Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 20, 1864, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 20, 1864 Page 7
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?My p> Tour valuable dwelling* to be itrn tbputkutnu the ??I* progreaeee) funiianed by applying to CBADW1CK * <30. YlWlIIIam atreet. . A FAPIR MILL FOB SALB-CONTAlNINQ TWO A large ni eiuinea, revolving blench. 71 Inob Foadrt M?r machine Hd all other nmacary maohlaery teMk dag prfntlag ptMi ; ell In ?o?d order. HWiUH BJtADLBT, M Broadway. A OBBAT BABOAIN ? FOB BALE. THB BEST COB ner Houae and Lot on Iblrd avenue. Will root for ? ?bout $S. QUO. Frioe about $28,000. Mortgage to eult. Apply Immediately to J yBTXHBTOH, 418 Third avenue. A LABOR. FINE AMD DESIRABLB RRBIDENCB, aod outbuilding!. Urge ebade, evergreen* laws, Aa.. 16 mlle? from eity (Bew Jaraay Ballroad). five minute*' walk from depot. with SU ar 190 acrea choice and highly eal ti ated land; 1 4 K) Imported pear traoa la goo* bearing, and -oilier frulta not graperieetu great abaadanoe; a beautiful ?nd never failing atraam through the farm; for aale at a . igieat ?acrlHce. owner going to Europe. Apply to W. F. BE* BUUB, IT! Broad way. ? l H ATTRACTIVE OOTTAGB RB8IDBNCB FOB BALK. A with laige gar len lawn, Ac., oonvenlent ta ?t alien, ? and about at \ teen mllea from the city. Apply at 563 Bowery, - corner Kounn atreel AOBB4T B A BO AIM.? A FINBOOUNTRT BEAT Of eight aetea, at BUzabatb. M. J. Lead cultivation, good houaa. large barn, Ac. All kind* of /ruit ? and well watered ; mast be ?ol4; poly I#.W1 Apply to J, B. FEBOUBON, 5," Naeeau atreel. third floor. A OBBAT CHANCB FOB INVESTMENT -FOB SALB ?A. or to let. a harm, of 40 acrea, near depot; al*o two of Si acrce. $2,000 each; do. 8 acrea. In line order new cot ? tag* aod oarriaae houae and barn, $1000; do. 89. ?MA 00. 38 aod if acre A ail with tmprovemeata; ?Ho OM Of MB, aa raood aa any In ilia Bute; alao 8 Houae ' and Lot*, in towna, readr to be cut up m building lota. Call on THORN A MAR ?GLUT, HO Waablnyton Marxet or on BTHPHEM VAIL, Mondaya, from lu to 1, at 68 Dor Street Houae; other day* ? ?t F alnUeld depoti A F1BBT CLASS FARM AMD OOUMTRT BBAT ? N A acrea, fine water front, fruit abundant, IS mllea in 'Vow Je'oer, near village; price $1&<>00. Many other plaeee; <?11 price* and location*. W. B. ME LICE, tO Bro^lway. AM BLIOIBLB FABM, OF MB AO BBS, FOB BALE; four mllea from Faieraon, N. J ; Improvement* very 'Valuable and prion reaeonable. Several amaller Farma ale? <for eala. B. B. LENT, 37 Maaeaa atone* A SPLENDID OOBMBB STOBB, ON OHOROH BTBRET. fwiale low; alao, Stdraaon Broadway, on Liberty and aad Oedar etreeji near Broad wny. Four Btorea and Dwell ing ou Slit* avenue. Oood laveetment, ? W. F. SBlflfOOB, 171 Broadway, a A FIRST BATB FARM-OF M ACRES".? BOOB A lanF' eoumy. $9,000; do. 49 acrea, $9,000; "39 acrea, :FuW0; 92 acres $B,'J(W; 260 acrea. In Urange oounty, $4,901); good building* and eholee fruit on each. ' W. B. MBHOK, 431 Broadway. A FEW FARMS. OF 10, 2ft AND 80 A0BB8 BACH. OM XV. me Long I aland Bailroad, 40 mllea from New York; >?1 good loam eot! and lerel; eaally ealUvated and preduo ^tive; prt. e only $20 an ?ere; term* eeey. S. A. BUNOB, the owner. Mo. 7 Chambera atreet. A FINE TWO AMD A HALF STOAT BEBIDBNOB, A IS ruaaie, neat ontbulldlnga, 4 or 30 aorea of excellent land fruit. ihade, Ac,, In abundanoe. elevated and beautl tf 'lly loeated. ertenalve vlewa, near village and depot, twelve xntloe In New Jeraey, for aale cheap. W. F. BET MOPE. 171 Broadway. A FIRST CLASS AMD HIGHLT CULTIYATBD FARM, A 7 ? or 180 acrea. One bulldlnga, well timbered, watered, valuable epp>. pear and peach anbarda. high ground, One locution, utile from village and depot, eighteen from city, ffor aa.e at a bargain. W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. A'' NUMBER *F IMPROVED FARMS AND COUNTRT Settle for aale or exchange. In every location and of - vartoua aitee, dlataut from New Vork ft to 80 mllea and near -depot CARTER A BKRTINB. Third avenue aad Twenty-afth atreet. BOADWAT FBOFBBTT FOB SALB? BBVERAL 1 valuable parrel ? of Lota above Forty aeeond atreet; 'One plot leaded, patlng a good Interact on the Inveetment. Apt>w to JOSEPH MASON/ No. 8M Fine etreet, rooms 10 -?nd II. B "DAHOAINS.? HOUSE AND TWBLTE LOTS. IN MID Jj dlcu>e n Point, only $*00. Blacksmith and wheelwright ?Uop Houae. lUrn Krult, and nve acrea of Land, In the wttiu e of Mai-tinvllie. onlv 81.501, all very oiieap. Apply la J. S. KBRUUSON, 97 Maaaau atreet, third door. TDCILDINC LOTS AT BEBOEM.? A NUMBER OF J_) Bttlidln: Piota at Bergen, two mile* from Jeraey City, *jt hoiee . ? a; no .. f jur to tiltir cit. lot- each. Apply to _ J. B. FaBSQMS, 81 Cedar atreet. C1O0NTRY. ? KOR SALE OR hXCHANOE FOB OITT J property , two Farm*, containing reapeetlvely twenty ? and thirty acrea. with good bulldlnga; al-o one nice Cottage, for aale, not eiohange. with Country Beatc or Farma of any alt* or altuation, and at moat nay price. Apply to WM. JACOBUS, Heal B<UU AflMt, Montolalr. M. J., formerly weet Bloomi eld. <10UMTRY sBAT OF THB LATB i. K. PAULDING- AT ) Hi to Park, for ?nl?. One of the mo t beaut ful on the Budeoe river; about 40 a rea, lar/e manatee houae, two tallage, aad ?pa lou- outbuildlnga. For further partleulara Sppiy to J. o ttEEN FBARSON7 Ma. $ WaU atreet, or ta . M. PAULD1MO, 80 Broadway. CIOUNTBY HEAT FOR SALE LOW-OM LAKE BO > hiean, 'our mllea from FeekakIM, oa the tnrnpik ? lead ing to Lake Mabopaa; ate acrea ef land; good Improrementa ?ad a e-tmioru^le place. s. E. LENT, 37 Ma-aau at. eHOOK FROI'BRTT FOR BALE OK TO LBASB-SITU I ? Mad m Williamsburg. two block* louth of the f* rriaa ^B^-oyolt md grand strenta, between South Ninth and running ???mth Tooth alraeta. being U0 faet oa I Bo?ra to the H? i rlvor or or 9 *0 foot, wil ? Wwa to th? Ej tricar over 9 to feet with wharf 130 foot from, ? W ft i foot depth at low water, aad a retiMp dock ot ITS foot, #on MM ai?ut 33 Mi of ground; la flM ?MM for a ?agar rod aery, or aar other maaufaeturlng bnataeaa. In ?nira of RTAM DRR BRRBT, dD First atroot, appnalte. Poo fc? teaglvoa Immediately. liUM FOR BALR? SITT7ATBD IN JVMBAO COUNTT, X* W I ooa la. containing about 900 aarea. ? undor oulU ' osllda, aad nod bulidlngt Would exchange for proport y IB Raw Tort or Brooklyn, or vlelnltr. For farther parti ? jgtar^apaly to THOMABNOBTHaLl, aw Fultoa Mot, S^OR 8 ALB? Til k noMB OF TBI LATB A. J. DOWN ? lag. Bao. oa the bar at Nawbarg. An atagaat Coun ? Mat, wliu buidanape aad water viow naaarpaaood anon Hadaon. George W. Curtis, Kaq., la hla momelr of Mr. p.walag >ays of ihta pteea: ? "I have oftoa paa-od a wook Share wtthout wishing to go oolaldo the gala, and oatlroly tforcot thVo waa aay town near by. " It ooatalaa atx aoroa, Rlghly cultivated. la lawa aad gardaa, with fountain, rate fcnnoe. trooa, ornamaatal aad fruit la every variety Man 6oo cfoctoua. with tower, roraadaha, gaa, water, Ac ; ear 94**. aoaah r.aa'a aad lea houaaa; baraa aad boaaerlea, ??Mperwa and traeabouee 01 tod with every variety Build ICga la oollogla:e (lotkle atyle aad wMka grarollod. Tl la a ??rat oteee reatdoaoa. aad hlghlv pratead hgr the oxpartoaeed a of M<e? Frederlka Bremer lo her letter to Mr. Downing' a ?rliai Fartto- wl Wag to purchase the promlaea divided ?rat ota Biaof ! WrorSi roamri bf 'ml M.B Wag to purchase tha proatlaae dlflMl do ao. and have a root da nee that eaa bo ooeaplod the an iraar The driven la the rlolnlty are eioallent aad plo iWtiw. aad amid aawatat great hlatarlaal Internet Tha Maa try aaal and Ha sarrouad lags bar* booa made elaaate ?i eminent American aad foreign orltMam aad Revolution. The ba tiding apoa tha )hbW oonld not bo replaced for rite 000. aad navrr failing wator and all tha modera trapr-ire ^^Miooatrtbuia to make Itoaeolthe moat beauMfalaad hom e on the Hadaon. Tha neighborhood la ua ko pooaalooe very ameeolkle. Tha Ptoh lu&ilMMBlMiBMilBB ?atatloa. oa tha Hudson River Railroad, la about Aftaea Mtaa drive froimjthe pramlaea, and Una MRU ply ragn ?P between Newburg aad Mew York. Aa tha earing advancee tha beauty of thooa pramlaaa can ? faity aeen. and thMseaaonof the year la moat desirable Ban anamination of ita vary man; attraotloaa aa a moat ^?n<! cnarralng home. ? . ! , made ea y. Apply to or addroes TIMOTIlT CRO ?losaiil and i nai nilng I ,F??1 VIM. Counsellor at- Law, Mo. 191 Broadway. ? BALB? A* MBW BOOHBLLB. M OF A M1LR from tba dsDot, a handaoma Country Reatdoaoe, with _ ~ree of Hon land with fruit in abnadaaoa af ehotod warlattea; tbo hoaaa la terga. plaaaanUy altuatMl. aad flnaly sa&ys. "/wcirilaiarOTaMB gaaaaoy eoart. WOK BALB? AT A gAORIFIOB, TUB FOLLOWIMO J? Houaaa -One In Thirty fourth atraat, pa> lag 15 par ~ Bent oo prl a. only $1,000 c.ian required, alao live houaaa la Tnlrty.ufth etrvt oaa oa Baaond avaaua. wltK Store: ono W ThtrUatli atroet, two In Thlrt> -tlrat ?tr?et, and two la "*WluHt-eeoond street, all Mylog 13 par oent Apply to WM. ft BTTRBTi:H. 1S7 Baat Tbirty^c*oad atraat E~ IR BALB? NO 141 WBST BIXTKKNTH BTRBBT. Mtwaaa Movrath and Kigbth avrauaa: HnuaaRliRO feat; ov>r lai reel: tb.' Ilauio la In good order, wHh all the ?todarn Improwmenta; t?'nn < aaay Apply lo J. A W. DBN H AM corner of Eighth avanoa aad BUteoath atraat, from y>on>iag b 9 In tha evening XfOR BALK? AT TORKVlLr.B, A NKAT TWO 8TORT X baaem nt frame Cottaga, wltb ga? and gas flrttuea and Broton water: the bowie ooiitaln? eleven *?me( tha 1>U la BftllU0> and very pi -aaantly !o ated, ApplT to 8. THOMSON, 17993 Third avanna aear Higher third -traet SB 8 ALB- WITH tMMFWATB POS8EH8ION. TBI Aral el* a four alnrr Rrowa. atona Ilon-0 1ST Madlaon na, batwaon Thirty third aad Thirty-fourth atroata: it >95 foal . W 2SilU0k Apply lo B. H. LUDLOW A CO., I Plaa street. B BALB? TUB PBOPBRTT NO. 1M VLtKARBTI atre"t. near Spring traau at a graat bargala. Apply lo H McCI.aVK, U Ploa atr.'at ?~ 0? 8 ALK? ( Mr8T BB SOLD) TWO TltBBB BTORT aad baoameot briek Houaaa la Carroll atraat. South ?*lr o ; paring a food rant and no troubla la culiaating It: y are In iir t rate ardar. Addraaa Carroll Siraet Barald mmSBSm 1iX>B IALB? THB LATB COTTNTRT RBSIDBNCB OF Joka-ton Llvinaeton, R#<i . In tho tew* of Uvlngaton, Col'im .ia oiuutr, nlua milee from tha dly of Hudaon. ooo- | | Sainlag aoveaty-oifht aeraa of the be t land, or the Improve Ittwaiaaad only SHy acraa, at ihe aptloa af Ibe i urci\aa?r_ rTTrge and oumfortabla dwelling houae. bain ataliU-a Viadrf, gate i< dg? and fen oaa, aN la toodortWr. Tko ?eaa oa the ptaoa are aid aad ramorbably .P,*'Rhbrfv boo. I forr healthy, road- aicaliaat. arena ry beaut If uCwith ? view af tha Cataklll Mouatalna Tho chaiahaa, Poat affiaa, ?tarda, good phraloiaaa, taachrra, Ac , In tba Immediate ??Matty. Aa a ntteltr mrtdoao* It offera very many attraS ttooa UVIBOBTOM, ?1 Whll atraat, from "2rtckA|?5 riot^a'Twolii^"^ ,riLf'KD IN WITH : gg-a^"~Tg. kjSijS ; 8ALK_ PR8TTT COTTAOB ikipo, _. ? *2? ni room,). 20 m . n " u. , ? ">* pe'enlh atreet. good alali a beautirul frii!? ?h? i j??'**!-*a?maftiaaltaa withX al*v evlL .aMlif*?* Bod Qlght Apply to C, MO.IKR, fan MrlSwl^ *9^ One Ihetiaaitd rtollara nf whjah u.av JemiTrn f* fl00, i portgago. tn ji.lra of ABRaM HI8&OP m ikS promlwa fnniriiror tUt IwoAcnMof !?nfl *>lth i li'm?Hprf'n^ ??d bo-man, hunae. oapalca ?? Tr Tllli fiff Biii fuliii ?JL"" FIB BALI OH RAP? LOT. >0X100, Of jrO?T" tlDji of Fonyaiuth KM, 80? feet east of street sewered and paved with Ulf bl'>?k peven?eat. $1,000 cm remain oa bond and ?ii?|l *PW ?? *? BABTA, n Broadway, wot M. FOB SALB CHBAP? AT PASSAIC, I. J.. A BEAUTY fully Puroiabed Cottage, complete In every raspeet ; all ast- ?? *- vs dH&inssrjsr rnOB BALI OH SAP- AT MOtfRISANIA, 1RYIHO P ulace. a olea two atory Houm, plana la front, aad Lot In ooin Plata order, go session given Immediately. Apply to It ATWARD A DEMaBBST.171 Broadway, room 4. rr?OR 8 ALB? TW O FABMS, ONE CONTAINING 117 f acree. 50 Improved : the other Si acres la good aula of cultivation, with good dwelling ud barn; a thriving apple orchard on eaoh. Apply on the premises 3H ml lea north of Monroe, Mlohlgan. to SAHUKLA W. QOQ?BB Fob salb-ih a beautiful locatioh, a mbw two story and basement, sub oallar and eiteuslos frame Houae; II rooms. all <11 u? doors, marble mantsK grates; completely flniahod, ready for oeeupatlon ; Forty Taurth atreat and Third avenue, South Brooklyn ; $4,1X0 Also a two story and basement Philadelphia trek front Houae, with sluing daora, marble mantel*; ohuap, ftt.ouu; $l,nw oaah. the balaaoe mortgage Inquire of B. O. BKBilBM. Seventeenth atreet. oeraer nt Fourth avenue; or of JOHN F. M. GOODWIN, L Forty seventh atreet, South Breoklya li'OR 8ALB ? A FIRST CLASS FARM, OF OVBB 100 r acre*; a very deatrable lo atlon on the Mew Haran Railroad: laud highly Improved, good buildings, fruU, As. ; well oaloulatsd far a gentleman's country seal ? B. F. XBhLAMP, Ko. t>X Fins strssl, roam 11. rB SALB OHBAF, OB TO LBT? A OOOD HO USB, Barn, As., tan auras of land: all klads af fruits, good S?hlag ana bathing: situated in Summit, R J . near the depot. Apply to B. B. TILTOH, 11$ Fulton atreet. DH>B SALB OB BXOHAHOB? AT STAMFOBD, COBB. , r three-quarter* oTa mile from depot, a neat Cottage, with two acrea of land, an aaaortment of frail trees, floe garden planted, grounds very baadoome, a part of wbtih 1s oorerad with forest trees and has a olear ?tream of water rami tag thrtrughJL A^>l^to J. B. FYLBB. at O. W. Keen DOB SALB OB BXCHANOB? A PLOT OP 1 LAUD, FOB SALB OB TO LBT-THB FIBB FOUR BTOBT and basement high stoop brawn stone front Houae 134 West Party *fth street, near Broadway; ttxflO. Apply to B. DOIBIBB, Ho. 1 Bearer street. _ . rlR SALB OB TO LET? A BBAUTIFUL BE8IDBHCB in Bast Morrisanla. nsar the lata Mr. Whltleck'a estate, eonslstlng-of a two stary and attie frame House, filled in with brick, containing 8 roe? , a large pantry, Ae., and flue oellar; \ acre of groend, well laid oat with fruit and orna mental U*es; large grape arbor, pretty flower garden, orna mented with bos and evergreens; a One weli-or water, new fancy fenoe, as w earrings bouse, built of atone; geod heal thy location, only tea ml n a tee* ride from Harlem bridge, witn a flae view of the Bast rlrwr. Price $1,000. Half can remain on bend and mortgage, or $400 lent per year. Im mediate possession gtvea. Apply at the realdeaee. or to OBO. W. COUCH, oa board steamship Yeaaa, foot of Thir teenth street, North river, between the hours of 10 A M. and 1 P, M- . rB SALB OB TO REHT-FURHIBHHD, OBB TBAB or for the summer, a Hotisa, pleasantly located In Stamford, Conn., containing three rooms and kitchen oa flrst H>xir, fonr bedrooms and bathing room on aeoond floor, all supplied with gas, and a good oellar and garret; also suit able outhousss attached, and garden containing fruit trees. Bent $400 for four months; fBOOjor six months or $000 for one year. Address Stamford, H staid oOee. TOUBHISHBD COUNTRT SBAT FOB SALB. AT MQB X1 ristown. N. J.? Bouse and four acres delightfully sit-, uated, with plaxxaa ai.d Preach wladows; completely fur nished; only half a mite from depot. Pnoe ST.i'iO. Apply to B. H. LUDLOW A CO.. Ho. SFlne street, noar Broad way. OTHIC COTTAOB FOB SALB? AT BULL'S FBRBT, with about one aire, on the shore road, only eight min utes' walk from landlug; hon-e two stories, attic and base meat; ooplalas tea rooms; mod stable, carriage hou??, A?. Sale by order of Bsee itor. Price $7,000. Apply to B. H. LUDLOW A CO.. Mo. i Pine street. JJOT8L FOB SALB? THB RAILROAD DEPOT HO road to lodgero ? fourth* of the purehase money can remain on bond aud mortgage. In luire en the oremlssa, or at COOPMB'B lltho gaphM esiabllshmeot, 117 Fulton atreet. Hew York. TTOUBB AMD FURHITURB WANTRD TO PUB -LI chaae? Prloe not to eioeed $ JO. 000; or house without fvrniturs, prios not over UA 000 sHuatad between Poanh aad Sixth avenuee and Twenty -aeventh and Foriy-slvih streets addreaa box M6 Poet oflloe. with full particulars and lowest cssh price. Baglieh basement will not answsr. Madison, morris county, new jbbsby ? fob sals, a desirable B^sidense, consisting of a largs aad autiatanilally built House, In complete order, finely shaded; large cardan, grapery and green houae, abundtnee of frnit of all kinds, and 20 to so acres of Land, highly cultivated. Address K. M. Tredwsll, as above, or at IM Pearl street. Hew York. _J teL Jamaica, ten mllea from New Turk, on the main to Reckaway, recently completely fitted up; Maaonle i ro >m stabling for twenty horsee. sheds, An. Three. 0HR1NOB. n. j.-por salb, a firbt class codn try R?el4ence; houee large; 14 roami; well built ui Id exeeiteat order: located within live mlnotea or depot and leu (has one hour fraat Maw Torh. Barn, frail and ample garden room. B. H. BB8ION. 1M William atreet EHICTUBBSQUB HUDSOM BITSR RBHIDRMCM FOB ? eala.? Stag Sing, eleven ncree, BIS 000. Terme eaay. ^?otojraphe at MO Broadway, room a 11 and It The abore laegraatba^ain. -* lara.-*^ ^ THWBMTT COTTAOB8 ros BALB-aAT 9900, $1,300. I 91.600: aieo ten 4aganl Dwelling* with four to eight lota aaeh. at 93.S00 to HW; also 700 Lota, beautifully Mtu ated at termini or three city railroad* O. B. M1LLBB, Atlantic avenue, Ba.t Haw Torh. CAPITALISTS AND MABUFACTCRB BB.? FOB I ^?eale or rent for a term at yeaure, Water Power far five run Hone en Miapara river. at Buffalo, I sa w feet frank 800 feel deep. Any reaeel eea ootga la. reoolve or deliver MM no tie apot Apply HID. KPN KB. Buffalo. J*. T. VALDABLB BBAIt BBTATB FOB SALB, By LAWBBNCB * COX. Ancttoaaan and Beat Batata Broker* SI Pine atreet, V. T. t beautiful Oonatry Otale. at Wbltootaao. L. L 3 vnlnnble Far ma, at Flunking, U I. 1 Lo4. *Fart r ?! n ih<i^i?5k>bet we^T and Fifth are. 930 BaBdttp Lotc. at Wat Flnahtag, hj. vrrmnD to pobobabk-a bball bibbd com TV fortahle bouee, In goad order, with about Ore or ait MaoTgrouad, in a healthr lo-allty, eomawhore on the line I of the Brooalya end Coney Iainud, or Fort Hamilton rail male Alao a good "tied houae, la goad order, with all modern tauwneomenta, In the upper part or the ?t?. be tween the Fourth and Sixth arenne <. Addreae Immediately, **~*Vl tarms aad partlculara. J. M. P., Herald offloe. xwrxwnp to pprohabb? ftbst clam dwbll Vf lag and Tenement Property. Partlee wlabing to eeU mar addreae. with fall partleulare or apply to CABTSB A BEBTINB. Third arenne aad Twaaiy.ftrih etreet, Bnli'e Bead Bank Building. A7TA WILL PL'BCBABB A COBMBB LOT, 30X109 $ I Ov feat. adjoining the elation at Central Morrtaaa!% or 9^*0 a earner at Fairmoaat. 40x130 feel; location far a etnre or hotel uneurpaeaad. Addreae Caah, box 140 Herald 9ALB. A BABB CUAMCB -FOB 9 ALB. TB A llouae, 173 Fnlwn etre?t Brooklyn. Hall, nawdotag a flr?l claaa boeineoa. ] THB CITY QT9TBB . oppoatto the City Inqalra on the pre A^wSTAf.V.iJJ"^ ""IVLf*0 *?? ?TOBB Joa builoen store to '?wlloa aad dutnc a M lB<u"* ?? ? be etorej Arabk chancb -*kob balb. a obockbt. mow doing all oaah biialoe?-: nteregn anle- eeeea hundred 'SSkfSStoITi ?.?tt 100 Broadway. (Iret Boor. A BARB OPPORTUMITT FOB PURCHASING TBB right t<> rwrtnln Fnncr Attieiee well known la the maiv ket and ttiltnelvely odverMaed aad commanding fair anion, which miy be indefinitely lnor?eeed Profile largo. Ad droea Z , hot lt? Heta'd offloe. giving real name aad appoint lug an intei v.ew Am old f.btablibhbd bxpbrbb roptb im eluding Bora*. Wagon aad Hameee, for -ale cheap ror cash For par; Ion (are apply nt 333 Bleecker etrret, Maw York. _ ALIQrOR BTOBB FOB SALB? IM A OOOD MBIQII bo r hood and doing a good bualoeaa at preeeni. For particuiara ?qniro at 10 Cherry HMB A BOTBL ASO BBBTATTRAMT F/OR BALB CHBAP A Ion ted down tow a doee a good bueiiieaa. the t.ouae le l? r.tll all the tlmO! alia a Urooerr and Liquor 9tore . alas Bakerlea, oorner Liquor storra, M-at Market, Drug Storee, Kea tan rente and Ojeter ?alooa. W. H. MITCHBLL. 77 Cedar ?ti*et DBCO BTORB FOR 8ALB-AT MUCH LRSS THAB Ita rain*, on Third e?enue; neatly fitted up, well atoeked aad doing a gaod Vielaaaa. Inquire ef Mr. KBfc LBV. IB Cedar atreet ? I \BUO BTORB FOB gALB.*T|lB DRl'O BTOBB 1J long aad Sneaky known, He 133 Oreenwioh etreal Mew Torh, formerly anaaplll by Whitobead A Brothrr. aod recently by A B whliehend. der?eeod, aa agent. The atore la doing a good huainoee. aad aearythlnt In eotnpleu order far continuing the bnetnaan Far pnrtieuiar* iaqutro nt the above nombor. wheea nil inlaroiaiioa will bn gtraa. u MVO BTORB FOR BALB FOB HALF 1TB VALUR - Applt In the tlor" * Centre atreet, or to Br. FLAB T, U Oliver atreet. B~B AL B ? M OTB L AMD BBBTAOBABT, IB TBB lower part of tha etty, doing a Brat rate haalaaeat ssata,r",?wrL,ar?TJSr ?'reel, room iV' " FOB BALE? ? LOOP JOBB COOt. 110 TOJ0 BURTH BjL Can be eeon by < ailing en the owner, JAMB9 BIRD, Ml Beat Thirty third atreat FOR BAI.R-TH8 STOCK. FlXTt'BRIJABD LBaBB, or th* Black all aioae of a ftocy Onoda store The owner baring aotlgB oth?r buelneo'. ofiere hie etook aad flxturei et a ureal Daerlflee. Tble ? a grant bargnln. Tin are all freeh and Bow. Ctll and ace them. Apptr at nS aran'e between Blnaieenih and Iwenfeib ete. good IBS Bintti arenne im ()H S A LB-TUB OLD BflTABI.l^H ?D OB ADM I OF H UeLaw ne*M Raatgate. eituated la. a 'Qttt Bro .klrn, U?- 384 HVsh a ttroet, near Allantla Thehonoa *ndBil>iren I will be told nn rmtonahla tortne Ho &etteroprortunftr eaa be round for a drat olaaa man. Tbe bnaineaa ie regular and of th? hegt eooiaty. The deneaao of the propr -tor la the tinly reewm tn? tolling. For terme or any ath*r iaformaUoa apply al the Bhadea, ABD AWM order. The canaet uae kind. Th material and wnfTtanngfitp am or ewnera beting remered to a i.?? at , Tha It, aad IjiOK Swl fan rj goods, aad date* al promt ordarad wark to ?arW _ j>r 1POB Si Lsr. '""" ?" T" Appi/ to POI liLI^ V1VLT AMD 8PLBNDIDLT FITTED P up English Bhadea. near Ik* Oily Hall- Thin to deetded *7*Aa plane >a the city for an energetic him Reaaooa far ta the city for au energetic mi ftUtng glvee by BIWOI i DAWSe, 14H ( rH SALR-THR STOCK AND FIXTURES Of ? ?tgfcr Stare, oa one of Us beet oornera IB rulla* three yean' lease t Mora and dwelling; a b?Mrin*? ebanoe-fora email capitalist. Apply to B. IsATBS A CO., MO FUiton avonuo, Brooklyn. ? 1JV>B BALB-A M BR OBOOBBT AKD PROVISTOB I Store la oae of the leadlug avenues; will bit aotd cheap on aeeount of aickneaa; florae and Wagon, Lease, Stock aad Fixtures. Inquire oa the premise*, U Myrtle aveaiio, Brooklyn. |?OB SALB-THB LBA8B, STOCK, OOOD WILL AMD r Flxturea of the wall known boot and ahoe it ore, 200 Court atreot, Brooklyn ; thla la a good cnauoo tor any pereon to Id Teat, for particulars apply to the FOB SALE? six tanks, nkw, h6ldimo low galloaa each ; two two barrel Dough Mlxere, oae ono barrel Doagh Mixer, one Pore* Pump, ?V, inch platan; oae Oeoerator, oao eaat Iron f tllerer, two wacona, one Mora*. Inquire of J. VAN &IPEK, Noe BM and IM PaolUo atreot, rOB 8 ALB? ON ACCOUNT OP DRPABTUBB, A BBS tauraat aad Bar. doing a good bustueea, la the aelak borhood of Naa an and Wall suenta full particulars giro*. Addreaa box 4.1X7 Poat oflioe. Brokers need not apply. OB SALB-A FIRST CLASS BRUIT AND TOT Stand, with basement. Call at No. 9 Battery placo. F F? ^?R SALE? A NfCBLT P1TTBD UP DRINKING SA ^Hloon (baaeineot). in a very de-irsble location, near I I Broadway; rent only 930U The owner l.aa urgent reasons I for selling, which will be aqeountod for by applying la Ute I book etore 1BI Fulton atreot. M T. I IVOR SALB CHBAP? 80MB OHANDBLIBRS OP MO ? darn deal go. and la pond condition. Apply to JOS. I BeLAVaHTB, *14 Third avenue. rHOB SALB AND WABTBD-A SASH LIOHT PARTI tioa, thirty feet long, eultabie for an offlce. W sated, a I {?oung man. who la not afraid of work, to assist la a store. I ?n quire of B. BILL, 88 John street. I P^BATKNT. ^CAPITALISTS ABB INTITBD TO IX ? amine aa unusually valuable now patent for makl? au parlor white ioad, for sale oa roaaoaablo terra a for the United Statea and Europe. Ualrmited demand at a groat I profit. Dr. B. ROWLAND, SI Alloa street Oflioe hoars I from H to I o'cloca P. M. I SHTBAM BNOINB POB SALB -FOB SALB, A HOBI? ? social Steam Bnglne, of U boree power. The engiaa la wall finished and la eomplelo order. I teen be aeon ruaalag and further particulars obtained oa application to B. KBLLT, New Brunnwlck, N. J. SHBOAR STORE POB SALB.? A GOOD OPPORTUNITT to enter into a prod lab le bnelneaa. where over ?1,000 hare boon cleared during the paet two years. The owner must aill at onoe, as ho a about ?tat t ag a manufactory. Addreaa M. Maaua, llBSprlag street. mo BR SOLD CHBAP? A BRAT AND HIQHLT 1 dabbed three- hqree Steam Bnglne, with purop gover aor, Ac., la perfect oner: haa been ia operation only about three months. Apply at 80 Maiden lane. TINNBB8 -KOR 8 ALB, A FIRST CLASS TTN I ^^?Shop, with all tho anpl aneea necessary; les<e on honeo and rant very low. For fiutherpartioulara addrees George i Barron, S3 East Capitol atreot, Washington, D. C. HOC8B8, ROOMS. BO., WAilTBD. A SINGLE OBNTLBMAN DB8IRB8 A SMALL, FUR nlshed Apartment, without Board, for the summer: location between Fourth and Sixth avenue* and Blghth and Twonty alxth streets. Addreee O. ?. H.. box M Poat oSleo Ant pabty bavins a first class housb to lot, In apleaaant. genteel location, oan learn of a de sirable tenant, who will, if conditions suit, purchase at the eadof the year, by applying to J. C. Milton A Co., BOS Broadway. A BOOM ABOUT 1BX2S WANTBD? FOB MANUFAC turlng purpo-os, wltk hatchway and Indei^endefit watarelo-et: aaigbburhood of Clift sweet preferred. Ad dress S. R. 8.. Tribune oflioe. ARRSPKCTaBLR WIDOW LADT WISH SB TO hire one Room and Bedroom la a house where there are few f am I Ilea . Rent moderate. Addreee 233 Ninth ave nue. slating terms and wbero to bo aeon. First or sbcond floor, ubpurbibbbd. want ed, not lesa than three Rooms, Including Bedroom, for two in family. In a respectable neighborhood, between Fourth and Thirty eighth atreets. vast or weet of Broad way, Address H. J. BcMahon. Herald office, atatlag rent, Ac FUBBISHBD BOOBS WANTBO? BT THBBB GEN. tlemen, in a ( rirata family, without Board, between Fourteenth aad Twenty third streets, and Fourth sod Sixth ar?nues. Address staling looatlon, Aa, M. B., box 2,?23 Poat offico. . HOUSS WAMTED-BT A OBNTLBMAN AND WIFB (no children), or one or more yaar*; a small unfur nished house in a rood neighborhood, between Fourteenth and Thirty-fourth Mree! -. *ad between Seooad aad Klghth avenue* Bent from $X? to MOO per annum. Addreaa for three daye F. James, nation O. ?ART OB A HOUSB: WANTBO? BT A PAMILT OP three voting gentlemen and slater, deairahly located, to term a, oonven.enoeo, Aa Apply at to address O. Q., 175 SUtk avenue. Rooms wabtbd? bt a obntlbmab and his wife: two or throe unfnrnlebM Booms, la a reapecta* ble private house, between Fourteenth and Thirty- fourth street" and Sixth and Mlath avenue*. Addreaa J. H., ISA Ninth avenue, New Tork. TX7 ANTBD? TIUtBB OB FOUR ROOMS. FOR HOUSB vT keening, for a small family of adult')', below Tenth street preferred Aay person having suoh will hear of a good tenant b.r addreaetng A. Q.. Herald offlea. TX7AMTSD? A SMALL HOUSB. OB PABT OP A VT House, far a email family ; leaellen between Saeend and Soventb avenaea, from Fourth to Tweoty-dfth i Addreaa bag i.100 rami odioa. Mow Tot* city. WmtSD-BT A OlWTLIVtrf, W1PB, TWt* WKLL behaved little girl* (ths oldest tare* years) and ?r ??at, a gofowd rioor with front Baaamaat. la a Aral oiaa* boaao. uafurelahed; llbaral par for oiaa aonomraodailon* aad acraaaMa family; must be within a f*w mtauloa of Twenty-eighth street and Broadway. Addraaa Ho*rad*?, O. W AMTBD? FOB A SMALL FAMILY. A SUIT Of four or five Booms. on tb* third iloor; location be twaaa Twentieth and Blxtleth atraata; real from $1110 to tug par year. beat of refarvno** given. Adaraa? ba? \m raat offlaa, Maw Tort. XMI AMTBD? TO LB ABB, WITH THB PBITILKOR OP vr buying, a medium slz?d flovw; b?i??n Atnltr and Fourteenth streets aud Fourth and Fifth arenaes preferred. Apply la J. B. BMOLMH. Ba S A. tar plao* WAIITID IMMBDIATBLY? A FIBBT CLAM BROWN <( atona high atoop Rnoaa, either furnished of nafur alshed ; locailea betweea Fourth aad Slith avenoea and Twatftb aad Thirtieth street* Addraaa Madlaon, sutloa (J. W AMTBD TO LBA8B-A BUILDING 81'ITABLK FOB akeroeeaeoll rr. nmr r; located on tbe wmera o Mew Tork Bay. with a deek or wharf, aad not over four ml lea from City Ha I; or a lot aullabie for the erection ar luch warta. Addraaa, with fall particular*, be* 4 308 P oat oil ea. WAMTKD TO RKNT-BTHAM rOWKR AND ROOM, about eight hone power, haaaaiaat and ana Upper Boom; would prafar being ea detached a* poeeible. Brook lyn preferred to Maw York. Addraaa bos all Brooklyn l'oet W^HANTKD TO RBNT? IMMBD! ATB'.Y, A THRBB atory modern built House, or tha Lower 1'art nt a bona, oo the West aide of I be ctlr. bat wee* Twr fth and PtAioth street*. Address L B.. 323 Oraaawteb street. IjOAJI otnoi At hkmbt hymam'8. m broadway, oobnsbop Bond street. room Jfcaw A ap stair*. will par the blth aat each prioe for Diamond*, eat nr uneat; Watr.hee and Sil ver Ware, or advanoee made oa the same ; aad also oo ~ <88 Broadway. AT 77.? MoNKI UBKRAI.LT ADYANCKD AT 77 OM DIAMONDS. WATCH BB, JBWKLRY, PlAMOft, FURNITUBB, Ar. AT 77 PAWMBROBBBB'' TICBBtB W A NTBD AT 77 Of Dlamonde, Wanhe-. Jewelry, ,tc , ?ad 80 per real mare paid l has aaa ba obtained at any otb?r p aoe la the city, at 77 Blreoker street, up stairs. AT ?0#-MONBT LIBKBALLY ADVaMCRD OM DTA 2\ monds. W a tehee. Jewelry, Stiver Plate. Ouns, I'Uto'.s, Ac, Also I'swn broker*' Tickets wanted of Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry. Onas. Plmole, Ae., tor wbleh I will |?y I0U pet eaat more than oan he obtained at anr other ptaoe in the eltr. AM Broad war, corner of Hotfaton street, ap stair*, room Ma X AT ?8 MAMAU BTBBBT. BOOM MO I. THB HIOB sat prices are pa d rnr loo** or oet Diamonds Watch's and Jewelry of every deecrlptlon. Alaa. tba meet lbs ral adranoaa made on oousmamaata of the above artlclee. br A. HOMIOM AM, Diamond Broker. T 43 CHATHAM STRBBT. PAWNBROKBB*' ^ Tickets boigbt of Dlanonda. Watchas. Jewelry, Silver lata. Ones, Patois, Milks, Ac. bad 'be full value paid mr ill llokots bou*U at U nb alb aaa street, room I, orsr lbs A AT 14A-PAWNBBOCFHS' TTCKBTB PVRCHAHKD A of Dlamaods, Watches. Pianos it^elag Machines. (fiat. Pistols. Drr flood*. Ladlee' and Oantiemen'a Clothing, Carpeta. Furnltare, Ac., or lbs same bf) sht at fair i t Ices. IM Canal .treet, third door w*et of Bowery, nnder Cltl en'a Beak. MOMBT LBBT OM OOLD AMD SILTBB WATt'llRB. Dlameade, Jewelrf, Btlsenarare aad Persoaal Froterty of every Jeesrtptiwa, bf D MBBHAM A CO.. 167 Laurons street, near Houston. M B.? I'ereons wishing te be wared on pn ratal r eaa be aeoeanataaiaieB by' rtaglag door bell. TIOKRT* PURCHABHD OP lot of Clotbieg for sala. B"ai _ Pmnfe, M to $lt>; Aloaea and Llaea Coata, $1; Caaalmere Pants. U to |7 : Vo-is, 81 to %*? OBO. LKVfB. *ft Bmomestre v T>AWMBROKBBB' TIC i Clothlna Ac. -A lame CoaU n to tlO: black BPOBTUtt. A SLOOP TACHT fob ialb-m pbbt lomo, u A feet beam, belli la order, beautiful model, feat, ssfs. aad la tbe moat e?m*lete aad perfect order. #T ?cUBBHtAM, footer Vaa Yocst street. Jailer City. T\OOS FOR BALB.?A PAIR OF BfAMDBOBR MRW 1 ' fouadland Koaa, Bull Terrier*, Splla Dega, Black aad Tba Terriers Hootch and Hfey* Turner*; a pair of small Black and Tan Tsrrler*. not airwdlng gve pounds, of tbe purest breed and jp>od ratler* ea* email Italian tlrejrhonnd. Apply 10 JOHM ORRY, II Booeevelt -treet, ilret iloor. IpBANCIB BUTLBB. MO BPBCK RUf. HAS ALL TUR JT eholee breeda lor sala and etook. Butler * Infallible Manse Cur* aad Ftee Kitermlaator, 7H oeau per bottle. Batlar'a now Work, $L Dogs bsaided. trained. H Msdi otaee f*r all <" ITOB BALM- TWO LA BAB BBOLIBR URKYHoUMOH. JT i Italian Hminda, 1 Beagle Uaueda. 8t Bernard Hog*. I M*wfoaodl*nd Poaa, Ball Terrier . Dog?. 8 Black aad Tap I Pup., ? Blaok and fan Dnga, 1 8 pounds, eipreeair for stock, I the pur*'! breed I* the city | 4 Wetter Fup?. I eballenae the I worm to ?kow belter. 9 pnlater Dog* 4 f*t?*r Dot*, 1 Bull I Terrier Dofa. 4 Seotab Tsrrter Oogs; cU far sale eheap. II. I BAHDMBAT 19 Lsmraas street, aaar Oaaal. q. ?. PIPIMO BVLLFIMOBBH -JUBT RBCBIYBO.AM 111 | ?|Hs^wWb nipe ?vw. ITMfOE OOOMI, LON<l ISLAND.? TBOTTI NO? ON V, ***?/ :? "?? at Uree o'otoek P if. Turn* ud istaka ?? f**1' liWU bail litre# is In. In imw q W ood rvf enters b. g. Dei tar, Owner mMvi g as Uljr Ella; Theoaa* T'regan ?un ?. m. Lady Ce Una; Mr. Dotr sators ??. Cm letVa South furry tt o?> o'sleek P. M. SHAW A WHIM. Proprietors. ?TAI.LIOM. TO PIT! a. TKOTTINO STALLION. WILL STAND A* ?f Baedlker's, near Union Oouraa, LonglslamL at $60 the season, la adranceT Juptter la the sire of Lad 7 Emma. Major Anderson, Jupiter Jr., the Pear sail Colt Ac. ?yOPNO T*OTTINO STALLION MAJOR ANDERSON - -?dKri . and ill tb* Tillage of FlaUuah Long l-land. Term-., SM to' insure a foal Any further Inforniatton will ba lurnlshed bf Mr. Tm Wyok, or lha aubacrlber. SAMUEL T. FAY80N, 11* Wall strrst, If. T. ??v?miHlUTTlKII STALLION MAJOR AKUBW | will stand the present season, ou Wednesdays a>d I day*, at the Wyandotte Hota . Platlands Island, 1 the alternate days at lha farm of Mr. 7 1 8. Van Wyok, in RORSII, OARRUU^BS, *0. WELL BRED 8ADDLB MARE POR SALE OHB AP IS^ hands high , ? >?ar? old. soand and gentls in every OT Ponies. UK hauda high And fast: a gray and a black; will be sold separata or together; 4 and ft yaara old. Al?o a four year old Blaok Hawk Colt, well broke and vary prom King. Apply At 1M East Twenty-fifth street, near Ptrat a?o A FAST TROTTBR POR BALR CHEAP-HB If 8 yeara old, 14V bands high, perfeetlv sound and kind, and can show a J 40 uait to road wagon ; ha has naver been In the hands of a trainer. Prtoa $500. Apply at Mr. BTR VRNS' atabla. Twenty ninth street, near Broad w Ay. ? A COMPLP.TK TURNOUT POR SALR-OONSIRrmO of a splnndld bay Horse, 15^ bands high, perfectly sound, kind and free from vice, pleasant driver aad one of the safest family horses in the city; Wagon, fall spring, shifting leather top, made by Duasntaiury ; Single Harness, made by Lowdea, all of which will be sold cheap for the want or use. Apply at lft Nassau street, rooma lft aad 14, before U o'eleok. ATBRV STYLISH BLACB, HORSE, SIX YP.ARS OLD. lftyhspds. long tall, for sftis; ean troi his mils In Si'JO; souod, kind and A good roadster. Inquire for Smith, at Ring's stable, forty -flrst street and Madisoa avenue OEBTLBM AN'S OOMPLETB TURK OUT? CONSIST _ ing of a fine pair of Harass. Harness aad Phaeton, ,/ood's make. Apply at Wilson's slsbls, Tenth street, be , tween University pWos sad Plfth avenue. A PAST PAIR OP BLACK HORSES VoR BALE-1SX hands high, sound and kind, free and stylish drivers, ean trot together in H.80, amgle 2:40 aad 3:4ft; must be .old aa the owner is about leaving for Rurope. Par particulars inqnlrs at 19 South William street, or at stable In Waoatar etreet, three doors north of Pourth street. AN ASSORTMENT OP ALL ST V LBS OP PIRST CLASS lUh 1 and family Carnages, for elty, Park and country drlTtag; speciality or four aad sis seat Paetona, at MOTT A CO. '8. manu acturers, 16 Weat fourth street, one block from Broadway. * A TWO SEATED TOP WAQOlf, IN OOOO ORDBB, JX for sale cheap Inquire at 41 Unlvsrsity plaes, near Eleventh strset. In the tailor ahop. A LIOHT DOUBLE HARNESS POE SALE CHEAP? ?A, In good order. Inquire at 146 East Twenty-fifth street, between first and Seooud avenue* I A OEMTLBMAN HAVINO 11 ACRR8 OP OOOD PAS- I JX turage, ten miles from the cite, would take two or three Horses for the summer: stable and grooming If re quired. Addre-a William, box I 014 N. Y Past offioe. A OOOD HALP 8PRINO CART. NEARLY NRW, WR8 ? terfleld's maks; alao Harnees, cheap. Apply at 47 Bar *?? street, near Bleecker. LABOR ASSORTMENT OP THE FINEST AND _ latest styles of flr -l nlssa Carriages, vis ?Pine Shifting op Baggies, Two Scat Half Tope. Carmantowna, Bxten Ion .ops. Family Kockawava, Ksmlly Carrlagea, Eoad Wagons of all descrl) lions. Warranted e<|ual to any manufactured. Persons in want ot carriages are invited to call aqd exam ine the aoove stock, as it it the largest and best selected as sortment of Carriages In New York. One hundred Harness. C. WITT*, 490 Broadway. A BAY HOR8R, 1ft*-,' HANDS HIOH. JUBT PROM THE country, fnr sale, 1 noe $IAi; also, a s'eel tray Mare, lli hands high, very aiyrtsb. wa-rauied sound aud kind elngle or double, and half spring Road Wagon. Inquire at Ml Third avenue, oorner of Twenty-eighth street. U8INKS3 WAGONS OP EVERY KIND CONSYANTLY on hand, suoh as Oroeers'. Milk. Mineral, light an 1 heavy Express, and fit for any buslnssn purpose. You will find Ibis uUire as favorable a a auy that can be found, and ov'tf article is warranted aa repreeemed. STEWARTS Wagon Factory, Fifty-third at real, between Broadway and Eighth avenue. CARRIAGES. ADAMS A CONK. Corner at Third avenue and 125th street. Manufacturers of ftrst class Carrlagea of every deaarlptloll . Purchasers are requested to eiamine their stock on hand and In process af completion. (1ARR1AKB8 FOR SALB.-W CABRIAOR8 OP ALL J styles Brett*, Barouches, Hockaways, Park Phaetons, Bugglet, and Business Wngon- of a I kinds. Also AeoonA Hand Wagons of all kinds, and tweniy Hor es for sae cheap, at No. 14 Nsvlas street Brooklyn. CIOUPB WANTED? RUT LITTLE USED AND SMALL J stss. by a cltv builder and of modern style Add r?s* with builder's name date of building and loweet price' Coupe, box 101 New Voik 1'eat office. Rocks war not waated' Fast trottino horse for salr-sbvbn years old, aouad and kinji. never been trained; can show a aatural gait of 2. JO ucr mile; sold ouy for want of use W*T L. TUREEL, 410 Broedway, from 8 to IS A. M. B F IINR BLOODED HORSE. DABK BAY, FIVE YEARS old. a superior aad la horse, stvlleh. warranted ouud aod kind. May be sSaa at X! feast Twsaty second street. Price saoa ?INB RAY HOE8S POR BALB ? SOUND IN EVERY partl<-a!ar. kind aod very gentle: flrvt class saddle or illyborae. suitable for a lady to drive. Also Oarrlnge. Heranee. Me. Aiuily at No. <W Wall street, bsssmsnt, or at THOMAS OO M MOLLY. OT Cherry etreet. |4'OB a* i?b o?if sfAjtor ?obrkl houm. sb vkk aad 1 Ala eonad i _ _ Hor-a, five y ran old. aaund, kind. aad a llae driver; ran trot wall? all ai which mint to eoldln afew da, a The above horwc un to aeao at P. J. RODINK'B atabfea, 136 Pierre pool atreet, Booklyn. ? jV)B 9ALK-A K1NB PAtBOP TROW OBAT PORIKB, b'gb, vary haa'eome. Oaa bay Mai rartety of Wagona, Rnokawaye, < Wagona aad two Gin Bu-ln*.a feretti JW*?* ??t. Brat atreet. ?*LL -- JP ?d carriage H.irwi. IBS henda high V jaan old. ma hogany bay*, aauad aad kind. r<> to ae*n at Hound Hren, Naa/wMy Inquire for partlciilare 6f D. CONOVBR, V7 F?1 5sr._, v. UnNdaanat, K. T. For bale-thk property or a urntlsman having no further uaa for tbam, ana ooaab 4)<>raa, ldl? band* hlgn, dark bay. black palni*, Inog tall, aevao ye a. a old. very nandaoaae; ona gray Horee, I6L haada high, long tall, all )eara eld. of M|>ll<b ailon, aad raat; una hay Ma>%. nrarlr thoroughbred. IS1, band* high, long tail and blaak polnla, lira yam aid, vary bandaome and ahawy, and of i ttm at rad?r*ana, ?ttMabla far >? odWr; oaa (ray Horaa,. abort tail, right vaara old, rernarkab y gratia aad faat auit ? bla for a fami'y horaa; oaa tUrriaga. $1*1. two aala Oar rlage llaraaaa, BHO and 'igbt Wwm, with iwla and rbafta, flu*, light Uararaa. Bit'-. Wagon for four. %nl. Tim Horaa* aia all erntad and kind. Cm to eean by apply, lag ImmadlateW at in vale -table In Lailagtoa avanae, eaat batwaan Twraty-Brat aad Tweotyaaeoad atraata, be. fora ten or after three o'clock. For sale-cabbiaqb horses. a pair op young bky lloraaa. which bare bean uard In lha cHr oaa yrar and ara offered for aala by a gentleman rem nv leg to lha eonntrr. I squire at pv+vate atabla No. 7 Collage a raai. Braaklya. |H)R BALK? PIVB OOOO HORBRS PROM 6 TO 8 _ 1 redr- old, baary twill, (It Tor '.art, truck or hnlating ; one gentle bay Horaa. Oun to driven by a lad? Call at Np. 6 Hamrtton areaaa farry, Brooklyn, for -PATRICK KBN MKT. orman ? Ft* BALK? A SUPERIOR YOUNfJ IIORBR, 8UITA bla tor a gentleman - carriaga. luat In from thr country. i'aa to aaan for a abort lima at (ha atabla of Uadarhul A Kleat, Lefayetr plaoa. \ For b a lb- a pair op pinb bbrd horarb own brothrr-. dark rhaetaut long tails warranted ao ad and kiad; aiaa Carriage. Harare*. BaldK Biaimrta. Jlft . Ac. , . jnalatlag of a cotnplata and toantlfal aalabHU'imrnt, will to tald r.aranabla. AddraaaO. W. T , box 719 I'oat ofTtca OR SaLK-TRTO PART WAI.KIIfO IIORdRa BI'TTA V hln for oart or tnaeH; iIi?t art I# haod^ hirIi. 7 /? I - lof u F F old aad warran'ari aoaad and kiad. "old fir *au |iH| iira at AH Wrat Fourth atrrat, scar Barrow. ,V>R 8ALR-A HA MUSOXK BLACK MARB. LOMO J tall. l#\ band a blgh iy?araolJ. alao a fo'ipa Ror.a I war. rarrtagr apr nga with ^ala and ahaft* an I harnaaa to iiau h. Will ha -?\4 <aparataly or tagrthar. Ta to aaan at M Wa*t Ttilrtlath air-art. |j>OB 8ALB-A RPLKMOID TI1BRR QCABTRR BBKD r Kanturky K add la Man. warmn-ed round and kind; aullahlr for wa^.n; alao a Oaa Wagon (built b? 8ra ??tr<- * i-o i. lla'Da4 ir. Pnoa $TWl la mira at R KLDKRD'f r.mi'tra BtaWaa, No g Em Twaaty atghth atraat. LWR MaLR? \H BNOUBH DONKBT, WITH w AOOV. r barna-a, ba>a' aad glrla' aaddlaa aad brldl??. Imparted froaa Loodaa. Apply at tl W. at Thirty-Brat atraat. tfOB SALB-A BBAVriPOL PITRR WIIITR PONY, P l/tf handa high, ataad, taalaad ta doubla and alnala harnaaa aad aaddla. Ta to aara far a faw dayaaaly at un. darhlll A Mhat'a, TB Kaat Blaaaath aMaat FpOR MALR-A OOOO BOURD HORSE, BIMTABLB 1 fiit family uaa. of aay buaioaaa p irpo?a, aarr gaatla, and good drtrar;wlll to a.dd law, alaa a aat of Harn-aa. Apply ta JoriBPR B. HDBBOB. Miath araaua aad Porty ninth -traat fjlOB BALE? A SPLENDID BAT BOBBR. 7 TBARB r old. Idli baaBa high, warraatad aruad and kind, with . aat a fault 01 aap kind ia alngia ar doubla harnaaa; would aiaka a apiaodid oaupaav aa/rlaga horaa. Par >tyla or beauty aaBB"t fa aurpa aad. TO to aaan at M Plrat atraat uatll aald. _ rB BALE? A IIABDBOMB BLACK PONT. ISSt baada blgh. alwava aaad far a aaatlamaa or lady to nda. aod kiad la haraaaa, Prlca $7&. To to aaan at I8d Paurtli atraat, la lha rear. Fob balb-a pinb daju i bay qobbe. ib hands high, aaund aad kthd; price ??? A too oaa noa dark tor Pony, fbraroung lady or gentleman ta rldaordrlra; ? ?0". Aptdy at in Weal Tweaty Bfth atrart. Realtor aa the gale l/OBSAIB-A DAEK niRitNrT Vt RR, I# II tRDB r I lach. A yran aid, with a?iendld aetlon in evert ihAa and manner i ta aa eicallant -addle mara. Prloe |W Alao a fraah milch ona, warrantrd la Mlk *1 i >aria par day and wake 10 pounda of bnlter par weak. Apply at ltf Kaat Twanty nrtheif?ai_ L,V>K 8ALH-A VRRY 11 ANDHOM K BL ATR I'l : \ V 1SH i d in It ibc taddla and ... - arid by 11 H. l.hKI'8 BOO , ? Ltberty a'reat. oa BkiBrday. Jlatin t , a IJ . * f>OR BALR-A IIOftBB, WAOON AND I1ARNBj<-<. S I lach >,f to I.>OR BALB-A v bni Ut<IUHOMf r hand a Mgh. kiad aad aauad ; ?.? d In barns-*, iraa ftotn fault Will to i A CO , 93 Liberty a' raat. oa Ratnrlay, For balr-a hobbb, waoon good order. Uie horaa la gray, alitaea I an da una li high aoond and Wad; wtll drlte aingle ar doub a App.| KDW \RD KRLI.RT, tl Waal TblMAmth atraat. w MMML CAMUHHi . nSALB? A ITLirom riaiLT MTAIUli Ml. omiMIm of a kMMMfslteMtograr ibn. l? baa* hlgk. nrruM mu< tM **4, fjmp ?** Tod Vim Md lliraMi, also BrMU and *44*, ??W' ?od Whip. NuM ta Nli H iki mmt kM |M m ruhkir uee for iSmm. laquire >1 S Cherry afcaet. lir throe day. ClOB HALS? A OABK BAY BABB. ? TltBI OLD, r >?r ?liik dmr, Hi M? w Ikt baHJtMl* aufi >? tba eity. Will be aold for fM-J it worth Mtsble I Mi mow Inquire of M. A B> CONNELLY, M Woe* Thirty alath at. ipOB 8 ALB? A SPLENDID DARK BAT BBUFB P Harm, 17 haade high. bUok Mas Md Ml. u4 MvitaA driver; wl|l b? aold cheap u ilia owoer ha- ?? UM fur nim. Can be oeee at i nkui i etabiae, Bo. 1.29B Broadway. _ Fob sale-a very stylish saddle horse, ?nod la etngie or double harne-e;Votd fur wmI of uaa. Inquire at LOWBY'B Riding Aeadeu>y, ooruar of Thilly nlutbttreetaiid Tiflh avenue, Fob s alb ? a riBB sorrel barb, or qood ityle, ralaad In Vermont, eevtn year a old, and posanaaaa ?rory daelrabla quality. boih for haruesa an J aaldle; war ? ranted aatlrely eeuad and gentle, la afraid of nothing, and will stand without tying. Prioe |U). Apply at 77 South etreet, up alalra. . For balb-obb paib or bat horses, long taOe; wall matched, perfectly auuud, kind and every way rellabla, 15 hand* hlfii ; and, without elocution tha moat aiyltah pair In tbl* Slate At Klng'a alabla, Forty lira* Ureal, mm Mallaoa avenue _* _ r? 5ALB--A BAOOLE BOR8B, TOB A LAOT, THR Snoot riding horaa In tha city: bu boan uaod by a lady YtiniXFti. !'.''VLd k""l. Apply to MIm /. WKtr LlHQToB, IBt Btath avanua, oppoalta Eighth Kraal. FOB SALB-A orat horse, sixthrn bands hlgk, very frao. prompt driver and good ate p per, would ? Ana ooupe Horae; bean uaad itngle an J double; alao tight Baffling Top WaaM Md alngla and doubl*. Harnaa ; olty make, la good order. Apply at SU Waat Twenty-eight ?treat. Fob bauUa la rob bat horse. bix years old? perfectly sound and kind, euitabie for a eou|>a or JMIJ kind of haavy work. Apply at 80 Weil Twen y-eixth TJKJR BALB-A ORAT B0B8B. 14 HABDS, FEBFROT ? ly gentle; haa been rode and driven by a young girl.for two jwri, aold at the owner haa no nee fur li Inquire at F ly gentle; haa baeo rode and driven by a young girUfor two year*, aold at the owner hw no nae fur ll " SI Waat Thirty -flnt etreet. rB 8 ALB- A PIBBT CLASS BIDING HOB8K, TOB lady or gantleaan ; oolor bay, long tall, fine atyle, 1*H baoda high; good In harneae; prioe ?J00, worth $300. Ap ply at Hallow*1 Central Park atable, Biabth arenue and Fifty ninth atreet. fOR 8 A LB? A BBAtrrirOb SMALL 8IIBD BAB aaddla Horae; Hue action.. Can be aaan far two dart at atable Mo. 81 roreyth ttreet. I|H)B BALK? A PAST WALKING BARB, 8PRINO P Cart and Harnett; will be told together or atparate. Inquire at Mo. 6 Old tllp. Cart 1.74S. OR 8ALB-ONB PAIR OP SPLBNDID BLACK _ Hor aa. IS handt high, flag talla; atlra nice pair Grays. Ion? ta li. Id hMda high; one splendid Coach Team, ogp pa r brown Horoee, 16 handt 1 Inch high, very fait; one Ripree* W agon, nearly new ; one light Baagy. in good order; one ?pleMtld Coupe Horae. long tall; three nio? saddle Lionet 1 wiUawop. JAB. 8. BBLDEN. 81) and 82 Weal 34th ai Fob balb-a nun tounu hobsr. b trarb old, dark aortal, vrj kind, ityllth in harnaaa. good roa.i?t?r. Alao Harneea and Top Wagon In uaa one yaar. Caa be aeen from B to 10 o'oloek on Saturday, at Banorofi*a atable, 47 Irving place. 1POB BALB-A CHR8TNl'T BARB, ft YEARS OLD 1? Md IS bandit high; sound and kind In tingle or double harnea-t; ownel by a lady for three year* ; la uaed for the aaddla; can trot in three minute* Alao a Top Wagon and eet of aingie Harneea. lnqulro at the oorner of Forty alzth ?treat and Firit a>enue, In the grocery. FOR 8ALB-A SPLENDID LBXINGTON BAY BARE, IS haod* high; very ityllah d rivet, nud ran trot In threp mlnutet; eight yeari old; tO'ind and kind In alngle or double hanieaa; price TAjO. Inquire at FRASKR'8, corner of Reade and Hudten itraeli.^ j IatuR SALE? THItBB UKAVT CART OR TRI'CK ' flora ea. Apply at tba farm of John Carix-ntrr, l'ortcbua tor. M. V., or addreae boa 00 Foat office. Portcheater, M. Y. FOR 8 ALB? A HANDSOME LIGHT WAOON. WITH eaamallad leather cloan top . perfucily new with extra ohlld'a -eat. made in the moit luotlantial manner tor the owner t own ua?. Cau be taeo at Mr. GRAY'S, 27 Wooetor meet, near Grand. For bale-a top waoom or doo cart, w.ith pole and ahatta and back a?at to turn In or out , ma 'e by Wood Broa., In good order, and nearly aa jnod a< new ; price B27S. Apply at the priraie alablet, 10 Eaat Tbirlr niuth street. FOR 8ALK-ONlt BOCKAWAY. FIVB TOP WAGONS, three no topi, on* pony Uog Cart one t *o teat Waiton. one til seal Cou|>e Rockawar, two haiid?<>ni<< n.-w four seiti Pbaetona, one Saddle and Bridle, one let Harnett. Mo. 27 \Vyorter aireet, near Grand. Fob sale-one or mTnkb a STftVKN.v best city made Coupe Rockaway Family Carriagcl with miftlng or moveable glaat front, till table for one or two boreea, nearly new and in prime order. Can be >een at Youns'- carrlagi' factory, 72 and 74 Wett Twen'y tlftu itreei, near Sixth arenue. IfOR BALE-AM hLEGAMT POMT CHAISE PH. ETON, ' nearly new and in 4ni- condition with po'e and ahafta, im table lor city or country. Will be aold low. Applv at the private atable, H Weat Twenty fifth aireet For sale? a rrktt, in first ratk order, bt Wood Brothers, price $-?), a ao Top Wa^mi. aultab e for a doctor or Park uao; B7S. Sold to cloxe concern. Apply at ?J40 Bet t: nth av nue. near Forty eighth street }P0B BALB-A SHIFTING LEATHER TOP SqUARB ' box Wa^oo; hai been used a few tlmaat a> <>n1 as , new: alao l>ay Mare. IS handa high. 8 years old, aouud aud kind every way, and can trst In 2 M>, of great enduranca. At private stable, Itf Weat Fiftieth ttreet. J*OB SALE? AM BXPttEBS ROUTE AMD THRKB ' Wagona, Tru-k. four iata of Harnea- and three Horaaa. Apply for oaa week at tba corner of Fifty llr?t aireet and Broadway, to T. BOUABT. FOR MA LB? A COUM <romoHK OR TWO hoksrb>. la am?d order. built by Wood*. 1'rl.w ?ftr. ipplj II prtntr e'able US Will Klfiwnii itrret. between 1 and 6 ? clock P. M. E?OB 8ALK CHKAP? A VKHT STYLISH, flOCBD, P kind and enduring bay Horn *tgbt yeara o'd. accus tomed to *addle and barne*-, exhibiting at Bloglmui's .ubiea, Third arena*, cor ner of Fifty-fourth treat. BH)H SALR enBAP? two skcond hand opkn 1 rarrtaiee; ana la a-ai Ruekawey ; alee a Coups, suit able for a phyal-lan. at U an I U Am t/ place. L>OR S ILK OR IBBBMWIj* YOU NO HORSFS, I1 just t rim ibe country. 14 te 17 hand* Mah. S to 7 yeara oM. all Bound an I kind. Inquire In the blarkamlth ebop, It) Norfolk ?treet, until auld. 10AT WAXTKD? OMR TRAIN RD TO A BOT'8 ea|OD Applr at 1M Tort elreet Brooklyn. G HOR8H8. COACH KS. WAOON8 AND HARNKS8.? Imoortaat to llrery eteble ka?para and ethera.? Wfll be ?old at anntlee. o? Monday, KM Inat, at II oVIocfc. the large and eeMot *t>?k of Haraae, Wagon*. (Urnaaa, Cuei h-?. An., of ibe well known llrary *t*bl* 48 ?nd 30 M a rue atreet ae l >er aurl Inn not:?-a In Harald The haaraea are eieellent 1 ark or lor trt'el* uae; mauy faat and etaltah trotter*. The wa gon ? In good oner, city mad*. Hirnea* alninut new. Thla a*1* l? Important te bac'ttand haree men Hale fr** knit be aeld without limit, tha proprietor getting out of lha light back bo.-lnee*. BIOHARD WALT BBS, Sberira Auctioneer. JI'BT ARRITBD PROM Lt VI BOSTON COUNTT II f.. a lance <et of t?tt aopenor Hon**; one or tk* tlneet palra of ttlaeft Hawk Mare* la the Huta. 14 han I* bigb; una ?ne eery ulylteh pair of tua? Mar"*, ran trnt In S *i- one fla* pair ef nay Horaa? I4t( haad< Mth. an aioellMul and aery Myllab team ; one beautiful St. Lewreno* Mara, ran trot in } SO eli year* eld; a I an, several nther line .-err a.-e hcraea aad faat trotter* Call at the Metropolitan Sia^lee, eornar of frlon and Crosby *tmK IIOHT WAOOIS KOK SAJLK-A NlMMhR OP LIGHT J Wagona, with aad without topa. my. make' ala? two light aeeoou haad Coaehaa and ?na Brett. In g'.od or.ler In i'ilra at Coopar'k carriage factory, 97 aaJ TO Chariee MINI ONB or THE PLlfBST PAIR OP CARKTAOB HOB8RH | In the Blale feP aale? Thar are b'oort bate. I* hand - [high, abort lea*. Mng 'ail*. ??r< ?tyllah. long and rangy a<<*n '"th1 head*. aeran year* old tlila lining. tine feet, and p 'lfectlr a?und and genua In ovary re-i?-t to ?id* and tri.a. ?'an lie ?e*ii at the *tabla< of John Miuchta Oeahen, Orange eouaty, N. T. O^WIR PIRHT CLA8< BXVRK88 W V )DN ; Aljtl I fer?nt itTle*. ne.v and eec. ad haad one -et of double M irnrao, u *it ^nt once; for oale rheap, at 20S Prarl aire*t PHAIR OP PONTR* POR 8 ALP. -A BLACK ?NI> k grai I'our. well mat-hod In ei/e and fr>e*d. 14 Hand* high, ao'ind and kind In aingle or double harneaa: good <ad dl?' beaaia- long aatural (alia; a tmtutipil pair for nee in the r*rk: thay bare been need br a geutlemaa'a family for the pa*t two year*. Caa lie *?*? at D*bb'a ferry. Addrea* a not* to Ja*n*?. box 2,134 Poet ofllor. N. T. SJTAHLR TO.RBKT.? A ORNTLBMA.V8 BTABLR TO O rent fur 'hr*e or four nmu i; f.v atal'.a for horeea, on* for cow, room f??r four or lire carriage and larg? yard. The * table I* a una on* and In perfect order. Rent $?> p?r month. Apply at 91 Baat Twenty eeeond atreet. rfHB BMTIRB STOCK OP HOBmBM. C Alt HI AW J. llaroea-, Mr., the property of 0. H_ MAIN KM F.I /ali>th. New Jer ey, will b* **1J at Dtirat* aale thi* week. Any guu t>man wahlnga *?* pair of Hor?ea, a Coupe Road or Sa idle Hera*, will de well to call and eiamlne the eteek-? One brow n Rialllee, Jeraay Rnupae, -It', baad* hlrh 4 yeara . Id eaa tret la ? ?*s eea t<alr of Bar*. 14 handa, 7 year* old, Ma. k polnu, one pair or bruwn Mar ana, I4'A band* high, >1 and 7 year* old; one pair of brown Black rfawk Mare*, 13 hands 4 and 7 year* old: one enrral oottt* Horae. Id handa. 8 year* oM; *?* Wewn Hor * IS*, naad*, * yeara old. ehort tall; MM dMppte gray Heraa, In1, bead* 8 .ear* eld: one autrel Saddle II o'*e U', hand*. 8 rear* old. one dark Iv-owa Ilorae lsv^ haada 7 y**r I, aeltaele < X -..I 1 e or bara?e??eo; one brawn Trotting Mare, faat. IS^ hand*, it yUn old, afcttrt- tall; ene baf Home, I a*t 14 , * rear* old, afcoft Ull; *ae thoruurkbred Importhd liaada, ? reara old, ehoM tall; one thoruutkbred imporvd MareTV yaar.Ald. 15^ h*nda, -ultAbl* for aaddl* -or harneae; one era* Trotting Bora*. Ij handa. 4 yjo? <>*4 abort tells al*e three Work Home win be *eM The imrrn ?* hor*** la tbl* adrertlaetneot will ootadaii t of gMng further deeerlpMon. One Mauoleoa Phaeton, made hy Wood, aew; one Too Vmm mad* by Lawreo. a. nearly ne* . one Top Waaon rtin tbr-e u*ara. Br*w*ler'a make one Coal Hoi wSSS. .^Hy newTooe Trotting Wawn n*arly new. w*Uha 14' do indt; ooa et of gilt mmint*l Bratt Harn-aa, n.w^ma eS* ll?h tm??le (tarneea. new; one aat of light nearly new. ope ?dl ef rory Double mo TCRP BBB.-OBM 8KBLBT0* WAOON ROIl.t T for tioo. " P*trhen by Daeenburr A Van Moaer baa keen need but three il-aae we Jl.? 74 round, an .] 11^ pound fthaiia. for Ml* Ib ^Hlrn o( " H.^ wAuTlRilRI. f?r in v"??" " ?? earner Plftf-Ki'-rth atreet M. T, TWO HI Ot?D HAND OOACHBS-ONR COACH RoekMmy. two fani -eat IW m I>ue>i.?arly new; on* are- four eat and t > o Coach Boraataay*. but t before high vrie?>a. will br ao d h.cordtugly. MOTf A ???? No. !? W*?t Fourth atreet .... Wantkd-a pair or ooon farm iioftsB*. in i eichatig* for a anperlor nio.'arn built r'^noforte. worth Addram JaMRH UBMltV. n ation a Toat 1 o?ee. __ \> ANTBD-AB KXl'BBit8 WAQOMj ALSO A OI0. f I with or without top Addie * for two day* atat.Qg oweat ceah ; rl -e. bo? 1 oe Ai\ HOB^KB-AB AB80RTMKNT OP CtnBT.vfiR iU oar i. amgt* aad aaddl* H T*a* to be *e<d wit * w**?. *n aflopjlit of otnfint the buatueae the *<ia 1et*. ?t Be* 4 hud 18 Beeruoi atraei. uear Oltr Uali. Br on.jn. ' liTOMWWTI. riirrotBiATKoi ^ ?U- A"D WW YORB OIR'JDl. lNr)Nilk UiM. urooalu inaAemy of Moala. fosiotbly the un THIS (FBIMAT) *V*W1K0AT IPiLIHIIQ A UK1R1V OH? AT WE AN CIRO08. af All COLOSSAL AMD TALENTED COMPANY, which proceed* Immediately far * short lour to th? PRINCIPAL NEW RNULAND CtTlRg while maturing the prenarailon* for a grand aquatic trip I Con-tan tlnopl* aad ?e Mediterranean ? vaiTt preparations tiSPeiiUVr'Aiuic *s?a M*W w/t&V SSen Miff PEAT* IK OVM MBW MAM I* ??riM KUUILIBBIB. MBW SttUINB r?ATi, ^?ANu nf.w ( umkdi - '""imFrmittti/S knows tn ID* drole. will be produced by the unapt and , or STAM> . to lea, to be ??* Will. WED N BHD AT AND SATHBDAr AfTIMOOn, mo adtamck~7n~thr PRICKS. Reserved atalla. 7Se. ; dre*? circle flOe.; children half ****** amphitheatre, Xfia. Door open? Afteraooa at ljtf i o'cloo* for Aaai?H*aU and Olhtr Advcrtlgga MinU Im N lath ?Ml Taath Pagtfc mm at APCTioa. Hknrth. leeds, auction err. HENRY a. LMBDS A M1MKK will Mil at thla da#. Friday, May -U, at- 1 J o'clock, In frunt o our eatee* room, 98 Liberty *tr*et, a few doom *e*( of Broadway. a Vermont Morgan and M*a*enger bay Mara, with blaafh point*; ? yaara old thla aprtng: 1ft hand* high; ?ini?Ml aoun>>, kind and genii* In double and alngle barns*-, a ?eAB traveller; ha* bean used tha paat yatur a* a fealty aad *od only for want 01 uae. Alao, a black Pony, 1SK hand* high; kind aound and na Ma la harnee* and under tae aad. lie; aotl . aa tha awuer Em ao farther u*e for blot. Alio, aa open Barouche, wUh pale, shaft*. Aa.. la b*?A He NET D. MIHBB. AUCTIONEER, SALESROOM 87 Naaeao Hreat. oppoalte tha Po*l office MI* BR A SOMKRVILLR will aall at auction on Saturday. May SI, a* lOU o'clock, at their aalearooia. 37 Nassau itraat a tars* andMtneral aaaortmant of Ga* Kl store* of every d**ertan?^ con Jilting of parlor aad hall Chandelier-'. Bracket*, Olotaa. Pendant*, .to.. to bo aold without reaarre Alao a general anortment af Household Furniture. Aa. _ Rr. ROLLINS, AUCTIONBBR.-MULLEDT a JPV . LINK will x'l! at auction, thla day. at 2 o'clock, a l that* alore. 438 CanU *traat, a good a?-ortmeat of new and *?"*? hand Knnlture, Carpet* Oilcloth*. Matting. Feather B*#, BoUin *. Pillows Hair and llu?k Matirease*. ore aat tlagla Harness, lot of 8auco?, Sptoes, cataup, Ao. gHBWK^S SALR ^ HBVBRAti ATTACHMENTS, OROCKUlKtt, HOUSE AND TWO WAOOBS. BICHARIJ WALTERS. Auctioneer, will ?eU ?n Fridegr, May 'JO. at II o clank. at si Koat llroadwav, a <|uanttty i f as sorted Groceries onnsirtlng of Solera, Tea*, Angara, KUmw. Coders Soap, Starch, Vinegar. In barrel*; iJ Counter and S Platform f-valea lt> ho?n* of S ap and a l*rs* quanta/ af Soap and Candle Boiea, Barrel*, Ac. : ono Iron Sate, Urge ll,''Ar^(7"ofi|{ OOOD GROCERS' HORSE. TWO WAOONS AND UARNKHS. I VY U VTAUUt^o Ani; Urtnnr. no. _ Akr% Immediate!/ afuir. at toe ?ouUr?ant corntr of Thhr? avenue aad Korty fourth atreet*. a uuaoUU?lf Store 5* turei. JAMRB LTBC0, Sheriff. A^dbb* L. Btrhb. Depot*. > SHRRMAN A CO.. AUCTIONEERS. SELL MO* . day. May -SI. at 11 o'clock, at 753 Broadway the nntlM Furniture of aald estahllshiimnt. vl/. ? H larue French Plat* Mantel and Pirr Mirror', roaewood and o<k Sideh art*. 6.1 roeewood, raahonany and oak *eat and back ur>h'il*""fea Chair*' tnarble t^p Rnrenns and WmliHtands, ro???d Suit , Sofa* I'.aay l"li*lrs, Caroet* and Olleiom* lU r ir^**. C HERMAN A CO.. AUCTIONEKRS. SKI.I. TBIS io? da*. Friday. Nnr o'elo-.-k. at No 1.1 Bower*, tfi . enilr*' atocic of Wine*. Ll'iu<>ra ai d Srgtr* of O. W. \Varr*tt>\ Ul; alao tli? Kunilture, vis ? cask* Biaak, Rochel e and C'>gna- Rrandiu; SJ bbl4 Kenn.' ly *, Mil lar'agtixl lurber'n e.<tr.i old Hourbon Whicker, punoh'oo? of Scotch md Irl<h TThlro-y. pip*-* and bbl*. Oin. Kaa. Port an.l She r? W n?.?; i?? ba ke'sand -aa * Champegae, 8i> a* a Claret, 0 <*?*?? onlU1. 14 1 ai* Walnuts. il*g""" rvj' B*'* viacei. u ? umi* . Tobamo; al?o the -ntlre Household Purnliurao' the f>mHy, k tliey are going to Europe. , SHKRMAN A CO.. AUCTIONEERS. SRLL THTB . day (Friday. May Hit. at l"X o oloat, at IS Bo very, tfc* entire fttrnlt ira >f a private fainilr. vie ? M*rb.e?op V* reau . Waahetamla. 'iiHlioranT C ,?lra, Tables Redreeda and Bedding, Crockury, Olaaawara, Ac. Alao a large uoct f win"* Lh|U<ir*. Bexar*. Ao. WM WITTBRS, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL. THI? dav, ai i o cloak, at IM t aial *t.. a lane and k?h*<* aortment of Houaehold Furniture-Parlor Suits, Centra, Ma in end Tea Tables; La and Di<n?>k '-art jlna. 'elv -t la. prsiry. T ^re^-plf and other Oitp^U; Oi c!o:n. mih u >*f othur Pnijinartl Ualr aud oiher M :Urns*ea, F^aib-tr Redding. Dreaslng Rnr a>i?. China. Olaa*. Ware. 8'o< ?s.X'?inis?'<, I'lialra, Mirror*. k<" ; al*o4S Refrtverater^ ii) Carpet*. Ac., Ac. WM. WITTfRS AL'CTIONRBR. WILL BELL TIIW day, atl?H o'cl?ik. at 81 W?*t Tw-nty *?vents atreM. all th* Parlor. Chamber, Dln'n* Room mil Eiteneo rurnl> ture, Aa, In the above house, Carpi;t?, Bed*. Soddiag, Mir rors. Parlor Suit*. China. Olaae, A*. NAVAL PRIZE Bli>MICT, *C. A NTONA. POR rOOAHONTAR. IS READT FOM A payment at the oOro Of WALDRN A WILLaBD, ISB fork atrret. Brooklyn. The sbarv* ate a a follow*:? Plr?t class fireman (MS M Second c aas firemen . ill |S Keamen aad oeal bearer* ... t-C St Orilfaary aeaiaes M9 I Laada nan SIS 1 ;S DIKOICAt. AUTtCB TO iTaRRIKD LADtBA? MADAM2 KM. TBLL. P-mala I'hyalolan and rrofxaaar of M IdwlCefe can ba aooaultad aa usual at U4 Cbaiabera airrot. But nmm Inierrlaw will ba uaaoaaary No charge fur ad r toe. H?M> fallible medteinaa nut aiaa ba obtained si IT7<-{ LthsitW street, or by Mall ; prl.e %$. Lad lea who deal re Wd IM the best metlrai attendance during ranflaamaat cm ba a? Cora made tad. Mar Kranrh I'llla. Ma I. pviaa (I a bos. or Mo. X. w'-leli are-four degraea iironftr thaa Ho, I, ta4 aM never 'all. are anfe and healthy; prlre |l a bni Cm ba aawh by mal', witli fun directions. M B ? Madame Res toll Mm It bar duly tooaiilion tadlea agalnat Imitators of liar ad Tar tlaa-naata, who not only rob them of their means, but M ben I ib. AMTROLOUY. (lOOD im- madam hopb, bbobntly 1 the South, can ba <?a*uit*4 on all the aTalrs of Ilia; unfol latba myatarles of tha future hj palmistry, at Mo MM filth arwaue betwren KlOTeuth aail Twelfth etreeia laMaa MeeM*. iwiilleMian $>. V* Al'AM WALTBR. THK WORLD RKNOWNRD CL AIM IT I voyant. baa removed to .VIS Canal street whore <h? tm prepared to reveal tba mysteries of tha past. praaaat an* fuinre with inch aannar that It will astonish aroa w believers. _____ NO IMPOSITION -TUB NBTRR PA I LINO MADAM 8TABB. from Bnr?pe. who waa born with a apteral gift, tha great buslnea. aad Medical Clair voy ant. Hbo eoa sulu ;ou on ibr patt, proaent and future, brings together thoaa long separated. causes spe^iy n-arria.-ea. Mow* Tom a corraet likeness ?>f your Hiture husband or abaant mends. Iler ?iual la not to he found Caution ? B6 ?M rw ward W any oaa who >aa surpass her In her p?nfes.taa or skill. She let! yon tba n%".? of tha person <hal yon marry. Thia ia no humbug No. .Ill Pogrth avenue, he.w??n lata tr third and Twanta fourth ilrwli. Kama on Uia da or. Uatil'iDM aot admitted. A FKHIOKAU 81'LP.NDPD NKW BOHM I.1FAMTTO HR A DOPTBD out l? a food home. Call at 7?l Oreenwich street. AHBfO- KCTABLB WIDOW Wl.-llhs TO ADOPT M KM child, a On*, health*. lalalllteiii I my, f,,ur ?-eks old. t<? "oui" m-pec.nble family, tba lining In t??r h- allh aa? ba< lug na m?an> of Support. Call at or addraaa l.H Weeg 36tli at . b?lwaen Broadway and 7tn hv Oan ba aaan aay lima Haiti Buartaf. rupKi T to nr. at i?bpot oy arrival or bx Pi prraa, r rid ay alght. at S P. M. To Carna U. O. T. IV TUB tlBNTLMMAN WHO ACCOhTKD A HUT CAM ryinii two wMow cbalra, un Monday aa t. la raUtloa fca tha finding nf a wa'.l?i ^attaining a $M giaanltark l^r>y tirt'ta an 1 r-calp'ad furnltura Mia, wt:i taiorn It t<> tba Suu-n lalan l frrry on actor, w!i|iah?ll itr? t ba will ra~ wire tha tbanKa or lh? owuar and a auuabia rawarJ. HIIltRT LUCKOW, VboM MOBTOCM, WI8HCII TO know tba a<ldr?aa of hla hrothar Otto Phillip La- kow. na *A<>|I aa to-albla. IIBNRY Ll'CBOW, Hx-rrm* Itaaar. Brawlway. Maw York. IIIPORMATIOH WOTKD-OP TUB V \ V ! r,Y ' >P M RM Harriet Martin, William, Pdward, J?aa?a and Mary ?aa artln. who laft On ambl*. Canada Waat about tha yaav M',SorlKVl ii)|oi? arwaaleh. Rhoda la'an.l, Aay Itba uiatton of tboia will bo tbaakfult/ r??ai?<Hl by CIMKLBJ MAKTIM 118 Lombard itraol. Philadelphia.^. Inpokmatio* wabtmd or chamlbb rich, or ,Vew York (f this ahould maot taa ?ya of my latbar, brother, or aay ratal. ra, they oan boar fr*m n a by eati ng on Maaar*. UtaA A rn/garald, puWlahara, No. |ri Aaa atiaoC hew York. USMBliiCH. IMPOBMATIOM WAMTBD ? Or BBIIOBT AMD l?ILA Paaaoy, who arrlred In tba ctaamihlp flaela on tha 1MB of I hla month. Their un^la. John reaaay la now la thta any They aaa aaa him by aaHia* at Oaatla tlarda* let aia diaialy. IP MBB PA B y IB ?COTT. PIANIST. WILL OA1A AT tho Sew York Hip par oflea aha will raaatra a Mtuw froaa a aary Aaar rnond. M. A. M ITfSJf BHOl'LD MRRT THB KTS 0? M M. Bowkar, dme-a?a*er. lata of J?7 Rlkth avwnua. aha wIM hear of something to bar a-lraataga by awn d lag har addraaa to hoi MP Poat ofllpe. Phiiadalpbia. jT M?. HB.XBT /LAMjAOAM. MM. H. AMMLIT* OB 1 Mr Pratyf* H. tartalmi. (who raotdod at ?? Baat Rrnad way. la Ho<?mhwr IMl) atteatmg wltnaaaas to iha will of John Lnka^ara raaldlng la tha city, tbor will noi.far a faror br aominanh-ailng their praaant addraaa to P. Bewootnb^ Btacutar. 529 Broadway. fl?IIM WATBIMB, PMOM CARRIER ON SirlR IBB. el land, wanla to know Tbuinaa Peekan'a ad ra??, lrt? same plara. JOHN W ATKINS itwao y's llut"t. N Y TOR'IK TRIPLAN ALNOVRtP WILL I'l.BASB CALL ?I aa r. Harmony's Nsphawa A (fa. J* Broo ,#ay. IOY ai;tm." Jt Cfes'.) Mt!tfBL'<0 ToWBB ? nl Ll>n rt.t , 'aut RIlWAKll M VNH >ON UK >U itRH A. Re' urn at on^a. Your ab-eme Is tba "ni / * > S ?? ? . ? y Y -a? frlHiida are tr ie. HAY V 1 1 . vC AO. R PR O O. or YHR BXPRtmoB LlTKBABT ... I n r. w'>l plaaaa call or aond bla addreas i P. H. II , Id I Mnlharr y strwt rrtiE rAurT who vyrotb Tt? a lahy in wur I I Am?b"re coDoernlns R l>?lan w II plaa-a w-nd tho?r addraaa, and lhe? will bo Innted to prora tMJr rhargo. ^ tV IM. COLONBI. W. 9. RO#LAyo >' now Jerwt) [iMaiie k'? ?' - sat t'ilv foal udjua M

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