Newspaper of The New York Herald, 17 Mayıs 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 17 Mayıs 1864 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. JAIUI UURUOH BHIim KZXtOB AMD PKOIKIETlML ?rnoa ?. w. coiwn or fdltom aud masbav an. Vol wane XXIX 137 WITH 8UPPLKMK1JIT. Hew York, Tufiilay, Hay 17. iwt. THE SITUATION. Tbe condition of the roads and the weather has in terrupted progress in V. rginis. No CgbUng has occurred ?ioc? Thursday. Tbe latest official ilespatches are to ?i^bi o'clock y eeterday morning. The two armies are now concentrated on tbs mam road from Fredericksburg to Richmond. The lull m the arm ea la only a preparation for new movements Rsinforcemeata and aupplies in abun dance are constantly reaching General Grant. Loo's army ant! occupies a strong position. Be is massing bis troop* oo the right, Indicating th<t the next engagement will | occur probably eaat of 8; o.tsylvania Court House. It baa beeu ascertained that Genera! Lee barely escaped capture by Hancock's men during Ibe sa prise on Tuesday. It appears that he was In consultation with Generals F.wt-ll and Johnson, when the cheers of the Union troops upon crossing tbe breast eror ks startled the council, and tbe General made off but ? few moment* berore our tro.>|ie reached tbe sjKit whero ibe chiefs had been in conference Gen Wadswortb's remains hare been brought within our liees. Gen. Longstreet Is wounded, but not mortally. He waa struck on tbe collar bone. Tbe news from all qu irters continues to tell of succees Mr. Stanton aonounees cheering news from General Sberman up to eleven o'clock Sunday night, at Rosace. Johnston was compelled to evacuate Reeaca at midnight ?su Sunday, after two days' hard lighting Sherman took ) 0J0 pris tier* and ten guns. Johnston is pursued )y Sherman's forces. Ii is reported that Goue 1*1 Stoneman thrashed the rebel General Roddr, Itstroyed a wrgon tram, and captured two guns. Our loss At the action ut R?saca was about three thousand. Gen erals Kilpatrick, Marson and Willicb were wounded. Ever^thiu>; is going on well witb General Sherman, So bs de<pit< ho* to Genera! Ha leek yesterday. The official despatches report nothing later from Gen. B aler than Saturday night , but we are in poese?sion uf news up to nine o'clock yesterday morning. Our cor resiiondcnts, however, furnish most interesting details or all that baa been transpiring in b s c mm and of late among other things tbe advance of Generals Uillmore and Smith to within eight miles of Richmond, aud tbe ap proach or our forces tcf within a quarter of a mile of Fort Caring, two 1 t es of its defences being already In our bands. It appears that General Beauregard sue ceeded in slipping by our ?rmr with a large portion o.' hi force, from Petersburg, and Is now probably either joiued witb General Lee or is in Richmond. Brisk opera tions wore going on at Fort Darling on Saturday. At daylight General Burnbtm's brigade cbarged upon tbe enemy's outer works at Proctor's creek, and carried tbe eotlre line, aection by section. At ten o'clock tbe batteries opened oo the enemy, who bad fallen blcli to a line of heavy earthworks next to Fort Darling. The enemy replied bri'lly nntil two P. M., ?beo tbe batteries and sharpshooters silenced tbe ?iemy a guns. N >tniog more was beard from tbe reb?\to during the day. Our butteries continued until auotfown. Our loss was one hundred and Qlty. We crptured a few prisoners. At fojr o'clock In tbe afternoon a shell exploded the maga zine* 'if tort Oftllng A despatch .rom He inula Hundreds yesterday states that ibr (fn rriT cam- out of their earthworks at day 'Igbt and attacked our rlgbt wing. Our artillery opened oo the enemy, driving i im bark to tbe fortifications wib Havy Iocs. Our lass wi.e slight. Tbe ret>el iron clad Richmond cime down on Sunday Veoiog and opened Are on tbe fleet, but tbe Monitors )rove ber bick Our correspondents who accompanied General Sheridan In his late brilliant expedition of ten days f irnisb a m >st important aud foily detailed deecriptlon of tbe whole movement in o ir columns to-day. We commend It t > the special attention of our readers. Tbe death of J. E B Stuart is fully confirmed Be was buriod in Richmond on tbe 13tb Inst. We give some interesting despatches from tbe rebel generals, published in tbe Richmond papers, including those from Lee and Stuart. Tbe Rtebmood Diipotrh of Saturday says tbat tbe Union treopa have taken possesion or the railroad to I.ouisa Court House, that tbe telegraph lines are cut dow n, and that Intelligence baa to reach L-e'i army by a very clr cultoue route EUROPEAN NEWS. Ttw meamehlpe '"Hy of Loutloo aud llecla arrived at tbi? port yeatorday , from Qutenstown, and the Htber nun, (mm Londonderry, passed h ether Point on ber Tuyajce I? Quebec The new* is five days later. 11m rebel privateer Georcla wa* In tbe Mersey It was ?aid that she would be sold and ber crew retained to man tbe Alexandra. Mr. I*yar<i acknowledged in the Hou?e of Commom thai the Brltno special env j- to Rlcbmond would not be permittod to paaa through tbe l ined Slate* blockade. Mr l-ajard wa* aaked If the attempt at official comma 0 teat ion with Darn wa* not a recognition of the rebel executive by Great Britain. The mm iter made no reply. The fart* Mvnittmr officially announoee that (Secretary Reward baa assured Napoleon thai the Lincoln Cabinet did mt approve of tbe lute vote of the House of Repre sentatives on the sub ect of the Mexican empire Tbe propoe'tion of Major Hatch to aend tbe lotted fcateetrimpe into the Red river aettiemeot of British 1 hum- ica, in purtuit of theftoux Indians, occasioned some Jemarks in the Knglnh H"u?e of Common*. Tbe Germans occupied almoat all of Jutland. The Loa >? < oofereuce waa again ad)ourned , and there waa imall hope of any posittvs psase retell from the negotiations I the British fleet waa still at tbe Downs, ready to aail to the llaJiic If auch * atop waa deemed prudent. Pius toe Ifiath del Ire red as alkx-utioo, couched la vary atroog terms, against the course of Russia towards the I'oiiw and Hie ohurcb la Poland Ibe snram preached by tbe Pope to the Kmpsror and fcmpreee of Mexico ad rose ted the diviae right of kings after tbe rt#bt of tbe charrb. The MwedUb oorrette OefDo, Captain Adelborg, from Hew Y <rk arrived at Portsmouth on May 1. Cos 10 la dosed is London oa the #tb of May tt ton a *)?, f w m Kiey The rebel loss ad veered four and a ball [?r cent <ia tbe 3d of May. Tbe Bank of Kngland advanced it* rate or discount to nine per ceot on tbe 6th or May lha Liverpool cotton market closed Oat, with pri ?* looking downward, os the bib of May. Brendttulk were slightly advanced and firmer. Provisions ate* Ay Tbe paaeeogera leaded at this port by tbe City af Lon don aod Keci* numbered one lli >u*aad obs hundred and filoety eight. COIOKIH. la tbe so?ate yesterday a Jeat raaoiutina wsa Intro d iced reqoaattag tbe Secretary of tb? Interior U> maks th* aecesaary preparations far lbs t?kmg of tbe nattooal ?e?aiM la June of next year. Bills were mtroduosd ?taking grants of land to Daaou and Idaho to ?id tn the eeostrecttos of railroads, and for tb? re liof of citizens Of Dearer, < olorado. A r*sul.nmo was adopted instructing th* Committee oa Commerce to go (utre If further legislate* ts siaeessry to protect pas ?sogers aad saamea oa board war eteamers. A reaoln gioa waa alee adopted requesting the Preeldeot, if nm in poapellMe with tbe peblts tstereeu. to furnish any perreepaadeeco which be may have received from l*r ispisssslalirw la New (.rassds relative to itn ^rofWf treatmoat of passsagsrs oa Ida California sterna sra fbs i? dlsllnn sf Mr. Davis, of Kestaety . ooadoma Mg Ike rrs?lJssn prossedisfs Is aoasoruos with Ibe msatfMMMas bee tewed sa Oeaorale Blair aad Hobeaok, waa nafarrsd I* Mb Jsdlatsrf CsMKtos. Mr Vllssa has proposed. <? * on bat Have Air (Ms rsssfcrtUn of Mr rxrw, ? pretnbw u< r*olBiH* which, after reciting all lb? circumstanoes app"lntm*nt ud row i,j nation. claim that General ItUir is not entitled to bis present rank and position. The Conference Committee'* report on the dis.tgroclng emeu J menu of tbe two boueea on tbs Naval Appropriation bill ?ru adopted, aad the bill therefore paaeod Bills ware passed for tbe relief or the widows of Generals Edward D. Baker, K. P. Whipple and Hiram G. Berry. The request of the Rouae for a oonferenoe committee on tbe Consular and Diplomatic Appropriation blU was acceded to. The House bill grating pre eruptions to coo belted rebel lands was referred to the Public lAods Committee. Tbs bill for Bts establishment of a line of steamers between this oountry and Brasti was considered for some time, and then laid over. Tbe bill to amend the act of December , 1861 , to ??promote the efficiency of the navy," regulating the retirement of naval officers, was passed. A message from tbe Presi dent, communicating intelligence relative to the misun derstanding between Chile and Bolivia, was received and ordered to be printed. Tbe bill to equalize the pay of soldiers was taken np, and soma amendments to It were adopted; but the Senate adjourned without final action on it. In the House of Representatives Captain Reynolds' re port on tbe exploration ol the Yellowstone river was ordered to be printed. The credentials of Mr. A. A. C. Rogers, member elect from tbe Second district of Arkansas, were presented and referred to tbe Committee on Klec tlons. Resolutions, Introduced by an opposition member, deol&rlng that offers of peace should be tendered to tbs rebels. and that the President he re quired to make a proclamation of amnesty to sny Stats which should Isy down Its arms and withdraw from the rebellion, with a guarantee that sucb State .should be le.'t to reorganize and determine its own institutions without interference from the government of the Unitsd States, were laid on tbe table ? 70 to 5S Resolutions calling for tbe proceedings on tbe trials of Robert Taylor, of Tennes see, and Commodore Wilkes were agreed to. Also a resolution requesting the Secretary of War to inform the Rouse by what authority Brig. Gen. J. M. Hubbell, Mili tary Commandant of tbe City of Natchez, issued an order which forbid contrabands remaining In the City of Natchez, unless employed by some responsible white person, and forbidding any contraband from hiring or occupying any bouse In that city, undor wblcb regula tion hundreds of tbs wives and children of soldiers in the Oeid had been turned otft or their hemes. A bill granting fifty million acres or land in aid of the construc tion of a railroad and telegraph by the northern route to the Pacific was passed. A bill to contiuue tbe printing or tbe debutes in Congress was also passed , and after tbe transaction of some unimportant business tho House adjourned. K ISCELL ANEOU8 HEWS We hare highly important news fW>m Peru bv the steamers which arrived bore yesterday from Asp tn wall. War had been commenced on that republic, in a most ex traordinary m inner, by Admiral Plnron, commanding the Spanish squadron in the Pacific, the first overt acts i haying been committal on the 15th of April, when, with- I out any declaration of war by Spain, or any previous notice, such as is customary with all civilized nations, the Admiral, for a gnevauce alleged to Dave been suffered by one of hU countrymen at the twnds of some Peruvians, proceeded to take possession, in the name of Spain, of the Cbincha Islands, the proper-' ty of I'eru, and of a Peruvian vessel which bo found In that vicinity. Oe then sailed for the port of Oallao, with the intention of seizing all the naval vessels of the re public lying there, but in this he was fiustrated, the J'eruviaus having received timely notice of his designs. Great indignation and exsitement prevailed throughout the country on account of these outrages on tt? part of the Spaniards, and the authorities and people were preparing to defend their sovereignty and re claim their territory. At oor latest dates it was not kuown whether the Span lib government sanctioned these proceedings of its -gents. Not oniy were the people of Peru themselves enthusiastically united in the determl na'm?. to support their government and repel these a*, gie^oos, bet they had also tbe sympathy and the pledge of sopport of the most influential reeid*at foreign ?rs, who, ,D pub|lc meeting, had strongly condemned the conduct of Admiral Pmzou. The Bo*rd or Aldermen met yesterday afternoon, Pre -dent Henry in the obnir. a c .mmuoicat.on waa re ccived from the City Inspector urging me propriety of doing away with the slaughter bouses now in use, and | Substituting abattoirs In their place. Mr Boole claims j that, beei<leo enhancing the value of tbo properly |U the nei.hborbool of these poet holes, and enabling the butchers to slaughter at a reduced expenditure of flfry I per cent, tbe salary ooodition of the city would be vastly improved by tbe adoption of tbe French svstem. The matter was referred to tbe ( ominttteeoo Markets The ordinance appropriating $i00 000 n aid of the fami lies of tbe New York volunteers, was passed and sent to tbo I'oard of Oouncilmen cjocuriooce After tlis transaction of some unimportant business the Board ad jomncd until Monday next at two o clock. Hie Roard of Oounoilmen met yesterday afternoon and adopted a resolution directing tbe Committee on Natiooai AfTSirs to proceed to tbe battle fields in Virginia, where the late sanguinary ban es were so desperately and bravely rought by our army, and render such assistant to tbe volunteers and militia Trom this city, on behalf ol the < ommoo Council, as may bo 10 their power, exerting themselves to alleviate tbe sufferings of lbs wounded and er deavor to preserve tbe remains of such of their officers as have fsllen In battle. Resolutions in favor of paying Conklin and Butts over two tbousaod dollars for carriage hire weru parsed, notw ithstaodlng the objections of his Honor tbe llayor. The ordinance to prov ide for a cjo tlouance of the aid heretofore granted to tbe families of volunteers from tbe city of New York serving in tbe ar roies of the Union, which was adopted by tbe Alder men, was ia.d over. loe Mayor vetoed a resolution requesting him to convene tbe Board or Health to take steps to abate tbe fat boil log nuisance at tbe foot of lhirty ninth street, be belug of the opioioo that tbe f?mm,ssioners of Beiltb are clothed with imple power to abate all such cuisso es. a large number or general orders pertaining to uniniportsnt muters were passed, after which tbe Board adjournod till Thursday Tbe Committee on Pnbho Health of the Board of A deroien will bold a meeting at t?o o clock to day, el room No. 12Cily Hall, to take final action la relation to tbe necessity of abolishing tbe bone aod fat boiling nuisances. All persona interested In the Health of the city are requested to be preeent aod give whatever information they may be poeeeesed of to tbe committee, to aid them in arriving at a i*oper conclusion. Tbe action of the committee will, no donbt. fully meeet tbe views of tbe pnblic on this important question According to tbe City Inspector s report there were four hundred and eighty tnree deaths in the city during tbe week ending May 16? a decrease of twenty. six ea compared with tbe mortality of the week previous, at* eight less tban occurred during tbe corresponding weak last year Yesterday an antl-eilk dreaa meeting of tbe women of New York was held at tbe Cooper Institute. Tbe building waa filled to overflowing in every part, and great Internet waa manifested in the proceedings, though they did not psss off Without soms oppoeiiMa being manifested to tbe m Tb* 'ad lea more in the cause at* tr.buted this opposition to Interested partlse^aahlon abie milMoers and Knglish lmi*rter._wbo. fbey a^ried I'**"!** -The Pledge, notwithstanding.' by which the ladies bound themselves to abataln rrom tbe use of imported luxuries, waa Miioerooeiy signed. Addresses were delivered by the ohairm.? 1>r King. Professor Hitchc?k, R.v I*. \,nt>n.Mr Peter Cooper. W K Hodge and tbe Rev Mr Kirk The more meot promises to be a suocees lbs ladies of the Kxecu live ' ommittee of tbe Metropolitan Sanitary hair mho originated tbe movement, have witbdrawa from it aa sa active body, wblle, at tbe same line, Uiey have signed tbe pledge and Joined tbe lencue. Ths car drivers' strike continued yeeter.lay. Tbs Pixtb and Seventh avsnoe and Groan town linen raa with policemen on each oar as a protentiag guard. The Drivers' Association, er "Hwora Brothers," as tbey are called, stopped the Kightb avenue line altogether yeeter day , aad It waa feared some violence wsuld result before tbe settlement of tbe difficulty. A meeting of the butcbera, chandlers, grease matters end provision yckers of this city was bold last eveolng at 461 Kightb avenue, for the purpose of forming a Cltl tens' Protective Union , and te protest ngalssl tbe action or tbs City Inspector, who has been trying for aome ttane to cet their eeUhiiabmenia removed beyond ike city limits The organisation ef tbe Union was perfected, resolution! oeneuring the City Inspector and Hoard nf lieettb fnr their arbitrary oeorea were adopted, when rr#win? adjourned , to meet in room No. 12, at tbe 1 "T Hsi this afternooe, at two o clock Oar full report ?b* pr < ediogs la crowded nut by prsaa of other matter. h. *"7 n'7.tU,?of U" ?*"??? bine eperatlvea was -nte cola i t* * * "OW*rr ? t0r **? * tokta? inu, consideration tue low rate ?t wagen tbey are at tire "H from their i saetrattne frw m 'Mwatlea ef Ihl rMMs af Mba* Chs ?mill was pretty Sargely (UnM, mi I ?*??* M termination wu evinced to compel tbe boonee to I r?ni Ml Utuw of *l|M commensurate with the exigent8* of tbe tltuea. Mrs. Ijortna Rom ooeuplet the chair **>4 called tbe meeting to order Speeches is support of tbe object o ( the meeting were mate by Mr. Walford, to John G. Wood raff. President of the Tradsa' Onion. Mrs P. T. Hula, awl others. The aecwalty of a permanent organization was diaousaed at length, appeared to be the sease of all praaaat. Nearly all in# ladiea in tho room signed their names ta tM roll of <*? gauisation, and the nee ting shortly after adjourned to Monday evening nest. The room in which the meeting was bald has been taken for one year, and It is Intended to be devoted to tbe laudable objeot of meetings every week for the amelioration of tbe aawlog machine opera tives of New York. The Seventy-ninth (Highland) regiment will arrive In this cily to-day, at nine o'clock , from Washington Tbey will be received by the Caledonian Club. To-morrow tbe Sixty-ninth, Fifty-fifth and Twenty second regimouts will turn oat and give them a grand military reception In tbe City Hall Park, when the veterans will be review^ by Uie Mayor and Common council. A call baa been issued by a committee of tbe "Centrsl Fremont Club.'^of this city, Inviting their radical fellow citizens throughout tbe country to meet st tbe Cleveland Convention on the 31st Inst., to recomtueud the nomliis tion of Fremont for tbe Presidency Tbe committee are very severe upon tbe imbecile and vacilating poltoy of the administration in tbe oonduct of the war, and its treachery to Justice, freedom and genuine democratic principles in Its plan of reconstruction , wberel); 'he dignity of tbe nation is sacriQed to tbe existing arrogant alave power. The Union Lincoln Asaocistton (Simeon draper s organ Izatlon) held a meeting last evening at Hope chapel, for the puri>oae of bringing about a fusion between tbe v irl. ous Union organizations oC the citv, with a view of send ing a united delegation to tbe ^tate Convention at Syra cose The meeting did not organize till nearly nine o'clock and after waiting for some time for tne delegates from other organizations, and none arriving, tbe further con slderatiou of tbe matter was laid over, subjcct to another meeting. The Kullerton contempt rase, which was to have beon argued before the Supreme Court, general term, yesier day. wont over for the terra in consequence of the Sur rogate's counsel not being ready to proceed with the argument. In one of the riot cases yesterday, before Judee M'inei, of the Superior Court, John Andor.-on, a sailor's boarding bouse keoper, doing business In Rrnor street, swore to losing twelve dozen linen sheets, tbe covering for four beds. Tbe cu6e of (be United States against Solomon Kohn stamra, which was set down for* trial yesterday in tbe United States Cinuit Court, was postponed until to day in cjnsequence of tbe absence of Judge Nelson. The wit nesses in the case were all notified to he in attendance this morning at eleven o'clock. Judge Peck ham's decision in tbe Broadway-Harlem Railroad case dissolves tbe injunction which restrained thut road from laying their tracks on Broadway, and denies the motion for a continuance of the restraint. This, of course, perm ts the company to build the Broad way Railroad, and in all probability the work will com mence soon. Wllhelmlna Olnnder, a domestic, recovered a verdict or (150 damages in the Marine Court yesterdav *a?in?t her late employer, Jlelcholr Ducker. '.'or talse arrest and a subsequent search of ber ywson, on suspicion of stealing a gold watcb. It tianspired on tbe trial that the watch was not stole*, at all, but merely mislaid by oue of tbe fyirwiy. There were only two cases tried in the General Ses sion yesterday. One was a charge of grand lirceny, preferred by a Spaumrd, nann-d Kranclsco Mirtine.:, against Hanuab Collins, alleging that she stolo Sau from bim while in ber company. As there waR some doubt ab"ut the exact amount of money, tbe iury convicted tbe prisoner of petty lsrce. _ , and the Recorder sent Iter to the penitentiary for pix months. Tbe other case was an Indictment Tor grand larceny against John Hall, who stole a box of tea, worth $100, on tbe J9th of April, from the front of tbe store of Scott A Dash , Penrt street. The evidence could not admit of a doubt; and after the rendl l ton of a verdict of guilty, the Court -entrnced him to imprisonment in the State Prison foi two years and rour months. The stock market was strong yesiterdav morning, and a general rise In prices took place. Tne br.nk statement was very satisfactory to all those who are interested in keeping the money market in an easy condition. The aggregate loans increased last wee* over a million ar d a quarter dollars, and tbe deposlia w?re nearly six millions heavier. Gold opened at 173 and rose to 17-1 S'- Govern mont securities were firm, and uudei an active demaua advanced in price. The commercial Inactivity continued yesterday, when business was again very circumscribe^. The radical changes in gold rendered prices of all kinds of morchan dire entirely nominal. The war news lakes up the at tention of the merchants, and business will be only a secondary consideration until the capture or Bicbmond fhall have been officially announced. Petroleum was irregular. Cotton was firmer. On 'i bange the most conspicuous features were tbe heavy operations in wheat for export, and tbe marked dcciine in pork. Ihe former was 2c a 3c. dearer, and the lstter about tl P?r bbi. lower Flour was 5c. s 10c. higher, while corn and oats were on'y somewhat higher. Whiskey advanced mate nally.aiid grain freights to Great Bnta n were active and the market firm. Tke News from the Battle Klt idi. The Army of tie Potomac and tbe rebel army of Northern Virginia still confront each other on the road to Richmond. Our offensive opera tions are necessarily suspended by the condi tion of the roads, and we must wait for the weather. But we can afford to wait, aad every hour thus spent, within certain limits, increases Grant's advantage over Lee. Lee cannot escape; for he is under surveillance, and the roads are as impassable to him aa they are to ua. He cannot get reinforcements; for Davis has none to give. He cannot restore bin commu nications and get up supplies in those few days, and bia men will become less subordinate for every meal that they ought to have and do not get. His men cannot even rest; for they must be exhaustively on the watch, and under arms a dozen times a night, perhaps, to guard against surprises. Lee cannot afford to lose another division as he lost Johnson's On tbe other hand, our men rest, and reinforce ments and supplies go forward constantly, in aotive preparation for tbe continuance of tbe series of battles so magnificently begun. Lot us patiently abide the movements of tbe great leader. General Sherman has apparently had a bard light at Resaca, south of baltoa, on the railroad from that plaoe. His operations In Georgia seem likely to result in a success as groat as that we have had in Virginia. Already be hae reaped a rich advantage by the brilliant move ment of McPbereon'a corps through Snake Creek Gap. McPherson's advance to Reeaea was a surpaise to tbe enemy. Hie pre sence at that point was on Jobnaton'a line of retreat, and nine trains of cars loaded with the stores that Johnston wu trying to carry away with him fell into McPhersea'a banda. Be waa, it thus appears, at Reeaea before John ston's army reached that point. Johnaton's wbole army, in retreat, waa deubtleaa precipi tated on McPherson's corps, aear Reeaea, before Thomas oould come ap, and (bus tbe Bontbern general was enabled to get away. Bat before be could secure a retreat by such aa operation be most have been very eevovoiy fcssdled. And time, with his army badly brokea by a dieaa trm? battle, hla aterea all lest, aad vHh Sherman's whole army is hot parnuit, the ohimcM that there will be muah left of John 8 ton's army ere very slim. Our operation* against Port Darling make the most favorable progress Two lines of in trenchmente ere already |a our hands, and by the extension of our left the plaoe is perhaps by this time completely invested. It is re ported that General Beauregard, with a por tion of his oommand, has slipped by General Butler and is on his way to Richmond. This will perhaps swell the number of Grant's prisoners to the extent of tea thousand men. We give to-day the full particulars of the brilliant operations of oar cavalry under Gene ral Sheridan ? of which we have heretofore had only the outline. These movements un doubtedly contributed very greatly toward that distress in which Lee's army now is. NEWS FROM EUROPE. The steamship CKy of London, Captain Petri*, which left Liverpool at Tour P. M. on the 4th and Queenstown on the 6th inst., arrived at this port yesterday afternoon. The steamship Heels, Captain Macau ley, frona Queens* town on the 4th of May , reached this port alse yesterday afternoon. The passengers by the two vessels number one thou sand one hundred and ninety -eight. The City of London had six thousand three huadred and twenty Spanish doubloons to Messrs. Dale. Tlie steamship Hibernian, from Liverpool May 5, via Iiondonderry on the Oih, en rou e to Quebso, passed Father Point yesterday evening'. The news is five daya later. The steamship Etna, from New York, arrived at Queenstown on the &iti or May. Tbe steamship Virginia, from New Tort, arrived on the 4th. The Peruvian, from Portland, arrived at Liverpool early on the morning of the 4th inst. Tbe Glasgow arrived off Queonstown at twenty minutes past eight on tbe morning or tbe 4ih inst. Yacht Undine arrived safely at Gibraltar on May 3, witn Garibaldi on board, and would leave sgain last night for Caprera. All well on board. The court of inquiry into tbe wreck or the City of New York had pronoun cod Judgment. The loss of the ship is attributed to the default of tbe master, and Capt. nedy's ccrtiflcate is suspended for eight mr",^*. Tlie London A>wi is informed that the Great Eastern has been purchased, oo 'account of the French govern ment, for a Bute, approaching a quarter ot a million pounds stf.TVi'.ig. The sale, however, is not to Interfere with bcr present engagements, which Include the sub* Vision of the Atlantic cable. At a meeting or tbe C.alway Atlantic. Steam Navigation Company, the chairman expressed the bope tbat belore the Post office contract expired on the 1st of June, it would be possible to eflect arrangements which would preserve the contract. Prince Vapoleon had addressed s letter to tbe Venetian Committee, expressing an ardent wish for tbe speedy freedom of Italy Irom the Alps to tbe Adriatic. Meyerbeer, tbe composer, bad died in Paris. Prince Alfred, or England, bad arrived at Berlin on a rislt to bis sister, tbe Crown Princess of Prussia Advices from luuts state that tbe Insurrection was becoming general. Tbe Bank of Prussia, on the 3d, raised its rate of dis oouni to live per cent. The American (iweetloM. THS ATTEMPT OK THK BNQLIHH GOV KRNMENT TO COMMl'MCATS WITH JKPf. DAVIS. In tbe House of Commons, on tbe 2d of May. Sir J. RiPHtssTONK asked whether sn scent had not been de spatched from the Havana to Hie Confederate Stntee iu order to communicate with I ho government at Rich mond , and whether that ugent was uot refused permission to :?ks through tbe blockade Mr. Latiri!? ' Tl'at wns#ao. He was not permitted to pass th ough tbe blockading squadron. Mr J. Kimuurosi rurther asted whether thecircum I stance or an agent being accredired bv her Majesty 'j gov. : eminent and sent to communicate ? itb tbe < ontederate i -tales government did not awmni 'n an ael.noirledgwt n' of '*? ?r C'l'i'v power ,if the Cohlederalc Stale*. ("iluar, hear," sod -'So.") V<> reply wat given to lUit inquiry frctn rkt ministerial hull. VIOLATION or BRITISH NORTH AMFltlCAN' TERRITORY" BV IBP. IIMVKD <I ATKS. In the Itocse of Commonson the ::d of Way. Mr. Card well faid be bad recclvd from the liovernorof tbe Hud ?? n* l av 1 ompnny a Mter and enclosures which the i H i Im'or Bay ? ompany bad receive 1 from their Governor at the I'.ed river settlement It appeared !rem the?? I doc <iii en ls that the commander or ibe United .-Urea forces U|ion tl.e ronlier requested oerinis?lon trom tlio tiovernero'the Ked river settlement to pursue and capture Sioux Indians who might ernes tbe frontier That per mic-xcn was granted by the Governor of tbe Red river settlement I MCHbTAnr FFWA?.I>'8 MB-SAOi. 10 N \P0LE0X ON TIIK MONROB no HIVB. (From tbe Paris Monitetir, May 1 ! The government of the F.mper or baa received from thai of tbe I ulted States satisla'tory e\i lanati ns rola* tivcUo the aen-e and bearing ol the resolution (Misi-cd pv the House ol Ket>re?euutiven nt Washington with regard to Mexico. It -s known tbst tbe Washington senate has uidetli.iiely ad,<> ,rned tbe examination of the resolution, wbicb. in hov c:is?, has not been ainctloned by tbe ex ecutive power The Prtvateeri, AKBIVAI. or THK OBOROIA IN THB MFR^tV. Tbe retxtl steamer fJeorptn, Capta n I vans, last from Bordeaux, arrived in the Mersey early no tbe morning of tbe M instant, .-he mounts six guns, and is manned by sixty teamen. Various rumors were afloat as to the ob jeci of ber visit. One was tbat she was to be offered for sale but tbe general opinion was tbat sbe bad put in to be relltted. THK CREW or TBE OEORtiU TO MAN THB ALEX ANDRA. JKrom the I/mdon Times. May 4.] Tbe commauder and officers of tbe Confederate screw stenmer Georgia, now lying in one of the Birkenhead dork 4 for the purpose or being sold, were isst night enter tained st dinner by tbe l.iverpooi southern Club It is supiKieed that sn effort will be mads to retsin ths crew to man the Alexandra. The Danlih War. The !'ru**ian? bad occupied Handera and Hebroe, ud held the whole of Jutland etcepl that part ourtb of I .yon* Flora. Tliore bad been no movement In Itenmark. It w?* <-ou*i<lere<i mat the conference bad come to ao untimely Md Tbe Uiodoo T\m'i tbmki it majr u ?<n be abandoned Two 6klti*b *hipe bad gone u< tbe Morth Sea to watcb ibo Auetrian fleet. It w?? believed thai tbe whole cbnu oel fleet would follow sbouid tbe Au*trl*ne enter tbe Be I do. Tbe Ixmdoo Morning Pott la Terr warlike toward! Preaela and Auatrta Tbe Bntieb chmne I fleet, w bleb had gone from Port land to the txtwoe, itili remained at tbe latter placc oa tbe 3d mat., although rumors bad been current tbat the/ were under ordera tor tbe Baltic. Tbe Dagtblailal of < openbagen to severe upon Kngland a policy under Karl Rueeelt, and thinks l enniark will ob tain aaoreinvorabie reeulte by entering Into direct nego UatMn* wttb tbe enemy than by the London conference. Tbe Tarla Mmxitur uaya tbat Austria and Prussia Inelet upon tbe eeeeatten of tbe blockade aa one oC tbe oocdl Mime. IxJUDOd, May B, 1??? Ko movement baa been made lo Denmark Tbe oenference yesterday accomplished notblnf and adtourned till tbe Mb Commercial Inulllgenee, THE VnWDOH MOMKT MARKtT. On tbe #d tof May tbe Confederate loan advanced 4 x p?r sent, olooing at M a *7. Vmrpom, May 6. ISM. The bank rained tbe discount rate to day to nine per nn, I /mi Don, May 6, 1N4 Console for money 00 H a 80 V IIMnoie Central tbaree, 26 a 24 dtaoount , Erie ibaree, M A 60. The bullion in the flank of m gated baa dacraaaed 6113,606 sterling TUB LITBRPOOL HiUITI. Ijvmrooi, Ma? 6. 1M4. The Broker*' Circular reports aataa of tbe week at gg,000 be lee, or wbtcb 28,000 were to epecelator* and 14, MM to eipertera. Market opened at aa advann* of t?d. a Hd. ; bat toe advanoe waa subsequently nearly all loal ?nder the action of tbe Baak of Kngland. Tbe ealea to day (Friday) are only 6,000 bains. locinding i,#oo to enaslatora and aiportera, tbe Market ctestag gat at Tb a rod ay '? quotations, wbiea are aa followa:? Middhna, Orlenni ?d. MoMleo 27 *d. Upland* 27 fed. -Tie ttock la pert la eetlmatod at 166,000 bale*, *f wbtcb 24 ,t00 beien an American. Rreaditnflk are 6ra*erp and all deacylptlona a trifle higher, owing to tbe warlike symptonM. proviiMas (toady petroleum ten 4a downward. ?BOibWAV T uatm. ?The dramatw aeaaea at tbla houaa waa Inangarated laat evening bf a now flvo act piny, by Fan ay Ramble, entitled An EnglM Tragedy. The pteoo poaaaaaaa eon* original and atrongly narked lhahtree, and any be pren?nno?d a an*c*aa la a qnait6ed aanne. We bad propnred an elaborate notlee of It. bet the preaonre of the war now* nnaanMa na la haM II over THE ANTI-8ILK DRE88 MOVEMENT. Him HMtiag #f Ike Wimi if Hit Y*rk at Mm Coper Institute. UNEXPECTED OPPOSITION ? THE FASHIONABLE MILLINERS' RUSE. U. M. !? pontiuM of aa invitation promulgated by the ladtas who eompoaad the Metropolitan Sanitary Fair Executive Oommtttee, ? maae meet lag of the lad tea of New Yorlt u Mm bled at the Cooper Institute yesterday m take steps towarda extending the movement lately inaugurated at Wsahlngton for promoting national economy by a general abstinence from the uae of foreign fabric* duriug the oontlnnance of the war. The meeting waa called for one o'clock P. H. ; bat long before that hour the large hall of the institute waa crowded with ladles, not apparelled In the costly dresses In which they were wont to appear, but all plainly and economically clad, as an outward evidence of their Inward determination to abide by the pledge they were about to take. If this were so, there was, however, a display of insincerity In the collection of costly equipages that Oiled the square outside, and In which numbers or these ladles were driven to the place of meeting. Uo to one o'clock a continuous stream poured Into tbe building, taking up every seat and fllliug the passage ways when no more sitting room was left. There was a perpetual and ever Increasing buzz of whispered conversation going on, with an occasional silvery titter from the younger ladies at the novel situation in wbloh they found themselves, thus occupying and tilling to overflowing tbe arena so generally monopolized by contending polttlcsl factions. But after a while they began to evinee decided impatience at tbe delay of the proceedings; for it was nearly half, past ons before any one appeared on the platform. An occasional faint tap of a parasol on tbe floor first betrayed their impatience, but by and by this more frequently occurred and was more generally adopted, until one and all joined in, and there was a regular de mand In the way usual to masculine meetings for the principal actors to make their appearance. On tbe iron railing In front of the platform were ranged cards con. taining samples of home made material or cotton, calico, and other materials for dresses, sent to tbe committee from the Manchester. (N\ H.) I'rint Works, which were closely examined by tbe ladies who could reach them. After some further delay Mr. W F.. Doncs at l*?t ctj cr olatrorm , and said that It jv, ?. untying to tbe gentlemeu who bad been invited to attend If some of tlio ladies of the com mittee would meet them in the committee room ror a sicgle moment's couferecce Mr. l'eter ( ooper acted as msrshal to the ladies in ushering tbem to the presence of their expoctaot coadju tors. The ''slusle moment" was a precious long one, and again parasols and tiuy feet recommenced a slight attempt at expressing the impatience 01 tho fair audience for the opening of tbe proceedings. By degrees these demon strstioo* swelled into proportions that almost rivalled the noisiest efforts of a meeting of tbe hard lists thom selves under similar circumstances. This press ure of public feeling brought the mixed com mittee of ladies and gentlemen to tbe presence. The ladies of the Executive Committee of the Motro po'ltan Sanitary Fair look their seats at the back of the piat'orm, where they remained anxious and excited spec tators of tbe tumult among the immeuse mass of their sisters that tire I the ball ia every part, and which was created during the proceedings "by opposition to the pledge they had drawn up anil submitted for their accept ance. There were but few ceotiemeo on the platform, and. besides these, not halt a dozen In tbe house. The gentlemen invited by the I tidies' Iv*ecutive Committee were I'rotesaor Hitchcock, Rev. I?r. Vinton, Kev Dr. King Rev Dr. osgood, Kev. Dr. Adams, Mr. l'eter Cooper aud' a few others The proceedings were opened by Mr. Ptmre Coo phi, who moved that the Rev. Iir. King tske the chair, which was earried by tbe unanimous vote of tbe ladies. RKT. DR. KINO'S REMARKS. Rev. Dr. Kino then came forward and briefly addressed the meeting. He raid:? 1 have the high honor of being called to preside over this meeting or American women I have been u>ed to preside at masculine meetings but I never bad tna good fortune to preside berore at such a meotiug as this. And it is very rarely tbe good rortune or any man in tbe history or a lifetime to occupy a similar position In such a 'cans*. I will not detain you, ladies, further than to stAs generally the ob ecu of the meeting. They are that ffie women of tbe land, carrying out the noble efforts In tbe greit cause of the country, shall now, by some personal seTdenlsl prove their zeal in th" good cause. That -elf denial touches a point which is supposed to he very dear to the female heart (Applause.) And vet, most of the other Lender always assume that tbe taste for dresa displavsd by the ladles in in regard to tbem and, therefore wben we asa that they shall berealter, during the contlojanco of the war, abstain, so far as pas slhle, from all Indulgence in articles of luxury la dress, and adorn themselves in the fabrics weour?elves produce, and present themselves to us as American wonie.i in American clothing, in which tbev will he more lovely ?nd inore beloved. (Applmse ) We will now <ommeace by invoking the blessing of Heaven on tbe ?ood work Rpv, Mr. King then de'lvered a very Impressive prayer suitable to the occasion. MK. PK1KR COOrr.R'S RKMARKri. Mr. Cooper then proceeded to address the meeting He sa-d tbe meetiug had been called together by ladies whoge ob-eci was to form a union which was Intended to "r"ln',:d 'u*'f,V? u'* "f every patriotic lady in the Ala time like tnis, whrn all our hopes for freedom for ourselves and our posterltv sre threatened w,ib destrur tlon by the vnset desiotNm ,flU ,ver di*grs< ed a civil to' otn'iV.'aTTni1 n"Cl? 11 '? honorable to tbe ladles * ? c.Toru economize Uie labor of the country, so us to make it all contribute ur'nglb to the arm of government. rbw .hould b* con. to enable 'iir government to withstand the desperate men now at w*r for its destruction. You m iy all have noticed that high ou the front of this buildiug stands a word? a single solitary II ?> a word engraven in atone a d' shojid be deeply engraven upon every .vmerlcan heart ihat word is 1 nion. M it a worl mat em bodies in Itself the omy hope of our imp-rilled country, snd the onlv b is for the flu?l tnnmph of freedom and tree lovemmeni throughout the world It will require, iny friends, a union or science and art. witb a.l their iiowcinol combination exerted, to enable us to withstand the terrible energy and desperation of ineo who sre borr. std brought up under a system whore men and women are bought and sold like cuttle in a msrkri It is t bl~ system that has corrupted the deep fountains of tbe Sotilbsrn heart it is only such a system .hat could make men willing to wade through ?r hoed to maintain, extend end perpetuMe a |>ower that enables thousands to sell their own*chudren to be eu. . *llb,l> ,bf,|r r?":?rity is a continued and hor-eless bondage Bail as the tJo'ithern men now sre, we of the free ?tates have nothing to boast oyer them: for if it bsd fallen to our lotto have been born and brought up under th? same corrupt leg power and Influence o' auch a svstem, ws, instead ?f Hum. wuuld have been the demons in human shape who sre now sir ggnng to take tbe life of a natioa for no higher or letter re-s n than tbe . ne given thirty years sgo by John C. ' alhoun 10 Commodore utewart when he said thst they of tbe 8ooth w. re an aristocratic' people, and that theirs wss an aM.tocraiic Institv lion. and thst Jnst ao long as tbey of the .?outh coti d control the action < f the general government of our country, just so long t bey would remain In the Cni?n sod whan they <ould not they would break It up. Tba they aie now straining every nerve to accomplish. What can he more terrible to contemplate thsn tbe triumph of such men, with such a government, growing out of sarb a corrupting (oeer? a grvernmsot claimu ? it as a right, in the race of high heaven, that property shall own Isbor aod tbut outraging all the dearest rights snd interests of a common humanity. When such an institution can be allowed to live and flourish in our 11 m!y. lhen b* uken M a ,'K? to the beaveaa f1,n. AlD,-c*n boP*"of freedom and Indepen denoe is fast setting under us cHmds? darknesa of a dee potism to be followed by s wide spread ruin snd deaela soTesdiM* ,,ld ,b*1 ?*'r?v?Oi?ee is now spreading Its baneful eflect over the land, and u'can^nil" ?!"' w* ^ the evil' I .nrh . efleeied by a coraolldated effort, and aurh a union of effort la needed now. w hen over y re J? /<> prsaerve our nation's life, h ia tbe rJrTi ,?? ?* u '*?ders of America to exert a i?w erful loOnence when thsy unite In a g??>d work. ? OS,#JtnpgMOR HITt'HroC'B. .- -T.Mi0r . nrf>r* having taken tbe aland proceeded . i n* W. ibe addrsea thev bad juat liateued te with so much respect and pleasure, one or two years ago, might have furnished a Ibeme for do oate. Hut this good cause of our country, like every etner good cause in Its history aod unfolding has paMed beyond, triumphantly passed beyond, the permd of apology First prtnelplet are no longer in controversy? certain great matter* are aeitJed The prevldence of <;od have Inflamed the mind and heart of tMe nation, with tbe oonvicitoa and purpoee that this Republic, founded by tbe wisdom, defended by tbe yalor, snd baptized by tbe blood of our rathera shall, God helping us, be transmitted to our children ss tbey transmuted it to theirs. We are here to day not to entertain lor en insiaat tbe quest Ira whether snythlng we oaa do, or anything we ana sslfor shall be contributed to that boly cause. Here berere ne, as In every peblic place, la the altar of our God. We are on It? every Amerleaa man, every American woman, body sad soul? a Ujrlag offering te tbe abadea of of oar fathers , to ear children la the oomlag generation, to tbe army of tbe blesaed above us, aad to tbe good God who ruleth ever all One qneettsa to one of ways aad means? aot whether we shall do tble or that, but bow wtaaly and eflboiively It shsll be aadertaken and ne romplished. The queatlon before as la simply thle, of helping the oenee by a seirdesial so paltry that I will not Inaalt aay Amerleaa woman by apprising her ef It here, eran la advance. (Applause.) This mslter ims two aspeote? a material aspeel and a iplritsal aspect? iuat aa war baa a body and a aonl. The eonl of the war la ratth of the Amerleaa people la I la object? la itsuiettled sad flnal triumph And this soul of lbs war m anpsrlsh ahle aad aaaM ba annihilated and oannot die llut war hee aloe a i?ody. a reoent of eae ef the Bootoa papers, so eonysnlently for root la aebotara, mfarme ae thai tho pbraeo, the siaewa of war," ia aahateatlallr aa old aa tho oloqoeaoe of Umbos . thaaaa. OrMiMtaaifbiri, Greek orators sad Greek swtata aaiiiwsat Mmt war has maartsa sad that uaee mmdkm mm he fed. New stal rn? HI of ?" 1 "P11* 79 1 ladles proposes ft net to bat aa end (o laipdrlarfM.df boom hair* falsely alleged, M though thto waa a irial quixotic orueade sgeinst Importation. The thhv airMtt li hut this ? only a moiety of what va Import? tS mow of Importation or exportation whioh hM to bo P*I4 for to gold ? that yellow bM of the war that flowa aa tba blood of the maa flow* aw tbe field ia rod. I ouppoee that some eommeroial gentfe man ma/ give hit atatlatloa, but ha will not oompiata g I anticipate a little hla atatlatloa! report by elating a tow Jtema. In the year ending tbo Mth of Juno, 1800, wo ew '{wrled apoole to pay the balance of trade again! ua, oyer and above all oar Importation of specie, to tbo amount af nearly fifty eight milliona of dollars. In the year ending Juno, 1861, when wo flrat began to am art undst the rod of Divfoe chastisement from ttala oruel mar. thorn waa an exoeso of Imported apecie to the amount <r about sixteen and a half milliona, and the people I nation lively eoooomlaed, nod. instead of sending out of thn country fifty eight millions of specie to pay tbo tialaain againat ua, wd drew Into the oouotry sixteen and a hair milliona aa a proof and a monument of our economy, and which waa tbo lustinot of the hour. Bat by and by tbe war brought Ita own alleviation, Just aa every great calamity brluga Ita daily alleviation. Nnw ?venues of bustneaa and prosperity wore opened, new sourcea of revenue appeared, wealth began to (low on upon the loyal North. It had not merely a promise of new life for the nation In the future, but aa? dry and dlvera good tbloga pertaining to the life now upon ua, even under the dreadful waste and sorrow af war. 8o we began to indulge again in luxurlea. And what is tbo report in June, 1868? l\e excess of specie exported again to pay tbe balance of trade agalaal ua waa about twenty millions and a half. Now, I presume the export la still heavier tbla year. I do aad know what tbe flguroaare; butl would not be Burprteen if they wont as high as aeventy or seventy-five tab* liona. Now, tbe practical question la, women ?f America, will you destroy, will yon extinguish tins balance against uaf Will you stop tbis drain on tba muscles of the nation? It can be done with porfeot eana. Kvery one must aee that at leaat seventy Ave mill* must be taken off our expenses, and not a particle or oc fort less would be enjoyed by any woman on the conti nent The thing can be done If It be only made fashion able to do it. We ask for no linsey' wooiaey dress, but we ask every woman In her loyalty, in ber simpleneas, in ber shrewdness, in her common sense, to reduce nor own personal exnenaa In dress and jewels, to do everything ahe fairly and easily can do to reduce our gold account And this with out making it tell on her substantial comforts, upon tba health or happiness of herself or family. Tbo thing ti I>erfeclly feasible and within our reach. Now will It bo done t Of course tbis work must have its beginning Certain ladies here who can afford to apend money pledge themselves that tbey will not encourage the Importatloa of foreign luxuries. Tbey will, as far as convenient, ab stain from tbe purchase or those imported luxurlea; aad if their example be copied this fashion set In the streote of New York will be imitated all over tbe oountry, aad those aixty millions now against us will be annihilated within six months. (Applause.) It is perfectly easy ta do it. aud what will be tbe cffect or this? Go into Wall street? Into tbe gold ring? after tbis matter Is fairly In augurated, or, if you think that too perilous a venture, o|)ea one of tbe morning papers next day and you will aaa tbe result ? gold tumbling down with a crash and the credit or the country going up. Now, we want good Uncle Seat to be ablo to bold up bis bead in Wall street and Ixtmbard street, and everywhere else, in the strength of bis credit, so that his greenbacks will be as good ns gold, dollar for dollar. (Applause.) What woman that deserves tba name is willing to sweep tbe stroet? with Lyons a UK and costly velvet, and go flashing up and down Broad way with expensive jewels, when these streets echo aa often to the funeral tread, and when so many faoM we meet are saddened with tbe grief of tlM hour. It is indecent. It is unbefitting, it Is unsympathetic? It is a shame. (Applause.) I do not ask for crape in any form when the hand o( God himsoll baa not smitten with IHs: I do not ask for sackcloth and ashes or tbeae out. ward Bigns and circumstances of sorrow; but I ask a da cunt, a sober and a blameless demeanor, which becomaa people who feel that they are walking amid the shadows af great events. I honestly believe that there never has bow In history a more faithful, a more heroic, a more godly army thau the Army of tbe Potomac, aot to say all tba armies of tbo Union (Appiauae.) And I know tbai there is no keener grief, no more acute sorrow, no deeper setiso of shame visiting those men than the knowledge U tbe extravagaot and Irigbtful vanity which Is flourishing behind tbem. They look from their tents, back from tba woary march, at all our flaunting pride, and tbey weep In stiame for ua. They do not curse us, but t bap weep for ua In shame, and oxclaim, "Cannot yoa be sober, In God's name, looking on to aaa us die' This Is the question. I will add no mora, ft lies with tbe American women most materially to aaalat tbe credit or tbo country In the exlgeney now upon ft. and which is to be a protracted exigency. And, above all. it Is in their power to cheer the army by tbe epf " they shall exhibit , so that they , as tbe bugles sound fr the liapidan to Sp tUylvania, from Spottaylvanla to Gar doosvdle, from Gordonsville to Richmond ? (appiauae) from Richmond to annihilation ? (continued applause)? -no that when tbe bugles sound from march to march, fraas battle; to battle, your brave boys may say tbo oatio*? tbe oatioo? is behind ua. (Applause.) Mr. W. F. Dodos followed, addressing the meeting at considerable length, taking (be ground of Professor Hileb cock in urging a barmooous and general adhesion to tba pledge of economy. Dr. ViNTOH next followed, and bis remarks wsr* tew quautly applauded by tbe fair audience. THK M.RIH1R. the pledge wss tbeo read by tbe chairman, and raa aa follows ? ' We. the undersigned, during the oonttrnance of tbft war of tbe rebellion, pledge ourselves to refrain from " 1 arTicU purchase or imported articles of luxury for wblcb i of home m inufaoture or production can be conveniently substituted." The Chairman said tbst no one would he asked to elan It that did not intend to keep It. A book containing tba pledge would be round at No 2 Great Jones street ta rn. >rrow, st three o'clock, where all who desired migbt sijjn It Rev Dr. Kirkr. of Bootoa. was In favor of having anoiber meeting of the onmmittee, to reconsider tbo pledge but this was objected to, and tbe suggestloa ta that elect was withdrawn. THK DI80U3810N ON THK FI.RDOR. T do pledge as read was somewhat altered from tba original prepared by the ladies of tbe commit tee, tba chairman substituting tbe word '-conveniently'" for poa siiiiy, contrary to tbe wishes of tbe committee, who tbo'ight tbe word "covenientiy" too indefinite, and wanting in strinKeucy ns a pledge. Another pledge was drawn up and submitted, which re hi as follows ? "We. the undersigned, during tbefcontinuance of tba wai of tbe rebellion, pledge oursetveo in tbe exercise 0s our tiest ludanent to regulate our personal and doaaeatla expanses with special reference to the eoonomy and SO eource* of the country." This [>ledgercelvod no favor, and was withdrawn. Hie Chwrman then put the pledge as amended by bta to the vote ? On the csll for ayes numbers responded, bat almost aa many cried no when tbe response wsa demanded. Tbe ''hairman again put It to the vote, and again It ag peared that a large number prneeot were opposed to tba wot ling of the pledge. A lady in the ball then rose and said that a great many v >ted against tbe resolution because they preferred tba other i the ordinal and mora stringent onei, they thought it wantod force and power la tbe lorm of expreaakHk. (Applause Fho < ha;rn?k? Does that lady move tba reconsiders lion of the vote * La:?v ? Yea, sir. OrifKR Lanraa? Tec, yes. I.ady? I move also that the vote be taken by rising. Tb ? ( haihsaw? As many as are In favor of reconaMw ing the vote will be ploased to rise? Out a low ladies roae, evidently not understanding tba ra est ion. I. A III F* WTATR THEIR OPINIONS IN WRITING, "he i hsirman was here banded twa notes, sent to tba front by in tbo body of tba bsll one of wblcb waa signed "A I oyal Woman,'' who wrote aa follows:? I believe the opposition of the ladles to tbe pledge II ?i >i?ly because tbe pledge Is not suflicleotly binding. R doe* not even propose to do without luxuries, leaving M sacrifice to he made. lb* second note stated a similar objection, and Intb mated that the word "conveniently" was a very vagaa form of expression. RRMAKKS or MISS BFPAN I. ANTHONY. Mm* Aimioay , who was seated on tbe platform, tbsa a<k?d leave to address a few words to tbe meeting. She sb id ?Mr. Chairman and Women of the Empire City? ft aeema to me that tbe point of difference ft precisely here We have all of us bung together after these three years or bloody war, aad we wish la our beans to takg^weltion. We pledge ear selves to sacrifices, and wb^^M pledge oimelves mere ly, every one of as, to gtv^Hftch luxuries as shall be convenient to use Individual^, dt does not go to tba world that ws srs going to make any seorMree. If I un derstand the spirit of tbe women here to day, It ft that they want a pledge so strong and thorough that every owe who gives her name to it will be oompelled to make a sacrifice (Applause ) if tbe avenue have already and sstios snd brocade to laat for five, ten or fi years, if tbe war sbould continue so loog, aad V the avenue wear brocadss and satlaa, tbe poor norhlag woman who earns three or five dollara a week moat maba an attempt to appear aa well aa the Fifth avenue lady. Here is the imiui of difference la tbe seaembly. We da in and a pledge made by the women of tbe Kmplre City that will place Filth avenue on a .level with the streets Our mothers did not pledge tbea> selves to diapeose with tba use of tea provided It wsa msde convenient. (ladles?1 '? That ft good") Tbey did aot say If our hue bead chances to be worth $*00,000 or a million aha may aaa tea? oae w ind or ten pounds. That waa?not tbe ipolat. It wsa a lirlme to find It cloasted in the bouse at all. We want the women of the North to pledge tbeaMelvea ta eomethiag definite, that those may be known who belong to the oovsoant aad who bare taken tbe covenant. There waa a good deal of oppoeition manifested to tba B' dge In tbe body of tbe hall, snd not a few of tba lee aaserled that some French fashionable m minora ami Kngiish Importers had packed Its mseting with par eons la i heir interest In their exchange of feel lags aai optnioas on this subject tbey manifested a good dealt* wares temper, and It wss svldent that if the le to be s letatned at all, tboee whom they _ ae interfering with the harmony of tbo mooting may expect to oxpeaieece their ire by non-lateroouree wKb them in the way at bualneBB, In tbe back part of tba hall , after, the proceedings, bad <*oeed, thorsjwsa a rsguMg pow wow which waa hastily Bqaelcbed by a poUcemaa shouting out in a stentorian voice, "Oome yon, now. Isdles, clear out, will you." This summons created a laugh around tbe platform, but thooe to whom H waa more directly addraoood took the hint, sad soon that part of tbe ball waa cleared. Around tbe platform numbers of Isdles gathered ta sign the pledge, prlat?d|headlBgs and pencils belt* po?> vlded for the porpoao. The meeting waa then declared at aa ead, bat It waa eome time before tbe laat of the saaemblage left. thh connrraa or lamrb birrand rmni.vm The following rseolattoa wsa ptateaded ta ha prsaialsl to the meeting, but wea forgotten :? Tbe T.xecuMvo Committee of the Metropolitan lat tery Fair, having discharged tba dnty tbey undertook With rsfersnoe to the mevemoat sgalaat Imported las* or lee, now retire from tba eoatrol of It, aad leave It ta be organised aad carried forward by others. It wae announced that a book, with tba pledge, aostd be reedy tar stgnetore at Kt. ? Oreo* -

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