Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 22, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 22, 1864 Page 3
Text content (automatically generated) and commercial. ----- - -I- - -I. - - -I * 1 Sat i *n AT, May tl? ? P. M Tbe share market opened weak 1* the worn lag, but Improved as tbe day advanced lue transactions were limited. aad very Utile disposition m man .tec l ed to re ah -e *. omi*rod with the highest oash salts at the first meeting of tbe Board of Brokers yesterday . F.rie Hallway advanced ., .Reading Michigan Centra: . Clcv e!5tid and l'lttebuig ^.Cleveland and Toledo 1, Pittsburg and Fort Wayne X, Cb nago and Vorthwe#tern If. Paciflr Mail J, Canton Company ?;, Qnlck?llrer Mining and Jtfanpoei Harlem Railroad, Milwaukee and Prairie du Chten, Galena and Chicago and Chicago and Rock Island svj the same. New York Central docllned ,!>?, ITudson River 1, Michig sa Southern Illinois Central 1, Alton and Torre Haute 1, Toiedo and and Cumber land Coal 2 There era* no second meet :sg of tbs board, and very little business was transacted in tbe afternoon. Sterling ex hange ?u dull si I9i. tbe government price being li)7. Gold opened at 182, and reaob?d 183'* bul the closing price was 1S2V The aggregate raise of tbe imporu of merchandise, other lhaa dry goods, at this porl during the week ond log Mar 19 wa? $4,568,788. Tbe steamship City of Manchester, for Liverpool to day, twok out $410,943 in specie; the Hansa, for Soutbamp t >n, ba I on board $123,000, and the Corsica, for H-ivaoa, $176,000, making tbe total shipments $70? ,943. The Assistant United Stales Treasurer In itxt city re port? to day u fo'lows ? Receipts (mm customs $155,000 Total receipts 6.702, 173 Payments 5 224,119 Balance 26,410, TOT Subscriptions to 10 40 loan 64,300 Ihe following abstract of reports or the coal companies ot Pennsylvania shows the coal tonnage for the season, us comi?tred with corresponding time last year:? Com/xmni. This Snuon. Laf Seatom. Read n? Railroad. 1,274.815 J,219,4,'>0 f=ohuylkiH N'aTlgntlon 199,694 179. 4;8 J. ebigh Valley Railroad... 104.240 0.!,c50 l^blgb Navigation 669.879 622 038 l?e!aware Si Lackawanna.. 434,606 400,3^6 Pela ware St Hudson 82 .563 65 084 Pennsylvania Coal 42,713 51 TOO Bh^mokln 94 I I 81,470 Broad Top 138.134 115 65T Lykeos Valley 31.272 30,049 Treverloo 7,086 8.430 Total 2,969,088 __ *,787,661 jrrease. . 183,037 The comparative earnings of the Chicago and Alton ^ilroai during the week ending May 16 were as fol )ws ? 1863. 1884. I'aseeogers $13,001 16 020 Freight 22,162 18,647 Miscellaneous 1,719 1,474 Total $36,832 36,041 Decrease 1,841 The following bonds and stocks were sold to day by Adrian n Muller, P. R. Wiikms & Co., at tbe Merchants' F.xcbasge salesroom, by order of S. T. mitotan, executor of William llillman, decoased ? $3,000 U. 8 7 3 10 conjon bonds. Interest 1st Apr. and Oct 4 ot $r.00, 1 of $1,000 Ul?? 7 .000 U. 8. 5 20 coupon bonds. Inst. 1st May and Nov. $1,000 each 100 )'t 1 000 Treasury certiUcate, 6 per cent. Due Apr. 4, 1835. Int. Apr. 4 93s,' 4,000 Hudson River R. R , :d mortgage, 7 per ceut siukmt fund, coupon bondB. Du3 1885. Interest June aud Dec. $1,000 eSoa 120 if 70 shares Corn Exchange Bank, $100 each 110^ 40 Marine Rank, $30 each 157 80 Metrojiolltan BabIc, $100 each "... . 117}? 20 BaLk of Coauaera*, $100 each U2'? #0 I'. S Trust Company, $100 each.: 196 20 lianliaitan Li e Insurant Company, $.'4) each. 260 80 Corn Exchange Insurance Company, $50 eacb. 136 100 I .o i'ii lard Insurance Company, $25 eich... .127 & 125 n Stock Kxehauc, v 8atcboat. Mar 31? 10 30 A. M. $l '000 V 8 6c '81, eo't. 114 -i 100 ehs Uuason Kiv RR IfTtf 3000 U 8 4'a. 6 Al a, reg lOfljj 300 do Wf? AO" U 8 ITS. 5 *),C0U. . l'S6'4 200 do AS? ? 9ii u do luL. 300n?rlena RK 281 16000 Ohio A M its ceittf 150") Kea ling Kit 146 ami do m . 1710 do K8M 20000lnnAMisspref cer 91 WO) do 010 144 400 >N t tie's 7 '70 . ! 18 6JU do 146'-' 40110 Kric 3-1 alg 118 JH do blO 1?; l-Mi tl 1 (J 6 a,r latin ?fu 128 40 1 Mish Central UU. . . 14U 10 0 M K'h So kg! bis 112 200 do 146 ?'? 0 A It \ I'll 2d ill prel' ?3 flu do blW l!6^ 8000 Clilc tgWl l m 95 fOO Micb So k X I 11R 99 400i) Doi.l^e A WIKIUJ 116 SJ do. 9H'i 3uu*) 1'itu.Kt W 4C2 'm 112 101 Mich So A N I c^ar Ml>i :**>J Cle* A Pl'ia4th;.i 9i 200 III Cent BR tcrip.. 132J* 1001 AtlAQWlatmOdlv UIO .'??! do.... ... 132V4 1 ?Xi Amertean told. . I8l'i 500 Cieve k Pit'.a UR. . . 118 25 ?1>C Bk of Rep ublic l(lf> 4>V do 1I6*? It fourth SatieualBk Qp ; t"0 do. llS^* Oi Oanion Company . . (j 10 do bS 113;, l u de <.v; 10 Galena A t ill KR . . 132 1JO do *bii 3U0 do 133 JO P'nn Coal Co 2l0 200 do W 13"^? U M>'troiK>Uun <>'a- . l.'.i 200 ''levt! and lol RR 132 30) MariiH. a MitCo.... SiH 4 0 do 162, 'i SO do ST. 600 Cbi & R 1 Kit 1 Is MO Safilna.- .- L..1 t-WioCo 5 200 do 117V 3*1 Cumo C.*. pr*f.... 77 do 1J7,"3 iOO df> biS 77 -'M do 1 17 'a I'M de 16}i tOO do ?I0 1 1 7Aa WO do 74 ,'ITO do *10 117 10* do 75'. J00 Chl.Bur^Vinu'-yRR 128 100 W Domini; VCual Co 73 SO do 129*< 100 Bucks OettntT Lead I y 10J Mil k 1' du C HR 70.^ IU0 Kulland Mari'o.blo IV i!) MilAP du Ch latpr rr lift 69 Qnar:- 11 ill M(C?. 14 ItUTol A Wabaali RR.. 7J:, WO liann A Bait Coal. *0< 400 Pills, Ft WAChlcRR 118 400 dj do i 9 .*0.) do 118* ? lo UuiclnUver Mining 74 TVO dj l>3 11-*, 400 clo 74;,' toil Alton A T H RR ... S00 do 74 A 100 do C6)i 1U) d.> 74', 100 Alton AT H pref... 8J 1'W do . . . . b 1 5 75 6J0 t hlc A It W ItR ... 03 26 Pa"i'cMii: s 3 to. 114 1*0 <10 *10 63 '.'6 do 234 5W do 63 a Mi Ne* V ore Ceut RR 1S41; ?V? do CSJ? 1? do , 13i>, 4.J0Chir AN W pief... 92 2.W Erie i: ft 111?' SO ''hie A Alton RR... 94>g HOI de .116*4 SoUMarlrtlaAt'inlatprei' 74 200 Il'idton RIt illt ... 16: HKLP WA5TKU-MALKS. AGBXT.S can MAKE $5'X? A MONTH '>y 'e'ling 0'ir CRt.tT PKIEB PACKETS AUo SPLENDID STKliL .K>OKAVIXa3. and ib? f'orti *tt of GENERAL (i I! AN T H.LENDW GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES Blreti too .: t^au irae. fui. pirtfuiare in c re1 ir, ma^-ed free. <> i*. A CO . 3) Been man (treat. V. T. AT COMMERCIAL EMl'LOY M ENT AGENCY. 227'., AND Xtt Mroadw..*? Wanted. ly. ilerk id furniture ? oie tailrja dark, groc -ry c eik, timn kcepe- ou railioad, mio to drive *>;cn. e'erk 10 gun store, slowar'1 loi Itrn, in ? orance cl? I , outdoor sal srnan, nnr.-ei for ho?;lul, bo k keepe aid ?a?'.-iant twrieu >r clart for hotel, eteward O'l rwmr, lijat porter city collect r. and young man a* n e ra'. e crk in an oT!ce ; other a tnatloos open, see lilt or va t inci'i n i ratnlillcn In atren'e charged. K?i?Mlabpd unlet patDaag o: ui'-rchnua, Ac., and or^ani ed I Si '.. OSCAR A CO. ABOt W VNTED? ABOl'T 10 TO If TBATE3 OLD. TO learn the loot.nj giaii iilTcriug tiade, at 307 Pearl t, CLAUDK. ALAIUJfc NUMBER OK TOUNG OR AGED MEN, e?pe len^od or not. wanted, an nurse* and to aimat In gorermneat haepitaK nt-ar the city. Steady en>ploynieut and food pay. Apply at U 81 itb ar- n-ie, near A-i ? street. (1A8H BOV3 WANT! D -TO HONEST, WELL BRtU ' / lad*, a libera, aa'arr will ?>? rlv?it AT STBWARl A CO.. Broadway and Tenth .'treet. WAITERS WANTPD-IN A CLUB HOUSE; THREE tirat clan men. with <Mr ivierences Wage- $3 I per month. AmAr at Union ? riare, bctwoen l5tb and IGtb WAN! RD-lJf A WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GRO cry store down town, a j .ut.g man, ?bout 22 year* ot age. thoroughly acina n'eJ with the business Beat of referenda le c reii. Addreaa tor three daya II. K D . bus ?.9Wl*oe' Alice WANTI.D? \ SOBER. HONRfiT AND INDUSTRIOUS man who Ihoio'itfiw 'inderstai: da the wiUing buai ?eea. t'> co a ah*<t die" m e la # e co jtiti v. AptPy to John ? Bmpbeo A3 * Blffaall at wr' * WAV I I !I -A WELL READ HOMfEOPATmc PHTBI r:an a the Wen lar.e practice and unol pay; one of tije beei in ''ea.meut in the country. For particulars In re garJ to ioc? l>r Inquire of O. N. Adams. A tor llouae, R. y WANTFD-A MAN TO DUIVB A CART APPI-T TO V. V Ilaitgnwoat A C* tiS. 19) ana 19-' Proadwa^, earner o' Hi J V. Wf ANTED? A BOT. AB^ITT jg TEARS OLD WHC M rea l' n with hit parent* and ran I urn lib g od refe ren ^ aod ? willlBg to make hhnse ( Keuerallv itveful : one residing la Hrookl>a pr feried. Apply to Oehorae A May IN Br 'ad war WAN W.I?? A BOT. ABOUT 16 TEARS OF AGE WHO i .ii write welL Ajpj ?' the s?anieo'a Bank, 1.) Tjrss Itr idlyn IV'ANTRD-BT A GENTLRMaX LIVING ON STATEN *' I i?il a man liartnc a Vno-.Tledje of gardening, horaee, Ar a i a ?ouian to f.ioa and do k'neral hn iruoik. nc Crtlcu ? onjertiim t a married coup e, without encum anre. Ontyaibei st?ndy p"fi!>.e. with goi,l refefncea neei at.*; B. a -r t , iooiu N*. 8. between JauJ 4. W aNTED-IS a ST ok aND OOlaD BROKER ^ o:W aa hri- e well aoquemted on Warl ?'.reel and r?he lifi With hll narenU prnerred. Ad Sraat, In Uandwnttai L - D New Yuik Post olhoe VI' ANTI D-RT A SIR !iLE '.W?TLI MAN. AN ENG. Tf llali gro?m one ahn l? ? gnol r?er of liinsd liOI?ee, and U' drrsu^s waning a aote. anumion pernisn nt Ad'tieM i HOT New York i"e<t u4Dr?. Want; i?-six seamrn or ordinar7rrami n '? > >k an I Mtlrf *0 ?b [i f u tiie Sau Jalanda App'y imtK' 4i?i"lr at it W eat at . corner of lut or D L PEARL. 14'AMHD? A YOUNO MAN TO GO A FEW MlLlift T? In the o?in ry oo Wire abtwy rlter, to take care of a h tree an l iKAke hiuiaelf uciul iu the gaileu and ueuse Ia'juirr a1 A98 Irvoms at. WANTRD-VN A8STTANT B.OORKEEFER IN A <fr> r eoBiml?*i?n house one som? eipe rleaoa A I iraaajru ?M Feat a. roe. W ANTIDvA Bit ART BOT, AROUT FOURTFFN yeaia m ?ge fa the dry goods b-ialneae. Apply to u r Hard r Bomttf. Iii^rADVERiiitKMKWTii On dbmande per .ibune ulli p'rotestamte iMme ea?i??rtere Ba'rdree'er et pour prendre sola fua ear aa' I?^t.^ie^i^?i>?iaiidm||*?B m^t ?irrATioR^WAii iiiv J ; ? viuKu rn?or (south Ki<?ia?^r tub high A rat resnaclaVllHy, educated and reflnaC .Who* ? poet* iiou wid?*e<? pro furred. AJdrrsi i>oin.paaM*. llrnalleMBP ' * i RKSPFCrABI.B TOI NO WGMAB WISHES A BIT A ii?l! in u uiirs* aud chimb rraaid; has b?d *:trerisl H^"????r. QUI tf two day* at At Wat nvi ?. * SITUATION WANTkd??* A ftBSPBCTA'lLf A flrl. to do general housework la a tmal. private fam lly. 1U? t wd city referenoc (rum hoi last place Cm Us ?pod for two daya ai U7 Bridge at., Biooklyn. rtau ho us* A FIRST RATB W ASH RR AND (ROVER WOULD like t lie washing of ? few families. AMiW Klklu 1 it West >4lh at. Uiki'I reler-ncc give*. A RESPECTABLE l'I:Oi kbTANT YOUNG WOMAN v. If .64 a til union In a small privala family to do gene ra; housework, or to lake ? hargc of a lady, and lo do plalu ae?ing; can rive god references: can be >een at bci tm player ?. Court at.. Brooklyn, three door- from Mill at. A WIDOW LADT, OP EDUCATION, AND WITHOUT eucumb.ance, wishes to meet Willi a comfortable home in a vr. dower ? family, where the duties as housekeeper would not br arduous Addres*. Widow, Bible House $U limi D. Ktgluh street. A NUMBER OF WBI.L RECOMMENDED GERMAN foinaies want situation* at cooka. afcamhcrmald* and lauudresses. nurses, girls for general housework, Ac , at Mr* LOWL'S Ceruiau Institute, 17 titantoa at., uear tuo Bowery. A PROTESTANT. WELL EDUCATED QBRMAN LADY, who speaks read* and writes English. and Is a good housekeeper . minuirci* aud embroiderer wishes a atlna tton to :ra\ el. ur as liotieckeeper. Apply at 1 <1 Bast 1-iib St. AIOUKQ WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION A3 LAUN dress; is an excellent wisher and lroner; uo objec lions to go in the conntry; city refercncea fur five year". Call at ine lsft house In West 42d.*t.. near Weehaivkeu ferry, between 10th and Uth avs. ANY FAMILY IN WANT OF A PERSON TO TAKE charge of than- house during the summer mouths can hear of a competent, trustworthy woman with goad city reference, bv calling at or addressing <52 West ISth sLa west aide of tith ave , top tloor. for one week^ Situations wanted-for thoroughly com l>etent female help of all nations, such aa fiia' clam cooks, chambermaids, wnitiessei. laundm -ea, scarastrctaca, nurses, cooks to wa h aod iron, small girls and girl* lately landed. Aiplv at the Large Employment ileifce, corner of tith are. and 1 Ith st Ala> male help WANTBD-A SITUATION AS FOREWOMAN IN A shirt niauulactorr, by a young gir. , has a reference of ten years her Las', employer; Is fully competent of taking charge of hands aud manufacturing; also competent of taking charge of folding abirt < and drawers. Call on or addri'Sk for three dayMH. B., 221 Bait 1-th st. WANTKD-A SITUATION AS WET NURSE BY A young healthy woman, who bat a fresh breast of milk, fthc can furnish the beet relereuees. Apply at No. Ill Bant Foi tyteond struct. WANTED? A SITUATION BY A YOUNG WOMAN A3 cha liberma d or hundreds; good reference , call at 1S2 Atlantic, cor. of Washington ar., Hrooklyo. WANTKD-A SITUATION AS COOK AND TO ASSIST with the washing; no objection to go a short distance In the country. Good reference. Call at 111 West 1Mb at.. In the rear. WANTED-BY A COMPETENT LAUNDREBS, WHO thoroughly understands her buainea*, flue washing and Ironing, also Muting and lacea none equal to new; best references given. Call at 730 24 ar, room S, between Nth and 40tb st* WANTED-BY A QOOD LAUNDRESS, a small family'* or a few gentlemen'* washing, at her resi dence, 217 Mott. ct , room No. 1. *t*M SITUATIONS WANTED-MALES. A DISPENSE* Of MEDICINE WISHES EMPLOY ment in a dispensary or a* a dispensing clerk. Address W. B. B? 58 West 15th St. AS COACHMAN.? A SITUATION WANTED, Bf ARE spectable man. of long eiperlenoe. Best city refer ence given. Can be seen at MO Broadway or at 37 West 1 Sib St. Employment wantkd-a man who writes a iV>od hand wishes lo employ several hours every day in writing or copying. Address J. Vale, Madisou square Post office. Employment wanted-by a gentleman of tome twenty-five yesrs' experience in business; would prefer an agency or soma active employment. Manufactory references given. Address 8 . Herald oOice. SITUATION WANTED-IN A GROCBBY. PRODUCE or anr wholesale businoss (dry good-, jobbing excepted), by a stirring, energetic, young inau, an Ainerlran. 26 years of age, Is export at fcgurct speaks and writes French and German lluenliy; would make bim?eir ttteful in aay posi tion in a zo >?! heme at a low sflary, good city refercnoe. Address O.-0. F.. box 174 Herald oflice S' ITrATTON WANTED-BT A RBBrKr-TABLE MAN. who has some knowledie of the Misineas. to attead bar. Call at UO North 4th St.. WiUiemvburjr. Tub press.-a shorthand writer and re poner desnesan engagement on a journal, ur as aman uensis Addiess C. J. Smii'i, care of Geo. Carpeuter. Esp, IS Chaaibus street. YVANTSD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN. VI a situation in some wholesale or commission house in this city; is willing to make liimsalf generally useful; can turalsh best ot reference Address, for one week, E., station U, New York Pott OTlkt. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN. 21 year.i of ace, a* bookkeeper or aaalatant bookkeeper In aome wli ilenale business; has a knowledge of the gtoeery and w!nc bus n*ss; reference A 1; salary moderate Ad dress A. V., S5'? Gt?c?nwlcb ave. I1KLP WASTED- FEMALKS. All Estoucn. scotch, oerman. pbbnch. Welsh and American Protestant and Catholk cooks, laundresses, seamsiivsse^, nnrse^ waitresses and house worker" can find good situations, in ftrat elas* fnmiliea, by applying al tbe Employment House, corner of Ctb ave. and CtOOK WANTKD-A COLORED WOMAN PRBFBRRKD; ) uone bat a flrsl rate cook. Applv at 13<' Wooiter St., oorner or B'eecker, over the liquor stare. Dressmakers wantbd.? good hands may apply Immediately, and receive good wages at Madame A. O. R'ji-i -II'*. ZS1 Wooster St., third door be'ow Amity. C^:RL WAM'ED.-W ANTED. A STOUT. WILLING I ?irl. about It year? Old. to aaalst In housework. &c W u e ; $4 to $'i. Apply at Si Wait 13th al ^basemcat), on Monday or Tuee lay. alter 1J A M. C^OOD DRESSMAKER WANTBD? 17 I9TH ST, COR T ncr Eruadway. Operator wantld-on rinuers machine; only one wl.o understand* dresamaking need apply; libeAl itlary clvea. No 6 lllb *t , near Bioadwav, SALESif OMHN WANTED ?EXPERIENCED HANDS. acc.iatomed to sell trlmmtnss, laeet, ribbons. Ac.; also one to t ike ?? lia- .-.e. aod two smart young women to learn th ? b :? i;e ? Afji'l y teller only to Bt of Mr. Gudlrey, 831 Broadway. OBVERAL kXi'ERIENCBD DRESSMAKERS WANT O ed. Apply at I7i>?ar. ','tii ?t duriug 'he week. VEST HANDS-SR A WEEK TO A FIRST BATE opera'or oo Singer * machine; alaobastcrv highest wage-* to bu iouhele makeri. one plam sewer. Apply at No. 3 New chambers st . up staira. WANTED? 100 HANDS TO WORK AT aRTIFICIAL fl-iwrt who can silk. Also SO apprentices. Apply to Mr. Pi-*ut. 20, 22 and 21 Ureeno st. W'ANTED-AN AMERICAN LADY, AS HOUSE vt k eper. Applv on the 20th. 21 st or 23d lust , al 4 P. M., to Keoj. F. Cook, 35 Dey st , New York. ll'AMBD-A YOUNG GIRL (AMERICAN. ENOLISH Vt or rraarh pieferredi, a nurse and aesm- ress: the ?n?t be experienced In the care of children understand plain sewing, hsvc gO'.?d cut testimonials a* tocharaeter and qtislIU ration*, and he willing to co lu the co'intry during C " siimnicr njunth* Applv st lit Hon ague p ice, Brooklyn Vi TANTED-SIX DRBSSMAKFRT; NONE BUT riBST class bands need apply at fi Clinton plaoe^ VI* ANTED? A GOOD WASHBR AND 1EONEB; OKB TV whs can come well reoommended nan get a good place by sppiylag at 190,' , West 2#tb st. , near 8ib ??. Wanted? one oe two good tailobessbs on fin* pants. Must be tlrsi class baud* Inquire la stirs &'*> Broadway. Wanted? oi'KR ators on shirt fronts, me dallion napmuker* *nd closktnakcr*. at Lord A Tar tar's. comer el Uiaad and Chiyatlo eia. Apply laamodi ately. WANTBD-A GOOD, RESPECTABLE GERMAN OR colored woman, te do general bouaework; must bare good reference* Apply for two day* at SM 7tb a r. WANTBD-A QOOD C OOK. WASH BB AND IBONBB; one who de Ires a p?rineneiii plac. Also a sea m aires-, a m rtdle-ajed woman. Apply at 321 East 30tu at. Wantbd immediatelt-two good respbct ablegirs on*- a* ' *ok, waa'ier snd Ironer. tbe othti to do ehsmberwork snd take care of children. References requited ts o bones f. sobriety. Ac. hone other* need ap ply. Cail at 20 Harnsen siieet to day. \17 ANTED? A GOOD COOK. TO GO TO THB COUN. VV try. He t references required. Call at 102 East 18th at . b*tween II tod 12 on Mondsy. Good wagea tab ted-a first class cooc. apply At noTi ' W'-at 2ftth at., between the ho <rs of Wand I0A. M. W'aNTI'.D-A CAPAKJI GIRL AS NURSB AND Vf ?eam ires ; one who understands the cere of an In fant ; good cl-y NMtM re qali ed. Apply at It Baat *?. t WABTED-A YOUNG LADY. WHO SPEAKS FBBNCH am' Kn-i s', as aaleiwomaa. Apply at No. ? Uth St., near Hrotdway. "7ANTED-A FEW FIBST CLASS DRESS CAP MAK era at ll? West 27th at. Apply fot two daya ANTED-TWO YOUNG LADIES AS SALESWOMEN in a fancy siore. In tbe baauilful village of Monnt Var _w_ ball an houi's ndefroin tbe ell/. 1 hoae who under stand Uelr b is n't* thoroughly will please address R M . box r.t.'H Puat oOice. Bew York, stating when aad Whert they can be seea. ? . TV \V v\ w ANTFP-A SEAMSTBESS; A MIDDLE AGIO WO man i referred Apply at .'121 East Mtb st. WANTED-A LADY'S MAID; MUST UNDBBBTANC halrdreta ug wulL Apply at Ne. I Hu lsoo teiraoe, Hobok'n WANTED-A YOUNG GIRL FOR UP STAIRS WOBB IT and waiting; mual be aoeuatomad to children aad be a u'uig to to tbe countrr for two auuiiner monthe; good references required. Apply at 2i Maodougal at , belaeea 9 an i II A. M. W AMTKD-ift BtPBMIBNCBD SALESWOMAN, AT V V kltdame Ball a aitUiaary aad pattern cmporiuus, N* I Cathailae SL IT ANTED -TEN GOOD MILLINERS AND TWO AP V prentlucs- fallal 600 8lb av , lic.wceu 3-Uli aad Wtli ?teeeta VJ AN1RD-GOOD HANDS, TO DO FINB SEWING " aud fancy work, none hut (onutmt aad oepaMa tai'aas^M's is*f tyANTKH-A FFVT GOOD MILLINERS. ALSO A A WW** ^ ^ *** w BHLJP WAinWD-f'MUlEa. _ WANTBD? ABRAMSTRi 88. APPLY At U OLINTON ??1MB, on Hon!*). i it'in ? lo II QWmcki- M. WA.NTBD-GOOD i>RK-svaKBB8 VbAoP PH ploy men t aud gOjJ ? ri?? gi'en. Apply at UX #th at. WANTED? SEVERAL FI UtiT CLASS DBBSSMAKEB8: ?w ??tier* need apt'ir; ururl , work and gool wage*. Al-o aon?? glrla for imoj work and * few acprea ticea. Call at Mo&ager's, 19 SUi ar, ?A CPKftAtftfti W ANTS D? WITH OR WrrHOufc UV their own fcingers or Wheeler A Wileou's maolime? buuriuiil (inubiT* and button hole makers, on cavalry jackets. Witu *6 U< Call at 437 WaaLiwlou at.. ue*r Spring. 1 nn WOVEN SKIRT n ANDS WAMTED.-TO GOOD 1UU ban. la ueai'y employment the year round. Apply at J. W . liUADLE Y 'A akin uianulactan , eutrauce Si Ueaue atneet. THR TKADKg. A S3EMHLKRS OK PISTOLS AND ONE MACHINIST, A far muklng pistol m tchinery, wauled Appl> to ElUol Arms (ompauy, 4l>4 Bioadway. T)LACKBMITH WaNTKD-AN APPRENTICE TO TIIK 1) fsrriaRo and wagon ?rork: alto a boy lo help at the paialiu^, at jrtauagau a, VanderoiU landing. ttuian Island. CARPENTERS -FIVE OK blk GOOD CARPENTiiKS wanted, at 7S>i New at. CAKK MAKERS - WANTED, 11 GOOD MIXER. Apply at '-'00 Greenwich at., at Currior'a. Carriage painters wanted.? aptly at i.?is Mroadw.iy._ WM. BAFFEBTY. EpIVR STAIR BUILDERS WANTBD? AT 8TAIR BUir,D r lug ahop, 113 Uaat -,'tu at., N. V.; good wages aud atcadv work. F fou r^JS to'roTO ~WANTao THREE OR ^ven aud ateady ^rlk? roA " '?>? cooutry; bljh"" "aSS Sjwmcra, 1U1 uj?&r[nm 9 <? ? A E to j ("?OI.D CUTTERS WANTED? AT W. H. KEMP'S GO?.n T leaf aorka, 17 1> iludaou at. Also a Joaraayoian gold beate f. ___ PAPER MAKERS WANTED.? INQUIBB OK F. GOR ton, Jlnyuonock. Hartford county, Conn., or of John 8. Andrews, ttl Centre *t.. New Voik. PL' MBER3 AND OAS FITTERS WANTED?STEADY work and good waaaa. Apply to W. 0 . Leater, 1,-79 Broadway, corner of 31lb at. PLUMBING AND OAS FITTING.? A YOUNG MAN auJ boy wanted; ateady work. Apply to K. Pltzpat rick, corner Chamber* rt. and New Bowery. STEREOTYPE FINISHES WANTED. APPLY AT Coniiera type! foundry, corner of Centre and Du me a*.?. TO TATLORS.-W ANTED, TWO GOOD MBN TO GO A aliort distance So- ih; one to make coals and one to make paola; good tva^es aud prompt pay. Apply to (J. b. Babcock. Jr.. 047 B way. TO IYOBY WORKERS. -A MAN WELL ACQUAINTED with making Ivory tab eta and foldera, and poiialiiug and sawing la geueral. would like work la Uila ally. Ad dress M. K. II., ooi 2U5 Herald o!l ce UPHOLSTERERS. -A PRACTICAL KAN IB OPEN FOR aa engagement In the above business Addreaa, alatiug term a, 8. If.. 91 Yarick at , near Canal. ?SmJ^aSFj"' n *? immbdi. Bipleyjk* 322?, W Pine lo "?? WANTED-A FIRST CLASS DYKB. IN A FEATHER manufactory; muat have experience In this line and be well recommended ; no others need apply ; beat wages will bo paid Applv at SM Broadway, up stalr-i. WANTED? FOR BRAIDINO MACHINES. A STEADY, industrious middle aged man. competent lo look after and adjust braiding machines. Apply at Cary Wire Works, 142 Wort 29tli at_ WANTED? A FBW EXPERT SOLDBRERS TO MAKE tin cmi. Apply to W. H. Dudley, 168 aud 172 Front at. WANTBD? TWO GOOD SAWYERS. ONB ON LARGE t>oxe* and one on amat, none but thoae who under stand the buainesi need apjdy. Inquire at 121 aa l 126 Worth at., uoar Centre WANTED-A GOOD GOLD CUTTER. APPLY AT 173 Mm at. fXTASTKD ? TWKWTT-FI VKMAKEMAKERsTbY ED tT ward* A Ki>rahane, Boston. To gO'id workmen ateaily employment and higheat wages giveii. Apply as above Gore block, opposite ttcvera Houae, Bouon. Ci\ MINERS WANTED.? APPLY AT THE OFFICE OF tJU the Maninsborg Leai Miuing Co. , 3J Ptue t,t., roo.u No. 21 lou orricKB. IT 77? MONET LIBERA LI? ADVANCED AT 77 A UN DIAMONDS. WATCHES, JBWKLUY, 1'IaNOS, KUKNITl'KB, *0. A i JO. AT 77 PAWNBROKERS* TICKETS WANTED AT77 Of Diamond*. Wnu lies Jewelry, .to., and It i per cent morn paid than can be obtained at any other place In the city, at 77 Bleecker airaet. up ? fairs. Advances madk o? watoiu.s. diamonds, jew elry, Dry Qood* wd Personal Properly of every de ?crirtion, or tbe Mine bougat and *old, by J. A. J AC'.vSON, Broker and Commission Merchant, 111 Grand street, two doora west of Broadway. AT 212 BROADWAY? PRECtOOB JEWELS. WATCH R8, Plato, Ae.? Tbe highest prico paid for Diamond*. Watche*. Plate. Jewel*. Optical instrument*, Ac . ftr, at his pnv.ite room*. Liberal advance* mad*. Tickets of die tiionls, watches. Ac., bought. J, H. BARKINOBR, 212 Broadway, room 13, up alalra, corner Pulton. AT nKNRT n YMAN'3, 853 BROADWAT. CORNER OF Bond Blroet. room No 5, np stairs, will pay the high est cash prloe for Diamond.*. **t or unset; Wafehes and bll ror Wsre. or advances made on the same, and also on Piano*. 6J9 Broadway. At 43 CHATHAM STREET. PAWNBROKERS' Ticket* bought of Dlamouds Watches. Jewelry, Silver Piste, Guns. Pistols. Silks, Ac.. and tbe full value paid ror ail Tickets bought at 43 Chatham street, room J. oyer tbe batsioie. MEDICAL. Acard.-dk. li;ther/sr.. surgeon dentist. formerly ten jeara of Broadway and Great Jone* strre', having aasoctatcd with him elf l>r. O no J.Uudei nood, gradu au of Pennsylvania Collece of Dental Surgery, under (he Orm of Luther A (J n derwood. retnrn* bl? ai Know ledgenvnts for the liberal patron a. e extended him during nearly twenty ? five ye*r?, and respectfully solicit! a coiitlnusnce of 'ne sime for tbe new fcnn at the old stand. No. H4 East Twenty second street, two blocks tro;n Broadway wneic ihey guar antee every variety of dental oiierations of eupe.lor quality, not excelled in Mew York, at prices wl'.hia tbe mrans or all. II. Oir.BS LUTHER. AFFLICTED RKSTORBDt-IGNORANCF. EXPOSED!? Fallacies Uumaiked'? Highly Important to lioth *eje*. married or single, in health or dltease.? Dr. LARMONT 8 Paris, London and New fork Medical Adviser and Marriage Gnlde (Siiib edition, <00 ta^e*. 101 Illustration*'), upon De bility. Urinary AOeclions lllndder and Kidneys, the author * unc piailed Pari* and London treatment, tc All should ptirecase this work of E. WARNER. No 1 Tc cy ftreet, for St. or ounault ibe Doctor, 17H Brc.sdway, up *'-si>-s, New York, fr >in 10 A. M. too P.M. "We concur with other papers la retomuieudlng Dr. Larinont and his work."? rourrier de* htats Unfa, German die Reform. D.spalcb, iilaats gaining. Atlas. Medloal Review, Ac. Advice to marrikd ladirs -madams res tell. Female Physician and Professor of Midwifery, can be consulted as usual at 1C2 Cbor.ibers street. But one Interview will lie necessary. No charge for advice. Her in fallible medicines ran aiao be obtained at 127^ Liberty street, or by mail; price $5. Ladies who desire board ana the best medical attendance during confinement can be ac< commOdated. Her Fren'li Pills. No 1. pr:-" $1 a l>nT. OT? No. 11, which are four decrees stronger tbsn No. I. and fan never :*JL are safe and healthy; price $5 a box Can l>? sent by mall, with full direction*. N B.? Madame Restell deem* It b*r duty to caution ladle* acnlnst Imitators of heradver tiMinienta, who notouly rob them of their mean*, but their health. DR. WAT80N. an old and experienced PRAC tilloner, Is enabled to guarantee a cure in all cases, by eaf* remedies, tnd without rhang* of diet or reetrtctlaa from business. Dr Wateon * book, the "Cause and Cure." illustrated throughout by anatomical plate*. Ac., contain* valuable information for such a* are suffering from either dwesae or debility, or who contemplate marriage. Price SI. Hold by Miller A Co.. Post office. *U% Broad w a y. and by the autbor, 030 Broadway, nett block above the Metro politan Hotel. DR. COBBETT. NO. 30 CENTRE 8TRBBT, BBTWBEN Chamber* and Reade streets, can be con salted with confidence on dlsca-e* of a private character. A practice of thlrly-lour vears, three of which hare b*eo in the hospitale oi New York and London, enables htm to treat with success nervous and general debility. The victim* ef Imposition can call on blm with the certainty of being radically curat, or no charge. N. 8.? See Dr. C.'* diploma* In bia office, aa member of the New York University Medical College aud College of Surgeon*. London. DR. WOOD HAS HAD EXPRRIF.NCB FOR THIRTT year* In treating all kind* of dla*a<e<. and warrant* to eare all Brtiptloaa, Headache*, Piles, Rheumstlsm. Nervous Debility, Liver Complaint, Neuralgia. Irregularities Dlseiae- of tTrinary Organ*, and Kidneys, 1'*-*. rlpi cns sent by mall. Oilioe SO Ll-penard (trcel. Intemj'erence permanently cured. Dr. orindle. female physician and ac concher. No. <1 Amity place, three door* from Amity street tnak-* It hi* *pectal practice to treat all faaala eompialal*, from whatever cause produced. I* sura to ?ire relief (?< tbe moot anilou* patient in tweatyfour lioura. Elegaat room* for ladle* reqni ring nursing. __ 2R. POWERS. 61 FBANKLIK STRBST. CAN BB CON ?nlted gratis, with unparalleled suooeu, on ail Feaaalo nnlaiat*. Hi* Periodical Drops, $2 p?r bottle, eipre.ely for obstlaate eaaas. Beware of Imitations. DR. WARD'S SPECIFIC AND PRIVEMTIVB (OFFICE ?I Franklin street) cure* the weratcsae* without mer cury or chang* of diet. HI* Magical Invigorating Pitta, S3 per package, a *ura cure wbea manhood ha* been impaired. DR. WESTS MONTHLY TONIC? THE ORBAT F? male regulator. Belief certain In all case* In forty -eight hours. Office 27 Donne (treat, between Chatham and Cen tre streets. R. COOPER. ?? DOAN V*TR*KT. MAT BR OON aulMdoa all J lee a so*. Thirty years delusively devoted to dlaeaeea enablea him to warrant a cure In all caaea. The victim* of ml*pl*'*d confidence In medical pretender* oaa oall with acertalnty of being radically cuied. or ae pay. DR LINP.S HAS RRMOTRD TO IM FULTON ATBNDB Brooklya. Fulton avenue car* at ths ferry paas tha door. MADAME ORINDLR, FBMALB PHTsToiAH, NO S Amity place, three deer* from Amity etiwM, see ha coasulied to diaMsea of femaiee llrr medtetaea are aafe aad certain. C'mvenient rooms for ladle* who dSalraaan and medical attendance during canfinemeat. Mrs a. d. oiddinqh, frmalb phtbxciak, give* Vapor Balks aad Blectriclty at tM Birth ateuut, near Twenty third street. TJOOMS, WITH BOARD, AMD BVBBT RBOOISITH JV attention for ladle* in oonfin-mest, furaishea ay Ufa WORCEHTER, M D , at Hudson eueei. _____ Shattered constitctionb rbstorrd bt titat guaraiAe*- Remedy. Hit .J'OWBR'S Re-eoee of Life (office 61 iTaaklin etreeli In We* time aad a* a |M??W rate thaa aay other raaAlciaa. DCULiiTS ASD APRIW1*. t fcZ&Xui* t*rsv!iS;m ??. &JI1? A a HAPMOB. orka' A, The adviqn Of this real bawd ifktllj oa-aoientmc i t* fail. WHud of fill 1 _ Individual, tod the planets are hourly potutiug "out the'dea tlD? of mankind. Prof. Maurice has a profound knowledge ol the rule* at the scteace of tbe etars. ant onn tU pausing speedy marrlaje* he never fails. lie describee tl.e iniODdci busband or wife; tolls the very day you will marry and show* * llkeueaa representing the Uuo oomplexioo of ib* iBteudfd. II* deacrlboa your irunds, points out your roam lea, and warns you of all ftftuie danger; (food lurk I* obtaining situatiooe or In travelling by aaa or Im4, and Ik* best ofheullh, loac Ilia and preeperlty to all who eonaalt bim. Those at a dulaaoa may Mod their a*e and H, aad addrees A. B Maurice, hot 6.6J8 New York Pom oflioe, aad get la return the outllnea of your whole life. All hour* until 7 In the evening. Offloe ltt Bleeoker street, near Woos ter. Ladles, 5S cents Gents, fl. ASTONISHING -MADAM MOBROW. SBYEBTB daughter, with a Natural gift of foresight. taila bow soon and often you will uiany, even your thougbla. Magic huago iu full uperf.ll oa. Her equal it not to be found. Show* a likeness of your intended husband and abaent friends. No. 184 Ludlow atreet, near Houston- (Jents uot sdnilM' d. r^O ONE, OO ALL, TO SBB THB GREAT FORTUJ'E T Teller, who haa Just arrived from Canada Weal, rut beveulli Daughter ot the Seventh Son: uo Imposition; lelta about lure, courtship and marriage; whether wife, husband or Uver la falsa. Haa takeu rojdiCat 48 Fnrs?th awl In thu basement. Madame MOREHOUSE. Madamk estkll, seventh daughter, cam be Consulted, for a short tune only, on lore uiarrlaoe, siakuess, losses business, luokv numbers, charms Ladies, M oents . geutleweu, 50 ceuu. Call at Ho. 81 Forajth aires l, near Grand. Madam it tabsbllb. fbmalr physician and Mld?lfe, I- now reajv to receive all tnvaltda. Com fortable rooms expressly for ladies during confinement. No: 741 Urfouwlch atreet. MRS. MARION JAMBS, independent clairvoy ant, 101 Rest fteventeaath street, corner of Third ave ? ue never fails to glvo correct Information of lost or stolea Eropcrty, nlisent or lost frlenda, lawsuits, aad bustuesa a'* lira generally. Gentlemen not ad si it led. MRS. 8EYMOURE, MEDICAL CLAIRVOYANT -ALL disease discovered and cured, If curable, At 101 West Fifteenth atreet. cornor of 8lxih avenue. Norwood ocpsry consulted at no. -17 Wooster atreet, in basement ; also the Magie Drops \TO IMPOSITION.? TUB NEVBB FAILING MADAM 1> STARB, from Europe, who waa born with a natural gift, the great Bttslues. and Medical Clairvoyant. She oon suiuyou on the past, present and future, brings together thoss long aeparated. eauaea speedy msi-rlnges, shows von a oorrect likeness of your future husband or abaent friend*, tier equal is not to be fouad. Camion.? *6,000 re ward to any one who can surpass her In her profession or skill. She tells you the name of the person that you marry. This ia no humbug. No. St2 Fourth avenue, between Twea tv-thlra and Twenty fourth streets. Name on tb* door. JMDNTISTRY. American artificial teeth company, den tlat*.? Oinoe and show rooms 61 East Fourth si reel, near Bowery. A large aad rarl?d dock of Teeth conatanUy on exhibition. embracing all size*, shapes, styles and eo'ors. Prices about half those of prlrate dentists. Visitor* cor dially Invited. Chloroform, ether or aitrou<i oxide given. A BTIFICIAL BEAUTIFUL "GUMOTYFE" TEBTH. A Extraordinary prloos.? Set* from $\ plumper a*t* $20, warranted. Filling teeth, Gold. $1; extracting teeth with out unin. Booms open day and eraaing. I 2.5 Broadw ay, near Thirtieth street. Call* coltelted. Five premium* awarded. DB. HANSON. Dentil. Artificial teeth-only $8. beautiful sits from $8 to ?3, warranted equal to any work la New toik Single teeth tl. Teeth tilled and extracted without the least ruin Gold, platlna and bone filling-, S'e. io.$l, and warranted for life. Olilco 138 Sixth avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh >?reete. DR. LUTHER, Dentin, 18 year* e tablished Amort wonderful disco vbry.-tf.eth ek tract d with ut pain, or no charge. Beautiful teeth inserted at $1 each, 'teeth Insert d with or without ex tracting the root". All O|>ei ?tion? warranted. J. J. VILLERS. 155 Qitind at, I b'.o lc* from Broadway. RI1F1CIAL BONE FltLINQS FOR DECAYED teeth.? Old roots bul'4 up, mere FTiell*. aching teeth and every clais of cavity Ailed withonl pnin. ny the dlvcov erer, at lila roams, removed to 29 Fourteen: h atreet, oa* donr west of Union aquare. Over 10,000 testimonial*. B. UltlFKIN A B ItO^^ ORANp Sl'KBET, NKW _ . . York, anil 257 Fu lion street, Brookl.i a. are extracting Tcoth positively without pain by tneureof nitron* oxide na? No cliarge for extracting when artia. iat teeth are to be Inserted They are alao insortlna full Sots of Teetb on gold, platlna, $25: *ilver, $|t); rubber. S10; partial *et* oa gold, $J; ailver, SI- Bx'raeting 25 cents. HE "cheapest DENTAL ESTABLISHMBNT 15 New York.? Whole seta i-f b*auliful Teelh, $i to teeth fllled, 50 ceate to $1. All wori warranted ?a4atj>*>r the pi Ice j charued el?e where. Dr. WHITK, N o. 200 West Fourth ktirot, between Barrow and Grove s'.reetv 1 A KA CBBnnCATBA? HAYING HAD 2 TEETH | ,^bOT nxtractc I wltuout pain by Dr. J. JAY VILLERS. 155 Uranil street, two blorks from Broadway. I cheerfully lasert this recommendation ti those aiidcripg from toothache. Jo F. Dai.t. 109 8t. Mark's p'ac-. FFRNITDBI Aram cuanok fob hol?ekbkpkrs -su peib Household Furniture for s*le at a aacnOe^. A family declining housekeeping will sell in lots to suit pur ehaserf, all the Furalture contained In their ras deaue, ill West Twentv-thlrd street, near Sixth avenue? Pianoforte. Parlor Suits, Window Curtains to match; Ktazere*. PalnU lnga, Ui onr.ea, Carpet*. Bookcase. Mlrro. a. Dialog Room aud Chamber Furoiture. en aulte; la use seven month*. A~ LARGE AND ELEGANT 1*1 RR (<LASS. WITH ba-e Table for sale low. loquireof JOHN BldSELL, 1 >7 Broadway CommiKaioner for all the Sieves. C1ABINET FURNITURK.-?12S,0t0 WOMfl ll OF FURNI / ture at manufacturers' prices. coos>sl ng of ro-ewood and walnut Parlor Suits, Llbrsry and CI. amber Suits, oak and walnut Dining Room Suits, all made under tho super inteadonon of J K. Kraunfdorf, In the latest Style, and War ranted, both as to material aad workman Uio, ., ? 133 and I if IHrh^oblh^ljh^York. Facloi les 95, 97, U ?, Ml. lto and 1 5 SuHolk street N B.? Tae Broadwav aud Fourteenth Street tsrldiron) Railroad cars pais within two blocks ot tne '.varebous*. C1EONDKL S PATENT PRBI'ARiD (ORE 9fUFl'BD * Mal'.reucs. Cusblous, Sea a, Uz. 007 Broadway. BLECIANT HOUSEHOLD FUBNITURB OF A PRI vate taitilty for ale. at a grei Parlor 8ui?, one Sola oneyHim Cl-.alr, one Reeeption and all medallion back Cl.aiis.4?ade to order aevon months ngo, cost $276. for SlSlt; on-? do In crln fon. for tl.'Si, aUo Turkish Lounge and l.aay Chair, marble top Tablet, a lot of Psrtor snd Belrooin furniture. Ac. iDfiiia at 119 West Eighth street, near Sixlh avenue. URNITURE? $200,000 AT WHOLESALE ANDBFTAIL We offer our entue ?to. k of ail gia'.es ot Furaltur* at lower prices than auv other establishment la the UNITED STATES It I* made of the best well seasoned and ^elected material to be found iu the eoi.oti *. aud In the lateat approved styles, bv the best woikmen, and uuder our own peiaonal super vis'on. aooo# WARRANTED. Dh. GRAAF * TAYLOR. No 87 Bowery, New York, {?JOB 8ALB? A PAIR OF PA R I.7)R PIBB GLASSES, I Slabs aad'liraekett, c*arlf new. A'so a t'handelier aad Hall Lantern. Alto some F animis. App y at 27 Mar ket street. TRAVRLLERR' GUIDE. H UDSON RIVER RAILROAD.? TRAINS FOR AL. bany, Tfov. the North aad Wc?'. Isave Chamber* atreet *t7 and 10 A. M. and 4 ?> and 1 i tO P. M? and oa Suadays at 1:22 P. M., from Thirtieth street. \TEW YORK. HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD? For Albsny, Tro.v, Nonh and Weat. leave Tweaty alxth street depot at 10 A. M. and ft F. M. Sunday train at_ftJ*._M. NEW YORE AND FLUSHINO RAILROAD? NOTICE. Sunday trains to Kltuhlng. On and after Ruud.iv, Msy 1,1804. trains will leave lluutera' Point fur Flusbln*. We?t Flush eg, Newtown. WlnNe'd and Calvary Cemeterv, at 9 and 11 A. M.. and t, \ and 7 P. M. Keturnlng, leave Flush lng*t 8*nd 10 A. M . and I, 4 and rt P. M Far* Iftceata. Ferryboats for Hunters' Point lear* foot of Thlrty-iourib street svery flfteeen minutes. J. S. BOTTORFF, Superintendent, Morning boat for albany-change oppibr. Tli* DANIEL DREW, Captain John F. Tall man, will, ob sod after Wednesday. May 4. leave from Desbroa*es ?tree* at 7 A. M. stopping for passe a gars at Thirtieth straet, oa Maodays Wednesdays snd Fridays; landing at Weat Folat, New wirg. Pougbaeepsie. Khlaabeek. Oatsklll and 8ud*oa. Oo aad after Tueadsy, May 19, the ARMENIA will run on alternate days with the DBBW, forming a dally Use. Tickets sold *a board and baggage checked to points We?t and-Worth. agon KING LINE FOR PERK8KILL.?THB AURORA Ri leave* Jay wreat daily, without exception, at B 1. Mu la?4? ?' Thlrtlath street. Yonkers, Hsstings. D ebb's Ferry. Nya<-k, Ring Sins. Havers'. raw, Giaasy Point and ?erplanek's. Leaves at 1 A P. M, NBWARK.? TIIB STEAMBOAT ORICOFKB _ ves pier I M, fao: ol D*y strre:. at 10 A. M and 4W .daily. F& WITRDRAWN-TRR NEW STEAMBOAT THOMAS COLLY KB, running a* a morning boat to Pougbkeep ate, has been withdrawn lor a few day*. B AND AFIBB MAY 1$ TIB STEAMER T*0?. E. HULSB, Cavt. G*org* W. Annelt, will Isave, until further notice, as follows ?From foot of Spring atreet. at * " ? " ys Included, except Friday. street at ft o'clock, landmgat i, oa tb* 10 and t up trip*, aad Thirtieth street on the 4\ o'c lock down trip. M" TB ITREhT FBRBT, BAST BIYBR-THEBAB lam Fourth avenue cars win. from aad after thisdato, ran (rem th* A*tor Hous* to Thirty-fourth street ferry, B**t rlvar, eoaaeellag with the Hunter * rolnt ferry and the Lea* lalaad aad Floahlag railroad*. Mat IS. 1881. further notice, aa louowa ? rroa 10 2 aad fl'? every day. Sundays Oa Friday leave root or Spring stt Twentieth sad Thirtieth strests, I ? XCVRBIOWB. BW AND BEAUTIFUL BARGE? TIIB HABYBST J\ Horn* a*d th* Rhla*b*ok, to charter for oxcuMoas, with Steamboats aad Grave*, auch as deairad. Exaurstoa oCce, IB West street, corner of Barrow H , B. CROSSE I T. Anew, larob doublrdf.cs bargb and sidb wheel Steamboats to iat, with Blddta's and Dadlar'a vs* aad woodbridg* Park. Committee* are reaped (ally la vi tad to oall oa the proprietor* only, B V. BONN ELL A lio., IN Front street NH0TI0B.-THB PALI8ADB PABB, WEBHAWEBN, ? isaowopaa for the season, fer pieafoe aad other ex ourMoaak Cars leave the feet of Grand street. Bast river, for Forty apsoad street ferry svery Sva mtautae; ttm South ferry and with avenus for the above evair l^ariaatea. M. CammMtae* wishing to sngags tixS Park fa* exsur ?iaaa no charge, la^uire oa the piinilna. BX^RBIRBI. "URKITIRR PVHWHWxpresa? Hurnham's Furnltura Biprees, 111 feat Ettv|?A (treat, between Filth and Bltth avenues, 'arnftnra stored. All kinds at furniture boxed and shipped, ?araltnn pf families moved la the eitr or to the aountry. XPRtS^O^IA^W^^in^lORRM R MS . j^xrn gs Broadway, forwards hy every steamer mertiMMip ??2irtu lolUf"ior -"tv'sfiSP I FOB BUBO PS? TUB MOBIUS BXFRBSP, Co., InUiMt IW sIn whhqHfcl freree. r to uRnsBrpoL-TOocnaia a* 3ork hadBrj. Tfce Liverpool, wToif ?nil VlMfcolpM* StteaiuaMp Coa*#*wy Intend deafltrhhig their full powered Clyde built iron atonmahlpe u foT ? -v . flgte-Jiat CITY OF BALTIMORE ? Saturday. June 11, end every eucccodiug Saturday, at noon, fioin p?or 44 North RATBS OF PA88AOB. Per able in gold, or ita equivalent In currtaif. r iret oabia $du Do. to Lnndon 85 ft SUtr^? f*i to Hamburg. .... 87 ? Pass tigers also forwarded to Havre, Bienicu, Eo'.tenUui. Antwerp, ftp., at equally low rate*. Prom Liverpool or Q.eenatown:? First cabin, $.8, $85, BIS* Steeraxe, IV. Thorn who wlah to eend for tbetr friends oaf buy Ueknta here at theee ralei. Thcee ateaiuors U??e euperiot' aa> immolations for paa aangers, are strongly buUl fa water-tight Iron section i. aud earty patent fire onmntiutora. Experienced surgeon* are attach d to ear*) Earner. ? For further information apply la Liverpool to Wl t.LTAM 1MM tK, Agent. 22 WaUr filreet ; tn Glasgow to ALBX MALCOLM, Ntt ? HI. KaosA squaro; In Vueenstowr to C. A~W. D. SET HOUR A CO.; in londoa tu EIVH8 A MACRY. 81 King William street; lu Parle to JULES DE OOlJB, 4* Rue Notre Dame dea Vlctolre*, Pl*o J* l? Bourse: la Philadelphia to JOHN O. DALE. Ill Walnut street, or at the compear'* ofieee JOHN O. DALE, An.ut, IS Broadway. New Tortr. mUB LONDON?AND NRW YORK STBAM8BIP COM X pony will despatch semi-monthly their new and tint Class British Iron steamtfilpe CF.LLA. BKLLONA. AT\ LaRTA, IOWA, INDTANA and MANHATTAN, each 3,000 torn burthen, between London and New York, calllni; at Havre on the voyage from London. Rates ornaeoare. para ble In Untied Btatee currency -?From New York, Flrat Ca bin. $90; Second Cabin, $80; Steerage. $35. Prom London or Havre Flrat Cabin. $1(10 Por pansace apply to CRAB. A. WHITNEY. at No. 28 Broadway. For rrolgbt apply at M South street. Advance* made on merchandise consigned to the Loudon agents ROWLAND A A8PIKWALL. Agents. TUB From Southampton. From Now Tork OBBMANIA May S, 1*04 May 28, lHGt TEUTON! A ..May IT. 1884 nine II, 1861 8AXONIA Mav SI. 1864_ .Tune 3ft. 1S84 BORUS81 A June 14, lfC4 July ft, 1HG4 OBBMANIA .Juae 24, 1804 ?July 13, 1804 From Bamfotrg pier, foot of Third street, Hoboken, taking passengers for Hamburg, Havre, London and Southampton at the following rates:? Finrt oabln. $108: WBcond cabin, $08 82: steerage. $37 SO. uavebie In gohl or ita equivalent For freight apply to KUNHARDT k CO., 45 Exchaugo "W 'or passage apply to 0. B. BICHARO A bOA3, 131 Broadway. A QTBAM PROM AND TO QURBNSTOWM AND LIVBR O POOL. CONARD LIMB Prom Now Tork. $35 currency; to Now Tork, $3$, go d or equivalent In currency. HEOLA. sails Wednesday. May >8. NATIONAL 8TEAM NAVIOATTOW COMPANY. From Now York, oabln, BIN and $88: stnerace. $35. Payable In currency. For passage apply to WILLIAMS A GPIOB, 29 Broadway. NCUOR LINR t OF TRANSATLANTIC STEAM PACKET SHIPS. DIRECT 8TB AM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN NEW YORK AMD OLASOOW. BRITANNIA Captain Forrler CALEDONIA...... Captain Craig Tito ? A1 and faat sailing steamships are fitted la the most approved otyle to Insure tbe comfort and aafoty of paeeen gers, and are Intended to aaU from New York. Britannia ...>Way s$ CALEDONIA......... JuoeB Rate, of passage, including an abundant supply of well cooked provisions:? F, rat Cabin $78 Second Cabin $8 b In ler mod late 48 Steerage 89 Payable In Co I ted Stales eurrency. Apply to ?HAW, COPELAND A ca, No. 7 Bowling Oreen. Anchor line-steam to livbbpool. olas gow. Dublin, Belfast and Londonderry, per HRU AN MIA, May 25 and CALEDONIA June 4. Rates of pasea^. lnctud'B2 a* abundant supply of wetl coottd projlilwi ? Flnrt cabin. $75: inurmediate. 46; Meood afe, $3^ payable in currency. Apply to FRANCIS MAC - DON ALD k CO., No. ti Bowling Uieen. EITI8H AND AMERICAN STEAM NAVIOATIOS COMPANY. STEAM TO LONDON PTRKCT The flr.-t clsss lrou fesmshlp LONDON will nil June 8. Paaaage payable In currencv. Cabin $100J Steerage $M Pasaeneen forwarded to Harre, Pari, and German ports, at yery low rates. ? nmoif. W Broadway. OR CALIFORNIA. M.O. ROBRRT8' LIBB F TO SAN FRANCI8CO AND OBBQOR. Via Panama Railroad. *be sUamshlp ILLINOIS. 2,500 toon MQNDAY. MAT $3. AT NOON. Tbe Bnest. fastest and alroogest atoamsbip la the Califof ola trade wl I sail aa above, from pier foot or Warren etreet North River. Por freight or paaaago apirty to^ y rA,R[((OTO? Corner of Warren and Weal susels. |POR CALIFORNIA TIA PANAMA. , v .P A flrat eias. steamer will leave Now Tork on the Sd, 13th and M of each month, otcept when these dales fall on Sun day, whea the day of departure will boon the Monday fol lowing _ _ . _ , Por freight or passage apply at the only olBoo. No. $ Bowl In; Oreen. D. B. ALLBN. Agent. Fob nbw orlbans direct. To &ai'. ou SATURDAY. MAT 28. 1361. AT 3 O'CLOCK P. M. TUo United States mail side-wheel steamtblp W.^^der. ? wi'il ? ill u Above from pier 17 North i irer, foot of Houston ?irtcl. For freight or rMMg, apply ^ lit Barclay atreet OR NBW ORLEANS DIRECT. The I n. ted States mall sieaiiiahlp CUhOLK. John Thompson, commander, will leave pier IS, Noitii river, fur New Orleans direct on Wednesday. May 85 at 3 o'clock P. M., precisely. No freight received or Mil* of 1 ding signed on the dxy of sailing. For fre ght or pastae. apnlv to XUDLAJ4. UliiNKKKN A CO. lit Broadway. FOR NSW OR1.8AN*. DIRECT-.: THE K138T CLASS Unite 1 States Mail steiti.nhip Looita; Po at, Captain S. Hoffman, will !e .ve pier 9. N. It, on Saturday. June 4. at 3 P. M. Passage, wliii nnsurpa. ed ac n nmodalions, $<n. Por freight or passage apply to H. B. CROMWELL A CO , 80 West street. l^OR BAV ANA VIA NASSAU. N. P. , r The British and North Americsn Royal Mail Steam Packet Company's new steamer CORSICA. Captain Le Mas surer, wilt sail lor the above ports, from the Company's wharf at .Terse v City, on SATURDAY Mav 2 . and on SATL'RDAT. JUNE I'. Passage money to Kaasati $48 Passage money to Havana V Parable in gold or lis equivalent. No freight received on rfav before sailing For freight or pas^e ?PP'r to g CONARD, No 4 Bon ung Oreen F F U>R LIVERPOOL.? PACKET SUM' JOHN BRIGHT sa s on the 24tla of May. P. A PALMER, on the 28th of Mav. lor London. The PLYMOUTH EOCK sails on tho 27th of May. For na^are app y !0 WILLIAMS .* Ol ION, 40 Fulton atreet. Fob nvERPOOL-TAPscorrs linp. Brltl h c lpper *hlp ALKIOX aatl. May EV bltip AL'BORA sail. May 28. FOR LONDON? X LINK. Ship AMERICAN EAGLE sails May 74. For passage to or from the Old Country, ?>r drafta avall ab'e in any part of England. Ireland Scotland o. Wales, at the lowest possible rstex. applv to TAPSC'JTT BROTH k.RK t CO , K South atreet. The first class frpnch k h ? p espbbancb will salt for Marseilles by tna end nf ibis mooto. Kates ot passage payable in gold, vu ? First Csbla $80 Second Cab'B 40 Apply for passage to HAETJKit A DE YERT1T, 50 Bearer street. Or on board to the Captain at rler No. 43 Nortu river. VTBUTBAti FLAO.-AUSTRALIA PIONEER LINE. i.\ carrying tiie Un.led States mail-.? The A1 British clipper ship CENTURION. Cromwell, master, la now rapidly !oa<iiog at pier No. 12 Ba<ir:r<r and will clear for Melbourne on the 10ih oi J :r,e. slip i as room for about six more ?e-on-: cabin pasarogers, at a low price. The bark WESTWARD HO for Sydney. Wii'laTia master, at ?ler 10 Fast river; and Ue sb:p liEkMlNB, Wilms master, loading at pier No. 9 East rlrer. for D.inedin, Port Otago, Newzelan'i. will also cleat aame datr, as share P<t freight and paaaago app'y to R. W CAMERON, 88 Beaver street. CIOR LONDON.? THE FINE. FAST SAILING BREMBN F clipper bark JOH ANNE MAR1K. i aptain C. Gnstavns. having sujerlor accommodation' for passencers, will sail In ? few days for the Above tEamloned tor:. Par passage ap ply (? the Captain on board, at p'er 4. North riTer, or in PUNCH, MB1BCKE A WENDT Braver street. tpOR ILI V E R POOL. ?OLD BLACK BALL LINE.? THE r ship ALEXANDER MARSHALL will anil | unotuallr on WBDS RSDAY, MAY 28. For passage In first or second cabin apply on bosrd, foot of Beekman s reet, or to BOOHB BROTHER8 A COPFBT. 0> Sojth -treft. VTOTICE.? SHIP IRONSIDES. FROM LIVERPOOL, IS jJN now di>cliargiag under general order at pier 4? East fiver. Conslgneea wui p'ease attend to receipt ? t their gOOdt ?t once. NBImTth A SONS. 88 South atreet. WB. Till UNBERSIONED. OB BBRALP OF TBI eecoad cabin passeagere, be* to re; irn thanks to Capt. Pendleton and hlsoDlcera of pseket ship Esce sior for their oourteay and kiadnes* towards the psnangsrs during her lata voyage from Liverpool to New York ? _ _ . _ jjfekWMSia. J?BB8ACRiwDFOARD MILITART AMD Iff AT At*. AVtONA, FOR POCAHONTAS. If READT FOR payment at tbe iBm of WAI?I>BN A W1LLABD, 188 rk street, Brooklyn. Tho abarea art aa falleWi:? . . ? First elase firemen... ?5U W Second elaae firemen ?44 M Seamaa and oeal beaver* 1ft M "":r^r.v^=" ?>? run g_? osti.,., o socfito. sacs "ijuf.ftgy.a'a?, ,1L?. ALi;OT4iS!.e-'SftSggiX ?K A! MUXUrT Banking oflloo. No 8 Park piaee. S ANT! ABO DE CUBA, ARB ew ready for dietribtrtioa, wnieh ILDMnI W1LLARD, late U. M MP MM the Sm?Bm. The hMieat J??? TMrcrtfANT^f^OLDI** AFD OFFICRRS <*~i I AN D THEIEMjLATI TM ? Br rmpm* tfliiM rou* frienl* lB the ?rrioe. we ftM Mnuec'.ed with our banking buslnsas the eo'lsoliun of BOUNTIES, BACK PAT. PBiSIOBi, ^0 . S| of aoUiiiv i?d thfrtr rslsiiftw. Cot T. B. Til Buren, having bMn Pirmtittr Oeneitf tt .be blate. tad Mr. Alio, acting u Aaalstont p ieneral. together with the reforest** of thelro* and tSZ ndivldual standing. la a ffua rantos that all buslasss em. .rusted to than win be promptly attended to. Agents and correspondent* wanted throughout the "-lit jtales Information willingly and promptly given to applleatlowk "MK-CTWJS7!MiSa?? Banker*, No MS Broadway, opj^aite I'ark Utnmsk*. ? OBoera will piaaee remember that we bar* thrown mm tad cordially la Hie them to make use ef one of our beaUM roots a far the transaction of thuir own exclusive buslaeaj when In the city, whore their letters can be sent, and feag lata every accommodation for aettllng their accounts, Asl VTEW YOKE COV NTT VOLUNTEER COM MITT KB. i> Orrics Nsw Bi/iidikc*, | 00BMB1 C asanas* Btsbst and Sao* d war. v . Entrance on Broadway. 1 10 000 TOLUNTERUS WANTBOl The fullowlng are the pecuniary Inducement! oBTetefe?* OOUNTY BOUNTY. caah down $300 4 UNITED STA1ES BOUNTY, additional HI Total i?*4 Abdications to be made persouaiiy at the edice at IM committee. Any person bringing a recruK for the army to this oAM wlu receive a premium of f it). C. OODFKhi OUNTHER, Mayor MATTHEVT T BRENNAN, Comptroller. WILLIAM H. STEWART, Supervisor. WILLIAM M. TWEED. Snperrlaor QEOBOE OPDTER, Auklllar* Member. County Com asllto? ORISON BLUNT, ChairmMn. Mew TOt*. April 4, 1364. !! Iftff of the quota. If po*-Ible, t>y volunteering, inty Volunteer Committee now appeal to IM or the citizen* or this oenntr to aid them to i twelve hundred and seventeen men naetlcd, UA mas DRAFT POSTPONED. TWELVE HUNDRKD~VOLUNTEER8 W ANTRA , A CHANCE Fo5 PATRIOTS. It harlog been determined that the city or New Torit M deficient only TWKLVR HUNDRED AND SKVKNTRBM men. In its quota under the President'* call for DHWl) men, Uie drift ha^ been noatponed for a tew days. In order to s*. able the flTTtoff of the quota. If pos-lble, by volunteering. Tm County ~ patriotism ralatng the l..... ? m thus save tho country from the misfortune of a draft. The County Volunteer Committee will pay the following bountla* until further notion:? FOR ARMY RKCRUIT8 .???SH FOR N ATJ&^RtfCRU i TS* FOR THRKR 'tSaRS""!*. M FOR NAVAL recruits KOR two years m FOR NATAL RBCRUITH FOR OHM Thiau. ...... .. .. Ml A county premium ef $10 will alsans paid for bringing an army recruit to thli.ofllce. In addition to the govern msnt premium of $10. and a county premium of $30 will be P*H for bringing a naval recruit. . . Let the citlvenH of New Tork make one grand and mm JS ? ELIJAH F. PURDY. Superrlsor. OttlSON BLUNT. Supervisor. WILLIAM * TWEED. Siipsrrisa*. WILLIAM B. 8TRWART. Superrlwr <kobo> ofovS^ySaj,? Ob?lrm? Nsw Tork. May 11, 1884. _ TTNITED STATES *AV^ND , MARINE CORPS, MEW TORE COUNTT VOLUNTEER COMMITTER, < OFFICE. NEW BUILDINGS. CORNER CHAMBERS STREET AND BROADWAY FIVE THOUSAND RRCRCIT8 WANTED FOR TUB NAVT AND MARINE COR PR. COUNTT BOUNTY OF $300 A NO $108, CASH DOWN FOR 8AICORS, AND $300 FOR MARINES ANO PRIZE MONET. The United Stotoe authorities baring. In order to Ut? the Nary and Marine corps, authorized toe raising Oijf crulta for that branch of the nervier and gnacanteed thai >M>riilts for the Navy and Marne corps shall be counted oa r edited, ... ? ___ the 0*u Volunteer Committee bara resolved to pay recruits lecrulls for the Navy aud Mar necorus shall be eauntodi the quota of the plaoea where they elect to be credited, IM aame as If they were recruits for the army, tba C*uM Volunteer Committee hare reaoired to pay recruit* M Hie Navy and Marine corps the following boMitr. ? down, upon being duly mustered Into the Barries:? When enlisting for one year In the nary ?J When enlisting for more than one rear la the nary. . .. When enlisting for marine corps ANY PERSON RBINOINO'a recruit FOR ' Navy OR MARINE CORPH TO ' THIS OFFICE WILL CEIVH A OOIIN1Y PREMIUM OK S?v< _ PAY OF THE UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS. obadb* First or Orderly Sergeant $30 00 per mm All other Sergeants. each....?? 17 00 do. Corpses is 13 U0 do. Drummers aud Filers UN 4m. I'rlratss in bariacks at Nary Yard IS 0$ do. Prlrstss at sea 14 00 do. 1 ?* m* . ?""" - Beameuaua ordinary teamen, who will be shipped M two years, wilt rcceirs. tn addition to the abors bounty d $310. tors* months' par to adranc*. and three month# *?> tra pay asgavernuient bounty 1 The nlea of wages arsM tdllows: ? First class Hremeu tJJ Bccond do. * 5* Coalpaasers. 15 Be&men .... w w Drdtnuy seamen 14 *? l? Hoys IV . Boys wiu* n ?i be' iaken unless tsey are 15 years of *f|4 stout, la good health and not below 4 fset 8 inwestn In ail esies ilia consent af the nareats or auarslsss tassa* "'The county bounty sna tba tbrse montar aarswdngj will be paid to all recruits, Irrespeotlrs oT elaaa ; and Ss? monthly psy can bs left at 1'pms. by sppHoatlon to payms?t"rs of ths rewe'l to Wb^h tho WWWH to?F ?J 2o a, , ^ * 'y* ** ' p A'l needful Infbrtnallon flan bs obtainad by ?PP' the Naral Tent In tha Pars; and persons san bo ssMStap an J sworn In at either of the following rsnd'-svous. ?Mp are lbs only ones authorized bribe Bar* DoMlimsM to thAlf recruits thus enlisted and receiving the bountlss ntato said will be credited to tos Quota of too eUy and ooun*y Si W#w Captain oscar bollus. m CAPTAIN EDWARD THOMSON^ U-^R LlfJT. COM'O i MoLEOD MURPHY U. S B* 14 ewW IP' 0L ACTING MASTER JOHN W. OOIN. U. I*, _ IM South streoC CAi'T A N BRHVOORT, U. s. Msrlne Con* . No. U Bowser. EDWARD P. MBEEER, I niteo Statas Martnsa Osrjs count* Bonn i* Rosaaa C. GODFREY OUNTIIKIl, Mayor. MATTHBWT. BRBNNAN. ComntroOMr. ORIHON BLUNT, Kupsrvisor. WILLIAM M. TWRRD, Supervisor. WILLIAM R. STKWAUT. Bsr-crrlsor. ELIJAH F PUAOr, Supervisor. OEOKOE OPDYKB. Auxiliary Membsr. County Volsntesr Comi ? ? 0R18ON BLUNT. Cha Niw Tosg, April 8. ISM. u NITED STATES ARMY AGENCY. f4 Rlee -ker street. N. T., opposite ths Psv Department. AH per on* ka/ing ctainm sg.iimt the government sfconld present them st this ollce for sd liretment and payment. Bo'inty ol *IW in lh* following cisas are now bolng P*IB Soldleis dtvUareeJ on account of wounds rscnlrM ? bati e. Volunteer* or regulars discharged aftsr baring ssrrsd IH ysars. I'syiiiaut p: mnpt. 9TH KROIMENT, N. Y. H. M.-AN ADJOURSB* mes'.in j of retuined member' of this regiment will bs held on Mundav evrnlog, May 23, nt 31.1 Spring street. Is t*ke m-SHiiic* iar ths reception of tho Ninth rsglment, U, Y. s M , on i'* approaching return to this city, after UirsS ycais' aliseuco In the hold. WASHINGTON 8. TOLAND, Chair W*. II. RosgrtTf Secretary. ft i or. cash in hand will be paid to o< ?J> f \&*J men to II 1 n oonnlry quota; $90li for tha Ato>. i linnets rea-onsbly dsalt with. Inquire or O. NOONAS. erP FLiNEOAN, ISO, corner of Bowery Can a' street, uader the Citizens' Barings Bank. CASH BOPNTY.-WAVTED, THIS DATvM men to Hit lbs quota of a country town. tm> qulieor Captain KING, Dey Street Uouso. IM VOLUNTEERS? SfW CASH DOWB. for a rsgnnsnt doing provost gusrd duty. CM at No 1 First arenus corner of Houston itroet. NAVAL. PK1/.B MONEY. diO. 'a HOY !? PRI/R MONEY TO ? AILORA -<IOUBT* A money to suldlera d;acharg*d for w mi a At rocetrod Im Battle, Ac Discharged Nary or Army officers, sailors or mk die I*, their widows or hairs, PROMPTLV PAID theSt PRIT.E and BoUKTT moneys, RACK Pay, Ac., by ? ; EDWARD RISSBLL,? ? Army and Nary Banker, mm* lata Pureer U 8. Mary, 171 Broadway, eomer ef ChsatsM street. New Yaifc. Advances madb to officers on detachm eervice or leave, and rnrlou^ l.ed men and all othen hast log Just c:aims on tha government. BROWN A SHELDON, Military Bantln^offiy, ^ Army and navy law officb.-westbrpok # OSSORNR < oun ellors snd llc?n?ed Clsim Solicitors^ 199 S roadway. $100 bounty to wounded sol.lisrs paM. Pay, bounty, pension* and prU* money procur*d. Clsls? ea<hed. Advice free. All frisk money, now payable, Can be obtained at ones. B"pm?cKEYAca. 1U Broadway, Nsw TsHk. All holdiers wounded while on piokrjt All soldiers wounded while sktrml-hlng; all soldi*** wounded In aeuoa la any manner, ran new reootv* tha SMS bounty J P. 1|U.Nt7^7 Broadway. N. YT^ All soldiers duchargbd by rrasom og wounde lecoired to battle csa now have their $1S| bmaty collected la a few day* or cached. The dlecbarai r. ncwT. w TTNITED STATES NAVY PRIZE OFFICB. U Circ* solan, for Mfnal*^ seamen, $1*9. Waekawken. ) Clmeroae. > for Atlanta, aeatnen, $3)0. FoealTootas. (or Anions, seamen, $330. Do Soto, for Alt**. Vlrlan snd other*, seamen, $1,144. g0iJ)?2r!a*' ?W'Mtn entitled Olalms cashed or promptly ?oliier* wo m led In battle cn obtain the $10Q bounty. BRATNARD A EffWINO. It Na UHnIIRD fft ATtH ARMY AND NAVT OFFICR, MoT# ? Rleecker a'reet ? $100 bounty to wounded soldiers paid; Bank t'ay. Bounty and Prize Money oolleoted, cured. Information given. Claims oaahad.^^^^^^^^^ <KIOO will oi collect io ; JplUU wlm hsrebe?n dlwharged for In battle. A paly at U*e Seameu'e Rank, in |S 101) ^ SLA66 ?hip BlenrHto, la requested to sail and renslr* the Sms amount collected for him. Any person knowlnaof til* rosk dene* wFl?lea?e nolirV RRUBRN V08B, SI Wall itlMi M. T., Or 10 Tork etHll. ?nsoktya. owners are IsvIUkI m attend 0 SiT"m "IWBliS ! v. i ?

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