Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 13, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 13, 1864 Page 3
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A > amUTIONN WANTKD-rBNiLBM. /WW- A/WWWVvv AAA^WWV-VVVWW'M ARKHPKtrrAHLE TOUWO (URL WANTS A SITIIA iIom k> do general homework In a private family Haa Cid cHj inference. Can at u Waal ItUlkiUirtlMr, at room. A YOIFNG WOMAN 19 DKHIROl'H TO OBTAIN A situation as luamhcrmaid and seamatraaa Ba*t city refetemtis. rau be ueu for two daya at 15 Leroy place, Blueekcr *t. _________ SITUATION WANTEll-BY A YOUNO WOMAN. IN a private family, aa plain oook. and ironer *hto u <;ily iwtapriiae. Apply at BW We?t 19th at. A TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION TO DO general lions, work n a first rate oook. an es< client was he i and minor. The neat of reference from her laal place. Call at 394 3d av. second ttoor. AlRlrSCUllJ VDI'NU OIRL WANTS A SITl'A tlmi h* rl amhermaid ami wai'resa. Can be seen for Iwa day s at bar pi..?enl employer a, 43 Wert 'i'il at. AYOU.NO MABKIRI) WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION a* wo i auras, who ha* lout her awn baby. Can be aeen at 2W West 33d at , lor two days A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN W ANTS A BIT J\ nation aa outer rook In a hotel or dining saloan. Call at in Madison au for two days. A SITU ATX N WANTED? BY A RBfiPBCTABLB yuunu g rl ah utirtw and MAntBlrpsa. Omil av , Id h ju i> stor . DBBKSMAKlN.i -A DRESSMAKER WIBHB8 TO EN taKi! by the 'lay .>r w?ek ? ith a ?ew respertablc fatui Ilea A i>pl> to or address M. M. . 2M Wrat lftb at I EMPLOYMENT WANTED? BT A YOUNO WOMAN. 'J at hou r gleaning; la a goad wasber and ironer. Call at 186 Went 13d st.. in the rear. AMILY SB WIN O DONE BY HANI) OB WAt'HINE: infant*' and children's clothing up I row utiles own material, at 135 Amity at HOUSEKBEPEB.-A MIDDLE At;ED WIDOW I.ADY wishes a aituatiou an bouaeMteper in a hotel or private fcmiee She has a soil about seventeen years old. whom alie wuld desire to have employed with lier; he undm-ctandg the ea re of hprarc and would make himself penrially use ful Knur yearn of experience. Address M M. B., Broad way Pout office. for three dava. SrrfTATION WANTRP-BY a COMPETENT WOMAN, ai infant's nurse. or to take rare of children. City re fareuee. A[iply at CI Bleecker at. SITUATION WANTHfl- HY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO w man. as ? hambcriuuid or to do gener>t! housework In ? ?mall, private larnily; good referen. e*. Call at 131 Weal Xid at. SITUATION WANTED? BY A TOTTNO WOMAN. AS chainbenna'd and line washer, or as laundress. Apply at her present place, *V> 6th av. (formerly 839). between 38 th aad 39th at*. F SITUATION WANTED-TO DO CHAM HKRWORK AND waiting; three years' city refrrenoea; no objections to the country. Call at Ul West 25th at., between Glli and 7th avs. SITUATIONS WANTED? CITY OR COUNTRY? FOB two most competent servants; one aa wait res* ami chum berinaid or chilil'* nurse the ather as cook and laundress. They are highly recommended by Qrst class Brooklyn fami lies. Apply to Mr. Mann. UK, 15 Court street, opposite City Hall, Brooklyn. SITOATION WANTED? BY A YOUNO WOMAN. TO do general housework: city reference. Call at 264 Ea t 34th at., between av ?. A and B SITUATIONS WANTED? COR THOROUGHLY COM pet"iit female iiolp of ull natlona; aurh aa lir*t ela-H eookw, chauil>ermaid*. waitreaaea. laundrexsea, seam atreaaea, uuraea. cookt to wash and iron a>na I girl*, and girl* lately landed, tpply at the Lar^e Employment House, 1SH I Ith st , --orner 6lh av. Alao male bclp. SITUATION WANTED-BY A P.RSPECTABLE YOUNO girl, ua .'hambermaid and waitress : woui.l assist with the washing and Ironing. Oooif reference lrom laat place. Apply for two day* at 10 Amity place, In the rear. SITUATION WANTED? BY A BWBDISH PROTKSTANT wid.'W woman us infant's nnr ?; is capable of taking charge of one ti om its b'rth ; wages 1 10 iwr mon h. t^ali at 37 West I3lb at., between ,'ith and tun avs. Ring the middle Bell SITUATION WANTED? BT A R!' SVEOTABLK TOUBO woman as first eta** waitress: host city reference. Con be *ri-n .it her pv -rut employer's, 17 hast 17th *1, between Broadway and 5th av. SITUATIONS W * NTI' D? BY TWO RESPECTABLE ^irls; one as onok. washer and Ironer; the other as chambermaid and waitress; is willing to go a short diat .are In the . ouptry. O.od.ity reference. Cail at 479 West 39th at., rornei of 7th av. TBTaWTED? BY A COMPETENT PROTESTANT WO ?v man. a situation as cha nbi-rmaid or waitress; is a ?Ood plain sewer; la willing to c> in tlie country Can be aeen at her laat pi ice. West 18th at. TB/ANTKD? HY A RESPECTABLE AM KB It' AN WI TT dow, a situation as housekeepor In a widower's fa Mly. or In a small private family. Cau be seen at 332 lOtb av. for two daya. WAVfKD? A SITUATION. BY A REBP ROTABLE young woman, aa chamber. naid and waitress, in a ?mall prtvaf farmly. Best of city rclerence. Call at 87 Pacific at , Bro'iklyu. WANTED- BY A BEBPBCTABLB TOUNO WOMAN (a I'r'.testsntJ, a situation; woul.l take charge of one ?r two children mil do ' lain sewing. Call on or address M. ft., 400 6th av , New York. Wanted? a B1TUATI0N, by a touno woman. as chambermaid, and to a aiat with th? washing and Ironing in ;? private family. ReOr* to the lady where she la stilt living. No 131 West 47ih St WAN I'P.D? A SITUATION, P.Y A YOUNO M VN. AS light porter or to do sny light work. Address or apply to N Lobdell. IS Viuetta lane. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A BR8PKOTABI.B girl a* .-bambermaid and waitress, or to utke care of Children atid do plain ?ewiti . Best of ctv reference. Call at 26 Uaat XHtli St.. between Msdison and 4tb atea. WANTED-BT A SCOTCH GIRL, A SITUATION TO d? gemral housi w..rk in a small faintly, fall at M4 (th av., betweeu .'Hat an I SJd ats. WANTED? BY TWO IJIKLS SITI ' ATIONS, "MR IS au excellent cook and has u ? objert ona to asaiat In tha washing and ironing: the other as ehanihcma'd and ?lam seainatreaa or would aasiat in the waabingand roalng. City referenres. Call at I'.lO1! 2d av ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A BBRPECTABM young girl as plain cook, wu her and iron.-r. or to do eral housework in a small lamlly. Call for two dava st M West 44th st. WANTED? A SITUATION TO COoK. WASH AND Iron. In a small private family. Good reference. Call ?t 220 W rai 3nth gt WANTBD-BY A YOUNO til EL, A SITUATION TO to d.. houaewi.rk in a small private lami y i? a good ivaaher and ironer and plain cool; ; no ah ecr.on totheroun trj (lood rcferi nce. Call at 375 3d av., in tbe rear. WANTED? BY A TOUNO WOMAN. A SITUATION AS ara' atresa and to do liithi chainberw nrk iind?raisnds all kind* of family sev tun snd dres?mn Jng; i? willini; to aaaist in the care of children. Has no ehieciion to the aonnirv Uood c ty reftrance. Call at 2Vj Ttli av?? entraca ?a 15th st. WANTRD-A S1TIATION. BY A RESPECTABLE younj girl, to d" housework in a small private family la the .'Ountrv ; nine vara < uy given. Call lor two dsys at 141 Wen 29ilt st. ANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE TOL'NG WOMAN. A situation as wet nursa In a respectable lannly. her rn child of three months having died < all a' .A Sullivan . B. V., top door. ANTED? A SITUATION. BT A YOUNO OIRL. AS cbamtiermaiil am' waitress City rrteieu e l an be for two daya at 73 Weat * th St. w w ?w n ?1. I w WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RHSPETTABLB girl, aa I'hamlvermai.l and w >itre?a in a ama I tamuy. Can be aeen at her present employer's, 29 Wast 25th st. A HRLP U1\TKD-I'KM.\LM. BOT WANTKD? TO ATTRND BAR. CAUL AT MC II miaou Mn ? w?r or King PERFECT SALESWOMAN WANTED-I'OR HOOP akirm and < onMii Apply at *M'f Kowery COOK W tNTED? TTDV AND RELIABLE. TO C'X>K waeh ir -ii anil hake for three i>?r .on?. Musi brtag on ?iceptionahle reteri-n- f Apply at 42 .">th are. ("lOOK W ANTED ? I .V TUB rOCNTRT FOR TUK HI * J aeer: a competent woman. to cook. week an t iron: Mfceral wagea paid. (.all between ihehoureof 9 and l:at6< Reiaei ii ai . near Wall at. fairy. Brooklyn (TOOKR TO WASH AND IRON OKNKBAL HOI'BE J workera email girle and girle laiolr lanrie.l warned Im enedialelr for tfood alluai una In IkuIi . ily and . runirf Ai> gly at tba Large Employment Nonee, IJS llth ?t , coraar K F 1R8T CLASH CLOAK MANOR WANTKD? AT ROD gere' Arcade, :t4<i H>wery M" midgr ILLINF.RS WANTKD. ?THRRE HOOD MILLINERS wantcn. at li?Ui?od atreei. be ween Attorney and I atreei a. TkJ ILLINERB WANTED -TWO <1000 MII.I.1NERS JT1 and one imlek trimmer. Apply al 512 gih ay., betweea SMh and Wih ata. Nurhb wantkd-to Till MTaroB or two children. iwnntr inonlha ami tiro yr>ara old. to a rem prtent of good ha'ut* liberal w*ge? will be paid, ?not Dn il mmr wilnoiii haat city cefeirnre- i>ae who can apeak Krern h preferred Applv at room No. ;37 Ht Nirbu 1m Hotel, from 9 (til 2 or ? i ill 8 o''4ock SEVERAL COOD DRKSSW VkRPM AND PLAIN SRW era wanted. Apply at 4.10 4 ih a*., corner of .tlatat, ?rat fl??i _____ ? fTORACrO PACKBKS W AN TRD-OI RI.8 TO WHOM .1 ge?vl watea will bepali. tpplv at ?7 aud 109 Walar at. Wan ted? it* a smai.i. kavilv. who reside d'trinu ihe auunner month* In ih* nuniry. a reape-t ?Ma airl. muai be a good cml. weaker aad Ironar. Inquire ?4 96 Ra?t S%l at , neat Leilug'.on a? ' ANTED ? A RRHPKl'T A Bl.K OIRL. AS WAITER and line waaher m ? pm a<e i?miiy Apply betweea ^bonra ?>f 10 ani I.' ai M ?'?< 'id ai. Pfdnaunt pre M. >ANTRD-A LAtTNDnPSR Ml RT r LI TE AND waahlaer. for Newport It I. Apply ai M3 Madl-un * 1 or ? o clock. . 'ANTRD-A WET NURSE OR H'MRO roRAS IN ? reepecjabla family in the npper part of the lie aiihnrba. where H will veoelte a in'*' iter a eaie ?7".fam#rkU',,t*li0B A^og fANTRD TWO OOOD FmNOH <IIBLR7 OnTaR *n private rawilly. good wkge? will he given. a?.,i? -? I Wee4 1Mb at , from 10 A. M mill & P. M WANTBD-TWO COI.ORRD WOMBN. AB OOOR AND laaadreaa, lo go a ah on dl'tam e In the < ountry ; apod raferrn<ra required. Apply a4 Matropolltaa tibial, rooa w, fives 10 till I o'rloek to-day. ANTED? IN A CLRROlMAN'S FAMILY. A PRO icaiaift woman or yoiinfc girl aa rbambermald -sn4 Hna. l" w ^ araltreaa. or welter aad aMnatVae. Apply at I IS Kaat 9911a eg , be'weea 12 aad 4 n'ekt k Icjlay. Wantrd-a protehtant otRL, to no orneral hru'owork : mini he 9 Ivotl waahe/ aliU Ap ?I* MV7 ???*????? ANTBD-IN HOBOKKN. A GOOD MILLINER. AP ply a' 144 0U> ?< . near Broadway, N Y W' vy Hnr wiiffp-wilt1? ? ^ ^ r WANTED-A (JIHI., TO DOOENBRAL ^ Mill ?aorl dkunot l? U? A""T b" * 11 and So'olnek. I l>U day. ?l SH Wat **? WANTKD? TWO PROTBSTANT OIRW to go a .ho, t dt*tanre In .k? ?ou?t jr. "''? ofTi*r" the other to 4o riitmim work . **1^?. *3"* ?Jim 9 to roughly ni4rrit?4 Ihelr bueineee Apply to-d*y. ? ?? U?etuek,untM??ittA TIT ANTED? A NBAT AND OBtJWIBO OMk TO DO W general J??* U*" *teKaee Call between tO and 2 o'clock at 145 Eaat 16th ?L , WiNTKD-TWO OOOD OP EE A TOR 8 OB WIIEBLBR A Wilaou'e insehloe. to work on aoatom shirt*. alao Himlwul ahlvt maker*: good workem will km wall paid and eoaatanl employment all through the year, App y at 200 Uraad at w WANTED- A NKAT TIDY Ol Rli, TO DO GKNK" AL ho>itf<ork In a email family of three pereooa. Apply after 10 A. M. ill the tia'fmmil 174 Tli inp on at. . WANTED? SIA ooni) DRKSSMAKERS; TO FIRST >1.1(4 h inuts the Ulgheat price will be paid. Apply to < Mre. McKinleae W.i Woneter at , near 4 tli . WANTBD-IV a SMALL FAMII V. A MIDDLE AGED for general honaework , uiuat be a Sood waaher and Ironer. Anply at No. 8 Sidney place. near oral' iuon at, Brwk'ir. None but fiertnan MM apply. WANTED? A KlltST CLASS COOK. IN A LABOR boarding hen *e; ? coloM l man preferred: one that ran come well r?* oviiiieniiad will And a permanent place. Am v at HO Vl>.u . ? at., corner of CliMon. WANTED? A STRONG, M1DDLK AGED K'OMAN, TO do ihe general housework of a amall family- one who In not afraid In work and Will make beraelf yenerai'v iiae'ul will obtain a ^ood home and pood wage* Call al '9 Stnvvcaaut at., on i' and Saturday, between 8 and 11 A. M. WANTKD A YOUNG OlflL, TO DO IIKNRRU, lionacwork far a email 'aimly; inuat be a good waNljer ?nd ironer Inquire at 26 t West 4M at. TtrANTED? A FIRST CLASS WAITRF.KS AND CHAN Vt bertnad- mum lie wljllns and obliging. None bit ?hn?e having the liem . itv reference* need anplv Can at 4*5.1 6th a?. . between 38th and t'.lth ate.. from 10 to 11 A M WANTED? TWO COMPETENT SALESWOMEN; ALSO two ex|ierieaeei| medal Hon capmaker* and ?f?? p od trimmers. ai the fancy and millinery good* atore 109 Kullou at., Brooklyn. A BERGIN. WANTED-AN EXI'BRIBNCED TOCNG LADY, WHO thoroughly understand* the coreet an1' akirt trade. None otlici* need apply to Thos. H. Gatnoi. 765 Hioadway, beiwi-en 11 ?nil 1 o'' lock. WANTRD-A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN. WHO CAN writo a good hand, ta attend In a "toreroom in h hotel. Apply at room l:i Spinylcr Donae. between 10 and 12 oVlook. WANTED? SKVERAL SIMRT IHONKKR: ALSO - took and N.i nolnoii tie maker*. Apply at 157 Cham ber* at., up two tliplna of ntaira WANTED-A ill RL. TO DO THK TIOL'SBWORK OP a lamlly of three |?er-ona: mu?t be a I'ood n'ain >uok and eirelleni washer and Ironer Jlone othera need apply al 14 Kavt Did at., betweun l!d and ?I>1 ava. neariy oppotlle the church 'ANTED? A FI?ST CLABB DRK8SMAKER. OVR *v who can take ch irce uf th<- cutting and fitting. Apply at No. 7 We?t 4l*t at., corner of Kth av WANTKD? A G1 RL TO COOK. WARH AND IRON; mnat he a good |iiain cook, lirat rata waahnr and lron"r. None hut a lid* willing viri need apply thl* tla* at "99. old nunilier. Went 2^d *i.. between fltli anil lOili ava. WANTED? TO GO A SHORT DISTANCE TN THR country, a l'r'ile?i:int cook who under landa her Iiuhi new . mid to take e^re o' a ainall dalrv: alao. to ataiat in washing an'd ironing. Apnlv at 75 Kaat Kith at. WAN PBD? TWO TIDY, WILLING C.IRLS. FOR GEN cri?l hooeewnifc and naitinr. Apply alter 10 o'clock at 75 7th av.. tietween 15th and Kith uta. WANTKD? AN EXPERIKNCRD CO'lh : ONB WHO IS wiilinii to go in tlie ountry for the an miner. Cii< reference re(|nir';d. Call between 'J nnd 12 o clock at 1?11 Went 2f>lh at., near 8th ar. WANTKD? IN A IHIVATK FAMILY. IN THK COP.V. try tn-ar New York n lirat e'ana laundraea: no tiao to apnlv unlesM fully cotnnetent ('all from III till 11 oclockat 13.1 Went 2Hd ">t , between fth and 7th av*. PANTKD? A COMPETENT CHILD'S NURSE. CALL at 161 We^i Ilia *t? between lilanil 12 o'clock. WANTKD? A. GKRMW. AMKBK'AN OR COLORED girl or woman, an plain cook and to do the bou?ework of a amall priva'r family Apply at 27 Kaat 80th ?t.. or to Carpenter A Co.. 45,'i iJroadway, between 2 and 4 o'oloeL WANTED? A GIRL. TO COOK. WASH AND IRON, who would lie willln:' 'O do general housework r<H)d reference reipiin-d. Call afp'r 10 o'clock A. M at 72 Eaat 4tli at., near I'd av. WANTKD-A RESPECTABLE GIRL TO COOK. WASH and Iroo for t atnall latnilr of t twee peraoiiH; sood tele rencea required. AppW immediately at l"*- Eaat ISth ?t. WAKTRD? TWO OOOD GIRLS; otg as CHAMBER yf maid, wasner and trouer the oilier an cook and to aa *!?? with the was.un;, city reference* required. Apply, be fore II o'clock, at I'll Fiuit 11th *(.. baacni>nt door. WANTED-A NR AT. TIDY GIRL, TO DO THK Keneial bouKcworV of two lu family; mnrt lie a good waaher and ironer; a (ieiraan preferred. Apply at X Carmine at., lu the store, for two dava VVr ANTBD? TWO IJOOD BUTTONHOLE MAKERS; ?? alao. an <>r?'rainr on fine euatom ?blrt work on Wheeler* Wilaen'a ma<iiine: to experienced handt, ateady work and beat pr e.* Apply to Pereao. S5 Na?-au at. WANTKD? A UlRI- TO WASH ANP IRON AND DO chamberwork . al??, a lady'a maid. Apply at 56 Bleeckrr at. TV AN TED? A HlltL TO DO CHAMBER WORK AND ?* take care ot an Infant mnsi be a go-id ?ewrr and well recommended. Apply at 256 Ea?t 30th at., one door from 2(1 ave TB* *NTF.D? A RKSPBCTABLE PROTBSTANT WO VT man lAmenc.m preferred) to <le honaework and act aa boiiaekeeper or a rami y of two pnrona. at Mew London. Conn. Apply al Bmploymeni Houae. 138 llth at., corner 6th ay. ANTFI>-\ l.*DT TO I.HAHN THK ART OF oitirmu phntnirrapha: after two week*' in'truetion. of on< Bour pei ilav, work will i<e given out, or auuation will be given. Call at 711 Broadway, room 19. G KONIGSBEBU. ITTANTRD- TWO tinilll (JlliT.S, TO DO THE BNTTRE Vy w.irn in a fxtnl y w here a few boarder* are laken ; thoae who have lied in lli?t c'aia boarding bouae- pre ferred Apply, with city refereuce*. at 41 l>etington ave. WANTED-A GOOD MILLINER: 4 1 SO AN IM prove r and wo appreiuicea, al A tlantic at . South Bl not l)li. TI' ANTr. [>? 1 \t M KDI AT ELY SKVERAL FIRST CLASS Vl alt awoinen lo millinery good . App'y O?fore in A. M. nr after '? P M.. at Tho*. A J. G. Johnson *. 365 ? anal at., coin er of Wooater at. TIT AN TED? A RRBPKCTABL8 SERVANT WOMAN Vy for general 'lancwat k in a small family en Siaten Island; inn*, be shle to wasl. and dt'e?* aud do plain cmk. Ing; reference inquired. Apply al 428 Htoadway. third floor. VV ANTI D-A NFAT. TIDV GIRL AS NCRSE AND iV ^am*tr< **, to ta*e hai ge or one child ? .nnat he a neat a"wer . we /a $1 tier month. Apply at 6t> W*at 14th at. 4VANTED-A WAITRESS. CHAM RKRM AID. COOK, Vf laundre>*. nurse aed seainatres* for a .ir?t cla*? or. vale lanu y. who pa* aood wages. Apuly at Ne. 7 West llth at . Iietween Broadw ay and UaivertJly plaee. from 9 to 4 o'clock. * WANTED? A NKAT TII'Y GIRL. TO DO THK DOWN etalranorkto a taimlv of lour p?r?op?- muat l.e a gm id plain cook an i ejee; ent waalier arid tinner. Appl* with good eitv reierence*. ler two daya. at 2?.'. Kaat lOtb ?t' Wanted? a yocno protkstant girl, as chain bertnaid and waltre-* and to aaal-t with grown ehildren; muat ' * wlttlnf te go to the ee mtry. be?t of eity references re<iuired Ca 1 at 44 Ba^t S4ih at., from 9 till X TVr ANTE P - A WOMAN AS GOOD PLAIN COOK AMI yv laundress to ge a *nen distance In the country. Ap ply at I2b Henry at . Brooklyn, from 8 to II A V WANTKD? A OOOD COOK AMD A TOCBG GIRL TO mino children an 1 make herself nenera'.ly ii-efnt; refe rencea required. Call at t>2 Bleecker et. WANTKD? BIX PIRST CLASS DRESSMAKERS. Nnae but experienced on** need apply al Mia. Touip kin*', eoriheasl twaer of Mth at. and 8'h av UTimiM Pi:orF.?TANT YOl' NO CTRL. TO AS Vl alat In general honaework to a n*at and obliging girl a permanent and good home i- oSered. Appi? at 25 NflMgMMry t. Wanted? a good plain sewer to work at dreaamaking. Apply at th? baaement <loer. 75 Weat 20th sU, immediately. Wanted?a obrman girl to do general honaework tn a amall faintly. Appty at 89 8t Mark a place WANTKD? A GOOD coot WASBBB AND 1KONBR. also a i hamlw tuaid and waitre-e muat he eapab e women ant have gned city refeienee Apply between the hour) ef j and 11 A M., at 116 Kaat Mtb at. WANTED-IMMEDIATKLY. A ?MAK1 WOMAN TO do genera' honarwoik; nmi be a ,ood cook and 1r*t ra'e waaher and 'raaer. mnat hare good reference. Apply early at ll> 33rd at. lfio first class mantilla hand* m mboal X""' lion eap maker* a'*o lire worker* aud a I'prent iees wanted. Apply immediately at Lord A Tavlor ?. eerner ef Orand and Chryatle at*. N. B ? The hiak'?: n. ice g.ieu. Hllel* WASITai).MAI.ES. A tiF.NIS CAN MAKE $500 A MONTH BT ENGAGING A in the ealeof our GREAT NOVKLTY PRIKK PACK BT AND SPLENDID RTF. KL KNGRAVINO* We oiler the greateat ebanee to make money ever kaown, and pie*ant ever* acent with a aplend d gold or ailver w-.t' h free. Onlv $16 capllal required Fnll pertleular* in elrui lar mailed free. G. 8. II ASKINS A CO . .H Beet man atreet, dew York. The oldeat and on'y original Priie Package i e the United State*. ___________ At tiik mercantilb agency. .??? rboadway. a young man aa travelling agent tor a faney afctrt et -re, bat and cap salesman, fancy gooda eaiee-uaa. dry gooda e*ie man dro* clerk. timek*et*er for railroad eomlm ter. light porter, hotel clerk, hoot and 'hoe eeieaman. waiter*, bar keeper r^ebman and gardener. Other aiittalion* alwaya oi>en Men hant* anpn'.ied with help gralla. Call aad ?ee. M^NOOHI- KT I I'Q . ?j Broadway, AORNT8 ? $15 ( LFAB PER D A T -O VR H CNDRKD of our eitra large al/e l'riite Park ages, witk 100 prea enta of lewelr? and large hllla. Sola agency tor a town or eouaty. and a Va ittttil waiek aaa preaent for the aaent. Sent anvwhere on re'elpt of $15- can be eold la a few hour*' enot mou* profile; circulare tree. B rick ARDS A cn (the OrlglnaiaK 107 N**aaa al., M. T. A TOOTH. FROM 17 TO 18 TEARS OF AGS: ONB who ha* had one or two year* egperlene* i la a retail drug atore preferred. Apply lo J. S. Grove, 631 Columbia at. Brooklyn. AGENTS MAKB TWO DOLLAR" FROM TWENTT nant*. Call al my n'Hce and 1 will prove It; or ten earn plea aent free b y mall for twenty cent* that will retail for two dollar*, by R. L. WOLCOTT, 1 70 Chatham a<|uaf?, B. T. A GOOD OUT DOOR SALBSMAN W ANTED -TO SBLL Born* A l!o.'s llaton .?a?a Coffee AH I to Jebti II. Mrrria > <? )1i OeetrMfi B. V w RRLP WAITKIV-IMIiBf ABaKKKKPBR wantko-a YOIINO If aw who . perfectly unileratanili the bualneati and come ?pil rr< oii.iucixtixt. Apply ?Her 10 A M at ?97 Tlh ?? ? comer 2#Ui it BOY WANTKO ritOM IB TO IH YRARS OLD. WHO rr*lde? Willi lilt pa rant* Boat r?f?r?noe required Apply to H Rice. *9)4 P roadway Rot wantkd-in a pahh wamwwmi; om who write. a kooii hin:l aud who realdr* *'t'1 *?* Blent* .alary Iirat jeat, $1110 Addreiw T W . ?*>* Z,%7 >?l ufll.-? Roy wantkd-krom h to ih ykahs or aov. i* ? Uw udire Addr*? it. the bmiil writing ?' ?PI'INmot, ?dating ??e Am) addrnai hoi .1,1 fin Punt rfflen Boy w*ntrp -incuikk in tub cakfkntf.k ?hop M9 I'earl *1 BOY W ANTRI)_1N A HOOK'TORR OMR WHO IH hepe.t and Indti-trloim m.iv Pod a rend Mlnatlon ui No 77 N??-ao at. Call niter y o'clock A M CIOI'OKKO COACHMAN W 4 NTRO? "OH A PRIVATE J family. Apply ut :?) Dry ?i , rear oil.'* /10ACRMAN WAHTKD-A NRW HNOfiAWD MAN 1 > ma y atipiv at 41 Went Villi aL Will be required to ?c in the .ountry for Ihe ?umiiu r DRUO CI.ERK WANTKO-A YOU NO MAN V^HO IIA<< Ron a knowle Ige of the hnionc h, one who uiHterMandH Oerinan preferred. Apply at n a Howery. corner "f 4tl? ?t IjllRRT CLABH YOI'NO AND ACTTVK AOBNT* wanted? To Hell, to l.u* nm*. men of all kind. I. new invention already In **??! demand To Mich. *' totned to I he use of Itgurea great Inducements artse'leieil Addiem or apply at 212 tfroaiiway, renin No. 3. <*?H once HAKOWARR ? WANTKO. A SAI.KSMAN. TIIOR oiighlr aeiiualnUd with the refill trilde. Addrern", with reference, liar (ware. l> ? IH llerMld office UKI.P WANTBD.? ANY RHRFKCTARLK >?<N HaV m?: ttlKi to lean employer 'In ft tecuilly Klrenl, ? -?i? liave atr.iilv emnlevment al *1 .'(XI a vear Hilary. Al?" 'or xale a I'alnt. Oil and <:ia?. Store In <'aiial street, for (2,2A0l fall at tiy Naanau atrnel, room K TOUKNEYMKN BAHHkHS-TWO HIRST Cl,A?S workmen wanted, at '.lie St Ni liii'hn hair ?lre*aiiiic *i loon, In tlie Pt. Ntcliolaa Hotel hi.;hent wace* paid in the rity. Apply lo th? foreman. Mr. I.ew i?, on tlie preniia"*. T) ANOALI. .? OOURTN'KY. (Vfi WKvr ST.. ITORNKR Or k Reaile.? Wa lit to Juv Vor MhifM. nf^n't 'TK hric* hi. 1 ?r. ooni'i'H uti vovac^n of 1'rom two niftntliH ?<i thir?> , KOO'l paid and mad* of from $.10 10 QTORAOB W ARF!K)USW ? WAVTFN A COM P FTP. NT man to tak? charge ??f a Hforni!* w v* Ijommp ? ?n#? ar ?u?totni?'t to weigh ;nij and tho wupf nnifinUiiioi* of iaborintf m?i?. Adilr**n with par Honiara Brook yu. box 4 444 New Tork Pout office. Situations for thoroughly comi'Rtrnt ?:oa? hn?*n. wait'TH. rnrifenern. farm baii'lA. ?r>'oom#. porter^, xervaota, kc. : *ilso iiftfifnl bov*. ni'in 1an?1e?l ind help of every dem-rintion. Anpiv at CARPKN TKR'R )ai\e Employment Ho me. l.'UH 1 1th st., ooroer of tith ave. ' THB LAST WEKIC? IOIM Tfl K >I4VT.? OOOO PAV and money *ni! hie honniii**. ? W him #?<i. .VHnon for South H??a v* ?<?lin? vovat'OM and Th? office of t)?e ?K.eni ?? *t h7 Weai ?t., corner of Alhauy. '.p ntalr?. II. IAMKR mo SAW MAKRR?.? AN ASSISTANT FOREMAN TR I w?ni"d in aU v"% wwr factory hr ui- .it have n tho rough k ik4?wlo<ljro o? ?he hiiPint'iTN. an I have a go^l lafnttv for inRiriM'tim* apprenitirfft. pnrtl<Mnarlv in n'l kind*; of smithim/: a m l and imm nam-nt oitna'tou wiP he given to a Hfther. indu?trio<iM man ; none others n?'? d annlv. Address Saw Maker, b-t 'J, 957 Post oll'ce, N. V f^iviog real uame and referent1 ^e*. WVTO MRN WANTKO?WHO I'NDKRS T AND PR| VINCI I horM? and wag?n . bring reference*. Annlv to K. I> Hansford m llo naek'^epe-*' Ra/aar. ?"'ooner I o?lif ?????. Wanted? aorntr to srtx tiik nati'kii, wka. ther Indicator: can ir?ake from $5 to $20 per da*. Ap ? I ply at 2<>l I'ult n at.. Brooklyn. be ftnart and active. Such a one ?*ttu fimt a cot! situa tion bv applvmg lmm#diatelv at 4? Pin#* t., r on> V<? WANTKO? AN ASSISTANT BOORK KFPKR. TN A drv ^oo?la eommitMion ben?.#?. who }??(? !m<l noui" ??> !>??? ri??ne# ami in well recommended. Addrcaa to* 44f> New York P? at oflit e Wanted? in a domrstic oommt^siov HOit??F. a vouth i*cnfrv clerx; t?ne reshlur. w ?!? liiw nar^otn preferred. Address in handwnrinK t?f aj'pl cuit hot 2,38/ Poat eiiice. TIT ANTED? FOR A VOVAOK TO Tfir RaNOWIOH w\ lalundH to be paid off f here, four able ?camen io>ir ordinary tetuien and cook ami aicvimd. Apply a: '.u West street, corner of Rector, to D. L. Pearl Wanted? two itn'mattrifd vk\. to work on a fi'rm, 4?? mllea from New YorV; numt come \\r ' ?#* ??n? mended from 'a-'t emnloyer*. To anch good wa^eK ??nd i?er rnanent situationa will be i'fven Ap'dy a! o(ll'*e ??f the Rergen Oil Company, I tvf> Ch amber u st., up Ma*rfl, from 10 to 2 o dock. w WANTKD? I'WO COMPETENT DRY CttOOs 8AI.BH. m*?n nn-i two with Knirif knowledge >>t tb M hueine"*. At'otv before 9 A. M. and after 3 I*. M. to (Je< . Ke;e*. M l 8th a*. nil. WANTED? AN AGED MAN; OMR WHO INDFR atand* day book mid ledger; not much wm-K. no' m ?? e than two or ihre? l??'i?a' work a dur h iier'nanant eitita lion Apply to K. Re^d. Union I'r m Wo; .'>4 1 h ?!. mid 3d KV. ANTRD-A M AN TO MAR': ICR CREAM Al'Pi,Y to Wm Tarlor. SS5 Rroadw.iT. WANTED? TH It KB OR V'OUR SORKR RTART.K MFN and a good w*non waalier. Good !??? > ' good men. AnpW at 11S and 117 Wet 23 \ at \1TANTBD-A YOUTH. 15 OR IB YIaRS (IK Art K TO t V learn the hook hua'ne?a: "tie ? i "tin* ?'?! tv Hi tin* ?ile of newnpai*ra preferred : fair ?a"? itivn. Relrr'n' if quired. Addre** K >ok Store. I S3 Con' re ?l. YY/ANTi-D? AT THE WESTCHESTER linusf COR " ner Broome at**et and flown, u gtvfl ?. eady m?n ti lend a at?am boilor, alvo a man to doallaor'iof work about the honae. WANTRD-A Van, WHO UNDERSTANDS GNAFT inctree-; aleo a ploughman, who can ran a ?tiak'hl furrow Apply to Jdr. Fie dor. at Wm. Gud? lunula 3M Hrooine st WANTRO-A COACHMAN. TO CO TO TH* COI N try Addreaa A. K bin 4-'& Pint otllce yitant?:d-a YO05O MAN TO ACT AS CASHIPR WW and ?alea-n:?n in a retail a*me on Hioi. M\a\ h.Itt limited the lirat year; none but it per on m hnn"*n ind lme> rilr, with undo bi?d r?feren<e?, need aptily. Addrrt. Br. a i?.iv, lleiald ofl an. "Ill ANTF.n-.TO DAY, M MFV FOR A SHORT KIR HTNG WW <oia.'. Wain -.1 ? tinea. gn ? i haa I* Ml ? ard?. ''arrien'er*. blm-W^ni-'M- and > ooer? We bare ahlp . brig* and -choonera; voraaea from two to tniri* mimi i; ao- il <vng?? paid and SIOO advance <n> out <t ,tr RtV|M[,L A COVRTNEY, I8 l We?t ?i , < >rne, of !*? ??' ? i:p tairs. Wanted? an f.rrand hoy. u to i vkuis or,r> WW in an Importing ho oae: mmu be o? im.?. t?bl- f?m fit : O'-rmau prit.errei lu iutre at 3ti Warre at. . up ?tall'., Wanted? a younc man. capahlr of dki.iv eriiig letlera in iln? city: C O' tetereniea eipe ted Apply, after llo'rlo'k. m Huaaera, .vi Wl'lta n ?? 117 antrd-an assistant bookkeeper ; onf who WW writer a "ood hand and i? competent I ?? al?i Idi r'l penri'-ot A mi a toiiiii hot. from ai\l?en to i,::?et?<-n rean o'd. to rnak? dellvertea of ?|." k ? i: ; b??i of i e! -ren<-'-? re uuired Addrea- box #,.'19 Po?? o'1>e?. iilviuj r?rer?n WAST8D? ERTERPRIsmO MEN TO TRayfi, a\D -e'l a pn-ent righiof the be?l aii'ele IL udm tb* world, dalying ?U com petition Give III n ill J. t'. Mil. TON Jk i'O V?IM H .a Iwar W'ANTRD-A RESPKOTARl-B YOl'NG Mf TO AF W1 ?i?l in a who>?ul? and r?iall wior and i i >r at'ire Apply ?' ib.ith av.. Corner ol 27th at. WANTRD? A SMAP.T ACTI \ t YOI'NO MAN. I* or I* rear* of a^e in a<ml in a bai an? ? atorc. ? itii good rovomwrndaiiotiii. Ii?|uli? at li'i I'.iotd wav. WANIID- A SMART. CI.RAN TVINTRTRiO to do general iiouaewoi ? <o a ?mal' fa a uootl plain < ook, and an eTrellrnl waaheran l ironer. In Hii.r? far iwo dayn at 37 Uomion k ? . of Mia. t'lia ?? WANTF.D-A YOCNG MAX AS OENRRAfj t-Hiai ant in a Aral c a*' oyater nnd dining anion i)n> ua? ? ng $I.V or $200 can meet w,.h a gonil a'eady ?!'ii?-, in, >n application to da*, afier 12 o'clock, ai 171 flprlng a' NTRD-A HERMAN PORTER, K')P. A IIOTEI. who undcrataada hia duty, nail at 13VChMi'>*r* W. WANTBD-A Y?H-.\(? MAN. IST0 2H YRARS O' lOR. io attend in a 1. |Uor atoie; touat be wall rrrommm.iei Call at M 4th ar. WANTED? A OOMPRTENt ROOffKt RPER Mlef be a g od jitdfe of moner, tlr?i gia?? reier 'i e? r? qulred. Apply to Tboe A J. G Johnaon 3M Canal ?? oi per of ffooaier, WANTED ?A TOl' NO MAN. WHO has TKN9ID bar la a llqnor ?tore w|i; " o-l a good aituatlnn < all lag at MO B ! eome at. If he caonoi ooiae well recowfi' "I'd he will pleaae aot apply. TJITARTFO? A SMART ACTIVR HOT. SIXTFFn OR WW eigbtoea year? oM. 'o aiiead In an o"'C" and < ' >? me<ieu{ei. A' "ne who write w? I. la go id a'. ? " i?? ml wllliar to trake lilme^lf reaerail* nae'-i1 Addre?? i ?wn handwriting aialmg reference anil where <aai . luunei. bo I I.tiOZ Po.l olice WANTRD-A E?W YOI'NO MR V Aft HELP* IN 'HK I ire I ream department; raua'. be good, kIIIidk It >iiK and Intolllgeat Call at 8 ? Rroadwar. fir ANTED -A COMPRTEMT1 ROORICREI'RR WISHF8 WW a ait'iaiiou aa am h, or aa a?? ?tani >>onkk"" < an furalab gnod reletenoe Addrea* Alia. Herald ulll. ? Wanted? 8 at.r8Man in a hat and cat store. One who la fallr oonpetent to take eharge n we'l re commended, and who can aet a liatby conform, mat addreil Derby. Herald offioe. Wanthd-a boy. in ANOFPICR. INQUIRE AT III Broadway, room 9J. IV'ANTF.n-IM A OFNTI.RMAN S FAMILY. A COACI! WW man and groom, and a man aad ht? wife : ie man io bo generally noofttl, and the wile for down e ait* work Apply at ::74 fith a?. ______ 2BALEHMF.N WANTKD.? APPLY TO B. D. BASS ford. Cooper lnilltute. 3ca8h hots Wanted.? apfw to b. d ba"^ lord. Co tper Inautute inn AOMTB wanted -a rark chancr Fob JLyiW actlee m?n. No enmuetillon. Control of a nt? or coanty given to each agent Call on or addrea* ?lih itamp for cltcular, N M. SHaPtB A CO., 71 Cedar atreet, loom No 3. SITHATIimS W*STKI)_HAI,K>. RRRPBCTABLR TOUNO HAN CAN PINO A GOOD ?imteei . Herald otliee. arriMTVONii wantr^-malrs. A YOfNU MAN WISHES A SITUATION. IN CITY J\ ov country, a* If" lit puffer or bartender 01 ran 10 any k'ti'l of ator* in a m?i?i or t>?>m ?h tin but***. V?ry beat aaetft rnv Riven Call for two <luys at tS'U Broadway, Occidental Hotel A STOUT BOY, 17 Y6ARS OLD (AMERICAN). W\VTS ? * to I c a r * i the machine trade. Addreaa Oeorjje We'llB*. H4J Tillary at.. Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTBD- KOR A YOU Til OP 18 /A vrirt, in an iron and hard* n? More ha* a i artlat ?? '?nowlniiH' "f the bu^lnea* ran k,vp a-iflH^nttor? ri'fcrnnc^ as to capacity and lolaitiitj <0o? pei.**u?m f'tfMMtl coin nienmiratc with the thnea. Addr*a 1). K. J , bo* 125 Ileiaid oOle? A SITUATION WaNTEO? I1Y A KIBftT CLASS COAdf man, who understands hla bua|ne*s in all ft** brinrhru from l?'uq eApartenw, tna verv l*eatc?tv refoyeuea 4,'an be aeon ut (jtorfte Waters', B road w;**, corner of I'Uh *t \H <JR(M)M ~ -V \ N I f* l>. A SI tV ATION. liY A YOIINO man hn ?ro?m. thoroughly underatan.ta (be i are of horse* f i, ,iH from a first clasa private fuu.ilv Itiquitv t*.t M'6 ium tOlli *t. FIARTl?NOKR.?W ANTED, A SITUATION AH KAK ten '?*r by a youu:! man who under tanda hiibu^iiieHi; aatiafactorv ref*?mir*?i given. If required. Addres Mr S Smith. Spring at SIOOK'H SITUATION W A NTKD? I N A KIRRT CLASS \J private family oi first ehisB hoarding hoiiae. The ad verflaer i-< a flr^t claws rook and p?atrv maker under** tan-la his bnainoaa m all it* branchc: i* alwo ramble of taking charge of a household of anv lend. Can he well recotn mended. Addrei K Steiohar lt, 8 ? Raat Broadway. fPl!K UiVPRTISKK WILL OIVK $15' TO ANY ONR 1 who wi l procure him the apmlntment of policeman in tbia citv. Addreua K. A. box I HO Herald oilice fPO LAWYKRS.-A YOU NO MAN. WHO HAS BR* N 1 in one ?-f the ti rnr law o ? rea in the eity for one vea r alao in ihr inlnmbia college l..iw achool for one vear, and i* a tooil eopvfat, do-irea employment, bent rcferonw ran be given. Audreys Stanton, rare of Spear .V Noh1i, Ill Broad wav. Wanted? a situation", as bookkeeper. in a Dlum! ini? and :; tv f? it i r*ur catRb(i*ihm^nt. by a young man thoroughly acquainted with the hu'dncaw. SI* yeara referenrr. Address Plumber, H'*mld o'f re. WANTED? NI7TRTA AND REAVER I'M K' ltS; also fane-/ fur tie -her*. Inquire of Willtama. 242 Wyckoff at., Rrookkn TVANTKP- A STTUATtON BY A RRLIARLK. COM t? patent double enirv bookkeeper. Addroaa A. B.,in < are oi I{. II. S.. ft'.t Heakman at WANTKP? BY A YOUNO MAN A SITUATION IN A v* i n ' * nnd srpjir More or eiilier . a pood aa'e man : ge?id re I'm a n re si* en. Addre^w L. L. Orol'f, ilodfrny'H Union a?piare r?a| ollW e, Wanted? by a youno man (amkrioan), aord a ?it?ia'lon aa porter in any m^r- antile buainesa or in any c.;i|?arUy whatever; h i* no <>b{netion to work at anv* ibintf bv whi.'h h^ i an rarn an bonrat living. Addrena E D. Wliit'en, 277 Went 2Dth sf.., for one week. IVANTKn? A RTTU ATI 0 N AS ENTRY CLBRK IN A Y f who esn|? hou-r: unrnrepti liable references given . Address A Osborne, 140 <'hrystie at, TIT ANTED? RY A YoUNfl MA V. If AVI NO SOME EX ? ? porirnee in a whoioaaie uro erv. a situation in a fira?. rlagi cro* ery, drug or hardw ire st<>rp. where he r ?n learn the Im-ine^; tlio omjhl . Sa'a?v moderate. Reference given. AddreaaY. K., Herald oftiee, fir ANTED? BY A YOUNO MAN. WHO IS DISEN ?Y jia :ed i? r greater portion of f;ie ?lav. a situation whrro he ran oht.iln and prae'ien in ?rranf i'r e'^rien \ : ht?.!e or no nnnpr ligation required fr?r ? -oort ait lation. Addreaa, with parii"?i!ars, VV L. 1', Herald otlira. VlfAN'TBD? A SITUATION, IN SOME WHOLESALE VV atore, sjro'erv or pro Ulmt, bv a vonnu man reaiding w it lils | a" ma Add o s !?, Sealey. 105 Grernwich av Wr ANTED? A rnsiTlOV AH SALESMAN OH BOOK keej ??r, in the prod tie* commission buslnraa l>v a |?en tl#r<ian with live v^ars' "iper >nw through the W"st: <:??n pi\e n -od cit> reference. Add rea* B. lJ , b?)* 5,U<>1 N. V. Post ofYlce. \HTED? A SITUATION. BV A KESPECTABLE ? Y vnnnv man who resides with bis parent", writea a fa r hand and knowledge of bookkeeping; beM of rel'errnco tri ? ?m. \Vonld prefer u mer antiie hou e. Call for two days, if not- ''Of; j;rd. at 217 avenue A. 2d Moor. ?1 /Win ? TO blunders MANUFAOTURPRS. ,t(\ fjD I . \ /I I v"# A young niHn of ability and iniegrlfv. who ha.? 'n-i-f* i non ledsro of ui' chanica! ?! ra ? i ir h I i ri ?j, aoeaks Oer man, and i** a j?ood a?'co'in?unt, n'jaiirs ??? eii'.'a 'f in hu^meaa or lind employ men t. Addrasa No. 102 Low joy a Hotel for two day a. Til W Til Ai'PRKNTTCRK WANTRIV?SIX HOYS. KM T!D A ROTT T |i? yearn. are wanted ?<> tear n *.tw making. None but bom of retrr?uabl? parent* need apply to ihe Livingston Matin factoring <V?., No * D^r ?,?*oef. AtMITTRH OP OON^IDKRA RLR b'XPKItV KNCR. Es pecially at pHMfiiioonn and veat*. i?i open Tor a ait'ia tiou ; aauafaetnry rei^t^t'Of and no objection to the coun try. Addreaa box 1T> 1 1 ? aid 6 T V<f DRMTOTfTKMrV WA^TKD.-A FP.W HOOD ANDRF Habit fo??o!?rapbir;?l and irontfranbioal flnrishfarnen wantf?<l: orllv tb?*?' wiv an <!o llif "iiMl wi>r!i n#?ed app'v. I No bntnhea wan -ed Add.eis lor tin cm da\a I. L. V., box 1(W Herald ofln ??. H017-R PAlNTFRg WANTFD.? 1 WIL1, UUK ANY n unber of jpood bonae paintfra i!*?ndv work* tb?? year round a?d f p#*r ,?iv bv aoplyiiK' at n?v ahon 4*r> W??at Md at , fiflnnatl Ohio: alaotwutfood iui'tatora of woo ls ??ml vnarb'es wNtitnii ?n whom the verv b?#t and atcady work will be giv#B WM K VOX. 4.V? Weat 3d at.. Cincinnati, Ohio. PU'MIIKRS -W ANTKr>. TWO OOOD PM'MBRBS; I the hu hi'rti wagr* paid Inquire ut I 2 I Past IHth n? PL'MRERS WANTRD? AT 191 WEST 14TII ST; wa ??** S3 l?f? per da v. >m. ro iUArnn operator* wanted? at mar. i, 1*4 Chatham at. i'ai for two davit. I _ . SHIRT CITTERS W \S rp.l> ? <>oor> waork asi> >?? rm in.-nt work am ali'ii to well recommended aiilrl r.ittn ? Nnnr l>nt Hi ??? who thoroughly tmderaand the bu . I u itinera! iired apply at iH Murray at., up ?taira. TO .'(ill PRINTKR*.-WiNTED A FIK9T CLAP* .'OR roni|Ki?l nr. at W II'>. :'4 K?ckm?n M. J'lie hlflirat wage* ntld And mcadr nmiilnvment terrl. Application* wi I be re efyed for two d?v*. mo f-Tt.vfRsMirns ? w ANrn>, pl?te worker. I f.nlther and cMnrr. Ii.<iuireof A Cole* A Co . Nn. 4 Lilieur piaie rpi> PtiUMHBRS -WANTED. A xfTCVTTON AS ROOK I keet*T In ? plnmi'ln ? * i 1 ft-flUIti* r?-hh||?h " rnt. by n tnc "Mn 1' " o'lgli! v ?r j ft'nftt with ' hr hitalne**; .i* v??r?' experience Addrm I'll ntber. flrrald ?Hi- e. rpomd'OM'T -want i? a competent party. I who ha* ii| n ion ? "in" nre In srfMinf. i,ianuat iiif and lUtUitu ?nioki?f !? Iiai o Aildreia litmnircr :i .* i 7 IVj*' o;l ie lor on- ??!. :.i In iifttnf and raf^r. ni^ T) M \R?tES"! * \KF.RH ? WA.VTKD. .?% HAR.VF.S3 mikrn and *? ' i?r? lor mil iary wo k: ?t?ftdy ?m pl iVm^ll! anil Iii?h' n;iri*.; paid DIScJF.K A LOKlliAN, 14 aud Amit* p ? #. rpo .iR?"ri,LKR?-* o'li'i) two on thufr oood J diamond mounter*; 10 m?i-h fori! wacr-4 and ?ti*a iy ?ork wd' hr eti : nun" bu: uooii wo'- ktin n uaeil apply Call at 4-".'N Hrwtdwa*. ? v a alra. fASTFD? A i OM PFTKNT OARDRXFR FOR .< ic-nib' "? |'? i ianc ji Newport. R. I Applv at I or k a '411 M ft. I , - ' hi .11 vvantkm-in v hi-: 1 1 iiworss ; rrrv. in an old ?' ?<lab i*hnl ha.'"?. ??"" ?* Ih* '???' wo'le N rtnnc. a ' rat rh?. -iittpr a wman1" I ?lt ?ti>m ?n i a fi?"'t ?? *t * w. 'i* paid to a man who iliotongh'v uiMl?n>an<l4 It I* hu ine??. Addi (i? hat I Oil Sf* Tork Po?t n ' r* with .-rf 'rrtirr rANTRT??TOtmKrVMR\ TN'STRl'MI NT hop .if AmeiiiMU T? "grapti Ou , .j l,t ai., third floor. Willta-nikpr<Z w ANTKO-CI <TOM VF.8T H*VI>1 API'l.t AT KS Urr#nwiehm. DIKhMAN M EVKRRTT w TITAN'TFO? \ CTTTATfOV A? tAPPHR AXI? I OLO '? #r *o obj?i t ?' n to JO a diatnac- id ihnnni p ?f Nffrrnrn Blvin. havfnsr h id I'll trir <?f thr olrfin* apa^t. mm in U<t n ara 1 1? p .-t lounren \eara Ad Irna I'., box A. Il?r;il.t a i <?? U/AKTC^V tiOnD nr.AHS rtlTTKR ACrUKtoatO TT tn wor . iiif i'i ta? aliad> < o : ? ''in a^rlphla. Ap- | pty to Warner M .akey A Marrl . *7 ' Hi oadw*, ?\\'AVTI r?-A MAN WHO t'M'BRSIA VD? VF.OBT\ \\ hie Mrlen nc. <Mm milk ani do j<- iei.\: farm work. ' ApfilT at Hitwm to Johu Col. I TlrAKTFII ? A SiNUt.F MAN WANTFD. *S < >? .latter ?n.l t" 'a?a earn ?' a hnran an<1 r v and himtalf fenera !? uaeful. App.y u 4 I 4'k ft? . onrner f JOtn tu _ WAfTt n-TWO TIN *NO KHKRT IRON MORKKR" It who tiieri>u*!ih mi leiatand th?rl. * '!*?*? an I ? > ait* willln* attar a month a trial to make an ^nt>i.'e an' ?< r aieaim w Appif at i??". Pearl at. WU [t RI<i!tKl.l. TtTANlKD? A COPPF.B PI. ATK PRINTER A PFft f f manenl ?n i profltih ? ftoallitin will H? ^ ?en tn ? f ' fa ly aid imprlrni t er* >a , no ether need at p'? J. BltB.V. 24 Veaer It WAMKI>-* VR..KT4RI.K t4ARI?P.NKi: till <'OOK V? man an l wlfr: lintb mi ?t under. tani t ieir bn?i .e?? til" onghl.v he man will he r?i ilred to node ? ?nu lha <re of ni'i {O I re omm<-nd.itloii? frnin ihe a-t f? . ? ?? tot.' capabtUt!#? be req'italte: non? hi rr ? nrni -'en' n?""l make anp ttmtlnn. Apply fiem i; to P. M. ? ' M . den lan?, no ataira w 30 \MKn-PLI MBERA AN I* (1A< KnTKt:>? A PI'LV to ke?aer A Ho. S Bible Hou?? 4ih ar tiOOD (IRANI TK UTONF CCTTRRH ty 4 N'TKIl? tT 'h' t'bea'n r Street RniUr Waee- ( I uer da*. CLARK. Mi <? R.vNN A KAMNRUI. Cer iar m. I'htiade'Ph'A. m?l'H ADVBRTINKMKMTS. ON OKSIRF, I ?(R FILM rRANTAIlF PARLANT blen le fran<-?ia). po-n eei*tr com ne bontie e> ??-,.> ne Ile bani're iMHtMpMitt I .i ille 4i? Tinnine On lin n'-a .la bent (afa *1 '?? ?T'I. ei aont <t'ia'tl<ani<. n a iii?-??A h Hrown No I Mrhante plat-e, Jerter rity. N. J MKSSKS. t>F.BNI VEAI'TR AVF.RF. ET CIB..PBI.V. ire. i? r#?'mniaiiil?'i a tne-?l?tira lea arrh|te?'t?-a ei en i-?jimni*m? pout meriter leu r .-on'iame tla lerunt la p?m. ?. nre a 1 uaage du pay*, petn'nr* lr?nr.|?e aree aniiuiteet d'.ere de tnua 'ea genre dlttlnfue*. and Ite da fer ron re I || .intdita et lata funea d (wit, ai -c naau> ?nre .|ne In pe nt irn ti. .oil paa ronge par le ciment. S'adret<er an W Uran.l ? ' Naw > or?. | * N R rRANt Ale, CONNAIS8ANT PARPAITK. MEN r I la pnrtte atatem. Unite de Ten* d? Hamb irgrt da Wi??. t.aden. de* <e a<re e<^ | loyn nar un amn anr. n adr*<?rr M. t hariea. IlKHaUreent at., turner ef Prln e. NK .IRI'NR DAMR PARIHIKNNK. POl VANT EN> _ aelfner I'Ranafnnl, l'Anrlaia et 1'liallen, .l?ali? eturer -mtiinf goite?rnant>' dane one fnialllnt elln i?ut fonrmer le* mellleurea reference S ad an N? It I nneat. anlre In 7an at In Ame nea. U' ORBIRFArr 8NTRK enfana. a qui elle dennenn, in . i. air. j. A.. ||#rald #|?;, '?"?na hrnmaia. * Jnm,r ,,,B "CTUHB IE4m?. "I PORTA NT LKCTlRpa n? *, w T*r* *?ai.iim Ti iOR 0*WTI.K*1N way Partiee nnahle to attend ,il . Anatoni*. *n Hinad fotwarded o? rr?.)|K .? '"'???"* .An hate tVm 0f Mil 1 Mi Huaeuiu g( A AA'vaa/, f^rtlar/ FOR HALK A KIRS? ChA*m WILLfWRRY AMD KANrY roonn Htor# for aile With Stuck. flit ?r?'S and <J 0 >d Wi.'; lite a mhm! bu?lneaa; established hum vw? Arptf at 1/5 Mhth a ?une. between Twelfth and Tliirlat nth street*. AOOOD r 1VKKTMK Iff. -ROK HA LIS. THK STOCK ? ml fixture* of * Pawnbroker n Othce. For farther p ir i. ulars > i ply U 14 J s? th avi um*. nRCTO FIXfCRRR KOR RALR ?AO BLACK WaLNI'T DraweiM, 01 li ttle a*l new mi! nlc* \v labelled one J*cate and one "ho v,'?in wt|l b* aohl ?*?*!?. trait* or together. Slrt'iul m t ?60 Ludlow aireet. Iirst iloor. b ? ? a. room 1 \ RIJO RTORR FOR <IA Til? ? HITIJATHD OR THR I * P. lyhfh avonoe, ?!?> og a ifood business Ifust b?? sold, as the owner's pra 'ee nre.iodes hi?n frrtii ? v ' 4 it ant at to at. on Aj)piy at i)r RI'i'llANA N'R 2fcfc Wail Right** nth at reel. DRU?I STDKR FOR RAf.R- ONPI Or THR stands hi !???? ? ii f. !r?l?iv a *??? I huslneaa For parttcu lara inqntniit IV) Nuwii ' avenue, Jersey City. FjlOR SAL* A SMALL I.KJIIT DRAFT RIDKWII KRL Hl?* i ml' vi? 4 oi f i ir ro it'* A 1 1 Ply to WAlil'S A CHOCK KK. 87 WJU'rM. ?ilOK KAI.K- TIIK KTiH K AWI> KTXnrcP.S Qy TIIK I old established Ltqilur Store IV W >-*i aireet, on a"*o nit of III health of thwow m?r Inquire <?u preMise*. L'Ull SA! R ? ONR OK TIIK BKSI lWlOLRMAf?K AMD 1^ retail Li<< nor ?for< s down town, tittt d y. in Ural ? !?^ ( stvie ?nd doinir a fine b iiin??? : reason* fm - ?'!iau men by I WILLI AM AH HO IT, tictlooaer, No 4 Km* l Itroad uv ' l^OU HALK-ONK of TIIK BR ST COUNl'K Lt'?l OIL 1 in tin* Klml tvanl known as M Went street. op en ite i <o?- | North i-iv* *, f>ontin&r Nfw Orleans ami Cali fornia *?t<:unem inquire on I H?? pre ntses. L^OR HU.K TIIK STOCK AND K| XTTTRT'S OF A . l " P^ti.-nUr* inquire al K D LAW RBNCK, 5.) Went Thirty thhd street. l?OR S ALB ? PY?I*MKKRS IRON t'AVTIS'iS Oh' AI.L L kiti'iM to?-l i liu !.* no i>M't *?f I? m Pi-.!*, from two io ci^ht in u OUi Iron UMn in ??% A HitADV T) Orneae FOR SALR-Rin?!T Alio TWRI.VR inch DOURI.R lot of ShaftMg anil rnPf n onn Ka ?? Latho for boring wliool* an! pull mi Apply at T? Oiv?i?nw mro.?i ? IfOR RALR? CIIRAI' KOR t AslI TIIK I II ICRK ycara' Le < o, ami Kixtur#?H, ??f a Art ?*la*- liquor RtO'-r. no?%- ?1oli?j? a a?o I bn in?? I'a n?a ?{ ?-a!<\ the owner having other bu^lne^1 io attend to ( all b^'we^n t h ?? lonit-M of 11? and 6 o'clock P. M a; 181 Rafct Twenty e. enth Htreet. IjIOR SALK?.A IJQUOR HTOHR on WEST RTRKK.r ? doinu a good I)?i-Ioo*h. which can be sean by apply iug at 237 Weal irct Tj^OR 9ALF? TWO PORTARLR RfVUIMRR iNKWi * wh wiiti two eylin?ler;. both a #?ll flninlit' l and b il't bv on** o: tin* h#??t makern jn Ihia country. Address Sti am Knu'inr Herald o I re. FIOIl HALB-A LOT OK RKCOND llAND TTVMRM'R TooIm. Appiv ?t 58 Thi'd stenne. corner of Kleventh stro^t A'ko a Loft in Kleventi) stieet to iet, for a light buafnefls. F10HSVLR-AN OLD RST* BUK1IKD AND well fitt#?d Coal Vi d, with m large, extensive hn*in'*??: will lie sold wit.5' or without the ato< k. oonsUtinr of about tl\e hundred t uim of C??.il of* Ul? Iwnt bianda. Anolv at 'he oHIoe of the tifdihnrd t*Mre lnMUuio.f Company, Third are nut and Taenty fifth atreet. filOH SAT.R THR PAT K NT RIOHT t)K VANDROAR 8 ? ' Patent Furtm'-e Bam? the b^st fornn- e vrate v?*i made, now bein-MMi.MiHiv ol v introduced Fur sale low as the nro prieior wishes io **n 'a *e in another bu*dn<"<H wh?< n te.pnrra ilia who'e attent on. Inqo reofE. <h W J. Y l\ R^. 4 | vhwd* street, i?,r ok'vn N. B ? Orders for conairucting I sanl uratea rorelved as ibove. |?OR RATiR? A Fflt ;T CLASS LTOU0R STORR. IN quire at the southwest carrier of Fifty eighth stroet and Ei?htt? avenue. yum MALK-IHR I.I? AND F I X T ' K T N OF THE P Liquor Store 88 Thirl avenue north \v?tt coni'T -f Fiftv qeeanth street. ad o nlntr the Konrih diMtrlrt. Polite Court Moni^ For n^riiculart Inquire >n t>ie nr?* nt- "M. tfon sale -TiiK bat::o<?\i \*.n fixtures. with P t he privilege of hiiyirit* the Fnrntture, of tne Club IfoMKo at 121! Prim e st.oet. Rent low. TilQIl 8 \ LE? A II XNDSOtt^l V KITTED UP BAR P room. <n i vt'rv de*lrubie hr'ailon : rem only $200; will be At. a b ircaio Kor particular* at ply tu the Lov It uote, J:>1 Fulton * treat. F|K)R SALE? \ HOD A WATER AMD ROOT BKLR Fountain, Cooler an<l Counter an complete: a very neaf establishment; will ba sold fur half its value, a* th?* uwii't liav no iih(> or It. Injnlre at R War 'Is irmi, um? nn>l Iquor vaults, 20ft Broadway, between Chamber* and Warren ?it reels. I^OR SAM? AT \ HA R<J \IN ?A FIVE SILVER P plated Sliowcn ? <?, Office I'sMo and a 12 foot Counter; wi I be Mold Ronaraleiv or together. Inquire at. <i09 jfroad way. nit tairs, room No. I. F^ort s \lr cm: sp-ov account of f*hilv af. | falr?. a well e?t*hli*lied Bakery, with Horse and Wa gon In fulrw at 122 I 'ast Broadway. Tj^on half cfii \p? a first clarr hah. nwi ul I runt and t?un?h Counter; flne VwjrUinn on Ri i I ' doing a good bu*?m?"- <*. wnd averytblnr: in hr-i rate ord*u\ i A i | ?. v t > J. ELLIOTT, 70 Ceilar stioet, room 13. i Fill WALK OK TO I.KT ? A HOTEL. AT ROCK * '.7 * T . h. I . n?*?ir the ? ?*ch. wit i everything eoino'??te locarp* cn tbe business. and well eaiahlished. Call at ?'\7 W. -at - OLD BR ATI RR? IMPORTANT TO M\NM'FM:Tri ll em of go'd aini silver leaf, Having otner business to attend to I wi'l kh'I m v?ry reasonable prices f mr of my Hold Pe?flni: Maehin*M, in good working or<ic ?. It is an op portunity khLuoui met with, a thev are the oulv one* in the country. W. 11 KEMP. 170 ll'idfou street, W. Y (1 RI. AT S\CR1K ICK? ? A FIRST CLASS BOOT T and Shoe Store, ilo'n;: a 'in? trade. So humbug. Wdt hear strict Inquiry. Tali at N'o 6 Warren street, between 12 ami 1 o Cluck IRON SAFER FOR SALE-HERRI NC'K LILLE AND Valentine ?t Butler * make? to c ose an te. at 2ft per e?nt less than msn itn 'liter ' pri ??**?*: one Fairha ks Scale* .'i.60i Mb? aNo one larff* d ouble door Herring ? fa font Saf'\ In store Maiden lane. OH! IX IT. ? AN KS1 A H f.lSfl RD fl UTTER AND rutt trade together with the fisture*, for sale. Xtors M New touk ruRrriASTNo aorni v row BOOK X rARTKrf PK VJcrTR AND S''ORTI.VO OOOIMI OK KVKRV DESfRIPTIu.N. CH*loS'i"< wiit f re#. Addri-n t>o? 3,335 Po?t nil". \>w Vnrlt CHAD V ATTWOOD*C0 Pnoiocr vrinc-Tirr partial or knttrb in*. tcrn.t in tliMf tittpil 'ip ?mt well iocntcd cmllWV t > thl? ctrv t< Oltfiril fur .?!>? OvlM tu llir nMfnlrer.ioriU of th? m nnn ><er b li <if th? bn'toe,* >n in'lm p innnt will l>* nuile to h r nipet^-H pfr?<ii) with a tin, mnoiiBt of c.i|iiial AlJ.e.-t.N. i'., iIpi.iIi ? ?c?. 1>HOTOi.RAPH OAM.KRT KOR S*r.F fllBAP? FOR i .1*1. l ur 1 ?I ; l ul.iri. lu Mill, of Wll.COX, ROUblt? & 4JKAX EH, ,%3 I Rio, lw... QTRAM KNGISRS AND BotLBRR ? OMR SRCOSO k 7 no -I ll"n/on:al Ka^ n ??? It' inchra bora, .VI 100 r, itrnko: ono do. oil ?t?lr 1' In h?<. on* do lm24; "10 6 Iti'be? . <mn fml'I lB.:h".? on? Inrro I 'fright Knitina, fvtro i rliiirtpr* I'itSu l04:h#* (?n^ Uo. . o* ti^ in.'ht1. a!?o .. r?? r^l *iti?I rr *t*r: oti# Mower Knuln* Itilfi. one Ur^e Vmuikh Pump ?evr i st>.,io Pump, of d!ll>mii m,k. r? from Hn. I to >'o 'w lir,... I aihp., )4\ *4 t. <? in S l>ol: ?n ,rh; I^>.'"ii>oti?>* B ulei ? from H'n".'. tin'w pnwr *c?i ,pi e nl I'tirluht. Hort/octH l a > jiul C>l idor BoUaro. 'rom " io Sll lior?.> tviw?r. l>i?i to 175 Waiar Ktreet. b?lwe.n Bri lga and J.jr airce.a, Hio >*l<q W*l. FfNNET k CO CTEAM RKOIN8 FOR S *f.E ? A NKW. HIOMf.T Fl*. nh?1 Rie.ioi K?f!na will be *uld lax than half teat. Ap plT at I U Liberty itreet. CTOrK. PIXTt'RRS A.NIJ LI- ASK OF A lUKriWARP. * ; llontf Km onhlnz St e and rinNlvpfoi ,;>le low ?? talocuirjr reaaou. (I<ea for aell nc a *ood i-i.anr, for i p?r ?on lo no Iiko l..i?iM".s Apply at 3IU ftiird arsni e, ntai Twenty boh atreet. 'pro HOAT FilR RA LK.? ' ' VI.INDRR MX2J A POW JL erfal and gi*w ira l>.>ai. lu |Mlr? at -7 J Pearl , treat. TO OOLD MR V re R<. ? FOR .SAt.R THR BI'.Sf.VFsg Of the lat- li- r.e Snedieor, >'o ID WalU'r ,tre?t New Vorkoitr. wtha'i ih? M.uld Tool- anl Putnre* apoor taioin^ to the i at!*. The mi' mm hi, been eatab lahed fourteen Tei',. .in" will aee^ai;. d r nj |he i??i two T?ar> ?idit? pa^k> net w*?t. For i?rti'-ular? applj i? iaX.'M U \DDo.M. 455 Kionn, at . h T Ti? THR HARDWARE TRADK -!fOTI< a? OARAL Barrow, at fai-!or>- prio?. and In an* 'tti,nni?. and |.a? k ed fo thip|ilug. at AN URk W." , 46 * e >ff alien TO BORt MASONf? A 9IT,RJ?r?ID I/K OF W A F folding Per. Plank a id H?'i?i for ?ale. cheap at 100 corner of New rna:nbe>a and Ba irn .tre.-ta, JOHN ALLEN' x?i nn/i-i",vT*''1'*" ANI> BAR K0,t sA, ?r ?rl.UWU Klrt'anllr filed up with erei , conrenienee dome j la'ir* bnalneee ? luated In >aH?i .trr-et near ih, Po? oftl o Will b- d r'le.n Piornetor (Oin, io Furnpe Apply to J O. RRVMKKT Atf i ney at Law 15 Nanaan PRRIMM All. DR DRAUR. of RROOILYR, WHO kKPT HIS OF ' Itre on the roraer 01 llirlt. and AtlanUi atre<l* w|l| I plea.e Mnd bl, addie?. to the Madlaon ?'i"are I'n.i oitce, io i OLIVI A LAW FORI) | t/At'T4W IIOCRE -BALTIMORE IS IN THE fill. I I i Written aa re.|iio?ted FR \ !*K ? BT'Sl N K.SS AWAITS V(?t R IMVEUIATE attention, proml.l'ii; ( .o l rettirna an l a. r.'?ai'ie ?v. i. pailoe Lottor* bare been kent to eour ad tre.. m Hna'on to tie fnrwar led lo I'ana la n ? replf received. ? oiumiiu. e.te without ilolair lo * (' ofllre New Turk Courier. IP MTftft LI P.KIR D WHO FuRMRRI.T LIVRD ll Row Jeraoi, will wn l Hft>f"??i ? Idreao to II bot O. Herald ->8I<'-- Nenr V . > i k. . .n ml! hear from aa old Irlaud and of aomeiniDK to hrr alraiitaie. IF THK LAPT WHO W AS AT BRYART ? KIN atrel. on W"dne?dajr erenlns and <*t n -i' to a rtTtie. mia on her left, who .bowed her ?orre ettentlon wil ?J. dre.e. In eonflil^nre B. M . Herald o I t ?, abe will bear of a , frtend and eorae bin, to ber adrantage. MR, SANDS -IF MR SANDS, OWVP.R OP H'll'SJ >o. KM lllee kor .treet will ?en.| bl* atfdroa* I R. Jehl, Herald oifl. e, he will rerolro aome Infounation f'Bt will h# u*erel to him MR. tIRRF.M. FROM SAVANNAH. WILL C t LL A f the aeneral P ut oHIre for a .e.i?r. ana n, w,i. inar fr.iin an old iriead. L. ROBINSON I>BKsoNAL.? INFORMATION W.ntF.H'.AS TO MR. 1 A lam Rneoetl, a natlro of Edlaburf He ei< In No* Tork and T >rooto In IS6I, aad waa reported to hare thea i engaged 'or a whaling *ora,e He waa a'terwar la Men. 4 ' li >.l !, In New York. Ta IMP. and alee la TappanK ien Ro k . aoJrouatt. N Y. Said Km <di waa of awarthr oomp et ioo, about Bra fao4 ten tnrhea In bn'fht. and le now about thirty all year, of age. Any latelllgenco concerning him aad of hl? preient ro<4done*. if allre. will be amiably re warded. AddroeaMeeare Piatt. Oerard A Buckler. No 4A Wll'lam atreet. N. T. . or Mr William Barneea, S. 8 C , No. II Drummond place, Rdlnburg Seoi and. Prnarn -r arriyi d iierr on wedrrbdat morning, rail at IH. the .amo atreet whrre you lalt aaw me. Do not disappoint me. W1 ILL THR OKNTLF.RAN WHO I'ALLRn OR MR a?t T|ur?dV jMr llolle, I think 1 arn.l mo J. avwaitf. MChAr;aiatt*?i. LOiT AVD rmJID. /^AfTION 1/ T RPrFIPT or THF C7 N fTP D ?<T ATRM 1 Im * ? a - A I. MM, l?T'i0.75i? nc^a (i'.id, m niifm of W H l>'n-m??'e Tr?u^ tirer. In* tinder <a . \\ pip*** retain it to theeflloe of Adama' K?pr?s C mp mv. 59 P road way. Payment hjui been stop, ped upon the aid rpr*|pt nOO LOMT-* KMAI.L. WHITE liCOTCH TKKRIKR; tail and ear "in short The tinder will b*? suttab 'v re warded by returning him to Win. H PutBAin, No. H Colle#* P |^Ot?NI>? ON *AT It I > a Y A rORTKMOWNAIB ?W X1 <|ulreat(ioupd ?, 77: Hr atwsy. norvl? -'N NKW YORK * ti ro ? <KRTf ?"| r aTK O* T in'!** de >o#"? of toe UrU l *???. T ie ,?irreio hav? the sain* hjr nroviug property by applying At 368 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. yiorND-MAV io ?i/>op i a?;lk >k rp.d rank, r r;ip*i /ed oa the (!rr%4 Kill- * o ? rh owner ?*r? bave the aa^e br privfn : pre ? rtv sr. ? .?aying eip#n*es by calling on KMney A Brown (Jr-al &i;U FjlOf ND? Olf niK .JBRKtfV ? I r r vr.p.KY HM\T A ' Wallet, containing; a sm*ll amo nt of n, n and some paner<. which the owner "nn hare ov railing on U ifare at 45 Cliff street, and describing content* and paying for ihis advertisement . TjiorND? A LKaI'HKR ri \ \ r n \> . niK P owner can ha'*?? it bv eroving ?mpert? and paving ej pen e*. Ad.lresa Willard. bo* ti,Vi Poet oScc. FOI'ND -ON BROADWAY. If PAR PRfNCP STRPKT A Cambrfr F?andk#rch'ef. The own- r can hare it r? pro in - propertv an. I paving for this advancement A<i dress Thms. Herald office. / 1 ()LI> BRACNLKT LO^T- MF.TWFH V OP* If OK IT mI ' eet ami Pultan 'errv. on We.Jneadar e?e?j no A suitable r*w?rd will be paid for ita return to 40 Orange street, Brooklyn. Tost or mislaid-crri*! rrcATK no. M.ari. for J out h"ii<1r??.l *1, ires l?'rie Rnlhynr Tmnmon fltori In llj^ n?mfi of 0 u.'M T?m niiend AU<i (^ertifl^afe Vo, |O.APO, for ono hnml efl *h?re i Kr Ifa^tway Co-omon Sfoelc own' d ?>v t fi?* underload, in the nao of Rf haf f Hclio 1 f ? trannfer hna been vtontted, and al'> nartiOM arn nott -e?l not t?? n??jj?>tli|fe the cert, ii irate . Aj^fati' n wll' be tia !?? for new r??rf i'i.'ntnw Tb" 'nd?T i?i reoip - ed to return the aari.a loTKTKRS .% PROUST, H Bro* ! - ? T ORT? IN BOSTON OR V b W VOi:K OCTP.TNO TIIK " J month of h n Pearl S a ' P.-m, of no va'?>e ?o ant bodv. WIhipvit fttnln th" I'tiv i ?i ! vv:!' k?'ef If. wi'l raeeif#* the thank h of 1 1 r rh* aH ertl er h?i reaaon to think that It will not in? t i ?, 4 * < ? ?. .>#?. ? IORT? ON ^TNDW. >-T?l INP.T <10!N?'i l ltuNf JfXTV J ninth ?' pet. and Tenth av*?* ? o the Hp ?r In On nt! Park, a Lidr'a Wainh wv c unattached rb* tin ? 't will lie libefMilv rewarded ?iy lem*m ? >imc at. Broad nay room No ". in the arm* ???>, *?t Oil e TOST? BANK HOOK NO. ; -Tia ON M AMI ATT A V J Havlnc* Institution of N*w York '-'it. The lind??r w | be Jihernllv rewarded ?>v r<t -inn' the lama at the hanh , corner of Rleerker ?n reel ? n<i Br<>adw t/ rOs:T? FOTR TRRASHRV NOTF.S ?:OfNOV>ROW J the Poat oHf " down Oedar and 1 to Peart ?trept. The finder Wl! re''p<r? h 'iiie-i r?wMrd *od ihnnt* of the owner on returning tii and to 91 Paari street, lr *ha ?tOi*e FORT OR RTOLKN? A DIAMOND PIN IN TIIK S'l APR ; o. a My. If the iln-ler will return the mrae fo2U Wee! Thirty fourth ?tre??t he will be liberally rewarded. TORT? ON ITtTOPMAV. A T.AP'.P f NTRLOPK. COV J tain 'Utr '-apt i|m ? ftninlp^ion. nri ter roll, he loneint' to Oantaiu V IF i'r i '?** K rst w V'or'; Volunteer Kn'tlneprn \ utah'e r?mrd wll' be paid for their ret ?rn to Rtinhard A t'o tf? RTrlienfce p TOSr_TN WTf.MA AipRlTRC OR N K *V A'ORK ON ) Mondav, the |l)th ItlBt . I Hr>wn moro. o P<u*Aetbo??|t , contaitil" ?_* % I In mow*? and a i*af* Ker. the flnder will return the ijev t?? '-''I'i f<orf?n?r ?freet, WPhamabur-r. he 'ai? keep the money and re? e|re the than., -i of the owner. TO^T-IV f.OT NO ^R(?\r PORT rfTRRTRR TO VAN. J derhlli avenue. Brooklvn. a ?'?>! | Pen and Pencil fa p. wilh a *?*?!? n stone, with the let'.?*r?* T. W an The finder will b p Hbera'ir rewarded bv returning -he same tot" R. 0 born, 44 Beaver Htre? t. Tost on mondav. mav? on broadww. nrar J Bond street a lar^e blaek Newt" .nnd'and Do*/. w.'tK co' bearing the name or Thp finder is r* e.n'oted to V>i <ng it to Hk owner, J IIais, I- Park place \\ 111 give a llhe? al reward. j r OST-A RING. BRTWKBN JAMRS AND Ml LBRRPT I I J Hlr-'ets, in ChafhaMi. $23 reward to the findur will im : given at No. 9 .Tames street. T- o^T? f>N NfUDNKSDAV RKTWRKM .'. AND ?P M . I in croinv from the foot o'* Thlrtepnth ??trret to t*?e foot j of Pfiieth st.ree' North river, a small Pofket^onH. e- ntam ncr ahont $ a Kev and aome F'a^er^ The tinder will p!ea??s leave the ker and papers ^ther an* of no use to any one et | rep/ the owner" at Pst Defanv's. eorner F"rtv ^pvpnth street ' and Eleventh avenue, and keep t'\*? money for tils trouble | T OST? A VKMSKL'H ACCOUNT BOOK BFTWKKM 1 J Pine and O inal it veer *, sutmose l to t#e list in an Kiirhtti a< p r> ne car. between 2 and '? o'clock; tn the afternoon of the? l?t'i Inst. Anv person returning the aame to Wl West street will receive reward. Tout-on Monday, may 9. a tutr rracrlrt. i with \ goVI faN'ernng and several white st'iues e^t lr? fii V T'ie t'nder w 11 ha ail Itablr reward el l-v 'eaving it at 79# Wa^hini'ton street, brtweeu .Tan* *:><! IJora'io uuwauui. 1SO REWARD? DOO LOST.? STRA YKO, FROM NO ? ) Harrow street one door from Rteorker. on T uesday , War 10. a small brown Dsn, with white chest and paws and a vliitc spot on top of her head. Answers to the name of i Rover. ? (b r. RKWaRD - STRAVRD, FROM 7J* t, HAST TWRNTT . : *?>?) seventh -treet. on Mondav morning 9th instant, m white Wolf Hog: ilvhily tinged vith yellow Ar.y on? who will return him to the o* ner will receive the above re. j ward. g j <J?~ RP.W ARD ? LOST. FltOM NO ft* WRST TWKNTV I tT>? ) th ill strpi't. May IP. a spotted Crouch D* g ; ao-werv us < the name ?,f Coach . Vur one p'urnlng -aid dog, aa above, j will receive the foregoing reward. <tj~ RAW \nrv ? I.ORT ON BI'.'IADWAV, A ^<) H.natlpin with three purple drop* Call at 51 Sprue* iirwl rrward? lost. ? black *Nr> tan nli'T. ?P'J with collar. marked If-' I'riace ?ire*4. Aav per no n retnrn'ng her to UN PrtlW (treat w il receive the ab<i?# reward. RKirtun lo#t. o?r mat a yrlloit I " " Nluf u ill' < a' 1 and 'all ("lit : in<>i . r < the name nt Kannr: had on a leaiber nollar ?h?n laa' Whoever return* ?ant ?l'il to N?. '.'I Raul - ileenth street ? a the atable will I i retire the above reward (Jjlfk RKWAKD? OONR A DRI *T MAY S. A BOAT. * I'" eighteen feet long named Hue 'Hide, white em. ! Hide, with red *tre*k: the l"P of her a'eni broken ? Tli? '? f reward will te ?l>en on return of Mine to lleury C. K<>i> It. Id KitlVon atrlill. New fork (Jjl/t RBWARD-MWT OR --rOf.F'V PROM FOOT OR I ' t Thin* acventh treet Kaet rircr, a Srhimnrr'n Tawl Bohi ainicil Mark outalde *?ith while bottom. and leeit r - i . n*nl?'. Whoever w II "attirn *aid boat, nr aire Infor fio'i wh're ?be mn He 'mind. -s-lli 'ere l*e the above rw ? ar 1 br applying to Ja . ecu A Hioea. fool of Santon atreei, Kk?1 river. ?n? brwabd. lost or stolrn. in a twbntv. 1 ' ih.rd <it ret Minlbna. May!) a gold lmfttlni caa* ! Wui.-li ari l I'ham; wntrli ma le hr Lo i la Richard Lode, i Nn. .V T'ie nhoi e rewa.d will he pa,d 'or their return to <1 Iia?t Twelfth atreei raenbioker* and watchmaker* I j>!ea*e take notl<-e. ' <t "in RRWARP ?LOST OR STOLPN FRO* LYMAN 0??'? Seelr'a a'abla, * *'>rrel Ware alvi' h?nda hl?h, while *p?d on a- a VlM an. I ilnrne* , M top. Toealime reward w>n be mid fur Ihe return of holb nr #2.1 'or ihe Vjrr and Si'i for 1 1>?- Vaiog and Htm?>i to Lyman Hee!r Ynaker , We?t<he*ter county RRWARD ? I.OBT FROM THK KINO. WniM " " tell ng out of an nmnlb ia, at '.lie corMr Of Twen |i ? igMh i reel and Fifth arenne a -larH hlue Sapphire. Th? ..'>ore reward w :ll lie paid for ita da. nrt to J W B irr, owell r. 1 r.t Broadway. Aonn RRwtRn-FOR rowirno* or thirf. and re-orer* ef barne??, brld'ea and ether ho ae ? ilP'penAi itol*n from -ta'>'e Ni Wett Twentu elicMb atreet ?u Vt>'l i?'?dav ?nht. or a proportionate reward fo? the return of 'h<? nmpertr Apnlr to J S YurNO. t't'W u-te. tire R.i.ier. Mnrop ditao Police S?Ad'|uarter>. KIM* ARTS. PRRDRI< K* A CO., PHOTOORaFBRRB. 17? FIFTH a?en-e between Twentr tennnd an1 Twenty thi-d ?treot*. < 'arlea do rial !? $f par daioa. Our work cat no* be eieel'ed. W ATCHBN. JIWKLRf, AC. AtrftTRALtAN IIIA?ONI> BRILLIANTS. Th?-a tiiaiaiHr<-Bi lawala. aet la arerr ?ai iet? of atyl? eaa He ob alaad at ihe oolr aiem r in tite rniMd Stataa, t V> Broadw?? lieiweea Oran I And Howard (treeu. ? all a a 'i eiamlae thoaa CALIFORNIA DIAMONDS imitauana of AUSTRALIAN BAILLI AIT* aet in fine I a carat gold, At the aame prtoa* a* the O d Siyle Callfarala Jtwalrr. For (A :? by JOSEPH SOLOMON Dlaoioud Hrofeor 499 Breadwar, below Qraad atreaL Ra not doraired be rounlarfait At SJRALI AN BRILLIANTS. A I **. WAtUMHS. DIAMONIM. /BWBLRT. SILVRR Plata, Onoa, Pi?to>, A- .. bouabt. ? I will oar 7 ft par c?nt more than raa he obtained at any other nlace ia 'ho fit* N M ? AI?o Pawabrokara Ticket* wanted for thw ab >re article* at Ihe eama rate. M Hfoad way . eoraer of Notitiou m i eel. up atftlra. ream X A T 77 RLRBfKRB RTRPRT TOU CAR OBTAIN SO l percent more for Niamonda. Watuboa, Jawelr*. Sll*ef f'late. fluoa Plata! a. Dry OooUa. Ac N. R.? A a? Pawn broker*' Ti kata boaaht for tha abare *rtl?le? Diamonds OLD UOLD AND BILTBR OIAMOmDC OI.D <H)L? AND SILTBIL Par?aaa who wi*h taaall <id Oatd. Blleer, or aav k od af o.d aab luned Jewa.iy. ?o to LOOll AM RICH, rm H road war. A paaltire fact, be par* ? par oaa t mere thaa an* otbrr peraoa. K*iabU?bad ,u Naw fork aiaaetheaA aiiaKtra'.on nf the lata Martin Van Rtrao Make no mia take? 7X1 Broadway, under the Naw Tork Ratal. s ANITAKT KAIR DIAMONDS Our arllat ,iaa glren a akaich of one of tha maal r#??l. altractlTe a* wrtl a- iaatrticilre arliclea in lHa Fair l h" > a>e rontam" a far aimila ?>' all the rery larga Dia mnn ta in the world, aul from Ca'iforniA S'lArtr crvatal. anA flon.ted by our en'.erprlaing fellow e u>en ihe Original L. /A''OB^ No. 407 Broadway, whore na-na n nl ?i"re hare he . ome one of the inatltutRin* of thia cit* ehortl* after lb* die' orery of I'aHfamla gn'd In l*?? a friend who had etrl. giaied n 'hat ragiua aaat to Mr ,Im?h? a .ample of erratal q..artr. and he. hetag alwa** on the alen for Mine ao*eK*. **ut u tu l ranee to be cut In mitai* tbe real Diamond Thw roault far aieoeded hi* antloipat ntn, m l enabled hlrr tw oTer the publ'' an arttrie a* brilnaa' *? 'he BrarlHan I> a monl at a dft eth part af the ooat Tha -m: tar to carry eut the idaa. he eogacad IB wan i'ac ??I'lag 'ewalry aet lag them la BreaAtptna^Rarl1og^ t.'roeeen N*cklaeaa, Rfhg* anA Rraealeta, all af IS carat gotl. an t haa tha* proil ieea an ar Ocia tba admiration of all who *ee rhaaa Tfrna aeem* ??ir to enhaaea their ?al i*. a* wa inderetaal that the 'tirigia ?I" oaa aearcelT nn?p ? tha demand At it nana: with al great larentloaa. aniaarauk Imttatioaa hare aprmg op. both in thla any and over the canalr*. and arerr paate aaJ glean aat In eommoa jeweir* ladeaom oata 1 < allfoHn'a Diam< nda to eatch the unwary We ha*e lamlnal hie *too?. and wa renfeaa we hare nrrer leen *rn"ilag nut Ihegeno'n* fia inond that '-an compare with them ? Fre* the rinel rated Naw Tork New*. April 21. . w AfCHBS AND IBWRLBY OF ALL OKSCBIPtlOlfS For aale br OKI) r ALLFN. 415 Hnaadwar. CB4 Id' ?? tiftnai all aat. Iwmmif U *?* Wf

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