Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 13, 1864, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 13, 1864 Page 11
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THE NEW YOPK HERALD. TOOLB ITO. 10,101. HBW TORE, FRIDAY, MAT 13. 1804. PRIOB THBBB CENTS. 1XTIIA. fKDiT M01IK6, MAT 13, Twelve t'Cloek. ONWARD! nrntt a m ram Another Despatch from Secretary Stanton. Tht Hew* of Our Extra of Last Right and Hsrald of This Morning . Fully Confirmed. AH But One Railroad .Out. TIE DilYlILE ROAD TO GO IEZT. Butler's Attack on Fort Darling. Brilliant Conduct of Hancock's Corps. rt |?t e i ' They are Engaged With and "Finish Up" ftonfw&IJ Jackson's Division. Lnronie Despatch from Gene ral Hancock. "1 Hire PlaishM Fp -Jebnien awl am A?w iialsg lito Early*" Tbe Rebel General E. Johnson a Prisoner. Of I It THIRTY CANNON CAPTURED. Brilliant Exploit of Carlo w'? Division. I'-. * 'V Thev Sirrwnd, Surprise and Captar# K brjs in Tbiir Iotrenchraints. He i >??? kwmj li rin 8piriU u4 CirMiii If NCCIN, Mh Ma Stanton to tttinernl Ott. Wisnrs-OTW. May 1.1? 5:30 A. M. IUjot C?i>neral Due: ? Oftl' nl are ju?t recaire 1 by thi? department dated ycatcrdsiy at eight o'clock Ji. ?t tho battle fkld. near Spotfcpylr.inia C?ahH?W* Ibey state that duriaf tt?e aigUt, General Hancock mwcjed from hh previous position on our right and occupied the ground between Generals and Burnslde, at daylight, he attacked jrlth hi* accustomed impetuosity, forcing tbe tret and then the seoond line of the enemy's works, containing the whole of ltd ward John* son's division and part of Early's, together with Mqor General Johnson, General Stewart, and from thirty to forty cannon. The number of prisoners is not given, but It is to be counted by thousands. Gen. Burnside on tbe extreme left opened at, the same time with 'Gen.' Han&ebk, and ad* vanced with oomparatirely little opposition. EUe right taw formed a janotiou with Gen. Han cock, and his left Is how actively engaged. General Wright's treope attacked at a quar ter pest seven o*elock, and art now at work. ? General Warren Is demonstrating to bold the enemy In front of his lines. The rebel works at that point are exceedingly etrong. ' i A despatch has been received from General Butler, dated "In the field near Chester Station, Vs., May 11; 8 ?.M. It state? that be is now pressing the enemy near Fort Darling and has before Urn all the troops from North Carolina and South Carolina that have got up. Beauregard's courier was captured this morning going to General Hoke, in command of Drury's bluff. He had a despatch stating that Beauregard would join thom as soon as the troops came up. General Gillmore holds the intrcnohments while Smith demonstrates upon Orury and the enemy's lines. General Kauta, with his cavalry, has been sent to cut the Danville railroad near Appo mattox station and can perhaps advance on James river. We have had no telegraphic communication with Geoeral Sherman sinoe Wednesday. EDWARD M. STASTOX, Secretary of War. h * - ~r? ' ' ' MORE DETAILS. NejlB Spocts YX.T ant a, May 12?8 A. M. The day opened this morning with the fol lowing news sent in the form of a despatch fkpm General Hancock te General Grant:? Gmmuis ? I have captured from thirty to forty guns. I bave finished up Johnson, and am now going into ?arly. W. J. HANCOCK. As I write the whole line Is engaged; but the heaviest firing is being done by Hancock's corps. Major General E. Johnson k a prisoner. He commanded the "Stonewall division," in Ewell*s corps, composed mainly of Tirglnia troops. No doubt of his capture exists, for he is sit ting on a log before me at the present moment, in conversation with some of our generals. Tbe attack Was commenced this morning at daybreak by Hancock, who moved forward his whole line, and is now driring the enemy. Brigadier General Stewart, of the rebel army, has also been captured, and is now within our lines. The artillery firing In the direction of Gen eral Hancock Is increasing in ertent and ra pidity. A considerable portion of the Fifth corps is actively engaged, and are doing well. Ei.cvbk A. M The battle continues with great fury, but we ar& steadily gaining ground on ths rebel* Tbe Sixth corps has gone to the relief of the Second, and are now actively engaged at the present moment. Tbe musketry firing is tremendous accom panied with heavy salvos of artillery; evory Inch of ground is being sharply contested and nothing can exceed tbe rerocfty of the contest. Heavy fighting is progressing near General Grant'* headquarters. The captured artillery are being brought to rear, and tbe roads loading to the different corps hospitals are filled with soldiers who have been wounded at tbe front, and are seek ing after medical treatment. A drenching rain set in about nine o'clock, but it seems to have no effect In abating the fighting ia tbe front. The roads are knee doep With mud, and very unfavorable for military operations. A rebel battle flag has jost been brought In to headquarters. It belonged to tbe Forty* second V r^nla regiment, Colonel Withers, Johnson's division, and contains the names o f the different battlos in which the regiment took part. Tbe flag was captured by the Ninety third N?w York regiment, Colonel Crocker. Thirteen of the captured gun* have been brought in to General Grant's hea 'quarters, and others aroplaccl In iff" rent positions in the r? ar. They are excellent pieces, to good condition . and are very similar la appearance i our own. Culow'i division, of t?e Second corps, per* formed ft brilliant lent this morning ?t day> light. They advanced during the night and boforo break of day made their appearance directly U front of the r.bel in reaohments. They charged, aad before the enemy had time to Are a gun they wore surrounded and surrendered at onoe. Our men had to climb over their breastwork* and nee tbo butt ends of their nnuketa to bring the rebel* to subjection. ? General Wright is slightly wounded, b?t fa still in command of the Sixth corps. ADD! TIONAk. Twkltk O'Clock? Noon. There has been for the put half how ft brief lull In the b*tUe, but the iadieeUoas are that it Willi Bhortly be renewed with rigor, and wilt continue all day. Everything seems favorable, aad both offi cers and men are in good spirits. Oar loeaes in the past eight boars have been very heavy, but it is impossible to form any oerreet estimate of them. The accounts of our losses vary from 18,000 to 25,000, but owing to the nature of the eon test, which is mostly in the woods, thousands may be lying dead or wounded1 on the ground, of which no record oan be made at present. As I write heavy flriug is heard on our loft, and it is thought that toe rebels are to turn our left flauh. We advance, but hard work is before us. It is thought tbat on to-uorrow night the game will be up with the rebels. GRANT! Official Despatch of Seoretary Stanton to General Dix. An Entire Rebel Division, With Its Major and Brigadier Generals, Captured. Two Batteries of Artillery AUo Taken. ? Gen. Warren Neither Killed Nor Wounded A ?h kt.t 4* Seer* Is ry Btmmtmm to mmfrr Oiural DU. Washington, May 13-8:16 P. M. I To M^jor General Due: ? No despatches from tbe Army of the Poto mac bare been received since half-past eleven o'clock last night. General Sherman baa not been beard from, owing probably to tbe damage to the line* south of Nashville by tbe recent storm. A despatch from General,- dated "Beadqnartera of the Caaalry Corps. Ma y 10," states that be turned tbe enemy's right, and got into" their rear, had destroyed from eight to ten miles of railroad, two locomotive* and three trains, and a very large quantity uf sitjrplies ; and that since he had got into the rear there was great exoitement among the inhabitants and with the army. Tbe enemy s cavalry hud tried to annoy his rear and flank, but had been run off, and Ke had recaptured five hundred of our men, two of them colonels. No despatches bare been received for two days from General Butler. Despatches received fipom General Steele report his command as baring arrived at Little Rock. He had Tongbt a superior foroe of the enemy, commanded by Klrby Smith in person, at Saline river, and defeated tbem. A steamboat from Red river arrived to-day at Cairo reports reinforcements going up to General Banks. General Canby bad passed Cairo on his way to Red river. EDWIN M. STANTON. Secretary of War. 001 DE SPATCHS FIO* THKBiTTU NSW. THt BATTLE ON TUMMY. ??r Army C*rrupoart?aM. Aimr or ma Potomac, Mar Il?io A M. kverythiar at the I root la pertaetly ??tteieeiory and full of eooonrafetnaat. although U>? Sibling hae kwa eoattaaoaa and unpracedaatea for an dara and aUbu. aad aotwithataadlag U? ft** that ear bases Sara boao treat, as might ba expected (rum Aba deaperata band -to baad ?nronnura which bava beta tbe Mia obaraour. atonal lb* rule, dnnag iba raeeat battlee, tbe *aera ? at tba a ray la aptaadtf Iba Ma aura Am na.fldaarn hi General Oram, aad ia iba teal aM omhpiete aoocaa^ bla operalloaa Tor tba uurpoee af < ruabiag Iba rebellion I>by by aay this coal lenoe lacreaeae. aa iba riD*|. nr? crowded back, and aa tbey- homiy become weakened by tba ireiue? dona exertions wbina trvey are ob1i?e<l aiaka.araa (a retard lb* oaward avwmenia of iba am? of tbe lialou? Oraat'a etctorloue iafftona. Ilia battle yesterday ?a? tbe Mat d? ta tba rebate of aay that b?a yet Uk-a pao. darlag taw eaa pai|a. and revolted lu tba ayatt Important ad ran te?as ta tbla army Iba man weat lot tba aaSAiilt aitb lb* moat ?ntbunt*K?lc cbeerm*. ta ty In tba day th? wlbole artay praimred to rene* the engagement, ind abbough they bad been wraTHM by tba pre* ton* ,<rn{. ?tea, tbey rallied to tbSir wrk '-like a ginei refreei?d wltbaaw win*." Tbe advance tinea akirniabaa with tboae ?f tbe rebels, ai d defanaatr?i?oes wara made by tbe latter aa if tbey intended to begin tba attack. Our libe was soa ? fortted Oaa ral Hancock bald tba rttht, Oaanral Warren tba aeatra aad Aaaaral Wright tba left. Otaeral Ratnalrie a Matb eorpe was beld la raaerre In tie rear of tbe Hixtb corpa, for tbe doable purpoaa of protect la* tbe train a aad ta ba aa aali If Ha serricea ware repaired. Of mane Uw rebel" b d mode a pond nee of tbe dark nees to atreagthea ibeir works aa much aa poealbte. aad as lar aa rtfle pits, - arth works. abuts aad barricades ware concerned there baa bean nothing along air Itae $t aarobsiaHthtepwiKtCtttfliBpiifillMwvM mm I P*r* *l"> tl*. To* owtrr wtw4 ?w af ? reiUag I lobaractar ui tm T Tf Ttl, llf tro^a tiuu; i* ha foaad la tha rag tea af the Wilder. I rnpuitiOMmn ifMliljr wAi hr t)? inat im I As it usual with greet oommandars, it wMbMbrIM I la the alter oood, to (kit if it iktuM prove uaaaooeasful, I tt?MNii?Mtkm no I Una MbtftrtOiktora* I lout of their work* ^Mlki npiW mm. Vm o'clock I UmUu tune agreed upon, u4 each of tki Mr pa mom I mender* sat bis )>mnilif ky that of General ttrul, I lap that no mistake sboald take place, aad tket aUahauM I be tn readiaeen at the praclM moment. tUuw art af value when a osmblna* aparatton ta U be naade, aad MM lyocaotiaa waa a judictonn aa wall a> a nacsasary w> htJ I Af Buoa as tba troopa ware la reidiaeeo general ordero I I were rsakte tkaaa, jetalllag U>a brilliant eporaMoaa a* General Sbermea in Ike Waal, tad General Butler nak |of KiohSBOnu. Tbta nam kr?a tka irta#ott^akaap, ka determined ao? lateHldw I wM oa- 1 MwM nm ? * w? ? MB ft# M Osasral Or? ak. prMlanluiMtviM art alao occupied emieenoea w ttm* view af tba General- I to-Cilar kwt af aUBh'otber They war* tkn iikklal W 1 watch ttaaax? i ad , tha neat nliail af the mighty I army aa (key advaaoed la their rohUlyo pisMMna wheal* ] they wern.le aiaka the attack The hoar emae, aad juataelha sigaalwaa shout la bt I given tha enemy wan discovered upon Mr right lank. I Ibia bad the effect of do I ay in* tba attack, aa praparatieaa 1 bad to be (Mda to raalat tbta oasMagM. ' AM Qeakral Grant waa ?nual ta the emergency, Troopa warn speedily I hurried to the support ail tba right; bat Gaaaral Barlow I had alreedy dkckdd the rebel advsaed, kad, asutlag thnM reiaforcemeoti back to that r farasar poeNeae, ka stated I that ha bad eaough asaa far tbe work befere blaa aad | a?me to spare. I Tba hour far the aaaaolt waa tbea fixed at baU-paat six. and oroe mora the timapleees were oetaqpred. Tba Mcaarala separated, to take up their aastgned poaMiaaa I >M>d to dtrw.t their troopa to victory. Tbe signal guns i boomed aloud, aad twelve reports declared that th? , moment had arrived for the attaok ? wild cheer ran* [ -t'ong tbe whole llae, aad tbe mass advanced wWh a steady front? column after column, line after llae, tba whole | moving together, la tbe face af a murderous Are our i troopa pushed 09 determinedly, each corpe fighting Its own battle, until the army was master af tha Ml. Two thousand pr wooers were taken, aad wtma atgkt oloaad tba contest the Union forces ware tha Qooquerovt. It is iir pDMlble at this moment ta give Any 1 our looms, Iher bave been baary , aad so bare thoae \ the enemy (tut we are victorious. Ganerkl Grant is la excellent health aad spirits, and has not siace Ike 1 metit began teen ia the least degree disheartened I couraged. Mr regards a final success aa certain, aad a ilecisive rief fy not tar diptant. tddltloa?l ^urticnlari of the fight am ? laaiday. WAaamaron, May 11, 1M4. Peapatcbae from tha Army af tba Potomao, dated , "Wilderaeae" battle field yeaterday, say:? PrabakM 1 be meet desperate figbttJte tke paat aavea terrl|l9 lays toak plage ea Tueeday. w 1 lieiievlog tna aaaaay la hava- aaat a greater pact af bis 1 troopa to Richmond, an advance along tba eatlro line waa tmermtoed on at aa early hdur. Tba Second qarpa, having 'tba right of tha Hoe, hat j cro3aed the l ? river the eveaiag preriaus, aad had met j with bat btttUt oppakitioa. In the meriting Ilia punMlathf Ibataeaaj wdffanMd la be ta the efc -p ft a her^ashae. IM M Uaae wk's troept "fcj^^t^aUaek them U^wtra aasapaMadta ta|i ?a attampt to break their aeotre waa tbea ordered, aad part of HaaoMk's oaea ware aaat to support Warrea in tpe movameel Our right wae alee advanoed, aadtheaaove wasbegaa ia tbe arteraoao. Tba eaornfr Ware drlvea lata their latraachmeate la gnl leat etyta, end (felon* brfcade. af Wright'a dirtolaa, axtboorpn. pet lata tba enemy's rifle pits, eaptariag twelve fuaa lid about oae thauaand prisoner*. Ndt being anpperted by ether porMone af ths ilne, wba were uaabie la gala tbe tier of works ia tbalr froat, tkta brigade waa loroed to evacuate Its adraeaed poeitloe, leering tbeoeptarad gnaw, after aptklag them, bat briag* tag of all tke prlaoaara Tbe enemy eu tiered heavy losssa dor lag the fight, oar 1 bells fairing lato tbatr worts, aad ear lafantry dellver lag tbatr fire with raaaarfeabte preeiaioa. Gaaaral Rioo waa woeaded la the thigh early ia the ea gagement, aad died after hla leg waa ampaiated.( General Btrr? in la alao rape r ted killed. He earn, maodad a brigade la Ruratlde's corps. Our losaee were very heavy. General (Mbbaa*a dlvutoa have loat altogether orer'a tbouaaad aia. General Robtnnon's divisioa, after toeing both its gene ral ol fleer* and about two tbouaaad fire hundred men, tied no gaaaral to oomai-iad it, aad it baa baea broken up ?ad diatributed amour other dlruiens of tbe f iftti corpi. No illTlstoa of the ermy Ibdght netter than this one. Tbe Ninth New York State Utlltia fought gloriously , wt seOered pr?b<tkiy more than any other regtmeat la the "eld. Afier iho action f> ur ofltcera and llfteee mea ware .11 that waa led of it, eioept a few eo detached d ity. Lieutenant I.tiper, of tho Niuetleth I'ennsylrannt, bid bto bend takes oit by a plec* "t shell. AbeutslKo'aiock ia tba ara *Sg a report wu brought in to Ueoeral Meade's headquarters that a 0%bK mora meut waa belag made oa our right, aad. tbe be*d<in*rtera i?ing la that dlreotioa, they peaked ep aed m'?red | towards the centre la rather a hasty manner. Tbe report teraed oat to he falae, end tbe nicer who made it to said ta hare been ovoaured. Ibis day's battle <u eipected to he decixire of the con teal. Tke the rarraa[*>artefii ailda, h%< aireaMynom men ?i. , . ? The rahels are ia rery t-troug p?ai:i >3, behind earth works, abattlt and * ? -4a. aU't n m-uy pl? as it ti alm^t iaipossibie to penetrate 10 ibem. Rnrnaidn l? reported u he within a mile of oiottfy lranla Court Hoeee, about to turn tbe rebel right. U he le aucoeesful we sbalt obtain poaenssioo of tbe (mint for which the struggle baa been going on during tke paM three days, aad then Lee must ^retreat. At oae o'clock pa rnssday a (l1* * gad heiwaan tke two ?rmlea at a point la the lie' kd a large namber or weueded at both partlee were*' don the spot. Our mat, la attempting 10 gal tbatr eemradaa eg tbe leld, wore fired oa by tba rebel eklrouiber* and drlvea .B. aod tbe poor euObrem had to be left to parish In the lessee. ibe embaimer bare aaya tba be has received orders te I* reaey to embalm the body o t t'oiooel Warrea? not lieeeral Warrea. Too farmer rode atoag tke I idee all day Tuetday , aod tear toss ly exposed himself. active skmmishinq on wimisbay. Mr. h A. Hamdrlclt'a Dospal?h( BMDqoaManb, MMI Aaav Cbare, rr vwu Fim.n, t May II ? T P. M. / Our poeltica M tba same ss at the clone of yeaterday 'I b title. Tbeanbsn bntnaaflvesklrmlsniagaeerly all day, b u no general eagagement. Our batteries at latervah h .tv -neli< <1 ibe enemy to preveet his tkrowlag up earth ? nrka. wbit b be attampiad te do. Ibe M'ty reached ua that tbe eoemy wee going ia meke ? general mtack tba after noon , which wonid bo bla final ,.a ?nd lailing to brwk or turn sbr Itaae, that ha would .i?r ep iigbMeg our army here aod harry ta Ihe reeeua af Rtclimm d. Tba attack, if any wm eontemolated, has not made il all event*, It 1* the general opinion hi re that It lietieril Lee wants to go to Kiehmood aad inke kla nrmy nltb him, that General Grant wi.l iasl<t Mt. having a w?<* to nv In the matter. If General Lee atiempts the draw game lie will find aa oppoeinv gen -ral ?hi> I* ep in d^dgna too. and an army that can travel as lit a* bit tmr atmr ta sattrflerf wltb the poaiiioa tbe rebel army no* bold*, or aay ,'HiMoi t 10 ciaoo itself In. It is i>niy a qnaat,ft' of !?" ' m obW< ?d pounding, and whlrf1 arn?> ha< th mmt Mho at o <td .. . n'? i i? ssdlng tfce kh Onr a m l a- o - . * glutg ?gs it W no h? toaynfi mraat^i?m ?? g, ? fact, that ik* anay la Mi w*lle*t spirit*. Tbdy liko* this way of baslaaaa ta igbt tba tuiac aat. i Alt ik* raaaatatag wtm bit that oaa to ? w< vara Mat Iraaa Ik* baapitala ta-d?jr t* rradartatos barg, itwoe u b* tabaa 10 Waahiaxt**, ftil few nu? la Um baapitala, ui thara bar* baaa aaly Ira aaaaallla* to-day la add to Ida aambar. Tba lata flgbU km firaa a graater proportiaa af alight vouada tbaa u; prkw batila. Tkara Is aa aataalabihg aiuabar af woaada ta Ua baad. Tba aiwbar at kiUad la Mac* balaw th# uaaal par aoatago, and Ua aaatoar af oflloara kWo4 and w 1 adad, ooaaparad wlU tba kk%d and wauudtd af tba privataa, baaaa aalhkag hka Ua avaraga propuf tiaa la t'ia mm paadlag laaaaa abawa la atbar t?tU|r ftaMjr at Brigadtar Ueaarat aeat ao tht< ?a? lag wlU tba aaUalaaca tr.\ta iMraaad j.i beat. Booh, of hla aUf, aoaaaapamad th* ruaaalaa haaai Ha Was caaac latin mat of tba tl?* ap !? hla daalb. A abort tUaa bafara djlag ha Iodilad a Ulagr to nU wife Tba (slaawg word* war*, "I bare baea trua ta tay aoaalry." Far a raw ?WHU bb toad. waadarad. II* waa agate mi tba battla feld, aad glrtag ordara to Mi doditei*. Ha wa aanaalaaa wbaa ba dlad, aa? paaaad away aa calmly aad bsroicafty aa ha M abawa blaaaatr aa the balde Said A rafraablag tbaadar atona, tba Irat rata wo bara bad 1 ataaa tba coaiaaaaeaaaoat a f tba prdaaat eaapaiga, rial tod ua tbla artiwaia. Ii waa aaat waiaa? , cool tag tba air, wbaaa waf^th aad claaaaaaa haaoaaaad aaaob aalafing to oar Uaapa, aad lay lag lb* daat Baaaral CravfaH, wbaaa I aaaaaaaad yaatorday aa alabi, la all right aad praparad, at tba baa* af tba , raaaay iTaMa raaarra*, wba bara bohar*d aaat aptaa dtdly la all th* Mb Bgbta, to Ight oa to tha aad of tba gtopalga. Wttb tbla 1 aaad b nwplatid list of tba waaadad la tbla rpa la tba last two days Ighta. OPERATIONS M THURSDAY. tbOOUBi (?U nU C*pt?r? of M ??Mr* ll?k?i DItIiUh and Twelve SuMtar 0?*alrr la th? Bmmjr'i Raarn Buttle OMn( Oa, Ac., Ac. ? HK. L. A. HBNBHICnt'ft DMPATOH. Hbabquaxtbu, Finn Aiir Ooari, m tux Fisd, > gtfr May 12-T A. M. f * Wjor General Hwomfc naUe a brilliant captugo at four ? clock this eveaiug. An oatire rebel division, including Major Oenoral Ned. Johaaen, commanding, Brigadier General George Stuart, and Brigadier General Robert Jeanaon, command tag brigadee, between two a ad three ?era, and two batteriti or els pieoee each ou bailee. Taking advantage of tbe storm and darkneas laet evea, log, General Hanoock asaaaged to change Hie puai Hon of his troops uaobeerved br the enemy, and while tbe darkoess aad fog tttiU prevailed pounced ea Lhcas this moraiag Ilka a wolf on tbe fold. He took hla captlvea dBmpletely bp surprise, aad, hawiag aeat hla prl?>aer^Mear^if to the roar, turaed their awl gnat en the eaMtt?]|M vicinity. As 1 write this aad MH| ^Hlteriee are aeadlag shells eanoog the enemy at a rapl?! and destructive rata. The i labors are aiao pretty heavily eagsged, aad there rery iadioatioa of aaotber severe battle. aewaef General Hancock's capture has iaepirod with reaawed enthaslassa. As the aows drat - tad snob good aowa always spreads rapidly? tbe rgods where oar Man try oolumna lie raag with daatea tag aad prolonged shouts of re>oiciag. lhe follow tag froaa Geoeral Meade waa issued last ?vealag aad wag read to the troopa. ltaeObot aaa bo haa giaed Hbai quAnnaa, Cavalbt Oonrs, May 10, 1M4, Major Geoeral Mbabb, Headquarters Army of Potomac:? GasowtAjt? l turned the enemy's right and got late thotr tear. Did not ssao*. anOolaat eavalry to atop m . Da ' dtroyed from eight 9e tea aaiiea of Orange railroad, two laeoasotiTM, three trains aad a very large aaseaat of ?applies. The eases y were waking a depot of auppliei at Beaver Data. Mnco I got lato their rear there hss beea great esciiemeat among the lahabllaats aad with the ?nay. The c ill sans report that Lea is beaten. Their ca vairjr has atieaipud to aaaoy my rear and Sank, bat have beea raa oC I expect la light their cavalry south af Boat* Anaa river. Have rooytarcd Bvohaadradefoar Tery respect fa lly, your sbsdlsat eervaat, P. M. SHBBJDAN, tUjar Geoeral Comauadlag. Every Ihlag locks most psosslsiag for farther suoossoes. Oraeral Uraat hag gat the eatlre army la jaet the p aitwa ho wiahea It, aad with what la dalag la fraat, aad oo the sa amy's rear sad flaaks, it cannot talu much loager to bring Usee series of baUlse to a teal aad , vie lor iota THE WASHINITON TELEMAMS. The First Despatch. WASHiButon, Mhy It, 1M4. ft wna General Hill's corps thst General Burnelde re pulsed so gallantly. General Rurnslde'a colored troops were bald In reeerve, but were subsequently brought into notion, sod fought with desperation. Ihetr <>f> cars rxpeotc<l to have considerable dimcsity ii. rert aiuleg tbeta, ?s tbsy appeared to br desirous aot t? tekeany prisoners, being exM>">erate I by the remem* hranrr of Fort I, lliow and ttie atrooitiee cntnm Med than by tbe rebels on their race. It waei !?? lleved m lhe army that Big'?l, bavin; made fori ed m rrbea , bad d "Stroked l*e'e riilroad ooansctioos wit' L? nrhbtirg, aad that Sheridan had done tbe tamo to I. m ror muairattorx with Rx-hmnd. An order was g<ven or another ad rases yesterday mora tag. A' ogat o'clock A M., when our Informant left, our centre ?ud right were lieav II ? engager* with the reiw?l? The Ninth corpa was ibeo on tbo march. I Ihr tccer.d 1>eSpatcn. May 11, 1M4 J i:tni"m?e pro*> iiwot y -nuected with tbo govern- ' m-L ,ir?v.-U-y .. {"<1 spirits, ia now of the recent military s*< Qir in \ug'Oi*. and coBSder our liual tci titni.h n.arety a qi " .toe uf tun ?. tlovem ut-a are in pro - gross wbtct- arh i ? ?>? *>? p ibucly -leveivpod, terming a pert of the getters! plan looking to sucooe* General Webb's famdy board fr 'ia nm oa Wedasn. day night, and up to that time lie uad net been wouaded. Tbe body oftieooral Hteveneoe srrive<1 hi ro thin morn ing oo tbe ktramo' t'tuju Geaeral Burnslde directed to have Ul? friooda is War!;, agtoo t*M that every thlBii looked veiy 'avorable aad i bo| efuL I file Third leepatrh. Wameneuv m, May li, 1M4 Teeterday atoming the flgMIng wsa again renewed, aad waa ooetlaned with various e<iooeas nntll shoal ?levee o'slnek, whoa ear Itae was snaiewhm ad tne?<l. At Mat boor a lag of trace ta rep ?ried to hive hose seat by laa, who a*ked for a omentum in n^ttilKtei for Ibrtf-algtit hoars, that be Might bury his ds id. Oaneral Graat replied that be had not time to bury d|< Own dO'd and Wnnld advance immrdi itety , and Son* parta of mir llta were iherefore pn*hod ror ward. It Ir stated that the woods were abelled, but no re sponse wsa elicited from whers the eacmy's centre bad been a few boars before. The prtanoers ctptnrsd oo t ieeday nod Wedaesday number over tonr thousand. The rebel dead and wounded WOT* found aeeerfag almost every foot or ground Wherever enr tmope surged lurward snd the rebate gave wsp. It Is coodvmed thai In sa order- Its nod on tfonrlay~ fouftd on Mime pr I toners ? that (lea oral lee notified hit army that bis rootoutiwathm with Richmond was broken, and no rations ooatd be draera from tnenoe, and be advlred th? m to capture sn i -a from our army. Generkl Gran' had oaptured. i.i t > yesterday, about six thousand prl? 'ners, I'art of a r ??l noot was ct|Hured ntire. It wa compoaed of men who bad been exchanged but ? lew weeks siace. Tbo I' M or tbe rnemy In killed ia much greater than ours. His wounded sre supposed to be about tbe same. tip to llila writing we bsve received no coofl'matlon of the rumor In regard to fJsnersI Lse above meatloaed, hut the fact thai s< nh a report waa earrant *> Fredrr nks^erg ye-"l?rdav nh-ws the ?? Boyaat teeli j li st in r' Ksrd to our i)oeitt??. baa*d upon ft ka<>*i"j(e K 4<ll<$rftl f?tW ?! ? hopoigi ? \?r?. THE CASUALTIES. AMIUml Nmn of iki KilM ??d Wounded. VMM A lira LC.MhVt Brrtalah Cepl, Mkk Pa Bartua KiiL Mlh M T Burt Lieut 0#l, :'.4 He HurthM D P. Sd Tt Hi i??. Capi, lOMk Tm OMhew. Mk NT c?h*? r?c* io.?kIT Oral* Col. Itolk r? Px mouth hilt .1 L kk K4 Dodge U? I, M Me Eitwarda Corp Jan, I9?B P? Kplaa ('apt, Vth Hm Orer Lieut Uatra. MM M f ilanrtob Capt, Mtk Pa }| UBtof* Hnllrtt Hiram O, 80th N T I'urher Lieut T lliit' bln on Ltrat Mullen Capt A n?nw Cast M>e _ UiekaoottOeH. Mlh II T Milled. |?MA.ItkUl Hurry U. Nth ?*a > I Smith U. DM Pa Log? aa U. tfch f> Btaplea Lt, 1Mb nt W mania ? -L iwrt _ Wtaeberaek Capt, NU fB W liana ? Walker Wm. 14?*k g T jjerk LL12M Okie ? WIcMuOapt. 49th ? 1 Pealer A.90lh Iirdtaaa H R!E2iw*a?r." Paaeetl D V 5th Vermaat Partner Awl, llth Mm* rini?ood a u km p? Pernaad J. M Mary lead Foeliy Janet, 9Mh r? ProetS k. lltth ft I Fertlegheei J, 17 th 0 8 Tli? UTaudtd. hrm&V?lll riMi ? h, 4? 0 a Cimil I Frederick 0. Md Mew York FM A. ION r? FtumiMeMrJ R, M ri rimm tc, MFi bh Frtf (1??, Wk New York Fo-e W H. 90th Me Peldnor J Wth Mich hi J B. 14th B ? Field O H, I?th Me Poller J 0. MTI Poetor V8.HVI FmnIT, 17th Vt Fiah Cant, 14th ('ml Foster TO, Bid Mow York (lorglna Peter, 12th N J Clalpie V.lthNT cav (Jarre* Corp B, 146th 5 Y Gordon Serst J L. 3nth Me Orock <). lot Maoa. thigh Gorey IF. bond (Iroocop A H.IWbltJ, book (Jrantawyii Capt W 8, 140th N Y Galpln W, Mb N T Da/lam .1 R, 84th Ph. leg M i-utated Gliltngliam P J. loth Mass Oordoo J P. 1Mb Me dough E, 20th Me Oewer It C. 12th Maia Garrln J. Sth Vt Olhbrn CM J, llftth Pa Gllkyeoo Lt Cel. 8th M Y Olaaapart M, 0th Md Onarea Cot P. Sth Mich GafTnev C, Gerry *F W. 1st M J Graiy W G 19th Me Oilleaple P M, l(J7th Pa Leagbottoru J H, 12* h OM? ImUhib ? . Mdlriah biM Leadoaaa J ere ph. 44th. B T Lowenaa Jas>44th ll f Landfara Henry. 44tk ? V' bMk ID.MTt Leaghten J. 14th OC I uniaaa P. lite o 8 Leae Ve H, 17th Me fill la i Oeo W, kk Pa (it tesW-iAi"*" Lerkln R HhUlth untf Keen Anguatua, 44th If MtaaeefeB M. 8tk Miofe MUUMUlMm MeAnee B4 MHh KmiH |Hii Joe. lMd Pa ?MWa GhJML Mil Hiilhea O BIMtk FT _ rMeDerrtaett, Hugh. Mlk ffc Manhall Jas A.Wh Mate* Moeae T A, 19th Ka? MIIM Jne? llth P* Mar.h J l47thR T_ Moadn Talent, 4th Mtak Mail J 6th Pa reaerree 1 Morgun 'fhoo IMth 1 1 Moorr ITkiW. 19th Pe lOihUB sa-.?ijs:ria?* Marl P 0, 1414 P? Boretr R. 20th led McGulm D, 99th Pa McCoy fm, Hat Pa McGlomn J, 1 4th U J MtGnrgen P. 14th u B McOewan J. lei ataad Hurdle P B, Ubth If Miller J. MhBJ MrCtoy B. 140lk it T M idgwlck T Morgan 0 P. 144th B T McOlueker J, 146th M T Metwell J H. Nth Mare iMalraney O. 1?t Mass ? I < . i n? n 9ergt John (I, 93d N T Bellenckon Capt K, l?tk Oalneo Graf Ml. 12th resa Otllrgaa ?? WhPe Greenleaf B. 154h Mesa llth ro?e Greet J 8. 12th Mm _ Col. lOMh Pe Gtlkev Capt A 10th Pa res (lite r fm Mb Pa roe Galea !47tb Y Gr^corr'capt C M.5t^^^ Jat^hVaBi m L Goldberg Ialdere. 97th V T Oen-eror Leonard, 123d M T . Onaa I>. Mh Pe Goodwta G W, M Mte Bale J. 90th Maaa Ilorten A. IiwTST lleritaoo .i ltu Pe Ilaeeett J H, >0> M Y ? Hones Corp P. Mh V* I H tollman Clement. Hoirfem Derlrt. 4th I Hoppy Char. 8th N lMthene.1. '.ith Maar H Morttn Sergt S P, lst^^^H ahoulder Me Do well J. 57U Mate MoBellr Hufna, rase ? MandrrTilla LI A O. Moore 0,7th N J. faoo ? ???bee H J. 84th Pe. faoe MtNee 14 Ool, 84th Pa. eMM Metford Corn W 8. 140th Mr ?analer J, 14INh H * MW. IHthNT ^^hSergt Maj ? B, Mountain D R. 84th Pe. CM MoCaroey D.i4th rec Mnrter J A. Mth PiJM McConoeea T, 140th R t Morrla H. Mh lit Mills P. 7th Mtefc MeoeC, 90th Me Moe4 L. 20th lie ModlleK. lethjeB MoOethrao J, 994 Meae Mneadell Otu. 994 Mesa I Mis well J r. lit* Mese Mono rd I Matnler .1 Holder W ?n?i MoBleler. O. Mh M4 Mick fiarrhalW At IM'h Pe M Sleepy H O. Wth Mae Uoppy Char. Hth N J MeWllHasM V. 3d M O ? aEflj.SiS'a?. ssrftV'faftsI ?inckly Wm. 1Mb Pe^^H Homer Gee. 7th Me beUery H?c?rtl Thoo Mh Pe ?iw nraaay R O. 19th Mess J ? ?Inn W. SOU Pa. heed, Votttldy M F. Wth M. ih MeGleeo J. 194th Pe Herd P. 4th N Y art Koilln W R, Mth Pe _ Ko'tnr Hornt P J Mh Okie Bfoely O. I7th Maaa _ ErHBMF? ?? rilenisaa R, 144th R TM flroh ? Hooley ?. 7lb Pa. thlgk Htire Core B, breeat ? Huffman X, r boulder ? Harria K, rprala ? H aimer W SSd Maaa ? Haedeock R. Mth Mese ? Here Corp 1 1>. Mth IX lOf ? Ilartwri! flWh Mass I feib%r"40h I Bleb Corp W II. Sth Mlok ? Hayden Capt. S7th Maae ? Howd P.Wb Mich U Hide J H. Wth HataM ?iwaae J . _ ? Martin Capt A B, Mh MB Maber J. Mth R Y Miller ?. Mth Pa _ Mettoe D, llth ? V McCarthy Sergt Mulloa Jao Miller Jeo MoKlnlry lit MeKeo J _ _ MoOreokor R W.tMk PR ? Murphy D. IXM.Okle Ihmwivi #. r ?Meideld O More fFUIerd. ISSd R Y I Morrow Col U W. Mlk Mia I My era B I Mel la ley Ckas. 19U Pe I Mat tic U C, llth Pa Bea I Met an ley J, Sth Wle I MeOerrerr.'F C. l'Bth PR I Mertee J W. HMd Pe I Miller B'lomoo, lootk fk iMooreJ. 96th Pe iMIlier Hairy. Md Pe MoOrath Jao H 144th R T B&M't ?r Hearer Bergt 901*1 Me Iloriaoe Corp J, 9Mh Me Hayaa C ?! Joseph. 18th Meas Ilumphray R, 19th Mm HewpuaCorp J P. 143d Pe Hey J. I49d Pe llober c. I41d Pe Ilell aga Corp J P. 119th Pa H'vper Corp ffll. 1 19th Pe Halloian J. 7th Maaa llornor I. W. lllta Pe lloyt J. llth Mara i'anright P, 1' th Base Hrrtllnv W. S9th R Y Barrlngtoe . Hol.Vn |i 9VIIY Ktoea P W. ?d IT 1 lurh. ngh A C 6th Md Hetilek J. 104th Pa I a mo-'d cent llln Pe Herd" ar. J B, 12th Pa res Herndee VT Her the M Ham W H. ?4th Pe Henry J. 1st rliier Horn J Hendrk-kr M Hollow ay B A Hn ted N H. 4th N I oar Heelrei II* f. 7Vfl Pa II..U. h H. 1 2th Pa res fitrkr n A. Wh R J llartl* O. 8H Pa Hop ley P D flirt Pe_ I I ailuri r u Q. 89tb N Y Hatirmn f. Wth Pe J'etin'titJ llth Pe . mat w H. 24th Mirk Ilof hmr S 8. Ij?tth R Y Ilryer L M.2d Wla Harold in<. 1.1' h Cone llrwnr Hy. IS'h M*rs Hill t J 8 4th _ I: a e| Beet W H ?nh Pa Re* Hick la Mich. I42d R Y Hunter T 111th N Y Hreker Lieut 6l?t Pe Hlckr J no, 12th Pa Roe Mawker IT, Mth Mesa Halea* G ?>th Meae HtU 11 It*th ST hellyhrebt M. Y'tb R Y nenderaori O W -ttb MJ Harker .i.ftth Wi Ha*twrl?bt P. 18'b Meae llaaai ton (Upv. It?th Pe Howerrl O, ?th Meas lneh?yCorrv.!.6ih R I loft eye leaaos A fifiTPe. side |r!?h Bteten *th Ohio JonerC W. 17th Vt Judklea C R. 'id ?? J'>netvr 71 4?tb f? Y artillery Medraft Thoo. 14th Judd I? OJMh Maae Jotnoroe w H. h:p Jneer Capt P R. 1*W ;?6th R Y ted Jone? Xegt Jooua P Jobnamt M. 19th Pe Jen nor J M j'.'her IF J. 1Mb Mo J Mir II O W, TWJ P? /obnMMt M . _ Jobmion ?. T7th N ^ Jftck?on TImni. I7tll !!? J?cks??fi A W, 4th Johnf ?fi tdi? M Jicnh* J M. ? LU Sd Wts_ Johnvkfi fT'Wtfc Ufclo Rirftln A, 7Sd M Kii.i .la" ?'??*_ K^'Lf "Wh N T V HTIfc Wt Koliy JooepbaMlh Mae* K itlri'l t'hrtrt Ooee Bahogany Corp Jerry, M Mct'low J as. 27th Maes MoCny Wm. It Del M alloy M, 22.1 H Y oeretrf MoT loud M. 4th Vt _ MrCloy Capt Yhoo B. Mk I MaeMeboa J. ?M0 BY Maher Sergt. 42d N Y MeHoy J B. 109th H Y M or fee Major. 3d Me Merer J R. 118th Pe Mnrty J. 124th Ohio Mathews M C. 4th Me Mellroy (I. 39th ff Y Mamn J W. 17th Pa ?e' Mlddvton J H, 28th Mich MeBeron R. 79d R Y MePlurrr L M.Jlh Pe Ra"p T. 4ld R Y .t'rriue Johnaoa O.iMkllY Rail! D. Wth Maes flo-Tnan Corp B. 9th RT K?wton Capt H. M4 Iff' Nleu-^enrmtth J IF, ISMk^ Nnbtooe Peter. Md PR Nelson E. 19th Me Meloou J 12th Pa B*S. Mr Howry R <4. 10th R f N ttlog C A, lllth MeM Roontferq W. leg No mberg A log RameV. 1Mb Baas Ntel A. JOtU Mo Htrkios J U mh Vt. Oft jetek Rolaa J B. ItBi Pe Norton CaiH k Al Rfiwmen Corp T. Ith Pe Ml Keep J, fth Ohio ear N'trheeo Joe W. 17th Be Orff It. Mth Malee O'Rare H. Irt M J O'HriO" corporal B Oeboree J. 71st Pi ? ? O' C?a nor Wie ?. Mid B T O'Mara Pet. I4tb V $ Ofron O. 9th Wte OU fU. Mth Bras Ordway G B. 9d Vt ( >dd water 8ergt IX Mh ? V O'AsefeC. Wth R Y Oi en D. 14*h R Y Ortoe Hy J. 147th B T O drill Jet. M Me O'l'eooraa D. Wth Mee? | O'Reiii Jaa. I Ma Mass Oeborne G, 4lh Mlak K ec R. Mh VI K' ii?< o Martin. ?7th Mae K< en??o S?t Thoe, 9th R Y Kluolarl J, I4"th M Y Kin*. I L. Mh R J, ?ngee lo-Rell A, <"th Me IP nnoy d L. Mh Vt Ipearre Lt C >L liJBlh B f IPoworo R, I6u fee Peoro P, 97th M Y |HM>yre Ho ret L. Mb B ? Ipoundlng J B, 82d H Y Peokeeod H.l09th BY ll'Otrbell R. >?h Pe Ipropnol Chaa. it 4 B Y I Parry Rly, iWth R Y IPeppor J, limb Pe PiaeaJ W. 1 at Cat ll'aoeo C. Sth Was Chli a?an CHHe. ItM Oh. Pioron Wm 19th Proctor 1. 34tk Mlok rkBHee.T. ttth Pe Pleo r> IMth R Y Kini .J |4, .fin If *f, "n|cr PftlBe A R a v Kimt-erly Wm. Mh B J. ana lenghure fl terra 97th at Ketrhum S J. arm PmM if Y. 14BMI B Y Hal J 1 th re?a Plc*l? H. Mth Fi. hand R 101 A H . 4- th N Y PendlitOB J R. 1' th flsag Herri nen J U.llthMese rb-tt I'l.M U. U4?h Pa an l erm klmboriy l4Cbae, 1Mb Pe K lenoek C Krone c W, 89th Pa KannnrCaptM 99d Pa Kehoe M UA'h R Y K frhet r J O Mth B V koirev J no lot Del Kelly T.??lh N Y Ke|.W.ion,9tt< Ma i Rendrlek R. let Md >-e? Keefe .Ino. I at Md Kepprl b ft, th I' * ea? ten hen .1 M M.VthMtoa I.arruer W , 81o Fa Pearson U W. I Hot N X Powor M. 74th R Y Paul Hergt. ISth l*a Pontl^oei Capt J H, lOOMinh Pooler M 1'oraha A PrOrh J Plaa? i orp->. JTth Baea P^rteo 8, I Ah Ft Parton d ll?t Pa Previa H I* 1 1Mb Pe l'ort?r lohn P. Mb R< Pr -atoe -leho. 4th Vi Pool (Jen 1 7th i Me Paio'er .tirhohM, 79d ?? covnxn oi wqot

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