Newspaper of The New York Herald, 18 Mayıs 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 18 Mayıs 1864 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,106. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, MAY 18, 1864.-WITH SUPPLEMENT. PRICE THREE CENTS. GRANT! Tbe Herald Special Des patches. Preparations for a Vigorous Attack on the Enemy. OBIT. GRANT REINFORCED A Bebel Demonstration on the Union Trains Doftatod* Estimate of Our Losses In the Campaign, ?MNtoty Itaatoi to Dlx. WiSBUKiTOjr, lit/ IT? 9 P. a 1 General Dnx No report o t any operation! by the Arm j of the Pot o aaee have been received to-day. KDW1N M. STANTON, Secretary of War. THE HERALD DESPATCHES. I*. A. Hendrtck'a Despatches. HuDQu^Btna, Fifth Aavr Conn, 1 la TUB Field, May 18? T P. 1L J ?muusmra. I oklrmleblng and artillery doelliig bare comprlaed toll afternoon', programme. The aklrmlshlng and artlttery irlog bare been oonOned principally to tbe Im mediate front nf it. rirtn corp.. It if under.tood that ?iy a rtrong rear guard baa been left at this point, which la keeping Itself rery busy firing upon us to bide ths fact of tbe retreat of the main army. A few men have bean wounded on tbe akirmiab Una; bot tbe enemy 'a 4MUa bare inflloted oomoaratlrely alight damage. An aedscly of Brigadier General Ayrea bad bla bead blown aff by a abeil, and a sergeant commanding n oompany in tos Second United BUtee infantry waa killed. asxiBAi wiiin. ?ereral shells have exploded near General Warren'a headquarter., against w?om and .taff these rebel - mis ?tos appear to bare a strongly marked antipathy. They i not aaeeeeded, however , la eaoalng our plucky corp. ? to change bla locality? and for that matter ' rarely fled bla at noma; for bo spends most of few i riding back and forth along his oorpo line, giving Isuparvieloa to their poaitkm and giving bla i personally to the division and brigade command ?re. ibis oorpe believe in General Warren. He has been to tbe tbiokeet of all tbe law Bgbts, and fey bla akllful handling of hie troops no laaa than by bla pereonal daring aad gallantry has woo the trust and admiration o ( every attest and soldier in his oommand. i nu HoeriTALa? oca mesas. 1 la tbe quiet of to-day? for it baa beea very quiet, com pared with other day. ? I visited tbe dtfferent oorpe boe pMalo. My primary object was to get aometblng positive mt ear low.. In the peat eight daya' bait lee. Tbe follow tog, 1 think, la very eloae upon a oorreot aemmary , in ?Mad numbers, of tbe loaaea au.talned by tbe Army of the Potomac proper? theSeoood, Fifth and Sixth oorpa :? Killed. Wounded. Misting. total. Hi oorpa 1.100 7.000 1,400 0,600 oorpa 1 200 7,600 1,100 10,000 oorpa l,oot o,ooo 1,200 S.900 total..... 7.300 10,600 3,000 27,700 1 II la eat I mated that the wouaded average abont six to aas killed, which la below tbe ordinary average, but ao aoaat.d for from nearly all tbe battlee being fought tt dense woods. This estimate doee not Id elude General Burnside'. oorpe, wboee losaaa, if in tbe aame proportion, must swell our total loss to Ihlrty-flve thou ?and. Tbe statement of car probable loaaea given in my laat despatch waa baaed on the statements of officers In Whose Judgment I place the bigboet oonfldence. mere IS always a dlspcattion to overstate loaaea, aad evea now 1 s, and it certalaly is to be hoped, that the eatimatee 1 will largely exceed the dreadful reality, ma wocbdbo ? Tna cn-in-uns. 1 have written of our boepltala and the uniform oapa %OMy and ?a wear ted induatry of the surgeons. There have never been belter boepttal arrangements ia any army faring an active campaign than in this army , and ! men toon the fact here as a comforting solace to thoae at borne 1 friends and relatives have been wounded. There la matter I ought toheve mentioned before, and torn la the active aae.'ulness of several chaplain, about toe hospitals. Chaplain Wlnslow, of the old Fifth New Terk regiment, but now head army agent o> the Sanitary Commission , baa worksd day and nlgbt, and falthfui nfeeUora are Cbaplalna Clark, Low and Kergt-^.0. WUh toe chaplains ars left the burial Sf Se Jead and oara of effects. U Is melancholy though to Me our dead lers burled with feat a rough blanket around them, ooffloa arc, however, tgsuM for tha officers, vn wim L|rf by ma >?sai>? tub mail. , 1 shapter? but one of tearful aad tragic interest? aright fee written upon tbe effect, left by the dead. Most toaderly are tbeee preserved to be Mnt to relatlvee and friends. Ukeaeesaa, watches, rings, pocketbooks, pipes, to^r combe, any tfelag aad everything that oaa be treas ured as mementoes ? as thsy will be ? are kept. A mail tor tha army arrived to-day? the first letters reaching us we left Culpepper. Having beea out off ao loag mall aommualoation, newa from friends and infor -1? " ? of say movemente eleewhere tame, aa may be tosaglned, moat aocepubly to every one. Alaal bow May for whom tbeee letters and loving message, were ?eat sow flu a soldier's grave. awaitim ormrk m ma war. We are looking oomeaurlly for orders to move, aad 9 tfee enemy Is retreating, a. reported, expect sewirt pur eed The army * m etcelieat .pints, aod can travel aa toataathe enemy. I 4o expect tha: wa will travel tor, however, feafore tuere ? h? ?L.htlng. our ferave boy. are ready fir .ny viae t ncy- .to d?, to flgbt Md te .uflTer ? provided uly to orowa anr advance aad battles. It to raining very h*rd , and bos ? ^ming at Inter wale all day, and the roads are ver / wmldr, wbicb, Ifc*r, will retard iheeipedltlou. mover ouf troope. There ?I tbio conaolatory reflection: ' All ^ rain mud will aa eerloaa obetacles to #B#my u to us. HVr -jrirraaa, Firm iwrr Co?r?, 1 t m Ki*u>, May 14 ? 8 P. It. J My impact, of ? ?> *?** peeling to pnrr. ** ??????? ??? " l*'PMtn? and ?* kaa chanced ? A ^ enemy, reported u retreating. He MCep. ** P**111** eerUtolyj kit the retreating ?mde now ' Mll?f back ef a portion of hi* Itae, vorelop ?elewy b7 ?? ??*?"?? of poettlen, hat not do " appearaocea loUtoate, to the j * ? JitVrtpated. ** H/poet MgM ?'clock lMt oreolng tano ordera to **" , Vke order wrtttoa "nvnrdlaaa or mud." la half , ' .ot m Moth ?m Id motloa. | A ann oiua m tm wn>. ' to the rtnM proved, u would h ire ben well, perbapa , *o ' iMit ooweatted the clerk of Uto weather; for v* n Jarfcaaea and H waa fearfully dark? atom M 4 nod, oar adTanee waa oecooaarliy and paipfniiy *' mm. 1 tkoogM I kad p?? e.i through aeme tough ape ' kM In tke way of i>igtu m -tehee; hot thta ttllml gak'> i nrpovrod a ay prv r apm-inietje. But la theoo diya ,<?r tirrtAo hotttaa a sivht match and iu dark and die Wemf'Ytlng del*?* are iuiimt nuitmi 1 on It apeak of It ) to Uilfl ooacortiuo heca iaa It provo t % ?^rtona matter to Swa. Takitf adrantafa of tko atorm and dam**, wr * aapeotod to aurertee the enemy. at ioaat aook of 'kit* a? re nafoml about 8potlryl?aal% Oawt nonao, mm* re-en** Uie Viilmat aflfclr of Ooaerai Har.-urk ? 9m &*??* w*9> H w ^ TIM nnb ooipa OM up t? time; but the Sixth corp. was loo hu to ee operate in carrying out tbo proerlM programme. General Vtirw eetabllabed his headquar teraacroae the river Po, at a deeerted bouM on a hill a mile thla a ido of Spottaytvanla Court Homo, where they Mill aro. Front the front of thla booao cm bo aeea ? porttoa of tbo village. As tbo day dawned wo eoold aoo tbo robot oampa fronting oa, and tbelr occupanta moving about, kiadltag flres and preparing their Mala. a uTiuiT nan. Homo of our cavalry thought tboy would mako a daab la that direction; bat tboy bad aot advanced far before tbo mbj became awaro of tboir preeecce aad aant down aoaao cavalry and two boraa battorloa to eppeee tbeas. Quito a brisk flgbt ensued, in which our men got tbo decided advantage. Three of our guns opened oa the horse batterlea, canting them very soon to face about and gat out of lb* way qalckar I ban tboy had come. eiEJurioiia ? tbb heobivi ci*xm>. Oa tie i'o|e of the bill back of beadquarter* the Fifth oorpahas b?en muaaed all day. fiber pa hooter a bare oc casionally a red among them, wounding several. Mean while the Sixth oarpa kept feeling tor tho en easy on the left, and a portion of them bad a brief and aplrltad flgbt tat the middle of the afternoon. The contest waa for a height on the left, where the enemy had artillery pee ted, and getting aad holding whioh waa of the great set im portance te ua. During the day the Sixth oorpa obtained poa seen Ion of this height, and' than loat It. Juit before dark Brigadier General Ayres, commanding Flrat brigade, First division, of thlaioorpa, tried his hand at retaking thla height, and accomplished It with very little losa. From thla point the enemy's artillery liad an extend- i ed sweep of oar lines, and now we In tarn can employ this advantageous height against him. Our batterlea fronting aad oontigueua to headquarters have shelled at intervals the enemy's position in our front. { Responses from their batteries osme on rather Indiffer ently, until some half hour before dark, when the bat terlea from the KUth and Sixth corps, and some mortars, gave them a combined shelling. If there Is anything in war splendid, tbls waa a splendid artillery duello. One of the enemy's sheila went through our headquarters , earning some ooofuslon to the cooks and crockery, and aervoue apprebeasion of more coming to timid orderllee aad gentlemen of Ethiopian descent, whose only business Is to look after the staff officers, extra horses and them selves. nx roerrioit or tbb in|v here la very strong and one of his oww choosing. From the upper windows of the house ws occupy can be counted * ah a Held glass sixteen or the enemy's guns back of earthworks. Captain Caetla, corps signal officer, saya these are only a fragmentary pert of the guns they have pentad and waiting tor ne. Tbelr flrat line or worka is firmly aodded on the outside, showing that It has been built some time. At Intervals are fox or rifle pits for sharpshooters. The lias In our Immediate front la a mile and a half long, and forms the aro or a circle Behind this are two other lines, mainly under oover of woods. I am told by a captured rebel officer that after the battle af Gettysburg from fifteen to twenty thenaad men were employed con structing thsse works and others between here aad Richmond ta out off any approaches In the future of our army upon their capital. The ohoeen position here la on a commanding ridge, aad to the rl?2.t rod left densely wooded. I think that our commanding general aad arm j will manage to get around or through these works In some way. The army, at all events, Is ready to try it I hardly expect to see many more hours pass without a groat battle. Hiadqcartbm, Fim Armt Conn, ) I* tn Field, May 10 ? 9 A. M. j Beyond making aoma changes in the deposition of the troop*, building new earth work*, and otherwlee strength >nlng our position, nothing of importanoe baa oocurred In the past twenty -four hoars. It Is the first day without a battle sinoe entering on the present campaign. It is the Ar*t day's rest oar soldier* nave known? if It can be called rest to lie In breastworks under the enemy's cannon, end to feel that at any moment we may be summoned to bat tle and to death: to keep that eternal vigilance which not only Is the price or liberty, bat tbe perpetual necossity and duty of the soldier. Early yesterday morning possession of the heights on eur left, won by General Ayree' brigade tbe evening pre vlous, wu given to a portion of the Sixth oorps, who still bold It. An attempt, It was supposed, would be mails this morning to retake it; but bed the effort been renewed there weald hare been hot and desperate work, as tbe srders are to bold this point at all hazards. Vagusly mysterious rumors reach us thit tbe enemy Is moving round our right, with a view to getting betweeo us and Fredericksburg. It is not at all probable that he will have tbe temerity to come from behind his breast* works, and much less attempt anything no hazardous as inch a movement would be at present. General Lee, If k > moves in any direction, will probably go the opposite way. a very severe thunder storm visited ns yesterday ift'irnivm. Its effect his been not on \j to cool the gir, which his sow tbe ohilllness of early spring, but has'so deepened the mad as to render moving artillery and wagon trains a work exceedingly difficult It Is thought by some that tbe condition of the roads Is the Muse of our remaining bore ood sot continuing our Howard mar oh, or, at least, attempting It. Corps hospitals have jnst hafcu established, as though a great battle were looked for, and svery preparation made for such con^sjoncy. There Is. ? dense fog this morning, and everything is >1iet bp to the bonr of sending this despatch. AXjr. Francis C. Long's Despatch. HBAl>qUA?TKM, A MIT OF IN POTOMIO, ) Nub sronsTLVAxu Court Hocss, Va. , V Hay If, 1M4. J Yesterday tbe Third division of tbe Sixth mandeJ by General Rlrney, was ordered to fall back from Its position on the right flank of our line. It had scarcely left Ns poslUon wbsn the enemy took advantage of the occurrence and moved np, with tbe apparent Intention of occupying tbe advantageous position our men had va cated. WMa this movsm >nt of tbe seamy be^tne known, Central Birney was ordered baek to hie former poeltlon, which he regained after a sharp encounter with tbe rebels and a loss of one hundred and forty-five men Killed and woanded About three o'ctfock P. II. to-day tbe batteries on our right threw a few shells Is to tbe woods in front of them, and a sharp skirmish took place between the pickets, which soen subsided. I have not been able to asosrtala whether any caaua'llee occurred. Sines then an almost unbroken silence bns reigned in the artary If It were not for an occasional erack of a sbaVrwhoeter's rifle, one would almost Imagine the euemy had ddterted bin works In front or us. I?e bas taken sdvanfugr of the short respite given him to Intrench himself still m.'re strongly In his strong position. He star Had, to his oost, that strategr is not oooBned to the rebel programme exclusively. It is tbe universal opinion In the army that Me wlU have enough to do presently , ir he bas no| already. r.siouuL cuuirr nmnronran. An nrder wss read to tbe troops to day, stating that reinforcements nad resched as. Our luggage and supply trains, which have been lying on the plank road near Chanceltorsvllle for several days, have been sent to Fredericksburg. Should there be a for ward movment mads they will probably follow by the gpottaylvanla and Frodericksburg plks. Tbey are now some ten miles In tbe rear and strongly guarded. Governors Rpragne, of Rhode Island, and fhaith, of Vermont, with several other distinguished gentlemen, were at Fredericksburg yesterday, rendering material aid to the sick aad wounded soldiers. fir. n. Davldson'1 Despatch. Retxa Putt*, May 16 ? 4 P. M. { I caa only learn rrom the front that every preparation to making for a vigorous attack upon tbe enemy. Two bnndre i .nl eighty five more rebel prieoners have Jnst arrived. The officer la oommand of their gWft states tnat others oame Into Prederlcfcsburg this morning as be was leaving. He oould give no eetlmste of tbnlr number. About thirteen hundred were shipped fries hrre to-day to Point Ixiek<mt, on board the transport steamers a. R. Spaaldlag and Mew Jersey. Pivs o'CYocn P. K. Mo cannonading had been heard at Fredericksburg np lo two A M. today. It wsa expected there would be a fight to morrow VTory ei.e exprer os ar o^ mbnent at the amount nf business d >ne at lb< <nrk (tork where supplies and re tnfttrvmeat* are ^ ?Ms?. ?M OH prison art (hipped, ud ripply trains are loaded. It la certain that a laaa eoergetlo and systematic oAoar than tbe bom efficient depot quartermaster, Gaptala F. P. l'likta, oould not accomplish It. Sixteen pkaoaa of the captured orduanoe kura Juat reached Mara. THE WASHIHQTOH DESPATCHES. Narrow Escape mt Qeaeral Baad*- ' General Wadawartb'a Rtmalaa, Jm, ViHimm, May IT, 1864. Gaaeral Meade, eocompanied by two officers of bla ?taff, ware nearly surrounded by a party of rebate the day before yesterday, and ealy aaoaped by a hasty change of baas, the General losing his spsctaclse la the race. Five hundred of ear men, In the Immediate vicinity , reconnollerlng the enemy's position, wars takea prisoners. Anticipating ths arrival sf the rematsa of General Wad (worth, s meeting of ths Hew York delegation in Congreae waa held to-day to take action on the subject, Hon. R. E. Fenton, chairman, and Bon. M. F. Odeli, secretary. Boas. J. T. L. Frnyn, R. B. Van Valkenbnrgh, F. D. Morgan, M. F. Odeli and A. W. Clarke were appoint* ed to dratt reaolutloae. Hone. Ira Harria, D. Morris, J. W. Chambers and John Gaason were appointed to confer with the family of the deceased in regard to the dispose tloo of ths remsins, which srs la the handa of Drs. Brown snd Alexander, embalmert?'and hourly expected to arrive hare. A despatch from the Army of the Potomac, dated to day at noon, says it was very qalet yeeterdar along the lines, except some skirmishing In ths centrs by Bora side's men and the throwing of a few shells from Btr< ney's division to feel the enemy, which, however, elicit ed no response. Ths rebel sharpshooters, however, heM their ground. During this time a dlvlelon of the Second corps was sent to retake poesesslon of two of oar hospitals, which wers abandoned on Saturday last, with about five hun dred wounded In them. Ths rebel cavalry had been there and helped themselves to such articles as they wanted, and had calculated en taking all the occupants away as prisoner* But we wers Just la tlms to prevent tbls, and our wagoae brought them all away, with their tents, suppliee, 4c. A surgeon who was left in charge of the hospitals on the Wilderness battle field reports the capture of eight hundred of our wounded at that place, and their trans portation to the rebels lines, from which he succeeded in making his escape. He says our wounded were Buffering for the want of everything, even bread, and ao surgeons wers there to dress thslr wounds. Reinforcements are arriving rapidly. The roads are improving, aad movements of importunes may soon be sxpected. A Rebel Hevsaaeat am the Union Tratsse Defeated!. Aemt or ma Potomac, May 16, 1S64. After ten days sf suocssslvs fighting the Army of the Potomac wss allowed to rest and recruit far another struggle. Soms changes la the position of ths troops on either side were made daring the day, aad oa the right a slight skirmish occurred between the pickets. A column of ths rebels was seen moviag 'towards on r right fiank, for ths purpose. It is supposed, of attacking oar trains; but a portion of ths Second corps was ssnt out to check them, and the object of the rebels was thus defeated. It is almoet Impossible to discover the exact poeltlon of the enemy , as they keep In and behind the woods, their pickets only being observable to us. All the prisoners taken during the lata battlss have been sent hence. Notwithstanding so large a number was conveyed through a hoatile country, not one escaped. Tbia was owing to tbe vigil mce of Ilia Sixty -eighth Penu eylvanta Volunteers, Colonel Winslow, who aoted aa their guard to Belle Plain. Our wounded la being transported to the latter place Buffered terribly. Many were necessarily obliged to ride in heavy army wagons, because there wss not a sufficient number of ambulances to oeovey them, and^beeides, the roads were exceedingly rough and difficult to pass over. Many of the wounded died en the way. r radar loirs burr Is a general hospital, ftifl of wouaded, who srs being as wall eared for as possible, the Sanitary CommlxMon having auooaeded In getting their auppllca to that town. About thirty rebel prisoners wers brought In test night. Tbe oHicers killed in the Ninety- third New Tork Volun teers are < aptaina Barnes and Bailey, and Lieutenants Grey and Kidrldge. The wounded are Captains Beekman, Randalls, New ton. Fitch, and Lieutenanta Ingram. Coraair, Busbnell, Karnes, Bromhall, Sherwood, Kincald, Bailey, Grey, Ball, Fitch, aad Adjutant Olllhrd. Total nnmber of killed and wounded In the regiment, two hundred and eighty-four. Captain Braman, reported killed, is still on duty. Lieuten. ant Moaiere is a prisoner. A ?r two a<ro t par if of guerillas, on the road to Belle Plain, seized several smbuianoea with wounded, took the horsss aad wagons, and Ml ths passengers on the road. A dosen of tbe rebels were afterwards captured. Arrival of Wnnumil Officers la W? sl? la|Mn> W*8bj<ioto*, Mar IT, 1M4. Tbe following wounded officer* arrived here to-day from tbe front ? Ma)or Hammiugway, 1st Connecticut artillery. Captain Herbert, i:j?ih Pennsylvania. Captain Monroe, 13Wih I'ennsylvsnta. Captain frltr., Md Pennsylvania. Captain Jones, 109th New York. Captain Cochran, 7 th Maine. Captain Johnson, lOtb Masaaebusetta. Captain Rarlcer, 4tt> Maine. ff ofL' P . 24 yollti ?<?tea Sbarpahoalwi. Captain Griffla. ad New York vtiJIary. Ciywln Kennedy, llth New Jersey. Captain Handles, 03d New York. Assistant Surgeon renting, 43d New York. Lieutenant Iawreoce, lletb New York. Lieutenant Harper, 189th Pennsylvania. I Jen tenant liaher. 46th New York. LleManant Ramsey, Mtb New York. Lieutenant Miles, 109lb New York. Lieutenant Krldgeman, 2d Vermont. Lieutenant Robbies. 'id Vermont. Lieutenant Kates 3d Vermont. Lieatenant Croasman, 130tb i'enasylvsnia. Lieutenant Ooan, U8ib Pennsylvania. Lieutenant Orey, 4th Maine. Lieutenant I.lttlehridge, 14th Connecticut. Lieutenant Cook , ulst New Yurk. Ijeuteitaut .'olimioi) , 01st Naw York. Lieutenant Jacobs, fltb Maine. Lieutenant Bailey , Wd New York. REBEL ACCOUNTS. Th* Flchtlai sa Tatiday, [From tbo Richmond Enquirer, May 14 ] Batvli Fiat i) naaa -lrurTeYi.vii?u Coukt Horsa, \ Via Lotjmn Count Hot sa, May 11, ls?4. J There was heavy caunfiadiug all day yesterday. About twelve o'clock, tbo enemy having got paeaoeeioc of the road leadu g to tbe main road to Loutaa Unrt House witb a iargf loroa, Hetn'a diviai a was a?ui K> drive tbem off, which was accotnpl.i-hnd with but slight ioaa to as. Our troops drove tbe enemy brick some throe or foar miles, snd out or their lines ul breaatworks, oaptarlog one piooa of artillery, oao oeis^oa, nod acme one hundred and &i^y prisoners. Anyone the wounded on our aid* waa Prigadier Sen arai 11. H. Walker, of Virginia, whoa* loot haa heoa am putuied. Between tan o'clock and nightfall tbe enemy ma<1e re peated aaaaulta npoo Fields' division, bnt were hand somely repulsed In evrrv Instance by our Una of skir mishers ,t teles' Hue ol battle aever finding it aeceesary to engage them Fields' leaa waa very trltitng \ ery near dark the enemy made a vlgoroua and deter mined aaaault oo Mm' line of battle, driving Daniel's . and l>ole'a llnaa of battle from thair breastworks , aud ?eapUrmg six pieces of our artillery. Johnston's North Carolina. Walker's Stonewall, Va., aad Cordon's Georgia brigades, however, qntckly oame to their aas (stance, driving tbe eaeaay back aad reeiip turlag oar Inat inns. The enemy *a Toaa is said la ha vary heavy, especially la l lelda' ana Rode'i front. The enemy am certainly flghtiag with great aarve aad deaperatlon. Tbe Yankee Major tieneral Sedgwick I- oertii' y kitlod, and It Is reported taet Warren at.d iHeve a are aii.od. Ob other parts of tthe line yesterday there waa nothing bnt heavy skirmtablng. Havea, of Louisiana, was wounded In the leg yesterday, bnt not dangarooaiy. Fredericksburg was occupied by the enemy fonday aisht The enemy have tires pontoon hrldgaa v?r the Rappa haanuek The town ts aaid to be ailed with Yankee srouniled, the numbers being estimated as hi*h aa ?fleer tbeusma. The enemy 'a hv?a thtia far la believed t? be tb'rty thouaend -e>aie hove it forty theasand. Ktunrt'e cavalry have been aaceasinsly flebt-ng ?nd Surai. log the acny sad have <t?< e e?eeilei.i ?ivr* ur peril loll ta verv Strung. ? rant has laiovri oroeis congratulating hie tr ? up* -?n tbelr sueceaa? teillng them thai pet>r-bur? wm i. tne fj Ml Hwbawis4MM>H Utsm ^tUvitwfd. Oar troop* , though wearied, art la good figbtiag plight, and oonfident of iiual aui*ceHti. Tbe eoemy, ui ? raid Mound our lines, captured a few of B wall's ordnauce wagons, and raeapturad eotne of tbeir prlsooers, on their way to tbe railroad. Up to soon to day tbaraJiad bean no general engagement, but soma " irmishfng and oocaatooal diacbargee of artiliary oa our ''Vvery thing Is prograoalog wall, i danger of suffering for want of auf , and tba army is la no supplies. MFOBTKD BATTI.B THURSDAY. ?artoos rumors ware afloat yesterday evening eonrera lag a battle reported to have baaa fought oa Thursday, between General Lea and the Yankees, under Grant, near Fredericksburg, la which the enemy were represented to hare been vary determlsed la tbeir efforts, advancing all ttross to tba assaalt, and to bare been signally re Ki, the slsaghter of Yankees, according to report, unprecedented. A dea patch ti stated to bare bees reoelvad by tba President last night oonoerntog tbto bat tle, bat Its soatsata did aot transpire. Deairsl Les|atrMt Woaaded and Ex. pee ted la Lyaehbarg. [From tbe Lyaehbarg Kepubllcan, May >.] Tba gallant Lieutenant General Lontstreet was expect ed to arrive In this city on Sunday evening. We are re joiced to learn that his wound la not at dM dangerous, and that la a few days ha will again be in the field. We ean bat Illy afford, to lose tbe services of so ikllful and valiant as officer as Geu. Longstreet In this stern crisis of oar fata THE SHENANDOAH VALLEY. Battle With the Rebels at Newmarket. Betreat of Our Forces Under Sigel. ft*! ftC.a ft* Secretary Stanton ta General Dlx. WitnuKuTON, May IT? 9 P. H. Major General nix:? Despatches from General Plgel, received tbto evening, report that en Sunday be fought tba forceaof Echols and Imboden, under Breckinridge, at Newmarket; that tbe enemy's forces ware superior ta nam bar, and that ha gradually withdrew from the battle field and recrosse* tba Shenandoah, having lost five pieces or artillery, about six hundrsd killed and woaaded, sn*l fifty prlfgt.ers, but bringing all his trala and all the woundsd that could ha transported from tbs battle fisld| Be states that la consequence of the long llae and tba t ran Is that had to be guarded , be oould not bring more than six regiments Into tbe fight, besides ths artillery and cavalry, and that tba enem? bad about ssvsa thou sand Infantry, besides other arms; that bis retrograde movement to Strasburg was effected In perfect order, without say loss of material or men. Be gives ao list or eaaaalties, but Llentenaat Colonel Lincoln, of the Thirty-fourth Massachusetts is reported to be wounded sad eaptured. EDWIN M. STANTON, Secretary of War. General llgtl'i Command. (From the Wheeling Intelligencer . May 14. j We received yesterday ? letter rrem Captain John Cir lln, formerly of the Wheeling Battery, but ooir Chief of Ordnance in the I apartment of ?wt Virginia, dated "In the field. near Strasburg. May 10." This was Tuesday last, and at that time General Slgel's army was there, and of course tbat met render* the despatch published yesterday ab nt Hgel having cut the Lynchburg road altogether imposslb's. General Slgel at Straabarg wis at least seventy-fire mile* from General Grant, and about one hundred and twenty miles from toy point on tbo direct line of rail between Richmond and Lynchburg So that the deapatch about bla having struck a blow at any vital point is all a plec< of poor gutss work. We presume that It was not In the programme of Gen. Grant's couflnoaUotis that <j?u Slgel should vacate the Valley uutll bis graud encounter with should make ii cerium that the old trick of creating a diversion tuthat direction was no longer possible If we are correct in our supposition, it la not likely that Geo. Slgel will join Grant much, if any, thin side of Plckmond. Jt may be that l he force sent out from the Kanawha, under Crooks tuid Averlll, has been heard from, lhat command has had abundant time to reach Lynchburg, being, when last heard from, about eighty mllre from there. Still, I.yoclihurg Is not tee desirable and vital point te strike at, Important as tne destruction of the Virginia and Teuneseee reed at tii*a i>o?oi would be la e local point of view. The mor tal e(jot 10 hit would Oe Burssvills Juocllou? the point where the Virginia and Tennessee roan crosses the Rich moud and I>snvlile line, which Is about sixty milee south west of Richmond end a hi ut forty five west f Peters burg. 'ibis point being once dtwi'uycd, allowing the Petersburg and Richmond road to h >ve been really and effectually disabled by But'er, and lite r< bfs would be cut oU entirely and completely Irnm the South. We presume that Generals Crooks and Avertll will soon be heard from ia tbe direction we have suggested, in the meantime It ia Impossible that General tigers com mand should be anywhere in that vicinity, taking the date of Captain Carlln'g letter as our data. PROCEEDINGS CF CONGRESS. THIRTY-WIG HTH COIORMI. nnar aMsios. Washikotox, May IT, 18#4 uirin or rriorttTT raoM i icul ra?. Mr. Hildas, (opp.l of N. Y., from tbe Judiciary r<m mittee, reported a bill to authorise the Berrotery of tie Treasury to fer tbe releeae from attachment or other process property claimed by tbe tnited Mete*, with ths lollowlng amendments ? Provided I bat nothing herein contained sb .il be considered as recognizing or conoedlng any richt to enforce by seizure, arrest, httacb ment or any udicial process any claim against anr pro. party of tbe I'm ted Slates, or against any proper I v h-iid, owned or employed by tbe I'nued state-, by any depart ment thereof for any public use. or as waving snv objection to any proceeding instituted to enforce any such Claim. THt nnrr, Mr. flsiTOMO*, (rep.) of Mo., submitted the follow lOK ? * Resolved. Tbat the Secretary of the Treasury be directed to communicate tolhe Senate a lUiemeul she* lug the full amount of the public debt of the United State* al the pre sent isle, and that 1a rumkln^ aald aiatcmeut he cause to t>S arranged separately t eae.eral Items of sa d IndehteJaesa, as ter what l?w each item aeTUSd, as I whether It bears In Irrest. sri'i. If so. whether lo coin or lawful mosey, the ar-eunt o' Treasury notes Pulled state* cotes, fractional enrreti'7, oertilicate* of ledeiiteaussa. temporary loans, Ac , as i the raie of intere-t, If any, paid on each of said ilenu, and the dale and utie of the ast under which each was Issued. uroRTS or MNktHO isSooinoM, wtv. Mr. ntxraxaos si so submitted tfte following ? Resulted. Tbat the Secretary of the Treasury oe and he le fc#rel>j directed to communicate t<> the Henate copies of the foil repot Is of bank aasociatmna. corporations and todlvM <s> al> doing hanking business, whleh are required lo he made K the I c.t,iiiil?a.oner of Internal Revenue under t> e set en titled. "An act to provide wa?a sad meaua for tbe support sf tliS internment, spproveu March ft. 1865. and that ta communication aald tei ort he be requested to cause thuse rr ulred to he made within slit' days alter the 1st Jay of October, |s?a. snd those required to be mads sli months thereafter, lo be arranged ia separate tub Tsatsr. A memorial or tbe Chamber of Commerce of Vew Tork represent* the peculiar hardship of the decision or the Tre'snry Department reqn ring fifty per cent additional jt.- i b" paid on tbe lay after ths passage nf the tanl) rssi'ution. It says tbe merchants were active in , erlng meicbandtse on Friday and Paturday, April 29 s.l 30, paying into ths Treasury one and a half milium of dollars in gold, which cost a premium uf eighty cents, and have the g?ds In hand yet unsold. They protetw a," Inst the jnstlee of paying duties for merchsndlm fur ehich they have received bonding permits. They ssk for tbe rasssgeof a joint resolution exempt Ing from add|. v nai duty goods In bosd at the time of the passage ef ths act, snd upon all goods wbleb have paid tbe old dot/, armm or rtss cam-as l rsnrtc Ban ansp. The Cbaib submitted tbe report ef tbe Oentral Pacific Bsllroad ( con puny of California, transmitted to the Penal* ?if Ureter r Cbsse vhich abows that of a oapllal stock ?( fl ,M7.flOO there have bees gi.oflO.MO paid In, mslnly r. 9 a r amen to City. The oost of construction and equip jisct, so far, bss been ?1,600,1111 rawss* afK>* or ma an rasas ov riuvmutra Mr Cossars, (rep.) *Chl., ealled up the reeolmloa so thtrlrlng s grant te the State of California of the lands embracing 'be Mariposa or big tree grove. Re explained that tlie time of this grove were a wonder of the world, being from thirty te forty leet la diameter aa4 estimated to be three tbussard rears old. The doslga was to pre serve tbe grove as ? ptoea of great interest, aad for the benegi efm*Ht>nd Tbs resoluti t ass gassed. e ? .ur n m m or soLtmm Tits bi ?oe) if*" tbe pay of soldiers In ths nuts* guess A-m ta cs p ? "a (hi is bed business, the pending quoatrwt being ui ibi< tioo te rstse ths grsde ot ssflstsnt Judge auveate ' aral to that at colonel of csvaliy. It was agreed te Mr. ll't.s, (rsp ) of M, n. , Ibss meve-t te strtks eot ?mm tlw sst.Iom ' ? ?tab s?h a imreen of lalllUry n-;- je ?be words "?S k rsf a-Kt sn ltintsats a briguaier ? SMersi," ss si ptie.i to the )?>dg advocate genentl.sorf ii sert "sniiua' <ai? *y '"f five i iicns-">d dollars." and a.?o ftr ke mil the' -a >, par and m meet o? mt?s>r if ca'S.rr," as sp itvd te be sesi*t4it tud^e sdv<*?ie general, >Sd Irsert ' the s..e.- ralsry of thirty ? v nurd ed doltsra ' which w >? ado. led by veasOT, nays .t. Tbe ecth s of tb< VI ?.i* |Vi"ber nr.e"- ert so a* t?. T... He 'bat tre "sj of peyrtartevs' e'erks shaH be |l M i p?'r anfiuni, wiibout raliuos iw. *>*?*. i?v.) 1 4 wtn M mm* IMA'1 provide thai tha sold Ion should be paid aa etjulvaieat of the amount proposed la gold. Rejected ? ?l lo 23. Mr. Powtu. moved a proviso that ne colored soldiers should enjoy ibe bocettu of the btU, wbloh iu re jected. The bill ?u then passed, and, aa amended, It goea back to the Houae. m rrmjo ranrnira. Mr. Amrrnwr, (rep.) of R I., called op the bill to expo dlte tbe public printing, and for other other purpoeea. aa emended. Tbe bill providee, among other things, that hereafter, Indeed of fnraiablng manuscript ooplea of tha documents usually accompanying their annual re ports, tba heada of departmenla abali Irani mil them on or beiore the lit day of November In each year, to the Joint Coin a tt tee of Cearreaa on Public Printing, and that It aball be the duty af thai joint committee to appoint aome competent person who shall edit and select auch portions of tbe dooumeata placed In their banda aa ?kail la the Judgment of the committee b? desirable for popular d la trl button, aad to prepare an Index to tba Tba amendment that U (ban be Ae duty of heada of department* lo furnish the Superintendent of Punlio Printing with copies af their reporu on or before the third Monday la November waa adopted. Tbe Sonata, vUboal further action, at half past four, adjourned. Haass of RtpreisnlatlvH Waswhotoi*, May 17, IBM. m n* uurr law. Tbe g min presented tbe raaoiatloas af Ibe Now York ' bam bar of <?mm?rce m regard to the operation of the law increaamg tbe dlitte* an imports flrty par cent. Referred to the < tmtralttee on Ways and Moaaa. ra? Hair amtoi-aianoK mtX. Tbe Hon?e acted nn tba report of tbe Con Tare nee Oom mittee on tbe disagreeing amendments to the Nary 4p proprlati^n bill. Amonr iboae agreed to are tbe follow ling:? fT6. 000 lor tbe completion of ths'hoepital at More Island; $16,000 for the purchase of a cemetery fer the navy and marine corps near Philadelphia, and providing that out of Ibe approbation of $760,000 for a floating dry dock and nury yard . approved March 8, IMS, the Serre tary of the Navy may ronstruot two dry docks id New York and Philadelphia, $260,000 for eaeh. aad tbe store tary has also discretion to apply tbe balanoe of that ap propriation to enlarge tbe sectional drydock to a ca pacity to tbe larger! vessels now built. THB CAM or COM MOI>OftB WII.KM. un motion of Mr. Ri'i, (rep ) of Masa , a resolution waa adopted calling on tlie Secretary or the >avy to communicate to the (loupe ail the proceedings la tbe casa of Commodore Charles Wilkes. riu viBUiNU ? ONnfrmcn Rumoim. Mr. IUwkb, (rep ) of Mam., called up tba reaoiutlons of the Committee on (? lections, declaring tbat Messrs. Segar and Chandler are not entitled to seats In this Congress Irom tbe First and Second districts of Virginia. Tbe two cases being similar the Houae considered them together. Mr. Hawks snld tbat the votes showed tbat those who voted were but a very small part or the people of tbe entire districts? in other words, owing to military occu pation, the ma.iorlty bad no opportunity of expreasing their wirfies at the polls. It could not in any sense be considered a fair election. Tbla position had heretofore been puatainrd by the Home. Mr SaoaK*addressed tba House la bla own behalf. Ha alluded to the (act tbat be waa admitted to a seat In 1862, When be baa received only live hundred and lirty.ntne voles, bet now, when be came hither wttb thirteen hun dred, it waa sotwbt to keap htm Irom a seat. Ha claimed tbat tue House In a former oaae acted upon a Jual prtu cIpKj, besides the loyal people of bis district ware entitled to rcpraaentatkoa here, aad there could nut be aad ought not to be au extinction ef a State by tbe eKOiusloa of It* represeatativea bare. Mr. Cdaidui contended tbat both hUnseir aad Mr. Begar ware emitted to their seala by law, expediency, Justice and oonstltutlooal right. Tbe principle at lesue not only afleetcd their reapectlve districts, but every other portion or the country In rebellion. The Houae by a vote ef 03 against 23, adopted tba re solution that Mr. Jeaepb Fegar le aot entitled to tbe aaal from tbe Kirn distrlet of Virginia. It also adopt ?ii the reaolntton declaring tbat Mr. lvalue H. Chaadier >. entitled to tbe seat from the second dlatrict of Tirjrtom AdJoarneu. Tli? Peart Proposition* In the Homt. BESOLCTIONB OmilD IN Till H0C8B OF KSPHB BBNTATIVBS BT HON. JNO. L. DAWSON, OF PBNN BTtVANIA. MAT 16. 18(54:? Whereas, It ?u solemnly declared by this House on tbe T1& day ol July, 1*81 , speuklng in the asms of the people of ths Unhurt -fates, atid m the face 01 the world, that tbe present civil war was wsged lor no purpnss of couriuest or oppresnon, bat solely to restore the Union, with all Uie rights ot the people and ?f the States unim paired . ana Whereas, a civil war like the present Is the most grievous of all notional calamities, producing as it doe* bloodshed, spoliation nod anarchy; public debt, official corruption and geueral demoralization , and Whereas, tbe American government cannot rightfully wage war upon tor portion of Its people except for ths sols purpose of vindicating the constitution and laws ,and restoring both to their just supremacy; and. Whereas . a restoration of pence Is mc en till to ths per petuation of a si item of^repnblicxn government, It It now eminently befitting a christian and homogeneous people, i lu tbe frfumpb of our arms and in tbe exultation of vic tory, to tender tbe elive branch as a substitute for ths ??""?d therelure Resol vmi , Ku it.. rYssHent be required to make known, by public procismanon o. *, ??? .<,<> oouiitry, that whenever any ."fate now in insurrection shall submit herself to the authority of the federal gov ernnmi.t, as deUni-d in the constitution, sll hcstllltlea against hei hball cease . and such tftHte sbsll be protected from a. I external Interference with ber local le-vs and institutions, and her puple >h?li be guaranteed lu tbe lull cnjoym'-Bt of all those rights wnich ths oon. stiiullon givo them. and. in the exercise of a sound sr.d patriotic uiicretl'in, he s htll pr claim a tener it amnesty to all thosu who, by rule.' CQ'tnsels, have been Indieed to engage in the work of rebellion. Mr. Mybtus, (rep ) of Pa., moved to lay tbe resolution of Mr. Dawson on the table, ftbLh motion he afterwards withdrew, and which w is renewed by Mr. Anc ioa. Mr. Dawso* demanded the yean and nays, and tbe resolution was re,ectt d by a vote of 76 agatusl A3, as follows ? Am.? Metsri. Alil-on. Amei, Arnold, Aihley. Ilaliv, Baldwin of Mats. iteamau Blair. Hti.iiwell, Koy<l. brou'n ol *e?t Vs.. C ark, Cobb. Cole, t'reauell lla m of Md., Devi* 1 1 [ N Y., Dane*. Demlng, Pen nelly. Krki^r. Kllot, fenion, Fran.., (iarftrld, ticih, iitinni-ll. <>ri*?olil, Higbv. Hooper, II otehklM Hiibliard of lewa. Hubbard of conn, llu'burd, iiutrmns, Jenc. es, Jultab. kaaaon. K? iogj{ of Mien.. N. Y? Loiigj-.*, Mchrld* M<C|iiig, Mcliidoe. Miller of N f , Meoi b~?d. Morrill. Morrli of N Y.. Amoa Mjer*, Norton, Udell, O.Nell! of Peun Ortu, Paitenon Pertiam, Pike. I'alc*. Randall of Ky , Hire of Maaa , Kie? ot Me.. Koilina ol H. H. Khannon. Hloan. Hmlbi. rfi's'dnii!. Steven*. Thayer. Ttscy. L'|mon, \ an ValAeoburgli. V* asnbu ne of 1U.. Waahhuiuof Maaa, Wil der Wilaou. ftindom ltiti.-M'>.f? J i' Al'en, v. ll!l*in J. Allen. Anoona, Bald* Id of Wish , Hliet, Brooks. Urown of Wis . Cii?nler, ( otlroth. Cox, Ctaeen*. uaiv?<n. Koen l.drertoe, Kl.lndge, r.iMH?b. Plnck. (Jau* >0 Orider. lisle. Ifar.ili g. Harrington. Iferilrk. lioliiian Joha*on, Kernan, Kuxfip. l?/ear, Long, Mallory. Marry. McDowell, McKlnney, Miller of /** nn , H<> i r<* of tiblo, Morrtavu. helaon, MoMe. I'en lle'en, Pi inn, Kobtna.n. ftoilln* of Mo.. Koaa, Scolt, St-'ele of ft. v.. A tile* Rtromr Mtnsrt, Voorhees. J. W. WMte, *? Infield, Fernanda Wood. Teaman. THE PRESIDENCY. Call tor a tlaas Convention at Cleve land, Ohio, on tbe Sit Inst. TO TUB PUBLIC. Citizen* of th? United States who mean to uphold th? Union ; who believe that tbe rebellion can be suppressed without Inirlnging the rights of in ilvlduals or of Ktaiee; who regard the extinction of slavery as among the prao tical effects ot the war for the Union, and favor an amend ment of the federal constitution for ths sxclailon at slavery, and who demand Integrity and economy la lbs administration M tbe governiuent. are rea|?i tfully in vited to meet in maaa convent kid at Cleveland, ou Tues day, the 3 1st day of May lost., lor oenauiutioo and oon .wrt'of action in reepoct to tbe apt roachiug l'reaident .?l eieotMB. I.ueloAobiD?oti, N. T. Cbas. t. French, lid. John Cochrane, N. Y Robert Kraus, Mo. Andrew J. Colvln, N Y. Uan* >n Breat, Mo, Th^niss H (sr.-oll.N. Y. 1. B. Clatrbuurn, Mo. K<l?ard Wad j, S. Y. Wm. ? reel, Mo. (ieo W Demirs, N. Y. Chas. H. rroet, Me. Irs Porter, N. Y. Thomas J Kiddle, Mo. Brace Miilerd, N. f * m L Ilookstaver, Mo. !?? ward Uolddrldge, if. Y. Frederick U llraden, 111. Kran c Is ti Hne. N. Y. <sspar O. Hich, III. l>emon Ibonmon, N. Y. Wall re Purman, lit. Chat Ke<iua, N. Y. Vrederlek Smith IU. t'mnh Keijua. N. Y. Peter H l?ei, Mid Thomas P. Whits, Ky. Andrew T. Butler, lad. Rdward Cols, Ky. Thomas Wi ik?, Ind. Kraflcls T. Williams, Ky. O. Whaley, Maw ^mith Thompson. Ky. Johnson slemer. Mass. Leroy MoArdle, Ky. Alfred Moeee. Mess. Wm. Rsntley, Md. lAoeard J Tlfnon, Msss. John Jf. Sraitbsrs, Md. John F. ivndletnn, M. J. David 9. Wbllely , Md. Patriok aare, N. J. Peter MoOaU. Md. Hlmo" Munson, M. J. Mat I, 1804. I'd* Vermont Rtpshllesa Union Itatt Convention. NOMINATION Of OANWDATBB FO? ST ATM OfPtCllUI AND DaxMATBS TO TBB PBBK1DBNTI Afc COJ?T?M riON? INDOBSVMUIT Of MB. L1N0OLN. Rssuaoros, Msg IT, Wi The Repubilosa Union SUts ConvSBtion met here to day. The sttesdaacs w is isrgB, aad sw> sounty In ths ^tate wm represented Ron. O. W. Orsndy vM <*e#sa president and Mr. 8wso secretary. The following b>bj mat loss tor Stale eBcsf* wsrs ?o* (Jevernor? J. O. ?mlth. ?or Msstenaat Hov. rnor? Hon P. PHII'-gham, For frsasurer? M ? .XB. Pago. The fm lotting g?-utieme? were eleoted delegates at large to the Natlonsi r.^vsntloa ? ffo'oaioo root, of Knt'ai d, g. P. Walton, of Montpeller. A. O. Meet oa el He B-H, and ( nat'es- Mnysa, of r.irlinglon ? otist mites? i. W. ps'k oi 1 ensmgten M?w?e Ktnrwlgs. of Mt. Jnhri*'> iry; A. -lodd wd of lowsse * sad ? .C.fmiUi. ol St. A /. r?eo lire afllrnrok ?l?idinf eonldeecs In Ux stecung fcOBWty SOB dswnmt seuSi , the ? 'gertly . sts*i? iomi- lilp ami .js>-i?d patrNdiam ..f *resi ?snt l laoola.sad rteri r m, u<m mo first iueie> of the ? '?pU' o 1 e:m nt for tU? Jt.1t I i?siuntfll?i WW' *<4 f?sf UtfVUdi* atfuMsO SHERMAN. Continued Success of the Army of the Cumberland. THE CAPTURE OF RESACJl Eight Guns and a Tlftounand Prisoners Captured. Sherman's Forces in Hot Pur suit of the Rebels, Silt Mm U leerctarf Stanton to Ctoncral Dtx. Wiiurwruir, May IT? 1 05 P. M. Major Gsnsral Dra ws bar* ao official Intelligence o t an/ military orwro tlona since my la?l deepatch. The Richmond papers of Saturday stale that General Steele had surrendeied at dun den, with nine thousand men, to Price. Thla la known Mho tW;")? General Steele, with hla whole oommand, withdrew aome two weeks ago from Camden and la now at Little Hnek, having defeated Klrby Smith on the way to Saline river, a a heretofore italed. General Sherman was In close pursuit of Jobnaton, baring captured ene thousand prisoners and eight pteeeo of artuiery at Reaaoa. KDW1N M. HTANroN, Secretary ot War. rn second dbwtatch. Wamujwjto*, May IT? ? P. M. Major General Dtx:? A despatch from Gsnsral Sherman reports bis ad van so npon Jobnaon aa progressing to bis sa' isfactien. Mis sap piles srs abundant, and eur anlmala are Improving on tho grass and grain to ids, wblcb now aftord good pastors. EDWIN M. Hl'ANTON , Secretary sf War. WAMUxmoa, May IT. 1M4. A despatch bas bees received at the beed<iaarters of the army bars, dated yesterday morning, from Gsnsral bbsrman. Tbe dsn patch its tea that General Sbenaaa hod sotsrsd Rssaca and sstablwbed bis headijuarters thsrs. lis qaptured at that place eight gone and a thsosnod prisoners. ilia troops wsrs In pursuit of Johnston, having arosssd tbs river, expecting to reach Kisgstso Isst night. The rebels bad burned tbs railroad bridge at Rssase; hat tho rood to that place was in running order. Lot'uviu.s, Ky., May IT, MM. General Sbermaa attacked General Johnston's ferose In tbelr strongly fortified position at Rssaea ysatorday, and drove them out. Our lofis In woaaded Is twsnty ssven hundred, the greater portion slightly. Oar forces are vigorously parsalog. Resaca ia on tbe Ooatenaula river, bhsrman crossed it yesterday aaornlng, en rout ? to Kingston. NEWS FROM VICXSBURB. Capture of Yazoo Oity by General MoArthur. The Rebels Make Bat LHUe Resistance. Capture er Drspaichei front Gsiertl Lee te Kirfej Saitb, Pt Lotos, May IT, 1N4. Vlcksbnr? id vices of the luth Inst a*/ that im ex pedition under <.em-r?i Mo Arthur, wni on by lionets I Siocum, had raptured Yasuo (ity.with but tittle rssbt aorc on tb? part of the rebels. A moa*en,er n% route to t.'ft.rsl Kir?>y Smth's army was raptured, with ??'plea of lb* dM^aichatt aeut by tiec. Leo to Adjutant General fo?'per. The despatches stated tin t.rinl's a rmj bad been re puliied aart driven towards Wa*hlt>?io<i. Raid* by the rebels on the ^??vueneot plantations oeo tloued, and the moot :iendi"b brutalities ware committed. Even lht.inta were carried off and killed, ao ae tj terrify the women. General Klocna's raiders prodi je-1 rreat conalersatioa amoog toe cotton bailers aad specnatlors Tbe i-tore* have been closed. the commerce with the etieuij (topped, and many corrupting practices arrested MEWS FROM LOUISIANA. The Peiltles of Genera ? A. J. Iialtb Tbe Rebel OMrlllai, Ae. St. Loc*. May IT, 1M&. Lste advice* from Alexandria, I*.. Indicate that (Jen. A. J Smith will be compelled to marsh orsriood to tfeo Mississippi river, CghUog bie way out. 11 la reported that tor rest and Roddy, with a fores cf too thousand rebels, wer< thr.'Steaiiig UuaUvllle and Decatur, Alabama, os Haturdy last. Gen. W. 8. Smith i quawMx1 ,l lh* formsr place, and bad ordered all tba sUuctu to work oa lbs fsrtlfc * lions. MEWS FRUM NORTH CAROLINA. All the Hvallabl* Rebel Foreee Bent ts Helnforct Lee? General Palmer Is Ceaa ma vl at P?wb?rn, Jtc. A letter from North Carotins states that tbe enemy at. - ni all of melr available forces fr< m that Btata to Viritbu ? 1 tbv troops fiom lbs *< .taareeou m my 4'g ?? fie NortU larollua railroads to the relief of (General U tteseral Calmer, . bo defended Newbero so .oooeas fsllf last Kebm"jr a.rih?e? a ferssktabwi attack of the eoemy. is m w la comma* d o f that stronghold. FTe ts an old army of leer, o. ac-juiipllshed (lull and bmruiy.enrt enjoys the emirs ? ?HWrni's of aH M>e d*r??" -<eot. If lbs navy win take care u* tbe >b?t 'am*;"* >1 Pslmer will tsks good care at k'ewbera. Tbe Pirate Atabasaa. !S*rw?, May IT, li?4 The bark Rlchsrd trwlc salved at tbls port, .oas Oapa Tows, (laps of flood tlepet Mesob "XT , reports that the pirate Alabama left that ?ft the tfttli of March. Hsr dsstlnatioo t?i urfcooAn. The steamer Klu fcienf , **?( Vew Tot* Mr Sbaaghae , ar 'vsd there cs tb? jotb, sfhsre she woo d coal aad pro re ?! u % few days. (i e MarkOr anla. Mm Algsa Buy. for Waw York, had got a Hritlsb rsg'M <r, Slid Win sun jrrrca 2*. nspuif Awbury , of ths Rich vl he is, as tbe Ala. bsnu *>** rsrjr a?o?b out at repair, bee oopper heinf very ragjed, tud II morttma'sad thai she wouM g~ ta some port is repair- The peoj,,* sad auuivrl tlssst the rape stlUehow apwJ seal of triesdabtp 'ar gem n.ea and hla ptrvieal crew. frery Information was given to. in of Mis spprO?cfe of Amsrlc-ta vaM"l? off tne h rHnr ints a Amebtary's vee?el la uad>-r the rtritsh flag b<i> tn<? 'sci did sot deter tbe rebeb 'roci thrsaten tug to barn be- at Uie flrpt oj>p realty, la r.ta'latk'ii for bis Otilspi>fc-<n ofrinleua la rngivr ^to their ptratieal eourae Arrival ef ? Prh. at BaetaN. B'iro*, It^y IT. ISd*. Tbe blcKkads ruaasr Teunt RspiSie, ?a?>uiras off WlJniUmtor . b?* .b"t .rriwl, (hort <* ^bj? s?. Omi> wUi urooe>4 U> #u?t< !) sftar er? ?e f

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