Newspaper of The New York Herald, 14 Mayıs 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 14 Mayıs 1864 Page 2
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PI FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIA Faituv, May IS ? 9 P. k *? m m h4 lis T.iia.ijr * or* in au excited state ? u-4i) o*ef the TtftoU rumor# and despatches Block ?peratlMa and the fluctua tan ?? ?al4 nmi< taraawuid but vary liltle attention, ? 4 i?j* Iran ? art i -us in a cl ih?o? of business were In coeDparati ve'y light. C >mpared w'tb the kM rmh H <? al t be fl-st meeting of tbe Board of Bro |?n yMMVi MM V fi Oatral declined ljtf per cent, S*M lUArMi 1 r.- e p-eferred if , Hudson River 1)*, ShMIBIII Prairie du Chien 2 V Michi gan ? '? 1*? R hlgaa S utbern 1**, Cleveland and TaM , and R?*k Is sod H, CMW *oJ A;toB J,Qw?k er Mb it ! a *na Delaware and Hudson Ca Mi'S liar m tAMMfl ? P*r 01-0 ' ? b0'^ ** tm I aena and WMp **? >? """*1 ^ Kdrl Varr*l , mm anJ *#? Md Cauton Co? pMv m tkurk- wmmm v I* tbe a i.\ . >n New y . ..-t ? 15, F.rle Railroad 109, Erie pre r#, .! r. R<et 155 S. Reading 128 >a, ? . ..4 I I Wa?tt? 109 Alton and Terre i . . m b 4 a Uatrtf 13* 'j, Michigan Soutbean ?. >_ it tMtnl arr ;> Cleveland and I'ltta t Caaoft aijii Ch ago 119',, Cleveland and 7 . i > | ?< ', Cfcieaf? aad Ro k l.-iand 108, Chicago Mi Not.kMMwa 64 V Pacific Mall ISO, Quicksilver M , nf 1 ( :n her ?? .1 C al 78, and Cat ton Company 43', Hariem adv u -4 an ther five per cent, and clew** at ?:o Tbe ' ? ?? ng t*h'e eomparva the qn nitons for the Ua4m ? raiir xxl eh < ret at (tie Oral meeting of (be B? urd ?r rt*' r? t.i d?j w<th tbe |>r ce? obtained on l'rlday of last ?M ? Ma v 8 J/ i' 13. f ew \ rb Central 131 j;;i Br* lw Kl te prorwred I0C<{ 10'i 1 , Had??i Kiver iltfi, 13BJ. lUrteui 265 Keadi e t:'i 129'^ W i b?ran Central l :1, 13s Mlrhwn ?outliers ?? #?' lllMtos < ?: trai .. . 123 li! 4 ?BMBW (al Prairie da OHi. .BO C2'4 Cevei md anil 1'itti burg lit 100 Cairiu and l ie ll' V I'Jb^ Cevelanrt and lo.ean 14'i l '''? klilrapo and Rock I' land .108 110 Fttieburg a?d i t warae t06 1U<^; it 'Ion and Terra !iaut?.. .'il ? i'l)ir?to and NiTtb" eo'era M 55 Io'ed"and Wnba li ?;)<; 71 U I acKVe Mall rri\ 227 I umtierUod t'nal R4 77 I'muirylvanl i coal i unpany 20ft 210 Polavvsre and Ilinl? u < anal 'i'.'T 228 l antoo ? vimpany 3ft I^iKkstlver Mining tui 71 Tbe lo!i< ? ing were tbo quotah ub to-day for govern m?i t aecurities ? Five twonty oou:>on b. nda 106'^ Ffve-tweniy rek'i*tered b mda 108'^ Coupt.n 8 s">/ 1SS1 Begtatored li'i ol 18>>1 113 One ye ir currency cwnidc.ito* 98 i-aven and tin e? tonttis ire?aurv notes ....Ill Coupon 5'sof 1B?"5. 105 Fieban^e was inarttve and lower, stailtug biiia were quoted at 1%9 for currency and 110 for gold. Gold opened in tbe m roin< at 173, and advanced half per cent before tbe confirmations ot the taornia^'d news begin to come, when It (oil to 170. The inon -y market continued to work easy at S}i to 0 per cent interest. Tbe Astisunt Treasurer in this city reports to-day as follow ? Amount on band $29 817 762 Receipt* from customs... * 'joi 'ooo >rom otbor sourcee .. 1 lo0 007 Bilanre $29,773,056 Snbscri|>tion8 to 10 40 loin 24,3ft0 A great many people wbo are anxious to invost in tbe government ten forty loan are no doubt holding ofl under tbe ido.t that tbe rate of intere3t will bo changed from five to tlx par cent, such hiving been tbo report which was apread some days ago by persons who were evi ilenllj mimical to Wie government. W? are assured through a scrat official source that tbcrc wilt be no alte ration in tbe rate, as there is certainly n<> nooessity for a change Tbe saW-riptions amouut to ovor six millions n week . and tbe interest in currency Is now nearly wine \>or cent Tbe Rotd receipts from custom* at tbe port of New York during the first (our months or the pre?cnt year were fbltows ? January f6 170 80( 1 ebruarv 7,4^3 611 Mar. b 7,fl70,u?2 April 14,668,573 Total $35.991 ,781 Tbe followtnz summary exblbiU the condition of three hundred and ten bunks ol the State of .New York on tbe niorntn.' of Saturday, 12th March, 1964:? fi'r'OUrcei. I. nans > nd discounts $000,399,286 Overdrall 638, ''26 I>ue (rem banks ?1,7&3, 04S l>ut Ir tit director* T,W",s2t Iuie from brokers 2^,8^3,816 Real estate H 521 ,359 Sp?vie 22,146 691 C *h it m* l(tt,3a?,120 btocks, i>r> mis-ory and li. H. 7 8-10 Dotes ai d ;ud btedncii* certificates 11T 1".9,015 Jli riu? and 4,915,316 Bills of Hoiveut banns and U. 8. demand notes 33,159.241 lulls ot auspeuded banks 246 lioss and e\|>euae account 786.180 >dd lor cents 910 lotal $51).727,13T l.iebtlxlits. Ca,nt il J. $109,370,105 Circulation 30,974 8-iO ProUl? Is.7i4.700 Due banks . 05,613,860 ]>ue mduiduaU and corporations other than ;.nd dep"pit?>rs 3,804,308 iHie Treasurer of tbe Stato of New York 3,813,957 l?ue deioaitora "n demand 2.'l,0'j2"26 Amouut due oibcrs, not included in tbe above beads 2,902,113 Ada lor cools..... 518 Total $510,727,137 ? Ihe moro noticeable features of tbe rep rl are a de crease in a|?rie, b >nds an4 mortgagei and circulation, and au increase in g' vernnirat eecurilies and currency and deposits. Ihe Bank of Havana , Elmlra Bank, Inter* nationxi Bmk, Jx*ouardsvlJle Bank, Lincoln Bank, Mer chants Bank o." I>le C unty nnd Sew York K'xchaiige Hai k ore closing their busin>>as as fast as | ractlcable. The condition of tbe S ate b inks of fVi-consia on tbe 1st Inst, may be seen in tbe follow ing figure? ? Circul?ti"n of bink? doing business $2 ,.'>86,071 Circulation outstanding of brokeu banks 4'J,b?2 ToUl $2,*35.873 Be urttiea 2,600,480 F.xoev. of circulation over aecuritles $76,198 ? lo rodoeru the above amount of over two and a half bullion* of circulation, the banks nave ? United Mates Irf '.ury noies $132,209 j Coin 12,006 Total $144 ,<45 Tb* movoments ot dry goods at this port during the wMk ending May 11 may be aoeo In the toUowing table ? Ktltr&i for cont'jjnplion. t'aacaqt ?. Vthf. Manotacturoa of wool . 68d 9245.946 Manu!arturn? of cotton 334 116, 0X1 Han iactitr"S of ellk .. 328 289,561 of Oax... 72V 161,083 Miacullaneous 158 68,510 Total 2,213 H80.M7 WiW'traieiU. Manu actures of wool 1,14# 9412,037 Manuiactnrns of cttnn 243 74,886 Macular! urea of ailk 12V 13V.804 Manu im t urea of flax V30 201.803 MlHC?>'laue>JUS &45 89,987 Total 2,790 $918,076 I H'drrVmwd. >tanu'actures of wool 809 $311,472 JUnutru lurus nf cotton 388 104,919 Manufacture* of ellk 161 16n 337 Maoulactuia* oi flax 964 197,164 Miscellaneous. 886 10/186 Tntal 1,877 $79371? The new rebel Ave hundred mlliloo loan, which was au Ihorisel In February last, and for the payment of which, prioo'pal and interest, the export and Import duties of Mta coufeJeracy ware pledged , baa met with Indifferent favor Mr. Memminger was forced to advertise the bonds to be sold al auction, an I the Qrst aale und-r the Mammer waa to have taken place at Richmond on tbe 1Mb (net , Tbureday. Illoak Birhaagt, tsiiiar fi?? 11?11 *) A h ??0*o0i;8 6'a?*>'a reg I 4 { 8A shs > Y Ceo UK 111 MM do...... 106 100 do 13,, u ll??? U H 6 a,A krs.eon H? |><U Erie KK lrt?2 ?auu U M S'e, '(#. oou J<5 H't do . I 'l >i I' 8 6's lyner.. 90^ fod do lonw ? ViraiBia ? 10S lOB Rrl? RR t r f kkO 10 N < 'arollua ? s 67 ito Hudson Hirer KK . l.v.U i (w? Missouri ?? 71 ivo do . 1*1 \ ifs^i Mot s is>tal>aeHR 77*< do |*i?i ?do 77'? t> V lluds. nRivRRn r p Vf Ca Ifarifla 7'a. ? 133 |t>i> llarlfin RK rli Ohio A Mike cer U t?> Ublcano A R W RK. IS m ? ?-vi ra i mi lug de Mk ?W * T Cea ra 7? I ?? 100 Reeding IK \f* uBKrMUklMfMa ?? ? *" IZfW MO Hi ( toi Mi ??? l'j fw ??????? ^ iJU Alt i T H Inc ... W IV V'm ' | m tSS Alt t T H Id m pf M **' KR \? i i A I n in m ui w ^ ui> a-iu i,l I Vibld m|. 88 IUO MlcbiO * * I ? J** 1 ' XKJ 11 1 ni??i iug. no i?- - IfclO Ohio A Alt lit ma. 110 SO do ? JJ 5 UK) AtAfl Wlni O dlr 1(10 2V8ixtfa Avenue KR. IK biik1 N I M<> land i:r( 60 Su> 111 Central RK scp li*X American gold. ,s3 179 SOU do 134 MUX) de e 173S 4<J0 do K'4* 10. "0 do 173^ inoo aerr * tttu RR . lt? 65 itii Bk Coii.m Tie . Ill tUO do 108'i *u0 Fourth Nat bank 1(0 109 Galeua * Chi RR . 1 JO SOCauton Co. ........ 44W 100 do *10 >M r? do it too do ijo'? w do ?o ioo do bsm 6DelA4ludOanalCo 2M 1M do |S 1J0'? HW Central Coal Co. . . . 61 600 Clere A Tol KK... No'* 2 0 I op?k? Iron Mines. 10 100 do 14J 100 WyomlngValCoalCo 69 MOUARI RR HO JSi J*"''? t'n ooTel. 2U0 100 do 103V Co ... 34 100 do 109.^ 2>0 Cumb Coal pref. . 77 ?00 do 10i W 76% 100 Cbl, Bur A *Jy KR lli ?00 do T# 100 Mil A Prdu CU KR J00 do 76^ Wll'itU, Ft WACluKR II I 1"0 do blO 7?K 300 do Ill I'fl , <lo ri\ M do Ill u 1(0 Qnickailver Mg Co.. 71 SOU Chi tKW niel . 78 ??;! do 70S! 100 Chicsao A Alton KR 1?i 100 do 70 'J 100 To w'i 150 fen Am T ran -it Co. 48 Itjo Toledo A VI ?b mef 71 >. 60 1'acMallSSCj ei div 227 10J Chi A Mil wau felt 73 6tC0KT> BOARD. Half PACT TWO o'Ctoo* P. M. $3000 OS g's-S-ara-'nou loGi-i filO ija Beading KK. 12!) >? Trni?, Hl0>AA 111^ 300 do ..... 1,30 )i\" 1MOO MlMourl <'? 71 400 do 128',, *s*i) gold.... 170 400 d<> 128', iSR * Canton Co 41 20) Kt W A Chi.. 10J?s '<*> do... .... 48* 100 do . |(?'? aw Cumb coal pref.... 75 &u Alton A T II KK. . 61 do 75^ 100 Mich Cen RK 1S8 2 "J do 76 K lim do IV MSrv ,d1r 76 100 d0 lttV .'5 Quicksll\er Min Co 70W 10) Mich So A N 1 Kit. ir." . 00 do 71 100 do IB'. 100 do k',0 71* 20) 111 Cei K K aciip 124 SO' Parltl,' Mini SS Co.. 2.'Vt Sim d > IZi'i 25 Skill Avenue KR . . 120 ton ('lev A I'll - Kit. . lis 2 (I S V ( vii li K 13 " j 100 do li?7*^ i*' do 1)30 l.'IO', 5"0 do 10714 300 do 13) 3 OOal AUhi RR. 1MU 5 0 Erie KK Ki9 . 100 Cl. v A Tol RR .... U>,C *00 do 1 *)>; tin) Chi A Kk 1 KR. ... lost? ?""O do Itcj 2' )0 do 10 * ^ 100 I rie BR pifl lucif km An in, JSSu!fd.*OB u J RK-"* 100 Cl?' 4 N * KK..... 64', jOJ llaile u RK 270 CITY COlUMiaU'lAI. REPORT. Fridav, May 13?8 P M ? HecpiptR, 4 i)blg. M.trkei dull aud prices nonii n.'i 1 1 y uorbangoJ UKiADnuKra.? Itoceipts, 20.020 b'.iis. flour, 7fl* bbis, <111(1 1,000 bigs corn meal, 40.220 busbels wheat, 7,000 do. C"rn. do. outs, 113 do. ryo, 2.5>15 do. barley, and 102 do. malt. TIib market fop flour opeoad atoady , but closed 5c. a 10e. lower, under heavy reooipts, witb a moderate demand for borne cousuuiptioo. Tbesulosio elude 3,000 bbls. State and Western, 700 do. Southern, and 600 do Canadian. Rye flour was dull and nominal. Corn moal w n in fair request , at steady prices. Sales 260 bbls. at $0 65 lor Brandy vriue. Wo quote:? Superilne State ana Western Dour $6 no a fl 80 Jilr*SiHt0 ?>o a 7 05 C ljoicc Slate 7 io a 7 2>) Common to medium Western 7 00 a 7 20 l.ood to chon e do 7 3o? 8 >)0 Extra St. Louis 7 60 a 10 60 C ommon to good Southern 7 26 a 7 7*r? Good to cboice extra do 7 80 a 10 60 Common Canadian a i,g a 7 go (.'00J tocbolcc extra do 7 10 a 8 2"> Kye Uour, an;erUne ..!!!!.* 6 06 a 6 7S Porn meal, bois 6 2.r> a ? ?5 COro meal, puncheons .!..!!!!!!!.' #0 60 a 31 00 lbe wheat market also openeJ Arm, but closed 2c. a 3c. ThIrI'?UI>(lef tbe fa" tn ?oltl A""1 increasioe receipts, inert wai a fair inquiry for export, but tit prices b'.iow tbose asked by Holders. Sales 70,000 boxhels, Including l hiMgo Bprinjr at fl {,0 a SI 63; ^lub'.,*}rM ? *1 65 ; amber Iowa and Mllwaukie, $1 56 a |1 68, the lower flju os i? Vn',ve' 'l.60 a c:! for winter red Western, $1 66 a f 1 60 for amber do. . nnd $1 78 for white (;eue.-ee. At toe close toe outside prices were above tbe market. Ryo remainod Inactive, and prices were nominal at$l 48 a $1 j0; sales 5.000 State at $1 50. Corn was a shade . '?.er "d J.n better request, with sales of 40,000 b ishols * of 1 *P * f Ior old Western mixed in store, oats wero also a shado firmer and in good demand . it Sflc a f? "nm .I. K?,ran'? of (:*0!ldl4!l St-,tft?"d Western ; sales J 1! B'r">r *Dd barley malt were dull, sales l,6oo bushels Canada >j?st barley at $1 44 HunnAx was Muiet; about 600 lbs sold at ,r.8e (orrKK was steady, but firm, with t>nial! sales at pr?. Vl' tis prires. Coiro*.? Tbe market was very quiet, sties ware 700 bales We quote ? n Fplaw*. Fori-h. Mobile. N.0.4T. Ordinary 76 77 74 79 84,S 85 85 R1 Oood middling 86 87 H' as MiddliOK fair S9 ??) SH) 90 >Kau>:uT.4.? Ibere was a good business in graio freights and tue market was firm, but tbe general market was quiet. To Liverpool, per American flag, 49,000 bushels ^ 44. in bulk, 3.01>0 do itt 4 Wd. iu bius heavv goods at 12a. ?d. a 15h., wuh la. ttd. asked Tor flour per neutral, 13.000 bushe.s wheat at ti.^d. in bulk, and ueavr * Jfl. ?' M"' and l>er ateamer,800 bales cotton at 1*,^ ' 600 bbU* flour 111 2" < *?<) per atenmer, 1 ,000 bbla. Hour at 2s , 300 bales furs at 30s , and 200 boxea bacon at 25s. lo Glasgow, per American, '20,000 busbols wheal at 6d In bulk and bags; per neutral, 800 tlerc~a ard and loo b xes bacon at 20s. To Bristol 15 tabds UI. low and 26 boxea bacon at 20s Two Italian Teasels, with 19.000 and 18,000 bushels wheal, were lakeu up Tor Cork and a market at fla. 6d. A British bark, witb 20,000 do same port aud same rate, and an Italian brig, to a direct IT I ?t 6s. per quarter. A foreign vessel, with 300 bids, petroleum, to a iiort betweou Havre and Hamburg, at fis 0d A brig to Malaga, light pipe staves at $2* A small vessel to Ft Thomas, about 56c per bl?l and a British schooner, 1,200 bbU., to ? Wiudward Island, and back, at f i.4<>0, half gold. 1 if* ka srRs.? There were sales of 1,000 boxes it ?3 "56 I isa ? Tbe market was quiet. About soo quintais '-od sold at $7 a $7 2->. llfciii was quiet. We heard of sales 01 onir ioo ba'es Manila, to arrive, i<n privaio lermt. II ra. ? There w is vei jr little inquirv. aa<i tb- sil-'i wcte o. ly 7 > balos, at 22 . a 24c ?i- us??s waa toady, the sale.- wore 30 buds ( lb 1 at $?0c. rKT*<ii.?m.? Recelrts. t.fiOT bhs Witb hnav* ro ceifta aud tie n>c*t ?:cting kiad cf war nuas the market wa3 very dull, anu srarceiy any bu>ine?s wa- done in either crude or refined iTices were nominal, but on tbe whole ratber lower. The bi-iness waa COT lined to 3.S00 btils. crude at Sic. ? on tbo spot, 37 J-fe. for May and Juue, at buyers' and se lirs* cpti n, i.ud 3-i^c for June, buyers' option 5 000 d ?. reCne<i, In bond, purt late last evooing.nt JCc ? 67c on tbe a; of. nnd for all tne monlh, aud 68'.C. for n- \t month, 3 ,U0 do. In I'b.ladelphia, at 67c. a 6?i'c ; a d 2, "00 do. free at ?2c a C4e. Benzine was quiet at 37c. Market cl sed dull at 60c. lor refined. l*mf)viaio*8. ? He eipts, 1,4?0 bbls. pork, 88 packacc? beer, 432 do. cut meats, sud 1,044 do. Urd Tbe m.rkot for provisiorg was alt"getler le=s sctlvo and buoyant to. ? ay than yesterday, and sales wore penrrally at lower prices, for pwk the demand waa moderate, the snecu lative Injmry having m st!y subsided, and | Tires showed a decline of .',0c. a barrel on both old and new The sales were moderate. Beof wss In ilcbt doniand, and prices tended in fav. r < f the purrbaaer, though wo d" not quote aty m rked fall Bed hams were quiet- Bacon was, but I h? amount oderlng waa small, aod we beard of no marked rhsnge in pr ces. Cut meats were du I and dechnii g l.ard was dull and lower, with modo r?U tr ms ctions. Butter and chee<c were unchanred r11'Vr'r'.-i r b.1'1*- "l *2: 76 ? *2H 'T new mem and $?l 12 ^ a f.4 .^7 5^ f>?r prtme, 6(H) do. new mess, for Juo'?. nt buyer's option, M) bbls beet, at $16 a ?1K for H extern rne.M, and (19 a >21 2S for extra do 150 boxes ba on, at 13c. for short ribbed. 109 i kes bims at inc. and 1 ,t 00 bbls. lard, at 12 '4c. a X4o. for old ind Kki wis Inactive, at 11c. a 11 ?c. for Rangoon BVOAK was quiet but nrm. too hbd* said at 16 V a 18c. for (aba muscovado, also 000 boxw Havana on'nri vate terma. ^ a 19Ko'W'~U"M C**l#r' **'M of 100 ?<wo lb*'. At 13?<c Tohaco waa inlet tbe sales were about 70 blids Ken tucky , at 20c. a 28C \\ HAUMOBI was steady, with sales of 6,000 lba. Arctic at |l 60. Wool ? We report aaiea for the waekof 150 bales pulled at 78c. a ?*r. 10 OOO lbe fl#e< e, 8<>c. a H3c .270 bale; Call* ferula pulled, private , 150 bales f are, 46c. a 50c ? the lat ter i rice for a prime quality 70 bales Itaeoea Ay res pri vate terms 14 000 lbs . PyrlA. ?at*c. At auction, ou the 1Mb, 166 bate* unwaefted African damaged, ilVc. 43 balaa (^.a. a3c , and 9 bales Msatlsa, 30e lbs markot Is firm demand latin r ligbt Win*s*r.? Kerel|4s, 1,M bbla Tbe ifemanl wis mo. aerate, aud the n.a k>-l a shade ea*?er, aa<ee 1 000 ? bis ?t tl 22 a )1 2S for htMe, and |1 21 a $1 S6 for Western THE NAVY. The I nitel States steam -hip Queen, Actmg Volunteer Lleutensnt ' ossmander Tarr.fro? Norfo k forty hours, arrived at tbia tort yesterday. T? snty miles north of fipe l enry saw an lag tab bark, m lli signal of dlstrsM flying, and went lo her. Kb* proved to be tbe bark Dsns iHirden, seventy days fmtn Liverpool fer Baltimore ffoon nter her Nasty 's steamer Rusaard hove in sight which had the captain of tbe bark on board Tbe following are tbe oftueis of tbe Queen ? Aft refxn/esr J^ornaxt Terr AnifS sail Aifntiirt ' JVcf ? .larnas *<mtlh Acting Emigni ? Andrew Nela n C H Hnrlslr Acting AiiMtmnl /'avmesSrr? f, little otin Xn<nw?fr> ? Acting 8ee?nd Asnistant (in charge, r>aniel C. Minsun, Acting Ihird Asstsusia, T. K Ueirber. > Bar r*U. w?n. iHinbam. M. I>. L. I <et>eniore Acting MmttT'i l/a m?T. U Weed, K It Ilnvison Letter frea Capiala ?llllagn, or tk? MM. TO TBI kblTOa OP Tit BHtAI.?. Www Yoaa, May M.1M4 fiaon my arrival bare on tbe M instant from Loudon, n?y attention bas bene cat Ind ta a publMaUnu ef charges made by tbe eommaader of tbe bark (Mambia, from Palermo 17tb of January last, which reflects epos an severely. tic states that on tbe 17th of February last bis ship was leaking badly, that, seeing tbe steamer fella, be ran eloee to and si?Mte her, i>nt cvnld seine reply, that he was within one ml e o< her fer Iwo boors, witb bo ensirn >mi hi down, until it blow ta rsgs, yet Ibi sisssnss rsn uway and left him. I si h tn dent must emphatirally ever bsvleg neon ail v i *i -i |f of lb' bark ? ..III 'n > ? Her MMMN hns either msde s ?nistake >w elee be aeassts a peaiilve nn truth. UiHIN _ OOanseiuSar ?sT SI SOWS! Bds NEWS FROM MEXICO. Tho Plight of Vldsarct Ooaflrmcd? A. Chapter ?r Atrocities. *t OUR Birm OOXUSFOMOKNOI. Umii, M>y T, 1IM. Ill* British steamar from Vera Crus arrived this morn log at a very unfortunate bo* for me; for I cannot p*. 1 ?ibly arrange the new* is the for at I would wish, hav log uow but a very litti* while wherein to write There la nothing important from the State of Otjaca, ao that Oias haa not yet been disturbed by the expedition which waa preparing to drlvo him out. In Mtchoacan, the French papers aiy, the JuarlstB are fighting among themselvea. Borrioxabal, lately aban doood by bis ft lends in that State, la on his way to 3al tillo, to join Jnaroa. L'raga ia atili in Jaiiaeo, threatening Gu*dah ara, organ iiing his army and iaaaini manifeatoa. A trench o (floor, writing from Guadalajara on the 10th utt., aaya ? "I have returned full o( disgust and Indigna tioo. We have just accomplished, not a military expedi lion, but a walk through rnina and dead men's bones. The enemy robs, sacks, Ores, and will not fight. Wherevdr be goes be rolta, or destroys what ho oannot carry oil, forces the inhabitant* to enlist in bis bands, and, when the unfortunates reluse, cuts their throat*, on the roadside we round grout* men banged or burned. In aome places I counted a* many as thirty. I. von womeu and children liavo not oacapod punishment. On reaching a rarm near Cuislllos (State of Zacatecaa) a horrible g]>ectaole awaited us. On th' ou'er wall of the chapel tv, is hanging the talked fceiiy of a ?<"' "in. rirjml o/'en, a thapekss an I Moody m jm tunn:ring <u h'r ft'' the ixOers had made the tinhorn ring thnre the mother's d om ? Pie child was mtpended by the umbilical eoril." This letter bit been seat, in a circular, to all the ctlte* and towns of Mexico by lien. Da/aino. No doubt it wHl go to Kurojte, where It will certainly not iucroiie ibo sympathy for the < au*e of Juarez. ' The lllglit of Vidaurri is confirmed. and explained to somo exteut by the non appearance of tbo expected ni t from Mi'jia, wbo, It seem*, was obliged to fall ba' k to ward* Sin I, uls in c >ube |uenco ol a report that Ortega was threatening lb it city. It is Raid that the role in the Stales of Coabuila and New Leon being ab ut to ba an nounced ;ig lurg -ly in favor of tho empire, Pob . to. Cor Unas and other* made energetic oHorU to O0lle<-t troop* from all quarters, and marched ibom upon Monterey , uj'on which Vidaurri, lludtnp bim-elf threatened by largely superior force-i, sudd-nly laft ttiit city t.u the 20th of March, aod (led toward* tbe no ibem froutior, accompanied by his eon and a few friends. Whntevor tro 'ps ho had had became domorall?d and disbanded themselves. II is son-in-law. an American, named Mlloe, was pretty roughly treated by the JuarisH under Antil.on, on their entry into Monterey Ihe I oiled States Consul Interfered to pr>'tecl him Tbe usual list 01 new adhesions to the empire appears in tbe papers. Among tfeMN h the r'ty ot ZacaMcnft. The railroad from Vera Cruz to th) capital Is progressing ra pidiy towards completiuu lu the capital nothicg is talked of but tho approachm* ' arrival of th* ne?v sovereigns, and preparations for tlie.r I reception continue uninterruptedly. Wo id Havana also i keep an eyo open for the same Important evout NEWS FROM THE BAHAMAS. movement* of tht Blockade Manning Fled-Chaic of the Trlatmn Shindy by the Uanbont Aliod? ??land, Ap. The steamship Corsica, Captain \a Menurier, from Nassau 9lh iost., arr:v?d at I hit* port yealerday. Nassau paper* to tha 7th iost. are received, but c >n tala little 01 interest. A Tow blockade runnors bad arrived from Wilmington during the previous fortnight, and some half a dozen had aailod for ton same port. Four sailed ou tbe 7th. The stoanior Trisum hbandy sailed from Nassau en the 1st iost for Wilmington, but was chased for fourteen hours by the gunboat Rbodo Island, but m maged to es cape by darkness coming on. Sne reached N ?*?au on the 6th of May, and saile.l a^ain on the 7th She was obliged to throw overb'Mrd considerable cargo to escs|>e Tbe intelligence which tbe rebel Colonel Lamb trans mitted from Wilmington to tbe rebel Secretary ot tbe Navy, to tbe effect that the pirate Florida hid "s ink (tie United .States steamer Hu i?v ill" anil another gintxiat ,*" [ turns oat, like moat ul the rebel now*, to be a pure invention. IIOVgUKNTd or THK BLOCK AUB KUNNIN J rLEEf. BYTRRKI) AT NAHAV. April 16 ? Steamer A. D Vauco, from Wilmington, cot ton. April IS-jiHeamer Lucy, Wilmington, cotton. April 1 H? St yam or Anuie. Wilmington , cotton April ID? Sloop Maggie, Savannah cotton April 2R? *tcamer Will o' tbe Wisp, Wilmington, cot ton and tobacco. April 30 ? Steamer Edith (iregory . Wilmington. c 'tton. May 7 ? Sloamer L,uey, Wilmington, cottoo and tobacco. HAU.SII SltOM NAR.1A". April lb? Brig Zegrt, for Liverpool, cotton. April lf? ? Schooner Maria Brooke, lor l.'varpool, cottoo April 10? Brig Prym, for I Iverpool, cotton. Quito a number of other vessels rlearod for port* In the Rrui.'h West Indies aua Cuba, in order to get an opportu nity of distributing their cargoes from tb" rebol port* to vessels b)und directly to L"nrope. THK RKBKL TRADER TRISTAM IBANDT? BXCtTIN'O citark of Tnn rBSSBt nr tub i'nitko statu* 0 OK BOAT ttltODR ISLAND. BTO. [From tbe Nassau Ctiardi m, May 7.1 Too splendid sloamer Tr islam Shandy "left Nassau on Sunday , 1st instaut, bound for St John, N. B.. with a valuable cargo. On TinxHav, Sd, at seven A. M in lati tude :V2 lu, a suspicious looking steamer was sighted about six miles ahead, bcarinR direct for the Tn<-tam Ibliiklng that If both vessels continued in the conr?e at which tbey sighted there might proonbly be no awkw ird colimlou by her. the captain i<f the 1'rUtsm .- bandy lost no time in tirnmg his prow in ihe opmsite dirwtloo (t. f s 'iilliward), und, iiot wUI ing to gratify the evident desire of the stranger for closer quarters, man it?ed about noon, having startal with twontv (round* and On.i'ly at tained thirty founds pre?snre, to show tbe Ya> k'-e a tolerably vague view '>f her stern, ten or eleven mi'e* intervening. At quarter past one o'clock, conQ-lent of superior speed, tbe little Trl tain endeavoreil to get out-"te tne stranger, and continue her course to St John. All doubt as to the character of the other vesnei was now destroyed by the sight of the 'Star* and Stripes' at her ma?the?d, and it soou became evidont that she wa-, unyiliing but a de*i i cable opponent, for ber clever man ruvres enabled her to get our friend within rang* or ber guns The cruiser at once commenced a virion* Ore of round shot, to which the saucy litt'e Tristam roplie l by botst ing her colors aud making the best of her way out o< range. Out this was not such an easy mafcr. Tne nruiaor managed to keep u ell up, and sustained a ra; Id flro of round shot. In splendid line, hut fortunately with too much (or as our Iriends on board thought, just suffi cient) elevation. At two f'. M. lbs shot came not only nearer, but thicker and oiraaionally a shrnpnr-l shell burst orerbe.d Uien cstne a round nhot, whi-h struck ?o near tbat tb" spray fell on tbe deck, after wtinb lively incident the order was given to throw cargo over ami lighten tbe ship. The engine room department w or ke i unlike negroes Every one ou b ard did his utmost A speed of thirteen and a Lai: knots was maintained , and still tbe Vaukou ke: t up, s metimes gaining, sometimes losing, but a'ways within range, and still thundering away savagely with shot and shell somettmos the former would half a unle ahead of tbe little steamer. This exclt-ng chase contiuuod for fbortaen hour*, when Me sable g od dest' overtook both parties, and tbe Ockle goddess For tune favoml the brave crew of tbs Tristram Shandy Ibe Yankee lueJ hia shot at eight P. M , and must have expended some three hundred ronnd* of ammunt? tioo '.vithout bating anything but a log eutry to show for it. There were some experienced hands on board tbe Tris tam, whose name> we suppress for rear tbey should be misprinted n the Northern papers; and as to tbe begin ners, they bore their bapti-m of Or* like heroes. Ibe cruiser bad a walking beam, two wasts without yards, and >ne funnel; she seemed about fifteen kindred tons? evidently very heht? with eight or tea guns Probably this is our old friend, the Rhode Island. TBI UNITED STATU? UUNBOAT OALRNA AT MASSAC? RNTKHTAlNMhs-l TO IBB OFFICBRS BT TBB oovcrnor, rrc. (From the Naaasn Guardian, April M.) The lntted States -lea met Galena (ten guns) sailed for Key West yosterday evening, having been supplied with a still, cient quantity ol ca, to complete Der votage. Captain vi li and bis officers wera entertained daring their short stay here by Bis Kiceliency the (loearnor, Colonel M -IT U and the omcers of ber Uateety 's First West India regiment, (aptaia iTcston.of ber Majesty 'a ship Mede i , kr They were quite pleased with tbelr reception In tbis city. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Ularrlsd. Hwntotrr? UMitsamu. ?At Randall's Island, on Tbars day evatiing, May Vi, by the Her. B. K. Pleroa, Mjstu Biini n, Jr. , to M s* M A. L'snaaatlX . _ Bm*tn? Baooas.? (>e Wednesday, May the Rev. Mr. Wardell, Wituan lln kbb Jr., New York, to Miss A axis linooaa, of New Jersey. No cards. New Jersey papers plesss copy. Comae ? Porraa -in ltrnokiyn,at tha residence of the bride'* father, on lburtday, May IS, by the Bar A. B. Hunt, Mr. Hsnbt C< rums, of llndgaaori, Coaneotloot, to Josaeutss, secoed daughter of Mr. utlbart Potter. l?oea?e?? saemao ? |B Hrooklya.a* Thursdsy, May I, by tbe Kev R C. Kutuey, David m itoaaaua to Mlsa ui siisth K. b* ?w i v . , of Itrooklyn. 'I uuiaa? i'sasr ? Co Saturday, May 7, by tha Hot. A. Verren, f. H. Knurs, ? native of Carmaay, to Obaf ioB Pssar. of Franca. lj*BSMAB->T*viairt* ?Ob Thursday. M?J M. aaai> Ijaimta to turns** Fjwtii, daughter of 1 W Tavar ner, , both of this city No cards Bbtbocb? Tsu.?ar>oa ? Oa Tburaday, May It, by tba Rev fJwga R. H?aghh?, Ik D., tows an W. SBmooa, of LHcbAeld, Coon., to Msar Fu>rn, daugbtar af rradortoK A. Talimsdge. of tbl* city. . ? Taoiisa? Wilusms ? <h? Thursday, May IS, by tba Bar. r. T. Will, im*. I'asaiJH W. Tbomab to CMBUBBT. Wtt uaiw, all at thia city. DM. Arte* -?B Friday, May IS, at two o'clock, k. M , Rm iiaan -vi.v* *oa, only aoa af War ran and Margaret Ann AlUa, B|ed ? years aad 12 days. The friends of tba family, and tbnaa 9t CkpMUa Riehs-d iteffinirs, are tariMi to attend tba raaMenea af l afXam Ma. BT North Third strwt, B h:i i niaiurg, ua 8anday aftarauaa, at Iwo a'alock. _ I '? ?* -UsrrMMJa?tl, Btwaaa W.. aa. of Lrdla W1U I mil II T ??? miwb r, are iuvited t?j (t?f fuoeral, from IW* Clinton avenue, Ulr Vultou, this ~,J!? ** UU Br?w?, l(M 0 fun 1*4 I id on uii The relatives and friends of tbe family are reapeotfully Invited 10 attend Itie fuueral, Una (Saturday) afternoon, at three o clock, from but late roaidenco, 114 Kaet Kigbt eeuth street. Bptlbk. ? On Thursday, May IS, Eowabp Btrrun a na tive ol lb* pariah or Grange, county Kilkenny, Ireland. The friends andacqualntances of the family are reapect fully lav lied to etteud (he funeral, this (Saturday) after noon, from bis late residence , 206 Monroe street Bbowb ? On Thursday, May 12, Ann Buows, widow of Win. Brown, in the 64th year of her age. lbe relatives and ft. lends of the rainily are reapectfully Invited to attend tba funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock, from her late residence on Throgs Neck. Services at St. Peter's church at three o'clock. Baiutr ? In Brooklyn, on Monday morning, May 0, at tbe residence or bar daughter, Mrs. Ellen Woolsey, M'S Sarau Bbauy, in the 82d year of her age. lbe friends of tbo family and those of her ton. Contain William C. Berry, SI. Luke's church, afWruooa , at two o'clock. .?Killed at tbe battle or the Wilderness, on Thursday, May 6, Colonel A. B. Chapman, sgod 28 years. Ihe relatives and frlonds of the deceased and family, also members of the Seventh regiment, N. Y . 8. M., and Fifty beveiith N. V. V., are Invited to attend tbe funeral, which will lake place from bis late residence, 130 West Thirty fourth street, this (Saturday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Zanosvlllo.Ohio, Nowburyport, Mass ,and Bangor. Me., paper* please copy Cobr.? On Friduy , May 13, Wiiuam Jamba, infant son or W t li ,i am A. and Caiuabinb M. Cork, aged 16 months. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend tbe funeral, this (Saturday) afternoon fr<*n 222 Knlton streot, Brooklyn. Cst/o. ? ()u Thursday, May 12, after a lingering illness, Apkib Mahib, youngeat child or Constantino and Teiio, aged 1 year and 6 months. Baltimore and California paper? please copy. Cothsm..? Ou Thursday evening, May 12, David Co rn*Ai , aged 77 yoirs. Tbe relatives aod lriends are Invited to attend the funeral, at St I'aul s chapel, corner of Broadway and r niton street, without further Invitation, thij (Saturday) arte' noon, at hair past two o'clock. The remains will be removed to New Jersey. Cabmlxtbr.? On Thursday evoning, May 12, Dr. Sir moi r Cari kntkr, in the 73d year or his age. Ibo friends of tbe family , and those of his son in-law, J. M. Uimbreao, are requested to atiend the runeral.ou Sunday afternoon at two o'clock, from No. 63 Soventh avenue. Pu.NOwrr ?On Friday morning. May 13, Louisa Adklu Pciscurr, of dlptberln, aged 6 years aud 4 days. Ihe relatives and friends of tho tuinily are respoctfully invited to attend tbe funeral, on Sunday aftern >on, at one o'clock, Irom tbe residence ol her parent?, 3i Clark son street. Fab haw.- On Thursday night, May 12, of drop3y, Aonbs Ui itkb, only daughter or the late James A. T. acd Margareita 1'ansbaw, aged 4 years. Ti.e 'r lends and relatives of the family are Invited to attend the funeral, ou Monday afternoon, at (our o'clock, from the residence of her mother, Klgbty second street! bear Second avenuo. KlagiI. ? :n Beverley, Mass., on Sunday, Miy 8, Mrs. InzAiisiu ti.Aou, widow of Isaac Flagg.ageJ 84 years and 10 mouths. I1 1 'rid i payors please copy. I max on Ihursd-iy morning. May 12, Jaws ArmrsrA. daughter of Mary and tho late John Fagan, aged 17 years and ? months Tbe triends of the family, and those of hor brother Miclmel Ceorge Kajan. and her br >tber-in law, Robert Mct;ettigan,arc respectfully invited to attend thefuuoral, on Sindav aiternoon at two o'clock, (rom hor late resi deuce, 183 Last Iweuty third street. 1'oiiHHAV ?Funeral servlco3 of tb<s lato CttiRtis fj Forohaii will he bold at tbo second I'nlvorsaltst church fxvinj.i avenue, corner o: Kleventh stroel (iu Historical NK-iety Building) on Suud.iy morniog, at a quarter to eleven ocl ck. Relatives aul friends are respectfully iuvited to ai lend without rtinhor luvittlion Fabbakt ? At Bergen, N. J., on Thursday. Mnv 12 (.ha. k, youorest daughter of James and Mary Karrant aged II month.-, and 2 days lbe fuueral will be bold at the rest Icnco of Audrew o'clock 'C?' '~;al urd.ty > a'tornoou , at tbreu t< ai xrr ? At his resldeuce, 21 Hast Baltic street, Brook lyn, .Ik fkrox G'Atxrr, Esq., late of Paterson, N J. a*cd 68 years ? a ? lurtber notice as to funeral will appear in to morrow s Herald. (Jt Mxi.f,).? Jo Brooklyn, on Thursday evening, May 12 Kt>? tun only surviving child of George and Klinbeth I, (funning. a<eJ 13 mouths an I 20 days. Tbe relatives and friends are rejpectfuliy iuvited to attend the funeral, at M Michael's church, High street, belaeeu (;oid slirei and Hudson avenue, this Saturday ) afioinotui, st three o clock. lavw -On Ihursday, May 12, Hkvrt H. Irvi.v, son of tho late Charles frvlu, In toe 25(h year ol his age. Ibo 'une. ai wi|i take place id* (<a(urd?v) aiternoon at ooe o'clock. Irom hi> lain residence, 12uth stroct. thud bo ise out of l'hird avouuo. Ksimam. ? On Thursday, May 12, arter a long and juiurul lilt e>a, winch she br>re with ( bristiau forti tude, l*i i ?'.* h kit an, a.e?l 2f years and 4 months. The relatives and frieuu- ol the family arc respectfully lu -itu-iid tne, this (Saturday) morning, at half past oine o'clock, Irom the roMdeuc* of hor broiber In i taw, J. K. t oati'M, No. 66J Third avenue, to th? Church of ihe Immaculate Concepnou. East Kourte-nih Ftrett, where a mass nf roqmem will bo offered up tor vary'cenieiery b<r *0ul' aud ,rjm (Ue?ce proceed to Cal s?tl'rd?y. "ay 7, from wouud- received at tb? battle of tha Wlidnrne**, Virginia. Wilmam K knai-p, aim of Jonas H and Sarab Knapp. aged 2ti years ? months and 7 daya, * years, Mahi.h._oo Thursday, Mar 12, Adolpb Mare->, aged *?? year?. 8 H"?irieud? .'ind rolat i ve?, aNo Company F, Third regiment . ? ^,VI to attend the fatieral, on Sond iv aiteruo..?i at haif-ca.t one o'clock, irom his late reel lo'i'reeowo '^1 "iZZr? r0ni,M Ukon 'ho^day, May 12. after a short but i - ' hU" ^ ? Xears and 6 months. r?ni',. , ,b* ,a,u"y ?ro M> ettond tbe IhM \ "r *"? Pai w stone street, thi* (.aJni day) afternoon, at two o'clock, the remains will be taken lo (alvur> (Cemetery. M'Cabihv- Suddenly, on Minday, May 8, Cam a iav" M'< ARmv, aged 10 years, 0 months and 5 days Th? relative- and 'ricuda of tbe family are respectfully invito* ioattoa.1 the luner.u. from b? late in! leoce, No ..3 . c.nunel siie -t, on -uud .y afternoou, at two o r .ck meut',n>*'U* " ' U? t,,k0U l? '-emetery for intrr wile Maf"t:Il^dnir'?|m; Fr",ar U* >?? Mabc.arkT who nr i'lw trd McMai.oo. 3ti ve*ru i n,i?,a Clones. county M??.a,;l.rn. Ir.laTd ye?r?. =* n,?.ve of The relative* and l,,. ?dH of the family , a- d lh. se of her (i i?b ban a ? brothers, J no jfid ( iiirle* McViebo'i are rwpeet ull) invttrd t;. attend the fuueral, on Sunday* I term o.i, at one o clock , from her late residence Toird avemie. between I'.fith and l.'7tb streets, liar leu ihe renmiia win he convoyed te Calvary i emetery tx ark ? on Thursday evening. May 12, after a ptia ful iM lisgering ilia ess. which he bore with Chr'sliau lorlltuite. Hi <.n Ml Caiih, In tbe tiotb vear or b s a e h...* relatives n tbefaml'y. aod those of his sons, .lohu snrt J, and of bis sou in law Francis l.err p?i'. are res|?ctlnliv invited t? intend the funeral, aia u" iJ lernuiRi at l.air past I o'c ock, Irom his leie reeitleuce. No. 3 V?iti(lewaie? air?ei. ~.At J24 Vj,ti Iwenty fifth street, on Wednes day. May 11, I'Avti. ft Ollivb*. a member of Naval Lodge No. o.<, sged :to years aud fl month*. 1 ikiisrlb.? At 11 bolten, N J on Kndiy, May 13 Vras i ka 1'iBnaHLK.w.rcof Mr. F.J. 1'feilerle, aged U years, l m nths and 6 daya. The relatives and lriends of tbe family are respect Tul.y Invited to attend lbe funeral, on ,-tuuday afternoon fr"m bl'r r "l<l -nc... No U I ourtb street, Hobrk?n, without further invitation. Houkk.s ?Of inflammation id the lungs. Jambs R abbs tg^TfiTVeirs'0 ?f *lr',b%0' cou"?y 1) rone, Ireland) _-TI><- t?e rhmilr are respectfully Invited to attend tbe lunerdl, on Sunday atloruuon. at one o'clock irom bis late residence, 411 Weal Twenty Qfth street. ' dmtl' bS *"r""7' H'L ?? inu* '? tbe 60th yearof bis age, son of tbe late Silas Rtcbsrds, of I.iveriiool, Knglaud ' New urlcaus psp>-rs please c >py. 8mam*t._1b Green point, on Ih-irsday mirning, Msv 12, of eaonumpltoo, JohmaD biAinv, 10 tbe lltfe veer of hi# age. 7 Ills rnendssnd those his bro her. Wm. A ?maliev are i espectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday' SK wllLrV {ntm ? his aunt f ' ' ? street, betweee Franklin street and Lnion avenue, (;reenpoint. ??? 1'bi ade'phia and Baltimore papers please rope yetr?rf bia(^r,<U/' R,?"4"D 8<xm. ?? ?b* 4Ttb 1 bo friends and relatives of the family are respectfully invited to attend tbe funeral, no Run day afternoon a^ belf past one o cioc<, from nis late residence, No. ? w'est korty brst street, without further notice. ? riwobam ? Suddenly, on Wednesday. Ms y II, Wiixjam StBimiBAM, ef Itergen rt?lnt, aged ?? years aud 4 monins ?It. aTh /** *?d tbe family are Invited" to 'Jr0nL,h* Outcb cburcb, Bergeti I oint. this csturday) aiternoon, at one o clock. 8urcLAtR.? o?i Thursday, May 12, ef oroup, Kowabp D 8ii?CLAiB, 'igsd 2 years and ? months, son of Captain Wil rh. i", a,y J' Sin1c *lr> ??<! grandson of H Wisner "5d r#l*t|vee are Invited to attend tbe fune ral, ibt? (Saturday) afternoon, at Ibrce No ? Belmont place, Hergen, N. J. * . "T'TT." -00 Iborsday, May IS, Cbobob SanaBeow. treland ^ ''rlor" P*rt*hi Oounty Kerry, r.,n '*? *nd acquaintances of the tk m lly an resrav-t fully Invited lo attend tbe funeral, this (Saturday) morn ten o'clock, from Bt. Patrick's catbedii* ib^ a STM" r",ofr,"M,ora ?MI onM^tCSiS wSiJixr* wUl "? ukon 10 c*1' ru' UtATBB.-At the riflB Avenue Hotel, ou rr.dsv Msy 1.1, kowARD D. Tbavbb, aged ii years. lioston pajiera pluase copy. ? JiT'-o.R-~0tl Wednesday morning. May l| , after a short 2'. **l '?* w RBRPB Taiuib, In the 42d year of bis age. . ? friends and relatives of the family sre roeimctfttlle No tbe fuoeral, from his late residence No M UW afternoon, "* ?iiu7i rtisssrvs a ?trrs m Tbe funeral will Uke plane from No. lit last Flfle. ^ir?il'k?? a? eleven o'clock. Tbe remains will be interred In Greenwood Cemetery. bU residence, 446 Broadway (City As ?awbly Roome ) , on n-iday, May l?, after ? b?t,! vere lilneaa, Qdm f, tmt, la tbe 63d year of bit Tbe fnoeral will take place from tbe Oburch of tbe Re domptlen, Knerteenib street, betweee Third and Fourth ^?7l!Sa"^?yr ! 9 y*"1*0*' ** iwv "'e'Of't- Hiafrlee^.g ?a^5?5lsr^s:, "* -????? ??? ?? jS^t?SSiA&^m ' T*0 esiaUrse mi tflm* e( IkeTaaaUy are ,*>*^117 Invited I* atteed his funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at two O'clock, from hit Imo raaldeoce, *0 Bltecker street, with out further notice. Newark, N. J.; Baltimore and St. Johu, N. B , papara please copy Watsom.? In Orange, N. J , on Thursday, liar 12, JaNI Allsh, widow of Alexander Wauou. Funeral from St. Itark'g cburob , Orange, this (Saturday) afternoon, at one o'clock. Morris and Essex train learea from foot of Barclay street, at half p?8t eleven o'clook In the morning Carriages will be at the depot. The remains will be taken to Springfield, N. J., for interment. SHIPPING NEWS. uuxa rei raw tors? ran OA*. ?OH risk 4 45 I MOOR SSTS morn 13 M ?vk tits 7 03 1 hum morn 2 19 Port of New *?rlk. M*y 13, 186*. CLEARED. Steamship Citr ot Washington (Br). Brooks, QiiPM?st?tfB and Liverpool? John U Dale. Steamship Ocean yueen. Tlnklepaugh, Asplnwall? D B A??B Da Bark Ellen Morrison, McPartv, Barbados? D Trowbridge. Brig Mira W Holt. Dunbar, Cumberland Harbor? C k E J Peters. Brig Union (Br), Munro. St John, NB-D R Dewolf. 8< hr oenoveva (Sp), ChrMoffer, 8t Thomas? Foppe k Oo. Sshr W Lancaster (Br), Waycott, Aus Cayes? Miller k Houghton. Kinr Truple Bird (Br), McDougal, Matanraa? TruJIllo A Vlnlng. Bchr Solferlno (Br), Lareen. Plctou, MS? Brett, Son k Co. Bchr W K Burden, Adauis. Washington? Baker A Dayton. Schr Leah, Iniialls, Philadelphia? Simpson A Clapp, Kehr Stephen waterman, Chase, Mew Bedford? Ferguson k Wood. Sotir Ellon Louisa, Snow, Hew Haven? Hotchkiss k Sum nard. Sohr O C Aoken, Peek, Stamford? Master. Sloop Mary Gisv. Haven . New London. Steamer Antoraoue. jene*. Philadelphia. ARRIVED U S steamer Queen, Tarr, Norfo'k. <0 hours. Rth Inst, 10 miles N of Cape Henry, saw au English bark with Mgnal of distress llvins; went to her; sue proved to he the bark Jane Durden, 70 Uaya from Liverpool for Baltimore; soon after the HUM steamer Hu/'nrd hove in Sight, who had the cap tain of thttburk ou board. Stnamslnn Louisiana (Br). Prowse. Liverpool. April 27. via Quennslown "JMh. with iud?e and 80J passengers to Wil liams A Onion. May rt, lat 11 5'J. Ion 453'i, apoke ship Bel mont; 7th. lat 4.1, Ion 48, ah ip Meldrack; lltb, lat 40 1?>, Ion 17. ship Adriatic. Steamship Corsica (Br). Le Mesurlsr. Havana. May 7, via MasHau NP. tfth, with m<lae and passeiicera, to K On nard. Hth inst pa sued a hark, apparently American, of 500 or 4U0 tons burthen, ashore oQ the Blminis, witb s number of wreckers about her. Steamship Ueo Washincton, G.iger, New Orleans, Mav 7 (3 data '.!! hour*), with mdse. muld'and passengers. to II U Cromwell A Co. Pas cil In the river steamship Havana, detained at Quarantine; oil SW Pa a. ships Tataoi lam", and Citv of Brooklyn ; lark Our Union; bri* HS Fmcry. yth Inst, 4 I'M oil Key We^t, signalled U a supply >tfanier Bermuda, bound into Key W.-at. The G W arrived off Saudy Hook at H AM. and wa-- detained by a thick f og. Steamship Creole. Thompson. New Orleans, Mav 6, with mdse and pa**enj;ers, to Ludlam, Heineken A Co. Was dotalned.outaidr t'anrty Hook in con"e<lllenc?:, of fi>){. Steamship Governor Chase ( U 8 tran port), Tutlle, New Orlcau , 8 days, with troops, to U S Quartermaster ?>tli mat, pissed strum-hip Unite 1 State*, bound npthe river; 7th, lat 27 i 4 loo bo lit, saw steamship Liberty, steering W. Steamship Cumbria (U H transport), B'anchard, Fort ress Monroe. M0 hours, in ballast, to U S Quartermaster. SteimshlD Chesapeake. WM let I a, Portland, with mdseaad paascnucrs. to M 11 Cromwell k Co. Hark Alonxn (of Plctou, NS), Ounn, Havana. 18 days, with sui'ar. to master Bark RRHa ker (or Boston), Uavnes, Matanzas, II days With molasses, to Miller A Houghton. Bark Chas E.lwln iof Por 'and), Tlb'ieltt, Matanrai, 12 dnva. with molasses. to Millar Jk Houghton. B irk Casco, (lardner, Trinidad, 2S days, with molasses, to <1eo S HtephenHon. Bark Kllen Dyer (of Portland). Sheppard, Remedios, IS dava, with suiiar, to H D Brook man A Co. Brig Wm M Dodite (of Karbudoa), Penny, Parahiba, 25 day , with hides, Ac to U H Swift. B< I { Arabella, Llndatey, Asp:nwa!l. 21 days, with hlles, A >. to J FJoy 8ib Inst, eif 'fortusas, hpoke bark Cephas Stat ret' from New Orleans for Philadelphia Brii: Titba o, Hacbtinann, Havana, 12 days, with 9Ugar. to H O Schmidt A Co. Br>K Carubne Kddy (of Bangor), Smttli. Cardena*. 11 days with -utjar to Brett Son A <"o. B:t,; 1'onverl, Alien, Cienfuegos, 22 days, with sugar, to Thompson a ilunter. Britt MonMcello (of Boston), Moon. Cardenas, via Key West, 10 day .. with molas o . to C A E J Peter*. Hi i;; Oruuoco (of Parrsboro. NS> K derkin, Matauzas, 10 days, with tnolas to l> K i>ewolf. Hil ; I aura |or HI Andrew-, N It) Lan;thorn, CienfuegO', 21 d<T-<. with niola-s-'s 1 1 Hrett. Hon A Co Hi n A C Merrvm?ii io: Oardiner. Me). Oray, Trini laJ. 17 davs with mola-s^s, to Renn^r A Brown. Bri; l) It Dcwoif ( Br). Itif-kwith. Cumberland Harbor Cuba. I'.? day-, with ?uear. to D It Deivotf. No date off Cape llenrr. spoke biig 1'tinoeton, of Brooklyn, for Pbila delp'ila. Bri4 Exrel-.tor (of Bermuda), Prndden., with mi ion tomato***, Ac, to MeColl A Frith. Briu Li/ubei (of Bohtou), tiarv. New Oileuns, Aril 12, and CardeTaa, 1st lns? w th si'?ar. to <' A K J I'eieis. Has bad luht wiuds nearly i!ie entire pa--age, been two days N of Barue^t in a tlit'ck f Hrii: Matron Taylor, Hampton Roais, 2 days, in ballast, to U 8 t;u.i terniaster. Brig ASiO'a, Brewster. Bond out for Buton. flchr Aq.inierr (of Windsor, NH), Muller. Oonaives. 22 dais with lo^tvooJ aud Co !ae. to 1) K lie volf. Hrhr H Kidder, llnrk on, THnldid. Cuba, 18 days, with molas e*. to Murav A N -phew. H'-br Sardinian Itnuihali.lMaucsollls. 2S days, with wood, boner .vc to V Talbot A Co Schr fleuo. Lambert, R-ncdlos, 14 day, with sufar. to master. Sciir Hitman. Kldred^e, Kev We t. I? days. Bchr Taleria, WITaoa, I'urt Koyal, 3 days. 8?lir Albert Field, Baser, * lr,;in a. Schr Robert D llnoa-les. Baker, Klizabethport for Boston. He tu The Chief. ItiriM. Uenrge. Ilanks 8etir Nia- tie. Jerome, ut-orif. Bank*. 8<>hr North An enca. Maiiwarinc, George - Banks. Rrhr Cba Roberts. Beekwlth, Oenrj>?s Hanks, Sobr Albert I'larenee frieomau, I'ortland for Baltimore. SchrJjtmo Barrett. lfioVer On, Portland. Me. 8 hi <<iej;ou, Prati Hock, an I Sclii Belle Creole. S?i .'Ste-. I'ort'm^utb 8rhr I.ifi'J}??t K.-. d. Newh iryjairt 8nhr Kniniit V, Seaver. Newburyporl i' port Hi hi i: IC lienni on Briggs, New HeJ: >rd Hchr Naimell, Hnow. Orleans. Scbi V VV .l?bnao:i Thempion, F*U Ki.-er Schr Frei" Wind. Crorker, Nllavea. Schr Brums Dodno. Hartford. Sehr Ca*tillan Bcllatv. Rondoat for Newban port. 8ehr A O lia/'nr l. javne. Houdoul for Hartford Srbr Nalhl ifolme . Arnold, Bo-idont for ProvidenuC. 8cnr Texi . Chvupiia. Neivourglor New llaveo, Schr T K l-ieneh Newton. Knypo t ht 'an.,rJ Thompson C'.ndiiT. Bailituora, Bteamei sar.ih. .loties. pbii.i lelnhta Hieamer Concord, ho ?? an. Philadelphia. H'esmT Frsns. Shropshire. Philadelphia S'l-ainiT Alwls, l l inev I'iii adtlphia. Steamer Pcln an. WaMron Providsooe BELOW. S'np Great Republic, L tncburuer, from Loodon April 7. Hark I'll unaa i Bri Hrtu lliint.ding Billow (Br), Br'g Aiticba ,Bri Srlir Wiu A I ^3 mast), Alan one hip 8AII.ED lltli? Srram?r? i hasThonas. Caaawba K*chani?? Csr > Una. N>lm>; anlp h: .ill: b.?r<? Almona l*rini-T??a Alexandra. New Vork, biU? A la, Sarah KI?;:k George Amea, urace Worthing'. on. It K Minium, W (Jrecuo ig'i Maria, ^cbta S J T ill Seoptre, Oaroiine lilt b ? Steamship Ocean 'Jueeo. at auoset. K8F. Dl 1 sc r 1 1 ? ii r ? it ? ? Sine Cnroi r-l'.-rnamlni"). A|>rtl 7? The t-hlp Creo'e. b >un,l from Caiiao for Autvi e< p wa- abandon*, I lit -ra on Hio .lanelro. frt a Inktn* condition thn cr<-w taking to t'o? boat -. lnal>ont l.*> hour < lain Eelly'a boat was plrked up by a Spam h bug, and tbe? were left hiire Th? -hip was load ed wnh (.oisno ?nd owned hy Mr D Kelly, of Boston. (By Inter to EUweoi Walter, Ka j, 8>-uretary Boa d o! I'u ler writers i Ktiis .lum, Smith, from Boston for Pa rrmo, before r?. ported at Fayal diam istad, was reiiairinc on the M u't, an I would prOWM for Palermo about April 15. Foreign Ports. Ai .n? Bat. CGII. March l'<? In |?>rl hark Susan Pirdew (Br). Davia, for NVork, Ida; brig. Candaee (llam), Boss, and A II (iordon (Bri t!i>r<?on. fordo do. Bsiavta, Match ii? In port ship Alriauder (Dan. former ly Am hip Beverly), for charter. SM March 10. ship Cey Ion, Hampson. Siaitapore. Cat.CUTTA. A pi 1 1 II ? Arr previous, lly Harbork, True, I Guam; Klien Fo ter, Hobiu-oa Akvab. 811 pievluus to April II Keixiwn. Iloaes Ma iritlu . In |iort Mairh.S, shin Rutlandshire (Br). Incr iham for Rostoii; Cutwater, Dwisht for N Vork; Zule<ka, Sieuon. for Bombay. Ba t In liao. H ovt, aoid: and others a< before. Car*N>> Match 17? In port s?-hr Young America. Deve rem, from Parnamba. arr lltb. Gams Mar. h 21? la port ship BUen Foster. Robinson, fi r Calcutta neit day UnRaii is, April SI? In port brig Times (Br), for NTork. one. Ilat.tras. May 11? trr brig Jane ( Br), McLeilan, NTork; schr Barer ( Bri, Henderson, to Nas4?i'. NP, April 12? Arr ba'k Tnmuri. Ander on, New York i and M 14th far Saguai ; aehr Oleaaer. Ija r, do (and aid Mar 6 for Matamornsi. Itth. steamer' Loey. Dugnid. Wilmington. BC (eld 25th for St John. Nil, ana returnnd May 7 from Wilmington. BC) . Annie, Watcts, do and eld Mar 2 for 8t John. NBi, bar* Stampede. Jewell, MVork; ?lo p Ma gle Blun. Blun. Hsvannah ; 25th. brig Kb-anor Mil- I ler, t'mnsiey. NTork, ?.-hr Joho (? Whipple, Tarr. d<>, 26tb. bark Daniel. Spoar?at*r, do (and oi l for Matainorosl 27tk, brig J I'oltedo Marx lck, Portland (and sldliihtor Malan saO. M<h sloamers Will o' the Wl<p, Capper. Wilmington, NC (and Md May 2 for Ml John. XH>; Sinn, Edith, Gregory. (and eld May 4 fnr 81 John, NH): 8?ren, Rran do (and r d Mar 5 for St John, NBi; May 2, erhrs I'harlr Anna. Branscninlie. NTork; Fashion. Segebarth, Phtladfdphla. Cld Anrll 25. steamers Toung Republic. Harris 81 John NB.Wlh. Roths-ay Ca>tls. Lovett. do; May 9, De patch1 Gordon. Llrrrpool: Mh, TrMram, Shandy. St John, NB. 7th, Alice. Grant, and rannle, Dnnaiac do Palshmo. April 4?tlld bark Gabrleie (Ital), Callara, New York; 1.1th Wig Atttero (Hall. Marli. do. PaBKaNiaa. Man b II? la port aohr B B Sum- tr. Upton, for Csjpnaa, to soil 13th. Tnivipan, Apriil ??? In port harts D Jartfs, dlsg; Ibis. Ida. brig Klliai*tb Berry, (or NTork few days WHtnrOi no date? Sid ship Besiluta, M^ltlverr, NTork (eld Fek Wi. Amrrlran Porta. BOfTON. Map II? Air xhrs 8tspbea S f^e. Somsr*. Phi ladelphia; Rio. riumer. Bll/abelap rt, Henrietta W,.ae field, oo for Gardlnsr ?;id iiaik t'bief, Hanltug. NOrlean~; I bngs Martha A Berry. Berry. Cardenas Reims. Gibbs. Be m?dlos, srhrs Jsmw Brophv. Tkonp?in. leremle; Msry B Dyer, I'urvera. Norfolk; War Ba^ts, Kt-lley, 'lo. BaLTIMOBR, May I2-Arr bark P M Mill- r. ( alho m. Cltg Point. Ta: brig Palm# (Brem>. Kruse. KloJan-liO Cld bark Adolatdo (Argi Wlllkams Bio Janeiro scbrs A L Putnam Cook. Boston ; Martha Wr!gh'ln(ton. Battor, Pro vldeneo;'* r*?wler, Jn.i, Nsw York; Mahel, K-nnrdy, Port Botaf. Philip Matlmore. Dnsnane, and Bulla lu*. Ontk b?rt, rtudsrsf, MY. Jooepti rage. rags. Albanr-tsid brig Aurora (Bri, Oaaboa. Card?iis?. IJ'h? Arr bark Meodaml*. Crowell, Bio Jaoeiro t Id bark Chilian Pacta* Lh erooot NMW OBLBABH, Aprl' J?? Arr kork Raton*!, e Jordan, Philadelphia. Cld ?hlp Char lo". Baraiow. NVoik. barks 0 W Hortoa. Paeksm. Phll?d?lt>lna. Msvtha ? Tinryard, 1 aps MTork; fcrtg Belle Bernard, t'.mniba. Cardono?. Mar 1? Arr sears 8 Sawyc tiammag*. llu?Ua I .and; Suabaam. P1afoe,?o; LolMf Child. Lopper Id? A" bark liaonlbal. Ila?kina BTnrk, acbr Axgella. Pender Cardenas. Cld bar* ilan Bden. Baad Pb ladr uhla M? Arr sMaaiik t~ B? Marr. IU auw leia- Ueo l'?a body. Atwsll. do; brig Itasc*. Bo w, rbi *.lrii.h?a. ?ebr Ma iSne Miller, do. Cl?t ahl!? Cone?peio? a 14s (Hp), Kiorrw, MikllMI kiirll Turenna (K?l H<'ra>srd. Harana, brigs Hope (Br), Otteson, Maiam-To- John ."Sherwood, Smith, ?ef West RUhrO W Lurtne. Daasey Buauu liland 4lh? Old ship Tainariaue. Jai ksoo l'hlla>l? phia; liarks Thamaa (Br). Anthony. Rt John, NB. (!? aniaiamo i Fr). Chal^neao, Havre , schr Win Wilms. Itsar Uoalon, Amy c Vtkt A^'Xn n N Y^rk bark Bra H Pl.K Ptah Ballast. Ma, ackr J W WiWrr, Ker We-t. ( id bark PelreaTsiurge . Pkllaoelphia v a K?y We t <kh? gr? Weam ?hi ? PsBod St.ta., Yiattl gih? Art steaoi'hlp Wnlt?d Ri,??a, Gates. NVork, brigs Hewbera, Tulsr Philadelphia, Alu e a, B> d Pen a sla, achrfl H> P Russell Nicker on, NTnrt; John lAatb rpe. llenrr Rra?ns Rant s^.; llani?ersbMa. Oregore, NHotk Ba>ow skip Mors Ho ilhard, Gile lr.?m Bnsion Lnnca ter. Dersn, final Portland; bark. Tamwortb (Mr). '.1 an sen, fiom Ltvarfoolt Wstev laiy trnm Havana; rRi ||a/e Sort a. fiwaa MYork via Ke? Ws l a mrentl^a t am hip lla YMM, llMM from NYort via Moraaa Cld akifRJohn A Albert dim Tabaaco. Max Wextinorelaa.1. I>"*? i delphla . brig* J M 8awjrer, Bourne, da; Qilmora MaredtlB, ! Hiiok, ill. _ . J Toured lo aea Wh, barka Martha'a Vineyard. J W Bort?n, *e. and tiuukiuo AUo towed to Hi April 18. barka Walter Boott, and KI1M- I bftia; brtg? Sueoiio. nod C una pens** , Suth, ?Uip Pre?ld?M J Fillmore. PHILADRLPHIA. May 12? Arr achra Ana Carlet, Par kin* Turk. I land; Q A Bearie. Bear -a, Boston. L 8tnrt? vani Price, and Altbea. Oodfrey, do: Percy Hellner. Uraoa, Fall Hlver; D Townsend, Town^and. HYork: Fly, CIimw man Nan t ucket ; Callata, Ami?bury. Brt-tol. Cld'Uk Vic toria (Br j, Chri tlan. Port an Prince; brig- Belli# KarreU, Hand Key We t; Webster Kelljr. Brown. B:,aion; 0 11 Froat Sail. Beaufort; achr^ Uarland, Norton , ubrU L*>e ar, ljuwf. i?an Wave, Baker; Whlla 8'iua"., Adarpi; K'!v?ln iteaa. Ooodkueed; PA B^iig Bo^eyi; Lk rlMti fiTno ; H M Pi Ice, Kollv , Cambridge' port; J PCake. Kndleott. do; C Stetson, Roblnaon. Brain tree; J A Parrons Shaw. Salem; Clara. Cordon. Plymouth; W 8 Tliompiion, Hand. Hartford; W P Cox, Houok Dlgfc. ton: C Homan. Bluings, Cambrldgeport; D Giffoid, Unlord, Portsmotb; E Neal, Wearer, Boston. Hth? Arr brlgi I-aac Carrer. Bhuta, Cardenas; Hydra, do; M h fier*. Shea, Ma tan /.as; Princeton Port Rotnl; Hud on. Bangor; Kebra Carrie vVelK NYork; Caroline., Foi, da; Pilot's Brlile, Port Royal Below bark Tho? Killam (Br), from Pravidence; al-o two ahiptaud three barka. Lewbs l>ei. Mar 11? TUe bark White Wing for Laj(nayra; brigs J P Wetlierlll for Port Roral, and Leonard Merara. for New Orleans, wltb the Heel before reported a* beiugai the breakwater, want to ea tht>< morning fKOVIUKNCIi.lV ay IS? Arr ateamara Warrior. Molt, and Oaprav. Aldrlch, NYork: actir R Maker, Bakor, I'ttiiienl Hum-, Md SMJsehrx Adelaide, Crowell, Philadelphia; Uea Marion, Piatt, and Edw Woottm. Young. NYork SAN FRANCISCO, May 7? Arr Hteaui-hlp Gulden Age, Lapide, Panama; -hlp< Uermanla, Town-end. NYork; luth, Volunteer, Crowell, Boston; Uth, I F Chapman, Millar, NYork. SITUATIONS WANTED? FKMAI1KS1 An bkgush widow lad* of litt wlalica to obtain a aituation aa houaekeep r where be* duties would not l>e of a nominal character. She baa m daughter aliout fourteen reara old, whom ehe would deaira to have with her. Addreta or appir at 93 Canal sL, for twa day* A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general house work ; Is a good wa.-.her and Irouer. Can be aeen for two data ai 6 )4 Weal 1 6th at* ARBSPtfCTABLE WOMAN WI8ITES A BABY TO nor n at her own house, 173 We>t31>tst.. fir?t Hoof, rear bouse. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RE8PE0TABLB Ctrl, to cook, wash and lion. Beat city reference. Call at STi Greenwich St., corner King. AS CHAMBERMAID AND WAITRESS -WANTED A aituatlon to d<> chamberwoi k and waiting by a Protea tautRln; has excellent reference. Apply lor two days at her present employer'*, 163 haul 15ih at A SITUATION WANTED.? IS A (iOOD COOK, vra^her, Ironer and bakor; willing to go 111 the country; good reference. Apply at 3S0 Weal lCth at., between 8th anil 9th ava. t A YOUNG GERMAN WOMAN WISHES TO TAKE A ehlid to wet nur*e in bar own house. Inquire al Pa u sacra Brrwory, Union hill, North llobogcu. An rnolish widow lady, lately landed, wishes to take the allualton of a first c iii cook M housekeeper; no objection to go In the country Applvfot three day* at 5W (Ireen wich at. .between Char* ton ana King A SITUATION WANTED? BY A GERMAN PROTEST ant woman; ta a g>>od cook, washer and Ironer: lswllUn| to do housework. Apply ntSUl West -Y.lh st., In the rear. ARESPECrABLB WOMAN WANTS A BABY TC wet nurse at her own residence. Apply at IG2 C hern it., front baacmeat. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION TO D< general housework; ta a Urst rain cook. an eieellen wasbur and ironer. Tiie heat of reference from her las' place Call at 391 3d av., lid lloor. A LADY WISH 88 A SITUATION FOrt HOUMSWOIH . or aa housekeeper. Apply to Mlas Minion, at 26 Mom roe at. A LAST'S MAID. WHO CAN DRK84 HAIR AND SEW either Protestant or Catholic; also several lirstclaai Cook a u ml cook* to *mIi and iron; nur*M, waitresses am girln of Ml! work, w lllin < to go In the country, wanted tbl day al Mrs. WHITFIELD'S ("formerly <if the Chnrcl Home). 3j7 4th av . between 24th and 29W ita. Head cook or house keeper's situatio* uauted? ily a woman who under.-, amis all the diRWea mole- of Ir 'iich, as well as Eogllgh and other styles 01 rooking; the lies' o^ reference. Can he aoeu at HI East 17U St.. between 1st and 2d ars. SITUATION WANTED? *3 OOOK, WASHER AMI ii jner, best city reference Call at -U West I9lb at. QITUaTION WANTED-BY A RESt'ECTABLR YOUB Is gill, lotlo up slaira work ami lake carc of chtldreaL good rcfci ciicR ('all al 90 Kaat Baltic at , between Smttl and Hoyt. Brooklyn. SITI AIIO.NS WANTI-.D-FOR WELL BROOM MF.NDElJ and lompeteut persons. Peumle be p of all nation! for anr and e-'ery bran-li of nousewjrk, 111 oily or co uitryl A ppty al the Urge Employment IIimi .? 1 '?< llth a: , cornel 6th av WET NURSE ?WANTED. BY A YOUNG, I1BAI.TH1 married woman. who has lost her t-abv, lo ?ct nurd a ch'ld al her own r-sidence; city reference given. Applj for ..ue week at 87 West 24t!i at. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY a RESPKCTARLl yoiinj woman, lo do wanhlng and Ironing. aud plal| rooking or genera' houaework; the boat oity ii-ferenee ( In- pfta Call it t>7i (jreen vich al.. corner ?! King at. l\f ANTED? BY A WIDOW LADY. A GUILD TO WBl Y? anr o a: her own kN e. Iia- a full fre b brt a t ?f miiB one iii'intli old. Catl at 3d0 Weat 31st ^t., in dre*amakerj room WANTED? A SITUATION, AS WA1TRBS8 OR CIIAMl bermMd and wai tress, no ob eellon to tin- cininlrjl Can be seen at her ptesei.l emplorer'a, No 7 West S.Hh 1 None need apply but resectable families WANTP.D-BY A RESPECTABLE (UKL, A SITIti Jonas cook; understands her business thoroughly! ran giro U.e very best city raferenoe; Is willing inaaaiat the washing aud Ironing. Can be aeeu at 197 7lb av. WANT ED? A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG GIRL, if aUrMria's family, as aeamsireas; is acrnstomed t makine children's clothes; a neal s?.w ei and und?r-u-\nd dres?ma>ing Addre-s beanistress. zii Sac.%M'.i ,tt eel, Soutfl Brooklyn IIEtP WANTED-KKIIALRH. ANTRI ? !N A SM AM. PRIVATE FAMILY, A PrJ l '? 1 11 1 v ing wo'iian. who Is a food -k warier an| li -ner, Ooop city NftlWM required Appty ai M Ea Z.d ai. w ASEAMSTRI..-.S WANTED-WUO U.N'DKRSTANI inskiiig Indies' and children's dress-s none aae 1 appll unleaa with g >oJ re. erence. Call at I'M West Jith at. ADRK.48MAKKR WANTKD? B 1 THE DAY Ol we.-k; one who thoroughly understand- cutting an| fit"nr * lies and fhildreu'a dresana, no other !????? I ?pply oaa ?'?itn tewing machine preferred Applj at Baal II au, between I and 5o'clw^k ? ri'.W HANDS WANTED-FOR ri.AIN Willi /\ 'e'Mng anl embroidery, accustom* 1 to irake ladle, under wear, . a so two good hands for lace under aeev^ aud two yomi? ladies to learn . pa'd wliile learning KKHKINK A i:u . 'J3 Prlnre ?'reet i COLORED IIF.Lr WANTED-A COOD COOI " > sii.i'r anil oner, also a girl as rhnuiher ?aid ana wsitreas an, I 10 asaist lo washing and Ironing taiui ? nuiall Apoly al Id) West i"-th at. DRBamWCRS WANTED -(IOOD IiRT SSM\KEr| ami trimmers are w anted at 1U VVM I3ili at, 6th are. MII.LINFR8 WANTED -TWO GOOli M1LIJNE.I1 and oni- iiitca trimmer. Apply at >12 8th av , hetwet 311 li and 391h sis Ml I.LI N H I'.S- WANTED IMMEDIATELY, TWO OOO^ tn llrners and three lirst elass trimmer* the highea wa^e< pant to ^''od hands AKo, a vimrg I o)y, to attend II a militnerv and fancy atore. Appiy al *.s04Ali mtic i?va| Brooklyn. Nuii.ik wanted? to take charoe f>r tw< 1; 1 Idren. twntv monthaand live y>-?.s old. lo 1 km pt'ten: per on ol good habit*, liberal wage, will lie paid! none need co ne without best city reference; one who < peai. Freneh preferred Apply at room No 237 ht Nic laa Hotel, from 9 till 2 or fl t ill a o'clock OPP.ItATOKS WANTKD-ON OBOTRR A B A KF.R'I ma lilnes to make ladies linen ro.iara steady i sndl will have con>tant etnploymenl. Apply to It Leland, Broad ivar. TWO OooD DKKSSMAKF.RS WANTED API'LT bi tween ti an I 7 P M at Mrs. May's. 151 Bleccker at , <x aer of Lsurans. TWO EXPEItlENCRD HAI.ESWOMEB WANTED? 1 sell millinery good-, at 3i<> Canal ?L Tho e win unde stand their btislnesi thoroughly will Ond a good and pern aent situation Tobacco packers wanted -girls, to wiioi good wages will be paid Apply at 2d 7 and 2U9 Water 1 WANTI'.D-BY A SMALL FAMILY. WHO RE8IDI during the summer months In the country, a respeet able girl; must be agood cook, washer and Irouer. InquIrM at 95 KsHt 31ld s! . near Leiluglon a*.^ WANTED? IN A SMALL FAMILY A MIDDLE AOB1 Herman woman for geneial housework; must be 1 ?<>od wssher snd Ironer. Apply at Bo. 6 Sidney place, opa Joralemon at., Broohlya. None bill Garmar. need apply Wantrd-a bbspbctarle GIRL TO COOK, WASI and iron for a email fhmlly of three persons , good r " rencaa required. Applv iaaaadlately at ldt Kaat Mth s|. ANTBD-A GOOD PLAIN OOOIC; ALSO A HHA1 bermaid . both must be good washers and ironere, aa tome well recomm ended. Apply at SM West 23d at. w ABTED-A YOUNO LADT OF SUPERIOR CULTtfl ra ton, taeie and Mquinmanla, as a palrata llierar which - - - - assistant In s capacity whleh win Involve no knowledge! the ixart of others, and therefore will be iinol>|ec:lonshie I the moit retired. Ooa a)*aklng French preferred, thixsgll that la not aeaentiai. Aiklreaa, with lull liuliou ars, bad 6 639 Pi at odlco WANTED- A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN. Td aew, assist la tba rare of a child and tnaJie h?eaall generally uselul. The lady le boarding, and will spend IM summer In thecoan'ry. (Jail at tt Merlon at on Moadafl and Toesdsv from* till 5. XV ANTPD-A < URL TO DO GRNKBAL HO' KW ?Bf| Vf at Ml Sd <treet WANTKD-AN OPERATOR OB A WILCOX A OIRbJ ?ewtna maenlae. Only aa esaaneueed baud wsnledl Apt>lV al!W Raat lllh st " w WANTKD? WOMAN TO SEW BYTHB OA Y. 1|> neat >e,wer good wanee will he aiven. Apply at Kaat 19th st^ near Broadway w ^ANYRD-SRVEBAL DRESSMAK BBS AND ONB M Hprentioa. at t? Weal Waahinato* maoa, near * a M.I

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