Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 20, 1864, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 20, 1864 Page 5
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KW8 FROM WA8HIN8T0N. Letter from Sf.cretary Chase on the Re demption of the Public Debt. The Tax Bill Reported to the Senate, Final Passage of the Montana Territorial Bill. -Angry Personal Altercations in the Bouse, a?t * Wabhiwctok, Hajr 19, 186*. nmRSflTTKO I-HTTKR OP SECRETARY CUA9R. The following letter bee been addressed by tbe S'ecre tar; of the Treasury to a bank ofliccr, under data of May 16, 1884:? Sib? Your leltrtr of the 18th, making inquiries in re gard to the kind n! currency with which the five-twenty years six per co. t and three years seven thirty per cent notes are to redeemed, has bc<-.u received. It hue been the usage of the department to redeem all ooapon and registered bunds forming part of tbe funded or permanent debt of tbe United States in nolo, and this usage has net been de parted from during my administration or its affairs. All treasury nut oh and otber obligations forming part n( 4ho temporary man are payable, mid will be redeemed id lawful money, that is to say in United States notes, until ?after tbe resumption of specie payments, when tbey also will dcabtieSM be redeemed in coin, or equivalent notes; the five twenty sixes being payable twenty years from ?date, though redeemable aTter fire years, and considered as belonging to the funded or permanent debt. And so also are ti>o twenty years sixes into which tbe three Years seven thirty notes are convertible. These bonds, 'therefore, according to tbe usage of the'eovernraentare payable Hi ootn. The three years seven thirty Treasury notes are part m the temporary lean, and will be paid in United States fu tca unless holders prefer conversion to payment. Very respectfully, 8. P. CHASE, Secretary of tbe Treasury. 8PBS0RirTI.,N8 TO THE dOVHUNMBN* LOAM. The subscriptions to the tea-forty lout amounted to-day -to 91,166,000. LIVELY PfHSOlUL SQUABBLES IN TOE BOUSE OP REPKE8ENTATITB8. There was a very lively time in the Iloase this after* tioon, and unpsrlismentary Isuguige was very freely ?wed. Mr Mailory, of Kentucky, usually one of the meat oourtoous ?members, mado a violent attacn upon Mr. Julian, of ludlana, charging him with forgery and larceny, In having interpolated in the QWU report of a recent speech of his (Mr. Julian's) words refleetlog upon Mr. lflallory. The subject occupied tbe attention cf tbe Bouse for about two hours , and at ono time threatened a oollision between the parties, who ware supported by their respective atdei of tbe House. It finally degene rated Into a farce, and Mr. Mailory, having been satisfied of his error by the prodaetlou of the original report, retracted bis charge. Hm debate, however, leaves behlud vary bitter feelings between tho parties, sad may lead to a personal collision outside of the House. It Is hoped that the forensic efforts of the gentlemen and their friends will con tent them, snd no rssort W> violence be had. ASSIGNED TO DUTY. Major C lifts. G. H Alpine, Assistant Adjutant Geueral on tho staff of <!cn. IUk, bas been ordered to report for duty to M%jor (funeral Hunter, with tho Army of tbe Potomac Major Halplne goes as a vduntecr, having been given a sixty days furlough on medical certificates, which ha bogged to have revoked. THE MBERIAN CHAEQE D'APPAIES. Mr. J. B. Pinney, who bas for some time past resided IB the oity of New York Ik the character of Consul Gen era! of the republic of Liberia, presented bis credentials yesterday, and waa received by the Secretary of State as Charge d'Affitlrs of that republic near this government. CArrtntE op a rmzE. The Navy Depnrt&ent bas received information of tbe ?eptnra recently, off Mobile *t>ar, of the schooner Judson, With forty bales of c ttoo. She had run out of Mobile during tho nlgK. The master and crew profess to be talon moo. THB rOW At MONEY OKEER SYSTEM. Tbe postal money order system, Just established by the tew, provides that no money order shall be issued for aay Sum leas than no or mora than thirty dollars, and all persons who receive money orders ara required to pay there for tbe following charges or raee, vis:? For aa order for oas dollar or far any larger sum, but not exceed ing ten dollars, ten cents shall b? charged, and exacted toy the Postmaster giving such order; for an order of mots than tea and .not exceeding twenty dollars, the chsrge ?hall be firteen cents; and for every order exceeding twenty dollars s feo of twenty cents. AEEITAL 0? BXBKL PMSONBW8. A lew rebel prisoners arrived bora to-day, and were oonalgosd to the. Old Chpltol. Among them ara a number of guerillas, who will not be granted tbe benefit of ex change, but will be hShl tor trial as murderers and high Waymen. Pour hundred rebel offlcers were also seat to Fort Delaware to day. payino err the wooneed soldisbs. All the wounded men arriving hero from the frant era being paid, and arrangements are made for paying the troops to the field Immediately npon tho does of the pra am* campaign. PENNSYLVANIA TBOOPt OOINO HOME. To-day tba Eighth Pennsylvania reaarvas passed through tbe city, en rtntU for home, Ite term of service having expired. This regiment was attached te Qsosral Crawford's division, Pifth corps, ths whole of which goes ?at of service in a fsw weeks/ SCARCITY OV lURILLAJ. Nothlog is brard bow or goorlLlaj A Fairfax, and the ? termers have commenced their operaUooe for the seaeon. A number, who bad Bed la oonaoquence of lb? vlaltatlona - Of Moeby, have returned, and II u Believed will not bo molcated farther. D1SKIMID FROM THH ARMT. Burgeons i. Majors aad Freeman, Seventh fsdlaoo cavaV ry; Captain* Troanor, 0. 8. Brock, veteran roeorve oorpe.and Lieutenant Martin, A. 0. M. Bradiy, Secrnd United (Hate* artillery; 1-oacb, Thirtieth ronnactiwt; lolley, 8?renly-sixth Ohio; and Bucsler, veteran re serve oorpa, have been dlcmksed tho service. THK MATT. A law provide* that hereafter all appointment* In tho yotantoor nava" servloo of the United States above the tank of aotlrg master shall be submitted to ilia Senate for confirmation , la the sasae way and manner aa ap polaimects la the regular navy are required to be sub mitted. Naval courts Martial have powor to sen tea oe officers who shall absrenl tliemaalrea from thefr command* with out leave to be reduced to the rating of ordinary seamen. By another law Just passed It to prorMed that, for and 4urtag the preaont Insurrection, the President, by and with the adv ci and consent of the Senate, la anthortred to apt oint anting lieutenant oommanders and aotlog com manders, who shall bavo the same rale of compensation -oa lo allowed to offleera of similar grade to tfeo wry. Any perrpn who shall bare, or boreattor receive a temporary appointment aa aotlog votnotoer Re itecaat, or aotlog maeter to the oavy from olvll Ufa, authorised fey the act of Oongresa, Joly M, 1MI. amy be eondrmed to the aoM appointment In the oavy aod placed In Moo of promotion from the data of coolrmattoo, If, upon the re oooMoondotloo of the rrealdeoi, ho receive Ike thanks of Baognaa for highly meritorious conduot lo oonfliot with mn 1?1 Seamen diet lognjsb log themselves it battle or by si traerdioory herniate lo tho Hoe of their prefemloo, may to promoted lo forward warrant officers or acting ?Motor's mono, ao they may ho beat qoailfted, upon the rooommeodstioa of their offlow and ap proved by the flag oOoor aod the depart moot. Epon ?ooh promotion thoy shall rooeive a gzmtntty of one teondred dollars ? od a medal of honor to Kb prepared by the Navy Department. e THIATT-nieHTH OOIWSM. rmrmomR. ?onato. WISNTVOTOW, May it, 1M4. cauraoviA> 0041m. Mr. BAoonra, (rep.) of Oregon, from tho Committee on IMblio Lauds, reported boek the bill to amend the act of September IT, lftM, lo rotation to denatloo to soldiers on yobllc Undo io California, and It was paaeed. rna mat ArraonuATiow aiu. Mr MHMteRf (t-op.) of Mo., from tho Committee of OeofWeooe on the Army Appropriation bin, mode o re fort rwonnendiag that the *na)e MM on ft* "mm* Mali therein and uk for another Ootsr.ttUe af Om fere ooe. Wbich woe agreed to. Tin NONTAX* rUMUTUKUL SUX. Mr. Mokbii.l, (rop.) of Me , from the Co?nttteo or Ooo tereixe on the dteeg reelng voles of both bousss on the hill for erecting tho Terri'orUil government of Montana, made a report which recommends tt??t the Seo?te recede fVom Ita amendment striking- out tlio words "every fret, wbiu< inhabitant," la regard to votois. end inserting "all clM7ens of tho I oiled Ktaton end those who hire declared their intention to become such." Mr. Morrill said the eflect of the emend tueul would be l<> author hie tho temporary organization of the government of Muntuun by ili<t (tuss of pi-isou# who were aiitbortxed to organize the Territory of Idaho. Mr. Bom.nkr, (rep.) of Mate. , asked what class of per eons were theyt _ Mr. Mooriix answered, tbey were clkisen* of the TTnlted Sl'-lia au?i suoh oUi?r wtiite lulmolUnU as hid ilei'lured their Intention to ber'?ni? snob. lie understood It t? moan white citizens. The ditie. . uoe between tho two houeeo was tbat the H?tl?e allowed nil free white males ? f twenty-one years to role, ami the Senate restricted tbat prlrlli'go to citizens of the Unitod State*. Io order to secure the passage of tbe bill the committees of tho two bouses agreed to thin new proposition, and afler tbe Territ ry was organized lite whole questlou of sullrage would rest wltb tbe TnrritorlaJ authority. Mr Somjirk Haiti tho whole question of suffrage before the Sen ite was whether we should adhere to that wh'tli was right or oousent to tbat which was wrong. He hoped tbe Senate would adhere to Its position. Mr Moknili. explained that thin was a practical quWi ti?n, and wbere tho (wo bouses Hod themselves at log gerheads, anil whon it becomes eogessary for one party or the older to yield, .the party Invading should be Ihe ooe. How else could legislation go on ? Tho bl!I e;i it wisl stand will Invade no man's rights, colored or white. Mr. Harlan, (rop ) of Ir.wa, woold voto ngalsfct tho report of tho commttteo, simply because be did not be lieve there was a necessity for any new Territorial gov eminent In tha' portlou of Idaho, as the population wap not enough to entitle them to it. He was willing that the subject should fail <nd go over to tho next session. Mr. Wai>s, (rep.) of Oh'o, said that while he held as a settled principle that the black man in a republican gov ernment like ours h*d tbe same infallible right to vote ns a white man, he considered the original Senate amend* meut tho mere shadow of ashadoanda miserable ab straction. He could not be deluded by tbe mere shadow of things. There were no negroes in thin Territory, and there were never likely to be any. Whenever the ques tion should be raised to aflfect auv man's rights, white or oolured, ho should stand where ho always had stood. Mr. Hals, (rep.) or N. H., differed from the Senator from Ohio, and quoted from the ordinance of 1TST, organ izing the Northwestern Territory, to show that our father* had a wise foresight In provldlog not only for the present, but for tho future of the new Territories, though those Territories were in?re wildernesses at that time. Mr. How.?xn, (rep ) of Mich , said the whole Northwest was a slave territory at the time of the passage Of tbe ordinance of 1T8T, and there wore hundreds of slaves there held by French Canadians and others. Mr. IlAia replied that so fur as regards the condition of tho Territory , It was a wilderness. Oregon, In 1848, when Its Territorial government was organized, was a wtldernsHS, and we sat here week after week, contend ing for what Senators won Id now call an abstraction. The abstraction was Io holding out against tbe demand of Southern Senators that the prohibition of slavery should ?ot extend beyond tbe line of 36 SO, We sat until Au gust and refused their demand; and If Senators since tbat time had stood where we stood, wo should bare bad do compromise in I860, aid no rebellion In 1861. Tho i? licy we were now establishing for tbe new Territory would be tbe polloy for all ages to come He did not care whether this bill failed or not. Tbe only persons upon whom disaster would fall would be those who were disappointed In obtaining offlcos under the recent Territorial organization or Idaho. They divldod tbe Territory for office once, and If we allowed it another disappointed set would divide It again for the sake of *the offices. In saying what be did he did not mean to express what course ho should take on tbe hill berore the Senate, In reference to free suffrage In tbe District of Columbia. Mr. Momriu. reiterated tbat this bill would not disfran chise any man on account of his color, as there was not a colored mqn m the Territory. And yet the Senator rrotn New Hampshire, while favoring this impracticable mea sure, appeared to ardgo the question wbere it was prao tlcable? in tbe ristrict of Columbia. Mr. Halk said the Senator was mistaken. Mr. Morrill was tbe last man from whom he expected to hear suoh old whig aootrine In tbe discussion on tbe Wtlmot proviso Mr. Webster took the ground that tbe written law of God had decreed that slavery could not go Into the Territories, and he did not wish to re-enact tbe laws of God. He (Mr. Hale) thought at the time tbat tbat very reason made the measuro practica ble. 1'rociBely tbe same Issues are presented to tbe oountry ss were then, and ho should act upon them according to tbe light God gave him as tbey respectively arose. Mr. Nnsiim?, (oop.) of Oregon, bored the 8enate would not concur with the Senator from New Hampshire and allow the bill to be lost be bad no particular Interest la the subject, so far as tbe negro was concerned ; hut be did take some interest In tbe white people tbere, whom be supoosed row numbered sixty to seventy thousand, mostip engaged in mining pursuits The object of tbe hill was to give a good government to this people. It would also be to tbe advantage of the government In en abling It rabre effectually to carry out Its laws, and es pecially to collect its revenue tax. Mr. Btmis bad no hesitation In saying tbat tbe princi ple involved In tbe renato's position was more important than tbe passage of tbs bill. It was proposed to exclude the African race from suffrage, and tbe argument made here In defence of It was hot a reproduction of tbe old well known slavery arguments on'ths subject. Be . was opposed to tbe Infrlngment of human rlshts, and more especially In the formation of a new community, for just as the twig was bent the tree Inclined. It was his wish tbat the tree should shelter all mankind. The report of tbe Committee of Conference wss then agreed to? yeas 36, nays 18, as follows:? Tn*a? Messrs. RueBalew, Cnrllle, Oollamer, Cowan, Davis. DoollUle, Foot, Foster. Harding, Hard*, Henderson. Hendricks. Howard, Johnson, Lane of Ind.. Merrill. Nes mith. rowel). Bamaay. RatiUbor*. Ten Brek, Trumbull, Tan Winkle. Wade. Wilkinson and Wilier War*? Messrs. Anthony, Chandler, Clark, Dlton. Grime* Hale, Harlan /Lane of Kaneas, Morrar>,:J?omeroy, Spragus, Sumner and Wl'son. tub rtctm ad mix came np as unfinished bosinsss, and was debated at considerable length on Its minor amendments. .nm imuu Tix nu. Mr.rsnum!) reported rrom the tlosncejCommitte* the House Internal Revenue bill, with amendments, and Ave hundred nddltlonal copies were ordered to he printed. Wis t mo Tfts uhh omen Kwon Mr. Atmtmrr. (rep.) of R. I., fr m tbe Committee on Printing, reported a resolution authorizing tho printing of one thousand additional copies of the report of the Commissioner of the General Land office. hrjv rat surrnsnns rr mcvx nnuv trnn.wt>xrwm% Mr. Oowaw, (rep. ) o t Pa., from the Committee on Fi nance, reported a bill for the relief nf tbe suffer ere by tbe depredations of tbe Sioux Indians, wltb a recom mendation tbat tt pose. nn*?*r nBtBABMrs. Mr. Corneas, (rep.) of Cal., presented a bill to aasentf the eet approved February 20, 1864, extending tbe time for tbe withdrawal of goods In bond from tbe warehouses tu California, which passsd. TBI riaric nu. The consideration of the ractQo Railroad bill wu then .resumed. j At a quarter Io fire o'clock the Senate adjourned. . House off Rtpr?ifiitailv?i. WAHiTj?r,Toj?, May 19, 1804. PMVitmr or A sttat* aoraaxuasT ro* xkvada. lb* B?im pMMd tbe Senate bin amendatory of tbe act authorizing Nevada to form a Stale government. It changes tbe time for submitting tbe constitution to tbe Toto of tba people to tba first wedneerfay In September. : 1MB IKD'AK IPPROmUTIDIf HILL Tba Houae then took ap tba Indian Appropriation hill All tba amendment* of the committee of tbe Wbole on the State of tbe fnUm were concurred to excepting one roduclng the am rnprlatlon for tbe Ploux Indiana of Mmnneota from oca bnndrtd and fifty thomnnd te fifty thousand dollars. Tbo big |*ssed. nwom aocARrLiKa. Mr. Dawks, (rep.) of Wasa. , niaing to a personal expla nuiiou, aald sIdco bo bad been bere ha bad carer for a single moment Indulged to personalRlee towards any in dtridual; and his object la new rising was tore er ??> Uie remarks of Mr. I>oan, of Mteeonrl, who. during tbe debate oa the of. n tested election case from tbe Mrenth district of that State, bad takoa oocatirn to hurl at blm sbarts surcharged with hate and mallon, and this, too, \?hl:e be wsa nec.ff-eirily absent from WnsbtaRtoo. Tbat Re preeentatlre had ao just complaint of what he had aald. Whatever alhision wns made to him was in ti e kindest terms and honestly expressed. Bat tbo gentleman, four days after he (Mr I>awes) had spoken, had nppeared bore with * deliberately writ tea *|-eeeb, making a gross attack on bis perronal integrity? a speech the bltteraesa and malignity of which found no parallel In tbe records of the House. Tbe gentleman knew when tba speech was made he (Mr. Dawsa) was not bare to defend himself, acd be (Mr. I,fMtn) said tbe only epithet he anuld apply to him (Mr. Pnwea) was tbat applied by Telenet Beotou to Mr. 1'eltH, Of Indiana, but tbat t-he language won: 1 not be peril*, mentar/. If any gentleman would forntsh him wltb a rllamentary phrase elmllarly express, re be woald ure Tbe goatleman (Mr Loan) bad also called blm a pn , htlcal guerilla, who files a friendly flag In oader tbat ha may strike more effectually, and that be haj earned and srcaM rec?lre the soora and oontempt of trrry honorable msa. Tbe feotlemaa from Missouri bed appended a foot-note la tba ?Owarameael aiebt, Bring tba remark of talonel Benton se applied to to Mr. PaUit? namely, "be la a great liar and a dirty dog," He (Mr l%we?) snbmKted the remarks be made on that occasion sad which were printed In tbe Oi-k*. There was cot la them a srMabls which was laleadod or oo old be tortored Into an oflbaee agalnat tbe Repress* ta ll re of tbe Sereath district of Mleeourl.who bad prepared hia speech In ootd blood, and had added a foot-note, girlog langusge which he (Mr. Loan) blmaeK admitted would be a r Mattna of the ralea If attered en this floor. So far at be was ooocerned , be would leers all the laarets which could thus pe won to grace the brows of tboee who thought It an hoc it to wear them. Be bad made op bto record, aad would abide the judgment passed upon it. Mf Loan, (rep.) of Mo. , dealred to atate to tbe Boom that If, In tost discission, he hsd aeed any language not justified by tbe gentleman's speech, It was unmtCntlonal, aad ha regretted it. It wsa true be bad Um notea of tbe gentleman 'a speech before him, and that ha framod big reply te It after oarefal consideration. Be bettered that the reply was nothing but a just and legitimate defence from aa attack made upon him la a most unprovoked meaner. Tba attack waa not oa bM cause, bat oa bis per. ?oasl Integrity. There wss ao ground for It. Ho repeat, ed. the gentleman from Massachusetts made a deliber ate sad premeditated attack on hla peraooal beaor. If, in tbe opltfloa of tbe Bouee, be had' made an iiiilaatigabls treply , he asksd tbetr pinion for having done so. After what wss as id ny tbo gentleman he (Mr. I /wis) hsd oo pardon to sak at his baa da. Bia rule ncrer wss to aggress upon others, sad be would never allow a wntlruent of malice to rankle In ble heart But when be felt his personal honor attacked It wsa bts duty to defend it to tho beet of his ability. Tbe (entiemaa aeld he Mr. l oam made tbe reply when hia (Mr. Da wee') beofc was turned. It wsa net ble fault that the geatleana recated hia eaat, end waa not hire te a aawar, I* a rafttrtan arr?wv?nd lb* toCV A friend had called bis attention to the foot oo^ bdiI e-^ U betng Improper aud wrong ah?utd not*p^"^r-v ?la Oon<rreui" ' 't (Hit*, and thM ??? the reas ^ ' ,, ?bo. ild withdraw that foot not* from hto speeeii " honestly and nln-.erely lellMud tUe *e?lleoia?i u . an utiprovok?d ?**euU lilto. He had from believod U? ?>? rintil, though inenibera rolgtol diuer irv him In ihia cw#. .^rwonal Mr. Mamjoiiy, (?pp-> of Ky., rore to mal.? i ? ?,r.* oxplanat Kin , and caused to be rend a ro por ted co oq y butwoen Mr. Inlui . of ludbna, and bim? <;!?. ?roni iro Dai v CJhtf Mr Julian , ?mouB other tb'jM". ?? t?* occasion said.aftnr un inquiry from -tr Ma ifbo nr? known -? r?r>ubli. ins and unconditional uui men aornetlmoa n?soce.?e wlih negro *. They Hr* am k u*. aud or CJ irHO we li-ivi: rtdo.tiu< ' w ill then l such intimate r?latlm? -vis' between them ?"? ' .democrats of the South. Mr. Ma.lory.' " The ' W? mis Huietu oh. .W-h- the t;i?t tlM< or ii._ colored |x pulattnn "f the North have whits blood in toeir veina, wbllo only one ninth of the sliVe poputoton neve whltfl blood In th m. ..wi?a as Mr. Julian ? I lure net exanvlned the oensas tawee a* to tbo fact State J by the gentifrria. It in*y he trsie, i?r 1 be'lovo in lattoes more Rfn,?ra'ly come into me ? ?? ern Statee than these of a darker ck?r. and o c<? Iheir Increase wlil be nuiUttoos e ?ntlnuully and h?bt ally. A? tb? result of a well reoevul ed l?? of koc? or dor. the sIito mothers nnrt slave n a tors ef the are brought on to the level o? ?"Olal oquall' V in ? ? m<*? laotbsomo forms. In one of the robot I believe tbe nun'iw or miilailoea In nearly oqubI number of dem-r.Ulc voter,. In IMS. ate of MMabM WU If I urn not inldiakoo, wherever you ftnrt an nrtooa'w modern democrat, you will And a mulatto notJ?T hJ Z>. Tb? gentleman Is not at all relieved, however, by ib? white uloo.l lu the vims of thine N^rth, for thof have mlirraied from the 8^h'. with them from Kentucky other distinguished leasers ?n hlMr*Vun.o?Y r.-vmI hi* object In now J*** ^4 rert n habit which bad grown to bo a nuto?w.W?? nfialMt which he entered hla aolomn ! ?wr? of rongreta had boea i>ermlti?il, aa an act of conrtosy, *? . correct '^lr remark, from the note. the Oiobf and then to dcalroy those n?le? Tbo point to mede was . the KeDt!emin c?yer uttered ^h rerlr j.rintea In the /7/e6? aa applied to himself. It w? n foraery . Barol v . If ever, bad It on urrod among EO"^? men to Insert in the ofnolal r#?t>"rtB r?? mfirk R"a P^_ i hararter uttered. Tills onur?e vrai loft for the mrmhr from Indiana (Mr. Julian) for tbe first time In I - history of vhte bodv. He would leave tbe member In P?fiei*Jlu" ' all iSelaurols l.o oould gathoc by that act. An?o<l ought to be put to th?ee things. Au<\ the momber we further and Inserted the word "laughtor In bin ow handwriting (Laughter.) The member frotn hnd insulted the fWe I" the r^^nn rorserf by MyiDR thd Hous? Iwihted. A_w ber wM saflsfled be h?d Hdded to h,s ro^tloy^ thing of whioh he should be proud, h? (Mr. Mallory) w? C?Mrnjtn.tAK. (rep ] of Ind , In reply, sa M he sraar. -s S^.>. b? 1 would state another fact. Ho had seen in *he rep^r^ j the olllclal proceedings half a vjiiou bad spoken only five minutes, tbo m'?1^ gubstUnted his own pages for those fu reporter Ho had given this merely a* an ?*al?P ? But he dirt not complain of It The Kontncky look exception to his remarks, which were In tended to be oirensive and personal. TbsyoouUtWt bear such an interpretation. Ho had no r?p?"'r'l.,.j htv tog Interpolated the word "laughter." If bo dU Insert that word It was an Inadvertence. . ,Ti Mr Mai.ixjwt, rpcnmlng, oald the privilege had bfton e erotoed ?rf ?hanfflng the phraseology . but not the sub itasMSOf remarks. He had himself rarely He had never known any (jontleman or pr*roj hllltv to attempt to change a cMioqny without the cm sent and cooMrrence of the oth.r raUy ln the aot No gentleoian would undertake to do It. ****** ?< aaiim! on e^ery ceuUeman pi?s?ut to attost too iruin 01 the d?*?"ra''"n thai g V??al. r?Mrt* aealDSt him were nover uttered by the member, u a rorgery, and there woro sheets of manuFcript to^how fh^t the member hud substituted bl? own handwriting for the note?of the rotx>rter. No such ^remark; ot tered a> "perhips the blood or the gentleman Jrom ^Ke ? tucky coursed in their rein*," he. It was never uttered. Mr. M^omT-And It to falw. Tou never ntterM It. Mr. Wamwohto. (opp.) of Ky.? The member from In ji.n> Htatefl what m a I!?, ftnd ho knows it. This harried colloany occasioned much ' be?|f OA^nf ^Vhpe)Cofr0hl^"l demand that the word. thv? mjllkb (OPP.) *f Pa., wished to know whether, while that was being done, It would bo in order for the Hou*e to Uko a laugh? ? ' Th? Sfiuker iiid it would not. . Al. Mr Wixtom. (rep.) of Minn.. In'hU seat, asked whether It would bo In order for gentlemen on tbo opposite side to ?rihe SrtAKia said aa no one bod colled Mr. Mallory to i order, aa was retired by tbo raleo In such caaes, ?<? w? Kentucky were out of order TbeSraAsiB ?Tbo point oomoo too lato. Mr. Now?*, (rep) of III. , said thai ho had col.ed tho ritSf ?? *'? H.lkvT to profc*?l IB orrt.r. H. ''"J'* far aa v loocnago bo mar have ottered violative of tho ?l"? TmhSoT Horoee to protest ^ah>s| itho pwo iToe rf member, altering tbe offlcl.l rf^M. The m?m x^.^"5jS?r Utoy A""* within the rnlo or not. I axprsss my regret that I was out of rrder. rr leads from Mtehtoaa and ^rlULLOBT? Ialhat In ordorT 11 to ? cheap way be ^IkTSrmARmK sold that whan tbo Hon* P" for an <MtP'anatloo they expected remarta . ? 1 rharactor and tbo Cbatr waited for tho member to 00 called U> order fcr improiwr Iangnago. Th s V!nt^r Sllge insucb cases , sod for this reoson bo bad not inter "P?Mr4*Lo*aT*Aii. (rep.) of Mich, having boenappealod to by Mr. Julian,. aid he was PM'ng. ^ .vln i?ti*r'a remarks, and remembered dUtlnrtly toat Be used the language substantially , If not,. as moiled to the MBtletMl frrcn Kontnrfcy. ?SiSS Eiffil? WSSKS Jtt ??ir'-sisi" ?sas.Ts.:"^ -?? *? ?"Mr^A^StlUrthe truth oould bo esiabllsbed only '?&!?**? branded tho rtstement rf tho member ? . The Bnuicaa interrupted by sayliif:? If no member rl'ca 10 call (be gentleman te order, the Chair will cull btra to order.* I Mr Jrtux, resuming, remarked lhat the irentloman from Kentucky knew nothing wm more common ilian for membore to take tbe reporter'* notes and substitute tbe came nombor of page*, withholding tbe notrc. ir the member thinks proper to be a blackguard and ruffian, I cannot help It. Mr Mamkry repealed . that bis declaration wa* clear and distinct that no soch' language was uttered. None of tbe gentlemen culled upon to proro It say bo (uttered tbeee words; but snbrt tiiy what Is printed in tbe Gl"b\ Mr. Kbsiun, (opp.) of V 7., baring been apr'a'd lo by Mr. Ma I lory, said be eat near to Mr Julian, but did rot hear him say that tbe blood of the gentlemen from Ken tucky coursed in negreec, vlewa orfaty thiag to that effrct. Mr. RAM>wm. (opp.) of Mich , Who also Mt bt Mr. Jolian on that occasion, said that the lattor had made no aucb reference. Mr Oifvnio, (<y>p.) of N. Y., remarked that Mr. Julian's remarks were In tbo character of general c* preaateea. Mr. Axon (rep.) of Pa., asked, will too gent:*, man from Indiana be allowed to call rebutting witosaasa ? (laughter ) Mr 8rmtx< *, (opp ) of Ohio? wm the gentian from Kentucky allow a chapter from tbe Pickwick Pcstbnmoos Payors to be read ? * Sir. Mutoirr? Home of your remarks would ai.iwer jut ae welt, (laughter \ Mr. Pater*. (opp ) of VT. V., confirmed tbe statement of tbe wltm-Rprs called Mr. MaUory. Ho beard every word Mr. Julian said, bevlog eat la front of blm. Mr. Maun, of Pa, said his own rar*Hectieo Sheared with the gentleman's, tbe gentlemen from Indiana rfid not uUisr the language In tbe Gl?b*. n* did not beliove the gentleman would have ottered H unleee under lock and key , or under the protection of tbe House. Mr. Aaoe Miami objected to bit colleague's aapreMtlng such an opinion. Mr. Bum, ffcpp.) of Ohio, said he did not bear Mr. Julias o*e tbe languege aa printed. Mr. M ittoat? The gentlemen from Indiana has the only absolute and conclusive prom? namely tbe re porter*' rotes? te a bow whether he uttered the oxprae sion or act. If be oaa abew that be did utter the lan guage, 1 will retract tar charge. Mr. JtiMH then called epon Ifr, Orth, who said ho dM aot remember Mr. Julian a enact w rda; bet tbe impros aioa on bia mied was that they were ae prinlad in the dots. Mr. Dbhiwo, (rep.) of Cone , ae..4 be at th* time looked te see whether there were any -*tee In the gallery, and therefore be pat* particular attaUioq to the gentleman's remark He cruld not saert that tnt Identical language appeaijdMn the Olete; bat be dielinctly remembered the Mr. Jriian said tbe mtlenan from K?otucky bad pre rea by several members that they did not hear him; and now. baring proved that be did use the lan guage, be aubmttled bin oane as made out. TTe com mended the gentleman to the QfoU reporters. bin sKk them. At a subsequent period, Mr. Jrruaw baring aucceeded in finding part of tbo reporter'e notea, produced thorn rer tbe loipectkMi of Mr. Mai lory, who. after etamlning them, said tbey were In aooordaooe with what had been printed, and of oouree be retracted the charge of for*ery. He (Mr. Heltory) wnid not hare made the charge but for the distinct recoi action of the matlor. He under stood the member from Indiana ae bringing ebargee againat (southerner*, aa a olaee, of mingling their blood with that of blacks, Mid Ihr that reason he replied that tbe emigration of a certain cUfs of white moo to tea South accounted for tbo number of mulatto** going North. If he bad, at tbe time , uaderetood the roombcr a* eddraaeing him personally, hi* reply would hare been different. Tbe gentleman baa retlered hlmaelf of the charge of forgery, and 1 retract. A , Mr Jtt.un,ln replying to Mr. Miller, of ps,,sa l:? 1 suppose he speaka from his awn feeling* sad presence the oewardioo be otoargo* oa Ae. Her* U?e matter enfei. KKfUM<?'M TKAOK WITH (UK ADA. The llou c proeeadti.i le lbs oonaMeratioa of tbe Jotel rcsoluliou, heretofore retried, providing for tbe appoint ment or commissioners in order to ellMt m more perfect reciprocity or trade Duia oou tho UutteJ Slate* and the Brittati provinces. Mr. Pikk, ^rep.) of Me. ,sai<t the recifwoeity treaty bad . now boon in oporsttou ten yearn, a:id w could judge I fairly or its luiueneo on the trade or tbe country A* a ! business arrangement It was an entire faibtr* It had ?ot (ullilleil aiiy oouhiilertblti expectation of lie orip b store. t ho linheraeo had expected benetita (ruta , but wor^Josei a. Mr, (Urtior raid the olhar day, iu the Caua dxtu Vari lament, that the uodlUh made the treaty and < would uMtinue it. I'.ii in) understood the raid Hah. whicn w-n a valuaMu fish, neither undo tbe I eaiy nor dcslro'1 lie continuant:*. flie miioilacturiuji and cos*, tnnrrlal mien ??? or the country had both suTerod irom the tionty. At tim tliuo of Its r .liRCAli< u ?o nun ex port In? to (ho provinces about threa dollar* {*r <tt ery one Imported, and were receiving annua ly ? balance from them >r about sixteen mi Ulna gollar; in gold. Now ? he balance or trade wan H^itost ns. The treaty had failed to brim; ah ui good (enlii.g holwenii tin- two conn triea. Ureal Uiilain liatl ailed badly dm ii*< lh? ?a', and ?;o ban the provinces. British shine, like the Aljba tna arid Florida, were dealrovlrg our oomuieroe. Th< provincial* nt Nassau were busy aiding the rebels and running tbo blockade, which was violated by ol no other naiinnellty exco;it the lirltish. And on our north, orn nnd eastern ironliers tt?ny worn bu-ty in defrauiliu< our leveuites nnd smt'gglieg lutoonr market goods willsh h?il i ? eivd drawback* at our custom hot. bps, and wero neul i-i lUo provinces (or the purpose of being stuuKvled back. In the^e various ways we were seriously Injured, and it was hi.-h tlmo to put an end to granting this largo bonus to lite provinces. , fr: Mr. Arnoia, (rep I of III., maintained 'that the sub je^'. now under coi sideratlon should bo viewed, not. In a sectional, b'll a national aspect Kxperionce had shown that the troaty needed rnatiy essential modifications , but It should not be abrogated. Ho dwelt upon the Import* auce of this ipeasura to the agricultural interests of the Northweat in connection with a commtinlcttion with the Atlantic, {'bono urnut outiota are a necuaaily to that portlou of lUa Uniou. Without lurlb*'- nrnc??ii intra tha ITonaa adjourned. ' 1 THE r.EBEL CRUISERS. A Rebel Privateer off St. OatlmUt'i Brnztl.. The whaling bark Canton Packet, Captain Allen, from New Pedtord, was off Taicabuano on tbe 10th of April. Captain Allen reports that when off St. Catharine'*,, he aaw a rebel steamer capture a aehooner. the ?teamer pave chase to the Canton Packet; but, a good breexe favoring, she escaped Captain Allou does not mention tho date wnen he biw the rebel steamer, but It woa probably about tbe lat of February, ai he was in latitude 10 degree* eouUi oa the lOtb ct January. The Pirate Florida at Bermatfa. Halifax, Mar 19. 1894. The British war steamer Vesuvius, from Bermuda, 12th tost., reports tbe pirate steamer Florida at that port. Narrow Eiespe of tlie Steamer Kin Klang from Capture by the Alabama. The' steamer Kin Klang, Captoiu Taylor, which sailed from New York February 10 for Sbanghae, oame very near being captured by the Alabama, as will be seen by the following extract from a private letter received by a gentleman in this city Cait Towi?, Capo of Good Hope, March 28, 1864. We arrived hero to day, and, as a vee? el sails for Bf? ton immediately . 1 have just, time to announce to yon our v-ry fortunate escape from capture by the Alabama. We canio into port about ten A. M , and when about twe ruf.os frcm cur nnrhornge we saw a steamer In the harbor with steam up. We sttpposod her to be the English mall boat. When about ha'r a mile from our anchorage, we being then Inside the harbor, and t tie steituer ditrlug this time having got under way and standing out and for na, tho boarding officer catio alongside ami said, "Captain, yoii have bad a vary narrow escape: that is the Alabama." 8he wan then close to us. She mn clone 4lonijsldo and took a good looic at ud, tbon ranged aijroes our Gtern and stood out to I sea Had no been half an hour later she would have had ?us. Tbe Alabama's time for leavlag wag up yesterday; hut she wa.H by 8omo rooson delayed. liar decks were orowded wltb men. She Is not n fierce looking craft at all , and our Navy Department should be ashamed that with so many pood vessels the Alahamn should still be allowed to proy u|?n our oommorce. We are now In a tlx. as she will undoubtedly wait for ns uo*r here. How ever, we are going to try It; and tbe Kiu Klang may per baop have a ch?noe to auHtaln tbo reputation she oarried with her from We* York. MILITARY AFFAIRS. Proclamation ?( Governor Cnrttn? The Citizens H*que?ted to Form Military OrgtnliatloM, 4m. PutLADSLPau, May 10, 1804. i Governor CurTlo has issued tbo following proclema tlon Whoreep, clroaiqstannne render it net Improbable thai the President of the United State* may, within a (hort time, eali on the Pennsylvania volunteer militia for a brief term of service; and whereas, the example of the brave neon now in tbo field from Pennsylvania, heretofore on every battle Held distinguished for courage and effl oienoy, hut who in tbe recent battles In Virginia bave gained aa enviable distinction by their deeds of valor and eodaraoee, should stimulate their brothers at hone to Incrsass their eflbrta to sustain their ooaairy's fag had terminate the rebellion. Now, therefore, I, Andrew O. Ourtln, Governor of the Commonwealth of Penaaylvania, do make this my procla mation, eareeatly requeatlng the people of the Common wealth who are willing to respond to such a call of tbe Prealdmt to form military organization without do.ay , that they may not he found unprepared to do so. And I do farther request that the oommimt. tag officers of all military organisations which may be formed In compliance with this proclamation do forthwith report the condition of their reapective com meads, that prompt meesnrss mny be taken for getting them Into tbe service In ease a requisi tion should be made by the general government. 8<tch a call, tr made, will be for a term of not leea than one hun dred days. The troops will be clothed, armed, subsisted and paid by tbe United States, and mustered into the ser vice thereof. Given under my hand and seal, at FUrrlsburg, this ihs eighteenth day of May. ANDKEW O. CURUN By the Governor: Ku Burtn, Secretary of tbe Commonwealth. Reorulflna In New Jersey. Tmwtoh, X. J., May 19, tM4> Tbe recruiting here for tbe ono hundred days' men le I quite lively. Three companies are nearly ready for muster. Tais AMTj-ExTiuviaANcs Movers.*?.? Tlie movement inaugurated at tbe Cooper Institute tbo other day eoetas to us to bave been commenced at the wrong end. Foreign silks snd laees pay heavy dntiea Mid help te sustain the public revenuo. It is not ao much In tbe materials of a dress ?s In tbe marner of Its fashioning that ih< extrava gance lies. Thrifty wives assert, and we beiiove them, that a good silk Is tbe Cheapest of all dreseon. It is r?n dered costly by tbe adornments with which fashion overloads It. A fashionable French dressmaker, for example, wMl so arrange it that her little bill of par ticulars la tli? way of making and trimming will far exceed the expense of the fabric itself. As a geterel thing tbat class or tradespeople have but very little conscience. Tbey are tbe worst enemiee of domestic {ft ice. Of course there Is r.o rale without sn exception, and th* exception In this ease la Madame Pleden, of 731 liroadway. Tbia lady baa eetabtiabed a high reputation, not only fto taste and skill, bat for ibe moderateness of her charges. She toes to Paris every year, and brings back models which are specially pre pared tor her by tbe leedlng bouses of that city, and whKh no other Amcricaa establishment can bave. In style, elegance and townees of charges rib botiso here ren compote with her. If the patron see es of tbe anil-extra vagance movement wonM commence their seir Imposed reform by transferring their custom to Madame Disden they would find that tbey bad .nade the drat Important atop towards a redwuon of their expenditure. THE WEEKLY HERALD. The Bond and Cheapest Newspaper In Ike reentry. The Wmrt.r ready te- morrow {Saturday) morning, will contain ? Fnli and reliable aeeonnts, from mjr special War Cor respondents, of tbo March, Tlaltlss and Successes ol General Grant's Army In >lrgtnfc?, with tbe lateet des pslebae relative tc Ms present poeltion, illnatrated with aa ex eel lent Map, allowing the Buene of Opera t look of Generals Meade, Butler, Rhertdan, Lee and Kaatx Full arcounta of the Operations In General Mutter's Depart ment, with full reports of tbe Hetties of the Union Foroen with the Rebels en the James river , Full account of the greet Cavalry Ibud of General Pberideo to the Intrench menta of Richmond, wMh details of the amount of damage Inflicted on tbe Rebels, and of bis safe entry into General BnUer'a lines ; Accouut of ibe splendid 8uoco?s of General Merman's krnf In Georgia, and the lateet Mews from the Vnlon Army In dldercnt norliwie of tbe country ; Tbe lateet News from Knr. pe. I'"'* Kashloas for Mkj . iNietry , An excellent Mary, Artistic, BooutiAc and IRerarjr matter interesting Agrionit'm' texiing matter: Kscothr Veirsble reports of !??? M"?iey, rem meroml, 1 ry ueod*. < et<!e fWse an-l Fkmtty Mertien, and aoc >unu ot all tmixxtuit errurrenoes of tbe |?al Term'? single ?nheerlpfion, ?" Three no-.lrs. ??>, Five oopi^, H|; leu Siu|ic pistes Off oejyj oagf | NEWS FROM JAMES RIVER. Villi mt Mm J?r lailtli tm OmmIm Oonrt lloiui, m. V Skirmish wllk OswIUm ? ad BlocKM* Tk< Prima* Or?fb*aa4 aad Mlaalc-Iaval Ac., Ac. Ma. WM. B. MTINU'S l> KB PATCH. Foara?aa Manaoa, May II, IMi aawunr oohkt noun, a. o., ?u visited br Major Smith, or the Twentieth r eg (meat Naw York cavalry, with a squadron of cavalry , on the 16th tuateni, (or Iqo purpose of ascertaining truth there wits iu the report thai the rebel cavalry wero In Iorc? in (bat notour. He dM not ilutl any cavalry, but did find a force or blockade runnem and mail carrier* He bad quite a ilftit with Staquad of th ?m on the okl Swauip read, and ao.tiiercd them, after killing Cap tain Lake, Of tbe Cam-lea county, N. 0., guerilla*, and capturing two otbera. Tbo other* escaped through the swamp, ? hlch comes closo up to tbe road. Major Smith thee returned to hta quarter*, taking with blra two qaiU lunlo-1 with cotton and tobacco, a. ho a number or Uuibea and bia two prisoners. He anticipate* clearing all tbe guerillas out oC seetion of tbe country In a short Mate. atr.\ wnaHKiaa roa Tjr* worNnas. Pr Theodore Dtam >nd, New Yor* State aprnt, baa just purchased alt the strawberrlee In tbe market, for tbe use or the wnuuded lu [lampion and other hospitals. KOMI ABOWT TH* BLOOKAKB HUN MM WltBOVID AST> ?amis. Tbe cargo of tba Angto-rebol blockade runner * learner Greyhound, wblcb wu captured by the United staton steamer Oonneetlcul, Commander Almy, and broujfnt tn bore oo tbe 12th Inst., consisted of eUht bundled falea of cotton, thirty tons of pressed tobacco, In boxes, and twenty aaaks of ttsrpentlue. She was from Wilmingtoo, bound to Bermuda. The Greyhound Is a new steamer, of tbree hundred and seventy-live tons, and two hundred feet In length. Her regmter ia dated December, 1863, and thla was b*r first trip to Wilmington. Tbe vessel and cargo oannot be worth much lesa tban four hundred thouaind dollars. On the previous day (tbe ?th Inst.) the Oonneotfout captured tbe Anglo-rebol blookade runner ateauiar Min nie, rrom Wilmington, bound to liermuda, having on board a cargo ooo*i*tlng of i)t? hundred and forty bale* of cottoo , twenty five tons of tobacco lu boxes, fifteen casks or turpentine and ten thousand dollar* la gold coin. The Mionle was also a new steamer, and thla was her seoond trip to Wllmlugton . The steamer ami cargo are estimated to be worth a boat three huodred thousand dollar*. Ttala good work of tha Connecticut was all ac complished in the apace or twenty-two hours. ABKIVAL or WOtTNI>BD. The United 8t*tea transport New York, Captain H. W. Cbishulm, arrived here (ate laat night from Bermuda H indreds with a load of wouBded, among whom were Lielitennnt Colonel Floyd, commanding Third regiment New York Volunteer infantry ; Captain Couch, Company K.aame rudiment and a number of others. The sufferer* were taken to Point lookout for medical treatment. TU* KKPRL 1MMI-CLAI) Bl< BMONtl. On the evening of tbe 16th the rebel Iron clad Rich mond came down tbe James river to reconnoitre. Our lrou-elada engaged her and drove her up tbe river. Thi BltiwihMa Dliait?r< OUR NATAL OORRCBPONDKNCB, Ofr Vomt Powhatan, James River, May IT, 1884. The following are tbe faots concerning Captain Pbeion of tbe gunboat Sbawaheen, reported to have been picked op in the James river abot through the head. Tbe body foand was that of Acting Enaign Charles Hlngot,of Cbei pea. Massachusetts, who was In temporary command at the time or ber destruction , Captain Pbeion having been on detached servioe in tbe Sound* of North Carolina, and wss returning to renew hi* command, hut did not arrive until tbe day alter the destruction of bi* vessel, and I* at present attached to the United States iron-clbd Atlanta as executive officer. Tho following is a list of those known to be savod Acting Second Assistant Enginoer John Anderson, badly scalded about the face. Mark Wbitehaoae, boatswain's mate. Michael Meeh in, landsman. Miobael Murphy, landsman. John Harrington, seaman. Kngene Bauer, officers' oook. Theodore Reynolds, messenger boy. Wm. W. Squire, first class fireman. Thomas McLane, ilrst olass fireman. ThJ pilot, Mr. Kvaus. Is supposed to be killed; also Quai ternwter Joseph P. Crowoll, at several shot peue trateJ the piiotbouse. it is im|>oeslble to tell tbe number killed or taken pris oners, as tbey were fired upon While struggling to escape by swimming to the store. AFFAIRS ON THE APPOMATTOX. Our Naval Correspoadeaea* Appomattox Kiw, May 14, 1864. TIM movements of the army on lbs peninsula later ?enlng between tho Jamee and the Appomattox hat* conaieted of a aeries of marches and oocntermsrcbe*, feinu aad actual attacks, characterised by great In geauity of doslga aad felicity of result. It remains for ma to observe that the fleet of gunboats la the Appo mattox, Including two navy vessels ? tbe Sbockokon (flag ship; aad Geo. Putnam? also the Marine Brigade, ucder oommand of Oee. Graham, are engaged la keeping the river apon, whieh, la ooosMaraUaa ot the shallowness ot ' the stream, the extreme aarrowaees of the ohaanei tail the Tsatafls ground aflbrdad the eaemy by the lowering blufh of the right bank. Is a feat by ao means unattended with danger. The items of our naval operations iu this region thus lar may be summed up ss follows' ? C4PTVRB or pivr rm-ojnms. Ob Wedaeeday night a detachment of marines from tho Gen. Putnam (fleeted a landing a ehurt dlaunne above tha Point of Hocks, aad succeeded in surrounding and caoturlug Ave of the uawary enemy. Ibe prisoners b'.ate that they are tired of the wiir, slgu that their loaders aro especially disheartened on account of the unexpected demnoetratloa in the direction of Petersbjr'* by Geoeral Bailer, who (as 1 can prove by ocular de monstration) is thongbt by the editors of the Kichmond p%?rs to be at West Point with 4,000 men. rajTR rcno* or in nnswsmt A few days age It was discovered that the rebels had platitsd a battery of three guna on the rising ground about a mile and a half from Port Walthall. Ttie c inlioet brew star, of the Marine Brigade, supported by other ve.i sols, wi-s seat up in advance to draw llie iire of the enemy, but had hardly got Into position whim .in tinlnclcy shot fp'Oa the enemy penetrated her steam ch<M. Hmv of the men, paatc-strlckcn by this calamity . jumped in'n the river aud swam ashere. Encouraged by their socte-'s, the sbotoy followed up this advauUitn '?} ao outpouring of shot, shell and Mlnie bails, which prevented our tow remaining men from working tlieir tuns, the on' re. which bad been reportedly shot down, wero hoisted again and again by '.be captain and two of the crew. After the abandonment of the vessel, its destruction w >s completed bv Its csptaln, to prsvo^t its falling Into the hands of the enemy. The results ot thip disaaor aro three men killed and two wounded ? naamiy, Mr Uslloobacu, chief engineer, end a c lored tir.-man, both o wuoin will rocover. The rvat, forty in number, escai ed. Tbe t ?mam der of the fleet got aground, and wore thoroby prevented fr<>tn getting any range on tho enemy. The cooin?.<w of the ommindlPg oflleer of the Hrewaler on this oc. ualon Is Ihe si'bjxt or admiration with those who are cognirant of ths far's. Petersburg Is yet Intact The Vsarth N?w Jersey llatirry-A Cor rection. TO TBI BDITOR OX TBS II IRA LP. Near Pamtsaraa, Va , May 10, 1864. Please be kind enough to make the correction V a mistake committed by on* of your correspond r.ts In this corps, in relation to tns action of the 10 tb Inst., at the jtinetlon of' the Rlc -moml and Petersburg turnpike. In which he state* that ' dirin|t?the engagement a section of Woodbury's battery was captured by the rebels, and recaptured by the Siiffl Connecticut, Mho brc i^ht it in In -alety." 1 ho facts are as follows ?The section enntirmed firing until its lofenlry support liad broken and fled, and when the rebels were between the guiis; and ttieo.aau not until then, did ths cannnnisrs ceeno firing and attempt to ? Hmbsr up." Only oa? gun was captured, tbe horses being sbot down , the other wss brougut oft' m safety. Again ths Sixth Connecticut did not rer*[.ture the U?t fun, and did not bring It in. The Sixth Conne-iicut wore not la any wuy eai.n acted with the ailair. The gun was rooaptureu , about an hour after It was .aken, by Lieut Geortse using his remaln'ng piece or. tha rabais, with tha assistance of the Horsath Connecticut inrantry. Ths man did not leava their guns until they were wounded or forced ofT by overwhelming numbers. Kigbt men w era severely wounded, Including Lieut. George, who was bit la tbras piaeaa, aad Ova boraea abot. Tru.y v< urs, JAP B MrtRPIP. first Lieu ten eat fourth Now Jersey battery *?w Jsrasy Itats Deads ftir Seals. lsarro*. .'Jay 19, 1804. Ths Mats Treasurer will advertise to-morrow for propo sals for Stale bonds, redeemable as follows ? fl 00,000 on tbs 1st of Jaauary, 1887, $100,000 aa tea 1st of Jnuu ary, 1888. $100,000 on tbs 1st of iu iary, 18S9, and $100,000 oa tbs 1st of January, 18*0, bearing loterost at all per eent, aad exempt from taxation. The bids wUI ba opened oa the Ift'h of Jena, 1884. Why Is Phatoi'a Wight Blooming Oei-eus tike en Interjeetioot Beeeaae it la never Introduced wnhout being fotlowM by a Bete or admiration. Why Is PflALOWR NKlHT BLOOMIKO CKKBTt a good protection agalast jpoveitrf Hseanae ao gentlamaa " ho n aa It on hie bandit* ehtef ean evee eay that be <e without a (a)eent In hla ineket. A<l?treee to ?aiokars.? Poltak A Moss, Meereei'Sum Msnufaetnrere. eft Broadway, near Fourth atie-'t. whotneaii- and retail Pipes eut to order ea4 re paired Kvery art Wo warranted genuine A Rr?ull/al reni|iieiton.? Latrd'a Hloeinar Youth #urpea?ea everything tor nr*.errtng and beautifying the eomptealon and akin. SA8 MroeSway and di uetfate everywhere. A flo*?rnm nt llaenil apon Liberty a nd p?ttallty mo I rule the world haimante ielf . I'h-Ho.riuh. d hy BoLStli*, 699 Broe^way At llntmre' l'hn<0||t?ph <i..l'ery, o( s%ualit,' and Murray, K<11r 4k Co ?'Mllllin. Iwtorii, Karat Clam JJS? Way I J. I)M> *0, 37, 31. ?9. 12. 14. 6, IS. 1, !>. ??. *4. f. &MTOOCY. Ol4a? tv>? Mar it IML 40, 41. 63, 24, 57, 46, 71, 37. 3. S3, 46, V. X. ?< ?Immune A Ca.-Na*t|rri, taiur tint Ouu ITJ-*ay I?. IM?. 13, 70, 18, 23. 7V 5<i, .10, 3. 4, 5, 61. 44, 4T. 0L4M J4<v? M*, U. Ifiiv. 6, 62, 51, 73, 5H, 37, '23, !*. er,. 42, 16, it. Pr nitre, Kllta As Uiiulf JUrn? Oi.*?? fl -Hi< VI tU4 43, 61, 41, 12 47. 24. 3ft. 4. IH. ?7, 5, 66. T. OL1U Al-*a/ 1> 1V.I. * 14, 68, 38, 6, 21, 2!?, 44. 17, 1, 54. 49, 47. Prlsta Cnetiad In All I.eiiMxrrt f,nt*? Hoeaad Informant ?t?#n O AM.AOR Kit k BKMJ 1*1*. Broker*. SI* Chut nut atreet. Fhlla.lelpli'a Prtui o?>k?il in aii i,?a?Mxr?i r,o?u ria. c. F. .foni*?f>*. 140 Frtnee aireet, between Lauren* and Wooetrr. Prlaaa 0?ah*ri and iBforniatlon Far nlahed la all Hftall >ad lotterlaa. _ _ __ A LECH 4 CO., Brokers, M And M Plan atreet, !f. T. ~.J. y . fcatUrj'.-n'orlj' I?er St* kP?n>i"m, p*lr1 JnT Tn'?>r.nif?n r, ml*,* ?lea paid fur doubloons mid all klnda of ml* and ?4I,?. TATLOR M CO., Banker?.lt> Wall euWr Vrltti CaihMl In nil lot teries. COUNT'S ofllce, M North William street. ?P ?UW room If? I. OOOJIT. LolUnr Tiokele Caahnl- 1 n farMStlM !r*a. JOS F.I' il BaTKS Hruker, U Wall atreet. Boom NO. I. A Fr?(.-K<>?x Ha< lie n Knar TTepntt* hi ( I ha damage* o( our muring a-a-mi He ran. prrhape t. Ii holier than ".my other man'' Jmt how miuy "bi'1 liata" were arnaah<-d thro'i?h the rurelwaane^a of erranta an<1 nartmnn: but he la naturally reticent upon the subject, contenting himself with the founolatlon that wnat I aaa'a loa* 1 1 another a gain. KNOX of 212 Broadw*f la d eldegVy a gainer bf Maj day and the eaaellence of hla Spring (lata A Poor DIak'i War for Firtdnm and ?quality against aristocracy, elarory and poverty phot* graphed by HOI.MKB, WJ Hnadway. A Lift af a Fr*? K[?tlnn Pri-?fr*rd against monarchy hod barbarism ?f tl*v?rr ohotograuh'-d by HOLMES, 699 Broadway. Brilliant and Povrrrfnl Day and l*l?M Double FiirtpMllfa Olaases. fur the field ?ea, opara aad tourist's use? com peat, portable and ifllelent. A anh-adii assortment at 8KXMOHR*. Occullsta' Optician <J*?H Broadway under !.afa<-?e lieaaa. Brnsllllan Pebblo SpccmclM and My Preservers to strengthen and Improve the sltht of o'd and young, by day and night. without Dal a or fefcue ? Highly recommended by the medical faculty. BR M MOM*. Oceatlsta' Optlolan. M9H Broadway, opposite Bond iliaa Batebelor'a Hnlr Dye? Tha 11/ et In the world flarmieaa, reliable, Instantaneous. The only se? fecldye. Bold by all druggists. Factory II Barclay straal. ??ColUt't" Exterm'natori. "COSTAR'S" J.X RMINATOTtP, KXTKKMI W ATOR P, "COSTA R'S" EXTRRMINaT"K3, KT'HtV'V ?tous "COSTAR'S" KXTBRMINATORa, KXTBRMINaTOKS. For Rata, Roaehea, Ante. Bedbnga, Mntha. luatcta &a fhlh Fowl#, Aolmala, die. "COSTAR'S" depot Broadway. Cnmbtrland Snnrn Olrct u. F'nr RrlUb to the rartoualy prepared dlahei of iarat<, pou'. ry. sainn, tiah. 4a Corna, Rnnlnna, Inr?rtfd Nalla, Ba< larued Jolnta and all diauaaea ot tho Fret eurol vrlthout pal a or Inconrenlenre to tin patlfit br Dr. 7,ACn.\lllK. Bur geoo Chiropodist, 76-1 Broadway. OrlataHoro'a Ilalr Tirr, Pf??rrvatlr? and Wig Depot, whnleanle and retail? No. G Aator Hm? The dye applied by akllfnl arti.ita. City l<ntllra nnd l,adlr? ViilUng <>>e olty, If you wl?h handsome Brot-< and Shoe for ro-ftalTHt and famillea, patrooUe MILLER A CO.. 3.S7 Cnnal mreet. Deafneii, Catarrh, and all l)l??aim tbe Bar. Throat and Air- Pa .?ge > ancoo '"fully treated ? - DBS. LIUHTIULL. St Ht. Mark'* oUca. Dyapepala Tnbtet.e, for ludltirtHea, Heartburn. Ac., prepared on y hy 8. O Wi'.I.T.I SO *>T Centre atreet. and aoid by dru^gUU generally. Fl.ty eanu a bo*. Deafneaa, Impaired sight, HOISRd IN Tlftl nRAD, OATA.Ui.llAL AUCTIONS IH TUB THROAT, CHBOMIO~OATARRH, CATARRH OF THB~TYMPA,?rO MtTHOTIS MRMBRANR. OMSTHITTICONH OF TUB BUHTACHIA.N TUBli OlTRRn. CBOM BTB BTR AIOHTBNRO IT? ONB M1MI1TW. Anil ever y dlseeae of the K*e anil Kar raaiilrin* , medical or ???rglcal ?lrt attended to br Hr- v'?N KIM**. BR HO. at hi* conauiilng room*. bin Broad war. near Twalflh street. Dl?tllf?d D?t*. for Rrantrvlnv aa4 improving the akin ami complexion, I* iia*urji<n?ed, i) druggliti. Depot, 718 limed way. Dr. Jirnrehali'* Cetarrli InnT pnrta All dlaaaaoe ceo*?d hr a cold I n the heart. It open* and panpe ??t alt obstruction*. Mold by ell drnmuUi Oenrnna, Dlorete* of thr K r* not Ca tarrh receive, a* usual, the undivided attention i?f Or C*a. WRLL. Ocullat and Anrl?t, S4 Clinton plane (Kl"*<th at rear. Hour* from 9 to h Croax eye lailantly removed Dr. Ifantar'a Offle* la at No. -Y Dlrlale* *rcet. New Turk city |f? h?* no other ofW ?'ataMMMw>4 1*34 KlgM room* and a rr'rete entrance 11* eurea cbrawle eruption* au I apot? on the "kin. ulenra or *t> kind* l>* mo?? poi?onon* Intp'Mly of the blo^l. flM'ila. all .tieeaa-e Mrt.'klnlnz t" tl>e urltvirr organ*. rheumatic*. Ac V?* <? rfumn I'rtllty. Nerreae DeHKly, I'.arly rndlxraMi^ Consultation gratl*. Honra tn. from 1 A. M. aeitl 9 Q'l-ta a r m Eruptions, Krrek'ei, Plmnlei, Tka, Sunburn VI- h W. rm * and all Skin Deformities cored hv (lOl'R tUf>'S Italian Medi'ia'-ed 9<>?p. at hi* denot, Ma Ml Broadway. Ooaraad'i Poqdre Muhtllf Yip-oof a Hair from low foreheada or anr pai l of the boJy. VTarrauted. at hi* Mw dep>'t, 4M Kroailway. firor?r .t; llaker'* Hlgliril JPr>- m tana Elastic Ktlleti Sewing Machines. 4 98 Rriadwar. Ke? Terk. Orover A Il?U?r'i Celebrated Mcwla* Machines for sslc nt <W8 lUnaon-ar n<*ar Twe'it?.**c?r?4 street Rmi>ruldnrtnii. braiding and i?*ery de?rnp*taa e? midline newltig done lit the >>e-l manner Maclilnev*rllh experienced opera! r* sent to families by the dar or wo?k (trade of ?;??? Lentltr?.-Pe? ItMIl, Bt ojraphien and riiarjui<r? of Hon Jo!m B,niigh. <lo?erner of <)lilo? Mr. Thoma* I'lanr.hard the fnrentor? R T. Yra't, M 0 , the Pbymcun, A uh >r .mi :'o .t er of the Near York Mvgt"ol? Co'leje? Origin*' Sharer'*; * Our Country IN Kesoiirt-i*? <"?II ? e l'a? O'lr n ?*>'?*? Boll, t 'llmate. PxleM? Mineral Klrli. ?, (I heap l.*n Is -Trane porlalion ? Immigration Kt'inol Mitln ? tU? It*-"? Klfert*. Our ftr.ri U Ftrlatlnnn? R?mI tlonifurt ? A Vi ae* feddloc'n Swn.le t? >f*n> "r? rimnnin and <"ere??nnl*>. Crluollnf? A I'arodir nnt ? ??ruteot t >?r Me'?ti wer and ??hor rich .r.? l nj. in J' IK- inmb';' <i' Tf.T.' fTFATRK rilHW. IfOUMItrtL .rort?N AT,, eent b? I1r*? p^?t f?r 18 oeato by FOWLKtt A tVRLLS. M Brjadway, K. If Imiio'tnnf t<> itlt a > r ltoi>le ra In (ha Dfoanl Tleta On Id and Stlrer Mining Th?' first d?%"ldand wtil ppr>ha>?ty l*e **j''*l to L1' e an t of ?hnree. A few aharr* run he *e<-iire<l !>y an H a> ?P'i|t anno at $8 per ?h*ie. Tlila i?pf>ortuiilt/ may ue>er t. rur'a/ala For full partleulara addroe-i Mount Vlata Ooltl ronrpMf, trtx t, M N. Y Aarnplreol nre eaa lie ae?a at the oTlce, No. 151 Proadway Seiid for a pamphlet. JfWflry mul W ?lr>i?a or ali. nK?t:niPTioit? For *ale by ORO. 0 ALUKN.^H Hrnodway, oao door bo low Cannl ktreat, formerly 11 Wall atraet. ?left. Davit Ov?ate th* Pnnr I* IjTet ?, tad Bgbla to own the poor e hue iam. ?* ub'itoar?'>hed N* H >Uhk, :m Hioatway. I.atllaa, Attoni Ion I ? Vi ???! n jj. an v lVldtli, 8 cnta per <ard. Frtneh Itutln? 0 "nr>ai?t WIT Broadway between Twenty flrat end Twenty ?erjn.l atree a l,ad(ra' fjlffht Colored Oallera, *1 no* dol ar per pal'-. H. TANTRKLL, *1.1 Broadway. b-i?eea Eleven th aod Twelfth *tre*t*. He !W??\e Ormy ftalraor H.l'lne<*. -r#n ?ultat un free by fir {IRANDJBAK, forty-lire y*arW apa rlence. No. 1 Aetar place Mehle Ktiraltnrr and Fl ?t area.? Bta |i Onarda. of wire and eaat I root liay Kac??, Manner*. Feed Tiotiuhe. 2a CH ASK ' *(} S74 Rroedaay. epp<>etie Rt Mr.hola* hnM Traaara, Kiaaatlr BtorklnKa. Ae..9liral A CO 8 Radical Cure Tm?i ofllee only at Mo, ? Yeaer atraea U*r "?lendant. _ ____ The Flr#manN Faad Ineaa aaee t ? hare r*a-??*4 to their ce? elTce. ltt. 700 B ot'w-y. Tbu eompabT an?t>rc*e to Intura prouer.y nt all klaxU agala-t lo aordamaee b> Are. on a* 'avor<ble t?r n< a< anr a?ho? reliable cempaay. H. HBrRRHAN. t?er^iar? Th* Beat Rranf -f llarana R<-;?re. Imported a ad tor tale kr t K a Wefltr* A Co., <1| Bread euoet. At ratal). Mo BA3 Bree laa-. UAVN Bit * Fruit ead Wlae Btore. The Japanese r?ll'h.-Kr?,,T ",atl> wha deairae to keep hv H*<a.eii!? brtebt abonid noa fail ?e aae Ihta artloe. It I* e ?nr a*M>lled and I* uiuiu^eilnnaa'' auperioi to any .Hh*r hi*, k n4 In u*e. It c?n ? M? ?ln?? m all the prinnt|??l ?bix lca *r*. WUo ceale depot 14 *ll?i* atreel Wlai, Tonpeel, Hair Dre. H ?lr Djrrlai? and Motda>ta Oteam. for bna iifjlog tha Hair, at w. A BATI'll h l-Oit'tt. 10 llitnd atieiit_ Whreler A %% il?oa'e Pje?i?a? Lookatllch s>a*ini Maohlaee. 091 Broad?af. W?l? In it** "? fca'f B5 t ill. ?,.|~r ,rfa " rho- f?> <?'*" >i J/ * *' Mtfvai.Aa.MlVl/- AU ? ?' ** *?

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