Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 21, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 21, 1864 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Fiwh, May SO? 6 P. M. flw stock market opened this morning wlih an im proved feeling, and price* , although not as good a* ware obtained tat tbe e.irlj part of yesterday, were oevertbe lass better the quotation* of the evening. Compared with the sale* at the first hiard on Thursday. Rending Raliroaa advaucd 1 per coat, and r*cifl?; Mali 2; New York Oantral declined ?<. Krie Hallway *, Krie preferred X, Hudson River H . Milwaukee and Prairie du Chlei. IX, Mich t( an Central X. Michigan Southern IK, Illinol* Cen tral 1, Cleveland aud Pittsburg 1, Galena and Chicago IX. Cleveland and Toledo 3 X, Chicago and Bosk ialand 1, Pittsburg and Fori Way is I, Alton and Terra Haute I, Chicago and Northwestern l,T\>ledo aud W aba?h X, Mis almppl and Missouri 8, Cantou Company 1 V* , a Pels ware and lladsor 1 ; Cutnberlsi d Coal , Quicksilver Mining and Mariposa fold the aarnf The following were Uieo Ming quotations:? New \ork Central 1S4X, Krie 11SX, *?? preferred 100, Hudson JtW?r 15! tlarlem 3Sl,Ke.ding 146X, Michigan Cen tral 148. Michigan Southern M, Illinois Central 132Xt Oblongo and Northwestern fig, Pittsburg ai d Fort Wayne 118, Milwaukee aud Prairie du Chlen 70Xi Chicago and Hock Island 118, Cleveland and Toledo 162X, Galena and Chicago 183, Cleveland and Pittsburg HQ, Pacific Mail ?13, and Quicksilver Mining 74% lite market haa a buoyant lone, and the Indications are that the quotations to morrow will be at higher figures he following table compares the quutatious for the leading railroad (hares at the first meeting of tho Board of Brokers to with the prices obtained on Ftldav or list week ? May 1$. May 20. New York Oeutral 131 13*\ fc>ie. 10?X 11" Krie prelerred 10f>x 108 X Hudson River 130 X 164 X Harlem. 2t>6 StiO Paadlog l'4*X Michigan Central 18K 1U> Michigan Southern 93 9s?X Illinois CeUral 124 M3X Milwaukee aud Prairie du Cblen tf^X Cleveland and Pittsburg 100 } 1 *A Salens and Cbloago 1*>X 138 Cleveland and Toledo WJI 161X Chicago anil (tuck Inland 110 118 Pittsburg and Fort Wayne U1X 118 A I too and Terre Haute ? 69 Cbloago aud Northwestern 66 02 Toledo and Wabash 71 X *-X 1-aclOe MaM 227 28& aoiberlatid Coal 77 79 fannsylvania Coal Company 210 ? Delaware and Hudson Canal 220 230 Canton < om pan y .... 43X 46 X ^uloksllver Mining ?... 71 74 The following were the juotationy to-day for govern men securities.? Five twenty ooapon bonds 107 Fhre-tweoty registered bonds 100X a mi 6's of 1881 1UX tered 6 ? of 18*1 114*4 One year ourrency oerilAcatea 98 X Seven and three tenths treasury notes.... lllX Ootipc.n f>'s of 1866 104 Oold opened this morning st 181 X, hut was dull daring the day on the fractions between 180 and 181. The trans action? were limited, and the quotations barely nominal. The government Is selling foreign exchange at 197, which retards to a great extent the operations of the gold gamblers. A correspondent puts tbe following question:? Can a bolder of legal tender notes tnsIM upon their con version at par Into 6-20 bonds, 6 per cent Interest, when }h"> note* held hoar on their back tho legend to that effrctv If so, are tbey not, at the present price of 6-20 bond*, worth Bixnemiag like 10 or 12 per cent premium over tboee legal tenders which, on tlieir reverse, simply Stale tbey are receivable !wr all loans made tbe (Jolted Stales, and which can only be converted into 10-40 five per oent bondsV We oanoot fathom the Intentions of the government; bat it Is our ffaprenion thai, as iheflve- twenty bonds are all absorbed, and as tbe description of legal tenders above referred to have performed the work which was assigned them, they have beootne a part of tb? ordinary United States currency, being worth no store than their green back brethren, and, like tbera , receivable fbr the ten forty bonds, wblch are now being oflbr^tby the govern ment, and obtainable at all the United States sub treasuries, and through all the national hanks which have been designated as depositories of the public asoncf. The subscriptions to the tea-forty toan now average over ssvsn Billions per week. The movements of foreign dry goods nt this port during tbe week ending May II may be neen In the following Is hit ?, Jfciisi'si for ctmntmplum. ParX-aom. Vatue. Manufactures 0C wool 80i $148,0X1 Manufactures of cotton 208 82.360 Manufactures of silk 122 90,011 Manufactures of flax 446 187,886 Mwosusssotis 87 60,669 Mai 1J9I $608,9* r. IpVMi mania Msnulaotures of wool 1,1(7 Msauiaotures of cotton 712 Mansfaotures of sMk 232 ?Uttulacturee of flax 302 Miscellaneous 078 TSUI 8,171 9M,9tt Wapekoutad. Manafaotures of wool. ATI $239,781 Manufactures or cotton 179 46,47' Manufactures of silk M 72,887 Manufactures of flax 649 134,006 MIsosMaaeooe. 142 21,038 ?rtal .1,617 $616,117 The gross earnings ef tbe Boms, Water town and Og d 1Mb erg Railroad daring tbe month of April compare as Hallows with tbs receipts for ihs sams lima last yssr ? 1*03. 1164. $22,092 $1,073 18,671 $1,224 2.296 2,0*2 Pnsssngers .. !3L.. Tsui $43,064 69,369 26,303 the total receipts of the Galena and Chicago Union Railroad during the week ending May 16 were as fol lows ? Second week In Msy 1804 $44 841 Basse time in IMS 81,09V ,...$13,242 VMQIl i 7WJU U i ti ? S Ai, coil |.m\ 30 0 do 10fV ia?Tn .fa i?, mIad hiv XXMu U 1 ?'*, I r cerilf . 98 , l<m> Miaaouri 1 a 71 ii mvuo ra.lMHA.Sl J KR 92 gov Ohwft Mlaa oervf 84V } <10 Sft ?8ul,RT AErlrtaa ) 12 ) Hudson J at mlM. 116 I MtOliflMfund t>J?. 1 J 7 B A iu/dcooT Wdt 100 HObiklk! Mi 109 ^?Mti ARlTaul l.?B 103 BOhI ritudihm. fl? A08W tnwniat gold IHI 40 aba CbaUMia Bank. no >W Cantoa Utapta? . H ?lock Buhaani Kaidat, Mat 10? 10 3D A. M 81, Mil 114 5 ? aba Reading KR. lC'. " 8U0 do blO MO 10J Michigan Cea RIt . it r, 1U> do ?> ItSW .100 do blO 1*0 >00 4o . blO !*??< 300 Mich. kANI SR. vv 800 do . W 4 liifl do W 99H j<? 40 MS i?S J <10 do bie w, MO do ?1? 9.1 \ 800 do V , 1UU Mich. Bo A M I (UI 8jjgCta?? A PliURR 4o.,? *v> do. ... ... .bio iir Mill Coot RR acrip in* **> >00 do l?.iC {?> <a iM iss ? w sSSSfc.?l& StfIB rr--t*.rr:u1L e _ ft do ?s* Oat A Mud Oaa Oo. JSO r?M OoolOo ... til AO >10 408 QniMtatTror Mn| Co 73 H Sou li? do . . , 74 lup ?Mlon?aoia Vu < o ?? ?0o OooaoudAtod (71 Co, ?Jd MO A R* la RR . . |17 do 117 H 117V Ao urfa iff m t a*. $ & ?00 Rrta RR. do IM WX MO do bll ll?*t |0 200 Mil A Yr do <.'h R K 7< fc ~ I0V do b30 7l 4 ?*)Tol A Wabaah RR 72H *M m 4o..,. 7y** IS4 APIIta, PltiCbK 114 M* *Ui do II* !??$} i?? do:::::;.. b? u?t 1S4?, too Alt A T Haou RR <? ioo 8*taa? fTpr'tlL UK) 315*2 K*S _ _ 4o ? IM i Mf do biO iMtf ?I? do ...... 'M ?o Ror*l?h A Wor RR 110 MM RoAdiog RR. id* H? do i?s\ a s . ::?? :r; i;" 10 )l alWi eou WOOTf ii 7*JO A a . KnO lr s ?'?, i ft c?n tr# d? ... ??' aba uaioAali -?r M? ??) do f raoiflr Mail s I Co M _ jo....... _ M0 > T Control RR WOkrta RR i <0 So 10 Alt A T Haato. praT >00 do ........ . IWChl 1MI RR 1?? do >yp do..... .. .bis :?) d.i a30 ijjjCW A N W prf no do::::::: 901 do . ... TO Mar A Cln. lat prf . tft'S A At Jnaaph KR 1<W Klaa A Mbiaourl RR IB< OKI) BOARD. H?tr-rA*t Two o'Gloc*. t, M I0AS IU0 ah. Micb to A R I ? 1 (3 10 >?JII Coot RRacrlp. . 131 ion do 10" do 112* ?8Q rfck A ft W prof... w. too do MM S* (?7 I^K 89 ? M 10. niv: ?'2 ?a*: 74 233 . o* 131 IMV i'? do i*)W W Cl?*a A Fitl? RK liaii ''?>? do ... l lfi in do..., aiu UN RR. ?l3 ton ....a iOt-il ' W Brio RRmftmd. 109 100 Rtidooo Rlror RR.. 1U MA do ivf ?? do lSiJ ? * do 162 ?1M IA?K _-.T? bM 1A6% ?apaioh toAii km. w ? Roodlnc RR. IMIoh Co?l RK 10oo?l?aa A Chic II R. its ?>J Cia?? A Totodo KR 152M **) _ do 1A1V UJ Wilr A R 1 RR. M0 118$ <**' do 11* Bar A (J RR bio ISO Wl MU 100 MBA Ir.Ou ?h rr "r bM lis fc wl do bio ph'< I^Cfclc^A R W KR ' ?d0 do... bio iiru V. $ CITY COMMERCIAL BBPHHT. May JO? 8 P M. L? tAOOlpt*. 80 bl>.? aa aa bO bt> la p?t? At f8 60 >11/ AA |lt. i? RAOOi|>t*, 1,18* bbla floor . 02 bbl?. and Ml tap Mh 8MAI, 84 haobola rya, ls,S6? do. oala, And i tow ?Afkot waa dull AAd Aoarr. clostaf lo. a toe lewsr, to *** *h# ?"'** wl iu gold tM NMlpU were light, but equal to the d* mmd whirl. was o?fl?e<> to the Immediate wnois of tfce home' trade saMO 10,000 bbis. State au <1 W oetern . 1 .300 da Southern. and M0 d0 Oaaadtoa. Rye flour was trm. aates of 2 tO Ul-li Ours, meal was Armor Willi Fa'4S or 250 bMs. Jersey within the ranee. Braudy wlue was held at j7 ; aoo pflncheoMi told at $32. We quota ? Suporflii* >W*te ana WeeternAour. $7 00 a f IS Kit ra Stats T 24 a T 35 Choice State 7 40 a 7 60 Cum moo lo medium Western 7 25 a 7 53 (.o id to choice do 7 65 a 8 40 Kxtra 84. I<ouU 7 76 a 10 76 Common to good Southern 7 (5 a 8 01) Good to choice extra do 8 05 a 10 76 fVmmon < *n?d'an 7 SO a 7 45 Cooti to cholob ottra do 7 50 a 8 3> Kve (lour. M par Am 5 80 a 6 hO Corn meal, boia 6 46 a 7 00 Corn meil, puncheona 31 60 a 82 00 ? The wheat mirket wm dull, and closed lo. a 2c. cheaper: sale* 7'' .000 bushels at $1 59 a H 02 Tor Chi cago spring, $1 81 a $1 01 for Milwaukee club, 91 03 for ainber spring SI 65 all "I for winter red Western, and $1 72 ? $1 74 for amber Michigan, llyp was quiet at St 49 a SI 60. Onru was Inactive, but Arrnly held ? saie* 7 ,'0o bushol* old Western mixed at $1 50, generally bold 2c. higher. Oats were dull and drooping, with a mode rate business at 8<>)?0- a 90o for State a^jd Western ? the i*t tor an exreme price at the close rarley was bold Arm, with sains of 2,000 bushels State at $1 46. Hkivwax ? 700 lbs. sold at 80c. Coooa. ? Market dull, with small sale? at 3f?c. Tor Ca racas, and H6c a S0HC. for Guayaquil, in bond. Cotton. ? TDt? m i> ket wua vory Arm salo* were 1.690 bales. We quote - Upland. Florid i. itotnlf A '.0(tT. Ordinary 82 88 84 Mlddltog 01 91 02 Good middlitip 03 04 04 05 Middling fair W? 90 07 98 Oukkki',? Market continues dull, with small sales at the following quotations.' ? 1 o*ta Kioa, 4'k . m 45c. ; Java, 4<?v ermnoiit hugs, 62c ; J^va, Pailaog mats file, a 52c. , Jamaica, 4'4i a42l<c.. a.vra,4;;c a 44c.; Maracalbo, 4*. a 44c.. Blo, ordinary to luir, 43>{r. a >4><c. ; Itio, g..od to prime, 46c. a 4t!c. . K10. fair to good cargoes, 44c. a 46c ; St Domingo, in bond, 28c. uhtbk ? Amor tea 11 Ingot waa quiet; Bale* were 200,000 lbs at 44c. a 43 V. for (jike and 44c. for Baltimore. IHuitm were dull, there being two cargoes of Bra?li nuts sold on private terms. Uoskt wau quiet at $1 12 a $1 14, In bond iNMc;o.? Sales of 60 cbesu Madras at $1 88, and 10 oases Manila at SI 40. Ijun was in moderate request: sales of 250 tons for eign, In lots, at 12 so. I'Kritot.KL-M.? Receipts, 1,923 bbls Tbe demand con tinued fair for both crude and refined, and tbe market was Arm for both kinds at yesterday's prices. Tbe de mand lor reAoed was mostly for export, aod tbe bulk of tbe sales 00 tbe spot were reported "free oa b *rd." Free oil was less active, though the market was steady. The sales of free were moderate, but "calls" for June, luly and August abounded. They were usually given as sales, but we have dropped them. The ae.tual sales were 1,600 bbls. crude at 87>j[c. for 48 gravity, and 38Xc. for 40 and 47 gravity, on the spot, and 600 do for July at 40c. ; 8,000 do. rellnod at 59H|c. a 60c , on the spot, 60c. a 81c. for June, and Olc. a 62 '*c for July, buyers' option; 2.200 do. free at 65c. a 660. for light straw to white. Benzine was qui?t. Prom-ions ?Receipts, 1.703 bbls pork, 199 packages beef, 181 da out meats and 928 do. lard The market for provisions was somewhat excited to day, and prices of aeirly all artloles ruled higher. The bog product was in decided favor, and a large business waa done The active movement iu p >rk mentioned yesterday continued, and there was another large advance to prices. The demand was In part to All maturing contracts, but a large bust miss was likewise done In future deliveries, la the way of speculation, and tbe purchases evinced a good deal of oooAdence on tbe plart of buyers. Heer waa in good demand, and prices were firm. Beef hams continued quiet and nominal. Bacon was tn moderate request, and prices were firm. Cut meats wore la fair request, and a slight improvement lu prices was established. Lard was substantially the same, a fair business waa done at prices quoted below. Batter and cheese were about tbe s*me. Tbe salea were 4,500 bbls on tbe spot, chiefly st $28 60 lor old mess, $28 2ft a $29 60 for new do. , $24 lor new prime, $26 50 a $27 for Western prime mess, 1 ,600 do. new mess for all May, $28 50, aod iMO do. for Jane, $29 60, buyer's option. 600 do. do at $28 50.. seller's option, and 1,000 do. do on private terms. In "calls'' considerable wasd ine which we do not report. 2 000 bbls. beer at$16 a$18 60 for Western mess, and $19 a $20 60 for extra do, 100 tierces do at $09 for choice Western prime mess. 100 packages out meats at II Sc. a 111,'c. for sboulolrs, and 14>^c a 16Xc for bams. 4,500 lbs. lard at 13,*jc. a 14 Kc for old and new. Rica. ? Market dull, bat Arm. We quote: ? Arraaan , dressed, cish, per lb , l0J?c a 10','c. ; Beugal. dressed, 10c a 10*40. , do.. Java, dressed, lH*c. a ll*?c., do.; Moalmeln, 10c a 10 ^c , do.; Patne, 103^c a HSc., do.; Patna, cargo style, S^c a 9c , do.; Rangoon, dressed, 10*40. a li ve , do trust ?.The business was somewhat reduced, bat Arm, witb sales of 16 bags Singapore pepper at 44c. Molahsm remains dall. There was soarcely any busi ness done. Salt waa qnlet We only heard of a sals of about 2,000 bags Ashton's (Liverpool) at $8 90, old duty. Huqab. ? Market qniet bat Arm, with aales of 100 hhds. Cuba muscovado at 10 Mc. Tas.? aales since oar last, 100 half chests, mostly Ja pan, and 46 half chests green. Tobacco.? Kentucky was In fair demand, sod prices were somewhat reduood Saloa sinoe oar last, 200 hhds. Kentucky at 10c. a 30c. Tbe market for manufactured remains quiet, aad prices were entirely nominal. Tallow.? The sales were AO.OOO pounds st 13c. a 13 \c. Whismt.? Receipts, 88'i bbis. Market Armor, witb sales of 2.500 bbls. st $1 28 a $1 29 for Slate, snd $1 80 s $1 90 X for Western. PtokpwktU (? Wall llrivt. TO TBI IDITOR OF TH| ? SKALD. Niw You, May 20, 1864. In roar notice In to day's Hnuu>, of my Ion of United Stolon five-twenty six per Mat bonds, Not 38,68#, .10,681, 80.683, $1,000 each, second series, It laerrooeooely ?iated thai rtiey wore stolon on Thursday in this week ? It should have boon Thursday of last week , the 13th tost. 1 bays thought bast to make this correction, aa some In nnoent person may haye come to to pnsnsssloo or the bonds In the meantime. I bar* sdvertlsed a reward of Ave hundred dollars for the return of the bonds CHARLES DUOOIN, 191 Broadway. I* roafht lmn Cannon. . dltR MAMCFACTOKI? A TIRIT TO TBI AMIS IRON WORM. ^rron tbe Winated (noan.i Herald.] We grsatly enjoyed a visit to toe Ames Iron Works at 1 alls Village a few days since. Mr Ames sometime sitoe devised s wrought Iron gen which be with much reason 1 ntoks will prove fkr superior to any yet in ate, and for nearly two yss's be Incessantly bnt Ineffect'islly irapor tuned tbe War Department for an order for tbe trial of bis guns. Finally, appealing from the heads of depart ments to tbe I'reeldent himself, Mr. Ames has obtains I an order for fifteen tons which be has now In tbe work*, and some of which will be completed tbe present month Ail large masses of wrought iron are au accumulation of smaller pieces or bars, worked together by tbe pro* ce*s of welding but bow to weld sad handle such a mass as a gun of twelvs tons weight reqtilrse, sod no f> weld it tbst tbs Interior of the mass shall be equally we'ded, Hr. ng and perfect, with tbe eitertor, ba<< been tbe rock up 'U tbicb other Inventors less Ingemoua and persever ing than Mr. Afnss have foundered lint be bee bit upon a piau which ( rots lees splendid aucness His method is this ? A hsr of roind Iron eighteen feet long, tee Inches In dismeler at one eod and fourteen at lbs otbsr, Is mads to serve as tbe handle of the gen. Upon tbe larger end of this are welded one by eee large bars of Iran of about two feet is length, until a round mass has been formed of thirty Inches In dltae ter, perfectly s 'lid 1Mb Is to serve se tbe breech of the ?un, and tbe end la spent by a horizontal steam hammer until it Is perfectly even nnd true After tb is, tbe gnn is bnllt up of see lions of tbe full stss (circumference) of the gun, of about five lac bee in length? tbe entire gun (fourteen feet long when com pie ted 1 being composed of thirty transverse sections Tbess eeotkme ere made np as follows: a cylindrical bl< ck of tbe beet refleed Iron Is turnsd ont asvnn inobsn long, ten Inches In dtsaseter, sod with a four incfc hole through Its length. This ts fitted cloeeiy Into an Iron band or hoop made from bars of iron ill by seven Inches end this Is sgain fitted into another band of three Inches In thickness. Thene ban da are cloeeiy welded, and sa solid aa tbs bast ne ? hautsm osn maks them. When thus put together It will be seen that the whole forms a cylindrical eectlon (or wheel; of thirty Inches in diameter? the greater length being near the centre. < me large furnace is dsvolsd to tbs principal gas, whlls another is employed to heat tbe sen lone. The gas breech ( we should here remark that tbe gun is never cooled fr?m tbe first j roress upon tbs breecb until Its welding * torn pleted) Is swung from lis furnnce by sn Immense crane. With eonis thirty men working upon tbe long handle we have described, under n ?team- hammer, the drop to which weigbe seven tore Immediately In front /or beck 1 of this hammer is set Uie borin ntal "upsetting hsmnsr," and a section of the gun Is brought st while, welding best, to iU pises agaloat the breecb. The bor,xontal hammer Im m dlaiel) begins it* work, and lu far lass time than ws can writs It. tbs section is se -urely fssttned and becomes a part of the aoiiu gun Ttis immense drop bammsr old "I bor" they oall It) is put mm ues st intervals, and by two beats, the first or wshllug and the second for abat ing and finishing, secb section a secure snd complete la Its piece, and the gun la Increased m length five inches. We here already remarked tbat tbe section >s a little li nger at the centre than at tbe outside, fty this means 1 s perfect sdbssloa la first formed st lbs centre of tbe gun, and by continued hammering the whole Is brought level snd smooth to rsosivs tbe sect on which is to follow. As the gun topers towards the mu/.tle, wbers Isss strength s repaired tbe outer bend (three Inch) of tbe sections Is omitted, reduc tig tbe aise by so much. A steel plug or 'oeiitre" Is repeetedly driven into tbs gun ss each sso t ion Is leld, s?v ur sg accuracy of bore and perfection of I the rsrts Tbe g'.n la built one aad a half inch larger than it la Intended to be wbea turned off, sad It Is built np with ; sech accuracy that It IS tbougbt Ibis wMI afford sufficient i margin upon wbicb 10 out swsy sll rougbnssa asd'lrrega larlliee, aid leave tbe sun U perfect as a polished nsedle. The guns nrs to bs rifled? tbe riflings making about half a tarn In the entire length of the gun. The leal proccea tn tbe manufacture Is tbe placing ef the truanion*, which ars first carelally finished and fitted, then beeted and shruak upon the guns. Mr. A mss Is Justly saaguine la hla propkecles regarding bis guns, and he does not besitot#>to predict for tbem a mugs of savea mltea. From s careful investlgstioa Into the sj plosive and propelling rsroa of powder, and tbs comparative realstenoe of wrought snd east Iran, Mr. ? nee eipenta to oee le bis guns with sat Irs safety twice, tbe beavieat charge used in the Dehlgrens, aad with which tbs Isuer srs eminently saaafe. Tn A <wi-Hn.s liaasa Mirrssmrr? The r see It of the sett silk movement M this city appears te he the! the ladies have made extra purchases es si te have a /rest qeaatltv en heed, (me retail dealer aleae sold $n 800 d*' f*""Wlag the reoeet movement ? Btkm The Peruvian Protest Against Spain. TO Till BD1T0* OP TUB 11UHALD. Oommii^ts or l'sao. Nsw Yowi, May IS. 1K#*. I? forwardlug for implication the annexod translation of a proclamation by hie Fxeellency tbe President of Per u , the undersigned cannot rof rain from expressing to you the bsttsfactinn with which, as a representative ef (bat government and aa an Individual, ba has noted tbs disapproval of the outrage* committed by the Spanish Admiral la Pen, an uniformly expressed by the press smi people of this city Peru bai cordially sympathised with tbe government of tbe United States In the effort to suppress tbe rehel lion, aad Joyfully greeted the tidings of successful issue* to the Union arms, feeling tbat notwithstanding tem porary reverse* tbe rlc*t must and would triumph, to tbe exclusion of lCuropoan Interference la the American continent. And now, In the hour of her own adversity! aaaailed by a foreign too. she wcli oraes the warm gympa tby of her Northern slsler no unmistakably manlfe?t<,<' by her people. Your obodlenf servant, JO JK CARLOS TOACV , Consul ol Tor J nununos. I, Joan Antonio Pes"(, President lof the republic, con sidering that the occjpitlon or the Chinch* Island* br lbeSi>an'sh lloel can coiner upon the invaders no rights of any kind? that the sots committed b* the 8paui b Ad are simply unwarranted proceedings against tbe national sovereignty? do hereby d?roe: ? Art. I. The government of Peru, in tbe name of the national sovereignly which It represents, Ignore* tlio aa thoilty now being exercised at theCblnoha Islands by the chief or the SjianUb si&adron anchored In the adjacent waters. Art. 2. Any arrangements made by asid chief for the exportation of guano, and whatever steps be may take to appropriate any pirt of the territory or the riches of Peril , are null and Void; and our agents and consignees In for eign o untrleo are authorized to take legal proceedings against sny cargoes of guano which may bs sent to their markets, having ihem attached and securing tb?lr value until the government shall Issue requisite orders. Art. S. The Minister of Stst? m the Department ot the Treasury Is hereby charged with the publication of this deoroe, and to communicate the same to whomsoever it mar omrorn Tor its accomplishment Given at Lima, this -JOth of April. ISO* Yonacu Noboa. JUAK ANTONIO PB'KT Tbe Case or Colonel Argoelle*. MARSHAL Ml'ttHAT INl>ICr*t> FOB KIDNAPPING. The case of Colonel Arguelles, who was, some short time ago, arrested In this city by twe deputy marshals, bss assnmed a new phase of laterest. Yesterday United States Marshal Murray, having ascertained tbat the Qraod Jury bad preferred an Indictment against him for bis arrest and concealment of Coienoi Arguelles, called at tbe United States District Attorney's office and gave his personal recognizance to appear for trial when ever callod on for ssld arrest. The Marsha 's aids have been also indioted. but have aot yet been arrosted The penalty for- this ofTence Is imprisonment in tbe Stale prison for s term nm exceeding tea years nor less tlnn two. in the discretion of tbe Court. This will probably be thu end of tbe indictments. Tbe indictment charges tbat Robert Murray and (the parties not yet arrested), on the 11th d#*y of May, 18?4, with force of arms, in and upon one Hon Jose Aiinnstin Arguelles, then and there being, did feloniously make an assault, and did then snd there wiirully. feloniously and unlawfully take Into their possession as a prisoner, and did then and tbero wiltullyand feloniously kidnap the said rioo Jos* Augustin Arguelles. with the lelnnioue in tent to then and there cause tbe said Don Jose A-gustin Arguelles to be then and there sent out of tbe State or New York, and against his will, *0. The Kohnitamm Cose. UNITED STATUS CIRCUIT COURT. Before Judge N-> Von. Mat 20. ? The Umt-d Sta'et tm S alomtn Knknrtamm The bearing 0' this case was resumed this morning Tbe prosecution having closed the^teniiiiony, the opening ad dre-sfor tbe defence wss delivered bvev.I?dge Dean. who reviewed the manner In which the case bad been got op against the defendant, who, be said, bad bren thus dragged forward and made the scapegoat for tbe acts of the government ofllcnls In the disbursing ofllce of this city. Tbe frauds known to have been c?mmltt'd sloje tbe opening of tbat o<rce had reached over $700 000 it wss tbe knowledge that this fact had been discovered at tbe War Department that had led to the prosecution Of Kobnstamm As 11 was necessary to make a sacriiloe ot gome one. be had been selected. A number of tbe most respeetablo merchants and hank Srs in tbe city appeared in oourt to testtry to the high character and honorable dealings of (he defendant in social and business lite. Several witnesses testified to these facts, while many more waited to bs called On ; hut Court nor counsel deemed further testimony on tbal point unnecessary. Some evidence waa also given aflscting the credibility of tbe witnesses for tbe prosecution. The osos wiU be summed np this morning and given to the Jury. (-?rollers' Inquest*. A LmcTOUirr Cousin. C?Aar.m> with Hovirtot ? (Vro ner Wilde? ?u yesterday notified to hold an inquest. ?i tbe New York Hospital, on the body or Patrlok McGee. late or 17t >{ Chrystie atreot, who died from tbe effects of s piitol shot wound, alleged to bare been Inflicted by Ijentensot C'lonel Rugg, or the Fifty-olntb regiment New Tork Vol mteers. It appear* mat oa tbe 2d Instant Colonel Rugc, with three or fear friend*, drove down to Bbeepenesd Bar, and while there be came Involved In s niiarrel With McGe< scd a' a friend of his. nanied 8. B. carman. No one, IOmeter, waa serloiHr harmed st tbu time but while returning home, so hour or two later, the parties renewed the quar rel. Mr. Carman either struck Colonel Fugs or one of bis Mends with a whip, whereupon tbe Telltales were ?topped, and tbe men, jumpini oat, bad a flgbt In tbe street. Beiore It traa over several pistol shot* were Bred, one of which took effect in McCee'a left grQlr. He was bro 'Sht to tbe city and conveyed to tbe hospital, wbere Corcner Wtldey subsequently took bis ante mnrtein dopoailidn. At that time Mc?ee felt san guine that be would ultimately recover; bat a few days since he wss taken sudienlv worse and failed rapidly till yesterday morning when be exnired. Colonel F.ugg. who Is oq ooiri martial duty at General Dlx'a office, al le?e* that he was violently assaulted l>y deceased, and waa compelled to use bis pistol in self-defence. There are several persons who witnessed tbe occurrence, and the real facts of the case will be develoned durinir tbe Inquisition v. b ch will be held to day In tbe meantime Colonel Rugg is detained to awaK tbe' result Fatal Rm Ovbs C*'talt.t? An Inquest was yesterday bsld at 121 f ast Twenty ninth street, by Coroner Neu mann, -on tbe body of (Wear V. Putton, a little boy Ore yean af age, who died fro? lbs effects of injuries by being run over by a grocer's wagon, driven by Jo seph Waldeyor, tn Wednesday last After the rendering or tbe verdict Waldcyer, who bsd bean arrested, was dls charged. Tor Muaoan os Orncsa Dnrsi ? coroner Neumann did not precept with tbe Inquisition yosterdsy In tbe case ef offl<er George W. baryee, at tbe Nineteenth precinct. who w ?* murdered 'est Monday evening, but further sd j- urned it till next Friday, in order to procure additional testimony. Fatal Fam.? Coroner Wilder yesterday held on is - quest at the Belierue Hospital on tbe body of an unknown man, about forty-flve yean ef ate. who died from tbe effects of injuries re eeived oa Toeoday evening last by accidentally fslffng on tbo pavement corner or inirty-fourtb street and Tenth sveuue Be ro eived a fracture of the skull, and wa* unconicloui op to tbe time of bli death. I'e ceased was al cot five feet five inches in height, dark complexion, short black board and mustache, slisbtly gray .and appeared to be a German He wore a glaxed cap, brown sack coat, block pants, dark cbsck vest, boots and overalls. Fatai. Arcirwn to a Covnurros ?Yeiterday afternoon, about two o'clock, Mr. Frederick Rutcb.who ted con tracted to take down tbo Panltory Fair betiding. Seven teenth street and Union square, while aloft inperlntetid Ing tbe work, slipped and fell to tbe pavement, end waa so terribly Injured tb&t ho died in an boar or two afterwards at bis residence, No. Ill East Kightb street, whither be had been coeveyed Police Intelligence. Bou> Rochbrt raoit a Ladt'i Carriaob -Mrs. Low* recce R. Jerome, tbe wife or a wssllBy Wall street banker, yesterday drove up In front of the store No. 0SS Brood-" war, sod after alighting ir< m her carnage a thief boldl/ spproecbed tbe v?b ele and ami* a par h or dry gooda, with which be instantlv decsmred. 1 he rsscal waa pur sued by at> olToer <4 the Hroa'i^ay f.uad, and caught after running a block or twn. The i*it< ner, who la only seventeen years bt ate, gar* Ma nam* ?* George Harrte. Be waa taken before Juitloe Dodge and locked ap lor Mcu.ioa* m a Dm ?Tbe Sacramento (Obi.) Urt*?n saya that tbe notnrlou* Billy Mulligan fongbt a duel st Austin, California, on tbe mn or April, with one Torn Coleman. Tbe osuse of the quarrel is unknown. Tbo weapons wero revolvers sli shots vers fired, and two hundred spectators were present. "I be Vmm oays ? ??Onlemea won tbe choice or piaMloo and word? tbo agreement being after the w?rd, ttent emen, are you ready* Bre'? after tbo word 'lire,' both to Are lodlecrlml nateiy. Both tbe prncipali eibtfiited tbo utmost oool n"ta and moat nnCincblag terve, though It waa evident that Mslllgsn had s mowbat tbe sd veutage, aa bta evs^ movomeot shewed evi dences of h?S be!' g an txp?rt while Coleman ap posted somewhat awkward end riumey. After taking their positions on the ground, Haassy Mulligan tboott hsnda wltb his brotbor sad retired. Itradshaw gave tbe word, and Ix th piston wers d * harged almost simulta neously. At tbe Crtt fire, however, both abota fall abort. At tbe aerord fire Mnlligsn's shot broke tbe second linger or t'oletnan's right bano, whl^h ? scat toned him Ofme dlffl culty la eo< k nt bis pistol, tl he maintained bta po sition without flinching, and cor tinned firing, all hla shuts aeetuing to tall ibort, however. aa Mulligan did not re ceive a scratch It Is though! Coleman's fourth shot went off prematurely, as i he bell struck near the rest of Cap tain Dunoan, thrown* tbe sand m hla face. Mullten* fifth sbot took etiect In tbe fleaby nart of ( olemao'a tbtgb, Inflicting a slight ffoab wound. Hla last sbot wss mads with such deliberstloo that It aeemod almost im possible that he sbould rail to kill bl? sntag n st but His ball went wide of Its mark. MiilMgan oocJf?d hla piitol. ?vidently thinking be bad soother short, but, seeing Oileman beoltate, or have some difficulty abodt nocking his pistol, bs aald, 'Are you oat, sirf t'oloman replied, ? I believe 1 sia.' alUMiucb he bad only fired five shots After tbe Irst fire nrsdsbsw said to Coleman, 'Tom, rales your fire.' Both parties main tained their original pneliioae, Bring without advancing. Al the oooi.IuSVm Mulligan dealree the platola loaded aflMb, hut the eeeoada very prnoarlr would sat oar nH It." THE CASUALTIES. of Some ?( ike Wonndtd U the U?tUwlB Vlr|lttl?< Arinoa LI J, 27th Mich Burger J, 2tkh ft Painy W H. I22d Obi* Khuih V K I'th Uul Qraodontryra. 'Jt&iu Pa Hnr<>lil ?! M, Jth Miaa lliilis H lj'ith Oh !o Hougbtun I) A 2d Vt UeUell h. ritb Mleh Till KILLKTt. Levering S M. S7th Maw Makaroa If. 6UI N Y Ranker Her^t W R, 109th Fa Hliu IU U, 4Id H * BebaokeU W, Cth Vt Tbeid >n r. Met N T V aaUrie A.. 67 tb N f ?ll?ou M P. 4th Vt hltMj Oapt J J, Mil Pa WOONUl) UronrJ A, Wth Mick CiiiUttudiu. Bergt N O, luOth M V Oronk A U, 109th H t Oolton L, 5lnt Mloh Oupley v, 8tb Mloh Oanntug U, 121st M * Clancy P, 4th N 3 Ami* Oorp 8th Kr Aiourulk K, 27lh Pa A?beu Oorp J B, 2(1 lad Aii lera >d D J. 7th Va Al ien J. 2Slh Mast Amend K. let Del Ai.t.mua (?, 5th N T A bl>0l Bj 17Utll |l \ UIBUUT ? i 111! n IF Auaton Lieut K 3, llltk N T Crane J K, W>t h Pa Auciand O U, 7 tu Pa Oadraotb K, lath Me Aelidall 0. 4-d N T ConUn I 7tl? Me Aurich A, Mb VI Davie Bergt J, lflith W I Au*a?t Corp .1, lat Del Darellania I) l.'ilh Ohio Airil W B. I32d N Y Duble F. let Wl< oar. troln _ Alderman .1, 122d M T Done Herat D, S9Ui N Y. tbgh Alger 0, lMd N V Dauke O W, 107th N Y Ar1i>-e J no .1. 13; th Pa Dinlapdfl flih lnd Ahlewlilte Hertl Win, 90ihPa DaylerO SSth lad A lilioit orfcuu M. 16th M? "* "" "*?' " " Ayret J. 6th Vt Aura/ 8. Md Pa Alel W, 101(1 Pa Aiwmie McD, I48<1 Pa ArmetrnnaJ H. l li'th C hl > Ander* J W, l -.'d Ohio Aldrlch 3, 41 h Vt A mi In A P, let N Y drag* Ai d <ld U. 109th N Y Amount O. 148th Pal Ail ten N H. loVth K Y Autro V. ?7th Mleh Aawell H. -7th Mich Aubburue J 7 lit Pa Badgcra .1, ltith til Byrnea T. 89th N Y Hell J. 15-'. th N Y Battr Sargt O 1), 188th N Y Itarhei?ht K, 1430 M Y Rally 8 lMth N Y Brimllnc K Rth Ohio Pecker P. II 1th N Y Burrell W W. 64th Ohio Brick Jl, 29th Ohio Bradford O. 20tU Mae* Bav!ey Oapt 8. -S^th Maaa Boatman 0. 52d N V MWT BowiJiie8ergtM.3dtb Ill.trrlit Havas O 3:;d N J. aim Buttrir' VT, i?lh MIA Brown U, 29tb Oliio Bu-kots D D. 49th Oh-o Hoff Oorp 8 64th Oliio Barter Set gi 8. 7S<t Pa Burton t< *. 7<th III Ba'le i .1. H th 111 J?avu K, 88ih N Y Drwtr Scrjjt P, lat If V Dwtvht A U, 15Mb N Y, arm Da U U 9Jd N Y, Oncer Oawley A 11, Srtth N Y. foot Doraey M. 6t?tb N Y Ho.. Oapt Win lirth Pa 1??? i I) lltli Pa Dernier U, 2<Hh Maaa Darknn W, 14th Oonn Dardy J, lot'i N Y art Dm ken If, IfiiU N Y Dor Lieut O P. rib M* Oawd VV. IDMtb N Y DJssentrr ,) W, !?Sd Pa Devoid W, Yd Vt Dalli* P, lltb Pa ma Ditrand .ramn-., 17th Vt Denriia J, 3d N Y Dand'y duo O, 22d Maaa D lO^m 0 *?n, 69ih N Y DLz .1, lUth N Y Uilkiftoa A, 14th tod Dauvellcr J, 2fth Pa Dr .fcnt L. Mb Vt D.ttr a, 2d Vt Dmfv ,1. ijjih Pa Dlckaad W 8' t N T Dimming J 7th N J Die O, II.MIi I 'a Dutiwin U* 6lh Md nuuaoii d 4th Oblo B?rl*J,J10lh Ohio unckn K P. 14th M T Dann XV Tl. 3d V4 Remarick A. 7th Ma-<e amiigan .1, 8>th Miiaa Dro?. o!i P. I'Jth M^a? Duboia W K. 2'lth Mleh Baodolp Oorp J \Y. IMth K t Dat.Ule \V. ,'c'd N Y Bowtea 3?th N Y Jtccket <!nrp A 8. 116th Pa RoiUln W II. l3!Hh N Y BrUgs J. 51 h H Y art Barieit F. KJd N Y Black J. ?9th N Y Brown Oorp 8. 6tb I* Y Baker M?j IV SMth N Y B' i mi I>. li"lliMa??, abdomen BlTier J 8 SUth I*a, hack Bvenanger J, 11th Ma?a leg Btirdy Oorp J. (i9th N Y Brenban S<irgt M, Iftjth N Y Browne Capt O E. 137th Me Ball S H. 20tti Iud Bailow Lieut O. tiuth N Y Bvrne B O. "8lh Maaa Burke H. 3d Vt Ha. ui 8 K. l.'tili Maaa Bvr.iea G. 2d ir 8 Bleanlni; Corp T V, 8th Me Rlra j I'orp T, 43d N Y Borne .1, 8th Oliio Bftrbridge C. 88th Pa Balcon Q.l, ?3d ^ Y HelltillP T, 1 2_'d Ohio Bupp.T IT. r.'Sth Pa Kan.wiu H. 59th Maaa Bcckera .1. 4th N .1 iiasblcy H H. ?1 Vt Bfkhrtm d. Ml Pa Itraiinan fi. ?:Hh Pa Bc-lmfr Oo-p A. 7th Mleh lir aliii l> lat Pa tea Bcallo A. Ulh Maaa Undercitffer J. I.Wtlj Pa Buckliart .lullua. 49th H Y Boca K. 72a N V Bowe- P. i ih Mloh ca? Butlnck C'orp .1 h li'.h N 3 Bo hart K. Mt!i N Y 9 M Hani. .ii I O, 19th lad Build fli-ril L I 1Mb N J Bi.Ueilr i 'orp M. 82d > 7 Brumra' tt D T. 37t!i Maaa BooklnKa 1> 3d Me H?rMtn r? lat i S ltarnu T H. 17tb 0 9 h ilwer A. -Oih Maaa Hoabingh II, M t N Y Hell P. '22d Ohio llron ne.l, I loth Ohio Barnct 1), Mb Vt Butier .1 M. 4tti Vt Ra'lard H M. 2d Vt Beckwlth 8erjt O D, 2d Vt Bitrbaok <? B. 2d Vt Bruah H H. 2d Vt Barrett Wm. M Vt Butterfleld O, 3d Vt Baaaett M. ?d Vt Bunitere J O, ''d Vt Runoe L td Vt Br aaa 3. Tth Maaa Brook 1, A7th Pa Bodey W H. Slat Pa BiM^.r W H, lMat N Y Kile II, I'.'th Ohio Harih^n H ll(Wh Olilo Mllaa N. IKIth Ob'e Rio iguman d. IJ2 I Ohio Baker V. 3d Vt llun n 11 B, 10th N J Doevhain II. 5lat Pa I>ai\ar K L, 8th Mich Doun "!l Sergt D O l7lbM!eh Dirk 'nail S?rst d. 8th Mloli Douclaa d. HtU Mich Daniev K. 12th N .1 Duffer* i. 1 00th N Y Do >Iitt'lp S. Mh Midi Dau'jerty A. 1 10th Pa Dew eca ,1 B. 115th Pa Sup pica S. Hi Pa Downing B II, 4!Hb Pa Don. a Lieut J W. 8th Mich Eckbei l J Kftmuoda P. IJSth N V Kaibem L. 3d Pa Sratan H. Oth Ohio Knifart O 16itli N Y ?;ger .1 H. .oth Max. hand Kal>y K V, 45th Pa Khreothrant B, lMh Pa Rwerter H. 118th Pa Bitvall F M. t>th N II E: e Fir i 8<>rgt J M 19th lnd Eaatf K H. 8th Mich Ersam A..I. I'itat N Y K i^crti n Kr ink, 125th K Y Edmont D. 5th Md B?ola A, 83(1 Pa Brchnit S K. H.-Jth Pa El..lhasii If. S8th Pa ElaeDlieddt L. ITth U 8 Bllia.f.&h Vt Buiery 8, 2d Vt lm*r<on H, k'd Vt E^ullar i 'orti .7 2l!th Mich Kwln I). 1< >6tlj S Y Erwln W. 14th N Y Er. 'iv 3, KWth N Y E'lgle i' K, Iii9tl> N Y E II- M. llllMh N Y Herit W 188th Pa El ? A W. 20th Mich Eilembart <\ 12th N J Jcm rJ, lilh N Y F.kiii .1. lidtli Pa Eddy Lieut O K, 8tli Mich Kddy Lieut A, Mb Mich Fairbaaka IV, 1.15th K Y Kerg laaon A. IMih N Y HcmIol' Oapt J. osth Maaa Pitch Ool W, i?th Ohio Ko!c* .1. ^th Ohio Franklla D .1. 2'Jth Ohio au*t Oorp A. 108th lnd Flood r, 29th Ohio FerdilU Carp K 154th V Y PreliTw, 32d Ohio Krench C 11. 2d lnd oar Frauberger J . 3d Ky Plood. A. 164th N Y Frew U. 188th Pa FlooJ Lt Ool A 0. 158th !* Y Flnnegan. BergtS, 164th B Y FU/t atrick Malor.f, 83d Pa Pan ure D. 76th H Y frilllt T W, 5th Me Fame Oorpl U, 48th Pa Pann Oorpl B, {Kith Pa Emle tl. Iith U 8 Porrcnee M. 14th N Y artll Fork J ? 3Kth K Y Kn*?d Corp A If, 61 at N Y ffochin v , n .? tm^uvsnum Bio P, Mill Kui Hr ?ham A. 57th Mmi Brook Ira. U7th H Y Br wne.T. 103th XT Surl R, ?7tb Ma*? e* ? rt. .Will y ?j? Itreln 11 T .14 S J Hut/ B,7lh Md Pagan T, tSii S V Bio. in B A. 27th Mich br qn K O Slat Pa Butle C W. Will N T T H, if in Mick fleehcix* T F, I"' tii K T Bene T. 27tb Mich B?rr J Mit Pa Burnej J, lit Ml' b Balen A W, 1 16th Pa Ba. k?r J M lUBth M T BeariKy * * iuTa I/D, ?th Md Bennedlck 0 S. I' Vth H T Ha.ri.wa R, A8?h I'a Halter T, '8?n Obo . Bain A. lit Mich | Bo^aro J. 1 1th M V H?nlo* B. Stb Ml.-h I tfrer. ..rd U A. 8lb MIeb I Bmwno Co! S!.1T i *u!en M. 6.'nh M * : Bltsell 0 A. Mb \t I j Brfgtitman T C. 1-th C 8 Bonker. Caj t (1 \?,12 thOh:? ! n* ? i ??ii v v I |ir -bmg Capt (1 W, Slit Pa I Bix-.x-k i!or|) J. '516 N I i hambcr aln i rpe. IStthMY Too way 4. 69M NT I (J auijetv 1' J. li'.'th R V Gumming* Mth R V ! CVmtnenelorgi r. -3d Pa Rhamlx'rialD 1 M. 3d N J i Corxrara C P. 4th It T art Conneilan W. 28th Vau f?l?l 11. rth Pa Ciini'nla,!* f, IMtli II T CaMoov 4 -8' & M? ? CauaoBsergt .1, 12'th Ol4? t-iaw?"n A 64i h (II to Ci?d H. 153th N V Core I B R. JA N V Campbell A. lMth X Y Colin J, *)?th N V Cutter t, 4let Ohio OreDier AW ?4ih lad, foot Curtle A, IS4th R V Cnee'.ner A. l*t W ? Cunningham R, 8th Ohio ear Cowan Ll O W. 37tb ltd Conwa* Horgt J. 164ih II T CtifllB > L, fetk K V Canifron tterstJ R. 8th|Md ? Condon E, lllth W Y Cone* J, 2d N T Connee* M Wth B ^ Cti.iman Col t. lt^tli R T Carroll P. S?th > V Clara B 164tb N V CatTrcj Trreo'-e, IM'k * T < *rk MulfrwJ. I45t. * J Carre H Saijt .1, 74th H T CaTnnafh O. 7 VI !< 1 1 _ Ca pouter A M. 1-- ih M T, Chand er ft. 11th Mali, flafM Cooa^r T. 69th NT Campbeil J, lA4tk 5 T . Coaiey o. leith hv Conwaf < TV P- ?*th K T Co'ighllo A. 164th N \ Clt'our H, #1<1 !* V CoHmtaoC, 9th N T it* Corbraan Corp W P.. tkVa ? Oixlwrvrth fierat B. ICta Mete Carlo* H MJTth Tt Cador R C, V7tto R T Cord* a T.UTth K T Crietie J H. 6let Mo Christie B B. eih Wla Claim* A HMNT Churrh a. tth Ma s Crown'iTer L B. 4#tK Pa Ck?nor T, l-th 0 B Con fort B. 183<l Pa Soilieon P. 9let Pa OTI1I a. CM Pa Cropp B B, 4tk Ohio Coquet llor R. Tld Pa loilloCB. ITthM* Coon ? 0 C. 6ftih N Y l labor T. let Conn et.f Caia A 0, .d N Y Cauet?l C. MMh N T ( ti'koadol Berg W, 091k NT C<'lebro J, 4Mb Pa Cruder J. 4Clh I'h Calwatl A, 6th Wi. Cantloe 0 It, 4th N Y (tlr Clock Corp C H Mtli N T Cowrn M. 07th R Y < a?e?ll Bergl J, Mh Tt Clfar U. M Vt Comst"C* H A. Id V| cio?Kh M. Id Vt Caillngford O. 7ta Mo Cohttrn J, 1 10th Ohio Chi ?e J P, <B6lh Ohio Cracker II IB2d N Y Palmer O T. insth Ny.mlef* Poon J W. !?d N Y Pari en rt s J, Mth R T Penoo IV, 116th Pa Po* B. Ji'*d .V Y Pa > it *lrnon A lltlt Mu?? Pl.ib'<?ek H J. 7th lad Prail* J vr . 4th ltd Pile* Uba* t'.'th I'm Ptif Har?e? i'4tli N V Pu*lr*con U M, Jfitli Bieh Franc's** t P. UttU R Y Ft!! en J. Uth ,V .1 Feienly K. ia">ih Pa Flnnegan P, SJ Vt Pox .1 7 I> H i ?? Fatltni.t, ft:th X Y Porn rk o, Wth N T Port M. 162,1 N Y F-"ti?liualif r K 48:h Pa Picfa- f, p, tv'.n i?a Plt lUna t or,. II i-ftb Mich Pitrre: O II. lintj OUlo Perrv J, 2 ,h Pa Paiiklmrv S S.'tU Man Pi n'.tr.T E 7th Ue Pu I. J. Mb Ham Preeo J. 57th Max PrrTirk O W 57tti Mam Preli'ani J, 67ih Maaa Pinkie t! id M tin Pa* M. l4Mh Pa Poid J M, I'Uih M Y P.v!- W H. Ttli U<1 Pangbone J. I?t l*a Pojiie W y|?t fa FiUhel! R. 1st Mich Plflew H W. M Me Praaltemaii K. iOtU Pa Pot It B. 2d V 9 Prl l*r A /7 th Ml. h Poi LtWaltT. 5th Me Blar O 8uth Ohio *i?rley A, .'IU N Y J"< e'er Capt HINT Merman I.t .1 8, 8th M rk Kir or J. i.Jd NY ? Oanni^nl Corp <5. 27th Pa tierwlg C? rp J C, 2fth Pa Q1 anger K A. S.'th M Y OrlmmriK .1. Ind Ctnev c. 2*th Maai Uobertr .1. lC4tk N T Ulover Sergt ti. llltk S T UruakortO. 541 B T O-aliam B.I. 39tk Ohio O l>ort It VXD lad I Or ve J, 28th Maaa Oibbe O. I .Mh * T Oleafeaainji 0. 128th Hi J*t R I art Gr ene p, 186th VT| Crone C. 9"d Pa cluo? MnJ Wth Pa C?*b O, let Del Cobhln* H. I mth Ohio Cot* l> M.llOlh Ohio CrammerXl, Uth N T Conk A T. *'lh ool'd troop* Cromwell Rloli, Wtk oolcrod tmopt Cudwnrtb R, A7th Mane Couablia P, SVtb Mm. Crliren B. let t>el C iln I' C, I Atk Maaa r-r nthf If rat ,1. 67 th MaM Oodaar W, I4?th Pa Carl O H, 9tb B T O H r bin W B, Afltb Pa Crawford f B IMd ? T ?la Borgt B, Mth M T ran 7, 4td M T Km milk bTm Mlefe Woflrer ,1, l?ith N Y, bead Or niehawC, 5:'d M Y Uonetrerr A. I5?h !* T CJHlenf l? Bon t R P, 49th Pa Oa', xhaa J. 28ih Maaa Oawu O. 14th C?M Gold' a C..rp D. 15th S T A Grutt T. 1Mb N Y Oratebr .1, 61-1 N T Gr i?g sergt O W. 6tk Md tJaaaell D 108tb KT Ulrardu P H, 24th Mich Orambrloa R. 93d Pa Ontt J. 81 el N T Oaddt* L, UlatR T Oellet P, 7Sd R T Oeltliac B. Mth Pa OO* Jooooh. V6tk Pa Gaei C, 120th ft T iiamer P, mth Maaa tiriv IV H X Id Muk Ouemeejr Bfirgi J T ltth WT ?M Oali pO R. SdTt OooehO B. 4Mb N T Gere W. Kid Pa Gllcroiet Bent A, 8Mb Baaa George W, M'h Pa SW/iSW* Crarea O. 2d Vt Oooddoll H.Sd Vt Oreo* B. 2d Vt Qarpt'o A. td Vt Ornbb H 118th Pa orahaia T w. Tth va Oerreeeet W, Udh Mo ueluila I). Md Pa (Jortler P. 89th Pa (Goodrich J C. 106ih B T c.odfrev J, I2td Ohio Ooodwla R, 8d 1* Onrdoq B 12th C B Oleed 0 W.S4 Mo (Mft II, 2Mi Maa* ijiannw* Ckf1?. 83d R T Gilbert J H, rtk Pa Grodiaek Corp W. 8th MMk Orlllaa T, 17th Mich Gratenue M.INH T floorgo DU latMloh Garrett A P. 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Md Maas BweWer A, 19th Ind Ttd.niergtJB.rth MM" Tlrheaon O D. {*'?' N. * Tudbuwh H, T?ru?ey V B, 8t? ij J f?tl)Ox K So ? .. Tkblni' U. 9th E*cel?l?r TrolW p W. g * Turner < orp Joh, Id R I Tiirnur W, lOMh ? * ... Bergt BT UldOhl# Th?mi>?on AK. l?h It F?le* H. 4U? \x . ?. Tood Corp O A, M'th rl Tfrc ,1 n , TlnkHbob 8. 49th P? T.pllnOP.Mh WU Taylor O. 9lh M B? Trump O Truller B *? ?7? Mj? Tall man H P. Pth "I0" Tim M. t'?d Ohio Toiock T. v Talem J H, }0|{JtJ& J Trtwknr W. l"tn ni ? Tlppr J M, 126U Ohio Trlnuel D, lOOlh IH Treror A. S9th > T ___ H(V K1LI.BD AND WO0KDBD I* THB rirrr-nugT KB Pennemora Levi* Heury Brown ^anderallce B. f Van D?VP?*B.?lUhB Tan M llten P ?{th ?i'?% Van Oleef I B, Ijth ?* V?nwUy W ^ Vincent ,f Ik'"!?, x WlllhetUm W. {Mth I * WiU*rd B. 7Sd Pa W.?r^HHM6Wh?* W?Uh J, ?^lh ?hlO nrhllA J, N * K. 27tli P? Walling Oi'rp H Wcum'ne J. i9lh m ? Wlnrlchtv. ?tln J W.Md"* ffmd .1, ITlhlt N t Weal 0, 155th N > . - y Wood naa ar K. IH* ? * WtlHun* J, MdJ * W ant W. l^'S.HYr ? w alih Ph.U. IWU> N t Weeks .I B lWth N t Wedge H. Sid Me Waterh'iu; * orp WB. UfMmm Walse A. '<th ^ J i indFa WhitUker Corp W M, nrii|V4V 0. w * ? Wftkftlv J B.W I'rk0* Whltcrnft J, 152d 0 Will* 8. 7th M? T Wlllepanch B _l?tn r? ? Wearer Corp Wadam* Bdstar. UOW t,* WleiegiT. ??? J*. aM Wodder Serrt M B. BM ? Wheedle J. 67th r a Walea CftPt B. 2d NT W?Her? Berrt w. 07? ? Wtlromh C. ?h ?{ Whitney W. ?d Vt WtHU rt. M Tt Worth ingB. *d VI Wallace H,61?t Pl * Wilson .T. 10th 0 B . Walbrldge Sergt J. 1?W Workmye JP^^h M l WeMhlpR WTldSlr A. ?th M? Wood A. IWth H J Wykoff J B. ,ith *,'?k Wright B. ?7th MleR Wll?on ? Walton J H. 60th P? Wllntan B 8 ,10th H * White W UHth JJ n Mtk 91 Whlttaker OorpM D.w? wooiita, WktobiM O, 4?th C I wt^dW J. ithOhu Wll?on M-t. ISM iinr White Oorp B. Bth WW Tohn 4. 49th l^ Toung J B, ? Toker Sergt VT. lllet * * Zane II H, ?l?tPal _ iMyiM* Vfiai pT Setgenfara w. 148th Pa Jaoob Shafer James Walsh wotrm>K>. Bergt Ohaunoey W WaadsU, eg, sllghtlf Corp Rlanson K Lee4, face, severely Thoi Unoegan, body. mortally Konj Champion, thigh, ea verely Wm Rover, hand Chaa Orappent. arm.Mreraly John Snyder, band .las Watsoa, eye. sererely Jacob Roprer Killed 4, wounded 18, asleaiog I. I John Mn rrar. lag, Ijohn Schneider leg ? Geo T Voaburg, haad,sllgk% Abraham Van Assam, leg Ale* C*mpbell.hand,aawMtr llnber Total? B. The Tax Coramliiloatr Inbragllk 8VPKBMM OOtTRT ? 0HAWB1RS. Before Judge Barnard. Mat 30.? The Tax Commissioner difficulty MM ^ bafora Judge Barnard lb* morning on an ordar to abow aauaa why ihe prsssot lacambanto, Job lab W. Bmn and Amor J. Wllliamaon, abould not vacate Ik air aflat and deliver op tba bocfei and papera to tba wr ap> poiataaa, Mews. Allan, Pnraar and Woodruff Ex Jadft Allan and Tbomaa a Fields appeared for tba new cam? mtaaionera, and WIHIaa C. Noyes, John MoKaaa aaf .Mr. Pmyth for the praaaot Ineamboata. Altar reading tba petition ?ot tba new appolniaaa aa4 reciting tba ordar of tba Oourt, Mr. Allan read tba upon iba subject, which be said waa ooncloalre, and M| ibo court no alternative bat to oust Maaara. Brown aat WtWasama Mr. Noyea tben roaa, and atatad that the? bad Mt bean aerrod with tba neoeaaary pnpera, and ooaieqoaaAW ha wsa at A loaa to know wbat anawer to make. It wai a Wall ?allied principle of jurisprudence that persona could not be called to trial antll they ware tally laWraw of the nature of the offaic* la this oaae the public |a> tereat wa- in Jeopardy, and It wad only proper that Ml ct|M)t? yb9V>4 pot be turned oat at offloe except In n lam wa f. In cooclttalog, be said, ha waa sure tbe Court woatf noi sllow tba case to proceed until ha bad been serves wilb'a copy of all tbe papers. Fx-Judgs Allen? There la no reason why the prrwaft Incumbantt should not deliver up tbe books and pa part ]>erUinlnR to their office. Tbey knew very well wbat ibtf met ibere roc, and were quite weioome to any and all tM papers relating to tba ease ?? .indge Barnard? Tbe object of this discussion Is. I aufa Ke, lo teal tbe legality of the appointment of the OOW iirnisa loners. Tbe pr act toe of ibis court la wall settled, and tbe present Incumbents are entitled ton oopy of afl tbe (wpera before entering Into any argument on thl mortis of tbe ease. It waa eo decided in tba oaae of Oaa* no?er va. Devlin, and Mall va. Stout, which went to tba ?toiirtof Appeals, and aftorwarda In tba caaeofDevtla rm. Piatt. It la aipsaaary that these gentlemen a boa Id know what tbey are brought bore for. Although it som* limes happens that men are arrest** without tbe altghlaal intimation of tbe charge against tbem, still I doa't mean te introduce the practice into this court. Mr Allen? Well, auppoaa your Honor sets the case down for some day next week, and In tbe meantime tbe oounnsl na tbe other side will bare an opportunity of exam I a tag all the papera. Jtidva Barnard? Welt, f will adjourn the matter uaAl Tuesday . If (bare Is no objection, Mr McKeoa? Wo have none. Arrival af Six Handrod Invalid Hold lor*. Pwladsi.phia, May 30, ISM. The transport George Leery, with six hundred InvnIM soldiers from the Washington hospitals, arrived here to 'lay. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. ('?**?.? On Friday evening, May It, by tba Rev. Dr. J. D. Curtts, at Klkton, Cecil county, Md. . Mr. "Jons K. Chub to Mna Hmii Ro*ca, both at New Tarfe city. Rout? HAvmrn ?To Brooklyn, on Friday, May to, br tba Her Br Merrla. A. D. Holly IoIjsiib Haviuum, both Of Brooklyn. No cards. Hai>ork? Hisnuni ? On Friday. May 30, by tbe Raw. J. W. Oilier , TV D., Wnuii Harms* to Txansa B BianNi all of Brooklyn. Kram ? BrsKworra? At Flnahlng, on Thursday, May 10, by the Rev J. Carpenter Bmitn, Gaoaoa L? Kaaw, of /am ales to Mlaa RLiTASrrs Bcssworra, at Flnahlng. loans Dwkwt.? In Brooklyn, on Thursday, May It* by tbe Rev. Robert R. Booth, Roaxsr I vara to Mlaa R? snccA B. DwHiirr. eldeal daughter af the Into William W. Dwigbt, M. 0., of this city. I. Antra? UnAoscaer ? At R. Stephen's church, aa Thuraday, May 10, by tbe Rev. Pr. Cummlnga, aaaMed by tbe Rev. J. Oraenlgo, Awn Estna La oars to PaoaM Pbassau., daughter or tbe late Pamusl Brad burst. Wstan? Jaiwwav.? At New Brunswick. W. J?eo Thorn day. May 10. tuonm Wrrra, ef Ports, to Mamoa M., daughter of Or. George T. Janeway. Died. Atom- On Friday, Mar SO, Sab An C. Maw, widow at Wm. H. A Ida, Jr., aged 38 yearn. 0 mootha'and ST dayn. Fanaral services at bar Into realdence, -ISC Ninth avO> nne, this fflatarday) afternoon, at two o'clock. The ro> malna will be Ukan to New burg for Interment. Ancaua? On Friday, May 90, of dropay. Miss PatruM Arm ua, native of Para, Franco, In lbs >7lh ysar of hot age. Tbe taneral will take plaooot W. Stephen's choral, Twenty eighth street , between Lexington and Third eve aasa, tba (Saturday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Her friends are requested to attend without further invitation. Bnosows? On Wsdnesday. May IS, yasav, wife sT (Siarlea K Borrow# and daughter of tbe latodRilllsnt Nellaoo Tbe retail vse and frlsnda of tbe family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from Calvary charcb, aa Mnday afternoon, at hair past two o'clock. Bbavss ? On Thuraday, May 19, Pbavbb, In UM TSth year of h'sage. The relatlvea snd friends of tbe family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of bB son in law, Christopher Ralks, Kent avenue, fourth honeo from Park avsnue, Brooklyn. Thsjunerel will take plooo this 'Saturday), afternoon , at two o'clock. His remain* will be lalerrsopn Cypress Hill Cemetery. CAVtaNar.? Kariy on Friday morning. May SO. Masv, beloved wife of John Csllanau, In tbe 4 2d year of her ago. The relatlvea and friends of the family are rsepeoirully Invited to attend tbe fnneral, from her late reetdenee, M# Koat Ninth street, oorner svenue C, this (Saturday) after noon, at two o'clock, without further Invitation. Corson.? On Friday morning, May 30, Jons Cowwoo, formerly of the pariah Alblage, ooanty Roscommon, lie land . a?ed 07 years. The rdlatlvaa and friends of lbs family, sad those of bin BOBS, Pslrlck, Mwsrd snd lamea, srs respei tfnllv Invlte4 |o attend Uie funeral, from bta lata restdenoo, lift Beet Twenty-eighth street, on flonday afternoon, at hair past one o'nlocx prenlaely. Do Roamt -Oa Tbnreitny, May IS, I/wa Nona, lalbot ano at taoa and Josopbloe da Roogo. ?tasnr ? FMt aff a bultdtn* at Flnahlaa.UL. aad waa

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