Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 14, 1864, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 14, 1864 Page 5
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BUTLER! Destruction of the Petersburg and Richmond Railroad. Threatened Attack Upon the Former City and Its Object. Several D:sp#rate Charges Mads Upon Our Lines bj the Rebels. How They Were Received and Repulsed. The Enemy Tries to Turn Our Flanks, but Fail Reported Reinforcement of Beaure gard from Lee's Army. ' The Citizens of Richmond Employ ed on the Defences. Interesting Details ef Gen. Kaufz's Cavalry Expedition. -Obstruction of * J ames River by Sunken Vessels. The Hebel Iron-Clads Block aded at Richmond, ft*.. &o.. <%*. Mr. ?ic?r G. Sawyer'a Diapateliei. BEADQt'ARTKRS, TENTH ARMY ( OKI'S, IS I UK FlKi.D, > Nkah Pmaencaa, Va. , May 9, 1804. j Our forces this mo'Dlng again mada a desuont upon the Richmond an I Petersourir R-tliroad, and destroyed it the ootlre length or our front. Throe divisions from this oorpa, under Gens. Terry, Ames and Turner, and two from the Fifteenth corps, under Geua. WeltzeU nod V7ig. tar, moved out at daylight from camp and struck the railroad io four p >iutg. No o)-poHlt:on was offered at iny of the approaches to our forcos. Geo. Terry's division occupied Chaster, a small station about fourteen miles from Bichmoud, and destroyed the track thore ai d otber railroad properly. Tamer moved In on bis lot tti.d made a clean sweep down the road towards Petersburg, until be came up to Ames' division, which was al<*o buslijr eogageo In burning and destroying The road has boen destroyed for a distance or four or Gve cnt'es hi such a complete manner that It will be almost Impossible for the enemy to avail themselves of its ser vices again during the present campaign, especlafiy If ws remain In his front, ready at any moment to agiln de Mroy It. BOW RAILROADS ARB D88TROYED. Tbo temporary destruction of a railroad by a body of meu is a oompttraHyolv easy ;ob. The rails are gen tally wreuched oil. and the ties to n up, placed In piles and Orod, the rails being \td on tbe toy of t!>e burning piles When well heated the ral'a are t'rlsied or bont and rendered outirely uteiess. To dsy, at some Lixh embankaioats. a regiment <M men waa stationed In a Hue on the side of the road, and after the tics hud toen loosened from the bed of the road, th"o a scction of tbs Mils snd tics were r-'Ued, and tu.-nb'cd down the embankment with a crash Wlian bridges were encountered tbo torch wns spoiled t~> thorn ard they wero destroyed. The work lor foar mlle3 was com pieteiy flu istiod before noon, and t>i > columns began to tnaasaotn and move dowa Ih ? Richm. nd and Petersburg pike towards Petersburg, General Smltu's carps bwlog the advr.nce. ma JtnvANo* Tcwaitps rrTXHsm-RO Genernl Godfrey Wnllwsl, with bis (Mvl-ion of tho Klgbte-MHli oorpa, led the column, and carefully felt bis way down the plka, with a strong lino of skirmishers well In advance. From several sources w had learned tb 4 General D. fl. Hill, or G- u Bteurcgard, VU ra. suing bis forces about four miles this hide of Petersburg, pre paring to contest our advance. Pure enough, our skirmishers encountered tbe rebel line? a mile or more this side 01 a deep, wide crock . wmcb was said to be tbelr ?asm line. A desultory skirmish Are begun snd continued until our Hue of battle was formed and pushed forward. Tbe Bra on both sidea then increased, and artillery was brought into requisition 0* both hides. Tbe engagement than began in earnoet. Ames' division formed on Weitzoi's left, and then caue Turner and Terry's divl <ons, although the right waa but little en gaged. Froii 1 he first our tuon steadily drove back the rebol Hoes and indicted a ?vavv loaa upon them, and Suffered greatly themaelvos. Tho enemy vigorously abated our llnea and tbo pike up wnich our troopa were advancing, and were replied to by some cf our rifle guns. The enemy continued to be drtvoa biok by Weltrel and Amos until at olgbtiall they bad falleu back to tliehr batteries across the oroek. The fighting of onr meo throughout was ex. eellnat Many regiments bad Darar been to action bo fore, bat tbay went in with all the daah and ateadineaa of veteran s. Tbe nature of tbe ground over which tbe en gagement was fought prevented any great loss of Ufa. Not over thirty of oar men were killed and abcat one hundred ead fifty wounded. Quite a number of rebel dead and wounded fell Into our hands. Tbe enemy served about eight pleoea of artillery, aetof ride and smooth bore guns, and making soma very good practice, our gans were well served, and at tlmea nearly silenced the rebel batteries. At Bl?ht strong pickets were thrown out , and tbe sol. dlers, wanned with tbe marches and labors of tbs day, and exhaualed by tho terrible heat that atriisk Sown so many during tbo day, bivouacked la the W' ods In line of bMt'o, and are now quietly sleep, tug. The Intense rays of the run oocs l^oed tbe death of at least a do?on persons, and used up forty or Ufty others The wnatbar waa more llkn August weaker la Maw York than a spring day in Virgin a. To mcrrow morning tbe engagement will doubtless bo resumed on a more eiteuslva scale. Tho slftlr to d iy waa only a preliminary skirmish be ore the great fight, oltbouirh the musketry Are to day waa at times exceed ingty heavy. 1 append a partial Hat or oasualtie*. I believe that of the Tenth corpa to be u. riy oomplete and fall. The Eighteenth uorp? suffered more sevsiely than the Tenth-, but I was uaablo lo obUia mors than a partial list, which I also send:? oiSU'iTiin nr tbs nrmt ar*t roars. Abraham Otto, I, (9th Pa., fracture or oaee of slrall. Jnha Oiool, II, AMh Ph., fioab wound a'x>ve elbow. Jacob Fldd'er, H, MM Pa., wcu iU it? Inn below kass. Cyfi ? Anthony If. 8Mb 1%, wound n.j w tnee Xereuo* itttey , l>,4tb U. S. artillery , shall wound tm neck and shoulder I. K. Morris, U, ,",utb Pa., wound In thumb. Iieory l/van, I>,44bU. N. artillery, ??tusM? from ahell. Jafbes MoUiugbim, D,4rt? U. S artillery, fleah wound !? Hyp Mstaew -arland I. Uth Pn., loss of finger. Was. Met) co. K, (6th Pa . wound in right hand. 0. W Clark. K, itthN. Y. (Itlh o<?rpe), wrist shattered and flesh wound in kee, amputated. Bergt. Major Mewiey , tfTth Pa., contusion of head. tAsiuvrna t* m.t ?i*f i/ ooris. S D. Millar, t?. K.attb Maes., weond in breaet. Jacob H. Ry mater, uo. B, Maaa .wound n shouMST. 1.ymaa J. rr entice, t'o A, 'J??h Maea., wound In thigh. Asiraw 0. Osorge, Co. 0. llth Oooa , wound in thigh, ?srek & B. Adams. Oo, B. Uth M. 0., sanatroka, James niilum, Co. 0, llth Coon., 6*11 through foot, lliutiaol Luc >11, Iltb Cimu., worn. J iu -h ?uld??r. Mich?ai Ucgiii*, i'o. >?, llih t out,, wo >ud tu almulder. Btuiua AutJuiu,Co. A, inn i oun., 3<vU wound, arm. Okai> tUKTicm, 1>?th Ami* On*:*, I 1m TUB *t'F 10> !<***? / rim DKMOMTWAlllN AGAJKUT PIH ElUJBURQ. Our demon*' ration against i'etorrUiri b ?a beau ?ucc??? ful It bald I. I a Urge rebnl tun e en roafe to l*e at a time wbeu mrv might be very raluablo to their cams if ?tifcj oouid hiv > effected a junction with tbo rebol army, I ??>'? nt the samr time it gave us an opportunity to destroy w Kb mora com;ietoiiesd the railroad from Petersburg to Richmond, the groat Ilna of communication between tho rebel capital and tha * ?utl?. Tba work of this mornlug baa effectually flalibed that road for some time to oorao. A RH ;JIL WIUHNiHT ATTACK. List night tba rebots made a midnight attack on our front, on tbo Petersburg turnpike, etiber wltb a view of taking a section of tba Fifth New Jersey artillery, or of feeling tho streugib of our pickets, an ! whether we bad withdrawn oar main column and le.'t tha Hold only with a email thin vail of skirmi&liors to cover our departuro from their notice. Whatever the cause may b'tve boen for the dbarge it was tnado, and in a way that spoke more strongly for tbelr audacity and boldness than for tbolr go >d judgment. However, experience may tench them something oue of those days. Tha rebels formed their brigades in column by divi sions, and at about one o'clock advanced boldly and rapldlv up tho broad turnpike oo a charge straight for the section of tha bat tor y In position in tho middle of the road. Ojr pickets discovered them when they had ap proached within a short distaocu. and fell back before them until they had reached a point within ton or lilleou roda of our front Hue of battle, whore they laid down and opetied thoir fire. Our men wore vigilant snd prepared for any movement of the kind, and allowed the rebel column to come well up the road, when n tremendous withering vol ay of musketry was poured into the head of the column, which wont down like grass before tho mowor's scythe. Pushing across the bodies of tbair fallen comrades, tbo re'-ul; rushed forward with a yell, sure of their game. Tho mlstukn was fatal. Another scathing voley went crashing through their donso column, and tba doad and wounded began to crowd the pike, and clicck In a measure tha rapid advance of the living. Tba Forttolh Massachusetts, Colonol Henry, now opened a terrific lire from their Spencer rifles, and our lines gleamed wltb the flames from a thousand mus zles, and a storm of bullets awept down the plka p ling mm upon man, until the rebels wavered, balled, nod then fell back, bloodily repute "*1. The lloe was re formed, and a second charge was made with deafening yells; but the same fearful tire cut down the bead of the eo'umn, and again, In spite of all cfTbrts of tbeir officers tho rebel column rolled back to their lines, and then, for the third time again formed and started up the gory lane, to make one final an d reckless effort to break our linca and capturo the guns. Three regiments poured in volley a'ter volley Into their thinned ranks; but they pushod ste -dily and oonfldently forward. Hut it was useless The fire was too hot and deadly for mortal men to stand up against, and for the tbird and last time was tbecharge repulsed and the rebels sent back to thair lines terribly out to pieces and thoroughly demoralized. no itiriner attempt was maue 10 ootain me gun* or to break our Hues that night, and all wns leit far tbe rebels to contemplate was tbe skeleton column and tbelr cosily failure Sixty dead rebel* which wore seen at daylight within a apace of a hundred foot on the pilco give an bodio Idea of tbe de3truotlvo nature of our Are. How many moro laid doad below, or how many wounded men bad crawled from tbe road Into the woods on either aide, wo b id no mean* of dnterinlnlng, na tbo grouud between the opposing pickets could not be rescbed by either side. Probably not less than Ave hundred rebels were placed hort dv eombm' by that midnight hour's work. Not a single man on our siue was injured, so far ?m I cmud learn. 80 complete and decisive a repulse has never be'ore been chroulcled. To-day, when our forces wore ilnwn off, the dead lay as they fell, decomposing under the torrid rays of the sun. Tbe rebels were aa fearfully repulaeJ during tbe fight of yesterday, when three South Carolina regiments cMrged lleckman's brigade of Welt/el's division, Klgh teenth army corps, whlcb lu.J tbe advauce. Thcyod raa cod In the s.ims tcckio<* and confident manner, and were thrics bloodily repulsed by three Massachusetts regi ments, which met tbeir advance with a magnificent steadiness and a cool and effective fire that nothing human could withstand. About three hundred rebels were killed and woundod in the affair. In one company of tbe Eleventh South Carolina Volunteers thirty men and all four of Its officers teii in a space no larger than an ordi nary sized drawinc room. These two attempts to orush Uh by a charge signally failed, and no third has been at tempted at that point. Till BVrMT DEMOySTTlATS ON 0U8 K.'O'fT FL4VK. This morning at daybreak a rebel force appeared on cno of the roads leading from Richmond, and attempted to bre^k our right flank and get Into the roar of our forces on the Petersburg road, and cat it ?? ?' from IU has 1 Colonel Howell, oouira inding a brigade in Gen eral ferry's division, promptly met the attack ai.d s ic ceaafniiy cimrkod tno enemy's advance. Ileivy skir niUliiiiif continued throughout tha forenoon, and the ene my's f >rees b" an to crowd oos line heavily, as they b id boon reinforced from Richmond. Eiiorts were made by tbe e:iemy to cut off the F.ighty-flfth Pennsylvania, which '?eld otio approach three miles towards Richmond The movoin?Dt was ui.suec -.wful, '.he rebels being che- kad in everv attempt. Fighting continued for "ever.*! houre horo, and ilnally tho enoiuv, having beon greatly strengthened, moved up the piko and attacked another force to tbe loft, consisting Of the One Hundred .ind 3ixty-iitnlh New York, Tiiirtesnth lndnra, and Stxty-seveulli Ohio, under Colo nel Voorliecs,cf tbe Utter rogiment. A section or two of Woodbury's New Jersey bittery was stationed with tbe brigade. This force was stationed at the Junction of tbe Petersburg and Richmond pike, and the Bermuda Hundred aod Chester roads. Our Hue of battle extended across tbo pike, with a front looking on each road to wards the north. Tbe enemy attacked this line In strong force and Hanked us on tbe left, capturing a portion of one of tbe com pan lee of tba Thirteenth Indiana, and crowd Ins our left bick. Tbe enemy #is quickly repelled, tbe ground regained, and tbe line ro established. Repeated charge* were made upon the Mm, but In every Instauce wore they efwcti.a'l/ repulsed. Tho flgbt went on rather stiffly during tbe entire no n, white the rebet^ were massing 00 our left te oompletely out off onr fore* In that quarter. Observing the nature of the affair, report was sent to headquarters of the eltnation and the dangers to be apprehended In ease of tbelr suoceee crvskal rnur's sattu wim pickktt. Gen. Terry 'e division, wbteh was engaged two or three mllee to tbe left in finishing tbe work of tearing np and destroying the railroad track, was Immediately ordered forward I* the assletsnoe of Colonel Voorlieee, aa he received the report. Tbe brigade, consist ing of tbe Seventh New Hampshire and Sixth and Seventh Connecticut, under command of Colonel Abbott, of tbe Seventh New Hampshire, harried np tbe ro-id and took np a position supporting Voorbeee' brigade. Rockwall's First Connecticut battery was sent to the left, and took Its pueltlnn In se open Sold, and was soon sharp ly engaged with great effect. Tbe Seventh New Hamp shire deployed on tbe left of tbe battery and 00 tbe right the Slitb Connecticut, Colonel Paryea. was placed, tbe Seventh Connecticut, Lieutenant Colonel Roc man, having tbo left flank. Arter eeveral vain attempts to break our line on the right flank, la which the rebele were badlj bandied by tbe Thirteenth Indiana, Colonel Dobbs, and tbe One Hnndred and Sixty-ninth New York, Colonel McConibe, they mamed on tbe Ml flank, aod oherged fiercely on tbe Seventh New Hampshire, Lieutenant Colo nel Henderson, and Rockwell's battery. Tbe Seventh re pulsed tbe charge with all the steadleeaa of veterans. Three timea did tbe rebele dash up with a yell; but on eaeb occasion tbe flrmneee of the Seventh New Haaap ahlre and Its excellent practice with lie gone threw back tbe rebel tide and saved tbe left from being tnrned and tbe safety of the entire foroe imperilled. If the regiment bid acquired aa unfortunate reputation for bed condaot at < iluutee. its bearing yeeterday will relieve It of any stain. It redeemed ttaekf fully and completely In the eyos of all tiurlog the engagement a aer lon of Woodbury's bat tery waa captured by tbo rebela, and recaptured by tbe Sixth Connecticut, who brought It In In safety. Tbe Seventh Connecticut msdo sffcctive use of tbelr Spec -ere, and chocked tbe edvanoe of the rebels at aeveral points. The continued for nearly three hours, and Anally, repulsel end thwrn tew at every point, tho rebels retired, with a heavy loss 1 1 ki.led and wounded. Thoy were thoroughly whipped and disheart ened. lhey came down from Hlehmond tbe night Wore, and did not anttcioate meeting any large for^e c.i mem aa oar rlfht dauk. They expeoted to have oaptured uitonel H" well's foroa and gained tbe works on onr right and onr has*. This a ice plan railed In conseqiMnca nf General Torry's movement, which happened to be In tba vary nick of time. Af>*r the I fight had nearly cleaed Ames' division name up, followed I %oy Wlstar's brigade and Turner's division, a new lis* I was formed ; but no rebele ware It eight. Tba Una wag then ax tended aaroaa all tha spgrWPbH fW? mod the com rami from to? f iroe on tbe Petersburg pile? rendered secure <U?OAinka. Our lr?8ua w(.re n< t mor? than two bund *d killed, wounded and of wbien about twelve were ki led. The rebel* Inst very heavily In tbelr charged, u:id suffered a good deal fr> oi our aril lory fire Vi tile the ttc'jt waa going on a Are aroje lu the wood* and spread with marvellous | rapidity, swooping over tbe (round where a I tarit number of wounded rebel and aome of our owa wounded lay. As tbe ilain^ enveloped their orles of distress became ternbte, and flaally, to save wbal few tbe could be reaohed.a (la* of truce was n<*nt in.nak In? time to bury tbe dead and take oare of the wounded It waa granted, and an hour waa epentfln collecting tbe wounded. The roliol odloert looked blue aud dojp'juJont. Tbey had no good now* to toll ua. their confidence in the success of tbe VlrgluU campaign about taded out. We took a num'>->r of prlsoncra, who were from South Carolina and Richmond recently. They report every civilian at work ou the iutronebment* at Richmond ?. a preparing for Grant's armr Of i TC'tg K1LT.RD A WD WOUND Bl'. Captain Wilcox, Sixth Connootlcut, wai; M\<or Burton and Lleutonaut Vau Antwerp, Thlrtoc'Hh Indiana, wounded, and Lieutenant Dowdy killed. C'tj tain ttoa'je was captured. 1UX nWIIL IX>98 AT THB JUNCTION riOTT* A Petersburg paner of Monday Met acknowledges thtt tbe rebels lost over two hundred tn tbe fight last Satur day, among which wero six 01 sovtm llo d unicorn. General A. V. Kaali'i Urtat Cavalry Expedition. un. joiin a. buady's uksfatcq. In thr Kiki.d, May 10, 1864. I have Just reached City Point, wilh tho cavalry divl sion under command or Gonoral Knutz, after ono of tbe most daring ana successful raids during tho war. The main artery or the confederacy? the great railroad from Woldun to Richmoud? bu been repeatedly cut, Us br:dgea burned, and the Inpourlng of reinrorcemeuis to tbe throatenod rohel capital and to bolcaxuerod rotors burg bag neon s opped for a fortnight te cow). COMTOSJTIOIf OF T1S FOKOB. General Kautz's division had been for aome time lying at Getty's Station, near Portsmouth, awaiting the signal for the general advance of tbe Union armies. It la com posed of two cavalry brigades. Tho first, consiatmg of tbe Third Now l'oik and First DUtrict Columbia cavalry, is under command of Col. 8. H. Mix, of the Third Now York, and tbe second , composed of the Huh and Eloventh Pennsylvania cavalry, is commanded by Col. S. P. Spear, of tbe Eleventh. In addition to the howitzer battery at tached to each regiment, ? section of tbe Eighth New York battery, undor command of Liout. Morton, wa3 * ' tacoea to lue expeaiuon. rni start The command loft Gutty 'b Station at daybreak on the morning nf tho 4th, simultaneously with the ascent Of the James river by Geo. Smith. We paBied through Suf folk at midday; but were unable to prevent the Inhabit ants of tbat town from sending couriers la advance to telegraph our approach. The column halted for tlio night at Andrew's Corner*, about Qfteou milts from Suffolk, whero some slight annoyanco wns oxpori en ed from the bnshwhacbers. TH* WOODS OK FIR*. For eight miles the woods were on Are. The combus tion was caused by tbe men, as tLoy rode along, throwing the inoxtingu isbable matches, In common us? in tbe army, into tbe underbrush after llghtlrg their pipes. At nine in the ovonlng tbe scene was magnificent. The conn try was lighted up In every direction by couutloss columns of lum iuous smoke that rose from tbe thick black most: tbat surmounted the dimes. At twolve P. M. the march was rosumnd, and the column passed through Windsor at daybreak fxaturss of tbi cotstry. This whole section of country Is donsely woodod, mainly with the pine and cedar, and presents a feature almost entirely new to our army la the natter of fences. Although so near our lines, and likely at any moment to be the we of military 'ration!, the fencee remain sutidlng, an induputabto proif or the scarcity of visits by the soldiers of either aide to tho neighborhood nut RKBELS ON TUK AIJCKT. We pushed on rapidly for the Blackwater, Intending to croos If possible at tho Hiackwuter bridge; but, discover ing thit the rebels, iuforuiod of our approach, hid mass* ed a heavy force to receive us, General Kautz turned to the north, and m >vod on FornsvMe. The advance d ished Into tbe village, and oaptured the picket aud a mall o.n lor, who, believing us to bo rebels, bad ; not attempted to escap a uu til too late. It wu hore die ooverad that the rehols bad built two forts to protect Broadwater bridge, which crossoe the ftlackwater wltu 10 two ratios of Iho village. Ah il would be impos sible to offeot a crossing core without serious loss, tbo head of tbe column wis turned towards Smlihfleld, and rebel couriers flew before as to publish our approach. After a short march, however, wo turned again to tbo north, and, marching rapidly along oountry roads, sue corded In retching Wall bridge before tho small rebel picket stationed there could be rolnforced. Colonel 3;?ar't adrvieo charged across the bridge on foot before tbe rebels could entirely destroy It, and after a sharp con flctcaptnrod ton of the enemy and wounded a rebel lieuten ant. Lieutenant l'rudhomma, Asslstaut Adj'itant Goueral of tbe First brigade, was severely woandeJ white charging with the advance. ACROSS TIIR I" SCXWATKR. We wire at length across tua Ttlack water. By tkliful manoeuvring wo had succoulod iu forcing the much \S'intod defensive lino which the rebels bive lung deemed Invulnerable to * cavaliy raid. Nothing re ma.'ced between us and the *reat Southern Rulrv ad but the Nottorwav. Wc Halted at dark at WakeQeld. on tlis Norfolk and retersbirg Railroad, and toro ut> tbo track for a long diatnnee CAPT1RR OF A P.F.nEL C0MMI58ART. At two o'clock ou Saturday morning we wore again iu tbe saddle, and a few hours after Captain Piorco of the Tblrd New York charged into I.ytUeton and cipt tired a j robM commissary, ten mon and three wigons loaded with ammunition, rations and ft.rsge. One of the wagons proved to he on ? tbat hau Ust year been oaptured from company IT, Eleventh Pennsylvania Volum-tors, by the rebels. At this pvlnt the horses began to give out, and all eiucstrians met anon the road were dismounted without ceremony. So l.Ule wns It expected that tho Tankoes would be able to penetrate this country, that we were invariably taknn for rebels by tbo Inhabitants until we approached Homer's Well. We were warmly welcomed by Home of the uatlves, who notified us that a large force of Yankee* were endeavoring to crocs the Blackwater. Others sgain who conversed with some of tho officers under the Impres sion that they were rebel soldiers, regretted that tbe war waa not yet over, ani seemed to belong to tbe party of ear "peace cm any terms" politicians of the North. FIGHT AT'S RRTTWia rassiss to tbe right of Sussex Oeurt House, the column reached I"! timer's Well at twelve o'clock M , whoro by seme Means oar true character was discovered, and a oourler sent ahead. Upon reaching Boiling's bridge ? which orwseo the Nottoway ? we found that the rebels had torn op the centre planks and were In rifle pits nrori the opposite side. Captain Pierce, with bis squadron, chtrged on foot across the bridge, and drove tbe enemy into tbe woods. The missing planks were replaced by fence rails, aud tbe colon Ji was soon across the stream, sbd moving rapidly on Stony Creek Station, where a battalion of tho Holcotae legion, under Major Siegter, were Intrenched In th? humeri. The carbineers of the Tblrd New York were- il.- mounted, and moved forward sj , Infantry skirmishers, en ter ci>mmscd< of Major Jaeobs, j w bile two bodies ol Hoops forded the creek nod got in tbe ' rear ef the enemy . eat ting off eH retreat. Tho bo ?i *er batte les, and tiro three inch rifles ot tbs Eighth Yew Y rk battery, opsuei '<n the place, and artsr a do* -wrs. I resistance) tbo eaomy were driven Into the turfrfkj, , where they serzemlcred. The two br. '.goo at this pinco were soon in ifctiiveo, and tho traok torn ap for a cud siderable dlaUnoo. Tbe oomtauolcatlou between Kieb mond and Weldon was thus for tbo Urot Umo durlug Uio war offeotsally broken. 1011. troops STorraa. Threo tfcousMid rebollrooyo had pi. seed through Stem Creek. station Just previous to oar arrival, aud H ? t'j kjnd se?re were on Uwmt way from Weldon. On f to ihe destruction of tolographlo ooiumonlcatlnu, hoaovor, they dhto ivored that sometblog waa wrong, and stoppiv. at tbo brldgos below, wbkoh tbey proceeded to fortify Large quant I ilea of provisions and forage were found at Stoajr Creek, aoJ all that oouid not bo carried olf wi?e do stroye-l. toget'jer with oomoootton and a large numlw Of rull-.'oed too a. Fidtrr At jarrstt's statiox. During the night Colonel Spoor waa sent with bis br' garto to attack Jarrott's Station, about flrioen miles bo'o v i Stony creek. |Tbls point was reached early la tbe j morning; bnt the ononsy? oror a tbouosad In number? bold a strong position in tbo wood* aroasd ths statlive, and suooosdod I n repulsing a desperate eberge of tbe Bovoatfc fmiwrirwtK Upw N anij? ?C riM PobMy Ivaula, hcw??er, with Uie howitzer h, titer tes, tha attack waa r*uu?od, uu l after t*o hours' <f lighting tbs enemy were dnvoo from the place. with tbe io-s of over twenty killed a>ui ?u uuknown number wounded. IVrty prisoners "?ere t ten he r?. I.amen-e quantities of MP piiee of every dosciiptton wore desn.yod at this pi ice, *i.4 tbe bulidiucs >, tug tbe station, tugoiber with a 'urge water tai.k, we e consumed by (Ire. turn.* or wm i k HRirma. In the meantime General Knits, with Mil's brigade, had moved do?n in White bridgo, wboro t'lerailreid orosses the Nottoway, ab >utslx mile* iroua 8'oof oreek Hero ihreo thousaud rebels, under (JjIoujI r*bb, of tbe Mftjr ninth Virgin It, were found Intrenched In a fori ooinmandlng tho bridge. Tne robel slcirm'stiers extended fur a mile Yonj tho rtilroad, aad werosoon eugigid in a sharp conflict with the csrhlneersof the Third New York, under Major J ;tc bs. Tho First Di3trlot Columbia, under Mijor Baker, wucrud the wood* ou tbu extreme l?'t , aod succeeded in turulng tho enemy'* position. Th.s regunont ie armed with tnj sixteen shooters, and the accuracy and rapidity of tbclr Orion suuu throw the right o the enemy Into oonfuslon. The howitzers and Ltout. Morton's tbrer. loch battery now o noned on tbo roboU, who ooramonce retreating rapidly In tbe direction of their f ?rt Spuar 4 brigade soon m*do its appearance ooiuiog, up tho railro 1 track, and compiot?l the disoomflturo of tho enotny, *? no tied In contusion. Tne enemy were driven poil-meil ml their fort and numbers of them captured, an th? bridge, under a Uoavy discharge of m nkotry fro i me fort, waa sot on 0m aud guarded itll com ;etot? j dastroycd.whon our forces wore withdrawn. ?xiuc.-iTioN or tok non??H. Tho oxcessivo heat of the weathor and tho hard sjrvlce thoy had been composed to ondure ha.l "jompletoly used up the horse* and a hall wis made for necess iry rest for both mas and bo?f.t at Sn '.sex Court House. We found a hotel at this place, whoro a few w!;o wore desirous or partaking of tho luxury of a ft loss of ap;>le Jack d.soovered that the selling price ol that bove age was three dollars a glass. At daybreak on Mon day tbo march was resumed, and General Kauiz, Having dlsooverod upon roaohing T.ytlleton that It was rumored tbrougU the country tbal Gannral Smith was In tbe neighborhood of Petersburg, tho column was hoadod to the north, and we bfgan our m MTh for City I'olnt. A few miles irom l.yttleton tho advance met and scattered a party of Homo Guwds, undor M.'jor Belger. No further annoyance was mot with, and at evening the column reached the Norfolk an 1 Petersburg Railroad, ab >ut four miles south of the lattor place. The track was torn up and a bridge burned here, cutting oil a train of cars that had gone down the road, which may easily bo captured or destroyed whenever a party is sent down tbe road for that purposo. nratsr, rumors. A n to neared Petersburg cannonading could be dis tinctly beard, and from the reports of tho robots wo learned that battlos were being foi.jht C If. General Longstreet was said ta bo wounded, and Genoral Jeakius killed, although they claimed to have repulsed our troops evory'timo. arrival at rrrr roi\T. On Monday night the column bivouacked at7.ton Church, about six miles from City Point, aud entered that plaoe tbis morning about ton o'clock, after having successfully accomplished every objoct of tho expedition, bringing with thorn one hundred and fifty prisoners, thirteen of whom wero cfflr.ers. casualties or taa kipbditiox. The following nre tao caanailiua atleudlng the expedi tion FIFTH PEXM-YLVAWU OAVtl.R* . Killed. Isrnat/ Markat, E Wound*!/. Geo XUngher, A S^rgt John Mlnater, r John ketencr, A Iaauoie Clare?, / John ICIanlic, A Capi Geo J Kerr, O Herman Oafkin, B Archibald Wtliace, G Phillip Loinmsr, B llujlh OMimitond, () John Oampert, E T lions** Ua npbml, U Julma Krulo?, ? It M LionKStaiT. Q John Opp K Henry, L Charles Broliis, B Andrew ICo;,*, M Jol.n Bauer, K John Kuupler, H I I'VJMH PRXHSTI OAVAIAT. Killed. W m DicU, U Wounded. J no Logo. C J do Dickey, t Wm Shalt*, C Ilebry IS Marry, K Allien Weaver, C Jacob U Kellet IC Abnun (lochpton, E J Iioovcr. L Alt red Murphy, r. THIRD NEW YORK CAvALRT. Killed Sercrar.t Jim Mayes, 0 OB Davenport, K ilaitln taaUerpool Wuundtd Cnptaln Jtio Klha, B Phillip King, O Corporal W A Mai shall, B Jun Osborne, <i Corporal .loseph Owans, B I^evt Knowltou, M Michael l>cnuy, K FIBST DISTRICT COHTTTIA CAVALRT, Wounded. John V. Butter, C Albert TVannhard, B Pn trick MrNleii, C <; M Danlell, B John U Vnntou, C T Le<vls Jaue, it 0 Lev. la. K TLu total c isualtios wore (lvo killed and fort/ tbreo wouticicii ? a very triflia,' loan wlicti compared with the groat resulu accomplished. OKVFSAr, IT A TTZ General August V, ICim*, the leader of tills expedition, Is a ukuvo of Ohio, and a graduate of Wost Point. A1 though Ins name Is not familiar in tho East, ho in will and favorably Known amon;our Western solaiors as tbo mau who cspturcd John Morgan, ne has already won the af fection of every man in hla division by bis coolness, his produce of iniud and the ttklliul maiinor In which bo sue ceeded !n salKlog nroiind the rebeta. Iho fallowing goo ? tl:men comp >se the statTof the Genji a, M. J Ascb, Captain an I A. A. G Janios A. AllM, Lieut, aud A. U. C* I!, s. Monrie Mem. and Ordnance Offliar. Samuel Weiherall, M*j..r and "r >v!.?t Marshal. U. W. lUvers, Surgeon in-vbidf. Mt. Win. II. fcUlner's Dcspatoh. FoitTRrss Mom m, May 12, UH. ALT. Ql'ICT OX TDK IJ.VM. Siure <!o iorai But or left here with his ariny there has been ?oircely aay fxclt.'tcjnt, except tbo lutonae deairo to :e irn tUo latest tews frou the front. Every vessel arriving from the vloiuily of tbo Jiutns rivor, on cjtning to tha wharf, la immediately botrd?d by eager masses, and from such scenes can be judged the iutensltv of cx citrmrrt aiming ln New York to bear news of army operative J. Ori?RI?AI. R"T< VR's Movcwxxrs buve (bus far boea a series or unlnterr iptsd successes Kv, ry plan devised has been carried out with prompt nets and alacrity by hiseorps of able and sxi?er|ence4 brigade, division iud corpi rommandnrs. rho rallraad communlciUJoD brtwoen retersbur* ard Ricb-nond and I'otor- burg and Weldon bis been Irrevocably destroyed, Th'is lias tiie rebel capital b en Isolated from tbe oon federacy. ttte irsriTAi AR*A."?n??xni the rcceptlon of the sick and winded ar^ m st ex 1 u.!?!it. As scon as a hospital Ivat arrives the patient* art) sout to tho (*h>:gai>oake and Ilimpton hospitals. Pr. i:> McCliUaO, Actlug MuIicaI Director at this p si , h.-ji cl vrt :? of all tbe sick and weurded, an 1 his duties are by tin ni'?*ns a sinecure. Thus Jar only very fs# woasdsd have arrived, as our los es have boon aumparallvely light. tot CMRAROO 0!? TRAVSt.UJTO, isitltated by the 9ocre'.ary of ttsr, Is very strictly ca-rled out. None but employes of the government blJ soldiers are allows^ to come bore with tho mall b- alsfroiu rultlnioro. Th re are a groat nun/ penple, ra-ilentsof this place, who are kept In B-ltl?aoro at hewy expense, nnsbl* to reach their bomns. but an autograph order from Goneral Btilier wilt :?<ure a iortuit to travellers to raacli Fortran Monrn* arrjv \l cr a hwxpii nrxvKR. A fine liwWnj 6!yde built vessel, surprised th? T <ung Republic, captured by tho 'Jailed States gunboat Grand Gulf, off Wilmington, a few days a^o, arrived 'a 1U!u,tod K.ials this afternoon, sul proceoded Imme diately to Novrport's Jfjws to ropnrt to CsptMa Casot (?si.snvoort, -K.olr ofnoer oomm.Midiiig tlio di et, tns rosTAL Am:A?<i?vsvTH. r?sUl sfr.uyements betweia this pliue andter*--, B'ltiir's '^a.l'iiuricrs arc la the best possible. w..tto| urdtfT. I i-4l?ajter Alanson 3rane, aldci by his sKach<-s, la ..ceoupllshing wtoders. Tbe follow iug Is ? 1st of tt? Poati .i.cs olerks at this plac> :-.Jjmc3 M. kVtdc, C J. Frsufh. Jonn Billings, A. 8. Harrington, R. A. Brown, J. C. (b<w/or, r. Cobur^, A. L. NimpLm, J. W. Iiabb. Ab.-i . vr Ui'jusaud le',U>.-j pass tVrough h?a dally. The Pvsss Despalehri. Fortrhw M0!fR0?, May 12, H<t4, Thestsim* n<sr.a? with two knndred sink and wounds! a. , has just arrived from Bermuda Hundred Bj Ibis arrival tbe foil >wlng news Is rsHlvsd:? There sax rut fifhi rg yesterday. <H,r for.-es were ovgtgad durlag yssterday la throwing up !b rereKftentl. f;en? al utlw Is Intrenching frnm tho Appomitlox to the. .?< river, a distance of some six miles. Gsnse I laursfsvJ was reinforced du'lt^ Tuesday night b/ts > hrigadss rroat Gsnora: Lee'* army , as far ss 9*<i be ascertained. Th's ststeinenl -o mi Improbable, naless Qaosra! Im is really retreating from his proseut puution. lUe James river was obstruct* ysmsrday aftsmooa by oor forest nou lurkw .fttQ? by a numbor <X lOWMW >M I | Thti atep efltootae'17 b'ncksdef the KM Iron etadi. ul 1 prercnta ttiein from o >mttg out to <nake attack , Our wool* foroe moved at four o'clock tta'i morning, and probably are engaging the enemy al lb la lima. Ooa buudred and eeveety re Sal prisoners, ma' tiding three ?irio?rs. were brought here laat nlgbt, taken In tba recent en^agem iota 00 >r Petersburg. They wttl ba (or warded lo Holm Lookout to-aigbt. Hi lira' I lor General GeirgeJ 8tannird and Lle'tteninl O. w Honker aid da camp, arrived bore and left for the front ywerday. It Is expected thut Stinuard will com mand a division under Major General Hmlth. Pnu^uBMKi4, May 18?0 P. K Tbere ta a rumor lo tbta city tbui tbe obstructions In the J mm flwr h>?\e bea t removed, and that our iron clad* a- ? u Ivu i - it / o, Hi hmond. Thla report la nol <w I'Mei bi 1 -irjifer .a opposition to tbe uow? re j oc v ou (ro.u o.^er |nb:? nourcee. ?rue; latkht. ; B'l >. R't. ?>?1<ltlng wltJ* the Kneinjr* tel iiiiUeten that Uenrrel Lr? la 1 \V?u ?tw<*t iV.r . PrRMmA niT*i>imr>, May 12, ) ^la t km*** Moxkik, Mt; i;t ?9 I*. M . f A f lyl'ij'il lot* iKi'nlng toe rear guard advanced. Al I a (1.1 A M 1 en %l B .liar and slair le'l the old bead ?luarlfi. * At A M tbe whole rnrce trie in tbe di ? 9 ;u'. of th? 1'U iraOura tnd Rn limo d Railroad. do >n the oneiny was dtecoverod Introoriiod. The tenth Nov* Jlimpabire charged and drova the enemy from hla IntrenchtnenU. Ihnro waH Hkirml^hlii; all the afternoon on our rl^lit. Thero waa no get) cngnga ment. N'urabera of rebels w ore captured, including oue colonel. Thero b ?$ been bo fighting on the left. The ollicers and men are In good spirits. Tho reternburg Krprest of tho lltb Inst aays:? ' ''Gene ral Lee la in Richmond, wounded " The telegraph line* b-twenn I'etorebtirg and Richmond bare been out eeveral days, as well as tba rallr ud. A teamster was xh it dead thin morning by a guerilla, throe mllea from Bermuda Hundred. Utile Boyd Turned Up Again. Fortiibss Mow ko*, May 13, 1R64. Tbe noted Belle Boyd Is on tbe blockade runner Grey hound, now In Hampton Roade. Tho body of Captain l'helan, of tbe gtinbont Shawaheen, waa fouud floating in the Jamoa river yestorday alter noon,*shot through the bead. At the time of tbe dentruc? tlon of tbe boat be swam ashore. THE CASUALTIES. Forth hps Mownon, Mar 12. 1864. Tbo following Is n list of wounded brought to the Hamp ton Hospital yesterday, on the steamers Monitor and Ex progs, who wore principally In tlie engagement of Tum dny, near tbo turnpike, botwoen Petersburg and Rich mood: ? Beret J W Dumb, 48th NT J Thompson, 11th Pa car J W Malrd, 4-tth NY J Sego, llth l'a rar J Nolau.l. 4?th X V A J Wea\ er, llth '"a tot N 1} fb?y.-r<, 43 th NT J A K?-tl?r. II h Para* G Mudaid, 9iU N J Corp .1 Kiwi llth I'a '?av I) Joralom >n. 6th N V batt'y W M tfaiiord. I ' tli Pa car Corp J J Kne^ngard, Ift'-'d Pa P W .int . 3d N V cav A Murphy, llt.i l'a cav W Klngabur.v, 3d N Y car W M C imi ton, llth I'a car J McCarthy, 3d N V rav Corp lloaherk, llth I'a car K. Know sin. 3J N Y car Sural J lliuiher lith Pa car M Pommy, 3d N Y cttv J 1* Dicker, lllh I'a car Corp W Maiaha'l 3d N T car .1 I) Owens '!<! N Y car M Pi t, Oth I'a cav H Kcfkan, 3d N Y cav A Levris 1st D (' car P Summor \ Btli Pa car LJ ma lit u C r?? J k nice, Mh Pa car C McD >D? d. I lUO car Dth Pa cav P MoSletl, 1st DC car J Opt) T J Oai aupbolt, 5th Pacar J Mar on Tat I) C rar V. T Mh i>.c,llr ? Andrews tun Conn J 1 Ml:iab?r. Mh I'aear C Watioo. 13th Ind J Kettei-er r.ih Pa cav P H?aih. llth lud J Kalvke, 5th Pa ca* J Matthias, 6,th Ohio J Lamport, ith Pa rar M \t Itur^n ?th Ma II Orummond. I'a car Q a Chirk 7tli .V H dr-ad .1, ,1th I'a car C diclihln* 6/ih <) J Orllan, 0th I'a J Reyno <la. CHi Conn II M Kcnlu, 1 !th Ind J Rncknonr l'<Uh N T P Michael 13tl) Ind J Wools ftntb I'a K 0 Cnny, l?7th NY T J Robinson llth Tod Cotd L Wlnkrler, 167tb NT M Buyer, l?tli Ind L I'oldlor, 85! h I'a J Horlly. i3ih Ind T B Kunediot. 7th Conn J S llelstuod 13th Ind T Kiley ?li II Hart J Lnudstriw l.lta lud ?J IliKt-dni, 6th Conn, dead W Ki>? ISih Ind W II Imudell, <>7l)i On o K P Murv, I ih ind Con> J Cs<e. 67th Olild a Oraham, 13th Ind B Tormsn 67th Ohio J Grav. llth In I VV Paine, 67ih Ohio_ J II Muller, 1J4U Ind T McLa Rhlln. itftb Ohio p Manslleld 13th S II Corn / C Brown (17th Ohio W Bla-kinan llth Conn e O'Nein, K.Jili N Y MM 11a 1. 1st t'onu art J B'irlow, I '.Otb NT C Units, 7tli Conn J Mttrphy. lWth NY K Thompson 7 th Conn J Smith, 3d NH 8 R Lane. 13th Ind C 12lln, "i ,lh w n Wrrt * "owpr*. 13th Ind A Trout, 7Cta Pal T Borov. 13th Ind 1j J Aunr-w, 7!,lb I'a H K Strwait KH'ih N T O 1> Zclgner, 76th Pa O Klann-rr, ir,'HI> N X J Hoach, IWn Pa O Udell laOth N Y J Ornm;, Mlh Pa A J Mn -n li J'h N T J AntlinuT. ft ith I'a O ganford. ll'i'Jtb N y Ll-ut '.T B^uspuian. Mth Pa J K lloiPo 6'tli O N Oiirland. ftSth Pa He -gt H J . artcr. 67tb O II Jppaom 7th :<U CM Sally, <i7th O C Bit. ice, 7th N ij J Dujjtih tin, 6.*!;t O Licit fan Antwerp lllh Ind P H irnhaiu 6'th O J-'?n nU,Ij,rr,tWe,S V!t,h J.D<1 5,r*? J?<"t-on. lat l? C a* ' g a, I3ih lud Cipt.l Kbb?. ?d N Y cav J John^jia ind Ll"" ""^brand Lle,t f ile Tm r. PNION CO0. SI, L. I TROTTING. F*!D*r, 1 lay 13, purse snd st tko $174, milo boat?, boat ihre.- in bro, to wa^ont, P. Woodruff onUred br g Dextor Ill J. Dotv cnltrtftl bav mare 2 2 dr T. Crogan Ptitered s. m Hady Coliina . .. (|r Ti. Pfllor on>orod b. m. Irish Ma d dr' Owner entered g in. l.ady Hien . .. ....dr. 1 imp. 2 "nt*? 2 ;;y A trot for a ?woo| stxkw will eotai off tbis aftornnoon at the above track. I o ir borses wli! ?t.irt i 1 : ??? lauxarlra? Meif. Ine of tho Womon of a.nerlc -iVlL'i'11 -!'1 bt !:"J ?? the '"ooper Union, on ,n lay i.a> I >, a. i o ',ock I . M fh<j objcc. of tho uieet Inff is to ea I the areniio-i of wornen to thn In:. try ;n rt-d upon .*> country in ih,. crlsl< by tue ea.ravmaiat p,Trchaan of i t....-r.i I iuxnri -s -itchasilias ??nn . i < ve!.<-ia < w?Ir? IphI era. nur . ora ant ob rots of rlit-i and to an eat io tliriroonaiii, ration the propriety of ab-tam. tig from aueh c\,'sVr.. fharne'r^3:" ,Ure U01" w It I . not ..ropoj.ed to recommend the abandon, t i o' anv arilclci neeesaaiy cvon for oomfwi, but si'iiplythi' the above named luvurtea, whoae Import creates ttae necessity of a.rjdini; "tiormons amount sol (.old out wf Hi- couutir ebc'ild. for th? pres a: ~aw to be matti-rR of daily una and p'lri-t.a e, and thai i ? ^oid should !?? retaiaiid at hotne to at oiutlie:' our own fcovorumeuu Klcew.tore t '% mive mem I as een air-any sn,f .vated. Women who here rot' ? Iheruae.vea tu the erv a- of their co- i,t-y d ?lendera ha> e itaus' d In the ml.ial ot labor and aiif -i',i i t la there not ing now to be done t snd thev l.ain bean Uuxht t( a? a nilffhtu r h"lp than nn;the? hanoj.t <i?f |, ,v t? render??l by Hlinpl? eelr denial In ontward adorilnr Tan asafrlf 'eT p*lrl,'t'c vomKn hesitate to inakesu pair > the Riec. litre Oommltiee n( te Metrop-?;i.aa Fair hare ?ei, ur?.-.i to ia?e Uie iniuativie in tine nice. uet>? and e lug fnll? persuad d <W Its utiStty and undoiia to 'orvrard 11 by eserv tneana In their power, tbey call upna (he aort ei of Now York to .how tbelr patrlotlain by ?o ?? to this n -e n?. 1 .tenl,., the sti.tlaH -a which wifl fhrre b- ?7r "r, .. . 1 l.-srnliw arhj, they are doln* by yield ng |0 ,|,t" ^vtraia g'looeof i, .ilmea, and tber dutrln regard 'oil. fi-v-ral speccie- will or made, and at tberloaoof ' is m?..|ln? ?, opportunity will be ulrjn to all who ate w?,at i? JOln la Ibis mavrment to enrol their uanei " J ?.ra (ieneral Ulf. M a 4 Y 9*0111 ? ra Mia. Oerdoo Buck, Mra JonnJay, Mr . A. Schermerhnro, Morris K"tehurn, Siis.llnnn Mis Ofdeo Uoirtian. Mrs O. Bubo rts !4r? Ale*. Hamilton, Jr.. MKs Mash. Mrs. Daniel I^Koy, Mra K. Bnil'.gs Mw Jas. B. OoUnte. Mrs. S. B. Se .leffatln. M s. Hen Nainan, Mrs 3 Q. Courtney Kra. H.A.Hunt. Mrs. Chnales Blake/ Mrs. T. F. Meagher, Mrs. Praaets L eber, Mrs. U. A. Colt, Mrs. Jsha Sherwood. What InsliuRKnts do tl>? Rnttlaa Co*. taj-slng rounterfeita of PHAMiN'H .SWillT RLOOMINO UKHHlH remind you otl liase n?la. at w.uisr. Why are the linllalar. of PHaICM S fainoue N In HT ?t,o.iMIN(l I'KltKI H like prlaoiuM In the peoitentlaryf Utea.iae they and no cmaeurMemaal-ln tbeir sella (eellaj. Ths Word "SoxixloMtf" Which is fast bec.inan? a houael.<il. ward, ta derived frr-a the Ureek. and cotn^oaed of twi n-orda *0*0 and (Monies ?S rrn,' .trsnaiatod, means to 1 rMerr? and "Odonian " the teeth. 'Ho/odent, a p'eserree.ol Ui? teeth. And it Is I.-m to Ita name lor bea tlfvlivj ao.l preservtnt tbn teib hardening and Invtfotailng th?t gum% and rormctlnu atl ' pt'Tltirs 01 the brontb It Is wlttaul a pper in the world. Bold dritwlju ir>i! targcy KrHni detlnni nvtrvw^M ann by fuir * RUCKU? rt^wri^lg O^^TEi street, >ew Yot?. 7&cautajiv boilln. IO.OOO lUMHi al Ha per Wnntsd-Slu 32x4!), 4o pouiuU. Apply/ al. Uum oSieti. Mnrrajr, Kddv ?* Ce ..Dinnnfsri. KwtMCXX, Una Ot.111 32?_Hay 13, I'M C4, 5!?, 2k, H, 16. 34, 3, 70, 75, 41* 62/ 77. 53, 31, 26. KrTroonTv Cukss 51 ?Bay l\ IS"U 26, 39, 74. 3H. 50. 15, 07, s, 61, 66, 10, 20. Z . 151. Rlmmum A Co.-Msnngari. K\rna Cl tss m? May 1A M-u. 40, W, J-J, 14. &i. 24. 4ft, 77. 66, Id, 52, 70, Tl, 10, 4. Ctsas gSO-Bar 13. 1?4. 31, SO. 55, 46, 32. 68, 2?, 10 *^57, 74? 49. Tiauri', Kills it Cs.-Man?frr?. 1'iitittr. Rtraa 0n?? 75r?Mar II. I1H i 17. SO, 6b. 10. 70. 43. 7i, 27, 75, 4l?, 5, 31, 66, 57. Cl*<? 7i-Maj IS, 1??. 31. U, 14. 12, J4 , 4:?, if , 31, 11. 70, 3?, 6J. t'oiiird In All t.e? is I lj.etl l.stfe lloaand lolormslion (Irew klAl.l.AO'lRIt A UKMJA.M1N. l>r<'k?rs, 310 Chestnut s.roet^T'hlla lai', kia. Prl*. s tnhisi In All Legal Lolltrlti. Information giver br sent. J. a OI.AITON A CO., 10 Wall Street, It. T. litllsry TlrXfte CliM - nflirmslteil (iron. JOS'.Ml BATHS, Broker, 11 Wall street room No. 1. A T- mptini Hat,? It the Relielt Con id only 'et a Klimfiee of KNOT'S spring style of Hat It wonld esr'^Juiv on aie an Intenee desire to obtain one, and. who r news it mUht tempt th -as to listen to mason, this Hat Is the eilmnx of etennenoe: in etyle aag finish It eaanot he s-trpase-d That there ahodld be a raah for them at the etore, eoener ?/ Ifssiesr and PuMaa street, k a nMnrfl tr>T or Rapt m rm, ' ?" 57iT5 Trr^VT; V- t^iTT- * u-* Jl?T??Sr ViZZTZ 1 V "f."1 V'ti'ftfS! no (imt r <?a th * . 0 - .r n.i . c . d is mLw Iranmmr or weaker n* de-ir-l hy u* - -arer by ' aim ,lv turTlnta ?n*. H * li 1 1 ??. r. ?i! , f l lr*lo< ? WlllrKH PaTKNT LETRH HUPfOllTfcR It the boat ? supporter nude It baa a Ufting, *>4telniag Birnnroic's BHOCLnsB nnim la a eitparJor amc a fm those. (?? 1 ml u .t op -ror ImnCd and Uitntar/ men. J*a t. ? ?!;??? ORfcOOBt * CO *;/? Broadway Add rraa id ?n? ?'rer?. POIXA K 4 SOW. Meerschaum Hi^ artnre-* W3 Broadway near Pon'th street anu SST Broome atieet, near tr... P-, ei. Rvary art Icla (tamped with our name ao<l warranto* ?mi nne. Pipe* cut to order and repaired. % Beautiful Completion. ? I>^trd'? Hlonia or Vouth su: pasma everything foe prese'Trinr and beAoi.tfy Inn the (In ii|i!oil'in aud Skin. No. *31 ilroadway, and bf druggists every whc re. An Old ftNd Well Tried Retard y. MRS. W INBLOW'B BOOTH INQ SIRUP, for ofaildrea teething. liaa stood the test of thirty year*. Million* a i mothers oin testify that It la reliable and perfectly aare t? al! cases. Relieves the child from pain. aofti*aa the guna* regulate* the bowel*, gif? an Infant, troubled with coll* palna. unlet ?leep, ami ita parents unbroken real Prtoa ? cent* a botU*. ??A ^trdncr Mnn In B'nnflwn jr," The w rid move*. New wr>nd?ra and dlscoveriaa ??? being made in this n e. (but will overt or n all old t' aortea aaa upset all liv-nonp teacilucs. A ar arika n an 011 Ilroadway ha* at bsI dl revered and applied a new principle to the inaaia f?flt 1 r.- or a Trua*. t' ?l o> ercomrs a'1 objec.i us berelofeM mu le to Tro*?e*. and gives comfort "lid car# teal per??aa having the dangerous di^"??, of hernia .11 rupture Wl*e arres u re n w I n (Tied e \eb imln't to lh?ir ? sane 'a 'en, " Tr dy the world moyea. and WHITR'H PaTCNT LKV R k TH1IBB Is eert.tlnly cniioc hernia and rupture by tin- linitrtreda Oo and ae? 'lie new Invention " An e?ner<eno*d snrn'on and attendant are on ,uml. Pamphlets are mailed every W ! 1 ?* ' e for a Htamp. Obtained only of ORKUORV k CO.. *K> Broadway Aak for the Vlnnl -re d* Tuiii iti- of tha flnclele Hyf;l<?ntiiue of New York.? Bvnulalte cosmetic ar.i sanitary. I'rlcn H 5 eentu and #1 80I I nearly ev ery wliere. A liacl Dccnth.? (low Itfany l,oT?r? tt lot a aeimtaterf ? how man- frlenda for ever pir'ed. To e^eot a radical cu: e ua(* Hie HAliH O P A TIIO I 'H v N It KLOWh Rl as a dentrl/lue nleht and mornln;. Tt a'ao hemtifle* tfca ?omp'etlon. Price SO cent.*, i'or sale by al! druggist*. Alarrnlntr Cain of llradaflir. Tootli arhe Ne iratala and Cntarrh are cured b? ? e nu WOLCOTTB Itiftant riliu ADulhUaior. Sold everywhere. Ralehtlor'i Hair Dyr-Thc Df at In ttt? world llurmleu, reliable. inatantaneoiM. The only pa? Itcldye. 8old br all driiRtfiaia faeiorylt llamUy itr^aC BriiKlltliitt I'fbbio N|iceucle< and Bf# Preservers to atrengthen and Improve the al :ht of old aol yoiinK. by day and 111 ,ht without pain or lat gne Highly recommended bv the inedleal fai'Ulty. HK>IMOMilt Occiilialt' Oj Ucian. OciOVtf Broadway, oppositn Bond utreet Brllllnnt ranrt Pnwerfal Day and NigM Double Persoe' tlve 0 lasses, for the Hold. sea. opera lat tourist'* use? compact portable and edielPiit. A apl'ndl# aaaortment at BEMMOSd . OccniiaU' Optician W9X Broadway, under bafarge Ur "3 ?3 "Bny Mr and I'll Do Yon nood." '1j H e OR I/ANOLKV'tl Rool and Mnrb Bitter* for jlM^ dice costivmiesa. liver complaint, buiuor*. Indi^jstlou d Tl papaia, pi lav diudaeaa heada--he, droweino'S and ai dl?i emu nrUlni! iroin .1 dla ir l;?rad domaeh. torpid IKer ~~ bad blood, to whlcli a I per ons are anhieet In iprlng Hummer Ro d lir OKO. O <lO0r>W!S A CO., Boston by all dealeis in medicine. 1'rlc- 'J6, 50 and 7ftceuta a boltiat nank, on\M nml Counter Rattlngra, *4 wire and<;aat Iron CliAHK A ('O., 5'24 Broadwav, oppoalte rtt Nicholas Uotal. ; Ccdnr Citmphnr for Mottl* la Provem t' 'orougHy re l.ible, fraurant. durable, and to be ecoyioaM* of ?l*ty |ier ceut averwh W gum camphor or brown -mim camvihor The rlelit to man f.ietire C*''ar Csrnpher ba' loons eiclufcivoly to II A RUTS A OilAPUAM, Boston. Bel# by dn gg a e, town and oountry. ^ Crfatadoro'a Hair Dye, Prtnnratlrt and W Ig Donot. wholesale and rniall? No. 8 'Astor Uouan The dye applied by sitllfnl aitlsu. Corna, IlnnloiiM, Inverted Wall*, Kl? lar?ed Joint* and all disease* of Ihe Fret cured wllhriul pal* or Inconvenience ti the patient by Dr. Z.lCllAKIi!. Bur geon Chiropodist. 71 ? Broadway. I Deaftirn, Catarrh, and all Dlieasei of the liar. Thmat and Air I'a. ago?. ?ttcccwfuli* treated by DBS LMHTIIIDU Sl6t. Mark'-, place. Dr. Mm rah n I I'm Cntsrth Mnn IT la MM beht lemrjv known foi catarrh and all disease* caused bya Cold in the nend, It open? aid purges out all obstruct!*" atrangt'inn* the gland* and gnes a wealthy aotlon to part* ad'ected. Hold by a 1 drugK'at* . ,?3 Dtafnrn, Impaired Night, NOI9E8 IN TUB HEAD, CATARRHAL AVFRCTIOSa IN TH1 THROAT. cnBOBic catarrh, CATARRH OF Til R ~TYM P AN 10 MUCOUS HRMRRAHK OHHTUHTIOONH OK TUB fa.UUTAUlllAN 1'UilK CIJRKD. CROSS F.TR STRAIOlfrBFTKO IN ONB MINITTB. And every di?e??* of the Kve and Rar reo Hrii.g e'ttav medical nr sur^loal aid altend d to br Dr. VON KlflBV BKR'l, at his couaulting room*. Bio iiroau > ay, una* Twelith s'.taoc Dar>il.>?ftrlng Style of Gentleman'* Uat.-, 2WV Bund way near Duane (treet Dr. Hnntrr's OIHr? fa nt Vo. .1 Dlrlilaa street, V"w Vorlc city. He has no ollee '?'?tabH*be< 18;*1 r.lcht rooms aod a private entrance II e c re* e!i ronla eruption* anil ajiot* on the -kin. ulcer* of ai' kind* tha moat ixilsonoiis I '" irlty of 'he ldo->d, fMu'a. ?'l dl*-aa*a pertaining to 'he urnuri orjaoi, r'ieiii,iatl?n. .*c W .r* a* Honsn Pi il'r. Nervous Dehllltv. Karly Indiaeretlom, Cnnsu ution grail*. Hours in. fro.11 1 A M 'jtil 9 o'clveB I' M Delia nr.- Vlre and Bnrglar Proal S?fe?; a'ae fiidebo'rl and Parinr Hafec for -liver plate, *eu, attts Mnrr,.y stint* oorner of College pla-e. It >1. PATBICX. K.rnpHont, fvi *lc 1 re, I'lmplet, Tan, Bniibiirn Kle li W rm - arid all Sitln Defoi in ilia* c ire-l bf 0OrRHUI?'<? Italian Mr<|loaia I Koap, at his depot. Not dK Broadway. Hrover Ai Btkn't Ill|;liea< 1' T ml un tlastlc Ktltcb Ke'vlng Machine* 4?"> Hrunlway. Onnrand's I'oartrr Stibtlle Lipr?o*? Halt from low f yre irad* or anv tart of the body Warranted, *a hi* new dipot. ?iS Broadway. (lliiaa N'n in Iter a for Itealrtr ncaa? Olldad r.r silvered; the most beautiful tnd rec.l.ercba Clata Let tm Com pan ', II Piilton atrcet. Oriirtnl lilt, \v< nln .lonva, Wm. Ron Wallace an I other listlnfuahed persona aat for Photographa at MKAliK HRC) H gartery, 2.1S Briadway, yealertef Copies for sale. O'ntlrmrni?I find Ituweil A War* NFR'tf Co orlrtc f'?r ebangiog ?-alr U? a beautiful brown aa h n ic the l?sV and more aa'i .f tc.ory to my n.aiomer* thaa any lialr dve in u?'?. O'Bnia Ladles' llairl/easar, R77'- ITraadw ly, New York. One app leatloo. No v a?h or pieparallon. Try It to* will use no other. Depot No. 9 Day street. New York. ? s 8 * n? 2?' *tcM flaw* LZ mi'Jt," * K?? 1 i>00* 'or t xftr* n?? uJ*?nk for ?'> ri m 5? ?"*? tl+i>ou Ctmiln!? 252 Prlf* ? ' W. t0 2 '"* Dr- K B 'Aotk. i.iao It'lr"1 fr**- *?? Kaapp'1 r<?ftr nn f m I .-<f Kl?f nr? of. Roots for makln* M? o#lnbr?t vl Hooa Ba?r. ? Th? attenllaa of ri?'M hot' ko? p*r* prtTntr famlltM *e. , In ra !<?< m ibn alxitfl i>ri-parau un One or tf.a-l'leaiaiilai'. aiul limUtU lrat 1'<<t r?K'? known i? madn 'run thl awract wt*k t?>il I it t ? trouhl* and kt a trt'lliiffemt. gold In bottiaa at 2ft ?tij Ui ran la, with fuli O.fli UIOI- U< mr.l depot Jiff 1, nJ?on itreit. MtClflUn ?n<1 WKiwI.lrntrnanl Oaa )*nl Qrnnt ? Bu'-trlor Pliot<>v?aaha. af tb? at>"ve and oCfMV il? It. mtlllarp n* d ihaalrlna' c?l??rHi-*. fcr aa1? at at'm. a? mat ft to am at<1r*?a |>nal paid prim 13 win "14k; ? canti flna'y ri-lrrnd rard Phoia?ri.pbi nrtiiltrall* cntareg, ?t 3U rrni?. nr $2 fur a do a*. aa<l-r*t itntd noai paid. PRBfc RY U Hon Bjore :?? Thl?t ttunut, Haw York. No Mow* Ortjr H orn or R?ldnm,-C??. n.uuon ftaabp Dr. Git<v:i WUAN. 45 yaaii' No. I Aitiaplaca. Pttrikmrnt Quality, IM ?hipping- kotton ?r,, at thr mannfa^tnrar'i. VICTWtt ti. MaI'IIKK lUChambarailraM ( ttrtlt of Bnaaty-Whil* V train XV ma t Of A-MI'Ira. h?anl?l?>a. uti^ni. and prwrwtiln aotopi^. In?, matin* It arfj, fair. dai'fito amontb in ^rantodUL l it ci /*? ct>app?+han1* a?4 llpa ihiiktw Pimataa . M.JIB' L (nmiwil nf rn?* wh't" ?ai. b?:i<-? In "lUa^rllnar/ \ li?? for pfri?r?to? a id wanKft thl iklg W*U'if?2P*r o Wr b> lit' if A no 111 -toutli Oi'inth ?Um? UM|> ; pula; mM at Mb Hr-iaAwar. and all drafllltx , llrmaTlL lkj. * 5 WHKKVKft A WiLSONR TTI.'b-t Pram I <fl? L^ftUM! ??wlri Manli'aaa rarpoaa 1 to UU B.%ja<:wgprvH^B* Homtoaaaa Kteruiar ?trMla Kprln( Orrrro i|4, ft J nnt ? 1% Walk. Ini < Mit tkiaiU, fane* Pant* aiul Vnli $1} In SMI Lan.i toch. 6laKKB, IIJ an* lit William M** sis nooil KhlMi tor Win* PoilNn l'? lerthlrl", Prawiri Half Ho?-H par d"?an. L'laati' Spirt'. Tlfi *ft? ?? pntwar prV*?. M'Hiuf'H , I7S Hriadway (,Howa*d liaUIV Trdtri, Kioitlr Rtorklnga, A?,.Mink gro ?* Radial Cun Truaa ofDaa onlf at 1** tTiwr nr??k Lad/ a;t?ndunt Tt>? Jitpnnf tt Pallid.? Kvcrf liiulf ?i a daalrffs t* ll'ip li" Rithnrrali in. t-'fulu* wttfc Ihl n*a?n? a*"?n'i nit ?ij to uwt iMa attt- !? It .* ???w app'l'd a?d ti naan* 'ilouably ini>i>ilor to any oiner biaall Inu lo 'tao. It o?s tw <i'h*<D0<> atlUl tlif rrlncipa! ?'??? daal ?ra, and wbolwue M Vn ag?a<-r 7S vrttilana ?'re?t Wlan?Puri Rtdrrhnrr, Rlirhhiirp, C irra'it an I ')r*, ? -T!nr< > i ?? any lm|iort?1 ,'naa for madtotnal p*?t*>aii for *aii by lh? bottla or targw quMitiUaa, MM l lb^riy itrift . S. ft BORIPTURB, Bete A|iH ."""""P*'^ Hair Drt, H-*?* Dvrlu Cftatti, f"f b*a itlfrlaf tha it air u * I BATCliKLOR H, 18 Annd itraat. 1 M W' + Watrhti a aid Jrwrlrr ^|thT OP ALL DM.'RirTIOIIB OBORtJK O. ALLBIt. 4iMlrjadw?* Om dm Ualaw CauW tu*?\, (gnwdr U fi?l ?B#

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