Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 13, 1864, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 13, 1864 Page 5
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BUTLER! The Operations of General Kautz'4 Cavalry. lAli Railrord Communication with Petersburg Cut Off The Union Troops Keported to Have Passed the Outer Line of Rebel Defences. CASUALTIES IN THE CAVALRY COMMAND, S. CM &C. Mr. Win. H. ftnnr'i Dfip?tch. City Po >t. V i. , May 11, 1064. thk i PKi!*nojt> i>k o; r cavalri ?under the dashing G nerm A. K. Kautz, ?> whose start I Unformed you in my despatches oi lust week, huvo been ou the most exteu-.iv.' soale, nd reunited u great laiury to lue enemy and es-'< ntial service to the Union cause. Late last evening mm.- few of the wounded came in, first, who Informed me that it part or the divi sion was closely following them; and from the former 1 Iiave lx??o enabled to gather name incongruous reports or ?,ber proceedings. THE OKDRK TO ADVANCg nth Riven ob Wednesday, tho 4th Instant, and the dlvl aiui. having lioeu proporiy organized and prepared, tne -srder to inarch early on tho mori.P g of the 5th Instant obeyed with the greatest alacrity? Col. S. H. Mix, Third New York cavalry, commanding tho First brigade, ?nd Col. (1 P. Spear, of the Eleventh entiKylvanla c?v airy, the Second brigade. R.tlious siitnrlent for the con templated trip wore provided, as ?l<o amumnlti >u for the Girbwes. revolvers aud mouutaiu huwitzerg, and forage 'Cor the hnrsos. the ^ir-t hat's pkockkdinos. On leivinR our intrenchments neir Portsmouth, known ??? Getty's Station, Geticrnl K'Utz took the btnlgbt road \? S'Jfhlk, and from there to Aidrews Corners Ihe greatest caution was used in this advance Flankers wore tbrowu out to glvo the earliest alarm ol an udvanc /ng foe, but no opposition was met .and i??f -re daylight of tfie fcth li:8t. our cavalry reached W ulsor bridge, Hud. Ing no rebel force here, Gen -r . Kauix pushed nu to the left of Isle of Wight Court House, whore a small rebel force was encountered, who tired a vidley Into our troops And skedaddled. Lieutenant Preidhoiiitu-*, of the Eleveotn ^Pennsylvania cavalri A-^istaM Ajuait Geuerat to ?Colonel 8pear, was badly woun 'ed lie made his way, however, to Fort Powhatan, and was brought here on ?the steamer Curl w the next day. Company A, ol the Eleventh cavalrjr. led the advance 0> TDK StOOND DAT tbe column Id a boayieitB" It' ter bridge, and weot to Whit! o.d Station on the Norlolk and Pmoreburg Hall rond Itie opposition met thus lar from the enemy was but slight, and was mostly iroio guerilla*. From ^ffhuford Station our forces proceeded to Littleton, where they forded the Nottoway river and continued their tnarch on aud through Stony creek br due, ou the Weldon ?nd Petersburg Railroad, which was reached on Saturday nlgbt. At this place the Third New York cavalry encountered a rebel force, Cum ?landed ?y t olonel Tabb, wbo gave tliem battle, and our loss consisted of oue lieutenaut killed aud s-tne eight or tea me . wounded. The rebels, however, were routed , with a loss equal to, If not more than our own. Tbls finished the third day'a work, which was intermixed with that Of the second A *?PI 1.3H AND Ticr-HT. Colonel Spear's brlga e here detached on the nen* ?nunlng, and pushed loiward to a rtatioa seven milts froia 8f>ny creek, towtni* Weldon Owing to the deu *lty of tbe woods some fifty of cur men were dismounted to act u skirmishers. a n-bel forca met our troopa. and oommeaoed to lira on them. Having i-ujairiur numbers, tbe enemy had the advantage of the hght. and drove oar men fro* the woods. At this point h ?*evsr, reinforce mente from the Fifth Pennsylvania civalry. who were aim. dismuii: ted, arrived, and. a!ter a sharp engagement, the rebels were In their turn driven and tbe won'hi Cleared effectually. Our lees consisted <-f one man killed Odd eight woauded iMvauisa pfnR""n?i' or ntonwrr. Having pursued the enemy a dlsla. ce of three miles, Our troop-, returned and set fire to the sta'toii, lug mime two hundred thoni'tuid doUars wMtb Of pork and a lar ue amount of griift. A qu-ntlit* ol tbe latter our uien appropriated to use for tueir c?t le. / I>APa OK A* l>rvBN -T KMT. leaving tbe station , Spear t bri sde met the Ihln d New York and hirst I mtnet o' < olumbi ? cavalry some nuli-s the mnor side of the state in . c gngmg a bea y K of rebels under fabn it appears tint the nttrr *iier meeilnt onr troops mi tbe railroad, retired u> hi lutrencb iin-nts. Our cavalry dmmoitited and charged Ibe bait -rles but, bavun t.? In. to s?pp rt them, lero ^mielied to re. re. whiet, ^ Tl;? few wounded we had were gathered up. nv*t them being aMe to ride their owu h.irses, Hemg on a straight r^ad and only nine mde r-m I etorsborg, i.ene ral K an t? turned oil the Muhwuvand commence" march towards City Poll t, wh-re hearrlve.1 l*st evening tub Rit" i.r u rea' as 1 ran ascertain from the disjointed jtatotnents of tbe wounded men who came. in advance of the ma n eel" an itnmeuae track or rait r ad which will ?omewliat interfere *tlb exlettng rebel er ran game e ta After travelling .or six d ya. exhauatloj All tbe ratioua taken along, i??*ueral Kant?, not being a V> subsist oo tba enemy , came to the base to rei ienis . forage was found plenty, but tbe country he raided ?fc rough Is enttrely depleted of pro vis loos ot a i.<nw, wonslderlnc the larce force snd ex"nt * ^v^Mi^ht weiled over snd engagements tougbt, wss tery siigDi. YheM tire number, as rar as can be asc-.-ruined amounta to out fortv tive in killed and w??undad Tb' wounded bnv b^o mni forward br *,r ( barl^? Mc orm cic the .uii.t Medical Director, to Fortrew llouroe. hen tb?*f b^ cTted^r by%. All Mctn.Uan AcUeg Vled^U Id iroetor st Old Point. Your correspondent with the cav Alrv c>r|* will furnish the deUils of tbe exposition My atalement la ooJy s?ch as I could pick up from the wounded. ______ Tba Caiaaltlsi. OIRT OF WOCMIMIP OF OINIHit KACT7.'8 CAT*I,*T Division, arkivbd r?n ?t?ajibr momtok, at FORTHKHH *OH*t?K. MAT II. W4, tfergt ,1am ?s W Dumb, Co B. Serg^ ? Um Deaay, Co C, ? J?4-<W Maud Co D ?Btb Ntt Carp Wm XlArshall. Co B, M iws:^ S^?aV*v joVo^car- Sd Ht -| 1 JoViUm^" HhM Tiny HCK.rka0 Co B. Mh Pa eav .LpUeat.USM.rl. CO a ^S;^"c.Vt:pS; w,u ^npu,.. c. ?. nth P4 H-?;?;yhrtiBy c# L Mk p. C? A' i r. t:o A. Mh Pa?r ,?sr|T J Hoober. Co P. llth JehoKerknell.CoM. Mb Pa I rVlekeT. Ce t. mh Pa ear J.'.hn VeiUraa. Co A, Mh Pa J Thomp.on. 0. 0.41th P. j^'^oaA. ?b>. eav j I^mo. Oa C. Ill* Pa eav Jaeon Lnmport, Ca O. Mb Pa ?SVK? ???.?" - 1ZL *00,'Co1, ,Uh vin'Vi.h.CuL Mh P. eav m as '?rd Ce B. litis Pa eav Almond Lewis, < e A, Isi D C MlllpWalnt. Co C, Sd BY ear ca airy V'sfT"' 0,u ftiiatf.'jsnssgy jr Uel'artk* U VY CAT P*l McN'^l, * o i'l, Ift ^ K.oow lU'tiuCo m! fct NY c*r John * **<*?. Co C, let DO ce? T Is* Commodore Jon?a A<l?lr. ro TBI EDITOR OF TIIK HKKALD. U?TBI> ?TAT?S MAVAt IloaeiTAL, 1 NnaroLR, Vs., May 11. lt?ti< I la yonr notice of tbo loss of tba United States gunboat 'Commodore Joeea, by the axplosloQ of a rebel torpedo on iDka Jamea river May 0, will you pletaa publish s oenrect iQbt o( oflloara, that our frtaoda may know wbo have bean .?Sills..;? Acting Volunteer UtuHmaM Onnawi'd<i?0? Thomaa P. *Vsde. Auws ?"<* Useeaf.e' oflcrr? George W. Adams. Ctw; i ???er SacoitJ Assistant (In cborse), Timothy Me *lby Third Assistants. Jsmee It. MuKenila, Horace llsrarth ana ei.ya.aa ^?uteue, kited. *Aimtant Paymattrr?Vdmii ^d T. < hapmsn, killed. Pavm*d'T $ Cl<rk -Jorry 0 HarBtim, Jr. Jfiftg VnfUrf Mai*.* ? P. M Nye. Win. H. Dolton and .A- L J- Kaoa- , ? , ,1>*tiar<i (m rhnrir)-~ Wm. J. Hrofey. ? A&?g f'ilrt Oeorge r.*'^re, died in hospital Tboaa not marked * are aft oonv.leseent at the ho?pt i jtiai. Baapectfully . 4. 0. BARNIM, Jfc Tha General Preea D?spaf?hti. Bshm'. pa RrMMDt Va. May 10, 1*?4. Nothing definite has yet been accomplished by onr Hf.wi la tba way of asptaree, but everything looks favor ||)i, Baanragard, with about ?,000 men, la la Petersburg, ?? a.?a>M railros4a oat laadiaa to thai ettv and I foriM (DOunb to kNp nMurt|vil until he surren ders We shall. It u reported, ?eoo c xuuisncs a riege ef the place. t ' ? There are four Monitors and several gui'D^als within fo ir iniloe of Fort Damn*, read* to oo-operate with our kind forces (a part of ihetu) abreast ol Iho Monitor*. Our fortes occupy aatroug i<o?ltion, and are s<rong enough to t.o J Ik. and ax soon as Petersburg is taken, to adv a e on Fort ParliOJ wltl1 l,IUJ all<1 water force; and with the witl and determlBaM00 existing la our rank*, there Is do djubt of success. It la supposed ttiat General K ? iU is now to the south of Petersburg, aiming at Jfiedestra 'lion of railroads lead ing south iroiu Kictiinoijd. C irrespondents have proba bly announced his da e it, many of bis troipa ctpuirod, 4c. It Is not believed hero. B ifturegard htm no cavalry. Foh rk a v iwaon. Hay 11, 18M. Fighting was going on all day vev.erd ty. The main p< rt q appeared to be on our right. Tao troops were undor command ol Go lentl .Smith. The larnptke between Richmond an t P -tersburg was the boun of contention up to three I*. M to. lay. Nothing later has b<!*o received. Kev. Mr. Dol>b<, of Norfolk, lately connected with the Old Dominion, sent to the front to-day, to be seut into the rebel lines, as a confirmed rebel. Petersburg has not boon abandoned, burned, nor as yet besieged. II uuiregard is there in command. Fort Oar lir.g is Htill In the huuds o tl.e rubolf. The birk Diuio Ourdou, ashore near Cape Henry, with a cargo of Iron, stool, block tic, 4c., will prove a total 1088 A report just received s'ntes that Colonel Spear has burned the long bridge, near Weldes, aud two outers , that bo mad.' throe charges, u.idthe third Ume succeeded. 1 give this for what it is worth. My informant heard Colonel spear tell it. Th s following additional names of wounded havo been receivoJ within the i,.st twer ty-four hours from Holler's array:? D Marsh, 7i th Pa P Winpsge. .Id N T J Kicharisou, lifitli KT M Kisli Slu Pa i av Ser>it .i ll .VI uisu-r.Sth Pacav J Kelterer, .'?tti Ph car TJ Campbell. 5th Pa rav II Uatkan 5th Pacav J P l>lokey, 5th Pa cav P douitner. 6th Pa cav In addition to these, about one hundred and Qity sick have been sent to the Hampton and Chesapeake bospltais. The Outer Defences of Petersburg Passed* Cirr Point. May 11, 1864. From the latest accounts received from toe front up to list night, it is known that General Butler's forces were wtthiu throo miles of i'etersburg, and had passed the outer lines of the rebel do'enues. This is important, as It the more closely peua up Beauregard's command within the citjr. General Kautz's Junction with General Butter. [Correspondence or the N'sw Regime ] IN THK KiHU). NkAKt'HKXrKR,') Tkn Milks North ok 1'etbrs rno. Vs. , V Monday Mchkino, May 9. H64. ) General Kautz, wbo loft Buil dk last Wednesday, with a boavy cavalry lorce, joined (. oner. <1 Mutter last evening. During his march he crossed the Ulackwuler at Ivor, and, proceeding through th>? euemy's country , recrosscd the Blaekwator at illuut'a Bridge from tbeuce thrugb Surry county, 1'rmce George's county to City Point. Ouriug ttiis adventure ho H' veral times encountered the Con lederute forces, and bad quite a skirmish with Hoke's brigade. Ilinro ? us great rejoicing at headquarters over the success of (?< nerai Kautz's exploit. I'h- whole army is now in motion toward Richmond. Nothing could equal the enthusiasm of the men . and when It teuked out that they were to he led "on to Rich mond," eucb man seemed moved as If by acme personal General Butler did a characteristic thing yestorday. Upon learning the name and rank of the commander of the arinv gunboat which led the accent of tbn James river on l hursdav, he ordered that he be promoted from a lieutenancy to a captaincy. NEWS FROM WASH MOT ON. Debate in the Senate on Negro Suffrage. The Bill Giving Homesteads on Rebel Zlstates to Soldiers and Sailors Passed by the Souse. The Railroads of the Country and the military and Postal Service. Military Appointments Confirmed by the Senate, to, &c.. &e. Wmsnunw, Msy 12, 1804 Tim WAR YSW9 IN TIIR HOI'SK. Mr. K. B. Washburne was quite a lion In the [louse to day. Be was surrounded by troops of Representatives, all eager and auxious to learn how Grant felt, and h w the army felt, and how sooo would be defeated and started on his tra\els. His encouraging accounts or tbe condition of affiirs at the front had somewhat prepared the minds or the public here for the glorious news com municated by the Hkbild correspondents this evening, ot tho great triumph which has rewarded tbe unprece dented and protracted exertions of Gsnsrsl Grant and the Army ot the Potomac. The city is wild with delight over tbe news brought by tbe bearer of the Hcbild's des patches of Lee's retreat and Grant's victory at Bpottsyl vania Court House. NOMINATIONS BV THE FRKSIDBNr. The President nominated to the Senate to day Colonel Richard Delafleld, to nil the place or Chief of Engineers, with the rank of brigadier general, vice Gen. Totten, de ceased General Barnard was offered tbe posit too, but declined It, snd requested the appointment of Col. Dela* field Tbe President also nominated Cberiae Hale, of Boston, as Consul General to Efrpt, flee Thayer, deceased. APPOINTS! ANT'S CONFIRMCD. The Senate In executive seas ion today confirmed the following nominations: ? to bs MAjom-ammAiM. Brigadier fleneral Horatio G. Wright. Brigadier t.eneral Andrew J. Smttn. Brigadier General Andrew A. Humphreys. Brlgsdter General John M. Scofleld . to bs Mamimaa obbbbai a. First Lieutenant .lames H. Wilson, of tbe Corps of En (lasers. Colonel J. t. Hartranft, Fifty first Pennsylvania Volun teers. James B. Fry, Provost Marshal General. civil Arronmnorr. Frederick John Mayer was confirmed aa Postmaster of Cincinnati. PASSAOS or TBI RAII.ROA* PuST ROtTrK BILL IT TUB MOVSI. Tbe substitute to the bill making the Delaware and Raman Railroad a military nod post rosd, which pro vides thst any railroad operated by steam shall be au tkorlted to transport freight, psssengsrs, kr. , from one State to another, was passed to day by takmg advantage of tbe atmeare of nearly all tbe New Jersey members. The debate has been protracted and earnest, and the re sult was conaidersd doubtful until the vote wss tsken. If It sb"Uld Bleu psae the Seuats ll will bring tbe federal government tn collision with all tbe State governments, In reference to their lawa controlling railroads chartered by their l>gl*taturee. 8TBM3RIPTIOVS TO TH* OOTRRNMKMT LOAN. The subscriptions to the ten-forty loan aa reported at tho Treasury Department to dsy amounted to |7M,000. 7 It K PtJir or THR NATION. Tbe public debt of the Tnited States on the 10th of May, as has bean ascertained from an official source, stood aa follows ?Debt bearing latorest in coin, (Slu, MA, 103, the Interest thereon belsg (49,472.714 debt bearing Interest In lawful money, *404, 101, ??5. Intereet fii.lOVJW; debt bearing ne Interest, f.sov.i'jo .114 Total debt, ?1,7J?, 34 *,411, interest, $71 ,543.144 POST Ol'MCR ARRANOKMINTS. W. L. Kelly has been spisMnted special agent of tbs Post ' 'Mice Peimriinent lor the armies Hi tne valley of the Mississippi, vice Mark land, who has been transferred to Washington, In charge of the mails te the armies of tbe United States. fHiRTT.Fifliirn conoABis. rtMT KRR5ION. Senate. WafNiBOTo!*, May 13, 1H4. BACILITAT1BO 00MMCR1CATI0R BWWBIIN tBB BIATW. Mr. Hiibob, (rep.) of Miss., from tbe MiUtary Com mine, reporteil the following, wllttout ataeadmeat ? Whereas the Ceaatitutlew nf Mis Usite4 States camera np- '? Oon*rf?e !? rspreae terkie the power te regulate eem mMf* *n ong the several Stev-s. te eetahll-h post reads, ao'i to rmtae and export snutee. Uierefore, ?MAivaA. That every ratlroM ia Ms United Stales, whses GENERAL KAUTZ'S CAVALRY. V The Scene of tho Brilliant Expedition lo the Scu'b of\Prtersburg? The Rail roads Effectually Cut and Comnunication Cot X>fT. &p. road la operated bv steam. Its ni'wnnni and assigns, be anil am hereby authorized 10 carry upon and over its road, connections, boats, bridges and ferries, all freight, property, malls. pasfctinRers, troops and government supplies on their wiy from one State to any other, and to receive compensa tion therefor. Tin BHErrjOR or a dkt>t at tnur, hr, Mr. Crimea' resolution calling Tor Information of the Naw Department as to tbe erection of a dopot at Kit tery, lie., wa posed. THK GMRRAt MVUXRS 0? TBI ARMY. On motion or Mr. Wosoir, it was reuolvcd tbat the Sec retary of War be directed to rum Bh the Senate with a list ot all general officers of the regular or volunteer rorces In commlFSlon at the beginning of the present war, or appointed since, with the States in which they were born and fn>m which they were appointed ; designating thoBo also whii?e nominations have been withdrawn from the Senate ; those which havo expired by constitutional limitation, not bavin? beou couflrmcd by the Seuate; those declined, resigned . dropped, discharged, di'missed or mustered out of service, and those who have died in the service. tu* Ki.scTtv* rRANrnrrw is rt* pistbut of rni.pMMA. Mr., (rep.) of Iowh. railed up the bill to alter and amend the charter ot the cltv or Washington and preserve the purity ot elections. The bill, as reported, allows every male citizen to vote without regard to color. The ponding question was on an amendment of Mr. Cowan to insort the word "white" as a qualification ror vol era. Mr Morwix, (rep.) of Me., moved a Mibatltnte Tor the amendment, that all oldens of the United States, who i hav> beou inhabitants or this district for one yoar, and residents in the locality where they propose to vote, bavins a taxable estate, who can read and write, shall be qualified blh electors. The Chairmas ruled the amendment out or order. Mr. HAai.AH, who reported the bill, would vote for the amendment, however much bo opposed it, as he was con vinced it would fail, uoleas the word ? white" was in serted, In the other chamber Mr. Morhu.1. advocated the principles of his substitute Mr. T>w F.yi k, (rep.) of N. J.,naid the etlect ot this mettsnre would be like that ot the measure in the House yesterday, parcelling out rebel I ?iids. which were even now being stained with the liest blood of the country. We had bettor watt until i we had achieved a conquest before we legislated on such matters. All these measures drove ott rrom as many who were inclined to rally to our xtaudard The propo sition of the Senator from Maine did not slmpJv extend the right of franchise to colored persons, but restricted it in certain ca*?s (VOW the whites vine was not, in bin opinion, the time to strip tbn white msnof any privileges, tboimb be may not be able to read or write, much leas of hlb inaliensblo right or franchise. If we passed Ihe hill every relative of the noble hearted soldier, who was to day offering himself upon bin country'* altar, would re ceive llie vote or the Senile with a h owl or indignation. It would freeze the patriotism In the veins ot our soldiers, and cause thorn to stand as dumb statutes. Mr Wii*on was, while willing fo give the colored sol dier who Is lighting the battles of his country the right or suOrnse, unwilling to tug? II awav from those wlio now enjoy it, and be therefore opposed both the substl lute and the amendment. After quoting the law ?r Now York relating to colored su ITragc , which prescribes a qualification of he argued tbat such a clause as this :ts a qualification in this bill would he a start in the right direction. Mr. Cowan showed that many OT the States had stat utes against negro suffrage, and it would bo duugerous to attempt It hero at this tint*. Mr. Lam, (top.) of Kansas, would vote for the proposi tion without the property qualification, aa be considered that giving ihe suffrage to the property and not to the man. He would, after threo years. In whioh the negroes could learu our Institutions, bestow free aullrsgs upon them. Mr. VTiUJrr, (rep.) or W. Vs , argued sgain?t the prooo sltion.ou the ground tbat tho right to vole waa purely constitutional, and tbat it rented solely with communi ties to bestow the privileges ot the rrsnchlse. lie sod the inhabitants of Wsslimgton wero opposed to this measure nearly unanimously. lie depleted the evils which would tlow from bestow mgtho high privilege upon the masses of uneducated slaves. eepecial'y ID Washing ton, where the population, according lo the present ratio of incresse, would, iu live years, he one half colored. The poaaage of the measure wonld not only be Ininrions to the on.ored race Itseir, but would Irritate the whole country . and es|*'cmliy the border States. He said this as one who bad emancipated slaves by lb* sweat of bis awn brow. It was Idle to suppose that we could confer tbe high privileges of civilization by a scratch of the pen or by act - <?( Congress IMt ? iegrailed sad ignorant rai*. Mr. gcaua. (rep. or Mens). ?<id slavery died hard both in this chamber and on tbe t>at tie field We have be?n compelled before to listen to a vindication or the slave cods and the slave hunter on this Door, and lo day the exclusion i?T colored persons from the franchise Das been advocated by the reuator from West Virginia, who was himself Introduced into this chamber by the tntJn encee of rreedotn He rlsea here today to vindicate slavery in oae of its meanest productions Mr. wtiUT denied that be defended slavery. When the Penat >r bad lltierated as many slave, as he had, he could afford to call him a friend or the slave and not be fore. When the Senator gets his other bill through to allow negroes to teetiry in courts of justice, he could bring hair a dozen witnesses to testify tbat ho wss s better rrlend of freedom and emancipation than tbe Senator rrom Massachsatts. Mr. fli **ra aaid tbe gantlemaa had the odious preju dice srtsing out of his former connection with slsvery ?till in him. Tbe hes I or the beast bad been out off, but tbo Sonstor still clung to the tall. Mr. (rap.) or Ps., domed tne right or the Sena tor from Massachusetts to det ounce those who domed en fi rage to negroes as advocating slavery. Tbe assump tion wss idle, and only betokened ignorance and weak ness. What aa idea it was tbst West Virginia should put herself at the will or tne Senator in order to be in the line of promotion. He thought tbe -Senator should hsvs been called to order for but remarks. Be was certainly out of order among gentlemen. Mr. Oowan pro ceeded at length to argue against llie bill, and to ma'ntain bM amendment to it, msBtlcning that Illinois had not only refuted negro safftsge. but bv ninety thousand majority excluded them rrom the State altogether. Naw York and Pennsylvania war* alike ananlnsooa sgalnst the measure. RxactmvB sawtox. Wltbent sctlen, tbe Senate, on motion of Mr. Whjm?, went into executive session Hie doors were reopened and the Senate, on montioo or Mr. lamb of Ksassa, adjourned to Monday by tbe roilow log vote Tr?s- Me?srs. Rurkslew, Carlile, Chandler. Connnss Davis <?i lines. Ilenlersn. Howard, johnsoe. Lase of Ind , l.aae or Kansas. Nesioith. Pewell. itam av, Htciiardseo. Satilahnry Hprague. Wade and Wilkinson? It. H tvs? Me?sra Anthesy. Clarke. I'ewan. Duoe, Donllttle, Foot. Foster Harlan Harris. Mo<gan. Merrill. Humner. Ten Kyok. Trumbull, Wlilej and WUsou? 16. Ilowse sC Rspresentatlves. W ashisgtom , May 12, 1104 ran rsiauairn to bvropb via bvssia. Tbe SresKsn presented to lbs Rouse the resolution or the New York Chamber of Commerce recommending the application of Mr. Oolline to extend the telegrspbin com munication via the Paciflo coast with the telegraphic sjrs tsma or tb? Old World. court*' Aiati la it pa oivrb vo souuma asp saoossl The House returned tbe consideration of the bill to give homesteads to sailors and soldiers, without regard to color, on rorfeltsd or con (located lands In insurrectionary districts. Mr. Jcuar, (rep.) of Tnd,ln reply leg to Mr Kernando Worst's rernaks of yesterdsy. denied that this bill would retard tbe recnuatrncttoa or the Union Robert Tnomha. K ibert W Johnson. Jscob 1ht mi son snd other prominent rehire, who were fast friends <4 old .limmy Buchanan, boid millioea of seres of lend (urcbaead at low rates, hot now valuable if these Uruli were divided aaioag th"^e who peril their Uvea for the oouutry . what evil would reeultP Mr. KAunani, (opp.) of N. T , wished to know \t the geattemaa meant James Buchanan, the former r resi dent or tbe tTnited Mates. ! Mr. Jwam ihmbitx *a f?oK mum u meaning. He hart spoken familiarly of old Jimmy Bu chanan. If the gentleman from New York (Mr. Wix>d) mount the restoration of tko Union as it wan when the democratic party in the evil dnys of tbe past ruled the government. and the slaveholder's whip was held over those who opposed slavery, and when the government war steadily groveling under the weight of treason dri t inn Into civil war, he Mr. Julian) wan not in favor of the Vnlon rvi ii was. hut lor a regenerated Union, on the hj.s.s of irte labor. Ignoring slavery as the corner utot; e. Mr. Julinn further reviled, nhowimr that the bill was not unconstitutional. In reply tu Mr. Mallorjr, ha said it was eontempia cri to give equal riuhis to no^roes as to imit. ernhlp of moIL As to the so-called equality that must work out itsoif, he would not speoulate as to the future on ihut subject. Mr. Mai iort, (opp,) of Ky., inquired whethor the gen tlomin did not contemplate giving negroes equality as to voting and holding oiliee. Mr. Jclmk replied that formeriv negroes were entitled to vote in North Carolina and other Southern states; bin the question of sutlruge was tort to the decision of the States themselves. As to social equality, those who saw lit to associate with negroes could do so. Southern men have no particular objection to this, as In that section nma'^amution wns practiced in its most disgusting form, us was neon in the Isrjie number of mulattocs. Mr. Ma mart referred to the census to show the num ber of mulattoes at the North. Mr. JruAN? They came from the South. Mr. Mamorv said that was owing to the fact that Tan koe school musters, preachers and pediers had gone South. (Laughter.) Mr. .In. i an remarked that John Randolph said thai the best blood oi Virginia flowed In the veins of the Southern negroes. Mr. Ksrxahdo Wood, (opp.) of N. Y.,eallcd the etten tion of the gentleman (Mr. .Julian) to the fact that he (Mr. Wood) bad objected to giving the lands to the black nboran. Mr Ji'i.iAH asked him whether be would give the lands to the black soldiers Mr. Wootj? t would not, because the lands do not belong to the noverntnrnt. Mr. Pi-.NiK.riny, (opp.) of ?hlo, asked how many acres were subject to entry. Mr. Jui.iax said that the government was now selling lands for non payment of taxes, and Immense estates were failing into the bu"<ls of the government. Mr. I'endi RioN briefly maintained that onder the pre sent law the forfeiture of the lands did i.ot extend I beyond the lifetime of the owner Mr. Jcma* said that the llouse bad passed a bill to for feit the fee ? f the rebels to the lands. Mr. Kkxdlktok replied that the resolution had not yet passed the Senate, and be understood an adverse report had been made against It in that body. Mr. JrMiM ii- id there was no law which prevented seizing the lands in fee Mr IIiuhy, (r< p.) of Cal., said that the pending bill was base 1 on an ''xn-tin* law. extending tne bomestesd prin ciple. The timn objection to it seemed to be whether a man witli a hi ?? k skin should bave equal justice with a white man. In this be could not agree, bat advocated the measure under couaideration l'be bul wae passed by 76 against t"4 RAII.K liM J!* SI* .' SKSKY HKi 1.AKKI) r<' IIK'MWAVS. lhe House resumed the consideration of the bill de ciarlug the Camdi n aiul Atlantic Katlroad, and the Kori tan and Delaware liny Kailroad and the branches thereof, built aDd to be built, to be lawful strncturua and publio h ghwiys of the I nlted States Mr. Wn.?>\. (rep ) or Iowa, offered as a substitute that every rai'road company in the 1'nlted Mates, whose ro?d Is operated by gu im. and its suco' si.ors and a.-sl?ns, is authorized to rarry on and over lis road, boats, bridges end ferries a'l freight, mails, pmsengers, govei umont supplies, and troops from one State to another, and re ceive compensaili n therefore Mr. I's.\ni4?ru.i, (opp ) of <)bk>, argued that the oh ect was not to declare ihe<e r .ilroads to l>e post routes, mili tary roads or legs! structures, because they were so to. day by the existing law. It an attempt on the part or the House to in\ est a State enrp ration created for lo. cnl purposes with powers not given by it- charter, but denied by the legislation of the late In which It exists. There was no single instarco m which such a !>ower had been esrrci ed b* tbe federal government, and It wns ugilnst the principles ol the constitution, and an icterference with State rights He slao opposed the substitute, not only because of its injustice, bm tiec.itiHe it was intended to apply to all the railroads in every jtate of tbe Union. Mr. WooontiKiit, (rep.) of Vt , In Advocating the bill, contended that the p >wers of a M.te must yield to those of the i.ovorument, under tbe conatilutlon, for the p.ira m> unt Intereete of commerce between the State*. Mr. Yraman, ppp ) o* Ky., would vote tor the bill or the substitute If for no other reason turn to break down tbe odious Sew Jerxoy monopoly. Mr. Hhowk. ((pp. t of Wis , had no doubt of tbe consti tutional power to establish a through railroad line be tween New York and Wasbsncion. but denied tbat a local institution of a State could be changed for tbe bene fit of the United States. the charter being in the nsture ol a contract between the State and railroad company, and the law of the existence of the latter. Mr. Jobsson, (opp.) of Pa., in opposing tbe bill, said theie was no military aeoeealty or even a pretext for Its t*sxace. It could on I v be for tho benefit of stock job bers hanging round the Capital, seeking sew sources of plunder and speculation. Mr. Pbctw, (opp.) of N. V. , opposed the bill. Mr. town, (rep.) of Ohio, gave the views of tbe com mittee on MUltary Affairs. who reported the bill 1 hoy re garded tbe question as affecting the people o' other States, cot of IVsw Jersey sk>ns. and objected to that Mate pses Ing any law. either to natural individuals or official per sons, w> Interfere with the rights of tbe eotire psopie; and it was because New Jersey undertook to say tbat thvrd shall be no trade or travel between New Yerk and l' nalese en such conditions as she xhali pre scribe, giving advanugee to a monopoly, that tbe com mittee objected to It, ee interfering with tha intercom munication between lhe states. A motion to labia the bill was disagreed to by 16 ma jority. The House adopted Mr. Wilson's substitute for the bill (*? given in a termer part o( this report), and passed the bill as thn? amended ? yeas 03, nays 67, as follows ? 1 ?>*? -Ilea re. Allison, Ansa, Andersen. Ashler, Bailey, Baldwin ol Mess Baiter, Besinan, Hontwell, A w Clark, liole. |i?wiee DrtSfa Kenton. Oerfieid. '.rinnell. llale, lliutir, Hotrhkles, Hnbbatd of tow a. Hublwrl of Cnan., lliilbnrd. Jenckes, .1 'iltan, Kaa on. Kelley. KeiloMlef Mich., Lmlrjohn L<en, Loogve>r, MoAlU<ter, (Mcgride I Mr Cbirs, ?UI?r of ??, V , Momtl Morris or M V., Amos Mysrs. I^onartl Myers. If or on. O'SeiUof Pa., Orth, Patter am, PerSam ? ike. Pomeruv, free Itan tall of Ky.. Rfe of Man e Rodlna of N. H, Seta- nek. Hi-oHeh!. Hbannoa. Rmiitisrs. Tracy, t'pein, Van Vatl-dHorgli. Washbnrne of III., Ml der. Wpeon, Wind in, Woo :brldge. Tea nan l< ,r?? M?a?r?. Alley. Aneotia h.?.dwin of Mti-b., Biles, Rr?"k?. Broon.all. Browe of Wis., Cot lla? ?o?, Kden, Rdgerton, hKlndge. Bnglt h. Finok. Ortder, <Jrt<i?old, Il?u, Haeti'ii Harrisgton Harris or Md . Harris ol 111., Iternek, Monper, H'ltchias, Johnson Qt . fohnson of Ohio. Kslb I flelneli. Kernan, U*, Laiear, leins. Mallory, Merer, MrKesney. Middleton. Miller of Pa.. Morrw or Oblo. Net eon. Noble. O lrlU O'Neill of Okie, frndl tea. Rtoe of Mass., Holili.son R<i?s. Hortt, Stile*. Htro lee, Mtuart. 7o?rbees, Wad** -rt it Ward. Wahburm of Mass., Whaley. Wbeeler, a. later. Fernando Weud. The House adjourned. NEWS FROM CALIFORNIA. Rseelntlsns of tko Deuoeratla list* Coa> ventlsn In Regard to the War? Inereaae mt the Trade With Mstks, 6te? dk?. Ron Fnt.ecwco, May 11, WH. The Democratic Stale Convention, now la ssssion In this city, passed rsaotatloos declaring that the war la conducted for abotltio* purposes and to revolutionise the government, and urging the NaMnnnl Democratic Conven tion te pledge the party to the restoration of peace npon just sod honorable terms. An effort wno made to con demn tho war for any purpose, but failed, ti Groraora Bigier, Downey and Welier bavs beea elertod delegates to the Chicago Convention. The steamer John L. Stevens sailed for Ma*atlan lo de) wtth n cargo vetoed st f!3A 000. Tbe trade with Meileo l? rapidly increeelng. Flour sad grain quiet. There hns been a light rata Again. u64k| MPl |M uaps I* silghMy Uaprvvid. TilE BL0CXAD2 OF WilHIGTOV. Night Attack bj the Rebel frei-Clii Nertli Carolina. SHE IS BEATEN OFF. The Rebel Steamer Supported by Four Wooden Vessels. The Itobrl Iron-Clad KaBelgft Aground, ft*.. &c.. 4m. Oar Riiv>I ('orrtapaaflenr*. 0?? Ni w, N. C. . Miy T, IBM night of the 6th I i M . , At h ilr-past aoven o'clock, the ruboi trim clsd Nor li Carolina came out uudor cover if tbe darkness, and attacked th- Unkwl Stuiea steamer Nansemon, with the ovuJont pur|M>M <f running bar down. The intentt<>u wan oiM'oriiod iu time to avoid bar, bat ww narrowly escaimd being iDjured (rom her ?Hot and abed. The NantiedOii llred several shots at her, but owing to Um light calibre of not guns they uad no cdeot on tba rebel Iron chid. Wur vosnol inudo eignals to iha dMt of approaching daunor. Several ve:-iaolB, wbwe n atloo war cotnrenteut, mood for the scene, thnkag tbat U was a blookade runner trying K> osoape out At nine P. M. ibe Rietater Hrltiwnia ??? her and opeuod Ore upon her, winoii the rebei Iron-clad returned, without, however, Inflicting any damage to the H/lunniu The nigrit was very d.irk, and we could not i-eo a grouer fljHtan- e than fifty y rdn off At diiylltbt the rebel Monitor was discovered^ by tba Bleimor llowiiua, four aud tliroa quarter miles oil shore, close by, and steering direct for bar. The latter Immediately opoued lire, strik ing her four time>< , the shot glancing off bor like peas. One shell from the iron-oiad ricochuited ttud paxaad through the smokestack of the liewqua At daylight, the whole of the fleet coming up to the scene of nctiou, tha Iron-clad put for the bar as fast as possible, accom panied by four wooden vessels, all armed with heavy guns. The rebels received a hot saiuutioa Irom Kort Fit* her as they passed. Tha wooden vessels which aocompanled her out, no doubt, was Intended to tow her captures to Wilmington; but I am happy to state tbat ttiuy returned ilisuppointed, and without inflicting any damage, comparatively sponk ing, to any of the fleet of nmail gunboats. I suppose the attack will be renewed tonight, or perhaps ttiey will try their fortuno on tbe Western bar, and I believe thai they will meat with no better success. The North Carolina has Ave guns In all inside bor roof, and to all ap pearance is a very fortnidsble war vessel, she bas ono gun on each and of the roof and three In midships; the Utter can be workad on either side. The guns on the bow and stern can be used as broadside", bringing at one dischargo five guns on a side If necessary. The iron-clad Raleigh is aground In the ritor a little above Fort Fisher, and no doubt will got off with the next high tides. Tha two vessels were intended to come out logethor, and If they had a great deal of disaster might have resulted to our fleet, consisting at pros'-nt of but a small claas of vessels, witb one exception, and she was tan miles off during the attack, and consequently did not o m ? In to the station until the dav was well ad vanced and the iron clad inside of Cape Fear river, foiiod in her ?ttem:>t. Tha Iluntavillft and De nolo Not Sank. Bostow, May 12, 1864. The report of the sinking of tha United States steamers Runtaville and De Hnto by tha pirate Florida, was a rohel ranard. Both vessels arrived at Key Went on the 20tb ult. from a cruise. They intended to remain In port two weeka, for auppliea and repairs, Stoppage lm Traailta. summon oouht? ? thi*l rum. Retore Judge Monell. Mat 12. ? Al/aander A. and Ktluxirtl R. JUcflvaine m. Itrael Sloeomb. ? fbls wea an action brought to recover atxty-three boxes of bacon, valued at fl.700. The pro party In question bad heeo purchased from tbe plaintiff* by Jonn Rea Ik Co , ai d shipped oo board the lirltlsh shin Malts, of wbich (lerendvnt was master. Home trruhle having arisen about tbe payment, the plaintiffs replevlnad tbe goods, broke tha csrg<> of the v?a?il, sod took posses Hlon of the Itaooo, aubjont to the decision or th? courts The defence set tin was that tbe property whs received In the ordinary course or trade from Ken ft ('?. . and could not have been delue'ed up except to the holders or the bills or lading, and that ss master of the ship and com nun carrier he had num-iai property ill the baeon, and bad a right to the custody thereof until he transited and delivered It according to the bills ?f lading. The deienount further set forth that in consequence of his cirge In vi' g been brnkmi be wai I0]ur. d to the amount of S2.000, and proved fur judgment against tbe plaiotllT to that amount. The ciae is still on. Court Calendar? I'hls Day. Sri'RMia Wur ? ("in'-i'iT? Part 1 'onrt orvnns at eleven A.M. Sb >rt causes, N<w. 1 ,.141 , lt&l. 8223. Vf2i!S 22.19, 20s:t, 20?l, 2101, 21 li?, 'Jlfi. 2t??. I'art 2, 73 IHiano street. Adiourt.ed to Mon<l .y the ifiih iust .Hrrwunw Cor-HT? Tiuai, Tkkm? Part 1.? Nos. 42f>3, 42S5, 42-'>T, 4250. 42?t, 42fVi. 42flft. -12?7 , 42>-1, 4278 4275, 4177, 427W 4281, 4213. Part 2 ? N ?. VM, 2'?40, S441, SUM, 107?i, 3712, 3716, 37ls, 3720, 3722, 3724. 3720, 3724. St 32. 3734. Om:rt or Oihmov l'ta*a? I'art 1. ? Short oauiea. j*art 2. ? Adjourned until tba fourth Monday in May for equity a.uies. Cnrtovia Colnrldrnre? While J'ullri ts> ? her "Injunctions" nn the rounterfelts of PfTATjO\'8 ? Mcht Rloomlng Cereu*,'- Inshion la>s her in junctions on all h'r votaries lo gel tin- genuine To stop II: s InillatorS. rliaion? hare "gone Wi PD'irt" wllh |>ieir Mght itinwrnlng C'reus and we sdvise a t vuun? gentle-ren who wmii <o make a favorable impreaaioa wfeno Uxy go to court to do likewise. Murray, Eddy <V Co ? >1 imagers. Kbstocbv, Rjrras Class J:.l? Mar 12. I3HL 54, 28, 71. 22. 40. .V>. 70. II, 6.1, I'.t, 2, S3, titrmtr. Cuss Ti4? Mar I'/. isiL 41. 14, 11. 32, 64, 71, 10, 70. 61, 43. SI, 7, 69. Z. K. Dlmnoni A Co.? IKaaagsn, flnsLer liraa Class 227? Mav 12. I ML 57, 46, 34, W, ?fi. 67. 14, 65. So. 4. 5?, 93. CL?ss 124? Mar 12. I fit. 14. 61, 31, 15, 35, 7H, '20, 22. 16. 62, OS, 28. 73. Vraaee, Bllta A C?.-Nasagtr<. Uastav. Btraa Olass 71? May 12. Hit 18, 66, 41, 20, 2. 12. HI, 0, a-*. 75. 63, 41. Class 72-Mav 12. Hit. 51, 60, 30, li?, HI, 41, In, '.14, 27, 44, 76, 15, 10. Prim Cashed In Alt Ugallisil lotte ries and Informatinn given. OAf.LAQtlRR A BBHJAM1N. Brokers. 319 Cbeetn nt atraet, Philadelphia. It oval Havana Wtsi y.-Ferly Par eant premium paid for prlte>; information furnished; the highest ra<ee paid for ftouMnoas and all kinds of Oald and SiTver. TAYLOR * CO . Bantera. U Waj, street, N. T I'rlrea Caahed |a nil LsgalliM Liotter* lea. Informatlaa flvsa. O. WB8T, N Naaaaa street, M. T., room 7. Prlaea Caahed In All Legal L.*tter lea. Information given or eant. J. R. CLAITOM A CO.. 10 Wall atraet, N. T. Lattrry Tlrkelt Cashed ?Information given. JOBBPH BATK8. Broker, II Walt street room 1. Aremalle Rfhlertam ?rh nappa.? The elieapeet Imported Honor sold la thla cos a try for sale by all drugglsis and grooera. Addraaa to Hmsksri. POLLAK A BON. Meerechanm Manufaetarera. 603 Broadway aaar Pourtk street, and 387 Broome street, near the Bo?erv Kverv article etamped wltk our name and warranted genuine. Pipes cut to order and repaired. Alarming Casts of llradarhs. Tooth ache. Neuralgia and Catarrh ere cured bt rslng WOLCOTT fl Inetant Pain Analbllainr. (told ererywhere. A Beantlfu I Cotnfilesloo. ? l?alrd'e flloom of Tooth surpasses everything for rreservieg snd beautify ing the Completion aaJ Akin. No Hreedway. and by drnggiata every where. Anniversary Week ?Kettles Visiting the city wl bins handsome Ostler Roe's and Bhoe? for them aetves and ehlllren. petronce MUXBR A CO . M7 Cana' street. A Drllghifsi ( eentrile a ? l 'anl'arv, the Vlaa'f re de Toilette of ths Soolete llygteal<|ue of New Tort. Try It Mcenaandfl IS !>< pot IIS Chambers at. A Kortuae Caw he llsdr Out of a I'atral, im lequlred Hale compuleory. Apply at 23y Broa Iway, teetn 18k Af'tr (wsllewtng Kanng n Sa't ipsrlila dee.?HI.T. *? turn vour b ood to wa;?r, Hurhu e . ir \ ? to "a troy yieir virile |?> ere, aivt in ll.n D.s-">r s r >ois until y<i? feel IKe hiirrln* the haichei in io(. hes.i o the .juaok i at eel's them, oar and rose ill Dorior 111 SIKH. >. J ii vls on atroel. New V oA city, a nee IKlt. eight r-ontd and a priVi la eoiraoc-. t?p> a from H o n oe< A H until << at ou it lie cures i hronleerupll ns ao<t s|i.<te on the skin uh^rsofall kinds the noat potaoaoua immrity of the bio iistnta, all diseases ;>stts ntn( tn the una y oigans. rheumatism Ac. 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Full and graphic aooo'inta of the Moritietiia of <: wtrtl Oraut'a Array lu Vr, luia, wrtn da .all a uf the Batiaa foiuht by the Army or the i*>?t > ?? ?c , <?f the V i< I'.riet tb'iy bare u?ined, and of their position at the lal>?l m count*, llloalrated with in excellent llap at the -<j-ne uf Conflict; A Kull Acuountof the Huce'imsrul A<1 v i ce of General Hollar up the JetaM river, of tae position* ?or.n pied by hi* Korcoa, and of his Oiieratlone ouar Kichmead and rolerwtmrg F.ill IC#l>i>rU uf the Vig>roua VI <ve:n>-ai? ef Ui'aeral Sherman In Ueortfla, and the !??<??' daapau bea from the IT.ilon Army lu all portion* of the country The Latum Nona from Kuroi?; i'oelry, An oxcel eni story. IJtorary, Artistic and SoiMllOc Intelligence: lnter?"tni| Agt reading mn'ter, Faceilm; Simrtlnc V iloabta Keporta of the Moaey, CoinraorcMI, Orr (lood* ' attia, flora* and Karnily Market*, and iiooounta of nil import in* events uf the week. Tanirt. ? 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H road war. oppomte Ho ad ?ral Brilliant and Powrrfwl Ray nml Mjhl D >ul. la Pr rioeotlve Ulaa*CH for tbe field *eit, op -a and tonnata n*e? ronipact. portable and etllcien' a apteodtd a^aortment at PF.MMON^' Qcou Hats' Optician li 6uV* llroadway. under Lalar.e Honsa ??Bny and I'll Do Yon Hood." Ym, if yon are at' Icted wltli l.lver or Rillotia i :omtda'ot? DvapriMia, I'oaliveiiess. Jaund're, indication. Sr.->inla K"UI Stonaeb. Humors 01 the Hlnod or hkln Ijoss of tppa tin- W'l'akneHH. Her ml De'dillv nml Impurity "f the tbe li l?r. LANOI.I T'.i Boot ami II ei b Hitters' wili euro 700. Onlv ?&, Ml and 7. i-eina per bottle. Hold by all denleta in meilioine* C'llfadoro'i Hale Dye, PrmrvatlTt and Wig Depot, wholesale ami retail ? No. 6 Aator Honaa The iljra applied by skilfal aitiata. ConiH. llu nlona, Invnird Walla, Pa laraed Joint* and all diaeaaea of the Peel cur e l without pais or Inoonvenience to tlie patient b? I)r. ZAC H A IlIK. R.iv goon Chiropodist. 791 Broadway. Cedar Camphor 18 t;HI'.AP, PRAllIt A NT AND RFLl ABLR-8TIPLIM? TO INHKt'T LlPh.. The beat thine to defend Olotha and Pure from attacis bp moths. I'rlee $1 M tor paikage naarlv double sue of a pound of 00 na on eamubor. HARRIS A t 'II* I'M AN. Panturera. Hoataa. Raid by drugKl l?- town and oountry Dnafnraa, Cati*rtl?, and all Dlieaaea of the Kar. Throat aad Air raoage* ii>->e'~fuUj treated by I") RS I IUIITHII-L,. St Kt M ark'< plane. Drafnen, l)l?r??aa of Ihe Kye and Ca> tarrlial alfertionsurne rally ire n led a usual for manv rear* pa 1 hv Dr. OaDWBiX o -ultiat add auriat 34 till tea plat-e Klk'htb atreeL Ria'nlnatlons fraa. Iloura from ? H 6. Oroaa nya inatantlf removed Or. HI a rail n ll*a Catirih Knnlf la (tea beat remedy known tor ratarrh and all dt*e**ea r-aoaed by a cold in the ne?d. II npena and pnrgea 0111 all nbacr ietlnaa, eirengthena tha glanda andgio' a healthy aelion ta las parta aB'eetail. S. Id nr ail drutf* ats Uaafueaa, Impaired flight, HOIHKH IN TIIB HBAD, OATAKBII aIj AKfKljriO.MS IN Till Til Rt I AT CHBOBIO CaTaRRII. OATAPRTI or THR TTVfl'ANIO MU0r>O? MBMBBANK, ORs Mt ITTM'onH OP THK KlIMTACIIlA* TUBS f'B0S9 P.TE flTRAltllM KNKn IN ONB MIKFTB. Anil e?err dl?eaa<* of ilie Kte and Bar raqnleing e'taea ni-dlcal or aorjical aid attended lo In- Dr vON KIKRM HRIdl, at hi? oonauiUng ronma, 819 llroadway. aaaa Twe Hh ?:raew Drnnki nnen Cured, itnd alt D'iI'S far Intoiirating ll iuor aareljr, upeedliy and perm >nenlly eoa. qurre<l with or without tha knnwledf* of th? >eraou. Call on .r addr^aa. wlita sump. Ii D OAB^WKLL. Sdl Koartfc street. Hew Vork. Dr. KrynnltUon, * 00 D" r Union, R ooaa 21, la at the Indlaa yueen, Wil nlngiaa. Dal., to day aad morrow * ' Krnptlona, lr reek lea, I'lmnln, Tan, Piinb'irn Kle h vv. rm and all Skin Deforoillla ? e ired hr 1101 RaUD'M Italian Medicate I Soap, at hla depot. Ha. 4JB Broad a ay V.uiptlr Sewing Marhlnrs. They are the ha?U He'' them before pure has lag. Ofloe U7 Broadway. Fsna, Faraaola and Hiding Whlpa.? Large lavoloea Jnat received Hy TIKKaNT a CO . SAO and Ml Broadway Fancy Caaalmera Walklnf Coata, |1S I* $20. Sacka, fUtofH Mpr< Overa >at*. f Mn $17 f LAIIKK. II.' aud 114 William atraat. Qrovrr St Rskrr'i lllghcat Pramlaa Blaatic Stitch Sawing Machines. 4M Broadway. Ooarand'a Faadra Hnhtlle Dprno'a flalv from law foreheada or ao? part af tha body. Warraaiad, S* hla naw depot, 4M Broad way Grocery, Wooden Warn ami Mnaari. Bhlnplag Tata. Oheapeet ever otare 1. at TICTOB B. M1V OBK'S. IIA Chamber* straat. If Toa Want In Know, Ac,, Raad MBDICAL COMMON URNS", a rtrloua hoik far enrl >ae Cople. and a good hook for every one Price $| "A fo Se d at all newa depota Contenu tablas mai ed fraa. AB drasa Dr. B. 8. FOOTS. 1.190 Broadway. N T. I<adles, Attfatlon.-Flnllnf, any width, fire oeni< per yard Pr' n.h r inns Company o -/r HraaB way, batweaa Twaaty lirat and Tweaty -ee?ad atreata. Mark tha Fant that at no ether hat eatahllahaeal on Ike Contlneal af America la there aurh an oniimited Oeld for eeleetion aa aft OLNIN'8. #1.1 Rroadwax. The fash '?na of PRANCK t-.MH.ANI> AND AMRBIOA. In e. chtldten'a. Iti ania aad nitaeee' llate araaB repraaealed lo tha eap'nltlon Tha tTuMMKR MOURN. suet announced abroad, are all there, together with TAifBrUL DOMBXTIC ROVRLTIBR laeumarehle. In every departn ant of puln dr?ae and faasv iiatimg Tbe pub lc are invited 10 view ih'a BPITOMB OP THR PAKHIONH op thb world. McOltllan and *%' ife? l.lcalr n?nt Oaa* oral Oraat ?Rnxrlor Pholo. ra iba of lae ab va and "thaie ol> ll, milltarv and ihesineal ee'ebrltlea. for aale at et r?. or mat ed 10 aor addreaa poat paid, price If. oema e?e XI tenia flnelr ro ore J r"?rd I'hofgrapba artiath!aily eo erwd, St 20 rent a or %t mr a tin ea and ret ,rned pae? paid. PBB? RT B Book Htore ?>? ThlrJ avouue. New Tork. lo More flrav ll<ir? or lleldne??._ron s ! tat ion free by Dr (UtANDJBAN, IB years' siperlaasa No.?I A?tor place. Farrlimaai -lllghnl Claaa Tsga fa* ablpptnir coUoa. apecie. Be , at TIOBOB B. MAt'UBB 1|B Ctiatnber* atreot. Patent W I re Railing), Window Rim-di, ir formerly ma 'e hv tbe latenr n of ITutcb o?'?n B Wlaa er<iiam, now manu'sctur*,! etclnalvely br UHARB B CO., Sit Hroadway, opposite Bt. Nleho aa Hotel namnval, WHRPLBR * WILSON'S TUtbe.l Premium I^eMStib-% ?ewinc Machiitea reowve I te (09 Rrcadway. bat a sea Honsioa and Rleeckar atraeia. Tha ??Ko*" Hreaatlen -The Mprlnv alrieof Hat Irteo-' rad bv KNOX No Jit Br>ad ?ay c- 'tiep of PuPon at reel la ranaing a arn?anon. an 1 tl.e detn?n I ' e them la .0 aren thai It 1 ? oeiv hr great a.-t| and ror, ta i? wor* that It eaa b* met K?"rvba.l? patmal-ea 'h a ??u' ll-hment who wanta a ta'tnful hat, of ?lo-.sat labile an It r+ tuar^able for neatneaa and bocotolagneie Vaathas't Carina n? V i?!4e Vre * ? know.etlgvi 'J>? '?at. He ?lt? all until aiumd. Pl? *? aaiaiitsA attar atting. tit bowery H lg>, Toti prca. II 1 I' ' ' ' " ' 1 Mb<l M' hlava Cream, f if '"a wn ? >? I' %l ' w filCUBLUB ii Id BonArit Walclkra and _ OT? 1 'eh ? > - 1 ? 1 sale by J sN '* V>'<. d oi'i b?l>"a v%>?# ? I*" ? ' " " *?' *'

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