Newspaper of The New York Herald, 20 Mayıs 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 20 Mayıs 1864 Page 2
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r*MNC1AL AND COMMERCIAL. Thursday , May 18? 6 P. M. The lick uitrket *u not as urug to- d ay as y ester - Oijr, although. in us unsettled condition, some of lbs -imret on I be lutl advanced In price over the ? ino'a ions o) last evening. "I here was a desire to rvalue, mi) J ho Lrm< Hacgpn* in cooeequeoc wore considerably is ?tress of the bus tieMi or the previous days for two or ?hr?e wook*. Compared with tbe highest cash sales at tl?o t:ret trebling of tb? Board of Brokers on Wednesday, K*w York ( enlral advanced , Kr.'e R-illroed 1 fc , Krie T>re<?rjed v Reading 5, Michigan Central ltf, Michigan ^antliorti 1 t^, Illinois Central X , Cleveland tod loledoSY, Chicago and Northwestern 3, Mississippi and Missouri 3, ai d Quicksilver Miuirg X. Milwaukee snd Prairie du Cliien, Chicago and Kork Island, and Toledo and Wabash ?old ibe a.->ni<*. Hud-on Kiver declined 1>?', Harlem 1, Cleveland and Pittsburg 0*i?>? ??d ritUbur; and Port Wayne ?t*. Cumberland Coal IX, and Canton company ?*'. The market was weak in the afternoon, and a general decline in prices took place. The following were the c'oalog quotations ? New York Central 1&4 X , Krie llblf, Hulls'-# River 151, Reidiog 146, Michigan Southern 9814, Michigan ( enlral 145 V. Illinois Central 130 ^ , Cleveland and llttsb irg 114 1<, Galena and Chicago 132, Cleveland and Toledo 162, Chicago and Rock Island 11? Jf, Milwau kee and Prairie du Ch'on TO, Toledo and Wabash IS, Pitta burg, Port Wayne ?nd Chicago 118, C&icago and North western (VI V, Bactflc Mall 331, Quicksilver Mining 78Xi Cumberland Coal 7814, a"d Canton Company 46. Gold opened to day at 188, and sold down to 181)Ct aftorwards advanced a Traction. The transactions at tbe Sub Treasury to-day ware as follows , Amount on hand $22 .319,496 Receipts from customs 144.000 Prom other sources 1.881,978 Total $34 .345 .471 Payments... 1.339,798 Balance ; $13,005,873 Subscriptions to 10 40 loaa 81, TOO ( Tbe Sooretary of Um Treasury has glrin notice that t he seven thirty Treasury notes may be redeemed at any time before maturity for the six per cent bonds of tbe au? of July 17 and August 5, 1881, when presented la sums of not less than Ave hundred dollars. Tbe condition of the banks of tbe tbree principal cities of tbe Colon Is exhibited In the following table, whioh gives the aggregates of their last weekly statements:? L'nnr. .SywiW/. Cir?i'a'ion. D*v?Hr, H.Tork. Mar 1 4. $194.1 78.981 2t.AtA.ia> 5 4S2.887 174.4* <W l'Mla., May 18. 40/ 24 497 8.987 501 3.191.533 28 Stl.'.'M Boston. May 1'. 88.W8.831 8.844,487 10.128,809 81.833.035 Total $301091,049 33,34771a 17.770 3? 344.eV.949 Leal week 302,435,617 33,789,874 18.351, S33 ?:.987,4'? Taeraase in loans .....$1,28\433 Derrea*e 'n ?ce.-ie.... Ml 751 Decrease in oireulation 881.458 Incrrase In dopoaits 6,613,489 .Ibe quarterly statement of tbe condition of tbe banks of Couneoticut compares as follows with former re turns.? Ju y, 1883. Jttn., 1884. April, H64 Capital $21 ,891 ,K97 21.959.54 i 21.608.982 Circulation ll.37l.S88 12.9M 5S0 11.889.701 Deposits 9.4.T2 549 9,777.598 9.998.643 Specie 1,471,102 1.440,105 V 198.872 U.S securities 7,862.;00 7,616,743 7.073 383 Loans At diss ... 23.050,889 31,045,31$ 28. 569.870 Tbo I st statement of tbe banks of Rhods Island shows tbe following aggregates ? Btinlct im Banks nut nf Pri<r?<Urrt. Provident*. Capital $18 ,00:1,658 6,147,739 Specie 343.748 121,644 Loans 24.026,888 7,684,799 Deposit i 4.812.868 1412.435 Circulation 3,981,776 ? 2,131,943 Tbe returns of the Bank of England for tbe week ending May 5 ompare with tbo statement of lbs previous week as follows ? April 27. Jf4y 6. Public deposits ?*.212 918 0,981,132 Other deposit* 12,620 ,036 H,278 903 Government securities ....11,022 287 11,072.267 Other securl.lMs 19 842.308 20,901,160 Hues in circnl ul n 20 95*,235 21 481,250 Specie and bullion 12,567,778 12,164,244 During the week ending May 7 there was rather more activity In Ue I.oodon market for Americai^ecurltles. The heavy fall In prices In New York caused a further decline In qo-Hatloo* for tbe railroad shires currently dealt in. Illluols Contra! and Krie both gars way, the former about $5 and U-e latter about $3 United States and railroad mortgage bonds did not exhibit tbe same de pression, and tbe rail In them was about counterbalanced by the decline in exchange. It IS dttclally announced that tbe Sum of ?661 ,508 will be applied to the reduotlon of tbe natiooal debt of Bog land before tbe 30th of Judo. Tbe monthly return of tbe amount of bullloa held by the Pootoh and Irish banks shows a total of ?4,359,197, being a decrease of ?38,973 from tbe preoed log month, and of ?30,333 from the corresponding period of last year. lb* roUo<rtof were the earning* of tbe Chicago and Nortbweetern Rallr ad during Um ?Mk eedlng May 7:? rim w<?k In M>r. ISM |3tt 931 fcam* line M 23 728 7 Sit, 644 lb* oarning* of tbe Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago Rail road daring the month of April ootnpere m Follows ?kk tbe receipts tor lb* mom parlod laal year ? 13^4. IMS. WHcbU. $375,284 299,466 Pnaeeogera r. 177,71ft 144,418 Ex prom mat Mr 4.2'JO j,fioo W?|5? ? 7 ,*24 7.824 Root of railway 7,083 T.083 Mtaoellaoooua 1,570 1,404 total 1674,678 locrooee ; 463.986 1996,272 ?Jte earnings at iba a bore road (ioca tba 1st of January ?Sow an excess over tba raenlpU teat year (or (be mm time 1 $296,272, or an tncreene of eighteen per cent. llock ?uhaar Tho?d**t. May 19?10:30 A M. !?>.< aba Hudson Hi* ka I |i? <lo. 100 Harlem KK..., lM'J ?o M do 274 M00 Reeding RR. ...... 145 400 do 1 141. ?00 d*. .44 N5 SOU do 14 ? RJU0 d'< ... blU 1M 7l\ 4uo Mleb ten RR If; rS t :::::::::::: Iflf lOOiMleh S.AMI RR.b30 Ml sou do lanv 10 do 100 860 do 1*> H 200 do |i?S 190 do 100V 100 Mich Mo A 9 I guar 1?i0 IOO do 141 1 MM III CenRRBcrlp.eH) 1S4H *i>) UB fTlV feu ? 08 gnwouart. Ireertif. S?KS^Wr.Jj tss ???*?? ? ?JOS Oble AM?ee certlf M lAOU do ii aot do ? 2| 0000 ObioAkliewrfejrt * ?J00 RewTerk Oen 6? 804 Brie Mb mert bda 1? 106J?cbgj?ru?4hda. Ill 1000 Alt ATfl_3da> prf. ? BOOT AH A TH?rm. <T ani obi A k* let mtd ,rl, , l<kW AKooATH letratg 10?H llO 0 Cie A Tol m f bda. lie ??? AAOWIatmgOdr 100 5000 American geld... *l?Uha Coal*B?otel Bk. 1<? ?? '* 6 Kenrth Battonat Bk. 10> 1*0 oo ...... sr,0-1^ ^rnr... 4?h ? ?... ? E Bttflietefcl ' KConaellda 4 Coal Oe ?0 l?0 aJ.*.'.";,... .sIQ 1UH ,^S*? m-is. 8 ? 1I?S \\% ?v w 100 ?l 1*0 do do do do do. 1S4I* 134 1S3S aF 1K.V 1 1?' II-1, jF5 lid IKS ? Goal peer.. .bW I Qui iflln ulefcailTi Cn *?> Oefake Iron Mi nee. dS?i JiA 100 Chi A Rk Ie RR. 900 do 408 do SOU do. ICO do b30 160 de aOU I ]7K JSobt Buri"Qu'X?. lip 100 do. 480 Mil A Pr ( g do. 108 do 73 l?*TolAWat*eb RR.. 73 180 rtlM. Tl WACbIRR 1 19 i^lriiwaut'S1' m do. ...... ,bw AN# RR. r m y u ah. . w riu Ci'MK 'rl 21H 6e I34?i 380 CbMaae ANf RR. 68 1=S1 de... ? _ . _ leoe Hi* RR. >io u 6o IU* 6e l&j' 1"0 Cbl A & If RI pref 87 ijD do "... 97H ? Obleego A Alton RR 94', 88 do 96m l'"> OhleagoA AURRpref fT >*i RarleiiaA<Hnlabrf 73 M Cin FUm k DaflR 134 l?i Mi Ha A Miaaouri BR M PBOOWR BOAnn. ?>am tr am. ii?*t*ii",vTw'> n f:i? ?? *? M. *SS S KV Si. !!!h ?MgmXi no S gk&Zi'tt!* ? si c" ?vJc ? 4o. feg ' m i inu Outefceiirrr M Imng 73 i*l faelfl- Mail sg Co. 211 llO H T Oaatra' RR... |g4 _ao _ <k> :.... J... \mh 111'! R?V RR m # 131 1 111 II4W m 6QQ do W Clet A Pitt r'4' 100 do MO do 70(1 Galena A uhl Kl>; 19 do... Brier* a foledo hit in do..., ..... ii| Chi A Rk ia RR. 1 17 160 do *>10 1 1 7 V 1 Vi do 1 1. 12 i g do |] ? M0 MU APdnChtenKK 71 W _ do....^ , 70 sno Tnindo A ti>i RR n ??i ntt. i t w a ctC ii w l"0 II . *?> Chi A N ? Kg -ilH Ifi i< e ? ? l*| CM A H W 4 f. J . .. fj crrr conmeroial Twimmi, May 19?6 P. M. Aram ? Receipts, 94 bbla., and am all sales or pot* at %? 50. Pearls ?m wholly nominal. BaraiKrnTvs.? Receipts, 10. 3?i9 bbla. flour, 36 196bushela oata, ll.MO bushele basley, I ,063 bb's. and US ban cum meal.- with continued li^ht receipts and good dtunrnid, tho market for (lour was he. a 10c. totter. The leak id ibe canal bag been retired, but na receipt* from bevond tbat point are expected till the Aral of nest week. Mean While, wttb the high rates of gold, sellers are enabled to dictate terms to a certain extent. Bales 12,00# bbls. Slate and Western, 1,600 bbla Southern and 800 bb's. Canadian. In rye flour and corn meal there waa vary little done, but the mark* was in fsvor of st Isrs. We quote:? Superfine State ana Wee tern floor $T OS a 7 20 Extra State 7 80 a T 40 Choice Slate 7 45 a TU Common to medium Western 7 ?ft a 7 65 Good to choice do 7 60 a 8 40 Extra St. Louis 7 85 a 10 78 Common to good Southern 7 80 a 800 Good to choice extra do. 8 10 a 10 78 Common Canadian 7 86 a 7 68 Good to choice extra do 7 86 a 8 80 Rye flour, superflns 8 80 a 8 80 Corn meal, bbls 8 40 a 8 80 Cora meal, puncheons M 00 a 81 50 ?In the ahaenoe of an adequate supply Of spring wheat la market, thsgs was sn active business for delivery next week, and prices ware rather bettor? la some Instances the Improvement being Is. a ic. The sales were 170,000 bushels ?t 1 1 68 a tl 83 for spring Chicago, $1 80 s $1 83 for Milwaukee q)ub, fl 88 a tl 84 for Amber Towa and Milwaukee, >1 88 s tl 7J for red winter Wee tern, tl 76 s tl 78 (or amber Michigan . and $1 86 for Stsla. Rye was quiet sad Arm at tl 48 a tl M. Cora was also qntet, bat very firm, with soles of 8,500 bushels, old Weotorn mixed st tl 80 In store. In barlev these was very little dotal; a sals of 1.800 bashels State was reported at tl 87. Malt was Inactive. Oats were dull at 88o. a Pic. for the whole range cotto*.? -The market was Arm, with saleo S t 1,480 bales. We quote:? Upland. Florida. MebiU. If. O.J: T. Ordinary 80 80 81 82 Middling 80 8* 90 80 Good middling 91 81 0t 92 Middling fair 98 94 96 96 roma.? Market doll. Sales of M0 bags Karaostbo at ! 48o Panama continued Arm. and In some Inetanoes rather higher rates were paid with a moderate business. The abeenoe of re?elpCs of wheat had tho effect to restrlot engagements of wheat. TO Liverpool, per American flag, two bins of Wheat wore reported tor next week st 8H8.. and Tor immediate acceptance 600 bbls. flour at Is. 8d.; per neutral, 800 tierces lard at 17s. a 17s. 8d ; 100 tons tallow at 16s. 8d. , 600 bales ootton at wd. s 8 Sid. , and per steamer 100 balee ootton at X4. To London, per neutral, 1,000 bbls. flour ?tts. 1 Xd , and 70 boxes baooa at 36s. TO Glasgow, par neutral, 30 tons tallow st 21s.. and 160 tier cos beef si 4s. 7Hd. To Havre 178 tons oil, sshss and lard at 60f. To Marseilles, 1,800 tieross lard at 88 1. To Bordeaux, 80 hbds. tallow and 190 tierces lard at 66 1. To Rotter dam, 1.000 bbls flour at 2s. 3d.: sn Italian brig with is ,000 bushels wheat to Cork for orders at fls. Od. : a British bark with 28,000 bushels wheat at 8s , If to a direct port In Greet Britain, or 8s 8d. If to Cork and orders; a British bark, hence to London, 1,600 bbls petroleum st ft*.: one from Philadelphia to Antwerp, 3.600 bbls. pe troleum, Os?: a Danish brig to Stockholm, tobacco. 8*s. Od. A British berk to Sombrero, thence to Philadelphia with guano, tl 50 per t>n, and ten British brigs to Cow Bay or Glaoe Bay, X. 8., and back, ooal. t8 per ton. VOLiasm was quite active, with sales of 300 hbds. Cuba on p. t., 100 hbds do. at 80o. a 84c., 60 hhds. Porte Rico at 90e. , and 50 bbls. New Orleans at 98o. P*o\-i?K)*s ? Receipts, 768 bbltf pork. 144 packsges beef, 791 do. cut meets, and 1,190 do. lard. Thers was rather more activity In provisions today, and, as a general thing, the market waa buoyant and Arm. For pork there was a bettor demand, both for lots In fill ma turlng contracts and for speculation; and tbere wa? quite an extensive business done, eh led y on the baas of 25c. per bbl. advance. The market closed firm, in sym^atby wl'h tho advance in gold. Beef waa in moderate demand at full prices. Reef bims continued quiet and nominal. Bacon was In limited demand, but prices were firm. Cut meats wars In moderate demand, and lbs sales were at full prices lard was tolerably active, and prices wero rather higher, nutter and cheese were substantially the ssmo. Pork? Sales 3,600 bbls. at $25 s $25 50 for old mess. 827 s $28 for now do. , clos ing at $27 60 a 827 02 H: $28 a $24 for old and new prime, and $27 a t27 26 for old prime mess. Also 2.000 bbls new mess for May and June, sellers option, st $27 2* a $27 50; 1,000 do.for July, buyers option, t80 60, and 1.000 do. for July and August, on private terms. Beef ? Sales 500 bbls. at $!> 50 a $18 for ooontry mem. $0 a $7 for country prime, $16 a $19 for repicked moss, and $14 60 a $20 26 for extra mess. Prime mess beef, sales 60 tierces st $26 50. Cut meat*, sales of 125 packages at ll<-4'c. a 11 Vc for shoulders, and 14H* a 16 He. tor bams. Bacon aides nominal Lard? Sales 3,600 bbls. and tieroes it 13\c. a 14Hc. Butter 26c. a 36c. for Ohio, and 34c. a 38c for State. Obsess 18c n 18c. for oommon to prime'*.? Receipts, 940 bbls. The demand was vsry moderate to day. the firmness of holders having checked the active movement noticed yesterday , and prices ruled in favor of Ibe buyer, though there wss no active do ellne. The sales ? sre confined to $1,600 bhis. crude. 40 a 47 gravity, a(*3*c. a 38 He. ; 7,000 bbls. refined at 69c a 00c s 60 ^r. on thfl S'ot, die. for June, and 81 Hp. for July, Including 3.000 bbls. In Pbllsaelphi.1 at 56o. a *8f?c , the lower rate for light straw; 3.008 bbls. free at 84 H<*-- ? 00c. on the spot snd for all May There wero reported sains for further ahead at extreme prises, but ws sscer tatnod them to be "calls." snd therefore omit thom. Benzine wss doll and nominal at STc. ? Kjcs waa dull, hut Arm , with small sales at the follow, lag q sets' Inns:? A rracan, dressed, lO^o. s 10!{o : Bon. gal, do., 10s. a 10\e.. Java, do., 11)1(0. slljfc . Moul mein, do., 10o. s 10 So ; Pstns. do., lOJfe. a 11 He.; Pstna. esrgo stylo, 8Ho s 9c ; Rangoon, dressed, 10 ^c a 11 Ho. Sron ? The msrkst wss more acttrs and firmer, moouy for export; sales were 1,200 hbds. si 18 Ho- for Cubp, ssd 10 Vc.. sash, do. , in bond. Sjit.T. ? The msrkst continum vsry Arm, wKb miss of two invoices of Liverpool fine (Ash loo's) togsthsr, 3,000 sacks st 84 00 a 84 66. Ssans (4 all kinds were quiet snd steady In pries. Hover Is selling In smalt lots st 11c. a ll*;c. , snd tmo thy at t2 62 H a t- H7H- Rough Asz has boon sold st $3 80 Tiixow continued In fhir demand, sad ths msrkst wss firm; sales 3O0. 000 lbs. st 13 Ho. a lSJfc. for oamos con' try to prime eMy. Wsmnrr Receipts, 690 bbls. Msrkst Arm snd mors active, Ths sales reech 3,500 bbla. at tl 86 a tl 27 H for 8tatO, ssd tl ? ? tl 30 for Western. Tk* i?np? and tkt cur. *01 PAPAL ALLOC WTION ON POLAND. [From a Roma latter or lltjr 1 ] tba portion of tba Pope's allocution at the rient Oooslstory raUtlag to Poland ta alleged M> bo aa follows. ? The blood of the week and Innocent cried aloud before the ibrnoe of the Almighty for vengeance upon those by ? whom It to 'bed. Aad On we not tee Id our time innocent blood abed In a Catholic country, In unfortunate Poland, where the *?me Catholic, raltb (or which the holy Fidelia gave HM 1Kb la ao cruelly persecuted ? I did not intend ta apeak upon thia subject before the neat Conalatory, hi* 1 rear that H I keep ailenoe Ion gar I aball draw down apoa my**lf tb? punishment of Heaven with which the prophet* threaten thoae who permit Injuatlce. r? mihi, v?ki v? <u? My conacienec compete me to raise my voice against the powerful sovereign wboee domiaiona emend to the Pole Therefor* I Men I Thia mighty monarch, who also ventures to style hltn ?elf Catholic ? although he stand* ontaide the pale of <mr holy church ? forge ta that tbe justice of God will over take htm for hi* aril deada. This monarch purtnea the Polish nation with Baraga cruelty. He h?a undertaken the impie>ia work of exterminating the Oatholic religion In Poland and of introducing hereay Into tbat country by foroe. The prtasla of thia Catholic nation are violently tors from their flock*: some are ban tobed, other* con demned to forced labor or die honorable punishments. Hsppy are they who contrive to eacape, and at present wander ahoui in foreiirn laart* wltb'utan asyhtra. The churches are desecrated .and partially doaed through the absence of the prteatg. Finally, thta presumptuous ro ar baa aaaumed a power which the vicegerent of Christ doe* not eveo roa*e??. After be haa torn our much beloved son, the Archbishop of Waraaw, from bla dtooeee, ban ished him and kept him In confinement, ha Baa dared to remove htm from the office we had taitrueted to him. If we exprrea our Irdlgnatloo agalnat roch acta It la not with the view to encourage Kuropean revolution. We *ra well ab'e to draw a distinction between ? social revolu lion and the legitimate risbta of a nation light Ing for tta independence and the welfare af religion. If we*tep for ward againat the persecutor* af the Catholic religion, wa fulfil a sacred dety of our conscience. Aad 1 have, there tort, communicated ta jrou the mournful new* ! have re ceived from tbat unhappy oountry, for which we will redouble out prayer*. wa declare tbat wa confer our Apo*toi)a bieesing upon all thoae who thia day pray far Poland. Let ue all pray for that oountry. 'alle* lattlllgtac*. Aujmd Roaatmt of a Skama? ? At a lata bear oa Wed needay sight Otbelo Bolay, a tailor attachad to a vaeeel lying ta tba Raat rWar, while paaalag through Water ?Mat waa aasanlted, knocked down, kicked while pre* irate oa the walk, aad, by force aad violence, robbed of elevea Chilean goM ootaa. Roley screamed for help, whan officer 'ookley , af the Fourth precinct, ran to t be ?pot aod arreatad oaa James McCuon, whom Roiey charged with robbing him, The scoused waa then taken before Joatlca Dewllaf and committed ta tba Tomb* for ?xamtoatlao. A Man A aaarr an son Mcanan ta Bba. ? On Wed Dead ay ?vaotng tba ablp Fmity Faro bam, Captain 8yma, from Newport, Wale*, arrived at thia port, bringing aa prisoner William H. deary, the third mate, who ataada charged with the murder af one af the Itallao aearoeo, known aa Victor. On tba STlh alt , during a atorm , Clear/ ordered Victor aioft to reef the aalie, Claary at the Uma being on the yaroarm Victor failed to execnto I he order to the eat Israeli '>n of Cleary, whereupon the latter, a* Is nlleyed, neared the lailor and Mruck liini on tbr i-ld* of the bead with a pulr of brsa* ktiuck'o->. Victor fell sense* less to the deck, and frrm the combined erects of the blow and the fall doth soon afterward* etisu?d. on the srrtval of jho Karnlmm In the bay, officer* Hatch lln nod O'Brien, of tbe harbor poiica, bosrdod her ami took charge of Cleary, who was tskeu to phron to nwalt nn examination before the lulled Stats* court, there | nre wttieaees to the alleged fatal a'tault. TT)? ifita knu< kiea used by Cfeary w pre secured. CoaaMmo*? Ins Tuart or Jawtttar. ? On Tue* lay Mr. '? Th-er ard, nf Ho. 1W Triwdway, bad a young man named | *rro?ted on a chuf ce cf Healing Jewelry frm ' b I* store. Is th>- report the name* wi ra t'ai.spo*' d by i nif- ak*,abd||i liorrard la msdo to ap: oar as tt.s ac ?"*ad in a ixiiBtier* u>e am ii*r?d pdppnn Okitmry, NATB1MIK, iattboiSi, TH* Auraot. Ike telegmpti bring* ua the molaacboly iotelli?enoe U tba <Wtb of Nathaniel HawtburM, the well known American author He d>ed yesterday i morning (May 1W. io Plymouth, N. H. He was atopptag at Plymouth, ta the course r a journey Iter the benefit of hi* health, and "*? In company with ex-Preatdent Krankiin Pierce. He bud been Buttering with (Moral debt Illy for ansae time, but retired to bed on Wednesday night aa well a* usual. At three o'clock yesterday morning, howaver, be waa round dead In hit bed by ex President Pierce The deceased waa born July 4, 1804, In Satan, Mas*., where bl* ancestors, who oape from England, had aettled In the ear'y part of the seventeenth oeutury. Hla father was a shipmaster, who died- of fellow fever In Havsns about 1810. About the a?* of ten , on account of feeble health, Nathaniel Hawthorne waa sent to lire on a farm on tba harden of Bib a? Lake, In Maiaa. Ha returned to Salem ta complete his atadlea, preparatory to altering Bowdolu Ooilega, where ha graduated in 1826. ta the same alaaa villi Professor Henry W. LongfaUow. Ka-Preeldeni Pier oe, who waa lo tba preceding claaa, waa hla Intimate friend. After Quitting ooilega ha resided many years la Saleai, leading a solitary lira of meditation and study, writing wild tales, moot of whlob bo bnraed, and some of which, la newspapers, magazinea and annoata, led a wandering and meetly aaoortaln life. In 18S2 bo published hi Boatoa aa anonyaseaa romance, which yielded neither credit nor celebrity. la 1887 be published , under, the title of "Twice Told Tales," a oM lection of storlaa compiled from the annual oallad "Tba Token," which attraotad bat IHUeatteatlaa from the pub 11a, although highly praised la the North African Re vie* s. In 1842 a new edition waa Issued, together with a waeod aertea of talea ooUeotod from tba DtmteraHe Rf ?fas and other magasloeo, which met with mora auocess. la 18SS Mr. Hawthorns accepted a plaoe In the Boatoa Caatom House , and bald office until 1841, when be wsi removed for political reason* Ha than wsat ta lire with tba Brook Farm Aaaoclatloa, la Wast Roxbary, Maaa.? aa institution of which ha waa oaa of tbe found ore. Remaining bora a few months, bo went to Boston, where ha reelded antll 1848, when be married and took up hla abode In the old manaa at Coo cord, Maaaachasetta, which adjoina tbe flrat battle fleld of tbe Revolution. la the Introduction to tbe volume of talea and aketchea entitled "Moaaea rroa aa Old Manse," ha baa given a charming account of hla life bare. Mr. Hawthorne resldsd la Coooord thrsa years, la 1846 be was appointed Surveyor of tbe port of Salem, and for tbe following three rears ha waa tba ehlef executive officer in tbe decayed old Custom House, of which and Its vans rahte In ma tea ha gave a graphic and satirical sketch to the Introduction to tba ?'Scarlet Latter" ? a powerful and popular romanoe at early Now Bnglaad lire, and oatablishiag for Ita author a high and widespread reputation. In 1840 Mr. Hawthorne waa again removed from offlea. He than retired to tbe town of Lerox, la Berkshire onuntj, where be wrote the "House of Seven Gatyes," the scene or which Is laid In Salem in the earlier part of the preaent century. This waa followed by tba "Bllthodale Romance," in which be "ventures to make free with his old and affectionately remembered home at Brook Farm, aa being certaltly the meat romantic epiaodeof hla own We." la 1862 Mr. Hawthorne moved from Lenox to Oonoord, where be pur chaaed a house and a few aorea of land, and made It his permanent home. During tbe Prealdenttal oanvasa of 1882 he published a life of bta college friend, Franklin Pierce, tbe democratic candidate. In 18M President Pierce appointed bla biographer to one of the moat lucrative offices la bis girt? tbe Untied Stxtea Consulate at Liverpool Mr Hawth roe held thla office until 1857, when be reaignad It, and set out upon a leoKtbered tour with his family through Europe, after which he returned to bis native country. Bere be has since resided. Imparting to an extended circle ef cherished friends the geniality -of a sympathetic natare and tbe warmth and eloquence of an impaaaloned , yet plain and unobtrualve intellectuality. It Is a singular and happy circunfatance that friends who have lived so many years upon terms of unrestricted intimacy aa Franklin Pierce and Nathaniel' Hawthorne should fn the final hour of one be atlll so near to each other as to enible tbe survivor to bear, as It were, tbe laat whisper of his friend era be entered tba portals of eternity. Tba world of letters has lost a genius la tbe deatb of Haw thorne. and the world of readers one of Ita most delightful and entertaining splrita. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married* Arnnr? Wsss.? On Wednesday, May 18, at the Ran son ptaoe Method i Episcopal church, Brooklyn, by th? Rev. W. G. Browning, Mr. Hour a Autb* to Miss Liiajb Wrhs, hath of Brooklyn. Bfto? Tonas.? Oa Thursday, May 19, at St. Thomas' oburch . by tbe Rev. Wm. P. Morgan, D D.. Willum B. Baas to ISAnaujt, daughter of tha lata Bar. Charlee lomcs. Nasftvtile (Tenn.) papers please copy. Cahihki.1 ? Farutt. ? At the Sands street Method tat Episcopal church, on Wadoeaday, May 18. -by tha Rev. Dr. Hasan*, Autkrt B. Oampdbll to Clara V. N. Farutt, dauibler of David Farley, Haq., all of Brooklyn. ? IWa ? Smith.? On TtiarnUy, February 26, by the Rev. Dr. Hart, Isaac J. Danxa to Mabia A. Barm, all of this city. Powlsr ? Mallebt.? On Thursday , May 11, by the Rev. Theodore A. E*too, rector of St Clement's nhureh. Isaac W. Fowlbr to Miss Marjt Maixrbt , daughter af James H. Maliery, Esq. , both of Nowburg. Hn?i ? I.ipriKoorr ?On Wednesday , May 18, by the Rev. B. C. I.ipptncnu, of Hurley, N. V., Barka H. Iltnaa to Amma E., daughter of Wb. H. Lipplsoott, of thia city. Ivmkks ? Bbai b.? At Motthaveo, on Thursday, May 10, by the Rev. J. R. Joheeoa, D. D., Char lis D. Ihmbxs to Bau.s Ksach, daughter of Charlee Reecb, of MeMbavea. Lncmrmut ? I'ors ? On Tberaday , May 13, at 81 Paul's church, 8*. Paul, Minn , by Rev. A. B. Patterson, D. D. , Wm. B. Lnroaneu) to Kmt, aldaat daughter of the late IWld N. Pope, all of St PaaL O'Cobbob? Kbowub.? Ob Taaadev evening, May IT, by the Rev. S. Cooke, Cinua. OVnnm to Mlaa fawn Km?jb. all oT this city. VAUBrrnm? Brnooe.? it Ford ham. on Wadoeaday, Hay 18, at the reatdenoe of the bride's grandparents, by the Rev. Jamee Bolton, Cbasun D. Valsstiki to Maiu A., oaly daughter of the lete Jaasaa Brlggs, all of the for mer place. Tab BuaxtBic? Baiut.? Ob Wedaeoday, May 18, at Cbe realdeeoe of the bride's parents, by the Rev. Q A. Pells, Mr. Jobs R Vam Braciu to Mlso Ka?b K., aldaat daughter of P. A. Bailey , Esq , all of this city. WootiST? Day.? On Wednesday, May. 18, by Rev. V. O. Dumber, Gbobcs Woolly to Miss Maboabst a. Hat, both of this elty. Allst.? At No. IS Washington plaoe, Williamsburg, oa Wednesday, May 18, of diphtheria, Richard Riumaos, only chltd of John R and Sarah Alley, aged 23 mofitbe. Bant. ? Oa Wadnaaday, May It, Maobbtba Dobatmba, daughter of K. D. and Catharine Deck, aged 18 months and 28 days Tbe relatlvaa and friends of lbs family are respectfully Invited to attend tbe funeral, from the residence of her parents. 1ST avenue A, near Thirteenth street, thts (Fri day) afternoon, at two o'clock. Boaaows.? On Wednesday. May 18, Farjtt, wife of Charlea K. Borrowa and daughter af the late WtlM.m Nelson. Tbe relatives sad ft lends of the fhmily are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from Calvary ehnrch, oa Soeday afternoon, at- half past two o'clock. Brbbbry. ? In Brooklyn, on Wadoeaday, May 18, Aim Brbhsxt , aged 68 years. Tbe funeral will take pi see from 188 Prospect street, this (Friday) afternoon, at half past two o'olnck. Tbe re mains will be taken to the Cemetery of the Holy Croes. Babrt. ? On Wednesday, Msy 18, Sarab Amiss, wife of G. R. Barry, Totted States Navy, and daughter of tbe lata lboBtse t. lover. Tbe relativea and fr tends of the family sre requested, without further in* nation, to attend the funeral, st tbe Church of 3t. Franots lav W, Sixteenth street, this (Frl day) morning, at ten o'clock. Capbt ? On Wednesday, May 18, Marias, the beloved wife of Richard ( aunt, a native of England, aged 33 years. Tbe frten<ls and relatives are Invited to attend the funeral, tb? (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from ber . lAe reotdenee , 103 wiikxighby street, Brooklyn. Coorsa ?Killed at the bottle of the Wilderness, on Friday, May 8, while gallantly leading a chafge. 'Japtain Thomas Colhsb Coons, of tbo Sixty seveath regiment Xew York State Volunteers. He was formerly at tbe bead of tbe Institution for the Bltod, in ibis city, snd was a highly educated sad ac oompllabed man. He leaves three orphan children on provided for Powssv.? On Wedneeday, May 18, Jambs H Dowwbt, sea of Pbillp and Jane Ixrwney and grandson of tbe late Jane l-alrd, aged 8 years, 8 months sod 9 days. Tbe friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend tbe fnneral, from tbe residence of bis parsata No. 4 Alloa street, this (Friday) afternoon, at one o'clock. Tbe remains will be taken to Greenwood for Interment. I>aviw._ Oa Wednesday, May 18, of typhoid fever, William Davis*. a native of Kagtaad, aged 36 years Tbe I r lends of the ramliy are lovltad to attend tbe funeral, from Dellevue Hospital, tbls (Friday) sfternooa, at one o'clock. Fmam/-AI Port Mtbmbnth, N. J on Wedoeeday, May 18, Jawtx Rao am. In the 87th year of ha age. The redsalns will be taken to the church of tbe Nativity, Second aveane, where mass will be oflbred for tbe repoee of bis soul, this (Pridav) morning, at half past tea o'clock. Theeoe tbe body will be lakea to Calvary Cemetery. Orboobt.? la Jersey City, on Tnesdsy, May IT, after * laag Illnees, G? bob W. , eldest son of p. P Gregory, IB tbe 87 in yoar of nls sge. Tbe friends of tbe family are Invited to attend tbe fa serai, from his fstber's residence, this (Friday) after* aron, at foar o'cioek, without further notice. flRniu ? At Albany, N T., on Tuesday, May IT, Jambs A 'droit. Jr., youngest son of James A. and Helen & Orelg, formerly of this city.*.? on Thursday, May 10, of cen sumption, Job* Git**, a native of the parish of Corlstown, ooaaty at Weptmeath. Ireland, agsd 20 years. The friends of the fatally are respectfully Invited te attend the Mineral, from his late residence. No. 1,8*6 Bmadwsy, cmer of Fortieth str?et. on Saturday after n< on . at one o'clock. Ills remains will be taken to Cal vary OtB'-tery. Iiaklst.? on Wednesday May 1?, FraHckr M. Habimt, wife of ibo?. A. Harley, of the Seventy aintb regiment (H'rhlsndcr-), snd ds'inlitrr of Amelia M craliam. j Ibe relatives and trlen :a of the family end the mem b' rs "f the Se\ctily ninth renin ent, Highlanders (In cllisea's dre?a). are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from tbo rceldenre of tier unit, Filen Rush,* Ox ford street, foor d'Ors north of Myrilc avenue, Brooklyn, on Mitiday afternoon, at two o'clock. H*i kr ? At Stales Islnod, on Thursday morning. May 10. st the re?dmce<f bei son . Lovma Fish, widow of [ K'l?ard P. Hejer, and daughter of Whitehead Flsb, <? prenr-ed Notice "f f?n erel in tb" ev< ult;g papsrs Jai * kt.? On We'.'i isdSy, Mi y 1?, a'tcr a short lllners, Jah> ll^rrs, *!<i'iw i f tlir d. re M. Jsuueey. I t e reduces hr.1 friend* arn re^nested to attend tbe fi iinrs!, fr .m h r ht# residence, No. lf*.8V>e?t I'orty 11. lt lb site. t. it's FrMs^jSt twelro "'c.ioclt nnon. without further tarnation. Tki imuim ?W WdfeH ttCmi ?rOO<i for interment. Juiinmm On Wedueeday ,- May II, of wounds Motived in the iato bstues in Virginia, Lieut. Thuuas Junes hib of C.mi*oy I, Sixty aixth New York Veteran Volunteers oldxKt i- on oi Willtin M4 Sarah Johnoton, ?fed as years and 3 months. The i rlende of tl>? family are reepectfully invited t ? utiei d l tie funeral, en Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock, fro. -a tbe Pri'sbytertoa ohnrrb, in ?<>rty acowl street (He*. Dr boon's) . without further invitation. Latinos.? At seven o'oiock oa Thursday morning, May 19, Eu7.*nr?i T. Ijtnaoa, wile ef lohn Lapidge, aged 49 yearn and 9 month*. The Irieu'la and relatives of the family are respectfully in riled to attaod tbe inneral, from her lata reauleooe, No. 14 South Eighth street, Williamsburg, oa Susday afternoon, at tiro o'clock. kkiniiiY.? On Wednesday morn bur, May It, Mrs. Kui A. Mukput, in the Mth year of her ape. The body will be taken to St. Stephen's ohurch, Twenty-eighth ? treat, this (Friday) moraine, nt tan o'clock, where a solemn requiem mass will bs offered up for tti?> repose of her noitl. The relatives ami friends of the Tamily art reepectfully Invited to attead. The funeral will take place Immediately after berries MoLsrAtrma-? Oa Wiitnaadiy, May 18, aftar a abort Illness, Lohbnb MourrAvrraa, la the Mth year of his age. The friend* aad relatives of th# family, also tbe meat bert of Obsrnskar Lodge We. 4, 0. D. H. 8 , and tbe booora ble Or and Lodge of eatd Order, are roepeotfutly invited to attend the funeral from bis Ida residence, 18 EMridge street, this (Friday) afternoon , at two oHMook. The re mains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery. Mbbmam. ? On Wednesday, May 18, Jambs If? 1?, Id the 49th year of bis sge. Tbe relatives and friends are Invited to attend tbe fu neral , from bis Iste reekieaoe, 128 Kast BMveoth street, thin (Friday) afternoon, at two o'olook. Morpht ? On Wednesday, May 18, Paou*i. youogost daughter of Michael and Elizabeth A. Murphy, aged I months sad 19 days. The rnnaral will take place from tbe resMoaoe of the parents, corner of Smith and Liberty avenues , Bast New York, on Saturday afternoon, at two o'clock. M bad ? On Thursday, May 19, William N. Mjus, aged 18 yean. The relatives and friends are respcotfaily lavlted to at tendtbe funeral, on Senday afternoon , at two o'oiock, from 88 Ridge street. The remataa will be taken to ureeowoed Oemetory for Interment. MooamAo.? On Thursday, May 18, of oanaumftlaa, ! EusABara Moonaun, daughter ef Jamee Moorbeed, aged >2 yean and seven days. The relatives aad frlonda of the family are nspeetfaUy Invited to attead the funeral, from her Me residence, 163 Grand street, on Saturday afternoon, at half-past one o'clock. Philadelphia papers Moan.? On Wednesday night, Mar If, SAba BvauvA, eldest child of Charles C. and the late Sara J. Miles, sged 9 yean, ? meotba and 1 day. Tbe relativee aad friends of Mm telly, aloe thcae of her grandfather, John O'Bara, Bk}., are la filed to attaod tbe feneral, without further Invitation, this (Friday) afternoap, at half past two o'clock , from the resldenoe of her lather, 248 Weat Twenty -third street. MunraT. ? On Wednesday morning, May 18, Mrs. Busa A . wife of John Murphy, la the 88th year of her age. Her remain* will be taken from her late reeldeooe, 368 Kast Thirty aecondntreet . to St. Stephsn's church. Bast Twenty-eighth street, tbls (Friday) morning, at ten o'clock, where a so'emn requiem mass will be o BO red up for tbe repooe of her soul. The relativee and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend. The funeral will take place immediately after service Mbbritt ?At New Brighton, a L, on Wednesday>eveo log, May 18, Kdwarr Mkrrrt, aged 41 yean Tbe relatives an1 friends of the family are rcspect folly | Invited to attead the funeral, on Saturday afternoon, at two o'clock, from his late residence, without further In vitatloa. McCartt.? On Thursday evening. May 19, at seven o'oiock. Jambs W. MoCastt, son of Patrick MoUtrty, aged 28-yean. Notice of tbe funeral la to-morrow'* paper. Moocibb.? On Thursday morning, May 19, CAiaaanm McGoikb, aged 88 years. Cn Saturday morning, at ten o'clock, tbere will be a solemn requiem mass at 8t. Peter's church, Barclay street, for tbe repose of her eoul. Tbe funeral to take piuce immediately after mass. The frtgpda are invited to attend. MoCabx. ? On Thursday, May 19, after a long and severe illnees, Patrick Mc :ahk, a nntive of tbe parish of Klewln, ocunty Leitnm. Ir nand, in Hie 73d year of bis age. Hi* friend* and acquaintances, and those of bis son Francis, ao'd eon <? in-law, Thomas Wade, Morgan Jones snd Dennis Cooper, are reepectfully invited to at tend tbe funeral services, which will take plaoe on Saturday morning, at half past ten o'clock, at St. An irew's church, where solemn hliih mass will be said for tbe repose of his soul. Tbe remains will be taken thence to Calvary Cemetery for Interment. McNallt ? On Wednesday. May 18.' Aawa, wife or Charles MoNslly, formerly of Cookstown. county Tyrone, Ireland In tbe <Wd year of her age. Tbe mends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend tbe funeral, thie (Friday) aUernoon. at one o'clock, from ber late residence, 218 Fast Fourteenth street. ?Nolan ?On Wednesday, May 18, Kkwaro Nolav, aged 2 month*. . Do rest Richard, tnou bast left us, And tby loss we deeply feel; But 'tl* Ood wbo has bereft ns, And Ho san all our sorrows heal. The relatives and friends of tbe family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the reeidence of his parents, corner of Van Brunt and King streets). South Brooklyn. Onx<-u*B<? At Fiyettevllle, Vt., on Friday, April 1, suddenly, Ons H. ohmsbbb, only Ben of Otis Ormsbee, Of this city, aged 19 years aad 11 daya. Rban br ?On T untday, May 19, William Raavnu, In the 76th year of his a/e. Tbe relatives and friends of tbe family are reepectfully Invited to attend tbe funeral, from tbe reeidence or bis son-in-law, Christopher Kalke, Rent avenue, fourth bouse from Park avenue, Brooklyn. The funeral will take-place on Saturday afternoon, at two o'clock. Bis remains will be interred in cypreee Hill Cemetery. . Rtssmr,, ? fn Brooklyn, on Saturday, April 28, of eon sumpti-n, Willi am R. Rusbkil, aged 3a years. Dublin and Belfast papers please copy. Swanv.? On Wednesday. May 18, Euaa Cabboll, wifs of Dan Id A. Sheedy, sged 36 yean. Tbe fried ts of the family and thooe of ber brother*. William R. aad John F. Carroll, alao tbe memben of the M enhance' Independent Aasoslatlon and Mecbantce' Mutual Benevolent Asncctatloo are reepectrully Invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, 184 Weet Twenty seventh street, thai (Friday) afternoon, at one o'clock. Brataws.? On Thursday, May 19, David S ravens, aged 77 years. 3 montbe aad 17 days. ? Tbe relativee and tricode of the family are reepectfully Invited ta attend tbe funeral, from his late reeidence, 172 West Thirty -seventh street, this (.Friday) afternoon, at two O'clock j Sbaddkx ? In Middle town, One., on Thursday, May 19, Lochia Warkbb, relict of Stephen M. Shaddlck, aged 4T yean. Tbe funeral will teke place from tbe Bpieoopal church, on Saturday afternoon, at throe o'clock. Toanmru? On Thursday, May 19, after a short end pain ful Illness . <M. O. W. B. toaim, la ibe diet year of bis **rbe friends of tbe family aad thooe of bis father. Col. W. W. Tompkloet are reepectfully tavlted to attend the funeral, rrom his late reeidence, Ford ham, Weetcbester c unty, on Saturday afternoon, at half- past three o'clock. TM oars leave the depot, corner of Tweoty elxth street and Fourth avenue, at half poet two o'clock la tbe after noon. Tbe roamlns will be taken to White P la too for lotinMBi. V Tbbbt ? Oa Thursday, May 19, Rdwabd Marti it, son of Wilson R. and Mary a Terry, aged 0 years, 4 months sod 10 daya. The funeral wIM take place tbls (Friday) aftarnoon, at one o'clock, from tbe residence of his uncle, M. M Drohan, Etghtyfourtb street, near Second avenue. tlnuBsniii. ? On .Sunday, May 16, at Frederlokaburg, Va. , of a wound received la tbe ImiUo near Chancellors vllle, on the morning of the 6th inat., Acocvrr* I hdbr hill, of tbe Tenth battel Ion, New York Volunteers, .late of thie cltv, aged M years. Wcllmo.? At Princeton, N. J., on Tuesday, May 17, Bnilt V., only daughter ef Lewie S. aad Sarah J. Wailing, aged 8 yeara and 3 month*. Wnni BB. ? Al the reaideooe of bis mother, in Weetport, alter a long and severe illnees, Monan E. Whiblbb, aged 82 years. The relatives and frlende are respectfully requested to atMnd the funeral service*, at the tplcoopal church, thie (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock. ^ s hipping we ws. mum IN raw TMI-WI Ml. 4 J!> I mo m am mora 8 58 r. 7 141 mm witia. morn f if i imcw 'YKTu WendtH Port of Mew Tor*, Ma jr 10, IMi, CLKAKCU Pteamahlp Calab 8 Wright, Weir, Hint* Ifarthft? McLaan 6 Llntr. Ship Qccaaua (Dutch). Dlrkaan, B?U>1?? funeh, Mafnoke * Ship Kantuck im, Praamaa, Ran Pranotaeo-C 0 Cometoa* *BW?> Adala rBa'gV Clanaan, Antwerp? W Bchmldt'a B?n. 8Mb > Hamilton. White, Sewtirleana? W H Robaao. Bark Omb p*d?ib (Br), Johnion. Bio Jaoalro? Pandargaa* BrC Carol* (Bwa>, Bacbtn, Abtwarp? Paneh, Malneka k 111* (Ital), Perrar, Rot(erdaro??Puncft. Malaaka k Brt? Baanah (Br). Lana. at John. BB? P I Narloa k Bonn Brhr PlMMt (Br), Wllaon. Cornwallla, Na-U 1 k C A Da 'wfcr I II Bmlth. Klooer Norfolk? A Abbott 2a?r ? I Prlndall. Ward. Amaaeaaai-J B Bterk. gehr X B Mifflin. Oad-den. Waahlngton? L Kenny. Bohr if Oaatnlf. Alhro. Wanhington? L Kennr. Bakr J O Wright, Lvman. Baltimore? B < ' Whaalar A Oo. Bohr Ufa Boat, Rood. Newbttryport? 8 W Lowla k C?. Babr Nortbarn Llikt. I.ane Ro<toa? ? L Hatab. 8?br Shoot I n? giar. Marahall. Hoatoc. ^ ^ Bchr Vary Atarater. Wamar, Hartford? B ? Raekatt A Btramar Octorara. McLaughlin. Baltln. Btaanxr Tnlaan. Morrtaon. Philadelphia. MMVB 01 anpply steamer Union, Bdw Oomm? aommaading, H?? Orl'?m, Key Weot, I'enaaoola, Port Royal. %nd (lamp ion Boada 14 hour* IJth mat. -Juke meomer Merrlmae. bound H; 1Mb. off Cbarleeioa. ateemer Cabuwbe; |?h. off Wilmington, F B "iipcly iteamer Admiral, bound Bi 17th, aiaamar Weatern Mo'radolla, at anchor off Caf? Hoary. fVia U B ateamer Teumawe wu at Bar Weet I It a. Bteamahlo Britannia (Br). Perrler, Olaarnw May ?, with aaiae ana 1**1 paaaengara. to franoU Maodnnald. Hhlr Merrnrv. Ri<ua. n, Havre, April !0. *lth m<!ae and *.17 Biaei gera. to Hnrd .* fl n*k<-n. Prom fat (Vi to lit and Ion to .H^aa1* large oiiantiitoe of tea. Ship Tbemla (of HtJohn, Nil). Bradnbaw, Llrarponl 36 da) ? wtlh md-o to H J ,k tf A Do Wolf. liart W m iUibbona, Pratt. Liverpool 4!) data, with mdaa and 4f4 pamenaeia. to I,n? r?noe, UiV? k Co. Had 14 deatha. Ha? annharad in Qnarxntma. Bark AnumiaMadtal). Vtoto. Ta ermo M?rob >. paaaad or.)r>ltar April I. wlih (rnlt and ?tilplior,t? order. ? par* 1'amoa, tlrowell Huiwoa Ayrea, Wureh 15, with ^'n'rii VeliK>WltM* .?Unartno. Pa'ermo, 80 day?, with frtitl, *A)!gJl"?r%* I^T'torfr (lira/), i^rmanho, Tara, SI day?, _,,h In la A< in T (I OiKrionralia. H ig Ale* NicM ia. Hoaehro'ik. (Hrdanaa, 16 day", with au? r%Thnmr?of ? Hitoier Xria WltlUki-r Wa-?. Port t wen for B??t*o Srlil llai Ilie lllul). Mu Oin. Rio UriuidB, Bragll, 10 'l wtik Ww *'? M Vnnrh. MeltiCVe 4 ?'"?t Ifkr Wb B Oi??r? (of (Imm), Ml, ?! so that*. II tor* with fruit, to order. 11th teat, let V ML Um 7?fe>, ?M board ?4 by V a gunboat Proton*, erasing, >11 wall - Bohr Wm tt Bird. Haadj, B|ixabethpurt for Ml River. Schr 8 Loner. W il u*. EUzabethport for Tauatoa. Scfcr Chairs Lovertng. Kliaabelh port for Boatoa. Schr Measeng*. . Ottrk Kll/sbelhp >rt for Boston. Schr J f Roaa Smith. BHsabethporl for Boetoa. ?ehr Boston. Wall, Kiiia both port for Boetoa. Sebr Rising San, gmilb. Kli/aoeibpon far Boaloa. Bohr le, Darts. KlDabethport for New Hare*. Sebr I- lixaheih. . Blltabetbport for Boston. Sohr M llaud Brook., Bali, for Melville, MJ. Bchr Penneylvanla. Porter, Provldeaee. Sebr B luard Woollen. Young. Provideuoe for Road oat, Schr M M Brau.erd Hart. Portland. Ct. Sobr B fMM Ruaar.ll, Hartford. Sohr R Ajc.ilBlu.. Caaaidy, Wllletl'a Point floto ffiluiMM. Merriii. GrftiiiDort. Schr Ladj^pFthc Ocean! Obai. p'io I'ort hwea for Boetoa Sohr L O Wentworth. Dean. Port Rwen for Boetoa. Sebr Beaj Slroag, Harding. Port Bwaa far Provideuoe. aehr Panoy Haunt. Mayo. Roartout for hoaloa Schr Mary Brewer, Wood, Rood out for Boaton. .snc^vmE&iSK ~c: ? Steamer Artiaau, Kirk. Baltimore ? Steamer Pannr Oadwallader. Pter*ea. ? Staaur 0*pray. Airfrua, PrnvimnB*. Dunham*.1' ?* LulMc' fr0lA Oorfc April f, to fhoa Ship M el boar**, Cswcrsa. from Uianoal Aartl A ?JJ< OUiBBtM. WO toJTfro?aC*tte. 16th- Steamers Oh a* Thomas, & or KtTOBWBB, Oapt Halerow, of th* la ibb Ha*. salt* to-morrow, tilt, at bob, far Quoeaatowa aad Bur Ruum, of Hi tm b U?IwIbw, MM aa aonnoed a* being ashore off Car to a 'a Inlet, if J. was belag ?tripped br wroakar* 17th loot. It U Mid *he ia broken la two and will ? rove a total to**, wtth tho staipUsa *f what may bo *av*dby tbo wreokers. Mir Q?? Wabhiwotoit, Haynes, from Oaltae. whloh ar rived at H%rr* dth 1ml while on terlag tho port, 1b tew, met a steamer oomlag oat with three veaeels la bar trala. ? foultag toe* plao*,tb* raaoB of wMoh waa that {(ho George Washington went oa shore near tho qoara. Two tag* want to hor aasistano* sad attempted to haul bar off, bat without effeet. 8heha**iae* beoa lightened by laadiag aocno of bor ?tore*, aad hopes wore eateiteiaad that aha would bo got afloat by tho next tide. 8atr Cbablrs H Brows. 1131 toaa. built at Nrwbaryport la 1860, waa said at Londoa reoeatly for BMOP. ? mtw Ship. 1080 to* s, built by Wm How* at Bath, Ms. ha* beoa *oM to a Bow York houss oa piirato terms . Babe Oobak Bibb, Blake, aatted from Port* Mad laon for Saa Praaetao* March 19, aad oa th* 3d of April was throws on hor boam end* by a hairy equal I. aad filled with water. While oa tho resoel'a bottom the orow wore swept ott *eve a time* by the aea breaking over hor; loet tho boat*, prorl alon* aad water. April H. orow takoa off by ateamer Pana ma Capt Johnston, after belag oa tho wrack Ore daya with out prorlsioa* or water. Hrio Hekribtt* CHam)? Bah la, April 20? 8r1g Henrietta (Tt?m). from Montevideo (or Boebaa, waa obliged to be beached at Mora da San Paulo. Her oargo of nldea aad wool are badly damaged. . Br'O Lpbt Dabliko? Bio Grande do Sal, March SI? The brig Lucy Darling which arrived bore Keb IS for Hew York, baa sln-e boon put nndor the Braalilan dag, and la now call ed tho Cacique. Son a Gold Hubtbb, Capt J B Leach, aad three eons* comprising his entire crew, left Rockland laat month for Boston, with a oargo of wood. When a few dars out the aehr. of whtoh tbe captxio waa part owner, waa oapalred and lost. *ad hi* two oldest sob* wens drowned. The captain and one son, * boy of twelve yeara. were picked up by a vee ael and arrived at Mew York on tbe 13th last In a destitute con (lit on. Scan r BANCS*, or Portsmouth. BH. with a cargo or salt on board, coaalgned to K P Siee A Co, atruck on Ragged Neck, off RyeHarnor, night of rtth ln??. and broke her rud der short off. She la leaking and at anchor about a mil* from tbe land. Mra'iwo Vkmbt? Schr Bll** B (Of Ip?wlch), Franela B Chapmaa, master, aalled from Boaton March 11 for Wash Ington. and haa not been heard from aiuc* leaving Newport March 17 Hew crow conaisted of Ore per. one. 8hewa-"l<*t ton* rogl<A*r. and was loaded with oats aad hay for govern ment. Any Information re'atlng to the above will be tbankrnlly reoeived by Lerrrett Brown. Capt IJanoll. Ule master of ship Eagle Wing, at San Fran elaoo from New Yurk, waa killed by * blow from the -panker boom, off Cape Horn. He was a resident of Orleans. Cane Cod. tnveutorof the "Linnell rig." and a very worthy man. LiC!?Cniti>? On the ICth Inat. from the yard of Oeo Orecn inan A Co. at My<t!n. Ct. ' a fine aide wheel steamer of the following dlinenaiona ? 171 febt In length. M reet In width over a 1. 9 feet In depth, and built expressly fur Capt Colt, or Norwich. Her machinery la rnrnUhed by the Relisnee Machine <'o. Tbe acrew s'eamer recent'y built by ChaHe* Msllorr. B*n, has bi-eu nainnd after tho late < Jen Sedgurlek. She will bo oommaaded by Capt Oeo Cr?ry. lata of ship B P Hone IVotico to tlarlnor*. OTdal notice Is given that the Lf;htveseel feihlbltlng two Hghta at WU'ougWw Spit Cheaapeako Bay, haa been re moved for repairs, and one with a single hzht la placed there temporarily. Ro soon a* tne necessary, repairs are made, she will be replaced, duo notiao of which. will bo given. voBTa ATLAjmo? ironm coast ov ?pai^? men i.iokt oh *ax .riPKM^ fK'SI'.'T.'l HrDKOUBAraio Orncv. AD?imtfv. I ItOXBptr, April 33. ISM I The Minister of Marta* at Ma<IHd haa givan notice tbat oa and alter the .10th day of May, 1984. a llcht wMI be eihlblted from a lichtbonao recently erected oa tbo height over Punt* de la Atalava, th* north *>treme of Saa Clprlan peninsula, oa th* north coa*? of Spain Th* light wilt he * Piiad WMI* Light, placed at an ofe vatlon or 131 feet above the mean level of the aea. andahoutd be aeon In clear weather from a distance of ? miles. Tbe lllumiaatlag apparatus ta dioptric or by len*e?, of th* Sixth order. Tb* tower la SO foot hl;h, aHgbttr oonieal. of a light gray oolorad granite, and aurmountod br a white lantern. It staads In tho mlddlo of the n?rtB front of the keeper'* dwol Uag, la? Iotltnd* *1 tt 00 B. Longitude 7 IS OS W of OreenwlcB. ri*BB MOOT on I'OHBiBBA ISLAXD. Ala*, that on aad after the 50th dav of May. 1984. a Light will booxhlMtod from allrbthene* recently ere-ted oa the hlghea' oart of Coaejera I land, at th* mouth of tho laM of Barqoora. oa tbo north noam of Spain. The light will he * fixed white light, plaeod at aa elevation of 373 feet above the mean level of th* ere. and should be seen in clesr weather from a diatanc* of 9 mllee. Th* iliumiaauag apparatus is dioptric or by lenae* of th* ?iith order. The tower U M feet high, slightly eonlcal. of light gray colored granite, and surmounted by a whit* lantern. It stands Ib front of the keeper's dwelling. In? Latltuda ilMM B. Longitude 7 4U 16 W or Greenwich. By command <>f their Liordahlpe, OBO HKNRY RICHARDS. Hydro^rapbet. sorrH coast or trim? nno lit moot on Mooirani nun, umiani. HTDitooairnic Ornm. Adiiihit, i Lnprnow. April B. 18M. I Tbe MlnUter of Marino at MadHd ba? tinn notloe that m ail after the 10th day of Mar, IM4. a light will b? exhibited Irom a llghtaon<e recently erected on Kecombrera t?land, at the tibMM 10 Carthag'-na harbor, aaulh ooa*t of 8 pain The light win bo afliedned tight, al an elevation of 313 foot above tba mean level at I bo mm and ahould be hm la clear weather from a dlatanoo of 4 mllea. The Illuminating apparatua la dioptric or by Iwm of the ?lilt ordw Tb* lower l*3t> feet high round, white, turnaonnted by ? white lantern. and rlnea from the centre of the keeper'! dwelling. It >tand* on Ike bigbe-t part of the lataad. la? Latitude ST fi SO ifT Longitude 0 9T M W of Greenwich. By command of ch?lr Lordebliie. OBO HI MKT RICHARDS. Hydrographer. NOTitl II SOLA BOAJ ?? ' NORTRWUT COAST Or IRFLAN*. tUi.LAsrOrncM, Driu*, April *!. 1V>4. Nat lee la herehy given thai the Port of DiMh tornora tloa have canaed two Kaey* to be uleccd 'o mark the flubna donah Bank In the KB entrane- to Oola Ro?d*-. atao, A H ot to mark the Middle Book, on tbe SW entrance to the -ame anohoraue. The dea rlpUon aad poaltlon of three Buoya, with their marka aad oompaaa bearlnga. at given by their Inspector of Light*, are aa follow* ? North Guboad'>'>gh Buoy la a Oonleal Buoy. oolored black, placed off tbe KB elN>w of Oubnadnuih Bunk, In SX fa thom* at law water tprlag tldea, with tbe following marka Mid bfftkrin.s ? Old Mgnal Tower on Bloody Poreland, It* apparent breadth to tbe right of Olaakagh Point NR\E. 8ra*ll Bock, off tbe B point <if Oola I aland, Jnat touching ? ?Ide of Baarlng Rook, KNWSW. Booth Oubnadough Buoy la a Can Buoy, colored black, placed off tbe BR elbow of Otibnadongh Bank, In 4 fathom* at low wa'er aprmg tldea. with? ^ MB ^ola^of Oola, an with tba Ba*t aida of Baarlng Boak. N and of Torbeua Boak, IalakfMa, nearlr on with a aida of Mat tin I look, VT'^S. * Middle Rock Bony I* a Conical Boey oolored b'ack. placd off tba 8 and af Middle Baak, in 4 fbthoma al law water ?prlna tldea. with? Bight aitreme of Old Stgnal Tewer al Bloody Fore'and, nearly touching left aitreme a# Qlaahatk Point. MB by B. Sutumit of Inltbmeane. Juat open B aida of Table Bead kMUfB'.H. By arder. aiat twin? oubwlbit u*t . _ Taiairr Hocaa. Unoa April M. MM. ..P?0?* *a beraby glrea that tba Oua.-eet tana having el >- w. - jqaira".",. northeaat ? ward, and naw ilea la ?fa thane al law water aprlng tldae, Tba waet end of tba llgCTkaanera' oottagee at Dovereourt, tn Una wttk Paverooart Low ligbthouee^bearlag M by W V ^*a!toa Ball, hair opea eaaiward af the Baaa towar, WW C?aek*"f eburoh. It* breadth opea eon th ward af a kanae 00 tbe beaab, W by M V B. Ouai eet Lightkouaa, Sw by W % W Boatkarty. dletanoe 1 I tmbl milM, Middle onafleat B-?w, BW by V, diataat I BlOtba mllae. i mile*. dlitant 4 8 lOtba Long Baad Daad Bnoy. BB. diataat 7 SIPthe Bailee. tna wirpi a orari.arr boot ha* been remore<Pon* quarter of a mile B by 81 aad now lie* In 8 fathom* at law water, wttk The Na ?e rowe^, iM? I "a Ike Borth aad of Walla* bare*, A large White Bouae. nail aaatward of Oraal Holland Church. Juat open weetward of the old Battery Uouee, al the weet aad or Prlntoa ONff, RW ?< W. Uunfleet LigbthoaaaW by rt 1-4 fl, diataat t mllea. Oundeet Mult jfiOTTWBir d latent J 8 I'tha mllea. Buna Head Bony. SB I 4 R dlatant S 9 luth* Bailee Funk Light, B 14 N, dlaiaal 8 9 iotbe mllce. Northeaat Uunfleet Buoy, MB by R, dldant 76 ICIh* mllee. tub nrwri.aar *ny ar?nr ha* beea remored elx taath* af a mile W8W, and Ilea in 8 fathom* at low water, with Ountleet Llghtbouee twice lie leagth. oren eaatward of the K**)ern lree*oa fell v*tow fand. and the Cork lUhl Ih line with the llgbthoaaa. bearing |BNB X B. rflMant 8-1' tn* of ft mile. Burnt limine Parm. I? line with a wrack on the Band. N 'Vuickion Mill, ju*t opening waetward of a compact clump of trees Itwij W- y 4outbwe*t OunHeel Bnoy, W H H Botuherly, dlalant I 1 Hunk Light, R H R. dlalant 7 Mmha mdee Mi<;dle Ouiitleet Buoy. KNE. dl tank lb |i>|h? mllea. th* eotiTH^eer otmn.KirT rror ha* i<een remored *> fathoia* to the eauth ward, and lie* la 4 7 io'tree* *i tbe eonth end of a lone badge midway be S3K?l|J|MLi>3&ttR*sal y at St Onyth. a little upM went ward of the ookkt guard houses. MwNa Moa S aad 0 Mar ti* I owore, N W Weeteny. WmI OuaAeel Buoy, W H ri. Soateerly, dlatant 1 6-lOtha iU* Hew Buoy. 8W H I Southerly. dlatant SS l tk. ml lea, ^oSKm 8p>t Buoy. I H M Northerly, dlatoBX l l lftk Quo fleet Lighthouae, I by * K N Easterly, distant I 8-IIMh* milea. ru wna> wmiR acor ?>aa beea removed two aad a quarter cabtea 88 W. aad now Uea la 4-fbthoma, with Waltaa Hall. Ha width eastward of the eaaternmoet bulM lag at Waltonon the Naze. bearing NK V N Northerly. Oraat Holland Church Tawer half open weetward of IkrM treee >a (he foreground N bv B V B A remarkably high and large tree. Its width eaatward at Claokton Chun*. ?V W Northerly. No S Martotlo Tower. ' mlifX* Northei Sarin Spit way Buoy, US Southerlv. dlatant S mllee. , Heap* Buoy R by FIJI!, dlatant 2 2-IOtba mllea. Kouthweet OunBeot Buoy, B 19 N Northerly, dlatant ? #? lutna inlioa. By order. P H RBRTHON, Secretary. Whalemen. BbipOeorge k Suaan Jernegaa. NR. was at aeaFehl.lal 46 B. ton 61 10 W. with llOObbls wh oil thl* crul?a-106O ap and l*? wh all told. Reporta that the Ragle. Allen. NB, lowered for whale* off the 8lralts or Macellati no daiH. MM It oomiag on to blow heavy loat Id mate Mr Plaio. and boar a eruw They were la aight of the ahlp. bnt It waa lia poeelble to ?ve them. The George k Susan loet a boat, bnt aaved the men and whale. Ship Kobl Bdwarda. Hamblen, NR. 210 ap 180 wh, wm bawd from la Fob. B ofTrletan d'Aeunha. Ship Lydla. Rahooek, from Pacific Ocean, with TflO MM ap. 6H> do wh oil and 1900 iba hnn*. arr at New Bedford I7tn InaL Bold and aent home M0 bbU ep. 180 wh oil and WOO lba bono. Bark Oeaeral Pike Tlltia, aid fmm New Bedford 17Ut la at for North Pacific Ocean. Bark Martha.. Thomaa. NR. was at aea Feb II. la! ?! 40 8. Inn BAB0 W. all well, had taken two <vhala* making IS bbla. Bvnfca bark Bogle. Allen. NB. eame date: Bart Oolooada, Wlnalow, KB, waa at Taleahoaa* 1 0th nM. to aall for home on the 1Mb. Cant Bumaev Boee and Wm Reaman found a whale dr1?V Ing a'oag the ahore In the braakera. about 6 mllea weet ? Patch ogne. They got a Una made fa at to him and have htaa aeeured to the bearh. la about 40 feet long: aome hlitMMf Sa been outoqt of bin. It |a aupaoedd ha had been kllM the partlee who make a bnatneae of watching aad taking na from the ahora oppoaHe Southampton. and that dnrha* the eaatarly winda mart have drifted a war down the beach antll found and aemred hy the above partlee alf.ilL*TI.^d0Ma?liU for ***????? Bid from New Bedford 14th I eat, ahlp Too a* Vhenta, Blplev. Atlantic. Indian aad Pacific Oceana; bark Mowtaj 8 tar. N AtlanUa Orana. Bid firm Talperalen Aprtl 1, harfcg Prmldeat, Many. ad NB, te em tee; 7th. Roecoa. Maeoraber of do. do. Arr at Pernambtioo Anrll S. barki Eagle. Alloa, NB; Mh. Alto, Nye. FH. for repalra. At anchor off Beaver Tall 16th. bark M anuria, Lewi*, froaa ?York for Portland ; brig Caledonia, St Johna. Bart Sunbeam, Tobby. NB, waa at TaleahtMM April 8, <4 aa before reported, bound home. Bark Henry Taber. Klrby, NB, waa at Taleahuaao Apvtt I, to aall neit day for home. Bark 8appho. Coffin. IB, waa at Talcabnana Aprtl 10. otf aa before reported. Bare Canton Packet. Allen. NR. waa off Maaaafuero Mreh JO. with 80 bbla ap oil, bound to Labalna. She waa off Tat oah uano April to. Bark Acti-e, Blake. NB. waa at Talcahuano Aprtl 11. Re port" In part toady tn aall. ahlpa Henry Taber. Klrby. NB, bonnd home; Niger, Allen, do, bound 8; harka Ti'andar, Caah, Nant: Sappho. Cofnn, NR: China, Hathaway, do; Mara, Barker, do; Onloonda. Wlnalow. dn; P.ndeavgfc Fld> er, do; Oypaey. Boblnaon. do; Clara Rail, Flaber, ffl! ta. ear. Allen do; Stella, Huaaay, do; Ohio, Smith do; Oaa Scott. Bldrldge. FH Bart Samuel k Thomaa, Lewla, NB. waa at Talcahoane April 8, with 1RI ap Bark Canton Packet. Allan. HB. waa aff Xaaaafkrre Maaafc ;i 10, with SO ap. to toneh at Labalna. At Barbadoa May 2 barka Mareella. of MR. 1)10 bbla aHf Jo? Rrasdon. of do. 780 do dn; Alto, of do, CM) do do Sid from Quentln. Coast of California. March IB, ahlp Herrulea. Dexter, NB. 880 bbla oil; bark Adeline, Barbed do. 500 bbla. Ipohea, ?e. Ship Marv Boblnaon McCleare from San Frandoea It* Howlaad'a Ta'ar.d. April in. lat 92 N. ton 1)0 W. Ship No 9738, P8 Bay a from Boa ton for San Frandaoo. aa date Ac. Ship Othelln, from Beaton f >r San Fran-iaoo. no data. 8a. Brig Alma, from Rorton for Trinidad. May 13. 9 PM. Foreign Porta* RaaxvoA. May 9? ?rrbrii.a Cnpld. Rradahaw. and hi* rietia. Il<.da !on. N Vork. ? Cld Olb. acbr B W Rvana, Marbte, NTork. BnaNOa Antra, Anrll KWIn port brig Champion. Onyla. from Boston, arr 3d. Sid 10th. bark Katharine Vand (BrK NTork fand waa a-en May 14. lat S6 ? N. inn 05 56). LtVKnroot., May 2? Arr bark II A Stephenaoo, Prlndla, lfatamorne. HauooMa. March 1? Arr ship Fredk Warren, Phlnnay, Boaton. MraatMA, April 19? 8ld brig Joeephlne, Congdan, Phla delphia. Qnranc, May IS? Arr ahlna Magnet, Keating, Boston; I am Slate. Harrington, Phi'adelphta. American Port*. BOSTON, "May 14. PM? Art Br st*sm ship Africa. Ander. ?on, Ltvernool via Qiiepixiatro Md lUllfti NR, C Id bark TouneTnrk. Hardlnn. Gibraltar; brit Rami Llndaav. Olarfc, Drmuin: achrt Lottl", Txylor, and Blla. Hlgg'n?. Norfolk; 8 Cloeenn, Babson and S Ywladen, Cha*?. Waehington; Jwm Honae. Gate, RalUmnra; D L Rtnrgcs. Llnnekin, and Rani Oil nan. Crowell, NYork. Hid hark Springbok. 15th? Arr hark Armenia. Hamilton. Messina: brim Lute Marian! (Hr). Atktns, Ctenfuegos: Qnane? (Br). BroeraL Mamniu; arhr J V Wellington, Chlpman. Philadelphia. BM Stearnehlo Saxon. 16th? Arr prise Minnie (Br). Wallace. Wflmla* ton. NC; hark Lawrence. 1lo?-ea, Cadl?. Below bark Ccm queat, from New Orlmnn. Old bark Pranklta (Ham bar*), Sehu'/e, Portland, to load for Havana: brig Firm (Br>, White Martinique: aohra BroadBald, Fl*k, Washington New York. Soahitry. NYork 17th? Arr atr-amer Norman. Bakar Philadelphia; bain Richard Irvln ( Br). AmslMnr' Cans Town, OOH ; Annette Mir)., rtaaqua. l'aru : Lakemba (Rr). Road, Card>Bj Conqnoat, Hi)*n New Orleans: brlf A H Gordon (Hr), (lordoa. A lima Bav, COH via Rcttnate. where aba waa aahore: ? hr R N At wood. Rama Nantteoke River. Below ship J?ddo (Rr). from Liverpool. CM *Mp Horn# ( Rr) Tra frr. Quebec; bar** Nordaaaa (Nor). Oraoa. Philadelphia! Daniel Wehater. Rvder. Raltlmore; acbra 8 3 Lee, fin mora, Nowhere NO: John Price, Nickeraoa, Norfolk; Palladium, Rvrter. NYOrk. 18th? Arr Br prize ateamer Toung Republic, Frisbee, WSb mlngtn. DC: Br hip Jeddo Know. Liverpool; bark* J*e4kA Twinj (Br). Crocker, Loadoa; Kremlin. Bnraa-a. Bueaao Avres: Ri D"Ttlnl<ine (PrV Oerrtor. da: schra W H At wood, Fiwiter, Naatteoke; Star, Crowell. aad Clar*. Crowell. Fhtta deluhla. Ralow. hem L A Nickels. from Gibraltar : 1 brie* Rid barks Rdmund DwIgM (Br), Herrlck. Cayeea* aad ?* riagm; John Grimn (Br), Obaaa. Matancea: J W Aadrowa (Br), Hardy, Havana: brtga Aaaa D Jordaa (Br), Partrlte Matterae; A M Bobcria, Poak, Norfolk : H Meaas. Wafi. Washington ; scbrs C L Snarbe Rparka. Jaemel; A Ki ht. it'haae. Port Roval : X Hal), flarfleld, Georgetown. DC: r Keating Rich Philadelphia: Bra, Hlaklav. Nov ToHt W ehlve Tlerrv Warr?a. Old Domlatee, Invincible, bark Bom. tend (and all pas-od Highland Light at 4:M P*>: brigs P ? Tlaker BR Haaaell Raima. Rami Llndsav. Oea Barker: a J from tae Roada barka Springbok, Touna Turk; brig )??> "baLTIMOBB. Mar 14? Arr bark ?dw Bverott, Hardlaa.* Boston ; aehra Willi*. Rtaplea. Mavagoa? PB; Phantom (Br>( Cook. Anttna; ft BobarU. (lord on. Haltfai: L W Alata? dar (Br). Heara, Port Rpala, Okartar Oak. Bakar. P?a>aa. Charm. Oha a. do: Nleo'aaa Helmhnrgar (Hnteh), Mallam% do to load for Amaiardam. Old brt*? O Ropklna. Ramtr Bo ton; W Ntekala, Amea. Sale?, acbra Marblakaed . Har rlneton, Boet. n: R Rorden. Borden, Fell River: Ht Mar. Parker. New London : B fttad*. Drake. HTotk; ? A BIlteML Deoroat. Hndeon Rid bark ChHaan Paekai llth? Arr arhra Alice Hallett, aad Law A Kdwarda, LIM> NTork: Laurel. Battlaa. Caheaeet. Old aehra Oraaa Tra veller. yen-hall. Bne ton; L W Blrdeall. Tlih'a, Provldenoa. I7tb? Arr bark Re lab. Oonid, Boeton Rid bark Manila* (Br. having rapeired) Plllabitiy. Trinidad (aad (Id)- vhrm O ft Praacott, Mill*, Ravlon; Neptune** Brida, Crowelt, aa4 F Hatch, WhlUMMh. N Tark 19th? Cld nhra Fultoa. Bradley, Boetoa; A f alkaaborR, Wllberi, NTork: Baltimore. Praak. Peavldance. BATH. Mar IV-Rld *hlR Italia. Pattan. Forreae Moaraat aahr Nathaniel. Magaihlln, Port Roval Sid ahlp Clara Aaa, Ourter, Havana. lAh? Bid brig Aqnldnaok, Btglar. MnlU'H 18th? Rid ihip Italia; briga Saa roam. Bort Roval ; 0?aM Wave Raton Rouge. BANOOR. May 15? Cld aehr Phllanthroplat, Homer. New Wit? Cld brig Albaril. Dow. Bar Wait; acbr* Cltr Pol at, Matthew*: Prank Maria Rarbattr. and Ande< Carte. NTork. 18th? Cld brig B P RmiUt. P'>mrov. Barbado*; aohfa vere (Br), Turk* I*landa; I Moraa. BradfoM. BalUmAra. BRIBTOL. Ma? 17? Arr ?Bbr .1 P i^"liin?. Paraitm, Pert Bwen Rid ie'ir TI'Ha B. Andaraon. NYnrk. DANTBRS. May II? Arrachr Llr?le. Glover. NTort. BA^TPOKT. Mar 7? Cld echr* neflanee. Hammand. Phll? de nhla; 9'h. Mittn* Law. Armfiron- Baltimore BDOABTOWN, M*r II? Arr hri?Mar*h*l Dutch. Coombs PkHadalphla for Boston ; -ohra Onattvla. Jamaaon, NTork for do; Bl hard Bnlwlnkle, Pranrh. Ocorgetown. DC, for do; J H Connca, C?? do for do; Mary Fletcher. Tracy, De laware Break **'ei for da OLOnCNRTBR, May IS? Arr achra Albert, Ooe?well, St Andrew* for NTorfe. Cld gebr Jntte Paraona. Do iglaaa, Philadelphia. 14th? Arr acbra K R Warran, Warren Phlladglphla'. 17tk, Prannaa Harrlat. Ingalla, Orand Menan for NTork HOICKS HOLB, May Id. PM? Arr bark Manual*, WYork far Portland: *chr? Cinderella. Pterca. da fhr (1jonce*t?r; Lonla F Smith ftohh. Portland for Washington ; William A DubO'O. Crowell, Bangor for Cape May. 17th. PM? Arr brig CB Belly. Brown. M atari ra* for Bar ton. >chra Mirvlaud, Cathoarv Baltimore f?r da; J R Wal* din. Dllka Philadelphia for Panv*r*port; Ratio, Hall, aad O Avery, Wll*?n. Rocklaad for NYork. Rid hark Marin el aj t>rls* Aia?o. M Miller. Lnor Ana; aoi(/- 8ilvar Magael F 0 Smith. Lee*hnrg. Meilran, Onlv Ron. Rarah Ann Clnd?ral. la, L A M Read. B F Reeves. D H Baldwla. LP Rmtlh. W A Duhosq. RulMli lcth? Arr brig A Tarlor. Onlllver, Bangor for Wa?htnetow. MTRTIf, May l??.Hld achr Cameo, B I well Philadelphia. NBW BltDFORP, Mar U-Rld sahr* II Rtaplea, Olbhe, and Col I.emcr, Prrrv. Philadelphia. ^ NANTUCKKT. May S-Arr aohr Jeeee R Alien. Cane, Ptfc 1*NRfW1BTTBtPOBT, Map II- Arr aohr Tincennee, Hodgdoa, Philadelphia. MBWPORT. May lV-Cld echr Tames A Brown. CelTIn* Rkgiia. Rid Mhra MaliVtm. James. BH?*h?thporl ; Malabar. 1Mb? Arr -of) re Bo e M Fiorina (Br). Roymonr. Port ?? Pah. St Domlago, for Boaton. Bid *chr<Jainse A Browa; Faith 1^)1. Petereon NTort. NBW HATBM. May M? Cld enkr Aaale Bell, Bewdatak Poll OA. Uth? Arr erhrBara* Laviala. Parker. BBrabetheeyt. 18th? Arr aehra Albert Thomas, Baltimore; J W Coutts. Hallfsi ; Wn.1en, N>rt"n. New Orleans; brlts Am Union. Rrnlth, do; J Mean* Wslla Roeion ; K?nie. Pareoag^ do; echre John A Orimn Footer Olenfn.gna; Halo. Hho* NewbMrvpert; M M Reed, Nteker.on Marv Johnson, N K ereon:, WBham. Riprcss. Bll'ott; R M I>y?r, Rkk| Oeorsia, Mweet; Jnson. Rpfaviie Rallic R. Batemxn Paraa. Clark : Boiindarr. John?on; W R Lond, Fry-; A Cordery, Fleber. and Rarah BHtabeth. Karir. a'l for B?e?oe: B* Conklln. Norton, Provldenne; J r> MrCarthv, Tonni. It A Weeka Rctchnm. aad A Pharo. Mprlncott. Sei-m C t, Taa derwoort. Baker, Portland; J radwalader. Wllilama, F.aot Cambridge- R H Daley, Sa*)n lera. Newi-orl. Brandywlna, Corson, do; Kmma. Keener Norwlrh A H Bro<vn. I'icrro. Dlobton; Western Star. Criiwe.l ('oil Bora'. I7t'i? Arr bark* l'awn^e, riart, New Ori?an?; O W Tfor toe. r*ckard. ^ Wln*lo*^ Vork. NVork; brtta Bndorne, wilann. S W Roatner. B"W<>n, Panirur: Tangier, Raivrer, do; Marie (Nor<v). Ma-h'^on Tamtgone j Allea Orar, Barkhnuse. Leghorn . >?nr<auM. pavl*. Ravna; sehra Or ana. HiL-g.n?. Ban,ior: Carr)c Well .Myers. NVork. (')? hark? Ucl<'*ila (Br). Ilr. wee Itomcdioa: R A ro^hrsn, Pea dleion I 'unlii -.oa. I rlg? Hugo Ueor? (Dotch). Wilus, Cork for nrilTB; ManMtia No)ton " i t! nrv I,e"de, Kmlth, Haletn; aclir* JaBiLoaae. Umlth. Hoin?raci: c rt Kd?*rdis tian-ly , t' W Locke, ilunt 17 . )i V(, ,Ood*rcy. W>ek?; iv J Bart'eK (Vnnellv, Francis Fd'var '? Unhnv-'t- Allitl b. Chafe; ' -era Bell SDnKe,; R r Aileo, Ailrn. M " male Avenue I^wta. and 8, Tlo Jatuot If . Rt 1 nip, Foeti-r. ???'aleia ? R A l< <"ord?rv Babcock. do: Ado ' Cr'>well. Pro?l(Je?uo, W Kt;arri.<>a. Cor<un>. Ko*l"irv; H I, n 0 e Prenhicy. Tan i'on: Chrltilana, wnoo*. Noank; Rva Belie, Lee. Marb ehead lrtn ? Arr lirlgs Kirlch. :ti Jlgl). Fllliberti nrnlnrKos; Footer Trscy Boston : Si'hra Rahe-a, Jaeiier, and Nor>h la rl c, Webb, do, Priace Allrrd Oai Wtxei. Lvon F A Ra^ ver R?ed Banfor, Vetia, M 1. 1 -hall, NYcrk. t^lo bark Alnj VV'rV 5%Co? Newliurjport Hltulra h rtj>r hos'oa; ? hr? John, Ir?n^ N'? O . . D?: Cn| a a?tt lrth'iy. nn l Cartha\i<<im Reicr. Now Bedford; M A Ubiil 1, Tn-n. Tllonf after. R WilHama, iTarlor, Rotb.irr; 0 (loodwln, I,alrdi f= H >haipA Maybew; TraJe Wind, Cors .n, A Tiioiat>*<"i., e^arj), l*f

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