Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1864 Page 3
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w -- ? Masaw^^sjRfeiaHtss* TTlimO-ll a InriOTAlU TOUNG otu A ? lUuMlMMtoiMmikMiiiNikiktMNitM ?f4 *? ??"??? w??b?r u4 I rune r, rallfWM fru? kw iaat B??- Sui at MX Sdav.. MM aoh M.. aeeocd fleer. WAMTBD-A SITUATION IT A OOllPBTBNT Muidiiu . am cut and Si and do all klnda of family King. Can be *eea far two day* alUlU av , between ?iid Slat ata. ANTBD-A SITUATION AS HOUHBKBHt'BB, >T * woman from Nu? England, in a hotel or private family i I* fully competent , baa aarvad la that capacity for ?gbl year* lu Boa ion. ('all at ? Booiuian place, Md at WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A REHPKi TABLE girl. aecoak: cily reference. Call al 212 Bant 17th at., M*MI 1 l av. and avenue A. . Wanted- a BiTi'vrioN. by a rk*ph:tahlk young girl, aa nuree and chambermaid la a private toally : an nb ecbona to the country for the aumtnrr month-. OaD at LI West iOth at. between 81b and Vtb ate. WANTED-BY a respectable young woman, a altuatloa Ac chambermaid and wall re**, or cbam barm kid and child'* nurae Cnn be ae-n at her late employ er a 14* Lexlagteu a*.. from 12 to S P M. Wanted- a situation. by a MIDDLE AOKO woman, lo do general bouacworh. in a amall iirivate feaally . no objection (e go a abort dn>ianoa In the country wall n>r two daya at 324 7th ar,, lop boor, back room. anted- a situation. by a respect A BLB girl, to da houaework. rook, wa*h and Iron, for a pn family. City reltrcnoa. Call at ill Baat XM I at. . aeooad ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A 81TUA ttoa aa nurae. or would travel with a family. Can be aaea for two daya at 30 Bioecker at 1*7 ANTED? BT A RB8PBCTABLH TOUNO (1IRL. A WW aituatb in to da general houaework. or ? eald do rham farwork and waahiag. Caa ba aaea for twa day* at II Valon court, Univ< r>.lty place, l etweea UUi aad 12th ata. w| CS, w WANTEO-A BITUATIOB, BT A BE6PECTABLB yeung woman. aaeook: wIM a-eiat with tlie washing aaflltraning; understand* baking: ran give four yeara' rofe met. Call far twa daya at 310 Stanton at, between Lew It aad Moarca ata. WABTED-A SITUATION, BY A REflPECTABLB girl, lo d<rgeaeral houaework, or aa plain cook, go >d waaher and ironer tn a amall family; h"?t <>l city rcierence. Ayply for two daya at 100 Amity at, Brooklyn, third floor, boat room YY lion to do family eewiug, by the day or week; can cut ed fit chlldreo'i clothe*, ana baa eight year*' reference, a ba aeen at No, t (iib at , aecoad iloor, front building WANTBD-BY A R KB P ROTA B LB YOl'NO GIRL. A altuatlon to do general houaework In a respectable artvaWi family ; reference irom her last place. Can be acen 'or two daya at No. &ttli at. second floor, front building, W ANTBD-A SITUATION. IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, ?a chambermaid and to do plain aewing or aaaiat in waehtog aad ironing, no objrcu?n to the country; beat of reference. Call for two daye at 129 Baat 2Vtb at., between ?d and 3d ara. A HELP WANTED-VENALBR. BURSE WANTED-TO GO TO LONDON. ON 8ATUR day. Apply at 02 University place, between UUi and lata., from 9 A. M to 1 P. M. COLORED WOMAN WABTED-TO COOK AND aaaiat with the waablng. in a amall private family ; alao a bay to attend door. Call at 7t0 Braau way. up Matra. A 8EAMSTRF.S8 AND A CHILDREN'S NURSE A wanted; both moat be Proteatanta and bare good city fererenoe*; the ae.imatreM la expenrd to understand cutting aad making children* dre*?ea and hair dreaa;ng. Apply fca 9 to 12 o'clock, at 448 Weat 2Sd at, between 9th and Mttt ara. A GIRL WANTED IMMEDIATELY? POB GBNBRAL homework; ihe ma>l m obliging and willing. Apply after 10 o'clock at M Weat 2Btb at. AT BATMONDS. 61 BLEECEBR 8TREET. A PRW -A. doora eaat of Broadway (removed from 149 Grand atraet). excellent altuatlona ot en far proleaaed cooka and alber cooka, lauadreaae". ehamWmalda, wal(reaaea, aurtee. Bhrla far houaework, and tboae lately landed. IX GOOD SKRVABT8 WANTING BXCBLLBNT altuatlona should apply Immediately at HERDER '8 Servaata' On ice. No. 8 Court at Brooklya. Party rvaata wanted dally? oooka. chambermaid*. nur*e*. aeam waaee; all far eicelieai famiilea, both la eity aad eon airy. . BOUT OBE DOZEN WOMEN AND GIRLS AND BIX L lately landed wanted, for good altuatlona la city or aatry . Employers auited wltb civil ana capable aervanta? raan, Praioh, Bngl.ah lii?b, Scotch and colored, at tba ?e aarvaat a oUoe, 978 Blkik avenue. ? A GIRL WANTBD^-TO DO HOUSEWORK. APPLY at 443 Pearl at, over Leaak'a hat atoro. A GERMAN GIRL WANTED-TO DO GENERAL houaework In a amall family of three; muat be a rood WMber and irooer and be well racommendrd ; wacea $g par ?aatk. Apply at MS 2d av. , next to the corner of 90th at ALAROE NUMBER OP ENGLISH, SCOTCH, German and American eonka. laundreaaet. <eamKtres*ea aadatber houw worker* wanted fnr excel lent altuatlona. w th aaad waga-. la private famii.ea aad botela. in dty and Matry. Apply at tba Large Employ ma at Haoae, corner ?rtth at. aad 11 tit -at * POOE WANTED? CO LORBD PRBPBRRED; ONE V> who ean coma well recommended ; muat be a good Waahar and Ironer; family amall ? all grown pcreana. In fjlra at 77 Weat 19th at 0OOE WANTED -WANTED, A GOOD COOK, WHO thoroughly underatanda her buaine*a and hi willing lo gfllatlo walking and lroalng: the beat of referencaa will bo faqalred Apply at 24 Weat 32d *t WOMAN WHO UNDERSTANDS good waaher aad Irener: a mid tiootf referaoooa required. Ap r?OOK WANflUvA W? TTVBBPSMAKERS ?SEVERAL GOOD DRESSMAKERS A J are wanted in a flrat claaa aatabliabment Apply at 4B Vataw place, earner 17th at. VIM r cd _Jf CLASS MILLINERS AND TRIMMBRP WANT ed, al o tkraa good aalrawamen. Call at M Bowary, aaar ilouaton at GIBLB WANTED-THIB DAT. A LARGE NUMBRR OP fr*t claaa cooka. lauiidrereea. eook* to waab and iron, kauaeim M av. rkera, aeamatreneea, email gtrle and girls lately Apply at Bmploymeat Honae. corner lltk ?t aad av. VT t RSE WANTED? BETWEEN THB AGE OP 24 AND ,PI 40 yeara. an eiperienced woman fully comt?tcul to fcka the entire charge of a child alxteen month* old; mu-t ?a kla<'. willing aad obllflng; la aurh a* wl1l* a ge^d aad Enaaent a-tuauoo will ae given; beat city reference re ed. Apply between 11 aod 1 o'oteca to Mr*. Jacob*, 1U0 Iham at, new No 118. OERVAST8 WANTRD-AT 10 TILLABT ST.. BROOK n |n; Mlaltuatkim are readv thie moralag la the very beat Euaille* for cook*, ? nambermnlda, nur?' ? and*ra Md gtrla ler houaework: wage* aad fit), without waiting Sea miautea. Apply to Mr. CHRISTOPHER, tkamoat ?elaalland respectable agency in the city. % ALESLADY WANTED.? GOOD REPBRBNOB BB uuired One who apeaka Germaa preferred. Apply at - hih av. between S8th and 9l*th ata. OALRS WOMEN WANTKD.? KIVR FIRST CLASS P alMMM ? lor different deptrtariK in a large nrola<iy ud millinery cttablnhmrnii a knowledge of tbo MMIneaa neceaaar> #21 a ad 223 8th av. WM. K.N/.EY QBAMSTRERS WANTBB ? ONE WHO CAN CUT AH D dergan " " ? ' ? ' ? * ? Apply ?Tin deacrlptlon, for auperlor aliiatluoa and Ike ~ -^e eery flrat families. Apply Ml Mr. NANNINU, U rt UreeL Brooklyn LI CVtAW IBWKRS WaNTBD-ALSO GOOD ALTBRBRB. Q loba paid by the wank or doaan; plasty of work, and Ko boot pricea. Apply at 18S Bteookar atroet, eoooad boneo tonne MnedougaL CHIT HANDS WAMVBO? AT MO BROADWAY, TO O eear In the ahop by lha p.ece; alao tbraa by U>? weak. u> atlteh and make butlonbo'aa; tba higbeet pn?a paid. Pool Rraty no maobtne. BACCO HTRIPPBR8 WANTED-WOMEN AND glrla Apply at M~ and N9 Walar ?L WORK ON OORSKT8. ? A OOOD MACHINE OPR. rator and ee ?erai baatera . Heady employment and (bo icet rates paid Apply to Mre. l addie, sit Bowery. z WANTKD? A LADT TO LKARN THR ART Of COL orlaa pbotograp in After two weeks' Inmruotion, of i ho .r per day, wark will be glren out, or altuation will Call at 713 Broadway, room 19. Q.BONIUSBRRO. ?BO ho. in (Hon w p ttt undergarment and operate on Wbeeler A Wllaon'a ?mattlne. Apply at S43'Wool 51th at. S BRYANTS WANTKD IN BROOKLYN. -WANTED lmmetiately, a great nnmlior ol tirat c a a aervania of ANTI0-1N A PRIVATE KAMILY. A TIDY OIRL, aa tine lanndreaa and waltreaa; in><at have ??it.- re a MOOT Apply after II A M. at 14* kut 141b at. mar 3d ar. WANTKD- A OOOD COOK PREVCH |OE uERMaN. In a private family of two pereoaa One well rec >in ?tended (or honeaty will have a gol altuaton. ???.a |ll per n.oBih. Apply at ?4 keek man at., between ? and no'oiosk. WANTKD? 100 HANDS TO WOHK AT ARTIFICIAL niiwrm wbo can Mlk. aImi MJ apprealioea. Apply to Mr Tlcaut. :0, 22 and .. Ureene at. WANTKO IMMKDIATELT-A ROlfSE TO (JO TO Fngland, ?o attend four ehlHiten; gnm eltt r?f> renooa eaqnlrod. Apply kl 12 Ustveraity place. between tbe bourn eJ? and 12 A M. J/antf.d-\ rn 'TKstant uiri. as oood pi.ain " coo*, washer an i lrt'0>r unit totaae erne of the tul k two cown. a nuori nlaiauve in th.- i"-,tn i ry j gcod huutt ?ad wage* given. App y at 211 We?t tVIo at. WANTRD-lo EXI'fcRlKNt'KD FIRST CLAS8 BALKS women and trlninera for the ntllll' er? and auaw poda trade. at No. 1 Dlvlaion at., corner Catharine. WOVE* SKIRT HANDS WANTED -NOWB ftUT B* porteneed band* need apply. To good ban. la ateady ?tnplonnent all tko year. Apply at J. W. BraU.ej a akirt ntanufkiHcrr .entrance 81 Road* at. "K*f ANTED? A PROTBSTANT OIRL, AS < HABBER YY maid and waitress, and to aaalut with wa hmg, In a aaaali lamlly, tllteen n>lle? from New York In N- w leraey. Oaten etent peraono with gnnd reierrnoe. mar apply on Wednesday, bolwsotk U and 12 o'clock. at It Baat Mat at., ? Mb a*. Bleoekrr at* WANTED-I* A PRIVATE FAMILY, A OOOD COOK, and ioa?elel la the waahlug and ironing; ettv fslo mm required. Apply at ? 5ft ara, between SM aad 16 nta. ' WANTBD-A OOOD BOABDMTO HOPRH OOOBj moat rone woll nummonaodi ??oh a Me will Sad a gocl allnatlon |Apply at V Reaeh at , Ht John'a Park. WMANTBD-IN A SHALL PRIYATB ?MUH ASlll wtf ir*yi ?? pwimm TfTAMMli-A MOMB, M ? rRIYAIB ?>*"<*; " city refrrencea roqutrcd Apply H** ?' _ e".asn?<s tjrx. K,ttffags?> IFilTID-AII ACTIVB QIBL, ?OB GBNBBAL ? ? b?uN>?rt. cooking. A& Apply at 1*1 Baet 3#U at, ?ear Id av., after 8 o'clock *-11 ? __ WANTED?A WOMAN. TO DO GENERAL HOl'SE wort . muat waah end iron wall, understand plain cooking, tui b? willing to do her work a* directed. Moat liav. good Brooklyn reierenee. Appb at IUI Wei Baltic ai., Brooklyn. _ WANTED? TWO YOl'NO I.ADIEB. OK GOOD flgiuo-. ta alt far uiodela. All communication* strictly confidential. To ladlea poaeea-lng the rtqineue qialifl<? liana a liberal eempanaalloa ail ba given. Addreaa Freak Kivura. Billet. aiatiou H WAN IKD- lUM EDI * TEI.Y, IN A PHI\Ai'K UOAKII lag bonae, two auiarl. tidy glria. one aa wall rata and parlar maid ; the other aa chambermaid and to .uaist In wait D, Apply at 15 liv.og piace, corner of 1Mb at. WANTED? A OOOD PLAIN COOK; A 140 A NIJHKB to take charge of two email children; none but Pro tenants need apply. Call at ?< Eaat i7th at. WANTED? A NEAT AND INTELLIGENT HOOTCH, English or French girl, to lakr uare of a cblld. three yeara aid. and la aaw. Only tbose mentioned and having good references need apply, ai ,V> East. li'ib at. To a girl ikat a alia geod wagaa aad a good hama will ba given. Tt/ ANTED ? A WOMAN TO TAKE HOME PLAIN 8RW " ins to be done on a machine. Call thia day at 218 Lai iagton atr. WANTED? A GIBL. WITH OOOD REFERENCE. TO do general Louaewerk at <VI Washington at , near Charles. WANTKD-A COMPETENT MERMAN OIRL AR nurse and seamatreaa. Apply at it Clinton plaee, near 8tb a v., between 9 and II A. M. tbla day. WANTED? A lOUNO PROTESTANT GIRL AB chambermaid and waltreea; one who la a good newer; muat be willing to ga to the country ; best of city reference required. Apply for two day a ai 44 Eaat 34lh at. WANTED? SEVERAL OOOD DRES8MAKER8, AT 87 Weal 4Mb at WANTED? A STRONG, GOOD NATURED WOMAN to mind two children and assist in sewing; muat be willing U> waab and Iron for herself and the children; wages $7 or 98; one who can nae Wheeler A Wilson's ma chine preferred. Call al SI 7lb av., near 12th at, between Sand {o'clock. "M7ANTBD-A GOOD DRE86M AKER AT MR8. BOB vv betlV, 124 Rixlh avenue, belween Stb and lOtb ata , up alalia. WANTED? IN THE FANCT STOKE, CSS SIXTH AT., a young lady of genteel appearance, quick at figures, aad who baa name knowledge af the business; good refer ence required. WANTED? TEN GOOD MILLINERS AT ?16 8TB AT.; alao work given out. WANTED? A FIR8* CLASS CHAMBERMAID. FOR A hotel Apply for two daya at the Mercantile Hotel, 168 Di ane it \k/ ANTED? A K1R8T RATE WASH I- R AND 1RONER FT ami good plain cook, willing and obliging and not af<aid af work, with city reference. Goad wages paid, la quire at Itt Weat 16th It WANTED ? A OOOD GIRL, TO DO GENERAL housework aad plain cooking; muat be a good washer aad ironer. with city references. Call at 33 Henry si. WANTED? IN A SMALL FAMILY. A GIRL TO DO general housework. Must coma well recommended. al :90 Weat 43d WANTED? AB BXPBRIENCED SEAMSTRESS. ONE wba can operate an Wheeler ft Wllaon'a aewA^ ma chine preferred, and who understands cutting and pnparing wark. None but a competent peraon need apply at 224 Lex ington av. Bear X>th at WANTED? 8BVBRAL FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKERS and Im proven at 120* 9th at., near Broadway. WANTBD-A COOK. FOB A PBIVATK FAMILY. AND to a>slal in the waaking and ironing. Apply at 36 Boad street. WANTED-A FIB8T CLA88 LADY'S MAID. WITH elty references; muat be a thorough seamstress aad underatand bairdreaamg; good wages given if aulted. Call from 12 to 3 o'clock this day (Wednesday) at the O ram e icy Park Houae, room Ma 8. WANTED? OPERATORS, FOB GROVEB ft BAR machine. Apply at 166 Chambers st, third llaor. WABTBD-A CHAMBERMAID, WAITRESS, COOK, laundress, nurae and eeamatreee, for a tlrst claaa pri vate family. who_pays good wanes- Apply at No. 7 Weat 11th at., between Broadway-and University place, from 9 to 4 o'clock. WANTED? A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER; HIGH est wages and constant eu-ployment. Apply at 'J36 Thorn paon st, oorner of Amity- Come prepared to work. WANTED? A PLAIN COOK, AND TO AS8I8T IM w?ahing and ironing; alao a chambermaid and wal treas. to aasiat in washing aad iroalng; wages $8 par month. Apply at No. 7 Lamartine place, between 8lh and 9tb av?. WANTED-A RESPBCTABLB GIRL. IN A PLAIN family, conaiMlng of two children and mother; sho r*iat understand uking can of children; also light house ork . no objection to a am art emigrant woman. Call at No. 871 Broadway. . WABTED? A TID1, SMART GIRL, WITH CITY REFB reneea, to do general honaework iu a private family; must be a good washer aad ironer aad plain cook. Wagaa $:>. Apply at 115 tth ave. . near 12th at , after 10 o'elock. ANTBD-FOUR FIRST CLASS MILLINERS AND U-rmmara also three good saleswomen. Tbe highest wagee will be (.aid. Apply immediately at 178 4th ave. WANTED-AT 167 BAIT 14TU STREET, A COOK FOB a private family. English, German or Scotch pre ferred. .... , ? ' ANTED? GIRLS FOB POCKKTBOOK MAKING. Beat wugea |>atd al IM Chambers at, third floor. WANTED? A OOOD MILLINER. IMMEDIATELY. AT TF 17 Kidge aL Call for one week. WANTED-A PROTESTANT <>IRL. AR NURSE AND chari berioaid; one who ia u ed to children, ut'der atands tier buslneS" well, and can >-ome wen recommended. Apply at 570 Broome st, near Hudson. . ? , v WANTED? FOR THE COUNTRY. A COOK I CAT II O licl. to assist with tbe washing and ironing she muat know bow to milk and hake Any well recommended can appiy at 26 Eaat Slat at , until 1 o'elock. HELP WANTED? MALES. A0KNT8?CAN?MAKE SAOO A MONTH BY EMUIMNU In tbe ?eie or our OKEAT NOVELTY PRIZE PACKET AND SPLEN DID STEEL KNQRaVI N(iR We oiler tbe greatest ctian< e to make money ever known, and pre eot every agent with ? splendid po rt or silver watch free. Only $15 capital required. Knit part.cular in i-ircn Ur mat ed free. u. B. UASK1.N8 A CO., So Be?'kinan -trert. New York. The oide t and only original Prixe Pi mage buute in the United 8 la tea. AT THE MEBCANTILB AOBNCY, J? BROADWAY Travcling agent. bookkeeper hotel clerk, sblpp ng 'Clerk drug u era. drv goods aa esman, <a*h.?r l.ghl potter, bartender, coachman, pb'dog rapher, ling iran to go to Pauama. steward for steamer. waiters. other eiioatona ope i. Owing to the in?e..slng demaud for be<p rm. rtban a and others mutt aend In Ibelr order* before 1 o'clock P. M. Cali and ee. MONOOMhKY A CO. A GENTS CAM MAKE *28 IN A IKW HOURS tf ELL J\ Ing our great new and ?om)erlul eilra large mn Prue fir. per >tay gnaianterd. Every dollar inve-tcd more than doubled A splendid solid go'd or ?ll?er lever wauih prevented iree to each kinl Smart man wauled la eatablieb agenelee In every town and Tillage County rights I rea Sale- immense; demand lncrra?ti>g . Everybody buys them. Mend for our great naw circular lor ISM conteialag i lira new premium fndueemeots free. 8. C. RICKAR08 : CO.. I:1) Na sm street, Maw York, original, largeat aad eldest prlxa package houee la the world. AOBNTR WANTED? TO SELL TUB LARGEST AND moat attractive aaaortment of Prtra Packages In tbe world, ten klada; <-'d bands at the business will do well la try a sample lot. Send red stamp for circular JOHN OIHBON.,32 He.- km an street, N. T. AP1R8T RATE SALESMAN WAN IBD-IN A HOCRI lini rllim Oeriuan. Uagllsb and Prentb fancy goods, ?Utiery. neediee. Ar, ; salary from f 1,8(10 to J.1.000 Addreos bok 1,31$ Po l odtee, B. *. AN ENGLISH. PBBNCII OR GERMAN COACnMAN warned, i>r a gentle -an reidtng near New Tar*. Only those thoroughly underetandlng Ihelr buslaee- nerd apply, at t>3 Beaver at , up slalr?. between the hours of II and I. AX INTELLIGENT BOY WANTED ? K ROM 16 TO IS years of age. to w?rt at stanipiUk, f"r emhrauloriea; good wages 10 a good hand. Apply at "231 Grand si. Aobwt wantbd-to sell nrwit patented sr.ldra. Profits large Mend aiamp for circular, or aa.l an S W. Hi e A Co . K1 Na. an -t . N. Y. BOOKKEEPER W t NTED IN A k'OKBION RANKt Nil boil e. he iinivl he fully Cumpeienl, ami he W.lli the Eng nl>, Kreooh and German laugua^- Address b 'x II Poet oiiire. New York, Mating <|tialln<. ?uon i, salary and referi'ii ?<??. BHOY WANTED -OR AN OF'-'fCB. APPLY UP tialr-, at 84 Cortlandt at. BHOY WANTEf>? 1 N A HUTTP.R ^TORi' AN AMER1 ? ran 17 to IH, inp'' lien*,, active a,nl h- nest living iu No. ih I'.rooklva, may address. 't iling resilience ami rele ?voce, B. M. bo? 886 Hew York Poet lSo DOT WANTED? IN A RETAIL CLOTHING HIOHR I) uu Broadway. Wages $3 or $4 per week. Add res, d. A B . Herald oil ce. Hoy wantkd-in a law okejcb. inquire at ?1 Wall st, offlfo 11. fiJV Wanted -a stout active lad, or is or it. D with good references, to make himself generally useful In tbe store af aa Impe' l*r. Apply at 168 I n lion st., up vtalrs 7 10L0RED C0ACUMAN WANTBD-ONR ACCUSTOM \ / ed to the city mat apply between II and S^t SO Day si. /10MBBRCIAL EMPLOTMRNT AOBNCY, S97M AMD I \j 3 W Broadway,? Wealed, today, sa assistant bssk k< eper, hetel slerk and walefcaeaa. purser s oierk for areaa suainer, eairy slerk, perter la four atore eatdear saiat ?tan, traveller for Vankan aetlaa house, sopyist for law ?me* Established at tba nnwasi ef ssereeeata la Wiiaand other elite. R-^^W- ? ah?a?. 8nd smpWmeel by saiUag early as abort- _ OSCAR A OO. rVBOO CLERK -A COMPBTBRT DRUG CI.IBK IB JJ ? llm rises retail drag Mora up Uw?? msat have city refsreneee from hie laet employer* Salary MOO per aa fARUO CLRRK WANTED APPLY AT THB STOBB i J eeraaref Now roe wad Seuveramir eto. two days la Wm. Wyaa A Ce,. IU ralloa a*., Broekha. pMTRT OLBRB WAMTBD? JR A WROLBMALM P 0fT* tm4m AM9, l?Nr* M A. A, at SO ?UP WAITBD-IAUM. INDIA B8BBRB.? WANTBD. BT A LA ROB MANU farutrer la Europe. a parson whs tfcacouahly aader stauda ti>? mtiifulln of Valraoiied l?4U Bubber In ?U lu brangkga u4 who la competent la dlreet tbe manage ment ward. Unnueeitonable reference ail lesn mouia^^HI ability ami respectability will be required. For furtheMPmiculare apply to Mr. H. Illrichfeld, batwoeo IB and ilaiBlock. at 75 Franklin street. up stairs. Man WANTED?TO ACT AH OOAOBMJJI AMD TO make himself generally useful about the bouee;none but a eleauly mil, with the iiest of recommendations for honesty and 'Obrleij, need *i plr Addtcss, prepaid. stating ui wages tu peeled. At . P., I'iiiou square Ptw>t officii. POBTEB WAN TBI)? IN A DOWN TOWN STOBR. ONB not afraid to avrk. and who i?n bung s.iti iacloiy references. may arply to JMMa Taleoit 'J2 fb'treh at rll ATTBB8 ?A SMART RALBSMAN WANTBD. AP ply to Knox. XI J Broadway. WANTBD 1MMBDIATBI.Y-MBN WHO WISH TO engage In a legitimate business in which thev ran Niaba from ti;> t> Bfto every <lav i? a small Investment, from $??>? If B-TOO. HOWARD Tll.DRN. 60U Broadway, room 4. WANTBD? A YOUNG MAN FULLY (Jl'ALIFIED TO take cbarya of a Brat class men's furnishing ?tore. Addreea, with reference, J. 8., Iladieou square I'oai office. WANTED IMMKDTATELY-MEN WHO ARE LOOK for opportaaitiaa to make money u the Weatern Btatea. ('all at MUD Broadway, room Ho. i . and examine ?ocseofthe most important new Invention* of the age. A (real opportunity la oifered to man of enterprise to make ?toner. HOWARD TILDKN. WANTBD-AN ENTERPRISING Miff TO TRAVEL and sell tbe patent right or the belt article of tbe kind In the world, defying all competition. Give us a call J. 0. MILTON A CO., ?*? Broadway. OT ANTED? A MIDDLB AGBD MAN AND WIPB. FY without children, to go ;o Stalen Island, the man must be a good groom : the wife mu?l be anie todobouaa work. Apply before V o'clock A. M., or after B o clock F. M., at BS 4th at . Williamsburg. flT ANTED ? TWO STOUT BOYR. TO WORK lit Alt I' Iron railing shop. Apply at 81 East Houston it. TX7 ANTED? A TOUKO MAN, IN A FIRST CI, ASS JOB ?? prntlntr office. to learn jobbing, and If ile-ired, cvlin der press work; m u t hare some knowledge of tue bunne-i. Address box 4. 14B Foet office. WANTED-A BOY TO RUN ERRANDS, Ac APPLY at 43 Exchange place, room 11. WANTI D? IN THE OFPICB OP A DRY MM )L$ Ing house, a ? oumr man as assistant; uiiiil be a kood penman, art us. energetic. ami of food fast Its Address stating refercm e salary required, and all parlicuiar-v. L f. B. Herald office. WANTED-FOR TnE NAVT. AND SHORT AND long South Sea whaling > otauea, Ml men? laiiriamen, carpenters, cooks and stewards, fall before tni|iur,ng else where to tbe agent, 87 West st . corner ef Albany, up stairs. H. JAMES. WANTID? A CLEAN. ACTIVB TOUNO M.\N TO open oysters and make liim-elf gsnerallv usef ill in a restaurant App'y at 176 8th at., corner of 19th it. WAN I'EO? FOR DUTY IK IIOSI'ITAL. WASHING ton D. C . four clerks: pay >1(1 SO pe'- month, with board and lodging Address ill own handwriting, with refe rences. W ("ark Bramhill. Hospital Stewnril, I'. 8, A. ; L' 8. Ceneral Hospital Eiuorr, Waal'iogton. D. C. WANTED-A BOY. FROM 17 TO 20, TO DO THE work of a >eroi>d servant. He must bring the very best of references as to honesty, sobriety and cleanliness. On ly at home at 9 in the morning or 8 In tbe evening, at 110 Btli BT. WANTBD-A MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS VEGETA ble gardening, milking and general fa'mwork, to go a abort distance from tbe elty. Apply to John Cox, 3C2 Bowery. WANTED-YOUNG MEN W1RH1NO TO GO TO 8RA, voyages of from two to thfrtr months, in ?hips. strain era, brigs and scbooaer?; for trading rorigei. fl?hlag and whaling vomL'es and for the United States Nav*. RAN DALL A COURTNEY, 180 West street, corner of Uaade. up stairs. WAITER WANTBD? ONE WHO UNOEBSTAND8 THE business may applv at C20 Grand at. WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED COACHMAN (FRO testant); single preferred. Address, stating name and references, box 4, fib ton ofllre. Wanted? six or eight young men in a ma chine shop. Apply at Futoam Manufacturing Com pany. IS I'latt at. JwsffMar WANTED-A FIRST CLA88 FOREMAN. TO TAKB charge of the mannfscturing In a large ciolhlng house In Cincinnati. Ohio. Oood reference will be required. Ap ply at i I Warren sL. up stairs, between 3 and 8 I*. M. t*TANTED-A GOOD SOBER. HONEST AND INDUS *T Irioua man to take * barge of two horses and oarriages and make himself useful generally; none but tlio-e who undrrstajid horse- need apply at the private stable 64 East SBth at., before 9 o'clock A. M. and between 6 and 7 I*. M. WANTED? A BOY. PROM FIFTEEN TO SEVENTEEN years of age. aa assistant in the bar, corner or Sd av. and 20th st. 1XtANTP.D-AN UNDER HI'TLKR or WAITER who W nnderstamls his business thorougblv and ran bring good clt> reference; Kagliah, Rroteli or Herman preferred, Apply at 10*.' Mb av , between ul and 12 o'clock. WANTED-A BOY. It YEARS OF AGF.. TO WORK AT pianoforte action. Apply to David Smith. Ui Amity place, third floor. WANTED-TWO TOUNO MEN. IN A RMTAIL DRY rood" and :ancy store. Apply to Tboe. Regan. 84 At la nth ?i Brooklyn snt ? , .t: WANTKD-KOR A RKSTAURANT. A FIRST RATH man or woman cook. Apply at litti Fulton av. . Biook lyn. fur three day v. WANTKD-A STABLE MAW ONE WHO INDKR sun-Is takioE rare of bores; a German preferred . at 108 Ea t 4th St. Alio a girl, Irom 14 to lf> tear- of age. to do tip stairs work or as isl in llittt housework. Call at base roent of 108 Kaat 41 b aL Raferenoe laqntred WANTKD-TWO EXI'BRIENCED W A IT R BR. APPf.T In tbe restaurant .no- t and iu Fu iton at . Urnok ly n WANTBD? A YOUNG MAN, TO ATTEND A liquor etore muat iOmi well rerominendrd Apply enriiti 01 id a* and IStli at , Brooklyn IV aNTED-THREF. OR FOUR OOOD ilROOMS AND ?? * poo . wagon v aaber . drunkard* Mad not apply Call ?l I It and 117 Waal 23d at. W4NTKD-A KEW INTELLIGENT MEN. OK OOOD adore lo -idicit advert,, aementr Very liberal ?w>i will be iiven In enorirctlr men Apply at No 4f> N-ektnnn ?t . third tloor. to N r Itatelir. between 10 ami 12 o cluck. WAN TED-- A Flk*T,CLA8S WAITER AMI BILLIARD boy, for a club honae. Apply at No <3 I'mon aqi.are XITANTFD-1N A Lt'MBKRYARD AN INTELLIGENT M active boa. about 16 \rara old; B"?ne ki uwlerice of flfnrea requlalte: ? itood opportunity for one i- l?hiiig tufraro tbe buaiiie-r. Applv at tb< corner al lit a e and ;p.ith at. WANThD? A GOOD CITT CANVASSER. APPLY At <7 ' rauil at Dl eta n WANTED-A SMART BOY TO RON SKUA MM AND make lilmne f i eneral'y naefnl Apply between it and 3 to 8e?man BmUirra, I4? I'sarl ai. V*' ANTED ? A YOUNU MAN TO ACT AS POKTRR IN * ? a grocery more. One who I* need to driving ami * well acquainted lo Brooklyn can receive ? permanent anna tioa at V8 Ku. ton it., Brooklyn WANTED ? A BOY. IN A WHOLESALE MRRCAN Ilia honae down lows. Addrcaa. la ma head writing, I*. A A., bo i 21:i Rrrald oflic#. WANTBD-A OOOD SALESMAN. IN A CLOTHING ?tor*. Apply at 276 Bowery. WANTBD-A SMART ACTIVE TOURO MAN IN A grooerv atore None n?e<l apply a>cept well rceotn mended, at Alt I'aarl aL . betwacn 13 and I o'clock. WANTBD-FOUR OOOD IIALL BOT8. APPLY AT national Hole',, for two day a. WANTI'D ? A FBW LABORERS: THOSE WHO HaVB aome cbemlral knowla 'ge preferred Apply only ba tween I and 4 o'olock P. M. at IM Kulton at. WANTED-A MAN. WHO THOROUGHLY ONDBR. aland a loekeibook making; boat of wagea paid. Call at IPS Chambera at , Ihird floor. THETR&DKI. /1HAIN MAKERS WaNTRD-TO WORK IN NEWARK, I N J. Apply at 129 Weat loth al.. Now York. C-iarpkntrrs wanted -five first class CAB. J iientcr*. to go to Naaaaa, Bahama Inland' Inquire of ). T Smith, 9# W i at iStb at . before 7 A M, or aftar 0 P. M C1GMPOSITORH WANTRD.-BIl FIRST 01. ASK WORK I loan ; eeale prWea paid , alao one or two Kood two-third trt: alao wanted. a t ii top cj Under nie-aman. T. R DAWLRY'lSand 15 Park ro<v /^OOI'RRS WANTBD- AT N. P ODELL'N, JM> We.t I ' lUth at., to trim oil ami lard barrela. None bill good men nrert npply. Steady work at the hlgheet wagaa. till NISIl IIRP WANTRD? ON KINK CASSIMRRB PANTS, r bet i price* paid and ateadf work to goad handa. work glreo out lo reaponnlble handa, alao a boy wanted at M Fearyrcat. flfth floor. B. O. DUNN. F LUMBERS WANTBD-RONR RHT FTB8T OLASS workmen nred apply- PHILHIN A VllIN, 331 4th at. PLUMBBR.? WANTBD A OOOD JOURNEYMAN pi timber; al-o a boy to learn the trad*. Call at l&J ?th av , aa A. A.yAi ineoi, pluaihar. PATTBRN MAKERS WANTED.? APl'LT AT JAM M L. Jarh?gn * ft* 'a, 1(17 Kant *th at. _ DnoTooRArmc -i am desirous of mabino an r aagagnan ni la ? ?r?\ ttM? S*M*rr Addrcaa I. a tlvlneTMl Fnlion at., Brooklyn. BADEB.-A PRACTICAL PRINTER, BXPRRIRNOED aa a reader. ' wan tad. hi a large coMara. Addreaa, String referenda, T. B B . Herald aflca. PDBNTIBTS - WANTBD. All ABBlBTAlfT DSNTIST, M Dr. MarceUa'a. Ml Nlato a*.. ? oraar of Wth at. __ PJBW1LLBR.T? WANTED, THRKB OB FOTB food dtaaauad moualera; to aorh -taady work and |M?wi|H*flAl^MI. Call at dSIH Braadwap, ap atalra. rCARPBNTVBN-A YOUNO MAN AOBD l?. OF iUa4> habile and baaaat way a, waald Uka to learn tha koMa or ehtp aarpenter trade : bora ta thlaol^ aad kariaf aoparania Addraaa Cbarlca Wot^a, 112 Madlaoa at. rpO PLUMBBBI -WORK WANTBD, BT A FIRST plumber ; |p do wort la tha aaamlry. AddraaaJ. TWO aOOD WORKMEN. AP TT-nTiSSU' ^ irnr ro WA'TT'O-A O'jlNA-gB^O^rOSl, AM Tf MflU NM fill, NffMlk A VMM 0L* AMMO A 10 T TO TH1 TKAP1M. WANTED-TWELVB PBATHSR MAKERS. TO ??}??? good ?(?? and (trad y work will be given. *(> ply el J17 Broad* aj up alalia. WANTED. -OOOD WAOBS WILL BB PAID TO A Mod lanev cake baker; day work. Apply ti> or ad drw Chapman A Runlman, 61 Market at. Newark. N. J. WATCHMAKI KS WANTRD? NONE BUT EI PR riened workman nee I apply Call at Benedict Bros , 171 Broadway coruer of < 'ortlandt it. WANTED? FINB WORKMKN, AC'TSTOMHD TO Mat qnaiitr pabinet work ; highest waces paid to pood workman Apply at Ju7 and Mu Centre at.. plictograpliM appai atus of .1 Sio, k A Co. WANTED? CARI'ET AND BLANKfc. f TABN 8P1N per; aUo a ??? ond hand iu card room and * banket finisher Apply at Winn A Weaver's, <1 Barclay ?( WANTED-2 noon SHIP CARPENTERS: ALSO 1 blacksmiths liberal ? xe and steady employment 'or one year, lo work in a nhipj.inl in lUe bo in , raleieuce re qotred. Inquire of J. Howell, 121 Rairow at. WANTIOD? A FKVY BRASS fl N18HBRB AND COCK maker*: to experienced workmen good wages and steady ?uipleyinent . aiari two emart honest boya. Apply for three data at 3bV Water ah or ANTBD-A PIBST clash COTTER. APPLV AT 78 TT C. athaill St.. te C. M. I'burcb. WANTED -A GOOD MAN BURNISH RR; STEADY work will be *lveo. Apply at Wm. (iaie A Bon'a, 487 Broadway W ANTBD-A OOOD BLACKSMITH; ONB ACCUS tamed to work on a a roe presa Apply to Metropolitan Arina Co.. uoruer Ceutre and Franklin sta. ANTKD IMMBDIATELY? A OOOD PRACTICAL cutter. Apply at 36.1 Hudson at., corner of King. ANTED? A FIRST CLASH Ct'TTER. APPLY AT 78 Chatham street to C. H. Churob. w w 30 OOOD GRANITE 8 TONS COTTBR8 WANTED-AT the Chestnut Street Bridge. Wage* $3 per day. CLARK, McGRANN A KENNEDY, Contractors . Philadelphia. SITUATIONS WANTED? MALES. ATOI NU MAN WISHES A 8ITUATION AS ENTRY rlerk in a wholesale grocery or hardware atore where a thorough knowledge ol the business may be acquired ; 'alary no obiect tbe lirstyear; city rolerenoea given. A u drees A. Osborne. I id - I: i i?t>-? at. A YOUNG MAN. AGED 24. WISHES EMPLOYMENT in n K'ore or warehouse. is sts.idv and iiidustrioua, ami not afraid of w ork. Call on or address J. M 0.. 341 Centra ?L. for two days. A N ELDKH1.Y MAN WANT8 A SITUATION AS POR J\ tar. understands the care of horses and carriage-. nod pan inake himself gcueially useful Address E las C , J'.Q Kith av.. between '.Mtth and 2."th Us , at the barber 'hop, for three daya AYOUNli MARRIED MAN WISHES A SITI'ATIO.V in some business as porter; I.I a good pentnnn and acquainted wllli figures; willing to work and make himself generally useful. t.ood refercm c given. Addrce- J. H. B , Herald office. A SITUATION W ANTED? !"OR A YOUTn OP BIGH teen yoars, in a boot ami sho" store; bas a partial knowledge of the businO'a: speaks French ami writes a good hand Can Rive satlstaciory ri larenoes as to honesty and Integrity. Address I, N Pelfetler, 110 West 23th at. A YOUNG MAN (GERMAN), WITH KIVB YEARS' experience In busineaa de-Ires a situation as bar keeper. Rvlprcncpa glveu. AddrMS A. B. C., llerald oKm> A SITUATION WASTED? AS SHIPPING CLERK OR superintendi nt of -torape by a party who ha? had twelve jeura' eiperience In the latter position; food city reference given. Address Map, boi 194 Hera!*! ofli' e ABE8PECTABLE AND STRICTLY SOBKR MaN wants a place as waiter; tana line yeara' relereneea. None but hrst clasH families need a| pl> at Mr lirigs' xru cery store, son er Amliy st. aud Broaoway, for two oaj a. ABITUATION WANTED? BY A SMART, ACTIVE young man. ?k norter In a wholeaalo store; lias good re ference from die |.lsoe whore he l-> still working; is correct at Ogures. Ad(lrens,M. C , liciald oillce. ATOUNti MAN, STRANGI. IN TI1IS CITY, AND WHO has been for nome time working In the photographic business, would like to bo employed in the printing depart ment. Add re is < K. B., Herald odlos. MRDICAU -WANTED BY A FIRST CLASS Dis penser. a situation; public dtspeuMry or Institution preferred Address Dispenser, sutlou A, Spring St. Photography.? clerkship wanthd in a ual ler. ln thl? elt? ; good business qualillcatinns, ean In fluence trade, color well in nil. At., and expectations mode rate. Address .lohn Jones, Herald office. OITPATIONS WANTED-KOR THOROUGHLY COM 0 peicnt coachmen, waiteis. gardeners, farm band*, grooms porters, Ac. Alee, useful boys, men Istel* landed and help of every description. Apply at CA RPBNTKB'8 large employment houso, corner of 1 1 in si. and 6th av fllO I'UBMRHERS AND OTHERS ?A FIGURE 1 drawer (a la Darter) wishes esen ng ?ms,ovment as book ina).'a/ine or iiewspaper lllu?tralor; compensation nnmlnal. Original deali;ns or mpies in sepia done reav aa bly. Address W. H. C . box l,:*N< New York Po^.t ollloe. TO DRUGGISTS.? THE ADVERTISER, A MAN OF 11 year* 'experience and a graduate of|the Philadelphia < ol le?e of I'bai mucv. Is de nous of a llrst class position. Ad dress box 1.(104 Poet oilier. Reference* uood. WANTP.n? THE ATIVKRT1KRR WISHES A 81TUA. tion as corresponding or confidential elerk or caamer; la a I ood judge of inonej, and ten vcars past has held a position of res|,cnslbillt>, ra<|iilring adminiKirative ability of the tirst order, satisfactory l? tlmoulals Irom both Eastern and Western parties will be furnished Sular> nolle s than $J.M>ti. nnd a position promising pcrmancney Is desired. Address Williams, box U3. Milwaukee. Wis. WANThD ? A OSNTLEM AN OF FOI'R HOI'RS leisure each dav ?oli-it- drawings of enti.neering aro'illectnral or Mrtisflpal; is uinsbe of flnl?hiiia then: >n supci ioi siyla. Win receive eiders at No 0 Mieecssr street. CHARLES TAOt-.R. U, ANTBP-BT A TOUWO MAN. A SITI'ATION AS lnntti n|#r. A <l'i ri'B> W J 11 , Iterate) ol co. WANTKO? BV A YOl'NU MAN 'JO VKAKK OLD A kltuaiion <m * fai in ; 'Kan fa illy oic I erred. A>l Jre*? Karri. i r. b?>? J/SOMtw York I'moik* 11; aNTKD-BV A YOl'Nfl M AN m VHAR8 or AOR. *t i). commercial oapertenue ? situation wtirre he can | r rWi> hlmae li naefnl eimor at oonkki er ncl^r i.? ?al<?men, in either i li.v or taiunlry . IMI of rtleraiiM. A.Hlrevi Ur.'iu wiclt. llern:d nflire WANTKD-BY TIT K ADVKHTISER. AN BNIIAOE meul no > <4>kki* |?r. "al*rm?u or mani.tfer, ten inn' ?i|fri<n c in the <f ? v lOO'U hm 1 crw*lrtr Salary required, f.iO A'dnmli Kiaoin 42? Canal tt ooraoiuf Yaairy. \Mf A?t*r>? HT A THOKOUlilfLT OOMPRTRBT I'RR Vf *,r ih' uttnaliOB of bookkeeper, oui rr ? ond' n t, Hark or unlortln* ir B? Inon la a mr to firm ?*n *ne mat i la?a city irteren. < ? Aildr*?a M. tl. . Horn.'. oBuc. 11 aNTEP? A SITUATION IN A FIRST CLASS D Mill T? atorr. I \ a yeuo: man *ko Imr r?nn 'n the hiiaincaa l.<0*eaia l.iai ittoriiUM I'fM A.. In i" N (. , b * 100 Herald ofl're. W'ANir.n a situation, as mechanical drn ? ? tlal ti> a ewelrr who ha* ha<1 n ian tuD-rirnW 10 M>0 ? ? i.e?e Ai'dioa U' nli t Ik)I 15''. I If rani o.<?. Br I nf i? n>tw |i>'n llf AkTII) -A BITIATION. BT A K KSpK? 'T A H l,R TT |*?? xiaiit yooiig man, a* o?a< hiiian; iiiur u?'Im ub geretaf Am niir nf l,(nf( llwurlivtwrmt. Call at >i addreaa lit) I aat 2: <1 ?>., in the feed Mure. llfAHTI n-A SITIATUIN. BY A YOUNO MAN NOT TT nrrr 1^ year* o a Iff In u I'otlilnc Hot'', In 'ii.ri the I ,..u> ?? : ha? be?u in tins In .Siuriui l>rfo>e I ail al &JI raal liil at.. Iirtween avenue* A ??'! B. New York 11' ANTED? BY A TOUNtl M vN, WIIO II AS IT AD TT three >a*r> aaperlen* n in thi- <lr? good* trade a alto ai en in a wholrenle itrr good* or jol bug lioti?e. I* a gi "d writer ami arllhuoncloa. Salary low Addre * K. C., lin?:.l . \k ' ANTED? A SITUATION AB SALRSMAB IN A ORB II llrmen'i furnl-hlii" (|oixt? eml rmltfrjr nrfanoTdry ?ood? ?ii<re Kefcrmirea aneiqef tlOBabl* Addrea* U f. Hinlth fare Wllmot A Co . 2M Broadway WANinO-RY A TOI'Ntl MAN. ISTKAR8 Of AtlB, a ?iiuht'on la an oil'ce. Beal of reference from laal tn plo> Addreaa h B.C. W>? I2U Ileiald otre 11'ANrKD ? A BITUATIOB BT A MAN Of RXPKRJ Y? enre. m the ataiinii'r* and f?nry gooda ar Yankee nuli n Iniaineaa or any other poalttun where a fair m|ulva la It ml be ?i?aa for fallhlul aervteea. Addreaa A. J. 1>, Beru'd altioe. . |ir ANTED? BT A RhSPKCTA BLR TOUNO COLORE D Yt man ? aliuation aa runmr in an "fll'-e; i-an prodnre ?, o<l refMenoea. Ajiply at CJ William at., t?p no?r. r.gbl hand aide. ' WAITED? A HITITATIOIf . BT A TOUVO MAN, I? A hoieaale dry gooda limine, having toad tight yuar*' ax per 'ni^iaa liral cia?a mannlartitr iii{ houae tn Man. lie ter t ng.aa.ti M?r taara' oltr a>|>erieB e. 1 he hiu'h' <t lr?lt m?n i - aa o characwr, aulllty, Ar Addtrn for uae week J, l\, llerald '> U'ANTED-BY a TOWBfl MAR. * BITI ATION TO Yl .ii ire a tioraa; kno>?* all ah" it the liu- lno?a ard cny , can c * th <1 ba?l ar refaienoe*. Call at or addreaa lor tbrea d.T? >S r> ?rl at., In tbe atore. Tir ABTEO-A BITCATIOB IB a OROCRRY HTiiRK \> aa 1-t^rk ; th" Mat ?f refemne can ha glren. Inrjulra at ar addreaa :ni Waal at. *l'ANTRI?-A SITUATION, BY A YIIUNO V y N fiK ft V? yeai'. *? Hs'it porter or porter, outbid- or ln<ld? cl? rk. In aome iem ? ta?>> whoipxaln or retail e?tal<iiahme:i| in tba m r la a guu i wrltrr and not afraid to work; wi.i tnakr bim a. if r*nnral'< uieitu In any capacity . beat referaa. e. Ad 7r,.a< M. Cule Herald odloe. tl'ARTRD-A BITDATION, BT A TOUNO MAN, AS Yt watah'nan IB a hotat or barkeeper; na nhl?< tt ?? to tn to tba o.unlry If tba Uiaiion la now ape a; beat of eity rrfrrareea ..r reenrlty given. If reimred. Addreaa far three da>a H. M . baeai at . lo tbe grocery WMjmvj ?j>" 7~Z" Dr WILLIAM W. BABOBR (LATR BRSI DEN? THT ? fcM r-?' E' ENRY WILL. IMPORTRR Of WINIR aBO Llqaora. bti rwywt fMMtt Ohm atraat U lift ad yet, aaar Breadway. K.1SS.K TO TBS LOWS M? BROADWAV. il fa w (UN Shoe* *Th?V la ht farm th^t frlenda aed tba u*de m. arally' Ibat their etock la now vary complete and JaalralbH. RFMOYAL-MRf. J. B. DAVIDBOB BRBPRCTPVLLT aanauncea that aha haa ramored bM- Mllltoery Retab H?hn\eot frnm Ilia Blaieaker (treat to No. SB Oafveralty e k^tJeen Tenth and WMhlh wreata. w bar* aba baa niw oa eihtbilton an nnuaually rich and eaWctlon of FarU fSpaatMUSNfJFk. . jHit. i ; Lun > :-j TIIE LW TSSS ?MM?_ 1 M PORT ART LBOTITRBB DAILT. BO? ??WTLKMBR 1 aall. at the Raw Tark Maaeum af Anatomy, ?(? Broad Partlea aoabto to gMa?d tbooo leatmaa eaa b*?? tbea sSbsxjbms&a ffitr ^ incmi. somen. AT A MBET1B0 or TIIH DBIVHB8 IB THE EMPLOY ?f tho Eighth ivtmif lUDntd r?n(Mr. dild It tht career uf Ninth avenue tail FifUoUi iUMl, OB May Lt, It uoaatBiO'.slv Eeanlved, That n 4* return nr elBca?a u4 thanks lo Colonel Charle- A. May, Super nleudent, and Mr. Herman B W la. ii Deputy flnper'titendrnt of (aid road Tor the DromDt and ganerous compliance with oar roasnl re. ?jucst for the reduction <>/ the number of ?or working hours fr"m fourteen and one-half to twelve trs par day. DRT goods CLBMS' EARLY CLOSING ASSOCIA Hon.? The regular weekly meeting ol thta atSDctattna wtU to* held at tb<ar uew kaU. M7 Bowery. tbts (Wednes day1 evening at 8 o clock. PaoctuaJ iltendanco Is requested. ?? 'order o. M MORB. Preetdeat J. M. Hawaii, Recording Kecretar). JpRKHCO PAINTEM ASSOCIATION ? PXTBA MPBT ma 01. Weunesdav, M*y Id All lue members arc re qucsted U> be present. Increase of *>|M the oh ect By ordar, A. TODE. Bacood Secretary. FOR 8KIB KT.BSHKfifl -OUR NEXT MEETING WILL be held at BecBer* I oc*i. Na IS ' Heater street, nail Thurstfav aveomg, at H o clock TUB COMMITTER. THON MOI.DEHS. ATTENTION -SAN PRANCIRCO molders auk tou to keep away until settlement of their sirlke Further Inclination will be furnished vott nn ap plication at Florher s Tracss' Review otiice, Philadelphia IIBNKT MORGAN. President Han Francisco Iron Mulder s Cnlca. J^JKKC aNTiI.K LIlOtARY ASSOCIATION. REGULAR UNION NOMINATIONS, Infil. ton rvtKsirtiiT. THEODORE H. wilh Anf rlcm EirbinM Rad)i row vies fRiiinmiT, PETKR VOOBHI8, wllb Panama Kan road CVm, puny. row roBaaeeowmaO skcrktibv ABTON A. RAVEN, with Atlantic Insnr-u t Co. roa B*f'OHDIN<] MBCBBTA HT. B. ?. 8. BESSON. with Bes-on. Camerden A Co, FUH TUiltUR, ROTAL PHELPS WILBUR, with tfalllund, Phelps A CO. roa Diaacmiw. DABIEI' M. JARVIS. with E Whliehonse, Son k Morrison. THOMAS H CULLEN. with Aprasue, Oooper k Colburn. H L. HOARD.* AN, w ith Hoary DeCordova k Co. T J. MAODIBB, with Lanmsn k Kemp. MhO. W FOKTMAYER. with Robert Coifs'* k Co. FRUDKRICK M. PECK, with Tiffany A Co. ALBERT E. MERCHANT, with If. S. Appraisers. ELECTION. TUESDAY. MAf 17. Poll* open from Hi. M. to 9 P M. Headquarters at thr limes House. 7 'VI H road war Open every evening. Frauds of tha above ticket art Invfted to be preont. CHARLES opoood. jambs h. PKBCIVAL. ALEXaNDBK rtiind, a. b. valentine. PETER .1 BAKRV, MORT L M ACKttNZIR. Til AD. V TAHKR, TUF.O. I. HVSTKD, W II. MaEVINE, DANIEL W BRRDAN Eiecutivo Committee. MA-TEH I'AINTRRR. -AN ADJOURNED MEETING ol tlia Maater Pamiera of the city or Mew York will bo beld on Thutiday evn.lng. 19th Inst., at 8 o'clock, at the Sin c'alr House, comer of Eighth tret and Hroadway. The Master Painters of Bro<>kl*s, Williamsburg. Newark aad leraey City arecordia'lv invited to meet with us. H. B. KURBUSH, Chairman. EICIl'D n KOSD1CK. Aasiat. Chairman. G?o. O. Smith. Kecrotary. PLUM REUS AT A MBETINO OF THE JOU RNB VMEN Plumbers' Society. held on the Ifilh Inst . the roriownog muster plum bar-, were reported aa paving the advance of AO eenta per day us required ? Si rlncBteln A Bi InckerholT. Calkins, Nel'us Montgomerj' Rirshcr. Mill", Blllrig?wnrth k Burns Hande, Keyser, Lemhan. Dunn, flmith. Katgers all p v Huinun, I'rlngle, Join s, Sinl'.h, W. Knight. L>'iter. Hriikh. I'bilbln A Butcher A Butler, Wolf Ram^den Rrlen k Aduina Mallou, Carter, HatUe d. Vantlue. 11. Craigee, J Craitr Mil IKen, Ash A Buckbnc, Stuart. Bnnever. Murray, Krueer Martin k Cualck. Pelrce Doievante. McKwen Cof tield, Coot. Tag; art. M STEPHENS. President SPECIAL MKRTING OF TUB MASTER RTEVRDORBS Asso' iatmn will l>e beld at their ioome on Wednesday evenlBi'. May 1H Punrtual attendance Is retuMted. JOHN DIXSON. Secrotary^ SRGAR PACKERS- PROTECTIVE TRADE UNION.? A spcclal meenne wIM be held on Tnursday. May IV. at 71, P M. All members are requested lo attend, aa there la, bualnoea of Importance By order B. PULVhKMACHKK, Coorreapondlng Secretary. WINB MANUFACTUBBBS' ABBOCIATION.-A spcclal meeting will be held at 48 Beekman street oa Thuriday. Mny IS. at 2 P. M. WM. BURCEAM, Prealdont TnE MEMBER* OF THR HOBOKEN TURTLE CLUB aro reapcctfullv lavitml to attend the funeral of onr late ateward. George W. Duryea. on Thuia<lay morning, the tilth Instant, at eight o'c'ock, from his late residence. No. 123 Eaat ridy fourth street. Hy roqueat of JAMES L. MILLER. PreMdcat. Baaiiii Oaaar. Secretary. _ 8 O CLOCK. -RETAIL BOOT ABD SHOE STORES eloee atSaMoek P. M . aa and after Mav 17. by resolu tion of einplnjers. adopted May 16, 1?64. Saturdays and evenluga previous to holidays eicepted. JOHN C. GRAHAM, Presldeat. T POLITICAL. The mcclellab union ckntral executive Colrmlttee will neetat tbe Sinclair House, on Wednes d?y evenlnc, 18th inat.. at H o'clock. Pnnctaal attendanoa Is r?(,ue. tcd. U 1 RAM KKTCUUM, Jk., Chalrmi>m. | Becretarlqa IPIIK McCLBLLAN UNION CENTRAL EXECUTIVE I Committee will meet this (Wednesday) evening. May IS. bt tbe Sinclair Bouse a!8oVo< k. Punctual attendance is teiineati d. IIIRaM K BTCHUM, Ja., Chairman. uw.1 ?**?***?? Thr mcclellan union central executive Committee will meet this ( Wedncsilay I evening, at 8 3'clnek Punctual attendance is required. .Joshua Isaaoi, f M.rr?..rtM UIRAM EETCHUM. J a., C. N. Romaikk, < Becr8I?"??. Chairman. THE TWELFTH WARD l.'lTI/ENd' ASSOCIATION will hold a mass meeting at Washington Hall. Harlem, tins eveii'ni.', at 7\ o'cluok. Startling revelations will bo made regarding oilicial m>ri'uen?n. A II R A FI AM It VAN NEST, President. Joan Davibsob, Secretary. ~ copaktivkrsiiip! a N ACTIVE TO l 'NO MAN WANTED? WITH FROX / * I' ti. $.W0 ren^!v cu'h. t? tnku an Intorest in a profit able rasb t mine-*, wel.eslab I bed. liO-lliNSUN A CO . 85 Nassau Ureet. rooms* and ft. / MtPAItlNKRSIIir NOTICK -TIIR FIRM OF MrGRAW * X Timor wh* disao vr : on lb'- latof May la eonsaq cnce r.f the *'c?i K ol Vr N lehnlss M.KIr 4?v. The huvin. ?<s of tie late firm will be coB'iuued by M.ft itmler iui.od at the same place, IU! li.iwerv, ui.der tbe oun e of Taylor, Brother i o. Willi a v a. taylor, 1IIOMAS K TAYLOR. STEPHEN H FOWLER. JOHN 11 AIU'BK. DRDHGIS15; -ONE OK TV7 1 > PRACTICAL DRI G rists wtth a capital ?f *l?ht iHousind dollars, c .n he.r o a tioe upixii tuiiitv lo go nto tb'- o uiiiest, by appl., iut at 00' e to F Hale. 81 Ann *1., Sew York. N'OTIO -Tin: Fl "M OF HENRY H. LREDS A CO.. hn? heen rhaoped to Henry II. fc?i il< A Mir er, ami will be eor.'iuiird iim.ev that name by ibr aama parties IIKNKV II. L' Kl>S, ALLEN B. MINF.R The.y have rumoved theif place of huslnesa fmm No 23 Nas^ iti street whlfh is li^ln^ tuse dowul. tn the srac o is Bi^rhlc store. No. '.it Ldiertv street a few doors w??t of Broadway, ? here they have made amide ?cvommodllflons lor the s ,.e of every do erlptioo of Merchand; e, as well as tne tine arts. N Oil. R? TI1E C( >!* A KTNKKSfl I P OP CODM!!* * Jolmaoi.. doing bustaesaat 1 lb Fulton ?treet Is horvby dissni'cd t v mutual consent, .'asper <>. Coi.m ta is aloue authonred t" settie the Mslooa* n| tne late Arm J. 0 CQDMQB JOHN JOHNBON. NOTI K IS IIBUEry GIVEN THAT JOSEPH WOLP ami S. I'nilin dla oived l'artnershlp bv mntifltf e..n?cut, trom da> I, IS4. .tUSP.PK atlLF, H. DOUU.N. J>KRPKTIUL. MOTION. Thr nnderel|(ne<t I .<?. after a r'ne? etudy an I pra<-tlee of fn >mr? HiTnnieil a winch i re which will le wor hv pMniml rno'lon. a |?iw?r wliicii hm hitherto alvrara been m>a?Wlerr?l impo- Willy. II .ao he applied on ? intuit a ?fii M a larae neale. Mr HJIK a minor Who IH ?Hf to BIWl 'he "Peuarl, ?rhleh arc ant jrcai. It will craate a ?? n?at m ?'i onu ail aelcntilc men. ("en Ki t will I"! ma If lo eerure h'llh partner anil Inventor Adilreaa box 134 Hi-raid iilllce. for ihrea da>e. ERNST KBBUKHtC DIBT& Pamnkr RAITW, with $i o -'ink HATIM a ia?te for aw pract k and who would join lo pnMMilni: an ornrlBBl pamphlet on dtvorvo may a-ldr^e* Crimea, Ink 107 lleraWI o.tK'-. |>ARrNKR WANrNO? WITH PROM f Off) TO $? r?W? - I I lie I ludaea* I" a maauf,i tiering one. all the 'n*. hiarry ni Kih H llnd iM latent improve i ent* l>u?lnre? ?n?ej email nek and la g? protil*. Au'ir?'?eO, 1. 8.. Ilera!d ofllce. THE P * RTNRRSHf P np.KKTi fpORK R*isrma under the llrm if l>ewl( A Hnarurd l< dieeolred, in ?>i apiii#n<e of the ileuh of Mr Dame' K Se^nor!. flie no ae-tled tut inM o' th<- Ian- firm wi ) |.e iinniitited hv T. M !,? * .a. who will ooalinue the biiMoeeo at 77# Broad w<?, T. M. I.BWI8 11/ an I BK-I'ARTIKS TO RNltAMK IN A PROFIT ?? a'e lipht ca?!i ?. onl* iboaa liavlnu from $'50 tolM'lo hif?n lie I oa'l a- SI B-lhuni" atr*?t The bum n' ?a will par from $&J M> $IIM per wvec. Call from if to 4. -PaRTNRH W \NTBD, TO PITRRHAUK TO'Ih. half im> reel in u l> ia u<-ea wh oh wilt pav two liHfidno netv , ae nc e nlm pfe*e-ret, no a ; -lit* n*-i1 api.t*. Pur i arti warn e.Ul at Weal T*rr ut. elginl! atraet, be Iweeu in aad i o'clock. 0; A AM - ? TARTHIB vt \ ' IN k PI RAT f!I?Aft% MP rv'VJ. ii:a.i?aot. IfwtllmaVH anil i. n making html neae. A good man will find thtaaeefe an I ea-e '> ?! orlnnity. J. C. MILTON * Uu. t 8 Hroedway. -PARTNER OR AftBOCIATR WaBTHO, II* A ? pleasant and eery remunerative eetal>lleh?4 ea?h liialnee*. the profile or which eiec I (1 (CO month y An eae?*eUn man. with fflm capital. may appljr lo J. 0. HILTON A CO.. JOB Broadway. *1 enn ?? oood idiidiu partnkr. with "Pl.'JUU. tbl* amoual. wanted to act a* eaehlar in a new biiitBMai l> MN^RVmlM. and par Inn %i KIO weekly profit. PORTKR * OO . W Hro^lwa#. twH *1 R A/1 ?A PARTT WITH TBW ttr*. AND ONI Sr2*Lre nuMn ? mt mm iHm?^895E23S@0,,T."K above amonai, l?l?lia ao Intwat to a bankl?l honao SS vfgxA&ysuH&rtSE with real MM, l>o? 3,234 New York Poet oSee. rnUCH ADTMTlKHRm MEMRfl VHACTRAVERB BT CIB , FB!I? tri ee reeemmandeni a meek#?tre *e arch'te. ??? e| en trepreneitra yaar mt?nut loui onatjaoc^ Iia foroat la pate uire a I \>m*e do par*, pefnlure fraocalee arae aodu I el 4ecn de lone la* fearca di?iln?uee, tiodnlt d? fer enawo I'bttAliUM at tae hailei d eaa a*aa aeeanuioaaae laMiotur* nr loft pa* mug* par ta elment. 8 adrM?er an 49 'Irani .? BMP Tort, _ . : lie h?-,at m wV OPjjp^i AWHB? r NR RONNR rRA*CAWt, Ql Men eondr*. On en prefere nne iiil pant " tner. 8'a $500 mutt d'.r*??r au if ?"'?r ?" ' ?? Wui<- 't ? ilmo roe. HH*TAIHUHTI. ra^JW01^RNT0NEB, rORIIIlT WITH til bttl ?urge W. Brow bo. MUclta tha patraaaa* of hie faaada tl IM WaMr atreet and MPIaa. tCIICUa A lady oV bxpebieno* a?~ tba<mmi**o9 A pUnoand alnglng. a p,ipii ?-~f- * - . ST a fatally wbe'ro eaUuet^ m m orfi^Ill *' ^ oeivod DPUB<II for boar.l C?Tt.r"urTTir??W - aary Addrana A., alatloa D. ^ l??ao II MtMi A Toimg sfanibh gentleman op kdcoatiqv* A arrived from Hpaln. wiabaa u,* plaao ta aaafo hi enhance for le-iaon* In the i amnion ianguEvtrom a lia! o^^tiiilxmo^of education. Addroaa Cor loo <Uja $ ? Uv* A magnificent 7? octave roerwood piaboI forta for aalo? Property of a I arnilr leaving |ko ally a mode to or der bv city maker*. boa al m^dera Imprnvo aicnta, pveralr' ng l>o?. fall Iran frame; coal (Ml> for MUlk i'arlor Bulla coat ?? <1 for AUo Chamber aad Din u Room Furniture al a wu rillco, Inquire el 111 Wo?lT**aly? third atreot. near .sixth avenue. AWRI.L BDtTCATBD OENTl.RMAN WOULD Win* If give lrin)0? In Mimic. Pros oh, (krmao Mpenlah, I<atin auii hngliah brancljea, lo pupila at their reaidearca. Addrea.1 P. J. a.. Dupeal liouao. corner of Halm mm4 Lalght atreot*. AH ELEGANT ROSEWOOD PIAHO. WITH ROtTITB i> i nan aad modern improvement*, made bv Gilbert, of Ho-ton; lu u?e oulr a few month*; will bo ooM far |l78| coet I ' 7t Apply at the fon cj stow, 471 tilth aveaue. Bargains ipor ca?h-Tiz handsomr fol* T octave Pianoforte, for |Z18: roeeweod noeo r*na4 corner a, nearly new eon $.18U: a Nunne A Glart'a do., fo# tlCS; one 7 octave row wood Piano, for tl7*l a Ohlokartaf A Dunham'* Piano cheat) MrDONALP A CO., Mt BoWiy. Bargain kor ctwn -pbicb tisn. a Ronwooo Pianoforte. manufactured by tba celebrated Chkkerlil, of Boaton. (la* aple ndld lone, touch, Ac. ; modem Improvo menta. Iron plate, tiaodiome -tyle; for caah. Call at lb? reeidence, No 28 Third atreot, near Heoond avenoe. /IHAMBRRH-A G ARLRR'S PIANOS ?IK TONS AID " > quality eiceilent, In prico moderate; the boat aad lh? cheapeal. Dealer* and purehaeer* are invltod to call al Oar factor*. 108 Kaai Twenty tilth atreot. POR SALH-TWO MAGNIFICENT HRVKN OClAVS roaewood Planofortea. and a variety of elegant raoo woo?l 1 arlor Furniture aad Brome Ornameeta, alms! tew. To be aeon from R to 10 A. M , and 4 lo ? r. M.. al W Waal Twenty-third itrnot. Great bargain? kor too cash, oiiiokrribo Piano Cover and 8I00I. handaome mahogany ca*a> ewnet ami powerful tone. In not fed order, for $?6, If ap plied for al onoa al IK) East Tenth atreot, near PenrUk avenue. Jr. RRIOHENRAOH. PIANOFORTR TUNER AND ? repairer, 13 Went Houaton atreot. near Broadway, N"W tork. Now and aecond hand Planoa for ?alo and it lei. PIANOFORTES OF RVRRT TARtBTT OP 8TTLB AMD pattern, tvarranted of tho boat malarial and workman ahlp, unaurpaaaed lu atrength. delicacy of tone and elaatidir of touch Applv at tho manufactory of JAM P.8 VANKf. PRK'4, |78 Wooater atroet, between tlouatoa aad Blootkor ?trecto. PR0PES80R PANORHO HKGH TO 8TATB BB IB prepared lo give I'lanoforte inatructlon In the aborteal and met approved metliod, having had Hftoen yoara' eapa rlotioe In Eumpe aud America. Circulara aanl pool froo. Aridroaa 162 Aduuia atreot, Brooklyn. PIANOFOKTK POR SALE -AT A BARGAIN FOB caah: price ti1**); lias handa<>me case, Iran frame?, French giand action. ?wcel and brilliant to no, aad la perfect order. ? Call al 10 Allen >>Ueet, uear CanaL WANTRD-A GOOD MUSIC TEtrilBR (PIARI8T), lo leach a lady In a private family, la tho country, where In- tructlona will be received in payment for board, one hour and a half from Now Tork. Addroaa H. B. B . boa J'Kl Herald odlco. WANTED IMMRDI ATKLT? A PIR8T CI, ARB BABI. tone or alto alnger. Apply toO. W II. OrlBa. Hnolor'a Ope i> llutiae Brooklyn, between 11 and 1 la the day, Of after 7 o'clock In the evening. INSTRUCT IOW. At mo So bowrrv itownbend'I commrrI cial Acalemvl, thorough Instruction Is gtvea, day (*4 evening, In Bookkeeping, Writing, ArltlfiiicUo, Algebra, Reading, Spelling and Grammar with Auljdi Apart* menu r r ladles and for private Instruction. Na slnaeaa, Hatlnfaction guaranteed ABUBINKB8 COURSB IN BOOKKBRPIBQ. Aim. mettc. Writing. Ac., for SIB. atlths Kdwarda (Mtns? tils) Academv, V8 Bowery, naar Grand etre?L Any mm er all of the Kngli?h braucheajtangkt without elaaaee, In upa. rata rooms, day and eroding. Perooaa of neglected odsioa tma separately Instructed. Tweutr-Bre Writing Lanaai, 92; or >6 a qunrtar. AT BKNVILLB'H private bookkkkpino, arith. tnellc and Writing Itooms, (Wl Broadway, ecrasr ef Amity street, studanla are oareliilly Sued for any 4aywk menl of business. laelructioa practical nnd thorongh. aa<| liiinnrtod any liour. day or svanieg. Twanty yania aMk Uslied ABUSIN KfiS EDUCATION.? BOO KE8RPI NO. WRIT ing. Arithmetic. Algebn, Oram mar Rpeltlaft Pnaetaa lion Ac.. fully fiualifying young mea for bniiiiw Inagkl for (IB to $3li; lad lee. twenty Writing Lessons. S>. Re. IB Bow ry. New York, and Dii Fulton etreet. Brooklyn. "As* splendid penman and skilful teacher Cot. Paioa stands ca melled.'1? Newport Naws. Accounts, ac.-instructiob in pbnmabwiiv. Bookkeeping nnd Buslne** Allaire at GOLDSMITH'S Institute, 7M> Broadway. corner of Btghth atroat. Twenty tear- established. Pupils taught Individually. Baperata rooms for ladle*. Circulars on application. OMVER U GOLDSMITH. Boys prkparrd for bubinbbr at dolbbab* Commercial Academy. flOJ Broadway, enn always aa? cure good situations In storos, offices or I) an it a. They come nuick nt licuree. rapid business penmen nnd | bookkeepers. Gentlemen can secure private rooms. 1jl LOCUTION TAUOHT. ? HTANMBRINO ODBBP.? 'J Great enthusiasm at the local Ovmnaslum. tOWaag Eleventh street, naar Itroadwav. Ureal succeaa In thn mis of stammerin,'. Special attention paid tn tha scientific e4v cation and developmeni of the human roioe. Treatment fa* C'>nri'nptlon. Dyspepsia and Oaneral Debility, By Dr. CHARLBS O. HUBLBUT. /^OVKU.VRSS -THB ADVERTISER WOULD Li KB A IT position as resident or as vMttn/ rorernesa, tn n m suitable family. or In a school , sh. can teaek I e nil i ni; mathematics; also mnsir-aod French; " experience in t>-?? blue, andean furnlab rery _ nis's. A modei ate compensation would beUMaM. Ad dress M M. P , station r, Now York. f KSKON* IN EM BROIDERY. -PROM THIS DAT I J (the iftfi of Mar i begins a new course for OnM, mnm and Worsted I- mbioM?ry. Terms for Gold Bs good ||a|lB9? $?> SHk and Wor-ted. $1, single lessons. W neata. Apvl a ?H8 Broadway. MRS. fEOHBDBT. -UA'.B-A N ATI VB SPABIABD I ret ared to gi?e I e?-'>n?. either in claseee i (.oou releren' e given. Aildiess V. R? boa T ' SPANIARD IS t?eee or prtvalefy. 1 1.214 Poa4e*ce. TO KaMIMRS aBD BUHOOLS.-WANTBO. a for two rhildreu. girl I", boy 7; a hort distance from NowVorl: To be pfelitlV e. located and brought np. Til in* $l>< | *.r month for both Rcferen r< sivn and raaulrod. Addrees Mrs. Todd. Godfrey's Union si|unre Peal oBaa. rilHK PRB>C1I Ann bpanihii La NGUAORR TAI1SHT I by J. ALKNTADO. at h s or the pupi 'a rvatdhues Sal siartorv refrroo,^ given Inquire nt 110 Bleeeker al ? fTlHK fiCANISII LAKuriAOP: IS TAUOHT. AB HBRB I tofore. I>? C1PKIANU (iOUKIN Apply at 73 Weak Twenty sixth street, between Sixth and Seventh nvannna. loan of vices. At 77-? MOMKY LIBKRsi** - ??V ON Dl A Mom j iff WATrHai ,AI),rANCBD AT TT UOKS|,s. HARM?--iuB!<? f "K^RTA- " pa,v?rokrsk per Z'i Sir"' " 17 " ,n l"" ' ?? n aOnr rS^"Jsi\S' '' ayssa ?-? AT HKNBY HYMAM'H 8M HROADWAT, oobsbb OP Boiolsti'Ct, room No, B up stairs, will pa/ tto klgB est i-noh prise fur Dlsnaonds. set or unset; Watsnaa nnd 911 ?er Ware, or ailvancea made on the aeme; nnd nlMaa Plsaos HUH Broadway. At aki-wonkv t.f brrallt adtanobd om DfA monds, Walrbea, Jeweirv. Silver Plata, Ouna. Platola, A<*. Al-o Pawnbrokers' Tinfcets wanted of Dlnasnndn. Matches. Jewelry, Uuos. Pistols, Aa, lor whlek f w UI pay I0U rer cent m re thsn enn be nntnlned at asv other pinna la the citr t 9 Uroadwny. oornnr of Uouaion street, op atnlrn. roo u No. S. AT 77 BfcEKPKBR UTRF.RT TOP CAN OBTAIN _ per rent tnor" fur Dtaiionrt? Watches, Jewelry, Bllea r Piste, Ouna l'"iols. f > ?' 'ids !?. B.? Alan Pfct brokers' Tlcketa boug'. t for the aonte nrtlclan. AT 86 NASSAU arRBBT, KUdld NO. 2. TBS HIGH est |.rt-es a'e p* d ? .r louso or set f?la ends Wntckee nnd .lens ry of e. cry dus< rlptl >n A. so. ike mock Hbernt advances ma le oo conntaineats of ma above nrtlclan, Vr A. IIUMUHaN, Uiauioud Broker. At hs-paw n rkorkrh' tickp.tb purchabbd, of I>la > oiuU Wat has. plaaoa, Sewing Machines, Mu-leal In tru'nent*. On is. 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DI ASIINDB. JRWRI.RT, NTI.TBR Plata, O'lon. Pistols, Ac, bouski.? I will a?y Mi p^t eent more thsn mo be ?? named at ant oth?r ptaae in inn dty N H? Also Pawabrosers' liofis wanted far tan shore articles, at the vime rate. AO Broadway, earner t? Honstaa street, up stairs. ix?orn X n A Tilt NBOADW A V-PKBCIt Ill's JEW RUB. W*rCHBM, JV Pint*. ??.?TI?e highest prl* e paid for fTnmowd\ W etc Bee. (Hate, .fswela. Ofnieal instrumeata. A? , Sat haata cat rt. s srawsr 212 Broadway, raaiii U, np aiatr*. dkMar PnMen. Diamonds, ~~ ' OLD GOLD ABD BJLTB^ ufMMtpn*,. ? - p'a - rwifcm bSNMUtnZx JW fiS'SJp? 1 ? w'7? """" tn. e. lUn.MMiw. ana done bateiaOaaakatnat. feraearkr M Bil iaH . . ffnm; i I ? .TTeT'. ? ssx ?: " H" One thtmiatumanee-tf tkk aaudiaiia snaa vnk y/ajSsBs.

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