Newspaper of The New York Herald, 13 Mayıs 1864, Page 13

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 13 Mayıs 1864 Page 13
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UTLER! The Operations of General Hants'* Cavalry. All R&ilrosd Communication with Petersburg Cut Off . The Union Troops Reported to Have Passed the Outer Line of Bebel Defences. CASUALTIES IN THE CAVALRY COMMAND, . : 4h(C?% fcCi( *0. . 'J .. ? a Maw Wa. H. satne*?B Ottyaltk. Citt feirr, ??., May u, UM. . m nrnUTf)m pt <ri aa* Ah |y _ J" Km dsshlag 0 'iier?l A. K. KauU, ix wbOM lUrt 1 Informed yoe to my despatches of Wat week, have been <sb Um most axtcBDivj scale, ?Bd raalM a graet KKn M Um ?mb; and eastBtial service to Um> Oaten eaase. Late kaai evening neme (aw of Um wounded eane in. Drat, who Informed Me that a part ef the dlvl Btaa vaa closely following tbem; and from Um former I ken beee enabled to |all*r aaaae Incongruous reports ef m MM TO iDTtfea vaa given a* Wedneeday, Um M loatant, and (he Art a too having been property organized and prepared, tuo order to March early ? Um morning of Um Mb luUot Vaa obeyed with Um greateel alacrity? Col. 8. H. Mix, Third New York ear airy, commanding Um First brigade, and Col. O P. Spear, ef the Kleventh feaneylvaaia cav alry , the Second brigade. Rafloae sufficient for the oos tempiatad trip wore provided, aa also ammunition for Um aarbleea. re* el far a and aMueUIn bowhaera, and forage far the boraea. ma vmst dat 'a rnocanmBoa. On lea t leg oar tntreecliBaents near FermaMnth. known aa Getty's Station, Genrral Kauts took the straight road te8uffi?lk. and from there to Andrews Corners The greateat caatien was used la ttita advance. Flankers were thrown ant to give Um earliest alarm of aa advanc ing fee, bat ae opposition was bmi, aad before daylight of the Btb Inat. oar cavalry reached Vmdeor bridge. Find ing no rebel force here, General Kauts poshed on to tbe left of Isle of Wight Oeert House, where a small rebel force wai encountered, who tired a volley Into our troops aad akedaddled. Lieutenant Preiubomme, of the Eleventh Penney ivaeia cavalrv Antsuat Adjutant General to ' Oalonel Spoor, was badly wounted He made b? way, however, ta Fort Powhatan, atM was brought bore en ; the steamer Curl w the next day. Company A, of the - Eleventh cavalry , led the advance. OS TIB V'OOND bat ' thecotema la a body left Bt??k water bridge, and west | to Whltfotd Station en the Norfolk and Petersburg Rail i toad. tbe oppoeition bm( thus far from the eoetny waa bat tNgbt, and waa mostly from guerillaa. From , WhlMcrd Station oar farces proceeded to LiUleton , where ?hey forded tbe Nottoway river and continued their march an aad through Beany creek bridge, on the Wetdoa aad Petersburg Railroad, Which was reached on Saturday Bight. A? thia place Um Third Mew Terk cavalry cncewa tared a rebel force, com I by Calooel Tabb, who gave them battle, and ear of see lieatenaat killed aad soma eight Or tea men wouaded. The robela, however, were rented, wttA a lam equal to. If set mora than oar own. Thia ' i what I the third day's were, which waa intermixed with] thatef iheaeoond. , a nruua amd vxjtost. CMmmI Spear's brtga :e waa We aatached aa Ihe aaxt maremg, aad poahed forward to a ? tattoo seven mlka (rem Btoay creak, towards Watdna. Owing to the daa alty of the weoda eoaae arty ef ear aaen were demounted to aat aa skirmishers, a rebel reree aaot ear troopo, aod anmmenMit to Ore oo theaa. Haviag sopenor a am bars, the enemy had Um adveatage ef Um hgbt, and drove oar men from Um woods. At Una point, however, ralnforoe maata from the Fifth Paoaaylvaaia cavalry, who ware ?mo d la mounted, arrived, and, after a abarp engagement, the re he la were In their tarn driven, ?pd tbe wooda cleared effectually. Oar lam constated of one man killed and eight wounded. iMvaama MantucnoR or monorrv. Haviag pursued the enemy a distaooo of three milea, ear troops returned and' net fire to the slat Ion, destroy tug boom two hundred thousand dollars worth of pork aad a large emoaat of grain. A quaatity of the latter ear men appropriated to uaa for their cattle. A BASS OB AB lltTHBWOBHKST. Leaving the a tat ion , Bpear's brWado met the Third New York and First District of Columbia eavalry aome three ftMaa the other side or the station, engaging a heavy |bree of rebel* under Tabb It appears that tbe latter, after meeting our troopa on the railroad, retired to his iBlreenhnaeeta. Our cavalry diemounled and charged the batUrtos. but, haviag do infantry to aappnrt them, were compelled to retire, which thky did In good order. The few weoaded wd had were gathered np. moat of being able to rHto their own horsee. Being en a lumn, la th ad, which etnrighi road aad only nine milee from Petersburg, Gene ral Keats tarbed off tbe highway and oommeaoed the march towarda City Point, where he arrived lael evening, raa aan-LT. aa ace' aa I caa ascertain from the disjointed ate lemon to ?f the wounded men who came la advaace of the main , la the destruction ot aa immease track of rail i will somewhst interfere with exlstlog rebel arrangemenu After travelling for six days, sxbsusting all the rattoaa taken along , Ocaeral Kaatr , aot being able toeubatat oa the enemy , eame to the baae to replenish. Forage waa found plasty , bet the eoantry bo raided threagh la entirely depleted of provietaM. oca Mas, eaaaiderMg the large force aad ettaat of territory tra velled over, aad eegagemeata fought, waa very alight. The aatkre aumber , ae far aa eaa be aeeertelaed. amounts is but forty-Bra la killed aad wooadad. The wounded have beea sent forward by Dr Charles MeCermick. the aOctoot Medical Direslor. to Portress Moaroe, when they will be oared for by Dr. Ell MeClellaa, Acting Medical Di rector at Old Polot. Year correspondent with ihe cav alry oorpa will furBieb the details of tbe sxpedittoa My otsiamoat la only aaah aa I could pick op frem the The Omammltlao. twr a* wovmi or onwAi eautx'b oataut arvraioM, abbitbb ni btbambb *ohitob,'at mitiwi noKaoi. hat li, 1WW. ?ryt Jamee W Dumb, Co Bt Berg^BIke Oeaay, Oe I, M . l*MauI Co D. 48th NTT Oerp Wataraball. Co B. M _hn Nolaod. Oe A, 48ih NT T NT ear airy I A Beyers, Co O, 48th B T T JoaBOweaa, Cel. M HI I Madera Oo I. Mb N f eavalry I Jeralemon. Mb N J batty B Hefkaa. Pa eavalry Tm Com p tee, OoB,lith Fa cavalrv eavalry Beery Hbreeby. OeLMklk Corp J Vaa flsabsak. Oa A, eavalry II th Pa oav IB Ml aster, UaA. 8th Pa nv lergi 4 Heebev, Oa F, IMk JehB KefknelTOo M, 8th Fa JP Mebey. Oal.tMhFaaav Ma' tlmroeOaA, BthFa 9 ra?inaoon Ob C, lita Fa eavalry m valry "NCj JeOn talnke. OeA. Mh Pa J Lego. Oe C. 11th Jaeob Laaaport. Oe O, 8th 1 JWaenas. Co 0. 1U*B? _eeTeky k ^^Sler'^^lVth^a^ BuT^Dumaaaa, Oa O, 8th Fa t-.^-. <B .. ...? 7. JSftZ W Beiinrd Oo B. 11 lb Pa eav Aimoad Lewla, Co A. lat D V Bkllard Oe B. 11th Pa eav AJmoad fr&zswfvn hT^?.,Moe-v aeCartby, Oo M, Id tfT eav latDCml aewltoa.Oe 3, id MT av Jdba Baeon.Ce C, lat DC nv Vha Camaaedere Jeaei Afalr. TO TBB BIMTOB OF TBB BIBAI.B. Cbttbb Br abb Naval BoarrrAL, \ Noaacaa, Va., Map 11, 18d4 / la year aettaa aC the lam ef the United Ida gaabsat Immedaw Joaaa, hF the aapleatoB af a rebel tcrpeda ?a Ihe Jemaa Hear. Bay B, wBl yea gtaaaa pnbltoh a ami am Bet af oAcera, that tm (Handa may kaaw who have bean Billed:? AtKmt nil mil (hinniiBBp thamaa F. Wade. MM Okrtlly Third Amtataamr^u Wblt worth ana *Lpsaea iaetelia, ? ?Aiumtm PwmaSir Btwmd T. CTmpmaa, kHtod rspmsBa-r (Isl JmjV- Baraem. Jr. Attmt Mm*** J Msi F. M. Wye, Wm. & Baitda aad ^ iiramm'tit isar d (ut aharmy? ^m. J. %ratpf. PtUt- Oeorga F. Boore, dlad m heapital Thoaa aat maikad ? are ail eoavsieaoeat at tha hoept pBaL Beapaetlblly. J O. BARNCM, J a. TM* Oemeratl Preaa DetpaUhea. Baa a usa Bonaan, Ta, May IB, 18*4. Nethmg dadalta baa yet beaa aaaampiBbod by ear Ibrom M U>e way 1 eaptarea, bet everything looks favor with about tt.BBB omb, IB IB reterabarg. ttnilBrf|aB laada^iB that tBt aa4 krw MMgfe ta keap |mm(h4 iter* *atn ho swron ?m Wo akall, it la reported, mm eoBaineoee a rteg? of Ike There are roar Moaliera u4 MWtl *HWn toir a ili-a of Port Dart aj, ready u? ?)-oi>?r?ta w?ik o?' r--j for (i part of (kern) tbrdtl ai M? Monitor,". Oir lercee occupy tiUMf i o-hk*** , ?wwmi'l enough to to 4 H, and MW01 m Petersburg m takeo, to ad* <?? o , tart Par Nog wttb land aod water foroa; end with the md deter ?mauoo existing la our rank*, then 1m'| uM if au. ctaa II ta euppoeed l'"' General I n'iN ?"* b> 1 sooth ?f I'aterebarg alanine at tkadeatrn to,, m r.?'#04<> ^ tag aewtb irom Bioomo 4. 0 ? eopo.i4eal* have proba cy aaaonneat Me4o .aaany of hie f *op, otptured, fee. H la m t heltrred here. B .uregi H0 e,r*|ry. Fa a Vo u, i8?4. Fighting woo going oa all ?Uj# vetierdiy. TIM mala prt tip?oai?ja?Moo ear rlgkl. Tne troop* war* aaoer lawiiil 4 Go oral i> maa, Ttw turnpike betwwa twbiaoM and F?unMr| WM tfc? boor of contention up la three P. M ta> :ay .Aitnlaj later baa boen received. Re*. Mr Debbt, Of Y 4>r 0lk, lately connected with the OU Domim<m, ( to the front to- 4*y, to be eeut ?W fko rebel' Ikf*, aa a confirmed rebel. latere burg b aoi been abaa4ooe4, burned, nor aa yet fcerfegfel. Beauregard i* ikoro la comniaad. foM Dor la g * atttlriQ i be baada o tlie rebel-. Iks bi/k Dims Durdeo, aabork near Oapa Hoary , with kcau\iM?r Iroa, atcei, block ila, Ik., will prove a total 4 import Jutt received a.->te4 tbat Ooloael Spear baa pureed tbe loj,f bridge, aear Wefdeo. and two aibero; tbat hetaade three charge*, * d lb? third Umeeotceftood. I give this for what H la worm. My Informant board Colon*: Spear toll It. IT f*llo*ioy additional aemeoof wounded have been receive! wVkiu tbe I. at two> ty-foar hours iron G?n:M Katier'a army D Marak, 7i tb Pa P Wlngage. 3d H T J Km barWsoa, 1 1Mb NT M PleK. fth Pa cav HcmU U M mater, 3th Pa cav J Keller v. Pa oev T J Oo'npbell Sib Pa oav H Oatkaa. fitti Pa <av J P Mukor. Mb fa oav P Bemmer. 6th Pa eav In aaaMlea to tbooe, akoat ana koadrod aad Oily afck >?w ban awl to tho Haiptoo an* Cheoapaake kcwpHkl* The OaUer Defence* of Polerekarf Paaaad, ;1 v.'_ On Pciar.May 11,184*. From tko latest acconata reoetvod from Iba from ap ta kagt la k^awa. tUal Qeoeral . BaUee'a foaoea wara wttklo tbree ntlloa or I'eteraberg, aad kadpaaeed tko outer Hoes of tbe rebel deleooes. Tbla la Imporiaot, as M tko mora clooely poaa op Beauregard >a eommasd wMkla Iba city. Oaaoral Xanti'i Jnnotlea wttk Qaaaral Baatler. [Oorreapondenoo or tko Now Regime ] 1h rua Fiblb, aaaa Caaaiaa,') Tu? Mow North or Panws uRO, Va., V Monoai Udnxino, May 9, 1864. J General Kaoiz. who loft Butt ilk laat Wednesday, with a beavy cavslry force, joined (<eoer.d Butler laat evening. During bis marcb be crossed tbu Black water at Ivor, sad, Sroceedlng lhr< ugb tbe enemy's country, recrosaed tbe lackwater at Blunt'a Bridge from tbenoe through Sorry county, Prince Ueorge's county to City Point. During this adveuturo be aeveral times enoountered tbe Con federate roroee, and had quite a aktrmisb wttb Boko'a brigade. Tbero waa great rejoicing at headquarter a over the success of General Kantz'a exploit. The whole army is now In motion toward Rlohmood. Nothing ooeld equal tbe euthuslasm of tbe men: and when it leaked out tbat they were to be led "oo to RlcO mond," each man seemed moved aa If by ootno peraooal Imoulie. General Butler did a characteristic thing yesterday. Upon learning tbe nune and rank of tbe commander of tbe army gunboat wblch led tko ascent of tbe James river on Thursday, bo rdered that be be promoted from a lieutenancy to a captaincy. NEWS FROM WASHINGTON. Debate in the Senate en Negro Suffrage. the BUI Oirior Homesteads ei a?M BatatM to Boldim and gallon jPassod by tha Bom Til liilrotdi it the Contrj and Ike Military aid fMtBl Service. Military Appointments Confirmed by tiie Senate. , May IS, 19M. na WABinwa m tub boom. Mr. t B. VMkt?M waa qalte a Nob la lit Bnn to day. Ha ni MrroaoM by troope of Repreeen tot tree, all aagar and anxloaa to laarn how Grant fait, and how the army fait, aad bow eooo Lee would ba defeated and started oa nta travels. His eoeoareglng acooonta of tba oooditlea of afflUra al tbc front bad bod aw bat prapared tba mlade of tkt irabtie bora for tba >>ortoaa nawa oaaa muntoated by tba HsaALB correapondaata tMa evening, of tba groat triumph which baa r award ad tba unprece dented aad protraetad exert too* of General Oraat ud tba Army of tba Potomac Tba city la wild with delight over tba nawa brought by tba baarar of tba Hmuid'h daa paiohia of Lee's retraat aad Great's victory at %ottayl> ?an la Coort Bouee. NOMINATIONS IT TBI PHB8IDBNT. Tba PreMdeat aomtaatad to tba Senate to-day CMooal Rtoberd Delaflald, to an tba plaaa of Chief at gagtosors, with tba raak af brigadier (aaaral, rice Gea. Tat lac, 4i oaaaad. Ganaral Baraard waa offered tba poaltieo, bat decilaad H, aad raqaaafd tba appolatmeat of Oat. Data Said Tba Praaldaal alio aocalBetod Charlea Bala, af Boatoa, ' aa Ooaaut Oaoaral to Egypt, rtoa Thayar, doc esse d. ArPOTNTMBNTB OONPIBMBD. Tba Senate la executive session to-day ooaflraed tba foUowlag nominal tone:? to na MAjam rwnnsna Brtgadlar Oaaaral Haratlo 0. Wrffchk Brigadier General Andrew J. 3m lib. Brigadier C aaaral Andrew A. Humphreys, Brigadier General John M. Soadald. to aa Hiusaa amttia rint Uea tenant Jamea H. Wlleon, af tba Oorpa of EB Catonal i. T. Bartranfl, Fifty-Bret Paaaeylvanla Tolun teera. Jaaaaa B. try, Pro* oat Marshal riiaaiaL yrederick Jeha Mayer wee coaBrmed aa tataaaetorsr rAMAsa or m aAtuoAB nn boots uu it rva bouse. tba aabeUtato to tba bill mehiag tba Delaware and Barltaa Railroad a military aad peat read , whlab pro. ?idea that My railroad operated by etoean ahaM ba aa. tborlaad to iraMfert freight, paaaaagara, bo. , rroca oae ?tola to aaaiber, waa paaeed to-day by taking edvaatage of tba abaaaea o t eoarly all tba Maw Jeraay members. Tba debate baa bean protracted aad earaaet, aad tba re aaH waa aoaaldered doubtfel aatH tba vote waa taken. V It ahaald alao peaa tba Baaato It wtn brleg tba federal girtoaiaiat In oolMstoa with all tba State gararaaMata, la ntmmm to their lawa aaatoaWag rahrnto gartaii by their Hgbhlaa. Tba atbaei Iplliaa la tba twftrty loaa aa rsportod al tba Itaaaary PsyertMsat today ? wueisd to >T?,? 0. 1 na nayr or nn mattow. The pnMtc debt of tba tfaitod Stotceea the loth of May, teilowe ?Debt bearing latoraat la oola , fm.ftM.Mt, the In tar eel thereon being $4S,?Tt,Tl<; dab* bearing latoreai la lawful mcaey, HfX.mfU, Intoreat ttS.lM.A30, dabt bearing aa later eat. $609 ,2*0^14- Total dabt, MI.411, latoraat, ITl^ag, 144 row ornci lujuonnm t. L My hea been apblal eatol agaat af the Mat (Mae Department rot the erm.>e la lb* nlhr af the Mbabalppi, rice Vkrklaed, who heAb-ee traeefarred to ftsahlnylee, In oheajeor the aaH* rathe asatiea af Mm i CnMed Stalaa. May It, IMC nainiraa ooavcmcanas aiiaii taa at *""? m. Mnaoa, (rep.) of Mass.. from the Militor/ Ooea mMto, reported the following, without amendment:- - Whareae. the OaaatitntHa af the Called hutea ooaiV* apon Caagreee inAprnae lam* the pawer to tagntoto ee.V few otT^-v""7 u abratts FOLK BFLLF/EU HICKSPORDi immo 'ABCAKP * MUfiFRCK W/NTOt V/ELDOI GENERAL KAUTZ'S CAVALRY. flic Seme of tho Brilliant Ktp-dttion to thf Soifb of P^rsborp -The Rail roads EilVelaallf fnl a ad Onmmnufcarfon Out Off", &p road h i>>rmi by Mm, Ha mmhmi hI assigns, M and m hereby nUartwd in own upon mm n? Me im, connections, ImU, ui furlw, all IM|H property, Bulla, peaeengora, tseopa U<1 government ? pplioa ?? tkrir way from one Slate I* m; other, ud to nwlw MapNH lion therefor. td naoiH w or a rant r iirn,n Mr. Grimes' resolution celling for Information of Ik* N?tt Department as te Mm mtUoa of a depot M Kit* lory, Ma., waft pused. tbk amu oman or m an. Ob motion of Mr. Wiuni, H *n resolvM Uxt Ik* 8se rstary of War bo directed to tarn aft Um Boa ate with a list of all general officers of the regular or volnateer force* in eommlseioa at the beginning of the preoent war, or appointed alnee, with the States in which they were horn and from wblch they were appoioted ; designating those also whose nominations hare been withdrawn from tbe Senate ; those which have expired by eonatuutlonal limitation, not having been oooflrmad by the Senate; tbeee deolined, realgaed, dropped, discharged, dismissed or mustered oat of service, and thoae who have died in tne service. rue BLaoimc piunfbmb in ma namacnr or Columbia. Mr. Harlah, (rep.) o f Iowa, ealled op the bill to alter and amend tbe charter of tbe eltT of Washington and preserve tbe parity ol elections. The bill, as reported, allow* every male cltlaen to vote without regard to color. The pending question waa on an amendment of Mr. Oowan to tnaert Um word "white" an n qualification for voters. I Mr Moruil, frtp.) of Me., moved a snbstltute ror tbe I amendment, that all citlxena of tbe linltnd SUtea, Who I have been Ihbabit&nta of this district ror onsyear, and I residents in Mm' locality where tbey propose to vote. I having a taxable estate, who eaa read and writs, shall be I qualified as electors. gd ? Tbe CHAian** ruled tbe amendment eat of order. ? Mr. Bablax.w ha reported tbe bill, woeld vote for tbe I amendment, however nracb he oppoeed It, as be was oon- I vlooed it would fall, aniens the word ??white" waa in- I sorted, la the other chamber. ? Mr. Moaanx advocated the prlnclpiee ef bin snbstltute I Mr. Tn Bvca, (rep.) of M. J., said the effect of this I measure would be like that of the measure | In tbe Boone yeeterday, parcelling oat reH lande, which ware "*? ?*?? being stained tbe best HUv* ?r ??* i?i?atry. w* -- ws nnd nchieved a 000411 net before we legislated on at^l matters. All thane Ihsaourao drove off from on many who were Inclined te rally to oar atsedwd. the propo- I alt loo of tbe Senate^ from Maine did Ml stmptr ex tend the right or franchise to oolofed persons, bat reetrloted It I in oerUin cases rrom the whites This woe not. In bis I opinion, tbe time to strip the whM* man of say privileges, though he may not be' able to read or wnse, much 1 eaa of kin tnalleaabie right of fraeshtae. 1 f we paasid tke bib every reMuiv or the noele hearted eoMter. who was to- j day odbring himself spon hie oovntry's aMar, weald re- I celve tbe vote or Um Smote with a bowl ef Indignation. I It wouid freeze tbe patriotism In the votes cf onr soldiers, I and cause tbem to stand ae dumb statutes. I Mr Wiwoe waa, while willing to give the colored sol- I dler wbo la Bghtlng tbe battles of his conntry the rlcbt I of suflrare, unwiiitnr to lane M away from tkaae wdo I now enjoy It, and he therefore opposed both the substl ? tute and tbe amendment. After qnottng the law oT New York relating to colored suffrage, which prescrlbse n I qneilOoati' n of fiM. be argned that snob a clause as this I aa a qualification in Ms bill would M n start In the right I direction. I Mr. Oewm showed that many of IM SUtea had stat- I atss against eegrueofrrage. and It WMld be dhageroua I to attempt It bore at taia time. | Mr. 1-ssa, (rep.) o! Kaosaa, wanld vote for tbe proposi- 1 tlon without tbe property quallAoetlon, as no oensidered I that giving the suffrage to the property and not to tbe I man. Ha would, after three yeara, lb which tbe negTooa I could learn our InatitetloiM, boot aw free suffrage spool ?, ? Mr. W;tx*r, (rep.) or W. Ta. , argued agalnat tbe propo I sit tea, 00 tbe ground that tbe right te vote waa purely I oonstllutional, and that It reeled solely with eommoei- I tlee to beelow tbe privileges of the francbiae. He said I tbe Inhabitants of Washington were opposed to this I measure nearly enaaimously Be depicted the evils I which would flow from beetow tog the high privilege spon I tbe maseee of uneducated alavee. eepectally in Waabing- I ten, where tbe populatioo, according to the preoent satio I or inereeee, would, In live yeers, bo one half colored, n Tbe |>assage of tbe measure would not oolybe Injurious to the colored moe itself, bat would irritate the whole I country, end eepedairy tbe border SUtea. He eald this I ae one wbo bad emanoipeted Slavee by (be sweat of his I own brow, it waa Mile to aappoee thai we oeald oonfer I the high privileges of civilization by a scratch or tbe pea I or by acts or CbngrsBs upon a degraded and Ignorant race. I Mr. amuse, (rop. ef Maes. I, said slavery dted hard I both la thla chamber and on tbe kettle field We have I bean eompelled before to lie ten to a viodleatioo of tbe I slave code and the elave banter on this floor , and to-day I tbe - elusion or colored psrsone frosn the franchise has I oee 1 advocated by the Senator trom Want Virginia, wbo I wan himself Introduced into tble chamber by the Influ- I eocee ?r freedom. Be rleee here u day to vindicate 1 slavery In one or its ?sanest peoduetieoe I Mr. Willot denied that he deTeoded slavery Wheal tke Senator bad liberated aa maay slavee ae he bad, be I eon Id afford to eel I him a friend of the ahtve and not be- I fore. When the Senator gala hla other bill throw* S te I allow negreae to teetlfy in eoarta ef jnatioe. he eoulo bring I hnK a dozen wltneeaea to teetlfy that M waa a better I friend or freedom and emancipation than tbe Sea* tor I frm iiMsiebMiu. I Mr. Bi mjibi Mid Um gentleman had the odious grelu I dice artelng out or his former connect too with slavery I ?till la him. Tbe heed of the beam had been cut off, but I tbe Sennlor sttll slang te the tall I Mr. Cowan, (rep.) af Pa. . d sated UM right ef the Sena- I tor rrom Maasaehuaetta to deoonnoe those who denied I euflrege la aagpoee aa advocating ala very. Tbe esramp- I lion waa Idle, and only botakaoud ignorance and weak- I neoa What aa Ml an It waa that Weal Virginia should I put beraelf at the will of tne Senator to order to be in tbe 1 lloe ef proaMltoa. Re though! the *mn*?r sbool<i have I been called te order (or hie remartca. Me waa oortamir I out or order among geeUemea. Mr. Cowan pro- I seeded at length to argue ageinel tbe bill, I and to maluuta im am >n Smant to H, mentioning I that llllante had net eaty refused negro enffrage. But t>r I ninety Ihoumnrt majority excluded them from the State I altogether. New fart and Pennsylvania ware elite I Withool aetloa. tip Sooate^a"moiiaa of Mr. Wums, I went Into exeeutive aaaaMi. I The doore were reopened aad Ike Beanie, on merit 's iff I Mr. u?mi nf Kanaee, m?inU M Monday by the loiiew- i leg voU fy I Taag? Mesave. Bocknlew Onrlile. Cheedles. Oenoees. I Davto, OHasee. Hendewnn, HewerdTjolieeoe, Laa ? tt lod., I La a a ef Kaaaaa. Meentith, FeweU, taoy. Sichardsen, I ill lT^3i alK* Xstl ?ony* Slilrt t'cawS^lsen. DoeHttle, I Ike New York Okemhor sf| I aypl leal lea Mr. I lull laa fo I mhnisnsa via tbe t" Ihosnee tends la sUsm and Baldiere. w It hoot retard to ?odoe, m forfeited or nnaflenaiM leads hi inaurrsoiieaary ? dMUMa. P Mr. Jouaa, frep.) ef kid , in replying te Mr Fernando r Wood's remarki of yestesday, denied that this bill would | retard the reonoftructlon of tbe Union Robert Toomhs, | Bobert W Johneon.Jaooblhompnon and other prnnnneol ^^?o were fast frieada of old Jimmy Ihiehanan, bold as pureheosd at lew rates, now valuable if theae landa were divided *">?ng those who peril their llvee tar the ooantry, what evil wenid Msoltr ? Mr. fcatnw, (ey? ) or N. T., wished to know IT Ihe gsntieman meant Jemne Boobnaaa, the former Preei dent ef Um trailed Males. Mr, tmum iMpMtihe mlMmw dM?d pi H y ruHimr He hsd wokaa faanlllerly ihuu. V toe g?^l??M?? rr?Bi yj?* BMDt tbs restoration of tbe OalaB i ?? * |h flwamrrtlir pwljrto (btwll dayaofthe >? rTmwat, sad lb" ?lavehotder'a tho^ who oppooori iliTiry * 00d WMO Mm wm Steadily groveling no*!* the weight ?* treaaoo dn u gflTSft r. Jo?~) wM^teteror of the lie too as It was. but for * regenerated ?"*** bsstt of irte labor, Ignoring ;laT"r r Mr. Jull?n further replied, tho wine tbat UtobUl waa not unconstitutional. In reply to Mr ! "fil^ZwiS aato oootempla i d to give rights to MgrotM na to erehlp of will. At to tbs so called WBy'lt^ thrt mugt^wwlc out-HMir, he would not speculate m to the lnto<e en that ,UMr. M*uo?t,(opp.)of Ky., 5Tto Hernia did not cod template giving negroes equality an to V ?mT'j nli*>replfed'ihat formertv negrtws w*? ?"lllied to vot? In North Caroline and other 8outhern KUlee. but "e^lcn or snftrsgs wss left to tto ??Me> ? tbe States tbemeelTee. As to social sqaallty , tboss iwbo s iw fit to ueoolato with aegvoee oould do so. ^ hare w. particular objection to this, as In tb?t aectlon amalgamation w?e practised In its most disgusting form, as was seen In tho Ume number of mu'atW'ee. Mr. Mai.u?v referred to the census to show tbe num ber of nmlattose at tbe North. Mr. JrUAH ? They came from tbs Sooth. lir Mallobt said that was owing to the Net that Tan - Jf J^IlSs, prsnchers and pliers bed gon.Rmtb. <lMr Jouis remarked that John, Randolph tbatthe beet Wood ef Virginln flowed la tbe Telns of tbe Southern "^MrTwMASPO Wood, (epfe.) of K. Y. , eaHsd tho i tkM of tho mdi)6idao (?r. JolliB) I? fnilntl M !??. Wood) & objected to giving tbe Uada to the Wank ** Mr'jtruAW asked him whether be would give tbe landa ^Mr* Wood^ ? osld not, because tbe tends do not belong ?#CS23W} of Ohio, naked bew ~y ~ 7S.7 KMS ?? rSSJSSUSSL land* for noo payment of usee, end Immsaes sew ten w ECf-wa bsroad tbe IMethne ef tbe owner irJinjUi said that the He-e bed pesaed a bill to for **>1 r'T^t^rVe'phsrt tbe resolstlsa bad not yet I5?asr;s?yi,52S ? ? ? : 5S a inanwltb a bl?rk akin should have equal Justloe wMB in Z?tte mi. In tble he oenld net sgrss, bnt adrocntsd I tbe sseesnre under oonslderntw? I Tbe bill wan psased by TS agalnet O. I SAivanAM m k*w jansrr bmurso bkuswat B. I Tbe Honee resumed tbe ooostdemUoc of the bill do- I ntailas tbe CWadca and Atlnntlc Railrond, and the RnrV- I C !!!!d nelnwnre Bay Railrond and the brenebee thereof, I bnllt and to be built, to be lawful ?trocturt? and pnbllo f *t3!i?S5?SSX*H' ????? I ?very railrond company In the United .-^Utee , w boee ro^d I is operated by steam, and Its suoooencre nnd I Buiberlsed to carry 4*i iM ?w lie nwd, boele, WrHgte I .nd ferrlee nil freight. ? H?,J I I I H<K?.loWMMWt snppllae, nod troopa from ooe State to anolbor , and rs- I ?SagSSRWu. m?t immmm was not M declare tbeee railroads tobe g+ ta n rends or Ingnl structures, because tbey were so to- I day by tbe esiaung lew. It wan an attempt on the part I or tbe Honee to ta? set n ?ute eowra^WWlidlhrl*. nai DnrDoeee with powers not glree by Its charter, I but denied by the legislation of tbe sute In whlcn it I exists. There wss no single tnstanoe In which such a I iiover bn* beeo eirrclsed br the federal goremsssot, end I Hlwse against the principles of tbe constitution ,nnd sn interfbrencs with State rights He a too opposed tbe I euhsillnis mrt twit beonuse of its lnjusttcs. hot because I II fis intended to apply to all tbe rntisondn m every State I ^MrTwoonSiuDon, (rep.) of Vt , in adrocntln* the bill, I o-'n tended that the powers of n >Ute nfnst yield !?? tboes I of tbs nrsnmwt, under tbe ooostttntioo, for the pnm- I mount tnterseu of oommerce tostweeu tbe states. Mr RET (nap.) if Ky. , woeld vote for tbe bill or I tbs .ubstltute If for ne other reason man to break down I : vs%y ~ mmm tutluoal power to snUbliah n throe gb raltroad line be- I tween New York and Waskinijton. bnt < iswM tknt n I i^mi inaiiiiittoQ of ft 8UM <x>oM bo obaftfM for too moo I At of Ibo Uo?iod m?iH. IM ?l>orior bolog ? naturo J | ^ so?tr?t Ctws~ tbe PU? end mllrond company, \ ?S the law ef too existence of tbs letter. Mr JOMSOn. (opf.l ef Pa., In opposing "jeb"1' aa.^.? mmm no niMtifY tOUMlif Of 0VII ft pfOttll for IIS 1 1 passage. It oould only be (or tho beesflt <X stork jOtv I ban hanging ronnd the lapitci, seeking new sourcss of I plni>der end sprcnlntlon. . .. 1 Ito.Fnurw.lopp.) Of N.Y., opposed tbeblll. 1 Mr. flonwrn. (rep.lof tifclo. gave tbe^ views of tbej O on mtttee on Mtlltarr A?lr?. who reputed the bill. I^y re- I ?arded the nneetion es sttooting tbe people ot other Stntes, I nut uf New Jersey slonn, sod objected to that fetnte pass- I in> any Inw sltbsr to natural ludivtduala or ofliclnl per- I ?one lu Interfere with tbe rights of tbe entire p sop's; I Edit because New Jersey undertook to snytbnt ib?re stMii be no imds sr travel between New York and Philadelphia unless en sneh conditions as she i ?hal! pre i ss,- ss*rtrH! jusres- ttasz ; ""'ZXZ to \Ib!s tbebluTss dleagreed to by 14 mn- I ^ r'e Hones adopted Mr. Wilson's substitute for the bill (?? girsa in n former pert of thlx repert . and pnaeed the I bill ? thus s mended ?yeas S3, nays 6T , as foi to?s ? I St, 'S2SUolff?2f ~ 1 ESKS.'-av; S"S' , ; S esufciljsa- a?. ,? trs ??liber*, Tracy. Upson, van \ alkenburgh, Waahbnme of I i $?9SB^E^?623t63S SbMim Sml Kw U. Stiles. Strnoee. Htaart. Vo. rheee. I asa? ef Maaa.. Wh^ey. Wheeler, ?r ebeter. rernando Weod. I Tbe linuss adjourned. 1 WWI FROM CALIFORNIA. Rseslsttosi sf U< OlmeeraUe Itst* Cww went I am tn Regard to the Wnr?|nerenis 1 the Tr??d wltlt Mimh, **n 4km. R?? r? a ?w?, May t| . l?M fbs PemooratJe SUie Oon vent Ion. now m sssstoa in Ihki city, psasAd rmiliiWins deotartnv that tMs wnr Is soed ucted gsr nbeMtWs gmpmm sad to reveletlenlse tbe govsrnmeat, sad urylnf the IfWlctol Democratic Oeovsw tup to pledge tbe perty to the restoration of peaoe upon fust and hoaorsbte terms, da sflbrt wss sands to ooa demn tbe war for nay pur pone bnt failed. Kx Oevernors Meter, Downey aad Waller have heea sleeted delegates to tbe chicago Onaventloa. Tbe t learner John I. Isvuss sailed Ibr Maaatlan to lay wltb n cargo vn ued at | ISO. 000. The trade with Meiloo Is rnptdly laereeslng Hour and grain quiet. There hse been a light rata again, and (be orospegt (or oraoa Ifl slisbtir kswrevsd. THE BLOCKADE OP WILH5GT01I. W-ffht Attack by tb? Hfbel Irii-Clid North Carolina* SHE IS BEATEN OFF. The Rebel Steamer Supported by Four Wooden Vessels. The Rebfl Iron-Clad Raleigh Aground, **? 6e? *e. 0?? Rival CormpoM^kfc Ore Vrw I ii lit, N. , 1864. Oo iki IHtMof U>? 8th 1n??., at hair .past eaves o'clock, the rebel Won cl?d Nor u Caroiiaa mid* cut under cover of the terkMM, aad clucked tb.< United Statea limit Naaacaon, with the evident purpose of rnanlog bar dawn. The Intention *M diiMiMd hi ilm to avoid bar, bol we aarrowly escaped being injur, d from bar ?Mi and aho|>. The Manse? en flrad several shots at bar. but owtag to tba light calibre of bar tuti Ibaj nad do eBeet as the rabai Ironclad. Our veeeel made signets to i be fleet ef approaobiag dancer. Several veeeele, w bona statlee vac coo ven leal, itood for tba scene, thukng tbat N was a blaekada runner trying to eeoape eat. At atae P. M. ibe sieaaser Britannia ssw b?r and opaoad lira apan bar, wbtatt tba rebel iron-clad returned, without, bo waver, tnfttotlng any damage to tba Britaaaia Tba nlgbt waa vary dark, and wa could not aae a graatar djstaare tbao Mr y*rde off It daylight the rabai Monitor waa diaeeverad| by the eteaaoer Howqua, (bar aad three quarter ailec affahore, cleaa by, aad steering direct far bar. The latter leased lately opened lire, atrlk log bar low time, tba (bot glancing off her Ilka paaa. One (Ml freos tba Iraa alad rtoacbattad ana paaaed throagh tba aawlwalart of tba Howtaa At daylight, tba whale ef tba teat coming ap to tba acena of aattaa, tba hruo-clad put far the bar aa fhat aa poaalble, aocons panted by four woodea veaaala, all araed with heavy gana. Tba rahalg reoetved a bat ?alalattoa tram Itrt Flaber aa tbay paaaed. Tba waodaa vaaaela which accompanied bar out, m doubt, waa Intended to tow bar captures ta Wilmington ; but I am happy to state that tbey returned diaappotnted, and wlthoat Inflicting any damage, comparatively apeak lag, to any of (be fleet of small gunboats. 1 suppose the attack will be renewed to-night, or perbape they will try tbelr fortune on the Western bar, and I believe tbat tbey will meet with do better succoas. The North Carolina baa Qve guns In all Inside ber roof, and to all ap rearanoe la a very formidable war vessel. 8he baa one gun ou each end of the roof and three In midships, the latter can be worked on either side. The guns on the bow and stern can be used aa broadsidee, bringing at one discbarge Ave guns oo a aide If neceeaary. The iron clad Raleigh la aground In the rlter a little above Fort Fisher, and no doubt will gel off with the next high tldea. Tbe two vessels were intended to come oct together, and If tbey had a great deal of diaxster might nave r faulted to our fleet, consisting at present of but a small claaa of vessels, with one exception, and she was ten miles off during the attack, and consequently did not cm- In to t(.a station until the day waa woll ad vanced and the iron clad inside ef Oape Fear river, foiled in her attea t. Tba Hwnteviile aad Da Soto Mot Baak. Borrow, May 13, 1804. The report of the (Inking of the United Statea steamers Buntavllle and De Soto by tbe pirate Florida, waa a-rebel r award. Both veeeels arrived at Key Waat oo tbe 29tb alt. from a cruise. Tbey Intended to remain In port two weeks, far anppltaa aad repairs. ?tappa|e la Traaalta. mrruuoR ooor-trul nut. Before Judge Moosil. Mat 12. ? AUmam&tr M, and Maward R. McHvaifn m. rtweomo.-f XV* la ? ? ? mm kiUWlM In mm* atxty-thraa boaee of bacon, valued at 91, TM. The pro party In question bad bean pure baaed from the plaintiff* by John Rea k Ce. , and shipped oa board the Br Utah (hip Malta, ?f which defendant waa bum tar. soma trouble having arlaea about tba payment, the plaiatlflh replevtned tbe goods, broke tba cargo ef the veasel, sad took poasee atoa of tbe baooo, eutyeot to the decision of the courts The dtfease aat ap waa that the property waa received a the ordinary cearae of trade from Rea Jk On. , and could net bava bash delivered ap exrept to tbe holders or tbe bills of lading, and that as master of the ship and oom atoo carrier he h?d special property In tbe bioon, aod had a right to the custody thereof nattl be transported aad delivered It aeaardiag to the bills of tailing. Tbe defendant. farther act forth tbat In oonscqueoce of bla carps having been broken be was injured to the amount of (3,000, aad prayed for Jodgmeat against tbe plaintiff U Uat amount. The 6a aa M stilt on. s Court Calendar? Title Day. Woraaaa Owrar? Cnrvn? Part 1 Oourt opens at eleven A.M. Short causes, Hoe. 1 ,341, 1923, 2233, 233e 2339, MAS, 3081, 3108, 2108. 915. 2280. Part 2, 73 Duane stroet. Adlouroed to Moadty the 10th lost Rrramon Ow*T? T*ijl Tkrm? Part 1.? Noe. 4263, 4266, 42M, 43*9, 4381. 438S. 4284. 4387, 4.1.(1, 4''T?, 4375, 4277, 4279, 4211, 4283. r?rl 2.? V<*. 3040, 8440. *838, 1078, 3712, a71fl, 3718, 8720, 8723, >724. 3728, 3738. 3782. 3734. Covar or Oobmoi Puua? Part 1.? Short oausea. Part 3.? Adjourned until tbe fourth Meaday to May for equity Cnrlaaa Celnrldraee-Whtls Jnstlre tars her ??lajunetlons" on the counterfeits of PflALON'8 ? Nuht Blooming Gere us," fashion lars ber tniunct'ona on nil her votaries to get tbe genuine. To atop the Imitators, F batons have "goae t" oourt" with their Night Blooming Oereusaad we advise all youag gentleman who wiab to make a favorable impression wb?-n' they go to oourt to do likewise. JI array, Bddr d? Co ? Haaagsrs. Kswtocst, Isiaa Class 123? Mav 12. 1884. 54, 24, 71. 33. 40. S5, 70. 11, 18, 2, 53. Ksirrocar. Oiui 124? Mar 13. IHl 41, 14, 11, 33, 64 , 71, 10, .70 , 61, 43, 31, 7, 69. E. B. ?Inanaona A Co ? Nanar.ra. 0a star. (Ztu CLaas D7? Mar It! 1SS4. 67, 46, 34, 3H, ??. 67, 14. US. Jl0t 4, 58, 63. Class >18? Ma? 13. utfc 14, 61, 32, 16. 35, 78, 30, 21, 16, 52, 68, 28. 73. Fraase, Klita A Co.? Wan agere. Ltaaiar. Bxraa Claim 71? May 12, 1814. 19, 55, 42, 29, 2, 12. 61. ft, 68. 76, 63, 41. Class 72? May 12. 1884. 53, ?0, 10, 19, 61, 41, 28, 64, 27. 44, 76, 15, 10. Prtsaa Caaitrd la All Ugslliad f.ofre rtasand tafarmatloa gtvee. OAlXlOtiBR A BENJAMIN, Brokers. M0 Cheatnnl street, Philadelphia Royal Havana Lottery.? Ferlv Par eaat prvaalnm paid for prtiei'; laformatlna furnished, the highest ratea paid for I'otiMenn* sad all klncs of lield aad SOvar. TATLOtt ? CO.. Bankers. 18 Wall street. If. T. Prlus Cached fa all LegalUed lautter tea. I a AFmaUea gtvea. f> WKST 81 Naaaau street, M. T.. room 7. Prtcea Cached lit Ail Legal I.ottarlea. n or sent. OLAfTOR A CO.. 10 Wall street. K. T. Information g|*ei? or Letlrry Tlrkeie Cashed - Isfermatlon gteea. JOBBPH BaTBA Brohsr. II Wall street, room 1. Arcaalle 8?hleilaia irhnaptia.-Ths Sheapeet Imported liquor sold la tbts eeaatry. Far ah by all druggists aad groeersi Addresa to laskara. PULUK A 8njf . MeererSanm Maaufaotarera. MB Broadway, aear Fourth atrial, an<t 887 Brooaae street, aear the Bewerv. Rvsry arWcle stamped with oar up yes eat a order aad repaired. Aiarwtlag Caeca talag WOLiJOTT'B arha, Baaralga ted Catarrh ar* eured br n laataat Pala AnnVhllaior 8eM every wliere A Beaatifai Com plea loa. ? l.alrd'e Blsew of Tonth aarpaasee everythtng for pressrrlag sad beanttfy tag the Oempleitoa aad Skin. No ?8S H roadway, and by everywhere. Aaalvepsry Wee^ ?Lad lea Visiting the city wi?jilng.i'and??>me a titer Beets aad Shoes for them salvca aad shlloron paimnue MI1X.BB A CO. .887 Oaaal street A DellgiiSfal Caamotl* and "asll?ry, ike Vtealdre de Teflette ef l*a Soetele Rystealane of Hew Terh. ltrlt U Mats aad 81 ? Depot lit cjhameer. n A Fortaaa Can Me Nads Oat of a Fatcai. gl.uoo required. Bale seapaidsry. Apply at m Broadway, rooaM. After (wailowlag Eaoagh Ba ? e? partita a?nctl'>a te turn yoer b'eed to water. Buchu ?i tract to das irov foar Vtrile pavtere, and ta<tlas Doctor * roots uaUl yea feel Uke biirytns the hatnhet In the bead of the quark that saKe thefb, ?*!lY>4 Date* flfRTKR, Bo. > Division sweet, New tork dty. since l?4. elshl ro..m? aadaprtvaa eauaao- llpee from 8 o c aekA. ?. eotll 9 at o%?t He o'clock F. ?: Itatehelor'a Hair l?f?- The Seat la the world Harmleee, reliable, Inatantaaeo is, The oaty per. feel dye. Bold hr sh drun<?ta rartervti Baretay strset. It# Bare louit' itlghi. ? I'Mri-haxe lias of FoWLBB'B tddtng Machines, which, far aeeasacy aad epeed, l* tinam uan?ed l'rke oaly 14 For sale at HI Breed ar. ever Bass, the Matter's, mtat THE WEEKLY HBBALDL The Adfaac? ??<! iue??M?? mt OmmmI Urant la Vlrglala ? H?p ?f tl?? of ( un(|l?l? The Mikmciii of Q*a?rftl Duller Up the Ja?ti nivtr-Th* Vigor* ? u< U|irratlon?ur O. itrml lUirnui l? ? ? He ?'?Itit N?wi, Ar. ftia W bruit Hmilo, lb? bant and elieeowii u?wi|*f? IB lb* country, read/ to-morrow (A.turday) nturaiag Will M II ? ruU and graphic awoooll of tha Movemwia of 'mmtJ Oraul'a Army lu Vi .lata, with deialta u* iha Rati tee ion hi by tha Arui/ ot ilia Potomac, of <na Victoria* Ub>y have gained, aod of their position at th? in a a* ewmta, illustrated with aa excellent Map or the seaoe at Coo flirt; A Kuil Aooint of the riuocaaaful Ad**aoa at Oeoaral Hollar up tbn Jamea rlrer, of tae iNMltlona nee*, piad by hi" Foroaa, and of hie Operation* near Klchmaa* aad Cataribarg; PiiM RafiorU of the Via .roua v< .veiaaata ef Uonerat H barman la Oeorgla aod th? lai?at daapatcbaa from the Unloi Army In all portloaa of ibe country; lh> Latest N'awa 'rom Kurope; roetrjr , An e icel lea i Siary i Literary, Arttatio and SoiaatlAe lalelMgoaoe: Intaroallag Agi 'Cultural read I Of mailer, Faceilw; Sportln*. Value Ml Kepnrte of tbe Mouey , Commercial, (tfr lioode rattle, Horse and Family Market*, aad aaooaata of all impartial etoata ef the week. Taan. ? 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Map of the Borne of Operation*; Full dole I la of the A4 ?aace of General Butler's Fereee op the James river, aad their Operations aad present Position la frnat of Kith mend and Petersburg Latest aoooanta or the Mnwmen^ of Oeaeral Sherman In Georgia, and at the Miy.-m?ntt i the T'nlen forces In all other portions of ihn c >unir*, Late snd Important Intelligence from Knrone, aad Re ports a { all lalereatlng events <>( the peal ten dava. Single copies, In wrappers, ready for mailing, six oealm Brazllllan Pebble Mpectaoles and IC ro Preservers. to strengthen and Improve the slahl of o'd ud young, bv dsy and night. wlihoni pain or fel'gtie Highly recommended hr the medical faculty. SRMMON8, Oeeullala' OpUdau, tKWX Broad -vay. opposite Hood street Brilliant itnd Powtrfal Day and Night Double Perspeetlva Glasses. for the Held aea, opera aad tourist's me? compact, portable and eWetent * ?I'leodtd asaorttnent at SUMMONS* Oteu lists' optician M9H Broadway. under l^far^s lions* '?Buy N? and I'll Do Ton Onod." Te?, If yon areal'leted with t.lver or Rlllotia romplalale, Dyapetikla, Cnatlvenesa, Jmindire, 1 11 I'geallon. Scrofula, Piiiil Btemseh Humors o' the Blood nr *kln l*osa of A ni?e llta Weakness lln ml Deidiliy sad Impurity of the Blood, then Dr. LANOt T s Runt and Herb Blitsrs will onra yea. Only in. Ml and 7.'> rents peidbottle. Bold by all dealers In medieinea C- Isfadoro's Ifiatr l)y*, Frees rva t two and Wig Depot, wholesale and retalP-Na. 6 Astor Reuta The dye applied by skilful artists. Corns, Rnntona, Inverted (Valla, Wn? larged Joints and all dlaeaaea of Ihe Feel enred without nla nr loeonvenleoce to the patinnt bv Or. ZAG It A Kl K. Bur geoa Chiropodist. 7<VJ Broadway. Cedar Camphor IB CHEAP, fragrant AMD RKLIABLK? BTI fUN To IM8RCT LIFK. The best thing to defend Clothe and Purs from attaaae hp mollis Pries $1 '.'A for package nam lv double else ef a pouad of com" on camphor. HARRIS A CHaPMAN. Pautarare. Boeten, Bold by drngglata, town and eoontry Deafneee. Catarrb, and ail Dlaeaeoa ef Ihe Kar. Throat aad Air Paaaagea ?oce,?fully treated hf DM. LIUHTHItU 54 81 Mark's place. Deafness, Dlaeneoo nf the Kjre nnd Ca? tarrhal afectlrweeeneraUy treated a usual for manvyael* Faceittahth ?ri?iT "kCsamlaatioas free. Hoars (tain Croon-eye lastAntlr remsvod Dr. Dfarahall'a Catarrb Rnaf Is lh? best remedy known for catarrh sad all diteases caused hy s Sold la the head. It opens and purges nut all ebetruetleaa strengthens the glands sndgttes a healthy actlsa te tan parts affected. Sold r?y ail drtigg ate. Doafasss, Impaired Right, NOISKS IN TUB HBAD, catarrhal is THROAT. CHROMIC "CATARRH, CATARRH OP THE TTMPAXIC MCGOCV MBMBBAWE^OimR^'TICnNB OF THR CDRRD. CROSS RTF STRATmTTPIKO II* ONB MJNHTB, And every dUesae of the Rye and Ksr reuniting elMv medical or auritml sld mtanrtcd to hy Dr vON Kills. BFRH. at his cunsiilUng rooma, 814 Broadway, Twelfth r.reeu Dmnkrneix Carrd. tsd tall D>?lr? fnr ln'o?i<-?Mtif n nor nii. lv, ?i>c*.lrty ait'f perm teently ooa quarsd with or without the kenwlodre of the ..eraou. Call en ir address. wlin autmp. L D. CRKB W KLL, 3SS Peerth street. Mew York Dr. Keynoldeon. Cooper Union, Boo am St. Is at Ihs Indian Queen, Wilmington. Del., to-day aad to morrow. Krnpflone, Freeklee, Pimples, Tan,. Sunburn. Fle-h W"rm* and all Skin Deformities eured by OCRAOD'S Italian Medicated Soap, at hi* depot. Ma OP Broadway. Kltlptlr Rewlng Marhlnri, They are th* he?t. Sec them before purchaelng. OMee M7 Broadway. Vane, Paraaote and Biding Whips.? Large lnrelcea InHj-ectred by Tlr kaST k CO. UO and Ml Broadway. Fanry Cae?l mere Walking Coata, |1S to $00. Barks. Bit to fit: Kprlos Overeta!-. $'5io $IT. CLARKE. 112 aad lit William streak Grower dt Baker'e llighr?t Preaalan Blaatie Stitch Bowing Maehlnea 496 Broadway. Oonrand 'e Pasdre Suhtlle Vproote Halt from low foreheads or any part ef Ihe body. Warranted, as hla new depit, MS Hroadwajt Brooerjr, Wawlrs Ware and l.<<|Uort. Shlpplag Tatfa. Cheapest ever offered, at TICTOR B. MAC - OKH H, 115 Chamber* st#eet. If Ton Want Co Know, dir.. Read MRDICAL COMMON HBNS'*. m curious bo .k for eartoea Bnplc. aad a goo I book for every oee Prion f I ML To bo d at ?l! news d rpote Content* tehlee mailed free. Ad dreee Dr. B. B POoTB. 1.130 Broadway. N. T. Ladles, Attention.? Fl m ting, ?ny wldtb, Ave sent* per yard Fran' Plntlae Com pan y M 7 Bread way. hot wren Twenty "r? ? - Tw^nty-er. ad streets. Nark the Fart that at an other hat estabilahreeat ?n the Cnntlaeat ef America is there Mu:b an un^inilw-d Said ft selection ae a* OKN1N M. SI3 Hroadwav. The f*ah >ns of PRA>rE r.Ktl LAN I> AND AMRBICA. In rentlemen's, ohildren a. In uu aad misses lists arosft represented In the np .. , >?> fhe BUMMER BODRB. lust announned abroad, are all then' together with Tab riKt'L domkntio movkltirs Innumerable. In every deuartmeot or plain drsaa aad IteSP baiting. The pnh'lc are Inrlled m view thia RPITOMK OF THB FASHIONS OP THR WORLD. IttoClellan and Wife? I<leatenaat Oen eral Oraat ? Se-erter Photoeraphs ef taeefe>*e and nhey elvil, military and thealrieai eelebrho-a. for sale at etnre. or mal ed to any a>ldrees post pen* prioe 13 sents eeeh| rents (Insly coiored Card PhoWwrapha srt'?tl< ally aoleead, at 10 cents, or ft for a (*n ea. aad int raed Boat paid. PR?> BT B Bonk Store IBS TblrU avenue. Mew York. He Mora Gray H ? tre or 11a Idnose.? Com? .snltatloa free by Dr ORAMDJBAM, a years' eipeitsaea. No. I Aator pleoe Psrehmtsl ?Highest Clasa Tags fbr sblpslag cttoo. specie. Be., at MOTOR R. MADOBR'B, 111 Chain hers street. Patent W I re Balllngra, Window Gnards, Ar formerly na!e by the late Ira nf Hutehlnson A Wlafe eratiatn. aow mann'act ueed eaclusNrety hy OMABM A CO.. M4 Broadway, epsoelte St. Ntekolaa Hotel. Bensowai. -^.abl. for Vanghaa'a Cartas da Vlslte Aro Ae kaowledged the heat. Ms alts all aalll soiled. Proofs ly? ml a ales after sating. OB Bowery. Dr?> Hair Dyeing BATCHRLOR^fTiMleiy sJaeT"''"* U# t Watches and JewrlVy For sale by 0F 4LL "BBCBf PTIOMB Oaedeor below OBOROB O. a LLBN , 41 ? ?"a|?Sf. . low Caaal suaok faemarts II WaM

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