Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 17, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 17, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. iluBixtt. 1U; 10?* P. M IV (hare marlwt opened strong th? morning , and |boee who managed to carry their stocks over the paste were elate* at the prospect ? ? hearthr rise. Oomparert Vttfc the sales at the first board on satnrdiy , New York Ifentrat UfaiMwl lit par oent, Erie Railroad 2, F.rie pre Wred X, Hadsou River 10, Rarlem 6, Heading 5 ??. fcishlgnn Central 4>*', Michigan SmUiern ljw> Illinois Isotral 3. Cleveland and Pittsburg 1, Galena and Chicago I, Cleveland snd Toledo Ji . Ct> loagn and Rock Island 1, llttaburg and Fort Wayne C;? Chicago aod Northwestern Ti, HneiBc Mali X, Cumbeiiaiid Coal 2'*, Uafitoa Company tl, sod Quicksilver Minis? I. Cbioafo and Alton Railroad -declined x, Toledo and Wabash ,"?iaud Marii??e Min ing 1. After a slight reaction, which took place between the auoeiluf s of the Stock Hxchan^e, die market resumed Its tiaeyant tone, and closed wth Ibe following quotations:? New Vork central, J84*f : Erie Ksilway, lt8\; Frle pre ferred, 108 Hudson Hirer, 149: llarlem, 2H0 Reading, 13d. Michigan Cettra!, 14'.',' Michigan Southern, 97. llli cois leotral, 12f>,?? Cleveland and Pitt-burg, 113j*; Ga lena and Chicago, 130; Cleveland and Toledo, 147Ji, Chi cago and Kock Ifland. 1131*. Milwaukee and Prairie du Cbico, 67, Toledo and Wabaeb, Pittsburg and l ort Wayne, 1101,, Alton and Terrs Haute, 67, Chicago and Northwestern, 58; Pacific Mail, 281; Quicksilver Mining, T3; Cumberland Conl, 82; Canton ( ompany, 47. Gold opened ttiis morning at 173, and, us there was no exrittag war new* to check the movements and opera tlors ot the bulls, It sdvanccd to 174 3^. The following uble shou ? the totals of the statements of Cbe associated banks of this city at the commencement ?f the present year, with those of the eight past weeks ? Jjoatn. Specie. Circa/niton. Depotitt. Ian. t. $174.714 ,4f>5 2."? 161,934 0,103, 131 140,*6o.S5? Mar. 26. 199,372,43# a0.425,&04 6.fcl4,l;l6 i6K,31?.i'04 April 2. livKS.OJi 131 19,527,605 6,79?, 998 171,161,297 April #. 204 .333,1 U2 20S(Z4,2?7 .VS04..-11 170 slS.O-'O April 10. 198,70o.69tt 21.C87.07? 6.779, HnO 16S.360.790 AprM23. lM>,2<tti.723 24 ,8'* ,203 i.t.7y,&47 1*1 97S,1?(> A|iril 30. 194,1 '.7, 4'<5 24.0S7.343 6.h2ii.!l7a ltW.o7s.!'ltt Wav 7. 192,881,246 38.082,028 6 694.KM 1?8,6<I2.W May 14. 194,178,9.1 24,686,156 6,482,367 174.426,082 ?The following are tbe variations trom ttie report ol tbe previous week ? Increase In loans $1,297,876 Decrease in specie 446.H73 De.-rease in circulation 112,47.1 Increase iu deposits 6 804,4^0 ?There is no better evidence of the preyent plethoric state I the money market than is coutained in tbe tact that |nce the 1st of Jauuary the loaas ana discounts of the isoemted banks of ibis city have Increased neai ly twenty ),I1iols, and tlie deposits upwards ol thirty-tour millions, l'be following national backs wore authorized during vbe week ending on the loth instant' ? Name. Ltmitii. Cojntal. ' Hampshire County National. Noi tiiam. ion, Mass. $100 ,000 First. Galiogt, Ohio 6u,000 Woithinglou .National Coojjenstown, N. Y.. 00,000 Westboro, Alass lOo.OOO firei Vun Wert. Ohio.,.. 60.000 First Miuersville, Pa 100,000 Tolal $400,000 Previously leported 60.010..00 Aggregate capital $50 077,200 Wboie nutnbei organized 420 Tbe Assistant lreasurer in tbiscity reports to-day as folio AB ? Amount ou hnnd $19,083,240 Jteceipts fr.>m customs 9f>.o00 From other s;urces 4.616,097 Total Payments . $.'4,728,937 1,980,493 Balance $22,748,444 Subscriptions 10 ten forty loan 170, 260 The tank of Enslsr.d, which C as Hitherto carried on its escb <nees with private and joint stock bank* by means oi separ is collections, hits oecome a member of the Clear tug House m Londou.and will in future be repre sented lu that iastitaliOD. ihe returns o: the Bank of England for tbe week end log April 27 compare with the statement of Uie previous week as follows ? I April 20 April 27 Public deposits ?8.787,329 6,217.996 Other daposits 1S.884.0W 12 620,038 tio\ orumcnt socunties U ,022,267 11.022,287 fnliei securities 20,470,912 i:> ,842,^68 Notes iu circulation 21 ,ltil,ti76 20,960,23# Spc ic aud bulli n 12,74^,302 12,667,776 i bo stockholders of the New York and Harlem Railroad Com pan y will lo morrow (lucsd&y) elect thirteen direct ors for the ensuing year. Stock Biehanff Mo.ndat May 16?10 Ju A M. 0?5OO Uffa. 5 We, con 104% Hudson Kir KK 146 .'UU0 do. 107 98 , X0il 12 fl louu Ui?5 '.-.74 cor.ena iO.')i L.VU 1 1 D 7 3 itt OA A J I IIXIOU I t> o'a, 1 ft ten 10 0 i !o SB ?0 <0 Ten iicaaee G'l '0 * A 11?| Mot/a.i aioPacRK 7-J JOuO <1o 7M I k) VlMUlil'l , am N X i enlra! 0 a I I'll Oiii ?> A Mi>a cert. i..>, - 0 |Wl do 53 4 onu dn rto do '.Ml do. MM do . S Ut'lev i rol k f bai li 1'.. JO Mi*? X Alo I _ u. j liKWO (in ..... -'5 Gl .v oi I hi i All iuc lot . !'4 i 1 Mjrir'MalM ii lis S ' I'H Am ndM colJ . I7"H loom di b3 174 S> j) d ? 1 74 *4 5 li? A r 1 1 !?:* Bank 1 13 lu ' nitiucii al imiIl. lUti ItlO ('anion Company 47 ? ill do 41.% 4.41 do 4 , 1UU Central Cuai Co bo . iuj.i OuiiiU cot! pref UK 147 ..blO litt do tirfg do H'J IWii Harlem KK 175 I mm do 173 200 do.... 2X0 'i 30.. K ao tRK 134 111 <0 do 135 do b3o I Mii do .... . 1 ..u do my, <l" 1.17 1)30 II b * 54 , 1 700 uo ji>M sm b U III On KK crip -00 ?lo 4!K1 wa d < ... 2n Michigan < eo KR do 15>' On .0 1 Mi h S A Mud :;R 97 5 Hi uo 9o 3 .0 do '. 6 4 Mich KAN Jn.1 gua 133 7 i' Clare a I'jtta HK 112 lsa i-y? 129 liSH 1?>. I 44 its 100 do. do <9 79 . olO MO . . . 7" 50.1 2t? Oil 60 r\e 10. via. HO mS no . Ill ? do Ill -. ? 'o .t<-.u nr. 104 ;t ?na A Cki KK . 1.7 do l.'7>, 300 loo 4 1l 100 Wi i do 7'."j .*W dj 10 ? n'lOMiDR . <"o?!Co 7.'i 2i J .in Munf m* ?l < o _i 4j W ; Co SO I do 100 On Am 1 ranstt < o "Wl Km k* Co I/eitrt I'm I'opake Iron Mines. AM) do 1U0 (juaru Hill Atg Co X 11 do 1UI l'? Mail SS Co.. 12 .s k C'-n'.ral KR. lll-l '10 4I>I dn 10U -'o 2i?l 'IO i. " Kr e KK 3*10 no ,*H <10 :*? d? 100 do 91*1 'to 3<l fcrle KK Kiel Jli Hudton Rim RS.. 144 2 0 rto . 144 3?? do J4.1 IV do Hi'i lOti Han A Si JowpuKR 43 SECOND BOARD. H u.r "??r Tiro o'Ci ors P. M Kiroa 1'' -J ' alii J4!,s CuSi K.l . 143 Iff 100 io. )43?i 12K?. 129 ....bbo i o li?H* ..?10 128^ Z?m rj.i 12< ?**M C<?> " A Tol" lift " Hfi ! 3|"' do . . bill 140 I.TiHl Chicago A Kk 1 KK lO I'*! uo blO 1 '3 4iO di, 1 1 ?> 1 200 do 112'! llA) do |jjv ???> Tol?<lo A W al> HR f/i'i 301 Pitta. Kt ? ACIiIRK 115 -/a 2" IIS-u ?/<' do jib JJ"' do 1 151 1W Alton Alerr- 11 KR 1 ' hlcaco A ,s \v UK w 1 no . do . 1)10 1 !?!>? W CSic A N W pref. . hi ?0" do bJO <3 i;" Chicago a Anon KK 5 j . . fM.-drrpr?J 05 33 "l i 60 1' 10 't 13 IV4 211 IV IS3 ... \'A? ; b3o 1 ii. 1 14 . 112 II2U . 1!.". .... ni'5 112 ? . 112 57 $?> U s C 1 y? do.. 1(000 I.' 8 6 ?. .'>-30 ? reg 1 WW" f 8 fi ?. 1 vr r?r 9ir; StWUUbio AMlasowCf U.', IU1 aha Canton ' o. ... 4 ,' nZ) ' omb ('oa', pref vl 25 'o . do. do 81 ??1>, ?IK ^2 ItlO do 143 , 8 ? Uleh S A N lod r.K V Wl do... G'? 4 tl 4" 97 10 ' Mleji a A N Ind gua IMlf lu 0 II. Pen RR ncrlp . l'.'fllj K* i Qui'-kaiiTorSlg .1)39 74 !A V.i Pact hi Maii SS Co >?' N Y Centra. KR.. .W E.rie UK. 3 iil 134 >1 >s 1 llio do lidi Krie |?fol<-rT?#. . . . ?jOO II dson Ri??i KK 100 do 300 do ltn do .....blO 1?0 20* Ha ltm KK 2K> 10m Ke* nag KR |3<; ?rw do 13.1 . MOO .10 10u Mien C?n RR 14J'? :niO rto .00 Cl?r A Pitta KK W<1 da *?0 do ?J 1 Gal * Chie KR 1**' do ...... ItnuOto* A To, RR ? hi A Kk 1 KR I 0 'ing |.?l' 110 MS 113', ?10 |l*'4 4i? Mliw APr UnCb RR 7 113', l<H 14a I4f>4 14W lom 100 Tol A Wab KR ... ;ou Plus, ft W 4 Chit ill o tlfti: o lit.'. o b.i 117 11)0 Alios AT Ma RK . fid ? 0 do ?7 400 Cliioago A .NW KK 57 ?n iia 57', NO d.. 46 1 JO Chic. Bnr A Qy KK i:; C IT V COMMKIII 1 Ala REPORT, Monpit, Vav IC? 6 P. M. Atnir* ?Receipts, btls. Market nominally at $9 *.0 ? $12 tor pot- and pearl* Ha' *:>ti0ifs ?Receipts. i0.923 I bl*. Dour, 67 bbls. and b.g. rorti meal, lfc*.l?k hnsheis wiieai, ?29 do o.t aud t> .500 do. ma t. lhe flour maiket was aei re and prV?* udram ed 6c a 10 ??.. In sympathy with tue riH k. go.d, aud U?tt?r lO'i ury for export. The r ere 1 j weralair.but t.ot so lar^e ac they wouM bave bo?u ba t ant u.a break in the rana! e xurred. The galea rootfop la, 000 bbl* tau iud We; rem ,1,500 do. Southern, and 7.VJ do C .i ad an p.v? flanr win, firm, but <|<i i?*t , 4'oro men ? t? in go d r?M Mat at impaevad price* aaloa 700 bbi? at f? *5 P ?t 41 ror Jei y, u.f| i>, 60 a {6 76 for Bran l y wine ^aniiota ? Ko^rflno '-tave uo Wa?: u. C. ,r Kiiraetaio ! Oboi. ? state 1 <>ni mot to median rteaJern... 4>ood to <rhoicA do 8tra Pt. 1/)uta in ibm ia g*>>d iVHithero . . Vood to ob' iuo eitra do .. .. 0 1 mm on Oaoxdian,. .. .. Good to rbolce extra da : . *ya Bout . rniporwia. ,1 Ctora aaeai, bat* Uoro Mai, panalMOM. 94 ;ca i.w, . 7 00 a 7 111 . 7 If. a 7 29 . 7 05 a T 25 . 1 SO a * lit ? k 76 a lti 50 . I *?> a 7 ho 1 w a 10 60 . 7 00 a 7 16 ? ? '91a g 25 . . i 76 a 6 GO . 6 25 a o 7? ..31 00 a SI 59 _Tbora waa ? vary active ex( ri movement ia wheat, the largest indeed siooe last fall . and, price* ruaa Sc. a 3 c. , lu ay rapadtiy with itm ad?an? In g' Id Ihe day a BinwrlTt reach 860.000 o>jab?fa, pari to arrive wittna kaa lava, Mi iMftude Canada clMb at fl Mali 61, < hi ?a co aprlag, $IMa|l 50?Mllwaukfe - lab, 9]f>la|JM, rJ*ata S10O ? H SfTainber Iowa sad llilwaakoe, m 10 a ilfl* w later r* Wee tern , |1 63 a $1 07. am (V U0MSM0II1N Bit 48afl40. Cms waa anaree sod fe^ dearer ?Til> <??!?? o! 11 000 hunb-lH old We'-wrt. railed hi #: 44 ^ f i,,U; continued in brisk dcmaud. and ibe market waa iirroer,e?"?ing at nnc * WV I" lh? rai ee oi Canadian. Mate end Wee.ern. Barley a"d barlev mall were hMUn. _ Gorton -NarkM lirm sales 1,600 Dales we qoete. ? UpUt id flon in 3/w <le A' (' <# In ordinary .......76 7ti 77 Middling SS 84 U M uo>Hi uitdcuug SI 81 M 88 Middling Tair <9 89 00 #J Kkhohis were act It* ao far aa wheat waa eonrertmd, but the shipment* oi other ooinraoditMs ware light. The market. iuwuvt-r, waa Arm. To Ljverpost. par American flag, 54,000 bushols whoat at 61 a6',d in bulk and bigs; per hp itral . SS .000 bwhel? wheat at etjd.iu bulks and bigs, 600 bb's Hour a I Is. I'd , 2M bbla pork st Sis *d,, and per steamer 2s,uoo butheu wheat at 8(1. iu bags, too bales eotton at l?d., 200 tiercea lard and 100 botes bacon at lis. fld. and 100 txwee obeane at 30a. To Glasgow, per American, 7.000 bushel* wheal at 8>^d. in bags, and, per neutral, 60 tiercea beef at 4s. td. To Bremen, 150 bhrte. tobacco at 20s. , 500 bbl?. shoe ]>egs at la. t?d. . < 0 casks oil and M do. ashee at Ifte. To Antwerp, 600 libit petroleum at da. WU. and oOO hliitn. tallow at 22s. (id. A llremati ship waa charioted fur London with 7,500 bbli flour at 3a , a Mcklenb irjr bark with about 20. "00 bushels wheat and ? Iwtch brig with 16,000 do. to cork, for orders, at 6*. fld per <iuartar, auu a 1 riiihh hark reported at 7s. , though the latter waa not autlienti-alMl I'sovitoxs? Recepts, a, 912 bbls. pork. 404 packages be t. 2 16 do. out meats and 9<>7 do. lard. Provisions wore m decided disfavor among the aprcuUtors to-day, a d t lie market for the le idtog irticea o' the hog pro duct waa accordingly dull and heavy, wbile price of pork were decidedly lower. The higher pi ire of ?o d was without Influence on the market. Beef was dull a< d heavy. Reef hams were quiet and nominal. Bicon was dull, and tboueh the stock is light prices wet# nominal. Cut meata wero iu limited re quest, and though we quote no marked decline prices tarored the buyer. I.ard was dull, heavy and a elude lower. Butter and cbeoee were without doci led ciian?;e. Fork ?Sales 2.500 bbla. at $2 ! 7a a $21 lor now moss. Closing at the highest figure; $25 6(1 a $2*1 lor old do , a-id *24 for prime. Hoe:? Mies :t00 btils. at $tf f?)a$lU f >r country nifts*. $0 a $7 lor country prime, $ln a il'J for repacked moss, and $18 50 a $20 2ft lor lor extra do. Cut meat* were wholly nomiual Bacon ? 2:'.0 l>o-;e* short clear at 14 yc. lard? Sales 2.000 bbls and tin ces at l'ZXC. a 14c. Butter, J'ic. a 35c. (Tine?e, 15c. a He. SITIATIOHS WAKTKD- PKMAI.KS. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WIBHES A Kitiuuon as competent aeauisires*; can operate on Wheeler t Wiihun a uiHi'hiiit'K. uo otij<a< lion (o assist with lm'.ii work; has good oily reference. Call at CZ West 41st a:.. :ourth bouse, cc oid tloor. A RESPECTABLE TOORO OIB1) WANTS a SITUA tion a- chsmbei maid or w aiter: would assist in wash InK ana ironint it' required. Call on present employer, tit 15s Wnl SOtii st? I etwi-i>n liroadwa.v and 7tU av. Noue but puvate taiuiiy need appl;. Be <1 of City relert-nc?. Atouno Parisian i.adt ok respect abi liy. recently arrived from France, wlitieg to 'each the Preneh lan^ua^e. either ni lier 01m rcsfiten'-e or that of her puptis. Address Mint-. Kiniiie Oudano, station C. ARESi'KCTABLS PUOlESiANT QIliL WISHES A s tuatioa ai liiiht chain bermaid and M'amslres-. Oan be seon for two dav? at 116 We.,i 17ili St.. between Cth and 7 tli avs. ARE8PB<lTARf.R PROTESTANT GIRI. WANTS A -Ituatlon as nurse and seamstress. Call at 76 last 10th St. A SITUATION WANTED? B* A RESPECT A BLR tilRL. as ;;ood plain cook; I* an excellent washer aud iiwucr and a good baker. Call at 491 9t!iav. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO CTRL WISHES A SITUA Hon *4 ctiaiuhcrmald or waitress: is a goo I smart waitress. Call at her present employer's, 12 Beac.i st A YOUNO GIRL Wisni.8 A SITUATION AS NURSE .1 chamber maid : no objectiou to ao in the c >untrv for the summer. Can be sccu for two days at 241 Wc t 3Uih st. A SITUATION WANTED? BT A YOUNO PROTF.8T /V nut woman aa nurse or seamstress: she is faithful, and kind to ebtldreu. No objection 10 ciU or COD u try. Good city references Call at 42S Wc?l 25tli st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPtCTABLB girl, as conk, waaher and Irnner in a private family: lis thoroughly understands iier busmen and eau give good city reference. Call at 37 Union st . Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED-BV A RESPECTABLE girl, as .cook; would assist with washing. Good city relerence. Apply at 137 Tillary st . Btooklyn. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNO WOMAN wauts a situation as chambermaid and plain ewer, luqulie at J46 West 29th si. ARESPECTAHLE YOUNG PROTESTANT WOMAN wants a situation as uurse and soainsirfsa luouire at 21G West .'Oi 1 st. Abespectable vouno (hul wrsurs a sir. 1. at ion as chambermaid and laundresx or chamber maid and seamstress, no oh lection to grxa? Into t lie eountry i<ir the summer months: she lias live I over three years 10 the city. References front her last place. Call at 115 West 15th st., front basement. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WI8riES A SITUATION AS cli n m hermaid and waitress, or to assist in the wash ing and Ironing. :s the co.intry or city; 1,00 J city rrfetence. Call at 85 Pacttie t , Broeklya. A SITUATION W.VNTRD-BY A RESPECTABLE younc woman, aa a good plain cook, eiceilent washer and irouer , be?t o; city retereuce from iter last place. t!an be seen for two days at 410 7th av., between llStn and 36th sis . top Uoor. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHE8 A SITUATION AS nurs or iirst class wailre>?, is willing ana obiisins; competent t ? till either aa.iation, city reference, A| ply at l'Jfl 3d av.. between ISth and !!>ih s's.. Iu Hie fancy store A SITUATION WANTED? BF A t ; I RL TO OOOK. wash sod irou, bas live.l 1(> tears snd%as Hie best of c tv reft-reni* Apply at J 2t 49th ?L, near t?lh av., for two days cm a* riiaoibermai I Slid 10 do line sewing, Cai. at * SITUATION WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE J\ I'rotealaut giri, to <lo eniriti housework tu a uiiil! pi irate family; good city reference Irorn her last place, t alt al m West IJih st . id tb? rear ARESPFOTABLK YOUNO WOMAN WISHR8 A aitustiou ss chambermaid an I waiire??; no objection to Hie couunjr. i'time years citv re.ercooe, Cau ue aeeu at S i West jta at , between Oth aud Till av*. Asitvation wanted? bv a respectable jo nig woman, a* aeamatreaa and to attend to growing cuildren, or do light chsmberwork. Best rcleieme . run pre cut employer, at i!7 Madisou a*. AMTUATION WANTED? BV A YO Nil WOMAN. AS chambermaid aud wallic-s; understands the csmof Chlldien. Cai. piodnc- mat late rclerence nom her l si place; no objsrtions to the country. Ca.l at 1.17 West .#ta at., between 7th and 8th ava A SITUATION WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE young woman, a* wattre** or chatnh'-rutaM and wait rem; b -st c.ty tuteteuce Call at a? 6th at., M uBd Uoor, fi on' room. No. II t noniTIMI ?IBL v:>xrs a SITUATION TO J\ d > iim ral hottaework: uoo e ?>k waxbei and ironer; good n e. Call at HI tireenwieh ar? A SITUATION WANTRD-BY A RFRfF-OTABLE voung woman an n r?e. ha* g .od oity reference. i?? goo.l plain sewer t'all at 110 West 1 7 U st * Sill AllON V* ANTI'.D-.Ii A III -PH TABLE .*\ youti.- woman, a* mirae. underatanda the car' ot mil dren or would do cbainbei . ork and sowing; beat of ?. !y reference. Omll at ber |irr ? nt employer's. ZU West 17th st A SITUATION WANTKD? BT A YOUNO WOMAN. aa nuiae; i lulty cotapeteut to take t!ia entire charm of a baby: ;? willing to a? -.t wit . thechamb r ork has the )<est oi citv reterance < sn be wen for two d i ye al 7? West JMth st , between <>ib sud 7th ava A SITUATION WANiKD-BV A RESPECTABLE /*. v iiing Ctrl. a? chambermaid and waitress. or chamber maid and to aaalat w Hh waaliing and ironing oi olann dre - alone; ba-eik)caia releteures. Call at lili> 1st are., between Oth and 7tb sts ARRSI'RCTABLE UIKI< WISHES A SITUATION aa l?nn lr>-a- ; can nice I Mir years' r<*fa cure from her last pla'-e. t all at 171 Bast .*4tu st. AMTIATION WAMKD-B* a BKSrEtllARLE ciri. as clia. 171 west Ztith at ABITUATION WANTRD-BY A TOIJNO WOMAN, to take rara of a chid and dn chamherwork and ?ew; tae be t nttr reiwenee iven |.erfectlv understand* the ? are of a baby from its bli lb (.an be aeea foi l?o day* el l? 7th m, ______ A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNO OIRI.. TO do a<'wing in a private cboioe family, Caa be aeeo at 61 East 6th at., aecond ISoor. AR! SI'M TABLB YOU*<; OIRI. WISHES A SITU a lion aorook. waahcr and ironer. no o > lecnoo to go a abort distance In the country. Heat city reference. Call at 8S Wen it.m at , third floor. front room ABhSPKlTABLR WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION a* 'sundress, p iiither mid French Uoit, m a hotel er llr?t rlass boarding houae. Call for tws itava at -'ll Mnttst A SITUATION W AN I fcL MY A FI RST CLASS COOK ; un ler<tands mai.,n. ail klada of ?Oiipe p*atry and game in all their Inane en. Haa the l?sl of olttr refer?nca f rem be laal tilse.^ t an he ?een for two days at II Unioo C'Oirt. tx'twren llib and Uth eta . la Ualvetatty piaee Wi I go in the floontrt tor the a immei. ARI.SPBCTABI.K Qlil l< WANTS A SIU'ATION AB chambvi maid an-l waitina, is willing lo aaaist in t'i? wan ing and ironing i> wit inn to go to fie ? outitry for th? ainnn??-r. Ha? goort rity relereuces Call at 2lt Kaat l?th at. Tuesday and Wedua day ATf>UI?'? Oi lil< WABTS A 1*1. A' E TO DO OI-NRBAL bo .snwark, uas no oh ecti'un to go a aoori diaiame la Ike coi.nuy. 14U1 at IJi W??l -Mb at ARF.spRtrTABLR ClIRt, WlAiiRS A MT A HON AS "<>ok, washer and Ironer. or to do tue ho . wiworkef a ? mall prtvais fainhy. Bestof city rele. i ocs. Call lar two . a a at 314 tlicks t . BtooitlyKi A .SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESI'H lAlU.K tJIRU loeook. wa?h aad Iran, isagovd plain cook, and e>< ret >fit wa her. Has good city rcfcrtnce. Call at 1<K> West ""lb at. betwen tth and 7tb ava H AMKD I'UOTBSTANT WOMAN WttHRs j.A to ?o out aa mniithly n i*e or m take oara ot the s. k. Can be -eeu lor one week at Weal ."Aa at. AC IMPI'.TI NT MIDrtl.R VIED WOMAN WANTS A ?ttrvlen to t 'k? o^ar^e a' grown c'aflilrw aad do sew. Ing. or wo ild do Unlit ebainberwoTk, ran e tt aad flt chil dren a dotlies; best city refereae* Call at III West I7ttt St. . aear 7tb a?. ABITUATION W ANTED ? BT A TttOIEStANT YOL'MO woman, aa chambermaid aad waitiaes or child suur -e; no objtTlion to the eountrv , ha- the b>'?tcily reisraace. Call at .4 t'hryatie ?t? aecon t floor, rujm Ko 8. a few doors t rota ta>M. _ _ ASITUAVON WANTEB-BY A VOUNO WOMAN TO do l ooking, cltambnrw ork waiting or houaework in a private faintly , eit# pieferiad, good reference. Call for two da>s at d2 Br immei at ASUVATION WANTRD-BY A RRSPKCf ABLB young woman, aa pHainbermatg and te assist IQ the wa<klng Ca l for two days Jlt>4 West l*ii ei Any fabily wisiiibi a person to ta?r ?haras of tbelr bits* during I ha summer mentis nan fln'l a ra(% )i? pnrau,, ?|iiag ou or a<t'1r<taalng Km Luke man, III JtoA l?h at , m tb? (Mr Tlrsl olaas r?l?r#?\r?a as i (? ?avMii<ti|. 4* ?ITOVTfONB WkKTB O-riHALff' A NUBRKB OP WELL BBCOM MEN UE1) GKK**" xl It waul bklu.iUVMi oookt, cb*n b*rtn *n? n??r?e*, pi i? for general s outwork lc . at Mr* LoWK'ft Ueruuui lutUlulc, 17 6Uau>o 44.. ue*1 u*? lUtwery ^ I BKSPKOTAHLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS I \ good wa?liur and irouer and p am oook Apply ?' *? K*?l Md at., between 4tb and Mh are AmU. L BROUGHT UP. PROTB8TANT NORTH (1KB rnau ;,ul wishee lo travel with a faintly u? Euit>i*i or la this country: la a Writ class seamsti ea* . would go aa 'uaii or lalie the care ol one or two growing rhildrsn Call at ar address 6-.V Broadway, tup lloor. room IV. A SITUATION WANTED? II Y A RESPECT A BLK (URL, as nurse and seamstress, uo Objection to go to tha oounlry Beit city reference iroiu her laat p'aoe. tan b? aeou lor Uuila y? at 12& Hist at. corner ol 7th ar. ANMNQUBVBlHi ritoation as ciiaB bcrniaW and waitress. or aa ctiaiiiOorinaid aud u? t -ke care of children. Good cliv reference. Gall at lib East at , up oca pair or slalrs ta front. Alt I .SI" 1 OTABIjK GII'.L WISHES A SITUATION AS wailiess, ta wi line aud obliging: no okieounn to go lu the country. Call at Tier laat placa o( employ uu-ul, >1 Weat 9th at., between Slh and #th a vs. _ A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITU ATI UN A3 I'll AH hermai'i, ae^ er, or 10 mini children, no objection to t..e C'Jimu) 10: Ulu auiauuir Call at 40 Weal 2!H , al. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A BKSPECTABI-K *<>? inau. aa chambermaid and Luutidr.-as or plain sf?er. No obiection to Ihe oo.intry Tor the numin-i ni >u tU-* . tbe beat city references ('all at 2I< East 14th at , top ' oor. tront loom A SITUATION' WANTSD-BY A TOUNO WOMAN. AS chambermaid and waitress, or < bambcriuaid aud plain aewer fail for two days at 20Z Bast 17th al. A LADY. WHO HAS HAD LONG EX'PEUIENCK ?una her service* lo Ural c!as* families, as nurse; ooiitineineut. Beat ? al erenccs from the urst doc.ora ?I i his city. Apply at 105 Columbia at. A RESPECTABLE GIUI. W1SHKS A SITUATION AS cliamiwrmuid and w&itre* . or io take car ol children, in a a a I lamlly; no objection to tb' country. Good citv ici ? lence. Cull loi mo d.iya at -7 Charles at., between Vol k aud l'roa;K-jt, liiool.lyu A SI I I ATION WANTED-BY A SCOTf H GIRL *0 do c.i 'inberwork aud sewing or a-siai Willi the wasli iiu city reference from her la st place (.'alt at 'i-2 Went Jj:li st . Slh and i'th ava. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RhSl'l CTABI.E WO man. a? chambermaid and nuiae. Apply to her prei'-ut employer, at 25- Weal S-cl si A SITUATION WANTED -BY A STEADY PBB80M, a cool.. washer und . inner, uo objection to go a iltort disuoce in t tie loontrv: iiiebest of ilty reii rence can he jjivon Call al &> West Washington place, first ilo?r 1 RKSI'I.CTA Kl.H YOUNG iHRL WANTS A SITU A , V tl u aa cuaaihcrmaid and waltieas; no obieclioii to t tie ooiintry ha? lour years city ratarentea Ca . be aecu a '."03 tail Otli t.. second nooi lor throe day-, it not engaged A SITUATION WANTED Bt A YOUNG WOMAN. AH cha .iher naid ami waiirea%. good ri-le ence vpnly at 141 1'asi --it s. . corner oi -a ay. ATCUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS PLAIN took, wasuer and irouer. city leleicuce Call at IM Weal aHh at. A SITUATION WAMFD-llV A YOUNG WOMAN TO 21 do liou^sarork lu a am ill lauiily; is a good ol. tin coos, washer and iioner, food rc.eicac.' lroui not last piuoe. Ap plv at I'.* Bank st. ABBSPBCTABIJI WOMAN WliHES A SITUATION as cook; she thoroughly nndersuan. la her business, on dristauds juts try and la a goo>l baker. The heat oi ciu re.ercnce. Call at 1IM West 16th at., bclvreen 6th aud 7tn a vs., lu the real. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A VERY COMPETENT woiuan, as c ok; good ci.y tolercnces fall an 'iTi Gih ate. ATOltNG GlltL, WANTS A SITUATION AS GUAM brrniaid or waitrc.-s can give in- b>st of city refer ence. Can l>e aceu tot two days at 8 -4 oih ave.. lop lloor, back roam. Arespectahle young woman wants a ait 'aiion us ciiambcrniaid or to aatiat la the washing aud ironing, cay relurome can be given iroiu bcr pieaeat employer. Ckll at tw West 11th al., lot two uava A SITUATION WANTED? BY A BBSPKCTABLK girl, as nurse and plain aewer. cau take eutiie clia'ge oi as imaut and would umke nersell generally imciih; uo objccuou lo the country. Can be seen at 41 Prince st. A WELL RECOMMENDED PROTESTANT SWISS. ".'1 vcars of ajje. spi akiug lietmau aud En-ncb. uot mncli Euglisb. desires a sMiatlon in a Christian Ameiii an laiull.t either to lake earn ol or iiistrnc; children, or to do a . vving and euiltioirieriug. Kc iilin- uu Kiateu Uluua. ?ue can be s?eu fur two dats a; I6t Fulton at.. N. Y., betweeu id and 3 o c.ock. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A TOUBO OIRL AS chambermaid and nurse. ornur?e and plain setting. Has toe neat ot city refereuoe from her last uiace. Call at 14J East o-'l st. Cau be aaeu lor two days. ABESPECTAULB WOMAN WISHES TO DO SOME washing al her residence. Call for two days at 2i(J Sullivan at., room No. 5. A OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS COOK AND TO assist in washing and iroiiing. understands all kinds o: ptn ale lam ill looking. Has live yeuia reierencr irom her last place, fan (or two daya a- 110 West Isth at., he iwusd litli and 7th ava. ARKSPKCTABLK YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITU A lion aa chambermaid aud to do aewiug. or as unrse aud t<> do tewing, lias Ilia best of eitv reference from tier last place fall for two daya at 104 Wast lyih at . front house, iop Boor. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE yonng girl, to do eliamherw ork or geneial housework, in a small lainili . City refeiuuce fall at IX: Weat 27ih sc. between 7th aud 8th avs ABB8PECTABLB YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A situation as /food cook : is an excellent baker, will as sist witli the wsshing in a private lainiiv, lias uo ooieetion to go a sli >rt diatauoa in the country. Call lor two days at St* East Mth at A 811 UATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, to do cuan.Uerwork and waitini:. Three years' reter en.e from bar las' plsre ttal: at I til West LT.tls at. ASITPATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG <;IRL AS cook wash'T and irouer, or as chHinbsrmalil and to .? - ai-t with the wasliiug and ironing; is williug and obliging: has good reference. Call for two days at Z\i 7th av? bt . tweeu -.411 and - tit sis., third (loir, irott loom A YOUNO OIRL WISHES A 8ITUATION AS SEAM siresa: has liest citr reierenee Call at UK) Court t. b*tw en Lnqueer st an i 4th place, Biooklyu o?er Ike fancy ?tore. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY AN AMERICAN aiBlfc to do chamberwork waitiugor takscairol children or do reneml houaew ork : wa ;es not so much an ob;ecl as a co.i.lortsltle home Call ai or ad.lre^ ner present employ er E. Tipp u. Ill South 2d st . Wllliaintourg. A SITUATION WABTBJP? BT A BEBPBOTABLK WO in in, s cook , t i a^si.t in the washing and i beat city leteiem e Apply al liij \V oat iStu st . between oth and 7th *v , tnird ^oor t KKKIM.rTABI.K TOI'Nii OfRI. WANTS A SITtJA JY Hon un rhamb?rni?ul .unl waitH'>.H. or to do house work, n > iiiijrr .on : 'I ilie rountiy ( an l>.* a?pu !or two da>? at I iy Wen -7iU al. \ SITUATION WASTED? !!T A YolJUJ WOMAN aa < lianib- rmaid arid laundre ? fiooi i it? ri'leieocN. Can be ???n icr two days ?t No Wp?i IStb ? b?t??reo 7tk an : 8th ??*. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A IKICICTiMJ woman to do c'namberwoi k and line wa liiu;, or to no c ok < lie lor a ? all lainlljf; no objection lo (u ? abort distsnceln i1 e < onotry Beat u:y leterrnce tioiu .isi plan*. A i>p!> a l.'t West .'0i b (I. AR! HI'Ki TABLE UIRE WISHKS A SITUATION AS chndrrn'< nnrae anil |i ?? illia lo make her?'lf a?e lul '? A Piote-inin. < all al Mo. 4 Horatio in the atore a K I' Sl'I-.CT A Bl.h YOUNG t?I l? I. VV I -S II EH A HITUA f\ tion aa good plain cook . Ma>.liar and noner. Oood city reference can b* given, Apply at Sl'Jnth ave , top floor, neat SOth t. 81 1 U AT ION W ANTEIt? IIY A YOINO WOMAN, aa i hamherrrald aa<1 waitress Ilan the lie it oltr re. f renci* No ob >c 1011a tn co t abort dlaianoe in tno coun try. Caii|b<- a?i>n at 761 -M are.. near <<Hb at. SITU ATION WANT8D-3Y A TOUKO WOMAN, to ilo houa^work In a private family, (iood cltT reler Appl? at Jlo J?tU at . between dih'aod .<th area. ARESI'Ei TABI.E UIRL WISHES A SITUATION A? Sr<-t ciasa cook; uo oujr uons to the country lor tbe aumtner. Can ne *<?. n at Iw W?.t Kiik at ARRfll'EOTBBLR YOONUQ1RE WISHER A 8ITUA tlon u> i-ook. with and iron; cltr reference*. Apply ?t SIS Weal SftUk at. A SITUATION WANTED ? BY A YOONO WOMAN, aa rook: wunM aaalit In tbe waahlna and Iroulog, ban rlgat teal, city tefereuco. Call at 'il< Weal 41 1 at. Actuation wantbd-bv a RBKf-Bfrr ablb wonian aa piaia rook or laundrts., rood references Appy lor two daya at 2J7 Waat iid a*. |W?m7l>aal *n ara. 01 HL WHO UNDERSTANDS CHAMBRRWOBK and laundry <an be bad at M Wttl 1 3?h it A REBPbtTABl.R UIKL WlaHhrf A SITUATION TO J\ do either C'toklng or ho?iae?ork O ?>d city relerenoo. Can be ac-n for two days at li>3 East -otb at., aocond floor. I rout room. ARKSrBCTABLB OIRt, WANTS A SITUATION TO do general housework or t nemberwork. aa4 lo asalat In the wa litag and ironing, flood Hit refereaoaa. Call at -?t Watt l?b at . between 8ik an I 'Uh ara. A Bill) ATION WANTKD-RY A RKSPRCTABLtS JV > onng y?o>s, as > obambermald and IsnrtW. Oaod referen-o. Apply al ?*> mb a? , comer of SMb ak A LAKY WIPUB8 A SITUATION AH HOUSSKRBPBB where she can i>? ber own talMreea Addreaa A B , aiation A. Spring stioet. stating whero aa laterrlew flkay bo bad. A SITUATION WANTED? BT a RBSPBOTABLB J\ young girl aa seam tross. undOrttMdx cuttlag and It tlng ladles' and children a ., would loowuot on a or two children , Is rpmoetent to u*arh th, radlaenu of Fnaik and tatisla <f roqnlrM. no objeotlou to tko atfcntrv: aaM refarenoa Apply at Kaat Wtk 4, * A SITUATION WANTED -BV A VoUNO WOMAN, AS chain he 1 maid aad aeanureaa of to toko HN of rbll <irrn; has 1 he boat of city rt oranoe. uu bo aooa for IH days at ?ar 7tb a*., oorner of f tb at Ayounq oirl wants a situation to do chambarwork or houeewnrk in a small urirato faanlly : c*n produce the baM of etty roferraeo Rail for two Soya al 1? baau St.. Brooklyn, seooad Uoor, front raoaa. A RKHPRCTABEB PROTRSTANT OIBL WBHM A XV auust on as aurae. la 16 yeais of aaa. Caaboaooafot 4 wo days at 206 Baat 13th at. ' ? - ARBRPRCTABLB PROTBNTABB WOMAN WfSBBB A aii nation as nhud's nurse is a good plain as war and ifl willing lo aa< at In etiamborwork Apply for two days at Stoat ' ' *a>p'*'*r s wbM* ?il* wo yoara, MBa-t A SITUATION W ASTRO? BT A STPADT IRDUSTBI ou a young woman lately arrived from tbe old ooonllTi l? a rood waaher ami ironer an l kind to children, la willing to tAke hrrnelf generally ji tefnl, baa nrforoaoe aa to bowooty Sad reepc^UbHlli * SIS BiioaSa* *, eseiwiwIJB. ?n tlATIOS* W \STED-fIRALBI. A SITUATION WANTED- H* A RKSI'ECTAB'.B toung woman, to do general hotisework in s small prl raif f.uui.y , good reference given Call at t>7 Weat I8tb at, top i our, I rout room J S COOK ? BITUATION WANTED, IV A lUPliTA' Die pruate family, by a youoe wouiab who U?orou|hlr uo leratamla her buMitiesa In altka branches, can cu*a ?cup*., meats, game and poultry , Lu an eicaUftnl b.vker , cm ?* daaaorU , beat 04 city reierauoca Call *4 lob Isaa4 17tn it. A SITUATION WANTED? BT A BBSPEi'TARLB jrouM woman, to do general housework: Ha ? good washer and irenar. Can ba aaau at Jtt W aablnftoaa at ABRSI'ECTaBLK YOUNG GIRL WANTS A MTUA tion as rook and to aaiiat with the washing and irou Ins Can give citjr reference Call for two u<< at 175 la I Ibtk M. Apbotkstant girl wants a situation in a private lamuy aa aeamstreaa aud children's nurse. No objection to travel to any pari ef the countiy forUieeuuj mer months Cilj reference. Call al 74 Weal &Hhsi.. in the rear house. A SITUATION WANTBD? BY A RESPICTABLB Protestant wemau. aa cook In a private family The l.ast ot elty references. Can lie <reu far two Jaya at 'Ml Mi ar. between Slat and X!d ata. A SITUATION wanted-by a respectable wo mau. aa l;nl dees cook . baa the best of city refcren v from lier iaat plaor Apply at 181 U'Mt i8ih at . between 7iu and t<th ets A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RF.tfPECTABLB young girl, as chambermaid sod waitings, or w .uiress alone, couutry preferred Call at IOC Bast 'Jlsl at., for two days A SITUATION WANTKO-BT A BBSPEUTaBKE woman. ai nuree, to take the entire charge of a l>ah* . bent of citv reference Irani Iter Uaat place- no obecuoa to tiai cl Call at 140 Kaal -'la: at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A BIT uallon aa u-rt nur~e; baa a fresh brraat of milk. |x>r fectly beathv. Can be eeeu for three days at 34C Columbia at . South Krooklvn. A YOUNG OIRL flWH A SITUATION AS NORSK or l.iunure-h Best cilj reference. Can be aeen lo? iwodavB ai 12 Ainily place. lu Ihc a lore A SITUATION WAMRU-KY a THOROUQHLY P.X pcriencrd English nurse who will undertake 'lie entire ci.arge ol a ba'iy . can do pla.u hewing; til ol> ?T.. m to the country; would be willing lo travel. Beu city retersuee Call at 37 Weil 13th si . between u and 6th * ? ATOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and waitress Bent city reference Call at 121 West 2(>tb ft, A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNti WOMAN AS eliHinbennaid and waitress or aa nurse and to do plain aeulng, be I City retcreoce Call lor t?o days at East l.'tli ?l A YOUNG I.ADV WISHES A SITUATION AS BALKS woman tn a tatvev ordrv gooj< store, in sumo pieasaul country town or village. Address Mian Km. in Webb, Brook Ivu l'o?t o.'Ik". A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A YOUNG GlRfc, ABOUT 15 lotakecaie <>f cuitdrrta or to do iigtti liju ework. Apply at II E.?st 3tth St. First class sramstrbss-can cut and pit ladies and children' dresses m aiyle Can b ? seen lor two day - at i U W est 3.'i b si. Houskkeepkr.-a middle aged ladt wants a poaicon aa bnu ekecper. compauioa to a lady or tat assist In sewing. Ajipl/ at id av. HOUSEKEEPERS SITUATION WANTED-BY AN A uer can. In a hotel o: institution or first c'ass fa milr; a ebaa the best of reference and requires gon i salary A fplv immediaiely at Buiplovinea; Uo iae. oomer Cm av. and I llli at PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS GK.N. eral liouse?-orker in a .small pin-ate family. Call at ISO Weal Kith si., second lloor. baek room. PLACES WANTED? A LARGE NUMKSK OK WELL s?leclod servants fur hotels, boarding Uousee and pri vate families to be bad al lb? New York Employment utlice. ?<30 Broome sti eel. E WALTON A CO. SITUATION wanti;d-by A RESPBCTAULK wo man, as iiretclaaa eook in a private family; n>ui ection to assist in the washing and ironing- Would go to tiie cnun try lor the minimer ui 'iitlia. Cilr ruferuDoe. Call a: WW . id av.. c?ruer 42d bt., lirat i.our. front room SITUATION WANTED-TO COOIv. WASH AND IRON. Pin a smalt private larmly, by a ymtug worn mi tvuo ta hmhl> reo.mmended from iter situation Call on or address Annie Dougherty. 184 West .Vtd St. SITUATION WANTED-AS C ti \ M B hi It M A I D AND w aitress. City reference. C ill al 54 West 2Htli St. SITUATION WANTED? BY A I.KSPECT VBLK YOl'NO lady, to attend ;t confectioner* or ice cream a-iloon r fereeoe gtvea, if required. Address L. G.. statiou G. Htoad way SITUATION WAVTBD-BY A RBSPI-.i "I A BI,E OIRL. as cook, washer aud lionet . Is a go .? .1 baker, t lie best of cuy reference if reiuired. Ca.l at 'JiJ t asi i4iu at. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOONO AND INTBLLT gent girl, as waitress, has bad long e*|ierienee. cau give good city refeienee. Apply al .'3 Harrison st. SITUATION wanti:i?-by A YOUNO woman, as iblldren'a nurse; uuderaiands the eare ol a baliv . lea good plain sewer; no objection lo do up stairs viork; liaa the best of ell? reli-rcore. Can be eeeu for iwo days at 3M st.. between sih and 9th ave. (SITUATIONS WANThD-BY TWO RE?l"BOTABI>K O womeu. sislem; one aa tirst rate cook : is willing ui a->-iat m ihe waaliinc and ironing ibe other aa chamber maid or waitress and to assist iu ibe washing and ironing. One elcht and the other sn years' reference from ibeir last employer Can be seen for two daya at ti9 tie ter St., base ment. SITUATIONS WANTtn-BV TWO RBSPf'.CTABI.K O capable girle fs snrs , logeiher; one as good c<ok, washer aud Ironer; i tie oihi i aa cbaiirwrni iid anu nurae, wafircM. Ac. : an- ve; jr neat, ? illing aud li iisiwoi thy : bos: of reference ? ?en Apply at ?12T)egra w at. . Brooklyu. SirUA'TIONS WANTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, BY two jouu; wainen . one aa first class waitress and the oilier as first class laundress, both hlgUlf reootnmetidel. Call at tlli Clli av.. ncar2Utli al. QTTUATION WANTED? BT A SBSPSCTABlJt. U st'-aay woman, as first ciass eook . un lerstauda a:i kinds Of meaia. game and jiastiy, no objection to the country: has the iie-t of reterences. ( an be seen until suited, al I'M West jrth st. SITUATION WAKIfcO-a* A STBADY WOMAN'. AS O nurse; i?. lull., competent to Hk? charge ol a tiali" H im on : uiiiuih ot i. Well recoui neu le 1 nom her ia*l place t/'a.l at ISO West I7lh ?t CI1UATIO.S WANTED? BY A KKSPKPTABLE OIRL. O to do chamliei work and watting, or to take eare ol chil dren, sail laetory i"ier?uee giveu Call lo' i?o uata at IIS l.lth st , cor tier .li av. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO HIGHLY RE 0 s|H-i !abi- young g ila cneai nurse the other as cham bermaid in a pnraie latnliy. lu the city or country. Ad dress B. S., Z> ilreenwicii t.. for two uava OITl ATIONS WANTED? FOB WELL KECOUMhNDED 1 and fenia.e lieip, of all nations for any and ev ry brsu>h o bouseirors. in eiiy or eeuniry. Ap.i yat l ie lai,;? Kmp.uyinent House, corner 6th av and lllti t. sr S1 wolow wimian. a> ur ant's nurse: is capable o: tai. ng clisr^e ot one from its liirtli wages aid iter mourn Call at 3. West lSl.i al., Oeiween ilU and UUi a> . Iting Ibe ini^d.e liell. BAMHTRBSS.? PAMILT SKWISii DONIi HT ll\N0 ? line, at 41'.' hatlitth st. SITUATION WANTBD? AS NURSIt BY A PRIME ST. O a til ad?; no obiecl.oii lo do I giit chaai.iera irk. can d/esa hair, ii ie imied. undersuinds the Engll-h, tierman and I rent b iaug :ages . b ,t cilv references. Apply a: J.Sl oth ave tieai iNtii at , in the store; call tor two day rpwo BKAPRCTABLB YOUNG GIRLS WISH STTUA 1 tons-ones' coos, waslii'r and ironer In a smsll privste fsmil>. ihe elite r ax cuambrina d ami waitre-s oi nurse; gooil city relereuce given. Apply at li'J 2 Sd ar.. cor. 4'tli at rpo BEA OAPTAIKB.? WANTED A SITUATION BV X an elderif Eo%Hsli widow as st*war less, or ^ oulil wall on a laniily going oo a ea voyage: has been us?d to the sea lor uianv jeara; would not ob;eet to tase etiarge of an lava lid, el'ber lady or Realleman'. ean eome well recommeDdeJ. Cad on or address M. A.. 48 I'ane ?<., top door. TWO RKSI'BCTABLE TO UNO OIRLS WISH SITUA Moon; one a* rhambaimaiil and waitrr**. and the other aa plain rook, waaliei aa.1 irbner arc willing logo lu hie country. Apply at 46 Writ 1Mb at. WANTKI) -BT A TOUNO OIRL, A I'LACE AS LADY'S in aid and can di??* balr. or would lake charge o( growing children . atn giro the beat ot city reier face. Caa Ira *eeu al ber preacut employer'*, 17 bail 32J at., corner Oih ar. WANTKD-A SITUATION AR CIIAMBFRMaID AND waitreM. can do all kind* of lamlly sewing rum (IroT'r A Baler'* machine; no objeetioa la take earr of oii^ldrtn. tbree ?e*ra' clly reference fmm her la?t plane Call At 21V 7lh ar.. ImIwnq 24 tb and 2Mb at*., lor two day?. WANTKI)? SITUATIONS, BY TWO TOUNO OIRI.8; ooe t? chambermaid and lauadrcaa? ran do Kren'h fluting, the other a* good plain cook, and wll1 aaatat with the waahing. Ha?e Brat claaa city refaranra from ia<t em ploy era. call al 37 1Mb ?. , between Mb and Mb av?., (bird Mil. lop Boar. WANTED? BT A R LSI' ROTABLE MABRIBD MAN. A place ai reach man, alio in* wlfa. a* first rate rook. The be*t cltjr icfrrence. Uomirr preferred. Apply lor two day* at S10 ilreene at., on* door from Amity. WAH.TKD-HT A RESPBOTABLB WOMAN. A SItC. anon a* rbambe maid and to da line waabing and Ironing. (I nod city referr?o* from Last place. Can be leea a* 165 Faat 2t*t il WANTRD? BT A TOUNO AMERICAN WOMAN. WITH a f reih hrea*t of milk, a ha or to wet auraa . none need apply but those of a reapoeiabM family. Apply at IDS Oreeae etreei, between 7 ana da clock tbi* eramng. to Mra. A. M. Darldnon. iotb andifa 1 f<,r '?? dayg at Sn ftPar VbJ?w,"? Sit t TSi??r BETS?. ?? Ja UtTlZtZ'.lf0**- m' r,f*rence' WAtfTBD-A RITBXTTON AR OOOD WASHER AND iroaar and ta da chant berwocfc. Apply at Caatie Oar dan, tip ?talr?. SANTBD-A RITUATIQB ah HBAM8TBR8B AMD TO do oAambarwork. A pply aMCaaUa Oardea. up atalra. VITA NTRD-A Siri ATIOI. BT A BKBPBOTABLR ,v WAJ4TBU-A 8ITUAT1UB, BT A TOUNO OIRL, AS TT chambermaid, or wouM do general homework la a ?mall famtlr- Oaad reference* Call at 63 Lalght *t Oaaa try preferred a WANTED? BT A RB8FR0TABL8 TOUNO OIRL, A I Mtuatloa n do idiamlMrwarfc and flna waehing ar I ebaaiberwork aad waluag la a prtrale fatally. The beat of I w w SIT? ATIOHB WANTKD-riBALBB. W AM hD- A HEW MOKfc CUSTOMERS. TO GO OUT by Ihe dVi to cut tad at ladies <!?<??. Call at lit West 15th at ANTED -A SITUATION. BY A WKLSH PROTES laui girl, as cook or laundreta. Call *1 90 lie ler at AMTBB-A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE Toun: woman. either W children's aura* or chamber mud . no Mjecuou te lit* ouuniry . OMjr reieraaoe Call it 112 West 19th at 1KTAMTEO-A SITUATION -Ah COMPANION TO BOMB ?V one who can keep hi* ovru oouuael. Address Cum puuw, station D. _____ WANTKD ? A SITUNTION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, whu is a good washer and Ironor, to <lo housework iu a small fsuiiiy . has good city r< lereuce. l.'au be aeeu lor two da; a at SO Wast Washington place, corner of 6th a* WANTBD-A SITUATION. AS H0U3EK KEPER TO A rao Hainan of aiean* AJdress S?is? Applelou. ata (to* a. ? . ? ? ? ? "WTaNTBD-BT A RBHPKOTABLB YOUNO woman, ?" a atluaiton a> our e . would take Uie entire charge of a banv ; no objection to the country. Call at IM East 31*1 ait, near 2d a*. II' ANTED? A SITtT ATION. BT A KMART YOUNG vv woimn aa lanndics*, ohamhermatd. or waltreaa Good reu-rence giveu. Cau be seen at li Weat ittth at . for two day*. 17th , IHth I1TANTBD-A SITUATION. BV A RBSPBCTABLE " C?rl. as chambermaid and waitiraa or would aaa at iu the cam or children. feUctUmi elly reference can be given. Can i-e aren at 101 Weal lyili Ht . first door WA VTKD-A situation, by a YOUNO woman. aa llrat claaa laundress. In a private family; can do all kiuds of Preach lluun.v Best city lefeienoes. Can be >4eu for two daya at ii/J Kasl 15th si. Of ANTED? BY A YOUNO WOMAN. A SITUATION YY io dn cbamberwnrk and wsitiiu. or to mind chtldien. 0.>) i reference (row hei laat placn. Call at .vj 7th uv WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO GIRL IN A small private family. to do general housework 0 b>- *eu at liei last pla.?. .'Si 4th av.. coruet of JM at. TAJ ANTKD? BY a RPSPKCTABLE WOMAN. E1TIIBU TV isiiulv or gentlemen's washing. liest city references. Apply at IT'' Weat l'.ilh at., second Moor b?c? room WANTKD? A PERM A NKNT SITUATION AS SRAM s'l i-ss, iu or out oi Hit: c my. uiii). nil kiudsof famiir rowing liy hand . can also luake <biti-aud children'- cloth ing. would aasi -.t iu oih r ltgU: wors. ('all at 2(>9 Greeue at., over the store nr ANTBO? BY A YOUNO ENGLISH woman, a V* sitnattoo to sew id families. hv the ^lav or week; la a food mllliuur. aud ha - hi Idea of dre-auisktug. Apply at 4M d ave Cau be i-een tor time days. WANTED? BY A YOUNO 01 ICE. A SITUATION IN A small family to Jo cliamberwork and assist In wash ton Apply at 16V Waverley place. WANTKD? CLOAKS TO MAKK. AT OUR RESI deuce, by experienced hau ls, with good reierencea. Apply at 109 Adam- hi.. Brooklyn. tAJ ANTED ? BV A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A 8ITUA ?' tlon a* hrst rate waitress o. chamberui nil; ha-- lived In lirai cla-a faimliea and csn give best of city reference No nbjeotlon iu ko in the country Can Le seeu lor two daya at ?11 i th an , urai Hth st. WET NURSK -A SITUATION WANTED. BY A RE speotable married wotuau aa wet nurse. Call at 7ii3 Washington at. WASII I NO WANTKD? BY A COMPETENT L \UN dre a. chii llute and do up (Inn thing, in tirsl rate style. Apply at 110 West letli si., in me rear, room No 7. WANTBD-A SITUATION*. BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant young woniau. as chambermaid and line waeher. or t-> do pl.uu ae<ving Can bo at>eu tor two daya at 110 We t lit. i at., rear bui'.diug. room No. 7 WAN I ED? A SITUATION. BY A COMPBTBNT WO man. as co <k . would lie wilting to assist with th? warning and irouiui; of a small family ; undersiaods baking audpiatiy. u willing to go Iu the i-xiutry ilood reierenoe ran tie giv n. Cal: at J6!> West 37lli at. lor two uays. IV ANTED- A SITUATION. BY A RESPECT A BEB ft woman, as g>o<t cook. ?ud to anisi in washing and Iroulug; the bes' wi city H-lereui-e i io n her last place. Call at l.l S i uli ?... iiio>Klyn, iu tort*. WANTED? A SITUATION, A SHORT DISTANCE IN the country, hv an ex|>erien'Vd Amcriiau woman, no'i iieloui to take charge o.' au iu aiu. and cut an I i t chil .lien s cioibea, reference w ill be gtveu. Can be feed at 174 Weal a>tb hi. WANTED? BY A VOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION to do tuui'ral lionaew >rk , is a good tvasher and ironer. and p ain cook ; good reierence i an b>- given. Can be ae u tor two <<av-. Call at :'75.1d ave.. in the rear. \Af A.NTKD? A .SITUATION, BY A COM PBTI' NT YOUNO ? T girt, to uo chistii berwnri and line waahiog. nn ler deratauda Vicoou iliiiing, aud la very obliging. >an give the be t Ot city refereuce Can be .-eeti si i7 Wort I Jlii al. ANTKD-A SITUATION AB CHAMBERMAID AND lAuudinss Csn be ?een at 411 7th av., near 3&t it at WANTKD ? BY A YOUNO IJIIIL, A SITUATION AS (ruaui'ieruiaid a? | to asaist wltn the wa-toing and iron Ing, is ? illiug and oblifia,', has liv -d in her last place orer a vear. the be-i of reierenoes gireu Call fer two days at 217 Ea t 2i'h tl . near 21 av. "WrA.NIEO-BV A RP.SPECTABLK WOMAN A SITU A Yv tiou as B?si class oook ; wot ld assist n the ? ashing md iron ng. has tlie lien ol' city releren'-e *i ere abe ha> nved tor four ycara Call at 73 West t<tn al , a lew doom from 6th av. WAN1F.D-BT A RRSPBCTAULB YOUNO WOMAN . aNiitialioii a* v.-M tres- or chamiirrina.J iu a respec. table private family ; has good city refeienres Apply i or two days ai No. & tith al., aecondlloor, front build'ug. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE A BTtUA lion as raambaiiuai I, or as i hainlierin ild aud >valiresa Be t uf ctty relerenue t'al^loi twi days a 11J West lotlt >L WAN I KD ? BY A VKBY RESPECT ABLE OIUL, A siliistion a <-hainbermaid In a small Private family eithe in loan or country; would aaais: in waeauig and lronin?. Ilaa cood illy releren<*e. i.'nn he >oen foi two ? lays at I V4 Wcai i-itli ai? uetaeen 7tli and XUf ANTED? A SITUATION, BV A COMPETENT PER Y" ?on as?altrrss. ui r iainorriuaid and plain aewei . can eon e high i > re<umniended from her last place. Apply at *>?% West t.'d -t. ? l!.D-8Y A YOl NO GIRL, A SITUATION TO Vt take care ol chil lieu and do o.aui sewing Can be aecu lor two daya al tiei present emp. jyet s. !H i.ast lim st. w tl' ANTED? !1Y A RESPECT A BLK WOMiN, TO GO vv out oy liie Usy to wash Apply at li"i 1 orsylb at., firs' llooi. "a<-k room WANT I U-S1TI ATiONM. HY T * ? > UlRLS OMR AS good ruok. wa^liar an?l imnei tli' omi>r ai ehtiolwr mat I an I watlr.-aH mil 10 lake cur uiiu lien. or >? mm in ttrrw * " lly leterence, Oal! At IU< tb ?t.. fi r ? ? tloot Ur ANTKD? A imiATIOW. I?T A RKftPRCTABLB girl. .1 cnaiabi't mad and wait*. or vvnuld be wil tng to ta<?* ore "I < liil lren t it/ teferenca. Inquire at 114 A ill* plil Hi , Brooklyn WANTKD-HY A LADY, WHO HAS a wiikklrr a Wilxm atswlng machine, a mtuai nu aa lion^'Ceper anl 'rati lit 1 e*a in tin* country; can cut anil tit clii.urcu'a dot ea Ad'lirx K A. . lli-rald oil ce. WA*XTKD? A SMUATION, HY A RKSPRCTABLK Kir., to do houaework tor a Nina I tamih or ai cUkiii l eunaiil, can wive good relrrein'>-a; 110 ohjt'ciloa u> go a ?hur. dl*t?n< e in the ro-.ntr*. I'ai' lor two day* a; 5) Fulton ai Brooklyn up Mont-. IAT V M'l K O? A SITUATION. BV A I'K' >T " S I ANT VT y mi n { a Lillian a- lufant a n 1 c .ml < lia nber'tiaiii, or wm d 1I0 chain lerworkatid a 1 1 1 n it . oacolleiit ctly refe r'litea g.van can lie ?een at ^'41 lea'. between 14tu ana Isib ata WAJtTKO-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT funuc mrl, a? nniae or nurae and eliembertnald : tba C'litrry pi?>t e"ed for tba aiitnmor; good city refercuece. Can tx* areu at j Went 4M ?t. . far two tiava. ?\ITANTED-A SITUATION AS NfRSK WILL ASSIST M in t.'iam .erwurV or aa-.\ mt. ?.ttjr refeteuoe. (all at 411 'id aw. ni-ar '.''id at., flrai tloor. W ANTED? HT A RESPECTABLE i'KOTF>TANT tJIRL. ?? a aituation aip.nncnt.'. wa?tti?r an. I troaer; noo I citjr r? (ti'oi 1! 1 al atX72Woa /-itu at. WAMED-A SITI ATION, BY A Rh-I*R< TABLE gin to do ren.-ral li0'iH<i?f0rk Id a imali taiuily, or to takecxie of rbfcdreu. Call fot two data at 77 1 1'aonij at.. Brooklyn. ? WANTED? SITUATIONS, BY TWO YOUNO GIRLS: one aa good plain cook. Ilia other as chambermaid and wallre?a, iia?e tn? beat of cmr I'-'Orenoea lroiu their laat pla e. Call fur t?o day* at 7.1 W?l BHb at. Wt?T'.D-? SITUATION. BT A 8C0TCH WOMAN, aa dre-innakar and aearoatrraa, or would go to fcmopa with a latnlly fan be aoaa fot two daya at the upbolatery atoia. Wi Broadway. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A TIDT. INTBLLI Cent gtr . a< n-aitre a and :o do chambarwoik aad tewing. aim tia? ?lan had eijtei ;<?nca in tba rdmatton and care of ehlUraa Call Tor two daya at tin Bait 37th It . near Letlagton ar. WANTED- A SITUATION. BY A VERT CAPABLE young girl, wbo haa had iong aiportenco, a* cbltdrea'a nnrae. Call tor two daja at 31* lat av.. comer at iVtb at., top door, hack. WANTKD? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A S1TUA ttoa la a raapocubia family at chambermaid and waitroia. The b?at of city reference given from her laat place. Haa no abjection to in a abort diaiauea la thacnua try. Call for two day* at 181 Lai.aftuD a*. WANTED -A SITUATION. BT A RRSP1- CTaBI.R yonna womaa, to do gaaeral hmiaawart; la a Aral rate waalier and in. oar and a good plain rook; I* willing and ob'tglag, and good and kind (? obiMrea. aa abjactlau to go a abort dlataice in iba country Haa ll?ad two yeari ta kar laat p a< a 1 an be aeen at M Weat 1Mb at. WAKTED-A SITUATION. BT A RESPRCTARLB widow; la a good plain cook, and a ft rat aata waaher and Imnar Caa bo aaaa at bar praaant amployar a, W2 Lei. lagtun are. W AWTK0-A SITUATION, TO TAKE OHAROK OP A TV baby won id gn to any part of t*? country. Cuba eera for two day* illtl Weat 3Vth at. tax:, "Omar f?h at., drat floor. Addreaa tag h,r ^canvv aadllat ata . aaoond Boor. TXT ANTED? A ITTUATION. BT A Ml DDLS AOBO TT woOMkm. 10 go to Callforala wlth a family, ta taka cham ol ohildrea. Can ba aaaa at bar pre tout atuployer'a, 14f Hut IStb at., for one woak. tit am a ma wantrd-bt a rebtebtablb wo W ?oo; nMarwanda all kljtfa of Preach flatina. Call oa or bBlril Mra. Matoa. 141 Baal <1M at., rear houaa, room Not TITANTB?? A BITI/ATtON, BT A MIDDLE AOBD WO TT taao. to ?aab aad iroa and do plain caofcigg; baa no ?tyaottaa to ?a to (ha oottatry. In j tre al l<H Weat 19th at., |Er A WED-TO 00 TO BUROPB. WITH A PAMILT, TT aa nuioo or Mid. a Pmteatant Oernaa girl , doeo not auffer froia aea <lck*aa. will tranti with tba fiMly or ?o to bar frlenda upoo ^rltat on tbo ? onUnent. Boat of ro w grrcATioiti WARrio.riMALtf. NTED-BY A COMPBTBMT PtSaSoa. A AtTUA. * ttoo to wait ob a lady und -?w , u a good oi^rtiui mm Wheeler t Wilson's w*in? machine; would lake amrr ?t frowiiigctiWeraa. baa the bant of ulp refereuea Call el l?i th ??.. betweea 2JJ and 2Sd ait WANTED? 4 SITUATION, BY A BKKPBCTAB1JI young girl. aa chamt ermald and waitress Apply a| bar pro?ul place, 76 Bast 27ibst. YIT ANTKP-OKNTLEMBN'S OK FAMlLr WASHIMflk VT 0to take heme: or would go out to days' work , by* first class laundress Best of reference. Out at Mo 8 Mar par1* oourt. corner of Jay at , Brooklyn. \I7 AN TED ?A SITUATION. AS CHAMBERMAID A W VT waltraaa. lo a private family . good lecoinmrn latioae a* to eharacler and qualifications given by the lauiny |% which the advertiser bas reaidad lor lour yeare inquire m 91 Amity at WANTED-A SITUATION. KT A EESPBCTABI^ young woman, to do teneral housework. Apply m No t ttivlagtoa at lioed reference WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PBOTEKTAM* girl, a situation a? wailresa or chambermaid, no efe Jeoliou ?o go a shot t distance in the country Call at Ml M ave . corncr oi 3Sth at. , top tloor, Trout room. WANT KD-BY A KESPBGTARLB YOUNG WOMA* with a fiesh breaat of milk a situation aa wet uuree For Inlot mi iti :u call at 335 East l ih i ?\\tasti:d-bv an enolibh pbotkstant womasl Vt a sltuatlun as ladv'n maid and seanisire**. Apply 4 SJ8 6tli ave., between 31 tb and35ih ala.., fioin 10 to I o Cloak. ANTED -A SITUATION AS NURSE AND TO A M ?lat in cbamberwork or \raitlu?. Call ai 'iM 3d am, soar 28th at , flrat door. Mo 'Object ou to the couutry WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RE6PKCTABLI young girl, to do general keueeiror't in a private I am lly. or wo. 1 1 be willing to do down sUlrs work as pluta cook, watbci And ironer. Cau xlvetli'' b.-?t of city relereoea from her last place. Call for two daya at 216 tVe?t i6tb at. w WANTED-BY A RESPECT A El LB WIDOW WOMA& washing and Ironing at her own residence . JOS Wmk 19th it., second floor, back room. SITUATIONS WAMTED-IUALKS. A CLERK IN ONE OK THE P1R8T CLASS HOTKM In thl- city wl lie- a Mtuatloii lit sosae drst cla mi? iiior hoii-e, as clerk and bookkeeper: can furnish good tea timonials. Addre-s C. H. Martin. Union .square fi t offlea. Mew York. AYOI'NO MAN WISHES A SITUATION AS KNTM* clerk in a wholesale grocery or hardware *t ire where* thorough knowl 'iUe ol the business may be acquired . -ala^ no object the tir.-t year, city refereucaa givou AJdteei A. Oaborne, 146 Christye it. Atoumq man op nine teaks experience Of mercantile business the first live of w'nicli w.ia e? ployed a-- -hipping ? lei t marker of poode, Ac , and I ha re maiuing four ?ears aa bookkeeper, desire* a situation am bo >kke- >er assistant bookkeeper or clerk; grocery busineae preferred I iiiV'Cepiionable relereuues given, AJtlressJ. W Accountant Herald olllce. A YOUNG MAN. WHO UAH LATELY A It III VI 1) 1'ROM Atisti .4 wiehee a situation. iu a respectable house, te do aoy light work or business; be speaks Italian, Preach. OerMtnn and ? lltt e English; is well educated, and coal 4 make linns 'II uaelul to his emoloyer, wages nut so mueh an olijeci as to get a knowledge of bufllnpas In t;i is country. Csu I'.ivti ko id security tor hi* honesty and subriaiy. la ouirt? at or ail'lreas a line io the corner of Vanbruut and Ewen alb . So'Jta Brooklyn, for Antunio Btvler. A SITUATION WANTKD? BY A STEADY ToUM man: has been over three years la the shiuimiglMMt. nes , can give best of references. Address A. W., box M Hera d odlce. AS COACHMAN? A SITUATION WANTED. BT A res|>e<JtaljlB young man. of loan experience; host cite reierenue given. Andre s B. M , 7tl Broadway, coiner m Aator place. A SITUATION WANTED? AS TRA VELMNO 8A LB? man, tiv one who o>>nimaiids a koo<I trade in taaep good* or nonona; well ae<|iialHied In the Wo?t; best of ref^ r uc.'s Will ell ou commis-iou. Address W. O., l>oi Ul Herald Oltii*. AuOachman wants a situation -he is bot? eober and honest 2.1 year* ol' age. has no ohiectlaa lo ko a sli 'i t distance in the oountry. Call at Mr. Beaeh'e coa odioe. No. 7 West 11th st., lor two days. A YOUNG MAN. LATELY ARRIVED FBOM THB OU Oeuniry. a Islies a situation in a grocery atore. or would be willing to live with a rrapecMbla family. Ga.l at 170 Bat berry at., second Door A FIRST CLASS PLAIN WRITER WANTS BVSNIMI employment. Address X. A., Herald Olllce. AVUUKO MAN. FROM ENGLAND. HAVING A firat c:a-i?ku*toe?* connection. would like a ainiaUaa In aou?t good wliole-*le bonne. /ddreas Mercanule. Ht Brotdmy v AYOUNO MAN WISHES a SITUATION AH ROOK* keeper ur a*siaiant. or a* >Jitppiug clerk. Can ulreA No I refeience. Adurc^a Mercantile Employment A?eoap. 266 Broad war. AYOUNO MAN WISHKS A SITUATION WITH 4 ceutteniaii an groom or to work in a garden. nnd? aland* (lie i are of horses. A country place pro: erred. M lor three day* at 1?C Kaat 12d at. , fourth floor, room !9l CIOACHM AN.? SITUATION WANTED BY A li| ) who i* competent and Meady; haa a f'.II knowledge aff aud la aiiem;ve lo bis l>u men; teat of city reft-re Call at or address for tbrea day*. at the -table of htapn employer, st Waat 40th at., between toth are. aud Broad' Coachman. -wanted, a situation as coao? msn. by a competent man; haa driven in the city ad vicnity for ten yearn. lia< the be?t or ctly and eNMV references. Address r. Wood. Herald office. E1MIM.OVM NT WANThl).? A MAN HAVING H?T~ a i ai hour* during tlie day uuocoupiod wmiu e lo cusp t' em in writing or copying Address J. Vale, Madiaoo eqita? I'uai u.lio"' House aoency wastkd-by a com pktmnt trustworthy party, who can sire the m-nt aaiiaiaetosM ! ercncen a* to re-ponalbility. 4c Adrtreaa 8 M.. care el Geo. H Hawkins 381 Canal at. OTATIONERY ?SITUATION W AN fRD, BY A VOUN# 0 man ? bo ha? hail soma fl>e yeara' eiiirrle icb IB* stationery busiuea*. Address C. M.. but HI I l'o-i olioe SITUATION WANTED? HY AN KXPFRIRNC? 1 > H road way retail salesman. In a una whole*a.> hou-ei woi M accept a moderate salary. Best reference given. Ad dress H., box IX! Herald oilloe Situation wantbd-by a youth it team agi\ in a wl.on sale comm.! ion bouse Address riliaaa. New York l'<>at olllce. Situation wantbd-by a todio man ab a*. aiaianl Itookkui-pcr or entry clerk; can lumish the heat ? if recommeiidationa. Be. Addre? for two Java B C.M Henry at. SITUATIONS W A NTM4? Fo R SBYRRAL ^ETBOT ? J ao.e and coin|ieient coachmen groom-, lai m hands. gar deuerM and useful men. A I - > ? con-tantly on an 1 'nitlere, t aiier- /ler!<*. porter* and ?er*snt?: In l?ct. Imlp of d?errip4tou f r c ity or tounl-y. Amu/ at the La:ie l.mptoffe meat House. US llth at., corner 6tti ar. f|H> CLOTHIERS ?SITUATION WANTRD, AS SALE* X man Iit a man ilm ly year* of age. tboioiglilr uudee -tands the bu >n"?a l.avln:; hud :our.e?n ? eiperienae in t il* city; the beat uf city releie , es kl'su Adlreaa J. Wolle. I4.t I a?t 2Hth >t , loi three ilms w TO MBltCBANTS AND OT1IKRS? A MARRIKD MAM. ai!<-<( .It*, ?>f edoealion, binnti' ** hamta anil a^dree^ aud wiio liaa h*d Din a e>|M*ile?ce, ImiIi in tM< m mrf ?H in Rni;laud I* dealrona ol procnrlu| pet maaent emptav ineni In any <? >p* i?y whi're the aerrtcea of m airlct r ti it ?oi tlif pcraon ?an i>e made available He la on: a't.ildei work ami can fui nlili Hie Ingbfit refrreui-e A idreta B. HinMI oMee. ANTKD-TIIE AflVRRTTSRR WISIIi:.? A SITUA tion a* corresponding or tttuflilenual clerk or caao?r| I* a enod judge or money, and for len yara i aat haa beM% position ol n aponaibilll', requiring adoiinla ratire ability m the lira' outer. satitlKi'iorr le umuoiai* from both Ra and Weaicrn parties will be rormah<-d Salary uotle>* $2 3i Ml. and ? |M*itloii i>roml*ing permanency i* da Address William*, box M. Milwaukee. Wie. WANTRD? A SITUATION AB COACHMAN. BT A wbo thorjughly understands bis liusmi'sa la aB II* hranche ; la sol??i sod rarenil. and can hfl ?? I iiwa mended; b*s no objection to the comtr.. Call at ll?aaf 121 Went '.'3d St. EDWARD Mi'CALk HIM W ANTBD-BT A YOUNG MAN. A SITUATION bookkeeper. Address W. J B . Hera J oboe. WANTRD? THB COMMISSION OF A FKW ATlTICt to *ell bv sample, on a reciPar tour lor tbia a ad New England siatei. Address r, R . Herald olflee WANTFD? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO MAM. yeai a of age. The bent reference g ireo a* to i bilil/. Salary enough te obtain a living is only Addree* C. E. T . Herald oflice. WANTED? A SITUATION. ON A FARM FOR MB American boy, il >e?r* old; can Curniab good et? reference*. Apply lo Mr*. Oib-en. corner of nth ??. aM We*t l.'th at., over the plumber'* store. w w IITANTRD-A SITUATION IB A WHOLES A LB Ml f* retail drug *toie. by a young man well acquaints with the buetnesa. Address box 40 I'ost olllee. Weat Fnra% A'?"?"nAt, s>* Db?oS",** AT ?UTU AJ? i?Ba*? h roajt^ayl A U W APrLT~J N. Y. ANTBD-A SITUATION. IN A WHOLRSAUB clethlng or eloth bouse, by ? yonog man who has bai nanalderable experience In tba huda-aa. Beat reierenae If required. Addrcs* Ambroea, Fo.t odlce W"*~ ANTED? A SITUATION At WAITER IN A 0? tleman n family ; understand* bis business i>erfesU?| I* a Protectant; has lired with nobleman and gemlemen >? Europe. Addrees H. cnra Mr. Taeniae C. Clarke, a in It Amity it . corner Greene. WANTBD? BT A YOI NO MAN. A SITUATION AM cashier; is a good judge of money, would keep all Wm bad be takes. Best of> refeienoe*. Security If requllM. Gall on or addreea Wm. J. Jonas, 431 Id at. WANTRD-A SITUATION, BT A YOUNG MAN WM I* quick and oorreet at l\gurea; haa a knowledges bookkeeping; understaada the stork broker's ImUness U% K*eptlonable refrrsnoe. Address for tbls week r. P_ 4JI elite at., Broeklya. rRMCH ADVBRTISENKNTB. MESSRS DBRNE, TBAUTRAVBBB BT C1B.. PBI? ? Ira aa reoommandent a meaaleura Is* arrlillerte* et e*?> trnpreaeurs pour meriter leui eonllanee II* ferent la psln lure a I'usage du para, pelntirr* fraaealae avec andnit at decu de tone lea genre* diltlnguee, undnlt de fsr 1 hnmidlte et lea fhitee d ean, aree a*??r enoe que la pe nt*** ne wit paa rouge far )? atiaenV, B'adrenar aa m UmI ON DBMABDI-UIVB BONN8 FKMMR OK CHa? bre aaehant Men coudre et eolite*. M'adreaaar am aaa reference* an 71 Bat ttme rue, de 9 hatiraa a midt SN JPUNB HOMMB QI.'I A MVBBIONB PRNDABT quelques temps la iaafne fraaealae, desireralt trourtt sw Tor* ni allien rs une place 4a prafeseear on de a* *, rxtv.v^s"iw^K-/* t, UNB DRMOISRLLB FRANCAINB DRBIRP AIT MM trer dan* line premiere ramllle commc gourernenla da isaasfsiijs'i'r. {ssnv-8

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