Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 13, 1864, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 13, 1864 Page 6
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A UOl'BKS, AC , TO LI?T. ttfl KUT l\lt itTKBvrn M life. Hi', Nr. m TO TMK i i ?r ul FmuUi ixruiK iiue.i.s li T g?utlciu>a, wilt ?Ml I Mi o It NKW flHUiltTON TO RK*T, IN IMM'LTO* J' park, mtlil M? H uar* N-aimrn It inraiod and ? .??? in, cmuIiIii |M u I *11 the imfciern ??n ?MI?i'U, i-.rtk.l ,lrl? trd to ^rtl.tasmrB d?M?K bilSISOSS h> it* cuy perfectly healthy. T. BOND. IS- Br. adaay At HO : DH'AU ROW HI RRfKKK <TRF.KT A ii*' i* iv o l?r*.i si, ii aiuail t. idk abw ? lai^e Parlor, will. snltal :e K(-i>iur u utblii|, but anil "lid Nairr &braagh* the boost AH KLKCANTLY FVHMJiHKD PAK1/OK A*D HKP noooiw to tot t?? iinei# wUMfll br*r<f i? tibe (1r>t ? pritfttc it-xtUfOK1. IV* W#?*C AKKW NBATLY FTRfUSBKD RDOMN TO *tBT Without iio*rd. fur ool?. *t VI wtre?i oqc iiri f front Koo-n ? ?h ?hw wndu?i, ?Muoif to two a* .iivuii u Al* clonic Room*. A 811 AM. rilViTI fAMll V, OOCrPYI*t: A LABQH J\ lT<.r. ? m Hi.. ?. iiiti <"?' W?"? Jllth and Hitth ??r unf*. v% * i 1 |??| iwn y f?jrn??h#?'t Roo???* without lH>*f d Tiiv I^ki ui rflfii o' lif tu ?iiil AJiiPis fcoi i$4 >ler?ru viUs* A HANDSOMELY SI IT OK A TART mt'Mv and ? !" o? l? '? we'? Pvr?mh*d B*?<lroom?, to 1*1.' to t-iHlto gt*BlU* ??? en, Without IWail. or with partial Peard < aly. Fh j i v tn -tlr private. no oilier hoard**?. X#ock?I< n most dt sn Ilou 0 f i r ? i 'law*. oii'a'inni.' h I Moiicrii .tuprovi .? vpttonahie re (*r*i uei given and r?q uimi. Andres* hoi H,Hw Puit oflice, N V. FTRNISirRD.ROOV TO LKT WITHOUT BOARD, u o/ic of two K' nlieuicu. Apply at No 079 Brooinc ?i?e?'t APKIVATK KAMJLV WOULD LBTA LAROK ANP ? ap^ond Mory front U?xv?\ f u to ?piu!e ?^r? only, without board, ai *?!4?? Blocker ntm. N. Y A BAkKRY AND STORK TO LKT? I N PH K NKW houj-e 74t Swlftd aveuu<% bet*v? ? n f hirtv-tiintb nod Fort eth treei*, w?l h*> !?*??. I to a t?oo?' ten.tnt <l;?*ap \p R'toJ B MaRRKSBLLA, M Srcood Avenut, corner of irtj ?uth miret. A PCHNTSMfSn HOUSE TO I KT? TO A SM \LL FA iiiih, tutUebcst location in Brooklyn, or the In wet r*rt to a pfjtVmun and *if>, fl preferrn<i. witu the owner. WbX Adelph: Mreet A SUPERIOR KIJKNISH^D 1IOU8K TO RENT. IN Brooklyn. A flrtt clan?i b iwn - ton ? llo on Carroll Park 1 nru'.ton n -AuUful am. .?le aally litrnitihntt. Inq ire ?.r E II HAHi'Oi'K, corner of Monijsuo anil Court mreeta, ?o< m. 1. Bruok.i;u. <A PRIVATE FAMII.Y riAVR TO LICT TO GKXTI.B fa men only. wit!. out board, aevurnl n<>K l? i urui-lied 'urtna, wt(hz*aand is.- of !Ioi *e eenirall> n.tu.ileil ?ml eoiivemeiit to cars und atficea. Krlereuu.k roquiidl. Call at II Eaal Tweuty liftb street AU)V TO LET? WITII AT!? \I)Y POWKK; all'; si/e 26il26. or will !?? dl< > 1"l <? *i><l ten ?nt* SEKRILL t 1'I.USK CIW \Ve?t Thirty ?*< leiilb utreet. bftweea K.^liih and Ninth aveunrn. A NICE FUR.VI8HRD ROOM? OH SKOOMD FLOOR, in a modi in buiK In h*. one bio li fro n Brorfil'vav, without board, to a gen lleman ; at* a single Room Apply ?t .v- W est i'7ih *1. Apartiali.y kurmshpd back pari OR TO let. in a hamUome thn'e *iorv brick liou^e, with mo dern iniorovemeuta, in a Mrirttv private faraily, to onn ui two s|ni:le Ki'iitlen en. without I . ,n I. Keierenre re.pnre.l and mien Term* moderate. Audrey* 1*. U. A., box US Ber.ud oil ce. A COUNTRY RK8I0ENCR TO J.ET? Fl RMSIII'.n, at Poi bi'ster, with one acre of itround, well shaded; aa ahnndanee of fruit, barn, alulae, Ac. Apply to J. L. ?USIihK. 718 Broadway, upctajrs. APRIYATK FAMILY, RESIDINO IN I'll K VICtNlTl of th<- will rent, without hoard, to a stoiiii- ir>* itl*m.iri a n^e^ind ?t?rv front Room. \er? eom lariablv furnished. Addrew a C. N . box J.l.lj Puat ollice. APURNISHKD SECOND Kt.OOR TIIHOHOH TO let? Td?' ther or ?epai ute, with ooavenien>-e for house keeplne. or with pur'ia! Board, In a small r!iin l? No other boarder* Apply at 243 W?st Thin letU street, four doors ?eat of Niulti avenue. A8MAL1, FAMILY, WISHING TO 11 1 RK. FROM June, Hrst i'loor and Has men L neatly furnished, having piano, caa lull:. .t<- , In* ow Twelfth Street, ea t siiie. aaay uddroaa .1 M , box 1M llerald of!) e. stating w hart an J?U>1 VM w may be had. Keut per monili $U0. A VKRY PRETTY DOCHI.E COTTAGE TO RENT OR J\ for sale. ?Ten minutes' valk. Iron McCooi 's Dam, with an acre of ground, ten rooms culile. em-rinse b" >e. Ae Plenty Of fruit, apnlei. peais. cherries and hen ies in abnndnni e The hal runs through the centre of the house; ?rnrble mantels in parlor. Ai: Price I7,(Wi). or will rent ior AO 0 The liou-"- alone i-o-t $5 Oiin This i? a beautiful p'a<e ; htj'i Kround. and one of tlm most hea it.ful pl?. e? in Uie Plate For t nil pari culiir* in iuire of JAS. R. KDWAKUH, 177 West Twenty third streef, BLACKSMITH'S SHOP A>r> TOOI.S TO LET CTIKAI'? a (ir?t rate plare for ioblitn* work. App'y a; 183 Ooiin.-h street, beiwecu 1-aml 1 P. M. daily. (lOUNTRY SKAT TO T.EA^E FOR FIVE YEARS? THB J lieaiitit'll Country Sent of .lustlre John Khlers, >n Weehawken Helgb's. two miles from ;he lloh. ken feiTv. horse iar railroad every ft?en ntinutes; B?e a".res of fclrhly cultivated Uod. fine fmrs (of all kinds new house, w th n^o.ii-rn fmprorements. iilenty of ? ithoo?es, >,islile?. aarrlap house. A< . The location is unsurpassed l'o??e< a??-i tiv#-'i Immediately. Vor iiarti-ulam auplv to J. CRIi vlBR, 93 and D& Duaue (trect, or S5 Wsiliinyon street. Ho I) wmt wr * F *t> i ft r^vjii*iir. in h?wt? rvwww, niniATQU u>. L / the fin ind itRir ?i 'n l ? of depot. Apply on to pre mi r? or to A P LI I'll 17fl William *treot. EP At' ROW. NO 4 PLEECKBR STREET? To LI-.T. Far nt and Bu-k Parlor, Re 'room LIhrarv with is?? .Irrau i water clow t, balcony In front, tir t : oor, ojet'n'r ?epnralr; term^ rcaaouable. Apply above. U RSI SHED ROOMS TO LET? A FRONT AND BACK T'ar'or h.indnome '> fnrW'hiil a* rarli r ati'l bedroom let. together or ceparatelv to ^t-ntleni' n ? uly ; tti^ gentle B who occupied theee room* forth? a?t year leave for a rope. tin* week Reterencca excbaugid. Apply a: So " Urand (treat, New Turk Furnished house ro in mm street. n<a- Suth a* mm- ?The In n>. n liirh is nicely fur fciahefl, lias juat been th ro . ? . y ?a nti?d both in?' l?and ?otaide and U In complete order; rent $1,600 per an mini Apply at .il Wrtt Tenth atreet. Furnished iioisb to rent? on thirtv-koi kth *treet ami n<-a Rmadii ay ; a tai ;e firat rlu*? fo ir ator.r brown ?tone Kn 'ieh ba<eiuetit it hna J oat h*m put tn orde r, mi l is realv for imme I ate ? ? nancy, hoti*e cleaned, Ac .IAS R. KDW \ KDS, Wi st T'.venty third itrrct HOUSE TO LEI IS BROOKLYN ?CONTAINS FOUR. teen room*, modern m| ? ? eotent " . the e >rant K mi tare w I! lie '.ild or I"! If a t ; ? ' : r- ci tur til 'ited ately, owner going to Europe. B^nt 'if ? o ft unf n nlaned, $710. Apply M S<> Sanda ttreet Loft to let.-first Lorr no. :? dky street In'inir? on third floor. OFPICBS OR DESK. ROOM TO LET? AT Sil CEDAR ? ireet, between Broa :<var and the Foci I re. oo first Boor light, and of apa< o i? 4;mrni us , arren^' ?: to ?uh! for beakera at. J compani' i OFFICE TO LET ?OS P HALF OF TUP. OESlRtRI.F Office 011 the aerond !1 or of If* Broad wa v. c< n-r of Fine ?tr<-et Apply on -he | < nn-e? iiji: 12 to I o :ock, r at 413 l-'ii ib evense, from 9 t > I \ SI. PART OF A HOrsB TO LET -A GENTLEMAN, ladj and aervant or. toying a modern three *-ort ?onoe io a t|tii?l ne irn'i rhoo! weal aide, down "own -would tot to a fnrnilv of alulta, Parlor-. and fo ir Be?l root, . ft 425. ADAMS A CO.. 95'. Bioatiwav. ??OOMK TO LKT-TO SINGLE OENTLEMI N, WITH i< out bnarti . It <n i?'t i ? t ? -n '-I Parlor and EH en on ?oni on i>arlor tl or Ala a ?u>i 1 Room, on thir t llooi. Apit.T at H W-?t Etc. ctr.ii atrect. ocai Hioa Iway "DOOMS ON BROADWAV? B5NOLE AND IN SI'TTS Xv furui?lie.i an I unf > n? ?.l * ?o two e'e;ant fr>nt Pallor*, with Redi'tti:rf? *?! ominf e?rlv Rcfercucet rc ^wtrw.i. Apply in P. S BENNETT, 7M ?roa.lway. OOMS TO LET-TO OlItLIIM. W1THOUI<j. Apply 1 tu Ninth >: eet. one do r ca?t of "?ray R??b Brtmti R OOM"! ANI? SI ITS OF ROOMS TO RFNT-AT Hroatl way , term* modeiate. 'r -itre at Vjj BroadM. n No. e. SJTEVM POWER TO LP.' will! L .tIT R'>0V, 4T 5 ?4S tiitl r, 45 Water ? ?? i | > a Bi?etn?o: . 4"t 7.'t ? :h wr witbo it power LET-A FIRST < LAS< BTORE. fDITABLB FOR auvpui|<oae. at N?w K~ he ie H miif. f ?ni the city mt f (Sit * >tai. la i'i.rt a < 9 BY R> E 8 ? oe atort on w? promiae* r LET-TO A SMALL f A M I LV THE SECOND FLOOR ??er the atore of J7J Third ar?ti C, co.aer Of Twenty toird atreet. Inquire in he atore. IJM) LBT? FOR BONE BulLBRS OR B"M! BI'KNKRB 6 arrea. under the fa nairn. o fie H it o river op IJIO T?. yixlte Hactlnc*. tweeiy mile* I 'm ikia rily. ta ith high fa ef water; iJo- k. two Deellintt. Mio:\A? f ii' ae preml?et ware built fer the ptirnote. t>od wer* nWlMl) far tome hnrninr and boi ng Ther ate now in ??<! repmr and win be let cheap App y to Mr \WOOD, 596 Bioadaay. LBT -RROAHW AT DESK OR OFFICE R0<?M. ? by'iorfiht |j f?e- or floor of maru.e ^;ore Ne . e?a Broadway opixeHrSt Nieh 'laa Bote PJH) LET.? MALVBRN HALL. SITUATED ON THB A weal haak of the Hudaon t Iret oppoa tie H ?d? Fa > fr?nttnj >.n Hit rtvr with apiendid i ew? o' the rtmr f r ?wile* Thr hat ? e nea' eetmtle o ? man* on -erent ? eeaeir teted of modern arr^i 'ect ire ti*t?:n i t? -rit? fW * re*m> ami baaenienta with a'' th? mod'- n revr .?? merit* tea miootea' wa k to the neambOR' lantlla" on i n' < a day), rai r ad *iati n n ? f For fuli particular* Inquire af B II. HINB, l R ith avenue TO LKT.-FBONT PARLOR ON SXCOMD "tOfiR. With Reira .m and h? t Ra*emeat. tn' f IS per monh. laoutre ai 44il>*Siith arenue in the ablrt atoi* K feien e> required. r) LBT? A OOUJfTBT HOrSE. ON RVB \B0B Houte i onimodioua hacl- iaie y ! mi ai* n*d a irround 'I wMh *h*<le Iree. frounrt* ' main* iliiwn !'? the water; hara. fruit. Ire hou-e and (arden. Ai my at 7V Kaat ButeeaUi atrae' near Third avenue T) LBT? FRONT AND RAf'K ARU1R AND UPrSB ???or of an Eiiflitli liaar nien. 11 ? ? .?e i i a ??Nil fauiilf ; the tialanre oi the heuac oo< npiod hy another email lannly Apt' y at 3'i| We-t Thirty-fifth *tr. ei TO LRT-HlKNISllRf* A VFRT ATTRACTITE RE?t e de i'hf 1 1 v !?? alert ?, .. ihore a; < i ton. K i 'en I*l*i.'' w tb one and a hai a re ? tr* nl t-ai n??? bo- ?r kw hti'iee. Ar . I ?ration uneioeptionable . view eii*urpaaaed Per in, U <r A JOU K.*E A V. Po HVibc atraet, rl.Et-SP.rF.RAL ROOMS Al.L NEW LV F?JR iii r FrriK'h f fk rn 1 1 r f r on * Without towvi Ai pi) at 2 4 Wintbrop pla e tireene a iact), near GI'MUfD p!*l?. If) LBT-BO tf ROND STRBFI F0RMSBFO OR unfufaub* a t' tit Parior eri '.m roor and a Suit *n *eeoatl i or we ? uted lor three ??ot emi-n ar a dential T? LBT? A LAROB IHIRD UTORT FROX T ROOM, f 'iraieheii er Mnftirnlahe.i llonae ha* eM the Wftern tea I M.emenn Apr I) at lit Ninth *<tCM r ear Brr* iwti. Tl LET? TO QENTLBMEN, WITHOUT BOARD TWO lar?e bant)*ome. n-.?|y farataked Room* wi.h aaa. ka'h hoi aad e?id water ob anta board*' ? <atb? toon. Apply ai 1 4V P.?OI Tb rty ft ,,ih atreei n at li ird aver ue T) LBT-TIIE SRi OBD AND Till n.D FLOORS OF lliitiM IW Blee hr etreet, i#eori''. iio ,?e 'u.,r- v(,? d?"ial ??* waier and >a f. it ir.-> . r, y ,n, , , ,,, three ir ta? a? .*? av-e<M Ate1* *?> lit trto I HOC8KI, ROOMS, SC., TO LET. > f|H> I.KT WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, AN XI B i 1 mii . r?i ri* ? xiuoa ?> ou? Irani wit" a'l the ' mc dTii improrwMata. on Kouiken street, 1! rook I) a ketch" L<??noo deuablfui and rent low Apnly io II. A. KPtl'nHD lAo Kcbm-d street, Brooklya. Of IS Wall street, New ?urk TO I ET? UNFURNISHED. A LABOB PARLOR. WITH Kedrotn, bath and cioeels on -*cond tloOrof a brown stone ilm n hotiae, In a >'niul alreet. Hose to Broadway, muted Inr a den'ist dressmaker. Ac. Very moderate trriur AdiressT D, Herald oOice rpo IKT- TO A KM A IX AMERICAN FAMILY. TUB I I fiv r i ait ol a iroo-i hou <?. hi* all the modem l-ii >. ov nornt" Kor particulars apply on the rr?ini ??, 37fi *?i Thirty llfth <UNi, b''twceu El :lithan>l Ninth itveime*. TO LF.T-TIIE LARtiE, BLBUANT RTOEE. BaSPMENT ami LoM- imi feet In depth, 157 FulUin arfniin, Brook Ivn plat* ?l?*s from an. I silver *a-h. I'oa-esMu i Hume ri's .'y Apply lotK M Ai'OMUSK, 3U3)? Fulton tx'iiiie 'PO I.KT ? FOR ANY BUSINESS. Til K HOU8B NO. 105 I Pilnpo nit' ', three >-l rv u ii I basement: also Fir I ? KorMI Brao'imaliM. ami Ba ement S lores .171 and S7h (now >os 4'fl ami 411) Second iirirno near Twenty third ?lift, r?'ni $1'.' |mt month. Apply immediately ai bsiirineiit H 9 Htecker enact. rLFT-WlTHOUT HOARD, TWO UNFUBNIftHBD r.xi in wRh gas, bM'h Ac, in a pn*ata family: refa mooes eicbancod Apply at itH Ka?i f litrty?i ;.iro street, near I .??? inplou avenue. rpo I.KT FURNISHED Til K PARLOR AND SECOND I Klrtor*. frpoi'iiK- or together, In tMatOilun with i: rden in iron Apply al 67 East Twenty seventh street, mar F.'.urib avenue rpo L RT? A F CORNW ALL. A VERY CONVENIENT I House furnished. beiuufully * tuaie I ten minut-a' ? ..'ik from Hie landing; a quantity of Iruit a i l coo i garden roimt. Auply to C. J. I>RSPaRD, 35 Wall street. TO LET? TUB SECOND 6TOIIV ANO TWO ROOMS on third story of a handsome brown -tone from limine on kQOo4 ITtQue, fourth 111 u e south of Fiftv--iuh treei; ? .iter. Ka*, Ac ail thru gli Rent $S7>. Apply on the promises. rpo IFT-A THREE STORY HOUSK; nt<. UHAMDE. X tiers. stationary tuln. hoe r inse splendid v ird, liar ami a l surromidlui/s. evarv Improve ment : r?^it $1,000; in Weat Portleih street Apply to Mr. IC A". AN AiiH, corner of Huth avenue and Korly secoud street. rpo J. FT? UNFURNISHED. TO A SMALL FAMILY I u III. nit children, 'he noper Poor of A ne l three ?'ory House except ng li^i! bedroom, with the imxleiB impruv* mania, bat ami e lid water, gai, Ac. ; locfctiou oearSlvlh avenue ami Timt'eih atreet; real per month. Addiet* A V. X . bo? D lie ralil oilke IiO RF.N'T-ON THR SOUTH BHORK OF 8TATRN Iv tnd fro: t ns; the rio?in, the attractive p^ait- known a? the I IvitikTslon Cottaae. ail nininc th* re?ldenca of W. C P'eki-rglll lisq. Apply to W H. TOWNSKNO, No. 20 Roade street. N Y. rilO RBKT? FOR T!IR SGMMRR MONTHS. A LAROB I f.irn <h<v| Tlou^e; liarn an. I *tahlns ->n the nremlsos: lo eated in the beautiful valley of the llnuvatonic river. In the town of Stoi kbridte. Berkililre <'Oiintv. Ma**. Address E. I". Parker, bot 5.:134 Post oilice. New York. rpO RRN'T? TWO FURNISHRD not's'"S IN 0?BAT I Ravrln^ton. M:?ai.. rer\- pleasantly silua'e.l Orounds k-pt in onler; ice. milk and summer ?afetaMes mnol-ed. S ai?te* on 'he pr- mines. Rent $5(K). Inquire Of IV STAN LEY. In Wall straet. TO RE NT- COMPLETELY FITRNISMEn. A S TON H (rout Ggnlish banoinent Houne, on AineteeiiU utieel, near Fourth avenue, lor live monihs frf>m the 1st of June, tn a private fnmlly only. Apply to J. DRAKE, No. 1 Park place, room No 4. rpo RRNT? IN EAST RKOIDWAV. A DBSIRABLB I RiS'lem-e with bab and tlroton water: rent S4u' Inqu re or.IOUN L. CILLFY, Secretary National Life and Limb Inxuran 'r Company, !41 Broadway, room No. 2. TOLKASB-FOU FIVE TF \ RS, 44 LOTS OF (IROI'ND, Kituated l?tween Fifty eighth ami Fiflv.n'nih si reels, ami Teeth ?od E'evnnih avenues Pour of these lots front on Ele'-enth avenue, the remnlnln? 40 lots extend throuch from Filt'-ahcblh to Fiftr-ninth streets. For lemis, apnly to CHARLES C. WAKELEY. 178 East Tonlh stre-t. N V. TO LET OR FOV. S\LE? T3R LA BOB M \NSION, with ."2 8'-res of gronrid, two rottages ami out bmldinns, al Xew Hamburg. Dutches* county, N. Y. It la beautifully situated two mi'ea fmrn tlie North river. <*on*ains luo rooms nnd is well suited for an sendemT. boardin? house or pnblle Ins Uutiot. Apply toC. J ENKINS, East R;rer Bank. Broad war ? r DENTISTS? TO LRT. A STTIT OFBI^LBNOID ROOMS, 'e for a first el? ? dentist; alsi a front Basement, for I he rri ""h 'n!eBl part of 'lie busine<s: Kit ua'ed at 19 Union square, i'ao tie s?<'o betwesn II and 13 A. M. TO WHBBLW RIOHTS AND CARRI AOEM \K ES ? A (.hop in Brooklyn to lease and Sioek for s.tle ; eon daeteil SUI- e^snllv bv the p e^ent owner for the las' 15 vears- a lar'e snd select cish custom sttacbed. W'll seil low and <>n easy terms In mire at fU Bridge St.. RrooltlTn. THE SFPOXD FLOOR Or A THREE STORY HOfSR, contuinin^ three large bedrooms, parlor pantry kitchen and wa?h room, to let at 121 West Nineteenth Hree', to a respectable family, with good reference. WANTED TO LEASF-A LARGE BUILDING. Lo cated on the waters or Vow York Hav and wi'hin three m iles of ther'tV for a Kerosene Oil ReTnlne Ks' ib lishment. witli or wltliout the necessary apparatus: oi a I<ot snitabl" for t1 e ereetb n of urH woiks. Address, w.tb full particulars, box 4 90,'i Post o^llo. CI rFR wni-mw ROOM. FI RNISMED. tpl. tj* ' for n jie fentiemsn. without board: private laniily; 114 Tlioiupson street, nesr Prmee. Q7 E\fT FOURTH STREET. NEAR LAFWETTE _ I plsce.? Handsomeli furnished Room-, wltbiwrt board. -Inely or 1n suit-, for centlemen oiilr; posse?sion Itn me iiatelv : references ex ' anaed. 1~f' prinCf. BTIBBT. ST. CLAIR HOU8B.? BbB ?.)0 Rantly fiimi-hed Ito ims, wuh Bedrooms altachcd, with all 'he conveniences lor ho i-ekcepuig complete in ciudint: gas an i Oroton waier, to let io respectable faaii'.ies or s nc> gentlemen. HOlT?KM, ROOMS. t\r., WANTED. C10UNTRT.? W*VTET>. A FURNISHRD HOUSE IN J a K'>od healt v locs'ilon. on ?r neur ti.e Hudson river, for tho umtii! r oiuu lis. AJ lress >. W. F., hoi j.M 1'o. t office. HOt'SE WaNTFD? IN HENRY. CUNTON OR AN al a ent si reel io Biooklvo. a small House, w'.h ir.n dem Improvenien's and It ood repair. Address, with lull particulars C 1. Ol >tt ii Franklin "t est, N. Y. House waste ?? rrown stove i.v a demra me oeatmo Pr ee # "0 <**! to $2.1 ?'*! m be '*? App'v toorallre?? isubert A Co 9o Worth xTr. be: ? een 1 aud 2 P. M. TfTANTliD? A FURNISHED COTTAGE rOVTVIMVG w\ every"' off r*qui* te for bonsekee'-lnrf * nl witti easy s?- e?* of thee ? A1l'"s=> s* iiiu? uatn''>er of rooms and terms Merehnt >>o\ 3 '.'76 Post ortiBe. WANTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMTT.V. ON THE WEPT IT, I'art o' * House or Suit of r. n fnrntsbed or unfumlsi.ed /furnish prefer el i. fo- a s-ia ' fsm'lv with iccnmnt" lation? 'or 1 O.isekee i n 1 Best o' referenee ? r?n and r-qu red. Address, sts' ne o.ation. lerma, i<artl> . ars, A> . W. A. B . b <x 223 Herat I i ! r W ANTED? ON THE IR-T OF Jl'N'!. !'Y A?:EV* t.l *man ar. " !e vr|ih t-va hit 'ren a ee,., ? >r thirl Poor In a ruiva'e bouse e pstltallv furn'shc l or ir'nr nish" I?, on he west -'<Ie of 'iwn . a *0".e T ?trt'*th ??reet preferre-l K'l?, erhlc:i nt* sr le nnl ' *ite in i- be stated :n answers. Ad'lress L L W . Herald o'lice. rrr antfd-two tTNFURXISHED kooms. for a Vf faml'v conslst-n.- of a lady 'h lid and set -.ant who will b'-ard thei' selves, sn.l rerr-e tn? n?e o" 'he I ? -? t. ?? i> and will furi ? ? er<" nj: -*.t s ie r- -'erre ! ; 1 -cation ni it .1 be rc?pe< table. Address H . '6 East Broadwa WANTFD IMMEDIATELY? A SBCOND FLOOR UV turn shed la ?? private ho s? for a lent ? n an. wl'e and eld' located on the east ? de, be', w l"n leen- tie?i prefei rei Address. s:atin* terms .t. , L B M , 237 south sire"'. fl.- ANTED TO RENT? A SMALL House SOITARi.E ?? :or ? private res lencs ? t in forty mln ites f I'll' Hall. Address House, box 2,44-i Post olBiO, with full parlr ilars. TITANTKI'-FIR A "MALI. FAMILT I FURNtSHET ?v llotse In tbO ronotrv sen* huts- snd ca riswe nnd other c..n ? cnleiic * as we! a* a a! -e arden sre leslrable; must n a hralthv ? l-ta'lna and easl'yacc?ss hlo from the cfy. A'l'!ro?s ?. *?". ? ' ???? ty, terms snd geoors! descr p iMio. D , box 3,577 POM o/Dre.'New V irs. tlr \NTED? IN BROOKLYN WITHIN TWENTY MI il nines walk Jf i I'on ferry the Seronl Floor of s bo. se 'r Hasemetit and two or thies other Moon- suitsh'e for s fsm''v of four p?is us. 'wo of whom sre little g'ris. |1.'? ? le | ! tt per ann -u wil be paid f"t * pace In a clean nei. Vwirhoid. Addre.s Arthur Brown, Heiald olice. N. T ot fcsg.e oIm< Brunklvn. IV ANT TO BBHT? ROWEB AND BOOM. RRyUIRF. ?v shou' fi ho'se powe* two it th-?e P.eon s on b <s?me"t an ' hot ' -O-o. The whole o' s sms'l de'a'-he I bni .llnr In n giihor iood o' Five P tints preferred. Address G 8 . box *21 Rrooklrn P ist oTIce HOTELS. 1 TLANTIC HOTEL LONG BRANCH. NFW 'ER8BT - f\, The proprietor respectfolly ioforms his friend* as I pa irons that the a letaiiotil. imnrovem*nl? snd additions! - >n veatences m the a 'ov? nsmed innt'r res irt are now com ple'?d and the same will be imn on the 1st o' June for 'he recep'ton o' guests Apn'ications for Board < an be taade al the ottire or Lithauer A Cri taisr, t" Park pla- e A (.'RIITaLAR, Eropileior. /IOWENS' WEST POINT HOTEL ' ' The ' idsrs'g ied will open the house for the ten". ' on o! company on Saturday. Mav 24 1 her are now orepared to niske sr angemerita with fsmtlies for 'he <es-vi . Four I CotUges to 1st. Address C027ens BrOO, West Point. N. T. resort beautifully located oa the shore of the Sound; fiSr iiathmr bes 'i l>oatin(. fishing to*?lher with a 'pie ar onmmoda' oo lor horses snd carrts*es; having changed bands -iu e last seisoa. w III epeu oa toela|i> l ine First els ss 'ami le- wishing lo e ure ro. ms can apply for full p? r lr.ilan at No. 9 Gieat 'ones street. (*? band oppmn'; of the ph'Fnix house, i nder JT Pavilion HI I, l^uar inline landing, stsicn I liml. Rl' ll AK? M ARTIN, Proprietor. HOTRL.-MADISON Syr ARR HOTBI^, TWENTY *.frsi street and Broad* ay. ia open upon 'be EurO"*an plsn. Fine Suits of Booms to let. Res anraul in the b >iel. D P. PKIERS, Proprietor. Heath house, schoolby-s mountain, new ?leraey Snr ng ?Heath House, Rchooley h Mountala | Mprtnss New .lersev. will h# op^ i.n the 1st rl? v of I une ; d "tance > 5 miles: It is reached by Ihc Morris and Esses Rail* ros 1 lea nf foot o' Fsrtlsv street, New Tin i W A. M. and 4 P v Information mav bo had b> sddrcsnlmt tho sob snriber, or bv call me on him on Wednesdaya. between 13 snd 1 o clock, at l bo Aster House, New fork, B. B OOLEMAN, Propr etor. Take bouse, iblip l i? parties desibing J Rooms lor the summer will address or a> ply to the subscriber AMOS R STBLMBNWEEF. U?I( ION SQUARE HOTEL. Corner Union s'liiare and Fifieenth street, NEW YORK ANDREW J. DAM. Proprietor. The undersigned having leased the property, corner of Union square and fifteenth street, consisting of five Toe luge fsmilv mansions connected, has fltted the same as a Ho'el for the aceommudstlon of permsnent and transient boarders. Parries desirous of obtaining 8ne rooms, In suits or ainitly. han'lsomeiv aa well aa comfortably furnished, with a table ss good ss the market ca? supply, and situated In one of the most pleasant locations In (be city, will find this House all i hal he reasonable deslerd Connected With the llulel is a first ciaea Reetauranl, In aocunmodate those who may n ?!? ibelr nteoie al 'tber than the regular h*"1* AUDRBW I DAM. HOOSKI, ROOM, *0., WAHTBO. COUNTRY BOA.KD. AriNB RESIDENCE OMR MILK ?MT OK LRROZ villain can vwoinmodite one ur mora- families during the wtrin muii ii; a eviend.d barn and carriage house an the premises For particulars inuuiro of Mrs. Q J Loo?i. Ram. ' _ _ _ TJOARD-ON RR1B RAILROAD. FROM JUL* 1; I* ?oenery among me hills M>|Wll! W"*1' hmi-e, having verv lar-ie lislls. parlor* and room*. well f Inquire >| IUKKK t (JOI)WIN B, o?er the Tnbuue oibcc. Board on utatrn island forthrbb or poor l?rM>n?. nocMldrpii id a private familv, occupying a hand ome pia>e three relies from the ferrv suliliug for horses. Address O. R B.. box UOHeral l o?M*. / 1(11' NTRV HOARD WANTKD-IN A FARM HOI'KK. * ' for a tsmliv consisting of four adults an<1 two children . must he ea?v of acees? by rail or boat, and U"t ever three or four hours' ride from New York. Adores* .1 0- HuniUfc 2<>'i Went street, New York. /COUNTRY ROAKD. \J PLEASANT AND DELIOHTFIM, ROOMS can he obtained at LB ROT HOUSE, NKW ROC1IKLLB. r'OI'BTRY HOARD FOR THREE PERSONS W AN TBD, i in a private re-ndenee or a farm bou-e where no other l*>ar,|t>rs will hp taken, or would hire a oouifOftAhlr furnish ed Oottate either U' be vi'ry near the witter Address, slat int term*, loation. Ac., hoi 4,114 Post ofllce, /10I' *TRY BOARD WANTBD-FROM MIDDLE OF * t Jul* 10 middle of October, within an bom' of the C tjr Hal for penllcman. wife, little iztrl. two years old. nnu ser rant; farm house preferred: fresh milk. 1 1" shade, flue i lawn, fine scenery, g 'Od drives, Rood a< coi i ?e lation* a"1' I good neighborhood tint iapensable : no mo -jultori. Address I W e'llncton, box 3.141 Post oilice, New York, giving full par ! ti< ulars. (COUNTRY HOARD WANTED-BY A FAMILY OP FIVE J adult*, three Rooms required; situation North river or Lona Island 8onnd not more than ei'** hour from itie Bits- hr hoat or cars Address. with | rice and lull particulars, H. Wills, Ho. 2 Ureal Jones street. ("10TJNTRY BOARD WANTED? IN A FARM HOUSR. J for lour children (eldest 12. vounce t 8 year-") and nure. Most he e isv of access br rail or host, within two hour*' rl?l? of New York. Location on the ????! hank of the Hudson or on the line of the New Haven Railroad. Ad drnsa. with particular*. D V. P.. boi 1.016 Tost office. rtODNTRY BOARD? AT FKBKKKILL. ON Til K HI D ' son. Families and single gentlemen will tind desirable Rooms, with tirst class It > ml. at the ubore delightful p'aee. For particulars applv at 57 West Twelfth ?trecl, New York. References WflllllJIll (lOITNTRY BOARD? A PRIVATE FAMILY CAS AC,. J commodate throe or four persons with pleasant Rooms, at Port Richmond, ttta'en Island, within flve minutes' walk of the steamboat, which lesves every hour. Address N. B. 0. . box 1 878 Post o'l ce. N Y. CIOUNTRY BOARD AND TI'ITION FOR ORILDRBN, > from four to leu years old. where thev will lie well cared for. For paitiC'ilar-s apply at 192 Ea-t Broadway. / tOl'NTRY BOARD? A I KW FVMILIE8 I' AN BK AO " ' cnmmo'late 1 with good Hoard In a private family, at New Rorhi-lle. within two minutes' walk of the <1epot. Ain. pie trounds fruit, vegetables, Ac. Inquire in J. Hollweg's store, at the depot riOUNTRY BOARD-IN NKW JERSEY. THRKB " ) min lies' walk fr >m railroad to HoltoVen. and con venient to Forty second street ferrv floe ho iseand grounds, beautiful dr ves and lieiltliv looaiion plenty of fruit and ear v vegetables. Api?ly to S. T. M? at J. P. Hull A i'o.s, IM Broadway. /COUNTRY BOARD AT RYB?WITH1N K sntlRT BW> " I tan' O of the uepot hon e pleasAut'v situated plenty of fruit and shade trees. Kor terms and other particulars ad dress M. C. M.. Herald ollice. /lOWNTRT BOARD WANTED ? BY A FAMILY, OF three adults and a ?'i ant, within on* hour ami a half of tlie City Hall; must have three comfortable bedrooms, jrood baker's brea.t and (rood butter and milk. Address B , box 1,1)0 Poet ufl'ico. CtOtlN'TRY BOARD ? tlENTLKMEN AND THEIR ' wives or single men enn have furnish'"! Rooms, with or without Board, in the Terrace, in N?w Brighton. Ciatcn Island, Inquire at Mr. Qreen s saloon, near the Ian ling. COr\TRY BOARD FOR TWO OR THRBR rillL drftn, from five to nine years of ac: Ro?M and In striction. For terms and location apply to or address The Lady, room M Westchester House, corner Broome street and Bowery. Apply for two days. qtatfn inland board wabted? rt a obmtuk i? man nncl wife Address, stating terms and location II. S., box l.t!77 New York l'ost office. QCMMER OR PERMANENT BOARD MAY RF HAD il in a central location, in the rllltice of Plalnftel.l. M.J. For terms, Ac., apply to Mrs. A. P. SMITH, at that place. ?\TT"ANTBD-OV BTATEN ISLAND, ON OR AFTKR Vv tho 1st nf .'une, a furnished or unfurnished House: one rr"fpr>-od on the smith shore, near the water, for A rmall family Address, with lull particulars, box 4.M8 Post oilce. SPECIAL. XOT1CE9. *T A RROUHR MEETING HELD BY THR A Coiled Tin Plate. Ci>pp?r and Sheo: Iron Worker* ' Protective I'niou. at M'iiurv nail, It waa unanlniniialy re Mlv?>d that on an. I a: cr Mondav. Mav 16. the johbln" day workmen aliall demand on all under $2 SO per dar. 2S p?r cent; on $2 AO and over, 20 rer cent advance on their pr?"ent rite of wa;re* JOHN SliATON, Preaideat. Jacob Bu ktit. Secretary. FiUTRRTF.RS AROPNE-A tiFNRRAL MEETING OP 1 the Fci rier*' As-o. iat on will be held at Be.-kera -alnon, 132 Ile-ter street. on Prldav evening. May 13. at 8 o'clock. A'l furrier*. member* or otherwiec are regpectfullv invited to attend aa bn*'ne-i* of Importance will be brought before the meeting. B> order of the ao'iieiy. T WOULD MOST RESPF.CTPU Ll.Y INFORM MT friend* that 1 ham made > permanent ran.-emcnl with M?vr?. Klmme' t Co and shall levnte ihe whole of niv i me and talent* ' or th?- iu'.areau of iliair fl'tn. Mat 11. 1864. H THOMAS. Taborin'o men of titr central p*rk. j aroiiao.? Toil hare ln"n iiealet! with eontem nr by ;he Commiaaiontr* thev uo' deigntog tog jrou an answer to vmtr t^tition aakins f r|r?iea*e<f w*?aa. although thev did ram.- the wage* f aV me.'hanioe a?al>*nt foremen anl rait, men nn the Park You are heretiv notified that If vonr iawfn! demand i* r.ot omp'led with before Mondav th* IOiIi Inniarit, jo i ?hn'l itriSe On tbi.' day without further notloe MOROCCO DR I PP.*' %S80CI ATION.? AT A MKRT Ins of '.he alo." Im!v. ?ld on la*t WednO*dav e e ntng the llth Inat ili? I dt oj reaolutlon *?? o tared hy t?,r ?eeretarv and <? a* unanimously adopted ? Reeolved, I'ha: thu B*?"<'iatt<?n l? hWMy deltght'd at tlia action i>: he *-?n tattoo* of M??.a hii<.tt? P>-nn*vlvania atid n?l?*a-e In demanding their -nht* h* m?' hani'-* and maintain ng th" *a ne ae^uoriationa: and reeoltert, that thla a anHatba 4 tin ?> n> ;? lteei1' ? ? le any of the ebovo aa?o?-latlon- > In tncir e*oif? to obtain J fa re nnneration for their iBt'or and eatahll*hlnz a unlior ,t ;,ric<'. -ha'l free r coutrlbute to ward* the-r eupp ri bv al' ,n ' every meaha In our nowe-: and tlier?'o e, Ue i: reaolved ha: |f an? of th<" member- of t' e aaaoc'atlona of l.\nn PKilMelphia and Wllmtngloo. not having iinf ivmed to ti e r ib - of theli ie* eitireaaao. nation*, and eon ag a:Mni( m 'i ,",arr!i of wnrW without 1 the M'IIWmW It m the aeeraturr of mi li a?? lai on? a? j the*- -na? r*iirMftnt a? bfHnc ainn.ben of, t'i? >emb?r? of ? thli aaaoclation wl! 1 a t *ml wl-l t "m A v member ?o ' doing, wltb a fuM knowledg?ot ho 'iinie wi! be liab'e 'o i be lined not l<-ia Ihan $35 .That a ropr or il,.-?o reaol Hi n? l e aent *o i e ??<?.? at ?? of the ahora named aa?iv aiiona Alter the trano ^oa of other bnain?a> of I m'noi i iiportanc? the meeting ad ',-imed MIUT\RT EOt'lPMENT MAKERS ASSOCIATION - I he niembere ar? rei| eated to a end the meeting tli * (FtMat "i enlng a* IIS tini il?n at 7' , ?'r' "'k 't ape *1 hualt?e??. A I eoaoeeMd ? i? h th* trade are Invited to attend. V. B ?A!1 equipment of N >wark Hart f'ird. Bri lRe[.orl and ??! Sei citlee aie le itiea ed not to *eek emplormen here lor the pi-?ent at we are oo a atnke for an advance of wage? B? nr'?r f i e a??<"-'atio'i H FN R Y HAINUR. Preaident. B? n ? >?i* OairriTH' Se-retarr. VTOTICE. The nr m'>er' ? ' Mie I'n'oo Defence I'ommittee are tn vltad ?? a -e:nhi? at the nam -if the Chamber of Common-#, oa Ki >'lar. he JSlh In 1 a' 12 "Vjo. k, io adept mea?nre- ?f re nert :or :h* mem'.i > of 'hetr late ??. >. late, lien, .lame* < 5 Wad-woi ft. B) reqne-l HAMILTON KISH. Chairman. | NrvToit May II. 19M j Notice? a mfktivg of the coach drivers- i >arlet?r Will be bed at the r mer 01 Tweotr eeeond j street an i I'hlrl avenue n Sa'u dav evening, May 14 at nine e ? inrw Al! memhT* are ?*ted te be preeenl, a* knulneti ol imi-oi uu e io a I will be traaaauied. V- ??? BROADWAY -801, K AOKNCY IN JEW JLv Vor* f"r 'he ?'e,>iat?d Ke!!?'e I>lan i Oatawba Whi? ror ?*!# In any <? lant-iv ind gueranleed pure Tl.l* W ne ha? taken the , i?t premium lor ihe ^>aat five yeaia la ? om petn.OD with ali oilier ??loea. oTIs FIELD * CO.. ?00 Broad >a?v. SBiJAH MtKfR" ATTENTION.? TO AYOID *NT ? like" in >n ?Uop w.t ttiall pay on* dollar mere par week than ? >i I in anv other ihop. 8. HE' KiMIER for A. 9 ROSEN BA I'M k CO. QEC'IND HAND PLOWING DEALERS AROUSE. O A ROUS R AH'tl'SI ? * meeting of all the Liceti*".! Re'-.nnd Hand <' othlag Storekeeper* of the city of \'ew Toik la r??t|eite ?a iii.t-e tin* (Friday! evening l'th ln?t at K??-^^r ? Hotei. 475 Pearl at'eel. at 7;, o rl.?k. Aa lhl? I* a ma eruet t o' t' e ntmott Importance to the above partiea all ?rli! find It to their advantage to be preaent on Ihl* O ca?i iu. The aim and oh'ecl of the meeiinu will be t > lake loto . no* ideralion tlie be.t method of gettlag enr iK-entea redured. A I in fa?'<r of the movrmeatwllT not fall to be iire*< at. Rv order of THB COMMITTKB rpo IlOl SB CtPPPNTIKe -AT A PUBLM! MRKT 1 fh? of hn-i? <tp-n'ei* held at "'ontloe ilal Hall, eorrof of *th *v and Vr ?- ?t . on Wed???d*v evening the I lib ln*t . the fn,lo?r nr re*o!n|ion waa ? nanmoua'T adopted ? I hat all 'Ournevn'.?n not receiving ft per day demand the tame vi morni*- mo ninu 'he litti ln?t.. and eeaae io work oo M<>nda? th? lmh in<t if ihe requeel la not e >mp'led wl'b The following ?entk n?n were reported e*#p?vlng $1 oer dav ? Itawkina A Hatnao. k?.i l.tth at.: powere. ?th *t , SnilDo ' hrr?i e 'A. Im h Hit it . Tho*. Oardlaer l.'th it . Be"kmao ivth *? ; Ne vman Jdth at. : IH Soto. I leher at.; Miller A Seaman F Idrldge at ; Predenburg Dover at,; Smith, Trlnlly p:*< ? *Tf t?on, .tMh at . Rally K!etrhei at ; Sigar Sd av . J. s. I.? vn Korrl" et . R. Savly. 'Mth *' ; Brown 4 liar er <: i ? I, lUoeav Bridget! : Dotge Sid at. Wm II ilit ?t : Hngham, Raat Wth at ; Fonn'ala. 2Mb *t . Kiantbjiy, Tr nlty piaoe; J D. Haneav, W*ier it. N B? The neeiing ad loomed to meet on M dav evening, the Ihth met . at th* aame place By order of tbe meeting. Tin-smiths. IIOUIUhI liM piTIN of the Tin Plate '. .purr and Sheet Iron W' rker* of New York and v|. lnii< will ale p ace at Ite ket * Hall. 1.1B ll?a ter aueel, aear Bowery, on Saturday, Uth Inat All Jour neymen of ti e above trade are reapeetlullv Invited to attend, aa bna uera of iiri|>ortanra will ha brought bal re the meeting. By ordnr of the Union J. V. MATER. ) i IIARwrT. Commute#. R BOLTS, I II K L) ? lOVI HOirifiMi TIIRiNHIVRHSART KXRROtSEB OF Till ONITBD Staie* t'hrlatian Commiaaion will be held at the Acade my of Mnelr, on N indev evening, to commence at half paet ?fver o ?if?k A ,1,1 re a*#, mav be oiportod from Rev. Dr. Kirlr of Ronton, tnrl Her. Dr. Admma And R#f. J. T. Dnr? yea of thla Hty. who have recently returned from a vlilt to V^T ,n v,r*,nl? Tkketa free, to be bad at the odleo of the Chrlatian < ommUaion, SO Bible Honoe; Evangelical Knowledge Societr, No. 3 Bible Hooeo: Carter A Broa. 530 Bmadwa? J. T. Oowea, S43 Broadway; KboMoo A Co , 3.V. Broadway. TIIF HFV T ? a * i ? f| HARTI.HV WILL E1ITBR UPON bi* niinieterial d i tie* *? i*aier of the Unloa Refbrnied Dutch ' hMr?h in -iith oppMil^ A mHf neil HAhbuOi, th# 1Mb ,n*t 1ntr?*<lu?iorv K^rnion in Ul?9 morn* m* at intf ociock r.voaiaa w??a? a? 7?* o'alo<*. Tk? p?b lit are vtirdiaiiv ??o?ea JTHBS .. UMOR OORR8B, LONG ISLAND. -TttOTTlNO-ON *?? is, at three o elock, P. M Puma and - '6i "?'le beets; hart three to Bye I? wagoua H. Woodruff entero b g. Deitar D. I'fitor enters I. in. Irish ?Sid. Owner sitters g. m. Lady Ella. Thorn*" Cregan en s. m. Collins. Mr. Doty enters Bay Hare. Cars leave South ferrjr ?l ous o'clock Klltff I WHITE, Proprietors. w ITWION COUE8R. L I? TROTTING ON BaITRDAY, Is '4, ?t H o'clock P. fefl. or 9'JUU m!l? nests beet three in five. John MnOoWr ok enteia s. t. Shu ttle Back. In rumens. James McOlau hliu satsrs Brown Htal non. to wjuod; H. Boiler eaters Napoleon the Fourth, to wagou, Mr. i nter* y. in Lad; OsfTner, to wagon SHAW A WHITE. Proprietors. MALLIORI. Ijvm MA LB? A NRW ROW BOAT, 17 FRET LONO. 1 copper fastened. Apply at 03 Market street. PANCY FOWLS AND BOOS. FOK HATCH! Nt; ANO a fine let of Kancy Pigeons fun sale, by Q. JOHNSON, No. ltt Not tli William street. N Y. JUP1TRR TROTTINO STALLION, WILL 8 TA n :> AT Hnediker's, mar Union Conine, Long Island st S50 the season, la advance. Jupiter is the *ir? of Lady Emma. Major Aaderaou, Jupiter. Jr , the Pearsall Colt. Ac. YOUNO TROTTINO STALLION, MA.tOR ANDERSON, will -taml lite lire* nt 'eaaon. on Wcduaaday* and h'ri dsvs. at the Wvaaiiott llotel, Flatiandi, Long Island, snd the altornst* days at the faim of Mr. Z. R. Van Wyrk. In tbe village of Klatbiisb. Long Island. Teruist.Vt to insure a foal. Any further information will tie furnished by Mr. V.m R^ck, or the subscriber, Sa.MUEL T. PAY80N, 114 Wall street, N. Y. Si'OK'l'lNOr. ^ A YOUNO NEWFOUNDLAND COO FOR SALK Verv intell.geut. Inquire at the bat uiauufae lory, 171 Laurens street. DOOS AND IMROB JUST RECEIVED AND FOR SALE cht*.ip ? Hhi' k and Tan Pups, the lineal ever bred: alio a number of fikvtarks, Canaries, Linnets. rtirustie-, spien did Song Birds, talking Magpies and Parrots C-tunot be surpassed at 360 Canal street, second floor. H. OOTKT, DOOS FOK SALE.-A PAIR OF HANDSOME NEW foundlaud Dog*. Bull Terriers, Spitz Dot's, Black and Tan Terriers Scotch aud SkTo Terriers; a pair of ^inull Black ,md Tan Terrier*, not exceeding live pounds of thn purest bree.l and ratters. Apply to JOIIN OBEY, 11 Roosevelt unset, tirst iloor. DAMKL FOSTER. NO. 13 ROOSEVELT STREET, has the ?.mallent and pnreat foil grown Emi'isli I'iaek and Tun Terriers aud Puppies of the irosllest breed in the elty. Also tine Italian Orevhouuds. Apply as above. fpRANOIS BUTLER. NO 3 PECIC SUP. BAS ALL THB 1 ebolee brreils for a;ile and stock. Butler a Infallible Mange Cure and flee Exterminator, 75 rents per bottle. Butler's new Work, $1. Dogs boarded, trained, Ac. Medi cines for all diseases. FV)K 8Al,H A SIX OARED BAROE. IN OOOD OR dor. 'tri feet long, with fixtures conuildn; will be old at a> e price. Apply at 169 Elm street. ANTED? A SMALL RIVBR TACHT. ADD liKSS C. Brewster, Herald office. staling size and price. VAUIT ALPHA (SLOOP) FOR SALE? WITH SAILS, I Ac . burtheu, 21 tons: ieui'lh. 42 lect: beam. 14 feel. Ap ply to CHARLES D. HUKKILL. 3S Will strset. IHMiSF,*, CARRIAOr.S. ftC. A FINE SADDLE HORSE, SOITAELB KOR A LADY. f\ for sale. Apply at the stable, northeast comer of Thirtv-eiglith street and Fifth avenue. AOENTLBMAN LBAVINO FOR BuBDPB. OFFERS for sale a large sized Coupe and Victoria Carriage; been in use but two or three months. Also one black Horse lotii; t?it, perfectly sound and gentle: e?n he driven In stnaie or d oible haraesa. Iequire at 18 We?t Thirteenth street, lor two days. a TROTTINO HORSB FOR SALK ?"IIKAP~PKR f\ feetly sound and kind, 14 '4 hands: has never been in ih- bands of a trainer, anil can show a 'J 4ii Rait to a road wagon: a >oi?n Uglit. shifting top Brewster Wagons, one is nearly new Applv Immediately at Mr. Steven's stable, Twenty muth sheet, near Broadway. Afim: sBimNO top buooy and one opkn. . oal bo*, full ?prine; neither la hurt $10 bv wear: will sell foi $11*1 les than cost. AUo a hand-ome Dor (Jart soil I.O'ii!> n. ami Single Harness n .irly new. Must be sold. Apply at 72 West Twenty ftftli rtreel. k THOROUOHBRED BLACK MARE-15'i HANDS. f\ loll), tail: sire Win. Toll. *l?s n?w Hoi tVuson and Harness InipmeofH P. DETiAFIELD. 1011 ^Vall str.-ct, or ai Pelton's stables, I wenty nrst street, near Fiftb ave. IN ENTIRE TURNOUT OF A OBNTLRM AN. OON? f\ sitting oi* an elegant pair of b.iv horses. Iri hands hit;h. ierv handsome llarne-s snd handsome Phaeton Horses Sound ant kind: for sale e'leap. together or separately In ?,uiw of M 0. KDEY. t'H Oe.lar street, between 11 and 1. Aoentltuian, havino no PRESENT use FOR ilietii. mil sell a pa t' of handsome, full si/e. bay Car riake ?Ii>r?es warranted sound and kind ; good saddle horses, 1. nc llowlnu tailii snd manes: reltihle and ssfe for family diiving. Inquire at stsb'e 87 Tenth street. _____ A BLACK IIOR8E FOR SaLE-15 IIANDB. FIVE years old. kind and gentle; a qoiok traveIler:|Rnltsble for carriage or ^ad J le. Also a set of light Harness, nearly new the owner h 'S no further use for them ami will sell at a bargain Imjuire of A. SIMPSON. No. A Spruce street, top tioor ? 4 BEAUTIFUL DARK BAY HORSE FOR SALE? Sttllable for anv purpose Sold for want or use ln uulre la the, cariieoter's ?h .p 1(1 Wnat Eisbteeuth atreet, between Sevt-nin and Eighth avenues. 1 THRBE-QUARTEB SEAT TROTTINO WAtiON, A 170 pound-, new and made by the best maker, price $!7A; one fnll seat Wagon, new. price $115: elth?raftbem is worth double Hio amount asked. Call and ?ee, aa It Is a bargain, at 477 Pearl atreet 1 VAST PAIR OF BAY. LONO TAIL HORSRS FOR .'V aale? I'i1 hands high seven vearaold, sound ami kind, free an 1 stvllsii ilrt> ers w?ll mated: ran trot together In 2 !*i >iu?le 2:45; sold for no '.anlt onlv as to leav the eitv. lu be seen at 1,339 Briadway, near Thirty, eijuth -treet. A CCOMMODATIONS FOR TWO OK THRBE HORSES can be obtained at the private ?t*Me s; Kast Twentv. ? thth street. Also, for -sle .it same stable, a One Patchen Mil r?. Imiulre for Thoma* ClO^r FOR SALE-LAKOR BIZKD DfRHAM; HOOD J biiftet-i-oM : price $.V>. Aopli to OSO. P1NNBOAN, corner of ln.'d street and >inth avenue /1AKRIA0B I'OR 8 A 1 S ? A f.OOD SECOND HAND ' K ckawa>. made bv Wesd Brotherg. N T. V\ i ? ?c^tn ii'odate s.i iieisons In complete order sod well adapted for use in the oeuntry. Apply far f<irther partialis s at 49 South stivst. up siatre. /?SARP.IACKS ? A LARGS ASSORTMENT OV THR " ' tioe?t and la'?st s: vies tir?t clss? Carrta-e?, vi? ?Fins shifting t<>p BuMtes. two se?t half lop . (ieruiaiilown ez tnaakiti tops, t-s n'u Roclsway and Kainilv t'airi.ges; Road Wauotis of al desc riptions, warrsn'ed e pial any manufactured Per -ona in ? an' 01 CwriagOO sre r.rit'd to all and eianilu* th abo>* stock, as it la the n geMaul Ives' selected a-sortmeot >f '-arriages tn N'? y '>rk O WITTY. 450 Broad i ay. /lARRIAOK HOR-sR FOR SALE? l??i HANDS. BAY. s ,on? lail Hue snle and aition- warranted aonti'i aud kind. ? m be seeu at private atable -'7 Eaat Twenty-eitht a stree:. Price $.*> 0 flAP.nUOKS AT LOW PRIORS ?A PINE \SSORT * ) m*nt of <'arria?es. ,if ?|. (tvlea. Park Pksetons, Buj fie? Depot Wagoua, Ito kaw.its At . can be -eeti at t'H \S, (OKI 4 CO > i.'arriage Waterooiaa. i'i Park raw. opitoal s th- A st or House. fl VRRIAOF* -POR SALE. jaiLIOHT FAMILY CAR " rlagos, th-oe seat Barm iies and ijormsntowus, two and H-ri-s sent Hi?t ? Ro- ks ts' s. I'ark an I Ugjer Wag OS f)-iK?t and ttusioess tVi^otiisnd Buggies, at >o. l'< ,\ m las a'leet. Hrooklvn. /CARRIAGES.? ONE SECOND It AND Hit ^E4T 'I E R \> mao'own Rocks . vav. m gwH aider; also ' n? s-c >t? 1 hand Con, -e Ko< nawav. Wool K'T ie's mskS'S I'or sale -iw t'an be seen a- A t. DKNaBF.SJ' S, sw Brosdwsy and N'o 7'h street. L'OP SAl.K -ONE SP4N OF SORREL HORi?' S tRVFN r i-artoll. 15 . hauls hyi. ^o id trarelle ? aotisl io.t sad g ad style: suitable for a geatlema - s earns ?? 'ncn * it oil" black !Ior*e. *:y Ane and stvliah i t ?"?ri od souul sn I ?tn I and s go-id ?s ld> horse ami one .orrel Ror-e. live r?srs old, sound, kind, and a floe di ?sr: - an trot we '?all Ot which roust enld in a few -lavs T to ibovs ho ??? ' an he seen at F J. NOUINK 8 stables, I2< Pierre poo t street Brooklyn. For bal*-a on at mb**knwkr barf, id >ear? old IV, hands high; warn o tad sound and kind, one of the duett brae I meres la the eotintrv bi e-t on Islsud. t sn be seeu at C. II ANFIEbD'S, I Ik* Bi jaiway. 'otnrroi I wentr setentk st-eet. >K SALE-ONE SECOND HAND NO TOP WAGON: i us; beea -toi e up. aud as food as nsw To sold heap. App y at Fell. a a stole, corner of Amity soS Oieeae F TV'OR SALE? A BLAt'K BOP.-E. LONO TAIL. SIX r ?eatt o a soon I and kind In douo'e sn-1 smr e harn?tt. Mi h io it high "q Id suit a tirtvate famltv; also s timni Top V||M s aet Of tingle Marneat in good order. In to re at :ke ? orncr ot Fif'v Bi-t street aod Third avenue Sst aey Oal ehat'e liquor itore. For balf-a stpfrior saddle make 15 ban ta high : a He* u' Filly, four years out, bv Com MOd ore, out of Kuspfcud: a four year old Colt, ir i tm nn ilote brosea to harnes. au'i the laddie two thoro ghured Al.fei -iet B .: t, 'n>ui ? hoice sio<-k. oae year old. Apply t-? WILLIAM KOUMUND. 45 Barclay street. F"b?R -IALH-A DARK RAT HORSE NR4RI.T 14 nands ht(h kmd <nd jentle In harness ? splendid sidle norse and aa pretty at an* nor?e In beefy is s tear told: a to < Top Buggv. the bottom la perfect '<r1e . hsruesa ti-ar ? new a; iHOnalls will Its inclu.ud pr ?? $ evei r t .arantee in regard to soundness will boglr.n bv reapousllre os"te. luu'iiee of C H LYONS, ,'ii Third aven> e 'nut Id A M. till .1 P M. B^OR SAIiP-A BEAUTIFUL BAT NORSK, ? YEARS 0 I sp rites, prompt, as't very kind; Doe i ver tud m>e it i, He hoite. ANo -ecoad baad Buggy and tfaro-?t A to one -et of new and one at sec ond ht'oi i m u liar aett. Apply i" A H MATIIBS, Bravo >rt Hon. e. LV)H SALE? TWO TRUCKS AND TSAMS, WITH P Harness, Ac. >-omnleie snd Hie werk of <e>etai (l-tt eia?t th-i ping and receiving houses, down town ?tt?'a ory rea ontglven toe .oiling Teima low. Address H. M l-si 2 414 Vork Post olfice. FpOK SALE-A RAT MARK 7 YEARS OLD 15 Havu* hign tiuind snd kind in all harne a. Alst a Ton S .?in In good order, will i?a auid together, cheap. IiV|turs at 1.3 Smith atre?t Brooklyn. IpOR SALE-ONE FINS PONY FfIR A TOI'N'O LADY r or gentiemsn tn ride or drive; also two low titicad Work Horses at 113 West Twenty-fifth attest, esu of Eighth avenue. Number on the gate. LIOR SALE?AT BROWN'S, CORNER OF STAIR AND r Hoetum aireeta, Hrooklvn one pslr of B ood Hays. 1ll\ bands, blaek points, well mat hed . also a psir of Bay Mares, IS haa prompt 'invar-, very ityllih. FOB sale- A FINN BLAt'K HORSE, lf.> - BANDS 1 Blsck Hawk stock), long tall: < an trot in 2 an; war ranted sound and kind Apply at Turner's liable, corner ot Hlith avenue and Twenty- anth ureot For HALR-riiE splendid youno trottino Horse Jubiter, can show 1 40 this spring without work; ?even years old. aound every way and kiiul, and great stylo when trotting Call at stable, Atlaailo aveSne, opposite Fort Oreea place. Brooklyn. P1R SA LB? A SPLBNDID ORAT HORHB. Id HANDS high, sit rears old. sou ad and kind tn every respect, aod weighs 1 .300 pounds; would mskaa splendid horse for a coupe Sold on account of the owner going abroad. tn> onlre at 2*4 Ooid street soeond house from Mvri ie avenue, Brook >y a. IIORIBS, CAHKI1UBS. dtC. Fuir s a lr? 4 pull assortment or bkbtth, fliAWni. Coaches low and d> t"P Bug giee. K>ure&* Wagons. Harness. N??lilk? auu Undies, by V. W. IVKfc A CO. . fc UkM) street. _ F[*OK BALE? PURE BRIO ALDERNKY BULL* ANJ) Hidit'ers; also Cull*, from I t<> S years old For part m !ara Impure of or address Johu Vaa Antwerp, JO Cvruundt street, er can be aeeu tl his farm. Thrown ? Neck. I,>OI? HAI.K-A GRAY HORSE. 16 HANI1S HIGH, ' sound and kind. se> cn year* oi l. go ><l l or a truck or isvkxrii ?oft; koIiI for waul of ax: puce $176. Inquire at SA N in' h aifiM L'OR SALB-A SUPERIOR ftORRBL MAKE RAisKD r iu Veriuoot. 7 yemia old. 151, ttand-. high. warranted perfectly -ound and gentle: Is a la t traveller ami a -rlen did sadd'e b-a-t. price $*W?. Apply ai M WII LlAMS A Co 'S. 273 Court street, l>elow Union street, Brooklyn. F.10R 8ALR-0NE ROCK AW A*. TWO FOUR SB AT Phaeto ?. one s|g seat Phaeton, Wood Brothers' make; two top Wagons. Putenburv's make: two no top Brewst- r, do. ; one tw<> seat Wagon, one Jauger. otm puny Dog tlart , one i hand Double and Mil lie Harness, one Saddle and Bridle. Apply at 27 Wooucr street. FOR SALB-.V COUPS. KOIl ONK OR TWO IIORSKS in go" I order. mad* btf Woods Pi loo $#10. Apply *t Private stuble in rear of ?43 Wust Fifteenth ?treel, between and 6 O'clock P M. PilOR SALE-TWO LIGHT NSW COAL BOX WAGONS, one lialf and una full soring Inquire at 105 t lankliti street . Kiug.sley X Son's stable. For salb riiK ap-onb light road and onb light Rilsness Wngon, with top; bom used -lx mouth*, (I. Beardsley s make, Can he seen at tke slip vard corner of Urei'iipuint avenue aud Washington atteet, Oreenpotut. fjlOR SAf.f! LOW -A SECOND HAND TOP WAOON and Harness, in goo I order Apply lo C. A. OLIVE K, denl st's odicu. 83 Ulcecker street. OOP. SALK-A NICK SORRKL SADDLR PONT " sou i d and kind lo saddle an 1 li irtiess, about 13 han Is high, haa been rode and drove bv buys and girls C.m he ii cn at the v le.lphl stabiea, Ade pni street, near Fulton avenue. Brooklyn. fpOR HA1.B -A DAPl'LB GRAY SADDLE PONY. 14 14 bands high, li ng tad. G years Old airl very fast; ho is a treasure f..r *ome one. Call at .1 S. Selden'i hlable, 80 West Twenty tourlh street, near Hlxth avenue fj?OR 8ALB-A DARK BAY MARE, 1M< HANDS HIGH, long till, 7 year* old. perfet'v ?ound tm I kind tor woinau or child to drive, and can trot tn 3 30; the llnesl mare for sale in ihU city. COI at Selden's slal'le. 80 West Twenty -fo rth street, before 2 P. M. FlOR SALE? A span OP ['AST TROTTINO OR BU8I ne?s Marr*. Ifl}^ hand* high, 7 year* old. Iun? tails, dai k bav color; |?rteotlv sound and kliid. nml nn trot in thrrn minutes to the pole; the be t learn In th? city for Lieen harses. Call at Keldcu n stable, W West Twenty fourth st. FOR SALE.? ONB Si'I.RNDin COUPB HORSE. ON K pair of splendid black . nivoh Itonw. ANo one | air of Grays, and one pair of Brn? ns. A fcntlfimnn nrishlni! a puir of Hor-es can tie suited bv calling ami exnminin ; tlie above stock. Will trade for a pvr of hark ht>i?i' and second lmnd coach harncs'i. Aiuilv Ui .I AS. S. SELDEN, 80 and Si Weat Twenty-fourth street. New York. PIOR SALB- PODRTBBN FINE YOI'NO HORSES, jn-t tn fr< ?m Wayne cnuntv. at Bri^is Urns' sulilo, ti8 Weat Twenty third st'eet. consisting of inatcVd palra. ?inula and laddie tloi es; one pair flno heavy Horse-, suitable for ?>pres<< business. For salk-a pkrfrotly matched pair of black Mares, with loni? fl>irlni{ tails, about lS>i hands high, and aged eight years; an trot 'ogeiher In minutes; warranted sound and kind in all rnaperta. In>inire at the licry stable of John Callahan, 183 Wo t Thirty third street. N.Y. l/<OR BALK? AN IMI'ORTKD BLACK 8TALLIOK, F over If hand- hlsh. long tail anil urine; la without ex ception thn handso ' est horse In the ountry: for profes sional purposea cannot Im: nxivllad. Sold only for want of u.^. Addre s A. 8. L., Herald olllce. L'OR S ALB ? A SORBBL MARK. 14 HANDS HIOTf. 1 sound and kind in "Ingle ami double harness and tho roughly broken to saddle; would exchange for a RohiI Wa. gou or a iet ol do i hie Hariieiis Sold onlv for want of use. CHARLES B. MiLiLs. 34 Cedar "treet. FOR SALK-A PAIR OF \KRY HANDSOME LONO Uii Iril 'dncK Horses May lie -ecu at Sel.len s livery stable, 82 We t Twenty fourth street, near Smh avenue. Ij'Or mai.r? a very handsome sorrel chbst P nut Horse, in hamla full, of splendid action a moat ad mirable family horse or fsr doctor's use. Price no less. Has good speed. Clinton aveune, Brooklyn, the tilth house south of Myrtle aveuue. For salb? a brown horse, srx years old, l? hands hi'?'h; can trot .n 3', minutes has never been trained; would make a tine coupe or ??'l horse; ptice $330, warranted every way. Ini|iui?at 1,388 BroaUuay. FOR RALB? a DOUBLB TRUCK AND HARNESS IN good order: also a roan lloi -ie, lo hands hicli. 8 years old and right In every respect, i'rlce of horse $123. Apply at No. 1 Front street. FH)R SAI-E-A LARUE BAY IIORSK. 17 HANDS nigh. {) years old ami warranted sound anil kind; u^e fill for every kind of heavy wo k ; prli-e $?'>. Apulv at ?'?! Delancev street, in the butcher's store. Can be seen for three days 1,lOR SALE? A l'AIR OF (JP.AY HOKSF.S. 15J-? HANDS both, kind single and double, (It for express or nnv kind of work. Must be sold in con -en uence of the owner's sick uess Apply at 113 East TM >t. till sold. For sale? a Virginia horse, blood bay. long tall, suitable for saddle or wagon ; perfectly gentle In harness, must he sold, as his ..wnerKas cone bark to war Also tor sale, a second band Grocery Wa^on. Apply at frjl Eighth avenue. FOR SALB? A PAl R OF S'lt'ND AND RTND HORSES, -ultahle for a family, a Wst on'? make Carryall and a handsome Phaeton, but little used. HENRY KEIMBR9, 87 Wall street. IT?OR SAI.E-A GRAY HORSE. ABOUT 16 HANDS; P good fami'y or buone-ta horse; price $tVl; also a bav Pony, 15 hands, safe I or a lad v to r:<l e or drive , cm trot in loss than th tee uiiuutes, pnee A-..; also black 1'ouy, $00 Apply at lift Kaat Twentv "Vrntb street till sold For sale? a first ri.*?s riding iiohsf, for a lady ur gentleman ; has been ridden P. T. Barnnm aud hia family a year; Is a manoganv bav. 13', handa li'gh. ? 'an be aeen ai " Bellow * Central Park stable, junction Broadwav, Eighth avenue and I ifty ninth -tr-et. FOR SALE? at will s. COBKBB THIRTY SEVENTH sirei-t and Broa Iway. a giav Horse Ave yesrs old IB hands htirn, tit for roupe or man li liorae: one olack Horse, 13' , hand* high, for -addle or liatne'S and one hay M ire 13 hands high ht fer express bualness or such. All ao nd and kind FOR SALE-SEVERAL VINE YOt'NG HORSEs FRO* four to ? ten years Old. tine r mil or tainily ltoraes. rom 4', to lf>', hands btath all we: hr 'ken lo Middle and harnesii. fine afpiier* anil very promts. ns. One beautiful gray aaddls or harneoa Mare i.V. hands high; nilli-anter and trut; ts verygrtite; alao on ? nc" team, four and h'-e years old blsex and griv. U 1 4 hands high and faat Al! will l>e wan anted a- represent d Apply t ? J. DT.AKE. |i)6 East Twen y tifth street, between Fir-t and Second avenues, private stall e. Also a 1 gilt dm bte H *rne?s. Fast trotting horse forsale? sfvbn years old aounil and kind utvr jeeti trained: can show a nattira1 g?it of 40 per mile -old onlv for want oi tiae WM L Ti RKEI.L, 4 ' B.oadwa. . from 8 to 12 A. M. Five very fine p iirs or carriage and coach Horse*, six beautiful ?.n^le drivers and se* era last trottera, iverv aunerior atock . will a-nve trom Liviarston county, N Y . Haii.ntav Mav 14; will be sold ;*t reason'* e prices Call at Meiropelltan stablea, corner Ptince aud t'rosby streets. HORSK FOR SAI.F.-A BBA1TTTFUL BAY HORSB. 7 years old th :s t n ing, lfi hauls high, long tall, uir rsn'ed soiiml and kin I very styltau I rivet . will a. It for a carriage ot express; A <.'5, Can tie seen from 1 till ti P M.. at I3i? Stauton street \TEW YORK TATTERSALLS, SIXTH AVKNIJE, COR isl nerof Fortieth stt 'e: ?H ? -ea. Wagons snd Haines* at auction, on Tuesday. M iv i; Perempt irv sale ol < Hsr?e?, Inrliiding a nair ot tint < n ats Horva. Pail ? ars id tuturs advertisement*. Sale peoitiTO. Notice. -o\r pair of mi lbs for svlk. at ? '.?amberlin * Bull's Head stab es, ro'n Iti.'j to 17 hao ii h'gh. Ave And six years old, aotitiJ an I kind. OMNI HI'S LINE FOR SAL K OR I XCHANOf ? Known as the t^nriag Street Ui# If n it aar eiwith bt the 7th of Juae. ' Sftt tt will be so'd that lav at publie auett'.n, ai II o>lo"k, to the hl*he? bidder to el '?e llfferent intsrests. In imre of CHARLES LENT or MtltTlN RY DKR, at the stables. Seventeenth s'< eet and Tenth avenue. ON EXHIBITION FOR THRF.R DA YJ ? \T CTKI'I Lawreace's stable, #1 We?t Kifteen'i stre-t, oae pair af black Horsea. just t.o-n CoaiiecHcat ; thev aie I3\ hands hl?b. jet bla< k ?iii;e S 'ipe in the fa>-e white hind feet both marie I alice very ttvifah and promise jreat s; snd are a nice rjirr age team f >r a gentleman. Oae bro? n Horse, 13' . hands high, who mil aiow tor hiuieelf for speed and sty'e Anv gentleman warning a go id hor-e had 'Teller <-at! asd see htm th a week at the owner will not atay after Sat urday _______ PONY HORSE VKLLIB TO RR BOLD? ABOUT 14K handa. 7 years old -ootid, kled, verv styll?h. thorotigiily brokea, a bea'itif i. horse 'or a lAir'a use. J. W n A RTLK r r 442 Brosdwar Rock away coupe-glass front, platform seal, panelle I aid' s and back* ia eomv>1ete order; prl-e S373. Apply tn Paciflr street, neer New York avenue. Brook Irn (Bedford). CTARLS TO LET -PART OF A LARGE AND COJfVt nient Stab e to let, in Korlieth an??< oae hundred fe?t e^at of Madison avenue Inquire on the prem aes. or of C. H Lt'DINOTON. J5 Park place. CPLENDID RIG -FOR SAbB. HORSES, HARNESS i~ and Huggy The ho ses are ju?l fruna the cot n r>. vers aty|i?h and ahow very <ood S|??ert . 'heme l.\ , hands high lonj tall*, and arsons of tbe elosoat matched teams in ihe cttv both Syeaisold, and are war^an el sound and kind In every way. Harare* and bug?v are nearly and juai as good aa new la'iulre at 178 I hird street. r HACK MEN -FOR SALE CHEAP FOR CASH, ONR pair of bav Hor-ea, t'arriage and llsrnets. on a -unit of the owner leaving the city. App y ;?> IOSKI'11 MOO.NET, Ko II New street. _ YX7 ANTBD? A BAT MORAE. IA HANDS HIGH. LONG TT tali atylieb. prnm pt driver and It fer a leader. Ap plv ti the stable 1L Macdeugai strset. _ _ UTANTRD- TO PUROHAtiB A <N)UPE RO< K AW VY. VT Hor-e and Harneas. Addreas room No. 67 fliamercey Park H'liiae. ; "WINKS, L.IUI OH?, AO. H ri RR MAJBSTY ?' CRAMPAiiNB. rl THR ROYAL WINR OF ENGLAND. One thousand eases of this exquisite wins for sale at IWKNTY DOLLARS rER CASE OF QUARTS WM. HENRY WARD, A7 Exchange place. Hear Broad street. "?ATKIIIOH lAlae ~ A' 8 ONTO THE BOW THR CORD IS, So unto man la woman Tbetifb she bonds him, she obeys him ; Though she draws him. yet she follows, Useless each without the other HIAWATHA, Mauch Chunk, Pa. MATRIMONIAL ?A BACHRLOR OP AA, RESIDING In the country, Is desirous of making the acquaintance ol a young lady or widow, a> I over /*, with a view to m?tt I mony. The advertiser areuples a respectable position in so oletjt, live* In hlsowa hi-uee ami In genteel style. The lady must b? redoed. fairly ednrated, faultless in f?rra and flguce, wood dlapoeitlon, with some know edr? of the doinestls arts. Answers must give full deen Iption of the psrsea Addren Mdward B. B"ww? bOf I? Herald ofl)?S. A IWCth Auction salb ok kink pianos, ok city *1 I'sris waaufaitur*.? MINER <k OMKttVILl.K eell at auction. Kruiay. May U.alii", c'cinrk. at ?W Br? wnv. *vtMi fine rOM^wool grind, a<iuar*' ?n 1 upright umi buna ! ianofort?-, well w?rthr the attention < *t rieaton. W6I1 privttA purtiba-cri Al o one superior Mwlkiol fian't with o|i?thi c and eotl Ion tnu> c Hartal*, e*p6c*i adapted for ?loot* or danc ug mu^ir. ' A SPLKBDIO PIANO FOR $rM_0 A II RARMOIL /i m?n iI.'icm't-. US HlnMKer ^Irppi 17 first riri'e ml ?I*: warranted for live years; without nvcptlo* (hi- if fiano m*<io. Testimonials trim mil 1 dutmauiahed irinf LADY OK BXPRRIEMCB. AS TBlOHBR piano and staving, a nnoll of Bassini dn^irei a sitl tinn in a fAuitly where instruction 111 musio would ha 1 celved lo 1 *> uiem fur board. Can bmi? a piano if ut. nary Art. Ire ? A , station U. AMAONIKIi'ENT 7'. OCTAVE ROSEWOOD I'lAlJ lorte fur a'e. the pro|iertv ot ? f imily leaving the r.:l maSm to or-ler br > 1 1 jr makers: ha- all 'he modern improl ments, ovcThtrunK Ih*h. full Iron frame; <-<>*t $f?i 0 lor Parlor Suit*. lOM $(&). for $2".V Alan Chamber an it III In : Room Kurnlt ire ?t a aarrltlc*. Inquire at II j wf Twenty third street. near Nluh ??pnue. AORKAT BABOAIN KOR CASH, VW ? >2?n KOI 1 11' I seven o< live rnw ? o< id Pisnolor'e nearly m ooal $SAO; ha* all modern tnivrnveui ? m s? ?"t and ihiwI I'm lone, round corners, Je. Alaoafne toned nahoM Pianoforte modern style, 1100. App'.j at S5S Bowery. ui Kourlh street. A TENOR WANTED? KOR A 01/ ARTRTTK. IN I limt elass ehurrh in ihiscltv. One oosaessini? a pi tenor vo and a good reader u"'v a I ii'e*i glvn ?? J MM, residence ami reference, liamone, boi S.KiO p| ?Rlea. BEAI'TIKUL PIANO KOR SALE? SEVEN ANI>I half octaves. aolid rosewool ra." etahorate'y rarvij ronnd rorurrs made for exhlb tlon : t ,olc fir-,t i>rem Stale Pair In Baltimore. Md.; fo- tone and finish raoootl snrps? ?d ; nod at new pre* $tM>. Inquire at 74 W| Twentieth street, near Suth avenue. TjlXCELSIOR MINK: BOOK*? FOB VIOLIN. FLIll Pi or Oorml, cnntilnlli 'b* la'er popular music. vl*| "Kan *t March " "'s Wake." "I.a-i Dan Of Pom pi "Vo Irish N>"4 Anply," .In. lour dWerent Nos . prlo Nov. 25 rente. 4 Nos. 45 rents. Mnetelftne9 Omnibu tunee for vio in I'ute or eornel. <1; Mn?Man*' Om?ll| complete; a ilhi ? :i> li> rarv of I .W>t" ie*. S2. maled FREDERICK nLi"MH. 2.? Howery| Hh. OR8TRBICB, R1 SUFFOLK STREET. NBi| ? Orand 1 li&a l>e?n emnloved hv Sielnwav A Son* nearly 7 yenrx 1. tnke^ liberty I# recommend hlmaelf to ptlbllc as 'oner and repairer of Plamdortea All ?rd^ promptly atimdi-il to. Two aewly regulated Pianos for price $100 and $136 TP. RRIOHENKA^H. PfANOPORTI? TXTNF.R A ? repairer, li Wi'at Houston ?itf.H near Broadu New loik. New aod ac-cooil hand Piano* lor sale ami let. _ NBW MUSIC "OBNBBAL ORAHTiB i;R a|| Marrh." with a beautiful yltrnette of tfce hero amtl list ot 1 h? h ittl"a he ha" won ViiiIc b? .foa. Ran I'll 4<le. llOitAv'K WATERS, No 4S1 Hroadway, l*ublis;.eif NRW SKVEN OCTAVK rosewood PIANO? wii overstrnnij baaa |1 a month. Private 1n?trnctie_ the piano, eygan. violin and ?*oiee O. p BVNJAMNl Mrnie Booms eom*r of Pnrty -fourth street and Eighth ad nue. Open day and evening. New scale rosewood sk1 k\ o.-tavr ptANffl carved le^n jiearl board, o-erstrlripa all tmproveinrJ $125. Rosewood 7 octave. Iron tram.' iwarl board. fv| l.igkte.v Bradhury'S 6t, oclav.' Koaewoort. $226. Mahofo 6U octave. $I5U. Mahoeanv <'! ^ *IOi. KRBORRICK BLUMB 20R Boweryl ORUAN KOR SALE.? A OOOD SECOND II AND f| can. of 12 atop*, two e< lavca of peda's. built bv a gj maker, rebuilt and revoloed by T. X. EKGBLKR1EI), 22 White street, N. Y. PIB880N'8 PIANOFORTES ?I AMES PIR8SON R| upTtf 11 1 Iv informs the puhllo that he haa re estebllra hinii^ilt' in the I'iano biiKine^H, aod nivnes attention 10 f fine stock of Pianoforte*, at hi* ware room*. 478 Rroadvral PIANOFORTE TNSTBUCTrON IX BKOOKLTN Profeator PANORVO T"rnia SI." f?r :'4 iossona teen vears' exnerience In Europ" and America has enab I the ProfeKior 'o fea< h <iu Mie >!n?rt.-?i aud raoit approvl method. Address 152 Adams street. PIANOFORTE FOR R U,F, FIVE SECOND IT A? Piauofi rt" 'or as it mn*t lie diap' sed of diatelv; ha* brilliant and nowei lul tene. linn<!?o ie? case, fine rover and stool, Ac. Apply at 12% Twen|4 street, near Third avenue. PI WIST ? \ PRIVATE FAa'lI.T WISH TO BROAl ilw ~?r%-ice? of a p atii*l .{lad > >' r ntleman) to plav tfl their ciitertalouient as often as two ivenln s in the A n. 01. professional ladv, of nnoneotlonable rMrectablHi would he treated with nroper con-: lersfon. Addro?s OrtJ Piano. Herald olTn-e, indicating term* .u. J ijuailfications OTABL8 TO RENT? WITH KOI.'R STAJ.LS; WEI T ? l| 0 ished. with every convenietire .Apj ly at Si I Bast l-'l teen'h strei't. Tenor sinurr wanted.? a ir>^r class cur h<| tenor. Address b"i 3,016 New York Post office. I Wanted-an IRON PLANISY; MACniMR, Tirnil to live ? net loni!. Applv to LAI, ANOE A OBOS IEAI c::i Pearl street, N. Y. 1 n PIANOFORTES. AND Mt'SIC TAUOIIT IN A FP| ?' leason* on the Piano Siiu 'i_'. IJ n;tar. Aceordeon : Vio'ln NlnePteiMM forxnle or to let the obcapest >n city, by M. DU M8DAY, 188 Urand treet. inn NEW ANt> UOMV HAND PIANOS. MF.L| IIM" d?on*. Alexandre arm Cabinet Orcan* to 'et. 1 rent allowed if pui-ehased Month v payments received thesiiine. Sei-ond hand Pianos at ureat har.-ain* for ra? prioe from Ml) t? $900, New ne ven ooiavo Piano* at SI.Vi. >275. and onto $7'<l. sheets of m.iMC.I little eoiled, at Ic. per pave. I HORACE WATERS. 481 BroadwavJ INSTRt'CTIOH. \T NO. MO BnffSrtT, VE\B HOUSTON 8TRE1| (Townaend* Comme-cial Acalcmr>? Thorough -(ruction aiven, dar and erenlnz. In Kookkconng. Wrtlltj Arithmetic. Algebra Readin*. Spelling and Orammar wl Analyst . Room* for lad e* and for private InMruclia Nodaasei. g? tlafactlon guaranteed. ACCOUNTS. AC ? INSTRL't TIO.V IV P E N M A N R 1 1 1 B Rookk'-ep'nc and bu*ine?? affair* at ("!old?ml?h ? 10^ I ite. 7fM Rroa'<war , comer of Eirjhih l*?nti yea NUblltM. 1'ipil* taught IwtitidulUi, Separate rood ior ladies Circular on epplleai on < >1,1 V BR B. QOLDSMITIlJ A LADY. RXPERIBNCFD TV TE ACIIING. WOl'll .V I've a altuat'on aa governeia Addreaa Educatur !>ox 140 Herald office. I YOUNG LADV WHO HAS LMSCRB TIME . V verv deeirntia of der ruing a few intra dailf to Inatrul Inn children in the Prench laggl ige: or would accept I Board In a r- ? i?er ? fan ily a? aa eqntndflM. Addrif : or ten ilavs v ? ? .1 pha B Btatloa D Bible llouae. \T RARLOW'fi COMMERCT A L AND ART ACaDEM) Ht Broadway, puplla rece to ranld aad efTcient | *lt i''inn In W ritinc. Drawing And Bookkeeping da* al evening. T?rmi reasonable. Oiaemeuial Penmanahip T ?ll ltin<ia executed to oider. T JUDICATION ?MESSRS GLITIA t SO RING'S AOA II fmr for joum lentlemen Hamburg, Germany.? Tl n*t i Ition. of old (landing. and. a- the principal* flail lhem*elre*. favorably and eit'*n? relr kno? n In many re: ?>' Ara(r:n contin eg to a<vompi.?fi. n point of e.lucalio a'! that can be eipecied of the ireaent alate of eclenee ai pra "t , e Voung gentlemen a ei< ed at the age of our tn - xiren rear*. at 1 00>? mark* h?: ro about f.'Vfl Bold ) 1 >ioard and Tuition For proape- IM and particular* applrl the prin' ipa'a. So #1 Kerd.r and Straaae Hamborr. OJ manv ; or to Meaar*. KOBKRT ? SL'lMAN A BY PR. f 41 Be^r., afreet, er Maaara. aCIUtfEKrU A CO., No. Rroatway. R?w York TjlLOClTION.-TO TOR TRUSTEES AND MANAGE* Hi 'if echeol* and college* ?A tirai rUn toacher of tl arte of Reading -pea1, n and D? ?r?, baring a few boil In the week at hi* dlapoaal. la open In an engagrroed Term- moderate. Addreaa D cv ct ?i>4 Herald office. Frf.noh and german lav; A<-.Es.-PROFR8fiff E. TEI.LKRINO SW Rroalwa*. corner of Twelfl ?treat, will rarelve apnl '-an..n? ' pimH laaa 'n? in Praiyl and tfflrtniio Conreraauon. ai ? M la Lotto. L'Anglaia ( etraOKera. Batabliahcd ainre iSi. TJIRESrH 'LSNOt'AOE. ? ;n ID rRONl'I?CIATIO| n r'idlmeatal knowledge aad rt eney tn menth*, p>a?ant. ea?? a?d Infallible -netho:. Alao tuition in! llah to Krencb beglnnara. Addre?* T Qerard, atation D. Finishing governess -a pbotestant obi man !?dy. <rh" haa baen fn -nany yaara auparlor go ernei. in rruaaia. EnglaBd an 1 :a Pari* and landed latel de*tre* a food po*ltl?n in ?r aear New Tork Hhe ia fu n *had wnb gti'id reference* aa I ?ic?:'?nt te*tlmnnlal< p 'err n^ to character and capacitr 'J?rinan. Kranoh, Em 1 ah Art hinetlc Piano. Slngltiv and '.ha uanal branch* of a koo?I ed'ira'lon ace a unt Iter acquirement*. Pleaa ad.Jrraa M. B . b i US Haiati aAtct. Parents can tind i oonn ncHooi on moderate tarn*, br a !J:?n j '.ha Principal of Itr [i>rt A'-ademy. Kayport. N ' THK SPANISH LANGUAGE IS TAUGHT. AS BBRI tofore. br OIPRIANO .JORRIN Appl* at Tl W? Twenl.'-anth atreel bet waen SI Tib and Seventh arennaa. IIO LADIRS OP NRGLR' TF.D EDL'i'ATION.? AN EN< liab lady, of great ait*rl*nca baa a faw haura to & rote ta mtiitc Preneh cooip".il n. latter writing, A Term* moderate Addreaa A. r . B?rald iflloa. Xtr ANTED? A BOARDING SCHOOL, POR A BOT TE *r raar* old, a abort diatan e frqm tha elty aad ta healthy Incatloa: a achaol where iere are faw pupilala pn ferrcd. Addreaa Mrs. Graham It* C?aal ?t, for ope wael ttatlng partlonlara. r BILLIARDS. All wiio wish to but w n grippith s nb\ iinprored ComlMnatton 1 'llona and Table* wl p ave call at hla nu torr, 14* Pulton airaal. K?ur One aecon hand Tablea for sale at a bargain THE STANDARD AMERICAN llTtiLIABD TABIK AND t kMRTVaTIOH OrsHIONf Approrad and adap ad by th? Billiard Congreaa of IStP The beat and onlr rellaVe Bl'I'ar 1 Tablea maniifacturec Sa'la Cnaa. and ereiy article r* atlng to Mllllarda. for aa' by PHF I, AN A COLLKNDRR. <T"rr?rof Croaby and Kprm atiaeta, Naw Tork. OK!MTIHTUV. ASBT op Pf-ETH IN THBfP HOCRS -ERT1RI aaitafaction or no t>ar. it Si??n avenuo. Tha cheap e*i and atrong'-at ?et? i,( teeth erar made; ala<>, cheap w>ti orerrlmmed, to glra a full aud y > ith'nl appearance to thi Aa floe a>ld and olatlaa aet* of T'eth aa oan ba mad* ?Itner with or ivrljout pl impera. No advance required. Fine golil li'img* maaited in tlie ne-: manner, from (Ire U wren dollar* each Cheap, wei: hted lower let* of Te?'h, and altrona ojldi gaa. at ntS iih armuie, ieiw.?en Fifteenth and Nlitaantla ?tree la A MOST WONDERFUL DISCOVERT.? TRETH RX tiacied without pa n er no ('iar?a. Beautiful Teetl in erted, |l each. Teeth in*eited with or wltbnnl eitiactlni the root-. A'l operation* war-ante I T VILLKRS, lifl Grand atre-i ?> ? n* rrom Rr?a<'?ay. DRRSONS DKSIRING A BEAUTIFUL. WRLL PITTING I partial or full aat of teeth, at a rerp moderate ptiee, would Ond II muck to their adraoiane ta gl**_0 I', VANS Surgcan Deattat S4I Slith ?"n ia, batweorf^Twenty Orat and Twenty aecoad atreet*. a sail. Ifl HfMI 8BTS 0F ARTIFIt;UL TEETH, OP KVBR^ iV/.v"V aize. color, hape and eipraaeloa. from lb? beautiful pearly wnlta to the m->et dtugy tobacco brown, C'inttantly on hand from which we are enahk-d to aeleci annh aa are eta, ilv amiel to an\ nge or ' ooinpieilor. and Inaert them in the mouth upon o i ? pr red auction piate* at etfremelr low price. AMERICAN ART I VI ' I A Ij TEETH COMPANY. Itcnliat Al Kaat Fourth afreet, near Bowery. Show mom* open to ail from 4 o'clock A * till IIP. M. All vlaitor* will ic eire p. lie. altcntion. I' S - Theae ?ee?h are of Mie rery lie*l innniifaci ire. Iiaring ia?> u fetKbcat prciojiim* beta Id Uiia couutrr and Is lii?"p?.

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