Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 14, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 14, 1864 Page 3
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-T* HlLP WilTEO-FEMALEIi bm^lfMUl A GERMAN FAMILY, A OOOTj rOOK f W wuher and Ironer; one who understand , German I ?kin* rr?*il Apply. with g^yd rttomuf odauous at But 80tb it, next lo 2 a a*. WANTED-A SMART, TIDT, WILLI^.q QTBlj, TO DO general homework; good conk. waaher and lrouar, irttt good city reference. Call at tft H.ammonJ at. ANTKD? FIRST CLASS DR*,fl8M AKBR, TO WHOM t1 a higheat wages and cobnut employment t?Ul La l. Apply at 235 Thompson oorner of Amity. ANTEP-GOOD DRF.SHMAKEItB AT HI ?lh aTfflUPB. w w |>T*U w \DKTNUR8B WAVITBD-BY A It ESP ROTABLE YOUNG I! marrlad, with a fresh breaslof milk, perfectly Mahby. Apply for one week at 30U Weat 18th 'tract 2t ANTBD-A r.OOD LAUNDRPSS FOR A PRIVATE family. Apply at Id West 27th atreat, between Sand o'clock. WANTBD-1N A PRIVATE FAMILY, A TIDY 01 RL. AS flu." laundress and waitress ; must liave city reference. Apply after 9 A. M. at No. 149 Bast Uth street __ WANTED? SIX WAITER GIRLS, *T THE OORNER of Elm and Orand sta., in concert aaloon. O. PRECKE. WANTED? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, AS 8 11 AM ?tri'u; one who understands cutting and tttliuccbH an'e elothea especially. Apply to J. B. Outtcabers, 48 M. D. W ANTBD-A PROTESTANT OIRL, TO OO A SHORT dlslaivn in the country. a? good plain cook, waaher aid Ironer anil to lake cire ot the milk of two cow*. Kalr Wag'" and a good borne will be given. Apply at 211 West Uth st, urar 7tU av. XTANTED-A FIRST CLASS COOK, TO (10 TO NEW V Brighton. Only those who can bring city reference! ied apply at 100 6th av., from 11 to 1 o'clock. I7ANTED? SEVERAL OOOD DRESS AND CLOAK V makers, at Mrs. Ellis', (WO Broadway. Call before 9 . M. or after 4 1'. M. None but good sewers need apply. WANTED? A RESPECTABLE OIRL TO COOK, wssh and Iron, ami willing to go a rhoit dll'ance In Iho ntrr. Applv at 71 Bast 18th *t WANTED-A PROTE8TANT OIRL AS SEAMSTRESS and to take charge of a child 5 year* old, in a amall family In Brooklyn; mint bo Intelligent and tiustwoitby. Apply lit ^'1 A . ? r- a w io U at. WANTr.P-A FIRST CLASS LAUNDRESS, IN A PJtf vatn family; the beat of wage* given. at 262 ?"1 Broadway. WANTED? A PROTESTANT OIRL, TO DO GENERAL houework In a small famRy: mBst be nb ? to trash Sd iron, and haw good city referei*. Apply to Qeorve peland, fe7 8th av. _ XJJ ANTED? A FIRST CLASS OPERATOR ON A ?? Wheeler k Wll on'* machine; #o accustomed to dress ?took making preferred; also a tir>t class dressmaker; one who can lit preferred. Call far three days at Mil. Barren's, ?t Bond at. WANTED-A LADY YO LEARN TUB ART OF coloring uhotograph'i-. after two weeks' Instrrctlon, of 6 hour per day, w rk w.ll he given out, or situation will given. Call at 719 Broadnay, room 19. G. KOOTGSRERO. WANTED? BY A Y?OUNO GIRL, A BITITXTION AS seaniHtress and chambermaid in a respectable family; ? Out ont and lit: lira no obje< Hon to make herself geuo Jly useful. Call at her tire ent omployer'a, lit Joraleuion ?L, Brooklyn, until Tuesday . WANTED? THRRE OR FOUR OOOB GIRLS. TO learn a light liuHiness; pavs while !oarr Inn t'a 1 after M o'clock at 25.1 l'ecvl at., up stairs. K. "BARTL.BTT. T ANTED? IMMEDIATELY, OOOD SEAMSTRESSES, ' at Mr*. Parra'.u'n, dress and cloitkmakrr, 27 Bond st. WANTED-A FALBdfeOMAN. IN A HOOP SKIRT store: one that has worked at skirts; also, good skirl toads , steadv work and the highest wages paid. Call at 10 Fdlton ave., Brooklyn. , SITUATIONS tVWTKH-illALES. A SITUATION WANTED-FOR A YOUTH OF 18 A. tears. In an Iron nnd hardware store; has a partial fcawledge of the business: nan g\ ve miafactory reference aa to capacity aiid Integrity: compenuUon expected com mensurate with the timet. Addroas D. F. J., box 120 Herald MBce. OOOD AND RAPID TENMAN. WHOSE EVENINGS -** are unemployed, wlshns a situation as copyl t, libra rian or to do writing of anv kino. Wagea moderate. Ad OMi T. C. W , Broadway Post oflice. M AMERICAN YOUNG MAN, WITH FOUR TEARS, I experience in business, desires a situation In ?om* wd town store as shipping or recelWng nlerlr, or assistnni okkeeper. uood reference given. Address W. H 8.. -aid oftlce. A YOUNG MAN, 20 TEARS OLD. LATELY LANDED, wants a situa'lon as porter, bartender, or mnn of gen aral wcrk In any respectable business; Is a food writer and arithmetician. Address for two dayt Eageruess, box 12C ? "I raid oflioo. i COMPETENT BOOKKERPPR WISHES A SITUA L tlon ss such, or ns assls'ant bookkeeper. Can furnl?b ? od reference. AJdress Alfa, 1 1 ? ra <? j ce. rtOACllMAN'S SITUATION WANTBD-BY A SINT.r.E \J man who unde.Ktands 1 Is business perfeellt ; best citv Nference. Addreat Coachman, box 1(16 tlerald oflice 10CYIRT ? A OOOD PENMAN, WHO H A8 CONS1D arable leisure time, desires to occupy the same by rtag legal or other document! at his own lealdence. Sat olory references aa well a-< ? pscimen of penmanship will ? prlven Address Wm .T., ran of Ollphant A r, 31 Pai k row, Ve w Y ork city. |fOU8B AGENCY WANTED-BY A COMPETENT, !1 trustworthy partv, who can give the molt satisfactory (ferenoes as lo responsibility, Ac. Address 8. M.. care of ?a. IT. Hawkins, 3*1 Canal st. J'RDICAL-WANTRD, BF A FIRST CLASS DI8 11 peasar. a situation la such cspacitv. A dispensarv vr ablic mstitutioa preferred. First class reference. Address lapenaer. ststion A Post office. Spring street ITUATION8 FOR THOROUOHLY COMl'ETBNT coachmen, waiters, gardeners, farm handa, rrooms, ir*. servants. An. ; slso useful boys, men latelv landed help of every description. Apply at CARPRN R?8 largo Employment House. 118 lltb st., corner of SITUATION WANTRD? A8 OLBBK, IN A COAL YARD, assistant bookkeeper or" -nlesman; has good reference Address W. II.. New England Hotel. 3V Bowery. rrilK ADVERTISER WII.L GIVE ?IM TO ANY ONE X who wi 1 procure him the appointment of policeuiau in tkia dtv. Address F. A. box 130 Herald omoa. rWIIOLBSALE DRt'tlAsT3.-WANTED A1SITITA tlon ts clerk or otherwfie: It years' expeilence in Lon goa. wholesale; can give city relercncc. Addrcsa K, 81 lleecker st. _____ _ r WOOLLEN HOl'SBS.- A GENTLEMAN wnO knows the doeskin, twerd. Witney and nap. Ac trade Wall, domestic and English desires an encasement with ?a; respectai le house; ilrst class referentea Address J, B , box 211 Uera'.d o r. e. ANTBD-IIT A TOUNO MAN (AMERICAN), AGED ffl. a ?iluatlon a* porter in any mercantile business or w I w any ojparltr whatever, has no objection to work at any Inc by whinn he can earn an honest living. Address E , Whltleo. 277 West itftb st, for one week. rhllten. 877 Wast itftb at., for ona week. ANTRD-BY A YOUNO MAN. HAVING ?OVU Ex perience In a wholesale grocery, a situation In a Ilrst gro ery. drug or hardware stors, where he can learn business thoroughly. Salary moderate. Reference Addreae Y. K . Herald odlce. WANTRD-A POSITION AS SALESMAN OR BOOK keeper, in the produce commiaai in business oy a gen Oaman with liva years' exper ence through the West: esn good city reference. Address B. H., box S.061 N. Y. raat oBica. WANTED-A SITtTATTON IK A HARDWARE STORK, by a young man. who has had considerable experience la the business. Satisfactory reference furnisbad. Address O. Wt, Cook s Hotel. w ANTED? A ?rrr ATION IN A DRY GOODS 8TORBn bv a young man wbo has bad eight years azperlanoe; produce satisfactory reference. Addreaa S91 2d ave., .ween list aad B2d its. TX7ANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN, AS TV salesman In a boot and shoe store; Is an experienced band. Addreae J. O., Esses House. Orand st W^HARTBD? HY A YOUNO MAN. WHO WRITES A good plain hand and has some knowle tge or book keaplng, speaks and writes the English and German lan Mama, a situation as assistant clerk or aalesmsn la a wholesale or retail etore. Address H P. H., Heeal 1 oflice. W ANTBD-A BITI'ATION. BY A YOUNO MAN FROM the couni?-v. In any business where be can make Blmsslf nsef'il ; ta not afraid -of work, is about finishing a luurse of lessoaa in bookkeeping; will work rhaau, and la aonnd to have a job; good cny reference given. Address J. E*? 121 West ok. WANTSD-TIIK APrRRri8RR WISHES A SITUA. VT tlon as corMMrpondlng or eon"dentlal clerk or cashier; la a good judge ef money, and far Uui yesrs past liaa held a ?oeitlon of responetbillt*, re'iulrlngadmlnlvratlve aMIIty of the first order; satisfactory le tiiuonlals from both Eastern aad Western parties srlll be furnished Salary not le s llian B2.VW. and a position prnm|sln/T p'rmancney Is Acslred. Address Williams box #9 Milwaukee Wis. WANTED-A SITUATION IN A W1IOI.B8ALK Bt'St. aaes. nv a young man aged 24: ean write a aoad hand ; le aot afraid of work, ant csn Urst cla <s recommos da Maae. Address Theodore, b ?? I : l N. T Post o Bca. ?1 mm -TO BUII/DBRS MANPFACTURBRS. Aa'. Cl.UUv, A young maa of ability and Integrity, who Baa acme knowledge sf in wlunlcal draughting, speaks Uer Man. and Is a good aceoantsnt. wishes to aagaxe Ui busineae ar tad employment Address Mo. 102 Lavrjoy'e Hotel foi two Aa/s. HELP WANTBIh-MALES. AOEIMW OAN MAKB 9tO0 A NORTH BY BB0AAI?O la tliaealaeir oar . ORRAT novelty PRIZE PACEBT AND SPLRNDID STRHL ENGRAVINGS. We orer the greatest chance to make money ever known, a*d preeaat every agent with a eptendld gold ar silver watch f?*' Fail partic ulars in d real Jar enallad free. G. S. HAMiM A CO ,M Reek man atreat. ?*" r,l? mmpMMat ~ ~ ~ imo dollar*. ' cauat my omce and I will prava it; or ten ^^^?nt frag by ? weatar oeats tbal will as tail for . by R J.. WOLCOTT. 170 Chatham a<iuare, N. T.| AWBKTS.-v?lfl CX-F.AB PEB DAY.-ONB HB ? of our extra Urea al/f Prlia Pick ages. wlA ton rrea fate ef Jewelrv ATOlarM bill*. So^ afcncy lor a Mara or aeaaty. aad a beatitlf ul wslcb aa a prseent for the aceat. Hat anywhere on ri-gtji be gold la a few ?oil re: enormon* proflte; ^Aretilara frae. a RICK ASPS A CO. (tka Orltfnals), 102 Nassau it.. N. T. ? T THB MERCANTILE A,OENCT, m BBOADWAT, ta wanted to-day a drug dark, drf goods saleaman. faney ?s salesman, barkeeper, hotel <aew, waiter*, coaebmaa. ^?say, nam A A BOY WANTED? TO ATTEND BlJ ( ALL AT MC Hndaoa et , eofaer of Blag at ASALBSNAN WARTBD-IN THB BtfTAIL DBY goods hus.nees. Inquire at ISO Myrtle av.. Brooklyn. A BOT WANTEIl-IN AN OFFICE IN WALL Sl'*EBT J\ one wiif live* wits hi? parent* preferred. Racam>'??b Miioni r?<iuir?d. Aslu'tM '? w. 8., lUrald o flier A, muf B^>t wanted? a smart" boy, from M *o >* years old. to wait ou tables In an Icecream fe'oooiwagee (3 10 per srvek Mul board. In^iiM U Mo. 3 Bieookerst, ?eu the Bowery. BOT WANTED-TO ATTEND A hoda roc*'*A,',?J], the evening. Apply At ike drug stare. earner of Bieed way and 14tU at. BOT wantbd-a smart, activb BOT, about it, coming well recommended. can ? "**l> eaUbiiahuieut ENSIGN A BBIDUMAN, 1M William St B OT WANTBO-TO ROM A OORDOM PR*?*: *^?0 1 ft good band at mAkioi formi reidy. Apply ?l59 Wil Ham at. Boys wantbd-onb roR a tailor's storb om Broadway, another for a private iaunly on Lexington avenue. Boys of respedabtUty and mae aw?jr at the Large Employment Houae, 138 1Kb at., corner of Wh av. /"I ANV \SSBRB WANTED I M ME DI ATELY? M AI.R AND \J female, for a splendid Steel Engraving of Lieutenant Oeneral Giant Liberal per ceotage. Apply to George B. Perine, enxraver, 10 Cortland st. C~ioLOUED COACHMAN WANTED? FOB A PRIVATE / family Apply at 30 Per at., rear office. (10ACHMAN WAM.TF.D-A NEW BNQLAND MAN J may anpiv at 41 West 35th at Will be required to go In the country for the summer. (1AK DniVKRS.-A FEW EXPERIENCED DRIVEHK J wanted; Mage8$?\ Applv to Superintendent of Sixth Avenue Kailroad, 6th av., corner 44th at. DRITfl CLERK WANTED.? ON B COMPETENT TO take charge of the retail counter .in. I raiulllar with the compounding ef medicines mav applv to L. F. A O. H. Whneler. 112 Cherry st. N. It.? Noue but such as can give th <> best or reference need apply. DRDO CI.F.RK WANTED.? ONE WHO IS THOROUGH ly acquainted with the city rotall and urescrlvtion trade may app'y immediately to Fraser <t Lee, 20 Beekman at. SENTRY TLERK WANTED-A TOUNO MAN THO i roughly ac ustomed to making out custom house en tries. Address Custom House, box 321 Post office. N. T. F1R8T CLASS YOUMO AND ACTIVE AGBNTS WANT etl? To sell to business men of all kinds. a new inven tlon already in great demand. To such, accustomed to tho tine of figures. creat inducements are nfTered. Addres or apply nt SIS Broadway, room No. 5. ( all nt once. HARDWARE SALESMAN WANTED? ON B WHO TTN derstands the business and nan sell the trade of tliis State, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Address J. B , box 479 Post oillce. w Randall a courtney. km wept st, corner op i Reade.? Want men to dav for ships, steamers. brig* and schooner*, on voyages of I roui nvo*months to thirty; good wage* p.lid and LiUance made 'if from $30 to $10.1. OTORAOB WaKKHOUSE.-WANTED, A COMPETENT O man. to take charge of a slorate warehouse; one ac customed to weigh t>g and tho Mipeiintendnnce of lahorlna men. Address w(th particulate, Brooklyn, box 4,444 New York Post office. TO DllT 'GOODR CLERICS. -OOOD SALESMEN wanted Immediately. Aptf'y early to Jonex A Co., cor-* ner ol St. ??nd 8th av. TWO fiOOB BOTS WANTWD-AOB 14 TO 18. APPLT at 110 Warren at., up stairs, between 11 and 12 o'clock. WAITER WANTRD-FCR LADIFS' AND OENTLF tnr.ii s supper rooms. App'y at the Amity Ho;ine, corner df Cih av. and Amtty st, bemecn 9 and 12 A. M. ATTER WANTED? ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS tht business. Apply at 620 Grand st WAff TED? AGENTS ?3 SELL THE NATURAL VTEA ther Indicator; ran make from $5 to $26 per day. Ap ply At 261 Fulton St.. Brooklyn. WANTED? IN A Df.MERTIO COMMISSION nODHE, a vouth us cntrrcierk: one residing -with l.trparents preferred. Address it handwiitlug of an'llcaitt bci 2, ,W l'ott oT.ce. WANTED-A M?H. WHO UNDERSTAND* GRAFT ing trees; alec f. plnnghman. who rini'n straight farrow. Appiy to M:. Kic;dar. at Wnv Uodschiaid a, 3'JH Uroome ?L WANTED? AN T.RRAND ROY. 14 TV 15'TRARS OLD. in an Importing house; must he nf respecteblo f?,m. ilv; Oeriuan preterred. lo . .nc at W Warren at. , ;ip sujrt*. W\NTKD -A BMABT, ACTIVE l*.,Y, BIXTBBN <1R eighteen yeirr? old, to attend in an oTCoc anduct as messenger, one who write' we 1. good at fimire'iand willing to make litmself generailv tiatfui. Addrtss in, own handwriting, slating reference ana where l?u ?emp'*>yo(,i.' box 1,602 Post WANTED? TVTO OR T"RRK Rf'TS. TO LI. A RM TUB spar makti.g trade. Apply at tire spar y&rS footer- Id at . Ea?t rl?er WANTED? A YOUNG MAN. AS CLERK '1H A wholesale litjuor store; must write a g< .>1 taand. }? accurate, at iig?n-es. aad willing t'i make htnnw.If gcc craliy useful. Address A. R. 1? . box 121 H?rald ODlee. WANTED? TO DAY. HO MEN FOR A SHORT FISJ91NO voyage Wanted, seamen, gre> n hands. cook?. stew ards, earpenteen. biaeksmitlis and eoopers. We have ?lnps, lirii's and "ehmners ; vovnges from two to Ihlrtv mi mths : tood wagei rali and SltK) advam-e lor cmtht 4c. KAN tJAl.L A COURTNEY, 1SS Wesl St., cornet of Reade . up stairs. WANTED-A YOITNO MAN AS OENERAL A? ISI8T ant in n Trrsl clsss oyster and dimug One hav ing Jtlfto or $??0 can meet ulth a good inesdy flltuatl 5n, on application :o day. after 12 o'clock, at 171 Spring at. WANTED-TWO PORTERS AND TWO LAMP BOYS. Applv a> the Frankfort House, corner Of Prankfor t and William sts. TIT" ANTED? A MAM, TO WORR ON A FARM! a' YY short, distance in the country; Ite must understand the care of hordes. Apulv at 123 Pearl at WANTED-A PORTER, IN A L.VCB GOG DO IMPORT Ing houre: one who is willing lo work and ran <o ve well recommeudsd. A ldrcss in own handwriiiog, box 4?9 j Poet o " ce. WANTED? AN ACTIVE. ENERGETIC YOUNO MAN. todrlve a nagon; must be able to keep aesotints and give the best refareneea Address Ruignr Herald offloe. fBTAMrBD? \ DRY O OO D8 SALESMAN; ONE FULLY *? competent to take charge of a fancy department. Good reference required. Apply at MS Stli ar. I WANTBD-MPN FOR WIIALINO VOYAOCB, CAR penters, >ooks steward^, blacks iilths, seamen, boat stesrers and green hands. The greatest inducements jffered at 116 South st WANTED? AN OFFICK BOY. ONE WHO WRITTS A good hand anJ is quick at t'gures; tnu I reside with his parents in Rrnekl} n Best of reference requited. Ad dress A. A., Brooklyn Pott office WANTED-A SINOLK MAN (PBOTBSTABT), FOR A small p ace in the country ; must understand garden lnp, n ilkiug and the care of horses and cuws Apply to E. B Wlllcox. 6' >8 Broadway _ TITANTED? TWO OR THREE BMABT, ACTIVE BOYH, Vy shout 16 yests of sge, lu a whoie^le fanry gooda house. Apply, with releren'.os, al SO Vasey st., up statia ANTBD-A YODMO MAN, FROM 16 TO IS YE \R8 ? tf age. to attend 'o oil ce hi slness tu a dry goods iob blng house: must reside with hi parents, andcuine wsil re conimcnded. Address bos *,21*1 Past odice. WANTED? THRKB GOOD MEM. WHO UNDERSTAND filling mattresses with eorn hu?k?, none but tboie who understand their business need apply. Call at 111 Bowery, carpet store. WANTED ? A BOT. FROM IS TO 17 YEARS OF AOB, to learn the cooperage bust nets Apply at Young, Moors A Sons', 134 Broad street. ________ Wanted? a FEBSOM vfp.sed TM mental philosophy, as secretary to the advertiser, bis business wll l>e to epitomize and classify mst?r al ti mike re eear liea, to real aloud, write under die's'.. on. and copy; bis whole time will he occupet. Address A. II C., INra.d ofllce, stating qualifications, a>;e snd nwst of ?a'srv ex pected. Anonymous coinmunicatiuas w.ii receive no at tention. WANTED-A MAN} ALSO A ROY, ACCUSTOMED to baling drv goods. Apply al Salisbury Packing establishment. 159 Duane street. WJ WANTED? A BOY, TO LEARN Tn E ORNAMENTAL ?tvle of engraving ; mn*t be neat end of good deport ment and realde with his parents. Hi OH. LIPl'lA IT. ICO Na<eaa st.. top fioor. WAKTED-IM A BROKER'S OFFICE. AW ERRAND yv boy. about 13 years of age, one who ur a write a fair hand Apply, between 10 and 12. at the of Leamaa Brotkera. 148 Pearl st. WANTED-FCR A LARGE BSTABLWHMBNT. A good groom and stableman. A marrleu man posi lively without enrumbrance. .me with go-* l reterenr* and of perfectly sober and industrious habits a good situation and good wages sisll be gliea N. B.? Must perfectly under stand the care aaA managemea t of horses. Addr<s-s T. B.. Lex 149 Herald a ?!??*, with real name hd atkk-sss. ana wme ImI empleyaJ. WANTrD-TWO WAITERS WRo UMDEH81URD THB busUess. la^ulie at 43.3 Broome st YL'ANTEP-A YO'tNO MAM. ABOUT 17 Y?*rs OF Yv age. n> a broker s oWr?; be must write a good ban 1 anc be quick at flgure*, one who resides wtth |bls pas-ems preferred. Address bot 3.947 Post otlioe. WANTED-A YOl'M 1 MAN OR LAD TO ATTPND A ?agar stxad; mua have a kaowieoge of Uie bu?>aesa and be well retomaaeaual. Apply a. 94 and M Leenai & ?k, cornet Broadway, T(7AMI?D? IK A MANC'FACTORT. A M VN TO TArKB VY charge of she books and rolteetirg. Address (in??a hand wrllliig, aUSteg salary. si peeled) J. R. box 4,729 f.'ew York Past office. T17AMT^-SBFBRAL WAITBRS. ACCUSTOMED TC vf the work of a ??eslsnrak'. Apply tn the lunch roam of the Broadn th corner of Bmadwar and t ana. -t. TBD? PRVEB AL BOYB. ABOUT ;? VP ARB OF tc laarn a trad*. Applg At >'1 W??t Sbtfc st YTK_ IVANTED-A MIDDLK AGEO MAN 4MB WIFB vy without cblldren, te go to Stalen Island; the man muHfceagood groom, the wife must be able ta do bouaa. work Applv berore !? o'clock A. W. er after 3 ?'dork t ^|T at S4 *?" st.. WilllaaMburg. WANTRD-F1YB MEN TO URIVB TRUCKS. APPLY to B. B. K rankling. 20 West st WANTBO-A MAM TO WOB* IM A LMTBRT STA hie; one who uaderstaeds hie buaineesperfeclly aad la a food groem Inquire at M Merer r ar. af r. Phillips. 1A POOD LASORBRS WANTED? TH'S DAT, AT I U |l SO per daj-asd board, to stekfly men to ao S short distance la H e country; can retnrn Saturday ntgSiat tsaal leare on Monday mom lag at eta e'sUok. Apply to if. Bonaell A Ce. . 1 59 Froal st. ttKI I AQKITH OF 0000 AWDBtfS. ACCT7BTOMEJ) ilfjyj u JmSmss. sad wheee eonverestlonal powers at* ?rata, wasted ihj M|mge se loaai or nyreiiiag aieawfar? Apply at SlT BrSadway , room MS. 1 ___ V RSCB-TALRANTS. And tasia The new bholamp kitchen -bostom bakbd %ni/irb Clam Ohiwders, csS M had at The I * ln ,h* hesemeat. ins Nassau <*re?t At USUgl, FtfS iiUatSts prepared f?r r^SlaanMiM s?4 THE TRADES. A FIRST CLA88 JOB COMPOSITOR WANTBD.? TO "n? I" thoroughly acquainted with hie bualoeee a permanent illvtlloa wl I be given. Alao a youug MO who UdtriUcdl running t Gordon prese. * B. HKUW N A tfo. , *>1 and T09 William et^ A CUTTER. OK CON8IOKRAHLB KXPERIBNCB E8 peetally al pantalMua and yeatn. la open form altua tlou, aaliawolory refereuoe. and no objection to lha coun try. Addreu box l ift llerald oilloe A CARPENTER WANTED? APPLY TO MR SMITH, Frankfort B'ium, corner Frank tort and William ate. AFANTALOOB AND VEST GUTTER IiFSIRES A ?Ituetmn; baa ba<l considerable eiperleuce, and can five good reference. Addrea* V. 8 , Herald oTre. DRAUGHTSMEN WANTBD? A FEW GOOD AND RB liable topographical and geographical draiithUnneji wante I: only those who ran do tlie finest worn need applr. Bobotchee wanted. Address for throe da\ ? I. L. V., boi 106 llerald oilico. HOU-E PAINTERS W ANTED ?1 WILL OIVR ANT number of food house painters steady work ilia year round and $1 per day by applying at my ?hup. 4SflWost.3d at , Cincinnati. Ohio; alao two good Imitator* of woo la and marblea wanted, to whom the vary boat wages and steady work will be giro*. WM. R. COX, 4A5 Went 3d at., Cincinnati, Ohio. PRINTERS -BOYS WANTFD, A? CUSTOM B D TO KKBD ? en cylinder premie-. Good w.ijjcs. Apply at Baiter k Oudwin'a, No. 1 Spruce al. PLUMBKRS WANTBD.? TWO OR THREE PI. UMBERS who have been at the business about (our years. In qnlre at 173 Grand at., corner of Baiter at. rBACCONIST -WANTKO. A COMPETENT PARTY, who has had a long experience In preparing, granu'at lnv and cutting amoalng t"ba<vo AddreHa Enquirer, boi 8.137 Peat office for one week, stating name and reference. TWO FIRST KATE CUSTOM CUTTERS WANTED.** Apply to K. B. Baldwin, 70 and 72 Bowery. TO PHOTOGRAPHERS.? W ANTED. A FIRST CLASS operator and positional. to ko to Schenectady Tall at J. W Willavd A Co.'a, 522 Broadway, thia day, between 12 and 2 o'clock. TO HARNESS MAKERS.? WANTED, A RUPSRT RUIN hand; piece work and steady employment. Apply to Alex. H. Dunscomb, IW!8 Broadway. TO JEWELLER?. -WANTED IMMEDIATELY, ONE OR two flrat claas engravera. to go to New Britain. Conn ; steady work given. Apply to Churchill, Dana A Co., imj Broadway, up atalra. TO SHOR BURNISHERS.? A FEW FIRST CLASS BUR niahers on lad lea* work wanted, at 27 Park row. WANTED? NUTRIA AND BRAVER PICKERS; ALSO fancy fur fie hers. Ino ilre of Wllllama. 242 Wyckoff ?t., II rook I. vn. WANTED? IN A NEIGHBORING CITY, TN AN OLD established house, where the heat work 1h done, a ilrat e.l*si sutler; a permanent situation and a good lalarv will be paid to a man who thoroughly understand* his boMne?s. Address box I Oil Mew York Post office, with reference. WANTBD? JOURNEYMEN INSTRUMENT MAKERS, at shop ' f American Telegraph Ce., 65 1st at., third floor. Williamab'irg. VITA NTED? TWO TIN AND SHEET IRON WORKERS, Yy who thoroughly understand their binrtnoia, and w/ho are willing alter a mouthM trial to make an engagement tor a year or more. Apply at S9G Peart et. WS. D rUSSELTj WANTED-A VEGETABLE JG ARDKNER AND COOK, man and wlfo; twin under-tnnd their business thoroughly; Iho man will be required to under?tand the care of horaea; good tvcomniendnttaiiK from their last places a a to their capablli'.teR will be requisite; none but those fully competent noed TtiaVe application. Apply from 12 to TP. M. at 96 Maiden lane, ne ata.ra. w w IT ANTED? flOJTte PEA'RL BUTTON f'UTTKRIj AND I ? dril?re. $rg a wcrk'and s'.eudy wagm. A pp'; at 121 I We t Hntiefcrn at. I ANTID-AH nnvm. T?; RUN a. fTVATION arv wnRttie. ApplyV PI artdlR WmI 4Mlr at. WMRBD-41VI (1C0,'> WOOD Tl! RSKIK , NONE b?.t ptrmrnred trand* O'nd apply: ale.idn anplov- , m?nt. /pay -rega'tar. Inpilie of j. O. Uarger, *. I bCiiptloD* dcgV. vimca oT.ce. ANTED? CARPET YARN il'lNNGHS. KkTriiT ATJ Winn ti Weaver"*, 61 Bare* t at. WANTE?-.A iBItDATtOM, BY A IiNtKSaS EM gltttwr, to rutn. etntlbn?*J ensinc: brsr r>r referenda gtrrn. Art* rasa Engineer. *tat* n B, Eigbtk av<mue P?mt ?ftlce. WANYSD? A ?filTO ATIOR , BY AN TXI'KRT MA hacu thorougi. knowledge & ataring ma ?liine. oaou ORJTNITE STONE CUTTERS W |NTEI>-AT ?k r CheaTrnt Strref W- ids*. W*7ef*T.3 r *r i'ty. OLAKK, MfJhANH A KENNEDY, tout rec'ora. P htladeliibla. riUMOH- Am'ERTISijII iNTI. Vw DESIRE TNE FtT.L'. KBAN?ISF( I PART. ANT \J v. en le ftr .icaia). I?a?' eervlr cnmn.e lx Mne al fenune ,?$e cbt-tuhrr daas unr cretfca tamlllc AK.irlr. Hnr On don fnrra tn bona :atrea ?l 'tec aervtrea a.?mt *eliefaiaanta. S'a I Ore Mo A. h. P.-own, No.? Exchange piae, .Ma-aey City, N. J 30 ?*rr,S8RS ?JERNE, VJAUTRA7F.fl' E'f CIE..PKIN i ITl ire. sc Ta immaalMt: a tnriaieun .ea architects* el e? lirt preneirr* r Jiirnieritef i?nr coiiS. nej. Ila ter .nt In pein ) t'ire a I'tiaae*. dii pafvf eint'ire lean nise aver anrtniteet Vdecnre de tori lea eenrv < diatinguoe, andutte da fer contra , l"tnnnidl'.e e; lea fiiltm d tju, ivirtw nice que la pelntnre ?mo ??'!( paa"?onge pai^t- ctnierL SVtdreeaer au 2y Grand ' *t ,"Ne\v Vor*. V m jt f raoLoc i . B. tMURlCK. OKEAT AN1J BBAl* ASTROLOOKB 11U aklll bv tbou-aniU haiifcran tried, 4 ml tbauascda tanre lie rill meet Ho: in Aalrutcfer Maurice \ on can i .niflde, t At No. IJOt. eeck*r at reel. >???!? aavcw . secrets eliat no hrins mortal evrr knew before, lile will re?eal^ that will actonlah all hi* visitoia. (tt? tella whriher yen* re married cr ?ln*l'> ; toll* how o:ten y?u wi,! marry; iie?.rlbe? the InteaUed linabaoil or wile, a. id trlNtbr vn v dav yo>i will many, and ^h?wa a llkrnraa r pr?*e? l?K the trWe romrta-lon of t'.a intrnded, and In aaaa iim t^i'il; mirnu" be will biinit auvi ea- out of the ?ta t oapf lw; raw,-. AU who oo'.i-tllt him will hare (ooii talk in iwvelllni; by pea or iatnl. or in any uiulri taking, ba p *lf (liatanr.! >.\ngetthc ontlloeaof their whttle life 1 -andinK tlei, ace nud (I A Idir.t. A. 1$ Maurice, box 6 *?> New Ycrk Post ollire. r,fl|. u K'd Blrerker street. n< ar \ Tifc.ater. All houra until 8 in the evening. I.aii e- ,'iUcenla. 0 ei '?n.r ? J : I 'BETTER ASTROI.OOTST NOT TO BE FOUND J V In the Unitnl Smiea tha < Ur. I.. D. and Mm S. It H t HJCITTON. TVev auewe 1 i.i flvm^ aatlfftftl n when al 1 ?Iho^o tail Tbey can itntaiiHed on aM adanaofhu T?, lai life, aurb a.i rouriahl;'. dJtn.?)te, tiarelllnp reinomla, ia Mniui, ?b*alnib!T aituation*. wr'lai* of abacnt frirnda 4,- : aia? al'-kne?i, \f the alcK party w ill recover or (tie if the pi-j aent airkn*ca; if recover, thr lim'* tiicv will be, in to im tod waat part of l<ie beu;- Ij an?'-t? aim neat mr> it 3i\d mcdictaoa a"- lieit aiia jtart uo the alrk p>r*.in? ?,? ia?, W i ?Nils, iteotleuieii *>1 yu< atluna au??err'l by let ter. en'loaii-.c f l aad time ?.f blrtb. AI?o, plu-e> ologiral ei ami) ta.tana maiia. Ottiee. IA) Oreaie atrnt, bo ow Pi in e. j tPffW'ESS V-KD VirrTCAh Ct.URVOTANT, WHO ic? uo e-i'ial .u Anier iia, Rnd it the ludy who rat .id vertia ^ ir Ihia city an I kloaV n. and (li) Dim reward in olVere Ktraon ntocm nrpav ho In giving rouert inforn * "n' on '0*t nr atolan ?ooda, law ultn. alwni frlenO" and In maiteratW ri; k ud?. If you have t;oub> no matter Ww ?er?oi?t, ?he ran altav It for ' ?n. She alao nrr orribra hir oil diaaaaea, ainl ?? ti akiiij' (iraat cmea N H ? 'I htaiai * k'imbug; ?or dnea mm wiah io l-npo-": upon the iinwnrv iaa te?i ner Ki'meni <er, tbi l? tli'un f lndrpi>n l?"rt ?'iAIrvoyan' Inthisi'tv. Mlie r? refer tilt e Riant pr< * ??ol.?IU"i*aaf Kew Yark. Philadelphia H >?.on, and other "olti 'a. fail and aatlafy jeur'Slvei. Ofll'i" JS1 Eoat I to i *'?" ativ et. uetween Thu-d and Lot ngton avenuea A A BONA ''DR AATROLOOIRT THAT EYEHT ONE ca? ?iei ?i u <m .? MaUiime WILUON. Siie le ItUeon,. : ofvotifvial \i?itd bring* aiieaaaa out of tha inn*t prnlsua iinilertaking * aiMJA' en ai icet, Uf tvv een iio iston anil diautou ?tre- * ?*?r ,h? lutkaty. Prite SO eanta. ASftnil W>'.1 ? MAU.tM II OR BOW, S STENTS dau^litei ? ?wl"> a natural gift of forealght. telin b.iw noon and oft*u Will m*rry, jour thoufh s. Ykgx, Irntw In full ?WW*IIod. Her equal It not In - ' * hbows A liken w ol yon: iftteade'l KuvUad I i ffienit. No 1 ? y S-udlow Kreet. near Houitoa. aaarallOD. Her tqual le not i<> \y round. and abaent Oeats not admitted. FACTION. -Ah * *01' W TROUBLE T If ATE YOC ? ? - ?""i**4 vourfond horea o Madame RO'-l* f?r advT-Vantl*?itl Wa -'i n In lave affair* eh* waa tiev CAUTION ? Ah ? xvji i* i wmici I \j been d*<tlv? < -ar trifled with f Have von Ween blaated by fa fcje.proroiee t ir ao ?e to Ma for advice and "Btl ?na<t'i n tn lave affair a ah kaawn to tail. BUt toaetiiar tiuaa long eenaraln !. aad ahowa a corrert TMhane'-e of fnture huetiand or ab-ent trkenda. l.nckv au *ba'e free 9t \V?e-i 7weuty aeventh ureaL between *ixth?^i?# SrvcaUi avenuei llama on the dear. Ring the bftaeiWM* be'.i. MaJAM WALTER, TMe WORLD RENOWKED CLAUl vovant. ha* reoio.w! tn 3?,t t^nal urert where 'he ? l>renr. to rereal the n?TJM?riae of ihe paat, f eatnt and tumro with audi AecuiW 'bat 11 will aauui-j t\ i n ua belie?e?v Madame rat n Twif *RKr (Xjairvoyakt and Aat ologiat in thia cltyU .-flhe telU your very tbcughta. gl*ea luvl v number*, eauaea' ?n?eedr nwtmagee. OBre W 8e*"*BU?-e*.veoiir. near Twei%o ????Ji alieet. l+.Je a, M renta > f.a. lemen. R1 oaeita. Madam* roba. great *A.rrRAr, clatrvo^aut aatt Bftnt Vtaloniat. rtvedk *??ir avkoie lire, fr >ai the ctadlaAu tbearava; ?howe four future pittaer io a ilreitn. OfflraC^hTbird aeMu*. d?*? Kart* Jtec*o<i atreet Oajt'il tatouJJ. _____ ML U MA RUN JAMPfl, ISDETCNDKMr OLAfR TOT eait. Hit fla-t ?eveniM>al* ?tt?at. comer ? f Third aa*. n<;?. nea?ar faiUiki gf?r c.irrert iafnn?atlon of iaat pr -i <rtr aft??nt Wend? Ia?va*tlta end ba-lneaa affair* guterally. Rt lereone^ ^iven. .OeutteuMB not Oiimkiad. No |WOBI*IOW.-MADAI(R STARR. Ifll GREAT Kuivpean H.ulna** and M*<tical ClalrreHat. v'i? eonmlte 00 efce I "aat, prearnt aad faliire brtoai together thoae le?4 M**raWN) -ca iM* apaedv marrU?a* ahow vo i * airrert llVaMaa of your future keahaad at ebMiil fVtenda, aba telle gga Ur nao.eof the peraa* voti wi:i marry ?" aqnal 1* Bfft to be fonad Caatlaa.? *A,0M reward far any ?tie who can euraaae bar in bar profea^ton ar aklll. ?> SI.' Fenrib araa'ie, hatw^* Twenty third and Twenty Caurtb a'.neeta. ran eld*. Uaott^aen not admitted. Nmm B -WHO HAC ROT HEARD OF THBCELBMA-I . tad Madame PHEWBTER. No. 4?7 Sixth avenue, ror ear of Twenty arvetklh atreet, where *he can be coBeulted. with the atrii-feii reivUdeaee. aa all affalra at life? Ihe lel'j the ante, and ha* no equal. BE life rad~wriiiag do the ariT.n'J ob^TtrliiVg"'demiaiir"at'*!' CFIRIftWLlSM.-COLOIlRSaRR, THE WORLD O Agwned Medium, can bercnav.Ued en aN affBtVa of at |ha Madkaal IaaUlW, *** FaUew etwet, Brooklyn, tu CPlRlTDALItM.-CULCHRrtKB Medtoal IaeUUtta, Ut Fultaif *rja^Ri a. rooklfn. A laiN?iai ror We vtU auaraalM. Bu*i?f?e ko\ir< from ? a!?C TA/I ?0*BRT.-MAr>AHB Wl7>OBB,^ CLAIBYOYAN^ XOO UM gifted Span lab loAv. unveil. tBf ayaterma of PEHSOIfAU In FORMATION WANTRD-OF ^PATRICK KELLY, A native of co ioij Tyrone, Ireland, by h ? tr t .fx in law, James Oouner. Addreaa la Uieanwkh drcct. Maw York, (urtofMr. B. Mullen. INFORMATION WANTKD-OP EDWARD KRANK from Rooaky, King niimnn, Ireland, by bia wile Klleo and three children. now at t.'.i-llu Garden. IF MISS LIZZIE 1) , WHO FOKMKHLT I.IVK.P, la New Jereey, will miiU ber pri-acut uliliru to H . Ix A O, Il?rald offloe, Nmv York. ?h? will hear from an old frl* and o t aoaelnlni to bar a>lvauugc. Touiba hattkn hack will recrivk TWO J lera from Uermany. on applying u> fl Nyk?*, v. pu Chamber* street, New York. Philadelphia papera * cteawa copy. MRU OBOBOKANNA A. FLORKKUB? I 6 *WT mil $500. to the . are of jrour -i?t?i Fanny, and .. ... lera. Aaswer by the ixrsonaU if rereived. * ,0'"? 181 K. A. F' RBT. M HICKEY OP KI'.KMOY. W... viWiHit ae?4 Ha addree. to J. E. Cabala u ?0 v ^VVifuanth a* OAPPBIRE-T1TB Yol'NO GfcN WIIo O called at Burr'* jewelry More, la r?l 1 J i", ? "r" ?tone found bj bun, comer Fifth avem A .n.? Twrnitv niuhfttv SSSfy. fl*d " U h" adv*nUue 10 "r~? hiTt?.?! ?&? TUS EARiTT. *,'!,? i'uOIJI!',D I *N rNTRRVIEWYJN X Vridfty liiit, lit 4 /j KM. &t)d f A*n<i to tr ??n tho PAfkiifl nient u^?i^Yawn' r/BlithVy' <*rcet- wK1 3?*?? a51r.-as jg fhTir'adrantaee. *'ue Wl>' h?r ,omttLin? WANTKD FOR ADOPTION m_ a v R HV PRffPT viin t, ijold'^wn'l' fl rvf a vcrv* ? ? ??? " h!i?mi in Awiir'i famUv w " lnr'?l,,r tender and loving iJTi i? Ju-? .ilf.'.H " httr* Ji.nt burled their only child In MP ?? *'*? ' 'j* /"an of child and where it may be seen. Addrew Attorney, a,., m ^ t onicc acting. j?a WB. 8., FOURTH ST JJVKT. N. Y ? IK f.JU HAVB ? 1 '.Li0" Pn?oiBer't feelings, w.lte and el nor snow your wn?fPftbo' e y Chicago papers plea*c aji*. r 019 . -rote a&. CITIZENS' ASSOC ? ?? ov OF Til t :VirrEitrrTH P?r"B? NT. rv.MICH HBO WW. tt ' ?irr fRK^inKNT*. w #u??is BtrncKsroN*:, fTO. A. OKSOHRIOT, '(JIN T. OOIINSTON, "JOHN C. CKKKN. ?VBT.VTAIIV _ .?U. WK.m Ii008EVRr.T. The rauien ? \pS0' i&tio? of the Fifteenth iwfcrl will IwM a maia mceti ^ , HOPE wllAPBI. on Mt.iwtay, the HMi'J . .?JI ?'* P- M- OIll/oiiH t.'wtrally ui*- .-onliallr in vited to otle' tHyorOnr of JAMKft' BROWN, President. _ _ VUUICAftr. AOVIC- ; TO THE AFFLICT"?? ? MADAMI3 DUB r a i <!?>*?? Female ''ill* are the only medicine ladtrs can aepenil o r>'.el*:i safetjKind certainty. Can be sent bv mall. Afttles who deelre lo avail Ihennselves of kadamn pe?par< i?j valuable, '*.11110 ami w.l'e mode. ol treatment, oaau ? .(hne Interview Resident" 101 Hilili avenue, oupo "uiT BlMt-etreet. I idle* takca during confinement. with p M ai'wettlcal a'.iaidance. Of.ioe hour* from 'J A- M. to 3 A I >*>!?? TO HARRIED LADIES.? MADAMS ?T1 t'BJ L, K<iM i l'hy?lCTc* and rrofonsor of Midwife:?, con resulted *1 usual at Chambera stint. Butine tnt nrvte*/ will fee f acesnary. No charge for advice. Her in !?' I Hi In cnedlelr.en ran aiso tie obtaiaed at 12/', ?t' ml,*(ir bjr ratll : price $3 Ladies who desire board nnd 11 wbes' medical Attendance during confinement nan bo ao 0 m.iito I 'ti'd F it French Fills. No. 1, price $1 a bo.', or ' itoi. a,' ?/lncb r.n four (l("i,iT>r"i stronger than No. I, bih1k:i tmm tail, are safe and healthy ; priaH |t a bo*. < 'an be sent ??? mo. I. with f> II directions. N II ? Madame Reste!! deems lit 'he- <iuty to nution Indies aiainn . imitatora of b?M udver m?8c;iiciiIh, wlti; 110I only rob tbetu of their mean*, but Utlr llhoulth. a :PPLV TO TUB SURE PLACE FOK A SPEEDY CURE J\ without mercury ; all the unfortunates rail 11 1 onue. (h>n> *ultation jjrai.s. Dr Vt A It US established office, (11 Frank lm street. API'IiY TO TUB SURE PLACE FOR A SPEEDY enre. without mercury. All nnfortnnates call at once OonsuUat.ieia gr.tus. i >r. WARDS ulil established cllk'i? tl franklin atrert, iimmn Broadway and Kim street. DR WATSON, AN OLD AND EX PERI KNCH D PiiA' !? tltioner, 1* enabled to guarantee a cure in ail cases. by ?ale remedies, and without change of diet or inunction from business. Dr. Wataon's book, tin; "Cause and <!or*." Illustrated throughout l>y anatomical platen. Ac.. eoutaina valuable information for such a* arc snil'erltig froui either dlFcmoor debility, or who eontem|il ite m air 1 age. Price $1. Sold by Miller A Co., 1'ost olhce. Iij'? Hiouluty. and by th* ki.thor, G30 liroadway, neit bloc* al>ove the .Metro jdlfhai Hotel. DR. URINDLE, niUU PHYSICIAN AMD AC ooocher. Wo. 6 Amily place three door* from Amity stren. :riakca it bis special practice to treat all Irmnle complaints, front whatever cause produced. Is aure lo Slve relief lo the mnat a in ions patient In twenty four bo ir?. ? Ic. uni room* for ladles re juiilu ; nursing. DH rOnBKTT, NO. 20 CBNTRB STUIiH T, B8TWKKN <,'!ioiutiers and Beade street's can lip consu'tcd ivith coafideace on disea-es of a private character. A practice of thirty-lour years, three of which have benu in the h'i*piials of New York and London, enables him to treat w ith suoeesa nervous anil general debility, i'lie victims ol imposiiioo can cull or, hlin wilh tho certainty of belo^ radleallv cured, or no ? liarge N. B.~ Sec Dr. C 'a diplomas In his oTi'e, n* member nt the New York Unh eralty Medi 'al College and College of SurgHouK. I.oiul .n Dr. w kets montmlt tonio-the orrat fr male regnlutor. Belief eei iain In all ra~e^ in forty right hour*. OfTioo 27 D'laue trect, between Chatham and Cen 1 re tree 1 . DR. ANDF.ttHON HAS REMOVED HIS OFFICE TO :n hulridge stieei, near ('anal. Consultatlon? ? ra'if. Terms moderate. Cure guaranteed without mere >ry. No ?inackrry and 110 humbug. UN Invlgoratlog medicines never (all. I) H. LARMONT. ADTIJOR OF TUB I'ABIS LONDON and New Vork Mcdlcal Advmer and Marriage Guide, 8'<th edition, over <IM pajien, neiirly IU'1 llluKtralloua: cure all <U?ea?e . Ac , al 173 Uroadiray. up alairs. from 10 to to S. Published by E. WARNER, No 1 Vesey street, Aaior House, for $1. I\U WAR!i\S SPECIFIC AND PREVENTIVE OFFICE J f (II FraLlilin ?ireet oure . the wursl caeca wUhout mer cury . or ehanxe ot diet. Dr. Ward s Invigorating PIII-, >2 1 er package, ate a ?uie cure. Dlt. roWKIIS, 61 FltANKLIN STREET, CAN BR i-ensultcd )ria;Is, anil with onpuralleled *ue e??, on all Ke-na e <;ornp!aJnts. H* Periodical Drops, $z per bott'e. ripremly lor obstinate u>ae!>. DR. POWERS 61 FRANKLIN STREET (LtTE JO I,l.?. o* iiard , tieats sil Feu ale Comp'a nN with auece ?. 1 rroi'uler 1 1 oui wbatcer cause, aieeJIly iemo\cd, IDs 1'er odlea! Drops. $2 per bott'e. Dlt i t;, Pi! AUTHOB of TRB PRIVatk tui;a I Ise. S(| \mity slieet Tbose who apply in the "arly ?tece of msra ? will be iiurprii>e I at tun ease and rapidity ef the c ire. Tho?e, however, who ba?e sulTered long best ap| r ?' late b?* services. Dit. coorp.R. M BO am: mhket. may BB OOB an ued an Jill diacau'S llnriv years ei lualvely d< voted to >il"eaa>.'??tiai>,e* b'm to ? arrant a ur? In all case*, rhe victims of ml?pla'?d ennldance In medical pretenders can call Willi ? certainty ol bem* radically cuied, or no pay. Dr h. A BAP.IIOW M\y III CONRI'LTED as usual, IM iiieeuker s'.iCt, lour doort Irotu Mac do*ii;a ?treet .V T. nH P0WEDS.61 PR \NK!.I N STRM T. CAN BE CON suited *rnt:a and with 1111 trailcled sue. e-? on ad fe osle eomplaiata: hi< psriO'lo al drops per uoti.e, ei piessly for obstiuate ia es. Be vaic ot imitations. DR WARD'S SPECIFIC AND PEE ENTtVIi-No. II Fia 'k u etrcet? ci.res the worst laaes. witiiout mei cory r?r 1 banfce of diet Dr. W (RII'H uifi'.'ical ImKorattng I'll is ,t package , iiiii cure nbcu manhood oas beta im paired ' l\K. IVAKD'g GPECIIIC AND PREVENTIVE C?l I If Franklii ti?e! ? ctrr ?? the wor t ea e? wuho'.t mer . ..ry ! or rban eoloiet. Or. Ward's Magical Invigorating I'lli-, , per pauka^e. flv.'e c^ie wlieieftusaiiood ban beea im I ' lire I ' I VR. ANDEBBON. Jl ELDRTD'I.': 8TRL^T, NEAR i IJ < anal i;.'*s advi/* gratis. Female trouldes siieedily : emoved. ills uiediunei are safe aud curtain >0 humbug". - 1 '.o.amunuatiene souildcnllal. I fAR WARD'S ffP?Oirin .AND PREVENTIVE (Or ... / in e ul I is?t:iu-e!r*et) cities the w mul ra'es ? it h' at .. ? r v or ? fcaBflp of (Mat. His Manual I uvigury'.ng Pilla. ' tl er pacis^e. A sure cure when man hood has beea Itn paired. DP POWERfl. A EF?AJVKLIN STREET, CAN RE CON suite I testis asd with uoparal eted suces- en all Fe male otnp aluts H.s Vcrlodlcul Drops, t'i |>er bottle, ei pies-ly lor Uhstlaate umj. llawate nt mutalions. Ht yOREDS AEB AtU!*ED BLVOND REDEMPTION in thl? life hi nnt-:a!iisf on Dr Hl'NTER at first He lias t?K ? niriy year, cauaueo ul- attention u. dt eaaea ef a teriatn t ? in wfcleli liaa CJre I no less than r.'iy thou ami oav. . Hia rruieates an ujl.d.aul there la no imer ruptlon to business or chaafeef diet. Dr. lionte i< In eon ? ; int lance fro-n 8 iu the moralag ttntil <' at nigh*, at Ins old ofti?* No .1 Mvlaioa atfaet. Mn<?Xo k city, since 1134, Charge* iw;d*iate anal a cit<* guarantee I H oarate toe us, *0 that t'le.palleM e?^ no oae t?vl the De - >? bun eit. Mis wotulerlnl inede al diacorery uttrua eertatn d'senses e ben regular ltir.siaeiit aid *11 ethau- raardies tali, on es <<i;hout dieting or rest-letlon In the ha/ilu ef pe'iesl* etirce without lite d:?KU*ili.g and slcfceolag t^UiOts ?i *.1 u. ier rei. ed es; cure* In new cases la l?ae than u Honrs, cures without the dreadfnl c nscij jent effe- taof srvroary, and gn?iess>-a the ('oetiiiarly ralut. le property of LaaiahiiK..:ig itkS naak sod t>oisone"s talnltblt the bl'>o? la ? ire to sbsorb Iiiless his lemeuy i- used. Aht* Is whal he riAtioa tor it. at I what no oihrr ei 1 srrotnpP.-b. It iaone dollar e vwl, with a medical r-ort on "0;in?it .Prailtj. Nerreus, Debility, ta/lj Indi eie' oa,' and nooe?li*tleet gratia. Madame omndlb. feuai.r putsi .ian, no ? Amily plate, tbrei door* from Ainl'v street, can be ejnaniied ea aU dlaeaeei.of femaiea Iter aaediciaea am aafe a?.l certain Convenient ononis for ladies sr ho desire ear* aal medioal attendance during coaQneateal. M All AM PAR^ELL, t EA ADB/BTILOIAE AND BID wife, la nosr ready to apeelve ail lady lavaltda Cos* foriatle rooma eiiueseiy fag laJn-s ihroiga eoauueuie?t Call at 7C Oraetrwfch atreet. SI Ol" -??>0, ana, sv IU> S>U nn Ul sassisr ii ?? Therefore, lit all dlseaaee arising from imprudence or ftoesa let ;?<> rnl ? delioacj preen t ftnaaedlste app Watloa to Dr.WAED, <i Fraaklln atreet. between Broalw. y and ?'.IH lUttl. ' ^ eTJ0'1?. .>.b^ with ai tt ^ vew M anqpB TvriaunrTifWl WUO ? ?>?? S ?JSie ?. aU. [lioti P. , . WjlEi . lai<jtlOHir *o." t? n EE M AjWT^CJ aMPAOBB. ? THE fOTAL Jim E.or JtMOLAED. wine tor sale st | ^??KUABB AMD ?X)BAOOO. T?J Cf(L"",,0?J?A,L'.B' MwlSmi' oamifb nSOAES fOB rale-at tub ebw Ulnar JUU Yorh HrW die^r iTu^/ly to f70 per thenTnd. ^SS^ UynTg ^ >1# do Well to tail at Mils aasav * # nw __ or Mlllog TfToABLi, 'WBV ^ THB TDHr. _ THri CRMII10NII 18 AUTH"R'Z?ri> TO CO* AM for ihe bnlldl?a ?<f a ra^e ii * k 1'arliei danlroin of irrtaklnif l!i? ,111110 Will flud hi 111 at Ur Jaroma'* atabla, f *n*r o f Twrmy ilith atreat and Madiaou avenue*. Monday, furadty and Wedveaday next, from 9 A If to 4 1*. V. P C. BU8n._ UNION COUfcflB. I*. L? TROTTING ON 8*TVRr>A7 May 14. a( '* o clock P M. Hw?er"take? of S?00. ntla brat* best tbrea In At*. Jobs Mdioldr ck nntaia ?. I. Hh ir kle Back, in bariifu; Jamie Median h in ru'er* Brown Stal lion to ?? on, It. Motley enti*r* Napoleon tbe Pouitto, to ?rajton; Ml. ? eoteiey. m. Lady tjaunev, u> *i<?n 811 AW Jk WUITB, Projirietora UNIO.< COITI18K, LONO ISLAND-TROTTING? CH Tueaday, May 17, at 3PM Mn'.itinf play or pay wlli* brat* b<"?t three in ftvw 1n harnoM. 11. Woodruff HHiiiri r. HI. lAilf Kiln. .ItwM I) M Mann minma b g. limrjy Lynch. Can leave ?<v lb feiry at l I* M. shaw k wattii, 1'iopriatora ITA (<l>IOIV S. MALTPSR JACK UF.J>1 18 ITAVOINr, FOR MARKS at South 0> ??ir fiay. L. I., at $1*1 to Ina'ira $10 the Addreaa No. * Rlvlylnftim street. Now York. >r (1 O. Vnnd*wat'r Hontb Oyaler Bay, L I. Foe aala. tl,5?) "rVCBAN." R? LOW! HI, AND BLACK, l>AM BY AH " ' dullub, la Ktati ling for incica, at $ '0 to Ineiue. SI2 SO the aitaaiM!, at Ovduc Swamp, L f. Ail'lrewi Or Uwr?n"?, M > 4 Ktvlngtoci aireK New Ymk, or Aim. Towu-<end, Co dar 8w4Dip, I.. I. i*?r *?!?? al it CO. TtlK I'BLF.nHATSn ?tTAt LION NEW .IKRRKY? THB tmeat of ?oori;? M. t all hen, will ataud atthi-a'a blea of Cbai lea V/ llatligatf, Fordham, We-ndieator county, N. T. BP?KT&NO. DOOS FOR 8ALK ? A FAIR OF If AW DROME NEW teuadMto.1 Dn^s. B- 11 Terilers, Hpll r l)o : i, lHn< k an. I Tun Terr en, Scotch Mud Hkye Terriers; * r>alv of mall Black uid T 'i Ternen, not exceeding live r . mult of tlin Surest breed And good Tatters. App'ytoJOHM UUKY, U MM1I irsel, diet Coor. DANrni. FOSTKtt. HO. IS ROOSRVFLT STREET. h?*i fan ?inalle*; and purant full urown KnclUh Black ur.,1 T.tfc. Terriers itf.l I'upnte* of the amrfftast breed IB lbs ? fly. .M<o fine lliK m Oreyhnunds. Apt<lv is above. Fioit sale? a new now boat, 17 per* long. eop|>er flMMRd. Apply nt. VI nmMMne t. U'Ofl S ALE? fi T.fiACR AND TA*i8, PROM ONE TEAR r to two year- old, from at* to eight pounds: all estra diol, nary good it iter.-; rata on haul lo trv thain. Fonr Blai k ui.J Tun Pupa vc ry small. and of the piroit breed ; 2 Itnllan liaunds. live rnpa of Uie an ne stock; four Kcolch Terriers, 'Pointers, Saltern. Setter Papa I eluHtcnge the world to allow Mutlr enialn. a full pedlrrs* given of tho stick. II. 1 OA KDN KU, M lettuvnx, aear Canftl at., New Turk. TriOR KAI.E? A CIT RIGGED BOAT. J1 KF.ET LONG, 1 nail aud viwlns all In pood order. C.>n Ijoawco at North ' Thirtecutb and First streets, WilMr.iiisburg. liiVNCV FOWM AND BOOS. i OR II ATCH I NO, AND C a fine, lot of I'anrv Pigeons fw sale, by H. JOHHSON. No. 19 North WIINam street, N V. I WART TO Bl'Y A OOOi: BABBIT HO J. APPLY at tW Wa-,htMRton etreot Twin aoBr.orc has behoved nis rtrd nunr. nesa to UBtct Twnntv-flfth street, li?iw"?, Fourth and Lenington avenues, and often /or sale nil kh<l of Birds, Nee<i?, C i<:es : al?o one pair of purest hreert Blaok and Tan Terries. small m/? ; osie im.r Italian Grtvbxunda, small ai?e and t biwd. one Scotch Terrier Dc,;, aboet six pounds, Prices rsavenabf*. P1P1NU BtrLMTHCnRK-JUST RRCRIWCD AN TW volce of Ihe-e elegant and charming Bird*, whl li pipe readllv at command "perm < wall' and other tunes: al o. Ringing Canaries, OaIdnn'*he<, Thm-bea. T?i .<-li Blril*, I,a'l(?. Voeklnir ViMhi. Talkln? Parrot-. Para<|UotH, Al\, at C. II AS. RRIC 11 D A niKil lJltt'B llird stare fl Chatkam atreet, opposite Ct*mt?er?. ROW BOAT FOR SATyR? AT DANIRL M. DRVOB'0. I I7R Woo ter Ftreet. A good four-oared bar^e, J5 feet lonr, lino model and in llrat ?at? order, for aa.o low In nil I re of VIKOKVT <0 OCYKP., MS nie'.rkeralreo.'. OW BOAT WAMTBD -iNV ONI- ITAVING ONE TO ?ell , lie ip ean ;ipplr ta IIOI<MRH 271 llndaon atreet. ANTBD-A BMAtf< -RIVER YA?WIT ADORERS C Brewster, liet aid oflioe statinR ?l/e and price. HORMRS. r \ tvi( I ACl'K, AC. A I INK SAUPf.K ITOR1K, HOITABIiK FOR AIjADY. r\ lor nale. Apply at the ?..ib!'\ uortUeaat coiaer of Th rty elshth all eel anil Fifth avenue. AOBNTLEMARM OOMPT'BTB TORKOUT, COKBIBT Incof Kf'ne pair of llarf-a, llain??>i :ind Phaeton (Wood h make1. Apply at VVila xi k fttnbla, Teutli street, be tneen llnlveraity place and FH'th aacniie. AN BXCFTittENT FAMILY flORBE POR SALTi? BIX years old, warranted aduod In every re.ipeet, and jier fe. tly gentle. Prlee S.1H0 Al-o Ibree 4'ari iagea and liar neat, offered eheap, be auae IU? owner If going to Europe. Apply at o.t Ann Htmet, aecond flair A LIOOl TWO IIOHSK TRDOK. BUITABItB FOB J\ tnrnlinre flour or provlalone Vsi Kxpre *. Orocery, a nd lluaini as \V?koii?. for tutle nt the expreaa wagon nianu la-'lory, 9S0 Third avenue, nuar ?litr Oral etrcct. i THREE-QUARTER 6F. \T TROTTING WAOON, /V I7'l poii'id". new and made by the best maker, pr ice $176; one full aeat Wkkoh. new. priee ?lift; elth rof them In worth double ihe amo iot aiked. Call and nee, tt? U I. a bartaln, nt *77 Pe trl street AORVrr.EMAN'B COMPLETE TURNOUT; MUST BE aol't to day, for the ou ner leavaa the city ; a bay ITir*c , 9 vear? oi l can trot In 2 -.50, wllh Ilaley's wngon, wnlgbs l?x p, it i nil, i Harnea*. Blnnkete. all rivhI is new, fall at 117 Welt rweiilv-ihtrd atreet, from 9 to 11 A. M , 3 to S 1* M. a ?FOR BALK, FOUR HORSFS. Ill TO 1? HANDS I i\. h!(ih. 8 to H vriira old, pricea fro n $160 to $390; alt>o t<vo top wattons and one no lop Wa r ru. $S) tn $160, Sinit'.a Ilaruax", $lu lo $15 Apply at 'ill Wooa'.er itreet. Bay horsk kok halk- is', hands, btx vEAnn old this aprlnit. long tall, i erfeet ti le and very hand some; -lound and kind lo harness and In every reaped, and can't be surpassed under the saddle. Apply to GEO W. BROWN, No. 9 I'lne street, eecond door. LOOt) BTALLION, PRRFECTfjY BOUND AND geotle, for sale, by A. R. H. MOKKH, fij Beaver at / I ARRIAORB AT LOW PBICE&-A USE ASSORT w ment of Carriages, of ali atyle*. Park I'luetous, iiu . Hies De^fit Warens, Hoekaw.iys, Ac. cao be ? ren at Cll IS. HORN A CO. 'H Carriage Waierooois, 29 P.irk row, opposite the Astor Bouae. R W B ("1ARR1 AOEB.? FOR SALE. i()0 LIOI1T FAMILT OAR J rlages. three seat Banmches and Ucrntan towns, two and three seat Itretia. Ko-kaways. Park an 1 ,lair<er Wscnps Ufpiit and Kusinesa Wagons uud Buggies, at No. 1) Nevins street, Hrooklyt). / lAHRIAGliS? ONE 3EOOND HAND MX Hi AT OF.R yj mantown Bookawar. In irood order : also one seoond h ind t.'oupe llockaaay, Woo 1 Itrnthers makeis for -,ale low. Can bef.een a' A. T. Dl:.M AKhbl B, 3$ 9 Broadway and No. 7 Rnat Twentieth stieel. CARRfAGBB. ADAMS A CONE. Corner of Tulrd avenue nnd 12.1th street. Mantifaeturers of 8r?t > lass trerrlsges of every deserfptloo . Purehasers are reu icsted to oiamlne their slock on hand sod in proress of completion. DOUIII.R IUHNE8S-F0K SALIC TWO BETS OF Double names city make and cqral to new: one light and one heavy. App'y at stables No. 7 Wait E eventu strvel eoai ofti e. I.IOR SALE -ONE HP \N OF BORREL HORSES REV I K I years old, 15', bands uigb, ijood tia,el!ers sound kind, nod go id i-lyle; suitable for a gcntl".>ia'''a rarrSags team Aisooue blai k Horse, very Hoe and styl ?Y six yesrs o'.d: aoiinlan l '? InJ and a good saddle horie and one ?oriel llor e, five years old, sound, kind, nnd a Ana driver- ran trot well? sll of whU h must be sol I in a few 'lavs Tne hove ho ses can lie fen at P J. NODISK'S stables, 133 Pierre im 't street B ooklyn. For sale? a gray mfssenoer mare, in tears old, 16>f bends high: warranted ound nrid kind; one of the Oaeat bruo I mates In the countrr hre J on Long Island. Can be seen at 0. TfANPIELD'S, 1 IM Broadway, corner of Twenty-seventh street. For rale-a black borse, lok.i tail six ?ears o'd sound and klad la double and single harness, 111 hen, Is higb would suit a private family; a so a strong Top Wa^cn. a set of single Hsrnesi !n eood order, ln ielre at the cot ner M Fifty first atreet and Third avenue, Bareey Oalleha a Ihfior stotn. For salk-a very bupkrior saddlb mare. I.'i batijs high; a beauU.ui Kill/, four yea s old, by Com ?indor>-. out of Roseb id: a four yea' o'd Colt, by Commn dure, htoken to bsrr.e?> and the said e. two thorough red Aldei-nev Rul s, frnpi n'i dee stork, year old. Apply Is WILLIAM REDMOND, ii Barclay stteet. FOR SALE?A DARK BtY IIORriB. NEARLY It I sad lilgh. kin I nnd gen'le la hsrness it splendid ?addle hocae nnd as pretty as snv norae la thaelty; Is 8 tears o'd! aaoa Too Bugsv, the butom la r^rfect orde ; harness nearly new: a" u^nails will he la<-|n'1ei|; pr|r* $.V#; every gvaisntea In regard lo aoundnesa will be gt-.-ea bv r>wpoiis;blo parties Tuiuire of C. ft LYONS .'61 Third avenue, from 10 A. M, till IF, H, LIOR fcALE-A BAY MARK 7 YEARS OLD. II HANDS r hlt'i ; sound and k'nl In all hsrne s Also n Top Wagon In goo ? wdei : wl.l be sold togetusr. cheap, loiuira at IM South einaet Biooklyti. F^OR BAM^-AT BBOWN'I, CORNER OF STATE^^D BoernniTttraets, Hi ek'yn one pslr of Blood Bays IS'' hands, tdaek vmnts. well matched : also a pair of Bay Mates M baaua, prunpi driver-, ter/ stylish. P?!lni"wL2'A?Pn4?vfLACI "ORBE 1M< HANDS ( Blank Baw* stock), long tsJI. ? an trot in 2 V, war ranted so 'in* anl kind Apply at Tnrnefs stable, corner of ?lllh avenue aa d Iwaaty sntu atreet F'OR SALF? THE BPLHHDID YOUHO TROTTfJKl Horse Jukttar; om saow 1 40 this spring without work: seven years old. aoand every wav and kind and great style when trotting. Call at stable, Atlantic avenue, opposite Kert i.reen place, Brvokiyn. POB 8*r,H? A ftPLSNDTD GRAT HOBBB. l? HUM hllb, alt reara old, aounJ aa-l kin J id ererr ieai>act. and weigh" l.lflu pinnill; iron I! raaka * aplenllrt hor?# for a coop* MM ob imi'ial at I ha oiriiar salna ?t>road. In qnlre at 264 Qoid iirecl. Mc?td kouaa (t t it Mjrrtie avenue. Brooklyn. ______________ POB BAI.E? A PAIR 0? HTYLI8II. CLOBELY matched carriage Horae*, ?i and ?eren rear* aid, all Lean hand* high. warranted aoaad and kind. May ba -eea ?I Lead he iter 'a itab>? 8a v to lb uaaut. ace door from For tr-flfih airmt. QK>? bai.k-a iianmomr black pont ; iiu r banda high. ??<-an flora old; kind and vrnid good uarfar ilia aaddia and M uarnea*. Mar t>c mcq at <M Braad?ae. TRUCK AND HAB*IB!>. IN ila mart old. fifteen Prtoa of track. ?*>>. Ill Fob balb-a fibt pin* coifpp: borsh, rricjht bu. all yaara old. klod and aouad, aitra good trarai ler AIM on* ronag tnaee, good an#, aolub'# for an j wark. Both ?r* J oat from Um euuatrf. Appl r *1 MM Pultaa a?a nu#, BfO ik'/o. PR IALB? A BIBB BLOODBD COLT, BBBD ] Horft Cirollaa, Br# fHn old, purchased bafare t war; a anpertor aaddle horae, warranted aound and tig Mar ba *aan al 93 Bat Ttreolr a< ? M , or >?(wa*n<>i and Tff P M |?OH BALB-A ToFnG.WBLL _ r bred torral Saddle ll >rae I.Vi hand* high, tha property ?f a rrlt ate geallemnn of aplendld anion and perfect pie. lure In aapearanoe. warranted sound and klod. Ioqnlra of Mr 8tou>. Bidlna Undamy, corn ?r Twenty ditb Uriel and juik fricaMOK ? ^ IM May ba *aan at 9a Ba tTweot^aaeond atraat, kafara 10 A. TRAINED, THOBOVOI HOR"?"k<'*HHUGB?, AC. sai.k?i rnti, arsortmcmt or bhmtt* T Pkketnna. 0<?cUr? Ko -i Kir*. K?|'rc?? *?*?., n?. lUruea* s .,1,1 W. IVK? A t.'O , 99 Liberty nrNi. ? Bridle*, by 0. L^ob hai.e? a (it. I n nsK. |g iiAvrm limit T wuid and kin.) ???<? v,?, * ^ anr hard work: <oM for warn f ??e- p ,? *|;? at .'15 Ninth aveu'ic. 1 " *17' C*OR BALK? TWO LKIIir NKW CO A L BO* W Annua r Ma half and ?nn foil ?nr u i? M i<* * rtiftl. Klngatay 4 ?own ?'ai.i? ? ?i it? r.?okii? ClOU HAtK-A OAPHL1? ORAT ADDLH. POST wi# r haiida hi*h. I'liit tail, fl vara old ?,.t <rrj ful h? t? a trramiro f r MMM in.'. 0*,l ai I hUn'lll*Ml u W oat Twenty fourth atrcet. m ar Suth atinue FORBW.K-A mull' K AY M ARK I'.'i II t N [W IllOlf, louif U?H. 7 .rent* old: prrfoctir .mini nd ? n.i lor woman or ehllil to drive, ami can trot ? '.' Ml. tb>- Am at mare foi oale In thi* cltr. ft.ill at Saldeu'i ma'jlr. HO A twenty fourth street, tier ire 1 I' M DOR SAI.R-A ai'AN Of I AST I'ROITIN'I OK HI HI r nr? Marin. I'.Sj hand* Intb, 7 >eart olil, limit ta S dai ? bav color; fiertaetlr onirtd and kio I au ' -an trot In tlirn# inluntei t'i the pole: the be t team In lh? cliy for rrean horaea. t all at Selden a atab e HO Weal Twenty fom o> at. FOR SA!,R ? ONH 8PLK*Din OOC'PB riORHK. OMR l>airof aplrnHd l>!u<k coach l/or-ie*. Al? > on* la t of OravN and "iir pair of It row na. A criillemnn m ihlnir a pair t ll'ir c? inn l>r tilted !>r calling an I e ? a m 1 0' n,' thr abort* Block. W III trad'' for ? |i > r of l a ir linr?r and ari-ond Imnit roach liarnrm. Anilv in J AS. S. at'.Ll)J?N, 80 and b2 Wut rw*iit?-fonrth airen, K,>w Vork, For half? a it rp hotly matched pair oir hlaek Marea. wiih i >nj? ft -vim* tails, about I AW hand* high, and ai;?"l eluht >*??< . an trot wither In Sk* minutes; warranted aound and kind In a I r%s? "eta. Ittoulr* at tho livery stable of Joiiu CaU&h&ii, IS"> We t Thirty third atreot. N.Y Fob iau?a 1 rt hakdm rrri. rvvif nut Horse. Id handa full, of m V i<tid a i on. a n.oat ad* mlrablo fanulv hotseoi* far dovf ? *4 t. ? rih-e $3A0; no |i'9n . Ha? ' od *}>? n>). Clint ?n aveu e. Brooklyo, the fl"tb house south of Myrtle avenue. I.lfiU SVLK-A BKO'VN HORSE. SIX YEARS Ol|k ltt han-N htjh run trot n '? . minutes has never been trained. would make a !uie com e or roa i horse; pi ice (65", warranted every way Inquire at ' '*>* Broadway. Ill OR g.\T*R? A KIRST RIO! O HOR*tt, FOB ' a la lv or ? rn?!p a*' In* b? en i ' < ?i H v i*. T. Itamuna and his family a year; \h a u au ? > ? .v ba\. \o.% hi*ndM high. On he aeon at Hellovv ?i Central Pa- a'abie, junction Froad^av, Euihth arenu* an 1 F ?r?*?ntn*h tr e?. For halr-rrvrral fink yoi?> r, hqrhkb from fnur to seven vrnr* ol i. ne r* ?'* ?l or family horaea, from I4H to hands hi*lt ?4?i w? ' hr Lon to aaddte and. harnesa; fine atepper* an I very ft- >. ?' One braimful prav Middle or harness Mare. !f?' ban f : high; will eantoc and tr>t; is very tgeni'e; also one n'.^e te.-un. four and (iv# year** okl. black and p.r tv, M1^ handa i : h and fsat Ai*. will be warranted ?-> re|ii-?srul>d. Ap'/vt' I, DKAKK ICS Kail Twenty fifth Hi root. bid*. on First uu 1 Second avenues, private stable. Alio ft light double II. arrrh. _t FOB BALI'.? A BPLKKDI I* RAY POLT: SIX YRAR8 old; over fifteen hand a high; trotted to the pole at foue, ???r? In 3MZ ?ii public: iHotiauf the mot i romisuix hoisetf In t'no Mate. I'rleo ill, AIM A on,'iij> linre taken in pari payment. AddresH Hamlltonian. bti x IJf, Herald ollice. F3R KAT.K-8IVOI.Y OP. Tlx. K I'll KK, A M A TCII ED pair nf Bnya. 5 veiW? ??!>! IK iin nl* hlith of jiooil tr lllnif RlorV, John Brown? out of th? I norou*hln'"<t' M?rr. bjf intf "rtoil Tom Cnt>: fiir \VI;ll4in, oiii of f.^dv ^'an I 'i?n :SJI, bv ft<mlt of Kemhle .l;iok?. " Inn'ilrn for 'obi -il?t> (t'evon. at the atable "f Undorhill k 1 ?? t, hi UTtJ*tN plaoe For PAr.R-AN ki,koa\t paiik pii/iftoh also h boaiitjful Vii-turm. Al? > a T. p Itng : . b ill) of I ho bett matert*!, an I v?rv Htyllcli : varr*n ?il rqiial to any bnllt. at 61 0<lar *tro?t. oi'poaltn liio I'ont r> 'lice. Fop. sai.k-a noon Licfir opt:v wadov: at-so a new liitlit Harttona; hv oo?* of the 1 1 r t ntakeiR in th# rlty: tnuat be sold ai Iho mrm-r l< about leavlno ilieeltr, In niire at H<-Tinotir * Oo.'H Ktalile earner ?lt'b n??rnio and rorty third street. AM ion- M]t of lio >h!e Hkrn?M Poll HIU-A Lit. HT HX SKAT ROOK AWAY. new, -Hi *!v|e i llr ma I" I i order, a ^nod ,i? ivw ??(?.' H'rable carriage loi rlty or country. Apply to I). S. JAKVIB Rroadway. coinor Thirty-ninth atreet. ' For RAt.r-oNB kt.f.h ant pot-r <tp\T p?tot Wagon, built by Miner .t Htm nna. One Double 8 I of Hurtiosx and a jiilr of bay tiorxeg It! bands hi h tit* stvllah anil i?rfe 'Ijr aound an I km I Tn<- above will b? aold very low n Hie own*-.- Iin no me for t iom. I'nn be, aeiMi at til Cedar atitat, between the ltoun of 11 A. M. and t T.V)ft RALP? T'.YO riN'R RRKD IM7?~IPR TOO RTI1 Fit " with I nrrlav" Blanket.", A,., Ac., the prap?,rtv of a cen* tleman ?olua t? Euroi*. AdJrrm O. \V. T., boi 729 I'oaf oflioe. TjlOR 8ALK-A WAOOH. 817FTA BLR KOR BXPRRfl.1? P or rroooi i wag-in ,vltli irinrealile top for ?alo rhoap: Auply at the al.tbla, . 5 iimt Thirty ufiU street, oral 3u I'ccli ?UP. For ha t.p? tii k or,o k star lis it nn liykr? Hiable. 1IC and 118 Clinton plare. now doing a lirnt cla- ?, bnalneaa Tlio Block and Klxlun a if Iho ^tihli, \> lll bo ?oldf low to a oasii i imtomer. The tabla l.i large, and the looaliua the bot-t In ilia citr. The pare'iaxor ran Tavo a lea r of th?*> utali'e for a tei^n of yoar* with the i>rlt lleee of purchaalnB1 the proportf ilur,nv the lea ? or at the oupiratiuD of Iho same Apply on the pro nlses. IJIOR BAI.F.-A FK\Y N10R YOUN'O 1I0RSF.B. HIST r from tbe eoontry ; Daya mil blaoki; one lfii . banrtaa a boanllfiil younf liar, very ntvlllli anl faal. aultnble fori coupe: ho i wmthy the attention of ativ xontlomau wUMnji n cood family hor*e. Oan be mm al ( nderhlll A Fleet'a. corner Eleventh auactand Beoond a-, enue [ tyon sa i.f? tii n f.e iiorbrb, one tram .matchc r bafB, atyllih ilrlvera. 1RH haniln; >err senile, a ro?4> family team; warranted aound and kind. Amo two douhia and one HliiKlo Trni-ka. wltn Harni-KH In ''nod order Apply to or add.asaUKO W. W ALKF.R pier SO Eaat river. Im>M HALB rilF.AP? ONE BFAl'TIFIJI, BKOWW ' Kaddlc Fony. 11 h ind., hl#h ??ven ytarnold; aouod, kind ami gnntl*. 'mo man lfar.' a snlenald ro?d?ie- about han I, olnht y??ri old; a.uind kind aod rentio MuMI be ,old before Tnoodav next. To be aeen at 142 E.i?t Tweiity fourth atreet Ju 1 from the country Fion 8 A LI? A JET BLACK B 1SHAW HORHE. BPYEtff yearaold. I3!j band* hinb. trlth I mi riownur mane audi lad; warranted found and kind In do ib'e or ulng'a lmrn?e?; ran trot In 3 mioiitea ia al o very ?Ivliali no Icr the nadd lej having liern tbnroufli ly trained; prfr* Alao a Baja Mara. 15 bands lugii, warranted aounil and kind In everjg eartloiilar: would nut' a goo I famllr hort-- price fi.Vt. Tm t aeen at CaI.L vIlAN 5 Livery stable, 187 Weat Thirty third atreel. For falp-a BEAt'TrFirc browx sr uwl renca liorae. Ave yaur* In June; IS baud- high, rug -tfM-h; right in all r?-po U. Call <tl f ? ? Seventh avenue. ueaM Forty -lith ?t.. or upon J. O CA^Y. No 2 A tor llou a. For balb-a uorrr. tart and WOKK of m ?tora. Ap(dy m 47 Uuratlo ?[r?et. a ? > * 'OR BALK? CHRAF A ONE IlfiR-R TRDi'K P* good or '-r Iniulreof A. J. QUIHBT. No. 136 Esai Twenty all tli atroel. Fob balb-a i.arp.e feko wagon, with biiaft!? and pole, all In good rmining order. Win be ,old ? hear* a the ownji ban no further ? lor It Ap^ly at 222 Eaal Twenty fourth atreet. near Second ftreoua. FOR SALE-SIX YOUNd IfORSPR, FROM SEVEN TOI algkt yoar, old ; lit for car', trick or homt nt Alan ?nm tvld'o or do~t-ir'? Hnr e In'tnlre of PATRICK KBNNETC No t> Hatnllion avenua ferry, Brooki . a. FOR BALE-TWO LIGHT WAGON'S. LATEST BTTLBi noarlv new ; one with le<t',er top an t ona without lop; vary reat ,?nd lulit . of ihe b'?t mak-. t^ll before 8 A If. or alter 4 P. M. at 3M Rlvlogton -tieet. B^OR S\LP CHKaP.-A PHYSICIAN <1 PARRIAOE TNI good order. PrlrtM Foriurt.iai imitkuiarii auply at Mr. W1TTT B. 1S4 r Itoa arenue, Brooklyn 1NR CARRUGB R0R8RH ? POR SALE POUR _ pftlra of ?uiienor Oair age llora'-a trona Ave to ?ev*a voari old, l?hand? bl;h. Apply to till AS WBAfliWATB, Fordham. Weatcheatrr county. N *. Fast trotting horse fousalr? sbvrn year* old. aound aoJ kind, never boeu trained: can ahow ? nm'nrfti gait of "i 4Jper mila aold only for want of uaa. WM L TI'RRbLL, 4'it Broadway, from it to 12 A. If. F HORSB FOR BALE-A BEACTtPCL BAY HORSB, 7 years old thia epilog. IH hand, high, long tell. war. ranted soi^nd and kind; very sty) sb driver, will suit for ? oarrlagaor eiproea; $S25. Can be aoeo from 1 Ull ? P. M., al I.W Btenton atreet. Horses wanted. -a pair op pamily carri aob Unreel (to 7 years old, 15*, hands high. >.*00 jx>t?d|, bay gihflnr blark, stjlith, klud. gentle and Sbuna; |0O9< Address TPi MB New York Poet offlre IRON WAGONS -POR B AF.R. ABOUT FORTY "iRO^ Wagons, suitable for sugar ta^, <oal mines. Apply at 270 and 271 West street. f LIOHT waoon hhifting top. IN GOOD ORDK city ?? hean pri.-e |1S0. Call weak day a, from to 4 o n at No. 4 Ritinglon street. IkTEW TORE TATrRRBAtLB. SIXTH AYRNOR. CO?< IX n?r of Fortieth street.? 'Horses. W aeons and Uarneas at auction, on Tuoauav. May IT. I'eremptonr.aale ol H Horse*. Including a pftlr af flr.e cream Uoraea. Faiticulara IB futar* ' advartlaeasantv Sale positiva. ... . ? _____ ______ _j 4 NOTICB.-O^R P VI B OF MI-LBS FOR BALE kT t hanberiln's Bull's Head ateblea. from 16S to 17 band* h'gh. Ave and ?ii yean ol ., wnJ ap 1 kind. CPLEKD1D Bin -FOR BALB, HORSES. HARNESS 47 and Rngrv The ho sei are ia*t fr m the oonatrv. ve?3 atyU^. aad ah .W very .; <J.I apee,j: they are IS'a hand* high, loag tall., and a* oaa of I ha cl?es: matched teams In thrf City: boU? 5}'?u old. sad are warranied aound and kind M ?very way Haraeo*asd huffy ar? nearly aad just asaoo2 as new. Iaf|>Ure st i.'t TUird stre?t. t-TABi lf To LKr-PABr OF A LARGE AND CONVR. H n'sjt hi able to lot, in fortieth free, oaehuad V?dfee4 e ?? of Msdi?on av?nne. Inqulra on the premises or of r? II Ll'OlNGTON. !S rark plai e. p???ea. or or o. STt fcLJ r,) "r'U-^IT1 p,)l'R STALLS WELL FI*| tstiil' suV^T *T**T Apply at ?) Bast lift To nirKMts -ron mi.* rnn\r, ran o abh. orb polr of ,b v? Hw-fi, ?'arnaf? not l|?rnni on Mftmnt *? 91 fT.Z'irZt " C"r "PP" 10 ?K?> MOORBf, H? M Now >lrwl rVMITVl ABAjtE ? HANCK fOB UOUSRRBBFBRB -norRft, hold t rnliurc At a ?Acr1floa. a (tell/, dacltalat houaap korpiof irlll ?vll. in laii to an)l p'irrfcaMro, All the Kiiral luro ?oui*i?? i in ?b*ir roAtdoaoa, r>? W*alT?oa'? thlrB > nor futh i 'ii e, -l'i?i.o'orlH r&rlo/ Hull* Wua< K?x"^wsntSsaSsKvS: t *o In M ? y? J Mhibboiib-a. kumbrb or skcond damp firb* Hill MAnUl And PIT OlA?M. with ton aw nag Ctr> Ale? a?4 TabiAA. for ?*U: of jnwtw dirtan ?ai la ?trat* Win i condlllft ; ara flr?l (Iaaa t roach ptalai, ato a ooatplaw z^Jxsxt; ossife.s* sEtrsfdsg1. < third rtroat \tj tRTMT>?k PtBBT RATB ?BOBBTABY BBDtTBAfl ho broirb oo it r a hVi " nS: " *T _ onrarr mimktn ?nd m#?d? of umr Bnglno Company, Ro. ?, ?r? roopoctltillr inrll^iiooi tho fnn.rAl ?f P.nlH B. i.iUtTAnTfV n? tha Bo 9 w? rtnib t/fciVW." Boo n# hqul QHimi

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