NT WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS J\ nurae for crowing chiflieu, oe oMectloa to the eoua trv. Apply between III and U o'rl<X K at her lail employer'* 2 > r.ui .'tin at . near Madienn av. ASITl'ATION WaNTUD-BT A K Sfil'KCT ABLR ro'inu womaa. aa waltreae or rham' ermaM ; l? rap* lil? of iillinu fit it place, g'-od reference. Call at 21 Waal 10th at., aonier of 7ib ar , nrautoor. A SITUATION WANTED? BT A RRSl'RCTARLR young paraoa, a* aeaniatreae would aa?l*t with rhll rtr>-n, wounl like to travel^with a ladr tor the eummrr: haa good city retcrence. Call at K5 Eaat 15rt, at., a law d<>ora r' tn M av. A SITUATION WANTKD-BT A REfPHCTA HLR young w> i?.n, a? rhamn. rmnld and waitf-ee; haa aa objection tn a?ai?i id w.iaaliig; haa good reference Irani laat plan* < all al 2SJ Kaat Vth at., ae> olid floor, hack room. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RES PKOTABLK OKU t" do ?hamberwork untl waitinc or genera; hour ' ark, ara?ll pr ,?(e familV; Ihe beet Of cltv reformer girea from her la?i CaHai No tSWeetti-l at.. betwaea Broadway and ith av., flrat floor. A RESPECTABLE PROTfcsTANT OIRL WISHES A aituatlmi aa <*baiiihermaid; would aaalat In the#aalilaf. In pure unul engaged at No. 323 Jd ar., earner of Dili ek, eecmd floor. A SCOTCH WOMAN WaNTM a HITl ATION AS n ira* and aeamatreee. or t-? wall on an elderly ladyt htagood refereuce Hall al lit Weet :t34 at. *' ? '??twaen Mb and SthVj W- u*11 ?? J? ?u2 ? ween Ath .n,| *PP>r at JM LVm.?? AS FIRST CLASS COOK. BT AN K M'hRIKM'RD woman: beat of city referenda. Apply for two Jaya al 8l>5 I Eaat Hat at, between l?i and 2d a?? A COOK WISHES A SITI'ATION IPI A HM ALL PRI rata family; haa aieallaat eli? reference Call at IM 7lh are., for two daya, A SITUATION tVANTRD-BT A VOVRO WOMA* to take oara of ohlidren, or weuld do ohamberwurk ar aewtng; baa no objeetloa ta ga with a lady for the * i?a mer maotbe: haa the beat of city reference fro n her laat p'a.*. Call for two daya at 185 Waal Kin a; , bnwe.a *ia aad nth arna. PROTESTANT OIRL WARTS A sfnTATIOiFli chambermaid, nurae and aaamatreaa. Can be *ean at her preaent amployer'e, lOi Eaat 88th at., between 3d a?4 Laiiogton arenuea, from tan to fonr P M. A SITUATION WANTRD-BT A TOUNtf OIRL lately landed from Ireland, to do bouaework. (M 10 waat Mth at A ^"laHo^i* Uie ?iumi7DaaToualkM AN n,"r^KS A iu a?* do ,b' h? --''^"^r.teybMrn.h^? A A 1""BH (llnL At

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