Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 13, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 13, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. THr*#p.iT, May 12? 4 P M The railroad share lift wa net so strong this morning; but to* mi-oelUceous stocks ware firm, and nearly all adran ad in rnc?. Compared witb the tale* at tbe first board yeefc rday, New York Ceotral declined X, Erie Railroad l.Kne prelerred X, Hudson Rirer 2, Readiof 2 V waukee and Prairie du Cbien 3. Michigan Central 1 \ Michigan South ro 1 , Illinois Central S>4'. Cleveland ud 1'ittcburg 3. Galena and Chicago 2t?. Chicago and Hock island 3. Pittsburg and fort Wayne *)?(, wblcb was Ike heaviest fall In ibe list. Chicago and Northwestern 3, t hictgo and Alton 1, Toledo and Wabash and Mis sissippi aad Missouri 3. lurlem Railroad ros-e 10 p?r cent. having so'd up to it>0. Cumberland Coal ad ran cad T , felllag as high a; 77, Canton Company 1, and Quick Silver Mining 2 V A Ugbt business was d ne In tbe afternoon, and price* gave way an additional fraction New York Central closed at 1". Krle Kailro d 110, Hudson hivcr 13' S. Harlem fCl? another advance of one per cent, making eleven tor tbe day Reid:ug 130. Michigan Central 137*?, Michigan Southern 9S ?4 Illinois Central 128, Cleveland and l'lttsbnrg 10f >, . t.aiena and Chicago ll#?-,t Cleveland and TohxJ 14ft, Ctuc*g" and Rock lslaud 111, Pittsburg ?ad Fort Wayne 110 < tncago and Northwestern 65 , and I Quict-ilver Mining 71 The poid exchange was less excited to-day, the over, osded bt I s having conc'uded to concede the fact of 1 leutenitot General Grant's victories over tbe rebels. The market opened in the morning at 175, but went down to 173 , ami closed firm at a fraction above that figure. The lolloping U the report of tbe Sab Troa.-urer to day ? Amount on hand $30,782/02 K :eipt<- Ir in customs Hy.tiOo trom other sources 3, 30V, 760 Total $34, 261,346 l'.?j men Is 4 .443 .090 Ralancp Subscription to ten forty ioLu . ;'s '?n The condition of tbo lacks of the three prmcip.,1 rom rnercia! cities ot the Union is exhibited lo the follow ing iKble, which gives tbo aggregates of their last ?eek!y i>t aliments ? ??v.?a IrtSl , T,:U! fWC.43.V6ir SS.rS?.S74 iMMSttSVMWm increase m loans ""crt-ote m wpeae l'oq"'I?r lo'-.rease li. circulation aX liii.rea.-e iu deposits 4,l8i'324 UttMk Bictiaugt, ^10 0 TS ti , ;; N r,.K jl<5^ ^ Hi *5S to* }S?t Jfi Bri" ***** if* 3$Tr&n;o.ox IW SUud,do KlerBR \h ? 1 :er: ??: rg t?'"' ?f* it ? ? ?,? -i chi^ * ? iKK : m? ,1ZUu^^nR v? j? aa?Cul*KWlm . M 2 bSJ'4','? !! ph KK 1 ItJ ' Mtcb Se A S 1 KR ti JftXi I nuKtW Atli, J at lis 4,10 do -J* 3?*W M Ida A Mo I a >;l nK? 2, 94 tMil fiU,KiW.tCli3drr. ^ ''V* SHOO AtAOtMMru oj,v J?? ju, j? 93 >j ^.lAueric.,, Vl,lLZRR:^ do:::: ? ? 2f b8:::: ^ 4m Bxiiana^iJ' ^ ' !!Lf.!chif.:r#ik ^ s2 1 "laa C"mh"Mlhl 1*: "? M;: * du CbKit '?'< ?w do - ? 1%, web.* n w kr.... u <oi J.. 77* i.J ? m'.: lil'cP'A'. ;!.r M!t Vo0 2ff' ,v>Cb!*J w p'er;;:* "V* %*,a?,a^09 ij' 'w Chi A Altou BR*:** e 1'acilic Mall 8S Co w! H Jo-ephRR ^ in ?> do...;;;, ui w t>,oek- 7,"> sau do i A M0 Mis A MissouriRR. ?7 SEOcnjj BCiARD. l'?A> M-,soun o a P 7 ' frl "7? *40 K Y rentra'i RR , fe 1<*> Knc KK ' " ]7, *? C!er''.1"'1 ?* Tol RR 146^ i 41 ' do 14* "o do :> iU ?!'!CA? '\9t Hi{ "i a to n ,d "o R.Vi; iin' RL r' " ???>??? no Ui-iraM i", * iSui'b'cT * wh'r* m * CI1Y COflMKRl'IAli HEPORT. iHVRi-WT, Msy 12? ? P, If. /-?v? Re ( 1 V bbls. llnrket firm at fy 60 for pots, au.i entirely n< niinal for pisaris. f!> - ?Receipts, 15.072 bbls. flour. 4S0 b.if8 corn ir.ea! . 192 077 bnshcls wheat 04,148 do oats, C 600 1 d rye. 4.760 do. barley and 8 47J do. malt. IheCojr I market r u more active, but prices wer,- w.tbont imp ,r wot cb:.agc. Good -trai^bt iou were, it acytbina a ir e firmer, vh.le mixed parcel or low grades we're p ^eu up readily at previous pri. es . Moderate ptir lidser wer. msdr ror shipment, but the principal business *?. for h ice i -ak U.OOO bbls. Mate an<1 Western 1 GV> Inoal ? i ? ' ? within our rai,^ ^nd Mj'j ibh corn ttoal ?t ;(. ? 5 r tr.uidymne. Y.e quote? u--?"rn E^a sute.* 6 "Dd WMl"rn n''ur *r' '?*? ??0 <'bolce Mat^ " 6 t?S ? 7 '.i.< ?"nn,,,DIl medium' Western!!!!""** "" 7,^! 2 ?* Good to e.fc' u e uo I 00 * ' ^ Hztra Si Louie -"-a ^?MMoo to goud ^uttvrn.. 6^2?^ <-'*>d to cho,re extra- do. . . - ro ! in IS otiif.. m Canadian ^J!:; r u' ! ? ?-o.k; to choice rxir* do , 7;'* i Kye flour, superf ne.. , * J 5? Com meal, bbts ?9 * J 76 <?im 'oeui.pun-beonF ;;;;;;;;; J; si*? ^ taMn ' and tT ^rr " ?*C'' '* for export tot.'rsu Hri i-'e'i. U ? W'L" """? u?*ithtitaiidiug the heavy r,Li ,0 ?rr,xwss.,us3 'x,rz rs More liariev 'was' ' dull *' f V?r W ?t?rn m*ed In >??sie;n?t ii 4; als" i <(Vj in /* I** " 400 <, it* h ere a hL*J . barley tn.ilt at }1 ffl. HC a iS ??c 1 or tb? ^>*r' W'th * mo,1*fate demand at Uat s. IOr tb* w Wc payable in cert, j:zz\wzvyjrm<,'t :oc iaoc < Hi.,. 1 w ?j . ieady and unchatiged. }*'" Mi?, ,rtn, with no *ait? r r e7i^r'ribY''"kof ':,"mOW!.firm chRSv w-r^unr L?Ji- "d |? *?? u.nicmt U buy Huote - ?l?watioM. sales 0,000 halae. Wo Ordinary %an4 F'litfa- *<*?'?. IT. 0. <t T. Middnutf 2? ? 79 ?ood Middling Kfl Si 8? Middling lair 2o M mjecu ii iSSSH'^ , ^ ?her K!Vt'W:V"w a,w SSKiS (kl. , ilfll tif'HJQ f^Cug |i( 1 /j ?v4>r tUinor arouo IN^i .M at sd/VhVftdl0^don rV; b'Tno,Dr 'UU,*t ? ?' * 1-^ re tral h,r , ei lbr,ft rarKI,r" P"r Rrttttr it d rlr V ?r ,f. ^ ,>or,,? in "our 2! ? quarter. 1U Kotierdam. 500 bbK ?I :'1n, Antwwp too bbla petroleum .V td ' rB" ,0al,d'; s: ^ deg.hl. ,oi,.rk' , 'nihf ** ,rk fblla orrtoftrra '"J"*"' VHrofum. 64 ,d oioHmwi . h iOMifltr iJ'r ,eo'W?, tC : , aid ^*^ufy?,^.7'^,lub,,,'r,'li' rv0 a,v M ?>? ?**> all articina brought full price bu? r?'' mSfl U'" >*"' b',, ^ui i,uj ? "n"' rbaat-e moat# aere w?. ,u| ,?t|< ? -rr ? iba ... .j*1 'o^bhi' ^ ? $2'> (R2 lu f bbli. , Ml (M f,<j ' 60 12: 4:y. a a^T l 0 1*. , 6 * ,4!4 00 for 1" m? ""<1 n? also 100 Ub?. tew Mme nK?tl m i? ' l'u^" tioo, for Juir m t , 1 ' ,. * . V, A } t600 1 b'iver?: op country m. ?a ? I ?- Vr' 2 0 1 *' *" M' * ?13 fW for recited m": ii'd Vl?^oVXc mT' #l# " ?" Trirne mesa be..raui h^.- h ? 9Jt 2S ,or f,,r* "?'?? I > i'i* 2,000 10. ludiug I OOO w for M.v aad' j 1<V ? 14 VS., ^>r'? rp(ry ^ iU"Je'^,rr- " ;r~Ji r^,,r,lr"J' a?: lor fM?re ?Bi|veehL iiL en actton tt-raJrL** ,,lr' *? ? 47 crat u ? ?i at t. * '"^T* '??d 2,500 bhta crude, 40 (ratil/, at a ^ r,^ w fcV tm the ? pot, md Mtfr for More delivery; 6.M0 do. fiee atfrom&'>o. to 66c on the spot, end 6?fcc. a 7tk- lor Judo, July and Augual. buyer* option. ''('alie" to uny extent were reported ?a sale#, but the above were the only ?uuai sale*. Benzine w?a quiet at ST Sc ,(W 10 lined. I'uis. ? w# note further sait?j of Canada, for export , at $1 in ? a dec * id*. Ki<*.? I'tie market wai very heavy and quiet at 11 <<C. a 11 \c. for Kan*oc>D. The market wai very quiet, with aales of 1T9 hhds Cuba muscovado (of wLicii 81! were iu bond at lie.) at 10 '?c Taiutw wan Arm ?nd more active, with Mlee of 26 ,000 pound* at 13>?c a 13 *gc , with a atnall paroei at 13Jto , an extreme price loiuooo wan very luaetiv?, awaiting more deRnlta re ?ulis from the I'ot mac. Tba market wan ateady ami firm for both boghead and seed leaf. The market (or tiumiF&ciured waa quiet, and prices were Heady Tat *1' heavy, and prices ara entirely nominal WuMKtar.? Receipt*, 821 bt>U Market o;.oned Arm, hot lolt ofl at about yesterday'! prices Sales 1,800 bbls.. cIomus at $1 23 a $1 26 (or btate and Westcru. THE DRAFT. Conrlnelon off tb? Drawing In (he Third Die trie t, Brooklyn. There was do excitement yesterday Id the vicinity of the Provost Marshal s office. Very few persons, cmp* ratucly, were present, and, In fact, hardly any interest was manifested. Tho drawing commenced shortly after ten o'clock A. 1L, and the last uatue was called about a quarter past Iwelve. For the Information of those drafted, the following dates have been tlicd when residents of the several wards are required to report aud present their claims fer exemption . First and Second wards, D5th Inst Third and I ourth waids, 17th iu?t. Fifth watd. I Htli mat. Eleventh waid, iwth inst Eleventh ai d Twentieth wards. 20tb inst. Thirteenth ward, 21M Fiiieeuth und Nineteenth wards. 2M Inst. The i<olirt fore w uch hive bi en held in reserve since I < conimenceuieut of thedr ft, wore dismissed at no n j e.-terday. The follow :ut is a complete list of the unmes of those drawn ? THIRTEENTH WARD. Mnlton John. 4? South Mh Marlin .Sam!. 74 South 7th 0 borw 1 M . fC South Mh alone* an IIS Soiltb 4111 Lomy Tin. -.Jr. 1 04 Sou ili 9 th Warner Kobt, 1(W .>o.ith 8th M uri)li>' John. 1-2 Soul h .VI Bi >ln in t'haa, .ISouih Mh tt ii iMMjelin i :t Sonlli 7lh FiRgee Uhas. South Md A 3d C i mlwMOli Che 101 SnulhVt h Sell ale John. 195 2d tila< fctord \\ in. 1 Somli 2d Wiijjbi Eugene 2 Fih Corabau Win. 12b South .id How .lolin, 4 Gem* place Fr|i'kensteinThe,17lso"'hith Maresi Tlio* It. '.'OS Smith 4th Allen K ti, 2IS eouth 3d Marion t\ m, 195 South lit St ("roll Geo. 2'i7 i.rauif ?t Jones Ed A. 1ft! South I th ltodgnou .'as 3, South lal Bretiec Jal>e' L, M South 4th Baldwin Win II. HS.'td Kusii fcdward. 176 2d Seim Kobcr; St South M fcehmlnt Adani IS3 Grand at Lynch L.I. 11 Suu>h Idih Rryau Michail, IAS 2d 1 nnaelypa i.eo. 1, South 2d Router Win T. IS! 3d Rourse C'bas. 2 -'eller (in pi t Oiuiiau Audi-en-, 113.1th llellinf* Sam' J.2H South 6th Giuimul'irj; Aug. 67 South liodwiu Kuuard J, 12b South Till Atti Grisui.ld Nath L. Wall House .Martin .Tolm, 159 South 5th Bedel! O c r 193 south 4th Fuller Jucoh, lWl2d Tra\ it J, 205 South lat H II lie V Aug. :.2 1st S ilhian Jnlin Mtuh Sin i Hi John II, IS3 South lat Foi John II, 44 South 3d llotien Ea IS4 .Id Myei s Sior tn. 11*1 South 2d, r Met iariner .laculi 257 (i and Bradley llio*. 120 South "d, r Miller J"hn 216 >outh 2d Schuue l/liaa, 21 S. uih 2d Meeker F N 20s Soma lat Corbel I Tlioa N 456th 11a* kins t; W . 1 7 South 4th Holiie* Cha? B, Ktti South 2d Feeue> l.nMia. 1(J3 t th titles Jas, fit Son :h 'Jd Stewart Wns. 1.5 South Mh Pnileu Jar, Js South 4th Cobeli John, South lat andftd Duncan Jacob, 123 South 1st Flt-KfNTH WAKD. Wine Adam 12'> WrekolT at Meeker Gtistave 34944 Grand CroaaWm. 18 Remsen at hnapp oh t. . 120 Deroe at Spier. losT, Con?ei$*ca at L" im-d Dennis, Jackson. Fmnegai. diia 20 St neai Graham at Hevnol a N. >5 Futveil at Sum k 1- n n. Grnham ar, near Sandbii-iom Aug. lo Oonsel- Wyckoffat yen at Frost Oakley. Withers, bet lla-kins Geo S, 125 A nallr at Leonard and F.weu sis Ti'bnat Fraoeis, I7"> Kiih. at Langdnu Jdo, 2i'?? South 1st it Wade Jno. 2Mi South lat at WiUoo Jno. 237 South lat at Klsel lly 22^ fi.iulh 1st Wackti ha Ina Aug. 400 (ii'and Miihefpausr Krancis, j'J I'n Teuton Wm 8MT Grand . Ion av Oibhanl Adam. 1J0 Wyekoff Kalli I ('has. Ainslie. bet i an Vanli .lacoh ."S Grand t'nion av and lOlb at An-emp -lao 1., 36,'t i.raud Moncaal Met:iarr/,ll>4 Devoe Irwin Jn . 28; South 2d t irr .la>. 5'.* W> ' kori Molt Jaa. I.'tfi Kemaen M)>r> Jno M. 252 Smith Bowman Win, ISbkillman Mount J aa. S Alualie > ovr Jno. .!r. 251 bweu KISKTEtNTH Wl'D. Elliott Albert, 180 Tavlor at Cross Marrm. 16 Ruah at I'urdcr Michl, Kent av. near Jo in s Lee av, near Taylor at Rowmn p.aee Runitav Gen W. JS Clytner at Beard Saint s. Lee a*, corner Weblei' Wa, Tbrooprraud Rodney a' Whipple at Ilendrr kaoulaaac, ll 'Bioad Knat p Frank. 44 Taylor at w ay San ford Wm. 2 1'lTiueral Donnelly .las, f>4 WiKnn at H'duan Mich, River at, near S annard Kawie, 3 Wllaon at Taylor Tutue tlrn J. liedtord av. Lelneuirer Anthony. Rosa at, near Taylor a*. near Wyibr a* Know itou .loliu H, Ken', av, Anilertum John. Huahlng ar, corner Ann at imar Broadway Clicker Anthonv. 42Clymer at Lano lima* 42 Clymer at ColherK Geo, Walton it, near Wickeri-liain Jonu B 64 Bed- Uruadway ford ar Commencement off tlac Draft In Nana chasctu. Roortw, Ma j 12, 1K(M. The draft commenced in Boatuu aiu/*?nnin of the ad )oiniag Uiwus to day, and is aubiinttwd to ma quiet and peaceful spirit. Chamber of Commerce. IMPORTANT TO MfcKCHAHTS? TllK INJUSTICE OF SEC RET ART CHASE'S DECISION IN RELATION TO 1 Ht FIKTr I kRCKNT TAKIFF INCREASE. R1C. A si?cial meeting of the Chamber or Commerce wm convened at one o'clock yesterday, to take actum on the report ol the committee appointed at the meeting on T .es it iy in re.atinn to the dccis on of Secretary Chase rela tive to the law parsed by Congress, im]a?ing a duty of liity per cent in addition to the tormer rate of turifT, lor aixtr days, on all goods im;-ortod into the United States Irorn the dale of tlie ;*a?aee oi the act Thi* act was pss.sed by the House on the 2Mli of April, and on tbe2Sth it wis approved toy the Senate, aud re ceived tbe official endorsement of the President ou the 29tU at wa^^o clock In ttic evening Tbe (mint Involved between the Chamber and tboSecre tary ot tbe Treasury is wliethnr the oiK-ration of tbe law run equitably ailect ^?r< del previous to the bill re* ceivmg the signature el the President* A majority of tbe members were of opinion that Cooyrees did not In tend the law to le retn.?piict:TC. JOflAituw PrtBOW, lwi- , cliairman or tbe Committee, rubmitled a m^tnoria* to bu lorwarded to ( ongre^s, ap peolWE lr'>m tbe decision ot secretary Chare, and askiug that body to pits* a declaratory act flxmg tho .!ate at which tune the law wan lotenood to take elUct,aad when It will cease. I jt Mayor Ornvkv oi .iccted to tbe phraseology of the, aa, in hia oiunmn, it conveyed an implied cetuure on tbe official cotid ict of Mr. < base, and cou tS'ided thai tne dect.-lnn of tbe Hon. secretary was baM'd on a ? ur measure aloptcd by Con Kie;K iu 1811, whicb was declared by tbe .?o preme Court at that time to be couatitutinoal; aud a- that decision ban not hern reversed be considered that tlie Secretary was |ieriectly correct in asauining thai thai di'CiM< ii way gtUI in forre. An a matter of equity, Mr Oi'dyke said be considered the (M oi t bo law. so 'ar as it a:iectea tbe |*cutjiary Interest* of tho mercmtlle coromucity, to be little le-s than legalized robbery . and I lie only < hje< tiou ne bad lo tbe measure whs that merchsnm who had paid tbe duty on good* imported previous to the pass age of tbe act, and who baJ bold those gooda, should be mulcted tu fifty per cent addmonal A cnnsidcrable debate ensued aa to wbcthor Ibe me morial should be revised and rouehed In language more res|?ctiui lo tbe ^ecretarv of the Treasury . aud after a full discussion of tbe qnention It war Anally resolved that tbe hieuiorial and accompanying resolution be re< ferred back to ibe same comroiitev. with i?wer to modify tbe langu.?f!? expressed thereiu ao lar as n appl.i-4 to tbe nt'ielal con iluct jf the Secretary n rendenn,; such a de cision. Ou ne lion, Mr. I/>w, chal-man of the Chamber, was added to the C'.rom tf-e atid a- noon as the niemorial cati he revised in accordance w ith ihe view* PKpremei by the meet me the saine will tic d' d to Washing. t'?. ar.->:np'tnied by a atrong nwm t it "ngre-s to take imuiediate action in the matter. This temg the only buiioeu t>et ore tbe Chamber, the c iu?: adouttiei. The Tnrff. r*TOR COCKLE . L. 1?1 Itf'TTIN'J. Hi t"i>if| May 12, Swee; ?iakea, $C00, mil# heat and repeat. |ii liartRHt C lhrdrall nauied b g Bi>:? Morgan 2 1 1 t?. N rirar.e< named a. m. Stella., .. 12 2 J. IL Fatrar oamrd b. g. .lobn it Moc-r" Drawu. Time. S .09 ? ? 2 63. Save D?> -M.irh flift, mi e ^d repent, in bsmefa. J I'evins i as ?d 0. g W'je M?rpt 2 1 I J. Himierlndj ke named s. to. Steiia 12 2 I ime, 8 tW? 2 ???4X? 2 M : 4 FaPHION COI'Ra*, I. Tnrr?Tnv. May 12, Matcb $100, two miles and repeal, 10 W .if'UflS J. IjOv en oamed l>. g Discount 1 1 8. i ro?>ka nsned h. g. M< rgan .iooe?. . .. .2 2 Time, (? 44? Time of *e< ond bent not ttiktri Mor|%n Juuee pu ling up at the end of tbe Orrt mile Arilvwla and DepDrturre. OFPART t'RBs. I.itaaroot ?Steamer tur^pa, fi? in Itnati n --M r and Mrs C K Kn g. Mia* I I) K'ng Miaa r? '?'??pt WrnT Olid - Mr *nd Mr? t'hiwlen (iacdluer Mr airt Mia A .H Gay ? nd i bild V'ne.P <?raut, Mr aae Mra John H Hinbe and ?' iid Mra Kllia two daual ters end turn, l?r .lolia H%iiiner, 1 ). M HHimer, Wi?? C Jtridr t<*. Jullna 8' ?nian and fit ?n>w RriKioD ProfeMaji and Mrs J P C oek'-. Jr. ni t 'am lr li? llenvv Me??er K-.eardC Harris, lain. Ware and F'ig'aa hn ' niiton Rnibury; Mrs andM>a? Newbiuyand AiiK>i?tua B Hra1>tf??i Dorewter; K M Pm th .'a ial:a Plan. Mta? T? net. Jewell; MraCF Rise, Portsmouth. II I': Da- 1?> l'?lne Pro* deoce. Mr and Mr F W i'h?oey, ttariinrd Mr n! Vr? Henry Wright and Joel Prav.' 'frVl.n 1 ""'i", rnmnai ? Covfc, taw laau?r*)U TotaU &, NEWS FROM EUROPE. The Africa at Halifax with Two Days Later. No Forelgn~^egotiatlon on American Affairs. ErartiBtion of FrcderLria by the Dtihfi and the London Conference Suspended. Another Advance in the Rebel Loau, *?-, A* , *? 11 Ai.TTA X , May 12, 1*64 The steamship Africa, Captain Anderson, from Liver pool at two P. M on the 30th of April, via Quconstown May 1, Arrived at this port at 6even o'clock this morning Her dates aro two days later than thObo already received. The Africa make* the following report:? Paused lite steamship Asia off Great Orine* Head, bound ia, on tbo 30lh of April. May 4, at night, exchanged signals with Inman's screw steamer, bound oast, ia lat. mi, ion. 19. On the 9th iost.^at two P. M., passed ship iloihiah J. Wett, In lat. 43, Ion. 46, bound wo; l Tho Africa, until the 8th inst., had stroug wen winds, and afterwards they were light, for tbo past two days his been in a dense fog. Tbo Africa has thirty two passengers for Hali'axaiid eighty three for Now York. The steamship Africa sail-d at a quarter past one o'clock tins aftbrnooo orB 'S'iti, where she w:!t be due about twelve o'clock on Friday night . The Board of Trade inquiry into tbe lo-s o' trie stonta ship City of New York is still progressing at Cork. Tbe captain commenced bis defence on the 30th of April. The steamship Teutonia. from New York, arrived at Southampton at midnight on the 28th of April. Tho steamship Persia, from New York, arrived at Qtiecnslowu at (our o'clock on tbe morning of the .JOth of April. Tbe steamship Kedar, from New York, arrived at Liv erpool on the morning or tbe 30th of Aprf! On the 27th her machinery broke down, but she proceeded on her way. The American tlumllnn. In th? House of Commons on the 2Sth ult. Sir George Grey said that the government had. no intention or pro posing 'a conference on American affairs, as in that con ferenee tbo Pritifih government was quite certain the American government would not concur. Mr l'i acock called attootion to the case of the Tusc.i loosa, and criticizcd tbeartiontof tbo government, lie charged the gore' mnent with adopting t tie views of tbe federal agents, and moved a resolution tbu.t tbe instruc tions contained in the lmke of Newcastle's dcspatrii <>f the 4th of November, lsiia, to tbo (jovoraor ot ttio Ca|ie ol Good Hope, are at variance with tbe )>nnciples of iiiter DOtiounl law. The solicitor General denied that tbe Tuscaloosa bad a ri<bt to be treated us a commissioned vessel. 1 bo Attorney General made a speech iu dc.tuce of tlio government. S|?eecbes were made on the opposite Fide by Mr White aide, Mr. Klpbinatone, Sir H. ' Uirn? uud others. The House divined with the following result ? Kor the resolution, 185; against it. 219, In the House ot l ords on the 20th ultimo Karl Derby called attention to tbe groat length of the published cor reapondence between tbe government and Messrs. i-uird, relative ro tbe seizure ol tbe rams built by the latter. Earl Ku.?seil defended tbe course taken by tbe govern merr, aud submitted that it was owing to tbe vigilante ot the government that tbe I.airds had uol sui cecded iu plunging l-ngland into a war with the luited States lirl RusseM closed bis ?;>eecb by expressing an earnest hope that tbo war would result in the tlnai destruction of slavery. THl I.ATE3T KEWS. Ln f.rpooi., Saturday , April 30. 1S64. Tbe Con federate loan advanced 2 per cent, cloning at 63a no The Danish War. Tbe Danes have evacuated Kredcricia and withdrawn to the Island of >emern. Tbev left many cannon behind. Tbe Prussians took possession of K rederieta. H is stated that tho Senate ot Bremen bad been in formed by tbe Danish government that tbe Danish war vessels bad been instructed not to molest any tiermun steamers carrying United States mails. This decision is principally owing to representations made at Copenhagen by the foiled States government, f.crman steamers Mill therefore continue to run vrtbout molestation tu aud from New York. Austria was Binding a powerful naval force to tbe Baltic. THE LATRST KltWH. Ln r.itrooi . Saturday, April .10? Evening. Tbe evacuation of Kredcrlcia is confirmed. 1/)M?> . May 1, 1?A4. A telegram from Deal says tbe two Austrian frigates were to sail at tbree o'clock P. M. to day for tbe north ward. Tbe channel fleet weighed anchor at eight o'cio< it this morning, and lelt Portland for tbe Downs. Tbe next meeting of tbe conference is fl ted for half, past three I' M. ou Tuesday nest. Commercial Intel licence. THB LONDON MONKT MA UK ITT. LosfD-'W, April 30. 1R64 American stocks? No sales United States Qve-lweotita, 66 >, a 67 >, , ex dividend. LostKW, April 30 ? I.vcu tig. Consols closed st 91 a 9P;. American stocks Hat. Illinois Central Railroad, 20 a 22 discount, Krte Railroad, 62 a 64 Almost tbe only stock that has risen to dsy is tbo t on federate loan. TITK LATEST MARIETF. Livkkkwi, April .' TO? Fveninr. Corr-v ? Sales V? day 20.tKW4b.1los, including 10 000 bales to spocjlators and exporters. Tbe market is buoyant, with aii advance of 1 >;d. over the quatati 'tis. I)RKar<STi rn ? The market is firm I'novisioxs.? Tbe market is quiet and steady. Prop; ctt ?Tbe market is quiet and .-.teady. HAVRE lOTTON UARKK1, A >*11, 2!*. Sales of cotton for the week. 33, A00 iiales itrimtis tr< - ordinaire. 341f.; has. .13?f, The market mtirm.miiba slight advance. St-ck in port, 30,000 bale* Sword for McClellan. TO THE Ft) I TOR OI> THK HEItAI P. Biw Yeas, Mi? 11, l ;r,f. Fnrlo-ed please And one dollar for a tword for Atuerha's ablest soldier? George B. Metier <n. C. T. M. , Irving place. TO THl KMTOR OF TI1F HB> ALU. Please find enclosed one dollar towards a fund to pur chase lor General u. B. McClellan a sword, as he richly dr. terves it. Tbis is my surplus earning* for ib<- last month APtHilt WIDOW. run nt Joannts la a New Character. Ill PBOalCCTBS TBI EDITOR OF THE LBADKR FOR L1BKL ? MH. CLANCT ARRESTED AND HILD 10 BAIL, ETC. lfr. George Jonei, but universally known as Count Joanne*, recently waited on DiUrict Attorney. Hall and applied lor a warrant against Horace Greelev, of tbe Tn tun/, for libel, tbe Ownt aiiegiag that be bad been most grossly libelled ia an article recently published in that journal. He produced tbe offensive paragraph, and, after carefully per aslng It, tbe District Attorney decided tbat It vu not nbellous. Tbe Count then asked Mr. Hall s opinion on an artiele published In tbe New York Ltai*r, of tbe Tth instant, entitled "Count No.Ancount," com meeting in rather uncomplimentary terms on a recant ex hibit'on given by tbe fount at the Academy of Music. ? ouut .loacnes was poailive tbat Mr. John < lanry , editor and proprietor or tbe J.fadtr, t 'd libelled htm in a cn?? manner. Mr. Hall, however, dt', lined to decide on tbe actioTinbie raaracter of tho Ltnitr't editorial on ib? ground Uiat lie was an occasional contributor to tbe columns of that journal Cltr jugge ItusoH next applied to bv the < ount, ?nd tbe Judge promptly de coed tiiat the IsdiUr'' ?'Count No-Account" '<J nor lal was hb?')lo'i*, and accordinglv advised tbe Count li seek redre?t in n police court. Tbl < advice ? as acted ui*m and ye.terlay (mint Joannes appeared beiore Jiutt Itowlinp. st t .e Tombs Ponce Court, and lodged a o m plaint against Mr. Clancy. The following u a copy of tbe aUdavil ?worn to be'ore tbe magistrate ? Tbe I Jitid"r <:'tii <? resiling in the eity of s?w rork, h?reby f Vi j . r.' newapeper printed ,n>i pmi?. tilled la i the elu and eoiin' v o.' Rrw t Siate of N. w fork, and entitled tbe hew York of tbe SlJnf aT lurday, Maj .. A D. ont ji"i?*nd eisbt bundled and slxtf fo ir, and whl> li said ne^nimp*, it, John tXasev Is tSe editor and propri-tor ta? p f,ii,hod uinipi.. ?i/of ??M n-waiaper. at tb. lot mm ol the aevanth^uma of 23 ne wspaper I, coataias a fa:%? maliciens Inieroas and defam?u.rv libel upor, r?. u,r iiaderaigned. the .aid fs'se aad n>ali<MM l'bet briB;: enntalned tn nali m , Vaald ne??|>s|?r. on p*i.e four, third colum-i and saeond SSh? ,r n,"ler*?!n"i also on oatb dei.o-es that the oopv of said newam^r n.nialutek ,al?l libel ?nd he I.- with attaebiwl to lb, - aa isr.t, and forming i^ari and marked ? W?> JWWtely nurrbas. d and vt\ for ?'Tnd In thepibliahingolKeof said bewii .i^ w?. Mn* J , Frankfort "trec. ln the eftv of Ne ? V ork on T ia,da? w ?? 10. Anno Domini one Iho'ifand r,gi,i buedrml an t ilitr. four, at the a/oro nrti piit# of ntibffe buMir<#?a ttiAMld Jolni rianrj, m ttif ?fore?a!d Ml try and publinbiS of the satd weealy newspa^Wr-M ? n (be New Vor*T"i ? wherefiire. on th" foregoing Premwes. ibe nnderamana Hil." retwif tbe bnlted Htates of America h< rebr mak ^eacnmpialntl lo Hie criminal court against tbe arore?*i,| j0hn Olanw for publishing, and easing to be published, tie ?2d false and malignant, Injurious snd defamatory I: lie I i,dob me Lha ua. o?, c.r;s? 7"1 ? "* "<??'?<*> >?? ~T.b*^*tflr5ie' ootnplslel, ieeued a war rant for Mr. decoy's artVi and vnoterda* ?ri^mnnn Uptaln Jevrdaa, of U?e Hixtb precinct. , on Mr. Clsney Tbe defeodaoi tti coalaoted before the magistrate, * here be waived M examiaetioa, u< gave bail In tho t>um of one thousand dollar* to aim war the charge' before the Court of General S<.ht.looa Kg-t-enator John J Brad toy gave bail for Mr. Clancy '? future abearance. Kx-Jutfge .lamas K Whiting baa beeo retained aa counsel for Mr. Clancy. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. Bruam ?? Iwiw.? On Wednesday, May It, bytbe Rev. Mr. WsetcoU. Mures Bmciami*, of N. J. , lo Huitunrra M., youngest daughter or Johu 11. lumen, l<M|. , of this city. IHinman? V4R Pair ?On Tuesday, May 10. at 8t. Pan I 'a church, liastcbeeier, by tho Kev. William 8. Cnflfey, 1>avii> 11 in nham U> Johir K. Vaw Prit, daughter of Alexander II Vaii Pelt, ull of Kastchaster lln.i. ? I 'el W*? ? On Thursday, May 6, at the Church of the Holy Communion , by the He v. William Wardlaw.Mr. 1. Wh.toh Hili. to Mi.ta Hahmab K. Poixour. No cards. B<? "ton p?|ieri please copy. Moom? Borirsoh. On Wednesday, May U, by tb? Rev. Char l <>? 1?. Lockwood, Ku mm. W. Moom, of Na?r York, to Mi#* Max* K. , only daughter of Mr. Goorge Robinson . ol Brooklyn, L. I. Newark {N J ) papers please copy. Mil'n r. ? > K: u * ? < >u I hursday , May 12, at St. Mary's church, by tti? Kev. Peter h err all. .Unu J. MuOtvrrr lo Turk*. m O'Kau.v, all ot thiw city Dlrd. Ai,:.*n ? fu Jersey City, on Thursday. May 12, G*o. B. MoClki i an, only child of John 8. and Elisabeth 8. Allen, aged "J years, 4 months and 2T days. Tbe relatives atid friends of the family are respectfully Invited to aiteud the luheral, from tho rotddenco of tug parents, No. ,?66 souib Fourth Hreet, Jersey City, Ibis (Friday) afternoon at two o'clock. Aii.k> \l Tompkuwvillo, Gluten Island, on Wednes day , May 11. Maktir Ailkn, aged 23 years, 10 months and 7 dayf . Mis friend' relatives are respectfully laviled to attend the, ut the house of Mr*. Siniakoirs, head of Monroe avenue, Umipkiu*vi1ie, this (Friday) after noon, :it two o'clock. Bkkry.? In Brooklyn, on Mondar morning. May 0. at th? ri-.-iitcnco of her daughter. Mrs. Kllon Woolsoy, Mis Saiuu Kikih, .it tun 8'Jd year of her age. 'i tic friends of ui<> fumilv and tliuse of her sou. Captain William ( . Hen y arc invited to attend her funeral, from | M l.tike's <- tii, rrli , Clinton avenue, near Fulton, ou Niturda) a leri ou al two o'clock B: i m v . v ?At,' bicago, Illinois, on Friday, April 20. CiiArti 1 . Hi w:sn(Jt, formerly ol tins city, m tue 42U year of tiis age ItiKK>..? on ihursday, May 12, Mary, daughter of Pat rick ai d Catharine llurne. aged 4 year* and 12 days Ihe iinera wi'! take place from I lie residence of her nareuts No. r,| < lierry sl>eot, this (Friday) artoruoon, at two o'clock. Ciiai-ran Ki ied at the battle or the Wilderness, on ThiTpduy, Max .'i. colonel a. B. Oiai-man, aged 2* years ihe relatives and Iriends of ttie Uecea.-ed aud family . a!,-o member of tho Seventh regiment. N. Y.S. M.,aiid Fifty -event h N. V. V.,aie invited to attend the funeral, which will lake plare 'rom his late residence, 130 West lliirty luurtli street, on Satiiidav alternuon, at two o'clock. anefvi'le. Ohio, Newbury port. Moss, and Bangor, Mo , papers please copy ( othkai ? i u ih irsday eveuiog, May 12, David Co frtKAi , a^eii 77 yearn. Notice of tin! funeral hereafter. Ci.Kmiv ? (in Wednesday. May 11 , Mart FI:.vrs, wife of John Cieary, a ti.itive of ihe parish of Kiicommon, county Ualuay.lreiaud. aged 'M years. Thr friends of the family are respectfully invited to at lrod tiie funeral, trim her late residence, No. 2.16 lv?st NiDi'tei-tilli street , on Saturday alternoon, at two o'clock Ci? ,k._ on lln rsilay, May 12, Mrs. .Ika.v, widow of JoIid i ole, ?6Hpd 71 iear-i 1 month and IS days. The relatives a;ul friend? of tho fanilly are respectfully ln\ itcd tiiaitetid the luneral, Irtm her late rosidence. No 7S West Twentieth ilieot. this (Iriday, aiteruoon, at two o'clock, llet reuii.iis will be takeo to Albany lor icier ttmni. Albany, f'ctroit and San Ftanciso papers piesse copy. C >j? r'viii: ? On Thursday evening. M?v 12, I)r. Sev Moi k ( aki knikr, in the 7I!d year of tiis uge. Tbe friends of the ramify . and tboee of Ins son-in-law. J- N. Gimlr ede, aro r?p ested to afteml the funeral, on Suniiaj- afternoon, at two o clock, from No. 03 beveuth avenue. Ijoi mr.oAT.? tSuddenly, on Tuosday, May 10, Colonel Tho.-. 1i Ooi i'jiiav, of l'ort Riohtuond,stateu island, iu the 4Sitb year of his age. Tbe fuceral wil, take place ?t Trinity chapel. Kactorv ville.h. I .this il'riday) alternoon, at three o'clock. The lriei:dsof the family are tesp.'clfully invited to attend Boats leave pier 19 North river at two P. M. F.iikhokt. ? On Wednesday morning. May 11, LotJ'-? IkiMoruKA, wife of llicuard Eickholl', aged 40 years aud 2 months. Her friends are respectfully Invited to attend the luti#ral, this (1 rtday i alternoon, at two o'clock, from bur late residence, IU2 uud 104 Maiden lane f'oi.KA. ? C'ATiititiMi Folxy, daugbter of William atid Catherire Foley, aged 1 year, ? months and 15 days. Ihn funeral will take place from the residence of her parents, No. 2-k> West Thirty ?second street, noar Nlulh avenue, thi (Friday) afternoon, at two o nit ck. Kkm.irsos.? On Weduosduy evening. May 11, at tbe resideme of her son-iu-fflw, Hermann Sacks, West Hobo ken, S. J. , Mrs. iBASKita Kruoirson , in the ft6tn vear irf her a^e CiDciniiati Commercial please copy CvsMMi ? in iirooKlyn, ou I hursday evening, May 12, 1- i'WhIiii Vowi>;r , aged I" monthu and 20 days, only son of C.roree C and 1'li/alteth I Gunning. I 1 nnerat notice in Saturday's |kij ers. I Kiminav. ? On lhursday, Ma\ 12, Hkkxard KihixaW, I tiathe ot the par: b ol Coiumklll, county Iongford, I Ireland, aged 37 yeais. His frixnd* and acquaintances ire re?pectfnllv Invited to attend the funeral, trmn hi* late recudunco. No. -)4ii i West forty liuirth street, near Kleveuth avenue, on j .Saturday afternoon, at two o'clock precisely. I K?iSAS.-On Tun r day. May 1^, after a long and painful illness, wliicli she suifered witn t hrictian forti tude, Em/a Kf^AS aged 27 years and 4 months. The relatives and Iriunds o! tbe ramify aio respectfully iuviied to attend the funersl. on SRturday tnoreing, at balf past nine o clock, fr.'tu (j?l2 Third avenue, to tin Church of the Immaculate conception. Fast Vourtetnth street, where a mass of re<|tnein will he offered up for the repo-e of her soul, aud iroin tueuce prtn eed to Cal vary C'eiuetery 1 *AK. ? ( w rhitrsday , May 12, rsn.vRtc< I.sis, aged &t years and S months The relatives and f riends of the family arc respectfully invited lo attend the funeral, from his late io. :ai nce No. :ir, White street, without further u lice. Miiirk ? Ou Wednesday, May II K*ii.* I'kiiim, eld est daughter of ibomas and 1 mily Miller, in the Gth -ear of hei as'e. Ibe Iriends of the family arc respectfully inviied to ! attend tbe luneial, fhi- Friday afternooo, at i wo o'clock, li< tn ibe residence of her parents. No 275 Garden street, Hob ken. without further invitation. Mi ? Aintsv ? .Ukr- McCai>r?t, son of James and Ann McCaffrey, aged ? years and montns. ine iriean:, and acquaiutaDCM ar* invited to atlind the funeral, from lusiato re>idoncc, No. 73 Mulberry street, ? at .me o clm-k . sic ir> ? fjn Thursday erenioj Mar 12, alts- a pan | fill uid utifcrlDK illness, wbicb he bore with Christian j lorut ide, lin.n M Caw., in the tiotu year or bis a.e lf.< friends and reluiivcs ol the'lamity, and those of b soi. *, Joiin sod James, .md ol his son io lnw. Iraocis ' Iverr^Aii, arc respectfully invited to attend the limoral, on r-ar rday a ternotm. at half past one o'clock , Iroui Inn ; lita residence, K?. Vandewater street. M iirkw ? iw \\ olcesuay latromg, May 11, John Mi ?.kvw, aged M years. The irl'-nds and aotiiaietaorei of the Inmily nre re3 pecirully invited to attend 'he Innerol. Irom bis late rent dente. No. si King atroet, tuls (Fridai aftomoou . at onlf I <si one o Clock, liia re will be interre<l in ?.reeu. wood cemetery. Mi N'amkf. ?On WednrsJav, M.iy 11. after a short illness, lo i. ii Mi N iNiti , a native of tho juirtsh of l.r?.\gati, county Arn,agb, Ite.Atid. aged 45 years. Tftc friends and reistive* of the lamllv are invited to Mienii the funeral, this (Friday) aftcrnte>o, *t two o'clock, liorn In. late residence, l.'t Dry Jhh-I, stretl O Nui. ? On Wednesday afternoon. May 11 at bal past tws o'cloi-k, AM'BSw O'Nail, a native of" Ittlaud, aged 35 years Tbe fuceral will take idscs Irom his late residence, "A Cherry street, this (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock. ) l>? friends aud relatives are re*pettluily uivitud tu at tend tbe luneral. Oluwy ?At 124 Fast Twenty-rtfth strest, on Wednes day, May 11, Bavin J*. iimni, a member of Naval I.odge No. 6fl, aged r.0 years and fl moaihi. Ihe remains will be taken to PougbkeepMeoo tbe seven o'clock train, this (Friday) morning, for interment. I"roal.? Suddenly. M 1-ort Kdward, N. Y., ou Wedne<> day, April 20, Mrs. ,-ikax B. Pkoal, relict .if Rev. p. a. Proal, l>. D., and daughter of tbe late Arthur Breese. Esq., Of Oneida county, in her Mat year Pau .? Farly oa l hursday murning, May 13, after a very brief illnesa, f oss*, wire of John H. Pell, and daughter of Barney and Mary E torie, in the 2?tb year of her age. lie relatives and frlenda ot the family are respe?rul!y Invited to attend tbe funeral, wittwut farther invitation from tbe Church of the Mediator, corner of UOugton ave nue and thirtieth street, this <?ridayj alter noon at four o'clock. Rinnw ? Oo Wednesday evening, May 11, Natda* B., In Ihe fllst year of bis age. Tbe frlMds of tbe family are respectfully Invited to attend tbe fuueral, from his late residcnca, fci Orchard street, thi? (Friday; afternoon, at two o'clock. New Uavcn papers please oopy. f-RfiRwao*.? On Thursday, May it, r.rr>R.ia sr<.rmor, aged 26 years, a native of Priors pariib. county Kerry Ireland. The mends and acquaintance* 0f the family are respect fully invited to attend tbe funeral, en Saturday morning, si ten o'clock, froos Hi. Patrick's cathedral, where a sol cmo high mas* of requiem will be ottered for the repose of his soul. Tbe remains wHI be tsken to Calvary Ceme tery for interment. fnALurr.? Is Mretapoint. oa Thursday mnrnlng May 12. of consumption, Jcwara I). Ha a us y, io the 29 th year or hie age. Ilia friends and tbeee ef his brother Wm. A Smalley, are resj>ectfBlly Invited lo attend the federal, oo Sunday afternoon, at two o clock. from tbe residence of bla aant, Mrs. Waters. It. Java street, between >ranklin street aud Loioa avenue. Hreeapoiat. Philadelphia and Baltlssore papers pleats copy Kami ? lo Williamsburg, on Wednesday May it ef brain fever, Rita t. Parrw. only child of Kdwia and JJ wiidaHmith, aged 1 year, I months and 23 days. A bud on earth to bloom in Heaven. The relatives and iriends of ths family are respectfully Invited to attend tbe funeral, on Saturday afternoon ? No' P8 8e^d?sCt?2t! of ber Tatior ? fm Wedneeday morning, ltay 11, after a start Illnesa, LAwaarca Tavroa. la the 42d year of hie aga 1 Tbe friends and relatives of the family are riss i iltr' y Invited to attend the faaeral, from bta late rseideno* No 1 No 222 West ftUeeoth ttreot, on SMOfday afternow, M two o'clock. . watsow ? rn Orartjrs, v j , rte Thnndaf ,iuy it, Jam A mm, widow of Alesander Wataoa. Funeral from Ht. Mark's church, Orange, ns flaiurtlay afternoon, at ore o'clock. Morris and feast irala leaves from root of Barclay street, at half past ?*vsa o'clock I In the morning Carriages will ba at l?s depot. The rematas wtt he takea ta Hprlagfleld, K. A, for laterateat. W si.uso ? Haddeaiy, la Prtaoitoa, M. I., no Moaday, '^oba T., daugotgr of UvU 8. M? Sarah J. , Welling, s^ed 9 years. SHIPPING NEWS. um bum "iUM *?* ?wi? in. * i ???? u m 7 07 I uh vim mora 1 ao Port mt Blew Yerk, May It, ?S?, a. . CLKAKID. A ST ' S' An<,,?w 'Br). Scott, dlMgow-P McDonald Bvt Tlo*"or' Phl'?<l?lphU? J W MITee too. Alu "*??'. Buiuoy, f>bil?deij>hla ? Miller A Hough Bar* o5?SW!ttkfi2 B?r-MMer k Houghton Biuf SwoDt Ho"">?-W 8 Brown k Co Bri^j Lydia U Cole^Br? AI'hi ii0? A E Uu<letfro? ?tor. e (Br)' OvUamt, Uarana-I a R Web Carr'er Ue0r|* Am?*- Coo,nb*' PbHadelphi.-Walih A roeron. """" (Br)' *'"?? Qonalre.-W.iao. * Cam T^E?0"" A,#?n<"* (Br). nor?y. Rtnjf.lo..J,-Oeo Dewolf. Butierwell, si stepheui. NB? D B r?chr8^h A Read. Read. WMhlngton-Bentley, Smith * Snh*" !,*nD.l,h- Ball. Washington. DC. Boor Jo-ephlns, Materburr. Philadelnhis? J w Hi-r.. ^rOommo.lore. Mitch,.]!, PerabrotS, Me-,1 K?e A C* hohr Amazon Chase. Boston? C H Pierxon A t'n S?!? j'o* "^uTT Uo"l"n-? 8 Brovrti A Co Co!^ ? aU. New Loadon? Bent ley, Smith A 5SSSSE Bmplre, Hunter Washtdeton. Su aiuor Y Cadwallader. Pearson. Baltimore. _ w ARKIVKD ran2.Wy?*UOet(rr)' K*bre N0"8M' April ?? "? ?? T"l?B- Kortre" US^uaWrmMusr Kortrt'M Bonroe. 36 hour*, to frmt'Vr^rS.on^1"' (<U"1 Palermo. 70. w, to n^{:.^rv^?irr,?1)b^?,,on- Mum"' j4n ?? lA #??r? Sec c iftsrsa t>ri .t Cliaiiiieev An r f I 9^ ^ ' . o*? !""" r- ?ore anJ w""' Kali V [Tp^ 'S N^^y^f Br b, ,? ,w Stella (Nor). Anderson. Mal*ga, 67 days with fruit and wioe, to Kun. b. Meincbe A Weudt i,. if1 k A,ir"n> ' ll*U, Cliiri-o. Messina 60 days with fruit U> Draper A Devlin. April H. lat 38 30. Ion ?i). Ie:l io with ?har'M?on*CwlItiS^P a'?ACt.,n' Ma"l,'r r?ul Armond, fioin < e?ton, with h.s? ?.r nails and the hull badly damaged an i entirely out of provisions: took oil' the rrew live In nuuiber, ami brous>lu tlieui io ihm pori ' l!u a A da?? u,"!rr.("' Mek.r?o?, de W ' h i,rf? 1 I 1, ?"??'?*?"? niadter. S.d iu company Ku. t 1. .? K(lw*r'l KMder. for N Vork. H,I! h 0 1 ,cl0"- NHI, Broomian, Oaril^iua iu daya. with auear to ord?r. ,u l?9davB0w?her??. Nl'"r;' 0r,*?o?<Ital). Cul'.or.i, Palermo. puwng?rn, to K B<rtbond tn, , i i f ??*h?rlaw. lior \etti, 70 wiib v?in?* d.|yVfrom BhUiinoreVor Kmj'^ir"""" """ '? d^wmr^/.l^l'K; XUrCmiBS- 4U"/Ani1"' 18 wi h'fi.ol"/^l'PL? 'Urem>- Struinca, Manraniila, 18 Uars, wi n susar. t.< H Jiai tistoflr * Oo. J ' dal'?lwm,U.'?",'y *" "','1 (,?f Bangor). Conev. Cnrdenaa. IS day ?. Willi UKiiasMiri. to Brett. Sou A Co. April 3 '. oil Dun Kri ,"1*1 v llairy Booth, hence for t uba. day n.^wit'h ^','r ^ or^^'""' 'NB)' A,klnson' MlUkn""- '< l0< Ifartenr. S( Jato. 16dars h" o vf tc! <*t"'dun. Bruce A McAullfl Bithy ACo' Duncan, Port Ro.val, 6 days in balaat, to ..7;'?;,rpoKi,.,vm*d*' 0p?"? x **"? "i"~? Aw'U'iliM AiS-JJli.1-' ??. PrarJall Morr,,w- Baracoa. 11 day?, with fruit, to J A T Mar' k"".* (of St Andrcwn, NB). Reed, Cienfueeoa I8?'"T?. with euuar. to Kowler \ Jora 'eaiuegoa. Mi?* Nenb<w ' n' NeW 0rle?n"- 23 w,,h ??<!?? Rondo, uUw,ith0?ta^CMlle (Br)' St 0e0!?'- NB ?'<niMt?r"a " 1'OU'>r' 1,01tBr' ,*ort Koyal. 7 days. In ballast. SWir Palms Terry. Port Roval. Bdsvs. Srhr V,?r,?'iu'L1: KW" P?ri K"ya:' ,n bal'a" v'l.r u * 5! ? r ^orlr"4', Monro*. 3 days iu 'jalla*,. hilu Maria. Baker, lortreai Monroe. K hr Mo Urande. Bayies. Virginia. 8' br Wajihiiij:ton. Briiuni'r. \ ucinla 5*. i*l Lyman. Virginia ivrlir K A Cro/.irr, Ni-uruinh, Virginia. Sciir Sarah l>?vi"a. Parker. Balurnoi* Srhr p bI'h .""b* Robinson. Balumoret Srhr ?, ??, "D Baltimore. h * ' Brltfcs. Alexandria. ' S.- .i i lhi.^?\i . m t'" Boston. Ainmn. Met -idea. Ko- kund 5^^ Boe.glaod". >?-hr Union. Post Rockland v * '* Cftmminss. R.-iKtoori Whiir> tn r,ver w" '? oolitMion; loKt ma^,op,r.r.; toTe 1,. ? sobr Ann T Hippie. H itehimt, Boston for Tro" .^chr U olden Oaf. ChaM-. NB.drorJ J' srhr Uo ernor c-iia?-. (;i?un?fr Hrooh: *'***? ''rovideni*. o-k o 1 1 ?ovidHu?e. froTidenw rm"?" Bo'lu" sehr fl" V* & Ru"[,?r,L 2^iir Vii'i"'.'.'^ vn,j."' "* ifoM. Bchr SSri *?' K?">?Uff. Sir' if ?rt .Kw?n for Bo.ton. '5 A* r.' O ih b s,"j ? roei'di nr'i-' Uo"l"? st^Um" ' on"" ""Bimore. . i? ?rrirr s I F bejpn, I?0WQ9? I'bllAdMifhit RtMmer I'itv Buffalo Jones I'hl.Melnuis. 8 cam. r Tr?nt(.o, vriinoo Ti^nton bteauiei huli-ou, .lone-^ Provt'*enc? ? . t BKI.OW. One bark. \ sine unknown Brig Atalttlla, Aspinwall. ' Stf-amship .lederaona. Il'a^i' barks st M, -?<<.. !?.?,, reiw pT'eb? '7? 'ictorlh; I'ngs .tames Bell. Tra kless f n*. ?""*' K":It' I'sl'rmo. Bntler J Hopit. ??h.'Jim, Krr^T'- U. 1 ''"vctt. Jo?,? Newlial!. ij Tlia-trlT. Jos Hume. 8 M Mason, i rejf, , ^ Koumuh ?: v u !' ^ l-eofett. A Alice. B I Wool spy, I*vm? a d- -1' w -s iUuders. BotiPTMor. Win a I . I ils. M s riL ne, J l Wlt.d at sunset. Ksk. ^ " Hord< ?? Amertraa Rlltpmuurri* AlMtUtUa, ?u II Vmhiir-Roo?itS, U *i?;7 Tii'- fo!l*wioc approved Matter*. ruid ODi-erehave reeeired couiui.aaiona rrom lin A*aom*ti?n ?? Km . hark ilu'j Rion^'itee; Kiercll F la ami; Fel? Foreet. snhr Twin Son?; li .1.1. 1 1 1 i).i vl v hur- Mant'elu; Niel* A Nlclnnn. bark .'Mon , Ludwig Sm land, U*tk J.idaklalf; farauel J smith. brie H lUvr ork Pheneyer J Sawjer: Kphraim .1 dtiioi -oa, hrlifl ( I : t?olM>u, >;ii?R (' Ditnoar. brie Varln W Holt: I r> \v llura igD. hlii For?.,t Suete- C o .lolmeon. nark Arva, Jonathan Cli' Old bark .lulls : 'olin L Ponllr ion, shid Hampden; Henry lloiadou. Alirrd 1 liulryniple, brij A.naude Jane. !)||>cell?n<>'i|ii. Si h k A .i <11 ?:???>. o< iioM> i, i ti? bonbon. built at .\i-w 1,1111(1011. Conn. in I it"). l.a~ beiu purchased i?> Mi*-n L>avid i Haoaon a ?' >. of (Jloucv ter. Bitiii 273 tona, buill at Mystic ia 1SIT, at W halm. Arr a" New Bedford, May 14. *;>ip Mary Wilder, ('iereland, P*rtflc Oewa. TfclCfthtirao Feb 17. Willi 240 bble *|< Oil (40 nbli wk n on thr p?k?au?i oo bon'il .-.enl botne ami old I in blile *|>, M do wh Od Repur , M*r. h 3.1a: .'2 S. long <1 \V apoke hnrk Marcella. Cioaby. N H, 7.V, t( all told, who reported. Maiob t, bark* Alio. \ye K fi, ,a*i ?p all told; Or ri!?-. Sllva. N H nothing tl.l* aeatoii; Joahna Biagdon. Child*. do. 7A N|> thla sen*on. A lett'-r from ?;hi lam Young- of bark Favorite r.f Kalrli* v. n report* licr a' New Zealand, . Ian I, clean. Waa lilting for the Arotlr. Foreign Porn. A SJira? Paaaed by J'eb 27. ahlp* mlver ('miff (Br), liom Snanghae lot KYork; Netthol (Duo). Amur lot do Oiepriiit ( l ornuiu ', hl> .ng.'ae lo*de;2.'tu, Ve k enburg (Mnrg >, do for do; Ctb. Doretlie (Hi em., Foochow for do. A mot. Marrh li In |>ori burk l-'ec. Arehrr Klng*p ,re. Arr Feb 17 oarK Neator. Cloufnan Shanglia''. (and aid Mir.'h Jon return SI1 l-ob ;3 ?hip Llllle, Knurle*. sUau^; bae; I tb, bark Hiar King, Bmlth, do BimaiK-r. WCA, April l(i?rn port, bn?' Meteor. Ryder, for C?pe de Verdi in a lew day a. Cm ci 1 1 a ?Went lo art from rtaofor Marrh 15, Moon light. Kieurb, Bi..lon, I6ib, Uailbaldi. Sliowtc., Si fbumat for order*. Kimji now, Maicb *? In porl -hip Monaoon. Merrill, for Sbatigha*. Idg: barka t'orrit Belle, Peiciral, for do; hlzrie Ko g?, l)l/er, foi do, Rover. Hunt, froin do. trr Feb 7tb for do. Haunt Ma? Arr brig Kate, Menonnil, Philadelphia. Cld :VU. Coined bteanier A U \ aoce. Wylue. Quceoktowo; K'br Marr Pay. Koaton. lllt!1li Ki for San Vri fleo I'eaboi iiiomp naw , ilea Kewell. MulMken; Sea dirpeut, fliomdike; ?bawmut, Merrill, and Windward. Lumber, tine; Miaok Prlnee, Ch*e. Hello*, Pratt; Kaihay, Kennel l : Malay, II ulchitieou ; Mmilarln, Parotl, and bhirler, Mnllen. for aalr, bark. ADlom* (Hern). Kl^nmerger Cor Ban Kraneia en, nildeabnrn (Ham), Wellder, lar do; tlll>er? (Brem), lMrke-. for do, Ban Pranrl ro (nam), Ueedlaeo. from do, arr lllh*. Slrlu* (1?iiU-Ii). Van Kaaen. for do, put back lltB ; \ Italia (Pern*). Banl. from do, arr lith; D Jei (Br). O'lid* fraoi Nlforft. an .lit. die; F.arly Bird. Took, from Manila arr I Oth ; Marl* Bartlett, Banl-U. iroin Cardllt arr Feb ft: Benerai fe*". Kidridae. for aale: Carlotia. t'arler, do Sid Krti ZV. ?bip Tanjore. Marin. Hiagapore, Mareh 3. barka wbail'heer, Moore, Bnal; 4? h . Young (ireek ( Br), BMfaak: 7th. Ilontreae, WI.elden. Bwaiow, LklT*. April O? Air ahip < *roiine Tueker, Mlnol, Callao. Ma <*M. rehXl? Arr bark Karli Bird, Cork, Taraba# (and aid M?reb ) for Moag Keng; * d March 1 ablp Hurprtae, Kaa lett. Jltork. Inport Manh 7. ?hlp* Ocean Kaele. Cbl'ia, frem Rhana hae.arr Feb IS, for h York , Argonaut. ? from B York, err ?ih, for do; Solo (Hara) for d?; Willy (Brem). lor do; Hnoia \ l?ia. Afre* for Han Fraociaco; bark* Panama (Br), Iran Hong Kong, arr Feb 24, for Ran Frooelaro; brig Bel vetore (Br), froin Hong Rung, arr Feb 2B, for kao Frabeiano Kui'i t, Mareh ?? In |*>rt, bark Heroine, Tripp, for Kanxi bar and Proeiilence. ready. _ Rio .laNtian, April I? (n port, bark* Mondamla. Crowell. 'or Balumore, wnn . Indn* (Br), Boyd, for NYork April 7; Agaee (I?an), lhomi"-"n, from Baltimore, <ller?; brig Car mellU (Dan), ? ? , from do, do: acrew eteaniOr rromlae, from NVork fer Ka*t Indie*, dlemaateri, arr March 31. Sid 2<L brig Rlllila (Brnn), NYork. ? __ fiaiK.iBii, Mi 23? Arr bark Frnllere, Mnrten, Hang Rong. (and aid Marnh 1 for Bagamkl.) Hid Feb S3 bark Merrare (Br), Rohbln, New York; 27th, ehlp Helleapont, , Ban Fraaoieeo, 1?ih, bark* rare-, Hi*noe, Bdngpo; Anne R Sherwood. Thoinpaon. Hokodadl; brig Marr Papen, Abbott, Kanagawa; March I. barke T O Honker, Ningpo, Sd, Catalpa, Lnary, Nagaaakl; 4th, ahlp Mary (llorer, llngbea. Fooebow. ?_n r n.M la nprt Main 8 ahlp* Weatern Continent, IjoII. from Bunder! and, err Feb 24; Fearlea*. Homane, for I Staiee *ia Manila, Magnet, King, for Hong Ko?*; Dublin, (.row ell for Men Pr*ncl*oo; R k Wlll.tla, * J'\,n^Uwn wS' Ixvane, (Jer^e*. William*; Klngaeo. Will* I Ru th?>-n . WH Kama; Borah Newman. Cobb; Si Paul, CroWelV and Wild Jto*er, Ho* era. uae; hart* Kgean (Br), N"" York ; llar?e*t (Jnet n. Kllery, for Ran Frao^?. Pelaw*re, Dregg; Donh'at-r, Fulton; Rllep. Ryder ? i W Hearer, Bnow ; i<ney R Aahby, A*hby , li nr in, Brer* ton; Paeilir, Aoree; Philip ' O^man.aed Boa Bird, Weeton, iiae, brig* Htor, ap*rrow./roin Ha|*^?k^ arr Feb M; Rmlly W Beybnm, Mye one; e?^iii (l#n M*rgen, Wbo*l or; Reoka, Caranaghand kl'dita.B?'k"r;"7fl ? AiKoaroaa. Mareb V-Arr ahlp Hj '??J1*0*' ?h"?" bao 'and aid name day for ?'? ^>r jioa,_rloo porto;JIHb,_bark Mono J BnHlh, Braitb, wood, Hlg^'o*, rise porta; 10th, b* do, l7Ui.ea p (Them plan. Boyden. la port Marsk S, tklpo Taojore, H?rUB Arm H?a| Koag, ^ MT 8th; Reynard. Seymour, for NTork; HarUbnrg rBna). for do, Octeaaa. Niobole, for rioe porta to load for K?r i|?, Tropic, llamblin; Continent, How land; UorUui*, Dreyar. tod PmtImi, Roberts, uno . _ _ . _ HtJomi, II B. It>; 7? Ait aefcr Lewieellle, Tift or, Now Tork. Sir < row, March It? Ta port bark Huntreaa. Wheldao. from Hong Kong, just arr, Wild tiaxelle, Humphrey, Bid March 8, bark Star of Peace, Keudrtek, Ghefoo. WinMfoi, March 14? la port bark* Sophia (Br). Ja for NVork; Cantoa (Dan), Kirahiero, for [PiiSmmiriruu. a* Biu??.1 Arr from Baltimore April *7, Freier, at Breinerahaeen. Bid for MTork April ST. Achludoa, from Cardiff, Wtfc. Monarch of the Baa. from Liverpool. Hid for Boaton April 28, Gertrude, from Liverpool iTha 0 eld for Baa Prauciaoa. ) Trinidad, April -H? In port barkaP Pendleton, Ibis. Har mon and ROW Dodge, ail loading for NYork; brig KUaa beth. for Philadelphia, next day. Aiucrlraa Porta. BOSTON, May II? Arr sehr* Sipreaa Pieree, Nanaemoad; Idle Wild, Foater, Tangier; Simeon Baker, Kennedy, I'oco moke; Westever. Lewis. Baltimore. Polly Priee, Adania; Herbert Manton. Hinckley; Grecian. Dow; Auxin. Potter, and Anna Dauion, I'orrev. Philadelphia; Advance, Leigh too, Kllzabetbuort; Ana, Johnson, NYork. Cld bark Aca cia, Plakham, Port Spain: brlK R B HnaaeM, Haaacll, IM Thoraaa ecbr Trybheula. Nlcfceraon. NVork. Bid, wiai NNBtoNR steamship Kuropa (at 12^ I'M); bark Suaaa Jane; brig Hhlbboleth; and frum the Roada, barka Florence and Holland. BaLTI MOItR, May 11-Arr bark Cricket, Wing ate, Rio 4a Janeiro; achr Baltimore. Prank. NYork. Cld l ark Merrt mac, Hoyt. Havana; brigs Fred Kuceui, Crockett. Mew Ha ven; R M Healea, Jones. Boston; aehrs It M Tanner, shutt. 8t Lucia; Witch of the Wave, (Br) Peterson, Kingston. Jam; John Parnum, Kelly, Roaton ; Mary O Town. Fox Norwloh, Sunny Bouth, Avery, and Win Oapea, Spe.yer, N Tork. Bin bark Merrimac, Hoyt, llavaua. BANGOR. May 111 ? Cld b ig Abuer Tailor, OuUurer. Weah* luctoa. BATH. May 10? Cld arhr Clara Ann, Charter, Havana. I'Okthmohth, May 10? Cld arhr N A H Gould. Crowe*. Philadelphia. BRISTOL, May 10-Arr achr Allen Mlddleton, Jr, SippB Bagua. Bid >brig Calif oroia. Cumm, Cardenas DliillTON, Mav 11? Arr schr Charlo-. K Vickery, Rabbin Philadelphia. Bid ^rhri R S Dean, Dean. Philadelphia Charlea Loverlni:, Jones; John Lozler, 1'hiUlpa. and Ml Ponder, Ph lli|>* Elizabeth port. PALL R1VKK May l(>? A'r schrs Forest, Conary. Rent, land, (ami aid 11th for NVork); Challenge Eii/abethport. GLOUCESTKR May 9? Arr achra Tahmiroo, Gray, Bag por for Philadelphia; Empress, JSmnry, Rock anal ia NYork. HOLMES' HOLE, May 10. PM.? Arr briga Alamo. Steele Philadelphia fur Boston; Roman Bowman. Bangor !?> Philadelphia; sehrs Clara Crowell. Pliiiailelpli ia for Boa. ton,, McCariy. do for Portland ; Adelaide, llm raden. Ellzabethport or Salem, B K Pool, McFudden. Boston fol Poit Royal, SC; Alice B, Chaae. do for Philadelphia; Eu ?lora, Lord. Kllaworth for NYork; 11 K Dtinton. .lameara, Portland for do; Oregon Pratl, and Suaan Mary, llait, Kook'and for do. Mart Alice. Perry, Hntigor for NYork. Kid brig Roman; achra Kudnra, Henrietta ( ile-oervey>, ? lv Dunton, Oregon. Buaan Mary. Cameo, Christina, Hen rietta (Wakelleldi. May II? 8 AM No arrival*. Sid schrs Clara Mexleaa, and Adelaide. In port brig Alamo , achra S LI Pool. Alloa B, and Marv Alice. PHILADELPHIA. May 11-Arr barka Wm Van Name. Cook, Havana; T Ctishing Ames: II. me t Moon lingua. NYork. brigs KC Wright. Hawthorn. Orchllla. Osprey i Br), Rea l. Havana, achre Mary Clark, Dianev . Newburyport: J II M<>ore Nickerson, Button; I. C Johnson. l'ia\. do: Den mark. Chaae, do; RlouUe Thachor, do; Mouutain Avenue, Baker Providence; Mary Johnson. N ickersou, Portland; ? tl Willard, 1'ir-on, do; Kdwin Reed, Goodapend, Hon ton; Onward. Meg na do; R M l'rlce, Kelly, do; Halo, Short, Newbury port; Oriental. Thompson. Boston: Daniel Oi lord. Hewett, Port Kovai. Below l>ri? Marv r, Pierce, from Ma tan/aa. Cld ship Majestic. Hallida ." Quebec; bark Ade laide, Prince fortre** Monroe: brig Lapwing, Cremor. Per auimiuo; sehra F Herbert. Cro^eli, Portland; Challenge. Tapley, do ; Del.orah jone , Taiein. B"aton ; <?rl otai, Thompson, do Active, Fisher.:di>; B F. sharp, Tlrrell, do; 0 W llolniea. Cramer. Cainbridgeport . lili'ale-th. Brown, Pawutckel John Stockham, Babcock. Bo to1*; C L Bayl?? \ roman Provldea e: K W Perry, Rlalev, Lvnn; t) A Hec. cner, Smith Salem- M Rlnehart Peier-ou, Saiemi II t'nrti-, llo Kell, Providence; G C Morria, Artis. Ko-ton ; G W Car. enter. Kdwards, Portland. Sldahlp Oawingo (Br), Card. Liverpool, l.iwi.-, Del. May d? Brig A G Cattell, from Philadelphia 1 or Trinidad aid ftth In company with several rolliera UniiaA North. Two brut, canic It) laat evening and anchored iu the Roadstead, where they remain in company *uh i rin Wlco Ke, Troui Philadelphia for CmnstHilt; J p Weiherill, do for rt Uoyal; .sclirs Helen Mar, fnon New York lor Waenlng ton. A acliooner winch haa l>een anhore oiT Cape llemopea, w:i got oil ypNi rila.v an ; proceeded to Philndel rhta Wmdl. PKOVlDKNCli. Alay II? Arr steamer I'e en. Walitea^ New Yor<: seiir- Hying Send Smoot, Baltimoio; N'-w ,!er *-v. Morns, and John Compton, Wooltord. Philadelphia, Bid *rhr? .lanies X Little, and Sarah I, VVaiie. Phila delphia: lfaniel Wehater, Perry, do via NewYoik; .loha Meiter, Bradbury. Haver-iraw: Sh?|i*rrt .A Monnt, Oerard. New-Yor*; Flyaway. Davla; Leuiaa Gray. Bownn. and lie rome. Chamniin, Philadelphia; tloop Rhode Island, Wight, man. New York PAWTl<('KKr. May 11? Sid schrs Expedite Hrel>e, and ? W Benedict. Caw, Philadelphia. SAN FRANCISCO. May 10? Arr ship Voln iteer, CroweH. B"?on SOMBRSeT. May II? Sid achr Argus, Crowley, NYork, ?loop Teniperanee, Davis, do W A RE II AM May 10? Bid sehr Angler, Bease. NYork SITir ATIO&N M'ANT?I)-PKMAI.KS. ANI.-MRKR of WFI.t. RF.COM MKNDBD GPRMAM fen alea want aiiuaiinna cook., chambermaid* and lanndiesM-s n ir<eh, ulrl. for general housework. Ac, al Mr. LOWR'S tlermau luautuie, 17 Btaatoa. at . near tha Bowery. A8ITDATION WANTED-HY A UBSPF.CTAIILl'. OIRU aa nurse and plain aeweri eau lake entire rtiaige of as Infant noonjection to the countrt. t an he a" -n at nerrm pioycr'a. who will give the best of relerenee, 17 Waahlngtaa terrain. Ho okeu AraCKO OIRL LATKLT lanord wisub* A aituat.oOj in a rood family, aa rhild ? m -,e or io da light house wort. . 1. good uatured and easny laucht Oka be seen lor two dayaat 003 id nr., coruer oi iuith at , aeooud floor front ruom An (WL wisiti-.s a ^iti'ation to go tn F.ur.-ipe aa nurse and !ad\ 'a maid G >od city refe reoeea <MwtWB(lt>?llMIUtM. i.eai 17th at ABESPKCTABLB MAR111KO WOMAN WTSIIKS TO obtain gold beuiers' moulds to atop, one who l>?a inwt e*perien.-o in the huaineaa. Uall at ttl Fultoa ;?v , aerond door, Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED? BT A WOMAN, TO DO housework in a private family . both honeri and a: tee sh e good refereocea >;iven Call t u two days at 41 King at. Avery intelligent young woman vvishbb a ail uall on aa hral claaa waitress In a prlrate family Re-,1 o! city teferrnces uiven. Call at l('..r> WaM I HI h St., Us the rear, fan be seen lor two days A SITUATION WANTLD-BX A TOUNO WOMAN. AM waitress, or would do tbe ehamtienvork an t waiting Beat o( city reference Call at 17 1 East 49th at. AlOOKH fITRL WANTS A SITUATION All seamstress i.r child's intrac; no ob,erilon ?<> inamua try Call at !&.'? lltidxin at., third story, bacc mnn AYOUNO. HKaLTHY MAKItIRD WOMAN. WITH a fresh breu<t of m.ik, whoso iiusband and naliy am deed, wishes a al!ruit;oii as , t ir:r..e, in a re p -etahle family the lie. I of reference il required. Call for two daya AYOl'NO WOMAN WANTS A I'LAOP AS I. A ON dress anil to a.KB.;.t with rh umber war*; no obje non to the countrv. Apply mi Sit) W> i SStt ?t t MRraoTAIUI r.i BL WISHES A SITUAYKMI j V. as (UamOermaid an J ?>Hra?- WO'Cd .iul*l Ih lb* wusli ng and ironing: jrood city reference : country or (lii ? "-a ' I it 8% I'aciflt It.. Sin lli Ui -oklm. AKIKST (LANK Ii?0NOKm WANTS A SITUA Hon? Would do ehambrrwor'.. and lion v n\hiu.'. on exceptionable oily relermne 4pp!*it 10 Wmi I <tbal Asitcat tOB tAXTKD .BY a pkotestam <.irl, to cook. waali m d Iron : no objection to the country rotcreurea. Call at J ii)4 t!i ??., a few door* from U St. ABBSPLCTaBLS YOUNO woman wisiiks a 9IT nation to <10 ehnmberwm k mid uniting: no ob cruoa t< go a aliort diauii e tu tn? c ju. try. Unit at 4.1 Silllraa at., for uto day*. a sit' At 01 WABTBD-BY a first CLASa i.aun /V dim: no objection to a boardlug houae or hotel. City re.'erence. Cilltl 4M 8d av.. nea^ 2M st., -e<;on?i Uoor. I A LADY or Hlfill STANDING, BI T RKDIOED CTB [ J V cutustaacee, would b* * ad to aOSeSI a situation aa ! houaekecper in the faintly of & widower or bocbeloi AU dri'nn lor three dais Mr*. A 1 cum.! nr. .smtion I> A SITUATION WaMNO-BY a Hf'.SPI.t'.T aWf.M young woman, a* plum cook, waalier and Irouer. <Ju*d oitf reiereuce. Apptr far two day* at Hi King at AS NI'RSB ? A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AUED woman wishes a -it al >n m nnrae and sean? tre*a. Is a go ui hair drciHr. C?1 at 2J Wcstiytn at. AN ORPHAN (iIRL. 1< f r arm old. wants a ST tiiatloa tn do the housework of a small family or to mind children . would like to go to tbe country: g oil oil* to fer uce. Call lor two data at lo'.i Ra?t OOtb at i SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN IM A a r#, aurant m cook ; good reference. Call at l:g King atreet A SITUATION WANTED-BY A TOUNO WOMAB. just arrived from Iraiaod, aa cook In a private family . Can be ecn it A . Wn t l-.ith st A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SIT nation a- nnrae and chambermaid; ha- bad aeveral year*' cipcrtenen, and ciin give the best of reference Irooa her late employer. Call at 44 Weal Ml at. A SITUATION WANTBD-AS CHAMBER V IID AND plain -awcr. or to aaaiat la the care ol children . no ok Jectlon to the eoltn rt : l?<t city reference. Oall tbla <lay a* Jin tit b ar., near 14th it. A RESPECTABLE YOUSO UIRL WISHES A SITUA ? t Ion aa i.bsmltrrmald and waMreas: has no oh (action to tho country ; be?t oity referenc*. Cail at ?4 Waat f7tb ?*. AVOl'XO WOMAN WANTS A SITT ATION AS r Ft A If - bermald and waitress tn a small family; noobjoetlo* to the con o try. Keat city reterenoa. Call at 7V ft est Mh ?l , lietween ?th and Tth ava. AH <HX)K? in A RBSPEPTABLK PRIVATE family. bv a yi iioj woman, wbo thoroughly understand* bar buatiioaa In all Ita branches; nan o<?k aou|?. maata. nanw and poultry; la an mcwlant baker; can make *i| kinds detoeru. Beat city relerenco. Ctdl at 1M8 Ka?t I7tb at AM SITUATION WANTBD-BT A BBflPBCTAHLB young woman, to do the cooking of a smalt family; la a good ? aaher and ironer City reference from bar laal plana. QUI at mWaatl ?t> 1 AH SITUATION WANTBD.BT AN AMERICAN (JIBI* aa cook In a private family; nnderKtands her hiialtn?'B: no objcctloa to go a short distance lu the coaimry. (M re i arena*. Call Tor two day a at 137 Beat 28th at., In Ike rear. ARB8PECTABLE VoONO (JIRL W/ NTH A HITUA tlon aa ehsmberaiald and wallrcaa In tba C"iint?y. Call for two dart al 7> King al. As COOI OR TO DO HOBSEWORE? PRKEERS A ateady place t? high wage*. Can be aow 111 aultrd ?? 98 t'hrlatopber at. ARRSPEOrABLK AND WELL EDUCATED ORRMAB la<ly, who apeak* Prencfi and Bngllah, anil *bo (to acxtes the lirat referenoea. waata a altnai.on as houaekeepto In a res|>enahle family or aa sorarnaa* fo* cblldraa. aA draaa I lu Lauroaa at. _ A SITDATION WANTED-BY A OOOH COOK AP. J\ ply al ttt Madtaon av., between 17th aad 28th eta;, baserm nt door. AH LADY'S MAID WHO OAB DRBRB HAIR ABO aew? either Proteatant or Calhotln. Also ae'^ral Snt claaa conka, and cooha to waah and Iron, nurana. wallres?a^ ami glrla of aU wora, wllllna to an In the oounry. wania4 tlila day at Mrs. WHITPIEI.D S (formerly ?f the Chnfo* Home), 197 tth are , between JSth and Wth ata. Ah kbhtectable touno girl wants a situa tlen aa aaametreaa or would do diamberwork la a Stot eue keye. 4?vii ?l Onus Oartlee, ap nslilk Uep*4l?KI|.

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