Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. TvtrnAl. 17 ? (* P. M. stook market opened strong ^am this morning , l?rl?| been Influenced. no doubt, b y the uvurioi-t of a continued abundance of capital and the mm with which lb* U?m market to a4 preeoet moved When money be ooinoa readily obtainable, even on tndiUerenl *ocur.ilas, at aix per cent. It la qfuitr aatural that stook*, In the ab aooce or any undue excitement, should aisume a buoyant ?one nod tend upward In price. Compared with tbe ?at** at tbe Urst board yeel<>rd?y, New York Central ad vaaoed to day 1J* peroeot, Erie Railroad lfc, Hudson Hirer |. K,<adiug IK, Milwaukee aad Prairie du (tile* IX. Mteblfaa Southern I., Illinois Central 1, Orelaad and rilUburg 2, Oalena and Chicago 2, Cleveland and Toledo 8^. Chicago an I Hock 1*1 uid 2 if , P Iita berg and Kort Wayne 2<i, Chicago and Northwesters 1*. (%io*go and Alton a. Toledo and Wabash titf. Cum berland Caal 13^, Canton Company 1, Quicksilver Mining ? % , aad Mariposa 1. The market la tbe afternoon was a little off. Mew York Central oloeed at 133*. Erie 113*, Erie preferred 10$, Iludooa River 1M. Reading 1ST, Michigan Central 143 Vj, yisbgss flssthero ?T, Illinois Ceatrai U*X, Cleveland mad Piitebart 114. Oalena aad Chisago 131 H, Cbleago and Book 1 aland 11SS', Toledo and Wabash 72*, Chicago and Northwestern 58, Paclflc Mall 231, Quicksilver Mining 13H, aad Cumberland Coal 81,^. 7 he statement that Mm Bank of England had again railed tbe rate or Interest from seven to eight per cent Aad the teCect ef aeutng the premium on gold at an ad. ?aooed flgwro this moraing. It opened at 178, and after touching 178V gradeally went down to 176);. The following ta the report of tbe Assistant Tresso Amonnt on band $22,748,444 Receipts from customs 131,000 krom othsr eouroea. 2,864,278 l'ay meats 971 - $23413,761 The aggregate value of tbe exports of produce and mer ehandiee, exclusive or specie, at the port of New York for ?h*4>sst week was $3,3JM,8*2. The statomeot that Judge Peckbam bad dissolved tbs lajuncttoa restraining tbs Harlem Railroad Company trom laying rails in Broadway is an error. Tbe I'onmoo OMinoil last winter granted the Harlem corporate privilege to isy a branch track from Fourth avenuo down TMrty fourth street to tbe Kasl river, upon which an in JaooiKm was laid, and which has now been dissolved by tbe Supreme Court, id chambers. ? Loodoo circular of April '<10 ssys that the market fo? Ameriosn securities has been much depressed, and even at rodaoed quotations buyers hesitated to take the stock ofltrod. The deoilne In Illinois and Erie shares had been fully five per coot. Railroad bonds, where tbe principal aad mtorsot is not payable In England, had declined about three per cent. United Slates five-twenty bonds gave way to U, ex -coupons, but subsequently rsllled on somo buying for Dutch account to 66)*. Tbe following comparative statement shows the ave rag* osadittoa of the loading Items of the Philadelphia i for the past and previous week:? LatA Wetk. 77lti Wfk, $40,081,820 40.624,417 3,871,300 3,037,601 Legal tender 14.460,389 14,647,038 Deposits 38,242,708 88,641,231 Ctroulatioa 2,236,647 2,101,602 ? Ths ohaagsa In the averagss of the leading items for the pest wash are rather larger than usual. Tbs loans fcav* InerssnM over half a million; the legal tenders more than a quarter of a million, aad the deposits nesrly thro* bandred thousand. There was a small decrease of speole aatfef olrculauoa. 11080 p 8 fa, '68, ref . #i> o a ??. ?i,?ou.. 1M008 U 8 fa, & ZU. cou >?000 Be JU7W 200 1IOOOU U 1 1 1. 1 yr cor. 98V 190 10U0 Mo 4'a, laa to PCK 79 2?0 lto?k Eichaait. ?T??5?il' **T 10 SO A M. 11* lift 107 MOO do.... 1JU0 California I'M. . tttJOO WLwonata 8*a... OU? * HIm oer 7?V _ IS* 1700 doT 90 6ii0 <!o. . 65 1000 do ?? 56* 500 Mich Central RK. ?o, 5?\ 1?0 do auuoo MM ?0000 ? . 40M SH? id mnrtgaca 118 " 200 do... WOO Brla 4th m ba 116W ? 8000 __ do 117 SUV aba Hud R RB. .bJO 151V 1000 do 151 100 do blu 181 do 150 do 1&A: do isoQ SB Reading RB 13?>* *" 137 1A| MOO Okl t N W in m 93* 1000 0bla.BBQS alatra 126 1000 l>lua.PlWAC let m U? 10M NJer Can latm 85 1M dOOO Mil BBtPaul laim 100 MUM Maripoaa letmoda 80 M0 00 Amarioan guld . a 17* MM da...... . ?8 177V M aha Bar Bcrh But 101 It Baak ot Canmrrce 114 10 A. mar Bxth Bank . Ill 48 Ooottaental Bank.. 101 ?0 Merchant.' Bank .. 114 1H0 Oaoton Company 48 lflO do . . 47 V 100 da blu 4BL? M Piaiijifi Coal Co. Ms 10 do 103 900 Qeolr-al coal Co Mo Oumh Goal pref. bJO US* 143 MS* 143* 72 jf* 01 I QoMk.Orer Mia I da .. 200 do. li*A) Tolodo * Wab its 200 do blO 72 100 Harlem RR 280 700 Blob So A N 1 RR 98 280 do . 97V 100 do b\0 97'-* 600 do 97)1 15UU lU Can RR acnp 131 MU do. . bl5 131 30i> do |3U? 400 do ll'iO 100 do lSii . 1.100 Cler. k Pitta RB. U.VZ luO do 113'' 100 do lit _ 1W0 Oalaaa ft Cbl RR 131 blu 48 ll>i do b30!3l* ~~ 'SSL ** 200 do 130*1 1W Clera and k Tel RR 149 000 d 1 Vi SB Chic k K I RR . . 114 ?to 114* 80 do >.%? ll?i. tnu ? 118 ?? do 113*4 100 do b? 116 ldu Chlc.HnrA QuinRB 129 100 do 129'i 50 da 1*) SOU Mil ft PduCbien RR 68 100 do 6** 100 da bis ?'.? 100 PltU.KtW ftChi KB 118 MOD do 118', 100 do b30 lit IU0 do.. 1U? Inn Alt A 1 Haute rref. TP JOUOCbl k N W RR. . . . ft) 100 do 88* M" d" r#x *? do. b.? 58. 108 do alO 58* lif Chi k Allan RR K 8te MariettaACIn 1 pref 72 10U Mist k Mo RR...,. 48 Co 74 nx 4 i"v 21 14 Ot 78 ?J t9Ti da b3u 100 Boeki I'ouotyUad. 100 Copake Iron Mine. 1M do 100 BMIaad Marble Co. 400 Onartr Hfll Mm Co UO Maripoaa Mln g Ca. MOOeoeoUdaCoaiCo . lOn Mlnoaaata Mln Co.. lOOOMi AiaT?n?ii Wo 65o M T Central BR 136 P da 135* M0 da alO I.V M0 do 134V 100 Bete RB b30 115 000 do....M 114V 000 do bio 114', M0 da Ii4% 0M do.... 114 W? Hudaoo Hirer RR. 152 Ml do bl? 181 S 8BCUNB BOARD. Half fait Two O'CLOCK P SM000 OBO"?, 8-M'? r?g 1117 0000 Tr a.7 J lUOAAp 112 KOOOC 8 ? a, 1 jrr rrr 9*% 100 ah* M lab IB M RR 100 do *0 do 97>, n'* Obla BMlaacar.. 8A 200 Mich U A N Ind gua 13hu gold . I77JC MO do 100 O American MOO do M0 OBa Oaaab Cool pmf 81 S 400 Alt i r Haute praf. m 8011 III Ooo RR acrlp 13 ^ . b5 as 7<H 231 133', 1S3* ' MOCIer k Pitta RR ... lit 20" do t>30 lit'. 100 Qal k Chic KB .... 131 l"0 do 1^1' ioo do mu "lo aM 131 2>w 1M do *IOOwt< kat.<a> Mmtog. 3M Pa'-t'u Mall 88 Co.. INK T. Oaatral RR.... *? do *10 Brta BB J00 da 100 Rrta BB pnif. 6ft) Hudaoa Blear RR.. 1 A IV 100 do ... 181V -- tw do 162 1 0> ' do. t.lo llAv' do .. ....alO 161V *00 Toledo k Wab KR 72U do alO 151 inn Ho -.f? II 3H 800 Chic and Rk 1-1 HR fl.tu U55* d0 Iia^ MW 3U0 da ...... liiii? !?' do hSO 1%' 10O do.... ,...*?? us Mi M lam Reading RR 137 10M da . blO I37U 100 Mk-h Ventral BK 1.3m 100 MM BB M I BR.H0 97 ? "w 00 . >.... 72'I ^0 Chicago A 1* W RR 87V uO,. ^ M0 Chic k X W prof... 68 '?y ? Tho Park ImproT?Moat The folfrwlng Mda for $300,000 of por ooat lotoraat. aod redeemable to at tho Oocnptr iiler'a office jotlerday C Hoodorshot C Hoodorahot 0 Ilooderabot Q Handera bo4 C. HaodonhM B. H Vtoldg B H PlMda J. R. HHcBCMll 1 atoo B Oo....r PUm ft no J.B. (.rahaaa P. Maaaa J. H Dorgor H Horgar. H H llorger Ward ft Co Ward ft To Ward ft Oo Ward Ward ft la Ward *Oo Ward ft Ward ft CO Ward ft Oo D. I Ionian. D. Homaoe Ii Homaoe 0 UotMoa J. w Andorooti R Hoo.Jr J M W Horday C R K inn-toy J M Wife* J. M. W i law .n.M*...^ J Mo(?oe. ocreury J., ^^crata rr .............. J M (.oo becrotarjr J MoUoa. Secretary Nk-hoiMn. ... .T.... J MUk^ooo J WloBufon f. H TlbfteM.. R. Corb>a mm.... < D Trimble f (Mh. ?rntm TViopam ?UN, Do Bllllor ft Co < atoa, Da Wll?rftOo..,.. au* , Do Htllior ft Do ^ *otoa , Do BBItor ft Oo ?^v ao too. DO Rill lor ft Oo Nl... Mary McDonald 1 naoolftaJ Broo. ?m. . find tills Ion, 1878, wi Boon ? $3,000 3 000 2.000 2.000 1,000 .1 soo 20.000 10.000 10.000 1/KKl 1 ,000 ? (00 1.000 1.000 . 1 000 1,000 . 90.000 25,000 29 500 r<,ooo 70.000 10,000 23,000 25.000 600 8,000 3,000 8.0U0 ?i,00<' 10.1)00 8,000 4,600 6,000 6,000 6,000 A. OwrtgaB...... rrktL*: , ?,000 28,000 V .000 16.000 24,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 , 1,000 8 J ,000 10.000 6.000 . 1,600 . 10,000 , 10.000 . 10 000 . 10,000 . 11,000 900 . 8.O00 6,000 , r. 8,000 M),000 60000 16,000 16 OOO I<o8n. payinf aia re opoood 10X81 102.82 )UJ.M 103.00 103.10 103 00 102 00 103.10 101.16 101 30 1<?.00 10:^00 103 00 102 *5 *2.90 102 96 103 00 108. 0? 10.107 103 39 VKi.67 10$. T1 104 01 104 57 106 03 101 6T 102 60 103.00 10.1..O 104.00 102.00 103.00 163 00 105.00 104 00 10X61 101 .3 103 75 104 00 104.16 104.80 10160 102.5* 102.00 100 00 100.00 104.00 101 .60 IB*. 10 104.50 104 00 103 50 103 2* 1022* 110.00 103 26 10160 10212V 101 60 102 00 104 07 104 17 10B 00 "Twwi* h'% feSo r c iwu a.**0 ia?-f* 1 iV.r?. 105.6# w MoMurrey ?.*? 106 w j oJs. ? !?.?#? 104 09 J 1' 1 .000 103 M M' ran Crane <i to 10,000 102.60 Hi -a Gr r>00 103.00 r A. Witlhati* 25(1*00 101.03 R A. Wiitba.ia 26,000 101 28 R. A. Wiltbaus 26.000 101 U K A. Witthaus '.!?>, 1-00 181.78 H. Meigs, Jr , A Smith 100,000 102 M H. Meigs. Jr.,4 8miih 30.000 108.11 a. Meigs, Jr , 4 Smith. 43 ?00 lew 81 R Meigs. Jr.. fc -with 30.000 103 88 Cam wan % Co 5.000 103 00 W Prince 3.000 102 06 W. H. Greta 8,000 UW.00 CUT OOHHKRCI&L HRPORT. Titssdav, May IT? ? P. M ARBS ? Receipts, 13 bbls. Market firm Mlw M bbl* poU at $9 60. Pearls ut entirely nominal. BnuMimi ? Receipt*, 6,066 bbls flour, 1,874 bbls. and 250 bugs corn meal, 6,921 kuafcals oala, and 867 da. barley. The sudden tailing off tn receipt*, together with the rlee in gold, caused a further improvement la the flour market of 10c. a 16fl. to-day, chiefly oa chipping grades, with aa mcraaaad balms, la part for export. Tlio day's sales toot ?p 18,000 bbis. State sad Western, part to arrive next week ; 1,600 do. Southern aad 1 ,000 do. Qsasdtan; also 899 bbls. rys flanr at 86 40 s $8 T8. Cora meal contlnusd tn good demand, with sales of 1 ,000 Wbla. at 9* 40 a $6 45 tor Jersey and $0 75 for Brsaay wins. Puncheons brought $3150. Ws quote ? Superfine State sua Wsatera floor $6 85 a 101 , T 10 a 7 20 Choice State... 7 26 a 7 86 Common to medium Western 7 It a 7 86 Good to ohotoe do 7 40 a 8 96 Extra St. Louis 7 80 a 10 76 I Oomrnoa to good Southern 7 46 a 7 94 Good to oholce extra do 8 00 a 10 76 Common Canadian 7 16 a 7 26 Good tooboloe extra do... ... 7 30 a 8 80 Rye flour, superfine 650 a 6 80 i Corn meal, bols 6 25 a 0 76 Corn meal, puucheooa 81 8# a 81 60 ?Tike wheat market was lets active, owing to the absence of receipts by tbe break In the oanal, but with a tolerable good demand, and higher rates for gold; prices were a shads flrmar, say So. a 8c. oa choioe spring, which was most inquired tor. The sales comprised 125,000 bushels, part to arrive, Including Chicago spring at $1 65 a $1 02; Mil waukee club. (1 67 a $1 62; amber spring, $1 03; red State. $1 06. winter red Western, $1 66 a $1 70, and am ber Western , $1 70 a $1 72>;. Rye was a shade firmer, with sales o( 4,000 bushels Northern at $1 50. Corn was 2c. a 8c. higher, with sales or 00,000 bushels st $1 46 a $1 48 , closing at the latter price. Oata were allttls mors steady, with a good demand, at 88c. a 92Ho. for tbe rsng?? the latter pries in government certificates. Bar ley aad barley malt continued doll. Bnswii was quiet, with sales or about 500 lbs. at 58c. Coh-k?;? The market was quiet, but firm, with small sales at prsvlous prices. Cotton.? Tbe market was firm, with a moderate de mand. Sales 1,700 bales. Wa quote ? Upland. Florida. Mot nit. IT. O. it Tex. Ordinary 76 77 78 78 Middling 88 88 87 87 Good middling 88 88 89 89 Middling flair 90 90 91 91 Dbdos were firm; sales 20 tons caustic soda at 11 Wc. a 11 He. 600 kegs bi-oarb soda at 8^c; 860 casks bleach ing powders at 8 X?.|a 9c. Drawoooa ? 100 teas St. Domingo logwood sold at $80. Panama ? Tbe activity la shipmsata of wheat was brought to a pause by tbe break ta tbe canal, which kept baok supplies ; still the marxst was firm. For Liverpool , the engagements, per Amsrtcaa flag wars 700 bbls. flour at X a X (nominal rates for wheat, 6d. a 6Xd.) Par neutral, 400 tierces lard and 100 boxss bacon, 17s. 6d; and per stsamar, 1,800 bales oottoa, K?- a %A., chiefly at tbe higher rate: 1.000 boxes cbeess, 80s. a 40s.; 448 boxss bacon, 17s. 8d. a 80a. To Loodoa, per American, 1,500 bbls. and 100 tons, tn bags, of oil oaks at 2a. per bbl., and 20s. per ton,- per neutral, 7400 bushels whsat at 6d., and 1,000 bbls. floor at 2s. 6d. To Glsagaw, par naatral joo tierces iard at 90s., aad 160 bbls. floor at 2s. It> Bristol, per American, 21,000 bushels wheat at 6d , In balk, aad per nsatral S,500 bushels wheat at 6d., In shipper's bags; 820 bbis. floor at Is 3d., and 60 tons tallow and lard at 22s. 6d. To Hamburg, per neutral, 1,000 boxes extract log wood at 20s., and 200 tons measurement goods at 90s. a25s. An American ship was chartered benos to London with about 1JW0 tons oil caks at 90s. par ton. An Italian brig with l ,800 bbls. petroleum from Philadelphia to Liver pool at 6s. A Bremen bark benos to Cape Town^B.G.R., at 87 He. per bbl. A brig to Cadis, about 825 ni light pipe staves. A brig from Glace Bay to New York, coal at $6 25. A small neutral vessel to a direct port in Great Britain at 6s. per quarter on wheat, and a small neutral vessel to a direct port on the Continent with petro leum at 6s. 6 d Faux. ? 50,000 Baracoa cocoanuta sold at 845. 16 000 buncbea ba&anaa at 81 18 a 82.160 boxes shelled aim nods at 40c. , 260 boxes raisins, 160 bags peanuts, and 300 bags Brazil outs, on private terms By auction. 1,696 boxes Sicily oranges at |2 80 a 82 90, and 2,812 boxes lemons at $4 a $4 45. Baaswax.? 760 pounds sold at 58a. a 58 GUMMY tuns Saiss of 300 balsa at 16c. Bore were steady, with salea oT 100 hales at 13c. a 27c. for oommoa to prims Molassier wss inactive, with aalas of 29 barrels and 56 half barrels Cubs muscovado st 76c. On. Caaa. ?100 tons Wss Urn sold st $50. Oils ware quiet :>ales were made of 8,000 barrels sperm, In New Bedford, at $1 70, and ef about 2,000 barreia wbale, also in New Bedford, atfl 15 Provisions ?Receipts, 128 lbs. pork. lfW r ?'*???>? cut nuiia ami 5m 4n >?< >1. i'uiuoss was again tbe chief feature in tbe provisions market, snd a further decline in prices of some articles had to bs submitted to. Tbs de mand for pork waa very moderate, and the market ruled dull and heavy. Prices wore abont 28c. a barrel lower on nearly all kinds, but the decline was particularly no tiieable in mess, old and new beef was likewise dull and prices ruled in favor of tbe t>'iyar. beef bams were dull snd nominal, bacon was quiet and but littls was done. We heard of lo marked change in prices. Cut meats continued dull and heavy, but pricss were substan tially tbe same, lard was doll, but prices wsre without marked change. Tbe sales were 2,000 bbls at 826 76 a |26 for old mess , 826 50 s 827 for new do. ; 823 76 a 823 87 >, for new prime; 1,000 do new mess for Juna, 828, buyer's option . 400 bbls. beef at 815 a $18 for mess, snd 819 s 820 25 for extra do. ; and 2,000 bbls. lard st 13c. a 14>{0. Personal: a. ? Pecsipts, 74S bbls. Tbs news from Eu rope wss fsvorabls. and led to an actios inquiry for re fined oil lor shipment, but owing to tbe high rates ds raanded business was rather moderate Both erode and refined were >;c. a lc. above yehterday's prices Free was dnll and nominsl. Tbe salea were 3,000 bbls. crude, on tbe spot, st 37 He. a 88c.; 6,000 do. reflned.ontfce spot, at 57 He a 58 Hc- ' 1 ?6,|0 do, for Juns, at 58Hc. a 69c ; 2,000 oo , in Philadelphia, at 67c., and 2,000 do , for June, at 58c. . 760 do. free, on tbs spot, 83c. s 68c Ben. line waa nominal at 67 >ac. Rica.? About 60 bags Rangoon sold st previous prices, snd 400 busbels Para paddy at $1 60 Tobacco ?1 he market waa rstbsr doll but firm.witb ssles of 260 hhds. Kentucky st 8HC. to 28r. Tsa ? Market quiet. Sales were 1,000 balf chests Ooloag. snd 700 do. green, both on privste terms. SOS**.? Market dull. The sales were 200 hbds. Cuba muscovado, 70-oT whirb wers in bond, st 10*;c. s 17He. T?i i/)w ?The activity of the laat few day* continued and tbe market was s> mew hat firmer. Sales 350,000 lbs, st 13*?c. a 13 -?c for country and city Whiskkt.? Receipts. 727 bbls. Market firm . with sals* of 1 ,600 bbl* , at 81 26H ? $1 27 for state, snd 81 28 s 91 30 for Western. Wiiinoii- Sales of 60,000 lbs Arctic wers report sd at 81 50. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. Ooluiw? Dii ? On Saturday, Msy 14, by Rev. T. S Hastings. Dine C. Coixos to Kjursia E. On Daurr? Bcaaori.aa.? Id Wllliamaburg, on Tuesdsr, May 10, by tlie Rev. Mr. Pack, Albbh J. Disxrr, or ibis city, to Mia* Dosnro.* Bintoroa*, of Wllliamaburg, I- L tmm ?T? O ' Baimr.? In Brooklyn, on Tuesday, May 17, by Rev. John R. Mf Donald, Jo** y. Hmrvatv, Jr., to Maau F., eldest daughter of Or. Thomaa O'Brien, all of Brooklyn. I*aeoa? Bbh.avt on Monday, February 22. by the Rev. J. C Ihitcber, Mr. Wiuiia Linn to Mim Katb A., daughter of tba lata Tboraai Bellamy, all of tbii city. Carat.? On Tuesday. May IT, by tba Rev. Tli. rnaa Araltafe. Ai.reoireo D. HorxiKA* to Kaaowuaa K. .laughter or Oeorxe Cecil, Kaq., all of tbla city. K?*n*<;_ Oidmt.? On Thursday, May 12. In 81. Ann a eburcb. by tbe Kev Tbr>maa 8. Prestos, ,!om? K*uu?i. to Maat I. (in hit, both of Uiii rtty. ui?a. AniM -In Newark, N, J , on Tsesday, May 17, Mr. T. Ai'jma, lormerly efibia city Nia ralaiivM and friends and ma formar bailees* scquaintsnoes are reepectfnlly lavited to attend tbc lune ral, from bta late reaidenee, No. 141 Waablngton street, Newark, on Friday afternoon, at tbraa o'clock, without farther invitation. Bnow?a ? On r^abbath even ng. May U, Howes* I. S. Raowia, of tba Arm of J. H. Brawtr k Co. of ibla city, it bia 2Mb yaar. Kuneral Mrvlcea will be bald at Re*. Mr Tan Pyke'* eburcb, oorner of Rem*eo and Clinton street*. Brooklyn, tins (Wednesday) afternoon, at tbrae o'clock precisely, at which tbe relative* and friend* ot tba family, tba Treat, daat and * acuity af Columbia Uoilege, and tba mam ban of tba rlaaa <vT?S7 art r**p*otfully Invited ta attend Ha nail? On Monday evening, May 18, at Orange, Naw Jereey.Tuiinn Hint, M D. . I* the 7#th yaar afblaaga. f'saeral service* will be keM on Thursday morning, at kalf peat tee ecteck, at 8t. Mark's cburcn, oraoge. Tbe relativee aed friends of tbe family are re spectfully invited to attend. ?met ? on Tn? ,ay morning. May IT. at three o'clock, Mm Cu.j Bast*. daughter of (-'eorga f. R. aad Caroiiee Baker, aged Id yeara aad 3 moetba. i The friends and relative* are Invited to attend Ike fuse ral, at tbe Jaoe street Metbodtel eburek, this <Wtd aeeda) afternoon . at two o'clock Moetlcello (Bulllvaa*mnRty) paper* please repy. Brum ?On Tuesday, Mar H, of eooeumptioa. Hicham. Brans, aged M years , a native of the parish of hlltoveny, county i erk, Ireland The frteeda of tke family are respectfully Invited to attend t*e funeral, from b? lata raeideooe. No It* West Teatb street, cm Tburaday afternoon. at two o'clock. Tbe remams will be taken to (lalvsry i emetery. BaiOiJTT ?Oh Tuesday May IT, Bmkabo B*ar>i.*v, son af Bernard Bradley, aged M yea r*, a native of Bally meaa, oountr Antrim, Ireland His friends, aad thnee of kts wife, Bridget Ooetoc, are reepeetfe<(r isvtted to eMaed the (ueachl. from Mi late INldMN, Be M Weet TwtiuMsO street, a* Thnraday tltorMH, at two o'o4ook ? _ Kncuaovw. ? Oa T^w?>|,Jfcr U.QiLaan** BeBAWXia. IB l*? Mth year of bts iiK*. . . Tne lrteod? aud relatives ef tha family are ?*>**? Attend th<> funeral aervicee, tbia (Wedueaoay i afternoon, at i our o'olook, fro* but late reeuienoe, No. 12? Chruto pti6r itrfdC . Ooluns ? <? Monday , Hay U, F Annie R- Dix, wits ?* David 0. Ooltlue . The relatives and frlenda are reepectfuliy Invited ? attend tbe funeral, tbia (Wednesday) afternoon, at <*? o'clock, from bar lata reaideuce, 104 Went Forty-nun ?treat. . os , m Cobbv.-Ob Tueaday , May IT. In b?r 12th joar.ftJ* Couin, daughter of the lata Ttaomaa Curren.ol &?>*?? >0Onnu.-flh Tueedaf , May IT, at Wf-PJJ e'otock, after a abort llloeaa, Mrs. Oounu*. a natire of Oeotnamack , oouuty Water ford, Ireland ^ Her frlenda, and a?ao the friends of j*r b?* h Matbew, and those of bar altera, are resT*otfully t#??o? to attend tbe funoral, on Tburaday . a o'clock, from We rent h avenue, between Thirty sixth and Ybirly-aeveutb streets ,-?nue Dbkry -On Tuesday, May IT, at 378 Myrtle a* . Brooklyn, Cuablhs Wuwiblb, only child of John ana a suata Deary, aiiad 20 monthe and M day a. Our roeahud u gone Heavenward to bloom. iSSSSSSSfSXSb*^ ? ??j? Gkorob W Donrma. of tha Nineteenth precinct, Metro politan Polioa, by a pistol atoot in tbe hands of aa assae sis, aged 40 years, 4 aaen4be a?4 4 dnja. hl.l0_ A firm friend and brave officer , we mourn bis loes The Hineral will taka piaca Jrom bla late Fifty-fourth street, between Fourth and l**>ngton ?!? nuea, on Thursday morning, at nine o olook. mains will be taken to Tnrrytown for Joier ansa t. The frlenda of tha family and the members of the Police I* pertinent are respectfully Invited ta attend. See Thursday's paper* for partlcotara. Tha membera of Moaaic Lodge 418, t. txA A. K . ? hereby summoned to meet ? ">eir ?,h ?Mt Broome and Oroeby streeto. on Tburaday, tha l#th mst. , at aeven o'clock in ?t?e morning, for the pntpoM P '' log tba last tribute of respect to our late worthy brother, Gnott. W. Dubtba. By order, ^ w M Krrrnt. ? On Tuesday, May IT, Aim* Bi"fT' ??? dauKbter of Dr. D. F and Mary B. Fatter, aged 9 months "ThV relatives and frlenda are lovltad to attend the fnneral services, to be be d at the Korty-sacood street ^?byte"?, church (Dr. Scott'.) . on Tburaday afternoon, at three o'clock. The remains will be taken to homers f?Koil^nnTueeday. May 17, Mart, eldest daughter of I John and Catherine Fox, aged 2 yearn and 2 months I The friends of the family are respectfully invited to al^ tend tbe funeral, this (Wednesday) afternoon, atone o'clock, from the raaidanoa of ber parenU. -1 Jorsytu "'l^w.nL-On Monday, May 16, Lonaa Fowlsr. aged 7?Tlw relatlvea and friends of the family are r*8P?c'f"'1J Invited to attend the funeral, this (Wedno8duy ;if e - noon, at two o'clock, from the residenoe of his daughter. Mrs A. Bt urges, in Monticeilo aveuua, near Bowden ave nue, Bergen, N. J. Water town (Maas ) papers please COPT OsnwKT? On Sunday, May 1&J at Vernon , Westchoster county .N. Y., W. B. i.bdksy. "lhe relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited 10 attend the fnneral, this (Wednesday) mornmK. at ten o'clock, from hie late residenoe. Funeral service will take place at Trinity church, Mount \ ernon. The remains will be conveyed to Greenwood Cemetery for ?"STIC* Monday, May 10, Mrs. Eusasbib Gob*, aged I T7Tb?aSiends and acquaintances of tha family are respect fully invited to attend tba funeral, from !?? rf^deuD<*?f bar aott'lB lav, Thames Wallaca, No. 7# Orchard straet, tbia (Wednesday) afternoon, at one o'clock. Urwiort.? In jersey City, on Tuesday, May 17 , after a long illnasa, Gbobob W. , eldest sob of D. 8. Gregory , m tha 3 lheTf?todsD<!f ft' family are lovlted to attend tha M neral, Trom his father's residence, on Friday afternoon, at four o'clock, without further notice. .. _ Gallic ah.? On Monday, May 10, of oonsnmptlon , I Eu*a G alijqab, a native of Tubbercurry, county bligo, Ireland, **The'frienda of the'family are respectfully Invited to at tend the funeral, this (Wedneaday) afternoon, at two o clock, from her late residence ,24 M ul ber ry s treat. Haxmab A. Garwood, wife of Samuel T. Garwood, aged "iT^reiatlvea and friends of the family ^ reapect fally invited to attend tbe funeral, morning, at ten o'clock, from her late residence, corner "ISirSTiSS.-iw KSTTcmHr.,.#. ? 14 JoBmraL? KlUed'ln tbe late battle In iVl nant Thomas Jobksiob, of Co. I, Sixty Slxthreglraeot Ns^ York Volunteers, eldest son of Wa. and Saran Johnston, agod 23 years and 2 months. Notice of funeral hereafter. ^ Friends and aoqualntancee of the family are invited to attend tba funeral , this (Wednesday) afternoon, at three o'clock from hla Ute realdence, No. 221 Atlantic avenue, B,Km?y? From a shot wound, at his residence, No^ 107 Fast Twentv ninth street, Hi*am B. Kirk, son of Benja mia and Hi'zabetb Kirk, aged 17 ynnra 7 months and 12 d*Tbe friends and aoauaintances of the fsml'T spectfnlly Invited to atund the funeral service, at his late reeidence, this (Wednesday) evening, at aeven o'clock. California papers please oopy. LrwcH.-On Sunday morning. May 18, - ? LT!,C?, * native of Castle Lyons, county Cork, .Ireland. . . tssivs ? awsr? mL?Am,.-On Tuesday, May 17, ?Aim, only aon of John and Anna Llnnemann, aged 1 '"ibe* relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend tbe funeral, from hla parente realdence, No. 172 Hudson street, Hoboken, N. J., this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. 1-svns ?On Sunday, May 13, Coiucsua M. Lswts, wife of Isaac I own. aged 48 years. The relatives and friends are Invited to attend the fu neral servient, this (WednesBay) afternoon, at four 0 clock, at the bona* of her sou-ta-law, Wm. H. H. Moore, 22 Kast Thirty-third street. l/nxn. ? On Monday, May 16, Mr>. Salib P. Lone, to the 63d year of ber age. Her rriendi are respectfully Invited to attend the fune ral . from the residence ot ber soo in law, Thos. Terrel, 17 Minetta street, ibis (Wedneeday) morning, at ten o'clock. iURTimc.? tm Monday, May 16, John G. Mabtuikj, la the 64 tb year of hia age. Tbe relatives and friend* of tbe family are Invited to attend tbe fnnerm, irom tbe Reformed Dutch cbureb,at Port Richmond, Mateo Island, tbis (Wednesday) after noon, at three o'clock. Morto*.? Tbe remains of Captain Osaklss C Morton, Fourteenth \ew York cavalry, who died at New Orleans, will be luterred In tbe family vault, in tbe Marbla Ceme tery, Second street , between Kirst aad Second avenues, this (Wednesday) morning, at eleven o'clock. Tbe rela tives and friends are invited to attend. | Matthfiws ?On Monday. May 16. H*n*t Matthkws, be loved husband of Anna KJizabeth Matthews, aged 31 years and 7 months. The relatives and friends o f tbe family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, front his late residence, No. 293 Tenth avenue, on Thursday afternoon, at half past one o'clock. The remains will be taken to Lutheran Ceme tery for interment. llu'imn.? On Monday, May 16, after a lingering 111 neat, MAWuxrr, daughter of .lohn and Anne*McCaffrey, a native of tbe county Farmanagb, Ireland. Tbe relatlvee and friends of the fsmlly sre respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from tbe residence of bar unels, No. 6 124th street, between Sixtti snd Seventh avenues, this (Wednesday) aiternoon, at balf-past one I o'clock. Her remains will ha taken to Calvary CenMtary for tntarmeot M' l sod ? f?n Ttinday, May IT, of consumption, Richa*d M< L?nt>, aged 27 years. Tbe funeral will take place from the houaa of his brother-in-law, No. 132 Monroe street, tbla (Wednesday! afternoon , at two o'clock. Tbe friends of the family ara i respectfally lavlted to sttand, without further notice. McCohvsu ? On Tuesday, May 17, Roes MoCowsma, > widow of Francis Mcconnell Tbe friends and acquaintances of the family ara re spectfully invited te attend tbe fnnsral, tbls (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from her lats residence, Ne. I 80 I'.roome street. Philadelphia papers piease copy Promt. ? <if wounds revived Id one of the lata en gagements, Captain M. D I'caiBix, 1 odVtb Excelsior Brigade. His friends, snd thosa of bis hrothsrs, Patrick and Andrew, and of his uncle, Thomas T>onovaa, also tboss of bis brothers Inlaw, .fobn and Patrick Oondon. are Invited to attead the funeral . from the residence of his brother, Patrick Purtell, 204 Fulton street, this (Wednesday) af ternoos, at half past ooe o'clock. Tbe rsmaiaa will ha taken to Calvary Ceatetery for Interment. Glasgow (Scotland | papers please copy. Pmuire.? On Tuaaday, May 17, Mast Ah* Fmuara , aged 64 years. The relatives and friends are Invited to sttend ths funeral, from tba Church of St. John the Baptist, I<exla( ton avenue, corner of lhlrty-fllth street, tbls (We Joea day afternoon, at two o'clock. lhe remaina will ba taken to Greeswood. Ucinua* ? "a Monday, May 16. Patrick QCTRiAff. for merly of Bettevant, county Cork, Ireland, aged 64 years. The friends and relatives ars requested to attead tba funeral, from ty* late reaidence, isc Church street, this (Wednesday) aiternoon, at two e clock. Roiwm.? At bis residence, 160 Greenwich street, os Monday, May If, John M Rocas, aged J7 years and 10 ai oaths Hia remains will be conveyed to 9?. Peter's cfcurch, this 1 Wednesday I morning. at cine o clock, where a requiem *>aae wiU be celebrated for his repose. Tba relatives and friends of tbe ftmHy ire invited to attend. The funeral will leave theeburcb immediately after tbscsremssy. it Is ip l? | , ?n Irlday, May 15, Arwtsros Pboal, is'ast ton of Rev. R. aad R. 8. Riley. 8aBrAap ?On T'tstdsy, May 17, Fiswa, dangbtSf of Rhodes asd Cornells I- rfheperd, aged 6 msaths aad V days. btswaat.? ^ On Monday, May 16, of consumption, CHAS. E. ?ntwART, e<s of Mary K. and tbs late James Stewart, aged 26 years aad 27 days Tbs frieads and relatives are raapectfnlf Invited Is attead the funeral, tbis (Wednesday) afternoon, at twe o'eiock, from hia late residence, Ne. ? Ureses strset, without further lavitatloo. la Williamsburg, os Monday, May 1?, Of brail fever, Wiijuas Rotaar, eideat son of William J. and Al meda Ttiley , aged 6 yeara, 1 month and 13 days. The reistlvsa aad friends of the family are Invited M attend ths funeral, front tbe residence of bta psreata, Ns no Vtsrtfa sir est t*tvss* Ksrthrvth aad Ibtth strseu. Williaastmrg, Um (Wednesday) 4UWM. ? I Mt O'Okx*. Tu.tM -Oa Twig , May IV, lLa?Aa? J. t?u eoe, aged 38 fMri KuMrai servioae OR ?buntdajr morning, at tea o'otock, from the residence of Juub L Mtn, 47J Kuttos avenue, Brooklyn. Wnm*.? Of consumption, Una P., yoaafg I Saoghter ol fieo 0. Weils, aged 12 years and 11 moutba Tbe funeral will uaJta place it No U Soul* Fourth street. Wiiliesneharg. as Thursday afternoon, at on* o'clock Tbe remains w(U be takea to Cypress Hlhs far interment. Yousa.? 0b Monday , Hay is. Hast Joonoa, wife of llw>eri Young, in tbe 'isd year of bar age. The friaoda of the family , aleo those of bar father , Wil liam Johaataa, are reepeoUuliy lav I tod te atiaad the fuueral, from 213 Wen l Nineteenth a treat, UMe (WtttM day) a ternooa, at ooe o'olock Coloraioe Chronicle please copy SITUATIONS WANTUO-FUIHALRS. A number op well recommended obkman females want situaiioua aa eooks, chain barmaid a and ??"hd/eMee. nurses, girls for general housework, Ac . at Mrs. LOWE'S German Institute, 17 Staatoa st., near the Bowery. ililspss A I RESPECT ABLE TOUNO WOMAN WaNTS A | situation as ofcambermaid or to assist la the wsshing sod ironing, oity rsfereuoe can he given train her preesat employer. Can at SS West Uth st, for two days. AM WEIX BECOM MENDED PROTESTANT 8WI88, II ? rears of age. spesking Oerman and Preach, but not muoh English , dsairea a situation In a Christian American family either to take oare of or Instruet children, or to da sewing snd embroidering. Ite4din* ea Sisten Island, she can. be sean for two days at 164 Pulton ec. N. T., between 10 aad 3 o'clock A SITUATION WANTED? BT A BESPEOVABLE young woman, as cook; no objection to aaslst In the waahlag. Qood city reference. Can be aeen at IIS 7th at. AM AMERICAN PROTESTANT OIRL WISH KB A JX aMaation la dnahamberwork aad saw tag. or aa watirees. King bell at 024 6th at., near 31st st. AS PIBST CLASS LAUNDRRSS? BT A PER* COM petent girt, with good*oity referenoe. Call at M 18th at , west of 6th ar. A RESPECTABLE oerman OIRL wishes a I* lack in s small private family aa chambermaid. Call at 187 Heater st. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS TO TAKE IN A private family or gentlemea'a washing at her own renldenoe, 123 East Eleventh street: can do Anting, plslting and crimping. Can produce the beat references aa to de livering them safe, and will do them at a vary moderate price. Ayouno woman wishes a SITUATION, TO DO general housework in a atnall family, can cook, wash and Iron. Addresa 291 let ar., between 17* aad IStb sts. Good city references. A SITUATION BT A TOUNO OIRL, AS OHAMBER maid; good city reference. Apply at 120 7th av., be ween 18th and IBth sta. A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A al mation as arammress in a private family; can cut and fit ail kinda of chililr?n's clothing; has best city re ferents. Can be seen at 407 Adelphi St., Brooklyn, E D. A RESPECTABLE TOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITUA tion as plain cook, waaher and troner; ha* good city rrturenoe from her la*t place. Call for two days at 177 Adama St., Brooklyn, third ttoor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE girl, as chambermaid and waitreaa; no objection to the country ; good elty reference. Call for two days at No. S 6th st., near the Bowery. A TOUNO LADT WISHES TO PHOCUBB A 8ITUA tion in a private family as lady a companion or to do plain sewing snd make herself useful if required. Address M. M., Herald oQice. for two days. A SITUATION WANTBD-BT A NEAT, TIDT TOUNO woman, to do cliamberwork and waiting, or chamber work and take care of a baby ; no abjection to go in th e country. Oood references given. Apply for two days at 163 West 29th st, between 7th snd 8th avs., in the rear. A LADT DESIRES A SI IUATION EITHER AS HOUSE keeper in a first claaa fsmlly, or to take cars of s house during the abacenca of the family. The highest references aa to character aad qualification* given. Address M,, has 144 Herald offioe. A SITUATION WANTBD-BT A RESPECTABLE younc girl, as chambermaid aad waltrees or chamber maid and te assist in the washing snd ironing. Oood refe rence. Csn be seen for two days at 242 6th ar., between 16th and 16th sts. A SITUATION WANTED? BT A TOUNO WOMAN, AS ebsmbartnald and aeamatress in a private family; would go in the country for the ?nmmer. Beat city refe rence. Call at 567 3d av., between 39th aad 40th Sts., ascond floor, hack room. A TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS waitreaa, or aa chambermaid and eeamslreas; would go to the country; good city referenoe. Caa be aeen st 109 West 26th st A A SITUATION wanted-by a respectable woman. ae fli*t rata cook; it an excellent taker of bread and pa- try : the best of city reference given front her last employer. Call for two daya at lit 7th are., between 18th an<l 19th eta. SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, aa good plain cook, waahar and tronar; good city refer eooe. Apply at 176 Baat 17th at. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG OIRL. TO do general housework; good reference. Apply at 438 8th are., between 33d and 94th ate. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM barmaid and to ee-let with the waihing; haa good city reference. Call at 184 We*t 33d at., tor two daya AKESPBCTABLE WOMAN WI8HB8 A SITUATION; i* a Mod oeok ; underatanda her buelneae; leaa excel, lent walbir and lioaer; no objection to go to the country; good dty reference call at M Baat Baltic at., Bredxlyn ; can b# Maa for two daya. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A OIRL. TO COOK, waah and iron; haa !iv?d 16 jean and haa the beat of ei ty reference. Apply at IS 43d ft., near 3d ar., for two daya. A WIDOW LADY AND HER DAUGHTER DE8IBE to take charge of a houae during the abaence of the family tn the aummer. Call on or addree* lor one weec H. J. K., 1,271 Broadway. In the loe eream aaloon. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS chambermaid and waitreea or aa chambermaid and to do Dlain aewing. Caa be teen fer two day* at 133 Kaet Mtb at. ARE8PRCTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WSHES A 8ITU ation aa chambermaid and waitreea <W to take aare of children ; no objection to the country. Call at 149 Weat Md ft., near 8th ar. City reierence. A GOOD OPERATOR ON WHEELER A WILSON'S machine would like a few more famlliet' Hewing; can do all kinda of work on the machine or by band; doei all klndt ol oreaamaking m all ita branchea. Call at ?13 3d ay. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO cook, waah and iron; iaa good plain coek. capable and neat; can teler to ber last place Call at 99 Weat 19th ?u A situation wanted-by a respectable girl. aa chambermaid and la aaoiit in the wkxhing and Iron lng ; ha? beet of city reference. Inquire at 31 4th ay. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A MIDDLE AGED'ENOT il-h woman, to do general homework. Call at 91 Greenwich ay. A SITUATION WaNTSD-BY A Y01NO GIRL, TO DO chamberwerk and waiting m a private family; no objection! to the country. Call at 113 We t 15th it., rear houie. ARFBPECTABLB GIRL WARTS A SITUATION AS nun*' can lake entire charge of a baby. Beit of refer eucei. Call at 09 Weat 24th at. AKE8PECTABLE TuUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITU anon aa nuree and seiDitreaa Good reference. Apply at 48 Weat 2.1th at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RE8PKCTABLE woman, to cook, waah and liea Call at 41 Madiaon ft., room No. 9. A SITUATION WANTED? WITH A FAMILY INTEND log to travel; California preferred. Beat rei eren. ei given. Addreaa Kate, Braeklya Poet office. A SITUATION W ANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE Wo man, aa laundreaa and French finer In a hotel or flrat rlaaa boarding honae. Inquire for two dayi at 211 Mott at , third flaor, middle room. RF.SPEi TABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION aa wet nurae, harlnc Ion her baby. Apply at 2j? Eaat i OKKMAN OIRL WANT8 A SITUATION TO DO A thamb*rwork and wailing In a private American faint. ly. Call at 83 Union el., Brooklyn, eecond Door, b-ck room, A LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS H0C8EK FEPER, la a hotel or private latnily. or In a gentleman a houeo where there are children. Addreea A. B.. (tattoa D ARF.SPBCTABLK WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION a* good plain took. The ben of city reference given from her laat plate. Can be eeen for two day I at 193 Eaat 23d at, between let and 2d ave. _ ? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A eituatton in a bakery. Good city reterence. Call at or add-ei' :tM Id av . ae< ond door from 38th et A RF.SPEi TABLF. YOUNG PROTESTANT OIRL, w i'be? a ?Itnat'oa te take care of children and do piaia le* lag Call fjr two <Uyi at IB) Weat 21 it ei. ASITUATIONfWANTiD-Bt A YOUBO WOMAN, TO do hooaework in a imall family ; la a good w? iher and raaa r. Call at 29 Caraelta et. Actuation wanted-by a respectable girl, aa laundren or general houieworker In a private family. Good reference tf required. Call at 132 7ilh It, flrai floor room No. 3 ^ A YOUBO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AH COOK; Da ?bjertloa te the country ; good etty retereaeee. Caa be aeeu for two daya at 91 Marlon at., la the rear. A situation wanted-by a respbctablb pbo te?unt girl, to do the gener^ homework of a amail family la a good oook and aa exceBlat lauadieia Call at SSI Weit t.i<h at A SITUATION WANTED-A8 NURSE. BY A PERSON faUy romp* ?trt te take cfcarae of a baby from lafaany or grew a children, and tew, left hey laat place on account of me family going to Buro|N. Baat city re erence. Call at 134 i.?d it . near :td av. ______ J MIDDLE AGED PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHEB a iltuatlon aa plain cook . will aeatet la hodaewerk . la a good waaber and Ironer; wiabea a ready place. CMI1 at mS Gie?e it., m the rey. A~~ Youiro diRL wanyb" a iiTr ati on totak b aare of children caa da obaanbovwork er waiting; good reference. Apply ai 227 Ktnith et., Brooklyn. AlFBPtCTABIE YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITI A tlon aa chambermaid aad laundreaa or chambermaid aad eaametreae, ao obiertioa la the eoiiatry for the e u ta rn a? men the; bae over three reare'ictty rafereaea from ber Mat place. Call at 115 Weal 1Mb at., fraat baeemeat. MTPAflOWB I situation waH MMtanaili wouM UWB WOK All WISHES TO DO THB WABRINO of a family In her own hou a or go out br the dav. I on Mrs Om?m, Iff 1M lttfe !(.? mi buUdiu*. toy 1 _<1<> l""?t?ork lu a Mina.ll family. Call for two daya at ! Baat Jld at., near Lexington a*., flrat " situation wantbd-bt a orbbm oirl. to "^aU for two daya a floor, back room. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A TOUNO GIRO IN A private Aintricxu family , to do general bona* work* good city refrrenoe OaU for two days at 98 Forsyth at. . tiaar Grand. firat lloor. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WIHHRS A SITUATION TO f* do plata oookiu waabing aad iroaing or chamberwork. Apply at I8t> Ba-t Slat it , front room, aeoiud tloor, for two daya- Ooed reference. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION aa laundress. poliabar and Kreueli fluter. in a bo tat of ATM ciaas boarding bouse. OaU lor two daya at ill Molt at ARRSPRCTABLB TOUMO WOMAN WISH BR A SITU atlon aa aeamstrese; no objection to take charge of A tka beat of city reference Call at 66 We?t Iftth at AMIBDLB AOBD BN 01.1811 PROTB8TANT WOMAN da?tr?M to accompany a lady or family ?ing to Rnglund; ICtiftSfiP f oaaipanion or aurao (la formor voyastd has net been aubjoot to esa sickness) : tha bast ofreferenoe mvea M required. Address M. A. P.. Now Brunswlok, A SITUATION WANTBD-BT A RESPECTABLE WO M laundress In a private family, or aa ahaiuber tnald In a private boarding bouae; can da plain Outing. Beat dty reference if roquirod. Oka bo aosn for two daya at W Weat *7th at., room No. A A RBSPECTABLB OIBL WISBBS A SITUATION AS ebainbermaid; would do fine wanning and Iron lag. Can be Moa at her pre* nt employers lor two daya. 06 13th at. two doora west of Broadway. ABB8PBCTABLB OBRMAV OIRL WI8HB8 A 8ITUA tton in a auial! family to da general houaework, Boat reference liven. Apply at 134 Alloa at., third lieor. A respectable to un a girl wishrh a situa tion to take care of children and make her<elf general ly useful; no objection to the oouniry for the aummor. OAU at her preeent place of employment, 27V Woet 19th at. A SITUATION WANTBO-BT A B F.8PBCT A BIB yoking sirl, aa chambermaid and wnllress, or waitroea alone ; oountry preferred. Call nt 186 Baat Slat it., for two Of* A respectable yobno oirl wishbs a sttua to do light chamberwork and take care of children, flood reference aa to honesty, Ac. Call at 20 Harrison at. AOKKMAN (HRL WISHB8 A SITUATION AS COOK, washer and ironer or to do general housework. Call for three daya at 207 fitk at. cornet lat ar? pom No. 7. A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH OIRL WISHES A SITU atlon aa chambermaid and nurse. Call at UWooe ter st. ASITUA1 ION WANTED? BY A BBSPECTABLB youue sill, to cook, wa-h and iron; ia willing and obliging. Call at 180 Na>saii *t.. Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION aa first class rook; nnderetanda her business in all It* branches. Call at her present employer's, 86 bast 35th St., near Lexington av. -<t A RBSPECTABLB PERSON WISHES A SITUATION as lady's maid and seamstress: can eutand 111 ladies' and children s dresses, alao boys' clothes; in willing to tra vel and make herself generally useful. Apply at 39 Woat Warren st., South Brooklyn. A situation wanted? bt a young woman, as first clans laundress-, good reference. None but the beat of familiee need apply at 241 6th av. A TOUNO GERMAN LADY WI8HE8 TO OBTAIN A situation as nnrae in a respectable family. Call at IS Marion st Miaa OLUCH. A SITUATION WANTKD-BT A PROTESTANT young woman, a* chambermaid and waitress, or child's nurse: no objection to the country. Best city refe renoe. Apply at M Chry?Ue at. A RBSPECTABLB TOUNO OIBL WISHES A SITUA tion aa o bam barmaid or to toko care of children . Call at 626 Cth ar., second floor. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHBS TO DO OBNBRAL housework In a small private family; good city refe rence. OaU for two days at 167 Smith St.. Brooklyn. A RBSPECTABLB OIBL WANTS A SITUATION AS A nurse and aoamstreao. OaU at 189 7th nr., ia the lamp store. A SITUATION WANTED? BT A RBSPECTABLB young girl, as first class waitress In a respectable family: no objection to do light cbamberwork; best of rsfs reoes. Can be seen for two days at 181 Mulberry st, in the rear, second floor. A FIRST CLASS COOK WISHES A SITUATION; will go to the country with a family; eirallent city reference. Call at 411 2d ar., near 1M st . seoon'l floor. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITU ation as good cook; Is an excellent baker: will assist with the wasbiag In a private family : has no objection to go a short distance In the oountry. Call for two days at 18 Weet 13th st. A SITUATION WANTED? BT A RBSPECTABLB WO man, as chambermaid and waitress; no objection to go to the country; three year*' city reference. Call for two days at 60 West 26th St., between 6lb and 7th ava, ARKSPEOTABLB OIRL WANTS A 8ITUATION AS first rate oook ; no objection to assist la wasbin* and Ironing; no objection to the country. Good city reference given. Can be soon for two days at 434 West l6tn at. ATOUNfl OIRL DESIRES A 8ITUATION AS CHAM bermaid and waitress, or chambermaid and to take care of children; is willing and obliging; can be well rsuoramend ed ; no objection to the oountry. Call at 72 West 20th St., in the rear. A RESPECTABLE MARRTBD WOMAN WISHBS A situation as wet nurse: fresh breast of milk; no oh ieetlona to the country. Inquire at 233 Mulberry St., second floor, front room. A TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A PLACE AS CHAMBEB maul and waitress, and is willing to assist in washing and Ironing if required. Call at 214 West 16th st, A SITUATION WASTTBD? BT A DRK8HMAKKR. AS cutter and litter ot ladies dresses; baa no objections to wait on'a lady and make herself generally useful. Call at 116 West 16tk st. A SITUATION WANTED? IH A OKNTEBL PAUHLT, by a young girl. >? diii-m and plain seam?iresa. or to do ch*mberwork and waiting. Ii polite and obliging. Call at S37 Went 36th it. A8ITUATI0N WANTED-BT A TOUNO WOMAN. AS Drat dlase wa I trees, or would do wow chatn berwork. Can be?eeen at 94 ?mi 34tl> at., between 9th and 4th ara Beat city refereaeo. A SITUATION WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE youug woman, a* wet mine, ran be seen at S41 id ar., between 21st and 2 1d ?ta. No objection to the oountry. The best city reference ASOBEB. STEADY CIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN the oouotry : is a good mi'kcr, understands dairy work. unit for two days at 181 ilenry st. A TOUNO OIEL WISHES A SITUATION AB^HAM brrmald or waitress has the best of citr reference, uail for two days at 66 West lnh St., near fch ar. A SITUATION WANTED? RT A RESPECTABLE young woman to do general houseworn in a small pri vate f amlly ; beet of city referenoe. Call ai is Heater si A MOST RK.~P KOTABLE YOtNri WOMAN WISHES a situation as senmstre-s. has a good idea of dr*ss. making sod all family sowing. Call for two days at liO Eaat SSd St. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A PRIVATE family's washing, or gentlemen's washing, at ber own residence ; has the best or city reference. Call at or addites 274 East 2Sd St. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A WIDOW LADT. AS hOM-ekreper In a widower's family, (.'all for iwo days at 331 10th av. , first door, from room A TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS WAIT reas; has geod city reference. Call al 281 7th nr.. en i trance in 78th at, corner bakery. ' xiipsiii A TOUNO WOMAN WANTS TO 00 OUT AS 8EAM strese, by the <iay or week; understands dressmaking. Call at 1 19 West 24th at. A LADT DESIRES TO KIND A SITUATION POR A girl, whom she <-an highly recommend, as Suite and chant bcrmaul or waitress; no objection to go to ihe eouutry for the summer months Apply at *28 West Suth st. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A WELL EXPE rtenred jirl to cook, wash aod Iron; la a good baker. Call at 222 Went JJth st. Ammo IIIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO chamberwort and Ine washing, or cbamberwork and wa ling, Heed one r?ar and eight months in ber last place. Call for iwo days at 97* Greenwich st . near Houston. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN a small family, aa general servant: best of city rtfe reaoe. Call at 194 Monroe *l A RESPECTABLE VOUNO GISL WANTS a 81TUA tioa s? nurse and scsmstres. no objection to the coca try ; best etty reference. Call fee two days at 412 3d ar., be tween Sink and Slat ate., tret Boor, front room. A"",t ^**8 Laundress wishes a situa tion in a private fami.y , has ths be?i of city rer? Clii'l" obJ*cfon? ?o the country. Csn be teen at MS A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIEL WANTS A situation, aa nurse a ad to do light ebaabsrworft. Caa be seen at 5J0 T> eft 44th *t A SITUATION WaNTEP-BT A PBOTESTANT OIEL, as 909k. waaher tad Irener. ID ?small private family. Call tor two dsyi at 21# 1st ??.. second floor, bsrk room. Acom tItknYfe MON WisH ?s a sifuAfioiTTs anrse and eeametress. can ont and St children's daesses, take charge of a baby f cos ite birth aad operate on Wheeler A Wilson's srwiag machine The beet of city reieienue. Call at >44 4th ?v. SlfCATION WANTED-BT- A IWSPBCTABLB young womaa; la a good cook, washer aad ironer. The best or cKy refereasee can be givea. Call at II Asnity St., Hrooklya. second floor, back room. A COOK'S STTtATmN WANTED-BT A PBOTESTANT wonurn. who understand* soups, meate. poultry, game anddeeeerts; If a first rata bskor aod laundress; under stand* her hudwu ee In an lie branches; ao ob tool loss to go a short dmtaaee la the country. Oood etty rwferaaca. Apply at AM id sr. ^aear Slot ?t. A COMPETENT 8BAHJTES88. WHO IS ANEXPS rtaneed operator on Wheoler k Wllsee'* .eewing ma. cbtno, wishes a situation, la the eit.r or country; would aaeist with ebamberwork or take care ef a child ; has good referenoe. Address H 0 M.. Madison Sqaar* or Brooklyn Post oflioa. A TOUNO wCMAS WISHES A SITUATION TO MIND A. children and do plain sewing, hae no objectlone 10 mm In the nountip fer theswei*er monihe; has good refersmoa freas ber laet plane. Can far two date al 13? ( Union place, first Boor, room No. ? _________ A RESPECTABLE OIEL WISHES A SITUATION IN A private family aa ahambermaid aad waitrees. or flham berwork or flae wash lag. in the nonntl*; the beet of oily r? ??are uw hn son for two day* wllllag to take cbaSMibf ?? Infant! ?M nw ihIIi klilte beatnfoMy rWrriDM. Call at lid W*?t ?u, ?L BLIZABBTB BLDKR WISHBB FAMILY Ok De al rtSnTl* a*W!*g *' Mr 0W'1 h?<M' AP#I* U1rtUom? oitcawon Wanted.? a bsufbotablb rong kJ woman wteaee a eltuatioa aa eliaaibermatd ami waltieee or te ito Krneral houaework >? * private family, reisrawae can I* given, ('alt (or two days at m West 1 7 th at. SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOIIKG WOMAN. r? O do the work of a small family or lake charge of eluldrea. Can be aeea at *17 Waat znth at. SITUATION wantbd-?t a respectable oibl O aa chstnberioaid and waltro a. Olty refereaw Oail ea 103 Waat 28th at . between Mh and 7th as SITUATIONS WANTED? BY TWO YOUNG OIBLS, ?S iD do light work; would have do objo- uon to go la tha country. Can be aeen for two daya at US Ttk avs. , nnrnaa of Kith at SITUATION WANTBD-BT A BBHPRCTABLB UIMM, Cj a>- chambermaid and waitress . would go a ahort dl? Unco ia the country with a (Matty Car tha summer OnM ad 156 Kast 19 th at., flrat floor, hack room. SITUATION WAHTRD ? TO DO THB OBNBRA1 houaework of a small family. Good references. *CaS at 1 00 Smith ?t. corner of Wyekolf. South Brooklyn. QITUATION8 WANTKD? BT TWO 8I8TBBS: ONB AS n chambermaid aad waitress; tha other ta take can at children and do plain sewing. Apply at 40 Baat at. SITUATION AS WBT NURSE WANTBD-BT A RS O apectable young marsied wmaa, with afreah brsaater milk ; In perfectly heaHhy. Apply for two day a at 338 Wan *7 that. SITUATION WABTBD? BT A TOUNO WOMAN. AS chambermaid aad waitress. no abjection to etty ar eouatry. Oaad alty rataraaei glita. Vlaa~e call at 110 Baat 19th at. SITUATION WANTED-A8 NURSE OB CHAM maid, by a gtrt, who haa tha baat city lelereuoen. i at 116 Baat Mh at. App?? lauded. Apply at tha large Bmnlaymant Uouaa ooraar i 6th av. and llth at. Aleo male help. SITUATIONS WANTED? BT TWO BEBPBCTABfiB young womea, Bisters; wlah to live together, one as first rate ooak end excellent waaher aad Inner; the othar aa chambermaid aad waltraaa. or would aaatat with tin waahing aad iraalag. Beat city reference from their laid plana. Can bo aaen far two daya at 90S Id ar., batwaea Of and ttd a la. SITUATION WANT BD? AS GOOD COOK AND BABUL O waahor and Iroaer; willing to go in tha country OhS at 547 Waat 56th at., aear 8th ar. SITUATION WANTBD-BT A PBOTBSTANT GIBfe aa chambermaid or aa aeamatrem aad chambermaid! " city r __ I 9th I SITUATION WANTBD-TO DO UP STAIRS WOB?, or the gen oral hoeaewurk of a ataaQ family. Ooadrafa rence. Call at 330 Bant 2uh at. SITUATION WANTRD? BT A TOUNO WOMAN, AS chambermaid and watlreM; oaa ?in good reieretm Call at 86 8th a*., aecond floor. SITUATIONS WANTBD-BT TWO RB8PE0TABM girls; one aa good cook, waaher and ironer; ia a goad bread baker; the other to do chsmberwork and hewing, oraa waitress, ia experienced in all kinds of up atain work; pra ter* a good hoine more than wagea; the beat or city refe rences from their last placa. Call at 3S7 7th ar.. betwaaa 34th and 36th aU. SITUATION WANTS D?BT A TOUNO WOMAN, T? da chamber or general housework ia a small prlvada family. Beat of elty refereneee. Call at 99 Charles at Situations wanted? for thoroughly comps. tant female help of all nations, auch aa Qrat ciaaa -nkai chambermaids, waitrea-ea. laundreaans, aeainatreaaafc nuraea, cooks to wash and iron, amall girls and elrla lately " jjtoynnl Hobm oonar ? TWO OIRLS WISH SITUATIONS TOOBTHRB; OWI aaeoek and tha other aa chambermaid. Ooad refers aeai Apply at 3> Latwrenca at, Brooklyn. TIT" ANTED? BT A TOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION TV to do general houaework; Is a goad waaher and iroamt and plain oook; good reference can aa glvaa. Caa ba aasB for two days, dill at 376 3d ava., in the rear. WANTED? A SITUATION. AS CUAMBBRMaID ABS wafltreaa, ia a private family; good rocommaadatioaa aa ta character and aoatillimtloaa glvaa by tha family te which the advertiser haa real dad for four yean. Inquire at 91 Amity at WANTED? A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AM? waiter, by a moat rexpaotaMe girl who haa Sret olan eityreiereuoe ; will ba found abligiag aad wilUag. Apaly at W PaoiUe at, Brooklya. XXT ANTBD? BY A RBSPECTABLB PROTESTANT WS TV man, a aituation aa firat olan oook; no oblectioa ? the country. Good reference. OaHat nt Weattlstat TXTANTED-BT A RBSPECTABLB TOUNO PER80BL TV a stiuatioa aa aaamatreaa; andanlaada ciittng am fitting children s olothas, and can operate oa WhaalarS Wilson's sewing machine , would not object to making nav xelf useful. Call at or address 2M Waal 16th at, aaasaS floor. TIT ANTBD? BT A TOUNO GIRL. A SITUATION *S VV take care of ohildrea and ao smno sawing; 3)4 yean1 reference from her laat place. Call at 1,411 Broadway, eaa door from 41at at. In the miillnerr store, for oao day. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A FIRST CLASS aurae, ia willing to asaist la tha ohamberwoit; MM apaak French and Englleh. Apply to day at 119 Mh ar. WANTBD-BT A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAS. VV a aituation aa laandreaa in a private family or as cha^ barmaid and, to do the fine waahing; beet of oily refaraatB given. Call at 282 7tk av , second iloor WANTED? A SITUATION. BP A BB8PBCTASUS Kirl, as good cook, washer and ironer, or to da A* houaework of a amall family: beat of dty reference. OMM be seen for two days at 13d We?t luth at. WANTED-A SITUATION AS NUBSB AND BBAV xtress, understands sewing on Wheeler A WllsMW se wing machine. Can ba aean at her eoaeleyer'a, 188 VM -8th at. WANTED-BY A COMPETENT WOMAN, A SITSA lion as oook and to assist In the waahleg and Iroalu In a privata family. Best city refer en eaa. Call far M daya at 203 Baat 13th at. , second floer. baek room. TKT ANTBD? BY A RBSPECTABLB OIBL, A SITNA VV tion In a reepeciable family as cook, washer aad Iroaer; haa the best of tnty rsleranoa. CaM for twe daya ad 256 West aid at WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A BB8PECTAB&B young woman, aa nunc; on* who naderetanda rare of children, ia a food wvir and can five the beat db re fereace from bar lart place. Can b? aeea far twa dayaM 214 West 36tb at., between 8th and 9th are. WANTED? A SITUATION, BT A RE8PBOTABI# colored woman, at first claaa cook ; no waabla* Oaa* city mfaraneea. Call at 81 Thompson at.. first ioor. \X7ANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAB. TV a situation aa chambermaid and waltraaa; no abj? tloa to go la tba oouotry. Beat reference. Inquire *1 0 8tb ae. WANTKD? A SITUATION. BT A BBSPECTABI# woman, aa cook, waaher and tranar. Beat city iw re nee. c?U at 941 3d av., la the rear. WANTBD-BY A RBSPBCTABLB OIRL, A 8ITUA tlon ta do general bouse* ork la * email private M ly Oeod city reference from ber last plaoa. Can be saaa for two daya at 1 17 Bridge at., Brooklyn, rear house WANTED? A SITUATION, BT A RB8PECTABUI woman, aa laundreea la a private familv. BestaK rafereacas. Call at 93 Wast 19th St., between #th aad 7U> ni situation la a ?mall private family, to do aeiioM housework. Baai references i urnlihed Call at 6> Allans at., Brooklya. VkT ANTED? A SITUATION. BT A TOUNO OIRL. *? TV laundress, in a respectable private family. Best Mf reierence. Inquire until engaged at S3 Monroe at WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A VOUNO WOMAN, as chambermaid. in n private family, and to aaalal with the waabiof Beat eity reference. Call for IwadM* at 94 Mth st . between 6th and 7th ar?. WANTED? A SITUATION. BT A REMPBCTABUi young girl, aa saamstresa with a nice family; It wlliiag to make liernelf uaeful amongst children ; baa roots city a? ferrnre. Can be seen at 233 laat 13th *u, first floor, rear. nr., between 2tth and Suth ata. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BT A BP.?PKCTABM young firl. aa ?bambermald and waitress. In s smeB private family ; no objection ta go to the country ; beet ?V city reference. Call at 87 Pacific ?U. near Baniy, Braeklga WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE TOl'NO WOMAN, a situation to do llfht housework er chamberwork: ? a good waaoer and ironer . baa good eity re fere ace. Call at 304 3>d at , between 9th aad lutb avs.. third floor. WANTBD-BT TWO BBRPECTABLB OIRLS 8ITT7A? Lions, one aa oaok, waaher and ironer, the other aa chambermaid. aad would be willing to as-lat in the unM lti|? reiereac* given If required. lApply at IK) Chryatle a*. WANTBD-A SITUATION. BT A H10RLT RE8I'B(V table girl, aa nurea aad plala sewer, er to dalight cheat berwork . goad reference givea. Caa bo saaa far ana day at 348 Atlantic ?t., Brooklyn. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BT A TOUNO WOMAN, as cook, who thoroughly understands bar buslnesatB all Its branches, best of city reference from bar laat emplaft or. (fell at ?! Went 19th at, between <th aad 7tb tra., twa daya. WANTBB-A SITU ATI OV, BT A RRSPECTABUB girl, aa good cnoh, tret rate waaber and ironer. gaai references; no obiactioaa to go a short distanoe ta tka 00? ? try. y Ifl Tta' av.j near 30th ?C .? WANTED? BT A FIRST CLASS COOK. A SITUATION In a Drat claaa hotel or private family ; lallliMn* eoaklng la all IM brnnolae. Apply at ltt W??t 10ft n.. ?S 7tb a?. Country preferred. WANTBD-BT A TOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION TO du chamberwork and waiting, or to aesia? in waeblaf and Ironing; good <-lty reference san ba given. Call far MM daya oorner of Cour. aad Daaa tta , Brooklya. frame houaa. TT-ANTBD-BT A COMPETENT W0MAN~A HlTUAe TV t en aa laundreae and cham barmaid; no objection ta thd country , Mat city refereaee Caaba teen for two daya at ?7 Tib at fir ANTED? BV A RESPECTABLE BIBL. A 8ITOA VV tlon aa chambermaid and to aaeiet Ml tba wartilog aa4 Iroalng, baa no objection ta do the work of a itnaii privaM family, beet city riferenaa. Caaba aeen nil suited all# East fed at. ^?country. Oall Mm Soar, baof KfiHlNTNn-BT "a RM PR. T A BLB TfClO MlZ ^?n situation ta Meal, or aa a urea ta aa lafMi Oau J ^?irayth at . room No \ tor on? week Tlr ANTED- A SITUATION, BT A PI RST~ AJtEssKX^ ?? 2m PBOTBStAHT UIRLS WlBB SITUATIONS^ AN ? ??r" and obJeeMaa to tba nauntry Oai at MT Mb are . between n* *?<* Mu ?? laitln la ?fe? eaady etarn.

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