Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 13, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 13, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW Y A rHOLE NO. Yo, 10L NEW YORK, FRIDAY, ORK HERALD. MAY 13, 1864? WITTI SUPPLEMENT. PRICE TIIUEE CENTS. i R AN T! al Despatcli of Secretary tanton to General Dix. lant Exploit of General Hancock's Corps. Ire R;bel Division, With Its Major Brigadier Generals, Captured. Batteries of Artillery Also Taken. Warren Neither Killed Nor Wounded. ~y Skirmishing: Wednes day and Thursday. hide's Colored Troops ^ht with Desperation. ed F'.ig ef Trace as! ral Grant's Reply. did Suecess of Sheri an's Cavalry Corps. Railroad Communication [jth Richmond Gut 0 ff urn sf Fire Hundred of Oar Men la Lee's Hear. ported to Have Cut Lee's Con lections with Lycchburg, &?., Ac* |y SfaBtau tm Major General Dlx. Wasuikoton, May 12?8:15 P. If. I General I)ix: ? patches from the Army of the Poto | be??n received since half-past eleven st night. F! 01 man bet not been beard frotu. ibably to 4he damage to the lines tasbville by the recent storm. itch from General Sheridan, dated rtersof the Cavalry Corps. May 10," I; be turned the enemy's right, and got rear, hud destroyed from eight to ten lilroad, txoo locomotive ? and three ? very large quantity of supplies ; |inee be bad got into the rear there excitement among the inhabitants le army. The enemy's cavalry had inoy his rear and flank, but had oflT4 and he had recaptured five our men, two of them colonels, itches have been received for two | General Butler. Sies received from General Steele xnmand aa having arrived at Little bad fongbt a superior force of tbe nmanded by Kirby Smith in person, ?er, and defeatsd them. x>at from Bed river arrived to-day rporta reinforcements going np to iks. aby bad passed Cairo on bis way ,e'' EDWIN M. STANTON, Secretary of War. LTCHISFKOM TEE BATTL1 FIELD. BATTLE ON TUESDAY. Araajr Correspond****. aim or ma mniuo, May 11?10 a. M. at Um front la pcrlacfly satlafaeinry and sent. Although Um Sgbtlng baa been |d vn preceded tru f r nil u?v? and nlgbta. lias tba fact that ear lo*?< a Save been be eipecled fr< iu the <le?perftte band-to which bave bai n ibe main character, |lle, during battle*, the m?r* < splendid 1 ha man b>ve full oobfldence In aad ia tbe final and complete tucoea* of | far Uie purpoae *f cruabwg IM rebellion. na oocfldaoce luornaaea , aa U?e rebel* are | and aa they bear ly become weakened by eaerttooa which they are obliged to letard tha onward movomenta of tea Army Jraat'a vlctorloua legions. erday waa the moat dixaatrene to the baa yet taken pieoe daring tbla cam. suited in tbe moat Important ad van - ?y. Tba me* went Into tbe aaaialt with Haiti* cheer la#. Early In tba day tbe te renew tlte engagement, aad ?d keen wearied by Ibe previous atrug I to their work "Ilka a glaat refreshed Tbe advance lines aklrmiebed with tla. and de-nunstratlona were mad* by ?y ia tended ?* begin the attack. Oar rmeil llaneral Htaoenk held tbe rltht, | (ha centre and Oaoeral Wrl^t tbe left i a Ninth enrpe waa bald In reserve In I Sixth oorr?,for th* double p?.vp?*a of tralna aad t* be a* oaN If Ita .wrvtnas Ire hale bad aude a goad naa of tba dark aa ibair worka aa much as p< mibfct. and _ilta, earthworks, ahitls and barrtoa<\d" L .tier* haa been aotlilng al>ng on* lit at. f |ep*nn,g of the campaigB Uiat could com The oountry around waa of ft rolling ) ????? suitable for the m?ni?nt?nw of , troops than any to be found tt* the region oT the Wilder cess. I reparations worn speedily made for the grand assault. Ah Is usual with great commander!!, it ?u flxed for late In tbe afternoon, so that If it should prove unsuccessful, the enemv should have no time left before dark to rush out of their works ut->n tbe repulsed troops. Five o'clock was the time agreed upon, and each of Iho corps oom Blunders sot bis chronometer by that of General Grant, so that no mistake chonid taka place, and tDit all should be In readiness at the precise moment. Minutes are of value when a comblnod operation Is to be m ide, and this precaution was ? judicious as well as a necosuary ooe. Ah soon as tbe troops were in roidio^ss goueral orders were read to them. del illing the brill'ant operations or General Sherman to the West, and Geoeratl Butler sooth of Richmond. This news fired the ardor of tbo troops, and end man FCmed to be determined not to be oiudore by th-'Be belonging to tbo other commands. A wWd en thuhia- m was apparent in tbeir eves, and for a moment' Ibe moo appeared to be ungovernable. But th?i word of command restored order and silence. General Grant, surrounded by his staff. took up a prominent and elevated position, and the corps command era also occupied eminonoes wiihln view of the Goner tl h)-Ohief and of each other. Tbey were thus euab'od to watch the movements of the vast columns or the mighty artny as they advanced to their relative positions whcnco they were to make tho attack. The boor came, and just as the signal was ahoot to be give:) the enemy were disc verod upon our right flank. This bad tne effect of delaying the attack, as prsnarutions bad to be made to resist this onslaught Hut General i.rant was equal to the emergency. Troops were speedily hurried to the support of the right; bnl General Harlow had already checked the rohol advance, and, sending the (enforcements back to their rormor pogltous, bo stated that ho had enough meu for tho work borore him and some to spare. HIS RFHKLfl IWPU.StD. The hour for the assault was then flxed at hair-past si*, sod once more the timepieces were compared. The generals separated, to take up their asslrnod positions and to direct their trooos to victory. The signal guns boomed aloud, and twolve reports declared tliat the moment bad arrived ror the attack. A wild cheer rnng along tbe whnlo line, and tbe maps advanced with a steady front? column after column, ltne aftar line, the whole moving together. In the face or a murderous lire our troops pushed on determinedly, each corps fighting its own battle, nutll tbo army w is master o!' the te d. Two thousand prisoners were taken, and when night clo.ed tbe contest the Union fore*1) were the conquerors. It Is impossible at this moment to give auv aocrmnt or our losses. Thev have been heavy, and so have those of tbeeoomy. Hut we are victorious. General Grant id in excellent health and spirits, and has not since the move ment began been in tb? least decree disheartened or dis couraged. He [regards a Dual success as certain, and a decisive victory not rar distant. Additional Particulars of the Fight an Tncidsy., Msy 12, ISM. Pesoatcbes from the Army of the Potomac, dntid "Wilderness" battle Held yesterday, say:? Probably tbe most desperate fighting of tho past seven terrlSle days took place on Tuesday. Believing the ene-ny to liav? sent a greater part or his troops to Richmond. hn advance along tbe entire lino woe determined on at an early hour. Ihe Second corps, having tbo rieht of the line, bad crossed the Po river the evening previous, and twu mot with bat slight opposition. In tbe morning tbe position of tbe enemv w is found to be in the sh u>e of a horse- hoe, and on If mo e'e's troons advancing to attack tho:n they wore compelled to fall back. An attem?t to break tbeir centre was tlien ordered, and part of Haoooa's meu were sent to support Warreu in tbe movement. Our right was a1?o advanced, and tbe inovr was b"g ,n in tt>e afternoon. Tbe enemy were driven Into th?lr intrenchmeets in rel iant style, and Upton's brigade, of WrufUt's division, oorpe. got into the en-iny's rifle piU, capturing twelve guns and ahont one thousand prls . acre. Not being supported by other portions of the line, who were unable to gain the tier of work.* in tbeir front, this brigade was forced to evacuate its advanced position, leaving the captured guns, after spiking them, but bring ing off sll the prisoners. Tbe enemy surtered heavy losses durmgitbe fight, our shells falling Into their works, and our infantry deliver tog tbeir tire with remarkable precision. (?eueral Rice was wounded in ttie I high <?srly m tbe en gagement, and died after bis leg was amputated. General Stevenson is also reported killed, fte com manded a brigade in Burnside's corps. Our losses were very heavy. General (Jibbon's division have lo*< altogether over a tbousmd men. General Robinson's division, .rter losing both Its gene rsl officers and about two thonrmd five h inarel men, bad no general to command it. and ?t n\s ho?n br kei up and distributed among other divisions of the Fifth corns. No division of the army fought better than this o ie The Ninth New York State Militia foi^bt gloriously. and suffered probably more than say other regiment in tbe field. After the action foor office re and fifteen men were all that was Urt or it, exoept a few ?a detached duty Lieutenant Luper, of tbe Ninetieth Pennsylvania, U id his head taken off by a piece or Bbell. About six o'clock in tbe evening a report was brought In to General Meade's headquarter* that a flank more ment was befog made on our right, and, t be headquarters lielng In that direction, they pocked up and moved towards tbe centre In rather a hasty manner. Tbe report tamed ont to be raise, and the officer who made H is said to have been oensureri. Tbis day's battle was expected to be deoisi-e of the contest. Tbe Bring, the correspondent adds, bos already com ?eased. Tbe rebels are la vary strong posit ton, behind earth works, sbattls and woods, aad in many places it Is almost Impossible to penetrate to them. Bornsid? la reported to be within a mile oT Spottsy Ivanla r?art Ro?ae. about to turn tbe rebel right. If be is e's.cessful we sbsll obtain possession of tbe poiat for which the struggle has been going on during the past three dava, and tben Lee must retreat. At one o'clock oa Tuesday a Are raged between the twe armies at a poml In the Hue, and a large number or wounded of both par tic- were lying on tbe spot. Oar men. In attempting to get their comrades off the fleld, ware flr- d on by tbe rebel skirmishers and driven off, aad the poor suflerers had to be left ?o perun ia the flames. Tbe embalmer here says that he has received orders to be ready to eaibalm the body of Coloosl Warrea? not General Warren. The former rode along tbe lines ail day Tuesday, and fearlessly exposed himself. ACTIVE SKIRMISHING ON WEDNESDAY* Mr. If A. Hrsdrlck'i Osapstrh. Ilaarigi astsss, Firm Aitvr O ars, is rnr Fnnt>, I May 11 ? T P. M. f Oar position Is tbe same as at the close of yesterday'a battle There hss been satire skirmishing nearly all day, ' bul no general engagement. Our batteries at intervals have sbelied the enemy to prevent his throwlag up earth works, which be attempted to do. Tbo story reached ns that the enemy was going to make a general attack tbis afternoon, which would be bis final one. and fslllng to bresk or tarn our llnss, that he would glee np lighting oar army here and harry to the rescao of Richmond. The attack, If ?ny was aontemplsted , has not been made. At all events, II Is tbe general opinion here that If General Lee wsnia to go to Xtclmneid, and take hla army with him, that General Grant wt.l laslst on having a word to say la tbe matter. If Ger.eral Lea attempta the draw game he will And ao opposing general who la np in aodgee too, and aa army that can travel as faat aa his. Oor army It sattsflsd with the pnattlen the rebel army now holds, or aay poaiiioo H oan plane itself in. Ills only a question of time and prolonged pounding; aad which army has tbe meet time at oamaiand can stend unending ihf longest Our armv has se ant tea or giving np, it is no hackneyed Stereoty plain, but a atobborn fa> t, that the army la in excellent spirits. They like this way of business? to fight the thing out. All the remaining wounded that can be moved were esnt from tbe hneplteis to dey to Frederick* b>i? thence t? be takeo to Washington. tut few remain la the hospitals, and there have been ooly live cwualUes to day to add to the uumlier. The late flgbts have (riven a greater proportion of slight wounds than any prior battle. There Is an astonishing number of wounds In the hand. The number or killed Ih much below the usual pnr. centime, and the number of officers killed and wounded, compared with the killed and wounded of the private*, bears nothing like tbe average proportion to the correa piruling louse* shown in other fluhtu. The body of lirlgadier General Rloe wits sent on this morning with the ambultnoe train of wnunded. Lieut. Hush, of bis stafT. accompanied the remains home. He was conscious most of the ttmo up to his death. A short time before dying he lnditi'd a telegram to his wife. The closing words wore, "( have been truo to my country." For a few moments his mind wandered. Tie was again on the biut.e Held, and giving orders to his command. He was conscious when be died, and paused away as calmly and betgically as ho had shown himself on tbe battle (laid A refreshing thunder storm, the Orst ram we have had since the commeru.emeDt of tbe present campaign, visited as this afternoon. It was most welcome, cooling tbe air, whoso warmth and cIojcdcsh lms oaosed much guttering to our troops, and laying the dust. General Crawford, wliom I announced yesterday as missing, Is all riehi and prepared, at tbe head of the Pennsylvania re erves, who have behaved mo-it splen didly in all tbe latn tights, to flgbt on to tho cud of the campaign. With this 1 send a completed list of tho wounded In this corps in tbe last two days lights. OPERATIONS OM THURSDAY. Capture of hi? Knilre Rebel Divi-itou and Twelve Goni ? Our Ciavalry in t.he Kntmy'i Bear? inotlur Buttle Going On, ?tec., Sir. MH. L. A. nKVDRICS'S I)ETATf?H. HBADQt'ARTKIW, K/FTn -\R?V O'lR-S, IX TUB FlKO,\ May 1J? 7A.M. / Major General Hwcock made a brill saut capture at four O'clock this evening. An entiro robel division, Including Major General Ned. Johnson, comrmndlng; Brigadier General Georpe Stuart, ai>d Brigulier General Robert Johnson, commandine brigades; between two and throe thousand prisoners, and two batteries of six piecer each fell into our hand*. Taklnp advantage of the sto*m and darkne? last eve fl ing, General Han^ook tnsnagod to chinge tho posl tion of his troops unobserved by the enemy, and while the darknc s and fog still prevailed pounced on them 'his morning lilea a wolf on tbe fold. He took his captives compiofoly by surprise. and. havina scot bis prls net* securely to the rear , turned their own rum on tlie enemy in the vicinity. As 1 write this and other batteries are sending shells among tho eneiny at a rapid and destructive rate. The skirmishers are also pretty heavily ongago I, aud there Is every indication of another severe battle. The news of General Flancock's capture has inspired our forces with renewed enthusiasm. As the news first spread? nil 'uch good news always ppreads rapidly? the woods where our infantry columns lie rang with deafen ing and prolonged si out? of rejoicing. Tho following from General Meade was Issued last evening and was read to the troops. Its effect can bo ima gined : ? HkaixjU-arii as, r avjlky Corps, Slay 10, 1?M. | Major Ceneral Ml' i>k , Headquarters Aimv of Polemic ? Gk\*r?. ? I turned the enemy's right aud got into their rear Tid not meel sufliclent cavalry to top me. De stroyed from e'jht to tin tn:!cs of Orange rnl'road, two lccomotiros, three tr?ing and a very hr^e amount of snppUes, The enemy w> re making a depot of supplies at Denver Dam. i*ince 1 got into their rear there has been great excitement araon" tho inhabitants and with tbe army. The c tiz^ns report that Ixa is beaten. Their ca valry bus attempted to mnoy my rear and flank, but hnve been run off. I expect to fight their cavalry south of .South Anna river. Have reriptured live hundred of our men -two colonels. Very respectfully, your obedient servant. P. M. SHKRIDAJf, Major General Commanding. Everything loots most promising for further succchscs. General Grant has got tbe entire army in just tbe position he wishes It. and with what Is doing In front, and on the enemy's rear and cannot take much longer to bring these series of battles to a final aud vt torio<ia close. THE WASHINGTON TELEGRAMS. The Vlrst Deipateh< W>R]iiKiiTO!?, May 11. 1*M. II was General Hill's corps that General Burr.sifle re folded so galhntlv. General BumsMe's colored troops w>;r* he'd In reserve, bnl were subsequently brought into action, and fought with desperation. Ibetr oflleers e- p?rted to have <? nsiderab?e difficulty In restraining them . as they appeared t?? te de- irou? n t to lake any prisoners, boing exasperate I by rhe remem brance of Fort PlUow and tbe atrocitlts < onimttrd there by the rebels on their race. It was believed in the army that Sigel, having made forced marches , had destroyed I,ees railroad connections with Lynchburg, and th it Sheridan had done tbe same to hiscommunications * ith Richmond. An order was giien for another advance y.j'tsrday morning. Al eight o'clock A. M.. when our informant left.oor centre and right were heavily engaged with tbe renels. Ike N'.nth corps w?s thee on the march. The Mecoad Despatch. Wxsni-fCT >>?. May 12, 1WU. | Gentlemen prominently oonneeted with tbe govern ment are to day in good spirits, in view of the recent salutary events In Virginia., and con-i der enr fintl tri umph merely a question of time. Movements are in pro . fre?g which will soon be publicly developed, tormiug a part of ttoe general plan looking to anrcess. General Webb's family beard from him oe Wednes. day night, and up to that time ho had not been wounded. Tbe body of General ^tevenaoa arrived bare this morn ing on the rteamer ft lea General directed to have his friends la Waah Ington toU that everything looked very favorable and hopeful. The Third Deipatrh. W?sini".T.<!t, May It, 1M4. Yesterday morning tbe lighting was again renewed, a ad was oontlnned with various suocess until about eleven o'clock, when our itne was somewhat advanced. M that bonr a flag of truce Is reported to have been ml by Ijm, who asked 'or a 'o* sat ion of hostilities for forty eight honrc, that he^mlght bury his leai. (Jeeeral Grant replied that ho had not time to bnry his own d?id and Wf-iid advance Immediately, and some ' part* of onr line were therefore poshed fcrward. It la stated IMt the woods were shelled, bat no re sponse was elicited from where the enemy's oentre had been a few hours before. Tbe prisoners captured on Tuesday and Wednesday ?amber oyer four thousand. The rebel dead and wounded were found covering almost every to t of ground wherever our troops surged forward and tbs rebels gave way. It Is conflrmed that In aa order Issued on Monday found on some prisoners? that Goner tl I#e notified his army that his communication wlt.h Richmond was broken, and no rations con id be drawn frstn t Denes, and he advised them to oapture supplies front ear array. General Grant bad captured, np to yesterday, about alt thousand prisoners; 1'art of a regiment wan captured enure. It was composed of mea who bad b*v>o exchanged but a lew weens since. The Iocs of tbe enemy In kilted Is much ifrwater than oars. His wonnded are supposed to be about the same Up to this writing we bare received no coot Vitiation Of tbe rumor In regard to General Lee above n wtloned. but the fact that such a report was current In Frsderieksburg yesterday shows the buoyan t feeling there In regard to onr position, based upoa ? kMwM|t of general facta of a h?i*fui nature. Th* Fourth Despatch. ITsssttrnoi, May 19,1164. Among the wou'ided brought op by the steamer t'llca to-day ware one hundred and thirty-six soldiers who bad availed tnemseives of tho opportunity to escape. Tb?y were immediate i* niaced under euurd and sent to ths ProrniU Mtrabtl'* offio* to h? returned lo tbetr refl nv-nts. Tture wis a board i>t oinrorR at iho wharf wboie duty it i>u to examine all auxptctoim char tterw. A number oC officers for falsely representing ihemselvi to be dl(|kl)led bavo been arretted, and committed lo the Old Capitol for further proce<*dmr?. Kleven hundred wounded arrived here tonight. making the entire number which ban reach d here tinco l'uead.iy night over eight thousand. Major Ucneral VVaiieu Itrlthcr Killed Mr Woundtd. WASHINGTON, May 13, 18M General Warren Is not killed or wounded. THE VERY LATEST. The Latest Despatches Re ceived from the Rattle Field will be Published on the Eighth Page. " SKETCHES OF THE KILLED. WlcetrH of Gcn?r?l .Uin^ C. It lee. Brigadier General James C. Rice was a seir-mado man, rising from a private soldier to a general by bin own merit*. He win born in Worth'ngton, Mam., about the year 1830, and during his early years raadn it his ambi tion to obtain a good education, no entered Vale College ns a student, and graduated with distinction. lie then went South and taught school In Natehet, employing bis leisure time in wrung for a newspaper. Not admiring the institutions of the .South ho, alter si ending several years In the cotton Suit' s, returned North and toi k up tat? residence in Now York city, where ho began to prac tice lavn with fair success. The call of the President Tor three years volunteers Induced Mr. Rice to ieavo the b\r and take up the mus ket. He voluntoercd as a private in the Garibaldi Guard, or Thirty ninth New Yorlc Volunteers; hut on ths 2Sth of Mny, 1801, was chosen first lieutenant of Company I. The roglment loft shortly after for tho seat or war, and arrived in Washington on the 6th of June. It, took part in tho first battlo of Bt:ll run, July 21, 18(11, being one 0! the regiments of Bleuker's brigade, which brought up the rear of the panlo stricken Union array. 8ome cfi?-iu (taction occurring in tho regiment shortly after this bat tle, Lieut. Hico, by judicious conduct, speedily checked the mutinous feeling. For his promptltudo he was promoted to captain, and shortly after wns appointed the lieuten ant colonel of the Ellsworth roglment, or Forty-fourth New York Volunteers, to date from September 3. 1861. This regimont was assigned to the Army of the I'otomac, and to<>k part in the Peninsular campaign. A'tor the evacuation of Yorktuwn it was attached to General Fitz John Porter's corps, forming a portion of General Butter I hold's brigade. Under thoso leaders Lieutenant Colonel j Rice fought t Tlarover Court House, May 27, lAll, and in the seven days' contests, Including Mccbanicsvillo, Gaines' Mills and Malvern mils, (raining distinction in each contest. Porhis gallantry he was, on July 4, 1862, promoted to the colonelcy of the regiment. At the liea.l of this body or troops he took part in one of tho struggles, under General Pope, Washington, during the latter part of August, aftor which, in c nje<]uetice or his labor! >iih do ties in the Ocid, ho wa' rros rate<l iiy typhoid fever. On his recovery he aga n took the fHd, and under G?n. Burnside fought gallantly at Fredericksburg, Perember 13.1RC2. At Chanoellortville, May, 1863. he was temp * racily in command or hw brigade, and -Iso at Gettysb.i r.r, where h6 again distinguished tlm*olf, both by bis FfcUl and gallantry. He was highly sjuikon or by Gen. Mcado lor hi - conduct on this occasion, and earnestly recommended by Him , as well a<s by Generals Ilookor and ButterOold, for an r.ppointment m s brigadier general of volunteers. The I resident acquiesced in the w ishns of the^e officers ai d Colonel Bice wi~ ;.re<-eDtod with his commlslon dating from Atigu.-t 17. 2S63, -.tb;eet to the conflrmutl n of the Senate. At tho head of his brigade be took part in tho operations at Mino run during November, 1861. When the Army of the Potomac was reorganised in March last General Rice was placed to command of the Second brigade or the Fourth, or Wordsworth's, division, oi General Warrens Fifth corps. On tho 1st of April the Senate confirmed ths appointment of General Rico; and he, arter passing throu .h tho perils or i he Wilderness, baa met his death at tho head of his command, In the vicinity of Spott^ylvauia Court Hou^e. Nkrtrli or General Thomas G. Stevenson. Brigadier Gsneral Tbomas G. Stevenson was ths son of the Hon. J. Thomas 5tovenson, of Breton. Previnnn to the war he was connected with tho Fourth (or New Fag. land < uard battalion oi MasMchnsett > HPllia, as major, and :nder ta? call for three years volunteers rocrnlted the Twenty fourth regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers, to be attached <o the Burnside expedition. He personally' supervised the organization of the regiment at Camp 11.*; asoit,Readvt:e, Massachusetts, was commissioned its colonel on August 31, snd on December 9. 18?1 , led it to Annapolis. M that plaec it was attahod to General t oe tera brigade? the First In liencral Burr, side's dh islon and in January fl, 18T.2. set sail for Hatteras Inlet where it ?rr,vcl on January 13. At tho entrance or this place Colonel Steven <on and his resident remained, owing to terrific gales preventing the vessels entering the iniet, until tebru.ary 6, when the fleet passed Into Albemarle Sound '?n the morning of February 8 he took part In the uortninjr or the works upon and cap. fore of Roanoke Isltud. Tho regiment garrisoned Uie island nntil March 11, when it set sail for Newborn, and on March 14 assisted In the attack upon and capture of the works defending th ?t place. During the contcst this regiment took rrom t?w rebels their garrison flag. It also assisted In the oc'irpation of Washinrtoo, X. c., on March 21 , after tf.e regiment was nncamned about six miles ab^ve Newbern, as an oulposl guard It was engaged at Tranter's creek on June 9, and en July ai Colonel stevonson eonim ' tided an expedition up the Neuse river. On Augu?t 13 Colonel Stevenson c m minded a small brigade which destroyed the rebel defences, bar racks, salt works anl a quantity or tat at ?wsns boro, N. C., sod on September 6 succassrully Ueten.ied the town or Washington against an attack made 'M>on it by the rebels fie also took part in the expeditions to Williamstoa and Tar' oro during Novoml>. r, H62, snd c?mniatded a brigad* ao ler General roster during the campaign to Goldsboro ind bark. These operations on cupled from December 11 to jo. 1*62. and during that tnterval Colonel Stevenson was engaged In several skir ml'he*. f or lilt galhntr? he wa* appointed a brigadier general of roltnteors, to date from December >4,1862 bot this appointment wis not confirmed. When the e? pedition was fltted eel by Oenersl Foster, during Feb rnary, ism. for rper tlons M Soutl Carolina, Ceaeral Stevenson was flat e l in conmaod of a brigade of Gereral Nagiees dir.iioo t?<Deral Stevenson, on his at I n Royal, called, in company with several members of hW ttaflT, at the Custom Reese, the ofTVrrt or which were mainly Boston men and former q latn'-aa-es ef the General. While there tbe rrw vers St on tr.ired ip m the subject of negro lroop? th? Ccner J ?t?tirg emp'iatlcalljr that he was op P?woil to arming the t. ick?. T ng being reported to Cen. Hunter, the la?t -r, e? F?+r'.'iry 1'. ordered the arrest of General Rtei em n;h it >o sn inv??t!galion nC the case he was honorably re'essed, on I'ehrnary 22. and rei :rned to nts comnutnd, wh rh arrti t 4 St. Helena Is'aa l, snd afterwards moved o-. If ir< ?> 26, 1S*.3. to Johns bland. The Senate then c.on'rmfd hs apnilntment, te date, however, rrom Mirc i 14, IS a, Instead of the r rm?r date. Genersl Fteveti' en t ? part ?? the epi<r?lions which ret ilte J In the tpt.ire and redue Ion of the works on Morris Island, ai d commanded the rtaerves during the attack up>m f rt Wa,ner, J?iy, IBM. Boring Sop tember, I8 ?l,he reia-ned North oo aecosnt of physical disability; bnt, hsv ng '"meeliil reorulled his strength, ho was astgned to G "erai H mst ie, to assist In there organisation of the Ninth c >ri>? for the present campaign. * htn these forces wero being brigaded at Annapoiie, General -teven*on wa* ass gievi to the Urtt division of the Ninth corps, at th? head or which he haa (alien. In defence of the honor of Ins country. tKaifi of Oearral Uwrsi. Psitaoet.pini, May IS, 1M4 The famikr of General .lesh ia T Owens have received Inteliigenoe of his deitii wime at the head of Ine hriga lo "?W fork Roi ii< fins (Iff for the War. governor Seymour teh.-rsi bed fo Pr R W.s>d, of i.** e'tfi a dsy or twj tu?ct. lo taier.i tevtrnl oi tke MHt aurgeoot In towu ?ml ut them to display th"ir putrlmtHHi hy proceeding to the DalMe flnlrt -i of Virginia to URtft in relieving llio dintr?*s or the wounded Soldiers. In a abort R|moe of lime Pro'essore Parlcor and Tout und lira. Petmold, Th"mm C. Klnuoll, Buck, Krclcwlt -er and Wood wore ready and left for the Bent of war. whore they are now eoi<iiK"d in tliolr work of humanity Nur?es who desire to no immmll tlely to tho Briny will meet at room No. 1 (JIUiUm Hall, Astor place, Itila ey.-o ing, at eight o'clock. Relief fof |.|ie U oundf l. Hohio.i, May 13, 1 R04 . Subscriptions haye heenaMrted here, alreudy realulog nearly ten thousand dollars, to aid the wouurird A Idltlonal surgeons le t llil* city lor Virginia to day. Liberal contributions continue t<> he mule In aid of the wounded. Surgeons and mipplles are alio go lig forward from Concord. N. H. THE CASUALTIES. Additional Names of the Killed and Wounded. Killer*. Klt'nan l.Ieiit Lombard Col, 1th M1ch I*ockwood l.t. l.'Htb N Y m v?ra a 6ih Md M irrv M.OSth l*a ()w?i? 0"n (iwetiailen J P *?l. fl Cbpt. 4 ti. N' Y Rolen on i.BPt. lUat I'a Rlcgetia Ma or, 1 4th N J Rmith Lt. 98th !*?? lifltmrriRii LI. !W'b Pa Htnnle* I.I, llth ge g Tracev ('apt Itftlti N Y Vonnntlnn l.t, 4'lth N Y WlUtao h ?. 19th Pa Winrl)?rech * "apt. WHb Pa Wllann ? Walker Wm. 14-th N Y Work LI. 122d Ohia WUkui dept. 49 th N Y The Wounded. Aniit* TT 29th Maaa Atnteraon P K, 1 th Pa Alw?ill Will icntti N Y Aldreh .!. ?>i Vt Allar.l K <? 17th Vt Arthur Jua, ft7ih I'a Al'tn T C. 4th M rh An.leraon J, < '.th Mich A'lman J. MOth Fa Allotlnaon Wm Hth Pa on J W 4(>ih *i Y Arm truiiR A, 13Hth Pfc Amlrre J L, Tih Maaa A reliable .'. 14''tii * Y Atnuvinrth U H"ih Mtu Alliatnn.1. 14th U K Amman D. Hlth Pa. face Amor A. 20tli he Alexander A. 2' th Me A.lam' K. 19ih ln>l Al'bfnan S * U2d Pb Aver^ J. Mh Vt Ahtiott Wm, ''<1 Vt An tin J, i"'7th N Y A.lkina .1 H. 3d Me Apiil^nti M. ftih V <1 Api'le^aie W ?>, I31*t Pa Art ii mi 5th T'? Reaerve AllmanJ. Mh P? Ke* hand Arhnthon W J. fli'i N J Andrew* John. 27th Mam Atoarenn A, 9!'th N Y Alr-I W K. 1. 2(1 N Y A'tklna A 6th Wis Ah 'ry K J, 57th Pb Ho- .-I#- Corp Jno, 114th B Y Poll I J. leg Blandlng D W 12th Mat* Drown P 8. M7th Pa ? Ranker Dauokerl, UTth Pa Barter Thou. 9<>tli Pn Hi itav Nelann 11 ?lh Md Uran.lon Cliaa. 120th N Y Ha liter J no. llth Pa Hi*' ting St?n m. 80tn N Y Raelianau M 20th Pa Modget K. J80i Masb Rnydeti n N, 7lh K I Hre t !> w. 57th Pa Brem I. V. '>7th Pa R?lf> Kdwln. 4th N .1 Bay en I M. 140th N t Brut email*. lal H J Week A J, 4ih Ohio ByrcaJ I with Pa Rnah .1 M, Vth Pa Brltwe-en 1., 8tb Md Bradley K, Mh VI Hrowno *. C^th Pa Boak Rob' 12th NJ Bloom A T 40th Pa ? HrAa?>n <;*o. ith Mich Babhett Her*t ? H. Ttb B u n Wm. 87th N V Hmrrt W H. S"?h Maan Bon liar A l 'lli Haaa Hall J M. SXlh Pa Ho.^inn II. I'.'th Ma Hntlen J W 20th Ind Blnny S. 12th Maaa ItawaO W. 14r>th N Y Bilm .1. 14?th N Y Maaa Bilm J. 14?th N Y Brartp Ii 4Mh B Y f? am ? ?l'?. ""?? '? ? llucklni>>.wn UCh.llBth H Y Oi.fer P im Mich raj .. ? t. U. a naxtiann UT Tlh K T Cnrran Maior. 148th If Y Cohhln J 1 1 lit f?it? Cunnui!,iam T. Ilthrfji Ca'ltt'<i>ith L. 2'nli Vfn ClM-atof Jan. 84th Pa., ?Moulder I n t Co-lrae'it f! 11, 84 th Pa It C 5th N Y Cirnminga fj. I0tu M?<? Chailnlok R U KHh Maw Clonph P. 10th Mt** Cmlworth K.ft'th Vina CbAlmern Ll?nt ,1 7 ' fi Mb?a Curiy I) <). 37th ?Va-'a Carpenter A 4iti M'ch riiat'-a 15 P ' ! 20th lad Onrtu M 20th M? CIlToM J. 2"Hh Mo Clark K, :?d Maa> Cinnknljht K M 22 I Tod Cochrane \V P. I?th Mnaa Corhett W, la' Pa rltlei Crianer A. 142<1 Pa riierkman Cnrivral O.UhVt Corrornn J, ?H'l Va ne CannaEhan M Ilntb Pa Cloaver .1, iWtb Pa Cohey II <), >5th Md Casev Crrp Krank. 11th Pa Cart le'lge Ser? C (' <Jlat Pa Cartiev J, HWth W Y Carlo .1. S'.lth N Y Clink .1 <) Clark J B. 97th Maaa Choke K Coii'na r: If Coiiiu^ Church W B. t2l Maw Pooley Serui P. <Wtb Pi Churchill C lat l a Conner < ol. 11th Me C amphell J. Wt'i Pa Cornell S. l7Mh NY rhialer 'b" OVI Pa rmley II. Mth Pa tlhar'ton Snri't J R, 7th Va l ock C, filht Pa Crocker S irtth Ve Caru an I'on 4th (J 3 C'>op?r J. 1 Itith N Y Coata W It II. 121 t Pa i onwav Pat. o^d V Y Oa?i Lr*W, 4th Vt Calteu H 7 I'd N Y Church Martin J t I Pa ColllBn M, Wth Musa Cr iaaman C. 11 bh N Y Cleeton J H I4> 'i U X l^roaMe Sernt Henry. 17thMb Olevelaii'l B ' K Mat .N Y II. ftt Ii Wla Cnnnan Itloh'il. ftth Wla Colai;ar lly A. 4th Ma CoiTr.' Corp Pat, 24th Mlob Call . 'an J 2th regk Collin* .1. tilth N Y Onitiwlt Com Bobu I21at Pa Cake g. rjit W A. lal V 8; Cr a Ir l.t. 101th Pa Crew W, 126th Ohio Colaburii f I.. 2.1 Vt Callahan .1, 71et "a Co ?na Cajit, *Alh 1* Y llanncr .1. :t!>ib M.. . Bargell K. 5th N J. finger Hall Peter Mh N J, i aclt l'arie t W. *4'h Pa. arm Hrennan L .!, K4th Pa, leg HalaU K, 'Mlb Pa, aUlo Dechano W. Wth N Y Df 'an M. ?S.I N Y peahou Serat .1. 12th Mau Doty <ieo W. 14th Cnnn Pa. la Bint 'I'. ll"th N Y Jlanhene Wm. fi"'lli N Y Hatau i'., ?Mto ?->, euio BrenieuJ-aar C W. 34 th Pb. Pftnan Tho-. U It I jaw Penover M. 3Sih N Y Beueh flerirt M V, VHh Mbl* I?a rorei' K. J7tb Ma* Browne Capt, 15th Maaa Panlels ()eu W 121b M itawle N 5tb Mich Bnd 'le furp W Mh Mich Benncr Corp. ?nh Ma Bi me M 2ntb Me Berry M H, 2' th Me Boi ra Corp R'l. 13th Maaa Blackford Corp l>. .'Ud Mb Hlruey H lith Maaa B irt A S, I'.'th Ma?a BrttcherC. lnOth Oblb Hrvant J , I.Vkb Pa lUtimiini n w. i2tb Maaa Bc.nvler P. Mh VI Bach .1 A, flat Pa V Ingle J, 1 1011) P? Faker J S*.l'h B Y Be, 1 .1 C. 141'th Pb Hark T. Iu2d Pa . Bank a UOtl J A, 83d Pa Bauer .1. bth Md Brad*h!?w J O, ?th Md HllliJiK?iey Capt A. 8U? Md H?Tlon U W, lat Me Ronaell J Browne f 147th MY Bain 11 B. 12tb Pa Rea Ht^elow A Brnwn 8 Boyle Serf t J R Ilronne S Burnett T Pe?t A A. lat rlflea Haflfer H, lat Vt ear urrvaa n^un ? . >? Ha tctt Corp.' A. 20tb Mlah Ho- k>an H-rilt A. Uth M? II" * link P. I>. f'7th >taaa Pon Perat H J, i2th Maaa Bui rill Capt N A A O, 2d ?r, PI: A 142.1 Pa aai< .... .. ;U--a Pay ton \ C, 9rih K Y Pownaa Cao fl J^'h Maaa Draher Geo M. tl I V Y Pfea-el Pelcr. IStb H Y baavy artillery Pe< ker ('reenleaf. 16th Ma P ijle .1 K I4U U S Pull K .1 *11 Pa Uunlap fi nn 3d Me Pnuqlaa W. I2'at Pa Put. ni'ort C II, 4 a| N T D Itn h J. 4<>th N * PawketO <>Wh Pa Par la I), Uth U fi Pawaon John Alat Pa llemater P. 148th M Y Pnnne O. U7th S Y Pawel Cnrp R A 14 thjl I Pennet F U'th N Y Ponahoe J. thigh Pone R. H4th Pa. band Diokeraon A. Mitli Pa. arm Dunn S. 20t!i Me poty Corp N, llth Mloh Pultna I, Mb N Y Dolie H M. 10th Maaa Dauphey K. loth Maaa Dudley Capt, lMh Maaa Depkea P, 2()tii Ma a Derlce W. 4tli Mich Peering A 20th Me Die John. 12' -h O Derboo Rergt 12 h Maaa 4i h dn -d corj)* Baker Oaiit B S, M5tD M Y B.yrt l.t It L, .luth CI Bo. ker A I4lh li 8 B s'eo 1 R II. h Md BallT Mir tCM. l?i Me rar Bower I. T-?l Pa ? . _ _ Boole Curp A W. 109th It Y Bo i.'in .1. ii?t Pa bianuei Henry. 57th Pa Hlaca liiir an. Pa Bue? tdier hiory, B'th Tl Bi ul|,*ei?a? J, 1 2th Jl J Browcr Peter. Mb Vl Battel A M. I2lh If .1 Bninard O, H7th Pa Bi.H?e T W "th M J Beck 47 W 93.1 Pa Byerly h V. Iltb N J Bn?tu< k J, 57th W j Brock P. 124th NT Batra 1.1 W. 14?lh M * J. 17th ST Baker J P, 4th Mich Binge W H Ith Ml?h Bnrnea R W 2d Wla Diaimy W H.Jtb Yl _ Perelll Corp I P I42d Pa Day O II. 6tb Vt leg P ngal J .1 . C2il Pa Palptir P 6th Vt fietmond M, llth Mr.aa Pawthori.p LtChaa A, Alb Md De ker P, 20th Maaa Uawaon J. flat Pa Pari* Lieut R W, IVtb Pa Panaall C B I>o0ey J no, I Cd P? Dnfly C.jro J. #tb "J Paliytnple Art P. 5th M 4 Ponoaan ML 24th Mich Dow bar T 24th Mleb pwyer J T. IRd NY Dunhoat D. I llth NY Douglaa Hergt Win, S2d ? T Ilwlglr Jno. b.'d N Jf Pealne Jno. 82.1 B Y Duane Jno M tit Del D??"r W, I4lh 0 8 lleane A J. llth Ma Danlier Wm. 'al VI Delbon C, 4tli N i KT." h4Tp- ?th NY Decker II'. I,th Ma Black w, ii P? R?? Bc^b* II, 14th S J Browne J*? Uth Me Bally Corp C, 10-lh N Y BotoaQ II C, 93(1 Pa Bre horton J . 8th Pa Re* Horgen Corn W H. 3d Me UriiTga A J, 7th Mbaa wiirpi p, 0 'K*air Bennett Ma; J W. 1U Yl ??? Perlne U ??*!?* N I - - ? ?? ?? m ? ^vcbl ti'.'D a ! ".:,>a Poitn Ch ii B 4th Me Detnlng Corp J Ith Me Douty Corp Jno, IN3d Pb flue I. other I?e Una ej II. sthfaraiarfa Pavi.laun J II, *th Md peal A I.K'th Pa Dunet P, 8.1 N J caralrf ? . - _l . 1 , t k M V * Bituihani 0 11, 2d \ I Hn rel HC 2d Yt Brig#a OM.9MXT H irr A. 1 2t h Vt Kaldwln R. <9th N T Breera I. W. 122d J4 Y Hrnwman M. 11.1.1 Pa Berry A l? 12lat N Y her la Caul II. 12IM Pb Hro' ka II, 8th Yt eav Bo tder A J. llth Pa llrowo P .?Kh H Y Kre< k P P, 7th Pa Huttert a.i ?: L. '2.1 Pa Cook ,1 N, I at Crawford C I.. . < r uldrra .1, 7th Me t ady Capt. 24 Vt ('..anarah C B, 9lh N Y Caaalily M. 78th N V I'apheli Mer.eant R J B la '.eil Capt Canning ? 4Pth N Y C> thart Jno, Sfith Pa Cowlea tauter, l.t ^ f Crtawell J, U8d l a Oio adele M L 7th M4 Cunningham M, lat Mb* Carr llarri*on ? ' t h N Y Caa.ljy Win, S?th Pb Carr Wm 2d Del Carey J, f 3d N Y Caah Alrla, 7th Maaa Ca? anagh N. Mlth Maaa Cummin Jno, 187th Pa bemkela o, 4lh Vt Bmaibrliag A. l7 h M Y Brafte> Jnernh i>-ih Pa B Iwarda j, <2.1 N Y B'lgar H. lat N I Klliot Bergt, llth Pb Kaley Corporal J, 1401k N P BgHaten Capt R. 97th M Y, K T. 1Mb Maan Katea U W, 14 th B Y Krner V, 14 Ith N V Bverta 0, 14-th N Y L. >2.1 Pa Baton Kergt M. I41d Pa it atiarp?beoten R.imanW,4th Me II. UJih M J E l?an<ei J. 91.1 I'a h morn k J P. I49tb Pb k.Mg Clark K.llnwey Corp C Bb. rton P, ll'ti Pa r?a?rrb* be, Serg P. K31 I'a Raana O, 21 VVI? B?lwar I l>a?ld. 44th N Y Kioana a. lat MaaagpV na? Kldml M .1 llth M Y l< ana H. 7th >Vll BiahaMl A K'th N Y K,tf H W, 4ih VI Brkman 4. ?'t h Pb Btn*rr C. in th I'a P,nRlehard l.t. If Bth B f K.icha Sergt W, 20t'i Mbab Prld.lle Other A. *1 Wla Praaehen H W It 1 I naa w 11 20C1 Me < ummln Jao, 187th Pa rnaa w if. ami mm Ct.erbonon Antbeny, 128th Poley^laa. Ilt?n N Y B Y Collin* DeWIII. 1*1 D aharpaboelera Clark it thigh amptital?4 Coomhe J, llth N Y Orolen U. bth Mae* K?* l'*U. BBn Pa ? Pta* '? W. 4i'?h fa _ ,1 M, |i th R V le e I i 87lh I'b PaNer *?'U t Uth Maab Pbhea B T B'th Ma.a* Drolen U. bth Maaa Pbhea ? T p-tn aaiae Curley Herat M W. 9lb Maaa Panning Ueni B. rheel Clark Bergl O. H4th B Y Pernn W K 1*1 ahbrpabootbn C.moll R. nOlh B Y Pemandf M 71d N Y CramhhiCorp KW.IWik ? Y Poreel B, <4ih Pa, *1dea CorP Obrp M linger "" " 1,1 Clarb J l 6th B .1 Anger fit i.i. it Caaa-Mb L I. _ 1 Cfi'i'th Smgt K. hand Clendennin C W, u3d Pa, arm ?'au'd Cere T. Mil N J .ian.l t'anaall m t) M Mtb '?? Peal her U. 14 th r-gniira plaaan l.ien. ftli Maab Parley tl, a4?h Pg. a- in PtrriJMh sen ' J '"th Mick Parcel H P ?0th M?W?e il W. 2oili Indiana * - ti John * <otb ladtaaa Parler A, J 'Hi lu ll hi* Plt/ger?l r HI, |_Mi Mull Krw i an M l.Vtili fa H \ vh Vermont Kirluicr A <1 H. I III) Hut I II Uoo.l S l? l? 'I I'a Kern .ml J. <uh >1 ir and Poult Jn oil, !>Hili I'a F" .-I I'. I! Mli l*,? F.'rHn?limn J. Kill U II f?ii#Hia A Vw-KUKiin u. Cjtii n r r<i, ,t .t Kl.m H II, Ith U H Karri I K Pre, I, trick r. X 1 S?W Y. rk Kiel A lir.M t'.i Fan iiriua> Iter .1 II '.I'd P.i K ?ui'u : T T, I t Pa It. -a Pree 0.?n, ft" h '4. \v V or k Po ? VV II. 2 1 1| M ii Pelilnnr I _'7' ' V oh P..* .. i', 14. ii IT rt I*' eld <1 II, |. ill Me fit ?rM> :m Vt Pn ter W S. M \ t l iui'M.f T, 17.I1 \t Plv.h < art., | ith I 'nen Poater P (I. ttfd Hew Yerk (!?? tin. I'pier, l?n, N J Caliin VV 'th S V i-hv (i . i'vhv Corp H. '4?ih N Y (lor.l.n H ?? ,;t I I,. 'Alt It Me Urnck <1 l?i Maaa, thluk ? Iiimv W. I. ami UroiK'Op A II , Mb N I, hm It Urainawyii taut W 8. N Y Calp'ti W, .Mh N Y Ha 'lain .1 It. Stth I'a. leg am imtatMl Oi lniL-liArn I' J. l'i|h Maaa ( .1 P 2iilli Ma fji>ti;?'i r. .'mh Mi> (.lower II C 1 lb Mm* ( J a ' t ii J . Mli V 1 i<i. linn C<il -l. I l?th Ha OI'kMum Lt Col. 'i'h N T lllaxiKUl M, fill M'l (Jrcave* I'ul F, 8lh M.ok rallnrr C. Garry W W, l?t N J lira V W <1 Ittth Mo <JlHi>?pW" KM. I< 7th IH lirtt'-n S"rgl John ? I , '13d N T Oafnav C 24 h Micb (Jalnra W. Huh N Y rii af Ml. I2tb re^a Oil lectin M. lith Pa (In-enle if K 15th Maaa (liirdvcrle M II. I.'lh rega Dm tit .1 a. tsth Mh a Uruiiiiawal l.i Col, 105tk Pa I o. Lin Lo'igbot'orii ,1 II, 12#' h Ohio hi I1.1 . 11 ? . (I'M If lib brig 8orirt lleiir*. H 1 J M T .11 # II, lb VI landman lo-'ph, 41th R Y Lowraan .Iaa. 44lh N. Y LanUare iienry. 4llll M Y Leach K I), :til Vt Llk'lirMon J I > 'Ii If 8 Let.oao |?, I nil I' 8 Lw e wf: M. I7tl> Me Larr.ptr <>?<? H', Hih Pa raa 1-onufa lor I II. It.'td Pa Lop 1 u. iftiiih I'a l.arKln II. 11th Mich ravulrr I. err Wm. ?'?lb Pa rm?.M?aa x ??ch 10 .1 A ? Ih N T Ml .r?r H.i'ili Maun ii. K on iv 7 ' I N Y M'lnri' Anunitu*. i nh N Y M inti'i la M 'h Mtoo M A'in;? I it " th M iaa Ma 11 f. no. I ?-Jd I'n V Inn 1 'i*. VZA It I M I Ii Ii ? . II II, 'Ith N V V H> ri ? ,li It 1 ik< 1 V<tS I'a Va' -II m A , l'i VI aat Morii'i v Th . I. 14'ilh N Y M?ih I. >,ih N V ?|. r ?' T A. I'll h Maaa Mil ? It'O '.>tli I'a M r h U, Hi N Y M-i '?? l.iriit, Ith Mlrh > ,1 i ,1 lith I'a n--?r*?a M01 an Thoa I'iltb N Y Moo 'ha-, l"tli IH Mi llnir - v|. nnh I 8 V 1 in \\ to 7 Hi 1 M ,"'Shar? II Vittb M * Mur V I*. 112 I'a Mnr-'ty I- . uilti ln.| >1 1" ' ufri* Ii, |i9th I'a Mpi'qv Wm, ? -t I'a >1. 1 l 'rr?n ], I Ith U 8 ?( v : ilrui n I' lith li 8 jHi'i In** in I . iinipit JHnr.l 11 I' K. Il" h N Y il!llp-.l. Mh N J lociujr n noth N y ' ??< u i- k T Inrtran C I' )IHlh M Y In. i?k?- . J. 14 .ill !? Y ?a ??II. I II, mh Maaa M ?lriinov I: Uf Maaa Mol'i'iioknn ''nut K, I'lth CK it 1 run I 'f.h Maa^ Morim Smut H K. lat Maaa ahonlrter Mnliow I f. ?7'h Maaa MrNal ? lloftia, lace Vanrt-rnllr Ll A <J, tklgh Mimiik C, 7lh N J. faoa M .linn II J, f4lh Pa. faea urillinawal 111 > m. n-oin I m m iioo ?? a --? U IV 0 \ Ca|'l A M, UUh Para* Mi mn l.t Col. sith Pa. aldoa l)l'? a W in fti'i I'a r?a , fln an I'. 117th N Y Otw. ti C A ll'. th N r J (in on II 7-M N Y I <!ro :nr? (.'apt 1' M, ",lh Mlak li tSon' ? l.t, 4th Md ! <?'??!'? It A. 1) -itb Pa (Ira an J Oihhoiia II L (Jul. 11, i" re [aiilnro. 97th Jf Y Urn ,'vnr I fi.tiuril, l.'Jil M T ilo?a I. fith I'a (Joi.iln III (I W, *'|| Me H.iift .1 2't|h M llor nn A I' Sth N Y f F**r Hon .1, 1 1 ill I'n llinwu ,f II. ,t i N Y Harln : I'orp I', uth Vt Hief 1 an ? *I<-'t ?*!>! ?ih Mich lln ruin I'avl.l 4lh N J U 1 1 1 1 p v Chaa. Slh N J lloi Ipni'vi'i'r S, l,a*h N Y art IIIManl I M lir.M l a |lo?ar I A 8, I.Un N Y III Ins Hubert, fltli Yl Hln.tkly Wm. I''tli Pa llomei U"0 7th Mi' haitarr ll'ii Ki'tt Thoa '.Hh Pa ilarrln ti W, tilh .V II I IJiuM Jne L, (CM N Y If- 'Ik P 4th N J I U' I !?'. 4tli N Y art IJollln W It, ,'i4ih I'a iio i,*r firr 't I' I Hth Ohla Uealv ' 1 37th Man . Ijowar I K. Illh N J Heavy A Mi-t ipirV'orp' wHR. H9tJ? Pa Martin A ".MnnUl Ohio Ha. en VV. 57th I'a Iiairiuau it, l+i ih H Y ||r iliK'naay K I). Il'ih Maaa II ir', mi vV. ?Ulb I'a, baad, llesh Hao'i y H, 7t't Pa, thigh 11 in ? Corp II, I r" ,?t llo'Ttnan A, ahouhlur llarrla K apram lliirtnar W Mtiaa II anili iv k II. M Uli Maaa llor* Corp J L. mih I'a. la^ llucknr I I .. !iih 14 V lUitwtll V B. 101,, Masa llllyarrt 1 M. Iiiih Mich Honir .1. ."th Mich Hl'M Corp \V II fi'h Mirk ll.i* leu Cnnl *J 7 ? li .M.iaa H"W, I I). Mli M h'ti M lrt?* .1 S :i7tli Maia llaw^r fiamt. 2 "vh Me llu a?n Corp.l. aiib Ma Hayra !' I 1 napfh, 1Mb Maaa llumphrrv P., lith M*?a HavrpuaCorp .1 P, lt.'ld Pa II a v .1 142,1 I'a Holier CI, 112.1 Pa lie I niial'nrp .1 P, ll!)lh Pa H > "'er t'nrp VTK It. D llalloi an .1. 7ih Mhhb llnrn'T J, W, I Mm |?a .1. I " ' Ii M.i a? Hanr ubt C, I tli Maaa Han Htm W. T???l. N Y Hui'lifa Li. lit Col .1, .Wlk MY llerjwi II, lifth Pa Han Inrjlon J C, 4(h M J Hohlen II. 11.1 W Y Hlnea O W. J2il N Y llarh mirh A (! (Itli Mil H"ltiek J. I 'Wl'h Pa Ha moml Cat l 'ijlih Pa IlTkn an I H. L!tb i'a raa H?rn'len W lleatbe M Ham W II, Kith Pa llent'T J, lal rifiee Ho n J I'flni^rl. ia Lt Hnllnway S A H 11 ip I N s. 4th N T ea? Hen ,?r II V 8. 7 <1 Pa Halt, h H. I2<h I'a rea fliclta tl A. "til N J Bar C (l, 'Wd Pa Hop lay I' O fiiat Pa 1 1 a 'iicfirn li "9lh M T . Ifat'iuin V. !<9lh I'a L Hennitia J. Iltli I'a H n't tnnn W H. 24lh Mleh II >t hina N K I2lth N Y Ha*"* L. M. M W ia Harold 'nn 1.1'h Onna - ?" llfi"*r H?, .t'h Mnaa H 111 K .1 H 4th Hilne Mm fo d ci.r'n W 8. itOth N Y M ina'er I, I4"th N Y Mover W 1 10th N Y M-a-'her Sergl Maj M 8, 14011. N Y Mountain f) It, *4lh Pa, faot Mi'i'iirn ?y I). Illh rep Morler .1 A, H4ib I'a, fo?| M, r, I f lib N Y >forr|a II. mil N Y MI'la K. 7th M.rh Moon (', 20th Ma Won.' L -I'll) Me Mh I 11 luth I nil 1'i'Cothmn .1, 32d Ma?a M n? l' II (Hi-. I 'd Mara Mixnell .1 P. 12ih Maaa MfHln lev, (1. Hih Mil Ma'ahal W A. l.Wtn I'a y? om-v II C. 67th Maa M.-VV iHiima P. :',d Me Mettr I , fttli Vt Vi'Cardpl . lat N J Mnnaen M Tt7lh Ma?a Morae ll W. 1 1'.tth I'a Vovnem I Martin (Tan* A 8, *itk Md Mati-r I, #ftth N Y y I ei P. iiHth I'a Mnlion H. Hih N Y Mi-i'arihr Hergl M'Hlen ,lno Mill'"- .'no Mch'ln'ey Lt " h'ei' J _ . Ci ark.'r R W. loth Pa Re* Muruhv I), I22il Ohio Mrti itre nj 2Klh Maaa MrCriulden I MrCardv K P. S7th Maaa Modlone J, 126i h I'a Ma* -I 1 <" Moaa W Card. I', 2d V Y Morr W Col 11 N. 24th Mlab M?era K Mi*K In ler Chaa, l'"th Pa Mm ir a' \ 12th i'a Raa |t r I nn!ev .1, fit h W 1a McCarvrrv VV C, I hih Pa Morion I W llf.'d Pa Miller H lom .n, Kklth Pa Moore . I ''.Mh I'a Miller llalrv. 9'til Pa Mi dratti .In . II I4lth N Y Mi '!i atli Ua 129th N Y MoP* de- Sent A*. 3d Ma Mi l r.l II. - I II ^ MrCii I1. 8. 1 111 N I MotH.! V |J,h N J McMlnnev .1. H'h N .1 McKli'rtinin C, Hih N J Ma imeT .1, IllJlh Pa MrDa'l VV. 4lli N J Wawrr \. I2'it N Y Mo" .n Corp * 1'. It'll* * * Marcher W M lat I"-! fri'ir ane John. HJd N Y McCarihv Alei. 7S I M Y Morr |ek Jaa (Hth If MeCown I'eier. .^tb M T McNeill .larerntah, I3tk M Y heavr artlllorT Mod raft Thoa I lib Cona Malmcany Corp Jerry, Mrt Maaa Mcftrw Jaa, ?7lh Maa* McCoy Wm I 1 l"'l Mallov M. 221 S Y earalry Met'loud M 4ih Vt MfiC'nv 1 'apt Thoa 8 *lth Ma M icMplion 7. tifttn N Y Mane* *?r2t. ??'! N * Ma In* I V. Hi9th N * Morgan Mainr. 3d Ma Mover .1 K l*tJlb I'a Mi-rtv J. 1 "Oh Ohio Matnewa M C 4th Ma Ulcllifl* 11. 3*.'ih N Y Ma.,011 ' W I7l 1 Pa ca*alr* Mul l -tfln J S. Jtith Mich MoKnroi. N, 721 N Y Mol-'I'tr" I. M, 7th Pa Mar-p T. IT.i N Y 14 arrme lohnaon D. IBth ^ T Nml 1 l> .I th Maaa Norman I'orp B '.'Ih N Y Ni'Wton Cant H. 9T<1 N Y Nlaniirnamith J W. I .fib Pa Ni'hi.'i'* l efiv '?Sd Pa Nelaon h I Will Me 111 el *?Ul W H U'1""" ' J?11!, ft s"y h"' II I' k la Mich, I42d 8 Y llnniar T 1 1 1th N T Harker Ll?nt ftlat Pa H? ka J no 12i h Pa Raa R.wker II, Ml h Maaa lift d*i () i^'tb Mim Hill H l"?ih N y Hall'hrent M, *'?b NY llriid?,r,,0^ O ^ Hih M? llarker J. MB VV\> 11^ ,wrl*ht P. Hih "*** flam I ton Cant I06tk I a Howard (I. rath Maaa IneloyCorpJ.Sih " ? laflay# l-aa a A Mib Pa. alda Irl-b 8ie?en Ith Ohla .Imi'i C VV. 17th Yt jiidklna C B. 'Id M* Jonea J II. 49th N Y Jmld l? CJOlh Maaa Jo'i eron W II. hip Jonea Capt P B, 14?J" * ? Jonea fajjt Jaaoa P 20tk lad Johnaon M. 19tk Pk Jeanar J M JnllirC , ? Johav W.T. l?lh Ma .load <? way P. 'id Yt Ju'iNn J W. IIM Pa j naa Wi'WP* Johr.aan M lfjh fa .lohnaoo J 8 7iVn 1 ? Y Jaf-kaon Thoa. I*'k Ma .larkaon A W. 4th Ma Johnaon l.t. M Ma Jacob* .1 H. lai ? Janeraon Lt. MWk Johnaon IJMilUW* Karkln J, 7*1 !? Y King .Ino. #lat N I Kallv Thoa. Wih NT Kln?aiar Lt, MJtl> * * Kelly Joaaph. loth Maaa Kn'xhi Chrlat K.? Martin. ?7th Maaa Kc#ri*?kM ffgt ? ? Klan.hark J. ?4rth N Y King J L. Mh II J. tagc* Kinifierlv Wm. fvh 11 J. am Met. hum 8 J, arm Kali J. 1201 mg* _ I fl V II. 4<"0> R ? Rawr* K ?" l"'h N * N tnng C A. IHth Maaa Noonherit W. leg Jioi.nherg A, lag Na.'iia V. I"ith Maaa N lei A. Vt'lh Me Ni"klea J L, Mh Vt. all) Joint Nolan J S. I'll I Pa Norton ( apt I. A ) Newman Corn T. ith Pa Raa Naon J, fill (ifc.a?a? NuahoneJaaW 17th ?* Oril 8 Mih Maine O'Hata H. lat N J O'Mrian (?ori>aral M OahoiaeJ, 7l*t Pa O'Connor Wm 1, I'M R ? O Mara l'a|. 14th U M Olaon O, Mh Wia 0?tn C. 7 th M?aa Ordwa* O 8 2d Yt Oddaater Herat D Pth If T O'Ke^fe C. ??;ik !4 Y Oaten I). 14- th N Y OrV n II y J, H7?h N Y O Weill Jaa 'd Me O'Oonoian D. Vih Maaa O'Neill Jaa I.'lh Maaa Oa'i irne Q. 4ih Mleh O'Nail A. 2>'Ui Me Pinnry 8 L. Wh Vt Pean-a LtCM, I'flh R f Pawara R. ICth M? peare P. ?r7th N Y Plhyr* sargi I, Mh R J Pom, ding I B . I'd N T Pcrkaae 8 H 10 Ih R T Potchell R. >tb Pa Prop- at t'haa 4-d R T Par-y Ply. I*7ih N t Pepper I, IVHh I'a Plaea J W, lal t'al Paaco <*, kill Maaa I'nll'kpan Clirlat, 1'JXI Oki* Blaise W m IM R I r.'Clor J 24th Mlal. Phillip* J. ?9th Pa I'lna l?. U4'.h R Y Paine A H I'anghnrn 8te*en. !?7lk R T Pa<* P T. 1 4'. 1 11 N Y PMli ft If I V ftTtir N T '' *,'*h Pa. hand "ind'iJV Pla"?U KvhRi.iU'b Xi Fa Kli 'hariy HClSf '' KlneakC '"JIT ?inllT'i Kaniitir Cat t M 'fid Pa Kel'oe M. with h Y _ K irhn r J O 17th N Y Kelacv J no lal Hal KailyT, '.'Jib N Y K-l her ,lno. Illh Ma>a Kendr ek R I'l Mil ra? Kee'e Ino. lat Md Keppel ? II, "th II R i?f La. ken J M M. '.'th Maaa Larnier W, ?Sd Pa l-ayinaa J, ?7ih N T Lue'hla larnh ath R V 1 eihlv k,|, 9.',, h N Y Loner laaae lal Rlek Lull Herl eft, 7'h W a Lee K 11 |otk Ma Ie,aainL?n 8 J. ?ih Pa l.^n Michael, Stith Maaa l<OTelnn4 ("apt, 4'h Mirk l.ord i.e.. II. Mh M'cb ?a? l.a?ej' l,oula, 1 7th v? l.aer Thna. i'l Yt L>uiiaTh?a. J.l v* la L?ne 8, 9th Ma?? Lawhaad Jaa 6 *?* R Y l.oaud. n .1 K 0?d fa Lotm-, 1 ark N M I'iik R J I^na M. .'Oil' Maaa L ??ln P I'lth Ma I^ahhf o. lat net L'lttlnif C A. lath Maaa L"ch L V. M Vt m MlVfll (I Power M, 74th h Y Paol Ivth Pa I'enllcoat 1 apt J H, 100th Ph Pooler M I'aial a A Proch J Piaaa t orp.T 37th Maaa Parian 8, l.'th Yt Parton 0. flat Pa frnviii 8 L. IIMIi Pa Parter Joho F. r'k Md rr**lon John, 'ah Vt Pool Ueo 1 7th Mn Pain'ar >ichp|?a. 7M P?^' lf!tl. n Ll. 49tb N * I lnilipa l> ki'.i Md Pa. kar.1 l> Itli 8 1 parry VV W, Md ra Q'.lnib* O VI, ^d Me doeen ll naJi, 1 126 ok la 0"l?"y P fc7lh Pa Rivera l'ag>t t'd N Y RO'leli J, 97th N Y Hea K Vth Me Roaaei W m, Mai R T R.Kkweii ,|T I. ib Pa R"yal V H .mh Me Knna.ta Walton. 17th Ma Rah a A. 1Mb Maaa Howe M H, IMh Mm* Ripe* Ueo. I IMh Pa R?a.l Jaa, 2d Pa Btih-rla R, IIRtk Pa Robiaaon M M, 14th U ? ?" * 1 10th N Y ? Maaa. feitM Lrana P. iaa Lyaa Ll J. Nth Pa thigh 14 Lt H. I44tk ft T L">a J l?na R Y I aa ?. I 11 |tb Mick I.irf rmore W, 20th Ma I , ed I niter J. XHh Ma i.eai-h R M. lith Ma a L tiiaCrtrpd w, itilat Oklo I.ncana J. Ilfth Pa LlnarioU O H, 17th ranlden J, MflT Pa. kail RMglay i. 140th M T Reyaa'da O. luth Maaa Rtplar P. 10th Maaa Riley Tim, 1Mb Maa* ? .a J P. 17 Ui Ma? Ranae 0 J. Hub lad ?fed k A, Mtk lad C0WTIHUBD Olf BXGHTH PAUE.

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