Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 20, 1864, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 20, 1864 Page 6
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I BOCIM, mOO?, HO., TO LET. BRLIOHTFOL SUMMER RESIDKNCB, OK T1IB ?' shore, ?l Rocfcaway te 1*1. (ally faraiefaed. with r,"*iT.*ienu?!> for a gentleman's family K H. LUD W A CO , ho. s Floe btTMi, or W II. BOLTON, on the jnulM. 4 store TO LET- AT HUNTER'S POINT, TWO A door. from ihe Thirty -fourth utreel ferry; wltl be let far a term of%T?r*. Apply to PATRICK MUM'HY ;4S ?*" fwea tytirat ktmt, to the store A STORE OR OFFICE TO LRT-NO. 8 UNlt)N ' litre; likewise ^ectlriaen may bp suited en tune, ?r single itooms. fnriilahed or uaruruisbed, without Board; foreigner* pre;ei red ' I^OTTAGK TO LET-AT TONKBR& INQOfRE Of D|L \J I'.KURIOl', on tti* preml-ea f^OONTRY PLACB TO LET AND FI'RNITURE V/ tar eato ?To let. it vet} pretty Plaoe, situated on K i ?i ?? - krt4*.< mail, four niinuti - Irom Tub y Ho^k station. Heuse kjM ei?hi tMom>; .'oiua.nnds flue view of nariem and ll'jJ m riven, ha* mru ind tlx acres of ground. beautifully . ahfeuad ; uaaiure for a cow. arw vegetable garden aj>eauy ? looted Rett 540 >. f?i-iW Hii??4m?f- The Form tore, consisting of cabtuei. rome"Oo4 ?n-l black walnut' MU' Bn.s-el. Carpets and line Bsddiag. bought la fcarupo, kaa heen in uw bm two week*. aad la sold because the ?*mi 1. ?ve lor Europe. COUNTRY SEAT TO J.KT? FROM THE 18TOT JDWE to lki of September at Hiiokes ack N. J , en the bunk of the river, pool air hsde ire?? -i?<l plenty of fialt. Fish ta an iDri^iK-e; l>?lf mi'* 'rota Rati r- ad denes; trains run to Cfcem hers street three tin.-- a day In thirty minute*; reu? tin in advenae. Apply to 11. A. iUDDEK, 161 Chambers COTTAOB AT SINO BINtl TO LKT-IN STATU ?tr:-rt; fine view. roomy, rrnt jMi Xp.dy to .1 W. ROBINSON Kln? S|n;j. or U J. W. UAMKK-kEY. 210 Ftfti avenue, New York. Eighth avknue stork to lkt-with livinu room* attached. . toply IS J. WILLIAMS, 4 11 Eisbtu imiuic and Thirty lo'ilth -treat. YpACrORy TO RUNT-JO MILK* FROM NRV7 YO"K. JT on the Hndsou liver; tine* bulidln t. O by wing. i>0 Vt 30. water wl.reL 22 feet by 10; taout overshot la good order. Addreaa John Peck, baveimraw, Rockland county. IiH>UR ROOMS TO LET-FURNISHED OR UNFl/R K1 ai-bad. tbi-ea minutes' walk from Vanderknll's land tag. s.?ten I* an 1 toii-tiUfnim only. Addreaa, ?with refe. wee, W jrd, box i -6 Herald oOlca 1j<UKNI8HKD ROOMS.? IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAM r lly, without children, a very ilnmralil e KurBlKln d Tar tar. nu tir t n?K?r, and Cnambar, with bath, gaa and water, at moderate torma. for one or two genilemea, at No. 38 tit. ?ark ? place. Eighth atreet FCRNISHRO ROOMS -A ROOM. BEDROOM ANE I'aniry. plalniv f'iriii?h<*d. to let. to a iteotleniaa aad wife for l.ou^eki-euin,.' at $1 4.1 per woek; bath, Ac. Apply at 104 \V?at Tweutj fifth ?trtet, betwaen Slitb aad Seycuih arennea FOltNrSHKn ROOMS TO BENT.?PARLOR8 AND Ei'aatton Room oo firat floor, en aulle or aln?l*. to ?mlVin^, on y hoard. Hiv?kfa?t. If raqutred. At 1? Breroort plaor, Tenth -treet, near Broadway. FUKNISHRD noi'8K.? ? THE SMALL THRKE 6TOKT Owrlling -Itnaied at 91 Ea-t Twahtb xtreot near Tourth ateuiie. will lw ti nted from June I to October 1, to aa une >??)'. ion ilde tenant. Apply oo the pruuiUte* Furnish kd iioi/sk T?lrt'-r lor >-al<' twenty-live miles from City Hal', thlr<i ?n r>?in'. ootnp>U-ly JnrnUlied; Hi aare. perfe.-t y iieadbv plraty ot trult, uliade. nz and lifilng. 1mm# dure (Hitacaaioa. Apply to bUUb.NB IfLUNKlifT. 130 Braadwuy FVRNISHPD HOt'SE TO LRT-IN THE COUNTRY. at Vonkerg; .arte li..u?e, phmty of fruit, garden, Ac., bain. II I'. > ?? and *r>l*>n id grounda river view. Alna Cotta;r. furnl bed or Liifuniiabed. Apply to JAMH8 YOli SaNS, Atfcut, Yonkera. Furnish h d housb to let? at berqen point n. J amatory Hnuae. with Evummon a e\v tnlniilrs' alk from the Innclin;. UtiiKiubnnt* go from p:er No. 2 North river in 36 miniue*. Apply at 10 South afreet. t^CRNlSHEO U0C8; TO LET? IN TENTH STREET, r n. ar Suih avenue ? Ti e uonse which I completely f.irn: bed. has ju.t Seen paiut d tbmugbont, and Is in tho rou^li order . B?st refc/enee required. App y at 31 West T?-atn ? reel. FORMISHKU HO ['SB TO RENT? ON WB8T TWENTY aec-ond street talow Ninth avenue, lour story, feet wide, i.u*li h baM-uteut. in perfect ordar from lop to but torn arid very hand mnely and thoroughly furn ahe l The bo ire a a ha 1 on the parlor floor, la roomy, neighborhood ? oe'ie.u, Ac. It la a very desirably fnriilsuod b"U*c>: real ?;.UX'. JAB. K EDWARDS. BURNISHED HOUSE TO RENT -ON TIIIRTf -FOURTH r street, between Broadwav and Seeentli aveuue; a ar^e I or storj brown stone Kngllab basi'miyit; splendid neigh borbuod, immediate poKoesnlon. Rent $ti<iO jmr month. .'AS. R EDWARDS, 277 West Xwenty- third atreeL Furnished house, is this city, to rent to aa nexcvptionable tenant Hohse is In excellent order aad I complete y and comfortably furnlsbed. Apply at 1?G West Iwelrih street HOl'US to let in manhattanville.-a small Huii-i% with three lou of land garden and tUbie, ?oroer ot lit'Uh street and Broadwav. only one bl >oi irom the Hudson River Katlrwtd station. The hou^e is supplied with ..a* and Croton water and is in perfect or or; the garden is well stacked with fruit Kent very moderate. Apply at the Post e, ManhatianvlUe. next door to the premises. LAKK MAJIOI'AC.-TO LF.T. FURNISHED, A BEAU liful Kcanten e ov rlooktrg the lake. II o in con mini 14 r< K>-r* , gned water, fine cam.: e hou??. LUt-den and grove. AMI at IM l-.ati TMrteeutli nun-rl. I rout 3 to 6 f M., or to Irjif-.UAllKl.TT, No. 8Wail?tiect. NO 4 D&r AC BOW, BLI.EOKER STREET ?TO LKT ? line Knit of Rooms, first iioor, with ba!con? in front; two parlor*, i*droom, librarv. water, gaa and water closet i together or separate. Appiy a* abo-. a ? OFFICE. ?HALF OK AN ELEGANTLY FURNISHED Ot ce t<> lei; central location and corner ll-jhi ; price $IS per month. In advance. Aj'p'jr at US flioa Jwajr, Lta : of " room 17. Rooms to let? to gentlemen, without board, furnished or unfurnished. ?Apjiiy at 110 Ninth, stieet. i. rat house ra-t ol Broadway. Rooms to Ut-tvo rooms, on thr second i oar, with gtm. ''fat ! aod *1 the modern Improvement*, will be let. furnished or unfurnished, -.ep iratel* or en nulte, to geut.emi n only; also a Hall lie Irooni For particular* |?<juire o( BKLL A BONNE, 171 Fifth avenue, corner of Twentv-*>eond MM 9 STEAM POWER TO LKT? WITH LIGHT ROOMS, AT 643 and '.I.' Water aireet; alao a Basement, 40*76, with ar without power. ri LET? WITH STEaM POWKR, THE THIRD FLOOR ol a brick building, .*0 leet long by So leal *lde. wltn 4 T In he centra, <1 ;eet long by ?24 leet wide; alao a three story Brick Building. Mfeet loo# br ."4 feet wide; aRber one tollable for a machine ah op Inquire on pretui ti foot of North Th.rd street, Brooklyn. B. 1). rLET? fcEVRRAL ROOMS. ALU NEWLY FUR ni-b>d, in a French family, lor gentle nen only wiiii ?at Boird Apply at 353 Wlnihrop place (Greene street near rilnton p ace. r LRT? IN YONKKR-. A CORNER STORE. WITH Fixture*. Tula is an excellent opponuoitj for an> per son who eanta to engage In the il juor or grocery b'l lonsa. as It is equated In the centre of the Tillage. Appiy to M. AL1.L> V22 Third aveuuo r LRT? AT IIARLRM, THR THRKR STORV BRICK Dwe'llng on lie ea?t aide of Fourth are una between tMth and I'.'.tli street*. In inire of G. W. VAN VOOKII1S, RMaiuta" street or Si Kaa: Ufth street, between Kour h a"d fib avenues mo LKT? TWO HOUSES, PLEASANTLY SITUATED X At I'ort Richmond. Staten Island. Applr to WILLI aM MRSTtiR or A. G. 8. OALB, or GEORGE WH1TB, N< It Wall street. ffMJ LET-WITHOUT BOARD. IN A FIRST CLAS8 X hotue, Bear the Fifth Avenue Hotel, the !-econ I aod Third Kluora, nicely furnl hod. hot fend oeld water. I Atb Ac., ?agentleuieu only. Apply at 2 J West Twenty neconl atieet ?TK) LHT-A COUNTRY SEAT AT VAN WVOK 8 POINT, 1 one m lie abvve Collage P int, L. I., for the seaaon. Tnla la a delightful summer residence, nu iteJ tin the Rift IiM, ten in les from New York, and e?*? ol aoeo by boat and rnl'ri ad. For terms and particular* iuoulre on th- p t. mi a- WM. A MOMHi*. . r LET? THE FIRST LOFT OF NO 4 DKV STREET, or part of It. Call within, from V to 4 o clock ipO LET-TWO MNE BA.'EM KNTS AND SECOND X and Third Fltvrre corner of Fourth avenue and Koiir taoniu meet, suital le for haioou*. cluhnaim*, bilua ti rooms ?? inHi.uriKiuiUi/ | irp"*e* Inuutre on t'.ie prem ie*, or at lb? oflie ol Hfc.NKY C. BANEm. Eaq . No. 3 Joha all eel fJK) I-KT-FOR SIX MONTHS. IN FOURTH STREET, X between r Ifth aod SiX'b avenue*, a three >tor> ? rewn Mtaslr ut Hiium. ? th caputs, oilcloth*, window ahades nod aa- Uituri*, ?n p*rfe< t .irder. from cellar to top. Will ?nl? be let to a small i nl cue* fan. II*. Ap.ily to Jo)IN KaVAN AGH. i, ortheaat corner et Forty -second street and Hl?ti. avenue LKT? A Fl'RNTSil ED COUNTRY RKSIDKNCR. AT Upper Fiermont; 'a ?r dnelunc, with i ?rn. and 14 ?are* ol land, on litgu ground . hue vl<-w ol the IIuiImm rtver. half a mile Irom depot of Northern Railroad. 0. A. K1SSAM. .10 line street, basement. f|H> LKT? TWO NKW HOUSES WITH ALL MODKRN X in pr-vetneoi* ta , hot and cold walrr. wnalitu w < ban de le'a ami ?as ttHM, All eoitipet<>. i.rnn of Kiev en th avenue and Hlet street; fiiet eu-i nela-hboi he<> I an I river view. Rent f '0 each. Inqillie on ?lie pieu.l-es or at 48 West 'thirty ninth aireet. r LRT? LOWER PaRT Of A COTrAOE. IM TIIIR ty e ghth etrret near Second arenui*. to a man mi' wife w tbo .1 children, reference re>|iilred; poa*e*sioo Ira ?ted lately or I't of June MM) LKT -PART OF HOI'SK 25 BOND STREKT. FUR i olatied. and In e<n>iiiiete order. Apply at HU Broed War fro I, I to 12 ? elock or at S3 R**t f wen ./ seventh ?reel, of I'ETKK A. II. JACKhON. T? LET-A CARI'KT R RATING M A< H INE, WITH THE n?'i: to ni' the t un In th r lty. The pioprlctoi being engaged In nualne^ wll! elfer liberal t<nu, Ad dree* nua ue>*. stai.oo G. T? JrRT?T.llE handsome rot-n ?t onr bows 101 ?Hit Thirty ? ghiii tir* ri, u m rim ordar, ulth kU the modern imir veui-ets. Kent At /.?) addiv to DYK A CCRTISS, SW Slxih TO LET?A 1 AKIK FRONT Of Fir P. ON iKODirp at M street. Appiy p, a KhN UaLL, back aH) LET-TWO ELF.OANTLT FURNISH* ? R?>0MR <?e *? ond alory, to gentlemen only, wtuioet uovd. An Mr at H We.t Rleveath street rpo LKT? ON LONG ISLAND, A BEAUTIFUL r.?l ir X try Heat, wnl.ln twenty ni notes ol lite ter v \iy rail ?wad For particular! apply to M. 8. MVKRd 474 l re*d wtir TO LRT? A FIRST CI. ASS PURNIMIIEfl tliPF.R ?torv House: al o one I let with Fwrait ire for ?? e ?ear F ?mth an I Siilh etreete: ala > a Knrot hi ll>u, Wlih one .tere of aar ieu made twelve i,?o ns at Niainurd. Ooan. Apply to /. B. HOON, lfl\ Four>h aveuue rpo LRT- TO A GRNTLEMAV AND WI?E. OR WlTH 1 a swell leniilf p..rt ol a lloo -e with til smtern lot ?rovameaM aud a?e ominodaileos for box e<eep ng perf-r^ Cliataa ireet, tooth Nrnokltii '??* Tlilrd and ken th jpim, fenrth <Por freoi Tlurd r'*?e. 1 1 Mi i Man afi?i? ?|>0 I.RT-PARTIA^LT FIT4N I II KD, WITH STAPLE, I garden *ad two ai re* of Ornnnl iffl Tml Hill, '-'e'et Isaad. view tin*urpe**rd . location hea thy . neighborhood aeei epti >aah Ken- iwW j>er .<iu ? fmmefii t-- pr* eoa. Iii i<er(acl order: gas a?1 f d#en enn. en ?>?^e mil* af A JuURNAA *, No 8 n?? efretl fpo rw ? IKKWHI, WOOMi, AO., fO LBT. T~o"lBT-FRO?1 JUNB I TO NO*K**Kll !. A FIR^r rt*i? full m/?4 IIo iM iu T??ilti> atreel. t f?w ilouri eui ot Filth av>jnus. will ba rente t, furnished, lo ? ie. ?pn-ublt f*ruilK without ?hli<m.u; rout $i40 par n.OiitU. AMiMbWl.WPoHMMl. _ rlBr-fVUMSIlKR THR LOWER PART OP modern brawn stone Ho an No. Ms butt Thirtieth street, oouaisliug ?' the imni ?'lit eud pallor i!o?rs through ?nd two 'rnrii ohambers oa the tii rd Hoor, tnr six uionibs ?r a yaar, ?i a raaaaoabla real, lo a small family. r?to ley-furnished, on btatbn island, five 1 minutes from rat lauding. a House, enalaiunig thlrteeu rooms. itiotd ball auJ pa'/.s. Flue view. Haul fo- ilia seaaontiuo oer month ro-rvlng twoa>ee? rooms. Addie-a W. A.C., ?U Fulton s-ruet. TO LBT? I* HUDSON ?TY, N. JU A NBA* NRW I'otia.'e, containing cellar and ??trt rooraa; water ia the kltdtieu. marble mantel- and urate *a the parlor; posaaa. atoa c?a l>? hat en or before the I at <t Jane u-xt. A'?o ?'? eral Cottages for stile. Applv to M. I'Kbr/.KKLD. Real Ba tata and House Agent, Pali ade avewao Hudson Oily. N. J. rLKT-A HiKMQRI THREE BTORT HOUSE, for tlx month*, for $230, aad the nae of the Purntluie for Hoard for a geatleman a l?o a Furnished House. to We?t Twenty -04 th street- Alto f >rt of a House, furalsl*)d. APAlfe A CO>, Ml BroaUway ~>0 RENT-A SOAP FACTORY, IN BROOKLYN, IN J. oompeie arder. Vats, hvi'.ers, frames. M{ :wa Iron kettle-. e?|iael(v '..'8 OtM peanda eaeh Auy oue wishing In go Into the business will lind this an opportunity seldom met with T*>e advertlaeis having moved into tbeir new faeiory will let the above low to a good tenant. Immediate poaara*>on. Apply to T. C. L'YMiN A CO., 7S Front st. TO HUNT? NEAR FIFTH AV KNIT B, A F LLY FUR ? I lour atorv bro?w? atone House, full al.e. to a ri*?i'0:i?llile Private family. Apply to VaN WINKLE A WINANH, xit Hroadway. rl RRNT? A LABOR *AND HANDROMBLY FOR. ?uaiiet Room or 8utt of Room*, to gentlemen obI.?, witho it board, at 31 Washington plaoe, one door Kaat or" Wa hlngtnn square. r RUNT? A NEATLY FURNISHED THREE STORY Hone* im Lex Inn in avenue; furnace dumb waiter, Ac; desiraiia neighborhood. l'eaeeaalou given June 1. Ad dreat bo* 1,?W3 Poet offlee. rRENT OR TO BOV-A THREE STORY BRICK House, between Fourth and Twentieth streets and Broadway aad Second avenue. Address to he had at 191 Bowery, ia the drug stores rno RfCNT OR FOR RALE? A FINELY LOCATED J. Country Seat, on Whltesione avenue. Flushing, of three acre-; One garden, abnadaaoe of eboiee fruits, pu se salon Immediately. 8. F. I RBI. A NO. No. SK Pine >tr?et, room II. TWO BASKMF.NTfeTO LET. BIBOLX OR TOOETIIRK, near Hrosdway, 290 ('anal and v8 Walker, coot mu meat inc. with or without Steam Power. They are nfrwlv i!oor<-d arid in go<>d order. lni)ulre at the Kagiaeer's office, 101 Walker aUeat. MISCBLLARBOCB. ALOYB AMI LET.? TCRKI8H PERFOMftD LOVB Me Kver fanclnates aad aeeures the alfectlona of the opposite sex. Uni-irpeaeei perlume and eosmetie Prtce SI. Send atsmp for particulars. Add real Madame Marra, box 6.730 N. Y. Pout "hi?*; Anew lardr dooblb Deck barob and ? Id.! wheel St?amb?it- to let, with Biddle a and Dud lev s Groves, and WoonbrMge Park. Ca>nmtttee^ are re apectfully invited to mil o-i t e proprietors only. ' B V. BUNNELL A CO., 1M ?4int Mreet IjlNOiNE LATHE WaNTED.-A SECOND HAND U Engine Lathe, from 8 to It feet (hears, that will Fwing from 12 to H Inrltes. Apply at office of Harlem Oaa Light Cofc, 76 Nasaau an eel. JEWBLBY. BOOKS, PHOTOGRAPHIC ALBUMS, Cards and articles of every di acriptton -can be had by tending to KfBNOBR .1 CO.. Purchasing Afjency. For par ticnlars, price, list Ao , send stamp for circular. Address 8penoer A Co., 84 Broadway, New York. T KTTK.R WRITING AGENCY AND CONFIDENTIAL 1 J Correspondence Oilice, 100 Bleecker street ?Private Let ters, Advertiaements and Di>cu:uents ot all kinds written to order, Copviu:> dona, and manti cr pts 're', laod. Letters written by a lady o ' exper en ed literary qnstflcHtlona Con s i Itatlons u: on personal coneapondem e and Mterary allaiis. Cnarcs n oderate. N B.? Letter boxes tor correspondence by the >veck or month. Manhood and thb vigor of vouth rhstorbd In four weeks l>y Dr. RTCORD'S F.ssfince of Life. This wonderful agent will reatore maliood to the rao*t shat tered conaiitutioDs. wbeher arising from excesses, self abuke the e:!ecla of climate or natural eauaea The tirne required to cuie tho moat Inveterate cassis four weeks Failure la uripoaaiblf. Dr. Rloord's Essence of Life la sold in cases, with Instructions for use. for $3, or four quantities in one for $9. 8eni. carefully packed, on reoelpt of remit tance bv his accredited aeent Circular sent free on rer-etpt of four atampa. PHILIP ROLAND, No. 447 Broome street, New York, one dnor west of Broadway. MAKHLE MANTELS. ?THE BKST PLACE IN THE cltv to purchase cheap and wall finished Mantels la at - A KLA BUR'S Mantel Manufactory. 109 Eaat Eighteenth street, near Third avenne. New York. Cnt this out. MARBLK MANTELS -a FINR SELECTION OF MAR ble Mantels on hand, and offfcre I cheaper than any where else, at 8 Kl.ABKR'8 Marble Yard. 54 First avenue, nenr Third street. Now fori. Call and saamtns for your self. MICROSCOPie WATCH CHARMS. AC.-BOOKi, Card Photographs. Stereoscopic View*. Love Albuuia. Ptaylng Cards. %nd ail the different Sporting Articles, at very low prices Address Ruotta 5.S >5 Poat oldoe. NEW BOOKS. NEW BUURCT* IN CARTB8 BE Vialta. and BporUbg Oooda of every description Trada supplied. Bend for <-a'a ogne to D. 3. GOJIPBRT'S, Pur chasing Agency, 73 Nassau aires i, JN. Y. SEWING MACHINES.? RE8PONB1BLB PARTIES, having a number of aewlag loachlnea, can obtain good paying work. W. ROSE, 15 Mercer St., near Canal. Type metal and old lead wantkd.-ca.ih will be paid for a few hundred weight of Type Metal sod old Lead. Apply at the desk of this oflloe. U' SB TUB AMBRTCAV J ATA core BB. Only 25 eents per pound. A reMab'e end healthy beverage nearly equal to the bMt Imported article. Manufactured by WEIGHT, ttlLLIKfl A BROTHER, . 2S3 to 337 Wmblngton street, H. Y. WANTED-A SECOND HARD 8 APE, MEDIUM PIZB, In good condition. Addreea P. W. B., Herald eniee. 71 0ENT8 PBB POUND PAID FOR OLD BOORS. 2 new - t aper*, pamphlets. Ac. Call Wore > ou Mil elee wliere for we si 111 continue 10 nay more (an we always have done, regard. es* of all advertisements) thdn any other bouae In the city. Parti c tending to ua may rely upoa full weight vnlna, Ac MANAHaN A MILLAR. Wholesale Paper Warehouse 10 Bpruoe street. N. T. " ~ Z fVKMTUKB. ZZZir Arabb chance for uolskkbeters. ? su perb Houteh Id Furniture for sale at a rarrtfico A family, declining housekeeping. will sell la Iota to nit pur chaser*, a-l the Furniture contained in their reeldenoe. li$ W?-t Twenti -third street, noar Sixth aveaue? flanolorta. Parlor Suits Window Curtains to match. fctaieres, Paint ings. Hronzaa. Carpet*., Mirrors. Dining Room aud Chamber Furu.ture, en suite, in u-e teven months. /CABINET FURNITURB-? $125,000 WORTH OFFUENI \J lure at manufacturers' prions, consisting of ronewood and ?slnut Parlor Suits Library and Cbamt>er S ilts, oak and wa nut Dining Room Bolls, alt made under the super intendence of J K. Briinnsdorf. in the laloal sijl", and war ranted. both as to mairrtal and workman-hip. W Bit. A HRaUNDBDOBF, 135 aad 127 RlT.ngton street, N?v York. Factories 95. 97. V\ Ml. HW and I 6 BufJUk street. II B.? ' Tne Bruadwav and Fourteenth Street (gridiron') Railroad cars pass within two blocks oi Ike warehouse . Furniture. -a family, breaking up hours keeping, will sell cheap 13U yards of Velvet Cari>eilag, a roxewoo d Bareau. Kefa, line Kreo-h Clock, Mantel Oraa ments, Ac., Ac, Address Furniture, 42- Broadway, Post office. Furwitubb ? a lady, brrarino up house. keeping desires ts e'i the entire Furniture ol bed room. dmlrg r mm and kitchen. a' I complete A goo 1 op portunity f?r a ?m? 1 fa nllT goto.' to housekeeping. Apply at 7a W>?t Tbirt* fifth street, eomer of Sink avenue. No dealers nee<l apply. F'OK BALK? TWO REST KNGLIRII BRl.'KSRLB CAR peta. 1*4 yards: have leen In use but a short time. Can be seen at 177 Bi t Fourteenth street. ?K6AM AMD TOBACCO. rBACCO -FOR RALB, OMB OF ROORHK' CUTTING Machine*. In complete order; oan be run by hand or steam power. Apply at 2V7 and 309 Yfater street. AfWI nn(t 8 BOAR! FOR 8ALB-AT TUB NEW Turk Sesar Agencv, SI Liberty street; $17 to $70 per 1, OOP Parties buytag or aetltag Regar* would do we 1 to call at this ajrsocy. J. W. CABLB, Agent. eet, NI NflEH RESORT?. "? * C 11 rK WOOD HOTBL OPPORITB K1TPOBT, t\ N. J., twenty miles from New York? 6ne groeos, beau tiful seener* wood s irf bathing, tn-hma.licailng ami good Hoard Room* may now he ne. ujed fflP^be sea on For particular* apply at 179 Bleecker ulreei. fM.irF HOI'KK RVB. WFRTCB K8TBR COUNTY, \J will open June L For particular apptj e*Ne. 9 Oreat Jones street / 1 ROFT HOUSE HIGHLANDS (JAKRISON STATION. Hudson hlver Railroad, opposite Wast Point twe ly mlm>l?s' from depot. Carriage f.r eipree- tralaa. Good stabling. t)pea Msy 1ft. Terms moderate for early board ers. Inquire ?t 102 I'esrl street. .1 H. CLaY. Prifrlotor. COLUMBIA HALL LEBANON WRINGS. COLUMBIA county. Sew York, I* now underhung thorough ptepaiatiou, and will be O' ened for the raeepiMtn of guo-t* -n (he of May. Famllla* and partie de.irlng a.xmm '""dsilMii fur the Mimino will please a<!dre.? HULL A UA/.AKD Kbyport pavilion, keyport n. .i , Will rb o|ien on tho 1st of June for the reeertton <.f hosrd'-rs Splendid bathing, nohlag. Ac Two atca-ners ply dailv to hew York For fiirtlief partlrtilars *epW to K j RetM mot e W Fnl'on strtwt, or 10 Mr. Jones 14< F> Hon site Now Vork, or to the un>ler<Jf iied. _ GEORilB J. KtRBRB. Frnprieior, VI AN8ION HOUHP., LONG BRANCH, N. J.-tVILI. BR JyI oi eii on th 1st of .1 ine ne?t Persons wishing Room* will pleaee apply to 8. LaIHD, Feoi'riel >r. PACIFIC HOTKI^ BOCKAWAV. I.? WILL BR oi, ned on the lot of luo<' for tl.u aooii'nn ?!>ilioM of B?ard> ra. C. W. SMU'lt A J. A A LI AM, PmxritUira. Pr AVIMOM ii 'TKL. iiur, L. I.-THIt WBLL knuwn and ' ?vo- ite Miumer r- sort Will ?<?? I f? r the tefl*i'|j"n Of g ies!* < urea I, For r?' mi app'.' tuj. A, lit, pr vrletor Is Is, L. I . ?l Iho I ulna l'la> ii tel. J?1* /or* or 'o Dr J, ? Mnd'.-e, |,1!l William sir ???t.,,,"?ew Y .>elc tVinitinnlnaMo* 4l>?M timea a day b? -jar* ol ng I k tiid M i ilrnad. ? ?? fTHF. LA fOURKTrE HGC?B RKROFN POINT. N J.. 1 Hill l>eo|'Cii foi the season the iaUer | an of Mat. Par tin desiring e'loice Booms i^n now secare the n lor l.e ? iii.mei RegnNr enmmunl<?tlon by alemn' est from piar Bo. ?. Nirth river, and bv railroad mM Jersey Citr. WtHi'fi W II ILL. Piop-if lor. ?I'HF. PAVIM.OB HOTEf.. ROCKAWAA, L. I. flAV J Ing thsn ;e 1 h* nd <. ?rl I ?!>** for IjM ennamg sumiiier j ?mtoel I ef J'tee failles ft N"w Vi?rk wishing ? ? | ga ? comas will find Mr W. at the ixti.e.if K Ii. iu.liow A Co , No I fme ?"?at, on WndH'-silars. freu. I* to I I', M WALMR1UGK A PA frUR COLOMBIA HPRINGN IIOI'^K NPA? WUl"tO#l i N Y , l> Mr open for vj-lior?. the p .biie Will .ntl Ihfsonaof (he rr"e? healthy piaeea in Hie eounirv If ?ic n?1 tl> iiieiu er the honse sumd on high gnuod ned it. Sur rriin<lei( >>y a Iteinlil hi h|i gorr grnve |he water i* i. ns r* pesoM b? an? m the ritate. t. H Mai-H Cioorletup f _ BOARDI* ? Alto LOOOIHO. 1 T THK PRANK POKT HOIMB. ONB BLOCK~ EAST -tx of the u?ty Hati. ooruer ot Frankfort ?im William ?IHVU, ;x?o?r> fill imhmi. Itabt Hvoiua. A room to oue person. :* 10 fttc. per Jay; $1 U U |! par ween. House open all night. APIWVaT* family CAN \COOMXOOATB A GEN. tismwn hi J wife or tin tingle i tmlemru with a ?oine tuiaum-d fro t KiM ID on aec ihiI lloor. \ppljr at 3d Weal Vwcutj luurtti street, betweeu Fifth and Slxm avtu. ANUMH'R or PLB A8ANT well furnished ia^la Rooms ti lit with Hoard. suitatile for gentle nun. at 22 West fourteenth street. kMWNu Fifth and Suth Mtawt * t 18 WASHINGTON PLACE, NBAR BROADWAY, ? i lu a Or 4 class house, several very nicely furui-Ued Room* anil Hail lo let. with Board. Kieuou spoken Keiereaces exchanged. A gentleman and wipb, and a few single gentlemen, can be aoeominndaled with Dleaaau! Rooms and board la a Urst olaa< bouau, in a desirable and cou veuiont tocauo*. Itetereaoaa excnauged. Apply at 106 Ea?t Ibtli at. A private family, having A HANDSOME SUIT of Rooms, lunusbed or unfurnished, ai '& Weal Klf V entb street, would tat tb? same to re ponalbie parties Reierenco sxoiiauued. A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN OB 0HNTLKMKN and their wive a can be atxoiuraodated witb pleasant Boom* ami good Board, where tne comfortaof a home chd be ?noy?rd. Ap^ty at ai'J Second avenue, between Thuty i-evenih and Thirty eighth streets. A GENTLEMAN AND VIFB OAM BB ACCOM MO dated with Board where there are ao other boarders, at 7b last Eig.tesulh >ueet. Befeicnuee required. AFBW BOOMS TO LBT-NKWLY FURNISHED, with bath and can, on reasonable term*, to single tea tleuien only, at No. 4 Leroy place, Bieeoaar street A privatb family, rksidino in thirty first street, between Hadl on and Kif in arenuet. have ao elegant Suite of Rooms to let, with Board. Address E, >u lion O. A SUIT OF ROOMS TO LET-WITH BOARD, ON -nt , saeond and tbinl tloors In Twelfth street, between Filth and Sixth avenuea. Will be let reasona le to first claa families. * Apply at Boaider?' Directory, No. 3 Astor place. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY OP ADULTS HAVE A A few handsomely Furulshi'd Booms, en Milteoraepa rately, fur single gentlemen er gentlemen and their wives; ta de lirrt cla-n. Beferenoea exchanged. Apply at 41 Lei lug.ou avenue. j- mnatff AT 33 EAST TWENTY-NINTH STREET, N8AB MAD! aon avenue, two or three Hioun to let, with Board, in a private family, furnished or unfurnished. Befeiences given and required. A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LBT TO SINOLB GEN tleuien a Pai lor and Bedrooui or two single Booms, at 7- Weat Twenty sixth street, a blocs and a half from Broad way. . A FINE SUIT OF BOOM8. ON SECOND FLOOR, TO let, with Board ; also Rooms lor feaUcMM, either periniun'ntly or trausleutly, at 16 Weat Thirtieth street. Kelaieucea exybanged. Avery dbsirablb front room to let, with Hoard, to a aing.e gentleman. Apply at 1UU Weat Twen ty-iounh street. AQBW.TLEMAN AND HIS WIPB OR TWO OBNTLE men oan be accommodated with pleaaant Rooms and good ito-.r-i at 26 South Sixth sUe-t. within two minutes' walk of Roosevelt and Graud street ferries, Williamsburg. Aprivate family at no. 48 west twelfth street bi'tweea Fifth and Sixth avenues, have two pleiuant Furnlhed Rooms to let, wltli lli st e.uBi BoarX Kefemuces required. Servants and children not taken. AT NO. 375 FOURTH STREET. NBAR LA FAY BITE place, a large handsomely ruri.lsoed Pion-. Parlor, with break faxt if desired, to let to gentlemen only. Refer ences exchanged. A FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM? ALSO A Room lor two single gentlemen, to let. with Board, at 74 East Twenty third street, uear hourtti avenue. A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING A Urn clasa house, between Eighth and Fourteenth streets and Fourth and Sixth avenues, will let a handaomely furnished Parlor and Bedroom to a gentleman, with break fast Served In room U required; none but those wishing UrsL class accommodations need apply. Address A. B. N., (0 Liberty street. A DESIRABLE SUIT OP FURNJ.-HED ROOMS TO lot, with Hoard, su table for a gentleman and wife or tw o or ihree single gentleutou; a sin?ie Room. Apply at 71 West Fourteeutu xtiect, lir.t bruwu stone front house wul gf SutL avcuue. A NEWLY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET? WITHOUT b '?rd, at 00 Twelfth street, betweeu Broadway ami Fourth avenue. A NICELY FURNI8HED FRONT ROOM, ON SECOND lloor, with iiedrooiu, In a private family, to let to one or two respectable gentlemen. Inquire at J6l West Twenty sixth street. * A PRIVATE FAMILY. OCCUPYING A BROWN STONE house, have two large and two small Rooms, wbicfe they would .et, with Board Id single gentlemen only. In quire at 228 West Thirty smh sueet, between beveuth and Altfuth Avenue*. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO let? to gentlemen, on suoond story of hi CUntoe plaoe, fclghth street, near Broadway; houne with a:l Improve ments and newly fitted up; cars and stages pass the door. A PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDiNO AT M EAST A Tweltu street, a lew doors west of Broadway, wish to let the Second Floor, either in antts or separately, and al o a single ilall Room to gentlemen, with breakfast er with private table. A PRIVATE FAMILY, OWNING AND OCCUPYING their own bouse, would let a large M ?>m. with, gaa, hot and cold water In room, both room on asm* lloor, to ode er two genUemea, wiui Board. Dlnueratt. Price $ .6; location West Thirty -eccond street. Address W. Mar tin, box <19 Post oillce. A GENTLEMAN AND WIPE REQUIRE BOARD, not exceeding $1 per week, between Fifth and Eighth avenues and fourteenth and Twenty-third streets. Address J. L., box 4,163 1'oat oliioe. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN <A FOREIGNER) DE8IRM a Kara sbed Ro 'in, without board. In a private and re spectable family; to be permanent. References aad pay tuent lu advance. Only tuoae stating terms will plea.-e ad drew Foreigner, station D. A PRIVATE FAMILY. HA VINO MORR ROOM THAN thev re iulre. would let one or two neatly furnished Roe ins. io single gentlemen, wituout board. Apply at 1U7 Amity street. A LARGE BACK BOOM, OB SECOND FLOOR. TO let. with or without Board, en the west side or the city, below Washington square. Addreas M. A. M.. Herald oBiee. a LADY TEACHBR OF THB PIANO AMD SINGING A wishes a furoiahed Uoom, with Board, where >he .woulu I, are one or two pupils as part payment of uie Kama. Addreas Plena, lor three day a, Herald olboe. AFUENIBHBD FEONT BOOM, WITH BOARD, FOR a gentleman and wife or single gentlemen. Terms ft per week. lias and water. Apply at No. 118 Charles ? treel, corner of Hudson, over the drag store. ALAROR FURNISHED ROOM TO LET? SUIT ABLB lor a gentleman and wife; also, several small Rooms, nicely furolsaed, for geaUeuiea. Apply at 104 Forsyth street, near Urana. A FEW GENTLEMEN CAN BB ACCOM MODATBD with Board at Ift Woo ter street, near Canal. A NEATLY FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR; ALSO, another (loom, for svntlemsa only. Apply at X} Bay ard street, between Bowery and Chrystie street. Any qbntlkxan brkkino for a room, with or without Board, will find It to his advantage to take a three minutes' wa'x from Jersey Oily ferry, aad Inquire at Ki York street, Jersey City. A FBI NCU FAMILY, LIVING IN A FIRST CLABS house, will let soiue nicely Furnished Rooms, with ex* oellent Board. Apply at II West Eleventh street, a few step- from Broadway. A LARGE BOOM ON FOURTB FLOOR TO LET. TO a lady sad gentleman, or two ingle gentlemen, with Board, lilnner al ti. I'mvoraity place, timer of Clinton. A WIDOW LADY HAS A NICELY FURNISHED bouse aud is desirous to let three er four Rooms to genlemen and their wives or single gentlemen; weuld lemolne euooe ny with the comforts of a home. Apply at ?V> East Thirtieth street. Board.? a good home, with board, for a single Kent and a single I a. it. at a moderate price. Bath, gaa. Ac. Dinner st 8 o'clock. Call al 46 Leroy street. BOARD.-A FBW SINGLE GENTLEMEN OAR BE AC oo nm -dst'd with Furnished Bum with or without Board. A large From H?>m. en second story, having a. I eonveaiences te let to a gentleman and wife. Apply al SS4 Baat Ninth street. HOARD-WABIIINOTON SQUARE.? A FAMILY AND one or two gentlemen may ob.aln Board and elegaat Apartments, in ??it or separate, at iUS Waverley nlace; lu view of and nearly opposite Wa-blnittiO square. I'ne.cep tlonabie reference required and given. Board wanted-in Brooklyn, by a young gentleman a* I e-lfe. who lurni h their own room. ?d trrss. staling term-, iocaUea. Ac., A. B. C., box 1881 New erk Poet oO>je. Board wanted-for a lady with breakfast and Tea, between Second an 1 Fifth avenues and Eighth and IMrileth sl eets Aee imm'xlatl n? must be eutirely respeetatile, and beard aol to exceed it i Sr week Addrese tor three days r K llerald oillce. Board wanted? fur a tou.?o lidy. in a amail famllv; li.ea loi let ween Te th and Thirtlelh stieeteand Fourth and Btslh aveauee Addreee llome, eta tlon <1. siut nx l ?cation and HOAKU kVaNTF-D-IN BROOKLYN in A LOCALITY w here the sir 1s goo t on or neai i'i? He ^hie p eisr red two furnished i'hsm'<ers oonii. nlng. With Hoard, for agenileman w.le mlsnt and aurse fenn* most be tea sonsble. Refiennea exchanged A<l<l i -si W box 1S4 Herald oii>ee. BOARD WANYBD? IN \ VHWKtF. FAMILY. A GEM. tleman deelrtag i "Od aene niooiU< ons. ti<e oomfot*" e# j ? tone, wiln ?<<o i *? c elv . ?<? ? i<l b Wiiliiis lo p*f liberally ; fnr t.he san.e; loeaticn ipie' Bron lWsv or Pif>n eveime aai , above llnnd stiee ??terei..*s en rained 1 I IriSS f H M , box ItM Herald olfr* |>OAKl> WaMRO-FOR a L?f?Y AND CHILD, t J) peaM Old in Brooklyn, in a 'a oily <t? children. A1dree? .1 II. Hart's, Brookiy? Post oflics, with prhn aad lu!. I art ul . r? BOAIDINO.-PURNIflfTHt) \.VD I'NFHBNIHH I D KoO'ne, with good Hoerij a> l<Awm le prices, at 181 West Tt.trty eigntli at ret heferen ?e e*ehkr(red BROOKLYN -LAIKIU I RONT AND PA' K BOOMS, on ?ecoa<1 aodthin'. tloors i et, will; R -ird. Aipiy at 17 Plate st . lietween ''Union and llenrv. Brooklyn -a third floor to lB*. neatly furnished, with or ?> Itlmiit Mrstd ; house ^ewly p.ilnied and in *M? 1 order ',? t at 2* Nelso,, street eigii'n u. use from Ceurl ?ire> i. 1'ine Bhy view Temis moderate, i hR'HIK LV N B< iARP ?TWO 8INOLE Ott^Ifci.MKN ? en Is acrotijin <<uu d a! 11 Snails 't e l with l>rt.t eiae* Bond' neus< hn ? I ike uieileiu I npiovetuei'ie li tre asioutes walk lr?m Kotuui (eo ??, IIROOKLTN IwAh:>.-l OEHf Wll R J) oi I d or I' ? e ?? ii , grutli ned *? obt til a neatly fernlitei' J' li't I ??? t ii e> I i-i rni.on, Bosii', !?)' epphiug Si II Htate street Hli.wet e? ?t* ' 'eiA Hefe ronce* ?fhaaccl _ BOABDIHO AlfO LOnOHG. BKOOKLTN BOARD?TWO PLRASANT 8K(?ONO utorv Rooms, witu o without Boarl. may be obtained lu n sii.otlv irHal- faualf , at 79 Jora eiaou aired, veiy uur tba Wai> A red and South fen tea. Brooklyn board wantbd, ?t a younG man, within !6 iuinuh-a' walk ?i Fulton or Wall treet fer ries, a mull Honm. ivlth Krea.iaat and Tea, In a private fa in 1 1 v. Tei ma id per week, a ddtDas A. B. , box i(U Mew York FmI ollice. Board in Brooklyn? five minutes* walk fiom Fulton ferry. Two or three married ooeple or siagle gentlemen oau be aoeomiuodaied at 3j Fiout ?ti eel. ?" Brooklyn hrightr.-to lbt, with board. two Furaisheit R wit, 10 e gentlemen. Apply at No. 6 Wl.lnw tli eel, thrre minuter walk froaa Fallen lern. ELEGANTLY furnished rooms, on first and ih'ril I'oors, for geotiemeu. at Filth avenue. Break last If deaircd. EN LA IJUINTA AVKNIDA-UNA PAMILI A PRIVADA decra alqiillar caarloi oon me-a ae hab.aa atnbo* ideo ma*. D?ri janae eon uoiabre pruplo aU.W, Herald oilioe. FULL OR PARTIAL BOARD WANTED? BY A YOUNG la<tv. In a private family; location central; lerme mode rate; references exchanged. Address R. 8 Ti, station B. fi-tURNIBHED AND UNFURNISHRD ROOMS TO LET I; With Board aad koine comfort*. gas, hatha, Ac , at 44 drove street, between Bleecker and Hudaon streets. Refe rence* exchanged. Furnished bedrooms to lbt? pqr single cemlemea la a small private family, and where there are bo boarder*. Apply al 2.H Greenwich street, between Hobiaaen aad Barclay treela PURNISHRD ROOMS.? GENTLEMEN CAN BB AO com oodated with furnished Rooma, either double or aingle. without board. with and bath. App.y al M West Seventeenth street, near Sixth avenue. Furnished rooms in broadwat to lbt-with or without Board. Location central; family small; a comfortable home ? offered; hbt and cold waiter, bath, (an, Jtc. Apply al MS Broadway, near Fourth street. Furnished rooms-suitable for houhr. keep ns; Parlor, Basement an 1 two Rooms np stairs, front. Refei'eneea requited. Apply 46# Stxlk avenue, la the shirt store. ? FURNISHBD ROOM8 WANTED.? WANTED. BY A lady, furnished Rooms, one or two, la a jood locatltv, with or wllhonl Board. Address Mrs. O. M. Carter, station G, glviaa all particulars. fjlURNIBH RD ROOMB TO LET.? TWO LABOR HAND r somely furnlabed Rooms, with a private family, at 200 Grand street. References exchanged. Furnished rooms to lbt, with or without Hoard Apply al 162 East Thirteenth street, near Second avenue. IN A PLBA8 ANT LOCATION A NBWLY TURNISHBD Front Room and Hall Bedroom to lei. to aiaitle gentle* men. or a gentleman and wife, with or without Board, la a private family. 173 Seventh avenue. MRS ARNOLD, OP 77 EAST POURTBBNTH STREET, baa very fine Rooms to let, with Board, on the first and iblr.l floor , front; also a fine front Basemeat. Refer ence" exchanged. \T O. 9 OREAT JONES BTRKRT.? AN BLRGANT SUIT i.1 of Rooma, with private table, to let. Neatly furnished rooms to lbt. in a pri vaie rami y, to grai emen, without board. Apply at 76 SU Mark's place. Nicely furnished or unfurnished rooms io let, w ith or without Board, to families nr single gentlemen ; large cloaela, gas, bath. Ae. Apply at iW Ka->t Twenty-seventh street, near Fourth avenue. References required. ONE OR TWO OENTLHMEN CAN BE AUCOMMO dated with Furnlabed Koums, singly or en suite: bath room on >ame floor; family private: location very de lrable. References required. Apply at 67 Amity street. ONE OR TWO OBNTLEMRN CAN HAVB SUPERIOR Accommodations, with or without b eakfaat, in a Small private family, where they can bave the comfort- of a oine at moderate charge; house brown stone. Call at 149 Lexington avenue. Permanent %nd transirnt boarders can And elegant accommodations al Nos. 59 and 57 West Eleventh street, one door from Plftb avenuo. References exchanged. Rooms on broadway, near thirtieth street. Front Room and one <>r two back, itnl'urnlshod, for single gent'emen only; price ifrMo $4 per week each. Ad pi v to Mr. CLARK. No. 1 1'arx place, rooms Noa. 1 and t, this oar between 12 and 2 o'clock. ROOMS, SINOLS OR EN SUITE, TO LET, WITH IV Hoard. Apply at the Bancroft Uotiee, corner of Twen Uetli street sod Broadway. The de laneau house, mo. 71 west fortieth street, b tween Fifth an<* A enues, fronting Ueser voir Park is now oi?n for ibe reception of first clas- fain I lies: elegant Suit* of Rooms on Ar t and second Doors; one deslralile for a physician.. Table d'hote. TWO FURNISHED ROOMS TO LRT - FOR GENTLE men, at 1<4 Canal street. TWO FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS TO LRT? TO A ' single gentleman. Inquire at No. 14 University place, ?oar Ninth street. rnwo OR THREE ADULTS CAN BR ACCOMMODATED 1 with Rood Rooms la a handsome collate about three quarter" of a mile from Wesicbester v.llage. Inquire of J0HHM0RR180N. at Wllllxnabiadat elation. _ rpo LRT-AT U7 WAVERLRY PLACE, IN A PRIVATE X family, Rooms on first aqd -econd floors, furnished or unfurnished, with or wltnont Board. Rere-eooes ex changed. rUT-A LAROR AMD HANDSOMELY FURNISHED Boons, wltt cloest adjoining, an*, bath, Ac , to a single gentleman or a gentleman aao lady, with full or partial Beard, at UM Bast Twenty. tooond street. rpo LET-IN a PRIVATE HOUSE, WITH ALL THE X modern Improvements, at VO West Tinrtv. second stieet, n nicely furnished Front Room and Bedroom, to the third ?tory, with breakfaat, to one or two single gentlemen. r LET-TO OBNTLKMRN, WELL FURNISHED Rooraa, at 17 Auilty street, near Broadway. TO LET? WITH BOARD, MOST DESIRABLE ROOMS, on first and second floors; all modern I in prorementa; famished or unfurnished; for families or private parile<; leeatton desirable ; family private; refemaees exchanged. Apply at 1st (eld number) Woat Twenty aeoond pueet. r LET? FORM I8HED. A LARQB SECOND STORY front Room, suitable far two or three gentlemen: also one small Room. Terms moderate. Apply at 339 W ouster street, near Fourth. r LET? AT MO. 1* WEST ELEVENTH STREET. FOUR doers weat of Broadway, a llall Bedroom on sac on d floor, with gas. hot and oold water; suitable for a gen tie nun. CPO LET? A LO DOING EOOM, ON THIRD FLOOR. AT X S3 Par week. Board If retired. Apply at US West Tiilrty first street. TTP TOWN BOARD WANTED.? INQUIRE AT NO. 643 U Third aveoee, la store. "%JfT ANTE D? A GOOD SIZED UNFURNISHED ROOM, TV with ens. located easier Broadway. for a gentleman, wife and miltd, with B^arl for lady and ehlld. Addreas Prim, wl'h terms, station D, for one dny. WANTED-RY TWO OENTLBMEN, A ROOM AND Bedreons adjoining, or one large Room, with Board. Location In the vicinity of Union square: house must be Irst class, with few or no other hoarders, Addiess A. C? Ueraht office. for two daya *17 ANTED? BY A GENTLEMAN OF UNDOUBTED TV character, a neat Rdom, with breakraat, in a private family, where there are no other boarders. M net he above Fe-irteenth >treei snd between Fourth and Sixth avenue <. References given and leqatred. Address box l.ull Poet 39 ?TA*THD? BT A SINOLE GENTLEMAN, A FUR. TT niched Room and Boitrd; a private family preferred. Addteee. sutlng terms and localMy, A. B , box MA7 Post Q.ltco _ Wanted? boa ed in the country, foe a Uyly and little girl. 13 fears old, in a healthy location, where tne* ran have the comforts of a home, at amodeaiia price, within IX hour's ilde I rem the stty; must be easy of ae ran by railroad or stesmboat. Address for oae week, stating tense. O. B. L, Herald a Sloe. ANTED? FOR A FAMILY OF THREE ADULTS, three connecting Booms, en first or second floor, with Board. Location between Third and teventn avenus snd Thirty fourth snd Forty eighth streets. No object on to Brooklyn Helghta Address M. h.. Oramercy Park House VEST SIXTEKNTH 8TRKBT BETWREN FIFTH and Sixth atrenurs ? Handsome); lurnlshed Bo ms toilet, with Beard, su. table for gentlemen and tbclr wives ?r parties of atngls gentlemen. References required. Din nerat six. A Q WEST SIXTEENTH STREET, BBfWKEN FIFTH ttf aadittxth avenues.? To let, with Beard, Booms for (IMVm or single gentlemen. 1A?t NINTH STREET, A FEW DOORS WEST OF XUU Broadway.? To let. with Board, one Parlor on the ant floor, to a gentleman and wire. Also oae lane Room ea the second floor, suitable for two gaatlemea. Dinner at alx o'clock. Reference^ exchanged. g _ ^ ^ , 11A MACDOUOAL STREET, NEAR BLKKOKKR, IB XI" now opened as a private family Ho'.el for the re ception of einxle RsaU*m?n or small families tired of board ing Parties deal r Tne of housekeeping can Had every roave nienoe at the above establishment i A 7 WEST FOUETH BTBERT.-A SQUARE BOOM X ji I and Bedroom to leL to a geatleman and wife or two single fen Us men Ail the modern Improvements Term s reasonable Near Sixth avenue. 1 Oil PRINCE STREET. CORNEE OF THOMPSON - 1 Ou Farnlahed llootn- to let to gentlemee only. Terms eery Moderate. Choice of rooma now open. OIC'WRST THIRTIETH STREET -ONE LARGE &IU handsome Koom t? let, en second floor wiih or wlthool board, furnished or unrtirnUlie I . als t small Rooms, ?Melt furnished, on third Beer, tlou-e modern. Looat ea CUDNTEV BUARO. A~T CLIFFWoOD HOTEL. OFPOSITB REV POET, N. .1.. Si miles frrm New York by stsa triers foot nf Robin Batre t. Fine *rovrs. beautiful eoenery, good snrl bath lis h mi. boating snd gnnnlng. Terms moderate. For particular* apply at 176 Bleeuusr street. ~fSoAR(>? AT HA R A rt)U A SPHffUB, FOR FlVEOR r> all pars -as. no ehi.dron, In n private faintly; pleasant hence, any room* and pi. ami,: . j hiIOu , rerVri.ooes given and requited. Address L. T. M., uox I.U9 New Vork Poet ?flioe _ _ I >OARD? ON ERIE RAILROAD, FROM JULY 1; J> ? ornery among the bills di-li^htfnl ; somious house, havuit; very latge dalle, m lnrs and ro un . weil fum shed. Inquire at BASER A JOuWlM'S. over the Yrbuee olliee. Board in the oountrv-in a fine pe'vate residence, for s gentlemso sad wife or lour AdulH ens fc?)ur snd * Iia.f I'jr New tiat'-u Kslmed; line patfr v.ew, ?,iv rooms, crenin. frn.t vesitahiea, Ae. . Ac Noar hni those wliimg te pay liberally need apfly Address l?> 3, let I'osi oil ice. I20AP" IN 'THE fiUNTRY CAN HE BRfl'RED, IN Jy a de'lgMfiitly sltnMitd fsnineilM. Far" S "*e|,rlng go d S" inm.Hlatl' as and Hoard, and far ifb tS"v ?re will tie to pay a liberal J* >' may aioly In W>e. H Dlfcl'ler Blrawheiry llM, nMniiml^l'ililll. 1)0 A it O IN rilKfiV I KV W \MTf D-hV A IIBfTfiK ? I I hi, vifp f ^iwVMien sod nurse in a prlvtte f iitlly Aili'ics siatins tcnus (I P. boa till New Voik Pnsl offlno. ^ CQOHTRT lllin Board m thb counte* wantbd-poiTaladt. chi d and nura, la a farm beuae, near the w^ter with Id about lifiy or Ait* inllen of ike oily preferred. AMrew. Willi particular*, J. M. dux 2,9711 New York Post esioa. BOAIUHSiO at a F ARM H 0 U8B. ? TUB RB 18 ONB Suit of Rooms Wirt vacant la the Uiga hou?e of lb* lute Ckkilea UniteniliL near Olan Cove, U I., which ean be had upon immediate aupllo-'llon. Tbe best Of reference given and requited. Addreaa Mra. KlUa belli Underbill, Ulan Cove. L. I. ( COUNTRY BOARD? A PBW BOARDBRB MAT OB **a*n superior accommodation* at Mrs. Egbert'*, Slgaa road, Staien Inland For dlreclloua Inquire at Butlers livery aiabie, or addreaa Mra. O. C. Egbert, New Bprlngvllle. /"COUNTRY BOARD.? OR K OR TWO PAMILIBB RK W quiring Cnuuiry Board for the'seasoa. oan Had auperlor accommodation^ at an elegant private residence at W ait rliihliing. Tbe grounds are ample and beautifully laid out; toe location unsiirt>iiaaed, commanding both land and water views; iiahing bunting, a-id line bathing; only tblitf lira min ii tea from the city; traina almost hourly. Addreaa Ma son, Herald oaice. ("1O0NTK* BOARD? AT BLMWOOD OOTTAUB. IRP J lotion, N. J.; a country neat of ten acrea, 12 in ilea from the city, tji ree milea from Newark by hurae oara every hour, from Market it reel depot; every variety of fruit in pm fyalon ; plenty or vege tabes froah etg* and real cow's mi.k, very large and iiia^nrn canity ahaaed lawn and plea sure grouuds; four or Ave genteel families; Ii to IS pers.ius "I I he taken. None need apply but tboaa who are willing to pay a remunerative price for atrictlv tlrat ciaaa board Inquire for Starkweather, at tarn lnatl m of borae railroad: five minute* walk from the ooitage ReCerenoe ? Harrol, Rials? A Touipkine,141 Chamber. street. C| OUNTRY BOARD? AT PLAIN PI KL.D, M. J., 1?* hour by railroad. A few Beaidera cm lie areommu daind in a private family. Houae three mlnnle*' walk from depot. Inquire at 170 Broadway, room Me. J, third lluor, or at 'I Icket Agent's nOlee, Ploinlield depot. ClOUMTRT BOARD.? TH KB B OR POUR PRRSONB ? J ean be neootnmedated with good plain Board one hour' a ride frem New York and ten min nte.a from salt water; pretty and healthy location. Por farther inform >lton call at 24 Cbruiopher aireet er 4*3 Blxth avenue, in the cabinet (tore. (10UNTRT BOARD ? PRRBON8 DBS I ROWS OP OB J wining country Hoard ean be acoemmodaled at Carthage Landing, on tin east hank of the Hitdaen, 'wo hours from New Yerk b? Hudson River Railroad. Por further par Hon iara addreaa Mra. A. J. Munge* Carlhage Land log, Dutchess oounty, V, Y. riOUJNTRY BOARD.? BOARD AT BLOOM FIRI.D, \J M. J , hat be had for a few aelect families I mm June 1. The locMion ia uainrpae-ed for health an.l witbin one hour of the city. Orounda spacious. with itable *c eemmndatlona. Inquire opposite the -Green" of J. W. HOWKLL. proprietor. /~10UNTBY BOARD VTAfrTBD.? A OBNTLBMAN AND \J wife, with child and nurse. wish to obtain Beard In the conntry, within %n Hour and a half* time of the eity. Addreaa O O., box tUU Herald edlea. ClOUNTRT BOARD WANTRD-BT A OBNTLBMAN J and wife, two children and nurse, within two houra' ride trom the dty, where good sen bathing can be had. A4 dre a. alalia g terms, location and full parileulnriL as 10 else of rooma, Ac.; S. 8., box S.WJ Post efllce. POUNTRY BOARD WANTRD-POR A LADY, THRRR \J children and nurae, at a plain, cntnfoiU'.le farmhouse, where there are no other hoarders, within two houra nf the eity ; will pay liberally. Addreaa J. 8. C., Herald odlca. C?tlemii[i,y ?n<aAJ2m,houae?^h?re ."1- r0,'N0 OB.V boarder^prerenr^. Addrea. w. W^uSftld euVSuUn" COUNTRY BOARD WANfSD? BY A SINOlJE OKN tleman an hour or two's rido from the city. On a farm and up the Hndaoo preferred. Address, statins terms and location, O. B. H.. Hsrild ogtee. COUNTRY BOARD.-ONK OR TWO aPAMILIBS RB qulrinn Counity Board for th i cason ean lind auperlor acoouimodatiuns at an ele?ant private re^Meii'-e twonnurs Ir m the city, on the Hudson river. Loc:itii>n nnsurpnssod, enminandlnz river and mountain views Douse aiandlng h'Rh, yet thoroughly thiidei. with line lawn*. ,tc None but thn?e witling to pay llberuily for tirat elans aacemmod.niona need apply- Call on or address A. B.,42 Baal Fifteenth atreet, from 9 to fl A. M. or 4 to d P. M. Good plain countbt board wanted-aboitt one hourfimn city, Inland, for aontleru.n. wife t-vlth hatant ten months old) .mil nurse. Terms muat bn mode rate. References Rxehanged. Ad reaa, with fnll particu lars, box 2,46 1 Post olDce. W OIW?T?T. JffiS.lR.r^Ero'^ "3"? say "?r HOTBIiS, Atlantic hotel, Chatham squakr. corner New Ilowery ami OIKer street.? T* lt-t. 10' splcn.lld Rooms, p?r d.iy, week or mouth. I'aya's spring bads. House open alt night. HVBICU* A LADY OF RXPBRIEVCH. AS TBtCHER OF piano and singing, a pooll of Bassinl. .|e-les a situa tion la a rami Iv where laHtruction in munie would l>? re ceived la pat ment for board. Can bring a piano if neces sary. Address A., station II. A8PLBNDID PIANO FOR $.35 -G A H. B ARMORS manufacturer*. 318 Blce<ker street; 17 first prize rned als: warranted for live years; without eiceptleti the bee Piano made. Testimonials rrom most distinguished artists A MAGNIFICENT 7% OuTAVK ROSRWOOD PIANO-, forte, made toordor for present owner; has all mod ern improvements. round oornrra. eiegsml, carve t lenn and case; Q;'-t f'Kxl. will be sold for $30 ' Also Parlor Smta. oovered with brocade; coet SIM, for $225; Etngere*. Car pets, Paintings. Ac. ; In use seren monms; wHl be sold at a sacrifice. Inquire at Ma 118 West Twenty third street, near Willi area tie. A HANDSOME ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE FOR $130, if taken Immediately: manufactured bv the cele brated maker Ohlekering, of Boston; l as modern Improve menls, splendid tone, ton.'h. good a? new Apply at tbo residence 28 Third street, near Seond avnuuo. Alto and tenor stnqer wanted immediate dlatelv? For a Catholic church; good ? Infers aid good read-is of the lu^lan soli.ul Appir at Dresler's music ?tore, 1/27 Broadway, near Twenty second tract. ATKNOR II OPBK TO ENGAOB IN A GOOD GUAR lot choir. Add-rss A., bos 141 Herald office. T) ARQAIN8 FOR CASH, VIZ;? SEVEN OCTAVE J J rosewood Pianoforte lor $18.1, round oornera Iron frame, nearly new: also A1, rosewood Pianoforte, Nitnns k Clark, inakera, $l?J; Chlckerlnj; Pianoforte, rawmwl, $185; Dunham Pianoforte, $15U: aud several other* cheap. McUONALD A CO ,&i& Kawery. pHAMBBRS * OABLKR'3 PIANOS -IN TONB AND \ J qaallty excellent, In prloe moderate; the best and th? cheapest. Dealer* and purehaaers are invtled to oall at our factory, 108 Bast Twenty-fifth street. JJH>R BALK-TWO MAONIFICENT SEVEN OOTAVR A' rosewood Pianofortea sad a varktr of elegant rose wood Parlor Furniture and Rroare Ornaments, almost no'r. To be seen froo. 8 to 10 A. M., and 4 to ? P. at 366 West Twenty-third street. Great bargain for cash. -a pine toned rotowojd l? ?? "cure Piano, sweet and ^powerful t me. Iron frame an<l In pertet or.ier; If applied for at once at $135 cash. Can b? even at 150 Esst Tenth street, near Fourth avenue. T F. RF.ICHENBACH. PlANOPORTf. TIrNBR AND O . repairer. 15 Weet Houston street near Broadway, New Tork. Now and aecond band Pianos tor sale and lb let. PIANOFORTES OF BVRBY VARIETY OFBT1LS AMD r pattern, warranted of the best material and workman sMp. unsurpassed in strength delicacy of toue and elasticity of toneh Apply st the manufactory of .TAMKfl VAN HI PKR'ft, 17$ Wooater street, between Houston aad Bleecker street* PROFESSOR PANORMO BEOS TO STATE HE IS prepared to give I'lanofone instruction In tbo shorteat and tno?t approved method, having had fifteen Tears' ?ipe rlenoe In Europe and America. Circulars sent post free. Address 151 Adams street, Brooklyn. D1AMOFORTB FOR SALS.-AM EXCELLENT PIANO X forte. In porleot order, wll 1 be sold for $ff< If applied for Immediately, at I2#>? Twentieth street near ThIM are nue; has a >weet and powerful lone. French notion, hand some st, le of case, fi ne oover and stool. Ao., Ac. PIANOFORTE FOB SALE? AT A GREAT BARGAIN; prloe $90; has hum! some case. Iron frame. Fiencti grand notion, sweet aad brilliant tone, Ac., aad in perfect order. .Oall at 10 Allen street, near Canal TO LET-NEW SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANOS, with oveieirang <basa, lieat c tr make. $5 a month; one at$5amooth O. P. BENJAMIN'S Music Rooms. eoro-r Forty-fourth street and Eighth arena*. Open day and ?veiling. WANTED. -AN EXPERIENCED ORGANIST DESIRES a position In a church in the city qr Its vn inlty. For further Information inquire of Wm. Schurrenberg. Ks |. (Scberfeaborg ? Luis), Broadway, above Eighth street. S4C -SECOND BAND MAHOGAMT PIANO.? M A W>' jtl/? hogaay ?fi octave, front round cornera. in good orler, $100. rosewood 6V octave, full round, nearly new, $225: new s-ale rosewood 7 octkve, oversirlnga, Iron frame, pearl board. Ae., $275; ro-ewood, carvod leg. nnd lyre, ser pentine mouldings. pearl board, $t2? Melodeon* $<10, $75, iflS, Ao. FREDERICK BLUMS. Ml Bowery. inn ft** AlfD SECOND HAND PIANOS, MKLO. 1"" deons, Alexandre and Cabinet Organs to let. and rest allowed If purchased. Monthly payments received for the same Secondhand Pianos at gr?at barua ns for cath : price from $60 to $Wt. New seven octave I'lano at $i25. |iM, $275. 10,000 Sheets o' Music, a Utile soiled, at le. per pace. HORACE WATBES, 481 Broadway. INSTRUCTION. A T I'AINE 8 MERCANTILE COLLEGES (ESTABUSH A ed ISW), 42 Bowery and ?83 Kulloa street, Brooklyn, Bookkeeping. Writing, Arithmetic. Also U reek and Latia taught In strictly private room * Foreigners tanght the English language by an American leaober. Terms radneed. AT NO 2?C BOW BEY (TOWNSEND-S COM M RE clai Academy), tborouglT Instruction to given, day and evenlnc, In Bookkeeping. Writing, ArithmeMa, Algebra, Baadlng, Spelling and Urammar with Analysis Apart, ment- fiir lad lee end for private Instruction. No slaaaaa Ball- faction guaraateed. A FRENCH LAUT WARTS TO EXCHANOB, WITH aa American lady, l.essons of conversat.ous In their respective languages. Addrasg boi 2.IU0 New York Post office. ATOUNC PARISIAN LADY OF RFSPBCTAB1LITV, lately Arrived from France, would tearii ti.e Krcach lancusge. either at b"r own reaidencn or .that at bar pupils. Address Mme. Emilia oadano, station C. BOVS PEEPAEED FOR BUSINESS AT DOLBKAR S Commercial Academy. tOJ Broadway, can alw tyi ? e core good sitnatlons la stores, oflloes or bank A 1 hey be come quick at figures, rapid business penmen and practical bookkeepers. GeaUemsn ean secure private rooms. PAKRNfS CAN FIND A GOOD SCHOOL, IN A iicajiiiy location and oa moderate terms, fey addressing the I'rmcipal. Keyport Academy, Eeyport, N. J. PBlNCTfAL WANTEO-IN THN MALE DRI'ART ment of th# Mofeiken Public Hehool. Applteanls will ? idy pr so ia^lyto the HupeHntendent. Or. tfiii.bert, *?7 Wsshlngioa sc. Hab<*en, between the hems of Hand I (JPANISH LANOl/A''R ?A NATIVE SPAN! ARB IS n oyeuared (u give Iia?<on* either in >? a?ses or prlvat-ly. flood referee- ? given, Address V. R , boi 1 .214 Feat OiHoa. ' T'llt: SPANIfO! TjA NtJHAOK IS TAirrlllf, AH Hf.flR. . tofoie, by IIIPHI A NO OOKHLN Apply ?l Ti , Twenl -elith street between Ri?Ui a>d Seventh avenues. I COPAHTJia MHIV. . 40000 CHANCB FOR THB RIGHT MAN To'liTl Taxt to *2,UW). Apply to JOHN U. MOklUB * 173 Centre (tre?t. ? COPARTNEESHIP.-$4 0>O TO $5,000, FOR OWE HALF ol An eatabtabed Man ii' u, rin? Basroeas; large cub orders 00 hand The like opport uiity to ^?l iu.11 o icred to engage in a splendid bualoes*. For particular* call 00 or address Manufacturer. Claremoat Hotel, Fulton atreet, N.I /"COPARTNERSHIP.? WK HAVE THIS DAY FORMB? V> a eopnrtae rahlp . tiudcr the ilriu of f F. WirnerAf'ow, for the purpose of transacting,* Stock t'omm Is i'>n and Bro kersge bu-inea-, at 2.1 Wall st. Til1 'MAS F. WARNER, Naw Xoaa, May 2, ISftt. JOHN (J. UKANBEHY. Hotel, partner wantkd-bither active or? silent, to buy the Interest of a retiring partner; housor first class, on Broadway, ventral location aud doing a good business A go.. it chance to make money* Addrea* Hotel,. bo> 131 Herald ollice. Partnership wanteo-in a manukactorino bnaineai ton* already established preferred), by a bust" neaa man. who would bring tJ HOD cash. his attention and his whole time. Balarrnens to bo axphan.-eiL Address, anting the kind of buaineaa. Uine and place of Interview, with real name. I* box AltoC Poet oilloe. Partner wantbu-with some means, in an linmenbelv protitable summer bua'neas, where a lay ?' am. nnt<aa be reduced without risk, and al*o a literal aaia ,rv allowed for taking entire charge. Address Thomas, lle*? ad o ci\ PAKTNHR WANTHD.-A MAN HAVING A CAPITAL, of 9W0 la wanted, to enter luto partnership witti an ladnairiou* and competent person, posse kih/ a like amount. ? with the r;ew at engaging In aotne manufacturing or retail buslues*. None need apply but those of earnestness and-' atrict bu-lneaa hatiita. Address Edward, Hi. aid ollice, ' stating whore an iotcrvlew can be had. peRPSTUAL MOTION. The undemlgned baa, after a close study and prartlca Of ten yearn Invented a machlr* which wl'l he worked I bv motion, a power which has Intberto alwav*< been considered nn Impossibility. II can be applied on a* small ai well as a lures scale. He wants a Banner who is able to meet the expense*, . which are not treat. It will create a Herniation among nil s-lontl'.c men. Coalract will be made to secure both partner and inventor.. Address box 134 Herald ollice. for ihree dais. ERNST FRED KllIC DIRTS. SPECIAL PARTNER WANTED. -TWO lOUNG MR*, of large experience but small capital, about engaging la^ ? lucrative mercantile hii*ine?s. need a little more capital 10 < enable them to cariy out tnelr Intention*. Any party w illing to a ti-anee. *6,000 for such an object oan address Special, Herald ollice. THR COPARTNKR8HIP HERETOFORE EXIftTINO. under the Drm at Kolm A Mo<ee is hereby ?t issolveH- by mutual oonsent. Either party will sign In 1 Ionization. ADOLF KOHN. Naw Tori. May 18. lc?4. M. II MOSES. The undersigned will continue the Brokerage Business In. Btoek?, Bonds and Bpeete, slrlctly on commis* on. st No it 1 William street. ADOLF KOHN. THB PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE FXT8TIN0U under the hrm nf Lewis k Seacord. U dissolved, la con sei|iien<e of the death of Mr Daniel .F. Seacor I. The nt? settled bii-i?eaa of the late firm will bo !i<?u Mb 1 ort bv T.'M. Lewis, who will continue the business at 77-1 B wdw iv. T- M* LBW1B* WANTKD-AN ACTIVE PARTNKR. WITH A CASH' c tpl'al of $10,00 ' to buy one half interest In the best breech loading patent, eslailng and to attend to bnalaeaa ib-> Jhe Unit d Stat a, wlr.lst. thb owner i ?. superintending the manuract ring 01 breech londtn - sporting aroaln Kurope;-. a party already engaged in the gun line preferred. Address Breechloader, Herald 0 lice ANTBD-A PURCHASER FOE *H ALF THE INTE real, and to attend to the manufacturing a id sale or a-> patented article n>eful ?nd .ielding a large pmllt on t>ie 1 n vestment A Iiount renoirod. S.I7.'). Api:y f."TO !? to !S o'clock at the Atlantic Hotel, corner bowery and Oliver st. WANTKD? TO MKFET A PAEIY HAVING $U), POO TO* invent In a cash business, of which I h ive the exelu ?ive control, and In waUn tnero I anv amon'nt of motiev, aa it can be -xiend (I t . a 1 1 aru or the country. For par ticulars wUl at 3 I Het'iun ! st.o.-i, I'ro.a J to 1. W1 (J> r /W\ ?PARTNER WANTEH-AN EfWRGETlOt ?P. 'V;V/. ma:i a of S5?i, In a lii t gen'eef. husinea . tho proiiis ot win h avera^o over $2. ' (I mouthly, wit ' tio rl^k. Aoplv to Mr. JACKSON, at Messrs. J. O. Milton Ji Co m., SOS Broadway. Cll ?WANTED. A RELIABLE MA*. WITH" ?PI. thi* anion ii i in casit, to tnreai penally witb the m!vert ser. in a pleasnut business OBl<tri>rlso that will) reside a cine tnrtuno fur both in 12 months. Aildre s U. 11. Henry, l'ost olUoe, N. K. $r AAA -A PARTNER WANTED, IN A ItKMUNB r.itive light manarHCtiflng tin iuei?i ord r? on tan<l. An enterprising man will timl tnis n rare cl.aii' e. Particulars of J. C MILTON A 00 , 203 llretiiimj', QKtl iUMl ? WANTED. A IUKTAEK. EITHER ?P? J '*? w"v". si-tire or special. who can c-nnmand tUo above amonnl, to ta-.e mi interest in a b inking houso already < aiali. islted on Wall street. and now doiu^ a good. OXClianre. stuck and gold c(Bnml?sl?n liu?lm>>n. Adiiresl, with real name, box 3 2.'' 1 New York fo?l ulllctt. POST OFFICE NOTICE. _ P08T OFFFICE NOTICE. ?THE MAILS FOR (IRE AT Britain and the Continent, rla Southampton and" Itremon, jicr steamer Han m ami to Ireland t' yiteen - "town. p*i -ateiimar City o; Washington will doe at thlo oilio.' "ii Sa n day. May 21, at lOit o'clock A. M , and at tho up Kin n statlona-aa follows:? Htnliuiis A and B 10 A. M. Bistlons O and D, A. M. Kiiitl "Us K and F. 9\ A. M. SWtinn O, 9 A. M. AHRAM WAKKMAN. Postmaster. LOST AN If FOUND. I7?OUND-MAT IS, A COLO VEST CHAIN, WHJCB J th-uwncr can l.ave by calling on A. H.Love, o.lic* of R W Adam* 118 Wall strvet. F'OUKD-A SMACL TERKIEH DOQ; LONO DAKtt bair. Apply at 154 Cnaiubers street. ? i v 1 KFT Ilf MISTAKE? AT 1M WEST TW BNTT-FTBbT" I J street, a Marble 81ab and lot o| Window Shades. Tho owner can hare the same by applying Mi 121 West Fifty tblrd street and paving ei pen see. T OST-MISCABRIBD?Y MAIL OR STOLEN THKfeB 1 J 1 1 (Mil , between Iowa and Boston, Bonds >>f the Second DiTtsInn of the Cedar Rapids and Missouri Hirer Kail cadi No^ 61, >'32, (33, <84 ami fits, of $l.0v> each. All person* are herOby cautioned not to purchase raid i-omis or tho ooupoua belonging to tbein, aa they will not be pal t. CHAS. A. LAM BARD Treasurer. 114 Mate street. . T OST-A WHITB NEWFOUNDLAND . DOO, SIX 1J months old. with two black spots no his side. Any poison returning him to 78 Essex street will be llberallr rewarded. 1 OST-ON FRIDAY. MAY 13. A LARCE POCKET,. J Imnk, containing papers of no nao to any person hut mya"lf, and a gold fen. In blac : case. A s.|:< ir reward will be |iald bv returning the >aiw to O. Sloan tln'den 610 Sevemh areuue, or at Tu oillte, 34 ("ham hers sired T OST-ON TUESDAY MORNINO, WHIL& OOINO TO JLJ a Fifth district Are. a e.l?er p atari eo^gnd Hub Cap, be longing to llose Co No 9 The finder will favor us by re turning the same to our bouse, 174 Mnltierry sircet. Losr-ojc Monday i?tII mar., a focketboob, ? containing o*er two hnndred ?hare- of UoH and Mirer Mining Hiock In Nevada Territory, and >01110 other paper , with a small amount of mopey. The papere sre of no us* to any one but the owner. Twenty-flre "toilers reward wl|> be paid to ilie flnrier be leavl.lg It at the o i ce of the St. Niu .o as Hot^j and no qneeton- asked. J. A. BV BRS. Lost-three invoice and price lht books, In remnrlng from 211 Pearl street to 33 Cellar ilrcet. A reward will bo paid If sent 10 Win. Airord k V!?l. At Ce dar street. I OST-ON MONDAY KVEHINO, IN OOIMO BROW J Ciiireh ?nd Reads streets to Srnadwsy. a Poekethook. conlalnluit about flfleen d .liars. Thi Onder will rfwelve s> liberal reward and the tlianks of the owner bv returning It to Miss Louchntan, 287 Ninth avenue. LOBT-ON WBDNESDAT, A POCKE I BCiOK COB tsnin; trrer fit, either In a tea storo in Avr?mh sronuw or going from Kubleentli to Fifteenth street and Kiflith avenue The Inder wlil reccivna suitable rewsre on lesr Ing It at II Seventh avenue. f OBT-ON SUNDAY. MAT IS. OB OR NEAR FIRST I J are dus and Thlrtr>f >urth street, a on g haire<i I>o-:; black, except one hire foot and a little on breast ?Mcb Is white: had on his neck s brsss collar with name of owner and "KM West Twenty second steet." Any one br,nglng blui to the above number, corner of Sixth avenue will re ceive a handsome reward and the thank* of the owoer. lis answei s w the name of Feaier. . I OST? CERTIFICATE BO B.11S OF THE CHICAGO ? J and Roek Inland Railroad Company for sntv s >aies In lite name of Robert Rogers, trrnsfer of which has berB> st' pi'Pd. The flndor It renoested to return the same to YKR. MILVE A CO., 44 W*ll street. 1 OST-TWO COWS. OB THURSDAY. MAT It, ABOITT lJ M o'clock, in Thirty eighth street, botwetn First snd Second avenues; one has a week spine and br ass ferrules on her horns; the other la red all erer. abort tail, and has a ? large bag of milk. Tlie fluder will receive $5 reward bf bringing the cow> to .lane lionler. No. 7 Thirty ei?hth ?t L OST-A BOT, ON TnE 17TII INST. BIO HT TSARS ? old, fhlr eomp eilon. named John Henry Owe#. Ani ons bringinit the child to >4 1 East Thirty second street, wlB receive the thanks of hie parents. ^ T OtlT-A BOT, ABOUT THRBB TBARB OLD. WHO J J answers to the name of JelTe. Any ono knhw.n ? whern . he it, or ? ho will bring him to hie |iarenU at Ufa. IS4 Wea? Twenlr fourth street, near Btghlh areoue. wl I be Uberally rewarded. T OHT-OB THUBSDAT, IfTH INST.. A BOOTCII TBR I J rlnr Slot; anewers to the name of Neitle Am oif brinelng bar to 1SB Third arenas, near Bightoonth etreei. will be liberally rewarted. OERMONB LOBT.-OB BATURBAT LAST, TWO MANU script sormona Tho under will bo liberals rwaidoti^ on I earing them at Bo. 1W Weet Thirty -eighth stmot RRWAKD?r . , AC BBWABD.? LOST, ON MONDAT, M \T HI A <Pcl brown Hunting tiua tponter), wltb w hl(a sp died legs.and a leather netk roller, engrared on s bin?o piste ? Martin BuUs, Nil Ors?n? ich street Tho dtxlor wHl got the $j when he lirlngi the dug to tl.r slaive named plsce. Otiz Rl WaBD.? LOST, ON THK OIIRNHK OF HltOOME. ?P' 1 and Clinl<in -treats, on Bumlay, Mat I , a small blarh and tan Hint, with silrer piai"d enltar and ring tail. Who aver will return the sune to oyater l>oat No. 1, foot of Csna't street, will receive f. . , , ^ - ?l/? RRWARD.-BOO W*T. ON TUEBDAT AFTBB ?Pl U noon, May 17, from stable No 7 l-.a<t Thirty ninth ? street: a snmll blaelt knd 13 ? BI' M answers hi tlin name of Julie Any one returning Her to the stable will, recelro tho. above reward, and ao ?ua?ti<ins k**"*11 <?> | l\ RRW AJID WILL BP. PAID KO!l THK BKTCRB rib l U of a black and tsu T?rri?r Slut, loit on the lljih lest, ,; an*tw?rs to the lime o*" Ilcl Ha.l on a iT^es omlsr, with tta Zm, J Awr. S. M B,Untf ft ?< ..l-?o ..sryd wtll be paid 011 tne rstnrn of the tlog to t< ?Manati'ld ptaao, . West FlrtyArst street. _ A|/t ? I.OBT. ON Til !'RHPA7, I97H INST, IN TnB. ZIU. rielnilyof Bl?t"?nih *t'eet and Him Is arenuo a small Black and Tan Una The strove ?0t?mjl Will be paid lor bis lelurn 10 171 Fifth sm n ie, eorhir Twelfly secood street, tn tLOtalWi st?r?. Atrfh WT'WARD.? Tflrt it >VB RBTWABD WILL S|i)U lie paid inrany I'Hiii-k.s 10.1 that will lead ie the detoetton 01 ti'v' i^rtv or ^urt' 1 the ii?e<t the Hiable in Mast Fart 1 "It strobl. neor r iiru f.fenitr, on the uieht ?f PsrlM JAMKHW BHADV. tVJI Th'id a?eane

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