Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 14, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 14, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,102. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, MAY 14, 1864.-W1TH SUPPLEMENT. PS ICE TUUEE CENTS. ONWARD! nil IT ILL POINTS. SECRETARY STANTON'S DESPATCHES Iateri-stlng Telegram from Gen. Grant, Dated 6:30 P. ML, Thursday. " The Enemy are Obstinate and Seem to Have Found the Last Ditch." Brilliant Conduct of Han ock's Corps. LACONIC DESPATCH FROM HANCOCK. MI Hive Finished Up Jebaten aid am Now Geing Into Early." Splendid Exploit of Barlow's Division. They Surround, Surprise and Capture Rebels in Their Intrenchments. IMPORTANT FROM SIGEL'S CORPS, Che Railroad Between Charlottes* Tllle and Lynchburg and Gordons ?ille and Saswick Destroyed. ALL BUT ONE RAILROAD CUT. THE DANVILLE ROAD TO GO NEXT. The Desperate Battle on Thursday. OYER FORTY CANNON CAPTURED Thousands of Prisoners Taken on That Day. The Retreat of Lee's Army. OUR FORCES IN CLOSE PURSUIT Our Wounded in Exoellent Condition. The Cnltn Army in Fine Spirits and CenQdcnt ef Sncccss* ???? h#* THE OFFICIAL DESPATCHES. ?mmUij Kuntoa to Major Otnrral Dlx. WA.inwc.Tnw, May 13? * 30 A. II. <Tjrr " Dii:? MBclal drapatohca ira jasl recelvod by tbts Depart ?Ml, dated yu:crdftjr at eight o'clock A. M.,at tba tattle fleld, near SpntUytvanla Coort noose. They state feM during the Dig tit Oeneral Hancock marched from bla previous position on our right and oocnptvd the ground Mw?m Generals Wright and Burnslde. At daylight he Mtaokcd with his aooustomod lmpct<ioelty, fortlng the kit and then the second line of the enemy 'a work* , tap tarfeig the whole of Hward Johnson 'a division and part 4T Carty'a, logottMT with M^or General Joboaoa, General ?kwrt, and rrom thirty to forty cannon. A. number of prisoners la not given, bat It Is to b? waited by thou Hands. fianerai Rurnelde, on the extreme left, openod at the MM time with General Hancock, and advanced with taaaparatively little oppoeltton. Hla right haa formed a jMrtlon with General Hancock, and his left la now ac tlvely engaged. Geoei al Wright's troops attacked at . quarter past soven #alorb, and are now at work. enteral Warren Is demonstrating to hold the enemy la ftwt of his lines. The rebel works at that polat are ?? ? ?aedlngly strong. A despatch haa been received from General Butler, dated "In tbe field, sear Cheater BtoUoa, Va., May 13, ?JIP. M." a statea that he la sow pr easing u>e eneaay near Fort Puling, and baa before bla all the troopa from North Carolina and 8outb Carolina thai bare got op. Beanrogard'a wa a captured this morning, going is General Hoke, In command of Drury s BlotT. Ha bad a ampatrh St 4lng that Beaurafard wo old Join them as soon ?U troops came up. flMral Glliaorf told* tbs latrsafhaeaM, whji# Gen eral Smith demODStratee upon Drury and the anemy'a 1IBM. Genera) Eauts, with his cavalry , has 1mm mdI to out the Pan v I lie Railroad near Appomattox station, and oao perbape advance on Junes rlvor. We have bad no telegraphic communication with Gen* raJ Sherman since Wednesday. EDWIN M. STANTON, Secretary of War. Secretary Stanton'* M???ad Dcipateh. Washington, May 18?2.30 P M. To Mijor General John A. One A despatch from Lieutenant General Grant baa Jut been received, dated near Spottsylvanla Court House, May 12, 0:30 P. 11 It la aa followa s? The eighth day of battle oloeea leaving between tbree and four thousand prisoners In onr hands for tbe day'a work, includiug two geueral officers and over thirty pieces of artillery. % Tbe enemy are obstinate, and aeem to have found tbe last ditch. We have lost no organu.tfiti, not even a com pany, uhile ice ham destroyed and captured ene division [Johnton's), one brigade (UoUs') and one regiment entire qf the enemy. EDWIN M. STANTON, Secretary of War. Secretary Stanton's Third Despatch. Washington, Nay 13?6 90 P. H. Major General Da:? Tbe following despatch from Mr. Dana haa Just reached tbie department. EDWIN M. STANTON, Secretary ol War. SponsTivaNU CorRT Hnusi, Va.,1 May 13 ? 8 AM./ Hon. E. M Stanton, Secretary of War: ? !m abandoned his position during tbe night, whetbei to occupy a new position In the vlolnlty or to make a thorough retreat Is not determined. Oue division of WrigQt's and one of Hancock's are en gaged in settling this question, and at half past aeven A. M. bad come up on his rear guard. Though our army Is greatly fatigued rrom the enor mous efforts or yesterday, the new tf Let's departure inspires the men with frisk aitw. The wholo force will Boon be In motion; but the heavy ralos of tbe Inst thirty-six hours render the roads very difficult for wagons and artillery. Tbe proportion or severely wounded is greater than on either of tbe previous days' fighting. This was owing to the great uae made of artillery. Secretary Stanton's Fourth Despatch. CONDITION 07 OUR WOUNDSD? RBINFORCKMB NTS GOING FORWARD. Washington, May 13 ? 0:66 P. M. Major General Dix, New York:? The Acting Surgeon General reports that of five hun dred patients from tbe reccnt battle Held admitted into tbe Garwood Hospital, not ono will require any surgical ope ration, and that, in his opinion, two thrdsof the whole nu mb-.r of wounded will bejlt for service in thirty days. Reinforcements are going forward to the Army of tbe Potomac. EDWIN M. STAN ION, Secretary of War. General laaalla to Senator Reemlth. Washington, May 18, 1804. Tbe following deapitcb hu just been received by Senator Nesmitb from General Rufus Ingalla, Cblef Quar termaster ot tbe Army of the Potomao. It brings positive information rrom tbe front as late aa noon yosterday. General Ingalls says:? SporrsTi.viKiA Court Horse, May 12?13 M. We have made a ten atrike to day. Hancock went in at daylight. He baa taken over fonr thousand prUonera and twenty-live guns, and la atlll lighting. Everybody Is fighting, and has been for eight day a. We shall have tbem this pop, though It may take a day or two more. They light Ilka devils. Our lossos aro heavy. Cannot Bay how many. If Augur a foroes wore here now we oould finish tbem to day. Hancock captured Geueral Ned Johnson and two other generals, besides lots of lower gradoe. The old republic Is firm I Bet your pile on 1L Grant Is a giant and hero In war; but all our generala are gallant, and aa to our men, tbe world never bad bet ter. Yours, in baste, INGALLS. THE 0PEWIWfl 0N THURSDAY. Nur ProTTSTLVANu, May 12?8 A. M. Tbe day opened tfcla morning with tbe following newe, cent la tbe form of a dee patch from General Ilaacock to General Grant:? GiNia.ii. -l have capture l from thirty to forty guns. 1 have flulabed up Jobnaon, and am now going Into Early. W. S. HANCOCK. As I write the whole line Is engaged , but tbe heavleet fighting le being done by Hancock 'a corps. Major General E. Jobnaon la a prisoner. He command ed tbe "Stnnewnll division" lb Swell's corps, comp aed mainly of Virginia troupe. No doubt of ble capture eclats, for he is sitting on a log before me at the present moment, Is conversation with aome of our generals. Tbe attack waa oorameaced thia morning at daylight by Hanorck, who moved forward his whole line, and la now driving the enemr. Brigadier General Stuart, of tbe rebel army, baa alao been captured, and Is now within our lino?. Tbe artillery firing in tbe direction of General Hancock Is Increasing tn ex'ent and rapidity. A considerable portion of tbe PI lib oorpa la actively engagod,and is doing well. Mat 12? 11 A. M. Tbe battle eootinu-w with great fury; but we are steadily gal ilng ground on the rebels. Tbe Sixth corps has gone to the relief of tbe Second , and is actively engaged at the proeent moment. The musketry firing Is tremendous, aocompanled with heavy aalvoa of artillery. Every Inch of ground la being sharply oontostod, and nothing can ezoeed tbe ferocity of [ tbe contest. Heavy firing is progressing near General Grant's head quarters. Tbe captured artillery are being brought to tbe rear, and the roads loading to tbe different corps hospitals are filled with soldiers who have bo in wounded at the front aud are seeking medical treatment. A drenching rain set in about nine o'clock; but II seems to bave no cfleol la abating, tbe lighting In the front. The reads are knee deep with mud, and very unfavorable for military operations. A rebel battle fi'g baa Jost been brought la to bead qusrtero It belonged to tha Forty-second Virginia regi ment. Colonel Withers, Jobn*on's division, end contains the names of the different battlea In which tbe regiment took part. Tbe flag waa captured by tbe Ntnety-tbird New York regiment. Colonel Crocker. Thirteen of tbe captured guaa have been brought la to General Grant's headquarters, and etbera are plaoed la different positions la tbe rear. They are exoolleal pleeea, In good coadltloo, and are vary similar la appearaaoa to our own. Barlow's division, of the 'Second corps, performed a brilliant rent tbie morning at daylight. Tbey advanced during tbe night, and before breik ot dey aside their appearance directly In front of tbe rebel latreuenmente. They charged, end before the *nemy had tine to fire a guu tbey were surrounded . and nurreedered at t.ace. Our mep bad la olimb over their breaat werkg ** (*? tbe btitt tods of th?lr muake'a to bring tbe rebels to ao> jec.ien. General Wright la nightly wounded, but he to alUI to eommand of the Sixth corps. Iv jr* iblog (Mint favorabie, and botb offlcera tad an V* to gocd apirlta. Our losses in tbe put ?lght boors bar* boon very he-tvy i but it la Impossible to form anj correct estimate of them. Ibe accounts of our losses vary from eighteen thousand to I went y.flve thousand; but, owing to the nature of the contest, which la moatly la the woods, thousands may be lylog dead or wounded on tbe ground of which no record con be made at present. THE BATTLE ON THURSDAY. Mr. A. llcndrtcit'a Oeipatcbi HsiD-hubtkm, Fifth Asmt Cokpb, T* in Fi*u>, \ May \2?9 f. 11. J Thore la a lull In tbe battle storm, which baa raged with fearful and unprecedented fury alnce daylight. It may be a lull to another atorm of wilier fleroenesa Meantime I send by special messenger a leading outline of the batllo'a progroaa alnce my despatch of thla morning. Gen. Hancock captured, In bla brilliant aflalr of this morning, it seems, seven thousand prisoners aod thirty two cannon , Instead of the number I sent you aa taken. My statement I received at army headquarters from rapt. Moade, son of Gen. Meade, which was corroborated by other staff officers. At this time tbe prisoners had not been brought In, nor tbe accompanying report of General Hancock. It Is a correction j am glad to make; for It la seldom that tbe reports of captures do not place the figures too high, and compel their reduction afterwarda. Thla victory of the bravu commander of tbo Soooad corpa and bis valiant troops has norvod the arms of our soldiers In to-day's fl^ht beyond precodont,and they have fought with unparalleled zeal and steadiness in this most deepetate of all our battles. The main fight has thus far been on our left. Tbe Second corpa fought four hours? a long, severe and deadly strife. In the flold lie large numbers of our gallant dead, whom a mourning nation, when they come to read how nobly they fought aod fell, will mourn aa ballowed heroes. Superhuman eflbrt has boeu mado to turn thia flank; ' but our columns of Infantry stand Arm. aod by thoir continuous musketry, and the steady streams of shot and shell from our cannon, pushod the enemy back, covering the disputed ground with piles of rebel dead At length the Sixth corpa went to tbe rellof of tha Second, aud, in addition, has taken a large number or prisoners and twelve cannon. With llko steadiness and heroism they have withstood tho desperate assaults of the foe, and pressod upon them In two cases with mu?. kets bayonetted, forcing tbe enemy at this point two miles back of tbe position they held this morning. Our troops hold the road and rising ground on which is Lands man's bouse, where the enemy bad several batteries sta tloned and parallel linea of atrong earthworks. Losing this point is a severe loss to them, for it was tbe best point along their entire line. Tha attack here was simultaneous with that made on tbe left Tbe first Division of the Firth corps, In obeying tbe orders to push forward tbe enemy's skirmishers, went forward half a mile In advance of their earthworks. Fixing bayonets, they were ordered to advance further, fire one volley, and then lake the enemy's worka at tha point of the baj onet. They pressed up to within fifty yards of the enemy 'a Intrenobments, when the enemy fired on thorn with grape and canister. Multitudes fell In tbe onward atrnggle, and atlll our men did not yield In their attempt to atorm tbe enemy 'a worka. Reinforcements came to the assistance of tbe enemy , and, to avoid being fljnked, our troope were obliged to fail back, whlob, however, they did In tbe best order. Thla division, commanded by General Griffin, never abowed greater oourage than In thla attack; as also did General Wright's, General Coulter'a and General Craw ford's divisions or the corpa. Tho enemy attempted afterwards to drive thorn from their position, but have boon unable to do so. Our lo sea thus far bavo been heavy, but it is beiievod the enemy 'a losses are much heavier. It is rumored that General Wright, commanding Ceo* ral Wadsworth's old division, la wounded, but tbe rumor la not substantiated. Central Lee not Captured. We are authorized by tho War Department to state that the rumored capitulation of tbe rebel Gen. Lee and his army Is untrue. Tho public will be offiolally notified of all prominent events. REQUISITION JFOR MILITIA. Tha laiubordlaatloa of Iter's Mm, Im. WmrsoTOV, May 13, 18S4. The government tbla arternoon made a requisition on Governor Bradford for the Immediate aer Ticca of two thousand Maryland militia for one Hundred any*, on the terms ob which the Governors of the different Ww.orn States hive recently placed their militia In the IHd They are to relieve the other troops now doing guard sad post duty to M try laud, who ars to go at once to the front. The prisoners captured yesterday morning in Han cock 'a charge upon Johnson's division report thai the rebel army is In a state of almost total lusuboMnutiua on socount of the w.nt of food. One hundred and Bfty ale ed add i era from General Grant's army, who were taken from the boMi which ar rived at tbs Sixth strsct wharf late Inst night, were this morning ssnt to ths Provost Marshal's offlcs Not o:.e of thsse men were wounded, but some represented that they bad been suuatruck. They will be plaoed on gar rison duty in the various forts around ths city THE VERY LATEST. The Latest Despatch en Re* ceiwed from the Battle Field will be Published on the Eighth Pace. fa OenarKl Wadawsrtb Dtnd t News of the probabls safety of General James 8. Wads worth Iseonvsyed In the following silrsl of s letter from Captain Philip Sohuyler, of General Pair ed start, receivod here yesterday afternoon. The lsttsr says ? IliutMt artbk?, Army or Tim Potoimo, ) Bis it turn south os Stotistltahu Cocst H<>i i, > Mar 10? H m. ) We have sews this morning from General W?de*ortb. A prisoner states that be aaw him on Suailsy morning or Saturday eight, lying on a oou< h in a hospital tent, with one of eur oflicers attending htm. Us was shot in ths head. The bullet entered oe*r the nam. tbs General wsa broa thing with some diffloulty, and playing with ths buttons of bis coat. The rebel sooouata state poeltlvely that Geoeral Wads wortk wsa killed. A meeting of the Union Defence Committee wss held yssterday? Hoa. Hamilton Fish la ths chair? -lo rafsrencs lo the supposed death of Goo ere I James 9. Wadsworth, aad with the view of lender lag aa appropriate tribute to bta memory. ltacaat sutsmeats from the army ailord Ing grouade for hope that General Wadsworth rosy still bs II v log, lbs commlttss adjourned to await furthsr in formation aad lo asset at the call uf tbe chairman. Tba Reported Capture itf ten.Crawfmil. Pmi.?nui mu , Msy 13, IM* There M % debate* l| l?f| |U^io| that General Craw for<1, commanding the Pennsylvania Re?ervee, was cap lured by the rebels onTiov<t?y. Colooel 8. M. Jackson, of the Eleventh Pennsylvania Reserves, la now la com maid of tbe division. Tbe Rater vm have me l with heavy losses. HANCOCK IN THE WILDERNESS. Th* Harch to (lie Battle field? .Grand Ad -ranee of tit* Union Troupe? Counter Movement of til* Enemy? Desperate righting of th* Op poet nil Fortes? A fire In th* W llderneat? Mil ( n I Are n I Conduct of Hancock on tUe field? TUe 'ftemendoui Cliarg* and A*p?la* *f Lengitrcet, Ac. MR. FINLBY ANDlRSON'fl DESPATCH. May 13, 18M. Haying heard thai my deepatcbes giving ao Account of Genem Hancock's operations In tbe Wilderness were oaptursd by ibo euemy, I deem It proper t ? dictate from memory a concocted account of tbat tremendous struggle, particularly tbe events which transpired In bin front, of which I was a witness, with such referenco to the move ments of other corps as are necessary to elucidate Han. oock'a operations. In tbe movements of such forrai dabe armies as those operating lo Virginia, when die opposing forces are engaged in battle, tbe linos are so extensive that it is Impossible for a alngio Individual to witness all tbat transpires In every portion of the field. Having been requested to describe the operations of Gen Hancock's corps, while other correspondents were assigned to tbe otber grand divisions or the army, tbe reasons for tbe slight allu sioos to other corps will be ImmedUtely percelveJ. In tbls account I have given a detailed statement of tbe position* or our troops, whlcb was not contained In lbs despatches captured by the enemy. TUB Mr 0(7 AO AT CBANrKL1.0RSVn.LI. After Gen. Hancock bad crossed tbe Raptdan at Ely's ford on tbe morning of the movement, bis troops eucamped on ipo old Cbanccllorsville battle ground. Blrney's division occupiod tbe precise posi tion In which it bad fougbt Just one year beforo. Tbe old chancellor mansion was a mass of ruins. While tbat battle was progressing It was sot on Are by tbe shells of tbe enemy, and being ailed with wouuded at the lime, some disabled soldiers per ished in tbe flames. The forests still presented most desolate stars of the battle which ragod twelve months ago Graves, skulls, skeletons, and othor physical evl dences of the terrible oxrnage of tbat momorable contest were everywhere visible. The Fight on Thursday. ON TDB MAROn. On Thursday morning, May 6, the corps started <>tt at daylight, and marcbcd along the narrow road loading through the Wilderness. On tho line of march flankers w< ro thrown out on each sid?; so that at a moment's notice the column could bo formed In line of battle, and th < flauicers thrown forward as skirmishers. Gen. Han cock had reached Todd's tavern at nine o'clock, when an a l ai rlvod from Genoral Meade with tho information tbat tbo euemy was in force on tbe Orange turnpike, about two miles from the old Wilderness Tavern, and directing that until the mattor was developed be should halt there with bis command. Accordingly the troops wero massed in tbat vicinity ? a portion of the corps being thrown into position to Bcllcli>ate any nuvement of tbo enemy. General Hancock inade his beadquartors lo a grove of pines, wbsre bo recolved and communicated with sovoral of tbe generaU. And so at Todd's tavern tbey awaited the developments of the enemy's operations and tbo opening of the battle Al'PKAKANCE OF TTIS BNKMT. During the conrse of ths forenoon an order won re ceived from General Msttdo directing Onnnral Hancock to move np tbe Brock road to the junotion of the Orange Court Houso plank road , and put bis troops In position to move out In tbe direction of the plank road towards Par ker's store. Later information disclosed tbe fact that | the enemy's Infantry bad driven our cavalry from Tar ker's store along the plank road, and were now moving down the road in forco. The rebel General A. P. Hill's corps led the advanoe of tbls movement on Parker's store. As soon as our cavalry was driven la General Getty's division, of tbe Sixth corps, was sont oat to check the movement of tbe enemy, ueoerml Hancock was to movs to ths support of Getty and endeavor to drive tbe enemy 'back to Parker's storet for to the meantime General Warren's front extended from tbe Orsnge pike to within a mile of tbe plank road, in the vicinity or Parker's store, and if Hancock were successful be could occupy tbat place, with Warron on his right. Tbe momont he received tbe order General Hancock put his corps again In motion, and by twelve o'clock the whole command was moving to the designated point. Ihey had not been many minntes on the march when the sound or guns In the distance announced tho fact tbat the gimo had opeued. General Griffin's division, on Warren's left, of tbe Fiflh corps, was hotly ongaged with the enemy, snd was slowly railing back before over whelming forces on tbe Orange Court H>use pike. Ge:.eral Crawford's division was within a mile of Parker's store, but was nnabls to bold tbat advanced position. It was, thorefors, of great lmportanco that Hanc ck should h irry up to the support of tbe troops engaged, so as to enlist tbe attention of the enemy. Ths distant sound of can non inspired tbe soldiers, and tU ?y marched with groat celerity to tbe scene or action. General Gstty's division was already formed In line, awaiting their arrival; for hs was not strong enough to mako the attack aUne. Shortly after two o'clock the head of Haucocn's solumn, march ing along the Brock road, Joined tbe left of Getty's line tt the Orange pike. disposition nt b* nock's ronncs. The dlgbrent divisions were rormed as speedily as pos sible In three linos or batt!s. The first line was advanced Into tbe Wilderness: the second line occupied the road, where the troops tore down tbe fenoe In front of them , and with Intronchmg tools quickly constructed a tempo rary breastwork; the third line also threw np another breastwork by cutting down tbe trees and covering them with earth, so that wo had one line for attack and two for derence, If tbe enemy sheuld make a vigorous assault. The position in front was one vast and Interminable wilderness. II was not like a grand old forest, studded with stalely plnee and massive oaks, but could be compared to nothing else so well as to one of Utoee dreary, Impenetrable Juogles of ths torrid zone. . A section of Edgell's battery was placed in the road so as to command lbs Orange pike between Hancock's right and Getty 's left. While tbe troops of tho Second corps weregetllog Into position Wadsworth's division, which had been put In on tbo left of Griffin, bad soatalned a fearful Ore, and was being slowly driven In, In conss qnonce of which Crawford's division, which bsd also been engaged, was cautiously withdrawn until troops suf ficient to meet the superior oimbers of tbe enemy could be deployed Into position, so that at tbls time n portion of enr linn must bavo been a all* in rear of where it was before. The batteries of tbe corps were arranged on the only place of open ground In the Wilderness that Colonel Tldball conld find suitable for the operations of artillery. Tho tur*n try of tbe corps was formed with Biroey's division on the right, Motl't on the left, and Barlow's on the left flank, whllo Gibbon's division, which had neeesssrlly changed position on ths march, was soming np as a reserve. After that tlvlsloo reached tbo ground General Owe* and Colonel Car roll's brigadss wero sent to tbe support of Bmey no tho right, while General Webb's brigade w?s retained upon th* left. When those dispositions wero e. foe ted, General Hancock? who had now the command of troops from nearly every corps ? assigned General Btroey to the command of tbo right of bis line, and General Griffin to tbe loft, while be took general su pervision of tho whole. , TBS APT A1TCB. At a quarter past (Qnr n general advance was ordered sll aloog tho llao, and tho skirmishers poshed Into tbe Wilder neso followed by tho lino of battle. They wero soon eno< nntered hy the soemy, and a fierce fight Imrae d lately eoesed. tho enoeay stubbornly resisted our ad vance, yet we gained groood slowly hoi lurety. fhe roar of musketry wan fearful and Incessant. The sotdlsrs of bet* mrmm foil thick and fast, and tbo number or killed and wounded, somlder og tho length of time the battle tested, baa boon eenromy ever equalled. Only tbe heroic mta who fell on tbe fatal field . had they life and language, could toll na of toe saeguiaary scenes tbat were wltnsosed In the Wttdemeeo but an examina tion of tbe field immediately mi or the ooafiici eJooed re vealed what a deadly ooaieet H had been ??!! iCl 50n,?*?ced 4%s !Ak-s er<w liar* IrM M? M -4 Kf a musket bell ? Mie 'o-lmg fcSS >>? ? ??? ??? ? ?"* Is HI ana lalr*| -4 Ml ????!* a* ? f ?* J They bed oftea uk! i bay m ?M ' Its* ?? "?'* ?*4 ?any at U>'? 411 HM ? * ** ambulance ead c?r i l r? ??. iu? * " I I -<?? a ia? ItHIUI (Yloftrl Carroll. #?w", u t > '? ? '? wounded M the ?' to > ?? ? '? ? ? ' but not iauior. il> > '?? '? ?? ? 1 "?'* fc^d lor *bM iM-mvti llano* ? f -t? i ? ?? ?? ooel.l am ?KT7 Hoi ??>?? ?"? ? * laku i-i'Dimtt l of ? < ar k'H ? ' "* swered , "I'll cornm tel mt ertg 4a me ? The flgbl araa cart .1 a ' an' < "? ? i" "* ' ' ? Ibe right and reetr*. ?) ? ? ? a f" ? General Iterlow a dtv>? ?. i. I> <t? fhr *ar as a I ?? ? Gdoael ^milh a'mmw I '?*, . * ?< a ? ?,?..* ?<. (?? enemy's right dm. ? ib e ? w I *. i a a oar left, of f? r. eg tbe at ?a ? l ? < ??* The s-seull woe i' ?h' I ? ' ? ' ? length, with Ihs dr-irad iw I ?? * troop* u.ceootecod fr<?b ' ? ? ? ? ' r ??' * ? heavy fl/Ul occurrcd, ? >ih ii* ?MM. <?'? ..lib tlii#* gr a'l j.illy eiei k 'n. .t ' (tt ?t '? * eight o'clck. In ti' .* t-i i " ?* ??> * our favor; (or m nan th* 0? ?"?<! ??e"d ?<? '?? ' ? * Sldorafcle sdv intec*. not only by t'ie etr? fc 1 a original poslti a, b'U ? y ee e i "??? This was the annivorsury of ine t>?iile of >???* '? fought just two years b- o-e, m wt. <?. * caine dislingulsliod aa a griirrel In 'Ha e> I 1 tlrsl fl^bl ID lha ar l'd?n .:<? ? b. .?! <e ? > ? ? a I . ? be baa already w< o The ri|bi r?M*f I a wcsaaat a*aaiif. During Hiorsday niiibt lha onrpa wmw 'ara h.S a conference with Geneal lla*<t?. and. Mi ">>*l"?' '*? orders were Issued t?> ibe efleci that ?? tba fmii-aim roorolng agen*i?l *J?ar.<a (bould ba ?ti? ai-ag n.a whole Una. The alUck *?? ?rder?4 to laka |?iaea I #?? o'clock precisely, lhe attack waa to b? air ng 4?f ' mlni'd and coDttniMaa. Aiordingly f^-aefal II*" ?" k tent word to General*' (ktty, lliriief, < Ibi. w a I Uarlow to attack .>t tli4 a|>j>oliiied bo<ir, wblta ?.* >ai Wadtwortb't dlvl.'loa ?n l * in* of Onrntlde'* ir to join Vhcuqy tie >>coud cori? upoo tba right. Io ? tbl? aaaauit tb* iroiji* uiid?r cinitnua <>? ret . ?| HaftCo^k Wcro formed with Co:mj I Carroll** briKal* *r (i , General Hay*' brliivlo, cominan'iad by I'elooel Crxkar. | on tbe rlfcbi of Hie Orange Court Hou?? r< ad, and liei arnli Owen, and Wavd'B brtgnao* on t ho lo t <Mty '* dlvl?|i>n waa in resorve, with Generals Kuatla' and Wh^atun**, and Colonel Grant's brigades of tbo dlflslon, extending (rem right to left. Next caino General Motl'a dlvlnlon. Colonel McAI'later'a brlgado in front, and Colonel Urcwrtei'a forming tbe soooud lino. This constituted tbo rlKbt of II ?nc Lk * line, under comna ind <f Oenoral Uirney, the centre of Dimey's line bolng at tbo Junction of tbo roads a'.rewly mentioned. Ibo left of Hanoock a line waa under roia tnand or General Gibbon. General Webb's btltf do, of bis own dlvlat iD, bad tbe post of honor on his rUht. and General Barlow'a wliole division? Colonel* fmitb, Prook, Frank and Mile* commanding bis brigades? being also formed In two Hoes of battle, extended tbe whole of Han cock's line of Infantry tbo le.'t. At tbe same time a portion or onr cavalry waa operat Ing still further to Uie loft and performed ?alu*ble *er uice in preventing tbo enemy getting In our rear by turning our lei t flank. Oppose 1 to Hancock'* front were Hill * and Iiongatroofa corp* of tho rebel army? A. P. nill being on, our rigbt and I/>ni?strect on tbo left. Having given the disposition of the troope, U Is time to spoftk of the assault. At Ave o'clock tbo command wa. given, and our troupe In Blrney 'a liont advanced on tbi lUht and left of tbe piauk road. Tie line or battle waa preceded by a heavy cloud of skirmishers. Tne a**aull was sudden and vigorous. The enemy retired slowly ab4 stubbornly before the deadly Are tbat waa poured >uto ^But^ho speed or the rebels increased aa onr forces eon. llnued to advance. It waa soon discovered that In the midst of tble vast wildsrnass the aaomy had onnstrnrtort a defensive lino of works, simllsr to tboso our troop* bud thrown up on the Brook road; for onr victorious soldiers soon encountered a fresh line of tbe enemy, posted behind those bresstworks. When both belligerents met in this position the Ore wss terrific, and the slaughter waa tre mendoos. Our troops Immediately made a gallant charge, and, with exultant cheers which went r:?glng through tbe Wilderness, they drove tho enemy from this dereo slve line aud took possession or tho breaatworka. Three rebel colors and several hundred prisoners were taken at this time. General Blrney continued to sdvsnre to the right of Hancock's lice, swinging It round on a pivot, oT which the le't was tho centre, He pushed It forward a mile and a hair In tbe advance It was expected that troops of othor corps still turther to the right of Hanoock's rront, which were to have joined In tbe attack, would have opened their part or the en gsgement by ihla time, but General Birney appertained that the right or his line w?s expoeod to a flanking force of tbe enemy In conseiucuce or a gap which exisied in that direction. The enemy throw in large massts or troops to enJeavor lo check this vigorous advance, whereupon General Webb'a brlgale was moved to the support of General Birney, and, In conjunction with Gen Wadswrrth's division, succeeded in tbccklog for s time the counter onslaught of the enemy. A DIVHnsKW OH III LKTT About this time information was received which con vinced General Hancock of the position of tbe right or the rebel line, In coDSoquence of which a brigade of General Barlow's dlvl*l"n wss sout to laka tho right of 1/ ng itrcet's corps In flank. I'Bixjkkss or rn? iutti.ii. For two hours and more the battle waa of the m^st sanguinary character. Troop* changed positions; brigades and regiments which bad expended all their ammunition retired behind tbe breastworks and relllled their cartridge j boxes from the wngone which were broonht ap to tho front, and troope whl?'h bad formed the ether lines were tent forw ird lo continue tbe a?sauit. Al tbe same time General Meade recommended tuat, wterover It could be done, ammunition should be economized and the bayonet n?ed Instead. Fresh outbursts of mu?kolry would ocrs slonally Indlcato bow the enemy had wlihdiawn bis shattered forces and formed now lines In front. At this time all of Gibbon's own brtgndc* bad been sent to General Birney, and were placed on either side of the plonk road for the support or our position on the right. For three hours the bait la raj-rd without a momenta Intermission, and almost every foot or ground of that mile aa* a balf along which our troops advanced through the Wilderness was oovered with tbe killed and wounded or both smiled. In some places, where the rebel troops . would make a stand, tbe positions of the lines '>f battl i j wore distinctly marked by tbe lines of the killed and wounded. lfanco< k wss very careful not to exteud the left of his lino, booausa bo held a very strong post lion, snd hs waa? as It afterwards turned out to be? very wisely apprehensive that L/mnstreet mixbt make an attempt on his lelt; and should h* have abandooed the left of this Una In onnjir ctlon with lha right, Instead of swinging It round oa a pivot, as bo had dons, ha srould have been oiposod loaflHntoig movement of lha enemy ; wbere.ia ibe left of his pos.tion, ss he had formed It then, was strongly defsnded by several batiertea of artillery. Th? gr >nd entre of attraction wss nancock's line. Fin ling en. h s fearful fl'S lo his front, Ganeral Mea>'e sent bis stsff or .?r to ssv IbH troop, from General BsrosMe'e would be at h.suis poaal If they should be retired; an l preeeotly another officer announced that lb. First division of B?-r,?dna corp., under command of General PI*vens<M>. was c oe? at band on IU way to report to General Hanc ck. Immo diately after IU srrival II waa massed st Injunction of lhe Brock and Orange Onrl House r~ds r*adv to be sent to the euppnrl of eiin.r Birney or |Glbbon. At the same time two other div ?on. of (Mrnside's corps were marching out "? ?n h roed to Parker s store, to attack tho enemy on the right. B~ o.ld.was to develop the Unea of tb.-e 'ilv^n,. to lhe Ian, the leudenry of which would be to engage th alUntto.rA?p-?f.Wi ^4! Hancock s froot. Col. Frank's brigsds. which bsd beeO M0, eut at seven o'clock and made a long detour towards tbe enemy's right flank, bed now met ibe enemy la foroa snd become seriously engaged. His stuck waa very sptr. Ilsd. and was met w lib great determ leal, n by tbaenonay Tbe line of Col. Franr a brigade and the oppoMng r .rcea of tbo enemy .wayed to and fro, eech aliernalely gaining a temporary advantage. Meanwhile porllobe of W .ds worth sand Kobineon . divieions, which bad be?n flgnl Q^all me morning bad mi.e^ to the tntemctlon ol ibe Mte tor tba k? tkhtiiagaaim al v which , aaa batef rart* f w?l ak. <HM ? <?* a ? ?l n*. At -?? % I ? but ????? budy (*|| Hnt II waa ?a??y ktok ak <? 09 MM ooo. .g aturia. lb ? luh j m>i ' ? *ak* ? u %a Mraf raa uji ( to <ir Mi m ! (r -m/ ? ii a( | ' .11 ?? *.<rk rialructad j > ? k m-m >? < i u,- n b ? ai .ftai til?. U was > ?< mm im t ? ? ? if waa mi ^ ii?p aitwna for aa ? . I ?! 41 "Ur ?'t A kr id >M . kkauu ? UlVltlon ? ? a Imafa rlfM t? aad*arur la Hi. up the a* . t 4. 4 u.?rat liauc k or lerml that Mia ? 'a | but gare *1' " * to itaaMkM ? ? t , ,1 uf I ? i u? kuoukl '?* flu roual/ I ?< 4 . <1 ko aa U> ? ui.i'1 Willi ) ??' ? ' ? iti.m J* ?Ui<*b t?fa Mot ilig ?? ' '? a ? < t> r toil o-air.', wbea t ? ? *.ii ? thouM to only I > ? r a ?. aa tk Mt )>ori liiMiil . .4 . l ? u< l#f G#> f?, lUrbw, ? ? i f ? at' ? i ?at poalttoa 4 > mm if a not oa of | a* Mft at k? m* aa>a * cm i??4*r*4 <MuMf . II, a ?? -a 4 I.* aa?.i<r ?KI I ???..?< a1 l< ???{??Mi, waa aaa >*.fcliu.ja.i> <1 -ut.< Uf ard , I ?| lu to 1 1 * i u M I' ? ' a rib be . ?<?-r >i?? '? * a ? ?* a '< rpa It t 1 ???? la ?? " a4 *i lit ii hp II i.tid I a.i . a ... if (, 1 Uxwai a vtv I ? ? ? i ??? ? ? I fr ? i h ta He , Mi 4*iii ) <i? > ri? 4 M If tv a>er ? prig i '* ? ? ?? ii * ? <a -ai * . * . r lb* ? %i f . i .ITU ad.dud .1 lb a (?trt li?(?<? a ? $ ,i.l a ? > ,.4 at.ed '' <??? and a f*raa>4a?< ? turaa <4 ii <?!??. 1 ?l was a in>i m . I? ri "?* '? a* ? to ?"? l?jr a b ?> |H4 ul 4?. *Blip*?tta *?? ut kklrik at . k Ckuarat Blreey l> lb* Mi k ?? ? ni ?? 4|->a Mm right an 4 pea Mil r ? . ? ? I a m ? ' * k I rif ?f. J. lh* kkwiaf b<4 at 4 >?' ? -rfrtau A lit* .i to ataaa trnn,<a oi? thai (? ? < pr? " r k faa#l?l tlra ?<( eaoaMtra*- 4 aa S' <?***! *11 ? Mb'afmm. th? rnbc'a w ?? e an .[ rou ,J b ? J vi a on Iba r?ti(,au4 11 nr 4 r lu .1 it<? * i. < ? a a* tbla m?*<>iii??i Knaia' rr>ff' taaa -? 1 ta #11 ap Mm w a?*f ?b ch w%- ao* 4ia r Vr4 t* ?( >t titrlto ?n,to bHwaa* W>4aa rtba rifil ?i?1 W> i<i'i 1 r t H arraa'a lrant? arara tnrm fd ar n arlr r if ? t aa <w mib iba rl(Maf Hari?nk'k in>a; Init ill' li.rc ? i.f |iii> ?u a/ aaa a* f"a',a tu?,r allMI ao *i?o a?, M il 04. k><u<4 n. I 4nr< ilirm b r%, aal n lb< ? f i t l> aaptra bto nana > ith dUi>ar ik Tiliif, a*'., tk lb" uf kocb ir?n?a'lwa kra. Wail vuitb, tba t? wbt ul4 a?Ma?r I'll kanrtally miub'tad aiu<>iig hi? iu a. ?. ?nl l atijr *?amla4 by a >b<>t il<< Mi?b tba ai.<> 1 -r Ma> > " >? a ?A cert (?ll,aa<t bbi 'lraUawi k"iui?ra aar? kn ? ai.<l ? u*ta4 at tli la tun?. M T?*t or t" it* *? ? n a ? ar ?ur?. Fir <<ff to our loft imnvii** wi i m 1 >4 tu t w?a ai-aa kmi'bilin to tba clou ilk. It ib ' k ??' nM'-if ap prelionalra <if tlx aa |w< ut ar ?!*?!?, f >r ao*?a >f iba ? ?>aa mrbtl In blk Imi: ediata 1 1 <<ok h?4 lad ?u '?! tliat I n? ?ir at wn? n? rcJi 1* t" mri 'iMtortai a i 1 ? i?w bit juat at lb ik crtib ai |> r.<>4 hk r* <? *?4 tb* > r a) iawa from Uaoarkl kleado th?i mt rarslrjr ?? ai >*i>m tatt tacK l/mi(?ire?t <ia tba link, Ibia a"*aaa4 la intake of ckra ? ff lUix-'Wk ? m k4,aa4 |>f?kk4 m toaa baa??<5?iiit k al<n aa *4k tba |m'?r of ci?i4 mh cb ku?l?4 ibk Iraki !l< kin ibair mtrcb la Uia Promtaal I i I. intaoii ? ? mi unu ma Aa If nc< irlug a lkitl iual to?pir*4l-? llaa- >rk <w4?ra4 R rnny to pn b forw*r4 M?tt a 4ivto?? tk tba e-Mra of Ibk link, and ?l t-i aik,?-?4 tka kttaak ? ni' inaot nntoaa fnr <mp^r?t>?k r naanaa. N atll to ra m'tubtrkd tbat durum k I Mt B naak lb* k?a la tba Oani cuBttouad rtrtif, our T rtaa m tba rtfbt atovly bak auralf driving tba *aanjr,?k<> ra Mta4 ???rf ?< b ?g ground ea at ta?aa ?ualf. Tba 4ir vtk aarn aa4 tba tro >pa vara auaaalial ifli?i?4 by tba rata af im k?rrt> lug aaa. Tba grtwak bring rat? krf.ttoa aawrbwg al tba truapa bad cauaad luat tk krkM arbar.rrr ?baak*> M pnaltlinva of trrw-ja vara ?a4k ka4 Iba aimiBa mt <1 ak ?nrnglad In Iba air m lb tha aa'ka af tba battto 4. Tb? woui'.l. d aar ? brlag aarria4 kktba fkkr , tba Mib* lanra? w'w paaalag to aa4 fr?. an4 Ibk a< aaa pra?M<ia4 In tbnak fa? narraa r ada Ik Ibk W U4a ra aak Ik tofaad dkkoripti k. m MMK IMA*. Aaaar tba kiilad aa4 aaaakkkd ar kra aaaf mf tit bak I kkd braaakt uff^an k Ita aarrioa, aaka tod aroa rruswo in for war batUaa. aawaa aa ilk karkll tba mnarafkl im af ra-uaiuaa, and trair aakorka will bk forarar graaa ? tba boa na af a graiafai |? apto A*riTRBk uu Dafork alar 00 o'eioak U?r a al RirBkf bk4 r>rm?4 S Junction arltb Iwril War ran 'k tof' ka tbat kkr Uicktlun ??i BOWplaki along tba Nbb. About ibia ttoac anollier loll of noa-lf ball aa boar aorarrag Saaaoral ff mcork tO"k adraeU, a of Ihia opportukity ta btba tbk wnmd hk rrceif'd kl (.altyabitrg. Tba arauad la at III npan, and, ailbougb bi t paiu'u aaar, aaaaak Ma oaaaMk rablo Inoonrab eoco. ok nra narrji. It wta irkcnllcani to ark tb? cnakurtof 11a- r<x-fc hi Ibk field. Tba a mo ml of Uti .r ba |?rforma4 araa barcilaaa to Ita character Hto lulrknaaa af pvroapiloa la 41 ?lolng tba kigoiaoanek of mr>v?meatk af tba aa>m; , hia chara' trrlat'iO pr .mp neM la flrtkg ordkra, ba rainartt bt>la calerltf la m rtng tr^ofia tk lhraaiana<l pointa.bia exlrnor llniry ckiii -m not to latrk a ilrmg poailton aabaa In VI ta?l to do ?o bf Iba esrmjr, oomMriad arllB bto ia trepld c-'urau1* and fearlraa barbital la toB'liog bto eatamng to uiiult, all beautlfu"/ hloniail arltb kkodaatf Bud graok, oon'p're to mart blm Bk oua uf tha trading military kplrl't of the a,". I bare area h -a ubilar rartad ao4 trying olrcumitanraa, bare b?>rd bim gira b a ordara <>a Mm battto llalil, bark aritkaaatd tbk kffact of tba laaplrB llon of bit prkkkook arbka tba troopa artra artrrrlr g. to that I tprak froot part nal obaarratloa, and la l but batf tba trutb wbea I aajr thai b* poaakaaar a raniar|at lk comblnalloa of tbooa kMrllkg Bad peculiar kaalltlaa which nt blm 10 bk a dtottogatotod mllltarf toad- r. One of hit rank! prom oaot cliaraci aria tick to to ciara nothing for blmtalf kkd to raadar booor to wbkaa boo ?? to due. aamnub bibbit bat proved btnaklf to bk a ekrkfkl kad tuoetttfui kai4iar. Coorral Hancock mutt bare bad ooaaidaraalk aokkdkkkg In him to eolruit to bim tbe whole command af tbk rigl| of bit poaitloa, and GtnarAl Blroef prorkd biktkklf kqu4 to tbe ut*k Impotkd np< n b m Hia eoolnakk la tbk b ak of danger, hto premplnkta ta obryiag ordkrk, kad bto tktl lu m innrurpring bit forokk hark woa tbk adrotrata>a t| every 00a who baa tern bik on tbk (told af bati r. ?itlKKiL OIBBna, wha had ? mm in1 of tha left lUM, la not kkly %a at pa rtonocd but k ja lant offl. rr. Wuuaded at Krrdar>cka hurt, wounded at Uattyaburg, ba la in iba uaid aga a. giving to tha n.itioo ibe bkr.kflt of bto military adukktii a aud expkricace. akoni ii kiwtaw, a yeong and daubing officer, to now rkgar ikd aa oak af tbk m"tl uiaful of ilaaao k't ??aar ato. AHbougb ibraa ykara ago h" rnlittkil aa a prhata, bk to kk? u coMruakd nt a dlvleioa. riKBKBal BUTT, e ?mmtn.Ung the other divlkl n. to a gkllant aad atpa* rlamced olBier. He tu placad la a? aam?a l ar a 4'* torn only tbk day ba^ora tba march. an4 air at bk told raa. po arbik If bit iroopt wtrk kot kk hlghiy 4toclphakd aa otbar dlvttioaa In tbk corjt. itmarian or ml fvd**. 1 Lark api k n ot tbk Interaketiaa of tba Rrar.k kkd <>rargo Cburt FIoum rua-tt. Tbla waa a jwiot of lamraaa imporiuici. Il kkk tan graat caatra of latarkBt ail day ? to m ich to tbat IlaiMoak tcarcaiy iaf% tto point, eaeapl to dath ai ng hit linek iad return aga la aa tpaadiif aa poaalbla. It waa la cubtkqokkOk of ibk grada ally loeraaaiag eitrnt of bw oommkn4 aad tba >per <t? sa of tha anarny la hto froat thai ba ao jaJ <Mmif eotrutted Biraky vita Mm kuaawkad of tba right of bia link aad Ulbboa attk itf toft. Tbk juaclloa of ttowk rd;-?k rckivk tooh graat t ta per uaca from tba laot, that ttoulA tktay braa? through and ektae tbat potat, our aaattaaraak/ N pikread, our Itmltad meaok for tbk kitkikaikt af traopa woulJ bf gut off, Bad tbk kMBt dtoaalrooa aoaaaqatacaa would ?aw*. Tha joocilo* of tbokk roada attaail ta ba aa ikaportant a point la tblk battlk of tba Wiidarneta aa iba jkkuttoto of llik foud* kt vuktrk Brat wak la IM bkltlk of Water* loo. vvraarrvtrk DritRA Ahoat eleven o'ctock < olooel rraoa t brlgadk, C0NTI9VS0 OX HlOMTB TAOOL ? _

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