Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 15, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 15, 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,103. NEW YORK, SUNDAY, MAY 15, 1864. PRICE FOUR CENTS. WIGHT BLOOMIRQ CK'xBUfl. J?IOllLT IMPORTANT. " ~ LATBB^ JOKM or oomrn fcvBNTSl OLD ABB OUTDOBB. t*? >? PHALON'S NIGHT BLOOM I MO OBMBUS Wer\h th? Its* dollar a" lady hu tm btrpunt! Because It ?^Ijettei to be deilarlaaa with UBuMwh forthewaat Why tithe perfeme of PRALON't NIOHT BLOOM I HO OBBEM lika lb* koMf beat Im iNltlitiWMlHTti (?WW iMW). _ Prao what bottle dew ?Tery gay young man about town derlv tha r-oet Mi|kt> From a bold* of rUiLOHl MTulIT BLOOMINO CMEBU8. How eaa a bottla *r PBALOB* BIOHT BLOOMIMO PS tmycova tho aagsolty of a aiatpleioaT A* thaa ? rar a* mm A* article within raaoh ha get* up to JKrfMUS WlMara Wbv do all the world and bla wt#e pat ran 1 70 PHALON'S COB* BLOOMIMO CEREU8 ? Booauaa .nay aoao ita do tal *<?> Vhf do the nmUl of PUALOB* BIOHT BLOOMIMO OERBU8, matfo by tba baaui to ifee ballet, retemble lattara With wroag aaperaonptloaar Becauae tbey aro all Miaa led. what roapoet doao PhTloM'8 NIGHT BLOOM I NO " UB resemble window glass ? I a this, that the aasbeu 1) m euld bo worth lees without It. ??bb Why la PHA LOB'S BIGHT BLOOMIMO CBSBOfi Ilka fa Inter ie.uon f Becauae It I* never introduced without Mag louowod by a note of admiration. Why la PHALON'S BIOHT BLOOMIBO CBEECS 1 as-od protection agaiuat poverty t Because no gentlemai wktuata It on bia bau 'kerchief can evei say that he ia without a soent In hla pocket. The laat Injunction laid on tne Imitation* of PH ALOW B BIiHl BLOOMING C B R K 1.8. The In junction of every Mlrot. to her daughter*? cut to be taken in by them. Why la tho perf u ,.o of PUaLON'S NIOHT BliOOMINO OBRBUd like a woman of atrong nerves? Because it never Bate faint. A lady who always terfumea her breakfast robe with PHALON'S NIGBT BLOOMIMO CKRKU8 declare* that the peer.eaaeitract i<> not only her Night Blooming Cereus, ant nor Morning Glory. Why 1* PHA^.ON'8 NIOHT BLOOMIMO CBBEUS llko the moon? Becauae It take* the ablne out of all lu twinkling earn peti torn. Sow dooa PHALON'B NIOHT BLOOMINO CBRKUS differ from tho ordinary floral extract* which It ha* dla Only 1* a single louer? It is wished, they aro . Mr*. Malaprop **y* ' comt raaon* are odorona," but If you ???pare any oujer eiu.. for the handkerohlef with PHaLOK'8 INIMITABLE X1GHT BLOOMINO CEREU8, tho comparison Is not odorou >. (jail* the reverse. Why '-a the odor of I a.tLON S NIOHT BLOOMINO 4B&BG8 like the Greek Href Because It la unqueuchable. What Oriental locality mentioned by Lord Rvron d-> tho ?oanterfelta of PHALON'B NIOHT BLOOMINO cfc.Rt.liS Maslnd jon oft The "Oardea of Ool," of ouurao. Why may PBALON'S BIOHT BLOOMINO CKKKT'8 be ?abed one of the best sbota of the Ooddess PloraT Because ? la a perfume direct trorn the pistils of her uoble t tntr, __What reasmblancs Is there betwaea PHaLON'S NIGHT BLOOMINO Ct.UEi.SacJ a big earthquake? Only this? Mat it make* as much noise In tho world. ^Why I* PHALON'S NIOHT BLOOMIBO CBREC8 llko MM ball'* eve at a uootlag mutch? Because it 1* the object at ooantless ml* ** Why doe* I'll aLO IT'S NTOUT BLOOMIMO CEBITS fnmlnd you 01' t:nuroh ? ^reat picture! Because a* that por. War* to the eye ihe tint* of dower* In the Heart of tho Aade*. so doe* thla wondrou* extract convey to another ?Mao their sacbantlng perfume; Introducing, as It were, mm Andea to your dressing room, and make* thaoa Handy Aades. What it the difference between a fait and alnleaa child ?aO an stemmed Imitation of PHALON'S Inimitable VlOHT BLOOMIMO ChKElSt Ouo U awoot Innocence, ?ad Ma other la aweet la no senae. _Why la the aoent of PHALON'S NIOHT BLOOMINO VBBl'8 like Moon's Molodieaf Becauae it is a volume of ab?i si aim swectueaa ? Wherefore dooa PHALON'8 NIOHT BLOOMINO OB remind you of 1 ~ " 1 tho air (heir). ramloOrouo^^orttta^af^^rU^Be<?u*^t Jf what eelebratod "blower" la PHALOBW MTnwT nuoMmo claiu* rMuimwi ay raae, through fite uuinpet. What la tba distinction between tho fraarance of Jane Bad PtlALON'8 NIOLT BLOOMINO OE Kb US ? One la tho aweetneaa of Hummer, but the other la the summary of Wkl doe* ft Colon tnouralon into rebeldom reeemble a lur porfun.rfl vlU i'HALOVd NIGHT BU?OMINO OKKhUb t Because each U arrayed (a raid) far oonqueat*. fa thoee who rain j try to elmulato hi* NIGHT BLOOM *10 CERKU9, 1' baton offer* u a motto the echo of his own -PAlL-OB I The Cerous Orandlflora la the fairest (lower tbat blown* isdtr the moon and fHALOM'M MIGHT BLOOMINU CKRtlS (lis sweet e.-eeaoe; la iM ftneet perf uae un :*r ?koeun. Wbr ?* the aroma of PHALON'S NIGHT HUOOMI.SJ OBI-BUB on a lady ? hankerebief. tike bread cast t*i?u tae fiate r* I Because It Is found after mao y dajra Wh I I* the rolnptuous fcent of PHALON'S NIGHT ?LOOMING CKBKL'S like the face of an ?(..friend? Be H<!** jc . can easily distinguish It from every other. P*r what hum I* PHALON'S NIGHT BLOOMING OK ?BUS like a areti UntOi: victorv . Because It Mis the ieafuee of the bell(e)a a going ail over tha laud. The long and the short o' It le, that whea abort": PH A fcOM'B NIGHT BLOOMING CBRtl/ti. >ou lon< for Ik SeuUmeot for a ) .bile 'dinner-- PHALON'8 NIGHT ?LOOMING CKRL A" It aoybody as*- you wliat you to*aa by glrla* it *ay "it beat* ?rery other ?cent I meant. ' ' Tk* drum* tbst pro* .Ira tha triumph* of PHALOBB ?four BLOOMING C&KEUd? theac conun Iruma. Whr la PHALON'rf MlGH.llLOO: NO OB RE US like fclMtenan'. Oaneral Grant r Because lia pi orfreee uaauot be ?hooked by any upi.uait.oa _ Wh? ought U?* oawnterte' ?? of PriALON'S BIGHT BLOOM I r ? CKBKU* to be taken la hand by tbe foiled Vtetea government r Because they are iseuing bad (a) ceata. Bow can vou make a Syr. an t' -ee with tbe aid of Pit A Mil l NIGHT BLOOMING CBHKUH ? Pour one drop on i Ineida o; your hand and you oourcrt It Into a fragrant Why la PII ALON'S NIGHT BLOOMING CERSU9 Ilka ^rtch quotaituu from tha Harald! Because It la a spicy ex Tall ur good reader, vhTPHALON'B MIGHT BLOOM - IMG CBF. US thli col'-nn of conumdruroe f Aaawer b? the ret. ler? Because eeeiyboJy la tickled with it. There m many ro.< >a to popularity la New Terk, and FHALON .1 NIG UT * LOOMING CEUKUS la In noaaessiun if avary arenue? ina.udiog Madieon and tha fifth. Bow to make a feather bed like a Cower bed. Bprlnkla It ?Mh PHAl?0 ' B NIGUf BLOOMING OERHUS. flatter a faw drape of PUaLON'B NIGHT BLOOMING ABBEUS orrj youi *ll, fair lidt. and tuey will make It fragrant a* tha "Vai. <f Oaehmeie." Par what reason may PIIaoON'8 NIGHT BLOOMING OkU US be compered to i.eorgs Washington! Because col ?MS are a*; ay In *4 honor. 1% what wnjla tha popularity of PHALON'8 NIOIIT ?LOOMING Cfc.Ki.tS most atimlsiaaably demoastiat* .I IB Broad nay. f ow do tb*Ulle**f Btaten Ulan J iMaplay their paniten tor ALON " N.GIIT BLOOMING CI'.B' US? By preleritnj ? la the bajr wrier, with wnl.-b tuey are ? ..rounded. Why i* HaLow* bon ?~'nioht bloomi-.'G ce ?Bl'd" it' ? thf ?i jr of l'ai.*' Beos'tje It I* the (center daaatre) 01 faahlwo. What river la Germany d^T PIIAI ON .* 80.VS "NIOUT ?Looming CBRhCS" remind jou o. |1 uc beautiful Oder. What are all olhrf e??rnc>* -omnarcd with PilA &GN S ' NIGHT BLOOMING CEREl'Sr' Erauraocncaa. n Imtutk a* of PHALON 8 "NIGnr BLOOMING ?? la* base iraad; but ot tne at' i>* trna to a?d tUe VHalna article la., praiseworthy tc n't i fe. '.. l? PHALON'8 ?'?Mf.MT BFOTMISG CB MMV B" II 4* tti? Wandering .l#m; .lit.? never WAS ?weii a rwmor P^ume^ PHALON A SON B JIQUT BLOOMIMg OtitBUS" ita* a tiry augiy m^at Biu?u Ht It la woadeitullf lociiiMi nr <il DOMING rrtRB P> Hk* oaa of 1 niaa * great bjUi#.d o omr Becau < it PM tO J Mil* -? Wfcy IS PHALOM A BOB'S "NIGHT BLOOMINO CKBE ?B" cheap at* dollar? Beoatiae it ia worth wore tnau a toadied *oeau. ' What poimiar p'ay daea PHALOB A BON'S world re ?owned pettily* rtmtnd you pi? The Careua Family. u l|k* riiALON * SON S "NIGHT BLOOM. NG < 1 SBl'8 " l>rauae then- 1" I be \ Cha 1 alter tho oae. and we know there'* a at tu tor tha othrr. Do tell. BI7 I* PHALCN A 80B B "NIGHT BLOOM lilll CBHKUB' like an erraud boy ? Becau ?.? It la e(c/enl ?rerywhrrn Why I* I'.f 11 r leer** I anrro*itl of PH ALON A SON'S "MdUT ULCOI INu OMiJt'f" l'ka it uegalite <oi?' in Oaueit'ta) Btcaus 1- 1* the deaislouaf tne ?.>?ee ('">ea). W* '? If PIIV.ON A HolrV^'NIinT H ,T>?irVG OH lUD'' 11 *? a v il thf 1 laakc* a ton *t< ike v Bee ' ? a it ia a lorr nil (. orar; iiic.ow I- II *fe**tf?t pin .? rajnir tn naruef PHtLO* # B"N'H '*.0 r sr.otilrW ClBBJrs}-' t^?u*? h >* ? <4> eiwoiihu eli tr. rou Hi' * hvTlL bi.cuoist#, ?? v V GRANT! Secretary Stanton's Despatches. '' The Herald Special Des patches. 4 Q?l Meade's Congratulatory Address to His Army. What They Have Accom plished and What They Have Still to Do* j " \ Eighteen Cannon, Twenty Colors and Eight Thousand I . Prisoners Captured. i Over Seven Thousand Rebel Prisoners at Belle Plain. Oar CiYAlry at Werk es tbe Eoobj'i CemnsiesUeiie The Central and Virginia aid *ea uum Railroads Oat. Nanus of Some of the Rebel Officers Killed and Wounded, e#.? THE OFFICIAL DISPATCHES. Secretary SUatoa to General Olz. Wabui.nuiox, May IS ? Midnight. M^or General ua ? A deepatob from the Cunmimr, ?r Prisoners it Rail* Plain announces the arrival there of orer eeveo theosand prisoners, Including four hundred offlcere, with Major General Johnson and Brigadier General 84. wart. EDWIX M. BTAT'OV, Be cretarj of War. Srcretarjr llantm'i Second Dcapatctk. WiSSijiaTOSi, May 14, 1M4. Major General Du ? Despatches from General Grant, dated yesterday even ing at six o'clock, hare reached this Departoeent. The advance of Iluncock yeslerdar developed the fact that live eaemy had ffcllen back four miles. Tli ere was no engagement yererday. We have no acocunta of aoy genera, office s being killed ta the battle of the preceding day. Colonel Carroll w.< ?> rarely wound?.'. A despatch has Just been received from General Sber man, dated netrRetaca, May 14. It etatee that by the flank movement on Resaoa Johnston had beea farced i~> evacuate Dal ton, and oar forcee were In his rear and flank. The weather wis -flae, aud the troopa U line order. All working well, and aa fast as poatlble. Deepatcbo. irom *.cueral Sigel repiri him to be at Woodstock. The rumor that be had broken the railroad between Lynchburg and Cbarlotteavllle la aot true Our wounded are com ng In from Belle Plain aa faat as the transports ran bring tbem. Grant's army Is woll supplied. EDWIN M. STAN 10V, (Secretary of War. THE OETAILS OF THE CONFLICT. Mr. Fraaaii C. Loag'i Despatch. la TBI Krsu>, N'lji BromiTLTA.ui Com Horn, \ War 12. 1804. ; The tin# of earthworm captured by Geuoral Raaaall ud Colonel Upton, la their (aUiiat charge on the afternoon of Tuesday, tue 10th io-slant, would bare bean held had tba aopiort wnioh they eipectcd oome up In time. TTia rebels bad tbrea several line* of ilflo pita, built parallel with each other, and constructed la sacb a Ban tier that each Una could rake tha other adTaatage ously, K H wero taken by ua. Tha first which waa taken had a solid embankment of earth at laaat six feat In height, tba top of which waa protected with heavy logs, like the roof of a hmiae, which protected their men completely from onr ahella. Tbe top of the work waa mounted with heavy log*, hewn Oat and pierce) at Intervals with loopholue, like a blockhouse or ?tockade. Our oftcerc ogree that It waa without exception tbe strongest work < f the kind we hare yet encouatere ciuki.* or wit v nniuaoa. T o much cannot be said In praise of tbe gallant charge of tbe Vermont brlKa le, commanded by Colonel Grout. Alter the I ne oi rebel works descrlb d aoovo wis carried, and their expected support did not come up, tbe dlvlelon of General Kusaell not ba ng able to remain, owing to tbe ; filling lire poured Into their serried ranks by tbe second I hue of the enemy's rifle pits, and being in imminent danger of being cot off from the main line, on sooount of I heir advanced position, had to fall back, and along with them their prisoners, nearly twa thousand hi number. Twelve pieces of cannon were to tbe works. Tbsse bed to be loft, as they could not be removed, and tbej had not with them the mosasary Implements (or spiking them. Tba Vermont brigade utterly refused to rail back upon tbe main line, even after the position bad been occupied two hours, and tbey bad gi\en up all hopes of bctog reinforced. Colonel Upton r<de down to ibetn and told Ibem how dangerous It waa to attempt to hoi l tbe works tt>ey were tn, elaee th tr laet roaod of oartridge had been discharged at the ena.ny and they were ra| I uy boiog flan sod. But tbe bl-xxJ vt tbe Creen Mouataiu boys wan up, end tbey absolutely refoaed to bedge a single hair rrom the lteld tbey had a reated from the enemy, aud from the spot where their oomra'<ee had fallen. Colonel Upton, assisted by some of tbelr ewn oncers, by promising them another rharga ? Men tbsy bad auppiisd thenise'vee with ammunition, at last li diired them sullenly to retire. It is a prnwd thing for yoo, Vsrmoet, that the pat'iotlo fire wh'eh burned in your sire* b osoms in 177? should bui u In that of your a as hi jstH with *o bright a dam*. run sciuiaova ai?n ria wot an*.* Tho snr?eou? c^unccted win difli -ejt hot lais tu the Held tr? doeervtag of Mm highest com mead* tloa (tor the manner with ?bKk I hey hart diesharged tholr ardueaa duties. Night after Bight aad day after day they Ian been bard at work with our wouaded. There an not nearly eaough ambulancea to tbe army, only Mm belig allowed to a oorpa. Captain Chalmers* M? faay of Um Slxty-iblrd rennaylvanla Volunteers, II la ?aid, came oat of tbe battle of tbe Wilderness with one ?org east and tbroe men. Three ambuloacaa oould not carry bla wounded, aad there are assay inch instaaces la orery campaign 0 lor low Major General Hancock, comamadlag UM fisoond army corps. tbla morn log? tbe 12tb ? oapiurod a wbola dlrlaion of re be la. Mr. (i, A. Hendrtek' a Deayateh< Hbadqcabtbrs, ftm Aairr Coars, 1 la thb Field, May 13?8 P. M. J TBI IITIU REXBWBD. Tbe meaaenger using my deapatcb, wrlttea at noon yeeterday , bad hardly diaappeired rrom algbt whan tbe forenoon a battle waa renewed. With but little laterals ?Ion, the fight continued until near algbt. For once the day'aaangulnary conflict terminated before algbt draw bar aable mant'e over tbe acene. Tbe fight, If anything, waa mora terrible than that of tbe forenoon. oca LIMB CHANGED. Tbe night found ui atlll victorious, although baring materially changed tbe poaltlon of our line. The chaugs waa made to counteract tbe effort or tbe enemy to man forcea on our left, and to compel them to abandon the atroag poaltlon they had been occupy lng. mors nusosam. Aside from the decisive v'etory over the enemy and ad vantageous change of position, we have added tbla after - aooo largely to our number of prisoners, and, although taking bo iddlttoaal guoa, have punished the enemy? is all the pris >nerj taken in tha latter part of tbe day concede? mora ae vareiy than In any single day's battle fought hereto fore. Our prisoners sum up now about eight thousand, while wa have lost but 111 tie over half this number and only three guoa, all of which ware aplked before they were abandoned, and thereby rendered useleaa to tha S?x>my. Who will not aay ttat tbla has been a glorious day'a work :or our army ? Tbe entire campitgn baa thua far been crowned with a succession of splendid victor lea. thb aftxbnoox naar. like that of tbe morning, haa been a general engagement of our Infantry and artillery. Every battery in tha Fifth corps, nnder Colonel Wain wright, was engaged, and averaged over five hundred rounds to a battery. Nearly all tbe batterlca in tbe remaining corpa were likowlae en gaged, and exhausted like quantities of ammunition. So many guns engaged simultaneously, and tbe reverbera tions of their thundering roar, made tbe scene almost a second Gettysburg, aad tha solid shot, spherical case and ahall thrown among the enemy must have told upon them with nearly like destructive effect. thb scans. Tha fight, like that of tbe morning and evary battle ws have bad, has In its reporta the worda " ualn tenanted roir of artillery and rattle of musketry." Rising clouds of amoke, and alternate driving of tbe aneasy and being driven, la the sad battle. It la tha aid bit tie story epito mized. As the hours paas on and arriva amid tbe tamo 1 1 and excitement of battle, no one takaa note of time. Mora dead bod lee strew tbe ground, and mora litter bearers and ambulancea are seen bearing away tbe wounded, aad the air is filled with ahrieka of the dying. TBB H ATT LB CBS. At Intervals, loud above tha battia'a roar, are heard the orders of command, while, drowning everything, la the occasional fierce battle cry of the charging eelataas. Only la battle ia this cry heard. Tbe bins of the rattis anake ia subiim;? this ten thousand voiced battle about is terrible, appalling, paralyzing. THB BRA VB A3? TUB DtftTWrOSMKB. I would like to speak of divlatone, of brigadea and of regiments, of their char gee, tbeir firmness aad their valor; bat where all did their duty, aa they bravely did their duty to-day ? aa they have done all tbe way through and ??Hi continue to dn It aa Inmm mm u ? - ? fought aad a man left ? it la impossible to make aay die tlnotioa. All fought magnificently, aci tbey won the day. What oaa I aay more f Wnat need I aay mora f THB ARTIUBBT. I have spoken of tbe batteries engaged oa ear aide. Tbe eoemy bad his batteries also in opposing positions and gave ue solid shot for solid shot, ahell (or abell. IIRAIKJOARTKR* CWDBR FIBS? OEKBBAL WRHJBT HIT. Tbe ;ron hall storm fell over tbe heads of our bat tling legions, killing and maiming many. As tha "rain falls oo tbe just and tbe unju l," bo are these shot aod abell no respecters of persona or places. With a rapidity more exciting tban pleasing, tbey fell about our bead quarters, as also about tbe headquarters of Gen. Meade, a hundred roda dlatant. Having an inatlnciive abhorrence against cultivating cloae contact with tbe flying frag menta of theae murderous missiles, I confess to a change of position, after tbe ahells evinced a firm determination to keep coming ta that direction. No commanding or stall officers were bit by aay or tbe abella, except General Wright, commanding General Wadswortii's old division, and Uaptala Pearce and Lleuteaaat Halatead. signal offi cers aa bis SUIT. They were hit by tbe pieces of une shell, but neither receiving woands compelling them to leave tbe field. A BKBSt HORSE BATTSBT UI BKOAOSMBTT? ITS SRAvrBT Speaking of abolling, tbe mancenvr"** of a rebel hnrte battery to contribute is dam., ok .rmy and cAuie. showed a perseverance tbat under other circumstances would merit highest ealogiums. Thres time? it t"ok poaltlon and commenced tiring, when Captain philli|>s and Lieutenant Brenta' batteries would tura tbeir pieces upon It and alleace it. A final quietua waa put no Its hostile efforts by the burstiag of two of Its daissons from our shells. Lieutenant Brent bad ? narrow escape. A bullet, [ evidently from * sharpshooter, hit a thick dUry be carried in his pantaloons pocket, passed through It and lodged harmlessly In bis pocket. But instaooes of tUn kind 1 could (Ire without end, how knapoicks and can teens and breastplate* and pocket bo >ki and bibles have saved many precious lives, but I will now follow oo wlib tbe surging flgLHng c '.emns In the wllderne*< till night : ended the battle. wain ov ths satti.b. It was late at algbt and dark and rainy, aod -torn# blasts wailed mournfully through tbe pine trees, ss if mutually conscious of ue myriad mourning hearts the ' day bas made, and the pattering ralo-dropa ?i>om to maoy tears of lamentation over tbe fhllon devl. Tho battle had been over for bours snd tbe summary of our Iowa know n The terrors of tattle are not in the flel I where clashing ho-.ta with musket and bayonet iercoiy flght and i*>ur out their life blood In tbelr efforts to exter mlnate eatb other. It is In tbe hospital we see tbe hor rors of battle. I returned to my tent late lest night from tho bemi Itsli of thU corps, where I bad been busy ' ittee tbe close o' the day 's struggle getting a list of our 1 io-sea. or* ioeor* In wounded stone tbe casutltlcs in this corps yesier dny number over eight bnt<dr?d. Tbe sutsbw of killed and missiug is not yet known, and cannot be U1.1U the ' regimental reports come la. Tbo Pocood and Kour'b divisions of this corps, 1 should bars stated ahovs, d'trtog a i?rtion of tho lighting relieved tbe 9eeond and Siub corps, aod met with be ivy loss, the Second and Sixth oorps, I ata told, each lost hearlor|tban tbo f irth corps With this 1 send s list of tbo aaeualtle* of killed ?ud wounded as far aa reported, and It Is painful to look bt.k aad figure up tbo ag><rogato lenses. Tho Ninth Mass i ohuartts, for Instance, started from Culpepper Court Homo with sis hundred muskets, and there are but alnoty three men left. The Sixty-second Vermont, whicb had Ave hundred aad thirty muskets, has oaly one b in drod and thirty ooo men loft, aad tha Fourth Michigan, O'M of two hundred snd sovooty osven entering the first flght oau now muster oaly seventeen men. And so I might go on enumerating loooos to the end of tho chapter | tf ti" n* Ms ooatlnoo oo will tbe lossis. i .re ashy anu. urnt-anraa wiassw Rnt we tHV a large and powerful army loft yet, and no eoo io 'is>/ se I to atop flghtlng until tbe decisive victory Is gained. Half * mile 'rom onr headquarters Is oar battle Use; bwt getting near the battle Una la a weak iota of Ooaeral Warrea. rt'ftn Mama, ahi> nrs nasaon. All laat evsnlug acd nijiht there waa a constant mus ketry Bring in our imrniJInte front. Thinking It nnnu sily ictOfs-ani T ln<|ofr?4 tae cause, and it see pas fiat ou tworn onr two ?kirmian lines are fitMW ?< our eeptn>e<l eenana, whtoh ?* h* d Ikw> "nab s to tak 3 from the 1eld J Tbo enemy w?u Uctjr-.iiBe.i that we si uuld aot get me n, J and oar men were aa determined they should not go back again into I be posseaaion of l tie enemy. Hence the con staat mutual tiring Tbe possession of these guna prom ttaa to become a hotly contested point before tt ia decided a umau rbhbl omcaa'a auTum about a a* oral wadswobth's i>b*tb. One of oar stiff officers Informs mo that he oonvsrsed , to day with a rebel lieutenant, a prlaoner, who giro him ?onto interacting fact* regarding tbe late General Wnde worth. The Genoral, he aaya, 1 1 red thrao day? after be fall Into their hauda, and waa very kindly treated. Ha waaconacloua up to the hour of ht^teath, aod bis only regret waa, not that ha had fallen mortally wounded, but that be ahould die among the enemtea of the country for whkb ha had glvea bta Ufa a cheerful sacrifice. BIS BL'BIAL rutca. Ha waa burled threa-quartera of a mil* this tide of Parker's a tore, Id a ravine near the plank ro?d; and the place where he waa burled waa ao minutely described to Gaptata Smith (the ataff officer to whom the facta war* given) that he would have no difficulty to find the spot. ?ia amrnu ox ha l* ratios#. This lama rebel officer said, by the way , that the ene my were subsisting on half rations, bat that they would fight as long aa there waa a fragment of a ration left. Can It be that there are two armlea here of like deter, mlnatloo and spirit? 1DB S ROBOtt* ANI> TBBtR DCTtB. I am afraid In my deapatobea 1 am not doing justice to oar hospital surgeons. Since the commencement of tba present series of battlaa they hare labored nowearledly, day and night, and no care has been wanting that could be given the wounded. The hospital arrangements bare been ample and complete In erery way, and what la rary fortunate, there haa been no lack of medical aupplles. Or. Mllbau, medical director of this corps, and Or. Winna, me dical inspector, hare had tba sup?rvlslng care of tha wounded , and It Is a duly tbey hare discharged thus far with signal ability and marked succots. The gentlemen baring charge of tba four division hos pitals of the corps are respect irely l)r. Hewitt, It. Nor do u 1st, Dr. Heed and I'r. Chaniiierlalo, all surgeons of the highest attainments in their profession, and who In turn are assisted each by a dozen and more othor surgeons. Mt'EIO BATH CHARMS. At the hospitals of this oorpa there baa been a band or two of music, wbich bos at Interrals, day and araolng, played (or the solace aod benefit of tha wounded. For the past thrao days 041 r wounded have bean taken to Fredericksburg, all that could be aaleljr removed, and tbey will continue to be taken there for tba present. A RkKBL GRXKRAt. KIM.Kn ? TBI BHKHT FALLCIO BACK. A prisoner just brought In gives information that Gen. Johnson , or General Hill's oorps, was killed In yesterday's fighting. The enemy has retreated aod our army Is prepared to pursue him. The rear gnard of tha enemy haa to day been engaged in throwing sheila to cover tha fact of his retraat; but the retraat is Indisputable. GRXSRAL KKAOS'S CONOR ATCt-ATORT ORDBB. Tba following order baa just been iasued by General Head* ? Soi.b brs'? Tba moment baa arrived when your c>m mandta* general faela authorized to addresa you In tertna el congratulation. For eight day a and nights, almost without Internals sloj, in rain aud sunshine, you b?ve been gallantly light I lag a desperate foe. In positions naturally atrong, and rendered doubly so by Istrenchments. Yea hare compelled him to abandoubls fortification! on the Raptdaa , to retire and attempt 10 stop your on ward progreza, and now be bas abandoned tne laat In trenched position so tenaciously held, suffering In all a lues of elghteeo guns, twenty-two colors and eight thou aaad oris ners, Including two general officers. Your heroic deeds and noble endurance of fat lime and privation will erer be memorable. I<et ua return thanks to God for the mercy thus shown us, and aak earnestly for Ita eontlnuinoe. Holoibrs 1? Your work la not orer. Tha aoemy muet be paraued, and overcome. The courage and I fortitude you have displayed render your commanding general confident that your future eTorta will reeult in auocesa .. __ . . While we mourn tba loss of many gallant comrades, let us remember that tbe enemy must bars suffered equal It not greater losses. ? - We shall soon rec?i?? Let ?s determine, then, to continue rigorously the work so well begun, and, under God 'a bieeslng, In a anort tlms tbe ob ect of our labors will be acoompllebed M?ApB Major General Comtnandlag. I. W u. 1 jams, A. A. O. tbs sriaiT or tbb imt. Knowledge oT the enemy's retreat and the abore ad dress have inspired our troops with unbounded ealhuel asm and anxiety to follow his retreating columns. Sub sistence trains hare been sent beck for rations. OCR LOSSBS la tbe peat eight daya' battles are estimated at nlnenteen thousand killed, wounded and missing. AMVCffrron bxmtwpbo In this time we bare expended 'nearly two million rounds of Infantry ummunltlon and about tl teen thouaaod rounds of artillery ammunition. (.XBBRAL J. J. RARII.BTT. It was at first reported that General Bartlett was killed during tbs battlss of the Wlldirr.ene. 1 am happy to state sc.cb is not tbe case, but that be I* still alive aod at the head of bis brigade lie, however, had a very narrow sscape on the occision alluded to. Hn horse waa kills' by a ahell.a splinter of which tore a piece from I be General's skull and stunned hint. He was alio sa verely brulaed by bis fall. When animatioo was re stored by his attendants, General Birtlett refuaed to ba sent to the rear to obtain surgical existence, aa be felt that be waa quits welt enough to keep lo tbe field, pro vided his te.d was properly bound up. He, therefore, promptly resumed tbo command of bis brigade, and Itss lie n *ith it in "all the battles In which it bas sines par tlclpaied up to date. Oar Army Corre spondanca* USAPsti'ARrsna, Abut or tm* Potomac > Mat 13-8 P M. J lb* Arm* of the Potomac has achieved tbe gr> ?tost victory or tbe war, after some of the eevere?t lighting j over recorded in biatory. Tm battle of yesterday is ao kaowtcdg 1 10 be ibe heiv *?i or all, lasting from day light till after dark, reoewed about niue o'oluck P.M., and cwtianing till nearly three o'clock A. M , b>th par - ties contending during ttie night for tbe poa*as*ioa of a line of rlie pita fr >m which o if men hal driven tbe enemy in the turning. Ttie rebels fell back early this morning, aid skirmish lo( M now going on, oriroopi following thein up through ibe woods. I lie arena presented to day la entirely beyond descrip tion. the d?ad and dying behind and in front of the b.pastwork* are lying, In eome pliee.i, In plies three and four deep, many oi tbe n wounded in several p.trla of tne b dy The enemy had removed a large ntimbsr or tboir d vl *nd won-ded during tbe night from port.oos of tbo line, b'it there were pl+oea wbich tbay couic . d there they lay aa thick as onr own. It was General Itiraey'a division of tbe a? n?l >-orp? whl h rbirged thli position, nnd loet about s.ven bun dred mea l I very regiment In the division dtMlngnlabed lt?elf, and no one bore * more noble part thin be Ninety thiol New York Volunteo't. (Vt<nei ("arroll'a brig id* aided this divlalm In tbe charge, and, aa usual, per for me i ihjir ah tre of tbo work wiih marl.ed gallantry. Colonel < arroll was wojulel* f?-ond lime, but still k**ps on dutv. M>ine of toe catasaaa are now b >mg brought la, which ron'd not be don* before this time. Many colors have been token ; but tbe capteri still ra tain them as trophies. Colonel Carroll's brigade took a numhnr of prisoners and i ?t c l of colors this morning from a rebel regruont, which th" auriwlaed la a place of wouls, tbe en. i4 are ion ad to have falko back to a ti-y in?, abandoning thair works oa their, and s * ly getting into position for soother cosiest. THE WMHIW8T0W TtLICRtMt. The Flrat Oaapateh. WAsmwrrrrw, 11*7 14, 1M*. Ti-sierdsy seven thousand five hnndred prisoners 'sken by tii- v -njr of tne Pot -mac, arrived at Bel' whe- ? i ? y ww? call*# over, and four hundrc * oiiic vere pUoed on Irani,. rta and aant to . ware. Tb? iTlvale*. It la inspected will be soal to IV a.- w-> out or hro< ghl to Warhlngt?^? to- lay. Among t a /inset -is a-a two reve! generals eantn ret by Oxti. Tlaeoock. ?me of them la Trad hi / 8. John*** of s-wierkii, ?d., Who, >t ? ill bt ? ie..?be was for uierl> amt? >vud m tbe II" iw of lUpree jtulvee ?nd I waa a pi . .?'Bcnt mam bar of the Legislature of Maryland of IMi, when it undertook to run tbe citato oat of the Union. A wounded rabal prisoner, who arrived laat eight, ?tataa thai oa Wednesday tba rabal General Lob gst reel waa wounded In tha right breast aad eirrlad off tba laid, I and subsequently his oomnaand understood that be bad dtad while on bla war to Richmond. Tha rebel General A. P. litu waa alio wounded tn tba lama engagement. Before thla maa waa Ukea prisoner be heard that Gene ral Robert E. Lee had alao bean woanded. Two of our nee wM were uteo prisoners aid paroled atate that they alao be .-d the lama re porta la the rebol camp m regards Generate Lee and lonK The Second Deapateb. W asBiMoros, May 14, 1M4. Late rebel papers atate that Lee le wounded, and la now InRlehmoad. His army la out of gear, and Is now la full retreat. Careful investigation fixes the total loaoes of the Army ol' the Potomac la tilled, woanded aod tnlsslug, including prisoners captured by tbe rebels aad stragglers, up te the cc-nmencement of the battle of Thursday, at abJot twenty thousand, not thirty thousand, as baa been repre sented 1b unotdclal despatches. From the fact that no cannonading was heard yester day from tbe front, It Is believed that Lee, la shilling bis position, has taken care to put himself out of Imme diate lighting range, tr be has not actually mored off rapidly towards hicbmoud. The pubile may expect to bear som of the occurrence of tbe next light, if Lee has not been so weakened as to compel him to seek the cover of tbe Rl hramd rortldca tlona, or to retreat rapidly la tbe direction of Lyuoh burg and Staunton, from whloh p tints his army baa re solved i la supplies ever since Grant crossed the Rapldsn. We may add that we do not ebare the appre hensions of many around us that Lee can make a more obstinate defence on the North or South Anna river than be baa made on the To, its the lines to be held oa both of thoae rivers are much longer thaa that on the Po, and thersfors much wsaker and mors easily pierced or turned. Brigadier General Joshua Owen, or Pennsylvania, ts not dead, as reported. He Is still on duty, hiving only lost a finger. THE CALL FOR STATE TROOPS. Arrival of Ohio JUIiltta at Wsahlngtea. WA'UiNOrox, May 14, 1864. The Aral detachment of tbe bandred day a volunteers reached this city this evening. They are a portion of the number furnished by Ohio. Tbe Thirteenth regiment of Ohio cavalry also reached here this evening. Call of Oovsraor Bramtatto (or Tom Thoaiand Troops. Louisvuia, Ky., Hay 14, 1804. The following despatch was received here at mldnleht:? Fbjnktori, Ky , May 13, 1844. Kentucklana ! to the rescue I I want tea thousand six months troops at once. Do aot hesitate to oeme. I will lead you. Let as help to finish this war and save our government. THOMAS K. BRAMLETTK, Governor of Kentucky. Goll of tha Governor of Marylaad far Troops* Baltimobb, May 14, 1S44. The Governor of Maryland has called lor two or three I regiraeata of oae hundred days men, to relieve all tba regular troops oow on duty la this Bute. AID FOR OUR WOUHDIP. Arrival of Weasdod Frea the Battle Field. Tbe steamer Bute or Main* WIVM ffM. \K.kff4*. - thia evening, with between live and six hundred of tbe wouoded from tbe receat battles. Tbe last of tbe woooded from tbe flret two or three days ' debt came ap ea her. The Connecticut Is expected ap la tbe course of tbe Blfbt with a large lot of wounded men, and, It is ex pected, will bring tbe reports of tbe operations of last night and thla morning. The total number of eur wounded brought up from tbe battle field so far H twelve thousand seven hundred. Of this number fourteen hundred have beon placed in hos pital at AlexxndrU, and tbe remainder diatributed throughout tbe hospitals of this city. An army surgeon wU> rame up last evening *ava that we have about fifteen thousand remaining at PreJericks buru and Reile Plain. Tbess flguns include many ' rkedaddlrrs." who. when separated Irom tha wouud. d, will decrease the number materially. Great tVork of the Hanltsrjr Commit* alon. Wi^moiox, May 14, 1861. Tbe Sanitary Commission is d >ii.g a gieat work among our wounuett. Ooe hundred and fllty agents have already been '"ot to them, aod they are rendering etDcii-iit servi ? at Fredericksburg ana Hello Plata. Soppliea are bain? sent d<??*n tha river in largo quM<.1 ties d illy by the Commission It Is feeding and otherwise ministering to thousands of our wttinded men at tic Plain, st Fredericksburg, and at tbe whar. at Wa?hiot:ion. Lemoni I or (he Solillcr-, The cbl?f clerlt of tbe Sinitiiry Commission hu for warded tbe following despatch to Mr. r. K. Moturu, l*re?ldenl of (bu Krult I>?4i?r? Fund ? a bjoerole-n organization for the pure jp of ?ui plying tbo arm/ with nec?tf?ry frail tl flret c*t? *ud ha* l>o^a promptly roi'lle 1 to ? W Aenixorov, IUf 13 lhflt. Mr. T. R. Mibwb*, 115 Peirl str^t ? tiend at oore by exjirr^B *11 the l- lti'>na y u rM. O. CAl.DWfcU.1,, Chief iTfrlt SitiHtrjr ?ommt-loa. InarcordMice with tbm requeal the ?naocutioB *'? ?ocdlrg from on* bun! red tod fitly to two buBU, ?i boxes of le muni daily. Those who have b*?*n com; ellcd by ur< ta il} or cLoi<* to mucb tij>? In a n?k room, cannot otherwise but gno * the value oi tbi . iruil to invalid*. THE RISKS OF CORESPONDENTS. The Way Sir. Ft nir y Aadrnoa V\ us Wounded. ovk wasHiNuroM CO'vMWPokpbhjb. WAUtsaon, May 13, ISftt. Your oorr??pr>ndi>nt. Mr. Kinley Amtaraor who arr'v*d '? i ? <*?t?rday from the b title Ue!d, although tuflterlog t My Troru ui* wound, i? la tbe b*?k of r iti. fl? b4 dictated lh? Uta'lol Bo-mot of llatiruck ? tg'il In tbe Wilder! ie, ivb wa<< ft: t-w tried to diy. It a; *ar? that It.. 1 ti le ?eu *ai ridiuz ?lib ' .?a t.?I llutieoclr and ??V' oti the mnralng of ">e battle of Mp I - y I r m i.? . wt.e.i tbe r.*t>el* c; e.i jd wilt, ? battory it abut art) lery r r<e. T'f> ?hcl.* wore buriting all ?round them, < J immodlately ab.ive tbeir be lit, tearing the bead t? co.ort ?( tb) .4 .cond ?or; a. aBd iBtllctlng a pi'oful but oot rery dfigrnn* wound in Mr Andoraon'a r>*h! arm. AMor 6M wruud waa dreered be returned lo Ibe Held and retrained until ibeekweof '.he battle, a1*r whica be *h coodurtej lo Beli* ruin, end r*m* up to Wajhlngt n on Ihe b>?t with Oeneral M rrli and a omuber of woui.di-1 offlccrf nod men. Hi, %r Ueneral Grant Ural Rntrrrd the Urtflc* far the Prratnt Wa'. Never waa Uio qaotitl^n "Man prop**** but -d dls p i " m*r* #t.*ik>n;'y .if >i{ i?^d than !n t'r ."Je*lng ?oer <o.e <f GeMiul im ?At tta conn ?nroir . ni of it * rel-tll'^ti lc nol* ReprPienttllre c*il*d o; oo ticvernor Ya.oo to recci.meoa to bin Mr. (f^nt *? a fit ft>r tome ? ijeuion. btO htd rrroiYod lic.itiom i -oai -one men oror lU feet In b igbl and of u.',jeu'ar fr mr <, at<d, tberofjr.', variously *y?d tbe enntorao, attired .a b n%*pur thit*to < be.' ? e Ira l* ai. appi.xatt. lib ib?n a v^t til ground* ur niakir tb ? apji'litall i. "I nr.* cJ.n-B .ed M W*rl Pol it, ' <*id ranv, "at tbe ceuntry '? e?pea?-e. 1 a^rved ib Meiio^, d <rfc i I w?t<t out to B I Unufcii* 1 i?d r?mtn?;ii <e v J)ir!ry an *?t r-'*' t for tiy et'uca.i ir , io I r? k. Tbico.iBtr. IS now In trrmhie, aad ? *'?h ?j ' e*-r b*r h?? *ed " ?"**?! -?r f?' * ha . no a <><t mr'.i i.t hln.. ajd t h if ?, let ft-n-, iott tiwo e'ler ti* ih occui * ,e tu< ?'?? | much dlatreeeed la regard to ID raising ti the ' quota of I ha SUM. Ha Had plenty of otora to* officer** pealtlooe, Nt be personally AM sot knew lit alHita of regimental organ i tat lone? bow ??"*/ ultalw wpint a company a* M* May mImIimm iBiiri ibere AnM ba to a re.Uaeat. In bis diatreea ba aafced tbe llepreasn Utlva If thai plain little aaa lo w bum ba ba4 b-en Wio duced knew any thlag of tboee maitara. Tba Rapreaeatanv* rap ilea by brloglag Grant lata tbe preeeote. "l a you under aland tba orgMMaltoa of troopaT" Inquired tba Governor. Tba reply waa la ttt aflranitra. " W III you accept a tui In my offloa for tlu parpoaef" waa tba nan question "lay thing toeerre By ooaatry," waa Qraot'a reply. And to work be U oaoa weal. An4 but far tkia Grunt might still be unknowa to tba warMl Bg **? eaargy nilaeta ta?M idM um tba ayaad wMfe wfciab aba Qllad bar quota. HOW OHANT UOiMI OOLON1L AMD POUND ?WW TRAN8POHTATION. ivban tba Twenty Drat Ullnola Volunteera waa organized a flue looking man waa eboeen by tba ooinpany office ra ta the colonel-, but having ao military capacity the reslment fall lalo disor der, and became tba terror of tba neighborhood where It was encamped. The Governor rtfuKed to com mlxalea the nominee of the regiment, and faked Grunt If be thought be could bring tbe turbulent hum 10 order If be were appointed the colonel. Grant though', he could. Half an hour after warde an application w?i mudo to Got. Yatea to tend a regiment to Qulncy ? one hundred ?n<l twenty railea dlatant . but the trouble wild Ibo G vermr waa, not the want of men. hut the lack of transporta tion. " Send my regiment." tald Grant, 11 and I will 0> <1 tbe transportation " The oosnmand waa given . and be fore night tbe regiment waa under orders to march. On foot the regiment waa transported to Qnl'.cy . and when the men were there encamped they wore rei oried ?? be tanging to one of tba beat disciplined reglinenu of liiiaeia volunteers. Obacqulaa of General (lice. ?BPbCIAL OHDBH ? WO. 9. naiDorirmiH, Firry fifth Rnimi.Tr, N. Y. 8. W. fl.,1 New Yob*, May 14, 1804 I The honor having been conlerred upon thla regiuienf of eecortlDg tbe remaloe of Brigadier General Jamee O. Hice, who (ell at the battle ef tfpotteylrenla. oa their transit through thla city. It will, In eompilanc* with division order*, parade on Monday morning, lfltb tnat , In winter fatigue uniform. Regimental line will bo formed on Madlaon square, at eight o'cl-ck a. M. precisely. The band, drum corps aad non-commlasloned naff Will report to the Adiuiant at the same hour. KUUKNE I.aGAL, colonel I'e/nmauiiiag. W. P. Widsworth, Adjutant. THE VERT LATEST. The Lat?*M Deipttchcf Re* c Aired front tue Battle Field will be Published on the Eiflitli 'I'M H CASUALTIES. Additional LkU af famea of Uw IBM ul Wouaded la Um Elfht Day*' BalUci. Acker W, 77th M T A a.n- 8 Uth Pa Alien R, 2d Pa . Adrlcli Corp A J, 2d R I Acnear J, Hut f? Aruola C U, 4tb PA Ironnii M, USI P? Brand* H, 4id K V II C. ?lh M J D?r rll J, loth M Y Rarrett J 10H? M V Burke Maj i 0, llth Pa re Bote J, aiu Pn^ _ HI lr >1 B. 12th Pa Bell R 5th Vt Bratur H. 16th lud KetiaS. 14*l> Pa Hoy I* J 8. l'?d Pa Harrow E, 37Vh Mm* Hrnudl Corp J, 1 12th P? Burue U W, 40th N ? Bredy W*,Md NT Binghatn t'orj L. 2d Vt J?r.'?nVw C. *?'Va Harney fc A, 6lt J t Uontuo C F, .Id Mlci Brea?> P L, 110th Pi Halsli.* K. Mtti Pa Hrowuell V 8, 7 th ? f Maker T. IWd Pa Meaty *er*t ??. U?th Pa l<lain Curp A V. IU4d Pa Hell* E II, 80th N T Callahan DH, 7th Wla Ci.r^etal J.WthR Y Carflale U L. 3d Mich t'anerull J. yd Pa Creuuon J, Uth conn Ca' bough J, I42d Pa CbilMluu J, 12 tb N Y i 're V 12' . tli U.ilo C ouue.l K. 6th V I Coainan I). .VI M?> Ctiulne: W, U3.J Pa Uurr gii W, 2d Wt. Cutter wan II, llWh Ohio CivinerC. ll'>lh l'? Cannon IV I*. let f C i mm k A 8lli Pa Ureeiier lieu, 10 h Pa 0 rbet J, AKh A1 ?. Cbnltbatk A H ?lb Pa i'lamer C, #ih Pa Cnl iiiarj I?*ac L.h Pa Care .n j, Ith Pa Clark Wm. Uth Pa Cunningham M 12th Pk C a. too J 1>. t*? th Pa Cji .in* P, 7l't l'? Cb rtnn J lO^th Pa . Conklin K Vli Pa ilSea cat m, ;id vt Cult l> A Bucktfll Rifle* l>ec*er t oipl P, B"h *??' 1 o .1 . 0>d Pa Len.a J 8, 0th "*?? Djiiaerl* C. 4w Vt L>o? fj Rergt H. '<9th Pa Da oiM/i A lUOli. Pa i iteneuu l* F 17th Mich Lit! ph W mi >i , 7-h lud Hay L M. 17th >ia?e Oa>,. LlO W, !?t Oel f e .er J.Clh Pa D W, Mh M V Kd?r O C, 7th I nd hi ictt W M. M let P* Elite U, 27ih Mich h hsrt H :iS Pa Eliae W, 12th l a _ La* telly K A. tMi S T b'tly W II, H : N Y Knr er .1, IM-'th Pa Kilth Jn?> J \V. 119th It. J KHMrC u. U. th I'm Kiint'ii k. 19th ma K ehrll W. I H*h Pa y y i| 'loth Ohio KU. ? l< Ktn U * Km t J lit It Mich Ki liner M P, 4lh "hlo K! kv1 .1 , 6>lh Pa Pordi,y 7ft H.< on J 6th I'a 1 teach J, i*!i I ? Frw B. 1 46th Pa tiai rmon II, l td N T liar 'ley It, Hti'h N T t.oif J, I7t:i Mich UroM A. 12th Pa IKurJ K K ?! Pa uiiUerl* m ? fith 5 T Guild r H 7d Vt C.OI.nrt V D. IS th Pa il'Kni)tiir 1,' tih V 8 |la<rit <i. Nib **?? itu.iiirn \v II, Itlti Pa lit <i i n I' P.*h In! Herri- 0 II 4t'< > ? 11*1 J. 'J 'tli N V !!?< 1 J P. < ' li'd H.r4 y I J 4 . * V Until. ? k I A. 2 ,{? |i nr eh J IwSih P* He lfrtn* i*J I' tjiipiwi' J, lt*H'h I a Mr line ?. C?" '? , tin iri it A iSth Melna llefity w K. Pt'i Melue lleii'U ?'? "tl1 ^ V H ml- W A7'h I ? _ liiiirti ii'on K Pk II?t uw* 0. i?l l'? <*? u all' I- II. *911. w\' ? llai krlt l.i?'it '* lOO ?' ? 1 1 -e? ?. i i'? lleiHt." . i ' ?P llyw* * ' * ' ? Ilioe* ? I 1 I 11:1.1 -b i c I ' i llurt<-y llyait I, ????!? > l|..r?li. A Ualiftie* *v " ' lloi.le urd Jiiier I. I *e . i 1 ?' JnliHen J Jem? J. ' ts a ,l*rk c?n J I ' U Pa Jeili*r I P Jobn?' n II 8, 2d M I Job >ier>it T, IVth 0i\l4 John on L?. I.'t ' JnemoD Ch. I*?<t M? V itiM U Mh I * ? _ .Inline W U 1 1 T Kt^ptathCM 17lh Pa Kra o- liica, 17th Mi?!? KlHener H. Tk.1 .1 * Kaeter W, 57th Pa Karle W A 7. I N * Xtt?. H, 49?.t Pa Ee tlraoulJ 1 t P'l K'?:en t M 5th V R Ki l 'J 6. Pa K^erer K lit.t rc? kirn * I ?, ?">"l * ke,-.i w *,tP,i Pa L ite* ' ll. I* ? I. r Til.' ' *h I. r'th t. /. . a. ivth r ? i?' Lltiar C. 73d N T Leixer R J. 2d Wla Lea.l B J. 4tk Vt_ I xw letter J, 17th N T Lai bam A B. Wth Ma. iM Lawrence J D, 142d Pa t?yw<K>d Beryl. I t lie I Lincoln , 9Vtb Ma a Murrry D M, ?tk Pa MlUhet Herut H H, Mb 71 MarUia 'I bth Vt .it J. .3d ll> ... . Motdmer Corp Q, 199tk P? Moore T, (Wth Pa Myrei J, HWth Pa Milliner II P. 1 50th Pa u Manning Corp W, 204h Kua McDeru ott W. 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