Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 15, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 15, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. M^14~6 r. M. The stock t&irk?t was buoytat this men wg and a general r?* to pri N took flaflfc CV?sj*red *Hb tbe fill beat cub sales at the first 'board ye?lerday, New Tori: Oeutral kdvuocd 1 Erie Railroad 1 *?, Erie preferred v, Hudson Rlw tH, Harlem 10, Heading 2 >4. Michigan Oeotral l\. Micb^an Southern 'i\, Cleveland and Pitts burg t, Galena and Chicago 4.1*, Cler eland and Ibleie Chicago and Rook Island 2, TitMburf and Fort Wayne 3, tblcago and Northwestern 1, Chicago and Alton ^tf, IV kite Mail 8>%, am. Cumberland Coal *i. Toleioanu Wa Ulh declined 1 V? and Canton Company 1 The gold market opened at lTlAa, and the premium ad VMM* to Tttf. It closed on Uie (ratieu* above 72. Toe follow ing was lbs bustueas at ibe iuo-lreasurj in this elty to day BecelpU ^ns'So ?for customs 10,7ol.485 iJsncs. ....... W,9W?,340 Subscription* to ten-forty loan 91,100 Tbs total Tal is of the Imports, other than dry good* and gnome, at toe p~rt of New York for th? week ending May 12 wa* J2.938 61 S. Tbe hanking firm of Mare k Hertel, of Chicago, hare bivn forced (o suspend business, on acoouut of tb? failure CT A Marc It Co., of Mo.-oow, Ruaala, me principal in the latter firm being a brother of tlie principal in tbe Chicago bouse. Mr. Hcrtel, the junior partner, is the Hanoverian Consul in Chicago. Tbe question of tbe international railroad bridge across tbe Niagara rirer has recently excited great interest be tween tbe rival railroads that expect to (N It. The competition was between tbe Atlantic and Great Western P.ailroad of Canada and tbe Buffalo and Lake Huron rood, ?nrn desiring to obtain the controlling amount of stock in tbe bridge, which is to be fifteen thousand shares, or one million Qvo hundred thousand dollars. Individuals In the Interest of tbe Canadian road subscribed for one hundred and nve lb ?ti*and sba-es, which is seven times mora than the whole r mount, and parties friendly to tba Ruflfclo and l-ake Huron r^ad subscribed for ono hundtod and sixty five thoas nd share", amounting to sixteen millions five hundred thousand dollars. On the 7th Inst, the provisional directors of the bridge met at Paris, Ca nada,*^ th* pnrpe*e of ?pportioniJ2 the stock, whon the follow insT division was made ? Svbsciiturt. RetUVnce. Share-. Amount, Mr. Nich son Fort Kria 693 $^9.3^0 VII I la in Kills " 693 69,800 H. B. Mcf'ausiand. . '< 693 69,300 - Himllton " 693 69.30? ieorge l.o wis " 693 60.300 I C. McPougal " 698 69.300 Kill ism Rir-sel! " 69'i 69 300 t. Ufcttveoi Attica, New York. 1,186 118,005 Ailon ClegUorn Bradford 1,574 157 ,? 400 William M iclcau. . . " 1,384 13S.400 J. R Clement " 696 69 600 C. J Bridges Montreal 696 69.500 E It. Wood Rr mtford <,657 366^700 T. W Ke?nnrd ...Vew York 687 6S.700 Alex M' Andiow.. .Richmond Co., N.Y. 27i 27,400 BamuM Wand " ... 158 15,800 Pirn. L.M.Barlnw. ,Kew York 158 15,800 C. K E. Bl kesley . " 158 15 800 C. Day ?? 687 6s, TOO Fourteen individuals 35 3,500 Total 16,000 $1,500,000 ?? lbd Canadians, who It Is supposed are in the interest of tbe Great Western road, hare secured a majority of tbo scares, and will therefore have control of the com pany. Tbe earning* or the Roma, Wa'ertown and Ogdensbnrg railroad during the month of April, compared with the re ceipts for tbe same time last year, are as follows: -? 18S3. 1864 l-a^engcrs $22,092 86,073 Freiibt 18.671 31,'.!24 Miscellaneous 2,293 2,062 Total $13,05# 69 .359 Increaso 29.303 1 ho earnings of the Galena and Chicago Union Railroad during the Crst week in May in 1863 and 1964 were as follows:? 1863. 1864. rrelfbt $19,6e2 80, 622 F^seugera 8 719 12 312 Mails . &c 1,300 1,300 Total $29,701 44,134 Increase 14,433 w e have received tbe following commun cation in re lAtlon to tbe Flarlem Railroad:? Ibe Harlem Railroad Company's book* are now closed tor the wnnual election of directors, which will take place on the 17th it pi int. and will b" again opened Tor transfets ui stock oo tbe 13th. At tbi-ir election a year ago tbev displaced some of tbe ablest directors ibat ever adorned ? >? councils of any railroad board, and put BOrr.O Oi VfiOTtl U>ue uttu ctfgrtgtnj, mn I if unit coes, In '*corniog'' tbe con oration of tbls city and tbe I egirlainrc of tne State, and put tbe stocK ur> to the visionary pric or 200 psr cent, and compelling the slioi la to pay this ridiculous price to obtain tbeir stock to de liver, to ever tbeir rh^rt contracts. Never was there any such rockier specuUliou in tnis or any otber mil road r mj .my uut'1 oo ?\ S pre it have be? tbe specu lations in the Ktnck of ? his c mpany that tbe manage ui nt ( f i.t a"ilrs bat l>ecn in ft wofuliy neglected. Allan Campbell, Ebq , late Pieaident of ibis company, is one of the ablest engine ore n tne r.oor try, wbo built thU road, and by whose os'irmf energies th-s rompanv bis tieen more than once Si ed from bankruptcy, by bis de voted and utdtvlded u-tcBtinn to tbe intereels of its StockttoWtom, and t robai' ? no m >n cculd bo found who 0 <mu rnaaaje its affair' a ith i ore economy and sat isfac tl'tlattiskcttoMett. He was remffyed a yew ago. ?nd .11 his place -v. s Ltod a titilcmm wbo, fr<-m t e rjimTr.Jity of bl? buti-'Ms purwits, t<M not render tint e cient ?tt"r'i<>n u, its management wbiob It abeo Juloly reeded. Mr. Campbell e t t he company to a great State of pros perity. w th very brlph? pros ects before it. )> iring b.p <t.inlh'irtra!i n he' obtain' d a Broadway rail r ad srsclfioa ti.e Corporation . b'i! wbich hi-h'enricce debated hr very Sad rn .na ement. He ?lso left tb-ai with a M".l. on aven e cran' to tlie Pa k. and by eftier n?glrc! thn valinP'" franchise hn? been left undore; a-.d, iu i'mi i the j refent d ree'.lon b lie soiree ? done ny ibtng for tbe Benefit c. the 't'cfch iders. They bive a, ent an inumnse ammiot o! money, witb "it any cones 1 nding ibcmte in tbeir receipt#. In faol, tbfir r ? i i ij fiave brcn f ' meat, re t r. < t the c m-unt have uot ven tired 1 1 1 tibi ah e en tbeir monthly ea- irings mice Nv ?ember la t : and while the common stock ha- been fore d up to the extr-i^rdu; ;ry a> 3 fab: Iocs prices now ruling, il.e peferrel stcck, -l.icb la ann-lt percent ?tTk (b?tr-r tne rfmrnoi stock (au i et anything), and w l i b i. i he urtb< i aUvantt ge of iccreaaed d. vide, is beyond ei^bt i er i onl i offered for nl? at aliont pv ? acd no one a','i >r nttf *;l.tnj t ? jmr- iiase ev?n at that price Wh>r Mr <: impbe'l left tt.o rimpauy It waa In grr it exi ectai .on ot r? ? dlr'dend ui Jinn try n t hut t'.o funes of the cwnp.ny b ve betn U.virtcd frota Uie preferred st rk to (he f i meet or seu|en."nt of < nM ,rj li g Al any e?tcn i n ctiikilw, which do u<>i i?ec me due till 1872. und that b is <:?' " t n ;mjI i!"il of dies itl? fao'ioii am' ng eon-oof 1 1 <? prti'e rretf "hareboiders, wbo b .ve threiteiied 'be eon>|aay wiib sjlts to oom' el I bam to iJrai nsJIy wlih tl.rm n: d it is rumored if tbi> company p?-.? the July i^iv dead, then due, ibey will r .mpc: tbe cimuauy l n y ' y dee c>urs' of law". n?t only tbe divi .end then due, but tl < .innu iry dividend >rb ch Kb >uld a'?' bare b _-i < p.i id. top :bor v> itb bsck '.it, den-la to tho ext?nt of the nif ijejs u.?e<l l?r the company in payment of ibc .tibutiy i*:ausion certiGcates. ?bc>, it l? coi'leede :, l ? ? b n (!iv>- 1 ;eil fr^m i : r ro; .;r ap to ; nation o' drid i:ds ti tfce pre "erred sto^ki, .:der< and give* to the Alb ny rr' n certificate bu.d?.a, wbicb are not dee f ir many years r come. Tbe follow i.ig bonds ant stocks were told at suction yesterday, by Adrian H Ma.ler, T. R. Wi'kins&Co. by order of tbe excc .tors of Abrabsm ceased ? f <,Wi0 Kentucky 6 per cent b n1? tl .^0 each : 1 due July 1. IK"; 1 ji.e A pi it i, 1872. 1 uue *!a> 1?. il04'; li] abuse ! ? .> Rallri ti -unl 1 r: nipor.ati in t rniai.', io j ? ecti 1<4 ti New \ uric Central l',.i :r t.d <om;iiny, 1100 ?wh in ?6 ! eun y vat iCoal ? v> r- ~i.v $100 eicb V>0 V.'i Manhattan Cnapeny.S 0 ea- h 140.:, 8 la k of -uieof S<tn > ork, tioo each I'm 2 l.'ercha U* Kvcbarij" Rink $50 eatb ....ICS Stock Rxehatige Pits- xr. M^r 11-10 ? a M. | !0i 0 17 Sf 81. C6i:p lis 4b Sbs Bi (e KR lie*,: ,WiU 86V. ||. ieg II'. 7 tf do.... i WOO Ct ",i .01 . Uj' i . iviliepief Oi I <J'? ! K 4 vi liu 'iea Rtv KK.... I ? 1 'I tM i!o .... ! V V I u . . I'M .?'*?? fr a. 1 ?in F*A. I I i <i i ? i> d" <i ,t a. I 1 i i) d . ; U J*pi I 8 6' . I ?e^r ier j ? i Itailen. Kt: 1 "> <UOi 'I .in tl ? . Tl .i*) I' fading KR JSH< 1>mM <ia atoi;?MIK "I . do I ?7 J" o ( ir' ia 7 II >. I do . . ... 1 I 5" "iiie A Mtaaesr. ? ? ?! d-> 1 : l'0i|t S I: otrjl t/?. 1 1 i &i> i do ... ItiG 4 ' ? It . ? i> . t r it j 14 ?W (to bU ; ? ?? i *'?i CH* I ir.lj *'? n.<l do J )' S?" ?. ? < '? ???? i ? -# | SMI | uvvti t 10 <Smrt r lot R| ISt' i 1 r;.n 1 M Heat RR 1 1 WJ M ? X ? ? t?i |. ? . <* 'li 1| , ] i? ?" ?b mi :::::::: ilg , J" ? . i M. i t Nl Alt. . 04 l/w-l. 1 ? Ilo JM WtaiO do >'.11 ( i cn u '1/ gjp d.. n!i m i?. z* Hp 5 ? ha Bk K at on lAmer I ci K.,.is in v , 1 1 ** ?#!?.... JSOld 5 Cootineiitai Mana H<1 , do j. * Can* HI Company ?t in, \'H l,f ' ""??? bS 11 Hi ' ' aiJ I2,T' JfO Central Ooai Ga . . hd ? 1 : ? l.'-?! . 1 , P tia nit .. in * j t?Cuoitj"t.?adCoa|pf ,7. ? ^ l.l.U iw l?? ??i:- *>. So lid ? '? - *iC c* 47,' Jltl" ??? ? ? ? li',*- ' ???>*'? '?"rr ?? ? < " <a!en i 4 Chi Kit )'? do ii'il 77 M4 lOWysin^rotl O 71 l OCkl'OiUa. if. d ' 1W. I . ti d , i a?i . 160 Rir.litnd 'Mar >>< ie. 30 i 0 do .. ...... |j ?w. oua<e'lr." To! a" Wat;a?h r" ? ; a?i M* ?'n* S3?, itj<iritu.nw 1|UK 8^% f'i 1*1^1 alp TA 200 de Vm IUM *? de ?? "H in* it Ill* M' Chicago IM V pref *? SOU do. ? '31 UJU Chicaao A Alton UK i ) IW 100 Mar A eta is! prcf W'j MA do.' . ** #3? M H A St Joseph BR 45 I'M do !->' lOBCUic^o 4 Ma Rft 7J tUOBil-RU ~NirrATio\* vta D-PEMVLRS. * * RKSPECTABLB WOMAN wants A BABY TO J\ ait auraa ai her own rsaideuee. Apply At IK Cherry at . front baaeattnl A SITUATION WaNTKD-KV A TOUNO WIDOW with the privilege of Keeping her l>alie; i? a good . oo* ? uraeand seair.atreiia; of would wn nirte a lis'iy ; no oh as ii . u tu Hi.- country; w^es no object Bestoity ref?.reuo< Apply at -VSO Canal et. A RESPECTABLE OIBI, WISHES A SITUATION AH chambermaid *nd wailreaa or to ink ? cure of children In * amall private family; coid city reference, no ol>:eou.>ns to the country Call at 351 7tl> av. flrst store from Md ?l. AMUMBER OK WELL BKCOMMENHED QPCMAK femalei want altu ulf.nn a-* cooks. charnltermaid* and laundroawM nu aes. girls for general homework, Ac at Mra LOWE a licrmau Institute, 17 SUaton at., near Ike Bowery A SITUATION WAN fED? BY A RE8PECTABLB OIRL, to rook wash and iron; if a rood plain cook and e*oel lent waaluT and lioner. I>aa coed city referent*. Call at 2nA2uik at., between 8tb auJ 9th a?a., secoud floor, back room. TAUNDRB:*S.-LADIBS and oevtlf.mrn can J hare their ?va?tilnr done In the Heat ft vie Ca'.l At 121 Weat I7tU at. Tha tie?t of reference cl?ent SITUATIONS W AVTED? FOR THOROUGHLY COM PR. tent female help of all nation*, an. Ii as iir*t rlMl i Mfc* chamliermaid*. waure -es, laundress"-. seamstresses nut sea, cook* to wash and Iron amall glrla and gii U 'a'elv li.ii.O.t Alao mala help Applv at tba Laifie Kinplovtuoul House, 138 lltU at , corner 6tu a*. THK OARR OF A HOUSE W A NTE D? FOR TIIR SUM iner. bv a couple of marii*<1 seivants. well recommend ed Inquire of Mra. T llorje, No. 9 (itli sr. WET NURSE WANTEO-BY A RFSPECTA BLR YOUNG married woman, with a froali hreaatof milt, perfect1* healthy. Apply for one wcea at MJ Weat IStU street. 2t 1VANTFD-TO on TO ETROFB, WITH A FAMILY. IT *< nurse or maid, a Proteatar.( German ctrl . does not anff.'r from aoa "i"ke-a: will tisvel wlih iheramllvnr ro to her fi l"iii!a upon r.e rival on the Continent Beat of re feri-u-es Inquire <>f l'rofc* or .'oy. Columbia | College, Ha^t i?M !> at., on Wednesday. Mav 18. YirANTFD-A SITUATION. BV A RESPECT * RLE II married woman. as wet uurae. Call at lr2 Cha'lton st . N. Y. WANTED-A SITUATION BV A YOUNG GTRL TO DO general housework in a amall prirai* family; eity re rersn e* given Apply for two day- at 413 Weal 25tU st . be tween 9th and Idth a r*. UfANTRD? A CHILD TO WET NURSE AT MT OWN W real fence. 186 Kast 8tth *? . firat I'of.r, front room. Beat city relereui ea Canjbe seen any tiiue 'or t vo d.iya. BITl'ATIONS WAMTED-MALB8. AsrruATrov was'*ed-vor a youth of is Tear*, in an Iron and hardarara store; ha? a narlial knon-U l^e nf tbe husines*: can b11" satisfactory reference as to rnpacliy and Inteeiity compensation e\p*etad com. mensurate with the llutc*. Address D. F. J., box 12> Herald oSloe. A FRENCHMAN WISHES A PLACE AS COACHMAN in a private family. Address 59 Grand st A TOUNO MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS ASSISTANT clerk or btokkcener. at moderate waces would l>e willine lo make him elf generally useful. Call at or addrcse for three day<, 453 Greenwich St. AN EDUCATED AMERICAN TOUNO LADY (AS EX ccllcns housekeeper) de^resa portion in any re-neeta? ble capacity, where her dutiea will not be menial Excellent testimonial' cau be Riven. Address T. W. K . Brooklyn Post office. A OOOD AND RAPID TEN MAN. WHOSE EVENINOS are uncmploved. washes a situation n copvtst, or to .14 wrltlne of any Wind; wa^es very moderate. Address Thomas Herald office. A TOUNO MAM WISHES EMI'LOTMBNT IB A ?:ore, or w archou e or oilier eaiahliahmeat. where he wonl I have steady employment: Is nnt afraid of hard work; la alrictlv tempeiaie and steady ; would work for moderate wa^es Address Wyoming, Herald office. A FIRST CLASS PLAIN WRITFR WANTS EVENING employment. Address X A.. Herald office. QITUATION WANTED-BY A TOUNO MAN AS AS O slatant bookkeeper, in a commission houan who baa had some eiperienne vtrilesagoo.l hand, i* quick and cor rect lo figures; best of references given. Address E B. K , box t,S52 Po t office w TO BANKERS. MERCHANTS OR BRGKRRS ?A youni gentleman. of uneiceptfoiiablo character and highest reference*, formerly aca?hierand bookkeeper and conMential clerk to a banking bouse Weat, de<ire*a silua tion. envying moderate aalary at firat. Addroaa Hen. 7, ?tattoo D Poet ofllce. TO MERCHANTS. MANUFACTURERS AC -WANTED. I y an acttye tchioz man. who hi* a gool knowledge of busloeaa, a ctuat on at bookkeeper or a*ai*Uut clerk Ad dre?. W. 8.. 119 Leotard at. ANTBD-BT A YOUNG MAN (AMERICAN), AGED "0 a a? porter in anr mercantile hualoen or In any capacity whatever; ha* no objection to work at any thing by which he can earn an honed living. Aidre** B D. W bitten. J77 *f eat 29ih at., for oae week. WANTED-THB ADVBRTTS'.ER WT8HF8 A 81 TIT A. lion aa con e?pind>ng or confidential clerk or cannier; I* a good judge or money, aud fur ten year* past ha* held a position of responsibility. requiring administrative ability of the (ir?l order; *.\ti*ractorv 1* tlmoulnl* from both F.aatern *nA We?l?. ? ~'u ??? 'u?"v.-Vw? Uilwvf - ?4 '?*_* Al<*n Adii.e** William*, box 93, Milwaukee. Wia. WANTED? A RITi'ATION, BY A YOUNG MAN, xvh'-re Uc cau u ake bin, self useful ; l? a g"<xl iKNim in and good at figure' AdlretsS L D? Herald oiiee. ?TANTF.T)-A SITUATION. AS BOOKKEEPER OR TT as*i*t*nt, by * TO'sng man of ernorieti e. who 1* willing to make himself otherwise useful. at a mo '?r ile salary, where there la a pi oapoct of aJrauceuieni. Addrea* J. P.. Ileral I ofllce THE TRADES. ACUTTF.R of considerable exprrience es renallv at pantaloon* and vest*. U oi>en for a rluia Mon : s-.tltfa-to- y reference, and no ob.eetioo to tba country. Addren bo* 105 He'aid oTloe. A8?EMRT.ER8 OF PISTOLS -WANTBD. TWO ME chamoa; ?lng e pi n preferr - I ELLIOT ARMS CO , IW Brnadwtf. ABTTTITECT0RAL DRAUGHTSMAN WANTBD.-MUST b? for petent lo make work 'of drawlnj* Apply be tween 0 and 12 o'clock on Mod Jay morning at 12r t'lntju pl*r?. < 3th *? > BRArS MN'RHHR- WANTED? A FTR^T CASS WflftK man on (it"*m whistle . al*o one on c Oiet -. Apply to Havden. ? ; ei .? t to.. 84 fteekmm ?t cn \TN MAKKRS WANTED?TO WORK IX NEWARK. N J. Apply af 1W Weft 1 th at., Ne* York. /CARPENTERS WANTED? IT 101 WATER BT. APPLY V J on M >od*y morning, May I V IiUNISHE*S ON FINE PANT-J-BEST PRICF.S PAID " and atea ly v. o.k. at 33i* Prari at., Qfth Hour. 8. C. DUNN. TOt'RNPTMEN STAIR BUILDERS WANTED? \T ?' :b."i >o 113 Eut Z7t!i it. G00J v ag-? aud (tiady work MICITTNIST WANTED.-* GOOD MACITTNTtT CAM I ad leadr cmp! > rnent. by *ppl> iu r at Hrprnif A Co.'* n'e n an :ai 'ory, c< i a ;r U ud-011 an.l llt'.i *'*. lteferc:ir? re.,u;ied. Ornamental ja tanners and tinmen want ed a ppl* at J. Maryland's. 43 Go d *t . N. Y PLUMBERS WANTED-AT f MrEWAN'8, U EAST 1 .It (i *t. A to .1 boy to learn t le li He PLVMBEB WANTED-ONE WHO HAS WORKED tliree or fo .1 year* at tie ira le. 10 fmuh hi* IraJe. at 5.'4 9:1. av. rpo pr.rMiiFRH -\yaNtkd by a stoct boy, L lat< lv Irotn ilie old tommy, a eutiat'on a* apprentie* in 01 e TeHp?-c'at?le hop. Ceil on nr *ddte*? for two day* Henry Mu!'ln? H Allen ?t . *eron I floor front. PATTRRN MAKER8 WANTRO ?APPLY TO OBO R Ja <*o?. Burnet & Co '.'01 Centre *t PAINTIRS ? TIIK HIGHEST WAGES PAID TO A few g.>')d paint ere Apply at 71 and 7S Walker ?t.; a 1*3. a faw |>a.nt*r?to work tn Oiooklyn. OTEEL LE1TBR CUTTER OR MARK MAKER WANT O el ?Best of y*;e? si.l eonMinl employt>enl given. Apily wit'i *t?*clmeii? ol work from II tn 3 oVIwk at room I 'I ('root * Hotel, 74 C atham <L Eitra workman w?n'el. TWO TOPNO MDTES WILL BE TAKFM TO LEARN I nt c >lorin(. Apt>ly at I M F.aat 5 th *t . near 3d ?r f|M)BACt'ONIST. ?WANTED. A COMPETKNT PARTY, I ? ho lm li* 1 a lon< etperiene* In p ep*rlng. granu'at Iit a id t -til ig o' t. bar 'O. Addreaa Vnqairei . boi 5 1.17 Poat u lite for oue week. Hlatloit oatne and reier nre TO.IF.WH un, -,V VNTKO IMVFDIATFI.Y.ONEOR twcifiKt rlaM en<ra>'er? go lo New Britain. Tonn. ; ? ?rxlr ? ui k given. Appiy v. Churchill, Dana A Co , 190 Broadway, up .'air* mo BI.INK hOOK BINDERS ?WANTED A CAPABLE I n *11 ?? fo ein*n who th jro ishly n ider*tatid? the b Tiip'i t'>* pertAtend the n ant.fat ' urj of blank book* In ?" tlietr i*r et e* Ti ? fh * on" * ler^anent ?ttnatioa liltei* rav m*r be *ec>ire,| ;iy a Idre muz, with r?*l a *ndr ly re'ereuee. Blank link hoi 175 Herald oTiee. MM riv? MANUFACTURERS Of FINE MACHINERY ? I \Y.i.i'?d bv a cinip"! -<nl >n I I1 e*peil' n'-e l p r-on of gno-t i' ire?'. n sit *T!on !o ? iper n'end nr t*tte e'.iante of a inir.ui ft B *tol city i?lereoc?. Addio** A B , l: 6t!i a e. M/ A-NTKD-IN A NF.I-; II SORING CITY, IN AN OLD ?' #.t*bll*Hed !iou<?, where the Seal work I* lone a ' r?t e'.?? H'.t'e a peimanent *|:n ition ?n t a "ood sa'arv will be jiafl to a mm wiio th'..o,^by under hit bu-.n' ?* Addreet boi 1 111 New York Po?t ol ee, wtlli rcfer?nr* ItMNrED-TOtjRNr- YBRN INSTRUMfNT MAKERS. * * a i'iop r American Co , U 1*1 at , third floor, Will a:r J l,{ W ant: D? TWO TIN AND gHLBT IROM WORKERS I? Tfco tlior highly unJ#:*T*n I their D"*ln*M. and v ho are w!lilng alter * month ? trl*l lo m*ke an engaf* > ent '01 a y?ar 01 luore. Aj/piy at 4?y*til *t. WM. D RL'HSKI.L t\r ANTED? 80MK PEARL BUTTON CUTTERS AND ?y drll ei* (19a week and (taaly wage* App > *' I Z t We?t Hou*'ou w ANTED? El VE (IOQD WOOD TURNER8; NONR but erperleneod h?nl* nred apply; ?te*dy amnoy m nt piy rrgulir. Inquire of J O. Ilarger, aubasriptioa dn*it. Ti ne* o'llce WIMTED? A STRADY BOY TO f*BD AN AI?\\M i rrt*. Ti aurli * un* err* ware* g. ? n and a *te? ly < ] R< J R M )OM-.Y >?r ? 1 *; ?onrlill). VrANTlD-AfltTVATIOll as 1 "TTKTI in a CUSTOM ' ' and rlothi g a'ore by to eipertenced sutler. AddreM r ier koi it) (Ml ?feet. \V ANTED? A MAN CAPABLE OF TAKING CIIARGB *' o an e laiUsbet book bindery ki t'.i# South weat , mn*t '10 leir <nd r-illng. forTarllng i:id fl?i,*.r.?I lo * ooot je^nt^n M a Uo*W mlw WlU St ** TUB TRADES. fcp-BY A L,irr?*SFp IT 0[ Mi HII * ?TTnA (?< tun h hIhU <ua> vrng^ub Ad4i?H toi Iwp day*. Ep;i(Mr, box 120 Herald Wf ANT KD ?TO MBRUBANT TAII.ORa.-A TOl'HO I' man who is full) cowp iwit. destres an > ogai;' >enl a<wl(rr. Thcbeeiof reference given. Addieax D J. 8 . Herald oflloe 1*T AKTED-FOUB MACHINISTS AMD ONF FATTKV.N IT maker. Apply at the corner of Van Brunt and Com merce km., four bkx-?a from Hamilton av,. Bomb llrookijn ANTRD? A BRAR8 COCK MAKER H)R RMALI. work. Apply at Gregory's faun try. Ut and US Cau w 30 WANTRD? A GOOD OAROENKR, TO CO A NIIOR1 distance in tbe country; one who understand* tns ti nt n?< thoroughly; also In lave charge ot a team of b?r?e?, and who can drive, references required. Apply at A Kinkier A Ron's stables, 100 Franklin at., between 9au4 111 o'clock, for three day*. WANTED? Til RE R GOOD MACHINE PAH RUN li nker*: also Ave or kit good mocbin1 la Applj at tbe corner of Railroad av. aud I'rospeot ?t . Jersey Oil'. W ANTRD? T'lRF.K COOD OF.NfcR A f, tlt'HOt^il era, Tor c?.r|iels. curlnius aud general work. Apply *? 55 32d *1 , corner of Broadway. GOOD GRANITR KTONR CUTTERS WANTKP-AT the Chestnut Rlreel Itridge Wanes per <lnv. clakk. Migrans a kknnbdy. extractor* Philadelphia 11 F I.P WAlilTFD- NAIiBS. AGENTS WaNTEP-TO Rlti THE LAR1FST AMI nifiHt rittracllre assortment of Pri/e Parka -e . til the woi Id, ten kinds, old hands at the business will do wl! ' tJ tr* a simple lot. R'-nd red stimp for etronlnr JOHN OIBfiON. 3 2 Bcekman street. N Y. ABOOKKPKPEB WANTED-IN A1 DOMESTIC COM mission home; salary moderate Urst year. AdJiess box 2.387 l'oit olice. V. Y. A GOOD CHANCE FOR STRADf EMPLOYMENT - l.arce number of young or a;ed n:en experienced or not. wanted an nurses; good plaeeg and rood pav In ntUi tary hospitals near tbe c ly. Apply at It 6lh ar., uear Amity street. BOY WANTED-WITH SOMK EXPERIENCE IS A wholesale lire house. AJJrea, with name, age Ac, boi 4,663 I'o.-t ollice. Boy wanted-to go rrrands. ac.? must nR smart active, and eome well recommended. Apply to A. S Ruatell, 232 Wooster at., three doors bo aw Amity. Boy wanted? a respectable American boy. 16 yea'-s ol Hje, who has ome knowledge of pencil drawing, to leirn Hie silver chasing business. Terms llbe raL Apply at 76 Bleevker st. OT W A NT ED? 1*5 TO 18 YRAR? OP AOB, TO LEAKS tbe carpenter's trade. Inquire at tt'J 1'earl al. B Boys wanted? in tiib circular and adver tlgiaj department of the Great American Tei Com i nv: goo J penmen, wages ti to %i a week. Apply at Jo and 57 Yesey st. . . ? . H , . . , ? iii ?? ? 1 1 ? ? i ?? ? i i . -nr - ?' ** OYS WASTED? TO CLEAN CASTINGS. APPLY TO Geo. B .Taekson. Burnet A Co SOI Centre st. B BOYS WANTED-(TWO) IN a LAWYER'S OFFICE ; duties light. wines 52 a weekend Increase according to mer.t; won'.d prefer those o" tome office experience and living with oar^uts. Ad 1. egg, In own handwriting. Liw ycr's Boys. Herald office. HILLIARD BOY? ON R WBO UNDERSTANDS HIS business and e.m cone well recommended, may Had employment at Uarle'g Hotel, 241 Canal street. Bookkeeper wanted in a forbion banking beu-e; he mn?t be fully oompeunt, and he oonvrr-ant with the Bnjli-li, French and German languages Addiess box 18 Post otllce. New York, elating qualification-, salary aoJ references. CARTMAN WANTED? POR AN IRON FOUNDRY; good reference required. Apply to Geo. B. Jacison, Burnet A Co . 201 Centre at. c AR DRIVERS WANTRD-AT THE SEVENTH AVf u ie Railroad depot, 51gt si. and 7iii ar. D BOOT, Superintendent. CUR DRIVERR WANTRD-AT 1HK FORTY-SECON'D / Street and Grand Street Ferrr Railroad depot, 4Jd at and North river GEO C. SHARP, SuperlntDndent. OTOBAGB WAREH0U8K. -WASTED. A COMPETRNT O man, to take charje of a gtornge warehouse; one ac. cualomod to weighing and the superintendence of laboring men. Address with particularg, Brooklyn, bog 4.414 New York rost ollice. SODA WATBB CORKER. ? A RTRADY MAN WANTED. Apply to Wm W. Knight, W Stou'jen at., Jersey City, to-day or Monday. TO DRY GOODS CLBRKB -GOOD 8ALB8MEN wantel Immediately. Apply early to J one* A Co.. cor. ner of 37th at. and 8th av. Wanted? a porter. in a lack goods import in* house: one who i* willing to work and can con* well roeorameoded. Address Id own handwriting, box 499 Poet ollce. ?\ITaNTED-TWO or three smart, active boys, tt eliout It jeer* of ace. In a wholesale fancy ?ooda bouae. Apply, with reference-, at 30 Vesey at.. upstairs \VANT8D-A youno MAN, ABOUT it years of IV ase. in a broker's o nce; he must write a aood hand and be qulok at figures; one who resde* with |bts parents pteferiod. Address boi ^ 967 Post ofllee WANTR? 1MMKD1 ATEI.Y? MRN WHO WISH TO ensue' In a legitimate busmea* in wtileh the* ran make frnm$2.'> to B.Vi every da? ?>? a amt'l Investment, from ?il? to **) >. HOWARD TILDKN. 609 Hioadway. room! TIT ANTF.D? AN I-.NERORTin SALESMAN FOR WEST A Kead, dry gool- 1 jobbdrs," Junr''' Addicsa Shun Pm * TV'ANTBD-* YOUNO MAN. ABOUT II IN A HOOP ?* skirl factor* ; one with some experienco pefeneJ. Apply at Di> A Ho: ton s 19 Park pin' WANTED? A good, srot'T boy, iito in TSARS >f a.;e. one who la u*<*(i to hornea preferred. I teat ir? st 117 and 119 Wa-hingtiin rt W.J WIL OX A ' O TT"AKTKD-A MAN TO WORK ON A FARM. NEAR >? the city; pi ii st underatand the Im-ineiw. Apply to NortVrnp I8i Washington**. (Mi le 4 L i 'ier s 'rtilt lore), at in o'clock tli* lay. WANTKD-A RESPXCTtHLE YOUTH. It OR 15 ^raraold in a merctumiiaa broker s o.l>oe. Ad lie a Y 7. ,'lleraM olic TV ANTED IMMEDIATELY? SALT' 8MRN WF.LL AO \? qua ute 1 w!'h ladMs ' Irl nmioj aud fancy good-. Ap ply to J OarloK 0/1 Hroa w.iv TXTANTrD? A BOY A TOUT I" YEARS OF A OK WHO Vf write* we I and flfnrea c >rrectlv an I lives with hit patent'. A:>p!v at Joseph Nason A >'o '? 01 Bwttmaa st WANTED? A FIRST OI,A<S I L"AK SALESMAN; ?V m .st be well acquainted with tlie -iiv tra e C. A DAVIDSON, 241 Bowery Waktf.d-a smart. Aorivr. tounm man to in in tu'< manufactory one who undergtanit bothc and ran co ue well recommend* J p.eferi -d Apply to -Ic- a- CI. Ke a. No 5 Ludlow t. WANTKD-A BOY It YEAI13 ofaob apply to Jamea A Hearn t So i 77 j B tadtvav. WANTED? A SALhHMAM I.N TUB LACE DEPART tueut Appl* ,to lam -a A HsaniAHona 77J Broad [ war. 1*7 AVTED-A YOt'VO MAN I i OR I7YB\R3 OLD, ?? who unite- -l nd a litre about the a alnnry bn iO'-aa and whooon d make Utmaelf g*ner?lly u?ef;;l. Address BUti'Mierr. IlenlJ o Tice. \\t ANTr.1T ? A BOY IN A LAW OFFICE, APPLY TO Yf M !>iefr-id<.rf. SS Naaaa i M , wornd stoy. roo-n No 3. WARTBD-BY A WHOLB8ALB BOOT AND 8HOB ?Y house, an Intelligent and woll educated vo-ing man. from 11 to IS \e-ir*of age, who write* well an l resides wl:h his narcon Inthartr. Alilr??a with leferences, stating cu:ui "ii>ai!oii Jean e J. box 2,J3H Polio l.oe Want:-:d-a boy to atthnd offtcb ohb who v riles ago d hand snd resales with hla par< n'.s Hal ysar |1CH). Appl? at 111 Liberty st between 9 and TV ANTED? A BTOPT TOtINO MAR. FROM 18 TO ? J " yesra oid, ?? light poi Hi n a man ifacturiDg home . Mane bw. atrale pe son-, with h"al of rr.'ersuces, ueed ad dreas Porter. Herald office, until Tu**1ar. WARTF.n? IN A WHOLRSALB BUBINRSS. A s :in? hoy who resides w ih hu parents: wfertnoo wanted. Addi e s uoi 2 067 l'o-' odlre. WANTBD-MEN OR WOMF.N OP GOOD ADORERS to *ell tv I/lfe an I Oampa'^na of Lieutenant Ueneml oraot; pr,r? $| si. <iood wa;?? e*n be made. Apply to Derby A Mi ;er. publishers. No 6 Sprue* at. WANTRD-A Tor.vo MAN. WHO ORDER8TARDS too retail crocker* ju.inees. Apply l? J. Morion. St ureenn I h a> . at II o I ork WASTED -A DRY OOODS COMMISBIOM HOUSE are in .rant of a young mat having tome eiperls no* as ssaiatant lookkreper. The twst of r?!erenoM rs julred Ad-lreaa. with par ici.ars. hot IU< Post edce. IIKLP AVA\TKD? FEMALES. good drf.ssma krrji wanted- at ?s Bleecker st Nob* bui good hands ne*d apply. Braid (tan-dr wanted-at the eaole skiet Wo; ks, J91 l<? a* DBB3SMARRR9 W ANTED? NONE BUT OOOD hands need spply T" surh co?d wtfes wilt be paid andcon-anl wokgrrn A la > a re-pe.'table Utile girl to leain the bualnes'. Call on Muo lay at lb* pi .?ate A >or 1U7 4tb ar , near l*th ct DRftSSMAERRS WAN fSD? A FEW PIR*T CLASS tint hers and trimmers al ?< a girl te go errands and learn the tra I*. Apply at II) Clint m plat*. Milliners wanted -two hood millinrrs and one quick trimmer. Apply al MS Stb a*.. iMlwean Hth and S9th it*. Nurse wanted-to take crarue of two children, twenlr months and fire year* Old; lo a com petenl t>er*on of mod hahiu. liberal wages will be paid: n mr n?.^d come without l*at city mfereaco; on* who caa ?i>esk French preferred Api>ly al room No Hi ?t Nlcho aa I' >lf I, from 9 till I or 6 t It * u dor*. ________ NBCE TIF. MAKERS ?WANTED SEVERAL OOOD handa for scarf a, Ae. 1 boa? r.otustomod to the beat work sre r*i'??t*d I* ap/.y at J. H. Wltthaas A Co., ?? Barclay I TWO OOOD RALRriWQMEN WANTED- TO BELL ni'l in rr goe !s, st .116 < ana' st. Those ??peMonced w i. tin 1 a good <*U> ailin n > othrra n>?d apoly. W A>TRD-* RESPS< TABLE WOMAN. AH SBAM ' ' , *'resa; one who mdsratands iuitin? an I flttlnccMI dreir* OiOtaea s.petiaaly app.y la i, B UultaaMrg. IS WAKTfD-A OERTBEL OERMAR OtRL, ROT UN a r I, r\ a, . ?,j w|,? CW1 aaj lron for a family or two per 0 i?. will no1 be treited as a common aerraat, _ *!.o0l?' th - Apply at .114 weat ?nh at WA.?I?D-TWO first class MILLINERS. idTLT al r.SI Brot-lway \iT AMRIi-HI A FAMILY LIVtR'l IN RRW BRIOU ff ton a thor^ .i.ily eiperi?qre I n irae, who oea under tale ?he entire oare of aki ii App'r wttfc reference, at t7 Q*"fl *'?. ?*">ni floor. B"Ob *a mra #'aa M ^ <P|SM BSSag* ^ HELP WARTBD-rBMALBS. ^ WANTF.'.^r.cuw, *o cook. F^aa.AMiiltoii ? ?, i ri in fcoiiMMWV. Apii*. ? tin itMrt agMi at 191 WeatMUi ??? . be???e? 8U> and 4ib are. V x TVANTHD-A LAl?T WRITING A &r m baml. to do aiming 10 an office. AdOreM. in own biu^ atalAwg ealary expected, L IM. boi lUUer kill o licr WANTED? IN THR KNICKKRBOCKKR OARI) PAC t?cy. a oumlxtr o( |ii U (m bruahuig good wa*es given. Apply ?l 77 aud 79 Fulton at , corner of Odd WJ AN1RD-A RR8PKGTABLR GERMAN GIRI.. TO f>n Into the country for the rummer. a< rook. we har an. l truiier, In a private family ; khe uiu I be neat and tidy. Apply *> *7 We. t Mb >l WAX TRD^T~W()~k7kST CLASS M I I.LI NIC US . ALSO, an apprentice, at Mr . Uat lags'. 78T Broadway. Ap ply for U'o da>a Wwm am icd^tbn ufiAbd ri ANO SKVftiU; those who under Und button hole making preferred Noae btil neat, tidy persons need apply, at M Warren at. antkd? a' Mtnnr.R aokd woman to do ho meworfc for a family or three peraoua living out of Prxklyu; uiuM bare good reference Suoh a one will find a kind and pleasant tome. Add re u 0. D., Uerald ottoe for three dava. WASTRD? THRIiH HANDRTOWORK ON FLAGS in the shop; noue but fast sewer" need apply; nm I lx> prepared to go to work on Monday morning. App y to Annul A Co , 99 l ull >n ?L rANTKU-TWO ooon MIUNKR8 ANO A DRESS ' cap maker. Apply at Ml Broadway. "ANTKD-A LADV TO- LKABNTHB ART OP COL ortng photographs. After two weeks' inttrtteffon of one lio r per day, w?rk will be given out, or eituatiou will bo given. Call at 7U Broadway, room 19. O. KONIOSBERO. AV W PLAIN FRB.NCH ADVBRTIHKNKNTB. UN JKCNR HOMME QUI A KNSh'IUNR PENDANT qucl^ues tempa la laa;uo francafae, deatrerall tl-ourer a New Vor< ou allieura una place da profeaaeur ou de pre cepteur, <\ui sans eiger la connalaa.ince de ranglala, lul en facilitat 1'etude. 8'adresser a Mr A. W.. 21|W ouster at. iflSAWClAL. INTERNATIONAL tlBB INSURANCE COMPANt or NKW YORK Office 113 Broadway. CASH CAPITAL, ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Tlie International Fire Insurance Company, barln? a cash capital of $1 000 ' XX). all paid in and securely invested. ? is now prepared to Itianre every kind of property, Inctudini slujis iu port and their car-joes, sgunst toaa or damage by tiie on the moat favorable terms. WILLI A M R. WARREN, President. HAMILTON HRUCE Vioe Presldeat. On.'RTr W. Bavacb, Secretary. Mining stocks? as well as all other kinds of securities bought and so'd at all the Stock Hoard* in New Yo.k. Boston . Philadelphia, Ac., or otherwise on commission, by ALBERT II. NICOLA*. No. 5. William si. XT** Y2J55 A"0 Q RAILROAD COMPANY. - i.y . reaeurer'a ?IT.g4. ttii 'uH Jr li'oui't" avenue and Twee tysixtli street. New Y^rk. April 26. iS64. NEW YOBK AND IIARLRM RAILROAD COMPANT. NOTICE TO STOCKHOLDERS. The annual election for thirteen directors of this company for the year ensuing will be lieldai the office of the com piny, coiner nt Kourlb avenue and Tweuty-aiilb street, on Tuesday, the !7tli day of May next The potla will he open frj* 12 o'clock at noon until t o'clock P M of that day. The transfer books or the oommon anil preferred stocks will be closed from 4 o'clock P M.. of the iiih day of May next, until 9 o'< lock A M. of the 18th d iy of May next. W. II KMKBSON Socrelarv and Treasurer. OFKICR OF THR ILLINOIS CRNTRAL RAILROAD Company.? New York. May 8. Irtfll ? Tlie annual meet ing of the shareholders of the Illinois Central Railroad Com pauy, foi the election of Directora and the trnnaaction of oilier business, wilt be beld at the olfice of the Company, iu the city of Chicago, on Wednesday, tbe 25th day of May, 1S6I. at II! o'clock noon. Tbe transfer books of the full and a rip shares will l>e closed at the el se of business ou the 12th inst . and reopened on the inornln : of the 118th Inst. L. A. CATL1N. Secretary. OFFICE OF THR PENN8YLTANIA COAL COMPANT. Ill B?>a'iway. New York, May IU. 1361.? A dividend of seven and one half p?r oetit (7.W on the capital si ck or tba Pennsylvania Coal Company, will be paid at tbe olUee oi the company, in tbe cdv ot New York, on and after tbe 19th in?t. Tbe transfer books will be closed from tba l.ltb to (ha 19th inst,. both inclusive ?>EO. A. HOYT, Treasurer. OFFICE OF THR PACIFIC MAIL STEAM8HIP COM pany. New York, May IU. Ilftl. Notice is hereby given tbat the Boar. 1 of Directors bare this day declared a dividend of live (5) per cent out of the net earnings or tbe last three mootba. payable at the ofBcy of tbe company, ou Thursday, the 19th ins'. The traiiafer liookn will clo e on the Iltb inst.. and reopen on tbe 23d inst. Bv jrder of the Board of Directors. THRO. T JOHNSON, Secretary. Proposals for $3oi ;?xj OtXTKAL PARK IMPROVEMENT FUND STOCK OF IH7dL Scaled propo -eli will oe received at the Comptroller'* *f firo until Tue-day, the 17th da y of May, I. 461, at f o clock P. M., when the same will be publicly 0|iened for the whole or an y pa> [ or the sum of Three Hundred Thousand Dollar* of the l.'eotr.i! Park Improvement Kuod stock, authorized bv chapter 15 of tha law* of IS?', and by an ordinance of the Common Council, approved toy the Mayor April 15 HI). The **id utock will bear iu:era-t at 111* rate ol six per cent Br annum. payable quarter yearly, and the principal wil! redeemed November I, 1S74 The piopoials will stale the amount of stock desired. and the price [>ei ? oe hundred dollars thereof; and the peisous wlioie proposal* are accepted will thereupon oe required to depo&il with th- Chamber ain of the city the s irns awatded to them resnactively. On tre*ruting to t'i? Comptroller the receipt* of the Chamberlain for snob depns ts. the pai ties will be entitled to receive certiorate* for eoual amount* it itae par raiue of tbo aiock. i eanui; interest from the dates of peyqicnts. Eaci proposition should lie wale 1 and endorsed "Prop v lor^oniral. Park Ijnptuvemimt Kuo I Stoc'i. and en The right in reserved toVe'iect say or all'of the bids If the t;iteiejl) ot the Corporation ic ill ;a it M -\TTHKW f. BRRNNAN. Comp' roller. Citt or N>? York, Okpartisknt or KiXivcc. j CovriHOi.' i>K i OrriCK. April iti, mil. I PROPOSAL* POR $m, WO ' MEW VUKK COi'NTV COURT HOUSE STOCK.* HEAI.ED PROPOSALS "will BB RECEIVED at the Comptroller * ole; uutil Wedne-dav, May 2S, I4M at two o'clock P M , when fie -ant will he publicly opened lor Hie whole or -mvpi'toi liie sum of Two Iluiidied 1 lioiissttl Iio'laiaof "T e New York County Court llivue Sto-k,' m>. tiio ue I by i hapt -r ttit ot t'.ie l,aw* of 1*64 *ud liy an ordi nate ol i e Bond of 8i pemaor* atpro el by the Mayor Mar t 1MI Tor said t >ea is to provi le additional means for the con ?trm 110:1 au l completion of t it- u--w c mntv Court H >? so on Chambers ?t eet It wi . bea. Inter." t *1 t e rale of ?ll per cent per uinum, payable seui. -annual. y on ; e lira' d?? of May an i November in ceeli y?ar and tin- prin ipa! will be redeemable a* roll in-vu On- hundred tlimis.uid dollar* ou the iirmi ay of November, 1SJS, an I one hiaidie I t'.iou ?an I doll li s on titst lay of November IfW T. e pro,' Mia will *ta e the amount ol moe* desired, and the prlo* pet one lMlidra.1 dollar* thereof ; and the |>eis*iis who*e p r?i?oHi*l ari? accented will (hereupon he required to deposit wan the County Tteasurer the sutus smarted to thein r 'ajieoll, ely. On preae iltng to t ie Comptroller the receipts of the County TriM?mer for *'icli dapMits. ih ! par.. v< will be n titled to re eive cert tlcatea for e|?ial imnnn! i of the par value of tue sums s* irdej to theia, b ai ius lute: est trout the dates of payment*. Fach proposition thnuld he sealed ind en;'r>r* I, "Propo ?a a tor the Ne >? Ynrk Conutv Couit Houte Stock. ' and enclosed In a *ec md enve'ope. addressed to the Comp trolier. Th* rit'it ia res-rvrd t<> reject any or all of llie bids If the luterusl* of (he county tenure II. MATTMBW T. BBENNAN. Comptroller. OltrorNetr Tor* D?r*RT**!*r o? Ftw ?Krr, i C0HPTR0LL?i:'a OrrtcK, v Naw Yoaa, May It, 153*. J ^ SOCTHERN RANK NOTES WAKTBD.? NORTH CAR olm.i S ii th Carollua Oeorgla Alabama Tenii-?e?, Vlrginis snl New Orleans bank note- bv MANNINO .? UE FURKST, bankers and broke.a l.i Wail aireet TUB AMERICAN COAL OIL STEAM COMPANT. Orgkui/ed under the general law of tb? State of New York. BOOKS OP SUBSCRIPTION TO THE CAPITAL STOCK of this cotjipauy lor a limiiet number, say Se.lMO snare*, wi ! be opened on Thursday, the 19th day of May ne*t, lie. tween the Ii mr* of II o'eluck A M. and 3 o't lock P. M , for a day onlv, at the company's olics. No. S3 Pins street. New Turk The shares are $5 each, upon which ten per cent will be te^mrod to be paid at the time of subscription Ttie company aie the owners of Shaw A Linton's patent Tor fen ?ratin? steam with coal oil or other combustible fluids. A Datnph'et. embodying the repoit of th* three chief anil* neera of the Vavr to the liepartmnnt at Wa<hinston.|also tbo chatter of the rompanv and otuer valuab ? Information, can be obtained upon applicalioo at thaoOce of th* company. orr~ERa President DAVID h TURNER. Treaanrer H. H0LTHAU8 ? N. Secretary J OHM L LINTON. TRUSTEES. H- BOLTH AIT8KH Hon C. UODPREV GUNTBER, Mayor of the city of New lort 0 JAM MM L. HARWAT. of Psrlrldf* I llarway HBNttT KAN DEL. of Randal t Harcmore. WM. O SMITH, of Satton. Smith A 09 OBO B SAROENT. JOHN L LINTON fPa'entee). nivm u rruMWH JOHN P. TELVEETON, Preatdeat Bank ? t North Ami rica. TTNITED 8TATEB 10-40 FIVE PER OBNT LOAD. U I. MORRISON * CO., BANKERS. No. 17 Naaaau street, ^ t SUBSCRIPTION AOBNTS for the above loan, are now prepared to rooelre suhserlp lions and furnish the Boads One eUhtb per cant commii ston sliowed to banks bankm and broken. Stock*. Bond* and Qold bought and mold on commtsaton. UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD COM PA NT. -NOTICE la here'i* siven to the Snberrtboralo th* Cental Stock Of th* Union Paotnc Railroad L8>mpaay that a call for a furs ther payment of tea per cent upon th* amount of their sub ?eriptious has been made this day. payable at the oflloe of the Company 13 Wiltiaa street. New T*rk. on or bofer* th* tuth of June neit By order of Kiecatlve Comoslttae . ^ JOHN A. DIE. Frtt'daat Jl** J. Otero. Treaserer H?* to? May IU, IHdl. d?10e nnn TOLOAN-ATSIEPERCBNT INTER fl wUiWiMI eat. for ten yaart or leas on bond and mongsge on real eaiste in this qlty or Rrooklyn. Apply In Mm aOMWof th* l'*opl*'a Pirotlnsurane* Comnanr JOHN F. CONREY. ?k Wall atreet. B1LUMUJS. , _ B"tLL?ARD^-W H ORIPFITH'S NF# IMPROVED Ametu.i i Pour Poekotand Sl? Pocket raiue can only be bought at lit* factory, with hie >mrlralled commaetion Cushions wfclrh are superior I* all otter* now in use, for elasticity, correct aas* of anile* and durability (Ilk second band Table* (or ?al*. In perfect order. Send your ordars by mail and ther avttl bo pracspUr attended to by W H MRtrriTII, the only iirarlic? billiard table man i lecturer In the Vmted State*, it 144 Pulton etroei T'lmfu AbVtaR^E AN f>tfoM RI N AT I ON CUSHIONS Approved au t adopted by the Billiard Congreea of 1411 Thr be?t sod only rella > e Billiard Tablea tnanurariured. Bell*.. I lues, and ever* article relating to Biillarda^tor sa'a by PUBLAN A < OLLBNDBB, eornerof Croeby sah Sprint Slreeta. alia York. WJ. SHARP'S P.K'IELSIOB BILLIARD TABLES, . with Hi.arp'a I stent tlnshiooa, with four br all poekete, acknowledged by all rompeSil to V riM rtor to any now In ueu every tabu MMkM m reure eented, ? ?* "?,i "-*1 - - Trlmmn xz ?rosicAt*. A lad'/ or E KPJCBIBNcB. " AS TBAQUtH or ?iano and {ringing. a pupil of Baaataf. desires ? situa tloa ?? a family where instruction In aiuatc wonid be re aeived In lawucat for board Can brine a rulT if uecos mrr. Addre-a A-. etauoa U ' " AMAONlFICBNT 7* OCTAVR ROBRWOO* Pi a NO forte fur aale? Property of ? family loving il> ? oily; made lo c ser by city makers; haa all modern Improve ments; ovetatrung ban-; full troa frame; cost $i?JO; for t-VKJ. Parlor SuiU. $150; far $223. also Chamber and Dloiog Room Furniture at a aacriiice. Inquuo at lis Weal Twenty tinrd Ktreet, near Biitb avenue A magnificent full srvrn octavh rohb wood Pianoforte for aa'.e; made tJ order by a city mater- haa all modern Impruvemaata; oter-truaa baaa. full Iron frame, rich I r carved case and lera: cost $7TW? for $'IS0, two e>g.iul Parlor Hutta. aod a lot of Parlor aod Bed room Furniture, at a Mcrillofc Inquire at 11# Weat Eighth ?treat D* Alt MOTH Ml. I'VF. COME HOME TO PIE. with brttianl vanatious Nr OUaa. Urove Price wc TARENTBLLA, by Baaaford. _ , _ A very brilliant Etude. Prloa We. MORNINO PARADE MARCH; Aa (Hayed at morning parade >y tha band I ill Ml# Army Of the Potomac. By LOuu Bergo ^ BCENFS OF MY CIlfLDliuOD; A beauiif Jl Bal'an. _ _ By Win. J. Wetraore. M. D. Price tSo. LA RETRAITE DBS OARPKS FR*Mfti*?g' LB RE VEIL DE9 PATKK8. Tvvo el-gaut morccau. by B Kolteieu. Wc. S&Ch THE DAUGHTER' 3 DREAM;" A beautiful Romance. Rung by Naiame Anna Biihop. Compo<ed by J. O Maeder Pi lee ?60i STILL TBUK TO TUBE; H* ii Will it'd, author of Viva L'Amerlca, Flag of the Free, Ac. Price iSc. WHEN THE MOOS WITiTTilOBT BR10HTEN8; A most charming Serenade. By P. It. I -aaei. Price SOs. *1.50, PERISHED II0PR8. by the game author. Both are mag n^tnly at tha p>pular tnin trela. aud aro daitined to be come The aonas of the day. Any of tue above seat by tnall fre* on receipt of marked price. Fiai'JJ. SUN A CO.. MS Broadway. N. Y. Eliza valrnti vi paravalli has rrturved iron) Milnno, Italy, wh?re alie ftiog th* part of Lit ercTln Rorg'ri -he! t of February last; she teaeli?s fencing and plariout 55 Eighteenth strtet between Fifth and rtlxlh avenues, aud wishes a situation aa lirit -opraao in a Catholic church. ? r F^OR SAI.E-A SEVEN OCTAVF, PIANO: F.VNGY cased, carve 1 legs; past $500 two veai* ago; Will be ?old for, $17 j. Can he >een at t? Brooms street. C1UTTAR AND SISGINO.-NAPOLRON W. GOULD. J sol ' guitarist and tenor. enable* hit pupila io a few lessons to accorn pany son *? and play effectively. A ldieai HHl VS Broad .vay. f.e.- md bloo'< above uniou aquare. N. B.? "Kaust" ari au;ed fjr guitar. VTKW MUSIC. MU310. eoaipoid and dedicated to TUE aRUY AND NAVY OF THE UNION. By CLARA M. BBINKEBHOFC. Published by 1 WM. HALL A SON, MS Broadway. Price 90 c?nt< Some opln'.ona ef the New Tork nre?a ? I Frank Leslie ! II Is a allrriu.; melodv an I coniains (he element of nopu - larity. We should not be|surpr.aad if it meets with great a uccesa all over the country iTIhim.1 The melody fa of a poo ;'ar character, and will cammend itself to tbe loyal massea. I New YurkSun 1 "One Flag or No Flag ' is Ilkcl-. to become rory popu'ar. The melody is ao heart stirring that it cannot fail to please erery loyal man and woman in the land [Mimical World and Review. | "One Flag or No F!ag " a song with a vigorous character istic melody of a popular style, aod likely to p'.eaee very mu?h. [Home Journal 1 "One Flag or No Fiag,'1 by Madame Olar? BrinkerholT. th? well known voaallal and tea Iter. The wor U brea;he a truly loyal spirit, while the music po?s?Mea mnrit eno igh to make the song, and has an excellent clionit. t Trlbtine. 1 A rhymlc eons lying well within the ran;e of an y voloe. II ia|oielodldus and well harmouued, and promlaes to be very popular. NEW VOOAL MUSIC? "FORTH H DJUR OLD FLAG I dit?." "Wse mr Ira-Other h? tlae bettlo," "Bury me la tlii* morning.'.' ' Wiit thou be I lie e"" "I vvll be Iran l<i thee," "Meriy little birds are we "OH why ID I so hanpr." "The 14tle ballad g:rl." "When oil friends were herei" "fcbe was hII the world in m,e" Ko?t<-r. "Home it borne.'' "I besr s? eet rotces siugio*; ' "iim lijr word* and smiling fa es " "Hrmn of the nation,'' Thomas. "Sweet Hit e Nell," 'Dylna drummer." "Wei-p no mote for Lily," "(mr did. Eat* didn't;'' "This band aey*r struck me. mo ther " 'Db?t then ever think or ae. lu'c "Little Joe. the contraband;" "The new emancipation tone" 'The angels ore holering near." Psr*batrat. "Dear o ie. I think of thee." "Tho row of CI. lion Dale." Lawrence. ' Cbrlat will oare for mother now," Weton. All of which are recommended Price SO e*nt? each Milled free. Pub liahed by IIORAUK WATERS. 4dl Broad nar P A n?u Mr eon-al deration. A-ldresa Urand piano, *HeVaU office, indicating terms and qualification* PROFESSOR PANORMO MBHH TO ATATE IIK IS prepatrd to give i'iannforte inatriictien ?n the i'lortrH and mo.t approved m?i:iod. luid liitc-n <ent*' rape ........ i- ti.i ??!?? mad America Circulars seut poet free. A Mrrti l&J Adama street Br aoklyn. ?9 FOR EIOHT LESSONS O.V THK PiANO.-A ipJZ lady of Rr^at ef(>erli-n-e has a n'nitr for a fev more pupils; nrthor will he attended at thrir residence*. at front fid to tllpe .jaurtiv-. at 12J West Twenty eighth utreet. i'ir 8er?nih area * inn NKW AND 8BCOND II AND PIANOS. MRLO 1"U it on A>?anl.-- and i -abinet Hi -via t ? I ?? and retl all'iitcd If pcrcha el Mou lt y pa* incut* re.-elrcd tor the astne rterood hand Pianist crest bur-..* ni for -ash ; price front Sftl to SJ-?I. New searen n.*ta"e P ini ?t J tlV $.'5*1. $-75 I0M" Sheets o~ Mi a i - a It <? so-l. il a' Ic |>ci pafe. HORACE W Al ER <, Ml llr -ad way. II ? RARF. CHANO* A F-NK TONR ?. ROgF <T>J 1 ' wo >d Chi'-ker.nj; Piano for $l| I cn?h. if app'lel for at in peri'eri order: t'ae otvaaor co-tag to Rnroi>e Can l> ? ? e;i it II) Kaat T.-u i at.cet. n'-ar Y ? ? t rt h aven-ie. 1K8TR1CT10N. At barlow s commercial and art ac adp.m y. 9J'l Broadway. puoila receive rapid and e.liclent in alrurticn m Wruln*. Drawing and Itoo'i k^eaitug. and eve-nog. T rim re i? >11 t'de. Oiuamc.iUi PetttuAUilup of ?I', kin la ettem'el to o'dor AX ITALIAN fiKNTLF A X, L AT PLY ARRIVED wishes to etching lul-aii or I'.nglMi Isaso-is wit'.i a well ed taa ited ) outs la If Addr sa Manronl. ala! on D. ATO''SO fiKRTLRM AN, OF THK HfOHF.BT RR ability, a rn itaaU- of the t'ulrn sttr of Krance, would teai h tbc f .li.iwinj li m"" e.ti p< p,l< at tlieir real den es ? Krencii. tietmin. Somia i. Latin a nl must": sNo 1 ti^il-h hianrhesit re | tired. Addt 'J? Y .1 fl. p'nt lion*', earner of .Ht, and Laight streets. Katisfact on C'tarati'ncd. Am'KH LADT, F.TrKRIRNCRI) IN TE AUHfNO music French an. I fie Knuliali brknehea. deaircs an enga? t i enl m r-ai lent teac'usr in a pri^ala fa inly. Ai die s In miction. Union s.piare Post office. A FRFXCH LADY WILL f?!VBLF.380N.-? IN FRFNf II. J\ Span:ali atij llertnati at Iter realign e or at that ot ht>r nupila: ter na moderate App y to or ad lr*a* Mia* L fc. V., I '7 No, II, .lrl?l I |J/ Ninth atrceL AHT NO 24) R IWKRY (TOWN8ENH8 COM M RR clal Aca emy) thorouth lo?trii< lion gl?cn. <1 ty and etrenttii, in Ho i*k?cpln<. Writing. Aii'.bni tlc. Aleehrs. Reading Rp^lilng an I 'liamraar with Ana'vsia Apart inent. f..r la Ilea an t for private Instruction No claases. Rati faction gitaranteeg AfUSINKK* COURSR IN BOORRKFPINO. ARITII met:c. Wilt Ii2 Ac., foi $11, at|t Ue Kdnarda (Mercan tl ?) A ad-m . n.4 Bnwerjr, near Oran I s<r?..'t. Anr on? or all of tlieKngli h bran -li-aVl' eW wICio il rhawa' In epa rato roouia. <!ay auJ e ? ni.ig. Persons of n-'?>cte l e.inra tlon separa'sly in Iru ted Twentv-ars Writing Lej ons, $2. or $5 a qnarifr. nOARDINH SCHOOL AT NORTH ORVNHR. N J. stoond building northeast of 8t. Mark'a <-htirrb. -ams atde. A ??l"ct lanilty Boarding Scbooi, wheie boyn are thoroughly prepare I for bu?tneea or college tail On l tba oomforts of a home Llnnled nuinber tf.'lre No day aehniars Thee will be two Tacan tea on the 2id Mar. !$>>l. Tb.s well e tibliabed school fnr $M0 per enniim Isanperiar to lbs ? sbarginc $*W and $WV Come s nd sec *a addreaa I'nnc pal bot 1 jJ Cost uBcc, Rorlh Otan^s N J. Boy* pbeparrd for business at dolbrar a Cotnmeroiai Academy, 80.1 Brmilasy ran itwija cure good Situetlona In stnrn*. afflee* or l anVa. Th?r he oorne i|U>ck at ti.' irea rapid bustnssa panmea and pra. ll ai bonkkcepora Gentlemen can secure private rooms. J? LOCUTION TAlft AT. - STAMMERINO CUBED.? 'i Orent entU'istsam at the local H?mnssl'im, M West ?IsTenth slrsat, near Broadway. Ores', sncccsa is tha curs of sismuisnng. attention paid to the aclentiflc edu cation sod larelopment of tbe human r#ic* Treatment for RonS'i'iiption. Dvapepaa aud DsMlity, by Dr. UBARLK$ O HURLBUJ I? LOCUTION, 8 LOCUTION. ELOCUTION -LF.SKONS Vj by a tint <ln>s tssobcr, on modeistc lettns Ad J re us Elo. Hi no atstlou O ? TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS.-* TOTTNO LADT, tha daughter or a reaper table family, would undertake the adu. atlon of two uuildren (under the age ton) in tbe plain English branches snd Mnslc Tb# fsmlly reside ett month - In tbelr coamtry bom*. Krary sltenttoa would bo paid to tlis msnner* and reflnamonl or tbe chHdrrn. sad ther would be <-oaaiderod raamber< of thel amity. Addtesg Stewart, cars of U.jC. Man, I?1 ftiKo* at. N?wjf*rk. fpHR SPANISH IiANOUAOl I) TAUOHT, AS BEItf 1 toforc. by CIPBUNO OORRIN. Apidr at 73 Wool Twenty -slgth slr*?t. betw?o? Blitfe stW N?*enlh srenuas. iin wiTwatiow. for IS oenu, JCST PUBLISHBD? TUB LTTTtR .IOKRR, FIT lit. Of Wit and Uutnor Son* in sealed ?nrelopo on reseipg of Are coots, or >?lth an ei^ulslt* Pbotogrspb f? " bf f O WATBON, Pn'illshor. N^Jf. Letter or advice ro? lathes vtvs anatomical Bnoravinob. tlaa Infortnattoti nersr bofors publisUe.L Bon I free, in a aoe'ed anfWopo. for I? onta. Addraaa Dr. Man ford boa iW Now York Poat oUli*. T~1io?b ritrnLiAR boors pirptisnFD at no. so Am atreoK Now York, by CAAVlN ?LAMQUAR3. Bond a ltl/c?M>n % *tampcd etirnlope lor otscuia? Tos m% got tb* bnok* by seal I or al SO Aon strglbt. IIUM AHD WOBACCO. _ BOARS AND TOBACCO HAVANA LEAF TOftAi CO. Vt ramiera and Fillers, by (be iis o 8ciars, all kinds ?T ,n Mi Rl'.'iosa. Ctgsrettei. Be., for sale low, at Wor*. 130 flNIBAOOO -rwi SALF<, ONE 09 BO<IBRS' OOTTINO 1 Maaialooo, lit oompi-jU ordor. osn bo rua by band as *fam power. Apply a^W7spd m Water strool *nn OOft MS*#" roR #aU|-at thb new yyVaVA/y TftrkMegar Agency, el I.H>erty alr*ot, si fM?* BIT tolTO p?r tho'.iaaod Parties buying or MiUog mm* U MB Al tu* 44.0W wickUi their full pewtred Clyde built iron tUftuitbipa Ci'tf'Vk MANCHESTER jMirdtf. May U CITT OF LONDON Haturdny, M^rfi tod arery succeeding Saturday, al noon, frout pur 44 Nartft rlf*r BATBS OF PASSAGE. payable la fold or Id equlralent In curram-r FlR-ST CABIN $?? BTKERAUB.. M Do (o Lonou SS Do. to London It Do. to Paris M Do. to Pari* 40 Do to Hatnbun* . W Do. loHi?tmr# ft Paaacngers ai*o forwarded to Burr*, Breuieu Rouordas^ Antwerp, Ac., al equally low rate*. Prom Liverpool or Oueeasiown? Plfst Cabin. $79, ML tHA Kteeraje, US Those who wuh to aend for thai* fi icnda oan bur It.kota here at tfiaaa ratea. Thaao ?te?mer? harp superior accommods'lons for fa* senger-, are trongly built In watertight Ma MWtiona. and carry patent "ire annthHatora. Experienced surgeon* ara attached to earh aleamer. For further Inforroattoa apply In Llrerpool to WILLIAM INMAN, As?ni, XI Water etreet; In Glasgow, to ALBX. MALCOLM. No. S St Koooh square; in Queen*town, ta O. A W D. BBYMOOB A CO?; In London to MVFB ft M ACE Y. ?1 King William attaet; in Pari a. to JULES Df OOUF 48 Km Motra Dam* d*a Vtetoirea. Place do la Boiirae : In Philadelphia, ta JOIIH Q DALE, 111 WalnaA street. at at the roapany'a Otiioes. JOHN O. DALE, Agent, IS f roadway, B. F. BOYAL MAIL STEAMSHIP SPOTI.A POK LIVBB pool.? TUe SCOTIA, Judicial commander will aatl m IhAett-e.-tm on Wertaeada* ne?l. I?m instant A steam boat will plv brtwann th* company 's wbai f at Jersey City. and the Scotia from 11 to 12J< o'clock >o convoy puaeujera and ha "jage on board Nona hnt pa'a?ngccs can 6* takaa on board. Th*PEtttiIA will sail Jnn* I IB. CUNARD. No. 4 Bowling Oreaa. mi|B LONDON AND NBW YORK STR A MBit IP CO* I panv will despatch semi-monthly (hair oe?r and flrst dan Biilish Iron MeamthlM 4IKLLA. Bi'.LLOMA. ATA LANTa, IOWA. INDIANA and MANHATTAN, each S.OM tons burthen between London and New York, calling al Havre on the vovagefrom London. Rite* of Di'tice. para ble In Pn ted States otirren.iy Krom Ni;w York. Pir?t Ca bin Second field n, J!>1: Steered*. S35. Prom Londa* or llarre First Cubm. fi'K) Fur pa?? i?e apply 40 CHAR. A. WHITN EY. at No 26 Broadway. Kor freiulit apply at M Sooth afreet Advance* made oa merrhandiao consigned M the London agent* BOWLAND ft ASPINWaLL. Ageota. flMIE HAMBURG AMERICAN' PACKET COMPANY'! 1 iron mail steamships (ip n w tun Southampton. Prim New York. GERMANlA May S, l?fit ...; Mar 78. l.t(l JN^'ONIA May 17. ? fun- U, IMf ?AXONtA. ... Mar 31. 1844 June 25, 1M4 RORCSS'A ...June 11. IfSI July 9. 1<WH OK RM A NT A Sur.e ? W4 . .TulV 2T 1?M Prom Hamburg pier, foot of Third strcel, Hohoken, lakta* '?r ??mKtn|. Havre. London and So ttbampto* at IH? followin- rate* ? Pir<t chin, *105: recond aahla. steeraga, #ST 80, oareblo In gold or it* equ'valenL P.?r freight apply to K U N H Alt 1> T A CO . 46 Hxchang* p'k'* _For parage apply to 0. B. RICHARD ft bOAS, IS1 Broadway. FOB KBW 0BLBAN3 dtreot The United R'ntnt mall atcamthlp CBKOLW. John Tbntnpaon, Commander. Will leare pier l.'J NoMh river, ror Now Orlcana Wednealay. May 18, at S o'clock P. M. precieely. No freljM received or billi af Udlnz algned on the day of sailing. Pw HRtHBKBtt . TO. 115 Brnadway^, |j10B NEW OULEANS DI?5CT,-TnB KBW 0*ITB? P Slatce mail gleimahH* ORdftiJE vtASHINOTpN, Ca* lain K. V. CJaicr. will leave p er ? North nvftF Bn e^f trd^ May 31. at 3 P. M. Pa?;age, with unaurpMncd arrouimo4? tiuna Pht. No hill.? of landing signed oa day of s&itlaf. A# ply to H. B. CBOMWELL A 00.. 81 Wcat atreet C1BEAP PASHAOB TO AND PROM ORBAT BBITAU ' and Ireland.? Tap*'-ott'* Rmleratioa and Pnretea Bto chan in otce. 86 8ont!t alreet. New York ? Drarta tm England, Ire'and. Kootlund and Wales Paities wl*ie?i* *end Tor Iha.r orromit money to t^e olcl counts* can do go at the lowest po?l1>le ratea fcy applying to or ?? dressing TAP3C0TT BROTHERS k CO.. N flo.ilb r - THE NORTH GERMAN LLOYDS STEAMSHIP HABBft. H. J. Von Panten, cominandar. earning th* UalMg States mail, will nail from the Bremen pier, foot of TIM at reel. Uoboken. on BATUKDaF. May 21. at I* o'clock M , ron BKMRN, YIA SOUTHAMPTON. ,*LoiJJPo,!5r''^AYRKI BOTITHAMPTOtf AND BRBMBB at th- following rates payable lu gold or Its e^ulralew Sk cn rreney ? Kor the ftrat cabin, f 106; second cabin. $<B 90; *teera|?, fir 50 The HANSA will be followed by the AMERICA JnMft Por freight or passage applr n OELRIOHo ' CO.. 68 Broad atreO. STEAM FROM AND TO QCRENSTOWN AND LITBB POOL CDNARD LINE Prom Ne-r Fork, f-f- currency, to Nair Fork. $39. MM m ?quiralent tn curri-ncr. HK' 'LA, ?atls Wcdnesdar. May 2^ NATIONAL STEAM tfAVIOATION COMPANF. From Now Yatk. cabin. SIUO aad ISO: steerage. |3J. Payable la cur ? * LOUISIANA. Saturday. Kay XI. Por paaaage apply to WILLIAMS A OUION. 29 Broadway, F? ft CALIFORNIA M O. BOBRRTST MRS BAH FK AN CISCO AMD OR 800*. Via Fanarha Railtoad. ThaaUam-bip ILU!(0I8< 2 v? ton*. MONDAT. MAT ?S AT NOOK. Tli* (Inert faateai ami atron?e*t ateamahip in lb* (MMft nl> trade wt 1 ?all aa above from pt?r foot o4 Wirrw rtrooB North River. For freight or punia apply to ? D. K CARRrNOTOfl. Corner of Warrso and Wmi a'roet% For California vt\ r a n am a A drat dual ateanier will leave Naw Tork in the M, HA and 23<t n' etch mouth, except when theae datea f*U on Sun day. ?bou ilia <i.?r ?' .i?n? tore will be ou t!ie Mooter ftfr lowinp. Fur freight or paaaage app'v at the on!? otioa. No t lw^ lu? Griien I) H ALLKN, Agent, JflOR f.fTRRTOOt-MCiritT KHI* .TDHt ItRIGHT 1 n<l *?T J1 For London i'ORNKLMM (JRINNBIA nil* IT Paaaise from Ireland at low ratea, A ppir A WILLIAMS A UUION #? FuH .n atrnet TliAVRLLRRS' Ut'lDK. HUDSON RIVRR RAILROVD.? TRAINS FOR Ah b.?nv. Tw?. Ibe North and We*t leive Uhambara rtraoa at 7 and to t M in I 4 ?> an J 1 i 4 ? F. M. . aud oa 8uad*y0 at 0 a P. M.. front Tfcilllh Heel FO? POUanKF.i:P3lR.-STBAMRR WM kk*t aw* r>*ri:e* Kfcl'i'bLU and UUlJHkSg ??!?? of w.iicb leavap Franklin clreet pier dalir fS-i j I ijra eaceptc -I ?. at fto'atnafc P. M , for paaaenger* aud frfljht. Morning boat for alrant-di anor of firb.? i he I > A N I K L UKRVV. Ciptatn Jo'.in P. Tallin?, wt* oo and alter Weilneaday. May 4 lea-e from Dea'iruaao* a'rr<t at 7 a. M. ,?l nnin< for fawnc-ri ai 1 .ilrfeth ?lr.-et on Monlava Wedneadave and Filiate: Wndiaa at W nJ Point. Nenrunri. Pomnkeepat*. Rlune!?' k. I'uUklll ao4 H daon On .inl aficr Tneada*. Mav I ??, 'l e ARMENIA will r n on alteinato dave Willi t h<- DltKW. inririmj a laity tine Ttrketa *o:d oa board an 1 bagracc checked t? pol*? Wet and North. VIORNINO I.INR FOR PPKK*K!I L ? THR ATB'>RA JTI leave* Ja atreel pier dall* (wt'lxwit M. epttatit all A M . I*ni< at Thirtieth atreel. Vonkera lfa>tiMtfi Dibs'! Feirv Nv.ic't. Sin* Sins. Ifaveralraw, ilraeay Punt IM Terptanek'a I.Mve* Peek.k.ll ai I '{ R M. New ions, h*rlem \xd ai.i rulroad-* For Albany, Trov, Nor'b an I tv ?*? leave Tirea'#1 elith *'r.-ei depot at IU A. M. and ? P. M. S>ia1aytrak at 5 r M. New fork and flushing ratlroad -NOTICt.? Sundav iriln- to Fin lunc ?On ao<l af'?r 8"i?daf May I. 1V,| tra'n wil l?ave Hunter'- Point for Floalimir * '<1 Mn^hn*. Newto vn,'eM and t'a' arr (.'eajeterr MB and !l A M. an <2. 5and7T M. Rat..rnlng. leave Flwak in?*atfi and 10 A.M. an I I, 4 and S P. M. Fare ISeaato. Feviyloatafm Hun'er a Point leave foot of Tnirty fawrtfe .-trart every fifteen unnnte*. J. R. BOFTORFF. s :|<erinlendML ON AND AFT'R MAT IS. THR HTRAMRR TBOM. K lit. L^B. ("apt. Ueorije W. Annen will leave, nntil further notice. a? follow* ?From foot of Aprlng ttreet. a* 10. ; and C , every da v. Snndav* inctn ted. in apt Friday. On Kr dar leave foot of Hprini itreel at S o elock, landNnaad Twentietli an I Tliutletli atreet*. on tUe 10 and lupliva and Thirtiatfe at reel on the 4'* o'clock down trip. ANTROI.OOT. A B. MAURICB, ORKAT AND RKAL ARTROLOOBB Jft* HI* iklll ?r thoiv ami* ha- been tried, An l thaaaandt more ha atll meat For in Aatrol?rer Man rice you can cuolll. At No. 126 R'eeoker atreet. J?1" * *?*"*' "?"e1* that no Urim mortal evar knew kafnim i*'.".'." Pf"?al myater1e< that will aaionuh all hta v let tor a | ha tall, wb.i her yon are married or alncle; telle how afta* you wlH marry; deaertba< the Intended h'.?ban 1 or wtfa. aud tell- the reiy day yon will marry, and howa a likenaa* repieaeniing the trua eompleiion of t>ie intended, and Da eaue n* ?p?"dy :oarrta*?s be will b Ina ?u?eee. mil of tb? maat hop^e.a eeee* All who oon?ult liim will have goa* Inck Inttravehln? hr aea or land, ar la aar omlertahlngj lho*? at a dl*'anre can (el the outline* of ibeir who!* fifc by ?endln*lheir aire and $1 AddmM A R Maartoa, ba? yot New t ark Poet ofllea. OlVe lit BleeoUer *treak nea? Woorter. All h?ir? until 8 In tbe evening Lad aa Maaaka. Oenllenieu 91. ? A BONA FIDR ABTROLOOI8T. THAT BTRRT aan depend on la Madama WILSON P ha tall* thaoblaaA af your yialt, aod brinita auooaaa out of ua moat part(o?? Undertaking*. At 189 Allen atreet, between, llouetan aal Bttntoa atreela. over the bakary. Frloa CM caata. VI ADAMK RAT IB THR BR. ST CUABAVOTANT AN? ivJ Aatrolaglat In thla city. Rhe tella tmr very tlnmehMk give* lucky tiumbar', eaueea apeedy mratrlkgee Ofllre M Heveath avenue, a aar Twenty aavanU? atrtei. Laltaa. a or a la . geutlemen. ftt caata. M' BS MARtOrt JAMP.N. INDBPF BDRNT ClaAIRVOT. ant. 101 Raat He en'eenth rtra ?t. corner of Thlr I ara* ? ??a glvea correct information of )<mi property, ab*a?* frienda, law aulta and bualnaaa air alra generally , ateo ta? la dmaaa mbA preacribaa raaaaJ i?? Oant.aaaa not ad mitted i m^.fnaa'rTT'?1^' .? uI^NT' S DAIIOHTRR, CAN R? LTbV !^ ? or on mtrrfize ?iafc Madam Harris can rr ponsultrd aroo* loye marriaae* and a' ??ant friand*. glvee luekr nua bara, tellaof rrtaoda ai war ?ni atolen pr>rter'f. IK *IA Twenty- aevaath atrert. rooi a n* S, ?rat lloor. Mim RF.TMOUR. MI DICAL AND BUSII4RS8 CLAIR vacant, tlia be to airroyantla America. Na. Ul Waal rif atreet, corner 0f g|xth avenue. NO IMPOSITION -TUB NBTRR FAILIRO MADAM STARR, from Rnrona, who waa born with a nii?ral gin. tha great Boat M4 Medical Uialryoyant. She coa anil* you on the ? art, preeent and futnra, brlnga logetbat thooa long aaparAtaA. aauaea a peel y marrlanea. ahowo you a eorract 1 .kaneaa of your futiira huaband or abeanl trianda. Har a jUal la not to ba'fouad. Cautian ? Is <kJ0 ra ward to any a ,ta who oan aurpaaa her in her prnfaa^loa or akill. Abe ia' n you tha nam* of the iiaraoa hat you marry. Thla la no hi ,tahng No Sll Fourt:> everfWe, bat wean Teres, tr third ar d Twenlt fourth alreata. Name on tha d.ioa. dantlama j not admitted. THB WONDRR OF THR AOR? THR (1RRAT RNULISJB . 'jUlrvoyant, Madam ROSS. If you have bean leoeiyAB ?n't Imp'.ae4 upon b> falaa d omlaea you abouid go ta r*^ aatiafaciion In love afklrt aba waa , never knoe-a Ij '.Ail Ben la alao a coiraat likaneaa of rtilura huaband JM i?iS

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